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has a larger circulation. than any ill lll -WtWSOUS' 7 11 Mora and Later News than all other
othor evening nawspapor. I V 'ffX sWW W Evonlng Papers combinod. MK
I VOL.lV.-NO.20,r), NEW YORK, THURSDAY. JUNE 21, 1888. I wTlO CBNTT3. I
ma patuews physician.
JHl Tfca Daetar IeaTrs Ilrrlln In it Ra To
1B jPr.nea denraalleta Epelled From the
I I' Oirmn Capital Helatl.na H.twin lbs
H Xsnaerer mad 111. Mother Xslamarck,
I fayvrioai, 1898, ty Tnt l-ci rrtrMng and vMUMna
Behlin. Juno 20. -iHSo vrna a Buddcn
I burst of nows to-dny aftor considerable stag- I
' ' nation. Tho sturdy, vigorous, and command- i
I i Immature of tho younp Emporor Is nlrcndy
II asserting Itself. Thoro Is a waking up and
II ecurrylng about In ofllclal circles. Journalists
I are wnrnod to bb caroful by tho banlshmont ot
two correspondents from Berlin. Two of I bo
foremost men In tho omplro. Count Waldorsoo
I and Prlnoo Dlsmarok, havo fallen out. and Btr
I Horoll Maoltonzlo Is s-ld to havo left Borlln In
H treat anger and chragrln.
H Offlolsls aro suddenly and woudorfully rotl-
II eent.but Isuccoodod to-night In gottlngcon
11 flrmatlon of tho Mackenzie Incident from a I
II hUb official here who has aided Tub Sun in '
U getting news on sovoral occasfons. Dr. Mao
l kendo was to havo loft Berlin last night, but
l he dopartod without notice early in tho day.
I ' It struok mo as bolng singular, slnco I know
that tho eminent doctor forfoltod at least ono
Important ongngomont br his abrupt dopart
l ore. and I started an Investigation. It would
teom that Mnckonzio Bent to his Majesty, nnd
II asked for an audlenco boforo he loft Berlin. Tho
j Emporor refused to boo him. Upon looming
W this tho sroat specialist at once loft the city.
H II The antipathy to the English felt in high
I If Quarters ha been increased by this event, and
1 the satisfaction of the German physicians is
II very groat It 'is certainly extraordinary that
1 1 Dr. Mackenzlo should havo rooolved Buch a
II slight from William II., considering the strong
Ejl personal friendship that oxlstod botwoon the
JIP late Emporor and tho celebrated doctor. It is
I regarded an a significant event.
( Stories ot strong liking for tho English 01-
i hibitod by tho imperial widow aro repoatod
verywhero. IIow. for instance, she took toa
on a British man-of-war at Ban Renio, though
she had refused during thirty years in Ger
many to stop on board a Gorman war ship. It
Is said on the other hand that tho doathof
I Emporor Frederick has brought mother and
eon togothor, and that a feeling of doop affoo
tion is exhibited both by the imperial widow
and her Emperor son.
Two French journalists who camo to Berlin
to report the funoral havo boon expelled by
order of the police, whose act Is Inspired from
higher quarters. George de Bonnefon do
Puyverdler is the special correspondent of the
Qaulois. Ho was in San Bemo when Frederick
was there, bad constant relations with Or.
Mackenzie, and published articles simulta
neously in the London IForW and in tho
Oauloit, containing reflections on the new
1 Emperor and Empress. Jules Hansom,
correspondent of Lt Matin, bod published
some time ugo artlclos which are the cause of
the present notice to quit. I called this after
noon on Mr. Bansom In the Hotel de Romo.
and found him in bis shirt sleeves bUBlly writ
ing. He is of the tall, muscular blonde type,
and wears a heavy moustache and short
cropped hair. With a hearty laugh and offer
ing a cigarette, be began at once:
"You've heard what has happened? I go at
10 o'clock to-night. I never was happier in my
t- lire at the prospect of returnfng toTarfa." -i
Can you tell tho cause of the expulsion ?" I
i asked.
"Bomotlmo ago," he repliod, " 'while in Bor
I lln I had a long conversation with a BuBsian
I officer, and reported it in the Paris Matin. It
H was not complimentary to Germany, and henco
the hostility ot Germany at this moment."
M Mr. Do Bonnefon entered. He is on excitable,
dark-haired Frenchman. Bonnefon said: "The
I official reasons for the expulsion were glvon to
H me fully by the police. They keep watch of
HJ newspaper writers here with great minuteness.
IH My crimes began when I published, slmultane-
Ht ously, in tho Paris Gaulois and the London
I H'orU a sketch of Archduke Rudolph, the
H Crown Prince of Austria, comparing him with
H his friend, tbo prcsont Gorman Emperor, to the
H latter'sdisadvnntugo. Tho Germans say I ca-
lumniatod William IL My second offence
H was that I had secret relations with
H Dr. Mackenzie at Ban Remo. Finally, I am
H banished bocaupo I publtshod in the Qaulois
8! tk eerlos ot articles on the affairs of Alsaco
H Lorratno dedicated to tho Empress Victoria.
H Despite all this, I was invited officially to be
H present at the Emreror's funeral by tho Gor
Mj man court, and one hour before the notice of
j my expulsion camo my visit to the Chancellor
H was returnod by Bismarck sonding his card
HJ brro to mo."
J Mr. Bonnefon showod me a block-odged card
H on which woro the words:
M " FQrst Bismarck, ltelchskanzlor."
I "I have just sent a long document on my ox-
Ur pulsion," bo continued, " to Princo Bismarck,
Ml Which will appear in two days in tho Qaulois.
j I cannot imagine a more enviable fate than
U being banished from Berlin, and am rejoiced
H at my return to Paris."
B When I left tbo two French journalists were
H cheerful and jubilant They evidently regard
mA this expulsion with satisfaction, in the full bo-
Wf lief that it will confer fame and honors upon
IV them whon they return to France. The action
IH Of tho Government will make their names no-
H torlous in Berlin when the facts are published
HJ to-morrow, but undoubtedly a great reception
IH awaits thorn in France, all the way from the
HJ frontier to Paris.
IH The conflict which has already occurred bo-
JH tween Bismarck and Count Waldersee brings
jHJ two of tho strongest men in the empire into
HJ colilafoHT Bismarck holds the reins of power,
HJ but Waldersee enjoys Intimacy with ono of tho
HV blghost personages in the land, Countess
HJ Waldersee, who was Miss Loa of Now York, has
HJ the greatest influence with the new Empress,
HJ ot whom she is a cousin by a former
HJ marriage. Bho is sometimes called the
HJ power behind the throno. Bismarck's rotations
HJ with Walderseohae been "trained since the
HJ Winter ot 1887, owing to the Imprudent utter-
HJ aoees of Waldersee during the frontier dlfll-
HJ eultlos between France nnd Germany. For
HJ tho last six months especially tho relations of
Ha Walderseo to tho Count and to Proaohor
HJ Btoockor, tho chief Instigator of the persecu-
HJ tlon of the Jews In Germany, have caused tbo
HJ breach with Bismarck to widen to a gulf, Tho
HJ Emperor's illness and doath delayod the crisis,
HJ although the Waldersee question secretly oc-
HD cupled attention alone with that of Putkamor
HJiT Which ended In tho Yico-I'resldent's fall.
HJ'v Waldersee Is Genoral Quartermaster on tho
HJ yS Prussian staff, but tho probability Is that his
Hi Is tenure of the office Is not wortli a week's
S' purchase. I learn that General Major von
HSl Wit II oh has just been appointed General
IPw. Adjutant, and that be is designed for a higher
flfe-"" post, the nature of which, after what I havo said
HT about Waldersee, Is in no doubt
H It is reportod In official circles that the proc-
H Jamatlons hitherto issued by the prcsont Em-
Hj perorwero not Intended to dolluo i lonely for-
Hj sign polloy, That will bo done In a sneoch
H from the throne when tbo Itclchstag
H assembles, and Bismarck will also then
H seize the opportunity of minutely do-
H daring bis views on foreign relations.
H These viows, I am assured, will express the
H continuity of the German foreign policy on the
If principles which have hitherto guided lt, and
Wk'j Will meet the honrty approval of tho nation.
