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B J 2" :1l- THE' SUN," THtTK8DAYrPECEAlBEg'i3, 1888."" '
am. and mhs. xonrorr at tub notes
I .. the Bepe the Vlalier Fall lata th
Bui or Elijah nad Censsslttee-Thelr
jnearty We leasee Mt the rrlmi Honee
' Jades "eVood'e Reasarleable Cabinet,
i iNBlAHiToias, Doo. 13. Lovl arrived In
i town at 6 o'clock to-night. He was met (it the
! station br Elijah, and escorted to the house of
Benjamin. Matthew has not arrived ret. but
i la expected on every train. Mr. and lira. Mor-
j tan lett Cleveland, whoro the? had stopped
over for a few hours, at 10 o'clock this morning-,
I on a special train consisting of Chauneer M.
Depevra private ear. In whioh ther travelled,
nod one ordinary coach. Thoy were both In the
best of spirits, and even tho dismal, winter
killed soenerr through which the road ran did
not dispirit them. Their train followed the
regular St. Louis ozpross of the Bo lino, and
no attempt at fast time was made. At Muncie
tho train was mot br VY. A. 11. Roberta, private
secretary to Governor-elect Hovoy, and tho
newspaper men who had none out from In
dianapolla to meot the Vice-President elect
Mr. Morton received all comers with a demo
crats geniality that was only exoeeded by tbo
. manner In which Mrs. Morton exerted herself to
make her callers at home. She did the honors
of the seven by eight stateroom as gracefully
as though it were her own big parlors, and
the oooasion a publlo reooption.
i Mr. Morton ohatted freely about bis trip, the
' , -weather, and other kindred subjects. As to
! pubUo mattors and politics ho was as dumb as
: . Gojo. Harrison himself.
Indianapolis had not made much preparation
tor a welcome on account of the uncertainty as
! to just when the train would arrive. The after-
! Boon paoors announced S o'clock as the time,
and a committee appointed by the Board of
i Trade to arrange for the publlo part of the
' dty's'aharo In tho entertalnmont ot the guests
tf the President elect was at the station at that
I time. It consisted ot Mayor Denny, William
Boort. James A. Wlldman. John W. Murphy, and
8Uas T. Bowen. It stayed a while and then,
learning that the train would not get In until 6
"olook and that Gen. Harrison hod arrangod
for somo personal friends to meet his guests
and osoort them to his house, tho cotnmltteo
I went away. Several hundred doopIo bad gath-
I erod about the station, but it was so cold that
J Boat of them drifted away artor the committee,
' il I and when tho train at last did roll Into the sta-
' m tian. there wero only a couple ot hundred poo
l's i jple lingering about.
M i Private Becrotnry Elijah Halford had been
. M J sent by tho President eloct In the Harrison car-
? (M 8 rings to meet the guests. With him wore Col.
VM g John C. New, Col. BrldseUnd. liepubllcan
- M (1 orators Major Moses MoLaln. who fltwltU
"' (if Harrison;" Judgo Martlndalo, ox-Postmaster
? . H s James A. wlldman, and fifteen or twonty moro
r M newspapermen.
', . M u Mrs. Morton was standing at the window of
, i ' 'J the oar as the train camo In, and in her pleas-
' ' f nro at ending tho Ions trip she looked posi-
Vi( i lively girlish to those outside. As soon as tho
. ' IS $ train stopped the private secretary and his
S ft committee climbed aboard, and, entering; tho
f car. with much bowing and handshaking wol-
ft corned the visitors. Then tney led tho couple out
i'. and down to tho crowd on the station platform.
."-. , Air. MortonB smile as befell into the arms ot
" j the newspaper men, who stood noarest the
' , I . Steps, some ot whom he know, was as broad as
1 1 charity. It would have covered the wholo Ite-
I. publican party ot New York, from Tom Piatt to
it Hi. Jlmmlo Busted, and lett a few Post Office
i M II dimples and wrinkles over for other parts ot
V i the country. He was ovldently feeling flrst
f 'I i rate, and seemed the picture of health ai he
9 I ; stretched bis less after the Ions journey by a
, few vigorous steps up and down. CoUIirldce-
j i land took Mrs. Morton's bond, as soon as sho
!'. J I alighted, and led tho way throush the new and
. I , fine station, brilliant with hundreds of eleotrio
,, I ' lights in groat ohandellers. to the front en
2;' I ! trance, where, in the light ehed through a
'.i,l I twenty-foot wide stained glass-eye over the
K'- j i I main doors, tho carriages were drawn up.
',' I , Mr. and Mrs. Morton wero put Into the first
, ' carriage, and Elijah H. and the committee fol-
i; lowed in others, and tho whole procession rat
.; . I tied oft toward Delaware streot and the Harri-
V sonhouso. There Uen. Harrison himself went
r I ' to the door whan he hoard the carriages com
t: II Ing, and openlntc it stood waiting torbls guests.
t. I lie shook hn'da first hoartilr with the Tieo
filt m President olc. and then with Mrs. Morton, and
s w they passed on to where, just within, Mrs. Hor
7X f rison stood. Thorwero presented to her by
13 Private Secretary Halford. and after the lntro-
'y I' dactiona and a few words of welcome were
j '5 bundled oft br Mrs. Harrison to remove their
ii 13 wraps and coats and prepare for dinner,
v j . The committee accompanied the cuesta Into
, . the parlor, and then went away. Dinner was
; I served in a half hour after the arrival of the
tf, 9 party. There wero no guests, exoept Mr. onA
V; I Mrs. Morton. Even Elljab. for whom aplaco
2 had been reserved, exoused himself and slipped
Si i After dinner almost the first callers wrre
i i Mayor Denny and his committee ot the Bortrd
-';, ot Trade. They told Mr. Morton that the
K oltlKens were anxious to give him a reception
'I I in the rotunda of the State House on whatever
' afternoon was convenient forhlm. Mr. Morton
-'I I tbanked the commltteo heartily, but said that
I fj he had come nero purely in a private capacity
I to pay a social visit, and hod not expectjud or
V ih Wished to bavo any ostentation or parade about
f, t It Ho asked tbo committee to permit him to
P deter a positive answer to their roauest until
l to-morrow.
', I, Other callers during the evening were, Judge
b ' Woods. Dr. and Mrs. Alton. Mr. orl Mrs.
j Daniel Itansdell, and State Treasurer lemcke.
;. j . Mr. and Mrs. Morton rotlred early, tliod out
; 1 Ther have the big front chamber ncr the
'. i t parlor.
. I Mrs. Dr. Allen will give a reception to Mrs.
' ' i Morton on Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock. This
!i is tho first soolal ovont In their donor for
V, , whloh definite arrancemente are announced.
i 1 t There will bo a flood ot announcements and
4 3 invitations to-morrow.
VI H , Mr. Morton said to-night that the duration
5 ' ot their stay was uncortain. They come "for
; ' a fow days, and that was all thojr could say.
. H I Their car will wait for them here.
5t 5 Mr. Morton was asked to give tho purpose ot
; H i bis visit
h M H , "It is." ho replied, " purely a social affair.
, M ( There Is no politics about It Mtj. Morton and
- i - myself have intended to pay the Hsit for along
! M ll time. We wanted to come daring the cam-
" )', palm, but clroumstances prev&nted It It Is
.' hi purely an accident our comlne at the same
; m Ell time as Mr. Quay."
' m Itl He was told that it had been rtsserted that he
Iff cametonrco upon Gen. Harrison certain ao-
' m IRIj tionin rneiird to Cabinet appointments. "I
! H' know." ho said, "tliat ttiore is a goccral idea
. M Iff I that I am coing to urge up-art Gen. Harrison
; B tl t" appointment of n certain porcon or parsons
m IIH as members ot his Cabinet tnui is entirely er-
m r ' zoneaas."
' m (i There were some interesttagthlngs about the
'M III I trip to-day from Galllon, Ohio, where the Ilrst
II !j atop was made, to Muncie. Trainmaster John
I hwlaher of tlie Bee line coine aboard there and
( lill accompanied the train for the rest ot its trip.
