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1 ftWIIoI1 W F oUf1 > iHt I T J cV I
giSPjWPPr I r p P <
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lMllfA nrl IJll41 IA Il rJXNA
itKitux AHI Xtr row
linl 1iistilun UWntili I I u Clly nnil it Im
tin luilnnr Vlttlnr KkHllnir nid Itntl
IdHrt ll fiie fitittttlhiia Inr hUnter
WhICI IH 1 tempted to foci contempt for
fashion 1 writers t i Inshlnl makers mid tlio nub
jutof II lilon In tlre M furniture or decoin
tiuii or fii lilt > n hi ftonrral I Imltvd to look nt
lliu t plumes t Miiipllcd by Vita KuVs nrtl hit tlili t
vcrdratlid 1 I iiotn I r fnslilon jouinul lint Is I
orllpied tlia fnshlfn autocrat In Im Is I Lou
icn JJiilhii Vloiinn and New York Its hniul
1111 i iiru In Dorlln mid tho nxluUi phlcK
iniiie stiMdyKtilu onrmr1 mlml has evl
iliiiy I illtlted 1 I tht dree idem of nrinv cltlan
nml HJOIOH to iKipulnrlzn wint ho perceives Is I
ilit iimrco of wealth lo any coll lo tint cultl
M > lu I it lor Hint piupoip
tuiiiiiirrt i road history mul I liuill the atonal
Hint nit of life I t ho Uoriimu inliul uulckly griispi
tlo points nlilih citn In turncil to nccount
Ulny nvo dunhtuss road nUll pcmdorod
tmt t ylll nt r Collunt lio I great Iromler ol
IMIIPP vlif > miceiiided ns rent or a greater
1 Jliiinin tn vhoni lin wroli200yenrn ngo
1sli Ifl I tJ 1taico what thonilmvi t I of Icru
inn 10 fpiiii Colbert vat then the Hecretnry
of JIiirlti 1 n nit h m nnd Manrln had jttnt sue
I eIt In vvrotlnii from Yunlco Genoa and
Ilnmtaiq Ihu funrcninry In the I nnxltictlon of
lau iiov funuim liuiH which about 1GT5
i4LJ1Wka iQ
E4 13W
w ro sold 1 over Europe nt fabulous prices us
imlnts do Franco They were no longer tho
ROO totsueslon of tho countries whero their
nmiufucturo had oilgtnntod
Now tho German mind essays to wre tfrom
Frinco tho supremacy of fashion not for tho
snlo of dress but because It pays I nay city
In tlio United States could take precodonco of
New York In matters thnt portcln to dress and
fnsliion that city would bring to horsolf many
millions of dollars in trade and manufactures
nnd deprive Now York of ono of her chief
sources of roouuo Bo on with tho dance tho
opera the play tho I oclock tea tho hunt tho
inception tho dinner party the big and little
Ills nnd dancing teas of this great metropolis
Tho gayer New York Is tho more fashionable
tho Incr urtMlc thn more will hercltliens ana
denizens prosper the moro will her produc
tions and Importations bo In demand all over
tho world Tho day Is not far distant when
silo will be the fashion umpire of the world
A pretty fancy In bal dresses for debutantes
l to jeaa tho arms bare or bare to a point
above tho nlbow while the nock and shoulders
nr coered with a lace or tulle Rulmpe This
hits only lately been introduced and is a stylo
unit originated in Uorlln and was quickly
adopted in Vienna Thence It travelled to
Paris where it hol been greatly improved upon
Oumrtlxt has us faithfully portrayed the elect
or such an Inside karohfof AS Is possible But
Its modest yet transparent effect can only b
Imagined The tulle chosen for these Kulrnpes
is palo roo or flesh colored The ribbon or
collarette that binds It at the throat is the color
of the dress or its nccexeorlcs or it is of silver
gold of jowelombroldered ribbon The first
or topmost dress worn by the ddbutnnto near
est the chnpcronot the party Is of blue faille
I Is I braided with gold In bands around the
bottom of tho skirt nnd In a rich plastron de
sign on the bodice in front The ohaporones
tiaincd gown U of rosecolored peau do 80le
Ftrlned with silver and trimmed with lace and
mol ribbon Young girls never wear trains
abroad and foreign chaperones always do at 0
ball or dance
TIle jomigpRt girl I tho picture Is I robed In
filmy Thl to organdy I Is trimmed with Valen
ciennes laces and the dash of color requisite
In such a toilet when worn as this Is by a
brunette Is then by n sash bouquet of Mar
chal Moll roe am her necklet anti wristlets and
a coldcolored cold shot ribbon that confines
liur tresses In tho impo of tho neck Coral pink
IE the olor of I Im third debutantes dross The
> inU illusion gnimpo over her fair neck and
buimn Is attached to a rich but delicately fig
ured piece of white Malinos edging The laces
and ruses of her toilet uro nil white None of
thcsn young girls wears jewels Debutantes
nlnoad dress with extreme simplicity and
jen els are lesorvod for ohaperonos Seed
pcnils small tuniuainps and very small
dlainnnds are the only jewels that very young
er younl
girls wear abroad and the last must be set
Midy not in clu tel8 Their bracelets and
icrllots are of lllagrro silver or light Itoman
Kohl or of HcmlnruilouK stones coral or um
Ir When sueb evening dicsses are dupll
CZtl either In Pnrls or Now York for American
can Klrls much moro trimming embroidery
fiiivveiK ribbon and mock jewel ornaments
in C added hut tho best people hero as abroad
ilr s their young daughters with extreme sItu
lit ttY 1orthe chaperone and the young mar
rifd hello thor cannot bo too much decora
lion too marry lowols feathers flowers laces
rilhonn and nil theo for the American must
blho finest and costliest that can bo found
rim early morning toilet of the woman of
fiwilnn ollher hero or nbrond is I asconsclon
t only thouiilit out as her evening dress In
lii next picture Is tho chaperone the oven
lug lrtnro In the robe do chnmhro In which
shi tiilcs her noonday breakfast wnllo run
H k
Ifr fs
Il 3ORNJNO cur
WngheroyooMr thn morning journal which
p MB nn account of tire Lull she nttumlnd with
jfr oiitliful charges This gown Is a study In
iBCPtliui rod viishmi a nil surah Ilk of tho t
Limn shade Tho bands of lirochu on tho I cash
nero tin Iii mingled Niibduid tones of yellow
Wut whlo iid mid bhicl Oihmtiil In 0101
suit mingling of color Maduroe wnr n pretty
ll nllill i 1111 morning enl rite hOWl 1 01 her
jlproiit and tho ono CII her oip are of nfolrd
MUifiii iniitchliis tho ground color of her robe
Her vlnltor nn Intlinniu friend no other
flelll 10
oulIIo admitted lit this hour Is dl ed in
art Indoor frock of Oobolln blue wool hong
OrnVorloH over n skirt of molrfi of the same
ceilor Her Keiilbrown plush mantle trimmed
with nnlesol Jetand hnx monte has hon
fmt llv put on to make this morning cult Tbo
onnnot inntclies the wrap lot the cll
rite ice pond and now Held renulre such
flnvKlui UK is represented In our third picture
A wide lutiiiida Is I permItted In the Ilorlall plctuN
tho gowns In which one Ilk t their constltu
ii iniiiKiin siioli morning whether on the Ico or
WIlkliig 1 ur there must be nn iibundanco of f
aj IIh I rnlalnllulllll dowii midnuar In
I llilinJ1V t > Ukl II ted elk H rid WoOl hosiery
11 Hint 1 he fewer Ito I urn par iis for I his lat
tn W1 or Illll tlo Ifttor As
dm 1111 I 111 > 10 < lllor 1 a fHltblal
tudor ul f hntls t worn we are ohllgml to
Rlhul I boa 11 lie t fn orlto fur wit li killing
wih kilnI
Ex VioltlniOB tire boa Is passed twice
around the nock and fastened nt
Ioluld lok Ind Illtflod thn waist line
inn itlr t 1 a strong lnrt omo brooch nm i ln of Hcotch
ItOe or 01 Idiwd silver set with
to 5m1preeIotie jewels Hut even wih It roo apt
o got loose In lho excllemout of the exercise
and the result It not good clthnr from nn
rcsthctlc point of low or for comfort
Tliu fleecy woollen stuffs worn byllttle chil
dren In snowy wrathor oron the fc6 pond ore
ndmlrublo not only for their garnvintn but for
I t A
11 J 1i i cr
Ii ULg L
k5 1f7
os TWI icii o
thin jacV etE of young Indies anti reboot girls A
strip of fur In tho throat at the wrists and
unman tint hat or cap Is A pretty and comfortable
able Hddlllon to such garments llrlcltt full
den red of tho olmdtt known as Lucllcr Is tho
la orlto color for the Hkntini pond but tlio
dm k blue royal pitrnloj ItUHslan irruons nun
alHo there mid duah of ted or
crarh are nilo won thor ruin a dtfh Ir 101 to
yellow In Illicit costumes given in the feather
