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Has a larger circulation than any is the most popular and successful
other evening newspaper printed ttz1t ful evening paper over known
in English Price One Cent
I Brake WI llorstlle the Train Tho
rl aiaUr Car Demollth ii Tnnk Home
Thirty People Badly Wounded and
ua7 BIliBtly Dartd Heenes
JUvBRUiLfc Jan 10A frightful accident
betel f l tho Portland express train which loft
Boston all oclock this afternoon The scene
disaster was near the Hnvorhlll bridge
of the dleator wn nea lavorhl brldloo
which spsns the Morrilnoo River between
Bradford and Uaverhlll The traIn consisted
of eight cal drawn by tho engine Harris En
gineer Thomas French and in charge of Con
ductor Weymouth This train does not stop
Bradford and was going nt great speed
The Georgetown branch train was standing on
the track near the watertank houno at tho
Bradford end of the bridge waiting for tho ex
press to pass over to Uavorhlll As the ox
press rounded tho cuno two cars left the rails I
and went crashlne Into tho watertank house I
demolishing It In this houso n number of I
wctlon hands wore eating dinner Mr J
ODrlen a retired merchant of Bradford was
talking with tho section hands and was killed
together with Mr Taylor ono of tho laborers
The car that crashed Into tho tank house
knocked tho foundation out lotting tho hear
tank down upon tho car crushing through tho
tap of the car and doing fearful work iwlthln
The next ca behind telescoped the lone ahead
of It adding to tho havoc
The killed and wounded were mostly In thoso
two ca The cars behind thorn ran down
alongside the Georcotown train barely os
eapinc a collision with tho engine of that train
The people in tho smoker had a fearful ex
perience Ono of the wheels on tho forward
truck broke and tho car bumped against tho
end of the bridge causing It to careen I ran
cpon the bridge for some distance ovor the
sleepers thou careened tho other way nnd
lenned against the ironwork of the side of the
bridge rue passengers of whom there woro
about thirty in tho cur found themselves at tho
top of tho car whito it scorned to some of them
that the car was tumbling oil the bridge to tho
river below
The passengers managed to crawl out none
of thorn t being very seriously injured As soon
as they reached the round such as woru able
rushed buck to help thoso who woro Imprison
ed in tho wrecked cars Tho entire force of
physicians in the city summoned by tele
phone wero quickly at band and the wounded
wee cared for us soon n released Tho list of
killod Is no follows
CLiuxnt HizLrwoon Boston
JOY < BIIII Bradford
rI r I floonrtf wire and child Kennebank Xe
WatiiM TATLOB section hand
A U Willis Harrison Me
I RRtU TRCIIOW Newton Junction N It
jMira biuir Boston
The following wounded are at tho City Hos
flioaciB WKHTWOSTB Don N II scalp wounds and
shoulder blade broken
Keizcc SICKLY bomerrille N B compound fracture
01 One lu
Fain McKio Roraervllle newsboy scalp wound and
isvere bead contusions
NILU BOUil Brocklon head and aria Inbred
Itooo HtsTTuoaKii Brockton back and leg Injured
W f KtXBALLOf Ktmballllroa Boston fractureot Ice I
Jot MioDifl Bradford compound fracture ot right
wound Ucnr ILiac Portland He bruUed arm and bad scalp
DiMma BiuHifOi Bradford feet and leg badly crashed
and scalp wound probably fatally Injured 1
An unknown woman apparently about dS years old
with dark hair and wearing a breastbm marked J
Injured on the head and Internally probably fatally
Mrs r101 JOB 1 FCLT Warsbam Mass Injuries not
Miss ETTA OWE rljrht I lejr and band badly bruised
Taken to the residence of William Smith
JOHN IULLOOO Boston several plight wounds
ClEOEGK A Kivaiu llaverbill bead 001
DAJUKL A 1ur llaverblll leg and bands eat
Mr B J DO5AUDK IJaverftlll arm and Iidelollrd
tllaZ4Ui > a WILLS Kennebnnk upper teeth knocked
and Itf cut
HIisLiutiBotniDsTiuiif Three RiveraCanada lain cut
PelT C WnrniKK UaverblU lea sprained
BSNTIE ALLEY Lxeter N 1 forehead cnl
Uxoaos W UABKIVGTO Lynn leg scalded
Tao is F ROCUE llaverhlll leg uralned
Mrs 1 A Row Cumberland Mills hack Injured I
Zeus Tioursox lortlau1 carriage manufacturer
head banly at back and arm Injured also Injured in
teraaliy nol
OSOKQE fJAKDffER Uxbrldfte nose broken and toot
1 R MOODY Chelsea back Injured
Sell Du Bradford bead and back bruised
CALVIX McRwHEr Auburn Me wounds on scalp and
face four upper teeth knocked Olt lips crushed
r < ntica I iniinix Bradford boss section band lain
flee In back and leg
When the cars plunged into tho tank thn
tnnk burst and tho deluge of water provenled
any possible lire in the wreck Tho point ut
which tho accident happened was I fow yards
from tho great suspension bridge over tim
Met rimao Iver Ono of tho derailed cars slid
along on to tho bridge itself nnd finally tipped
over on its side I the derailment had como
ten seconds Inter a dreadful calamity must
hvo followed The bridge is n remarkably
strong one but It could hardly have borne tho
train of plunging curs without either giving
way or allowing the train to lump to the river
moro than fifty feet below The train is one of
the fastest on the road I leavou Boston nt 1
oclock and runs to Portland with few blops
M An average upend of forty miles an hour
Most of the people were killed by the falling
tnk which fell utmost in the ccntre of the
Iraln The poor passengers had ncurcoly tuna
to realize that anything was wrong beforo tho
roof came crashing In as beneath the blow of
tn enormous trip hammer Thoso who were
lilting under tho place whore the greatest force
of the blow came worn killed outright Every
one of the killed died instantly
bYew ot tim prUoncrsiu the main wrack could
bajzot fro without the aid of tools and tho
Btmorinss of tome of them wero pitiful The
Injuries of thirteen or fourteen of them woro
tery serious ono mans entire body was pinned
down except tho heal and his position wns
ooh that nlthouKh tile greatest possible euro
was used the axes of his rescuers slipped
one or twice and added to his wounds An
other man was free all but head which was
pinned fast at u dangerous point in tho wreck
He was alinobt freed when something gave
away in the mass above him and his skull was
crustod just as the rescuers skul thoy
could drag him out
Thl remaIns S1 tne father mother and child
whowsre taken out killed touethernero among the lost
flea A P Ilaley ot New York was In the car
that A80ruhed by the sand hho wassittingon
the right band tlo near the cntre and While
t u8 around her were crushed to death oho
cheek wag pot jhesays hurt save I slight scratch tho left
I know r when the ear left tho track that
trouble was omln > fand It camo before I could
move Peopo wore standing UP getting ready
t run for the door when that nwfuf crash
sounded and the
Iounded V18 oirseenitd to go all to pieces
Iwse al
wu thrown 10
Jifown down but did not IOlb000lIsCiOUb4
RJ88 I saw the car roof und bides rushed In
t an egg aboil J1 the People woro mowed
down like reeds Their cries and moans wore
earfui I to hear I saw lots of men I
Jammed down around mo and somo of
hem called piteously for aid I saw
tat I could do nothing to help them HO I bo
gin 10 think about getting oUI I was drenched
JJ Vln by tile water that poutod into tho
jar in fact before I could get up from the
for I was nearly drowned When I ilrst felt
the water I thought wo hud fallen into tim
liver anti YOU may rost asstued flion > flood
jwn I saw that Wa jvero not there After I
ntiied my feet I looked about mo for I
uDce to jet out of the car Tlio window by
reUetmd been broken out frumu and br
tod I tumbled out
A largo number of those slightly wounded
continued to their destinations and their
tenuicould not bo learned Conductor Woy
out escaped uninjured truest Hutch of
Wenilll tho fireman was hurt by hue corner
wtasbulldiiisfalllncuponhlm Ho will re cot or
The people of lilvorhl Ir doing everything
Doecilbie for the wounded Tim accident is J hUll
Dosed to havo been caused byn Httitch rod
breaking alter tho engine and throe fnrwnid
JM hd passed oerthe switch Atarcful ex
fjunatlpn was made by General JlnniKor fur
