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If THE BUfl, FK1DAY, PJBUJSMBKK 14. 1888. , H
itAitnoAV BXOcKtioi.nnnB constant
El ir assbuxino 1111:111 niuuxs.
Tie Chleano and Alton'a Foaltlem-Boma
I roollh Batiroad BiiHdlne:-A New MM
I are Oticniied by the Trunk Ltnea.
I Tho followlrtff letter, which Is but one of
I mnr similar expressions that havo reached
I Thb Sun. will none to Indicate the temper ot
I lh Investment community undor tlie lossos
I tht hnvo been InOlctod upijrt It br tho un-
I fcrupulous mananoment of somo of tho WosN
em trunk lines. It Is from a capitalist whoso
Bnme Is fnmlllnr In the rdllrond word as woll
s In Wall and State stroots. It H to bo reerot-
ted that he will not pormlt The 8un to onforeo
hUlawruneobyBlvlnK his name, espoclally as
he Is a stockholder of some inlluoneo In two of
tho loading Graneer roads. Ho wrltos to Tub
Bun os follows:
I mm lieerttlr arrrove of the arraignment of the
manager ot tne so-called Oranter road oyaetoek.
teller of tne Chicago, Burlington and qulner Itallroad
Corapanrln JO" ! o' " 4,h ln,L 1f"w'Ul
Hm that tfa stoetioli!ere (lienid te the matter In
taelrtwn htndi Immediately end would auggestthat
Ton give pnbtlcltr to the Idea that merilng of the
IS etackholder In the reveral compenlea ought to bo caUed
J at once to consider, drat, tho appointment t.f an Ad-
rlKTT Commlltea of toekholder to co6perate with or
foeslMr to ejerclso some control over tl-e present man
ager to protcot their right and Intrrnt: aeeond. to
coniHer the advisability of harlot tho aame commlltea
tallelt Broil, with tho rlewot aecnrlrr represent
Hie director, or. If ncceuary, an entire change ol euch
manager aa appear to be Incompetent or Indisposed to
remedy the dlffleulty. A very anilous and earnest feel
Irf eiliti among; bolderi of railroad securities, and
uch a movement, If atarted, iiould without doubt meet
with general approral and endowment.
Leading stockholder, and rrobably tome ot tha lead
log trail companlea and Insurance companies, aa welt as
banking houses. I believe, would be willing to go ta the
front and take an active and prominent part In It. I
kite made this suggestion to numerous railroad atock
nolilers. and their opinion was decidedly In favor of
somatkluf of thlt kind being done and dona promptly,
with the hope of averting tho abtolute wreck of railroad
properties now threatening. ,
i'ermlt me to state that t lis position ynu hare taken In
regardto tnl matter entitles you to the gratl title of
every Investor In r.llroad rectititle who ha been wit
nessing the rapid rulii of their respective properties by
the action of their own raid managers and have feu
Manuel es helpless to oppose or prev ent the wicked de
struction Kennectfully, an Amiois brooaiioLoiR.
Jtosrov. Pec. ta
Probably by this time this "Anxious Stock
holder " and a cood mnnr of his companions In
misfortune liavo lonrnod through The Sun of
the movemont in thotr bohnlt ttiut is gradually
taklnc shape in tho handn ot tlio loadlne bank
ers or this country and Europo. Tito dellnlto
announccmunt in yostorday's HUN that such a
movement Is undor nay challoncod tho atten
tion yostordny of ovary ono interested in rail
road secnrltlos. With tho o.xccptlon possibly
of a tew bears on tho stock innrkot the senti
ment in Wall Btreot seemed to be overwhelm
ingly in fm or of tlio proposed Intervention ot
the banUnc intoret in bebnlf of tho holdors of
securities In tho Western roads. Tho formal
nppearaneo ot thut Intorest In tho Held is un
questionably now l'elnc watchod for with a
jtrout deal of hopoluluoss.
It was learned yesterday that the Chlcaco
mid Alton Company has not yet Btcned the pre
liminary aeieouientrelatiro to the iiuttinc up
and maintenance, of rates on Jan, 1. This is
not due to any deslro on tho part of that com
pany to do buslnoss at low ratos. It is favora
bly inclined to tho acroometit. but It wants
somo understanding as to throuch traffic out
of Kansas City. Tho Alton Comnanyis in a
stroncer position in many waya tnan anv of its
competitors, for tho reason that it has not
branched out into other people's territory. It
has dononocompotltho bulldini;. hence it is
fttopc. both morally and llnauclally. Yot its
territory has boon invadod, at least so far as
throuch business is concerned, by the Atchi
son, Topoka and Santa Fri Company, whllo
nearly all of tho other Chlcaco roads have
reached out into tho territory boyond Kansas
City, and naturally claim that they hate a rlsht
to all of tho tralllo they are thus nolo to collect.
The.Altou has always had n lair amount of this
business. eBPecitUly botore the Atclilson Com-
fiany wasted its money building its Chlcaco
Ine. anil ItstiU wants its rbureof It. Its ul
timatum seems to bo that its competitors that
run beyond Kansas City shall each sive it a
partot their through tralllc to Chlcaco oriel
nutinc beyond that point in return for tho busi
ness from Chlcaco and intermediate points
that it bus to turn over to them.
It is possible that this is one of the questions
that may be kept open until the effective
peacemakers ot the railroad world begin their
work, but It is evidently not Incapable of ad
justment if a sincere desire for harmony pro
v nils, and tbat-eeoms to be tbf ease at present.
An tho end of tha 'year draws near Wall street
is becinnlne to bear somethinc about the
financial neods of some ot tho Granger com
panies, and It would not be surprising It some
ut them would have to give pledget) for their
future good behavior before tboy can get their
bank accounts replenished. The chances are,
too. that Wall streot will be furnished beforo tho
end of the year with one more proof of what the
rate war has cost stockholders in the reduction
of the Chicago. Rock Island and faciflo quar
terly dividend from 1).' to 1 percent. This and
other misfortunes that have befallen the stock
holders the last year otiirnt to determine them
to Insist upon two radical chances in railroad
management, nnmoly: That tho powerto make
rates shall be taken away from subordinates
nnd vested in the executive or the directors, and
that the emoloyeo who cuts rates shall forfeit
his position permanently.
The prominence the Chicago and Alton Com
pany has obtained tho last few days Imparts
iresn Interest to the fart that the Atchison
Company was not compelled to build its Chl
caco extension in order to connect Its system
with that city. It was offorod tho control of
the Alton road at about $200 porBhare, and had
it shown any disposition to trade It could
doubtless havo driven a bnrcaln ntla much low
er figure. Instead tho Atchison Increased the
number of lines botweon Kansas City nnd Chi
cago at a cost largely In excess of its estimates.
The result Is tho Atchison has a
new line to Chicago, with ory little
local traffic, at it (cost of at least
S20.000.0UU. whereas it might havo hud an old
established line with plonty of local trafllc at a
maximum cost of about 17.000.000 : and the
trafflo between tho two points will hereafter
hove to bear the additional burden of the In
terest upon the $20,000,000 that tha Atchison
management practically squandered whon its
head was blc and Its treasury full. It Is hum
ble now, and was recently a beggar.
The Trunk Hue Presidents have under con
sideration a plan for regulating tho volume,
or rather tho division of their trafllc. that is so
simple It is surprising it was not considered
before. It was sugcestod by tho action of the
Chicago and Atlantto road in recently insisting
on a differential rate of 43,'t cents per 100 upon
dressed beef, against a 45 differential by tho
other woak lines, and n maximum rate of 00
cents by the leading lines. The suggestion was
conlalned in the promise to tho other linos
that If it pbould appear that the Chicago and
Atlantic, was getting more than its com-edod
share of tho (raillo it would submit to a higher
differential. Tho plan under discussion is to
make the differentials flexible, and vnry them
from month to month in such n. way aa to at
tract business to the lines thut liavolnllen be
hind in tholr proportion, nnd divert it from the
lines that have been running in excess. The
Fame principle would doubtless upply in tho
cane of tho roads west of Chicago.
