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I pt J5 r73sr > rW t 1I11 i I ylt f r fI s JIrf rir v l T J t < tnu II i W > 1 T 4 < > < f
Tone or Grnets Htma Floe Amcthrtti
nd Opnqnc White IlidrephanesItema
In the Dade Hill Which Will Interest
territ 8nate r Chandler 1h 81 IaaU
Trunk TrMacdr Uetoro the lam
Caurt ImpertuBt I111U In the Nate
nd Home Snprena Conrt OecUleat
WAShINGTON Jan DTho report of
Ocorco F Kunz the export in e ms which
tmi just bon Isauid by tho Geological
Hunor contains much interesting Informa
tion relating to tho dt9coory of prcclouB
dnnes In tho United States The list of acci
dental flndn throughout the country Is largo
enough to b Inspiring Mr Kunz calls them
accidental and than says thnt at Bold Col
over n ton of gamete have been picked up dur
ing the year They llnd gamete of tho samo I
port In Iowloton Idaho Some of the l > re
clMr quart when It comes In big chunks Is
quite valuable Thoy found some very largo
rnnsos in Virginia early In the yenr Thoy were
reported n transparent crystals of quartz one
ttclghlDff CIS pounds another 340 pounds
When those reached Now York however they
proved not to b crystals but veins ol trans
lucent quartzlto with orystalllno mark
ings of n group rather than of n
single crystal and the clear spaces which
were only observed on these crystalline
Bides would not afford a crystal ball moro than
ono Inch in diameter Tho larger part was al
mot white with flaws Such would do how
over to sell to tourists says Mr Kunz naive
If I Some amethysts have been found during
tln year at Doer Island Me also a tow ame
thysts are found at liurnllle n I A precious
stone of much Interest Is I an opaque white hy
drophnnodlscovreil In Colorado Tho finder
hl i pruned it magic stone because UK usual
tfli tii5 mineral I pnsseHses tin property of
IIls tlllrolrt
Ikoomliu ubsolutnlr transparent It water Is
dropped slowly on It from ono to throe minutes
It H I ho porous that it will absorb Ittt own
nctklit of water I quietly recovorn its opaci
ty fho tinder succosts that tlin stone be used
for seals rings und scurf pins as by reason of
Its npdrlty it rrould comtilotolj conceal por
tiulto niottooR or mementoes which could be
iiiinicht 1 to lowwhnn deshed by I tlin nppllcu
tiiin I of I Httlii water A beniitlful pink chalco
dun > his bcun fuuud at Cisco Utah I outfits
of 1 iliLi polish but It has not rot boon Intro
iln oil In any quantity
T f lnnib nod U 0 Ilntcli mlnod for atlmo
nt tlio Mount Aputltn luoullty near Auburn
Me und found tourmallno iionin nnd minerals
to llio value of 5110 Thli locality will bo
lurthnr worked Quito a large nnmbor of tho
lutllr 1101 rOo and white baryld found In Lttch
llild lounty havo benn nicely cut and exten
Mcy sold llio cut corns Hold during tho past
imrnrovuluid at MOnO hit a large part of
this sum prolmbly represents tho cuttlnc and
Thu Marion llulllon
other neo isiry expenses llu lul0n
Company nt Marion N C docs not niaLo I
lunlneifl of dlsgini for cams but Col Demlng
hits lound BO many 2irnotH thero that It paid
him to soIl them In quantities to manufacturing
jcuelleiM There was also ono fine amethyst
aiiiHKnlllcont ptirpln l color and over one Inch
across fine aquamtirinas from ono to six carats
weight and some beautiful chlorltlc Inclu
sions in quartz whirl when polished show
very lino landscape effect
Thero are three Items in tho revised esti
mates of deficiencies which Secretary Fair
child has transmitted to the House which
ought to Interest Mr William E Chandler of
Now Hampshire considerably Looking at
them from an outside point ot view it would
appear highly probable that the colleague of
Kunator Blair would first hustle to got them
surely into the big deficiency bill nnd then
huttle to keep them there Thoy are these
Micellantoialtj Amount paid bjr ray Director A
I llusiell U 8 1 to Matthew Wilton for painting a
portrait ot ex becretary Chandler on bills approved by
the lion VUltlam C Whitney being for the services of
the fiscal year Isu4tJ SJJIIO
tv > fitin0 rtt Navy Amount paid by Director Thorns
looker U b N to K r Andrews for painting pot
traits of Secretaries or the Navy Borland Woodbury
on bills approved the Hon William i ikandler bee
retary I of the Navy Feb 281805 being for tee service
of the fiscal year Itvtt C5ou
Amount raid to pay Director ThomatTH lxx > ker r B
K to fassed Assistant 1aymaster lleury K Smith t s
N for subsistence I in members l the uflo es1I i
on Appropriations while making official vlsiton board
the United blat s steamer Tallapoosa to the Norfolk
Navy Yard and Fortress Monroe in March IBM being
rrilii lt IaI
for the service of the rjseal year 1884 iso
Explanatory letters in on appendix to the
pJ J C fi Wh g
book of estimates accompany tlio bills Thoso
show that Secretary Whitney approved Pay
Director Itussells bill of 33150 for the por
trait of Mr Chandler Judge Maynard writes
Dee 1C 1886 saying that the accounting of
ficers have disallowed the charge and adding
If It Is a proper expenditure It reo1an been paid
from the appropriation from the legislative executive
and Judicial expense oh the Government and settled by
Uie first Auditor and First Comptroller
Pay Director Looker also under date of
Juno 18 18SG writes to complain in his own
behalf that tbe payment of 500 for the pic
tures of Boric and Woodbury ordered by
Chandler has been suspended lIe declares
that the bill came to him with Chief Clerk
llopcB certificate on Itl and that he did not
feel like disobeying orders of the Secretary of
tho Navy He adds
We are under military rule and any officer falling to
ottey Is promptly court martlaled I and deprived of his
tommitsion rIo anyhow It is manifest that the
htcrctary of the Navy and not the olUoor must be the
judge us to his own power and authority In these mat
ters I touching the appropriations of the executive de
partment of which he is I the head and over which the
law gives him control and hence I repeat It baa al
ways hitherto been the practice J been so held I aad ruled
bribe accounting officers to allow and pass vouchers
ordered by secretaries thus lo be pall I from appropria I
tion Lontlugent II navy Certainly I It would Introduce I
a moat vtrangu and anomalous condition of
tilings hi this military department If a pay
linker were Ivllegtd or empowered to decline ta pay
11 JI br los g r
a Ml authorized and directed by the Secretary of the
Navy thus on the ground of his the Secretary want
of too ledge or power or authority so order The
Honorable I Aerretar s namn on a voucher approving It
and orderltu I it paid and paid out of certain I appropri t
ation means ilther that it must and shall be paid and
jieL 11 that uayor It Is a nullity I misleading I unjust and
munir to I the illtburnicg I officer We cannot pay a bill
without approval tc Approval Is I given ana under the
regulation and tho law Ice must obey and pay If we
ICY n e are held responsible This is I simply unrighteous
and utireaiuliable and cannot be meant or Intended I
am sure this must be seen and acknowledged
Hut tho letter which is most Interesting and
Thlch ought to urge Senator Chandler to hus
tlu hardest is that of Pay Director Smith on
the TitllapooMi junket to Hampton Boads
Mr fcmith hect to be relieved ol embarrass
Dicnt on account of the bill He says
Shortly after the return of the vessel 1 to Washington
I cdilfd upon hecretary Chandler and Inrormed him of
II11ilX and allied direction In regard to them He
Rld lie hal personally authorized the use of Ihe Tails
poem during her trip to Hampton Roads and retnrn by
lliu members ot theConmltue on Appropriations and
Hut uodr the circumstances he preferred paying the
ilmliunce Mils other than any for wines liquor or
tt n out of the contingent fund of the Navy
Jieiwrtmem rather than to present them to
iiemUn of the committee III lAid that the
allnoOl we not large mud 1 that concerning the true
riintiiiuent fund nf tin detriment the discretion as to
