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lit T the TBIC la War Tax Only and
that til 0 System la On at JEaploBava and
Injntlltft < n t Skonld be Abolished
WASHINGTON Jan 0 Senator Brown of
Georgia addressed tho Benato today In sup
port of his resolution offered on Jan 4 In
favor of the repeal ot the internal revenue
las Senator Drown occupied his seat while
ttidinc bis speech on account of his lufforlnir
from AD Attack of sciatica Ho Bftld
fD frt internal revenue net was passed
n 1702 and subsequent revenue acts were
passed in 1813 and In 1061 all during war
periods and intended to supplement tho ordi
nary revenues by tariff and moot tho demand
for eitraordlnary resources colled for by war
In both of tho earlier cases immediately upon
tliecessatlon of war these revenue lawn woro re
pealed Ircstdvnt Jefferson in his first nnnunl
nesBiig recommended tho abolition of tho In
ttrnal revenue system and discussed tho prin
ciples Involved with masterful ability The
Internal war revenue mciisuro of 1813 durlnic
the Presidency Mr Madison was repealed
three years after peace and before tho wnr
debt was paid or the soldiers reunions wero
paid and until the civil wnr of 1801 over forty
years nil parties united In resting upon tho
tariff for revenue to support Government
Th Internal revenue system of 1BC1 waa
likewise n war measure and adopted to raise
money In a treat strait but unlike the two
first the system has been continued beyond
the emergency and is now in existence twenty
three years after tho wnr has closed We are still
collect Inn In round numberu 117000000 1 year
under the Internal rnvonuosyBtemandnt a time
when there is n heavy surplus of revenue In
the Treasury The principal remaining rev
enue is 1 tax on distilled whiskey and ferment
ed liquors of nearly 83000000 and on tobacco
and clstnra of ovor 30000000 We are maintain
ing two BVStema ot taxation and two artnltu of
officers when one should do Tho Government
employs in tho intcrniil revenue system iiu
army of nearly 4000 person whoso practice of
espionage and domiciliary vexation creates
both annoyance nnd much disloyalty
1rivolous prosecutions Impel tho people to take
tLc chance of evading laws that restrain thorn
from a privtlace which they regard us 1 birth
rglit to miko stimulants which they think
limy need out of tho products of tholt own
labor Tho reason for hostility to tho law is
Bhown by the fact that in tho Northern district
of fleoreia alone for ton years fiom 1877 to
1887 there wore 4047 prosecutions and 2533
convictions of men hurdy mountaineers who
during tho war wore tho most loyul to tho
United States Govornmont and who under u
ten > of oppression by odious lawn aru prob
nuly less loyal now to the Government than lire
the peoplu in any part of tho Htatc
1hn discrimination ucalust tobacco nnd
vvhljkoy mnde by tho intirul rotcnuo system
constitutes nstronK objection to it Tho whis
key tax occupies a peculiar position Tho wills I
ley distillers get an onoimuus profit out of It
which they do not wish to be deprived of Thor
it no monopoly on tho American continent
comparable to that of the rat whiskey ring
It Is orotected by a tariff of 2 I cullon nn all
imoortod whiskeys from other countries HO
that at the Custom House tie whiskey men are
the best protected ot American citizens from
foreign competition Tho laws carefully pro
tect the whiskey monopolist against IOSH by
IcaKncff casualty or destruction by fire Ho
has a Rood thine of It with the whlfkoy cared
lor by tho Government for throe years nt no
rost to himself with nvor oueslxth of hln whis
key allowed a leakage and tho prix linen of
ni port nt Ion without paying uny tax And If ho
fulls to sell his whiskey abroad and brings It
back in the original package ho bimply pays
ninety conts tax whllBthi foreign whiskey by
its side pnys 2 a gallon Import duty This is
nn advantage of 11 over the Importer
I IK said the Internal revenue renonl will
turn whiskey and tobacco loose without taxa
tion that nultbururt necessities but both am
luxuries and It Is better to lower tho tariff
nnd glvti the poor froo trace chains and frvo
wool hats which aie ehoapor than thoyeer
wero bofom than to iclvo them free tobacco
nnd free whiskey Tobacco hal become a
necessity nnd eten If a luxttrr tho poor will
l nnhvo J
havo It and the money for tobacco is taknn
from the familys support Every dollar of tax
therefore on tobacco that IB talon off gives npr
poor man sn much more to support his family
Blpprt famiY
and will probably be u greater rolfof than any
other that legislation l could furnish which doos i
not reduce tax to a creator amount Tho xamo
rule applies substantially to whiskey I may
11 denied that It In I necessary and yet few
families do not use It ami I they will continue
to use I at any price When wo put 9U cents
tn on what cost 20 cents I gallon we put 1
tax of 300 per cent on what the laboring man
will have and a relief In this matter will help
tho poor
Georgia has pnld Ille thA war unlor the in
ternal revonuolaw J22775COO Into tho Federal
Treasury or about 1000000 n ytwr This
would almost pay the amount of direct tax
levied by the Stato Government of Georgia for
11 own support and leave I the farmers and
their plantations llvo stock and al
most free from taxation
Ho declared the Internal revenue system
to be an outrageous system of pspiouage In
justice nnd wrong that on cut to luivo bon
abolished long ago
Finally he moved that tho resolution bo re
ferred to the Committee on finance
Bock of Kentucky objected to that refer
ence on the ground that that committee had
no jurisdiction over the subject as tho I House
of Itepretentntlves alone could Initiate n bill
for the reduction of tux S He 1 hot to have
the resolution Ho on the table HO that some Ken
ators could be heard OB tho opposite Mdo of the
question The Honnte hud just listened to n
defence of tho Georgia moonshiners and to tin
stuck on tho Government and iti ofllccrs Ho
vUsliodachuncu to reply to I Tho resolution
was laid on the table
Luxurious Kurronndlrva lor TVnyfa rr to
the JLnnd ol Flotvrre
Six cure ranjrnlflccntly fitted up left the
Pennsylvania Itallroad Depot in Jersey City ut
DH oclock yeotorday morning They composed
the nw Florida special train of vesti
bule car to bo run from New York
to Jacksonville Flu The train will Ivave
Jersey City ut tho snmo hour on Monday
Wednesday and Friday of each woek reach
ing Jacksonville at 3J5oclockon tho follow
ing afternoon On the name days 1 similar
rain will start from Jacksonville nnd its pas
bonKers will
fi reach New York on the following
evening atB oclock The trip from Now York
to Jacksonville la thus completed in about
thirty hours the time bolnga Ito longer on
the return journey Tho train is made up of
three Bleepars a dining car n composite library
and smoking car and a baggage car The six
curs practically form one continuous cur being
connected by means of flexible rubber enclos
ures The sleepers are finished in mahogany
nd blue tbe ifortable chairs richly upholstered
a Ilace IUbh Ijl each cur ai o two rooms
turnlhed lh luxurious BOfas and eisy
chain Tbey 10 M that mn hto
tlusion rrom the armnled 01 tho car
I b olir aocurld Iu tlo s101Inl uplrt
Jet and I brlry one
coult oasly
1ldhn6J In 1 luxurous elh home bOlutul
S e4k stands rely for those who want to write
a lie dlninc car is t ijulta as attractive HS any
At one end it has 1 secluded loom similar to
Wow In the other cars and nt the othor a
Mntry The interior Is finished In oak Ibo
vestibules are carpoted in the same manner aa
wears and lighted by electricity Tlio uo
cumiilator system for lighting Is employed tho
Poytrtonin the dynamos and storage bat
wrtej of which each oar 1ms a complete sst In
J box underneath being supplied by it belt
from a car axle Buttons attached to electric
blaro at convenient pints Tha Improved
neBtlngbouse air brake is used whlln tho