Inter-Mate Commorce Commissioners Cooloy
and Morrison lott Chicago for tho East on
Wednesday etoning. In an lntorvlew printed
here Judge Cooloy bays the wilful violations
of the law and the Illegal nnd illegitimate
means resorted to by railroad officials to se
cure ndvantuges over each other revealed by
the Investigation wero much worso than any
member of tho Commission has supposed. The
reason tho matter bad not boon takon up bo
fore was that tho Commission did not get any
more knowledge ot their doings than waa fur
nished by aggrieved persons. The railroads
seemed to be covurned by tho rulo that pto
valls among all law breakors not to tell tales
on each other. The large nnd prominent sblp
pertt and merchants were benefited by the
violations of the law, and consequently hnd no
reason to complain. und were not likely to
brine violations of the law to the attontlonof
the commission. Consequently only casos of
minor. Importance woro brought hoforo the
Commission, and oven In those It, was the
grnatest difficulty to secure, rellablo evidonce.
Tfan revelations of crookedness were simply
astounding, and evidence hnd been obtained
that would warrant crlmlnnl prosecutions
against several railroad otllclals. Tho worst
feature wuh that ovory ofltclul they oxamlnod
admitted the facts, but said lie had to do it be
cause others were doing it. borne of theraeven
went so far as to justify tholr Illegal action on
the. ground that the Jaw was oppressive and
unjust. Ono manager who was reproved for
purine o commission of $6 on a ticket worth
Jli&O. insisted that there was nothing In the
law to prevent him from paving as largo u
comrousion as he pleased, nnd afterward sent
a written document tu the Commission making
an argument In jtistlUcutlon or such action.
If, the railroads thought the Commission
would rest with the admonition given them on
Tuesday, they were greatly mistaken. That
was done simply as a warning to give them an
opportunity to rectify the evils complained ot
without furtbor delay. The Commission will
act promptly hereattor in every cose of viola
tion of the law that comes to its notlco, and
guilty .persons will bo punished to the full ex
tent ot the law. The Commission cannot afford
to have the law mado odious by permitting its
wilful violation.
ffv Ad Epidemic) of Diphtheria.
jf' nriniNo. Dec. 1 3.-.DItihtborla in its most
t', maUisait form la raging along the Una of Berks and
Lancaster counties, where the two counties join. In
I MaefamlUea two and three children have died, and
1 'na'uliaare afflicted with tha diseaaa. It la estl-
1 Sffi4,'?1 vl'Ma short time twenty penass have
I Ji"! thin a inert distance of etb other. At fteanu-
I Jr,ni are been closed uUI !
Ttrentr-flith Anniversary of the Protective
Organisation to be Celebrated on Monday,
Tho Worklnjr Womon'a Protective Union
will hold its twenty-fifth anniversary In Chlok
erlnc Ball on Monday ovonlng next It Is not
known to overybody that this association, pow
recognized as ono of tho most indispensable In
stitutions ot this city. Is tho humble offspring
of The Buy. During tho war, whon the army
contractor was in full blast and shoddy wni
gaining headway In Its inglorious oareer, n foa
tnreof each day's mail at TmcSuNofTlco was
tho lettorn from poor women employed in the
making of soldiers' wear who could not got
their pay. Their husbands woro in tho army
and practically thoy were helpless. Mr. Moses
B. Beach was then proprietor ot Tnn Bun, and
this accumulation of letters was not unnotlcod
by him. . Btopa woro takon in behalf of tho
women and a meeting was called, out ot wblou
grow tho Working Women's I'rotootlvo Union.
A email room was hlrod In Printing House
square. The union afterword removed to
Whlto street, and later to Its present quartors
in Eighth street, ...
Tho chief obioct of the society is to see thnt
working women shnll bo paid for their work.
Every trade is roprotcntod, nnd every grnde of
work. Tho only pooplo excluded nro thoso In
household service. It Is the womun whose
work Is to socuro her food and shelter thnt tha
union protocts.
Tho npprentloo of tho fasblonablo drets
mttkor Is tho union's mostoonstant client Tho
fashionable drossmakor takes n houso nnd
furnishes It on tho Installment plan. Instead
ot paying her girls, she pays her Installments.
A iudgmont against borcannot bo satisfied be
cause tho furniture Is not hers until paid far.
When It Is paid for she manages to transfer it,
nnd tho judgment Is still worthless.
For twonty rears Mr. John II. Parsons has
Siren his cervices gratuitously to the union,
vory two wooks be is ut thoroomson Wednes
day attornoon, and thero boars the applicants.
Konoof Itaofficorsuro salaried. Mr. Moses B.
Ueach and Mr. Daniel Wnlford. Its founders,
nro still among its trustees At the anniversary
meeting on Monday ovonlnc Mr. Fredorlo
Coudert. tbo Itev. Dr. Oottbet), Dr. Deems, nnd
Judgo Daly are to snenk.
This Is a Fair that All the World OnsUt to
Hlp Alone,
A young; man wandered Into tho Metro
politan Opera IIouso yestorday and lost his
head. There were scores ot pretty girls in
whlto caps and not another man to bo seen.
Girls at fairs nre always called pretty on prin
ciple but these wero pretty for keeps. All tho
buyors nt thnt moment wero women, which
seoniod n pity. There was no end to tho vn
rioty of things offorod. Four rooms wore filled
with thorn. Then thero woro flower stundi
nnd a dninty lltllo lunch room, whore non
dyspeptic edibles, mado by the fair waitresses,
wero sold.
It was tho annual fair ot tho Working Girls'
Vocation Society, which was organized flvo
years ago. nnd has sinco been a blessing to tho
tollers. The booth tonders woro the daughters
ol the mon who omploy tho girls, and wero
working for tho benoflt ot tholr less fortunate
sisters. The President of this excellent or
ganization is Mrs. James F. Drummond.
Among tho managers are Mrs. William Her
bert, Mrs. Porcy )L King. Miss Marion Colla
more, and Mrs. Theodoro C. Williams. Most of
those Interested belong to All Souls' Church,
tho Cnurch of tho Mosslnh, or Anthon Mo
mortal Church. Boforo last season they sent
out Into the country, paying car fares and
board, any respectnblo girl who enmo with
recommendations, but last season they sent
only tho sick. During tho wlntor three phy
slelans, who find volunteered their services,
examined applicants, giving them cortlflcntes
which entitled them to a vacation In tho coun
try. Shop girls, factory girls, seamstresses,
nnd all kinds of working girls received thoso
benefits. Last snmmor tho society sent 410
girls to nino boarding houses in the country,
paying board for two weeks and car fare, ami
paid tho car fare of thirty-two who visited
friends or relatives. One thousand seven hun
dred and twenty-eight tickets to Glen Island
were given to girls who could only take a day's
vnc.it Ion. If girls woro very ill they got a
month's vacation.
Tne fair opened at 2 P. M.. nnd will continuo
to-day nnd to-morrow from 2 to 10 P. M. The
sales ot articles yesterday far surpassed tbo
expectations of tho mauugors. and the crowds
present showed tho eharlty was appreciated.
A SUaslon In Centre Street Established by
. Peltste groan Bone, .
It Is bat little known that tho work of car
ina for Italian immigrants, on plana laid down
by the Pope himself, has begun In this city.
Special interost is given to this work by tho
Itomnn cablegram published in The Bun yes
terday. This cablegram stated that his Holi
ness has sent a letter to the American Dlshops
requesting them to nld the priests sent from
Italy for the purpose- of looking after the spir
itual interests of their countrymen. Two
Italian priests have been laboring among tha
Italians ot tbo oast side for tho post four
months. They have established a church on
the ground floor of 174 Centre street, which
was formorly n store.
Yesterday afternoon a Stru reporter found
tho two priests at 192 Hester street, a four
story tenement In which they have rooms..
They are the Itev. Felice Morrolli and tho llov.
Amos Astorrl. Neither of them can speak
English. When tho reporter, through an in
terpreter, told of tho action of tho Pope tho
priests woro evidently highly pleased. Father
Morrolli said that their modest church In
Centre streot is the only ono of its kind In the
United Statos. Tboy are priests attached to
nn older founded by the Iticht Itev. John llap
tlstScalabrlni, DIshop of Plaoenzn, Italy, Tho
object of this order, which has received the
Pope's approval, is to supply missionaries who
will labor among "the Italians of North and
South America.
New York was chosen as the place in which
to begin the work by tho Pope himself. He se
lected the Itov. Francesco Zabogllo. secretary
ot the order, to accompany lathers Morrolli
and Astorrl to this city to superintend the work.
When the three priests arrived hero thoy went
to Archbishop Corrlgan. from whom they re
celved permission to establish a church. This
church was oponed on Sunday, Aug. S.
