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Has a larger circulation than any W jj 1jj4t y 1 i > 1 is tho most popular and success
other evening in English newspaper printed I t I ful evening Price paper Ono ever Cent known
nil ncr or the YeAr Oper tlon Ibo
that the Company Can Afford to Val
C he Advance fiemnniled All the MInEr
U raIanm to be Culled Out IfNIepi
Are Not Taken Toward a Settlement
KEADINO Jan 9Th news was flushed
across the wires ovor the Heading system to
night that when tho vote for or against arbltra
ton was taken In thellcadlnK Companys annual
meeting In rhttadolphla today tho response
UTOiablo t arbitration was louder than that
opposed t It I was upon Alfred Bullys mo
tion t table Mr Loakwoods resolution that ar
bitration of tho coal minors strike was in or
der The ayes and nays wore called and tho
nays appeared to bo the loudest but Chairman
Oamtt declared tho motion carried Then
Mr LookwooJ made his motion that Mr Guilds I
b appointed solo arbitrator and when Mr
Bully Coved to lay on the table there was a
marked feeling of uneasiness among the Head
Ing officials present Tho motion was then
open to debate and Instantly all eyes wore
turned to the audlenoe anticipating the
presence of a few of tho bright active talkers
of Labor tho 22000
of the Knights representing 2200
miners now on strike in tho Sohuylkill regions
but there was no one present to speak for
thom It would have been I very easy matter
for Uio Knights of Labor to have bought a few
shares of the companys stock to entitle them
to the rah of speaking at tho mooting but
the policy of tho Rtrlko Committee now Is t
remain away from the Heading Railroad om
olals entirely They will seek no more Inter
views with the company and absolutely muko
no advances to them Whatever stops lending
to the adjustment of difficulties are to bo taken
must come from the Heading Itallroad
The Strike Committee are addressing their
every energy in the coal region to absolutely
stop mining and show by poacaful measures
the full power of organized labor in the Head
ing Companys system The committee will at
once take Mr Oorblna figures which ho road
today from his annual report and show to tho
country why the company can and ought to
pay tho 8 per cent advance asked by the
miners This work is already in hand Mr
CorMnfl figures show that in 1887 the com
pany received for Its coal thirtyone
cents per ton more than it did in
188G The figures further show that
t mino the coal in 1897 cost seven
cents less per ton than It did in 18SG
making a difference of 38 cents per ton in favor
of the company for 1887 as compared with 188C
The company mined 6279852 tons of coal in
1887 O < ua to 1 profit of 238631376 and I
the Cal aud Iron Company in 18SG lost 1147
0539G there would still bo I credit to tho com
pany for 1887 of 123928980 But the prices
of coal for 1888 are much higher than for 1887
and the labor leaders contend that the com
pany in every way is able to pay the advance
especially I tho net earnings of the railroad
company prop a nearly 11000000 An
other item will be used by the minors which
will show wi the Reading Company received
in 1887 Its highest rlce for coal at the mines
since 1883 and in 1888 tho price will bo higher
A careful inquiry among prce officials today
shows that while the company appears to bo in
no hurry t arbitrate yet they heartily wish
all differences wero adjusted The miners
have strengthened themselves greatly day by
day Mining In tho coal regions has fallen off
BO Ilnlnl 730 this evening not a single
loaded coal train has passed down the road
Practically mlnlmr but discontinued roal
few day the Strike Committee may even order
all dead work or repairs in collieries to be
stopped entirely I I in their powor to bring
everthll in the coal regions to a brnf
but they will do nothing to cause a dollar of
loss In damages t any of the Heading Com
panys collieries
pany8 Heading officials are opposed to any out
sider as an arbitrator but they still answer all
questions with There is nothing to arbi
trate There is but one feeling among the
conservative masses in tho Bcbuylklll region
tonight and that is that tho Heading Company
has virtually ben driven t the wall that they
must surrender and that the only question
now is How can they diplomatically cover up
the defeat and at the same time not have it ap
pear on tho surfaco 9 George Do D Kcim of
this city an oxreceiver or the company was
ciy made President of the Coal and Iron
Company He lived a number of years In the
coal regions and thoroughly understands tho
temper of the minors It is altogether prob
able that Mr Corbin and tho noW
Board of Managers Inl today will
at their next meeting give tho entire mat
ter into Mr Helms hands for adjustment
but there is very little hope of success Tile
terms of settlement heretofore given In detail
must bo rigidly adhered to say tho labor lead
ers The company must not only grant tho 8
per cent advance but all discharged train men
and employees must bo taken back and non
union men removed Anything olso will not
receive the slglitOHt attention from the Ktrlke
Committee to whom alone must all things bo
referred Chairman Leo expressed those views
hure today before leaving for Pottsvllle Ho
Idlote that not a single Individual or com
pany colliery would ship any coal tomorrow
and tonight It looks R though his prediction
would b fully verified Ho added
The minors of the Wyoming region have not
been called upon to strike You can say this
an being authoritative They have promised us
llnanclal support but if it Is necessary to cal
thom out t win the t strike they will respond to
a man but no such order has yot been Ibsued
You can also say that if absolutely necessary
for the Hemline miners to win every miner in
Pennsylvania will be ended upon to strike and
that our assurances are that they will all como
out I called upon
Chairman Leo had a conference lasting until
fjtrly this morning with loading Knights hero
He was accompanied hero by W T LewIs of
oliawnoe Ohio Master Workman of tho Na
tional Wnero Assembly and the loader of the
oeklnc valley niinort strike Mr Lewis loft
for 1kilaUoihI
homos It Barry of the General Executive
Board ol the Knl Iits of Labor has Exeentl
dered to this city lie will reach hero by Sun
day when anotherdlstrlct Convention of Hold
ing I in Iroad employees Is CORonloo There
IB a quiet but determined t move being made to
hyo the employoesln Ihlsclty join ills strikers
3 victory is regarded complete In H etrflrB
and the leaders may work slowly In shutting
down opBratlon toward 1hiladelphla The
olratnn towlrd 110
men say that this h a general light against the
Knights i of Labor as an organization and that
It Is the duty of all Knights of Labor in this city
to stand by their brethren in Ihiladolphla and
ftHltobdJbkYllllb county lhladolphll
To show to hit an emergency tho Beading
tompany has been driven fortylive mon woro
put to work at the chutes hero this afternoon
ful 5 o ta the compHnyn reserve coal on cars to
te distributed along tho lino locomotive use
Very few dlsturblnOI wore reported tofluy
from the coal regions wor of boys stoned a
ffelcht train at Locust Summit and a Lehlgh
valley passenor train near 1ottsvllle was
p rly thrown over an 120foot embankment
by unknown parties placing Htouus on the
trstks J A freight train conductor discovered
the obstruction in time to prevent damage
Jus strIker say that tmo work of violence must
b laid at their doors aa they can win this
great tight by peaceful and legal measures
Joey do not oven congregate In public groups
toillscuss l matters nor do thoy eland about
mines to Intimidate anyone Thoy remain
aWay from the works entirely
Now all coal mining In the Hchuylkill Basin
al Schuylki
Hi practically suspended business men in the
nchuTJklll Valley are more alarmed and tho