Iltem tin li heated from the englno on whl linker
fortheflrst trip yesterday morning all the
f1t trp lesteray momlnl al thl
lats were taken Among tne passengers were
u wer Al iullmnn nt whoso cur works the
ftf IWer built Oen Horace 1orter and T U
rlcktB Genera Manager of the Pullman
WCcha Henry Uoxtor President Iullnln
oerican Newa Company with his wife Mr
Plg and lamlly of Now York Hamilton IJIsg
tn with a large party J I Hhoeubvrg and
mU1 and 1 J Barnums old nartner Mr
n llnson he train stops nt Philadel phia
IUlor Washington itlchmond Ynldon
mlnlon Florence Charleston and Havau
fJiV Ty De train and the new hotels lately
fc utt In Florida will undoubtedly draw many
lawr f Yorkers months away from the city during tho
a er te Cleo Hnl r Tr
CC400 Jan OChorlea L HuteJilnson
Utcd y elected President of the Board of
Tno He Is only 38 your of ajo but he is
as > President of the Corn Exchange National
ha and of the Art rnBtltuteIHs fatherB
utcblnrD t I paeker ho few
woalby 1
= lo was fu d tor deul
andcall Thil pnd mad tbo Iseue 11
tu Kbl hlo
nt htween Jutchlno Ind op
rOo num e Old Ulchs
Gna eerned ° triMwltu tie younr mans
Cr to dJ
ains DECKS srnAKaa BTORZ
Ibo ftaysiahej Went Out to Day n Vew taptji
and waa Arrested and Nent to thg Island
Anton Bock a pnlntar camo from n little
Tillage In Bavaria with his wife Annie the I
years ago and wont to llvo in a Gorman settle
ment in Pennsylvania Nolthcrof them learned
to speak English Ho Is 28 years of ago and
sho In 28 Eight days ago they moved Into a
furnished rom at 200 Itlvlngton street I
On Thursday night r Book wont out as she
told her husband to coin copy of tho German
Herald She did not return The noxt dny Mr
Beck called on Henry Yuckor a saloon keeper
at 105 Forayth street who Is nn old acquaint
ance and told him of bis wifes disappearance
Ho said that his wife hnd taken no money with
hor except enough to pay for the newspaper
nnd that sho woro u shawl over her head
Mr Yuekor wont with Jock to Pollco Head
quflfoi s and reported tho case The net day
I postal t card waa received at 200 Klvlngton
street addressed AntonSchneider On I was
written In Gorman Missing Bend J10
There was no Alton Bctmoldor at that address
and the housekeeper could not make out what
Itmeant In tho ulteruoon R letter camo ad
dressed In tho same way nnd Beck recognized
tho handwriting as his wifes She wrote thnt
she had been arrested and sent to IliiiaKwcUH
Island Hhe said that when nho started for tho
newspaper shn could not find 1 nuws stand
and Inquired In German of 1 man whom she
mot IIo motlonod to her to follow him und
took her to n house at 121 Hester street Ibo
did not understand his came and followed him
Ho pnld some money to a man mid took her up
stairs to 1 bedroom where ho attempted to
tako liberties with hor Who screamed and ran
down stain and he followedher and compelled
her to go to thn polloo station where she was
locked up Tho next day she was taken to
court and fined 1 Before she understood
what hal been dono she was taken to the
Island bho gave hor muno ns Annie Kchnoldcr
as BIO did not want her own namo disgraced
Bock showed thn letter to Mr Yuoker and
thny tnt to < Pollco Headquarters together
Tho statements In tho letter we re verified and
It wns lenrned tlmt Mrs frock hail been arrest
ed by Policeman Covvim of tho Lldrldge street
stntloti on Thursday night
Cowan who was citizens clothe charged
her with noting In 1 disorderly manner und so
liciting YuckorKitys that n dutectivo whose
namo ho did uot know told him that lie had
htonlo the hnusn nt 121 Hester street aOl hud
found thnt Mrs Hecks story ol wlmt happened
thoro was trim and thnt tho proprietor ot the
hnuHI had Identified Cowan ns the man who
was In the houso with Mrs Beck Cowan IUd
pnld 21 cents lor thu room
Mrs 1 Bock Wit brought down from the Island
yesterday und taken to the Essex Market Pollen
Court she was greatly distressed Her hus
band could not bo tiiado to understand how
ever tlmt he could ecur his wifes release by
pnylng Inland iicittn her tine and Bhe was taken back to the
Mr uckorsnys that sho Isan honest woman
and that h has known her for Tho
Ind thlt hl hal years peo
ple who llvo in thu houso with tho Becks also
give them u cood character Policeman Cowan
donledhorulIcKullons however und maintain
ed that tho charge ho had tnado ngiinut her
WIl perfectly true Hn said thnt ho had never
been at 124 Hester street At tho latter pluco
the icnortor wns told thatMra Beck had never
beentuoro with anyone
WAS silts Fit > uiie SHAJJllO
Vltnmtem kur thai rbeGnt Arcund Terr
llrltkly ler Bedridden Invalid
Mrs Sophronla J Fiahor who says that
her spine was permanently injured by a fall nt
Madison avenue and Fortyfifth sreet while
sho her to Parson Newmans
was on way 1lrton Niwmana
church and who is I snlnc the city for heavy
damages was not In Judge Barretts court yes
tonbiy Ou tho last trial day sho was there
propped up with 1 > los and n doctor for the
city testified that there was nothing the matter
with hor but hysteria Hor counsel said she
was to sick to come to court yesterday
Dr Ejbort Guernsey Instilled that although
ho had hud an extensive practice for fortytwo
yearn he hud never met with a case of coocus
blon of the spine Ho considered such I case
very Ire Tho date of 311s Fishers injury
was Iob 131884 and yet Miss Esther B Les
llo 1 distant relative of hers net told of
astonishing feats of pcdostrianlsm which she
bad since done And that too notwithstand
ing the plaintiffs allegation that sho had not
been able to walk since tho accident In No
vember 1885 bho camo to this city und visited
about every dry goods store in it on foot with
tho witno p Bho hud taken a long wall to
High Bridge On subseiiuantly going Into
tlio insurance buslncsM at Midiilctown N V
with Mrs Fisher the witness found tho
Inter ublo to go about soliciting business
31rs Fisher bud tuld Miss Leslie on ono o ca
Ion that sho did not want to attend to busi
non herself us It would look bettor when she
rouglusult against tho cltl to tin nblo to fay
MUs I Leslie was compelled to do th business
Miss Leslie spoke In u balfpetulunt tono
nnd us I piodlsposod against tho plaintiff the
hud counted last ijuturdav the number of
to the flat In wnieh she llve
steps up toji whilh <
fat 110
There wero eightyfour steps Mrs Fisher bud
mounted these without trouble
L C Lancaster Hecretarvof thoMutual Ben
efit Association testified that rA Fisher had
climbed tho stairs ut 210 Broadway since the
accident Sho was placing tho policies lor tho
Irene Holmes 1 typewriter also was 1 witness
ness of the dexterity of Mrs Iihor while tho
former was ut 128 Broadway three flights up
She had n bust about her and was brisk
of SIP nnd was I woman that tnvnnt business
time Hho talkative
oery tme was very tllklltV
You dont mean by bustle femiulnocoar
asked counsel facetiously
No ltd the witness blushing
James 1 Seymour President of the Const
tution Club was the Innocent cause of unonrth
InKtheltov Ur Newmans troubles He had
attended tho church tegtilarly because of the
differences which llr Kunney had stalled Ho
was 1 Newman mun but fat til spoke to Dr
Itannoy when they i assod each other Ho hu
never seen tho hole in tlio crosswalk at Forty
Jlfth street which Mrs Fisher says trlppod her
up Other witnesses wero called who had
looicod for It but could nnMni I cau itlll on
JUiSlN aims niza iuL
A Tonwr Irish YVanmn Who Seems to Have
Loot Her Vuy In ThU Country
Martha Fitzgerald a young Irish girl is
niipposod to bo astray somowhore between thin
city and Philadelphia nnd tier friends heru
are tnlnr to find her Miss Fitzgerald Is 23
year old Bho bulled from Cork about three
weeks lEO Father OLoary one of the editors
of the Ht Louis ItVsfmi Watchman was among
the pnssongors on the steamer and ho became
interested in Miss Fitzgerald ant her com
panions and advised thor to co to St Louis
where ho thought they would bo moro likely