Every Sunday slnco four masses havo Ixion
celebrated, and the congregation is constantly
increasing. So successful has been tbo work
hero thnt Father Zaboglio has left for Upston.
where he is endeavoring to establish n similar
mission. A. Carusi. the Italian banker, is the
llnunalal backer of tbe church.
A Cranr Bellerne Patient Cartel tbe Three
Men who Held On.
Just as the physicians of Bellevus Hos
pital wero getting up from tholr suppers in the
dining hall at GK o'clock on Wodnosday night,
screams nnd oaths and cries for help startled
thorn. Tho cries came from the third floor,
out of tho window of which a nokod man was
banging bond downward, with three mon hold
ing on to bis Ices. The man was cursing them
for holding on.
The man waa John Ilynn, a varnlsher of 1
Corlearn street, who bad been admitted to the
hospital on Dec 5. and had become crazed by
fever. He had slipped from his bed in Ward
25. when the orderly's back was turned, and
had run to tbe window. . Tbe orderly heard
the mnn get .up. and with two patients ran
alter him. and caught his legs just as be dived
through tho window. It was all the three men
could do to drag him back into the window.
They tied him to the bed trame this time.
Say Wright Uad Threatened to Kill Mr.
Azarlah Harrison Wright, the negro painter,
who killed Delia Pixou, his mistreat, on Wednesday
night, al tfcB lludaon avenue, Brooklyn, by a Wow on
the head with an axe. waa arraigned before Justice
Kenna yesterday and held to await tbe result of the Cor.
oner's Inquest. Wright made statement. In which Be
declared that It waa all the fault of the girl (isorrlana.
Mrs. Plaou'a 18-year-old daughter, who was iireaent
wnenber raothefwM Killed. Tone would havo been
no row. be aald. If tbe gtrlbad aatd nothing about tbe
postal card. Wright contends that Hra. Dliw's bead
accidentally came In the way ot ibeaMWbUe be was
smashing the furniture. ... ... . , .
A colofed woman who Uvea In the house aaya that jnat
before the fatal blow waa atruek aha heard Wrtf bt lay,
" I'll sure your skull In."
A "Woman Called for sa Coroner'ai Jury.
Theotty directory Is never consulted In the
serving of subpojuea an jurors from tbe Coroaera'
office. The work Is dons In ago-aa-yonplaaaa style. A
clerk generally goaa along tbe streets and seleola kU
sarnea from tbe signs over atera doora.
Yeaiarday In upper Third avenue Coroner Nugent';
clerk. Mr. balr, aw the algn "H. Mayer, boota and
shore l,stt Third aTenua." He lef t eubpwna there
asking for tr. Mayer's appearance at the Coroners'
otttco to dir. This tnorntng'e rnaU brooght the subpmna
back to Coroner Hugcnu On the back of It waa
"I da not see how you ran summon a lady on jury
duty. Mt men to scarce! Yoon, respectfully.
,fBornu Uiraa."
Mr. Kchmltl Ukely to Recover,
Mrs. Corollno Schmltt, who jumped with her
babea in bay ansa down Us light abaft ot the double
brick tensnj.nt at 3s Erst BTeoty-alitb street oa
Wednesday, la llkalr U reeenr. Tbe pbyilolana la
charge or her at the rreabytertan Hospital aay, however,
that while she nay reoorer treat bar laj wise they fear
tial her icajoa t fae,
Cot a root of I,! to ITnuses and Dead Honeesj
Same aa tho finarar Men Only Six Truat
Rcflnerlea Running Profits or tho Tear.
The Sugar Truct was first and last to havo
tho attention ot tho Sonate trust investigators
In tho Court Houbb yestorday. A man who
looks wonderfully like Jay Gould 'was One of
tho llstonors.
Henry S. Honry. a commission merchant of
this city, said that tho market for raw sugar
had beon demoralized since the formation ot
the trust. The trust had become tbo only pur
chasers, save for scattering, small ordors from
Boston nnd Philadelphia. Tbo result is that
consignments ot raw sugar to tho Now York
market havo vastly diminished, nnd as there is
no compatltion tbo holders have to nccept the
trust's offers. This makosno appreciable differ
once to tho consumer, but It Is rough on the
commission men.
A. R. Gray, who controls an extensive grain
lighterage buslnoss, testified tbat the MoEvoy
bill, reducing nnd Axing olovntor charges, was,
in his opinion, unconstitutional. So, as a friend
of human liberty, ho sought to test it. Ho ar
ranged that Francis V,. Pinto should chargo
htm tho old price for unloading. Mr. Gray paid
the bill and bad Mr. Pinto arrested lnacrlmlnal
Huit. Mr. Pinto's doionco was tho unconsti
tutionality of the law. and Mr. Gray's, suit
rostod without argnmont on tho admitted facts.
Mr. Gray told Col. Illlss that ho hoped to bo do
foatod. "but I haven't beon." he added; ' I've
won through all tho courts so far, nnd now we
aro waiting for tho decision in tho Court of
Sovornl grain mon from Uuflnlo toBtlflod that
tho law wua a dead lotter. Ono of them was
tho man who looks liko Jay Gonld. Ho is
George Sandrock. gtaln commission merchant.
The elevator men said that the charges llxed
by tho Legislature would havo driven them out
of business if they had not beon ublo to evade
tho law. The law was ovadod by charg ng for
storage for overy ten days or fraction thereof.
This nboliBhcs the freo llvo-daya' Btorago or
even Iroo ton minute)' storage. Thus tho ele
vator men get exaotly tho snme ratos as bofore.
This schedule of rates was adopted by nn
agreomont of the Elovntor Association. Thero
nre forty concerns in It. tweutv-seven ot which
are active. Tho earnings of the twenty-novon
are poolod, and one-third of the amount Is sot
nsido to bo divided according to their respec
tive sharot in the association among the uctivo
houses. Tho rost Is divided In tho same way
among nil tho members, "dead houses" in
cludod. Mr. Shormnn said that thero wbb
nothing to provont a man Irom building an ol
ovator, becoming n member ot the association,
nnd drawing his share of tlio oarnlngs without
once starting bis machinery. Tho Senators
will try to cot a copy of tho contract under
which thU pooling arrangement operates.
AlexnnderOrr, President of the Produce Ex
change, explained how the olev,-tors here bad
been obliged to ov-ude tho Mcl.voy law. Thu
State would be safer, bo snld, it those commer
cial matters woro lolt in the hands of the mer
chants. Tho lawn cannot bo niodlflod quickly
toroeot changed conditions. . .
John E. Senrles. Secretary of the Sugar
Trust, who was oxamined last February, was
rocallod. He said that no reflnorles had Joined
the trust since March : tbat six of tho concerns
aro now running, and ton Idle, and thnt the
shutting up of the roflnerios was Uono by ad
vico of tho Executive Cotnnilttoo of the trust.
Sr Col. Blisj-The Sorth ltlvecCompany Is perma
nently out or business Is it not r A :o.
Q. Itai not the north Itlver ComnAny sought to be r
llev ed of the corporate tax on tbe ground that It was
out ot bnilnes' .v. No. tt has paid taxes on Us real
estate. It soutrht for relief from corporate taxnn the
ffrmindthatlt had no other aet than Its real estate,
which had already been taxed.
V). What dividends has Hie trust paid! A. On April
I, - per cent.. July I. lf per cent: Oct. I. a per
cent., nr u per cent, rnr tbe tlrst year or lis organization.
g This fc computed, of course, on the amount ot ont
atandinir trust certltlcate. now, is u not a tact that
some at leait of tho concerns wero talen In at an over
valuation of their plants; 1 recall. Jir instance, that
tlie.Nonh Hirer Conipnny. valued al MJ3Ut is repre
sented In tho trust i truncates at SVJO.OOU. Aud the
Ilavemeyer A Elder Company
Mr. I'arsons There lsnoeuch testimony. Itwaa ruled
ontus privileged.
Mr. Searles denied that the figures wore cor
rect. He said that there has been no scarcity
ot sugar sinco tbo trust was organized, nnd
that more has been mndo than beforo. Tne
margin of profit ns advanced by tho trust is
not oxcessivo as compared with tho prollts for
ten years back. , ...
Tho committee thon adjourned sino die. As
they were leaving. Col. Bliss snld:
" Parsons, you aro dlf charged, cured.
"All right, Illiss," returned Mr. Parsons,
"don't you fret about mo. I'm well. It you
were as well as I nm you'd be happy." . .,,.
"Idon't wonder' retorted thoTJoltmel;
"with all thoso certificates of yours."
