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I 1
Tirr Enter CnK at Wild aidant nt HAP
ntlmV One Timlin Ihe Man nnil the Other
VIii Tlpei TliHrN < < rv nrtJe Kxperlrnrn
Old Hlion mm AatnnlKlieil t the Kxntolt
Tin following rcinnrhnhln Btory which Is
truoln every artIctinr rolntos the aterkiie
of two reporters who voluntnrlly fnoml nrpull
Ing longer In nticst of n now form of adven
ture Tlio reporters woroN A Jonninga and
Vf 1 Uoiio
I Tho two rvrNisn SUN ropoilerR whorodei the
blc plophnnts Fritz and lyp In tho ftreet
L rnrailo TIIt Irldny evening were convorslnu
with Huperlntelident luorcn Conklln of the
nnlnml iloinrtment tn the flnrdon yoMordar
when tlio subject of lion nnil User training
< nine IIP Wllllnm H Winner ono ot tho most
famous lion ttvinorn living today hnd also been
cpokcn lo upon the amo subject a day or two
previous and had told tho reporters iminy
Interotlng details connected with tho breaking
of such treacherous nnlranln KB thoso with
clticli Ito 11aM had Indent for n quarter of ft cen
fury Mr Winner IB a ecnnoil veteran In that
lino of business and knows nil about It As
tnulo marks liobenru many proofs of deadly
I encounters with theo nnlmnls and has been
I near deaths door ninny times un a result of
battles with them
What was your experience tho first time
Toil entered a don wui asked of one of the
i Well 1 cant tell you Thii doori woro
p closed liotwpott nto mid the animals but that
doesnt mako tim nllKhtoot dllTnranco to thorn
lor they can ronch through tho harM of the
cwss doors and taken lo off you as easy ns
i oiling olT n log If t hey lit U BO inclined anti you
cant cot away from them either I wont In
t ant stood Mill in tho corner 1 hndnt boon
there hundredth part of a second It poemod
to mi when n p iw about as big nud ns yellow
I i a canvassed ham struck my log romovod
I half n yard of my trousers and somo of the
I ekln
What did you do then r was asked ns the
t newspaper men exchanged clnnces and vvon
derod vvlmt niiinnor of consolntlnn or encour
nceinontoould be cleaned from this tale
Then my hair ro on end my knees t4ruok
together and I rolled or fellor tumbled out of
the door as quick as the Lord would lot me
Kxdteii Well just n trifle I Imnclno
3ut do you moan topny that If a division
door Is closed the animnls can roach n man la
the ompty conipnrtniont
This was a ilollcato qtiOBtlon nnd the re
porter waited most nnxloiHy for the reply
I If t it vvero la the negative Ilion thero would bo
I but littlo dancer If In the affirmative It was
barely pohslblo that tlio idea ot becoming lion
tamers would bo iBiioiiilnlously abandoned
and sheep would bo used to commence laniinc
operations with So it was tlmt every word the
trulnor dropped in his reply was easterly swal
lowed In n vain look for an nssiirlnc sentence
Certainly they can get you They can reach
about three foot The middle compartment is
only 3 foot wide and If you move out of the
way ot ono the tiger In the other end ot the
case will have u picnic with you
But cant the end comportment be need for
the men to stand In Instead of the middle one
bULcesled a scribe
No lltro Is no door except In the middle
compartment Oh its all one commitment
for that matter Those cmtcd doors only roach
to within u foot and a half of the top nnd are
fiiAtenod only b > u halfInch bolt droring into
u socket in tIle floor anyway Wo dont euro
for that though lor even if they do push the
heparatlni doors open m they v try ultoti do
o hit them a bolt on the noso with a iiiwhld
uinl chits them bncL That duosu amount to
anything turly tltero was littlo in this Interview to
raise tho eouraeo or spirit of the selfappoint
ed lion and tluur tniniMs Tho < = o keepers nctu
Lilly thouelit they WITH beinelntorMeweu in the
ortlnxloi war and nil that was wnutud cit 8 n
thrllllnu Htotr lo bo used in the manner BO
l common with ntich nxltlnK nnrrnthei Would
tIne nver titdorstnnl that it wan sympathy I
and encournuemont the importers Wanted and
iiiitblooiUUIihty accounts of man helm eaten
by the beastH I
It want inure ronfollnR to the spirits of the
L adventurous pair lioucxcr when Mr Loiiklin
remarkeil in an audible asiilo that thero woe
really no ilnntor in u mu into a cage
t provided the popon who enttiel kept his wits
about him nnd didnt uhnw the white feather
bow that wu coiiMilIn mil bottlIng to the
feelings of the senbis and lie objvetof the
luootinc wns broached bi > foro he had time to
mid anything lo Hpoil the olTout They wanted
Mm to Miy that It wilt nil rIght and bifo and
i11y nud evltlnB und plniRuiable anyhow
C whether it wan so or nut Iimicinntlon In lion
S and tluertnminu IH In all other thine uoea A
long ty If the teuorteis could oulv bo led to
Jmiialuo that Itwas all right they would not
hesitate a moment
As for slitmitie the white feather they looked
nil around under tho vans In vain lot such n
iitelul article M > us to havo it on hand If It
wore needed but It could not bs found hence
there wale no dun nor of their showing it O
those Points tlio trainer and supeiliitendent
were soon Informed and then out popped tho
question in nslnKlo breath by both
May wo no lu and interview those lions and
tigers i
What ttneped Superintendent Conklln In
Jo In thero screamed Winner with three
iclnmatlon points understood
Yes sir
Now of course
Youro joklnu ucnt you
1 Ito veteran atilmnl man wns assured that
the rarxjrtors wero poaitivuly In auiuit nnd
tnninf rtvnrv won ti tlliiv Hllil IIt tnfiL 1L litlla
lime lor lhnilihlatii I I tiun I con so It ad with Tuel y
Itamtltnn tho coiual tiroes un > jnt for thu bit
hliow Kcllnr Ito iiiaeicinn uu ito wits also proc
CDt held up both liumln in holy horror nit he
baio thouiilit of such a thing and boLUOl THR
ivrNiNi htiN miii tn give up their schemo
llnro titan a bnoro of the t uttendantH oi thu tinl
mal cages woro uathiiod about and had hoard
tilt untihiial IOIIIIIJH with horror und MirprNe
Jlut It hail been mado In good faith nod this
Mr Conklln I vasM > on conxliuod of
Well youll tio tho llrfct nowhintpor men who
ever inturvlewed these anImals In them house
und Ill but youll bo lie I Jii1 lor ninny u year
Ituilf you havo the courage to to Ill iro with
ou and kiiLo jou in Will koudolt V
A lather t faint but nono the I < SH distinct
Yes spoken double nettled the matter and
then It wu too lute to buck out iitht > report
rr would doubtlo hun wllllnclv coiihentod
to withdraw hail tho other made thin Initial
Htop In thai direction but neither would iniike
the duct move toward n hackdmvn
Hupeilnteiidcnt Conklln I I nhicad two am nil
tcpladdiirH Inside the riilllni In front of the
cii gus nud then t plnuod ono nf f tholnddors t I In I
front cif the vauo vontiilnliiK the liana mid thus
other In a Minlhir ponltlon at th tltior don Ho
unlocked lie tiuoti but still t I loft thorn I fustenud
Hiid tuliod in t tho t llrxt iKiiortoi to cot ready
TholliilM uore to bn ldtcd Hist and they ul
dcntl know ttmt tomothinu unitaual was about
to liiiptieu
Mr Kellnrnnil fully twenty contleinon who
wero Inttiioitiiil I lit I tlio wollnrn of the I reporter
wliu WIIH tn RO In I nun n to n Muinlln front nf th
cauo Kellur bide him I a Kino iroodby and
rtuperiiiloudjut Conklln fawiini bauK the > heavy
iron door
Ton had bettor tnko your ovorioat oil said
Maituigot ConUlin tu Ihowntei t Its best to
hn free If I f ant h t it lug luinkl ituir quits
rite leiuirtar looked at lhobi > two lions In
their cato liniinnd 1 eurnoxllv The male lion
wit hi his grrat mane and noblu kingly I fnrn tiiS
lying at full Ivnclli Hour tho hunt uf the cage
Jilt IIUHO was rocilDK between his otitstrotolied
IIUWH and he mot the rohiurhortu gaze with Mich
Binlld calm dlirnlllod look that at the time It
did not ncom as thuucli im would condi scend
to bo Ugly arid bUViiKft under any choum
Hnnoes Tim llonts wa not so lazy nor to
Uigiiltlcd In uiipearanoo Mienan imclnk back
arid iortiu In tic t little compartment ol the lili
CHLU Jim loblnil her myal i HPOIIPW and she
pfometl IUbtlosulnui III ntcuse Ivorynownnd
then t > hit opoiicd her iiiotith in n mont prodl
lilDiio yiiwii HUI thereby dlcolosod too rows of
Croat white gilstining teeth In anything butts
iitaasurina miiiuior Who didnt teom to notice
tho repot torn all
Are you emily hnulrod Mnnaner Conk
lln na ho look nil hlx coat and openod Hie door
to tho inlildlo ioiiipfirtinuiit of f the big iii ito
lIit I writer isnt oulto luitdv to ie 1 eaten iii lu e
at that moment but I us ho hud nxpreM < ed uwish
to learn by eAimrleiuo just how It HIMIII lo lie
sib lit it in in n cons uilh ivu i Ions I until ns it
would net nr hnvn dune in I hmo biiki il I out at
