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i 308O
1 tin yttf 1898 promrus lo N a year ol splendid
stMesl evolepmtnto ont and all redounding
J t I I ft iiry t and triumph ol a
1 I I 1 tht Front Lie will be found
Fmh from Us magnificent victory oyer the com
r Mntd Ion 0 Democracy In Ih own State true
S I Ms convlcUont truthful before all elso and
tauten In UM of truth and
f II cause tt right
THE WIN bat s eight twelve and silicon
NIu M occasion requires and Is ahead of all
MmpeUtlon In everything that makes a newspaper
It Daily 6 0
1 Daily and Sunday 7 50
Sunday 16 and 20 pages i 50
Wtekly too i
Address THE SUN New York
Preparing for the Presidential Campaign
The primary elections for tho cholco of
delegates t the GermanAmerican Clllzons
orsaalzatlon occur tills evening In each ono
of the twentyfour Assembly districts In
j 1 town with the exception of tho Twelfth
where no provision lias len made for
any election To this organization which
foe part of tho United Democracy at the
recent ejection the nomination of WILLIAM
F PracnKE for Judgo of tho City Court
W accorded Another of Its nominees
iras CnAnLEs J NEIHIDAS now on the bench
of the same court and CUUILES A STAn
L the present State Senator In Albany
tram the Ninth district a put In nomina
tion by this central German organization
which we a told has a membership of
15000 rotors The arrangements for t
nights primaries arc quite complete and
the results will b transmitted to Mr C M
BUECIILEB On Thursday evening the dele
Ctae elected will meet at Beethoven Hall
and organize the permanent County
vention for 1888
A spirited mooting Is expected on Thurs
day night when the now County General
< Committee of tho United Labor party
r comes together at Clarendon Hall JOHN
UcMACKiN Is again a candidate for Chair
man representing tho GEORGE and Mc
i GLTNN clement His leading opponent In
l whoso favor tho ABUGEORGE men have
t united Is JOHN KEEOAN a car conductor
f now of the Seventeenth Assembly district
t but who represented tho Twentieth Assem
bly i the Legislature of 1869 Ho
ran against HimBX CLAUSEN Jr tho brewer
i i CLAUSEN receiving 22M votes and KEEOAN
26 Tho Republican candidate had 2182
t Those who have watched most carefully tho
recent doings of tho United Labor men re
t gard a split as inevitable 0 defections are
t largo In nearly oveiy district and Me
UAOKIN has tho machinery in his own the
Eighteenth Assembly where last year JAMES
OBniKM dictated the nominations
r It Is now tolerably well settled that Irving
t Hall will not disband but will b reorganized
t Senator DIY is named as the new
i leader Little remains of oven what there
1 was of Irving Hall In last November
t I Assembly districts 1 13 li 17 and
2 the Irving Hall men have joined tho
United Labor In districts
Unit Lnbr party Alfembly ditrict
I f S 7 9 111610 2 21 and 23 the Irving
y Ball men have joined Tammany in Assem
bly districts 0 10 1218 and 24 tho Irving
h Hall men have joined the County Democra
cy and in Assembly districts 0 3 815
g these four onlytheir organization remains
f intact I I extremely difficult for local
r faction t hold together very long without
i patronage but a good many of the Irving
i Ball district leaders have nowhere else to go
f within Democratic ranks so that should tho
J organization secure now leadership as Is
W probable it will probably outlast the next
Presidential contest
Friday evening will b a notable night in
the affairs of the local Democracy as It will
witness the first meeting both of Tammany
and of the County Democracy t organize
Ik for 1888 The new Tammany General Com
mittee I called t meet at 8 oclock at tho
Wigwam and the County Democracy dele
gates w assemble at the same hour at
Cp Union At no previous time prob
ably were the organizations s strong or
1 BO evenly matched In numbers and they offer
a marked contrast t tho broken ranks of
the New York city Republicans On Friday
e1n the permanent organizations of tho
t two divisions of the Democracy will b mado
for the Presidential canvass of 1888 and tho
J various officers will then be ohoson
rau omce wi ten b ohosn
Meanwhile the advantage of selecting
11 New York R the place for holding the
National Democratic Convention In Juno
renders the prospect of such a choice ex
ceedingly promising
t Vatican and Qulrlnnl
Borne Incident connected with tho Papal
1 Jubilee have sensibly increased tho tension
of the relations between tho Italian monarchy
and the head of tho Church should inter
act siot only Catholics but a persons cognl
aant of the difficulties with which Papal and
Italian statesmen a beset t recall what
took place and mark its probable effect
Upon political combinations
I wa of course known long beforehand
that on the occasion of tho jubilee not only
Cathollo sovereigns but rulers professing 1
ProtMtant or orthodox Greek faith would
testify by special missions and appropriate
offerings respect for tho character and ofllco
of ld O XIII To signify a like appreciation
Of the spiritual authority and personal quali
ties of the Pontiff was the wish and the in
tention ot King HUMBERTS Government
ttpresentlng a it does a dynasty once con
eplououa for piety and Bull ostensibly de
voted t the Cathollo religion Measures
accordingly wore taken to ascertain whether
the gifts contemplated by tho royal family
would b accepted by tho Pope
Tho reply to such an overture might it
would seem have been foreseen How could
the op place himself before tho eyes of
Europe I the piton of 0 recipient dona
I tive at the hands of a dynasty which In tho
ere o faithful Catholics baa robbed the
1 Church of its possessions 7 It would have
l been hard t reconcile the acceptance of
i Jewela and ornaments with the steadfast
I refusal to touch the annual subvention of
615000 thc was voted by way of con
science money by the Italian Parliament
add which has been evor since at the
disposal of the Papacy Until some com
pensation satisfactory t the Vatican shall
haT been made for the violation of treaties
and the seliure of the Papal territory a
proffer ot gifts W preposterous and not
unreasonably encountered a eharp rebuff
la tha Irritation caused the of
i I t ItUOD cu by to ropellin
his IllInspired advances King HUMBERT Is
said t have forbidden oven tho distant con
nections of his family t toko any part in
the celebration of the jubilee j An exhibition
of Indllernc was still more rigorously en
forced upon Government officials Merely
for paying a perfunctory visit t tho Cardi
nal Secretary of State the Duke of Ton
LONIA was summarily ejected from his
post of Mayor of Homo Neither did tho
civil powers annoyance at Us repulse stop
there Tho Ambassadors of Germany Au
tria and England wero Informed that those
countries bund to Italy by treaty obliga
tions or common Interests would b expect
ed t tako note of King HCMDERTB humilia
tion at tho hands of LEO XIII This was a
demand which In view of tho disturbance
threatened In eastern Europe could not well
be disregarded and accordingly tho envoys
specially deputed t express tho good will of
those powers t tho Pope hastened to dis
charge their functions In an Informal way
and left Homo before tho public commemo
ration of tho jubilee