to procure work than in this city lkely
When the purty arrived hero Father OLenry
Introduced Miss Fitzgerald to Capt Condon of
tho IrIsh World who said she might stay at hit
home until she found work A few days later
t ckets to tt Louis wore purchased for Miss
iltzgerald und several of her companions and
they ltd I was laaruiid afterward that
MlssHtgerHtd had stopped at Philadelphia
whero she hud secured work UK n souumtresn
A week ago yesterday Mr Cross of this city
received I tolceram staling that Miss Fitzgerald
htltnr thlt lls jlzror
ald had determined to return to this olty and
asking him to meet her In Jerwjy City anr J
telegram WBH dated the day holorund Mr
Cross under the Impression that It waa too
late then for him i to meet hor and not doubt
ing that she could readily llnd her way to his
house paid no further intention to It Miss
tltzgeruld has furlwr lrnlon heard 19t
Cant Condon all yosturday that ho did not
fool purtlciilaily alarmed about Mlsn FUzcor
uMB disappearance but he thought the hlll
been sent or that she foil piqued at Mr Crosss
nogloct to moot her fOltJllued safely located
somewhere elt > u
Bho was brought up in Limerick city he
said and Is 1 Drlght ciy
snlr enough to take caro of her
holf lle did not have much cnr but she
had brougnt with her a small money Itock of Irish
Ile handkernefs In tho hope 01 muktng con
Blrerable prolt by tbolr sale
Miss Fltzgunild II described as having regu
lar features largo dark eyes and black lialr
Ihlck llr
Whon last seen she was dressed In a black silk
dress a brown BHcauo and u brown Jelt hat
adorner with brown feathers hit
The Liu f the IC UbU In Daabnrr
DiNDuny Jan 6 Charter Oak Assembly
Knights of Labor is at present in the throes
ot dissolution and will surrender its charter at
its noxt weekly mooting This closes
wekl nloeln CI08B tie last
chapter of the history of the Knights In this
town Two years oso tbaro was not less than
3500 mem bow ot the order here divided
among six assemblies all thriving nnd In Rod
condition everyway Then came the wnr on
trade unions which was waged so vigorously
for a while and with I came the gradual do
cllnnof the order and 1 corresponding growth
of the trade unions until now the Knights of
Labor aro entirely disrupted and the unions
have I membership of about 3500 which em I
braces all the trades people of the town
Prominent labor men her say they are not
eorry that the end has come They are only
sorry that such 1 mistaken policy should have
bln adopted by the leudon ot the order
The Rale Adopted nt Yc > terd y > Meeting
Thn Two Policemen nhohnd the Tranble
with Hnmuel McLean to be Iteprlmnnded
At a mooting ot tho bridge trustees yes
terday Messrs Illgglns Thurber and Eoaney
the committee appointed to investigate al
leged outrages by bridge policemen submitted
ted a report In regard to the complaint ot
Charles I Davids against Policeman nom
tho committee find Mr Davids wholly In fault
and Justify Ilonr In making the arrest In tho
later part of March Policeman Lauterborn
told Mr Brownoll to stop back from tho odgo
of the platform as a train was coming into
the station He did lot do so and Lauterborn
pushed or jerked him buck und afterward
nrrestod him This was a else the committee
nays whore n Cod and reputable citizen and
o wcllmoiinlng officer en mo into collision
nnd In the hurry and excitement both wero
somewhat to blame Tho committee adds
It 1 certain Mr Urownell ibould han moved back
from the edge of tlie platform vrlien requested In do 10
by th ottlcer both for til ova tafttr nd the safety of
otlien Thii officer might ba v rtmoirj him back
malm lex excitement and illfllculu Alibi point tho
committee Htih tu fay lliat tre arc led tobelie that
manr well ill po f gentlemen are not willing to obey
ruin and refutation that wo hare found to be neon
oor to enforce on the brldre ai they would for police on
the public ttreeU and 1 that l > one cauie ot lame ut tte
In regard to tho complaint of Charles W
IthoJes against Policeman Buckrdo the com
mittee would recommend BuckrldgoB suspen
sion hud I not loon that Mr ithodes suld ho
hnd no deslro to have him punished
In regard to thu complaint of Bamtiol Mc
Lean tho uommittiHt llnd that it arose lus a
majority of tho complaints mice fiom tlieun
deavor of the pollccmeu to onlorce tho rules
against letting lighted cliars cigarettes or
Pipes Into tho cars Air McLean came on tho
bridge platform tho commlttHo pnya with n
II S lh 1
clgur Unit he and others say was not lighted
ant IIhtod
while 1ellcemen Bishop und Brophy insist that
it as 1 his was tho beginning of the trouble
Tha committee believes that the policemen
were mistaken und that the cigar WHS not
lighted I thinks thn policemen wero to blarau
In their tone and manner of address to Mc
Lean At the sumn time it thinks MuLouii
might IIUVH avoided any trouble by not no
ticing their peremptory mid impolite manner
10rnmltor IIPolle
In sitylug Tluovv that cigar down and
making complaint to the Captain of police of
the cur sharp manner in which they cave
their orders Inthlsnu < e tho committee roc
onunends that the policemen bo reprimanded
by tlielresldont
The arrest of I driver of a carriage that con
tained < llladyI < d the driving of tho carriage
In which the lady wits seated to the pollen sta
tion the committee says wus wrong but I wan
nu error that will probably never be repeated
Mr Cowan went on the bridge with H clirur
unllghted In his mouth Policeman Foster
thought It was lighted and in attempting to
enforce the rules pulled Mr Cowan oil tho cnr
In unceremonious using
an manner u moro
force than was necossury but It was at ntlmo
when tho car wore starting on 0 seconds
headway with 1 crowd of passengers I Is
recommended that Foster be reprlnundcr by
the President
Finally tho committee recommended that
article 15 of the rules be amended so as to lor
bld the bringing of clears whether lighted or
unltghted whether held In tho mouth or In tho
hand upon the cars as in the hurry of de
spatching the car eo much trouble is constant
ly arising because gentlemen so often enter
tho cars with cigars in their mouths or In their
hands This the committee says is often done
without intention to smoke on the cars but the
unllghted policemen cannot know always that I cigar Is
The report was approved nnd placed on file
Mr Thurbersaid that almost all tho trouble
onthntuidge wus caused by persons carrying
unllghted cigars nnd he moved that the ordi
nance be amended so as to prevent currying
unllghtod cigars In sight Gen Burnes thought
that such a rule would Iw too arbitrary ns tho
policemen should bo abln to tel whether a
dar lighted not Mr Thurbers
111Jhtd or r reso
lution was adopted
Tho plans for connecting the Kings County
Elevated Itallroad vvltii the Hands street sta
tion u ere referred to the President and Chlof
Engineer with power
ion Ilariirg moved that 1 committee of threa
bo appointed to nst plan for
hl HUg C increasing
thu facilities for the
IIII passengers on bridge
President Howvll thought that thn mutter
Hhoukl IKI lelt In the hands of the bridge efll
cers hut ionBiirnosV resolution was adopted
There wus a dlcus lon over the previous
notion of tie trustee in authorizing the Issuo
of cortlllcittos of indebtedness to providomoney
for the purchase of property reiuirod In thu
extension of ilia I bridge Mr Bwuii in recom
mending u reconsideration of huch ictlon said
thnt bankers dlfTeiml In their acton I to tho
nature ol tho certillunte und that It tlO
crave iiue tlon whether the nrldgtt nhonld be
extended further than Xusfliii street Mayor
Chapln he snld WHS opposed to thn plan
President Howell said that the Supremo Court
hud already condemned tho lund for brlilto
purposes und that G percent would have tn Do
paid on tho purchne Tin trustee hail iinun
imouslv approved the Issue of thecerliuVntos
and thoy could not undo their action without
stultifying themselves Comptroller
themhel Living