V that Ii nile hu TiroitiUcd tn I i inlio cIT liU I i over
coat Jla I d itt nii huiry t liluiscli I a tiat tide lu
U diii tug this 1 jui lit Inihto Is ntit illiciiilled at ally
time und bosh iuc hit had n filnt liopu that
thuliiiiiijokliit titus llonK I would nollcc Ills di
liberate 1 1 nmniior nnd hut It durn In tholr mliiib
toicuKsioioollut9H Hut tivmi vli aoiio lain
no hurry It dotont tul > o Miry Joins lit got out of
a loosullltlii OMriOitt and In much too niiort
u time for comfort lie repot terwoa obliged to
uiinnunre that ha WAV ready
Louie titan old than you bad better let It
I Losall Tody1 IJaiulltoQut this junnturs us
belaid lie hunind cimtly on the reiorln shout
iier ion know there leno i real ii cevHlty lor
I iou to KO Into that mge I tell you honestly
tact I wouldnt do It myoolf for J10UOU
itut this avjio kindly as It was came too
I late Tho rernrtnr WIIB half way up the little
ladder before Mr Huuilltonhud Oabljed speak
lag In another Inntant hn WAS In the eng
lieKlilo Manager Conkllu and that gentleman
had clOBoil tho door
Keeping as near the centre ot the middle
rompartnionl of the rase axpoHlhlo the ra
porter 1ioknd nbout him On hln right In the
cnHtariiiuopt compartment wa a croal man
mitlng Ilvmtnl tiger lie wits lylnu close to
thin burn which eeimrnlfd him from tho middle
compartment and tho lairs wore so wide apart
hunt ho could ea lly huvo thrust till pawn be
tutionu thou and trmclHd thin reporter Ther
wins it wlikod gleam lu tim big tlimifl great
grotto etcs ami It MooiiRd tn gain In ferocity
whou MnnnucrConklin casually lemarkrd that
he wan tile most himtue Hear hn had eve
noon In a monaifprlo In all hH oxporloncn Jim
reporter would hao Bhrnnk uway from tiio
terrIble animal If he had had room but the
middle compartment WHO only nbout four
foot vide und In moving away from the tiger
lie would biito been obliged to Kit clo u to
the lions end of the cage This was not tq
be thought of fora moment ns the lions hat
brcomu greatly excIted as noon as thovhai
seen the strnugorcome Into thn rage and they
wnro Hiiftrlim nud loitpingnbout though they
BmclliMlrosh mont nnd wanted to got ut It
The reporter looked nt them as they lashed
theinsehomigatnst the sIdes of their den until
ns ho ratmht sight of the ferocious gleam itt 1
thclroon he began to think that ho hnd bottn
havo tnkrii Mr llwinlltons iidvlco utter nit
und Minalnrd outMdo Tho only tech coot
titan there at that Little was Mnnngvr Conklln
for when the reporter cast a hasty glnncu at
the little crowd In front of the cage he saw
uimn every fore a iitruilniiiui loii oxpreisloi
rudy Hamilton hind taken ott his hunt anti
waa wiping his forcheid und Mr Knlhir wise
an wlilto KH a sheet of paper Tin KVKSIS
SUN IIIHU had but Illllo time to notice this
however lb I lo saw It all ut once gluncn In a
moiiinnt morn he had eyes for nothing but the
uivti pants of the cage
Himid ulll thete Hgatnst the back of th
diirola tlm middle said Uonoiior Conklln in
a lnw video
The reporter tool one step backward anti
felt tho bars nt the lenrof the cage touch hits
bnik Muimgiir Conklln stopped to the door
which puimrated the inhthilhii coiiipfirtmiat front
that t In which the nxcltetl lions were confIned
and pulllnu the bolt opened It
And rluht then occurred poinothlnc whir
thn lopurtor U ut H loss to fully explain rite
nowspupur man li a continued cigarette
pmokei und him hems l > for many yiiirs but It I
would cortalnly scouts that at that supreme mo
mcnt when ho wis to moat two foroolotis lion
lace to fucii he would not have thought of >
smoking At hula writing several hours after
nnril he caiinot remember that bo thought of
It at nil lint bo that as it may ho certainly
did take n cicnrctto from hii pocket end Huh
II H wacnt n ploco of bras dohi didnt fee
binui nt allit was dimply a purely mprhanl
cm notion The proof of this Is that ho dlsrov
ured with suriii Iso after hn hnd come out of the
rnco that he was smoking a freshly lighted
As soon i 11 Manager Conldln had pulled the
hi > lt of that deer from its catch the lion epruni
ncalitbt It und forced It open He was closely <
hollowed tic the lionets rite two great nnl
mills bounded oauorly Into tho middle com
luirtimmt where the two men whom they could
hate killed ut ono blow wore awaiting them
Tho presence of a Mrarger coined tooxello
them to fury Thoy throw their tunny bodlo
nguliiHt the sldos of the cngo arid snarled and
Ktowlcil lit i unite Flue lions I body rubbed
ngiiiust tho reporters loc itndas tho monarch
ol tilt forest felt the orntact ho roared tslthi all
the OWIT of Ills inlyhty aer
Swiili and the tawhldo whIp which Manage
Conklln carried cut full In the lions face It I
ivas n cruel blow but It was a necessary one
As tho liun fell itc sting be snarled and xhowoi
nil his tooth but he knew thatlt wits his miiste
who hud struck him and he boundod buck Into
tbo compartment from which he had come
The llones followed close after him
A boon as they hind lr > ni od in MnnncorConk
lln sprang for tlie door to cloult hut before ho
could do so the lion had dashed against It 1
nmdn iiiid l xvns hack In the middle uompartnien
inure enraged tlmu evor This time the lioness
she hud followed close after her mateshow
cd hot ugly disposition
She backed into the corner of the comcnrt
ment by the burs ot the tigers denand showei
nil her teeth us flho swayed her body from side
to side uf neat does when about to spring upon
a biid Her bate was bounding about the
vompirttueiit like a rubber bull Twice ha
npinng Into the air as high as the reporters
But Jlnnngor Conklln knew where the great
cr danger lay Ho Bppeared not to notice tile
lion at all The lioness claimed all his atten
tion LiltIng that trrrlble rawhide whip again
ho dealt this crouching lioness a blow across
thn see which brought her lo her senses In
short order With n howl of race or pain she
leaped buck Into her compartment followei
this time by Ihe lion
Manager Cunklm hud failed to fasten the
door Lofore but not PO this time WIth a
movement as rapId as that of the lions born
solvps ho wns at the door in n flash and hat
spiutic the bolt The lions were In a toworlnt
rare when they found that they could not ret
out again and they dusbed their huge bodies
uculnt this burs lit a vain effort to brnak
tliiouub theta while thor Howled and snarled
and spit witn Impotent anger
All ihls t Dcrfuinitinco hnd boon watched with
ten Iblo intrcit bv the manaatlcg tiger In the
other compartment only two or three bet away
the tirror of the India junclo was almost be
side Iihnuuuohf wiLts excltotnent Ills long claws
wore iititihuathod and hifl fangs nore running
with saliva His jaws worked convulsively
If bo could have only broken into whore the
lion taiuir and the reporter stood he woubl
have totu thorn to pieces hi the twinkling of
out eye It would have needed redhot irons
instead of n rawhide whip to have subdued
him and it may bo remarked that redhot Irons
are not kopt oimtlminlly on hand In Madison
NiuaioOardfii Ah the reporter left the cage
the tiger thrust one great paw between the
bars and tried 10 roach him but the dkuauce
TVUSO few Indies too great luckily
hen THE KVENISII StK titan reached the
ground again Hollar rushed up to him and
threw his arms around his neck The great
mncldan who has travelled all over India aud
a good pait nf 1 southern Alrlca was completely
overcome with excItement He hugged the ro
poiteras If he ImdCbcen a longlost brother
anti when hn hat llnished bugging him ho
irraspcd his hand arid us ho rung it with tier
tout energy hisahl
I wouldnt do what you did for ono million
Tho feelings that ncitated the mind of the
I eporter who bad watched his fellow scribe
pass through he exciting ordeal related
nbovol In his own words may butter ba linnc
Inii than desorlbcid The thing had boondona
and the tons hnd boen lslted limit t > enmad
In t him that t tln I > lions hud lUmx vary much the
iiin tol tilt vKitinu nnd as it had been cracti
cnllyd m n > < tratod tliatirepiirtoriniildgn i Into
I Ii cir then nnd coin out nguin alIve lie dblnt
see HIM lisa of visiting the tigers nt uU Why
couldnt thnt purl of It bo taken for granted
n in how Hut n heat ty hamlhlmko from his
cornpnnio restored fiom us lint had undoubt
ed y boon u groat dnpgui assu red him und he
wouldnt 1 havebhown that white fctth r if hn
hud bueii sort of losing a loc Ho alien Sti
perlntandent Conklln told him touct rtady he
hlepiiod rninply i to the railing dudsod under
It iind mounted the stops Ho had boon told by
Ito Niipfiilntondent that it would bo Impossi
ble tn iilouso tho tigers so na to show thorn in
the uiie cnmpartment wills himself and tbo
