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rxoreaaoRa ILIAESS
i4te > f Herd a Enlorr Bt tbe ABB I
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oL VBBrQlrtKeBBlB > en
When Vftsear College opened its doors In
IMS to give American women a chance to
gtt a collegiate education Maria Mitchell
was appointed tho art Professor of Astrono
my Bho had bon known t astronomers b
that time and In the twentytwo
for tat tme a twntTto ear
that bare passed since then her fam baa
grown On Aug 1 lut summer abe was 69
Tears old and though sheoame back t Pongh
keepile when the college semester began Ibe
felt that sbo would not b able to finish her
toventleth year with her er at tho college
telescope The lone watches of the night and
the abstruse mathematical calculations of the
Ait had told on her strong frame and when
Christmas on came she wrote her resignation
The trustees declined to accept It told her
they would keep her a Professor of Astronomy
she might to rest until
my and that ae BO away unt
the should b sufficiently strong t take up
Ilr work again And then the alumnra decided
1 V
t cire her a reception at their annual meeting
I the Hotel Brunswick Bhe promised that
the would come Over 1000 invitations were
lent out and the reception a set for yester
day as the final event of the yearly meeting
The Brunswicks largest salon was filled in
the afterooon t tho Invited guests and 360
graduates But Dr Maria Mitchell LLD a
That disappointing but the
not there was dllppolUn te
that the aged Instructor was perhaps
n wa tat te e ltotor prhaps
seriously ill was still more disappointing The
day had been passed by the aJumnoj from 1030
A 11 until 3 P M before I W positively
know that Hiss Mitchell a not going t
come The New York Association and the
General Association of the Alumnm had their
routine business meetings Then at luncheon
the great dlalng room was packed with the college
loge girls Yassar graduates whether they are
blossoming maids or gray matrons a all
girls at the reunions and the great room
buzzed like the dining hall at college Presi
dent J M Taylor was the only man in the
room All talked about Miss Mitchells sick
ness At 3 P M the guests came Mrs Frances
Fisher Wood wife of Dr came B Wood and
President of the New York Alumnm Associa
tion rose and said she had received on Friday
a letter from Dr Mitchell saying that she could I
not bo present at the reception because of her
ill health
1 Hits Mitchell Is at Lynn with her sister
went on Mrs Wood She writes me 1 have
noticed that the attempt to grow young again
Is at 70 not often a success It goes to my
heart to say that I cannot come to the recep
tion In Now York but I am tired and rcep
mom than half a century am trying to rest
To tan she added 1 have watched
you aumn than the stars I rejoice In
every good work done through you and In each
onward ot women step ten by you for the advancement
Then Mrs Wood read a eulogy upon the astronomer
tronomer Miss Mltbel was born at Nantucket
tucket in 1818 Her ancestors bad been among
the first Quakers who went to that part of the
country Her father was William Mitchell a
unU fAter w Wiiam MtheU
bank cashier who had a penchant for astron
f omy and In his house telescopes and astro
nomical apparatus were In nightly ue When
she was 11 years old the daughter recorded the
Instants of the beginning and the end of a
lunar eclipse her t the looking through the
Class she watching the second hand ot the
chronometer Fiftyfour years later there 8
a similar eclipse and though then she might
adl mht
have stood at the glass herself she preferred
to celebrate the event of her girl time In 1829
by performing the service at the chronometer
While her students took her fathers cost
Miss Mitchell went to school at Nantnckt
When Mttel became librarian of the Nantucket
tucket Athenaum For twenty years she kept
the place and now she says that In those times
she laid the foundation of her attainments In
astronomy and mathematics Her duties a
librarian were few and she used the opportu
nity to solve the problems of space Not until
the stars had lost their twinkle In the early
r dawn did sho for night after night leave her
telescope to go to litt I 1817 came the discovery
telelcop t ao
cover of the comet which introduced the
young astronomer to the older astronomers of
the world For the finding of that wanderer
the King of Denmark gave her a gold medal
To this mOt pople think her reputation II
due But she says No ii MY cit II duo
I is for the mathematical success 01 working
on tits orbit Thlswos difficult and took along
time to accomplish There are seven other
aomplih snn
comets which she has found being in advance
of other Watchers In some cases br a fw days
tn others br only a few hours Boon alter 187
Miss jxiiLCiiou went to Europe KTCU UIIVUKU
the great telescopes was feted bythe wise men
and was a gutst In England of Sir John Her
shot and Sir George Airy then Astronomer
hays at Greenwich After her return and
when Vassar a founded she became Its Pro
fessor of Astronomy That she might study
the heavens she did not marry And her
fend think that in any sphere she would
have gone to the front as a woman remarkable
In every way Three institutions have given
her tho degree of LLD Columbia the latest
Could she now do any work aho would re
erect the telescope with which abs was work
lug when summoned t Vassar and there take
ape n again was then the study engaged of double star upon which I
Her ancestry and her Nantucket ocean en
vironment gave her a rugged nature physical
and Intellectual Tall and bony not mascu
line and yet not wholly feminine she presents
picture everywhere which forces attention
Time said Mrs Wood atlenton
touched her lace with many softening lines
The features a still irregular and unclasslo
but a pure life hlth thoughts and noble pur
poses han written In eloquent language the
evidence or a great nature Bho dresses in
f he quiet Quaker Iarb Is I like and unlike a
Friend Her character not well rounded
it ass square ana some suarp corners in toe
common meaning of the word Maria Michel
was not popular at Vassar Her rooms were
not crowded with students Hue was not 01
tat group of teachers who gave the college
girls ataste of homo and who entered freely
into close friendship with the students Jut
they liked her and though one of them so 11
yesterday She kissed me only twice in lit
teen years they reverenced her with that awe i
hich women have for one of their own kind
far above them I
I abv
When loommenoement time comes and
to beard everywhere Pro
goodbys are
llchel never says hear overher she will
Invite you to visit her flower garden and help
her strip some rose bush I lart this way
she spoke lome farewells to the latest class of
graduates Almost the last time the young
Amoet tme
women of 87 were addressed oa a class I wa
addrssed 1
by 1rof Mitchell and then she asked each of
them to pay a final visit t the observatory gar
den and take with her a rose in memory of the
college hill days
colia hU
As many times as she went over the ground
i In astronomy tmos never failed to study each
days lesson with each years class Her stu
dents could regularly count on having an easy
tent lesson the day after faculty meetings
Attendance at these meetings she used to con
fider the biggest bore ot all her college duties
bIn blleet Ill give you only a little to do
for tomorrow for I Iou to faulty today
and Ill be too weary to prepare a long lesson