Report that IHppolyte Government In
Head to Clenr Shtpn Here.
It wns said yesterday nmong; merchants
doing business with Hnytl tbat Mr. Hnustedt
of tbe firm of Jimones, Hnustedt Jc Co. had an
nounced tluit ho had beon authorized to act ns
'Consul for tbe northern ports of Huytl and
certify the clenranco papers of any vossels
leaving New York for thoso ports. PIm, For
wood & Co. said that they had not heard tha;
Mr, Haustedt bad been made Consul for Hip
polyte, but that there was an impression
abroad that any merchant in tho North Hay
tlau trade could certify his own ship's papers
and let her clear at that. Mr. J. S. Camoron of
William P. Clydo A Co. said :
" I do not know whether there is any truth in
tbo report that Mr. Haustedt will act as Consul
for the northern ports. I should think ho was
too busy n man. This much is certain: If tho
United States Government will rocognbo the
right of any Hnytliin morchunt to act as Consul
for uippolyto and cloar our ships, wo will send
ourstoamers to every northern port In Hayti,
nnd carry all tbo arms and ammunition tbat
any one cares to buy. Hut wo will do it openly
and above board. Wbon wo havo further ad
vices as to the stute of affairs in Hoytl we shall
submit our evidence to tlio State Bopartment
and ask tbat our vessels have the right to go to
Cape Haytien with tho protection ot tbo Amer
ican flag."
Mr. Dnssett was at tho Consulate yesterday
and said ho wan perfectly satisfied with tho
turn affairs bad taken. "It is simply to a
change of administration," said Mr. liassett,
"that this thing is dne. Of late all my words
and nets havo been misconstrued and then re
ported to tho Hnytiun Government in a dis
torted and exaggerated Bbapo. That Is tbo
whole trouble. I havo beon grossly misrepre
sented. Still, I bavo tho satisfaction of know
ing thnt I have always served Hnytl faithfully
and conscientiously. I havo in the past received
letters from prominent mon identilled with the
party of thoNorth asking mo to como over to
their side, and accompanied by hnndsomo
offers. Thoso letters I huve troatod with silent
contempt and stood by the Government."
Funeral or Rear Admiral X,e Roy.
The funeral of Rear Admiral William E. Lo
Roy, who died at tbe Hotel Victoria on Monday, waa
held yesterday morning at tbe Church of the Transfigu
ration. Among those who were present were Admiral
Thomaa 1'attl'on. CapL Welsejr, Pay Director John H.
Cunningham, Lieut-Commander Uarthon CapL Henry
Krben. Medical Director tleerie reck. Medical Director
1). Ploodiood, I'armaster II. T. Hkeldlng, Admiral U. U
Hralne, Capt W. A. Klrtland. -Mrs- Mcbonald, Mr. and
Mrs. John O.Jones, Nn. Kdwarrt Klnif. (JeorgeUordeu
King. Col. Isaac II. Reed. (A U. Morgan. J. K. Qulnn. Mrs.
1 eroy Jones. Loval farrarnt Medics! Inspector Ilhodes,
CapL llaxtun, and Gen. Webb. .Aa the coffin waa borne
up the aisle it wa preceded by the choir boy and tbe
Rev, lira, Houghton and Van llensselaer. who conduoted
the eervleea. and followed by the niounert, Tbe Inter
ment was at Terrytown.
Tried to Jump OX tho Ferryboat.
Thomas Duncan, a mlddlo-aged man who
aaya be Uvea at 136 Chrystle street, niade two attempt!
at suicide yesterday by trying to Jump from a Barclay
street fsrry boat He boarded tho boat In thla city, and
whaashe waa aboat midstream he ran through the for
ward cabin and climbed up on the guard rail, lie was
caught br two pasaeugers lust aa he lumped toward the
water. They pulled him over the rail and took htm into
the cabin, where he sat until the boat landed In
Iloboken. Then lie ran hack- through the rear cabin and
leaped over the gates. DeoLhaiid lleorge Lrslo caught
nUn before ho could Jump Into ibe river, lie waa uLen
to the Iloboken Police Headquarter and locked up. He
aid he waa tired of life and would commit aulctde
when he waa released.
Acquitted Twice and Remanded.
Philip A.Dttub, agont for Meyer & Stern in
collecting renta for their tenement houieslnWeit 103d
street, waa tried and acquitted of forgery for a aeeond
time yesterday before Judge Cowing In the General
Sessions, There remains against him an Indictment for
forgery and grand laroeny. Uo waa remanded for a
third trial. Aa bo waa about to leave the court room hla
eleven year-old daughter clung to bla knees and aebbed,
Tou're not gelnc away. papa. Don't go away.".
The eourt officere were loath to take the girl away.
and they waited until tbe father bail kissed the gtrl and
persuaded her to let him go.
The Hospital Authorities Chargca with
Col. iocko YT. Winchester of the Union
League Club, whose brother, Thomaa T, Winchester,
the well known hotel man of South .Nyack, died at the
Ninety ninth Street Hospital on Wednesday monitor,
wrote to the Police Commlwlonera yesterday complain
ing of the negligence of the hospital authorities In fall.
Ing to notify him of hla brother's Hiatal until ha vrai
Xewte Payne for Pnbllo Printer.
Typographical Union Ho. 88 of Brooklyn has
adeBUa a reaotntten recommenalaa-lorresldent-eleet
EerrUon the appointment et Lewi revue of lBiea Wo.
eruUo miter.
Rome of Thoee Tfho nave Been Hohhtno;
Slatlono Captured and la efall.
Middleto'vtn, N.Y., Dec, 18. Five times
within two months Erie Railroad station
houses on the Delaware division have been
broken into by burglars, and In each cneo
robbed of railroad tickets and money. Tho
Bhohola and Parker's Olen stations have each
been robbed twiee, Ono night Inst week the
station at Pond Eddy was entered, and the safe
was dragged out Into a neighboring shed and
thoro battored open with sledgo hammers
stolen from a blnoksmith's shop. The sum of
M9Q, wnlch had been sent to tho station agont
tho evening boforo to pay off some ot tho com
pany's trackmon, with sovoral o.xpross, pnek
ngoB ot unreported value, wero cnrrlod off by
tho burglars. ...
Tho company a detective have succeeded In
arresting tho participants In tho last burglary.
Tho allegod principals nro Albert Hrunor.
othorwlso known ns "Texas Jack." a young
tough of Tond Kddy. and Peter Mnrkloy. n sa
loon keoper of that place. Two other young
men. Ueorgo llhodos ot loml Hddy and John
liurgnrd ot Port Jervls, took part in tbe burg
lary, but say they .wore. Inveigled Into it by
Brunor, nnd that thoy hnd no Bhnre of the
booty. Thoy have confoshcd, nnd, on the
strength of tholr testimony, Brunor, who Is un
doubtedly tho head of the gang, has beon com
mitted to tho Goshen jail to await a requisition
JromtheOovornorof Pennsylvania, the crime
nvlng beon perpetrated In that State. Mark
ley, tbo saloon keonor. took no active part In
tho Pond Eddy burglury. but it is chargod that
ho shared in the booty, nnd that this and other
burglaries wore incited by him or planned In
his house. Ho is undor honvy ball to appear
for examination beforo Justlco Cox ot Port
Jervls to-day.
While the Chlcaco Opera Ilonne wan Blu
ing they Broke Into the Ofaee.
Chicago, Deo, 13. Many ofJlces In tlio
Chicago Opera House building wore broken
into br thieves last night during tho excite
ment attending the fire in the theatre A groat
many buslnoss mon who have quarters in the
building, whon they enmo, down town this
morning, found tholr office doora broken opon,
desks smashed, and the drawers thrown on tho
floor and tholr contonta scattered about. On
the tilth floor about evctr ofllco was onterod
and the furniture turnod upside down and
broken in tho search Tor valuables. The thieves
failed to securo anything of much value, ns far
a learned. The United Htntes Signal OfBco
was among tho places visited. Tne thieves
broke a scientific instrument valuod at $10.
Tho damage to the Opora House by Are
nmounts to i'JO.000. ....