Itetallatory nets of tills kind have natural
ly wIdened the broach made by tho offensive
but as wo havo seen Inevitable refusal of
LEO XIII t receive presents from tho King
of Italy under existing circumstances Wo
may therefore tko for granted that If Premier
mier Cnisn has over seriously mooted a
restitution of the Leonine City together
with n strip of land on tho same
side of tho Tiber and extending
to tho sen ho has now changed his
mind Should the Clerical voters b per
mitted t go to the ballot box at tho next
raillamontury elections It will at all events
not bo by virtue of an understanding with I I
tho present Cabinet and for tho purpose of
sustaining It In ofllco So that upon the
whole the jubilee seems t have deferred the
desirable arrangement of a compromise with
tho civil power In Italy whllo at tho same
time It has strengthened the hold of the
Papacy on the veneration and affection of
Catholics throughout the world
A Trotting Course In Central Park I
Do tho gentlemen who met In Chlckering
Hall last night t agitate tho proposition t
put a roadway for trotters In Control Park
appreciate the extent of tho alteration which
their proposition Indicates I
They desire a path along the wet side of
the Pork for speeding horses and everybody
who love to drive to trotter wishes
loves drvo or t see a trtter wlh
they might have It I would b delightful
to stroll along Eighth avenue from Sixtieth
street to 100th street to watch the trotters
In full blast instead of being obliged I one
wishes to ECO them In unrestrained action
t go beyond Macombs Dam But for such
n roadway a great deal more space
would lie required than suffices now
from GATE CASES to Jcromo Park
A great many more horses would turn out
for a bpln were it possible In the heart of I
tho city than now hold their way up b
yond the Harlem River The track would
havo t be much wider than the present
Jerome avenue If it would safely meet the
requirements of this immensely Increased
and accelerated city traffic Ono hundred
foot would hardly be enough Cer
tainly nothing less could be thought of
for what in a street of narrower width would
bo n crush of flyers tho majority of tom
guided by fellows who rarely mind taking a
little risk both for themselves and for their
rivals when the brush grows hot Ono hun
dred and fifty feet would b none too much
for the width of such a road Then there
would havo to b another road for carriages
The sedate landau with its quietminded
occupants should not bo forced upon the
ocupant b force upn
road with a lllght of helterskelter devil
maycaro record breakers With only a
speeding way in the west of the Pork that
side would b barred t persons of gentle
nerves The rush nnd excitement not t
say danger of n speedway would b
to much for them and they would
have to have another road provided or the
Park would practically b cut in two for
them Two roadways would thus be needed
for vehicles alone and n the trotting
way would have to b straight or b s
much the more dangerous tho carriageway
would have t be straight also or
tako In a very large portion of the
Park In addition in order t preserve
tho plcturesquoncss of its curves and slopes
as they are at present Tho whole western
side of tho Park would havo to b revolu
tionized completely and would lose its pres
ent character altogether
The gentlemen behind this plan a not
actuated by any moan motive They are
full of tho patriotism of promoters
of I great national product tho
American L trotter L Trotting u is a national
spore as paso nan is a national game
But just now when tho citys great field for
bal playing a private enterprise I threat
ened with expulsion from above the Park
how can they expect that tho city will devote
n considerable portion of tho Central Park a
small affair rather t their especial U
They will have t stick to old Fleetwood
across tho Harlem where before long prob
ably the ball players will follow them
They Cant Afford to Do So Again
When Senator BLAms Educational bill
was last before the Senate a good many
Senators voted for It i spite of their knowl
edge that It was a preposterous pernicious
and probably unconstitutional measure
Borne of them voted for it out of pure good
nature some out of political timidity all of
them or nearly all because thoy were aware
that tho bill could not possibly pass the
House and tho Executive and become 0 law
will bo little for these
I wi b a lto unpleasant tle
statesmen to go back on their record butwe
do not see how they can afford under any
circumstances t lend their names a second
tIme to Mr BLAIRS scheme of folly
Ho Is better understood now than he was
last year In 1 week or two when his ex 1
traordinary book on The Struggle Between I
Man and Alcohol gets fairly before the pub
lic no commission of Inquiry will b needed
t remove tho lost remaining doubt as t his
political Insanity In this book he practically
rally declares that his Educational bill Is In
cldental t and subordinate to his larger pr
gramme namely first commit the Amer
ican people to absolute prohibition In this
country and then t enlist the whole naval
power of the United States in an attempt to
suppress by force and bloodshed the liquor
traffic of other nations
Mr HENRY W BrAin New Hampshire
is cither a great humbug or 0 sincere and
dangerous fanatic Sane and prudent Sen
ators of the United States are not likely t
b found hereafter marching In any proces
sion which he may lead
Not 1 Marrying Mayor
Tho announcement Is made apparently
with authority that the new Mayor Brook
lyn will not perform the ceremony of marriage
tinge for such persons as a rash enough
to desire t enter Into the bonds of matrimony
mony and apply tohim to make thor one
In tho 2irooklyn Eagle of Saturday evening
wo read
Two mart couples applied today to Mayor Curix to b
manli IU refused la perform th ceremony and they
wut to Justice Cocnnr TUt official alw declined1 I
sat They wsr thin rfrr4 to Jostle B ou In h
Eastern District and started to And that fflcUl with
hep only alltktly < lr md
These refusals to marry might b contin
ued t a extent which would prove really
o bng
Tho BovUed Statutes of this State a
amended hi 1837 provide a follows
for th pnrpotof bInr rgt ers4 sad utbentl
caws according to l provisions at thl > till tmar
rUg 1 ball b solnanusdonly by l following personsi
h alllr of th Oo pl or of lralI7 Incorporated ro
ligions congregations and priests of U nr denomination
M Majors lUcordns and Aldermen ot cUba
Judge of tbs county eontu aad Justices ot the
rseei and
M Jnitlcet and Juilces of courts ot record
I the Mayor of a city may refuse to per
form the marriage ceremony where no legal
obstacle exists t the desired union so may
an minister or pret or Becordcr Alder
man or Judge In which event the unhappy
couple would have t resort t the Quaker
form of marriage
We think Mayor CnAMN ought t relent
and give tho young people a chance t b
married by one of tho handsomest officers In
the State of New York
A Cent Apiece for Lies
PorrrzEnB alleged Evening World ap
peared on the streets yesterday forenoon
and sought t propagate Its sale by tho news
of a startling disaster upon tho aqueduct
loss of life and property
Involving great 108 le ad prpry
