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More and Lator News than nil other t has a larger circulation than any
Evening Papers combined other evening newspaper
I ill
Be Centenary Spectacles
Move Grandly On
Aod Then Where Washingtons oath Was
Ad Ten
Sworn Harrison Speaks and Listens
But Their Numbers Nothin to the Num
bers of Those Who Oheered Them
Nntr a Muster Like This Before Each Governor
Leading the Troops ol His State
A Pity the Konte wn Not Kept Clear and
Dd to Ho Cleared tir TloUnee at Men
Women aad Chlldrennuhop Potter
Beraon to President Hunlion on the
Degeneracy of Our Republican Moral
Or IlepewH Oration and Mr Ilarrliona
KeiponieA Bnnqnet for 8OO aad Fire
works lor HOOOOO Close the I > rUorn
li = Hours or the Centennial Jlalt
It vras another blizzard Onco ngnln tho
itreeta woro blockaded tho aurfaco travel was
topped tho olovnted roads woro glutted
business was suspended and tho olty surren
dered to tho downpour This tlmo it was I
human blizzard a storm of men and women
Just as I year and I month ago lour storms
met over this then hapless eltr and expended
their combined fur upon our streets so yesterday
terday tho tracks of tho four winds of henvoa
were followed by rushing masses of men I
women and children who mot within our city
limits Just al last year this particular nolgh
borhood was slnsled out by tho furious dla
turbunca BO yesterday a few streets in the
heart of tho olty sustained tho shook of this
second tempest
The greatest drifts woro In Broadway and
Fifth avenue Thero tho personified flnkoa
wero baked up from the curbs high against
the buildings the rushing mossoa of blok hu
man hall wero swept over tho normous stands
to rise like vast drifts tat wftlled In tho road
ways beilde tho parka littlo drifts overwhelmed
the thousands of private stands tbo more nu
merous trucks placed at tho street corners and
UJB Jiteh stoops ol tbo nrlaocratlo avenue
Everything was covered with those animate
flakes JUt as the snow and hal onco > foU on
the lodges and roofs ot the houses just as i
onoo blocked tho windows and store doors just
a it covered the sidewalks and the barrels and
boxes and hid every objoot beneath its nllen
Tcloptng blanket of pnro white so yesterday
this living blaok val of men and women and
children covered submerged hid and swal
lowed up overy Inch that it could cling to from
the Bowling Qroen t Control Park and from
Fourth Sixth
Fourh t Sith avenue
Tbo unparalleled storm sot in at daybreak
with a few saualls blow over the ferries
Theyworo of unusual severity yet they
unusua sverit yt tey gave
of fearful downpour that to
no hint the feafu dowoour tat was
follow Other sourrtoa and whirls of the block
> articles came out from the depot up town
and across the rivers at breakfast tlmo and by
D oclock tho four fearful circling gales that
while 700000 human fakes into Broadway
and rfth avonue wore blowine their mightiest
At that time thoro was no crosstown street
tat did not serve as a vehicle for the hurrying
atoms that woro to bank themselves on either
tide of the long line of march of tho great military
tary parade of tho actual centenary of Wash
ingtons inauguration and tho formation of
oar national Government
Meteorologists will sagely ascribe the re
markable event to tho attractive power of 60
000 uniformed soldiers They will bavo a cor
Uln basis for this theory As lone IIO as the
tclence of such prognostication was in itsin
ftoy I used to Iba observed that one man in
blue clothes with braes buttons possessed po
tency stifflolent to draw the servant girls and
children of an entire olty block from the base
ment doors into the areavraya while a single
company ot militiamen would actually flll the
treats with persons powerless to resist the
ayeterioua attraction Our present postal ser
vice Is based upon this psychic law The uni
forming ot the letter carriers has never failed
t bring the inmates of each house to tho
windows along tho reorders routes The
lame law has been taken advantaga of nega
tively by the 1lro Department Tho drawing
power of tho men was such that their move
ments were impeded and tho Ore bells wero
longsBo silenced so as to diminish tho already
too let accretions of humanity wherever a
lre broke out Taking these simple facts as a
basis of calculation it is easy to figure upon
the attractive force of any alvon number of
men In uniform viz given that one polloa
nun attracts all tho servants and children on
hi pst a parade of 60000 troops like that of
yesterday will draw the whole city full out of
its houses and bring in from far distant points
ttacnetlzed a mighty gathering of strangers irresistibly
To abandon all theory and reach the facts In
tie case of tho groat celebration It may bo paid
tat tho pollco and thernllroud men acres that
there wero nt least half a million strangers In
town yesterday That gave tho city a tem
porary population of 2350000
ran populaton persons yester
day for to tho 1600000 resident population
must bo added the 250000 who come to town
verr day In tho year except Sundays and who
wsro moro tlmu represented by the Influx
from the near suburbs That Is to fay that If
any who usually camo spent tho day at home
tliiiro woro more than enough others to tuUo
Mr pliices
llroadway and Fifth avonuo wore jammed by
KhtBeors yesterday na no Now York streets
over wero crowd before Tho crowdlug bo
can nt I oclock mid tlioro was no diminution
01 I until alter dark I Is estimated that with
tbo >
Iuoplo standing eight denp on both sides
01 tho llvoandahalfmllo routo the orowJ
must halo nninhorod 457COO parsons In rotiqh
cures To those must bo nddod tho 10000
Persons on tho Mgnnd littlo reviewing stands
Wllll I makes n sum of cnCOU souls and then
nII theo mint lo nwellod by tho persons
lio crowded nron tho 4000 trucks In tho eldo
reel At mi average of 23 portions to each
uck nud that 18 I rnoilernto tliln adds 100000
nre to thu
overwhelming multitude und pro
oucei n tolnl of MTCOO spectators of the
rnriIi > without including tho enormous num
LUI Hint v lowed it fromtho windows doorways
aI roofs iftbls estimate Is over largo be
cnuso it glvos only a foot to each person to
stand In It IH equally wrong the other way In
counting tho people ns standing eight rows
