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p w r r E1
I 7rIir lit AJIV JV XKW TOltKt
Thnt irs I the Wny It lnnkn Nnw nt Any
JtateWhit Is Skill In AV lilnnton anti
llontonThei Ieiin lirnuiib l flutter HIIII
tlnnctlteel AtnnnB the Ilthter llor e
Turf nnit Iturlnu N n Ceis l About
AtkletrsMhM Ilir HUM line Mrnnrn
IfllflYtht 1iinlle amd
Nairn rnotlmtl 4rlrhe mid
Tlio 1cilo round qiicstlon drew n
crowd of Interested outsiders to jcstcrJars
mcollnc of the Hoard of Alderman Includliii
lawyers ball tosen and lllos lngs They
were nnilotis to know what conclusion would
be reported by the Committee on 1ubllo Works
which had tho petition for cradlnc and ruoi
latlnK Wt lllth street to consider Tim Al
dermen woro anxious too apparently ns Al
derman Shea alter repeated thoiits managed
V to wako 1retddcnt Arnold up to tbo fact that ho
I wanted to moe to dispenses lib tho rcndlnc
ol the minutes Mr Arnold was not asleep
hut deeply oncaced In gottinc mlllnc direc
tions for thu EDBblon from Clerk Twomoy Ho
rather dUcouraeed tho lnnonton nnd tho
Tolce ot tho reading clork was not mlfod for a
tlncle syllable except those that ho dropped
1 BS too heavy for him
hut tit was not lon bofore Alderman Dlvver
the tbalrmun ot limo committee cot a chute
to rUe fumble n huco bundle of papers and
remark Tho Commlttco on 1ubllc orks
h vs labored oryhnrd for two weeks to cumo
to POIIIO conclusion In relation to this tnaltor
b < irini > stltI civen both Ides gten tin op
I iKirtuulty to pioont ihclr en MI anti tin n tho
ulouct wilt conihlonI ill oscvutlvo o sloli
Ve Fat four hours > estcrJav but found It tom
posnlLilntiinurou vo stood 1 to t with ona
nieinlior ralulnii lo roto v i i thought thu
mvl timing to do v ould bo to refer tho petition
t UeI to tilt full lioard without recommenda
tion lor its action
1 hi im < Ion of tim manner of recelv Inn this
repoit iiitfiiKd Aldermen Mica and Storm In
dKpuo durlnu vhleli tho orator Ipdulued
4 lii n llttln snrcasni at the ltttcrs iivpenM tai
tni Tilt Alderman Is t nlawjiT io 1 nm In
I toriupil 1 luivo no know lodjjo on tho subject
UifMlt I will nsr with him that 1 am ilctit
A Itur cotliidOtahl3 xitttriix tinil not n llttlo
frli lion thine wero gmt Into tim sha > u that
tim uti titi ttO nnd tho hoax doMied that is i
j that tie lutltlon should bo maile tie Miecial
o dm of nct ucsdava mcetlnc and K con
iiinip i In Lotuiiilttco of Iho n h lo imined late
Ly I u lot tbn rtndliiR of the mlnut H
Till lid not dlspoif of the cruit nurftlon ot
hnu bill fur tho pstlon hovvewi Tlioiieli ttio
I cluuitoiiH nf tbo camo did not etieit itor wuii
tureoilil bornccdup again Alderman 11U
i Simon when lo I got n clianco to I inlrodme n
I rediition picidiiced ono inllinc opus tbc Mot
t id Oiitan ILxlilblUon oat xxi ny to hiibuilt to the I
liomi a hvvorn ttntonient of Its receipts
and wpendltnn friuii tho timo of Itn l for
t iiiatfon Aldermen Sullivan Cti rIta and Ilvnn
sliuultancously inovod to tablo tho icsn
tion and thus cut air debate1 Hut Alderman
3 iirximoiis by tho tiim vvoin douce cmi nsklim
to IK cMiicd front ollnc Miccppdod in cet
I i tniK I ii I i bit speech lie I sild I that Ih i e Jletropol
J I IIIM 1 fchibltion J C miniiiv Is a printo corpora
I iii orcaulcil fm privnto cilu that had como
totho Jiourd with n iciiuet for nn PMraordl
unty privilege tint of kecpnma xtriot cioel
when time propoity owners wanted It opened
I Ho called niti < iition to thn I fact tint there was
I i no protcnci that t i1 in iharitvof nnvdmrarter
rscr picitltcd bv the retnuciof time eOmlahmh
Hi > uddfd It Is n purely business enter
I mix io Iho promote iI wlilch divblo
more than JHitilW a vear hcrvforo tlio
< il > 01 gilt to be treated In n businesslike
tvuy In tlmeme business men limo round con
dmnpd for lllth troet 1m been used by them
vitliout any cumpcnsatlon It iiinounth to
twoutjfour lob cacti ot which is worth Irom
4 1 57 i to tliui a year There are arrearages of
from J15WO to hOOo duo time city on this
baMs and iisbipities men before asking time
S i1yor prUiltcP timuh ought lo coiuo in hero
mi I muTer tin elty its I dues
several other Aldermen took advantage of a
rciiiut to Uo excusid to cct In speeches
llnybeld l that time city had no right to leaf 9
r Kfiuiul r coniloinnod im trcet puipo < no
I ji lziit tolmiulie Into tho bulnecanr time com
I pnii uud that the miotion ol otKsninc tho
l sleot vviis not afloeteci one way or the other l > y
j thoiiiotioiiriilse < l bj time resolution of inuul
4l r Mdorninn lttzblmonsh rcsolution vas
it laid on time table byn veto of 10 loci
l A iiisuTO March Jd President Ilowlttof
I thu S aliinBtoniiieturned from New York this
I inrirnlnB and hastened at once to President
m iouncf olllcn to acquaint hint with the result
of liU interview with aid it remains for
lihn It JMy to settle tbo matter paid Mr
3 Jlowilt and until hois heanl from Until will
m no nfllr his hlcnature to a lilnston con
trnet I have written to Mr Day nniini him
t retiun to Washlt uton trout Florid i n little
t earilei tnan he < i tctcd to and he mat bo hero
In ununo iiiattuix satisfnetorily this week
oiher ie I Mirposo it will be neco sary to
wait till Arrll i tlu date Used upon by Mr
Dimv for termhuitlnK his Southern trip
One thlni mai modn clear to Wnrd and that
S Ivan that if ho mild not bleu with Wabhlntton ha
i uld not co to lloton but would have to ro
iinln with tho Now iork team Ward is an In
thignflt hhhow nod doslres towolsh matters
r 4 M ety Ilrofully in which his Interests are In
1 oixed hence hi indisposition to take arty de
cided step about slculnK a contract until ho
Im coufeirfd with Mr Day lie dn s not in
I tend t put Iu a claim for any of the purchase
1 monej promised him for his release as be rec
ojnies tho fact that It does not concern him
but is entirely a proposition between ilr Day
unit mysoil I
Theio i not the flichtest danger of any
MiSfonMruftion beluc placed on Mr Days ac
thin thus far for hodld not enter intonn acre
inoutwlth tLoliostons to release Ward to them
t He ineiely mans i nttd that their repreentatiMi
C should confer with Wind after ho had made
41 known hla lUsMatlamcticin with the condition of
nRuliB In the Now lork team liut Sir Dur
lii I tO for us hue Was concerned icleasft Unrd
4 to the WashlLstous for n kood corslilointlon
I and ho will stiinJ by that arrnnuTnenU Ward
wna crv outhpoken In his eonoisntlon with
1 I me and seemed to fear that if ha came to
ashmuton too much inlsiit bo expected fiom
him by t hue ratrotsof thu game lit this city UN I
ys luit wordh whin we parted wrte If it Is de
cided that 1 must colo Washington you may
rest assured Air Hewitt that 1 will do even
ihlujr I iriar lies in my power to promote time In
tereitsof the lull with which I nm connected
In tho letter which 1 wroti Mr Kay thin morn
I tiiir I detailed very carefully whnt Unnl said to
t mo anti ureed upon Jlr JJiy trm noces lty for
u prompt settlement of this matter It Is my
m toiiVhitiOn however tiunt John ard trill sign
a a W uhlnuion contract in the courbo rf a we > k
iirso and lie will not hayo abettor ofler than
tilt one 1 nmdu him
Then are inauv reaons Wily Ward fhould
want tu co to Uoston Interpolated President
5 lounc and ospecldly a ho would bo brought
I In contact with feiaonod platers and men who
have iiiitloiuil reputation Hut HI the same
time this vary hid mlKht not lo condueho lo
the harmony which hbtiuldesibt In base ball
1 organisations lor If Ward was paid more for
Ids son K os than any other playor in the floe
tons it would naturally nnconder jealousy and
envy amonu time other plavrrs Ho would not
have tbo bame nspoiihlbllltlos that ho would
I encounter II ho we > placed In elmrirenf the
M iishlniiton tub but it ho ie at all ambitious
I I think thum latter phico would be pioforablo to