The price was ono cent which was the some
that PULITZER charged for hanging the An
ll 4 1 hrA thn T nofllnllv mAt
their death in Chicago
Ho printed yesterday some fifty lines of
10 descriptive of a part of the aqueduct
tunnel Into which a rushing river poured at
one end while from the other It foamed dead
railroad tracks and
Italians wheelbarrows r tk ad
other paraphernalia of tho mining trade
I was circumstantial t a degree giving
accurate Intelligence of tho damage t the
brickwork of the aqueduct and of the repairs
that would b necessary and affecting t
quote the language of 0 suffering contractor
Intact it wosafalr example of the working
the imagination of one of h Sing Sing con
tributors under severe stress of circum
stances As wo havo Bd he lies habitually
and as a trade
He must move on I
A New Evening Sun Press
The Messrs HoE whose splendid presses
are visited daily by numbers of visitors i
TUB SUNS press rooms are preparing the
plans for a new press for TUB EVENING SUN
of such capacity that it will throw all other
printing machines into the shade I Is de
signed t print fold and count 90000 EVENING
ING Suns an hour of four or 6 pages We
rather think this whj1 lay out all previous
achievements i the machinery of printing
To the impartial observer it looks as if the
Hon WILLIAM 13 ALLISON of Iowa might now
be counted out of the Republican nee I In
died tho Bon WILLIAM B ALLISON was ever
really i the race
Ouresteemed contemporary the Liverpool
Mercury turnlihes food for valuable reflection
on tho part of those who think that It only
needs the abolition of the tariff to set shlp
bulldlnirin fall blast in this country Consid I
erable alarm says the Mercury has been ex
cited in the north o England by visits by mem
bers of shipbuilding firms t Spain and by the
opentne of negotiations for the purchase on
tIn bank of the Bilbao River of sites for ship
building and engine work
Thorols no tariff in England and yet it seems
that one of her greatest Industries U regarded
as shaky AU of which tends to Indicate that a
home market may b 0 pretty substantial thine
t tie 1
The Worlds special reporter of the
Drowned Mule Lie deserves mention He tale
graphed from Chappaqua I the afternoon
that he was eight miles from the accident
and hadnt been there Information he
telegraphed will be hard to Iet Hi got It
however true World fashion He made It
Observe this product of his Imagination
rianka whettbarrowa laddtra and other rubble
pours oat a U tloffoff o U rat and the Inrerted
Tphoa at GOULDS swamp I supposed 1 be choked op
An outpour of rubbish was to be expected a
soon as the World began to describe anything
We have sometimes wondered why the ac
complished editor of tho Fhiladtlplda Ledger
did not write his political essays In ore On
Saturday he began this practice In a leading
editorial article upon the committees of the
House of Representatives I the Fiftieth Con
gress Mr CHILDS boldly cuts loose from the
conventional form of political discussion
conventonal pros for pltcl dicussion
and drops Into poetry to compliment Speaker
CARLISLE upon the appointment of Mr RAN
DALL as Chairman of Appropriations But let
us quote Mr CHILDBB own words
Mr K L bd the Commute o ApproprlaUons
as I was peetd b would and as 11 I rip be should
ThIs position Is ont of thtxe I wbleb factious politics
came Into collision wIth the gd of the public Hirlce
and ebortslcbted politicians tried to persuade Mr CAa
LULl that Mr RUIBILL aaoald bo remored or deposed
lat the Speaker bad too mneb pride of personal charac
ter for that I a I otherwise too bIg a msa 0
la spite eta temptations
And threatened complications
lie heads Appropriations
With the me appropriate man
This new departure will lend additional inter
est Jto Mr CniLDss excellent newspaper which
is never so amusing as when it Is serious and
novel ao serious a when it frisks
The on great social fortress in Europe
which old prejudices have hitherto kept shut
against the Jaws the Austrian court has
finally capitulated Wo learn through the S
Jameti Gazette that Baron and Baroness AI
BEBT BoTiiscniLD have been declared UoJTdhiy
or capable of being received at court and eon
aequentlr in Vienna and In all Austria there is
no longer any official barrier t prevent tho
entry of Hebrews Into the fashionable and aris
tocratic circles
How long I will b before tbe Austrian Jews
achieve the first rank In Viennese fashion
aieve tnt Vlennea fashion n
they have done In London and In Paris la
tey I Lndon ad Pai i a
problem very Interesting consider
For two miles Italian and mules are burled
I tbe new aqueduct rl muear bUIed
Two miles of subaqueous mules diversified
with Italians would b a fine bit of scenery
The frantic yells of the imprisoned Italians and
the oaths of the struggling mules would make I
a tableau only equalled In horror and noise by
Signer GIUDA POLUTBIB when he compare his
actual with his affldavitod clrculazhun
There was no perceptible tremor of the
earth yesterday Tho Alleghanles and the
Bookies dozed In their cloudy skull CODS The
great rivers foamed at the mouth 8 usual and
the innumerablegrinning sea was aa nervous
8 ever The skIes bad their wonted stony
British star Niagara continued to tumble
and the great prairies of the immeasurable
West stretched and rolled Nothing In natures
aspect Indicated that a great man had fired off
his multljaw gun
Columbus Yet PIBE ALAHU FOIUXEB spoke a pleco at
A French writer said the other day that
honest but unfortunate Parisians could
at Pa coud never
attain the comfort and happiness enjoV d b
the 10000 convicts who hare been cent t New
Caledonia for the good of the OUt Then
ia ron t suspect that he baa overdrawn the
picture of New Caledonian felicity At
tlotu o oltonlan felol any
rte we art told that the convicts have re
sumed their bad habit of fleeing in email boats
t ilia they know no o TheN S a wide
spread belief that very little ton can be 0
tracUd ron a 000 miles vojaeo by l I a
small boat but that amusement has grown
popular again among the French convicts
much to tIn disgust of Queensland who Is
suffering from the predatory talents of tho
new arrivals
Of course I was the Earning Worl tat was
first on the street witS news of the treat dinner on the
aqueduct Iht World
Of course it WA In descriptions of what
didnt happen it I Is as prior as It Is posterior In
giving genuine bOws Besides PULrrzEn finds
It cheaper nnd invent lion
I chepr moro congenial to 105
than to pay for news
It is particularly requested that thin inhab
itants of this State keep as still as they con for
a day or two The Hon PATHFINDER COLE Is
closeted with his own thoughts and the party
I bosses making up the Acfembly committee
elate Vex not that mighty mind of Watklns
Mr HmmrW GRDy will open the Sub
Tropical Exposition at Jacksonville day after
tomorrow and I fine exposition of eubtrorl
eal eloquence may b expected
The aqiMdurt Is nearly filled with water tho
entire leniUi Irow
No Signor IECAIUOTE its your clrculazhun
thats watered flooded and filled with fraud
through its entire length breadth depth nod
thickness Tho aqueduct is all right
From information given by tho Captain of
the British brig Kildonam arrived at Balti
