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t ln t Y
bnlldlne alone thnn alt Now York rawwhorj I
WnshlnBton took tbe bolm Wall attest from
> JlroadwW to the furry was shsoted with float
Inc fluttering snapping bunting and banners
nod Nnsttii nod Brood streets ware accntlnu
Uv of tho brllllnncr Fvory fine of every Btatc
mid e ant flue of overy nation wore thoro Tho
decoration on tho BubTreasury wero par
tlculnily significant On extra halliards run
nine from tho root to tho peak of tho flagstaff
j vroro fltitferlntr flagi with the letters And com
blnnlloii cvf tha International maritime code
of r slcinl which whom road from tho Nassau
Miiot t tddo unwind imld
JflII I I M 1 cor
HIM I In wiir
11 no l J t j II M t Oil i 11
flMI It
II III It Ih M 1 1n l UCB1
nut In lllF hrun
IbM I W < > tH I eg11 IPJJI
III Ill rpnntiy men
A elided onelo twtntyflvo feet from lip te
lip which shoim with bal brilliancy in the
niornliur Minllitht ljilrte t u groat stars and
thiflibit hplcll of I IA Union P rrotn BII
wnro the Ibldlcortlnnot IhO buhIiIflJC which
rluoIR oji the Llo of hi lflrll 111 vhrrB
W hluLon look the oiih Tue IILue rislul
P M 4
thirty f t from the oilb on which Washington
Rtoril WllPIl hr tool tlint t rHlll ClUKllt tn tiO
spoken of sepnratnly Tlicr nns > alr orn > dec
ration on It a wreath nt cildpd Inurul leaves
01 the h nut tlltud haul froiu iho forehead
OATHFI tio or niK Tintosas
At t1 1 oclock Patrick Snrsfleld Gllmorebeonn
tho out that rni to Ilk up tlio tlmn vrhlle
t te 1inMdontla I pnrty was it thn Mirvlcesln
Kt 1nnlfl i Vlth ttm music Iho I irowd began to
irnw 1 ll elM VdlllnniM with Captains Mc
jmuhllii Citfnldy rthnln nnd liynn arid her
Inn lcoil with forty rf thn raniintoil sound
put tllncMhliuhnpt I I Tho ISO I mon under the t
lisooinn ftb Cnptnins kept ItO folks ou
I IP IrIII Ikn IM Wall street nnd shuntedtho
drft Intro Urcnil nmi Na < mu trot
Tin tnllln nnd illhli nscd ut tho first Innugu
rut op w rt > brought OUT iml t thn chulr IIMM by
VMISIilmttDii on thogrout occasion wns placed 1
In I fltIfl In a Iitnirot tbp pnikor8 stand
Jnr Prnideiit llnrrliou to sit III All of the
inMnorxbhi niuvonirn worn taken enre of by n
rutmiictim of M 1 John Ioic No I which
owni th IIT1 Tho fominlttoo wn llornco J
Xtu I Mltntnrof tin Mm1 nnd A 1 Acalo W
1 L li sioUos 0 fi lirady J Is hose
oh iotr fa1 lg
Mnvmirlnr i It fiorliett end John C Walker
lln > y nil voio Miismilo unrnns Tim
vrnnlnw III tho nclihlnrliiod began Infill I up
vlih nlr nnos and It t Kioinud IH it wory other
tiirfptwuii tinned wills a snup camera nndy
to shoal It oil nt pvwry rhiitico In tim rapidly
Blililltm tee nt tirciit ribbons of otoik tnpo
viuc > 4I and I iwlrpd from tha Innuinorililotolo
rraph wlrr ocrbetd and furnished food for
th nI iiiineriii lIt tho l > rp IlentA Has
wJt run up on tIm stuff juftt Inalilo the Bpoalc
C i sonchisilio nnd tho martini imilc or a dozen
Imtidi was heard on Hnadnny It was after
i ollhndlri olt BrIIfI
ID oiJiiik tlip hour named li for thor
t nliTr6Artiirv iont to bejln and 10100
tortiut UUCP oru tholo to pee
< Iniiro kit tip the muli The bo < t
WIIIH wnio ulroiiili ocpuplcd sonio of thom
ly tim nt Mopliun Van Cullon Vhlto losopli
1 Inonnhuo Jrdiu U CrlrainttiM lilormni A
It ConkInK nxHuimrlntindent Wnlllnc Ion
John ii t lirnno ldltiirJIotiertl Porter liniinl