19 III There was a crowd of several nundntd people
ii 1 1 IIH nt tne station, and Mr. Morton had to moke a
' 1 H lllil- l1.10 speech before tbo train started. At
I m til ''' Marion. Uelafontalno. and Sidney, Ohio, and at
'9 if,( union City, Ind., there wore other crowds and
fl more little spoeches. tbo train being held to
n PI , accommodate the throng that wanted to
fa lh hako hands with Kr. Morton. The big
, fj gest time of all was at Muncie, where
' ll (100 people wero gathered. Mr. Morton wont
m outonthereorplatfonnandspokoafewworda
m' of greeting. , He was interrupted br a burst of
i' i cheers caused by the appearance of Mrs. Mor
liS too at a car window. The crowd cheered and
. i I'm ealledforberuntllshesteppedoutblushlnirand
, smiling to a place, beside ner husband. Then
i . the crowd, cheered loader than ever, and In
Vi Slated on tho train being held until some hun-
ml,' dreds of them had ahakxn hands with both Mr.
j. m and Mrs. Morton. TheBe manlfesUtlons
11; . HL seemed to affeot Mr. Morton greatly. They
'I - were certainly unpxpected by bun.
i, E There seems to lx somo mystery about Sen
I. K ntor Quay's visit. Tbot he was expected was
, .11 tftown DT ,th0 'c, thllt. Attorney-General
1 , m Michener.who usually looks out for political
i ij visitors, to tho Presldent-eleet, Iniiulred for
lit r, him at the hotels this morning, and then went
j , to tbs railroad, station and waited for four
' . ST; trains upon wbleh Ouay might como. Mr.
i Mi Michener didn't say why he expected Mr. Quay,
,1 m bat he admitted that ho was disappointed by
ju la! his non-amvaL
m The latest bit of Cabinet gossip comes from
a) Fort Wayne. J udgo Woods Is boldlns Foderai
Hj; court there, and was chatting with some
j; ' . friends over the story tbut he was to be At-
I- Xf tomey-Genenil instead of Supreme Court
It- ,1 Jadgo. He Jnugbed over It and said that he
l K would rather t uuro of a Hie posltinu, Hitch as
fr l; he has, now., , An to going on the Kuprvma
)m . Bench, he said that thfrowiis too littlo pro-
i ' ,- Dect ot n vacuaicv ocourniig soon to uiaLe that
worth talhlnc ulwut Hu rocalltxl thoolTorts
K made In the past to creuto a vacancy to mi't
ui some spoadal ckw and said be did not think
.rjf anything ottiuu sort would be done under Gen,
At Uarrison. Itoaurrlngto the Cabinet he Bald:
IK, "ltrao name a Cabinet for you. How would
fcjf this do? Secretary of State. James G.Blnlss;
Si 'Jreasarer. William B. Allison: War. itussoli
E) A. Algor: Nutt. Goft of Wal Virginia; Post-
(It rnaster-Oonraral. Mahonu; Attorney-General,
if W. H.H.MIIIrtr."
'n The slenltlcance of this h supposed to He In
i: Judge Wooru.'a oloe relations to Gen. liar-
A! risou. But can bu said pretty certntuly that
ffi if Judge Woltds rully knw anrtblng about
If! Gen. lliirrisoni's intentions a to tlia Cihlnnt hu
jWJ would I laoiucaioii) ho l:o lemlled tlu In-
fJ! lnriiHtt-'on iioiitul; anil n n (,'i.i. .linUo
im Nood' ("ah, not' lavurjr I'.itl. imlt-t-.l. Allison
((fl' sndQoff arc the only two "likely" inon In it.
IfX Ool. A. C. Dutvesot St. Joo, Ma. was among
hah the callers w;-on Gn, Harrison to-day. He Is a
Vfi leader amonrtbe Missouri Beoqblloans, Mrs.
ft Drown, ot Stdtlroore. who baa been spending;
Hp some time with MrfcHarrlson, returned to her
.' ,liMMt4U
nuAT ib its rorrEitr
Tie Mystery f Nltr-a1yerte Qneetteaed
hr tke tjtnuiae Case ef Use Ilnnert jr.
ri.iU8Ajrrvu.i.E, Pa, Doc. 12-"Doo" Haff
gerty, the teamstor for Oil Operator Van Vlejt
who has not been seen slnco tho oxploslon, a
few days ago, ot the nltro-glrcerine wagon ho
was driving, and who his family and friends
have the best of reasons to bellovo was blown
to fragments In tbo explosion, had on In
surance of 15,000 on his life. Only a pound or
so bf nosh supposed to have belonged to Hag
gerty's body could be found after tho explosion,
The insurance company, charging that the flosh
thus rocoored and burled was not Uaggorty's,
and that he could not have boon so nearly an
nihilated by tho explosion, and that he Is not
dead, refuse to pay tho claim of his family for
the amount ot the polioy on his life, Tho oom
pany allego that an explosion so utterly de
structive to human flosh Is without orocedout
in the oil regions. Nevertheless, ot the horses
Hscgorty was driving only small portions
could bo found: the wood and Iron work ot the
wagon wero almost ontirely annihilated, and
the nitro-clrcerlnosafo was as uttorlr removed
from human sight as It It had novcr boon
This mysterious nnnibilatlvo poworof nitro
glycerine, oapocially in regard to the human
body, is a fact that ban puzzled all who have
had anything to do with tho explosive ever
elnoe it was first introduced in the oil regions.
Many terrible instances of thin power of nitro
glycerine have been recalled by this question I
raised over the ooso ot Doc Uagserty. Among
thorn Is that of a man namod Henry Prance
He drovo a nltro-glycerlno wagon In tho
Klnzua district An oxploslon occurred on
his wagon ono day. All that was found of
France was ono knoo cop. Thnt was :100 feet
from the groat holo in the road mailo br tho
explosion. His watoli hung on a limb near ,
where tho knee cap was found. Tho right hind .
leg of ono horse and tho tall of the other wero
all that remained ot tho team, and ono wagon
tire. 800 feet from tho rest ot the explosion,
in different directions, roprosontcd all that was
discoverod of the wagon. , ,
Another Instance of nitro-clycerino s annihl
lative foroe was given at lied ltock. in tho
Northorn Held, a few years ago. A man nnmod
Dolan was carrying two or throo cans of nitro
glycerine through that oil town In n bag that
n had slang over his shoulder, Hostiimblod
and fell. Tho oanB struck on a rock with force.
Snough to explodo them. BoTernl houpoa'wore
omollshed. Dolan woighod 200 pounds. A
part of one foot, wolghlng less than one pound,
was all that tho most thorough search could
recover of oil that 200 pounds. About tho snmo
time Charles Berrldgo.a prominent oil opera
tor of tho Allegheny field, was blown up by
nltro-glyoarino. It was In a narrow gulch, be
tween two high and abrupt hills. Tho ground
was eovored with new-fallen snow. Berrltlgo
was a popular man, and particular palnB wn re
taken to search olosolr and thoroughly for his
remains, A search far and wide, up and
down tbo gulch, and up and down tho
stoop hills, resulted in recovering so nmall a
quantity ot his remains that tho coflln in
which they wore borne to tho grave, contonts
and all, wolebed less than 10 pounilal ller
ridgo was a man over 6 foot tall, and he
weighed ISO pounds. A mysterious action ot
the oxploBive was noticed In this Instance.
All that wero found ot Berrldco's remains wero
above the spat where tho oxplOBlon occurred,
showing that tho foreo of the explosion
was upward. Nothing from that shattered
body, neither ot blood or flosh, fell bock upon
the snow, for Its Burfaco was as spotless an it
had been before the explosion. Many other
cases aro referred to now to show that tho cir
cumstances connected with tho almost utter
annihilation ot Doo Haggorty aro not now. It
tho cose gets into the courts it la oxpoctod that
much light will be thrown on the mysterious
power ot nltro-glycerlno through tho testimony
ot sclentiflo witnesses.
Moody Preaching to Multitudes The Ztnsh
orPeepte to the Gathering'.
FobsziAKD, Deo. 3. Despatches to tho Or
egonian from Walla Walla say that never In
tho history of the city has there boon such In
terest manifested as is now existing in regard
to the Moody meetings. As early as G o'clock
the streets each side ot the Opera Houso aro
densely packed with poopla waiting the open
ing of tho doors. At that time enough pooplo
aro In waiting to fill a building four times as
large. Afternoon meetings are attended by a
crowded house, and morning prayer meetings
by almost as many. Tbo excitement with many
approaches frenzy, some hardly stopping long
enough to eat their meals. People In going to
tho meetings almost run. Men holding tho
bonds of women fairly drag them along. Ev
erything thus far inside tbo house has been
temperato and commonplace: tho dosiro
seemB mostly to see Moody rathor than any
expectation to receive benefit from attondlng
the meetings. What the rent effoct will bo re
mains to be seen. .. .
The work at Spokane Falls, whoro Mr. Moody
labored just previous to his going to Walla
Walla, was one ot great success. The largo
American RcBOrt Hall was crowded every
night and a great many were won over to the
gospel at that place. At the final meeting Mr.
Moody took a collection tcr tbo Young Men's
Christian Association, and secured over $2,500
towards lot the association" purchased some
Last Wednesday the meetings wero opened
at Walla Walla, whoro Mr. George B. Studd
had been working for some time making ready
tor Moody. An inspection ot the Tabernacle,
at which place tho meetings will be held in
this city, disclosed the fact that the dinners
suggested by Mr. Moody havo been made and
the seating capacity of the building enlarged
so that it will now comfortably scat 2,700 per
sons. The olectrio light company has justiooated
a largo aro light on tho corner, so Bltunted ns
to light both streets. Tho Tabernacle Com
pany bos planked the walks on both sides of
the building, and everything has been dono to
make the building comfortable in nil its sur
roundings for the large audience that will want
to see and hear the great ovancolisu
JL Philadelphia Jeweller Captnrce the Man
who Ban OS IVlth hla Jewelry.
