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I n O W r Ttf J1 41 T f G 1 ft r k P
I i i
Wr Preparation u lUlU IR lrrca Dew
l trTot lk f Yrti Prlneo FerdUand
tLoe Uul rl TkeKcjritl Murrlaice
rgA II by IA4 Ana Tot JiiKtatet Prut
DEnLl Jan 7The Austrian and Russian
OoTernments haro ichnneod assurnnccs of
f ptaco aspirations to which nobody attnohoB
rlee slightest Importance Tho only actual
chance In tho eltuntlon tondln toward poaco
1 j tho aotlvo resumption of nccotlntlons be
tween Count KalnoUy tho Austrian Foreign
Minister and Prince LobanofT the lus lan
Ambansador at Vienna for tho settlement of
tho balance of porror In tho Balkan peninsula
Tills mltlcatos tho crisis and remotes tho
dancer of carter the rrosont but It does not
nioJUrnnrof tho essential clIfTeronces between
the two Governments The notcotlatlons are
tipeotod by both sides to end In an exact defl
rjtlon ot the respective demands auch R heretofore
tofore has not existed and from which may bo
obtained n valid excuse for war
Acconllnc to a Foralofflclal despatch from
Vienna tonlsht Frinco Lobanoff has opened
the diplomatic campaign by proposlne n the
frt step toward an entente the removal of
Irlnco Ferdinand from the throne of Bulgaria
undor a joint mandate of the powers the elec
tion of a new Frlnco by a new Sobranje and
the reappointment of Russian oltlcers to the
Bulgarian army Tho proposal speclllos that
the new Frlnce must bo n member thoortlio
dox Grook Church and tho Sobranjo eo elected
UA to enable Itusila to rocoenlzo i as being
legally conatituted
Ity Foreign unico hero holds aloof from the
npcotlutloud The Czars Ministers already
know that Count Knlnokr will not admit that
the Berlin treaty clvon ItUHnlu any siioclul right
to Interfere In llulcarln They know also that
It h IniiH Blblo to obtain from the powers a
joint inundate llafllrd on thnaa potntH Uus
ala will next mine a nuw question on Austrian
retention of lloanla nnd llcrzeuoUna These
prolncos were ocouplod under a purely
temporary title hut at now practically nn
rjoxed Austria will bn called upon to acuuto
thorn and U is l rrobablo that the Question of
tliolrfmmo administration will be refitrrcil to
n conference of tho potters An ostensible
cams belli It II 1 anticipated will arise over
AiiHtrlaR rodiHiil to divide the Unlknnx
So tlmn wouldbo Riven tol1ttuMiuto complete
her preparations for wnrif lllomnrck butt freo
hand Uut tho dhlslons within tliu Imperial
family nro Increasing thowoukiiessof the Em
Ieror anti the renocd notUltyof tbo nntlBls
maroklnn court InlluonceR combine to oiifectblo
ami retard the iloolopnixht of tho Uiirnntii
policy Jlaan while war preparations progress
on eIther pldn
olh Warsaw arscnnl 14 working day ana
nlulit At Kovnn more extensive earth
works and detached forts are being construct
ed mid the defences of IvunOorvol are bolnc
orated < with heavy cunn The total force of
nslans In thu Sniaaw Mlnn and hefT die
tili It accordIng to a military estimate reaches
8J30UO men wIth 720 runs The cavalry rest I
monte stationed Immediately on the frontier
are being supplied with rations on tho same
tcalt > as during an actual mpalRn The caRt
to tho Uitsluu Treasury In also equal to the
war cost KvorythltiK nointa to the conclusion
that the Czar means to enforce hid terms I not
diplomacy by war
The 1 attitude of Lnulana In tho event of hos
tllltlns will bo one of friendly neutrality This
fact Is known to the liorlln Foreign OHlco No
overtures hae over been mad by the Ucrmitn
Otn eminent tot KuBlauds cooperation In the
trlnlo nlllnnee
humors that Emperor William was seriously
111 and had boon attacked with feinting Its
woro current josterdny Tim rumors have re
cohnd an emphatic denial from ofllclils doing
bimmosx tho iialaee Count Herbert his
mnrok on returning today from a visit to his
brother William at Hanuu had a long audience
with Emperor William Col llrls presented to
the Emperor the Jlrst imprint of the Army List
of 1888 and the Emperor chatted clieortully
dm Ing tho audience The Emperors cold Is
nttended with slight jialns In tho back and ab
domen Ills phyHlclans today declare that
they do not regaid them as anything serious
but they Insist upon his resting more
Tho Crown Prince IIIIH recovered from the
catarrh Dr > Schmidt who is visiting him Is not
tho Frank fort specialist of that name but a
Bwlss doctor who claims to have discovered a
now and sucoexsrnl mode of treatment
The marriage of Frinco Henry and Princess
Irene has been fixed to take placo on April 24
I the health of the Crown Frlnco permits he
will coma to Berlin to be rnce at the core
mony I
A Il ly ItmlUn Fight Vboie Cant th Tie
tlm Will Hut IteTeitl
Bullets whizzed yesterday afternoon In
Louis Bicomos grocery 822 Eighteenth street
Brooklyn Domenlco Suntano aged 35 who
lives In apartments on the third floor of the
building entered tho store about 1 cook and
at once engaged In an angry conversation with
Antonio DIcomo who helps his brother In the
tore What the trouble between the men was
About no one seems to know as Is usually th
case in Italian squabbles but both were much
excited and very soon came to blows
Blcomo who was getting the worst of the
fight drew a big revolver and blazed away at
Us antagonist tiring live or six Allots in rapid
succession Seeing Hantuuo reel and fall on
the Moor he concluded that he had finished
him and replacing his revolver in his pockot
coolly walked o through the crowd of fright
ened neighbors who had collected on the side
walk Hantnno was taken to tho Long Island
College Hospital currying throe bullets with
him one In hN shoulder one In his knee and
one In hl hip All were extracted without
difficulty and no dangerous result Is antici
pated quarrel He refused to tell the cause of the
A Teas Work of the Iott Office
During 1887 there were delivered through
lock boxes and carriers in tho New York Fast
Office 270483580 pieces of ordinary mal mat
ter Including letters through boxes 52914851
hy carriers 112872278 Postal cards through
boxes 8427642 by carriers 30007959 Other
mull matter through boxes 29723557 by car
rier > 356322U3 In the registered letter de
partment 1226900 pieces were dohivored and
7B1U4H 01 domestic and 472850 of foreign origin
Were recorded and distributed to other ofllcos
In the distribution department a total of
518813761 pieces were handled divided us fol
lows Letters 01 local origin 10510645 j n
colvel by mal 28701128 foreign despatced
20596870 lostul cnrA of local origin 225O
BGH received by mal 7175281 foreign de
BftVned WISS04 Other mutter of local
origin n2U428 received by mail 402721Gl
forulen despatched Jl530184 Total number
01 pocoi il mall mittor of all kinds handled
d2lrhlC the mr < 707 > 77BlH5 n duly average of
r > Lh8 CKreeate buBlnoss of tho Money Order
Department for lbs your amounted to 82510
aiiH being an Increase over the previous
ena rofU > I77775 12 lbs total receipts ot tlw
offico worl bn09635 Vhs total oxpndl
tirnj tnreA iJi7Ki < giving n net revenue of
W07400107 JJnrluirtli yenr 428omployeoa
wero removed for oillcial delinquencies TUo
elt totll number 1107 of Ofllpiuyees > ln the ofllco llt pros
There were 1700D2421 postage stamps sold
17000421 postnle stamls
equal l In Weight to 12 tons and 33150175 Oov
rnnient Btampail aelolll and 41344000 pos
a Iurds were sold
The > total weight of the malls received and
uesputcbed dUly durlnp 1H87 was 229 tons
showing < as compared with the figures for 1882
1135 r cnt tons an increase In live > oura of over VI
Ceaiey I Far iv Free with HI Knife
James Convoy of 349 East Tlilrtyrourtli
