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E EVEN,N0 8UN i I A. .j- .."fJShvf VJk . THE EVENINQ SUN. 1
has a larger circulation than any CI" il ( TSSHJALbt ?S T UW Mora and Later Nowb than all other J
Q othor ovonlng newspaper. rt I ,Shy wWPf0BK tSElfaJ Myfy' & Evonlng Papors combined. w
deserters irom ma vAnxr bring
I ''xv The Explorer Wounded by an ArrowAll
X the White Men with htm Hlek lie Late
1 About ISO Mea and Is Hurronnded by
Hostllee-Tlppu Tib Htarts After him.
I London, Juno 21. A despatch from St.
Paul ds Loanda, dntod yesterday, says:
"Oovcrnl desorters from Stanley's oxpcdltlon
. bavo reached Camp Yambuga. Thoy say tliat
after traversing tlio Uppor Aruwiml. Stanloy
struck Into a rough, mountntnous countrr,
covered with donso forests. The natives, who
woro oxcltcd by reports spread by tho Arabs,
disputed the passago of tho expedition, and
there was continuous lighting. Btonloy was
severely wounded by an arrow, no was com
pollod soToral tlmos to coustruct camps In or
tier to ropol attacks, and was obliged to uso tho
resorvo provisions that woro Intendod for Emln
"Tho Soudanoso attached to tho forco had
all died or disappeared. Tho doBortors ostl
mate that the carman lost one-third of its mon.
and thoy say that many of thoso remaining
wore til. including tho Europonns. Stanloy was
encamped whon tho dosortors left. Ho was
surrounded by hostllcs, and was unable to soad
nows to Emin Pasha or dlroatly to Yambunga,
"Major Barttolot hud roturnod to Yambuga,
Where ho was awaltlne tho men that Mr. Ward
was collecting to form a powerful oxpodltlon to
SO to tho rollof of Stanley.
"Tho slcknoss at Yutnbuga was lessoning.
but only 80 of tho 125 Zanzlbarl survlvod.
"Tlpou Tib rocrultod C2S mo a to form two
caravans, and started for tho Interior about
tho end of January. Ward left Boma on May
80 for LoopoldvlUo, where he was to embark
men and provisions In the Congo Stato steamor
En Avant for tho Aruwiml. Early In May tho
fteamer Stanloy loft Stanloy Pool, taking to
larttolot the first roCnforcomonts and sup
plies. Yambuga advices reach the rolddlo of
r April. Tho tlmo tho dosertors loft Stanloy is
"Gov. Janssen left tho Congo on tho 15th
Inst on his way to Europe to consult regarding
tho sending of assistance to Stanley."
This despatch tndtcatos that Stanloy had
traversed at least two-thirds of tuo four hun
dred miles lying betweon Yambuga and Albert
Kranxa before he had serious trouble with tho
natives. Ixuthe Sanga District, about 200 miles
on his way, the country Is comparatively Hat,
according to Dr. Junkor. who has been thero,
and there ore many swamps. According to
reports Dr. Junkor hoard of tho tribes further
east, they wero disorganized and disunited
Deoplos, llvlng.ln n very rough, hilly countrr.
coverod with forests. Some of tho mountains
west of Albert Nyanza riso to an altitude of
, 7.000 feet In one of Emln Pasha's letters, dated
Oot 20, 1880, bo says ho has obtained consider
able Information about the tribes living some
Ways wostof Albert Nyanza: but boyond giv
ing the names of throe of thorn, he sont no
Xurthor particulars.
Tho despatch says that all tho Soudanese
soldiers attached to tho party had died or dis
appeared. Stanloy had with him only seven
teen Soudanoso, the rest having boon left be
hind at Yambuga. If It is true, as tho desert
ers estlmato. that the caravan had lost ono
thlrd of Its men. tho loss amounted to about
130 mon, as the caravan numbered about 400
porsons. Tho European assistants a tho cara
van, all of whom aro said to be ill, are Lieut
Stairs, Cant. Nolson, Dr. Parke, and Mr. M.
Jophson. It must bo remembered that dosort
ors are tempted to mako tho circumstances of
r the party they abandon as desperate as possi
ble, and Stanley's misfortunes may therefore bo
exaggerated. It was u deserter who left Liv
ingstone nearKraBsa and reported at tho coast
to explain his presence thero, that the white
tnan was dead.
Tho report that only eighty of tho 125 Zanzl
barl at Yambuga have survived is evidently
not vory trustworthy, as the forco left to garri
son that point Included 200 Zanzibarland 210
It Is gratifying to know that the large
steamer Stanloy left Stanloy Pool in May to
carry roenforcements and supplies to Major
Barttolot at Yambuga, and also that Tlppu Tib
has at length succeeded In raising a largo
force with which to carry out his agreement
With Stanloy and transport the 600 loads of
goods which Btonloy was compollod to leave
If Mr. Ward has only tho steamer En Avant
at his disposal for the transport of men and
provisions to Yambuga. he cannot tako very
1 much aid and comfort to Barttolot, as the
capacity of that little vossel Is only thirty men
and their loads.
i OJhere can bo no doubt that In vlow of tho
' abovo startling news Immediate steps will bo
' taken to send assistance, tardy though it be, to
Stanley, who was started on his way and then.
lor some lnexplicablo reason, loft to paddle his
own eanoe, not even any effort being made for
months to visit the region In the upper Congo
valley whore news of his progress was likely to
await a steamor from the lower river.
XlSy Tartar and Frank Back Bub Against
m Snag la Europe.
IiONDOK, Juno 2L Billy Porter and Frank
Buck, well-known American burglars, both
with many aliases, have been arrested In this
city by Superintendent John Shore and officers
of Ms staff on a warrant for burglary com
mitted In Zurich. The prisoners have been
Identified by Zurich officials. To-morrow they
Will bo token to the Bow Street Pollco Court
for extradition, for which thero is sufficient
Billy Porter is well known all over America
as the partner of Johnny Irving, who was shot
gnd killed by John Walsh during a row In
hang Draper's saloon In Sixth avenue on Oot
16. 1888. Walsh was killed at tho same time,
and Porter was tried for killing him, but was
acquitted. Porter, who is 88 years old. Is ono
of the most skilful safe burglars la Arqorico.
In 1879 be and his pals seaured $15,000 worth
of valuables from a Providence jeweller. In
the same year ho escaped from the Raymond
greet jail, Brooklyn, in company with Irving.
1881 be wont to Europo with Sbeony Mike,
and thoy returned n year lator with $25,000
each, the result of many burglaries in Eng
land. Franco, and Germany. Porter was ar
Ested lator for robbing the jewelry store of
nannel Harks A Son at Troy of $14,000 worth
of goods. He was aoqultted on this charge, but
Sheeny Mike, who was arrested In Florida, was
fonvictod. Lator, Billy Porter again went to
Prank Buck is best known as a clover bank
eneak. He lias workod with Horace Hovan, L.
J. Moore, Johnny Price, and othor notorious
bank sneaks. Ho was arrostod in 1681 for tho
larcony of $10,050 in securities from a broker's
office in Philadelphia. For this crime ho served
throe years in the Eastern penitentiary In
Philadelphia. Blnco 1885 he has spent a good
deal of the time in Europe.
Vkey Are Trjlosr to Yud Oat What AIU
tbe Party.
London, Juno 21, A meeting of the Con
servative party was held at the Foreign Office
to-day. Lord Salisbury presided. He referred
to the two recent defeats of tho Government In
the Houso of Commons, and said that tho Gov
ernment had boon ulacod in a falsa position by
tho action of Mr. Jennings and his friends in
the House of Commons on the 12th Inst, on
Mr. JenulnuB's resolution in regard to tho Ad
miralty, To this action Lord Salisbury at
IJh tributed tho recent defeat of the Government
kl In tho election in the Ayr boroughs. Ho
,Vi strongly advised tho Conservatives to oonsult
v with their loaders regarding tliolr futuro
l course, with a v low to taking concerted nctlon.