or n bow ot ribbon brlcitonu them wondroiiR
ly well Tim stoikliiBH or n slcntir when not
tho color ol her Ircck should he I red
One ol tho mot ofTiotlu bail fabric II of
net white crcani nnI tinted worked In all
over to lirns In copper gold unit silver tnrnnds
with tinted pearl bendc or cold bnndit nt In
tel uls or In groups or cliiRlnrml ttrlpfs Thoso
nets mad tip over tinted or white faille make
very olfoctlve and becoming dancing frocks
yoniout the loxcllost dinner gowns are mado
of soft pray cashmere over pinkish gray or
Rrnylsh bile moIiA for skirts tim sumo nnilro
forming the decorative parts ot tho Vshpod
or halrhiigh bodice and haillong sleevon Lace
rulllns lire ndded at the elbow and in thin neck
A lovily ball gown Is l tnnde of roeeolorcd
tile dottd slip with rosocoloruliltm K ocr rose
Coidelicros or cord gimp Rlrdles added to
thin bottom of n pointed tioUIco RO 1 polonnlso
effect to the skirt draperies
The lotet fad in card uremia In I to have them
of chiimolsonclorodin u roll of llus leather
The chamois leaf is beautifully dccor < itt > < and
thn menu engrossed In motnl pilnts while a
gold cord and tassels fasten tho Kusbln leath
er cover This name of the guest Is written In
sliver Lold or copoer letter on the buck of the
leather rolls which aro in shaded tones of different
ferent colors for each cunst
Jlolri5 velvet Is jMt tho most elegant
ton gowns and M
ho improved joy is 1 favorite style of
waist to be worn with u variety of skirts
wor wih I lrlot
Every week and almost every Jay In tho
week some < how mil atyllih hit or bonnet Is
added to the already bowildenns variety of
hondiroar for women
hldjoar should nlwnys lie dressed In white
until they can walk
When < a baby Is no loncordroswd In whIte I
recedes frocks of tho brightest and softest
1eles ont
wools Pinks nnd red nro the colors for boy
babies blues and cream for girls
Kilted skirts are the most fashionable for
email girls as well as boys
Bmallirls wtln
Ilaln and pleated gathered nnd shinned
canes are all worn by littlo people
cafts Hcotch cap IB much worn by both girls
and boys
llroad soft sashes of Furnh nnd foulard are
Krncofullv folded around the hip yokes of tho
frocks of girls of ten and twelve
Yellow leather nnklestrapned shoes are worn I
by babies but some of their shoes are black I
others blue pink tint white I
White pink rind blue kid shoes are relegated I
to babies of only I few weeks or n month or
two months old
Gray and rod Is n favorite combination in
childrens garment
Puritan ionw cloaks are very coquettish
affairs buyIng fantastic oversleeves and with
the fronts fastened back fit recera to show the
rich plush or satin linings
feathers Vienna fashions favor the use of curled cocks
Tho Season for February thus describes a
morning robe lately macho in Paris for the
Quern regent ot Hnnln mllo and Span
ibh jacket are of Bivres bluo clot embroider
ed with cold and silver Tho jacket opens In
front over a white silk kerchief nnd tho deunl
long alcoves are slashed t the shoulder show
Ing a finely pleated white bilk underdleeve
A novelty In black silk stockings is A
pyramid of colored buttorllles worked on tho
instep tho largest butterfly forming the bot
tom of the cone and the smallest resting on tho
top which is of course several inches above
the ankle lino
Homo of the prettiest now ball tissues are
woven In alternate lace and ribbon stripes
After all those gauze and crape tissues that
are embellished with motifs In cold and slur
thread and shaded chenille with class and me
tallic beads glIttering through all the designs
make tho most throufh dresses that have
been seen for years
Bronze velvet of the dark ruddy hue is much
used for drossy street bonnets
He Thinks the FreaUcnt AVIirtr Selected bli
Preeent t Irfi II
BUFFALO Jan 8 Bishop Coxo of this
Protestant Episcopal diocese preached a ser
mon tonight In St Johns Church in which ho
made some strong criticisms on the Itomlsh
Church and referred to President Clevelands
recent gift to the Pope Bishop Coxo said
Here let ms mako a grateful reference to
the recent Impressive and graceful act of our
worthy President The venerable Loo XIII
celebrates his jubilee and Protestants vie with
his own religious followers at this season of
peace and good will in showing him I cordial
disposition to rejoice Amonctho ostentatious
Rifts which are showered upon this truly re
spectable Pontiff our own Chief Mnclsfrate
forward and
with republican simplicity comes forlrl
seems to say with Bt Peter Silver and gold
have I none but such as I have I fdvo thee I
wish those words had bon sot In cold letters
the of In which enshrined
on case purple WIH onehrlnOI
his present of the Constitution of the United
Btatos beautifully engrossed und authenti
cated by COOUOOUO freemen The gift IB I worth
all the cowcaws nnd trinkets with which potty
princes royal idiots and cunning politicians
have encumbered the Inhibits of tho Vntlciiu
tilts every ono of which like others ol tho
lobbyists mean business I would bo In
delicate In any one to suggest that our Chief
WiiKlntrnto meant anything of thin kind
ItUhoo Coxe saId that I KlnK Humbert were
called in ns n Daniel come to judgment he
would address th Popo substantially thus
Venerable Fthnr hero Is 1 HM instrument
which settles nil dlnputo between Italy and the
ntlcnn Lot Itnly ho nppeaneil and your sane
Uty satisfied In tho spirit of lie Ainerlitn
Constitution recognize mo as tho lawful Klni
of Italy and I nromlso to tulo Cain of polities
and leuAo theology to you Thu ulft la I I l political
cal epigram You hmo followers In America
who must respect this Constitution It RIIIII
ante 8 ooual riahts and prtllegeit and nothing
moro The spirIt is I to procnt lorolim rued
dlne with thll politics on nypiotet Your
people In America roust leiiiint ovn jour In
lerfeienriinlih their social nnd UIl allalrs
In a word Holy lather this Amercnn ConMI
tutlon In downrlcht Ualllcinlsni I I means you
must mako your people ol f Amilieunhfroo from
the court of I home HS your prudaoebMitri
4nhttiI the french lS bo when tim ood King
Louis dicta edlo your predecessor lull Pras
miithii t function and establlehod tho Galllcnti
j I I i COIontnuo1 that tlioappsaramice of
tl thol arnlce
this document In hily wnK n ahnihtteuit lent
and WI 11 much ni to bUy lhunt the iyllabus
houlJ f KIIIIOI101 IIr SIY A or S yllbus
would find awayto protect 0lrlcI18
I A Chemist III luctil
A welldmtsod man vvasfoinm Uazeil nttho
oornor of Broadway nnd Uloucknr frtreet nil
oolock yesterday morning Ho Und been
drugged anti robbed In a wiloon In UloocLur
street and gave his nnmo Charles Olmstoad
Ho Is a chemist In a drug toro ut Tenth avo
nue anti Tvvyntleth street On Saturday night
ha drank with n man with whom hl was nsiltiit ly
acquainted and I was robbed of ti5 Ito thinks I
JU was drlJodAUle
Cause fop ICrcirt
I George dear alto mil with a blush do
j OU know that Mr hainpson unked me lat night to be
Well I like I his Impudence The IIn nf propmlug to
an eiiiast yfulune 1 II hat lit j I yin f = y f rs IIIO
tIre lhiiilumllutl Isle I 1 II 5 itvery III T ludeVl > nut he ruas
lCo > nl linking Inmler Ali nliiitlr 1iire
I lit Is 313 Me ears tie Hal Unto < 4iiu
AUcncts Porous Flute rein
bnpreme for eunice ache and lisle
As doctori one and all msiirIaioAds
The Starker or n Nary Club In but City
Mnklnir u Klrnne JEBeirt to Haereed the I
IiKllmie I he > Iutrst A owe About I le >
A despatch to yesterdays Sporting Times
verities the story published In TiE SUN loral
days ago to the effect that there Is more than
u two pos IIIIY thnt Albany may be the
eighth city In tho American Association cir
cuit Tho despatch sa > s
Unless something unforeseen should happen
within tim next weak or two this city will b
ropiesentidln tho American Association and
tho elchlli club problem will b solved
It wits not generally known but Uls never
tlc 1 a frct that agents of the American As
peHntlon hnvolicon 1 looking over the ground