Lml llninliii with an 0 > orcoat Andrew Carnegie
IKV n B tToin
I Cero P lrolI 1 ihardi 1lorrcpont Carl
I 2 chtir iJiii I Ion I lliuli I I > r Cltoico I Vllxnn
iVvicti t ryot lie I i liiinlor onoinmerio Jamui
I t i urtoi J Inik t Jnnl Henry I H lowlh erand
1I9 I uw if ir > n niilnutocR slNr Wliltolnvr
Hold rinkiln Wnodriif 4n idont Mlot of
3liiinri I I p 1 ildpiit i Inclnlit I or lalf Ullllnm A
VI ront Lot Iir II Jliuoh l t Dr John Ilnll I I Jlifi l
llnstlmJ I 1 lainb I i thn lintorlan harry IJppcw
1 liimhor of the Orator of tlio PIer Archibald
A irtli Col LL tuft V Shcpaid Fred IOIIKKP A
I oiitir Jclift > hoininn rnii hit IIIEPI1Iol i
1 Sbrripiii iciiitor Insills Dr Morsnn Dlx
I 111 If 11 Iorn I yf Iowa JJr Kllplmlot Nott POt
I let Ihnrti 1 Jolln Jvolj Astor Jr who aro
I i Iiusoby inaiU Iminoilul lor ix hundred sears
Jn < t n < tl im Phltties on old Trinity nero pall
I lrt K iillPirtlon to the rnlt that It was 10a tln > ri >
MIIS II hnstlo iioni thn r1 steel get o of the
SuhTrophiiry i i Imtdlni I out to tho irrnat plat
form and In III l HS limn than It taUrs to toll It
I llutn 11011 1 liin iippnnrod escorting New Yorks
I handsomu jouu ila > or hugh 1 Orant to the
epot losened lor tfin oxiillcd Then camo
t llbridno T ilorry with 1rcsldont llnrnson
1j j
LiSIDrfl IHntcrAON
and ClorMico W > llonon with VIcaPrcBldont
Morton All wore rod roBos In their crAtB and
4 1 I tho cootlOSlty of brichtncsB WII main
tained whu rel toll Woljb uppcareU with
Archhiahnit CorrLnn on his arm I he
S irstat ncr H black consank trimmed
willI lurrlt and n Dmuh > sill dolmnllc roach
j t IIIL to his feet On his head VTHH the Purple
11 sIlk borottn 01 an Arohblshop and around Lift
throat wee n tiny gold hom from vhinh TUS
upiioQdad time ArchbUhoi txctorul cross of
Sold llfjilcd weN NSooitoury Knqs and the
rchhlHhopH secjetaiy Dr IfcJlonnoll aud
thiii followed the t hiv Dr Hlchiird Ii Morre In
n flowlni buick ellk robo and skull cap Iresl
< Ieist IluttiHittrf culilnot tlth time exception of
Ills Dlilne mill sick In Uashlnnton stumbled
down tim wooden staircase to the pinoe reo
siiot Jur them They were Koiretnrle Win
I don Tinny Iroctcir and Niiblv Postman
totConcral annmakor Attorney General
Jlillor mind Hu 1rovlder HlIsk Xoxt
I nnit tho Thief JjIBtlca of tim United
hmto < MqitillA W 1iilUfi AcHOPlate JiiBtloeu
Millor lJIllch Ill viilil 1 and htronu and
then nlono In nil hB urandeur camo tho Hon
Ciauncey Mitchell l > pow liohlnd the orator
I lor fluidity I was nxrr fldentCUvulnnd always
vijn Jtutlioiford II IIiiye nDd behind them
Iijo Ilbironl ulid Itusy f Harr on A moment
1IIIJI 1r1 pwlti laos pad halfILU8 Mme 1loul
I 111100 nlll 10 the 1Ifthl lIt oh 1 f 1 PIlorr
I II I lrr oOCIllltr In I the I rotary 01 nr IIIIt
J ftit 1 i H 11 1 Nuon ullUhln MIrflillrY 10
tilt itretmiry or thn Navr and liaully Asslst
nnt iriisnrer Kills II I I llobeits and the Bald
I 1 agio ol Vt o < itiie iiir James W Ilusted
I MA man who had been studying the statue of
I Mnsl Inutim UKIIII to vondor how President
llnrrlnn drover Cleveland Dr Dcpew and
thoothr I l vouht look In knee luceches Ho
tcclddl 1 that lion Ilmrlron wall altomthertoo
hot logged I Mr ClevrtUnd too chunky anti
I that Dr > Hpflw inlht show up tvull Mr
Jlorlon was II0rhAI a little too Iondor for tite