I Mr, Stanley Loightnn and othera urged that
1 the Local Government bill was unpopular, and
JS that It sorely tried the oldost and truest mom
fa. born of the party,
X The night Hon. W. H. Smith. First Lord of
k tho Treasury uud Government loader In tho
v..) . House of Commons, wild that In dropping tho
' licencing clauses In the bill tho Guvommuiit
would not rctuln the Sunday-closing clause.
Mr. Smith declared that ho would not retain
his onioe for a moment If he did not have the
full confidence of tho Consorvathe party.
The Expelled ilapraallttt.
PAIus, June 21. Tho oxpulslon from Ber
lin of M. do Puyverdler. correspondent of tho
, Oaulois, and M. Jules Hansom, correspondent
of tlie.Valin, has greatly Irritated tho Parisians,
The OauloU has reprinted the letter of M. do
, Puyverdjer written from Kan Itcmo at tho tlmo
1 1 of Frederick's viblt to that place, which, It Is
! alleged, contains statements reflecting upon
the present Gorman Emperor. The ItSnement
and the Intrant lg cant and other papers do
wand that the Preach Qovcxnwent jngjta ro-ynflMft
roiaox j.v the coiwjus.
Pretty Annie Ahrend's Attempt to Kill her
Father, Rl.tcr, and Ilrotaer at Newurh.
Dotcctlvo Walker Inst night arrested 15-ycar-old
Annlo Ahrond of 137 Now York nvo
nuo, Newark, on a chargo of attempting to poi
son her sister Emma, aged 18; hor brother
Honry, agod 17, and hor father and mothor.
Annie Is bright and protty. Whon placed In a
roll at Pollco Hondcirmrtors she cried and do
nled thatsha lntondod to kill any one. Sho In
tlmatod that anothor girl, whoso nnmo sho
would not give, was tbo causo of tho trouble
On Wodnosday morning Mr. Ahrond, his son
and daughtor Emma sat down at n table,
whllo Annlo pourod tho coffoo and porvod It
Tho fathor dnank, ono or two sips of tho coffee,
and thought tho tosto was quoor. Ho poured
the rost of It Into a saucar, and discovered a
dark sedlmont In tho bottom of tlio cup.
Honry. who had swnllowod nearly thoontlro
contents of tho cup, followod his fathor's ox
nmple, and mndo a similar dlncoory. Thoy
nskecl Annlo to oxplaln tho presonoo of tho
powder, but sho declared that she could not
In a short tlmo tho fathor, Honry, and Emma
were taken sick. Thoy felt severe pains tn tho
oyes. and wero attackod with nausea. Honry
was tho most soriously affected, and until yos
torday morning It was thought ho would die.
Emma and Mr. Ahrond woro woak, but much
ltnprovod last night
Yosterday morning Annlo waq closoly ques
tioned by her fathor. Sho at first proteitod hor
Innocence, but finally acknowledged that sho
hud placed liough on KatH in the coffee. Sho
had got it from another girl, sho said, who told
hor It would mako tho coffoo sweoter and bet
tor. Annlo steadfastly refused to give the girl's
nnmo. Sho said that she had also intonded to
put some of tho powder In tho coffco for hor
mother, but she could not, an tho lattor was
slok and did not join tho othors at breakfast
Finding that ha could not learn tho namo of
tho girl who provided tho poison, Mr. Ahrond
last nlgnt had his daughtor arrested. Sho was
placed In a call, and whon seen by a Sun re
porter she crlod and said sbo was sorry for
what she had dono. and wlshod thoctrl who
Save hor tho poison was In jail. Sho clings to
or original story. She Is of medium stature
and protty and extremely innocent looking.
Her father cannot account for her action, ox
copt on tbo theory that sho expootod to get bis
monoy If ho should die.
suaiaomxionT revels.
Tee .Tellr flehnarera Entertain In Morrlsa
nla KnUhta or Fythlae Dance.
President Louis J. Helntz of tho Bchnoror
Club stood in tho door of Zoltnor's Park, 170th
street and Third avonuo, last night with a dis
couraged look on his face, no wns looking for
somebody. As he gazed at tho 5,000 people be
fore him ho romarkod:
"It's about 03 hard a job to And anybody in
this crowd as It is for tho Chicago Convention
to find a candidate that won't cot licked."
It was the seventh garden concort of the
Schnoror Club, whoso reputation for hospitality
and good fellowship is well known. Within tho
pavilion Bayno's Sixty-ninth Bogimont Band
furnished muslo for morry dancers. But the
Schnorors wore not contont to koop all tho fun
to themselves. The GOO Chinese lantorns that
mado a fairyland of tho garden, hnd attracted
all tho gamins of tho annexed district They
stood outside, nnd watcbod with envious oyos
the merry makors as they passed tho gate.
Stephen Gorbor.n well-known Bohnoror, was
standing in the door, and, seeing tho little fal-
Iows, remarked that it was too bad t bey couldn't
lave some fun too. He straightway sent out
and procured a bushel of candy, which ho threw
into the crowd much to the delight of tho chil
dren. Among those who had a good time wero
foronor and Mm. Levy, Alderman Beldon of
Ilichmond, Va.. President Goo. H. Forstor of
tho Board of Aldormon. George Lambrocht
and Mrs. Lambrocht. Assistant DistrictlAttor
ney Parker and Mrs. Parkor, William Ebllng.
Miss Ebllng. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zeltnor. Mrs.
Louis Helntz, Capt CaRsldjL-Capt. Brooks,
ecTBOolt.-mrr-niia-BrrirXduIs Bonrmnn.
Geo. Bernhardt and Miss Bolnhardt and Judge
Andrew Jackson Itogers and wife.
There was a beautiful display of fl reworks
managed by Louis Kunnor and John Bopp.
The John A. Locan Association. Knights of
Pythias, held its annual summer night's festi
val in the Harlem ltlver Casino last night
The members and their guests had a merry
ilme in the hall, which was early docoratcd.
loor Manager Philip Gratz. Jr., led off tho
grand march at 9 o'clock with his wife.
Among thoso present were ox-Aldorman P.
B. Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler, Mr.
Adam Brick nor and Miss Barbara Welch. Mr.
Emanuel Slomon and Miss Carrie Holsteln,
Samuel Pyser, Stones Mehrbach, D. M. Neu
berger, Mendel Goldberg, Miss Flora Hatoh
klfsky, Mr. and Mrs. Daniol Patterson, Mr. and
Mrs. George Boss, Jacob Gratz. Coroner Fer
dinand Levy, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hart. Miss
Kate Brickner. Mies Anna Fuld, Morris Burn
stoln, Louis Ellngl. Miss Barbara Bine, Ed
ward Holsteln, and Miss Lizzie Avery.
aiinurtk Saye ha will be ae Faithful to hie
Duties ae hie Father.
BEHliTN, Juno 21. Prince Bismarck had a
long Interview with the Princoof Wales to-day.
Prince Bismarck said in the Bundosrath to
day that Emperor William II. would discharge
tbo duties of his exaltod calling with the same
fidelity that had been shown by his fathor.
Tho Anti-Socialist law. as renewod to-day by
the Bundesratb, Includes a provision empower
ing the pollco for another year to expol Social
ists from Lelpslc.
The Taoeblatt says that Count Zedlltz-Trutz-schler
has finally refused tiioofilco of Mlnlstor
of the Interior, and that negotiations have
been opened with Herr Miguel with a view to
hU aoceptlngthe office.