for some tlmo post and thelrroportfl It Is said
lire I thin most favorable character
I wan intended at first to make application
to the Control Longtio for admission but when
an opportunity presented Itself to wl recoc
nlnod by a larger organization llko a good
imtrksmim our huso ball projector aimed high
er mid Fought outer company The applica
tion did not co bogging I wan responded to
at once and arrangements wore Immediately
inndo to ECO what inducements this city offered
It was shown that there Is a ground here In
I convenient locality Boveral promlnont men
rJio tiro willing to put up their cnsh and abovo
all I large population of nportloUng people to
diavvfroiii Should Albany tako the plnco of
tutu IndlnnB n fair tonm will be needed In order
to draw large crowds This can easily bo done
I Cliarloy llyrno In the goodness of his heart
wIth true Christian generosity for which ho Is
noted only makes homo concessions nnd throws
in a few of tho Jlrooklyns with tho Metropoli
Tho fact that a team was wanted In Albany
was quite apparent when an offer was mndo to
Manager Mutrlo some time ago to furnish
RroundH anti lit them up for him It ho would
put a team there It was at first Intended that
Albany HJiould bo represented In ono of the
MimlliT IiMRues L It is doubtful If Albany would
pay as n llftycent city but with 0 twentrflyo
cent tarltnt would be as good ns nnyln tho As
Boclntlon All that needed Is plaj era to make
a Rood toam
Secretary WlkofT of the American Associa
tion and releases sands out the following notico of contrasts
aut ro TRArrn Too 18
Jlnlttmore Wm A 1urcetU
clnrlnnatl Krank J 1erinellr
I outs lIliWLI 101r Lnve Crou
IloIunIWni Mivrdrra J llarnaor
riill 0clnlila J A True
IKlibiirKli J MauL John P Coleman
lieiruH I rt Ij Thompson
Minneapolis > r nL I ran
Uunnqur K J iJlenaMn K Bishop Wm SCbDld
Gu Lfnr IM Keati J II sharp
Iieraliir llarrlnnlun A M Connolly C N Smith
J 1 l > u > b nr O T Hrrntnn 1 D honey manner
ftaenrortCharle ItrlRlnir
liloointnzton rI Tebean InfrL Twlnehim J Rtmxlt
J f shores 1 Irlfflth K WAkl John tarrell
lilrinlnBhiimR K Dnrkn IS mcgee W II OoWrty
AI L 1111n T 8nlrv n W L Leach cW A Bepuk bl
J Uiltmun Cantlllon W 1 Bailey 1 Lynch i Dom J U CbW
Pharirnon ncn E KnowlWn J E rowelU J K
nruwn h o fllrnn IL I Chills J William F K l Mch
oln V O Carl E 1eak Jamcl Behan U I Strict C
Stun Alex nsfi
Memthil W Force Wm And < lW I anrlian
I J D thelan J nine J Evrlnc I McKeoih J
Pf ttr J Crony J Mr tl ieer Co McKfogh Wm smith
NewOrlfanK Wm Idner I I I Seller u > Icy
M HttTron r I Veber W DeU A Powell O I Moolle
W helnzie I W crden John 1 Dd liogrje W Brad
ley A J 1 IJunn
HT IxinlKTllK J n Noel by Charleiton James B
tianliri Maul t Pu Win fioirdn by fbllailelphla AJ
IAII iai1 lon
F O Malone will manaz tine new AUentoim Club
The Waitilngton Club will make a spring trip to Teut
team Sam Cram ha been eoiiiKed to manage the Scranton
I I probable that there will b no Southern League
nut e5Ofl
Arthur Wllllama the catcher the Cuban Giants I
suffering from puraljila
A mono the 1010 Men
There have been several Important changes
In tho Metropolitan Polo League during the
past woek Among them is the consolidation
of the Brooklyn and Jersey City teams which
has been of much benefit to the Jvrsoymen
Noxt comes the transfer of the Newbureh Club
to Hlnc Blue Close on tho ton of this comes
the reuort that the Newark Club do not find
things Quito as rosy I they would wish In
rase another club should drop out of the
League It would Ira a benefit Instead of an in
jury to tho League for the simple reason that
tho League would then be left with four strong
ThcRR chances do not Interfere with the New
York winning and night after night they have
added victory after victory until they now
stand with llfteen victories and no defeats to
their credit Net to tho home club cornea the
IouchkPepsia team with its ten victories The
Jersey City team with its now men will make
thningnu lively lor the other teams and It would
not bo surprIsing to southern pushing the New
stands Yorks in the near future The record now
Ii Iil
R 8 Ijl
011 f f r Cr j
Hoklyn 3 4 I 0 0 S
Jersey nlr 0 4 I e 0 6
at I U I 0 1 3
Nbur h I 1 0 0 4
ZtowYora 3 f 2 3 3 16
PourbktpI 2 12 6 0 10
tnt 6 11 1 mo 4
rOLO Ploys
The Xenrburffh team Includes four brothers
The rouuhkeeptles I play a food PU lame but they
are rather low at It
Exhibition I games with one or two of the One New EDt
laud J polo club are talked of
The Jersey City Club vrlll 1 play three games it home
tints week The frame with the Xew York Club on Ttours
day niiilit will be looked forward t with much interest
The tames for next wesk are On Mnndar Mewark at
erfey City New Yurt 0 Iou hkepale On Tuesday
rougfkrepiile at Jersey Cltr Kework at Flntblni On
RI11 an
Kein dakeir1orfc at Sewark Sluni Sins at Couth
keepi Jn Thunday New York Jersey city Pouth
keepile A Sing Slur On ldaT ewark at New York
lerjey t liy at Inuthkeepile On Salurda > J rley city
at New York Joushkeepsle t at Newark dyoT
A Hall Flurefa Lst Locket
Goorgo Gore the wellknown bal clayer boa
toil a locket which he prized highly He went to a pri
vate bail In Harlem on last Thursday night and on Ills I
way down town passed the Metropolitan Opera Iou
as the In ont of the Charity ball were colnz home
He slit not ntmerve the abnenc of the locket until the
n tr morning when Carl Kaniln of Dockstadera asked
where I wan as th trio were chatting Cmrels Ibe
locket won a prtnent from the lilks flub to which Don
brlonm One ride heart his name and an elks head and
the elliot the Initial letter I In dlauoids and rubles
Dont Lock Vp the Cblletrcn leD yen Qe >
to Church
To TiE EDITOH OF Tun Bus 5iV This para
graph t from 1 Cleveland paper
liter PLOASIIT WeMVa Dec 13On Sunday Henry
Fairrit und hli wire Inlnir lire miles south of Ienry
Writ In cliurrli lenMnx r three children the oldest
tieliiK I but live year lli locked I up at home When the
parenlii returned to the house r lI In ashes and the
rlilMrrn all hurned In I death Thl Is I tins third case of
this klml In thin section wliiilu a year c
Similar accidents urr happening frequently In differ
ent parts of thn country and anything that would tend
to prevent them or lexen the chances of their occurring
nuirlit tu Interest who have any feellnjt common to
linmin nntiire I teems to me that a partial If not a
complete r aybI In the hands ot the church au
thorltlm ltl II be undersiood ainonir the churchgoers
nt all creeds ur cilor Hint the Incllnu up of children at
lnme In enter list tlm parents may attend church u
Kilnst the church rules and lontrary to reunion Any
viiriUnce In nrh a direction It COo In we ought to
huesome good e7fct iso iiioxrsov
CIsIrasni Jai t
Kclorm In the NeTcnth Assembly DistrIct
To THE KniTon OP Tim Bus Slrt Thorn
Is I of course n truth In the statement that the ticket
headed by the linn Kdard Cooper was defeated at
trl1v night County Domocry primaries In the I
beyrlilli Ambl 1lrIl
lilt I II is i a isnt lit Iho lire gentlemen wino in hi
btl1l nuderlook dare 01 the election Violated
OvuiorailiV nuid ercienely I no doubt ti plain I prnYipioni
if the IrnuosrI inw 1 1 heir error will Is te be reclilied
DI liiadqiiiruers 0111 rriii lily Ihoo ecl ofaeauring
It I hllo of 1I0nOUI In Ibo Seventh nl whIch liners
in i jUlolln need huon linn
iris YUlE J Oil 7
Mr Rllas B Dutcher who II one of the trio of promi
nent llepubllcan politicians who used to be called the
Ihreellrsres has decided tu give npttie supertatend
irr II Ih iwl UWm
e nt the Sunday school of the Twelfth Street Ke
brunch Church lu llrooklyn place which he has held
lor many years r oMlpsayMr Uuicher Is leaving the
Hiind > school because the Key WD tiullck I has severed
II cnulIcllun Slim lIne llIIrrh but Mr Uuleher Orients
Ihst hail 1 Mr llullck remained he would have resigned
8rcrsI liif Ihn boarders In Sir 1 II I Patterson house
lit 1 ii i henry strer1 did tint xti ID church yesterday be