belhftl 13
II ucu lot any ltrloee I nut absolutely prohibited by law
i AHItUrI t > in thus handset tho Secretary of the Navy
awl in fu Jf accounUn officers would not think of over
ruIng Ii iS llcrl < > n the bill wa therefore paid to me
i by IY Director Looker as I had no funds Irom the ap
Kvnissl contluent easy In I lilY own hands as
bmlth says that the M50 should he allowed to
looker and not chnrcod to him The exBee
retry ought to come forward for his protti 1t6
ExScnator Joseph t McDonald of Indiana
and exncprcsontathe in Congress and ox
Governor his State Proctor Knott of Ken
tucky have been seen hero in earnest convor
Italian lately A shrewd politician who saw
them closeted together this morning mysteri
ously dropped the observation that the two
statesmen were hatching a political scheme
This politician was wrong however McDonald
and Knott were simply comparing notes re
girding a law case In which they are retained
on opposite sides and which will soon be ar
hued In the Huprema Court In this case the
Wales of Indiana and Kentucky are pitted
a against each other und ouch Htatn Bonds her
favorite citizen here to fight her battle Tho
contest arises over the possession of an Island
In tho Ohio Hi ver which part of tho boundary
Ins of these States ThIs land Is called Ureen
liver Inland Indiana has always claimed
tbat It IH Included within the the territory
niarUd out by tho boundary lines when
the Mate was admitted Into the Union Ken
tucky has persistently disputed the claim and
Mrs the Island Is her own The facts in tho
I fiv bhow that when the water in the Ohio
I Ither Is low thin island Is not an island at
all but n piece of dry ground attached to tho
l bttte of Indiana When tho water rises now
fver till land Is separated from the Hoosier
tate atid loaves a beautiful plce of ground In
t U river entirely Hurrotitifted by water Ken
k lUckY has always clnlmea the ownershlpot this
island and lately the dwellers upon it being
theU at tho delay In settling the auostlon have
rluhCd to pay tribute to either State Near
Ibe head of thIs Island there Id another strip of
load about half a mile In length and a Quarter
r In wldlh which Kentucky brie only recentl
Inl1 claim to and which Indiana will flgnt to
ictuln 1 possession of Messrs McDonald and
I Jvnott will HOOD have filed all the papers In the
L OJp < und It will probably bo argued at the
Pretcnt term
p KcimtoiLvartR today introduced avoryolab
rttely prepared bill entitled An net to pro
t Tent obstructive and Injurious deposits within
A the harbois of adjacent waters of Now York
g Itr by dumping or otherwise and to punish
r t lad prevent such offences and making other
I IToelelona in connection therewith The bill
I rohlbfts the dumping Into the waters of any
rllIA whatever eicludlns everything ejcept
S lii liquId OT rflow Iron the flowers The
1 tu
President In authorized to appoint a Board
consisting of three omeors one from the IInltl
noer corps of the army not below tho rank of
Captain a lIne ofllcor of the navy not below tho
ank of Lieutenant and an assistant of tho
United States Coast Survey Tho Board ifi to
jo n permanent one and to receive no other
salary than allowed thorn by their present
grades 1h01 are to Investigate tho condition
of the channel anti harbor nnd report upon the
most practicable nnd efficient plan for prevent
ing and remedying tho abuses > lnlnod of
A linn olllcer ol the navy tanUo to be placed nt
the disposal of the Board and he IA l to hara
direct control over patrol hodtn and the fullcit
authority to carry out his orders The pennlty
fixed by tho bill for tho infrlnceniont of Its pro
visions Is a line of not Inns than 1200 normoro
than S2COO and Imprisonment for not loss than
thirty days nor more than ono year The sum
of 30000 is appropriated for carrying out
the act i
Tho Bcnate Committee on the Judiciary had
n lone session this morning tho business be
fore It being the nomination of Mr Lamar It
Is understood that Mr Uvarts made a vigorous
speech In opposition to continuation A tost
vote was had which revealed tho fact that the
majority of tho committee will make a 1 report
recommending rejection 1lnal action was
postponed until tomorrow when another
meeting will bo hold and the cne llnally acted
upon The nomination of Mr Yllas to bo
Secretary of the Interior to which there Is no
objection will be considered probably dis
posed of alio at tomorrows inoottnc Tho
nomination of Don M Dickinson to 110 Pot
masturCleueral is still In tho hands of Senator
Hnwyor Chairman ot the Committee on lot
OlllceR He is I holding it ivuiiltinc action on tho
nomination of Mr Vllas Tho confirmation of
Messrs Dickinson and Vllas can hardly take
place before Wednesday nnd porhaps thoy will
be a day later If they are reported ti > tho
Senate tomelTow thoy will in the usual routine
remain on the calendar until Vednesdny
Then they will be conllrmod unless some Sena
tor objects In which caso they will co over one
day and action will then be tnken by a ma
jority vote The nomination of Mr Lamar Is
not likely to be acted upon finally for several
days but his confirmation Is certain
Tho AttorneyGeneral of Missouri submitted
a motion in the United Status Hupremo Court
today dismiss for want of jurisdiction the
cnso of Hugh Motram Crooks alias WH Max
well who is now in prison In St LouU under
sentence of death for tho murder of Charles A
Prellor The AttorneyGeneral arcued that the
caso does not present a Federal question nnd
that this court onnnot take jurisdiction of It
Counsel for the prisoner iiiKuol in u volumi
nous brief that till cano does present 1odernl
mitStions for tho reasons llrst thnt on hit trial
tile I validity of astattlteol he I State of Missouri
Ttm > culled In question I on tlio t ground of its re
iiUKnuncw to till Constitution of Ill 0 Unllod
Htiites second that tho prisoner was induced
Iiy motni of it conspiracy nnd a plot to tfstify
nualnst blmfcolt contrary to the prohibition imd
Kiinrante of the Iourtpcitth Annndmcnt
third that owing to it defect In the Indictment
subsequently remedied by the Court the pris
oner is about to bo deprived of hl < lilt lit lOUt
duo process of law anti iourlh that duo pro
cess of law requires u public trial and for one
whole day while the jurors were being ex im
med on their voir dire the nulillc wore excluded
from the court room A number of othor rea
sons art urged many of them being similar to
those which were uitied in the case of the Chi
cago Anarchists Tho motion of the Attorno
Genoral of Missouri has irtunlly the effect of
bringing Mas wells ease beloro this court at
once on Its merits and If the motion to dismiss
be granted will bo equivalent to an afllrm
anco of the sentence of death pronounced by
the Slate court
Senator Vest of Missouri had the floor in the
Senate today when the Blair Educational bill
was taken up and ho made atelllnc speech
against the measure He said that if he were
called upon to frame a title for tho bill he
would call It an act to erect a monument to
Alexander Hamilton and to encourage mendi
cancy In the Southern States To quote Jeffer
son Monroe and Jackson in support of tho
meunuro as had been done by home Demo
cratic Senators was n monstrous outrage
The bill breathed the spirit of centralization
and paternal Government in every soctiou and
line Mr Vest said that he believed In uni
versal education but the highest education
was that which taught helfreapect and ioir
reliance and Individual Independence With
out It Individuals and communities must de
teriorate This measure was intended to tie
troy the common school sstem of the
State and hut upon It the stamp of Iodoral au
thority To l accept money under the terms of I
the bill would bo to surrender nil that mado
State authority respectable In conclusion ho
said If this bill becomes a law It will be by
Houthern votes in this heiinte and in the other