more from Prince Edward Island it would
seem that the great raft is in tho Quit Stream
and making tho boat speed It can for tho north
I 11 make a nice dancing surface and sun
bath establishment for the polar bears if Its
voyage reaches to thorn
Tile Irurld aqueduct will have to be taken down
No Mr PULITZER the aquoduct will not b
taken down but Its about time to tko you
down and bury 00
Futura Greatness mf the Xertliera Pacific
WASHINGTON Jan 9Tho joint resolution
introduced Into tho Senate for the appointment
o a Commission to select a site for an addi
tional naval station the Pacific has
on on his a strong
backing from the Navy Department Commo
dore Harmon the bead of the Bureau of Yards
and Docks strongly recommended it and Sec
retary Whitney gave It this emphatic approval
in his recent annual report
Special attention Is I called 1 the oouiidtratlons pre
sented In the report In reference to the provision of
additional facilities tor natal work on the Tactile comt
especially In the nelfhborhood of 1uxet Sound the treat
coal and Iron region of the future upon thU coed
I Is this tnt future of tho Northwest par
ticularly In Oregon and Washington Territory
that makes timely provision fonts
mne tmely forlB coast secur
ity highly important Tbe resolution now be
fore the Senate committee empowers the
Commission to choose some point for the pro
poaodstatlon north of the fortysecond parallel
having duo regard both to commercial nnd
strategic advantages Tho enormous im
portance of tho Puget Sound region has been
fully appreciated by the British Government
which has established there strong military
stronl mltnr
and naval defences and posts The remarka
ble growth of our northern tier of State and
Territorial from Lake Superior westward to
the Pncllle has attracted public attention and
I destined to become even moro marked In
tho Immediate future I is the ocean outlet
ot this flourishing region which tho Navy
Department proposes to Improve and protect
and beorttary Whiny has called additional
attention t the fact loss generally known than
the rich agricultural possibilities of tho North
west that its wealth in Iron and coal makes it
peclallTdpBirabla to found a naval htutlou
there This point Is noted In the preamble of
the Senate resolution which points out that
the Puclflo Northwest has within Its western
bore and in close proximity to the most
magnificent harbors and Inland Max immense
bodies of the best quality of Iron coat
lime and other stone and forests of the finest
timber the world Commodore Harmony
In his report had noted that an Immense de
velopment upon land anti sea In tho PaclOc will
follow the opening of an Interoceanle canal
A memorandum prepared by Lieutenant Com
mander C H StocktonU 8 N shows that iu
get Sound has 5000 square miles of water tires
and nearly lCOO miles of shore line with a
surrounding country rich In shipbuilding
timber In coal iron and sblpbuldlni
words Ing splendid railroad facilities Ha adds these
The recent remarkable dUcorerfts of Iron ore and
rood coal place the three Stoat elements for Iron and
sleet manufacture of dm coktny com I rich iron ore
and limestone within nftjr miles of tidewater a combi
nation that salute nowhere else In the Cited blates and
la few places In lh world
Great Britain has shown what she thinks ot
the region by her encouragement of the Cans
dian Iaclllo Railroad and her grants for ex
tending and completing the dry dock at Esqul
A Pacific coast Senator in arguing the proj
ect gave these additional considerations
tOI lay b Incr04010D wite I 1 said that the
tkt of Orejo wIll thIs year ship I over l14lXtle
ponnclof wool nrl over 5IZXXU bushels of wheat
that lbs wholesale brad or the oilY ot Iorlld Ore
con did In the pant year exceed over SoQiuououu and
will more mae exceed 273OUlioO dumber the eomlnt
Tear that the yale of the Columbia salmon flihertts
for tie part year was CM24 < OO that theta weroblpptd
by the mills of Pun tieuad to foreign coastwise and
Atlantic ports a total n 3O617S673 feet at lumber and
that tae present year five mills shipped IMTxi xtt feet
that the total I capacity of the lumber i7 Wniblnt
ton Territory In superficial feet for a year of 200 days
th enertnons snm of < i < 34 e < Xnfeet that the total out
put of coal from the various mines of Washington Ter
ritory his beta nearly xaouu tons that there were
shipped from the Territory the past year MVTOO too
tbat there are In Waihlnnton Territory lluo miles at
thoroughly constructed u and Torrltf railroad uo I3U
> wi WOIKU DBVC uvvn WDBirwmvu lu mo 5 MIl year
t seems probable that with the strong array
I of facts nut before the Senate tne project of a I
careful Puget Sound consideration naval station may count upon
laletcr Weals OversIght
Im Me traiMntlm Critic
A funny blunder ocourod In sending out
the Invitations which caused considerable ox
cltement the day of the hal to those closest in
terested in the hope of hour to hour that tho
mistake would b rectified In inviting tho
family ot one of the highest officials In public
life that of tho official himself was Inadver
tently ommitUd Ho felt no chagrin over tbo I
matter at all knowing It was a mistake urged
the ladles of his family to accept parried all
the kind Inquiries of the legation people about
the pleasure they would have at meeting him
at the ball that evening but he stayed homo
lit would not ask for an Invitation and proba
bly th English Minister will not know until he
reads this why tho gentleman In question lid
not accompany tbe ladles of his family I IB
certainly true that the presence of nono would
have been regarded an a greater pleasure to
both the Minister and Miss Wast
frm ins KoeKnter Union nnii Atltertutr
Her is a reminiscence of bygono days
Aismr May IT lAS I
We tbe nnderslrned members the Leililature of
the State if New York ami friends and supporters nf
frMldeut Uarflelddo hereby declare that under n clr
emtae wU we vote for the reelection ot either line
cue ConUlM or Thomas U i 1UU to the United Mutes
Cok 1100 J W II into Leo Oritniu
For this devotion to tho Administration of
tho lamented Garfield Gen Hunted was shot
down in his tracks by Mr Tom Platt Can the
General b8 resurrected no can Ho was
killed before when Plutt and his people dn
feated him forwuto Treasurer on the Itepubll
can ticket but ho came to life again
The Correct Thing In Dogs In licston
From th ecnon timid
change In the style of Jogs Is imminent
Tbt Qnsen has become the owner of white collie which
I A rare as a white blackbird and consequently Ibo
craze tor collies of that Immaculate hue should break
out her Immediately If yon cannot obtain a whit
colll right o yon mIght take an ordinary chinchilla
and Mark dor and bleach html oe better yet paint him
white like those bortly chairs which adorn fashionable
drawlaf root At all events the white collie has now
the royal cachet to American homes where high bred
i0 a loved far themselres alone
ThusderLightDInr stid Snow
yom Pie MUiauri KepuWcaa
ToP Kal Jon 6 ThIs prlou of the
tL was visited this morning br a rmarkHI Ihua
4cr stars accompanied by lightning The torr set In
aaU oclck ae contlnud till I oeloek There was
a IerrtAc clap of thunder men two or three minutes