au o their 451 coihcs had I been stoleu the thief was
1 medium tlted slui tAil cnuiplexlonej and dull
il hnl JiioUni itun ttii nlin lured a rbom on > ndar
right kilt rntertalneil tine bonrilrrs with his brilliant
ont ertilon at 111 he supper table He lid not appear for
brcaUast t > n haturday mornlnz and his room was
vacant There were mlwlnt au overcoat a ladya plain
rA V h r Li
cloak a blue diagonal coal and waistcoat a pair of
senior a Rold chaIn and locket a diamond stud a
iiyllsh suit of corkscrew cloth two pain of laced shoes
a pair ot patent leather shoes three white lalrla a nlist
shirt and a dark blue business suit
XI le Ne > t Doaar au Much SM u MIght If te
L Didnt Mutter
The exploIts of Llout Znllnskl with his
pnotimntlo gun Are von suggesUvo of tho pos
sibilities of compressed air ns a mechanical
motor A forco that can thrown fiftypound
I cartridge n distance of nearly two mites
through the open air seems capable of work
Ing almost a revolution In some departments
of engineering science On hearing of such un
achievement one Inclined to let his Imagina
tion loose and conceive pneumatic tubo many
hundred miles long through which malls
large packages nnd oven men themselves
If they choose to ride may be hurled
with cannon ball velocity from station to
station If a eight of fllty pounds can
bo forced a distance of two miloa sustained
only by Its own momentum why could It not
bo sent n distance of fifteen or twenty down a
slightly Inclined plane where Its weight could
bo mado also a factor In the propelling force
And nt tho limit of the first section why could
It not be lifted promptly necessary to tho
summit of A second similar section and again
despatched like a thunderbolt on Its course t
From New York to San Francisco by such inline
line the time might be reduced thcorotlcnlly
at least to only a few hours
But when ono comes to Investigate tho sub
ject of compressed air as a motor force among
experts ho finds a noticeable absence of en
thusiasm An electrical engincoer when byo
rare chance be can bo found at leisure will
talk an unscientific Interviewer dlstiucted In
about twenty minutes but n pneumatic en
gineer will himself look distracted at tho first
suggestion that air might bo male largely
available in the service of trade and trnno
partition 116 will moot tho proposition only
with objections Compressed air generates too
much moisture Fneumatlotubes would mayo
to bo burled undorgiound bulow the level of
the frost linG to overcome tho expansion nail
contraction of tho metal The necessity for
curves throws an almost Insuperable obstacle
In tho way of utilizing compressed air for any
thlngbut tho lightest service And finally tho
cost of operating pneumatic mechanism rIses
out of nil proportion to the Increase In tho
NZO of the tube and renders It Impossible to
mako It commercially successful when applied
to heavy work
These are the objections which an enthusiast
is obliged to meet when ho feels Inclined to
mount his Imagination and go curjotlng
across the continent They pull him directly
back aud compel him to exnuilna the systems
nlready In use for the pneumatic despatch of
small parcels In some of the large cities in this
country nnd in London 1nrjs Manchester
Birmingham and othor English und rouch
cities In Now York the sjstem as yet is com
paratively In Its Infancy Thero Is but one
tube laid underground along tho streets of thin
city nnd this is II trine less than three miles In
length It extends from the main office of thu
Western Union Telegraph Company to
tho Twentythird street offlce and is used only
for tho lightest service As operated is nut
preeminently successful It takes seven min
utes to send n parcel from one ofllce to Um
other nearly halt tho time that would be con
sumed wero it sent by u District messenger
over the elevated railroad It should be said I
however that parcels halo been sent In about
two minutes through this tube a rate of trans
mission onethird faster than the speed of tine
fatost express trains London has about thir
teen or fourteen miles of underground tubes
connecting Its Post Office system but of this
mileage only one short tube a utIle or coin
length was designed for heavy work Through
this large tube as many as nine tons
of matter have been sent at once but
the time consumed in tho transit Is not staled
The tube was called experimental the begin
ning and as it was constructed about twenty
years ago and has not since been extended tins
Inference is not strongly in favor ot its micceH
The system of pneumatic tubes however has
become sufficiently popular In England to lead
to Its extension in all the large cities whcro
unlike the Americans the people have not yet
learned to begin a chief part of their Inter
communication with a Hollo 1 In Paris too
the pneumatic system has been very broadly
applied but tho pneumatic engineers In New
York will I not admit that It pays cost
The chief effort in this city at present seems
to look to the supply of pneumatic tubo facili
ties to large buildings where there Is a neces
sity for frequent Intercommunication between
widely separated rooms Of this character are
the Western Union the Equitable and the
Standard Oil buildings and the great retail
dry goods houses As good an illustration of
the method of operating the mechanism may
be seen at tho towering building of tho Stand
ard Oil Company on lower Broadway ns wo
shall find Go down Into the subcellar this
building space which stems to IHJ somewhere
near the centre of the earth lower than the
lowHStcoal deposits in Pennsylvania and
you find yourself in the engine room
There you will see a small engine of
elghthorso power engaged In turning at
a wonderful rate of speed two fans enclosed in
cylinders about one foot in diameter and three
feet long Connected with these cylinders nro
two lafrro pipes say nine Inches in diameter
leading up through tho floor above and ter
minating In an Intricate system of smaller
pipes that extend to all parts of the building
Hut here It will be necessary to explain n pe
culiarity of the system In use by tho Standard
Oil Company not everywhere to be observed
One of thoso fans In the subcollar Is driving
air into the large pipe with the force of a mild
tornado and thence into the smaller pines with
which the largo pipe Is connected whllo tho
other fan Is drawing air downward through
its connecting pipes with considerable
if not with equal force and discharging
It out into the subterranean room Thlh
double action creates a pneumatic system
which Is described by the combined terms
pressure and suction and the smaller pines
are conducted through the building In pairs
ono recoiling its air from the pressure fun and
arvlngto carry packages upward whllo the
other convoys a counter current downward
and serves for return packages In practice
however itis to be presumed that either pipe
may be regarded as a return pipe This is tho
Standard Oil system in general terms itndlt
represents tho more highly perfected Byntein
in uso in New York dlnco It utilizes lie re
sources of two Bystems in ono
It will bo seen by the description that tho ro
coptnclea for parcels when despatched urn
merely wafted by a strong current of air and
not launched by tho force of compressed nlr us
In the cose of the missile sent from tho dyna
mite gun But so fur as It KOOK the system
works well Its advantages for the distribu
tion of business forms and papers and mash
parcels aro very grout and In a steamheated
building during the season when thn rooms
must be warmed the cost of operating tIre
mechanism is absolutely nothing except for
attendance The Steam which drives tho cn
Kino servos also to till the vtoamheatlng pipes
after It is discharged from Its more active
work and tho servico adds very little to tine
cost for power during even the summer season
in a building thnt must bo served by elevators
