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IP ' THE SUN, MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1888. & J
"uM as vxroRTuvjtxB week for vxica,
y,im itvx boub good avonr.
J7g') T. OMki SWKidwItta I-snaakeepsle on
v BA Caleaa Fraepaata far tae Week nt AL
jkfM eJ. tke Ilartfare. Canteat.
ij& UiiCA, Aug. 35, For sotcrnl years past
Hf the local trotting association horo has ondcnv-
J ered to maintain Its former standard among
I ths members ot th Grand Circuit. Rutench
I mimd hs 6en a gradual decline, principally
I M iuMd by tho rlvalrr ol Western tracks. Bomo
I I r the best stables return West from Iloohos-
j I ter. Added to this disadvantage, Utica has
H suffered this year by tho contemporary moot-
ins ot Poucnlcecpsle, where the purses woro
equally large and the track considerably hot
'I ter. Chloago, too, carried away some of tho
I ftar performers. Including Budd Doble's string.
I bseldes Prince 'WllkeB. Clingstone LorettaK.
I Itella 0., and other good ones. As a result ot
H thM combined opposing forces, the Holds
H hew hava been unusually small, nnd onlr n tow
1 of the events are worthy ot special mention.
I The original entry list contained ninety-six
U'i names, but only about fifty horees came to
1 compete In the eleven races scheduled. As tho
Ml last straw to the load of misfortune, tho
l weather va cold and cloudy, with occasional
1 rain, for three days, and It was only on Friday
that the temperature was high enough to ren
der iehteeln from the Brand stand nnd
quarter stretch In any way enjoyable. The
flnanoial loes to the association has been con
siderable, and it is doubtful whether Utica will
continue to claim its place in the circuit, whoro
it was once so well and firmly established.
'. i Poaghkeepsie has been knocking for admin-
I sion into the select clrole for two seasons, and,
I baring been refused admittance each time, tho
f Hudson RlTer Driving Association has ven
tured into open competition, last year with
Springfield, and this time with Utica. The
milllonalro brewer, Jac Ruppert. has stood
behind it, and, backed by his ample purse, tho
ambitious young enterprise has bad rather tho
best of it this season, though they had to pocket
a considerable loss in 13S7. The Inducement
hold out by the Foughkeopsto management
' was on offer to convoy tho horses irom Hoches-
ter at their oxpensu. Utica tollowod suit, and
also reduced tho ontrnnco too from ton to oiglit
per cent ot tho purse. This movo paved Utica
from a greater defeat, nnd John Bclan, Knap-
Isack McCarthy. A. J. Fook, and eomo ot
ttio younger school ot professional roins
mon, maintained tholr old ulloclanco and
brought their strings ot trotturs and
pacers to this town. Not ono of the
trio aboTO named won a first premium during
the mooting, bat in nearly overy cano thoy got
one of tho smaller sharoR. Bplau. who has
during his long career scored many victorios
with Ranis. Mattle Huntor, and Johnston, tho
float pacers, tho camo maro Mambrino,
fcparkl and aliostot othors with fast rocords
and numerous successes, IinB won very few
racoa this season. Since tho Grand Circuit
openod he has not obtained n stnglo flist
nremlnm. Ills promising young Kentucky
princo trotter Fred Folger has not bcon ud to
tlio form he showed earlier in the season, when
he carried of! tho honors In tho Cluy Stakes nt
Albany, and in races at l'oughkeopsio nnd
other points of the spring circuit. The only
creditable thing Folgor has done of late was to
xecuro the uocond share ot tho Consolation
Stake at Rochester last week, though tho miles
were travelled soveral seconds bolow tho ccld
' Ing's former ability. Uo was backed to run tho
Free-for-all this week, but tho local horso
ltaro Blpahad llttlo illiUcultylu wresting tho
prize from htm as his only ouponenr. 31 r.
Do Noyoliei ot New York, who owns Folgei.
sarB that tho goldlng has never had his speed
and raoo ability slnuotliu Poughkeopsio meet
ing, but he honos ho will be ablo to give n good
account ot himself before long. Mr. Wo Noyollei
owns & nomination in the JIU.UO'J stalto nt
Hartford, and will probably start tho lior.su In
that contest. Governor If 111 la Btill out ol sorts.
. , nnd was unable to savo his distance in tho
Vg, M third heat or tho 2:20 cuss on Wodnosday. Ho
1 seemed to havo as much speed as any of tho
I party in the first half of tiiis bent, but wont to
HI nieces In an instant, and was shut out In 2:24.
Ml this horso was wonderfully fast lost year, but
-U his breeding Is not of that quality which iuiU
H Hod the ezpootation in which ho tins been hold.
T Protection was tho best of Bplan's stable tbii
week, and the gelding wont tho greatest rucu
ofhlsllfu on Wednesday in tho long-drawn
battle among the 2:27 trotters. lie won tho
tint and fourth heats, and was left to fight
It out with J. It. Jtlchardscn in tho sixth
and seventh Innings, when tho Tennossoo
stallion Frank Baford. tho third horso remain
ing In tho oontost. mado losing broaks which
kept him in the rear. This was by all odds tho
best race ot the meeting, and was the most se
vere, test to which Hlohardson has yet been
subjected. The winner Is a son of Ooorgo
Wilkes, and his dam Is by Almont. He oxem
j, , pltQoa the truth of tho axiom. " Blood will
'ml tell." In the foar contests in his class through
m the circuit bo has won three, and all were stub
W born fights of mnnvkheats. Frank Duford, who
H defeated htm at Itochestor, has not entirely ro-
1 coverod from that encounter, and could only
I got one heat, the fourth, nnd that wus donated
I to him by the judges on account of tho running
I done by Itlobordson. who came in nhead. Tho
speedy little mare Elda B., a winner In the
1 2:33 class at Boahestor, had a strong support
1 la tho earlier part of the rnca, but she was
M driven with bad j udgmont. nnd the ovoroier-
lion left her stranded behind the distance flag
in the llfth mile. Her owner and driver, J.
M Kj Drown of Rhode Island, mado u
n mnfih similar but not so costly an orror In the
J. 2:22 trot on Tuesday with his lyoung stallion.
TB Mount Morris, by Smuggler. Attor winning
Hi two heats, each in SiVtlt. from the tavorito, T.
HJ T. B the horso wus entitled to one easy mllo.
bat ho was again extended to his full limit, and
the effort, was too muoh for him. T. T. B. was
very much "off" in tho first part ot tho race,
but be worked out his indisposition, and Doug
rey was able to outgeneral his dangerous rival
and snatch victory from tho vorr juws of do
pot T. T. Id. was a muoh bettor horse on
Thursday, when he met Favonia iu the '2 :1s
class and forced her to go three heats, all close
to 2: ID. The big goldlng seems to have no and
(itondnronce. and, if he keeps right, will put in
a strong claim for tho big purso at Hartford,
for which he. too, is eligible.
Among the winners of the wook just closed
Is the six-year-old chestnut gelding Ooldon
J'.od from Albany, who mado his debut iu the
tlrund Circuit, and walked off with tho 2:30
Ilea trot in straight heats, alter the favorite,
, wttr Monarch, bad secured the first. Golden
v Fit Hod is by Alcyone, one of the most promising
II I the younger sons of George Wilkes, whose
all early death, out short what seemed destined to
rjf ta a brilliant career In the stud. Alcyone won
the blue ribbon among trotting stallions at
the last national horse show lathe metropolis,
auu died suddenly last year at Highlawu, Hohs.
I 'r' "ortby descendant. Golden Bod. was pro-
tlueed from Aunie Eastin, also the dam of Eu
1 Arini0I1J J3. and one other In the 2:30 list.
M lfl nretrace was In the Clay Stakes nt Albany
tbla spring, and since then he has won in eon
el tfsU'at Boston. Syracuse, and WatorvUle. N. Y.
His record up to Tuesday was 2:2n;v.and ho
I r?!"10? inthesocandheat. Ah
I jJUfif J''.SS trBln on- Golden Rod
should soon beat 2 : 20.
HPj"19 same day that the son of Alcyone
added renown to his great ancestry another
Albany horse earned Oret hoaore uinonc the
pacers. Ud to this .week tho four-year-old Kon-
tuqky gtafllon Bessemer has had a sorles of
unbroken victories through the circuit The
Utioa traok was his Waterloo, for he was d Is.
M, tancea in the second heat for running, ntter
flalshlng last in the first mile Irom the samu
cause. Four years Is a tender age for a qain-
I palgn of many weeks, and Bessemer should
II !fi had a rest. Ho will be laid up during the
II Albany meeting, going directly to Hartford
M in here. It would .be a wiser move to send
ff me borse boor to his homo, whore u longer rest
M and the succulent blue grass would restore hla
speed and the ability to carry it thnmch u
ri1- h MH' the second Albany rnudldatu
referred to. profited by Bessemer's collopo,
I Unfi5B:fn? l? Booure tho Prlzo he was o
i?i?AintliT $clti to win, 1'hls young side
wheeler is by Messenger Duioc. end is n
L'SEDZ'2moo"l-aL,ed animal, with conslder-
nitt P? EtiSE6 th??.w necessary to defeat
ali rST? t8?Jc1t??dAnd Pat Bruen, her two oppo-
I 25a. $m$&&n ot ibu rBc8 was carr!d
J?m0iint SJ?och.?,wt b' carrying off the
m J:20raoe in consecutive heats. The task was
II "n easier one than that ot the previous week.
kfe?roin?JrfnLKlt CuiryVore at Poiish-'
I rtlfTifif Jli2J2&!Sl?Tt ouul'urnor of Phfla.
i k.i.Sy!?iotM BP?"or 'or the ilrst time since
n tie famous old relnsman has recovered Irom
5il0D5 l"id dangerous illness. Friday fur"
I P7nf.0n'' IS0 &0"' bu' both were nuito
I teUn,r- f IE?"?, Bt8.,ll0, Mulatto, by
1 Aoffdeen. repeated his Cleveland performance
MUr horse In the narty. It Is not certain that
I tK .MPut ft M Pontine wai a. much
I li'??.13r0.w 7 M ' Cleveland, but he could
) Kl! ffJJ8 e iun? more doufitful If he had
ft KJJ.di!lvP,'toru tn 0UW; Tb horeo has
Am J? ? thla summer, and his owner thought
Jfcf ra.,,er J bo coijtent with second
F Bn,.!1, & w"b u now driver.
1 Ittot ICm,uw wUh Jt . " ". respect this
Ii EStS Kr.M.viTro treatment of an owner's
A w.oinoe, aed when bone Im ettrted J
In a rnce ho may be made to win whether his
inamigors nre agreeable or not
Tho 'Z:17 pace, which camo last, was fullot
surprises. Clmrllo brlol.who won horo Inst
year alter Argvlp was distanced by reason of a
stand-still break, was thought to be equal to
repenting bis performnncoof a twolvoniontli
ago, but he was short ot work, nnd, with plenty
or spoed. was not In, condition to cany It, Tho
Eoung Byraeuso stallion, tlmonarcb, soemod to
avotho victory woll In band, whon Balsora
Wllkos wrcstod It from him at the last
moment nttor an eicltlug nock-and-neck
strugglo to tho wlro in tho third hoat.