Street was arraigned In the Yorkvllhj Police
Court before Jubilee Murniy yesterday on a
charge of stabbing two men ole of whom will
probably die from his wound Conoy IB a
cleiirmakor and works at his trade when he Is
not o In v prison Friday evening John Jlotner of
134 hunt Broadway was standing the corner
lroaduy WiS
btallllI 01 tlo
of Hrst uvpnue and Thlrtyelgljth street when
iConvoy whom ho had never sown approached
Ih m und nbklnc what h wan doing there
iplunged I knife Into Aletzners hip dolli wound
was not of a serious character About four
tours afterward Thoma Itellly Abut Eat
lulrtyelehth sliest was Ktandlnxon the BIIIUO
Corner when Convoy approached him Tho two
Won Imd iiuarrolled on ChilstmaM day Convey
< hulleni d llellly to light lloillr declined and
Convey draw ely knife and stabbed him In the
throftt tho blade penetrating to the depth of
three Inches and Indicting a ghastly wound
onver escaped and Itellly was carried to the
fast Thlrtyllfth street police station and at
t rward taken home wh polIo was found that
le was In danger of death 1 tat
Capt Ityan and Detective Mullarkey found
Convoy la bed at his home Ho said that he
nail never ueeen Metzuor before and did not
not out him guilty As to the assault on Itellly he pleaded
The Prealdenllartke Itoud JIurl
CINCINNATI Jan 7Two passenger trains
on the UuUuuitt St IouU anti
Indianapolis 5t Ioul lij Chicago
rotj colIUeil near North Dead lax night froildent In
gllsi lrat rl ciinpiethy domUbd end the
rldnt sail his sisjtiiin were badly bruised but not
The Srisuiiy Injured Koe St lb brulod injured
sa bound train was pufling tn ou the siding at
lorh lnd and hd nearlr cleared the mole track
thi Irack
kel rut
kb upro olii WeII mlulor al a
Ib rl ui sps luddaiy daihsd croonS
a 4
ollped uddl1 arand cazye a
111 11111 CA UAl LI IC ph cat
A Final Deere frm Ie PeeT Wit t
be Celebrated a HamdikT Jan
Tho long process for the beatification of
John Baptist De L Bathe Is concluded and
Sunday Jan 22 has bon appointed for the
solemn ceremony The founder ot tho Chris
tan schools won born at Hhelms on April 30
1051 and died at boon April 19 1719 He
bompleted his course at the University of
llhelmg and received the decree of Doctor of
Divinity 107 In 1681 ho established tho
wellknown Society of the Brothers of tho
Christian Schools lie began the community
life with twelve disciples and from this small
number there has sprung n numerous family
which todny counts 15000 Brothers who tech
moro than half a million pupils The Brothers
have Institutions of various kinds colleges
training schools normal choolB art schools
and scientific schools They hnvo fichools In
nil parts of the world and to oulogtzo their
work would be telling an ofttold tale to those
who know their working her in tho city of
Mow York and indeed throughout tho whole
Tho following Is a copy of tho decree by
which tho lop makes known tho beatification
ot Da La Ballot
Whether admitting the approval of the virtue
and the litre miracles the solemn Beatification of
the same venrratilr ran af God maw with certainty
tainty be proceeded tciu
By un admirable dispensation of divine
Providence tha cause of the Beatification of
the Venerable Founder the Christian tichooln
lute reached the desired end at a time when
the religious education of Christian youth
rejected In various places is very often pro
scribed by tho civil laws themselves The
venerable John Baptist do La Hallo cave ut
his patrimony to secure to society the fruit of
so salutary work and to prevent the pure
souls of youth given over to Impious matters
and on nil sides enticed to vice by bad exam
ples from losing evon the germs of the true
and the good implanted In them by nature
Hence against theno crafty enemies he Ktrug
clod manfully until death In union with the
companions horn ho had associated with him
self aud whom ho left tho Inheritors of his
spirit Nothing then could be moro timely for
the Catholic Church today than the example
and the ooworful protection of so great a man
lu order to preserve the rising generation from
a loss rendered Imminent by a pernicious edu
caton this purpose tho Sovereign Pontiff Flits
IX of saintly memory Issued a decree on the
Kalends of November 187 rotpectlng the
herolclty of tho virtues of the Yenerablu Ser
vant of Clod and that as the acts ol tint process
presented no Impediment the examination of
the four < miracles might be proceeded wih
Again Our Holy Father Pope Leo XIII hav
ing dispensed with the proposal and approval
of a fourth miracle on account of the special
circumstances of this Cause it wan decreed on
the SOlomn festival of AllHafnts of the present
year that tbo thro miracles wrought by God
through the intercession of tho Venerable John
Baptist de La Sullo were sufficient and satis
factory 6ats
There now remained to be examined only the
question whether he should be ony the
honors of tho altar and this was the subject
matter of tho General Congregation of Sa red
Kites recently hold in tho palaco of the Vati
can In presence of Our Holy Father tho Pope
on the seventeenth day of the Kalends of De
cember and in which the most reverend Car
dinal John Baptist 1Itra Bishop of Forto and
of bt Huflna Defender of the Cause having
proposed the doubt Whether admitting the ap
proeal of the virtues and the three miracles the
solemn Ilealiflcatwn of the Venerable John Bas
tisldeLa Sale might be proceeded with each of
the most reverend Cardinals and Consultors
answered In the affirmative But tho Holy
Father judged it proper to reserve his supreme
decision In ordor to Implore In the mean time
the light of tho Holy Ghost tme
Finally on this Ilrst Sunday of the holy sea
son of Advent the Holy Father having sum
moned unto him in the same Vatican Palace
tho Most lEmerend Cardinals AngelUb Blanch
Frefect of tho Sacred Congregation of Itttes
and John Baptist Pitra Defender of tho Cause
and tho Itev Angustln Caprara Promoter
the Faith ana the undersigned Secretary de
creed In their presence that the solemn Jleatifl
eatwn of the Venerable terrant of God might
Kith certainttl be proceeded Mil
On the fifth day of tho Kalends of December
1887 ho ordained that tho present Decree bo
published and registered In the Acts of the
Hncred Congregation of lutes and that Apes
toiled Letters t in the form of a Brief be Issued
for tho celebration on an appointed day of
the solemn rites of the Beatification
Protect of tbo S 0 01 Kites
EL + BI Beerotury 8 C of Rites
Goy Beaver Praiuee for Blalne
UAHIUSDUHO Jan 7Gov Beaver In an
interview this evening pronounced emphati
cally for Blame for the Republican Presiden
tial nomination Ho said that Senator Cam
eron was not a candidate Next to Blame he
thought that Sherman was the most available
man and modestly protested that under no
circumstances would ho be In the Held him
self Referring to the tariff GOY Beaver said
that tho views expressed by President Cleve
land would injure his chances and that of his
party in the coming contest He said
On the occasion I of my last visit to Virginia
I learned that the people generally woro thor
ough protectionists and I see no reason why
the electoral vote of that State should not be
cast this year for ono who favors protection to
American Industries in the broadest sense of
that term Clevelands idea that tho Internal
revenue should b retained seems absurd I
think the entire system should be wiped out
which would consequently do away with out
bureau that conducts it This would relieve the
people of unnecessary taxation
Bepert or the State Hoard of Arbltratlen
