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rni SRNATtc si rvfs ortsn Tiinrn
nouns on IIAISTKAI > < X
Eritrtm Teller nnd Fr lakt > Hlronn
Hpeiecheii AicnlnaHonflrmitllonThe Vote
Poilponcd LfnUI Todtty Hi 1b Iteqtieat
or John Whnrmrm Th Tno Kentucky
Henntor Influenced liy IIB Apiienlii of
V tter on Not la Oppnuo Conarmntlnn
Olhcr R > publlenn Hrnnlnri Kxprclcil to
Vote AK l t H lneudlloi lobn Nlier
m n Oblnlncd a Favninhley Keport on thn
NomlnftOnnA Ht Iniilx Luwyrr Nnme4
the Litte Jufltlcc AtnttbewMHHuceestor
WABIIINOIOX Mnrcli 29 Tlio Knnnto of
tho United Btateswin occupied for three hour
and a half today in the discussion of porsonnl
journalism pemllnetho conllrmntlonof IMItor
ITnlatoad M Minister to Deri In No action was
taken upon hl nomination becauio Mr Sher
man who wants to oloso tho debate wan not
feeline well and naked that a vote bo deferred
until tomorrow 1erhrtimthe ono day of crnco
cranted Mr Halstead Is duo somewhat to tho
ppoaranco of the chaplain this niornlns to
cpeu the Eonnto with prnjer Ho ns detained
br a funeral yestenlay nnd did not arrive In
time BO thnt tho divine blessing was tiot In
voked for tho prococtllngn of that tiny Mr
Bhorrann mmlo the IIrat epcech nnd It wns
Tery short Ho Bald that ho hoped the Ken
atom who had objected to Mr llalstoada con
firmation would acres with him that words
written In the heat of pnuslon should not bo
permitted to rest acalnat n rann of such
worthy charactornnd usefulness In tho party
Mr bpooner followod Mr Sherman and fioko
t loncth In tho BIIIUO olu tnklns tbo
Bround that hiwyora In court often said tlilncs
bout ono another thnt nero to bo tnkcn In a
Pickwickian soiifo Iollllcnl opponents did tbo
gatno thine ou tho htumo Senators nnd Itepre
eentatlvoi In Consrc s hnd thoir tilts In do
bates and used Innutiafo yhlih nns often of
fensho but not intended so and that eilitors
Who did tho snrno thine oimlit to bo fornlvou
for it Ho had received nn much newspaper
nbuse as anybody of bis ngo and oxporlonco
but ho hnd always kept up hla frlondBblp with
thomon and bad noior folt thut he should
cherish any resentment Ho thought Mr llnl
steads courso bad boon Imprudent that ho
had used lancunco that was unjustified that
by disappointments lio hrii Umn provoked into
making attacks thnt ho elncorelyrecrettod but
It wus hardly fair after this lapse of time to
hold him to account anduuulftli him so severely
a Tvaa proposod
Then Mr Lxorts took tho fli or nnd made
what tho Senators say was a very funny speech
In which bo recounted the comments thut had
Men made upon him In tho nonm iirmre from
time to time particularly by Air Halxtoud Ho
Bcoke In a jocular mood ut llrst but nftetward
Docnmo serious nnd en Id that while he did not
object to fair nnd honorable criticism he
thoucht the tlmo had come to assort the < lic
fclty of tho renato and rebuke that class of
edltorx who took tho liberty behind tho uiiony
Jnoufl editorial page to assnult tho honnr and
tbe motives ol men nho mlcht differ with them
ID opinion
Mr Hoar dofondod Mr Hnlstead and relvod
tho history of tho Pa > nocao he hiulne niftiio
tho report from tho Committee on 1rUileco
and Elections which reoommendod tho lorlott
xireof the peatof the junior meinbor from
Ohio This brouitht Jlr Payne to his feet Ho
Is Bufforlne fromnsovcro cold nnd although
his volco is nt times Btionc onouKli to reach
the corners of the clinuibor his words wore
hurdly audlblo todiy und ho uttered them
with great olTort and apparent pain Ho nld
that ha bud been a candidate for tbe honatu
o aln thlswlab nnd that ho had been elected
Without any effort on his own pirt an thu can
didate of bis party No sooner had his election
been announced than Mr Ualstead turoucn tha
Cbntmrrcml tloirUr bcean a series of aliacks
Upon him and his friends which were not only
unjust but oulraBBOUH Them was no Inten
i i tion on tbe part of tho Legislature of Ohio to
Question the title to his neat until tbo liopubll
rl can members of that bodvtind been dmcooued
Into dolne no by Mr Hnlstead Tho licht
against him was riot made byiht llepubllcmiM
of the btato but by Mr Ilalsteiul pursonallr
because ot newspaper rivalry ThoClnilnuat
Eniuirrr and Commercial Umrtte had been at
war for somo time nnd a tbo ttiywrer favored
bis election the Cammtrnal foueht tbnt paper
oier bis shoulders The Senators sratheied
around tbe venerable gentleman from Ohio and
listened ro his remarks vhlch were si > okeii m
a conversational manner and made a maraud
Mr Teller then spoiconcaln and brought in
Several files of the OuntnifrciaiUatrttr which
hud not bean quoted from before It appeared
that be had been Industriously searching them
for evidence to show that the nttack upon tho
Senate In the Iaynecnqawa nol nn exception
bnt that It was Mr Hnlsicmds habit to speak
his mind more freely about public men tbnn
circumstances justified Ho lead homo ot Ins
attacks upon Oen Gram aud upon Jllaine
Uarfieldand other men which he saidshowed
n doeieo of imprudeme and lack of discretion
that unfitted Mr llalntend to hold nny dlplo
mntlc petition He had not only blnckcuanled
member of the Beunto luit had shown him
self Incapable of bolim fair nr decent In his
treatment of his nnponont4 mid va > not the
riKliWliil of a man to entrust with the dellcato
cjutim incumbent upon tho Minister to ULT
When Mr Toiler concluded Mr Fhorman
orofo and ttikod nn adjournment Tho lt < >
TJiibliinns who uoopposed to Mr ifalstead In
Mated upon a vote but when Mr Sherman 110
pealed to them for a postponement on thu
ground thai Im wa < nut feellnc well they con
tented to let tlmciiso Koovurtill tomonow
Mr niitterhon has been uslnc ncood many
telecraph blanks tudny and lias kopt tho
wires between Joiiliv llio nnd Washington hot
wllb m iiri s to Democratic benators and
people In Wnhlnutnn who uro thought to hiva
influence wltli them urdnc Jlr UnMciili
rniillrinatlnn lin succeeded In persuaillnu
Jlr Jtlnckburn to tukn un n iloloneu of Ins
friend but drove Mr lieck fiom tho Sonuto
chamber The laltnr it Is unld will not
voto aKalmt Hnttuad but ulll not yoto
for him Senators Knsils ilnsun Veil
JinrrlH nnd other who have icceived
messaues Irnm Mr Wnttorson have thrown
themiu tin waste basket and no cither person
eieept Ulmkbnnv nnd IJeck npiw > Hr to Imvo
been ntTected cept Mr Call nf Jrlorlcla wlio
is on tha feniO Mr Iustls will innke afwech
aeKlnn Hamtend tomorrow and Mr llarrm
and Mr riortiui will end iivor to solidify tho
rants FO thiitltalstiMd will notcct nny moia
Totes On tln > Itipiibllcnn side tho iomo im > n
who voted aciliit KalKload yt turday will tlo
co again tomorow ind It Is said thut two or
three others who were absent when tlio tlrst
vole wus taken will jcdn tho oppoltlor Vno
they nro cannot be leirn il us theio iippoirs to
bo ft certain define ol torrnrlm oNjbtinu ori
theltopubllean sldoit fear thnt the ar lion In
the llalsteud catn may u licet tbo ctiiidlni nt
the pentlomen who voto ocalnbt him at tho
White House
Tho manner In which Mr Sherman rushed
thonnmoof MrHnlsteuJ throuuh tho Commit
toe on Foreign Itclutlons has placed that iron
tletnnii In averynwkwnrd po Itloii Tbo Sen
ate of tho United hlntoH In tho mo > tcin orra >
tire body In the world and reiiort Is ritioly
taken to snap judgment The or nal vlhles
of Uonatorti imrtlcnlnrly Interested In any
Dieaauroornominitlnn aro aKwus ulvon thu
areatestconsldoratlOD and lor tlme ruasnns
tb8 action of Senator SlicTniun In tiiklni ad
vantORa ol the ubkenee of henator Iunie
a memberof tlio torolun AfTuIrs Cnnimlttc < i <
tomakn afavotnbln runott on Mr lluisieiidi
npinlnntlon 1 nil thu nioio corhpiciious Mr
BalBtcads cuino nus Knt to tho ronnte on
Wednesday Thurndiy wis not thu uKiilar
meetlncday of th ommltteu but Mr hlior
mini had ampin tlma In tonil nmlcex tu thu
members if liedesliod a mcctinc of thctnni
mltteo on thnt day No notices vmo tent nnd
no meotlnc was called In tho mornliif but a
report wna handed around for members of tlin
commltteo to slcn heimtor Inyne wits tint In
Ills heat It had been vctonhelv ndvet
tU d tbnt he would r > ppcmu Mr Hal
steads nomination on peronnl cnuinils of
tbe lilcbeht prlvlleKii urid Mr Hlirrman
aid not Intend to take nny risks by waltlntr fur
His return Tho Invorubln lepnrt luceirod the
signatures of Hcnatorri Frye lalnh and Hher
inan Mr Iustls reluspil tojolninnny roport
ndsald thut ho wns opposod to tho nomina
