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v M ajs ww 1 jj w p > i qy r
nn nter rt ADVKRTIflE rour Board and llonm U
If o b w
TO TB HUN II will brine piuitpt tetnin
AtfTtrtlio ronr Rrikl Enlace I TII > stN
A TeHlili > U TIIJR SUN brlisi n v i m
A crll < UB TIIE BUN
rr rail at
tViutU Yr
nffonto to DJ Val t the deilrc remit 1
irr oa < l > Te n or I m or cm I Joa h T Room To Let j tnVIIJZIJ
flew York Hails the Day With a
Stately Spectacle
In a Thousand Ships With a Mil
lion Eyes Upon Them
Ad All the Sea and Shore are Glorious
With the Red White and Bine
Brlnilne the Chief lfncl rna In Orer
nanhlnatnnM Hont to the Celebration
oftbr lluj tbnt Met Us Pornrurd on the
Path to AH Thin Cannon Thunder He
Pu nr American Ski lpe Row Him
AahorCt and the Oaveruor of the Empire
Slat and the Mmjor of thn ImDerlal City
TVtlcarae Him to New York Oronnd
Vall hlrcct Roum Her Greetluela lime
nlth Old Trinity Cblne and He 1
JTIotvn to u linnqaet am bpleudld a
Itovul KfupitHchoolcIrlnHtrrwIllePath
wilh KOMI tb Vablle Get a Ollmpie or
Two at film In thn Governor1 Room and
to Hind Up the Day Come > the Oorfceou
nullNew York Full to Running Oer
with Holillrrn Who VVIIl March In To
daj 1urtide and Who Wil Htt It
Maguincent stood New York yesterday
Bornlng erand firloudld beyond even her
tsnil macnlQcenco Itnalent eho wa and
Blorloue with color from ond to ond and tide
to side at the mooting of the i liters when dny
broke 8howa an a btldo awaltine a bride
groom and her dios was an cnudy all
4fiuttcr with rlbbonc ni was over the carbof
Mcteat ollco Jn the days when her Doles
wedded her to the Adriatic
Day broke beneath n nullon sky Tho last
tUneatnlEht the eyes of tho exjicotant million
lion vcro turned to the ekjr where tho brilliant
Iwtsrnsof the nlcht Buarllcd thoir confirma
tion of the constant promises by tho Blcnal
B nco of fair woatJr Tho flrst thine In tho
morl etory face was acaln turnod to tho
iT but I was hid by cloudBasalnst which the
rli westorly wind seemed Ineffootual There
fore the ploasurnBookljK crowds turned out
Ith umbrellas and all looked for the rain that
I tot to co mo after nil
The Ire ts In all parts of tho town were
Med lOn after daybreak New Yorkers nnd
trnet elbowed ono another all oer town
B Wom If < rter hao BO many oulsldors boon
le fn Vnoni HI Tho crowds of work folk on
wesrly trains and cars cave place to crowds
of IshUeorB nil In holiday attlro and much of
1 t ntllro tho uniforms of military bodies
tfl rover on the cast side In the unllkollcst
countrymen and womon wero
llMlDCpenmouthod baforo Iho flro housos
i In tbo furtlicft points on the wrist Bide strap
Itl rustls 1er n ltiBdlio tlcin to the Hat
tey TIm Btransom betrayed themselves meet
I ImUllnlIy il nle cloMitod roads lero bopg
ltotlh train I want to net out shouted
rltt 01 UcUoodsmun as ho trampled tlio feet
L b b follow tnssoncers nnd swuns his arms
a Thrj moniio train botween Houston
It < OI tiailtlmroopci 1 Inslltulo rnrtodjnirsof
IJrtruol tulkl 1 I rogs tho trnoKs ot tho
i n othor blocludtidtho pnssnKOways
iia cUmoroil for tickets to tho especial
e tho wanted to BO to
r1 this I City Hal ticket 1 ono asked at
enlrel lehih
ttroet and Third avonue
IJ > nlllho tokot folor
a by clfih I dont want It said tlio
r6t I Wanl a lot to IhoPoutliForry
rer iMiinso JIIB nw oruTiot8
ga I 1 OUr eucsu erc well repaid for their
minI In nil tlio uptown streets they
sholely anns onU jonolled flnsors ol
our cracoful housewives festoonlne tholr
window frames and balconies with loops of
buntlnc thor aw tho men servants of tho
rich puttlne out tho stormbelted floes ther
paw the chromatlo fleuras of the hurryinn
soldiers ond th Bill and feathers of the proud
staff officers already hastonlna to quarters
Dut ot all the citys achievements what
she did In the nay of decoration was most to
bo dwelt upon with tho ore nod with mental
satisfaction In tho past on occasions of
Jubilation or Brief wo have caparisoned our
houses manly on the prinoloAl streets but
today there Is no section so poor or so re
moto from tho actual Con of tho celebra
tion that It docs not Uc with nil tho others In
the glory ot Its dccklnK I there Is an ex
ception It U In the case of Broadway That
make a poor tandninndequate display
Wo have lone known by tho signs that roach
from the City Hall to Thirtyfourth street that
this mniostlo nrtsrs has passed Into the hands
of men ot forolnn birth but wo never knew un
til today that they wero deficient In loyalty or
parsimonious In the expression of It For bril
liancy fo aotual outlay for fervent coopera
tion with tho peoplo lower Broadway whore
the old corporations of tho city are a tho
banner street In this holiday movement
Ono other thine that did us no credit oar
euosts also saw That was tho eorles of orohos
put up by tho city Elizabeth hod nono so
shabby I Western boom town might have
boon oxpeotod to do bailor These archos woro
at tho foot of Wall street and at Tnentythird
and Twentysixth streets and Broadway Thoy