Heading Hoard of Trade will Bond I committee
ni oommltoo
WHICH Jfr Corbln to agree to a Kettloment
The City Councils tonlpht passed a resolution
the ppoint I joint committee of five resoluton
h41 In settling the strike but what they will
eOnrnend Man not let been determined 1
The orgnn of the 1 eadlnl ofUclals at Potts
Jllle tonight says editorially I should be
the policy of tho press of the countrf to intro
duce no unnecessary bitterness Into the Htrug
We which lay possibly become embittered
epotigh before its close with the prCsont week
the contending parties will loek horns and get
Sown to solid opposition The strlko henee
ipnb becomes a mater of endurance Whether
Pj t long or abort duration It Is now Impossible
BiiiMoKis Jan 0The labor mass meeting
Yjed for Saturday night was postponed on ao
COunt ot tho unavoidable absence of Master
workman Lewis of National Assembly 15J
x2en It Is to b nell cannot he ascertained
Jlnumb8rof strikers asked did not know as
w 1
te meeting has not been chalked Hpeclul
Wings are culled by caballstlo signs chalktd
titer HI the Pa omentit In all partsrvf thn t town A
siatiintileu l triangle Is heat miiile This line
aUnf the illihtilior of Ho month Irt the left side nt tho
t 9Dot the DI flPendlciilar line with the date on
VI right side opposite the hour of the day
te aa X after it V standing for sharp Is just above
w horizontal line and tho number
orUnta Inl Id JumIer of the
ll o I
assembly calling the meeting U I placed below
It There lBS boon no cal of this kind yot made
for the postponed meeting of Saturday mle
The only Important news gleaned today
to the elect that the engineers In charge of the
hoisting machinery a tho Henry Clay shaft
1oerloss side refused this morning to hoist
coal that was being mined by nonunion hands
Their quitting work has served to make tho
strikers moro jubilant than over U the places
of those men cannot bo easily tilled and the
temporary stoppago of tho colliery li Inevita
8oPPIIO coller InevII
ble It was being worked by the bosses and n
few scabs
Today tho streets nro crowded with Idle
men but tile best humor prevails The mon
express themselves as confident that the com
pany will be willing to make concession ore
the wook closes Tho fair temperate and Im
Unryil l view of the trouble taken hy MrUoorgo
W Chllds of the Philadelphia Ledger In In oorlo
terview published today has been ono of tho
chief tonics of discussion this morning and his
met with tho approval of tho miner generally
although they dont seem to think that the
question of the tariff has much to do with tho
present case
MOUNT CAIIMEU Jan Congressman Scotts
flOO minors rojoctod without a dissenting voice
this evening a proposition from Superintendent
Chester to resume work at four instead of
eight per cent advance pondlnJ a settlement
by tho Heading company with Its minor
Work was resumed nt Dollmoro colliery to
jUBted day tho differences having boon amicably ad
HiiKNANDOAn Jan 9Ever since tho strlko
started the Heading Company has had from
twelve to twenty mon employed at each eel
liery repairing breakers andaoliigothor dead
work The joint committee of the Knights l of
Labor and the Miners and Laborers Amalga
mated Association Issued orders today to
thesn men to quit work and there was a gen
eral compliance with tho order At its Packer
No 4 colliery the Lohlgh Valley Coal Company
ban had seventylive men employed repairing
tho slope mnnwny and planes destroyed by
the recout IrA thoro These men wore being
paid from 12 to 18 per week according to tho
work In obedience to tho ileadwork or
tier forty of thcsi mon Qui work today
and nil will Im on tomorrow A loading
member of District Assembly No 12 and the
Joint Committee said today that individual I
collieries shipping over the Lehluh Volley Hull
road would bo permitted to work on but that
those reaching market by tho Reading road
would he shut down Acting ou those Instruc
tions tho mon of Kohley Hun colliery her hold
a meeting this evening and are said to havo
decided not to mine cool for nonunion rail
roaders to handle Thin is proof positive that
the miners and railroaders ore united
lu a common cause so far D tho
leaders cnn control them but the rank
and Illo are not Inclined to no that far Money
they are willing to give but not time Last
night orders were given the employees of the
HoadlngH Kohiuoor colliery to come to work
this morning but so few reported that the
breaker R not started up Tho snme result
wan experienced at Lawrence t i Browns
Mahnnoy Puma colliery Tho reason for re
fusing to work nt the latter colliery is the dis
inclination to mine coal for nonunion rail
roaders to handle coa
PuiLAPKUiiiA Jon 9Mi tho strikers kept
their eyes on tho annual mooting of tbo Read
ing road stockholders today but the mooting
took no action with regard to the strike Gen
eral Manager McLeod said that live of the
companys collieries were at work today and
that more would bo in operation tomor
row Mr McLeod had nothing to say ou tho
subject of arbitration More work was being
dono at tho 1ort Richmond coal piers and at
the freight wharves than at anytime since the
inception of the strike Throe of tho steam
cller which had received their cargoes dur
ing tho strike returned to port About HUO
mon wore at work The Centipede was belnir
loaded by a force of Italians nt Pier 13
N the Panther at Pier 17 the Lancas
ter at Pier 1 B and the Heading at
Pier 20 Tho Reading lIed almost completed
her cargo and she will likely clear tomorrow
for Eabtern ports A largo number of men
wore at work on Pier 13 S loading tho Flnmoor
with freight In place of the cargo of iron ore
discharged Those In charge of the port > are
entirely satisfied with tho work that is being
dono I we only had coal said the auperin
tondent wo could make things fly Only a
few coal trains arrived nnd not over half a
dozen trains wero sent up the road
10ln strikers bold an nil day meeting in
Mutual Hall and wore addressed by the lead
ers They were still exceedingly sanguine and
spoke of the company AS being on Its knees
t l fndov1
In the afternoon John L Leo and W T Lewis
National Master Workmen of the Miners
National Trade District No 135 who came to
Philadelphia In tho morning addressed the
meeting and exoressed their conlldenco In tho
success of tho exnressol They said the miners
would hold firm and that the feeling nil
through tho Sohuylkill region was intensely
favorablo to tho men
T Ilk Importer smri Kent Katsite Opera
tot YnvolTcd Preferences 843S81B
Vllllam H Do Forest silk Importer at
4C6 Broome street and nn operator on a large
scale In real estate made an assignment
CStlto aBllrnment yes
terday to George 1 Sheldon banker of 2 Wall
street Ho gives preferences of which tho
amount stated aggregates 132318 principally
for borrowed money and discounted notes
Tho preferences are as follows
lk Sordton NJ 5Ox U 1 yonrI0R
Andrew IUrou Emi orlr 41117
flu t lhyTe III Charles alndr IWO
W C Sheldon k Cc114i 1 Stephen O Clarl 110
ChRhalD Sat 10nk lillJ Uitellly Brother 2141
E I Sheldon rrru ii LrncIrkln 1611
A 0 harrIson IIO Lamed GurU 10
ilank ot N America iUWO Amais Lyon 41212
Iraurlneltnr N Ilk 24150 Eanney N Oo Forest
Dowry SaL Dank 06 llbcca 1 5 Iyon
Mr Do Forest was tho agent In this country
for tho silk manufacturing house of A Oulonet
k Co of Lyons He was formerly In thin em
ploy of Bowen McNameo Co and later on
with Esc he r t Co aud when tho latter failed
Mr De Forest started for himself as he hnd
control of sot oral foreign manufactories Ho
was considered a very shrewd merchant
made considerable money and invested it in
real estate He owned tho Hamilton Grange
proporty from which ho has recently made
rccenty ml
< l
large salon
In May last ho mado nn extended statement
to Jtradslrrelt in which ho set forth that his
equity in tho Hamilton Grange property was