loep As I mater of fact they havo stood
torn ten to fifteen rows deep I Is not wild
gucRsIng to say that a million persons saw yet
ordays parade
One fenturo of this amazing spectacle one
lugo block of the Immense and solid cubo of
people will llvo in the mlndo ol all who taw
It so long as they llvo For some reason tho
police permitted the people to got In to tho
roadway of Fifth avonuo above Madison sauaro
and presently they blocked the groat thorough
faro solidly Thopollco themselvesaccustom
ed as they are to crowds wero amazed at tho
wonderful scone this produced Those who
with Inspector Byrnoa woro at tho Madison
Jquaro stands called out their fronds to sharo
heir wonder with thorn Tho sight was most
repressive From the square to Thirtyeighth
street or perhaps I block or more higher
iptown Murray Hill rises above tho
onoral level of iho town Up that eminence
Fith avonuo looked Ilko a vast human uter
a trough bottomod and sided with humanity
Tho people pacKod the stoops and rose in
curving linos up tho street at tho sides Far
as the sight reached tliolr heads and hats
formed a now and upper pavement tho ave
nue Somo mounted police wore sent to dis
perse them from tho roadway They rode to
the faco of the mass of people Twentyeighth
street but made no Impression on tho sold
multitude They did not try Thoy wero not
brutal Thoy simply rodo up against tho wall
of mankind and then woro stopped and then
they ordorod tho pooplo to scatter Tho peo
ple woro not obstinate Thoy woro helpless
They could not move
After that when tho procession ronohod that
point another body ot forty odd mounted men
succeeded bettor I ocaVcely would bo be
lieved I sounds Incredible that a day ot
national thanksgiving should be marred so
brutally Bui tho fact Is certain that tho sec
ond squad did by violence what tho others
failed to do Thoy proclaimed war Forming
their ranks Into a wodgo with tho point to
ward tho people thoy spurred their horses and
pressed ahead Into tho crowd they wont dis
regarding tho shrieks of tho women and chil
dren Ignoring those who fainted and fell hood
Ing not at all thoso whose foot at lent thoy
trod upon I was an act and a scone that
strong mon cannot talk about today without
trembling with excitement Fortunately there
was some sympathy and succor near Mrs
1oron Stevens whoso houso i nt tho south
east corner of Twentyeighth Btroet and Fifth
avenue saw the ccono and opening her door
took in several hundred of tha women and children
dren who were hurt and frightened and had
fainted She gavo thorn food and drink as wall
60 much for tho massing ot tha people
There was an overflow of thoso who could
not see tho parade They made Sixth avenue
Lexington avenue and Third and Fourth ave
nues lively with I sort of Fourth of July fes
tivity Thoy woro in their best clothes and
woro hopper and smiling Lovers hung on
lover arms and mothers and children Vent
had in hand Householders and matrons
from probably half tho States of the Union
the staring honestly and
without wero in solfconsclousnoss throngs starlnl or shamofaced
ness at tho wonders of tbo groat city Thoro
was little drunkenness Thor wore few horso
oar Tho elevated trains were Backed The
day hod opened under heavy clouds and there
was blowing I fresh wind that made the soldiers
complain long after the sun came out when
over thoy had to stand In the shade At 1
oclock the sun broko its cloud bonds and
deluged the air with golden shining Even
tho Harrison hoodoo that bal marred ever
ceremony he his taken par in sine ho be
came President was overcome by Now Yorks
luck Bo that it was altogether a glad day
The ribbons of red white and blue of which
Wfl spoke yesterday became more than evor
tho feature of pie celebration Tons of thou
sands ot women woro them Ono such bow
knot beautified I woman Ono such bow re
deemed illfltttng gowns and freshened seedy
oes Tens of thousands of thorn Illuminated
tho crowds Then the men and boys bought
medals and and them their
Ind pins hung on coats
BO that they too reflected the festival spirit of
tho day That strange impulse of mankind to
decorate itself which leads to tho hundreds ot
semimilitary organizations and uniformed
clubs we havo in town sbono out In the rush
for tho medals that tho curbstono peddlers
sold Possibly each man folt that to wear ono
of thoso bits of metal connected him with tho
formal and military programme of tho day
An Ingenious fellow on Eighth avenue
profited by tho demand for ribbons Ho had a
quarter of a dollar and laid it out In four yards
of red whtto and blue ribbon Ho cot somo
pins and a pair of scissors and began to hawk
his stock In the afternoon ha was getting rich
I keep me bruddor running for ribbon when
I got pretty near sold out said ho and every
time I send him to dor store I give him all 1 a
took in I double mo capital every trip
On tho Sixth avenue tho small thread and
needle stores were selling centennial corsets
the queerest outcome ot tbo holiday craze
Thero were gorgeous stays all trimmed wltb
red white and blue ribbons and littlo flags
Was it possible that the proud carriage of some
of tho rustic matrons and the sparkle in tlielr
eyes a they shade the streets were duo to tho
consciousness that under their gowns they
wore theso glorious yet sacred garments
There must bo a pride that goes with jewelled
garters though tho awful mysteries of tho sun
worshippers wero not so sacred as that Then
why may not sorno of the gladness on the stroot
yesterday ba traceable to these gorgeous inner
vostmonts ns gaudy as tha feather girdles of
South Pacific maidens
Prldo takes I queer form In times of popular
excitement Witness a sign strung all across
a houso in South Fifth avenue
Tho wording of that Is peculiar but tho
sentiment Is as elevating and creditable as nny
that is expressed In auy form on tho upper ali
moro swell Fifth avenue Under this hoad It
Is worth noting that tho further ono gets from
upper Fifth avenue tho moro general and pro
fuse Is tho decoration of tho houen
TUr rrooiuMMK or TUB UAY
Tho formal celebration of the contonulnl
opened with thuilnglngof 1 Ibo Lollslu nil tha
churches that had them Tlioro woro servleca
in many churches notnhlyiutho Episcopalian