iJfassUtod by Bo > nrol other wellknown rail
yja omelBls to see If any of tho wheels on
t coiiches were broken and they were found
t Mali right The journals on the wrecked
ea were also carefully examined but wero
bead to bo Porfect The switch and its wlr con
Utlo5 k wore so badly broken that It Is Im
D ° R lbltO alt present to uncertain the exact truth
C Tbo train was one of tho finest equipped on
tne equlled
Its OI and consisted of one of the companys
J ° Cn notUesnnd several cars arruingod
ilt S 1 Mllk ear bucKuco tar smoker
SLit four 31k hllIIO clr
lS ufnow monitor top passencer curd
5kb mOllor clrd
if5 the estlngbouse automatic air brake
ln Ihe train was running according to the on
f tueoe story at about eighteen miles an
cOur ml8s
Jgm and after tho smoking oar had broken
mfmm the rear portion tho train
I jorUon trll ana
ea Uadod on the brldlo the air brake on the
r rae automatically applied and tho car WHO
throan hlia automatcall apple I that but for
U bk the t car would hove fallen Into Iho
t4unul ii lerrhnl lllver 100 fut below
B MI Ji t tint Jttilngcru of tin brldcn weni
rW etcliuutered hit tho I lircllo which II of
flWithurj4 the FOyero strain and wt4iuu tie
5155Ijou5jy damaged strllnnd WI 111 10
t amRlel
ere were abut forty passonifere In the
Ir fory
tinik oar aa near aa can tt learned but
ik CI
I I eapi irttiiottt ITu injuries
although nourly nil of thorn were badly shaken
up and a number of thor bad their clothing
torn from their hod lee All the car are
equipped with tho linker steam heater and no
portion of them caught lire Tim two paison
cor can are romplotoly wrecked but the amok
leg cnr althotiuh badly damaged can bo f
paircd at I small expense The lost to tho
road on rolllns stock will not roach over
20 000 1 ho Inward track wan cleared at 0
oclock and I trains bound for Boston word
started as u < mal nlthouuh throtmhmit tho
afternoon tmnRotiKor on through trains worn
transferred over tho bridge by a specIal local
The first pnsflonuor oar which ran Into tho
water tank und section house was ground al
most to atoms the heavy tank crashing
through tho monitor ton crushing It like an
eat shell In this car there wore six killed
nnd nearly nil tho passengers rncohed In
juries mostly ot 1 sovore nature Tho passen
gers In tho car next to this recohod 1 bad
shlklul up antI several wore thrown over the
backs of tbo scats but its far as can bo learned
nono of them reeehod serious Injuries
Tho two roar coaches < jumtiod tho track
and ran about 100 oot when they
woro slopped by tho autornatlo orakos
All of tho piiAsoncors In thoso two cars
escaped without Injuries althouch they
woro badly shaken up tho car running over
the sleepers All thin male passengers In those
cars us noun as possible rushed to tho rescue
of those in the forward cars and helped them
outThn panxoncortt in tim smoking car woro
mostly taken out through tho window Somo
of the occupants crawled out on their hands
nod knees a portion presenting u pitiful sight
belne badly cut by the class Ono man was
druLKcd out of tho window with I broken Ice
and buffered much
hulero1 pnln
General Manacor Furbor ItoadmaBtor John
lialhiy tend two wrecking trains with a large
force or men were early on tho scone clearing I
HMiy the debris A number who received in
juries of a trifling nature worn transferred to n
special train on tho opposite side of tho lirldco
nnd left for their destinations The conductor
In charge of thn train was one of the oldest pas
Bencor conductors on tho road lie wits in one
of thu two rear coaches and escaped unhurt
Frank Bowkor and Collins of Maiden
Were In one of the wrecked coaches but es
caped with slight Injuries
General Manager Thurber searched tonight
for tho eiiute of tho accident On nxnmlnlnc
tho trucks of the smoklnir carfully 20 Inches or
tho flange of the lorward wheel on the right
hand side of tho first truck was found broken
oil Tho break was caused by a defect In
the casting 01 whilchu thorn was no external
dencc and which tbo only known witH of test
im failed to bring to light All the wheels on
the train woro tested in the usual manner b
lore leaving las ton
Railroad Magnate Heftie to ray the Pre
ent 1rlcu lor Italia
PrrrancnoH Jan 10A great contest be
tween tho Dessomor steel tall manufacturers
and the railroad managers has boon going on
for several months and there Is no sign of a set
tlement Two years uco the steel rail manu
facturers organized the Dossamor Steel Asso
ciation controlllnc the eleven steel rail mills
of tho country and agreed to restrict produc
tion and socuro better prices than existing
rates 27 per ton Tho movement was a very
quiet ono but it effected thu desired result
quickly Tho restriction in manufacturing
caused an active market and tho railroads bo
Ian to compote with each other for rails
Prices exceeded all expectations running up
to UO per ton Tho railroad people had ben
caught and they woro bled profusely
Last hummer however a number of tho rail
road Presidents concluded to play the same
kind ot n came and turned tho tables on tho
millionaire steel rail manufacturer They
agreed not to purchase any rolls for 1888 deliv
ery nor make any improvements or extensions
until the price was reduced to S30 nor ton I
Hteel rails have not como down to this figure
Tho manufacturers hale concluded to try their
own endurance and coo I they aro not com
po ° ed of UK good staying qualities as the rails
they manufacture They have in turn on ono
pretext or another some to make repairs Ao
closed down until today all the steel rail
mills of the country are idle Tho manufac
turers still demand from 33 to 35 per ton for
tholr rails and tho railroad men say Keep
your rnlA rates lit these figures We dont want tho
The result of this shutdown Is of course a
big reduction in tho demand for coke and for
th Ill < tune in a year perhaps tho Connells
vllle coal operators have all tho cars they want
The question is not ono of cars now but of
use for them was the admission of ono of the I
leading operators this afternoon The haiti
moro and Ohio Itailrond titus quite a number of
empty coke ears tan < lnl upon Its Bidlnc and
there has been a wonderful fulling olT in Its
coke shipments durlnc tho past month Tho
coko operators have boun compelled to closo
down their ovens two days I reek to prevent
an overstocked market The strike in lie
anthracite coal region is furnishing tho coko
men with soul new orders tho furnace men of
thoTast being ompellodto uso coke now In
place of anthracite coaL
A Deputy Coroner Plod Out How the
Quickest of all Iolout Works
Deputy Coroner Scholer who narrowly
escaped death on Monday from snlfltnc at tho
bottle from which Miss Mar Van Ordonof 327
West Fortyeighth street had drunk urus lo
acid and dlod told a SUN reporter about it yes
With mo in Miss Van Ordens room he
said was Dr J 1 Terrlberry of 310 West
rortyelchth street Wo had boon told that
Miss Van Ordon was in the habit of taking
morphine and as Mr Charles Btrohmoyur to
whom Miss Van Orden wrote n lottor to be
given to him after her death had not yet told
mo that she had bought Prussia acid I sup
posed I was going to smell of Majchdias solu I
tion I passed tho vial wo found back and
forh under my nose three or four times and
sot a good nniIT of tho acid I has 1 sweet
almond flavor puncontnnd not at all disagree
able Then 1 punned the bottlo to Dr torn
berry and he took a snifT noticed that 1m
WIll growing pale Then I begun to feel flint
nnd weak milelf
Dr lorriberry and I clutched each other
and reeled Lither would have fallen without
thu support of th older I held on to him und
called for fresh air Wn wore led to tho door
and down two or three flights of stairs I was
with tho crotttost difficulty that I drew my
breath My consciousness was perfect mr
had no control of my arms or hands or of my
loner limbs When I tried to step I raised my
foot two loet from thu round anti whim I tiled
to feel of my pulse 1 could not Uhf my hands
1 notkud that I the blond had left tho linger
nails and that my hands were white as chalk
All throuuh my body it seotnod ns though the
