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I THE SON, THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1888. , fl
Biamiao jmxuBjvfl $1,000 ron $2B,
AND JtAFXNH PAXS $108 lOtt $S.
Tk Tatlftiat TV recked In the Volunteer nam.
dltup All at He Again la the Mile
Handicap Ken All llealea by Bessie
June ntlae the Only I'eivorlte, to Wli.
It was ft dtvy of Burprisca at, BhcepBhofid
Bay yestordoy. and tho talont rocelvod n severo
setback, nonrly nil the Rood things going by
tho board. Tha woalhor was Insufferably
y warm, a land brcozo prevailing, nnd It was
I 0 only by tho constant ubo of fans nnd cooling
drinks that tho afternoon wnspassod with any
1 degree of comfort. Tho surprise 0f surprises
I wns tho running of Bondlgo iti tho Volunteer
I Handicap for lureo-yonr-olds, at a, mllo and a
fnrloiig. In tho cntrlos sent out ovor night
Mr. Bolinont's Racoland, 125 pounds,
nnd Mr. Hoggin's Fltzjatnos. 118, were
both named as starters, but when
Trntnor Howo nnd Mr. Ilageln bow
Colorado MorrUsoy's Locust entored to carry
only 08 pounds, they concluded the raoe was a
certainty for tho black colt on tho form he had
shown In his previous races. He gavoBace
land n groat battle In tho mile sweepstakes n
few days ago, conceding him sorno wolght In
addition. With 08 pounds up, It looked llko n
certainty for LocuBt, Frospeot and Marauder
were olso withdrawn, but Teg Womngton. Toa
Tray. Qray Dawn, Snowdrop, nnd Bondlgo
were named as additional starters. Bondlgo's
wolght was 103 pounds, and he was oomplotely
overlooked, although ho has started In good
company and shown considerable speed at
times. Davo Johnston playod him In a purse
race at Gravesond to win big money. Yoster
day tho talont could see nothing but Locust,
and from 7 to 5 they backed hlra down to evon
money. Bondlgo opouod nt 20 to 1, nnd ns no
body eeomod to want him tho bookmakers be
camo bold nnd began offering very long odds
against tho Dwyer castoft. Finally Burton,
who has on more than one occasion attracted
publlo notlco by his laying extraordinary
prices against short horses, wroto 80 to 1
straight and 10 to 1 plaoe opposite Bendlgo's
I name, and a 6eoro or more of losers, anxious
I I to retrieve tholr lost fortunes by a grand coup.
wont lor Boudlgo. One man said, "If I loso
I'll frame tho ticket. Four hundred to Ave Is
good enough for rao."
Thero wore a fow people that played Bendlgo
on his showing In rocout races. Ono of these
was ltlchard Kane, a tolecrapher on the staff
of a morning newspapor. Mr. Kane offered
I Burton $50 on Bendlgo for the place, but Mr.
Burton thought i25 of Mr. Kano's money was
all ho wanted, nnd accepted that amount, writ
ing $1,000 to 5, place. Tho knowing ones
noundod Locust. George Church rodo Bon
1 dtgo, and the moment tho flog dropped the once
rlde of Brighton Boach took the track with
endlgo. and boforo n furlpng had beep run
had opened a gap of several lengths. Cnuron
paralyzod the backers, of Locust by cutting
Bendlgo smartly with his whip, and rldinc Tor
all he wns able. It bocamo evident that Ben
dlgo had plenty of speed, for the way he went
away from tho others up tho bac-6tretcn wns a
caution. Tristan, Tnragon, Balvini. and Lo
cust, at Intervals, tried to overtake the leader,
but they woro never able to get up. Bounding
the uppor turn Church looked about him, and.
flndlnt- nothing near, took n slightt pull, thus
resting his mount for the final strug-
8le. Once tho straight was reached
hurch sat right down on the dosplsed
outsider, and, coming away, won easily py
two lengths. Locust was fourth horse Into the
stretch, but ho came through very fast and
eavod the place money, beating Tristan out by
a half longth under tho whip. Bendlgo's vio
" tory was greeted with profound silence by the
general public. The fortunato holders of Ben
dlgo tickets, however, could be told without
tho aid of spectacles. They wanted to buy
more, and explained how they came to play
him. One man dreamed Bendlgo won. an
other man's barber had given It to him straight,
and another man took a flyor becanso every
body el6e played Locust. ....
Burton, the bookmaker, lost over $10,000 by
Eendigo's win, but he pluckily opened on .the
uoxtrace by laying two points higher against
O rover Cleveland than any other man In the
ring. Bendlgo paid $100.16 In the mutuals,
selling In the field. Church had a few dollars
on the victor, and the owner, Mr. Kraemer, Is
said to have backed the colt.
Bendlgo was sold last fall by the Dwyer
Brothers at their weedlng-out sale., to his
present owner for a trifle over $2,000. Lo
cust, tha fayoiita. Is also, a caataH at the
Brooklyn stable.
The Zephyr Btakes for two-year-olds, at
three-quarters of a mile, was a dlsacpolntment
to those who backed Dwyer Brothers' filly An
ranla. Notwithstanding the fact that she was
Slvlng BnddhlsUwlnner of the Foam Stakes.
ve pounds, and Walden's speedy Holiday eight
pounds, the pnbllo made the sister of Tremont
a favorite. Buddhist was a strong second
choice. Holiday and Seymour had a select
' following. The Dwyers liked Aoranla, and
baoked her for a eaug amount John Hannl
can, one of their trainers, thought she could
win. Unfortunately, Mr. Caldwell dropped the
flag when Auranla was awayback lntheruok,
and several lengths behind Holiday and Glory.
Glory took the track, andforaguarter olamlle
seemed to be running away with the race. She
died out In the stretch, and Holiday and Buddh
ist had the finish all to themselves. Holiday
always hod the best of It and won handily.
She time. 1:15, Is very fair. When McLaughlin
aw that he could not got up with Auranlahe
pulled her up and finished in the roar guard.
Hlxteen horses started In tho opening event
at seven furlongs. At tho post Duke of Bour
bon and Brambleton gave an exhibition of high
ana lofty tumbling. They aro a precious pair.
The Duke jumped the roils, depositing Church
In a heap on the grass. Amalgam won very
oleverryln the fast time of 1:27;. Brambleton
broke down nnd finished dead lame.
Dave Pulslfer only arrived horo from the
West last weolc but he has been hore long
enough to place his horses. He gavo the
knowing ones an eye-oponer by winning the
fourth race, at a mile, with Bapino, In 1:42).'.
Choctaw was the favorite, and, with Garrison
up, carried a groat amount of money. Telle
Doe, with Fitzpatrlck In the pigskin, looked
like a good thing, but in tho final bquoozo
Grover Cleveland, tho fat horse from tho slopo,
beat her a head. Yosburg was prominent for
The Dunboyno people thought they had an
easy thing of It In the handicap, and engaged
Hayward to ride. Dwyers' Bossle June out-
Yl speeded all the others in the last quartor un-
der tiny Wllllama's careful riding, and won
The Dwyers also captured the closing race of
the day with Pontiao. tho black horse scorning
to fancy the turf track. It just suits his sore
feet and dicky legs.
Details of the races follow:
rruM, $800; entrsnee, $30: two-thirds of th entrance
money to second, and one-third to third horse seWnf
allowances; urea furlongs.
B. Eriluger's ch. c. imilom. 3, by Bullion Alumina,
UOfStone) I
W. Lakeland's oh. h. Tattler, aged. IIS (Hamilton) 3
J. E. McDonald's b. f. Long Knight aged, 11 a (Little.
field) S
Dootatonle. Penelon, Duke of Bourbon, Doodle. Port
land, Pocasset Itotnp. Bordelalse, Coufln Jeems, sham
rook. Satisfaction, erougbton, Bordelalse, and Bram
bleton alau ran.
Time, 1 :27.
Betting Against Amalgam, 4 to 1; Portland and Pens
ion. Mo leach: Tattler and Long- Knight, ts to I each;
Brambleton, 7 to 1 : llousatonlo, a to 1; Duke of Bour
bon, llomp. and Couiln Jeems, 10 to 1 eacbt Shamrock,
satisfaction, aud Bordelalse. IS to 1 each; Boodle. 20 to
It Brainb'eton. bo to li Pocasset 60 to I. Auction
teals Amalgam, 12; Duke of Bourbon, flu; Tattler,
$10; Deld. tbo. Mutual Amalgam, straight 30.S;
place, iia.85; Long Knigbt. place, 115.23.
The large Held of sixteen were troublesome
at the post. The Duke of Bourbon acted as
though ho was weigbtod with old Bourbon.
Urst he threw his ildor. Church, without In
juring him. and then ho spoiled boveral starts
by prematura breakaways. Wlion the flag foil.
Fenelon. Portland, Amulgam, llomp. and Tat
tier weie at the head of tho bnuad. The Duke
of Bourbon plungod throueh in tho run up the
backstreteh, l'oitland bocoud. lappod by Amnl
gaip. Duke of Bourbon gave way to Amalgam
on the turn to tho homestretch, nockod by Tat
tlor. Tattler extenclod his shoulders in the
lead at tho head of the btroteh. l'ortlund and
Long Knight were ulso In the Iront line. A
very lively run home gavo tho race to Amal
gam by it length. Tattler came second, and
, Long Knight third, a length upurt.
run zirntu BUKITA
A eweepiukoe for two year olda at 875 eacb,$.V) f
SOS If struck out br Mar IS, and only tw If by Anrtl l
with Sl.uuu .ldel or xhicb fci.J to the eecoud: llii
U third to receive KO out of the uakea, lolts to
T carry llillbe; Mlieiaud geldiuci, IU7 pouoU, the winner
v ofanrraceof .(USIuai of two eucli race or of one
VS of SLUM 10 lb(. extra, the produce of marea or alallluua
V nleh hava notproauced a Hiunerprlortu Jan. 1, intin, f
maldena at time of itArtillg, allowed J lbs. ; of both, S Ibl.;
Jr tbrueiuarteraut utuue, 7 entrtea
J B. W. Wald.u'a ch. f. Holiday, by llopefuI-Mlnnle
Ml Vc 107(lVllllatnl) 1
' fl. U. Hrnwnabr. c llu.ldhl.t. II!, (doJfrfT) u
fk J. K. McUonald'a U c lllll Uarnea. 1 10 (Lltllenelit). .1
I K 1 Ulory. .Miunur, Auraula, Harebell, Volunteer, and
kfvV , Yerdeur alao ran.
W, Tlme.l:lS.
m BettlDaN-Agalnst Auranla, u to Si Buddhiat, S to 1:
notlday, 4 to 1; Harebell and rierroour, lotolracb:
Hill Barne 12 to Is uiory. 3)to 1; Volunteer nnd Ver
dcDT. 25 to 1 each. Auction pools Auranla. ttJO: Buddh
ist. W. Holiday, 0; rermour. llu.neld, 1U. Mutuala
lloliaar, straight, HH.no, nlaco, 811.20: Buddhist,
place. (IUSV.
After a little trouble the flag fell when all
were moving. Holiday, Ulory. and Bill Barnes
vera In front. Auranla and Yerduro lingering
at tho post. 0 lory dahod nwny tindor a pull,
i leading by four open lengths within a furlong.
Holiday ttocond, Iluddbist third, nnd Anrnnta
next to Inst, lilory held tho load Into the
homohtruich. Buddhist nnd Holiday follow! nr;
tapped a Jeu;:th behind tho lender, with Hey-
, roour fourth. Holiday forced nbead when nil
were Mrali;btanod out for the run bow. Bn
ttiring the fimtl furlong, WilllamH hod Holiday
a length in the lead, at a pace tout wns string
las the lino out. Holiday won tha race easily
: '- - ,-M
by a length and ft half. Buddhist second, and
Bill Barnes a poor third.