fe him Mlh tho material that tvotmlmi bo iilaced
I In his hands and heliichtl immolfttod as u
1 uiaruicor howould bo onnhlod to miikon nanix
for himself and If lie Is ambitious J would say
to him tn tike the Washington offer bj nil
means fttlll as Mr lluwltt saie oerythlni
blncosou Mr IJaya decision
PmtrmurIrtmxA March 2Thn initiatory
steps wcro taken item today for tho reception
I oud eiiturtulnmont of I he Npahllni ir biso bull I
tourltM during their Wt to this city on April
11 Messrs Itoaeh nnd llouors of tbu Philadel
I phia liubo hail Club will tender thu reception
I I as n compliment to tIme enterprise ol Mr
r bpaldlnc anil party In circling time world
for the exhibition ut AmurlcaV national
A came Mostrn lloach and Honors In
vited l the moiubers nf time 1 Iii hisdot itt iii llaeo
I Halt Writers Absoclatlon to center with
them In regard to thn tltnlls and at time
conference today n prourammo was nrruneeil
which includes iidrUa tliioucb tha city and a
trip down time Delaware Illver to Gloucester
where ft plnnkedshad lunch will b i sort ad
I Jlio mnemlors of the llobton mind Atimbotict mltub4
who will play hero on that date will bo invited
to partlcinato In the reception altbonirh their
tfauio will prevent thoni from uccompaniiiiir
i thus party down the river The party will re
turn from Gloucester early in the cnenlm In
time to attend the banquet to bu Riven ut
I ti tin Hotel llollevuo in honor of tho Around
thoworld party ThuO Chicago amid AJIAmei
I lea teatime will play u uamo lucre on the follow
luc day
HOHTOS March 20 Pltchor John ClnrUon
luis secured the covotel Hum In time liostoa
bate bull niiHi und for a brief term Ito will lord
It pier Ills 100110 colleague und the lesser
llehtH In time team ibo delay In appointing a
t captain show that time director have nut CiOmt
up hopes of securIng John Word votvvlth
Mandini they am xuppotcd to drain I from
doing IbuhliiesH whim the tourist until time
ldnitonNew lurk donl Is doclnrod elY
I Ward U anxious to come to thin city and
I makes no bones of haylni the pounaut is sure
I to fly from time bouth Pnd crounda next fall
I Last buturduy evonlnc a centleiiion with ft
I big bank account wan teen to leave lioston
I yery < iulotjy bound for New York Ills star
I in that city was of bhort duration Hut ho
I mnnaced lo call on Ward nnil base a good Ionic
j chat with that player Johnny usntirnd him
that lioston nun his choico if timings could ba
Hied Time Jlo ton lutin vlio Ims mill consider
ir tlo experience this winter In tecurlnc players
nl hlc llKiiros nsaurod John Vatd that tiir
vrantod him at any cost to manace and handle
the team The way thlnjrs look at present
there is but one way for the Boston team to se
I cure ft id wad they W no UpUbt wUllDC to
dothnt flet Hcnitt purchase his retain
for U2000 and then turn t ho player ovn to floe
ton In oxchnnee for John Morrlll and Sam Vln
nnd aconolderallonof about tlUtKiO Hewitt
would hoMtnto to let thn roan RO but thin could
be all llsril before Ward as rood to coto Wimh
ItiClon Tho lioston directors aro dead bent
on wlnnlncthpflRi this season and fool mire
of It with Ward for shmt stop Most of the now
taco Dnn llrouthernln artlcnlnr t nro desirous
havliic Ward on tho team and it it no KO
crot that the Doslnn dlroetorit would willingly
part with MWH to crt Mnrd for the comlriir
season They know the value ot n big card
and thH plnj r now tnkos tlio lead ai fiwell
BcUertlsod profo tonnl The time tr dravvliiK
near for something to bo time In the way ot np
pointing a captain although It Is unto to say
that them will bo no ono hclcctsJ until alter
1nst hay
n mi Torn
1etulni son bf can irif lice at tit Jcrtty City Btonnai
hue Iersy cmtj paytti will trgln pracllc tn time Oak
land niiik to day
Tim Usjnc cluha tiato bun iuked to wale claim to
Il ilr ot Indiana utln
Tin Mw nrli JinvenrraTiffel A pamewtn the Nev
llavf club for variy iu ArIi
Joe fltrliardt tee CITPH tiphli placft on Broadway and
li ready fur lie teaim iii brIm
15 c llrmiUrn dub wilt ceh the a uou ntstftunilar
At Illdgtwooil with the Nexark Club
Medlone the tlilrfllaatiran of the fltrrult Club ttt I
UrnnLlju jeitfrilnf fur Jtiilanonil where lie 111 ItO
hi club
TtiA Mlnnraota Inlprrrtlprlftta BanA Ball I < eNrnr if
which nun C wni iictHJ tin couilK aeaioii liiin
link MI upln stow
Itftldcul lat s HI mturnhomi from the South abont
April 7 DlrftciorJoe iurJun abu ml aliio In the bouttu
iv III return about April 1
The Hrooklvn plfiTfrn talf a flve rnllc epic on blcvcl
rerr mnrnliir HHU In the atu rnooui Iliey PMCUK icr
twiitouraat Haalilnclun 1ark
iriiilir DIP f rut Brooklyn pitcher > se tl at M
arm li h In tine londliloti Stub tliat time VVeitern ulcriea
ato u itm belnit lamb wcra Dot trut
The anniinl infeiln nf lie Halt Jlayrra rnthrriool
wilt take place In tlil cily a hm thu Htnern ilutiioC
the Lenffue inaLe tlielr lint trip Lnat
Ac Corllilll rfp rifil at vVniMnirton Park r tfti1ar
there Inflates i lily oni lrookl ito er to be tifarJ
Irom Ilow < rrr Manacfr iiviunnUleMiya llint Chart
will Ie tern tim a fe s aat
Wlnt email he purrlmi I lil r a e trom 111 Mil
wmileei tot Svm lie wm currd lut esomu trom
> liimeuullivti > tic > priiinir 7t liu underitooil t
will jiliy with lialtln or tlilx sriinn
ttliltne andMilrptir reported for tufly at the lsh
tround vealerday Tl i lav r tretun l butt nirrtilnc
ant aft ernourm nlUurkr I ltrc ii Weicli nn 1 < rno
Sr hue only ew York 1 1 rrnvlio liare not r i > orlej
The Chlmcol 21dm tot an offer of tSM I for tat lur
Fiintm of Itoiion ytptfrdnj After tonnuuinir nut li
JMrfcUr Bit In tun few moment lTfM Ietil tmUn If I
waiter l < alJliitf that they wuultl accett tie Her ftr the
raldier amid would irlrt Sin Vounit at once tu teteuSu l
the tiayer i
Tb Sw Ycrt Cltil wee to have opened flue Mftioti At
tlie loin trro itid un NdinrdA 0 tutu time Jumper lull it
1 now quite i ruliblo that tie SMite will be pl l > 11 OIl
i the Jeory City HPun < i The iW VerSa w l it I nn Intuit
titut oner In Jrr > > uutll tie Veto jtruunOi qucttlou In l
etrs1 on vrrtj Ir i tlie t other
M riiu MfcrrhiO Tile Whlhrton Cluh hse 1 niadl
AH filler ir Siei i i for Ilckett hun smut of lUe St t laia
tuut wlio itihtlb a trlllUtit rM orrl U t fftson Mhnatcer
ilurtIel 1 hue eta MH lie rahiutt short tn fell 1ttkitt
at lUirirkr MI line iu the mi mn but tnlirht roiivUleMtii
tOer nrKmxi Iturrpurled lore that it IS aid rnuiius
wilt > et r Vort 1lckett itt be rurcIiMtjd lor foi K
T Lot t aci iOnly dn of Uvt tar pitchers
Jni RlffiiMl vuJ hf Iftul lt JltiJnn Hit nilicr
Ivlnc < tuuititrlaln utiil Derllu irf totlinp out fur
tnorri fuUrv ntJch on dcc Ahe trufe tnulTr U N I
unilrmooJ in tao tail clrctrn tlmt thf f Itrhrrt jiroi o > 9
lettlnff Chrln trv I Ii ts our hciu tnirlfr MffiuMi
touf ther with lmJson for H itiv djamtlm ililp iftnie
and ice whit heciti see tin e IK ci met up With
tU < Muon r Vi n u tlrr Ate t tnt liiiltz a youns SlamS i
Ito to iUj 10 tun dn t Itch a little bU
Thp Vale freHltnien lijvn nntltlctl tip mnuaffcmctu of
the lUrTuril i I freitimen nine that tne > object uubviUten
for tbo ball kviuea reLftitly rrcponeii I y lie llHrvnrl
met On the taai U nf H letter wrItten ty tin m iiiike
nelit of it hart orb tO ttetnpn tCatt tiny claim
tii ttue irs nsmne ellould tm tlaet at 1lnbrlare atit
tie peuifll at Itscetu tr the trt atne tlY pr
to Icilt sty tate trntOPl It Ilorvuurd 111 tsr lie
ecnnd came emICIite Juime I lis Il ar al mmmcii Itla
rsari the arffluIetutn tud t S ate a ratter llbttrn
itmmt it retnamua to ie imeu wat late trtl IC t7iauty
eireed ui lkauo theta tb
Vattr Slshina sire Dufly ml tact teers Chtcoo
teata I lioiitn sift tar mIre austicy tllatu ta lmeimmo
tuti I wtmtuIm to ta t the emit tint Ilinly
aI thYet itt tflcTefttO In ftlary and the ateatie rep