Philadelphia, Deo. 12 Jeweller E. P.
Percivalot 209 North Eighth streot boat tho
Philadelphia detective department to-day
when ho returned from Now York, bringing
with him Francis Volath. who had robbed him
of 1500 worth of jewolry. and whom ho captured
on tbo North German Lloyd steamer Banle bo
forosbe left her dock. On Tuesday Volath
entered Perclval's store and asked for- the pro
prietor. He said his sister was sick and he de
sired to make her a present ot somejenelry,
and naked that It be sent around to bis home
that his otster might select what sho wanted.
Mr. Perciral got together a number ot
watches, rings, and other nrticles, and accom
panied the stranger. Volath usbered him Into
tbe parlor, and tbon asked Mr. Porcival to let
him take the jewelry up-stalrs to his sister,
who was in bed. Mr. Porcival bad no suspicion
that anything was wrong, and hnndod over the
package. AI tor watting tor nearly n half hour,
nnd Undine that Volath did not return, bu be
came alarmed. It was discovered that tbe
swindler had gone out tho back way, and
escaped bv climbing over the tenco.
jAmong volath's papers Perch nl found a cir
cular of the North German tine, and felt sure
that tbe man would sail for Bremen on tbe
next steamer. The detectives laughed at him,
but Percivai took the midnight train. He found
his man on the steamer, and had a fight with
him, whieh lasted until they got to the dock,
where pistols wero drawn. There Deputy
Marshal F. Bernbard interposed and Volath
concluded to compromise. He only had a watch
nnd chain about one-tenth tbe value of tho
things taken and Percivai concluded not to
eomprnmlso. When taken to a pollco station. I
the culprit consented to come buck toPhlla- !
delphlo. I
nt-ralna 930) Telcphaaea,
New Ouliuxb, Deo. 12. Nine hundred nnd,
fifty telephones, heretofore tho property ot the
National Improved Orescsnt City and New Or
leans Telephone Companies, were burned in
this city to-day under the direction of Frank B.
Knight ot the American Bell Telephone Com
pany of Boston. These instruments were ad
judged by tbe United States Court to infringe
the patents ot tbe Hell Company, and oh they
could not be utilized ttiey were ilcbtroroil.
Thin is the outcome nt tho Ic-al contest he
tueon tbo Bel) Coinpnuy ni'd the uboo-nuuieil
i companies, defendanti. which suit occupied
the attention of Hut tinted MMlcx Couit In this
city for seernl wooks. In decldliit; tbocr.au
tlio Court direciod Hiat all t-lephna i,rlonc
Ing to tho defendant l-o delivered to the Bell
Company. This order was obeyed, ana the In
Btrumoms wero disposed ot by burning thorn.
Advancing Frelsht Hate.
Buffalo, Dec 12. A meeting; of the west
bound freight agents was held to-day to ad
vance freight rates from Buffalo to tho West
to conform to tho recent ralo of rates from
hew York. Hates wore advunced to tho bati
of the tariff in oIT-ut previous to "sou 21,
.tuulnut the lluntrlnli- Witt---- fnmiwiiy,
i TbeJorscv City Aldermen tutted nreholu
llan ucaulraeutly )UrUy (i-otculaz iUo tbo
rnsMtii- tt a cntr&ei. tor a aev vrfcter supply with the
JlonlcUli Water Co-spany or any otter corporation.
ialtaUar rcaoUUu wai pauad or tat Ktwark Bear
or Trail laal areploi. anl II was backed op by auUlir
aolnuao unciai teruuuoa u mrtat tits oiicrsloa ot
Jinr 5tw watw to eUur Kta,
Ho Hay hla Fi-feadu-"Warner Mlllera Frleada
la the Union Jtracne Clnh Will Try to
Get aa JEudoracraeat far hl-a To-ala-ht.
Cabinet making;, or rathor the finishing up
of a Now York drawor In that artiole of Admin
istration furniture, boomed In this city yestor
day. Ilussell Harrison did not havo so very
muoh to do with It He spent most of his time
with Btephon B. Elkins, and Stove Is all Blaine,
But ox-Bonntor Piatt's return from Washing
ton and the Union Lcaguo fuss were sufficient
to msko tho situation Interesting.
Benator Piatt was still in tho comfortable
and contentod framo of mind that became ap
parent Boon aftor eloction, and it is significant
that bo was not in town long before bis friends
began to say that ho was a candidate for the
, Secretaryship ot tho Treasury In an author! ta
, tlve way. Those cautious souls who were
wont to discuss this as a possibility now bogin
to state it as a fact, and tho further fact that
tho Benator, as they call him, had boon to
Washington on this business and returned not
looking In encouragement was Boon Indicated.
As a Piatt man Bald: He is out tor the place,
and that is what ha wont to Washington for. He
will got it too. Ho Is a strong man In the rural
districts, and not without strength here. Of
course Miller Is looking for a ploco for hlmsolf.
Slillor has got strength, too. It la in wolL I
guess the most of It is in tho Union Leaguo
Club, nnd it remains to be seen what elTeot that
will havo upon Gen. Harrison. Tbo Miller men
in tna club will try at tbo mooting to-night to
pass u resolution ondorslng tho high-license
candidate, fot Oovornor, but I think it will bo
lound that Mr. Piatt baa friends enough in tho
club to prevont any action being taken to en
dorbo any one. Lo Grand 1). Cannon, Ulgourney
Pay, A. It Whitney, Charlos Wntrous, and
othors are actlvo in tho matter. Among, them
there is no doubt that tho Mlllor boomlot will
Lo successfully launched.
The Union Leaguers who are not ootlve par
tisans eitber for or against Mlllor expect the
club to bo more conservative than tho Miller
mon seeui to look for. Ono of thorn, wbo holds
an Importunt olnco in tho club, said last oven
ing: ' Tbe meeting to-morrow night will, wit
ness action by the club In relation to Cabinet
matters. A conference of somo of tbe moet
active members ot tho club has resulted in tho
preparation of resolutions to bo offered at tbo
mooting. They uro goneral in cbaraotor, em
bodying tho club's Idoa as to what sort of men
should bo solectod as tbo President's advisers,
but not what men. No names will, appear in
thorn for commendation or coudemnation.
Will thoy pass? Why, certainly. Minor's
friends aro in the majority In the club. Piatt
knows this and all ho is looking for Is to have
his fi lends provont tho ondorsoment of any.
body by the club br name. I don't think there
will bo anything liko n row. It Is a generous
rivalry, though the feeling, is Intense."
Chuuncey AI. Depe-:. tho President of the
club, was prevented from attending the Union
League Club reception to Miller by a bad fall,
but he says ho will bo at tbe meeting to-night
it possible. ...
The nuestton Is being discussed whether
Col. Elliott F. Bhopard's candidacy for the In
terior portfolio mar not Interfere with tho
lighting for tho other place. The Colonel's
contributions to (J u ay's election machinery
aggregated $70,000. and if his candidacy is
serious, tho claim ho has is not a licht one.
Home or the Hnrprlslno- Effects or JExploelva
Oatmeal, Floar, and t-Jnsnr.
"It's nil nonsense," eaid Dr. Charles Perry,
the pharmaceutical expert ot The Sun build
ing, " to say thnt the two explosions In Chicago
this week were caused by dynamite or burst
ing boilers. Ther wore caused by dust and
only duit. Tho public doesn't soom to realize
that tho dust of any egotable substance
Which will bum will oxplode when mixed with
air. but ovory chemist knows it to his sorrow.
If you blow your gas out nnd go away, you
know that when you como back and strike a
match there's going to be an oxploslon ot
the mixed gas and air. Yon also know
thnt If you nut a lighted match in
an ompty bonzino or naphtha barrel,
when a little of the original liauid Is left, you
are pretty sure to have tbo barrel disappear In
small pieces and find yoursoll in the next lot
Tbe same rule applies to any flno dust which
can be burned, and which, by reason of its fine
ness, can bo suspended in tho utmosphere.
Hero's a large tin can. I throw Into it a tea
sioonful of rioudre de ra end a pinch of lyoo
podlum. I shako It until the can is lull of dnst
laden air and touch a match to it Oft it goes,
and, ouch 1 I burned my hand In showing the
fact With gas it takes about eight times as
much air as gas to mnko a good blow-up. With
dust the proportion is about the same.
Tlie last explosion In Cnlcago was occa
sioned by oatmeal, which Is, I think, the first
tlmo that hcotland's gastronomio mainstay
has behaved so badly. Flour has a much
wickeder record. It blew a great mill in Min
neapolis nil to piecoi; it made a first-class
wreck of a building In Hamilton avenue. Brook
lyn; it knocked out tbo Jewells' establish
ment nt Fulton Forry, in that city, and it has
ruined I don't know how many other places.