tion biit would not antagonize a report The
Commltteo on 1 nrcicn AlTnlri consists of nine
memberB five of whom uro n nuorum for tho
11 an nation of tiuslnpss Mr hhermiin In bis
nniletytortHtiMr Halsteadn name throtiirli
took the liberty n maklcs n lavorabln
report slcneil by throw meinherH and
then raovo its adoption vrhllo Mr 1nynti
tbe most interested moail ur ol tho Henate was
abiant from that body detained by sickness
no notice belnir clven him ot the contemplated
action Inract Mr 1nynn did not know tbnt
ItrHnlslendsniimo had been voted on until he
read or bis rejection Inthe pnporthanext morn
inn H went Immediately r > Senator Hher
man and demanded an explanation which that
eentlemnn was ijnahlo t uhn witlHfacloilly
It IH understood that Mr 1iunon di > BlrMo illh
imgeol thn case promiitly wiw the cnly thine
Uiat provented his inovlni an Inquiry In tli
Benato upon tho methods adopted by bin c
leasue In tecurlno a favorable repor from tha
Senator rarwell gays that he did not voto
aRAlnstMr Halatead for the reason that Hal
stead was his frlund and whether be was his
friend nr not ho should have voted forblm for
twits his Xl y to vole Tor the confirmation
of all of HatrUono nominations tood bad or
All nf thaOenrcIn Iepublicans now In tho
our nave wilted laopeUUcu tor tbe appoint
rnnntof Judcd Emory flpoflrol that Slate us
Justice of tho Supreme Court
The Trosldont nt the followlns nomina
tion for the diplomats ecnlce to the Bonat
PotKrl AiUmaJrcr fnnijlTHill lobe Ulnlitr to
Lanilnt n Mlrrer of Oallfornl to li Ulnlittr ta tht
Ctntral Xmrrlmn siatet
tiluni UDiruifiiKiC tltorila lob Ulnller te Vtnt
William o Hradltr of Kentnrty t tw Mlnliter JUI
ucnt anil omul Itneral to Curen
Wllllnm I HiTiicot was born In Tonnon ee
but afterward itmoved to Ooorsln He has
hail cnn ldernblo diperlf ne In dliom cy hnv
IIIK bonn appolntod Cunfiil at Canton Chlnn In
JSSO fiom whleh t0 the was promoted to be
MlnlBtprtollnitnta In 1HS1 Sir HiruuBS held
this ofllrn until rolloied by tbo Inst Democratic
Mr lanlni II Mlner U a welltodo rctl
dont of Ileneola Cal He la un exlenxlvn land
onner In that ilncn and It reputed to Imvo nc
Ctimulntod u fortune throimh InMntiuentRln
real estatii wlileh enhanced In aluo with the
Krowth of Snip rrnnclnco
llnbort Aitnms It n wuiilthr resident of rtdln
dolnhlii Hii n crnduatenf the InlverHltvof
IenrHsUanln an evSlatticfinator n niomber
of tbo noiiiriiora staff nnd nt the Philadelphia
City Tioop He lin rover hold any public
office Bxcept that of State Senator
William O Uradfiiy U n prominent Southern
ltot > ubllr > an Dnrlnir tho ivni ho wns a Union
man tlo ha boon thn candidate of tbn Ken
tucky IliipubllcniiH for Governor nnd Inlted
Mules Senator nnd made it Rood nice nsiilnut
< lov lltiiknor for the torm r place At the
Chlcnuo Coiiventlon hentucky uited him for
nail he tocolvud n number of
oto from Southern dnlnunto Ho Is n linn
lunver with n lareeiind Itterallrn prnetlco It
Nfnild thnt lin will not niropt tho otllcn and
that be Informed tho IreHlilxnt that bodld not
dustre nny nppolntment whatever
Tho Tresldont also sent In tho following
li nrtre M I Mtfiiftn to be Collector of Cufttotna for th
I itrlrtnf HelfAft ve
Iliurira linryiriliman lowndet of Miryland lobe
on m tnn furieuii In thft avy
ilMir u t ttdiiil er i > t KNniaa to Le Klrt AMlitant secre
tary of the Inirrlnr
iieorce I shmiti HI > liivrrnor and EdwnrdJ Curtl
to hf ciTtt iryr IUhi
UcoliX AiiiulniutKaniil in b lerelrr nf riibllc
Muiiej tndJucnli i Km in rl nf > elir k lotie lleKlt
ler nr thf 1 amlOlnce at KltiB H Ker MMJH station In
dian Terrlturj
Cllnl lliitcniititclnrlean Voijilrli Flret Infautry
to tie r nt I liMiienint
Mm linriftl in h tnlieil Attorney or tht
Aortheni Pltnrt of iiMirir K
UIIIIAM s in tin tot I tiled Slolf Marehilfor tnt
KAftirn lllllrtct if lelllirrlce
Mr Shotip th notnlneo for Ooerror of
Idaho N ono nt the oldest and best Known
residents of that Jcnltmy Ho In it I art a
cattio dealer the on ne r of poventl ceneinl
inercbiiiiillso tnrc < i nticl aw i runs ono nr more
stnuo lluc4 He Is n itmti of
ml Hi
ficorce Chandler nominated to b
AsKtalit Kecrolai of the Jnlprlor Is about 4S
xeurs of ajn and has been u resident ofKHtisai >
y years Ho IH at prevent rudm of
Court comprising thu ehuiilt nbout
neiKinilonco bis inc Ho vas supported
bv tbo Kansas Somitom nnd Unpro otitni Ues
M r Sion A Darnel I iioinlimieil a United Stales
Attorney for tliu Nurthurn ll trlctof UeoruliL
wns formerly Attorney for thn Southern 1JH
trlitof thnt Mnti Hn win reRommundcd by
lawyers nnil cit bens of tho State nswoll an by
BiMenil t nlted states Court ludiro beforo
whimho has practlpd Mr Kdirar Anclorof
Atluntn who was his most formidable eonipetl
tor tor tho place wim toduv uppiilnted his
chief anciitimt by AttdrneyOeneiul Mlllut
Mr Silllaru S Tiitonnnmlnateil tob > Mar
ohal for the Iitstnrn li irl < t of Tennessee Is
thneilltorof thoCle etnnd TonnlVnnnA and
wax recommended for tho ofllce by tho threo I
lliipubllcan Concr < xmnen fiom that St te Mr i
Vm M Mxon tho Incumbent wns remoed i
on the Kmund that he mmle unjustifiable nno
of tils offliiiil position in tborocent Iroslden
tial carapulca
The Evnato hag confirmed the following nom
laine o Churchill to te Furreyor ot Cuitomaat the
port rf bt LotitH
Churle > h Monleltli tote Areul At the Nrc Ttrct
Aliency Idho
reonil Unit William t Slercer to bo First Llguten
ant of the 1 lirhth Infantry
rotmn6tPraJnhn I ratrlrk Clarlnn lx W Lee
Hrainl Milrm a John uinivinbj Mar Harbor Me i
llobert A 1AiiL > alt l > ur < n IL PHII M Jnncn ScrAti
ton lalnliii M Kua r Ilupe Arlc torra llndil
BuEeuiiiii Vlnnti Jaine M Muore Ancnnila Mont
John 1 > linkup TAcnma W t Ofrroa N BrrvIM
Knnitis nt K4n Climter A llcox Unlncv II
Ullltamll VVeVnier rre o tav ler mUh 1 Knilnn
Warren Minn Jilin II r ch iiMtli jiHity Minn
Aliraui W lmifln flatlBburili V V die K INatunulld
Kice Lake Wla
Thoro wni no apparent diminution in the
number of tho Presidents callers this mora
ine Amonc thorn woro Secretaries Blnlno and
Tracy Senators Morrill Manderfon Halo
Jro UilMJii IJnvls HlBBinn Allison Ilutler
Fnrwoll iustK Waltlmll Stockbrldco nnd
McMillun ItoprosontHthtis Stlseis Matthews
Laldbiw ienr Dln loy JJnlllvor Uruwn
Cheadlo Mflomns Ktiibey Colemim Cogs
well Uannull illliims Milllken lmd and
lluttcrnortli Gen Tynor Mr Chas t Coon
Itenroentativn Henderson of Iowa with Dr
J V Kltpiitrick exSenator McIJonuld and
A a Dawes til Sew Vork Mr H 0 Kress nnd
Mr Isaac Vim Sclmlk of NMsconxln MeAsrii
Soars 1arkcr and Vormlllli < n of lidinnn if
Iatson nf Ohio Oen lamtts It Ollelrne of
New Vurk Col M HbnuLhne y of Itah Major
J P Uelanoyof llarnslmrc and ItotireKentn
tivo 1ariiuhar with U H < itmnn W W Imter
amiottierK of lluiTalo In the Intercut of Mr
Outmuu for Colloctur of the 1ort of Uuffalo
Tho rotniasterGonprnl bns nppolnted tha
followlnc fourthclass Pustmastens
llQrrv Klder hjBt > or ak Conn enrffe II Cooler
Moiitouriii IOIHI II W llurlielt Atlieim Me I f
H liy urnrik Me 1 I D VK Caitlt e Me vtn W
HuJtiloti > etitre Me T t ivahea < n r < eBton Me E
II Sirkeron > HLtllti > Ml Win 1 Mierer l nMHI
llirbMr Me j V K Hlch Irrmont Me < W Urjant
Ve 1arl e rnk rtrciiH Weeks MIla Me 1 J
Inmlimii VI IlivrporL Mi ni II Munp n Ir en
bilu M w II ll Thayer Illinlale JAF Vim f
Mirtlt ilfrriii pcri lla f II llro n Sorlb <
Irlca > lm iii H II o Wlllei houth yi Iney Masa
luv 11 llarn n Oxford X J U M clcli lUroillno V
Johniur Mount mile S V Frank Klruv Sanaa
N V 1 II Keinu Semtinrntllle A A A K lUtcaik
Icterntiiirirh > Y lolm Kunt Woierllut Ientr V
1 K rirre Klarklick MaUoii Pa J A riennlken
llradfiiu Ta l V Punlap Corn Illand fa Mr
1 in u lanili Iounry In Wra t Iniicliman Pry
Iuli Ta > antuel Iry Kaul Ilarorer P K A Nno
llnp I hntnn IA I nit iArrir 1 I lurenc Ii T i
M iJnlro Kurt Lonlnii II h Mnlth Uft toirn ri
K II Joneit I ir yilo Pa T M nulitli I am iltf rn
r > i Miirrm Moytr Mlaiuch Pa tf > i > IliAlener Me
fiiaiidi Vil 1a UN il llntlir < lrl > unl > v la
hjrru < I KiiifcleT urrstnnti Ia Jucnt > hel hamer Hut
lur fa Viin P > r < ih < n M IhiinjAf Ia ilri Ann
M iiliin KotlAlnl Ia K f Milvly Miadv ilroe
ii > > vvtit r Iruiiinn lucI Ia Trumii li tihlnirir
hitlnnir1 I itily Id U I lluiniftun fliree hiring
Ia h > Vewion Lnper ktraiviirir Ia Mr Mar M
IMtt Whlely Ilt VI liutlnliler > eir Kane M
Jlrn Naniy niorkvell W MI Hrattleburo t
Secretary T cy 1ni llnnlly ncted upon tho
nplllLiitlon of the Columbiin Iron Wor H of
