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I i
J-M ' THJU SlfiN, SATUiiOAY, JUMJU , l-m , l I
Bx-Esmtneer Oavcss Cornea an I'ram llnatan
.k Tt-atlfj J-nrjInesst- lllco Tonad Defect.
,B rtrnii MowurU .is Ces.'e Section.
Senator .I'-wott's Campaign Commlttco
rt In tho 8ap,'"'lor Court roora TOBterdar nDd
ursued Its Inqtu rlos Int0 "aucduot contracts,
'here wns a hitch ."' l-"tln: over a demand
iiat boldes two Kepui, 'lca" nwyors tho com
ittteo should ongago n omocrntio lnv,yor.
InttUy, tho Republican 8eWors yiolded eo
sr as to add Do Lancoy Nlcoll to .tno """ay o.f
bunaol. Qon. Tracy callod his first wltnesi witii ns
ttlo formality as It thoro hud not boen a cap
f weeks slnco tho lnit session. Deputy Chief
.nglnoor George H. It Ice of tho wuoduct was
worn. Ho cava tho details of tho orcanten
lon of ho englneorlng corps.
Q. There hat been ioui talk about Imperfect wcTtc
the construction of the aqueduct. Ilaro yon beard of
; t aV, Yea, n J 1 liars leen tr jlnr to Unit out all abonl
, line. lat October. I line been personally over tin
utlraUnaot the aqueduct, examining anil making ex
crt tests. Luglneer Miller hat fc.Ipea me, anil so hat.
oraa of the division engineers
The wltnoss told tho commlttoo how tho
irlca. lining vjas ninde, and how tho space bo
woon tho brick wall and the solid rock of the
unnol should bo flllcd with rubblo masonry.
t was In October that tho chief ouulnecr ro
elvodlsoveral letters charging tho contractors
rlth doing Imperfect work, and Deputy llico
-as sent out to lnv estlgate. Uo found thn
hargos justlflod In somo parts of tho uppor
nuoduct, especially at shafts 2 and 3. Drown,
Toward Jfc Co. aro tho contractors. Thoy eon
tnnlly dlsobovcd tho orders of tho chlct. and
ttor a eood donl of hiokerlrg thoy askod for a
earing, which was grouted In X'obruury lost.
t was hold In Turrylown.
Wo had fourteen meeting. and the contractors made
verysortut effort todeiii tne investigation Wewero
ravinced that they knew there was bait work, and to
.t holea wero cut in tne brick lining before the hearing
'a. ended. At shirts o. 2. J, 7 and 0 there appeared to
e a great drat or bid work tor spaces of forty feet nt
time thero waa an entire absence of rubble masonry
etweeu the top of the arch and Ibe anlid rock or the
inneL ltshuiild have been twlod tnsulid Inacverat
tikes wa out a hole lu the top of the brick arch, through
'hlcll 1 passed bv means of a ladder an 1 then crawled
r walked. Hading absolutely no backing where there
iiould bare been several feet solid
tl Whatis)our general opinion of the work on tho
queduct? A. The hrKk work Is generally well dono
hero are several calea where the ill! nir at the topnf the
rch la faulty. 1 II Ink there haa been no special eftcrt
i put in faulty work exi ept on the upper two divisions
bout boo teat holes ero tut In slim la o 1. J. and a, nnd
an- -Ighty per ceut nf llirni sliourd that faulty work had
, been done All the brlik work on these snuft Is irood
Of the rubblo muaonry about half win bad lu the sene
i that tho atones w ere not put In Ith mortar acunsld
erable part, alto, thirty dlQerent places ii here there
waa unpacking at alL The packing Is exceedingly 1 111
pnrtant, and even one vacant place ir one liuierfect
epot might endanger the whole aijucduct In some
places we found einptv bnrrrla and boitros and timber
a'ld refuse tucked aw aj Inthespnco petweentte arch
and Uie solid rock Anj dead mules there No our
ork has beon more thorough on the upper shatt" Sec
I tlonS.lncludlniirhaIts4 S Aliltl has beenpartlallr ex
amlned. and foun t jrenera l cood with faults I ere in 1
tl ere. These shafts ae i sn wi rked t,j Urow n. Hon ura
A Lo. and the tunnel from shatt o to shaft ) Inelastic f
known aa tho first dtiiblon, and Is Lnaer tie ch uee of
Atr. (lowan.
I have also Investigate a considerable part of the
Work doae by O'Brien Jt Clark I ham cut jki holeslii
Mtho brick work done b) them, and am still at It. I ex.
-ct to work at it for to tuontha luiiirer llavo found
some bad work. The remedy forsuch had Mork Is cen
(rally the taking down of tho brick work and rebuilding
properly tnetlines it Is possible to Inject tnorfar by
pump pressure into the places where Imperfect work
cxlsta. Ihla la a aroceas called "grouting ,l
i.Doeeuot the contract expressly forbid grouting?
A. Ic deea, but the engineer into allow It
M QHow much grouting has hem i ut In A. About
a 1,OGO barrels, made up cf rq tat i arts of cement and
SM aand. This has been u-md eutlrely on shafts o, l, J. and t
tm V How long havo yuu been usiuj this grout I A.
jM For about two months.
U That la, rime thla Investlga'lon began? A. Wo
taaa begun repairs of the bad work, but I bolievo tho
grout was not used nntll arter the bogllinlng of the In
TeatlgaUon. It makes a uret-rate packing In manycaes.
I Jamos F. Beoor, a commission broker, testl
I lied thnt Maurlco U. Flynn lmd nsl,od him to
I orranfjeanlntcrtlow for him with tnclneor
Lraton. Craven wbh an onrlneor In tho hay
Department, absent on loae, and emploscd
on the engineer's staff of the now auuoduct.
Hynn said that Crnen had beon maklnc
troublo for tho contractors, nnd thnt if ho did
hot 'let up," un(lriynn) would seotlint Cnnen
should bo recalled to Government son ice.
Flynn asked me as 1 friend of Craven to see him
and give him that warning 1 did so, and later I weut
ti Ith Craven to Fiynn'a office, where they bad a prlvato
Q. Do yon reeall Flynn'a exact language to yon with
respect to Craven and the contractora r A. So. but ha
Implied that Craven waa too exacting
Q Did ho not. In faot, say that Craven had been rata
Ing hell with them 1 A I think ha mid that Craven
Taad been raising tho deuce
i Oen. Tracv Uh, the same personality nnder a differ
, entnamol That will do Call Sir Craven.
II. S. Craven testified thnt ha had been em
ployed by the Ariueduot Commission two yoars
and a half, beelnnine In Beptembor, 1893, first
as assistant and then as constructlneengineor,
and was finally dismissed. He did not know
that I'lynn was a contractor, but ho had re
ceived a messftso from him through Mr. tjecor.
This was March 13,18d3. Ho went at onco to Com
missioners Spencor and Dowd and told thorn
nbout it Thoy promised Mr. Craven their sup
Xiort, Then ho called on Flynn with Mr. Socor.
Klynn took me Into hla private office, and remarked
that the oontracta were secured at a low price, and that
If Iwasao rigid in dealing with theicontractora they
ronld not make money, and wonkl certainly falL
J replied that I dll not want to rnln anybody, but there
were certain specifications demanded by tho city, and
that 1 proposed to see that they were followed and that
the city should secure good work. Flynn then aaldtbat
that waa right, and menUoned the fact that he waa In
t terested In a cement quarry, and that ho wanted me to
lnspeotlL X decllued He did not mention the navy
X, except to say that naval engineers wero more exacting
than the supervisors of clvlo enterprises, lie repeated
that the contractora were likely to fait, and aald that ha
waa Interested with Chief hnglneer Church in eouie
i business matters.
i. tt hat matters t A.! do not know. Flynn did not
ar. but 1 Inferred that It was not directly conneoted
i with tho aqueduct. He aald Mr Churcli was aattsfac
tury to the contractors Messrs Spencer and Dowd
1 wrote a letter to becretary Whitney of the Navy De.
partxnent In order to furestall any attempt of rlynu's to
oust mo from tho oqueduct.
Oen. Tracy questioned the wltnoss about the
kinds of cemont usod in the nqucduct. It was
rhowntbat u brand known as the "obelisk"
. was tested nnd found below the standard, and
that Chief Encineer Church forbade tho on
Kincen to allow it to bo used, Tho obelisk ce-
Jnent was supplied at a much lower llcure Uinn
Cosodale, tho Quality called for in the spocill
, cations. Much of the obelisk brand was used
I eforo Mr. Cra'.en's tests. Mr. Craven said
i that the city had been compelled to pay $5 a
i yard extra for lubbloUUInR, wbeoeas tho con-
j tractors under tholr specifications should time
put in the paoklns for nothing. Even if the
city should pay for it all, the cost wns about
tulcoashlshaait ouchtto be. Tho contrac
tors bad also obtained a concession which al
lows them for four Inchos oxtra excavation
nlonc the whole line of the aqueduct. The
iPJVcltyhad lost at least $1,000,000 on account of
1 m those chances. He farther testified:
I " Kot once In tho whole course of my experience In
1 the aqueduct did the chief engineer aupport me Mr.
llowdunaliycamelto mo and said that I would better
xeslrn X refused to do ao because I had preferred
charges against Mr. Church and hla methods, and I
wanted an lnvcstigaUon. I gave my reasons la writing
to the Commissioners, and immediately on receipt of
my letter they removed me. Then theyaat an investl
gatlon agoing to end out, aa I understood It, why I waa
Q- What was the effect of your removal npoa your
associates and subordinates ? A. It seems to mo It put
a premium on Just audi work aa has been done ever
De Lancoy Mcoll. on cross-examination,
brought out that the charces aealnBtChiei
Rnclneer Church were investigated by Oen.
John Nowton. Oporee B. Greone, and Oen. y.
A. OiUmoro, and that the chief engineer was
entirely exonerated. Mr. Cra,en said ho bo
cituio convinced that this committee did not
Br?.!S50t 1twhe1'?ts'. li,T. Loatt. counsel
for O lliien A Clark, took a hand in, and en
deavored to brine out thnt spucltlcations for
rock tonnelllnc cannot be drawn so as to meet
every possible contlncenoy, and that In tho
event of a necessity for ponstmlnii the con
tracts, tho llniU decision lay with the cblot en
cineor, so that any chances mndo in tho spool
llcotlons and allowances urautod to oontrnotors
by reason of them had been m&do racularly,
llero's a sample;
Q If you were to build a wall with a gate In It would
youesUmate the masonry solid? A. Of course not! 1
would deduot fer the opening made by the gate.
Q. Ilut don't vou know that such estimates are at
waya made aolid because It costs as much to build tbo
piers for a gate aa It doai to run tho wall along solid?
A. I don't know anything of tho kind I don t make es
timates that way
Mr. O'llrlen You always (estimate solid t A o, I
Mr O'Frlen But I can refer you to thousands of cases
to prove that all contractora A. I'm not acuu
tractor, I'm an eugineer,
Tho conversation continued In this strain
until Benator 1 nsnett rapped for ordor nnd re
minded Mr. Lovntt that ho was transcressiur;
tho limits allowed him by the committee.
