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I 4 rtwr flqcy lnIf tn TJr1 If IflV
mnlnus to Blewi new of f the Und tht threat
ened to IIIIn expedition 10un cussedi in
talklnetrathrartlesi keeping arrinectnble distance
klplDI I
tance npnrt Tho nUe all they were sub
ject to Uganda but hint Kabor4 Wi their rlal
King Mazamboni liqldlDir the country for
Ioc MIAlbonl flna ly nocepted cloth nnd
J > rriss rods to show their Kina Jlniambonl and
IfA rO WM to be given next hay Mean
time hostilities were su py nrled The moraine
ofthol llli I dawned At 8 A 8 wn were startled
RthnarlnKamivii proclaiming that It was Ma
l hnlrlol wlh tbnt we should be driven back
from the land The proclamation was received
in thn vulloy nrouud our neighborhood with
deafening cheers
deAfolll ohef KanwAna lgnlfles to ronko
o Ktirwnna signifies war We were there
pnaio fore In < loul or rather we hope we had heard
wrongly Wo tent our Interpreter n little
nosror to ak If It WAS Kanwona or Ktuwona
Kurwnnii thor I responded and t enjDha U
the torn lired two arrows ot Tilm which die
10m all doubt Our hill Ptood between A i
lofty ranico of h Ills And n lower range On one
side of tm was n narrow valley 360 yard wide
Aldf Darow valoy nrs
on thn other side n valley three mild wide
n t nnd wost the valley broadened to an ox
hn lvo flRln And n l higher range of hula wn
HUM with hundreds preparing to descend
Inf ho broader valley was olrtady mustering
its army Thtro wan no time to loso A body
of forty men wns Bent tinder Lieut Btalra to
attack the broader valler Jr Jcphspn wo
Rent tile thirty mon east A choice body of
NhiirpHhootors was sent to test t the courage of
thoHB doocondlnK tho elope of the highest
range Lieut Htalrs passed on oroteed 0
deop narrow river In the face of the natives
iiMaultnd tho fl rut village nnd toolc It The
nliArpHhootors loultld did tbolr work ofTootIol ly and
f drove Iho descending natives rapidly up the
J nlope until there became a general n ah Mr
JophHon wan not Idle lie marched straight
tip the valley east driving tbo people back
taking villages an wo wont At 8 1 JL not I
native WAS visible anywhere except on ono
email bill a nillo nnd I hAl west
Tho mnrch was rngnmod on De 13 There
worn constant little fights all alone the route
cODBlnlt luh flht
On the afternoon of tbo 13th wo sighted My
flora with Kavnlll tlie objoctlvo Dqtnt of tbo
expedition six miles otT I had told tho men
to prepare to Bee tho Nrnnra They murmured
nnd doubled saying Why roe > tho master
continually talk this way if Nynura Indeedl
When they saw tim Nyanza below them muny
come tli kiMS my hands
Vo wore now at Bnn altitude of B200 feat
above tho pea with the Albort Nyanza 2000
feot bolow 101 1 wlb north latitude rho south
end of the yanza was nbout nix miles south
of this position and we could MO right across
to the eastern shore Kvery dentIn Its low flat
fctoro was visible and traced like I silver
or nnl
snake on tho dark ground was the tributary
Knkthbl flowing into the Albert Nyanza irou
the southwest
After n short halt to enjoy the prospect wo
commonood hor ruecod and stony descent
Before thn rearguard hne descended 100 feet
the natives from the plateau poured alter
them Iteonlnc Iho rearguard busy until within
a few hundrud foot of the Nyanra plain Wo
iamreil nt tho foot of the plateau will I tho
nuerolds rcnJlnc 2500 feet above tho sen level
A nlcht attack wa maae but the sentries euf
flcod to drive our assailants off
h We afterward approached tho Tlllaco of Kn I
Vontio at the southwest corner of Albert Lake
Three hours wore spent liyua In attempting
to make friends but wo signally failed They
would not allow us to go to the lake because
we inIclit frIghten their cattle They would
not exchange tho blood of brotherhood because
they noor hoard of any cood people coming
from the west sldo of tho lake They would not
accent any present from because they did
not know who we were Hut they would give
us wator to drink nnd would show Ui tho road
up to the lake shore
From these singular people wo learned that
they had hoard that thore was a white man at
llnyoro but they bad never hoard of any white
mAil being on the west side nor had they ever
seen any steamers on the lake I There was no
oxcuso icriumrrelllas The people wore civil
enough but they did not want us near them
Woo therefore took tho path they showed us
and followed It for miles Wo camped about
halt I ralle from the lake and then boeaii to
consider our position with the light thrown
natives onslor by the conversation with the Kakouco
My couriers from Zanzibar had evidently
not arrhodor Emln Pasha with his two steam
ers would have paid tho southwest side of the
lake a visit to prepare the natives for our com
Inc My boat was at KUinea Lonca 190 miles
distant and there was no canoo obtainable
To eelze a cnnoo without the excuse of a quar
rel my conscience would not permit Thoro
was no tree anywhere of 0 size sufllcloat to
make canoes Wudelal was I terrible distance
ofl lor un expedition BO reduced We bad used
five cases of cartridges In live days fight
ing on tho plain A month of such
fighting must exhaust our stock There was
no plan sugceted tbnt was feasible except to
retreat to Ibwlrl build n fort send the party
back to Klllnea tonga for a boat store every
land it the fort not 10nvelIblo leave n gar
rison II the fort to hold It march back to Albert
8enet bOAt In seAreh of EmlnPaahn
xo and oaui n uu < w nvn u w < 4 u Muu
c J This was the plan which after lengthy discus
sion with tho officers 1 resolved upon
r On Doc 15 we began a night march nnd by
10 A 51 on tile IGth wo had gained the crest of
the plateau once more The Kakoneo native
htufnc persisted In loll owl nil us to the slope of
the plateau wo had one man killed and ono
wounded On Jan 7 wo were in Ibwirl once
again After a fowlavs rest Lieut Htalrswltb
1UO mon wus sent to Kllonica Lonea to bring
the boat and goods I also pout for Huraeou
1nrko and Capt Nelson Out of the thirty
cisnt sick mon in their charge only
devon mon were brought to the fort
I Tho rest had died or deserted
Ca the return of btalrs with tho boat and goods
lio nni sent on to Ugarroma lie was to bring
up the convalescent Boon after his departure
I wag attacked by gastritis and an abscess on
the arm After a months careful nursing by
1arko I recovered and sot out oealn for the
Albert Nvanzn on April 1 H nccompanlerl h j
Jephson nnd Parke elson was appointed
i commandant of Fort ilocio in our ausonoo
with a garrison of 43 men and boys
On April 20 wo arrived In Mozamblnfs
country ncoln This time after 1 solicitation
Mozumblni decided to make blood brother
hood with me His oxamplo was followed by
all the other chiefs as far as the Nynnzo Every
difficulty seemed now to bo lemoved Food
was supplied gratis Cattle goats sheep and
I I fowls wore alto given In abundance no that
f our people IhcU royally
When one days march from the Nyanza
L natives came from Kavali and said that a white
nnin named Malujia bad given their ohlof a
black packet to give me his son Would I fol
g low them they asked Yes tomorrow I
nnswored and If your words are true
1 will make you rich They remained
t with us that nlcht telllbg us wonder
lul dtorlos about big ships as large as
stands filled with mon Ac wbloh left no doubt
In our mind tbat the white man was min
Pasha Tho next days march broucht us to
I Chief Eavall After a while he handed me a
note from Kmln Pasha coinrod with a strip of
I black American oilcloth The note was to tba
effect that na there bad boon a native rumor
that a wnlto man had boon Boon at the south
end of the Juke he had gone in a steamer to
I Snake inquiries but hAd been unable to obtain
I reliable Information lie begged mo to remain
1 where I was until ho could communicate
The next day April 23 Mr Jephson was
despatched with a strong forco to take the
t boat to the N > anza On thn 116th the boats
I crow sighted Mawa Htatlon the southernmost
f fcolonelnic to Kmln Iasba Mr Jephson was
there hosiilinlily received by tho Egyptian gAr
r neon Tha boat orow eay that they wore om I
l braced ono bT one nod that they never had
S eucli attnutlon shown to them as by tho = o men
I Who hulled them as brothers
i On April 29 we once again reached the
I I bivouac cround occupied by us on lec 10 and
f i nt 5 1 11 I of that daY J snlolho Khedive Btenmer
t about seven miles away steaming up toward
us ijoon after 7 P M Emln 1ashu blcnor
t I Cftntl and Mr Jeidison arrived at our caino
N Vfhoro they wore heartily welcomed by all of
us Next day wo moved to a better ramp
J I leu itlnco about three miles above Nynm