reeutet t bitt that tuatautemumemmt colIstulered talr ttt
Its tliufly meal a eet sltnlng loot ear but he ma
n t yet ia teuOtill player stud Cue club tioen tint 1il
itetimied tmm mjm tI S mu a titict tnoeev So tlty would to
a vmttu atom ta trot en tit vurttu by eeerst years
tott tr Cpudir milutuctputsi Tin traitie 1mm tI moot
tsr luOeuer stud ttiuta ibit Uucy ill iIiu a heu ie Ii
mm aOtedWuCSuoIfrtUeirt
iavG ill rLiunt
TfeNew Prtmnwifk indfirnflcnt teal the ttlts it
New Urnniirkk on Uonday by totS
C Qnluu rornrrlT of tie Manhattan will jtne in
the unatnorK tfara this hdioon and iu will Clmr rj
Kenny of Ut ipatton K Atlanta Club
The Klmlitng < lob will jmir the Hartford teem en
Aprl li ul > nt Vf w linxrii on hue IJih mid Un IeUut
tor en April li at KicreAtlun crouiula Lour Iplanti
The SitTaimdre 4imb ha a fT t ppn dtettIn Iprlt May
and June nl nuld te ieaeeU j rolieir from Jirt ilis
ntutt hat hti etuclocil kT aiuJs W L hunu r H5 IvliiR
Street New ort
The 8inona l > aae Katt ClkbhateeQ orffinlreil outer
tIe management a I PjTLinivn Tisy plnv t elr
flrht KRlne i it haturdav Mari1 sj with tlie utherurd
Atlileln Afcftuelatfon team
Tho Fidelity ant Casuultr Crnipany B bane ball nine
his reorcanlred for the reuon ot l il ami woul I mule
to hear trout in uranee hu < l coiurnerclat nines fur nit
urday camea Aildrtai AUKMILI Melter I u box 1 4r
The Cnln > tliletic Cli b uf Jer ey CIty have ergot
lie ror ISo cninlnir eeaaon emit a vtrone learn itt
VTOJI I like tn hear from all Saint tmctelcnta a lh cu
closed croLinla Atidrrva Tboium Juun fj drove
ftreit Jmrey City
Tbe fnlonBa e Ball Hub third dUlilon of Manhat
tan ColleKe for the eAoii of MI h composed of tie tot
lowiaif plavera A 1 ouan IL Cruker 1 I eary J t VVti
ton ilorloT T i corny M t ieon T HUKerald and
it Connor captain
Ihe traiiM Baie Ball rinbiroiiH like to play alt ut
oftnwlirlub Limo would they liLo lo hear from the
arlaiAdta Ianirato Athletic ViueiiR tbletU Hunt
InCtOD ajvllla of Lone hiatuS nnil all other goal
cUbb W IraLi2i stt rmmud st llroaj > n
his Wet Cnmtt I of Kiinrville eliitd lute to hear from
this llcaeviUo Ailitnc Club flue former club would
lice to heir from all Qrvt claaa Hnmeuror veinl pro
regional cubs Their pitcher U jlarkln who once
utiched for ibm Urr > okljrnHiii Hftlilinore Clubs
Tl a Pt Mary i lusts arranged the rnlloirlncnie
Atrit 14 with tapleton ArrllJl sitS 5lt inaurUouui
ernon April J < wllh htaten JWand April 11 wlili
Pntlerinl1k For Strut itliev I have arranreil a panie
at Hie MittS Ottamu Athletic iroahd wit S the cbmitutmm
Tempest club or Lonir ltand und ott VI3 IS with tli
laLerbonaor Peterson
The Viutne lave reorganize for the rouilnjr tavn
and Mil1 appear In uniform fillovrlnir are Ue plm ew
l Sirier c Air Ma on n I lloli Ib ti l vi i
larirjerti l Grace n a J liinovan Ib 11 MctioU
r f J HerrU c I and < luriha 1 f All nine
with planets r T Ib years lillui multi can ajdreaa t 0 f
liolz IsSorih Moore street
Te llortrlllea nor known elite Hamfortlii amateur
cbHlntif babe ball team of the scOot of Ib98 tat re
rr anlzeil Inc time romlnfffeAji ftp follow r llurke
r otiS cul tain Etottltu and K Mrittl p2b und tttW
Merrill In Mclmlna Harrison c und fell Joe hi In
nan ini T fVJlclonT UD JJ O c onnelL t I r I II
civ nmiKli t 5 l 1 froy r f Iddret taint II cara
uaajfli mauacer bamtord tonu
The 131111 Doe Show
Lyir March 26Tite llrat annual bench
show for docs of the Massachusetts Kennel
Club opened this mornIng with moro ttianSOO
entries Anionc them arc some of the most
celebrated xlocs In the country Pome of the
Kennels represented are the Wyoming Linden
Mastiff Cheiiuassot lenor and Lincoln hey
stone Ilornoll Harmony Graphic Westmin
ster Don Quixote Itlalto Lovclls Kilmarnocl
UlncKBtone Mount Washilnicton Rural Kildiro
AVondstocL llridford llomnsteiid Innn Oak
land Clark and Iutters Hondo lleworcle
IlllUfdo IJIenton What Cheer and Lewis
lirotburs Time docs that attracted the most
attention were Dr J 1 Frnnck lorry8 AtIunont
Major Pllnllinmon Jr time 10000St Uennird
of K 1 Ii Heard of Melrofo Lady vvelllnuton
held at tlOUO and also owned by Mr bourn
bears Monarch n J2000 mastiff from the Slol
roe kennel and Medico 3htntorm a f lODiJbenutr
from Salem owned by Oeorco H Ulazler Tho
setters vvoro also great fuvrite
Shoollnc NUICM
Tho pigeon match on the grounds of the Fat
lorHJii cil I > Had mimI Oim Club on Momlay
nfternoon between bmltli Hill and William
bmlthoU yards rise 1U blrdHtnch wax won by
the latter Mho killed S out of hO and Ililhonlyd
A iiiueon shooting match has bean nrranccd
for licit halurduy botueonbuilthlllll nnd lohn
Uallluuol rnterxon for fO a mildo Hill will
shoot at twentylive yards and Walllne nt
twent > onn yards rise ton birds each The
motch will occur on the rmerson Hod and Gun
Club urounds
A 100shot mnteh was decided on the Our
Own mnuo howark belvrutn Otto Krnus and
F A Ktolneehncrfora v al uablo price KruuBd
won by thIs score
htamuiiOl III llll IH 1M 110 113 lID 112 Total
iiihiTin iur 117 nr IH no ill 112 111
tin Tetot IllS
A match for 100 a side has been arranged
between two crack rifle shots Charles Judson
ol the Miller Julio Club of Hobokcn and M
Uorrior ot tile Settler Illflo Club of ibis city
Thin inmmteli whit consist of liii sitotie at lisa rio
target The man maklni the Mcliest score will
hike thin iiurno Tbo contort Kill take placo
this ovunlniriir at liorlibeeks Hall CO Adams
stroot llobokcu
Iacbtlnc r > omu
Henry Abbey Is havinc his steam yacht 8t lla
jborouiThly overhauled with a view to cutting
tier in comiulbblou early
Theodore KrombaihViiOoon Ilhadixnt Tvrrn
ti fIfth street titer Itrooklin Is almost roudy
for her llrst Bpiri down tho buy
Commodoro Elbrldco T Oorrys steam yacht
Electra IB nearly ready lo RO intocomiulfitilon
for tho Reason of ibiJ The Cant George Wicks
Is tilting omit at Tubas Jlr hoymotirs Btonin
> nclu llailhais huvlnc n new propeller wheel
titled at bouth Brooklyn
The first meeting ot the Marshall V Jo
Cricket Club will be held at the Erie House in
Kcarnoy on Friday night 1layera nlslilni to
became members aro lOciueHlcd to attend
At n ineetltic of tho Urooklin Cricket Oub
bold at 502 1 iillon street llrooklyn on Mon
day the followluu ofllcers wore elected 1resl
dent James II Cowlntt Vicelresldont J
Bmlth Captain K K Ureeiie VteeCaptuln
o Tuttleb cretary J Curtis Treasurer j
4110210 Tin FIUZIrRI1
Jack nrmpner Hac kilu I4ny About Tohnnjr
Jteoicnn unit the Chnmptonnlilp
Jnclt Dempsey > na met byn reporter of
Tin SUN on Broadway TOftonlay afternoon In
company with Denny Contlunn and a friend
On belne asked It there was nnytlilnc fresh In
the tniclllstlc world the cliamplon lulddlo
weight paid lesj Im going to attend to
Johnnt lloaunus case Tomorrow or Thurs
day Ill KO lo time 1altet Gazette office and seo
If ho cant be Induced to make a mutch for
25i If no cant nprcoon time amount of tho
stake Ill fight Heacan for tl 100 n side bolero
rltliorof the CalIfornia atblollc clubs It tboy
will ndil n tuirto of 2000 or UOOO lo tho win
nor Thnt ought to suit my young friend and
hero should bo no trouble In Kfttluc tim Cali
fornia or Golden hate Athletic Club to put up
Midi a puree ns they would miiko plenty ot
money out of time show Im going to California
In n short time anyhow and llencnn has been
tnlUnc if uotiili to Frltco for bomo time
Now here the chntico ot bin life
T < i dhow how anxious 1 am 10 fight Itcncnn for
nnv amount worth tralnlnc for I would boN
wllllns to meet him under Jlnrauls of ueons
hurry rules iiltlinuch clmmioni > hln battles
are idnuyH decided umlur London rules Alter
iur last tight Ittfmnn clalmoil that it ails
nothing but n wicstllnumiitcli nml that I won
because I was the bettor nt that sport As n
matter of fact beforo limo light Loan n friend
ot ItcntnnRtold my frlonds that Jolmny would