llaltlinoiH for nn extension of tlmo for com
pbllrm tliulr eontnict for the rnimtruetlun f
tho ciinbuai Ictiol F yhiicli au extension iho
contractors would bo iolinil Inimrt of Tir
tiluir ia tlin < loMTiuii nt fruni the delay In
ioniiutlni the vet ul Thi > appliiittlon fur
Kilhl wns retired lo n Hoard cominMd ut
Chief Comtiuitnr Mlaun JnglixorlnChtuf
MelvdlH iiml Catit Hnwlson Chief or tliobtool
In pcitlon lidiiid Thn Kuiiul rep irtt < d thut
tin iioiiljln between tin ci iitniitorn and tho
mntiufiicluruis of materlnis arlblnc from
nnadolhery nf uleil uccordlim to or
ders i > a tha ilikf < nnsu of dl ty
In eniiuilittini the Petrel but that
tin Govoi niiienl WIIR luit roHinnhlblu for such
< luliu null In Inaiiiiicnco II o lloanl WIIK nm
jolled tu ncorninunil that no i < teiifd > n of time
ho niailc in tills leport tpcrctmy TiMcy cnn
cum loii IHK tl nt while it apivan that the
cnntriilors liilthfiillv cndruxorud to omnly
with llo turnui ol thoir eontrictnnd Unit tho
dilaysMop iai O1 by liiliiirot on thn part of
in u n u fuel u re rnof material and Hint tho liov
eminent had kiuT r < l no pecuniary Inss yet an
llm itola mis not tin rMilt 01 nny net nf Ilin
iinurninint lln ulllours or iiuentn nu dlxcie
UDII or auth > rl y l UIt with tuo ilepartment In
crint the extension 1owor to Kraut the tellef
iifkcd for iriiH with Ci nuroHsidoiie and ihitt
hody cnii chi duo ciinilileMitloii nnd weluht to
siicli ouulliVi iibtUu cuutiattuD limy Imvo lo
lay buforo it
InterPtnto Commcroo Cniiinilssionor Aldnce
F Vall > oi today plnnd hU refilcnullon In thn
hainisof the 1ieldcnt to ln o elTect i n April
1 Hn lll liiui Wimliirmtnli for Chicago niXt
fisi to aihuimi Ids now nul as Chairman of
tliii KNCiiitlio llnanl of tho Intcrhtitte Com
merce llntiway Ahum litilmi it is not nec H
fcary that it iiuwniitiiiinliuent bo made ut oueo
In Cnniralhsloiior Widkeis iilaco as tho law
proldiS thnt no vneiuiny in tbu Cuiiinilinlon
shall Impair Ihu rlulitof lliiOieninlnini Coni
to uioiclat nil tho powers of thu
flen lltttchollerof New Vork who SUCCPOIB
Oov Thoinpson nn As litant Hwintiiry of tho
Treasury fma ariixo 1 In NiinlnKtou and was
nt the diipnitiient Uidiiy Hn nlll aseumohld
now dutks on Jliiulny mornlni
Secretary AVIndom lodny dlrcted the ac
cortanco of the 1irst Irehhyterlan Church
proiwtyns Urn situ for thn new public building
at IIiifTalo This rovnrKes tho action ol the
prnvfoun Admlnlstrntion wbloli selected tbo
lrauch Church proj eriy for Iho purpose
A statement prepared In tho Internal Ile enuo
Uuroiiu ihowh tlmt tho production of oleomar
cntlno from July I IHtM o J > ea Ml KtS8 wus
lnrJ7Ji7 rounds bulnc n docidid Increase
over that of the prnuidliiu six montlm Jt Is
estlniuted at the bureau that If tho prenent rate
of production s maintained tho amount madn
diirlni thn flxctl year aJlrc Juno l < > next will
reach 4iS nOOOOO ixtundx Jne production for
tho Imt llsrul ye r was 313 5327 The Ilrm of
Armour A Cn of Chlcaco niako nbout onesixth
of thnnloomaruarino produioil In this country
Tho total inodiiitlonof dlalllled splrlla In the
United Htuton from July 1 IHSij to Jnn 11 18
wax liTISJi tuxnble trallnnH holoc Ibe
laicest pri > duitlon lor a similar period In nny
day appolnteU A U Eileen
of Faretterllle Ark George D Hobln onof
Chi co pec Mil and J Otis Humphrey of
Bprinflnld III as a Com minion tonccollMe
with tho Olicrolcea and other Indians for the
oeiilon to the United Hlnt of their title claim
or Interest In certain lauds In tho Indian Ter
ritory a provident In lection 14 nf the In
dian ApprorrlAtlunK not Them lantU embrneo
all D the Indian Territory wot ol the Diith do
cre of lonultude exeetit iro r eotinty the
1 DkUhoma soctlnn recently opened by the lre
I lilentK pniolamatlon und euoh otlior lands as
lutvn bean lierotoforo sold nnd contuln about
2iOUOMKinprpK There Is iiowovor omi quc
tlon a < to whether tho law cimtentplates new
tlntlnc with tho Creokn Choctawn nnd Chick
nsitws only tmrllonsof wbofo Inntlsllo west ol
tboOllthdeuroe If It Uilrcldoil thnt It was the
Intent ot thn law not to Include the elamlslt
I will reduce llm area to be opened to settlement
to about ISOiiiiOO acres The name act pro
vides that tho nouutlntlouft with tbe Chcrokoos
for Hccexlon of thn Cherokee outlet thnll pro
ceod upon substantially the snmo baklsnstho
nUHoniiiit recently nnuotinteil ulln the Creeks
nnd Scmlnoloi nitd thnt upon tho nitlflrntlnn
of thm ncreeiucnt bv the Cnorokeo Nation the
iimlsso ceded hhall become n part ot the pub
ic dorualu without further notion by Congress
The VIcnIresldAnt totiny announcer tho
nppolntinint of > diatom tlliormnn Dnwes
Allison Ctillnrn Hampton Kiotlnnnd Cobiultt
I n the commltton to attend the New Vork cen
i tonnlal celebration and on motlnn of Mr
i Kvartfl tha President pro tomporo Mr Incolls
wu itddcd to tho committee
The arrival horoof Henry Hitchcock olead
In laVorof St Louis who has boon men
tioned HSU possible successor to Juytlco Mat
thews cUoa tha color of probability to tho
reiort that tho President has nix namn under i
BerluiiA cnn > lderittlon Inijulrlos emnnntlnic
rom llio Uilto Houti have been made ol the
Missouri BdiiatorH reKiirdlni Mr Hltchcockii
ntandliiK nnd iniulllliatloiis and Henulor Vest
who knows him Aerv vtill speaks ul him In
terms nf hlnbest nralpu He Is a 11 loud of rlec
relnry NoWe and M recommended by Prof
Thnoilorn W Dwlffht tho Masnacliuettj Pen
ntnrx nnd lendlnu lawyers In Ihe Wost Mr
illlcheorl Is nbout 50 lonmof nconnil iicrruhi
aloof ialu Collcuo llu does not llvo lu tho
elictilt ol tho Hupreme Court In which Justice
Matthoivs vns mKlttiicd and tlmt Is au objec
tion lo him from thu point of view of thn Su
premo Court < ftiftUuts but but nucetsurlly an
Insurmountable one
Mr 1 I Pclvotto formerly Consul to Ilou
manlu Is In tho city looklnc iiftor bla cbunccs
for tho Turkish ml slon Mr 1clxotto Is now
a citizen of Mew York nnd thnt fact militates
nsalnfit him ut prfscnt ns thu Sinte already
biists haio forolenmKslnns Ha is recom
mended by Tiiomaa C Plait WhlteUw Held
Icsio Sollistran llwnrd Iuntorhnoh K II
Aminldown Henry 0 llavemejer John C New
U IHinm I Htrotii unit others Thn tM > Sena
tors front New 1 nrk are not nn the list but nro
not mhorw to his appolntinxnt Ur Pelxotto
run tip nualnst the Iotnmtertjetieinl yester
day and Mr Vanamaker told him that ho was
In lavor of koeplnit Mr Oscar Htraim our pres
ent Mtnixtor to Turkuy In olllcf Mr Polxntto
protcstivl that preference nucht not to be glon
to nu active 8iipp rtor of Jlr Cleveland over n
Ilcpubllcnn wltti experleneo In tho dlplomney
In tho Orient and nnpeclally thnt Mr Viatin
maker ouuht nnt TO use bis Inlliienco to retain
In nQIco u man with whom ho bud such closo
btislnnts relations Mr Wiinnniaker remained
firm however nm unless Mr Hlulrtn can es
tablish closor relations nt the White Houso the
chances ot a chanto In tbo Turkish mission are
President Hnrrl on Is snld to have clcn
fcmlffllclnl notice to Senators today that
they may ndotirn on Tuesday next HI far as
buxlness from the Executip Is concerned It
Istelluxnd thut n succosor to tho late Aeocl
ntehistlco Stanley Mntthons will not be nom
inated before adjournment
cuivxiaiAs noon SUKITES
Student Outnlile the Collece Who IMorr
und Then Uno the IllB Library
There nro many treasure cnves In New
Vork where tha student may find alnnblo
eemsif the open sesame Is known Columbia
Collce llbrnry Is just such a cave Mr f O
linker ono of tho librarians said > ei > terday
that the authorities were always wlllntc to ex
tend certain prlvllexos to any stujunt whether
of Columbia or not
Wo hnve bo said over POCOO Tolumes
not Includlui thousands of immnhlcts and tho
New Vork Academy of Sciences library of GOOO
volumes Our custom Is to allow our students
fieo access to nil the shelves so thnt they can
help themselves to anything they mny want
Of course when books nre removed from the
bulldtnc certain rules Kovein their return
We cannot extend this prlvlioeo to tbe gen
eral publiu for obtioiis reasons but If any ona
not connected with tlia college should want to
refer to our shelves he could olitulu the neces
sary permission from me Wo are nlwasa
ready tonnblst those vliu coma to find books
of reference
Itlbnat necessary then for one to have a
tlcketof ndmlision1
Not at nil the only thine of that kind wo
hao Is wliit is called a leaders ticket
This Is Issued to any one who romos Intro