oaiisle and at this spot Kmln > 1anha
also made Ms camp We wore to
J i itothor until May 46 when I left him
J leavlni Mr Jephson three Houdanesc and two
Kanzibiiris In his care In return he caused to
accompany me throe of his irregulars and 102
lludi natives ua porters
Fourteen days later I was at Fort Dodo
At tho loll wore Capt Nelson and Lieut Htiilrn
t The latter Imd returned from Ugarrowwa
Jt I I twoiitrtnu dayd after 1 1 had set out for the
liiko bringing with him nluil only SiBtOSIS men
out of 1I11IHlx All the rest ware dead My
twenty couriers HhomJ 1 had sent with letters
to Major 1 llurttclot bod safely loft Ugarrowwa
for InrnbuKU on March lt Ion Ilodo
MIH In u flourlshlne statu Nearly
ton Heron worD under oullivatlon One
ciop ot Indian corn had been harvested and
In t In the crunnrloH On June Hi I left Fort
Hi do with 111 Zanzibar and 101 of Iinlns
poni > lv lIuut Btulrs WAX appointed commuu
I dUll of HID tort dipt NeUnii was second In
coinniund and Hiuiroon Parko terre medical
ofilcor fire gurrlxon conslstpd of fiftynine
I illlox I thus fla 1 ri > ed myself of all my officers
In order not to ho t enciiiuborfid with baggage
ftl1visln5 trod medlclnus which would have
to be taken If iicoompanlcd by Europeans
On Juno 24 we reached Kilongn and on
July IV Unr > rrovwa The latter station was
I oJ do ortrd Ugnrrowwa having gathered as
mucli Ivory as hn could obtain from the dis
V trict had pro edod down the river about
threo months b for On leaving Fort Dodo I
bad loadoii every cantor with sixty pounds
nf com HO that uc were nble to puns
UirouKli the ulldoniuss unHcathod Jnss
lou on down the river ua fast an
I wo could 140 dully xpoctlne to meat
the couriois who had bctm stlmulalod
to oxort ilionifolvoa for a reward of 10 per
lioail or Minor lluttolot hlmrolf lenillni l im
army of iiirkifi wo indulvvd I no reri yea In
iilPA4liitanllcl > atloii An wo neared the goal
On AIIIl in wo o ci took UgarrowwA Klin an
immense llotllla of flftysoveu canoos anti to
our nundar our couriers uow raduced to
seventeen who related an awful tort of hair
breadth escapes and tragic scenes Three had
bncn lain two were still feeble from wound
all except live bore on their bodies the acer ol
arrow wounds
ilK itrAitB or itinrntLOTi TIT
A week later Ang 17 we milt tno rllllf col
umn of the expedition at Uunnlya There
WIIB a white man at the gate of the stockade
who at first I thought was Mr Jamleson A
nearer view revealed the features of Mr Uonnoy
who loft the medical service of the army to ac
oomflllnr dear Bonnoy where the Major
1 nsked
llels dead sir shot by a Mfinrcma About
a month lIo replied Uonnoy
lood uodi I cried nnrlJamleinn
lie hn gone to Htantey Yells to try to get
moro men from Tlppu Tib
And Troup
Troup tins gone home Invalided1
Well whsro Ie Ntm1
Ward III nt 1IanljIR
Heaven nllvol Then you are tho only one
here r
oreYos sir I
I found the rear column n terrlno wreck
Out of 287 men only remaining out of 71
only Cl lit for service and those were mostly
scarecrows The advance had performed the
march from Yambuga to liunaiya In sixteen
days despite native opposition The roar
column performed tho same distance In forty
three days According to Ilonuoy during the I
thirteen months and twenty days that hnd
elapsed since I had left I ambulI the record Is
only one of dimmer desertion and death I
have not the heart to 110 Into details many of
which are Incredible and Indeed I base not
time for excepting Mr Bonnor I have no one
to assist mo in reorganizing our expedition
There are still far more loads than I can
carry At the game tlmo articles needful nro
missing For Instance I left nmbuga with
only n short campaigning kit leaving my re
serve of clothing und personal effoctH Inchnrgo
of ofllcorH In the camp Dosertcrs from the
advance column ronuhod Vnmbuca to spread
tho report that I was dead They had 110
papers but the officers accepted tho report of
deserters as a fact
In January Mr ward at nn officers moss
meeting propound that my Instructions should
bo cancelled Tho only ono who appears to
have dissented was Mr Bonnor Accordingly
my personal kit medicines tout candles and
rnnlRloriB wore sont down the Congo us super
fluities Thus iiltor makltut this Immense per
sonal Hacrlllco to relieve them and choor them
up find myself naked anti deprived of even
the necessaries of life In Africa
But strange to say I hrave kept two hats four
pairs of boots a flannel Jacket and I propose
to l o back to Kmln Iliebn und across Africa
wltn this truly African kit Livingstone poor
fellow was nil In patches when I mot him but
it will bo the reliever hlnipolf who will be In
patches this tlmo Fortunately not ono of my
olllcers will envy me for their kits are Intact
If It was only myBolf that B doiidl I Wo were
only utghtytwo days coming from Albert Lake
to Bnnalya Add sixtyone from Fort Dodo
the distance is not very great It Is the people
who fall one who is going to h ynnzn Wo felt
as though wo had tho todlous tusk of dragging
thorn on returning Koch man know the road
and did not need any stimulus between Ny
snarL and horo Wo only lost three men ono by
desertion I brought 131 yanzlbnris hero t
loft flftynfno nt Fort Uodo total 110 mon out
of SbO loss 60 percent
At Yambuga I left 1257 men Thoro are only
71 loft 10 of whom will never leave the camp
Loss over 270 per cent This proves that
though tho sufferings of tho advance wero un
precedented tho mortality was not HO great as
in camp at Yambuga The HUrvlvors of the
march are all robust while tho survivors of the
rear column are thin and most unhealthy
I have thus rapidly skotchnd out our move
ments Hlnoe June 281887 1 wish I had leisure
to furnish more details but cannot find the
time I write this amid the hurry and bustle
of departure and amid constant interruptions
You will however have gathered from tills
letter the naturoof the country traversed by us
We wore 100 days In tho forest ono continu
ous unbroken compact forest The grass land
was traversed by UK In eight day Tire limits
of tho forest along the edge of the crass land
are well marked We saw It extending north
easterly with its curves mid lays anti capes
like a seashore Southwesterly It preserved
the same character North and south the for
est area extends from Nyanuwo to the south
ern borders of Monbuttu LAst and won It
embraces all from the Congo at the mouth of
Aruwlml to about cast longitude 29 dec lati
tude 40 cleg How far west beyond tho Congo
the forest roaches I do not know
The superficial extent of the tract thus de
scribed totally covered by forest Is 24fiui 0
square mllus North 01 Congo between Upoto
and Aruwlml the forest embraces another
20UOO square miles
Between Yambuga and Nyanzn wo came
across live distinct languages the lust snokon
by anyoroanyankore Wanya Huandor
Wahlm and people of Enrangwl and Ukerwe
The land slopes gently from Ibo crest of the
plateau above Jiyanrn down to the Congo
hor from nn altItude of C50U feet to 1400
foot nbovH the oca North and south of our
track through grass land tho luce of tho
land was much btokon by groups of cones
or Isolated mounliiins or ridges North
we saw no land higher than liOOO lent
above tho sea but bearing 215 magnetic At
n distance of about fifty mice from our camp
on tho Nyanza wo saw a towering mountain
its summit covered with snow and probably
170110 or 18000 feet above tire Ion It Is called
Ituovonzorl and will probably provo 1 rhnl to
Kilimanjaro 1 am not sure that It may not
prove to be the Gordon Bennett Mountain in
uambnrncara but thorn are two reasons for
doubting It to bo the same first It IK a little
too far west for tho position of tire hatter us
given by mo In 1H70 and second ve saw no
snow on the Gordon Dennett I mlcht mention
a third reason vv ulcli is that the latter Is u per
fect cone apparently whllo ituovenzorl Is 1 nu
oblong mount nearly level on the summit with
two rldccs extending northeast and houthvvvbt
I have mot only throe natives who bttvo
seen the lake toward the south They agree
that It Is large but not so laro ns the Albert
Nyanza The Aruwlml becomes known the
Siihiili about ori hundred miles above Yarn
bugs As It nears tire Ncpoko It Is called
Novoa Beyond Its confluence with Noroko It
Is known as Nowolle Three hunrtred miles
from tbe Congo It li I called Mri which Is I soon
changed into tire Iturl which name It retains
to tho source Tea minutes march from tho
hun waters wo saw the Nyanza hike a minor
in its immense gulf
Before closing let me touch more at largo on
tho subject which brought me to this land
namely Kmln Pasha lie has two battalions
of regulars undor him lire first consisting nf