oxperlmunt Minor Umnl might do pretty well
I Mr W ladum was pvrhnps a trifle too ponder I
ous and time Vt coni > ln Husk Ice stoop
shouldered fun other lablnel ofllcers might
1 not bt too crMtly hnrMfd br a trial If the
drees stiould becmnn lilouiillo again
I Presld > nt liar i ° omt had loen I welcomed nt
the fiiio4 stj ntAnci by Mr Hoberts nnd
JIM nnd the vftoln party got a ronplnc greeting
Iiuui iLo tuuuiuaJa Acini tho groat strau
While It WAS going on Senator Evarts In a now
silk hilt LldiiUdoy Jones nnd GoO Bhormnr
imd n limo of It aottlne to their places VbM
Jlr leny wnn rndy he stopped up In full view
of tho great nudlonco itCh nnld 1
FELLOW CITIZKMS OtTO hundred years nsn
on thl ppot Oeorco Wn hlnaton its first Ireal l
dent oC the Lnlted Rtnteg took hid oath or
olllce upon tho Holy lllbto That sacred volume
Is here today Hllontly attesting basic upon
which our nation was constructed and the do
rondence of our peopln upon Almighty Ood It
the words then ot ono of Ibo founders of the <
Oovirninont with hearts overflowing will
rrntltuda to our Kovcrolen Ilnnotnctor for
granting to un nxlstrnco lor continuing
It to the pres nt period and for nccu
mulntlna on un blesslncs spiritual and
temporal throuKh life may we with fervor
ho erch Him BO to continue hum as host to
promote Ills dory anti our welfare Tho llov
Indian Btorra will utter the Invocation
Tho nlOoklrn preacher read his prayer from
n link hok amid the tioomlnc of blind up
toward Unmdwny lTiM > ldnnt Ilnrrlcon htood
bolide him I n Mop I dntu illh III i hvad mrod
anti hvol Ills rliht hand wns on tho Ulhlo
in whluh WnKlilnctia I took I lie onlh Thefn
moos book lay on top I of Ittt bliio 1 I nlnsliroreied
case and nltliounh the 1roildmil wa reveren
tial In lilt ilomannor hu nist furtive Ilnoc
out nryrtho tUoi < HndB who flood before him
Ihn Oronnlnlf S hither had wi Ittnn n poem
The Vow of V > hlnctnn lor the occuMou
and nxpcclod to hn thoro to road It MriWlilt
tier wee provi > nt < d 1 from coming nnd Clarence
Ilowcn scad tho Ioom
Till Vow or WiRlltGTriH
The iirord wannneathcil In prllnun
Iuy credit thr Detili mr t > frfflilum vun
And rooOllnn Ir tt 11
Joined hut at at enl M Are tnlied states
Oh lIr cittitir by Ih Peal I
linn iirittHl tlie Ur tnut tlawnirl on the
When the J new ern Ii n 1cc red Wean 7n
ADo In III need tlie liLur bail found lha man I
On thnnplit the cannon iah o poke
The rennnaiil bel lower lbrant ntroke
The votrefnl Mreelc llift j > lautUf thull ir hnlli
AnJ irajer ftml 1 liymn tunic ueavenvrard item St
ITlll J I
How Itil the lan4 Inrxerr port
Tlie lour tliril of 1 ritliD lietrt
Af it treil leitter aye with rrtml awe
liii pledge to I muii Uteri and Lotw I
That IIM l llje heATenx above him heard
That nw tlie ulenpot i cut tre mined
In vrorld < wd n nolor iUtMiintf I eoiilcb tent
Ihelr gaze on f rceilom gra eijierimeut
Coiilil piooeeit or honor cold
And horei leeeived all tilitorr lol < l
Above tlie tf reck tint rood the inoumfal past
WAS the lone dream of ige true jit lad r
Tl atik Cod the peoiien choice was just
The ono muii erunl tj ln I lrl
WUe eyond lore and Itlout wettLn ls cood
tl 3
rJ I
Calm la YI lbS ntroii1I I t Cal kes retttiutier
IlUrrle nf Jujrlre farmer Ifflce
Mfifp f o ulhic > the wnrlt ftruFd > e
TAliglt inflect aOl rf rt tlm power tl 1 hut A trust