A handleao sweepfUku for Ihrea year olds, foalj of
1SA of lino each. h. f, anrt onlytiu Uileelared by Ken.
SX or $21 If by May 15. with tirioO added, of which 5io
to the eecond, Ihe third In recMve tanoout of the stakes)
special welihls; one mile ami afurlongi vi entrlee
Aconi Stable's b. c. Bendlgo, y I.uke Blackburn
Hellta, Hi3(Church),... :v.,. ?.
J. U, Morrtssey's ch c- tocuit. Otlrlone) u
Appleby A Jofituon'sb o. Tristan IWdlsTward)....,. 3
Taragon Tea Tray, SalrinL My Owu, Ijircbmont, l'eg
Womngton, Snowdrop, and (Jray Dawn also ran.
Time lila.
lleltlnr Against locust. 7 to Si Tea Tray, 4 to It res
Wolnngton. i to n Larehinnnt. to It Tristan into li
KalTlnC 10 tn 1 s Taraion. Hnowdrop and Uray Dawn, IS
tnleachs Ilendlgnand My iiwn, CQloleach. Auction
pools-Locust. MO; ! WnfOngton, i-o: haltlnU 10i
held, ttS. Jlotnals Held, straight. Tlth Bendlgo lu.
(105) place, $21 tsi Looust, place. S7.0t.
Bondlgo was first nwny who tho slgnnl
camo. Snowdrop. Toa Trny. and Bnlvinl woro
also in tho front rank. At the first uirn Church
had opened a gap of two longths Willi Bondlgo,
Ten Tray. My Own, Trlctan. nnd Lnem string
ing out niter thn loader as named On tho
backstreteh, Bondlgo Incronsod tho broak to
three open longths. nnd thero wns noMiIng to
ohallonge him to the finish. My Own rxn kpc
ond to the turn for tho homoslrotch, wit. Lo
oust pressing. Bendlgo swung Into the hsmo
stretch two lengths aboad of Tristan, Locut a
close third, Tristan and Locust made not
race for the place. Locust getting there, Boi.
dlgo ran by n length nnd a half, Locust suoonA,
lapped by Tristan. Tho dark horse. Bendlgo,
was novor headod from tho start.
A handicap sweepstakes of 2S each, with S7S0 added,
t which Slio to second; $75 to third out of the stakesi
one mile ,
D. T. rnlslfer's eh. o. Baplne, S, by Raptnre-r.ugenla,
lootooodale) ... .... .. . 1
M. storm's ch. h. Orover Cleveland, fv 107 (Holloway). a
W. a Jennlng's ch. m. Telle Doe. It3frittratrtr'k)..... 3
James A. 1L, Tom Hood. Choctaw. King idle. Vosburg.
Tenaflr, Kentucky Ban, and Austrlenne also ran.
Time, 1-.42M.
Beltlng-Agalnst Choctaw, 0 to Si Telle Doe.il to li
Tom Hood, a to 1: Grover Clereland. 8 to II Kentuckr
Ban. 10 to It Rapine. Austrlenne, and James A. 1L. M
to I each! King Idle. Tenafiy. and Vosburg, ISIo 1 each.
Auction pools-Choctaw, sluo; Telle Doe, sw: Ororer
Cleveland. JISi James A. II, and King Idle S15 each!
Held. $25. Mutuats-Raplne. straight, $201.70; place;
$70 20; Urover Cleveland, place, r2l.uV
The big field came out of the chute In flying
ordor. with VoBburg. Kentucky Ban. Tom
Hood, and Tello Doe noso and tall. Grover
Cleveland at the ond of tho string. Kentucky
Ban, Vosburg. and Tom Hood moyod up In the
run nlong the bnokstrotch. onch leading by
turn. They ran fast and close on tho turn for
tho homoatreteh. At tho hend of the stretch It
was VoBburg. Telle Doe. and Tom Hood, all In
n cluster, with Hnplne coming up vory fast.
Grover Cleveland tollowed Hnplne down, tho
stretch, heading Tollo Doe off for the plnce.
Baplne won, two lengths nhead ol Grover
Cleveland. Tello Doe third, at Grover's neck.
The mile was run in 1:2K.
tub nrrn race.
A handicap sweepstakes of $3i eaoh. with $1,000
added, of which $250 to second. $100 to third ont of the
stakes; one mile and three sixteenths.
Dwyer Brothers' b. f. Bessie June, 4, by King Alfonso
Vlrga, 108 (WUItanuli .
R. Bradley's b. g. i. Logos, e, 104 (Church) a
. B. Hagtln'abr m. Ben AIL 4, 112 (OarrUenl 3
Bertha 11. colt, Frank Wnrd, and Lottery also ran.
Betting Against Dunboyne. e?en. monevi Bessie
June. 4 to 1 : Bertha B. colt and Ben AIL 0 to 1 each t Le
Logos and Frank Ward, 10 to 1 each; Lottery. 12 to 1.
Auction pools Dunboyne. $50; Bessie June, $30: Bertha
II colt, $20; Held, KS. Mutuals Bessie June, straight,
$50.20: place, $15.75; Le Logos, place, $18.25.
Le Logos took the track after a close run to
the stand In the first half furlong, prossod by
Lottery, Dunboyne, and Bessie June. Lo Logos
dashed out Into the light on the turn beyond
the club house, and led the hunt to tho hond of
the homestretch, whero Bessie June nocked
him. Le Logos had enouch run left in him to
mako a oloso finish down tho strnlght. Bessie.
June won with Le LogOB at her llnnk. Ben All
came in third, an open length behind Le Logos.
A sweepstakes tor three year-olds and upward of $25
each. with. $euo added, of which $100 to the second; the
third to receive $50 out of the stakes; weights at 21
pounds above tho scale: non-wlnners in IBSs of $2,000
allowed 7 pounds; of $1 VM, if three years old. 14
pounds: if four or upward, 20 pounds; the winner or
the sixth race of the first or second day to receive no
allowance; one mile and half a furlong, on turf.
Dwyer Bros." blk. b. I'onttac aged, by Pero Gomel
Agenorla, 123 (McLaughlin) 1
W. Lakeland's to. h. Exile, e. 123 (Hamilton).. . - . a
r. Loughran's b b. Lancaster. 5. 12J (P. Fiupatrlck).. a
Belinda and CbanUcleer also ran.
Time. 1.51M.
Betting yy to 4 tn Pontiao, 8 to 5 against Exile, e to
1 against Belinda, 13 to 1 against Lancaster, and so to 1
against Chanticleer. Auction pools Pontlac. E70: Ex
ile, $40; field. $20. Mutual ronttac, straight, $9.00;
place, $e.70; Exile, place, S&00.
The five made a beautiful race over the
grass, all running In a cluster until the issue
came In the final furlong. Pontiao extended
his neck out of the bunch in tho opening fur
long, when Chanticleer led and set the pace to
homestretch, where Pontiao came again, and
showlne the way down to the lino, crossed it
winnerby a length. Exile second, four lengths
In front of Lancaster. . ,
To-day's card at Sheepshead Bay is an un
usually attractive ono. The Coney Island Cup.
at a mile and three-quarters, with The Bard,
Blkwood. and Hidalffo, trill be tha race of the
day. Elkwood was scratched In the Bay Rides
Handicap on Tuesday in order that he might
meet The Bard to-day. Tuesday morning he
worked two miles In 3:36. Tho Bard worked a
mile and a halt on the same morning In 2:10H.
Dave Johnston won handily on Amalgam.
P. H. McMahon won $1,000 on Bendlgo.
The Western division won all the money on
Grover Cleveland ran a good race. He was
last at one time, having been interfered with.
The Cup race to-day between The Bard, Elk
wood, and Hidalgo will be a good one. They
ought to run In the order named. To-day's
card Is very attractive.
Entries far To-daj'a Race.
Tho Coney Island Jockey Club offers a
rather dainty card as to numbers and quality.
With Tho Bard, Elkwood, and nidalgo in tho
Coney Island Cup, and Joe Cotton, Ordwny,
Kaloolah. Climax. Bossle June, and other fast
ones In the Equality Stakes, many will be there
to seo the sport Tha probable starters and
weights are:
First sweepstakes Seven furlongs: Mona, 108; Mag.
netlzer, 87; Merlin, 94; Bradford. US: Alice. 09: Frolic
110: Eollan. 120; Patrocles. 110: Subaltern. 94; Row
land, 100; Capulla 10J; Fiageoletta, ou; alenbalL 110.
Second Race For maiden two-year olds; three quar
ters of arulle: Montgomery, 112: Reroson. 112; Heck,
lis; Miss Cody. US: Viator-Kate Ward filly. 110; Howe.
112; Consolation. 112; Rlpton. lis.
Coney Island Cup One mile and three-quarters: Elk
wood. 122: Hidalgo. 123: The Bard. 122.
Fourth Race Handicap, one mile and a furlong: Bel
videre. 120; Kaloolah, 113; The Bourbon. 112; Royal
Arch. 110.
Equality Stakes One mile and three-alxteenths; Ord
way. 114; Lackawanna. 92; LongllgbL Argo, 08; Ban
clocn.97(donblful); Ben Alt 118; Joe Cotton. 110; Bes
sie June 108; Kaloolah. 127; Climax. 08; Trlboulet, 100.
Sixth Race Hlgh-welght handicap; one mile on turf:
Bralt, 133; Cambrics, 122; Prospect, Ha,
Ife Mare SteaplechaslaK In Jerome Park.
Mr. F. A. Lovecraft, Secretary and Treas
urer of the American Jockey Club, announced
at Sheepshead Bay yesterday that no more
steeplechases would bo run in Jerome Park.
Baelnsr la aglaad.
London, June 20. This was the second
day of the Newcastle and Gosforth Park sum
mer meeting. Tho race for the Northumber
land Plate of 1,000 sovereigns was won by four
lengths by 0. Perkins's four-year-old black
filly Matin Bell, J. T. Whlpp's slx-yonr-old
brown gelding Tommy Tlttlemouse second,
and Lord Durham's throe-ycai-old bay filly
Bellatrix third. Thero were ton starters.
This was the second day of tbeFourOnks
Park summer meeting. The raco for tho
tihlfnal Plate of 000 sovereigns was won by
three longths by H. E. Tidy's brown colt Indian
Prince, A. W. Merry's chestnut colt by Tho
Miser, out of Lady Hester, second, and Ablng
ton's bay colt iBleworth third.
He I.o Hollo Attaletlo Games.
The Do La Salle Atbletlo Club held tholr first
annual field meeting yesterday at the Manhattan Atlt
letlo Club grounds Oyer )00 athletes competed. Mr
Barry of the New Tork Athletlo Club was the referee'
The half mile walk was won by P. Fuery In 3 minutes
4)sseconds. The running long lump was won by W, r.
Lynch, who Jumped 17 feel SU Inches. F. X. Cleary
threw the hammer t'8 feet 7 inches 1'.. J (Jutrk threw
a base ball 2M3feeu D T. Goodwin won the 440 yards
run. Qoodwin also won the 100 yardsdashlu ll?i.
I osirt L'ulvndara This liar,
41. 67. UJ. b5. 71, OJ; 112. 125. 12U HO, MS, 153. 175,
102, 203, 2011. 207, 208. 213. 214, 227, 22 24H, 249, 2SU.
251. 252, 253. 254 2SS SrsruL Tsav-Part I -Case
untlnlsbed. Nos. 79 787, S9M, 739. B37. 783. 650. 35
tun ea, tas, 854. ibo, 034, usu Part il esse uurin
Ished. tfos. SOJ. IB. 710, SD9, 692. 733. 727, 741. UX.
742. 731, 524. U2J. 720. CmcuiT Part I.-Case On. John,
son agt The Mavor. ho more cases.thls term. Part II.