" Flourifn't alone." contlnuod Dr. Porry, " in
this property. Powdered sugar cleaned out a
huge store In Cortlandt street only a few years
since. Pulverized cocoanut shells came near
burning up a sovon-story building in West
Broadway. Drug-grinding mills nre frequently
the scones ot such explosions. Point mills,
which reduce lampblack and similar pigments
to a dust run a similar risk. Bakers are over
witbinan nceof being blown Into oternity by
the dust of starch, flour, and sugar. Fine saw
duBt is apt to indulge in tho pam pyrotechnic
display. Wood turners and llulsbers nra al
ways on tho alert for accidents of this sort
Even In cotton, linen, and woollen mtlln, tho
flno lint which (Ills tho nlr of ovory room is lia
ble to Icnlto, and, II tho proportion of airto lint
Is right, to explode with moro or less Corco.
Lazy housekeepers, who do not clean their fur
niture, but allow tho dust to accumulate, run
the risk ot an explosion, when, in a lit of ro
form, they vigorously sweep a close room in tho
nighttime with the gas lit"
The JSurlesquea.
The two hundredth performance of "The
Crystal Slipper" was ghen at the Star Theatre
. last evening. Tho house was crowded by an
audienco thnt .regarded this ombelllshmentof
1 the Cinderella story us oxcollont entertulnment
The poople on tho stage seemed to freshen
their work for tbe occasion. They not only did
a great deal, but nil of It had vim, and most ot
it hod morlt Little Tich was a concentration
of odd comicality, und his ridiculous dancing
was the best single feature In the glittering
heterogeneous show.
A bit of burlesque is in tbe week's bill at
Dockstador's Minstrels. It is called "A Murder
nt tbe Old Homestead." and It makes sport of
Deuman Thomson's play. Dnu Collyor U
foremost In its groteiuorr, and he is nn ex
ceedingly clover actor.
At tba Standard Theatre last evening's tor
formance of " Monto Crlsto. Junior," was
rapid, smooth, and spirited. The Galoty com
pany wore bo scared on the occasion ot their
Now York d3but that tboy could not do justloo
to themselves. They had an idea that becauso
some American burlesquers had been mal
treated at tho Gaiety Theatre In London a re
taliatory demonstration would be made when
they appoared here. It was In vain that
they were assured of tbo groundless
ness of thoir apprehensions. The coin-
p.iny wont on the singe hull paralyzed
by fright, and several of tbu principal itctrchiies
i could not speak without uquaver.bttig without
tiomulo, or move without seeming to b ready
to Uoilgo a missile. Ah tbo play progressed
thev took courugo, but "Monto Cristo, Junior,"
suffered In its first Now York representation.
The Gaiety merrymakors ore intensely English,
ami some of their fun is Incomprehensible here:
but that has not hindered tbem much in work
ing Into Iho good graces ot Now Yorkers. Fred
Leslie Is a versatile and cJavercomedlan, Nellie
Farrcn is a perfect exponent of London bur
lesque humor, and as for tbe dancing of Lottie
Lynd and Sylvia Gray nothing to approach its
nimbloness, elasticity, and peculiarity has boon
seen here,
Imiiacn-cnt Note.
The conceit Gillie ItublnMoln Club may be
ht'urd this evcclnc iu Chickcrlng Hull.
The last of Mr. Albert Lester King's fiub
Bcrlptlon concerts is to be sit en on Saturday
evening lu btelnway Hull.
ThoMotropolltan Trio Club'b- always Inter
esting concert is announced for this evening in
riteinway 11 all. Miss Emily Wlnant and Mr.
Max Bendlx are to be the soloists.
The Symphony Society gives Its third rehear
sal and concert on Friday afternoon and Sat
urday evening next. Tbo soloists are to be
Frh hattletta)ue and Mr, Naban Franko.
C'roaVi- Cheeka were IVortblcna.
A well-dressed man of 28 who said his nnum '
waj Vwi,um tJriHrj,arrv4tfd yeicrtn t t'.-trlrt-ar,l
lit,! e.reiti. t"r w-jii;t icteM -vrin., .
uuatuof bu.'tttich-fkk. It had In Ida potlrailon aSCL)
uair ot rttjiroud ear rlnca. winch lie had obtained
tromfc. M. UatUe, a diamond brkcr al I.1IU Broad e-ay,
(IrlasUnax-ncntavortUeaacJiack on lae ""roadway
National blot Groea bad many vUhmala the vicinltr
of Waet Waaalagton Mariel aoma ot vkotq Menuoed
aim raeurday. Uawaeanajfacdat tbalamUandre-
nuaasa usu U4 agxsiBC.
TtstI--eoar oftae Men "rVhn flaw JBXIea Jnat
Before Hla Death.
Tho Inquest In the cose of Patrick Kelly,
the gardener, who was fonnd murdered on the
Manhattan Beach Railroad track at Parkvlllo
on the night of Dec. 1, was bogun last night by
Coroner Booney ot Brooklyn. Matthew Ilyan,
who, as far as known, was the last person
who saw and conversed with Kelly be
fore lie ran fout of his murderer, testi
fied that he and Kelly called at a saloon
in Foster and Gravesend avenues and had two
glasses ot ale each, and Kelly alse purchased u
box of matches. While talking in front ot tho
store before parting for the night a strange
man, whom tho witness could not describe
othorthaa asot medium height and as wear
ing a dark suit and n Derby hat or cap. ap
proached within a few feet and In a clear, loud
tone asked when the next train was going to
Brooklyn. Kelly said In about twenty minutes.
Kelly was perfectly sober. Tho witness asked
Kolly to go to his house, but Kelly snld he must
go homo, and after saying good night walked
off across the Culver Itailrond trnck toward
tho Manhattan Boacu track. Tbe strango man
hod gone in tbo same direction a fow
momonts before. When tho stranger Inquired
about the train tho witness noticed tho
figures ot throo or four men at tho fence, forty
3r llfty feot away. Kelly had a large and neatly
one up parcel In his band (underclothing
which he had lust purchased In Brooklyn). ,
Patriot Prendergast and Michael Carey, who
had gone to Brooklyn with Kolly, and who wero
with him when bo purchased the undercloth
ing in tho Fifth avenuo store, repeated tho
stories ther had already mndo to the pollco,
but whloh did not sorve to throw any light on
the murder. Prendergast and Carey separated
from Kolly in Brooklyn, and did not return to
Parkvillo until nttor 11 o'clock. On their way
home on tho Manhattan Bench trnck tbey
found Kolly lying dead, with his bond battered
in, his pockota turned Inside out. and tho bun
dle containing tbo purchases ho bad made
missing. In a fow minutes after the discovery
of tho body, Fitzgerald and Itogers, laborers on
tho OowonnoTon farm, who afterward wore ar
rested on suspicion, but wero discharged, enmo
along and remained with tbe body until tho
police arrlvod. Tho lnquost will be resumed
Mr. Lott testlflod that ho sont Kelly to Brook
lyn to collect (20 from his customers, and that
Is supposed to have been tho amount of money
Kolly had In his possession when ho was mur
dered. Thero are six men still under arrest on sus
picion, but it is very doubtful whethor thero
will be any ovidence forthcoming sufficient to
hold any of them for trial. It is tho bollof of
Detoctivo MoCormlck. who has done tbo chief
work In tho case, thnt tbe murder was tho
work of a negro, and that ho had a confed
erate. He thinks that ono of tho six men
undor arrest has some knowledge of tho kill
ing, nnd he Is also confident that tbe murderer
hlmsolf will bo under lock and koy soon.
inn box srui'LY lied.
Vnromnnttc Termination of a Sensational
Yarn Abont Footpads OBi2Vaai-au Street.
Yesterday foronoon Mr. Henry O. Daniells
went into the Chambors Streot Hospital lead
ing a badly frightened boy, who said ho was
Hugh Welsh. Mr. Daniells has a shoo factory
at Park placo and Church street, and Hugh is
his errand boy. In tho morning ho sent Hugh
with throo pairs of shoos in a bog to a cus
tomer In Nassau street Hugh told the hos
pital physician that as ha was crossing Maiden
lane, a stoutly-built middle-aged man seized
tho bug, and tried to make off with it Hugh
said he held on. nnd was kicked sovoral times
in tho stomach for his fidelity. At last over
come with pain be lot go, and the footpad ran
Mr. Daniells vouched for tho lad's bonosty,
and the physlolan oxomlned him. There was
no sign of bruise or abrasion, but Hugh said
he felt faint and hollow inside. That is
frequently the case with persons wbo are
violently struck on tbe abdomon. und the phy
slolan nnd Mr. Daniells bolieved the story, ho
Hugh was detained until his bollowness do
parted. When be was comfortably solid again
he was discharged.
From tbo hospital the boy went back to tbe
factory, and there, a little later, n detective
from Old slip station found him. Tbe detoctivo
exercised his conversational powers upon
Hugh, and for a time the boy stuck to his ex
traordinary story, but at last he broke down
and said that the stoutly built man asked him
to take a letter to somebody in tbo top story of
a Duilding.
" I'll give you ten cents," said the mnn.