Tbo doclslon was n very close one. and
those outsit o of tho lndcof), stand still disputo
IU Sir. L. 0. Undurhlll of tho Kow York Sj'orti
tiian tnitdo an lnstftnlnnoous ncgntlvo of
tho finish, nnd tho testimony ol the camera Iu
ongorly nvaltod. llr. Undorhlll will havo tho
plate developed In Kow York to-day. Balsora
Wilkes went ulongand won tho race Fcok
matloalinrd drive In tho illtlihcnt, after lay
ing I.linonarcli ud In tlio fourth; but ho sot
nnny badly, and tho gnti ho hnd to close tlrod
tho Btnlllon, and ho could not overhaul tho Mr
chestnut. Bnisorn Wilkes Is by Wllklo Collin.
it eon of George Wllkos. Uo wbh at ono tlmo
used In ft milk wagon about Uuffalo. and wus
Hold for 1150. Illnownor is the eon of u German
barber In that city and n novice on the turf, tho
dovolonmont of groat speed in hie chenp pacer
bavlngcauscd mm to exchnngo tho razor strop
for a pair of reins enrly thlB koason.
John II. 8hultM of Brooklyn, proprietor of
Pnrkvlllo 8tock Farm, ran up horo on Thurs
day night from the secobddayot tho l'ough
keopsio meeting, whom be had beon tvatchlng
tho nerformanco of his young stallion, Cres
cendo. In the 2:37 class. He reported a large
attendance and excellent sport. The Pouch
keopsie meeting has been oarefully noted hero,
and. In spite of tho loss ot the first dny irom
bad weather, tho affair seems to have gone
smoothly. A failure would have helped Utlca's
future prospoctB. The victory of tho llttlo
rnestnut mare Bertha over the favorite, Beauty
Bright, besides Crescendo and other promising
young trotters, is n great surprise to those who
knew the maro In former seasons. She was a
notoriously bad nctor. being much or Guy's
Sattern la scoring, and thought but little of.
It Curry has overcome the staleness mani
fested at Buffalo and Bocbester. and put In
three heats In fast tlmo whon she won the 2:20
class, vanquishing Thornless. the favorite, nnd
Pilot Knox, the Maine stallion that won
the iSpfrjt of the 2une cup nt Boatoa In
1885. Friday's programme at Poughkeepsle
seems to have furnished good sport, Tho
Kentucky Prince Gelding Company bns done
wonderfully well in Goldsmith's hands, nnd
those who saw his improved behavior last
weok at Bochosterwill not be surprised to hoar
thnt he won the 2:21 trot at Toughkeepslo yes
terday, and added another trophy to the many
credltablo things ncblovod by the got of Mr.
Backman's great slro. In tlio eccnnd heat
Company mado n second of 2:19.V. Thorntons
seems to havo como out of Thursday's race In
good phupo. for lie ilofoatod Wbt'.o Ktocklngi
nnd other fast horsoa iuths2:18 clnsn, attor
the Kansas Cltyhorce hnd got two ol tho uoces
nary throo heats. The ruport shons (but thoro
wan a suspicion of njob to pull Whlto block
ings, and Murphy was called In to tet uinttcrt.
This was doubtloss an error in judgment on
tho part of those In authority, for tho Stewarts,
who own tho gelding, nro aftor glory moro
than wcnlth. having an ubundnnco of tbo hit
ter. Their horho has had too inony races, and
should havo boon tct-tod this vreol: to glvo him
n chance for tho big purso hung out at Chartor
Oak Park wook nftor next.
The despatches show that Chle.aco ha lincl a
front week's sport. Tlio triumph of Princo
Wilkes over Clingstone doos not surprise thoso
who knew tho two homes. Washington Pnrk
track is suited to tho big gait or the Wllkoi
flyor. nnd ho Is undoubtedly tho superior ot tho
Cleveland demon wlion both aro nt un odgo.
Inn low days thoro will bo a reunion of tho
stnblos nt Island Park. Albany, whoro the
entries In tho various elasoa aro numerous.
Homo ot tho boat lior-os will bo lot up to pio
paio them for tbo larger moneys offered ut
Hartford. Enough roiuuin to clvo promise of
nu enjoyablo four days ut thoplcturcsiiuo track
on tho Hudson
i.2 or run rT.Arrativiscnu fest.
JSO.OOO) Peraoni Nulit to Ilavp Jleea In At.
leuilanre Tcvterdny.
The festival of tho Hattdoutsche Volksfeftt
Voreen. which began in Schtltzon Pnrk. Union
Hill, X. ,T.. last Sunday wook, endod last oven
lug. JlrnostKuhlmann.Socrotaryottho Verecu,
says tho festival was a creatsuccess llnaaclally
and othorwlso. mid that quite n largo sum will
bo distributed to charitabla institutions
throughout tho country. Tho horso cars run
ning between tho .lersoy City and Hobokon
ferric and tho park woro crammed, and It
is ostlmntod that nt least 50,000 porsons at
tended tho festival Tostordny. In tho oarly
part ot tho day tho hent was Intense, but a
cool breczo sprang up in the nltornoon and
made things pleasant. Tbo ntt: actions nt tho
fobtlval woro of a varied nnturo. Thoro was
music and dancing nnd Incerc.Uoro.
M. Jlohlendorf of tho Jersey City BcliOtzen
Corpa wns crovned king ot tho lestlvnl, ho
having mado tho highest scoro In tho shoot
ing. He looked like a Komnn Emporcr whon
Capt. August Bewig, tho Chairman of tho
KhootingCommlttoo. placed :i wreath ot oak
lonvea on his brow. The winning bowling
tenms cot prizes. They nro tho Spartan Club,
Iso. 1, scored 4Gt: Ilosedalo Club. 420. and tho
Fifth Ward Independent Club of Iow York
107. Horman Kahlsdorf ot tho Spartan Club
was presented with a gold watch because ho
made tho highest lnli"ldual score.
During tbo day the Morelio Brothers and the
herbort Brothors performed wonderful acro
batic feats, and thoy woro loudly applauded.
ProttyHam'selle Mini Borer was as daring as
over on tho flying rings. Alexander Zanfretta
turnod somersaults in tho dancing rope, and
Van Ankon and Long were dazzling on the
horizontal bars. "The Big Five" in their
classic groupings wore very line. Charles
Stockman performed the difficult foutof catch
ing a cannon ball llred from a cannon. Znn
frettn. " the great American Blondin," carriod
blindfold a pretty young lady across a wlro
about forty feet above tho people's hood. Mile.
Zanl walked around tho stage on a globe, and
the three Eddys. Emma. Willie, and Louis, guvo
a lino acrobatia performance. Tntall, "tho
Cuban wonder, a mystery to tho medical pro
fession." twisted his body Into nil kinds ot
shapes. Tho tubleaux vlvsnts representing
Uormnnta, the Goddess of Liberty, Bismarck,
and the four Knisers delighted the spectators.
In addition to tho above theio were vvai-htub
races, climbing ot rolos. foot race?, ring riding,
sabro and spear fencing on horseback, boat
races, and several otbor contosts, The Punch
and Judy show made the hearts ot tho little
ones dunco with joy, Tlio park nt night, when
tho electric llhts were turned on. looked like
fairy lurid. The fakirs and proprietors of
booths along the rond leading to the park vrere
yelling themielvos hoarse in frantic efforts to
close out their stock in trado,
looming glasses of lager nnd Culmbachor
were offered with muBciilar-looklng Frank
furters at a minimum price, Tho men with
the handsome guld and silver watches, to bo
given to the lucky mini who could throw n very
small ring overavoiy large cone. generously
ottered un extra Hug as an Inducement. Thu
oars from the ferries were filled to their utmost
capacity. It was a good-natured crowd, how
ever, and they were all congratulating them
selveson the success of tho festivnl. During
the past woek ISO.000 people havo con
tributed tholr mite to tho Plattdoutsebe
charity fund, mid thoroughly enjoyed giving
It. The elglitv-nlne societies which joined iu
the festival are composed ot men from the
north of Geiniauy. Tholr charitlos, however,
are not limited to persons fioiu Unit juirtof
Germany. Inside the park tho jolly Clonnuiis
woroenjoylug In different wnyi the few bourn
which remained of the groat festival. The
grounds vvera llghtud by thousands of blazing
torches. The ubiquitous mosquito won the
only indication that tho visitor was Iu Jersey
and not lu Germany. Twenty bunds and or
ehustras divided their wind between thu
favorite German airs and the fntnllinr donee
music. The dancing linlln vvoie so crowded
that nrtltlo waltzing us nu impossibility.
The young Duoplu. however, jumped up nnd
down in time with the muMtviud looked warm
tiutvcryhuppy. l.ich ancloly gathoiottmntiinl
Its heaJiiuarlerfi and iltunk foniiiliii; schoon
ers of beer to tlio huurens of llm uevt
Volkslest-Yoroln. Kvery n'licnio which tliu
Ingenuity of tho Conor Island fakir could sug
gest for catching iioniiles wjih leaning u har
vest. The mini with the hniss pjiucs huomoil I
to ho the most popular. 'I'licio wus u siniill i
table coverod with circular brnr.s platoa Thu
curious ones who invostod UJ conti got a iiuui- I
borof brtiSH illhks, nud, If tlmy Micivcdcxl hi (
throwing thepii so that they chYvjuiI h biass
platoon tho table, theygotnlaige hnrsoplhtul, I
n Hllvor watch, or a dofonneU-lookliig clod . i
Businoss wns dull at onn or those htanils until
n iiilld-loollng man. with very Itiml liiv.toui.
pity ou tlio eMabllfchniunl. Hu lmokut
ed a plst.d and a w.itcli. nuil wih in
n fair way to pocket a clock, when
some ono whispered , to tho proprietor,
The mild young man had in morn prosperous
days run u similar oatcliponny at Conoy Ii land,
1 ho proprietor ot tho table and pinto combina
tion was very utigry and. very pro'tine ns tho
young man and his friends departed with the r
prizes, it was woll Into the maU hours this
morning whon tho last bohoonois vyoro filled,
and tho last revellers drank " Gosundnvlt,
.A Ittrh riuil vl .VUlti!!. j
Topika, Kan., Auc 26, Tlio rjeoplo of
Itussoll Springs, Logau, county, aro exdlod
over tho discovery of a , very rich deposit of
nickel. A number ot claims havo been staked
nut, and there Ih ageneral rush to that point.
Two prospectors, Jerome Coldron and Clinton
Phelps, mado the discovery. Thoy had been
prospoctlng In Logan eouolysluco April last,
pnd know from the start that mineral of some
kind wero to be found here, lu their search
they enmoucroas iron, sliv ei. andecml.biitvrerii
tloally rewarded by rinding thU inexhaustible
mine of nickel, it i in wimt Is tcrmcl ,n
blanket ledge, cropping out all along tho gulcli,
nnditcenbo worked hum tho fiiirfaco, Jvq
sbuftN will have to be sunk, anl the cost of
jnlnlup will bo merely nominal. Tho assayHrun
from five to twenty-live per oont. pure nickel
TAVl5P prospectorshovexocelvedaacfler 0
IS0,0)O to their find.
xoitK'S itAcxaoma vvatic.
