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I t A Sncccssful Woodsman Talks
t About his Craft
p Tho Baby and tho Panther and
J What Happened to Eaoh
Heir the Adlrdaek Trapper HalUs hit
I lat Sits and BitlU hti Tra i > i and
1 Catebu linttea Flahert md MlBk Bute
I brush fill Eatrtal i Mome Iuk ta Bear
nlh UnIoflrwa the Panther Killer
null bu Greatest 1spIItWldeat
NoimrwooD N 7 Fob Although tho
increasing popularity of the Adirondack region
I as ft summer resort la continually decreasing
tho supply of game there are still enough fur
bearing animals loft In the woods to furnish n
livelihood to a number of professional trappers
who pass tho winter tramping through lone
Btrotohos of woods examining their traps
That Is the business pays well n wages BO
hereabouts Among tho guides living II this
vicinity la Will Light who is employed In the
ummor by the Bliby Club over on Blsby Lain
of which Oen Hustod of Wostchoster and
OOD Sherman ore members Light was
I trained by tho Into Charles Cowdry one of tho
oldest and best known trappers lii tho Adiron
I dack In bin day and ono who was I well
r known for his eccentricities as for his suoooss
I a a trapper Although no larger a trapper
himself Mcht knows nil about tho business
The first thing to be dono by a trapper who
intends t make n business of I during tho
season is to choose his location for headquar
ters he sal < tho other evening Ho must do
than although fur doo
this not later thln August nlholih j
not coma prime until November Ho must
build a shanty of course to Iho In and as all
shanties are roofed with birch bnrk he must
build when tho bark will peel TInt Is why
tho location of his headquarters must bo select
ed and tho shanty built before the end of Au
Gust The bark wont pool after that As a mat
ter of fact It Is bettor to build two pretty good
shanties because he will have im easier time I
lie has two places for kooplnu food Suppose
tho trappor to start In frosli In this country he
would most likely buy his supplier at Boon
vlllo that Is the starting point for most of
them Just as soon as the Illcs go which may
be the last of July ho will start Into tho woods
Ho will carry a doublebarrelled shotgun a
few cartridges 1 light axosay 3i pounds
blanket and I pack bnskot filled with grub
1 Tho pack basket U i simply a bit basket shaped
like tho baskets you put trout In and fitted
I with straps to securo It on a mans back like a
j knapsack I Is light nud capacious Ho will
also fishing tackle and frying
olso curry 19hlnl muy Ha 0
1 linn and somo lard and salt among tho grub
Ho cnn get himself and his outfit cnrrled in aa
I far as Blsby lakes on any day at Unit season of
tho roar on 0 wagon nnd that Is i tho best way
I to go From Blsby ha ought go up tho south
branch of Moose nor 1 ho wants to got to thu
best runways for fur In that section There
are of course just as good runways If not bet
tor further north but tho Ito plains or tho
natural clearings as they are called just Over
the line in Hamilton county aro protty good
Tho country is pretty wild thor and thor
is a good chance for n man to show what he
knows about locating a shanty Jlr Cowdry
whom I learned the business located his
Bhality known as tbo Centennial about thirty
rods from Mooso River but ho would never co
direct from tho river to tho bhauty He always
loft the river when a couple of miles or so up
F or down and took a chub around lest some
ono coming along the river should see his
trail and so locate tho shanty and prove an
unwelcome guest It Is common to locate outs
lake Thor are scores of little lakes In the
mountains that are not down In tho maps
Thcro aro 0 great many of them unknown ex
cept perhaps to two or throo trappers guides
who finding the fur plenty there keep tho
matter to themselves
A good woodsman going there for the frt
time would probably spend 1 week or two
looking around perhaps moro but bo would
likely settle on 0 email lake eventually Then
ho would build his first shanty Inagrovo
whore tho wind would not disturb him it I con
venlent but at the side of I big rock I pos
sible ho clears oil a space large enough to hold
ft log house say six by ton foot large He
builds it < logs > no largor than ho can hnndlo
easily u no tins n rock to nullil against ho
only has to build thron sides of tho house Ha
elves it 0 shod roof with 0 pretty steep pitch
and locates the fireplace acniiiht tho rock The
roof is lOrolly covered with two layers of
blroh bark Tho door is made of plunks split
from balsam Tho ilroplnco Is a Haltopced
neap ol stones tho chimney a halo In the roof
itis n good plan to have cover for that hole
and put it in place when going away from tho
shanty for otherwise tho enow will b found a
couple of feet deep on top of tho fireplace on
returning again I lmo had toshovol snow
and chop Ice for two hours before getting u llro
made more than once and thut too on reach
ing the shanty at night after a Ions days
tramp A man cnn curry in a window ash
und gloss Thoro are trappers givon to just
such luxuries a that in their shnntlos lho
cracks between the logs and whore the JOBS
butt against tho rooks may bo chinked with
I moss or covered with bark or both rite hearth
from tho Ilroplnco is made to slant to the
ground at a stoop angle down which on a cold
day the coals may bo rakod heating tho shanty
j like an ovon A heap of balsam boughs and a
c blanket makes a good enough beihfor any one
s How long to build such a house
Cowdry never devoted more than ono day
t any shanty oxoopt tho Centennial that took
two It take most men two or throo days to
build ono Having a good shanty built tho
trapper is now ready to lay out his line on
which his traps are to bo sot Tho line will of
Ino wi
course cross as many runways as ho can llnd
hind but how ho Hnds tho runways 1 cannot
explain 1 would have to take a man to the
woods and show them to him but the nnlmnls
leave signs and trails that are unmlstakublo
Ulio principal animals he Is looking for up this
way aro martens and Ushers Tho ushers are I
general found on tops of craggy mountains
and rocks and the martens on hard wood ridges
and in tho valleys and along streams some
times Bo the line runs straight away right
over the tops of the mountains that are met
and back by I circuitous routo to the cabin
The line Is simply 1 snries of blazed tress by
which tho trapper can anrs his way without dan
cerof getting lost Ha takes cure to blaze the
trees high up say six feet from tho ground for
thero is four foot of snow then In the wlutor
generally and maybe moro Lyon at that tho
trapper may have to no over the Hue and blaze
It anew alter a deop fall of snow I have soon
tow blazes snowed under About eight or ton
miles maybe a little more away from tho home
shanty another shanty good enough to sleep
in is made It is not so largo or elaborate us
the first because no stores will bo kept there
It is juit about as far away from tho first a 0
man can walk In a day and attend to his traps
After 1 heavy fall of snow with tho cob houses
burled out of sight It takes a deal of time to re
bait tho trans and eet eerythlng arranged to
the uatlsfnotlon of tho fur that is expected t
cOle alone nod ton miles of smooth wnlklnc
Will then be too much to be covered while the
sun shines so he gets there to nnd the snow
that burled tho traps has llllod the shanty and
made lifo a burden
Traps are put from a quarter to a half mile
apart according to tho runways and BO the
length of a lino mil depend on tho number of
traps a man his A lino forty miles long is I not
unusual On such a tine two good shanties
unu6un Ilumt
twenty miles apart nro needed and should ha
kept stocked with i > n > felons Tho value of
more than one good BhHnty stocked with food
lies In the fact food n man must carry all of his