ALBA Jan 7Tue forthcoming report
to tho Legislature of the Stato Board of Medi
ation and Arbitration will embrace an Impor
tant reference to strikes upon railroads and
other properties held and used for public pur
poses and will I is understood suggest tho
exercise of legislative cower over the persons
employed to oporate such properties as well n
over the properties themselves and their own
on I Is also understood that the Board tkos
very decided ground In favor of the making by
law of nil necessary regulations to insure the
transit and safety of persons and property
upon all railroads and other highways estab
lished for public service and benefit against
combinations of employees or other persons
entered into for tho purpose of stopping or in
any way interfering with their operation
OMelnl Crop Bert
W AIIOTON Jan 7Tbo estimates of
acreage product and value of corn wheat and
oats for each Stato and Territory have been pro
pared for publication by the statistician of tho
Department of Agriculture The area of corn
harvested excluding abandoned or worthless
acreage Is 72000 000 acres in round numbers
JOO product 1450000000 bubhels value 610000
000Ar n wheat 37400000 acres product 450
000000 bushels value 309000000
Area In oats nearly 26000000 acres product
CC9000000 bushels value 200000000
Tho reports of winter wheat do not show
much decrease of area The average of condi
tion U US ranging In the principal States from
HO to 03 Tho condition of winter rye coincides
very closely with that of wheat ry
All Nraok on Mkattl
KYACX Jan 7This place t day is pass
ing through an lay period unparalleled In tho
memory of the oldest inhabitants The princi
pal method of travelling is on skakes the en
tfro town forming ono vast xkatlng course I
la today easier skating Hum walking In the
streets and more time half the man and boys
as woll as a goodly numbvrof ladles are travel
Ing In every direction upon steel runners
Wnlkltie up and down the glassy sidewalks is
accomplished only with much difficulty It Is
a novel sight to see persons gilding constantly
past ones door on prons ld1 constntr I
Tbe BluncheiUr Bcandnl Catet
NASHUA N H Jan 7Tho Supreme
Court oJoned this morning with a large at
tendance The jury which had bon out all
night on the case of Trlstham Dame announced
their failure to ace and that there was no
prospeot of afrreoment and were discharged
The final vote stood 0 for conviction and 3 for
acquittal The court then adjourned for the
March term This for the present ends the
socalled scandal oases of Manchester end te
lad Those for Ohio JCtqUer DcuUra
Blotrr Guv Jan 7Tere has been much
anxiety here to know what action lime I Board of Supir
vlr would take In the matter of granting peruiiu to
whofciale liquor dealers fur this cniulnr ytar litildn
three regularly tilalillilmt wholesale houses which
ban don a tiualoiu of Uiouund of dollar a year
ppllcatlona were tiled by a number of euoai who coo
Umplated icing lota the tiutlntu lolelj lu eradt the
prohibitory law Two ot I bee wets exialoon kttperi
b1 null plaeti ban tie en closed br Ihs Prohibitory
lair The Board baa dtoliil uol t a iaaa aj > y BUIUU
UulMtttoeuuiBfjrtu iva
ins rovxa imraps aionr
lb Tell WJ ho Tk Het Ht an4 > e
Property and Aailitant and Came nr
Ir Solomon Jacobs tho wito ot a photog
rapher of Providence who earn to this city
without Informing her husband with all his
personal property and 20yearold George Mor
ganwlck of this city who had been In tho em
ploy of her husband gave her version of the
story last night She admitted that she and
the young man camo here together but claimed I
that ho wont to his parents house 180 East I
Sixtyfourth street and sho about her ow
private business elsewhere By way ot bag I
gage they brought everything In the house that
was handy and not nailed down Including I
1000 worth of diamonds all the husbands
photogrnphto Implements lambrequins por I
tfires mats and beds the value of 4000
a Yesterday Mrs Solomon found that because
of an order from Follco Headquarters on com
plaint of her husband the baggage would not
be given to her by the Stonlngton Lino oil
cinlH Hlia daw Lawyer Hummel who com
Celled the Stoulngton line to turn over tho
aguage which ho will store and Mr Solomon
will Imvo to light for It
Mrs Solomon Bald she was from Leicester
England and exactly 25 years old She had
learned to make hosiery by machinery and
was brought to this country to teach young
women tho business for the Frovfdenoo
Hosiery Company In Philadelphia where she
wns employed In a like manner she met Mr
Solomon who was well along In years Ho bad
two children by a previous wife but did not
tell her so till after she married him Ho Is a
Hebrew and she 1 Christian For a month af
tor their llret acquaintance says sIte with
stood his aged advances although his Impetu
osity during that time increased in an alarm
lag manner At length to I > jiroont him from
committing suicide which ho threatened she
became Mrn Solomon Jacobs on Feb IS 1885
He was then in profitable business R a pawn
broker nail they lived In a marble front on
Catharine street Philadelphia The Sheriff
neizod the shop and they moved from the mar
ble mansion to atonement and she supported
him working at her hosiery business
On the death of his mother the husband in
hinted 5000 and went to 1rovldenco as a
photographer Ho wanted his sister Mrs
Green to hive with thorn but Mrs Solomon
would not agree to I He became neglectful
and would remain away tbreo or four days at a
time When she found fault ho gave her I sot
of diamonds worth 1000 A few days ago he
want to Philadelphia saying ho would brine
his sister from her husband to live with him
whether Mr Solomon liked It or not While
ho was away oho packed up the goods and
came on to this city intending to go to England
Innocent Sire Chcitnoti naan Taken
front her and Sent Back 10 alex Sine
On May 5 18 Julius Feuret a young
German drug clerk In a downtown wholesale
house was convicted before Judge Cowing of
obtaining drugs by forged orders and was sen
tenced to live years In Sing Sing Ha was made
druggist In the prison hospital and on thp
evening of Sept 1 the fourth month ot his imprisonment
he out of the rank of
prisonment slipped con
lets that was filing from the yard Into the
prison and escaped unnoticed to tho Hudson
lltvor Ho partly undressed himself and tried
to swim across but finding his strength giving
out he returned as ho supposed far below
Sing Sing He wandered about on the ehoro
all night and at daybreak asked a man where
ho was
In Sing Sing the man answered but ho
gave Feuret a suit of clothes Feuret made his
way to Stamford and then to Hartford Boston
and Montreal
In Meofe ot these cities he worked at his
trade and at Montreal ho married a French
Canadian woman of good family who believed
his name u CharleB Chestnut and was en
tirely Ignorant 01 his past
Four months ago thinking that ho had been
forgotten by the police Feuret returned to
New York Ho found work at SB a week in a
drug store away out on Graham avenue In
WilllamBbiirph ant ho fettled down to keep
house In rooms lu East Seventyninth street
Kecontly ho was noticed on the street by a
lecont former das who followed him to his
work and then after trying no doubt to
blackmail him wrote to Warden Brush Tho
Warden sent to Inspector Byrnes Fenrets
adopted name and address and Detective Ser
geant Thomas Adams arrested Feuret on Fri
day at the drug store Adams went with r
ret to his homewbere he witnessed a painful
scene between Feuret and his wife who ap