worth tlCKGOOil that ho also had equity in I
various properties In this city worth at the
lowest value JIMIOOO and property at Summit I
N J worth 210000 making his total assets I
1370000 Against these he said ho had lia
bilities on endorsements 412000 and on his
business 70000 or in all 482000 leaving
him 801000 net
II HI lorost was engaged In extensive build
ing operations on his property through build
urn Ho endorsed largely and It is mid that
many of the notes are about to fall duo and ho
UIH unable to ralfn the money to let them
He liven at Hummlt and hn friends say ho is
prostrated by the mental strain he has bad to
undergo lately What hIs liabilities amount to
is a matter of conjecture nt present His as
sets consist chlelly of real estate equities the
value of which in not known
Mr AV J Curtis of Bulllvan i Cromwell his
attorney snld yesterday that no statement
lould be made nt present of tho liabilities or
iifhetf lire assets woro largely on the Ham
Ion Grange property and real estate equities
Mr Do Forest was so prostrated that Ills at
tornoy had advised him to go homo to his
country feat at Summit N J and not to talk
to any ono about his affairs Ho had been
winding up his silk business for some tlmo
PKBt and had expected to go out of It on Jan 1
Mr Curtis honed In a few days to have some
idea of how affairs stood las i I
Found om flint After Ill Ben From the
Itlver John 1 JUnaklno Adopted Son
As the Pavonla ferryboat Delaware was
entering hor slip in Jersey City at 5K oclock
yesterday afternoon a welldressed man either
jumped or fell Into tho river from tho bow Ha
was ptillod out unconscious and taken to tho
City Hospital A card In his pocket had print
ed on It Peter V Haskln care of T B Bass
ford 0500 Nassau street Room No I The
following document was also found
iIopoir5 Jan 0 18S
To all choSt it map < oeml IOGIU JnI 18
I Ieier V nankin mv adopted name known to the
world I aa inch ILhl brought up n name a by John
fnn a
IVHsikln knowing the uncertainty of life hereby trans
ferand make over to Mrs II M 1 White ail inlereli that
may accrue to me In way of IIt
money pensloni bourn
Unds to that may hrreafier tome to ru frm the L O1
h lovernment for atrrlrei as an nfncer end iirlvate Iii
lire war T the rebellion and r as an onieer of the II H
cavalry Fifth U S ami further transfer to 1 all
moneys that may hereafter 111 me In caw of death
i gag V rI
WilD Nlss Nom Loulie White
The name of tho witness appears to have
been written by a woman Hapkln was under
the influence of liquor In the hospital last night
and was unable to mako any statement
IHsausled TVIIh Himself
Martin Yarmtcker a butcher living at 210
Wtit Forty first street got very drunV on Sunday and
was arrested At the Twentieth street pole station t h
had tied one rail f > f lilt veil to the cronbar of his cell
door and Inserted his head through the armhole oftbe
garment and proceeded lo strangle himself When
OOn ant Iral re
leased he was unconscious AtJeHeriou Market Holies
Court yesterday be told Justice While that the only u
ruse ha could crier was that he was dltgusted with him
self II coul 1 committed to lilt Island for one moaih 1
DId Ton Inveet n Cnt era Teftr nrbnd
tier nail What Do Yon Think of Thla
Inteat Device to Hal Wortuln Good I
Tho bogus extra of tho World yesterday
morning announcing a frightful disaster on
the aqueduct and tho subsequent evening
editions which to tho latest of them persisted
In repeating tho exploded lie was a crowning
effort In swindling the public What tho World
said had happened and insisted all day had
happened described in these headlines
Under this was something described as
special to the World with the date ° Chap
paqua N Y Jan 9 This special said
For two mllei Italian and mule are burled In the new
aqnednct at Cat bight which wan broken Into by the
Inrantlco River 1 early this morning
Two hundred laborm are trying to atop the break
nMnff trees timber and cedar buibea
filled Notblnwlll with clay 1 aucceed In slopping the break but bn
Tho aqueduct la I Dearly filled with water the entire
length aueuct IId wth watr enlr
With n few unimportant lies about tho con
tractors agent telephoning to save tho mules
and Ignoring tho men the I despatch con
The water ponreil In the aqueduct down nitty feet
more than enough to fill IL drowning all the Italian and
mil below Cut o H to Oouldii ftwamp and tllllnir
the aqueduct nearly full of rook largo erotica timbers
centre cara wheelbarrow Italian ihantlea blackimltb
chop and dump car
A large number of Italian and mule have drowned
They had norhance toeerape
Large quantities or tImber wheelbarrow and centro
carte name out ot the aquedurtitt the blow on In Gut No
I Oiling the river with all kInd of material reed I the
construction of the aqueduct
The aqueduct will have to be taken down ae the large
stones have ground the cement from tho bricks causing
the water to force Its way through lh walla
The brick walls are very much shaken
The river IB I liable to break through again at any hour
Now no accident whatever had happened
There was no reasonable excuse for printing
such a story without Investigation supposing
any such despatch to hnvo boon received from
Cliappnqua Tololophono connection with
Sing Sing and Tnrrytown can very easily bo
had and at each of these places Brown How
ard k Co tho contractors for nil that part of
the work have offices They have also nn
office at 20 Nassau street and the head
quarters of tho Aqueduct Commission is
quarra Stewart building und has wire
connoctOn with nil parts of the aque
duct Taking wildly improbable story from
Chappaaun fourteen miles across country
from tho scne of tho alleged accident and
off any line of communication when It could
have been so very easily verified or disproved
Is characteristic of World methods But to
make the matter Dlulncrlt need only be saldthut
D D McBeun an engineer for the contractors
whoso name was mentioned In tho sensational
He and Clinton Backwlth of tho firm called at
the World offIce at 1 oclock and gave notice
that the report was false and unfounded But
the He was kept upon the bulletin board and
reprinted in two later editions with another
rnou Tax WORLD uncut nitroRTpiL
fiuTTAurA Jan 0 2i r JTh crone ot the acci
dent IB I elkht I miles from re I have not been there
jet The damage ti estimated at aOlL1 l
Yk aft lraII 1
A number of Italian laborers are drowned I cannot
name tell how many They are designated by number not by
rianks wheelbarrows ladders and other rubbish
pour out at the blow off or the cut and the Inverted
syphon at Unulds awainp IB supposed to be choked up
The water la still running Into I cut u
The World further announced that tho con
tractors were suppressing tire facts and con
gratulated itself editorially upon its enterprise
President Spencer of tho Aqueduct Commis
sion Chief Engineer Church Brown Howard
k Co and all of their employees at Tarrytown
tho citys Inspectors of the work and the neigh
bore HloiiK the Hue were lu turn questioned by a
SUN reporter about the break in the aqueduct
What they said was verified by a look at the
work nt the placo where the Pooantlco crosses
the line There was no accident there yester
day and nothing hal occurred since the night
of tho let ol January Then a temporary
dam overflowed tho surplus water ran
through an open cut No 8 which takes
the place of a shalt because the aqueduct
is near the surface into tho aqueduct and
down it to a blow off at cut No 9 There it was
carried off into the river again by a waste weir
Iho distance in the aqueduct that this I flood
ef W uiot Iofo
ran was a few hundred leot No one wan
working there as tho brick work was com
plete The nearest workmen woro nt tile
siphon a dip in the aqueduct tunnel go
under Goulds swamp milts away They worn
telephoned to mid got out us 1 measure of
precaution but the water did not get down