House of Congress But thorn is ono place of
refuge still loft in the Constitutionthe bravo
and honest man who Is now President of this
republic Unless he is false to the principles of
his whole life and of the great pnrty which
elected him he will InteroohO his oxeuutivn
veto in the path of this most abominable and
undemocratic measure
A decision was rendered by the Bupramo
Court of the United States today In the habeas
corpus case of the Mayor and City Council of
tho city of Lincoln Nab who are In tho cus
tody of tho United Marshal there for contempt
of an order of tbo United States Circuit Court
Some weeks ago a charge of inibaDproprlatine
money balancing tho city was made against
a police Judge and tho Mai or and tilt City
Council proceeded to try him for the alleged
olTonco Ho pending decision In his case
applied to the United States Circuit Court as
a court of equity for a restraining order to
stop the proceedings against him An in
junctipii was granted but tlio Ma > ornml Coun
cil refused to obey It continued their trial of
the accused Judge and llmilly removed him
and appointed another person In Ills place
They were thereupon adjudged guIlty of
contempt ot tho order of tho lederal
court and were lined and committed to tho
custody of tho United States Marshal They
appeal to this court for release on writ of
haboas corpus This court In n long opinion
by Mr Justice Gray holds that a United States
Circuit Court sitting ns a court of equity hits
no jurisdiction whatever over criminal cases or
cases iavolvlnc the appointment or removal of
State and municipal oitlcerH The proceedings
of the Pedorn1 court In Nebraska therofot
were from the beginning in the nature of a
usurpation of tho functions of a court of law
were beyond its jurisdiction and were null and
void The detention of the Mayor and the
City Council of Lincoln in custody Is illegal
and they are entitled to a discharge
A bill introduced by Seaator Sherman today
directs the Becretary of the Treasury from
Urn to time to Invest not exceeding 80 per
cent of the fund held in the Treasury for the
redemption of notes of national banks
failed In liquidation and reducing
culation by the purchase In open market of
any bonds of the United Mates bctirlng inter
est Whenever the money on hand to tho
credit of said fund shall fall below M
per cent of tho funds deposited the Sec
retary of tho Treasury is directed Irom
time to time to call in open market any
portion of the bonda purchusod for said fund
that may be necoxhnry in his opinion to enable I
him to pay as presented any notes of national
banks for tho redemption of vhlli the bond Is
bold the purpose hoi lnc to maintain In tho
Treasury for such rmluinptlon not lees than 20
per cent and not exceeding iiO per cent ot the
money deposited Any national bank l author
ized to issue JO per cent of the bonds deposited
by It as security forclreulnting notes III i author
i Iled after tho passage of thu act to issue cir
culating notes to tutu amount of 100 percent
of the par value of the bonds deposited
The Senate Committee on Territories this
morning Instructed its Chairman Senator
Iliitt to report favorably a bill for the divisIon
of Dakota and the admission of South Dakota
as aStute the bill to be t > reported as a substi
tute for that known In tho last Congress BH tho
Harrison bill Its amendments chance tho
name of the proposed State to South Dakota
and change the division line east of the His
Bouri to u j iiolut about live miles south of that
proposed In the Harrison bill so an to conform
to the present county lines width are bused
upon the seventh standard parallel An elea
t on Is provided for to be held on Auc28 when
the people are to pain alllin upon the now Con
stitution nnd also upon the proponed chunwo
of name and boundary If they accept those
the new State enters the Union without further
John B Wright of Tennessee Chief of the
MIneral Division In the Oenoral Lund Office
bus been appointed Chief Law Clerk of the
General Land Ofllco vice Johu Lo Barnes re
Senator Jpnes of Nevada today offered a
concurrent resolution requesting the President
to negotiate a treaty with China containing a
provision that no Chinese shall enter the
United States except ambassadors and others
engaged In the diplomatic service unit mer
chants engaged in trade between the United
States and foreign countries Tho resolution
was tabled
The President today appointed the follow
Incnamed contlemon members of tho Assay
Commission of 1839 to meet In Philadelphia
on Wednesday 1ob 8 Senator Z B Vance of
North Carolina lioprneentiitlvo Thomas M
Norwood of CieorgiiiCi0orgiI 1 i ISeekor of San
FranciacnC Elton lIuck urIWlhnln lon Del
ChaR 11 Dudley or Altoona Ia W J Lawyer
Iureau or the 1l1nt Washington J W Mallet
University of Virginia Alfred JI Mayor of Ho
boken Frank Nicholson of St Louis John M
Ordway of New Orleans Chas Pierce of Mil
ford Pa Charles E Pj lew of New York
ItupiiMl Pumpelly ol Ntwport i David K
Tuttlo of Carson City NOT Henry V Wild of
Boise City Idaho
The exofllclo members am Win Butler
Judgo of the United State District Court for
the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Wm L
Tronholni Comptroller of the Currency and
Herbert O Torrey Assay of tho United
States Assay ofileo at Now York
The President has sent to the Senate the fol
lowing nominations
Iosttnasterii Icwli R Norton Westflttd Maul Henry
S Pardie Morthford Canal l harles II Edward Port
land Conn t Michael U Murray Jotmsiown N VI
Henry K Rovce ondaN Yt Giles M sloddrct aMInO
N VI i Jamtsdarvln Jtorrlstown N V
Trraitirr David K Tntile ot New honey to be melter
and retlner or the Mint Philadelphia
toneuteJ harvey Itrighamof LouisianaatKirifiton
Jamalcv William L Hradrord of Alabama at Barren
qulillat lfbbem ii Hennlntton I ot Wed Vlrrhtla at Hie
norfn t II
aitllla II
a ramie I do Mill Jacob I Doty ot Ilrooklvn N Y at Ta
Mil lb clety Islands Thomas W Ilntchklssof New York
at Ottawa Deckforil Mucker of Sooth Carolina at lain
del Nortel I Charles I Torck er Texas at Monterey
Senator Sajwyor Introduced a bill today to
provide for the appointment under tho Post
mastcrQonernl of an Architect nnd Superin
tendent of Construction whose duty It shall
bo to prepare such designs for Post Office
buildings na will admit of the enlarge
ment of the edifices without destroying
their harmony Authority is given by the bill
for the erection of public buildings a coat
not exceed lug 25000 In towns whose annual
gross postal receipts nmniint to 30000 and
at a cost not exceeding 15000 where the an
nual receipts amount to 20000 The Post
masterGeneral Is empowered either to accept
gilts or rites for public buildings or to buy tho
necessary land nt a cost not exceeding In any
single enso 15000 The um of 2000 000 Is ap
propriated for the purposes of the bill
Senator Par we 11 of Illinois has a scheme to
connect Chicago by water with the Quit To
day ho Introduced a bill authorizing tho Presi
dent to appoint n Commission which shall be
known as the Lakes and Gulf Waterway
Commissionnnd which shall mature and sub I
mit it plan for a system of water communica
tion to unite the head of Lake Michigan at
Chicago with the Mississippi by way of the
Illinois and Desplalnos Rivers The plan shall
provide lor a continuous waterway navigable
by I tho largest river vessels and for a discharge I
Into it of 600000 cubic feot of water per minute I
from the lakes The Commission which Is to
consist of tvvoofncew from the EngIneer Corps
nnd brett parsons from civil life Is empowered
to I complete surveys nnd make all necessary
lnvpstlKRtlons and 100000 is appropriated for
its expenses
Congressmen Aaron H Cragin Oalnsha A
Grow and William Cumback have united In
requesting their follow surviving members of
tho House of llcprosontatlves of the Thirty
fourth Congress who vottjd for Nathaniel P
Hunks Jr for Speaker on Fob 2 1856 to meet 1