o food for his use while going oo cnrr line from
tho onehouso shanty Now I tho line was
forty miles long ho must start out vrlth uiuh
for live days but I be has another good shanty
Well stocked ho lias only to start with grill for
two and a half days This Is an Horn worth ro
momberlng for the weight of his gun and bait
nnd the fur ho will hInd and an extra trap or
I 1 two to set whore new signs may be discovered
make a burdon not needlessly added to
Having built his shanties the trapper can
co back to civilization and work as most agree
able to him until the middle of October Then
ho cot his unl11ho order and lays In his sup
plies The traps are generally the No1 or
I Blnglospriug traps for although I larger trap
i is needed to hold a Usher if set with 1 clou tho
i small one is good enough I I sot with a birch
sapling bpnt over and attached to it to SOl as
a holing polo A few largo onus will bo taken
to bet on the top of the mountains for fisher
but the chnnos are < that > hu trapper will llnd
pore Ishllsln lila marten traps than 11 tht
rdg ones und wil catch more martens II lie
big traps lImit ushers The grub will cOlslst
of flour iork baking powdor suit wi and
ObI lkna epporlnd
butter tfX usual camp lit for SSffiiK A
IQkl of potatoes Is l often carried In To live
cjii I a nan jnust make at least two preliminary
tr sbto lot tn his grub and traps on the ground
sad ho TU ban to car sixty pounds to e
trpt Then ho will have to co out to tho settle
ment once in five or six WCCKS to gqt moro SUD
piles Of course ho carries in n gun a before
ClrO I
Having settled his house the night of bit
nrrlvulthn trnpnor begins work tho next morn
nI by Lining a bOllns orl Venison Il ono
may ny always used for bait though a part
ridge or a rabbit makes Ilr troto bait The
hlDdtiuarters of the door tho trnnpor will carr
to tho shanty for his own usn The entrails ho
will shat tho snow most likely and tho rest
h will either use at once or brush and hang up
To explain thoso oxprosMons you must know
thatwhon the entrails nro buried the first fur asa
thn bured
afiirhearim animal Is callodthatcomPR alone
will die down to got some to oat The fur
will find Itno matter If three foot of snow cover
It 1 At each subsequent trip for the clear skied
killed as near the linn as possible and the hut I
kied lnn
bnlt ns It is called it I buried on the line the
trapper takes look at the snow thereabouts
Whon ho finds a couplo of holes In tlio snow
over the bIg bait he sots traps in them and
catches tho furovory tlmo for lie furls sure to
P Ph 4 n twn nn Intes wllhout sus
pTclon tio much for thn l burled bjjAimucli
of the deer ns will ball ton or twenty trons U I
cut olt for immediate UMO This may be thirty
or forty pounds The rest is hung up for future
uio In renewing the bait To hang it up It Is
ronelln bAi
covered with brush that are tied to I and It Is
then secured to a stilt birch sapling bent down
for the purpose and allowed to sway tip again
beyond the reach of predatory animals Jlio
brush Is tied to It to keep moat hawks off t
Tho worst moat hawks are blue jays owls
and ravens They will get 0 good deal of t
brush it ns best he may Of course tho doors
skin Is dried and bold the same as any skin
Having Plenty of bait tho trapper noxt sets
his traps If he can find a hollow log a trap
goes in thero euro Or if a stub be found so
high that the show cannot drift over It and yet
so low that tho top may bo reached by climb
ing a trap goes on top of I Martens climb to
tho top of I those stubs every tuna they como
to one and they go Into every hollow log they
como to without fall They llnd mice and
molos In tho logs and grubs about the old
stings Then tho marten has a habit of jump
Ing on to every log ho comas to and running
the length of It 101 O tho trapper builds his cob
house of whloh I suoko on top of some old big
log The cob house is made of stakes cut from
birch saplings oily an inch or two thick and
threo feet long They are driven Into tho log
AIda and side so an to form an enclosure
of an oral shape perhaps two foot long with
an opening six Inches wide at ono end In this
opening tho trap is laid In tho back ond 1
openlnr onr
chunk meat a pound or two perhaps tho
deers head Is thrown Then brush or sticks
or pieces of bar should bo laid over tho top of
the enclosure Theso force the nnluml to go
Into tho enclosure where tho trap in sot la
order to got nt tie bait cud ho Is Bur to step
on the trap I ho trIos all Tho trap chain is
fastened to 0 spring polo This Is n birch sap
ling trimmed up all bOlt over and tho end
Inl UI
stuck under I short wedge driven Into tho Ride
of tho log or Into a crock in tho snag J tho trap
bo set on n snag or Into a notch In tho sldo of
nconvunlont trot Tho animal tears around
when Hint caught mind boon got tho spring
polo clear of Its fastening when It llfto tho fur
up whore other animals cannot roach him and
whore ho can do nothing to release himself I
What other animals would oat him 1
A Usher will cat a niatton but the mice are
tho worst they destroy tho value of a fur loft
on tho ground I Uiey gel at It Still a good
many trappers will not take the trouble to sot
spring poles
Aro stool traps the only ones used
No Nearlyoery Unjpor sets dead falls
but not many of them TUo cob house is built
as before but Instead of tho trap log porhaps
D or 0 Inches In diamctut and 8 or 1 feet long
ts supported over tho enclosure so as to bo
knocked down by tho animal One end of this
dead full rots on tho big log that forms tho
runway and the other end rests just within tho
enclosure A Ileuro four may support It but
Iproor ro cut a stick n9 thick ns my thumb
and 8 Inches long and then cut It in two and
sot the two pieces together by n splice just ns
timbers are spliced In framing a house only
when the two pieces are Rot together they form
a slight angle with oach other Now I thoy bo
placed together and stood on end and tho dead
fall rested on top the weight will throw them
apart Instantly all down I comes To hold
thorn together while waiting forgnmel put tho
crotch of n split stick over tho splice just as
bad boys put I split stick on 0 dogs tll to mako
It run mini howl To this stick Is attached tho
bnlt When tho fur nibbles the bnlt tho split
stick falls oil tho splice and down comes tho
dead nil 1 know a man who set n hue with
nothing but dead falls and lion something
bapll ned to call hint out of the woods Ho told
nn acquaintance of mlno that ho could have all
tho fur In the dead fulls I ho would go over tho
line nnd get it He got I for his trouble
Snares aro not used although twltchups
are easily set nnd cost nothing the reason Is
that I marten oon though hung up by tho
nock would got his claws Insldo of the uooso
nud throw himself out unless ho happened to
get his neck broken by tho jerk when thobnoro
strung and that would not happen
Do you get anything besides martens and
Yet Foxes will entor n trap there about
as readily as martens will although no one can
ratch a fox 111 trap around tho battlements
Foxes are generally caught where big bait is
burled and around tho lakes Aler a lake
freezes ovor tho foxes make regular tours
around it until there is 0 very distinct fox road
around tho edge Now if a big bolt bo buried
in tho snow mi tho Ice near tho edge the foxos
soon go to it anil you are sure to got thorn
Sometimes a mink is caught in I trap sot for
n marten Minks havo sold for bo little during
recent years that no ono sets a trap especially
for them but a fox Is worth as much as a mar
ton A trapper will generally get a tow otters
during 0 season Ho generally shoots them
in tho early winter when tho streams aro just
freeing over and in the spring when the ice
ilrst breaks up I never know even Mr Cow
dry to catch one in a trap I shot two one day
They worn playing on the ico on tho south