ITpoitor for tlie reason Unit they were frosli
iinimal unbroken to the sight of sttutigorB in
tntilr I inliKt and Hint t it would be mull iclu uI I lo
iitltiiiiot tn handle thorn In a manner similar to
that In I which thu lions had been handled He
fiiithnr allayed lie ropnitorlal fears by assur
ing Idm that lluei were of a much llurier and
niipi Iroiuhuroiiji pnsltion uud nero twlco
ns quick in tholr ninveiEioiitH Tbo ronortiir
molt ghit that if I t this Inttor wait it fnct n Uoiiiul I
tlueroould give chaIn Jlghitmilog a bnundlitttp nod
UUtlllll It
Now when you gut into he I don look out for
their HIIUH and scollmt they dont catch you
or thoyll I ta r youririu n or li > u right out of the
pockol JD I u inn html tiny careful I lo keep In I t lie
near o tIme vitt mind lookout for this big main
tititur i Over hem hout a Viciiiaimivil This niw
liultlvoly refrnHhlng UVUIH dalfglitfiil Such
n protpoct luifi fm moiiients ploHKiiro > if nn
pisiHln sort soinothnes turns I mens heads It
lurnud t thn I report luru for bythatlme h I hu hint I
toailind the topMep his distorted Uitiii Haw
forty lluorlDiitcid of four and ditch of thorn
hnd Ilxlit loot tilted with BlMeon murdorous
looking clnuHpuili It WIH a rnro sight tiuly
nnd one the writer will not Bonn forgot As he
ptiili0 I liln head rough Iho I small door antI
troll ii 0 hiih If hn un mutt evor come out of It itt Ire
llm HfivinK of IIH vhlklhood pasted inpldly
thiouch lilatnlnil iiniiRhtofdlslHntfrlonda
finil u I ihlnus I I and ivonderod what would bo said
whun Iho next blioner of iiteiit wits withered up
In hnntuoky or ilHuuhuro for ho wuhift just
poslilto as to whnro ho wnuld be found An
otherHtap forward mind roreint wits cut off for
Mr ConUin banged the heavy Iron door shut
and Inched It
Kvnrythlnuln that inmnQprlo seamed dis
torted Hnd distended Tim faces of the Report
ers IrlondHotitsldo lookuil larger than usual
nnd all tsome the minn uxpronsion Ketlarn
buhl lioad HIOIID in Ihe electric light like a pol
iHlied door lnoh I and was dotted all I otor with
broths ot oohl par > irition 1oor fellow he
KiillMind as miiflh tutu anxiety as did the be
pertc ii tlimiiBihos
Ihut heavy rawhide onrrlpil by the Stip rln
tnudent vKiMiiin at work on tho t tigers Lb lit
Piitloulurly iiorce goiillomiiii who occupied this
hucoud floor front mado hium foil before lie
viMtors had been inbldo thu coca two seconds
A light Irongrtitud dcmi or more properly it
linrrud dnor foi It was constructed of hulfinuh
round iron rods running nrtlrally nt a ills
lance of live Inches apart vrnt all that sopaittt
ed the boast from hisrovutod hirer
Tho door wits made to cwlnuopun In the
inldille and It didnt reach to thin lop of thin
cugo by about u loot It was n wonK looking
Hurl of un affair and was fusloned byndiop
bolt also of hitlfinoh Iron which fitted Into a
iiicholn thu hoar It wan plain to be been that
H nniild open easily under pressure
rite ropoiter took a position in the rear of
tho cairn anid tried to look both wa > s at once
Je as ho nould he couldnt keep track of all
Silo tigers Tlinlr big utrlpod bodieH bounded
blther and thilhor anti they stomed anxious
tohitTO a taste of hlHllesh While ho was gin
torly Mopping an Inch or two to the right to
escape the formidable flaws of a chint tmw
thrust through ilia rnrtltlon tiers on his left ha
11 It a hot breath m hU tees and a iftowl or
your sounded In his vary ears that fairly mid
tile hair stand on end
A uulck glance around mind the terrible rfd
jaws ot that particularly ferocious llgornf the
second floor front wore porn within loss than a
foot of his face The animal had sprung nt this
swing doors caught them at the top with lilt
forefoot nud was trying to net his head
through tho opening over them And lie all
but succeeded ton To describe this thoughts
Hint I tllttod nt lightning like opeied through tint
reporters brain in that second of time would
bo nu unending talk
Ho moved onlyn little hut enough lo escape
the threatened danger only to hook the other
way and Iind the whole tiger household up on
the grated doom snarling and rnarliiK at him
their little gracnlsh yellow eyes emitting sjIn
tlliutloiiK nf tale light nnd their cruel white
fangH sheathing und niihoiitlilnz an they
snapped their red Jaws together In anuer aud
excitement From the nuse of this bud tiger
who occupied the second floor front to the
fniiffs ot his neighbors whol lived iu the rear
wim Just fortytwo Inches
Mldniiy between these stood the reporter
dodging hither and thIther to escape tho mus
cular pawn as they were tluust through le
tweon tho Iron rods In the door In an ondenvor
to reach him and rend htm limb from limb
Jim danger anti terror trots further mlded to
by I this taut thut the 3iiporintonlenl ncolilnnl
ally let ohio the bolt on the bad tigers door In
trying to secure It more llrmly so that the
ferocious animal so far succeeded In his olTort
to get nt the reporter ns to force the doom fur
mwnrd and part them sufUclentl to get hH
head through but was beaten hack by the
heavy rawhide In the Superintendents hnnns
The bolt Khot In pluce and the reporter shot
out the Instant the outside door was opancd
The first lowon lu lion anti tiger taming had
boon a smoess and the reporters tile now con
vinced that they ran Become adopts In tho busl
UOIR In a short time if they want tobut they
dont want to It was such an experience na
has never before fallen to the lot of n newspa
per man so far as the showmen know It wiis
nxcltlng lu the extreme hazardous and per
hnpp loolhaidy but It was done lu precisely the
manner as narrated above tn uvory iletnll
The cages of the lions and tigers nt Itarnum
1 llitllevs show worn a great attraction lust
night Thousands of persons gathered in front
of them who bad load of the duuting aiivoflturI4
of thin two liv KNINII HUN reporters who volun
tarily entered th cagoc tumid Inlorvlewed the
unlmulson Krldnyntiornoon Thociowd talked
of nothing but the reiklcssntis anti noivo of
the moil who had dared thin lions and tigers In
their dons The IIIBII oonnected with tho cir
rus wore talking about this adventure all day
Hundreds of people piled thorn wIth questions
hut llm circus men Bald that tho story as told
lu THK UvRNisu bux was a full und absolutely
truthful account of what hind happened
AHUM reporter talked to a number of par
soils connected with the dhow yettordny about
thin philoit of tho two KVKNIMI Sus repoitors
Mr James A Uailoy the partner of 1 T liar
DIIIII could hardly ibid words to oxproba hid
I never heard of sneh a thing being done
beforo lie bald and furtborinoro it will
never be donouKiiln In this how I tiave given
nrderstotlititellnct When we tire in winter
liiartors vu break men in to handling the lions
und leers I iflous they in lulo ttio cairos llrst
wo huvo u lot of men stationed just
outside with iron bars meat hooks red hot
irons and other weapons to bout the unlmiils
oil if they should attack the iiiitii In tho cage
Tho teportars did not have anything m i dafetid
themselves with except bud pencils nnd
cigarettes Theiu was no preparntlou
of any kind nnd if the lions or
tigers had attacked them the reporters
would have been killed Instantly Tbo Idea of
green men going lute tlitisu cages IB turi lithe
tome Why I wouldnt do what they did lot
any oonsldoiatlon Nothing could indticu mo
to go iuto ono of those cages with Ueorge
Conklln or nuvbody sIec
When Tody Hamilton told yesterday
that two reporters wanted to go Into the cages
I never suppuseti for an Instant that they really
meant to do it 1 thought they were loklnc
and 1 said Yes lot thnntgo In If thor want
to If I had thought they meant busluesn I
never would have given uty consent lbut only
goes to show that Idldnt know what kind of
stmtlT Tim EVEtNu Stnrreporters were mado of
Hereafter if there should bo any roan news
paper reporter or otherwise who wants to risk
his life by going Into a den of wild animals ho
will have to do It outside of this show I dont
want his blood on my hands and I have taken
stops to prevent any repetition of tho perform
ance I consider that thoso reporters bare hail
a wonderfully lucky ccape and to save my
life I cannot understand how they managed to
get out alIve
Wllllnm H Winner the veteran lion and tiger
tatu < > r was found In front of the cage contain
hag the Beegsi tigers that were vlsltod by the
newspaper men
1 never heard of any newspaper men at
tempting such a thing bolero he said Bud I
consider that they ran an awful risk The
Jiones in that < air > hare is a rattle
brained nnl in al und tics only boon 1 in cap
tivity a > enr blue is very excitable aud
you cant depend upon her mit all Sonic