ducod by ucullono oftlcor and It clve tho tiso I
of the library Irom a A M to 10 l M but does
nut che the privilege ot tnkluK books awny
fiom tho building It la really of little use ad
nny one can comu lu peak to nm nr sumo
other library orliclul and consult any books
Uo you nun tlia perluJIcals on llio
Certainly about MW of them but if out
siders intoudud to nmkn n rcmilar read Ins
room of tile library t wou d then be npCfs nrT
lor them lo Imvo a roidor ticket We hav in
e < roiioniiiu npace and nro very much cramped
for riiDin Ho If iho nubile at larKo hhould cul I
tivato lio hiiblt of inline what loom we have i
ourown stiidonts would haio to tlve up their
rlehts 1 luu g why wu oulj lsue tickets to
friends ol tlocOlleue
It wns leained thnt no fco Is accepted for
ntich a tlckot but as tlioy are clven onlv to
frlomlsof thp oulleceit In easily buen thut I
coinparatliely faw of the many In tho city to
might Ilkn tonne tho llbnry nre favored Hut i
when It IH remembered Hint in nuny of the
smallereollecen none but th cnlleee Htndents i
nnd ollliur and nnch otherh a may 1m donors
to the library Is allowed to prollt y Itscnllec
tlon It will be wen lbit the prMleRii Columbia
oMcndsto hluduntrt in vultialio Tlio < mt of j
ruiiiilnu the library Is said to to abJtit H7i0i
ni oar and It In ona of the IIIIMF perfnt libra i
rlmtfor tho nccominodHtlon of the student It
Jsopun tsoiy day incept Humliiy hits electric
llfflitltiU throiiKliout nnd a most < onenMH
Hjstiiii of catalo uinc tu which 1 < added tho
prlvlluKiiof iiolDlnc unus ielf from the well
filled ihehOB on which pchtos thoti i nln nf
modern bnnkt < nrn old Illiimlnateij futuns nf tha
tlmn of ChnrlomHcno nnd venerablo old tomen
tlmt datn back la tho lluiu when printing was
In it infancy
puuiiint MIIKS FUJI TirKvrr
Tlio Cilmcn or n Vrvv < rleiin Notiirx Not
lilKCOTerrd Viilll After Ilia Ile lb
Xnw UiurvNj March 291our clays nso
Mr Oscar I > rouett n notary public with n hirko
cllentellu died Mr Urunutt stood hliih socially
and lu a bunlnoi way and not thv slluhtest
EiiHplelon wajj excited us lo him or hh business
methodn When liowovor it cnmo to uottlins
up Iho nutate today it was discovered that fur
twenty years he had been earrjInKon anex
teiisho HjBtem of for ory throush which ho
had swindled nrloiiH persons out of ovurt5
dOO Mr DroiUttB mitliod was simple but
sure Vhuii u person camu to him to Imvo
inmtaio notonon inopert nniln iiu Jimit
made two conlof of tlin uuten ulvlnrf ono of
tliem to the uwner nf the property whllu tho
Micond noto to which hn forged tlu > liiiatiiro nf
the tiiDriuiiUii and llinliecordur of MurtniKih
was rinkl lur nlBotn m count to tomo tnnitallst
iotlrlnit tu Invest inonay When the nuin tie
came duo Uiouutt pniiondml thut th poron
to lioin iho inuney was loaned wanted It ci > n >
tliuioil and 101 n cnntiuiinnco by pnylnc SDIDO
of thBlnttirut on it Hocurrlea mi the butil
lift in this way for twenty > ears no ononp
parently huiliiu Ihe Bliirhttut MiHplclon It wan
only when bin tlruth was niinouncud and tho
holder of thn Ionfii iiinrivauv note came
fornunl loilay nith their cliiltte tlmt hid
Clniirmukef IooUlUK for Oeueral Mtrlkc
There U conernl dlbsntlefactlon nmoni Ihe
journe laeu clvaraiakrr nf ihU city on accuum of
KJrcity of work and repealed reUucllout In wAirea
Meellnir > are held eiery nlithl In different parlt of tin
cllr for II t purpose f etrrnrllienlntf the oryanlfAtlon
nn 1 le ilrr < > ay IIat It I probable that a gentM int
w 11 le iu jn ture or fuur ftreLt T tall uencral
trlle It l neo9 Ary lootitalii Ilie content of 4ll the
nrlfinaiitrlUlrd In Itie Inlrrnatloiial Union The inru
aremll inb eiirninv An atcrai of 7 a nrek where
Ihty tiled to make U
Milltally Injured IVblle IMuylnK TUB
While tha boyn In thu Fifteenth streot school
In uroiiklyn Mere purlnc la on Wednciilay dnrln tlio
> ini > n reokt Mlnon Cohen aird IU of 171 Thirteenth
tireH uti I Albert lnillh ate H ran aialntt earli
oilier and Hit former rII AirUiiiK on lli tacK ot hit
h aa Altlmtiffli cninplaliilUK of tter pain In tha
liead ht leiiirnad ti > ichool on the followingilar tut
> etirdrf mornliiff lie became uncolicloua and Iliit
iloclorn pronounced lilm utcrlnr fmu concutlono
Iht brain ted Icat t ought he could not rieofer
lie Oned tbe Copjmodore Two Ulllloat
Clark Itobluton OrliiRS sued Cornelius K
lArriaonfor art Accounting averrtnr that Commodora
Unrrifon owed him a inlllloa Veittrday in Superior
Court judimenl for fHHI11s wa riven aralnit lr
Cutict In furor of Uenrit J Koiei Mrltllle c PAT
anil mniel I ilArrloti riecutor > ol < < irit lui K jarrl
ton The unrelated to ihe coniiructlon account of In
and third itctloat of Ut WaitllBf n4 tak
irniTKujxaitn IKACH Atinms ZN
Agreement Hlcnfit with em En ey Extra
ordinary and Mlnlnler ri t otBtlnrr f
tin Pour Hundred bjr nblcli thn LrRln
Imarn Hhnll llnici Thoiinun Htnln lo
Vlln n the CVntenitl lttride Hnd
Plenty orTI h llolhHull bnlNo Tlrlt
Bin to the Illnner Tli A mhymfn Hut
lafled bat tbe Hrimtor are Determined
to HUTB TlcUetn to Ilie Fe t
AIDANT Mnrch 20 Tho Asombly Ispncl
fled ami Ilie Four Hundred rnnr BO on nnd
celebrate the centennial ot llio Inauguration of
Uoorc < > Wnshlnirton What tlio Legislature
wanted wns to Imvo tlio Four Hundred brine
forth fruits meet for repentimcx nnd to send
fonuiono up to Albany with a bn kot full of
them Clnroiico W Jlowoo Secretary of ttio
Centennial Committee nrrhod In Albany this
mornlntr with his iirms full of ollvo branches
and his lips drlpplriKvvlth promisor of Invlia
tlotis to everything hut tlio dinner Mr Don fa
saw ho Governor Hn saw AdjtOon Iortor
Mo RAW JuJco and Captain ot tho National
Oimrd Ablmoloeh Yntes Tho repre < onUtho
of the Iour Hundred nnd tlio representatives
of tho btato of > cw York In Sonnttf nnd Assem
bly assembled bold n conference An armistice
wim promptly declared md tlio protocol wns
drawn up llils was presented to tbo As
sembly nnd Senator JIurphyH bill to erect
a Ktund nt tho Mates epeti ij uioiuid tlio
Worth monument nnd to punish any of tho
Four Hundred who might Intcrforo ulth it
wn laid on tho table If tlio Four Hundred
ratify tho acts BID inc anil promises of their
Mlubtcr Kxtrnordlniiry nnil Envoy Ilonlpoton
tlnry tho warrlor of tho A8 embl > wlllccaco
their strife Hut If tho torms of thls asrcc
niunt iro nnt rieldly cairled out l u thousand
crnud Mand tickets n thoiiMiud Industrial
uarndo tickets and ICO ball tickets ICO naval
tmrudu tirkcts unil tho otlior ionsi < lor tli n
which tho Albany conqueror hnxooinctudnt
tribute nro not forlhcoinlni pr mttlynnd ut
thetlniunlorcsild ns acrocd upon tho hungry <
Leulilnturo lll desreml tin Now Ynrk tnko
iioteiisioii of tho cololiritlou and sweep tlio
Iour Humltod Into tho liny
Onn point tho Knvoy from tho Four Hundred
declined to yield nnd that MH to ink tho As
remlltinenand ttFiintors to the dinner tin I to
allow them to cut vithlho tour Iundiod Tlio
Assemblymen nnd toiintois may til on lie
grand mini with tho Four Hmultcd tlioy iiiny
rldo nrqund In tlio Noith lirter nnd In tho bar
bor in tho same boats with tho Four Hundred
they nuiy co to tho ball with the Four Hundred
nnd m a urent concession they aro allowed to
biinctho fomnle member of thoir fnmllloi
with tliem bomethlnc which wai not Indiulcd
In tho terms of teuco offered yesterday they
irmy drink unlimited chumpuKo nt tho ball iind
tlioy nuiy co Into tho mpper room nan out nil
they can but undnr no circumstances may thiy
co to the dinner It Una thought
thnt tho Four Hundred mlnht per
mit tho Senators iind Apseniblyinen
to nttend the dinner and to Bit nt n tnbla by
themselves the wav In which tho lotr Hun
dred occasionally tront reporters It was fon
llilentlv uxp < < tod thut mi ndtlitlonal room
inlcht bo Htillod for tlio Sonatont uhd Aaotn
blymea wliore they inlcht Lnmiuct In thotr
ovn way nnd eit with their kniUt ami so iho
tablu doth tor u imiikln ut their own tilonuiire
buttht Point of tlio dinner wan not k < < Jod In i
the ellutiteFt Thoy are ranked boon tvon the
reporters Tho henators especially liav bt en
full of contemptuous expressions for Ihe re
porters this bctsion and It calls them to find
thai tlioy are not to bo peimllted to attend tho
dinner oven us waiters
U hoy ure not reconciled to tho terms accepted
by thn AiseiiiMy Tlie terms ol peit that
have been made fatUly tlio Assembly but
they do nut utlsfy tho fcenntn As however