woro small cheap and olthor Inartistic or
hideous The one at tho foot of Wall street a
shell of canas dolled with shields and buns
with mere ropes of buntlne does not bocomo n
treat city Tho ono nt Twentysixth street
dlstlnaulahodby drunken soldiers cut out of
pasteboard would b refused by tho mixnauor
of a Bowery variety theatre If a scene painter
offered It there The one noble imposing
beautiful arch Is that a the foot of Fifth ave
nue It was deslcnod Dy Mr Stanford White
and even he mas well bo proud of It
But the town as I whole never was so gay
nnd as the fresh west wind raced the streets
and set all the ends and loops and folds of
bunting snapping and fluttering nnd as I
stretched each flag out rigid from Its pole the
sluht was beautiful Combined with the cnudy
trimmlriB hero and there were thousands of
portraits of Washington and those woro so
varied and so extraordinary as to demand a
passlne mention Theirvariety reminded ono
of what Mark Twain said ot tho pictures of
tho Apostles when he went abroad and found
the saints all German In Germany all French
In Franco and all Spanish In Bpaln Hero
there wero Waahlnetons to suit every tasto
Waahlnetons of every nationality Now and
then one wag seen that the rain had partially
dissolved so that tho austere features of tho
creat leader took on a bibulous disorderly air
Tha movement of the multitude in tho streets
all tbo mornlae was toward tho Battery tem
pered with an Indefinite current toward tho
river sides at tho boar of the city Hour otter
hour tbo tide on Broadway sot atronulj toward
the citys foot and hour after hour the elovat
ed trans of all tbo linen discharged theIr
orowdi at tho Battery Hanoor square and
Hector street Every sllmpso ot either river
front disclosed tho piers and the ahlpnlns all
Y with colors and nature lent her aid lathe
parks and churchyards with the vivid green of
tho Brass Dials nnd trees and shrubs burstlnic
Into bud and leaf and blossom The peopla
themselves caueut tha intention Ours ts tho
only nationality In the word that does not con
Cno fine dress to the rich and In yesterdayo
crowds all wore in their best apparel Tho
women with that graceful Instinct that glori
fies the sox wore pretty bows of rod white and
blue and pinned badges upon their children
so that they were to be considered with tho military
tary as enbanclnc tho Rn > olyof rvory scene
When 8 oclock Ins reached the preliminary
celebration at Elizabeth was well underway
it should hBO taken
Historically place elx
days aco for It was on April 23 1781 that
Onoreo Washington stopped at the ancient I
burgh and was ontortalned by Ellas Dou loot
of tho Continental Concress and by the people i
But all things oven hKtory limo boat to tljo
jilanaof > our committees President Harmon i
inado Washingtons lone journey in ole nlcht I
nnd yeBterday moraine boforo 780 he was In I
Elizabeth whoro tho people Hood the Mdownlk
nnd about 4000 men cro In nnrndrt ratiln I
Ha and tho VlaoIrestdont tbo Chlof Justico
nnd Justices Dlatchford and Field rode
to th house ol Gov Croon on Cherry
etrect amid the ringing of tho church bells
tho clieerlnc of the peoplo and the enlutatlons
of cannon The Hon John Keiin took tho
members of tho Cabinet to his historic old
house that was famous In Washingtons day
Tho Cabinot members Justices and tho rest
of the ofllclal party came together In a splen
did train of pnlnro coaches After thn break
fast at Gov Greonfl tho President took his
place nt about 9 oclock on I reviewing bland
before the Governors houso and tboro iaw
moro than half tho procession When this part
had cone by ho entered a carriage and followed
the marchlnc men past tbo other plunders
drawn up In lino en olthorsldaof the road I
wns a notable display Flvo companies of tho
Third Koctmout of Now Jersey tioops
led the MIII thon 2000 rmii of the
Grand Army nnd then tho Odd Follows
members of tho United Ordei of American Me
chanics thn rinttdflUschfHS Knights of
1ythlas In uniform Knluhtsof St John and
thirteen boya In centennial uniform Then
came the Hlbcrnliins CUO strong and last of
all Hie fanners descendants ol thoso who had
mot Washington at Wheatshoaf I cenlurj and
six days before These inrmorR woro now
droscod ns Continental voldlors as IndlnuB as
boys tOlncr to mill ns oldtlmo fnmer with
froytbes and sickles lioos and rnkos and they
cairiml with thorn Monti on whlch wore nroiuH
ropresentalho of oldlime ploaoures anrtdittk
such us splnnlne at the wheel nnd nshtruw
ildlng with 11 troop of merry folk Inn ery an
clonl slolsli diawn by f < nr horses
x WMVO uu 1
Wo may ns well bo fi ank nbout this Tlla
bothan I > feature of tho great hpoctnolo I wan
more unliuotbun ans thins wo woro to ehoiv
and nut Ices IntoraMlnc
Wliunlicsldcnt Harrison itaohod I tho cross
rotvH half way to Ui ihi > thi > orl hn had to 1IBr
undoi a most buuiitlful in i nt tilianpli one
thai would mnlio iibXoTlor > on 1luh lor to