Racing at Monmantti. rTtend, Conev
lataed, Ceili.i-hurt. it JDrlahten All In
One 'VceU-lmprneitienU nt Akeepabead
Ilavp-Tke Xeir HtrilBilvir Cere
"WclthU for the Cartnret and .lercv
Ilauaienpi Nnt of tke Turf.
Tho lover ot horeo raclDg who will not, bo
satisfied with tho attractions offcrod In tho
vicinity ol Mow York for this wook will Indeed
bo fastidious. To-day tho Hoekawny Ktoonle
chaBo Association will conclude Its full moot
ing, and Brighten Bonch. will opon Its gntos for
tho socond last tlmo this season. On Tuotdny
Monmouth Park will hold Its closing dny with
thoC'nrtarot Handicap for two-yoar-olds nnd
tho Jersey Handicap lor threo-jear-olds, with
$15,000 glvon la added money as tho stnko
features: und on Wcdnoeday, Thursday, nnd
Friday tho Brooklyn Jockoy Club will give nn
extra throo-duy meeting at Oravesend, with n
proerammo of unusual mot it nearly all tho
best horses In training of any ngo being down
nsstartors la some ot the ovonts.
The Conoy Island .TookovClub will open its
regular autumn meeting at Shcepshoad Bay
on Saturday. This will be a fitting climax to
one of the most brilliant week's racing in tlio
history of tho turf.
A good deal of fault has boon found in ponio
quarters with the Brooklyn Jockoy Club's on
croacblng upon tho dates claimed by the Hock
nway 8toeplecbaso Association. The fact ot
tho matter is, that there nro too many racing
associations in tho field, and naturnlly tho
wonkeronos are bound to como to grief whon a
clash of dates occur. Tbe Brooklyn Jockey
Club had muoh tho worstof the spring dates,
being compallod to nccopt tho very earliest
possible days, nnd It will roadlly bo remem
bered how tt rained almost ovory day during
tholr spring mooting, causing n loss of thou
sands of dollars. ilr.Philip Dwyer. President
of tho club, and his associates, vvero dissatis
fied, and It was announced that la future tho
Brooklyn Jockey Club would look aftor Its own
When an extra mooting wns spoken or, Mr.
Dwyor concluded that ho would oiler purse3 ot
suth richness that horso ownors could not nf
lord to miss tho meeting, and depended on tho
uualllyuf tlior.ieersontored to brlngthu money
back Into tho association trciuuirv through tho
largo atteuuauco It would attract. A conservative-director
of tho association remoustrulod
mildly at tho tlmo. saying:
"Wo may not havo tlio nttondaucoiyou antic
ipate," ,
"If wo don't," was tho President's plucky ro
plv. "wo will bo money out ol pocket."
'iho real clashing of dntos will not begin until
noxt spring, when the Brooklyn Jockey Club,
tho Conoy Islnnd Jockoy Club, tho Monmouth
Pnrk Bnclng Association, tho American Jockoy
Club, nnd tho now Wostchestor ltncuig Asso
ciation attempt to squeeze thirty day mootings
foreach within the legal dates ot May 15 and
Oct. 15. Then thoro will bo fun. nnd somebody
will cot hurt. ,
A roportor of The Sun visited Rhecnshoad
Bay yesterday. Huporintondont l'r.iuk Clark
has tho bciutifnl snot in tho bost posslblo con
dition. Tho now straightaway threc-uunrters-nf-a-mllo
track over which tho Conoy Island
Futurity fOu.UOO Btnko Is to bo run Is com
pleted. Prom the press stand thohorsos enn
notbo soon at tho post, a slight bend In tho
track and an unsightly fence obstructing tho
vmw: but fiom tho upper tiorof thu grand
stand a eplondld view Is afforded of the imtiro
course. Looking from the stand tlio first eighth
ot a milo nnpaars to bo bllghtly downhill, and
lightning time will bo made whon tho courso
has bocomo thoroughly packed and hardened.
Tho now track will scarcely bofatt for tho
Tuturity, which will bo run n woek fiom to-day.
but It would not bo surprising If 1 orce's rocord
of 1:13 forthree-quarteis should bo brokon ut
Shoopshead Bav before the snow flics.
Proctor Knott could certainly nave run tho
distance In 1:13, when ho won tho junior
championship, and his admirer nio bravo
enough to claim that ho can oiual. If not
break, tho rocord over a straightaway courBo.
A now doublo-deekml iron Btand, for tho
judges and timors. is in the courso of erection,
half a do?on workmen being busily engaged
upon it yesterday, it will be vory eompleto in
nil Itsnppoiutmonts. und will hnvori decided
novolty in the shape or nn eloetnc Uial. wliicn
bhowstho tlmo mndo during a race nseach
ojuarter is ruu.
Mr. J. B. llaecln's Haratogn string arrived at
their Hboopshoad liny qumtors yostordny.
whoro thoy will bo joined on Wednosuny by tho
Monmouth Park contingent. Among thoso
thnt enmo from fanrntoga is tho .1-year-old filly
Yum Yum. She Is ona of tbo grentest spnntors
in tho Innd. mid is n lltstablo companion for
such a grand rnco mnro ns I'ironzi. Yum Yum
will btart In tho $3,000 swoopstakos at Graws
ond on Wednesday, at n milo and a furlong,
and will meet Badge, Terra Cotta, Wheeler V
Fgmont, Kingston, and Sir Dixon. On tho
same day Los Angeles, Bella IX. Lela May.
Prose, and Specialty will moot in a $1,500
Bweepstakes for 3-yenr-old (lilies. On tho sec
ond day. Thursday, nil tho crack 2-year-olds
will measure strides in a 2.bCH) sweep
stakes, and thoro will bo a swoepstakos
tor S-ynar-olds and upward on the
same day, at a mile and nn eighth.
In which tho ndded money will amount to
$1,500. On Friday, tbo concluding day. sweep
stake events ror three-yoar-olds, with $3,000
nddod. nnd for three-year-olds and upward,
with $1,500 added, at a milo and a nuartor, will
be run. Tho programme of tho Coney Island
Jockey Club Is of unusual excellence. The fol
lowing Is a llbt of tbe stakes to be run for on
the llrst and second days of the meeting, Sept.
1 and 3 : Saturday Tho Dolphin. $1,250 ndded ;
tbo Sapphire, J1.2MJ added: tho Twin City.
$2,500 added: the Green, $1,000 addod. Mon
day Tho Futurity, probable value $50,000;
Groat Fall Helling Stakes. $1,250 au'lad.
This is a criterion of tbe qun'.lty of tho
Bports offorod during the remainder of tho
Tho Amoricnn Jockey Club, in sending out
its prospectus for stakes to be run noxt yoar,
makes the Drovlsion that the races may bo run
over any track tho club may soo fit. This looks
liko the death warrant of Jerome Pnrk. nnd tho
fall meeting of the club, which opens on Tues
day. Oct. 2. will probably bo the last one held
on tbo historic old course.
The nominations for tho stakes, noxt year's
ovonts, are large. Among tho nominators nro:
A. Belmont. 122: Geoiga HearM, 110; J. B.
iiaggln, 10(i: W. L.Hcott.SO: Dnyor Brothers.
87 : J. A. A A. II. Morris. 78 : Madison Stable.
78: Molbourno Htnble. 71: D. 1). Withers. M;
Snuta Anita Stable, f7: P. Lorillnrd. Jr.. 1.1;
Castle Stable, 41; Chicago Mnble, 34; H. H.
Blown, 2(J.
The weights for tho Weltor Hnndlu.iii, ono
mile, to bo run on Wednesday nevt at the extra
mooting of tlio Brooklyn Jockoy Club, uionp
iiondcil. Declarations aro duo by 5 P. M, on
Ilrait. I'kO; Catnbvut'R, i:, Muromi. 130, UeuftHjiiue.
124, 'Jattlvr, 1ZI, Slrlde&wty. UJ, Klnir lilc IVJ, .Mi
Unci. ICO, Wiiried. l:u: II ol 0 Or. IIS, Judit Murray,
US; fiuliimltn, iim. Balliton, 118; Ainoi, lie, ovation,
112. Bounlo Lad, 1U
Tho following are tho wolghts allotted by Sec
retary Custor of the .Monmouth Park liuclng
Association to horses nllglblo lu tho Cartuiot
und Jersey bundlcaps to bo run nt Monmouth
to-iuorrovt :
Cururcl Ilanilicalt, for'. ear o!Js. litre uliftrlfrH of
amllc: I reilth J'ark IJJpoiludji, I'livrrOUn rolt, 1,!,
ilroifuD, 11. Ireinu, 1 IMJHorrrnto lie, ('vrlonii can.
117. Lilly .Maruarrt. Hit Anricomu. 117: TiIuir. ml.
I'liemlB. Hit. Ksriftam, UO, piwdl I'ftlt, Hi, Mautooii,
ltii); MusCodr. IIM, Kuuun. IU7: rim Uoliriy, IN,
I'allentp. no, llonntiiif. lia; W InlWd, 101, llluollocl,
KO; Mklni;. 10. (Itionilrt. HU, lluutoan, UV, htrn,
Kit. V-l)Kur. 1S, Ileirievr. 1CU, Once AjtaIii,
KM. Iltillilil Jul: Kltnn. li: Llmtii. I,n
i.iiujtqimI. in, TUB ntltt, trt. 1'iirei.t Klnir Mrjj Car
1111. (14, WillliMT I liMllOC UT. J A II, lO'i; llllll, l'
I'larlMJ. IH Hub luri-f Jlia, ,l4lll .NnrrlJ, l"l Un
iiuiry ti", l itrtmti Hi t in:n Mi UriHlBrine, 7 llrr '
It Vf,.-jrtt) , , 1.1,1. Mliiet. I Il llnrjrl l. (.nil
Ilali. Il.'i. MTtlii. I' I. UMi.ii, II,'. Tin. Lirur, Hl, I
llilrrcunlil c nil. 1 1 J. It -! LI.Mil. U, li-l!,'Ui. Kli Miu !
I, HU: m U.mt, 1U7 liluiir n",. IK'l'i'.'nl. if,, l,f.
1H7. yflililrm, M7 K.itl. In Mini') Ijiii,! Illtuli
lu7 I J. UK lalllld. IIU, Mi-lidrlckt. 110, I'JIK. IIM,
I ftrtfo, llo lvlnt,kl()ii. Ili Mtrllrii. Ii7.