Clear. Noa. 1958. 1272)i 'J'07. MilL. 2478. 192(1 IUII.
ana. SGSS. I2.Y KOO, lUi7, 173. 1784. 1785, 17M1, lll.'i
917. 475. I084M, IS4I. Part III. Clear. Nos. 1814, ojj,
32J1 hOO, letj. 1642. imti 1179. 164U. IRII, III1SI13J
3822. 1871. 1838. 1121. 40U. 1737, 1791,3703, 1121. Part
iv.-ciear. hoe. 3049, 341)4. 504.
HuBKocaro's Court Motion calendar 10 30 A. M, ;
will ol John II. Clearwater. 2 P. M. for probate Mor
ris Fay, J. F. Perry. E. U. Barrows. L. tldemuller, Win
Walkar. 10 A. M i F, X, Blswnna, lu.30 A. il.; Lotta
narninlttky, M, P.. Walters. 11 A. M
Hi reine Covet Krsrm. Tskk Clear, Noa 312, S V.
2t. r. 293. i)t;isKii.Ti!i -Adjourned sine die. Part
I -Clear. No. Vol, 1911, 1707. IsoS. 305, 407.
CotmoxPuis (liftraaLTiau Apprals from District
Conns SracisL Tien. Motions. EavtTV Tsrh Ail
lourued until Frldsr. part L Clear .ns,874. h.'H, Hon,
K4. tot tUUl BIO, 573. UU9, C45, 742, 804, 82(1 822, 82H
F22. 811, 814. Part IL-Clear Nos. S3H, 391, SOI. r.'3.
027. MawnttW 412, 600, 043. 049, 0547 Wi, 938, 90S,
UTUt Of t. Ot H 07u
Crry Codst ran I Noa SGSS, 8742, 349, mnn, 2SI7.
SJ 21123, t0. 425, 314. Sm 37-)i7 1108. 2A13, 1774,
SKI3.38IH3814.3a.Vi.' Part Il.-.So.. 1319? 471 4707
4708. 47(H 4770, 4772. 352a 39311 31(13948. SfHO. 3934.
4MU.35I5, S!Vl :tTA. Elr.'3, 39R OT.12. 734, 3977, 3505.
Part IW.-Nos. 614H 3:3. 4M. S3J7, 6J23.
Xtayal Baking Pasrder, Ahaalutelr Pure.
For twcnly-Cvs years the sundard Ida
The Brat niub-CUse Cigarettes,
Xtssey Dte', Bnsclal TiTavn-Ut
Chicago Whitewashed by nttabnrgh-De.
trolt 'Wins, nnd Washington Again Be.
lent the rhttarlelpaln Team Gossip.
All of tho Lcnguo olubfl playod yostcrdny.
but thoro was only ono game In tho American
Association. The lostilt of tho gamos was:
Longuo Now York 8, Boston 1 : Pittsburgh 6,
Chicago 0: DotroltS, Indlnnnpolls2: Washing
ton 8, Philadelphia 4. Association Athletlo 13,
Clovoland 10. Tho record.
ina KiTIO.llL LXSOCl,
iron. ImL mm. rtrCrnt
rhleaco 3 14 44 .ora
Detroit 'J7 17 44 .JI4
llolon 28 20 4" ra
New- York as 45 .fin
Philadelphia ?J 21 43 J1I2
I'lttsburgli s 2" auB
In"ls.!np"li.:::::: .
Waihlngtou. 15 a) 43 .333
tns iKSRicaif issocunoie.
iron. letU ildynt FerCrnt.
Brooklyn 3.', 14 40 .714
St. Inl so M 43 .574
Athletic 28 I" 40 .epa
Cincinnati 27 20 47 J)74
Baltimore SI 33 45 ,4SO
ClMeland i 20 43 .JM
KantasCtty - 13 31 44 JM
Louisville 13 34 47 J77
Hobton, Jnno 20. Now York braced no and
plated ball to-day, while Boston continued tho
slovsnly work of yosterday. Mickey Wolch al
waysdld puzzlo tho Boston playors, and to-day
theyctuld do almost nothing with hU pitching,
llndbourn wns effective ngnlnst the visitors,
nnd thotr runs woro made nlmost entirely on
errors In tho Hold. In tho first Inning the Now
Y'ork batUrs failed to occupy first base. In tho
second Jin O'ltourko nnd Kwlng onch made
hits; tho former reached second on Ward's
out to Johnston, and "Buck" reached tho
plate ahead ol tho ball which Wise had taken
from Blattory'o, bat, Slattcry wan caught whllo
trying to steal eecond. Whltuoy died at II rat.
In tho third inning Boston did wretched
work. Welch got in a hit. Tlornan sent the
ball to Nnsb, who nttomptod to double Welch
up at socond. WUe droppod tho ball, and
Wolch and Tlornna woro safo. Itlohardson
sent tho ball past Nosh, and tho basos were
full. Itndbourn madon wild throw to catch
Tlornan off second, and Welch scored. Connor
took first on live balls, and the bnses were
again full. O'Bourko hit toSutton, who fumbled
tho ball, but Wise caught tho ball In timo to
get O'Bourko out nt first, bit TIernan scored.
Kelly tried to catch Blcbar&son oft third, but
ho mado a miserable throw, and lllchardson
nnd Connor both scored. Ewlne nnd Ward were
retired on hits to tho field, and tboinnlng closed
with four unenrnod runs.
In the fourth inning a hit br Whitney and
anothor fumblo by button yielded another run
for the visitors. A threo-bagger by O'Bourko
nnd a singlo by Ewing gave them another run
in the fifth Inning. This ended tho run getting
for the New York team.
Tho Bostons wero shut out In every Inning
up to tho ninth, when Ward saved the Bostons
a whltownsh. In that inning Johnston was re
tired at first : Kelly took first ou llvo balls; Nash
mado a hit : Sutton hit to contrs. forcing Nash
out nt second. Kelly ran for third, and Ward
throw tho ball wild, allowing Kelly to score.
The scoro:
a. ls.ro-i.iE. s.la.r.a.A.m.
S. Wise, a. S....0 osa 0 Tlernan, r. t...l 0200
Johnston, c. f..O 0 8 o I Rlobardaon,2b.l 13 4 1
Kelly.c-andrf.l 0 0 3 2 Connor. 1st b... I 010 O 0
Nasb.2db 0 1 3 t 2 O'Rourke, L f.,8 3 10 0
Sutton, 3d b....O Oil 0Rwtng.o 1 tail
UorrlU. Utb...o o 9 O OWard.s.s O 0 18 0
Hornnng. 1. f..O 0 1 0 0 Elattery. c f...O O 8 O O
N Wlee.r.tAcO ooi 0 Whitney. 3db..l 1 s 3 O
ltadbourn,p,...o 2 13 3 Welch, p 1 1 O a 5
Touts. 7l"324 13 " Total.. ...... .is 737 is"?
Boston.- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
New York v0 2 4 110 0 0 ..-8
Earned runs New York. 4. Three-hase hit O'Rourke.
fitoleu bases Ewing. 1. First base on balls Wise, John
ston. Kelly. Sutton, Ilornung, Connor, blattery. First
base on errors Boston. 1; Sew York. 2, Struck ont
Kadbourn. 1. Passed ball-Ewlng. Wild pilch Welch.
Time, 1:4a Umpire, Daniels.
wisBiKGTo.y, 8; rntunrtrnii. 4.
Wa8B15gto June 20. Heavy batting and almost per
fect Deldlng to-day enabled the Waablngtons to score an
other ictory over the PhUadelpblas. Young Banders
was very successful In striking out men when the bases
were occupied, but ou two occasions when two men
wero on bases Mack drove the ball safely to the outfield
and four runs were tho result. Whitney, on the other
hand, failed to make a record on strlke-outs, but he
pitched a far more effective game, aa only two ot the
visitors' runs were earned. The score;
wasuikctot. ruiLanaLrau.
B.lsroi.r. a. la r.o.A.a-
Hoy.cf o 3 1 (i 1 Wood.1. f o uioo
Wilmot, 1. f....o 3 6 0 0 Andrews, e. f..l 0 4 0 0
Dally, r. f O o O o o Fogarty. r. f....l OOOO
Khoch. a e... .1 0 .1 S 0 Farrar. 1st b.l 2 S 1 u
O'Brien, lstb-3 2 11 0 0 Delehanty.2db0 o 4 0 1
Whitney, p 1 2 0 1 4 Schrlver, 3db..l 10 11
Myers, 2d b.. .2135 0 Irwin, s-s.. .01032
Mack, c 12 2 1 0 Bandera p... ..o 3 oio 4
Donnelly, 3d b.1 1 1 2 0 Clements, c.,,.0 0 9 3 1
Totals.. .. "sis 27 14 "s Totals. 4 "82710 "i
Washington 0 4 c o o n 3 O o s
Philadelphia 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 14
Earned runs Washincton, 6; Phtlsdelphta, 7. Two
baso bits Donnelly, O'Brien. Three bsse hits Maf-k.
llrst base on balls Hoy, Myers. Wood. 2; Andrews,
hcbrlver. Hit by pitched ball Dally, Schrlver. First
base on errors Washington. 4; Philadelphia. 1. Struck
out Hoy, Wilmot, Daily, 2: bbocb, 2; Wilmot, Myers,
and Clements. Passed balls Clements, 1. Time 1.50.
Umpire Oohu Kelly.
Indianapolis. 0 10 10 0 0 0 02
Detroit 2 2 II 0 0 O 0 1 0-5
Base hits Indianapolis. 2: Detroit. 1. Errors Indi
anapolis, u, Detroit, L Pitchers bhreve and Conway.
Pittsburgh..- 0 0 0 10 10 0 S-5
Chicago O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0-0
Baso nlta Pittsburgh. 7: Chicago, 5. Errors Pltta
burgb, 2; Chicago, 3. Pitchers Oaltln and Kreck.
The American Associativa.
PniLApyLruis. June 20 The Athletics earned their
victory over Cleveland to day by tnore timely hitting
and less costly errors. The score t
Athletic 4 0 2 110 10 8-12
Cleveland. u 2 3 110 0 1 210
Baso hits-Athletic, 11: Cleveland. 12. Errors Ath
leUc, 10; Cleveland, 11. Pitchers Maulmore and Bakely.
Minor JLcagnoa.
Jersey City 1 I 1 1 0 o 1 o 05
Hcrauton 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 1
Base bits Jersey City, 13; Rcranton, 3. Errors Jer
sey City, 7; Ecramou, u. Pitchers DaUy and Burns.
Newark 1 10 0 0 4 8 0 0-0
WUUibarro 3 0 0 110 0 0 03
Baco hits Newark, 17; Wilkesbsrre, 0. Errors New
ark, 3; Yt llkesbsrre, S. Pitchers Baker and Warner.
At Easton Eastcn, 9; Elmlra. 2,
At Allentown Allentown, 11; BIngbamton, X
rEN3Srl.Vl!fU state league.
At Shamokln Haileton. 10; Shamoklu, &
At Shenandoah tlie nandoah. 4; Malianoy City, 3.
At Ashland Ashland, S; ML CarmeL 6.
At Lowell Lowell IS: Manchester, 6.
At Lynn Lynn, 10; haltm, u.
At Albany llochesicr. 12; Albany, 5.
At Troy Trov, 11; byracute, ,1.
At lndon Toronto. 7; London. 0,
At Haullton Hamilton, 1U; Buffalo, 3.
At Memphh Rain
At Btrmiitgham UlrinlcghAm, 7; Charleston. 4.
Memphis lias sold her crack out nelder,Jlmmv.McAIe6r,
to Milwaukee for tsui. lie was the beat fielder in the
League aud the leading batter,
At Bayonne Hornets, 11; Polka Dots, 13.
At Bergen Point White ( ap. 111; Sunshines. 7.
At the Polo groundi-Cubaa Ulants, 10, Havcrstraw,
8; eleven Innings.