day she Is I comparatively gentle and ujiim
Is I terribly ferocious When the reporter who
went Into hat don stepped inside the door ho
took very lone chunces ho did Mr Conklln
for how was ha to know what would happen
Uf course the animals might behave fairly
well then agaIn they might not und the
chancos wore In favor of the latter
No reporter ever tried that foaL before and
I doubt if mother will ever try it Its a tory
risky biifilcefcs but thoo mttn did it uuil got oft I
easily runii nicely Thny might go In a second
time anti get out alive but If they tried it again
It might bo fatal They might bo torn to sluods
and Hover have a chanco for theIr llvo I
wouldnt have risked taking them In there for
the animals mIght have got rattled and at
tacked mo an well ns tho runorters
hut those tIgers are the bal onas They
are troacherotih and ferocious to a high de
greo and you cant depend on them a minute
They sue worpe than lions by fur and I would
not think of taking a stranger into their dun
I L think tho adventure of those two ruportors
roust have boon orv eioltlne to them and it
would have boon much morn so list thaw Known
what they have Mnce found out by experience
ive boon n lion turner for twentyeight ream
and havo handled ol ports of eat animals but
lover did I boar nl such doings betoro It was
certainly a norvy act on their parr
Henry llaruiini who has gniHii gray haired
itt Iho show buqInous said that he wouldnt
go Into either of those dens tor tlDliOO He
tiara that thu longer u man IR with n tliow Ito
unto h comes to fear tlgors nnd lions ami
that nothing would Induce him to take the
rlikB tim ronorlcis took Ho considered it u
daring but foolhardy thing to do
Wttlhttn Nowinuti the voilknown nlnnbnnt
tralnor bald
lienlsawtlioso boys go into the dons I
turnoil my luail riway until exiectcd to hear n
Hhrlik at nny momuiit It was the most nMon
Ibhint action on the part of reporters 1 ever
hiinnlof ami it eertiilnly never watt Mtenu > to < l
before f cure wont into n den of byeuiiH
anti came out alIt e but into that
tiger iloa or lion eieo 1 wouldnt K < I
fur half ot Nmv ioik I know both
tIm reporter pnisunnlly and well Thoy tire
tue boys who redo my big elephants 1 uinid
1 ritz In the parade and aro the llmt novsi
tpr men who ever rude tlioin Friti Iii u holy
terror triton he nets frightened and if hn rims
old O > p follows I told them ull about this
nnil triad to dlHsumto tbem from going
Putt they illilnt HI nro worth n rent
ilhien 1 saw they were toinilmd
to go I said nothing moio but
J tell you I wustiiicny every tnlntito until ne
got hack to tho linl I ii i Athhth avon ml o and
Joi Until struct truant tho vlintiuntsHtartsd to
hUmpade they t sat us coolly ns Arabic mind
never iqiienled Hut miotber renorlcr lied In
titter tt the nniro sight ol a cninol he had tieeu
HeleeteJto tide and got out of the OuirLicni
before the rrotcu lon HUrtml When
tlm boys told me limy vi > io going Into tim lion
und tiger races 1 dldat hay 11 word for 1
Inewitvvas uutaiess J tell you it ant a dan
gel IOIH Iblng I iind 1 I tsoii itt rtt do It I for four
Jiitrmim shows I wonder what the jII ba ut
not V
Uno of the elephant attendants who wns
pieuuttt nhen Tot J VEMMI hus pinn Iltterid
the cages Hiiid cuiilfely uiiel hHfChilvcl >
1 tllrint think t they would have tutu nerve to
do It but when I iav Inem go in 1 looked
around for ii shiotol and hasUot In which to
Kcrann up their loniiilns for 1 was sure thai a
would bo u muss of Mood and lumen in tliovo
cages Never hoard of auMliliig hike it hKforo
lilck Illlotl tInt iotuu ror out unlmulK whcilian
hoots with t ito Illinium show for RaVHiitvun
yours and su iiti use seen sovuial porions torn
to pieces by Hears and lions was found in the
oitiCI wouldnt iiiioye it wits pomtlble for those
men to to into thn dens and uome out nlive
he said if I hadnt tuch posillvw proof of It
J would not do what tiiwy did for Ito linrniini
show leiKlpIs und all and Ive lietm around n
menagerie nil my life arid no vain knovvHinuro
about tlm habits nf this ito I minIs than 1 do as
tin outsider In 1N7U I I hair tho linn tumor
Joe hitter uliDott torn to plecia In hIs
don by a male Hon anti George Conklln
wont Into he cage u little later with n club and
almont klllid the lion 1oor Jon utoil to put
Jilh lieud Inlo I I the llonB month wlnn imrfoim
ln1g in isle usa Un his oteusinu lie had just
lilaopil his head between lliw aiiiiR tad jaws
whpn ibe brula shut down on him und llteinlly I u
Mt bit lace oil lie fouulit bravely but trite
t ioJ by tho I lion tigit Iii IhlH Ilinu I I being bit I en
through tin leg Ho was lescund iiUur
the t iinlnml bad boon biiini i < il with lint lions
Thou leorco Lnnklln uvula sent for ll value
nnil went into the age He took a clutnnil
beat hut I I lion iinmuruifully and oh h Ito it cii the
brnlo hid tistiil huinun blood I oaiiiti suit
diiod anti aliiiOKt killed him It wes jiiht
nidi a lion as thu ono In thu cage
wheio tho roportoM wore anti its a
nilhtory to inn that u similar connie
was not vvltn8ssiilVhvlt wus the most iimimml
and dunKvroim till nt J ever heard of 1 wonlilat
have boon in tholr nhocn fur iiinytiuiutg on ourtli
When I lecture on anlmulHin thin inonsulgem Ic I
niVur nktoh the > people hut always kep my
eye nit tIm nriliiialg They are ta troutthieroue
that Ilieyll suotch un arm off you quicker than
One of tho moat excited spectators present
vfhon the reporters treat Into tlio dots usioht
ed above was Harry Kellixr the magician Ho
iu a worm inrsoiml friend of both man and hid
anxiety while they were In the ileus was pain
ful to witness When llr Keller was asked
what he thought of tho adventure he could
hardly speak
nil how eUil I was when thy cot nut I
fait an If my own flesh nail blood was In thnt
den thin I paw lions nnd tigers pittmighmiu until
rearing about springing hlllmr nnil thither
and nlrno Upon thain Thoyro bnlh filnndn
nt mine and although titer hail only n little
lime before tended inn tip with doughnuts and
cakxHiind imon mo thu ginnd rnzrle dazzle
I thtiuuht as much of them ns If
they stoic brnthois The ftcony to mite
was uiiluarablo nail 1 wouldnt sets llm
thins donut auiiln for niif amount of
money I wriiililntlal hue boyuu do It either If
1 rnulilprevent It It vats thin nnrviont piece
ot bunliiriMi 1 over saw Thny went In met to
get lie nvporlnncc of standing face to faro with
lullglow n vicious until IrenohorouH lions and
tluers and Im ns glad to know they Cain out
allvo us If I htddono Iho t t hi lug myrlf t I which
I wouldnt do torn cool million It Stis ft great
art but n dangerous one 1 tell you I saw It
all anti 1 reallro fully just whlt I Isk they ran
General Mimnjterl rank Hyatt who has boen
In the clrcu business for tncntypoven jears
anti who has us lionxtirossos It been every
thing nbout time show mild that ho had Rioter
hoard of a stinticer golnu Into n llotm or tigers
cage before and didnt think It likely that ho
vt on Id ever hoar of another Instance of It
Pliers haste beeniloensandMornsnf nests
paper muii who proposu to dn It I t ho snub but
they nil weakened when the limo cminnie logo
In I cant iindorHtanil those KVXNIMI
InN mens object In doing II If they
were truing to got Mmm nplooo and
hind their liven heavily Insured It might
make Home Qlflerenco but I understand limit
all thoy did It for wise to got tho experience It
bents nnythlng I ever heard of for enterprise
Hunorintendnnt Conklln who took tlm re
tiorters Into llm i > ugt < Is recognlred nut one of
the mmt tinning llun and tiger tumors
In America Ho used to vut his bund
lu I tho lions I mouth nud make u
caeoful of the big iinlmalt perform nil
SORt of trIcks Iludoohnt know wlmt tear Is
but ho understands batter titan anyone por
It ate the iliingorol handling lions and tluors
lie has boon any iiumler of molt either killed
or mainiod by the animal and ha has hud
mmiv narrow escapes Himself
Ofonurpo homtid lust night It Is nn old
story for mn to go into lions and tigers cages
but then they I know mo and 1 undnrMnnd how
to hiuitllo them InnvHrtookapfrfnctlystriiiiuo
minis into a cmugo alt Ii inn bolero and I dont
think 1 over will ngnln When Idldn t puccicd
In closimig that doorbotvvnenthBCouipartments
1 CTlfetttt that 1 wits a little nervous Thu lions
were uettlnif greatly oxolted and I winus afraid
thnt tlie Honors particularly might get ugly
1 could sue that she was a littlo frlght
oneil and fright Is A great thing to
bo drcndoiU ii riun lions becomn frightened
they lose all conttol over themselves und will
attack any one I never felt that 1 woubl com
plelaly lose control of tho animals but I know