BiMlf In the early days ot the college these
meetings had morn of a rellglouB character
than at present They wero usually opened
91th prayers and some passage from the Bible
roOutchell would always manage t get late
for this I part of the programme and when the
resident requested her prosenco she made
future reference to the matter Impossible by
toe remark that she WW unable t pray to or
Even though her students always did them
thoulh awa1 tem
selves I credit she would not allow visitors to
Vie classes l unless she herself Invited them
Jfaee recently President Taylor was quite non
Braised when on entering her classroom In
company with a dlstnJlshe college lest
abe said Now girls I hate company and I
know U smlssd YOU dont want to show oa B you mr
Onee when she was in the cars between
Boston and New York the newsboy In the train 1
eyed Miss Mitchell with evIdent interest As a
result 01 hie Inspection the little fellow offered
liar none of he trashy literature he distributed
to the other travellers but presently with un
airof d brought horonoor Mrs Mlowel
works S Vhe Iljo ibookher Irs lad
8 18b but aint yours Btowe V Not to
b In me r fer refusal to accept the name bet
t1dto tb btr rtl e preseally returned to
tO xum prlaUr rturn
t blten4 re Then perhaps youre Mrs
I tt ntll QO a prhapl iiaUTieAt
added respectfully Would you mind tellln
me who you r mare t I Is not probable
tat the name Mara Mitchell gave the perMst
mt boy any very definite enlightenment but
ho exclaimed triumphantly 1 knew you was
Miss Mltnhell lived in the observatory on tho
college hill On the last Uaturday before com
mencement tho girls always had a dome
party > there with her and to the air of John
Irown they always sang a song called Good
Woman that sho Am Hero aro some of the
We are ilnrlnir for the story of Mitts Mllcbtlli I name
Sb Urn nfD VAiur bUJmn and a lf do know the
Mint noh
the fame no 414 ipy a comtt and b thai wee known to
Good woman tbat he was
She hide I u thro th main of hard aitroDony
She teaches at nutation and the lawn ot Krpltr three
T InellaatlOB ot their otblli and their ec < ntrlclly
Qood women that etie be
Blue her w pralxa stag her pralica rood woman that shs
For though Top says tie human lh U I hardly known
t rr
And from tb path of virtu ci ti never itraytth fur
uood woman that the were
ilnf her pralita ilnrhtr praliet rood woman lbllb In I
Fort lTui Joy and welieme her ehtrfeiit pleaiure tut
Lt her name L M eunf xorerer till tbrouiu tnace her
yrr WUSA
Good woman thu bol Is
When the girls yesterday got through tolling
reminiscences of tho absent professor this tel
egram was sent
elam Fo 4 18
fnf Hart JVUcArlt tynn Mutt 4
Tile Ontral Aasociatlon ot Alumna of Vaaiar Joint
with the Alumna Association of sew York city and vi
dotty In seeding to Irof Mitchell their expreulonnf
love and loyalty I her and their Ineipreeelble regret
that eta was unable t fee present
Vila 1 lucninoion Eecrttarv
Hr Christina Lndd Franklin presented a
paper on An Unknown Mathematician Mile
Jnperon Mrs Franklin was admit
ted t the pOstgraduate courses In mathe
matics at the Johns Hopkins University In
1878 and at the close of the year was Invited
bythe trustees to continue her studies there as
a Fellow which appointment was renewed for
two additional years During her residence at
that university sho contributed to the 1mrl
can Journal of Mathmattca a paper on tho
Pascal Hexagram and ono pnler Morgans
Extension 01 the Algebraic Processes tine
was also one of the authors ot MwJiVs in
togie bl Member of the John lloplnn Uni
vertitv her paper on the Algebra of Lode
being an Investigation of a now system lS well 1
ns n account previous ayHtons Mrs Frank
lin has also contributed to tho first number of I
the American Journal of 1svctiotogv a paper
containing an experimental Investigation of a
disputed question in optics I
Miss Mary Jordan of Smith College finished
the afternoon with an essay on The Dancers
and Safeguards of an Electlvo Scheme of Edu
cation She was graduated from Vassar in
76 and two years later after a special course
in metaphysics took the degree of A M bite
has since carried her linguistic studies from
modern Italian to ancient Gothic and Icelandic
and even to Sanskrit She now occupies tho
chair at the head of the English department at
Smith College
Bmtt Clee
The chief business of the morning session
was the discussion of a plan to secure nlumhro
representation on the Board of Trustees Tho
Board last June said the graduates might have
three members Yesterday the General Asso
ciation planned to have their representatives I
distributed one to the West one to Boston
and one to New York city The local associa
tions will name their choices and the names
will be sent to the polling committee who will
select the three highest These names will
then go to the Board of Trustees and thoro the
election will b consummated The polling
oommlttea chosen yesterday consists Mrs
Annie Howes Barns 1 Miss Grace Learned
77 and Miss Laura Wylle 77
But Iru Chicago RprterIu After Gl ry
Maybe ke COdaOwlb at VCW Yorker
Tho question of finding a worthy antag
onist for Houseman the Chicago newspaper
man t box with does not agitate the New
York reporters much I I too easy There
are so many middleweight good once that
there is a large latitude of choice Boxers
fencing experts runners jumpers oarsmen
and yachtsmen of ability a so plenty among
the Now York newspaper men that no contest
te newspper
of any kind of these sports ever comes off
without being reported by men qualified to
te part in It
But the proposition t fight a prize flcBt at
tributed In the Chicago despatches to New
York origin Is something of a surprise to tho
New Yorker They a not much in favor of
contesting for a 500 purse and becoming professional
fessional pugilists at one bound But there is
no doubt that If the Chicago man wants to
fight for glory I to are several who might b
willing to go tore as for money there Is
plntyof chano for betting on the outside
Yesterdays BUM in Its account of the setto
between reporters Inglis aid Turnbull made
too many rounds of It 8 this letter explains
To m Ennui or Tn Bon sir In your entertalilnz
local story tbti monitor about New York newspaper
men who box there li a mile Injustice grr Robert K
TbD which I know yon will be triad to repair On
the only occasion when I boxed with Ur Turnbnll wo
had let to for only two round and Ifo mlnutee I In the
third when he cracked hie drfII thumb with a BwinRmi
vpper t whlcb happened to land on a thick part ol
my head Wo stopped boxlni so as t prevent any
further damage to the thumb That IB all there wee to
it Tb 01 wa only fey rUD and there was no reason
why ahold bar twin continued Although hl right
hand wa a little hart Mr Tnrnbnll catered me Ob could
hare belted me had the r been a fllht to a flnlih I
t la an expert rifhttr and I bare no doubt he wai
pretty near right In his uiertlon ReipectfuUy
Ss n 4 Wn LUM O Ixcti
Weir Broke 81ddon JaW
DtJLTJTn Feb 4About 1000 people wit
nessed the fight this evening between Weir
the Belfast Spider and George SIddons of
Illinois John Donaldson of Minneapolis was
referee John P Clow seconded the Spider
and J W Curtis did the honors for SIddons
Both menwore In fine condition and SIddons
made the best fight he has appeared In In the
Northwest until the eleventh round when he
weakened unt threw up the sponge WeIr
claimed first blood in the sixth round und Bid
dons brought a slight trace of red to the