In Washington at the houso of the Republican
National League on Fob 1 at 12 oclock for a
rounlon Tho invitation says It Is thirty
two years lnco lids great nnd memorable con
lAst took place In the Cnpltol of the nation
und it seems proper that those who then ranged
tlinmselve on the side of freedom and have
since been actors and witnesses in great events
which followed that struggle and are still per
mitted to tarry on tho earth should come to
gether and celebrate the battle won tho 2d day
of February IBM Gen Banks will be present
and preside
Senator Cullora of Illinois Introduced a bill
today to pension at the rate of 8 per mouth
nil surviving officers and enlisted men who
actually served GO das In the Northwest theI I
lllnelc Hawk Indian war or In the Houth In the
l I Atlr UovnJiiilii I Tnilln ti ttat V n alima or A
also uranted to the widow A of deceased soldiers
of those war A special proviso declares that
this act pimll not bo eo construed 09 to grant a
ponslou to Jefferson Davis
A large number of bills and resolutions were
Introduced In tho House today under the call
of States of which tho following are the most
Ur Mr Ogle Oem Ala resolution dlrectlic the
Cniinlttee on the 1 Judiciary to report what legislation in I
necoNary to Unlit and restrict the number or foreigners
annually emigrating to the United Mates ana to secure
the better protei tion ot the people of this country
airainitt the evils arising Irom Indiscriminate admis
sion lo domicile and ctlUtniliis of paupers outlaws and
turbulent pervons from other oumrie
llyMr IiunnlUem ArkTo authorize the purrhase
J t
ot foreign i built ships by united Mates iltlzena 1 and to
permit the same to be registered as United State Tes
sea llv VIr BreeVenrldge IDem ArV > Authorizing the
inveftmontof lawful money depnslted in the Treasury
brnmonal banks for redemption ot their circulating
II jJr Symee Rep CoL 4For the free coinage of the
silver dollar
B Mr Laler Den ItLA resolution for the ap
pointment a special committee or seven members
wbose duty It shall be to institute an Invefttlgatlen into
tho causes and facts underlying appertaialnAo the
eilstinir labor strikes i
eth VIr Springer Dom ILlFor the retirement of
army onlcern who served In the war or the rebellion u
general utllcers of voluntsers also proposing a con
stitutional amendment prohibiting polygamy
llv Mr Anderion il Iowa freambls and resolution
reciting hut the faclflo Hailroad Companies have per
Fintentl refused to comply with the various acts of
Con7rets passed fnrtheir regulation and that the act of
r m I dlr 11
1 rs prov r 1 Jes that If the companies failed te perform all
the requirements or that and prev ious acts tbe Atternev
Oeneral should take steps for a forfeiture of all grants
privilege and franchises derived by them from the
ll J arl 1 1 ro
Lulled Slates and directing the Attoraeyileneral to re
port to the House wbat steps have been taken by him to
secure a judicial euforcemcut the forfeiture and If
none have been taken but reason for not proceeding as
directed by law I
ill Mr vlciresry fern Ky Authorizing the Secre
tary of the Treasury with the approval of the 1resi
dent at any time to apply the surplus money In the
W oh l l II
Treasury to the pure hate or redemption I ot United states
interest l bearing bonds provided that the bonds so purchased
d 1t r 01rt
chased or redeemed shall constitute no part of the alnk
lull fund but ball te cancelled by the Secretary of the
Iy Mr Faulkner Dens KyIlepeaUnr the Civil
Service la
U Mr Donnell Michigan To repeal the duty on
sugar and to provide for the payment of a bounty of
S2000OUO a year for two years for the cultivation ef
sugar in the United States also for the erection of a
public building Jackson Mich
By Mr ONeill Dem Morrohu > ltlngtXe use by the
< iov eminent of supplies furnished by contractor em
ploying convict labor 1 also to protect In their wages
laborers hi the District Columbia and the Territories
By Mr Hatch Oem Iojtor the Importation of
salt free of duty
The Post says that Editor Edmund Hudson
of the Snndau Capital was thrashed last night
by Charles F Towle correspondent of the Bos
ton PravtUtr and Frank Morgan correspond
ent ot the HrooKlun Citizen The trouble crew
out of an article published yesterday morning
in tho Capital which although it mentioned no
names referred to tho late Charles S Moore
and said that his death was a mysterious
event that had not been properly Investigated
that no Inquest bad been hold and that perhaps
a murder had been concealed through the
failireof the Coroner to do his duty As Mr
Towle wan with Mr Moore when the latter was
stricken down he was indignant at the In
sinuation of foul play The VitaL elves the story
of the encounter as told to its reporter by Mr
Towlo ni follows
Meeting Mr Hudson lost nIght In front of
the Owen House Mr Towlo asked him It he
wroto the story Mr Hudson replied that he
did not Aro you responsible for It l asked
Mr Towle hotly Yes replied Hudson At
this Mr Towle delivered hliuhelf of u very vie
orous and forcible opinion on Mr Hudson his
characterIstIcs and antecedents to which Mr
Hudson replied Thatu all right thats all
right Somewhat alarmed at Towlos manner
Hudson made a bronk for the hallway the
Owen Hotixe Mr Towle rushed after him
closely followed by Frank Morgan Hearing
them behind him Mr Hudson turned and as
hut did BO TonIc rushed up to him and hit him
M Ir Jowe is not a fry heavy weight pUBlllst
while Hudson Is but the lightweight gained
n docldod advantage In tho first round He led
for Hudoni nose and cot thorn Then hi
countered on Hudsons ear and crosscounter
ed on his jaw and then the light went out
What ensued then is not known but In tho
darkness iihov the noise of the struggle could
he hriird Mr Hudson voice cryIng Take
him away V hen the light was restored as It
was In a moment or two bv the crowd who
rushed to the scene Mr Hudson appeared
very much battered about the face and was
helped up stain by two waiters while Messrs
TOWOM und Morgan very discreetly walked
Mr Towle Bald In conclusion Mr Hudson
hud reflected on my character In a manner
which was wholly unjustifiable and which It I
was necessary for me to resent I suppose I
will have to pay for what I have done but I am
willing to so if the Court decides
A decision was also rendered by the Supreme
Court today in tho Postmasters salary case
This was a suit for a mandamus compel the
PostmasterGeneral to readjust the salaries of
Postmasters of the lower trades in accordance
with the acts of Coneress This court niter a
careful review of all the statutes relating to
thus subject aprces with the PostmasterGen
eral in his understandIng anti construction of
them and holds that Congress did not content
plato readjustment of the salaries of any of
these oIIloorH oftr nor than once In two years as
a legal duty or obligation on the part of the
PostmasterGeneral The judgment of the
Kupreme Court ot the District of Columbia de i
nylni the writ is afflrmed
The Commissioner Pensions has requested
nn appropriation for the employment of fifty
additional clerksten of class one ten ot the
1000 class and thirty copyists at 1800 per
nnnuin to bo employed until the expiration of
the present form of Congress The Coinmls
KionorHat Tho reason for this request Is that
the immense amount of extra work Imposed 1
upon the present force by the ciilln of members
of Congress rttiitrdIng pension claims seriously
interiors with the iibiial work of the bureau
Koyavl II M ir Fowder Absolutely fun
t or twentyate yeara the tandardA
Beware of a slight Irritation ot the throat BruDuatlli
Cough Drops fire Immediate r < Uir4 a
rrrrmN Fan ma aitAra CLOTHES
Fred isbketrd Call to tee Illnnnd Listens
to Ulan With an I1neInll amtle To
tar the Death ITnteh TVIII be Ht
Tho days of Dnn DrisooU tho Whyo lender
and murderer of Boozy Oerrity are numbered
Under Sheriff John B Sexton and Order of Ar