tasto of our crlnt could wo nil hao torn it
l Is culled tho Illnc Arch bitaiuo it wns
go colored with loautlful Ilrli In whlto
formed of
as lo tem to liao
youuc mnldens Thor lujireentcd tbo
Btatos and Torrlttrics Tl oy eauled bnnuew
and when tho Irosldenl was dhottly
onrnlh I thom thoy flung lawn upon him n
creat store of rous in single blospoms and in
bunclios A city of that mntmii could HPCII 1
t 50 In Jpcorntl nbinaswdd 1 l > o inirgliud to I
hino looked gay lull io it did Trom Itt houwi
balconlos to tho top of the old 1 Irtl Chun h
vtnoroa stvoido climber bad put IV somo treat
laslho old tt > wn lauchid with joyous em
blems of its patriotic thankfcMnc
Wbon the Iro dent reached Ibo vintorsldu
nnd went Into tho Alcyone Doat Clubhouse ho
boomlncly in motion with n
saw the water soomlllr lotlon I
luullitudu of Himill irnft whllii tlo air won
runt with acclaraitlons and rejoicings mcus
ioles Tho Pospntlh layout
urod only by Homn Iho IlY
out In the deeper channel at Shooters Island
and ho was tukim toll In a small boat Tho
fout WlihllltOI llo tlio journoy j to Now
York In n barge royally furnished with a or Ira
son canopy Rlooos bore down upon his boat
with companies of olnelnc men and women
nnd the water was doted with sailing craft
Only ono manofwar the Galvoston of tho
Spanish navy was thcro to lend tho thunder of
her guns President Harrisons grand eotrlo
was differently ordered Even In the trlfllne
matter ol the weather the occasions differed
for Washington came to town on a bright anc
goldon day wbon tho sky was cloudless the
sun was radiant and tho then pure waters of
tho harbor worn as clear and green as emerald
Lot us return to the metropolis and see what
tho people wore at In the busy city while Yan
koo Doodle was on his elorlous way to town
Imporsonatodby the Chlof Magistrate
Wall street and lower Broadway wero the
toho = en places for tho now ewarmlntc multllude
to congregate In and tho pooplo woro now
coming not only from tho upper city but from
Brooklyn Lone Island New Jersey and Staten
Island and thor woro coming a tha waters
oomo In 1 thunder shower or as autumn leaves
fall In an October calo Never wan any streol
in this city so nearly curtained with radiant
bunting as was Wall street Tho blggasl
Bags tbo peoplo ever saw wore those that
tho sailors hung before the Custom House
and yet many other bulldlniswero almost as
nearly hidden behind similarly car holiday
olothlnc From the fluttering colors on the
Ward line pier at tbo foot ot tho street to tho
gaudy drapery at the doors ot Trinity Church
was ono continuous Muttering bellying
brilliant almost flaming moss ot color The
magnificent horses ot tho mounted police tho
flnest oavalry horses tho town woro all teth
eied In front of the Custom House oach with
an impressho night stick sheathed on tho sad
dle and tho officers stood near by white
Bloed freshly shaven and prepossessing
I was 9 oclock and tho streets wore hum
ming with the cries of the curb tooo peddlers
Belling programmes medals flags pigsln
olover boxes sand wlebos and whatever they
fancied tho crowds could be Induced to buy
But the ono notable Imorosslvo and extraor
dinary feature ot tho morning was In progress
ot development It was tho masajncof n mul
titude upon tho housetops and the wharf roofs
and tho ends Whon all had
pier onds ni token their
places humanity formed n pyramid n tho Bat
tery Tbo crowds rose up I from slaewallc to
balconies from balconies to windows from I I
windows to roofs from roofs t towers and
then down again to tbo sidewalks on tho other
side of towna huge moving w edge of man and
women uplifted against the sky
The beat of all these glgantla piles for slght
eeolngwas Cyrus W Fields Washington build
ing nt the cornor botwoon tho Bowling Green
and Batter Park Mr Field peopled Its roof
with Invited suosts supplied with numbered
tickets and furnished with stepllko stands
facing tho harbor From this building the
iew was unobetructod in all directions Tho
North Blver tho East River and tho upper
bay the Narrows Brooklyn New Jorooy aud
even tho distant Highlands all wero in plain
eight Next tobolnccina balloon it was best
to have I seat on tbo roof of the Hold building
The sight from there was at onco glorious
Imposing and bnautiful Tho Catherine of
tho polo hour after hour from daylight until
noon was a movement that history will toko
note of Lot us not waste time in noting Its
development but leap at onoo to tho moment
when tbo crowd was greatest just wbcu at
11V oclock tha lon on I naval tuz ut tbo
mouth ot tha Kill vonKull told of tho nrilcal of
tha President on the Despatch at the edco of
tho bay Then it might bo soberly mild that
the upper air was densely pooulod
The unprivileged haVVlo lard crowd at
largo hod chosen tho Battery sea wallas the
best public vantage ground for lowlnu the
water spectacle On that frlnga of pavement
between tho water and tho croon crass plats of
tho park 10000 men women and children