that thorn was a chance and n big ono Unit
thoymiclit suddenly attack thin reporter If
tbev had donn so I couldnt havo savnd his life
Mr lionjanihi Ilsh Mr llarnums private
secretary sent n groat batch of IVENINO SUNS
to frlanus in Cuelund last night
GoolIj r VEIF IrA 11N 1nXrUitrigor
Tenuntl Mitt < lear Out liy Alay 1 aael
Matte Vny for the City
The Cnmmlsloiieia of the SInking Fund
approved jrstordny the action of the Armory
Board In ordering tin purchase of the armory
site at Turk rind Lexington nveiiucs Thirty
third and Thirtyfourth xlrecls The Armory
Doaul designated titut sIlo for tho nice of the
SevontyllrM Uiglmont but this designation
may bo changed
The Sinking lund Commissioners nlso pass
oil a resolution approving the project of build
ing accommodations for all of the criminal
courtson tho block north of tho Tombs bounded
by Centre Elm White and 1rnnklln streets
ItecorderHmHIi who has 1orously opposed
this t iii eject was not present He obiectsto the
bite as nnilarloii
Comptrollor Mora and Alderman Storm were
appointed it committee to spend 1300 in get
ting up plans for this new building mind th
Commissioner of Public Works was ordered to
Hour the building now on Ilia ground prepara
tory to demolishing It Tho present tenants
who sublet from the Now Haven Itallinad Com
pany will hiv to get out on May 1 The com
pany will gut tlODUU for giving up a lease that
runs another jeer
Inclination to DUeredlt the Allrceil Story
ofTwo teurvlior
Tlio bark Albort llus < ell vrhoe Ions with
all on boaid except two sailor was reported
> o < torciay sailed from this port on Fob 0 for
Ilrlsbnne Austrtllu with u genera cargo She
belonged to lioston Her owncrls P J Atkin
son of Xowburyport The crew consisted of
Ietur C Cnne Captain I1 S Larnon innate
Charles White second offlcor 1 C Nivhi A
S Cusey John Thompson A Yanson Ilonry
Font H Ftirsh Alfred Anderson S Sotnil
John rhartnnro Lliarlos Doyle Cnrl Arilursou
August llinmarnittnii nut tiooixo Jalteron
seamim Thoy worn all forulgn bora ooont
the mate and second olllcor a ito wit burn iu
Jtnlno and A H Cusay and Charlos llovle who
art Now Yorkers VernnnC lironu ngent fnt
the Albert linesoil Is disinclined to credit thin
story of the ves els loss Ho thinks she could
not hum been wrecked two days altar leaving
this port anti thun have irlftad nl out for thir
teen dnyn IH tbo rimort Mi > b nithout having
boen sighted and heard from long Deforo Mm
loft here with nn entturly wind and loould
soarcelv havo cot beveni > io miles < iutiTliii
she is still to have come to grief SIte certain
ly ho thinks oultl not hate drifted to where
she would bo likely to bo picked up by the
whaler rita malls lie news from St Vlncout
West IndIes
Rat and Mocklnc Illrd In Rntlle
LoinsvirlK March 30 Dr S L Thitta
oftlio Wnyt Dental Company of this city has n
whitemocklnu bird n epooies remarkable for
its rarity On Wednesday afternoon tim lau
ton hud boon feeding Lilt pot nud loft the iiugo
on the hoot with the door open Tlio bird tutu
In the cute peeking nt homo goods when u
large rat entered evidently intending to nmke
n supper of Its icuitinut Tho bird cuuld havo
easily oHoappd tltoiili tho OPHII door hut ii I
was evidently not iuursu to battle and How
straight nt the rat
A opnlted combat vvltnesml by Dr Vast
arid a frlund on > uud The bird pounced upon
tint rut nud pecked at Its eytus Tlio mt bit at
thins bird but thu hitler anus so net Is e that thin
rat Miccoodcd only iu nliiplni thin elide of lIe
feathers Tine birds point of attack VUIH nl
rays tho eyes of tho rat und It soon had tho
roduntR laec > Inverod wltli lilnoil Tho rat
II n ally onJoavnrod tn nscnpo from the cnuo
but was so blinded that ho ran against the
wire win k several timoH loforo I ho lound tlie
door Hut ha ing roiclnul tho outsidn he was
Inn much woiikiinol tn t dasli I off anti was fat
lowed by llm bird I I which hoon pocked both
evils out and did not censa its warlaru until
lie rut tumbled over dead
TUn CltjK Jlclit and fhr Xcvv Iurk Rends
Comptroller Jlycra and Chamberlain Ivlns
vrero yesterday appointed ncommltlee by the
< ommlshoiu of Iho SinkIng Fund toeiam
ine the laws aiidonllnnncoB affecting Ihe whole
lliiuaclnl system of tho < lty Tho pourcps nf
city leveaiios thin nut a ago mtunnt and account
jug thereof and eveiythlngnecussiiry to make
a bnhls tin1 thu propoi < od chnngo in the trout
iiiottt of lit city dob girt Ineliiiiiil In tho sopn
of this commlttenH imiulry Tho Ixsun nf
Siioi70lil of now lit rk bonds was itu thor
1otl ami thoy were eMiuntocI from local taxa
tion hide will be Invited un Monday
Arrested Ou Kii ilclnn of Amnn
Simon iSnnilorvIly of 112 Clierry street ami
Philip toplnn of 47 Ildrldge strrct kept a dry
goods store at JMiH Ililil nveniio It caught
hire on the night of 1eb lou mid iho eight fami
lies living nbnve It I I ml I n livt I > ly tlmo I getti is
clam Tlio Stare ivnh itimied for J 2iiK In two
companion 1IUU la the London iind lIter
pnol nnl Cilolio nnd luou in blue 1honlx of
llrooklvn TliumoiclinntH offered tomilllii for
tvritl Alter un Invextlgntlon 1 Ire Marshal
Mitchell on I o rod this arrest ol Huudowlt and
Uoplan Ahoy werc locked up in the Tombs
yoatuidny In deault nf tlOOUU bail
Cklltric llrrorutlim hiin y
This lui I the Chiuofio Docomtiun Day nnd
Chinamen will visit hue various Now York anti
HrookUn uomotorles with cart lomlsol roahtcd
pigs chickens Vi1 to Iny before the cllmlnu
titftgrnvAH of tholr deiinrtud friunds It in a
great natloiial holiday I lu Chni but tho Chinn
Ii lOll In Now ioik will piobihly not ask tint I
Mior lo run up the hlg ycllivvilraoi oil tliti
ilag stall of the ilty Hiill I i They vill I I r jn I snt
tlitinhalvtS I WI Ill Hunting it nt ilH I IIMII tilutio lit
Mutt tttreut Wosu
A Jnivrr hrnt for Ire Ililllltix
Ice Jhllllps who rpslfrneil nn cM oxnin
last and mcjrotary of the local Civil Service
CDminlnInn last vook and will boeupoihodnd
hyUunilier I K I ckoniian tuiiionoiv win IIP
pilntiil > uslorduy by Major I rout t tu LIL > i no
of t 1 tl tu extuti I tie ii AN clilol hU bilatv trait I 4
> ti > Asusatiiliior hu will rutulvu ilufoi etch
session HttcnUs
In HIM 1ys when fon4 ndumraUuii In 10 crramnn
It Is I auiimrtrt loliliJiiu article fur tin l > tiU tlut ii l
thorauclily re lilU ITalttr lljkrr 4 tu s trtiha t
rocoii la iiiliienl In tnu llmitrJ clarK Nt cletttcIui
u re iisl lu his itmit itfac u tire and It I la I atfnlutel ii iuro I
II loniii moreover a ilrllrtoiu iui1 hnilllidil nnk ti
rtfrcililiijtatnl bttiTi tiutntlnui lliuu teiir totiit JiiJ
free nan ih t liijurlout streets itiat mote teverarf
btmiellmrp praduce And II U very Uifu wlthul flio
houiiQ of Waller linker A f to liai inalnl iin 4 fur intro
titan liiiygrs a irrrat Mutt hunored repute tyths es
cell oce CUS purity ut IU unpufutiue
A rtttA ran nmtAsaBOXINO INFLACX
of nAttKitnvcKTKHLtraaixa
The Hey of the ltd Prize Itlng Over For
Trr IIi CntnUe Cnnleit Uetwfir
Xlltchrll iind ilcra Hmllh
TliotiRli the old prlzfl rliifr wit h Its cnn mir
oncobnroknuoklo contest is itracticuslhy death
never to bo tiormancnllr rediirrectcd boxing
hail never so manymipporterH and nditiltrrsn
nt present Thin In into of Dnilanl at well as
ntAinnilcn A most noticeable Instance ofiho
Inleront now taken In list In events on the otlter
side Is l chon hr the nttentton paid them liy this
leadltiR dniliy English newspapers heretofore
those iournaln seldom noticed n hlujitt unless It 1
was for un Intnrniitlonitl chmnplonnhlp huut
within the last wit months the Jmt him pub
llshed extended reports of the fights betweel
Joe ilmites nnd Ted 1rltchnrd and Bill doodo
nnd Knno Wallace V < m the days of the olul
ring have pasnod tutthosoof clove contest
mulor Oueansbcrry rules have taken their
place and durIng the winter just passed tho
Londouors havo seen morn good lightIng In
boxing compotltlonB than wan over known
there In n Mason bofoni
Those 7lio lovo the manly art will bo itlml to
learn that ofTorta are being made to rondo
glove cOntests loss cruel than wore most of tho
oldBlylo battles nnd U Is bolloved thnt thuso
ofTorts will bo successful have laboied for
yriis to brlni tills consummation nbout and I
hope yet to see boxing rules go amended nm
huiiinnbod that contests under them will not
Lo banned by law
The hint number of tho London Sporting Iif
receIved on this Rltlo of tho AtlantIc speaking
of tlili movement says We hope and true
nnd believe Hint the jiralfo worthy efforts to put
tlio noble art of boxIng and boxing men on a
hlshornnd more Indopendnnt scale than eve
visa nnthclnateuh oven In the palmlont dura of
tlio prlti line will inoct with their reward At
the namo time there in a possibility of the sport