ston said no agreed with Mayor Chapin that
the Income from the bridge should not bo di
verted from puvinont of the bonds On motion
of 31r Hlgclns the whole matter was referred
to I committee of five wa referor
Thu bridge receipts for Decembor nmnuntod to
139120 and the expondlttirrs to f 930S5 The
total number of passengers was li724030 of
whom 2C20B09 were carried In the cnr
tle clrn
The Brooklyn Property Owners As ochtlon
which is I working ugalnst tho further exton
flon of the brldze bus Itued a circular show
ing thnt J5000OOIJ would not bo Rufllelent to
cover tlio expense of extending tho Irldle from
Concord street to City Hull sijuaro
A LIe Mretlni In Chlckirlnic RailAd
vice 1 From Nemttar Ive
The presence of many ladies and children
added to singing and organ recitations enliv
ened the large meeting In ChIekorIngHnll lust
evening clUed to ndvoeato the building of I
npcodlng driveway fortrotlers In Central Park
from Fiftyninth street to 110th street Alfred
do Cordova President of the Driving Club of
Now York presided At tho clopo of brief and
earnest remarks advocating thp project ho In
troduced Mr Lawson N Fuller as tho orator of
thu evening
Mr Fuller said that Senator Ives who was
announced to tpenk had been unexpectedly
MII n 1 i nb
VIVIIUU iu 4iutiti j ivibot ittin fUtiU Irilul 111O
rionator approving of tho building of the drive
way and advising that n committee bo ap
pointed to prepare a bill In favor of tho project
nnd present It to the Legislature The Ronutor
promised that ho would wotk lor its passage
J motion for tho appointment of 19 committee
of twentyfive to curry out Senator Ivesx gng
gestion wus carried and the committoo was
Instructed to consult with Mayor Huwltt nnd
the Park Commissioners as to the bust way of
pushing on the work
The committee selected is composed of the
following gentlemen Mr Lawson N Fuller
llobert IJonnor David Bonnrr William Itoeke
fellor John Itockofeller lloscou Conkllng
Work lulh 1 Orunt Conkll
1rank HOIHton J I An Col 1nth < 111
Hhll1 A O lal W B Ki
j C Elstman J n Jlnck 1I10nS
hit Augustus Ituymnnd Calt JI Vlnre N
Dlckenson W Hamilton A tichindler and D
W Dowen
Mr Fullor made a mixed speech of facts
fancy nnd stittlstlcf Picturing tho crovvil of
29000 that would lino thn roadway In tho Park
to Hon Itobert Bunnor drive Maud 8 with HiS
thnTurf sell Hugo trying Invuln topiibb the Qutien of
Mr J H Angel spoke
enthuslnstleitlly of tho
advantages of tho rondwny tho joyful fuce of
handsomo Matthew Itlley neumed on thu iiudl I
orlng once fro broke n the up state und tho Interostlnc gath
Kntainiiel II llnrt In V3COO Ole
Collector llngono yesterday ofllcially con
firmed THE BUNS statement of a week ago by
appointing Emanuel B Hart to bo Acting Dis
bursing Agent In Cashier Taylors division
place of Col I Trelchel resigned Tho place is
worth 3500 a year and as Mr Hart Is n Demo
crat there wore many congratulations for him
from the brethren Mr Hurt wan Surveyor of
the Port In Buchanans time and is u County
Demcrnt l Hallwood another Democrat was
appointed to a clerkship In the seventh divis
ion at 1000 John M Dunham Republican
50 nepuhlcRn
un elevator man In the sixth division was re
moved He was charged with neglect of duty
Who Una Jt > oat Hlx Htrantl
Three men were drtvinu rapidly through
Tenth avenue near 143d street yesterday fore
noon in 1 wagon without name or license num
ber and Policeman Sawyer arrested them One
of the men jumped trom the wagon when he
Bal the policeman and tried to escape on a
cable car He was caught and taken to the
pole station wltti the others In the wagon
were six large swans with their necks broken
The men could not aicree In their stories of
where they cot the swims or tho wagon They
Iot walOI
are supposed to huvacome from Dobbs Ferry
or Yonkers A the Harlem Pollco Curt Jus I
tice Qnrinanheld tie men tor examination I
RMe Time Before the Ctmrte uf Ij rce y
VII Ott 4o the > Oraind Jnry
Tliocoso whlcji District Attorney Fellows
ia most actively nt work upon Is thnt of Jay
Gould nnd Hussoll Saao Gould nnd 8ngo ore
not Indicted but Judge Mnrtlno lelt the case
as a legacy and recommended their Indictment
on tho complaint of Lawyer William I Do
Ltincey charging thor with grand larceny In
wrongfully converting and withholding 3000
0 ol securities ot the Kansas Pacific Trust In
1870 Tho District Attorney asked Inspector
Byrnes last week to procure what evldonco ho
could find In thin matter and several consulta
tions hnvo been held by tho District Attorney
nnd Inspector Byrnes Inspector Byrnes was
with the District Attorney In the District At
torneys oilleo for an hour or moro yesterday
Mr 010 Dillon and Mr Almot Goodwin
counsel for the consolidated Pacific railways
und lor Mr Uould vlsltod the Dlptrlct Attor
neys office on Hnturdayto consult with Col
Fellows but tho District Attorney was not Col
and thoy saw AtRlslunt District Attorney
Davis They told Mr Davis that thoy desired
unopportunllytoproseiitMr Oouldssidooftho
caso to the District Attorney before the ca < o
was submitted to the Grand Juryand Mr
Davis replied that tho intention was to present
other In iflldavlts or In I brief all the evidence
In the caso to the Ort Jury and nn oppor
tunity would be given to tho compliilnntit und
to Mr Could and Mr RKI to state tholr unt
Col Follows said yesterday On tho qui
tlon whether Mr Gould and Mr Huge can bo
Indicted In consequence ot the statute of limitations
tations I have decided to cal In to aid mn two
or throe eminent lawyer Ihave not studied
the easn yet myself No cases of groat Impor
tance will be tried until the repairs now making
In thn District Attorneys oPlce arn finished It
would dangerous Papers mUht bo lost In
fact one lot uf papers has been mislaid now
Cnnnael Would IlUe to KxMralor Loneo
dr Innnuutem at a Ulatnner
Yesterday was tho day sot for tho trial of
Giuseppe Longobardl in the 001 aud Tcrml
nor for the murder of John Barrett It came
up In Supromo Court Chambers on n motion
for another adjournment Lawyer Macklnley
said that he would like to have ncommlusion
appointed by the Court to tako tho testimony of
1ranccsco PorcncclnnW who Is now In NIIII N
It III Y Mr Macklnloy said that this testimony
won very Important ns it would throw light
upon tho provocation given for Iho shooting of
John Barrett by the prisoner and would not
delay the trial moro than two months Per
cacclantc be said wns present when the row
took place and was In fnet tho only person
who thoroughly understood what had occurred
Nononf the othor bystanders wns conversant
with the Italian language Parcnoclunte was
in somo sense nn accomplice nUll had startej
tho row He is n cousin of Longobardi
District Attorney Fellows opposed Mr Mnck
InloyH motion on tho ground thnt the trial Im4
twice been delayed through the defendants
lherels no renson pnld Mr Follows why
A commission should be appointed There
were dozens of persons present who can give
clear nnd strulKhtlorwurd testimony If thh
mun whoso evidonee this gentleman Is I desir
ous of securing is I the person whom the neopln
hate hoon looking for its un accomplice tn the
defendant tho puovlo will sicure Ills extradi
tion upon receiving from this gentleman this
malls name nnd present address
Judge Andrews reserved his decision
Tbey Aifi to Spend TVn Unra More In I Pilton
and Then to Get Llcktnr
Four little boys peered over tho top of the
bar In thu General Sessions yesterday at Judge
Glldersleovn Thoy worn Jacob Dnumeky of
219 Stanton street Stephen Erhardt of lIt
Sheriff street August Barth of 214 Stnnton
street nnd Mnx Srhlom of 252 Stnnton street
Tho boys hnd been indicted for breaking pane
of Glass in Elins Frecds shoe hun 247 Stnn
ton Itroot und stealing seventeen pairs of shoos
They sold some of the shoes for n few cents
and gavo th rest away They havo boon locked
up for a month
I can send you all to State prison for five
years uplece said Judge Glld rsleove sternly