and tho Dutch lloformod Tho old Dutch
Church which now worships at Twentyninth
street and Fifth avenue Bounded Its thanksgiv
ing with u bell cast In Amsterdam In 1711 Tho
Dutch Church waa tho loyal ono in the lurk
days of the Itovolutlon tho Episcopal Church
wasa Tory body 1 necessarily was so for Its
clorcy had to tnko their orders in England
and most of them catno from tlioro Ouorgo
Washington was a churchman however and
that is why ho wont to Ht 1auln loo > oars nsr
and wo hold especial oxnrclsoH thoro today
Tlio Kplscupallans nro as jubilant today an If
tlioy wero In guod odor In this ely In 1781
which thoy woio not Thoy say that In thin
country their mnm harsh IP has increased far
beyond tho proportionate Increase of tbo popu
lation and that In this city In tho last llvo
yean their gain has bon moo than SI 1 per
cent against an nvernco gain of 3 per cent by
all the other 1iotoMaut tods
Yceterday morning Q uotablo procession
wont from tho Fifth Avonuo Hotel to old Ut
Pauls at Voaoy street and Broadway In it
wore tho President Vlco < Prostdont Supreme
Court Justices dov Hill Mayor Grant Grovor
Cleveland rtuthorford B Hayes Fonators
J vah and Hlscock tho Cabinet Secretaries
tho Bishops ot Now York Long Island Iowa
and Tennessee Mrs Harrison LleutGov nnd
Mrs Jones Senator John Hhorman Gen Sher
man Senator Ingalls oxHocrotary Bayard
und many others
Tho omnipresent commlttoomon woro thoro
of course I had been said that tho church
service was tho only feature nt which Elbrldgo
T Gerry would not speak But he did speak
all the samo He mado tho responses lie is
Tho church was rosplcndontly decorated
with flags nnd flowers Unique among all tho
decorations of the town were tho old thirteen
starred flag ot tho last century side by side
with the royal standard ot Franco emblems ot
tho combined forces that overthrow the Irk
some English rule ovor our pooplo
The President sat In George Washingtons
pew which Is still preserved In tho church
The Governor sat in tho pew that once was
Gov Clintons Tho most valuable part of tho
service which followed a proscribed formula
was tho address of Bishop Henry C Potter
who preached becauso the then Bishop of Now
York did so ouo hundred years ago Bishop
Potter talked to President Harrison after a
manner that will bo variously judged by vari
ous persons I has not yot occurred to any
ono elso to adopt tho tono ho did bcforo
tho President Ho sailed into practical
politics and patronage grabbing right and lelt
Ho said it would bo Interesting but Impossi
ble to fancy tho flrat President confronted by Q
modern practical politician Tho loath
Ing tho outraged majesty with which ho would
havo bade such 1 creature to bo gone tho
good Bishop pictured as most Impressive At
torwtird he attacked tho Democrats coining
tho idea that Washlngtnnian dignity had de
generated Into Joffersonlan simplicity which
was only another name for Jaoksonlan vul
garity Thoro was glorious pinging In tho
church by Miss Bella Watson and Miss Clara 1
Ieok sopranos Miss Tuttlo and Miss Bach
man altos and somo trained mao voices Tho
distinguished guests had boon taken to their
pews byiTrinlty vestrymen whoso names nro
to a surprising extent reflected in tho names of
downtown streets i e Pell Clarkson Jay
Leroy Morris and Van Cortlandt
From tho church tho people moved to tho
platform built on the porch of the Sub
Trcasuary building tha site of Federal Hall
on whoso balcony Washington took tbo oath
as President Wall stroot was packed with
pooplo and eo was Broad street as tar as tho
Block Exchange entrance Thoro WUB a lesser
crowd In Nassau street Police in groat forco
kept order around tho temporary platform
Artillerymen wore on duty on tho outskirts of
t o dense mass of people Tho Froe Masons
had brought down the Blblo on which Gon
Washington took tho oath and in Its plush en
velope it rested on a table once owned by
Washington Thoro was a chair of Washing
tons thoro also for President Harrison to oc
cupy Had Grovor Cleveland been President
ho could not havo sat in it
Tho procession to tho SubTreasury was very
late Tho platform was crowded whon tho
groat mon cam at 10t oclock save for tho
seats reserved for them Tho President tho
oxProsldent and tho exdofaoto President sat
well forward with Messrs Gorry Hamilton
tho elder Mr Fish Chlot Justice Fuller and a
few of his colleagues and Mr Do now the orator
of tho occasion Tho clergymen made an im
posing appearance Archbishop Corrlgan woro
his purple beretta his purple clalmatl along
robe reaching to tho ground and his golden
pectoral cross and chain tho novo Dr Storrs
woro the black gown In which ho preaches
Dr Ellphalnt Potter and tho Bishop of Iowa
were In partial canonical attire Gov Hill did
not go there There was great applause whon
President Harrison was recognized and Grovor
Cleveland was afterward tho centre of a crowd
ot persons anxious to grasp his hand
Dr Storrs offered n pravor which was
couched in n tono half of thanksgiving and
half of petition Clarence W Bowon read the
poem written at Dnnvers Mass by John
Groenleaf Whittlar This Is Its last verso
Tben let the sovereign rotlloti where
Our banner float In ran and air
From the warm palm landi to AJaikfcscold
Repent with the pledge a century old
After that Mr Chauncoy M Dorew spoke for
twentyfive minuter and tho President fol
lowed In a short address whIch wai concluded
by the Benediction pronounced by Archbishop
Corrlgan The President had difficulty In
finding his voice a tho outset but presently
ho made hlmsolt heard clearly by all on tbo
The greatest military parade ovor Been In
America except on tho assembling of tho
troops in Washington at the close ot tho war
was under way when tho literary exercises
closed Then tho President VicePresident
Mayor Grant Messrs Cleveland nnd Hayes In
I word all the notables except Gov Hill who
was at tho head of his troops woro driven to
tho rovlowing stand In Jlmlleon square They
drovo up the lino of march In nearly a dozen
carriages and passed miles of soldiers old
Grand Army mon who wore drawn up along
the curbing Tho decorations of tho reviewing
Btnnd were wretched Thu President and tbo
others occupied a bowshopod platform pro
jecting from tho stand This was badly doc