Mr. 1ovatt-I almply wish to show that we have been
.honest In our dealings
i 'ffcVleiiator Kassett U hlch Is something you have no
U." VPllSfct at all to show, Thlsfsnota trlik and your pres
1 Teurolsonly permitted by the committee on the sup.
position that yon may assist us. lour clients maj ro
upon the stand, but yuu must not cross exauiino wit.
ntsses at length Hereafter )ou muststuptt.
The hearlnjr coos on at 11 to-day.
lfnllrouil eivs.
Tho Eccutlvo Commlttco of tho Trunk
Line Association at a mootluc jestcrday do
i. elded to lower the tariff on pis Iron from 25 to
m 20 cents per 100 pounds, both oast nnd west
fl bound from the mlnlnc districts. The reason
9 lor this was the uenornl dulnoss of trade. The
1 now rate- will dato from Juno 11,
( Tho Master Car Uullders' and Mnstor Mo
il chanlcs' associations of this vicinity will louo
r-juit body by n apt Inl train on Monday morn
II Ins rest to attend thn national conventions nt
i the Thousand Islands, Tho Car lluIldeis'Con
i' 8 vontlon is to ba oponed on Juno 12 and contin
ue iced for a wtok, follow od by tho Mechanics'
K ICoovontlen-for a Uko period. Many now ni-
i;,!!, Pondering on v It-btrm which llaa
! Engaged Ilia I'anoy.
Thomas . "8ont tn Inventor, was at
work In one) ot tD9 largo upper rooms of his
Inborntory perfe.,tln:lnn achmont for con
oIns piano notes-w u,l'fl1 Phonosrnph. whon a
Bun reporter proscntV Wnse" Testcrtlny.
"A nilns machlno? Ov'- J-v coins to do
tho boat I can toward sb'iB that nnclont
problem." ho replied to the f. orter's Inquiry
about the olootrlo flylns machlno-whlch. It had
boon roportod, ho waa commission by tho
Bpanlsh Oovornment to make.
"A manwhoso name I can't rocallsow, cam a
hore about two or threo weeks nco, JIo pr.id
Jio had beemsent oer from theBpnnlsIrGov
exnmont.to study tho sclonco of aerial nivi lca
, tlon. Ho paid they wanted a. machlno so con
structed fhnt It would carry an electrlo mofar,
camera, Ao. to a consldorablo helsht by moaiut
of vtlc or fans propellod by tho motor. !.'
wJQld be operated from a covered wacon. In ,
' which nn offlo.'Jr would bo Rented, and would be
conncctod with n dynamo in tho waeon by
wiros. In this wayltwas hoped photocraphs
ronld bo taken of tho nnomy and tholr movo
meit). whllv tha oporator In his wnson below
need vot expos hlrasolf. The Dhotosrnphs
were to be UtVPf'd from time to tlmo by somo
arrnncornent. These In brief wero all the In
structions fo evyve mo, the rest was to bo left
to tuv own ttito ,'tnd fnncy. ...
"ltauiIade-lmiJ of n sclicmo I had many
tlme iKOusht f, rend I promised him I would
do my bosvlntbarra, atter. I wanted Jo tackle
tho problem v?n "ff v ,w.n account. I llko to try
and anew or tlP'sn !. d questions. If I am nblo
to construct tho kind of machine they want, I
shall hao practically a oUod tho Ions-mooted
fiuostlon of the vosslblkltvof nerla navicatlon.
Tor tho main point In v his question Is that of
tho llftlntr PQWor, or itotor. Tho matter of
propelllnc tho maohlne throueh the alrnnd
steeilns I" u comnarath,l' simple affair. So
many pooplo lrv nson stn dyins thn nuestlon,
hoHovet, thnt I M.t not in the least confident, of
success, nnd perh.'t.'os 1 haoaiot tho shost of a
" Hav'o you arrive o." vt any theory on this sub
joet "asked tno tn(Vt0 t
"o; I don't bOKin tK'lt wny'.,1 1m P0W 0?1f
etporlmcntlns upon t w of tho lundameutol
niicstious im olved. Thm " nrs two "?T '"
entius. Ouo is to mttk ?ur 1.n.acu,ln. ' ."':
and then see If it will worjr : J, other is to llrst
llnd out whothor It Is possfM i (1 V10 thluC
then mnkejour machine. TlV, creator num
bur of inventors fidopt tho ilrstv ,an-. .,
"What wo want to know llrst K wnothor or
not norial nnv icatlon Is potsiblo. uen I hav o
seltlctl this question, which may tak ' n l,enJ pr
moro. I v 111 then tnko up ths other ,nolntin
their order. I always iiVr to besin nt "
A, 11, (' In thoo matters. Any other hs tom l9
a sood deal llko trylns to read a lam uace
without lutvius learned tho alphabet,
" I In Gnu tho other d& by weishlns minovor,
with fans nttuchctl.on a Fairbanks scald. Altor
sottins tho o-snet wctsht of the motor, we sc
tho fans to worklns. Ihey. of course, llcbtoned
thowuisht to a certain extent, nnd wo tbVscot
flsures ns a basis upon which to calculate the
llltlns power of fans or wines of cortain sl.'s
1 Intend to measure the pulllns power of bit 4i
soon. liytjInsnMrinc to tholr fcot, fasteuln X
tho other end to a sprins reclstcrlns scale, nnu
then lottim; thoni fly nwny. Oh, dear, there aro
a hundred facts to discover boforo I can think
of tncMins the real quostlon of an aerial ship.
I havo noviTpone verj deeply Into tho mntter,
but it's a subjoct which interests mo vori inuch.
Almost all persons when they think of aerial
navlsatlon Imnsino tho necessity of rlslns to a
cient lieichL but why do this? Why not so
nlons tho roidsnt an elevation of about ten
fiet l Of course, whon necessary wo could rlo
hlshor, but. as a rule, a. few feet above the
sround would nnsvvor nil purposes. If ucrlal
mniK.it Ion Is possible. I bolluvo this will be tho
popular mndo of trnvel in tho future. One ad
vntitaKo It has Is tho small power necessary far
tho propulsion of nn nir s-hlt), and tho creat
speed which could be obtained.
XO LOnatilt 1'ASTOItAI. nutvER.
Caaaea Which Are Said to Have Ied to Mr.
llnlllday'a Jteslgnjstloin-
Tho Eov. S. B. ITnlllday hna consed to bo
pastoral helper in Plymouth Church, which
place ho has hold for the past eishteon years.
Ills rcsisnatlon, which was presented soon
alter tho Itov. Dr. Lyman Abbott was chosen
pastor, in splto of his (Mr. Halllday's) pro
nounced opposition, was referred a week aso
to tho Hoard of Deacons, and last nlcht It was
accepted, on the unanimous recommendation
of tho lattor body. Dr. Abbott presldod at tho
prnvor meotins, but ho did not romaln for the
adjourned church meotins which followed, and
of which Dr. Georso W. Brush was Moderator.
1 his report was presented from the Board of
The Hoard of Deacona. having been Instructed by tha
church at the meeting last Irlday evening to consider
and to report upon the resignation offered by tho Iter.
S H llalliday, pastoral helper now lieg leave to report!
That after having conferred with Mr llalliday and
carefully considered the matter they And that his de
termination to withdraw from his nttli ial relatione with
the church la axed and final, and the Board of Deacoaa
therefore unanimously recommend t
That hla resignation be accented and his requ'et for
waiver of notice be granted together with a recom
mendation to the Board of Trusteea that the three
montue' salarv be paid htm
And the Hoard further recommend that the church
appoint a committee to expresa in suitable termatoMr.
llalliday tho affection and reverence In which he has
been. Is, and wilt be held for hla long and faithful atr
vtcea in connection with Plymouth Church.
Tho report was accepted and its recommen
dations adopted without any discussion or any
dissentins votos, and the Moderator appointed
Messrs. . I noobson. ChrUtensen, TUney, Whoo
lock, nnd Howard as tho committee referred to,
Thomas G, blitnnnnn moved that acomroftteo.
consisting of thrco members of tbo church and
two members of tho society, bo nppolnted to
ralso subscriptions for a substantial testimo
nial to Mr. Hulllday. Tho motion wns adoptod.
and Mr. hboarman. while asklns to be nxeused
from sen Ins on tho commlttoo, bonded tho
subscription list with 5250.
Mr. ii. i Ulnlr said that ho could not bear to
sonwav and have Mr. Halllday's rcsisnatlon
nceeptod without a word bcins said. The
Board of Deacons had probably done what wns
best, and Mr. Hallldnv 's rcsisnatlon wns prob
ably irrevocable. I'or his own part ho could
not refrain from exnrcssins the affection he
entertained for Mr. llalliday. and tho obliga
tion lie wns under to him. Tho church could
not forsot his services Gon, Chrlstensen snid
that as a member of the Board of Deacons ho
had expressed the feollns of the church to Mr.
llalliday at his confetenco with him.
Mr, Halllday's letter of ro6isnat!on does not
contain any o-rjilanation ot his action, but it is
understood that ho may fully set forth the
cause of his abrupt retirement in his intorvlew
with the Board ot Deacons, and that it wns
based mainly on his opposition to Dr. Abbott
nnd the dictatorial coprso ot the Advisory Com
mlttro in the mnnnscment of tho church since
Mr. Beecher's death. It is also said thnt Mrs.
Beccher and somo of hor warmest friends In
the church sympathlzo with Mr. llalliday, and
that bofore many months not a fow iamillnr
fucoswlll be mlsslnsfrom the Plymouth cows.
On the other hand, tho officers of the church
Bay that tho members are moro clopely unltod
on Dr. Abbott than they could possibly bo If
anyother man had boon selected as Mr. Iloech
er'a successor, and that they have no appre
hensions as to the future of the church.
It waa tha Iter, John O. Wagner afl'ateraan.
The clerical-looking man who was arrested
in Hoboken nlsht before last was undoubtedly
the ltev. John C Wanner of Paterson. Ho was
accused by 15-year-old Mary Alslleronor of nt
tomptlns to drns her Into somo bushos in tho
Hudson Square Park. After the man was locked
up he filled the prison with bis shrieks, and af
terward nttomptod to hnns hlmtelf. When ho
was released lestorday mornins It wns under
stood ho was coins to Pntorson. Ho is a v ouus
innrrlod man, who eamo from the Wost to
ratorsonn joarortwouso to accent the pas
torate of Christ German Presbyterian Church
in West street. He has a wlfo and one child.
Itecently bo scorns to have fallen into evil
ways. Policemen Bay thnt he bos visited noto
rious houses and ho has taken to drink, The
church furnished apartmonts for him in 14
Tyler street, but on Monday after nn unusual
bpree. dutins which ho wns particularly dis
orderly, his landlord turned him out. Tho
next day he borrowed money fiom a number
of pooplo and disappeared. Ho was not hoard
ftom until tho news of his arrest came.