7f > 0 rllles occupies Dufllo Ilonyn LAborO
Muggt Klrrl Bedden and itejuf The srcoud
battalion consisting of MO men guard the sta
tions of Wndelol intlko Ilnhaul and Oswa
lt Man of communications along tho Njania and
the Nile about IHO geographical miles lu
length In the Interior west of tho Nile ire re
tains throe or four small stations fourteen in
all Jlesldus theso two battalions ho has a re
spectable lora of Irregulars Bailors artisans
clerks and servants
Altogether he Bald If I consent to go
away from bore vvo shall have about 8000 peo
pie with UR Wore I lu jour place I would not
hesitate ono moment or bo n second In doubt
what to do What you say Is true but we have
n large number of women and children prob
ably 10000 people altogether How can all be
gotten out of bore t Vt o bhall want many car
riers arrlers for what 1 I asked
For tire women und children You purely
would not leave them ROt they cannot travel
The women must wnik I staid It will tlo
them moro good than harm As for the little
children load them on donkeys I hear you
have 200 of threw Your people will not travel
very fur the first month Little by little they
will get accustomed tn It Our Zanzibar woman
crossed Africa on my second nyportltlon Why
cannot your black women do the satire Have
no oar 01 them they will do bettor than trio
men They would iooulro a vast amount of pro
visions for the road
True but you have thousands of cattto
which will furnish best The countries through
which viB naps must furnish grain and vocota
hito fool Well well wo will defer further talk
till tomorrow
May 1 18B8 wo hnltocl in camp at Kiln he
The Pasha came ashore from the mourner Khe
dive about 11 1 Moo and In a short time wo com
menced our conversation attain Manyoi the
argumunto above woro repeated lie sllld
What you told mo yesterday has led mo to
think It best that via should retire from here
The Egyptlanu are willing leave There aro
of those about IOU men besides their women
and hlldron Even If I stayed I should bo clad
to be rid of them because thoy undermine my
authority and nulllly nil my endeavors form
treat Whon I liiformtd them that Khartoum
find fallen and Gordon 1athii was plain Iboy III
ways told tIre NublansltwitH concocted I tory
nud that sonic day no should boo tho steamers
uscoud tile river lor Iliiiir relief But of tho
Hptilara who compo the first andBccona bat
talions I rita Hxtramoly doubtful They have
led Hiich a happy life hero that they would do
iniir ut leaving ft country vvhnro they have on
joyed luxuries they cannot command Kgypt
The soldiers lire married and several have
harems Many of the irregulars would also
retire and follow mo now Huppoon the regu
lars refuse lo leave You can Imagine mr sit
uation would bo a difficult one oiildlbo I
right In leaving them to their fate Would It
not be prinstgnlnii thorn to ruin I vhotild
have to heave them their arms and ammuni
tion and mi returning all discipline would bo
lit an rnd dlpptnon would arise and factions
would bo formed the moro ambitious would
aspire to be ohfufH by force and from those il
valrleH would si > rllJll halo rind slaughter until
nono noro Inft
Buppo ° ltii you reiohoto stay what of the
JlgVPtlimnr 1 itHkeil
Oh these I clmll have to ark you to bo good
enough tr take with you
cant CiiHntl bald
What limla ilecldos upon shall be tbo rule
of conduct for me If the Governor stays I I
etny If the Goryrnor goes I go
Well I sos 1athh that In the event of your
taylnR your rsponslhlhity will bo IfNlat I
said A tour followed the sentence wan
translated to Casatl and the eallsnt Captain
Oh I beg pardon bnt I absovs the rAllhn
from all responsibility connected with me be
cause I Bin governed by my own choice en
tirelTitus day after day I reeorrlMl Mlthfully the
interviews I had with Ernie Tashn but thuD
extracts reveal ns much as It nwfssatT for you
to undorMund the position I left Mr 1ephnon
thirteen of mv Houilnn e and pent n message
to 1m road to this troops 18 the Pasha re
nttfteto4 KvorythlnsflT is left until I return
with tho united expedition to the Nyunza
within two month
Tho 1aMia proposed to visit 1 Fort Tlorlo
ililng Mr Jnplmnn with him At Fort Dodo I
have left instructions to the officers to destroy
the fort and accompany the rasha to NTanrn
I hope to meet them all Attain on tho Nyanza
MI Intend making a short cut to tlioMnnza
along n new road
nun YO nalow
Tho second of Herr von Billows Interest
ing Hoelhovon recitals took place yesterday
afternoon before as largo an audience as that
which was present on Monday In the Broadway
Theatre The most earnest Attention and cor
dial applause woro granted to the artist who
Interpreted n programme of even larger pro
portions than the previous one larger that Is
to say In weight and Importance of work
given since tho sonatas wore selected from
the second and riper period of Beethovens
creative lifo and tho two sets of variations wero
of extreme difficulty Ilulow wits nt hits best
In the Moonlight sonata playing It wIth ox
ritilslte delicacy and smoothness His neat
ness nnd precision of execution form n valua
ble example to all students of tho piano his
nttentli in to phrasing and marks of expression
becomes If noted a complete education to tho
Ineplioof tho fact lhat Yon Dolowp style Is
not a broad ono that his mannerisms are ox
oecRlvp nnd his powers of execution somewhat
limited would not bo possible to find his
playing oon grow monotonous or tiresome
from the fact that his Intellect Is eo keenly nnd
constantly alive to very slightest shade of tlio
onmpoiorB meaning nnd because ho repro
duce PO accurately the thought and form If
not the highest emotional foolluc of the work
In hand <
The Madison Hqimre Seeft
Mr Falmer announces that the regular sea
on of the Madlion Snuare Theatre will oloio on Nay 4
pros The following Uoniay May 0 will mark the
commencement of upeotal season at that theatre ar
rangftmente havltir been nude for the I anpearanco nf
Mlia Maddern In tho oomedr of Feathnrbrata trhlch
nnderltfl orlrlnal French title enloved a long run In
ParU and war played for ten month at Ur CDarlel
Wj ndliatai Urilerlon Thailre London
Two Vtralona tit the Death or a Sailor OB
the Dark Ht Andrew
Tho bark St Andrew of St Johns N B
which Balled from London on Jon 25 arrived
nt title port on Sunday night with the unlucky
number of her officers and crew thirteen re
duced to twelve by tire death of Ellas Nelson a
Norwegian seaman which occurred on March
21 while the vessel was laboring In o heavy
J C Williams the spokesman for six sailors
from the bark told the police that Capt lice
cestor and Mates Ilurbrldge and Campbell bad
beaten Nelson with fists billets of wood nnd
mnrllnsplkos until he broko down under the
treatment and died
Detectives Logan and Doherty arrested Capt
Ileeeeslcr nnd Herond Mate Campbell and
took them tefore Biltlh CnnsulGonoral W
Lane Hooker leaving 1IrHt Mnto iltirbrldgn In
charge of the voase1 at tho foot of West Seven
teenth street
The prisoners told Mr Booker that in the
gale of March 21 II big wave that swept over
the barks dok J as hod Xelton against the Iron
water tank and that tho trouble with tho com
plaining sailor men was that they hadnt got
their wages on demand
Mr Hooker decided make an inrjuiry and
let 1IelII0518r nod Campbell
Painting of Ibe Lute Thomas Boblniian
The collection of paintings now exposed at
Ibo rirtb avenue auction ruorao belonging1 to the aerate
of Thomas Robtaton continue a practice tUat the
owner began In Ife Thomas Robinson wall a well
known artlit ot Providence faavlllarly called Tom a
name eloquent of the genial 1 qoalltlea for which be was
aleo well known It was a practice with hIm In hitS fro
quent tripe to Europe where ho had been a pupil of
Courhet to bur palntiniri and the result of these cape
dlllon hare been pern before In public
The DJlntlngi nblch are now bon were held br him
at tho time or his death It number the worki of the
most famoatr known artist nf rermln schools An
artist hlmietf a diicrlmlrutlnjr lade the IntrInsIc
value of the painting li I niuured It In t evident from
looking over the collection that Mr Itoblnnon netected
lila painting with a view to the rtlttf nee K and not
from the fftuulpnlnt of the connoiiaeur While they
u tlnorp uric eu l
may lack I lometntnir In pklurenquenera I thor are unde
nlabl Intereeiliiv aUd al ii thins wlion many Alntlnu
are before Ibol tiublio ere tlieiu hare unlntercat entirely
thor on
Number of the pnlntlntrs are studies There U a
Htu < lvor willow tiy ourbet l Hilda larite oan aa MKO a
tidy of tree to whlib li I added I adeeral lull leo 1
