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flU 4"
'( 2 THE
fl '
ujvu x Attos a 'jun arnica.
H ' SxthnnBlnif nnilcce lor K.las.-Tlse Brook.
v ly xj0y Ahrl mil -'ru.sturo (ha
flf Drosm ol Abe Or-ellnire-Tbe County Bern.
' ocrists will Homo hl Afternoon.
fl NiAOAiiA. FaTsIA Juno 8. Tho Tammany
flfl i bravoa. rolurnlnK from tliolr raid on fit. Louts,
flfl i made an excursion into Canada to-duy aftor n
, sitminary and very satisfactory Intorviow
H '' V break fast In Dotrolt. Tho trlbolms been
H ibk on Its roturn tlio tlmo H lost when
flfl j?Qlhn u. mi tho warpath, and Instead of los-
flfl'' Uwmitort. talned from tho start. When
HI' inj-tlmoitmw. -id to tho possibility of flirt -
Hl darknosa put' nw . 'he stations too speed of
M Inn with tho Rlrln at s. lltltl tho tw0 sections.
fl tho train was lncrcaa, tnutos apart, wont
j fcooplnsr nbout fifteen ru T ' 01ll llko tl10
M ncrosB Indiana onil tho coim floelnc boforo
M jrhoat ot n l'otnwottamlo bona Tammany
H tho conijuorintr Iroquois, Bui er lot
was sot fleolnir, nlthouch thoro v, ' Rnd
ot Aldormcn nud othor olllclala nboaru 0R
tho routo was toward Canada. Tho bra,
vroro up and stlrrlnc by the tlmo the trulnwus
fli fairly into Mlchlcnn. und whllo tho sixty miles
HH from Toledo to Dotrolt won helms covered thoy
K wrapped tholr blnnkots around thorn and
M gloomily wondorod If thoy had ovor boon so
L hunjtry before. Tho Seventh district dolecn-
! tlon did not suiter bo much us tho rest, bocuuso
ithad something to occuiiy Its mind. It was
H' tho Soventli dlstrlot that raptured tho Inmb nt
H Decatur, 111., last ninht, and ovury tlmo tho
r train stopped tills mornlnc tho wholodolccu-
!. tlon jumood olTuud nullod crass for tho lamb's
breakfast. Sonntor I'lunkott was ono of thoso
HHl "ho called to son tho lamb. It is a contlo
f ituro about two feet iouc and six Inches
v must takoenro of her." said tho Sona-
H" crV n;nn from tho fcinvoiith who Ih tho
tnrow Man of tho lamb. "Tako It horuo
fll . xou . lso It. Bheup brood very last, I
H tor to th. will havo tiulto a flock boloro
flf, special guntv a cood sheop, and you can
flfl inth you and r. Tlnu lambs in how York.
H ' am told, and you "ot rich keepluc sheep.
- Ions, bho lookB Ilk. ou will bo rich, too "
Kot n good prico for ei. t for n niomant by
m rknqwamunoncotliatk nnd casu which
; Sou kcop her nud mayho '.en ho replied
Thoman Hoemod cMorrom. ' u
H tho briRht picture of ullluencb 0r her
'" tho Soniitor's words callod up. Iv
' .wiOi deop icullim: , ,,,
V ' "I will. Senator, I will t.ikn car.. .,,
c always. Untlony, Senator, what is it?
1' "HfioIsaho."tlioKouator ropliod.
'.'' Dotrolt was renchod nt about a o csoeVj au
H ., otter bronklost tho train wa run upon a huao
H' Stoamer lor transport iutosh tho beautiful poa-
. Broon Dotrolt Hlvor to Canada. V.'hllo the pus-
H boko was belim made Alderman Hlzblmmons
' tnountod tlio noon deck, mid takinc in with bis
H:"' eyes tho rcct diiiK Atnutlcnn city nud tho up-
rroachlni: Irownlni,'. ut otttlmes kindly,
- Bhores of Canada, ho was henrd softly hum-
H ratnR to himself tho hymn. "31y Future Home."
H and ufton.-ard broko out Into thnt other truly
. Aldormanlo rofrnin, "ll.oo to btcal Awhllo
H Away." Hit: ttoruonnt Doucherty of Cnpt.
- 3Icl.nushllii's lirecltict, who has bten hulluaou
H:' account of his si;:o i. tho lunious Commis-
B nlonorliionnnnby half tho pooplo ho ha mot
'f Jor n week sauntered Into Alderman 1'ltwlm-
r tnons's car, and v. as noticed to be kceplnc a
i t npueliil eioou tho Aldoi man until tho train wus
H . on Amerleau soil again.
Thoro was Bomo alarm when mon In uniform
' bonrdod tho train soon after its arrival In Can
i" ado.' and socral of tho Tuinmopy men, who
H havo loucht lor Ireland, chlelly with their
mouths, tor rannyjcart. showed surfaco indi-
-cntions ot a dc-siro to crawl undor tho boats,
Hi- but ttiu uniformed iuen ero only customs of-
' fleers, and tho Fenians, reeoverluc. olTorcd to
i;'. ilekthowhploltrltisli army, and tho l'rlnco of
H ' Wnlos thrown in. for n Canada quarter with n
. hole in it. Aldoiman Storms picked out a nice
v auiot llltlo hotel in a town noar Windsor
whero tho train stopped for a tew minutes, and
told all bin friends l:o honed they would oomo
- to sou him whenoer they Happened to be in
'J- Canada after ho ciuit polities and settlod down.
At rjt. Thomas' tho train stopped for lunch,
H i and four Cnnadlnn Klrlu bohind a counter II red
H at the delegates tlio iiuory in chorus, "Will
y you 'avo coll'co or ton, liapple, mtnee, or plne-
H'f Give mo somo bread." roarod Commissioner
H't Eronnan In his natural tono ot volco.
i- "Wilt you 'avo a loaf, sir, or honly n fow
H" Bllces?'" asliod the cirl villi u Klaueo Unit was
evidently ostimatinu his appotito irom his tize.
'.. As tho full leturns cauia in from both sec-
H tlons ot tho train, tho amount of tho damuce
H ' dono toeiilish bunrtsln Illinois during jostor-
'f day afternoon's trip by tho culliint br.'nosund
their giddy bnduch turns out to exceed tho first
M-'i estimates. To state it brielly. Tammany
H"r. masbod a brouct bolt right across tho btato
'. from Hast St. Louis to Loi'.iusport. Ind. Bweut-
f, lioiirta. and perhaps nfuw wncs in Now Voik.
H - Iinve just catiso ot ofToueo against several hun-
t dred pairs of bright oyos in thnt devastated
H bolt. To mention names would be unfair, and
H perhnps uusafo, but (or tho benefit of the New
- York sneothuarts it may bo romnrkod that any
brnvo who cannot produeo his bndao when ho
j gets homo is opon to suspieion. Tho badges
H were tho wampum which theso hnvnges of
tho metropolis oxehanccd for kis.-es. Tho
H rnto of exchange was at llrst a badge, for overy
B kiss, but as tho braves reulizod tho extont of
K tho demand prices becumo stilTer, and it took ,
M four or llvo, and If tho girl was less beautiful
M than Langtry, oven moro kisses, to purchnse
ono of tlio bits ot old ribbon. At Attica one
'Tnmmnnyite. whom It Is unnecessary to iden-
m tity further than to say that It was not Mr. John
B U. Campbell, private secrotaryto Flro Com-
zniBsioncr Crokor, was bebought by a fair maid-
M on for his badge.
B "Oh. I couldn't let you havo that; it's tho
, only ono I hnvo."
, " llut 1 want it go much."
W "I can't give you this, but I'll get you ono,"
eaid tho man. who was not 51 r. Campbell, ro-
m momboring whero a tlrod brave was sweetly
H Bleoplai; in one of tho cars. It took but u mo-
m -. ment to hnvo tho badge safely rnmoved from
m tho slumbering breast, and hardly longer to cot
' It dangling before tho eyes of the Attica clr).
B " Do you want It V"
"Oh. yes!"
"Will you pay tho penalty?"
H "I'd I'd loe to havo It so much."
M- "Four kisses?"
, "Ob, no: not four."
m : Thoy compromised on two, but the man who
mi Is not for Mr. Campbell says itwould htuebcen
x four if from a dark car window a harsh voice
IT, bod not sung out:
j "Oh. Johnny, wait till I tell somebody in
k How York about this."
tr AtDocatur a plump and pleasing girl stood
Mi noar nn agod woman near the train. Tho girl
B ' wanted a badgo, but the brave was shy.
i i "These badgos are worth something," he
' taid.
' " I know Bomothinc that's worth more."
, "VhatV"
; "Give me tho badge."
. Tho Tammany man was pinning it on ber
'f Ireast, when tho middle-aged woman took the
K alarm and callod:
; "Hnlly, como right here."
M : " Yos, ran, in a minute."
' " Sally, do you hear mo ? I want you."
m. "Yes, ran: I'm n-eomin."
B, But sho didn't get thoro until a sound strange-
B. Jx like a smack had shocked the evening air.
;, At Uanvlllo the station was desorted ot girls.
H Itseems that thoBum ltandall Club of I'hlla-
B, phla, pusslng through lust ahead, had carilod
H., off several of tho girls who bud been induced to
cit on tlio cars, and tho reit of tho girls had
h Jled homo.
m Tho Kings County Democracy stole somo
? Tammnny thundor at Attica. Tho good people
H'-t thoro bad turned out to tho number of li.UUO,
M yillu u band and a company of artillery, to sn-
A. Juto tho Tammany train, Tho Kings county
H train ran nhead or Tammany, and boloro the
r people know the dllleionco all tho powder had
i: lieon used up and tho band hnd playod Itself
BbVIi out In honoring Kings county. Th station on
v tho Cnuudn sldo neur. tho Clifton liouso
I vaa rcutlied at i V. M. and a Hop
of ten mlnutos made. Whllo tho dele-
catcs stood on a platform and viewed
f Niiignra, Commissioner Crokcr, Alderman
" l'llzslmonG, Alderman Storms, and James
, Martin lolt the party. They did eonio high uiid
s Jolty tumbling down a stoup dit t umbniikmont,
and took tho lootpjlli down to the loot bridge.