Spiders lip In the ninth Weir was without
marks lp SIddons was badly battered both
marks wa
eyes being nearly closed and ho was badly
winded The articles called for fifteen rounds
but SIddons refused to fight after the eleventh
in which he was nearly Knocked out but was
end by the call of time After tho fight It was
discovered that Slddonsa jaw a broken in
the last round
Knocked Ont In the Fleet Konnd
BON Feb fThe quickest fight on
record was fought at the rooms of the Cribb
Club tonight in the presence of fifty well
known sports The principals were Tom Gray
and John Beatty two Lowell welterweights
They were matched to fight to a finish for 3W
a side with twoounce gloves The light lasted
HSlde one minute and twelve neconds whim
Gray got in a half surging lefthand upper cut
which lifted Beatty oil his feet and sent him to
the struck floor Insensible Only fire blows wore
The > I t rc > tleElte Schedule
The Intercollegiate base ball schedule
which has been adopted Is as follows
April 3Yale aft Princeton at Princeton
stay ajrlncoion act Uarrard at Umlirld
M1 2 Harvard ant Princeton at Princeton
May Ittllarrard AlL Yale at iew lIavcn
> l a7 auVal ait Princeteik at Prince on
Mar JO Harvard BUI Princeton at Princeton
UD PriDcelon I art Harvard At Cumbrldf
June 0Vale aft harvard at Cambridge
June loPrtaMion agL Yet l at New IfaTen
Jam j 3Yal > lit Harvard at 1n
Jnn2e Uarvard aft Yale at Mew lla eo
Mew Orlcan Jticee
NBW OBLKANS Feb 4Tho track was heavy
today Pint IUt > For 1 ate aelllnf allowance
four and half forlorn Ih starters land indywo
ullyby two Itnubi Claude Br imon second hal a
leofth la I treat of Little Trumpet third Time lV26
rotcdda llandr Audy 4 to I on Little Trumpet 3 to
against Claude Jirapsen 4 lo Ij Henry Uardr7 tot
Arcbblihoa 10 to 1
Becoid RicoFor all acet telllnr allowaacei five
rurlonn Ove WIn tfuowil i wonea liykyuleneih
human ecoud Pagaiul third el 7liW leJII
RSm JluutlB I to J afalait Dam UbartonfS to 1 >
Paf anlnl a to I uIr
Third Kaceror 1 uioii wilinc allowancei seven
turiecgI lour itarter Jark itronn won br a leoitli
black Knltbt icoud Oierion third rim t4U IIDftL
odd Jack Crown 4 loianlnu tioIID knlilit I i 2 to n
Orrlcii 4 to 1 Forest Kluir liiol I
Fourth llace Hix furlongs setimi ulloiraucei Ill
starters Duairi Oaks won bj A lenth I mint 1 una
econhl bait a length ahad of lii il Prwg i illicIt nn i
lJI 4 Pmt oddl > u4l y Hale 3 ti 6miaum Trance
11 I I Jack Brown and Luuut 1 IIUK M lu I tech
> Cblo Dog lor lie Show
The managers of the coming Westminster
Kennel Club Dog Show are ranch elated over the entries
coming In ODe of the chief attraction of the how will
b the fez terriers Among them are Anfuit Belmont
Jts tear Lnclfer Puaky Tr m Bachel and Kew Forest
Ethel eatS to be lie tour beet terrier ever owned i > y
on exhibitor either In this country or In PmrUQd The
eihlUtlen tr celllee will Iebth I fOJld Hemp
tea4rannCm nyandtbe Chestnut mil keimele I f
Philadelphia l wiil be the chief compelltore In ibu line
Jeniln Van Bchalcl president of the Coin Club of
America bl offered a W cup for the belt tuttle
Arneiv other tpeclal puLse not heretofore anuuunrril li I
a do sliver cup lor the best pne lu Hie op announrll
5 belt iJarlieliunde die oud < Sill fur ben smoOth
coated collie Tho tllrlfO < telL 1 u
A Popular Method or IMeacmlnaitln XII
lu lbUdelpblo
tee gAd IUeI Uv
very few people who have not given IpclA
attutlJI to the eubjeot realms l nrr inS c
alU t u ra
eguou or e4mcmao IleID par Ik IRr i ae
oln aU p beU o hgrs
n I
Sayerl NewXntrle Mad Tcctrrdmr Bali
the Total to 74ChBt Vltk tko Vented
ante HI to Their CheOI Span
nod Other Funlllatr Once on Ileiid
Madison Square Garden was yesterday In
a stat of transformation In tbo preparations
for tho sixday goasyouplease match and It
was n tosnup whether the practising pedes
trians ortho carpenter had the best of It Last
night a hugo lunch stand had been erected in
hs centre of the ring and near by a soda wale
stand was going up Tho enclosures for the
reporters and for the band were being put up
Tho dials on which will be recorded the laps
mado were up
Jnck Oouldtngs track was still In process of
manufacture I has a layer of turf over tho
plank foundation and four inches of sawdust
over that A good many of the runners kicked
hard because Jack wet I so much but after
he had rolled It thoroughly he sprinkled more
sawdust over the top rolled that and said the
truck would be as dry a a bone before the race
began Entries that have not been already
noticed are these Charles Winters of this
city who has run ninetythroe miles in twenty
four hours Ocorgo duttonburg of this city
who ban got over 103 miles in twentythroe
hour but has not tried a sixday race yet
A P Thompson tho mystery Merritt Stout
a tall rawboned colored man with a black
curlybeard called the Arabian who told a
BUN reporter he bad an unofficial but un
doubted record of C21 miles In six days and
that ho Is going to walk the whole distance
but rest only two hours every twontyfour and
beat tho record Robert McMar of Now York
who for many years has covered twentyfive
miles a day in his business of furniturepolish
canvasser and is suro is practice will give hIm
a winning place and John W Sullivan not the
John Sullivan who won honors and money on
the sixday track several years ago but a raw
boned Maine man who has won a number of
middlediet races and whose practice is
to give eel one on the track who wants It
a short distance spurt by tho way and to run
behind all who refuse and mlmio them forth
pleasure of the audience
P M Bhrivor of Philadelphia who stood first
In one race for two days and then sprained his
ankle entered last evening and expects to
claim some of the receipts
George Tilly whoso name appeared in yes
terdays SUN is a clerical gentleman Mana
ger Hall says he is a minister from Ouelph 1
Canada who got consumption und then took to
walking for a cure He then weighed 110
He has
pounds Now ho touches nearly 170
beaten everything Canada for 100 miles and
in his two elsday races bested o miles both
times Ho is married and has seven children
The name John Richards in yesterdays BUN
Is a nom de plume for U Checkley Mr Hall
says Mr Checkley Is a sculptor and a very
tony fellow He lives In New York aid ha
work on exhibition In amusement ball her I
Another and the lost unknown Is now I
made public Ben Curron has occupied that
place for Jack Goulding He has been travel
line fifteen miles a day for practice and hopes
11 Ineen
at the very least to make 540 miles
The track from early morning was kept I
Ihely Alt Elson was one of the first out He
says he hasnt trained any He will do his
racing and training at tho same time Norman
Taylor got in from Lawrence Mass In the
morning nnd tried the track Veteran John
Hughes tred He has been training at
AYooda Museum but hnsnt done anything tor
n week Tho race Is eaougb for him he says
The Scotchman Sinclair ran eight miles along
side of his backer George Kelsall He talks
big He says he came over her to do some
thing Hes pretty sure he will take first place
but Cartwright tie English fiftymile cham
pion may beat him Anyhow theres no pos
sible doubt but that he will b In the first four
he says
Cartwright didnt come up from his training
wKht Coney Island till late Then he
didnt say much but intimated lots He Is
very confidant Dan Hey was there too He
ran ten miles in the morning having only got
here from Kevere Bah Mass on Wednes
hir lrm
day He says he never felt in better condition