blood wero driving < toward my heart How I
cot to the drug storo at Ninth avenue nnd
lortyolghth streot I dont know A younc
man thorn said Hulphntn of magnesia was an
antidote for prusslo acid but It isnt I took the
dose honuver and then vuts kd to tho Port
Heveiitl Street ioll e station Capt Kllllloa
proscribed brn yllo an lie believes l > in lurto
doses liu gave mo ho much that I was drunk
after taking It I told Copt Klllllowof 1 llY tilt
Jloulty In lironthlnu and told him how to
moo my arms up 1111 down He lilted a win
ilciwln the police station and worked my arms
like I jutnp for a lone time causing lY urtill
clul movement the ribs clluslue lulI
Then I was taken to tho Roosevelt Hospital
and u physician gave lon dose of carbonate of
ammonia In two hours 1 fall bottorund camo
ftl hotor 1111
home 1 have boon
cry weak since it seems as
though I had tin murln n1 bonet 1 havo boon
roqiiHHtod to wrltrj a Htntemeul of thIn export
once for H medic journal and think I 1 hliall
dofo Dr Torriborry told mo today that hll
bus bton an Hick Ho was tormented by tho
most jrlKhlfiil nllhtmaros when he tried to
loop I didnt huyo 1 nljhtmaro perhaps boo
caute o of tho brumly
A Clergyman Def dlol his Used Netter
JACKSON Tonn Jan 10At the term of
Circuit Court yesterday tho case of tho Ilov
Frederic Howard D D pastor of the Central
Baptist Church in this city camo up The suit
Is for J50000 dnmiicos afralust sixteen of the
lending members of the First Baptist Church
Including tho pastor aud also agalnbt the
forked Deer dade of this oily the Tennessee
liantlst nftlomphls and tho Daptist Jtettttor
of fli I t anooca
The throo newspapers Included In the suit
published I strong artlolo In ISbfl signed by
sixteen members of the First llaptlst Church
In which tho past record of Dr Howard was
painted in very dark colors They hnrcil
that ho hud borne twoor three allasos In South
Cnrollnla anti lnortrlv as llowlett and
Ilrolnhl Oorjla Ild
hewlett Int that ho had elated with nn
it liar 011 wll < > in I buIlt ii Cuuiolint had jumo
cia 1011 with negroes and had bteii guilty of
mulfenKance 10roes whlo an offlolal Howard Is an
KnirlUhmanaud his father lives 1 In London
lloth sides have taken voluminous testimony
110 Europe South Carolina and Uoorela
Twe fllstere Say they Got None from Him
The Ilettth Wntch la I Hot nnd the Last A p I
penl for a New Trial It to he Made
Dan Drlscoll wns marched yesterday into
his new coil in tho Tombswhlch Is ono of three
that Warden Walsh has had lilted up In tlio
tonday prison for murderers under sentence
ot death Deputy Sheriffs Doltnar Yotine and
Carrahor began tho death watch In tho morn
ing und woro relieved nt 8 P M Sheriff
Grant sent Dilscoll his now clothes yesterday
Instead of vrnltlug until next weak At first
Drlscoll objected to putting them on saying
I think tho clothes I have on are good
enough Tho clothing consists of a white
shirt and collar black cutaway coat of diagonal I
goods trousers and waistcoat of the satan ma
terial stockings and strong laced shoos Tho
cost of tho lot was til
Driocolls lawyers sent to BOO him yes
terday ou an errand arising out of a publica
tion in ono of yesterdays newspapers which
declared that Drlscoll had boon concealing a
knife about him to kill Warden Walsh with
nnd that tho knife had been coaxed away from
him by a Sister of Mercy to whom tho Warden
had conllded his suspicion that Drlscoll hud It
Warden Walsh says that ho cot this letter
last Thursday from a negro prisoner Kd
Mosoly inir chickens cell 1 bound for Sing King for tcal
To rh Honorable Warden Vr iraUh
I would like to see you before leaving thin prison I
hare somethIng to tell you which may be of some good
ilo J M
to you ul I would like to tell you In prlate Send for sue
for fear 1 will lie dlicorered tellIng yuu I think I will II be
doing you Justice as well as myself by telling IW w hat
I have seen and heard since last night a o more from
your bumble servant
Mr Walsh says that Mosely told him that ha
had overheard Drlscoll say to another prisoner
Can you got me a chlv f1 Who for knIfe
repiy What 10 you want with a chlvf was tha
I wont to do up that fat bloko of n Warden
boforo thoy crack my nock was Drlscoll
In All fIB Mo oly P ild ho had overheard whim
Drlscoll and his companion wore taking a spin
about the north corridor The Warden say
that ho had Urlscolls cell searched but found
no knife On Saturday he told two Sisters who
wore telling him that Drijcoll hud become
pious this story of tho knife
Tho published story wont on to say that the
Sisters on Sunday wont in and unised with
Drl coll and bobought him to give up the
knife und that ho took a table knlfo from his
bosom and slIpped It Into the hands of ono of
t I nm mAnn iliti l i ill taI It nut nf tllO
prison ami guv oil to her Superior who l throw I
ititwuv Warden Walsh said ostcrduy thut
he hadnt seen the knlfo but that us fur as ho
knew tho slory was true lie said uso
The Sister to whom the knife was handed
Is the one to whom you saw me talking In tho
presence of Commissioner Porter
The Sister in question hal just left the
Tombs with her companion when this reporter
overtook them und asked If either had recelv oil
a knife from Dlcoll Both were a llttlo
startled nnd the miosllonor had to recite tile
story that had been published Jhen the
oungar SIster end that thy had called upon
Dnscoll but had never got a Knife from him
Thn elder Sister also said that she know
nothing of the knifo or that a knife had been
taken lo tho Lady Superior and ihrown away
J > o report of the Hnding of the knife had
reached the Dopurlmonl or Charities and Cor
rection up to 5 o clock yesterday afternoon
Lawyer Joseph P Moss of Howe A Hummels
office called upon Drlscoll in his new cell yes
terday afternoon and repeated to him the pub
lished story Thereupon Drlscoll wrote I
statement beginning Jive mefilrplu That
is alI ask Do not accept mo as my enemy
proswntH me The statement accuses Wnrden
> ulsh of persecuting and Buys
True U was that then I realized that I was to be given
no chalice fir my life right I or wrung I tried to escape
bat I as sod t Is cay judge 1 never oJ the remotem t f
or shedding any man blood In the attempt That wa
an afterthought ot Mr Walsh In regard 10 tItle
knife I have ret to see It I never had a knife or Intend
ed lo use a knife on Mr VV alsu This story I nl has been con
cocl1 by Mr Walsh to rib moot my life hodeath will
cover hlii brutality as ho knows that If I live I will tell
M Iri uru tnl otl
our frlendrt of his brutality Tru < ttinr that the people
will not turn against an unfortunate man slnij ly on a
fton spread with no other Intention thin to irotett Mr 1
Warden VVaUh from hU own Cowardly brutality l and
hoping nil you gentlemen I down town will take f clue I
man false und malicious stories of mi with I grain of
alt and rome ali ree me for ourselves trtmtlni the
Public will suspend Judgment In Ihlo matter until it can
e Investigated 1 remain yours pecifuli
lut UslsroiL
Drlscoll sent out word that this was not so
nicely written ns ho would like to make It I ho
had moro time
It U I to be remembered that Drlscolls ease U I
shortly to bo before thin courts on n motion for
a new trial Lawrc How on b moton on
dcmued man served on District Attorney I el
lows yesterday an order to show cause whuy n
now trial should not bo granted on the ground
of niiwl discovered uvldonce Tho order wis
obtained from Judgo Andrews In bupremo
Court Chamber nnd Is made returnable on I
Friday I week beforo the day llxod for tho
hanging Mr Howo submitted to the Court I
number of affidavits
DriseollH affidavit Is to the effect tnat Carrlo
Wilson tho principal witness for the people
had confessed to him m that sho swore falsely on
tho trial nt the Instigation ol ono Mike luau I
friend of McCarthys who was suspected of
tin murder Ryan having promised girt her
S150 Mrs Drlbcoll corroborated her husband
In Iho statement that on Nov 15 IHSu sho vvu
present when Carrie Wilson como to her huns
bands cell and In her prentmco saId Oh
p inny Danny I swore also against yoU hit