HV. Ou tho way one or tho Cauadlnn gtddes en-
S . tlcod theni (nto uiidortakliu tho trip under tho
K falls. Thuy weio tal en into ailim room, whom
J jrrotosquo fabrications ol jollow rubborwoio
T on tho wnll all about, like jnundhed ghobtu
bung up to ih y. Commissioner Croker plunged
into one of thothingi llrst, and, niter a severe
5 Fctamble, stood erect in (lowing trousers, a
i j'oat ample ouoiigli for three, and a peaked
J hood, nil of tho yollowcstklndof yellsw rubber.
':' lixcept lor the color and material of tho cus
ifr tume, ho was a good imltutlon of Dr. Isaao
? Haosiiibearehol tho north pole. The rest of
;i the purty, bolng less MocMly proportioned than
i tho Commissioner, appeared eien moro ub
l? Burd, and when all was done thoy looked at
r) each other for a moment, and the Commis-
6 Bloueroxclulinod:
, "I say, Martin, if I look as bad as you do
S Bhovnino ovorbourd whou we got down there,
f. won't you V",
y Tim trip down the o!eator to the foot of tho
'i falls and along the narrow footpath to the edgo
of tho I'litaraet as nithnut incident, At last.
when nbout to go under the nutor. tlio guido,
'' having told all hie regulation yarns nbout the
I height, depth, and general nnlulnets nf tho
, fulls, stood ready, but nobody seemed to bo in
i a hurrv to follow. Commissioner Crokor, us
bolltted the Buecossor of n lone line of bnchems
: that hauwieu'r liesltuted to ditro anyihlug.
t Btuppud to th front, nud niter that the test
woro ashamed to hoeltate. The little aseur-
- nlon ol thirty fcot or bo was nmdoj-ately. All
wero duly imprefcsod, except Mr. JIartln.
V Tfho thought ho was going, clear out undor
ft. the water, and declared . that it was
811 a beastly fraud.. When the party
ad stood about on tho si ppery rocks and lis.
taped to'some more of the guido8r&clous
tales, tboy returned and were met at the top of
jmllo and none of tho ladles were at all
After ngtonnt tho Clifton House, the Com
missioner and his party walked over tho foot
bridge, and nt tho American end mot n regular
mob of tho, Tammany braves, who lindlust
amed. having stnyodon tho train nnd crosse4
the river on tho cnntlloter btidgo. Tho tilbo
took possession of tho town nt onoo, nnd for
throo hours painted it n linndnnnn color.
The train loft for Now Yorknt7 o'clock, and
Is sehodulod tonrrlvo thcro nt 1(1 A. .M. to
morrow. All havo been woll aboard, oxeept
for u fow ensos of malaria caused by tho Ht.
Louis water, v.-hlch CoionerJIesfemorliBBBue
eonsfullv ntlnnded, Mr. Flower is not aboard,
having been compollod to remain In tst. Louis
to nttend tho organization of the nw National
Committee. Deputy Coroner Jenkins also ro.
ninlnod behind, nnd will go to his formor homo
in Mississippi boforo ho returns.
Tammany passecl tho .Kings county Domo
crntsnlMngara, Tho lirnoklyn men nrrlved
thoro forty-llvo minutes nhcnil of Tnuimnnr.
but wanted to stay lunger nnd did not lemn un
til fi o'clock. Tho Kings county mon hud been
leading tho procession homo front St. Louis,
nnd caught tho croam of tho applause of tho
peqplo along the route. Tho Kings county
train will follow Tammany closely nnd Mill nr
rlvo in Now York probably iibnut 9'i A. M. to
morrow. The bandanna ctaze has run ahead
of tho returning delegates. Thoy nro Haunted
from overv nilliond platform as the trains tins.
and from half the fnrm houen windows, livery
other shop In Niagara hail tho turkey red ban
ner of Ohio displayed for sale, and half tho
people on tho sttcots wnxo thorn.
K. Juno fl. The County Demoerncv irnln
hero at 10 I' St. . It Is running In
Kh. is. They will be Joined at IlulTnlo nt
pnesea Trtvo in Now YorK nt nbout 1 to-
two ssotli.. n. (ol. Fellows, Clark l'nnny,
1 A, M OUa .. ''it Colemnn, nnd Major
morrow aftiirDv train. Col. Fellows went
Ktroet CommUslo. inl business. Clnrk
Duffy nro not on tho . 'sMislppI to New
to Jllnnesotn on temo. "rkliy water.
Fenny Roes down the .. rorrlloryto
V,rlPnu?: lotnmlng to NW. V,ow.i
Major DulTv went to the rttdmrt 'or
study fiontlor tncllcs. and Mr. CMltim... "'
,Vnn7 Jr it short Mslt. lt" , .
In Ohio, Illinois, and Indlnnn. TlVn wlirdh
country seemed to bo now with Thnrmin
wearing them, and in one lutg.i town nliimo
bandanna was I oatlng from tlii "tniiofni ! . n
Murphy LoKinn met with a warm rocontion
y,p,7whoie. Wlienmer the train "toppoTlt?
Ji" ' Ncnur?od martial airs, nrou" iu wild
m'S,SI11 "f1' lindng cheors for tho ticket
At Indianapolis Gov. (Jrny stood at thnilnnnt"
i!!.c!Lon8 .' ' nnocriitle success were greeted
by three times three. Tho ltullananolls l)nmn
another special, which overtook Itnt cio?efand
W3Z. 11. gttACB llltST 3IAK ItACK.
"ottimnnr nnd tountr llemoeraer Co.
The V ArrlTo To.,l,.
Grnco Bot back from St. Louis
William B. . '' of 'ho K? ot n world nnd
lnstovcnlntf.lhu. rc,at ?eck ;" no other
immediately went to ho found about town.
Convention' goer Wn to "fh to-dny, for tho
But thoy will be plenty OTu ' Grand Cenlral
Tammany hpeclnl will get to U ' County Do
Depot early In tho day, ftfid th "Meet of n
mocrncytiain byl o'clock. The p band
reception to their pnssongors, with bfftB n,
oscort from tho big shod in Forty-spcoild slr '
was givon up, but in many of tho districts !
coptlonswlll ba given to tho delegates lrithd .
The Klovonth District Clevolnnd Club, whoso
transperaney was stretched nt 419 Fourth ave
nue on Thursday afternoon, completed its or
ganization last ovoning. Augustus T. Docharty
is l'resldont nnd Edward W Inslow Geer nnd
Christian F. Bode Secretaries. Abrnra Ber
nard's resolutions were enthusiastically adopt
ed. They endorsed tlio wise, consistent, and
patriotic courso of President Cleveland and
pledgod to tho wholo ticket unswerving, enor
gotlc, and hearty support.
To 'Welcome Ktnjn Conntx'a SeIe:ntlon
Tho Kings county delejjntes to tho St.
Louis Convention, nnd tho big contingent of
the kings County Democratio Club which ac
companied thorn, aro to recelvo a hearty wol
como on thpir roturn to Brooklyn to-day. Al
derman John JlcCarty, Tax Collector Alden 8.
Swan, nnd public Administrator George B.
Abbott compose ho commlttoe which has
cbargooftha reception, nnd. with n couploof
hundrod solid Domocrats, will boon baud at
tho foot of Fulton street when tho boat with
the St. Louis delegation on board nrrlvos this
ntteruoon. A prncossion, bonded by nu ocort
of mounted policemen nnd tho Fjghtlt ltegl
ment band, will bo formed, nnd tho lino of
march will bo up Fulton Btreot to Hicks, to
Ficrrepont, to Ilemscn. to Court, to Joralemon,
to Fulton, to tho headnuartorj of Kingi coun
ty's triumphant Democracy in Jefferson Hall,
whero pictures of Clo eland and Thurm.iu will
bo uneiled. A rod hot Democratic canvass
will at once lie begun in Brooklyn, and cnriicd
on until tho close of tho polls In Novembor.
Tho first Clovnlnnd nnd Thurmnn club has
boon organlzod by the Fourth ward Domo
crats. Thomas Carborry Is l'resldont. Tho
members will nil carry bandannas.
At a meeting hold in Jefferson Hall last
night, it was announced that tho delegation
bad reached Buffalo and was liming n royal
tlmo In C!e eland's home. It was added that
it might be expected in Brooklyn nt 11 o'clock
this morning.
Tbo UatiRChaietti Republican Delegation
at Hen.
Boston, Juno 8. Nearly nil tho Massachu
setts delegates to Chicago and several mem
bers of tho Btato Central Committee uinod to
gether in this city this nlteinoon nnd in
formally dlscussod candidates. An effort was
made to unlto tho delegation on some ono man,
but tho attempt failed. Tho delegation is di
vided In its preferences between Groshnm,
Shermiin, Hnrron, nnd Dopow. It was
thought that Depow might become tho general
choice, but it may bo said authoritatively that
the dolog.itlon cannot be united In his favor.
Tho delogatns failed to make cholco of a Chair
man, and this mnttor. with that of the cholco
of acandldnto. will bo furthor considoiod soon
after arriving ut Chicago.
Burnt Democrat Hallly the Namlaatloa.
Buffalo, Juno 8 Tho Democracy of
Buffalo hailed the nomination ot Cloreland
and Tburman by a great demonstration to
night All clubs turned out in uniform, and,
with bands nnd flroworks, procoedod to tho
Erie depot. Owing to delay of trains in Ohio
the delegation fnllod to arrivo on tlmo Hnd the
clubs returned to the Erie County Committee's
headquarters. An open nlr mooting was held.
It was opened with an address by Juntos
Mooney, ex-1'rcsldent ot tho Irish National
League, who four yoars ago was opposed
to Mr, Clovolund. Ho was followed by
Daniel Lockwood nnd George Hupp. Tho nu
dlcnro was ontbuslastlo nud chcerod every
mention ot Cloveland and Thurmnn.
The Oregon Election.
PonTLAND. Or., Juno 8. Unofficial roturns
froinDcntoa county giro Hie following L'uurrtu Tote:
llinamn. 1.217; (icarln. (Ol. In TUUmoolc the vote
wait Harnianu. 301 1 (iejirln. ao5.
Ifto Oregon itelesallon to the Krriub'.lCAn National
Convention wilt Mart tor Chicago htinday eTenlnr.
June IU It la underaioort the membrrant the dele.
lion hare no dectdeu ureterrnce (or at,; candidate, but
are ytry rai orubly Inclined toward Judfe OrtBtiaia.
Ur, Jtnberta's Tdrnurinhproof Itent
Fnm the LaGranqt Graphic.