dei < iiorntlii > Into cruelty anti that In a matter
to which we particularly draw attention in or
der to prevent its receiving mote Horlous con
utderatlon fiom other quarters Uroal power
Kliuiild bo ontrustod to thn indices and they
should be the most competent that could be
nppujntad fo that when they see as
Ilia majority of tim unectatorn can see
hut one niim is plainly Inferior to thus
oilier the combat should ba olllclally
Htuppefl tutu judnmeiit glveut accordingly In
asmuch us nti und Is Honed wlintoerontne
1105 Is displayed by inelnu a man punlshoi
ito iontI It i c isbihll hoe to resist lie ing gre lit nd
mlrors of lioxinirourB and knowing that
lu hold in grout ttirouchout the beat rcpreecn
lutlvot of JMicilBh athletlclfliu arid also bo
linvluR in tho Buvlnir that the iron heath
should be cmprmd by n Aclvot glove we pur
tleiilnilv Iftiro to impreea this point In the
bit t InterptMof the sport
JIm 1ntghIiii of this laudable sentiment In
rather uncouth and strnlned but the uentl
mcnt ItKuir Isna bright as a silver dollar fresh
fiom the mint
Thin men to brine about a reformation in this
matter In Aniciica aro those In authority in
niuatuur athletIc cluln Uulortunately good
ninny of thoso tontUiiicn sire iioscHaed with
the hittut Hint thoy vlll not bo known ntath
lutes unlosH they adopt the iiiuiinsrn and nlrx
of tht professional AM u cunseauunoo they
often look and act like su many welldrosnul
touahs until time ievorso happy ae when ft
cnupln of contlemanlv amatourn are sluggIng
OHO another lIke u imir of vonlbnavers It thuty
were to brar In mind flint the prime objeot of
the manly art of 8elfilef ncel3toenabl amnn
of moderate size and Btronatri to resin tim nt
taeksnf bIgger Mid Btronitor men they would
put n union blither estimate on skill than they
do and n much lees ono on mere slugging
lien they would not permit men to be boaten
in the presence of ladlee into eeinllnKdislbll
Ity amid left wellerlnc In their core an
was Harry Prlttner of Ihiludclphla when
hornet Jim Drown nt the clnamolonshie eon
tests of the Amateur Athletic Union at the
Motionolltan Opera lioune week ago Kvcry
tudsoof boxIng thin houfu swat the end of
tho third round that Prlttner was overmatched
anal yet the ludeai of the nlcht could not agree
un n verdict und thin ruloreo cruelly sent thw
poor follow up to bo utmusshted and hammered
lIke a liiitchors block tutu ttnahly to be knocked
In a huiip a bleedlnc and stunned nuss ol
liumaiilty U ho pollco do not permit such con
teats botwopii imifeslonnl lighters Why do
thuyullow ciMitleman amateurs special prfvl
lltrt Noviulp for tho government of ama
teur onntests should bo made asspe dllyaa
pciIMo hay ohould fnorskill in every ros
tibia wuv and frown upon more slucKine The
man nlio makes the puie und does
tun bulk of r the loadinc Hhould tot I all ci el it
therefor but two good stops should count
us iiuiLh as onus oViJintury clean hit find clever
dick which evaded n blow Kliould hate duo
itnthil e utui lull Al tuve nil thlncs when it bo
cents aunaiont knit one man la overmatched
iiiil linn no Llmuei1 ol winnIng eiccpt by the
morot accident it should be tim duty of tho
rrfiioo tobtop lIst conteSt und nwnrd the vic
tory to the cloxerer boer In umateur con
toMH I would ham no divided authority there
fore I uuld hmo no judces The roferoe
hboiild bo an expert jiiiige tuf f the ales i and of
boxlncr and h it Hhould aNo ba n merciful
IniiimiH man Thou no would bo able to have
nil I niir boiliic comn its II tlone In I public and In
ecry city t lu lie I land I 1 and to anjoy them with
out tiny tutors bar of police interference than
theta now Is In n recuhtr theatre
ijeorce iodfros oihy Ictory over Jack
Wnnnop was rather In the nature of a surprise
fur tho tnlont expected thn darky would be
hontoii tnd beaiun too in a canter Thus
boot was on llm other lei however The tyke
was never I nit After it was over wo learn
that Wnnnoii was not In condition owIng to u
HHer iittJiK of rliBUiimtlfin which pmenfil
him from training He wns hoc fat and we
nil Know thnt nn untrained luau does not
ninoiint to much Ho was a great fnol to
nttem t to fluht lodfroy under the clrcum
ptancui Had ho won U was the Intention lo
Feiiil thins tn California to try to lower the pro
toiisloim lit Ioter Jackson should ho defrflt
1atsy CirdllT luiit month Ity lie wav Lou
3lvurii the front sprinter and runner told mo
last nluht that the report that Jnckpou
wa a West India darky of Ileuch I or Creole do
HMiit Is nut truo lie met Juikbon In Auslrulla
nudsawl h ins iiifoust Slavla I unit has just J hcniiii
Inik liurko there In a barroom fight Jackson
told 1 him I that I lie wttut born in Jiul su utiti lie llu
nnd that hu took liix Hurniuiu fiom that city
Merh Miyp that lit linsiitilok as oust has a
Hil < > iidld lull and iris iivtny und ahead ol any
mnn lu Australia In lltla ability Many
l opf luin m think I ho will Ii arts u with kovor
with CinlllT hut latH Is oliont I n unit n bit nwk
wanl to cot at mind ha may Ui Letter than Is
t > M edith
lpm 1 iinlth t I the t Ilicllnh champion nnd Phar
lot Mitchell unit to box ten rouinJs tomorrow
nluht tad all Iceland IM nion over the event
Jt was lit llrst Intended to hmo thin affair conic
tuft hit publti nnd eteit now lions is n protnuuv
that it will take pliico in un east end of Jxmdnn
tlnntio hut the oddn tire that It will bo pulled
oil in I lhttl lord Hall I a country residence noar
Nimmiirkot bclouLIiu to Mr Ablnedon lotn
of tin snollorJtof ilnKllsli sports inn willlncto
pay 1150 n pliPo tome the KO und lot gpectn
ifus at this price will mnko tha gate uecrecula
MSOiiii I lMii 1 t woi hulttis I I tills sum will I I be a
tilro plum for HID thumpors to divIde bntweeu
I hum limlity I in Miro u to detin antI a Hiiuura
dhlslon of tho Kate money win tie or lose
bmlth in tlii iitvrlti lu llndlsh betting circles
nuilMllilivll I i i hasciinidnily cast an anchor to
Mm wlfiilwaid by coiiiplalnliiu that bin right
Its al IH itt hiturl Ii ut iii in 1orlmpa ills I but If i I he
hlmuld wits us butt alilctliliiKlorlitni I I to hum utile
to s iy thnt ho iiitbond I hnchuidB champion
ullli a Ittinu linndl I MioiiM the s erdl < a bo
nciilnsthlm I hniiin ln > tlie blumo on his crip
pltil llu Llinrley In a cute ono Ho IB like thus
nlluusy who net the tnir totntch tIm coonu
foiuinpor vcoiui Milllinn professes to bo
hove that Ito whole ulTrtlr Is arrunuud so that
il I t nill met unIt in u draw rcrhnps ho it right
ii 0 uuiiiill It nutny all tout it on Tuesday i ninrn
Ini I At nil I I inonlB Jnkn KIlralnH olmlloiiLo to
Smith tollLht tot t iso tilt aitu luloututhilit which hu
publlNhod I I I 1 on Friday was iplendldly timed to
ndd to Iho I Interest I of thin go
Cal Miinrtydebpite confidence tie has In
his nblllti to dnfciit his iiiimoFalit Malt IH
lotus ing ho stone uniurufld to cot himself Into
I pi inert condition Ho h is I tlio I hhienouni anal llttlu I I
ono of I tint line t and should ho win his cot trig
contuct ad readllr us la expected hu will bo like
Alovander the Grout when ho wopt for new
worlds to coruiuor Jhiero tutuilittlo leulow in the
Toft i niiiiKd Jrank MtI I might wito has bunion
currthlnu of his size uulthoio howlll bn
hnri In n toss wvokc lie I may i bn pitted acalnst
iill I for n gtluI fleil piirnc hhould he tall to
lower the colors of hue womtorful little Jcrsoy
inuii nn utlemiit will I I bo nit tuti o to brine Nuna
Vailneo t here for that purpose Kliould ho
totuiu and lull the pruserut list of ellulblua will
be uxhusuttud
iluliu 0 illiliiri tot slut
Tlio bit cnrprjt liouto of John < t Tames fob
ion HlHme ul while itouble triit riiLtUHes rive Coors
list rim lear tbruiiuli tlie Iriiut from 4H anti Ct Weil
itiurtoeitiii Street ctiilalnii M croil number of tiom Ink
for itt I kprio aud iiiuiner irisit te Mtlilii Ito > ear tie
rotull liminrfwor liiiH tout ht grnlly lucretfwed ami
the iciirlh Hour ttit iteeti till d i to itt I department
4iiiutt llo I HUM ruSe nod 1 iltrnu n IH iliown li
rniiii t iiojiulur irollir Inert liii ciii three iii i iii tine itt
trlr itt ritdTHK In iteilnte ehxilr i > r triuni nnil blue
Mitt wouil Iron M lly the tune ti i a teat V Ihrvlul with
MBvioiid i isr i IwUled tutu It ir cllett is Pruduied Mk
tliat < t ti Mruh el4
l uj sii ice ire alM > itio n which ice a mixuirtioef
fict jut p rliai HID wrecteot i triumph m of llm loom u
ilinwn cm tlie ihlrdtloor Ilili Moor it devoted entirely
lo Hru fflu and elreti It It Ibis litter which are no
niurkable Soul thin lion feel into tint they will repute
tie mare expensive moijuttt Auuthvr italiC U devoted
entlrrl lo art putm All of blue > oliler latent In the