Aua ru t aulI ttllfch iitneil the ruled 14 I lUll
imt Vreetotq nrno bat ircnz
itt Itete of 1rtl iid Iehloh u
I Pretcitee Icot tllrI lur SIY I trutiti tO lII
AIIIII 1000 JIIiIIK lu Ir cue
land rr 11lnol villa rnr rld oie
Let thy rnt Ottttl I rflee
A century > cUlIc t Cr tliro lu rl I eti and let
1t Sl
Ai d iud ta tirjitol vo are nnu otmn tL
Ami fctitl Ire tract Cite > riri tob
Mull 1 prive tic i tinp wi fmtiny
LemlMk our liar with ill n I uMefl mars
tiiruiu br Uiiton ami uiiatmnvlby wars
lo wlier with patient toll lie nurt el
110 lluliMil lIe IW tel juanl m Mt ural
The widening brMichiiirf aMMe ytre
Stretch from tie unrl < e to the uuIa
Ant In Its hroul and sheltering fthnde
stums with mute to mu Air lid
Were we now silent through each lulehty limb
The wind ur licuTen wuull buic hoj i ramo of tiiin
Our flrit uml I tnlhh thn lie
Ktljintll hIM CIVIl I irirll lll ct i > I
rirgIte Inflict I u true aid just ant brace
The tiurin that kirupt ntove thy sacred gravel
1or ever In the awfit Rtrlfe
ml fUtk hor ut Ihe Uonn lfe
Tlirouirh the tier e inmiitt il ti 01 1 tils u arnlnr word
Tlieir rather vcke hU errau cur beard I
The clmnso for M hInt he nirel aud sought
In iliHi harp utfoii l 144 u niLklil
Nnpart al lutrrri Uran III Atftll tllic 1
Iwlxi > ortli nJ South Hie ryrebs end the Dine
One petple now all ijoybt brynril
Ilia i puma c imll be iur Lntin bunil
We lift nur InuidH in lieu II imd here und now
Tutu on our Hits the ud Centennial uw f
Tor I rule ant l trust tnut lit e rtii 1m our
t tiooner and ct rpn IMIi Ire Kwem
rqual In vervlce In rcKt lie rUim
Ul Duty rcllllll ach mill nil the Hilnc
Thh let I the iovereimi mlllon where
Jill bunnrr limlM in lUll un I nlr
From tile ujtrtu pulm laniU J t < Units cold
ti II WI
Keneut Mltti I UH the iic j dee u ceulury otil1
riiEcns ron nit DEPKW t j
Three clieors nnd miuhty one too were
civon fir ihu Quaker pool mid than Mr Gerry
announced that ho had thn honor to Intro
duco thn orator of tho day the lion Chaunroy
W JUepiiw Dr llemw cnmn forward swing
log a tiny roll of printed matter Ho stepped
u u 111111 time spcakmH utiind and gmomtt cheurs
vnleomcd liliii how Chaiineey Dopow g
nnd the familiar lies all iluht was pait of
time greeting and while nailing to begin tho
orator adinsiul his JIAIII und tiglitunud time
black silk skull run down over his neatly
trlmmod sllvnry hair Ho vvoio n frock cont
buttoned tlehl clot ns ho lln1 what iifltuwaid
proved to ben rsumool lIe oration he hud
prnnarod hn vva moor to swing his right arm
with oratorical guico Tho bands pnfslnu up
Broadway and Tilnltjs bulls wero only minor
Interruptions that Dr Ucpow had lu tho
early part of his speech Ho was
frequently and loudly iiDplaudod Hn spoke
clearly and In firm strong tones and lut lie
proceeded the snap cameras of tho fair ones in
the windows opposite did n good business Dr
Dopow wa vurvcntnest In hln remnrlis anti
when hx tUtod the I air nt u lnrllul nil y mo
montous sentence Prosldont Hnnlnon would i
nod his head us If In nppioval of the orators
sentiment Dr DepewspAe HvintylHo min
utes and what IIOW the crashing bands on
Ilroadway piercing thou and the cheem
ho covered a o1 Inl ut siound llut them was
not time for him to dellvoi tho comtiletn ora
tion It was now after 11 clock Hint the mili
tary parade had boon going nearly an hour