The beautiful auditorium Is a scene of de
vastation nnd mln not easily pictured. Day
light and snowdrifts in through tbe broken
dome. Tito stago in bare, the carpets sonkod
with wntor, nnd tho drapory hangs limp,
stninod, and ruined. Tbe upper gallery is en
tirely burned out. Including tho benches and
the llooring. Treasurer Prior Is of tho opinion
tbat with a largo forco of workmen tbe theatre
can be restored by noxt Wednesday night, but
this belief Is not shared by many. The proper
ties nnd scenery of tho McCnull company wero
nl in or t intact, nud wero shipped to Cincinnati
to-night, Ilolossy Kiralf y's loss will be insignificant.
alls Flea of Guilty of Murder lu the Second
Degree Accepted.
Joseph Schlemmer, who murdered his 18-year-old
wife in Jersey City a yoarogo. and who
was convictod and sentenced to bo hanged, se
cured an order from tho Supreme Court for a
new trial, nnd was arraigned yesterday in tho
Court of Oyer nnd Terminer in Jersey City.
His counsol. Assistant United Statos District
Attornoy William Daly, said ho waa willing to
offer a plea ot guilty of murdor in the socond
degreo, nnd tho Justico decided to accept it.
Scblommer looked and noted tbe happiest man
in tbe court room. Ho laughed and joked while
his plea was being fllod. and fairly danced out
of tho court room on tbo way back to the
county j nil.
Thore was no doubt that he killed his wife,
becauso it was done in tbo open street, and a
dor.en persons witnessed the shooting. Ho
had married bin wife with her mother's consent,
but ho hnd agreed not tollve with her until she
wns IS yonrs old. He was only 19 at the time
of tho murder. He was weak minded, and the
refusal of bis wife's mother to lot blm visit his
wlfo Is believed to havo unbalanced his mind.
Hols Bitno now, however. Ho will be sentenced
on Pj-idnj;,. .,. , . .i.--rt.,.-'. -"" .
"After he was takentOMk to Jail yenterday
Roblemmer gave his coat nnd vest to Thomas
Brodell, & teamster, who H accused of murder
ing his wife, and who was about to appear in
court to pleud. Brodell's own cont and vest
were ragged. Schlemmer remarked as be gave
tho gnrtnonts to Brodell: ("There is nothing
like milking n good appearance In court."
ltrodoll pleaded not guilty to tho indictment,
nnd was remanded to jail for trial.
To Die on Friday, Ten. 1 Doesn't Care ao
X.ons an he Gets Enough to Cat.
John Lewis, tlio negro aqueduct miner
who wns convicted on Thursday last of mur
der, was arraigned yesterday beforo Judge
Cowing, and Clerk Sparks asked It he had any
thing to-say.
"ftuthlnVsald Lewis, with something like
s smile. With the same smile Lewis continued
to look nt Judgo Cowing while sentence of
death was passed. Judge Cowing said:
Murders are becoming too prevalent In this coonty,
Couvlotion must fo.low crime, and awlft punishment
follow conviction. I feel It my duty to advise you now
that there Is not a single hope that the full penalty of the
law will not he meted out to you. and to recommend to
you that In tbe brief apace ot lime whtth 1 allotted be
fore your execuUoo. you ehould. in the spirit of contri
tion, prepare yourself for your doom.
The sentence of the Court Is that you be taken hack te
the Tombs from whence you came, and on Friday, tbe
let day of February, ibe3,ou be there hanged by the
neck until you are dead.
May theUlverot all good grant to you that pardon In
your other life which the peace and good order of so
ciety, as well aa lta safety, forbid ahould be extended to
you lathi.
Lewis turned away with a shrug of Indiffer
ence. Ho said to a court ofllcer:
"I don't care what thoy do with me, so long
ns they gjvo ma enough to eat Dero's no jus
tlco in this country. I'm innocent anyhow.'
Father Franaloll'n Crusade Against the
Tbo Rev. Father Franslolt, pastor of St.
Teter'e Catbollo Chnrch, Hfcke and Warren street.
Urooklyrt, hae entered on a crusade against the liquor
dealer of bl parish. He 1 making an effort to enroll
every man of hi congregation hi a total abatinenoa
society. Last week the movement waa Inaugurated,
and tho far floo have Joined the society.- On Kunday a
week's mission opens In rather rrausloU'a church, ana
at Its cleee tbevouugraeuofthepsrlsh are to he organ.
Ucd Into an aasoo atlon. the object ot which ! to boycott
the ealooiii. Kvery member of this organization 1 to
take a pledge never to enter a licjoor store The young
rnen are not, bowover, asked to beoome total abstainer.
father KranrioU ear that be believe 4.U0O wUI Join
both socle Uea.
Neighbor 'Will Give (he BoyaOood Char
acter. The funeral of Ocorge E. Scully, the young
truck driver who waa stabbed and killed by John Ber.
gen at party at Bergen's bouse. 331 Cherry atreet, last
Hunday night, waa largely attended at the home ef
Hcullr'a father, 290 Cherry atreet en .Wednesday morn
ing. itudolptiT. fceolly, the father, said yesterday tbat
he could ahow and tbat lie would show tbat Its boy wa
not the tough t that aotne or the new ptpers had
called him, but ;vva a bard'worklng. lndustrteua young
fellow ot temperate hablta, and on whs) lpt goo4
oompany. Mr. Scully said that all the men Whom hla
sou had worked for gave the boy a good chancier, and
that hi neighbor who had known hla son George for
nf teen year, would testily to the earn effect.
The Ber. Mr. McCarthy Charged with
The loadlnit lights of the Home and Country
rratecUon Brotherhood ot Worklnguten in Brooklyn,
under whose direction Mr. Blaine made ouaof hi
peecbe In the late campaign, have been engagd la a
bitter faetlon agnabble alnoe the elccUon. Vederday
Pesjamla A. Morrison, ex Secretary and Trouiver of
the organltatlon. had the Kev. (C !'. JlcCarUij aud
Charle Robertson, prominent member of the Briber
hood arrested for alleged malicious alander. Thv ac
cused men were placed uu'lerviuu bonds to answer aud
were balled out by Chairman Theodora 'p. Willi ct the
Itepubucan Campaign Committee.
Brooklyn' I.lfe.aavlnt; f Firemen.
In his annual report to the Mayor. Fire
Commluloner BnnU of Brooklyn call attention to the
faot tbat eleven Uvea have been aaved by member of
the department In the com of the year. The men. who
thne dUtlnguUbed themselves werei jJiatrlot Bnglneere
James Peyje. J. Cunningham, and D. atoUroarty. lore
men al. Uuinn ef Engine Ut. I, O. ntfpatnck or Engine
17. and II. rrtelotTruckS. AsiUtant foremen A. Sheri
dan of Bngtne I and Charle D. Buddy of Engine a,
A. Sheridan and 1. i. Fee ef Truck B, imd firemen P. J.
Cahlll, Jatnee Langan. U. Cunningham, T. Woods, John
T. yarreu, and II. Itoach.
Ulna County Democrat Going; to Albany.
The Kings County Democratto Club has re
solved to attend tbe Inauguration of Oor. Hill lu a body,
and o take all other good Democrats who desire to wit
ness the ceremonte elong. The club la not caat down
over the defeat of Cleveland, and wlU work more ear.
neatjy than ever te maintain Jiemoeratln anpremacy In
Brooklyn and King county. The dub wUI go to -Albany
under the leadership of ex Register Hugh McLaughlin.
Tho Saaaatore Clah ta Fifth Avenue.
IThe bold.ITarlem Taawnaajr, men who re
onaaued welatty atlhe tttfatn plea, rutea aaotoln
from the Harlem Demoorasie Otb have aired S.OSB
rati kressa, star Meant Ktflse JTark, tn a Me tittte.
about tub r untie MONBT.
the Mayor Say, Pass the Hat, Don't Tax
the reople-Shnrn Talk srom III Honor.
A committee ot tho (. A. It., consisting of
Judge Georgo M, Van Hoesen of the Court of
Common l'lcnn. Gnn. Martin T. McMahon,
United States Marshal; Judge Edward Hrowne
ot tho City Court, nnd Col. George F. Hopper,
appeared boforo tho Hoard ot Kwtlmato vector
day morning to 'ask to bare $250,000 put Into
tho l'ark Department's estimate to build n
soldiors' monument. Judge Vnu Hooson said
that the law had been construed ns mandatory
in all other counties of tho Htate.
"1 don't believe In this compulsory patriot
ism," said Mayor Hewitt. " Don't you think
tha monument ought to bo built with voluntary
contributions. Is it not tho rule to pass around
tho hat?"