that way at RII There was not even a mule in
the flooded part of the aqueduct when all this I
happened a week ago Sunday night Homo
wore btnbled in tho part above Cut 8 but a
slooo wall kept the water from backing up on
them except very slowly They wore got out
by slings before the water was knee deep ou
break was mended on Monday morning one
week ago yesterday The dainugo wits con
fined t the depositing of dirt nnd stoneR in the
bottom of the aqueduct and the lObe was the
expense of hoisting this deposit out The tun
nel brick work Is uninjured and not a life was I
a any time in danger 110 IS
The mischief that tho World eagerly risks
doing by this reckless vending of bcnsatiunal
fiction Is potting less and less a matter to bo
con811ero fottl public has boon educated into
doubt and suspicion of Its sensations Some
of the most recent features 6eOtotous work of
awakening the public to nn understanding
of tire character of the goods undorBtanlnl
to buy wero the Presidents Interview and
the bogus extra about the hanging of the
Anarchists The formor was 1 voluminous
account of a series of talks with tho President
fixed up afterward in tho newspaper oflleo to
make him say what the newspaper wanted him
to say The latter wa almost as audacious us
yebterdaya aqueduct lie It R tho publica
ton of an extra describing the hanging of the
Chicago Anarchists so promptly that it was bo
Ing sold on tho street two hours Chicago time
before the drop loll tmo
But these though the most conspicuous aro
only samples of a vast number of sensational
fictions In which tho World has recently boon
detected Some of them aroused great Indig
nation like the unwarranted and malicious at
tneks upon tho nuns of Ht Josephs Academy
ft oIs ACldom
Ellzubothport tho Sisters of St Dominic who
were described as starving there Other feats
excited only amusement like tho Interviewing
of prominent statesmen and mixing up tho
Democrats and Republicans the printing of a
picture of M lloustan tho French Minister
over Bandmaster Spuwsas name and one of
InspectorGeneral Baird labelled AdjtOen
The World fiction about William Walter
Ihehw putting in half of 84000000 to make
up the deficiency in the Second National
Banks funds the publication of an alleged
romantic acquaintance of twenty years be
twoon Henry King of Now Brunswick N J
nnd his bride the widow Itoomo which was
news to tire couple thombolv tim publication
of a list containing the names of a dozen dead
mon as amomt thoso present at a Brooklyn
Grand Army installation 1 and a revamped fake
previously oxpiouou by a Jorsoy City paper
of tho burial alive of Charles Ituhler
man of Bayonne aro further samples
San months since twentyfour hours have
passed without some one finding It necessary
cither hero or elsewhere to contradict n wilful
misrepresentation or deliberate He of some
port in one or another of the editions of the
World edltons
Perhaps the most gratuitous of those false
hoods was the one purporting to give a speech
of John Sherman purportl1 he wax made to
Buy that ho was not in any way to bo consid
ered a candidate for the Presidency anti which
wile followed tire next day by a cool udiulnulon
that it Iran untrue and unfounded
Tire result Is in each nelgborhood affected by
the individual Instance aa It was yesterday in
Tarrytovrn A resident who woeJ the sensa
tional fake shown to him said That settles
me I have bought the World but now you
could not give It to int
Too Fat lor bli Berth
Isaac N Miller a jeweller living In this
city commenced suit In the United States Cir
cuit Cour several months ago against tho Na
tional Steamship Company for 1000 for broach
of contract The case was brought to trial yes
terday before Judge Wallace and a jury In
August 1881 Mr Miller bought a ticket
Europe and return and the steamship com
pany promised that Mr Miller who is a very
stout man should have a stateroom with a
sofa bed In it for which be paid 60 extr
When ho was about to retur the steamer
America the agent In London refused to give
him separate room On tho first night out to
MiL hn liroamo so wedged into his narrow
berth that ho had to seClro 1101 sonlcoNof iris
ommltl tn help him out Mr Miller wnnln
lured and hla voyage was not pleasant When
be reached Key York he told his experience to
Lawyer David McClure and brought cult
against tho steamship company
Young decree Taylor fobbed of 81 IB by a
Handsome Wo mud
S W 4t A J Ackorman produce dealers
in tho Wallnbout market Brooklyn sent their
nlnotocnyenrold clerk George W Taylor to
deposit 2600 In tho Kings County lank yes
terday Tho money was put up In two pack
ages one containing 770 in gold and silver
and the other tho remainder of the 2500 In
bank notes When ho returned ho had to re
port the loss of tho 779 package and although
ho was deeply grieved ho could console him
self with tho reflection that ho probably fell 1
victim to ono of the most adroit gangs of bank
sneak thieves the country I was getting
on close to S oclock tho closing hour when ho
reached the bank which is In tho basement of
tho Phccnix building In Court street opposite
tho City Hall and took his place In the line of
depositors As he advanced toward tho
cashiers window ho shoved tho packages
along the deak slightly ahead of him
He was just getting ready to hand his money
to the cashier wnen a finelooking woman about
40 years old stout and wearing a dark plush
sacquo trimmed with fur and a velvet hat who
was next to him lu tho line dropped some sil
ver change nt his feet Taylor who Is a polite
young man stooped down to pick up the
money Ho had somo little difficulty in scrap
lag up tho scattered silver pieces Perhaps
thor was an Interval of thirty seconds before
he had picked up the change and arose to pre
heat it to tho lady Grtiit was his surprise
to find that the lady herself had disap
peared together with ono of the packages
of his money fortunately however that
which contained the smaller amount Ho
looked around for almost thirty seconds
more before ho realized that he was not drenm
Ing and hud been very cleverly victimized by
the drop and pick up game He was so
Iame WI8
excited that ho loft the big package of monoy
behind him on the desk and hurried out to tho
street to look around for the woman In the
plush oacquo Her movements when leaving
tho balk yore to unusual B to excite tho sus
picion of two detectives who wore on patrol
duty in tho street and they assisted him in
scouring neighborhood for the woman but
without success
I la supposed there wero two men and two
women In the job and that they drove to and
from the banK In 1 coach Mr 0 N Dentou
the cashier said he noticed I second woman
leave the bank about the elmo time as the wo
man who dropped the change and Hint a short
slim man about 35 tears old and of Jewish
appearance passed out with them Tho trio
ore supposed to have hurried Into a coach which
hnd been in front ot the bank for several niin
utc und in which there was a man This
coach was turned Into Montague street nnd
quickly driven out of sight Young Taylor wits
overjoyed to find on his return to the bank that
the other package of money was in charge of
the cashier
A Soar EpIC from the Mint who Killed
Lawyer Brake Tor Mary
William C Ilhlnclandcr who shot Lawyer
Drake is again wanted this time In tho breach
of promlhO case begun by a woman who calls
herself Edith Mack In an affidavit upon which
hor lawyer Samuel G Barnard has begun Milt
for 10000 Edith alleges that in the snring of
1885 she answered advertisement in a morn
Ing paper for I housekeeper Sho wont to 131
East Fortythird trot and there met lllilnc
landcr who auld his name was W Kalston and
represented that ho was n widower anti
prevailed on hor to become his house
keeper Sho says ho promised to marry hor
They lived together four weeks nt 131 East