An Illustrated t lilneae Paper lor AewYark,
An Illustrated Chlneso wcokly papor, called
Ihe.Voo ior.rfun j'o (or the AYio fork Chlnru bitci), to
be published at 10 Chatham square by a Chinese com
pany, with Messrs. Wong Chin ruo and Hong tint, late
Ch'ntse editor of u Hong hong weekly, as Joint editors,
will make Its uppiarancoln this city to-du). It is tho tint
plitorial Chlneso journal erer published. The Illustra
tions will treat of American civilization as viewed by
genuine Chinese artists. I he pajer is m be Issued every
Milurilay, and sold at n rents a i iqn rlie llrst cartoon,
wliich appesrs In todays l.siu rvrrrn(s the voung
biupcror of china upon bis throne surrounded by his
mandarins slttli g m Judgment upm a band of Ameri
canised Cbluatueiu who nave befn driven out of thla
country by the recent ( hlneao I iw The Indignant Celts
tlal monarch Insists upon their Immediate return to tho
"nation of their choice, the United States," and when
informed that they i annot roturn. ho ordera that they
be flogged us renegades
I'ollco Traasrera.
The Pollco Hoard mado tho follow ins trans
fers yestcrda) Fatrrlinaii W J, Coffee, from Church
street to lldrllge street! James Sheridan Eldrldge
street memon Market 1'atrn k lllrhardson. Old ailp to
Jllgli Iirlaces Huh iia'mcy. West Twentieth alreet to
Vri .'w','."!' i',J '"i"Aofr ''''a"-'.'"'.'''"' street;
Joliu W. Cob), Irlmo to Bali Hit) llrst street.
The Heat Ulgh-Claa Cigarettes,
Tfaxcltoatone Defeated In a Fifteen. lanlag
Ofune-Vnw York Hack, ts Third Place
Other Gamei-Xewa and Oaaalp-
Tho result of yesterday's Rumen mndo
nnotlierchaneo in the position of tho Lcncuo
lcaderse Now York's victory and Boston's do
feat cawed theso two clubs to chnnso places,
Tho earn os resulted as follows: Leasuo Now
York 10, CWeaco 2 : Dotrolt 11. Boston C : Phlla--dolphin
3, "Tit tshnrsnO; Indianapolis 2, Wash
linaton 1. Association Baltimore C, Athletic 1,
Tho record:
TUX illTIO-UL Mice.
nan. oif. tlayd. IVrGrnl.
IChlcato 31 II fl .rn4
Detroit a n sti ,03i
New Vorx 1 14 SO .HI
noaton JJ 10 as .wi
Philadelphia IS is SI .154
Pittsburgh 14 SO S4 .11 J
Indianapolis 12 2 :1 .sxt
V Washington 0 'J 7 3d MO
vni iMistciN AssoctiTtosr.
iron. totL rdyrA Yrtvnf.
BtXoHyn 30 in o .7V
til ImuIs Jl Id si .n.
ciniMnnatl .... J3 r OT .em
Athl.tio 10 IT s .tan
iiaitltxor is n :id .sjs
fleTeliMwl :" ,rl"
Kansas lty 10 21 81 .UNI
loulavUl.' 10 20 3 .210
Tho CLvicaso Club marched on tho Tolo
cround d'Inmond yostorday in tlsht-flttlnc
splke-tnllod' coats, and with tlchtor fltttns
whlto shirts, knlckcrbockors. black stocklnss,
nnd cans. AY lien the littlo darky Bteppod in
front of the pl.iyors, who nmrchod ten nbroost,
nnd lod them fitvjm tho bncklleldncioss to tholr
Boats, tho lauctitor drowned nil attempts nt
applause, particularly whon tho littlo solid
leader bosan jusclbic hl3 di-um major's baton.
Thoro was no music, but otherwlso the per
formance resembled a circus moro than any
thing elso. Iudoorl, ifc wns tho beslnnlns of an
exhibition ol ball playitns such its is not ofton
seon, nnd whon ltwa.-4illoertlo visitors left
tho Cold with a double niulck, so-ns-you-pleno
salt, cetttnc Into their .vplketnas as thoy went,
or drnccins thorn alons behind, only stopplus
to nrranse their usoloss bise ball rcataUa whon
hey sot Into tholr carriasos.
It was a slcht worth seoftna b'ud tho many
thousands ot base ball lovcrsof tills town who
did not so to tho Polo srouncM jostorday
missed lino sport. In tbo opeclns .oriictlco tho
work of tho visitors was remarkably clover.
Thoy made stops while twlstlns tholr bodies
and limbs In nil shapCH nndnt all uriclos, nnd
throw' with remnrkablo clovornosa. Tito homo
team did not do any of this fancy business, but
thoy put in their tlmo nt practlco wltl sood
steady work. TVhen tho samo besan n blind
man couM have seen thnt tho samo was for
blood, and that ucady work In tho flold ,nnd
' ho work with tho hat was soins to toll. TVa rd
tUnrtod tho hlttlns 3a the oponlns lnnins. bt. t
h did not sot beyond second base.
Micoy 'WclcA chans1 thincs by hlttlns
Petti" with'lho ball, in tho visitors' oponlns
lnnlnc'. dtnothinscnmOkpilt. In tho second
nn nn " Blchnnlon' find scorpd on hits by
Mmi&t fln'l O'llourko and a wild throw by
iitIiii II vlleld sailed n llnvr toward centre
iii.i Vi.i.. PfnfTor lumnnd In rt.o nir to catch
vv ith ouo hu id. It was n wondei ul flay. In
the next inn 'nJ PfolTor mndo a sto.o of l.vv Ins s
prounder, wh.hwus nearly as llnojis his ono-
From tG'e verv ' sttrt off tho Now Yorksi. "fined
to snuse Van Hi ltren's curves, while Mvckoy
Welch, with his . vld-tiino smilo find his la,'no
side well, shot tho inll over tho plate, and tt.o
lsltors placed It lit tho hands of ouo ol tho
waltlnsNew Yorks. AVith aview Josettlnsout
their full strensth nt the bat tho Now orksput
O'Hourke In tho rlsht Hold and loster did not
Play. When Darlins drove tho ball into tho
centre Held crowd in tl. vo third lnnius nnd tied
tho samo, tho 0,87'J spe. itators present consid
ered that It was an unci implimentarv act, but
thoy forsave him when .ho ow lorks usnln
took tho lead In tho fourt.Vnnins.
The real fun Desan In tAo Hfth lnnins when
Wolch hit n srounder to 1 "feller, and he threw
tho ball ovor Anson's hoacV It went throush
the pioket fence into tho .'rowd, and Mickoy
made the circuit of tho b.xseson tho orror.
Ewins followed with u hi une run hit Into
centra flold. Then tho hittin t became seneral,
and finally tho innlns onded with a homo run
by ltichardson. Thon tho wh olo Chlcnso toam
followed Van Hnltren s lead and went to pieces.
Base hits followed base hits, und errors fol
lowed errors until tho srot crowd how ed
with laughtor. Van Hnltren, after danclns
nbout the box llko a madman, wont to pitch
ins with his rlsht hand.
The New Yorks could hnro kopt up tho sport
for hours, but as It was settins tirosomo they
fairly allowed themselves to bo put out.
Ho srent a farce is toldo-m enactod on any
ball field, but It was fun while It Instod. N hllo
nil of this wns coins on, the Now lorks played
a steady camo in tho field. In fact, their work
was perfection, and little Mickey Wolch nltchod
just as thoush he had tho samo to win. lnstoad
of boias many runs aheacf of his opponents.
n. la.ro a a . lr.ro. a. r.
Fwlng c 1 2 3 2 0 Ryan. c. f .. W o 0 o 1
Ward. a. a ...3 4 0 1 0 Milllvan If o- 1 2 0 0
Connor. 1st b.. 4 4 Hi 0 l'eiilt. r f .. 0- o o ;
Slattery, c f 2 3 u o 0 Anson, lstb 0 2 11 0 1
Rich dson,2db J 4 3 3 0 Pfetter. Jd b . 0 12 4 4
0 Itourke. r. f..2 3 2 0 o Wuilamsoaas o o l x o
fiore I If ' . ....I 1 1 O OUnn.ldb .0-03X0
llottleld. 3d b .1 1 2 3 ivanllaltren.pl I oil o
Welch, p 3 10 8 2 Darling, o ,...1 1 J 1 I
Totals 10232717 3 Totals 2 02718 H
!ew York 0 1 o 1 5 o 0 3 3-1!)
Chicago .... V.".0 0 1 0 U 0 1 0 0- 2
Earned runs New York, . Chicago 1 First base
by errors -New .ork, 3, I'hvogo " on h''
.Vew orL. 4. Chicago, 7 I Irs hase nn balls-Van 11 al
tren 1 btolen basea-Kwlng l htruek out liarllng.
I, Welch, J, Sullivan, 1. Uurns. 1. l-olng, l. Ward, I,
Mattery. -', liore I. Homo runa -' "lug '.""I?-,
ltichardson. 1 . O Itourke. I.Welch i . I'arllng I. Three
baso hits Connor. 1 Two base hlu" J pnnor, 1. I'ou
bio playa-l'feffer and Williamson Hit by pitcher
1 ettlc 1 Wild pitches Van Hnltren, I. Pasted balls
Darling 3, hwlng I l'mplre-lr. VulecMlue. Time of
gamo J hours and 15mlnutea.
hetkoit, 1 1 ; aosrot. 5.
Bostoi, .Innea It toot the Wolverlnea fifteeti Innings
to defeat the homo team lo-ilay. lllg batting l,Mhe nf
teenth. aided br llrawn a mutf, lelded six runs. At the
end of tbo eighth Inning It loosed like lioston'a tame,
but four slogles and a eacrlllce gave the visitors (wo
runs, tlelng the score Uetxeln then steadied down LNid
pitched a remarkable game Home rune were numero i
during the first half, and Dennett made ouo In the nt
teenth Boston had a good chance to win In the twelfth,
but clarLson ran In from second on Johnston's long fly,
which WAb captured by llanlon and a dnnbte play was
the result. In the thirteenth Hornungiuadoahlt and
atole aecond. but lirown coul 1 not bring him In The
crowd Hcntfrantlo and Lynch was hooted at Hla do
clalous,xceptonballeajid strikes, were good The score.
R-la-ro-i.. it.la.rnaK.
Wise, s t 1 II 4 o r.lch'dson.2db.' .1 G l l
Jonnstou,cf..2 It I o I Ilrouth rs, lstb.2 2 0 0 I
Kelly, c ... . 0 0 ti I I Thompson, r. f 1 3 2 0 0
Nesh..!db o 2X42 Howe, a. s ... I 2 I J o
Merrill, lstb ..1 121 O U While lid b ..11 u 2 2 0
llernuug, I. t..l 2 2 0 o Twitchell, I f , 0 1 .10 0
llrmvu r.f .. 0 I B 0 I llanlon, c.r.,..l 3 5 I u
Uurdoclc2db..O 2 0 4 0 llsunclt, c. . .1 1 10 3 2
Clarkaen, p ... 0 I Old 2 Oeueln, p.... 1 I 1 13 4
Totala ,"!ai2l52s'7 Totals . , . . .7l To 45 2d 15
lloston.... 102XOioooooooon-s
Detroit..,..! o u 0 o l o I .' u u o ti o o-ll
earned runs Detroit. 6, lloston. 3. Two-base lilts
Wise, ltichardson. White. Three base hit 1 humpson
Home runs Richardson, Penuett, Johnaton. ilarrill
llouhle playa lleunett and Ilrouthers. naulun. CeUein,
and ltlchardaou. lri base on balls Kelly, Hornung.