and Is pretty In sure of a leading place llllam
Petllla reached the Garden from Danbury yes
terday and ran two hours in a blue and whit
shirt and gay breeches He hopes for some
gate money Chubbyfaced and rosy Pete Gol
den smoked a cigar
dn I take whatever i feel like he said either
to eat drink or smoke and I win races on It I
too I am betting on forty Heggleman and
myself for good places
Fetor Heggleman said he had been doing
eighteen or twenty miles a day on country
ronds by way ot training He expects to make
550 miles at the lowest calculation and hints
at possibilities Dave Bennett who came In
third to Vint and Noremac In Philadelphia last
year was also busy on the track He looks
mysterious when records a mentioned but
says nothing Noremac with his record of 415
miles In entytwo hours did some running
in toe morning ten miles or more no tout a
bit afraid of the big Englishman and calls first
place Noremao made 5100 miles in 100 days
in 1885
Ponchot blew a little when became off the
track and said it a a deal warmr here than
in Minneapolis from which city be bad just
arrived The thermometer there he says is
giddy at zero and this sultry air makes him
blow Dufrane and Connors also ran their
quotas but were reticent about their chances
Old Sport rtclnt was the blithest bird
In the Garden HIp long chin chopped ener
getically up and down a he told of post ex
ploits He says hes getting old and as he
stroked his red and yellow necktie he solemnly
hoped hed make 525 miles so a to get some
gate receipts
The only colored entry that trained yesterday
was Henry Williams whose aspirations are
bounded money by 625 miles and 1 slice of the prize
Nobody much did any running after nightfall
nor will the track be trod again till a minute
alter midnight tonight
ater tonlht
The pedestrians held 1 meeting during the
afternoon which resulted in requesting Mana
gor Hal to deposit the 1000 offered for break
ing Fitzgeralds record 10 bands of Messrs
Colvin and Woods who were chosen the day
before to represent the contestants In the box
office Mr Wood said I there was any Indica
tion by Thursday that the record could b
broken he would comply Tho latest modifica
tion of terms results in the half of the receipts
due the winners being divided thin way I two
men finish above 625 miles 60 percent will go
to the frat and 40 per cent to the second If
fcnd I
three men finish above the limit 6 per cent
goes to the first 30 to time second and 20 to the
third I four or more finish 40 per cent goes
thir cent
to the first and the balance Is divided pro rata
pr rat
A notice posted last night on the private box
in tie northwest corner reserved it for DomI
nick McCaffrey Juck Dempsey Jim Wakely
and Ohurloy Johnson Another box has been
let to AIHmlth Pete Duryeo Billy Edwards
and Billy Sexton Another box Is I for a Phila
delphia sporting delegation consisting of Ar
thur Chambers John McCaffrey Doinlnlcks
brother Tom Green James Watson John
Domimoy the oarsman Billy Norris and Dan
Qalnuuch Many other boxes are already sold
to wellknown Hoortlng men
Cupt Itellly will have a largo force of police
men on duty lu and around the building Only I
twentyone booths were put up last night
against seventyfour bona fide entries and lots
of the men were openly kicking Manager Hal
save every one will be provided for by tonight
IUVS Bal n dozen telegraph wires have been set
up In Ihn reporters enclosure and a Direct
Cable wire to time London bporttno Life office
ban nlBO been placed in the building This
wire will transmit time scores hourly to tho
London sporting resorts
Fall Style
The prevalent style of locomotion with
pedestrians yesterday was something between
n elide ami I walk with a suggestion of the In
troductory AtoP of a walt I was fashionable
to hold the arms extended like the wings of a
bird that Is poising in the air and to fix the
eyes steadfastly upon tho Iced sidewalks
Bmoral new fall My Ins came In with lie frozen
inln but It Cas noticed that reiUljr conmna
live families wore < output with the rcrognlzec
iashlon In which the Imck of the head comet
wiunraly down on tho piuomont A relaxation
of tile rule making It tie riynnir to mnllo
upon rluInK wits noted IIR another instance 01
the yielding of olleetabllnbed social rules
when tho common savagery of the race gets
uppermost A round splotch behind was the
reigning novelty in trousers Some of our
best citizens adopted a limp A princeiie l but
cllulS c
this craze U Is booed will be temporary
HportlntT Notes
Harry UrolBli offers to match Jsmes Lakln t ntht
Jack Bite If Votes will mel klin to arrange tb match
at i clock this afternoon
YounK8 f n r of Hcutb llrooklrn clisllenieanr lightweight
weight niniteur in tight for a mirso of 9imj I to avem a
side fur ten roundeur lo a nnlMi I Man and money coo
be found at ll 1 1 iiraiul street VTIIII iniuur U
At the Isst I iiuelinx of the New Yen fowling nab nt
vtt Pearl street llj Jolluwuiij oniter WU elecudi
J ll rear r rrwldcnt JI Veiamtey l Vic rresldtati
II i llotif necrelary O Cetser Treasurer
The ohes tournament Which has teen held IOn the
pmembeil of the koudonial Ohs Club I lately
lulb Liked wit th foU pjrtBi resell 1 clap
Mn heb lbo I gad prizL Bpat
I A WI W 10iWIU r
aWv r I
Ho O mei Hem Half VaodHMlon ud Die
era liridfll Froetare of III KknlU
Michael Hallon bartender for James Vat
ely at 109th street and Third avenue who in
variably it is said left the saloon before 2 A
H and arrived at his home 2160 Eighth av
enue never later than 3 A M did not got homo
ill nearly I oclock Friday morning and was
then In a half unconscious condition and had
a small wound on top of his head By after
noon he was in convulsions and he died early
In the evening without having recovered con
Yesterday afternoon Deputy Coroner GMongh
er made an autopsy and found that Mallons
skull was fractured the break reaching from
tho crown to the right eye eight inches There
was no abrasion ot tho Benin except on a spot
about the size of a half dollar right on top of
tho head whore the fractured started There
wore black and blue upon on his hands near
the knuckles but no abrasions The loft leg at
the knee was bruised an It might have el by
heavy kicks Dr OMoaghor says that the
fracture Is 1 one of the longest be has over seen I
and that It must nave taken unusual force to
have caused It
John Van Baun a watchman n Third ave
lle says that abnt 2 A M Friday he saw
laln leave the saloon as usual and start up
Third avenue on his way homo The saloon
that morning was all right except that Million
had not put tho padlock on the front door
when he lelt
Mallons daughter Sophie says she heard her
fathers step in the hallway when he came
home and got out of bed to meet him When
she got to tho hallway she saw him go out of
the door and across the street to Wher two
men whom she did not know and would not
recognize were standing Hbo culled to him
and he turned and came back and the two
men walked rapidly nway She asked him
what a the matter and bo said Some ono
hit me
higie0011 place on his route homo whom he
could have received his Injuries by a fall Is on
110th street along tho Park There the fall
would have been of ten tot and probably
would have bruised and cut his head and face
much more
l blow from a leathercovered billy would
have made wound like that en Mallon s head
The detectives have found no one who saw
Mallon from the time he passed out of Van
door Sauns sight until his daughter met him at his
Eviction 1T lr Way Next Door to Jacob