rest Clerk Dornard l Martin wore at tho
Tombs late yesterday afternoon with other
deputy sheriffs looking Drlecod over tin vine in
mind the work that they will have in hand on
Friday morning noxt week Drlacoll woro a
grin yesterday for ho has an Idea that he will
beat the gallows yet Younc Lawyer James P
Moss from Howe si Hummels camo Into to
BOO him and said that Drlscoll was sure to cet
another hearing from the Court of Appeals
Driscoll has cohered down a good deal lately
His keeper for he and Danny Lyons have had
ono special keeper to look after them for the
past five weeks sarA that Driscoll 1ms moder
ated his boisterous manner while Lyons has
Increased his It will be some comfort Drls
coil to be taken awaY from L > oni this morn
InK and Intrusted to the sympathetic death
watch for Lyons Is constantly twitting Drls
coil with want of nonre while Driscoll is doing
all ha CAD to keep ilL the nerve helms loft
The keeper says that Lyons Is blasphemous
and In his opinion III a very much more har
dened villain than Driscoll Drisvolls wife and
mother came around yesterday to the Tombs
and wept over his fate Thoy will not bo per
mitted to see him so often now
Under the arm of one of the deputy sheriffs
who came alone with Under Hhnrilf Sexton was
a suit of Driscoll8 old clothing It is t to bo
used as a pattern for another suit tlnit Sheriff
Grant will provide and that IJrlscoll will be
banged and buried In The cull Into which
Driseoll to bo put this morning Is one of
three now ones In tho male tenday prison
They are on the first floor out of sight ot the
Tombs yard
Fred Qebhard with a couple of Ills friends
dropped In yesterday to look around tho
Tombs to call upon Warden Walsh and to take
a look at Driscoll Driscoll said to iebhard
Yes I am Dan Driscoll You would not be
lieve It to road of my doings tho tiiin rn Oh
the papers picture me as if I had a wiir of
horns I all not a Whyo let mono a loader of
tho Whyos It in just downright Injustice that
keeps me hero it I had tInt money < If > that man
McCarthy who really killed Bezy Oorrity I
would not bo hero 10 sir It is my poverty
that keeps me here and I suppose will send
me to the gallows
Find Ooblmrd listened to Dan with the smile i
which ho wore from the time ho entered the
prison until he left 110 took oirhls lint nt bId
clIng Driscoll farewell Driscoll him a fniny
for talking to rich visitors to the Tombs Ho
ban talked to James Kepne nnd George Wil
lIam Ballou lie Bays that ho IR satisfied that
he has convinced them of Innocence
A Frentnmnn Says Dei Can Work Off 100
Criminals m Day on Hit Machine
ALBANY Jan 9The meeting of the Com
missioners appointed to investigate and report
to the Legislature the most human and prac
tical method for carrying into effect the ten
tonco of death In capital cases wan hold this
afternoon The Commissioners have made a
thorough Investigation of the matter but as
yet havo had no conference In regard to the re
port to be submitted to the Legislature
The Commission has received through Goy
Hill a letter from a French mechanic maiding
In Paris who decides tho electric Idea to bI n
painful operation and offers a device which is I
n chair In which the condemned Hits and his
spinal column Immediately broken A hun
dred a day can bo easily conveniently and
painlessly executed by his machine which hu
describes 118 beautiful
New York Stock Kxchanje Sale Jan V
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U I b4sc 1Stf 126 U S Us HjMIi
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JUrLoA ann cnura Icon df tl lVlNi I
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Total sales of railway bonds par value lf23003
Open IHoh lau t3flg
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so American able 73 7 72 luu14 72
so American Ex1074 1i14 10744 3Ofl 111144
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Itie total eaTen of nools here U2V20 sham
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Atlantic A It VV Id 7iVeloau Central 14
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Central Iacine utt4 jNorthPrli Picitlc pf 48
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lnLe Snore IS iinion faille
lcul villf V Nalirtla t > 4j Valmli pt
There wore some slues today of a uUval of
PpofulaUoii In the stock mliket Tim quiet
investment domuud for bond vlilrli has
been noted for peril ila > s pint de
veloped today Into u large and uiicres
aivo bond nmikot With pucli a founda
tion to build upon It Is not surprising that tho
lenders upon tho long Bide liesui todavto
take an act lo hand In nloplnuu bettor stock
market Of course the condition Into lilch the
heading Company hat drilled la cuiinrally 10
Karded as unfavorable to that stock and to an
extent to the whole niurkot but tho ost i of the
IM showed a disposition to cut loose from
Kendlngtoday while tliit stool dcdpltn of tho
vicissitudes of the Kpndlns Company regained
first plnio In point of activity and closed a lit
tIe hIgher Tills fliRt nave noon Itte in part to
the publication of the report ot the company
for tho year ending Nov SO Tlio manner in
which tho stock 13 held also helps It in a time
like tile present Thu indications are that a
part oftodai s strength was the result of the
closing ot short contracts because the bears
find they cannot niaUe any impression on the
price of tIm stock
In point ot strength Jersey Central and
Louisville were the loaders oth were more
active than for a long limn foreign houses
were the heaviest buyers of Louisville and
Nashville thoir clients apparently believing
that the financial policy that they have out
lined and which was adopted by the company
today wlll greatly boncllt the comptny St
Paul was a feature and so was Western Union
Frieudsof tho lastnamed concern figure that
tho net earnings of the rompatiy are likely to
be 2000010 to 250l00 greater than last
year This increase Is bitted chiefly upon the
absorption of the Baltimore and Ohio H > stem
Abide from this the fact ought not to be over
looked that tins being a Itosidentlal year the
earnings of the company will be augmented on
that account Phil decision of the British
court adverse to tile French Cable CompanyH
claim to ignore and withdraw From the cable
pool was regarded as favorable to Vestorn
Union Tim specialties that received the
moit attention lust week vvero the most
consplcttouH today namely Hocking Coal
and Iron Wtieollngiind Lnku Erio Fort vVoith
und Denver City und buviuchuniiLi anti Wes
ei n preferred
The speculative feeling was encouraged lato
In the day by udvlc > 1rotn Washington jiving
the substance ol beuutor Miormana bill for
the investment In Government bonds ot 10 per
cent of tile funds held by the Treasury to re
deem national bank note circulation also his
bill permitting banks to ihsue notes up to the
pnr value of the bonds deposited to bccuro cir
culatlon The street is gidually coming to
thu opinion that the present ConisreiB tallY do
moro good than harm at luast from a specula
tive point of view
Jn the Unlisted Department there was a fair
olumo of trading In Cotton Oil Trusts at 3IV
to i214 Chicago UUH Trustadccllnod from l8Y
to iT OcorgU 1aclllc Ists sold at 10jt
Mexican National now Ists at IU to 92k > s and
ht iMil Eastern and Grand Trunk Ists ut 99
The closing was strong at about the best
Government bonds dull and steady at un
changed quotations ltallvHy bonds strong
active und higher Tho more Important not
advances stole In Chesapeake and Ohio
coupon 4s 1 V cent to iJ Canada houthorn
2ds Js to PdY Denver and llio Orando consol
4h > Ie to 77 DetroIt Mackinaw and Murquutto
land grants 13 t to 37 LrIe Ids > 510 US East
Tounusi Virginia and Georgia fs IS to 07
Klizabnth Lexington and Big handy lets > 14 to
aiti Fort Worth nod Denver CitylRts ito 4
80 Green lillY Winona and ht 1niil Incomes
14 to 3t3 Kansis and Texns consol 7i li
to IOC general dri t to 72i and 6s > to CJ