This boys knoes shook and they rubbed their
eyes vigorously
Your fathers have told me that you have
comfortabla homes nnd one of the fathers
tells me that he in willing to have hlt son
locked up
The hoys stopped crying and looked with blcr
> esuteitch otlief 1 as If to bee whicti boy vvus
in such touch luck
One of JOIII is u rlngletiler Intliisbiislrjess
continued Judiro Glldersleovn l with Incrgusing
severity hut 1 dont knmv wicli is I the ono
Thw boys cast their ojes down with one ac
cord and their fucos gotied Kaoli noy had a
tall Uw > er standing ovor him and the lawyers
bent down and whlsnurod with chtirclients
The boy HI willing to plead guilty to petit
larceny said the lawyers
Im golm to b t very good to you said
Judge Glldorsloove dropping his judicial man
ner You art sentenced to ten days each in
tho City Prison
Thon four court officers boro the boys off to
their dungoon calls
Mary Letrla Trlra Hu rldr Twice lout la L
oa All tUr > i me
llnry Lewis n Blender ilnrkeyod nnd
rather goodlooking woman demanded to be
tried yesterday before Jndro 1 Cowing in the
Genural Seilons on tho charge of attempting
Filicide by hanging herset byhershnwl totho
bars of n cell In the Church street police sta
tion She wns nrrosted for attempting to jump
trom a Cortlandt sticot ferryboat while nho
wns Intoxicated
Why do you want to be tried 1 Tudgn Cow
Ing nskod Mury You ennt prove an alibi
Mary persisted In biting tried Policoman
Liimbrldga of the Church street pollen who ar
riMted Mary teptlllod that he did not lile her
hanging In her coll but that th iloormnn < told
him tlmt he tho doorman aw liar hunglnc
I have no other witiuss uld AsBimnnt
District Attorney Bedford There IB no evl
donco hero of the attempted suicide
Tho jury woro din clod tn acquit Mary She
had hnn crylllil durllllthe IIrlol trial
Jf I let OU 10 wIll uu b II Iood IIld
aHkd Ind Cowill
YIA sir lIobbellIlnrr
Well JM and get your life Insitrort said tho
Judge Tho jury und sKCtntoi liughod and
Mury left tho court room lUll hurry
Ifullnn Immliruntt Robbed
Three Italian immigrants Ilrtro Barthol
dl Pletro Marmngndo and Giovanni Veltlaar
rived nt Castle Garden on Sunday Thoy camo
ovor In the Ilepubllc Tho two IJetros wero
strangers while Veltla hud lived 111 America
before so ho undertook to show the two 111
tros thu ropes Ho took them around to tho
boarding houses Cjiccnwich street and yes
terday morning Incidentally remarked to ono
of them that If thoy would gltn him the cash ho
would buy tho rnllreud tickets to their Western
dpsllnutlon Voltln didnt vumt lo go West
The IiotroA gate him HOO friines nnd they
hntentsfen him slno They told their BUt
plclonstoBuperlntendenllvekbon at dusk
Morr Intipcr Ariiba
Another batch ot Atab Imnilfcnints fifty In
number arrived yostnrdny from Hotterdnm In
the Meumslilp Leordam Among thorn was a
nun whoBtiid she belomutl the Hlsturhood of
tho Bleeding II art Hho ind fourteen thorn
vvho produced ensli onoiigh to tuko thorn out of
the pauper utntuto limit wro Admitted Tho
olhortt vrere turned over lo tlie cnr of Landing
buperluteudontHeiniiinnund the Emigration
Coinmlbsloners will see that every ono ot them
furnishes u sound uniduvIf bnut his llnunclal
cundltloti before tho nst U I relorred to Colko
tor Mauonu for doclslon
Five Hundred JJalliirt for it Vurlecte VI
A verdict tor 500 wns rendered by a jury
in Judgo Pattersons court against the elevnt
ed road yostorday inn suit brought by Miss B
Evelyn Hyatt to recover djmajroa for uorsonnl
Injuries in the form of vmlcose vplns received
in February II1S5 while atlomptlng > to board n
train ut tho Fulton street HllLtion of tho Third
avoniutllnn Mr Clltrord A H Bnrtlntt up
poured for tho plaintiff and M Howard Towns
end Jr ropreannted tne rond
Columbia Collier Actors
Tho Columbia Collego Dramatic Society
will give tbreu entertnlnmonts this week on
Friday and Saturday evenings nnd on Satur
day afternoon at tho concert ball of tho Met
ropolitan Opera Houso for tho benefit of the
Uplvcrslty crew B B a farce and A
Frightful Frost a comedy in one act will bo
Ilonlih and HiTrilUb live 1roducls Ens
Surveyor Beattlo yesterday issued an order
to all customs inspectors staff men and
weighers prohibiting the landlup of hog prod
ucts from Denmark and Hweden Thu Hur
veyorhad boenofflclallyinfornied that trichina
UourUhed iu those countries
STRAXOB tins mtoDsofr SATS HE
IIU Ohlect IVni Nlie tint t net Monry to
Hulld Fine llomr llrr Very Nlngnlur
Conduct at Xjttat lrmd to Her Arreit
OcorRO In ties1 Jr the nrtist lives In
Monclatr N J He Is a soninlaw of Roswell
Smith President of tho Ccnluru Publishing
Company The fine houso which he occupies U
on Qrovo street but ho is having built for him
a much finer house on what Is probably thu
most commanding slto In Montclalr It Is
on top of the Walnut street hill and commands
a lino vie wot thu Orange Mountains It will
cost 60000 Its walls and roof have boon I
built und enough of tho work on tho building
itself und the grounds surrounding it has boon
done to make tho townspeople foul sute that
when finished it will bo an addition to tho large
number of imposing residences in tho town
Evorybody in Monclnlr who has soon the new
house has admired it except ono person
This is Mrs Bridget Brobson who thinks
thnt tho structure is ns horrlblo as n night
mare and that the man must bo crazy who
designed it
She Is 48 years old and nlmo t all 01 horllfo
has been a domestic Light years ngu she
married James Brobson a Jabot cr Thoy
made their homo In an unpalnted shanty n
story and n half high about 400 foot from tho
site of Mr Innessn new hour Mr Brobson
had ono daughter Maggie before ho married
his present wife Ihroo years tigo Mugglo be
came H servant in tho household of Mr In nesss
father who also lives In Montelulr Lvur since
that day Mru Urobson lius bitted young Mr In
ness when thn whim camo upon her she would
wundrr t around town nmllgnlng the Irll Nt and
her I Tliu people who heard her luild no nticn
lion tll her remllks Hermuniior WIIH such us
to dlHpredil what she mild Mugglo tuldoiu
went home und whonmer hor hteiimothnr
sought hor oho kept us much as possible out of
her wnv About u yeur ago Mr bought
tlio land on which tho Drohsim shunt
stands Ho was In no hurry touse tho mound
and permitted thn lirobeonH to remain
rent frcv At about that time Mitgglo Drub oll
wat > In tho employ of n lamlly about to remove
to Now York Maggie tvrnt with them and
from that limehurstopmotiinrsnldomsnv her
heveral months after purchasing thu Brobson
hoiiHO Mr Inness told them they must mow
This nnd tlio u tunce of Miiglu mndo Mrs 1
Jirobson more unitry than ovur Morn than
oneo tho neighbors say slio would louvn her
room at midnight and cross the tlclds to Mr
InnoisH new houso and stand thoro tailing at
the structure thn architect IIIIt 1 the owner
Aftor shouting until her voice jrnvo out bile
would go home Ton days ago thu became par
ticularly demonstrative und begun to tliroiiten
Jir In ness
Hittook away mr Mngsicshe tinctured
nnd took her to New York the villain nnd
sold her Hn sold her iormouoy and Its with
that money that haa hulldlni that horrible
house on tho hill Isnt that an awful thing
uny way to look on IthirtKy Why Itl mieh
a crnry houso that everybody in lownistolk
ing about it
bo she tuIUod to all who would listen to her
Mr Inuens didnt mind her mid even lot hln
mon employ hnrhtisbind from limo to lime on
odd jobs ubout tho grounds Hut alone toward t
tho middle of last lIk Mrs Brobson begin to
say shii would llx Mr lnne s
Hes bulUUnca newhouHiVsho is reported
to 111110 aid but Ill see to It that ho never
gttBlntoIt And hes cot a line barn over
thero but Itll uover bo owuny use to him You
soo hn > ot that money for the house by selling
my daughter and Ill cet uven with hire for
On Saturday last between noon and oclock
while tho ground Wit tlckv with mud and a
drizzling ruin was fulling Mrs Brobson rush
