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Ut ADVERTISE IN THE HUN I L THE HON It will brine prompt retara
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Ternon Who V a y n > r Pew In Ills Clinreh
he I Msi T Are the One Wholl tet Them
I nnd rllr nuer Ale Not Invited and Ara
Sot AVnntcdlIe Iint Looking fOr Houl1
tlint tli MlnUtern lln lne ii IlrIlrotrn
Doesnt Kntlrely Hnpport the View that
In I Frankly Set Forth by till Chief bsucr
I We havont any room In our church for
t people who havent paid for their seats Our
trouble Is I not to find places for strangers but
to keep them out Wo dont ask them to come
and wo dont want them I thor como thor
arn in the way and wo havo hard work to got
them out of tho way but wo manage to do It
I nevertheless Wo havo to walch them but
eometlmcs they elude us nnd contrive to find
seats somenhure Then wo havo to toll them
very plainly to get up and mo OUI And wo
4 make them do It
Mr Benjamin W Williams said those words
lust night at his homo 1C7 West Fortyfifth
etrcnt Ho Is tho chief lay manager of tho
affairs of tho Protestant Episcopal Church of
Bt Thomas at Fiftythird street and Fifth ave
nue and it was of 1 Thomass Church that ho
WM speaking The congregation of the parish
of 8U Thomas is probably the wealthiest In tho
city Its members aro foremost among the
Four Hundred of Fashion and tho tour Hun
dred of Wealth The representatives of mil
lions sit in Its pew each Hunday Such pooplo
a tho Twomblys and tho Cuttings D O
l Ullli Frcderlok Gallatln Joseph W Harper
Jr and Iloawoll 1 Flower are among the
parishioners The Itov William F Morgan D
I ono of the most noted ministers In Now I
York was the pastor of tho flock for many I
years He died somewhat more than a year
ago and the llov John Wesley Brown D D
810 as selected us his succossorouly after consld
rable searching by the congregation Ho gets
a large salary and has an assistant who is
well paid also The congiegatlon in addition
enjoy mi expensive choir and supports a
chapel with 1 minister nnd two assistants Al
I in nil St Thomass is very swell and tory
Tho church edifice Is a handsome structure
d I without anti within and It and the adjoining
rectory and tho cbnpcl are under the caro of
r Mr Williams who Is officially styled In the
I parish year hook as Superintendentof BuIld
I lags and Collector The declaration that this
r rich church hasnt room at its morning prayers
J I on Sundays for strangers and that If they take
q Bents In the soilcushioned pows they will bo
r made by Mr Williams last night
put out was mlo Wllnms Ilst nllht
in the couro of his answer to la story about
an Incident which occurred nt tho church I
week ago t4utIay On that morning I Indy
from Detroit Mrs Oeorge W Moore who was
viMtiog In this city entered tho vestibule
of bt Thomass and stood for I minute
at t the door waiting for some one
t 1 to offer a feat to her According to her story
as minted In Tnitli sbo ovorhenid Mr Williams
liams discussing with a lady the rental of n
certain IOW hhe says she overheard Mr I Wil
liams sav that the pew was to bo rented nnd
T that the applicant might come the next dny to
r Fte about i Ibis conversation occurred bo
fore tho beginning of the service and Mrs
Moore supposing that tho powwas forthnt day
4 at least ut the dlsro al of strangers and not
having yet been approached by an usher Went
alone up tho aisle nnd seated herself She
r I kneeled in prayer and whIle In tho midst of
her dovotlonspho cays that Mr Williams came
along placed his hand on her shoulder nnd
I thus forcing her to raise her head said to her
f Who told you to come in this pew
r I She answered that no one had told her nnd
ft she says that thereupon Mr Williams said to
> her Well this Is not your pew and dont you
come In again until you are invited Now got
out She was surprIsed and doing as she was
told she rose and went away when the story
WR related to Mr Williams last night he said
Well I did tell her to got up and go oUI
f Bhe hud no business there It was not her pow
I nud she was not placed there by any usher It
do happens that this pow was not for rent and
Bbc is altogether mistaken about the conver
batlon I had with the other lady about It How
t ever that doesnt make any difference Tho
point is that tho lady who makes this com
plaint was nn intruder and I had to put her
out Why such things era common every
Sunday Como up any Sunday morning and
i you can see foi yourself It was only last Sun
day that a lady and gentleman I suppose they
were such for they seemed well dressed
stood In tho aisle and asked inn
S rt if they could have n seat They
I named a particular pow I said no and told
r I 1 them to wait reminding them that tho longer
thy waited the better they would fare I had
J 1 to go somewhere ole for a moment und when I
came back r could not see tbo lady and gentle
man Hut I looked for them and there they
were in the pew they had spokon of on their
knees praying I suppoo they wore praying
1 for they looked del out onoulh but whether
that was the case or not doesnt matter I
dont have to consider such things and not
bothering to think of that side of the case I
1 vent < tmight to the pow and told them to get
M out They did
j What Is the theory on which you act
I Int any thioiy Its plain business Do
you SUIIOO you could po Into the theatre nnd
1 take any selt you pomn No of course not
and tho santo rule is followed nt St Thomass
Church You ran go to the Casino and pay fifty
I eats for nn admlssli too and stand up In thu
lobby hut you cant have a Beat Well wo
l c dont charge any admission fee and after you
are In wo treat you the same as I you were at
the theatre 1 you have I seat coupon at tho
Casino voiiKet a ft at I you have a right to a
l r font at fat Thomimfl Church you get your seat
I > nuhavent why then ion dont
Hut I church Isnt the alto
Thats something I dont have to take into
consideration All 1 know Is that these seats
J repaid fur by our people and they are entl
> filed to them Some of thn pews are owned by
families or the heads of families and others
are rented Whether the occupants are there
pi nol we hOve to keep the places for them I
havo four uher and it Is I nil wo can do to reo
Mrvethe places for the members of the church
co i poru Ion lor It Is a corporation for wor
shipping If you want to look at I that way and
whim these pooplo want to como to church
they ought to hnvo Urn places they pay
for no matter what other people
think Theiii rich families dont cOle
morn than tHenUaovon or twentyeight Hun
tittyi4 In lie year hit they nre generally out of
I town In the uounti or In Europe half tho year
and then there nio wot Sundays and It Isnt
comfortable to romo to church hut when thoy
tin wo must hum their places reserved They
pay from 41 I to > im u vear and I am engaged
to BOD thnt they got what is theirs The other
iiHoplo dont pay an > thingnnd Its my business
to see that they am kept out We have signs
up on the doors to tho gallery Buying that oil
I tlo bents nn thero nro rented and that ni
gers must not tnkn them but they beat their
vat ug tloro when tho ustior tire not watching
ci rberoon r wo have to Put them out from up
oel Then the l > lim of ro ° salvation Is not fa
No sir not at all Thats all sentiment It
11 lhnt
oi I
wont WOI lit thIs ago nnd I wont do In BUPU
a conlroIUen its hat 1 of Bt Thomas Wo
dont ask people to coins for we dont want
thol We lent advertise In the papers
Strangers olcomo aa Rome churches do
1080 churIe
Free 111011 UmphI I wo worn Method
bts we might have our ushers standing nt the
door and go out and grab poople and say
low are ion brother1 Glad toeo you
staler niesB tho Lord como lu nnd
lIe aomn eiilvation But wo are not
that kind H wouldnt work
I woullnt even on
r small scale In tItle church It
1ould bo mieer to Lou the wnolders i of thin
ehuroh when they observe some stronger
standing In j the IIIe rise antI throw their arnie