I .lerfty Hmiillcaii idr t,lr e.irnld,, r.ne n il flu.l n
1 nanrirr hlr Plxon. IJ'l-Itiierlii.d. Illi. I.d Vnn.lfB. HH. I
I lnil.i-tli II. Ill niiuiu li":iiulitit III llrila U ,,
'liu'lm, iiw, Prffiieo lii't. T.nni'uii. llo. .vuruudrr,
1 lie. IVie WnllnKtun, no (,im"i1, iii, ,otv or .Sfir,
lu.i; pUIIJ im IVritliam n7, PrnM'Mt IH7 iul'
I- m nu, kit Pnii (..irli . IM r-riuiykiii. IP) Mmlr.tT,
iMnir lillii. mi Hiv liidyi ItaJ llniry llrUp, Inii lnn-1,
IlL'lil, II'.. I.irt'li!iii'lit. Hi". Midler. K'j VCIli.iiia Hi,
I Hilly lli.,'l.i.'k . Sii ulrn l.-'t . HelllKll,.!,. luuti
lU'lf. Hi lltll liui don, il"i. It.liJsi-, 11.
, Sitlr-liltil Cni'il fit CeiliiriJlll'tl 'Vo.iliv,
The uiitltinii nioetiiig of the ilurkuvrny
StcvpltchaK'a Auoclllioil ulll elcni. luilny, hrn tliv
rollowln; prusrautrui) will lie rim on:
Ifl'irn llace I'oiilPii. lulf rail iioh ivo. Jtonliiia,
l(,S, Jlotily. ltii.JriHiivt r-o.VlilU'lum, lui.lje, I3.1,
.Aiitia. I.".'. (MM rut. ITe.
rrpnnu nr 'Ihre ir.iartrn ot n ml! mi tlio Hot
r.ilailu. I4n,0rci A.lvecL. IIU: Hick lurl'i'i. HJ: Iiiiij
Virnrn. 14'i JtviroriJ H7. .Vciituimn. I."". ItL-jiarln i.t
Tlitnl P.nee-bucclghilmit iiili.'n:i ilii. Hal l)nl.i
n( Monroe, ,J7. Ilfitfi rd P7 l:i-llr IJ7 Nrptunii?,
im Mrl.Vlnr.lc, li'J, Uriwrtf . HU, Co'U Mrrmu, HJ,
i .llm viiirpl.)'. iy.
I I'mirlh ltir MX fllrlorpa m llmfllt Metltnr. H",
MrHrnr.if '": Hrr-aner. 107, (.'uldbiieaiii, 147, Ten
Irllnn- KIT rin7itl lin,
KiflU HAceOiii inllr und u )i,iir. nur fix hiirdtrn
WlJiavl. iC3:HneSirElrr I3R. Hliianlo. HI, Utlllnu
ioil lB,Nain llrowu. 11, The Colonel. 137.
Mxth Itac Aipinwall Ktceplechaaa, tbree mllr
Major rickatt. inn;1enntfrar, ItO, .llm MoOoivnn, IStt,
Vrarrinstou isi; Uaialnn, IA2, Wniimnrcland. ItSi (tr
eula, . Sdnnia ITHlo, US: Hill Dana. I m. Chart
lnasue. M'J: WhrMley H", Zansimr. !': Sclinolrui.
tar. 140. MjatU', 137, HiTntc, 137, .llm vtiiri'li), l3-,
jteentteld, 135, Holutajr. lX
Klnpl'ton VMclita In Itace.
ThoKt.ipleton Vncht Club hnd uroco vosterdity
from llx Mkitainilock lo I'aj I'M if ami rilinn. Onlr
rt ycht ilnlhit the rar thf rrl". a ! vr cru
waawon ty the Iloilon J)uiy 'jfl. JnbnMrr.nbirta
Tli Mconii prill. oallvfr medal itcd!i ltiTf
Dt. Joha I'alcUall. Vlrc Oowtuodoror.f iba i luU Tln
,thrboaiailmiJiaiiho Unun wtra Itiuly Jale, buy
Tber. a4 Bllm Jlia
JTJEjra nnowtiiNa, rite "acAntAXon."
The Till and Trill f n Orcnt ! Hull
Louiaviiitn, Au. 2S. Poto Brownlnir.tlio
"Olndlator." has boon n cront player since his
boyhood. Ho is now but 27 years old, but dis
sipation has nlmost brokon him down, and In
nfow yonrs tho champion butlorwill bo only a
memory. Ills rotlromont will romove from the
diamond a unlquo character. In splto of his
faults ho has bcon a vory popular player, and
no man In otthor Lencuo or Association Is
bettor known. Ho has boon of creat value to
tho Loulsvillo Club, nnd his faults have lone
boon condoned, but now It seems that his day
is ondlnc.
BrownlnR inny bo said to havo crow n unon
linsobiill andothor outdoor sports, for ho hag
boon on tho diamond ulnco ho wns a Bmnll boy.
At school ho nocloctod his hooks, but what ho
Uckod In loarniim ho mudo uti In tho oyos of
tho school by his orollcloncy In almost all sorts
oteport. When ho was a child marbles was
tho national same, and ho led nil his play
mates, and, Indcod. everybody In Loulsvillo,
nt this simple oxorclso. When ho was by hlm-f-elt
ho was constantly practlslne somo now
shot, and tho nolghbors say that ho would rise
bofoto d&yllcht. nnd could bo seon under a
lump BhootlncntH small spot toeethlsnnnd
infortho day. Whon tho first amuteur ball
club was organized on tho commons. In 1870,
Brownlno was a member, llo began as a
ritchor, and at the nue of IS was reKftrdoa as
the most promising amateur In tho city. He
wr.s nlfio a catcher, and practlsod tho fleldlnc
positions till he could cover any place with
credit. Evon in thoso days he was a remark
able batter, tho knack of hittlnc tho bull
hard sooralnc to como to him naturally. Ho
wni never noted for bis physical stroneth. but
ho had a tremendous roach and u wonderfully
sure eye. But thoro Is no excellence without
labor, nnd his pructlco was Incessant. All his
spare time whs dovotod to ttio tamo, and ho
would have till tbe pitchern In the nine tosslmj
the Dall to him as lone ns they would romatn.
Ho first obtnlnod real promlncncoln 1878. when
ho boenmo a member of tho Lcllose toam. n
semi-professional nine which hud in it Prod
Plotter, Jimmy Wolf. Joo Crotty. John Dyler,
"Monk" Cllne. and one or two others who
nftorwnrd became famous as ball playore.
When tho Amtrlcnn Association wns formed In
1)132 tho ilcllpso Club joined it. and the namo
was afterward chauBOd to tho Loulsvillo3.
Browniui; then played third base, and his
superior in thiit position rrobnhly nevor
stopped upon tho diamond. Ho was then In
thu iirinio of health, nnd had not yet contracted
the dlhklpatod habits which havo proved bis
i u In. downs a loiiinrknbly nulck and clean
llnlilor, nnd tlionch never a Graceful thrower,
could bend the ball across tho diamond as fast
as nnyono. Ho vvii.ivery luinlon tho llrst buso
ninii. huwevor. as ho always throw down-shoot
bulls, which would reitch the base about kneo
hlsh. Howentultor ovcrythlnc In siuht, nnd
tho nimblest short stop had n poor miow In his
own territory whou Pete wns around. So sure
wns JJrovvnlnc to catch lly bnlls that he nc
uulrod tho niinio of "KInkholo." which stuck
to him until ho cave up the position, und tho
tit loot "Tho Olndlator" took its place. In
18:j ho wns tnken tick, nnd wns several times
badly hurt by runners slldlnslnto third bnso.
Tliuso Injurlon rauio near crlnpllnir him por
moitently, nnd ho teenmo so timid ns to be un
abloto play his position. Ho would still co
aftor balls but would make only a leoblo at
tempt to stop ruuuors, und would ulways stop
out of the lino.
Ho became o bad in this ronoct thnt ho had
to bo taken nil the iulleld, and In 18 HI w.'m put
jiernintiently nt ccntio. Here ho recovorod
conllilenco in hlmsolf, nnd for two sonsons
played brilliantly, his only "off dnys"bolnc
whon ho wus roeutorinc irom sprees. Ho had
nevor let dnvni In his battine. and. In tho
opinion of cowl jtidccs. he was the host man
with tho Mick that over stopped to tho plate,
lie prided hlmsolf solely unon this, and ovon
whon at his best never boasted of nnylblnebut
his ability to lino 'em out." So hard did ho
hit the hall (lint nil tr.o third ba.somou, in
whoso direction they always went, lotirnod to
ulvo his cioundorsn wide berth.
Xot a fowwtfio crippled by him. On ono oc
casion "Hick" C'arpontor was rash onoush to
slnp bis lutt hand domi on ono thnt wns skim
tnins nlons knee liiith, and, w hen tlio loft Holder
picked p tho ball away out near tho fence, tho
other playors wuro holpiiii; Carpenter bindun
twobudly mutilnted llnirerr. His ability ns a
lint tor niiulo l'cto the idol of tho bleachinir
boards, anil to thti dar ho is the tavorito of
that element. In the opinion of Guyllockor,
us well as other shrewd juiIbps, Brovcnlnc is.
or rnther bus beon, the moBtsclontlllc batter
In tho country, thotii,')i ho lose3 much by bis
mania lor nia.Une lone hits nnd homo runs.
Hn would nover mako n siicrillcohit. but al
ways tried to knock tho cover off the bnll. Hnd
he beon content with grounders, it is beliovod
that. In his prime, ho could havo mado a hit
nearly ovory tlmo ho went to tlio plate, but
"The Olndlator" was ploylne for lon hits.
In addition to his battiDc ho Is n cre.it base
runner, nnd has always led his club in steal
Ins basos. His lees ore very lone, nnd ho used
iroou jtidcment fa Kcttlne a sturt.so that it was
u hard matter to throw him out. The only
drawback was that he would never slldo, no
matter how desperate tho enso.
In all matters o.xcopt base ball Brownlnc Is
ns simple as a child. His ludicrous Icnornnco
and mistakes have made him tbe butt of jokers
all ovoi tho country. The most stnrtllnu news
hasnootloct upon him If It does not pertain to
ball, and It Is an even chance thnt be nnlthor
knows nor cares who la Presldont ot tho United
States. Ho Is excesslvoly proud of his per
formances, and ox-Prosldont Pholps says Pete
Is tho vainest player In the profession. But ho
hnsmnny admirable traits. Ho is us tender
hearted ns a child, and would sooner take a
vvhlpplci; than nurt anybody's foelincs. He is
scrupulously honest, und he nevor failed to
pay n debt in his Hfo if he could possibly raise
tho money. Thero is not n player in tho nlno
who will not lend him money whether he is
drunk or sober, and ho never fails to pay the
lastcent. A pocullurity of bis Is thnt ho will
never tnko ndvnnco money, aud holds back to
tho Inst day before slunlnK.
Potebelones to an excollont nnd well-to-do
family, to whom his baso ball enreor has boon
n source of iireat pnin. Ho hasbecomo,so dis
sipated that hli battine rocord Islow down this
Reason, and his Iloldlnrj has been wretched.