peared to be devoted to each other Mrs
Chestnut wan astounded at the news that her
husband was an exconvict Sh said that he
was a good husband and that it was hard for
her believe that lie had ever sinned Fouret
cried bitterly an bo bade his wife and sixteen
months old child gcodby The same evening
State Detective James Jackson took Feuret to
Sing Sine Feurets father Is a minister in
Germany Feuret loses onehalf of his
mutation Feurt onbal hs com
mutaton tme
Capt Theinton with hU Crew Finally Landed
and En Beutc to New York
HTANKIS Mass Jan 7The United States
steamer Verbena Capt Gibbs landed at Hy
annie last night Capt Thornton and
nnlsint nllht Capt Thorntn ad twentysix
men comprising the crew of the steamer New
castle City from Newcastle for New York that
sunk Doc 23 Nantucket
on near the South
Shoal Lightship The crew says the ship took
bottom at 1 A M Dec 23 about three miles
southwest from tho lightship striking bottom
very heavily seven times After passing over
the shoal it was found that the after compart
ment was rapidly filling with water At 8 A M
the water was up to the flroroom floor putting
out tint Ares At 0 A M the vessel became
Inn DnDnnh Ph l f i 1
was uuttiekMeKKauov settling in the 4O water tuva fast nlU and > fUV had UI1U drifted OI1U
throe miles north of the lightship The boats
ware lowered but as the sea was very rough
two of them were stove In
With the remaining two boats the crow with
some of their effects left the steamer and she
went down stern Ilrst at 10 A M The bouts
were headed for the lightship reaching there
at S P M after a long hard pull The men say
they were kindly treated by Capt Hanbury and
his crew who did all they could for time ship
wrecked mens comfort until Jan C when the
Verbena hove insight Hbo was hailed with
joy by all hands Borne of tbe crew were becoming
coming anxious at the long delay and desired
to take a rowboat and try to got to shore
This the Captain and crew of tho lightship
abandoned considered very dangerous and tbe idea was
The crew left hero for Now York this evening
by the Old Colony Itallroad and Fall hirer line a
The steamer sunk In sixteen fathoms of water
and will be a total lose with her cargo Site was
valued at 100000 and the cargo at 76000
The Old Clockmaker Diet
Newton W Chlpperlleld tho old clock
maker at 212 Division street and Treasurer of
Now York Lodge I O 0 F who shot himself
in the head on Tuesday last in his storo died
yesterday In the Uouvernour Hospital Chip
perflolda accounts as Treasurer have always
been correct Ho reported to the police two
weeks ago that burglars had entered the store
at night and taken away 30 of the funds of
the lodgo The police affected to disbelieve his
story and tbo old man grow moody and do
ipondent and hinted that he would commit
suicide On Monday last ha wrote to two ofll
cers of the lodge asking them to call and sea
him As tbe lodge members entered the store
door ho shot himself and cried I have kept
my word Ho was prosperous once when
Division street wait a fashionable shopping
street but hi stuck thre while iM his cus
tomers moved away and bo could tell no clocks
to the Poles who moved In 11 II I
Held Thieves Huccesirut Scheme I
Andrew Kopf jeweler of 2373 Eighth ave
nun was complainant at the Harlem Police
Court yesterday against Peter Mitchell of
Brooklyn whom ho charged with the larceny
of two watches valued at 90 At 8 oclock on
Friday night Kopf was standing in tbe show
window of his store when Mitchell and an
other man stopped In Iront of the window
Suddenly Mitchell smashed the window with a
large fragment of rock and grabbed tho
watches Kopf reached through the bolo In the
window and grasped Mitchell but Mitchell
broko loose and ran away Kopf ran to the
door which ho found fastened to the rolling
with a piece of rope Ho squeezed through
gave chaso to Mitchell ovortook him and
handed him to Policeman hahn Mitchell was
remanded for Identification
Justice Mmlth Laughed m4 Let The at Oa
Henry Badorstoin and lingo Beady the
frolicsome clerks who plJd detective In false beards
on Krllay night at the Thalia Theatre In an endeavor to
flndout whither Baderstelnt girl really did go to the
theatre with another fallow as they suspected and who
were arrested > > y Capt XcCullagh and locked up did
not spend thenlrbt In lh sullen house They managed
10 get word to Maurice Weriheimer one of the partners
In time clove Im0UOC ut Mt Uruadway where Vadersleln
Is emplorcd iant he came round aim bailed them out
tate at night
Doth the young detectives appeared In the Tomtit
Police Court JP the morning fttfort Juttlot Smith
lawyer John II oyer told their pathetlo tale for thtm i
bow they paid a barber alhaif a dollar to glue the beards
on bow they found the faithless iwtstatat In the tbta
trt and Oapu McCullagh at the door lUc fatA
uhDffbta baaxUly Mta fllltaarfsil thf W
Taunts WAS AIT AoitKExtaxT 4ND
Tke MUcra Kept the Agreement In Mind
bal the Reading Company Norm to Hare
Ilcen Thinking ol the Memorandum
From Ilit rhUatulpMa llKcrd
Tho joint committee of tho minors labor
ers and engineers composed of Messrs John
H Davis M J Shiel Jm s Brodorlck S J
Lannon M F Kane Hugh MoGarvoy J D
Bonn Robert Shoddon Ivor D Jones J J
Fitzpatrick Daniel Duffy Blchard Thompson
Frank Terrell J T Little Itobort Maggs Mar
tin Purcelland FF Drennnn has made public
tho agreement under which the advance of
8 per cent In tho wages of tho operatives was
granted In September last The full text of tho
document Is gIven below
This agreement made the 14th day of Boptom
her A 1 1887 between General Maniwr H 1
Whiting mid Mine Superintendent John Velth
for thu Philadelphia and Heading Coal mind
Iron Company and a ubcominliue of thin
Joint committee of tho Knights of Labor tho
Minors and Laborers Amalgamated Associa
tion and the Eccentric Engineer of thu Le
high and lower anthracite coal regions for tho
employees of the Philadelphia and Heading
Coal and Iron Company above named ealIII
Wltnessoth That for a period of four months
from the first day of September A D 18H7 nil
employees of said Philadelphia and Heading
Coal and Iron Company shall tie paid an ad
nlo oC 8 percent on the present basis and
contract prices which shall be the minimum
subject to advance with tho advance In the
price of coal above 250 per ton at Schiilklll
haven a tho rate of Hilt per cent for every
dollar or fractional part of a dollar advance In
tho price of coal above 250 per ton at Schuyl I
klll Haven
frco IH also hereby agreed by and between
the parties above named for those they repre
sent that wboro the Raid comnany now pay
thnn contract or basis prices for
lag more cer
tain work because of extraordinary Plato rock
cUrt wet or fault that when any said work re
turns to the ordinary condition tho company
shall have the right to reduce tbe price of such
work to tbe average or basin price or regular
contract price for Hko work
And It Is also further agreed that tho agree
ment Rot forth shall not bo bincllnc on tho said I
Philadelphia and Beading Coal and Iron Com
pany providing a different agreement for tho
payment of days wages and contract prices by I
the lending Interests and their employees com
peting In tie same market be entered into
Memorandum of an agreement made at
Fottsvillo on Sept 141817 between R K Whit
Ing general manager of the Philadelphia and
Iteadlne Coal andiron Company ali John II
Davis chairman and others a joint committee
representing the miners laborers and other
employees of the Philadelphia and Heading
Coal and Iron Company now working under
the 2 50 basis