with Tery 111 itghtiilit I and while ol storm was ol
J1 ensw was taalro
Thirtyseven rouses of Twlaa
fmn Ute 4U + U > OmtHtvtlm
ALAI Ga Jan 6A colored woman the
wife ot WillIe Ell ot this oilY gave birth the other dar
to twin hope They au said 1 bay weighed thirty
eevenpovndu ens turning the ttl twenty pousde
lb other at esyenteen the berried bebite over r
Ilo asS children oro doing well
I 7vestA4 1AI
God luck to Bepr a ntaUv Bliss and his
ajk a UM green Ilani I
n nY > 11
M riillllpotcaux lisa painted another big
panorama which Is now on view In a new
building on Fourth avenue and bids fair to
rival Its predecessors attracting th public
O course i i 1 battle scene No other scono
would bo epic enough would b dramatic on a
wldocnouuh peal to warrant presentation In
stick colossal fonn Jutln Attempting to paint
Gettysburg M Phllllpotoaux essayed a subject
Which was nlmo too colossal even for his
trams No creator battlo was ever fought as re
gards either those actual incidents which ap
peal to the eye or those stakes and conse
quences which cxrlto tho Imagination and Im
press the thought No single episode In Its
course could have bcon made especially promi
nent without untruth to tho gigantic character
of the conflict nnd t paint Its entire aspect nt
I critical moment ot the third day has in
volved 1 subordination ot details to general
effects which somewhat dotract from pictorial
ImiircBshenees Tho comparatively insignifi
cant fight at Champlgny for oxamplo which
JIM Uotallle and Do Nouvillo portrayed la
Piirlfl R 1 hotter subject from u painters
point 1 of view In the present picture tho in
terest is 1 so to nay topographical and pano
ramic In the literal sense ot the word rather
than dramatic Of coureo thero Is abundance of
minor dramatic Incident in tho foreground but
I Is not dominant In the effect Tho real centres
of Interest lie In the middle tlletancert and the
backgrounds which reveal the rent character
of tho batllo tho vastness of its field and the
immonbo number ot combatants upon all of
whom lu almost equal measure Uio fortunes of
tho day depended No provious panorama had
lRef1el fltlph tlllniR fin I > lnArlv nmt tlinvafrtrn
none had BO well explained l tho peculiar I char
acteristics of moJorn as distinguished from
ancient warfare with Its hondtolmnd strug
gle and lift striking personal Incidents
As I document an Interpretation un histor
ical Illustration tho picture Is therefore most
interesting suit should bo visited by every
student ot American history and by every young
man who wants to know what fighting for the
Union really meant But it will prove less at
tractive than some of Its forerunners to the
visitors who may merely bo in bcnrch ofvivid
emotional impressions Should wa call such
an ono a lover or art when ha turns his stops
to a big battle panorama Certainly not In I
cotes Yet the work of Uetallle nnd Neuviilo
just referred to wan a very remarkable
work of art and I ones nerves wore
strong thoro was much pleasure t be
hind from its contemplation Its fore
grounds wore extraordinarily clover wit
their crowd of Ilfoslzo figures soon vory near
at hand in deadly personal conflict amid tho
ruins of the village and Its backgrounds were
wonderful In composition In beauty of color
and in atmospheric effect if Philllpotcauxs
picture is less interesting not only in incident
but In execution Tho vast plain with its gentle
slopes and distant woods Is rather monotonous
In effect his paintingoffollaeeia not of the best
and though ho has conveyed pretty well the
strong local colors of the summer landscape he
has scarcely reproduced tho heat and alamo of I
that terrible July day Moreover hU drawing
of the flirure is not always unimpeachable and
ho Is far from having tho dramatic intensity of
conception or tho vigor of brush which dis
tinguished the work of his famous flow
countrymen Still the dlfllcultlos of such
work are enormous and with nil Its deficien
cies his result is remarkably good andl may
be said once more is Incomparably Instructive
to all who take en interest in tho scone it por
trays and this one may Imagine must mean
every American who lives
Mr Eeppols attractive now gallery on
Sixteenth street has been filled for some
weeks past with a colloctlonaa complete
as it could be made of tho etched work
oa Mr rotor Moran Mr Moran is not only
one of the oldest but ono of tho most Industri
ous conscientious and Intolllgont of Ameri
can etcher A man of genius in the art he
eenus ar
is notbut he Is a man of much talent and ac
complishment and no little Individuality The
purer stricter more abstract phuBos of the art
attract him less than those which combine the
effort after beauty and meaning of lino with n
effort after 1 certain measure of tone
and color and fulness in detail But h
Iq by no means to bo classed with
those etchers who wholly abandon the peculiar
Held of tho needle und try to produce a com
plete pictorial effect In his best large works
as for instance in ono which shows sheep in a
springtime posture In another which shows
cattle in a storm and in still another which
ehows cattle standing in u summer streamhe
contents himself with n discreet approach t
full tone and color and well preserves the
significance of his linos tho vigor of his
touches and the freshness oi his result the
freshness which means that untouched paper
his boon allowed to play a not unimportant
part in tho final affect For technical skill and
beauty some parts of these elates could hardly
b surpassed and they have the great irtuo
of being admirably composed In every part
Some of the smaller works are more simple
in conception and execution and are very
frank and charming pieces ot work whllo most
of the drawings from nature which served Mr
Moran as patterns for the etchings are nr
tremely interesting They provo him nn ablo
draughtsman with masses as well as with lines
and In some instances reveal more individu
ality of Bentlment perhaps than tho etchings
themselves But their chief Interest appears
when we compare them ono by one with the
corresponding prints and BOO how cleverly the
effect secured by ono method has been again
secured by rby what nIceties of In
terpretation and by what Intelligent omissions
a well as commissions This exhibition will
be succeeded about tho middle of February by
another which will Introduce a now etcher to
the Now York public
During a recent visit to Paris Mr KIII se
cured a complete series the works M 1tSllx
Buhot and I they nro all as attractive 8 the
few examples which he possessed lost winter
tho amateur will rojolco when he sees them I
Is not easy in thf so late and busy days of tho
art to strike a new noto Inctching It is doubly
difficult t strike one which shall b both new
and Interesting nnd yet shall lie strictly within
the true gamut of the needle Yet this Is what
M Buhot sooms to have done and though his
work is little known to the public even In Paris
it la already highly prized there by those who
determine future reputations Instead of merely
echoing reputations already made
Pllotys big picture of The WIre and Fool
ish Virgins has been removed from tho Van
doll Gallery to ono on Twentythird street
where it may be soon by daylight The change