corated the most conspicuous ornamont boll
a naked boy of tho same llnongons the tipsy
soldiers on the arch nt Twentysixth stroot
Tho President stayed until nearly tho and
from oclock Tho procession had not passed
the reviewing stand until nearly 7 oclock 1
was Indeed I wonder Its men numbered
moro nearly 52000 than 50000 and tho lino
was twlco as long ns the route a matter of I
eleven miles In all Nearly every Statcitn tho
Union represented and vilth
was 1lh surprising
numbers tho Paclllc Stales bolng the mot
notable absentees For flu hours und n half
tho soldIers marched For so many hours
the air of Broadway was charged with htlrrlng
mublc wltb tho regular tread of hoofs ami
shoos tho rattle of guh carriages tho clink of
abrcs f and tho gorgpoim nnd kaleidoscopic
panorama of colors 1ornoatly hlx bourn tho
people Btood In hold nmks along tho lino of
mulch and tho soldiers wore heminrd In by
Tlicbo living wnlt > and saw the multitude tow
orlng farnboo tliolr heads In tho windows un I
thu baluonlou and on tha loot edges Chuurlng
was conllmiouH
111 ontluoul
Fancy the fatlgtio of tho iiiarchlnumont lAud
thogieatorfatlguaot the f landing inultltuilol
There went to bod lait iilpht more almost
utterly nxhaiibtod men women anil children I
than ovor Meiit In tho brisk bualadcn night uir
of tho metropolis I
I founds cruel but It Is a fact that ono com
mander of a military body in tho Hue told TUB i
BUN reporter thC noldlor march bot when
they are tired
Before that thoy are uneven nnd uncurtain
In their runkn and stol but once tired as wo
wern aftor our long waiting loil ythoy easily
fall into tlio long thirtyInch swing of tho route I
step nml keep It up as long ns wo vlith Ilko so I
many machine That Is thu iiiaivhlng that I
the Hpeptatori admire 1 In when tho men are
trod that the pcopln cheer them
This was a notable and pruud city organiza
Do you lot your men drink 1 thu officer was I
Not until noon and then only a Ito water
Much water males them sick alcohol makes I
them drunk and all drinking I very bAd
Vhllo wo wait If I man needs leave tho ranks
wo send I guard with him to sea that ho does
not drink oven water
That was tho rulo with that organization
other from otharlStatcslnhloh
but thoro woro other frm
fairly mobbed tbo downtown beer saloons
while waiting In Nassau and Church streets
for tho order to fall in tho groat parade
Thoro were many remarkable points about
this greatest ol our countrys military parade
In tho first place the city never was so
clean on such an occasion Not all tho thnnkn
are due to Street Oloanor Coleman I was the
two dnJs rain that freshened tho streets and
made tholr stones shine But tho quick march
ing was tho wonder of all who saw It I will
bo the wonder of nil military mon who read of
it now and anon I
I has been said that to march 7000 men past
a given point In an hour was considered won I
derful THK BUNS reporters and others count
ed the bodies yesterday as they swept along tho
avonuo and Broadway1 and Invariably they
wore going at the rato of 0500 n hour some
times I few less sometimes a few moro but
always at that average rlto After thoy march
ed breast to shoulder nearly always the ranks
stretched across the wide stroot from ourb to
curb often with twentytwo mn in each rank
Tho average number sldo by side was eighteen
Tho regular army woro wonderfully close to
gether Tho knees of tho West Point cadets
fitted Into tho bends of tho fellows logs ahead
ot them Thus cloven mile of men wero able
to walk over five and a half mites of straots In
five hours and a half I was a beneficent ac
complishment proud for tho men comforting
stands valuable tho
to tho people on tho t
men and women on foot
The very first man In tho great proceeslon
was a stalwart brbadchested man of imposing
height and evident great strength He walked
with the officer in command of tho first platoon
ot police All the thousands looked at him
for ho was in civilian dross Tho million won
dered who ho was llo was a wportor of THK
BUN just In from Oklahoma and No Mans
Land Other SUN reporters woro on tho stands
in tho crowds in tho windows on the roofs
and among tho troopa at rest in lowor Broad
way and the downtown side streets
MajorGen Bchoflold at tho head of tha
troops of tho regular army was splendid and
gorgeous commanding and almost royal In
appearance His now shiny blue and glisten
ing gold his splendid presence nnd figure nnd
his beautiful horse oil combined to bring him
constant applause Ho Is not a Wlnfiold Scott
nor I Hancock They were majestic But ho
cuts I lino Oar none the loss His staff
mado a splendid picture also Two thousand
or moro regulars followed him First came
tho cavalry and then the infantry and after
theso the West Point Cadets in their gray and
whlto dross nud with their wonderful step
Thoro wore four crack marching bodies in
tbo parade tho West Pointers tho Cadets tho
Seventh Now York and tho Michigan Military
Academy prize winners Each had their ad
mirers nnd partisans We think the contest
lay between tho Federal cadets and our Sev
enth Beglmont I should not bo forgotten
however that the Brooklyn Twentythird won
mlloB of cheering for Its beautiful marching
Tho artillery nnd light batteries of the regu
lars with tholr polished stool cannons and
heavy jolting carriages mado 1 grand show
ing Then cnmo the marines the naval pren
tice boys and tho sallormrn all In blue and all
flinging their whlto canvas leggings to and lr
beneath thorn like tho feet ot a clont caterpil
lar The cadets did well looked finely ami
won great applause The Jack tars bowled
and lumbered and swayed along very amus
ingly but who over laughed at sailors Who
that has not a tender heart for them and a
little touch of sentiment whon thoy are seen or
After tho regulars camo tho homo guard B
thoy arc called tho militiamen of the National
Guard of tho various States placed In lino in
the order In which the States gained entrance
to the Union They made tho dazzling tho
picturesque and pretty part of the great show
the part the ladles liked Each States quota
was led by its CommanderinChlof tho Gov
ernor of tho State Delawares peacock blue
band excited admiration
Gov BOM or Impressive crippled by the loss