ed from her housn bare ooted und bareheaded
Hho skirted mound the InnoM property to ii
smill tool house about 3UO teat trum thu new
buildlnj and > tooi there gesticulating at the
hatoil thing Then h io pi ked up two pieeos of
fence rail aud skipped vtlth her biro feet
knocking on tho rouih stones tn tho llnld
down tho hill toward the barn Tho
coichinun Hugh Tunnty saw her
Thoio was n wild look In her ove and after
she hud wandered around for a while sho w nt
back home Tho roachmnn know tlmt Mrs
Urobnon hud hinted tlmt sho would burn his
masters IIOIIBB nnd Mr luness was informed
nt once of the womans loitering about thu
place Mr limes thon went to Jtitice Mllllgm
and svvoro out ji warrant for hor iirrest Threo
men wont In tho evening to uriest hor She
vvus In her shnntv und her husband would not
open tho door It wus broken in and she wus
urnsled Mr Inness and tho coachman went
to tho Justices ofllee und gtve their testimony
it was Riibtuntliilly llmt Mrs Brobsnu htd
tlircati > nnd vloloncu againt Mr Innos and his
famllv ald hue Intimated thit sho would set
lire to hK bouso Tho prisoner wnnlil not
iinswer nil of the TuMlros iiuostlons He com
mitted her to jail us it disorderly person nnd
also In default of bull to ltep the neuo Shu
wni locked up in I ho Newark jail on Saturday
An Inquiry in been mndo Into Mis Itiob
fnns niiiitnl enudltlon lla tiled to tell her
side of the OIFO > esterday in the jail but got
twisted In tint attempt him known sho Is In
pi lon ami on thnt account Is morn blttertlmn
over ugalnst Mr inness Sho said oter and
over that ho hud sold her daughter to build his
That sho assorted corrupted my temple
and I have been on an elopemont ever since
am onjr ima KIIIKU ins
lies Pnt In a Pill Aitiilnit be County nnd
Got bU Vl noy
UONNEAUT Pn Inn9 Tho Commissioners
of Crawford county were culled upon to pay a
peculiar claim ucalust tho county recently
Thu law compels the payment of a dog tux in
tho county nnd In CIMJ of tho killing of sheep
by dogs tho county Is bound to pay tho owner
of tho sheep tho amount of damugo he has sus
tained from sheipkilllng dugs Ono of the
loading farmers of this township had u dog for
which he paid th tux ussefsecl on the animal
thus obtaining the right to keep him lor the
your A lew nights ngo tho lurmer heard a
grunt commotion anionc hlsulieeprndhurry
iiiK to tin enclostiie where theyvveio kept
lound sevou ot them deail nnd one dying with
the tnrmurtt own dog tearing at Its throat Ha
niitdo short work of thu dog shooting It dead
as soon u ho ouiM get his gun Thn next day
tho farmer went to Meudtllln nnd put in a bill
utiulnxt the county for the eight nheuphlsdog
hud killed
It vvus my own doe thnt did tha dnmnsn I
know hn argued helote tho Hoard of Commis
sioners but 1 had pull tux to tho county on
him and hud u rlrlit tn own htm If hn hail
killed tome other mans sheep thn county
would have paid lor them Ho has killed mine
nnd the county IH bound to pay rno the < amo us
It would havi paid my noljiibor if my dog hud
killed his sheep
Tho Commissioners were at first Inclined to
laugh of tho novel claim but when mvcral
lawyers agreed thnt thn lannorrt claim hud n
good chunco nf being sustained at law thu
Commit > lonerfa restrained their mirth and paid
for tho sheep
Jon McDonnlil on the Tariff
iKDTAXAfOLis Jan 9 ExSenator Josoph
E McDonald hits just returned from W hh
Incton He was asked If he thought a tariff re
duction bill would bo pnssoil at tlU sos lon
I doubt said ho If n bill reducing the
tariff Hll iiloiig the lino can get through under
the circumstances but 1 am Intlinid to believe
Bomo sort of n cnmpromle measure will finally
bo passed 1 look upon the mutter us nomo
wlint doubtful however nnd I ttiltik it ctn only
be aacomplished nflora hard snuggle Thero
will doubtless bo it lorn nnd tedious debate
nnd them Is evIJrncH that some of It will prove
to tin rather hetted
Whuldoyouiintlclpute will the nnturo
of tiuroiapionilta bill that will ovontuully
I presume n tnensuro will bo successful that
will reduce the u on lolmwj nd ontlroly
abolish the turilt on somu of tho courser und
most tieeessury art Iclos
What will bo donii with the whiskey tax f
Tlml will not bo miilastecl
ill Secretary Laiutir Iw confirmed ns a
Justice of tho Hupremo Court1
U IK my opinion that ho will 1 think thoro
is no doubt oil t
> t r il 1IIK Hcurue
riTTsnunan Jan OA H Coclirnn for
merly a member of Congress from thn Alle
gheny district who Is local aiwnt of the To
Imiuitopftc ship railroad project siiys It will ro
milroliliOOOOOll to build thu nad ucoordlnito
tho present plans unit that tboio will Iiu no
troublo In securliig n imbscrlptlon for jlOUUO
OOUin the United rUntei He wi > s apt An
drews will lavo on a tour of tho lorf IKII coun
tries In a short tlmo to eoneult with those In
terested In tho sunt enterprise nd makear
ramiomeutB for nocurlnu funds
A Ttrrlble Ilplutloix
j nd Jnn 9 Batteries 9 nnd 10 oo
copying the entire north end of tlie rolling mtlL ex
ploded at lVJ ocock today with terrific force tie
mouthing two smokestacks nd tttrlne down I ho north
end of Ibe mill pillijthtdtUrU tereral feat deep tloder
tliU It It feared aet eral meu are burlrtl A ttroii frc
teyan work aioonir the rulni ut uttie and > ut > u > Uu
Mortimer putidler marriedwas Cnund burlxl umltr red
hot urlkt and burned tu crltp Among the wounded
ir William B VUlllaut a ruddier badly cnldodi
John Kaunnin tlrurk br llrlnil lnl llei John l wl
puddl l r > ralded Mllu Darim aralded and cruitird
lohu K Tobtu puddler truck br t > llic aud badly
barued fete Uolan puddler badir icaided Hut bnler
w biulid 100jranl wtit plodu at fat end
emBa Canihlnn < > n Trial fur nn ODTenea
nl Yc
Tho rolleo Commissioners yesterday dis
missed Policeman John Slara of tho Carmuns
vlllo station for Intoxication nnd tumult upon
Cnpt Cortrlght Policoman Timothy J Cullix
lian was transferred from tho West 100th struct
station to Dolnncey street
lloundsman Thomas Coughlnn of the West
Thirtieth street squad was up before Commis
sioner McClavo yesterday on charges of intoxi
cation and assault upon Policeman Llobcrs on
thenlehtof Jan 181887 In tho Church street
station lo which Coughlnn was nt tho tlmo at
tached as a policeman Llobors stated that he
had had a tiff with Coughlan nnd that after It
wan over Cousrhlnn struok him Witnesses
said that Llebors was onsliy annoyed and that
ho was often teased by those who liked to hear
him fume Cuugblnn said thnt Liebom culled
him a vile nnmo Ho was not Intoxicated hut
Hushed and excited und did somo sparring
with II bors
Decision was reserved for the full Board
Commissioner McCluve said that tho ruason
tho case wn not heard before was because tho
papers vvoro unintentionally mislaid A recent
lettnr from Muvor Hewitt askoit wliT tint oom
plulnt against Coughlan was tiovor brought to
trial and then a search was made nnd tho
papers were lonnd boiweon some envelopes
Pollcemuti Kdward OBrien of tho KlImlMtk
street station wns tried on tho charge of snap
ping revolver nt Policeman Ityan of tho same
station mid calling llyan bud names Ityitit
snld that OBrien met him In Centre street
sworn at him drew hls revolver nnd tried to
lit oil at him
All I said pleaded OBrien was Hollo
you turkl llyan culled mo a loafer and snld
that I ought to bo on tho Island I didnt show
the revolver If Id nsnnnped it it would huvo
took tin wholo bead off of him
Witnesses said that they saw llynn nnd OBrien
go uwuy together on a Fourth avenue car
A Idcnl Victory lortbn 1enntTlrnnln Unit
road CnmpHity
YlccChancollor Van 1lect jjavo his tie
clsloti In Newarkyostcrdny in thucusn of the
Jersey City property owners who asked for an
injunction rrstrnlnlng the Pennsylvania Bnll
roail Company from occupying Groon street
nnd closing that thoroughfare for the purpose
of elevntlns tho road through the city Tho
Vice Chancellor refused the injunction suyini
thnt the legnl rights of tha complainants to up