Pnisldcnt Harrison was duo nt the levlewlna
Mnnd In Muillon smaio at 11 and Dr Ucpow
sumuiuriiipd hU wiltton words and saId
We celebrate today limo centenary of our na
tloualliy Jno hundnxl years mo time United
States began their oxlsteiie The powers of
govoiument wero assumed by the people of
tho topiihlic and they beciimo the solo bounce
of authority Time solemn ceremonial of tho
first Inauguration the rovorniit until of Wash
ington the acclaim of the multitude greotlng
tholr President l marked the mint nniuo ovont
In modern times in Ibo dovetopinent of Don in
stitutions Thn occasion was mint un accident
but a icsult It was the culmination of limo
workhli out bymlirhty forces tlnougli many
uonturlfl of piobUmof splfgovernmint H
was not thn luuiph of n system application
of theory or the reduction lo practice ol time
abstractions nhllosnr hr Tho lime the coun
try the horn llty and environment of Ihs
leopf time folly of I ltd encmloK and tho nobto
Loiunco of its IrlendH gave to liberty after ages
nt defeat of trial of expoilmfint of partial
Bticcess and 01 substantial gaIns thin Immor
tat victory Henceforth It had n riluuH and
ecrultlni station The oppreKred found free
home In this tutored land and bn klblo 1 armies
narchrd from It by I mail nod teleernph by
speech and Mine by precept and eiamplo to
roeentrato the world
riiritani In New Lnclnnd Dutchmen In Now
York Cnthollcii In Maryland HnguenntH in
outh Carolina had felt the tires of poisson
Ion and wore wedded to religions liberty
They had boon i purllled In thofurnnroand
ilch debate and on blrody battle Ilelds Imd
learned to mcrllleo nil matnrlnl Intorubt jilt 1
to peril their lives for human rlchM The
irlnriples of cnnftltutlonul government had
bon lmpre 8Hi utOn them by hundreds of I
rear 01 ntrucule and for every principle they
could point to lha Kruva ot m auceato
t > K
who e death attested the ferocity of the
tight and the nltie of Inn concession
wrung from abltrnry power They knew the
llmltatlona of mllhol liT they could pledge their
lhasnndfortuneAtoto9liiten < ronohniontsiiiioc
theIr rluhts hut l It required tho lesson of Indian
mAl Ir08 tholnvaclonof the nrmlos If 10 rsno i
from Canada the t > runny of the British crown
time coven years war of Iho Itevolntlon nnd the
flvo j ears chaos of the confederation to evolve i
the idea upon which rost tho power and per
manency of the republic that liberty J nnd union I
era ono and ln ormrnM lApplatme
Mora olnlh IIlIIn nnynmtOKman of tho PC
clod dl l Thomas lofTornon grasp anti divine I
the possibilities of popular government Ha
ciuiBht and crystallised spirit of Iron Insti
tutions Ills phllo < ophlcal mind tens fliiKii
larly free from the lower of precedniits or the
chains of prejudice He had an nnmiCBtlon
lag anti nlldlnq fnlth In tho people 1 which
woe nccopted by hut row of his compatriots
Upon his fnmonn ntlcm of tho equality
of nil moil bolero the law he oonstrnctid I
hIs Ilulom It wns the trinnampior cfpontlnl
for the emergency to break tie links bindlnc
thn colonies to Imperial nuthorlty nnd to mil
vcrlo the privileges oicii lc It ItiHplrod him
td write the IJpclnintlou of Indcponiieiice but
persuaded him to doubt limit wisdom of tha
lowers toncenttntod In tho Constitution In
I his passionate loo ol liberty ho became In