f Jjrotinfl the strangers neck and greet him
with km that SUDIO oxclttinntlon Uleait tho Lord
I Rm Ilad to see 01 In church Como In and
3 sit Wllh 80 uU is I n Itnlm to Mipposo that t
liniiV s wiiitt 9t > IlttflaeB > is for No 1 am not
Inoking thtt lire frfoli f WIIIII for ttto ron8 Its the dollllrs
hut tb 10 you consider that COnBl8t ° nt with
tli 0111 of irlffll i wih
1 dont cousltftjr tho
cousllor question of Christianity
Its t n ueston OhrlAtlnly
B none of my bllsindsa whethor the
that DOle lY Ilslmss lotA ° POOPO
for the t l thoolrirr ° stOle tire of the ChrIstians question orjuigaits Idonl I have As
time Qloston
hook after to tlrlk such of matters that The mInIster Is hired to
el isnt I maters that the rich and the
poor may be 8I011 together and Isnt there
any encourlomont Offered at nU to the poor
I 60 that MnWffil
tOgother poor cud tho rich may worship
No thnro lens any nf that sentiment anti
11thr there Int S until tile fonlmont liolt
her ioly
i tahi 110 t enrth urHI spreads liBel
t lmon Illkln1 II a diiloront way front tilt
Irot lay Whon elicit thlngaYim Irol
IY < luoh thlnl8 C8li COnIC to
ra8 CII
pass there wont 1 0 any iiietl of cliurchos or
thinleters clltlhos
Wllstttf for then nU Iooflo will bo giKd and
there wn wi 10 Icld
wont be
iTiS any nuestiou of rich and poor
f I
Ooore Just see how such n plan works at St
I They dont have any pew rents
there and whoro does the money come from
From the poor people 1 No not a bit of It
thorn are a few rich mon backlngup Dr hams
ford and If It wasnt for their money the church
couldnt got along Thoro are always these
people who hav ont money to pay for their salvation
Take our church for example In tho
morning when wo have our congregation fully
occupying tie lOWS tho collection will bo
t2oni In tho afternoon when tho strangers
nro tbnro how much will tho collectIon bo It
may bo 141 Thats nil Ho that proves 1
the outsiders are not profitable
Arent thorn any places nt nil for people
who may want to worship but who have not
pows I
powsNo There are no good Beats Wo have 0
place where n hundred or more may nit but
thoy cant n anything It is in tho north
wing where tho view Is cut oIh Wo lot them I
go In thorn and I suppose I they are doout
and Mnoero It Is Just as good for them nR a
bettor place would bo They can sit there with
out being too much In sight and can hear nil I
I they want to hut ns to thoro being any good
pows whore froo seats may be had thero aicnt
I any and thero wont bo any Lvery available
pew Is rented Today money cant buy a pew
You cant got In unless you are known to bo
what Is wanted I you wero to offer mo
f50000 for 1 POW you couldnt havn I unless
you were personally acceptable to the corpora
lion I havo applications always on hand for
pilots BomctlmesI hoar that npownoldcr Is
going to bo away for nix months and from my
ingeTperloico I know that ho wont object to
iiblcttlnghls pew I will notify nn applicant
tinti perhaps ho may bo able to got tho vow for
a time hut ho has got to bo a person of the
proper quality
Suppose that tho feats In the north wine
are taken nnd thorn are people waiting If
tho Borvico has begun and BOBIO of the pew
holders are not present can iou put any of
those walling Into the empty places
Yet That Is a matter of discretion with me
Nton mI
I have hon with the church forthlrtyycaisnnd
I can tell prettY well that certain families wont
bo II chinch I wont bo right for mo toeav to
you who they art but I can feel pretty suro that
I they wont bo thoro ana fa it I tho strangers
look all rlaht I can seat them In tho vacant
pows I toll tho Htrangers to wait for n while
nnd then I look after them But my ushers
and mjsolf are kept very busy watching tho
crowd to see that they dont got seats
where wo know they ought not to go o
tell thor the longer they wait the better their
chances will be For tomo reason they dont
heem to like to wait and they got Impatient i
and then wo must hunt them up and put them
out lho putting them out though doesnt
disturb mo It nerves the intruders right and
It Is what lam there for lou may not think I
this Is what really happens hit If voull como
up to church anti slandthore In the aisle and
mako believe ron oro willm torn sent vouvvlll
see that this Is all true The only
way to make some people really feel
that what I i tell them at first Is true Is to let
them pot Into a seat and then firmly put them I
out 1 wish they would understand that It Is u
pow church nnd that each POW represents just
so much money There is I nothing free at my
personal disposal In fact thero Is nothing
personal about tho matter at all Its none of
my business except BO far as I nm thero to
protect tho pows
Mr Williams uttered these sentiments in a
very cool businesslike manner He dis
claimed any intention to consider tho question
in its theological aspects and moro than
onco declared that ho was surprised that any
ono would care to mako an Inquiry as to the
dlfrosltlon shown toward persons not pew
holders who might bv chance or design visit
the church for tho worship of God His stIr
prlso seemed based on tho feeling that
what ho conceived to bo tho proper
policy would bo considered the proper policy
by all others Once Mr Illlnms ppoko of his
long connection with tho church saying be felt
assured ho couldnt make mistakes about
church matters because ho I mil been n mana
ger of Its affairs for so Inn soars Ho felt
pure that ho was acting rightly po long as ho
did what tho chief usher of athoittre would do
with regard to peoplo who couldnt show tholr
tttlo to seats and justified himself by tie
claim that after all It was a matter of pure
business and not of 1 religion
Mr Williams has an Imposing appearance
He has a rather large frame and Is 1 an elderly
man ills face Is something like Robert CoIl
yers and his bushy hair Is almost white and
very luxuriant When be Isnt at the church
keeping impecunious worshippers from occu
rs ing rented pews he sltH In an ofllce at i Eat
Jrortysixth street and handles the checks for
rent that the parishioners send In Tho direc
at tory that credits address him with bclnearoalestate agent
A Sins reporter told Dr Brown last night of
l Moores experience In finding 1 rent in
Bt rhomasB and of Superintendent Hiatuss
exposition of tho attitude Bt Thomas holds
toward wouldbo worshippers from without Its
pale Dr Brown was asked I Mr Wjlllnmss
views represented the principles of his church
You give me my first information of theso
things he replied I would scarcely bo Just
for me to sit In judgment upon my Sexton until
I havo examined Into tho matter for myself I
will e him at tho Ural opportunity I and will
question him in regard to what you have told
mo Meanwhile I think 1 had better not talk
about It But you may nay for mo and Dr
Drown repeated the words with empiiasls
that wo nre always glad to see our friends nt
Bt homnsB and that so far ns our space will
allow wo shall welcome strangers and take
pleasure In providing for their accommoda
lie Thinks the Houthern Pig Iron Trut
Mill Come to GrleC
FrTTSBunon Fob 13 Andrew Carnegie
when asked today how the Southern Pig Iron
Trust would affect this region paid Not at all
Tho Pig Iron Trust Is only an attempt of spec
ulators to obtain other chips to gamble with
No Pittsburgh manufacturer visits the jMyvn
broker and that Is what tho trust will have to
do I thoy ever start I
Is It true that you propose to erect blast
furnaces In tho South
I Is not true that we Intend to erect any
thing oxcept in tho good old city of Pittsburgh c i
Wo ore hero and propose to fight I out on this
salon line
What is tho outlook for steel rolls this year
and how do the orders for rails compare with
the orders of a year ago t
tie Had bad Indeed Only four mills running
toda out of thirteen and but ono of those has
orders of any account ahead and that mill Is
the Ldgar Thomson Our sliding scale agree
ment Is as perfect an arrangement nn was liver