de BookmoV Cigar Factory
There was a lively time in East Thirty
eighth street yesterday afternoon A new fam
ily was moving into one of the tenement houses
which belong to and adjoin Jncoby it Book
mans cigar factory They were greeted with
jeers and shouts of scab by tho other ten
ants who were out on the stoops or gathered
at tho open windows Across the way in the
houses occupied by Brown A Earlos cigar
makers every window was open and filled with
the angry faces of the workmens wives and
children Another chorus of jeers greeted the
dozen or less workmen and woman who are
making cigars for Jacobs et Bookman when
they left the hop at 5 oclock
Tbe new family moved Into one ot the apart
ments from which a tenant was apnr
week Next week all tbe rest are to be put out
unless they move sooner lesterday Mrs Itn
dial Jacoby who owns the houses got dis
possess warrants for twentyseven families
These are to co on Thursday Eleven more
are to be put out a few days later
The reason we have taken this step said
Mr Jacoby yesterday is that we want tbe
room for people who are coming to work in our
The clgarmakers say that there are a num
ber of people sick In the houses Ono woman
they say Is ill with typhoid fever and two have
newborn babies
Tier must all go said Mr Jacoby I
they are sick they must go to the hospital
The throe houses a tenant said bring In
7710 rent yearly besides tOGO for the loon
ld Explain VrhT the Pillar of Hr
Ycnee Still Bland
The four formidable brick pier In front of
Mr Langtrys house at 361 West Twenty
third It were still standing yesterday
afternoon The Invaders ot the Bureau of In
cumbrances han ben near the place all day
and It looked as 1 they had backed out of the
threat mode by Inspector McGlnnoss the day
before tbat the piers must go as well a the
wooden fence
Mr Bowers the attorney of the actress hod
written t Gen Newto Commissioner of the
Board of Public Works long letter complain
ing that it would b unjust discrimination to
take away the piers If these were obstruc
tions he said then thousands of other pillars
beyond tho house line were also nnd ought to
come down The piers in front of the Stewart
mansion and of the church at Fifth avenue and
Twentyninth street for example were obstructions
Mr Langtry when she heard that the piers
too must go telegraphed to her attorney to
bring injunction proceedings agalast the Commissioner
missioner ot Public Works to restrain him
from removing them A temporary Injunction
was granted by Judge Zarrott on Friday night
and that is why he pillars dian come down
A Child Allege Brutal Treatment
The police of the Charles street station
last night sent to the Childrens Society Hattie
Hapson 1 years old who was taken from an
orphan asylum several weeks ago by a woman
who keeps a boarding house in West Twenty
secoad street Mrs Fanny Burns told the
police last evening that Hattie had just come
to her house bareheaded and costless through
the rain her mistress having taken her by the
ears and pounded ner head against the wall
ea pundld
until there was a great bump on the back of
tber wa lat
the head and then having turned her out of
the house Mrs Burns lad that not long ago
Hattie bad come to her with a similar story of
Ill treatment and with black and blue marks
across her back but the boarding house keep
0 hot nMv > faH tn treat lea rrlrl trail hereafter
and she bad sent her back after keeping her
for several days
the Childrens cu society officers are investigating
FoaHrrmei Hit Pl ea In tho Eye
Selig Fincus a butcher of 21 Essex street
and also Wasbligton Market was a com
plainant at the Tombs Police Court yesterday
and John Anstadt both
against Phillip Kunts Astadt bth
Washington Market poultrymon Plncuss
left eye was cOrd with a leather shade He
said that he asked Kuntz and Anstadt for 560
which they owed him They refused to pay
him Abusive epithets were used on both
sides Thereupon 1lncus says KuBtz and
Anstadt hit him In ths eye He tried to delend
himself by hitting buck but Kuntz and An
stadt and a brothcrof Anstadt named Charles
tackled him and throw him Into the street
Friends interfered and prevented bloodshed
Justice Power held Kuntr and Anstadt in ball
Died IB tbo direct IB hI Father > Arm
The family of Anthony De Puyt of 10
River street Paterson had beef stew for din
ner yesterday While at the meal David aged
7 got a piece of the meat in his throat and be
gan to onoke The usual methods were tried
In vain whereupon the father picked up the
child and started to run for the nearest doctor
The little fellow died In his fathers arms a he
was running through the street
Tn ArloB Ball
Under the direction of Mr Habeluan the reg
ular stage manager If lime tropolltan Opera Home the
Scion Siclety will preoltit In Tuesday Feb 31 I their
masquerade ball a ru end Brilliant display com
BemoraUv of the twenty flttb recurrence of th carni
val The entire back part of the tie will be mae t
reireient a front view 1 of the Anon new club house In
rrIUI tnl rrl be erected three broad terrace the
top on upreseetlsr lime abode of lb gods the middle
one Hides and lbs lowest cue the earth while the stage
In front will be IIOIUr and PproprlaiHy decorated
and a Brand ballet 1 he l given by 1W I dancer aroenr
them several of the Ieet trtm < rti wuuu twelve I rf F t
unibln aimd twelve IUWquln ro orchestras cactI
uDblnl wly
numbering ISO pierce win fureisim the daoca and proue
Dad muflc ami 1 four mmmlileei Cacti computed of
oeventi AT mrmteri the Anon hoclttr In costumeR
of two ctmturlel ceo itl l tomb I after lbs dial and to
Kther will tie otto lu a n Intricate drill Jim iimtou to
time opening of the cerennraea
JMederkrBdi Boll
The boxes for the ball of the German Lieder
kranx rb I hare all ben disposed of The deoeratlooi
and state ceetumis have bea > designed and prepared
by Artist Joph Kppl n Olulr William
Schwin Theusuilo rr the ooao1 bnpld
Sbwd Te leibhi Th tOOittt4a desire that
toe tbetio ceatume ol llr of dress coat waist
coot k t breeches tocktsge sad bDCklld Iw Ibo >
shall be c prominent feature 01 the Seer and in order
to eeveurae this Ike costume JU eujey th ira prlvl
etc u a Cull r mask wllie face rasee elone wmll not
Preceding Cbs formal Ollllll or the boil a stiles of
11dln lk
Iblux will be prsosuled un hOC Iro
ihci Circle Fr ocnl BaBquot BDd Hull
The large hal of tko Hotel Brunswick will b
occupied by the Cercl Krnal desUsraoai tor their
l annul club basOsel OD 5itrdaY evening Feb II ICr
n ob bu IL
onr twenty years the IreY lj bqet his aiway
pieseded tab sanerade bpu byjustaweek built
III evesl will laZe pikes I If I lb I Xt
45a ixra Sisl et KeW 0 se
Tbo Cold Vial er Ttvo Women Bt Twet
cooled Street aid Send Aveone OPollee
Form n Picket line for the KoploTer
A BUN reporter went up t Second avenuo
anti Twentysecond street yesterday to see how
a cigar factory Is picketed in time of strike
The 100 employees of 8 Ottonborg k Brother
A that place have been out for three weeks
and have kept pickets stationed about the fa
tory all tho time to warn off persons in search
of work The rain poured pitilessly frcez
Inc 13 It fell and the rhllly fog was
blown In raw gusts tlirousli Twenty
second street ns tho reporter turned from
First avenue toward the big building with
the Ottcnbcrg signs all over It Two women
were walking slowly toward First avenue Tho
reporter put on 1 desperate and Cuban look
and kept his eyes on the factory entrance A
big policeman in n rubber coat glistening with