rl lve me iZ0 toclmnuo to Quconsborry rules
1 dont believe Unit lleacan over did nny such
thing but I can Loot him as easily under
Jiucnsbcrrjns London rule
1 might remark comlndc d Jack that
there IH no moiiev In lltthtlLKfor tluoO not
aItiisttumudtng alt ebjo rot tiutmi has been nrlntHil
about it luolt 1 blight Itcnunn for 2mo
bow much do > ou think I cot for mrfcclt alter
pusyimugiull I I i ovriensi9 t ilust Ji3
Tho onparcil 1101 osltlon 10 fight for 11000
a side and n tIlt FSo tn no lidded by Ito I Califor
nia nr ioldeii lain Atlilctlf Club is 1x3 Fitiaru
iw time man himsHf nnd Johnny cannot very
well ivcrlook It Ho tie cant want to littiut lot
more than 11000 a side Heres hue only wiiy
that ho can do so Iho California Athlcllo
Clot Is williiic to tot imp n purse ot jnWO lor
Mitchell and Lcncnn They should bo Illlnp
in clve in much lot aco between Uciupsey and
hirauy IYelilit Seconded lir IflltlclnnN
Ilht Hliu hate Knucklen
Ynltpr Graves amid Joe Ollcldcn twoSouth
Erooklyn hciny velchts fought even rounds
tat a report not tar from 1joMipct lark early
yesterday nioiniuc
They each welched 173 l pounds but Graves
who It a slfooter overtopped Ids ojiponout
bj tour incho ° It is worthy of iioto that n
wellknown Dcmocratb politician handled
Ornes while an enurlly iiromluciit liepubll
can recoiicicil hIdden and time politicians had
bucked their men icpcctlviIy for JJO Twelve
spectators wore present London rules gay
einod and time men loucht with bare knuckle
on thnt all the championship reiiuirumonts
wero carried out rx ept Hint tlu > contcM wan
on a botrd lloor Time refcrt gao his name
ns AMilinin Joiio ir autbinc5iu like
In time Ilif round there wa > ilont > of phiK
cine and hmn Otaos ttnallr throw Gild
1 lieu both were bleodinc front tho lace After
I tlini Illddcn vxon every fall and bait gormeroily
I Lime heel of it up tn the lat rotund 11110 tern
tlc I puiiiliment was inflicted i by both I I men
lvorj time they wont down GHdden tnvo Ids
nun time slu Ill Imier on the btomaoli or client Ill
the > ovpnth round illililon unutuottemi Grates
full on the jnvv with his ihjht i rushedliNiuau
antI threv him ltlin bang to time boards
TcviBh too ns Hlil ion is known to his
friends wan peaceful nt lnt for ho landed on
the back cf kilo head and became unconscious
Ho remained BO for two or three minutes after
the cull of time and Orav us cot the decision
hevcrul hundred dollars banned hands on tie
riCUtluc Vole
Jack Hrippei the wellknown light weight
vnti8 to I UK 3ti us follows I liavo an un
known that 1 will m iKli ncaln any 1HJ
touinl man in Now iork inning lillli Uacey
vith 1 akin cloves torn stako or imrsc
liilIyUaoeyyeitprdiiyisuril a ehallence tar
a bight to mm llnlsh to nur lleht I vvcicht 1 rcnth
Inc for tiikfi or nurb Dacoy li is boroino
r > popular in Harlem since ha opened his
boxlnc icadeaijutid can get good Kickloi
Tack Vllrion limo Pexenth ward light weight
vvho lu mitibed to llclit Joe Doylo in a tw l
dav U I hard alvvoik trainlnc for thu cvrut
He fell on Tirk row icstordny and bruKed bis
right arm slightly but aspects to clve Dojlo mt
tood light nevertheless
lack Coates offers to match Jon darblt
delimit Tboma ° Mulorkey who recently do
fentPil Thomas Morris nt eatcbascalchcnu
retllnc lot front Sii to t2w a mid and nnvs
ln > IOIIHV vutn bi > found at tlcrs academyiJU
> cut 1 hmirtystxtIm ntreet
Austin Cilbhons of Paterson who downed
Jack Kcnnj l a liont time ago will next turn his
attention to Itddy npiiniuy of Piiterson and
will eniloavo to Kettle their difficulty which
lias lien hancinc lire over since the nlKht of
time Active Athletic Club tournninfut in hunt
city three weeks BIO They fouclit four rounds
fir < JO but wero provented from llmsliJne their
bout bvtln police Iho moauy is btlll In tho
reid Ces hands
Arransanieats for hut finish contort with
haul rlovoslotn citron bttween Iete NcCmtbe
ol Albany timid Mike llrcslln of tliiocit lutvo
been coinpetnd McCabe is the light weight
wh i wa1beaten In ten rounda by lorn 1hma
Cin of Ciuilnnati last smimuu tuner when set orni
old timers who wero resent said that the buttle
was onuof the severest nnd mmmouut overtly ron
tosteil they over saw McCnbob second gave
him ammonia to drink ralstilJiie It for wiui
key In time uctond rourd Metnboswalloftol
a big mouthlul ami was nearly made crazy jot
oullnued with ntonl hinc fiunennh Ills
Illlht with llreslln ii i nt catch vrlchtH Uroliu
hiirlnc rtfii od tocomotolJl i > ouiids except I
fur a stake
The followIng was roei > iod at tho JWite
nairttf onct ytstordny Tho match between
lackSfc nliflo amid Mike Laly wan mambo in u
lair und businesslike m inner it beIng mu
tually agreed botwoan JJali nnd McAulilTe to
conteSt It t2r > iiijniid too Jilue a2Mf dia
mond bolt on Aiic Cls i9 and time llclitvveicbt
eiiamtiioupldpot America I understand Imly
it triimrtn break the cnulrnct 1 hercliy lucid
Duly to tlie tnmo and protest rKitlnst your
rcttirninctlm JJiO orbit hi Italy but 1 hereby
clnim hue forfeit unless time mutch is carried
through ocreotl bum respuitfully
hILLY Mul > Ev Manager of Jack JlcAuhffo
Jnrnosr Larkinssojs I will meet any 122
pound man in tin1 world for n purer ol Msnu
olTured by the Oiilliornla Athhti Club throo
weeks front Mcnlne nrlklos or 1 will meet the
winner the Weir and Murphy llcht which In
ti conme alT iioxtweek In nny of time principal
clubs at Doston or Cnlllornla As there mire n
trroat many men looking for Kcht at mywnlcht
and tlui mint to bo chain Ions 1 lent KO why
they do not moet me ns 1 nm always wllllnu
and rcndj to meet any of them for u mit purse
I would like to meet Weir Murplij Orlllln
Uanforthor any othormnn before I StaLl light
Inc Larklns propof oil that he and Dauforth
post a forfeit of t5l ns a curia inc oh good faith
that both vould appear at hut ring on time day
of the haiti lianfortli has reiis il to do this
and so the rnattti has fallun throuch lnrklns
hays when hn make n nintfli ha wants to foal
euro that there will bo a light
AquatIc le
Llout Uathbons ot this Now York AthletlCR
Intends to have ttue bout houses lIt order nod
the flouts in position this cominc week
ibo new single and double sic which Hilly
Ollvor line jut built for tho rrlenilshlpb aio >
considered by the meuiberhof the club us mod
el s ot beauty
J hcott formeily ot Harynrd Collece Is try
IDC for n Posit In the New York Athloilc Clubs
olcht Ho Is doluc good work in the clubs
Thoinan Hlcclnbottom won the pool tonrna
bent held at the jrinndships boat house arid
n olvod a oryhandsoiuu bcarf pin the trite
donated by the club
Tho renlor fouroared shell crow ot time
v orunns has not ax Sot been selected but Cup
Tlclio has hid eyo on seine goad men ana u
KOod crow Is extocted
Besides liming nn eight In each of the races
of time Harloiu recilta time Ataluntits will nl do
enter senior and junior louronrod gig crettmm u
fouroared nhell erect and a benlor ttcullor
Jasper T Cloodwin rowing lustniclor at the
Younc MITIH ii riot bun Aiborlmlcui I club hoiiho
on time harlem lbs imrchueod bovrIl now
bcmtB amid iiiJCitblo turn Out 601120 good rutes
huh HOIlhOIl
Tho Wynnoko UontClubof tho Jlnrlem havo
had all their crmiit tlmiouchly overhauled uud
nit now proparod to enjoy ibenibelvos us noon
ni time weather will permit Iiiuy row lot iloua
urn only
The lrlendshli fleet ot boatsitro In perfect
order moot thuy mire hooting for u very livuly
ionbon Tholr nieinbrrHlilp ih now nlinoit In
tlm umetiPS and they cximut tu rvach their
limit of 1M > b > Juno 1
liilly C Willie Krmriasiura and boxIng In
Ftructor and nUo janitor of the Koaminiiaka
Jioat Club has hud auumbor of the mcmbors
of the club under his Instruction tile past win
ter aad says they are la 11mw trim for rowing
An ercnt ol the early rowing season will bo a