Fortythird street then he took her to tho Do
Soto House at Portchester where she says ho
began to abuse her by beating kicking and
Dlucliing hor Ho refused to marry her and
finally told her he bad a wife living When sho
left him to go to Baltimore to try and get an
ongasomenl as nn notion he offered her she
says r > 0 to hunt uu his wife and steal his
child I trom her This Is tile wile for the love of
whom It will bo remembered ho shot Lawyer
Drake nt least his love was his plea 1 will
bo rumriuberad that 1m married a poor r Irish
girl and that his family nnd the family lawyer
tried to separate them Ho shot the lawyer
and tho lawyer is dead
Sire says that when hor child was born sho
wrote to him for money and got a letter from
which this is an extract
I have found n girl to ink your place a warmheart
ed good ind llnd who never used a Sarah or unkind
nordat a wllllnnieis to receive awilary fl 12 a month
Mnco you thought 111 t not rnuugh to tare for
you I find hotui one who thlDltt I 144cc enough tocare for
her Anti outn whom I cove bolt what 1 hail when you
were with me had heller turIn Idea
1 wih bter your as to rue
wealth man to whom you couM mil yourself
I aia worry for ou I ou ht in rejoice at every
woman mJberj me noon on to attack t the character
lol tile wltel Inulbl to irtoij nll the downfall l of your
wreichcd sex and help to puih each and all of them to
destruction I ounht to denilfte Mil of you and mock at
your calamity und be glad uf yutir misfortune I ought
to laugh at every pain 1 i Fee a woman feel and at every
wot IIo 1 her lurrvr and place it down for retribution
Against the onn who is also to ice iI cab not to me of
Irlhh I g orv that the girl who miflered with you Is an
Irish girl I would rather Increase her suffering than
dlmnish It 0 American or ugliph I girl can be my
enemy but down down with etery Irishwoman
they are alt Immoral anil irreclaimable
1 have ttpentM great part of fry life doing good to
others and tty liuvo all the more tufted agninbt me
Why tuuuld women I expect auythlugof ment They will l
let a man suffer I all bis lift for hrJ of kindness or a
loot of sympathy yet they thenselves In lhe limo II
ttieir neceislty w ill expect heli from those to whom they
have always been most crueL I did not Intend to do b
anything more for you bat our strongly worded letter
has tntluericrd mo tu offer jou a paMage on the Koston
steamer lueiday from Tier 1t4 North Hirer at 5 1 M
W C Biuiox
A Young IVonana Ki lends Desert her
Ieurlni her Dtienic
CLEVELAND Jun DProf F D Gorsllno
Is President of tho Ohio Business University
And lives In rooms near his establishment
With him and his wife resided until Saturday
his younc sister Uiittie who WIIB a clerk In ono
of the city banks A week ago Hattie who was
taken ill called on a physician who pronounced
the case diphtheria Upon discovering the
nature of the dlsoaso Mrs Gorsllne immedi
ately fled to hor parents in Brooklyn I suburb
of this city whom she was noon followed by
tho Professor From Mrs Nellie Baldwin a
widow occupying room across the hall from
the UurslIncH a reporter learned I tho following
Hattlo lay all day Monday n1 Monday
night alone suffering and on Tuesday morning
I fonnd her by happening to 10 In A doctor
CarrIe and treated Hattlo but bho died on Sat
urday at noon A married sister Mrs 01 Mac
Dupnn of Geneva 0 had been notified and
arrived on Thursday As soon ns breath left
poor Hnttles body Mrs MncDiignn too loft
for home HatlltTB mother arrived a few hours
titter her death anti Inquired for her When
Bho saw urupe on the door sIre burst Into latin
An uml < rinker Imiuuht n plain rough eollln In
which Ilin poor doHil girl wits placed On Sun
tiny iiiornlni I died I to luiinh out Ilr hlflg hair
lint the uudeitaker said there was no tulle for
bfogs now and so thn conln lla was closed
Irof Gorshina arrived In tlmotoaccomnanv
thcrlienrfco to tho eemetciy but tIre undertaker
had to go down on the street to cull In men to
carry tho coffin to the hearse Only one car
riage followed the body to the grave and no
ceremony was held either at the housn or at
the cemetery Thus nn accomplished young
woman was burlod out of sight In an Inhuman
milliner beeuiso of the terrible fear with
dleoneo which her relatives and friends regarded tho
A Free Cnnntrv Hut nt too Free
0 Joseph suld Iinlui Hmlth I nt tin I Tombs
Police Couit yemenlav 10 Jonrpli Miller 0 Herman ml
lor of I I Mulbirr slreot thooillccrsayi you were flour
ishing a d thlrstlii fRW round Hie
lohhll digger and 11ln ru gore aroul llend
Ca7 Ic b Iberj erred JOt 1Iht Ii 11 uCla fuU got Lo
l bId vat a lyre nnlry Rlrrdee anwe < iii Tulon
You lie v alud tire freedom accorded In alien anti
I will hold you la taw 10 anwr cud Ih Judire aUI
Iyhllllny del TO vuuuy ald JOIpl a he we
I taken I dwu tllrl
Ibo Accuse the MlulBteH Son
JiiBtlco Kelly of Summit N JI Iwmed a war
rant ycBttriUy fur the nrwtiC UyU McNtlr aaonnf
a mlnUtej ut lledmlnitrr on rumplalnt of MUs Illllu M 1
Day an orphan whoig hmim H In Huuimtt She > r
cuses him uf irclrairri SIte we a liimmic In the min I
liters l harrIS MoNuIr U inly I 17 years old I and IB at
scaotl llu fuuvlikeepsle
Held cc ber SIster Complaint
Henrietta Itellly was held for trial yesterday
In the Tombs Court on the complaint of her sister Sir
Ida Wale of 24 Mulbcrrj treet wire charge tier
with Bleating a black tilt drew
< bll < lrrn trr lor Illrbrr Vastorla
J I tilrrl I rriarutlon I lo rbrdric 1 i omiilslnts till
The Ontario and vlnttern nfilie 207 Broadway Fell
Western tickets t lowest r Ia Iullmau buffet sleeper
to Niagara rails Reclining chaIr can free to Uoches
Ir Hisses checked 10 dtillnstlon by notifying U
Mmr York Truuf Company IJo 10lywr
Setter Across the Up Track Above Chatham
Nqnnre nt the SCour or the Homeward
KuhThe Detector Failed to Detect
Tho car didnt tumble Into the street this
time cither and if It had tumbled It was only
the pay car of the Manhattan Elevated Hal
road Company I might have hit somebody
in the Bowery But what It did do was to block
up travel on the Third avenue line for a solid
hour and I quarter between 5U and OX last
evening torture passengers on the Second
avenue line by overcrowding seven times over
crowded and yet divert a host of nickels from
tho companys treasury
I was beautifully simple Paymaster Allen
S Gookln with his five assistants had been
paying off tho employees along the line and
their beautiful new car with Engine 36 at
tached was lying o tho east sldo track at tho
north end of Chatham square station They
had completed their work the Chatham square
men having just received their pay when tho
conductor gave the order to pull out and go
over to the west side track Tho engine was
counted to tho south end of tho car so it
pushed the car out on to tho main up track
To enter the west switch tbo engine and ear
had to go north on this up track as far as the
Canal street up platform When tho signal to
back down was given tho engineer started
up Quietly to got out of the way of a waiting
train at Chatham square Tho engine and the
wheels of tho forward truck of the car took tho
switch to tho west all right but before tho
wheels of this hind truck got there Switchman
tll bnd Swlchmon
Spencer had kindly thrown tho switch over
and the hind truck kept on down tho main up
track pulling Its end of tho car along with It
This of course swung the car broadside to
across both tracks and I proceeded sldewlse It
struck upright Iron semaphore signal pillar
smashed some of tho joiner work and win
dows against It and sent a shower of gluts
Into the street below Then it fetched up of Us
own accord almost square across tho main up
track Iccorl Its end sticking out over tho bow
ery sidewalk In front of tho Windsor Theatre
Nobody was hurt but Mr Gookin it la said
didnt like it
Superintendent W T Gouudle who hap
pened to be at the station put a force ot men