The Emperor and Empress.. will come to Ber
lin on Saturday.
The Jioiton Oovrln- says that Emperor Wil
liam has expressed to the Grand Duko Vladi
mir his earnest desire for a continuance of the
friendly, relations with Bussta that existed
during the reigns of his grandslro and father.
At a roceptlon to army Generals to-day the
Emporor sold he hoped that fpoaco would bo
malntuinod. nnd ho trusted thnt his youth
would not prevont the army from placing com
plete confidence in him.
Dowagor Empress Augusta, who seems to be
In good hoalth, has returned to Baden.
London, June 21. A communication from
Dr. Mackenzie, which appears in the Lancit,
shows that all hope of further prolonging Em
peror Frederick's life wob abandoned on tho
nlgnt of tho 18th. " Throughout his lllnoBS,"
tho Doctor says, "tho Emporor uttered no
word of oomplalnt and gavo no sign of Impa
tience. The doctors and corvnnts who attend
ed him will always cherish tho memory of his
grateful Acknowledgment of sorvioes that ordi
nary patients exact as their right."
Tub IUouk, (June 21, Dr. Maekenzio has
started for London. In an Intorviow with ft re
porter of the Vaqblad to-day ho said that ho
had parted on friendly terms with all tho Ger
man doctors except one. Ho bad been fully
aware, ho said, of the gangrenous nature of
Emperor Frederick's malady slnco February;
but it he had admitted It a regency would Imvo
boon probable, which woula havo ploasod a
section opposed to tho accession of Frederick.
John IIIIIob III In .JalL
Duultn, Juno 21. Mr. John Dillon, who
was yostorduy taken to tho Dundalk jail to
serve a pentence of six months, has bcon sent
to tbo iullrmary connected with tho jail.
The Parnollltos, In conclme In the House of
Commons this evonlng, hoard with grlof and
indignation of the treatment of Mr, Dillon, and
authorized Mr. Parnoll to draw the attention of
Parliament to tho matter.
JJeetheveu's Hodr ihumed.
Vienna, Juno 21, The remains of Bco
thoven wero exhumed to-day and woro placed
in a new coffin. Thoy will be conveyed through
tho principal streets of this city to-morrow,
nnd will be Interred In the Central Comotery.
Tlio crave Is marked by n handsome obelisk,
on which is lnscrlbod simply tho numo "Bco-thoven."
Gladstone Attache the Crimea Act.
London, Juno 22. Mr. Gladstono will
givo notlco in the House of Commons to-day of
a motion Impugning the whole administration
of the Irish Crimen aot, and ho will ask that a
day bo appointed for a discussion on the sub-joot
lire. Bonclounlt Of te a Divorce.
London, Juno 21. Mrs. Bouclcault, wlfo
pf tlio woll-known playwright nnd actor Dion
Boucieaiilt.huH obtained v. divorce Irnin him.
Mrs. Bouclcault also received uu uwurd of
War on tho Hoelallsts.
Beblin, Juno 31. Tho Bundesratb to-day
afraid to, toe renewal of tho AaUpfiocUUst law,,
He Had Seen at Johnson's Pnvlllon Blneo
flundny nnd tVae ftprndtne' Moncr Freely
Death Caused by Three Htab Wounds
Sulci to Have lleen an IMerntrd Knslneer.
At tlnybrcnk yoslcnlny tho body of n mnn
wns found half embedded In tho sand on llocl:
away Beach, In front of Johnson's pavilion. It
was clad only In trousers nnd shirt Thoro
woro throe stab wounds In tho nbdomon. Tho
body lay exposed to tlio full glaro of tho tun
until 2 P. M., whon It was vlowed by Coroner
Crontn of Fnr llockaway and a jury, and re
moved to a neighboring bath houso.
Johnston's pavilion faces tbo boach, and Is a
framo building two storlos high. In ono cor
ner of thomntn saloon is a piano out of tuno,
and just behind It U tho bar, flanked with bot
tles, and prosldod over by a dark-halrcd young
woman, who Is known to tho hnbltuds as Bella
Murray. Within tho past yoar no loss than
throo bodlos hao boon found In tho lmmcdlnto
neighborhood of tho pavilion. Only last Sun
day a man nnmod Holns, a bakor of Second
avonuo, this city, waB found hanging in tho
cedars bohind the houso. His knees touched
tho ground, and tho ropo which hod bcon fas
tened around his nock was slack. At first It
was thought that ho had committed sulcldo,
but subsequent Investigation Ecrved to throw
doubt on this theory. His family rolntlons had
always boon ploasant, nnd his wife could as
sign no reason for sulcldo.
Johnson was not at homo yostordny, tho barn
maid said. His wlfo was sick In bod, but sho
consontcd to tell what sho know about tho
murdored man.
" Ho camo to our plnco about noon on Sun
day," sho began, "and said that ho was going
to stop hero for a few days. I do not know
whothor ho had a great doal of monoy. but on
ono ocension I changed for him a $20 gold
pioco and a $10 bill. All day yesterday ho was
acting very strangely, and retired to his room
early In tho ovening. Ho locked tho door after
him securely. About 5 o'oclock this morning
hrai awakened by tho hallooing of ono of tho
watchmen of tho big hotols. nnd on looking out
of the window saw tho mnn floating hi the
wator, just whoro tho surf foamed up. Ho was
lying on Ills face, and bis arms wero oxtonded.
He was without shoos, coat, or vest. I could
hardly bellcvo that It was my guest and sent
Bella Murray up to tho room, which sho found
opon. Ills clothing was tossed upon tho bed.
It had ovldontly been thrown thoro in n Iv.tv.
I did notseo tho body closely, becauso 1 could
not bear to look upon it. and een If Iihadso
desired I was too 111 toloae my bod. I hao
beon told, though, that there are three stab
wounds In tho nbdomon. How ho camo to his
death I am unable to say. I know thnt no ono
connaeted with this houso had anything to do
Jainos Bowo of the Atlantlo notol sold:
'This man came down hero on Sunday, and
during tho day was travelling nrouud with
Georgo Washington Smith. He was rathor full
on Wednesday, and when ho camo in here 1
wns anxious to got rid of him. He went away
at 11 o'clock In the morning to Hollnnd station
nnd roturnod at 4 o'clock. Ho called for a glass
of whiskey, which 1 refused to give him. Smith
took wator. Thou the polrbtnrtcd for Morri
son's variety show, and. after staying thoro a
whllo, went to Johnson's place. Tho doad man
was about 51 years old, apparently English,
and very well dressod. He wore a hoay
gold watch and chain. Ho hnd been spending
money pretty liberally along the beach, und
soomod to bo well llxed. Ho was jolly and
sociablo, and It was apparent from his con
versation that ho w as woll educated. What his
name was or whonco ho camo I cannot toll.
Whllo in my place ho took a number of lottois
from hts pocket and rend them ovor carefully.
Ho seomod to bo considerably moved by tho
perusal of them. Then hn suddenly shook
hands with me and went away."
It was indicated by papers in his clothing
that tho dead-anan TTPs John Kaugb of 1,792
Third avenue. Mr. Losler said ho was an en
gineer, nnd ho thought ho had been in tho
employ of the Third avenue elevated road.
Georgo Washington Smith slept in tho room
next to Baugh,
The barmaid at JohnBnn's told tho Coroner
that it was sho who put Baugh to bod. Ho was
stupidly drunk then. Smith watched hor, and
then went to bed himself. It was thun 7 o'clock
Wodnosday night
It was rumored yestordny that a fight had
taken place on Wednesday night in Johnson's
Eavllion nnd that a puporuaneor who hail
een engaged to decorate tho walls of some of
the rooms had been sovorelv cut about tho
head. He was uulotly removod by frionds. It
was conjectured that tho unknown man might
have bean killed iu this dlsturhanco.