H Altogether it 1ms been a remarkable day ns
HJ Indicating the effeotof a new and strong per-
VJ asaaUty oa the Uuoat ot the German empire.
m ..i....-
XIJ2 mirot.T is UATIL
Pre.ldcnt S)ittmon i'av Two ofkl. Stint
ter tm,O0O liieh to Aceritl nnnUtament.
Fonx Monhoe, Juno 19 Tho llttlo Ynn-
tic, Commnndor lleyorman, came In last night
and anchored In tho roads, halng madotho
trip from tiantlngo do Cuba In the qulok tlmo
of plx dni'B nnd a half. Tho Yuntlo reports
that tho troubles that called hor to Port an
rrlnco werooorwhon sho arrived. Tho peo
ple are taxed beyond tholr enduranco, nnd tbo
rocont largo amounts paid no Indemnities to
foreign powers bavo Btlll further added to tholr i
burdens. Tho mulatto faction Is arrayed
against tho blacks, tho President bolng at tho I
honilnf the lattor party, and his advanced ago ,
nnd preont Htntoof licnlth Is tho prlmarycaiiho i
nf trouble, (thing a chume for aspiring mom
bcrsof his Cabinet.
During tho lattor part of May two of his
Ministers tlens. Mnnigatand I.ogltlmo wnro
discovered In a plot to overtlnow him. Tho
people Hew to arms, tho city was In n perfect
cyclone of oxcltemcnt, nnd, an is usual at huciIi
times, a largo portion of their onom was di
rected against tho whites, whose lives, at well
as property, wore In daiigor. Tho President
onloreil tho nrrost of the Ministers, nnd their
I friends prapnred to resist whutthoy considered i
n hlgh-hnndod nclton. Tho diplomatic corpH
nnled tho President to withdraw his order and i
nttompt on nnilcuMo nrrnnuomotit. Ho ro-
fused, nnd Immediately thuy tolecritphed
tholr respoctho tloernments for men ot
war to be despatched at once to tho
Bcono of the illsturb.inco, Thoro bolng no
telegraphic station within 120 mllos of Port
nil Prime, nows In that bpciIihi of tho world
trmols ory uluwly. When tho Yuntlc ar- .
rhed. tbo Frosldont had succeeded In bring- I
jnc about something of a compioinlso. and bad ,
bilbod tho two MlnlHtors with $5.VK)U each to
nccopt banlshmont Locltlme to Kingston nnd
Manlgnt to Santiago do Cuba which Bottled
tho row for the tlmo bolng, and the oxcltomont
abated. Every ono Is ilrraly convinced that tho
former will agntn bo heard from. Ho is a I
mulatto, nnd. although in tho Cabinet, Is
I known to bo fully in sympathy with tho
mulatto faction, or. In other words, tbo oppo
sition, no Is u man of more than ordinary
ability, and, being unscrupulous nnd deter
mined, Is generally considered ns being very
dnncorous, nnd wan no doubt takon In the
I L'nblnot ns a compromlso with tho pnrty to
which ho belonus. It Is freely eoncedod on all
sldos that, until President Salomon dies or Is
Buccoeded, there can bo no hopo of a perma
nent peace inUuttl.
Sho Hay. fltrxcbnlne and Kill, her Three
Children and lleraelr,
PiTTSDunon, Pn., Juno 20. Early this
morning Mrs. Josephlno Marok, living In a
tenemont In Hycamoro street Allegheny City,
administered strychnine to her throo children.
Mary, Helena, and Ellon, agod 7. 3 and 4 years,
and then swallowed a large dose of the poison
borsolf. In less than three hours Mary, Helena,
and tho mother wore dead, and llttlo Ellon was
In tho throes of convulsions, with no hones of
her recovery. Her motivo forthodoedls not
known, but it is supposed to have been anger,
because her husband had ordered a boarder
from tho bouse, whom ho Rusneoted of criminal
intimacy with his wife. The husband Is ulmost
crazed with grief, and goes about tho room
half dazed. He Is a quiet, hurd-worklng Gor
man, and has always borne a good reputation.
Mrs. Marck was 2G years old! and had been
married olgbt years.
A druggist living nenr said that Mrs. Marck
had culled early In tbo morning and purchased
an ounce of strychnine to kill rats. Going
borne Bho went Into tho little front room over
the hallway and there rjrepared tho fatal dose.
The poison was poured into the throe pitchers
of milk and stirred up. The milk was then
brought to the table, nnd tho mothor. lt ap
pears, took hor soat with the rest Around tho
table were the father, Joseph Marck, tho
mothor. tho oldest girl. Mary. 8 years of ago,
Emma, 4 years of age, and the baby. Ella. 2G
months old. The mothor cave a cuplul of
milk to each of tho children nnd nomo to her
4iiMbfmdVM-3.,wi;.siit-uoxof'tlio fatal done
heroolf, nnd tried to prevail upon her husband
to drink of It Tho lattor. however, did not
rare for milk, and therefore declined, although
she urged blm to drink. Emma, the 4-year-old
girl, drank some of the death notion, but
did not take as much as the others. Before tbo
poison commenced to do its work tho husband
arose from tho tublo and started for bis work.
A. Warm and Sultry Day Cnpt Morris
Itanited In bit Tent.
Tho boys ot tho Fourteenth Regiment aro
very well behaved, but once In a while a llttlo
fun breaks loose. Tho day has been very hot
and closo. and this afternoon the mercury
reached up. and took a little poop just over tbo
100" mark, and tho record for humidity was 90.
Capt. Morris was stretched out on bis cot sleep
ing. What llttlo air thero was stole around
blm under tbo rolled up odgosof bis tent, but I
yot bo tossed with tho heat Softly un- I
rolling bis tent the boys tied It down
Focurely to tho pegs, and mado the
flaps fast with bard knots. In fifteen
minutes tho air stoamed inside like a Turkish
bath and the thermometer must havo got upto
3G0. Then thero was trouble. First a rod, bare
arm reached out to undo the Haps, and then,
renlizingtho joko. tho Captain tried to undo
the loops from tho pegs. Whllo he was mak
ing the sides of the tent heave and swell llko a
iib In a breeze with his efforts, cool-faced Capt
Mioncnmo along.
" What's tho mutter. Captain," ho said, "want
'"Vnnt to got out?" cried tho oxnsporntod
prisoner. " Want to get out, do 1 ? Oh.nol I
don't wnnt to get out All I want 1b a fork to
see wbothor I'm well cooked."
To-morrow Is to be the great day of the week.
Col. Edward P. Fowler. President of the War
Veterans' Association of tho Fourteenth, nnd a
lot of the old fellows who w oro the blue during
tho war, aro coming up with tholr vvlvos ana
daughters. Gen. James McLoer. the ono
aruiod ox-Colonel of tho regiment. Is here now
as a guost at boadquartorR. and Gen. Varlan
bos sent to Louis lndholz for an extra waiter.
The Rim far the New York Yacht CInb
lennint to htart from Oiioy 15.
With racing; fines nt their peaks, twenty
one handsome vessols will start In the nnnual
regattu of tho New York Yacht Club this morn
ing, not. as in past years, from off Owl's Head,
but from Buoy 15, outsldo the Narrows, about
a nillo from Port Wadsworth. Elevon o'clock Is
tho time sot for the start The yachts will pass
betweon Commodore Gerry's flagship Electra
and the buoy, thonco to and around Buoys 10.
8i, Bnndy Hook Llghtshlp.and return. Yncbts
mon look lorwaid to some lino contests bo
twoon tho now schooners Marguerite and Sea
Fox and the oldor Grayling, buchem, and Mi
randa, all In the third class.
Owing to tbo sudden denth of Mr, Maxwell's
brother the Shamrock will not start In the 70
foot sloop class, so tho Auchincloss Bros.' new
steel sloop Katrina will sail against the cutters
Bedouin and Strnnger and the sloop Fanny.
All that Is nooded to mako the race a success
is a good breeze from any quarter, and the
weather prophets lost night predicted plenty
of wind for to-day.
JLuaculnr mf tba Cavalier,
Tbo Bchoonor yacht built by Joshua Bedell
for CoL George Duryoa was launched yesterday
afternoon at Glenwood, L. I., and was chris
tened the Cavalier, The Cavalier Is built on
fine lines, and Is oxpected to bo speedy, but
she Is especially Intended for a weutherly,
hongolng cruiser. Sho Is n llush-dock, leol
vosbol, HO lout longovornll, 1!) feet bourn, and
111 foot dopth of hold. Shu has it largo cabin
lliilslied In mahoganv mid cherry. She will bo
enrolled In the New York Yacht Club.