Mr. J. R. lloliorla, who lives nomo clfftit
miles i,outli of town, tolls of a jiccutlur ineldont
of the storm which visited his place on Thurs
day. The HouiMWisn foariul one, and oery
house un UU placo was blown down except his
dwelling. In ono of the outhouses ho hud an
old hen totting on fifteen eggs, tho net bolng
In a hamper basket on somo cotton seed. The
roof nnd hides of the houteweio blonn away,
nieces going tlireo-lotirths ot n mllu. In tho
hoiifo wero a number of sneks of cotton seed,
a hull sack guano, and some loose cotton, all
of which wero blown away. But tho basket In
which tho hen was hitting was not moed.
Everything was blown from around It, but tho
ben did not oven leavo hor nest, nnd remained
on her oggs until mocd out ot tho ruin by Mr,
Not 'Wholly it Muitir or Nerve.
Front the Eprtncjltld Kepulltcan.
Now York's remarkublo Mayor refused to
allow a salute to be tired in City Hull Park to
celebrate Cleveland 6 reuomlnallon, nnd thus
Sites bis critics another opportunity to call
im a crank. Ho explains thnt thd permit
could only bo allowed on the sanction ot the
Park Commissioners, and this was not secured.
Mill th no is a suspicion that if the Executive's
enthusiasm for Clovolund had boon ns lively as
when be " nulled off his coat nnd elected the
Piesidenfthe guns would hao been llrod nnd
Mr. Hewitt's superscnBlthe nervos would havo
borno tbo noise without harm.
Wedding Gucili Urovvurd.
frtm the tl louli Glow DtmoaaU
Wistnat, Neb., Juno 5. Tao ferrylxiat nt
this place capsized in themtddleof thoKlkhorn
Itlverthls afternoon with tho family of Ferdi
nand Matthes, as they wero returning from the
wedding of his son. The mother and on
daughter wero rosoued, but a son. daughter.
ne nnd Ilia lYIenda Rctnrntuc o Ilnltlmnre
Irom Annupatla When tho Acelilent Oc-cnrrrd-Atl
Keteiieil r.acrpl Mr. Gnrrett.
BALTiMonn, Juno C T. Harrison Garrett,
a brother of Ilobort Gnrrott nnd manager of
tho banking firm ot Robert Garrott .t Sons of
tIAaclty, was drowned last night in tho Tatapsco
Hlvor. HIsynoht.thoGlonm. In which ho nnd
a party of friends wero coming to Baltimore
from Annapolis, whoro they went yostorday to
soo tho oxorclses nt tho Naval Acadomy. was
run down off 8o en Foot Knoll by thostenmer
Jpnpn and sunk, being struck nmldihlps anil
nlmost cut In two. All hands on the Gleam
wero rescued oxeept Mr. Gnrrott, who was seen
by n pnsengoron tho Joppa to fall overboard.
Tho guests of Mr. Garrett woro Gon. K. Hnow
den Androws, n stock broker of this city with
oxtcnslvo Now York connections: Georgo A.
von Lingen, tho German Consul nt Baltlraoro:
Joslniu G. Harvej. President of tho Western
Nntlonnl Bank, nnd William II. Blitckford.
pnny. The slonmor Sue. Cnpt. GeoEhogan.
took thorn from tbo Joppa. with Cnpt. Torry
and ciow of tho Glonm and brought them to
tlds eitv. Tho Jopp proceedo I down tho bay.
ihestowant of tho Oloam b.i8 that tho last
mo ho saw Mr. Garrott he was standing on
the nftordeck of tho Oleum, near whero tho
Joppa struck her. Mr. Gnrrott grabbed tho
chains of tho Joppa, which woro lmnglngdowu.
nnd called the rest of his party to follow him.
Hotredtoelmbun tho sides of tho stoumcr,
I but tho chains and nboat gavo way nnd Mr
"rrott fell overboard with them. Tl, oi,..n.,i
'io Joppa backed off just ns Mr. Gnrrott
i-i',1 i . " nftor ho struck tho yacht, and
or ?l.& ton.. re"'r;a" c;;0" f " to ro-
1 hor Cnptnfn and . ,,lt"1 -l- 0oghegan
I cover tho body f Mr. . "(l ocn savod
sayathat Mr. Garrett co. rtyit.
had ho rematLtd aboard tht, '"C account of
From Gon. An 'Uows the follow. Elision oo
tho accident was obtained: ' The e. party
cttrrod nt 10:30 P. " u.1roro,tt pnm :
was assembled in tho cab n ,0,f.t t UUto
was stretched on a sol. '" '?n
, sleep. Wo heard two bin. 8 JftfaS
whistlcnnd Mr. Garrett. Mr. "" L. ?' ""d
11.-. Blackford wont forward to i ' . hj TP.,u.
Thb.ro wero two blasts from n sten. ,mendous
In a f mlnutos there was n tri .. Tho
crash nn.'! I was thrown ncross tho cabl.. ' iUBt
Joppa hat.1 struck us on thu port sldo.
abaft tho smokestack, and cut us near.,
in two. Whn tho collision occurred Mr.
Onrrott ran nfi. and called to us to como
on dealt, that tin' yacht was sinking. Ho
thenKrabbei.' the lunchor chains of the Joppn
and called on us to como thnt way Just then
the Joppa, wh tc!i had rovorsod hor engines,
hacked clonr l f tbo Oler.m, pulling down as
she did so tho no n U(mt of, tho yncht, which was
I swung rfsht iilm "gslde whero Mr. Gnrrott wuh
standing. i0 -,.,, eithericrkedovorboardiind
swopt awny by t, u ' .wvash ot the wheels or
struck by tho inlllm ont anil rendered uncon
"lous. As I run J, .1. 'ck I hoard como ono snr
., -rboaril,1 urj,j f , 'aught up llvo deck
0. and thr.- th ,m 0,el' '" Morn.
cliKltk -tipa thcA " -a "U" up alongside
Tlrff, Mr. vor. r". -ii wn two senunts
ngilln, hfls , JnrJiU ck br tho chains,
climbed :( . ??! -. 'ho crew lowered
CanuTorrdy- snp " W Irttun. nud they
tho bfarlioarif ir,n r;f ip . 'ord got into it.
with MA Haryey fi I Mr. Hfuvn ipcd in. Tho
As they onmo ntotyastorar th iost cot ered
stern of the Glrarh, .HJS t'CT so. 'pjpg steam
with water, and tho "Mj.M nn. from the
VTas deafenirtit. .iic.w S;"M Vs boat to
yacht and wero tJ.",eri ip,t,0, tho -Jpsri un bolore
tho steamer. It ytiT a-insldtrablo A fter wo
wo could got on Li.'tuq Joppa . deck I
reached her side. As soc-u .' jret on of Mr.
onorod a reward of f 3.000 for tud fsSM tilted
Garrett nllvc. Tho two small bohra o y 0f
nround for throo hours in tho viciuJl of
tho accident, but could seo notaln iCk
Mr. Gnrrett. At nbout Hi or 2 oeK iL.
wo weto transferred to tho stcamoi' v
and came up to iho city. hocral :u
passengers and ono gentleman from tho Joi?
camu up albo, being badly frightened by tL
nccldentand unwilling to continue thu trVv
Cnpt. Torrey and tho crew ol tho Gleam nctou l
with great coolness and nresenco of mind. Tho
CnDtnlu kont calllm: renontedlv to ns not to bo
filghtoned, that tho vessel had water-tight
cbmnnrtnients and would not sink. Alter tbo
nccl9,nt an officer of the Joppa said that they
hnd le" the channel, seoingtho Gleam's lights,
andEuppHsing her to bo a larger vctsel they
dt;QW tp orjt tdo to gho hirr, as thoy supposed,
the betic(lt,fii t:5rr water." ,
Gen. Andicwji .vfu". in bod all tno morning.
nr.dBurTorarron) ihtf d)oik and exposure.
Ho got .,. Si ', tffKlhM ((?) was so hoarso
thin I'uatiilngthAtho coulihfit SPfak above a
whisper. Mr. von Lingen. when k reached
home,' was very much prostrated, sna was
sleeping soundly all tho morning. Shortly bv
foro noon a heavy pleco of Crapo was put on
tho door of tho bnnkfmr iouso of Garrett .t
Sons on South street. President Spertcer this
nftornoon directed that tho B jltlmoro and Ohio
Contral building shall bo draped In mourning
in respect to the memory of Mr. Garrett. Tlio
flags on tho buildings of the Maryland Cluly I
and tho Mnrehnnts Club, of both of whkh or- '
ganlrntions Mr. Gnrrett was a member, wero ,
also displayed ut hull ninor. Mr. (iitrrctt was
about 4U j ears of age. Ho wnsvory popular,
and was noted for his deeds of charity, which
have been numerous. Many prominent men
called nt tho banking house this morning to
express sympathy.
Thomas l'otter. the colored steward of tho
Oleam. who raw Mr. Garrett full Intothn water.
Bald this morning that when the collision oc
curred ho was standing by tho utter com
panlonwny. Honddod:
"Mr. Garrott was Btnndlng near tho pilot
bouse. When tho Toppn struck us amidships
on tho port sldo ho walkod aft and took bold of
tho nnc hnrchnln with his right hand, putting
his feot upon tho rnll back of tbo yaw) boat.
'Como on, gentlemen.' be erlod to tboo in tho
cabin, 'and let's got aboard this other boat.' At
this moment tho Joppa backed away from tho
Glonm. As she did so Mr. Gnrrett lost his hold,
which did not appear to mo to be very llrm. on
the chain, and foulnto tho unter with tlio yawl
and Itn davits. 'I flat was the last wen of him."
Mr. Gnrrott was manager of tho firm of ltob
ert Garrott A Sons, which was founded by
Itobcrt Garrett, his trandfather. He married
Miss Whltrldgd. and has two sons. Mr. Garrott
was n member df tho Maryland Club, and ono
ot tho directory of tho Bnltimoro and Ohio
llallrond. He was said to bo asplondld swim
mer. Ho was n largo, llhd-looklng roan, and
wolghod 250 pounds. His brother, ltobort Gar
rett, is Btill In Europe. Mr, Garrclt residod nt
"Evorgrcens." his rosidence on Charles Btreot
avenue. His library is the Inrsost prirato col
lection In tbo State, embracing works of tho
tho rarest nnd most unlnun character, and tho
most complete blbllogiuphy of tho Daltlmnro
and Ohio liallroad to Ijo lound in the country.
Tlio collection of uutogiiiph letters which ho
owned is ununuiilly large and interesting, con
taining letters of mnuy historical personages
from Washington to the present day.