of his loft leI and lashed to his horse led tho
eight thousand mon of Pennsylvania the prao
tlcal working turnout ot tho States full forco
Ho was In civilian dross So wero mOlt of the
Goornors though tholr tnt officers wero re
splendent Tho 8000 Pcnnsylvanlnns carried
all the Impediments of marching troops that
is to say tholr knapsacks blankets haver
sacks canteens cups ant cartridge boxes I
must havo been a sorry day for them for thoy
were on tho road all yesterday and crowded
tho elevated trains up to daylight but thoy
looked happy Gen Hastings who is nation
ally admired was looking his best as tho prac
tical head of the troops
Then come Now Jerseys men with Gov
Green In command Ills mon made I mngntfl
cent appearance Pennsylvania had come In
sober State uniforms but the Jersey mon woro
their differing regimentals somo of which
woro gorgeous Dolawaro had 760 mon Penn
syhanla 8000 Now Jersey 3700 Georgia sent
only 35 len Gal Gordon and his staff
Connecticut should bo proud of her men
The Governors Foot Guards with their grena
dier hats rod coats and but brooches wore
lady winners ant the Xouavos wero very
scrumptious as thoy might say themselves
There weio COO of theso animated wooden nut
mecs In tho line Then camo the old Bay Btata
led by her Governor and her 200ycarold
Ancient and Honorable Artillery In their vary
ing styles of dress for thoy
Inl Irs not dressed
alike Thoro were lfiOO mon of Massachusetts
hero among them u pair of criwof cadets
ono corps In whlto and ono In rod that won
groat admiration Tho band of the MO Mary
landers played Hall to the Chief Tho sober
hluo Now Hampshire quota of lOpO mon In
throo regltnunts was a contribution like that
of Pennsylvania of all tho soldlersof thoStato
The Governor of North Carolina John P
nielmrdflon proudly commanded 30 men
but alas ho was far from tho Governor of
Kouth Carolina Twelve thousand Now York
ers parted tlio two lOvirnors so thit what one
said to tho other tlo other could not hour
IltzhuaJi Ioo of i rlncsly presence and noblo
Houtliorn Hnuazo was cheered to tho echo from
the llowllni dioui to ontral 1ark htout
broad bearduil holdliHy by Instinct aud tniln
Itigi glnrloiiR In his uniform ha wan thu proud
est ot thu GovcTiioi our own nut Ixcoptod
lib lud OU cavalrymen and artillerymen
rhon cam tho wonderful showlngof tho Km
plroHtutu Nluotv percent of her men WOM In
line They nmntioruil 1200 In 1 brJuado Id
roulmuntH 1 bittullon nml 0 batteries They
were Iud by lllli I olllcurii Homo hIlt 000 front
Buffalo somo fiom Ogdrnsburuh BOla from
Malonn All tho force ovcopt tho sick and
othor excused men vruro behind tlio bay ore
that Gov Hill rodo tho second horse hoover
rude or at least thn socond occasion of his
riding as ConimanderlnUhlof of our Slain
Army and Navy llo wore citizens dions His
stair with Gon Porter nnhU proud attendant I I
looked Inoly ant MI did DrlgGnn Louis I I
Illgorald whoso ttaff woro whito breeches of I I
the most Imniaculatu fretfhnodii A fuller re i
port enumerates tho commands In line Tho
Hevonth brought out 10J1 out of Its quota of I
1073 men The Brookn men woro not na I I
warmly grontml by our citizens as thoy de I I
served but the Twaiitytlilrd marched
marcbel sow ell
at to wring npplaune from all lul I
After these bodlew care the men of North I I
Carolina llhodo Island and Oho 3600 strong t I
I Ll
Louisiana Illinois Missouri MlchlcanFlorida
Texas tho District ot Columbia tho Loyal
Legion and tho Graud Army Thora word
11000 Grand Army men in the tanks Thn
Bolknap Hides of Texas all In whlto wore
warmly greeted In nil there woio 38000 men
In military uniform In tho line
Tho downtown streets were hold by the
troops In waiting during most of the day All
tho region bolow Chambers Krcct on ono sldo
and Bcekman on tho other was filled with lon
In uniform Thousands upon thousands who
could not BOO the parade Itself walked past
thoso troons and admired them
Al ovor tho streets the scone formed I curi
ous blending of peaceful and warlike pictures
Drummer boys sat ou tholr drums In the mid
dle of Nassau street while long linos ot stacked
arms blocked tho road Tho mon of tho
country regiments from Now York State who
wore on Nassau street besieged tho beer sa
loons and restaurants while tho Virginia mcu
mainly on tholr big lumbering horses sat pa
tiently hal the day behind their gallant leader
Fltzhugh Leo Near tho Bowling Green tho
tall rawboned Now Hampshire len stood
looking on with wonder while tho janitors
wives and children literally filled tho air with
1 j Ing quotation tapes I Is 1 now trick these
pooplo had discovered They took an ordinary
coll of tape such as Is used In tickers nnd they
pulled tho inner end out after which tho con
unwound Itself In a long crinkled stream of
paper Theso snakelike whtto ribbons issued
from hundreds of windows caught upon thou
sands of wires and scores of tall poles so that
presently tho air was all aflutter with theso
narrow bands and tho streets bocarno im
mensely moro plcturosquo
On Church street tho Bovontyflrst Seventh
Eighth Ninth Twentysecond and Blxtynlnth
Itcglmonts wore at rest all just as neat and
trim and proud ns soldier len could bo Tho
Seventh as usual was full of fun and frolic
Companies of tho men kept visiting tho Sixty
ninth and cheering them They would pack
tho sidewalks around Col Cavnnngb who sat
on horseback and after asking each othor who
Is Col Cavanagh would yell m unison First
in war first In peace and first in tho hearts of
his countrymen In tho singular concerted way
they have Thoy also asked what tho Sixty
ninth was and then solemnly announced that
it wnp tho bulwark of the nation Tho Seventh
boys Ilko tho Sixtyninth Tho two commands
are joined by more than brotherly affection I
was tho middle ot tho afternoon whon tho last
of those timestayed regiments got under way
and swung Into a rapid gait between tho solid
walls of human beings along tho noisy and
brilliant route
After tho parade tho banquet of 600 persons
In the Metropolitan Opera House after that
the programme for Wednesday tho last of
the thrco days celebration
Now Yorkers woro protty nearly strangers In
tholr own city all yesterday The reporters
carried passes signed by Superintendent Mur
ray by moans of which they passel the police