There In a mtiily of tree trinks by Curot with an ittten
tit given to detail never seen in hIs lretur Tlierels I
nnotlier early and irot Interebllutf Curot a view of
Irfndiit w rr atna t nr bulldlntre I and remote roots seen
through a luminous atwoll here
There are aereral Ituniseaiif a mOTintaln pool with
brown ruckis find a cinch lw 1 tn the Hyrutiee A more
car fullr lnho1 work than nil the nthen The lieu
bltinja Incluillrii a view on the < lee and a liarveit
penile are Interesting rather as ketchea allhoiuu the
lIttle cauvH wonton seining m a lovely and corn
pIece little worL
rherelia I tiles bier too hint to do moro than report
grnc tfnl linen aid 1 lorely color II U called lie Came
ron There li I nnother Disc a note flirure The Bath
ItT Milled ti a postaL a Mlldl built peasant woman del
mat and llvery In color Ail exam lie nf IteKnaillt
who In only een rrn trite J tnbia dllI lucky I chant
I I here In A boldly drawn head of au African which
fane cows wilt color 10 tennis are Iii black ami
bon A rplrlted black horse In ito trapping Is I an
unupuath ffnud exauitile here of bericuutt and by
Horace Yernlli I a civatr group
Another uuuiiml canvas Is I a iinatl wooS interior with
a frroup at tlfrureK by Irovon und there U t a court ecens
br Iiaoev ItT Michel lo a small but sall ractory fan
yes A CloD liar The Cardinal Walk n lour
at force In color the face hatch stalneil with red reflex
Ion by olsen ha tbo effect of a study and li more lu
rnIW Wo chf
terertin than otters of his more elaliorate wnrl
Them are two charming tandicapeM by Pintle I Vernier
An unusual example r Winslow al homer hm the sent I
mental title It Might Hare Keen A tlrl ulttln In
lo uIM 1r aJ
a window look nut with an evpre ilon I th t juittfie thn
title U Ia l eMdentlr an early work There lire aoine
rnarlneii bv Mr frank do Hangfi anil hv Mr tlnblnon
himself a number of studies of cattle and u lariro New
ruKiand landscape n wood leterlor which represents
the dead artist most creditably the palnlluiri will re
train on exbtblUon until Krlday April 0 when they
will be shirt
Modern PaintIng on llbeaty Htrcet
Another largo collection of paintings is on
cthlUtlon at James I1 Silos on Liberty stroet Any
one whofrequtintii these sales will bo Interested In ot
serving how from time to time eiamplesuf men whose
works tare loni since been absorbed and palmers dead
will ilrlt again before ttie public In this collection Is I
small but food etamplo of Kcnsett a Late deorge
scene and of the sort that appealed molt frequently
lohlsbruih There la I elsa to he seen here an Interest
inir example ot Mr Kalnh niakelock a frouji of UJM
town ihaiuUi painted with great dlreetntis and lu
cldtty and In every war unlike his more familiar
work There Is a erg e and daihlnir marine I Off this
Coast i of Cuba ijr Mr ilrauviilo 1erklni rrom ilm
brunt or Itro Mnrr OilenlieliuerKnwler llirro Is I acer
Ia olla called > Prrparln for the Mtllnr In which
a pretty model U mitUnK her toilet lielore the gloss
Hlifiied 1 II Smut Is u wood Interior jilenunt od
warm In color with ilfure and which it presumably
an early work of K t lluiiUnson binlth aa ho Is now
inure lintioilnxlv known Jlr burr Mchols Mr iillutt
Halucortteld < ir A r I llrlcher Mr I Holpu > lr Otorte
Gul are men who are creditably represented lucre
1 Irs foreign pulnilnus far outnumber the Auierl
can There Is a landncape with a nirure attributed to
1iipre some itlll I life to valloti h1brI Is abort or court
rant In which various arllcies are lniltted and white
evtilenilv an older and unpretentluui wurk It shows
Hint leellnic fur harmonious union In color which du
tlntulMies ttie line cunvuiea we hare so recentlr seen
There li a Jaiquoof JoriffdKO a dashing Mlrallea and tin
nnctloui Tamburllnl III Allzone described as a pupil of
Corot Is I a wool scene fresh and inrlnidlke In I color
with a ieni of movement In the foliage The aale I nf
these palntlnrs t fflns this Wednesday afternoon and
will continue through Tliur day and rridajr
Iorcelaln nnd Metals or D W Gruaberr
t Co
D AV Ornnbory t Co nre holding o ole at
their warerooins on John surest that I tempts into those
unfrequented quarters fair shoppers from up town
The occasion ls their removal toliroailway and for lLo
limo the Johll street Stare Ii change Into uu auction
room tilled lth brink brac mid luxurious works In
metals aurl jiorccUln The royal Worcester vases Kith
nniament niodtl eJ In I cold retlculateil ware
and with clolionne decorations tire Doulton ware
Kerres vaee and Croon IJerby aro among the
choice porcelains There are many pretty examples of
wrouifhi Iron In mirrors combined with oirileit I
metals DOI oclock lea stands ami In lire halt 1 pIano
lumpsBeethoven U hemp they era called now In I Trick
An Ingenious combination of one rf theio whit a muslo
rack of red wood liavlnc appled ornament In brass
seems 10 Irs the latent contrivance fur making Ihlnis
omfortatils and east I boo lamp ai pear under dir
rot tames aicurdlnir lo their adliiiimenl or ma <
lentil and huriuiLiiieil bv I wIde srtUilo shades leave
only iheemlinrijishinettl 01 choice
The ssarirrurt it clock is UwllJerliiK Kach bull
car lueuirl con S C riUiu thus iiulep and < tuurters IjniilsM I
rlotkso onix wlln I coiniiinOrA r > f OIIJK are Ihe I niniit
ill tne llxru i un i > i 1 i enutiful t I I lla ucV richly
tnliml ulth brafs linn I cbPecre ln iiiiiiierous liesiit tul
thlnv emil acorn n Pro aitrnrilvei tlinu In I iianilv
iKlitrs combmril o llli rats Huilicttp I inlrrun orna
mettle I llli IconpeeUn scene scuntei and mlrrori
combliieil In metal fruioe candelabra of faience In
delicate l boudoir I tints riwrlan I groups bisque Such
trend e Oiyilea and cuipldrres In the form of Crass sun
flowers Indicate vast Is I tie rang which this novel
sale I lakes and to what a variety of taluS II appials It
li to Btlou astir attiruwn at a Qcisea
xnirnn itvitAT nArmttAn wxr TAT
lint nil Prlcntfi TMnk He will Ilmntly Ae
eept n flee Appolatncat and Tramt to
the XlRht Naw8eantorstoCnnflrssfllm
The He note Dlncnmc ntiolutlo Akoat
John nriKht cad Adanr Hlne his
Mr Btoncwall tTnekiaa for PoitmUtrcii
WABniNOTow April 2Tho friends of
Murat Halstead say that he can go to Berlin If
ho chooses his rejection by the Honato to the
contrary notwithstanding Tire President will
appoint him At once and then get him con
firmed next winter by the aid of the elgbt Sen
ators who lire to come In with tho now States
Hut Mr Halstead Is not likely to accept any
such appointment nnd his friends say ho will
not do so Mr Bherman is understood to have
said so to tho President and now the appoint
ment of Mr Kn son who has boon ono of the
Samoan Commissioners Is expected dally Mr
Ilnsion was formerly Minister to Berlin
Home curious people who have been looking
up the records find that in 1831 President
Jackson nominated Martin Van Duron to be
Minister to Great Britain Mr Van huron np
pears to have been quite AS unpopular In the
Senate an Mr HiilBtoad and his nomination
wits roioctod through tho Influence ol Daniel
Webster s hoary Cloy And John tt Calhoun
The next these gentlemen knew Mr VAil
lluren wns nominated and oleetod VlieProii I
dent mid subseqitintly President Mr Hal
stead can cut this out and pueto it In his hat
PostmastorQanarnl Wannmaker seems de
termined that Mrs Stcmeunll Juckson shall
hold an office Ho appolntnd her postmistress
nt tho little town of Lexington where iron bus
band was 1ronldnnt ot u oollego before the out
break of Ibo rebellion Her salary horo would
have boon about dUO a ear but she dorlltiod
tho appointment and now fire Hlohmoiid lost
pnico which pays laOOO has been tendered
her tibo has the offer under consideration
much to the astonishment and llncuet of
tile Mrdnlu politlclnhs Tho lllirhruond
Iost OIIIco Is OOH of tho best plucoB In
tbo State nnd thoro wore a number of Jlepub
llcnn candidates ion the appointment Among
others nan Mrs Lizzie Vnnlaw who hold l the
oillco during tho two terms of Otto Grants
Administration Mrs Yaulow la n native of
lllchmond and wan a Unionist during the war
bite not only spent hor monoy and her tlmo re
lieving the dlstrens of Union ofUrors who wore
prisoners at LIbbey nnd liolllsio but her house
was tho headquarters for Union spies nnd it
was through her that Oen Grant culncd most
ot his Inuirnmtlon ns to what wan going
on nt tho rebel headquarters As a reward lor
these services when he got Into the Uhlto
House ho appointed her PostmlBtros nt Rich
mond and im attempt I wan made to keep her
In during the Administration of hares but
the polIticians wore too much for her anti she I
