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if Has a larger circulation than any is the most popular and success
other evening newspaper printed It Ii t t11Iti lul evening jmpor over known
in English 0 I e Price One Cent
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jUr Bloat Matt Serve lit Henteee Ifnnjr
I Xtir Ant In Ireland Gladetone the
Her 1 the Day In ItalyIke Man Who 1
ATIII Probably step Into DIr
Thrifty Eeeaomy of EBglanao I
tloete 1e Prince of Wales Mckee
jTrlradi With Beatrice JUnebaad A
Brlik Tear For Gambler at Monaco
IcUe ofc Opera Sinter OaHlp
o1g nfp by THE Ben lYtnlfnj and 1In
LONDON Jan 7 I I probable that nt the
opening of Parliament or shortly afterward
tho Government forces will appear In some
what modified battlo array nnd tho political
atmosphere Is full of guesses as to whnt the
changes aro to bo Tho smooth pink nnd bald
Mr Smith according to popular ballot will be
diprtved of his pleasing task of applying
eloturo and vrlll bo laid away on ono ot the
benches of the House of Lords Tho question
as to who shall succeed him as loader of tho
House In the task of interfering with th rights
of Irish member is of course a vastly Inter
esting one to the coerctonists Churchill Is still
in disfavor with Salisbury IIIcksBcach seems
S somehow out of touch with his colleagues It
would b to melancholy a confession of weak
ness for the Tories to place the socalled
Unionist Goschon In the breach 80 in the
opinion of many it looks very much as though
should have the lank and lean Balfour
we shluld leon Balour per
forming In tho new rfilo
Balfour like all his predecessors of late
ers has found his work as Chief Secretary
S for Ireland very fatiguing and would gladly
j exchange his post for that of leader of t e
I House which must be congenial to ono who
ha proven himself BO well adapted to tho
j work of coercion
Many Tories exult this week over their ma
jority at the Winchester election but that Is
silliness on their part Winchester Is a fossil
ized borough wltn no political life whore no
voter believes in the secrecy ot the ballot and
where voting is done to please landlords or on
some Slocum cum Dodger point in local
political aspirations A brewer always hard
to beat lnt England was elected and there
were almost enough soldier votes all Tory of
course to account for the Increase in the Tory
majority Even the Times which has flashes
ot political fairness declares that no polltlca
significance attaches to tho result
Mr Gladstone who Is becoming a grander as
well as an older man all the time Is still at
Florence enjoying himself nnd seeing the I
eights with all tho enthusiasm of a Cooks
tourist His only sorrow lies In tho fact of his
being constantly recognized in his walks
abroad lionized without limit and made to
play tho part of the principal point of interest
in Florence The Italians remember tho Orand
Old Mans services to their country when Italian
unity was only a patriots dream and they
have taken pains to prove their appreciation
Deputations loaded with speeches pour in on
him very plentifully and tell him in soft Italian
that history wU load him with glory when his
Tory detractors are long forgotten Gladstone
who without being vain is not given to soil
S detraction smiles a groat deal and complies
with a degree of readiness dangerous to his
Tight arm with tho unlimited requests to shako
hands proffered by enthusiastic Italians in the
streets Let us hopo that this display of kind
ness toward the man who is working so hard
for Ireland may serve to establish some sym
pathy between the Irishman and his despised
Eyotaliaa brother New York I I thought
that the Grand Old Man will I o Rome and
have a talk wit the Pope on Irish matters but
nothing ha been settled a yet
ames G lilalno who Is also in the south is
Jews bCnd to roach Rome eventually and
will certainly not fall to visit the Pope politely
while there How lovely a trio It would make
tro mne
I tho Pope Gladstone and Blalno could all
meet together and talk things ovor
A fine performance in Ireland of the highly
successful Tory farce called Justice ter
minated at Portumna this morning Early in
to week Mr Wilfred Blunt in a published let
ter to the electors of Deptford for which con
stituency h is the Homo Rule candidate an i
nounced that he had received information that
the Judge who was to try his aopoal from tho
sentence of the Woodford magistrates had
made up his mind to deliver judgment against
him Everybody In Ireland knew the same
tin A little surprise was consequently
felt today when the Judge dismissed
Mr Blunts appeal and ordered him to
go to prison for the two months to which
ho ha been sentenced for the dreadful crime
ot attempting to hold a public meeting In Ire
land While tho trial was a shameful travesty
of justice and similar burlesques are enacted
In every petty sessions court In Ireland day
After day without attracting much attention
probably not fewer than fifty honest Irishmen
have been sent to prison this week alone and
the number constantly increases As the reassembling
assembling of Parliament approaches Mr
Balfour Is anxious to do as much mischief
as possible while Ihls acts remain frdb
from criticism and denunciation in the
House of Commons Fortunately Mr OBrien
and Lord Mayor Sullivan will be out
of orison in time to take their places In Parlia
ment when they will speak with all the pres
ttee ol a series of demonstrations which are
wine organized In their honor by the British
democracy Addresses of welcome nnd sym
pathy will be presented t them at every station
at which the train will stop on the journey
from Holyhead to London and on their arrival
In the metropolis thoy will be conducted
through the streets In triumphal procession to
the House of Commons
There has been no change in tho state of
affairs on the Continent as regards the proba
bility of a conflict but a healthy reaction In
opinion ha taken place during the week and
alarmists recovering their senses have come
around almost unanimously to the views which
> vewl
iwo been expressed In these columns for
S Weeks past namely that there is no immediate
J danger of war The tone of despatches from
S l the > Continent has changed entirely and nu
merous mysterious officials high in office who
hv boon telling us to expect bloodshed at
once now consume columns in telling us as
1 sTory commonsenso man has known for him
Mir that everything points to a prolongation
S 11 u8t ntllBprln801 the nervous peace under
which Europe has trembled torso long a time
The IlUBslan army which bad been expected
WKart the bloody ball rolling is fully occupied
55 toting against home troubles Dysentery is
jwalent among the troops stationed on the
ttoatltr and there is l frightful suffering from
cld many men nd horses having been frozen
w death The cold hal been especially sovoro
wioland In Warsaw It wus Bo intense that
wo Inhabitants dared not venture out of doors
otiearof freezing oven with all their knowl
Wao Mto needful preparation for such woath
er and tho authorities wore obliged to order
wares lighted In the open streets to form
WACOS of refuge for foot passengers in many
Waces the temperature fell 22 below zero
MrCurnot who may still be alluded to as the
new French President Is beginning to have