At Livingston, 8, I.-N. J, A. C, 20; 3. I. C. C, 10.
!V'cssa of the liny.
PiTMscnt.il, June 2a" There Is absolutely no truth In
the report tli.it Hio Pittsburgh plaers are afraid to take
chances because so many of them liuve been lined tor
msklng errors." suldlrtasurrr AUcuudrnttpf the locul
tlub to a reiurter to dsy. "Tho truth of the matter
la that not a stugie player has been lined by the club.
Feveral of them were touched un by the umpire because
they tulkvd back, but we huvo alwAys been sallctned that
the bojs were doing all they knew liov. 1 hey have
etery cncorirageinent topla) good ball and if they do
noLHliy we Mill replai e them lth men who can.
h either is thcr any tiuili In the rumor that Dunlapwas
angry because ho was being interfered with. Dun 'sp and
Manager Phillips uiirte rstand each other fully and are In
perfect accord As Hell captain Duntup has the fullest
authority, and If bu was being bothered J should have
heard about it ere this."
l'niiAnririiii, June 20. President Roach has re
turn! t to the city, but he has tin: slned any new play,
ers The Philadelphia nru uelltlxe.l in oiery position
except In tho nllchtrV Mt, and oners hate been made
for inrrn good men President Koacli s)s he iil huvo
a good man in a ttrv few d.i)a- lb ilintuu had un opera
tion performed on hl ecs on Monday, and he now
wears smoked glarte. He is doing remarkably well,
mid hopes to hi- able tn pitch the opening game lth (he
Newnrbson Salurdsv Casey's arm la still in bad
shape, ar.d I, lesson ,s the only sound pitcher the Phlla
iielnldas now have; and lie loes many games by inex
perience, dander is not n success, and Tyng, so far.
Jus been worse than uselas to the club, and will not be
put in to pitch a championship game, nntesi the club
becomes much harder pushed than it la nuw,
Cbllia from tbe Dlurautiil.
Ooodfor you. New York. "
Tieruan did not get a hit.
Smiling .Mickey U a dandy.
Hallo, Chicago, wbat'a Iho matter t
M. it. If -Yea It is the same ColUns.
Arthur Whliney did well josterduy.
Only one Avioclailnn game yesterday.
What is Ihc matter wl;h Kliror, anyhow!
Tho New Yorks got down to work yesterday.
We seem to have the right man In right Held at last.
The Scranton Club baa many old-timers, Thsy can
play ball, too.
Old Jack Lynch was to bay pitched fer U Bcrantoa
team yesterday, but slekass cteveDted. Vanagsr
Crane says that he is pitching rood ball.
There have been mora snoeessral pltohsrs dsvelopsd
this yesr than aver before. Nearly all the graduates
from the minor leagues are doing ana work.
tn the gam at Newark yesterday Simmon played th
greatest seoond bate aver seen In that elty. Ills reord
waai 3 runs, 2 hits, 7 put outs, and 7 assist.
J. W, M tfanasguan When three men are on base
and the liatsman is hit by the ball, or gels his bns on
balls, It forces the msn on third horns and gives a run,
.1, II., New Brunswick The pitcher need not b In hit
box when a foul hall Is caught, to put the battsr out.
After a foul ball la hit a base runner must touch his
base alter the pitcher gets to his place In the box before
he can run.
The drubbing that llsrdl Henderson ot rittiburgh
got In lowell led to his release. Campion, tbe drat base,
man ot the local team, went to the bat six times, mad
sIe hits, and stole fire baas a The veteran Jce Quest
made a hom run.
It Is an open secret, say an exchange, that several of
Ihe Detroit players want to get away from that city,
Thev are tired ot the nnappreclatlve audiences and
some of the papers, who have not th least sympathy
for the club In the hour ot defeat and are Indifferent In
the hour of victory.
Wlf-Whyl llowtata you aret I thonght yon war
never coming home! What made you stay away eo
long! Husband Don't reproach me, women I B
thankful that I am bare so soon. Why, I left th ground
at th and ot th twelfth Inning; with th score at a Us I
Thing of thatl-U CUticn.
CLBVEUsn, June 30. Th CUvetand Club to-itght
released ritcher Mike Morrison, and he Is free to go
wberhcboosea Ills work this season ha been very
bad, and he showed no disposition to obey Snyder or
gain control t the balL Stemmyer was also glrsn lb
option cf laying eS without pay or being released.
First Clllten-What do yon know about bass ball to
day, Second Clllten I know nothing whatever abont
It, and don't want to. It Is beneath my notice, and I
hold In profound contempt all those who connect them
selves In any way with il It Is a disreputable, disor
ganising. ImmorsL reprehensible, gsmbllng wast of
lime ami money. First Cltlsen Well I'll bet yon (100
th Washington bojs win th pennant thle year. Seo
ond Cltlsen (eagenyi I'll tak that Pot up your
money, quick. I dtspls th gam, hot I'm no fool
H'aJAuivim crtftc.
Aneig the Amateurs.
Vldal will sign with tbD Camps.
Bolles Is playing second In good shape.
Big Mcdowan la hitting the ball very hard.
Jack Hltcbman will make a pitcher In time.
AtPaterton on Tuesday Jeromes, 9; Actives, X
Uibleln Is doing well In th box for th EL Joseph's.
Don Manson, th four-foot pltchsr, la pitching a great
Towers will hereafter play left field for th Black Dla
niouda. Lynch of last year's Clintons Is a regular player with
Ze Camps.
John Manrtr, a (in slayer, has signed with th Bt
Joseph Club.
At Long Island grounds on Saturday W. A J. Sloan,
10; FairchBd a Co., 3.
Young will hereafter play short stop for th Black
Dlamouda, aa h Is a good n.
Coltum and Finn, formerly of th Summersets, will
hereafter wear De Camp's nnltorms.
The Lone Stars and Gorharas will playa colored cham
pionship gam of baa ball at tho Polo grounds to-day.
To-day the Brooklyn Athletics and the Nassau
AtbleUcs wlU play on the Brooklyn Athletlo grounds tor
tbe amateur championship ot Brooklyn.
The bors of EL Joseph's Chnrch defeated the altar
boys of sl Lawrence Church by 2-1 to a They also de
feated tbe llamlltona of Yorkvliie by 7 toe.
Loo Jacoby is a hustler, both as a ball player and a
coacber. When he Is playing be puts his whole time to
It, and most of the tlmo his nine comes out ahead.
At tho Jasper College Grounds Tiaekett-Carharti, 18;
Jaspers. 5. Heavy hitting by the Hacketta and tbe bad
decisions of the umplro earned the plaudits and hisses
of a very large crowd
The New Hamburg Bas Ball Club has been orgsn
lied for the season, and wish to play with any amateur
clubs along the river, thos having enclosed grounds
preferred. O. E. Terwllliger, Manager.
Cunningham and Morris, formerly th battery ot th
Putnam, were given a trial by the Btttermuks, and
showed up In such fine lorm that th management has
signed them fer tbe remaluder ot the season.
The Columbia Base Ball Club would like to hear from
all teams with players under 21 years ror Saturday af.
ternoon games or an ont of-town team for July 4. John
W. Beatty, manager, 503 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn
The Wlttons would be pleased lo hear from nrsLclass
out of town clubs for July 4, their game for that day
having been cancelled, owing to the dlsbandment ot the
Hudson Jtlver League. F. Maglre, 137th street and
SonLhern Boulevard,
The Mascots defeated th American Bank Note Com
pany by a score of 17 to 14 on the Mascots' grounds. Six
teenth etreet and Ninth avenue. Brooklyn. Tbe Mascots
would like to hear from all nine with playors nnder 10
years. M. King, 400 sixteenth street, Brooklyn.
The chsmplon Hackett-Carharts, who ars playing
great ball, were engaged at the conclusion of yesterday's
gsme with tbe Jaspers by Manager Bright tor a series ot
games with th Cuban Giants. They have also dates
with the Jersey City Athletics, th Nassau Athletics the
White Flams, and the Central League Jersey City club.
Th Starling Athletic Club ot Brooklyn has reorgan
ised for the eesson. They are nmfurmed and'are open
to receive chaUenges from any uniformed club of rea
sonable record They are all above 20 years ot age, aud
challenges from club whose members are under that
age will not be entertained. E. u. Rltter, lot) Duane
The Cuban Giants will make their first appearance of
this season on Sunday at West Farms, wner thy play
the Flushing team. The Flushings will bay thla team:
Dunning and Gougb, pitchers; Meehan and George,
catchers; Barry, lb ; Cunningham. 2b.; Williams, .lb.;
Nugent, a s-, Eihlng, 1. f.; Shannon, c f.; George or
Meehan, r. f.
Tho Atlantic of Jersey City Heights ar nowthor
onghly organized. The club consists of the following
? layers: w. Merrltt c: II. Merrltt, p.; Blnehard. letb.;
IlekcoE. 2d b.: A. MeKalg.3d b.: a rjarrlnr. a a: A.
Btarret Dunn, and B. Brows In the field. Tbe club's
uniform Is white and blue. Their grounds are at West
Bergen. E. W. Ulckcox, 140 Eg avenue, Jersey City.
"I noticed In Tax Sun that Manager Bright ot the Cu
ban Giants would like to hnd a club ot white players
that could down his team. No club would be able to do
that and have such umpiring as we received on June 17
at Atlantic Park. If I had known at the t me that the
umpire was an official of tbe club I would have stopped
the game, money or no money. T. 8. Crave."
The Rattler Base Ball Club of 114 Roosevelt street
?layed a match game wltb the Star Base Ball Club of
orkvllle and defeated them by 9 to .1 The Rattlers
comprise tho following members Ben Ufgglns, 1st b,;
James Smith. 2d b; Matthew Connelt, p.: Thomas Gro
gan,c . William Farrell. 3d b.; Tlmoihy O'Brien, a s.;
!'. Tobtn. L f.; Daniel Hanly, c f.; James Healey, r. f
Edward P. Francis, Manager. 114 Roosevelt street
The Woodbines B. B. C. would like to hear from clubs
with players from 13 to 17 years old. Thelrplayers are
as follows: Jamea English, c. t: Michael 11. (Irsdj, r.
t: Patrick Long. I. !: Charles De Cantllllon. 1st b.-,
Charles Greene. 2db.; Farrell, s. s. and p.; John Malloy,
8d b ; McDonald, c: Lanlgan. p. Substitutes: John
Gorman. John Long. John Lahay. They would like to
hear from a club having no game for July 4. principally
of the Young Dock Rats. J. J. Lahay, Manager, 750
Henry street Brooklyn.
Manager Echnepper ot tho Gorhams says: " In answer
to the Cuban Giants' challenge, let me say, nrst that
the Cuban (Hants offered us an Insignificant amount of
money to play tbem against tbe amount asked by them
ol ue second, that we aro willing lo play them on
June no for a reasonable guarantee or a sunlclent per
centage of gate receipts, third, that we are satisfied
that he Is giving nnd offering more money to other
clubs than he offered us, and. fourth, that w are will,
ing to play tbem at any time under above conditions."
Trotting at Charter Oak Park.
HAHTFortD, Conn., June 20. Tho trotting:
at Charter Oak Park to-day was excellent. The
latter part of tho afternoon was showery, and
tho sixth heat of the 2:22 race was trotted in a
pouring rain. The fourth heat ot the unfin
ished 2:29 raco ot yosterday was taken by
Matchless, and the fifth heat and tbo race by
Yorktown Belle. Time 2:24 2:20s'. 2:24K,
223" 22I2a
In'th'e 2:22 class tho trot was won by Thorn
less, who won tbe first, fifth, and seventh boats.
T. H. 8. won tbo fourth and sixth hosts, and
Little Nell tbo second and third heats. Tlmo
Tho 2:25 class, trotting, was won In straight
heats by Black Jack, the favorite. Time
even tittle Catbaat Baca aa the Harlem.