bad to go Now she wantn tire ofllce back
again and Is very much diiitron < ad at havlne it
tendered to tho widow of a rebel General who
was not oven u candidate
In tho executive session ot the Senate today
there IllS continued objection to the personnel
of the delegation to the Congress of American
Nations but It nv ailed nothing Henntor Book
uharaclvrbod tho Democratic members M
Mugwumps who worn not recognized as be
longing to the narty nt nil mid ho didnt think
it hair to hnv thtiin pun bcloru the country us
representatives of theliomocratlc party How
ever thoV were all contlrmed A motion vns
made to reconsider tire vote by wlilih the
nomination of Andrew Carnegie was confirmed
but only six or night Senators voted lor it
In the course of the session unsuccessful
efforts ware ninile to remove tIe injunction of
secrecy Irom the voles on tho motions to can
tlrm the nominations of WhlUlnw Held to bo
Minister to Trance nnd of Murat Ilnlstoad to
bo Minister to Germany
Tno lurthorvonsldHrntlon of tho extradition
treaty with Uusxlu was postponed until next
session of Congress
The calendar of nominAtion was almost en
tirely clonrrd Tho nominations of idnln I
KcnMieadt to be United htntos Mnr liiil for tire
Jiiwtorn district of Loul lnnnand of illlam
11 hueman to lie an Associate Justlro of tire
United Mutes Court In hxvv Mexico wore
sarong thoflo that failed of ronllrmiitlon
The Pre ldentent the followiugnomlnatlons
to the Senate toduy
IntertorRobrl J hlier of Chloaa 110 Abtnnl
CommIssioner olloolo vice Iobor liVaziee rerrned
iac7omlnamider ttanilett i lroinweil to be M rap
g Kri II bb
tatut LteiriCorrrmnenderieoxe it iJuranut in be a Coin
mnd LloUI 1101 frftf lt > boa elitencnt t oin
mender Meut ilooeb U WL junior cratlo to he a
1lelnonl ntlttn 1 James HtHennon to te A Lf uten
ant JunUr Krutle oininamlrr John w fhllllp lo hu A
nplAln lleul l ommantler Stanch M I Bnrlt to liei i a
iommandflr Jleut Alien I JL Cnrdrn to be Jlruienaat
commander Lieut DarjdDanleia Junior itruiif to be a
iteuiteiiint UCcn harry S Knapp to he a Lteurieniut
M JTu1 7r cj IJ fhit
JuG I ur grader ieieui Ascistinc t atmarer Juuath It
triiritofl tnbeaVaynnter AsalstantFaymaclerTlninau
J Cents to be a 1aiied AIilumnt t Paymaster second
1IouI Harry Ii lilte Marluo Lorju 10 bo a ttrL Lieu
The PostmasterQenernl today appointed
tho following named fourthclats Iostmasiora
Jnred IV ltnco Cliaplln Cone John K rurlpftoti
XlennaniciTl nun heter H Airlclta SummIt I
HrMiK I duel llncolnA I DartlrU Belgrade N > Munriio
Hnyntnn Hiram tle K R llarthvi North lliioliHir
Me I hinma h t JohtiHon ItenrAeld We 1 r A H Jntiruon
neat II ear Ii i II ilenrare KamtiMli Lnmherwu S I I
T s frtirazne Vounihawklu N J K 1 turtle I Pot
tfroTltle NJ 1 1C 1 K Llnpluiutt ItoonO Jame
II 1 inner llelphL N YI t l X Kalttnian HireHrort
N V rJ I jlarrlolt t Vermin rrAI V h 1 1arlrr
KunipTllte Pa n L t HurRcin tbrVntnv IM M J 1
MKrt Made Mills IaJ I W i ack llrrlilon Iu M 1
I vniklnion Jrnnerulio rns a W CluOmtuul i LoCks
waxen fa I < K i Miairer Maple Hilt la I J II IM H
rrd Ml 1 1alrlok Pa u llenrr Ilnroh New Mnrvllle Pa
I C Keener wuuicy Jn luuo Neat icimer lulh
ilentzer Ulorenis Ha II N WI ion MakefltM Ia 1
The Rennto tills Afternoon confirmed tile fol
lowing nomination
licorice II shIelds f Mltlurl to be AIUnt Attornry
Crrjfrnl Prur J Iluriretto bo Xanunlor Kentucky
rob rtJ richer Illinois to be An8l8tant < omml > ion r
ot relents eopr fenrui 11 Whit to be < Intfcf hue
Ilureau laru and l > ock L Ardforil rrlnroln be
OoTernornr New Mexico VlUlatu t tiartoii of Mana
chtii > tta to be ABatatit bear lnr of State Major < I LiZ
c ityrlie to he Surgeon In the array slab its rank of
LteuieuantCoiouei E Cit Curlinguun to he huwu In
the army with the rank nf Maior Hfconil Lieut l hnrc
Jl I ride IO be tlrt Llculennnt First Inlantry I voii
A ParuclUAttornrr ror thus Northern dtiol If tieorxia l
Join B HemiiTKin i ut MUimul coruelmi N BII of
> ew Votk Vdilam Ilnkliev White ol Manlanil no I
ment HtuUetxikor of Indiana T JotTerxnn oolitle uf
Il laptuihtiAttp Wllllatn II Trescott nf onth tarniina
Andrew Csruitfo or renniyiranla John K II i Itkla of
loiilsiand I Morrla I M Idea I of allrornla Alirlf 1 t l linn
1 iJi rlIg i Nr
corn of OeorTlaleleiriteii lo the nnffreunf American
Nulloniv 10 hue lucId In Waihluiton In orrmbrr 1HVJ
Tho naval promotions sent to the Senate to
day by the 1rosldont wore also cotilirmod
Senator Stewarts resolution nxpn > 9lni the
profound sorrow of tho Senate nt the death ot
John lirleht nno the subject of A lone discus
sion ut hits final session of the Senate today
Senator bhorman sucKottod that the resolu I
lion should bit reform to the Commlttoo on
Foreign llrlatlons its its ndoptjon might es
tablish II precedent that would return 10 I IIIIUO
thn honnte Mr hawley thought no erich oc
casion was likely to arise rgaln If the United
Htalns hud ever hnd a friimd in tuin of
need he mid that irlend wns John llrlght
Mr Hoar thought too that in tint particu
lar ease tint bonate was Hiifo I us It was not at
nil likely that a stnta ot things would nuuln
nrlso that would establish between this Inltod
Htntcs neil n citizen of a foreign country tire
ppuiillnr relations of respect on one sldo haul of
tender grateful nITectlon on thn other Hint ox
istod In thin country toward the grout KnclUh
Htatosmun who linn lust goat to Ills tomb
Mr Hour delivered a long enlocy of Mr
Bright He enld that with tho 1onfllldo excep
tion of Lafayette there was no other IIIor of
n foreign country for whose moiuory the Amer
ican people entertained en strong nn ntlacli
meat It wits tno voice and Influence of
John Ilrlclit which aroused tho sentiment
of tho cnmtnon people of thn labor
ing men of Urout Britain to the mistake whl < h I
her lenders were making nnd pioduccd state
of public feeling which nmdn Fimliflli Intorven
tlon In buhnlr of the rebel lion ImpuRslhlo
Thoro were few fIner ultorlllCOIi in all litera
ture few ncbler nnd more stimulant titter
nnctS In tho olomieuoe ol constitutional liberty
thnn thono ningnlllcont nernencen of John
Bright Ic which ho pictured tire future of Ibo
United Htllte nod its relations to tire future
hones of humanity
Mr Teller also advocated lire adoption of the
resolution and tioniUorbheriiiuu withdrew tho
motion to raior
Henntor iteagnn referred to the false ptep
talon by tho Hou e of llcprc < entntlv i < some
years nUr In passIng resolution romnllmon
tory to n monitor of tlio German HHchftac
and having It returned illndalnHilly by 1rlncu
Dlnmarck He thought that the Htennrt rcxo
lullou I would establish u hal I precedent under
vMilch tho Kenato might hui oaftur boneked to
adopt resolutions ot regret ulienovnr n foreign
HtntoHiunn uirevolutlonlst might die Ho ro
nonod Mr hbcirninns motion to rolortlm reso
lution to tire Committee on Foreign llulntlous
and It Wits adoptort
Then Mr Morton made ii brief speech of
thanks to the rieiiAtors Mr InKiills wrui elect
ed Irtfilddiit pro tempori tt sersit hit tire ob
euncoof Mr Morton and tire Konatn nt 130 1 I
wont Into Executive session At 310 on mo
tion ol Mr Cameron tha Senate adjourned
sine duo
Conntr Ilemocrutx Wont Peruse
The County Democracy Executive Commit
te mireS last evening In Hit Cooper laitltuit head
quarter and decided to propose to the County Commit
tee at next Tueidaira meeting that the oreanlratlon
luke part In the WMhliiirttm ivntrnmal criebrntlon
Their thai tofn nut conieiiiilate uni attemPt It I u rtil
lain sani I hare In HID i rumdr I htiv will lux a
utIca ii coding mil troll reroHlnw to welcome MHUIIJI
Itlihnkni KCrttllfMf < li Nomluallonn
llobokon Jtepiibllcnns held their City Jon
venllon last nlKbl John It Wlicent wa nomlnaicd for
Player 15 V S lln > n for Water Itrrlitrar and W A
Saynr for Tau Coirumnlilomrer flub nonuineriosra of Jamei
8inlil lor City Treasurer and Frank McUononih forlle
cordir tirade ty lbs CcwocratU I1y vtuVeCiIUht net
Borne Very TFarm Work ni the IlriRhion
Atbtello Clobej lloxlae Tonnmmeat
The finals In the Brighton Athletic Clubs
boxing tournament wore hold at Schollltlas
Assembly Rooms Atlantlo avenue and Ver
mont street Brooklyn last evening In the
presence ot COO persons The officials wore
Itofereo O St L8noh judges Ed Plummet
and John Ikkhardt time keeper B D Lee
and OL J Harvey master of ceremonies Fred
There were contests for bantam feather
light and middleweight mon Gold medals
wont to the winner In ouch class KxHoeletsr
Hugh McLaughlin and Judge Walsh were in
terested spoctntoro In tire gallery
The first pair to taco each other In the
trial bout wore tho lightweights Tom Badger
ot tho West side Now York and Wil