.New Yark Oarimrn on the Mckiirlkllt,
At least six crows from tbo Harlem Itlverwltl
Urt In tbertcrior trial beati at PtittJtlplil on July
s iud 4, held undtr the ausplcet ot tho Schuylkill Navy.
The Daunttese Kowtuif Club will fend the eight oared
hrll crw that win bsattn, by ha'f a leiiKth. b) the
I'nlun'jU Till. etc frolimen on Pitoratl'Mi li.iy. rxcrpt
In. tliftt riurvniv Vt l.liltt. an uurmn if twlvn
war' expleuitf. will j-'Mr K I. Cui.ne 1 In neat ". J.
Ili .'.uiiii.reli ill enl 1 a tour oared jpirtrc , .win.
uer ami i.tfrne Uelaney at a double ant a retitlprde
crew The ttuw orlc Allilelloi will be rtpreeented by a
eenlor four oared alien, aud lotbly a centipede, and
ilia New lort KowlnxClub will hare a fnur.oared ahell
there A cemtiedecrew U made up ot four men, each
e( whom raw to a double, that U with two aouiia.
The ilereer t Ity llljh Nehaol Commrnermsnt.
Tbo Academy of MuMo In Jerfoy Cltywns
crowded from fleor to relllnir l nizht, ttie ciccat'on
beluir Ihe rouiuunccinent t xercUei of ihe High School,
Thire were nriy-elilit graduate. The aaluiatorr we de.
llvared by atlaa Way Ihompaon. and the valedictory by
MIm Carrie -. Harrow. Mayor CliMlaod addrtatta
the iradutaa, Th ntialt aadulawwwe MuaaUd
by , AfeUifc
rnii.siDt.hi stMstoxs
Bho Heta Ilertelt Itla-kt In thit Mnean Cnae
nnd Caraprla Mr. lannni to OITrr n De
fenceA Motion ta Inquire Inta the lie
ported Overcrnwdlna at Ihe Soheote.
Commissioner Webb introduced durlnjrthe
mooting of the Board ot Educntlon yestorday
a resolution doclnrlng that Buperlntondout
Jnsporhad not dono his wholoduty In tho In
vestigation of tho chnrges that Miss Virginia
W. Mason, n toucher In Grammar School 35,
bad boon guilty of Immoral conduct with
Ilobert W. MoMastor, a Washington Mnrkot
poultry doalor. Ho critlclsod the report of tho
commlltoo appointed to Investigate Mr. Jas
per's Incapacity, and was followed by Mr.
Bprnguo, who denouncod Prosldont Simmons
fornpnolntlng a whitewashing commltteo. Mr.
Bprnguo also rlppod apart tho whitewashing
report that tho commltteo turnod In exonerat
ing tho City Suporlutondont
Mr. Tnmsen warmly endorsed Mr. Jnspor
Bnd declared that certain mombers had op
pood Jnspor because people In InlluonUul
positions In the city had ordered thorn to do so.
Nobody know ngalnst whom Mr. Tnmsen was
talking, nnd Mr. Webb wanted him to como
out and say what ho meant Instead of making
"nnty poisonal insinuations." Commissioner
O'Brien bald that for ono ho could not bo nc
cusod of obodlonce to the dictation of any ono
In town. Mr. Tamsen replied that Mr. O'Brien
doubtless saw tho uoed of clearing hlmsoll, and
quoted tho French proverb that "Ho who ex
cuses hlmsolf accuses himself."
MIsb Dpdgo broko hor long sllonco and said:
" I camo into the Board of Education with
I threo objects to romembor my oath of office,
' which means to sustain the Board of Educn
1 tlon; to think of tho 200.000 children In tho
public schools, and In all respects to consldor
what Is wisest and bost for them; to be loyal
to tho 4.000 teachers, and to think ot myself as
representing 8,500 women teachers. I have
tried to do my duty. I greatly dislike to bring
in a personal question to-day: howovor, it
Booms necessnry for mo to mako an explana
tion of tho unfair position in which I bavo boon
pluced before tho public.
"Communications camo to mo ns Commis
sioner of the Board of Education relatlvo to
matters in two of tho schools. Not knowing
what to do. -I went to the President of the
Board. Ho took the letter handed him, nnd
wrote across lt: 'Referred to the City I
Superintendent,' evidently considering it i
worthy of notice. Some wcoks lator, on
March 1. President Simmons oullod on me.
Ho told mo tho City Superintendent had
Investigated tho letter, and that he Itho
President had llttlo doubt of tho woman's
irregulnritlos, but that nothing could bo
done. March 17 a teacher from Grammar
School 83 called on me and gave direct por
sonal evidouco, and tho bamo day the second
letter, signed Mrs. L. F. Jennings,' was re
ceived. I sent this letter directly to President
Simmons, and montloned in my letter certain
of tho above statements of the tonohere.
She then read President SImtnons's letter,
which The Sun has already published. In lt
he usks Miss Uodgn to go ahead and lnvestl- '
gate tho Mason scandal, and in ono sentence ,
lie says: " I havo no doubt of tho woman s
guilt'' Then: UlbB Dodge continued:
"I wish to call attention to the fact that
President Simmons here states he has tried to
get evidence based on tho letter handed him
while I have been greatly censured, when lator
ou, after receiving it properly signed lotter and
direct pert-onal evidence. I was authorised and
desired by him to take action. In Dursuanco
of our directions. Mrs. Agnew and 1 oonsulted,
Tho manual says that such mutters should bo
left In the hands of the trustees. We therefore
saw one of tho truateoa. m mom bar of the
Teachers' Committee ot the Fifteenth ward,
nnd tho mattor was thon brought to tho
trustees through tho Chairman of tho Board.
Meanwhile 1 1 hud an interview with tho City
Superintendent Vt ben I asked if he hud a do
toctlvo, orever usod ono. It was simply forln
tormntlon. not that I thought such moans
should be employed. I wanted to know how such
matters wore managod, as 1 had loarnod from
my visits to the schools that thoro was much
that teemed to needuttontion. Moreover, Mrs.
Agnew nuu previously oeen usxeu uy .r. nim
mons to secure evidence in certain case simi
lar to this, nnd after many Inquiries and much
consideration wo had refused to do so. It was
during this intcrviow that Superintendent
Jasper told mo that rumors or anonymous
letters could novor be touched by him, and yet
for the first tlmo I learn that the Investigation
took placo threo years ago when a hlmllnr, only
more detailed, anonymous letter had been re
ceived. Those who are acquainted with tho
facts agree that I havo procooded In order.
Coming when lt did the matter was presented
in an unfair light, and in tbo publlo mind I
stand Involved in a question which was foreign
to id purpoos and actions.
"There are many other interesting points,
but I leave tho lucta to speak for themselves,
as they clearly show that I did not buse what I
did on anonymous letters, and that I under
took tho matter at the request of President
Simmons, and acted under his advice and with
the trustees of tho HItoenth ward."
There was more talk from other Commission
ers, and thon Prosldont Simmons gut down to
tho floor, and for the first time said something
about tho scandal. Ho tried to ovcuso hlmsolf
from Mr. Sprnguo's chargo of hav Ing appointed
a committee to Inv estigate Superintendent Jas
per's capacity of men who were Jusper's friends,
nnd had voteu against any Investigation, by
saying that the men In question were honor
able nnd woll known to tbo public. Mr.
Bprnguo replied that that might bo, but
still the act was unparliamentary and tho men
were not fitted to be judgos in the case. Mr.
Blmmons, to clear himself of the criticism of
lotting Miss Pod Co boar tho consuro of an in
vestigation which he bogan nnd authorized
and thon gave up, said he had never said that
he did not authorUo Mtbs Dodge to secure un
Mr. Webb substituted for his motion blaming
Rupterlntondent Jasper a motion to adopt the
minority nopnrt of tho Investigating commit
too. Instond of tho whitewashing eulogy handed
in by the majority. Thin motion wna lost, oil
tho Jasper men voting In tho nogntlve.