race between Capt Tlcho of the Vnrunas and
Alderman John McCarthy for an elcpiut
trophy I twill bo a twomile race from lion
units dock to Fort Hamilton and the knowing
outs pick the Aldenuun us u wInner
Cant Whitlnc tbo veteran loncdlstanco
oarsman of this arunnB In liavinc a now
ploHHUi built Time Captain lototu to dare
old Neptune ouulds bandy Hook The crews
dt the pilot boats think him a wonder and say
that he baa been further off Handy hook itt a
iltteeufoot pleasure boat than our one olid
Jie tiu ft record us a lift B vu
nixcz mtiKKs SOIH roil 30000 TO
The Greatest Campnlcnpr or Ills Par Navr
In Thl Clly Hit Itrllllnnt error on the
Turf Mamlnc Klshteen Out nf Twenty
out Uncesrorntanne < omiipetlmen >
So mnny reports Imvo been circulated
about tho sale of the famous trotting gelding
1rlnco Wilkes tint tile despatch from Lexlnij
ton which rppenn > d In a Nowl ork paper low
days ago announcing tlmt hue liorio bad boon
purchased for n foreigner tins not generally
credited by the trottlnc tiirlltes litru
There Is now no doubt that time pnle wile
effected for Prince Wilkes arrived In this city
from Kentucky on Jlondnr and was formally
delivered to Major J J It Hublanl who rows
tonted tho now owner a vealthy icpMon of
iucno4 Aye Arsentlno llopublie South
America ioorco A Hlnwrh of 1hllndelplilii
n lirotlior of Wllllum Slncmlr ol the Jirrnnl
came on here nml eompleied tint trnnsfprln
lereon No announcement CM tho Bale was
made fn the Iicmrd until yesterday which
throw additional dl ciedlt on tlieiksintch in
cried tot but tlio full details or tbc tmfTalr are
nciwmado public eceptlnithat tlio name of
tlio South American is not Riven rio
nrlco paid was 10 HOC which Is nbont twice
us much as that given for nn > ot time trotters
dint bno lein exported from ttio United
Slates Ibo black stallion Atlintlo 2 21 br
Alinont was old to Commodore Ilicdnof Italy
fur tl 3000 last sear but 1rlniO Wlkos N con
Idercil n cheater hone at 00000 than Allan
tie nt 513000 for the tormnr has not only a
record of 211 I but lie Is conceded to bo tIme
greatest runp dcner ot his time ami was task
ed on ns nbout luvlnciblu In time froofornll
races this year
filrro AMIkes Is now ctttartrcI it lycr in
A llrownp stable on Vct Thirtysecond Mreet
near Hlxtli avonu wheio ho was eon b > a
Mjfreporter jostoritny afternoon The hor
occupies n box stall reserved for choice nnd
rrtcz v1 LEi
vmulumalmba trotters He Ia lornrknl Ir I hand
some animal In color a t rich chestnut with
four white ankles iiil n small star on the fore
lioail 101 liamls high and whether in motion
or at rest lmpre scsono With liU ovtraordlnarr
oworwhich l ninkos him iiiioar larcprthan lo
roall > Is hiMi in rnHui form Irt weighs
about SCO round1 but at pro nt is i high In
flefch anti presents the anpearanoo of a well
kept roadster Ills most noted i > hrf
cal chiracteristlci are the voudurful
liropollitiK potter of his hind eci amid
hH re oluto way of trotting milo alter
mile without tiring In fact so tromondous
Is the MrMo of thf 9 hind legs that tho fi ru
legs lmu to be plchtftl to leo > tliiin with
tticin when under lull lnnd nj Vt iei Jrlncu
ilkfls neared on tIme turf I In Iisi I iuorsmtueti <
nuirxellod tint a trotter Ith o iuiih vrnsto
action could earnhis ihpuad ci > so foot vbhhe
otliors iiiudli ted that liu viuld POOH Lrmik
down lint time horses womlerful phiic
imwor hue blood in such gout Mend that tio
hits loncrpil his record euU joir uuU is toilay
luot ilily fiMor than I ever Initocojit letter
Mr Sincrlj rmtys ol lriuc W ikii
1 think he can ltit sixty horoln tho world
milo hoiit lliKu In liVe vlth Iji I pounds bo
lilml I him i ln teal of 1st tioiuiils as lo IMS hoin I
curryinu AP it i ho has slioiru hta ability to
trot in 211 or1 li
Mr inn lirowti of the firm of Iticrcnn A
liiown cylmo showed Ihuiilrli prlcoil j tincto
TilcbL npiior tnted that lio dul not know
lust when Irliun Vilkosaa to be > bnlir > eii to
liuiiici Ajros but mit jro cnt 1m Is to rcrnHln
nt their stable Mr Mophin 1 lo of > ox
llio immurumbero Street has clnrtiof the horo
nnd prolablvrondiii ted time llniuiciil I no orla
lions Ha holms nlruail llllod Inr o cmi nImu
sions in line tock for the biihinoseonieitions
ot its firm In the Argentina liepnblic Crlt
Iais of Hnrrodsburi Ivy whi 1ms trailed
nnd driven 1rlmo Ullkes Inumu a colt fame on
uith the horse and returied homo after do
liverlna his thnrcu to Mr liuerly Henry
thiuiliers tho oloroil groom vlio Jins tulen
eumre of trio trotter will contlntio to oAr uftcr
him nnd coos nlonc to bouth Amuricn wioio
htimo I reecho n regular al iry tImid ii tuieccu of
Lindas nn nddltiouiil IOini Jt is a common
timing to hao a dog ns n staolo comi union
for u trottei and 1rlnco Nilkess thoseuca
nine friend Is IL small Skio terrmnr that line ac
comiianledhlm everywhere on th clrcuit hue
d1 Mill go nlunc to Iluouus tyrob with time
hoia w they turn greatly nttaihcd to enoh
other nrul limo criat campilnur will bo much
mono contented with his little friend ttt a fel
low yairor
Il IDCH Willms was bred at Mo K Turm roiir
Diunlllo hcnttipk April J itm luh l hid itirt bo
tug lied i ilkis hi IjtdiuiNMIkcM out of yueon
I I Ito tmv Miimbrlno Chief iiml his dam ot mmo
llo > e thlI by Drown < hint a irrandeon of f
llloold lilnck Hank a otto tie conilej ti in
Jiitln Mincni itcoreu A HiiKBily tilt
chuteul lrlin Vi ilkosnsn weanllui mind ho viis
taken to Asliland lark innn rionr I olmti > n
Mhoro 13 J Iriaey time propijntor hail hnriu
of his early tdneition In Itu3 Irinco Wilkes
ttnituto his lurt apponriincHou the ttlrt It li
in ton dining the liroeili mcetlni whin
lie WhO tlui JJliu lrtmmm Slakes lor butt
jeirolds In hrafht Imeatstimite t >
Uiij itT ills immurIng otis of his two
eomntmttitrs In tho lust heat limo miegt joir
he trims jirepuud forcniunilciiiiiR biritlii
ls and etuttrd the Oratid Circuit at iloclestor
in tho 2 27 chins Atip 11 1 whoro ho defeated n
god llolil atni losing the thinl boat to Jloi
trie nnd lowored Ills record to i thtJ4 Inthofec
anti rallu of the rico Hu iisontpil tint iwr
ormunco at Utlci I uud Albany totting i to his
locho > tor record nt the latter plmo At inn
fart ho nurtod In the IKiirtij btiiLti winre lie
von third inrmuy to OlIver K und liolio P In
that sensational contest of the < hive la tost
liiats uvtu trntttui In tills rate Jrimo Mlki s
wnt time coiituiidini liorbs iu tho iat thro
isats llnibliirc clORO mi to Oliver K
in tlin third ni d louith nillos and In
time huh liad the blu boy lIter Ixmton
at the distanto ftnnd tmilin Davis rnidc thu
iijltuko of toucliinc him with time to lilp ulifii
ho Itt huts lttiutt lIsle eiuillii Oliver It
thoueh tory tired to get jirst to the Wile
1rhiMj Whites did not start aaln that eiion
but In ls > 7 ho took part in wnun mccs win
ruing rig of timotmu crud loworlni his record to
iMCiina math iiunlnt hells ITauilinnt lov
Incton which ho won In straight hont acid
hmdod about lUwiO for IIH tuCkers In I Ilix t
early part ot tliit tear I tlieueldiuu hit thisiom
p I < r which iirmuitod In s I ohm g traintnl I
until Into ti oil ho did not enter the
rand Circuit until the Itlcn meeting
Ho won theo nld at Albany tutu again
contended for the Charter Oak htiko
nt Ilanfoiil whom he mulct tlio great yoiiiiu
Ktallion Iitton uho had trotted that fprlna In
Jlli I ha fastest Malllon leconl lot that IIKB
1rlnco ille wume not In rerdct form imd did
not cot xtttlod to hIm UHIIII speed III thin hist
liall of tho third bent I whicmmu bun was w > nt off be
hind and hum mit u u break nt hue I first tiiin I Ho I
clocoil up on 1atron In tho t last haltmllu which
he trotted iu 1 15 nbilo 1uin ucnt the piuiio
distance in 1 in Iho mlln bai In J 1C I 1 Alter
Mtnnini othoriaciH In tho tlrcult Iticludinir
the rr0loiiill I In i bt Ioidn wit ore 1m bout