made Capital and labor are standing together
anti both nro happy When the JdcarIhonibon
works do not make 1000 tons of rail per day it
will bo becmiMj there nro no rails to make
wUbe Wi the gas used In the north Chli ago Boll
ing Mill placo It on u the same footing In regard
to heat fuol ns Pittsburgh t
I am told by tho Chicago peoplo that the
UFO of manufactured can as n fuel IH I wonder
ful success and has reduced the cost of produc
tion Very much
tl What Is our Impression of Southern man
ufacturing IntcrostB
I wns surprised at the excellence of the fur
nace plantB coke works and I coal nnd ore
mines that I saw there The Southern people
bravo profited by our experience and instead
of working up to tlio modern plants have ob
tained them all at once by copying those of
this dlstiict Development has boon rushed
too fast and no doubt considerable reaction Is
to take place but this is I only tho froth 011 a
wave of Bolid wealth The manufacture of pig
iron about BIrmingham In linn como to flay
Pittsburgh Alabama however bus nothing to fear from
The Hrnnituny Road tontrlliuteie 81OOO
to the 1ollce 1enftlon Fund
President Thompson and Treasurer Ryan I
of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Htroot
Railroad called at Police Headquarters yester
day morning with a resolution expressing tho
gratitude of tho company to superintendent
Murray and tho Inspectors for tholr efficient
aid during Rio Ftrlkt > They also brought
along n check for 1000 as a contribution to
the police pension fund
President John J Foster of the Fortysecond
Street Mnnhattanvllle ana StNlcholas Avenue
Btrent Knllroad Brnt a letter thanUIng tho police
for tholr service while tbo road wus tied up
Two heath Ciiuveil by Cat lN
MONHOK Ga Fob 13 A Cow lars ago
henry Womuo died of hydrophobIa caused by
cats bite One week from the time ho was
bitten his wife also was bitten by another cat
and great fear was entertained that she would
Bon meet tho enme fate The prediction has
proven true The woman was attacked with
hydrophobia find lay on her bed tied band
nnd foot frothing At the mouth growling and
whining and trying to bite and Bcratoh herself
or anybody that qiumo near hor Uonth has
endiitl her ullorlng today m Thu peo plo are
wild with excitement 10l1Y other ladle have
been bitten by cats Thoy nni Hpoaklng of
organizing In the community a club and exterminatIng every cat I
JIIJIK Foreign Breweries
Erane Sons Indlo late Ale and Brown Stout qusli 1
In OeoUo tbe flneii Imported < iloltlnl tot prrtaw
wa Order lla IJ7 Jludioa staaa 1
Boynl Unking Ponder Absolutely Par J I
For twentyflve years tho standard a I
AGAINST i term
Hiiflpccted of I euTlna bil Room In Detroit
nt Nlcht TrATrtllnc 7ft Mllle to Commit
the CrIme und liU
no Relnrnlncto loom In
the SlornliiB Tlio Yonnu tItan In Jail
JACKSON Mich Fob 13 Whether Irving
Lntlmor murdered his mother In this city 1
few days ago may nevor b positively known
but from the remarkable array of clrcumetnn
tlnl evidence which confronts tho young man It
Is certain that ho could havo murdered hor
i I though ho was to all appearances In Detroit
when tlio tragedy occurred Ai Jackson and
Detroit aro soiontyIUo miles apart this pos
sibility hangs upon nn Interesting theory
Mrs Latliuor was the welltodo widow of I
wholesale druggist Sho lived comfortably
hero In a spacious liouao which was only ono
small Item In the handsome estnto loft her by
her husband An only son of 25 haul Ihod with
her until early in tho winter when on tho
pica of business necessity ho had fur
nished rooms in his storo and passed
the nights there On Tilday morning
two weeks ago Mrs Latlmor was found
dead In her room She hind beon shot twice
onco In the head arid onco In tho breast but It
was evident that death had resulted from
strangulation as 0 bloody handkerchief was
pressed down her throat and her neck bore the
marks of lingers Tho room In which fho usu
ally slept and where tho crime was committed
was seriously disarranged as though a ntrug
glo had occurred thoro but none of tho nlim
bIas bad boen disturbed On a mantel
was much costly silver In 0 closet
wore numerous atttablo papers and In
various chests and drawers wore money dia
monds and jewelry which had not been
touched Tho first Impression was that tho
lady had boon murdered bs burglars and this
theory Is still adhered to by many but tho
fact that nothing was missing and that no
ransacking had been dono gave tho officers
ample opportunity to exorcise their ingenuity
in directions
1 was known that Inlne Latlmor had gone
to Detroit the day before and as he was the
nearest rolntho tho police notified him of tho
murder by wire and reechod a response that
ho would return by tho first trnln No possible
suspicion attached to him at tho time and
his conduct on being shown Into the presence
of his murdered mother was all that could havo
been expected of C young man so unhappily
situated Before nightfall howovor word was
recolxod from Detroit to the effect that Jat
Imer would boar watching rind that
nn inquiry In that city would show
ni IIulry Uilt clr woult many
suspicious circumstances Tho
ous circumslllces young man
was accordingly taken Into custody nnd as
his manner Hum clanged for the worse 1 do
tTmlnid effort was made to trace his move
monts from tho time that ho left Jackson the
day before Asa result of this Inquiry It was
soon learned that he ld at last placed him
self In a position which will roaulro all the In
genuity of a skilled lawyer to explain away
latlmer had been In biilnoss hero for some
years but owing to his otraMiganco nnd to
the numerous ll soluto companions whom ho
cultivated both hero and In Detroit bo hail bo
como seriously embarrassed Ills creditors
went prebslng him closely and onoof them had
been persuaded to forego an execution against
him 011 a day or two before the murder on I
tolenm promise that ho would have the money
within I week from tho evidence now In
hand I appears that on the afternoon before
the murder Latlmor took the express train for
Detroit as ho was In the habit of doing every
week or two and was moon by many
acquaintances to whom he announced his
purpoo both nt tho station and on the I train
On Ms arrival In Detroit he proceeded to the
Grisnold HOUPO where bn registered and had
a room assigned him Ho spent the onrly
evening in various resorts about town where
I ho wine well oCQI tned and nt about 9lf ho
returned to the hotel called for his key alter
chatting with the room clerk and on tho plnu
of unusual weariness announced that ho In
tended to retire oarly and cot a good nights
rest The next morning nt n 0100 ho was In
his room nt the hotel nnd a little Inter ho ate
breakfast nt tho public table being handed tho
ttlegram announcing his mothers murder just
an ho vas leaving the dining
ht IIIwlnl tlo dlnlnl room
Tho question is Did ho spend tho night In
his room at the hotel or did ho between the
hours when lie J supposed to have rotlied and
when ho made his reappearance in tho morn
ing travel iou miles by limited express mean
time perpetrating the bloody and unnatural
murder with which ho Is now charged
At llrtt thought tho theory that young Lad
der could have committed the crime was
scouted as a manifest mpossiblllty but nn ex
amination of tate railway time tables and
nmllllon tl0 rllwny tmo nld I
careful questioning of tho trainmen and depot
employees on duty on the night of the tragedy
shows that whether he did the deed or not ho
could unto done I and that there Is the
strangest reasons for the susulclon that ho
did do II
there was time enough after ho loft tho
night cleik at tho Griswold Hou o for him to
make hasty and secret departure for tho
Michigan cntral depot whore tho fast west
bound train could DD caught at 10 1 M 1 An
cmployco who has teen Latuners photograph
Fiiis such a person arrived In great haste
FI lch I VlrAOn Irrhcd Illmnt hlto on
tho tIght of the murder nnd took the train