The following resolution was Introduced by
Commissioner Cole and went over under tho
rule. It is notoworthy In view of the fnct that
It takes ii pone of tho evils which The Bun has
described at length, namely, tho overcrowding
and tho violation of the Hoard's own rules with
regard to putting more children in a room than
tbo seating capacity allow s :
Itnolvri That the City Superintendent he and ha li
hereby directed to report at Ihe next meeting of till
Hoar each an1 erery violation of by-law No, Ht, and
to report In a detailed itateraent the etatlnircapaclty
of each eohool room in grammar and pr mary echoola,
and lha actual arerare attendance In each of euch
achool room wherein euch violation of raid by.Iaw may
have occurred during the month of may last.
Cfaar-ei Airalnat Policemen.
Sergeant Crokor ot tho Charles street station
charged Policeman llrodericlc beforo Comrol'iloner
McLeau jeiterday with uilng violent language In the
tatlon houie on June O. Croker teitltled that Uroderick
disputed with him about talcing a prisoner to court.
Jlroderlck laid that bla time wu hla own, and he nould
do aa he pleated.
rollceman 1'alrlck Oartln of the Weit 120th itrcet
atatlon waa put on trial for ehooilng Charlei Itaynor,
Uargln, In plaui clothe, met Itaynor who wa carrying
a bundle, at lSSth afreet and Elith avenue, at rolduUht
on June a. (largin wanted to look Into Kayiior' bun
die, and Rarnor, who look him to be a blghwajman.
ran away, (Jargin shot Itaynor In the leg. Itaynor Is
In the hoapltaL and waa unable to appear again. Oar
gin The cae will come up again.
I'ollceuian Kobert MrOIuley of the Weit ThIrtr-MT.
emh ureet nation waa charged by Mr Karah Mix
veraldof Six Weil Thlrlr-nliuli street wlih aoaultliur
her and making Indecent propnsil. She said that he
followed hrr out or Jauie A Snrton's saloon, at Thirty,
eighth street and Klffbth avenue on Juna n. between 4
and 5 A. M . Insulted her ami then struck her ocr tho
back with his club hlto said that he wjs a respectnblo
woniuu. w jlh a tiutbaiid and four children hhr went
to the saloon to get blackberry I randy for her lck
mother. MeOinley denied the woman a ftateraents
kllchael Prince, bartender In Norton's snloon, said
that a few minutes after a A. t. krs rltzarrald cam
into the saloon wlih a young mas, aud they drank sev
eral glansi of beer.
John W. Bulkloy died on Friday at 107 Honth
l-lllott place, Uronklvn, aged hi Me wait n school
teacher in Troy In 1CJA and when he rnt toltrnoklru
in If.'. Hie a made rrinclp.il of Tub It) fieluuH. lu
IHitthe retired from hi pluteu Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction which he had held for more than thirty
yeara during which time more than .vi,(hii children
passed through the schools under hts supervision.
Mrs. Robinson, the young widow ot Philip 8. t aswell,
foun ler of the drng houe of Caswell, llaxard A Co.
of ihlacltr. died suddenly at her house tn Newport on
Monday, bhe was married tn Edward U Hobinson. a
1'hladelphla lattyer, a few months ago Her joung
son by hrr nut husband, will Inherit the Caswell estate
of r-Suuu
The Pev 1'jPrick F. Howius, rsctor of tha M Agni
CaUio'lp Church ot I'atersi.u. ilie t ) eslerday of hemor
rhage of Ihe stoiuaih lie wlpod out the debt of bt.
Agnea parish and built a largo aud handsome church.
John MltcbsU ef Meadow Brook Farm. Orange coun
ty, known ail over tha country aa e teaaier tint CO
r tie, U4 j aaurdajr l bain tailor
Tnrlane Witnesses Tell Haw lie Killed
rlaker fiailtii'i WIU,
It took only linlf nn hour yesterday to got
tho twelfth Juror In tho caso or Charles Qlblln,
who (s on trial boforo Judgo Barrett, In Oyer
nnd Tcrmlnor, for tho murdor of Mrs. M ado
lino Oooltz on tho 18th of Fobrunry last at tbo
llttlo bakery ot hor husband, Valontlne Gooltz,
ar 103 Wost Houston street
Valentino Oooltz, the husband of the mnr
I dcrcd woman, was the first witness callod tor
the prosecution. Ho was examined by Dlstriot
Attorney Follows. He told the familiar story
of Olblln's tendor of a counterfeit IS bill In
payment for his purobasos. The witness asked
bim If ho did not know it was counterfeit, nnd
I tho prlsonor, drnwlng a revolver and pointing
I lt nt him, oxclnlmed: " Change or thoro you ,
I go." Tho wltnoss lumped aside and Olblln
fired twice, wounding blm in tho mouth and In
tho ehoulder. Thoy.grapplod. and two more
Bhots vvero fired. . Mrs. (Iqoltr nnd a clerk
rushed In nnd setrcd Olblln from boblnd.
Olblln put his hand back of him nnd
fired, and Mrs. Goelts foil mortally wounded, ,
Oooltz and his brother held Olblln until
l'olicoman O'Hnrn came nnd took him away. '
Whon tho officer ontered Mrs. Oooltz. who was
lying on tho floor, pointed to the prlsonor. Ktid
snltl: "That Is tho man who shot my husband
nnd mo whllo I was trying to Bavo my hus
nnnd." Mrs. Ooeltz died on tho, following dny,
and tho wltnoss was conllnod in the hospital
flftnon days. , ., . . , .
The cross-exnmlnntlon was directed to show
that the prlsonor had been preventod from
leaving the store, nnd that tho return of tho
bill had boon demanded nnd refused beforo
any shots woro fired. Mr. Oooltz declared that
, no demand bnd boen mado for tho bill,
, Mnggle Oooltz, a sister of Valentino; Anthony
1 Schwab, the clerk: I'ollceman O'Hara. and
I others gave testimony corroborating that of
Oooltz. nnd CoL Follows restod tbo caso for tbo
1 Lawyer Buydnm was not prepared to open
tho case for tho dofonco, but was permitted to
call two witnossos as to character. E. O. Ilrady
nml Charles It. Johnson, n lawyer, both of
Worcester. Mass. They bnd Known tho accused
for sovoral years. Ho was tieacoablo nnd of
good charnctor generally. Ilrady had workod
with him In the wire manufacturing business,
and found him a good and honest workmnn.
Col. Fellows produced Borne counterfeiting
Implements, nnd asked Mr. Ilrady if they woro
used In wiro drawing. Tho witness answered
In tho negative. It is tho Intention of the Din-
t trict Attornoy to connect theso things with tho
i tirlnnr.
Lawyer Buydnm complained to Judge Bnr
rett that Warden Osborne had poremptorlly
denied him admlttnnco to tho Tombs to see bis
client. Olblln. It was Impossible ho said, to
defend his client properly without this privi
lege Judgo Bnrrott promised to issue an
order granting him access to bis client at any
During reeoss tho prisoner talked with his
wlfo and plavod with his llttlo baby, who wero
in court during tho day.
Tbo defence will open to-day.
A. Time of lvathuslaans Ausone; the T7ptown
Democrata An Old Bandanna.
Tho nowly elected officers of the Harlem
Democratic Club gavo a reception at tbo club
house last evening. Charles W. Dayton, the
new President, who was Introduced by Dr
Demorest. reviewed the history ot tho club,
and urged tho members, as tho duty ot tho
club, to "so dignify practical politics" that
from out this body shall come many worthy
men. fit and anxious to serve their city and
their State; lotus be leaders, not ot factions,
but of party thought."
A venerable bandanna bandkorohlof, im
ported to Salem 110 years ago, was presented
to tbo elub by Dr. Demorest as the gift of Mr.
L. L. Frost It was voted to send the handker
chief, with an engrossed letterpf-presentation.
to Mr. Thurman. It was announced that Henry
Watterson will address the club July 4. Land
er's band plaved for the first time In publlo the
club song, " First In line for '88," compoeod by
l'hlllp F. Sullivan, superintendent of tho club.
An insidious punch, devlsod by Jimmy Gil
martin, was easily the favorite In a big field of
drinkables served after the speechmaklng was
Alderman Cyrus O. Hubboll and Ooorge
Ehrotwlll bo first i nd second VIco-PresHents
resimctlvely for tho ensuing your: Louis 1".
Bondhelm was eloctod Corresponding Secre
tary. James J Casey Itecordlng Secretary, nnd
Frank E. Towlo Treasurer. The Commltteo
on Installation was composed of James 11
Oravblll, A. O. Lazarus, Nicholas It O'Connor,
James Loucbelm. and Lugone Ottenbourg.