tensely jealous of authority Ho dostioyod the
flub tnncoof roval prerogative but nor es
cnpcd trom Its prlrofilllll ho would havo thn
StatOK nstho jniirdlHiisof popular rights nol
Ibo burrl rn uuHlnot centralIfntlon nnd ho miw
In the growing ponor of the nntlon pvorln
creanlnc ioncliniinlH upon thn rlchtu of limo
people 1vt tho iicrotsof limo puro I doraojracy
4 i
rmusrnt M DIPEW
which muot precede Irosidptits tutu Cabinets
und toiiiiie ni it WttS porlmpa iiroTldontlal
that its 1IIIsle nier beliosed a mint people
IMild urn at and still I retain could 1 gut a nnd nt
will reclaim could dolecato and yet thinly hold
tin authority Wileh i tilt itnittol v cttated the
iKiufr ot their republic and enUrcod tho scopu
ol their own liberty llaeat applnu n
The Kournmont ol lIe republic by n Con
gross of htatps u dlplomatlo Convention of tho
HinbnsndorH of petty commonwealth ni < r
on nirs trial Ins falllut aHUiidor Uliroat
encd with civil wai amoni its monidere lIr
Hcllou anti lawlcftsiifsi rlfo ilhln the btatts
fouiKn commerce ruined mill Internal trade
paralyzed its currency worthless HP mer
chants bankrupt Hi farms morlciLed Us
imuiutB uintpd Its labor 111111I110011 u 1 It was
like n helpless wicck upon the octun tois I
ed 1 ribout by tht tides and r < > mly to
b enculfod In i tho storm hlutton
gitt the I win nine nnd tided lor I uction
H was n volie monstoniPd 1 10 command but
nowcntrentlntf Tho rd > ponoof f thi country
v 1a4 the Convention ot 17H7 at ridliulolnhln I I
The Declaration of Indviendonre vas but tho
lIlblll III Iho ten tile which this illustrious I I
semllr orItl With no cuccfssful pieco
dcntH to itnide it nunplclouly wurkid out tho
prohltm ot constitutional uoverninvnt and of I I
IniieiliU tower 11I111 homo rule fupplmncntlnt I
oich oilier In piomotmc time crandenr of thu
nation and promoting time liberty of tho indi
vidual iMplaue
The romtituilon which was to be strength
ened by time strain of II century to be mIghty
conqueror without a Kubjoct pros Inn1 to tri I
umphantly furviM l the Brtntet of civil I wiirs
without r tha nfscntjn ot jll t oMae or time I
execution of a poinltiu ollender ti > create nnd
grant lnmn rule nnd Stato wivrelKiity to
Iwml liinu acid it fOlt ii CommonvvLalthi and
yet dilate iih 8 ope and broaden Its tittr
nnd to iii nbc Ito iitmt if an Ann lii an cillnn
11 title or honor him < uuhunt tin world lap
plHicel matt corn 11111 liom 1 t hue urent I on
Mintion lor adonllon by the people Au Hun
rook mope Iron hif sum In tlm old Cunaruns I
oluvn iiri before TrnnUIn Knwpmblaonod
on II I lit lack i f thn 1iesldents hall the iun
partly nt oe the horizon but It notmod sottlnK
In a him Urad iky lIlIrill lime eon ycuii of
tho Conludorntliii he had us tht red no hope I
Horn Uiu Klitturlni umblem but now as with
Hear lslon ho bheld Ilxed nppn oternnl I
fonuilatious the olurln structuioof consti
tutional liber y lointliiKto the ttgtt bo forgot
hlstiJ I o e irs and with the nmhn limni of I youth
e 1011 rJIIl tin Convention with Ihp I ilpclnri I
tion JSvi know that it IB lilt lining tun
lAl m plttlOi
Iho pride 01 f tho I St ales nnd till ambition 1 of
their londes itclloial jtnldiinUo and tlo
iorwolniin m diiiiusl of ecu i titi lied lower i
WUrtI till irrised atunt tint adoption of tho
IUf t ws due to conlldcncn In YVtmlilncton