otto oi flue trainmen remembers seeing him on
tho train and tie eonduotor without recalling
thu mans personal appearance knows that on
thonUht In question a joung man was tlt his
train bound Jacksn ount that hu got off
thoio No one hero saw Lallmer alight 101 Tlio
hour was past midnight and usually thero aro
very fow peoplo at thoBtation Iluslclaus who
examined Mr Lntlmers ody I at 1 A M on
tho Friday after the murder oxprcfscd tho
opinion that she had boon dead about eight
hours thus making tho probable hour ot tier
murder 2 A M I Lntlnier could havo gone from
the depot to tho IIOIHO gainudan entrance anti
done the job by < hat tune
Than fact that no valuables were touched Is
regarded asanothnr evidence that ho did the
murder Being tho only tiulrhowould own
everything way nnd I ho committedho
crime oven after no elaborate an attempt to di
vert suspicion from himself ho lOIS lot to
have thought of any schema to llx attention
upon anybody ol e
At HM ivory morning a fast express train
passes Jackson bound fast t Title IB the trula
which fatilnor could havo taken Il ho did so
ho uiin unobserved hero hut I Pullman cur
conductor and porter both say that such a man
ontirod their ear at Jiickmm on ltd mont
hut mul paving for I section sat up with hit
big overcoat pulled our bin face until Detroit
was readied when ho jumped from tho t
car and diMippoaicd Ten or Jiltoen min
utes after the arrival of this tialn
In Detroit a chambermaid In the Urlswnld
house sour n young mll steal up the ladles
stairway nnd pioceod iloun tile long hall I Iq t
tho room which had been unsigned I Latlmcr
tho nvonlng bolora saw him unlock tho door
and Biitoi ala ii aflorwnrd heiird him moving
about t in tie room Half I I f nn hour later ho wus
at lie I ollke claiming I to havo had n lIne nluhtn
reM olc i nlltllu I lutr ho was In tho dining
mom whoro than despatch from Jackson was
handed him I stut ecu
hose ItO thn posHlbllllleB of tho case Thoro
ore other incriminating facts If Latlmer
inadu thin t night ride nnd killed his mother In
the I mannir described 10 I must have remained
In thin house with the cerise from three to four
hours bofoio making oorlse wav in the cathy
morning to thu depot An oxaminatlon of
tire house shows that in tho room formerly
occupied bi Latlmur tiitny things had I
been disturbed and there was evl 1
dunce that some one hud recently mt I
there rending books and papur A close In
Bueollon of tho gas fixtures shows that one of
tho tllmb screws Is cmoarud with blood Tim
munlurr Ilst hove borne aWl many marks
of flIt struggle for tho woman bled profusely
old tlioio worn the prints of blooily lingers on
tier neck tunti night dross JIm knob on tho
door loading lo atlmorH room is also stained
with blood and various bureau drawers In that
lair room murks as well us books and papers havo emil
His I I told I by tho niathioti this that iatl moor on
entering the hoiiho by unit of a cellar vtlmlow
I emounl MH hhoeb nnd pioLocclod ut nco to
Ills Iii Of hots mom whet hu shot hi r In I bed
mil that ho I itt mlgglil 01 curl tih c when lie found
t hat niltliui r I of hU shots hiul Inlliclod 1 mor
al vvounJ
Tlie room thin bod the carpet and tho furnl
turo uplaBhed < with blood and there
uro woro lud were
ole or two lot on the carpet loading to the
door which looked hike bloody footprints A
rareful examination of Latluicr6 clothing In
tIle jail revealed tile fact that one of his stock
ngs Jai matted with blood
It Is understood that Latlmor and his law
yers admit his presence In Jackson on this
light ol tIle in II I tier hit nothing Is positively
novvn 1 to tho InC of defence an vet Immiisii
no it her tln t prisoner nor his ha 1 iwyorH un II tulK I
lliutrimedy and tim arrest have IMIII oil a pro
form fill fensutiou In thlit section for tll t iurti II u
mother iii well known woro highly and young rest eotod Latlmurs fathtr and
AXCZKXT illS lOfty
The JLaodon Tlmenii Lawyers Delvlngt In
the Distant Iait
ftnrtjM 1A tr Inn Son rrtnttnt and FuWiMni
LONDON Feb lBTo tho surprlso and dls
gust of most pooplo engaged In tho Parnoll
case further evidence relating to tho seven
carold boycotting outrages and speeches was
given today President Banana has moro than
onco hinted that there had been too much of
this sort of thing Tho outrages are not denied
the speeches are admitted and long ago It was
evident that tho evidence had boon amply
sufficient President Hannon today expressed
mild surorlse nt tho course adopted by tire At
tornoyGonoral and Sir Charles Husscll pro
tested ohomently against going over tho old
familiar around but tho AttornoyOonoral dog
godly persisted and as usual their lordships
gave way
Lvorybody Is yearning for tho time when tho
crucial point of tho forged letters shall bo
reached or for another series of Lo Carons
revelations or in fact anything calculated
to relieve such deadly dulnoss as characterized
tho proceedings today
Cpt AVlBBiuannn Expedition
BnitiiTN Fob ISCnpt WiBsmnnn stArta
tomorrow night for Last Africa Home of the
members of his RtalT havo already started
The 1 etoiimors purchased for tho expedition for
coast and river service will arrive nt Zanzibar
about tho end of tho present mouth
Tho purpoRo of Cnpt Wlssmnn Is to restore
order upon tho coast and about 100 miles In
laud as far as the present Herman htntloim ox
tend fly meting Of the Itiifu arid mimi Itlvirs
hit xpcets to send forces on his small Itellwnl
Into the Knl thus avoiding most of the
trying land matcn nero s tho lovrlylng coast
Rtrlp to tho Us igurn hlglilands It will not bo
dllllcult for him tl 10 Publish the Uoimau
authority over tho Inliuid tribes who ale not
warlike His groat difficulty will be In gaining
complete ascendancy over tlie Arabs and hull
castes of tho coast region who are at tho bot
tom of the present revolt It is not expected
that the Kraln relief expedition will start from
Zanzibar territory until order is restored in the Gorman
tpeeehe by FrunclH Jovcph
PrTI Feb 13 Emperor Francis Jopcph
today received tho Presidents of both nouses
of tho Hungarian Dot who presented him
with revolutions of condolence In reply the
Lrnperorsnld My trust in the Almighty tho
firm support afforded mo by my beloved wife
and tho heartfelt sympathies of my people
afford me strength to lullll m > duties as a ruler
I expect tile llouop of Magnates to lighten my
tusk by their traditional loyalty and t assist
mo to roallro my intention
To tbo JreslUont of tho Jowor House ho said
With Gods help I will not falter In tutnillng
my duties 1 rely upon the House ol Hopro
Feutatlves to support the Government which
enjoys my full confidence In the spirit wis
dom and judgment required by the exigencies
of the situation
France CotiHtltatlon
PAInTS Feb 13 Premier Floquot In tbo
proposal which ho will submit to the Chamber
of Deputies to morrow avoids specifying I
schema for tho revision of the Constitution
declaring that revision is advisable
simply declrln thlt a rrlslon adlnblo
M Lanessan will moo an amendment that
In view of the fact that a revision can bo use
fully effected only by I constituent assembly
elected the Chamber decided
especially only to ro
nor tho revision to such usembly
Ihe party of tho Itlcht tins decided to vote
forM do LancBtans amendment which will
also have the support of thin Appeal t tho
people Th lladical Left after
party Undlcll altr a pro
rocted mooting nureod to support M Ploquet
debate Gen llouluucor will take pan in tomorrows
A Verdict Againa5 Henry J Leslie
LONDON Feb 13The suIt vnoeutly i
brought by Mr Izard the husband of tho ac
tress Mario Tomplo against Henry J Leslie
proprietor of the Lyric Theatre resulted to
day In 0 verdict of 5011 damages for the
plaintiff Mr Iznrd Is ulng for a divorce from
hIs wife naming Mr Leslie as corespondent
Minister Belmont In Mnilrlil
MADRID Feb I3Thc Queen Regent to
day received Mr Perry Belmont tho now
American Minister here who presented his
credentials Her Majesty cordially welcomed