liam Mantle of the Brighton Athletic Club
This was a rattling KO hnd at Its close both
men wore very weak but lladgor had landed
oftonernnd hit hnrdod and tire judge agreed
upon him as the winner of the bout John Gor
man thoMtars Long Island City and James
Crawford of the Brook lyn L wore the next
pair In tire same clnes After the first round
Unrmnn who is a corker nnd an hard and
pretty hitter with both hands as has boon
soon In either professional or amateur circles
in a docndo was declared the victor
Crawford having enough of It In tlio siimo
class John Denny of the btngg Athletic Club
sparred ii bye with Rainy Itmiatt of tlr Ilightone
Tim second preliminary bout In tho light
toamhts broucht John J Oormnn of flue liter
Athlollo Club of Long Inland City and John
Penny of the btatc Athlotlc Club together
Hanger the other contestant drawing tin bye
Tins lualrmiid good work and It HUH the best
fght of flue night DtnnyuanaBnrprlno party
trod iMvonlmoBtnR good us lie recolcd lor
mini only oxcelllnc nt lone range Thovboth
gave nnd tonk hard nimhlunctit and them was
lots of blood Uorinun lined both hands benu
tllnlly Denny was all but knocked out action
wax onlled but ho wets dead came nnd fought
bnok like n tiger Clorman got tint verdict
Tire hlnal In thin llghtwoleht class brought
7 Oormnn nnd Tom linduer together Oormnn
hnd a hard light with heunv and hn wire not
cxneutod to show up In DrBtclnBi form In con
pennonee Tho first round was proof of ior
marts skill hut he locked Badgers stronrtth
tire second round Qormnn had the bent nt It
lint ho wan fur Irom strong In tire third sad
last round lorman landed thrno times with
out it return and got Badger rattled
Gorman had the tmst of tire round
and wan tloelarcd the winner It was
Gormans first appearance In nubile
Charles LT rtlcrot Km Union AthletloCliib
Brooklyn and J Barnott of tho Atlantic Atb
little Club worn tire llrht bnntnms to face each
other Barnott was declared the winner
James nopo ot the Allorton Athletic Club ot
New 1ork then sparred a bye with Harry Plntt
of tile lltlcliton hnrnott sad itoso foncht the
llnal In tile bantam class Tire little
pair wero chain llchinlnc When thor
cnnio together there Hns a shower cif
blows us rapid fuoilnclo of artillery
Putt third round wava hurricane and this lit
tie pair of bantamn did more work In the three
mlntitMH thrum any othor men feen In tire oven
lag The judges dlwicroed and an extra round
of two minutes was ordered it wasuliot and
heavy hut llnrnltt did timc roost work and won
Hoso protested Uurnltt for a professional alter
they nad gone to their dressing rooms but It
wns not entertiiliiid
John Leonard of the ITombncker C Xow
lork and Punt Trolch of the 1rospeet Harriers
uvero tim first pair of fomttintr voights to moot
It wits n good go with 1rccth tine hoiv ler and
stronger mnn but anj thine butii fair lighter
hire judcos iiurecd on 1rectli Tack Skoily of
llroorulvus end Iraiik aeiol of the AmnrliimA
C were tire net pair In tho fnnic class These
boys were looking class lIghters but Bkcllygot
tire decision Jlio final bout In the feather
wclthtWBs botwo nIack HkoUrot Brooklyn
and bam Irteth ot tho Pioanect Harrleri
There wits some llvolr work In tire third round
and the judges disagreed Tho leforoo ordered
another round of three minutes As thy
hugged fitch other in the oUr round KKelly
ald Dont tlnk Im In love wit ro bkelly
scored a clean knock tlou n just before the call
of time Frooth did the most work anti was
declared tire victor Tho crowd didnt like the
decision for n cent
I Tine llnal In the middlewelcht class was ex
pcctod to be a hummer betv > cen Jacob 1ltz of
the American A C of Brooklyn nnd John
> oran of tho Bricbton Athletic Club of Brook
Ivn This was nbeaiitlful night with both men
doing very clover and scientific work DorniiR
left Inpaitleiilnrly good nnil he kent Fltz busy
during tire first round The second was a re
petition of tire llrit Julia tIlt moot of the lend
In L but was In nearly oven y Instance coun
tered by Dornnwno was much the heavier man
In th middle of tire third round after work nt
long range 1ltx landed on the enr with
UIK right anti followed it up with u knockdown
blowon tIre mouth from tbo left Jhaiiidctn
alsnzroed and an extra round of three minutes
WIIH ordered Damn who looks lllo n baird
some ohrug rrlent looked savage at the open
lag of thn fourth It vsni dlngclnng hammer
and tones throncli the entire round both hiring
vory went at tints close Derail smlleil when
Pit wits tlccltred the victor Party feeling ran
very high tIne local mourn having hosts of
friends and several future ser pi > wore ai
A Locomotive that Tistilty Run 433 MIle
Without Keating
Tine enprino A O Darwin of the Strong
Locomotive Company glided into the Erie
depot at Jersey Ciii last night at 1055 oclock
She had juttt roinplolvd a straight run of 420
miles with hire recular day express train No
B behind iron llnclnoor Uoorno McKee ho
has hold the throttlo for tho hint two days
during the great lost which the Darwin has
had climbed out of tine cob with a slch of to
hot Tine engine hind nrado Lire round trio from
Jersey City to Buffalo nnd brick with n heavy
express ouch way n distance of 840 miles
without n single mishap trip that inns not
been paralleled in the history of railroading
Ordinarily a locomotive Is relieved by another
idler a run not much exceeding 100 miles Its
lire box must bo cleaned and it needs rest
in other respects Tho engine has several ad
vantages over tire ordinary locomotive which
Its Inventor Mr George H Strong thinks will
revolutionize tho fast express business all over
the country
One of the original features of the cnine is
the introduction ol two lire boxes Instead of
one which it IB said elves greater steam
gouoriitlncpnvror and on long runs allows the
clennlniiof ono box while tine oIlier is still In
l rise Tliovalvo courts also different from the
old style Double valves are used Instead of
single ones Thn cnulno weighs sUtyeicht
tons exclusive of tire tender which weighs
forty when lull of coal
The Darwin or tine Missing Link ni tire
railroad mm emit her lolt Jersey City nt 924
oclock Monday morning bound for DiiIInlo to
test hoi endurance a run never before ut
tcniptod A spatial car curried railroad men
who were Intorosled In the experiment The
arrival of them engine aliund of time with ltd
load In liuftUIn nn Monday night was chron
tried In yesterdays bus but flue return trip
yesterday up heavy grades and with a lionvlor
tralu wan considered by the rnllroail exports
on board as men a greater feat OnMonday
tho train was delayed near Callicoon by a dis
abled trolght train twenty minutes but by tire
utile Hlnghuroton was reached this lost tltue
hnd all been plckod un
Yostoiduy morning tire Darwin left Iiiiffalo at
0 oclock in a ilrlvlne snow storm with nine
cars attached Khe hud mad a coral nlchtH rest
after doing the work of four ordinary engines
on the day before Wlien IIoniellKvllle was
reached three othor cars wore milled to the
train hut the Dorvi In didnt Hindi Five of hor
cars vere heavy Pullmans livun vlth this loud
several xnllun nero nInth at u mlloaiuluuto
KM At llmiin two cars vvete drop
ped and for tlm rout of the trip nlun
ears made up tine train which ivont over
tire curves unit grades of the Uelawaro
division on tlmo ut every mop At each station
all the uvntliblo inhabitant of tire toun girth
xrcil around the Uiirvvin la iiclinlrlnL crowds
The cows of tine run had been heralded morn
town to town and oveiy railroad man cheered
the crow as the truln vrhlrzoil by Tho biggest
grade on the road IH from Husijuohnnnn Sum
nut a iliHtiimo of eight miles sixty feet to the
mile Two fresh engines usually take the tnilu
up the lull but the Jllntlntf Link ° had no
trouble In doing tire work alone
Holtcoul was buinod on tho ontlro trip but
the combustion chamber atliicluid to tlio tire
boxes did aivny with tie cinders and soot
which are tine accompaniments ol the ordinary
railroad journtiyvvhou that kind of conlis used
Twcntytno tons were lonsuiuud liy Cite en
clno which Is onethlnl to onuh U heirs than
the total amount burned by tho four regular
engines need on this tutu Invuntor hirong
wIts well ntlsllod with tha two days work of
bin locomotive lie believes tiiotiuu hunt tlio
Darwin will nceotiuillsh fonts eton more stnrt
Hue on SOIIIB nf the long runs of tire Atthlson
Towka and Hutitiv 1ii wlioro she Is to HO ultl
roe Ilirncll Defence Fund
At the regular weekly meeting of the Muni
cipal council of thus IrIsh National league held at IT
WeilTwentjrtlKlith street lust nltit fJ5 ser added