the nurd time that wafpredloted for him The
Ministry h Is shaky now although Parliament
a not Jot opened De Mahy the Minister of
M Inlster
nll < Ins resigned and though n now 1In
wer Ims
been unearthed in the person of Ad
nurul hruutz President Cnrnot Is destined
on to lad that Ministers are at a premium
tat t now and to spend much of his time in
Mating for them Gen Logerot Minister of
A has announo h Intention of very loon
resigning and I appears that ho In really Min
ister In splto of himself I Booms that the
Mrellmennlneyind inoffensive officer was spend
ing his evening at a provincial ball letting his
fatherly eyes rest lovingly on his daughters
graceful capon when one of his staff officers
cnmo up to him with despatches offering him
tho portfolio of War I am not such a fool a
thoy take me for cried tho General I cer
tainly refuse
Well answered the ofllcor you will not
deprive your daughter of her ball Remain
hero tonight and write tomorrow Next day
Logorot wrote declining tho office Too lat
was the answer Silence elves consent Not
healing from you we concluded that you ac
cepted Your nomination Is In tho Monileur
Offlciel There Is no backing out
The now Presidents first grand reception
took place yesterday at the Elysoo All the
diplomatic corps had been invited to the dinner
that preceded it nnd on the whole everything
went off very well though as the palace was
open to anybody who ohooso to enter a few
visitors elected tn display1 their republican
sentiments by walking calmly post Mr and
Mrs Carnot without a look as though tho
Elysce wore a public hall The President is
evidently determined t make himself agree
able I he can and announced his intention of I
receiving every Thursday evening This line
caused Paris tradesmen t grovel at htrieet
for the pomp which follows royalty and which
is loft out In republics does moro than anything
else to strengthen reactionary hankerings in
commercial Paris
On the other hand Carnot has stirred up
strong disapproval in financial circles for not
feeling sure of the French money market Ho
has had the wisdom to Invest about 1000000
of his large fortune In America
Tho condition of tho Crown Prince remains I
unchanged I is remarked from Berlin al
though I glad to anton tho most
tholKh am iIad say on re
Hablo authority that young Prince William
has been so spoiled by the prospect of sudden
and unexpected greatness that ho has come
to believe himself a replica of Frederick the
Great and does little or nothing to rebuke the
general hostility to his mother tho Crown
Princess I is true that the Crown Princess U I
herself the decided personification of selfishness
after th model of her careful mother Queen
Victoria nnd that her great dread is that the
death of her husband may relegate her to
comparative obscurity by depriving hr of tho
title of Empress to which she has all her life
looked forward Strong evidence of sympathy
for the Crown Prince is sorrowfully furnished
by the manager of a famous Berlin restaurant
Unter den Linden O thlrtyono Christmas T
balls Ac which had been ordered there long in1
advance twentyeight hate been counter
manded on accouut of the Berliners disin
clination to make merry while their Fritz is ill
The other three festivities were weddings
which of course had to come off
Our enterprising young friend Prince Ferdi
nand has received a New Years snub He
telegraphed congratulations to tho Austrian
Ferdinand Prince De Bui
Emperor signed Forlnand Prnce Du
ore Ho received a not over enthusiastic
answer addressed in Gelman to his High
ness Prince Ferdinand of Baxo Coburg which
shows that the worried little Prince has still
long to wait for any official recognition of his
rank o a reigning sovereign
Prlnco Bismarck Is still at Frledrichsruho al
though rumor has summoned him to Berlin
and even to Vienna a score of times since ho
returned to his favorite country seat after the
famous Interview with the Czar at which the
Orleonist plot was exploded I has beon
vehemently asserted too that the Man of Iron
I deteriorating mentally and physically and
that the time is not very fa distant when
however reluctantly he will b forced t lay
aeid > the ares o state Things a not quit
so bad as that but Prince Bleinarcka health Is
gradually becoming worse And sooner or later
ho will have become a chronic Invalid In
these circumstances bo has manfully looked
the future in thoJaco and has decided upon the
man who shall best serve Germany when his
own bands shall have dropped the reins of pow
er Count HatzieldtWlldenburg at present
German Ambassador in London is i the man
Count Uatzfoldt 0 I saw him in London a few
weeks ago is little more than 5 years of ago
tall loan with sharpout features close
cropped irongray hair and clean shaven save
for a big gray moustache a striking figure
and one to command attention In any assem
bly He Is an early riser of very frugal habits
and has when he likes to exert himself vast
capacity for business Shady in his morals
indifferent in regard to his pecuniary obliga
tions a staunch friend and good hater and
above all passionate in devotion to the Interests
of Germany such I the man whoso opinion
even Prince BUmarck is glad to ask and who
ono day will almost certainly be Chancellor ot
the German empire
Count Hatzfeldt comes from a remarkable
family A female member of his house was the
Countess Hatzfeldt who was the bonne ctnie of
Lasolle the founder of the now German social
democratic movement and who supplied the
funds for his defence when bo was arraigned
before 0 tribunal for propagating his revolu
tionary ideas Count Uatzfoldt entered the
diplomatic service about twenty years ago and
soon attracted Prince Bismarcks attention
Upon one occasion during the FrancoGerman
war when the Prussian Foreign Office officials
were worked like galley slaves Prince Bismarck
remarked that Hatzfoldt was the best horse in
his stables I Is well known that Prince Bis
marck never forgets persons who have proved
themselves useful to him and whom
ho can trust I was therefore no sur
prise when Count Hatzfeldt was appoint I
ed German Ambassador at Constantinople
There be initiated a policy which soon resulted
in the establishment of phenomenally friendly
and confidential relations between Germany
and Turkey From Btamboul Hntzfeldt was
transferred to the important post of Under
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Prince
Bismarck was at tjiat time suffering terribly
from neuralgia and other nervous complaints
which kept him away from Borlin and he felt
that Hatzfeldt was the only man whom ho could
trust to do his work out of reach of hU eyes
But tho transfer was not effected even by
Prince Bismarck without considerable trouble
Firstly Ilatzfoldts financial difficulties in
which ho had been involved for years wero
Apparently approaching a crisis and secondly
tho aristocratic and sanctimonious clique at tho
Berlin court professed to bo shocked at tho
Counts gallantries which bad ended In his
being divorced from his wife The prospect ot
having such a reckless gallant among them
shocked all tho old dowagers of Berlin and It
is said offended tho sense of propriety of tho
Empress Augusta But Prince Bismarck tri
umphed and Hatzfeldt was duly installed in