Mr Belmont who mado an appropriate reply
Passing the Kcrutln dArrondlanement Hill
PAWS Feb 13Thio Senate todnv by I
vote of 22R to 62 adopted tho bill providing for
the reiBtabllshment of the scrutlu durrondlsso
mont system of election
Gen narnnm Open bIN Headquarter for
the Republican Legions
Gen Henry A Bnrnum who hoe been
appointed Marshal of the Now York State sec
tion of the inaugural parade In Washington on
March 4 opened his headquarters in parlor K
of tho rUth Avenue Hotel yesterday General
Order No 1 was promulgated appointing Cupt
Wlnflold M Clark Assistant AdjutantGeneral
and Chief of Staff and Moses G liters Quarter
master Thin general oidor winds up The
American people loyally salute their now Pres
ident and already organizations representing
more than double tho numbers participating
in any former inauguration have reported
their Intention of attending this national cele
bration Let Now York show hoi
brtol ow YrrJ supremacy I
instcrday was devoted to getting out Invita
tions to reprohontntlvo Hepubllcans of New
York lirooklyn and thin rest of tho Stale which
will result In getting 100 of f them to act as a
mounted and unlloruiod staff The organiza
tions that wish to bo 1811nc10 places In tho
lino tiro requested by don llarniim to make
Dioinnt application ax ho in under great
UIPlcllOl tret
pressure Irom asliiriftcn for tho particulars
of the formation of bin socllon
Those hat havo ah mil y reported are tho t
Harlem lie tuti blIuatii Club I ttl > Mlonl Ibo Mu hull I
banlU publican Club 50 I tlio I North Mile Repub
lican Club till lie I Lincoln Cl lib Ihoventli m district I
200 tbo t Nlnlh t Wind 1lonoern 1M o tho I hlx
teonth District publican Association CO tha
Lower Wall Htreet MerchnutH Club III the
bhcridnn hhook Assoclntlon 100 tho John J
Ollrlon AHsoelation UW tlm Iovl 1 Morton
Club i AHbOlInt0l1 In hlnipxnn Legion mite
w nholesnlo Dry GoodH Ifopubllcan Woo Club
100 tho Eleventh District esoclntlon Kill
tho t Kings i County doneial Co nat rim if tIe lOiK
the Union Le iguo Cluh i lull the t 1ederal Ito
itublican Club llfi the lirookhn oung lonl
Itopubllcan Club 100 IrCokllu 1 S llllaniH lint
tery thin ItulTulo Leagues ISil hue t Jncldii ill I
publican I Itatterj iO lie f I Ilmlru 1 llupubllcan
Phalanx 175 thin Incnnditlotuil Club Albanv i I
who report 225 men and Chaiinuii M I Dojimv
I promise to head their column tho Grant Club
Albany 175 the Business Mens Aflfoi latlon
HuUalo sort the Auburn Hi piiblicim Club
SOD tho Col John Y McKano Club of
Conoy iBland 120 tho lliulnest Mims Club
hyraeuso IOu tho Hoys in Illite llochester the
Excelsior Corps Albanj hue Cotntuerclol liar
rIsen anti Morton flIII Mon tho U H
Ornnl HOAo Clulnn1 Ito Jweltyseeond As
bomlly DIstrict Enroled lopublcan8
Ho Came to Oilerwlille TnUlnn j > Girl to a
AVIvciiunln Hive
MAsoN CI Iowa Feb laTho citizens
of Now Hampton are In a etnto of high excite
ment over limo shooting nt I man giving his
rinmo as IlofranUo Several dais ugo Do
fiankle who titus RiippOft < il lo be I rvprosontu
tlvoof infiiinoimillVLBof norlhern Wicorr
of thn InllmluK lles lorllll col
Fun and who was lining Intioiint girls nvvny
from their homes arrived at llaasett I small
station east of Chars City and micceoiled in
winning tho conllilenco of Nellie Greely u hero
foro respected young lady of that village
The couple purchased tickets to a small town
In north Wisconsin and boarded the 7 oclock
eastbound freight train
Homothlng wrong was suspected and tho
marshal at IlanBott telegraphed ahead to tho
marshal at Now Hampton to urrebt Inc hold
the comm uio until fi a thor mlvlsid 1 When thn t
train pulled In Mght Jollwi < liltordK inoiintmi
tire iahoii o haiti llmlliu llefianlie ami hi rt
tonii pta mr iota plaiu u I iliem I ill nlO under arrest
Ho VUH til tag them I to Jai j when llulranllo I
martin 1 break for Illerty tint was ordered to
halt Not doing so Jeffords Hashed out a re
volver and firing the ball ntrtick Ilefranklo In 1
the small of the back felllna him to the ground
Ills wound i now oon8der flt 11 unu
Ho lIed Kinky Hnlr Vniter liU Wlcnnd lie
AVi < Prolmlil nrNcprii Drlcln HU Tl no
ttlio Discovered by the UnOci tnlter
Colltuth Goshen or nn his nnino spoiled
in tho history of his llfo published for circus
nnd musoum purpose Col Ilouth GoMian
died lt IS oclock on Tuesday at Civ de N J
of Ilrlghts disease nnd dropsy His ago Is not
definitely known His Ufo makes It 51
Ills personal friends say ho was more than 70
His statements to neighbors that ho began his
clrcii career at 20 was thirty years In tho
buKlneBs anti has been two years rotlied
would mako him 53 years old
Ho was tho biggest glnnt that llnrnuin over
produced Ills advertised height wns 7 feet 9
Inches Ills height ns measured forMn coffin
was 7 foot 2 Inches I
i His friends say that
44 t in his prime lie wis
a r 7Ieot3 Indies high
r5 In his prtino ho
i weighed 5C 4 pounds
1ik7 anti ho did not ap
fat At his
r 411 roar l fil
I A dentil his weight
i 1 exceeded
t i probably xcoolt1
1 7 Ilelr pounds but the
difference was duet
1 to disease Huracas
t r sY 1101t Inches
4 It f through his chest 2
I feet 0 inches across
r tIm shoulders and
0 I had 1 waist of 77
Li Inches girth
Ills birthplace Is
not known with cer
4 b I tainty his Life
makes It Jerusalem
I says he was of
en RtU Goirullit wealthy parentage
and adds At tint time Jerusalem was very
deficient In educational advantages and it was
impossible for him to receive at homo that
thorough mental training hU parents co earn
rstly desired for him Iho book goes onto
de rlbe military achievements In Mexico the
Crimean war nnd elsewhere Col Oosj len told
people at Clyde that he wax I 1ullsh Jow
After his death a suspicion that ho bad negro
blood In his veins woe strongh conllrmed
The Illr he woro was Rtraiglit nnd lino Ho
score It long behind and parted It on tho side
A fow years nato It was alleged 1 that tlita was a
wig This was true After his I death the wig
was taken off and disclosed 1 curiously oblong
head thickly covered with kinky hair Lvcry
halrwiiB jot black Ho wore a lingo waxed
moustache anti during his later years a full
black beard that In no way invalidated his
title of tho Arabian giant His claim to ox
tensive foreign travels and military career Is
Bomowhat shaded oy time assertion uf Harnnss
maker Rbrow of Now llnmsvlck that lie had
frequently soon him as a meio ovoigrovvn boy
loafing about tho Uowery ragged and out of
1 was Dnrnlm that brought tho Colonel bo
foro the public He met him on the corner of
Broadway and Ann street and engaged him on
the Slot For lrs thor struck to eaili other
llnrmim sent him around time clreultH with lie
circus in tho summer and during than winter
exhibited him In his Now York museum Ho
paid him it Is snld UO a week nnd oxpnnscd
Bailey also got him at odd seasons nnd u < c
hlbfiod him and Harry Miner nud hauls limos
also exhibited him
Ho spent several of his latter summers ex
hibiting himself nt Capo Mu > antI one summer
was spent as palo mun In I Chicago elothing
house whero his size and reputation made his
presence prolltnblo W hen Manager Cook died
nine years ago Col Gimhen mud Itanium disa
greed and they parted forever SInce then he
Juan exhibited chiefly in dime museums In Now
York and Brooklyn whore ho made tonne on
the percentage basis and did well Two enl
ago ho retired and ho was sick about a year
All his frlendr pnyheoiiKht have been wealthy
but he died poor Little will bo left after his
physician and undertaker ore paid
Thero 1 was I dim and foggy marriage In his
youth the outcome ol which no ono fonmsto
know Ho icforrod to it seldom lout twenty
years ago ho was man led to n Gorman woman
onco well known is I stunk cllnr They
lived In Now York and the lace at Ijdo N
J nt that tlmo urns ounetl by tho famou bare
back rider tll Sobistlin who hud separated
from tier fonnei hush ind famous ono in tlio
ring and was biippoitlng bhovvmun Sweet her