The pollco have mado no effort to dlicovor
the murderer. Under tho pillow of tho bed in
Baugh's room was found a knife covored with
blood. Tho chain on his vet was dangling
lonso. but his watch was missing.
Dr. Caldwell mado an autopsy yosterday after
noon. He will testify at the inriuot to-day at
Looser's Hotel, Fnr llockaway. Tho body Is
now at Coombs & Spraguo's undertaking shop
In Wostville.
Johnson is proprietor of tho Sponcor Houso
at 91 BowoiT;
Pretty Visitors and Practical Jottcs Believe
the Monotony of Military Duty.
Peekskilij Camp, Juno 21. At noon to
day a lot of the war veterans of tho Fourteenth
marched into camp marshullod by their old
Colonel, now Gon. Fowlor. and flanked by Mrs.
Fowlor and their daughtor Eva, tho wlfo of
William H. Bakor. Thero woro fourtoon of tho
votorans, but thoy had to hobblo along on only
tvvonty-soven logs, and thoro was an arm miss
ing as well. Among tho othor visitors were:
Gon. Brownoll and Col. Gnylor of tho Forty
Bovonth, Col. Partridgo of the Twenty-third,
and his Commissary, ltlchnrd Oliver, and Sur
geon Spoucer.
Thero were lots of bright gowns floating
around all I ho afternoon. Ono of white, biir
raounted with a blno nogligti hnt. hold tho
hello of tho day. She was a niece of Mrs.
Knox, wlfo of Knox tho hatter. These ladles
ure visiting Mrs. Varlan, uud stopping in tho
post hoadquartors.
Thoro is lots of qulot fun in camp, but tho
nearest approach to an outbreak occurred iu
tho street of tho Niagara Falls company Inst
night, whon somebody tied n bunch of lighted
firecrackers to the too of tho Commissary Ser
geant TheSorcoantdani.odajIgln tho shoot
until ho saw tlio guard coining. Tho labt
crackers went oft after ha jumped into bud.
Bed JFIro on a Democrntla linrtree.
A beautiful campaign llnjr waH raised by
tho Ninth Assembly district County Democrats
at 3 Abingdon square last ovonlng. amid tho
blare of trumpots, tho glnio of a pyrotechnlo
dlsplny, and tho roar of tumultuous cbuerlng.
By tho glow of rod lire burned on tho roof top
the ling was visible to tho Ninth wnrdors for
tho rost of tbo ovonlng. It Is n burgee of rod,
bearing in big whlto lcttors "Cleveland and
Thurmnn," and bordered with mictions of tho
national ensign, bluo ground, and whlto stars
at tho staff, and rod und whlto stripos running
from that. Commissioner Voorhis. ox-Alder-mnn
Cavnnagh, and Col. Ollon woro tho man
agers of tho demonstration and Juuiub D, Mc
CTollund mudt) tho speech.
Out. Hill Gallic to the Prehstclll t'nnip.
Gov. Hill returned to tho lloffninn Houso
at 9:80 last ovonlng, having landod at Bay
Hideo nnd jnurnorod through Brookljn. Ho
wasuecoinpanlod only by his prlvato secretary.
Ho will go back to Albany to-duy, stopping on
his way at tho State camp at PocksUH in the
Gov. Hill found hlmbolf smroundrd by nows
papor men on the inula dock of the r.loctro
yesterday. When asked if ho thought lllnlro
would accopt tho nomination for l'jofUh-nt if
It was olfored him, ho teiilleil that hobuliovod
Bluluo would accept uuylhiug.
t'baraes Xot Nut tolned.
Tlio charges of crooked work iignlnRtClerk
John Boyd of tho Hudson County Board of
Freeholders, and E. A. Dug.ui, n merchant,
who made a bid to furnish supplies for tho
county Institutions for tho next Mx months,
wero not ustnlned by tho Board of Freeholders
yesterday, uud the contract wns uwardod
Dugan by a voto of 12 to H. l'rooholdors Nelson
Stegor, Turner, and Kllroy Ubed bad words
dunug a huuted dlscuubloii.
Jots Celebrates hU Rtrthdny,
Jobs had his unnuul bjrthdny celebrated
yoBtorduy with the usual waste of roasted pigs
Rnd chickens. Firecrackers and Insonso burn
ig were conducted throughout Chinatown, und
Chiaouea j uauai ate tho pita.
Iltvnl Claimant Dnwntne; Has It Removed,
and Mr. Kins Is Gains to fine IHm.
Henry King Is nn elderly mnn, who runs
a Seasldo Sanitarium at llockaway Boach.
Benjamin F. Downing la n Brooklyn lawyor
nnd a somo tlmo District Attornoy of QuoonB
county, who has a Shoppoll cottago on llock
away Boach, ono lot oast of Mr. King's Sanita
rium, Botwacn tho two mon thoro Is hard
feeling ovor tho enstorn boundary lino of Mr.
King's proporty. Mr. King says that somo ten
yenrs ago ho bought of William Harper and
O. V. W. Eldrot a strip of land facing tho ocean.
It runs 800 foot Inlnnd, and Mr. King declares
that ho paid for a width of 147 foot On this ho
built ascn-curo hoto). His story is that tho
mon of whom ha bought tho land had a dls
puto about tho oastorn boundary with somo
ono else, and that not until two years ago was
ho told how that dtsputo was settled. Mr. King
had a pickot fence running along his land on
tho east on a line ovor which thoro was no dts
puto. Ho clalmod to own forty-sovon feet
further oast. Whon Harpor and Eldrot told
him their dispute was at an end they built n
homlock fonco forty-sovon foot dtstnnt from
Mr. King's plckotB. Then they Bald to him:
"Wo will sottlo the question by making an
nvenun for tho publlo betweon tho two fences."
Mr. King says he objected to this beoauso
thoy proposed to mnka a public nvenuo out of
his land. Ho fought it In nn easy way until
Inst Monday. Then ho realized that tho land
was gottlni: more and more valuable evory
yon r. nnd ho datermlned to onforco what he
considers to bo his rights. So ho had men
build n fence nt tho north end of tho avonuo."
This connected his plckots with tho homlock
fonco, and shut up tho sandy lane that lod
down to tho beach. That night Mr. King was
In Phllndolphln. Somo tlmo after dark his
matron. MIbs Cbarlotto Carlton, heard ham
mering, nnd saw a party of llvo mon knocking
down tho now fence. Sho called William
J. Blyth and Henry Wilson, two of Mr. King's
men. nnd togother thoy went to tho new fenoo.
Thoy say that Mr. Downing and a frlond,
Thomnt Tlldon. and somo Italians were tear
ing down tho fonco. Thoy had two big dogs
held with leathor Btrnpi. nnd whon Blyth or
dered them to stop demolishing tho fence Tll
don said to him, lie declares, "If anybody in
terferes wo will lynch him." Tho King peoplo
say that Tlldon nnd Downing threatened thom
with tho dogs, nnd finally knooked the now
lonce all to plecoB. ,, , .. ,
Mr. King has nut the enso in tho hands of
his lawyor. Mr. Downing wasn't at homo yos
tordny, but his wlfo Bald that hor husband
owned the proporty nnd had tho deods for it
Mr. King, howovor. Insists that it is his, nnd
thnt ho won't havo any more of what ho calls
" llockaway Lynch law.
Contractor Hobby Released on SS.OOO Hall,
and Contractor Marrone Still In Hiding.