nnd Iho I Kcuins i of A iexmt mid r liamllto utter
Min vas tlm I inplratlon I of iniluneiidutuo but
Ilninllion I was tho IneaiDitlon 01 ihe Conititu
tlon In no age nor country has theru ap
peurad n more tirecoilouv 01 uliint Inlelll f
cnnco limn Hamilton At 17 ho annihilated
tin IreMtleut 01 hIs college upon the iiiioition
of till riuhls ol tl H colonies lu n ferlos
of nnonymoui nrllileti which weie credited to
tho nblprt men In tho country I nt 47 vUion ho
died his brniis had become tho I law I tho
land and bin llscnl yoiom wn and after a
hit ntIrtt ycnrs uimalnc the rub nmi policy of
our r liovernment lln I i sao life to till ct no of i
iiailonal eiedit nnd thvihtremdh lor Mlipro
Firviitiun and tt nut oivo power u to Iho I 1edutal
Lnlon until if an i > < imiiderof the prlnolploi I
Mid I an udmliiibtiutjr I of lie nfiiuri ot gmt enlm
tniiu hit siitniK hupremn tOol unrivalled t 1 111 I
American history Ills eloquence wan io nine
iirtle hislanvunuo bueiPAr I amid llu i leaxonlni
FO mrruoi tIle thai ho ruvayod with I equal UHBU
poimlar atiMiiullou Senates mtnI I learned l
Jiiltoi 1 HHCIIUII I I I tilo pooplo of the whole
OIlUlr fr time C fJIIIIIIII lou by IIH pipers in I
Ito itritrrautt t unit conqiterpd thu I lioMili I ma
jority lu tilt Now t tick ConventIon by tIe i
splendor of his omlorr
lint thn I 01 till ii tide whom no argu in omit could I
convincu who haw in tho oxecutivn power and
HiitrnltPrt loicn 01 ito lon lIlulhn undT
noutlllr name limo rllII usurpation of Kin
and Minlatrr wcie naifsfled only viith time an
ulnn hhlncton wiil I i Ireitiont
Good cried John Lamb the t utile loa lor or
time bon fif Liberty as ho dropptd his urII I
tions for to no other niotiil would I trust t
iiuthoritvho enormous Wiislilnuion will bo I
1rpHldem WIH tint IIUlo err 01 tho Ionstllu I
tlon It qnioiod alarm and gave Cuiifld > ncu to I
limo timid and courage to limo nuak The coun
try iiupondod ultn eiithiiKiatlc unanimity
but I lie Ohlaf with the teatest leluctnnce m In I I
Ibm Ruiuemn moment ol I victor wimttit tho I
worit tMiicd him to I lollo t Itt pioccd nts
of tint Ill Sf and I hornet CIII u tho power n
urntiiul conntry would willingly have Kilt In
phi hands ho nnd lualiinud and retired to
Jioiint uriion to injoy m cr1 cute Pt 111110 Itt his
ceIteitm neil must I lie Convention I eiuiitod hy
it lit HXOItI116 to nievent nu ho tnld I tie tie
cllnool our Ieiletnl I iliBiitiy Into InMKnlllfaiit
nad wretched fiacmorilb ol ompiro had call I
ed him to itt Aide ovtr lib deliberations Its
work made possible thr leiiliallon I of his
hole that I wn mlcht snrvlvn aj in indo I
tttii tie Ii I rapt hi I and nuiln ho siiiitht the I
hticliifdun of his home lint 1 rift cm tho trlumpli
ot thu war imd tlm forrmtion ot J the lonttitu
tlon oiinn the third amid jlnM 1 crisIs time In I
hull movements of r Kovtriimunt which 111
to teach limo Infant Stntu tilL steadier stops I
Pi einpiru
A ilv ilium could slay nssanlt nnd Innplio con I
fldunco while Ito Kiiiiil and tomplleated inn I
chinery i of oruaiiltd i tot tilt bent vvn put u m
oriUi and bet in I motion Doubt existed no
jvinru evcniit In hn modiBt nnd iiniiinbltlons I I
IiCait My muvuinoiiH I to the clalr of got
0 ron en I ho HiM will bo accompanied by
ueI Iii CtI lift him I Ike tlintn I of a culprit who Is I <