Hugh gladly accepted the commission and
started up stairs.
"Hold on." called tho generous stranger.
"I'll hold your bag while you'ro gone."
That was a much more credible story: and
now tbe defective is looking for somebody with
threo new pairs ot shoos, for when Hugh cams
down stairs man and bag had disappeared. He
had to Invent some explanation, and the moro
ho thought about his Ox the more frightened
he got, which helped materially in convincing
Mr. Daniells and the physician.
A Man Buy a 803 Acres of JLand for SSO
'Poaaama and has S Yean to Puy.
Atlanta, Dec. 12. On Saturday a peculiar
bond for title to 202); acres of land was drawn
up In this city. Mr. Fesner of Habersham
brought In twenty-two 'possums. Ho met
Major David Cook, who owned a lot adjoining,
which he sought to purchase saying ho had no
monoy on hand.
"Then I will take the 'possums," Cook said.
"I'll sell you that land for'JSO 'possums and give
you flvo years to pay fifty 'possums every
"All right." said Mr. Fesner: "I'vo got 22
'posfcumBbere now."
" That's what you cnll a cash payment." said
tho Major. "'You owe me 24 moro 'possums
this season."
The trln stopped Into an office and Mr. Nonh
Fowler drew up tho contract In correct legal
form, specifying that for lot 227. in the 1'ifth
district of Habersham county. Mr. I'lillip Fes
ner was to deliver to Mr. D. A. Cook 60 'possums
during tho year 188. 50 In 1889. 50 in 18'Jl.
and 60 in 1892. Tbo "cosh payment" ot 22
'possums'was made In due form and a receipt
given therefor. Major Cook took formal pos
session of tbe 'possums and sont them out to
his homo. Bond for title was drawn up and
signed by Major Cook, and Mr. Kosner left nn
tbe next train for Habersham. Ho haa2S more
'possums to catch boforo Jan. 1.
One of Fortune Strange Turns.
BiUDFOitD, Doc. 12. A Sijn correspondent
recently accompanied u well-known oil opera
tor on a trip through tbe old Venango county
petroloum region. Whllo passing through tbe
historic Oil Creek territory, tbo operator called
tbe correspondent's attention to a fine-looting
farm house, occupyinga pleasant location, and
all Its surroundings Indicating substantial pros-
"That." said the oil man. "Is tbe celebrated
old McClintock farm. Ir. tbe early days of Oil
Creek's petroloum excitement that farm spout
ed out millions ot dollars to Itsowuor. Tbo
owner was John Steele, the famous Coal Oil
Johnny, who squandered tho monoy as fast as
his wells spouted It, and at last became a
tramp, as everybody knows. The stramrest
thing abont the property Is that Jimmy Watt
owns It now. and is a rich man."
"What is thero strango about Jimmy Watt's
ownership of the farm t tbe reporter asked,
" Why, when Johnny Bteele was squandering
the millions tho farm produced for him." re-
Elled the operator, "Jimmy Watt was his boot-lack."
lIna-era.Cow Had a Touch Heart.
llAEBisnuRo, Dec. 12 A cowbelonKlnjrto
James Hagnr. living near Bteelton, died a few
days nco under such strango circumstances
that Dr. Hickman, u veterinary surgeon, was
uskod to make a post mortem examination.
Ho found In nn artery in tbe shoulder a piece
of It on over an eighth of an inch thick and tbrco
inches long. Further examination showed
that the Iron had been taken Into the cow's
stomach. It had cut through the membrane
of the stomach, and thence worked its way to
tbe heart, through which it had passed from
one side to tbe other, leaving a round hole to
mark its courso. The cow bud survived this
puneturo ot tho vital organ, and only suc
cumbed when the iron had worked around and
lodged in the humoral artery. Dr. Hickman
Mijs tho rod must have boennt least two days
in pacing Iron- tbu heart to tbe saouldor.
X Xctr Prcl-lriit for tba B, nnd O.
liAirraom, Dec. li The parties now in
control ot tho Board of Directors of the Balti
more and Ohio llallroad Company make a'
statement to tho effect that the Presidency of
tho read has been offered to Mr. Charles F.
Mayer, that ho has accepted It and will bo
elected at the meeting ot directors to bo held
on the 18th Inst Mr. Spencer was Informed ot
the proposed change three days otter tho re
cent annual meeting.
The statement is considered evidence that
thednrett jiartyuro to havo things thulroun
vny In tho inuiutgHinent nf the road. It I a aatd .
th.it t.-i'-tMci'-l'if-sldcntrlinitliio to bo mi.-
")ii'd iy it nir.n Klio Ik moio Imor.ib'.c to Urn
Cinettiiitcreat. It leaked out to-day u: tlio
recent uetiug resolutions wore adopted to
guarantee two new loans, one to construct tbo
ranch from Hoselle to tbe Arthur Kill bridge,
about 300.Q00. and the other lor 11X00.000 to
shorten the connecting linka vftUa tlw tracks
.a tho Ile&diaa Kaposi.
!l 1. ; .''' .
De aVeanep-- Weep and tjT" the Canal la
Made The ranellCaes JDr-aBalna- Mlowly
Aloas tjnecar fbr Italian Kml-craatie.
lUnia, Dee. 12. Another sceno of excite
ment was enactod at the offices of tho Panama
Canal Company to-day. The crush was even
greater than that of yesterday. At 4 o'clock a
liush fell over tlie throng, and M. De Lesseps
appeared. Mounting a table, he said
"My friends, tbo subscription is safe. Our
adversaries am confounded. We do not need
the help ot financiers. You have saved your
selves by your own oxertlons. The canal is
Hero M. Do Lesseps was so overcome that he
wept. Amid cheering, wreplng, and mutual
congratulations all present shook hands with
M. Do Lesseps.
When tho oxcltemont hod partially abated
tho nows wont round that 410,000 bonds had
boon subscribed for in Paris and the same
number in tho provinces. Marseilles atono
took SG.000 bonds.
An official of tho company replaced M. Do
Lesseps, and announcod that tbe subscription
liBts would bo kept open until Saturday noon.
It is reported that numbers immediately ro
nowod their subscriptions, tho receiving clerks
bolng couiplotoly ovortaxod.
Mr. Charlos do Lossops had a conterenco
with tho Ministers this evening. La 1'etite
ifeptioliijue Trancaise assorts thnt a Panama
Canal bill wilt bo presontod in tho Chamber ot
Deputies to-morrow. Humors that 800.000 had
been takon nro boliovod to bo exaggerated, but
It is certain that tho applications iargoly ox
ceodod iho directors' oxjicctations. Probably
the necessary 400.000 will bo takon.
Their I.ordahlpn View With Alarm tbe
XfTorta to Prolong the Cnae.
Ccnritnt, I8K8, it Tim Sen rrdi-lng nnd l-ublUMng
London, Dec. KL Tho croater part of tho
time of the Parnell Commission to-dny was oc
cupied by wrangles between counsel. In which
their Lordships took nn occasional hand. Con
sequently It tho proceedings wore not particu
larly edifying thoy wore cortalnly livelier than
usual. FirBt.tho Presidont hinted In a friend
ly way to tho Attorney-Genoral that ho sup
posed tho Timet would produce as ovidenco tho
speochos mado prior to tho establishment of
tho Land Leaj-ue. Webster accepted tbo sug
gestion with such alacrity that tho President,
alarmod at tho prospect of an immonso addi
tion to tho ovidenco. urged counsel to enter
into somo ngreornent on tho eubjoat with a
view to save tlmo. The counsel snarled at one
another, but failed to reach an understanding.
Later Sir. Webster casually Intimated that
ho would havo to prove Loaguo terrorism in
overy county In Ireland, a prospoct so appall
ing that tho President angrily protested that
he oontemplatod tho future with alarm, and
complained that tho counsel on both sides
soomed to disregard the wishos of their Lord
ships. Sir Charlos Itussoli provoked another
scene by protesting against certain irrelevant
ovidonco which Wob6tor Bought to rush upon
tho Court Aftor n prolonged squabble tho
Court decided that the protest was well
Shortly nftorward Webster attempted to take
rev engo in a characteristic fashion by announc
ing his intention to call witnesses to provo
motives for ovory outrago committed in Ire
land slnco 18V9. Their Lordships positively
gasped, and Uussell's indignation drovo him
into tho use of language stronger than the dig
nity of tho Court usually pormlts. But, to tho
relief of almost ovory body concornod, Webster,
questioned by Edward Harrington, first de
nied and then admitted tho existenco of pollco
books setting forth the motives for outrages,
and their Lordships promptly and joyously
ruled that It would be sufflclont to produce
Tbo only other point worth rocordlne to-day
was that tho counsel for tho Irish momners
ollowod nearly all tho numorous witnesses to
loavo the box without subjecting tbem to cross
examination. Much tun is expected on Friday,
when Russell will take Informer O'Connor In
The Pope Alarmed for their Spiritual and
Bodily Welfare.