Seven little catboats raced over a triangular
cours on th Hsrlem yesterday for the $20 goldplec
and the silk pennant posted as prizes for the nrst and
second boat respectively. The yachts and those who
sailed tbem werei Triad, A. W. Yarlan; Jeau, Nelson
Conlan; Jessie A., James Auld; Doctor, Georgo 6teln
mann; 6am, A. B. Robinson; Ltttl Wanderer, James
Bull, Joker, J. I. Gallagher.
When Capt Roland T. Coffin sent th yachts away
there was a good breeze blowing from the west and
there was a strong Rood tide. Leaving the stakeboat,
off Varian's pier, the racers had to round heats off th
south end of Ward' Island and at th foot of 102d
street and make that course ten times, a distance alto-
f:elher of about fourteen miles. Th Triad got over tho
In nrst Before Ihe nrst round was made the Jean led
the fleet and wa never afterward beaded, although
the Triad, Jessie A , and Doctor hugged tbe leader and
each other front start to finish. The Jessie A , Triad,
and Dootnr took turns at bring second, third, and
fourth after the tlret turn, and It as anybody's rac,
so far as tbe first four boats were concerned, until the
very Aolsh. The Joker u tthdrew after the seoond turn,
and the Bam and Little Vi anderergot so far behind they
were not timed.
The Jean passed tbe home stakeboat for the last time
only three lengths shred of the Triad, with the Jessie
A, a close third, un ttn.e allowance of a minute to ihe
font thoJecn beat tbe Irlail by j mluuteii seconds.
The owners of the Jean. Triad, and Jetste A. agreed
after the race to niake up a sweepstakes f H2S each, to
be sailed over tho same coorae on Iriday afternoon.
The Oraaorr Lawn Tennt Tournament,
Tho annunl opon-to-nll tournament of the
Orang Lawn Tennis Club was begun at Mnutros yes
terday afternoon. The playing remind as follows)
Elugles first round Colgate beat Hall, 64, 63;
Tost beat Clubman. 0-n, 0-1; Babbitt beat Fowler,
l I. 4-n, e-4, Miller beat Paton, e-0, 0-4; Trevor
beat Bro-An (by default). Coffer beat ('hire, it 2, 0 5:
Taylor beat luese, 05, ti I; Hobart beat hands, B I,
B o.
Second Round Taylor best Hobart II I, (12; Miller
beat Baliblll. it t ll-o. Post beat Colgate. (14. 61.
The playing to-day will be the third ronnd of singlet
and the prellm)ner anil llnals in the doubles.
A table provided with a bountiful supply of lea, lemon
tide, and eandwiches was pre.lded over by Mrs. K. 11.
Hitch, Mrs. Cbae. Howe, aud lb Misses Vose.
tiportlnr JVeta.
Duncan C. Rosa writes Ibat he is coming to New York
to issue "a general challenge In the world for swords
manship, athletics and wrestling." He especlsllr
wishes to meet William Miller, th Australian athlete.
A. -Latter- re-am John Sf. Ward or tbe New
Yurk Bate Ball Club, und Autbar of"llio
New Ueek," .Base Hull."
Ved'S Krlnct Co
T)Ktn -Sir.; Having used Pond's Extrnet as an
npi.llcatlon for the bruises, sprnlnx, and other
injuries Incident to ball playing, I can sufely
recommend It. Yours truly, John U. Waiid.
New Yoke. June 14, XB88. Ado.
But ball to-day, 4 r. M. at Oakland Park. Jarter
CliyvtWUkubarr. Aajuisaioa cBts.-Aas; T
Kavr Terfc rHoek l.achange ale Jan SO,
tvine mm un stats soep Ok st.uootk
10 Bo. Car. Os, N.F. 9i
iioiiko rruis or dmtxd ttsnt sokm.
i.W. .trier). 7114. Elicit
TJ. K4U: t vnu, uriu o. ars. irwi..lin
v. s.4fis. Knit nrrLl p. R.i, iMO..,r;in
u. s-saTr: ui intj u. nc. ir-n7....u4
U.H.4S.0 1-8 l.bJi U. S.0S. IBW,,,IJ7
l'. rt.is.lem...i:i-!4
tit All Pae. In 20 i N, J. Midland tin
6 Aa APadit..... i-a 2h. l.AKIat 121
H S21 tN.Y.AK'Jd 11(44
J SJ 5.N.Y.C. lit r 131
1 Alb. AFus, conHa.t23U l K.Y.Cen. 1st o... I5
A Cln. A So, I stilt by IN. V, cent. ex.5,, I03L,
0..C..1:. A I. 115 II N, Y.Cent. ileb..,,lll
OCh. aO.U4t.K.ctt. rttU I ssh, A Chat con. m
5 iu ,', N. Y, A.Nor. '.'d-is. ro
5Ch. All. ae.ii.r.ct! 04 a t. i.Ch.ABtU4s. OIU
4C.1I. AU.4S., I, lb. l7 19 Vita
SIC. B.lMt.N. ex. I!2 1 OIU
37 . 4 11114
10 I'M IN, W, con I4.M
aCan.fio.Kt ln,; t HJ
2 MM; (IN. W. ex. 4s 07
ft Can. So. 2d in S2N.W. guide IW
ft - rax i l'.'t'H
loCen.K.lt.AU.00. KiOMo A MltK.tn.. .llf-H
ot Go. g. 5 . ...tniu 5 . ., Ilri
1 On. pae.g. 1Wa...ttnU r ura.ASLL.1at 73
ICh. AK. 111. 1st 117 5 Or. A f. C 1st..... m&
35Cb.AB.Ill.vcll.5s.. OOU I OK,
SDen.aR.0. lst.,lluU S Or. Imp. 1st loll
1 , UUla 11 l'ac. ot li'. ttt 102tf
SDen-A R.U. con.. 77 I Rh. A W. P. T.6s... w
1JDUI.R0.K.A AltSs.. H4 7 Hock III. lis c... , 1,'I4
15 D. AR.G. W.litaa. 0TI4 TO Bock J.tzo. nU
2 EUx.AD.S.lst,. ,. IMU M KI7U
1 PO G 107
5 OIU I Rh. AD. 1st 1IM1
s tt! aith.AA'ylst 57
M'.rl 6thI. g.4s..,10l S 57U
13Xrtecon- 2d V3H 1 "H
er.Tenn.5a Hu I St.l-.AMIn.litcon.12lU
4 Ft Worth 1st HSJ, lOPt. 1... J, A C tills
3 Gulf A St, Foltt..,12IH St I'.A Ma 1st ..117.
5 I2IU 1 fct.l'.AMa..Mex.4s. VIU
lOOreenltln. U2)l S 8t L.AH.F.2d.CI.R.ll7
111. A St. Jo. cn.M.110 1 BtL.AH.F.2d.CL(;.ll7
12 11. A Tex. Cent 1st T St U A B. F. gl. l's.,1 ir.W
M. UT. P. I13X 'JStl'.lstSs I2H
2IronMLC. AF.....ia-s aKt. P. 1st CA r. .lli'M
1 Iron Mt 5s B2 A s. C. R. It let 1U2V
2 111. Cen. 44 , 1852 HUM 2 St. Jo. All. 1.1st.. .102
5 104U IhtL.V.AT, II. 1st. 117
35Int AGtN.lst UK 31 Tex. Pac. 1st., 5.. 03W
6 IWfl 5 P'.j
1 Kan.aT.gl.es lll 3 I"v
5 R2 12 Tex. tao. 2d In .I'-'U
SKen.Len.let 73 1 'Mi
21 Lake Kh. Inc. li"W 20 1 ex. I ar. i. g 44
BLon.AN.gnl llltj HTer.ll.2dpf 110
5 Long let. 1st.. 122U 3Tol..A.A.AN.M.lltl(ltli
1 L.N. A. A Uh.llt..ll3Vj 3 .....iniU
4Mor. AElt 142 3 KI1H
lMob-A O, new., ,.110 20 Tonn. O. I. A R. Os.
4 Mob. A O. gnl ... so Blr.dlr SSM
1 Mil. A L. S. env ... Pfl lToI..StL,A K.Cllt l2
1 Nut On. Tel. 6.... 02)4 0 Va. Mid. gen m
BNor.Pac.Term.ltt.105 ft w4
10 Nor. Pac. lite tli-44 low. AP. Cb.d.T.It S7K
BNor.P.lttr 114 4WestI'ao 115.4
s ...ini n .....ii5Vi
20 Nor. P. 3d c fDH I West bh. 4 lm,1
17 SSH 'Ei Intciest
Total sales ot railway bonds (par vaiuek JOlT.OOa
auiLKOAb Ann otuee suarm.
cen- aVIga. Ittw. noting.-
EU. (no. est est JltA. AskeA.
2i American Cable. . 74 74 73 72 75
10 American Ex. ..l(nj 107M 107J, 107 Kv-V,
lOOAtch.. T. JeStFe . 83 B3 81 8251 W
225AtlamlaA rac . H f fii H H
100 Bud.. Kocb, A P.. 32 32 32
10OBuff.Roch.AP.pf. tnH em Il7's 07 100
1210 Canada Southern. 49 4tts 4J(j 4itH 491
100 Canadian Padnc. 56 56X tei 50 57
100 Chea. A Ohio 2 2 2
ion chic. A E. ill. pf.. sox fen siw mU now
4600 Chic 4 N. W 105 10.1U 1041s H&'i 1(H
430 C,B. AQ ... Ill lllk 111 111(4 1'1I
278B0a, M. A SI. P 02M .! 62K C3l OT$J
705 C, M. A Et P. Pf IU2 1IM 101W 102H 103
47BSC. It t. APao .,..103M 105(4 lU'jU 104M 1WU
100 Cln . W. A B. pf . . H Hl 4tj 4i W
20 Cleve. A Pltti. 15S . 15 LIS 15H
Colorado Coal.. XiU 3tf 3, 33M 34
100 Col. II. V. A Tol. . 20 20 211 I'.ltl 21
lOOConsol Gas Co ... 72 72 7J 7IJ 72M
275 Del. A Hudson .10 lteW lo5 lie 1.,
imniiel. Lack. A W .12.-4J 12"H 12M1 ueH I2M
KOFortW. A D. C... 25 25 25 20 3ll
15 Illinois Central llfiM 1105, iitvtt 1KM 116H
230 L.K. A Western pf. 4Slt 44 4V 44i( 4".
14500 Lake Shore. 3 N,t we's W?i l-wjs
1050 Louis A Nash. . 5Jts 3V 524 OTlJ 5'SJ
ioijO Manhattan n Sill b-H B-"t H "J
BO0MIL.L.S. A W. ... 50 Kl 4bl 41)
110 MIL. L-b. A W. pf. 81 B.1 85 R4
041 Missouri Paclflc . 71J( 72 7H4 72U 72
600 Mo , Kan. A T. .. 11M 114 lift HU 1-
1ION J. Central hi siij 81 h sitj
005 N Y'.Centrat. .KMM 105 vn! l(nJ. KOJi
1S375N. T. A NewF.ng. 31U 381, S7V - 3.-H
4810 N. Y., L. K A W 2M 24 23-4 23ta 24
1400 Norfolk A West. pf. 4ht2 46 't, 4ns fW
21100 Northern Pac. pf . wilj WAf MHX 5i A
axiobioAMiss mt, invj ti"-a in: wu
2io Oregon Imp .. . 5354 53H 034, 53ti (
12 Oregon R. A N . 03 Rl J 02t4 1'3
2T20 Oregon A Trans.. 23)4 23Sa 2.1W a:nj 24
100 PaclOo Mall. .. 3 34 114 KM mh
130 Pen, Dec A Kv.. 1SJ4 18(4 Rl 1-U Pi
2G(i Phlla. A Reading fiy 50 MJ 5hJ &-J,
10Phlla.(las KM 88 t8
5P. FtW. AC... . 15.' 152H 152j 112 153
MPuU-PaLCarCo 132 152 152 IV! lit
400 Rich. A W. P 2J 22-j Wi 22J 23
800 Rich AW. P.pf (W M Kl til lW
1008tL.AS.F. 211 2'J 2-A 211
101 bt I. A .-. C pf 04X 4 4W IH( l1
lOOStP. A DulUh... 52 OS 52 .It! 55
lCIO.Mt P. ADulUlh ptlOlM HUM lUI!n (l ltd
TOO 8t P. A Omaha . 3J 85 SlU, 35 3'lf
100htP.AOmilhapf..lOJ 103 103 1U2 lnuJi
lOostP.. m.am. .loo ino loo ion 101
100 8tU.Ark.4T 13 13 12 IIM 12
20O Tcnn. Coal A Iron. 274 27 2Mf 26V, 27
2550 Texas Pacl'lc .... 2i) 4f WH 2t4 201
5023 Union Paclflo 54 S4i 53 54V4 K
76U.S Express 7IJ 72 71)1 71 72
loClah A Black B...125 121 12.1 12H
3110 W St L. P. pf. 22 22 22W 22 2M
3437 West Union Tel 7iJ 75J 75J 75J4 75J
Ex dividend.