Jndg Van Hecsen No. sir, not In acseot thlt kind.
lfayer Uewltt-I think It oujht to he done. 1 don't
like this assumption that It Is a pubtlc.duty to pend the
taxpayer' money for this memerla.1.
Judge Van Hoesen The Legislature hi inggeiltd
Mayor Hewitt Yes, the Lecls'atur Is always very
ready to make .New York city pay for thing. They teem
to want u to f urnuvh money tor the whole State. I don't
think that the burden of the taxpaj ers thonld be added
to by tbe cost of thl monument.
Judge Van Hoesen 1 he Board of Aldermen haa pro
nounced In favor ot It.
vtayor Hewitt I knowagonn deal about the action
of the Board of Aldermen. Ihey pass lota nf resotit.
itou over mv veto, wiien I know that the people are
behind me and not behind tbe Aldermen. But there Is
no use discussing Oils matter any run her. It requires
the unanimous vote or the Board, and I shaU vote
against IL ThatsetllealL
As the committee retired Gen. McMahon said to Sec
retary Charles V, Adeet " Pleas have that apuear on
the minutes."
"Vet," cried the Mayor, "let It go on the record. lam
never afraid tn face tne enemy."
Thomas J. Creamer appeared to urge a liberal pro
ylelon for settees for Tompkins Park. To the Mayor ho
saldi "Your Honor knows the great eaat aide very
Mayor Hewitt Tea, I knew It very well, since elec
tion, and what it did on election day.
Mr. Creamer t speak, your Honor of the yeara that yon
pent in the raneuil Hall of thl cltr, the Cooper Insti
tute, giving your time and labor for the we irare of the
people ot that dlstrlcL They do not forget IL and how
ever they may dilterln politic from the Mayor, thslr
personal regard for the man will never change.
Major Hewitt (dryly) I nm glad to hear IL
The Board appropriated $10,000 for settees la
all the parks aud $2,000 forsettoes In Tompkins
"I guess they're needed," said tho Mayor.
"I've often seen two persons there occupying
room intended for one." This allusion to
courting In tho park was lost on his hard
headed follow members.
Tho Park Department's estimates were re
duced from $l.J'il.;) j to $1,130,700. Ono of the
reductions was in the nionoy for maintonanco
of stroots. pnrks, and nvenues In tbo annexed
dlstrlct.whloh was cnt from $200,000 to $150,000.
l'residont llobb insisted that the biggor amount
was all too little.
" YYo'vo takon these pcodIo In, and we will
have to take care ot them."
" Iut that the othor way," interjected the
Mayor. " Thoy took us In."
Drlg.-Gon. Fitzgerald urged the appropria
tion ot $200,000 to establish a parade ground
and rifle range in the now Van Courtlandt Park,
as providod by act of the Legislature. Mayor
Hewitt said It soomod a pity tbat tbe Btato
ahould not attend to tho matter, as it is proper
ly it State charge, nnd tho Kttttu is now in nego
tiation tor tho purchase ol tbo range at Creed
moor, which this ono would render unneces
sary. He Buggostod that if the noxt Hoard of
Apportionment could be roliod upon to make
the appropriation thore would bo time to ap
peal to tho Legislature for justice.
Commissioner D. Lowbor Smith defended the
estimates ot tbe Department ot Public Works.
For repaint nnd renewals of pavements $400.
000 instead of iSOO.OOO was allowed, and tor re
pavlntr $350,000 instead of $500,000. There Is
$240,000 left from last year's appropriation.
For the Farnell Indemnity Fund.
The Stjn has received $51 for ths Farnell
Indemnity Fund from fifty-one employees of
tho Ward's Island Asylum for the InBano, with
.bis subscription list:
At a representative meeting of the empleyeea ef tide
institution. Mr. John Ponnellan In the chair. It waa
nuanlmoualy "resolved that we testify our appreciation
of Mr. rarnell'B services to the old country by subscrib
ing to the Indemnity Pnat"
Williau Dwrait, Eecretary.
STarnxM Kkston, Treasurer.
suascBiBaa' jtaxei.
Mathew Brannelly $1 It. J. Murray $1
JameaOrom 1 rat Ryan. 1
,'Steptien fentom... .,-. 1 J. O. (J'-UaUlvaa,,,,,.. I.
1 !otnfiwnr.r..r.. ..;...: i Mathew Berjin.... '
John Ponnellan 1 O.F.Clarke 1
John Dnndon 1 Martin Kyan 1
Charle Bright 1 Michael O'Brien 1
PatLogbran 1 Pantel Langdon. 1
J. u. Booney 1 T. t. O'Leary I
Sylvester Horan 1 John Heanole 1
A. f. Doyle 1 Patrick Loahran 1
1 J. Cultnan I Michael O'Neill. 1
D OC. Cronin 1 John Ouln 1
William Lowe 1 John Comford. 1
William Uwyar 1 Jatnee r Uallagber. 1
S. K. Malone 1 Joeepb A. Mullane 1
John Brady 1 JameaQuln. .,.,., t
'. C. I'rendergasL 1 Maurice Hurley 1
rit .McNabcutB. 1 Arthur HasetL 1
A N.Mooney 1 r. IS. Carney 1
Michael Najle..' 1 John McDonnell 1
BartDoyle 1 ytancla Laird 1
J. A. Bourke 1 William Burke 1
Thomas Powney 1 I. Curran. l
John Connery 1 Richard Cabtll 1
APriend . I
Total $31
Blc 13. IBSa
The President of the Irish National League
of America wrltos to tho branches as follows:
Irishmen of America, yon have nobly supported and
encouraged Mr. Parnell in hlj context with the enemies
of Ireland. He stand now before the bar of British
public opinion to aniwer the charge of villainous eon
eplrators with England's secret service money at their
back. Will you deaert blm now T Will you by apathy
and IndllTerence aid tbe fool conspiracy that seek to
morally awasiinate thoforemoit man of the Iruh peo
ple r Concentrated tn him to-day are the feeling and
neplrallon of the world wide Irish race, and shall
charle Stewart Parnell become the victim of the forger
and the perjurer because he boa not the money that
necessity will compel blm to expend to defeat the
machinations of hta aud Ireland'! enemies?
Every friend of Irelnnd and every lover of
liberty tho Manhattan Ilrancblnvltos to meetln
Brevoort Hall. East Fifty-fourth street, next
Sunday evening, to give their answer to tbe
Two SO-Found Wild Turkey.
Lebanon, Fa., Dec. 13. John Miller, a
veteran hunter oflndiantown Gap, came Into
town with three very Ono wild turkoys slung
across his back. Thoy weighed 20 pounds
apiece, and, being the finest specimens ever
seen here from the mountains, he asked 80
rents a pound for them, or about $0 apiece.
The birds were shot In tbe hills overlooking
tbe former stamping grounds of tbe famous
" Blue Kyed Bir." who murdered old Joe Beber
for 180,000 insurance money. Miller says:
"I shot tho turkeys on Saturday up in tho
clearing where they wero feeding; Wild tur
keys may bo plenty in othor sections, but tbey
are scarce whero I come from. There's
not much snow tn tho mountains yet, and tho
turkeys keep wall up in tho bills, whoro they
feed. After the winter gots along more, anil
there's more deep snow, thon tho birds will
sail down to whero thero's not so much snow,
and wo run get at them better. Turkeys are
seldom, shot on tbe wing. A "gobbler" call
generally brings the turkeys within shot."
A Wildcat la HI Trap.
IIaddau, Conn., Dec. 18 John O. Bralnerd
of this place sot a trap to catch whatever gamo
should got into it, and last week the sire of the
game caught surprised him. He found that he
had caught a wildcat by tbe forepaw. Not
having nnywonpon with him bo went to a f once
near by for a club. While he was getting it tbe
cat got away and sprnug for blm. It alighted
on his back, and tore his coat and flesh consid
erably beforo ho succeeded tn throwing It off.
A lucky blow klllod tbe Animal, which proved
to be a young ono, measuring three feet ten
Inches in length.
Judgment ofSSl.OOO tar the State.
Albamt, Dec. 19. Attorney-General Tabor
to-day docketed In Oil county a lodgment In favor of
the State ot Mew York agalnat Clinton T. Backus, Man
on T. Backus, James Kerr, and William. E. Hugbltt for
f 31,703 damage and coil on report of ex. Judge .lames
C. Smith, referee, and certified the same to Cayuga
county. Itecorery Is for f.vi(tuo,duo tbe btate aa de
poiit In the lint Notional Bask ot'Aubarn or moneys
earned by the Auburn Htate prison and deposited lu toe
bank us a State tlnanelalilcpoeltory, secured by the bond
of Baokn. lu Vlce-rrealdeni and oaah er, with Manwn
T. Backus, Jaraea Kerr and William ilnghitt, sureties,
dated Jan. 1U IGHU C, T. BacV.ua defaulted and I in
Canada, and the bank refuted to boner the draft of
Stale Treasurer FiUgeratd.