tlfd ire bulnr cold i out ai barfulni
DR tvHIT ileniiit titablliheil 30 recta remoted to
S2t Bib as near lllli tt I ezuerc In hlllci nllLr and
txliactloritltl hiss of luciD < 7flV
Doctors Wont Sign It
Today no dewier or chemist of any Btnnillna
dmtro risk lila ruputiitloa bv pncloiln any
ronm of artist or uluiu bnkiiii puvvilvr aa
HA KINO rowj iit
Is recommended by Io rd of Health officers
and expert chemists nn host Healthful anti
inns from Alum Cream Tartar Hoehello Salt
he40 letters and HHUIP es mailed true N V
UOBlUATE COMlAS V lili Wkrrin el K
The Most Agonizing Itching Burning and Dleel
Ing Eczema Cured
Kfirtna In lln AVnr t stIng A nun lr
fH > m tieai In Led Ilulr 2nnr lloctorv
cflui llnii > UnlB Full Input HrflJIIllnB
Ciirrri by the Cllllcurn iemeilies for 00
t nmcurxtof n lotli oin diuie rormx In ho Weiss
itAur I riot illlTtrenl ilnrlnr > Nut hcI ten through th
liptpltftl tiut All lo no purjHiHp tie thlmit covered toy
whole holy rroni tli I toll of my heal to the ottof my
foot Xty lifttr nil rams outl8ilntf tee complete
nor After Inlnitevfrjllilrnt 1 li nrl of your CUTl <
OURA lirHrtilhR nnil afirr uilnt three hollies of OUT
soAr 1 find myusit euurel xt UK cost tut CheSt pi I
would not be wllhont lln CfTlctlt RliMRDIKH In ray
Soul a I flna thtnitiiMiit In many ecen And 1 think
they lire It only skin and lilool mite tictne
A Most IVondcrfVil Inrn
I hlt hisS n meat wondfrrnt cur of semi rhinm C
ml For Dtr years t hM iurT < r < t with his tUsea i I
hid It out icy tare since anti binds Iwmiinihl toSs
inTtlilnrvhilertr with my itamids for over Io y ItI
I 1usd hiinlrfli of tfmf Jl and nut one hid thuS least
cfffct The doclorn Hid my tun wn InPurablA I saw
leer iilT rlliement Mill conolud d to try the COrl
CUKA nKMKUtllHi t and lnoreilll ilt may seem aft f
tmliig one coxuf ClTIClIIA and two cikisef CDTt
C tilt A HO A I1 and ton liolllri at VUTICURA RESOli
VENT I find I am enllrrly cured Thou who think tall
lettsrciiicfreTAted miycomBAniUfotnn for lliemiolT
OltACi r IIAHKIIAll Hells Hirer Ontario
Ciitlcnrn Remedies
Cats erery speties i oC lorliirlne numlllatlnr ItehlnR
burnlod icnlj ami pimply dlifim of Itie nUn iealp
ind hoot with IOIP of liilr and all hiiainrf bloleheA
rupllons sores > calo and crams wbtn ploiJciiTU cad
all otter tensile fall
Hold ertrywhtr Price ClTirURA Oot SOAr
Sic t ItKSOIVKNr tl froparedliy tha POTTRR DJIUO
j Sent for How to Cure SkIn tllitain 04 pag
Itlunlratloni and Inn tastintonleis t
DlIjpllH Mack hearth red rough chapped anS Itf
I lID iklti prevented by CUT1UUKA SOAP
snil pains baoksclt week kldotri ifMfr
mat turn unrt ctieat pains relltrcd in en
minute bj ttio Ontlcur AntUPitltt
liter The flrit altO only Initvitmo
oiu pun kllllnc iitastfr
Furniture Carpets Bedding Stoves a
KstnbllKbcd 1BOT
193 to 205 Park Row
Mannfartnrtra ay thor li Ion much money leek l 4
up In tti Tramry Forced to mil for isis I than roatof
iroilurtiin They look in tii dtateri for relief wbo
rAY OAbll aud nlncnunt their lillln Marine taken ad
saniage of clrruiuULcei and alien re let to lbs uiantf
facturera we are
to show iii most xteniT line of
OVBB an mrrrnEXT nunoxs
In th latest coverlniri and
AT rnicis
nat will aitonlsl hue trait for mm > tine We wins
iwaji Trrr anxloun toconijiQie in IltirKij with coy
ioiu HI ilia trade but He find out nn matter how low
we oCt r otir coot tber ar others wit will gus QUO
ailoiu uuiler u > In urJer to iietennlue whttberam
rllulel is eheiui iit he l uecfmry that imi liQuid aee tu
ml a e toot icilitiod II you will mil Oct w e ran ems
tond iMult tlml wit are offering the jHRATEST 1111
itAliCS stir llilayctl In Netv lurk city Vie buy only
tielHMe milker mil we tait wnrrunt every silt ups
stickier alltta iirltif are kljjtleil auil nulah U
tret cau
Cash or Credit
Irlco liii tl maIled upon Affllcalion
193 to 205 Park Row
it S
Atil et Yeller Nl ti > in nt orTnat What FIts r
114 Darius the Utrr Trial
Mr Cram Mayor Grants Srcrotnrj wrltr
to the Dloti lot Attorney that the Mayor will not
sIgn a warrant to pny J 1 Wilkinson 45000 for
letBOtlvoKonlcoB until nn Itemlrcd slatomon
of the service arformcd i Is rendered In greater
detail Tlio city can colltot tho money front
the htntc ho bays on ostnblldlilnK the preprint
of tlmchiireo anti iiio I way to do that tin IIR
Kostn u to got llm ParllciilnrK from Mr Viikiis
HUH ltofnno tiiyhmig lilA bill The loIter isuiysh
litp dunn of 1 L Wl klnrrui Iliturh liemlted ii l nn
nMlnraciury Thnufth mmed it leiiKtli I the future and
ibnrArier of the service cue unili cinHd It u I enlittet
in the mailer o HiauuiriuK Tlioiou U Kerr and June
A hut tiiuiottd
Thou turin four htntu which ftfttrefte lnli MUe In
aubitniue that futir dlfTerent per rin lrnnteil m >
be tan but by Initial partnrmrd In Ihfi HrirreritA
lit dire1 work between the thor Knbritary anti the IMh
of Ihirclu anti thit the Tultie of thveerTKeB which Ihiy
ach rendered wan the mini of cm
Iltlneo not arpuir who thoee men Wore nor what they
dltl nor li I any reainu antirned for their enirlovinent
Theie fiiolffehnuld Ste sideS anti for itreitrr certainty
It would be well tor each nf thou men to taste atndavl
MR to the errorrtiiti < < i nf the work
Three oilier men deinrnnted likewise by Initiate end
not by nainei arc Hulnl to heave iierlurmed In the
aitrexAte fnrtr elalit day work of a ihnmctf no
Hemmmed but mated to lie worth fctf ipso men
houid ntio tie reiiulred to lilt what they did and why
they did It
Your attention In railed to the fact that the Indlvldua
deftlirnlted ai J K whnie services between Keb I
ndil rrhn are t inptn > iiedfor in the fourth Hem
or the bill appear In the nerond Due of the bill an n
er on cliinnnr mi adilltlonil vim for work performed
uurltiff the Identical period for wMrh he cane In tie
foortti iteni of iSo Itti That U lo icy H wnutd teem
that i It a scent mOlten a double culm for work
luted to be performed at ono and the aittne time
The statement timber ennwa list the lumnr r toO win
Said In nrucurlnir the eerrlce uf mbpann that souse
UTerent perioni were employnd In lerrltiirthem me
that titer SpooL In tie niriireirate titI 1 1 day lu perform
lug this user lie eutrmenu howerrr dote not duos
upon whom a einirle ilbtnnti > wan Rirod Invlewo
lbs great number or day employed It would be weilt is
emrnln the character of the work performed audit
It silo appears that llx person deilirnlted hf Initiate
each performefl on nlnelern different da > it work of the
Yahoo nf St7t in tilindoirlnir Juror but bitS reason
for his hatowIny li tint apparent
Under tbe teal of InMilliitlnz pinch of loner
are found eight dirierentenlrlei inowini the employ
mem of 30 persona Their hams are not tireS nor 1 I
the work which lucy didalnteil ThaaKeirlte perrlre
ot the mini amount to 1740 Iheir Incidental ei
pres foot up Viri4iaiidltlonul I
II doM not appear from the face of tha statement list
any contract ti aerrement tat mate by you with
1 K W Ilkluion or tint nil rharnea were In accord
ance with any arrangement entered Into between yon
and him
Four FrIars of the Order to Tube Chant
oTu Portion ofllr MoCljBni Old 1nrlili
The arrival of the four IrIsh Carmelites on
Thursday which xva announced In Tax BUN
to take charge of a portion of St Stephens Dr
McGljnns old rnrlflli excites interest as to
their history and mode of life as they tire tho
only represeutfttlvas of the order In the arch
diocese Tlioy came from the headquarters of
the Irish piovince WliKofrlnr Btreet Dublin
They are ono of the oldest and strictest order
In the Church Borthold n crusndor in tho
middle the twelfth century became monk
to carry out a vow which ho had made that If I
victorious lu battle ho would embrace the ro
Hclous life Ho settled on Mount Carrnol In
Ialestlno the homo of thn Prophet Ella with
ton biothers ant Is considered to have been
the founder and llrpt General of thus order
The rule was adopted iu 120D It forbade the
possession of property Interdicted the use of
moat altogether recommended mautinl labor
nnd silence ordered that each hermit should
live In a call by hlmaolf and Imposed a strict
fast from the Exaltation of the Cross Bept 11
to Easter Sundays being excepted
In IWJ on account ot the growth of the
Mohammedan power In Palestine Christians
found U dlfllcult to live there and the Car
melites abandoned Carmel In 1238 and estab
lished themselves In Cyprus and elsewhere
Their first General In Knaland wise Bt Simon
brook who Introduced the brown scapular
which is so generally worn and has become so
popular with tie people When the Carmelites
entered Kurouo they found It impossible to Iho
nny longer ns hermits and llrod in common