stood Eovon or eight rows deep tlptooltg to
BOO over ono nnothers shoulders and movinc
about dlfllcultly In vain efforts to Improve
tholr facilities Jrom far above thoy lo kod
for all tho world llko nntB in a swarm
Beyond thorn Cnstlo Gardens roof was
erowded nnd beyond that the grass
on Governors Island nnd the parupct
onCastloWlllhims was crowded with alht ors
Thoio wero other crowds on tho Army build
ing on tho Cotton Fxebaijge nnd on tome old
time BtornhounM botwajii the two There
woro htandp heavily Irden with peoilo on the
rhesohorouglilbulldlnu and tho Ileld biilldinc
and the roof of thoWollos building uis black
with nTnand woinon There wore I tow per
rons In tho 1roduru Lxrliinuo tower but tho
great roof of that ctrueliiro was buic Tho
Josl building ivas tho < > cono of another mass
nicotine On the mils of tho groat wlmifs lllo
I that of tho Uoolv Hoard on this hido nnd of the
j Inman and Iltd l lino In Jirses City
stands hid beon put up and I HICBU wore
crowded In short wherovor thoro was stand
ing room and nafuty thoio wora thrones
THE iiiriior nANMOnsicn
Hut no mattorwhero thu pooplo congregated
bunting flow nbovo thorn nil Tint cits wag
fenced In vltli bun tint Xoirlyull tlio shirs
woio glorious with Ihs fligc of nil nation nnd
with tho standards uiod lu thu International
codo bsMom of fclcnallliiK From tbo tallest
mastn and the fihoitoM l nnd Irom tlioKtlliit
bad 6PUB ana tlioho Hint I nll none tho Htrlnus
of Hags were displayed whlln ovnry boat that
tho forctd through thorn
flontBil on w liters or on throulh
was gorgeous with roloM I
1rom ovory boat iho tlmt did not witnesn
thoppenB can appreciate whnt It wasi The I
common fnnoy nnirt hno fee roln to comro
hond It for dorcrlptlon will not siifllco Now I
York had beforo this npprccfntrd tlio mlvan I
tago Rlo enjoss as tho Inrgost of our imrt for I
nautloniSpoctncleH Wo hnd I groat rnarlno I
dlxplny In Muy 1801 at the op < > nlng of tho
ISrookhn Ilrldco nnd in November of thnt
Ilookl IrII tmt I
sear VNhr > n wo rulnbrntcd Ibo pvncimtlon of
tho city by tho lltltitli Hut tttyvvero irllllne
dlplass botide this t JhivvpreilloiboiffnrtR I I
of n glnnt who plnyfnlls trlS liN Miongth lo i
forolui rtallres what 111 K I I
In the cnrly morning tlio ilnslLit 1ollld i I
Iho nienofwnrnnd rovriiiio tuttrreniicliorod i
In along lino fiom I point I nlf thu flTttorj to a I
dlftanco of two nnd a Imlf milch down thn luis
They premntrd nn ImiOfinK eflccl but weru
ikstlrfldtn bobillttlfd bs tho nierrnmllodh
jdiiy Ibiit w as r ft rward imirte I wan llttln
thnt thJshoiilil lo thcilio In nil ofTort of thu
kind by I countn fo iivlflo us Or own But
the m nrfwni voro prmd objects 101 till that
In the llii nnii < tij no1 ciiil cr < lilfn ro Ilia I i
h Krariuruti Dm iintle thn 1f the Ilrnol
Uri Ilio nv Iliiltor Mlintn llieIaiiio towntlia
JunUto tins oiktown anil tho nov rrnlier i
lioiton 1 wore tilnuiKil with rnlubnw llnnsof
olol from their IOWA ton point al hlH their i
terl wl crithp colors dlpioil into thu vatei
Tho now vnhols Iliouili oll > wnsi IP worn nil
1 ugcr than tho llhiliu ihltmif tho wnrrpor h I
1 hey hat inndirn untilv niunncr lmjrii I
clro tilm nuil fcldlorllle ir tr toim niny bo
incil llulr iUwn < s hlmno In nvrrylino of i
thlrconhlructlon InnMni lltr in tnnry fin i
Ishliigtniiih of color o1of bilrlit y II K AIOI
them I tlm Iloston furllust iiway though KID I
wniivvasdlollngulflitd by htriolorcr absfiioo I I
of f I o sIlo was white whll nil the othors I
woio lack Tho euttfiidraiit of NOW York I
Gnllattn of DotonPexliii of I Newport Mclono I
ant Kwlm of Jinltlmoro and tlm boarding tucf
ilanlmttnn < handler nnd athlncti n of few
York streamed along tehind thn war shins
veering from ooo poiItlon to another with the
chauglue tide
chaolul tideA j
Th tctipolablp Bt Mar Ttos anohored In
tha Eat nor between tho Battery and GOT
ornors Island Sh wai 8 cay with flags M
her sister ships bat her bunting roto from the
water boforo her and rising over her three
masts fell onlr to her stem rail The big bluo
Admirals flair wllh a white anchor In a ring of
stars floating from the Chicagos main peak
showed that Admiral Jouett was aboard her
to whom be all credit for what Is to follow here
respecting the groat wale display for though
Admiral Porter was nominally In charge tho
work ot sujurlnlcndlna and devising the
great spectacle fell t the hands ot
Fighting Jim Jouett Of a the oncbs
trlea wo aro boastlnc just cow in the
city and nation at larg scarcely any
li moro noble than his for was born ot a roe of
flahtlcg seamen who mad tel records under
the Stars and Stripes James Edward Jonett
hlmstlf has boon In tho navy since 1841 when
old He twice wounded In
he was 1 reat old was
Oalreston harbor and his chip the Mttaoomtt
was lashed to Farraauts glorious frigate
the Hartford In Mobile DaY where ha shared
in the greatest naval Dsht we had mao since
Perrys battle on Lake Ere It has been said
by ono deep thinker that the purpose of civiliza