In the rarnell funrl ruin All hulnln < hnrcli cnn Fist
Iiiu tr lire t iiuttu l < iiueut ilin I will 1 held nrkl Conic
nltrlil ut ktvAcntH i n i tmrili ci uuen j Kortv tlilr < 2 vtreet I
anil i > t CfdLtiibaikCliuri on Ucal 1 nemj nfilt street
Ilertri Jlru t hlrl tit Iour I Ulul CIty
Mldinol J Bulljvanof tire First lire district
cf Lonir lilunit City wan rolctcil Chief of the Lone
Island City ire rifmartmenl Ian nllit ty 53 malorlly
over Owen Wood rhe nominee of the heconl dlitrteu
John E h Honneilrof the Kinl dlitrict and John Ulaerr
of tbs Second dlittut wets eUclid flee ana Kecocd Al
wuarlu IDtloar
ot w d lfltiiS I
flsieiatita Champion Umbra do tha Areast
XlsOor Manhunt Defeats jtmosi fern of
LlterpoulMoK Judd HintlK Muoleost
The twenty players In tire Intornntlonnl
chess tournament took their places at the little
tables yesterday to engage lu the eighth serins
ef battles ot brains with an air of quiet dignity
eoua to that of members tho Supreme Court
when In session The Ituislrin champion Mi
chael Tchlcorln who had assumed ft very war
like trout on the announcement ot the first de
cision In his postponed gems with Max Judmi
and had threatened to retire from the field on
Monday evening after forfeiting his aaroe to
Mason on the time limit reappeared mono
and bnndfomo as usual to play against lbs
tons rating champion Constant F Durlllo
The other players were MacLeod against Judd
Bird ngalnst Mason Ounsborg against Weiss
lllackburno against Gossip MpschlUr against
Showalter D O BaIrd against Taubenhaus
Martinez against J W Baird Pollock against
Del mar and llanham against Burn
The games wore long and characterized by
pertinacity endurance When the gnvolof
the umplro sounded for recess nt S F it no
ises than eight games had not progressed
much beyond what Is known na the middle
game arid nil were hopeful to word oft defeat
byirood play during the evening session
The sound of the Knvcl immediately liberates
this players whoo turn It Is not to move Tire
others are at liberty to take sufliciont tIme to
consider the next move which must bo placed
in nn onvoloio Honied anti delivered to tire
umpire to bo opened In presence of both play
erie at the opening of the oveulnfc session The
umpire has tn ben that tire record of time and
othxr things Is correct
Major llnnham scored a highly creditable
victory against A moo Hum who adopted 1hllo
dori defence Mr Burn had a lost game for
many moves but continued to fight a long nt
thorn win hope Mr Hum plays an uphill
game with remarkable nerve anti coolness and
IB n molil tournament player Tire lull score
Ja appended
ItUitT naNruir
lilile Illack
1 PK4 PK 4
2 K KtDS Pg 3
48 < 1ruQ4B3 Kt02 PQ B 3
a HK 2 1IK2
n Cast Ion K Ktna
7 nK 3 Castles
R KtK eel hItIC Bl
0 PK 114 1 a 11113
boQPxi Pxl p
11 fxl
12 KtH 1 nna
13 KIl ST UK 2
14 11KKtS PK B n
15 1111 4 KtKt a
10 QQ 4 llKt 0 i
17 Q nR at ng
IH on 3 Ktg a
11 gn 4 II z Itt
20 YxB K KtB G < b
21 QJ sit 0Kt5 t
22 HKt sa Itt xl
21 gn r i Q hlQ 2
24 B 3 liP II 11132
25 tKt 4 ltQ 4 C
26 Pg 11 3 d It x it c
27 IxQ HxQ
25lxKt ltxltPoh
29 ItlIt Sri 1xP
30 KKt sa I05 i
81 KtK 4 llK 2 If
32 IlK Kt 2 K x Itch
81 K x II KtIl 5
34 HQHsri KtKt 3
35 UiRP BKt fl
nn itit MI IKt 4
37 liy 3 ip Ill 3
K KtB 5 KKt 2
39 HK 4 Kt115
40 Kt i P KtK 0 ch
41 Kn 2 Kt X P
42 lIfl 8 11JJ S
43 PKt 8 P0 6
44 HO 8 BK G ch
45 KBuq KtQ5
4B iCIt sa IO 7 ch
47 Kg I aa Kt x P W
48 H 03 DB5
41 Kt H 5 KtO 3
60 KK 2 PU4
61 KII 2 PKt 5
B2 Kg 5 PitS
BH Bli 2 UK fi eh
64 KKt 2 n xict
61 It X H HK 7 ch
BO KB si HK S ch
67 KKt P x I1 ch
68 KP Jtieensch
51 > JSxQ HxBd
COKKt4 RQ S ch
Cl KIt U IC113
CL IlII so KtB 4
C3 Kg It Bd Kht4
CI KKt sa ch KtKt 6
on Kg n sa IIU 6 l
fit K Kt2 Ktb 4
C7 11112 KKt 5
614 HKt sa oh KtKt 0
ci ng it sa 11Q 7 ch
Tll ici am ifn n
ii itit 2 ° htk7 ch
72 K15sa E mates
coons sr cnixriOK r N tarn
a Mr fern utopu5 very sagrssilni tsctlci Hsi pea
Ibly nuitfrrsteil his antagonist
ft I Thl miiv compeL > white to adopt Defensive meas
ures for tint Hint bliikf but lie win resumti the MUck
Cl Tin jiroliably miexpecto move lead to a ery
cotitpltc ilid nn < l tliftlcult poulion
Ut Obviously whIle cauuot plaj1 X Kt MQI It would
be an eft > mi e retuty
tel Airain tlark makes the belt move
II To prevent Ut liBcli mid Kin 1C
hi Or course nn cannot rapture pawn with knight as
Mack nuulil C In the piece ty Ktt 2
ihi It4j K3fnrc ath name more speedily
1 1 ninnluar I Iminv with care only a question of time
but white 1 Jiitltlelln tentuiiulmug iii SaUte ror there la
ii possltllltv of obtnlnme stalemate as will preseutlr DB
seen clue Major liowever Is not lo be beguiled aa talk
The llrht game finished wan that between Mr
Judd and MacLeod The youtlidofondeii the
kingio tinigirts oponingwitlr P 0 II P saul play
ed well for a few moves but made nn early mis
take and lout the niuno
Tile only other game finished in the after
noon session wile that between Mos rs lair
bniihiius and LI G lliilrd Jlr Baird defended
In a Vienna came played well and steadily ru
usual Mr Baird early ointainod tire advirnrrage
of position anti won his game In his very host
style of play
Mr J v > Baird won a Buy Lopez opening
from Mr Martinez Sir Martinez lost n bishop
early iu thn manic and played long and care
fully afterward to make a draw but failed
Mr IJolmur overcame Mr Pollock In a four
knights game very Ingeniously played
Messrs Vols auu Utiniberc played a French
defence to a draw after a wholo Gays play
comprising more than sixty movub Drawn
games are frequently the best chess anti It Is
needless to say that this grime IB worthy ot the
great reputation of the contestants
Mr Mubon won a hardfought grime of over
sixty moves Mr Bird adopted Iris favorlto
Ejlclllan defence Mr Miionn loll muumary
attack failed und ho bird to riiliru his nieces
arid tine guano stood In favor ot Jlr hind Hut
then Mr Bird plojotl for a mats which was
unsuccessful and lost Ills npnortiinlty to win
n centre pawn which would have brought him
the game with correct play
Mr Tchlxorln won from Mr Rurilla In a very
well played queens now opening fir Ihirllln
iBKiiyod a counter attack and placed irIs ijucon
on Clue kings side of tine board which onuhlcd
Mr Tcliliiorln to form a very pretty combina
tion which llnnlly added another lo the vie
torlos of the Jtuenian cluuninon
Mr lossiposiood a Vionunoponlna against
Mr BlacKbiirno and lost Mr Ciopslp miido
several mistakes curtly In the came which gave
air easy victory to tin giant
SIr hhowaltor coined his move at 1145 In
an ndiourniil game with Mr Llpwhiiu Mr
hliownltor plniod a Iluy Lope attack well sus
tained for many moves
Jlr Judd nnd Mr B O Baird played their
lidjourned game durlnc the evening session
which reBultwl In n wellearned victory for tlio
Now York olininplon
lire palriiiK lor today la as follws MacLeod
agaInst Macon lllrd uunlnst Uurlllo Tchlgorln
ncnlnst Volss iunsberc uciiliiit Uoxfilp
lilaekburno against htiowalier Llpuclir
acatnttt D G Baird Tndd iicnlnBt J W Ilalrd
Martinez nciiinst Dolmur 1ollod aenlnst
Burn Hnnliiim against Taubenhaus lire
score now stands
yMv < rl Tlon JitL Tlnyrrj Ron Lett
Baird J 1 W3t4 4WJnM 4 a
llalrd Dll C > a I < rhuti S y
Ulnl nt sl < iMarilne H t 7K
IlUckburne 6M t i Ma > oii 4 4
llnrillu J H IVacIeod 3 n
Hum 4 a Fcllock J < m h
lieliuar 4 i iHlinwalter H 4
< locili 3l 4UTaul nliaua 1 3
UuniUrK Mk 2 jlTchlMurlli 5 I
lUuuauT 2 U jWeli a
JaineiX Keller died Tfiterrtnrat hid Lafayette ave
nue IIrooLlii Aged 74 He bad been one of ino leading
coal dealera that cly for leveral jeari telif the
lieail of duo trim oC heliey A Lourhlln Uo waq one of
Stub plllan of the Lifayelta Avenue Irb > lerlart
Church and a Mbf ral contributor local charities Ho
learn a widow anil iwo married dannbtera
TeterV Daniel a well knewn railroad lawyer died
at Itlulimoml > a > esirO r
hIre Margaret A Ilun sister of Cot A K MrClare of
thoitil ad > l > liU rli tiled at Lhaiberiburxu fa on
Uonday Htie was tIll reins old
Alfred Chancellor snot 74 dlid at nUckwelli Islnril
on April I if r more tiuri tiilriy lean he Ii car liesmu rm
itlnvr l cc a biker Here II 1 ia fitnirat ulll Lets pato
linn nfurili intin i tlif I tan it cl llf I > Vrtrrin rlrrnii M
AKtiTIMI in u M Liiiit Tflitll p 11cr IJu I itliiri that I tih t
In IM luilnrf I it l inerly I c t mdi tt I rjtn H tin r
riniiT4l I will I lie lii mcii uieI tn I tliu I I ttj 4lrilo It Ulniflou
I li iitfr jn a o r I A anil me TAUIUIUII hoclity to
alluf which iii btlouinl
Jacob llurler uncle of John Ituyler ili ucnlyI moon
ufacturor illetl ut ill rrxldencc 3il Men hlevenlti
uritt erly yesterday monitun He had lieea ill far