to work nt once to pull tho car back The en
gine being attached to the inside end of tho
car was powerless to push 1 it out and an en
gine telegraphed for from Mnth street came
down the up track and pulled tho last end of
the car back with a hawser until the car was
RI on ono track nialn I was then switched
to tho side track whore It had originally stood
All this time trains were coming at a snails
pace down the down truck to the station close
on each others heels Tho station was I jam
Tho loudestlunged men on hand woro shout
ing on one side
TNo trains to City Hall Stick to this train
and It will tnko you to Fulton retry
On the other side tho cry was
Tnko tho bocond avnoo train if ye want to
git up town No trains on Third avnoo
In the street below hundreds of pooplo hind
gathered In front of the Windsor Theatre tho
doors of which aio Immediately under whore
the accident occurred und to clear a gangway
the police drove some nnl the crowd Into tho
theatre lobby Gcnigo 8 Knight the nctor
IIUd his munugor Frank Paul waio standing
in Ibo entrance when tho cur struck tho
signal pillar and tile splinters eamn flying
down at their loot Pleoui of gliibd air
brakes and teloiauph wires camo down in a
shower said Mr Knight und the people
nIne rushing into the theatre to avoid them
For a time there seemed FOIHO danger of the
car Itself falling into the street
The cause of the accident was clearly ex
plained to n SUN reporter by Superintendent
Uoundlo Tho pay car was properly switched
to the track it originally started for while tho
reporter vuis on board We are changing tile
old stylo switch burs nt this point said Mr
Goiindlo for what are known us switch de
tectors They are used to prevent u switch
man from turning a twitch until the cur has
possed over it In this case the switchman
being located In a dark tower nwny back at the
station thought the pay car had passed the
switch Ho turned it before tire hind wheels
reached It henea the accident The detector
was no use In this ease The pay car
is a new one and possesses all the
modern improvements Behind a mahogany
counter with n fancy brass network Paymaster
Gookin with his five men stands and passes
out the envelopes to the men who stnnd In the
line Before any man who has been paid
reaches the door If n mistake is discovered a
clerk presses a knob with his foot which rings
an alarm boll and lorln liotlt doors Tho ails
take IH rectified und the prisoner Is allowed to
go On tire touching ot another secret splint
half the I lloor inldo i ito t counter files iiinnd i
discloses a safe with a combination lock in
which the funds am carried During tire last
three days fiOOOOU has been paid to the L
road onipioyees
By ballpast 6 oclock tire trains wore running
again on the uptown track
SIR aovuY ov ma PRESS
lie Thinks Xenripnper Article Should be
Nlatied with the Writer Name
CHICAGO Jan 9The Andrew Jackson
League a now political organization recently
formed in this city gave its first public meoting
tonight at Central Muslo Hall A number of
speeches wore rnudo before the chief event of
tho evening the speech W CGoudy a groat
power in Illinois politics was delivered Tho
most of his remarks were devoted to limo press
After showing that restraint und regulation Is
applied to nearly every person and pursuit in
life Mr Gaudy continued
But there is one notable exception The
greatest power in civilized society today la
that of tire press und It is practically unre
strained and Into from regulation byliw This
force makes and unmakes Presidents Gov
ernors Senators Itupreaentatlvosln Congress
legislators Judges and nil officers in our
complex s sttiii of f government It is superior
to tire executive legislative and judicial
authorities hccniHo It creates und destroys
them By the name menus it enacts and
enforces or dufonts law Private roputiition
nrlv ate propel r > dopvnua upon thltfiinmeaaurn
wti force In silent tho Influence of the dnily
and oeklynevibpipors and monthly periodl
dil Is omnipotent and omnipresent This
powor however H us potent for good aa ovil
Vlro exercises this iinmenso power I Tho
press the newspaper But that Is wholly im
personal anti therein lies tire danger The
writer may be Oov hawley who represents his
State in the United States Senate or the boy
just out of college earning hula 1U a week
Them may oven hit l > n apparent editorial articles
luit In fact written to further homo corrupt
scheme for which t 1 a lino 1 I In paid
Art n rtulrody for these ttlkgotl 01110 Mr Goudy
advocated lie 1 enactment ol u stututo which
would reinlro flInt the name of the writer of
every article bn It sit hot itti communication
ornuwb btigltun with it
The President nod the Iopc
BAITIMOBE Jon 9 JntheMethodlbt preach
era meeting today the Rev Mr Cleiarn read ft paper
entitled A 1rotent tgalcit the Action of 1reildent
CleroUnd In Hendlnn it Copy of the Constitution of the
tnlted Slates to Iniie In XIII on the Occasion of the
llecent Jubilee ortlid latter Ilie protest eiclied con
Iderible dUcutiloii the memberS being about equally
illvMed it writ inilulrd by tome of thoiie sir hiecorel
tie lirotrt that 11 wire in official rocounlUjn of the
fnftt inlre when lte I l < rely i lie lead of a church
tihlrii HIP munition 1 lm > muiloii prihlwu Tin
iiiamr ii u titrriil lu u tuiniuiucv wlilolili expected
tit refill IIVM ilCb >
rimlnimll UeliuiiKs llm Tiiiil rii > et
OINTINNAII Juu 9jltlI morning tim wul
romo wliliiloof the low In nt 1r12e Ito foumoiiof tlio
lllt burih coal inset niuuileil ut lire wharf H was
greeted withcnlhutuwm Mlonliiir It CaRl at Inter
val the Hornet No Z neater 1airi i lark John lioran
Itesolute lum llle liluniond and Kaimond llorner
with their iirecloun ton 41 coal from luttbumh The
Hate City and the John V Lewis the clan e of the
hanawha coat Beet alo arrived ire Ohln Hlver wilt
be well covered alit i oalm In addition to the heavy
shipments made from ritiKhurxh uraily JiXMOOO bail
tin will lUllln Iron I ito KLIlvwIll
liiiIoos ol kcxlcrin l Veterans
CIlIctuu Jnn TwentjOiie old men nil
veleraiia uf tho Meilcan s or met jiitcrdtiy and
dr flel a bjl lu L > prewnted to ConitreM sunie lliu
ago a petition wag preftinu lo Congmi rullliiK Shell
lion le the lueciuatltlei of the pienenl iielulon law
Tire bill drufied yitlerday U deilzued In rorrect these
faulti by Teoiovlag tIre ago limit allowing Mexican war
veterana wbuierved In the late war to receive a pension
for cervices In each of the wan and by adiulttiur en
lilted servants to tlie nentlon roll
A Cornell Student FoCally Hurt
ITIUCA Jan 9ii Brown of Phllndolphlnn
milciil ut Cornill 11 en tb t while Ilinuli fri t a a
thrnnn I Foul Mr eel Mil tinS iU nknll frnutured
aiailiitt a lilfifruiih let k Hell lilluilte but there ire
cubripei < of lila recuvery
ounic Brown wa a tiromlvlnr student In the freebi
man chase and had Jut eulnred upon t four liar1
count In clrtl cmtutcrluii
Oomtloek Helzei n Lot of Indecent Ana
toralcul Wax Flinrei and Carts Thorn Off
Oomstock and his men Drum anti Sill
liven wont to the KSBOX Market Court yester
day with Inspector Williams and got warrants
for the arrest of the proprietors of the socalled
museums in the Dowory where Indecent wax
figures are exhibited Ton policemen irom the
Eldrldgo street station and others from Super
intendent Murrays force all In citizens dress
accompanied them to the Bowery They visited
the Parisian Museum at 309 flowery first ar
rested the ticket taker and throe attendants
and then ransacked the place The prisoners
woro Walter Irlco treasurer Hugh McCabe
bartender Steven Hickey and Matthew Me
Cornmck lecturers The place was filled with
wax figures and cartoons of a most filthy and
suggestive character There was no apparent
purposo in the figures to mako them either
artistically or anatomically Instructive Sev
eral cartloads ot the Bluff were taken to Tolloo