Tho nowof tho untimely death of her hus
band was broken to Mr. Garrett shortly altar
tho arrival in Baltimore this morning of tho
parly who wero with Mr. Garrett when
tho collli-Ion otcunod. Sho Is completely
prostrated. A eablo despatch has been
r.ent to J. Kwnn Frlck, u brother-in-law of ltob
ert Garrott and a member of tho pnrty now
with him in Europe, it was addressed to the
Hotel Blistol, Pat Is. Another was sent to
Southampton. England, lo William 0, I'riok,
Robert Gurrett's fntber-ln-law, who, with his
daughter, Miss l.b'.zlo I'rlek, sailed last Satur
driv from Now York to loin the Gnrrott purty
In Paris. Mr, l'rlck will reach Southampton
Tho (Ileum was built byHorreshoff. Rliowns
of nbout sixty tons burthen. 11U fret loiigiuid
If! feet wido, a ml tnry frail looking. Notwith
standing, (dm hits several times made thu out
side trip Irom Baltimore tu Now York urutind
CnpoCliatles. During thu Internationa Irogattn
Inst ycni Mr. Gnnett and uimrtynl guebtswent
to Now Voifc In her, ThoGlcnm bail alsomado
trliistutlio et Indies. A wrecking machine
started for tho Mono of the accident this morn
ing nnd will rttlso the sunken essel.
A bont nrrlved from tho Bcetio of the wreck
this nfternnnu nnd reports Hint nothing linn
boen seen of the body uf Mr. Garten, nnd Hint
the boat which fell from the (Ileum' sldo
nnd carried Mr. Gnrrett with it is also nilslug.
Tho Captain ot tho Jwa has not been hoard
Irom. Ho has not ti'legrophod to the office of
his company here, although bo was to make
several stops whom he could havo communi
cated with Baltimore.
llloceome I'rortuce nn Epidemic
from the Atlanta coiutttultoji.
" Do ynu know what makre liny fitieh an
unhealthy month In Atlunta?" asked a citizen.
"Why it is nil on account of thine abominable
nllnnthustreos. In 1H7H thoro vvnsnnordlnanco
to have ihem nil cut down and allow no moro
to be planted, but still they llonrtfh ami bring
sickness and death. Marls their full bloom
ing time, nnd consequently everybody Is slek
during thnt month. Tho flower Is rank polbon
to children and to adults having any kind ot
membranous trouble."
Jfuletde ol Murdereea In bar Cell.
rroM the ittnneapotu Journal
Lincoln, Neb., Juno G, Mrs. Glverton, a
prisoner In the penitentiary, committed sui
cide Sunday night by cutting her throat from
ear to ear with a coseknlfs. The woman lived
on the frontier In Cotter County, last fall, where
-l.. .eag. tfr .g..ftf lli niT7 iMrfiaar aha
MIm Tennis Caaraberliiln ts Hall To-dar for
no Mnmmrr nemon In JCnatnnd.
Amonff tho persona rcrlstcrod nt tho Vic
toria Hotel on Thursday wero Wra. R Cham
berlnin. Mrs. Chnmborlaln. nnd Miss Chambor
Inln of Clevolnnd. Thoy nro not Infronuont
visitors to Now York, nnd for sovoral yoars
past have stayed at tho Victoria for a fow days
at this season of tho year. They nro on tlitlr
way to Knglnnd, whero they pass tho summer
fn.nhn-M'',?. Je1nls Chnmberlnln has won
miioh fnmonbrond nsnn Amorlenn beautr.
n.i.li?J,nWJr,of Mr- Chamberlain wcroling
r2..,mvM,hllt!ll3,'andfiitlioratHl father eatnn
from Vormont, Miss Chamberlain was born In
' 1 N
Clovelnnd twonty-thrco yoars nco, nnd In hor
girlhood utti acted attention by hor btnuty.
lour -y fivo years ago rJm bicnmo h tinmdnent
I figure .Hi thp cli elo or high Jinllh soclotr. nnd
was roci.'gnl.ted ns a leader wherever she wont.
Tho fault. T spends mucn of tho Btimmor near
Bnudrlngh tin, nnd Mies Chnmborlaln is in con
stant domnOd ns n guest of tho nobility. It vuis
said at ono Umo that Prineo Albert "Victor,
eldost eon of ti w l'rlnco or Wnlos, was a suitor
for hor hand. It Is not ulnne her natural
beauty that has ohnrmod ho manv persons In
distlngiilslied ICiiL'llsh Bociety. for to her beauty
Ins Chauborlain liaBiulded tho channsjof
J-. '"ct broidlngnm'JntoUigentillscour&o.
p Wsn Chamberlain Is a Idondp. Her com-
Ln rincVd 'V red lips i-Jid rosy chcek-s. Long,
?ntin InsUoa droop o-.vr ,hr bluo oyo. Hor
fcc?i is lMit brown, onil In tho sunlight It Is
ft"' McA'doa. Hnr featured aro regardod ns
1irassie G redan mould, nnd herllguro Is
I l Vud criiceful. An Hoglish pnlntcrmndo
siondft. 7atiorj and socurcd the most lucrntivo
his ropn. bacivuso of n portrait ho painted of
u.entnge -ulptor achieved Httlo less success
"er, nnd a sv i)Ubt of her. Tho accompanying
i. o marble -ntlino copv of a photograph
by e is nn v -obn, tho Ixjndon court tho-
pictu 'MoiidelSv mberlslns will eall lor Lu-
tnkon P. Tho Chi. thoEtruiln.
togiapliei. "moon by
roremisau, . . uomltXa.
"OTTOWAT-' " Wallace
Snrlpea. the Xen-aboy In . '
ol Vrilllauitbara...
Jack Bnmpsey was to lo tho rofeiO''" ff) ,
prize fight which doubtless took place ei.rV.
this morning botwoon tiwipes tho Nowsboy and
yourn; Monk Wallaco of Wllllnmsburgh. Tho I
young ones wero to fight for tho dolectatlon of
a crowd of sporting Californinns nnd u purso
of 4300. in a resort back of Calv ary Cemetery.
Tho gathering of n crowd of Bports In Jack '
McAuliffo'B saloon. 125 Ornnd streot, Williams
burcmnndlho grouping of conches in North
First street, near the Bodford avenuo polico '
station, aroused tho suspicions of the police,
nnd word way lelophoned from Hand- ,
quarters to nil tho polico stntions to
ook shnrp for a pilre fight. It was ascer
tained nt midnight that tho holding of th
coaches near ho polico station was Intended I
In.Trle,V tlio polico. for whllo thoy S '
J'?'11"' thorn the crowd booked for tho light I
oto tho ground without attracting attention.
llsndiH,erh0"5rf'vor "'.younir Monk of Will
llamsburgh. He Is a resilient of the north f.'.lo,
where Jack Dompsov and Juck Mc tnlliTn
passed their bpyliood davs. The ftahtvvlll bo
;l'ei'coVern'ln''g?m'1'' k" c!' e J"lerry
Tbo Ialbmua Ship lSnllwuy.
e Kads Concession Company, which ro
CJU 'rm the Mexican Government tho right
to cro "" ,ho l8tI,rallB f Tehunntepoc with a
ship ral. 'Wfty' hcld u m(,"uc yesterday nt 113
Hudson s. 'r,-ot-Jersey City, for the purpose ot
taking actlv '" "'"."y0 .! transferring rights
nnd mercin-1 eU lnto th(! ! Atlantic und Paelflo
Kb i ItaltwkV . 1ln"'l"-- whicn is composed in
Uo'inaiAT. tiio MT ffrS'ii '" J'
Cuncivsi-in Como. H' ,ial',eta feinting to tho
Atluntio and Paellle VPJPany will, it is said,
proceed wlih tho bul. fe,0' ' railway, a
construction company .v. FB ?Pn,te,mPI,fJ -do
tho actual wot k. Ano. "", ,m.0-'tlna wi I be
held to-day. CoUBiderablo 'J1 mis been done
on tho railway In order to . ttuia tho coi.ceb
ulons made. v.
CrenUInc the ISrnnco-i.
i!rom the tltrtrer Prett.
, Fully KK) pconlo watched tho oGiiboy
trc-iking Montana horbes josterday nftornooii
nt th- Houth St. Paul stock varus. An onclo
saro about tho hIzo of a city uiuare, known n't
Pen o. V. was used for tho purixo, nnd tlio
soft S'Uid of Its Interior snonvd to bo ;u Iho
maU'Xtal foru tbrovyri rider to land In. lex. nl
thougji ibsi broncos bucked and tv iF'"l them
selves Into nlmont Incoucolvablo positions, tho
cowboys stuck to them without a fall.
Tho method pursued was thRt of lotting tho
unbroken hotso run through tho ulloy Into tho
encloture. As ho clcurotl tbo gate a mounted
covtbo roped hlin, throwing tho noobo around
the hlad leg or mound the nick, uhlchdver
seemed most desdrablo. Thon the cowbot's,,
borsu stood ilgld. us ho has learned to do by
oxporieno,i, until tho bronco renchod tht
length of I vo rope, thirty to forty fcot, whon he
generally tujnbled into tho sand in a very pro
miscuous moiuer. .
Aftor a fow uraps ho became more manage
able and followed tho cowboy to tho trainer,
who threw him, Jlod him, und when ho became
nnho submissive nut tho saddlo on him nnd
took n ridt . It wo,s thon thnt the Intorest ot
the Bpoctatoru was melted tho most.
Huch bucking nud jumnlng the majority hnd
never seen before, and when, at tho close of
half nn hour of training, the livoly steed can
tored gracefully abuul tho enclosuro the spec
tators sent up fiuch chipping of hands that
tho cowboys tried the broucos again and
As horses are boginnlng tonrrlvo nulto froely
the cowboys will niko ndvantngo of the lino
bundaynflernoons. and have their oxcrclso in
a munner that will attract tho visitors.
A Horae Die at tllcbt nfon j:ieitannt,
From the Kew llatitn tnlnn.
Wlilln John Donnan, a iillkman residing
at 281 Kast street, was roundini: tho corner ot
Commerce und West Water streets, near tho
Derby depot, this morning nt 7:110 o'clock, hia
horso bocume irlgutenod at somo of toio
paugh's olophants which were p-ibtlng. In tlio
midst of its hcuro tho animal roso up on his
hind legs nnd thon fell to tho ground dead.