tho Foreign Ofllcu and loon proved iuvajuablo
to his thief When tho Important moment
came which tho Chancellor deemed propitious
for drawing England Into the German alliance I
ance Hatzfoldt was selected fur the vork I
Count Munstor being unceremoniously trans
ferred to PArs to mako room for the t younger
and energetic and fur abler
moro enorlete diplomat
Hatzfeldt justified the confidence of his chief
for as all the world knows England at the
present moment It not uu actual member of
the German league of peace is at any rat its
most cordial freud
You have bon Informed by cable this week
of tho arrest lt Zurich with dynamite In their
possession ot KovinlUts Schroeder and Haupt
and of their prmed connection with the Ger
man secret polled department Inspired Ger
man newspapers have at length condescended
to take notice of the scandal They wisely ad
mit the facts but plead extenuating clrcum
stances and In doing so thy lot out some additional
ditional and interesting details The imperial
German aparot police keep spies among revo
lutionary refugees in all foreign countries
America not excepted Herr Krueger Chief of
the Berlin Bureau occasionally goes abroad to
look up his agents and not very long ago he was
In Zurich and other Swiss towns The duties
of the police agents arc however strictly do
fined and I thoy exceed thorn they and not tho
department must b held responsible Tho
German police wore virtually driven to tho
policy of permeating revolutionary organiza
tions with their spies on account of the case
and secrecy with which some ot the earlier political
litical crimes wore committed For instance
thoy received practically no warning of the
first attempt against tho life of Emperor William
liam in 1878 Moreover I Is alleged that
France in order it possible to weaken the of
fensive strongthot tho Gorman empire actually
went so far n t subsidize agents whose chief
duty was to foster social democratic and
anarchistic movements in Germany This was
proved during investigation of circumstances
connected with the murder ot Police Inspector
Bumpf at Frankfort This ere was planned
by a committee of German Anarchists in Lon
don of which the French police agent the only
nonGerman member acted as Secretary Tho
shoemaker Llosko was the only ono of the
three actual assassins whom the Gorman
police succeeded In capturing and he was duly
hanged The other two escaped to France and
although full proof their guilt was submitted
to the French authorities Herr Krueger him
self visiting Paris for the purpose their extra
dition was refused and they are still at largo
in Franco and to all appearance well provided
with money Is It to b wondered therefore
asks the Gorman press that it was found
necessary for Herr Kruoser to have his secret
agents among the revolutionists
Wo cannot too much admire the thrifty econ
omy of Englands Queen At present there is
bitter grumbling below stairs at Windsor Bal
moral and Osborne Tho Queens servants
had fine new clothing given them in honor of
the jubie and gorgeous liveries were pro
vided for additions to the household staff ren
dered necessary by tho festivities Tho joy
which then burst forth has melted at the news
that the gaily dressed ones will be called upon
to receive only twothirds their wages to snake
amends for the additional outlay I Is fine to
be a Queens servant in red and all kinds of
colors and to have lions and unicorns on one
but it also has its reverses
In the way of very important court nows
there also comes Information that the unpleas
antness between the Prince of Wales and his
brotherinlaw of Battenbsrg has been made
up The trouble originated in somo unpleasant
remarks which the Prince mado when Batten
berg missed nine consecutive pheasants at a
drive and hit one or two gamekeepers Mutual
friends will be glad to learn that Battenberg
has accepted an invitation to dine with tho
Prince and Its believed the incident is closed
Tho birdshot wound In the Prince of Waless
nose is nil right also
The report issued to shareholders of the
gambling bank at Monaco informs them that
tho name never had so profitable a season as
tho lat It concludes with this cheering bit of
statistical information
There were icrentjr tU lulcldu during the season
The statement that the Pope fainted twice
during the ceremonies attending the jubilee
turns out to bo absurdly untrue A friend who
sat close to his Holiness writes me that ho was
pale and agitated but that he eave the closest
attention to the proceedings throughout
The most sa and romantic ston that has
been heard of in a long time cornea from Italy
For tome months cast there has lived in 0
villa Favia singer named
lonely Tua a Pava a operasinger
Maria Bostia who achieved a great reputation
throughout Italy as Aida She lost her voice
and retired from the stage with a large tor
but could live from the
tune coud not lve away scenes
of her triumph and rosolved to end her 10
On the pretence of taking a long journey she
discharged all her servants and then dressed
In the costume which she used to wear a Aida
She locked herself up in the cellar of the man
sion t die of hunger as id did in the
opera She actually had the strength and
courage to persevere in her dreadful
scheme On New Years eve some relatives
broko Into the cellar and found her dead on te
stone floor There I no reason to believe tu at
the woman was insane but she must have had
a wonderfully strong dramatic instinct
From China ot
a good story comes by way
the North China Herald which proves also
ability to boar starvation with cheerfulness
although not voluntarily The city of Shanghai
was bothered with a bad man named Kob who
was wicked in many ways and in prison black
mailed and terrorized his follow prisoners A
Chinese magistrate determining to make him
relent adopted strong measures Koh was put
at the entrance to the prison in a wooden box
with his head through a small hole in the top
Ho could only roach the bottom of the box
with his toes and could only secure relief
from toe ache by letting his weight coma on
his neck and head The magistrates sentence
was that ho should remain there to warn and
amuse the people until death by starvation
strangulation or toe ache should end his
career Kob who is something of a popular
hero took things calmly and joked on tiptoe
with tho bystanders with such success that
they could not bear to have him leave them
One gave him a stone to stand on others have
had much fun feeding him with rice and water
and at last accounts he was still her waiting
gayly for the much delayed enc
When a Cape Dutchman undertakes to admit
that ho was in tho wrong he does it thoroughly
Hero is a really ample apology translated from
11 Afrlkaanse A patriot Transvaal newspaper
The undersigned A c On Iltmi retract hereby 1
trythlni I hare laid against the Innocent far O p
llezuldenhout calling myMlf an Infamous liar and itrlk
leg my mouth with lbs exclamation You raendacloui
mouth I why do you lit ot 1 I declare farther that
know nothlngairalMUhecharaoterof GI Btiuldea
bout I call ronelt bOld agcnulne liar ot the nrt claw
A 0 Do Tuuu
J V HotMij
Duplesslss composition may serve as an ex
relIant model to some gentlemen in America
whoso souls are badly in need of some such
Tho eccentric young woman Baroness de