linos But the citizens generally were unable
to got about Their city had been captured by
tbo soldlors nnd tho strangers
Yet thoro woro places where Now Yorkers
got together and go slpod and chatted ns even
New Yorkers will just as thoro were actually
places Buch as East Broadway for Instance
where the poor clothing makers tolled beside
tho rattle of sowing machines all day long
precisely as If there had never been n Georco
Washington or I cause for tho greatest na
tions rejoicing Whenocr tho citizens let
tho gossip was almost certain to bo about the
bal of Monday night
Whether tho astounding reports ot what hap
pened at that bull wero exaggerated or not It
Is not easy to pay but I thoy woro not It is
certain that thoro never was a ball In town so
unlicensed as this great assembly became after
tho supper room wus opened
There wero too many stories nnd they woro
too nearly allko for thoro to bo much exaggera
tion about them
In tho flrst place tho affair was mismanaged
After I person surrendered his ticket a the
door no ono olso demanded his check or othor
proof of his right to be thoro hero was no
check on the tickot takers They boasted In
the hearing of others that thoy woro lotting
their friends corao In froa nnd In groat num
bers Two of tho bright young mIn of THE
SUN walked Intn tho ball without being asked
for tholr tickets Tlio consol uencn of this
state of affairs was such n tremendous jam
that tho estimate of 10030 ronons In tho
building Booms too low
Dancing was almost Impossible oven after
the supper room was crowded At that tlmo a
few couples constantly changing waltzed In a
littlo clearing In tha centre of tho densely
crowded floor Thoro waa no Improper ilnno
Ing Tho Improprieties woro committed by
pooplo who hud drunk too much
Tho throo blocks of full chnmpacno bottles
about which BO much has boon said will ba
even moro notorious when pooplu understand
what became of them Thoy wero given out us
circulars are distributed on the streets Some
mon who went to tho counters to ask for a
class of champacno had twoquart magnums
handed them and than Wore told to gut out of
the way In ardor that othors might cOle
Presently all about tho room woro scon men
each with quart or twoquart bottle In ono
hand and a cbiss In thD othor pouring In and
drinking down
Tlio boys and lads got speedily drunk Tho
ladles with tho DOSt costly ant maanlficont
garments evor soon by tho public had to pick
their way over tho floor aud as tlioy did so
mon who wt > ro utter strangers to them pre sed
glasses of champvgno before their faces Tipsy
men tripping on tho stairs sometimes caught
tlio slender Him of clothing on a ladys shoul
der nnd toro it oil or thoy trod on tho long
trains nnd ripped them at their waists Laco
handkerchiefs cloves and other such things
Itltorcd tho floor
Iltefd Inor
Tlioro Is said to havo boon much trouble In
tho coat room A Una that reached to I took
thci form of a loop and llicro wore men who
spent an hour In moving from Ole point at ound
to tho xama point In tlio other part of thu lino
It look an hour and u half to get to tho iloaU
room and now tloro aro many loud com plaints
Dv PIIKOIIH who couldnt get their clothfs after
thoy reached thii counters The nttomlmts
I cnncrnrcolv lieuliinod llnillorln Die ptrnlng
bofiito thoro was nny of thin cnnfuMon thuy
facud nn Incoswnt iiuBhlng runulilng HITUIM
bllngcrundof men Hinill wonder tilt some
lost thulr hits ami loils Im Imps It H not
more vvi mlurful that tho milieu nrnMiMtolmvo
loht their tnntOiK and to h ivu blandished tholr
night hlliks wlimi tho UiunUcn len In IhUIInu i
becmuo odnaturedly unruly
lecll gi UIIulllrellJr ulrll
Altogtuhor It hoonih t < mt Tin Bus was right I
I In cnlMng I thn bill < if thu century for moro
i rcnsuus than hornuro I of Us flo I
Illihup 1utlrr flnN tUr Irmlilrnl an Inii
mini Kind otHermnn
iI > doors of it PittilsCliuiili wiroopened
shortly aller I A M and the galleries rapidly
tilled but tho body of tlio luillillng being re
Heivud WAR occupied moro filinvly nnd there
worn niiuiy pewi with but ono or twoorcupantB I
even whon thu untlrii rongrogutluii had gath
ered tn ulhor Although thu morning sunlight
lluil llio ulitiMi vvltli a golden glow the double
clrrlnof IMI In tln > chancel vrau lighted bath
ing In biluhtnosstho t dal los carnations aa
Ions nnd liHliiiugpiiRon ouch side of Hie nltar I
undurnoitth IltlinH and snlrU woro banked In I
front of tli < pulpit iml reading dohli and thuro
was n cluster ot American tluus at oarh eldo of
the chancel Flowers also filled each of the I
oldfuhlonod windows A gUt eagle support
ing two flu ornamented each of tho pillars
supporting tho galleries and In front of the
organ loft facing tho chancol ware tho flats
which celebrated tholr tiluniph over tho Union
Jack 1 century ago tho American flag with
thli teen stars and the royal standard ot Franco
Following Is a plan of tho rcsnncdpart of
tho church tho black stiotn Indicating pillars
1 U
1a O
r q
sQ t h
As already Indicated not all for whom places
woro kopt availed themselves ot tholr privi
leges Among those who did woro oxPresi
dent Cleveland I B Hayes Senator Evarts
oxSocrotary Bayard and LloutQov Jones
who occupied tho front seat on tho south of tho
middle nlslo which was reserved for exPresi
dents and their CnblnetB Lx1rosldoutCleve
land nnd Mr laos sat next to each othor
Uov anl with his utulT occupied tho pews re
served for them under tho south gallery op
posite tho Presidents pew nn tha other Hide of
thochuruh Tha pew In which Gov 11111 sat la
tho same that Gov Clinton used 100 years ago
Tho Htato coat anna was ovor tbo Gov crnma
pvvvv and tho national over the Presidents
Mayor Grant Rat In the pew kept for him on the
other Ride of tho aisle from thn Presidential pew
In tho seats reserved for clergymen woro tho
lluv Father Osborno of Boston who with Ids
xhnvonfaco Roman collar aud monkish Imblt
looked for all tho world Ilka I Catholic priest
Next to him wal tho Rev Dr Joseph 1 Wiok
ham undo of tbo oxMayor ami the oldest living
ing graduato of Yalo College He was born In
17U7 and was graduated from Yalo In 1815
Ho told oxMayor Wlckham an they passed
Canal street on their way to tho church that