tion I for over man t find some one else to
do bis work and I obedience t this economic
principle Admiral Jonstt turnod tho mercan
tile part of the display ovor t Mr C W Wool
eoy the Superintendent ot the Hoboken ferries
When I Is considered tat rosterdays water
display Included 1000 vessels and wot par
ticipated In by more than 30000 lull actually
on the water its Immensltr wilt b appreciated
Tho scone ot preparation for the plgon tlo steam
parada was 1 llvoly and of such multiform
parts that the upper bay was literally alive
with boat not olive ali I flih well on a Nan
tuoket smock alter a saooesstul cruise but the
very next thing to tat Thoro was no confu
sion but every channel W strained t facilitate
tho ot the boat to their
tae passage an
ohoraeos Down the North River came tho
statoly sleamboats hlshwaJUod and white and
manywindowed Down the East Rlvor r o
tho stoam yachts deerlike In swlftneasorrow
llko in build Bobbing to nnd fro between the
Battery and the war ships were numberless
launches and oared barges tho latter bringing I
realistically to mind tha boat in which the
Father ol the Country mado his triumphal prog
ress to this capital The little veisals tossed
like corks upon the high wavos The sky was
still overcast and the wind was fresh and free
to a sailors nicety I
Now and then the channel between the city II
and Governors Island would be oil cluttered
with boats and in all the channels all the ves I
sels wore making toward the lee and front ol
Staten Island to gradually till that ofQng with
boats as wIt a thousand Islands Threading
their way among thnm all were the ferryboats
and lumbering clumsily beside tbo rest wero
seen lighters and floatlngdcrrtcksand tall grain
elevators and high bareprowod steam light
en Behind the long impressive line of war
ships wore the galling yachts bare poled and
die and out of the way I it is
the part of civilization to shoulder work
ono man upon another so it I Us part to make
Ifo worth the llvine and therefore it fell out
that nine in ten of tho corklike launches that
put out from the city carried famous ship and
ioat owners and managers of traffic lines to
tbo Chicago there to become the guests of Ad
nlral Jouett and tho Government We have
no knowlodgo of what we are now about to say
jut if those cuefitsmon like Gouvornour
Kortrlghl J E Aloincder James 8 Ward
and Robert Center did rOfi examine tVe Chi
cagos wardroom through many classes and
did not fumlcato her docks with cigars then
mlllng Is a delusion and I rollers welcome has
Jocomo n byword aol a ahum
In tho cluster of steamboats at the other end
of tho bay the signal boats and flag boats shot
to and fro like water opiders turning tbeofU
cersot tho parudo into marine cat airy men
010 tug was miesing I was THE SONS That
busy boat was with the Froeident in tha Kill
on Hull But on tho othor boats sprlnltlod I
all ovor tho harbor was tho omnipresent SUN
reporter so that nothing could bo missed by
ho public fmpiOn what mar
t 1016 oclock tho Dun shone out warm
nnd glorlou Tho clouds How away and dried
up 1 he day becauio perfect At 1215 oclock
n distant cun nnnounud tho oriivul of tho
losputch at the lowur ond of tho uppor bay
1 ho gun bounded like I cork bulled In a > nap
kin In another few moments the Presidential
procession was soon eorainc Into tba tick of
tbo Meet ot vofctols through which a roadway
had been left Tho Dosimtoh loomed above
ever othor bOlt and outshone them nil in llifl
glory of her bunting which was hung not only
fnrw nnl oft lint I frnm rail to mil nint thA mnof
n n M
heads in both dlrcctioua The itraat blue
line of tha President waod abovo others an
indigo told with an eagle In its centre and a
tlilohl of led and whlto stripes on the breast of
thu bird whoso feet clutuu a spray of laurel
Mid n bunch of nriows This Due totally un
familiar to most Americans is said to have
been designed by President Arthur Following
thu Iroiildont voro the poll bout Patrol tho
boat Laura M Starlnho
prohn Inur Crystal Wave
thu J B behuslor Tit Svya tug tho Sirius
with tho official ladlus of Washington the
Maine and tho 3Ioumouth wllh tho Governors
1 nnd State representatives nloard Tho neoplo
en somo of thesn boats crowded forward to aOe
tbo sights until ono or two of the biggest boall
I seninod about to go down bow first
Wil tho aprearnnco of the Doepatuh uroso n
nolbo that would delight tlio bouit of old John
Ailamn who bullovod that patriotism could bo
v 1 expressed with cannon and crackers
Lvory VThUtlo vulvo was opened and above
oveiyvus > el aroso 0 cOlt of steam Presently
tho Despatch pacied tho last of the revenue
cutters aud began tho i vlow ot the naval
jiarada Then from sMo to tide of each boot
vvua eeea iv belching of Bamo and smoke fol
louod by the resonant bourn of a oaanoa
The starboard KUIIU were heard in Ne w York
Instantly Lit the noIses of the port firing hud
to travel to Now Jersey and rebound before tho
cltylionid them Inch vcsbel fired tho Presi