Zuylen formerly Helen do Kothschlld has more
troubles I told you some time nao how dis
gusted with tho duties of married life she
had put her husband the Baron on an al
lowance of 50000 francs a month making him
housekeeper While this stout und wayward
young person was trying to marry herself off
to the Baron despite her relatives strong op
position she was aided and abetted by Mrs
Potter an American lady Of course small
souls declared that Mrs Potter was moved by
a desire for personal llunnclal prosperity In
bringing the young people together Now
some malicious persons have caused Infamous
stories to bo printed concerning Mrs Potter
and these have been sent to all who might
have known or heard about her The result Is l
that Helen the rich youug Baroness Is so dis
gusted that she will not go out at all What la 1
worse is she wont receive This last offence
Paris society wil not forgive and it is begin
ning t throw stones at her Bo hero is her
position Her family will not see her because
she married a Christian her husbands
family wont fee him because he mar
ried a Jew anil now the crowning offence
of not giving fetes makes even society turn
her virtuous old Lack on them
The latest fashion in Paris Is for every woman
on every possible occasion t wear a big fur
boa The boa reigns triumphant at this mo
ment and no eelfreepeoUnii Parisian iomai >
Is without one Your correspondent even saw I
two women of fashion at the ooora very d sar
loU5 nnd with two immense blue snakes
curling around their necks and falling to tho
ground A bal IB oven promised In the rich
Jewish society where bon are t be offered as
accessories tie cotiUon
aceesorles colln
The worthy solicitors who ore going down t
Tile next week to seize and sol tho stock of
nil those farmer who refuse Ito pay tithes to
the church to keep the local parsons sleek
have Issued Invitations to como down to
witness this lively sport particularly ns some
conflict Is expected between the taxridden
farmers and the ballHs who are emergency
farmer bul Is
men imported from Ireland The tact of the
Impred not in itself much but these
pious lawyers seal the envelope containing the
invite with n largo red dab of sealing wax on
which is conspicuously Impressed
Bad the 18th Psalm 1st andIM verses
I open the Bible accordingly and read
I will lore Thee 0 Lord my strength
The Lord U my rock and my fortress and my de
liverert my God my strength In whom I will truiii mr
buckler tower and the horn ot my aalratloa and my high
Tho question that presents Itself is do law
yers who ropreseat the parsons believe that the
Lord would do as much for them as is put
down und II so why do they not depend on
Him to got the tithes from the farmers instead
of taking dow emergency men I seems to
imply a grelvous lack of faith on the partof the
parsons OnJTuesday Mary Anderson played
Ifrrmione and Perdita in ° flhe Winters Tale
for the hundredth time at the Lyceum The
house was crowded and enthusiastic and after
the performance there were gay festivities In a
room back of the curtain up among the
scenery Miss Anderson was lovely In her Her
mione costume and was embraced by many
ladles while a lot of men In white shirt fronts
drank her health In champagne and nte chicken
sandwiches The Winters Tail will go on
until the close of the season
Miss Kate Forsytli has arrived In London to
11ss play if agood one Is to b had and to act
if a pleasing opportunity presents itself In a
few days sbo goes to the south of France Her
mother and Sirs John T Raymond are with
her Helen Tcrrylwhom John M Hill Is soon
to present to the American public as a groat
star with nil the pomp and ceremony of wise
advertising has been achieving genuine sue
< floe and stirring UP real enthusiasm In the
Channel Islands The local papers rave about
her and local magnates make speeches and
presentations to her
Buffalo Bill the great North American star
is at Manchester prospering and still making
speeches to as many of Englands aristocracy
as can be got at in regard to our friendly re
lations lot the sameness of blood language
Ae which mark the two nations His exhibit
of wild Westernlsm Is now established on the
same basis as when at Madison Square Garden
Miss Cody Buffalo Bills accomplished daugh
ter society does a great deal of shining in Manchester
sot t this day week showed a good all
round demand strong and advancing On
Monday however a sudden change of
weather caused buyers to pause nnd since
then vary little fresh business has boon done
Holders are firm decline any abatement from
previous prices and do not press sales wiiile
millers have again assumed awaiting attttde
thinking thereby to do better particularly as
Contineatnl politics seem more settled Lon
don futures poltcs given way fourponce half
penny to sixpence per quarter Amer
ican futures broke down on Tuesday on
hearing of realizations Fresh business has
been restricted nnd the majority of operations
seem to favor the bull side but wait for Imo
further concessions in prloo before committlnff
themselves The return ole frosty weather
would soon stimulate the demand Corn with
milder weather relapsed again Into dulnoss
London as well as American futures have ex
cited little or no Interest
The Stock Exchange opened after Now Year
with a dull and quiet tone which was disappointing
pointing as I lively market had ben antici
pated nnd many dealers had laid in stocks at
tho end of the year In expectation
thnt time public would take thorn oft
their hands at higher prices but as
there has been no appearance of this
they have been selling out which has kept
prices Dat The public are evidently holding
back for the moment on account of the unset
tled state of foreign affairs failures in Paris
and labor troubles In America But with these
matters out of the way there would be a distinct
tinct upward movement especially M there Is
a very large amount of money waiting Investment
De had Several Grievances and Aired theoa
S for Theobei BDt
formerly the attorney for George Thoobe in his
contest against Mr Carlisle presents in reply
t Thoobes chnrgo that Wood was hired to
withdraw from the case this letter
J George H JTxwte
SIB For reasons which you already know
and many others which I might mention only
a few of which I will here recite you need not
call to see me again about your contested eleo
em f f C f nfV 5 n n
4 avoJsu S fl147 vun p u nu
1 After serving you in every conceivable
way in my power you have not only shown on
utter failure to appreciate anything 1 ever did
for you but you have manifested an unpardon
able betrayal of confidence by casting mo aside
and tlklnl uo others ns friends o well as at
2 By giving Gen Sypher that power of at
torney in the ease with absolute exclusive and
irrevocable power and control over your case
and this against my earnest protest on your
account not mine you by jour own act ex
cluded me from the CUbe surrendered to Sy
pher all your own rights privileges and power
over the case so that now you have no more
control over it than thu man in the moon
And now when there Is some more proof to be
taken you ask mo to do it No I No I Not
much I
3 You refused absolutely nominate me
In the Convention at the request of my friend
John Shushanlck ESC as ho informed me