Added to tins pueu math operations are car I
ried on with despatch and certainty mud the I
mechanism should bo almost free from any
chance of becoming disordered
It will bo soon further however that this
system of pneumatic propulsion boars with
very littlo terre on the questions raised by tho
power unchained In qporatlng the dymnmlte
gun Placo one hundred loaded cannons of
the longest Improved range nine miles apart
and the row would extend from New York to
Chicago Now suppose those guns to bo
manned by gunners capable of solIng tho bull
the moment it struck the ground after it hud
been fired from tho first gun and clapping
Into tho second gun sending it lo the third
rind 110 on along tho lIne How long would It
take to Bend tho ball from here to CblclIo
Tha time will have to bo I calculated by men
trained nt estimating Initial velocities and tho
like but It would not tinge long It would take
Homewhut longer thin the limo required olin
a hundredgun salute but not much longer
than It would take the riiBte mall train ever
despatched to got comfortably away from Jer
sey City and out on tire linckensack meadows
Ioes the render fall to see tile force of tills
illustration I 1orhnps It may seem n little ex
travagant but It boiirs directly on tho possi
bilities suggested l by thin pneumatic gun The
limited space overwhlchpneumatic tubes hiuo
boon tried heretofore JIBS precluded the possi
bility of giving them a fair test Ufcourxe It
would be Impracticable to fend a loaded car
through a curved tube nt anything hike tie vo <
loclty attained by thucnrtrlifga from the pmm
matlo gun The velocity might hao ltd html
Htlong too on account of the generation of
heat through friction but It soetns clearly
possible to send It with sulTlcIont velocity to
carry It many miles through n tube curving
neither to the right nor left nnd nt a rate of
Speed that would make the fastest railway train
seem to go backward hrough country dis
niche It would not be necessary to hinei any
curves between rotations except a final upward
grade to break the speed
But tho reader must have his diagram
nothing in engineering science can be miido
comprehensible without a diagram and BO thn
profile of n pneumatic express line of the kind
that would be at once speedy and safe Is hero
given Scale twenty miles to the inch
The three small squares at the summits
the grade In tire al oe ro lo roprotcnt ioyi
prunsod nil stations Y islionir l to Coney Inland
who havo taken their fhnncea on Ine of thu
gravity railroads operated there during the
summer season and wondered how It was pos
sible for the Inventor to coins BO near porpet
uaJ l motion without having realized the com
plete dream will think they Bee the outlines of
an old acauaiutonoe la the diagram And that
Is just what tboy do rice But tim grades the
picture are oxaggeintod greatly beyond tho
necessities of n pneumntlo tube to give force to
the Illustration A descent of two or three feet
to the mllo would probably bo found sufficient
when tho car oonld be launched by A charge ot
compressed Air from each station The
principle observed however Is tho prin
ciple of tho gravity railroad It will bo
seen In the plan that as tho first fif
teen miles of tho line between each
station form nn Incline piano momentum
alone will serve to keep the car In motion at
an accelerated speed oven after tho Impulse of
compressed all Is exhausted whlln the upward
grade over tim last llui miles will cause tho
vehicle to slide quietly up to thn point whoro It
Is to receive II fresh Impulse But tho scheme
would not bo mined wero momentum alone
found InsutTtclont to bring the car to the sum
mit of the grade No moro mimi n minute or
two neod bo lot In using an elevator and then
t ho cur could bo launched uitnln without delay I
jilt those who hno watched thn operations ot
a gravity rntlioad will not doubt that A little
OOmlrt1RltI air cooperating with gravitation
will send tire curevorv tlmo to tho summit and
even furco it to hecomn automatIcnlly its own
engineer for letting loom now charge of tho
InUslhle motor It In clearly possible to inau
gurate pneumatic express of wonderful ce
lerity I throughout tim Unionnnd to curry pack
nges ann ten papsotiucrfl rout New York to
Hun trllllcl < almost between HUH nnd sun
lint hide comes tho mtestlnn of cost aunt
prollts Tile COt of layIng the tubes which
would necessarily bo double of keeping the
tanks nt tlio stations full of compressed air
nnd of operating the olinntors wore such do
vices found necessnry would amount to some
thing hut precisely what would be tine total ot
that oniothluK It Is I Impossible nt this writing
to IInnonnco It would IHJ I hard also to esti
mate tho amount of trnfllo butt such n systom
of transportation would secure An nxpprj
monttil linn between Now York and Philadel
phia might clo us Borne light on nil thrso
points Only four or fIne stations would bo
needed for the dlstanco between tho two cities
nnd ns tho country Is entirely level I tire line
could bo opened ut tho minimum of eo t
AR a matter of news howoicr It rnnnot bo
said that nny company U In jurocesn of organi
zation for tno construction of Hiich a line
ornri AX2 > ritK JtKAHIXd tTfl LICE
The NoVel Plan They Adopted lo Ktrenetbru
the Cansn nt Their NtrlLIno Nn erlUrurls
I Ono Important strike up In tho Heading
coal region I havent soon anything In the pa
pers about said Samuel Itoyor ot Ashland
Pnnnd that was tho strike ot tho hotel
kltohon nnd dining room glHi of Ashland The
new men lint tho 1tvidlni Itnllroitd Company
are sending In thcio to tnko tho minces of the
striking employees nt IIrst wont to the dif
ferent hotels to board There wasnt a girl
working at any rf tho public houses who did
not havo a nvcothenrt among the strikers and
thoy hold a meeting and icsolxud that they
would not cook nor wait on any of this men
who cnmo in to take tho plucos of tho striking
sweethearts Tim landlords voro notified of
tho decision and Infoimod that they must
closo their hotels ncaln tho FCIIUB or got
other help Tho landlord couldnt see how
they could refuse to accommodate tho man
and every hotel glil In lie pIne quit
work It was impossible for the land
lords to got othor help nnd tho result
was thnt till hotel keepers cne In titter
one day uf tho novel striku und giuu
tlm new meu notice tlml they artist
seek iitidrtor elsewhere rhni girls then
resumed work With tie hotels and boarding
houses closed nzilnst thorn tho niiw men were
compelled to Hioep III barns outhousus old
cars depots mid wherever they could find AllY
kind of shelter Ono car in tho Ashland yard
tho other night contained eighty railroad
hands who hud squoezvd to get a nights
sleep Old pKSBonucr coaches nt various plnces
along the lIne hnvii boon lilted up with plants
for bunks III which tllo men are now sleeping
without bedding of any kind To posters one
of these hunks is deemed n great piece of good
luck Cook lme been employed by tho com
pan anti the lIIen itrnr fOIl in till > s < rcnrs Tho
law 118 to hotels and tine Jlubllu being violated
by tho hotel keepers In their refusal to food
and lodge tho boycotted applicants for accom
modations the companys agents informed the
landlords that unlcH may accommodated the
men they would bo prosecuted Thin was fol
lowed by the hotel keepers sending notice
to the company that thor would receive the
now men thereafter This leil scores of hungry
and sleepy individuals to forsake their hard
plank bunks in tho old cars and their COllrRO
fare of tho companys providing und hasten to
llud warm beds and solid meals ut Ito hotels
and boarding houses Their joy was short for
a schedule of prices was presented to each
man that knocked him out The price of board
ann lodging wins fIxed nt 4 a tiny Meals alone
word fixed at 1 for breakfast 150 for dinner
and tl for supper lodging being also 150 per
night Much prices wore n little more than ho
new railroad employees could stand and thoy