branch Tho llrst ono I shot was near tho
bank whore tho ico would support him and I
got him The other fell out where tint ice was
thin and broko through I followed him watch
ing him through tho ic Ill hoping I could
oontunlly cot him but I never did
After the linoof traps is sot then what
Tho trappor must go overtIme line regularly
about once In ten days This is not such oasy
work as It may FOCIU to be A good supply of
wood Is cut for the ehanty so as to have things
ready for I tiro when homo is reached again
After broakfoct say nt about I oclock tho
trapper straps his pack basket on his bock
straps on his snowshoes takes tile gun a trap
or two 1 supply of bait nnd sets forth Hu
must oxamlno ouch trap Some will bu sprung
tril sprUil
and thu bait eaten with no fur there The fur
may tiara boon there hut may have been oaten
himself by 1 Usher Mom than likely n rod
squirrel or a Hying squirrel or u jay has
smelled the bait and got caught Then tho
marten camo along and ate up tho jay and tho
bait No matter bad luck comes with tho
good liesldos the marten will como back
threo weeks from tho day ho was there and will
remember what a good meal ho good youll
got him noxt time sure You reset tho trap
Iot tmo
and renew tho bait JIaybo 0 heavy snow
has fallen and buried your cob house If
It bo not too deep dig it out I It bo burled
very deep I now one must be made over It or
Bomowhiro near and tho trap dUI out ro
sot and batted With tho thorraomutor 10 ° or
moro below zero that Is a cold job Tho trap
per takes enough bait from tho homo shanty
to last him probably for tho dny but likely
for the noxt days robalting ho will
have to kill another door That may take
him an hour or two but ho will gen
erally see enough ns ho tramps over tho
route to supply forty linos Thero is no troublo
about venison as a rule Homo of lie traps
will bo found badly located and they will havo
to bo moved to other places Whenever I fresh
door Is killed and a big bait hurlEd traps
sometimes three or fOur ovon will havo to bo
takim to it I all takes time nnd work
When n fur Is found tmo trap ho is generally
dead and frozen solid I never found hut one
live marten In a trap and of nil tho twisting ali
turning nndstruggllngl ever Mm that vras tlio
worst He was hung up by a spring pole with
his fore paw in tho trap He just swung him
self up nnd wrapped his body about thu chain
mind then gripped tho trap with teeth mil his
free claw until it Ilaked the rust off and left
marks on the solid Iron while there was I look
of terror and pain In his fncn that was pitiful
I put him out of his misery pretty quick
Put frozen furs must bo thawed out before
they aro skinned because the skin breaks so
easily when frozen Tho fur Is therefore
dumped bodily Into tho pack basket and curried
to the camp whore he is hung up over night
and is then skinned in tho morning A imtrtnn
weighs a little over two pounds It makes the
trapper smlla when I ho gets enough I of them to
make I InN I o with carrying them When I tlio
skin Is taken nil It is stretched over a board
Bolt from a balsam log and is hung up to dry
under the roof whero nothing disturbs It
While fur conies prime in November It is
really betterfu March TIme trapper will got a
good deal of fur early in tho ses > on and a rood
Heal late In time beasou if ho sticks to his line
During tho last of January and In February
fur does not lun to well It always runs well
during 0 warm spill following u cold one
Wfint Is a good winters work
From 150 to I Not olton is to much as
200 got In 0 taasori Last winter Kd Arnold
whom ovory Ohio knows was over on Fulton
chain with another muii and got 123 martens
1 ushers 7 otters 111111 0 of foxes minks
and door hklns or over SOO In all for time two
men The martens and foxos aoruco JlJo
each the Ushers 17 and the otters S6 Arnold
Is over GO roars old and does not do so much
work as ho used to do but holls a born woods
man Jack Hbeppard Is Ibo best woodsman on
the west HhoPlladlg Adirondacks He has
killed ns many ns eighteen panthers in one
winter they say That was I pretty good years
work In sol on account of the bounty ivury
woodsman his the luck to kill ole now and
then lie may gel a 1 good bearskin too
WhI dont you KO into tho woods now 1
Wel its against tho law to kill deer out of
fceasoa and no man can trap and not break
that law Homo trappers break tho law by
using poison htrychiilne Is commonly Ufcod
A big hail Is liurhd and allowed to remain Uol 1
t tho fur L1t to oonilug freely Then little
bits of meat pplsonwd VtltTias much strychnine
ns can bo held on the point of n pockot knife
are Bt up on stakes in tho snow over and
around tho big bait The fur oats one of those
and ho does not go Tory far afterwards I ihe
fur Is eklnnad very soon after death the poison
does Dot auluct the aftr iso polt Anoalg
w =
does not act quickly enough I the whole bin
dos at
bait b poisoned ln he fur ent 80 much sa to
pmke him throvr it tip and he escapes 80 the
little pfeoo trW Ifnt the practice Is unlaw
uland ought not to bq followed law or no law
ln oUlht
Every trapper has his own Ideas about trap
ping that he does not give away t the eenorol
public Among the secrets Is tho medicine h
uses to scent hiS bait The common drugs uied
are anise oil nnd ossafojUdo tlsh oil Is par
tioularly good for mink but mink are not
trapped very much now A compound of nssn
fcotlda musk anise oil and fleh oil makes I
swootdmolllnB savor that Light Bars will at
tract any furbearing animal In the Adiron
dacks from the artless boor to the wily fox
Home trappers make a trail by dragging a Ion
of wood sonkod In this or somo like compound
ovor time lino from tP to trap Sometimes
snowshoes are soaked In ill but then the trap
per has to hong tho snowshoes up outside of
the shanty when ho goes to Blnop nut some
sort of medicine as It Is called Is used by the
majority < the trnppers and each depends on
his own experience lon compounding It
Sagebrush Hill nays the Month Ore for
Dears to nance To
FOnT CUTER Jan 271 wonder I any ot
those down East boarhunting chaps that
write letters to THE SUN from tho backwoods
of Maine and Pennsylvania ovor tumblod to
the fact that bruin Is ono of the most musical
varmints In all creation I remember hearing
Parson Poto who used to bo a down East sky
pilot years ago tel about a bear he once saw
In the streets of Now York ndaeclng to the
muslo of a hurdygurdy and another one a
small black hour ho said ho saw In a theatre
beating a gong Old Polos pretty white and
so I reckon he must have seen all this but Im
ntalklngof real varmint not bears that havo
been born and brought up In a circus
I dont know whether I mentioned i In any
of my other letters Sagebrush Bill is one of
tho slickest musicians in Montana Ho can cot
moro music out of a little onohorao mouth or
gan that ho bought I year ago up In Bozemnn
than most people could out of grand piano
Every evening after supper Sagebrush used to
amuse himself by playing on this mouth organ
sometimes keeping I up till near midnight
Wo used to cot kinder weary of It at times but
now and then wo allowed him to kop it up as
long as ho wanted only requiring him to take
his camp stool somo distance away from the I
tent nnd play more gently after wo turned In
By nnd by we camo to notice that whenever
Sagebrush kept his music going pretty Into tho
mules that were picketed closo by always be
trayed signs of uneasiness shortly after he had
quit playing and gone to bod Sometimes they
wont so far as to snort and try to break loose
and once or twice when wo turned out to see
what was up wo caught Bight of soma object
moving about in the shadow of the pines that
fringed tho little mountain park In which you
remember wo had pitched our camp
This object wo very naturally supposed to be I