Bre weeks with pneumonia Son mueanly twcntr lean
irewaaeupntuiandmitof the knlekerliocVer lea Com
pany Ho was also alerire ahareholder In four other bce
cQuupLDJss tKliaTcltorioftawaup dsvgtrt a
o r Qhlrrinflf1 ar
Van Tassell Kearney
Have unsurpassed facilities in
their new mammoth building
for the careful storage of fine
carriages and sleighs
ror nroiiBhann Conina Traits Cnupii Rmtawara
awl other piutnier vehIcles M M ocr month
ron Berlin llockawart Lundaiia Coarbea llaroutbea
ami lipiiieniirrThiclea so par month
For Ihaetona Roal l Unuoni Carts and twortutnrir
vehlclea M per month
iusr Sleighs castling MX rf riona M tier month
For Sleighs seating three ur Jour ianson gate
For lslhs ilrg two trcon 100 per nmnolk
Ir Iuratlaum run sra A iltICit CAN liE taiPD
wuTlutluc PUItTIIKII CliAltUli Exchii Curnttjs
SItuN WhurN 5111
CAitItlAmills of the mnat wanted suns in the eitr on rj
vAts ashen at a rarg stock of 5E aol Pdtitr
IIANI IlAItbESS US ALL UltADlihi and walgirts ss
dtei bridle Ia
Faii TanKclt A Kearney
fore nod Carriage nrrtnaltorj
nd Auction Koorast
leo und Itia Ksim luth Nt
Through to 18S 187 1210 Knit lath xt
ItrKtilnr Auction Hale of slnrsirsi stnd Cr
rtges every Tntsulai and irl Jay Throngs
out the fear
Ice pound and tip
BUILT Fllll AKT DRlvflvo
In all shoe
Mid welohta
Four faaa Light Vehlolel
orE AorNrs
ma BT4 U7 llronne He
Itltaie line largest newest and finest stock of as >
press and < delivery watons In the LImited Chaise sptciu
wagons for dry oods lannilrr milk carpsntsrs nt
plumbers alo llrht deliver wagons for country iee
jjport trails a specialLy Corner Spring st ana bomb
eta ca New york
Jl own make In first clasj order at very rsasomtle
Hroadwur ulnhl 4ttt
1i J r Vitro of Jaokton City Mich with 10 boil
ot ilnetionea Ineludlnir matched calm and tmrlinnri
at the American llor lizcoanxe ooth it coil Iirvaii
way Come gentlemen and te ometbtne good
A IIANUSOMK HAY COLT lonrbUck all and mane
1a about M hand and unoiitatlt potrerful truamti
teed kouoil and gentle price tvx Callor adnrcivT
a CAHVALIIO iminuber yard laMhit and 4th ar
A FEW IinAKUERS wanted ill private itaLic fist
1 cluaaccommodation low prune
foil mat wet 17th it
ABAHOAIN Three handsome ponies safe children
xI me Ho upward used with show 3A r 13th ci
A 0011 BUMMSS IIORKIillihttopdellTerr
L harneia nearly new lell separate 1U7 Cbarlent
BArlIAINHyour taurus JT7o frO ton tnila
A wagon harneia milt butcher grocer farmer I OI
bait Htli ed butcher lore
FOR HArK Kentiickr saddle horse very ityllihi
1 tark bay lit beaus 7 renra old pan be leen at
1lckene IJ3 I IVntihth at Inquire for Clarks hone or
addreK invNBli 1oat title boa Oil Flalnrleld NJ
IfOR LKASE Tlie iit bTelO lO anrtla aTrSthaTr
A about 7rxli0 feet between exinirion sad 3d art
for atable purpoiea only Apply to
FOR BALK A learn bay horse eUht and nIna years
L old sixteen Iinndo hIgh and rood worker Apoly
UOUOLAii Ilk bit oriterboat > o H fo1 Terry It SB
FOIt HAIP Hue three quarters thoroughbred Cans
dim eaildle anJ drKlln hone
T It TIMHA 49 Broadway
OK RALE lUniUome black > Mlille ponrT HK nine
1 years od i erteotlr cafe lor Oilldrpn well broke lo
aildleMllnii Academy 113 Ea t71tli eu
FOK LKllandnome Imported nhlteitnlllon Itior
oiiffhtjr tratnel for clrctm or trainees would unko
One tooL lione 543 Wot Jilt St
Fold SALK Iowerfnl Canadian hone S4V worth
four for harm work 7u inttinrine it corlieroC llak
F OR SALIA Mnnllnji 3lir Itretriter make In good
L order Calibeiecn at prltate euble 1 Kail OjintL
lOitRALEChueats few pood perond hand lr
L Wagolus A rrorr i MiMJ a4uwestzrit it
BlPINfKS IIon < E top wagon and homeii Together
nrnparate IJili led l ai netrTHlh it
PONT imiEVi iinpor7edA Tinilo liandnrnie
elmer mounlliiffs never used m bargaIn 32Lexlnjr
ton av
Rltn DBrnr WAOOKS lo teat four ntx and rio
J a rerrook y < o waifonettei ti feat nine IM mlcinni
fturrejm to Ccii four thrown ininnfflctiiro and war
Corner iprlu FL and heulliftth av N Y
TAnrF ro lWtO nr morn italln near ilameToort
I Market Call at lVJ Jane it
1TATEDIuItte harneft prime order suitable 14
WANTED full imrtlculari Address lisa 34014
Iont Unite
> Horfi rr cattle eufhanre for it per
WASTKI rmniuriiaKofMJi > A II I Weitbury I 1
Elys Cream Balm
LJJjCC I fill Cents i
Apply Uilm Into each nostrIl
ElA 11RO Ce Warren St N T
= oLDcoLD
It rite reader > of The fan trli lIed out their oil I ci L
r > silver nil ewelry amil I cciii I U ii l r mall iur eaprail it I >
me Ce Sill endihen > byr toruruaA a certmtJ citsiL
Ur lull value tliercor
UkUlt eitaUlilieJ l12i l
n S
A HeniuUonnl Incident Opens the Trial at
ICrullHch Tor Murder
From nn extra panel of 100 Inlpsmen in
rant II ot the General BosfilonB yesterday five
urors wero selected to complete jury which
will try voting William Krullseb for the niur
tier ot llrue Clerk liienthir AVecliMine in
oopfnors drug store at 017 Thlnl avenue on
IIarch7 It wild liitn In tire ntturnnon Hbnn
the box wits flllod and then Assistant JJNtrlit
Attorney William Trnvors Jerome ilc rltntl
ho crime to tho jury Wochsunir ho mid viis
strucK on the buck ol the hund with a tMtilft
while lie was droxplnK In the brick of thy nnic
store early In tire morning Ills fki II inw
clioiipod and chlppiil Into bits and ihuero were
other wounds on his body Tlm MoOIiliatclift
was found nonr him and ho lived lone enough
to call the boy Krullsoli a liar
A Koport lint hr IincI Pneumonia Denlt
by hiss IhtMlrtan
rnihcrTOK April DrT 11 WJknff tIre nt
leadIng Ihjklclan of tie Iev Ir Jiimn Mcfo h 5515
tie rercrt ai to III i InfM I lime been Kreitljr ccii
peratrd At is late liour tonfuhl tie sac reitlnff com
tenably strut Hr VMVcfl ntfrmln no rtoub a <
iii hm recoieri Dr JIr < mil left Ir fleet ut
about tOt 0 n onthl ace for nn eitMi < lrd Ion 1
t U rI nit tour ut tile Meet and about two cc ecki
ago vrtiilo at HflMware nnm He Imd an Attack nt
bronchlllK Though In u tad condition Hi trivet he set
nut fur lunu3 C liii uuuel iuirelf ll a nrrHol In Irlmelpn
t wn week sue to da Ill im Plies incrtaifl ilwrlni illS
ournei lioniiniii on hU arrival li ru lila cunditum WC
seruiuo Hr ti lIiuer peel u rporl Hint lie cc is niflerllilj
nun pnrmuonlitli uutrue lIe hm lad uo atiacK u
thu at Ltoh
more Ills C faU < rumor In town in lucy that fr Me
CViih liiul i his d I ii rriitiv The retinrt that hl tan In lair
Pr > llad Mita of Sow lorlc hnl H Huttatlon with
fIr HUotT li aluo untrue Hr 3tijles 515115 lucre hare
fbi been maile wlih I u vie w icu i gun iii 1 hula torcshnutl l l
sIouCe l The sumaC l nothIng row for Jlcroili hal
fiur timnr year heri I vublect to bronchial auncultlei
le linoiv Twjeurs od
Ione Inlimd Town Elections
Town elections woro hold yesterday on IorB
ilanit In i ueetik county tire BuccMiiful candidate for
uiiervliorwerowfollovri John H tans hiostrand ISCPI l
cad Ind Newtown Joneph luilma Dem Flu hUz
ohn II Drlnkerhoir Dem i Jamnlca nMuilder V 1h V
lucy Ueni I Uyiter Ity Martin VVlood Kei J fiiuiif
mad r Jacob a Iowell Prm I orlli iu emiitt41l
In Knrrnlk k fiimiv tie In lowliilhul > nnifcorii were
teettui usury A lIcetci lien i lllrerheutd JoliS it
ierhun ileri Shelter telind ii I Csruwrhghd lisp ii
uiulhauounp ii Jamee II Ilernn tflep Ecu liomricn
leuree 3 Iher ttttin I utllulnurlotr Ileorfa hi Ills
run titep I IIalyiuli 0 ltlgkle tile1o u ldlp Sari il
samuils tllni Aliunt i licrlliug t Keji Ii
hurst ltaeiu uiurk 1 tlyIer Kopu
I it Inuabu Iuul Juepii iflU3laii wOe eleelel Toc mr Clra
Ji SuCh Siul hlhiiC ioiieciur lul want I taily It ericer of
ttr S iii Irlm ti Arioid IiIuh a tar tmmmollouer
ilcuirua fuur 1 uiiieai of thu site tok plan eitT
day htu thu Ouilut tuiwna or Ibhiugi cnruntc ha tirctCO
uiul Isaac htnhisir tiieriit a brother of Iluas John V lC
Lane C isa electui iy a vote of V iter iilnhsrul Jnio
pin threin I who luiuileul 3tt in Vluttt tush atlirain S
Nehiuo the rruutr lhiiiOCriitO cutdt1aIe C ci olecie
roinuie dli 4 vole to 474 cast fr ieiutntri IP I cci t 44
fir AmudreWinu tluc rhudeJenuheaut licriiorertr candiatc
lie CumueId tir et Etreelut we cliuc situ pjtittilut
Fariire r J sun i iweii ni en i its iliubllecir uamidulat
We tetpl iv s liusiortly if rb tier Jerornhsiu loit
them u lit c Tote umf ttLi ull erilsur riuehhmus 1 earl
uir throw luie lilIhUCuuce rut favor if towniuYvul
Amhrre Knolucd
ExJuclso A J Dlttonhoefer counsel for VV11
lhanr Kruraer jeiterilayobtalnul an Injunction reiriln
HIT iintav Ainlierz and II R JacMn from auignIngie
FIIK or the lucre ileuttr > smut trim irlvmv Sit iii
Ioriiurnnumc tImer llioileMil iuo air aiurciulrel I
inkliuir I soLre uc lay is crriuataii I I junction houfd irfl

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