dential salute last of all the Chicago Then
C Mlo illiiuns thlmod In with its popguns
and while tbuynero banging at tho ell tho
Bdioolbblii Ut rdnryH ondel tho nolso with
her saluting hovvltzern As each Rhlp wn
passed tho colors were dipped Boforo tbnt
tlio tarn who hud boon clustered at the mast
huads spread apait ovor tho yards and stood
IiUuboavy lIacl lalllncs abovo tbedocks
Oho Dnttory WIIR ronchod a wentyflvo
minutes pn t 12 oclock under brilliant sun
ihlne Thon tha Urspiitch turnnd nnd VOlt up
the North lllver but nl tho mouth ot It bho
halted with tba cffuct of halting nil her escort
and lltorally filling Ihe narrow wutor with
boau At this moinont tho President soolni
tlio Blrliis rloao at hnnd peeroil under his hand
at t tho bU btoimer unlil ho saw his wife whon
ho umllcil and wavd hiI hand to her Thon
the Dosiuitch stuiimed to n point off Wall
lieota point so black with slglitsoerH as to
fiiiiZtBt a human promontory Tho mombors
of tin Ciiblnul ami tho Justices of thu tjuprouio
Court wero landed on n groat float
covered with oritnton cloth to which
fell I MaUtuso covered wllh the entna
rojuldriiplni At 20 minutes past 1 oclock
Irealdunt Harrison put his foot ashore from
the great barcu Kaplolaiil l whose crew of old
nbln Captains of thu Marine Society were nil I
tre sod In high shiny pot hats black cutaway I
cOltS and lluhtlnli trousers Iho drrsti of the
indent pilot boat Captain of coodly memory
Only one of the r trod tails caught acrubln
rowlnt the short distance from the Despatch
but candor compels the remark that the Irel
work ol rowing wu dons br eomt mwint la
1I 1 I
1 I
tbo bow The President wore a now high hat
a dark overcoat a closebuttoned Prince
Albert coat and dark trousers Hamilton
Fish Oov Hill and Mayor Grunt worn on tho
lout and each addressed n tel words to the
resident who presently mounted the steps
and ontarinB a carriage made his WAT to his
jloco la the procosBlon to tho Laudable
Nearly all the bodies that wore to act as tho
Presidents escort woro drawn upon cither side
ofWall slreot beforothouncountablemulllludo
bat filled thai street beonil tho posMblllts of
he admission of any additions Col Floyd
rackson the marshal had arranged tho pro
gramme The bodies under him wore the
Fith Cavalry of the regular army the Now
York Commnndory of theLosal Leelon or or
ganization of officers in the Into wiir the rep
esontatlon of the Now Yoik nnd Kings Count
Grand Army posts tho unifotmod ottrnunof
tho Seventh Hoglment with Cniiiis band tho
mntrod by an untoward occurrence nt
Nassau nnd Wall ttnulb jiini t past tho
Washington took tho oath ofofli >
fnot wner olton tlo olih ofc
There tho poho nppaiontly supposing that
the men on foot wuru i part of tie multitude lot
In tho rot ol tho inultltudo at that joint I with
the elToel of f cicallus nhtoundlni rnnluslon
nnd annosanoc IMt wafi onlmnicd by tlm
bnlklncof two liotixH nlicnd of one of the onr
Haco Iroin th eminence on whlrliPtnniN
Trinity Church Vinll Mrcct vt icon to lu
Jammed will men though all Hint < auld ba
loon of them win I mirclnc f e i of bla icV hals
Onlur wu < Motored when Uroidwas was
roaehcili tnd II wo i i Piotls eceno wcs or
I raiiRod TIL ruKuInri hnd Ione In 11 l rat
building and HO hnd thu niii ol tho losal
Legion nnd Ilio mind Aimy Jlifj woio al
ranued along the nidi H of I tho miMdo nrit en
tho marbo ti alrwl Thobeveiitlm vtturnns
stood along mid icroin JJronilMi > fiicInc ont
and south mid west Iho hOI of tho lie OKI
Honetool at tlm IOIm Jho piUds loUad
baud rilnytid iKI 1 lluiidiuil Ih1 U vuirf 111 el
y Ullwuotf I nil ami llii > n 1 l CHPIUIK Inuiil
whllohltli ul ou alltlilb in wl I l < rwy out tho
6nnoturif bv I thuchluuis of did Jiinltv
The JriHdint Oo Hill Meclicsitlent
Morton and llaiiilllon Hsh Mnmlinn ou I
rnlseil dnU in tliL > imrlnis of tho lnsiin
Club amlil inuroundlncH than which lher aro
non moro luxurious In America roUowcd tlie
itnltod K0 It wil worn mol allj those i or
son Iet who linil formed tho cfrurtftom the
font of all mieit Uhlb loecpticn lasldd
threeiiuaitursof an hour anil thon wni arbl
trarllystopped to enahlu the Iresldonttore
tr6n hlinsolf at luncheoc Tie people con
tlnaftd to PUl In to loe hIm tor an hour but
woro disappointed The tabla to which ho pat
down In a prlvato saloon was sot with what
In all probability tho most appointments
woio ni probabity 10st opulent lD
pointments over Peon In this countrj The
table decorations nro Bald to hnocit J4500
In a 6 ntonce tho table was bunked v Ith roses
amll which electric liRhtu In pink BllLcocr
lnK3 shono like fairy llchti a creut centurv
palm hunewlth those lamps and nlth orellls
lose aboo tho contro of tho table and flowers
llchtod In this nool was were Invlflily hpnped
on the table In other rooms nil tho guests
wor Generously ana royally rotro
I In tho meantime the crowds In Urondway
wore such an to pack the street Tho mots
woro rned with spectators as indtcd the
had lie n In Wall street Tho beautiful horses