Tho total sales of stocks were 13.1,378 shares.
Hi. AHH. PIU. Ailed.
A.. T. AF. Fe.. 82H 83 Am. Fell Tel.... 234 23.1
Ch-Bur. A Nor. 57 hew y.ne. Tel. 42 43
Basiem 117 120 Erie Telephone. 30 31
FUntAPereM.. 4" 41 Wis Lentcom 1 161
Mex. Cent 4s... 65W ul Wis. cent.nf.... 35 37
Mex. Cent st'g. nil HH WestKnaLaud. 24 2414
Boston W. P.... 7 7H
mitAPELrttlA closixo quotatiois.
f M. Ailed, PM. AHKL.
Rsdlnrgnl-fla..ll5M Lehigh C.AN.Co 4i i
Reading in. 7s . 821$ Pennsylvania... 52ij 52i,
Kesd'gcn.5s.2d. 75 Phlla. Traction. 5u
Lehigh alley.. 52k :'-H i'lul. A Erie .... 28
Atlantto A Gt. W. 1st,. rH Iximille A Nashville.. .Il'f
Atlantic A fit W. 2d.. WH I N. Y. Central in7J
Canadian Pacillc .174 Northern Pacldo pf.... Mil
Central Paclno 30Vi Pennsylvania 53V
Erie common 24(t!lteadinc 2U
Lrle'Jdcunsols........ UVif St. Paul common. etU
Illinois Central 11011 Union facluc. .... &M
KansssATexas 12 IWabashpf 224
Laiaauore WH
Wednesdat. Juno 20.
As was Indicated In this column this morn
ing, the Chicago, Bock Island nnd Pacific Hnil
way Company declarod to-day n quarterly divi
dend of Hi 9 cent, which it Is understood Itls
the Intention of the company to maintain, thus
placing tbe stock upon a G V cent, basis. The
boars, through the various channels of public
ity which they control, did nil that thoy could
this morning to croato tho Impression that the
Rock Island dividend would bo materially re
duced or passed altogether, and that serious
dissensions had det eloped in tho directory In
consequence of tho necessity for making the
reduction. Tho indications ware that somo
money was spent In cable tolls, with tbo view
ot creating uneasiness about tho matter In
London. Besldos, It was lonrnod that tho re
ports of fresh reductions In Western railroad
rates wore sent abroad. In consequence of
thoso efforts, tho London market was weak
and declining when buslnoss was begun
here. Tho boars, howovor, did not produco
here an effect commonsurnto with tholr efforts
to engineer un international movement in tho
direction of of lower prices. The first quota
tions woro fractionally bolow the final flgureB
of yesterday, and In most cases thoy measured
tho entire decline for the day. Tho Hock Island
dhldoml was unquestionably a Burprlso to tho
bears, and thoy weie further dlscouragod by
the efforts of one of tholr number to covor his
short soles of Luko Shore.
Politics again detracted from tho Interest In
speculation, so that outsldo ot tho advanoo In
tho two stocks roferred to nnd modornto deal
ings In St. Paul, In Bonding, and in Now Eng
land, tho market presented no fcaturo deserv
ing special comment, Reading rim eloped a
good deal of firmness In the Into dealings In
connection with reports that tlio next earnings
of tho compuny for Jlny would i-how n bund
some Incieaeu ns comimrtd with lam year,
Tho only nggreftnlo dcnli'is in the market
iust now nre worfclm: for lower price1. Tliiw
fore the prevnlllngtiilk of tho stivi-t h bpiiribh.
Btlll prlcoi do iiotipld with miy ilegreo uf
roiullmieK or to any Manning extent, while
thoso whn pell BtocKs short apparently Hnd no
new Ihoiiio to Imrp upon, 8o tlipy nro still
dwelling upon tbo Inwn tariff. Tho Pr aldont
of ono of tho largest Urnugcr Trunk llnps is
authority for tho statomput Hint, as com
pared with the ttvorngn rales of u
year ngo. the avernlo rates proposed by
tho lownCoinmlssifiuers mo only about fj V
cent, lower. The figures of n inrger reduction
nre obtained by cnmpnrlMn with intes which
the roads rei-nntly M-lwlnlod In anticipation of
ailverMi nctlun by tho Iowa Coiiiinlhbiniinro.
Tho rondH fUnd higher flgum? tlian they other
wIhii would, with tliu view of obtaining better
niton from thet'ommlsi'loiiprs.
Tho most fnorn)j!n low of tlio (Irant'or situ
ation should not lgnui the fact, which Ib really
qulto as Important its any discussion its to
what rates am or lll lip, Unit In the first stress
of v.pnthor the companies hae incontinently
mdui'vd their dividends. Arguraontb that div
idends wcro too lilgb.or that nconsorvathe
policy dictated their reduction count for nolh
Ing In view of tbo surplus that nonrly oteryono
of these companies has constantly carried upon
its honks. Without exception the oxlstencoot
a big burplus has been usodut ono time or an
other to advance the prices ol the stockbof
tbeoe oompunles, but in an emergency like tho
present ono the smnllor stockholders discover
what analytical Wall street men nnd Insiders
hmo known n',1 alons-, nBinel)'. Ihnt Inatend of
bolng u rosource In tlmeof trouble, the uveiugo
corporate surplus is n myth.
It beoms to us that no more Important amend
ment could be suggested to the Inter-btato
Commerce law tbau one requiring that rail
road accounts be kept according, to a uniform
ayattio. It l notorious that railroad reports,
r h ; f V t sa-e.
rucrecented to the publlo to-day. are of lltllo
value, slnoe oven tbo most expert accountants
Sro unable to determine by them tho actual
nnnolal condition of tho company. Buch a
system ns suggestod might properly Includo n
ruling that n ooriiorato surplus must consist of
cash orltsoqulvnlpnt In quick and unencum
bered nssots. Ocrtnlnly tho niuoiint of energy
that Is bolng dovotod to legislation rolatiio to
railroad annlm ought to ovoUo some systom
that would result In Intelligent railroad re
ports, and do nwny with such Motions of book
Keeping ns surpluses which hato years ago
boon nbsorbod by Improvements or oxpendod
for operating uxpunsos under tho gulBo ot con
struction. I'ltml salos oomparo with thoso of yesterday
nn follows!
June IP. Juimiio, ,utw in, ,7un 20.
Can. Snulhera. 4P' 4njf Omaha com.,.. SI 31
C. II. AQ. ...lltjj ttltt Omaha nret.. ..HoK 1J.
CeiioLiisa 72H 72 Orrron AT. ().. 21 SHU
Pel , 1. A est.l2sti I2sf4. Oregon lino. Co. 54 5-rtt.
Pel. Aliuuton..luS7( li-s noes IHMid..,.PH Inik
I.rle 2ttJ 24 I'.lrh. A W. P.... 2i 2214
kan.ATeias..., 12 nu lllch A W. P.pf. m (tiff
Lou. A hash.... 51)4; A3)siKeadlnr 5Mi UH
Lakeonore...., hs wiji.stL A San Fpt eitl 0u
Manhattan en., ni KlU st Pamcom.... 3U iviVj
Missouri Pac... HU t.H St Paul A Van.100 lno
herfolg AW.nt 4!s ants rev. cac 2IM 20ff
Northwestoom.lo5M loru Lmon raoinc... 64U l(
Nor. Pac. nref.. Witt fi Wall. A Pac. nt. 22U 22U
N. V. Central.. .10eJ itn West Un. Tel. . 70J 75)l
N. Y. A .V ll., U KHI.
N.J.Central.... BlSJ SlU 'Kx dividend.
Oovornmont bonds nulot nnd firm nt nn
rhnngod quotatlonn. ltnllway bonds dull but
firmer. Tho noteworthy not chnnges woro nd
vnncos, ns tollotvs: Chicago, Burlington and
Qutnoy 4s, Nob, ex., '( '& cent.Lto02' : Eriocon
sol 2ds, .. lo 03: Northern Paclllo 3d c X. to
R9,',: NowYorit Centrnl dobenture. X, to ill.
J lock Island Ss, ,'f. to 107'C Blchmond nnd
illogheny lsts, ,', to hlii, nnd Texas raciQo
lets 5s, ' V cont, to 93;.
In bank stocks ten shares of Pnrk Bank sold
nt 175.
In tho Unlisted Pepnrtmont tho sales of Nn
tlounl Transit cortlllcatos, cnido petroleum,
wcro 457,000 bnrrolsut 73'i to75conls V barrol,
closing nt 74.,s'e. Tlio salon of Amor
lean Cotton Oil Trusts wurn 10,0'iO shnrcs
at HG'i to illi, closing "5 li. Other transactions
woro In riillndplphln nnd Beading new Is, de
liverable when issued, $15,000 nt 8S':8utro
Tunnol. 3.00U shares, at 1!) to '20 cents per
slinro; Mount Desert nnd Eustorn Hhoro Laud,
10,200 shares, nt 3.12 to t3M per shnro:
Chonpoako nnd Ohio common, 100 shares nt 2.
nnd Toledo, Peoria nnd Western lsts, tl.000 nt
Monoy on call. 101l 1 ennt. Tlmo lonns on
good collateral are quotod ns follows: Threo
mouths, 2 9 cent.: six months, .1 conL, nnd
nino months, 4 Vcent. Thn best slnglo-namo
paper Is In demnnd nt 4UOi)s V cont.. nnd
good double-nnmo paper is readily placed at
4&4J. ? cont.
bturllng exchange steady. Nominal asking
rates unchanged at $4.87'iGJ1.88 lor long bills,
nnd $1.89M?v$1.90 for demand. Actual ratos
for (SO-dny bills. J1.87S11.87.V, and sight dialts,
To-day's odors to sell United Slates bonds to
the Government aggregated $4,260,050, ns fol
lows: Four ? cents, coupon, $1,500 nt 128,'i. nnd
J3.000 ntl28: 1 V cents, registered, tl.000 nt
127?t, $20,000 at 1277.. $1,052,000 nt 128. and
$400,000 at 128' ; 1 ls V cents, reglsterod, $200.
000atl07!. 2.0u0 nt 107. $2,255,000 nt 107 !.
$3,400 ut 107J;. $225,000 nt 107, nnd $100,000
at 10S. Thn .eerctni'y nt the Treasury accepted
fl,OS6.500 bonds, as follows: 4 V cents recis
tored, $21,000 at 127'.. and $1,059,800 at 128;
4 V fonts, coupon. $3,700 at 128; nnd 4H V
contn, rogietored, $2,000 at 107.