He Is loidnc his urip on public favor, but ho
still hits numerous friends who hope thnt bo
will check his downward enreor, and that such
nijreat plnjormiiy bo restored to tho position
ho onco filled so woll.
Kartcutlrr Hull JPIarrra.
Tho bai tendor who proposo to docldo In ad
vance whether Now Vork or Chicago aliall vin the
.rnna:it t.y plnylncn tame of lull UitnilelTei, Out not
jilay jriterCaybecauac UitOlnnliaitau Athletic rronnda
w ere freMjcd Thi-y nllt slay In Ilia tecond week of
haptprnbrr. 1vy ttilnt they Ciu play tall about a ell
un art) noil)-, Ivto nerLn ugu Ilia bartenders at Men
iiiontti raco truck iUjreU (tin Joclej i of the triu'l: ami
twitiy Tito". 71m tame 11 on i'hil Inly'a I'rnuiTl
van l.i Club Haute k'rounJn, at Louirllraui'li. I'ttseely
iiinpiri-d. and I'hll Only lieia tlie atakca. whlcli nire
HOinftlitnp untler a) a aide, formi'ou and riarktt
trr trie narirrj for tlie b irtenctrn. and ninomr tlie
lorkpja wfre Suaprr iiarrlnon. Jliamy HeLaiiKlilln.
Mara. ni;)utrl;lc. nml Paly. Mum ilion thn Uuiird
miiim liam't btrn biy i ni.uuJi to hnlil Ui tiarlenilera.
IliiMiinet wlilcti villjiUynett monili uie all im-'uibtru
of lh l.lberat Jlrollirkonil Tlit'ifa;
Kur llm irliirlnraiion of rw Vork Capt. iieortrn
l-eeloy ortho Orlenial Hotel Hilly DuciM). 5riuiuliD.
Marry Ililne:i liut.-h siret rti: Tom I'airjiibMI
1 liltin Laacue rluli .Uilm llrnpliv. Urimr,lck . Jninea
I uLrino. Unlciit'inb. .inrniLiin. ral.oavarui' Joliu
lrl.li. Xaniiallan Club, unil Ui-nr;n V uliliur. Itoramore
Inr Hie ttorllloatlon of l'l,lcusi cjpt .lohn J. Han
nlri4, I'nlrju ('lu, AmMre I'rnbit nedtiny lloui,e: Harry
l lirxiluii, k'nltd Main Hotel. Umx llrancli: Vivid
Himnatn, Jamea lielnliey. t'jfl. haiarln. Mai Itmlrl)-,
Uiudaor Hotel. Ihorniia .Miuiiiliu:, Poluiniilco. I reit
KalMT and JaiutaMarr, L'nlcn lazua ("luti.
X'ut lltlllrf A'titca.
i I'tn .:ir Clialn i'.nauu oi eaa acht 1 nni U UM
uuln llm J rl,' ll.vtln.
! .. '"I""" Wllluinii itri onir nr Hie rarLrteinivuchi
Uii.iUi, ivlll c,ntfciiiir in Iut itilaweek
I 'JIidnIoi,)) )a lit liudlia. lr 1h'oiJir.i Krinn'tnrk, h
bPliuuverll'i.ll'td and n.lrll ul 'UtuCrt for . Hliait i iuit.
'JJmwieam t.inmi' P injy .Jim U lu'iV.I '.tit oti I'lane'ti
, twita. Iitci .C Twti-tj Blxlll a'.ioel, hwutu liluokljli r,ie
U hiyo tin n aliorl ir )le
Vine I iltilliiiidniu r.ihlM'rll II Colt line olil tchonntr
llauiitlliiHVrllt totnl bul'ttcilnut Icir a lolu'.'rilla: Mia
l now crrMn;,' In llie f nattt urd
lolni.i J'lnliu Juaottaintcil Ills tnlud ol.uiit an tu'pan
trlitlii lilal'iunuii-tMliiiiiiipr Kiniilillrl,-. mi,l khc tullie.
in ini nut of KilmiiiK-litn fur Hie l.ielt nt
J'ttr:"' t likrit tn Intvo an tiide'r for a aol.oonur
Vji lu c it ,ii tit, lioi i i:mal I'n.ijii i nrroii. tttni lit
Inn. lel I It T'-'t!.t J.tLllt, ilii i,onil, to iniina
tlKliltineuM vti vi Jlit tf, art IbiMielv rut lor Vljnert.l
iu Si-rt v.ii k tratfrt it 1 vir IU.i'1 iiiatt'itrii iij..rr
tviil urliu liar on ig k.i',1 In Hio Ntit, Vuik Varlr I'inb a
latl nvultniieit inuntli
ALTtut raee la looltetl for new I'rldnyntTthe J arcli
laiint Vaeilt t'Jltb tltnur. wlit'n H. aloopi. 1'ajiooiie. Pan
aliise, nlpl Djibouti. Chi'ttiitH, am .Wa all come ti.
vetbrrtor itie Ural tune ami couipeienvti llieiouraoof
Hint Mip,il.,rgluli
Hie ci'linontr '.rjtiitii.-. iinw (.illicit ' iho pride of JMy
Jtlitiri'," tteNtP ind l' ii'tuni every d iv fiom Noank.
t iiiin tun re a.ifl it I atniff anewtieiilrrtintril lilted lo
re,) tee t,m i.iie .arrf d attv in tlio rt-viit rato trout
etv i!cdli,r I lit " tvp'rrl.
Uitil.rrt'iMd .. nyvtt.iir vtitl atil in l.u rrhnoner
I'iitmor tor IPtlititv, t n flittimr tlictiulurnn montlie.
lti'- run i.atiofn near e-riuiteli Mcnlntt ditrliw Hie rv
V oil; Vai'lit rhiliirnite und ol.elanuw titinj repaired
on luoitry dork utllio lout of Markontreet
111 ConunoilorB A. 1- lUteisaii'usteain yacht lletenr
li ut t'otilon'a yard. Month Hrnoklyit. liar new tore
inait hat been Hepped, nnd alia la belueiltleil with an
tjerhari,rli!ir item Hit trouble- with llm crow about
back pay haa been amicably adjuated U la uald.
Atniatrili' E(Hr Ilatll Jtltiea.
llecrtilallon hcor Hhents supplied frect of
rhariro totilt liaae bat, uttlalfirK appt) a; llle tillite air
Tna l.ttsiM, Mil Aiplie:iiiii by matt niii.t bu at..
rttiiji.'in cd by aV-ffrilri titippi enter roitage.
Ilrtte (tall Inn OrutiliTii.Iljj-.
Ilratid litrtie cliamiiionattip came. Ilnaton va, N'eir
link atue4lM Admuuioii a"r To morrow, Uoe
(on -irir
ilaae ball. OaWand. Jeraey flty. to-day WUkaabarrs
ra. Jeiaiy City. Uauie- f. tL idmlaalon Kc-4b.
rYcarlr 0,000 Kieetati-a H thej Con tea t
Jlovr tke Other Ontnea Reanl(ed-Ier-aotiial
JVotca Abont AtMatenr Plrer.
Tho result of tho Association gomes plnyod
yostordny wns: Kansas City fi. Brooklyn 1 !
Bt. Louis 6. Olovoland 2: Cincinnati G, Baltt-
moroO; Athlotlo 11. Loulsvillo I.
the r.Kconn.
tna nancmt Lucca.
s I M 1 1 1 1 g
' 5 : P c r
New Vork "T 1 10 12 7 ii II 5
I'lilraro 8,. 1 t M lllll
Petrolt BR., i R t I I 11
Horton r ( ., R II 10 g
rmiadelphU t J I i.,10 I 117
rittibnrnh S 8 7 3 6 II 13
Waahlnzton 4SI2H7. 1 57
Indlanapolla 3 M I 3 I 10 34
Oameiloel 330ISi77Mr5T
aaiaican JBJCOinoT.
Ft. inii ""ililiaiiuw
Cincinnntl 7 . ft ill II Hit M
Athletic 5 7. 7 10 0 H 10 M
Itrooklni 7 to S 7 010 T8
UAltlfuore . A 4 4 7 7 MM
I-ouUville 3S , 11 . U M
CleTetand 3 i 5 ( 8 .. HI
KanuaClty 3329647 V)
OAmeilMt 5 S7 38 42 M 59i 5 T
Tho Kansas City team won an oaay victory
from tho Brooklyn ft at Itidcewood ystorday
by bottor work both at the bat and In tlio Held.
Tho Brootlyne playod a loairc camo from tbo
start Thotr orrors xroro costly and their bat
tine docldcdlr weak, and, in fact, thoro was
not n redeeming feature In the jjarao that they
put up. Donohuo played a brilliant name at
rttzht Hold, tvhlle MoTumanydld him bo 1 1 credit,
ttulllvan pitched a fine enmo throughout.
The visitors opened tho same at the bat. He
TamanyMt to richt for one base, and Foutz
let tho ball co throuch hlrn. Thie enabled Jlc
Tamany to fret to third, and he did not stop
thero. but continued richt on homo and cot
thoro safe on a bad throw by Smith. In Brook
lyn's llrst limine O'Brien hit Bafo nnd stolo
Mcond. HuraiRot first on hulls, nnd O'Brien
scored on n lumblo by Estordnv. The ieitors
nunin took tho load In tho socond Inninc on n
bast on bnlls by Donohuo. second on a TrilU
Pitch, third on Urennnn'e out. And scored on a
hit byKstotduy. Neither side scored airaln un
til tlio sixth lunlDR. whon Clinocottotlrt onn
wild throw by Plncknoy, Bronrinn cothisba-o
on balls, ana Cllno scorod on a hit by Keterdny,
thin makincthn scoro 3 to 1 In favor of Kansas
City. In the seventh inninc IJnrkloy drove tho
ball down the loft Hold nnd mado a homo run
on tho hit. nnd ndded the fourth run to tho
visitor score.
In tho olchth inninc Clino hit snfo to left
fleld, nnd Bronnun hit to richt. vhlch sent
Cline to third. A bad throw by Burns in fleM
Inc tho bnll in lot Clino froro. In thonfulh
iunine MrTamnny droo tho ball into rtaht
rentro flold ror threo ha?cs. and ecorcu on
Borklov'B fly out to O'Brien. Tlio scoro:
IUlft.r.O A.T. It. IB.F.0.4.K.
MeT.nni.inv.cf.-i 2 a o o rinclcrer.rab.u u i i
Ilarklcv, Jd b -l l :i L! o O'Urieu. I f.....l l l o t
DaMMUb.. ..0 0 1-1 0 Hurrnw c f o O I) U I
J'llilUp. lllth. U OHO (nut7. r. f. .. .. U I II 1
lonotme. r. f 1 3 U o'Orr. Ut h. u u Ii 0 o
:iine, l.f.... -2 i u n o jSmttb. il. . ,.0 (i l J 2
rennn. c. o l 2 1 Terry. P 0 1 "M I
Kterdir,t, o i : s Veoplen. c. . ' oil 2 u
hullliun, p 0 it 1 7 1 nurdoit, 2d b o o 3 1: 0
Totals . . i S27IH4 TotUn .. 1 4S73"S
Kintat City.. I inoot 11 lo
UruuUyn 1 u 0 0 o v u u twt
narned rimf-Kama City, a, Ilrnoklyn, O First
,ia br errors Kanfjm City. 3; ItrooLlyn . Lett 011
ba KunpagCtty, 7. Brcnklja 5. Urstbafflnn hatli
Harklty, a. Dotmhur, I Jlrennati, 1; 1'lncknej. 1.