boar Alter the night vie got trend by the seven
grizzlies however wo woro allfired careful
about chasing boars through the timber by
moonlight At unit wo never thought of associating
soclntlng the nppearauco of this bear with
Sagebrushs music any moro than thinking
perhaps it might havo boon attracted by the
nnlso lint nile evening tho Kngllshmnn who
hulled from Inaln was telling about the way
hll Hindoos cause tho snrptnts to como awlnd
ing and hissing out of their holes swaying
their hoods for joy at hearing the music of n
lluto holS talking this over it then dawned
upon us that Sagebrushs music might have
had something to do with attracting tho bear
to tho edge of the park
Wo poked a good deal of fun at Sagebrush
about his power of fascinating boar with the
mouth organ and nono of us at the time re
garded tho matter as anything moro than 0
good joke happened however a day or two
later that wo struck a llrstrato opportunity to
put It to tho test and so found out that
music hath charms oven to n bear charms
that If properly used may easily lure him to
One night tho mules broko loose and cleared
out In tho mornlnir Sagebrush and I followed
their troll down through tho timber and on out
into the prairie While crossing a sort of a
level Inlet of prairie between two spurs wo
saw a family of hIve cinnamon boars playing
together right out on tho open There was no
cover but a few kneohlsh clumps of grease
wood anil one sinuous little dry watercourse
a mer washout barely sufficient to hide a per
son crawling on all fours
Wo woro half a milo or more from the boars
when we llrst saw them They were having 0
quiet game of tag now youve got mo and now
aalo tnl
you aint all to themselves and had no idea of
anybody being within a hundred miles Drop
ping down into tho washout wo hold a brief
consultation as to what wo had better do
consultaton lI
Plainly there was only the ono thlngwhleh was
to crawl along the watercourse until it should
bring us near enough to use our Winchesters
with good effect
wih Iood olcct
Looks like a pity to spoil their play though
dont it 1 suggested Sagebrush
So it does I agreed but it would be I
still greater pity to let them got away and so
we started on up tho washout The bears wore
so absorbed in their play thnt wo had no dim
culty In creeping up unporcolved to within 200
yards At tills point was 0 slight pocket or
depression In tho ditch with a couple of bould
ers In the bottom It scorned almost as i the
hollow had been scooped out and tho two
boulders placed therein for our special benefit
By sitting on tho boulders wo could just peep
over I llttlo fringe of greasewood that run
around tho edge mind watch tho boars at play
Bears lra cilo 15 playful ns so many kittens
among themselves und It is one of tho prettiest
Bights Imaclnnble to soo four or five of them
playing Imollulble thlsJlrty thoro woro live bears
throe oldtimers and two cubs Tho way they
dodged around ono another rolled ovor stood
up sashayed twirled around whinnied
laughed and caved around generally was a
heap tho prettiest thing 1 had noon for some
time In broad daylight Wo sat thero and ou
joyed tho circus awhile when an Idea struck
me all of 1 sudden
Have you got your mouth organ In your
pocket Sagebrush 7 I said remembering the
talk nn evening or two before und also that ho
usually carried tim instrument In his pocket
Thats so Hank says he by thunderl
and producing tho mouth organ ho commenced
to ploy Buffaloes I nComlng In tho Spring
for all r she was worth
You just ought to have seen those bears I
When tIme first strains of tho mouth
Wien tlo frst straln organ
reached them it was tho comlcalcst sight you
could Imagine Tholr mouths llowopen as wide
as steel traps and their itt Irs commenced
atwltchlng like 1 mules ears In fly time They
dliln t Boom tho loast bit scared or suspicious
hut ImplY puzzled to account for the music
They nil stood bolt upright and looked this way
and that and began to soUl tho air but seeing
nothing they abandoned themselves to their
sense of melody without reserve Thoy began
twirling around swaying thelrhonds and way
inc their paws with I rhythmical motion much
as tho Englishman from India said the Gov
ernment elephants sway their trunks whenever
they hear the band
While going through these motions thoy wore
slowly workinc their way along In our direction
as though Irrlblsttbly drawn toward us by the
music which of course tOWlr as by this
time was very evldont SagoJurushiiiIt playiim
ruBhqul plaYlnl
fo 0 tow moments just to soo what they wouhl
do 1ho bemirs looked
belrslook lt one another much UI
human beings do when badly dumbflustered
about anything and went to roaming around
with heads up snllllng tho air and whining
When ho struck up again livelier than ever
tho bears seemed beside thonjpolves with joy
Thoy come lumbering and cavorting toward
us twitching their ears and opening their
mouths lory now and then they stopped to
raise up on their hind logs twirl around and
gambol in a manner that snowed them tote In
an ecstasy of delight I Boomed a pity as
Sagebrush had suggested but wo had to let
drive at them as they como on We bagged
two ot tho oldtimers and 0 cub the other two
cot away
The result of this curious experience was
that when wo came to talk it over In camp that
evening we decided to try and round up tie
boar Unit iras In tho habit of piping us oft at
night and scaring tho mules Baying formed
our plans we fixed Sagebrush up in tho skin of
a shaggy brown boar on the following night
and waiting t i along toward 1 oclock hoist
ed him up Into I troo nearwhorewo bad before
seen tho moving object which wo guessed was
a bear About twenty paces from Sagebrushs
troo was a little clump of pitch pines whore
the trees stood BO thick that with the addition
of I fow stout poles made I shelter into which
a boar would hove right smart troublo to fight
hid way Branches woro worked I to form a
Micuro nmbuscado and inside this the threo
nullblmiun nnd I concealed oursoltos
Thn waning moon was near tho last quarter
and had only just ripen ovor the mountains
but > In time transparent atmosplioro of the Dig
Horn Mountains the light was almost equal 1J
that of I full moon In tho States Winchesters
looked to and everything all ready tho signal
was given nnd Sagebrush commenced t play
Wo had taken our camp stools In with us anti
so sat thoro as comfortably us I we bad Icon
in the tent allstenlng to the music As a mat
ter of fact wo wore but carrying out the usual
evening and loss programme talk except as regards position
To tnll simile that down Easters will un
derstand maybe you might Imagine Sage
brush in ba that young fellow Holmann who I
see iy TUB SUN has beAn playing nluno at
tho Metropolitan Opera House Now York and
us four in nruhush tho audience Young Hot
mnnii according to THE HUN IB I good deal of a
corker but In his particular line you can bet
your bottom dollar that Sagebrush can play all
around anybody that ever wore hair For
awhile tho woods uenmed full of muslo opu
lent with melody Abe first tune Tie turned
loose was Im a DO er As the wild sweet
strains of Im a 8010r aoad through the
silent moonlit mountain air the listening pines
apctond to catch up tt note and pan them
and on ultf you could hear or em t
hear them floating away in lingering rneilinu
ousnoM for miles flight there amid the pines
the Englishmen allowed thatlmuslo waif arfoct
f < l muoVtho samo as when It is played on tho
water Ilowsomever that mar be the mouth
lo1lomevor thlt
organ sounded a hOAp more melodious than
oran aounoll 1
when played In the tent and all agreed that
when Sagebrush liked to tuno himself up prop
erly ho u mighty hard to beat
Im a Bojer71 hnd been played twlco The
Arkansaw Traveller once and tho joyous
strains of Mormon Algols wore making tho