When Adnm Foropuugh came aiong ho hnld
such things woro of fienuont occurrence, and
placod mi ordor for t50 in Buuunn's pobsouslon.
A Scliooner'a Tapmnat In ber Kjc.
From the ilerldm Journal
Miss Etta Graham, daughter of Benjamin
Graham of Meriden, met with a, peeullur acci
dent Tuesday. Mho was stooping duwn from
tlio pluno stoul for somo music when her houd
came In contact with a throc-mnhted mlnlnturo
schooner, and the sharp edgo ot thu must peno
trutod tho wlilto ot ono of her eyes.
Itoliblns bla llrulher.
Albert Wood, n slxtecn-yenr-old stroet
looseer, who Uvea at SUA Wt.t l'iti.flra: ttreet, climbed
through a lull wlnJovr Into ttm roouu of Ida frown
brother. Jauif Wood, nt Mo Writ Trenty-eli(htll ftrf ct
rn 1 nunulay and tol a rnhl watch nd chain and a lot
t other Jewelry audruve moa cri. known tollia
pulleo na "countrr," iq pawn, palei'lllta Jlaeaaii4
limior UiaHrtt Thlriieiti aireet natlo.i inutlu jcumt
W i,ui last ntiht and col the pawn ItcVeta. The boy wm
locked lip In u celt
Hector de Snnvedra Hudlr Hurt.
Hector do Baavedra of C2 West Twelfth
treet went driving In Central I'art lat evenlnir wlih
Arthur Boler of the Buckinnbam Hotel. They were in a
lUht wazon with a double team. Ur. Kolrr hehl the
relm. In the eaat drive, oni.oi.il firventr-ninth airroi.
the horea iwerred. turned, an I uiaal the waion. Jlr
ne Saavedra fall on hla head, and mite red eoneuanton o(
the brain. Mr. Boler etcaped wll'i rlllht Injuries. Mr.
da Baavedra wn laken to the I'reth) Icrlan HoipltaL
A Tarrlrr la at J.ancn.
Tollce Captains havo lots of o.ueer missives
lent thtm from cltliena who hare loit Illicit One of
tin moil unique of recent eomraunlcetlona of ihl aort
la one that Captala rtellly reielvti UitTucaday. Here
"iVta Bial Pletae air warnlnt thai a little Vortrtlre
terrier, blue-crar baok. and Uihl gelden head and len,
witn black collar, tu which e.ra aitaohad two J) llllle
belle, b at Urf a. and Me U any ot the inea cau ftud him,
and okllae, alucanly yeura. , ,. -nr-j.
Olf MAUMUIC llltiATtllOtT.
The ' Jloetor rr.icll.e.l Upon Ml.. Terry In
Iho Ilnrk ni tn n,P n ,,, ni)l
KU.rd t.P nronil Dnyll.bl, hut Mr.
Icrry llinusht It . All Klubt.
SIlss Mlnnlo Terry's libel nult drew a blj
crowd to Judge Lawrence's court yostorday.
All tho parties Interested wero present, nnd
protyMr8.BlrjLor.tho medium who Is "con
trolled by tho spook Mollle, wntched with
groat nttontlon ovcry move In tho proceedings.
She was tho principal medium who brought
tho defendant In tho action In communion with
her dead daughter Kvn. thus furnishing tho
grounds for tho alleged llbollous letter which
occasioned tho suit. Mrs. Porlno. tho dofend
ant. sat In front of tho witness stnnd nnd tho
jury, nnd was bo cncrgotlo In rauto o.vnres
sionsof disapproval at statements of wltnossos
for tho prosecution that Judgo Lnnrenco
finally Interfered.
Tho defence llrst called Prnncls 8. Mnyncr.
who hnd visited tho Perlno homo nt Summit.
lloBiddltwns "n pretty genoral I nine for Dr.
Ierlnotok.ssllio ftlrlant tho place, but par
ticularly .Mrs. Jncobson nnd his othor nieces."
Ho belloved thnt the dentist's attentions to
Mi's Terry were such ns to Indicate lack of
chastity on her part. Judgo I,nwroneo ad
muted this ns evidence, aftor dlbcubtlon.
Lawyor Benn then called William C. Storey,
a young relative of MIssTeiry. by whom he
trim! to prove thnt Miss Terry's record for
chastity was not tho best. But Judgo Law
rence objected to tho personal ciuostlons put.
nnd tbo prosoentlnn nnlln.i ., i i n
aged 00 years, tho faihor ot tho complainant.
This wltnoss is deaf, your Honor." said
Lnwynr Abney.
"Only slightly so-only slightly so." sa'd the
witness, Hurriedly nnd emphatically. Mr.
a erry said that nt tho mountain homo Mrs.
lerine was to hnvo been made h medium, Dr.
lorino a mnguotlc healer, Miss Teny "a somo
thug or other, ho wasn't buro what," and him
self nothing. Ho Bald ho had been Dr. Perlno
of vvnltlng for tho Doctor when he c inin iirfm,,
a R 5 'V1 Wns 1,l!n n wins?" ilcomT 'ov
tIeatid'vTi,iu?erol!:9' !uld.' '", fnr hoTnew
!ul iilta, -loiry ns ho treated Mrs Nori
Jl'ils Terrv? iV vT"1" treatment which ho gavo
j mo AST sciiniSh, SrVf0 i'tW'
S' .md o50 'per "riW.J'Sla'Ilo
!lt1?r,JIVi1,il,',.0int mw,0'ton wve 1 hVr room
proM-nt .it tlio.iperntion. Dr. Krlno wont12
r rooni fop llWs purpose ptobnbl" twon ?
t ' i iIss 5orrr lnd trouhio with hor st'ino
!W "s.h d"I"""l"l additional1 malnoUc
. -Mttrnaii l"nld that Mrs. Pet ino's enmity to
Ul BI ,0l!ntnt.f W,a"Ul W"l",OCcVi
,lm .vai on nix ,n,'ilri! "IISV V 1i', last
,i,m ,, st boforo h '' to dm of M ss Tcrrv '
time I '"e Ccmplaln. ' ",n,,1I ip tallatc.il liy
in" n'tlmi to h-r huUia... "'J l.erent attitude
iSL imr tli.tt her own .. v ripieliuulb.'u.
j'. imi Wor i "'UHbiMid was blgb.. 'and nbout It
I-itiiini".,. 'uyrhetold her hub. and left,
liVlis,,ros.n, !., Dr. Perlno cot ut trunks
"hiVrouionShii oldMr.Torrytopnckhu ru
Ulnliret out it, 'tt.0I Saturday. aim hv
pi'le.frinT'lleoul, V?lSVlr Terry ,
'Jtiestionod by ,Iu Tl-.lium I?" la particular
e.vplnined that each, Vm ,m.i'' tl.it it was
snook who controlled . "'J"' "'fr '.ut "pol .
nlvvaysthis partl-ulnr l'n,t'' '' I- brough
first: and that ultcrtlm " a,').olr not . -i, any I
thotp wr.siisort of ve.cuuti .,"''"'' wn. iud
spliit might ring up tho lie "v"ly end a
f-poiik through the tclepliun-c i.ira lo , I
listener on the other end ot tho "inn-in wire.
Lawyer Ahnovbegnn u question. whir' Juico '
Lawrence inlemptcil I!ur ply by JlvUt
"I think wo'vo"'ial onotis: a ol that."
Tlio vvholo wtnfnl, tjplrltnnllRtB osfviitod,
burst Into a laiiijh. and M. '. Tct'ry wca4 nn to
i'f nhl oclflcnllv .tcnrly n 'cry twrcitwiit In
Mrs. Perlne'.s letter to Mr. C.irrftli. Knald
thnt Mrs. 1'oilne. ou V") r.c.u iou 01 ihnauaricl,
had thru.iti-ni'i! to Flap tils fnee. Mrs. pcrMn'
shook h."- head nnd hoVliii' vlgorourly. and
looked-blackly ut the jurv. Mr. Toixy Mnd that
Dr. Pcrlnn was " morn efllmiVi t V.mix his -Vlfo,
I nnd too easily iiifinuucod for btiorit good.'
hnoiiLincur Iho room wliere Jr. Porihe envo
JHsTorrv magm-tlu trentmeiit ,.ind at other
tinies romped with heron the b Hi, lie s.ild:
I can't wiv anything about it. ahoiooin
belonged to the women, nnd it didn't become
me. ns a mail, to bo in thute. r it the Doctor,
1 know, went in tht'e fieouently ."
He told Lawyer Lenn on cms s-oxnmlnntion
that his uaughtor hud kiss-ed Ur Potir.u. to his
knowledge, once in 1SS-1. In ld.S.-. bho had
kh-ed hlin -.ii twenty-live tiiunt . Ho couldn't
mako cstlnintcs nflor thai. Mi is Tcrrv is :!j
years old. lie hud told his d.u whtur of Mis.
i'erino chiirgi'H ngnliist her as mad to hlin.
Lui ho old not tell her not ti see Dr. Peilnii
n.1.in. Ho only told her to le cartful, hho
ivft nt to bonhim olteti sfterwnrii at his olllce.
)o jou think that dnrknesi Ih noaif-siiry to
bolnj," lunguctlcally treated T Lavryur Bonn
"I cn.it say that I d.V rwirerl Mr. Torrv.
Tho ijuo. lion v.es based ution Mrs. Perlnc'n
tohtimoiiy that Ur. I'orini'a magnotle treat
ment upon Miss Terry wa parlorm od in u
dark room.
"Don't jou .blnk It strnn;ro thar your daugh
ter should pnt'lally ttrip herself '.o bo mos
merizMdV" asked Lawyer Bonn. " 'Voven'l jou
nuspfcloiisv Di,l you mo no hirm. In vour
iliiugftter bolng s'toked nnd nmraoulated In
that way in a darkt ned room ?"
Mr. Terry saw no farm in iL I a nil that hnd
pnsted between tho two 3Ir. Terry hnd nover
Been anything but fatherly nml daughterly
reflection, lie Bald that Mrs. Perln romplninad
'lint her husband did not sufficiently attend to
li!"i business. f wits too fond of running
abGunltli thu girls nt tbo mountain home.
" M.'k, Perine did not go out to meet her hus
band Vi'sea h cam homo tirud." Haul Mr.
Terry, ";lod so I think tho girls were perfectly
instilled IifA'al ting for him nnd rumilngoirt anil
kissing him t tlio gate as thoy lUd." Podo
claied tlmthe jjicver told Mra. Perlno thnt sho
lied. aB sho linn iftlflnd.