of tho mounted Iolee which had been tomucl
admired now prood n menace to the comfort
I and een the limhs of the jioopo for tlo
mounted fcriu ul listend of standlnc nhea1 of
I tho foot police took ulncof next to the front ot
I the sol < wal of man nnd womon ncioss Uroad
r =
7 t
I f i i f Jr I i T rt
r i
r t N 1
f f t
V lam
SAv 32 r Xi J1 fj
= t
< 1 = 3j q i jrl 4 t i > T
i t 1
f < lI T J B i >
rpJJ C J 1 1 < f 1 q I d
U If t fi4 < 1
tll ri < l 1 t ri < l j J u
r W 1 7 hi rrl 1 t I I Ti
< I I
vim n mi i HI wAsimmov I U 1J 10
1 f
etornns of tho Itfth Ninth 1 neuuith lhlr 1
conth rwontrs old Tttentitliird tlxtj
nliith and Seventyfirst ItcKimonts wih Gll
morob band and the bontto the Io < lutioii
with tho IrMd Uland band Intholr pnc
nt tho ell oC thu Ooort in rirrmce = oru
tho Plan nnd hcopo CommltM tlm 1iosldoit
Gov HIM Jlaior orant M pIrnnlint 101
ton Lip ll lOl lone Chlof Iiitno Ililltr
and the membori of thoabhot Mr 1 fllalno
and Mr Cl eland were misins but honntoi
Enrtt pndlllsiooK ant Jlr Jioio w < roioc
octiUod jr Uea I cot anaBiiIllent oiiMon
bit nobody knew Mr Hajco who bft In tlia
samp canlase rollowuii tho iriiin cs and on
foot woio too man person for mcntt > nitiro I i
Aldermen rioornor of nil tho tit11 tho i I
Judcos of tliO tnto nod Itr OllrlSIn i
loslnlutor hriuldof cltj dep irtmonts i onmilH
and others lluro weio nnul > I iJioiiuitid
rorsons on foot iiiolr piocc Ion was
was The horpes crow rcBtl e Some were I
I exeltud by the band muiio Jliesa reared and
phinced nnd Kleked always allln t the paoplo
bnliiud thorn Tho torror of the omen and
I their MMoams as tho hoofs of the nnlml boat
I iicalntt tlm human line wore pitiful to ceo nnd
to hvnr Thin wnn oiitiiceous Today and
tomorrow there should be a bettnr onrsleht
of thn likpohltion of tho mounted men lost tbis
I be repeated
liutall thin oen Ihe 500 ornamentF lt ono
I pinnn table wore trifles comparnd nlth tho
nnval ptiibde thon coinc on and tocontiuuo
I loniraftii
Wh1 tho 1resldnnt disembarked the mats
of steamboats that hnd followed him and
bloiknd thochcnmd off thn llHttory i > roc > cd d
up the Int 1 Jllvcr to Hunters Iolnt Thoro
thov turncil onmo down tho Jast lihor ami
rouudlns tho llatton teamed up tho Hudson
1 II I f e J 1 I it t
II r tJ
I c 111 IIIJ J 1 I l
11111 I JI I 111 E I J
I If 1 I
I II 1 1 c I
ke IIIIJ I li6 v
r < oJ lt I I I II t
I f f 1 W 1 I I I f
g t t
fd fbJfil R
9t r J f j j
J 7 I fflt
II 71 I wI t
f I II fl
lll I t IL11 I f J i c I flt
I THE nECFrriov iv TiE Kjummp ltnmSIIJ OTOIH DIDCIE wonv nt UAJIILIOX 1IRI
to ritl < tli street pant the wnrfhlp0 the cut
I ters and tho bourdlnc tucs then anchored
I I thoiii In tho inoan tlmo thurost of tho ten
I uilsiuu Kiundronb fonuloc n proccifloii four
1 teen milus loui had followed nnd wis
I coxorliii tho samo route Hut nt this
I IID 10 thcio Ilae boon fo many unlisted
niKlltloiis to tho fleet In Iho Mmpo of sti nmor
I from Iho loner liny and tho Kill 1011ul that
whon Iho first criat squadron tbnt hud cluni to
tho IrtildentH bOlt liud Iono UP tho North
lher thoro was no nipardnt letecnlne of the
mumnitlclod mats of boatB In tile Iplor Day
Thn pinjottlurl pnrado of 7uO oafcolo onruoii
I iiillus In lonstli hud swelled to 11W or 1210 1
otHoU reaching twenty mlos an ay as tarns
Hnndy Hook II far an Uuhway
j At t ono tluiB both rhtrs und tho Iny woio
filled with rnolni btuiim > eacli carrsinc
I 111 < wih movlll tOIDNS pacl carnlll
ub < iu it a iloud of bteam to tliruw itn thin
shadow on Iho now cloilnuely llchtcij water
uullr u sun like tlmt which shone on nh i
I liiton hliiibulf rirat In public Interest cuno
thu iiiiit boatH hoadud by th Mury
> iii 1 > fiuiiLor h0I1FIoHlully llrr
i owilltueonof the Hudson itnJ lt I ol Vnwar I
Collive Tlienn IncluiluU siieh xenfli lib tho
I CapoUiarluB tho Iron MiiHnbout Cointumis
I lleut the Il of hlnt lou Iho 1iinmn H
biiiuian the Knutormlll City of HIrlotlold
and HliinioiB of that dahb t cond oulr to tho
nuiiurcliH ihat ride lhe > Bound Jtn I came tho
littla Ilka tho bbadrslde MorrlHimlu
Utt HUTS lke Ihldrslde lorl Llu
Jlo oilnle nnd Idlewlld the lelndcern of
the Jlnr Then folloud the roat lumber
Irii foirybontH such uilm Wlnmn Northllold
houthllold nnd Iirooklyn Jaili ot Iliiso
bquudroiiH numborad scoio of boats Jhen
I camo the UK barcoii husrjuohnnno Myers
Walter Bauds and the re > t soenei of danclnc
ale Mlaiitr alliummer eacU wit a tug to cull
lit After nil thol tho snnhtA and tuu and I
Iliihterb and elovntor iiiid the rent Uouiiinot 1 T
speak for Iuroiio but In tho Now World novor
was tboro such I p irailo IIUMT such an ULKre j
Kutlon of osols on AmerUan water
At 20 minutes tn4 oeloik nftor nnnrly tTO I
hours at tho rriiltnllo buildlnc the Preul
dent with nuirly tho aino o ort that accom
panied him thoro wont ti > hold his public ro
c ptlon in tlo City lull Ktoopt In Wall stroot
nrbnlldlnrs were as profusely donoratod as
the Cits Hull MIl thn Iost Olflco Tin y wcr