I could not help It I wan made to do I Oh
will you forgivo mo 7 This was heard by Pat
rick roator a keeper who stood about ten foot
from the cell door
Tim alilihavit toor Margaret Gubblns of 1835
Third uvonue sots forth that Chic deponent
know that Carrie Wilson entered thin houso of
Doily Howard 41 Oliver Street shortly after i
A M on tile morning of June 2i 1880 when
the murder occurred and rem tlned thorn until
Opcloek and therefore did not sea the mm dor
Patrick 1oster the former keeper now tho
proprietor of thren butcher bops states that
no heard Carrie Vllnon say to Drlscoll thai silo
had sworn falsely about him Lawyer Moss
returned from liostou Bovnrnl days ngi whom
ho had benn searching fur Nellln Groely and ho
biKcooded In finding her him Vtates In liar
utilduvit that CarrIe vMlson requested bur to
see Mrs Driscoll and arrange nn interview as
she wanted to tell her that who had sworn 01
falsely against her husband slom
Tho District Attorney will argue that all of
this testimony was In Clue possession rf al de
fondant at tbo time tile appeal was taken
TUB AVlEit foil FUJmlm
A Petition for bis Iron Wlenel by Those
Whom be Oacu Wronged
Tier is a likelihood that Julius Fuerer
the escaped convict who was rearrested re
cently in this city where ho had secured em
ployment as a clerk under the namo of Robert
Chestnut may not havo to servo out his term
of Imprisonment In iilng Sing Tho plllful
story of Puerers efforts to earn an honest
livelihood slnco his escnpn and to pay back tho
monoy which ho secured by forging orders tOt
drugs hns excited sympathy for tho convict
nnd George H blodmnn a wholosnlo dry goods
morclmnt at 2JS Church street has takon
steps to petition Oov Hill for Fuorors pardon
An Invistlgutlon Is now bolnc made to noouro
ovldonco for tho Governor that Puororl his Jed
I moral life since ho made his gscupe from
prison In 1BS5 SC118
Mr Htndmun hopes to prove that Pnurers
story that bo married n pure girl in Canada
undo tile nnmn of Chestnut nnd 1ms boon
bhiiulesrtin I his conduct nvur slnou is 1 trim t
Foil let d Iii not tell Ills u flu itnyt hi hag ol Ills I
past and his nncbt hit prostrntod hoi Slits Is
in dnllcatn health
FeurorH forgery was committed after hn hal
been omilojed In I hue i drug St ore of Joseph 1
Weber on becond nvonun nnd had fallen Into
bad company He forgodotdcrs for drugs on
sonic prescription blanks stolon from Druggist
Wsuber and got thn drugs at wholesale houses
sold Mr Htedman
and so d them bald vettterday
that all those who wore In any way nfrueted by
thoso trnusnctionH had forgiven leursr nud
worn willing to ttxelt tnonifelvos to toourn I
turdon for him Judgo CVivvlii who ntimced
Peurer ems tuth isies wit is him I I nnd has wild
that he will land his Influence tov ard securing
Furlrs loaso
Itobert illlllnrd has secured from Druggist V
W Pink who was the complainant against
Peiirerat the trial a letter for proucntatlon to
tral Ifeontulon
tho Uovornor In which Mr Pink Bays I was
Furors only offence and I learn from various
and reliable sources that since his escape he
has led a most exemplary life HU theft was
loifiljB7 and In my humble opinion without
wishing 1 to appear as dlctntlnt to your Lxcol
I 1111 pBHiiiH that 1 tiller lias sulTured silt
llclentl I I nnd I tlint t thin nrnls of justice will bn
sntibllod should ytl grunt n pardon us uow
earnestly requested
I Ijles 1enri lne I the Greatest
Known stiritnl ana tw patrons toe I c
HpeelmeBe of ftTrlnilte nnd llnmbna Irom
Another nay 1niies
At least two moro oiporlmenta In tho o
cnslonnlly disastrous nnd always disreputable
business of Inventing new ndornod roster
day mornlnuB World Under tho heading
cc Como to Life In Her Coffin the UorW printed
nn aliened Interview between I HoiM reporter
nnd John Tlornoy a fireman In tho Liberty
avenue Brooklyn engine house to this effect
I live near Cypress Hills at the head ot Pulton street
and a family by the came of Dottle live there too A
member of this family a Miss I Dottle aged only 10 died
last week and for two days lay In tier coma robed In
white When the tlmo came for hun daughters codn to
be borne to the crave the girls mother frantic with
grief clung to this casket and uttered a piercing ilirkk
whereupon the girl opened her eyes and came nI3 lite
attain llentoraUves were at once administered and she
was soon on the road to revovery
Mr Tlorncy said yesterday to I SUN re
I never heard of K family namtd Dottle And 1 never
told aujbonr that story er knew of such a case
InquIry about tho neighborhood faIled to
discover any family named Dottlo or unv resur
rection In thu Twentysixth ward Jlrooklvn
Tho Hergonnt nt the police Matlou In tho Hov
enteonlh precinct Incidentally gave THK HUN
reporter a glimpse at n liorM Item In Ihe pro
cess of manufneluro During the recent
troubles with tile Anarchists u man brought to
the station house a pluco of load pipelined with
powder which ho ali hal bonn thrown at him
bocuuso he was a World respondent 8ub
FOIIWt invostlgnllou showed that he had
IIO himsnlf nnd the where
bought the hIlt Ind store ro
he hind bought the powder Was ascertained
A SUN reporter showed yesterday to Medical
Suporintupdonl Dent of the Womans Innnno
Asylum on lllackw ells Island 1 short article
published In yesterdays HarM In which the
Doctor it is declared gao Iho credit ot tlio
increased allowance to the department In
this years city budget to tho not Id Dr
Dent Is quoted 1 as snylnc
Thou stories by Neilio Ely In reference to
tho condition of things at Bellovue nnd In our
institution 1 think had ns much as anything
to do with Influencing thin Board of Apportion
ment to give this department more money I
dont know how much of that 1 IIUUUOO thin
Incline nsylum will receive but moro money
hiss boon needed for new buildings nnd for the
maintenance of the patients 1 am glad atten
tion was called to the needs of this institution
by nn outsider like helllo lily
Why 1 sold nothing of the kind exclaimed
Dr Dent after rending the clipping What I
did say ns well ns I call recollect was that In I
the matter of tho Increased appropriation the
credit was entirely duo to Dr McDonald tho
general superintendent and to thin Board of I
Commissioners although the Mnors atten
tion having been called to tho overcrowded I
condition of tho Institution finch the visit of tin
Grand Jury probably also Influenced them In I
the matter I Bald nothing nt nil about Belle
vue J > elllo lIly or the HmM With the OXClP
tion of thn last sentence the alleged Interview
is entirely incorrect I should much prefer
however not to be quoted in this matter
The Exhibitor of Indeeent Anntotnlct Wax
Figures to ISo Tried
Lawyer John D Townsend appeared b
fore Justice Patterson in tho Esso Market
Court yesterday behalf of tho prisoners from
Knhna Anatomical Museum 70S Broadway
who were captured In the museum raid of the
night boforo They were charged with exhib
iting indecent and obscene wax lures and
othcrlmages and pictures Tho prisoners wore
Georgo M Livingstone tho manager Leopold
Cohen and Nicholas dt Trnno They waived
examination and thoy wore admitted to bail
in 500 each for trial in the Court of General
Sessions Thoy wero arrested by Cnpt Brogan
The prisoners from tho European Museum at
81 Bowery were thonmaMliallod before tho
Judge and their lawyer promptly asked to
have the samo disposition mado of their discs
The were Vulilanu W Wlrl proprietor James
Cumin and Nathaniel Mlllor
1 ho four prisoners cnplured in the Parisian
Milemu nt SOU flowery described as the worst
of tho lot were next arraigned Onoof the pris
oners Matthew McCormnck proved to ho lucre
Iv I visitor I a countryman seeing the sights on
the liowery The others were Vcultor Price
Stephen HIckoy mid Hugh McCubo I dlsropu
table looking trio Tho sam dfspooilion was
aisle of their cases
Ihn victims from tho Egyptian Museum at
13S Bower wero n more piospernus looking
lot In furtrimmed overcoats und kid gloves
Thoy were Frederic Tllton proprietor Arthur
Torpln manager and Huns c on Muller Otto
Frodeiickb nnd Charles Suet
Tho exhibits on which tho complaints are