pine needles quiver In sympathy when wo saw
something move across a little open space
about 1 hundred 10rS away Sagebrush very
evidently SIT it too for Mormon Angels was
never plated before nor since I reckon as
portly as no reeled it olTup among the branches
of that pine tree for tho next few minutes
Pretty soon wo saw tho object move again
this time t I little nearer Before many minutes
I showed up still closer BO that we wore able
to make 1 out us a big brown boar and that
Mormon Angels was gradually charming it
along toward our position On It camo nearer
nnd nenrer right up toward Sagebrushs tree
now and then nailing to twirl around cut up
playful dldos just BH tho cinnamons did on tho I
Prairie to rub its head against 0 tree and give I
vent to its feelings Sagebrush played on only
1 little more soft and ravishing like and the
first thing we knew tho bear was standing bolt
upright underneath his tree looking up a
twitching its oars and odrinking in the muslo
All at once tho hour seamed to give way loan
Impulse of reckless abandon a though utterly
unable t restrain its wild exuberant passion
for melody any longer The war It capered
about under that troo turned lumbering
somersaults hugged Imaginary objocts In Its
arms worked Its paws up and down rolled its
head about and weaved Its big hairy body
WM enoughtoticklotbo rlslbJUos ot nn Injun
1or a moment Sagebrush stopped playing
Al soon as the muslo ceased tIme boar stopped
waltzing around lokell up hppdhlinely lUte
commenced to whine for more Thon It
was that tho strange eceno seemed to strlko
the Britishers ns something so utterly ludicrous
that they well nigh upset their camp stools with
Inward merriment As Sagebrush didnt start
playing again quick enough to suit tho old bear
ho shaped himself for climbing tho troo
scaling tho balcony ono of the Britishers
allowed In a whisper to tlio others
The three English sportsmen scorned might
ily tickled at this last movement of tho big
brown bear I heap moro so I reckon than
Sagebrush did for as I believe I remarked in
n former letter brown boars mnko no troublo
nbout climbing a troo The muslo commenced
again In pretty short order and Im a 1 HOJor
was rattled oil with such astonishing vim and
execution that tho Britishers nudged ono an
other in tho ribs and nearly shook off their
moccasins with suppressed mirth They al
lowed atorward in explaining tbo reason of
their merriment that It was Hko Homeo and
Juliet people I think they said who used to
bang out somowhoro In the old country years
ago and serenade each other by moon l hlt
climb balconies and generally cave around
Funny ns tho old bears antics seemed wo
woro of course ready with our Winchesters to
koop him from climbing tho tree but It is easy
enough to Imagine that Sagebrush was a trifle
curious In his own mind an to how we were
lust at that moment viewing tho situation
However as soon as he commenced playing
again tho bear quit whining let go the tree
and again turned loose with every demonstra
tion of approval that a bear ever made
After watching tho boar dance until Sage
brush began to got pretty tired of playing wo
took deliberate aim through our brush barrier
and lot moonlight into his astonished carcass
in four different places This was I middling
warm dose to give him at twenty paces but
after thrashing around some ho rallied and
came charging at our stockade like an Infuri
ated demon Another volley with tho muzzles
of our Winchesters almost buried in his shay
wool however finished him up Sagebrush
slid down tho treo and threw off his bearskin
and on the way to tho tent ho owned up with a
laugh that when ho saw tho boar start to climb
the tree ho came near yelling out to know
whether wo woro asleep or whnt
I was I curious bit of adventure tills ser
enading tho big brown boar by moonlight but
it Battled tho question once torah with us as
to boar being charmed with music As tho
Britisher from India snld I snakes and ele
phants und all manner of foreign varmint can
bo charmed with music why not Itocky Moun
tain bears too 1 And now I have given them
the tip maybo somo of your down East scion
tile galoots mar como to understand why cir
rus people always train bears todanco to miisio
instead of lions or painters The way I figure It
out Is that It comes so natural for a bear to
take to music nnd dancing that he virtually re
Quizes no training at all
Hair they are Ilumted and Where they are
ItredIVIldent Island
NORWICH Fob Wildcats are steadily
Increasing In Connecticut I is evident that
thoy have como to stay to mao fun for hunt
ters hot work for hounds and trouble for
poultry raisers For half a century and until
two or throe years ago wildcats woro almost
unknown in the State Now it is a common in
cident for 1 huntor to moot them in tho wilds
along tho Connecticut Blvor in the western
towns of this county and in Tolland county
Not loss than fifteen or twenty wildcats havo
boon killed In tho regions named since last
October Last year about half that number
were bagged mind the year before only four or
five Tho best wildcat hunting was dono in
December Charles Kolsoy of Clinton shot ono
on Tower U 0 thirtypounder was killed at
CliostorIn tho Connecticut Hlorvnlloy Frank
Parker of Chester got another which ho ex
hibited In Churchs blacksmith shop at the
rate of ton cents n look and Frank Oelstonof
Niantio in East Lymo this county killed tho
fourth ono captured this season In that tom
as It prowling through his hennery
was prowJna thrlah Innp
pine off the heads of his fattest fowls Soy
rh otho rs woro shot In tho same month
The latest encounters with wildcats took
place within two wools tho frat ono nearllam
burg In Lyme in tho southwestern part of
this county Oscar Leach and James Wilder
Hamburg boys were out rabbit hunting and
thoy bad penetrated about to tho border tho
wild wooded and rocky town of East Lymo
when Wildors dog tracked a wildcat in
to 0 copso and went In and tho
cat cave him ona cuff that sent him
back so badly hurt that the hunters had
to kill him Than tho cat came out with 0 rush
and was shot dead within a few feet of tho
hunters with two charges of heavy shot from
Loach who pulled both triggers at once Tho
cat rolled ocr la ono direction and young
Loach curled up like 0 pretzel rolled In the
opposite way The scared boys slung their I
came und hurried homo rabbit hunting had
lost its charm for thom It was a large wild
cat and tho boys sold it to a tnxldermlst
Tho second cat was knocked over last week
by Mr Chapman who runs tho mil that is
perched on the frowning precipice In East Had
dam over which tho Devils Hop Yard brook
tliundorslnto tho Hop Yard It Is 1 lonely spot
among mountains thnt abound wildcats and
crows Mr Chapman was awakened Into at
night by 0 tumult in his hennery and by tho
wild yelping ot his dog llo jumped out of bod
got his gun and throw open the kitchen door
A shadow was capering over tho moonlighted
and crusted snow not sixty feet away and Mr
Chapman instantly pulled up his ploco and lot
go at tho contra of the shadow The shadow
stopped leaping nnd sprawled out In tho snow
clawing at the crust and snarling frightfully
Mr Chapman fired another charge and then
stepped gingerly out In his stocking feet Into
tho field and nicked up a dead wildcat TIme
dog which had Interviewed tho prickly boast
first was so terribly scratched that Its owner
had to help it Into the houso
In Litobllold county wildcats are sold to bo
very bold and fierce since the heavy snows fell
anti they penetrate Into barns outhouses and
hon roosts frequently A farmer killed ono re
cently which was devouring a hen by thrust
ins a pitchfork Into the preoccupied animal
Tho two prolIfic nurseries of wildcats in tho
Btato are In East nurseres few miles west of