Iaeh. clctzelu I11L by pitched ball Itowe llrst bao
on errors lloston. at Detroit, A hirucL out VMse, 2,
Kellv. ash. J, Varrlll. 3, Lronn. -. llurdocV. ltichard
son Tlioinpaon. White. TwitchelL llanlon. HAinett, clet
reln. Passed halls Kelly. 1. Wild pitches tieuolu, I,
Time Three hours tmplre Lynch
rutCADCLriltA, 3, riTTSBCUCU, 0
ruiLabiLrnia. June ft Buftlnton was too deep a prob
lem for tho Pittsburgh batters this afternoon, who
secured onlyfour lilts flalvlli was also elTecllie. but
his support was not of the best. The I'hllliea tleldrd
sharply. 1 ogarty at right partlcu'arly disllnirulstiliig
himself by uiaingtuo sensational catches Duulapa
second base play viae miserable. Ibe scorot
rutLsbKLrHiA. llussiucn
k. Is ro.i.r k.la ro a.r
Wood. I. f 2 ii n o Sunday, c.f... n I 1 o I
Andrews, c f.,I I I 0 o Miller, c. . . o 2 4 o 0
rogarty.r f. .1 I 5 cr 0 Coieuian, r f 0 o J o I
Mulvey, Mil mu I t liunlap, .'d b, o o 3 0 J
larrar, lat b...o l 7 0 0 lialryiuple, l.f.o 0 o o 1
Uliltllitou. P....0 0 1 0 2 Maul. lstb. 0 015 O D
I rnln. s u J 3 I u Kteliacidb,, 0 1 0 a 0
ticmentvo ,0 ti 10 o I einltli. na. 0 o o u 0
llastlau, 2d b,,l 0 0 4 0 Ualvln, p ,,,, II 0 1 0 J
Totala ,"s H2715 3 Totala..,, ii "diTI? "
Philadelphia 0 0 0 10 0 2 0 03
Pittsburgh ooouoouo u-l
I.arned runs I'hiladelnhla, 2 Two base hits Mulvey
and larrar, Duuble plays Irwlu and lurrar lrst
base on balls Wood, llastlau llunlap, Maul llrst base
on errora 1 hlladclplila. J. Mruck out Coleman Pal
rimple. J, Kuehne ninllh,nahln Passed falls Miller,
1, ttllapltchea-cialviu.i Time 1 4U. Umpire Peckei.
iNbuyarot-is, 2, aasuivoro-r, 1.
WasnlKOTOv, Junea The game hire In-day between
the Indianapolis and Waahltigion clul vtaa a model ex
hibition of ball playing, but despite thla fact. It v. a uu
lutcn sting and tlresotue It v la essentially a plliliers'
contest, ami while I) Day illchcd a splend.d game,
Ileal) acurvea wero too dereptlvo for Ibe Washington
batsman lloy'al elding Viaa,aa uaual llrst clasa. fhe
score I
n. la. ro is. It. ro.i s
Dally, r f u n I c o Seery, I f... .01400
Miock, 1. f o loo o i.iasscock a. a J a i i o
Wllmot, 1 f . 0 1 1 o o nine, r f. . o J 3 o o
o lirlen. latb.,0 u 7 0 l Penny, dd b ,, o 0220
Mi era. .Mb .0001 n PaaaelL 2d b 0 1 1 a 1
llor.cl 0 2 4 0 0 McUeachy. r. fn 0 J 2 n
Mack, 0 ... 0 0 7 1 0 I'sterbr'k.lst n.0 11 u 1 0
Irwin, s.s. ... u 0 2.' o Haiti, c 00221
Donuelly. Jd h I0210 (Italy, p u o u 4 2
O Poy, v u 0070
Totals J 7 27 17 4
Tellls I 4 24 12 U
Washington ,, ,.,,0 O 1 0 0 0 0 o 01
lsdiauapolli. ,,. .,.. 0 0 0 0 1 0 u 3
Earned runs Indianapolis, 2. Tiro-baao hits Shock,
tslassccck Wllinat. beerr Double playa Kaseett and
tatcrbrook. first pan on Lalla Stock, Hoy. lilt by
jlicoed bttU-Vvcxa. . first Uaa on rrer-WMbivojL
1. fltniek. ODt-0'nrlta Irwin, fl?ry. Dnnr OX Hwitr
?). , Wild pitches-llealr. Tlme-i-iu. Umpir-
American Ailntlni,
BlLTIatORI,Of iTnLITlC, 1.
TlixTiHoai, Jnn a The ItnlUmore and Athletic clohi
ipUped off postponed firae to-dar. nd thefermer won
wlui comparailretaie Ifoth trams fleldej alraoitper
tectiy, but th Tlsltort eouM not boner, their bit, while
the home batimen hit Mattlroore't cnrTAR at opportune
tlmpeandran tbAliancg rerr clererlv l-ture or the
J nine were rate hen by flreenwood, rnrccIL llnrua. and
i) ona. and O Brlcu'i beavr battluE. The icore i
Haitimore loi lonon or
athletic o oooooio oi
!Uie hlti-naltlmore. u; Atbletla, ft. 1'rrorn HItl
mo 3. Athletic 7. ritchera-CDaaiOLchain and JJattl
wore. Umpire Mr. D otic tier.
Mlaor JLeiacaea.
AtUllentown Allentown, 0; Jfrtir City, 6.
Tat sutk uiiooa.
AtWma Lima, lt Toledo, I.
At Wamfleld, o. Manftfleld, 121 TTtieitliitl,
htW XKCLlltla.
At Pa1m Palem, 7, Lynn. .1
At Lowell Lowsll. 11; rortland.n.
At Uancheiter Mancheiter, 10; worceiter. X
At Rocbiter Toronto, 3; Rochfiter, 2(11 lnntsri).
At erraome Syracuse, lu. Uuaalo.0.
At Mbany-Loudon. Hi Albany, 1U
At Troy Troy, U; IlamUtoo, u.
At Aihlend Ahland, 3; Mahanoy City. IV
Al Shenandoah Shenandoah, 1U, 8hainoMn,X
otntn aiMTi. r
At Amtmla perbyt. fit Htinfords. 4.
At Ittnirhamton llluffhaititon, A. Cleveland, t
At Corning Corn In if, a, Wllkesbarre, 1JL.
Ktxrm of the Iar
WaiiintTCTO. June a John Kellow.niaiialnr the
,Irf)ullllo01iib. today accept ft poiltlon as Leairue
uraplro In pUw! of Decker rt!dcnt ounc hat been
necotlatlnr with Kelly lovaVreral days with the con
nfiitof acLThelpa, ondan agreement wai reached to
day. Kelly will no be able to report for duty before
th 12th .tut, ani he will open up In tWe city.
riKTrLANn.,neH. Harry I'arkerot thli city, catcher
of the Toted' tlub, wti nearly killed In tho Lima 1 oledo
camo at fciina tlile afternoon. elho of the 1 ltnkns
nt bat nd hit up a foul fly between third and the plate
lloibVarkur and third baseman U'Kourke started for
th ball and collided while solnff at full sjeed Doth
werknocke 1 ln.ennlble, and 1'arker remained so until
Xocloi'k. UUieft eye 1 nearly torn out, soteral bnnee
in his face are broken, and luternal injuries are feared
lie in a brother of the famous lain third bamauof
'M, liber l'arker, and son of Dr. l'arkerof this city.
Cblps from the lMnmond.
n II Veit, one game.
Cleveland It gelling orer his attack of charlle herse.
New or It and Chicago at the I'elo Grounds again to
The Dinbury Club will drop out of the Connecticut
League to day.
Many or tha Brooklyn players eaw the game at the
Tolo grounds yesterday.
1'resldent Day U more afraid of the Detroit Club than
auy other In the League.
TheNework management will find that ?000 Is too
much to pay for a defeat.
Harry Wright will push the movement for a double
uniptro system next season.
Since Connor's horse starved to death ho hot been
practtslnz on Manager Mutrle e trotter.
Brooklyn and Cleveland at Washlntrton Park to-day.
This Is the Ore; game uf. the secmid series.
Vinplre Doeicher seemi to have It lu for nome of the
kickers by the way he It dealing out the lines.
K. J The char re for a seat on the around itand at the
Polo grounds Is Ja cents; admission to grounds, ru cents.
Header Tiernan can play second base, h played
that position tor the evils. All ho wan u lailenty ot
On Thursday the Detroit! defeated the Cuban Giants
r to 1 Th'n U tho Crst defeat for the Ulauu la nine
teen game.
A F. I. The New Vorks won one half the frames
played on Its W etttern trip, not coaming tho-canus that
were Ued or potponed
TheN"works conld not hit Phreve the other day,
V'ut Jerrey Lity got only seventeen hits off Ms pitching
it vera! of the bits were doubles and triples.
hen Tom Deasley dos po to pieces, Im emashes up
forXepa. IlealwATBdld Tint was the cose on Wed
nesdav. when four of hi throws gave Detroit ruurruus
and th. game It cost Tom a little o er $5 a throw.
W aIirTton advice to tho Senators: "Comohom",
toys, coiinliorac' ou mar not hae lune vour best,
but i ou M" pretty nearly fulfilled our expectation.
The e.k'hlh t'lacp Is yours to keen " If t bo Washington
and .Nevr d,k Clubs were the only ones i it the league
what a lino race they would make tor the shaiupicubhlp
Macullarana "Bus' llolliday of the Dim Moines team
are quoted as saying that Luvett la ut iloubtedly the
crack twlrlerof ho Western AHtoclatlon "He a a good
man at an) and a. 1 stages of the frame "JJolli lay re
marked, 'and the club oppoied to him lnr certain
ff victory until tho last iunlng HplajeJ a comnli
nie,nt from such o'd J. layers and captious critics as Ma.
culli." and Holliday la "rth recelviug.
There Fa" play on Vard In the fifth Infilnv of the
game yesUrday that but few of the spectaVirs under
stood, atthOTijiiTii-E Srt u'cclded upon a similar piny
Mine time ago U.ird had IN" strikes called f n him he
thenstrnckattHo ball, in 1m o. I it, and tho btdl striklnv
bim, bounded off. no that thtf catcher could not get it
until the runner had reached , cond base Atter some
kicklm? Umpire alentlne called him out for ant erf er
lug with tho ball, which was i1rl.L
To-day at Brocdtly n Navy Yard, Led,; Island vs. Harlnea,
Staun Island Ataletles vs. Brooklyn Athletics u West
Brighton to-day.
The Athletics of Harlem will play theU'erth Amboys
at Perth Amboy to-day.
To day thi Olendale Athletics and Amateurs plsy on
the Glcndalo irrouii Is, Brooklyn.
The Alerts will play the Hackett, Carhirt.A Co. team
to-day at the Molt Haven grounds.
The Kniedale Base Ball Club of Trcmont, New York
city, will play the Modoc Club at Portchester to-day.
The ernnns and Bergen Point Athletic Club will play
on the Brooklyn Athletic Club Grounds at P M to-day.
Manager Bright Is anxious to arrange a series of week.
day games between Cuban Giants and Gorhams for the
colored champloushlp
The Bryant base ball team will plar therYernons this
afternoon at Central Park. A great gaa Is expected,
as both clubs are event matched.