made are regarded as too Illlbs to bo described
veil In tho legul docutnnnts lor tim Iurlell
of Iho record thor are designated by number
and Ihotn which urn thuR mentioned in the nfll
davits will bo shown ut tho triul lhe other
several cart load of figures now stored
In the basoment at Pollen Headquarters
will ho promptly destroyed if a con
viction is sorured Tile complaints are
duo to the instigation of Inrpeeior Illinois
who happened into ono of the Howory places
and was shocked by what ho saw
Mr Leitry Thinks Hn Will Kind Ills Raft
To Ilnlld u Chip Next Time
II shall not bring down liny more timber
rafts from Nova Scotia said Mr James D
Loamy when asked yoslorda about a rumor
that he is building a still larger raft than that
which was lost nt son Inst month It may bo
that wo shall got tho lost ono yet > Capt Llttlo
Held Is confidant that it is still intact and that
the stray logs which wero soon by thin Captafus
of the Enterprise and tho Morse wore not from
my raft at all Ho thinks filio is tossing in the
sea off tho coast of Norway
I lInt you may say that plans are undor way
and are nearly completed for a timber hip
over fifty foot longer than tho big raft of the
same width nncln lltllo less draught have
still I1SO 000 of loose chan In lilY pocket to
try lisle oxporlnwnt with but emit llttMlelii
Is certain unit it will provo n success It will
be shaped nnd equipped like n ship
0 Thin principal weakness In thin raft was at
the ends wince the greatest resistance to tho
water Is I Tlio bow und 1 stern I will bu strongly
bulkhcudod nail plunked on tho exterior It
will havo six huge masts schooner rigged and
with srjuar sails Theio will bo anchors rud
der und hawsers as In nny ChIll and tho whole
will bu controlled with powerful engines
mounted on board The monster will have a
clew to nmnnco it with rnliln nrromniodit
llons Tlioro wont bo need of u tug for the
leviathan can plough tim deep of its own nu
cord and go to Europe Asia or Africa In ease
there Is legislation against Its coming here
0 III will bo built at lort Jogglns if nt all
and the cradle IH rondy to begin right away It
will probably bn launched next August If
everything puns out unexpected Ihe pro
posed loncth is j25 feet und the width blxty
lIve leet
Alit Interior of tho proposed ehlp Mr Leary
says will ba i Illlod In h with huge IUril > sifter the
manner of the blr raft sItu they will bo isis
toned together slllll1rly with chains only moro
firmly if possible Wllon it readies list dOfltl
Gallon it will be taken ipnrt and used for ship
The Htoamshlp Vonlcn In from Palermo on
Dec 81 away off nonrl 11WO miles east by
soiitli from tho Uormudnx passed throuuu
thirty miles of vrrockugo of 1013 und boards
Ton Toujh lor hit llondsnism
Poter Wllniot of 8 Mmigin street was In
dicted yesterday by Iho Clinnil Jury for us
B tult In blabbing Thomas 1arnoy in n saloon
hear Grand Mroot ferry on 1lIosllaJ last IIlId
was arrested in East hoot on a bench war
rant Issued by Judge Olldoisleovo Wllmot
wn IIrrstol on thn day after the assault and
rolensod by a police Justice on 1600 ball
given by Anthony Jlmlnny of l talG i Orund Street
but Jh lush lIly learned butt I V ilinol I h lIuli sonic
lime S h sign shot nnd killed 1 JIIIUCB Morrlck nnd
had shot n truck ii miter Icier Kelly In i tho
leg l Jlmlnny Infonne I hue District Attorney
thutliBioiilif no longer bo responsible fm WII
mot Wllmot was committed to tho Tombs
without ball
The IVorklnr Womens Oraranlxatlvn
The weekly meeting of tho Working Wom
ens Society will bo held this uvonfng at Pyth
acorns Hall and working woman art invited
to intend and enroll thomsolvos as members
Thn BO < loly IH now organIzed nnd ready for
WOI k Among its prim Ipnl OhJOCth hue this M <
urine of sbrntni hours Inrgui unges butter I 1
truntmunl Iho ouforcemenl of eiUUtiK IIIWH
for Ibo honlth und protection of women and
children employed In shop nnd factories tho
abolition UIO sy tem Of tenement house man
ufacture especially clothlna and cigars and
equal wages tof eoAial vorkfoicbota sexes
111 A IIOWINa liEAXir
nlieltnnut hoOntesnnUvms Not rrrrfnted
und Fell llct ceil hn Cure larks Jim
diitretl tn Release her Other Ilelnye Col
Slain Hopes lue Acclilentit 1 11 111 Noon Ntnin
A woman was hoirlblj killed nt ten mitt
utos past 6 oclock last night on thin clot stIed
railroad down station at Ninetythird street
and Ninth avonuo mid traltlowns dolnsed for
over an hour It was n quarter last 7 oclock
beforo trains wore running ns usual on tho
downtown track
Jlnrtln Stein tho eatnman nt tin utathm
gives tho following account of tho nccldont
At about G oclock a woman about CO roars
of age dressed mournIng camo up on tho
station and wont Into the ladles waiting room
fihniRclnR her nhouldera alit saving to mo nt
oho passed that she felt chilly and would go In
and warm horcolf She acted a littlo queerly
but paid no attention to her I knew her laco
very well OR elm hud paued throuuh the sta
tion a number of tlmci Shin Wl dreFHcdnoally
but poorly Site remained in tho wn1tlltll room
whllo two trains pasbod and when tho third
train n Ninth avonuo train had drawn Into
thin station and taken on lln pas > on
Irs and the conductor hud ulvon tho
signal to start she came out of tho waiting
room nnd started townid 1 the train Hy tho
tlmo she reached it It was under pretty good
Bpond Tim elites were hut but bile caught
hold of ono of thorn the Otis on the hiionil car
of tho train apparently trylne to force it open
I mailed toward hor to pull her aw ay Shin bad
then been dragged aloni about ten feet until
she was right In front of me I Iot withIn arms
loiiRth of her when the pull soeuied to Ilmi
hrrdovvii between the cars boforo I could oaten
hor Iho train moved about lifts fool beforo
was plopped but It wim too lute Sue niunt
havo been killed Inelitnlly for abe never mudo
a sound
Thin trains were soon blocked they worn
runnlne on short headway nnd a large crowd
rapidly filled thu streotH File engine and thin
HrKt two oars of the train were uncoupled and
moved ahold and the womans llfolexH bo ly h
could bo hen under tho wheelsof the thlid
car It could he seen from the street too und
a crowd traced up at it and waited for an hour
until it wabromoved The truck for a distance
of llfty feet was stained red und blood dripped
Into the street t Till Kiitis to thin station were
closrd n detachment of police were stint for
und no one was admitted to tho station
Meihaulci were wml down from the com
Pliny shops and tho work removing tho
odv was begun list tar wan jacked up and
after half an hour Clue boll was extracted It
was disllcurcd hut not cnourh to make thin
t PoI ulirHi nrn J7iillt It tout purrlMi tn tliri
lOOlh ut rout policy ttatlon m
Col llalu wan nt tilt fcono llftcon minutes
after thn nccldont Iii onxoratlon with a ro
porter of lug Huh ho said that us lust as he
could learn them was nlwnluldv no blam to
be attached to the rond or its emplovoos The
traIn had started and the Kites worn closed
The woman hud suddenly ipi wauul from the
waiting room and had tried to board II moving
train lIe said that the our less had been n
very bad one so fur UH III > elovuled road was
concerned and ho hoped tho itccldunlb would
stop soon
Ihe train was In charge of Conductor Wil
liam Graves und the gimid lit tile gates which
thus woman tried toopon was loIns Clearly of
417 West 1ortyflrnt street Clearly bays the
woman slipped and fell
James J Sebborof 1711 Ninth avenun identi
fied the body lit the station hnubu us that of his
talsterlnluw IIs Kalhorino A Slicau it
fceamslrefls Who lives in Innth avenuo ne ir
hoxcntloth street Ho mid that slit wan JS
years old and had worked tvvalvx vcars for
Mmo Connelly In Fifth avenue lie had tho
body taken to nn undoilalver
llioioweio two bleak downs on the ole
valod railroads yesterday morning At R
oclock an engine on it downbound lhlr1
avenue train wall dlnabled nearForljseiond
street After homo delay the train was brougiu
to the Iortyeeonil street station and the
pas < tlnterll had tu get out Tho train was then
side tiucked Jloanvvhlln Irams t vrero blocked
for a long illstunie and a delay of h ilf an hour