4 While I was serving you at personal and
political friend und attorney you came to sea
me two or three times I week sometimes
oftener but when Itcnmu your turn to show
your friendship for and gratitude to me you
ceased to come at all
5 My sons In fact my whole family feel
sollncensod and outraged nt your betrayal
and mistreatment of me that they will not
tolerate your coming about our house Nor
can I any more than they No not I want
nothing more to dowith your case or with
you Your conduct toward and treatment of
me has ben outrageous Intolerable and un
pardonable From this time on our intercourse
must ceaso and never speak an we pass by
aLI 1
Col Wood says the charge that he was bribed
is a lie out of whole cloth
A Police Schooner md Five Dredger Ex
chance Vulleya The Drctffere Capture
BAJvrmouE Jon 7A fierce battle took
placo last night on Bodkin Point in the East
ern bay between lIve oyster dredging vessels
und the police schooner Frolic commanded by
CIt Bryan Tho pirates sailed past the police
at anchor and made
schooner which was lying It ma < o
for the forbidden ground The Frolic prompt
ly gave ChM The dredgers seemed to have
no fear ot the police boat but sailed together
consultation then tacked oft and formed
in line for battle When the Frolic camo
within 100 yirda she sent a rlllo ball I
the of the dredgers
across bows drdrer as
a signal to heave to Instead of surrendering
tho dredgers sent back a volley Thereupon
Capt Bryan hove the Frolic te In the midst of the
pirates and opened on them from either sldo
with his rifles This was returned with Inter
est Fiercely the hattie raged for nearly an
hour und InillotH flow around the police boat
like hal Imlet dredgers evidently aimed to
kill as they fired drcIlers rifle flashes from the
schooners duok and balls lilt all around each
man of tho deek1and ball The dredgers kept
sailing round tho schooner firing into It rromn
all sides Both fought undercover and so well
wore they protected that no one was seriously
Flndiius the police schooner determined t
fight to 0 finish the miredgenis > finally Hailed
itwny Tho Frolics sails were ribboned with
iron hall und A number of Miots were lodged
in her hull I The steamer Mcluln being post
ed us to the pirates set out In pursuit und suc
ceeded in overhauling thorn All five were cap
tured and brought tatH Michael s today They
were charged before a magistrate with dredg
ing on forbidden ground and lined 5 each
anti COlt When the hearing was over and the I
dredgerswore being turned out Into the stream
some of the tnger on time shore cheered II
whereupon the enraged pirates fired into time
crowd seriously wounding a colored ma
Vulveraol lott
No bon nor known to the traile can produce Let
ter Oiling more style In mike cut or flnlili or nor
rsvp inch llnlTerrnl latUfartlnn u lime rarinenli mado
br Ainlieitu JJuwrry corner hi > rintf it A written guar
smite IN I Stress with ends order that every varment ho
xnakeili good forimo year atteast
Huln made to orittr fer2uof unqueitionabU quality
Mao trousers of earns for t
Overooau ot itaulno Blyilan Chinchilla or Keraer
with silk trimming throughout mad t order for tlk
laV look at these cotOij thu ate special IIuul u
t I
John Hni > ton k Co Orders SaM ta have
b Unpnld tn n Large Atnannt Ono
Hiunion wm n Partner as < Vnntcd a
RitelTcr Vhnt Ackleya FrIend W ay
Frederick 0 Ackloy the denier In aqueduct
supplies whoso grocery store was at tho cor
ner of 165th street and Tenth avenue and who
lived in West 164th street near Klngsbrldge
road started between 9 nnd 10 oclock yester
day morning from tho store to como down
town and has not since boon hoard from His
family believe that ho has met with foul play
or his booomo Insane and wandered off He
has bon greatly worried for some time by
business troubles arising from complicated
relations with the Bruntons who hud tho con
tract for that part of tho aqueduct upon which
the store Is situated
Ho was with the firm of Cornell it Carpenter
4 Jay stroot that had control ot nil the aque
duct stores and nineteen months ago he was
put in charge of the Tenth avenue store After
some months he bought out Cornell Carpen
ters Interest and gave it la said I onethird
Interest In tho business to George Brunton
father of John Brunton who with Dennis
Ilyan forms the firm of John Brunton C
which had the aqueduct contract I is alleged
by Ackloys friends that this gift to Brunton 8r
was necossnry to secure tho business on Brunton
ACos par of tho aqueduct Tbestores business
amounted to 10000 a month It in one of the
order stores of which the aqueduct laborers
complain of but It was necessary to accept
Brunton t Cos orders and at monthly set
tlements tho urn It is alleged would pay only
part cashand qivo notes for the balance Those
notes it Is i said accumulated until Brunton k
Co < owed Ackley tGOOOO or 70000 All of
Ackleys own money and tlOOOO of his wifes
wan sunk in this way and finally Ackloy Co
were forced to suspend with liabilities aggre
gating I is said much less than the Brunton
Somo weeks ago matters wore complicated
by an application by Brunton Br for an in
junction to restrain Aokley from selling tho
store and for the appointment of a receiver to
settle the partnership accounts Aokloy the
day before the Injunction granted sold the
store to John Coylo another Cornell Car
penter man Tho matter has been in litigation
sineethen but Coyle has been running the store
This action of Hrnton Hr seemed to worry
Ackley jreaIYnd 01 lat hIs friend have
feared that his mind was failing lie was em
ployed in the store by Coyle He made mis
takes in change and was absentminded Once
ho went away during the day and could not bo
found until 10 oclock nt night when ho came
back and professed to have no idea whero he
had been Two days ago he told a friend that
ho wished he were dead On Friday riding
down town on the cars with his father rdlnJ
asleep or into a stupor and was awakened with
difficulty Yesterday morning Mr Coyle had
tn send down town and asked Aokley to po
thinking it would take his mind from his
troubles If he got out of the store for I while
It could not b ascertained last night whether
he had transacted the business or not
His friends declare that thor WHS no reason
why be should have gone off nt this tlmo I in
rone tme
his right mind or should have beon particu
larly uneasy over his business us it was cer
tain thnt he could pay 100 cents on tho dollar
in time and In any event both his own and his
wifes family are in good circumstances and
be was In no danger of losing his comfortable
home or being hard pressed for a living
Ho was 38 years old 5 feet 1 Inches tall of
medium and wellproportioned build with
black hair and moustache and gray eyes lie
wore dark clothesand a blue chinchilla overcoat
and had a gold watch a pearl pin and a seal
ring It Is not known that he lad any money
with him He drank no liquor except an oc
casional glass of beer nnd Is 1 not known to
hvae had other bad habits His family consists
of a wife and a child about 4 years old
At the store the man in charge said Hes
been going out of his mind for three or tour
weeks I could see I working with him He
was that square himself that the way tbo
Bruntons have dealt with him hns just worried