Contractor Michaol Marrono of 47 Mul
borry Btreot, who was In chargo of tho excava
tion for v!io Standard Gas Company in Thirty
socond street, near Fourth avonuo, which cavod
In on Wodnosday and klllod throo mon, could
not bo found ycbtorday. Detectives aro still
looking for him.
Contractor D. It. Hobby of '1,740 Lexington
avenue, with whom Marrono is associated in
buslnoss, surrendered himself yestorday, and
was nrrulgnod before Coroner Eldmnn. Ac
companying tbo contractor was Butler II.
llixby of lit) Lexington avonuo to glvo ball for
Mr. Hobby. Mr. Hobby said that ho was not
at tho oxcavatlon whon tho accident occurred.
Ho said he did not know whoro Marrono was.
Coroner Eldman llxed tho ball nt S5.000. which
Mr. lilxby furnished. Tho Inquest will bo on
July 80. Tho Coroner paroled as witnesses
Inspector Domlulck Casey of 245 Water street,
Brooklyn: Michael Cortero, Toremnn, of 344
East lluth Btreot; Insnootor John M.Haggor
ty of tho btandard Gas Company, of 898 Second
nvonue, and George Boncscln, city lnspoctor
of sldwalks. of 309 Wost Thirty-eighth streot
Tho body of JohuJ-tiMUnn "Yia removed to
the home of his slstor, at 822 Ea.it 122d street
from the Morgue yosterday. No relatlvo or
friend of Patrick Cox of Second nvenuo nnd
180th Btreot yesterday claimed the body. Tho
third body, that was supposed to bo that of
Potter or Powers, is now believed to bo the
body of Henry Bote of 423 East Twolfth stroot
It vv as Identified by E. H. Tun Beeck, who lived
in tho eaino houso.
Shot at Ills Wife and lilt Ills Daughter.
PouoiiKEErsiE, Juno 21 Michaol Roach,
his wife, aud four children reside at Stoats
burgh, ton miles north of this city. Boach be
lieved that his wife in April last was intimato
with another man, which she denies, and tbo
nolghbors bellevo bor, but sho has tho reputa
tion of provoking quarrels with hor husband.
For threo months ho has been brooding over
hts troubles, and the villagers noticed lately
thnt ho acted in n singular manner. On last
Friday he bought a revolver In Hondout. Last
night, whllo his wife was coming up stairs from
tho cellar, he stopped on the buck stoop and
pulled out his revolver. His little daughter,
Katie, stopped betweon him and her mothor
just an Roach flrod, and recoivod tho ball In her
right leg nbovo tho kneo. Her mother then
took tho rest of tho children and hurried to a
neighbor's. Tho husband went to the barn
atidbhot himself in tho right breast Both vlo
tlms aro In a precarious condition, and if blood
poisoning appears, both will die. Boach told
a man after the shooting that he was borry ho
shot his daughter, as ho meant to shoot his
wife. Ho 1b Uverscer of the Poor of tho town.
SuccnmblRB to a Boycott.
rnovEDKNCE, Juno 21, A boycott against
tho Chief of tho Stato Police. Edward F. Curtis,
who has beon conducting tho campaign
against tho liquor people, has come to light
hero. Tho orebsuro has boon brought to bear
In such a way that It has been most effoctlve,
nnd at tho same tlmo tho promoters aro en
tirely unknown. Chief Curtis for many years
has carriod on business nt the old Hoger Wil
liams flouring mill onSabln street Some largo
llrms hnd corn and grain constantly ground ut
hts mill. When tho nntl-liquor crusado becamo
furious and Curtls's men wore seizing hun
dreds of dollars' worth of prohibited goods tho
boycott was adoptod asamodo of retaliatory
warfare, Ono month uco Curtis began to wind
up his business. Tho trado has generally died
Celebratlns the Bntldcatloa at" tho Consti
tution, Concoiid, N. II., Juno 21. Tho ccntonnlol
celobration of tho ratification of tho Constitu
tion of tho Unltod States by Now Hampshire,
undor tbo auspices of tho Now Hampshire His
torical Society, took placo to-day. Tho oxor
cises woro bogun nt noon. Many well-known
pornoim woro present from abroad. The
Probldontof tho Historical Society. J, Everett
Kargout of Concoid, nddrossod tho assem
blage. Inclosing he introduced the orator of
tho day, tho Hon, Jnmos W, Patorson of Han
over. Mr. Allen Eastman Cross of Manchester
read a poem, written for tho occasion. A ban
quet followed, at which a uumber of Interest
ing addresses were made.
HuOrrlnir for Prohibition,
Cor.DMiifA, Juno 21, As a result of tho ro
cont prohibition movement tho Ilev, L. B.
Havnes has been forced to rotlro from tho
faculty of the Columbia Female Oollogo, an In
stitution undor tho control of tho Southorn
Methodist Church. Mr. Huynos was a Profes
sor in this college, holds oxtromo views on pro
hibition, and Is a strong advocate of woman
suffrage. Hols also In favor of a third party
, movement, nnd was one of the leaders In tho
recent Piohlbllion Convention. Thero was an
prohonblon lest his opinions nbout womon's
rights and tho third party would be obnoxious
to the patrons of tl.o college and would cuuse
the withdrawal of tlio young ladles. Ho do
cuiiod to resign, and the trustees set him aside
by electlug anothor man in his place.
Tlin Inquett Iu tho Ilurenius Case.
Haokknhack, N, J., Juno 21 Tho Coro
ner's iuquost iu tho caso of Jacob Bogort Doro
mus, vvhowas klllod by his father last Satur
day, vvus hold at the court houso this afternoon
and attracted an Immense crowd of people,
J, Mvors Doremus, the accused, was presont
in thu custody of tho Sheriff. He appeared
wholly unconcerned by the proceedings, rising
from his seat to get u better vlow of the bloody
knife with which ho klllod hts son, but when
tho blood-stained garments of thu murdored
boy vveio exhibited ho placed his handketchlnf
tn his for' bond and shaded his eyes, Thu jury
foi.t.d thill thu deceased camo to his death by a
knlfo wound inllictod by his fathor,
Take Care He war of Peddtere
Offerls! CMrofl uUdu lajjUtsol-rnulUn.-Jilr.
Hat Thonih their tltrnka Is Htronn; nnd Free,
they are In the Hlnlne Vndertovf, and
May bo Enculfed In the Current.
Chicago, Juno 21. Look out for tho un
dortow. That is the advlco thnt Bhould bo
gtvontoall tho bold swlmmors who look tholr
plungo In tho Presidential son to-day. John
Sherman and Ben Harrison wont In brnvoly,
and to-night they aro riding tho swell
ing waves ltko corks, their bends aro
thrown woll back, tholr slroko Is sttong
and free, and, although tho eoa 1b filled with
tho bobbing hoads of rival swlmmors, thoy load
all tho rost As thoy got further out from tho
shoro thoy got ahoad Blowly and with difficulty.
Something draws them downward, and thoy
appear to loso buoyancy. Thoy are In tho
Blaine undortow. Will they eafoly strugglo
with tho treacherous current or will all bo en
gulfed? Tho thousands of spootntors who lino tho
beach to-night to catch gllmpsos of tho strug
gle In the dark wators cannot predict how It
will all ond. Thoy boo only tho bobbing heads
far out at boo. They cannot boo tho current In
whoseisuctlon tho swlmmors aro boating their
wny, but ovorybodr knows It is thoro. Andrew
Carnoglo's lottorin to-day's Sun, which was tol
ographod horo. and which said in effect that
Mr. Blaine would accept a nomination It it was
forced upon him by the Convention, stimu
lated the waning enthusiasm of tho California
and othor 'lrrcconcilablo Blalno men. and thoy
havo all to-day renewed allegtanco to tholr
candidate's fortunos. Thoy did not present
hts name in to-day's Convention, but nothing
can now prevent tholr casting their votos for
him to-morrow.