Ice strolled along tbe other side of the street
watching tho women und the reporter The
women walked more slowly and looked straight
ahead but just as they passed tho reporter
one of them without turning her head ex
claimed in a peculiar biasing way
Itssnssstrlko Rshopl I
They walked straight on and the policeman
stood still a moment and then turned back to
ward the factory Tho women turned too
presently and the reporter standing opposite
the factory entrance they passed him appar
ently unheeding but again and more vigor
ously hissed
UBS a sssstrlko ssshopl
The policeman across tho street hearing
nothing idly knocked the Ice from his coat
with his club and told the reporter that there
was nothing now In the strike and thatthe
rickets were not doing anything sInce three of
them had been arrested and fined for stopping
persons on tho street
Jron In front ot a grocery store on the corner
diagonally across from the factory the two
women were come upon again this time in
company with a man who was also picket
They were not the gay and youthful cra
tures from 10 to 23 Teal IUY old whose charms
ware piquantly told In Fridays HorM and
tIters were only theO two Instead ot the nix
whose names were there given names by the
way which none ot the Ottenberg strikers
recognize Neither wore they at nU like the
cigarette girls of tho picture cards One tho
one who did tho hissing was 1 little middle
aged dark woman with piercing dteelgray
eyes and wore a cheap black and muchworn
wrap with a little black knit shuwl for her only
bead covering The cold rain had frozen on
wrap and shawl until thor were covered with
glistening wet beads
The other woman was a motherly looking
person middleneed and stout und wore thin
noune own wih shawl around her shoulder
and another ono over her head The sleet bad
spangled her also with cold Ice bends Both
kept their bands folded in front hidden In their
wraps ami walked incessantly with little short
stops back and forth to keel from freezing
Occasionally they strolled slowly along tho
street opposite time factory entrance the big
policeman strolling after them with an eneaic
inc air of meditative ennui Another police
man stood constantly In tho shelter of the fac
tory storm doors and watched tho grocery
store corner
Iloro dont do nothln said the little woman
In black except tell every clgarmakor we see
coming exc6pt a strike shop Wn can most
Always tell whos a worker and who I nt We
know It from their walk I less The police
is I so sharp onto us we dont dare speak to any
one we dont reooenizn Anybody we know
well stop and arctic with and tho police cant
touch us but wo has to be careful Theyro
down on us they are You seo there W as ono
of the pickets when she was arrested gave the
police a lot of slang and back talk nnd it made
e mud They aint HO anywhoron else At
the other shops the pickets kin stop anybody
right before the polices eyes
We stay hero all day and this man too and
the union pays us 2 a diiv We dont often
lmvean > thing to do but there was some fun
last Wednesday Witll we just gave em a good
llckln we did Wo had just been ineetln when
work was out an about twenty of us stood on
each corner anwhen tho scabs came along wo
cave It to em good with rotten eggs an bits
of Ice and snowballs They run an we chased
pm all the way home clear down to Tenth und I
litth street an down that way
Early In Ibo mornlns worst time with the
police Then the gratis is comln to wotk and
the police he gets about ta yard behind us > an
hI follows us every step He went clear down
to Twentieth street and First avenue with us
this morning and back right on our heels
never sayln a word but just loym for us to
say something to some one I was good as
a procession
Wo used nio stand the saloon on the other
corner and keep watch but the pollco jot
after tbe man nnd made him keep his
shades pulled un all the time HO high we
couldnt see out bo wehaietostand out doors
Its kind o colt sometimes but were coin to
win sure next week
At the other factories whore thero Is a strike
the pickets were halng an easy limo of it yes
terday where they were on duty at all which
was not in every ease The Ottenbergi are
the only employers It Is said who have made
nnyvervdetermined efforts to nil the places of
the strikers They have about fifty hands at
work but the strikers say that they will lose
most of them next week
A Disagreement In the WllbnrTjiitbrop Case
WILWMANTIC Conn Feb 4The Jury
has disagreed in the famous WllburLaturop
case Mr Annlo Wilbur a pretty widow
formerly of Providence and Wlndham Centre
but now of thin city sued George Lnthrop an
aged and wealthy resident of Windhum for
lied She alleged that she let him have 17000
several years ago to Invent for her and she
says he returned only 12000 Lathrop admits
giving tbe woman tliOOO but says It was because
he thought a great deal of her and made her
the present but he denied that she ever let
him have any money Time jury stood eight
for the plalntlft The case has become cele
brated In Connecticut and eminent lawyers
were employed Chief Justice Park was on
the bench
l Counsel for plaintiff says a new suit will be
brought at once and be ready for trial at the
June term
pontuneoae CombaitloB lit I a Brewery
Two alarms of fire from Philip Ebllnps
brewery called tho firemen to Bt Anns avenue
and 156th street at 4Jf oclock yesterday morn
Ing They found the fire in 1 place whore the
effort to extinguish would do more damage
than the naIls coull have done It was In the
malt house whore a similar lire occurred from
emiully myBtorlons causes three weeks ngo
The effect of dousing the dry malt with water
was to destroy It but the firemen had to run
their hose into the building In half an hour
the fire wits extinguished with a loss of about
thor Block and 1 damage of 150 to the
malt house I Is probable that spontaneous
combustion In the malt is tho cause of Ibo mys
terious tires
TTlll inspect the Schools No Lange
The Health Board last fall appointed Dr
of Schools
Bloroau Morris Special Inspector Bchooll
and Institutions for Children at Mcno a year
Last Thursday tho Board abolished the ofllue
and gave Dr Morris an 1800 place In the Bureau
of Contagious Diseases The Board will
givI reau no explanation for the change I Is sad
Ive eplanaton of bad
that Dr Morriss constant reports w v vent
iStlon 11 the schools wore resented by the
Board of Education
It Will Never Qo to Ibe Honk but Helegs
Among Col Fellow Mementoes
One of the treasures thnt District Attor
ney Fellows sets groat store by is n framed bit
of paper Its Intrinsic value in nothing but as
it is In the form of a check and was drawn
against an nmplo bank account it is really
worth one hundred dollars Hut It has never
been prenented for pwnont Bt the bank on
council invited by them to give its opinion on
the question of the pastorate based wholly
upon technicalities It would bo uniust to the
expressed wishes ot a largo majority ot the
church for mo to leave it
The Bushwick Avenue Church has In my
opinion a brilliant future I have given my
time wholly to the work In this field That
work has resulted In the organization ot n
church and the seourlnc of n beautiful and
commodious building adapted to the present
Mr Chesterpnbllshed a notice yesterday that
Assistant Pastor Hulllday of Plymouth Church
would preach this morning nt 10 < oclock and
that the Sunday school would be held nt 2 <
ocloek under the superintendoncy of T K
Mr Gillies who WAR elected by the members