ply for the injunction wore not clour nnd that
tha injury complained of was too Insignificant
to warrant tho granting of tho Injunction
This is u decided victory for the road und It
apparently removes tho lust obstacle to thu Im
iirovcment which tho company liu ulrotdy
inauitnruled by levelling ulargu pot tiou of Ber
gen Hill foi a huge round housu mid passenger
cur yard In connection with the elevated road
from tho hlil to the lurry tho company talks of
running twostory ferryboats und connecting
directly with th elevated rond nt Cortlundt
street from tho upper docks of tho boats if tlio
derated lullroad people will bulla a spur to
the ferry houso
Anjrbodr n tho Kuat Hide Knntr Who Oeta
Men on inn 1orie loi CUOOI
This letter was received last vreolt by Pollco
Commissioner Voorhis
PUR Am There U a certain district leader nnd an
Aldermen who work ttuetlier when a person anlti to bo
appointed on tue police they charge Mm 300 Title
ban been done to me Now they say that they have to
eivo tome of the money to vou I dont believe It and
I know they iwlndlt A friend of mine told me to telt
ou I ant atrul I to telt you my na < tie tor It would
tuike trouble but I thluk jou cau catch them for h nlll
allbreii > iii > d Truiy A FMZWI
1 have bad much trouble Mr Voorhls snld
to truco this unomnious communication to
Its fource If thu writer will call urionmeand
givn me the particulars of the swindle which
he mentions I will u nil my influence to tiring
thu person using my name in this manner to
punishment 1 wish to deny emphatically thn
statement in th letter that 1 inn Interested
personally In tho appointment of men to tho
Tilt Trltil lltirvau Scarce Ono
Col Fellovvss trial bureau scored its first
case In tho General Sefslons yesterday Clmrles
Oalotrky of 131 Torsyth Htroot indicteil for
blgaray wnsdlchnrccd without trlnl by Judge
Gildersleove Oalotzky sent abroad for his
wife 1oirl Galetrky Inst summer nnd she
found hor linsbitnd living with u woman who
called herself Lena Oaelk > Gnlel7ky was
nrrestod for nbundonm nt but nn Indictment
for bigamy WIH illrecieil by tho Judge IJeput v
Assisiunt District Attorney Ilirtnian took
tehtlmonv in tho oftlc and Lena Cialetky
testllled that she hd not been married tn Gii
letrky and H trial which would huvo consumed
aduywis avoided
The witnesses in about soventyflvo niclo
ca s wlich have ben In tho District Attor
neyHotllco lor a long time vrere sumiuonrd to
the office ivtcrduv and examined Those
CUSPS In vhleh sueh action is vvnrrantod by the
evidence will bo disposed of without delay
Flotiam and ilrtinm From the Wild TVcit
It was conjectured nt Castlo Garden yes
terday thnt either Buffalo Bills show is break
Ing up or that Barnum forgot to tako some of
his curiosities from tho steamship Ludguto
Hill which arrived on Friday lust Boarding
Ofllcors Klchler und Wbltlock fished out from
tho dotpost und darkest spot in thu hold of the
steamship yesterday flvo stownwiiNs They
said they wero Mas Uno a fire enter Irom Arl
7nnn Hoiiry W Lauor ciittlnman fiom thu
West John Times Joseph Wilson and Hurry
Johnson who stuted that thoy originally cnme
from Phlladulphla CollectorMdgouo will deal
with them gently
The Plumhrr Urlv bo M or Out
Mayor Hewitt made way for tho plumbers
yesterday nnd occupied temporary quarters ut
Gl Chnmben street with Secretary Berry Ho
has u big room on tho ground floor nnd was
huid ut vrork all day preparing his messiiiri and
answering correspondents Thn puruiit bu
reuu tho police the 1 A It the Llti ItecorJ
the Aldormon tho City Court with its three
parts the citil service department tho report
ers und tho Hemier and his family nro lelt to
their fate und whatever mularli thoro is
lrl on Film Mut Cunlcnt be Irl > ncr
Wnrden AVnlsli has docidcU not to let uny
moro bundles containing food into tho Tombs
prison Ho navithat thu prleonors have hud
bo much to eat lately that they have been
throwing tho surplus Into the sewers Thn re
sult vrus a stoppttgti of tho wholo sowernge sys
tem of the Touihs and un expensive visit from
tho plumbers Tho saloons about tho Tombs
have been tilled with bundles waiting the mis
ing of thu embargo which tho Warden buys
will nevor com
Uurdlnrr Brlknup
Mifis Isabel Gardiner wifl married at noon
yesterday In the Church of the Heavenly Itcst
to Mr Henry Bolknap by tho rector tho Ilev
D Purkor Moigau Mr C A Prlncu of Boston
Hon of oxMnrur Prince wim botit man und tho
iiHhorsvvornM Mr P Hlado and MrA I Town
semi The bildovrnro agru travelling drosn
with bnnniit to mutch and wus ultun uvuy by
her brother JMwin Ln Bietnn iiirdllier Au
Informal reception followml ut tlio brliloa
homo in tho Bnrcclonu Huts on Illtiulnth
I he nrnlynci > uil Itcjimrnt Krcriitlon
Gov Hill nml sUtff will lonvo AH > uiynt4
oclock thia nftrrnuon to utund tonights ro
coptlon of thu Tweiitysecond lleglment nt the
Metropolitan Onera Houiio Gov Hill will re
eiipy box 18 Tho Hun Will tin Lmo llookiir
British Consul Mr Vim ChuiiL How Cliincsu
Cdnsul and other dlgnltiirlfH will bo prcpont
Gllinoro luiH composeil tome IMW muMo for tho
nceuskui and BuruEtelnrt band ulll pliy for tho
lioomlntr Kpro cne OrtlllcHr >
The introleuni brokers of tho Coiiholltlntod
Exchnuge started In yesterday to renew the
boom In korosono certlllcntes nnd nftor a lively
day over GtMOOOO barrels eiiunged hands
Thuy wero bucciwful 10 theextent of 2 > < cents
u barrel or n mall lttunn to tho ownorof
100000 barioK Tho fluctuationfor theday
VTeie Ortmlng Hjc hithost UTif low
eat 01c und llnul imic
Xut Iuj from tha Hie Rnfl
BALTIMORE Jim U Cnpt Grant of thelirlt
IsU brU lilidonau arrlvcil at Dili port lait nlifbtfrum
Ceorcitoirn I I I llektnlo Dial h patted In the
< uf fitrrnm rerrril hundred leteirapb tHilei ritendlng
orilxmllei liilimfa iioirn or Iiu lie iayi they
roald not tate btrii uuy porilou ot the bit raft u <
there wut nut A heji y piece of timber amnnr them and
betldei lit r i ulii not hm beeu Uero lie < iw the
teleiraph > olc <
Povertystricken Ilallaui Conilnz
ItoCKLisn Mi Jun UTThe btctimcrCaro
line Miller tailed licnce yesterday for New York with Itf
IT aeren Ita laus on board wtiote fare U paid br the
city nt lltuzor Tl > ItalUos liavt beta cared lor by
the city ot Wancor for wime time Tlie authfrlllx t
rttbatihscouii > aiiy that enxtvei tlitia tlioui4 tt r
U axcuts f itaillug Ilicta baca
THE Kyit OF Ainsa EARNEST Afro
The Tund llnlormrr Inld nrtlde the Mann
mrnt hr JtfitUnlcU NeTrriil Monthi Ac >
lilt Auloblucrnnhlonl Nntei A leu
Lnwls SlnRquoripr a social reformer vrho
died on Saturday nt his homo In Java street
Orcenpolnt was burlud yesterday nftcrnoon II
by tho aide of tho monument whieh he do
signed nnd had orcctod last JunolnCypreM
Hills Cometcn1 About twentyfive friends
gathered In the houso noxt to that In which ho
tiled and two or throe mndo brlof addresses
Tliero were no religious ceremonies either t
tho house or at tho grave Mr Masqueriers
religious opinions nro not clearly known to
oven his most Intimate friends though h
pcemcd to liellovo In a future existence and hU
life of practical Christianity Is testified to br
nil who know htm Of thoBovon survivors of
band of tuentyItvo covrorkors who wore pho
tographed In u croup together with Mr MM
querier In 1872 live woro present yesterday
Col Henry Itinnoy F NHmltli Charles Out
maud A V Day and Ilavld Kilmer OoL
Beeuvy suld
Per furty lit a iev t liave irnrkei with him for Ik
KniHlot niHiillnil liimynlinle tile I nettr knew him
to conunll Hti icl to cull u blutti to Ills chef k IIU who
foul WAI lur the acUiuurmtnt ot humanity and the
realization or the prlncliuei ot CbrliU
UrCB Weeks said
He fttemed to think there wjtt to much for htm tode
In thl life that lie bad not tlmoto conolder whatmttmt
cnm < ier llfidevutcdhUwlioio thought loth ioo
of hla fellow men
Mr John Nason who had charco of the fa
norul rend u nhort sketch ot Mr Mosquorleni
lllo Tho body was then taken totho cometorr