Tho Harrison boom cot Its first hard wrench
to-day from thoso samo Californlans. Somo
body brought to light anothor old pro-Chincso
speoob said to havo beon mado by Harrison,
and a part of tho California dologatos, who
have beon promising to break to tho Indiana
candldato after two or throo ballots, notified
the Hooslors that thoy could not stand by
Harrison. This dafoctlon discouraged tho In
diana mon; but thoy rallied with great vigor
and their lines still present a good front
It all depends upon Blalno whothor
Harrison wins ornot Tho Convention Is two
thirds Blalno. Strong as Shorman is, tho
friends of Blalno can beat him with Harrison
or Allison, or with Foraker or McKinloy. Tho
doubtful Stato behind Harrison is tho ono
thing that makes his position strong. There
Is nothing else In his candidacy, but that Is a
powerful factor with thoso hard-hoadod poli
ticians, who are playing ovory point for success.
Shorman has surprised evorybody by tho
trongth he has shown Blnco the stunning blow
ho suffered last night in having Mnhono's dolo
gatos thrown out His samo was put before
tho Convention to-day by clovor speakers, and
he got tho greatest hurrah ho has evor had In a
National Convention. Casual but artful refer
ences to Blalno by f different orators ovokod
far loss enthusiasm. That is ono of thu
mystorlous things about tho Blalno un
dertow. Its strength is undenlablo. Vet
either the magnotlo name has lost its
potency, or tho development of Blalno as an
oloventh hour candldato, If such is to be tho
programme, Is ono of tho bost hlddon move
ments evor attempted in our politics. Thero
is no doubt that suoh a schomo Is on foot with
soma, but not all of Blaino's friends aro at tho
bottom of it An accldont may develop its
proportions early In the balloting, or It may bo
tho final stroke after tho Convention has bo
como wearied of itsolf, and is ready to glvo up
the struggle.
It Is a very quoor Convention indood, and tho
part that Now York plays In It will bo ono of
its queorost features. Tho Now Yorkors do
not know at this moment where thoy will go
to-morrow when Depow gets his complement
and retires. Neither Mlllor. Piatt nor Depow
apparently can deliver thom solidly any
where. Miller would go to Shorman to boat
Blaine; Piatt would go to Blalno to dofeat
Sherman: Depow would toko no part in de
feating the ono or the othor, and would sup
port either It bis voto would mako tho delega
tion a unit Shorman and Blalno aro sure of
somo Now York votos, and If Blalno is not sud
denly pushed strongly forward Harrison will
got the votes of most of tho mon who want
Bussell Sago Unye a Railroad.
Bt. Joilv, N. B., Juno 21. Tho Grand South
ern Hallway has boon sold at auction by tho
liquidators. The road extends along tho Bay
of Fundy from St John to St Stephen, on tho
American border, a dlstanco of 82 miles. It
has a bondod debt of $825,000. The purchnsor
wns Mr, UussoU Bnge, tho Now York millionaire,
who bid $101,000. It Is bollovod that Mr.
Sago can put tho road into satisfactory condi
tion and oporato it profitably. Mr. Sago will
make a trip ovor tho road to-day In u special
Gen, Hberldan Improving;.
Washington, Juno 21 This bullotin was
lssuod by Gen. Shorldan's physicians this
0 r. M. Gen. Sheridan has bad a good nfsht and com
fortablo day. Ills circulation and respiration am tin.
firovlnir. Ills appetite w Hoot, and lie U ubie to tuks an
ncreuted quantity of nourishment ills sleep U quiet
aud restful, lis Is galnluir la muscular strength.
Flshtlnc Rattlesnakes With Dynamite.
BELViDniK, N. J., Juno 21, Civil Engineer
Ward of Hainesburg, Wurron county, whllo
survoylng a tract of tlmbor Innd In Pahaqunrry
township on Wednesday, camo upon a don of
rattlesuukos. Ho destroyed a large uumber of
thom by the use of dynamite cartridges. Tho
two largest measured throo foot blx inches, and
had ten rattles each.
Queen Victoria JVIusrura Palls l'ark.
Niacjaka Falls, Ont., Juno 21. Tho celo
bration hero fo-day in honor of tho opening of
Quoon Victoria Niagara Palls Park was a groat
Buecoss. Fully 10.000 strangers were presont.
All the Islands and drives wore thrown opon
freo to-day. Thoro woro no orations, tlieso
being resorvod for tho formal oponing later iu
tho season,
Heavr Thunder Storm la Cuba,
Havana, Juno 21, Thero was n thun
der storm here last night, which was un
precedented In vlnlonco in Havana. Tho
lightning struck in twonty.four places, Thero
was no loss of life, and tho ilnmnite done to
pioporty was not of a sorlous character.
Overcome by the Her.t,
Widow Ellen Mnrkhara, 15 yenrs old, of
113d street and Cypress avenue, was ovorcomo
py.T?eh,t're'i!.ori,a.7 pwratna d was sent
to. tho Harlem. Hospital.
lfftJjlSfSIIUitSiiiEinuistBtam twmYiVraiiiaiiii
Greeted bff llnaplpes After a I.onn Day's
CcnrleM, IBM, ty Tub Bay lYOKIn? ant ftiMUMngi itlo
tlalton. Ji:untmnit, Kcotlnml, Juno 21. Misses
Cnrncglo. Blalno, and tho rost of the party
havonnlvod hero at tho ond of n long day's
journey. Thoy are at tho Bpreadoagle Hotel,
and nt this particular inomont, II) o'clock, a
wild band of bngplpors, drummors, Ac. aro
enmpod In tho stroots vigorously serenading
and making tiloop Impossible, Tho journey
from Bclllnghani hns beon uninteresting, with
only a canipnlgu lunch on the Moors to onllvon
It To-morrow will bo tho shortost day's jour
ney of all, only fourtoon mllos to Molroso. Next
day's pull to Edinburgh will bo tho hardest of
tho trip.
A, Murder Knrly this Moraine; at the West
nd, Coney Island.
Cooloy Stono, tho jockoy who rodo Frollo
In yesterday's raco at Bhecpshead Bar,
got Into a, tjuarrel at IX o'clock
this (Friday) morning with Ernost Mlllor,
a bnrtondor In the St. Ntoholas Uotol at tho
West End on Coney Island. Tho aunrrol was
about a drink. Stono draw n plBtol and Bhot
miliar dead. Ho was arrested at 1 o cloak this
The Civil Service Law Does Nat Affect the
Appointments of Mr. Hbunahan.
Aldany, Juno 21. Tho Court of Appeals
rendered a decision on Tuesday, affirming tho
doclslon of tho General Term in Now York last
winter, that tho Canal Doportmont of tho Stato
is not subjoot to tho restrictions of tho civil
sorvlco law in tho raattor of appointments.
Tho opinion was wrltton by Chief Justloo
ltncor, and Is concurred In by tho full Court
Tho casn under which this deolslon Is ren
dered is that of ono Thomas G. Kllloen, who
brought a suit against the Juy and Ilichmond
Commission to compel thom to grnnt him an
examination for tho position of Canal Collec
tor in tho olllco of tho Superintendent of Publlo
Works. It was argued lu tho Supremo Court
at tho General Term, In Now York city, by
Attnrney-Goneral O'llrlon for tho poople, and
by Everett P. Whoolor for Killoon.
Tho Gonornl Term and tho appollate court
both hold that sections 8 and 5 of tho Consti
tution, undor which tho Superintendent of
Publlo Works is crentodv was tho outcome of a
popular desire to mako that officer in chargo
of tho cnnals supreme nnd responsible and
powers wero given him and duties exacted
whloh legislation could not lntorforo with.