Northern riHilc Ihts > to 110 and JdB
toUl NowOrlrmib and 1acllle IstK I to
7Gj Now Jerwy Central geneial Ss lo J3 j
New York Chicago and St Louis 4s 3 ito H7JJ
Oregon and Transcontlnenlal lets S to S4j
Kt Louis Arkansas and Texas Isle 1 to 101
and 2ds2 i to44i New York Klovated lsts i
to 115 Itichinond and Vest Joint Terminal Oa
h V ient tobSi
Money on call 4P4IJ f cent Time money C
V rent On acumint of the large amount of
Government funds in the bunks lenders are
reluctant to make long engagement
In bunk Mocks 25 shares of American Ex
change Hunk sold at 141
Tho Treasury balances are slightly larger
7111 7 Jan P
Uot fsn77lUUVS f27 41S6
letal wndern iyii > tjs > lojaU7J
ShIver balance f45IMTltt I 05411 43230440 huturilay
Honey in London 14 > to IV l V cent Paris ad
vice ouoto 3 t cents at blU7i
SterIng exChlitilgo llrmvvllh the demand mod
orate iohlid iiskliii lutes wore nebulised at
484 lor lout blllniind 4H7 > fordonmnd
Actual rutib are 41t45libI < lor long bills
und II bljj f 1hliY4 for doiuand
In bank stocks 21 dtarcs of American Ex
change Bank hold at 142
A teat In the New York Stock llsclmnco was
sold tim latter part of last week for 17000 the
lowest price in ut least a ducudo
The LouIsville and Nashv llio Railroad Com
pany declared today n dividend ol 2 V cent
upon Its htook pnrublo In htoik nt par to the
stockholdois of record iii 1 eh 13 PIOV dod tho
Btockholdeis lIt II itieshltjiz culled for that pur
POSH and to bo hld on 1 cbJlvote 10 I InurviiM
the < apltnl htoclc t5lWOlOO and oihorvvUo ap
provo of the polKy Indlcited t In tlie I miinorlnl
of the foreign bloeknoldis of the Iompiiny
and formulated ill II I ellort of n piccinl corn
mlttca of tho director which ww adopted by
the Bottrtl toihuiy This pulleyIn the blligtluigo
of tho momorlal coiihlslM in applying to t con
strucllon purpohcs uty for tv fill 11111 of throe
yearn Irom the coniinonopnient of thu prosent
llBcil yeur suoli PIt riltis 114 would be
available for the payment of dividends
and inBtoud ol pavliu I the tumo to tho
hlinroholdora In euli Issuing to them ut
lIar ehares In the company for Ito I amount
to which they t ore fulily I and propeily I CIII I tied
The concluding paragraph ol llio I memorial
though of it general ehunicter maj pioperly
be aiiotud bent It Um lollon Vi o pro of
opinion that ere long n tadlcil elungo vv III have
to bo adopted by American roll rehllit y
in tile present niodo of dealing with annual
s nnd that n definite policy in that 10
upect will hnvo to lit 1 > laid down If the conH
donceof Uuropeun holdere Is to be maintained
Tho committee of directors to whom tilt me
morial was roforrod found that eighteen of the
signers hold 25 V eont of the company S stock
It compiled from tho hooks a Btatoment of tho
operations of tlin lompany for tho Ihrst six
monthb of the ilotitl ninrtlint is from July 1
to lOc l 31 18ST which hhn h grofxcarnliieHof
tciGOlTld and net < 11111 gigs of 1515010 1
IlMil chnrgfH iiMitaU and taxes for till nix
limItt his vivip JrsHOliS leaving I a tlancn of
l12Ufl7J Oilier lnrome of ljfily2 brings
tile prltt up to S138JII I From this Is de
ducted sinking fund Including cur trust Pay
ments lUUim and advances to auxiliary
companies 275725 a total of 718059 leaving
a balance above all payments and charges ot
C690asor a little more than a V cent upon
It 4 Li I S
5 1 t 1 lii
the stock The committee In low ot this
showing recommended tim adoption ot the
policy desired by tile foreign stockholder
Tho statement of the Ht Lnul and Ran
Francisco Ilallroad Company for the j pnr end
log Dec 31 shows average number of fillIeS
operated lOfiU or 18J mllon Inert than thin
previous year gross earnIngs l3inuuO an
increase over 1880 of 1311372 and net earn
Ingfl 3551000 an increase of 17r 411 liii
provementH and taxes which wore tHKliKX ro
ducn thn not to J12r > lUW nnd other Incotno In
crosses It again to Cl420OUO Inteicst sinking
fund requirements nnd rentals woro 115Jn
and dividend i65tNRI < i leaving a surplus of
J721COU against tMOGSl on 1oi > III IMG
Owing to Increased inllengA the llxed chnicts
of all kinds were 214 per mlla less Inbt year
than In 1880
The statement of the Denver anti Itlo Ornmlo
Railroad for November iiliuwe gross earnIngs of
75042t an Increase ot fll5il over 1KM1 and
net earnings 3U550i nn Increase ot 52331
Groin railroad earnings for December iom
pare with those of last Oai ns follows
Cln Wnih slid 1altinote1115181 Ino I2tn4
A anil ILliralirlillnei KHOHI per MM
Fort Worth and lienvtr City 7IM1 Inu Ls 1117
At tho annual meeting of tho Philadelphia
nnd Heading Ilallroad held In 1hllidolplihi to
day Austin Corbln Wits elected frusldenllA 1
Antolo Kamuol It Shipley Tliomiis Coo h rim
Cleorgo Do U Keltn Htophen A Caldvvell mid
George F lianr Manngem Vllllam A Chureh
Treasurer and Vvllllam It taylor Secretory
Tho vote which was unanimous was upon
794895 chares of stock all hut about iOK
shares of tile entire capital voting The report
for the year ending Nov SO shows gross earn
ings for the railroad of 217l2 > 2J an Increase
over the previous year of flUlUV14 and net
earnings tlOJ81671 an Increase of 2491114
The rentals were 3iOO S2 or S20r > r > U basis
than the previous year and the Interest pay
ments 5478131 or 744731 1011 The not
profit of the railroad company for the year was
2203556 as against a loss the previous year
ot l3Gl145 Tlio Coal nod Iron re
ported cross earnings of 194258i7 nn in
crease over 18SO of 3579 HOC and nut earnings
1448482an Increase ol J2505550 The prollt
was 8F > 4210 against a loss In IBhO of 2131
737 The two compnnles show an increase In
gross oarulngi over 1886of 5505040 The nut
earnings of the two were 12430058 tho
largest in the history of the company and an
Increase over the previous year of JjOSIl
450 The aggregate fixed charges of
thin two ware 9J5142 loss than for
18HO and the combined profltn wore
28572C7 as against a loss of 3492893 In
18SG Thin average net caialngs of the two
companies for seven years ending Nov 30 last
were 9757311 and tho fixed charges under
the reorganization will bo 7802102 The re
port concludes Various items to tIm amount
of 20043775 which have been carried as as
tots on the books ot tIle railroad company lor
a number of years have boon charged lo profit
and loss and closed into the capital account ot
the company The same action was taken In
respect to the sum of 13301740 standing
upon the books of the Coal Company It was
deemed proper that this action should bo
taken at this time when the companies after
reorganization resume charge their affairs
The Bank of the State of New York Fold by
auction today some of the collateral received
from Jrovestoen A Fell A lot of 81000 first
mortgage bonds of the East and Vestltallroad
of Alabama sold for 45 per cent of their face
and 475 Sharon of the stock sold for 5 cents per
share 131 llrst mortgage bonds of the Homo
and Decatur Hoilroad sold for25 percent of
their face value The Bale footed up GJ223
against a loan of 125000 tho greater part of
which was forced
New York Markets
freely oilercd and prices weal Bnckwbeat dour 4210
4e225 W1UO ft ta
COTTON Future opened slightly dearer on mutronirer
report trorn Liverpool but orders to sell rrom varies
wno are ouume or me reRiuar iraue turneii me tiue alto
there was a sharp decline in the later ileatlngft with a
very unnettled feeling and somethIng like a panicky
feeling In the last few ralnnlM Spot elton wee dull
ami eany middling upland lOMc Gulfs lOHc Re
ceipt at toe ports tills day J74tiO bales The following
ars doting prices bid
January IDjMe SlayhOtRc September
February 10 ISe JuiteI0tl7c October Hi Me
5lnrhIi41tc July 107Jc November 90cc
AprilltltOc August hO7tic
leattlieat futures were depressed br the general
weakening of the tpecuatlve xituutioi sale 4104110
bitnli nt lXiic for Januirr vm + QiWs for Feb
ruarrHrftc for March Mfa9fyM lor April tlt44 J J
fringe for June and ttn7rtl7I4c for Dectmber Spot