Meantime three other museums had been
raided The Egyptian Museum at 13M Itowery
was visited by Itoundsman Cooper and a detail
of mon from the Mulberry street station and
they made these prisoners Frederick lilton
proprietor Charles Btlef Hium Von lllllor
Otto Fredericks and Arthur F Torbln At 81
Bowery the European Museum throe arrests
were made William Ward proprietor James
Kenrnoy professor and Nathaniel Miller
painter Th prisoners from 118 llowory were
lodged In the Mulberry street station and the
others In the Lldrtdge street htatlon Cant
Brogan and DetectIvo JlcCork then went to lr
Kahns Museum with a saund of men from the
Mercer btreet station and arrested George
Livingston the manager Nicholas 11 Trana
a professor and Leopold Cohen They wore
locked up at the Mercer street station until
ballod All the Indecent wax flpurea wore
carted oft to Iolioe Headquarters Tho prison
era will be arraigned ut liesox Market Iollco
Court today
Tile places warn rnided upon complaint of
citizens under section S17 of the Tonal Codo as
amended by the last Legislature Inspectors
Wllllama and Steers visited them to get evi
dence KnhnM Museum the moat pretentious
of those raided has been In existence for 26
years Its manager threatens to make It warm
forComstock who in turn threatens to make
it too warm for their waxworks
Iltlle Ml Dodge Had Got n Fair as Har
lem when Last Ilenrd From
Mr Chcovcr K Dodge formerly Treasurer
of the Manhattan Rubber Company reported
at Police Headquarters last evening the disap
pearance of his fifteenyearold daughter Pau
line M Dodge
Mr Dodge has had reverses in business lie
lives in a flat on tim southwest corner of Fifty
eighth street anti Ninth avenue and keeps a
stationery store at 810 Ninth avenue To in
crease tho familys limited income Mrs Dodgo
teaches music
Pauline has had charge of tire store In the
absence of her father She is a pretty girl
with an olive complexion and large brown
eyes Since the dinth recently of a little
brother Mm has boon melancholy Sho has
expressed sonic dissatisfaction over the
meagre bunlncsa of the stoic but never indi
cated until yesterday that she intended to shllt
for herself
Her mother received thin information In a
letter mailed at Station L in East lliJtli street
voaterday morning Paulino bcuun her letter
My dour sweet mamma and wild that
she had been more fortunate than she
supposed she would bo having obtained
a place to mind two sweet children
She wrote that she left homo with only
33 cents 10 of which she had spent In car
furo getting to Harlem She would not site
wrote go to work until today anti plio did not
know what silo would do for lodging anti
food last nlaht but sire thought she
would got alone all right She supposed sho
would miss her dear miu anti mum mi
arid the piano but site hail concluded
that what she wits doing was for tho best She
hoped her mamma would forgive her and also
excuse the bad penmanship as her hands were
very cold She said she wrote the letter in n
stationery store something herpapis and
tliit the lady who kept the store was very kind
Mr Dodge began Fenichlng for Pauline just
after leaving her description nt Police Head
quarters He returned home at 10 oclock loot
night after hunting all over Harlem without
any news of her She wore n black newmarket
blnck diesH black hat with black ribbon and
button shoes
The New Democratic General Committee
Orcitnlze In JSrooklsn
Tine now Democratic General Committee
met last night in Jefferson Hall Brooklyn to
elect officers for the ensuing year The secre
tary did not call the names of any delegates
from Gruvesend Now Utrecht or the Seven
teenth ward the associations In each of which
were dissolved by the last General Committee
but which will bo reorganised in a few weeks
John P AduiiH of the Seventh trend was
elected President of the General Committee
The other officers elected were First Vice
President Thomas J Henna Second vice
President William T Gilbert Third Vice
President Peter W Derek Secretary William
A Fumy Assistant Secretary John P Began
Corresponding Secretary Edward Norris
Treasurer Thomas Carroll Collector James
H Flynu SergoantatArms John McCaffrey
Delegates Loughran Van Vnlkenberg and
Smith of the Nineteenth ward sent in their
resignations wlildi were accepted This com
mittee then adjourned
happy Sequel to n Secret Marriage
NEW HAVEN Jan 9A sensation was
created In this city about n year ago by the an
nouncement ot the secret marrlago of Miss
Fnnnle C Howe and Edward J Shochan The
bride is the daughter of a prominent citizen
vv ho is engaged In literary work Sheehan is a
machinist employed by M Seward k Sons
Ho was nt one time a pupil of Miss Howes she
ltavhini given miiHlc lessons und thu was the
noiiuainiitnco formed wMch resulted In a
secret inrirrlaco AH coon us Mlns Howna
parents lemied of tint marrlago measures were
adopted to estrange the newlymarried couple
The brlilo continued toiosliio with her parents
and the privilege of seeing hr WIIH refused
Slieehnn At one time she was locked in
her room for several days hraving pnrslntml In
arranging secret meetings with her husband
Fulling to euro her of her love nor parents In
stituted proceeding for divorce wlileh failed
and as a last resort removed to Columbus
Ohio taking Mrs Shoehnn with them She re
turned to thin city on Saturday lust and
through the efforts of a mutual Irlend I a meet
ins wan arrnnjed between her and her hue
bund Since then they have gone to keeping
house nnd her parents hnvu dlxownnd her Mr
IIowe is in Columbus writing a history of the
btatoof Ohio
A Tragedy nt n Connlry nail
WAIISAW N Y Jan 9On Friday even
ing Dec 80 there was n dance in Bulllvnns
Hotel at Eagle VlllrKO During the festivities
two lads engaged in ascufllo on the floor and
fell on each other Juincit lllcfiilo about 30
yenrsof nee who was uinler tile Influence of
liiiuoi eat down cit the two hula for tin Tire
under one struggled nft tliouch I hurt and Ms
mother told Illesple to got iii Gllibiil imld
no attention to I tlie I reu utah and Vl llljain
Jones n brother of ire t vvoinnn piillod him
oft A dlhputo followed nnd 1 ugla Vlllagon
wore filiriirlseil to wo yoiini JoiipP who Is u
till hut luuffnnstve fellow knock OllleHple down
twice Glllesplti wire tiler removed from the
room and In tire barroom down stairs dis
played n knife and threatened to disembowel
Jonoa if he cuinu down stairs Jones somo
time afterward went out doora and In return
ing clinic tliroutjli the luirroom Glllespie Itn
nieti I ntel ceinieri nut his I threit t by stabbing
him In t It in i oln Jones nm lieoii I In I n ilnngeroua
eondllii nturtlnee nnd rdjirtnt lonlgfit fciiy
1m IHUIIIUI Nn i iiililiillit I have loon liliuto
olther 10 tho Slitiiiror 1istilct Attornoy
lbs Tonununiln Sure
LEWTS Del Jan 9This steamship Tone
wanda In tow of the Protector was sighted to
day off tire Breakwater by pilots They report
her in good condition except a broken piston
rod Site has H Delaware pilot aboard but as
site hIatt not been sighted hero up to 10 J M
It in bolievod Unit filio proceeded direct to New
York In tow ot tho Protector
liinitictl I front lita Cnpnlii
Duriii In I < Tan 0John Cunningham a
farmer lllus near here committed lulolJe by jumping
from the cupola ot hit resIdence last nlilit Out year
mo he LIlea a home thief at Attica and this ao worked
upon Ul < wind that lie went crazy lie wu oa year old
fll I
Both YFIllIng to Kl8lit NiilllTk > bnt There
are Keateni Whr They Cannot Tlie j 1
Comlnc Mill Mckee Mitchell Look Sick
tjfrh Itta In Tut Stm JVInllns and PsaUki j
4laodatirnt iC 1
LONDON Jan 9To an audience n thou
sand or two loss than that which Sullivan first
mot In London Smith and Kllraln made their I J tO I
opening bow at the Royal Aquarium tonight
Kllruln now looks all right again though la i lIt
shape and make ho compared unfavorably with