thn Senate cunnot pass a bill and make It a
law without tlie assent of tho Apombly thn
me poiverlos and the SenntorJ who ar > > In
town today writhed and Mild uely thlnus
When they ascertained that the Aeetnb y tiitd
taken thoir bill tied It as a club with which tn
brine thi Centennial Committee 10 term nnd
then tabled It The Senate stn > ud In session to
Hwalt the action cf the Assembly and toen
cuuraca tbe Assembly In hifetiln closiens
toward tho Four Hundred but when the As
y ncreed on tei ins of peace wItuout < on
tlio Bouatothe boLiito adjourned iu
Uon Hnsted from th Commlttoe on Ways
and Means reported Fonnlur MurphVs Mil
without recommendation llu snld that lie did
It In accorclnnce with tho rnindaie of the
House and moved to lay the hill on tlin taMo
J udee and Capt Yatox then eplained tho
terms of the peace He repiesentud the As
hembly nt tho Peace Congress Tho second
Ilooi of the Capital was tha HI ene nt the Appo
mattox of llm four Hundred tbe dinner alwivs
eiepted He told nf the visit of rtecretary
JtowiD and tliouch ho did not oiplnln the full
detail1 theeorrespondencovUiliii lie nterwnid
mado public supplied the esiemiul fnciR
1ocrntary liotveu said a lut of rdeusnnt nnd
conciliatory Urines iiddinccmupllmeuts to the
inillniri skill unil execuli > ability uf tne vari
ous Albtuy warriors IIH Is tlo custom of iurn
nvin dttiionmts cm similar peace illusions
Tho Albany warriors ueto not hatllled with
verbal uxptession nnd thny thought it best to
have ihe vhole thlm done up in rypowrltlnc
on coed pui or und biutud wltli the olllclai
dclunations and denatures of the contrMctliij
pencil i ointnissiouers 1 boss d iciiments were
Clveii tu Juduennd Lupt iates tu bu prosentol
to thn Ahembly In pitvjutln theuijudco
unil Capt Yntoasaid
Tlirii lave I tn lunloil lo lue Ith tho eiprrM ile
Ire illtt I Mmulil pieirnt them lo Iho Ilittue What
li i > 1 fit iloim m not liiltnlnl Mr reullHllmi nellber
wiit It am e In tlih liaiity tllil vl fell In iinilttlrAb e in
lel > nllvi liinlle hut lo ITKirt lle illgtilly au 1 com
fi rl i > tm I ainliitlire The LiM tlirp u < ntltleilo
I in I tn Miui u prointnfiit pi lllnn unit tu li < j ruu
otfit lut the > ilonAl tiuuru lu lilli we htve three
quart ronr 1 mil or ilnlum lantjrir rhall ra In
r u Leforn ni Then u run rm how ihelr Kin
InulL linu tin near llflr clutlieR unit lion the tuk
the intittury t ntum Ivtwr Ihe trctllature A > tin
Tnur Minilriil luu to t64 tbn ftrnpc uf the i hr
nf tlirir toiinirii ml th < lreMnk < f ih fivt
of their Cijtlitnui ne want lo > i > e ami ail in re
tli 10 IM ir le 11111 au f t i NKtimiAl I iarJ
Hie vd niHtii cenrrni it Mrre1 Vr errr nn l lilt
ronrnlitee iireiiiiuie t there va no t > tiernc Aof fevi
In n i n aniIlns Tlie l itf wriMi I IIA ay t
fure th a II mfcc for tin Ir ca ni deliber il > n Ilia srnnd
innil nl bf from Twruy ill r < to KMH liiu > irtfU
In tlTUre mil let 1rerlilrnt liulit rllil unit
left III bi1 other ilriinril tu l e ilie hotta ainnnir whom
Hllb tlie IviMiliire of tl e Mate uf > ew ork On
the t MI 1 tan Ither mill 1 ai e n ihou atid teatv They
Kl llmvr liltialltitkilii Iwi tli krt < Inr the natal PA
rAile and tlie name nuiutier nf tnkern for itn iuJu irul
extiibttiin Vff liavi done nntlilni lin tily no itnir re
lalUiory Wr lia e Inn1 ojt lor nr own cuuifol
ant fnr our on dljiiltr ttit unr flUtilty li 0 ell
kinwn to the Hate that it la not neceiury to provln
tor 11
This ppeeHi WIB frequently nnplnuderl nnd
nt Its conclusion Hemitor Murphj s bill was laid
on the tHliln If the eimmllte dnno not keep
Its nuieonient an umleratui d by Jinlue YnluB
tin bill will be culled IIP nnil urcadful thinus
vill liiippeii
ThoHrllilnsnf airiooment snbmltte1 to tlio
Assembly by Jud o aud CapU lutua uru HI fol
Atn M Munli 11 iffj t
In Urn Uil tiiu luoiiniu tliat II laniniiiiia on trie
Vitfinililivt bitiiin ttt iioiiru i hintiunfi In iiiru
railin i IrfUiVntnf ili t nltcil Ktilr > Ur < lre anil irnni
the iirv ilitt lw ili ired j trtat tie J i Hiiro if
th Mali nt s w WrWunl thnuihiir Miieiiiiita 11 with
HID mi Hid trtuun llut t < lue tr in n I ot in t tie cittfiil
uurtta At tin Ci KtiradUi w iWIre lu have nil Hi
htateunclul jiul IIIPIII rr or itm i fh iatnr iflvtn
rf4t oil i llritnl bUml on llm 1 ikl Mloinf Klltli
nveniie on iiu nn hrnare 1 4 nil tie cither nf1
tlal Liie t rnin the ffenrrnl iiovritiirirnt un t Ma e liov
milfnl wll li uven vettA IMi wiu tlie oricinal
pUn nf our toininlllie ninl vt run li wll teinejiv
all tn yoi um iiMnute4 t > Ibrllie r i erry
i litinnan nf Ib minuter l try Mint l < e lioprt inn
wli li tieilTiif fit Mile iciil l > > reAla nn lie
ir ii I imiiit wnictiwlll iir ic e nnl f > r until mil lu
tickru tuihb bill nnd Iwiilrleii tunic navul luride
h ih ilcl el lo the naval i arule JMltftonft ireiiiiemin
and Itll Udlti i f lib family Very truly juurn
tiiiibMfc HUWIN > eiretiry
TV ttir linn Avttln jt Ytvi
DKJIIMII tlnrentoW Howen bccrrliry of ihe Tom
mlltro on the t entrlinlAlrf W anliintrton s fiit vurAtlon
lina been wltli nte tliU month ir nl I enclcm a i um
ninnlcailon frniu him lilrli rnbn > nilally reprerenu
wbi ti h aval l to me auilinrired a I ant iniunned
by h i ciiinuilttre In the lnl ret f liHrinonloi i ucnnii
and n Itli ili Inipe Hint It in r ttinl ncnrrei > i inlitiudr
Inr an lo wlin i It tin ilciri nl ihe I ei linire and tlie 1
Mate orllrrri tn aritmiiil ell I rrffr Ilie cuntmunUaiiHt
toy > ni invliinr jou iotrin llniAiii > r in the etumlcu
of the A einli y Jnfcuii ruirui Adjuuntiieiierai
Tie Impnrlancoof tho nireeni ntiicned by
Mr Bouin appoarod in tho Mualntnoss and
islbio Irruuularltyuf several oM > riHniins in
It wliloli aro hardly vniutloned by lie correct
axace of tho Jniillsli lanKiniLf nnd by tha
capitallzatlnn ol oteryuord ot more than six
letters The Centennial OunmlttHn nhowed Its
roKitrd of thu StntuoillclalHiind tho mumbuni
of the IiKislattiui by ciiilulilim nil lofei
neoH tn thoiiiand to show tlmt it ritanl l
Itself of erimil linponiiilii It eapltall od nil
riforeuces to llsolf To ilion that the ranil
btiniil iinJ the vast side of 1 iith ov oiii > aio
pretty lili Ihlncs tci icneodu it canltulloi
them nnd to show their ctoat desire to < on
the LoKlsluture thoy repeated their dd
Sllato the wny tlmt n crammarlan vtould
Tho documents were drawn up in tho Adju
tantOenernlH ofllre nnd on the AdjutantCJim
enils pitper and were DnUhed this inornlnir In
time for presentation to the Ledinlaturn After
they weri read sweetwinced peuee alichted
Hlmllar documents weio rend In the henate
luit Kweotwlnued PCHCK has not nllthtod there
It will be reun next uok whut the henate will
do It iniuht bo uttood thine for n special em
bassy with pence commissioners ot a blahtr
decree than iir Uoweu eucb as lit Waard ilc
Alllstor Mr Btnrv nnnt Fl h nnd Mr
T Uorrr to ment n similar numbfrof benntnri
to cootli the HdDAtorlM dlaiillT ud toprokle
them wltli tlcketB Thoro are only 2 Sonnlois
tnil It would notbnnrkinii errmucri of the
400 lo allow them to RO to llio dlnnvr
Senator might l i furnlthed with n book of ctl
ouett nnd required lo sltidr tin In nhtinco so
he will not mlsbohavo In too palntul n manner
AtljtOen 1oiler ient ton correspondencfl
between him and tbo reoitsentatlveft of Iho
entennlnl Commute to the Henntn this
nmrnlnic Beldi > the letters printed Inday
there In this addition IMlor wld h he wrote
last night In nnswor to Col l rucera toleeramt
firirt or NRW YOHR Arum rir4iiK4tHOrricr i
70 Cot X I m0T rAfllrnian Ymmlrvf tittArtntt
SIBI that thf tionor to knti If < 1ce tut rrcrlptlatt
nnlnj nt your le f r m in whlth > nu lay nm art
trvatljr vnrrrlieil at in itat rn nt In tli Mttrnoun
p per about the Arrav Cumniltttea Action In rclernct
In BtanilL Au Not nnvlntf tn > e nrk BTtnloir
patiera I viillej until tnit trtorn ni to i f rtatn what
theiiaipmtnta wmo of which you rumu alnfil t rnu i
tonftfft no far NN nnyintnff iht I nndln the New Ynrk
tniperi rltiilli mallerl b < txin m eit ami vnnr
einninlttie alvot nccuirlnr the rtTlwlnr Hand 11
i m in me they are tirarly an correct nt
might reanonalily b aificcteil About two week
arn 1 found It wa iretilnr In t > e vety
ilinlrnlt ta prourt llkCe to wlttif i the
r nirnnl l parade D < 1 knovtnx from y > ur n > m
mlltre iliataeconiinnitatlnni en tlif ernnl itunil woiiict
Mi n r i rlly llninnl I r iii lnl in < hlet of tird
ptir tu make agip Iratton UT a location at or n tr thn
Mnrth tnonntnent for tht reril ti of ari n t far thf