The production of unthrncllo coal for tho
weekondlng Juno 10 was 702.5S9 tons against
084,041 tons tho corresponding wook last jpar,
making total output thus far this year 15.027.
SSOtons asninst 15,203,G17 tons tho correspond
ing period of last year.
Tho Chicago. Hock Islnnd nnd Paclflo llnll
way Comtiany's quarterly dividand of l.'j ?
cent. Is pnyablo on Aug. 1.
Tho Daltlmoro and Ohio Ilnllrond shows net
earnings for May of $171, ORG, un ineronse of
$11,131 over 1837. For the eight months of the
present fiscal year tho net onrnlngs woro
$3,527X05. a docreuso of $3-i8.H17 lis compared
with the corresponding period of tho previous
Yesterday's eloctlon for directors of tho Cin
cinnati. Hamilton and Dm Ion Railroad re
sultodin euoenvhelmlng defeat for Henry S.
lies, who now appears to hae been entirely
deserted oon by the elderly capitalists who
orlitinally undertook to ptoflt by Ills misdeeds.
Unless some one of those he has wronccd llnds
n statute that applies to his case and seeks its
enforcement wo liaio piolmhly Hoard tho last
of Ivos as a would-be railroad financier.
Adrinn H. Mullnr & Son sold nt auction to
day, nt tho Real Kstalo iixchangu:
120 shares i'henK National Hank .. .iro
Wlshjrtrt American Kxcharce Punk . . .rit4
B4 shares llsnk of Manhattan Companv .Ho?f
10 shares Culled N. J. P- It and Cnn.il Co .. 21sJt
32 shares Butchers' and Droers' llanu 173
$s,oui city nt Now Vork 7 fl cent stock, 1SP2 HCVj
7 shares Hank of Commerco . .. 163
47 shares I ait 111 or Hank ... 141
60 shares Liberty In6uranoe Co . .. to
The Treasury balunces comparo as follows:
JuntlO JunrZO.
Gold SlP.'i..'.7( 037 lP4.:;4.t.M0
Lecal tenders :n.47a.07j 3.1,7.11,472
Totals $231047,059 r23UCO(l32
Siher balance, $ICV7iaret3, acainat Steksi9ii:i4 yester
day. Peposits tn national banks, &14,1S0,7K, against
5CJ.470.117 ; eslerday
The amount of bullion gone iuto the Bank of
F.ngland on balnnco to-dav is5,0J0. Farls ad
vices quote 3 cents at 83.10.
Tho sales of mining stocks nt the New York
Consolidated Stock and Fctroloutn Kxchango
to-day wero ns follows :
Salt. A",im. (foipPT. HiQtitst. Lnwxt. tiottna.
.KsiAmador 2 no 2 o 2 so 2 tl")
2.MW Astoria 25 21 2.1 2"
Milllodlc 2 20 2 20 2 211 2 211
7i Harcelona 1 lo I Hi 1 ol l pi
booprunswick 1.1 M 11 11
lim'mi Cal. A Va. ..11 io 11 on 11 w 11 m
UllChrVS'ilile .. . 4n 41 40 41
1CK) Ll Crista 11" 1 hi 1 Co 1 HI
r.(IIIollyond .. 31 411 31 40
lOlllalo lorcrnM.. 7 S7 7 R7 7 S7 7 H7
smOmuth to :'il 2 1 an
10m Utile Chief . . 3-1 32 30 32
4li 1'Mnle liar 41 4J 43 4J
USI Mexican 4 25 4 25 4 21 4 2.1
300 Mono 1 40 1 40 1 40 I 40
llooProustlte I 2.1 ISO 121 I 3D
200 Pll mouth . . 8 0) fl Ol 8 HO 8 Ol
lUHiitippsbannock..,. U 1.1 1.1 U
21HOshj3hnno .. . 17 17 17 17
2siNan Sebastian ... 8,1 H3 Al Hll
lissihiuro Tunnel ID !! 10 I
2l'1 Havaee .... 4 35 4 3.1 4 31 4 31
ino sierra Nevada . 4 ID 4 10 4 10 4 10
lOOIcllowJucket. . 5 12 5 12 3 12 3 12
The total trausactious were 21,V) shares.
A'csv "Voi-lc Alnrkts.
Wednesday. Juno 20. rLour. and 3Ieal
Were quiet and tuiclaut.'ed
Coitov Futures adtance,! s'.icfitly at the openlnc but
soon declined 3 lo (lpulnU on heavy realizing by room
traders. Later there v, as a recovery of a portion of Hie
decline on this crop while tlm next crop, which as
relatively linn all dav, adai ceil 1 tn .1 points The Lit
erpool market was blither and unusually active. The
southern markets wero oenrraliv hishcr. There were
reports of heavy rains in (leoriela, It was colder aud
rumv In letr.s. r.nd there were ,ljh' rains in Misfissippi
and Tenneisce. The tradiner lieu leis acdve but
reached a fair acgreiiate. Cotton on the snot was quiet
and unchanced. tnlddllns ur'.iinle. 10 i-lilc Culfs,
10 7.1bc. The followlnz are cUslnir prices bid for fu
tures, with sales a-2realfn 7u, kiu bales :
June ,Ki20i.tOctobc-. . '51c (February.. 9(i2c
July . . KVAio.lNovember., iX4j March.,, 7oc
Aunist.. .10.32c December.. P 47c April... P.7"c.
Bepiember. u.74o.Januarr ... .54uIay ... BbOo.
(Jbaik Vi heat futures wero more active and hljfher,
owlua to some fort Ism tiuyinir JCeiiortaof unlavorublo
weather in Lntrlaud anil irauce. raiu In tbe southwest,
whete In some districts hanestlna beiran, and
firm cables, an increase of 520.ua) bushels on
passace, bad no cdecl sales 3,C2l.0U0 buhh at
SOHCi-.'c, for June. M'0)Kc. Tor July, ii(a(ol4c.
for Auiruat, UiH'iHIic. lor Keplember. P4 I IS'JMT.iW'.
for ilecembrr; also, for May. lrw'i at lJtSCJo spot
wheat was quiet but firm; sales 3l,(sjubusn stH7(4P2c.
for unpraMed red, and riportcd about sic tor No. l
hard, exporters took one loud, exports of wheat to-day
from the four principal Atlantic poitswere 102,0osbuli
against 420,010 ti.ls day Inst ) eur, Indian corn futures,
a.ter an early ailvanca became Meaner, with lano r re
relpts than had been expected; sjles 1.3!I2,(kki tush at
555.C lor June. 56?t(457Sc for July. 57f4ViHc. for An
Bust,rws'aU3.i'e'. tnroepicmber. i r?fv' nKc rortltto
ler57H''',Ho. for Not ember, and t4(i454c. for Decem
ber. Hnut corn waa dull and unsettled: silee
32,(100 bush, Includlnir Nn. 2 mtxed at 5(lia5C4c.
Oats were rather Irregular, with mixed somewhat
Armer, sales 3Uet,000 bush , Including options No 2
mixed, at 35c. for June 3iKs31tc. for July. 32t3JJt.
fur Aiu'inl, and 3lc for t.einainberi No. 2 while, 3,W
(4'lPThC. lot July; nnd on tlitopot mixed at313;c.aud
white at 40ft, 40J4'., as In quality, includinz No 2 mixed
at 30ifQg,'ltlVc ulloflt, and Nu 2 white st3nH,o, Alter
'Chamte vheat steady: No. 2 red winter fur June HKc;
Juli.Kiri Autturt lJ!ii' bentembcr. bl?c., Decem
ber. H4S4C, May, let. ijic. Corn weak: No. 2 lulled
fnrJunei. 5594C; July, Tic. ; Aucust, 57,',: Septem
ber. bfiiC. , October, IW5j;c (U(s weak; No. 2 mixed for
July, Ells''., Amuit 32'4C: beiioinbrr, SIMc.
Puotisioxs Lard futures w eie li w er on hea y receipts
of huirs ut the Vtrst, soles IV'I tea at f 5,(,n.,15c. for
June, pwO&hmc. for July. h.'3s.H ,ic for Aiteust S..V
s iijc. for oeptember. Alter 'Chance Ihe close waa at
h. 13c. Iit June, b.O c, for July, ', i lor August, m,.'ihc.
for bcpieinber. and Kf., lor Otiohvr bpoi lard was
unlet an'l lower: iUnletl at 10'' for prime city, .VH
h 17'tc for prime 10 choice Western, aud c.k c. for re.
, lined for the t'oi.tinei.t Pott cmn-d weuk und 200.
lower, quoted at el 1(JI5..'0 for old and new tries, and
filu&yf 13.21 for exira prime. Cut meats settle and ir.
regular at 7c,7;;c lor pickled bellies. Dressed hone
acute atVKtVfsjc. (or elty Tallow was quiet and lower
at 4MKc. llutlt-r was lu moderate dorr and ut It i(2i H"
for crranitry. Cheese quiet, but held r.rmly. 1 rtsb es'fi
qull ami uucrtank'rd.
llKocsuus Coflee on Iho S(iot dull fair quoted at
15c sa es 1,1-7 bscs Maracailo und 1,13 baits Ja
ntalca on t t. Riti op'.iuus were 1'ioderairly aiilve.
with the fate months a slui'lo lower, clot-inir barely
stead), with sellers al the following prices
June, , 12'ioe jdrtober . . uxse ilebmary... !in"a.
July II U5e Ninenber , melt, Mari.li ., uiic.
A 11 ion t .... Kiltie December ('Me 'April , 101w..
l-epiember 10 uic, I January,. uOuDlay.., lo.loc.
Haw sugars hold to strorir prlees. sales 11.170 bas cen
tilfuital, tni'test, at.1 u-iim- , and a carvo of do. n r I'hIU.
drlphla at .Hfc . r. and f. fair rellnliiK Cuba qiioleil at
474c and standard cenliituital 5i-li , rrtlned sujrar
moderately actlte and ilrmi crushed, Nr-V4e ; soft
white, 5$jMic , and vellowa SUoMir IIwiihi fairly
active; a csiko tit Matanras lor PfMlsdell'lilu sold at
IH'4. for 5og lest and 1 10 bhda Vauzaullla at 21c
Tea at auction went off at steady pricen except for new
Jarans, which were decidedly lower 3.1'eo pks were
sold, Including-1 Morune lliscn. dai;c . young hyson.
7'f43flc,, Impcrlsi. iHij2r . gunpowder pUis.tio.
I'luz Hi.ey lniing bysou, Urtllc , luiierlai. l717Hc.i
guupowler, I5S.27C. Japan Pan fried, i-Qtr.Ja , bas
ketilo, l'.'iji(U(,i new pan fried. .v2lo : 1 rw 1,11.
ket fried, ffti'xUc. , new aim dried In, Concnu, 11!
ctsoc, India and orange pekoe, H(25c. Oolong ior
moaa. lor)Ju
MtiaLa Straits tin quiet an I unchanged nt 17 85c, or
spot anj 17 72c, for relteml.tr intot co;.nrr leis ac.
tho bill steady : sales 2.'.l"lll Lake at l'll.'.(kl'l.50c.
for July and 10.30c. for Auguit Lead more active ami
firmer: sales ot tons at 4(44.0214:0. for July.
NiTiL btoiss-Splrlts lurpeutino tlttuer but dull at
I'STSOlsttK Crude certificates opened slightly firmer,
the dacluud, t 73Wc, bu tlittward adraJicsi to 7io-
bnl again dtoltned and th cloae wss weatopsnlngat i!iW
74J4o , selling nt73H75k. and closing at7t)J74Jo. VlM.
sales 03U.OOU bbls. M?ml
Live Stock Markot, till
Nicw Yonrt, W'ednosday. Juno 20. ltftfrelpt mm
of beoies, aiDu. Including 102 car loads lor lh matiet U.