plendont wih line and to thopo oil th
City Hal 6lhlls 1 wno ld led The peopla
Pi < kcd lirondway nnd tho Park row sldo of the 1
City Hnll Tiirk die hundiod and elchty clrls
wen Bnndliic In two llnrs fnclnc ono an
other rn tlC plnza nt d tlo etcrs or tho City
nnllrnch with a bTknl ofroeson ler ana
anil en h Imrilundod nut clothed in white
Tho two crlt from o ich public sclicolwera
llttln ti ildfiis the tliliteon from tho Normal
OollnRB wcio on tlo threshold of womanhood
Thoj ore clu nn prrtls for their beauty nnd
they made I Mrs pritty Ill U 10 One cirl 1
unknown to nil of them ias on tbo root
of the City Hall and when tlio 1icFldnnt
nrrlvod sh > nullod up with her own llttlo hands
tho flHK of tlio Ire ldont srcn than for tho
fret time ou tho Clt > Hall This llttlo cirl
wis Dolly Kep > e1lo diuchtor of Mr Mnrtln
Erei tho eirctnker of the HnlL The Trubl
dent Vlcerrolduit Governor mId Mnyor
with Ilnnllton Fish and Willlnra G Hamilton
mounted tho etcps and then too loner stniro to j
tho riournor > Boom As those passed be
tween tlm lines of eirla tlioirwnj was littered t
with roses When thoy hnd pas od tho people i
burst past tho iwllcH nnd In a conoial scrim j
mneo picked up nil tho rorec
Up 111 tho Governor Boom Miss Ann i Allda i
Abrnhams tho daughter of I wellknown
police n ponor addressed the IrcMdont briefly I
ard prollly IIo responded nnd niter a brio
pn craiino bad been followed the iniulnco
was let In Five thousand pprermn In an hour
woro hnriiiMl by tho dais on which tho officials
BtooJ both the public nnd thlr tIMed for
vrnls mirolv having time tonnel < l to ono another
That ended the formula for the flist of tha I
three creit boll hiss so farastl ogeneral ru fo
lio was concerned I Iho ball wts all tint ro I
miinod Thn rrosldontond his wHo vunit to
Iliohfuiiooi VlccIiOrldonl and Mrs Morion nt i I
Sjlillb avtnui That Into ba tholr home vhlle I
in this tity At 7 uMotk they woro onUrtalno I
at liOGrmiurcjr Park by Mr and Mrs btiiyvesand
F I h Thfcrpul Jolly of tie members ot i
Dm 110 1 < ldcntt > suite wont lo tbo Fifth Avenua
ltol and Koonur 01 latei all tro men donnod
thJr droct > Mill and 1 tbo women their Worth
ilre sos or Fifth nionuo substitute thor ror
and made ready fni the Contouulal j bull In the 1
Metropolitan OPOM Houta
nr xiatiT ntiiia JSlVO TON
Nnthlne Krttrr Than Tlil Toiirnrjr Ilnl
I tilrN tlie ClinnlfrH nf to YeKri
lifsilnnt Ufiijninln Harrisons Journey
from Wnshlncton to Elbnbeth was ni smooth
and iinciciitfiil OJ tho poifoctlon of nineteenth
century inllronllnt lull Ilk It Jtoils I
nmidinl NrwJi tsoy patrlotlcm cut short tlio
morning Inv of I tbo iiahsoncers on the couton
nlnl spiiolal triln bytno or throo hours but
ollnnvlwj tho nlneteBiith csulurr Trosldunt
had the siino IIIlt and comfortnblo Journey It r
thit millions of his eountrymon have enjoyed
In tin so das i of liiiuilniii ooacho stcol ruili I
Etrmo1 iillailfil tracks nnd bInd Hlcimls
Thn raiitonnlal triln was rlonr depcrlbod r
In thoAnshln ton despatchoi In sextorduys P i I
hi I v 1 ho railroad men tie newspaper men j
and other traull rsof wldo extiorlcnco who
midotlin trip weio unanimous In tbo opinion
thutltwafitho innht complntu train ner run
on n rnllrond In Amnrloa or anr other country
Tho rcnn > jlanla Coinpanr iont Aeslntant
fluneral IMoinniior Agent Jiojrd to Wophlncton
n lib instruction to iirrnnco for a special train
that olionld illustrate tho womlorful du pJ > r
men of tlio rnllrond Hybtom of thn counry nnJ
IIP worthy of the woat occn lop which tho
Irnsldent1 journey was to comnctnurnto
Tho Ilillmnn Cur Coinp ny sent Mr Gciorri
Jrntt Itc mochanleal Insr ctor to cot > ornta
thMi lioyd nnd hl afhlslantsln arrjHBlu
tho earn for tlio o < rnslon nnd the result oj
their joint labors wus n train that nearly HP
proiichod perfection In Its moi y dotall It wa
to m iko only c dx hour journey but It could
Jmefne neiofs tho ei ntlnont or around Iho
clob nnd 1U rtt Feuners would lmo
mlsnd few rcmforlH tbnt ther enjoyed lu
fliiltlup Iuuttfr Aliftnliitrljr lvnr
standard IJc
Onl To da All Nrni > MluxJ
Proiid f ureal Irltli nuvfl
TI o IMU 1 1 li U it iiiul > os couiii t In
fa ii i < it
bollnu t f h r f > r vr nt
w t i i
Ttt l r f i i IIT in Hn v til
T n Ciri tib
UoioipiltJr irAi or > froii
luur iiiM > ji < irr ui
fir Miur iiif niiMi
A In utlfiiliu < vi ol id u r caul now on fret
eihtbillQii at iitirtlria sufu l > i fill fc t Atid i ti HY
frou f ft W la IJ i U tnumti tu Ue CLO u ihft
rent Jtuluiti nt UK ccMriinut ur
Anrt otlitr ficri T < t ihflr uuntiftctur ferine tk
ll < 1 r 1 i il u troutit 1 xl i ill t Ui >
IUMI inil Mudtirn
llic nin UN Mnonfitn UHtU coli r m jtcrby Ilati
Inr tnri trr liiiitlnc ujtn ntrlil eronnmy in ih
jmauaieuitui of i iirporwUiin i ttrin > t url ir not
th n 6 third u liirn r j be iarr < l u t v s tic Sow
nrk Hank Nule Itmifcir 1 Pr uwjiy eoritro flit
ll < UHes rurltlt n in wortbj tU illcuu Abf 6 jr
porftUoa mtoactn r dn

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