wore forced back to their hard bunks and
army rations airuln This bold strokn on the
print of tho hotel 1 mllI was suggested by a
bright diningroom girl nt the Union House
That Is tIle present situation in that part of the
region ms to the domestic economy of the
strike Thn servant girls are holding the key
to the situation for the new men cant stand
moro than a few days of the kind of living they
are getting unit they quit work almost us fast
as they are sent In
Itt riKefereeB
The following referees wore appointed In
cases in the Male courts in thiiclt but week
vrrsas coca
By Judge Arulroct
Cute Referen
Burrow iftjrtDavi Geo H Newell
Ktiblnpon sgt Smith three caneWm N Armatronjr
Leather U > afl Hunkuyt Orove
teen CX IV Francis
Eagle Fire Ins Co agt Cliitten
den loIn H Juice
Curry art Jenenfrllle James P Mlfrcins
McMaliciti apt InvUe Thos U Ilusted
IlifUii net unity lien F LaiiKl ln
James agt Itttifr Do tic las Cmpbell
frerUjterUn HospUal sat FDa
per DoutrUB Campbell
Frank a ft Murray haimtcl II Unmbur er
Cow n set Heltz AdolpH L Sanger
Matter of Pnwmt flilbertM bpelr Jr
lUlin set Iedlow UcboriluiUiuol
alciillue lust Jooie John NMtutpti
Stewart cot Me art K J trceJiuan
Hitter Agt Hitter U ii J Lan2behi
Kullted Katirks On art Cbase1 11 Sis
Schwartz aft Schwartz Herman btlefel
Tully lift Scott Fred IV KHelil
Iliontx ant Crane Henry E Ilowland
1ha nix art hare Henry H Howland
Snyder act Snylrr lltuliell I eiy
Mnrrlnon URL > i > inirBru Nm J C mi > bell
Iartlen lift far Jen Denis A hpelllMey
Spies act fepfe lohn K I Molntre
lohenatt Cohen NelMin JUaterburyJr
Fnozro AKt Snozrn Jofej h K New burner
Teeto ugh Ttnroctmoniou liamllton Oilcll
Mutter of Button > IV ChiU4
its Judge Beach
Wood tft EimousouuCeo D Keirell
Iy Judge Dugm
Kflsshantr ayt Tielnuconllnry BUinlf Jr
Dixon aat Cuuaril H r CuRyan I 1 leoree Jr
11IMNOV rnra
Ka Juaqe lAity
hlunneil Oct Prind ll It M llenrr
< nnrerl anti Kit 11 Il Van Vnrit
IlncUaji CUrk It M Henry
A Nice Arrunacment
You are poor are you not young man
Yes fir
And If von marry ray daushter you will take her
from a home nf luxury and splendor to an humble
sphere of lite wliire she may lie try unhappy
I hire thnuiht of that rlr retpondul the ronnr
man with deep rtnoilon and U occurred to me that If
lara Mnull Le nuliuppv wt could live with you until I
should be able to cam mil fame and fortune worthy of
the beautiful girl S loin 1 aduro
A Fruanl Mcnl
Trnmii Will you plcn o give mo a little
money to get unmellilni In I et with maam t
Old Iaih Ves here l a penny for yon
I rsmpTInannii nm am and se I urn H stringer In this
part nf ihe citys 111 you kindly direct me tn Deluoulcus
pleasu I
nouns or LfIsuI
Old Otiard ball Metropolitan Opera House tan 17
Ladina reception Oil hoclet Thursday evonlnir
llpreptlon I P K 1 As ocuition Teulonla Hall Wednes
day evening
Hall of line Owl Club Wendels Assembly Ilooins Wed
ncudav erenliic
JUnner nf tIe Holland Society Hotel llrunswlck to
morow evening
Y M I II A K H etilertalmnent tonllit Victoria Hall
Oil Lexlnittuii avenue
Chlrkerln Hall VWnnesday ocnluif fieorjte Decker
on Mr waiter Jtalclirh
JlrceplUn of line rilralutter Hotel Club Teulonla
Assembly Kniim Jnn 11
lleceptlon of Bt Joiephn Lyceum fcrrcroa Assembly
Koomv Wednesday etrnlnir
Hall of the American Hipreas Company Employees
Association Lyric Hull Juu 111
1ubllo Installation and ball Fnrracut 1ost 73 OAR
VVendels Assembly ftooms no night
Hull of the Lyceum Literary slid Social Society Jan
12 Arlington Hall luht Marksplace
Mask ball of the Iercle rsnal > e de rnarmoilt
Metropolitan Opera llou Mondaj Feb 7
Irot Scott Hues journey In foreign lands Associa
tion Hall Medntsda evenlntr America
Itntertalnmrnt and ball nf the drowlers Club texln
ton Avenue Opera house on Ttiuii > lay evening
Cnunly Democracy celebration of the anniversary of
tire battle of Mew Orleans lo nltcat Cooper I nlcn
American < ieoiraphlciil horlity riiclcrlnr Hull to
narrow evrnlnir annual nitilr > a of ihn linn haries r I
Hal InslUeniou Itocint luwraphlial UcrU of the
Dramatic and musical entertslntnent In aid of the
Coiumuu imvrtlty I iren b > the olumtli Dramatic
Club ii Friday evening Ian l 13 in the concert ballet
the MstroDolltan Opera House It will be repealed la
the same place on Saturday lernoen aud evening
Beware n a slUht Irritation of tbe throat Brammsjli I
Owib JJr ps iveamcdlate ttUstadK
jaona urszr orit PEOFZR
Zjnlel hiss a ash > have had Lg siasl
laKmetlist Lives
NEW OBLBANS Jan 8Tue Crescent City
boasts ot many persons between 80 and 100
years old The Louisiana Creoles are long
lived They grow old well and there are no
moro charming people than those ancient
croolo dames who can tell you ot the great
days of yore when French was the general
language and French manners and all the
aristocratic Influence ot the oldFronch families
prevailed The past tow months have been sad
ones for the nonagenarians and centenarians
Two months ago tho oldest Inhabitant ot the
city Mrs Smith aged 102 the granddaughter
ot Lord Sterling ot the Involution died
Among the others who died wore Gen Lewis
aged 00 who had served nobly nt tint battle of
New Orleans during the Mexican war and In
the Confederate service as n General during
tho late unpleasantness and who had been
Sheriff Mayor and had hold nearly every ofllce
In New Orleans during Its early days There
are many survivors ot the Old Guard however
and tow cities can boast of moro old citizens
Homo of theso people can remember every In
cident In the history of Now Orleans since the
beginning of tho century Tire Creoles seldom
move from their birthplaces and there are
many who have lived In the same house In this
city for seventy and eighty years
Ono ot the most vigorous and enorgetla old
gentlemen In Now Orleans Is old Commodore
William Wallace Hunter a fine specimen of
the oldtlmo Southern gentleman Although
85 years of ago ho U na vigorous ns most men
nt fifty He is n dally visitor to tine clubs
passes much of his time on the street is com
panionable in his habits and always tho centre
of a host of friends who delight to hoar the
marvellous stories of his varied nautical ca
reer ills father at the beginning of tho cen
tury was a resident ot Philadelphia nn emi
nent scientist and geologist and was sent by
President Jefferson to Louisiana to investigate
and report upon tile resources ot that newly
purchased territory Ho came to New Orleans
the year after thu purchase a baby 1j ear
old Ho ran awayfrom homo In 1H14 jitt
about the time that Jackson was fighting the
battle of New Orleans and shipped before the
mast While at BOB young Hunter visited al
most every part of the world and was long in
the China trade When 18 years of ago hlj
father secured for him the placo of midship
man in tho United States navy Tho young
middy soon won high rank During tIm
Mexican war Lieut Hunter established
u navy yard on tine Mississippi at Mem
phis so that In case ol a foreign
war which was then possible tho Unitedantes
could construct a navy without molestation
At this yard was built the list Iron manof
war the Allngbany She visited most of the
countries of Europe whore she attracted much
attention and admiration The Alleghnny still
floats although over 40 years of age but de
graded today to the position of store ship in
China Commandant Hunter held a high posi
tion In tho United States Navy in the Depart
ment of Construction when the war broke
out but ns an ardent Southerner ho
joined the Confederates This cost him his
fortune Ho served in the Confederate
navy commanding at Savannah and other
points and capturing several Federal vessels
The war over he went to New Orleans wins nn
pointed Harbor Master and although over 60
years of ago mails a most onorgotto and
efficient oflicer Through politics ho lost his
place Ho lives now on money ruined byu
benefit given by the Shakespeare Club a year
ago Commodore Hunter passed moro than
half a century on the sea lint for the war he