was entlcd
Down Iritvel on the SIxth aveimo elevated
road was slopi ed al 83 > cock At Twenty
Third I sttoot l n motor was illiblud and tile
niiMicnuors had lo leave Clue tiain I I A moment
later another train drew un nt iho station und
its iiiBBOiigorb weio uleo rn stile todiembatk I
while its nngino was iiBod lo push tho disabled
motor antI Its train down toWn
An unconscious man was found last night at
the foot of thnHovatnd rnilnmd stairs at drnnd
Street anti South 111th 1 avenue Ibero vvns
nothing In his pockets to Identify him Ho
had it gash on t Ito tak of Ids head Ho I I np t
imarod to bo about i > jenisol age liad iandy
hair and inoulauhe and wore a plush cap
f 1t4J11 ix 14h
A 1 Landlady Seizes It tar ISord and lie
Mother AbumJunn It
Sir and Mrs Georjjo Wlilpplo engaged
board for themselves and theIr sixmonths
baby at Mrs Lreasnors 50 East Twelfth street
collie months ego hlpnle ritircfontud hlni
pelf as being omploveil on the subway Jim
Dresner claims that Mr Whlpplu owes hor u
prettY largo bill and on lust Saturday she
loarnod that her editor wis about to leave
with his llttlo I fuinllr him notlr ed that ho car
ried out laiLo lull eels ever tIme he left the
During thIn absence of Mi and Mrs hlpplo
on batuiilay ufleinoon Mrs Urostmur got in
through Iho window of their room and nailed
up I tile door lie baby I lay In its crib nnd MM
rtssrtor took it np tendoily and removed It tic
another apartment OnMondayMrs Dresuoi
refused deliver up the child until thin board
bill was pud Mr W hlppln had Mr Dross
tier summoned betoro Judgo V hltont JolTdisnn
Jlntkot Iollce Coutt who ordered that the
child bu returned to its mother and advised
her to go buck to Mn Dieasnern und wall fort
her husband
Tho husband did not come Mrs W hlnplo
borrowed H silk drove a beavor cloak a laIr of
gloves and a pair of shoes fi on Mrs Mow art
ono of the boarders and I went to look for her
hiisl and le nlng the Icily liohlnd him did not
return e > terdiv illenioon Mrs Dressner
took the I baby to lelieisoil 1 Mnlet 1olleo i olIn
Judge White turned lh little waif ivr to tho
Commltsjonut of Charllh and Conoctloit
Iluppy Kilty cccii tmlllni Jut
In nn nuiimiiit yesterday before thin Gen
eral Term of the htiprcme Court to Mihtiiii u
conviction of Joseph hurl ingtomu for abandon
ing his It vlfc Corpoiatbn Attorneyllovd said
that In 18X Harrington was a member of tho
Salvation A rwvmnl tiltS kiimn as rrnlllnc I
Jonnt the as iou i tlnui t I ono 5 Miss i Ciamii ira 4
also a number I of tin I hiil vat lou Army ii lId WHS
known as Happy I I Kill I HnniiiKtou I I lieiamn h
Infutuuled with tuitty und was twice iirrostetl
foriitifleollnif to supnort llh who Ihodeii
eml Term is couBlderlnc whether tile order of
till police i niiiglntratcH that I 11 I I trrlngton pay
his wife Jfi a wtck hliall bo nustnlnod
A Tramp With a Memory lor u Wronir
William blioriUnn hut flu old iiiiiiiilnlniico
In tile iochglutg litsuiso of thu Kliici > bi lilu police
htatlon on Monday night It wis litmus Cav
nnaeli whom hn haul nt wen hint o last Bop
t tin br tviinli utecumul lug to t 5 hheriiliina slimy
Cavauagh stabbed him In the shoulder with n
table klilfn dm lug a iiuuinl on tIll bouthtirii
lloulovard When hlierldini ieeo nled hln old
enemy Im eallmi a ilooimnii Jiid mndo a ihiirgo
of ussaull uwlnsl Cnv unuuhu ho w as locked up
Meeting nf the Irlli Nntloiiiil lru in
Tim JlillllPlpnl roiincil nf tm hilt Nlt
tlonril Lei guo metllil nlsit it tno t titIk Sri
clotya hull 17 West wonVelghth HI not
Nolson bmllh I t mado nu address upon u 1 hn
Irish Coercion Ant Mew ml i bj sill A tuuirIuttu <
Jurist llBUigudtln t pursuing I ot a uioderiitt
course nnd mild that thin at tlio first Kenoral
vloctlon homo rule would bo given to Ireland
riieVomuii Crrobiriitf the Pollcitmun
Tho woman who itut atrpt il bv h Iolli c
luau Cowls of tho I JildrldKe ttrno1 Million in
Thurhdny night on thncmiiuoof t u PolkltliiM I wa
teen byTHFSUN t reporter xstoiduv hi IHI I I
that t thin i ollertnianu charge was true and thai I
hIlt was rightfully convicted Him paid further I
that silo hail not been nl la I Hester iJvot with
Iollciunnn Cowan as charged by her husband I
and that her name 11111 tier husbuudri Id
Schneider and not Bock
They weio Mr Win JtocUefellers Smite
Tho MX white svvnns found in n wagon
ttmtthrm I men Wets tin vilig In Ten thnv I in >
nnir I H2d at root on MouUtno e M lit t utul
tOKtorduy as having boon stolen from Ml vMl >
llnm Hot kufollers farm ut North Unrntuiii
They wur valued ut 1200 The men who took
thorn were held at the Yorkvlllo Vollco Court
yesterday ou o Charge of bumlarr
Examining the 1crsnns who were In the
House vrliere hIs Watch twos Found
LeNa Unxxcn Jan 10 The Coroners in
quest Into thn murder of Itobort Hamilton
on Now Years eve began today Post
master William H Bennett la foreman of
tile jury Tho otliet members nro Harry
Cooper Daniel FerrIs Tames L Town
ici l y George H Slociini John T llrltton J M
Davis John I Morris James M Hopper Id
ward Wardell Charles Jt Wooloy and C V N
Wilson KvConstublo John Q Smith who was
hired by lice Bowies to keep order In his lance
houso on New Years ota Divld Tobin and
Lewis Lott all gave unImportant testimony
All niu ii 555 llaiikliis I I who IK gtnerally known as
Dig tItus was tbn iinxt witness lie wuiswltht
rank 1 Lnnn Charles Longsinot und 1liner
1orrlno last huturday night Iu tho house
of AnnIe Jdltor tile woman railed
Dunk flue next mnrnlnc Mr Hamiltons
gold vvalili was found ou thin lloor
llovvlt got thorn Is still a mjstery MIosRiulth
lllllo ralrbanks 1 nnd Jotoiiblno Inlrbankx
wile In tile hou e that night Annie IMItor Is
Stanford Iottors mlftres alIt tIm 1nltlmiikn
women lire hor ulsieis The women say that
the witch wan left in their room bv somo ono
of their white nulule visitors to throw susj iclou
on thom llliun I Itlehl and Cisnu los Drake
two buds 1 test lhhitt to seeing Hamilton drunk
on the porch of tho damn liouso on Nnvv eurs
ovo alter ati lirutlt said hn mot Hamilton
during tho I ilf lornoon provlntiH to his death Ho
drank with tho I old man nnd 5 Hamilton I showed
a toll containing n liftsdollar bill I u tvvout
dollar bill Otto ten and two lives Tho Coroner
milil that the most iinlinpurtiml witnesses wet
culled llrst for thin purpoxo of clearing out the
jail sous tn get Mparutn rooms to confine tile
other prIsoners In Ho expects that solitary
confinement will cause thorn to tuako con
He Never Told Ills Mother and Nlstern of
HI Murrluap
Tames McGahoy started from Brooklyn In
1818 to hunt for gold in California and ho hits
never returned Ills wife and three children
continued to occupy u house in Canton street
which lio hud owned and on which without
the knowledge of his family ho had given n
claim to James Cochran In 14 nothing
having been heard from McGahey for several
years his son James went lo California und
sifter along search discovered him The father
said ho hud uo inclination to return to Ilrook
lyn Ho then told his son of Cochrnns claim
When tho ton got buck to Brooklyn ho and his
mother and sisters clubbed together und
cleared off the claim on tIll property tIle bon
icceivlng a clear title His father has not slnin
been heml of and Is supposed lo have dIed in
lallfoinla Inn son conllnuodto occupy tile
house until his death which occurred about I a
yeuraci lo tho surprise of Ids molher and
Fl > tcrb it vviis discovered soon after his death
thai hn had been iii lug a Intubiut life for several
years having a wife and thr u chlldr In an
other part of the city His widow produced a
writ giving her a life estate In thoproporli and
iuoathing it to hot children
lebterday nil tho fmts were disclosed 10 I
fore Justlcn tui Ion und u jury In thin Stuproullo
Court in a stilt begun by Mis hoiitlinorth n
sister of Metiilio against Ids widow and
children to hnvu Clue rights andinlnrcitsof lIe
various parlies to the suit determined I Tho
valldit of the marriage was notdiieslioned His
widownld Meiahflylind been agood Husband
and father and thut she dhl not trouble her
belf about lib goings and comings
ciiAnruy itAim ix xotrx