His duties nro all mado mandatory by the uso
of tho vorb "shall" In nil that refers to him.
James Shanahun Is tho presont Superintend
ent of Cnnals. He was appointed by Clovolnnd,
nnd holds on undor HllL Should a Ilapub
llcan Governor bo olocted in the fall, the wholo
available campaign force of this department
could bo changed without a pretence of civil
sorvlco rclorm restrictions.
Mayor Cleveland Opposing Extravagance.
Tho Board of Publlo Works of Jereoy
City, when it organized on Monday after
noon, appointed six men to blow off hy
drants at salaries of $900 a yoar each,
and a foreman to look after thom at $1,200
a yoar. Yesterday Mayor Clovelond sont a long
lottor to tho Board Informing it that, although
it had tho power to appoint as many men to do
any particular kind of work It likod, he could
rofuso to sign tho warrants to pay tho em
ployees if, in his judgment, tbo work done was
not worth tho money charged for it He said
that there wore only 1,080 hydrants in tho city,
and that only 1,200 of thom required blowing
oft at intervals. Ono man. ho said, could do
this work as ofton as necessary, and tho em
ployment of six and n foreman besides was
outrageous and a dolibornte swindlo. He de
clared that ho would not sign any warrants to
pay tho mon, and advisod tho Board to dis
chargo thom. Tho lottor will bo actod on by
tho Board at its mooting on Monday next
Glen Island's Openlnar Hay.
About 2,000 adults and 1,200 children colo
bratod tbo oponing day at Glen Island yostor
dny. Nearly ovory man carriod a baby and a
lunch basket through tho pavilions, menagerie,
and "Little Germany" to tho family grovo re
served for basket picnics. Many men with
broad backs and a Continental accent sat un
dor tho hhudow of the watch tower In " Klelno
Deutschland," drinking Bavarinn beer nnd lis
tening to the (ionium melodies played by a
zither band. Visitors of loss Teutonlo tastes
drank Amoricau boor nnd honrd military muslo
In tho grand pavilion. Next Sunday tho David's
Island band will begin a series of concerts at
tho dining pavilion. Thoro have been addi
tions to tho menngcrio since last season, and
" Littlu Germany" has boon increased to twlco
its former bizo.
Invited to Talk to the Counties.
Tho County Democracy Ratification Com
mlttoo reported yestorday tho following list of
thoso who had boon invited to address tho
grand mass meeting at tlio Academy of Music
and Nllsson Hall on tho 2Sth: Gov. David B.
Hill, Spenkor John G. Carlisle. Congressmen
Benton McMillan of Kentucky, Martin Forun
of Ohio and Luther MoKinney of Now Hamp
shire, Senator Daniol W, Voorhees of Indiana,
Lieut-Gov. Stephen M. Whlto of California,
Govs. Gray of Indiana nnd Green of NowJor
suy, ox-Gov. Leon Abbett, Mayor Alfred O.
Chapln of Brooklyn, Mayor A. Mnhor or Al
bany, State Superintendent of Insuranco Ilob
ert A. Maxwell, District Attornoy John It. Fol
lows, Assistant James Fitrgorald, J. D, McClel
land, Justice John Jeroloinan, and Edwin L.
Mayor Cleveland Marries an xel ted Couple.
Mayor Clovcland of Jorsoy City marrlod a
young couplo at bis olllco on Tuesday who aro
supposod to hnvu olopod from Brooklyn. Tho
groom eald ho was Louis Woodruff. 25 years
old. of 20 Columbia street. Brooklyn. Tho
brido doscrlbod herself as Emma Bonnhuer, 20
yours old, of -IU Court sttoet Thoy both seom
od to bo grontly oxeltod. Assemblyman Jamos
V. Norton and Patrick Glennon wore witnesses.
Wlion thocoromony was ovor tho groom took
his brido in bis arms and kissed hor again and
again. Sho burst Into toars. and for ton min
utes thoy stood iu tho room alono. Whon thoy
loft thoy went to tho forry and took a boat to
tills city. The addresses they gave were not
The Thirteenth's Xenr X,lentenant-Colonel.
William J. Harding', who has boon Llouton-nnt-Colonol
of tho Twenty-second Bogimont
N. 0, 8. N. Y. for sovoral yoars, was last night
unanimously elected to tbo same position In
tho Thirteenth lteglmont. Brooklyn, of which
city ho Is a rosident Previous to his election,
Col, Harding oxprcssod his willingness to nc
copt. Ho Is a partner in the law firm of Dillon
A bvvnyne, and has been connected with tho
Twenty-second licgimoutfortwenty-Ove rears,
lie is a Domocrat
The Weather Yesterday.
Indicated byHudnut'sthormomotor; 8 A, M
68s OA. XI.. bU:U A. Jl , 70i M.KI'i a :30 r. MV )!
1 M mi o 1'. M.. 74: la roldiyjiht, 71 Average,
&. Average on June 21, lbS7, ITU'.
Mcnul onice Prediction.
For Now England, light to fresh southeaster
ly winds, stationary temperature, occasional light rains.
For the District of Columbia, eastern New York, east
era l'i.Minlv.iula. and Nsfr Jersey, light to fresh south'
irly triads, cooler, local rains. .
The Fperial Grand Jury met at 11 A. M. yesterday, but
adjourned nt 1 o'clock fur lack of a quorum. They will
try to assemble again to day.
The Hoard of Health lias appo'nted Walter It. Tyler of
I :il I'anlto street, llrwUyn. and Alex. J I'oet ot 174
West Klfl) eighth btreet, yiumblna Inspeoiora.
The freight steamer Arilaan. whloh piles between
Wilson's Point t'onn., ami Maw York, vvus stuck two
hours, on I'luod flock yesterday forcuoou. lilgbl tugs
pulled heroit
t'oiupiroller Myers received yesterday the payment
of f t'tofM aimuaUr made by the Hrondwar road for the
use of tho street below rltteenth street. In addition to
the perctmiagt of tuv fares collected on that pari et the
Tho Oenernl Term of the Court rf Common Pleas yes
terday sustained the deoUlon of Justice l.achujau rtv
In? a Jud.mit.nl for the defendant In the suit of John
Kelly, the aged St. blephen's l.'linrr.li parishioner a
follower of Hr McOlynu, against the Her. Charles 11.
(ulioiiof ht btephen's Church, to rsniver 73 allcgsd to
be duo for cop) lug certain church records.
The Patrick slrMaiius Campaign Association of the
Twrntr-srcond Assembly district wasorianUedatrltitt.
flffltttiret aud Third aeuue last eteulng. Oenrgs w.
Williams was elected 1'resldeiitt Frederick Wllkens,
Mce-l'rcsldentj Val Vlartln. Treasurers Jlenry 0. Liu
don. Secretary, and Uicbael Reltly, Sergeant-at Arms.