nf Uie L Kl lAtnr AIK NiU e ollcim Itc nia l apiilfa
linn to vi ir rntnmlitrft an > 1 ao to fork Innunltf finer
Knhh anil > rrure j a mntrac or to cniKtrwi in tiaml
ot mlutiUiI mtnliiis on or atom Mirihai 11 rr
crlvnl n etter from Hie clerk nr rmr cninintttfe aar
Inv thnt the commiiue w t utianitnan In ib dinlnc nnr
rtuutii for the rea i n thai If tin M > mi trere vr < nit il
niij nlheae uoulit tifl llatletiifl k aM etprt th
annie prlviUuea tilt Mflne thut r n woulrl Iif r trteil
tor I f IpUmiim ami ainitlmi ilm cnmmlitte luil Jc
cl < lrd to i > iili ticket for the cran 1 ttnil
In the in > nn in I MW i inmnruVre lierrr rhairman
I ililnb ft jnnrromintitoe nn Il n anil Sionr I Ci hl
Mmlni1etnli hn wr tropic tniln ainl ifa t ryiriHtl
t nnil hn cave it blJ h arnt npi rova r en I wr < tf you
M > i I alrniiin of tlie cmninliiei lalnz h piruile In
rlmMi ifi nr yoi iinttii n nnr tiii niiiiin unft ar
qua n nir > n i iih the fart tk at I Imtl aibuiliel our
jiatiH tot iiirniiitntf Ciert an I > tit lncil hU enlnrr > f
Itirnt TMi leller n italei < II J > rtnr flu Hie 2 Itt
t rerel e < 1 tnur l tt r iiilorniln me ymtr coitiMT
tia I rnntrneti1 for herrcilin of review Inir Kt < ni1 fni
bntt nMe4 iif M ii i > n fpidri nnil ft the f tniult > e
woud nrnvlJe tli ke fnp th I li ure i rl le n V
et Hie obJ Tl I nml In liw lin alteAil l ci r >
Mlril for K t ftril nntM t in h te vmt e ma
terUllv lrron l > rnl tvltli lhfrn Tafi I full In ll > ciT r
tf in ra in of > n r iilir rt nn < 1 hr 011 < rll n rrttl
in If ttur i < uuuh i2 M h a < not < olil < < in in nntlie
binrlnp ni on i ir uHlnn r nlin In tMt rrmtier
Mv prnri union to r > rr > tld > H tiittatieitril lonrrnlent i
elnn I tni llio n ei > rt e l iUtiitnr tnil < Mti nflleer nn
the otit lon of a Iril Itnry unit tndti riit ftrnleiieem
tome nn nsntly protcr nnd mv ntiiniin In iiil rri111
ti nf > r nit miiv hi fie l tliKn1ti I riiiilrtrnn iif
ynrr iirinl1 im f lati mul srup tun iij m in uther
of not UM itl tlnctoti vlrli xitinni I adl cl rut IrUmr
It Tli olVrtlMi Miat nihrr Male trlilit lc a ltnltr
TrUlecc v ai turillr helliv il t he en ileit tnneniitii
cnriftiilernluli I v n Ifottirr fl nte il il muln nn li HP
phratuii U ilirre ni rontn enoinrti noinrtii route um
mMrn fri in thi rnMrr to Htt itinn rei i I wn
1 ir frnii unrcpuliu thut the inmtirriif ynnrc in
mitt nniti tui a V iibtrnril n In nir war and If I
w n aiir > rit > eil i t nio nv Co onel thit 1 hnil nutie AI
nnirh m on fur K irrrl e ymi in have itonclit ymi
hut wtie1 jnn itl rrai n il m litlt evrllliv try re I
epectlully uur ubtilUi t iif nni
fov Hill todny denifd that he dlrecinl
tiltfiiM rorler to linKai orJ r roiintT
inntiillnTtlint for tho alinil nuitrd tnpnrndn
in iVw crk oily on Ai rli l 1e thlnkstlmt a
placK other than theurtnl pirnd oniht to bo
pioiJcd 101 litute ofllcuib und leclilators
itotDt ion rinriis inn IIKSPAICU
Plculdent Knrrloon nn < t 17 Olher Alrcndy
J > tMliniite4l T o Vncmicle
TUB Suss ncoount of tho dissatisfaction i
of tho nirul rifncem with Hie pelectlon ot Major
AaBlrd Gardiner to preside oer the Nasnl
Coniuiltteo of tho contennlnl celebration
bioueht lots of leporleis to tho committee
roons jestcrdur Cnpt Eiben Ioiiflrmed tho
account andsuld that tlio Naal Committee
which was onsentlally cii < had been appoint
ed not by any Keuoril ommlttee but bv May
or Hewitt It had little to do with matters of
the Inlted States Nnvy The nnme Naval
Connnliteo wns u ed in tho broadest sense
There would bo about U50 vessels Inllnenlto
cether ol which not two doren would
bo Govornmeut crtos The rest would ho
Meamsbius ptenmboats nnd tuts belonclncto
this linrbor and the tommlttee to arranso
the nialr should be one acquainted llr < t of all
with Vew York allilrs nnd penpo Thn llnei
nllocether would be a > out loi r and a half
nilKslopB lint alter XIaiorOariliner and Ms
commltteoeot eveDthliiic In proper fcliare to
Riiiimlt to tho Admiral in Imiee < erthlnt
would b placed in hl < hinds liirlniltug the
pmiiraminoniid order of Miilmc hcn naval
olllcera lIiorn Lhl > undomood this Uapt
lrlvn thoueht ihvro wou d tie no lurther ob
jections to arruni > nienls a inado
Thoteimura In the parade lll wait for tho
TrimdHit at the Kills Ony n low licht
dmueht boats will eo to Elliiib < > thpoit whiro
tho Aicione boat Club has put itB dock nnd
floats nt thn nations cervlco The Dispatch
Lieut Cowles at s will i arry inly fifty por
sntis in order not M make the trip uncomfort
able for tho 1 resident Thoo pxrnoim will lio
tho Preident the Vlce1ieident tlie Cabinet
the Supremo Court Itictlces Admlrnl 1orter
Xaval Committee t hiIecutleCfimmlttee
1h rnntehecretaryHalfordConimodoieltamspy
I two navy ofllccrs uot ot chobon nnd ll
friends to be chiton by tho 1iebnlent This
I leaves tivo viicanclos to be reerved for such
1 foiHlun naval dignitaries a may turn up Die
party wdi lunih on boird the litspitch After
thn party lands heie the other vessels will pro
riMil iitithnJat lllier to 1dulus Hook turn
mound nnd en up tlio IIu < lon as tar us Thirty
fourth ptiet where tlin paiaie will end
Mr llnwon returned lust niuht from Albany
nnd had a talk with Commodore ierry Jlr
Cruger and otheis Ho announced Ihat the
I r rice of ticket to tho r < nlewini htands other
than the Krandlaud will bo iletormlned and
made public at onco > o tickets to the erand
ftand nlll t > e sold
I Ilrlak Itlddlnc For Moilrrn Pnlntlne
I The auction sale of modern palntlncs which
I bejan on Wednu Uy at tbe art callcrlei of Orlrei t
I Co 3iil lltiavtiie vruconcluded Uit evanlnic Hie
room nrai cruwiled ani comtetltlem wa at times riirlt <
I eil llioitcli ae m U Uuucd lo t at kevcral ot tlie flnett
picture were wlthdraMn forUe of bid The hiffheii
priro lut fWitm vai pall fnr I U Ileylei Had
SPITS iruiini 1 hit at started t l i > anil In
> cr uinl ra when it a knocked dow n to
1 an unknown Mibler About iixtyflre picture od for
1 11701 uialtinx tt proceedt ot tho jlr piclvre ur 10
iol ilurinu llm three etinlni 5T17 Tlitso art
itmonir ilif works dmj oi td of la l n itnt
Al crun liiiino J u t La irtcea tlW
H lUliLkul > etore Tuie Jnllnii A iiuerra UM
A himt Witirui1 Jo hrnpci 114
Ul > lillliiilictle < i4 MlartUiTtr N J llartljolin
von im
> Vnrk lltrtmr A Onnr ley 110
Mnifret m the haliimai Albert JllrUcU Sx
11 n < ln ape > Uuu Ilicket luO
Ne < MtKMiiit Ilirbnr I II M B hn Ml
Ko cns JeanHip l le ItuDio WU
inin lo Nor sijihonw Mnutte Ibil
In iinx lne K luerl Itft
IIrocllnli III Ilie Market UanrgetJ A Clio ut
leflini h r < II llolph IHO
A iiikfil U i Milan lt >
1lM ILK Ha ket lime of Ilie Dircctoire lout
villtti Maurice tniiranl UJ
Hinriur Aliriimti urt Ulike tiUnd Artnur
I urtiry 400
Xarkei ceue randlrlUht tierre an clientltl li >
Jiuiiji ror K blr HI boUaray IU
lt ejlin nf Albert Kunr at Anlvrrp by tli
ArtuiiuiM ainl Llterr Club Iro T au
drr 100
Irnvrn anlK ord of iliareniacne Ualie A
ifi nolle H >
itilof ihei arrr Adlrpi > dirkiJame > M llaru 40
hliebln A > BO r Murm Auaunle K A bchenrk 4 > S
lum iAt unil Haitiv K Aterlin 200
Hie Ililiernmui lieirollicit lir ntle r U
liirir 100
Alter tin etorm Ooiht of Uoravrall WlllliinT
UilanlH 310
Mil wt e Rudoljib 1 p 170
Miie Uan < rler Luncheon lleiir i Lauge 1H1
Til I uuntirure 1 K lluullifliy < Hl
Pi annlin pHUKnier IV M Ktyt H
Mnijihlll III Klmi1 i J IOSIMI aVI
yufin o tbH leiio V Lcou IerrAUli lio
At tie ll > 1 MevU <
lUUSrna oruunUn I M Be > 3oAj
Hulil far tbe Grriunn Ilaniiltal
Tho auction iao of palntlnus
ami tinned untiitraih manuicnpla which Here pr
lenicil In the Cirrman IO > IIA > air by ibe authors and
artli t tra cninluiied > I Iif I if ill avtnie auction rnnrnt
lat milit Tli attendance a larire and tot bidding
fair Ainonir Hie prlcti brought were
Sear MlndnA Hltnlailt Wo Of
The Mfrboat liUnril Mi > ran IVM
llruokljn UrlJtt Lull Beuuuf IDT Ui
lrU lu the KvenlDR HlRb Heiool
The evening hlch school of the cast Bide io
Norfolk PI reel l il rvrnlnij celebrated In cecntiil an
nhereary touuty Clerk Itetllv presentcil mfj t to
tlie e itudetiit Join J Ponohu sold mtfU donated
t y ir Keilly for initrloriir larlitiorio atid declauia
i < ni irol > l infiluL given by > ir i < l culIrf to luiilei V
HiirUtfc fir icclMice in inli iniici U m Ltvj Iixl
Hi t eritkpilrx soa uicttnl tor ti un ih slid Max f cdlciiv
Inifrr reorlvfl acojiy of lurntp llhiury ut Ilie Inlitd
Hutti fur lmiTuv ui it In peniufttiihlji
Krullieb In VTn
Lawyer ArobroaoH Purdy counsol forKru