The Philadelphia and Rending Coal and Iron
Company Is to raise the present schedule of
basis prices for wages and contract 8 percent
from Sept 1 18HT7 for four months or until
Jan 1 1888 and this agreement is to terminate
on Jan 11888
t a settlement Is made with the other com
panies before that tlmo the Philadelphia and
Iteadlng Cool and Iron Company la I to adopt
whatever advance In basis rates Is agreed
upon by all the other companies or Incase no
agreement Is reached by Jai 1 or the men re
turn to work at the formnr rates then and In
that case the Philadelphia and Heading Coal
and Iron Company Is to return to the paj mont
of the 250 basis schedule of prices
110 25 bAslslbdulo vrces as paid up
t Sept 1 1887 8 B W
Mr Corbins circular Ignoring both parties to
the agreement was sent for tho purpose we
believe of creating dissension That this pur
pose has failed and that tho employees are a
unit In this demand for a renewal of tho agree
ment Is evidence that we ham acted in such a
manner as to gain tin approval of those whom
we hap the honor represent Mr Cor bin says
I will bo Impossible for this company to
pay more for Its labor than other companies
do but this company will never pay loss than
other companies pay Up to the publication
of this circular this cornnuttou has lad agree
ments sent to It by no less than eleven mining
companies and Individual operators who have
signed to pay the WIles asked for by us
The following definition of the joint commit
tees interpretation of the acreumeut was sub
mitted to Mr Whiting on Doc 24
8 WMIlngZiq Gtttafagt 1 and It C a I Co
DEAD SIR Fully appreciating the course pur
sued by your company in the past tsp clally
by yourself and Mr Oar bin In effecting and
maintaining amicable and satisfactory rela i
tions with this committee representing organized
rprcstntn orlno
ired labor the committee now desire to say
that while It Is their wish to continue the same
friendly feelings we cannot agree to any con
struction of the memorandum of agreement
between your company and the committee I
dated at Fottsvllle Sept 1418S7 other than
that said agreement terminates Jan 1 1888
for the reason that It would be unfair to ask
tho mine workers of this region to continue at
work upon the basis existing previous to Sept
11887 First because tho amo reasons that
warranted tho demaad made for nn advance
on the basis In August etlll exist and second
because tho conditions of affairs upon which
the Important provisions of that agreement
are based aro the same now as when that
agreement was made
And further because at that time the re
ceiver could not make any agreement extend
ing beyond Jan 1 it was so considered and ac
cepted by this committee therefore the inser
tion of a clause In the memorandum of agree
ment making any provision for time beyond
Jun 1 cannot in honor bo considered binding
In view of the fact that the price of coal Is
likely to remain at a figure that will warrant n
oontlnuanco of the present agreement we ask
that the name together with nl the n present n fra
tutu nluu uu ai em timmilt
the company is prepared to make the llnnl not
In August last when the demand was made
and tho question was under discussion Mr
Whiting Huggosted that the men continue to
Work and that the muter could bo arbitrated
and settled hut In the present affair Mr Cor
bin allows no nucli privilege nor makes any
such odor hence there is no alternative lor the
men but to accept the proffurfd reduction or
uult Let the public judge of this whole ques
tion upon its merits
Tke Doctor Called It Fits lint the Justice
Decided that It waa
The examination in the case of Policeman
John Mara of the Thirtysecond precinct
charged by Cgpt Cortrlght with intoxication
and disorderly conduct while on duty on 155th
street on Tuesday ovenlng last was held in the
Harlem Pollco Court yesterday Capt Cort
right testified that he found Mara drunk and
arrested him Twice on the way to tha police
station and again In the station house Mnra
endeavored to assault him Mara was certain
ly drunk PoltODman Uoetz and Sergeant
Brown testified to the same effect
Mara said tbat he WPnt on iipst at 0 oclock
and at 7 oclock he helped Policeman Conklln
take a prisoner to tho po Ico station He met
Conklln and another policeman at 8 oclock
after which he remembered nothing more until
ho awoko In tho cull
Levi Hlckman and a watchman named Bar
tram tDBtltlod tbat they saw Mara fall IHI In a
lit They called Dr MoCluhn who adminis
tered remedies and advised1 Mara to report
sick Dr McQithn swore that Mara was suffer
ing with epilepsy Mara may have ben pol
sonecl with opium or belladonna both of which
produce effects similar to epilepsy KxHena
tor Eoolosino mad a strong plea for Mara but
Justice Gorman lined him 10
A French Companys Aatcrlrau Eaterprlte
The SocliitiS Anoymo do Ilestturants aux
Etats Unto I company organized lu Paris for the pur
pose of starting eating houses In Ibis country opens Its
first establishment 1 Tuesday next In the Equitable
building the Cafe Bavarln as It la I called Is I named
after Ibt great French epicure Brlllat Sararln anther
of the Phyilologlt du lout The main cafe bar and
restaurant art on the ground floor with entrances on
the main corridor and line street Tbe rooms art I
ished in mahogany elegautlt carved and time celling Is I
In light colors sunped II papier msche Time style le I
Moorish and the supporting columns are of trout coy
ered with polished I uaKnosla t On the second lluor Is time
ladles dining rosin wlilon will seat luu persons 1 C
lam style of decoration Is uei
The society Is also a caterer to ht I far Club on
the sixth floor and tn time top dour Is the kitchen If
this cafe succeeds I ntbers uf time I ratnt kind will be es
labllshed In flilladelphla and Uilcatfo
rae laterBBtlenal Navigation Company
The notice published by tho International
Navigation Company In another column announces the
retirement of Mr James A Wright from Ut residency
ot that company which omco be ba held from Its forma
ton In 181 HU purpose In taking this step Is I to seek
relief from the active cares lacldent to the command ef
so great an enterprise
MrlClement llf UrUcom who has been chosen to fill
ttie plate made vacant by atr Wright retirement has
teen the President of the curniunr since In organl
tallon and operations HI such has had direct charge of all Its extended
The International Navigation Company now owns
controls I and operates H fleet of steatuMilpa having I a
grots tonusge of over 1 loiul tons I his Is I u larger ton
page than Is I operated br any other single management
in the North Atlautlo trade The lines In which these
steaunehips run art commercially kaown at the Amer
loa lUe1 lied comMoclolY Inmau line The last
named lint not now building on the river Clrde by
haute J A Thomsoo two phenomenal passenger
itMmjhlpi M In run Utwfeu Xt w ura TU
Inllr Xa cine n Lltchfltld Usm
the Ownrr
Tho big house i Montague terrace Brook
lyn overlooking the harbor which was built
and occupied by James Kookwoll a loather
merchant and subsequently owned and oc
cupied by Danker Qeorgo I Beney has now
passed Into the possession of Eloctus U Lltch
field the ropresontatlvo of tho old Brooklyn
family of that name nnd who is several times
a millionaire Mr Itockwoll lavished money
on its furnishing and decoration and when ho
moved Into It with his wife daughter and
grandchild he gave ono of tho most brilliant
receptions which ever took placo In Brooklyn
Bon lila grandchild was prostrated with a
mysterious sickness and died and his own