The Independent Bast Ball Club would like to play
clubs with i layer under 17 years, the Clio-Juniors pre
ferred. J. ilurphy, 21) Mulberry street
At Elyslan Fit Ms. Hobofcrn, to-day Cuban Clams vs.
Jaspers cf Mnnattan Coi'ege Battery for CuViana,
be. don and Thomas, for Jasters. lUmmill and Khuler.
The Moha-ft ks would like to arrange a game for Jt; ly 4
with any club with average ago of player l yttus.
Unions of Manhattan College preferred. F. Buchanun,
capt-iln, JH est Utnh atreet.
At Yonkers to-day the Hudson ,Blver League will .be
reorganized, with the following clubs Harerstran .
onkeri. .Syack, and Cuban Oiinfa. A now achedubs
will be arranged, to take elTcct at once
The Ten 1 ycks would like to arrange frames with out
of town club rorJunn and Julv They witutd lik to
hear from the yack and I ittle alley teams for July 4.
John V Dolan. iyjBnshwickaenu, Brooklyn.
The plavers of the Heliotropes are as follows. Bed
cloud, lstb,, Healy 2d b.. Hogan .Mk. Brown, t s , II.
McUrane, r f , J McGrane, 1 f . Con ran. c f : McMn..
Ion p., Vcbratb, c, Frank Cossroe, manager, J74
The Standard Base Ball Club hna been organlred for
the seison with the following members u McUlone, c,
P. Begen. p , J O Hare, 1st b I Leonard, '.'dl ; It,
Lahey s . J Kelh, .d tx. H Kelt. 1 r.. It MarihiH.
c f , C Murnh), r. L They would likf to hear from
clubs with players under 18 yeara K J. Begen, P. O
box 7H7. city.
Tho Brooklyn MLM nnd Brighton AthlWtlc Base iJall
Clubs will play tha second icmie of their1 series for the
rhamplonsfiln to day on the Brlshton Athletic O rounds
This game will be more interesting than :iV others, and
If won by the Brooklyn ,L.Mwll coraplftTa the series
and give them the championship oeruulr onponeits
The batteries will be fer the Brooklyn L,"iVeit and
Helser, for the Hrlghtous, Uasile and Whltt.
Threo of the junior clubs of Ba-onn have or ran) zed a
fesiruo and arranged a schedule of games for the local
junior championship. The record of the games pliiyed
up lo date Is as follows :
iron. tott. Percent.
Ehort-TalUof Cenireville J l ,h
Alerts of Bergen Point ... .1 1 .fA
Monitor Juniors of Bergen Point. 0 1 .too
Three vames will be played by the Brooklyn Ama
teur Base Ball Association at Prnspt-ct Park to-day
Mdney ! lostdalu, Waihlugton vs. Alerts, Jteao
lttte vs Iloy. Jtticord to date la.
Han, Lutt I Won. Lost
Fidney 'J o Roredale 0 'J
Benolute .. ....-,.. 2 o Washluifton ,, , t) 2
Hoy ..... v .J 0Alerts 0 'J
The Brooklyn police team has been organized under
the direction of Detective Michael 1 innegan. and is
envious to meet any other police t.m in therounlry,
and particularly the ew York police nir e ihls Is tie
teamt Officer Kelly, catcher, Officer Holdsberger,
pitcher. Officer Kllnrman. first base, (J old en, seeund
base Firrfll, tblrd lase: KaleiKh short stop, Mdds.
leftrieldtTMcy. centra nld, Alnwick, tUht field, and
lonlln, suhatltiue
An excltlnir game nf base bait was plaea At UQth
street And Ninth avenue betwrrn the eruluates and
non irrailnatesof ilrammarbchoul Id. in West Thirteenth
street The result was the defeat of the graduates by
lMtoia. Hi battery for the graduates was bmlthatid
Kelly, and for the non graduates VcQulnn and Baiir.
Both nines made a good bhowlntr The Ictors challenge
allsclKolnlnrtnn the olty with players under luycnrs.
Urn McOuiun. sJau A. U rain mar bchool lti,4cit
Thirteenth street.
IaclnT nad 'JTottlas In I'oushkcepslr.
rouniiKnnrflir:, Juno 8, Tho following aro
summaries of the pAclnfiand trotting at the Driving
Park to da) ,
2 1H, pacing;
Mlver Thread -v .A I 1 1
Georgetown ..,.,....... 1 3 .1 a
Ulster Belle..,., ..,. 2 2 2 4
Hal.ieC , . . .... .3 4 J
Tlme-2 17Jt 2iiefi,3,10. 2.17)4
2:45 class, trottingi
Mount ilorria. 2 1 1 1
Patience. . ,,,, ,,,,,, .... ..,,..! a 4 .1
little Gypsy , , ,, ,,,. ... .- .... 3 j j 4
Major Uiricl. 4 4 3 2
Tim-J 0)4, a 2IJ& 2 sa, 3 20x.
Harry Wllkca untl tllnzstetne.
ToTnn Kditouov Tub Sun Sir: Inanswor
to Mr. Gordon's offer to trot bis b B Cltngsionearalnst
any trotter on July 4, 1 will trot bire Brothers' Harry
M likes, or will match him against any trotter on that
date for V2,SOO aside, play or pa), inlle heats, three In
five to harness. Fiuisk Vinxus, Itaumoro Hotel.
Hrtlu0 er(cs.
Jack Varley of Birmingham, hngland, wants to box
Joe Llllnjfs wort It
Aleck Jordon of the New York Athletic Club U disap
pointed at hla (Itfful by MuliwluiW lord for the all
around amateur rhatnplr nttilp at tho ew York
Athletic Club grounds on Thursduv and has cl allenifed
rurd to contest again for that title atd fur a VSjo trophy.
lluse II all Pols Grounds To-day,
Grand League championship came, Chicago vs.
New ork. Game, il'.M. Admlssiou, u cents. Monday,
Cblcagiv Adv.
Eljslan Fields, today PclentUlo Cuban Giants vs.
Jaspers. Cubans aro j laying wonderful ball this year.
Htcreatlon Grounds, lVm Islaal City, tomorrow
Flushings is. carocstcbauiplocshfpgfrma,uMaj1 lie.
A Up.
To-morrow at Long Island gteunsa. tamUcnsi.tp
MPS A?tf ).f 6tffif?i ytj atr issMt V w-Vfl-
mwTnnn Salomon makxs nomas
A. F.ellriK Tribute ta Kentucky IIand.msk.1a
Corn ITblekeT-Artlata Franauae. t
ajp.ok Plcturea lland.snsvdo llusnbnar
Ex-Mnyor W. II. 'Wlckliom snt a- Juteo
Glldorsloovo'ssldoand Goorco Frcl3 Train
Bittnt tho roportor'a tablont to a1'83 Dobar
trlnl In tho Oonoral Sesslona ostordar. Train
spont tho tlmo In scrlbbll-C doccorel In a serl
oub manner, whllo tj ex-Mayor enioyod tho
lively Bcrlmmnces it'woon Qoorco 0. Thomp
son Salomon npJ tho coude1 tor th TrlnctsB,
his elster. Pthor speotaton) wro Spiritualist
Henry KUdlo and Lillian llusaoll'a mother,
Cyntlil Xoonard. Salomon at tlmos kept tho
court room In a roar by his dashes at th coun
E.I, and when Mr. Tovrnsond nppoalad to the
Court for protoctlon, Judgo OtldorslcoTO Bald
with a stcnlflcnnt ylanco at Salomon that h
"did not want to send htm to the Tombs for
contompt ot court, bocauso ho was an Im
portant witness."
Mr. Tonnsend-Yonr Honor has .aid that thla witness
la Irritable and yon allow lilra ttie neatest latitude,
oslerilar you commanded this defendant, potntlnt to
the 1 rlncesa, lo sit down when atie Interposed a word,
audshodld so. Whr should not she b. as Irritable aa he r
Judge (iltdersleeve I do think they are Tory much
alike lu temperament. Mr. Towntend.
That wnnn't what Mr. Tovrnsond wantod, bq
cnuao his client dunlos that bIio Is Salomon's
ulster. Hnloinon told how tho Princess Tlsltod
lilm at niH rani estato olllco In tho AlDlno bulla
luir, ou Clniix'h strtsot. In October last, nnd orlea
bccnuio tholr mother was Blct In Kentucky,
An lltEMMi Sun roportor wns lntroducod to
tho l'rlncoH. and after tho reporter went away
sho went on her knees to Hnloinon. nnd asked,
with stroaiulni; ores, whether ho thought Uod
Almighty would over torulvo hor If hormothor
Blioiilil dio without forelvinc hor. Tho wltnoss
told her ho w ould try to mnko ponce In tho fam
ily for her. In Mnrch last, Salomon coutlnuod,
tho Trinecs told him thnt sho owned tho build
Ins nt 43 all streot, 1,'2"0 ncros In Wostehester
county, nnd thollonry Da Hnt homostead. Uo
did not bdleve hor.
bniomnn recallod n vlilt ho mado to tho Marsh
hoii'-o In Madison avenuo whin tho Princess's
child ran up to lilmand called him "Undo."
Ill- sister robukud tuo child aud Bent her
Thon tho Salomon family Blblowas pro
duced, with tho roconi ot tho children's aces.
U ours ran down Salomon's eliooks as ho took
tho old tattered book Into his lap. lie found
the looonl of Ann O'Dolia's birth to bo Fob. 9,
1849, at Mount llolion.
Lawyer Uoyil DM you erer know of thla woman
whijin you call your sister bene known and recognized
a the daughter of lla Monlezr A Ihe waa known by
that name only aa a fraud and a swludler. hhe was
n.rcr known br that name anions; decent people I
hopo to land her where alio bolo&K-s In a luuatlo
V Hon't you testify here In order that ah. maybe
convicted and sent to State prison! A. Lxcuae me from
ansuerlnir tnat nuestlon.
The l'rliicesa tto her counsel) Fresa the question
Mr Hoyd My client desires me to presa the question.
A Sho a out of her intnd, aud needs restot body and
Mr. Boyd nM.od tho witness If ho didn't tako
a littlo ryovvhinkov oecnilonolly.
Salomon put up his hand, wnrnlncly.
"No, Mr. Boyd, a man thnt will drink ryois
cone. Corn, tlr, hand mado, is what a Kcu
tuulvinn drlnkn "
Thoy noked Snlomon whether It wns forty
eltht or forty-nlno tlmos tuht ho hnd beon nr
robted. IIo wit!) willing to say that ho hnd beon
arrosted moro than onco for Intoxlcutlon nnd
onco in Knitucky on a fnlo chariro of forcery.
nhutveounsol tried to prolonu this toplo ho re
fused to answer, nnd tho Court sustalnod him.
lnsiiector Byrnes tostlllcd that whon tho
Print ess vvni arrested fcho denied that bulomon
was hnr brother, but next sho confessed that
ho was her brother. Khe said thnt Lawyer
Marsh was moan with Ills money, nltiiouch ho
was willluc to de.nl his proporty to her. Ho
bad Gfloroil hor moro proporty In thatway than
bho would take.