of the church who are opposed to Mr Chester
as superintendent of this Hundny school said
last night An authority In our denomina
tion has spoken and I will abtdo by Us de
cision I do not want to say any more
It was said Mr Qlllles will present himself at
the Sunday school and declare his position
Why the VaeelBBton Dropped In OB Honk
Clerk and Insurance Men
A M Bradlsh a book canvasser went into
the New York Polycllnio nt 214 East Thirty
fourth street yesterday morning to be treated
for a skin eruption Ho had smallpox which
ho had caught In n Bowery lodging house
Bradlsh has been sick for about ten days with
smallpox In contagious form and during this
time ho says he has visited banks and insur
ance offices and business houses in this city
and the effects limy bo serious
Bradlsh is giving the Health Department
ofQcors a record of his wanderings as n can
vasser as ho recoils the placofl visited and
wherever ho remembers having been the medi
cal inspectors nr > following vaccinate They
made 150 vaccinations yesterday among per
pans unconsciously exposed In their offices
and they have two days of Brndishs route yet
to go over The exposed persons are largbly
of the claen not reached by free vaccination
Bradlsh Is In the Inception Hospital
The Board was notified yesterday afternoon
that two canes of smallpox had broken out in
the Charity Hospital on Blackn ells Island
Two smallpox patients were removed on
Thursday from the lodging house at 27 Bowery
Daniel Smith B Stark Mad Foieexer All tbo
Way from FernandlnB
I Be was the best hardweather man I ever
had said Capt Burdge of tho schooner John
H Tlnguo Ho spoke of his first mate Daniel
Smith who had just boon taken off his vessel
by the police boat Patrol and sent to the care
of the Commissioners ol Charities and Correc
tion Smith went crazy on Jan 21 the day the
vessel left Foriacdlna FIn
Smith refused to unlock the windlass to raise
the anchor
If I let it go everybody will be killed I he
cried Como down and sea for yourself
During the next few days Smith smashed the
dead lights and furniture In his room and tore
up his clothes Several times he rushed on
deck stark naked Finally ho attempted to kill
himself He was In thee pantry
Show me whore my bean is Captain he
said holding a caning knife nt arms length
pointed toward his breast I think I can
catch her the first time
Ho has been In the employ of BC Evans t
Co 30 South street for fifteen years He is
supposed to have friends In Smlthville L I
Hough OB Pelbombat Mint We Fay for It I
The city of New York Insisted that if it had
got to buy 1700 acres ot the town of Pelham
for a park that it didnt want at least it should
not be compelled to pay taxes to the town ol
Polham on the land It cot this condition
enacted into the law
Now W It Lamborton writes to Mayor Hewitt
asking him to support a bill introduced in the
Assembly providing for the continued taxation
aUhe present nseossed value new parkslald out
outside of the city He puts his plea on the
ground that otherwise the tax rate of Polham
which town has only 1300 acres left will bo
raised to six per cent and that that will bank
rupt the town which has already a flourishing
bonded debt
Mr Lamborton does not say that the city Is
responsible for the unfortunate condition ol
tho town but he says that the city is rich or
OR he puts It
Do you think It is right to aid in oppressing
the poor fishermen City Island and the day
laborers of Pelhamville and In destroying the
values of their little homes merely to nave
New York 1800 of 1 per cent in the New York
clry tax rate
The 1700 acres are assessed at 500000 and
the rest of Pelham 700000 Mr Lambert
says that the town never encouraged the park
Tbe DjrBBmlte OoaiplrBtor1 Wife
PHILADELPHIA Feb Michael Hsrklnu
who together with Thomas Callan was yester
day sentenced to fifteen years penal servitude
for being concerned in a dynamite conspiracy
in London lived at 1939 North Second street
Ills wife keeps a grocery store When she
heard ot her husbands Kcntonco she broke
down completely She said that her husband
left homo four or five months ago but she die
not know where or for what purpose Mrs
Harklns added that site was not acquainted
with Thomas Callan harhushnnds accomplice
She said that her husbands friends would do all
In their power for him but she doubted
whether their Intercession would avail
A Tom Partly Dry
CABMSM5 Po Fob 4All the liquor li
censes in this town except three expired on
Saturday last and cannot be renewed until
next Tuesday The three places open are do
Ing a rousing business This Mate of affairs
has been caused by a chance in the time for
court The Judge has decided that In consid
ering each license he will bo influenced solely
by the number of signatures of voters In the
ward or district for or against It This has
stirred everybody up and petitions are circu
lating In the streets at all hours of the day
past and until the heart of Its donor was still
In death The check was the gift of the Hon
Daniel Manning and both the gift and the
manner ot it were charncteriHtlo of him It
was accompanied by the following letter
Nrw Voar Nor 4 18S7
Mr nut Cou FELLOWS Fins make me of lime en
closed check am a smell contribution to rear election
xpenM and thus tire me a treat deal ot pleaiure I
with I could make It unfold greater Yours truly
P tugxmJo
The letter and Its enclosure were banded to
Justice Maurice J Power who wan in charge
ftefM2 <
m qlJz
< gy 5
which It was drawn and It never will be It
has a sentimental value for beyond Its face
1urlng the cfripiilgn lust fnll whet lie was
assailed with nil the powers of vituperation at
HIP control of unscrupulous enemies Col lei
lows received some signal assurances of re
gard and esteem and showed his hearty appre
ciation The only regret he has In connection
with the framed check that he values so highly
Is that he mover had a chance to make an ao
knowlsagmtnt to the friend and well wisher
who bat It The retail Is thai btj did not re
mu is ustil the iMuokVM B ihlM ol tie
Mr n IIMar tVIII Pswabb IB Ibo nniktrlek
Avenue Cbnreb Today
A council of Congregational ministers In
Brooklyn declared on last Tuesday that the
Bov Anthony Chester had not been regularly
called and Installed as pastor of the Bushwick
Avenue Congregational Church In Bushwick
avenue and Cornelia street Wllllamsburgh
Yesterday the Boy Mr Chester said
H I Intend to slay right whore I am as up
ward ot forty members of the church have
asked me to do so In Congregationalism no
council or association outside ot the individual
church hits any judicial function Such are
only advisory bodies The constitution ot the
Bushwick Avenue Congregational Church un
der which the church was Incorporated ox
pllcltlydeclaros that the government of tim
church ia vested solely In its own membership
each member having equal rights and privi
leges The question Is merely Shall a major
ity in a Congregational church rule or is It
possible for a minority be the aid of outsldo
help to secure control > In our case a minor
ity has secured tho opinion of aCongregatlonal
of th election machmtneryol the UIIIMd Demot
racy lie was requested to hand it to Ccl Yel
lows personallY 1espiie his knqwledge of the
ifood effect any ovidommte of bIr mannipys In
terest in the success of thoolonej would have
the Justice in the exeitrment of tat campaign
overlooked the letter and it remained fn file
oveocoat pocket until after the election of CoL