43cartoadirnreti'Crteri. and 25 car loads for cltv Irnd .
elaughtereradircct Atarurlberdecllne.equsttolMisSSe. rOMt
V kxi tit , the market waa extremely dull, and not more . ,&
than two thirds of the oflrring had changed hands un te V
a late hour. Poorest In best native steers soul at tl"t
fo rt Hi) !t. , Including very stood 10 prime Iota, at tAtti .i".i
Mto.ivi Texus and Colorado iteers went at (3.000 sSsswi
6HO1 bulls and dry eows at 2S.'a.i 78. 'wBJ
llecelpiofcalvea4,3irv. Btesdy tor vealai easier for sVH
bnlirrmllkcnlvea and nearly all eold-lh vals at aa lW,',W
oafc. V O., and the buttermilk calv at aj.35at nB
l(eclpt of sheen and lambs. H.730 head, and lOCO , ,
were carried over yesterday. Sheep ruled dull aneVa Mmtl
frsctlon lower at 3)43c. V ffi.i lambs were a shade 1H
firmer, particularly lor good and prim offering, and
common tn choice went at 6(a7XtVtl &., with a bnnsh i j!i
of Jersey lambs at e. . Os.W
receipts of hops, nacohead. A car load of Slat plrt fiS'H
changed hands alive at KB Ifl Ino Itis, Keportsd steady ('
at the nominal rang of S3 001.1)0. , ,
UAitiNis lNTEr.i.raBSca ;mW
Minims imiA0 rail HIT. ' jSrl
Sunrises,.... 4 a Bun seta,... 7 34 1 Moon sets... . ' L'J
man water tnis nsr. ' 'ffiM
Sandy Hook. S 2 I Oov. Island. 5 28 1 1111 Oat,.. J IT 1
Arrived Wsniersniv, Jnn SO, "3!
Ss Nevada. Cushtng, Liverpool June ft and QnaMsV ','
town loth )JS
BaProdda, Tlannnn. Rantos. ulm
Sa OUnda. Machado, Philadelphia. -M
f-a Chattahoochee, Daggett havannah. VI
Ss Cltv of Alexandria, lleaken, Vra Cms. ImM
a Wyanoke, Poaa, Uichmond. Till
Ss Brlnla llorgemerolt, Uaracoa. vt
hs Koanote. Hulphers, Newport News, va, aim
Ss Kanawha. Hears. Newport News. $
M Clarlbek Clenkskel si. Luce. ''Mm
Bark M. J. Foley, Kodenhetier, Montago Day. v jM
SRR1TKD OPT. - 3jl
Ss City or IlnroN from New York, at Qoeenltoira. '$ H
Si Alter, from New York, 03 Sclily. (i
Ss Arizona, from Now York, at (jueenstowa. , o(i
ssiLin rnov roRxic.v roRTS. ''rl
as Oallia, from Queenstown for New York. JkI
A I.ottory In Traaeera. -
In tho United States Circuit Court yosUrdtvy il
Paul E. Tabel and r.dward Lowentbal pleaded guilty te ,'
sending lottery circulars through tho malls Lowenttud yi
Is a tailor, and Tahelwns associated with htm In con- .-':
doctlng the "New York biandarrt Pants Company1.' et '?
on Unlversiiy place, a concern which sold trousers rt j"i
lottery. The Puma CompinydHlrlbntedsllpstolMcnsto- .
merr. andlhehol.ier oimet) tenth tlcketrecelvedarair . .31
of iriiusern free Comitock caused the place to be dosed. -
ltwas a small place, butdld a large nutf-town trad. ft
Judge Drown lined Tabel si.hi and Lowentbal taxi eaoh 't
to stand committed to Ludlow street Jail until th nn M ,,;
I'al'l. ii
gusinccs otice.tj. v ''
nearrlntlvp elrenlar free. In regard to Bteara v
Carpet Cleanlnp THOMAS UMESaTCWARt. Callor &
telephone, 1,154 nroadwny, Erie andbthsts., Jersey City. $J
Correct etvlea nnd reitoia In l)erby n ,j
Tllgll Hats Decided saving 111 price. etcCANN'B, 31S 6f
Bowery, near Prtnco st .M
K-nncdv'a rraniia St Hhne, hand-acXTCd ,'i
worth A Tennis shoce.1c 2flCurtlandtt ,
man. ';
DALPWIN -At Yonkers, N Y., Jnn 17, Horace O.
iuncral services at Yonkeretlilsmornlngat tl o'ctoc.
and at Pint hing I I. nt hi- tleorte s Ept-copat Church. .
sninnilav, atbtJOP M Interinent at Klushlllg. U I. t.
BUSCII Edwin K11 hard, ouuaest son of Albert and T!
I-lzrl Busch (nee Rchwatu), aged lOmontheand U
ItelJllvfs and friends are resrectfnllv Invited to attend ,
Ihe luneralliom iho rcfcldcncuot his parents, IHl Monro ,' ffl
t-t. citv. to oar at 2 o'clock P M iffi
CLANCY On lueida, Juno IP, Delia, beloved wlfa Aw
or Mephen J Clancy, athcrlato residence, JOB liast 'JjB
lllihst ... il
I'lincral to-dav at I P M. .1
CLAlllC On Tuesday, loth Imt.af'era long lllnes,
Allce.widow of Michael ciarU. In her ouh year, native ot ,VJ
Lower II idouy, county Tyrone, Ireland. '
Funeral to-uav at n 3o A. .M from her late residence, jE
202 Kast Uroailway. thence to t Mary's Church, cor- rll
ner llrand and Ridge sf where a solemn requiem mas ..'II
will be otlcre'd for tho ropoeoof her tout Intermontla Jl
Caliaiy llehttves and triemlsrekpei trolly invited -,W
(lliow On Moudav, Juue IS, I icderlck Fuller Urow,
'"Funeral services will be held at his late residence, l
nienwool. Pa , to dav at 1 1 A M. Friends are Invited. . J;l
KELLY On Monday. June n. leWM. Thomas J. Kelly, J I
at his 1.11c residence. 257 East Proadway. .... '1
A foleron requiem moss will be celebrated at Bt.T- J
rcsx' Church forthe rennrenf hlssoulon Thursday, J
June'JI, at 10 A l. Funeral filler miaa liurlal In Cal- ,
Miry Cemetery ., , . .. ,m 'j
LUDDY. On th 20th Inst.. Mary Cocllt Luddy, wife ' I
or-IoKepliM llo'le. nftr a long lllnefs. .'I
Kelativrsaua frlen'H ore respectfully Ins lted tn attentl I
the funeral on lri.lay.22d Inst, nt 2 P.M. at the rest ML
dtnee of her uncle .liunes A l.uddv. .11 dedison suclty. ,'1
MANMM1 01 Tuewlav, June Miebael Manutnff, I
ln(lio(fl(hoaror hUage n nailvoof county Galway, I
Friends of th famtlv nre respectfully Irvlted to attend H
the funeral from his lite TerMnce. 227 Mulberry st, on I
Irnlav, .111022, ats 11 elotL sharp .... I
bNYDEIl Suddenly. In Uroiklyn. on Monday. June) 1
IP, Thomas .lone son nt the lato Teter ul.d barah finy-
der. In th7C.tlnoar or hUnan I
r.olatlt e and friends are rejpeclfully Invited to attencl ' I
the funeral services at hi lite resilience. 112 St. Jaoies - I
p ace, near Oreene av. to day at 2 o clock P. M. I
bWITr.ll On Monda Juno lo Curllno Swltur. ,' I
in the 7ith year of hr ao f 1
I uncral services stht-rlale rrfidence, 1.13 East 123d ,1
st. this evening at 80 clock .,,'H
WOLFF. On Monday. Jini is. Cirolln", wife of j I
Henry Wolfe, at her residence. 2,11 W 124th st, I
years of age. . J'
Funeral services to-day at 10 30 A. M 7
jiftinl jloticr JJ
MRP. WINKtOM '.S OllTtll( bYBLT. for Chlldrem ',
leetblng," sollers Ihe pLms. reduces Inflammatlorii
allajsall rein, and ti.reswmil colic k,1 cents a botU. '
u7i; sqwik r. . mows. t rui.xosr nx '.'
Now lork. Our limit gold watcneii from tSW up;
guaranteed to run within IbKeoonds a month or money
"xifi: "vdiJTHraTia coi.oix and t.un.
THE rcstnre.l to ifav hair l,v PAl'Kh.'CS HAIR BALSAM.
PAKKEit'S CifNOEH TON'fC cures inward pains.
riXf. blue and blick serge snl'afio; beat quality ,
31250. I Inc blaik cutaw ar coat and vest $1", 22 1 tsey st. ,
Notice to WaM Boniolta
A mutually satisfactory nrrancoment has
been mado with the Defence Commlttoe of tho
Second Jlorlcnco Bondholders and tho Com
mlttoo reprosenled by tho undorslcnod.
Under this arrancomont tho Defence Com 1
mltteo ncreo to withdraw nil onposltlon to tho j
plan of reorganization, and tholr bonds aro to J
bo received by tbe Central TruBt Co. without J
That all bondholders may bo upon an equal
footlnn. they aro now respectfully Invited to
deposit their bonds in tho Trust Co. without
penalty, until further notice, and tho penalties
nlroady paid will be returned.
Foreclosure bills bnvo already been filed la
tho Courts on tho First Mortgages, and docroes
otsalo will bo obtained as soon lis practicable.
Meantime, Invlow of the very lareo majority ot
bonds united In support of the reorganization,
it Is hoped that outstanding bondholders Will
accept the offer now mado to them.
Cbalrman Pnrcb-slnn Commute.
Cbalrmoin lsamdfaoldera' Commute). I
HEWYOKKCITY.Jnae 16, lat.
.1 EW YOIIK. June 1H, 1SB8. K
Notice to holders of m
C PEK CENT PONDS, DUE JULY 1, lbe (7, 144.000
In amount).
Tho bonds above named will be paid atthlaofflc oat B
and after MONDAY, July 2. ISdS, and may be presentsxt M
for txauilnatlon at any time prior lo that data, after jH
which time bends presented will be paid for on th day
f llowlnt' presentation of ihe same. IB
The last coupon of these bonds (due July 1, 161)8) will K
also lie paid at this otllce as usual H
Holders of the "SOUTH PACIFIC" Bonds ar htnby H
further Informed that, toa limited extent they may m
apply to reinvest the proceeds of thos bonds la the fj
First Mortgage Trust inn-Year. 1 Per Cent. Oold Bonds fj
of the St. Louis & Ban Frsnclsco Hallway Co. at th price XL
of t and accrued interest
As tho issue of tho last turned bonde amount at pre- nj
ent to only 51 ina,ar uppllcallona for them will be ao- U
replidln order as recetted. and they will bedellrerftd H
by the Untied Matca Trust i'o. un demand upon the jl
order of thla company therefor II
Alllnfoimatlon In regard to the Trutt Ponds is csV
lalned In a printed circular, which msyb obtsiaedtst
this office or of the Untied Stales Trust Co. .'
T.W LILL1E, TraurB t
U'idria$ ami gulcwt f
Company, I JO Proadway. New York, Juno IN, ituts.
A semi annual divl'icnd of two undoie.lair (214) pr m
rent wast is dm declared, paiab'e at tl e oflleo of th
Company on and after August I, 1H, tnslockholdersot
record on July an. itwi
'lue transfer bonVs will be olosedat 3 P Xf July 30, i
ISHrf, and reopened August 2, 1 u
Uy order of the 'trusters ,
II. It. WA1TE. Secretary.
York, June Vl ixm, Tbe interest coupons of th first
Mortgage llonds ol this company, due July 1, IBM. will
b paid at malurltt on presentation at the Hank; of Ntw
York, N. li. A., 48 Vi'aU st, New York city.
r. tt, -U-U, tiuurtf,
r i

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