Hurni, 1. Stolen Lae riliio, Ij Koutz, 1 Struck nnt
lUrkter. 1; Davu. 1, I'hllltpF. 1, Cllne. 1: LitfrdM -:
Sulllran, 4; O brieu -; 1'eoplis. I; nurdoct. 1. Uotnn
runs lUrLley. 1 Threobafe hit Mr-fataany I. Hit
hy pitcher rinckney, 1 WH4 pitebet Suiliran. 1;
Terry, 1. l'aoJ hiln Brennan, I, Kcnples, l.Uionirft
Mr, Uoest-licr. Tlma of game Ono Uotir ntid u(ty
sr. ioci?, 5, CLrvctjixn, 2
CijtTn-ijm, Aujr '20. Althouyb the CIce!anis did not
make ail error In to-day s cajae tie&uca Lake, thn
same hard luck tn.it boa pursued them all tbrotif b tho
Bt. Louis eerles prerented thctr wtnntnif. Tb Browns
found tbe ball when a bit -was needed and earned all of
their rant. King vr as hit harder than the scorft sboira.
St. Lnli , O 0 0 2 0 0 3 1 .-r
Cleveland u 1 O 0 0 0 o 0 1-2
Baae hits St Lonls. 7: Cleveland. 7. Xrrors-St.
Louie, 5; Cleveland, o. IMtcbera Jinkety and KIdj.
ATiarric, 11; tooisriLLz. 1.
PniLiPfLniiA. Anjr 26. The Athletic and Itouisville
Clubs played off a pmtpened game at liloucjeterthla
afternoon, the fanner innlncat It fleaeed. Mattlmoro
pitched a iteadlly effective uame, and was irell sup
ported. IUnuiey was a trifle wild at time, but the mis
erable support lie received irax calculated to dcmor&llzo
any pitcher. The icore.
Athletic! 0 o 2 3 a J 0 o o-H
Louiilfe. OlUOOOOOO-l
Bajehlts Athletic 10; IaOuiftrillft,5, Krrorn Athletic,
2, LouUMlle, IU Pitchers Mattimore and Ramsey.
CrKCIMfaT!, 0, BJtTIMOrlR, O.
CctNATi. A us1. 2rt. The Baltlmores' pocrfieldlncloit
thetn to-day's fcune. Cunninciiam pitched with line
effect, bnt O'Brien ave hint very ragged eupport. and
the lucal men ran basef almost with Impunity. Ooldiby
irralned hi ankle lu the cecond, aad retired In favor cf
CAtitr- Tke score:
Cinclnnatt o 1 :i o 0 0 1 1 .-;
Baltimore O O O 0 0 0 u 0 O-rO
Bate bUn Cincinnati, 3; Baltimore. 7 Error Cin
cinnati. 2; (Baltimore, 0 Pltchen Smith and Cun
niniham. rr the Colored Cfaamptonibtp,
Cuban Clanti U0454300 o in
Kert oz 00002030 A
A t. Monitor 1'ark Plttaburehi. 10; Gorhams, 6.
iron. tMt. Jbi'Iay. lotah
Cuban Giants 5 o 1 o
Pittaburcha ...4 -'
Corbama .... O : tt G
Ked f ox o A 'Z H
By yeaterdav victory the Cuban Cfautt win the silver
ball, which Kill be prcientsd to thetn Uurlnr. tbe game
at tloboken on Saturday next.
Sllicellaneons Ontset.
At Prospect Park Vonrc HowariK :t4, Rtarlm, 1H
AtSuptetoa, h 1, Hut term Ilk . 1:5; Kicelalors, tJ.
At Brooklyn KmetyivSi. Annlta. 3.
At Leo Park Clin. Jr. 31 , lloanbuda, 0.
At Leo Park Leo. '2a, Pearl. .'
Atl'roiuoct ParL Kultoit Market. 15; IdlewilJfi, .'.
At Leo Park TIrer. '2, I'liloaut Newark. 1
At et Karnia Huaedalr a, 'JO. Colored Stvr York. I.
AtCarlitHdtCarlftudt Aibletlca. : Delanares of
Putrfon. 4 (tcu innlnfff) CarliUdt Junior,Ht six
ut Lodl, T
At . ent Chester America.!., 5: Uarnaclei. :i
At Allerton Park. Wee liawLen Mlertona. A, Lynch. 4
Atoutb Urotber lalaud-Mott Haven, 12 1 Monitors, to.
Our Local Alaica T1av.
New Vork vk. Hostoit 011 ttie Polo crounda
linutl)ij, uo frame,
Xew VorU r BioU,ljn,
.Maitairer .lames Mutrl" went over tukee I lie Kjiipah
CJty.WrioWl)n jraine nt Hi di?--wood yenr-dav. MlthtLti
lntAtitiou otarrunitinir with I'rnndeut fliiue riiruserlc
nf jramea lietweeri the New York unif Broafcljii Cltibi
tliia fall. Manager Mtitrle wanted tu hearly nouvh
tliiatlme, so that the Hrontlvu Club would 11M laivj
uf Uh fall dates illJed when the time fiue.tor exhltl
tlou iraine NoiIiIdk dettolte was done a bo at auriiu
herleaor ifaiae. Iiuivercr. ilannieer MutrleaaiU that lie
pfiuld ret no ratlAfaiMlon from the Brokl)ii tuaiiairrr.
tml hat there If no doubt tut t Hat .Mr Urn will ate
tn It that the baaa hall plrontr tliia city hti'l HrvoUjn
vvlllliate a rtiatn'e to vea these two clut jilaj.
,U'a Pre ut Uuaton.
Uu-io, An -"1 liii the Ito ton 4 1 Jine Uniiif from
1 ilifir (eioitd inpiti4y hruiui.t v ith them m mutt dti
inau ifriird, uiI kept It up. tin. fur tho Urn e lie ill
traini hrr.', wl uilnir only nn In tlibt tlinr. .enlie-
lr. tin; jtlendtiirbior Iho neveiitetu yiniM ot the fnc
und lioiiiti kiirleit uveruicrd Ahnut i.t vr rtne i!ii trtt
MlOllOMH W'liUlllllJtOl'. iV.M iiiO l H?;, totul. 7ui
J'hlUiiijiliij, .LiVja, .'.mh, und i'.aO, tnta', t'.W, Now
.rL, ;j.ij,i '' I'Jd, and J..V, tuml. H-tM, PttlaliiirKl.
1,47 uixl .',im total, flfhUj, IiiiiinapiPri, ZUt., jurj,
nnd 4.440. Intnl. Hill. Oetmlt, 4 7J2 and a 441. mui.
c,l7J. Chicuxo .'i,lIUaiidPXJ. total. 10.745 'lotnlfor
the aeventeeu pmif C , i?t , crnd total uf attctidKtiie
to tUtf. ftiitvlour irauK lwJ.W4 i'lilciu hi 'jeeri
the irriJAtett faxirite aa fir Imre, liliiKlniu u4lt.J41
in Klxif.iMHH, next irmn 1'M:uJMimU. mi :IJ IHM11
1 n ryaunK. lmllaiiMph.:kitMSn rH.nn, luMroit,
j :tt m1a tf.ttiibt NeWofU, Jl 117 itihfcn itumewi
' I'ltitl'tm'li. UM I liiMK Vinnn; n'.ihlii(rtoii. 1.1,1...' lu
l rallies I nrurluiutelpror ihtM.i nitt they were low
1 (Inwii Mhni they ;tr-ir;inK here and e iire likewise
mi th iretoiiI trip. Wrfide. iu two or Uie New ork
1 Mnieitliv ttruilirr wahtltreir.it nliitf and they have had
. uiny n halurdahrtw , t ,
I Xtin the leAinliai ajruir. ctrueL u nitinlnjt salt, Jt in
try htiiuitisr iu hear the ulkrth ry tne lio
weroiiioc-lduvrti iiimhi ft Iho manaacineitt, and everv
tlilni;roniieciei vlthll These cnmkeri are iiowtehlnir
everyone (hitt they knew mi the lime ut what wa
coram?, find that they never for moment doubted but
th&t itvrniiht Alt lomerithi In the end. They are fair
weather lrieudHfinly. and t no value to the. team.
Ihe yireutrtl'enlnxof aecond bate teem to liasecoi'
rletely riiel theirap Tlinrnnflilnnee hl"li w ther"
tn' put into the player wfh rurfard t. thir atilll'i t
hold their own iti thn nM liRt tactended to their I'HitlnB,
and they ariurw afral.l of no pitcher h'ntndi iuthft
tox In e'rten tramra aftt r they airuck their form, lit
fum'fllftiilny aieraso liaN beon Wf, IM hit tu M
tliueaatlat 1'reitr rond wr.rk ror h team which lai
been ridiculed for Ml weaknen at the butl There hea
hecu a revival tit the oil npirlt vhlrb theruaed totUow
of never aiv Inz uji until the Ut ntan ii out
Chip a fm (bo Jtamoat1.
W ho can tell ua the adrfrew ot Joe Rarl
Connor baa accepted l.miOrhai.Cfaat first bxie,
Tieman added materially to hla battiutr record on Hal
urday Niih. Mya, floMonii playma: nfreat raroe Kook out
for tl em
Ihe Now Yrrki new nnliVrm wUlconnil of maroon
acl white.
O II- Keefe welxbt ahout !) pound, and is about 3
feet II incheatall
O. R. Conner played third baa UwHvename for
tbeNew Vorkaln li4.
Bolton, Aof. 15. Jo Quins f tbaCei Maine team
bu Uea tilled hy Boalca, aad wlU play lowed toaM la
the Vew York terlee. The Trlanvirt pkld $600 for aU
releaie liltiai will be retained.
j. r. a. Kwtnr oonaidered the hetter catcher and
Keefe the belter pitcher,
Tn tlx (amen played Btatin f the Detroit made two
home rune and two triple.
The New Vorki played .hair Hit same In Philadelphia
for thlaaeuononHatorday.
Today, at Oakland Tar k. Jeraey City, the J my City
and Wilkeibarreteami will play.
The Brooklyn will not have a hard week of It. and It
Ii Imped that the ret will do them rood
A club that can pull oat m New York did on Friday
deierresto win the pennant. Ho$ton Herat.
President Byrne atllJ hopes that the Brooklme will
finish second. IIoMTSthatnochanfenare under consid
eration Comtant Reader. fieorse pitched th mornlnf frame
on Decoration Day. IBrtT, and the acore waa: New York,
lit Chlcajro, 1'J.