Smith especially about tho shoulders and
chest which latter appeared sunken In Smith f
scorned In flrstrato condition but his our Is
permanently disfigured Ho was surrounded
by those satellites who are living on his repu
tation and whose orders ho Implicitly obeys tllt
The combatants boxed three rounds amid
enthusiastic applause but the display was not
of n high order Tho exchanges were few and I
slow and though there was some infighting at i
the close of the lust round it was very slow
and it not that the hnvo boon
wero mon mad 9 fi I
popular herovs It would unquestionably
called forth strong comments from the some j
what critical audience ti1l
Smith was smart upon his legs but his reach
was short while Kiiraiis long arm more fre i l
quently found its mark Go in and finish I jf
him Jom ahoutod tire Englishmans friends 4
lepeatedly Joni made sturdy try to get the
best of It but was not equal to it the Amori
can stopping his efforts easily In the majority t
of cases As a boxing exhibition the show was j 3
not first rate Neither of tho mon did what an
English audience expects whoa promised some
thing first class
Smith after the show told your reporter ho j
was perfectly willing to fight Hulllvan any time
but was in the hands of his backers Fleming t
his manager said they were perfectly willing
to make a match with Sullivan but must first
ronp this fruits of Smiths present position bo i
font any match could bo made Sullivan must
first beat Mitchell
Kllraln on his side paid ho was quite willing 1
to enter the ring against Sullivan t > r fight him ti
In a boxing match but ho bold also that the
match with Mitchell ought first to bo deter
mined Finally I saw Mitchell himself who to
say the least ot It appeared unhappy Ho sold i
Sullivan had all the boat of the arrangement
Ho had all tho weight on his side and more r
than that he had such a crow around him as us
would prevent Mitchell from winning In any I
way Win tie wrnngleis Sullivans motto
according to Mitchell Still the Englishman n
said he was prepared to go on with the fight a
statement I take leave somowhnt to doubt I
judging by his demeanor tonight which did
not by any ineana betoken a man confident of
victory In fact HS n loading betting man sold 4
at the Aquarium tonight it is ten to one
against Mitchell over going Into the ring
against Americas real champion
Mr Ilnrniira Cant lima Mr Crovrler
Mr P T Durntini called upon President
Borden of the Park Board yesterday and asked
him if the Commissioners luau considered his
oiler for tho surrender ot Mr Crowley tho
We have said Mr Borden and we can
not aceeopt it
Mr Barnum then said that as the Com °
missioners wanted elephants ho would give
them ono or two for the use of Crowley In the i
summer inontlm take rfood care of him and g 1 1
ret u in him every fall 1 4t
Oh Mr Bainum tho President
no nn I
swcrnd wo cannot accent oon this second
oq kurt a thnampnnzoe like this can bo got for
8151 said Mr Barnurn I
Well was tho answer that Is the easiest p
way to get one Crowloy cant leave the Park
for twentyfour hours I I
Ulspallnn Over a Nllce of Pucks Profit a
B B Valentine tlio Fitznoodle of Pack
Is suing Henry C Bunnor its editor in the City
Court for onehalf of Mr Bunnors proprietary
interest In that papor 1000 a year and 3 for
for every 1000 copIes sold above 40000 Mr
Valentino claims that In 1882 when ho and Mr 14j I
Bunner were salaried vvritcrs together for Juck
it wan agreed that Mr Bunner should ask for n j4
proprietary Interest by way of promotion and 3f
that onelmlr that interest obtained should
go to Mr Valentino Mr Bunner donlea that
ho made such an agreement
A Smallpox 1uttent Walk Into BelleTne
A poorly dressed man entered Believuft
Hospital lute on Sunday night and complained
of feeling ill Ho was found to bo suffering
from Binallpox and was sent to North
Brothers Island He hInd boon a lodger In a
lodging house In the Bowery and stops were
Immediately taken to vaccinate all the in
mates of the tildco The sick man came from
William A Jacob Killed
Wealthy Willlnm A Jacobus of Cedar Grove
y J died on Monday night His team of horses while
they were being driven on Friday night by his clerk ran
away and he rtepped out Into the street and tried to
Btop them lie was knocked down und a wheel paasaA
over hU forehead He never recovered consciousness fLj
He wan 3J years old and be leaves a wife and three
Killed by u Boulevard Car
Newton A McOuIro 10 years old of 224 West
Fifty eighth street jumped from the rear platform ot a
Ilonlevard car going south on Broadway between Fifty l
fourth und FIlly blOb itroeu last nlxht and fell under Q
the wheels of car No 237 of the same lino going uorto
Ho was killed Instantly
Ibe Weutber Yesterday
Indicated bv Hudnuts thermometer 1A
M tK t h A M 250 U A M Wr ° t U M 3l 8UP
M Hi i < r 5 MH 32 ° b S r M Ul ° n 12 midnight j
Average 3Ci ° Average on Jan u I8s7 ib3 H
Mlinal Office Prediction
Warmer snow or rain light to fresh wind
becoming soutbeaiterly
4 I
J0271N65 ABOUT aoirse
Chief Judffe Hedirwlck nas granted an absolute dlrorM
to Angelo Monfrtdl from Marie Munfredl
Kx Judze Charles Uonohuo appeared as counsel la the
Supreme Court chambers yentcrday and argued acau
The Iark Commlifcloners yesterday patscil resolution
rmiipllmtmtary to their late Iresldent Theodore W
Murs now Comptroller or the city
A Coroner s Jury yeiterday exonerated Richard i
Whelan after a wrestling bout with whom saloon
keeper Albert J lluller itlea of hernia
Frank earns the proprietor museum at 320 Bow
fry was lined tloln the Court of Special bsslona yee
teriiay for keeping his place open on Uuuday
Ron Alfred II Terry who has not been outside of his
arurimenu at the Jrand Hotel since his arrival In this
cIty ii liec J2 Is euRerlcg from Indigestion an old
Ilie Church of lire Barred Heart of Jesus has nail
Flssl fur K plot of ground bating a frontage of HI feet
mi I lliu south side of tltiyilrm street aaet of Tenth
lilt ii nc
Mtplirn Ollrlen aired 22 a laborer tell yesterday
morning from tbe elevated rollru id track at Second av
enue and liwth striet where he was at work and was
badly Injure
Tire will of the late Father niordan was filed for pro
bate yoeterdss It oa made on tire day before iris
death and leaves all brie property to his mother lira
Margaret Itlordan
Tbe inantlne Outlnj which Is devoted to studio
ipnrtn amid which It edited by 1oultney Illitelow was
sold yesterday arterdoon toJ H H orman proprietor of
thu sarafo ilan of Karatoirii N V i
Tlioililp Jacob K Kidgnayof Ihlladclphla 205 days
from Calcutta arrhe herS joirrday wlih the body ot
the chief mate Vtllllaui II Mevctis ot Urunawlok He
ii tin died at sea of ilropnv ugl < l t
The report > that riMin l for Jacob Kharp would move
to quash I Ire ilIil 1111111 upni IllS npmlng of lire court
fjf Over midTerinlner j piterday proved to be Incorrect
Im r Mluhell ssld Hist ire Old not believe that any such
motion would be mude at least for the present
Nicholas W rraie vlio Ia l being sued In the fiopreme
Court for siiiKKidauianes by John W Jeflers for the
alienation nf Mrs Jerrrrs affections has failed In his
fTorl to be released from Ludlow street Jail Ieasa and
Mm defer were members ot the Lalght Street M K
The Munlrlral Council of the Irish National League
will meet tiniinlit In the rooms of lire lialle buddy 17
v > Ut iKtntv rltlilli Street Ntl on timllli ex freildent
ol rntral lira u 1 olin pax out The lrlh Hirunnle
onliliiM > r uu Alt mull the binndolntof au Aiuctl
a i
Ji rrie tinS > n 4 tiMoinanaiKi j ir f the I Slur Theatre nai
sera cr1 irat 1rnlur stain wlllui viarrant uf arrest In a
nUfortJOiCnnuiges brought bv Mrs I eoli Newman
cf 7Knrirlh Street She all < iie < that onJuu 3 Huoli
uaiiouitelii Hit same ligtiM kuock d her Uown tu tU
lraUwlsy and kicked her
a p

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