Now London and In an linmoiiso and dreary
swamp about two miles oust of Durham near
the town of Iladdam Both places are Inter
esting to those who aro attracted by rugged
and distorted or by hideous scenery lImo
whole northern and central part of East
Lymo is I 0 wilderness of trcoclad hills
and valleys bristling with chaotic masses of
rocks in the lagged caves among tho jumblod
mid overlapping boulders nnd granite Blubs
wildcats have their lulls nnd raise a progeny
each season with which to people tho rust of
the State The Eat Lyme dlitrlct turns out
not less than llftoen or twont nnlmuls yearly
ruin othor breeding place the Durham
swamp Is an ind ncrlbnbly dicnry morubs
many miles In extent that la covered with
tangled forests of stunted and blackened hem
locks and gnarled and mournfullooking ce
dars It Is known as Cedar Swamp Its Inner
recesses are never penetrated except nt long
lonotrtOl lonl
Intervals by hardy hunters who break their
way through bull briers and twisted and inter
woven branches and among breasthigh rock
Ing tussocks In amonf coons or rabbits
Not far from the centre of the swamp Is a
email lake of slimy red water and in the mid I
dIe n little Island whore rank vegetation over
spreads and olTucos the shore so that the Islet
looks to Le tie shaggy head of a vast mud
monster resting on tho surfaoo of the slough
On the Inland Is nn old abandoned cabin
which Chester Brooks nil Indian who traced
Ills llneiiKii In unbroken linn to tim groat
Sachem Uncae inhabited 100 his death u fow
yours nap After his death not a human being
had sot foot on the island until July 18SG when
Willie Oarnes of Durham with four school
friends of New York set out at daybreak to
peat and make their way to the margin of th
rrOndS With Infinite trouble they penetratod the
reat wamp rod by rod until I they retched the
lake nd la flag by ambition aid owl
osltr they built n raft and senlled It h
across the dull black water They supped
ashore with cautious tread Into tho quaking
underbrush climbed the bank and stood nt
the halfcharred plot boforo tho red mans
lonoly hut A part of the roof had fallen but
the walls stood firm anti from within thor they
heard a sinister stirring of leaves or brush
and a ferocious growl Believing that tim
snarl came from no moro formidable animal
than a coon or n woodchuck the boys pushed
open the loaning door which was unhinged
and took ono step Insldo An thoy did so tuoro
was a fiercer growl time peculiar lonplng sound
of wild animals HM heard In the obscurity of
the interior nmJ three tawny boasts sprang
forward and glldod through time opening the
next moment thoy bad vanished Into the thick
Bklrts ot the underbrush Time boasts were
wildcats whloh tho country boy had recog
nized at once mind the little company
turned pale It was but n stop to Ito
raft and a moment later the juvenile
explorers were imlllng and prying their
craft away from tho wildcat island
with nervous movements nnd In desporato
haste As thoy glldod away they heard now
and then a half suppressed howl from the
matted coverts which was answered from other
parts of time island irhlch was evidently coo
plod by wildcats and by thorn alone rime
boys named It Wildcat Island In talking over
their adventure the way home and since
then Its reputation nn a nursery of the nnlninls
has become as great as thnt of the rough wll
dorncss of East Lymo Wildcats breed In great
numbers on the unvisited island and In the
environing swamps and llnd plenty to llvo on
In the summer butwhen tho big fen Is frozen
In winter they cross the Ice and advnnco into
tlio cultivated districts for food Middlesex
county hunters Jmvo tried In vain extermi
nate tho pests but tins swamp confuses do
ludos and foils them In summer in winter tho
came is not at homo
He vau the San of a Touch Father and
drew Vp Tough Xllmiiirnu Fate
HONKSDAIE Pa Fob 1In the panther
story from like county printed in lost Sundays
BUN reference was mado to a big panther that
years ago crabbed up and ran away with Mrs
Hayncss baby while the mother was busy at
her washing she havIng placed the baby on
tim ground near by but beyond time fact that
Mrs Hnynos chased the audacious boast over
took it and by lusty thumps with her clothes
pounder compelled time animal to give up Its
prey nothing was sold as to what was the ulti
mate result ot the bold marauders raid Time
truth ot tho story of thatbnbysteallne panther
was doubted in the Delaware valley by subse
quent generations of dwellers but somo time
after the death of the late Hon Paul 3 Pros
ton of this county tho authenticity of the nar
rative in tho main was established Among
his papers was found a diary kept by
his father Judge Samuel Preston who
was a pioneer in tho upper Delaware ral
hey and a surveyor while the most of north
ern Pennsylvania was still comprised in the
manors of the descendants of William Penn
Time diary In question la still in possession ot
tim Preston family The following entry refers
to the panther and gives the true story
July Started this morning with Ben
Hnynes John Hessum and Felix Hooper
Reached lie river before night and crossed in
a canoe to Bon Uaynoss house in York State
Ho being lame from running n stub In his foot
I Bottled with him and paid him As to his
character ho is a Low Dutchman a grout
hunter and well acquainted with the woods
Thoro Is a great stain on his character s S
Ono evening some into ago there camo a pan
thor Into his house nnd took one of time children
out of the cradle amid wnscarrying ft off but his
wife a resolute wotnnn with the dog rescued
it Tim child was much wounded it Is yet living
nnd I havo seen time scars A fow evenings after
the panther wns killed in the vicinity and found
to bo so old that Its teeth wero much failed
The dark stain on Bon Haynesscharacter
Is a reference to ono of the most inhuman and
treacherous occurrences of pioneer days In the
Dolawom volley Ono of tIme historic diameters
of tho valley whoso career was one of blood
woe Tom Quick lie Indian slayer When he
was n young man Indians killed his father nt
limo mouth of the Knwklll Creek where Mil
ford Ilko county now is Tom sworn eternal
vcngeanco against all Indians and for many
years ho carried on a relentless warfaro against
them Tradition says that ho killed ninety
nine Indians and on his deathbed his only re
gret was that ho could not havo made time num
ber an even hundred
In 1781 the Indians had nearly nil boon driven
from tho valley A few solitary nnd miserable
members of once proud and defiant tribes re
mained ocnttored hero amid thorn throu th the
region living uy hunting and fishing mid on
charity Amongthom were two wolllinown
Indians iinmod Huycon and Kanopo In 1781
they came to time Sliouola Creek near the pres
ent Hhoholn railway station to hunt mind fish
lien Homes who himself had been a deadly
enemy of tIle rod man had his cabin on
the Now York sldo of time Delaware and Tom
Uulck had a cabin up the Shuholii Creek In
Piko county near ShobolaOIen llaynos tile
coeroil the presence of tho two Indians lathe
vicinity nnd ho wont to see them at their camp
Ho tmitrd them to coma to his cabin next day
anti go with him lluhlng nt Handsome Eddy In
Limo Delaware
Tho Indians were at first suspicious but he
persisted and see mod so sincere In his offers of
hospitality that Huycon anti Kanopo finally ac
cepted his Imitation That night flames pad
dled Ills canoo over to Pennsylvania and stoic
to Tom Juicks cabin In the Bhohola ravine
Ho told Tom about the Indians and the two
planned limit Quick should tilde in tIm bushes
on time river shore nud when Haynos brought
the Indians to lie rocks to fish Quick was to
shoot ono of them unit Hnynos to kill time other
The unsuspecting Indians went with Hnynos
next day mind while fishing with him from
Hnndsoino Eddy rocks Quick from his am