him crazy He cant b anywhere about here
for every man along the aqueduct for miles
knows him and they ali like htm and would
take care of him I he got among them
The police were asked lost night to send out
an alarm for Ackloy but they refuse to do that
until a man has been missing over one night I
He Played Poker and Took the Money of
isle Bunk to Pay nU JLaaaea
TBOT Jan 7Ann W Wickes cashier of
the Central National Bank of tills city with
which institution bo has been connected for
4 nn 1 h s 4h
utruny luinyutu 7uflLThSuoJugasuLsuuIuU U u
defaulter It is the custom ot all banks to
make semiannual inspections and the Cen
tral Bank mado ono last month On the after
noon of Dec 10 when Teller Klrsop counted
his cash It was found to be short about 3400
Ho Informed tho cashier who took the amount
out of the vault and hnnded it to the teller I
was currency that Mr Wickes had only a tow
minutes before borrowed of tho Union Bank on
a slip account which banks are often In tho
habit of doing The Central Bank at the time
had more currency than It cared to handle
having a surplus of 01 or 00000
Moses Warren the President of the bank
when told of the Union Bank transaction had
his suspicions aroused and these wero con
firmed by an investigation When Wickes was
confronted with tho facts be confessed to Mr
Warren that he was short in his accounts
having used the hanks funds Ho could not
tell how much he had misappropriated but he
thought it was less than 4000 A meeting ot
the dlrectorl was held and Mr Wlckess resig
demanded He and William
nation was dAlundod complied WI
liam H Van Schoonhovon was chosen his suo
cesHor Mr Wickes then turned over to the
officials some of the bank stock that he bad
held and a few shares of Book Island which
ho owned This brought the defalcation
down to about 2950 but I was sub
sequently leatnod that ho had also used
somn Interest money on demand loans
one known amount being that paid by Oliver
Boutwell of 130 The most of tho money wits
taken from the cash reserve whloh the Govern
ment requires nil national banks to keep The
bank was secured by a 20000 bond given for
Mr Wickes by tho Guarantee Company of
North America a Canadian company that
makes a business of furnishing securities for
officials trusted with funds The bank people
paid the rest of Insurance and the bond was
only renewed In October The company will
make good tho shortage It Is not believed
that any criminal proceedings will bo had
Mr Wlokes the day nfter his resignation was
Btrlcken with apoplexy nml is seriously ill In
his room at the Fifth Avenue Hotel whore he
resides with his Invalid wife and two daugh
ters Mr Wickes Will better yesterday but
was worse todny and It is feared that the
publicity of his defalcation will cause his
death Mr Wickes was passionately fond of
playing poker and could bo soon almost nightly
going to centrally located place where a big
game is always running He Is said to have
lme Ilwa1
lost heavily lately He received I compara
tively small salary and did not live extravo
Casiiler Van BchoonlAven said this evening
Mr Wlckos has also used some private funds
loft In his charge From one firm lie has taken
1500 and from another about 3000 His
defalcation will amount to not los than 8000
I have only conversed with Mr Wiokes a very
little m regard to the matter and that was
yesterday us his condition Is so critical Ho
does not appear to think he has done wrong
Warntnr llerrluc iVIikcrmen
GLOUCESTER Mass Jan 7The schooner
Senator Baulsbury tho first of tho Newfound
land frozen herring fleet arrived here tonight
with 500000 frozen herring apt McKonzie
reports that the Newfoundland Government
has issued the following proclamation which
has boon posted up in every harbor
On and after Jan 3 any on caught seining herring
oln aaulbi or other lieu bonS us Utt will be fined
fl 1010 Flihlng craft tackle houses and land wilt betaken
Ihlnl crrl
taken for time aame ont half the tine u > fa to the In
former J N Kinua ColonlafSecrelarr
Tho inhabitants protested against the Gov
eminent taking such harsh measures which
are detrimental to the fishermen ot time colony
The Political Murder U New Orleace
NEW OBMJANB Jan 7The Coroners
jury after examining it number of witnesses
today returned a verdict tliat Patrick Monley
came to his death from a gunshot wound in
the abdomen the same having bean inflicted
by Louis Glare who is now In custody
l Collara and Onfla bearingthli brand are always correct
to itylei A new collar Just 011 Oogsbic455
5 AI
Un Orerrnlet Becelves a litsappelatieg
Cablegram Fonnd Vneesscleue
A young woman Is lying between life and
death in Bt Vincents Hospital suffering from
poisoning by street jas Until she recovers
sufflcently t toll her story it is hard to say
whether sho Inhaled the gas by accident or In
tentionally The poisoning happened In time
Pension Fnla 103 Clinton place a respectable
French boarding house
About 4 oclock on Friday said Mr Favia
the proprietor last night the young woman
came in and asked It I had a telegram for her
Her name she said was Mrs Grosvalet No
Isold not for you but one to myself with a
messago for you I had that morning received
calved a cablegram from Mr Dlngromnrd a
servant of an officer of thoFrenoh Government
In It ho requested mo to toll Mrs Grosvalet
that ho would be in this city on Jan 15 Bho
seemed much disappointed when I told her
It is a long time to wait she said Finally
she asked It she could have a room In the house
She had supper and went to bed early A man
servant showed her to her room When he lit
the gas she asked If she could have it burn all
night He explained thnt it would lie turned
out nt 10 oclock but that she could burn a
lamp which was In tho room
The gas was turned off at the meter at 1030
Mr Favia said and at about 1130 some one of
the boarders noticed n strong odor of It In the
upper hallway Every one rushed about
said Mr Fnvla and two of the boarders
broke the lock of her door She was In bed
and unconscious
The lamp was burning on the bureau and
the air was strong with gas Dr Clark who
lives near by worked for more than an hour to
restore tho young woman without success At
2 oclock she was sent to St Vincents Hospital
Or Moro tho house surgeon remained with
her until late yesterday afternoon
I cannot tell yet ho said last night
whether she will recover or not I havo used
three cylinders of oxygen for her but as yet
she shows only slight signs of recovery
When she wont to the Pension Fnvla she had
witn nor a minnie out no outer DUKKHKC nno
did not talk much about herself but from
what she said Mr Favia thinks that she be
longs In St Pierre an island near Newfound
land Mr Fnvla never saw the woman before
Mr Dlngreraard ho has known for Home time
Dingremard has lived in St Pierre
John J King Muler Bamera mlBlair
JBIowa Oat hi Braise In the Street
John J King a BonInlnw ol George W
Bauer proprietor of the Casino at 155th street
and Eighth avenue blew out his brains with a
revolver last evening on tho sidewalk in Church
street near Doy street He was a bartender In
Bweenys hotel on Park row for eight years
and ono year for Frank Baub at tho Brooklyn
Bridge Exchange near the bridge entrance
Three years ago Major Bauer removed from
his saloon at 1 Chambers street to the Casino