Rome, Dee. 12. Tho Osatrvatwe Romano
publlshos the Pope's letter to tho Bishops in
America with reference to tho care of Italian
immigrants. This letter says: "Tbo Pope de
plores tho fact that many Italians, forcod by
povorty to emigrate, flndthemsohes in a worse
position than ever in America. Great danger
attonds thoir souls, both during the voyage
and on their arrival, owing to tho difficulty of
meeting priests speaking Italian."
Being muoh preoccupied with these facts,
tho Pop cbargod tho Congregation do Propa
ganda FIdo to htudy the tno-foid question of
how to promoto both tho religious and the mn
torlal wolfaro oj immigrants, and It has been
decided to despatch priests from Italy to local
ities inhabited by Italian omlcrnnts.
Tbo Fopo deolares that it will afford blm
groat satisfaction if tbe American Bishops will
faoilltuto the task of these priests by referring
to tbe Propaganda In regard to any changes
required in thoir sacrod duties. His Holiness
concludes with a benediction upon tho Bishops,
clergy, nnd faithful in America.
Flgbtlas at ttauLln.
Suaki-x, Dec. 12 The Arabs maintain a
heavy muskotry fire. Their commander, Oa
man N:db, hss been wounded in tho neck by
tho explosion of a shell. Tho shells fired at
the Aral are doing heavy damage.
A letter has boon received fromOsman Dlg
tnn, but its contents :i:o unknown.
Lonwok, Dec 12. Mr. Morley, in n speech at
Clorkenwoll this evening, condemned the Gov
ernment's policy in liast Africa. In regard to
Huaklnhesays: "If we are not careful vroBball
havo on our hands another abominable, profit
less, and purposeless Boudaneso war. We are
drifting into a policy that Is cruel to the Arabs,
useless to Egypt, and disgraceful to .England."
They Must Become Ituaalun Subject.
St. PETEitSBnr.0, Dec. 12 Tho Cablnethas
under consideration a new law, to go into op
eration in 1889, under which foreigners who
havo lived flvo years in I'.utsla will become
llusslan subjects or else bo expelled from the
liaptror "William and East Africa.
BEm-rs, Dec 12. The Emporor to-day re
celted Count Herbert BUmarck and had a funker con
ference with him on the But .atrican qoeillon. Tke
negotlatlona with va-tooa parties In iho Bctcbttac havo
bad no definite re lull as yet. Moet favor U ebewn the
projact of eitablliUlnx a protectorate elmllar to that In
Cameroon, and enrottlnr Zulu or negro truope.
Zjjfiiaii-. Ilea. IS Tfco plunder eecore-l by Bonblrf
hae lncreaard kit Infoeuee. and Influential Arab chief
ate Joining Mm. There U llltla prnepect lhat the rebel
lion will anon eutnlde. It le raid ibe ilermene Iaiand to
ettabUeh a letUement of rrerd clavei raptured durina
"". ''loclEade Dear Paa Ei Uale-n. All U quiet In tho
n-Ulili sphere.
The JEnat African Trouble.
Bekok, Dec. 12.-The Jvoffonal Zntunc says
Count Herbert BU-narct called the attention of the For
elfo Commute of the Kalcbtatfcr eeUrday to the fact that
France has net ihown the earn trankoeu and ood wlU
aa the other Do we re appealed to In aealitina In th snp
preeelonot the elav trade on tbeeaet coaet of Afnea.
The Government eipecla the Keielutatto give a decided
puppon io tho tneaeuTM for the reprewlon o( the rUJur
ther ana the protection or "Jeriaau iittereeta.
A. Itallnud la Hlbrrii.
Bt. PKTEWiBujta. Dec. 12. It Is assorted thnt
an American eradicate, irlih a capital of stouu,oou.
hie been formed to conttruct a railroad in hlberla. and
that eereral former and oreaent American dip emetic
and coniular axonta are tntereetea In the underiakaic.
Kln-c Julia la Trouble.
Suaktn. Deo. 12, It Ih roportod that Meno-
let klo or bhoa. Itulliated br the Italian Oavern
meat, which baa aappUad blm wltn armeand mnnltioca,
jiae rebelled arauet Klnr John of Abeielnla. Ue father
In law, Abyural U in a very tleitltuie ute.
A febell orCrcat Oeatructlve Tower.
Bomk, Dpn,12.-Tiio results of exix-rimants
ntie.i llli anew mil 'rat from n .nt-tii'-eurlaeeuli
",. litloi a, fio du tc vi,e, j il
rhL'llccvd-i,Mi f t.nf cier LtHr- t
I'orcniua Prey Kllcd,
Joseph J. U. l'rey, who was killed by a train
at Euubataporl station on Tueaday moraisc wa a
foreman In tbe Jor-taj" L. atott Iron Woeta, U lived at
ItTWeetThirty.nfthairaet. tla waa yiilUnx Jxta brelE
.af-ta-law, i. C. CUaluub at EUwetm,.
tbb run or uainb politics.
It Ioa'l Xnteaded ley the relltlclaaa, hut
Ontaldera Enjoy It,
BaKuou, Dec. 12. Down-East politico are
always entertaining, and. especially In the
rural dlstriots, the partisanship displayed Is
something surprising. Tbe country people go
Into a campaign heels overhead, and toar the
English language all In tatters to And words
sufficiently expressive ot the bitter hatred and
supreme contempt In which ther hold their
opponents. Even after on side bos won the
day. and it Is time to settle down to business
again, the other side lingers on tho field for a
parting shot. Up in Greenville, at th foot ot
Mooeeheud Lake, the Republicans, nearly a
month after election, had a torchlight proces
sion, and hero Is the sarcastlo and contemptu
ous report ot tho affair whloh the local Demo
cratic correspondent sont to his paper:
Onr Tllleee Renubllcana. hearlni of th victory of their
party, mad a maeterful errort to celebrate the event of
llarrleen and Morton'e election, and Uonday evenlof
wee lb lima appointed for tho cela oceaelon, which
coneleted nt a proceeelon of men of tho a. O. r. to the
number ot eeven. with four tubular lantern, one holited
on a etlrfc. and three tour poles with tar on end to Imi
tate lorchee. The tauilo coneleted of tin horns Inter
epereeil with Iudk power. A bannerwltn the natneaor
llarrleon and Morton wae lb only object noticed to at
tract any attention, with the aicentlori of tba leader of
the parade, who waa red beaded and wore loner aid
whickers, and waa th whole Illumination otthe Itepvb
tlcana, and helped wonderfully to lead th twenty.flv
small boys In th rear. The fireworks were noted for
their Invletble beauty and quantity need, and
will paie In history ae the epooh of Oreenvtlie.
After the neoal noisy demonetratloni of yelltnr. tins'.
Inr th church bell that wae th extent of th cele
bration, which was considered brail the cheapeet, flat
teit concern that ever walked thestreelaof cireenvllle,
and wae a rank fallnr ae each as was carried on was a
dlirrace lo tb party randldaiee and Preefdent If the
Itepubllcane Intended to celebrate th election w nav
no objection, but think on such an occeelonto mak a
oredltabte effort and not a rare andnsEle. asthe one
carried out Monday avenlnr which wes rldtcnlona In
tbe extreme, and was a fitting subject for th sthor
This scnthing rovlow of Republican doing
In Greenvillo Booms a little blind, liko Lord
Timothy Donor's book, but tho reader can
stick in punctuation marks to suit himself. It
is not at this time known how the Uarrison
men stood up under It. Anotbor of tbe disap
pointed, living in a strong ltepubllcon town,
has the following contemptuous rofcrenoe In a
local papor to a " demonstration:"
Your scrlbn wondere If. lu this town, th public dem
onstratlona of dellttbt at the vioiorrof boodle over
brains corresponds with the actual feellnirs nf n dem
onitralors. If so, the eiuberano ot pariuanetupmay
be overlooked by all true believers. Two dim. uncertain
Chinese lanterns, and bonfires of dried leaves In half a
dozeu dlflersnt plsces seem to havo been about the sis
of th display al the Republican X roads.
In Bangor two election incidents ooenrrod
that nro worth mentioning. Mr. U. IL Kirk
Patrick, a groat Democrat, made an agreement
with Chnrloa llanscomn. n big ltepublioan. that
it Clovoland was defeated ho, Klrkpatrlck,
would voto tho ltepublioan ttoket for the next
four years, whllo, It lion-lion was beaten,
Hanscomo was to vote the Domooratlo tloket
for four years to come. Elrkpatriok is very
mad, but says he'll stick to his agreomont if It
ruins tho country.
Mr. Sylvester Hweet is a prominent young
Republican who won stacks of money on Uar
rison, but instoad of blowing It out for a trot
ting horso or some wine for bis friends, ho sent
to every poor family In the city, who would ac
copt, a fine Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and
all. A good many unfortunates were clad that
day that Harrison was elected.
JJntrato Bepnbllrana Favor Sending. Depew
to JEna-land.