The n rook) y nil played their 1 00th championship ram
of inn season yenerdnr. itwaathe first club to reach
the century mark
The Now York player nay that with Kelly and Clark
aon the Chlcatro Club would hare won tho champions
afilp with tut little trouble.
Matiper Mutrle U wrltlnra aonje. o it Is said, tn he
railed "TheTttniuie That hever Came.' Advanceaheeu
are to ho eent to Capu Anson.
That wa a noble effort made hy the Detroit Club en
Patnrday. and New Workers feelrreatly obliged to the
world a champion for Chicago's defeat.
The Newark! have been beaten on their own groundi
bnt twice this year, and each time by the TTtlketbarre
Hob. In each caie the Wllkeiharrea tot the game by a
It Is no wonder that the Baltimore Club does not win,
tf the statement Is trae that the men get no credit when
they play food ball and are Jumped on when they make
an error.
O'Rourke haa played twenty oonieenttve errorless
sjames In left field, has made one errer In twenty-elftbt
sames, two In thirty fire, and but three In forty-sir.
Karnes. Good for you Jlmmle.
flitAjrfXVK, Ont, Aujr. 23 While witnessing a rm
of base bail at this place today, Charles A. Julnn wae
atrnck In tbe temple by a swiftly-pitched ball which th
catcher had missed. After a few minutes of uncon
sciousness, he seemed to be all rich t again, hat shortly
nfterward he relapsed into unconictotu&esa, and re
mained inthatconaltlon nnlllhe died.
DzTROtr. Mich.. Aug 29 A movement is on foot In
this city to circulate a petition for signature, to be pre
sented to the directors of the J'etndt Base Dall CI nb,
requesting the retirement of Manajrer VTatfclns. The
bitee ball publlo la very sore on that individual. Bald
win declined Anion's offer to play with Iba Chicago.
He was. however, quite wllllnt to remain with thepe
trcit Club
A reader of Tan ficw asks: "O'Rourke Is on first base
and Flattery eoea to the hat anl hits ally ball to the sec
ond baseman. Is O'Hoarke allowed to run to second
base before he fees whether the ball Is caught or
muffed?" There le roth in i to prevent htm from dolnr
ma, tut it would be poor ball playlns, unlets two men
were ont. tor If the hall Iscaujtbt he would be thrown
out at first. The noper thins: to do would be to remain
within reach of his base, and be ready to start it the ball
is dropped. If two men are out, then It is the runner's
place to run, no matter where tbe ball la hit.
Amateur Notes.
Mooney is home.
King Is a safe bitter.
Lane ia a (rood batter.
Lynch Is playing well.
Ridley can play short.
Barn Is a cood batter
Carr can bat a little bit.
Uruyson Is a bat breaker.
Miller is a cteady pitcher
The UUtes have dishundod.
Dillon is beginning to slide.
Parley is a first class player.
Kneel makes a pood catcher.
Itartmann U hitting tlie bill.
Bowes plays a good outfield
Tnubey made a, tlr showing.
ITenderthot la a weak hatter.
iTopkiua li Ktopplng safe hits.
Uvaiw has fallen off in batting.
Urushs record Won, 4; tost, '2. ,
Capt Scheid la a great coitcher.
Wtiltnia catching a good game.
Williams captains tho Senator.
Oh ' but can't JUlloran throw
CsBcy keeps on nliiRffinc the ball.
The Water town have disbanded. t
(t. Jackson runs baves like a deer.
Butler, as a mnnajfer, li a hustler
The Stamford Club has disbanded.
The Revstoneft aro playing coodball.
Brady is a heavy left handed batter.
Uilllamsdld not play on Sunday last.
At Long Inland Star. 8; Monitors, '.
Hidley hns strengthened the Senator.
Btout made three hits on Monday last.
Gray has neen nicknamed "Hungry.1
Meehan lost the game at Bergtn Point.
Urosa Is not a pitcher to be relied upon.
McQnirk t plarJnr with the Plushinge,
.Mark of the Slcnltors is a gpod catchop.
Wild is nlarlnir with the Senator a -rain.
Tho Surprise team aro In the field again.
Sheridan is hard to fool while at the bat
tn Gregg the Alpine bare a good plaTer. ,.
The Surprise team Jumped onto McQInnts.
The Morocco Juniors play a steady came.
Dagan has added a bofne run to his credit.
Who told the lted Sox they could play ball 1
Gant of the Keystones la a comical coachar.
Nanager Towers haa bla cyea on McGrurry.
Welsh la playing good ball for the Monitors.
Billy Counall rolls Instead of sliding to bases.
The Red Sox did not como up to expectations
The Atlas Club are taking a much needed rest.
Sometblug must bo tbe matter with Armltage.
B. and O. Jackson were both Injured en Friday.
Hoffman is batting and running tn great style.
The Brush team give their pitcher poor support.
The Favorites defeated theKlkwoodabysOto I.
Doerscher of tbo Carletadla plays a line left field.
Wright is one of the coming pltchbrs in Harlem.
The Young Safetys were whitewashed last week.
Armstrong plays a great game for Ferth Ambcy.
And Manager lltissey's Flushings! Myt Oh! my!
The Monitors' of Harlem record: Won, 11; lost, 3.
Blumelaagood player, although onlv in years old.
Garrison la as good and quick as Harrison at ahorU
Tho Brush defeated the ten J by a score of a to 20
The record of the Dauntless Club is: Won. 23; lost. 4.
The Monitors would like to hear from a good battery.
On Sunday, nt Itecreatlon Park, Kreyer. 18; lUck, IS.
At West Hoboken-Wood Jkfiellck. 0, West llotoken,7.
The DUberger brothers are the battery of tbelforfolks.
Collins still manages to get bla little hit fn eacJi game.
Eix errors at llrst bate In one inning is Beecher'a record.
If ever a man felt bine, it was Ilaseey on Sunday last.
In Virginia the Bed fiox. call themselves thaRed Stock-
Clght home runs were mado in the Brash vs. llevx
The Pomners have strengthened their club wonder
fully. Tlie Brooklyn A. C havo two fine catchers in Haley and
The Bed Sox can throw the ball in fact that is all
they can do.
Cray is a game catcher, and sun da the swiftest
pitched balls.
CalUn will make a good catcher; he is young and baa
time tolearu.
A Jackteninronsldered the bent colored third baso
man hereabouts.
Cutely is holding opposing teams donn to an average
of six hits n game, f
Tim Madison defeated the Uniques of Long Island on
Sunday by luto
The Waves defeated the Wckonnf HronklynatCom
muni j) aw by tl luH
The Stat eu lalaiid A. C will probibly wlutb Amateur
League) champiunshlp.
Thn GnrharuK have new ritps that make their uniform
leuk prettier than ever.
It uWa a atrong team to snatch a victory from the
Perth Atnboy Athletics.
At College Ndnt 011 riuitiUy New York Juniors, 7,
Nnrnuu Paae Uall Club, 4
Cnifii of the (.oculian, R.iatiuiteltl A Co, Base Rait
CI ab inailauJy sliurt ftup.
TlieUiixiklyii A . play the Gurhamson Labor Day at
the HrooV.juA. V. giounds
iiullican, late of Hie Hasten Ctntrat Leaguerr, II now
play) ii with Perth Amboy.
Koyof the Keystones reaemblca Hoy of the Washing
ton j a baiter and llrlder.
WHO. who if a good batter, seldom makes a safe hit
when playing with the Senator,
The Krle lime Pall Club of Jersey City defeated the
Summit Mara of Uernn bv IU to u.
I Summit Mara of IJergen by 10 to l,
NeUouwivltig'e ami double and Cotllnt's liugle were all
tlie hlv the i.urluim got uti: Stiller.
I'.ut few jinuteur fakhers tan t'iujl Hie work of
fii'liellof the Perth AiiiIni AlhUc.--,
lleCoudmaii, lliirtianli A Co. Uaie Hall t'luU hae
won ri gam in and 1 01 none thiRpeanini.
Intending ufiniHtii notea to thi office, tnauagera ntll
pleau wrlU' on one idu uf the paper only
A feat er)-sedttmeeromplalied: Nelson of the Cor
liuniHk rutk out tlx batters in iwoinnlng.
71m IMward or St Auiruetlne 1'hurch defeiited the
Home Alert ot hi John's Hume by 4 to'..
U locjkt k thouth thn Metropoliiutis will he irgaui7ed
uficr alt. &U'l f iuLkpiei will inatiage them
The Cilinnt Club nught to irlve Dutmure atrial A
letter addreed to T..t.H;i will rtucii him.
Tlie Kejaioue to, Ith thn Corbamt, and a more
J(1ljr rctot (viWwa ran it Id on: he seen together.
W IX .1 The umizer of the Pluihing Club Is Am
broe IluH3. AilJrei. New Court iloube. city,
Ihe PrunliH1 midget can he credited with Miuday'tile
tors, lila home run atter two were out tied thencore,
The Clintons who have been greatly strengthened,
would like tu have Another whack at the Wlnthrops.
The Prooklvn Athletics will p'ay the I'ittsburghs (col
ored) on tlio Brooklyn Athletlo Club grounds, to-day,
The Lafaette lUie Hall Clubnf Harlem hasdLbanded
after this record Victories, 16;Uefeata, 8; tie game, 1
Tlie Mlewild Hate Hall Club ehallenre all clubs whose
play ere are uuder Iti jean. Wm, Lombard, lo Rap el ye
t tree 1. llrookl)u
The Hanover 1'ase Pall Clubwould like to play anv
nine with pUuer unOvr VI 5 ear C Kin, COy Baltlo
street, 11 too My 11.
The riylveHtcrs Juniors hare releAaed KclVti'g and J.
Corn well Tliry wuuidliko to heirtrom tei all around
players under H. J Butler. '2K Houth hecond street.
The Dauntless Rase Dall Club ts anxious to hear from
the Jormioniv who Utely defeated Ihe Arllngtons at
Kait New Vork fhoe. hmith, Shepherd avenue, near
Liberty, llreoUyn.
The Acme and I'tie Clubs play 011 the Brooklyn A C,
r rou uds Wedueiday for the Uiamplonahlpuf Haat New
York As both club will haveuutltbeir beit teams a
fine game may be ej pec led
The Monitor llase Uall Club of Vork vllle would like to
arrange hundsy r.itne daring frptpfnter with club
conflating ft' players under 1 year Thos. r. Wtajher.
captain I.SS.H Hrl arenue.