Tho handsome rooms of tbo club were crowded
to a into hour. Among tho prominent Demo
crats present wore: Judgo Martlne.l'ollco Jus
' tico A. J. White. Asslstnnt District Attorneys
Davis, Hartman.and Dawson: Judge F. 1". Fal
lon. Simon Sterno, Antonio llaslnos, H. 1.
Stoars. Commodore Hobby, John Whelnn, H.
C. Calkins lt M. Walters, V. J. Duffy, and ex
Aldormun P. V. Forrigun.
Funeral ef John IX. Ling, a Sporttna; Man
r the Last fJenerattnn,
Folds of heavy black tarpaulin draped tho
high railing ot old St Paul's Church at Brand
way and Vesoy streot yestorday and completely
hid tho old churchyard from view. At G o'clock,
whon the homeward throng of podostrlans
along Broadway was thickest, pollcomon mado
a pathway through tho crowd and baro-hoadod
pall bearers carried a coffin, with flowors strewn
on its lid, Into tho churohyard. A llttlo com
pany or mourners alighted from carriages and
followed the pall boarers.
In IhocofUn lay the remains of John It Ling,
tho veteran sporting man, who was John Mor
rlssoy's second In tho momorablo fight with
1)111 Poole on the Amos street docks. Ling
, dlod on Mnndny at his homo, 87 Morton street,
in his C8th year. Ho was a Tammany Demo
crat nnd an lntimatoot tho late Matthew T.
llronnan. Ho was a groat sport and trotting
horse ownor. nnd was tho man who delivered
Ynnkee Sullivan's chnllenge to Tom Hyer in
the famous Sullivan-H)or contest.
There woro funeral services at 87 Morton
street, nnd tho Interment In old Bt. Paul's
churchyard followed. Tho coffin was lowered
Into a vault that belonged to tho Ling family
for generations, when Ling's grandfather was
one of tho vestrymen of tho church. Tho
churchyard was hidden during tho Intermont
yesterday, because a burial thero Is bo rare an
occurrence that the streot would have been
blockaded by tho crowds that would bavo
gathered to soe lt
Un, dnderjahn Hays her Ilushnad lea Bio
Mrs. Bertha Oudorjahn of 525 Fifth stroot,
whose throe year old child Annie waa mysteriously ab.
ducted from her residence, a It Is supposed, by her
father, with whom the mother had not beeu living, ap
peared in Essex Market Court yesterday afternoon for
a warrant. Mrs. Ouderjahn did not want her husband ar
retted for Hbductlon. but for bigamy, she found that
he had been living with another wife, whoe maiden
name was Catherine Katx. sir Ouderjahn No a was
alto In court, and showed br paper that Uuderjahn had
married her on Iov ao. Ihm.1, Jul three yeara before he
engaged the atTemlon of the complainant AaMrs dud.
erjahn of Kirih etreet wa married In Savannah, (la.. Ju
lit () Itallly decided he was without Jurisdiction and
refused to Uue the order.
Sir. Carroll's ntablea Annoy the UcGnlree.
Itofuse from tbo stables oa the lot of Mrs.
Prldget Carroll, which Is eight feet above the level of
the street, ha undermined Ihe brlcklwall of the adjoin
Ing rnur tory tenement at 32S Fait Thirty eighth street
to such a ritgree that the owners, John and Philip Me
Outre, declare It to be unsafe The llrst floor ha also
beui rtndered vi ry unwholesome The lcqulrciy
iheyhuvo repeatedly notified the Hoard of Health dur
lutr (he tmt year, but iiothlug ha been doue to abate the
Mlea Carrie Hag Assaulted.
Miss Carrio Hogg, aged 10, was assaulted
In a side street In Weal New Brighton, S. L. on Sunday
night, by two men who aeUed her and threw her down.
After a hard struggle ihe broke away from them and
sought refuge in a house, where the remained for a
short time and then left fur her home An hour or so
ulurtwird she was round wondering aimlessly about the
sfreu and was taken to ihe station house lor the rest
of the night. No tlue ha beeu obtained ai to her as
sailants, bhe Is a domestic.
One-evcd Uoo Woo,
Al Johnson's sorrel mare One-eyed Doe won
the f ICO purse In the one mile Staten Island sweepstakes
yesterday afternoon al Burbank's Driving Park. New
Porp. In 'i minutes 4'H seconds. Kred Scott's dark bay
horse Stilt Alarm rame In second bcott's mustang
brat Isx 1 luley s mutang JUue luck in thamustaug
rscenruut half mUo lor a purse of r,". Time, I minute u
lists Hull Heaaan, 1888.
You can get an elegant cabinet photograph of any pro-
t asalonal base baU player Un dab uniform! yon wfsa by
rettuotng lii Mdsr bUj tut art jutted llailjr u OU
W wlalVtJ sMsjxealawVBs)BK4atsvVwXf
n Adda that If thn rarty Cannot Acre
Vpan a Leader and Call Vosi Mr, nialne.
It (Till ba hla Duty to Aeoept Significant
Wards from Mr. Hlalae's Host.
CcnTltM. IBBS, cyTnsSonrrintindatidruMdAtnjUlto
cfaflon. Belmnoham, England, Juno 20. Messrs.
Carnegie, Blalno. and party aro tucked In
quaint beds In on old-fashioned inn of tbls
Northumberland village, aftor a long day's t
drive. It was tbo most interesting day of tho ,
entire trip. The party stopped outside New-
castle at Stolla Hall, tho residence of Josoph .
Cowan, tho groat northern llndlcnl. Ho and .
Mr. Story, M. P., went on a coaob sovoral miles, ,
acting as guides to the district They lunohod
at Carbridgo, ono of the principal placos built '
by the IlomanB In North Britain, and just In
side tho Roman wall, which strotchos seventy
miles from tho Tyne to the Bolway, Mr. lllnlne
I surprised tho Englishmen by bis knowledge of
i everything in gonoral, and in particular of tho
history of tho Jacobite Intrigues, with the sou
venirs of which this region teems.
They visitod tho castle of Earl Derwentwator,
baheaded in London for being a Jacoblto, but
1 were more Interested In the cottage whoro was
born Oeorgo Stevonson, tho Inventor of the
locomotive. Mr. Blaine plonsed tho old lady
who runs tho cottage by telling her it was the
birthplace of England's greatest king.
There was much rain, and the party arrived
. here wot but did not mind lt at all. Tho men
, dined In flannel shirts, Mr. Blaine learned
I from me such news of the Convention as will
I be printed in to-morrow's London nowspnpers,
including the list of names to be prosonted and
i tho statement that his boom had wcakonod bo-
i en se of the belief that bo would refuso oven a
i unanimous nomination.
Mr. Blalno does not speak of political mnttors
l In any way, but Mr, Carnegie, who Is, ot course,
well able to express tbo feelings of bis guest,
" If Mr, Blaine Is nominated ho will not ro
fuso." Then Mr. Carnegie wroto tho following
for publication:
"If tbo Republican party finds lt cannot
agroo upon a leader, and thon calls upon its
former leader to lead lt again, it goos without
saying that lt would bo bis duty to do so (and
Mr. Blalno has novor failed to do his duty),
more especially since It Is now clear that tho
oampalgn Is to be fought upon tho issuoof
protootion versus froo trade, tbo former of
which Mr. Blaine feels to bo essential to his
country's prosperity. It is not anticipated that
this call will bo mado upon bim: but If mado
lt must be accepted."
My telegrams concerning the Convention
were read by Mr. Blaine to Mr. Carnegio in the
former's bedroom, and it was after that read
ing that Mr. Carnegio wrote and gavo to mo
what goes before lt
It may lntorest those who bellevo Lincoln
camo here to obtain Mr. Blnlno's support for
some candidate to know that Mr. Blalno was
Ignorant that Lincoln Is in England until in
formed by mo to-day.
John Dillon Taken to tfall.
London, June 20. Tho appeal of Mr. John
Dillon from his sentence to six months' Im
prisonment for violation of tbo Crimes act was
heard to-day, and the sentence was confirmed.
Mr. Dillon was takon to Dundnlk jail and lm-
Erlsoned. On tho routo to tho prison bo was
cnrtily cheered.
An address was presented to Mr. Dillon
signed by 1511 monibors of tho House of Com
mons, rcsonting tho policy of sending him to
unmerited Imprisonment nnd oxprossiug tho
hone that his sojourn in prison would bo mndo
less bitter by tho knowledge that sympathy
tor him is not conllnod to Ireland.