second husband at Clvdi Col iioiinn trod
his wife went to Civile and Sweet win PO wife
had I couo to South America on a tour ran
avvav vvith Mrs Ciobhnn Soon afterward Col
lioshen ado tod daughter Llllle ran on
with Mrs Sebastians brother Martin
Roberts a cN g dancer and the giant
bouunt the place and settled down alone with
a iuotntohittior timid his other adoptrddauglitor
now Mrs Henry Sylvester Seven yenr itio
ho man led Mm y Welsh 1 but tim a on et1rut ago
ho got a dlvmco from her hinco thou Annlo
Downing Ij die Jackson and Carrie Levorldgo
haIti a in tutu kept house for him Ho intro
duced them ns his platers but they all denied
this relationship Ho once owned eleven
pieces of property but all ho had when ho
died was the place at Civ do valued at J1500
Ho willed half of this to William WvckolT who
cared for him during his sieviioso and lorgnvo
him a loan of fiid lieMdos so tlmt little It un
balance will bo left for his adopted daughter
olGoshen was adullghtful nolcliborovorj
body says lie was courteous to the ladles and
kind antI anflatrle to all Ho used to spend whole
summer ilaiH Iving I full luigth on the porch
with his head renting on n block of wood Ho
seldom rode or walked but regaled nil comers
with wonderful nibs of his experiences on tho
field of battle and his grout property In 1 oxa
Now York am elsewhere Ieopla took his
stories with a grain of wilt but they were al
ways onptuibln Housed to pationlo circus
people wltt cur mute hl t way to I prnetbo theli I tie
Co ill plilt uuuonts In I off months Ho I alvvava hud
pntty women visItors at his IIOIIHP
When ho wns taken seriously sick a tow
months no bn called In the lieu limes
Lo 1ovro of thin MMdleburg IaptKt Chtireh my I
whom ho was Imptbed He then confessed
that nil flue storks ho bud told of former iston
iBhlng exploit weio fabrications Hn de
nounced his Lift HH untrue 1oforo this hu
had expressed a desire to I o burled In hm ouvlm
nrtlinrd Now ho salt bo wanted tobn laut tied In
tIme itaurtlsl ciiom Dr tidIer of Mlililkbuig
attended him He never had a hell loiiu enough
for him Ho I I nlvvav usnl the t oidliiartsied i
bed nnd lay I diagonal y bin feet sticking out t nt
ono corner I hi r en wee lo ngoho bei iinio help
less anil bo ins put In n sling I orlcd by put I 115
fastened In the ceilIng It tnOkltUr flOra work
ing i on these I jiuil lots to I lift I I him nut lilclaiu I I i to
changotho BiKiMs After he died live men as
tompled to ruinovo him fioni tho bed but
dropped him I Iho fall broke ito t I edste nl I
111 wits laid out on a platform Bttongly sup
Mr Ie I cymo will preach tho funeral fermon
at t ito iuoimco at 10 ocloi today Tlioioflln
which VVIIB mado In i Now inl a I and which
inensiireH 7 fictil inchOH hy2 Rot H Inehes will
not go In i at the I door It I will I bn placed u on tlm t
pot eh and tho body will bn nought out and
put In I It i f Thu i services will than I tnkn place in I
sldo tho house No heniHe innlil ho found big
enough for the t eoflln so it will I ho tri mmmd to
the giavn In n wagon Tho grave muaeurtd 8
foot by J Itet
Iuper Beady In the GriintVun iindt aec
David M Neubcrgcr till ittirnoy ot
Jacob H VnnZnndt whose wlfo loves 1ollco
Captain Grant and wants to got adlvorcofroiu
her hiisbnnd so as to main Mm inturnod
item Lenmiiu itt a iii yost orii ti lull I had nnlntor I I
inwvvitlililscllont t Mr Nouber or sill lest
nluht that nothing had Jet t beon ilono In hum
case but that tint hull l ers In I the I divono nnd
duinago stilts might bo served on Mm iin
7andi and dipt Cjrant todnv
Hnrrlet M Tinnier Illvorreri
Chancellor MeOlll granted a divorce yestor
day no HtMiJuinin H fnntirroi itrut 1 LII rrum atari let
M ThiiKr uu mite truuiiJ ur Jemruoii
11I lUg > titou HIK JLIJJltdlfl
Vlr t I O llrlfn it 1 n lfc 4 timv lu linltn I jill J is i ve weak
lie liny iclt I i riluuil Utti r tou I 1
lin A LIT let tniLlit Hm Pltlnhi nil aitit I InUSu
iwrluri oniiMin I ulruiiininc 1 fur snu < i It cluJlim raIn
seTs of irun luiiil
tiny Huckster if Connecticut hit nnmtnttel Ireil
rkk II Hall at Mr tturl rum Judd ur ttie Superior
aurl Mr Mull Isnuw Judge or its Court of luinuon
lies for ralrfeld KMinty
la the Cbtrirr ectlrn In Jllnztntruon on Turi < t > jr flue
iIeretcrat l elccllil tlirlr Major rank I II Clrrrnn > nil
eltimt nun of ream rh ite1ubicsme denIed
lures out of tuir tid eniaua
Ii ret Enyl tilt a tsruiuer of lnltn Saelulngora
atnunly luas lucId ii ttvttt its miiitTm Cr tIe lirumm
Jtmry mill ii rhiirTt mit iImtliutlti umsutuittuti mi tiii r iii
Iru I 4 year oil lmll ilm almrt
is rIitpimiuml am if rite SubmIt fur sti Cr ill
puriuy mu r re ri PIt r ir jIm y u It a lrei i cr ittele t
enili lii I lU trienlirr I nicy iillll utirk at lo ju sail
atfjon as they were out nfthe jtiril Iris tif tlifin i lurltv
Kern drew puckelknfe situ iilunned II Inlo Daniel
ODayt neck and again Into lift led hreait Tbe mail
tEn the blade struck a rib and tared hU heart from
biug yet In iwo Oayi wound are looked upon ae
tawiaL Kern M incited sad lieW In f IUJU beats
iilcicjq jv COLLISION
Incidents or the Six Slays flare C lite
Tliccltiomrn lu Madison Hquun
Altliotiitli tho clovcn young wonuii who
nio racing for six days on bicycles In Madison
Square Garden present a very engaging ap
pearance ns they rpccd about the eightlap
track on their glittering machines tho public
linn not ne yet gonowlld over the Innovation
About 1000 persons were present nt 0 oclock
last night among thorn bolnc Inspectors
floors Williams and Conlln accompanied by
tholr wives fleorgo Appleton EvnnOcr B
Wall nnd a delegation of fifty from the Man
hattan BIcycle Club In full uniform Miss
fcitnnloy continues to show the way ns grace
fully as on tho opening day anTi will win the
race If she has no bad luck Her blue jacket
and Call with its jaunty feather had boon re
placed by ono of bright rod of the same pat
torn hire Is always chipper and ready to race
with nn > ot the girla after they hmmive rested
ArmUndo was out but for twenty minutes
during the afternoon and Is yet a sick young
woman Site Bald on than opening day apropos
otMlsshtnnlev vvlnvo tnanacor Bald she could
down tire Omaha clnntoss Walt for ndayor
two Ill send that little monkey homo Now
whenever Armalidri appears on the truck
Stanley Is at her heels dogging her
Armalndo cnino on nt U 1 clock and In an In
stant her phiulow wim In pursuit In rain
Aitualtido leaning farmer liar wheel worked
IIIM muscular logs than saucy little brunette
from tho Smoky City decline I to bo shaken off
and together they rented cull mile after mile
passing and repassing tho others
At 5 aiMIss btnwn ran Into Miss Von Bin
men whim making tho turn nt Iourth avenue
I hero was aseieiim from one of the attendants
us the tao girls landed in n heap When their
tintnors touched tim scene Miss Brown was
ittti nit I in a dead faint vii lie Von Ii i union was
praitloally unhiiit t Miss llrown was carried
to her hotel She did not put In an appearance
again but her nmnncor announced that sh
was unhurt beyond n severe shaking up Von
IJlumen ilticklly remounted her wheel and set
pall for second placo gradually wearing down
Miss llnldwlns lend At JS oclock she was
but n mile and n half behind that little woman
und she may bo rtgaided as tIle winner of sea
tumid place as she ii i a tried campaigner while
linliUvlu in n compatativo novice
MI ° sOalos who looked elnirmlnc In n dark
purple costume Blnshed with gold braid did
somo great riding during the afternoon mak
ing 11 miles 5 laps lu an hour In the evening
site rtcod Stanley Armnlndo and Von Ulumen
in tutu nud more th in Held her own She says
that silo Is not out of tho race by any
inoiipH and that but for her fail on luosday she
would now lo hiiHtllng Miss Stanley for the
load Shin concluded herMOlh mile atO13 hav
ing ridden from tenth to seventh place since 3
The score at 1 A M was
hue lap Hla Laps
FUnley JIM Tlllnrt 234 6
IlalaVln I 2 Oakri 1 1
Von IltutneaSJ a Artmiaindom32 6