"Hodldl He .WI Hedidr eaclnlmed Mrs.
Perlno eiiorgeticii'ly from hr rjhafr. shitltlng
her fan nt him vlol.'trtly at onch intorjoiJlon.
and thon Judgo LawiV'o interfered.
Thoro was iiulio a jutl. in court ns Utiss
Terry afllrmed und ioCi the sttml. fiho hnd
bem prompting tho lawf wlrtl hor firthor
tn'tltled, and hor father pro'Upi'ed film a,' eery
turn now, Shev.oma black IL dress, bmwii
and yellow check jRCket. and li'iick ehlulmt.
Hue Is sllin. with brown linlr auil eyes, and
looks ns old as hnr faihor says she Is. Sho
bald thnt when Dr. Pernio trentef her mag
netically, rlin look off her dtess i.od ccrts
and put on a lliiimel wrapper. Wlim. H ready
for bed she would go to tho doornmf -all lilm,
and thuu jump under the covets. She drrjures
that, he wus always gentlemanly with iter both
In her room and whon thoy had the trentinciit.
in tho sennco room. She admitted t.nu; Im
kissed her many limes, but sho swoio sho
never kissed hlin."
"os." she said, " I havo tint on his lap that
Is, he has drawn mo down ou his kueu just
the haul" as Iho other glrK"
Tlio trial will go on on Monday.
Father Koln.ln.kl'a Gelnrn to llefrolf.
Dirrnoir, Mich,, Juno a Two jouis and ono
Imlfapo rather Knl i.lnnUl. paitor ut 111. 1'olUH Catlio,
lie Church of Hu Albtrtuf. Mrat nccud tjf dlvora of.
fence an 1 deputed by UU'.iop llorscr-i. Aacrlcmf rloia
followed, In which rome bhisd ,v hed, ami Iho hole
town wm kept at a hlcti pitch o" cxcltemmt for luany
week! KolaMniklnualfr irrntto Ilakoia. lie left be
hind him here between nrXfand iOtio ailherenia, who
vowed not torbt tlllth'lr iiJvtor ,ra rclored tntheiu.
I.at wi-ek It vm aiinuiinred that Itlihoi llorrcia
wnulii otRilau Is m Allirrliu'a-criirch. .iiuif'-M Tuts
rati.ed Ihu Ivolavinakljua inn imu lutArititt. KolaylnoMl
was Rent tor niiu arrived ve.terdnr Ur bail a remark
utile reception. Ovur 0,000 I'tAtM Iial.'of litem uolilfn,
louslit with each othrr in kpI near tho tirlet, klffti'd tin
linn cf hlii trarnirnta ami ihr cround on ulucll he
waUrtl. ami iiroKtratfit i.mlvpf bi'foro hitn. A lot
of women, foutittur conililnivrl). ll!ld hhu iiimn llittr
f-boulder and bore hiui lo thepariih ichoolhouie.where
A levee wan brld
hoiailimLli-axhe will lie rrlnvtattd hy nuOiop Hnr-tret-t'.
nicc-"ir A rolllnlon u expecied tn ui-cur be
ivrernthe Kn'ia!niktanf and Pombrnnhkitei, who are
the Uuhop'a euji;ortera.
Rrernllmi or Ibr I.adlra Club,
Tho Ladles' Club connected witli tho Stnten
Uland Cricket Club, had lit openhia' aprinc reception
j-etierday ufiiri.oon. on the club a ciout.dk at Mvlnta.
ton. About W ladlta and Kciitleiuen were i retrnt.
Nra W, K. Ila, Idee. I'rtaltlcnt of the club, atilited by
Mr'. O. I. Urahcr, received llio gueat. ThtLadlca'l'luU
houie waa liandaolnely ilecofaled with tloweri an 1
hunilnir. six lennli i nurti were rreted in tlie croumls,
at Mtilcli prelir tflrlr lu light drnifa nnd aih r hat
enju)til tlirnipelirt iihh rarqutt and hall. Howard
Tayen and MUa vVard were inatciiad aaatnat ! W. nb
enm and Mt. Itntihiton ror a frleustr buut at trnnl.
air. hlocumanj MIm ltobln.ou are two of last year',
champion. Ther beat Ihelr opponcnta twice. A band
of mniio helped to enliven Ihe occatton. Amoor thoae
Sreient were Mr. and Mra. ileorro Wl'llam Curdi, Mrv
rrll WlUon. Mra. Uoyd. lira. K. 8r. John Jteuley, Mra.
Moller. Rrauvi'linn. MUa Wlnian, Mra. MarauTal.
rt,MJj.yanJiptfIarrj MltaWard, ' Mlw rtclo, Mit
tNxo im; taunt nirKit,
Mi a, OeorBfi IX .Innr. e eU. to Tad Her Do.
meattc Ifnhnpplneia.
A richly dresfed womnn Jumped from tho
fotrybont Hoboknn of tho Dolavvore, Lacka
wanna nnd Western Bnllroad, orj horOW o'clock
trip from Now York lust night, when tho boat
was In mid-stream. She was attended by a
colorod maid who Bcrenmod loudly for holp.
I'llot MoMullln jumped overboard, nud
caught tho would-bo suicldo by tho hair. Ho
held her head nbovo water until n passing row
boat picked thorn up nnd helped thorn baoU to
tbo forrybont. The woman was nearly dead.
Sho was taken to Polico Ileadriunrtcrs In Ho
bokon, nnd nttonded by Dr. Simon.
When sho hnd recovered sho wns questioned
by Colof Donovan, but rofusod totoll hornnmo.
She said hho had fnllon overboard occidentals.
The mnldwns taken Into the chlof's prtvato
i locVinIl,l n"01, cotisldorablo iiucntloning she
said that her mistress's nnmo wnrJMn. Oeorgo
b fn.'iT'J11." t'1,lt "I'" Hved at Llovvollyn Park,
a inshiontiblo Biimnicr ieort near Orange.
i.iii'TW ?'"'' "kMln nuoslioncd. and admit
M ,w 'at. Ijo?, mnld lind snld was truo. At
ni . ii1'1 ,,fl,,c'tI)0n0Vnn took tho eouplo to
(Jriingo. Mts. Jones appeared lo bo insane
?iS..flS"is-oni,hi' I,rP,l0'" hiiv thoy nro iosl
lall ovorhoaid ' JUmi'ca nna dlU uot
, h!,"i,,,.Vni wiri of n '""limM man of this city,
i J' ,''B',,J,l1li'l?f,mo liouso nt Llowellyn Park
,i.nPi? hey have been mutried but n fow
i?,-?V.nm! V10"1": lo troubles have ) cen appar
ent almost from the beginning. A suit for ill
vpivn was stat ted about u j ear ago on account
or Incompatibility of temper, but It was nbsn
'.,!!nlY1.;vu,M, 't ws found that dtsugreeablo
publicity would certainly attend Its tiroFecti
t on, nnd npenen was patched up. Slneo then
the troubles havo agnln arisen, nnd Inst night's
act Is tho culmination of the utiarrol. Mis.
Jones was taken in charge by friends nnd lml-
tod to a hotol. Hor hiiblmnd IsBiild to havo
ueeu lu this city,
MeMullln In Bald to, havo loapod into the
water from tho upper deck.
Mr. rnlne Wllhdra,, nnrt IJnlrra n Prnleat
Analntt Itenuett'a Hlchl..
Pitoviucvcn, June 8Tho Palno-Ucnnott
match to-day camo to a suddon end, so far ue a
contest was concornod. by Palno ontorlng n
Pio'.est and withdrawing from the match, whllo
Bennott shot out his ton strings of 100 shots,
nnd scored 873 points. Mr. Palno said ho had
objected on provlous days to tho eights usod
on the revolver, nnd nt Inst was compelled to
I make a foimnl protest nntl call for military
sights, such im the articles of agreement do-
, innnded. IIo nlfo pi ott 'ted ngnlnht Mr. Ben
nett exceeding the tlmo limit In ill Ing. Iuuc
cotiliinio with theso vlnvvs, lil.s judgo. Nowton
Dexter. cno tho prnlest to Ityfereo Bull, who
at .1 o clock gavo ns his decision that as ho bad
allowed tho sights on four dayn ot tho mutch
he could not order them changed on thu llllh
day. Ho then ordered the men to proceed with
the shooting. IIo said that undor tho articled .
of agreement the protetit would go to tho ec- i
rotary of Iho National Bliln Association. Mr.
lain0, declined to go on, nnd Mr. Bennett, at
fl:10. began to shoot his Hid shots, finishing nl
4:jl j. and making 87S points.
l.elorco Bull savsthat Painonolthor has used
nstilct military sight during tbo contest nor
produced one on the ground. Both men had
upd plnhend sights. Bennett's being smaller
and the supporter lighter. Bonnett trotited
iigalnstPaino's"exargernted sight" ou Wed
nesday, but Mr. Bull would not allow it to i
Mum. Mr. Bull says that under tho agreement i
governing tho shooting, the men muv tako an 1
much lime us thoy llko ut their strings.
The Reunion or the Elk.
Chjcixn-ati, Juno 8. -Tho Elks' reunion
ended to-nlcht with n grnnd banquet at tl.o
Highland House on Mount Adams. Tho vari
ous delegations havo Lcef making tho streets
gay with pnrndes und musLo us thoy arrived.
This pftcrnoon there was n procession, in which
1.500 Elks took part. It wits brilliant with
peDnons nnd bantier In their meeting in
Music Hull Jfnyor Smith mnde tlio address of
""Icceo, nnd inlted Oram! Killer Hamilton
l-'ljvl?h. yerooiKVd. In thu election of ofileers
Toht H. mo of iVh-'on wis chosen '.'hntrmnn. I
Thoy iflcejved irivitut.'oiisirom the Cliuutburof I
Conimeno. Board of 1 r.ido. nnd from n-- po
litical and othor cluba !o muko themselves at '
The'l'.lks to-dny dlscusso'I and nmondfJ nrtl- ,
cles l. 2. nnd 3 of tho constitution, and omitted i
-tielo t nltogclliHi. ''here wns cnnsMi-rab.o
,. lry between Brooklyn rial Pittsburgh as to
LV iivt liiaco of meotluK. The luttor Tla."o
iho . cccs'-ful. however, and th tlmo wilt he
as ii od by tbo Pittsburgh lodp.