ho remembered when thoro wasaoreok there
Nearly opposite tho clergyman wan Chauncoy
M DOPOW who sat In solitary state most of thn
time and responded devoutly Not far behind
Mr Dopew tlio gaunt form of Senator Sher
man was visible with Senator Incalls next to
hlui Uen I Sherman sat Bomo distance l from
his brother
Others present worn Cyriifl W Field Tlbrldgo
T lorry Hamilton Fish llobort V Wlnthrop
of Massachusetts Judge Blatrhford l Jlo
moro tho Mexican Minister Gen Alexander
Vohb Gen Grant Wilson John 1 Ireland
Father Lavollo Wm 11 Dodgo James T
Sparkman Don O 0 Howard ant nil tho
members of tho Bcnato and Legislature who
vnre deputed to ntt n1
Tho persons present woro shown to their
nlaees by tho ushers whoso lovolutlonnry ped
igrees have been printed who woro black
Prince Albert frock coats white ptlk cravats
and thu buck whlto kid gloves with black stitching on
President Harrison in nn open barouche ac
companied by tho Vlce1rcfldont nnd W CS
Hamilton was whirled down llroadway In
about tvvontyfivo minutes from Vtco1ronldont
Mortons house and arrived at the Vesey street
entrance to the church yard boforo the hour
set for tho fiurvlfos to begin A M Conse
quently tha President was ahead of tie crowd
who woro not expecting him Inspector Moors
had his heidnuarlurs ut thn Vcsuy stroot gate
and thi > street and sidewalk on Vooy street
nnd on tho Broadway sido ot the church woro
kout clear Wnrdon Stephen 1 Nash gave tho
President his arm and escorted him up two
stone steps nnd along a stone flair walk bn
nealli a red awning a distance of twenty
to tho church porch Warden Allan Lumpbnll
performed thu eanio service for YIco1residont
ENTEHINO ST iAuis cnuren
Tho Presidential party escorted by a dotach
munt of the ushers proceeded up the mlddlo
nlle and then around to tho old Washington
pew under tho north gallery Tha rongioca
tlun ro u at Bisht of tlio President Prouldnnt
Harrison and Vlco1reskloiH Morton pat down
lit two o thucamil ottomod clialip in u mid
dle of tho veritable Hiiuiiro pcwlnvhichiotga
Washington at a century auo while all tna
members of tho Cabinet but Secretary liliilim
who was not present sat In tho immediate
neighborhood Near thorn also sat Mrs Har
rison Mrs Morton and the olhor ladles con
nected with tlio party
At exactly 0 Orcanlut Leo Koflor with his
cliolrot thirty volees began ISoforu Jehovahx
awful Ihionr and adoutiln Une of clergymen
In whlto surpllfon uinrchud down the mlddlo
nltlci to Iho oliiincel They wmo lllshop 1ot
tirof New Wirk llishop llttlojohu of Long
Island lilhon Pcriy of Iowa and llishop
Milntard ot IVnncFen Aiehdoacons AUx
nnuvrMncknyBinlthuf Now Yoil count W
It Johnson of danKo 111 Van Klocck of
Wu8tvhu tur nml Henry I XluginfiiRit of
i Jiitflnss county In DIx and Miiklmhoy
I and tlio Jluv Montngux Geur Huvvral of
tlio clergymen wore thu red ribbon of tholr
Ovford ilrgriiH
Lltlloiulin lead thn llrst IUSHOH which was
from thn fortyfoiirlhrhiiptorol Krdfidaxtli u
nnd lllshon Uiilntard thu snennd which UHS
I rum tho oiuhili ihaplur of J hn All tho
voigrpgiitlnu joined in ippoatlng llm creed
nud lather Osboine llllllMlf at Us
close Alter tho In inn Itlio crownd with
light Imperial Kiilum il o lilubop 1ottur
made nn addles In which he said
Tho conception of tho national Government
as a lingo nmehlno cxlttlnx mainly for the
purpose of rewarding parllaii Horvlcotnls
wag u concoction so alien to tho thnritrttr and
conduct of Washington anil hl avsoclutm that
it fionis grotosiiiH CM n to iprnk of It It
would hn Intoiesilnutn inuiglno thu list Presi
dent of tholnltd blntosconfrnnted with some
onu who had vonlnr o appiouidi him upon
tio Imxls o what nro now uninoniy known ns
prictlcil politic Jin1 Iho conception IH im
possible Thu loithlng thn outraged majoi > ty
vfltli which hn would liavo bidden such a ciea
tuioto trcono Is loirrh doncd liy the gi < nilo
dignity with which just bcforo hi Inaugura
tion ropMng to ono who had tho strum st
Halms upon hN fil n < Ulilp nnd who IinU ap
plied to him during thu pn tresn of the in < HJ
dontlal caiiKaUn us we should v for the
promUnot an appointment to oilier hn wrote
ShottWIt ti ur lalt to admlnUlir the
will no the ctiilr nnder no prltnrngement of nr km
rr nature whatever And when In It I will to the new
or my Jndurornl dlichnrje the duileio theiiitice wilts
that ImpirtUlltr and real tor Ihe uulillo cood whlett
ought nertr to eulter nonncciloni or Uoo I or rlend hlp
l have th leant mar on drcliloni ot a public nature
On this high love moved the flr t President
of tho republic To It must wo who nre tho
heirs of her sacred Interests bo not unwilling
to ascend if wo aro to guard our glorious heri
tage I
And this all tho moro becauso tho perils which
confront us nro so much graver nnd moro per
tonllous than thoso which then Impendod
Thoro I If wo are not afraid of tho wholesome
medlclno that there la In consenting to soo tu
nn dement of Infinite sadness In the effort
which wo aro making today Kansacklng tho
annuls of our fathom ns wo have been dolnu
for the last few months a busy nnd wellmean
ing usxldulty would fain reproduce tho scone
tho scenery the situation ot nn hundred yean
ago Vain nnd Impotent endeavor It IB as
though out of the lineaments of living mon w
would lain produce another Washington We
may disinter tho vanished draperies wo may
revive tho stately minuet Wfl may rehabilitate
tho old Boenoi but tho march of a century can
not bo halted or reversed and the enormous
change In the situation can nolthor bo ill
gulBod nor Ignored Than wo woro though not
ntsitor POTTER
all of us sprung from ono nationality practi
cally ono pooplo lsor that steadily dotorioro
ting process against whoso dangers u groat
thlnkur of our owu generation warned his
countrymen just Illty years ago goes on ou
every hand apaco
The constant importation wroto the author nt
TlieWealot Nation an now n Ihli rountrr uftht
lowent ortlercor i > iotile from Htiroail tu dliut the qual
ity of our natural mHtihood 1 a nail and bewarly pros
titution ot the noMcet Klft ever conferred ou a Deopl
Who hall reepect a people who do not reipeit tuelr
ovrn blood t And how thai a national plrit or any de
terminate anit proportionate character arlfa out ot 10
many low treu atfuoclallons anil course drained tera