< death and that of hln wife soon followed
Their symptoms wore similar to thoso of the
child and the deaths of all wore attributed to
malaria I wan said at the time that the
drain ptpos led Into the very highest point of
tho main rower in that neighborhood and that
fewer gas under certain conditions of the Rt
mosphor forced Its way upward Into tho
holme I this were 8 the defect wee rem
edied as the house lias been lived In since
malaria and the inmates have not boen troubled with
Mr Itockwells daughter sold the house to
Mr Bne when he was In the height of his
financial success and distributing hundreds of
thousands In charity Mr Honey built an annnx
for his famous art gallery Ho occupied the
house at the time of his failure and with his
other property I passed into tho hands of bin
creditors A real estate speculator purchased
It for 125000 I was understood that it was
repurchased bv Mr tienoy but he has never rp
occupied It Tho purchase by Mr Lltchlleld
wag completed yesterday but the price ha not
boon reported It I loss however I Is said
than 125 000 Mr Lltchfleld occupies one of
the finest bouses in Brooklyn at 180 Congress
Heights street and will not probably move to the
An Innocent Olrl Made ta Suffer Teaipo
rarllr for hie Misdeed
Gilbert M Fraser tho British ViceConsul
in this city living in White Plains boo In his
employ colored servant girl from the South
Recently employed an English butler who
was recommended by the St Georges Society I
Last Monday it was discovered that several I
valuable oil paintings two piano stools a I
waistcoat and a shawl wore badly out The I
piano was scratched and the front door mould
Ings wore gouged Bosldos all this Mrs Frasers
pet canary presented to her in Italy died sud
denly Mr Fraser suspecting this wanton de
struction of his property might have been
caused by the girl Mary Cavvthorn had her
arrested and she was bold under 250 bonds
to await tbo action of the Grand Jury Her
ball was furnished by the colored people of the
place who worn firm believers in her Inno
cenco On Tuesday last after Mary had left
the hOI Mm Fraser missed a 2 bill from
her bureau drawer and on Frldavshe deposited
three l bills in the same drawer and looked
the drawer Yesterday morning she found that
tIm drawer had boon rifled and the money gone
She then went before Justice K B Long and
swore out a warrant which was placed In the
hands of Chief of Pollco Bee who proceeded to
the housii and confronted the butler whoso
name Is John Swanborough the charge of
having stolen tbo money and mutilating the
pictures and furniture To this he protested
his innocence In emphatic terms but when Bee
went to his room and after a short search
found the money which was fully identified by
Mrs Fraser ha broke down and confessed his
crime Ho confessed also that bo had been
convicted In England of placing obstructions
on railway tracks but bad been released from
Imprisonment on a tlckotofleave Ho was
hslil without bull to await the action of tim
Grand Jury Mary Cawthorn has beon released
und is again In Mrs Frasers employ
New Tark Stock oxcaaate Halet Jon T
c mtn RTATXS Ann KTATK roses IT SloOOi
8 Ala Os 102010441 67Tenn Set SK 6t > X
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VStkt i2Ii U H6S 18 7I21
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u a Os iseeial
IBos II T A Y5s W IN J U genls 8H
ICh AO C 4s W 5 11
1 Ih AO C i 1H11 01 7NY Ccniitl39W
1 C B A Q deb S10A 10 13J
1CliQ7elc4t 3NYCent ex 8tl05
3Chlt IN 6t 102 i2NYCdebiOfl
14 Con So 2d IY2IO IN Y El 1st 11HU
13 924 5 N T A Ner UtlMi
lllel AII I 11X1 1 163
5 lien ARO 1stlie 32NY Ch ASIL4S H7
0 len A it < > ron 704 ii
6U A B O W Istaa it I N V ii N k ist7si2fl
3 Del M A M 1 q 82l H IN W ex IC
5 Kill A Bslst OB 6 Or K AN 1st 1IIPU
50 1WU 2Om AtULlst 76W
20 ErIe id ex O7Ii 6 Ohio 80 mo S2
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art Vayima lid137 11 I or Imp lit K6
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ita4 St1JaeiO115
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10 73 4 114U
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lla A Mo nil 1st lilt 1BtLirk AT X21 41
2Mahonlng < oal asl021m5 3B C a K let B7
SMor AHs 78IS71 lu S SC R K Ino 3
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Slob A 0 iKkdeb 4t 3 Tex iac a Q d Ski
a Miss H Hrldeelst lirr 3 Tol A W24 89
aNn IMstc lltl 1 ToLBLLAKClst flft
3N Y A I 2d iON 10 113
S N J C let111714 7 West bb 4s 100
z io7i 1 VestS4ir 100H
Total sales railway bonds Ipar valueX N8100U
Open Elsa iow CTosine
Salet lo cot en MM jlifed
mAdams EiJirelei4414 14414 14434 iSO 145
so American 1x107 1117 107 107 1105
lOAtchT AM Ft B5W IC1 5214 i + 4 j
S AtUlltlc A Iac luU 1O3 1014 lolL 10
701 Canada Seutbern 14314 O3 null rsiil ce
IC Central raciuc 31 81 81 38g 83
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1950 Chic k t W10714 10934 1O74 1013t4 1011
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1011 C C 4 I 1214 231 5214 02 52
loo Colorado Coal 314 iC4 851t 3514 3mm
100 Col II V A Tel 2414 2414 2414 24L 2534
IXHKol A ll rk Coal 211 20 2734 2534 29
lldOIULA iludnon103 l0mP4 till 10011 10534
IS1XU Del ack I A W12941 12034 12994 11814 12035
7001 T V A O 10 i0 to 14 Ii
WIKfcv40 idpf 23 23 23 223 23
25 Fort w i I > O 4434 4414 4414 44 4414
list l Illinois C leased I K1 os so s4 se
100 IU K i 4 Western 1534 1535 1535 1534 15
1IIIUK A WesterupC 40 49 40 4km 41
750IattHhore M 1534 55 51
211tKi Louis A Nash < ri < 4 0201 124 0214 11235
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4O Manhattan rlvbts 34 at 834
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lull Missouri farinc 5l4 se 4 81134 811
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IIOHt 1 A Omaha U9W 31414 111434 8844 41
SOllhtl V AM IHjH 111135 111134 lumps ii
1430 Union faclnc 575 t 573 5734 5734 41
inn U H Ixuress n < fi 4174 0714 06 415
3MWcat Union Tel 78 7rt4 7714 7734 78
boo W 4 Lake Krlt fiA 53JJ 52 63 014
Time total sales < f stocks weTs 69 238 shares
COMrABlMM Or nVAL situ
Jan a Jan 1 Jan e Jan 7
ran Bouthern 531 5544 Norfolk A W ct 4234 4334
Del U A West IXlH ibOt Nor rae nOt 47 47
DeL A HudsonHM ion N T CsntralI07U I07t <
Erie 2 9M 2535 N Y A KE 872 STtJ
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llockliirCoaL JTSi 2t Ont A Western nl 17ii
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Am Kichge 140 lu Market 170
liroailway 257 tlechanica 101 170
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Central 120 143 Mercantile 147 14a
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City 9UI Nassau 1751 155
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Canadian Ianiflo 534 N Y Central 113
Central Panillo al4 Northermi Psoiflo pt 453
2mrie ootmon 21 Pesniyiyaala SM
Erle2d couslislroie Reading 83e
lUinois Central121134 SIan Franelso pf 77
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Lake shore 97J Union Facto 5tt4
1eliInVW Kuhyi0e 84 Wabaib pf 2914
Thorn was Tory little market on the Stock
Exchange today and that little was apparent
ly without significance The serious condition
that the affairs of the Beading Company have
drifted Into naturally tends to check specula
tion In the sonoral list as well as In that stock
which ban all along been a loader the market
in point ot activity The dealings In Reading
today were the smallest In a great many
months aggregating only 5000 shares Laoka
wanna led In point of activity but the transac
tions In It reckoned as full stook did not reach
10000 shares It was exceptionally strong and
scored the only net change ot any Importance