and gave the downtown saloon to King
Kings business was not good and two months
ago he sold the property
Yesterday King borrowed 3 of Mr Raub to
got some clean clothes so that ho might go
home He said ho had been drinking for three
days He lived with his wife his invalid
mother and his sister who is a school teacher
at 758 Third avenue South Brooklyn King
told Mr Kuub that bo had not been homo for
five days
At H oclock last evening Kinc asked watch
man in front of the Astor House to arrest him
The watchman refused and King cot on hoard
of a Broadway car but was seen to get off half
a block above the Astor House Half an hour
afterward ho shot himself
Policeman Cotton of the Church street police
saw King fall Klngdlcd while policemen were
carrying him on a stretcher to the police sta
tion He bad no money In his pockets Ono
of the unexploded cartridges In the revolver
was indented as though King had failed to dis
charge the pistol when he first put the weapon
to his head In his pocket were four sum
monses and a complaint in a suit against him
In the Ninth District Court by Cornelius Evans
to recover 31 for ales bought by King
King was fashionably dressed in a dark suit
with a Prince Albert coat silk hat and hand
some overcoat while a ring with a very large
amethyst was on the third finger of His left
OBB Mond to Bam Itself and Another to
Kun 1OO Mile a > n Hour
The west side property owners committee
appointed to devise ways and means for moro
rapid transit mot at the Murray Hill Hotel lost
night and listened to descriptions of various
systems submitted by several mechanics and
engineers Abraham L Earle of the New York
Cable Railway system said that hU company
was ready to run a cable railroad through and
around the city at a speed ot 25 or 30 miles per
hour and issue transfer tickets on all lines free
of charge
Frank Prantlo n mechanic In the employ of
time Dolumater Iron Works submitted nn orig
inal invention of inclined railway He pro
posed by the aid of un engine at the starting
point and an incline of about eight feet to the
half mile to propol any number of cars to the
next station where they would be stopped In
the ordinary way and started again in the
manner described
William Farr Goodwin of Stelton N J who
has a bill pending in Congress to subsidize his
new system of surface and elevated railways
proposed to run trains nt the rate of n hundred
miles per hour His Idea was to have double
trucks and double trucks on each side and
have the curs built so wide that all danger ot
overturning would be removed By the adop
tion of a certain kind of locomotive which he
has invented he could cause an ordinary en
ulno to run at the rate of u hundred miles per
hour or over
The next meeting will be held at the same
place on Wednesday evening next and the
time will be given to Joe V Melgs tho Boston
Mr Jaceka and Morcanwlek Arrested
Mrs Solomon Jacobs and George Mor
canwick whose arrival from Providence with
Mr Joeobas stock In trade is reported else
whore were arrested last night he at 189 East
Sixtyfourth street and she at 1090 Third
avenue He bad already pawned a diamond
Ing and they had taken a room at 300 East
Ixtysixth street
Mrs Jacobs was seen nt the Sixtyseventh
street police station last night at 11 oclock in
the presence of her pursuing husband
Thats my husband said she as that gen
tleman walked Into the station house hes a
nicelooking fellow isnt he 7 Jacobs took out
his handkerchief and tried to weep To Capt
Gunner he said Ive no charge to make
against ray wife I wish to make no charge
only to get back my diamonds aid goods and
my camera
Did you not give me the diamonds said
Mrs Jacobs Did you not give mo the dia
monds 1
After some hesitation Jacobs said he had
loaned her the diamonds She was held all the
A TraTellln Case of allpex
A particularly aggravated case of small
pox was reported to the Health Department
yesterday Friday night a man named Brown
who was a habitual lodger the police station
called at the office of the Commissioners of
Charities and Correction and saw Superin
tendent Blake who discovered that ho was suf
fering from smallpox The health authorities
nt once caused the removal of the Hick man to
North Brothers Island The Health Depart
ment fears that Brown In circulating among
the stations has scattered the disease A gen
oral vaccination trip will bo made through the
stations by the health officers
Comparative Peace at the Hebrew Theatre
Tim three young men who created a dis
turbance nt the Koumnnla Opera House on
Friday night were prisoners nt the Tombs yes
terday Murk Ehrllch and Marcus Hoffman
were fined 10 Max Kraus was discharged
At time theatre last night Max Cohen was ar
rested for disorderly conduct In the vestibule
Nothing was thrown at the actors A curious
fature of time ravolt of part of the company Is
t at Mrs Finkel one of the stars who remains
with time opera house is idttod against her bus
band ono of those who left and refuses to have
anything to do with him
Hnapner Oarrlaou Ooee cc tko State
Edward Garrison tho Jockey more wide
lyknovn as Time Snapper will mako his first
appearance on any stage tomorrow evening
On Friday last Manager McCarthy ot A Run of
Luck now on the state at Nlbios signed a
contract with Mr Garrison to appear in time
leading rile of the final and most exciting act
as the rider of th ally Daisy upon whoi win
Ding ol ttte IMO Is plot ol the pier tunas
A H eeeh frn the C > Ternr that It trill D
Demeerate and flepubtt UsedA Let
tee rre the Preeldect to BaalneM Men
Gov David Bennett Hill made n rousing 1
Democratic speech In the Hoffman House last
night where the Business Mens Democratic
Association gave a dinner In commemoration
of the battle of Now Orleans and Andrew Jack
son The Governor was surrounded by solid
business and political intellect gardens
of flowers bright lights and a band
Along toward 11 oclock President William A
Cole spoko of time pleasure he had in welcom
ing so many Democrats to aJacksonian din
ner and Introduced the Governor Thoro waa
a great clinking of glasses and cheering th
band came in with Hall to the Chief a voice tP Sand
roared out Three moro cheers for Goy Hilt
and when the racket subsided a piping vole
ascended with Come now David youro New
York boy and the Governor began He was
cheered all through hearty laughter greeted
his remark about writing Mayor Hewitts let
ters his mention ot the names of Horatio Sey
mour and Samuel J Tlldon was received with
shouts of approval and when he began to re m ti
fer to the young Republican Speaker Fremont
L Cole ho was interrupted at every sentence l
with boisterous cheers and laughter And so
on all through the speech which must bo road
In full to bo appreciated Hero It is
Sir William Jones as early as 1781 asked and
answered the Question What constitutes 1
State I His conclusion was that
Men hljh minded men S
Men who their dutlea know si d
put know their rlghta and knowing dart maintain 151
These conitltuto a Stats
The highminded business men of the Em
pire State who know their political rights and Ifj4
duties and knowing courageously ns well as
faithfully maintain and perform them consti
tute indeed an essential element In all that C 5
contributes to the prosperity the greatness j