He Calls on Inspector lljrnea tu Talk Over
Nhnrpa rxt Trio
EAliluimnn Charley Valtc qtiito 113 ro
tund as in the I days before ho turned Informer
but sonuowilat grayer and not at all boisterous
quIetly slipped into Police Headquarters last
night like a ghost of rulstafllun proportions
and entered Inspector livruess privatoofllco
There was noboilj around to glvo him hearty
11ttit ting as of yon and ho did not look UH if
ho would appidcitte nnv ilnsultstrit bus of
f nor by thud leporters in the corridor Hn
lemembored no doubt tho I nil as I thutos times
ho I h id lout Ilgod Hbout the t big building cru k
ing jukes and exchanging rout httleuu es wIth
the plliCMinon dett dives and roportcrt and
waiting for a Ilio alirm
situ was close ted ncMrh an hour with In
spector l > rnes IllS subject of their talk was
the new trial of Jacob hlinrp AbsNtunt D1J
trict AttoiUKV benillt paitlcipateil Iu tltu con
titSuit bIt vh it iVus itt utu ii Im was unwilling I
to divulge Till Instiectoi was mjirilh I rot
cent It I Is 8urml = ed I that t ulte furnished tile
Iiipcdor with new evidence about Sharp
llm Inspector was in consultation with JH
trlct Attorney Fellows during tim day in re
gard to bharpH trial
Trying htepheit 5Ius ueit lam Murder
The trial of Stephen Mns uga for tile murder
of John Muleoiiroy the Slug Mni hack driver on tie
night of Nov 0 while Mulioiiru was convinir huh
anti two others tu fchitt1 uf Iii < i new atuttlUCi Who tie
trim jMterilny Munfuia mil lieorgfl habol und Antlre
lrihriu ull lluujrurianii Hinployed on the aqueduct en
turrit A sinir otne niilonii nil under the influence of
II itior MuMujfa ullet out a revolver and bcjnu to lo 11
It vrttll bullet uktrn frtu hlx tuet Atterwnril lucy nil
cut in a leek alts I N vluUonro mounte 1 i tin box hey
list 1 proceeded lour mttrft on clue roait tn tu hbiirt when
VIHIHIIUU llreil inc fthr t out of the nlndou und folluu wed
Itulth another In the I illrcllun uf the horeefl wliltti
took effect In the driver heuil Afler dlnix rlnic whet
had been ilntie Dihtrlct Attorn > Hnkr inlil In openlnir
the rape they S got out mil turuin thv lioritts irounl
cried them In the ilireitlon of the ttulile wit it Clue
driver nmoiihCimu unit it il In on the boi Vlnloon
ro ltd outi t utter nrrhh nt the elaStic it is tile COtti
mon belIef Itt ii lite I lilntli 5 it Mu uettva w11 nut be con
vktod of u hUtier crime tlmn uluuuululiuhuf liter
Killed by is Han ol A A Tllluaee
IJRUSswnt Mo Jan 10J C Tnlmago eon
of the late t A TAtmri o ttuot acid killed the nlzht talc
graph operator U J Tlld at tills place last iilxlit They
hail jiurrelled on atnr ly nUht over a toleurAph or
ili r out I the quarrel mis rene a eil on Monitiy n vht In
the del ot otlli r In I the mini that entnet Till cit Till
iiinffe down anil van pun sliins him when TalmnK men
his rev i Uer ulsit 1 clot him thriuiih she heart IllKliilll
altnOMt Innlfltltlj Till was JO > eurs of awe antI Icve
a tulle nci 1 one child Tnlinairi In 11 > ears ot aye mid
rio oni1uitoi of n freight train ou the Onlnm e bruin li
if the VaUaih Veiteru KalirunU Talmu u is under
rot < 1iinhiindlo Knhber
PiTTsntinoii Pa Jan 10Next Monday the
Panhandle Hullroail rubbers njcalnat whom the 1eiinnyl
viola Coniianr refnaeil to enter n nolle urns will tie
called njion to inaku u ilefmce In the LVlmlnal court
Onl covet or dclii rltuliuiterii remain to tir tried In
a number of cim the defend in is wire allow eil In lutiv
thu i It rhe > n ncr prim liallj men a hu male con
firition of their ctiill or ti are ttiinif men 50 i Iplitly
containiniiltd thitt Hi 5 lotnpany ilil lint Lore tiilmv
eiiite l hem fAitiieMfH hiivo bein unntnnne I fro n
varioiirt states unit ilJsllktl that Clue trUU will take a
full wink
A Capllullst Ililully ftliut
CllATTASOodi Jan 10Low Owens one of
the largest capitalists In this cltj was shot Ihrtii I times
by A I Names formerly of tliefc hoeilrinof HarneH A
Mi IhU mornlnir Thren balls entered the Inly of
in asia all irnludntf in rial wound unen liuyht
oil stir Interelt ot HurlS In III noe bu < mi tie 1
wtrVonz nnd the S troubln are e oven itt r1tlrinml
letnetn titS Iwo mao mm cut names tHiiljr with a
I nl a clueing site iuarfel o Clii formerly lived ul Lab
am n Ohio
In derly Urtllnir llrtter
Wiihlhiurnir Jnn in Master Workman
Towdtny is klioly liuprtui I cur and lltilllr gti flutE
> tremlli lie Utnli the rtiurl Ihul be InlenJi koln to
JilfII1 rv
The School Principals AiMnlallun liSa elected VV II
a linn lou I rtiMdi l
ireultu I i rro sin Policy I of the Peer of Suieru tore
lia iiliilnl Icluil 5 V Imne u hU ridifimir l lulr
mini uf tile Hn > n t l mnmlitie
IdKirlH ti tile Ii I H 5i utiub ccc win In the Hoard of
Iilrreirrifif the I llr okln i III Ml roul lie laS ci thus
jilaci itt the lila ho Incur ii I lusted I
Thtfldure Killer has hun ilerled rrril lent of the
Suit hue ru liirteniarv liurhutur hue pasl 3 cur inori titan
Kitio person ut Mimn michilf war children were
IrniUil ul ihodlsiirnsar
Tlieso were eiiiril directors > e trrilay of the KIngs
rouiilyl lovated Hlllriil I mil uuuty nines Jounlill
Wendell Chto is ill idnnnlA All > iil Idiucno I lifldon
ii lund I tiurcie Univ I y > jiniiiii tVllllainA Head H 5 t
Neutun shill intl t II airy I 10 1 llnsm
I icr lit iitititultls ii linn her iu d 44 tt rs found ilriit
iu r IJY nllerii in lii i i I li > lh neck fruIt tic
l IH lii it in ihiC iinirilii in tie lit dire at UH itet
l nlimeit ilS ludl I a IIIMH rj III inllij fc r ft lonz
I time S aid moar ugh Ita nit S mliel culilile by Juuijlni
triOs the rut of liu I ouee
John K MclHuhv tlefon man In a factory In North
JUlott place Has an Inmate llilrtr lour years ago
when lie was an orliuu 11 tlirce veam of the Alnmliouio
Nursery lie wuieid pled liy a Mrs Iiunkett whfii lie
Wile ala yeannll uullie i as siipiiorted himself him lie
wiio ten year cli tie Intel fell laIr til a nice Ilere uf
proprrt left t an uurle In slauiruubitts and he U
now ir > ltif legally to ealutulhi his Identity as the alms
Iuuuie nrp lan
Mrs l inlii iso cr5015 the preul V widow if l l n Mas
li I li S n 11 ii il y tin il r h liu I Inill tilt ci l tie r ire
isle a difii IHI r nu u luSt a hU wilL l > ei tit
t isiS Icr l tIJMi kUhtulnvl llo lias Just mamet vir
leirt 1 Uitt me iunjr lawYer Who won the cnvn for
her vir MasierLon married her after Jits own wife had
I obtained divorce and his llepluewaeguit nieces cou
tested tbe will on tbs ground tbat the mtrrtafe was net
legal and Inal undue Influence bad beta used
Jndire Ilrach Adds RIOOO for ConnsellFees
Mr Arhncklei Lmryrrt Becnr a stay
1enllnc nn tltienl ant he IVostt F7
155 > Till be ilea TnIawrera Lommenie
It scorned to be pretty well understood bo u
foro It was opened yesterday morning that the
sealed verdIct In MIss Campbells broach ol uu
promlflo suit against Charles Arbucklo was la I ii
IhinnloH favor Tvcrj seat in Judge Beachs
court room was Illlod and every foot of stand
ing room crowded Judge Fullerton and his Jt
partner Mr 11 C Hushmoro sat within the
rnlllnir Mr P J Tllnos Mr Arbucklos poe kt
fconnl nttornny WIts tho only representatIve ot
tile dofonco present Neither Mr Arbucklo nor
Miss Campbell was In court
lion Clark Lyon had called thin roll ot the
jurors Toromnn Meyer Mlnzlo handed Judge
Bench an envelope Tho Judge broke tbo seal
hooked over Iho enclosure nail handed It to the
clerk For a moment the sllunco wits absolute
Then Clork Lyon mouth 8
i Tho jury say they havo awarded a verdIct
for the plaintiff nnd award damncos in this
amount of t45000
Theme wait n genuine sensation over the an
nouncement Tile highest Umiro that rumor
had named was 2 > 000 The suit was in foot
for 230000 damages but that amount was not
mentioned in court nnd Iho general Impression
that 100000 was tho amount asked for was i
permittl to go uncorrected Mr Itushmora
Immediately askod that an allowance bo made u
to the plaintiff for costs
Thoro should bo no allowanco in this case
your Honor Tho magnitude of the verdict
Bhould cover costs Interrupted Mr TIme
You ought to 1m thankful to sot oft BO
easily paid Judgo ullertim 1
I will allow 1000 paid Judgo Beach