The tit, Lonls nominations wars rsUfled. and II was
voted to anggest the uecilnailon of A. J. White far
BiirmsW, A. ruck fox County ClMfc "
Oreshasn, Ilnwley, Ifnrrlson, Alaer, "her- 'tjK
mnn, lleperr, and Husk IMaced In lYotnt ' mi
nation-Major MeKlnley Heads the 11 nt. tgtf
term Amid Outbursts of Applause It irca
Declares lor the Protective Nystem, and 'M
l'uvors the Reduction ol the JCevenne by -M
the Hepenl or Internal Taxes Scenes 1 ','ffit
und Incldeata In the Great Convention, &
Chicago, Juno 21. Tho third day ot tho 'sf
Convention oponcd with n crowded hall. From $
tho Uttlo cockloft undor tho roof to tho pit for ra
tho dologatos tho vlow was of a mass ot whit I
faocs and waving palms. Tho atmosphere was TC
hotter than mustard. Not a breath of air
Btlrradln tho hall, whoso docoratlons, doml- ''?
nated by rod bunting, added to tho benso ot in- .M
tolornble hoot ' m
It is time to tako another rapid glance at the , jjjffl
situation, tho hall, and tho surroundings of tho '",
Bcono. Chicago provos to bo an abominably t-sji
hot city, with a boat peculiar to Itsolf a wot, M
Btlcky, suffocating boat, that saps tho vitality ',!
of strangers, bloachcs tholr faoca and thins
tholr flesh. The Convention is no longor a &
small ono. Tho crowds aro simply onormous, t$
Thero Is din and confusion and roar onough to - J
satisfy tho constitution of n bollormakor, but a vv&
groat deal of It 1b paid for, a groat deal of It Is m
duo to rum, and tho rost is caused by tho abnn- fff
don of tho myriad who aro hero for a holiday. 3
Tho ontbuslasm, forvor, and flro that dls- ; S
tlngutshed the bohavlor of tho crowds at Bt ;?
Louis is almost wholly missing horo. lion i?
parade the stroots In uniformed processions
ovory day, but It is not consoling to Bo-
publicans to Inquire into how those pro !m
cessions aro mado up. All ovor the coolor I
parts of town, especially along tho lako front if
ono finds tho Alger pnradors stooping out of if',
doors. Many nro paid for marching, but tho )$
pny Is not largo enough to moot tho hotol ex- e
ponsos. Tho bost of the dally parades is that ' f,
of tho Forakor Club for John Bhcrman, but it ,f
displays sovon big portraits of Forakor and ono i'
Itttlo ono of his Undo John. Tho vigor and A
elasticity of the crowd Is all gono becauso of ?,
tho hoat and tho peculiar political conditions,
Thoro is a goneral air of woarlnoss ovor tho vj
wholo city. Pooplo who camo to stay tho thing ."'.
out, regiments of onlookors. havo dlsappoarod sfi
from tho hotels. They aro hunting a cool V
breeze. .
Tho nowspopor men nro indignant ovor their '5
trcatmont Tho high muck-n-mucks of tho n
National Committoo fancied thcmsolvos to bo '$
tho only porsons In whom tho cross was Intor- sj
osted. Therefore, thoy built all tho dosks of $
tho correspondents bo as to faco tho stall In
which tho groat men sit In grand carvod
leather-padded chairs, amid flowors and bunt- ' .
lng. It Isimnosslblofortho rcportors toelthor
soo or hear what goos on among tho dologatos. " T
Even tho Chicago newspapers utlllzo tho sltua-
tlon for sportive paragraphs. To add to tho dls- '
comforts of tho press, an officious Uttlo man, '!
a Mr. Bayno of Pennsylvania, put through a . '
resolution to provont the correspondents gains; .',
among tho delegates to gather what can bo cot
In no other way. As a rulo. tho woos of news
paper mon aro uninteresting to tho masses, i"
but in this caso thoy aro half as numer
ous as tho dolegates, and tho whole
country waits upon tholr pons. Tholr
seats tako up as much spaco as tho
roadway of Broadway from Murray stroot to .
Park place. Tholr manuscript fllos In tho
hands of mossengors to a great basomonthall,
where fifty oporators aro pounding at tholr ,
koys, while fourmountcd messongors hurry to
tho main offices of the tolegraph companios
with tho surplusage of copy. Tho tolegraph
service is as bad as anything can be, and tho ,
managors aro disobliging. ;
Tho Convention was called at 10 o'clock, and S
long boforo that hour tho pooplo flllod tho gal- ,'
lories. It was so hot In tho top gallory that tho
men took oH their coats and showod so many , '
shirts that thoy turned that gallory white.
Down in tho first balcony, ovor tho honds of tho I
Kansas delegates, sat Mrs. John A. Logan,
portly woman with whlto hair and In widow's
woods. She sat over tho picture of William A, ,
Soward. tho first of tho portraits that dock the
front of tho balcony. Bhe was not choorod or
recognized by the maj'ority.
There were somo auoer folks in tho gallorias.
One enormous man displayed a faco so in
flnmod by hoat or somo malady that it lookod.
llko a harvost moon. Bohind him stood a mart
with opera glassos boforo bis oyos and a flarlnrr
trumpet in ono ear. Thoro always is ono man i
at each Convention with a cry or yoll so po- - j
cullar as to rivet conoral attontlon. In St j
Louis tho most peculiar cry was that of a man
who barked llko a terrier. Horo thoro is a .
Southerner with a lugubrious, pathetic, pro-
longed yoll llko tbo wall of a lost soul. Ono
other notablo peculiarity of tho gallory display J
was tho preBonco of brilliant rod gowns in f
groat numbers among tho ladios. Chicago j
womon run to wholo suits of IntonBO rod. Any ?
ono who has scon tho traditional Mephisto on )
tho stage can Imagine how tho dear girls look;
as thoy blaze among the crowds In tbo streets.
In tho Convention hall thoy looked llko jots of
Chairman Esteo was In his place early with ,
nautical looking B. F. Jones at ono sldo ot him
and Carson Lako at tho other. AuEstooand
Jones bit down and Lako stands up tho latter
is the most conspicuous man In tho Conven
tion. Harry Smith, tho old journal clork of
Congress, was again at tho Chairman's elbow,
but It had been decided by tho Convention last
night that not even bo could mako a good
Chairman of Estoe. Tto first Impression Esteo
made was excollent but ho got rattled and I
went to pieces In tho confusion over tho .'
slaughter of Muhono and John Sherman's
boom last night. Had not Warner Miller camo
to his rescuo goodnoss only knows how tho
Convention would have got bock on the traok.
Esteo played sharp witli tho Conventlon.thouga.
When ho wanted a motion carried ho decided
It won on tho aves from the gallorios. When
he wanted it toJfalXbo paid no hood to the gal- i
lerles. t
It was hotter than boiling mush. Tho Now I
Yorkers wero uncommonly prompt In getting; J
to their scats; so prompt that at least halt jj
dozon porsons bad como lator than they. One f
of tho three men who looks llko Chaunonr
Depow was In tho dolegates' seats. He VfHJ j
moving around among tho others as though
bn was a real boss like Chauncoy, with twenty
votes in his coat tall. Ho Is Mr. Whitney of tho I
delegation. Tho real Chauncoy's absonco from
the Convention during the last three sessions !
was explained this morning. Ho not only I
thinks hlmtelf a candidate, but Is convinced ho
will win. Never In modern politics has any y
man in his position heard so much plain talk :
ot a discouraging nature as Mr, Depow, Intl- I
mate friends, heavy-weight politicians, rail- j
road officials, and oven Joe Mod 1 11. to say noth- I
lng of Editor Itosowutor of tho Omaha Bee, I
bavo told him that ho cannot be noralnatod, (
and that If ho was ho never oould be olected,
The general understanding on Monday and ,
Tuesday was that although Chauncoy's head i
had buzzod with tho blggost Presidential j
bco on record, he had been satisfied of ,
tho impotency of his aspiration1 and jtraa
going to oik nothing more than a graceful exit I
by means ot a complimentary vote. But this
is not so. Ho has taken a now hold, and Is
mora strongly than over conviucod that his
tracks are the ones that lead to tho Whlto ;
Hour. Uls boom has been moved Into tho big
ladios' parlor, the boadquarters of his State,
and he is enjoying himself haranguing delega
tions. He does not think it booomluc to b
prwoat trbta thU gnat Ooav.atloa Umpedea
'M'l'Fi'Jiriirr , ....,., ....3- -..r..,. ,..r m,,,

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