Buffalo, Doc. 12. Desplto Mr. Chnuncoy
II. Depow's statement that ho does not want to
bo Minister to England, there is a sentiment
hero in favor ot his appointment. Interviews
wore had to-day with over iorty representative
men, and thoy all said Mr. Depow was a good
man for the placo. The porsonB Interviewed
are lawTors, physlolans, bankers, merchants,
and publlo officials. Bishop Coxe of the
Episcopal church and Bishop Vincent
of the Methodist church both say
tbey would like to seo him appointed. Henatcr
Laughlln and ex-8onators Williams, McMillan,
and Hpraguo all heartily favor Depow's ap
pointment, oj do Supreme Court Judges Cor
lott, Ualght, and Lewis. County Judge Ham
mond. Superior Court Judge Titus, Assembly
man Andrews, ox-Assemblrman Clinton, and
many lawyers and clergymon.
Broke Thronch the lee and Drowned.
Ithaca, Deo. 12. Of a party skating; on
Dwyer's Dam In this city at 8 o'clock this even
ing, four persons broke through the ice, and
two were drowned ono a student named Ed
ward S. Kevins, son ot a banker at South
Orange, N. J., and the other Miss Maggie Sul
livan, a teacher in the Central school here.
Miss Sullisan wns one of the brightest young
ladles of tho town, whoso fathor killed himself
a year ago.
Two younger persons, also named Sullivan,
who went through the ice. wore roscuBaTA
brave young stndent tied a rope nbont himself
and twico dived down to recover the bodies.
Ills name is McMastor, of Toronto. Canada. He
was twenty minutes In the cold water. A
young son of Patriok 'Wall, a merchant of this
city, broke bis arm in an attempt at fescue.
Coroner Lewis has just returned from an hour's
vain effort to rescusltate the bodies which now
He in the Easthill Hotel.
Catling Guns ror the Oyster Pirates).
Baltimore, Dec. 12 Tho war with the
piratical oyster dredgers has developed no
now phase. To-night it was reported that an
attack was to be mado on the police sloop
Folly, whloh Is on guard at Uackett's Point.
As the other police boats are elsewhere. Gov.
Jackson has telegraphed Secretary Whit
ney, requesting the ubo of steam launches
and Gatllng guns now at the Naval Academy
nt Annauolls. At llii to-nlgbt Superintendent
Sampson received instructions to furnish the
Stuto what assistance he could, and he at once
began to make ready two of tbe launches, arm
ing one with a howitror and the other with a
Gutllng gun. Capt. Howard nnd the crew of
th dlsablod pollco steamer McLonn will take
chnrgo of tho launches and go at once to Hack
ett's Point, whero tho Folly is said to be sur
rounded by about forty dredging schoonors.
Meredlth'a Sail Fixed at 810,000.
Judge Andrews, in Supreme Court, Cham
bers, yesterday fixed ball at $10,000 In tho cose
of Edward Meredith, who is under indictmont
for assaulting Phil Daly. Meredith was in
court, handcuffed to a doputy sheriff, having
boon brought up on a writ of habeas corpus.
Ho was represented by Ambrose II. Purdy,
wbo thought that ball In the sum of $1,000 was
lie asserted that the Indictment was bogus,
inasmuch as the evidence upon which It wns
bnsod wns given by Inspector Byrnes, who
know nothing about the affair except what he
had heard. Ho doclared also that, in all prob
ability. Daly would never appear to prosecute
tho prisoner,
"Q" Htrlkera IVaat to Oct Back.
CnicAao, Doc. 12. The meetlnjj of the
strikers' commltteo, appointed during tho late
Burlington strike, took place here to-day,
Thero was a discussion of tho ways and meani
by which the striking engineers could obtain
reinstatement by the " Q" road. A commlttoe
Is expected to be appointed to-morrow to visit
tbo Burlington officials. Superintendent Sea
ler said to-day that the mon would not be re
employed as a body, but as individuals, and
only us vocanoles occurred.
JLyle Oeta 81S.OOO rrone (ha Elevated.
Before Judge Beach, in the Supreme Court
ystrday, James Lyl recovered a verdict at $13,000
aralnsttk Manhattan Elevated Ballway Company. Hr.
Lyle waa ono of th passenxers on a Third avsno train
on March & 1VST. The track was blocked because of a
Ore In tli Bowery. Th train was near th fourteenth
t.trt station, andannmber of the passengers sot nut
towalLtotbo siatton and descend to tbe street TI.e
train suddenly started, and several of the paasenaeis
vers swept off the narrow walk Into the street. Mr.
l.rle waa one of these. 11 la right knee cap and hla riibt
wrist were broken. Illi left ere waa Injured so aa to
impair thsslfht, and th hearing ot the right ear was
also partially destroyed.
Awards for tho New Parka Coast-rased.
The General Term of the Supreme Court
Presiding Jostle Van Brunt and Judge Barrett, has
signed an ordor conferring th awards xnad by the
Commissioners appointed to acquire title to lands In Ue
Twenty third aud Twenty fourth wards for nw parka
and parkways, with ceitaln e-.cepw.ne. The order
provtdee that the ruueer on th award hall b paid to
the owners or th property within tour months, lb
owners belojr required rrst tneiecuie quit claim deed
to the city. Oeorre "JoKltulrk. iheeteuograpberof the
oomralseioarrs Is to hsv (3,',3r.rO lor services tea.
A. Fair la Rector Auld's Church.
There wero wax works and festivities In 8t
alary'a Episcopal Church last night, th church one
presided ever by Rector Auld. wh was forced to -starry
il n. Christie recently. Th ladles wsr raising money
for a Christmas tase. Mrs. Auld, th mother of the re
aliruM rector' asioaltbsd people by appearing at th
fair. She elayed only b ebort lime, and talked with few.
The rectofa wife haa bean out ot town elnce the
slalrcnt Into the paper, and no legal proceedings will
I,-enrnmencrj untu her return. Tho veetry of th
clii.rrli will to-nihtto consider the ai'-nii.n or avtelni-
aFuecrraio Mr, Auld. r
- , .1, . il Nor Alrnld tr llruiot ii.
All tho officers elect of the Dakih Post. G, A.
I", of Urooklyu for tb chtulns jreir are Democrats.
ff-VellfS0" ""'J IS " saUetUa of Theme. Hot.
te2r."?Mm"4.Tom'ii0'r.,w,u'0' r-lf '
Comtnaadr, and Thomas ruaolxaa for Junior Vice-
SaSfjska-,14 WW'Sww ISSrin all
ZLjfL. - .'- v, 'u v..
riNK ; Mack farntlr
business horses. T.
West nth et.
A 13 IIOKSR8 for si
price reasonable. I
A riVK Horeea need I
e trial given, -its We
B" ROVOIIAM-Oreat aa
era. Broom eki eoua
a'moet nW! aold to par a
$1 lOjboili In good on
. for ramlly or tmslm
tru In all hameee. Inq
hatlan St.. near loth ar.
bn-lneai wagon, built
also single truck. Apply
I.iort BALK-Work hor
' given; also truck hor
month. Call at 41 Bltneu
FOR RAI.K Brown gel
ceisl lady can rid.
XrtOR SALE Team bay
1 Ibladay. S.OA
If OH BALK Express w
A? or together! mutt be i
FIVE llonsBH need In
trial given. 33 West
CI ENTLKMAN leaving l
ar rsrrlsg horses, ate
lnqnlr at I In Weet ttfd et
T nesa. tea CA
LinitT. STTL1RU CO 1)1
division rront: also Irx
phaeton, harness, Ac I bli
owner going Booth. Rear
LAUIt BROS. 188-ltnr,
Stables. Larg stock
constantly on handi allk
presa wagon, and hai
her boriea for sale che,
trackmen; no offer i
Sixth ay.
WANTBD-A pair of n
most be young, aour.
deecrlptlon and price. I. K
new and scond-han
carts; great bargain. 7a
WANTED Small pony
b verr gsntl and tl
letter O P. I 239 Waieri
WILL rtmcilASK cut
state price and condlt
No. aoa Orand su
U HORSES for sale or!
reasonable. 301 Bai
EatTiafltg, &c. H
horee. Ithaadai also two good TeH
E. UOBDON. 1S2. is, and IS . H
. "ml
de or hire, suit any basinets; issaaT
"toBaeiilddsU H
n delivery wagons, f33 to 1791 fll
et 15th ! )
crintet Breweier Co., m!- Sri
re front; excellent ecndltlon, safai
dvanees. !
B'eVJO Ksit Mih tU room 7. !
' WAtiOK. aii on with ton MS
ler. aoweeiurit $
ar rare.'l6ts hands high, fit HI
irs neel warranted sound and
uir butcher' ahop, a.) Mas 7
ire work hnreee. one llghttoit Wl
toorderi heavy doubl trncki mt
sesi warranled eonndi trial f
setle let by the day, week, er f,
Idlng. 16 hsnds. esddle or hsr- e
Callattlable. m EsiUlit ,u S
hones, is hsnds hi eh. fim B.