Hurry Wllkr > motel l i y 1ilnco AVHUs von time
niatili II gui mi ci Delia Iliiiuihi I I loluio i rclernul
to nnd then rutlrod for tlio year
ills mireut lust taiOmi i i was still more Picilltn
bio ia ho i rot tot nlno KUHH to I ii t ml tag eight of
them I and oino 111010 louerul hl I rcrunl i to I
I H nt tliiveliiiul vliiii he I ilnfnutod him
brothers iiack I inaro I losmil I rid V t I lImes His I I
only ultkrmt ola ut I ItuiTmu itt whore liu I vastlm
Hitor In I btrniuht henti tlKiimh Inncn t illr
wisa hot fiiMjiilc I In I that ram I ii r and his
drhor omIt gil tInt1 Ill thu judco mutt ii del uu io ml
time tart until Jrlmu 3 nnd llusnllnd I Id II kits
there enriiMt bv iirolonteu fcoriiu totulie < niy t
Inn bin n daiieine aliout ami tum king U aJ
ibis ram uib polimned I h but Uin I Hinmpct
tilts bid not roeoveiou Iroiu theIr efloris tilt tlio
iuo > ioiis day nnd Ii my won hue i Uiii
lmtit heat in i Jld i At LJnnuo a tt
amieks later i 1ilrico Mlkcs tiofmu kId rihu
flono the llrst tlno tho noilt old leeland
II or had linen bmten In I u n tclnl mmmtmt elm Tlion 1
Jollowvii foiu i special fotitoith with 1atron I
nhen 1rlnie tiilicmt look BHeet rovutuge for hint
del nt In Ihb7 At letrnt tiltveimmtmd Phila
delphia und Naslmllo hum lowered the ennsn
llonul ntalllon8 colors with coniocnthf victo
rite In thoCleveland race Irlnoe likes trot
td the last half of I imo socotd heat In I Hi li I t >
to the close of ISbH i the horse had taken hunt itt
tuontyotio laces und bud lnoii hciteli but
throo times Jlns 1 Is an nnpreioilonloil rueord
among trottorf and entitles 1rlncu Ullkca to
hut cuubld tile nioaaroh of CIKHPIIJCIIOIB
It in mu strong Indication ol Mm crnvlni poem
nlnrily ol the inorlcun trotting hoi Sf1 Unit
lorolc ern are coniiliK lionS nail burlni up tIme
boot animals at long > rlcca Formerly tbo sea
nallonnl taluen were created br domestic nn
Lobs inch as htobort llonnor William II Van
derbllt Henry N h Smith Joseph hanker iiuci
pUi r mUU9ixftit9Jov r ct n w trailer
rice Itotaem Fall t Oadcnlinnc
About 4000 persons nttoniled the races at
Gtittcnbunr yesterday What ht first np
poared to bo a tcrrtblo accident oc
curred la time third race Jleton horses
wnro Bwcerlns past tho club hotifio In n bunch
nhen Vengeance crowdod by Harry Ilrown
fell and llloss nrciiudlA 1acardlero and
IJrndluirn foil over itimo locloy Tlmyer who
rode lllosB was seriously Injured Ills left
tar was Rplltopcn his side badly bruised nad
his left arm hurt At first the etcltsd throne
Irjfovoit that ho was klllp < l but tli doctor
KI lit that ho thought the jockey ions not fatally
Injured lime other ildeli fjiifrlcs Muloiie
nnd Iloilfltld cniicd uninjured bli races
tinn nm 1eMill lollow
Fitsi l lurr 1 ur > r t t fur maiden > sic l anil n half
hirlmifft timti lieu watt iliiui Ct iptnii < i and Molo t
cmliiiirl lime I n Mutuili iwlJlvti I4 jimul
ferunl liaee Iuran tcno iiHIInc allowanfra five
furlotu Ionia won ciiiUnnl < set cud nnl M > fl
nrntlllnl Tlrar I Miiliml all She fiur
hurl Tlsretnr tCO aflliinr allnrranci tine fur
Iflizf llrldBfl hfttM umi Inn llrall Mriiuil aimS
llarrv Hiown Uiliil tItus rtl Vtutunli IulJ titcu
A 5111mb u
Iumrml itore imune ttu fer sit ii OTIS untie
rarnnrie cm nn MlinlivlUnond otli Snhter thIrd Time
t 11 i Miitunmid l i I Li f 1 imll 4 itt l
111th lince Piri 5 to i nf iiliiiralli naiirfa Serb fun
Ion Irolir wi n Mitt Seelettu l flint len third lIthe
I it Pi utuitme l tai ju 4 sa i almS 5I I i v
Sloth f Caclume tfjui I i > liiiiir allnwancfi a vru
frngo l tunlo flrlauj liiiiuillatiir iccund lime
I El
The Xetv Orlcaim Race
Nrvv OiiirASR March 26 There was a good
truck for tudaye tore blat tartl lurlunn
Illnir Coral t vion ly a Imitli allfll icrnnil Jim
l > Ililril UtlllliK > iaiiiil insolence Tlo Slim Cot t
3 to I t
efcmd Re5tt lurlonci lelllnff leriena won
br a note Ctiern y irrnn I nawmi ttilrJ Time 1 ml IT
UtttlucAtaliihl Ktt vpena 0 10 3 llrfnty J lo I
111 lie lltn 4 to I Klrt > rnan T to 1 Mclimlinc 10 lo 1
Annawan 2lltd I Im cnl tnto li I Mcnofrat KOto I
Ijilnl 1 ItvriMiVfi mu Mini a luir tiirlcno handlrati
Tulir i non liv e tech llm VVIillanil lwnr and Me
Murtrrtllnl i i t I Inc I It l itetl thIn tiraliml Tudor liu I
j > lrMittlr IHlnl I tue eriott1i1 la I the olh ri II lo I
lontlli l celln T a inll lelllnc Pot tueeuty cc ou
IrMuion fciuiMl Miiniiriitr t I ihlrl I Time At MC
niilf H tliiir iiiitii IAI linljr 9 10 in imliictlc J
In I Moimeucr Ju 1 lsttmgtun it iS ti > I m Lllllo
Ua e lOlut I
Itrnprnlnc tile Krntnck > Hnnillrap
Iouisvntr March 2Glrc ldpnt Clark
of time Louisville Jockey Club has announced
tutU ho will icopeii time Kentucky handicap rn
tflc entries and a ° slcn Dew weights Ho
tukrs this course bei nuso in imikinc up his list
of entries and wclphts Kocrctnrr llnico ned
dentullj oiulttiit Ijjniont Macbeth ii Shier
Mood and loteen I he orrmr was not dls
oiied until Mr Haul Ins wrote to protest
iiealistth > ieaixtg Out Lit irmont and iotucii
without authority
No More Trottlnc ut llruion PierS lcrbu > n
liiisTov March 2CIt Is reported that tint
famous llencon lark is to bo torn uti atumi con
Mrted into buiMinc lots and that there will bo
no moro tiottiiii there Land speculators aro
endoaorincto get t control oftlio prorcity and
deorcn Illcks limo present Unsef of tile pink
bent tluey rosy stmemeed Itvotild cost met omutt
thousand dollars to repair tho feneiM and put
the Krand tmid in condition for ties and the
preeut o nor hbon 1 Jordan It Is paid Isnt
Hkoly to invest his money In that way
Itnelnit In IteCtaRd
hoscov March iGAt the Lincoln spring
mcetlnc today tho mien for the Krocklesby
Stakes of jOO Boxoroljn added to a sweep
stnkc of lf > pooreicusoach for twoyearolds
abnnt live furlongs wa won by a length by the
Duke ot 1ortlnnd bay filly Semolina Leopold
do liothkchlld bay colt Lactnutlus was eec
oml thrto lengths ahead ot Sit 11 Jnrdlns
ba > colt Salutation
A Itig TrottIng ststcli
rorfeil money wn posted In Jersey City
yesterday for a treat trotting match The
match is between Jlr 11 Mniphys Joie M
und 1 r 11 Hanleis Furniture lioy The dukeS
aie 110153 a lde thud 12111 limis already been put
in hue luaiils of U M Denton The trot cdli
take pluo nt W est > ld DrIving Funk April 21
Athletic Note
Tommy Ieo is the irrepressible
What club will cat Hercules Mitchell
A J Murburs will run wuarters this 5055cm
Ira lalid ot time Varnnu is promising young
ju inter
fcteinbarc of the Americans puts the shot well
for ayoiincster
Wlo wants to Black up acainst P Cnhills
mysterious right l
SIlent of tho Olympics will make his mark
as us high inmu mom
rime Iran go thlAtli > Club will hold a sparring
entertninment on April fl
U i J H belts ot tUne rrooklvn Athletic Club
iffMorj promMug hurdler
The Orion Howlntr amid Athletic Club Is going
to hulld u boat house on Newark lit
Wiillauui Ilalpln says that ho will train for
nothing but tho broid jump this year
Sam rook ot Williams Colfeize trill do the
record for tho standIng hlcli jump this tfcasou
Al Copelnnd of the Manhattans will try for
nil hurdle seconds on the llm favorable oppor
Collins the Sihurll ill Vary pole nultor was
in poor form at Unmet Ho should have won
liands duVMi
limo Ertuiatlvo Hoard of the la = tinie Athletic
riuli oili holt a mcotii c tomorrow nIght ut
limo chit Iuoimm
hilly Kenny ot limo Olympics is f the Tim Fell
mnom tlio imnleur sluggers He is a rusher
Irom liuhemlle
Sllvov of the OljmpIeB oanclit time houso by
his wonJernlls easy ttjlo ot toninus the bar
In tbo bight umi >
Pherninn of iule should have tackled Stokum
on Friday night They would havo had acloie
lull tin tIme slIver cuim
The open events of time National Cross Coun
try Asociatiun will bi hell under tlie rules ot
time Amateur Atlilotlc Union
Arthurhtono the container the NewJnrsBT