In Its aspoct should be enough to prove once
and for all tho absurdity artificial lighting
I Is not a great picture aa It now appears or
avail a really goo one hit It Is much better
than bad been supposed moro agreeable In
color and moro able In execution The flesh
painting deserves no praise at all but
Pllntni deborel lt al some
parts of the drapery are very clever
ly done A now picture bJ a German
artist representing Tho Last Sleigh Ride of
King Louis of Bavaria Is on exhibition In the
name place and has been BO widely udvertUed
that It seems worth while to nay It Is ono of the
most imbecile pieces of work whichever had
tho honor so formal an Introduction to the
public Ono smiled In advance at the cholco of
thorn patent bid as It was lot that popu
lar notice which a sensational subject may ex
cite But ono hoped that some vigor ot exe
cution might redeem It uomo such energy
of movement and clover painting of u
winter landscape a characterize for In
stance many recent works by llusslan
and Polish painters But Mr Wen lfe
white borers and gaudy equipage are go
ing at a walk through billow of cottony snow
and his result mlaht pas for an enlarged
Christmas card showing fairy prince on his
travels were It not for the aspect of hit unfor
nate king who sits bolt upright In the sleigh
and looku aa though death hid already over
taken him I seems a 1 with this picture we
must have reached the lowest depth to which
the pedal exhibition ca descend
P 1 i
If Ike Iam war FIUt Out he Sen
would b Two Mile Deep All Over
fnrm Ut s Javteti aatau
At the last meeting of the Royal Society
Edinburgh Dr John Murray of ho Challoncor
expedition made a communication on ibm
llulsttt und Volume of the Dry Land and the
Dentil and Volume of tho Ocean According
to nil own investigations Engineering nnys the
mean height of the land of the globe was 2SSO
feat above the pea level ana the mean depth of
the ocean was 12480 feet anl 2080 fathoms I
thin t ocean were retarded a being divided Into
two parts by the llXKMathom Una I would ba
found that the mean depth of the arm baring
bale depths than lUOO fathoms was 202H
foot or 338 fathom or nearly the same
depth ratom pea as the height ot
the dry land above It On the other hand the
leon depth of lie amen beyond tho lOOt
I fitthomt Is H040 feot nr 24m fathoms The
former arpn called by Dr Murray tho transi
tional nrua nceuploH 24UOOlKii square miles
und tho latter area which Is 1 the iibymiml lu ti
and In I sltuiitod fully hires miles bolowiplio
averniHt lielqlm of thn continents occupies
118000001 squHto uillus or inoni than half of
the mirfaoa ot thn earth In the transitional
area of thaoeonn there urn many and varied
conditions reuriKOt of light hen currents
chanii > of level the character and variety ot
tho deposits and In the animals and plants
which Inhabit the various parts of tho radon
Tha depoMtn are In moot reelects Bliullnr to
those which make up a very large part of the
sedimentary formation of the dry par In tho
abysmal area there Is a uniform sot of cotull
ions the tempurnttire being near tile frperJnc
point with an annual range not exeeedlni 7
lahr and there being no sunlight or plant
life Thorn Is a 1 groat atmndniicn of animal 1 lifo
but tho forms from various parts of the urea
are r blmllar and tinllku tho < o of shallower
waters and Ibo deposits which accumulate
slowly are unlike any of tho sedimentary rio
posits of the dry land From Dr Murray In
vent cations 1 also appears that if the dry
I l
land of the globe ware reduced t the sea level
by being removed to and plloil up in the shul
lnen r tVIlttata if I hn l tntni tliAn Ita nvtrtnt nntllil
t about KOOOOOCX pnimre miles and the l rust
I of the surface of he t earth would be covered by
an ocean extending to llltOdOUUO square mile
Again should lie wholti of tho dollif land b re
duced to nun hovel updor tho ocean then tbo
surface of the artliwoud tll covered by nn
ocean with I uniform depth of about two miles
Two Mf e > rOr rb > rn Coiiatr Indium Out
pull Twe > eitrosit llvrees
mm tAt Cincinnati enquirer
Quit a novel contest was decided nt
Bright in Dearborn county Indiana lat Fri
day William Llddlo a merchant and Jesse
Crim a blacksmith ot the vllluge offered to
wager 25 that they could outpull any two
horses In the township Steve Cook a farmer
who possessed a line team and believed they
could outpull anything from a porous plaster
to a steam engine accepted the bet and Friday
afternoon entne presence of 1 concourse of
neighbors friends of the respective contestants
testants the trial of strength wits roado
Llddle and Crim lay flat on their bucks with
their feet firmly braced against au immovable
structure arranged for tho purpose and with
their heads pointing from the horses that were
hitched a distance of forty feet away to n piece
of timber held firmly in the hands of the pros
trate men Th tost to be decided by the
horses cither pulling tho timber from the
hands of tho men or otto pulling thorn from
the ground to their feet three trials and tbrco
minutes steady pulling each trial the extent of
tho contest while the excited farmers and villagers
lagers crowded around tho parties to witness
tills singular feat of ntringth and endurance
Tho horses two different times wore whipped
into pulling their best but with distended
in u Mew and swelling veins that told of the
terrlfllo stialn upon them the prostrnt men
held the horses to their position At tho third
trial the excited farmer lashed his hones t
fore thorn to their utmost when by a sudden
jerk the timber in the hands of the resisting
men and to which tho horses wore hitched
snapped in two nieces the end of one pfoco
striking Cilia lu the side as It broke > r
ing him unconscious for nearly an hour Ho
wan supposed to bo dead but finally recovered
and Is out of all danger of serious results from
the blow
lint nowas the third trial wan determined
before the accident occurred a dispute ban
prison over the awarding of tho mono and the
itulgss decide that 1 second contest must be
weather had as soon permits as tho parties are all ready and tho
Psibllo Interest la He and Ks
Front the Baltimore American
NEW YORK Jan 7 Theres millions In
I said the Clerk in the court In which the
celebrated breach of promiao case bar Is
being tried I I were allowed to sell tickets
of admission to the court room In which Baby
Buntings and Bunnlon amorous epistles aro
being read and the court room was largo
enough to hold all who would pay for admis
sion 1 think I could retire from clerical work
WomAn from every part of tho city make ap
plication for admission and men who wish to
see what Bunnfe looks like would pay hand
somely for seats During my experience about
the courts I have never yet scon a breach of
promise case which excited half the curiosity
that tho Arbuckla case has Yes theres mil
lions In it
Why I hav received letters from females
asking I I will send them I pass Into the court
room and only a tow days ago some parson
writing anonymously asked I I wouldnt see
MIss Campbells counsel and secure tickets for
the trial
In the mean time the reading public Is In the
enjoyment of the unlau and valuable addition
to the literature of 1010