H eh Ilie oy nc > i ed of raurdfinc f > rur Clerk VTch
utu with a lutchrt wrote to Duperlnteui1nl Murray
e teriluv hit llitre In eiMt ttd In Porlf Mnteuin
sk Klb 11 avrnue ari allowed reuroiiuctlon nf ttie rnur >
cJrrlnois wiilimJtnumy reprexcnrv Krullicli wield
iMMhome Jlr 1urd rani li lluuxln I lilt ctralcn
laeil lu creatu t itinllc pejudlce Hkralinit lit client
llioMiprrbtienlfiif i > entlin ictivrtiMr Port U tiAd
iidt urrived Uiievening Mr iJnilipail he wouidrrmort
in wax Uiiur It ibe bupilntendtiit wnted him lu
When Baby wu ilct we r Te her CutojU
7hea tu wu Child iho cried ar CuUrU
Vheu she became HIM the clutf t Cutorla
I nnei1Tvi MenH Hhocv Tine car Gnodyttr
veil j i PIT hAiid pewed UMto vsrs patent
leather U7 to H tK < i Iortlandt t uprtaln
PreTalllnn pttcfl In Gentlemen1 nn < n for
prlncveir utierlor qua 111 rieeliledkatlnirln tirlce
icCAsv = M Bonerv near ITlncit
III S nford9 Llrer Invlfcnratorl A tontft
cathartic It cnrei DypepiU ami LonitlpaUoo To
bate liealtb the Liver muet u In order
TurUleb RatbK OO cent
Btt In Nevr ork Corner Brocme tu and Bowery
Special ottf
of IHUe Glrli and Tounx Iallei who may dctlra to
placj them for Ibt ichool year or the cullre twelT
monlba whvra ttey can receiT Initructlon in all
branchca of itud In muie lanffuijtea Ih ana icl
encei 4C and derive cultivation tiy attendlnn larfout
rerorti turh at New Vork City alordi Thoie Irt nn
trarlllnr orreildent atiroad or In other counirlea or
llioe comlDir 1 a l or North to take tieameri from thla
port can lecurn for them ahoiuenf itrleteit prnicr
and rellnrmenl ot luxury and oppormnllj kyaddreto
lug lUjAine II boi luu hua up town olllcc lto Jiroait
TO 31 < TIIiUM
Icelhlnjr lofitnn Itin ruira reducrt Inflainmallnn
alUyt all aln and cure wind colic f VI cenu a Untile
Ttli av We ire now p jltln clrculir In erry home In
Nrw lork and Hrrmiiyn Head mil leud lour order
to 316 Till av New Vurk
and color to tbi ihalr la IABKBIl 8 IIAIK UALbAJI
raxzafl oi > OKU IONIO tt tut toot u GIU
The Molt ABOCBIHK Hnmlllntlli
Hcmly am ItiiraU necenon ttrei Car
br Ibe Cnllcnrn nemedlr when PKr l
claaia und All Other Uemedlek Fall
lbTk iiafnided elnca lait JJarck with alkrai < U
eait tbe doclort called hcteraa Jly face wee dartre
with wab and lore AnJ lh lichlni anil burnlntjvtn
alnnit tinbearabl feclnt yoorl UTti ORA KKMBWEI
lofcUhlyrtcnmmtndetl eoneludtl to It thimaitrlal
tialni the ClIICUIUand CUTICURA SCAT l n > Jly
and tirKOLVrST Initrnlly for foot month t JI
rnyetf rurel In frallltnle for wblch t make IMt puWlt
itatimenl Mr lLAHA A FRBOBIUCX
KeMnm Tkrce T r Cor 4
CITICLItA nEIEDIFdar lherrtal itmealclB en
earth Had the worn cue of fait RheuralnthlicwiB
try My ruo her had It loenly ytart amllufMt dU4 1
from IL I beJete CUTIULRA would hAT 4V > d ttr
life My arum creait anil In I were covered cr or
ytart hlch nolhlnf rellered or curd untUInMdUM
Eczema on Havhr Cnre4
Mr baby bit been troubled wlih ecttmaon hb fa
nick head ear and entire body II wna one nnl ft
jcaba and we were obllned to III hit bandt to ptwrnt
hlttcratcnlnir I bmrpenldullart on ria4lM trlih
ut efleol bnt after uilnr one box CUTICURAand o
rite of CUTICUHA KOAP the clillil U eotlrelr enrtcV
I cunot thank you enough or them
13 Unit it Brooklyn K IX K
Eexetna on llatnda Cnr d
Two year and a half avo Salt Rheum brokannliiainir
rlrht hand li apiiearfd In white blitin atttnAed by
ttrribie itehlnc and gradual tpreail until It cnr ta
tnenllrnac nt Hie nanil The illirafe nut puarI
on my left iand I triil many remeiiua bat OOUM 0j4
nnrure null I ohlalnpl the TfTirtlKA BEU11UI
which eQecied a ipevdy and perina tent cure
i Wood av berrotl
Sold Terywliere lrlre CUTIOURA SOat 80AI
3V Rf40tVESTfi Prepared by tht POTTBJtDRDfl
J fiend fur How to Cure flkln Dlaetati
AOIIIuelraloni nnd inoteitimonUla
DISVC Pkln lni1 Scalp preierreil anil beaactfl4 bjf
In the Rack Rlitneja Dip Bldea crChaj
relieved in one mlnu ur the Cutteiar
AnttPuln Hinder The flnl aud only
pamkilluic plaater new ln > taitaae tta
By rrof J 0 CROSS lJruoaothfi
nit lyitem of iborthanil dlCen from other tu rerj
repect Tbe lettert are tne ame lo loond and opdr M
th Kojrllih alphabet and word ar relied lolbaiat
tiral manner otnllttotf only tucb lettert aa an l
itroke hiTlnf afree and aiy movement v rj > lmlla
to lontband
avnliltnr In objectlonab feature to prevalent In thf
yiKini of thickening ntarly baU the alpltalnttoa
preii tb heavier tounda
itead ot by arbitrary charnntcri
ONLY TKS WOHDSIUNS ar uaed anl tbortar
exception to rule
It I In uie by aminueaiiiv by coon anil nneral re
porter In p bllo tclioola and It fail loperMdlac Ut >
old anil latiorloniljr leirnod ijiteint In many l tt bt
bDlneat CdlleEel
We make Ibe following claims recardlai ttM Ccllll4
Cjrtem of Sliorttiaud
1 IT 18 TUB
2 ITia TI1K l
Bend for our circular atmonitratbix tht Hum ay
compari > on with the oilier lyttemi oracofty ot tb
book will be lent pottald on receipt of K
I have itudled and written ivery one of tbt nrinolr l
Llndiot thorthand foraqnartr of cntnrr alw y
hoplnt tliAt I mitMHna a jrttem rlddn of this maar
drawlAck that cllnp Ilk a h redltary dlw t
phi > gogra > by I Jo not if ho Croint Eclectic Short
hand can be Improved It It overwhtlmlnily Bvbu >
ln Ur J C Uoffman JeOtraoa Wu late yilclu
to llllnoliBtat Inan UotpltaL Nor IR IBM
I feel It due to lay a word or Ivo la referent ta Co
lectio Shorthand havln ba4 oontlderable eip4rt nct
Uacblnv oibr lyatemi anil bavin been qtilt ftPtMar
vlth nioitnf iboie la neneraluie
I miMt unlitltatlngly lay that the Eclactlo lynttrab
tuperior to atlotbertl havt lien from th fact ttiatttlt
more cl ntiao and deflolle In tbe form of lu letMn aaA
the method of uilnu them It U more ealljr learned
more natural la e > cutloti aod more Mlly atad accu
rately read after K la wrltltn K R lunArd Obleacv
Tcacliir of Fbonoiraphy for fonr yeaia NOT 1U8S
Itectntly pobllthti
By Trnf 1 0 CKD8S VLX Irol BTO SfBpfa
tent pntpald for f3 6tt
Ittirlnc tho maitery of thortbnd within fiiaroat
parailrely euy potieailnn ot tlioeo who are only abl to
buvacopy each of tu tut book and dlctlonarj mat
itudy at home or while purititnir tomt oUitr fapl07
raenl V W Taylor Janeivllle Wia
Tliabooki are foral by Cliarli U Kllbnra STr
roont plice llniton The llakert Taylor Co OUro4
way New Vork or will bt tint poitpald an raclp4t
price by 111 mbllttieri S 0 iRIOOB t
67 and 80 Wibaib av Chle itu
will deliver an wldrcu lo the l yl at tha Or 4
jSallaual Convention of tbe Golden Hottn
Club at tbe Ialnre Itlnll Drooklyn M T > < °
nlht AdmlJilJii frfcliy ihoiTlnr Club Button at th
door fat Golden II our a No OJ Outto < lan
fleren Men Kllteid br Fir Anl nl > IB n
African fore
In Cnpt WlBBroannft now book doacriblntr
hi trln cro Africa Is n very itlrrlnir plcturo
iypre entlns two olephnnti cbaMnc hunter
black ami white throuch the lull oraRs The
only hops of tho hunters l tocnlntho > > nuk of a
river near at hand and MrlVo out for the other
ahorc The enrnned brute with trunk and
tails aloft are tearlna through Iho WHS nt the
lop of thoir roed and thoy are about tho
ugliest customers one could meet Tho itnrr
of a very tMclcal elephant hunt ha Just been
told by Capt HroMolnnd of the French army
who served a while nun on tho Commission
I which determined tho boundary between
i Fiench Sene ambla nnd IortuEiieso New
rrivlcc on tha bank of tho Rio Grande
Cnpt Hiosselnnd requetiied Iho nutlvasto tike
him on nn elephant hunt They piouilsod to
do m > as toon ta oleplmnts wore reported In
the neicliborhool A fow dnyn later some na
tives came rimhlnc Into tbo village nnd said
they hud seen the track of n rouns elephant
nnd na thny > av no other trncki1 they thought
th rest of the herd niuit he on the other Hide
of the illtlo Koilbn Ulxer Thoir cxperleiuo
told them that thn yutiiic elephant would nnt
remain IODK auitv Irniii tno rest nf tho herd
Cnpt iiro sehtni hnppeno I lo be absent irom
thn vlllneii and Ilia nunteis could not await
bis return So olKht ol them set out attar their
piev and the im t that HroHreland was loll be
hind wns thn Aicklest Incident of his Ilie
Thi olKiit hunter had plentvof powder and
linll an i lilR l > cllli niiiiKitH which ther could
In ul to tlio muzzle Tliniicli the t uncle of
l ix and llikkein they travillcd until their
plruik the trail Hnddtmly thoy ramo upon n
clturlim where they saw the Hnlmitl aim i l a
haliv ole riant balnrii Ilieni Tle > weraaston