might have risen to tno highest place in the
United States Navy for holrankod just below
Parragut when his Slate patriotism caused
him to resign
The Lnbntut family is undoubtedly the old
est in New Orleans Thoro are four brothers
whose ages run US 82 81 and the baby 75
The father was married hero In 1775 and the
boys were born In New Orleans Dr Isadore
Labatut tho oldest was tine first nativeborn
physician in Now Orleans Ho completed his
education in France where hn vent in 18U3
He wan in Paris throughout Napoleon Bona
partes regime and was attached to the surgi
cal corps of the French army In 1814 Ho was
In Paris when Napoleon was crowned Emperor
nnd he saw tine allied sovereigns Nicholas ot
Uusslathe Emperorof Austria and KingFred
crick William III of Prussia when they en
tered the French capital He was than when
Louis XVIII was crowned When Napoleon
returned from Elba ho wont with the
forces of the Littlo Corporal to Waterloo and
was there at the battle In the surgical corps
After the fall of Napoleon he studied medicine
nt Edinburgh In Now Orleans In 1822 he bo
grin the practice of medicine which he carried
on for fortylive years Klnce his return from
Paris sixtyfive years rico ho has never been
sick Ho can run up and down stairs as nim
bly us a man of CO Mrs Labatut his wife Is
81 years old and the couple have been married
over sixty years and havo n largo family of
children and grandchildren Dr Lnbittut has
seen Louisiana governed by thu Spaniards
French and Americans Ho has never learned
to speak English
Tim next younger brother Felix Labatut
aged 82 was a merchant until lately but has
retired from business and now lives with the
Doctor Thn third brother 82 years of ago Is
connected with the Canal hank where ho has
been employed since the bank was established
The youngest brother the 75yearold baby
does not look more than GO He Is employed nt
tine United States Custom Houso is In the best
of health and has never known sickness
Mr Adotphe Duprii is a fine specimen of the
Louisiana creole Ho is 81 years old but looks
much younger There are few cases whore
the lifetimes of father and son extend over a
greater stretch of time than Mr Dupr6 and hm
i father The latter who was an attorney at
law WAS born in 1737 Mr Duprti was a banker
I In early life Fiftythree years ago he was a
member of the State Senate In 1865 he was
appointed Ilogletrnrof ito Land Office which
position ho held for years Mr Duprii has like
all Creoles fought several duels He does not
believe that cigarette smoking U unhealthy
and has been an inveterate smoker of cigar
ettes for sixtythree years during which time
lie has consumed many dozen every day Mr
DupriS has n largo family of children grand
children and greatgrundchlldron
Bostena Murder Myatcrr Partly Helved
BOSTON Jan 8The rnystory that sur
rounds the death of the young man whoso body
was found at Oak Island Grove In Itevero last
weak has been partly solved That ho was
murdered seems to be a settled fact for Medi
cal Examiner Harris says that It would bo Im
possible for a man to arrange himself as ho
was found after receiving such n bullet wound
in the head This ufternoon two men visited
Undertaker Tlnkhams rooms and identified
the body as that Joseph Baird and there is
littlo doubt the mystery will soon be solved
Ono of the men said that llalrU was a machin
ist by trade and had been out of work for some
time He saw him a week ago Saturday with a
hnrdlooklng man They were In a barber
shop Uiilrd said ho was going to Cnmbrtdgo to
look for work and then he was going to Oak
Island Grove
The men wont off In search of a friend who
knew whero the young mans parents lived
but at midnight he had not returned
nirayvs AL554CTMl miST
Son rtit 7 241 I Sun seta 4 Sl i Sloon rises S 19
Sandy Hook 4 031 i Joy Island 4 151 I Hell Oats 604
Arrived BuKDiv Jan 8
U a revenue cutter Grant Davis from a cruise
U s steamer Despatch from toirfull
Hs nina Meyer houiharoptou Dec iu
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hs Kl I allau Schultz Uemerara
he Haldomero igeilts larcla Havana
hsCliyof Han Antouln Wilder Fernandloa
its > New lurk Mason tlalvestnn
Colorado Daniels UalieHtou
fcs Gulf Htream Inirram Wllmlnitpn V C
fs iluyandotte Kelly Newport > ews and Norfolk
tit Tallahassee Hiker Kavannah
hs llemuan Winter Hallelt iluilon
hark Mary K Campbell ONclli Uuenos Ayres
Bs Bohemia from New York at Hambnr
Hs Champagne from New York it flat re
b liooiislu from New York at Queenntowu
canton ruse rOHMQt fOKta
8s Lmbrla front jueeusto n for New York
Court Calendars Tills liar
so ins 71 a7 Rn 10 KM 113 114 I nn I ui 110 iyj
140 Illl 1117 HIM IHJ 314 SIU Wl 1TJI Ui 1MJ J34
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Law and fantNus lU 4U1 45 477411 4HS 417
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ns4 lint aatia sao 2Sl i 771 1174 7C tan UIU
mil IBS i > 44 nuxnl4 731 iw < sin nay mil r ant
lit Clear Nos 1401 14VM 144X Hull liens IJKIL
1971 14U7 Hit UU IfV mj 1UIH IJH1 1177
IUI lltfi IIOJ 1441 llto KDti Hli 14v 14V
14UO HJ3 1001 fart IV Cose on Campbell aL
bpuoimf CoreyWills of Jam a Ixidie 10 A M
Jatnrs Mohrnna IJM i Delia Powers 2 I H <
Iluxanos toraySflcnam lilaClear Roe 1141 1341
Ill ISO lart 1Cisc on lIrucker Mauiittair flair
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4104 08 Slit sIll ems ian
Civr < ocai Part 1No 2564 2721 2779 awn 2487
2704 jtwa 51113 aa iKnTyrlotC 2 aa ioi i3i
MiZ rart IlMoe 8J34 Slfia aS ZznT IMJ uxas
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3001 StSS
ARE mxttts onoara nr DAYXJVftYP
rheiamenoi that attest Richness f es tko
Feyekleal Saelelr
DANBURY Jan 8Tltis town Is much ex
ercised over the strange rattling and shaking
of doors windows and blinds and oven la
some Instances the crockery on the shelves
The first to notico It was Horace Cable n florist
living on Spring street and his neighbor
Clmrloa llnu On Sunday night thor wore
awakened by the noise and they have been
dlstmbed by ttnt Intervals ever since James
II Wlldnmn a member ot the grocery firm ot
Peck li Wlldman also noticed It and had to
got up and plug his window frames in order to
pot Homo sleep Tire same phenomenon nan
been observed by resident on Kim New and
Harmony streets though in a lessor degree
It has boon suiggestnti hint the jar wo caused
by the fall of Immonno volumes of water over
thro i urn of VMiltnn 1ond n shoot of water nt
lie head of Bprlng street but Mr Cable anti
otherH reject thli thoory because they have
lived in that vicInity forthurtyflyo years and
this In the llrst tlmo those Blnuularmnnlfestn
tlonit have occurred Mr Cnblo said to TUB
SUN reporter that on Tuesday night ho got uo
mini took hold ot n window to stop Its shaking
and felt indistinct shock of electricity In his arm
and body Tho theory ot the dam Is scouted 4
also because no trembling shaking of the
ground IB felt end also because the phenom
enon H witnessed In houses nt Interval and
seems to skip comb of the dwellings
An Idea has been advanced that Danbury la
over a gas well or a cavern and that the force
of tho water going over the dam has given the
town a shaking but only In places where
the crust is thin The town Is built on a Jim
foundation or at Ica t that portion in thin viola
ity ot Whlton Iond Whatever the cause trier
Is considerable alarm und people nr anxious
to have a satisfactory solution ot tho mystery
aAnnmsoNRgEton Wednesday Tan 4 at Oit
resilience ut the brides parent by the Her Joaehlm
timenrtorf Frederick F Garrison to Minnie W RM4
IIOILAMiHLOATOnJan at the Church ot the
lltavenlr Rest Mil av Mr leone n Holland to HUt h
Kmmn t lorrnce Hloat both ot this city
MoltsKiLAKK OnKundat Jan n by the Rev wii 1
bur K Crar It II Morse of Newnham Ulotttr Bag
land to Mary r Ilark 1
MULFOUU KInMISO On Jan a br the Rev A tt
Beach Rita SC rilforul Jr of Hast orange JioAntt
ilaunhtprof LlUabeth and thelatu James 8 ntODlnff of I