bhorlly befnro his do th Mr Masquorler illo
tuted to u friend the inllowlne notes of his life
Mr Maoquerler In Ian null year lait of lili name and
or lluwnotdoccnt im hl tathem ride and on hla
mothrrit i r a hirt > of the wnr of Independence wh
vonimunded a company nnd fnneht thri > uirirtli whole
or it up to ttie niirrcnOrr of I inl tornwalilit Sneaker
tirlipie IKU granitnon of Iiu tin at urn Oeorge Oarllale
or Uoodford coiattr kentuoky brother to hn irran
innihcr llinmcit Illckiln hln urandnulier waa a noble
liero lie rec it ii lun wninidB In theKaruf Indttpen
dciireatid at tlio rlrnv ttf ilerllnrd liny or ieurlon aytnt
ttmillie ind not ifht for UKCB but for lltirrty and Inde
f > eniiiiice UIB ratlicrtt brmtifr John lamee Mattqiier
n made aco < oi > tl kkctch of Nanoieon and hie army
durlnca Krninl review t Inrln In i7im In which the
cumtnanclliitf form nt the Rrent leneral wmi tnajenllcally
itrupeil in a military rt iik which Appcartd on all por
traltH of Nnpoleon b Hrtl t of dUnnulon In ftft r yeara
Thl rili turo WHS xiiblted In lomlun and furla an4
bronieltt In to thu piUnttroter jK oo
Tho must distinctive feature of Mr Mannner
ieru sy tom of souitl reform wus hnsod on a
division of lund Intoorjnnl pnrtHand ihoallot
tlnt ono part to ouch family His plan of aa
Ideal homestead ha had sunbolizod on his
moiHiniont touuther with schomos of other re >
forms Including u phonetic alphabet
In 1877 ho published a voliimo of mlscol
InnlesuontHlnlngeHsuyssottlni forth his views
on various reforms sketches offtillnvv workers
a number ol short poems und tho beginning ot
a lung pncni ealled Tho butitniuii It J3 la
scrlbod In Mis K 1 Klonker and Kobert U In
Ccrsoll it ITIIS to hnvo been in slv tiooks but
only thu first book and about n dozen lines ot
the Hucoml uppear In this volume Tho preface
suvs Satan ban been represented by Mlltoa
us rebelling in Heaven Instead of Jehovah
u ho usurped Its cntiro government and then
sent his armies to war ugnlnst him Tho iirgu
uiunt to Hook lis as follows
HOK that JehoTAli hU von JnuH Thrift and his trrand
pon the Holv Uho t bribed nnd corrupted two third of
the anitele in fjuor ot H monarchical uoiernmeni of a
blnifn trluit or tid tiiRlead of the urtBlocraito iiorern
uieut ot all the tlmlg rrl nlntr In triads How that Jeho
vah and bin BOII Jeau t ontipired aealnitt bit father Jupi
ter lit urnmltiUhrr Orus Hnd broilien Urmuld and
nramatL hU uncle > eptune bin irreat uncle Islrln ht
n pliewit Mytbra Chrtetino and vlBhna und hut cousin
The book closes with tho building of a now
heaven by Satan and onethird of the angels
nnd ho sciullnu byJehovah of Michael and hla
angols to uur upon them Tho poom Is written
In rhymed couplets and much contempt ot
Jllltons uso ot bluiik verso is Implied
Itliusboim understood that Mr Masquerior
would lento hi pioporty to be used lor propa
utlnc hi doctrine Sir John Nupon said
> titerduy tlmt tho will had not yet been open
ed but that Mr Jlnsiiuorierhproperty amount
ing to about 41110 hud been bequeathed to
him with tin understanding that It was to be
applied to thu piomulgutiou ol Mr Muaauor
ior a social theories
Werr They Kulcltle Clubl
Joseph Hcclicr a Gorman fihoemakcr 58
years old of > Dlvlflon stiout was found
dead in his bod yesterday mornlni with a tottlo
in his hand la which thoro hnd beon oxnllo
acid Bockor was u near neighbor and friend
of thn old cloekinaker Chlpticrfleld who shot
hlitisalf last vteok nnd It IH said that they hud
talked together of committing suicide Becker
tried to kill his wife wltli n shoo last two years
HIM und since tlmt llmo Mrs Decker has occu
pied it niom Uy hoisolf wliilo Iteukur wits ao
ciistomed tt > io to be > l drunk with hlx clothes
< m Mru Becker said yesterday that llocker
had not boon oi sound mind lor some tlmo ilo
leaves Uroeliildion
Both Chlpperlleld nnd Becknr hud boon In
business In Division siroet for many yearn ii > d
had seen tueir custom pass uwuy us the city
A nufTerer by th Ciml Ntrlbei
James iluhon njfed 45 yours a coal shov
el or of 430 West Twentysecond street HUB
taken to tho JeUYrson Maikot Pollco Court
yesterday with his three chlldron Kate Ed
ward nnd Annie aged respectively 11 7 und 1
yoars all being found destitute aud without
lire or lood Millions wlfu is dying of oon
sumptlonln flellevuo Hospllnl Whan the coal
Htrtkobtnrtcd Million was thrown out of wotk
Ho pawned flverythlnc in tho bouso including
tho stove tn buy food lor his children and tlio
hoiiHukoepur and others in tho building have
supplied him with food for tho past week lus
lice White sent tlei youngsters to tint Catholic
Protectory until llm father could Und work
finn l c lan < d to Marrlrd
Hies Satnh Hunter general assistant In
Grammar School No i in Ilitlugton etruot ro
slunod r month ago to got married bho had
boon n teacher for twenty sours and thought
she wnsen titled to mime horBiiccosBur Her
candidate was fuvorml by Iriiulpul lames l >
Doinllt but the Jioaitt of Tnislenu gavo tha
pluco to Teacher hlin J Ttiokiir nleco of
Joseph H Tooker A story llmt Mlfa Hunter
bail nevn vimii > oled to reslun to make room
forMIsi Tnokorwts nubllsned > estenliiy It
was not true JIls Hunter was mnrriod last
Huturduy nUht nt JIK1 Clermont iivonuo Brook
lyn unit wont to Old Point Comfort
An Vurptl > triril DriiEzlit Flnrd
XHlmllia wliocnmo lately from
Hungary bought a pharmacy ut 210 Third
avenue und employed u clork who was duly
tcgistorod us H pharmacist to Hll proscriptions
Tho New York lioird of Pharmacy sent Fran
cis S Iincknoy to have a proscription filled
and the owner of the pharmacy put up th
medicine villinlkn was nrrested for not nolne
duly icgHoiod In tlio Kpnclul Heeslons Court
yostenluybosiiid lie hnd sold out tho pharmacy
hlneit his nrrest On his plouof guilty ho was
fined ISO
Iiiclce Oltrlena llorea ICain Avrsiy
Whilo Jiul o Morgan J OBrien was driv
ing yentordny afternoon with his family along
Kovonth nvenuo noar tilth street hU horses
took fright and ran away Tho coachman did
ntorylhing in his power to stop them but saw
tlmt It wn < > tixfllesH ami bent his onorglos to
keeping tho horios from riinnlns Into other
vehicle on tlio irowdeil avenue At 117th
street ritinlmnti hrlxtophor llnbbott stopped
tho team Jiidgi < OBrien and lib family then
drove to their liomout lJ25Park uvenuu
j > tule uMlie luti tlnliti Uuvld Wolfe
Documents wore Illod in tho HujrlHtot a offloo
ycfiturdav by which tho estate of tho Into John
lnid Volft father of tho Into Cathorlnn Wolfe
was formally turned ovor by his trustees to
David Wolfe Itrtico and David Wolfe Ulahop
trustees under tint will of Mlsx Wolfe The
prox > rty consists of eiglityonithous > < sund lots
iirlnclpally in biihlnehs noctlonri of this city
By his will Mr Wolfu bn < iieuthod onefourth
of his real estuto to his duiiKliler and piovldod
for thu uiiiiul dhlslon of tho roinnindor uaioug
hor heirs
Ike Flint Cluie Mtrlkr
it Jun 0 The flint glasi manu
facturcn ure traliluir for reply to liitlr Uncommon
cation to tli rtecutlve Comiiilttee at the Union t or
another ten will be lulcn toward f Illlni the strike A
manufacturer ald lou ilut In coiuuilueedid not ob
ject in holding aiontrrrnce hli th committee from
llir nlhrr tide lul tkll II wouij t > e weU for both vo un
derauirl iach other Ifforu surn step was takeo to
thuiuounneoitttarv tint wnuld b coatumed a waa
the cue at the U t courerince
Dennis Improved Worm Loienaes eontalti the
r rcnllTdl OTmdoniKlirtecrlbedbj til well tofurju i l
ilv icl n for tbo cureol wonna Tlirresvl and aro
lnataruiltc d on the mtrkiit and old for worm medl
tlua our buing t nevrr falh our H > I wUl cure tie moat
nubbcru CJ Na ciutur u rroulixi In ani > rtnc
una wto tbey i j mble candy Bold by all Vint clu <
AraxfMi or cut I r uiall I UCB free oa ravlpt t
pncuU tenta tv htu ordtrea bj tuidl aend i O ataciM
ia place of aUrer
aba JDeuoU Xtt Co Limited TnxStBt

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