In the active list Tho specialties received
quite as much attention as the more active
stocks Hocking Coal and Iron was tho most
active and scored the greatest Improvement
Tbo bank statement Is calculated to encour
age a bettor feeling relative to the Stock Ex
change markets Tho largo Treasury dis
bursements together with the return of a good
deal ot money from the interior have resulted
in a large Increase in tho cash reserves ot the
banks Thin deposits have increased enor
mously and it is a fair assumption that some
part of the additional 12000000 that has been
placed in the banks during the week will seek
investment hero Any way it will have a pow
erful influence upon the money market The
expansion of loons is not romarkablo at this
time of the year The only other news this
morning was the publication of the scheme of
the foreign holders ot tho Loulsvlllo and
Nashville Itallroad Company who sug
gest that during the next two years
tIme company devote its not earnings
to construction and betterments and give to
the stockholders in lieu of whatever cash divi
dends they may be thus deprived of stock of
the ooinpany at par They also suggest that as
soon as practicable the collateral trust bonds
of the company and the 1040 bonds be retired
by the Issue of preferred stock This last
operation would reduce the fixed charges of
the company and also release for its general
nrposes 28 162700 par value of securities
The memorial of the foreign holders has boon
referred to a special committee of the directors
The short week in Wall street has again been
an uneventful one There have boon some Im
portant developments but none ot them have
influenced the market decidedly Time New
Jersey Central and the Philadelphia and Read
ing properties have been returned to their re
spective stockholders and progress has been
made toward completing other reorganiza
tions notably that of the Houston and Texas
Central As wo have had occasion to note
during the week a number ot bond syn
dicates and some construction syndicates
have closed their operations and gone out of
business thus releasing a considerable amount
of capital for reinvestment While the stock
market has been dull the bond market has
been stronger and more active Money bus
ruled easy and all the Indications point to
lower rates On the other hand sterling ox
change advanced sharply and the advance
is welt maintained
The general trade movement Is smaller but
the prospects are generally considered good
The only unfavorable circumstance In the gen
eral situation U the strike of the Hooding
miners which If continued will unquestion
ably cause a very serious suspension of busi
ness The latest and most reliable advices the
street received today regarding tIm matter In
i I 1mW h l
pany and its employees will ba disrobed of by
arbitration In tho near future Railroad earn
ings continue good and in many cases exceed
expectations The Granger and allied roads
have not as yet begun to reflect the reductions
in rates that have taken place in the territory
west and southwest of Chicago The iron trade
is certainly no worse than It has been for somo
weeks and there aro Indications that the mar
ket lo steadying itsolf around current quota
tions The future of the market will doubtless
to n largo extent depend upon the action ot
Congress regarding the surplus If it can be
promptly distributed not only Wall street but
the entire country will probably regard the dis
cussion on the tariff issue with less apprehen
compared with the final prices of last Fri
day the market is as a rule higher There
are not however many Important net ad
vance Wheeling and Lake trie Is 7 cent
higher Delaware and Hudson 27 > Lacka
wannn Vi Jersey Central 2 and Louisville and
Nashville IK The other gains are fractional
Thin only declines worth noting are those ot 2V
In Fort Worth and Denver City I1 In Missouri
Pacific and Y in Union Pacific lti < adlngls
practically unchanged and Westtra Union la
absolutely BO
Government bonds quiet and firm at un
changed quotations liallway bonds fairly ac
tive and strong Tho moru Important not gains
were In Elizabeth Lexington and Big Handy
iris K V cent to 08K Kansas and Texas
general Ca 34 to 72 Bt Louis Arkansas and
texas lets k to 100 and Toledo Ut Louis
and Kansas City late IK to 93
Money on call S V cent
Sterling exchange quiet but steady at yester
days quotations
In bank stocks 25 shares of Central National
Bonk sold ut 134 and 10 shares of Pork Bonk
at 1C9
The bank statement la
Dee 81 Jen fl Chinou
Ixians 3 Mnono JMno70vw Tee 36JiiS
DepoilU SMKtJftHOl a7iSAIJIOI Inc 11IHO1OO
Circulation Hii778i StitItS8 Inc 121510
Specie 7ll3najii 75iMjo inc 4r Kiuo
Legal tenden 27258801 2541780 Inc ll55iXXl
Total reserve nnj f > im 103 DM yn lou IS2M 100
Reservereqd CH J9ttvj 018244475 Inc 2056523
Surplus HSMilV HIIIUHTJ5 Inc KM7375
The surplus a year ago was H7bti U75
Thin Treasury balances beginJo show an in
Jan41 7
tid f207 o73S t2077ieins
Legal linden ls3477so I5otna5tf
Tetals5222032628 t23370Uai4
Shiver balance to850440 agamst t432e4Ctt yesterday
Internal revenue receipts for the week 2
087C84 customs I444NH34 total of both 0
630818 against 51U J71H last week
Public money on deposit In national banks
4fl805G8 against 457U57fJ lust Saturday
bonds hold to secure such deposits 5003JUOO
against 4U208000 last Saturday
National bank circulation 207014130 law
ful money on deposit to secure retired circula
tion 102238293 bonds to secure circulation
deposited during the week 195000 with
drawn 210000
Money In London 1 to IK V cent Paris ad
vices quote S V canto at 8112
Hart removed from the Union Square Hotel to larger
and moors comfortable oftlcea
Northeast corner of Union square
With Increased facilities for Quick service wo request
a continuance of this conddeaot ot oar friend and cus
tomers I
scenat eoiki
The Composite Photo
graph ol Seventyflvs Men l
suffering from Dyspepsia 4
s I 0
Tho Composite Photo 1
graph taken six months ii
later after the Seventyfive
had each consumed one
dozen bottles ol the groat
Cure for Dyspepsia Ner
vous Prostration Ac
vita Xnora U for iaU by all drtientitu and ii t the most
ncceiifnl tomb In existence today for the treatment ot
NerronineM llripepila MMpltiintM BronchltU and
Consumption Any person to afflicted dtttrlnff totrvlt
cm let a dose gratis at Mm Ayres eptown ames 27
Union square at any time daring the day Btuwtat
loan and ladlet who art fattened from shopping are
earnestly requestsd to drop in at 37 lIsten square anA
try Vita Nnora They will find tbat It 1 pleuant to take I
and that It will Immediately refresh and ml them no
matter how weary at tbt seine done improving the ap
petite anti removing any unpleasant eyun ptinis cuai
from any of tht abort complalnti
SATDIIDAT Jan 7 FLOWB aim Min Thtj
market waa very dull with prices barely maintained
Quoted Flnt l23325t 1 superfine 349a3j X
12POa325 XX and XXX s340a440 patents 423 i4
4210 and tnnernntrye flour 350a37S bbL buck
wheat flour f2 irnifiik v IOU Sims >
COTTON Futures declined sharply In sympathy with a
sharp reduction In values at Liverpool where the large
outturn ot the crop seemed to hart more effect than
here The bulls were quite demoralized the large rt tilt i
oelpts at the ports today being added to the depressing
Influences and the close was weak and unsettled BooS j
cotton was dull middling uplands loHc Sulfa loa
Receipt at the ports this day iM bales Bales Vti
ot futures were 103300 bales and the following ore j
cloning prices bid i
Slarok10lScIiulyiOloiNoyemtjr laDle I