MIMPtuSrinsONOn Jan I by the ReT J a
Hamilton VMIIIam hlmpson to Annie ulbtun all ot Saw I
York i
IUHKFItOn Friday Jan 0 Stephen Barker la the
7mm year of lii eec
iuiierai cornice at his tate residence 24 Boat 70th at
today at 11 A M It Is kindly requested that nottowen
be sent
IIUNNETT On Jan 7 at 0 A > f of pneumonia Mrs
Ann Htnnclt widow uf Patrick Dennett
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral from iitor Hudson at New York today at
7 so A M Interment at VVaterbury Core Grand Cen
tral Depot H A M
IIRKSN AN On Friday Jan 1 V Mrs Kate Bow Bren I
nan beloted wife of Robert llrennan native of parUUof
Uotnerhul county Tlpperary Ireland
Relatives and friends ot the family are respectfully In
vited tn attend the funeral from her late residence 430
Weit Situ SL today at 11 M sharp
Philadelphia Ledger please copr
IIKKNSAN suddenly of dlphtlierla Marie only child
of lohn and Marie llrennan
Funeral from lute residence 131 Union av Brooklyn
E U inn raornlnir at 11 I oclock
IIIIOWV uu Friday Jan u John Brown In his 35th
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
ceremony from his late realdeuce UM nth av thhrmom
line at lu 3u oclock
miRHIIARUT suddenly on Saturday Jan 7 r O
Burkhardt aged IM years
tunierai Croon hint residence Ii2Jnva st Orseapotat
nslay at 2 n ni Heiatpc and friends unlined to attend
AfpitNTgittii Saturday Jauu 7 1585 at his late
reolience Ii3 East 33rlr it in this city of Blights di
eu o of tue kidneys Ur VV esley II Carpenter aged 60
lunerat services on Tuesday Jan to at 3 P 1C at fit
Paul VI 1 I Church 4th at t
CAVAXAUII On Jan 7 diphtheria Sadie beloved A
daunhter of James and Margaret CavanaghaiedS year
Funeral this morning strictly private
CHAMllhRLAIN un Saturday Jan 7 Martha widow
of lame hambrlalli
uncral from her late residence 42 > Gouvernenr it
today at I f M 1
kiln HtuFF On Sunday Jan 8 Henry De Oral In
the Slui year of his nite
uneral services at his late resilience 312 East 34th it
Monday evening at Ho clock Funeral from Bay Hide
Methuillst Church on Tuesday at 2 I M
1IUCKIIAVI on Saturday Jan 7 Emma beloved
wife of Cornelius Pockhain In her 51st year
Funeral from 1 tt houth 1st at Brooklyn K D on
Tuesday at 2 1 oclock
DUOMlKOn Friday Jan 7 after a abort illness
Herman Frederick Domheo In the AHth year of his are
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral sen Ices at hH late residence M ilaywardtt 5 I
Brooklyn li LI sun Tnenlay at J V XI a
DRAKE At Jertev City K J on Saturday 7
Mrs Mary Drake wife of faul M Drake
FAHHKLU on Haturaay Jan 7 Mary A beloved
wife of John J Karrell t
Relatives and frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral 1
from her late residence 1044 nth 51 todar at 2 oeloek pi
The frlemlft of her uncle the late Thomaa Quirk and her
uncle Mkhael quirk are respectfully Invited
U UC LU At Ulbcron N J on Jan 0 Frederick Oojrel
In his HI st year
Relatives and friends arerespectfnllv Invited to attend
his funeral today at 1 JO f M Carriages wilt attend
the ult aud 1113 trains at Elberon station Ixjtif
Branch Railroad
IIAsshN On Jan 7 Clarence K beloved eon of
Frederick 0 and Ernestine M llansen aged 8 yean
and 7 months
HARTUCIn Brooklyn on Saturday Jan 7 Albert
D Hartye In the faith year or his age
Funerul cervices will be held at his late residence hal
Ut place nn Incudav Jan lu atJ I M to which relay
tlves and friends are respectfully Invited
HAVKNSOII baturdny Jan 7 Charles O Havens
counsellor at law In the Seth year of his age
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
from his late residence lex Host 10th St nn Wednesday
llth lust at 1 1 A M 1 Interment at Woodlawn
HAW KM On Friday I Jan 0 at her late residence 31 S
Prospect place llrouklyn Mary Uawka beloved wife of
Henry Hawks
Relatives and frlenda of the family are re
quested lo attend the funeral from St Josephe Church
Pacific and Vandertilllav today at 3UA II
IIAH buddetit of congestion of the brain on Jan
7 Mabel dauffhter of Samuel and Maria Hays aged 3
yearn and u montlis
Funeral nervlces at the residence of her parents 20O
gin at on uesday at 1 1 M Interment at Woodlawn
1MIRAIIAM tin Saturday Jan 7 at Marlboro N Y
Robert K InKraham
Interment at Wentfled Mass
Sprlntrnld papers please copy
JuRUANOnnunday Natalle Berrlendanhter
of C 1 N and Mary C Jordan In the IHth year of her age
The funeral services will be held at tne residence of
her parents 214 West 44th St on Wednesday morning at
11 oclock Relatives and friends are respectfully la
vlted to attend Interment private
Vashlnnton D C and VVUmlnfton Del paper
please copy
KINO Anniversary itaoiA solemn requiem mast
will be celebrated for the repose of the soul of Patrick
King at 5 Uahrlele Church feast 7th BL on Thursday
morning Jan li at lucre oclock Frlenda of the family 1
are resiieclfully Invited to attend
KNAr At lila late residence Washington D C eft
the 7ih Inst Charles Knap In the 72d year of hla age
Fuuvral at the residence of his eon tn law CJeorge Ash
mnn 41 llrci d at Newark NJ on Tuesday the iota
inst at II 3uA M Interment at Orange I
> III1KH At tile doughier residence S9 Braxtonst
Brooklyn Capt bun lllller In tho 70lh year of his age
Relath and friends are Invited tu attend the funeral
irr Ices at the above addreas today at 3 oclock
Ml UFIt At 155 llcricen SL Ilrooklyii oa Jan 7
fie > rce hancher unly son of Theodore P and Klla L
Shier In the loth year of his age
Private funeral services today Interment at Wood
NAlOHTOV Saturday Jan 7 at his UU resi
dent 440 Washington st Thomas NaughtOh In the 4J4
year r > f his age
OKKU Fh On Saturday Jan 7 tt his late resldenee
141 kait U7th st Psttd a beloved aon of Mary and the
late Stephen I OkeefTe aged 27 years
OIV TKAI > suildenly on Jan u Lawrence Dwight
Olmstead only iou of Dwight H and Maria N Olmatead
aged 3i year
Funeral from his late residence inn West 734 st oa
Tuesday morning Ian 10 at H oclock
IAIIKUMIN his late residence 1221 Park av
on Jan 7 Aleiander VV Patterson aged AH yetra
Interment at steubenvllle Ohio today
MMOMiON On Jan 7 iSiS Isaao Simonaon la the
681 h year of his aye i
Funeral services at his late residence 83 South 5th St
Brooklyn K D on Monday Jan e at B P L All Mtv
sonic friends Invited
STICKNKV On Jan U Ellis II Httckner wife of
JolmT mickuey agSd IV years
Relatin cc and friends of the family are Invited to at
tend the funeral from her late residence 1544 Facia
it Brooklyn on Tuesday Jan 10 l at 1 P M
HTUWOn Friday Jan rI of paralysis cant Oeorre
II Stow In the iHth year of his age
funeral from his late resIdence 1 Queen Anus 128
Camella st Astoria L I today at 4 T M Ralatlret
and friends also veterans the Seventy first ReAimtBL
are mnectfuliy Ini lied to attend
TIillIK Alhl lain residence 34 ZIOn tt HarrUon X
J on Jan 7 IKKH Patrick Tube father of the HP
John J llghe of the Church of Our Lady Help of ChriS
Hans Fast Orange aged 71 lean
Relatives and friends are Invited salient the funeral
services tn take place at Ut Plus R a Cbnreh on Tnea
day morning Jan Hi IHwi at tlyij t oclock InterauM
at Cemetery of Holy Sepulchre
ijrdal o1Irtp
3110 5IU AVENUK lt
ThU tirhate collection of a t
well know n h rent h collector I
and to be told bv auction under direction tt
tt ilfsu Ai oth av
I IIu t
Jan II IS I and Mat oclock etch day t
MUM VINsTorH Koothlnt I Syrup It to
Best Remedy for children while I I teething 8TE bottle I
hlncnl i
ZUlFnl V FowlAI
n OlK
Members of Hm New York Stock Kxehanre
MIIiilOV Deii era ill bullion specie foreign lank
rotea 5 r fnc 11th 1 H and hlLVKll JIARS for J JKVMI
lHth me 1s I limni on lnrope Depclts receive
tulject in check titit t per cent Interest allowed < I
flaliy Laiiiict mrrdlnx ttoi >
iviltiiil I f
Tf DIIIPSDA dividend ot TIIItEE AND A 111 I
FEItCENT on the catuiiaj stock also as AD IALr I
dnd of TIthER AND A UALY aO CItZT th
rnM lk on is
lK 0111 I
sctved fund I1W sa 1 i l
r u TABUU BM t

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