lind tlntt Iti lompitnions hail Inlt It nlone
Tho yniinK lirute fconlinR dnnunr becm tn
miilo tratks f r thn forest Kpvprul nhots wero
fluil nr It mid tho siioly wounded aiiliiinls
loud crlort of dlsuc a echoed lai tuiouuli tho
Tha hnntern started toward tho elophnnt
kecpmc bovveve In tho eucn nf ihe tltnl r
wlnro they would ho lestextnod to an offen
FH > cully from tLclr victim All of n suddin
tlmv heard uilin reopondlni to thnso ol thu
roiinifilephant Tlin hunter nt oncecomprt
hiiided that Ihoyvvero In diiniror Thonthor
eleplmntu wen1 not far ol and were runnlne In
answer lo ih eriei of their coinriilo Tho
hliivks Imrneillaiely nhnniloned their victim
will h I iul mllen to Iho jrrouud Theycnuld
hear hohlnd them Ihe crueklnit of the under
erovvth ni tho pendulous animals hastened to
tlin ircn
Lnforiunntely for the hunteis thoy rnn Into
a thlekvt of thornv hrub iliioncli ulilei they
e IM not fnlxo their way After a despenite
eftnit tu Bt throuuh they weru comiwlled
with lilpflhii limb to turn linel und teek
ome lioiter route Thovhad cone hut n foir
plens licn tlhy raw llvo uleihnnts riisliinu
tnwird them further lllclit was Impneltilo
arJ do with their flKhl UUUH tbev blazed away
at thopniDU Thn bullit hit thn murk but
an uirptiant I huid to kill by a front shut and
the animals with redoubled fury rushed upon
the helpless niin
> eviii ofthi in n wero lifted hlch In the air
on Hu trunkof ih aiilmnls ami then dashed
to tli ground broken jualnct thn trees aud
eruslieil nndur foot One man mailhi Cheapo
aiidhiirrla i hack to thevillage uhoao people
were huriorslrlekun at hit recital A Etioic
pitty VTIIH Bent nut to the senno of tho tragedy
J he seven victims vmetoiiud BO terribly mu
tilated that tboir own rolutlves eould hardly
reeiKiibe tliom Ono f the Mvo elephants wns
cm tho round H Forlnuilr wounded thnt h
could nut move The younz elephant whose
crlos hnd bronchi tho comrades that so ter
rihlv nvrncod it vai dying anil tho others bad
dUapl eaied
Mr Clevcluutl FlBhlnic on Zudlun
land and Arty ure trie Rnnta of Mr 11 P IUnL iney
are lolar on Indian Imer uklnrtu tbe famoui Diknj
frroundt off Jupiter Inlt
COUSTIlYMAXINTALLSOn March 27 at the reel
clenre of the brWeA mother by tne Rev J Clement
trench 1 D l harici Kilwin Countryman ut Al
bany S V to l > r ce Ade aMe yuuimeel daughter nf
Mrr Mtrabetli C and ttie lato Thoinae C Injcalla of
FIElU UAltvilri On Tburnday March 3S b tha
Kev Arlhir Hronka Tlinnia 11 field to Carlle W
lUriner dMtKhler of Henrr Well
MESilNibit uuPfcv In Brooklyn on Wedneday
M rti J7 at the church or HIP nurlnia by the Her
1r H > Murra i liarim Ueniy vierrliieer lo Me en
Aun dauchter or Henry c Oifdtii Eiq aJt of
rOLLAItaVAN AAXAM In Brooklyn Sfarcb 27 by
tlie K r Meiihen II Camp Christina daugbter of
J K Van Arnamand Mra J B Van Arnaui M D
to VVa ler II re lard of BrooklTn
WE T IIBr lin VedneiUav SI arch 37 by the Her
nirat A Clreenwond al Smili Urnkirn Laarill
II SelttoCliallle dauehtef if H u Best
BEANEOn the 28th in t at 201 W t llthit Moaei
Hook He A11 f
Fimer rlcs at hi Jat residence on Monday April
1 Ht I I M n 0 omit flower
COVM KIOID On March 13 L 1U Comuerford at
til residence of her fcbter Mr CUrUoa > ew Court
Home i hamb r su i
Funeral on btmdJiy at 2 P M
CUHs I On iar h j 1ruT K J Cornu In hUSZil year
Funeral from til late rentdet < c6 lul KriiiU L brook
Ivn Sunday at V 1 M Membercf Couimnnw ttltti
numll R A Order B J it K Nu I aud num
ber of U il F L ar repectfuUy iuvkeU
DK HhVrtU At Taj or Hotel Jcrtry < Hy on Ttiuri
dy March tiurenre A wile ot Lieorif li Da
Kevett Jr Hired lu ri aud luouthi
FuinTiilirmn M Ietrri Kowti catholic Church Jer
> j t 1 J todar nt HJUI A M
DO > ltlA > Un Marcti Marjr AUD wlfa of Daniel
Funr i from her residence 123 North 7ib tL BrooV
im E I > riuiidky at J o clock
DVKBOn Vmrfh2 Ci i trlu Martin wif of William
lx Iljkv nnJ < latiant ror iho ta e M til ford l rtlu
Ritlvrsan > 4 frlruJi are tindly Invtied to tt nil the
fin ertlftoni her late reilcnce 7 tuil i iL it on
VIoiKi ADD i at IUJ i A M
OERAGMTVAt hbtaie rcMMenc 103 Eaut 35tf it
Rlcriar < i J fepfi le A tp In the 0th rear of hU are
runrriil will take p ac rrnoi M LH rrenc < i tburclu
crnr of 4th t and Park av where aailemn high
requUra will bo offered for the retuiis of bit t ul
loiiiy at 10AM Ilcitse omit Cow ru Fttcera
Gnrate > On March S Pop Mo naumvin at her lat
rcstil De Meinwr Qu n countt > V
KunrrAl w i pikpp ace today at Jifttf M
nuoilf im > rla y M rcb u Atrnr ih yocnreit
danthter of l ter and Mariraret Ku hei and niece
or rtrick Dtinr
Relative i and frind are reipectf ollr Inrltcd to att nd
the funeral onMondar April l from tha reilJtoco
of hrr i > arent Utrj hmit aU ft at r M
MOItniSAt Ait na L I on ednnlnr March ST
l orneliu a Murrii In the 76th yeir of hit ar
Kelatlven and friends U < j member of Aitorla f idce
No IM > O arelnrlted to attend th funeral
tod r aiJ r Jl frum LUiMte rendenc JlctiitDi
UDlHVthiAMiOnThuraflftr Mtrch i ElliaA Mai
hollanJ native nf Tf rone Ire and
Kunernl from her late rtidence Clifton 8 U tod r
atlUA M loerinettt inLaUarr
MAIH MAt uhlturtun I > r on Wednttdar
March UT JHK uo lion IVierl Wahoney at id 40
3ar belfireJ huttiaud of Mnnite A Mciiowati Th
rei tivei and frteridk of the f nlly and an tlie
member of tbe toHnuMati CiuU ht fatrlrk ho
ricty the Coiitiltuton Club and the Democratic
Uui r > f Mrooklyn are tavlud 10 attend the funeral
on Saturday March from trie re l enc of lilt
mother In aw klrt Mainah MKIOWIID JJ9 Weit
iV7tli i thence iotUe thutch < f St taul it Apntiia
Cith it and Vihnv wliern M toleinn requiem m
wlllt rrbrat d at lUoclock A > 1 for Iht rti > oe
Interment at CnUarr Ctmterr Klndlr omit fin we T
OMAllOs In Krookljrn Ur < ti2M i ci th Her Im
ncl K irMallin ion nf Hie U Edward OMalloit
HfilU4year JDO 1 nionih
Tlie rererend ulerfrr aiil friend are tnrlrrd to attend
tliet lemn muo orreauleni nn hatuMlar mornlnr
tnKococt at td Churtb uf the Hacred Heart
riermout AV
QUJ UK tin Thursday March Elirabeth Anna infant
dnujrhtrr of John an1 K In Vulrk
funeral t di T at 1 nclnrk frnin their reiUence 4M
> cit Hth at to Calvary i rn terr
WAILCKln Krcoklyn on Inunday March 28 <
heart dlieave Kl rateth M wnlow of Tbotaai Wat
lce aKC17 VMr
Trienaiar Invlinj tn attend the funeral Mrvten at
her Ut re l < enre 7M Cnlou u on buuday after
HOUR at oclock
WKKT In Ireenwirh Tonn nn Ttiuralar Marcb 2
JutU Carroll widow of Edward C e t
Fnnernl from tier latti rrt < lince VMlllaui T > Iead
to day at 1 M Carrl e i will t > e In wAlllnir at
itrfentrt1 ou arrival of tb UiW r M train from
New crk
MIKtiTCltl ALMiSJC rnll Olt
Eon rliet S 471 SUB let 6 d I Moon rlaej 41
Eandyllook a 331OCT lilaod 7 la IfallQata tat
Arrived FaiDAT Marrh SR
Si nrmirJe Irrlnz Liverpool Maxell > ani Q MW
M rrixe Willierod Bremen klarcb 30And SonUJHaji
S < Mrtnala Maaa namburf
Rt Chateau Lafle oilHIer Bordtaox
S Lainpa > na t rowel UalvrKlou
hn Veniaree McKee Cliarleltou
b Roanokr llnlpbera Newpuri Vewa
ri i Ity or Ilioin e ter Younir well filial Ta
Bi Eleanor Uranr Portland
hi Prm 11 A hendt RlaJanrlro
h Chalmette Uimon ew Drleana
Ei Benefactor Norton Wllmlngton V G
h K M Urune Lewli Bulllmote
Phlp Alia Illltoa Calcutta
hhli Annln iionder fender Rio Janetrcx
Unit Acadla Miirnll cienfueco
Dark Albert hehnli Ilerce Uatbidcea
Ilarl Wlmln Meyer Palatiit
bark Iuliioon liranrcomK 8t Klllt
Hark Thnma Bronka McCoil ciuantanam
Hark tlaliy Reed Mitchell Cardena
Km k Illue Him Mllclitner Hlack iltvir J
Uru Alaiia Berk Uatan7 a
Urltf iiuilrun hlada Aracaiu
For later arrlvali tee Jottlnn About Tetra
81 Brltannle from Xew Yoai al Quaenitowc
he Done from > ew nrk at Hloiri
M Alr from New York at fnnibaniDton
ba Martello from New 1 ork paated tb
iiiLKc ritou roRfiaa roars
Rt ParlAk from Fhlddi for New York
haroiarla from lUmburirtnt New Vork
bs Cryiial from Leliu for ew York
Anybody Color Blind Auo r4l
Tbe bark Thomas Kelllarcot In
from Antwerp Capu Thowion report tbalca Thora
< tay aliol M twenty five miet KfiFofQie Ul k
linila lie wai run Into by an Iron American inl > B
ward bounJ whl < b truck tb Kelllaron the starboard
quarter carryinr awar hricet ind dolna otber 4an
lie Ihe > bln ll tupootxl In bave beo It Till C
rtarbjrk iMpt Curn and Capu ThompAon aayt ifc
bid litrnlde Ilihti reverted the cretn IMnt lo > ROM am4
Ib red lliut to ilarboiiO Cat f ft rlitt cm ui TM
piobiHy not lamtsti

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