bush tn the bushes shot Knnope The bull
passed through the Indians skull but did not
kill him Hnynos completed the murder by
knocking him on tim bend with n pine knot
The othor Indian jumped in the river anti
swam rapidly nwoy Quick fired nt him but
missed him Before he could reload and hire
again Huycon was out of range and ho es
caped to the woods of Sullivan county NY
This cowardly crime aroused the Indignation
of the settlements nnd Quick who had beforo
been regarded in tie light of a hero had a
price set on his head as n common murderer
warrants were Issued for him and Hnynos
but they both evaded tho olllcors and wero
never brought to justice Years afterward
both Quick and Homes boasted of the way
thoy had disposed of Kanopo and regretted
that his companion escaped them
Time story of tho panther anti resolute Mrs
names is not complete without its sequel
Tlio baby thnt the panther seized and the
mother rescued grow to manhood His name
was lien and he proved to be a worthy son of
his father Ho was known as one ot the most
desperate characters alone the river When
thin lumber business was In its Infancy In time
Delaware valley young Den Haynes as ho
was known become a raftsman Ho piloted
rafts down the then treacherous and danger
ous rapids of the Lack a wax en Itlver Ono
Earning he started with a raft from Iaupack
Eddy now Hawley this county and he was
asked where ho would eat his supper that
night His reply was In hlI I guess
The raft was wrecked in the narrows of the
Lackawnxen four miles below and ho was
One of his Exploit that was Greater then
All otiiis Other Great Ont
LAPOKTE Pa Jan 81There Isstlll nn
occailonal panther soon but moro frequently
board without being seen prowling about limo
lumber camps ot the Busquehanna basin and
making Us presence apparent byraids on
sheep and even cattlo among the sparsely
settled farm localities ot Sullivan and adjacent
counties The advance of civilization has not
been so rapid among those denso pine and
hemlock wildernesses to have alone caused tho
panther abandon Its haunts inthoso forests
for there are still Inaccessible jungles nod wild
rocky retreats so well loved by this boldest
and fiercest ot tho great cat family where It
might hide itself with almost If not quite ns
much security It did In earlier years but
civilization ws aided by a band ot Inveterate
and cunning woodsmen who passed their
lives almost solely In carrying pu nn offensive
warfare against tIme panther following it oven
to Its remotest and most dangorous haunts
amid engaging it there fearlessly and with
tactics which they had reduced to nn exact
science It was the perpetual anti unrelenting
crusade ot this band of woodsmen that gradu
ally reduced the ones numerous race of pan
there In these woods to a condition of almost
absolute extinction so that today with condi
ions favorable not only to its existence but to
Its increase It is only at rare intervals that the
bloodcurdllngcry ot this once monarch of the
woods is heard among its old haunts ana
rarer still that the dreaded possessor of the
voice is seen
Cnpt Brown was probably lie most famous
of the oldtlmo piintlmr slayers Ho was an
early settler at limo Forks ol time lnyalsnck
Creek near vlmt Is now the mountain village
of ForkKUliii bulllvan county whom iii put up
a cabin and spent Ills time In hunting m HH
wail tin panther bcourge of a with region anti
hU cablu was tho first place that was visited by
the Bottlers thereabouts when a panther had
bereft some ono of them of a muchtreasured
sheep or cow the visit belne to beg Onpt
Brown to come and rid their particular locality
of the marauding bet Among the hundred
SI Wee of dtuUe and wwUtenci aIjihLBt
by the treat nlotioor Iran tor ono Is recounted
with especial prido bydoscondnnts ot tile
Among tile ilrst to seek thin then unknown
and unbroken region about tIm forks of tho
Loyalsock a settler named Samuel Iloffors
Ono morning nogora appeared In great troiluhls
lion nt Cnpt llrowns cabin just as that hunter
was rigging himself up for a days tramp
among the panther haunts Itogors said that
n big panther had broken Into his phocpfold
the night before and had carrl d off his most
highly prIzed ram Rogers was n good panther
hunter himself but he Implored Wrown to ac
company him in the chase It was ono of
llrowns eccentricities that ho never hunted In
company with anybody and ho refused to go
with Rogers But he said
Now you go homo Kogors anti keep cool
I wont KO with you aftorthat big panther but
Ill go out myself and kill it for you and hope
Ill havo a chance to got its mate too
Thnt was satisfactory to lingers and Cnpt
Brown took his gun amid wont nt once to tim
woods on the flats nt the forks of the creek
It was Into in the fall nnd tlioro was a light
snow on the ground At tho edge of tho creek
be struck time fresh track of a panther In time
snow From tho unusual size of tho footprints
and drops ot blood horn and thero along time
trail the blood having como Irom somo animal
the panther had secured and wns carrying
awayJJrown know he had located tho blgshoop
stealer that had been In Ucttlcr Hogorss fold
It Is the habit of panthers like all ot the cat
family to bury what Is left from a feast to ba
exhumed and oaten on some future occasion
Brown knew that by following the troll If ho
did not overtake the panther Itself lie would
como to lie spot whore it had buried the re
mains of the sheep and that by waiting near
that spot ho would bo sure to got u shot not
only nt the ono panther but moro than likely
at its mate which tIme former would fetch
along to join in devouring time mutton The
huntor followed the trail for a lone distance
and finally on tho edge ot a douso laurel
thicket found where tho panther had bur
ied the sheep Boforo preparing him
self to hide for the coming of Ills
game he instinctively danced up among
the terns ot tho toll trees bordering tho swamp
andfi djscovorod time panther his huge length
stretched along a limb near the top of one of
thotrees and his ayes fixed on the bunter bo
low Brown raised his rifle to llro hut time
ORlUWanlmal sprang to another tree top nnd so
swlfV wero his movements that ho escaped from
the sight ot limo hunter who could only follow
the lino ot lie great beasts retreat by the
swaying of the trea tops as the panther leaped
from ono another Tho course the panther
took was toward Doubling Hun and Brown
made his way as rapidly as ho could through
tho Intervening thicket and when ho reached
tbo run ho found nat time pnnthor had como
down from time trees and had taken courso
through the snow toward Lewis Lake now the
mountain summer resort ot Eagles Moro
The tireless huntorfollowed tho trail through
the denso forest and It led hint straight to tIme
lake a dtstnnco of hive miles and around the
southern shoro for two miles moro when
Brown dlscoorod his game drinking from the
lake The present site of time Eagles Moro
steamboat landing Is pointed out as the spot
where the great panther stood and received
Copt Browns first bullet Time shot did not
disable the panther and It sprang Into the
laurels and again disappeared leaving the
echoes of its yells reverberating about tho
rocky shores of the lake The course of the
panther lay toward the outlet of time lake and
Capt Brown followed through the dense
growths of laurels When ho came to the outlet
he discovered the panther half burled in the
soft mud at the edge of the Water It was
troatUii the wound it had received
as Is the Instinct of wild animals
of its kind The huntor did not wait for lie
panther to enjoy the benefit of time healing
mud but sent another bullet after his first
Again the tenacious beast sprang into the
thicket but Capt Browns quick eye saw that
his last shot had boon an effective one and ho