QnotlM Bh kcsp nre and tile Bible
fersous misquotation ot Shakespeare substituting
let I for mar as pointed out by N 0 In Tug
Sox of recent date Is every trirUl error lie probably
quoted the passage from memory for be can repeat a
multitude of gems from Shakeepeare But I renture to
say tbat N dl cannot repeat the Lords Irayer cer
reetly as recorded In Matthew Most people say And
forgive t our treepassoc as we forgive them that tres
pass agaInst us Tills Is I taken from the Church of Eng
land frayer IJook In Matthew TL II I Is And for
give us our debts as we forzlr nor debtors aud In
Luke rl 4 It Is I And forulie in our elm for we also
forum every one that Is I Indebted to us The Doney
traoslatlon tneie two verses agrees verbatim with ibe
rrotestant iiiuie I
And her It I worthy of note that the Donar Bible
omits In Malt Tl I 13 Fur thin beth kinrdom and the
power and the glory for ever Nor are these words
found at all In Luke and they are expunged from Mat
thew In the revised New Testament as an Interpola
tion also the Amen
One thing more The Dollar Bible has live tie this
day oorsupersubstantlal bread In the Irotettant re
vision ls thU note tIm test our bread for the coming
day In the reshlto or ancient Hjriao Termon it
reads tHY UI our needful bread this day The cor
responding LaUn word U Indlyfntla aol the evident
meaning of the HjrUe word Is bread of poverty An
Irrererant war has suggested the substitution of need
ed for needful because as be says God know
that treat Is always kneadttt brmvaaT
Tha America Iieg
To van EDITOR OF THE BUN Sir For the
information of your correspondent P I It In yesterdaj
Son tbe following acts of Congress will show the orUln
of the flat of the United Ruin
On the lit of June IT77lt was resolved that the
Use of the thirteen United Slate be thirteen btrlpr al
female red and white i that the union be thirteen tars
while In a blue Held representing a new constellation
On the lath of January l7Wlt ass retired that
frem and after the 1st day of May Anna Diimlul 17x5
the dog of the United Stales be fifteen l stripe alternate
red and white that the union be Slices stars In a blue
Anilon the 4th nf April iSle l the flag was ueiiersd and
establlnhetl as mentioned by your correspondent
Good Advice la Working IVomsn
To THE EDITOR or THE BUN Str I want to
say n word to the poor working women of Sew Vorl
llsTlnff lived In New York and vicinity for more than
twenty five years I often wonder why so mstuy stay
there when there are such good homes In the country
that they could have Even widows with children that
were brought up to obey could get a home anil good
wanes In the country with schools and churches lustily
Even now 1 know where at letrt three surh vrnnirn
could get rood homes The dooeitlcs uro not treated
out here as they are Intheelty As aueneral thiie hey
are treated al If of the family and rat at the ninr ele l
lithe ran get train ji to Cii n month and nut verb s
hard as they do In New York A Wouki Unnti
lACrL uTlnK ruuu Jau 7
A Olnsa flower Confidence
To TUB Eorron or THE SUN fir The man
ufacturers think we are fools tor strlVlnir iraluut the St
tempt to cm wages lllprr rent Titer Is I H > IO J lo lustS
us up and tpUOJU more after that It all gouu II
From u Patron f lriirnlng
J > ent the tSiialelptuht JfrSruf
It lii very evident that sumac of th flltfl who
ieiiri the public school ef thw Y uului imohut by
hskiug c term iru the luger grads heluflu 111 ie riutil
en exact tour of us ttstice cmveI ttluu lraEPPr iii the
Tsrumytulrfseetiot by une Ut lie lurch uIurcturs
iatste ilsar t4ruo t tows Put Alit Iii 1557
Shies is mature of lbs ciiiittetu slit S ehauigs iii
boslh school tV I nflid TU a ouird to CIII I heoe t gut i twuu r
New teachers is I ttiwuteed for SuShi 5 II ole hu I send Ibis
Snel to you you lime is up she lMh I
liLac sum toe Director
lutits I col
Fins lunicvioMit
A Western Senator rucohyl a funny letter
from a coniKufnt vterdy a Situ reel
tires ii at > 1 wish loiiwuuld go tut the istiion 1111cc
and see why they don I iccreuuuS my peiiNon I Bled an
appllciUoi mum thin lturlsfCSIt ago lo have inr pen
dun tncreakeil from lid to fIJ a month and have heard
toihing from it cVpi an Imperlnenl letter from the
DomuUaloner of lcnsluos saiiM that there was ao ert
deco ta sustain ray claim > err truly yosrs
Xt the UIKarjr Oyster
Fiisi iM diii jti5iOui rae Press
At ttiVchuroli sociable Vlvncloni young
ladyUueas what we are going to have louljatMra
ihaccemcharsdeo I
Mr Jascon kewed ill smelt fa elm cut to
the gate
The nvitagelltal AIMaae Takes Up the Casts
of the Her Mr Davis
BOSTON Mass Jan DTho case of the
11ev William F Davis who U In prison for
preaching on lloston Common without permit
from tho Mayor was discussed by the Evan
gelical Alliance on Nov ii and a committee
was chosen to prepare a summary of the facts
precedents and laws in olvod In the caae Tnli
report was presented at a meeting ot thin Alli
ance thin morning
The commlttoo combats tho argument that
the ordinance IB needful for tho prevention ot
disorder and says this reasoning involve a
wrong principle In government Tho llabllltr
to abuse tho liberty of free ntxtoch on publlo
grounds does not warrant the endeavor to cre >
vent such abuses by an ordinance establishing
n consorwhlri of spiakers and preachers br
Rome > ity official Welt till a man has corn
Initial n breach nf the peace and then proooad
agulnit him by the Lemma of law already ex
In conolunlon the committee aaya three
courses of action are open
KlrM Accopt tho situation If ono wl hea
to preach In public plncot ask permission If
It In roftthed refrafn from preaching ThU
ontirsa will havo tha advantage of reHpectina
the law It will have Plo disadvantage that the
needed preaching of the Gospel la liable to ba
Haoond If denied a permit refrain from
preaching but agitate for the repeal of the
restriction Tills will have the advantage of
protesting against the character of the law
whIte obeying it and perhaps may result In its
ThirdObey the law while It stands Agi
tate for ltd rental and nUo eixlaavorto scours
by a test cane from tlm highest court In the
land an authoritative declaration on the con
stitutionality of all such ordinance This hit
tAr course would Ht all vents set at rust tie
legal uncertainties Involved
According lo Superintendent Jackton there Is a widely
varied conception ot what Is considered truth by this
generation among tbe Immigrants who arrlys at Castl
Garden Mr Jackson speaks favorably and well of ike
Irish English French Scandinavian and German Im
migrants but he Isat particularly charmed with the no
tions of veracity entertained by the Oreeks Spaniards
Italians and Russians and as for the Arabs Mr Jack
con remarks that he wonldnt believe one of them even
If the statement was backed up by the most solemn oath
known to that people
There wsr many congratulations yeiterdsy from
downtown Democrats for Mr Alexander Meskim who
engineered the dinner of the Business lIens Democratlo
As oclatlon In the Hoffman House on Saturday night
It was remarked that all the arrangements were car
ried out with precision and considerate care and ta
dinner ran quite as smoothly ss a family party Inci