Fellows nnd Mr Manning death when he dis
covered and delivered it On reading it Col
Fellows was very nucb sffeote His eyes fihltd
with tears and e said Aat money ca
peverbe drawn I shalt frpnie the citCek an
lsce it L my room where lean see tt every
jay and re ember thejgreat and generoui
Hwiawao T jitwTU > l Jjna ur V
Highest Ground and tI I
Handsomest Hon o
on tho West 4
See it Sido
This Week
Weit JE d BT ud ISlh et
Xortheftct Cornor Apply Ce
But Hasnt at dot to Suppress HI reel
lags VBtll May 1601
Charles Mlchllng H the landlord ot the
premises 91 Second avenue IDr 3 Mount I
Bloyer is a tenant having a tease ot tho flnt
flat until May 1890 at GGO a year His lease
provides among other things that there shall
bo nothing objectionable or improper about
the promises and that if this clause is I violated
the landlord may demand possession of th
rooms upon fUe days notice
At different times Dr Bleyer has had three 7
dogs One of them died another he took
away and the third was recently captured by t
dog catchers although it was properly licensed
by his Honor the Mayor t
Last month the landlord served notice upon
Dr Bloyer that the dug was nn objectionable
character and a nuisance nnd demanded that
he give up his flat at once The Doctor refused
to comply HtH landlord therefore brought
suit to compel htm to vacate time promises
The landlord testified that after the lease had
been sinned Dr Bloyer sold to him have
foricottento tell jou sometliinc
He said I have a dog I said Doctor
object to dogs I dont allow them In my
housennd liosald It IB only a little bit of a
dog My wife has lial It so long and she feels
so much attached to It that I cannot part with
it I paid If It is nuisance yon will have
to put him away Ho then said Very well
wo will keep him in the room It cannot be >
anT nuisance
Concerning the second dog the landlord
That was me big rod dog and It was a nui
sance right from thclstart I told the Doctor
that he would linvo to put him away and he
said I only got him from a friend and he is a
very valuable dog and I dont want to give
him away I will soil him In a few days Alter
several remonstrance tho Doctor removed
this dog
QDid he hove another dot t AYes dr ft
1ties he It now t AI think not
tjlle bad It before theee proceeding were com 1
menced I A Taalr
IJ Where wan that dor kept t LTn my court yard
It woe a nuisance tliat no reepeetable man could sn
dure I would rather loee rny house and lot than Co Pt
have It made Into a dog kenneL
Edward Mlehllng a son of the landlord cor
roborated his father in respect to the Doctor 4
lnulnc been told to remove the dog
Dr Bleyor testified that about the time the
lease was executed whether before or after he
could not say ho told Wlehllng that he hade
dog and no objection was made The land
lords only reply was All right yon may havo
the doe In addition to this the Docter said
that the landlord had erected a small gate In t
front of the house BO that the dog would not
run away
QIs U t fact that that dog ii a nuisance on thepnni
tees A Norlr
Q Did you have somebody with tb dor to tako eare u
efiti Lei etc Always
ADidbetetmyonwtmy he wanted removed A III
Kn sir lie paid I was anulpauc In the none
Q lie didnt mention the dog C 5So mil HtttU
M l oa are a nuisance I mid to him Cant we arraniro
this matter t 1 trill remove tbedor bat he Bald No
you are a nnleaitc You and lbs Cor muss set eel > You
are ammlmlancei 1
Dr Bleyer said that tbo dog was a lap dog
weighing about thirty pounds
Isaac HoorsUelm tho Doctors fatherinlaw
who was present when time lease was executed
testified that the landlord made objection
whatever when time Doctor said he bud a dog
He did not consider the doc a nuisance The
baby played with It constantly
Mrs J Blumonnhelm who lives In the same
house with Dr Bleycr testified that she did
not think the dog wits a nnlnnncfl and had
never had any occasion to complain of It She
felt sorry when it bad to be put away as her
dnuchter lined to play with It
The landlord and his eon both asserted that
the Doctor bad never received permission to
have lime dog in the house
J ustlco HtctKler reserved his decision
Arrested for EmbFKatemrnt Til Wife Stnrta
with his Child Tar Norway
John R Graham Jr a lumber dealer at
G14 West Thirtieth street caused the arrest of
his bookkeeper Jacob Hammer 88 years old
who lived nt 317 West Fortiseventh street on
a charge of embezzling various sums of money
aggregating 400 While Hammer was con
fined at Police Headquarters Friday he received
from his wife letter In which she had said
that she would havo nothing more to do with
him and that she would leave that day for
Norway where It is said Bho has a fortune
waiting her She took with her her only chlid
The prisoner trembled as he read the letter
and after perusing It exclaimed
MyOodI Site has taken my child away 4
Now you can take me to prison and sentence
mo for life 1 dont care to live any longer
He wept bitterly and yesterday when ar
raigned at time Tombs pleaded guilty Justice
Iowur hold him for examination The detec
tives who arrested HaminiT pay they believe
he will commit suicide It be gme tiro chance
The prison authorities were notified to keep a
sharp eye on him
A Brewer Collector Hlulag
Mrs Henry Bergman of 203 East HOtft
street came to Police Headquarters yesterday
afternoon to inquire if the books contained the
name of her husband a collector for Philip
EbllnLs brewery He was last seen she said
drinking with several men in Kleins saloon
Third avenue and 120th street on Wednesday
at 430 PM Ho always carried a big amount
of money with him und she feared that be had
met with foul play The police had no
knowledge of Bergmans whereabout
Made Love to B YVMowatBd orronvoel I
Mrs Baron Ooldenberg1 a widow Bayithat
Abraham Weinstein won her affection and >
Induced her to lend him money until he had I
borrowed 2 JO From that time she saw him t
nu more dho sued him in the Fourth District i
Court to recover the money He did not ap
pear yesterday wben the case was tried Bhe 7 I
was there dressed in her wtdoweweoesmI
said that she never would have lent him me
money if be had not promised tA marry her r
She got judgment
Else Marshall Moat Merro
The complaint ol property owners ol Bast
Twelfth street against Maud Marshall the oe
iupant of 186 was sustained In the jTourtk
District Court yesterday anti a warrant for
Ml Marshalle roniovat will be Issued on next
Wednesday morning
I Dyspepsia
Make many lire mUeraUe and often leads u Belt
destruction DltrM after eatias sick keaAaoke hag
barn our stomach menial degression Ac are mased
by thl very common and Incnaatut dltua noon
Sartapajilla ion the stomach crealel aa ayoxtlo
premote J healthy dlftstltn reueve ei ek h5be
lean the snlad aad sure the mestctsttcaie eases of
a7sDe a Bead the folKirburi
I bees troibled with djipepa I bad tied l2tt
sirptiu and what I did l l ltrMM ms or AM me
bill toed In aa hear after eaUaf I weald xp rln < M
a ralnta or Und allgene toUnc a though I haS not
coils anything Uooa Banaparula did me an Ira
meal arnoont of rood It isv rue an appetite Mid
my f < d rIUhd and timed the etyisg I had pro
vlously aipertencu nlltrod me f that falqi tire
aU lou failing I have ftlt M much better iaM IMk
Hood famparilli that I am happy to rectuutuj It
O A FAOH WatMtown Mai
NE Besur tonleal
Hood Vamaparillfc
Sold by all dnnliU B rix tog fa rtMr4 cedr
by 0 1 UOOD S 00 4sieoeda Imwe Mpn
Easi mv c Ealiaqi 4

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