still followed the trail now marked by blood
From the direction the wounded animal took
the skilful woodsman knew hint it was making
for the rocky recesses further down tIm course
of tie outlet at spot now famous as time itain
bow Falls Thcro tho crook flows through a
deep ravine and the faces of the rocks are cut
and seamed by fissures and deep ravines
The hunter now sure of his trophy followed
more leisurely than ho hnd and whon he came
to the head or top of time falls where a perpen
dicular rock towers nearly fifty feet above the
stream nt Its base being a roomy but dark
cavern ho saw tho enormous body of the pan
ther stretched on the ground nt the mouth of
the cave Brown clambered along the rocks
which hugged tho water so closely that pas
sage was difficult and dangerous and nt last
reached the flat rock which covers a space ot
several feet between the cave and the waters
edge The ways of panthers ware well known
to the hunter as belied learned them by rough
experience but ho was RO certain that this
great beast that Uiy stretched nt tho mouth of
Its den had died in its effort to reach that re
treat that ho laid down his gunnud taking his
knife from its sheath advanced upon time pros
trate boast to claim its magnificent skin
as his reword for the long chase Ho
reached the side of the panther nod
was about to bond down and com
mence stripping it of Its skin when
tho great boost sprang to Its feat as
quick as llghtnlncr and with a yell that almost
deafened the surprised hunter throw Itself
upon him The force of the shock throw Brown
several feet away off of the rock It was not
only a blow that the panther gave him but as
the infuriated animal struck it buried its long
claws In the hunters thick buckskin shirt and
ripped it from him from neck to waist Brown
still retained his knife in ills grasp and strug
gled to quickly regain his toot Ho rose to
his knees mind as be did so the crouching pan
ther leaped townrd him Quick as a flash the
wary hunter throw himself on his back on tho
ground But for that time panther flying
through the air with wonderful velocity would
Imvo struck him and carried him along in tire
illght As It was the panther passed over him
itapidlyas ito panthers leapcarrled it through
the air Browns eye nud hand wore quicker
still The hunters keen longblnded knife
thrust upward as the hugo body of the panther
was passing over him as ho lay was plunged
almost to tIme hilt in tho animal The thrust
was between the fore legs but tho knife wits
not withdrawn and Us keen edge buried in ito
panthers flesh passed time entire length of the
Croat animals body and time panthor fell dead
and disembowelled fifteen feet beyond the spot
whore Brown lay covered with blood that had
poured upon him from tho frightful wounds of
his now vanquished foe
The huntor jumped to his feetand was ey
log with grim satisfaction time completeness of
lilswork when n cry of which ho at once
Itrew limo significance echoed among the
jocks Ho sprang to whore his gun lay and
seIzing it looked in the direction of tho cry
There crouching on the summit of Cavern
lock her eyes glaring and her long lull
8 wnylng in that deliberate snakelike move
nnt that denotes the fury of the cat and Its
kind was the mate of the great panther hint
hod just mot his death The mate plainly
comprehended time situation and did not tarry
In her efforts forvongoanco With a frightful
yell she launched herself Irom tho rocky peak
in a furious leap for time hunter who stood
ner the waters edge His bullet met the
vengeful panther in midair and passed
through her heart The impetus of her lean
carried her to the spot where she had intended
to full upon the hunter soul bury her tangs in
his throat but she fell dead at the waters edge
Tfho > ro her enomr had atood
Brown eklimod the two panthers and started
back for ills cabin The course bo took led
him to the spot truer the big panther had
burlod Samuel Ilodgorss sheep that morning
As h neared It lie heard tho growling and
snarling made by panthers while devouring
their food Ho approached cautiously and
peered through tho bushes A male and fti
male panther wore busily engaged in making
a mail off of the sheep Brown shot ono of
tin pUnthers dead as It ate Its mate sprang
into tile wry tree in which the hunter had first
dlscovnrod tho big one earlier In the day It
paused on a branch nnd looked back nt
Its dcnd mote As It gazed Brown ro
loadodl his rlllo The panther in the tree
presented a favorable mark Brown fired nnd
the panther fell from limb to limb clutching at
each la Its death struggles and at last tum
bled to bile ground and died Six hours from
the tlimi Capt Brown hnd left his cabin in time
mnrnlmr after travelling moro than twenty
miles through swamps tangled woods and
or THE
Great Clearance
Iidd Lines of Goods
high mountains he was back again with four
ot the biggest panther skins ever stripped
from thin backs of any animals ot their kind In i
the old Lycoralng woods That days work of
the king of the panther slayers Is related as
the greatest of all the exploits ot the treat
hunter of the Loyalsock
Hair the Xonceared Pest ar Extrmi
Bated on the San Joaquin Plains it
SAN FHANCISCO Jan 25 Babbits haa
multiplied BO rapidly throughout California that
they have become ono of the most serious pests
of the country It Is estimated that three rab
bits will eat as much as a sheep and that what
can bo killed In a days rabbit drive will com
sumo aa much alfalfa as a hundred beef cattlo
A good many schemes have been devised for
getting rid ot limo posts but the only efficaclon s
one is the rabbit drive This is considered very
rood field sport also and a drive is always par
ticipated Is as much by those who are after fu a
as by those who want the rabbits killed
TIme first thing In getting up a rabbit drive is
to make a rabbitproof corral of close hlich
palings enclosing a space about thirty by teAt
or twenty yards Leading Into this at rUiit
angles are two lines of closely sot pallnge a
quarter ot a mile In length beveral hundi < ed
men on horseback and on foot then surround
a section or two of land and work slowly to
ward the corral with shouts and beating of the
ground At llrst but few rabbits will be seen
but as tho drivers close In toward the pailncs
tho little frightened beasts are ns thick as
sheep In a eorrnl They make frantlo efforts
to escape and in trying to bronK throuh the
line of heaters many are killed by the ejuba of
the walkers The drivers close In slowly nnd
the rabbits mire gradually driven into the space
partially enclosed by the poJIngs and from
there it itj easy to force them into time corral
Thoy troop in lIke sheep crowding over
ono another anti filling tho corral The drivers
on foot follow tho corral Is closed and the
slaughter begins They are killed with time
clubs by striking them on time head The air Is
filled with their thrill squealing which cnn ba
heard a milo away They leap about in den
perutlou jump high nnd dash themselves
against time fence huddle in the corners and
try to hmidmu behind ono another or behind hum
heaps of thoso already killed Time clubs whU
tlo through limo aIr not Infrequently striking
tie shins of tho killers Instead of time heads of
tIme rabbits for It requires a good aim a steady
arm and no small amount of skill to guide
every stroke to Its destination on the skull of a
rabbit that is leaping about llko mad
When the slaughter is ended the rabbits are
strewn ocr thin ground as thick as dead leaves
nut in places their carcasses will lie In piles two
feet high Between 1200 and lQOO rabbits nre
usually killed In each drive and it is no un
common thing for ono oman to score a hundred
dond rabbits in one round up In parts meat
infested the driven aro held once week
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