Charles W. Bovine, eounsol for tho Union
Bimo Savings Bank, tostillod that tho Prlncoss
tried to Kit thiouh tho bank ,i loan on Mr.
Marsh's Madison nvenuo resldenco alter It had
been deeded to hor.
Artl.ts E. Wood l'orry. William II. Beard, and
Charles 1. Tumor evrnmined tho spook pictures
In court nnd tostllled that tho pictures havo no
mnrkot value, nnd that thej wero pninted with
brushes of lulstles from animals thnt roam
this terrestrial snhore. I'lnnlly a communica
tion from ht. Potor, badly spelled, was road by
Assistant District Attorney Bos l'assos. Tho
trial will bo returned on Monday.
Kailna ou tbe Xjutanlis Xrack.
Cincinnati, June 8. Tho Uny at Latonia was
hot and sultry, and tho track dusty. It was a sood day
both for the bookmakers and tho talent llrat race
Sellinc purse, for three year olda and upward laerenfur.
louse Auction Una B.. 30, Hcrmesse fit: I'at Don
ovau &t Held fs Tat iionov an won, GaUatln second,
lxivrland thirl Time. 1 irf
teconJ lice brllitia: purse, for two-year aide, half
mile AuctirMie Mlunle I'alnier, $13. llvpsy. fs. iar
tin Kuueil 7. il-l I. -' llralui aim on, Minnie I'alnier
atennd l.jrsy third. Time 0 lfJ
Third Itai e belling- purse, for three year olda and up
ward, six furlong. Auctions rurlsh, S11 Dago. J l':
Mrana, $a ileld fS5 rarUhv.niv by a head, Vlrauza
secctiil Viitunlo third. Time I it,
lourtti Uace selllnir, forlhree v ear olda and upward,
all fnrtimirs Auctions Kedar Ivhun, (m. Lialaiid. fki.
Tarn nShanler, ft), tiehl, irJ. Tarn (1 bhanter won,
Uraniro Olrl second, llusbiess third Time 1.16
Hrtli l.ate A free handicap lor thre irear olds an I
upward, oue mile Auctions (,lenhall 25, Hector, ),
llmlra,fd. Ten Broeck,Jr , fo, field, $ln Elinirawon,
Hector second, fltyinhall third Time, 1 43
Mxth Itace Sensation stakes, 1T1 uo added for two
year olds, sit furLona s Auctions Longslde. $12. Coma
to Taw. V. MInoU. $7, Meld, -f-s Kassouwon, 1'roclor
Knott second, Co me to Taw third. Time, 1 .til.
Ibe St. I.oula Jlacca.
St. Louih, Mci June 8. About noon the rain
commenced to fall. And coutlnued vs Itbout luterrupUon
until the first race, which mvde the track slippery and
dnueerous llrst Uace bellln? purse, for all ages,
seven furlnni:. iwctlons llalance, barred, Jim dray,
trll, ami thn Ileld -.& llalance vrnu clonee second,
lam lime thlr 1 Tlmo 1 mjJu. 1 he w inner was bid la
for $700. 1 Is entrant . nrlc
seconl Kace The JlIIIs Walnwrlcllt Purse forallacea;
one 1 ill-.. AucllniiS"ftry, $-, Jacobin fcjl. field 7.
Itari won. Judibiii s cond Iniiothlril Time I I .
fhir-l nie The Directors' Stakes, for three j ear olda,
on mile aud a qtlrtir Auctions Huntress, tRi'i;
Artta. $11. AICN-inlrli. 0 mid, $j Iluntresa won.
Jack Cocks secend. Alexandria third Tlmo, a l.tj;
tcsurtli Itace 1 urse, for two jctrolds, three nuartera
of a mile Vnc lions ( ham aj.no I harley, UJS, Unco
As-ain. 57. Oi.co Auxin on by three lc-njtU. Time.
1 I't-j.
Huh Ilice-KcIllniTimrse. forallaites, oneralleanda
sixteenth Ai ( lions Lucy Johnson S3., 1 ela May.
$..-, Van $.". Held $11. Lela May won by a neck, V uu
aecond, losteral third. Time, 1 sjj
Traittlnc untl Kunnlngr In Nyrsscu.e.
SynrusE, Juno 8. Tho followlne aro the re
su ts of the trota hero to-day,
2 2o (Lisa,
Tucllle's Tlaby 3 3 111
Milkmaid 2 13 3 3
Dick Orpan 1 3 3 U J
rilno-2 33J, 2 JO, 2 Slii, 2.3J, 3 20Kt
Relle 3 2 111
TotHigmn 1 1 2 2 2
Maiiiind -! I J 3 a
1 meratd ,. , . 4 dla.
Aloali, ., ... . dl
Tlinc-J.l-IH. S.JIlf J 10, 2 36'i,.2.J0U.
Tom Iaxwell , ,1 l
illly Harlow 3 2
rroTii 1'rilice J 3
lalldWeat . 4 4
Time 1 Sal 1 liX
Fntrlea rnrtlrruruu l'urk ICncea.
TIhto wero nlnct-four nominations for tho
llelmoi t siakes.to be run to da). The probable startera
have dw 'nd'cd down to two-J)e.yer I xothers' colt sir
Dixon iut Mr lieluioui'a colt 1'rliico ltu)al hut It will
be a race r, ev ertheless Tw o handicap havo tilled with
rac Inir mate rial mi I ( n tho v hole the sport prnmisea lobe
very in'erets. Ii i: Hie j robible startera ,vnd wemlitaure
rirnt Itact- 1'ursee, D, lor I ealell hoiaes, mile and u
rliluviitli flncta,lJ2,KojalArch llu, liruiiaomarte,
lianlsiirir, Tneodosiuri, in, Lonuilirlit, mi i lielluda, -w
bccsild ltace lluudh up olio inlle CliBiax, llu. Itlch
inoncl 117. olunte. llu, litsroy. 111 KJnir ('rule UK),
.liseun, IPO, 1'aslio OS, AniulKatn. 103, Clay btocktou,
Krt Ir .lKa! l"l. I'erclcs. 10 .
ililm nit sukca Mile aisd a half! Prince novat, lis,
Sir llixi ii, llc
rourrVi l.aci llantllcap: mile and a quarter! Hoc.
r&ciu, I, , Is Ii.ra llo, voiauto, 1-iJ. Klclimond,
ltr, Hrir'n Duke lu,i, I.uuuer llei.rer, 1 10. Linden, ijh.
MfiliiUio r-elilin:, mile and one-elchtti lliiraood,
103. Shaisrork Hu, Nettle. 10a, tl 1 ellna, 103, tllen.
anrar I1", Ivlue H. W, Mm lirown. I(), haruest, hu,
Hrunoioaa te, la Malu, 4, Maicara, luc, Wander.
"biitli rvsoi' Meeplechasai Hartiorouch, I3sj Harry
Manu 1151 (,'huullcleer, H" (llenbar 13 i, Ldtttefellow,
M7l Altoi.to. 110, Mi.nle Chrlslo Mil, Hob Miles, Mj
Ten fellow It1'. Abralmui.14.-i, itepeatcr, 143, Urao a
Pan. 1J0, WMIlo Palmer, 1J0,
A rinir "" 'bo Tree Collejr Hoya.
Tho presonWIon of it national ilac fn tho
Acadeuiyut Mushi last etenlnir by tho members of La.
fnyet'.e l'rat 140, (I A Ik, to the Colleito of iho City ot
New v ork, as an oc caslon for the expressiou of palrl
olio seillluienls tho srvaTlinf of national aoina and old
amu miibs. whilo tlii ioili-o cheer "C C .. k "fol.
lowed Iho Mine "hutr il a" of war memory, tappaa
Hand via) id national alra while ilia iiinipaiiy wero
lnurcliui. in Iristdenta l.dward sinunonasat on the
liioif inn wlili tho iaeiiibr of tl e Loarilof Llurotlon.
LmiUia T i nlrnt Alraalilc H ebb Willi llo faculty
of Mas.. U n I tin "Ulcers ''be lost. In the orches
tra warn creti ho memoirs of the j ost anil the colieins
boyn. The Ac idiinv iva ieekes' with Ilia 'national ci,l
irvlmrrierlhej null be plunV,! by the decorator
Tie itaj in Ita stall viae ireaeiled by ( oinniander
V Old t'li.rks.iu of Lafui i lie Hit!, sod 1'resldcnt Webb
m.Mleasprecliiut.ciopll!ii;ll The t,'ftwasaelulirlht
in lis Bucket i n the stage while I resl.tent J Idward
Slu uaous, the Iter Ilr John II 1'altoil. and den. lloa
key. who commanded a division of cavalry under Slier
inao, siio.c America " "Tie Htar Hpanrled llsnner,"
Tlit lied. White, and lilue," and" John Hianu'allody"
were .sunt;
Valuitble Jlorara Jlrovrnf d
Loca.roitT, Juno 8. This afternoon, aa O.
Ileaaon.r uaa drlrlnz a tfiun of colls which had Juut
teeu e.Uilblle 1 at tbe fair of the AjTlci'Kurol Society,
they wire frijrliieued and ran away on Trai alt street
Tbr lu taped off th. Transit atreet bridjo Into the canal
a distance of abtittt thirty fact. The team, valued. at
t7iu ware drowDml Mr. Itcaasa.r, who wm carried
luto the,tao wltii tha M am, vu Htcaed u sSDM
xna router foirvuei mzAD zr.
jp-euae Iake ota JjnamfJcirraie.
Lrufy Jerome, vrho has been Jav'l up 'With
iMrvous prostration from overdolno.tho hunt
ilnK business In tho Adirondacks with i.'ioDuk
of Marlboronch and n few othor-cnthiilostla
sportsmen, discovered last'weok, much to his
own amusement, that the story had icotocUot
last of njiractlcal joke that he trlod to tHny-on
old Qen. Simon Camoron, but-whlch was-iiutta
unexpectedly turned against a no loss tvin
splcuaus pairsonaso than the Princo ot Wares
Tho story wai told the other night In thSe
Hoffman JJouso.art nalUry with Croat cusU?
amonK a gronp ot club men, who woro-ohoorod
by tho news that the senlal Mr. Jerome-wna on
the road to recovery . The etoryran on thus:
When Larry Joromo waa about to roturn
from visit to his ntaco. Lady Ilandolph
Churchill, a year neo, ha discovered that ono ot
his fellow pnasencors on the steamer would bo
tho venerable blmon Camoron. Mr. Joromo
was seized with ono of his lrj-oslstlble Inspira
tions, and hcnblcxUo-tlitwaorkCustoni
llonsa this messasef
Dtrvtv CWitfr Jma:
1 am earalnr home on tbaiztmria with n.u. Cameron.
Cameran ba. hau! a botUo or whtak.y and I have part of
a box of clarars There may be considerable troubl. In
fretUnf thes. thlnr passed by the Custom House offi
cers Won'tyon meet ua down tbe bay with. Illf and
eo that we geUliroosu allrL3ht,and obllf a
This caused considerable morrimont In tho
Custom House, and it wan voted by the officials
that tho nowspapora oucht to bo lot into tho joko.
A committee editodnpd amplified tho dospatoh,
however, nnd whon It appeared In tho imperii
next day It contained this slntrular addition:
r. S -I bare met theTrlno.ot Wales. Ha Is a Jolly
fellow, but Just like anybody ela. II lookaMke a cow
bcty and smells like an Indian. Laaur.