Wnoili 241 7iMcaaanalfl I
Hialior J 7 ii Brown 139 0
Stanley beat all previous records for 800
The Correspondence netween Tbl Govern
ment rand Great llrltuln
AVAsnixoTON Fob 13 The correspond
encn rolatlv to the seizure of the American
ship lirldgovvater by the authorities of Canada
has been laid before tho Senate in pursuance
to a resolution adopted Jan 23 Secretary
liuvard was not sure that It was compatible
with tIm public Interest to make the corm
spondonco public but President Cleveland said
ho saw no reason for withholding It
The documents contain the facts of the eolz
urn and subsequent release of the vessel and
thin petition of Mary W Allen of Brooklyn the
owner of tho vesaol to Secretary Bayard ap
pending her claim for damages amounting to
s uiil aril asking the Government to take
suitable measuies for relief
On Jan U lasJ Secretary Bayard wrote to
Minister riiolps n statement rf the case Buying
As the cno IB non presented n serious In
jury has been Inflicted upon n citizen of the
United States by lIre authorities of the Domin
ion of Oinada Iran whIch the head of their De
partment Jumko tins declared no remedy Is
aflorded by theft lawn To obviate elicIt an
evident failure of Justice appeal Ii 1 now made
by tbo eminent of the injured citizen to the
plonui i pouor of flue dov eminent under whoso
jurisdiction anti ollieial agency Ibo Injury was
vvrnigfiilly tnlllcted lou are therefore In
structed to I bring the cnbo ns borolnbefoio
stilted to the attention rl her Majestys Gov
ernment In ordor that juttt eompeusatlon may
bo icndorod to tho claimant
and there thin matter now stands save that
on Jim 21 nn amended btatomont of damages
wns lllcd with the Stato Department by Mary
W Allen claiming JJ30J7
Mrs IIikrRrore Found Dead In STar Door
lord stitla Her Iocketn ShOed
5IAHIETTA Ga Feb 13Cobb county Is
highly excited over a murder about noon to
day Seven miles from this place Mrs Louisa
Hurgiovo a wolltodo widow and tho aunt of
Prosecuting Attorney Goberof title cIty was
found by her son U Ing In than jardlwith her head
chopped to pieces and the axe lilac by her
side Her pockets were turned inside out and
all the bureaus and drawers in her house were
emptied of their nluits It Is plain that rob
tory wat tilt motive but there Is no clue to
thin murderer Tho woman always kept money
on her in raon and In the House
It IH believed thai the murder was perpe
trated bv Stimuli of the negroes on than planta
tion lilouillioumlB woro at once sent for from
tlm I ponltentiarj camp ii aid largo parties of
11011 hivu rgunied and aro scouring the
woods tonight If any negro is caught during
tilt night who IH ilimldo to rendir a clear ue
coimt ol hlmsoll ho will be quickly Unched
Mrs Hargiovo had but ton minutes before
I eon spoaklnjf u to hor atoll vv ho loft t his dinner
table It would appear from this that the mur
derer must have boon concealed BOmowhero
IVrtv IVajd of rnttlnic It
A policeman was taking n young man to Ks
M vjnrlei 1ollre Court the other day for trial On tbi
MB the piir famed an elderly lady who aeked ono of
tlio crovid evidently a list i l ur mite jirlioner what its
trouble icon
llo nurnlllii ilor rock aTi got der collar vat the
eoiiifutm m iiiulirii rmay
Uulllni rick i tjnlmeil the old laity lnhoudnt I
tliInk tlirv dnrrtHt him or i that
vh I > er dun tat b on IU was clmftln do duck
M lm < > lncHut s y tjuerled the uM lady more puzzled
than vlori I
Na ticr little vur runnln tier dunnijran jrtttln1
drr Imps workla item Kronler loilie masks a feler
lltfil t
Vinl ttio old udj went on Icr I way dubiously etiaklnir
fur heal
Jo ejih P I Hook nmrml rf tie Now rock Flock El
eltnntcootiiemlci j i in Ma u lib nominal llabiltlti
The Sciv > ork I tetter IarrtrrV AheiM iHtinn will hold a
rrrri tlon relebriillnif their third ttmltrrBury at Minion
iimii nut eienuii5
Ihorft vtll tc a la liennltfht of VUrrfv Temple Nobles
ot the Mylie hlirlneln the brututli line Hull la Vladlioui
avenue titus tii eiiln jr
Aklxtb gel etnilie nni pHtfl on mite netva ofTrr
Hniit Ullilim t tsse ir tlm i rMrldm a roe ftatlnd lait
tuning Umfj mi tlmt lull hail tluno thirty yeuiiier
vlco on ills fuue
Max uinlrhr HI > tm iIJ j enter lay fell Ihroiinh the
hnlcli ii ay nt 171 a l nliul II rem r Hhvr hu I calm toyed
mmiii I mint IKI b lic hrlpri Th imllcf mnt btui to he
Irinuiri Mrtu lloimial Ire UvtB at 4Je Jait Mum
feoiaetiodj jtl ej plmer mil mutes under Ihe loop muf Jo
eiih trrlne I A iruiiui dtvelluiif un iua 1HU roail hlniri
IrUkt restertan HIM i nt lire tu thilli Hie a lire Was iuut
out bvforo nay irli > oi dAint e v t an done nit tuiico
are louklni for II I Ie tiuendiar
Honry IikK am ointortnijly ilienkrd man about no year
old UHM fnund Hinulrrliic nl out lJUl l Sr ret and Iflith I
flvrlltlo rhtrrd aJiiIr ill lli itnr llnlial I a i > tc nl I
Chill iI iko tukel Irmn a I hicnifn o llvurinul riomd in
time s inoiui liii H inivr illicit rail to iluy lie sus
tilit lo lelleue It JkpllHl
Iri I ire f oinin niiti ri fell tnt limmot I IreinnnJohn
M liini ur Itn i I I IIM diii i a nor lureni lliVVlll am
li r 1 f iruir a 4 ilirte IH iu > uud I ireinen l < mi
i 1 k vii nun < mnr I > I I anI 11 I nurd suerid n ur Truck
U Uu ita lit l > tli u for attt tl ace mm Illliiut liavo
At mitt n IIUMI nf IHktrlLl tlornt > IMonf the Ind ct
inertia tusm tei iln Tilt irli ra of the MalilMlUn liufiet
smut ui D veir timi Morrl Wtiitern VVilllaui lIce
Inn nnlviorri Sari n 0 tIe dlim iied > r terday Ihli 1
wit the runilt r of a recent derlvii in the tenerat Trrin
The ccrttract with Ulitiin Mack for clearing tie roe
ervi Ir silos mi tint f aiti llninch or Die I Crotou Ulvcr and
lion Jlronk of bruvti und irrrh for lurId eat yeiterday
nlirogntr I liy m mite Aiittt mica I oininlnMoliort and a do
unit I nf IO furfi out > lacl Imi nut even made a It
umilnxlii the I v irk
T u j > oulouii 1 I tiitinf UIH liiuiuerft Men i ItepuMl
r tu A AI pi itloti linn ilk I h tfrltili at of inrorinttirn
Ib purt IK maC urt ii i emit hh A club iiotire In mite
ii 1 ri m rt if II lit IV it tier rmrrucre l nr the Kelilibli
rin i tr i 11 meft ttiiili Ihe tru lf aareA mc
VMillir II k m Thurlrr II E 1 Aloxarder J II Mrrlinx
iMnlel Uullerllo Jelle heilifuian t harlee F tjulncer
Ii U llrown C II coil Itobert A bciebrouuli P I A
llndley John K Hammer t O Bliajne Thtirau U
Walton A M Underbill Horace U ifolehkUe 1C 11
Thomaa K m 11 Mulford 11 W eoadn ana Ueerje U
HAURISON ants A rovwffvirrvr or
KASIIII ItiLiTicAii Aiirv
Mrn IlnrrlnnnM Iiiot Itrrrpttnn a Orrnt
finccmnTlip Iuillr Aniiojrd IV ran 1m
lirmloi In tuluiln llnnncrnllc Unities
tilth Repnlillriiii YlninTlir Tilii Iant
iNDIANAPOMR Toll 13 tltlnspll II liar
neon slipped Into town Into last night heavily
loaded presumably with Information as to the
liolitlcnl situation In Now York Ho was run
Into the sard nt 074 North Delaware street
Bldotrockodln the library and was them un
loaded by lilt father Tonight ho was
w Itched out on the main track again and
started off for Helena Montana where lie will
lo employed ns n mogul locomotive In holnlnu
his now newspaper over tho heavy mountain
Tomorrow night that lumbering old freight
engine John C Now la expected to com
rumbling Into town with oven n longer train
than ItusBoll and when John C has taken tho
Delaware street switch and been unloaded
Into the B Harrison elevator what thin Frost
dent elect wont know about Now York politic
ho Isnt likely to find out before ho appoint
his Cabinet
Everybody oipoots that the Cabinet will con
lain several surprises and speculation as toll
makeup was never purer guess work than now
One local newspaper to make euro of covering
nil the possibilities printed an alleged special
from Washington today assorting that Blame C
has positively denied that he had been Invited
Into the Cabinet John Sherman huts also been
trotted out again to bo put through his paces
as n possible Secretary ot tho Treasury
The latest tip from Now York Is that th