and the glory of our State
It has been well said that commerce rules
the world and we do not forget that this great
city is the conceded commercial emporium ot
our Union the financial centre of time country
time greatest in population wealth and fei S
The enterprising business men of Now York
State havo made It much of what it is today S
Their capital has built up our cities promoted
our vast and flourishing manufacturing Indus
tries aided our wonderful system of Internal
improvements founded our splendid universi
ties of learning and endowed our numberless S
charitable Institutions unexampled benefi
cence and liberality 4t
The public spirit of our citizens has beeYt itS5
manifested everywhere even from the early
settlement of our State
It was upon tile waters of our beautiful Hud
son that the first steamboat was over floated S
The first canal for commerce In the United S
States was constructed by the enterprise t5b
this State The first successful railroad In the
country was built hon > We were the first to
ndopt a general system ot public education S
and today we can rejoice in the general intel S
ligence or our people the excellence of our
public schools tho prevailing respect for law tIc I
nnd order the pure and unsullied ohnracor of
our judiciary and the high standard of olilclal j
Integrity that has been adopted in the execu 1
tion of public trusts
New York has ever been conspicuous in the S t t
achievements of her distinguished sons and i
her soil has been the theatre of great and stir S
ringevents One of time most decisive battle
of the Revolution was fought and won on the
plains of Saratoga While the Constitution at
was adopted at Philadelphia yet the first Con 11tvft
gress that ever assembled under it convened 4 15
in the State ot New York and in this very I
city and here also Washington himself was
first inaugurated as President in 1769
In this connection permit mo to digress long
enough to say that I trust that the ono hun S
dredth anniversary ot that inauguration mar
be commemorated In your city with suitable
ceremonies and an appropriate demonstration
worthy ot the Interesting occasion and befit
ting the greatness of your city and our State
I am pleased to observe that your energotio iItt
and worthy Mayor has already taken Initiatory
stops in the matter and I nm therefore sure
that It will not fall If the movement does
however lag a little I shall take the liberty of
writing the Mayor a letter upon the subject
When the adootlon the Declaration of In
dependence was pending tbo voice of New York
was heard in its favor in no uncertain tones
through her honored representatives Floyd T3
Livingston Lewis and Morris The great de
fender and advocate of the Constitution was
our own Alexander Hamilton In the war of
1812 and In the war with Mexico and in the
war of the rebellion the citizens of New York
always loyally and generously supported the
Government and contributed more than their
full share toward Its success Our State has
been honored as the birthplace and homo of
numerous Democratic statesmen whoso mem
cries are dearto avery Democratic heart New
York was the home of jresidont Van huron
tibias Wrighmt of Wiihismm L Marcy of Horatio f
Seymour and Samuel J Tildon
We rejoice In the giowth and prosperity of
our great State Time young liepubhican Speak
or of the Assembly in his opening speech at
Albany the other day with undisguised alarm
referred to time marvellous Increase of popula I
tion In our great cities Alarming Indeed I to jj
the Republican party No ono else seems to b
frightened about it Democrats and inde
pendent citizens take a natural pride in the 21
growth and grandeur of our State and It is our
proud boast that we have an empire State with
6000000 of population free intelligent law
abiding citizens SSJ31
The attidude of the Republican party toward i
our great cities has naturally led it to besom S
jealous and distrustful of their growth and 1
prosperity I commend to the attention ol 1
Speaker Cole and his associates the recent
thoughtful utterances of that levelheaded and
inulllcetit Republican Congressman Mr Fitch p d
wherein be warns the bosses who now control
the Republican party In this State that they
must cease by their legislation to trout New
York city as a conquered province rather than 1a
as a component partof t ho 8 tut o if tbeyoxpeot
to maintain any Republican party hereafter In 4
this city They seem to forgot that when in t I I4
their partisan blindness and obstinacy they I
impose unjust burdens upon the people ot this
city they affect Republicans and Democrats r1
alike They forgot that while this city is the 4
Gibraltar of the Democracy they have done
much by their reckless legislation to make it so I
When a Democratic Governor proposed to
give the people of thin city which pays over
half the taxes of the State a representative
upon the State Board of Assessors and the Ji
State Board of Equalization the intelligent
and respectable Republicans ot this city have j I
failed to discover the political wisdom which
induced a Republican flenat to refuse to con
linn the nominee They cannot understand
why this city should be continually made the
target for every unjust discrimination by Re
publican Legislatures and hence the Republican S
can vote of this city Is gradually dwindling
away and will soon have to be counted among V
the scattering unless a now departure is de mi
termined upon 4
Permit mo to further notice the young
Speakers address He seems to be filled with
apprehensions concerning thn ability of his
party to grapple with the Important mentions I
that confront them Ho says Wo need wis
dom and at the same limo wo require courage W
Wo are glad that ho no thoroughly appreciates
the needs ot his party Last winter the
grand old party had plenty of courage but
ickod in wisdom It had tho same courage as
the bull that placed himself In front of thu 4
coming engine and looked discouraged after
the collision bad occurred After the recent S
election the party has lost Its courage and now
naturally doubts its wisdom I I
A newspaper bus well mild that more than
wisdom and courage the party needs common
honesty If It expects to retain the confidence
and respect of the poopln or even of Its own
followers it must IceiMlntn In tho Interests ot Jt
the people mind not specially against the Demo
cratlo party or against grunt Democratic cities
The terrified Speaker says that corpora S
tions grasping nail Belllnh are knocking at our
doors more loudly than ever for the passage of
corporate franchises unnecessary and unjust S
These grasping nml bullish corporations
seem to know exactly where to go when 11t
they want anything a Republican Leg
islature They hnock and the door Is
usually opened unto them They are
knocking more loudly than ever this
yonr because they Redo i to realize that their tA
special friend nru lu power and why should
they not cnmo In and make themselves at 1
home The truth is that the corporations
organized the Legislature sh weeks ago not
at the Capitol but at the Fifth Avenue Hotel
in this city The programme then marked out S
having been successful they are noisy In their I
ujoiclage aai alina U Li1t1 bpokiittj II 5 S
t I
S 4

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