lierumentft Imported from every clime t It nuHUnclecd
In Leepluir that Iau who was the oa ct evoryboily
was the Ufflleitof lue godl
And again Another enormous difference be
tween this day nnd that of which It Is thu an
nlvpisary issoon In tho enormous difference
In the nature and Influence of the forces that
determine our national and political destiny
Then Ideas ruled tho hour Todni thnrc nro
indeod Ideas lhit rulo our hour butthey must
b merchantable Ideas The growth of wealth
the prevalence of luxury tho massing ot largo
material forces which by their very existence
are a standing menace to tha freedom and In
tegrity ol thu Individual tho Inllntto swagger
ot our American speech and manners mis
taking bignoss for greatness anil sadly con
founding gain and godliness all this IH a con
trast to tho nusturo simplicity tho un
purclmsiblo integrity of the flrst days and
first men of our republic which makes it Im
possible to reproduce today olthor tho temper
or tho conduct of our lathers
As wo turn tho pases backward nnd coma
upon the story of that 10th ot April In tho year
of onr Lord 17811 thoro Is n certain statoilncss
In tho air n certain coramonlousness In tho
manners whlcli wo havo banished long ago
Wo havo exchanged tho Washington dignity
for the JoOersonlan simplicity which was la
truth only another name for tho Jacknonlan
vulgarity And what havo wo gotten In or
changolorlt In tho elder States and dynas
ties they had tho trappings of royally and th
pomp and splendor of tho Kings porsou to fill
mens hearts with loyalty Wall wn havo dis
pensed with the old titular dignities Let us
taknraru that we do not part with that tre
mendous forco for which they stood I If thoro
bo not titular royalty all tho moro need IB thoro
for personal royalty If there Is to bo no no
bility of descent all tho nioro Indispensable Is
It that thuro should bo nobility ot ascent a
character In them that boar rulo so fine and
hlih and pure that as men come within the
circle of Its inllttaacn they Involuntarily pay
hoinngo to that which Is the ono proUminont
distinction tho Royalty of Virtue
Hero In this holy housu we find tho witness of
thntomjinvlslblo forco which because It alono
can rulo the conscience IB destined ono day
to rula tho world Out from airs dense ana
foul with tho ooarso passions and coarser
rivalries of selfseeking men wo turn aside as
from tho crowd and glare of some vulgar high
way Rwnrmlng with pushing and Illbred
throngs and tawdry and clamorous with be
dlotud booths and noisy speech In somo cool
und shaded wood where straight to heaven
om nmiesllcoil lifts Its tall form Its roots
Imbedded doon among tho unchanging rocks
Its upper branches sweeping the upper airs
ami holding hlch communo with tho stars
and na we think of him for whom wo bora
thank God vvu say Such an one In natlva
majesty ho was n ruler wlsu and strong and
fearless In thu sight of God und mon because
by tho enabling grace of God ho had learned
first o all toiomiHor every mean and selfish
and selfseeking aim and BO to rulo himself I
As soon as Bishop Potter had finished tb6
Presidential party It being nearly 10i pre
pared to milt tho chuph It waa already In
the aiile when tho benediction wn pronounced
liy lllshoi Pottur and thoro it had to wait until
tho clergimiin had retired to tho roblngroom
to tho music of Hod Dless Our Native Laud
As by request of Dr Muldiahoy the congrega
tion kept tliolr seats und tho Iroxldonts party
was now ublu to no out unimpeded which ft
did in tha same order It ha 1 entered Wardens i
offered tholr nrms to tho Chief Magistrate and
thn VlcePicsidint and escorted them out
In thu lino of cnirlucos down Broadway to
Pino street and to thn SubTreasury building
thn Mayors carriage was first with Mayor
Grunt Hamilton Fish Jr and Itussoll Harri
son Then came tho Presidents carriage with
President Harrison sitting on the olT Bide fac
ing Commodore Gpriy whoso back was toward
the horses Tho Vlco1rcsldcnt sat next to tho
President and facing tho VicePresident was
Secretary Clarence W Uowen In tho carriages
that followed wero tha Cabinet Governors ot
btiitos and other dignitaries
The entrnnlal Illcrury ixerrl e on tli
HU oftbe HubTre urjr
It was nn intcinstlug task for eomo of tho
citizens famous and otherwise to got out ot
bed yesterday morning In time to attend tha
oxcrtbos at tbo SubTreasury Thoy had
boon jammed and banged in the crowds of tha
last fowday and oven the most distinguished
ofitlif m who havo choice places on protected
platforms had not escaped In addition tho
vast majority of thoso on tbo big Bub
Treasury plutforui had boon to tho ball But
evory onu of cm who turned out jofltorday
morning will be heard of a hundred yearn
from now when tho second commemoration ot
tha famous Inauguration will bo bold In the
Rama famous ppot Somo of them will doubt
less Jjo forgotten In tho rueh nnd growth ot
tbo coming century but whon tha next Cen
tennial Committee cots to work they will all ba
leciillod That committee will toaiuh the his
torlal boclotlcs for copies of thu newspapers
printed this morning nnd they will find tho
names of tho renowned ones at yesterdays
In this way It wns easy to recall tho scones
nnd Incidents ut Ihe Inauguration of the Groat
Virginian and contrast It with yesterdays
event There wan moro bunting on the Droxol
Jtoyn IluUliiB ronilrr Almolittrly Iuro
lurtwuuUIlvo j tats the ntnudurd Ado
Mill Tndur All Nru Htuudx
r rouile irreat Iriih not 1
The Two Ltilvfi i > Uunlrijy LOtupletata
iCf It ftk
Eelllnir e urn hern for cenu
4 1 aicc 4b IIM
The lurjait paper In tin trld
Tell Lriiti
l > a not tall to > ei r a ropy froia
HtrMltnn A MnrmM ICoiifjnrfH
Aiil other llheiUAn of their iiiuimrHciurp for lale tl
Ihe l ri lsiiuiiiiuu OruunCp lihMt a J4o
ClMro MUtl MuUiiKi
Ihe lateit ami iuo > t rurhlonahle culori In Derby llatl
N I IpeliKhtld II lulill IH Ju
When r tlroad < buy itetl rni rollliiz ttock and lh
inniiiiirrablr uppleithey ntrii IM nvlie mmpxilllTt
MiU I ih taint hf < iiuiff on the ruirrimiiror k r rllf
inn New Vdrk u nk Note CUILAU HII ve ItieuuuLe
IhinL Me
Pont fall loieeitetliuo n unljue urullur B W >
n < ii K hi > IlLJIIld ll 4l

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