Mr. Joromo was rathor dumfoundod whon
his family surrounded film upon his arrival,
nnd upbraided him roundly for tnklnif snch
liberties with tho dlcnlty of tho lender of Knu
lish society. It was not until recently, how
over, that Mr. Joromo discovered that tho
Princo ot Wales blmsolt had cot hold of tbo
amendod edition of his cnbleeram. Tho Princo
of Wales did not let thn fact lout until ho was
dining one day In London with Lord Ilandolph
und Lady Churchill and Mrs. l'rewon.
"nero'H ftomethlnc tor you," tho Princo aald.
handing Lord Ilandolph a cllpplnir from a Now
York newapapor Uiat somebody had nont him,
"Seo what your" wife's undo thinks of mo."
Lord ltnnd61oh colored, and Mrs. Irowon
promptly declared it was nutraeoous. Lady
Uandolnh tossed her pretty head. ,
" Uncle LawriSuoe never did that," sho ex
claimed decisively. " He couldn't Uo anythinc
so inappropriate."
Larry says thnt it's tho first tlmo on reoord
that a joko from tho UustomJiou60ti,orBhoi;
so for or hit bo hick.
Johna Hopklna UnlTeralty Usatbarravaased.
BAiaTraonn, Juno 8. Tho resignation ot
Prof. 0. Stanley Hall Jrom tho department ot
rsycholocy and Pedacoaics in Johns Hop.klns
University in ordor to accept tho Presidency ot
Clnrko University, Worcester, Mass , has trowt
ly embarrassed tho prospects of that depart
ment horo. It Is loft without any" head, nnd the
prosont condition ot tho ilnnncos. duo to thn ,
decreased income from Baltlmoro and Ohio
stocks, has induced tho Board of Trubtocs, so
It is understood, to lenvs tho chair vacant.
Thoy havo nppolnted only sovonteon Pellows
this year, and none of tlicso aro in tho depart
ment of Philosophy. Thoyhnvo also modified
tho rcculntlons ho that thoso holdlnc fellow
ships shall pay tuition, from which thoy havo
hitherto beon froo. Tho tuition foo has been
raised from $100 to (125.
It is generally behoved thnt no attomptwill
ba mado, at present, to rooruanl7o tho depart
ment of Philosophy or to encournuo tho en
trance of new students into It, but only such
nrrnncementB will bo mndo as will sulllco to
complote the courso for thoso who havo already
entered and may ehooso to remain. Tho stu
dents nnd Follows of Philosophy aro somov.hnt
dismayed at tho prospect, and havo potltlonod
tha university authorities to continuo tho
Philosophical dopartmont. ISo action has bocu
taken on their petition.
CI Til HervTlco In Itultlmore.
Baltimore, Juno 8 Tho eeloct commit
too ot tho United States Bcnato appointed to
Investlcato tho operations ot tho civ 11 senico
met to-day at tho Hotel Bennert Charles J.
Bonaparte, Chairman ot tha lixecutho Com--mlttoe
of tho association, tostillod that a num
ber of Foderoi oOicIals were known to havo
been encased in nctivo partisan work nt the
primaries. Ho spoke of the bad characters
borne by some of those ouiclaJs, especially
mentioning Morris A. Thomas. Eucene mu
cins. J, J. Mahon. nnd I. Freeman Kasln.
John Qulnn testified that ho is a clerk to tho
boiler and steamboat inspectors, nnd his du
ties are to mako out permits, bills, A.c, for
steamboat captains.
bonatorllnlo asked tho witnoss to write out
a permit such as ho lssuos from tho Inspector's
Tho witness replied that ho is not much of a
scholar and that his son did that sort ot work
for bim. Ho acknowledcod thnt ho had not
dono a elncle stroko of tbo clerical work ot tho
office slnco his appointment. The snlary is
$1,200 a year, which ho receives, and out of
which ho pays for his son's board and clothing,
amounting perhaps to $12 or $15 a week.
Stsreckel'. Xew Sueur lSefJuerjr.
PniiiADETjriiiA, Juno 8. Sir. Ciaus
Spreckels said to-day in tho course of a conv cr
eation regarding tho sugar industry, that tho
work on tho big refinery In this city will bo
vigorously prosecuted, und thnt tho establish
ment vtill probably bo In lull oporntlon inn
year. He added: "Tho new refinery will havo
a daily capacity of 2,000.000 pounds, or 1,000
tons. This will bo much greator than that of
any other refinery in tho country. Tho largest
f-urar refinery at present is that ot II a v iimoi er
A- Blder In Brooklyn."
When asked to givo somo information nbout
tho rollnenos In? und out of the trust, Mr.
Hpreckels said that thero aro twenty refineries
In tho Mugar Trust Those out of tho trtirt,
with tho now refinery bore will produce 5,000,
000 pounds or 2.5U0 tons u day, Tno consump
tion of sugar in the United btntes is l.liZO.O'jO
tons a year. The rellnorlot out of tlio trust,
Including the noiv relluery. will produce,
provided tho capacity of tho othr relln
erios iih hero given Is correct, 780,000 tons a
ytnr. This loaves only 070,000 tons nvenrfor
tho refineries in tho trust, or much les than
one-half, " You foo, thoreforn," ho said, "that
tho tour refineries out of the trust havo it
greater capacity than the tvvonty lu tho trust,
and have nothing to fear from thorn."
Two Uurderra fteutcuced.
MoKTiCELTaO, N. Y., Juno 8. Tho Juno
term ot tho Sullivan county Circuit and Ojor
nnd Tormlnor. Judgo Alton B. Parker presid
ing, closed hero this afternoon with tho ar
raignment and sentencoof two culprits con
victed of homicldo. Michael Hooney, found
guilty of manslaughter In tho llrst dogroo In
killing Thomas Bynn. a brother tiunrrvmun, nt
LongLddylu September last, was sentenced
to ton years and six months at hard labor m
Dnnnomora blato prison,
Abel John Allon, otherwlso known as Bnllor
Jack who bad been found guilty of murder lu
tho first dogroo for killing the ugod widow,
Ursula Ulrlch. noar Jefforsonvllle, ou Oct. 8.
1H87. wns sentonced to bo hanged In tho jail
yard at Montlcollo on Friday, July 20. between
tho hours ot 10 A. M. and 8 P. M. Allen Is a
reckless nnd dnngornus fellow, and received
his sentence without flinching.
JtssllwuTi Alnruicd by as Reduction ofltutes.
Cuicaoo, Juno 8, Tho Iowa railroads j oster
day received adranco sheets of the new distance t..rlT
rates the Iowa Hallroad Commissioners Intend to pro
muleate The document caused the great st courterua
tioti among tbeni. the Commlsalonera havo Used rale
40 per rent, below the rates now In eliert. It is aald
that the Comralsalon based ita new maximum tariff on
the special ratea rormerly Ktveti by tbe railroads lo
largo shippers at tho principal coinpeilm; points Tha
rai road olncUla claim that the new rates. If eurorced,
will ruin every read In the Slam. A meeting ot the
general manaaeraot the varioua luwa roads haa been
called, aud the matter villi probably bo taken to tho
yjeir aaisvr.
it Milam F. Yolk, deputy collector of Internal r.v.nue
at .Newark and rormerly Captain of Police, haa received
the appointment of aecretaeri leu agent for tie butt,
of ew Jersey, under Liuef Hell, wti formerly held the
place lie got his commission estcrday,
A law and order league waa organized In Jersey Pity
yesterday, havlui. forua object iheunakeufitgol publiu
sentluietil tu aid ! the inforcemert ' f the llli.li 1t-cuso
Ian, the empiuyineut of agents and detectives lo ulil tlio
pollco In enfurilig lli law, and to do general work
toward the luiproieinrutof tbe morals of Jerse turn
A ronslltulloii was adi pled, but tho election of o.l itra
was postponed for a week
Uernarn llenrlche. I met Ileiland, and Henry v Inters,
trustresof the lieruuu Lvangclical I lurch ol l.aia)
etle, who wero engaged lu the row which took plum In
tho church on ttcduesday night, wero arreslr I , m
day, accused of assaulting and klckiug Henry Mrkiiki n.
one of the directors of Ibe llulldlug and Ixiau tssucia
tlon, which owns the church, and whu was uucereu 1 ul
ously thrown out of the building during tho row lor
want of etldeure they were discharged hi Justice
Wanser. They will havo their ueuuser arrtaied on a
charge of perjury.
Commissioners of Publlo Work. Oaunon. Tumulty.
aodan heureucf Jersey City drew up a letter ester"
day ordering thj dlachargo of all men In tho employ or
ths Hoard of ruhllo Works notabuiluiely neeueu to at
tend to repair. All but i.boui twenty men in the em
ploy or the Hoard will be anspended rnvide 1 aoe of tho
lllg lour combine rha I sign the leiur It la expected
that Commissioner llllllard one of tha combine who la
under Indloitaeut. will be tho fourth to sign The em.
Ploy.ea of tho Board have teen doing nothing but draw
their aalarl.a slnco th. last .lection, and can do nothing
unUl the Board crgauiiM. M th. order goes Into .tract
the city will aaru about t L5W a month. At present
Thin 'company efTer. st'llipltocl mwmM'&ttiS(z ffic
said capital atoc of tha S.wkora; City Webh CioC,l t?.S
fany, par value rioo. att-U par sharrc rayaW.tatWP Mt
foiullmeats, al tha Chase Natloaal Rank. Jt.w TrrV ;yfl'
the deslrnat.a depository vt thla compajtyt B.rcaUlw ci)
payrneou or aasasament. . . sl
by tbe terms of a guarantee, which wfflb explain Ml
to Intending Investors, the aotnal risk will probably not 'Wrt
eiceed H or i parahara, whilo Una proslU ar reaaoa- vW!
ably sure. - . M$,
This wonderful aratssm of rightlnr la neair eo aaMMtmt i fQ,
from 8 to lo V. II. at 13 West i!UhL,. tuber. htu 1 f
acrlptloa.Lcok.ls open. M
A. Xj UlXAJGEn, m
Qeiieravl(Kataavni. S
ItnssrdaXOcDIi'ecterat i.ft1
jAMv"n.BTBnniss, sons wxhaxxxxm, , m
II. W OANNOV. J at0M(10TtnT1 T
T JkX).a3RAaSaEl " M
AdMlsrr Committee, rntedr.hsltlartni !