Heport or the citato Board ot CharlUea,
Albant, Dec 18. Tbo State Board ot Chart
U clued tw day' icailaa ber to-night, daring'
wklch It perfected ita annual report and provided for lu
ITanimlsilon to the Legislature. The aiauatlc shew
only little tncreaae la the number of Ibe dependent
clasees. other than tbe Insane, aod In the oxpeodlturee
daring tbe year, aa compared with tut year. The whole
number of Inane In the luaUluttoBt of the htate oa Ocl
I. lues, waa IOTA aa against I4.0K1 on Ooi 1. 1687. an
Inrrease ef 710, the greatest Increase in any year In the
hlnory of the fctate. All of the asylum are full, and
many are greatly overcrowded.
A l8.ycar.old Olrl Forced Into aUarrlaaje.
Canikdaiqua, Dec 13. Annie Davenport of
North, Bote, Wayne county, aged t year, want oat to
peud the evening at a neighbor's the ether night, and
before, aha returned home wa Impreatad (ate a but.
rlage with a yanag Ban aasted JJeCarthy. and 13.
&ov. a. U. fitaarae. ten laiiMdiao eejBata7af aevosraly
maetnaed, and take UakrZt WKm to
eietaaMrTHgt?ms4 J
A Cornell Student Loses hi I.lfe while
Trying: to Reaene a "Young; l.ady.
Ititaca, Deo. 13. Edwnrd ScrlbnerNovlus,
one of tho finest students In Cornell Univer
sity, and Miss Maggie Sullivan, n popular
young teacher in tho city schools, woro drownod
last night in Eddy's Pond. Young Nov ius, ac
companied by Miss Anna Card, wont up to the
pond aftor supper, whore Miss Sulllvnn and
Bevcral others wero skating. Whllo thoyweie
yet on tho bank tboy heard a crash nnd saw
sovoral of tho skntors frantically struggling In
tho Ice wator. Novlus, who wns an oxpert
swlmmor, clungod In and nttompted to rcscuo
Miss Sulllvnn, but it is thought that in ber
'struggles sho seized him and boro him down,
for both Bnnk together. Mls Card lay on
the tee aud nulled out a boy. whllo n yoilUg
man namod Beartlslcy roseuod two chlldion
and then ran for nsilBtunco. A numbor of
students were soon on tho scone. U. W.Con
nblo, '00, dlelocntod his shouldor on his first
dlvo. L. 1. Claphano. ".I0, plunged throo times
Into the Icy dopths. At last V. McMustors, '02.
brought up the body tit Novlus. Several
doctors and profossoisworkod hard for an hour
or rooro, applying powerful currents of elec
tricity and tho beat rt'SIorntlvos. but without
success. The body of Miss Hullivnnwns re
covered with grappling books. Her fnthor
committed sulctdo Inst spring, nnd sho nnd her
mother havo worked bard to etmport a family
ot children, lo which bur loss is Irropnrablo.
Young Nevltis was theson ot v. .1. Nevlitt,
Jr., of South Oraugo. N. J., and wns aged SO,
He was in tbo civil engineering ilonartmont.
nnd bad one of tho best sclioIarHhlp records ot
any student In tho whole unlvorslty. Ills
death Is tho third within a yoar by drowning.
Tho Junlorclass met to-day and soleclctl nn
escortof four classmates to accompany the ro
mains home, Thoy also passed resolutions ot
svmpnthyto sonil to tho pnrunts. MIssSullI
van's pupils had just raited a sum to buy horn
Christmas present, and they will expoinl It for
flowers to lay on her gravo.. Both tho city nnd
tho unlvorslty nro dooply distressed ov or this
sad affair.
Cnpld'e Queer Caper that Rescued a Olrl
From a. I.lfb of rShnme.
BaIiTIMore, Dec. 13. Ethel Jeffries, a
pretty brunette, was tnkon out of a house ot
ill repute last night and locked up nt the sta
tion house, on tbo obargo ot leading an Im
proper life while yet a minor. Tho girl said
that sho was 20 years old, and previously to
entering the houso had travelled with a romlo
opera troupe. This morning William Water
ton, a stock raiser from Konoca Falls, N. Y
rallod at the station house nnd inquired nbout
the girl. When told that nothing had been de
cided as yet In her case, ho nskod lor a prlvnto
interview, which wns aocordod. Tho meeting:
took place in tho Captain's room. Waterton
afterward told the Cuptaln thut he met
tho girl yesterday attornoon and fell des
porately in love with her. no snld
that he was wealthy, and showod papers nnd
letters sustaining his claim. He wns willing
to tnko the girl nnd glvo hor n good homo with
htm at Senaca Falls. Io a word. Wntorton wan
willing to marry the girl. An hour nftorvrnnl
the gTrl. wtth respect to hor clothing, wns
transferred into u fashion pinto, Waterton
purchased female attire of ovory kind in such
profusion that It will hint the girl for several
years. Ho finally bought several silk dross
patterns and nn elogant t-cnl plush cont. Aftor
everything was arranged tho girl was taken
bofore Justlco Bennor and dismissed, as no
charge had been made ncalnBt her. The for
tunate girl and her new-found husband then
wont to a hotel for (lienor, and this aftoraoon
took the train for New York.
A Store and Post Office Cleaned Out by
Westtokt, Conn., Doo. 13. Joseph Ran
dal's big storo In Winnlpauk was ontorcd by
burglars last night and completely ransacked.
Bhelvos latlon with dry goods, groceries, drugs.
&c. woro lett nlmost barren, and in tho store
room nt tbe rear of tho building hnrdly any
thing of vnluo was undisturbed. In n corner
In the front of tbe store a room is partitioned
off for tho Tost Onice. This partition waB
broken down, and rogisterod lettors and an
amount of mall matter was takon, besides a
quantity of stamps, postal cards, and a box of
small change. Dynnmlto was usod on tho
largo old-fashioned nitre, twisting It into a
shapeless mass. In tho safe was a tin box con
taining money and cheeks, which the thieves
took, togothor with various articles ol moro or
less vnluo.
- uui: mmmiijn.ii
"Bmr 3ame"Blrdr TIrontthf iijrtho Storm.
Boston', Dec. 13. Tho great cole of Nov.
25 brought large numbers ot game birds to the
Massachusetts coast. The kllldoor plover, a
bird formerly quite common tn Now England,
but of lato years exceedingly rare, has beon
found by sportsmen along tho south shore by
the thousands. Quantities of them wero killed
nnd exposed for sale in the markets at excoed-incJy-rcaponablo
prices. The .birds wore in
good condition, showing that thoy had not been
without food for a vory long time, but they
wero. nevertheless, vory hungry, nnd easily
approached by sportsmen. Tho habitat of
these birds nt tho present season is nowhere to
to tbo north of tho Carollnas, so thnt, it
from those regions, they were brought hun
dreds of miles tn n comparatively short time.
Trace ot shell fish In tho stomachs of some of
tbe birds may. when critically examined, show
whence the birds camo.
Italian Counterfeiters Arrested.
PirrsToy, Pa., Deo. 13 What gave prom
ise of becoming n mostdnrlng anddangorous
ganc of counterfeiters was broken up by Dep
uty United Marshal Baring of Wllkesbarro,
who arrested threo Italians here, whom ho has
for somo weeks had under surveillance. The
offenders havo been oporatlng In this vicinity for
several months past, and hnd beon so success
ful In avoiding detection that thoy grow rock
less and fallod to oxerclso tholr usual care in
Imitating Undo Ham's currency. The spuri
ous coin, which they havo circulated industri
ously throughout the Wyoming valley, consists
of dollars and quarters, and Is a vory danger
ous counterfeit. Much annoyonoe has boen
experienced by businoss men hern, and a foot
ing of relief la felt now that the offenders have
been caught. Tho prisoners have been taken
to Scrantpn for trial beforo tho United States
Commissioner in that, city.