Athletic lubs croNi country teamepeit the
boys to make a good simuovitig
IJ leahoyof the 1ustlmo Athletic Hub Is I a
oloior tiny and can hold his own nlth any of
the amateurs around dothauu
Tint IlriKtiton Athletic Club of Brooslyn has
received great man entries for thu boxlnc
tournament to bo held Iu April
The maul run next Saturday night from the
New IeiHiy Athletic tiuilu < hoiifo at Itcrcon
Point piomistt to bc n tub MIC < CSB
IntCflhflltlionmateiir mtddlevvelcht chum
lion has deiidod tnrotlie for tlio Benson lie
ivlll not enter am moro contest this Sear
IJrown time winner time 125pound hpeelnl
medal In the I nlon championship fought at
15 1 pound Tbaiil jour clans Mr Hocnp
Hurry ilnmo > the popular Secretary of the
Initlnio thlitle tlnb stats that ho isiorol
inu many aptllcilioiii lor membuiahlii to Iho
The Kilns brothers from Connecticut won
the tup < ifvnr commit nt the rante tames
vIth t tlireo muon 1 lie atm imor chewed gut tiu and
vatiliil Limo Ii 1gb jinuiicri j <
time Ozmingo Athlntic lubrt club house If n
model ol god litsto and comloit All timmy
niid t ovv H i a llritclasx track vvhich will bo
laid thH stirluc by Jack McMnterB
llolnnd Molliipaurof hum ovv York Athletic
Club i hue t chain idem on tlm liorizontnl blurs can
hold 1 III own vulli miiiiy iitofitsilonnl I rorfoini
erH many of his lciii lifini very dilllcult lie
in crioo lund tact Itiolf on the bar
Cant Tommy Callottof tho Pntlmo Athletic
Clubs cromBtnmmntry runnort laud twenty men
out 1mm 9 hundny alien Ilyiiio JIcNilli
Ivllt i McLiinn Adelsclriif Jforlniri lloblusoii
and Marcus will niako a cood shoiviu on
April 27
Iuele illmmy Kennrrnn fonmler of neiles
trianlsinon t tlie 1acillc const tIled In I thnidiiis
hmino nt San innclfco nn MmeliSl Ho was
born In Now oil In IBIS nod claImed tobu
jima imnlgiumtI Aniuili nn pe < lo < trlan lie vvuido
featid for limo ilret liino by Ol pnrp > in IxM
Keiinornn ilnnrud thirty lonocutho liouii
with only ton mliiuiot ret t in his dOth year
All inUMiMinjr nintili lit linndlMll ionic
I pla o jesteidii at time Ihooll > n Hindbill I I
Court LotMoon John 3Ial olm and Patrick
Million Jlalcolm KIVO his opj > nnr > nt a handl I
OtmIl often ate iu each tamo Iho tcoro
uii lmi P l Ii
Maliouli Jl zi
lohn Emily Moppodlu and played Jlnlcolm
ivlnnloi liy thhscuro
lilili lrllr il 1 Jl m
Jolin Muttolin li i z I I
Iawlor attyc tue cnn tirocure backers to play
rotirtney for JJliil ml 1 rldo any time ho la ullllne
to iicceiit tho cballetiie
Trclxurrr IljulC Skill Hi IlllllunU
NoiTOAtK March 2Glimo Hon James V S
Hyatt Treasurer ot lti IlilieJ Matt > roams up from
tsasiinmgtnn i isO muuuduy in Mill hli mother aimS troth r
To day hem droIn lnt tiM Norwulk llnti rUjcU er
tnt games orllllllard ci flIt come 1 iuls oil rrnnlfn sal
mid mm any ilnnomnfil fulL Aflers ant lie nin td
p rfttnld ftol anal hurrrlkpd everjt dv bf rumiinir
sneer tail oil time ttbto HI one innlni It cosueotm t cent a
cue to play pool altliti rarncular club ana ai ilr luau
liaa ttn opfntiitf htiot ohm r wha were la the can
dropr tttr iiiontr in timetot ant > irhil him to au
to ymsylar r Ujati wh ruuro is WMblngga
flo ip lIxG
Itrely Work AmoilB the Men Who Koll
Ihir Wooilrn nail
The Ilitlcl anti Harmony bowling clnb
rolled tbolr first match on Monday ovenlnc nt
Turn Hall Unhtli street Brooklyn The score
Jtrt MuiU tlrtt AenrM
illO SSte dune CJm °
K I Klnclfen mmml l MliVVerlicli Ul lOt I
Uacitin 2IJ ll t t > iiiin Mil I 111 I
Helmmtclur Ml eMIietkei itt III
rn lid itO kmmitjrr Sv tu
Kuptter 10 i tI KM r itt Ie
tclimlilt IU t St ilettusiu HI 104
I Mlicken lid Itrjl itottis HJ HJ
lOiter IJ Cl Smelter IU 113
SiaUelmrxr Hx > lIUttlntr IjJ I
Tolali 1114 1C > 3 Total 1UJI llul
tmjilr VIr fim llmie frcureta Frank Kluclcn
aimS meorge kiicher
A match unino between the Bright Star nnd
Tlnn ISowltni clubd In ltiooU on Monday
tilclit resulted follows
BRIGHT tray I Ili
Vlllfi l MI J KunVe 10
hietnmrrman 1 ti vieninter iii
srhmllt 1 7 Ual HJ
Hunt 10 Well 114
llrll llx Kultcr 1117
Iolitn 117 HofTtr IU
trim I 144T kunkel 1X
I rite 111 Uucttl 14ii
tinniir i 17J lirrlc ill I 1
Mjijcr t J171 Ktlimn l A
Total 14J7J Total mumoi 1
The alleys In the Hftrlom Democratic Club
building on 125th street were crowded on Mon
day nlclit to seo the came between the lint lomni
and 1lxiniv howling club Tho 1hunix
jumped In the lead lit once and malntalneil It
throughout Altci the llrt tow frames It bo
remote not aqufhtlonni to who would win Omit
liv how mniu nlns the mieletuted club would be
beaten Tho Hnrlems made n splendId rally In
thotllcal frame but it uulled ilium nothing
Time scone
ruIiEcuz I
iStore E ii
Cowpenttuh mm mu u 21 i 1effert L a 4 4 lOlt
ieiiiig 4 0 2 1I tttcrsii 4 1 2
Plirelnunnus 2 5 3 1 4 Iiotmby 2 5 5 134
Etimc 4 mi t mlttlsrhtueiltr 4 ti 0
lule mm mm 4 1131 uitoIt 4 4 2 14
Slctmown 1 5 2 03 i ide 1 ii t iSO
Lelterts 2 0 Ii 4 iST Wiru 2 3 5 lW
Scott 3 2 2 174 llemmmer 0 t
7muiteri 1 4 1 100 Yotmu 4 I ti 147
tearac S a 4 154 Amudrews 3 ii S 1St
Total 33 41 < U17I Tolls J7 ys < J3 ISIS
iiii mitt 171 I4C1 rio sat IwO list 13H 1014 lr97
llarlcml n 075 Soot mist 7SO sal 11US I17J 13J1 1515
Implrrr II iTludtorcr VTeitLudi 8cor rnVV U
Curl nuJ F ba > r
Ibo Atalantn and Naseam Boil lubi rolled
tIme following camo on Monday night nt 101
N cst tytecoud ttreet
Norman TOWlion lit
MacLrun til ll ciUnx lusT
Conic 104
lalrftillil 141 J MUp llj
Allm IVIMlmar Ul
ColVn KULlrerniore 1J4
hatlurd ll Inhlirot 15ri
0 iii Oa4se i4S1Alvumrul
Barnei msTierow iirj
hobile IJVlurr 07
Total l MZ Total K4S
Atulanla 127 SM MS 4W liv ST9 821 1077 ISO Un
Na tau 123 ISi Ui > 4 5451 l 013 701 PJl mutt I ito UIH
CimupireJobti I MUter tmrorenth A McLeau and
Fred v timer
The Cosmopolitans ol ErooU n arid the Cos
morolitnns ci Now I orb bowled their leturn
game on tile nlky ot the hitter on Mondar
evening Jhe New York team took the lead
it the start and hold It to tIme iinisii wiuuine
hr 03 tilts Iho score
CotOrOLtlaSttnflOOit oseuoLuTatopswrnmtr
O 0 ii SmldI ° Ii it ccom
l ITani 4 i 2 it itoc 2 2 It t i
lidtlull I u mi Ito lctirumle mm i ii tio
hlulu a o 7 I iI trunulml ci 4 5 I lull
irule 2 l 7 117 tusrie mm 7 mm mat
ill I il 1 4 4 uS hVvdul I s I 124
Jtr rrairforJ tl 0 itS 0 0 lull
Iilch l i I 4m u lluimnniti 1 4 t m 41
K KV smut 1 4 5 1mm 0oethmm 2 7 lt
Maritiurt I 4 3 lul tienitey 2 4 4 141
1 rcniU t i it lOll tiClutilu 4 3 mm itt
Total Tl itt 45 14m4 Yolomi 41 04 iui
Brooklyn 117 2M 412 Mil 7IU B41 TO SlOt tOtE 1414
eturki 17o 3J JU f17 7154 tom l 1112 tommi U7I tOil
Ltnplre tarlou Tucker of Vanhuan 11 c hrorrrs
r it I v < cMratlrk ot viuuhiltiui U c Joliu A hlurtr
ot riu Kuitfiit H r I
llou line Note
A match between filondalo nnd Pin Knights
will bo tolled otl Nerfark axnueJuisey CIII
tomorrow ulirht
John UBdonhofl1 of IboKladilerndntsch if owl
Ing Club if Hiiililnc who nun thu dub medal
twice In Rucceselon was beaten at the Monday
nluht contest by Jacob Haubrll who scored 217
Iiolnts Uliu buduo has to be won three timua
In huccesalon Iu order to claim it
Prancisblteley Chulrmin liomiovillo Bowl
IncComulttcebnts that the roason that tho
Ilofevlllos did not caret to lucre a Jalina iimn
tmctipltn time camn on Monday nlKht was that
time Palnia men lund bet heMily on time Eliza
betlm and that it was not properlthat one of
their men should umpire the unme and that
tilts Lutttie whol trouble wits about
The united bowline clubs ot this city on
Sunday Int hid a trim bowllnt match con
slstlnc of seven clubs > nt t illiallu Hall on
Urclinrd fitrect It I wn n htertm i tilt uuni1 Tim
llrtt prle n cold mcdnl was won by the
UrelinnJ Itoullnc Club with a eoioof TSIIJ thin
fecoud a silver tumtu set was Wun by thn Jumbo
Ilub ivltti a start m f 73 nnd ihe third prIze a
hllxtr fruit dhtIt was von by the Fidielia lilt
with n score ol 7ii4 hue bulb iduimil piie a