ThIn lecil limit of allowanco for costs la
52000 Mr Tllnoy moved for ii new trial and 1 l
iidgu IlMicii dulled SIlls motion Mr Tuner u P
Uhkod for tt slut pending fin appeal and Judea b
lleru ullovv d I him I S forty lit e days
Jmrinun JleKenna hald Im I jury took less
than t half nu hour for the I actual discussion of i1A4
the question On tho first ballot Juryman Wil
liam Fluster COtIlO out for tho defendant Mr
HnRterln a retired meiehint On the second
ballot all agreed til iMordlU for the plaintiff
It required thieo ballots to fix the amount ot
damatios Iho votes varied flora 6000 to >
< irjOiiO Scvoril jurors wore for granting
1101 HIM when tlntt Inckcil np
1 fool s tld Mist Ciimpbell jostorday after
noon that tint verdict of tho jurylsncom
Pleto Mimic mon of my character which was
SD needlessly axalled by Mr Arbueklo and n
justification of thn couisolhnvo pursued It u I
Wilt with gicat roluetanco that I brought my I
self tu tho point of suIng Mr Arlniokle but I ub
felt that I lIly gooil iianioiind position among my
relatives anti friends demanded it Tho amount
of tile ordlU iii i bv no moans a surprise to me
as 1 fully oMietu that after a jury bad ii1
welshed nil tlio t mldmico in thin case they l
would appreciate tIle Mtuiitlon and bring In a iu
verdict that would not only have in it the ele LL
ment of compensation for tIle Injury I havo ro
colved but that they would also by the ex
pression of tholr opinion on that subject ef
loctunllj romovothoHtlngwhlchMr Arbucklen p
unfounded elmrRSt of Improprieties made I s t
nm undetermined ns to my future course A
great deal will depend upon thin ultimate this
pnsltion of the c IHO Aly present desire Is to
withdraw front tile public cno
A Fiimlly Quarrel In Public 4
Alien Ashmnn young well cliepiwl and
very much excited went to the Grand Central
Station yesterday morning to send word to her
husband at 0 Vanderbilt avcnuo that a lady
wanted to FPU him She has not lived with him 1i
for solute time When ho appeared sho struck
him with her timbrel and clawed at him
vIciously thin iamo time using violent and
indeeent Inncunirc MID vvis irrosteil and i t
lirirmed I with as jiilt I t and nt tho I Yorkvllle Po
lleo Court In thu uftnrnnon was eommltled for
trial Mio said that she hud fallen into evil
whirls through visiting with her husband the i
disroputunloconoirt gardens that flourished in I
Sixth avenue andlourteenthstrootafew years
The Silk Knlihera Ilnveii Minutes Freedom
And > floburts Michael OUrlonnndGeorgB
A Williunsvvho WOie arrested on Dec 17 bf I
undue of Inspector ljrnofn mon for stealing
silks from thin Lalght street public stores were
inrnl ned before United btntcs Commlsslonor
Grifllth johtordiiy mid discharged for want of
MiHUinnt evidiiitn As thin mon bit the Post fill
Oltlco building they wire rearrested unon war 0
rants stiuuritl nt tho t TninlM court by Hpocial
Agent Jlaurlco F 1 Holuhan At the Tombs I
Juctleo 1 SIll I tis hold them I for examination to ittI
il H Titer were locked up In thn Tombs Kr
Assistant Dislrlet Attorney Purdy appeared la
court for ItoberU
JVi > Ilillniri at Prrdviltk V Aekley
No clue has bcon discovered as to the
whereabouts of Frederick C Ackley who dls ff
nppcarcd on last Hutttrday Tile only fact
which has developed ix that ho look n cable
cm on Jonth avenuo not far from his homo
nnd nato as far us tIle elovatod station nt 123th
Ktreetand Ihlrd nvcnun ConductorItussnll
who hud charge of tho car on which Ackl r
role talked with him und says ho appeared to
to bo all rUht tj
Mgnnl UlUce 1rfdlctlosw
Colder fair weather tlI
itlll I ui
JO22J2tcI AIIOUT lorry fj
Collector Mnconc IniKjipolntet Dilllp r Lowery of
Jtrcey Cily untciin nuuciuer at fits u year
Collrclor viucnue jtnicrduy ret at lIberty the flre
ston awaytt fouiit In lie liol 1 of the Ludjcate lull
Iams iilll hit tail apiolnt d by Justice lachmaa 1p1 4
tu be sirnusrui her or tin sIxth JM trlci civil Court
Ibm Hon A Cn th > jroniTM antI Wllllaia M Corn
wall H > nrtlng zool 11 Vinau blrttt have made as
filsiun lils
Mlllam II cirnilrnnlnE of New Itnchellt bIgamist c1
wdsufin ni ft lj > Juli2e Ouviiii yeiturila to eighteen
months li > prl omieii
The AMerm eitieritay autlinrlzed the Commissioner I
or littillO I 1 WnrU to make the needed repairs iu the City
II11 Hlihout public lettluv Thlo work Ii already under 4I i
say I Ij
The city authorities have decide to parchut e plot
on heat llhlv thlril tin etaloiutUU feet west of Nsnib
mnuo tocuusItcsJti ou which tu erect a new Ore en
kino house
Allirmin Itenjandn tcvvo liU colleagues what they t1
ctualdcri 1 an ciarlon for a tfimil dial of merriment
> i irr luy by i ror ru Itg that Murln J BoEenberg sUall
Lr l > lnteil Iliinuilxiuiicr of IleoJ l
Tie coal barge O M itowe was sunk off Nljrfirer lleail
1olnt itoiilifa of hart 1sUlund nt 1 oclock yestar
day iificmtuiosu Tho lapialn hia wife scud three cull j
ditch weru taken on tty tin tier ItusselL
Unrlcs o 5 Italley vales ctalile nt 31 West Twenty i 1
ebiliuii xreet lins tech nltniheit for tlKfl In favor of
Juni I lluuimll It is l nilmeil ihit Sir Halley baa dii 1 i
appeared The hlierltf ItuDd nothing attach
VMIIlim Valdorf Actor and Adrian helm Jr as ex
cciiinriof the > ftat of the lain viri Astor signed yes
CarlO a leoui it iiinveyanca trannrerrlni till bulldlnff
11 m l tIlt 5 utnno ii John JacubAstor Ihe cuuildora
till mcnclc Mclnfli V ci
TlieTnnuniny < oinmlltronf the Fifteenth Asitmbly
ditrlil Imxrianlyel with Alderman Klihard J Null
viii its iliiilniun luttice S Dully rceilcs over the First
uUirlit Allrrman Illvver oven tfie becund and Ihas i
J Allen uur the Twenty flrtt i
Alderman hlorm sturteil the Mosrd of Aldermen yes SI titt
terduy on the couch needed work of cinllfylnj Chit ordl I
italIc e of the ominon Council The Law ommltlee
we iliarktd will lliedilty of lonkliu Into thus subject tjIf
Jibody kuuws whet the ordlnaucis are
CIvil Jnitlce John Jerolomim li ik appointed Charles A
MorrUon > ienoiriipher of disc FlKlitli liMrlrt nourt
llm luitlce bliss Uren reienint I Ins nettle with a
liMt1 nm rose roil iravrl 5 suede frntn nood taken rroia
the tpiurtil DrUMi IrU Uo la ii i to nero t
Judge An Irens hi refiiiiMl tu u plant the motion for a I I
cninmlMHli to lul S v t lie lrlni < ny if rraocenco Terclo
i 1111 In Hal I 5 akiiul iluit tliontliitf or Joliiinr hurrah the
hot j u c mun H sun by the arilri < lu LonpobardL
Another uipllutioiiiaubeiiidilii tti ticneral besslons
James bchml AH inzineer Uyiursold of IIS Lad
low tircet whllu iitouttiiu anuS ukliic yesterday Into
the statlonarr enclne In the btiOllIetit of utjle IlaUey
A uoe resiaurant at 1 Turk lterii was truck on thus
back ot thn heal ly the plttnHi uf She engIne and bul
luid I witb Irann In lo tile mat hlnery and wound off by
the ri vpluUili if tho Nun
Tho rub Snstnlv liMr irrari rotnmlltee of the Seventh C
illlrll In stilt Ii it 1 it irloc 11 i irto Hnliliincn Clbbont
oar lie ma le i i iretn nd nu r its at at the primaries
orkHnueil iabt nu i I Iii ilihbuns i out In tbe cold ana
app fiudui niniiiiiiiiti rihn tu take a week and con a
otter sue cinit Arnnr itery James 1 I Hrlnkman
Juhn II kit tielt I UKMIIO u OUrleu and Michael
Lynch are the ruinmliu
Tho entral t fonnci of tiC New York LIquor Dealer i
Arr rlatlnii itt nhlt thea outicera President
VMIIIjin Cnllan Hni lice fresldent Morris Tekulskr tli1
r cond Vlielrriidrni Imnlel Hollaed Kecretarr
Ileury Kieliz tiinntlil Secretary John J Martin I N
Ireasurrr 1 l V iidte iKiant at Arm J h Urown I
HIIHIICI 1iniu ittrr llfiiry lllrsili the lion icier Sery
Jo > rili iitiii > uics i niitl and Michael J lllynn
Tlii I le u i i lifird literluy the nunilalnt
im l j ieiiii o j li lor of tuc 5 rhr
uhF l unil I al rourten hkirrri for keiptuir
a dlrurilerlv Stilts A entrul t ouSt tletcilire Ustlneii
Iliui on iho i nihi of bee 2 he v eut there vi lib a woman n
and hlriUu room for fll The rnoniy was taken by Od tI
Mrs iluniher Another detective i rsimilar teats
monT and a third said that be bad been incited la i tbe >
Ouatn Th hesuriag wee adjoarmisu teg a week

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