JEmnnclpatlou of the Peaaant.
CorENnAOKN, Juno 20. Tbo centenary ot
tbo emancipation of the poasants was colo
brated to-day. Tho town was appropriately
decorated and was crowded with visitors.
Thero was a procession, iu which 20,000 per
sons took part.
Four Hundred Fishermen Drowned.
London, Juno 20 Dotnlled accounts of
tho gales which occurred on the coast of Ice
land last momh show that 400 French fisher
men woro drorvnod, thirty vossols having boen
The ltumora About btanlej.
London, Juno 20. Advices fiom Zanzibar
Buy that no news has boon received there In
confirmation of the report of Henry M. Stan
ley's death. Thu report is discredited thoro.
Blra. Paraona Arrested.
Chicago, Juno 20. Mrs. Lucy Parsons,
the dusky wlfo of the lato A. It. Parsons, the
Anarchist, was arrested this aftornoon. Mrs.
Parsons was driving about tho stroots In a
buggy, attnehod to tho roar of which was a llfo
slzo orayon of hor deceased husband. Bho was
distributing ciraulars descriptive of the merits
of Parsons's book, " Anarchism." A largo
crowd followed the convoyanco, which was led
to the polioe station.
T. Uarrleon Garrett's Will.
Baltimoue, Juno 20 Tho will of the lato
T. Harrison Garrett was admittod to probate
at Towson yesterday. The will directs that
$40,000 por annum be paid to Mrs. Garrett dur
ing her widowhood, nnd that she have the use
ot tbo city and country residences nelonglng
to the estate. Tho entire estnto Is to be dividod
In equal shares among the three sons under
certain conditions.
Many Lives Jtnst In a Freshet,
Cm op Mexico, Juno 19. There is a flood
at Bllas, on tho line of the Mexican Central
238 miles north of the city. Over 300 bouses
have fallen down. Many lives hnvo boon lost
There aro serious freshets on the railway be
tweon Queroturo and Leon,
Charged With Embezzlement.
TitOY, Juno 20 Asa W. Wlckos, ox-Coflbler
of tho Central National Bank, was arrested to
day on the charge of appropriating about
lii.OOO of the funds nt tho bank to hla own tiso.
He was held In default of 16,000 ball for examination.
A Cuban Ofllclal Jteslins.
Havana, Juno 20 Sefior Alonzo Martin,
Civil Governor of this jurisdiction, has ten
dered his resignation. Gov. Martin's reasons
for his action have not been mado publlo.
Oav. IIIII to Speak at Illaghamtaa.
BlNonAUTON, June 20. Gov. Hill has ao
eepted an Invitation to dollver tbo address at
the unveiling of the Soldiers' and Bailors'
monument in this city on July 4.
lleaale aleotenr's C'aeo JVot Dropped.
Unltod Statos District Attornoy Wnlkor to
day received the papers lu the case of Mis Bessie Mon
tour, who, with lira Ledvlgh, It I said, brought over
$8,000 worth of Tarls gowns without duty, lie said that
he bad not yet examined Into the case, but that Ml
Montour weuld probably be seen In court. The June
Grand Jury was impanelled by Judge Brown, and the
ease will probably be laid before them Immediately.
Wm II Ely. brother of ex-Mayor Smith Ely, Is foreman
of the Urand Jury
Gen. Diss llebar on Ihe Xetand.
"Gen." Diss Debar, limp and spiritless,
mounted a seal beside the driver of the prison van at
the Tombs at I o'clock yesterday afternoon, and waa
driven, with tbe petty criminal Inside tbe van. Is the
steamer Thomas H Brennau, which conveyed blm to tho
penitentiary on ti.arkwelra Is and Before leaving the
Tombs he thanked Warden Osborne for bis kind treat
ment and made a few g.n.ral remarks about his case.
An Unfaithful Valet's Punishment.
William Pnxton. valet for Bcnillcston the
treerutlriil-iiLth s reit aud 1 Kill uu-iiue, stole
tl.lu) worth ot Jewelrj aud $JJ In money a fortnight
Ago and lost a Urge part of the proceeds at the Sub
urban last week. Us was arrssted and part of tbe
property waa rssovered. lie plaaded guilty in the Oen.
era! Basalou yelsrdy and waasaaleaosd io three awl
tiuV4ttamr jrtan li sum Iritia ky JowsUruaa,
Pater Bjrmei Sny hU Inurle wer Wmb
tanly Inflicted by Elrviited Trlnmen.
Potor Byrnes of 122 Cherry street bonrded
ft downtown Sixth avenue train at ICIal.toonth
streot nt mldnlffht on Tuesday. Intending to
cot off nt Frnnkl In fitroet. When ho awoko the
train was at South Ferry, nnd two wmrils were
fihaktaff htm roughly. Fatllng for the momont
to comprohond the situation, he ears, he ox
postulated, and was rudely thrust outot tho
car. Ono ot the guards ktokod him, ho adds,
and whon he turnod around with fresh romon
Rtrancon ho rocotvoct a blow tn tho mouth thnt
rut hla Up badly. Ho told roltcotnnn JnmoA It.
Maxwell whnt nnd happened, and tho lnttor
ran up Btulra Into tho stntton to arrest tho
trnlnmcn, but thny woro aono.
Tho out tn llyrnotVe mouth wan hleedlnc
profusely, and tho pollcomnn took him to tho
Old slip Btntlon, where ho waft cared for and
nUvtfted to proouro a warrant tor tho arrest of
hla assailants, lie promised to do so and to ro
with a pollooman and tdontlfy them. Vostor
jlny. however, his injurlos contlned him to hts
uod. Ho Innfotfl, bowover, that ho will proso
cuto hts assailants whon ho Rets woll. 1
Tho Rutemen who wero on duty at tho tlmo i
said last night that llyrmm was drunk nnd had
struck at tho guard Bovoral tlmoft beforo he
was knocked down. Thoy deny that ho was
kinked off tho car.
Col. Hutn said that ho had hoard nothing ot
the eao.
.llvrnoslslnpnrtnorshlpwith his brother In
tho liquor business.
Sid Prt.dent ZCIchnrdann Knnw tli-vt a
Damnclnr Witness wri LHplrlted Aivhjt I
Ilonry 0. Du Bote, tho starter and transfer
nRont on tho Atlantic Avenuo Hall road In
Brooklyn, who was arrested a week aco, ac
cused of conspiring with some of tho conduc
tors to rob tho company by manlpulatlnc tho
transfer tickets, declares th.it he Is tho victim
of a plot on the part of some employcos on tho
rond, and also that President William Itichard
son should havo heBltatod boforo countenuno
iiiR hiHRirest. Ho ajH tliHt no mnn on 'ho
i road pOBMjssed Mr. HlchardHon's eontld.mco In
a moro marked deRroo. Ab a proof of this con
fidence ho tolls how James l'orry. a drher. dis
appeared porno tlmo rmo when ho was wanted
as a witness In a suit for $10,000 damuRos
turaltist tho company. A llttlti girl was run
oer by Terry's car nnd so badly Injured that
ono of her Iors hnd to be amputated. lerry.
wIioho testimony, it waa said, would hao been
unHiaRii.Rto tho companj. could not bo found
whon tho trial was In process. Uu Hols now
Miyft that ho was furnished with money bv Mr.
lUcharuson to pay his own oxnenscs and thoo
of Porry for a journoy throuRh Massachusetts
while tho suit una in proRross, and that Mr.
JitchnrdsonwascoRnlzantot theirwhoroobouts
durluRtho trial. nlthouRh ho declnrud that ho
did not know what had become of Perry.
Jewelry Baleimun Emanuel Arrested.
Max Emanuol.thotravollInRSalosmanwhois
upposed to have defrauded tbe Jewelry firm of Marx 1
Wels, at 180 Broadway, of $25,ooo or S.w,axby render
ing flctitiou bUlaof Mir. has been arrested and locked
up at Denrer, CoL Uraanuel had been employed by
Marx A We In to nell roodi In the West, and had a trunk
with him containing over $.VJ.iiOC worth of jewelry bo
lonjrlnir to the firm .Mr Marx first iuupco ed tliatiome
thlnr waa wronir last month when he reched an Inti
mation from the Jeweller' AiiocUtlon that his mem
berihlp whi likely to bu forfetied beraue his roml
were bring gold at lens than the uniform price. Mr. Marx
went Wt$u and afi-r tlicneritnr thu iictttlouBbl lr or
sale had been Kent him b Emanuel, lis traced the goodt
to the itnre of one chwartz tn Kutuaa rtiv, where it is
alleft'td. they were nwned L.nanuel'a father who was
expected to makr good nl sou's khortaire, Is Ktid to lim e
declined to Interfere.