golttio mud cml iiinbroiln was to oii by i x Kippel i
of the KiikolliC lob nith n score ot llij
Tile eighth millet ttlm of the t Now ler oy Athletic
riubfi bowling tournament 1 series woo ion uI
ed on Baturdiir nvealnu on the nlli > M of the
Jn Ion rut to House ntlei cn Point Hcnr > T
V nrd emerged u winner bymakliiKnn I msrjuo
score of 172 Thin beet nAornuo ccnres mnuo by
other compotilorH Here Moritm K Crnlt I hUll
lihcph L ounc Ii7 rjiuiiid O I Ioikivood
117 Mlllam ii Vonrhoo Jr 1 12J Tho con
chilling niateli of the tourney will 1m roiled
neat Friday uusnimmg Uho matches IliayIui to
utile hnva been won us follow Pduard L 1
redcnlmritli three JIdwnrd O Iloikwood
lloreui U rail Jo eph P Vouuc Hem > M
Iopham und Homy T ard ono each
A team composed ot men ilving In Hallnday
Ftifbi i UiM I > i itS trIll pla > n camo uith a
tram of men Ih Inu In Vnn Homo xtrvct Jurbcy
Iity for jji u hklu tomorrow zilch
2l1z 10UTJ141L PLA YEllS
Vlinncrx In Collczc Pootliall fate
BOSTON March 2G Under time now rules
that arc beinc prepared to corarnall Intercol
lesiato football contests time two leadlne toamn
will not have to play in New York The new
rule 4 provides that a touchdown can bo made
bycnrrylncorkicklnc the ball In coal or
touch in coal Ilia referee and umpire are
to bo provided with whistles In order to flop
play when n foul hits been made or for any
other rcntou to bo determined according to the
rules by the rofcreo or umpire Kule 16 has
been so amended that a man may have a try at
coal If ne makes a touch down simultaneously
with him termination of time Other rules
are chanced to road
hole 10 Time will ti taken out from the moment a
touch down 1 > made until lie tall is put Iu lilly agaIn la
tie f litre or tmc Held III CUB the KulIfU missed then j
tlrnat is i rfnulucil ImtilPdUttlr alter tie tailors The
man who Uolda tlie ball durlu the try fur coal QUIT b V
off site
lnl u7 A player vlll tie lltqnaimtd for liacklrfc
trlklnr wIth clotS tier or tiiuiPCfwarTt rongtineaa
I orlulf ntlonal ticklIng below the kneen litittlbir trip cj
ping anil itirottllnff utie nttifr aide ireta twcnu tlT
iurlm < ru free kicL II tom emily five yermte would carry
tie ball oier the Un ° then luur the illitance from the
tiara tt hcu 5 the oil play oicurreil ti > time goal uu iriU
be fcnntetl
itim hull s etc nIt
It is 1 rropopod to Incorporate the Now Jersey
State Football hcaiTiio i
Tint camo between the Almas Newark and
tills Paturbon llauuerN ut th Shootinc Park
ended In a tie both < > lub scoriae two goals
Frank Hritchfoid the dasbinc halfback
playerot the Alma team received itt bad rae
lure to his lee In tho catno wIth Pateraon Ha
vu iouvo > fd to tho I ily hospital and It Is
feared hum will bo unable to play again thin
benson > I
Tlo Hudson County IoverB lucre been croat
ly btrenetbcned b > tim addition Jnmos turn
Icy a half buck and Ldvviird Tuvvnloy forward
rush Th co nun uvere formerly niambors of
thohcotlnB 01 Kdiubuncli and arrived iuJcraer
City a teelz ago
rlirrllnc Note
Time 1ouiiitnri Cjelinc Club will hold its an
tnial election on April 1
Y Mutur is n candidate for the captaincy of
the llrookljn Jlloclu lub
Tbo annual olectlon of ofllcore of time Brook
lyn llloclo Club vvll tiiku jlaco at tholrAprll
The lolusCjihncClub of Chlcaco will give
n recei tloii at time Columbia Academy on 7
JIurch JU
rank 1 norland tim vvflllnnwn racer In a
cuimiiiuhtute lot eoln bearer In time lirookljn 11
cyciut lub
Tho AssocIated Cycllnc Clubs of Philadel
timia mine thlnklni of uettluu up an Iutorclut
run for Ju < oration la >
It in aid hind Irvine HaUtoad time welt
kn ovum roth nmn ot f the i llnrluin I I ihiuycbo Club
will remain at Iwniui Im i 1 1 porruanontly
Iheto IB comic tall of thus Itrooklyn wheel
miii ornilic a JVui Koid Itiiclni AaBocln
Hon such as the Amutu JiTioj wlieolmeu have
1 ho Cyclists Inlnn of Ione Inland lIre try
ing tn liavn the Jrkll path on tbo Cone
IhHiid bouluvard mamdamlud fur time mists of
wheelmen 4
Mr I Print of tin New York Bicycle Club
ias lieen uppilnttil ofllclal handlcncpor ot
ew urU and New lerh y hf Mr C I llavoU
Ihalrman I lie t I ai lnc Hoard
ihttt Atlnnn whoelnion of Newark hare
ntindlliat I tbolr prison iiuartcrn are loads
inaii for thuour Inrtolj Iticroiiblni moinbordhlp
io iuabo unuiCd now rluh rooms in Clark
street into which time will movu uu May 1
The eon lnimnmus pool tournnment nt the Elis
abeth Atit otto I lull owing lo tile nicety of ton
uiljutiiiont ol th i linndieapa la prov Inc a very
clout 1tnimguoii urlln ldoon CI I Leeds Cad
ullndei IJavoj ami V Dlmoilc lire all a tie
fan llrt pin a with four iramcH vou each and
loilefi ais
The Best Remedy
FOR Sore Syen Cancerous tlttinors
1 Prurlgo and other rannlfoMntlom
of depraved blood U Ayers Snrsnpn
rllla Used prrxlstently according to
directions It effectually eradicates nil
trace of disease and restores tlio suf
ferer to anouud and hcftlthv condltloti
411 i hcrehr certify tint 1 liu e used
Ayero Sursupnrllla with cxotdlriit mono
iesj for u iiuirrroiH humor or at it
in nied to Itiiaiueroninyllii I Slmrtlr
alter titling this ntimtmih Ibo sum hrnlcil
1 bellrxo tlmt the dlsciiso Is entirely
Hired anil < omldrr Aers Sarsiparill1
to t In niiinfallllilr I I rilnedy for all UlniU
ot rruptiotis en ito ed In Impure t blood
I Inirln G Urulelg Vuiu Minn
I Tor year my lilontl was In nn tin
liralth tmiditlon After liavltij tried
itlicr medicines Ittiont sticr < ss I have
lutily I tnkfii AVITM Smsuparllla nnd
H Ith the belt rtstiltn 1 think this nipd
liine Is the t m l1l Ii Iotnlimitrl liar tlmt can
bftbiolntelx relied upum MrsOllvrr
alfiitliu 144 Qltliuy St Urouklvu
New Vork
A tiplchlior ot our who wan rendered
nrnrlv blyid triiin scroftlbi YUH entlrelv
riind by usinj threo bottles of Ayer
Sutr5uiltrhiliStiiIiIells Jt lust Drug
gtots Bail Play Teuti
For several yearn afflicted with dis
orders ot the hloinl I hne received
inure benefIt Irom the use of
Ayers Sar
anarlllathan from all other medicines
B Rico 140 Endlrott St Boston Mmee
Uadt by Dr J C Ajer It Co Lowell Nazi
Taken in Season j
Ayers Sarsnpnrlllft arrcnU blood
olionliiR before lt > crTadcs tuosystenu
iotut delay till the forces or nature am
exhausted and tber
it nothing to work
l on Begin nt one 1
time uo ot this modi
cine and be BUI
you take no other d
to counteract Iu
1 Ajors Sanapv
ttllln cured me of
bad ease of blood
jioisnnlnK and re
stoned me to health
lily system WM
Fiiturated with o
Voiton which ftll o >
dinar remedies fuilul to reach but
Ayera Sarnniarlllu did the work com
idutclv This VH twentyone yean
ego ami no Hjtnptomq or ths dlieans
IIUMI lncu npjKiin il t Imvn recant
incudrd tbii woiulcrfnl medicine to
hundred of people slmilnrlr alUlcted
nail ulvriivH vvlth time luo t Hatfofactorr
rtusttitutA II Christy Uourbon lea
ii rot many years I win troubled with
FCroftilotiK complnlnU Hoarlnp Ayer
Sarsapiirllla very highly recommended
1 ilecidfd to try It nnd have done ao
with tho nioitprntifiiiic efttcts I un
convinced that Ajei s aar
U the best pimlblo blooilmcdlclne
John Vf Starr Laronlu Jnd
Price 1 tlx hot tit i 55 Worth S abotU
T imoit wonderful effects In OAK MAI1OC1A
NY limit aad WALNUT SpecieS t >
tuition 15 called to our new IIININO CHAIR M
Antique Oak and Imitation Vahorany teat end back
uDholttrrcit In Icatber wllli tnt neil FOIL 8SO
05 LIBCrTO sr 25 couny ST
mirw vong jtmtooictyze
cAItrti paId miii I OSSh s1oooo
Sturpi thee ill I MSM
hal boned I0COc1 at 4 44 stul C per omit itac
Jan 1 tOO >
1iitcliajeri or neil eitMt nho hart thtlr ttiUi rr
stained stud Kiiarautted by l the company can at the
Irocure through U loans to complete tticlr purchaica
S 5
Stephen V mc ne h Klci rl Jccraham
Ceo r Denmnreet
lakes the Weak Strong I
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