LLAUHBR. 41 West toih st. C
egrm, tnsra, harness, pirate M
old, a James slip.
delivery wagons, (Utot79l B
loth St. ff
iwn wishes to dlepos of three B
1&.3, sound and good drivers. w
: At
icnoi also small hor and har ' (Ji
RrKNTER. I Ifl Weil "Oth St. ft
i"E RUCKAWAT, almost new.
ip-frontthree-eprlngledv'itnp f
t bargain If sold Immediately , ft
elable. 17 Wet4tlht K
llvlslon eL, Sale and Bxchangs 'W
Western and Canadian hprsei ft
inde work horses to 1st. aa
inr, S3n upward! hnrss, sx- r-
mess. 3tnvtcitl7thtt- b
ockawar. equst tonewtnum- It;
tp. lasKMi rjdst. i
abl ffrocerymen, milkmen. '
erued. ueWtu Sdet. nesr i
latched galdmrs tof hsnds; b
id. and etvlirh. Answer, with tv
LB. Poet Onic hcJl.7Sl; i,
)ARTfl-tO bur-lness waeonf. Ir
d. hew furniture truck, 4 cost H&
"tT" If
with cart and hsrneest must In,
loroujhlj- broken. Answer by US'-
under extemlon-ton phaeton; N&
Ion. Address JOSErif SMITH, iff
hire; ault any business I prices .
it tt& sl j
" "-"
It Is netrun In Xeveaber, and there's Soma
Hteallnr- Abont It, S
llroDurroww, N. Y Deo. 15. Christmns
DTeens ot all varieties gathered from the
forests and swamps of the Catsklll. Shawan
gunk, and Delaware mountain regions aia
going forward to tho New York market in lm
mento quantltloi. Tho principal ahlpments
aro mado on flat cars by tho Erie, the Ontario
and Western, and the Ulster and Dolaware
Railroads. Tho shipments are In the form of
Christmas ovorgroen trees, two to thirty foet
high, of spruce, pine, cedar, cypress, hemlock,
balsam fir, and arbor vitm, and ot laurel, ivy,
arbutus, ground pino, and other varieties of
shrubs and Tines. It Is estimated that there
aro shipped to Sow York every holiday aenson
by the railroads named not loss than HXI.ix.kji
Christmas trees and perhaps 50.00J ready- "h"))
mndo fancy and emblematic decorations.
The work ot cutting and gathering tbo ever
greens gives employment to an army ot per
sons, most of them email farmers and day la
borers, during November and early December,
while tbe men gather tbo materials, tho
women and children bony themselves making
up emblematlo pieces in the forms of anchor. I
crossos, stars, wreaths, and tho like, Some of a
these decorations are artistically designed, and,
being neatly made and garnished wltn red bor- ,
ries and other natural ornaments, thoy soil for
high prices. The class of men engaged in
gathering the greens ordinarily pay little heed
to boundary lines or rights of property. Indeed
the State Forest Commission complains of tho
depredations of these trespassers In destroy
ing the forests belonging to tho State, h on
resident land owners who have no one em
ployed to watch their property ere usually the
victims of wholesale spoliation. , t
Master Fred Fox. JVewaboy and Banker.
Little Freddy Fox is a veritable banker
newsboy. He lives at the Newsboys' Lodging X
House, and piles up tho shekels as tbe days go
by. He is only 11 years old, bnt be can draw
hisohock tor $200. and tbo superintendent ot
tho'lodainc hauaa aayar that Freddy" has abont
$50 in the bank here. Destdes this, he carries
wealth about with him. Freddy began busi
ness when he was younger br selling news
papers as a common Tender. Every cent bo
could keep he put away in tho bank at the
Newsboys' Lodging Houso. and when be had
enough ho started in business as a newspaper
merchant and commission broker. He burs ,
up a lot of papers and distributes them '
among the boys that sell for him on -
commission. When a newsboy in the boute 1
goes "broke" Freddy usually ndvnncos hint 1
enough to tide him over, and he has never I
been beaten out of anything. He lives pretty
cheaply nt tho bouse, paying about 20 oonts a I
day for his board and lodging, and no wooL- 9).
fiasses that does not see tbe bank account of .
be embryo Wiman swell perceptibly. Freddy ,
dresses in style on Sunday, and he does not
fdnch himself in the matter ot creature contorts.
The Two Smartest Wonea tn Mnlne. , .'.
BAXaoB, Dec. 12 Tho town of Chelsea, if-
Kennebec county, claims to havo ntnong its U
residents the two smartest women in Maine. ''
Tbey are spinster sisters and they run a farm f
of sixty-five acres, doing nearly all tbe work ''
themselves. One of themaldsisanoxpertaxe-
swinger, and goes into the woods every winter
to chop tbelr year's supply of firewood. She '
does a man's work in tho bitylleld, and this fall
dug and put Into tho oellur. without help, sev-
enty buehols ot potatoes. Tho other sister, j
besides doing general farm work, is quite a
carpenter, and In order to avoid exposing the
cattle to the severe cold of wlntor whllo water- i
ing, ehe lately built a substantial well-bouso,
with spouts to conduct tho water to tbe trongbs
In tho oarnyard, some distance away. In ad- )
ditlon to regular farm work, tbn slaters cultl- M,
vulo a largo gardoa In summer, and their crop '
are among tee finest raised.
The Trotttnes Horse Breeders. .i
Pittsbubob. Pa., Deo. 12. Tho Trotting f
Uorss Brseders" Asaociatlon of Pennsylvania to-day ar ,
ranged tor a meeting In th spring, th time and data t f
baflxad hereafter. It waa decided to hav eleven con- '
tests- Four svent wsr arranged for one, two. three. ;'
and foar-yoar-olda owned and brad by members.
Tb stake for yearling wre fixed at C ntrano B
and 123 added money, and for all other tim snusne i
and $100 added, foar races for horses owned by mem-
bers. the etskea to be th aam as la the Dret four eon
tesis; also an vent for tbree-rnlaute class, "5entrsne I
and Sao added; aatSUpace, under th eame conditions,
and a3 ito class stallion race for "ft entrance 11 wae
decided not to perantt th get of sirea owned by tb t
members to enter th contaits.
Hss John IV. Kobblasoa Iteea Robbed.
The Jersey City police fonnd a Bible, half a f
deien other book, and a hundred or tnor letter lrrai ,'
Inapllebehu-daboUerln Suseexetreetlajt night Th ,
letbsr wr all directed to John W. Robinson, In car of
sir. Fowler. 1 1 1 Weet 12J tb street. New York ottr. Chief f
Unrshy think that th goods were left than by MM i
thief w ho had robbed Koblnson of a astchsL i.
A fair for th benefit of the BrooUfn Ilomo-opathle L
Hospital la In nrosrsaa la th art and aasembly rooms
Acsdemy of Uusfo. :
Louri Dsl Bagne. who shot and killed Michael Collins t
duringa ro won a canal boat In Oowanoe Caaat on tbe
night f June 2i, pleaded guilty tomantlaagbterln ibe
Cret degree yeeurday. Ue was remanded tor eeiitetice. L,
Tb suit of Mrs. Ionis Zimmermen and hsr surer
against Dieekerhotf. Baiter A Co.. Importer, to recover
100.000. alleged tab da the estate of the lata Wlllian , ,
y.lmmermann. Is en trial In th Suprsm Court, before )
JtuUo Bartlstt and a Jury.
Annie Jahsssn. aged 83, waa arrested for IntoxJcariea' '
on Taeadar night and lodged In a cell Is tbe Adejov f,
street etaUon. Yeaurday morning eh waa too alck to It
b take to ooart, and aa ambulance atatted with her l'
for the hospital, bh died on th way. f
lluih McClslrof lie Adams street was arrested yes-
terday, aecuted of abandoning hie wife, who followed t
blm from London and found him. aa alleged, living with f
another woman. He esys he married tbecomplaiosnt 1
In louden when -he waa drunk and lrteepomlble for but f'
acta. ly
Eyes Ears Nose
Ar all snore r less affected by catarrh. Tbs yf be- '
com Inflamed, red and watery, with dull heavy pain i
between them; there ar roaring; busing noises In lbs ,
ear, and soroellmee th bearing Is aSscted; there I
constant disagreeable discharge from th not, bad ;
breath, and la many cut lots of th tent of smell All
these dlaagrabl ayroplotsa disappear when the dls-
case Is cured by Hood's EarsapariUa. which aipels f roes '
the blood the Impurity from which catarrh arltea. tooee f.
and restores the diseased orcans tu health, and bullcs
up th whole system. i
"llood'e harsaparllla haa helped me ntiire frrrsu -i ejEoV
and Impure Wood than anything! I iru' "'Wri
11ALL, brracuee, .N, T, f
IIootl?6 IsiarNttpnrilln It
Bold by ail dragf lata. tl sUfortft. rropared only kf
C.LBOODaCO,ApUcarlat.LowsU,Maas. If
, , . Mi
tJSSL'LlfV-' J-'aseC. ,-,t f j ..aaTlaaaaawl

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