ItOHKltT 1L flAkllK, HENRY 0 OI1180B, flj
lll'.OHIini-llli.I.r.lC V. W. KBNrl.KDr. J
JOShl-inifSlf.NliLL, JiMliS A. WltlOllTi' . it
JOIlN-q.lUiAi)o. 3
Jin Appeal from tka UrtaaalBila-oai (safeVlM W
Patriot Count Vulssski. J
Mmo. Josephlno Jraocka, tho luckleM'
erandnlcce of thoJlovoltitlonarypatrIot,ln. ;v
Caslmlr Pulaski, whose touching etoryot But-
forlng and trials was told in hor owia words In,
Tub Sun a fortnight ago. Is trylnp to raise ';
funds toonable her to rotarn to her home In
Itussla. Bho is qulto brokon-horuted br tb g'
misfortunes that havo bof allon her slnco she ,-$,
was brought to this country sixteen yoars K'
by tho ordor ot JSoerotary Hamilton. Fish, at jW
tho suggestion of many patrlotio Ajnorloane, .
who admlrod the gloiions part Gon. l'ulaBkl v,
took in tho Btrugglo for American lndopen- it
denco, nnd who did not want to seo his grand- S
nleco mller In blborla, whither she had neepm- ' t
panled her brother whon he wns Bentenced by i
tho Cznr to esllo for suspected participation, In. J
tho uprising ot tho l'ulos to socuro too lnde- fS
Iiondenco of l'olnnd. , , ?5
AVhat makes Mmo. Jnrocka nn interesting;
porsonago to Americans to-tay.nnd what ought. -i
to socuro for hor quick rcl'iii from the pennl- ,-,
loss and f rlondloss condition in which sho now
Is, is tho fact, to which many oonepicuona l
Amerlcons attest, that she la tho rightful heir, ,j
with hor brother, to all tho money that tha 'it
American (lovornmont rotwlvod from Oetu t
i'ulaskl in tho critical hour before Americana ,
had secured roloaso from Ktox Ooorge's tyran-
nous tule. Gen. Pulitski's family sent from 'at,'
abroad at his roqtiest, whon Ueorgo Wavsh-
lngton fcoroly ntodod nione(y to prosecute ,
tho war agnlnst Grent llriU In, JWO.000 In -
fiold. It wasuBod bytho colcinistsatter Cwn. t .
'ulnskl died lu battle WUh nccrulng Jln
torust thin lonn has now rent-hod tho Bum. ot
over $2,000,000. and Mmo. Janx ka has a claim '
fortli.it amount agnhirtt Uio Gclvornmont. Io- .
btilTnltor i ebmT from Congress Jias dlshoortein- ,i a
sd hor bo thoroughly, however, that her only ,
ivlsh uovvisto got back tohor nittivo land. Sj
t'iou. Itobert O. Bchonck. who 1as bofriondled y H
JVao. Jaroclva when nearly all ovUtors doserOotf
h( r, Is coilpotatlng with hor In, hor otTort to m
rai & funds to return to llussln. ,uo has grotto- v 9
full-" ,'tcknow lodged the effort of. The Burr; to A m
awako.i Amencau'? to tho fuct that Americans
should iot desert hor In the hour of sutToirlng -
andioniry. Gon. bchonck wrltos: "'?H
Isunvcry clad to know that TuBbunuaahAkennpyotir
case It wk I lead. 1 hope, to a successful Issue, and JiH
simply thel md jou oeed and which trie psctrloUa TlaB
pLome of our country ought to feel bound uod cuvat ."'iarni
l-lvo to one of khe family ot oen. Count I'uIajkL $
Tiif, Sun has undertaken to fonvaxd toGon, s Ht
Pchonck, ns ck'stodiJV of tho fund for Mmo. jK
Jnrocka's bonetlt, nil money thnt thoso who ML
Know tlio pathetio story of hor Blngul nrly harsh tf
cxperloncts in this country nnd her cold-
hoartod treatment ut .'ho hnnds of tho Gov- If
ernment may bo movoit to con tribute. Bey- lf,
oral well-known peopl . among tljpm Mrs. ,if
ilck-,-Lord, have contrlb uted to tho Washing- ffm
ton subseriptlon in Mme. Jaroeka's odd. but as U
jet no Now Yorkors havk' rostiondtid to tho ,-Wi
appo.il which Mme. Jarockt makes fp r help. f
.Sho 4-ays that when onco raoro in Il.ussla she Wlj
caneocuro protection from Uu Czar and sxm- 'W
pathy and aid. Gon. bohonck's subscription ifn,
llststauds: V-ll
Hobert O. Rchenck. $30. B.lt. Wnrde.n tv Mrl. nick- '!?
Lord. ao, J N lionaparte. S5, 1' A. HearsUS0, N.L. t m
aVnderson, t-0, and W. McLtvin, 50 K
By Observlnc Them V aaaeneera-wlll Itavwe at .''U,
Hotter Voitscothun Otherwlso titer Vaalst. g'Hs
yi om fc Ocean. E
Don't monkey with tho donley engine. fB
Don't den? that ou are 111 when you are. SljB
Don t endeuyor to talk tho Captain to death. f H
Don t aeck forJi nautical education In ono trip. wj
Don't tako ev erv bod) 'a remody for aeaslcknes a.
Doncataslf there were to be but ono meal is day. W
Don't t'o to thetaUo uulcsaKonndent of yon r ability iU
tostaj thrc. ""IK
Don't get into the wrcne ataleroom by mlsU ke mors) -'H
than twico a any. " H
Don't call "steward" or -"ttesrardeu" moro titan fifty 'I9j
times lu one nil, ht f ffl
Don'tcarry on ivlUrtatlon with, ulrla who are travel- -14
ling to get niarncil. jjlfj
Don't Imagine the steward thinks more of yaa than lJ
any other passenger
Don't "catch on" to reversal, aotteo whren the H
steamer gives a lurch ''1
Don't try to I e gallaufwlth ladlefou deck unfcis yon ",
have your sea Uga on. jM
Don't put moro money ."ntopooj tbanjou caosipara; H
this U qulto liui oriuut. fl
Don't forget the third commandment Vwhenjou g f ft
beau over 1 eel. on deck. am
Don t vrenr a high hat untlTJand 1 o been sighted and ,, I
tbe pitot has come aboard In
Don't forget that you are noeihoonly passenger, thli fill
la a veri conimuu mistake. ' n
Don't think it a pari of tiicomori' dutletonnwerth ftnl
mostdinicLliconuudruma. Mfl
Don't entertain nervous old J-.JVS with tales ofiawfot aMS
wrecks aud dUastera at aca. 1
Don t think it "amart" or "dever" to aro aubor jH
without tipping tbe steward. II Ij
Don't forget Jo give your sleamer ulttothotearar4i ?j
he knows how to pawn thcui, la
Don t forget to i saure the Lnptala that you arin never, ain
no never, sail wltl&auy ouo e.se. Kj
Don't make too nuch of an exhibition of yourself tt jM
you are net tiellujrll'.o ltlcbard u
Don't consider that von sluu or play w.U tnoujb. te , M
refuso to contribute to s concert j M
Don t bo sentimental pr romaatlo enough to recite ' I
poetry, even ou moonlight nigh la. M
Don't tell everybody on board avTilp tho exact number JtJLl
of time, vou havo crossed the aea. nBB
Don't unarrel with the fat man whoalwayaapnrav H
prlalea somebody's steamer chair, , Ul
Don't delude yourself with the Idav that th. peopl. la Ti
the next cablu can't bear youc talk. 'nf
Don t think that everjbodv knov. show very Imp.r dB
taut you aro w hen j ou nro at home. m
Don't be " toe uppish, " such passenv'er. alway. bum's cfl
their heads and get tar ou their clothes , pm
Don't tell the ate ard how much jou svre golnf to civ tl
hint, for then ho willuot expect anvlbing. fill
Don't, please do I't, take our medicine at zn.alx. ukm
"Consider tho fastidious, iiuw the shudder. H
Don't bt, dlsagrreable. remember vou .maybe 10,000 H
leagues under the sea. before morning. This ought ta mM
mako yuj cheerfuk !yff
.Mrs, Cooln'a llrulu Waa Orel rroVfht, fU
Mrs. Colli n of 214 Carloton nvenuo. Brook- cu
lln, has wrltteu to the newspapers that there la no trutat ffl
whatever In the alarming report sho made at the Mrrtlo ?
av rnun police station on Thursda) , to the elleot that her ifl
husbuttl. F 11. Cofl ii had gone to the I lerepont Uouao
armed si lih a revilver to about a man wLo had don ffl
hliu aome wrong Her action sue says Is thefresnlt of Igffl
an overwrought braliu and her husband a alleged PJM
murderous design had ll existence wliateverlu face Ifl
ilr Coltlu says he did not leave his house wlliiaplatavl Mfl
ou 1 hursda) , and that he ncv er carries oue. , wf
A. 1'utisl lluse ol ltut Folaou. ' M
Bridget Massey, CO jears old, of 517 First '
avenue, returned to her home yesterday after ss waak1! fl
absence an 1 went up to the roof of the house. Wheat . w
ahe caulo down she told eouie i f tho lodgera that ahsv i
had taken rai rileon he died In lleilevue HosnltaL m
Hie ha 1 aln s been well i ros Ided for by her liuabaod, M
who makes goud waj,es aa a atone jioUsh.r. RJ
Thanst'sdealer. anl carriers will ho'd their svruiaavi ii
)plciuo and gamed on Jidy 17 iu bchuetzcu Tark. Ill
The terms of the prvsent Park fonimtsaloner. wttl . M
tern Inate next luturdav It Is protabl. that th. Kav. M
Dr Morrsvrill i-ot iccoit areapiolntmeut, rJudlngtual Ufl
tl o I laco take up too much ot Ms time fl
Thesldesof a trench In Meiker avenue, near Rw.n !
atrt-i ' VViiitainsliurgli, raved In yesterday, and buried Ifl
tk railuo Daruiiio and Michael Muivu V, hen they wore Hi
ill g out Oarot'i was dead, aluuku died a, few inluutcal sV
af.er Lis rescue '
Tloboili nt u flntk.fenturcd man. with black rnous. C,1
taclk. and liupriai. wu found in Nuwtown Creek at tho T
hcal.uf Muiiopoiianiivriiue, vesterdaymorning. There "r
uasailt mi ..Id uiercoau Iho troaser. wore black. ii
Therifwrre no slices I fa
Tliei neve b, en elected delegates to the State Proht I Al
bllunilnnv iiiiui 1 lei eutli Assembly district Kuwin Wu
'''l'.,," "") A llobblns. Vtllllaiiill Jtsli. Il
1 than (fbliiKj. WUllain II Klug I I llauetl, Alleu H. Wl
William Ilioiiia. A hilcock. Twelfth dlalrlct-J. K. I'.l
llainto, Mlu W Srofleid A It llealh J O Hlockw.lL il
James t' D,-uw.r, W W bullivan, and It, 1, Clayton. El
ThoS07stsi'wrt voung men who were r lace Ion the lf
eligblallst a, candidates lor flrtnien In October last, lav
lut who have been ordered byltie present Civil r-ervtco
Coiniiiiulouera lo pass another exauilntion because laat H
years t oniuUsti oners rated them all alike In point of If
phikicalnblliiy, will not reiort for ciainloatiou. but II
vril, appetl t ths .courts tu late ilictr iiauearetaiu.d ffl
bntloeiiglbijlUr. H
Wlilian l.rlcvea, laborer In J'orrlsnn'a Iron foundry M
In Unii.it avenue ana frost street, ti ililanisburgit. waa r4
fcevertlyiiijundyestcsday He wnabreckinaru bigluiua II
ofcnal. wbrnltexiloaAl 1 Isres llew lu all directions. M
Anumbtr of them struck urlevea In the face and breast, llT
mfllctiiiir many ugly cuta avu exauilnation ot Lb rraa. wv

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