Whttetaw Held Call nn Mayor Hewitt.
Whitolaw Hold called upon tho Mayor yester
day by appointment. The Hewitt boomers from Oregon
to Btate street will probably be greatly excited over the
news, as tbey hare credited tbe Mayor with being In
danger of blng atrock with tha tlgbtntngof a ItepuhU
ean nominal Ion Both the Mil) or ami Mr. Held declined T
tn give any comfort to tho Loonier l tell I tiff w hut they I
were cotiskilerink. and e uled Ihe reporters Tlirj ponl
lltelv would not g i hint art to v, hnl it nan nil about.
It wasntuttd ,ni night, with real or assumed am hor
It), that Mr. Hrld' purpose In call.ii if upon the Mi.) or
whs to ascertain whether lie would run for u second
term on a huitneot men n nomination with u Republican
endorsement trom the muid quarter H was learned
that the Mn or. though Mpparently krntlileil. uniuered.
"I am not a cumlldatr at Mil ( could nut run that way '
In any event 1 am a Democrat if 1 am anj thing "
Firemen ISewnrried iintl I'ttnlshcri.
ThoFiro IJoard estordny ordered tho namo
of Foreman 1' J. Homier of Engine 1J to be placed on
the roll Of merit for baling Julia Clement at the recent
fire at 34 Second avenue. Others who received honor- '
able mention for good work at the same tlru w ere Chief i
llresuan. Foreman Bradley of Truck O, AsuifiUnt Fore
man leC.rtntv of I n trine :H I Ircincn l.dwurd liar- I
grave of Truck v and 1 dward Lace) of I ndue.'i. '
Mremsn Jamea Ho wen of Kiijntti li w.ts lined ten
davit pa) for defacing rhe iomp mV journal fireman '
John Murph) of Iruck. i. utruck J-ireman John (.illestple '
In the mouth for ralllmr him a vlie name and watt unel ,
five day pjy. Hrunn (.lleple. under charges tor
uning lle language, reported mlK Instead of reporting
for trial, an I this will form the Imsis of nu additional
charge on Frliay next Absence without leave cost
jHreuien II W Uonnelly, ldward J. Lacey, and Johu
CrlinmtDS three days' puy each.
lie nth ul llr. Ziiltertort.
Dr. Johann Hermann Zukortort, editor of tho
Chtti Monthly. London, and until his defeat by William
Meinltz In lHhtJ the strongest chew player In the world,
died esterday In London. It waa said at the Manhat
tan Chesi Club's rooms last night that ukertort wus nt '
the height of success in the I ondou international tour
nament in 1 ! Zukertort was firm, und htPlniir
second, ukertort was defeated later In a serif of
games In this country by Htelultz. ami he took hts defeat i
ery much tu heart lie was a good whim plajer aud a
fine linguist lio was born at Kiga, KubSla, In ti-L2.
overcome by the I lent.
Bamuol Harris, a 15-year-old of Syracuse,
was overcome by beat at the corner of Mott street and
Chatham square yesterday noon. lie was taken into
Henry IV) man's saloon and restored to consciousness.
The hoy said he had walked allthe way from hyracuse i
to New ork to Join a show
Daniel I trail aged ifi, of & Morton streetwss overcome
b) the heat at Warren nnd West streets yesterday after
noon, and w as sent to Chambers btreet UotyltaL
An Up-town Pool Koosn Balded.
DetoctUoa Cooper and Nuscnt of Superin
tendent Murray's ofllce raided the pool room of Ilackett.
UrownJkCa, at 1.2.1 J Hroadway, yesterday morning, ,
and arrested John Ilackett and Howard O Ward. Thn I
detectives tjoug.it ttckets on Ihe horses (Shamrock and
Itifpe ctor U . w ho ran at the Cooni y island race cupa
yesterday, llai kett and Ward were held In 5-V0 hail
each tor trial by Justice oormau at JettersouMurket
An Insane Futlent t Large.
Mary Walsh, 29 years old, was hrouchtfrom
the Mtddleton Insane Asylum to this city on June 13 to
be taken to friends In Ireland While at the foot of Har
row street waiting to board the City of Rome she eluded
her friends, ran up West street and has not been seen
sluco. erterday her lsappearauce was reporie to
the police by Le (J rand Ifevn. of ,H Catlfti street Merl
den Her cousin, MissUrtsLoll, lives at 73 L'nluji strict
Diss Debar NerTnnt flels tluogment.
A judgment by dofault was entored yestor
day In the uperlor Court against Ann O'Della Diss De
bar, aud In favor of Catherine Keith, who, In 18b2, waa
engsged by the Madame for three months as a domestic
at the rate or t JO i er month Mis- Keith also loaned the
Madame fU iu JUKI. The complaint waa trrved on
Madame Piss Debar whilo she wa lu the lombt. Hhe
made no auswer to It
A Flcrbt In aa Klevuted Ntat.on.
John McMahon of 1,893 Second avenuo and
Joseph Conklln of Ninety-fourth street between Sec
ond and Third avenues, fought In the elevated railroad
station at Ninety ninth street und Third avenue last
night, and Conklln ktfbbed McMahon In the bead, in
(UoUnr a slight wound He hud his head dressed at bt
Joseph's Uoipltuluud went home. CoukUuwusarrested.
Sirs. I,aogtry'a Shoe IlUcklnv to be Mold.
The salo at auction of $G,000 worth of nooda
seized by customs Inspectors began at the Barge Ofllce
yesterday. Good prices were obialned To-day there
will be an opportunity to buy a quantity of shoe black
Ing said to have been Imported by Frederick Gebhard
for Mrs, Laugtry,
A Beeklras Dr'Ycr Held,
William Faust ot G45 Second avenue, who
drote his butcher cart over Johanna Murphy at tho
corner of Third avenue und Twetityeighth street oh
Monds) Ust, csuitig her death, wus arraigned before
Coroner Levy )rsierdav and held iu-tl ta-M to unswer it
chargo cf criminal ncgdence.
Tbe Jarea Will Admitted.
The will of Jonhuci Jares, who left an estate
Talus d at nearly 17,000,000 to bla cooslns, baring do
neater relatives, waa admitted to probate yesrdar by
the .Surrogate, and letters testamentary were Issued to
the executors, lleorge O Williams, John T. Locbinan,
und Arthur Mason Junes
'I lie I'lit riirriiuLer I'lrt.
A biniili boy thiowa Uiocrueramoncfcome
dry good displayed iu front of Ihe store of Joseph
Epstein, at 1.&56 First avenue, last night and Ml flre to
thiol About l&0werikwaj4MUojta bsioxt ta fin
, weTtlnmlrtci.
st of Callfnrnla C rtDen Prrmiin.nCCIinlr- jjl
man Tro Usrr Uavrla I'rrarnted, On ffij
a, HWer anst Onld, xlniiried Willi tlcnr.l ,t'
An llanr ar Onhhlet Orer the Itnlee, nnd ' Sft
tben n Kce;S Thp KTrnlns;lrsa1an f fD
In a llrlintei Orrr Ihe Vtrelnla (Vnteal.d 'HI.
Nrnts-Wlse'a Illslrlrl Uclrcnt.a Vlnatlr 3E'
Atlmlltecl-Tranhln Or.f thst Plnirnrra jSp
JV.w iTfreer'a DelrBntlon far Harrison jwr,
and 1'holps Tho lrtv llnslurul Il.lmn- '"al L
tlan Afnln Fall la Asract ro a Cnndl. i
date Hnrrlenn'e llnnni I. Oratvlas ? L
while Hh,rmaaa la nt a Ktnntlsllll. iS
CmoAao, June 20. Tho soconrt session of 'Jaj
tho blind mnn'd Comontlon Iiiib boon liulil, but JK
tho polltlclntin aro ntlll croplnit for a war out '
throimh whnt thoyho to do. Thoy aro only 'M
a llttlo nonror dnyllsht yot. n vory llttlo. lor .w.
thoy hno dono notliliic oxropt to otToot a
pormnnont orcanlEntloii. 1'lonty ot thorn Hfg)
think thoro won't bo n nomination ot Ylco- IS ii
Prosldont until noxt Moinluy. It Is tooenrly to k a
eny thnt poiittholy. but tho most enroful $g ft
prophet boor no pof slblllty of cottlnK &wy bo- 1P
foro Saturday nlcht.