wlifat was lower but ut tlte tuncefslou a fair business
wan done fthipc took 4OUM bush and sales Included
No 2 red winter at equal to tU > 4c delivered and hard
Manitoba sprint attHo Indian corn future continued
depressed sale JtWXJObunti to2 mixed atais6tI4c
for January Uir Ul ofor February gild Ul3GIJ244e br
May spot corn MHK avaiii loner hut at the reduction
burincM was mOte 5111051 pile included No 2 mixed at
L234C dehered iteamer do tOe in elevator No 3
do MVc lueletatur and prime yellow h94 in store
Out attain favored buyers but Ito decline see not cur
flcleni to revive bminem rules 2U5uui hush includinir
options No 2 at tflW Jtyff for January tt55 14Cc
fur lebniary and nfcic < for Slay and on the
spot mixed at373l540c and white at Zlil544t as f In
quality also No white at41c fur January and 41Qfic
for February Harley in fair demand at full pricra
Dnrley malt ftold at 71 for prime roarrowed Mute
After ChaieWheat dull No 2 red winter for Ian
Cary Th c March irHc I MajlMHc December 07He
torn Bteady No J mixed for January < > nH < > bruur >
tIc Slay Ole tints dull No I l mixed for January
3THe Iebrnarj S ° 4c May 403c 3
rROTi io > s Lard futures nero dull but nlnM were
ptealicr sales 75i tee at 7 HA A HOC for February
7t3147ilOo for March 8 wi < 3HUSc for May Hlllps12c
for June nnd Hi3AMl6c forJulv After liaiiRe iba
close was at 7 We fur February 7 B2c for March H0i > c
for May and RISc for July Fpnt lard was steady but
tjuiet sale 412 tea at77i > cfor prim city 7lIositlOo
tor prime to choice western and nc tor refined for
tho ontloent fork ia quiet anti unchanged at
f 15S5 for mean and 83 for prime Cut meats quiet and
nomtunl but not no much pressed for Kale Irered lion
tlrm at 744744c Tallow quO but steady at 49u Hit
ter and cheese qnlet but choice grades scarce and firm
lre b errs 2414JliC limed htlC4ilO
UKOORIKS Coffee on the spot HA more active and
steadier Mien HWW lungs Hlo at KiMc for No U and
17r tot No A KIooptions were variable unit ulnoeltied
closIng slightly irregular sale SPlIt bags doling with
seller for 1555 delIvery as follow
January I52Se Slay14SOe Pentembern 4ric
February 14 ate June 14 41c October 12210
March 147tc4Juily 14 me NovfinbrrM >
April14c5ciAurustlO70c December USa
ltnw sugar were firm but tens active fair reflDinffOuba
544c and standard centrifugal tiHc poles IVwlihdit
muscovado at 5 < c Molasses mitch more active sale
4 cirkoeH Cub to arrhfl nt ISo forO < ° tent 401 < > hlidn
forto Kico private terms and jobbIng Iota of New Or
leans at 874Jc Hales by auction lOO uxs Talermo
orange 4i0234152 28W bs Palermo lemons J515u
MKTALS Inirot copper more active at dtendy prices
mIce 11215111 Us at tlI4Oc l on the spot it 4tSl500 hot
January 17Q10 We for March and tic for April The
Iron murketB reflect a much Headier tone
NAVAL STORM spirits turpentine dull but owing ton
firm and active avaimau market Is 11 r in IT held at 414
KTroirux Crndt certificates active and buoyant
openinfl 3Th45e l and Ci4c elltnjat 0 < > < < S071ic and
clvshiigat r 94449774c sales tUWMJOJbbls
Live Stack Market
Nnw TOEK Monday Jan Receipts ot
beeves 225 car loads or aPSe head K7 car loads for
the market HI car loads for borne trade slaughterers
direct and 57 car loads for a beef exporter The inurlet
was tlrm from start to finish and bnnie of lie sales
were at a small advance from fridays closing figure
romnun to fairly prime steers sold at ft Mtgy > 4514100
Urn 1 bulls and dry cows at ffj 40 to W 40
Receipts of calves 334 head There were no special
features lo the market The pens were cleared at about
former prices Yenta went at 51il54c fl B > gratia
cr5 and fed calves at 234t54c
Kecelpts of sheep and lambs 03 carloads or 12571
head Sheep were about steady Iambs a trill easier
with a downward tendency at the close Kxtrernes
were49u V 100 IU for sheep and 4717144725 for
Heceipts of hogs 71 car load or 1 MTOhead Receipt
were mainly for slaughterers direct nnd live hogs were
nearly nominal at foJtIut1u75 ft iw as
Court Calendars Tbla liar
4041 fJ li OK 71 7l > 104 tIlt 121 1J4 1J > lci
131 137 ISO Ill 170 177 ins lull 14 511 142 Ji
SM 2 > 4 UV 250 J7 2715 liKSKBij Tcni Noj Ill
iA nn MO in HI 114 1 ill I ir I mi I 111 121 i in
141 143 14H 147 10 151 liMI 1515 IU1 lli lull UK
KrsciAl TtRH 1arl 1Case I unfinished No w HI HI
7S Iasv anti factSos 0714 477 418 tell 04 ur tut
212 X < 7 77 IKd Part itdeer No < KB lIlt 411
irri 137 3811 4V 101 fib LIT fart 1Ca on
FIshier art the Mavor 1art II 1Ibm untlnUlit d
500 I1W IJfl 1134 I IJHII 2404 22111 l iii
1174 TW llos 711 114 1117 liriT 1INU
15441 IMI 134B 1347 ISiS ia < n lOW aib 471 tu
Fart lhlOsus uullnlihed Nos 1440 lOCh 1HI last 1
1J7I m > 7 HID un MI ir mn inc mi
141i 1413 14V1 1415 1131 Iart IV Clear No
1404 14U5 1WX1 1502 IVU IM1I lUK ltC Vllr lt > l
BUI < KN 093 1470 1471 HU7 I41UH 14ITJ WO art SUJi
1422 iSIS 1484 itll
hr iuHAT > s COCBT Will of Charles H asiln 1 II I i A I
M I halliarln hisxie I V I M 1
fitrrKKioR COURT RFICIAL TcgvSo calendar Tart I
Cae tinflnUhril Ni > a 1 us 11111 I l Iart II I tClnr
10S BI7 IW > Iart lllOsr Nos 1VW lJl Iart
lVl > ar Sos lilillMJ 1J14 Kml lOll
diesol LAe415eRAI TunM Noa S II V Ti 31
BrrcuiTx ii No rslendur Part tuieiir 1 No 24
Shut mi illS SKI 5117 017 nil is > S74 wi IPIOWH
UH Wt 40J 1701 3i > S4J 5W 502 MS 502 J14 ftJ
tOS lt4
cirr rooiiTrart 45fl5 877R 34B7 27 < < 2751 2an
0751 J7rt7XH3i 1770 2371 2151 ilH Vllll IlXl 2UO
Part 1l4os JKM SulCi JIN84I 1144 > Hmio J
SI it lurl 81141 hIusll 173 01114 007 iurt 111Sos 5117
2fuOu a t 2IMJ 2117 i114 linn 21454 > 21105 ynt Ml
mo anr atou aiu g5j V7u7 sou
M4JIJJf JNILI i utnci
viMATrns AiiiANAt Tim pir
Bun rise 7 24 I Hun sets 43J I Muon rIte 4 23
tandy Hook 4 SU I ior Island 5 141 Hell Oat 7 OJ
ArrlvrrtMoxiur Jan n
Fs La Normnmlle He Krr ablec Havre
MIeerdam htenger Hniitrrtaiii
Vsromuionwealib vauLirk Ililladelpbl
PsK VV Brunt lewi lialtlmore
Ss Caroline Wilier Miller laiifor
ts Hlchmond Jenny Newport News
lbs Ileler Pe fonlnck hmll lloslou
Its intiirop Hraig contend
Bs Niagara Hennk Havana
Uhlpl1 N Hlanrhard oaUs Hong Kong
Khip Jacob h Klduoay l all Calcutta
Ship James Urumiuond i urtis Hamburg
Hark tuchauter Hay Montevideo
iititivrn alit
Ila 7aandam from New York for Amiterdam has pan
Us Mate of OeorgU from New York at moscow
MIIUI tuiM toaricN roun
E > Edam from Ainilerdam for New York
mining stocks and other raclflo Coast securities sell
exchantt telegraphic transfers and credits available 1
throughout the tt eat and Europe and forward freight
pacfcaf and valuables to all parts ef the world
Wonderful Mlsfiiifrs of Scientists nnd
Prove nil thlnps Moms lo ba the raiding
mnxliu i of tills people or this I act I
nun vvoulil lie all rUhd worn It not for the
knownils In nvery community who are Bur
lila every Introducer of u now lilon is t > j A
crunk mull I hat every now Invention la iU liJi
it fly imprnit I Itti bio
Tint iiMioulMiiitii fact Is that In this class edu
ontiil Minn mill I HtlnntlStit lire found In lie l j
days ol Uooi co Stophoiion tile porfector of the
locoiuotlvn otiKlno tho ncloiitlstH proved con u
cliilvoly that a railway train could never bo
itilviii his tell Ill jiovvor Miccossfully without
PCI II hut tlin iiinhlnit oiircsH trains all over
tIle world lmw luivr mistaken thoywore There
Welt liii It gitiinw or lauuhlor at Trot MorsoM
tiropniriloii I in iiinko tlin lluhtnlni of heaven
lilsuirmiil buoy laid It WItS proved ooncliislvolr
Hint I thu t tlilim I could Iltvtr ho done but now
nil the ItOWli of tliii vvlilo world by Associated
lrIs t 1Ut i > In voiir Imudi every mornlnc ana
nlkht Ins ill 111 0 all niitluns witnesses
Itev lir TulniiiKo In ono of his sermons
wiv < ir ten moil should com to you when j
you are Mick with mnuillliu siCkness and ear
tluvv bail tlin HunoslcknpM and took acortutla
medicine mid It cureil them you would prob
nlily take It Now suppose ten other men