luuirWheat fnbires jeers exceedingly dnll and
rices decllnail safes 8141X10 bush at 14m630134c l for 1
inuary Si IBIB ii3Xc for February esH ruwo for
March esjaBMJio for April D4niua96ia for May
14434151040 i for June ana ii743ti35o for December
Spot wheat was very dull shippers took 34000 bush I 4
but there was no milling demand Cso 1 Northern spring
sold at fHHo and No 2 red winter was quoted at BlMo
In elevator Indian corn futures were again depressed
sales IBOOOJ hush No J mixed at 02c for January 1
nJsiK c for February and 62343030 < for May Hpoi
corn r at very dull and unsettled No 3 mixed nominal
attiVoln elevator and No 8 told at GOUc In elevator
Oats very dull at a fractional decline talet 2OSOUO
bush Including options No 2 atagllc January 304
a3t > Hc for February and 40X01410 for May and cm I
the spot mixed at 3HQ4IC and white at 39344a M In b
quality also No 3 white at 4l34o for January and 41 jj
Q4JO for February Barley and barley malt very firm
After Change Wheat dull Na 1 red winter for Jan 9
uary Olc March 044c May mH December 07Ma
Corn doll No 2 mixed for January SJo February 1
Oar May 62Wo Oatadnllt No 2 mixed lor Januaxx
S8XC February 3934c May 40Me
raoriMoss Lard futures were dull bet did not decline
materially sales < l 25U tea at 7S2784c fir February
788 7Hlo for March U3i4a06o for May HO7SH11O
for Juno and 8U48 14o forJuly After Change the
close was at 7 DIO for February 7 Bio for March aO4o
fir May aa4 R 14c for July bpot lard wee dnll Bolt
400 tea at 7 70c for prime city 7 MO7 flOc for prime to
choice Western and Be for refined for the Continent
Pork was quiet and nearly nominal at 16 60 for mesa
and f 13 for extra prime Cot meats steadier but qulel
at 74tt7c for pickled bellies Dressed bogs firm aa iI
7Ua < Ho for city Tallow firm with a fair demand at
4Hc Butter quoted at JUQ34o for creamery the higher
figure for Klgfu fkhcy State dairy 174J7c and West
ern factory 148J3e Cheese BUijISH for State fac
tory Fresn err J426c and limed 1119170
tsRtCKRixB Coffee on toe spot entirely nominal fair
earnest Rio quoted at IHc Rio options were depressed
especially the distant deliveries sales 7360J bags dol
ing with sellers for 1888 delivery u follows
January15 25c jvtay 14Me IReptemberIS 4Oo
February141X10 14 600 October13200 1
March1475c Wuly 14i6aINovember13 I5a
April 14TOc llugnst 13 80clDecemberI3 lOo
Raw sugar continue actlre and the better prlcea of
yesterday are well maintained fair refining Cuba
o 5IHC and standard centrirujal DXc tales 072i l 1
bags Brazil at 534o for 18 ° test ana 3 1lOa for H0
test Reamed sugars are very firm crushed 774980t
granulated and powdered 7HS7H < soft while 344
trt o Molasses aotlrt sales 4 cargoes Cardeoaa Feb
ruary and March shipment 34c for60ateatj Sew Or j
leans brisk In a jobbing way it xfQ4 lc
iticTALs Tht only business was In Ingot copper anA
that very little tales oooo Sis at lB4tie on the spot 1bth
Philadelphia reporta say pig Iron Is scarce but bnslneaa
checked by the coal strikes
NATAL STOBIS Spirits turpentine firmer at 40o to 404a
pHTBOLEcif Crude certldcates active and firmer open
ing et uilO4ADSto selling at 93c 9i > icn and clostagal
e43419434c sales 203j ou bbls I
< ittnnrinl u
The agreement for the reorganization of the Houston
and Texas Central Hallway Company Is now ready for J tl p
distribution and signature Time holders of the several f4 i4 ij
classes ot bonds of said railway company are Invited to is
deposit tIme same thereunder Immediately with the un 3 j J3
dersigned the Purchasing Trustee named In Bald agree j
ment at Hi office 64 Wall st New York and mar fM
make such deposit np to and including Feb 10 1888
Negetlablt certificates will nt Issued therefor upon snob rVP
deposit Holders of the First Mortgage Honda will also jj p
receive a bonus of fifty dollars In cash upon each bond pi
to deposited under and In pursuance to said agreement jr
Dated NKW YORK Jan 4 1HHH I t
By K I OLCOTT President i
The undersigned committee of the holders of Consoli jt3
dated Mortgage Bonds of the Houston and Texas Central j
Railway Company bare approved of reorganization
agreement abore referred to after consultation with a I
arge majority of the holders of said bonds end now l
recommend the signing of said agreement and the de
posit tf their bonds thereunder by all of time Consolidat Idi
ed Mtrlgagt Bondholders Under this agreement they y3 11J
will receive new u per cent bonds In exchange dollar sp llj
for dollar for the bonds now held by them and Deben 1p I
ture Bonds guaranteed by the Southern Pacific Company
for 76 ocr cent of the Interest accruing up to Oct 1
trio Those not already familiar with the agreement Ith
can obtain full information upon application to the Cen
tral Trust Company or to the undersigned or to their ttmV
counsel Almon Goodwin Lsq 2 lIen sU jli
AIDKRT 8 ROSRNnADU ftiyh i jf
Committee ot Consolidated Bondholder of Houston and i f1113
Texas Central Hallway Co
The undersigned committee of General Mortgtge jIJ
Bondholders of the Houston and Texas Central Railway j
Company havIng approved ot time reorganization
agreement above referred to hereby give notice theft
of and that the saint has been formally ratified by the ft
homers of a large majority of those bonds I
Full particulars may bt obtained of the Secretary ol I f 111
the onmmitlee or or any of the membere thereof V qo
Dated NKW VIIIK Jan 4 IHHri
IIHNKY liUDOKnf llallgarten A Co Chairman lm 1IIW
WILLIAM MKKTKNH of L Von Hoffman A Co f i
TIIOMAHL MANSON Jr of Chao Head A Co j
HtFDKItUi TAYLOR of Frederlo Taylor A Co I
II K POViROYof Poraroy liroa 4 1 J
4U WtwTork
Deposit received Interest allowed commercial paper j t
discounted 1l
The Hold Mining Company of Washington P O
operating In Mohare county Arizona the Hon W P I
aimday of North Carolina President and having In
its directorate Senator Duller of South Carolina Senator
Mahonii of Virginia I ommodore Harmony if the United u
States Nary and other prominent gentlemen art now o 4 8
erecting nrst class machinery capacity MI tons dally I
CapItal stock 144122 IsO > Shares Si I each full paid and non f
asteuaLle Hit Hon O I 1 Mean of Anion mecjltr
ot the forty ninth Congress who Is familiar with the
property stales Uiat ther hart exceptionally rich ores t
and every proiptot of success I I
000o share only art for salt 1
Inquiries can he made of Mr KAN at North Ameri i 4 fill
can Exchange 67 Broadway
The Plain Truth
It that Hoods Bariaparllla hot cured thousands ot
people who suffered severely with rheumatism It neutralizes
tralizes the lactic acid lu the blood which causes those r 4 f
terrible pains and aches and also ritallzss and enrlchaa f r i
the blood thus preventing the recurrence of the disease 4
These fact warrant us In urging you If you suffer with 4t
rheumatism to give Hood Pariaparilla a trial 7
Having been troubled with Inflammatory rbecma
dam for many years my favorable attention was call d f
to Hoods Barsaparllla by an adrertlsemeut of coresII nil
bad effected I hare now used three bottles of Hood i
Barsaparllla and can already testify to beneficial results i 1
1 highly recommend U as a great blood purifierJ tt
AYKHH Vet llloumDelil N V
I had rheumatism so that when I cut or laid down I 4l
could hardly get up Hoods hanuparllla has almost lg1
cured me IAltNBR lallon O 41
N hiIf you nuths up your aunt to try lloode EarlS I
parllla do not is l induced to late shy otlitr
IfoodH NnrHUi > arIlIa
Sold by all drugglita lsliforH t Prepared to
01 UOOU t CO Apothecaries Lowell VMS

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