;f;.l. i "'vers wns fc ected to prosido over
hVnri "Aon to-night nt the Highland
ii. 'r?VniK iiiunt closed with all tho Llkn
iiomi?. Th" bh. nd3 nnd 8lDKln!f AUld L:"1K
Piesent joInlDghu
Syuc." ,PV.
ruv. ,PV.
OMia. of tho American
Ecra H. Bnkor. frcsMcn. 'ci0.r l V"1""
I-on-i and T. u.t Company uj a dl,. "" from Uo011
Pachlc Itai'road Company, dtt hi IIo.
poUoninson Tliurutay nlsht. "
I rmuol Ml'ea rttaudlth died at Ids' fcefdenee ' "'
moi.v.ca'tli nveni.e. Kualon. jencrday inVi-'iii n.
born In Ilalh, Me.. Aug. 1 100S, but had lived' ft otu
ever J'rce he waa 22 jenra of uce. He had been a -N-h. ,
ber of the lominon I'ocncil uml Hoard of Allernt-'.v, 1
and .11 l-i. . aud lsTOI.o viaj a Jtci n.-.nia!lie In i'i
suite I.ejri-.tatiirc.
.1 h. Ilnrrlv anrmlrrnf 1'ie !.' Vork- Tntion I'x
cliniiite, died ycMe: day In Ni.nr Urleai a ot u ciiKiftlvo
Clrla-fiplierr. VVwt died on Tl.rnday nlsht In SL
1 etjra !liiiill.ilin llrnoklju. hkc.Ii.'i He waulwcr.
lie Ion ii him u torluno anil ronilileijib'e iiione,' I'M m7
liivtolilacllFtilain ll u Wall urcn craili i,f luia, and
tir,eruft"r,nrd reirilnfil hl4 autaMnp. Ho wja taken
rroin u i hni lo Is.nj: Ik.uh- lo illo lu Ihe llr.'ilal. Ho
v-ai il wiJouer Willi two daunlitcrs. 11 o latter dlnaii
tFiircdnCuiiiileof jearani;o, und their nrci-cl I vvhvre
aboiiia uukuov, n.
'r, Jm II. Carr of tho Atlantlo Whlto Lea! and
I.li seed oil Coinrifli.y, 27 1'curl Bine t, died mudcnly nn
Tlibrrdvy nUlu of i crebrai imr.il, ' at bin liuiiir no
Wct lortj.,miiiri-et. Mr. i'arrwaatlil,liuKineaon
llilirrdny ami nllr-d H Ihe eteniiu fre'liu will.
Shortly altirinl'hilvlil bo w.u found uiicuiikcIcmk and
died toon after. ird He 7.' car old and o
born In .New Vork. lie cnurid hinlni.a. wlih robert
Cclirate A I'o. wblle Ifal manufacturer, and three
can ano Ihe l.nn title wan ihaiicrd io iho Atlantic
W bite head 1 onipmiy. He leave, n widow and two
chlllren The lunrr.il servlie will be held on Monday
monilmr at hla late home. Tho Interment will bo at
John Allen Crittenden, brother of ev Gov. Crittenden
of MU.ourl and half brother of Lilian O JJurrayot New
ort, dltd at 1'raukfor Ky.. xellerdny. lie had laryn
ulna, and the operation of iarwig-oiomy wa performed
onThtirtday. lie waj about CJleara old.
Tho Itev. Dr. James Freeman ClarLa died palnleaily of
Intlrmltlel Incident to old ate. at 11 o'clock bit
nluht. at hit homo In Huston. IIo wn burn
In Hanover. N II., April 4 l"IH Ho waa
graduated from Harvard L'nlv entry hi 1SJ9 and from
Ihe ranifcrtdira Hivluily heboed In la.u llu ilrat cliaruo
wall he L'nlturlau Churrh. In I oulnvilli'. over vvhoto ,
deitlnlea ho provided mull ism. lu H4i be becHmn pua
tornf the Church of the Illtrlplra In lloilou. with which
hl name and fame aro Inicpurabjy linked In im In
arllverra a tercentenary addreta nn Bhakrapearoln Un.
Ion w Mill waa hlnhly nrni'ed for Its ihomlitful and
p iinataking crltlclani I)r I'larke wai luuir nieaml In
the anil ilaveri movement nnd sn n proline writer,
llenloea niin;ro'jN i orlributlou lo periodical literature,
lo sor, h Include "C'lrlcnn liciriii.-nf hnrz.vtni'm."
1hi2 : "I'lirlitlan lloclrlno ot J'rnver, ' le-iii "urllio.
rtoji,." ISikl. "step or llellef," la'ii, "The Ten Hrrat
Itrlllflona uf Iho Wntld " 11.7", nnd "IlMeilMala Mid Sun-
jCFeuti.ilin Helta-ion.- isTn Ho a-ANulo. in conueitloti
with t'liunnliiK ami Ilmernnn. ono cf laa authors of Ihe
Llfo of .Margaret Kitllir Otioll "
The Rcpnlillri.n CnnTrntlon Ifnll.
Chicaoo, Juno 8. -Tho audltotlum bulldlnK
will practically bo ready for the oicupancy of tl.o Ite
publican Convention by next, Turadiy nlcht. Hie tlmo
act for luinectlon mid test of the llvhtiui? apparatus
Kothln- at this moment remain but the building of
platforms over two tcctinns or Iho llrst balcony alone
the MJrs. each ertlon slinut tlfly feet In lenntli. and tho
pltclliffot Iho ihalr in th'fo two eectloui., in the ji.ii
iiul, and ou the platform V r tho dtstlncuUlieii visitor.
hr chalralu allthe cnlleiie Are la their places 'It.e.
rellinc directly over Iho parr,uet hua been decorated
with trl c lor bi ntluc and bin star, an llicwnrk if
dccoratlnir Hie other parts of ihe hall nlll beulu tu mur.
row morula from the I'rsi balcony tl ero arn tliir
teen exits, so ilLtrfaulcd that no si.it Is more than
tninlr leet Irnm nu rxll. The rrst of tha itudllnrlum
has n almllarly i;enrruiis distribution of the incus of
Tcstlns the RiBtat to Ilr,eoir.
Hazlkton, Pa.. JiinoH. BepulyrJlierlfTTres.
cott to day served suttaon a lare number of business
nen of rreelaud to answer a charae of conspiracy to
boycott iTeorue l.lllott Hill. who. duriin; the early part
of the late uluirs' strike, was employed asmanatrcrnf
the Freelnnd Ha Company. In Novinbrr UstalarKo
number of the buine men and oil era In I reeland. at
the li.s'ance or the Kulrt.tsof I.ilmr policed the jras
computi) that It-cy would will. draw their im ii.nufie un
lis nl "scabs' lu the rui toy of the company viera
dircliarned this nas a.inrd at Hill and hewaadls.
misled. The fevlln.' asalt it htm was based o-i the laet
that while a ntrmlitr or the police force at I'erih Am
boy. N J he. uuarced Ihe rropcrly of a coal company
as alnst sinters
Fuoernl of Illrnm I. Fnrrestei'.
Tho funeral of tbo Inle Hlrnm M. Torrchter,
ex Preildeut of the llroadway Insuranro Company,
washrll jestrrday afternoon at the Madison Avenno
M. K. Ourch. Ir. Mosden. Ur. Mllrrof Prrw Senil
nar, llwiiup Ion. tl s Itev. Dr. Crawford, and Ur Tif.
faliy look part in Iho services representatives i.f tho
llurd uf .Managers ot die Mtsfmiary Society of iho
Melhodisr 1 plscopal Churcli Ilia American bible So.
net), and H t Uroariwuy I ire losurauie Cmnpanr vrere
pie-cnt The lauly will be laktli 10 Vrhlto Plains this
luoriihii. forlnicrment
Aci'i's Hick, and I)esioiidcnt,
Allttlo old woman dretsod In n calico wrap
per attsmpled suicide at 7 o'clock yesterday moroinx;
by Jumptne Into the rlrer at th foot ot Bast Fnurteenth
?!r"h rellcenian atarena pulled hr nut At Hellarus
Hospital aha said she was Catharine Und. a Oeruan. ou
rear old. Br. Wrl-bt said sh ralxht r.cortr. Tflior
aeapoBBSBorls auDoose lo have cauaai If r jtttmpl at
7 o rat: ritKbiiti x . j
M" I
He Admits that He wns Mnile the Xristin
ment (or the Ctrctilrttlon ol it Xtuso "''IL'
Mnniler TSe House Klnlshea Ihr Free u
Null PnrHarnpb In Ihe .llllls TiirlflT Bill. R
Washington, Juno B. Tho Kev. 0. N. I
Pendleton of Worccotor, Mass., havlm; learned I
thnt he mndo a cre.it mistake, hnsteus to upol- 1
okIzo. Ho has wrltton n letter to rrcsldent , i
Cleveland which waa lecolved at tho "Wlilto 'pM
Houso yostorday. In this lottor he frankly nd- "tH
mltH that ho talked too much, but hiirccs tho Jj
Ilepublicans with bavins taken advantage of E
I1I9 loquaciousness to publish vory dniuiutln; i
reports about thn domestic llTo nt tho Wlilto Qj
House. In his letter to tho l'losldcnt, Mr. l'ett- 1
dloton says that whllo hero In nttominnco at '
tho Baptist Convention ho hoard the;o mattora I
publicly talkod of, ami thinking thoy must bo ;
truo, ho spoko of thorn to his friends In Yorcc3- If
tcr. Tho llopubllcau political ninnni;ors II!
thereupon Ret a trap for him with tho St
aid of a uowspapcr reporlcr, and Mr, I'ondlo- ll
ton promptly fell Into It, Ho makes In his Ii
lottor to tho President the most humble Cj
apolosy for havlns beon tho Instrument of dlu- If
eemlnatlns prhnla hcnndal. nnd says ho re- u
cards u man who would do this titilto cnpablo U
ofanycrlmo. Ho adds that upon nno.vnmlna- If
tlon since tho publication ot Ms lntorvlewand V
the articles crowlni; out of It, hollndsthat he
wns entiroly wronp, and hois now convinced J
thnt thorn Is no hnppicr married pair nllvo '
than the Brostdent und his yotum wile, und no
moro virtuous and lovlnrt husband In the land
lo-day than drover Cliivelnnd. Mr. Pendleton
elves emphasis to his chaiiKu of healthy as- 1
mirlnK tho 1'resldent at tho clco of his lottor
that bo shall bo ploasod to voto in Kovombcr
iorhlsio'loctloii. 1 !