Whew! how hot lt hnn boon hero nil dnyl ''J
Tho town Is like n rod-hot ntoo lid on which fflt
tho people are bolm: tortured like houplnit i,
tralim of corn. The heat has onco agnln not '-'?
tho hotter of tho Inko brcozo. In fact, lt looks .XI
as though lt has cot tho hotter of tho lako, J5
which lies Ilka a ehcot of unruDlud uIoph, per- P
forralnc no othor duty than to mirror tho B
blnza In tho sky. Halt tbo strangers are In M
flnnn.l shirs and nlimcn coati without vests.
Thoy mnko the best npponrnnce. for tho dudos 'W
who Btlclc to lnu ml Hod llnon nro but mere '1
wrocks of fushlon. Onco in a whllo ono seoB a
roan whoenn keep tho slUTnoss In his collar J
nnd tho polish on his shirt llko JlmmloIIustod. .'O
Itobcrt liny Hamilton, oryounKHnm Fish, but "'8
tho rest nro nil broken down nnd draggled, ns tS
though they had como out of n boiler nnd boon M
I run through a nianglo. ',
1 No on who has not oiporloncod lt can form g
nny just ldoa or whnt llfo at u Convention U. lis
Mon who nro used to it snythnt a week of lt 'Jjj
ndds n your to one's llfo. Tho strain is fearful. s
The conditions nro nil moibld, oxnggoratod, j
wrought up, and dlstortd. Tho pcoplo aro 1
j sleeping on cots, fourorlho In nroom Intend- M
. ed for ono. Pollcomon lino thn stairways of M
tho hotots. keoplng n somblanco of ordor. Tho 'HVj
guests nnd tho rabble nro paneod up tho steps $
on one sldo and down on tho othor. Tho yell- Sw
inc. cheering, and bnbol ot thousnnds of throats Jjjjj
In tho public rooms is hoard through tho upper- Mi
most hallways and penetrates tho sleeping JaB
nnnrtmouts until tho night Is woll spont Every 'iiy
mnn who drinks nt all drinks too muoh. Tho '3
ordinary bars do not scne for tho business, ft
and whnt arc called " barroom nunexes" nro M9
opened In onch hotol. Tho Grand Pnclflo bar- Mi
room Is bigger than tho wholo of tho Astor M ?
Houso rotundn, but to got a drink moans to J
fight your way through thirty or forty rows of jh
doodIo. and you aro thon hemmod up against 'iff
tho bar, and And It enstor nnd simpler to stay ',j&
and tako llvo or six drlnksthan to take ono and 'Mi
light your way out again. '1
Tho strcots aro almost blocked with people, M
particularly nt night. No othei city except "Sj
New York can produco such crowds, and j
theso crowds of countrymen who do not know fiJ j
how to master a city's conditions or manngs ,&'
thomr. Ives. To make one's way 'rom ono point tH!
to another Is toengngolua wictlo. The air is 3
ront with tho music of bands, tho shrloks and "ii
yells of Southernors. tho Imboeilo noises ot
drunken men. To mako headway through the . M
crowd is to oxporlonco a succession of aden- fj
tures. Now n crowd of drunkards benrs down jl
upon the pedestrian, who finds himself shunted il
off Into n group of men with llsh hoi ns. Passlnu al
tli em. he comes upon a solid mass of mon lis- M
toning to t-onio mouthy ranter making a ,$f
suei'ch. Tho doorwns to the barrooms nnd J
bcor saloons nro llko tho gatos of a wnlled '?
town surrendering to victorious besiegers. ,
Mon pushing their wny out meet mon pushlna M
their way In, nnd tho conscquenco Isablockado
out to tho gutter. To oscnpo fiom tnlscon- 3
fusion into one of tho hotels Is to go from the " 4
frying pnn into tho (Ire. Tho tumult, tho bnbol, j.
tho hand to hand battle with tho mob Is worse Pf
Indoors than out. ''
Fnncy tho condition of mind of n country
dolegato who finds himself in such n crowd. .j
Uoin Now Yorkers say that their homo oxpori- l
onco Is tame beside Convention lifo. Tho -jii
country dolegato from sonio plocld Wlhigo like -J
Turru Hauto becomes beBldo himself. IIo gots ' 1
Intoxicated, oon though ho doos not drink. "'j;(J
Tho oxcltement. tho clrnlti uiion tho nones, ,3
tho stimulus of n condition whoro, among nil n
the thousands, oory man la for himself, proves --IS
t too much for the couutmiinn. His head is In jjj
tho nlr, his fuot ticadon clouds. Hols not In 8
his right mind. Ho Is possoescd by oxcltomont. ' ! t
It will bo wcoks boforo ho regulns his com- ' j
posuro; a lifetime boforo bo forgotsthls ox- I
porlonco. One is not much bettor off In bod I
thun in tho streets. The bedroom windows j
and tho fanlights oor tho doors haieto bo J
1 thrown open in ordor to breathe. The j
foarful heat bakes tho bed linen U
nnd mnttres&os. sloop becomes n dls- B a
nppolntment nnd a snnro, tho uproar within E K
tho hotel broaks In through tho fanlights and II H I
moots tho tumultuous din wolllng up from the I
sidewalks. Skyrockets llnsh past tho windows: fj U I
bauds parado lncesbantly benoath them, and I t I
I tho surging crowds below yell Incossantly with Tj K I
tholr utmost lung liowor. Homotlmos two B ,1
bnnds, or avon threo, blend their miiblo in a II 4
diabolical nightmare of jnrrlng sounds. When li I
the bnnds stoo plus Ing, the poor victim of Con- SI I
Toutlon chaos hears tho noises ot the people, y I
"Hurrah for lllalnol" "Blaine, lllnlne, James Ja I
O.Walnol" "Hurrah for Harrison I" "nurrah
for Groer Clovolandl" Crowds battlo one j I
with another with antagonistic yolls, and I
! through tho hurrahs for lilalno sounds the Jj I
Democratic cry of "llntsl" The yolllng for Si
Clovnland Is opponod by tumults with fish ij I
horns, lt Is a wonder that tho country dele-
guto knows his name by tho time ho has beon U I
hora threo days. w I
Tho Convolution camo to order more promts IJ B
ly this morning, because lt had boon foustl H I
ycstonluy that tho big hull was cooler than the fl fl
snelteilng city. No da light enters the audi- fl I
toilum, nnd as the doors are open, front and jB I
bacK, and tho roof la full of cracks and foams, jl fl
the lake breozo gots In without a tloket Unfor- M I
tunately there waa no lake breeze. It woulat Sl
not be pleasant to go into a detailed deacrlp- IS I
tlon of tho conserjuenco of packing three or - j H
four thousand perspiring men In tbe close and U H
pepjiery atmosphere they found there. Al- I I
though tickets wero quoted as high as 150 yes- M I
terday, the hall was not much more than halt B I
filled. Not on ull the delegates oame. Away m H
up In the banging gallery under the roof, where .1 HJ
the people look like so many stage hands on f I
the painted bridge of a theatre stage, were teen J H
many men In their shirt sleeves. Eliewhere In H
all the galleries there were more women than on jo
' the day before, but fewer mon, and between 1 H
tho llttlo groups on every hand wore scon open A H
g.ipsof empty seatK Netortholess, tho picture HJ
tho Convention prcsected was ns guy as one of I Hi
Kopplor'e cartoons In Puck. Much gaytr than H
the one tbe people are all looking at to-day, HJ
which shows tbe Ilepublloan train leapln . ' H
through a broken bridge, llrllllant color lay
Ishly thrown In was visible wherever one M
looked, The rod, white, nnd blue that covered
the walls blonded linrmonlously with tho yel- M
i rw glare of the hta:ryeoinliir.ntIniiAofolectrlj Hi
lights, with great vnscs of red nnd whlto Mow- H
ers on the platform, and with the gorgeous M
badges that decorated every breast. In the
well, whero tho dsletjatesj Bat. tU tertr-sovea y j-H

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