Rliould foino up nnd wiy We dont believe
that there in anvlhlnc In that modlcino Lt1
nll1 1 hay lIlly yon tried It NolC
novor tried It but 1 ilont believe thoro Is any
tblnirtn it Of rourfe YOU discredit their tee
tlmony Tho skeptic limy come and say
There Is no povvur In I your religion flay
you ever tried I ttN o nc ITion avnuutl
Lot mo tIthe tho testimony of the millions ot
souls thnt havo boon oomertod to God and kid
uomfortud In trial and solaced In the last hour
Wo will take their testimony an they cry We
are wltnosMpMl
Thn proprietors of Warners cafe euro have
received over 10000 voluntary testimonials to
the oftlcncy of that innillilne Those have coma
from almost every civilized country and they 44
ncseus may fairly claim It has made all nations Wits
The evidence comes from nil classes The
highest modlcnl authorities like lr Itobson
liilo surgeon In tho Knellsh Navy and Ir WIN 114
lIOn editor of Health of Ijomlon Eng and
olercymen of tho highest renutmlon lIke Her
lr ItnnkluexMhiiplaln of the U H Senate vJ
and lr Kendrlck of tho liocbnnter University
ono of the International revisers of the Now
Testament lire nmoni tile published wit
Hundreds of those testimonials have been
and tire being put > ll9hod They can bo easily
vorlflod A stnndlnR offer of 0000 for proof t
that any ono of them is not true so far as ths 1
proprietors know IH a fair guarantee ot theft
If n man Is sufT rnc from any ono of the Ml
montH of which thoie are HO many tfruiflug
out of kidney duiaiiReinont is it not moro than
foolish for him to refuse to try Warners safe
cure when thousands testify they havo beuni
cured by It
Think of itl
The men who rofuso to believe that anything
can bo valuable liocauHo it Is in conflict Trtta
old ideas and mothodn aro the men who get
loft in this world and KO before their Unto to
try another I
It illrd totill1
iri or
lions flee Cult Ohio hand welt BDTf I
worth 4 RLSiNKDl JO Cortlandt st no stairs hl k 4
I 3iAititnn
SVIlTlIHERDEMACKOn Jan 8 by the 11ev Dr pewi
Adam William Mnlth of Sew Hampshire to Haggle 33fpYs1J
daughter of Jotin llerdemack of MandattaaTtlle
11in 1
nrNNrTT On Saturday Jan 7 lOSS Aaron BsnnHt
In the Out year of his ace I I
funeral from 1115 Uio residence 35ft Graham ay <
Brookl > n K I > to day at K A M Kelatlvts and tricndji i
are respectfully Invited to attend I ol
IMUbCUh OnJnn D at hit into residence 225 Bait I 4 I
74th HL of BrlKlits disease ut the kidney Francis B
ilrticoe I
Notice of funeral her rafter 1
rUtPENTl K On Saturday Jan 7 IftWLat his late t
residence 1J3 East 1 2Mh ct in this city ot Bright dis 4
ease of tIle kidneys Wesley M Carpenter fed 6O 5a
uneral services on Tuesday Jan 10 at 2 P M at St
Paul1 V K Church 4th av
DOCKIIAM on Saturday Jan 7 Emma beloved j
wile of CorneliUH Pockham In her 51st year I
Funeral from 10 SoUth let st Brooklyn E D on fit
Tuesday at 2 oclock 4 li 3
tilLUN In Jersey City on Monday Jan 0 Anthony 3
T son of Anthoiiyandthe late Jane Utile aged 40 year
and i month
letatl es and friends of the family are respectfully In in
vited to attend the funeral from his late residence lie 1l
Kullrtmd as cm Thumday Jan 1J at 9 oclock AM I 1 1
thence to ht Mans hurch where a solemn high mama
of reijiilem will be offered for the happy repose of hU II 14
sonl Interment In Calvary Cemetery J
UOODtt IN On Jatu0 188s Cyrus Joodwln aged AT t
year and 8 m on tint L Ii
I I uneril from hU late residence 321 East llSta 5 t oa r I
Wednesday Jan 11 at 1 oclock Interment at Wood j
lawn 7
IlAVPNS On Saturday Jan 7 Charles O HaTenj 4
counsellnr ut law In tIle SlOth year of lila age p 1
Kelntlves and friends are Invited to attend the fan eral I
from hU lute resldence 1U3 Rant 19th nLt on Wednesday I
Jan 11 I at 11 I I A M Interment at VVoodfawn
ElI ASSOn Sunday Jan 8 Thomaa Klerana
tunerul from hts lato residence 287 Molt at at 3 P M
toda > ilelatlvea and friends are respectfully Invited to 4
KULYOn Jan H 1888 at his late residence 183 fl
Irankllnnt John Kelly
Interment to dav ut 2 P II
o noNUHUK On Jnn0 iflRfl at her lute residence 1 4
13efcl 4Hth KL New York Mnniaret Uenevleve daQRli 1 I
ter uf the lute llliaiu Lake and wife ol James ODono
Jte1ntl en and friends ere respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral service tit St I1 rancii Xuvlers ChnrchWe
ituh fit 01 rinirnda Jan li at 1UAU Friends ar
kludly requested to mall floweret
fcllbTAKU Ou Jim H John Sheppard In the 31st I
year of tile age
Iteliuh ami friend are Invited to attend the funeral
from hla brothers win J hhenpards residence 520
Vest i7ih Pt at 1 2J oclock on Wednesday iTt
TtulitlAt tilt latu retdeire J4 5th RU ITarrlson N f41
J 4ii Jsl n 7 IHHS 1it rick high father of the Her 1
John J fttfhe of the Chnrcli of Our Lady Ilelp of Carl
than East Uraiue aired 71 > cars t
HolatU and frlendi are ln ited to attend the funeral s g
services to take place at Ht 1iiiK ft O Church on Tues jg 4
day inornlnir Jan 10 last at u 30 oclock Interment
at Cemetery ot Holy Sepulchre I
cSlllfinl otirlJ
MM hlMlll I CUIJit 1IbCKB
This urivrtto collection of a
well kuwn Irench collector I fr
and to be sold bv auction under direction of
H liivi jo Situ av
Jan II 1J and 11 1 ato clock each day s
JO MOlllRs I
Wr dhurlnrr
teething softenti the gumH rfducee Inllammatloa I t
alloy s all pain and curt wind roil 25 cents a bottle
fiIllUlcitl I
The agreement for the reorganization of the Bonloa
and Texas Central Kallnay Company la now ready for
distribution and signature The holders of the several j
dairies of bonds of paid railway company are Invited to
defmtit the tuunt thereunder Immediately with the un
deiKlgned thu iinhRcing 1 TrusKe named In said agree
ment at Its oilin M Wall I st New York and mar
Iitnl such dentil UT 11 AMI IM1IU JIIM > k
n dl v ro r rrifc1J 1rX
lilC IO 1NHH Negotiable terllllcalel will be I
iMiuU tilt rclor upon such IcpoHlt holier oC the First
Mortgage HomU will jiUo rivhe a bonus of fifty dol
lure I in CHsti uinn each bond so deposited under and la
purxiiHucu in sull recnttnt
hotel MW lllih lin < IMHN i I
Ii > 1 1 OICdlT Iresldent I
The unlcrnlgneil COMiJITTKI 01 THE
noiitrits or iivNtiiinvTrM MURT 1
JAfJIl ItllMIS 11 the Houston and Texas Central
Kallva otniany t hive approved reorganization
nsrreiMiieninbmti referre 1 lu I after consultation with a
Ir e miijuruv of I hue iiuuicr of SAH bud and now
rrioiiitiitiil the signing uf Mild jigreeinint and the de
liuKit of tluir t tinnils I TAiinder 1V 111 1 of the Consolldat
nt vinrigiiiio Koiidhnlilers Inder this agreement they
ul I rtirlve lies I l lit out Iud III exchange dollar
fur ilil ar for tho I founds now rid by them and Deben
I ore l Hoiuli guaranteed 1 114 thehoulherll I 1ncitloCompany
Our 7J rur roll of tile Ititerrst atrulll I tilt toiut nr 1
1K47 Tliunj nut alrmdr luiulll ir with the agreerueai
ran rbtalii lul Inforiiiiiilon mum nMilUall n lo I hue rsm
tril rust I Loni > uii r or In tlm t umWilyned or to then
COliniel Alllinu IlliodWlll hell i Wall tt I f
MSW ioal Jan 4 Itts
lv I III AM l II IOM hay
lllllN 1 I r I IA ITIl KSON °
Comralllro or ronsnlll tcil liondlioUers of Houston and I jji
Texan Leulrat hills jut in I 44
Tile unilerslgnfil 4OtIMrTTKB OF GEN I J
the 1I01lIou ahl Texan tVIltrJi HaIy Company hay
Ing alpO1 of the re < irg nl7sllnn agreement above re J
ferred to I hereby give 11111 5 worr end that the same I
has teen liinnnil ratllleil lo thIs Holders ot a large ma
Jorll of iiinM imudi
lullsiarilciilars l may tie 1 oltBlne1 of the Secretary I
the coiiimltlrp I < ir rrmiy if llio members thereof
JJatoilNKVV VnltK l nn 4 lots I i
IIKMiV 111 mil I f llalVarten t Co Chairman
vviuivv I Mlllfl I viorL 1 Ion lIoChnn Co
fllDMA L I VI 1 VVMIN Jrof Chas Head A Ca
Iltihttiti lAtlHif Erederlo Taylor L Co
li K ruMiin I or rmnov lire aV
4UHroaiwuySew York hfjl
Memt en of the New York Stock Kxcbanre
Private wire conntctloni with correiponaentj at

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