Tho Honso to-day, In Committee of the K
Whole on tho Tariff bill, continued tho con- J
slderntlon of the snlt paras;rarh. f
Mr. Grosvornorof Ohio said thnt his wns a W
cront Bait p:oducln district. Thotaxontho M
pooploon account of salt amounted to nbout
six cents por capita, and If that small protcc- SI
tlon w'lts renioved salt could not bo produced ,11.
in tho Unltnd ritatcs. Thoproflls on thocnpl- M
tnl Invostcd In his district did not exceed i of Hi
1 per cent, niiiir.iillr. til
Mr. Co.t ot J.'ovy ork plendod forcheap salt In 'Ul
tlio Interest of the dam men nnd the lurmern. 31
Thoy wero now utbjoct tu 11 direct lax. for they fif
needed tho best crude ot salt, and that could fl
not be produced in tlil country. Why bhutild .-ril
Cotisress disarlnilnnto ajjiilnst the d.ilmnon Gmlu
"I'.1 nT,'n,or '.t!1,0 "l!1 Packer or evv Liiclimdf IiJ
Mr. Belden o! Now oil: denied that such waa (I
tho case, and ndded thnt Mr. Cox did not know j
what ho was tnlklns about. 'fl
Mr. Cox toplied thnt lie had coed nuthorlty '
for bis stnloinonts. flj
.Air. Burrows of Mlehluan declnred Hint tho M
atiotlnl Butter and Choose Association bad
awarded thu majority or prices to users ot
American salt, which i-oeiued to meet the
charci. that tho Unilcd htates could not pro- B
duco the best crades of wilt. To put salt on M
tho free list would bo to sm render 11 pot tlon of H
our market to lori.'lcu producers.
Mr. WbithiK of Mlchlcnn, nlthoush n salt
mnnufnettiicr. did not feel jiistlllod in oppoiliir-
the movement to rotltiee tiiMition. llo assorted
that lawoiiuantltiesof LiiKllsh B.ilt wero Hold
lu Mlchlcnn ror I2.".i per linrrol. althniiKh Iho
native product eouhl Is. had for sixty cents. .
Tho dairy people wanted it.
,lr' Hl,oT."V8 n?k?'' u ,uo CJntlcman'fl salt
wap not fit to pack butter.
Mr. hltluc replied thnt It was, nnd ho
shipped hair of bis product to tho Atlantic sea- flj
hoard In competition with EtmlLsh nalt nml
hold his own. If Amorietin salt makers che-o
o mako jjood salt, ho suld, they could iclaln
Mr. Tnrsnijv of Mlchlcnn olinrsed that the
nopublicansstruckthollt-t blow which brouitht
,lovvu the salt industry in Mlchicim, in support
of which ho quoted utteratuos und voles ol
rpimi'r nnd present Bepublicun inemhor-. of
tho HousQ-llnlo, Hlw-ock. Burrows, mid Heed
.nJ,'orotlrW,,llt1f10!,l,ael:liii;iiient und Mali.
-Mr. lirenerof Mlcblfnin doronded the centle-
men named for votim.' for fie,, f.dt to be unvl
'or cm ins meats nud fish, de.-lnrlni. that it was
in accord wth oxlstinc sintutes ut tho time.
which ndinitteil overvthlni; oc0 fu.u wilch H
was to ho u jed in prerurinc articles ror export. flj
IIo declared that, protectionist u ho vv.is. if ho
,.1 b.'un ''' t-ounress then ho w ould hnv 0 v utcd
ivitn them.
s.nI;i,i.,,',nr',ilK" of ,l',k-T,ias said that tho
pnK duty was class Ic-j-islnilon. uiio and slm-
tho nest -hotihllio deprived or tho clioiip salt ' fll
accorded to tho New Lnclniid IMieriPoti B
Mr. Itnvnor of Mnrjlnnd chnrced that tho X'
price or salt in Mlchlcan was controlled by thi flf
Miehli-nn Mall Assoelatloti. )
Mr. V.'hlUiiK of Mlchlcan doclnred thnt tho H
not'tlu" "" ,V"S wrons-l,mt hls btutcment waa
Mr. lliiyner sr.ld ho preferred to take his H
nnsvver rroui somo one who was pot n inemhcr
of tho trust. Hihituthorlty was thu Mlchlcnn
T-h,A. w,ni"0"', H? '""'sK'd that tho bait
Trust existed and nskr-d If t had been tho H
Mr. liitfue snld thnt tho association did net fll
control prices. It would bo clad to raise pi ices.
uutu could not. because .New Yoik btato was U
Mr. Gay of Loulainnnv 'nc and nn-. fl
o!!S "J,D t',lx"V(!n- ' "'muld o per-
utoncnlnst tho Louisiana s . ..tlnes 91
Mr. ilofilccr of .Mli-slsslnpl cited Treinury ro- 91
s 101 show thnt L0.tkl0.000 peop'e v.. to ti.T?- fl
nito to 1 .000 people encjcod In Milt pro- ,;
I ii!!uJ s thon taken on a motion mndo bv flj
A-roftwo. " "Ut l'arnj-r.iph. and flj
Mr. Buir.rw 1 -(Tered by Mr. Grosve-or of S
Similar fate. TlllsCCttHllUU rodnnumnnd fll
of the wilt imracniph. , "Iffiffl In Ml
Mr. Bayne or I'et.nhylf trlfien. . '-'"icd. In fl
mont to inseil rice, eleaucr!1 ,li-l uu i 'ml
thorieoliht. Bejeeted. ";,,;? M
Tho four lines, .'10. 31. 32. nnd SS-. r-Wfti. "i1
fln, wore read, and Mr. Brow no' of Jp-a. fll
moved to strike them out of ths (: lix, HD
1'endinc debate tlio committee roso. MJ
Tho Prosldent hns approved the nets for (Iii fl
erection of publl" buildiucs at P.ilur.son, X. .T. . flf
and Tnllaliaso, I'ln. : the net lo incro.isn the' flf
I appreciation for tho nubile bulldlnciit hiicra-- fll
mento. Pal., and tho act to amend the act to flf
establish nKriculturarstntlons in contiectiou flf
with colleges. flf
Younu- Tbomna Glbney Shot tiy no Ilntlnn. B
Thomas Glbney, n wonlthy saloon keeper at flj
Twenty-fourth street and Mnth avenue, has a son, H
Marshall. Yesterday the boy went tu see the hall Kama , flj
on the Polo Ground with Lewis llrnnsri, an Itallin. of SLlW
whose society Mr. fllbney senl'r dl I not aprrove. When SflW
ho returned his father ave blm n talklmr In lletitiart
w a, ptescnt and took offence. Iletrle.i to utiipt),,. o,.l m
I mini Mr. Illbney'a eider bnn. I'liouias, bean) ol this S
when ho came home and went lu search ol iho Ua'lan. 1
IIo found him ni Twenty second street and Mnth
avenue and Kave him u pleoe of his mint, llennarl
shot at hlin twico, womuhuff him en tho arm. auq
Tliei CrilC'170 Jlrcvrr Iteturn lo tVofk,
CniCAco, Juno 8. Thostilkoof tbo brewerr
employees m ibl city vrn to day declared off. All iho
striker applied for work at thu briwirica where tl.ey
had been lorinerly .mpoved, and many were taken
back, Tlie brewery owiu r prom'ssd not to demand
their withdrawal froi.i ttm union, unit allowed ihein
their old want", for leu hours' work per day The strike
cost the bruwers 11 id Iho Cenlral Labor Union about
JIOI.ISS) Tin chit riiolntni lua wns whether tho tin'
ployers were bound lohlroonly un'on -inrknien It la
i.ow d. nnltcly seulod that they may blre an; body they
Knlcrbta or JO is li or Hnulilied.
riT-Msuo.r. Juno 8,-At this mornlnes tea
slonof the Amalcamated Association of Iron and Sleel
Workers the resolution to extend fraternal rrectlu-c P
khr,ri;,ec-i"r.'C -"1'0-Iron wort-era. slu In session hers, f
It la jeanii it that it was decided In ask $n !HI rcr Ion far '
!'i'n!,.'T,.w'.r. "' rJ' '"" "'n-c""ters' . "l. hi,
rVi'!t.'!S'niu"inn "' tn" '"" workers' nsrcr-t.lv
Tl.. Kr, f "ff. i'ir"ir- ,T""' , ",,'C "I"' " 'online inaVtcr.
T,'"iK",l?P,"P,,?uo"1''l'l!lro lldli-nant otileri I
ni-al of the Amalgamated Association u, " riluri "reel. I
teir Ton I'lillbnmei- Vlsliea o Ifcitjn. I
, r 1ONcI?0'' Jllno -T'1' -'orlla ronespond- nt 1
or Ihe .(. Gomel's i,oteeieUgrapi, that llirr von I'uit 1
Vamer. Vlco Iresl.le nt of the I'riis.lau Mlnlsierlal Cm,! I
cll.andI'ruislan.Mliiisieroftle Interior, h... an ed tho I
gMLM.'S.ftii. iuT,!;;1,1, !: TnlH, I
KifTi AV.s oVffi,.i.,tlto 2--K.pS.V: I
ihiilmutry. ' "'rr "n -'"-'"" !' rcslsn.a tnw . I
The Jlrltlsh IVnr r,cnt e. fl
London- Juno 0,-Tho Daily Wcoraph con-
tlnuea to print war-nar. articles It adil.is Hie Hart
incton Commission to appoint a SllnUierof National
'"""f nnvolani ml Itary dip.r.iatfi'' nd 11" Vft it aVS
p Parliament Iho ltMlnr, Vhei auiutlV. ih u uj BW
Ih. teed of bv. more ir. r.clat-s, id IJo fa. crutiira. ','
'nl. ICInc.tliirinnit Will Xal Itrslcn.
London, Juno 8,-Col. KliiK-Hnrmnn denies fll 1
Ih. rumor wlleli baa Itmiui linlrculatlonlt.ai ,.. In flfl
,n,''f.,"",lfnnl,""1"'f,f I'nOrr Mrcrctarr fur Iro'aial flfl! I
and his seat In lb. House of ('ominous, , ' ,f,,u, Bflj
Viibnr rusba Dismissed. m I
BOAip,Juno8.-Tho Khedive has dlsmUo.il fl I
m&lwS&fflSSSi a. Urn

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