dentally It was learned that the breach that has existed
between Mr Meaktra and Mr E U Newstadt arising
during theturmoil of Irodnce Exchange politics was
healed by a spontaneous and frank apology from Mr
Newstadt and that hereafter the two men will be as
tender ot each other as kitten
Although Secretary T Mortimer Seayer of the tloil
Less Mens Democratic Association I a Democrat to the
core it was remarked at the dinner Saturday night that
Mr Beaver failed to give the correct Initials to some of
the prominent members of the party rot instance In
reading the letters of regret be spoke of Secretary W
O Whitney Secretary K H Bayard and District
Attorney James R Fellows There was a good
natured laugh at the blunders by the Democrats and the
few Ronunilcans who were at the dinner have no leased
Mr Bearer that be promises lo look sharper at the slg
natures next time
A peddler on Broadway did a thriving business yester
day In pocket check books They cost only Dye cells
and messenger boys lever clerks ana bootblacks
benght them They appeared to be the proud owners
of solid bank accounts from the minute they had se
cured the check books Any way their pride was par
dondonable for to many folks the possession of aeheck
book 1s a connecting link to cash at some periodlntht
owners existence
The estimates on the current crop of eotton are jest
now the most Interesting Crates and reading In a cotton
brokers life Yesterday forty members of the Cotton
Exchange were asked for their estImates The average
estimate was ne2U < lD bales or 320000 bales more than
the aorernment bureaus estimate An Increase or e
deficit ot 320ouo bales In the actual crop will bring Jey
and sorrow to many a cotton broker
Among some of the more liberal churches Ilk that af
the HOT Bubert Collyer as well aa in seyeralooncregt
tione quite as orthodox as Dr Ileber Mewtona remark
able movement ts on foot and baa actually made sub
stantial progress to replace the regular pulpit orators
for the warmer months ot the year with laymen of
celebrity and even with laymen who bay heretofore
been accustomed to speak over the footlights Tba Idea
Is as Interesting aa It Is novel A syndicate of churches
ti to be formed and a syndicate of vacation preachers
to be engaged The present plan is said to contemplate
six congregations six lay preachers and a six weeks
term for their engagement each to speak once to each
ot the congregations The surprising part of it all and
the feature nf the plan that shows the widest departure
from carrent Ideas on the relations of the pulpit and the
stage lathe fact that Edwin Booth Lawrence Barrett
Steel Mackaje aid Richard Mansfield are discussed
probably four of the six speakers
Workmen digging for the foundations of
a mill at Bloomfleld Cy broke through the dome of a
cave which It Is said bids fair to riyal the Mammoth
Care in its lakes eyeless fish stalagmites and states
the Besides It contains graves and skeletons and
pottery everything that a firstclass care should
The Hon George West the wellknown
paner maker of Ballston Spa recently received from
China a sheet of paper made from the web of the
sacred white spider It Is almost as light and trans
parent ss any spiders wen and on it Is printed clearly
and beautifully In English about 3UOO words of the
story How Midshipman Coppleson was presented at
the Court of Ieklu
Prof G P Wright In his recent visit to
Alaska discovered a queer passage In the Twentythird
Isalin as translated into toe language of the natives
Tbs mIssionary who made the translation found some
dlllculty with the tint five words The Lord Is my
Shepherd because in Alaska there are no domesUo
sHeep and no shepherds But be thought that bs had
got over the difficulty until he heard an Indian read tha
passage and then he found that he had made It read
The Lord Is i a first class mountain sheep hunter
The French Academy has awarded the
Montyou prize of virtue Otis to Jean Adolpbs Dotes
noy a Calais pilot who has twentyone times risked his
life In saving shipwrecked crews Once twelve English
sailors In a lifeboat attempted a rescue and were all lost
but Pelannoy and six comrades succeeded In reaching
the vessel Just as It was going down and took on two ft
the crew lie already had the Cram of the Legion of
Honor and a lot of medals and the Academy now pro
claims him the most heroic and devoted of Frenchmen
IgvoiiRoltat Moody had to five the 259
boys In lilt Mt llerinon school a talking lo because nine
of them endeavored to ham one of their fellows They
got hint In a room and were about to put him through a
course nf sprouts when he pulled a big Jack knife and
threatened to carvilnln little pieces the tlrst boy that
touched him f > ufoi1y touched him Mr Moody got the
knife ami with It In Ills lund tailed like a kind father
In lilt lute They eeemd impressed and undoubtedly
began lie tow j ear cult the determination to be good l
A rrtiiih tlmidy went to u photographer
to get lil < picture liLen N i hen the job was done he re
futed In iniy on lie crimiil that the picture did not look
like hint and lie left the eitabtlfthmetit Next morning
lie pitted iuy l the place and saw hU picture banging la
Hniflm1 und under It were the startling words lu
Mlolfr The Luuet fool In the whole town II
rulic l Into the store and abused the photographer thai
my der air said the latter since the picture doesnt
rrtrinble you it hat In the world are you complaining
about t
tThreo years afro John Vogt of 1lernm
III rnn aw ay from his wife leaving her In destitute
clriutniitiiicrs She heard no more of him until A few
days ago when a letter from the State ioltiitrs Home
at Julncy said that her huiuaud hal l died there after
liliiK an Inmate for two yesru that before lie died ha
uiatle application for a tension on account of injuries
received in the war that the prnilon bad just been
granted soul that on presenting i roper proof she would
bs entitle toll Mrs 1 ol thinks tual her husband was
of some account after all
A bud white limn is Bwlndlliiff Georgia
negroes llo pretend to bii a IulKd Males Army
officer and tell the biank that Ilier are milled to err
lain sums of money from the IliKed Bute Treasury
lie feel checks ou the Trfury for what lie can get To
one young negro of Amerii lie sold a 97U cheek for
lii toanold manhe td cfifficbcck for P3 Two of
tlteso checks were rectily prttented at an Americas
bank ty un old nevro uh was greatly surprised wlisn
lie was told thai they Were nut worth tb paper oa
which they were written
At a meotlw ut the California Klato
Hoard uf Site Coil are lu ean Francisco the other day ibis
paragraph iM real from a letter from the secretary
Mrs Potter of Vw lurk who baa for along time beta
assisting needy women iuteds formisigis colony buying
Dua acres of land near acavllle and bringing out macf
wotneo fibe lies r utived quite a large sore of mosey
from rich men In New York in aid of the enterprise
r > be Is now wurUn up tie colony In both Mew York anil
Uanaacliusslta and abs nil accompany the > moisoecl
and superintend the colooy heraelt Mr Noise desired
books on silk culture forwarded is Mr letter whisk
flit Board decide le slul

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