trouble there has bcou settled on the basis of
Millor for thin Cabinet and Platt for Collector ot
the Tort and that Now will have tIm Treasury
portfolio while the Attorney General will be S
taken from some other part of the country
Evarts It If gild dont want It S
This has been Mrs Harrisons busy day An
nouncement had boon made that It would ba S
the lost day upon which shim would receive
callers and the ladles of Indianapolis and a
goodly portion of the men paid their respects
during tho afternoon In all there wore aboal
ltXJU callers Mrs Harrison was assisted by
her daughter Mrs McKee her sister Mrs I
Lord and Mrs J V Huston For a part
ot the time len Harrison was also
In the parlor assisting his wife Tha
reception was entirely Informal Included
among the callers wore very many of Mrs
Harrisons Intimate friends among the Indian
apolis ladles and those made their call the oc
cnalon ot bidding her goodby the farewell
being always mingled with abundant irotosta
lions that they would bo sure to nee her la
nehlnctou some time She has Invited most
of them to the White house already It la said
A curious little side show to the reception
went on In one of the upstairs rooms most I
of tho afternoon Mrs Harrison recently ro
cohod from a churoh fair In Philadelphia a 1
doll which had been voted to her In n contest
where Mrs Cleveland was her competitor ° i
lira Harrisons majority It Is Bald was only
25 Tho fact of receiving the doll was
mentioned to some frIends of tho Inmlly
who were among the early callers and an
they expressed some curiosity about It uuo of
the ladles offered to take them up stairs and
show It to thorn Others of the callers ptraz t
Rled up after them and when they came down
still others hoard of the wonderful doll and
the result was that boforo lone half tho callorn
worm wandering up stairs taking n hook at the
piosent while the obliging lady who had first
offered to show It was kept busy the
whole afternoon exhibiting the trunkfnl
of dresses and other tblugs that went with it
It Is truly a wonderful doll It is about two
feet long and gotten up ultortliosulo ot a
young lady of IB There are five or six son
nruto costumes each calculate oun to
such little details as butts shoos stock
ings arid gloves and the workmanship
on each garment Is of the finest descrip
tion while the designs of the gowns
would have done credit to north Besides
there are several complete outfit of tmdori
wear even to corsets and a little box of jew
elry with a reul illamond pin a necklace of
real pearls nnd othitr gems befitting do well
provided a young lady Even a parasol nn
umbrella and a pair of rubber plioes are pro
vided Tlio trousseau filled u goodsized trunk 1
It hud boon intended to close the ccptlun at c
51 M but at that hour the callers ioro Mill I
coming and as it wan positive than lurot I mon
formanco the nianaccmont doi ided to keep
tho dours open as lonu people kept comlni I
Iho result was thit the afternoon rpcuption
liocimii also an even tiuu one and It anlutoto I
nlcht before the last of tho callers went away
Among thue callers during tho oMnlnir WOK um
largo party of Iteiiubllian members of tim
Legislature with thulr whes Oiii Hnrrloii S
lid lied tlitf ladles I meet i vI during th oveninr
Mrs Harrison and Mrs Melt i veto erytirod
but even to tlio last land a plo iMint ivord roe S
every comer oven to utter strangers who
dropped In purely from curioiti Allure was
bo much of this meiely curious dement in this
callers that ono friend of the lamily lemarkud
with malicious glee
Its just like a menagerie You como In
and hero liNt are tho animals and after you j
hate walked around und looked at them you
goon to time next room and see the curiosities
lu thin museum
Thin latter icmaik referred to Con Ilanl
sons new Tlprecanov Pub Ills collection of
canes and a lot of otliei eta ill nutitmu b iiI tilt ii
that me scnttoiod about In the built irlor J L
lire hturmion anti lur dnii htHr have been
annoyed recently by tlm t antics of a jounfl
vvouinii former i living I tu tbN t i It i who Is itd art
Intervlowed In IIIToreiit dtiosihan Intlmata
frli nd of rite liunlls und saying nile It going to
nshlngton witb tlniiii iii < n nn invitation tc <
niiKo a long visit at Ito I W lltn HOIIM 1 I It I t H
said that t at nshingloii reei nth I I sho tarried
her Imposture so far I tInt a rn option tint givma
In her honor upon i t ito htren thof hersupioed I I 4
nearness to tltum family of tho nest lrelilont
Tho voting womiiiV tan ling In llilsi mitt l nut
of ti sort to favor httr i with tin < iiiniatitiuicc of
tIle Hanlson or iinv other loputiblu fnnlly
and situ in timply nhitliigii Imncog ino IIPOII
silly men ptn vvlio mo r miMou to I tn ilo I them t
el rOe solid vvith thin next Ad ruth tt istrtt thu In S
There is n gieit sari In lIe I hI nri lie of soy
oral Deniocratii headers hen1 iiiiludlng Hint of
the Hon HI blioerln Keciotan of llio Demo
ratio National Coinmlttoe hniuu limo iwo 1
llttlo i Benjamin HarrlHon I Mclvt n tutu i Mice I
Hated anti it Is alleged th it virus Irmn tlm S
arm of the r jntin stor has al tti > hi en usml ui
time doctor vvhotlliltho MH < Inatlng mupiur > HID
air i inn of man otln tlilidriii of hi puion
Including tho olTmiihuof limn djo finlhe
wool DonicriitsIlko I I Mr I hlieoiln I
Tho doetorwho luiis alt nn Hut Isnrdllmt
lbmmim 11 lien and Iho Democrat I linigo i thai i ho
Ins iihcd thn Ifariifton bOii vims rimlliimifcltr
for tire pmpusonf Innculntli llie m Doiiu cnitlo
chlldion with lloptiblkin jirln Iplor
r Ir itt jiollorihisfiiot t Kerviio and a n few of
his assistants i will luivn eittrgi i of the m sMCiivl
train upon which lien I Harrison nnd hN family
will go to uhlngton Iho nilliiid eoinpany
hnvti about couiplutod their arianomcutu for
the train
iTnrl T Ilitnlcj MlHHlns
Joel T Hawley who IHIB been omployrd an n
bookkconer by tt I A Tucker u fruit dener nt 7l liead
street left hU home nl MO Sti once Urnt Ilrookljn on
llida m > Yet K and han not lei n teen fciniu lie U
> ci cc nit nnl m weighs alioul Sin l noun < ln He t I ita I letit
niriancliolv for se i emit irekn nilI i < lit bn I melt wurr
Sim erv hard hm wile ihluk riot mao iniia lmlUtQ
a l Ito police of Now lorlutd ltri oM i > ii art ImiLfiM
for btni The bud l of a mail fiiin I di ad at Ju I Ptfaiitfty
Street on Mnn l4 > iil lil S I rein lti u lima Ineim I rlmau i
lined ae hawley It Irosur I lo lie llie bodyof lduurit
Illltrhcr Kriirr Must 1tij f1tOO
In the City Court joBtnrday Judge McOovm
opened Iho HJltl verdict cf tlio jury In the mil of Mix
Unrmrel Ixiuiie Wliiam sjinlnel Ilutchrr liavil l 1 Kf air
or VVaililinrtou Varkit fir ireurh of iironil > e of mar
rinse lie Jury uwarui to MU Wilfun 4IO sal
cuele bbs dueL fcc SLlO >
Vuriuer Totlu
The low barometer with warmer weather
hat formed In Montana sia central jceierila In Mlu
nevota muvlntf loutlienetw aid md mow H t fat Inn In
tie lake rrjumtI and VUniiex ti and In tht nuril trn
turt ft ti hi Httr ttnd < mmiii < t Thi t > Ii l I HIV C UI id
nlcr i It I Uke leiflulll lull I Ittrrtin I liter tliirrt i v
lenile 1 All atoll tie Allunllu coant und a fir M > utli as
Ihe a hiuh barome rr now rllluv up the warm air ruler
the Hnulb wl I > oi > n dlull lie HID cull te am ii Thlim
rernturoln mitt city louclird H and the ellu neileriy
Creole irave It a very riiarpc lire
To day will be wariuir and fair
Tine Weether YeiteriUr
Indicated by rerryn thermometer In TIM
fun bomuni sa SI i u DA M it a S A IL ram 11
M Ilil Still P I M JJ t P I iu n oi vr 1 5U 1501 K
inidnliihr 17 ° ATeraxu lb Ji J ytrae on KOJ U
toes utj5
rMRllul I OOJif rirtllrtloiK m
1or MnBkiiahi PltH llhoilo iHlind ronnectl
cut sail 1 refer t Veto ltd ur uuir t < m yuintli
For the HUtrlclof Columbia Marylan L liiitaware cud
era Ieunirlvanla and > ew Jersey fair numer VS
rUbe amid
For weilera 1ennerltanla l and WMtm Kiir Ttrt
saivi l warmer ysrtisVide

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