Boston IIore Railroad Trnif,
Boston, Dec. 13. Boston's gigantic horse
railroad trust, the West End Street Hallway
Company, has petitioned the Railroad Commis
sioners for permission to lncrcnso its capital
stock by the addition thereto of 1,000,000 to
its common stock, for tho purpose ot paying
the indebtedness incurred for construction and
increase of property of the company. The pe
titioners explainod that thoro were many items
of expenditure and liability In settling un tho
affairs of the roads absorbed by tho company,
that would not appear as property now. One
item of this nature was a dead loss on nbout
400 worthless cars, which wero purchased by
the syndicate only to be smashed up ntter tho
deal was completed. Tho smaller companlos
made the syndicate pay dearly for the privi
lege of wiping tbem out of exlstenco.
Yontbrul Depravity In Uaasaehnsetta.
SomebvixIjB, Dec. 13 Three boys, each
about 15 years old. are under arrest hero,
chaiged with highway robbery. They have a
record ol deviltry that dims thnt of many caso
hardened criminals.. It is charged that tho
toys havo been robbing nowsboys and littlo
girls. The method employed was to stop the
victims and demand what monoy was in their
possession. If it was mot forthcoming, thon
revolvers were drawn, Tho frlghtenod boy or
girl, fearing thorn, thon quickly cavo up nil
valuables. No largo hauls havo boon made,
but tbe work was dono In a systematic manner
that would have dono credit to older beads.
Their namon nre Vrnnk Hurt, Willlum l'
Lynob, and Oscar Itood.
Itobbcd In Breokljn Hotel.
PoconKBiirsiE, Doc, 13. Tho wlfo of Joa
quin Rodrlquoz. a Main streot cigar dealer,
was taken to the Hudson Iilvor State Hospital
for the Insane this afternoon. In answer to
questions as to the cause ot her'insanity Dr.
llarlll. whllo at Itodrlquez'e store to-otght.
sold that Mrs. Itodrlquez became insane about
a week ago. . Her husband had been to llrook
lyn.nnd told her tbat alter registering nt a
hotel somewfaero near tho cornorof Concord
and Washington streets, ho startod to go up
stairs to bed, wbon bo wns attackod by tho
porter and another mnn nnd beaten nnd robbod
of 139. This worked on Mrs. liodri'iuuz'u mind
until she became tnsnne."
lie Want Morn IVIVe.
Ottawa, Doc. 13. A Tow montliB np;o Mr.
Btenbouso resigned Ids soat in tho Urltlsh
Columbia Legislature to becoino a Mormon.
He ha now been Informed by tho Dominion
Government that under no olrcumstnncos will
he be permitted to marry moro than one wife.
He trill make an effort during the approaching
session of Parliament to secure special loglaia
ttoa to enable him, to legally have mora than
one Wife. It Is said that bo. has already been
- - j , -.
. '
They are nrglnnUc to Terrorlte Northern
Ohio Their Notice rotted In Front Of .
Ex.Gov. Foster Jtealdence Much Alarm. '
RocKFOiin, 111., Doc. 18. Tho Kev. Mend t
Holmes Mept on Tuesday night with a brace ot "
rovolvors under his pillow In anticipation ot b
tiromliod visit from tho Whlto Caps. He says t
thnt no thronts will Induce him to resign from ' i
tho City Council, and that If any ono untter- ,
takes to attltck him llo would -Be ready to d ;
fend himself. Ho adds that If tho liquor rneB r
nro planning any Haddock alTnlr in llockford ; ,
bo will prove no oavyl0ttm', nnd thai any'a.t'' '
tompt ot tho kind wtll cortalnly result In the
rofusitl ot all liquor llconsos in this place, t
TohGpo, Ohio, Dee, 131 Frosh ontrajres oa
tbe part of masked men tn the vicinity of TW
ledo show that tho White Caps aro organised
and working. A man named Martin, living; a ' '
few miles from Howling Groon, received notlca
,onrly In the weok that it he did not go to work
nnd support his family ho would moot punish
mont at tho hands of "Wood county vigilantes." '
Martin paid no attention to tho notice, and oa
Tuesday ov enlng, as ha started for home in sa I ;
lntoxtcatod condition, bo wns seized by a band
of maskod men and taken Into the woods. A
rope was tlodnrdund his nock and one ond ws .'
thrown over a limb. Ho bognn to pray. Twle I -'
tho mon cut tho pravor short by drawing their ! "
victim up until ho dnnglod in tho nlr. Then
they Btrlppod him. tied liltn to a trao. and at" i
pllotl beech switches until his buck vv ns n mass I
of bleeding Ilesh. Ills clothes wero then re- ) i
plttcoil mid he wattnken homo, whero he Ilea. t
A low nljfhtR ago n Mr. Mlllur, living nt 1,010 '
pic. received a notlco slmtfnr to ono nont Mar j H
tin. llo tmid no intention to It, thluktng It was p!
n practical ioko by oorao of his neighbors, but Jvl'
learned of his mistnko ton lute. Ho was visited a J
earlv In tho week by Whlto Cnp. taken from i
tho house and unmercifully laohod. . J '
At I'ostoritt notices wore posted n week ago. I
and when thoy wero torn down by thone to s
whom thoy wero tllrcolcd othorn woro pent. i
Oenernl notices addressed "To Whom It May 9 f
Coni-crn" woto tacked on tlio trees In front of 3 j;
ex-tlov. lostors rc-idonco nnd the yards ot '
othor prominent ritlzcnit. For ton days tho
thing was rosfftrded us a groat honx, antl every,
ono tkliculed tho idoa of Wliito Cups vlsitinpr
1'ostoria, On Tucstlny night a band 'of mon. . ',
mounted ami equipped in White Cup outfit,
dashed through tho town. An nttompt was ..
mndo to follow thorn but tboy scattered nnd j
wero soon lost lu a dense forost a lew miles ,
from town.
Wlillothnro ia no danger of tlio F.egtilntor 6
doing any of their work within the city limits, I.'
thoy havo already Bent notices to fnrmora Uv I
lncln the ndjneout townships. Dollanco. Na-
pulcon, l'crry.sburg. and Maumoo have each !
been visited, although no actual outrago was J
nttomptod. The skull nnd cross bones, with,
tho representation of n bowlo knife benoath,
Is a favorite sign of tho order in this -vicinity, v
AtNnnolcon a nottco bore tho words: "God i
lintos liars and perjurors, and adulterers. Tbe f
Whlto Cuppers are tho Lord's chosen people to ri
wroak out His vengcanco on tho wicked and, I,
unjust." Tho pooplo are becoming much , e
alarmed. r
CO years old, was engaged with two assistants. n
Honry Cnrr, ngod 30, nnd Walter Macomber. fj
ngodlG, in filling a mattress with jute, ot tha U
rear of the shop, and accidentally brought a j
handfnlof into in contact with a gas jot. It W
burst into flame. Tho floor was littered with. ! 'I
jute nud othor inflammable material, and a ', 4
naplitbn renovating mnchlne was lu the room, t l
As tho flamos met tho vupor an explosion oo- '
curtod. Tho three mon had beon endeavoring t!
to stop tho sprad of tho llamos, and wero hor- t,'
rlbly burned.Mncomber has since dtod, and .!
Bweoney nnuyCarrdlod nt the hospital at tho ! t!
samo nioment this afternoon. Tho loss to j ,t
pioporty Is about $1,500. I
Xs.Treasnrer Sehnlhola Kill TXlmKlC t -
I Kl
TrtKNTON. Dee, 10. Charles Bchnlholi, 60 j w
vears old, who was formerly Receiver of Taxes and Oily 1 1
Treasurer nt LitmbertTilli. committed aulclde there leal ! it
nl:ht by ihootlog himself through tha heart. j U
1 ' ' fc
Greatest Musical Success & 19th Century.
we will offer SPECIAH IN- j U
DUCEIflENTS In prices antl 1
Wo will also offer 50 new
PIANOS, of gooa maker and - J
warranted by us, for $260 each. ' t
And, with the cosnpll- JM
mentis of the season, we will Mil
present each purchaser I
with n beautiful Orguinette
or miniature Piano. I
Hardman,PeGk & Co.,;
138 Fifth Av., ' I .t ;
SC.no. Vl'lIOIiHTllUKD IN B1XK t (
riiVHii or VAitiois colo ay. ' j I
41, 40, AND 4li WEST 14TII BT.
: "I
Until Chrit.tu.as . ; f
will liccp their establish- .1
men! open during (he even- M I
Union Square,
New York. '
' a- !? -a---Mai

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