Th PerthAmt'Oy Uhitlrs would like tn arranges
few out-or town games ith rood rl'iba, Cubuii Mant
tlorhims. New nrk ravrvee, Vridgeports. Monitors, or
Uackett-Csrharts preferred
The base ball team ef Dlckerson A Brown rhalleng
any hat factory team to play a game en any rUtoroay,
Teams wiahlng to play them can addrtsa J, U. PI a trie b,
U Kosciiuko sue it, Bfoetiyn,
run amatiwii umox itAits oux mak- '-
.a Amateur wlio Campetr, Vader Itnle. ;
Not Appravecl 1r he Union Can Carareta Ai
la Uaairi Meld Vndep Valon Kulea. J;
Tho Board of JMonncerR of thft Amnlflur .-ji
Atbletln Union hold ft mcotlnc at tho neir club ijji
houoflof the Now York Athletic Clob on Ira vora 5B
Island on finturdar ovonlne. nnd adopted a
rosolutlou Intended to put n stop lo any con- m
niotlnc clnlms to athlotlo jurisdiction in tho 'rjE
United Btatos, and to provont nny minor or- i3j
(ranlzatlons from holdlne championship flold j
mootlncpi, Tho resolution ns passed unanl- a
mouslrhjr the Board is as follows: '4
XuolMii. Tbatanr araaleur thlU eorapMln 1n inr, ,-g
0p6n.ma.tear camet In the I'nllea fftatfti not ffOTenip4 E
T rale, approved br the Amateur AlhlaUo Union Dial ,
te debarr.d from eemreUtur In any (m h14nndr Jjj)
he ralee ef Ihe Amateur Aahletto Cnlon. Thla reaclu.
tlonrliaJIUkeeHectlmmediilely. i'
This Is bold loffleJatlon, but the exlfirenelee of
tho situation, In the opinion of the Board, vers -suoh
as to demand strlniwnt measures. lbs
Manhattan Athletlo Club of this oitjr, It is aid.
-will Tlrtuallr be the only sufferer by the new
arranixement, as it Is the onlr olub hereabouts
giving- names under rules other than those ap
proved by the union. It will be compelled
either to recognize and adopt the rules of the)
union, or to create a new field of athletics, nd
tar as its track members are concerned. Of
these the Manhattan Club has about fllty. nnd
as it Is supposed they will not tiubmtt to being
debarred Irom tho privilege ot competing tn
games given br the various clubs In and
around New York, the club. It is asserted, will
have to adopt the union's rules. The Manhat- '
tan Club Is criticised as leaning too far toward "
professional methods.
The resolution will also affect the raeetlntr ;
which the St. Louis Amateur Athletic Club pro- ,
poses to hold at Bt. Louis on Bept. 9. under tho
rules ot the If. A. A. A. A. None of the Chicago ,
athletes, the Chicago Club belac a member of ;
the union, will be able to compete, and without ' ;
thorn tho meeting would fall of a largo moaeuro
of success. -7
The Board of Managers also considered tbo -
case of the Htaton Islnnd and tho New Jencr . a
Athletlo Clubs, each of which la advertising") '''
oarnival of athletio sports to be held on Labor 1
Dny. Sent. 3. Tbo Btaten Island Club was ,.''
shown to have tho right to tho day by reason S
of priority of announcement, and the Now Jor- ,?,
sey Club was conurod for choosing a date that ';
directly conflicted with that of a sister club la
th union. '
The New Jersey Club, it Is now announced, ,
will begin its fall gamos on 8 rot. 5. 3
The games committee which is arranging "S
the championship mooting nt Detroit for Bept. 'Ii
19. reported thai Its list of ofllccre for tho x
Sames was completed. John Huneker of rhlla- .,
elphia will bo tho referee. r.
The delegates nt the mooting woro: TresU 1
dont, Harry McMillan nt Philadelphia: Bccra- ft
tary. Otto Ituhl of Now York : Treasurer. How- t
ard Porryof Washington; Jas. L. Sullivan ot 'd
Now York: P. W. Junsgnn of Stat en Island; S
Edward Mllllpnn of l'hllailolphio: W. O. Each- M
woge ol Brooklyn. John V. Ilunoker of l'liiln- a
dolphin, roDresontod tho Detroit Athlotlo Club, 'i
and DanlolO. French that of Chlcuga S
ir T.nr Knnck lant Anaivered on Snndart l i
Speuk to tbe) Voathlack on tbe Corner .ft
A thirsty citizen yesterday afternoon tried Jjj
tho sldo door of a saloon noar Central Pnrk -:3
nnd West Ninotiothstroot. It was locked, and j
no ono rospondod to tho ropoatod knocks. Ho 'jl
noticed that tho curtains wcro all ciobod to tho (.K
top. As ho left tbo Italian shoeblack on the ;J
cornor touched him on tho sloevo, and with a J
glanoo up and down oitoli street askod: ,vS
" Wantn a drink vor' bad V" $
" Should romnrk," snid tho citizon.
" Doora-a-opon now." wild tho Italian, and !
nt the samo time glided to his chair and .,
toached his arm bono.ith It. t
Tho cltlzon returned to thn side door, ft )
was open, und a smiling bartender locked it b
behind him and led him within, whoro a jolly j'
dozen or moro were discussing Canada malt. h
Presently a tiny bell rang, and the bartender "'"j
disappeared in tho entry and usbored In '
another customer. Tho bartender wan roti- ;'
cent when questioned, but ono of the cum-
tomeraHold: 'v '
" In some parts of thisctty. you see, particu
larly in tho brown-stone districts, tho saloon a
have to be careful on Sundays, or thoro will
bo complaints, flight bore, for instance, a,
local temperance society has taken upon Itself .,
to enter all oten saloons and get evldonce. So
our friend, the proprietor, has got his boot
blaok out hero to survoy each applicant for
Sunday admission, and look ovor tho ground j
besides. If all Is lovely, he pulls?a strup undfr
his chair on tho corner, and that rincs a boll i
inside. Tfie bartender nuver answer n knock.
Ho waits for the bell, 'i'ho bootblack? Oh. h ;
gets a quarter's worth of drinks a day through. ' ;
tho wook, and Is moro than batisllod." i .
shot r.v . cnoiwED o.v mill. J ,
It vm Saadar and (he Police Slicovered L
(he Cronrd Afterward. k :
In a row at fi :30 o'clock yesterday morning; J
in tho saloon nt 355 Bowory, John Clnncey was ' '
shotin the loft breast and severely wounded. i
According to the story told by Clancej's
frlonds. a quarrel nroso in the saloon, and
John BammoD, who was employed ns doorten
dcr. camo in and shot Clancoy. Sammon says
ho wns forced to shoot in self-dofeuce. Aftor
tho mischief was dono tho police raided tho
place, capturing Sammon. Michael Barrett.tha
barkeeper, nnd Lizzie Mathews. Maggie Wil
son. Kitty Smith, Albeit Orleans, Barney Con
ning. James Diamond, Fred Southern, Martin
Dillon. Thomns Allen, and Mlko Casey. Thoy
were nil arraigned boforo Justico Duffy In tho '
Esses Mnrkot Pollco Court. Acortllloatecanm
from Bsllovue Hospltnl that Clnncoy's condition ' , '
was dangerous, nnd Sammon was bold to
await the result Barrett whs held for violating . .
the Excise law. The other prisoners were put
undsr (700 bail for their good bohavlorforona .
month. John Smith was hold as a witness.
Tbrce Texua Unrderera flcoteuced. X
JlAnLix, Texns, Auff. 20 In tho District
Court yesterday, 11. V. Ledbottor wns convicted
of manslaughter and sentenced to tlvo yours in
Stnto prison. This was his third trial. Ills
first trial resulted in a verdict of murder in the l;
first degree, with tho death penalty. Ho was l
charged with tho killing of n Bell county oBl- M
clal In 1886. while tho latter was in Falls county
oxocuting n process upon Louis Howklng on n
rharco ol murder. At tho last torm of court .
UonkinK wns oonvlctod and received a Ufa "J
sentence. A now trial bolng granted, ho way m '
at this torm convlctod and pentonced to death. S
This la the llrst time that a jury In this county is '
has assessed tho death penalty altera verdict 'J
for a life term had been glvon. E
Wosloy Williams, a negro wife murderer, who ?Jt
was convlctod at tho last torm of court, and vn .
whose case wns arllrmod by tho Court of Ap- "?
jeals, was sontoncod on rrldny to bo hanged ,
on Sept, "JO. 1 '
- , i
Glmeot His Orange Athletic Club, tut Oretwt, en I
Oct. b. i
Clambake and Eaoiea of the Owl Club on TUondty 1
utxtttt Newllurp. c '
Teitlval of the Relief iocty of die nrawery Gin ,
ptoyecaa,! the r.mplre CUT Colo.aeuraonThuradaf neic ,
I'JcnkMtf the Beturett tbe Act Aawclutlon at Bulxar's ' '
CaMuouu rtftturi-ay next. xn t
netratlucl' the aruru Boat Club at tlie foot ot Fifty '
eiKhttialrect, HrooLlyn. on llftttatudar. . ;
I allrJiiirsor (lie New Jerey Athletlo Club at thtlr '..
annindi at Heriren 1'olnt. on Monday, bept. 3. ,
Htaien lilaud Athletic Olub Lnbor Day celebration at
ilui erounda. vr.at Sttw Urlsluou. on taepL a. I
Jubilee i elebrallon ef tho United Counclla Aruerlean
Leitlon of Honor at Jonea'a Woot ua Wednesday, j
tteunlon of the Grand Aruiyiwataof Qaeenecouatyat J1
Willow crote I'ark, Jtockaway Jpeacb. to-morrow. r,
Uhode l.loii'lrlarnbnVe and hretkfaat nf the I'. DIttix J
AaaocUnou to ilay at UurbaiU.'s rca View J'ark. w
Tenth freo extur.lnn of the Saaltariurn for Hebrew '
I'lilldrL-nuuJMcUiieaJa), llout leavet ILaal Hflh llreet
at 0 A. M.
I'lcnlo aod feitlvnl of the United Lndi ea of the Knirhta ; -
n( Honor nr ItuJiuu cuuutjr at Hclinclteu lark. I'ol'ia 'i
Ulll, today
Festhal or fit. A(nea Branch of '. K, of A., a f,
RchueUen fark. Third arenue aud IrUtleth itreet, Wtd r I
ne.day afternoon and ertrlnif. ft) I
UreaVfaitandahore dlnnernf the Old INekorr I'lno tll
of iheTwetitjr.tecond Aaaemblvdittrict attthlppan Pomt tf
to-morrow, lloou leave fc.atiKurt.tr aUtu,atret at 7J j!
Purity and Strength J
The former In tbe Mood and the latter throughout the
ryitem, are ueccaaary to Ihe enjuynieia ot perfect fi
health. The batt wa loaecura lxlh la to take llood'a ;
haraaparllla. which eipela all Impurltlra from tbe blood, A
rouieathe kldnejaand liver, orrrcomea that tired teal vf
lul. and Imnarta lhat Ireihneaa to Iba whole bodr wbtca t
tuakea one feel perfectly well -A
"I have taken not quite a buttle ot llnofla Raraapa 4$
rilla, and muataaylt ianna ft the beat medicinal for 'V
(Irltiit an appetite, purifjlujr Ihe blood, and rejulatlni '
thedlxeitlveorirane that I ever heard of. It did ue a
leal of gf.Hl. -Hr N A HAM.I'.Y, ranaatnta. ' T
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Kold by all drug riata. ft, all for . Prepared coll- bf -;
C. L UOOD 4 CO . Apothecarlet, Iowell. Hata,
1 00 BaaM Ua BaUaar

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