The White Friars habit the brown robe with
white cloak nod scapular la well known all
over uropo uud Bti ets in London and Dub
lin are named for them St Teresa of SpaIn
wan the founder of the Dlscalced or barefooted
Cnrmellto nun The Carmelite nuns wore
Snot instituted In the fifteenth century by John
Sorotti the General of the Carmelites In 1880
thus Irunch Clovornmont seized nil the convents
ot tho Carmelites anti turned the monks adrift
They aro numuious today in Upaln
Samelhlnc About Cbs Amusement to be
UOVreil to HrookljnltcB Thta IVceb
The return of Minnie Palmer to Brooklyn will
b lulled with pleatur ty her army of admirer there
And It will be etrins Indeed if ihedoei not lucy itt
audiences all the week at tboAmphlon Academy She
carries an excellent company Monday Tnepday and
Vedneidny aienliift and the Saturday matlnae will be
gIven to My IJrother hliter and during th remain
tier of the enKmimeut her familiar comedy Sly Sweet
heart In which iOu Palmer has starred 10 many lea
Sons The plays have been treated to new scenery and
iropertlei since their lilt production In Brooklyn and
into wilt look bright and fresh
At Cot Sinn a Park Theatre Mr crud Mrs V J PIer
nee will be seen In Heart of llearti and this wll
lave In flnt Broeklrn preientatloi tomorrow evening
he riorences are seen In this piece Incharaclari dlf
toning creatly from any la which either has been seen
heretofore Mr Florence enact an English butler se
retly married to a lady of rank and Sir Florence as
miftrlmfnn ntinffi li teen in novel role for her The
onipany und scenic effects irlll be tint clau and the
ploy will certainly please tho audiences of the Park
tuecaniC II In a strong work Tie production at the Madt
ion Square Theatre In hew York tail season save proof
of that
John A Sterens and hii dramatic company shots
bceut > itarrlnff trroach the Fouth and boutheai will
pen for one week at the Lee Arenuo Academy of
Music The Mask of Lifea Rita ties to Brooklyn
Ito will be given and alt comes bight recommend
od It U fair to presume that a rood weeks bUHinedS wilt
folIos Prew Morton Uultcr Cratomi Henry Talbol H
1 IlelTerman htelU Ilede Dora Norman Mol Uurdou
ere4 Hntler Irene Avena audollilrsare In the cast
it lie piece is saltS tu be huudlomely mounted
A handsome dramatic rrodiictloii nf Scull is an
lotiticed is t iipvti tu morrow rireiilng at tbe Grand opera
hinter Lewis MorrUuii slut bd tetMi In tIle role of
fffiutothrltt In which b ii said to produce Krouir ef
iecte Mi4 arcompllheil dsuvnter Kcmabet Mormon
will appear HM JIIttJttI hicetlent scenery cut start
lliir inrctmnlcal sheds nlll tie UMed In flue garbo
Artliiarly > Aome rno ttdncs will lie dlipUyed and In
notlilr Soon a shunter of real lire n 111 oe tfi > en lbs
urpurttnir rciupuny IK M goal but
hlliir the nmclclati win perform this tenlnir at If
hi i Jacobs IJroelljn Theatre for one nlKlil unly Ha
will gist his wellknown exhibition ot eplrltimtlsm anti
il t uiTtird an Inureiilnflrand Initructlve enterlalnmenL
Ito Merita oelcbruled ai luiml reader tint second slirbt
eeru vlll also be tIer and tbe hpinlitl htuUrnts will
rise sonic of their peculiarly cliaritdur musIc During
he week at tblsLnuiie hdvrltt r l Slays witi appear tn u
en iilay The sitter Age H li a Meitern drama
well staged Hnd played
At the rrlitrlou Ihentro i Tony falter and bis companr
of > auderillers v III hue scout Tliey wllll amen a tlioruuiili
hr good show alit will no doubt bs a > > reclattd the In
man alters old and Itajr Tony 1a tfir hlmielf anti
mmiy others win ie contributors
Atthe SuvelD theatre lleaion llnhls will be tha
attraction durtnc the week It bin been seen many
lilies ho Hrookln aud is a favorite tliereln lute popular
trice theatres A capable cumpany win preient Ic
Site tirind Iheatre will hate Urn ratesperlaltycom
haiti hendet by Hieehan and Coiie Jobn MaHf otle
ant otters Juiinuy Hea ati and Jack Fllei will be iteeu
elicit evening at tbe clues of this reguier but in three
rosette with ttie gloica
Jplie IAvlnu will have the Parenport nrothernln an
crobiitlc act and itroun 1 tail lofty tumtillng tile pretty
nibrrtte Adele MurllneltL tho popular soiiffBtrefa
lltnite hchull nnd lh lentt tOtal quartet A taking
irigrauimo has been arranged for the week
The Dliahled Steuinxlilp Iludnon
CnAin < KHTOv Mnich 3fiTho eteynshlp
Hudson the Cromwell line instill anchored
oIl the bar Time passeimors left here for Now
Orleans this inornlns Cap Irorrniui her
ommnnder Is in lie city altlnc for orders
from Now York Tim Hudson lost her rudder
anti udder i poet uboiit Jiti mllns north of
liurloston but Cap Jreainnn riKKed up u
jilts ruddor of a novel doHlmi nnd reached
Charleston undei Mill There ulll bo ito tiiuluui
for sirlvnco The hudson will probably re
tain at her anchorairn outside tlio bar until
thtti arrival 01 it Croinuiill line Mfamor from
Now Orleans whun ulio will probably bo towed
jack to New York
SIeve You Titus of Conllnriital TlnlHl
The liulioH of the Hfltiiicniunn lio iiltal
Association of which Mrs Chauncey M Dopow
I iFrealdcnt are to huave a fair mid festival In
this Pettier ritjmus building In Illth avitnuo
loelnnlni on April 11 and continiilnir diirinc
lit month flniiof I t Ito cntlf fuutuittt tuf f lie fulr
is to be the Jlnrllia V ashlnclon room and for
this an appiul I Is I inido I Ion loans nf ilcttiinn i
Cmi ruin nrc anti iippronrlato relics of ConlliiuiitU t
time Mi rotnrC Halter nf Oil Nassau Street
itt Cbalriiinn of tho Relic Cominittur
Two Men Aamutilt Hndlo ndehelmer at
Midnight In the Hallway of her Home
Elulitccnyinrold SadIe liolcheliner wu
assaulted nt 12K oclock yesterday morning la
the hallway ot her home 1 Clinton street
by n couple of roughs who had followed her
from Liberty Hall Houston and Suffolk streets
whore the gIrl had been dancing Site lives la
the big Hat at the corner of Clinton and Hous
ton streets with cousinMrs Max Levy It
was just after mldnlcht when she loft lie hall
with other girls They period on tho corner A
few rods from the doorway ot the big flat
SadIe unlocked the outer door with her latch
key and had stopped Into tho vestibule whoa
two men pushed in Tinny slammed the outer
doors telllne her they lived In the house Be
fore tbe clrl could unlock the inner door else
was Bolod by the men and frightened into si
Jonas Ono hold a revolver nt her head else
says and told her that she would be killed II
site made an outcry
Policeman Cotton of the Eldrldce street sta
tion happened to b passing a few minutes
later and hoard the girls muffled cries If >
found he could not force the outer door and
going around to Frank Wolfs saloon on the
corner he entered the hallway of the house
through a door from the saloon He threw
open the inner door of the vestibule and ar
rested the two men He brought them down
with the girl to the Eldridcn street station
The men fold they worn Frederick Stark 20
Tears old of 200 Second street and Charles
Miller 21 of 97 Stnnton Street Justice Patter
son committed the prisoners at tssez Market
yesterday without bail
Mrs 3urner Ornntcd an Allonnnee orlts
OOO n Year
Poumutrzzrsn March 110This morning
Judge Nelson asked the Supreme Court to
grant the oxocutorn of the will of the late Was
P Garner the power to appropriate jasOOO a
year for the personal use of Mnrcollite Thorn
Garner daughter of the deceased now reek
ing in France Judge Unrnard granted the mo
tion Miss Garner was 21 yours of age on
March 3 last Her father the late Win T Gar
ner was drowned from his yacht while oat
pleasure sailing a few years ago Ho left an
estate valued at 10000000 Ho wag the pro
printer of the large mills at Waplneors Falls
Pleasant Valley nnd other places in this part
of the State Miss Garner this been receiving
a largo Income heretofore but not sufficient to
support her In fashionable Paris She wrot
to Judgo Nelson asking for an increase in her
allowance giving as n reason that It cost her
10000 a year for dresses alone As the estate
would mora thau warrant the Increase nsked
for the Court readily granted the motion ot
the young ladys counsel
It Ulsjht IIv e uses a Railroad Msnal
WABBAW March 80 People who realde on
the high lands between Oraneovllle and Vary
burch report what appears to ba a star In tbo
northwestern heavens brighter and seemingly
larger than Vonus antI well down to the hori
zon In color It is bright rod and it ban nn
oscillatory motion It is I too low in the heavens
to bo noted from this valley They have watch
ed the papers for Home explanation of thts
bloodcolored twlnkler Hx8uiiorvlsor Vheel
er elves UH nuthorlty to use his name na having
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