gttng to III lhhO of his oXIulloli r > o nn I
wlllliiK a itt I In I he ovemni of life nonrlv
cyiiMiinod In public tIles ti quit n pewe ul
oyodi iti i nn ocean of dllllenltlu wlthoiii that I
lompelilicjr oi lolltieiii t skill iihliltilt
aid liKllnitlnn I nidi i h urn noecsury ui I
iiiiinnui tha holm HU wholo life bad boon
M Mit In lepouicd > nvrlctr mom hli countrys I
wpllnrc nnd hn I did not hinltnto now thonch I i
hide It an iuloitimi uf hlllIH II sidnesfi
itt tills entry in his uiaiy on tho nluht m blade I i
iiurtino About ton if nova I bmlu ndleii to I i
Jjouiit t iirnon tu tnt at u Illo und 10 ih I mettlo I I
felicity and with mind opii ifcud with Intro
nnsldnr and pitnlnl sensations than I havn I
words to oxnrob tol nut lir Aovv York with lie
best disposition to Hinilor I eat t Iie to my coun
try In iibdlonci I Pi I Its cull but I with loss home
of nuHnerlnc Us peeatlonr
Jvo coiiqucior was ovur nccoided nidi a
trliinipli I no rid im over eel I til p tmit n vvnl
eouiij In this mcmornbln mnrcli ot il 1 diys
to the Capitol it iva HIP pride of HtitfH to I ao
Corn 11111 him w hit Ihu I nui hob of tlie I o < 110 to I
their borders that thoeltizpniut tho next com
monweallhinleht tftvuit him throiiKh t Its ton
rltory H I wis I Ito iilory or lit imI to K olse Inni
with every civic honor at tlulr I Kates and on
tortnln him nr the naviorof r limit Illo ties lie
rod miller triumphal nrchps fiom whli h Ihll
limn lowniod laurel wreaths upon t his brow
Tim roadways wero Mrmvn wltn llowers and
n thor worn frimhed bAiieiih lii > horfixs hoofs
their Heot Inoenso vvnfled to Heaven the even
nKondlnu Dpiyiis of hU lovmu 1 count lymen I
for his ilio and pIstol The B elllnu I It itt ito nm of
itrHtHuilo nnd ioMroiie sreetel anti mlluvrol
him 1liIIIC limo country tide and tluoiiKh the
piowd lllrnI i > > IIIS Iii iimi u Witrlilnc
ton Jnnjj livw tim illurn Ill petpo
has enliy Into elmtitk vvm vvorihy uf I tho
city u 11I1 I Htnn 1 do I was nun by the thief of
flieisoftherntlilniiliovernmtntof the cOlin
trii t i tlm O ivnruur of HIM Illm mon wlILllh I
I and the wholu tiotiiilHtlon This iirb luir
IIOTWIIM alive with I hosts and hat i nnd this
whip of other nations nltU salutes from tholr I
guns nnd tho cheers of their crews nddod 10 t
the joyouo acclaim Dut an thn Cnptnlnn wh o
IltUnll asked the privilege heading y to
their oats rowed the ircsldnnfs large swlft
throvich tho < o Inspiring PCOfl Vn hlntton It
mind and heart wore lull of reminiscence aud
I foreboding
Ho had visited Now York thlrtythrco rears
Ielorp also In i the I month of April In tho I Ml
purfcotlon of his early manhood fresh from
Jlrnddocks ntoody llnld nnd wonrlnB the only
laurels of the bnttlo bearltic tho prophctli I
bleprlncof mime votiernblo President linylcso
Jrlnc ton College im Tlint bernie youth Co
VI nMliliiBtonwhom I cannot but itomto 1iovl
donee has hllhrrto preserved In so idunnln man
nor for some Important BorOoo to the country
It was a fnlrdaimhtorof our Htnte rlof stnlie
nllured him Item and whoso coy conlosnloi
that her heart wits nnothors rooordnd only
failure nnd bnddinod hlHtlopaitnrn Twpnl
yonrs passed nnd ho stood bolore thpjsow I jorl I
Conuros on this very spot the tiimnlinotiFl
chosen Commnnderlnclilof thiContlnonta
Army nrctliit thw tienpln to more lnroin
inoninoi and mada luilnfully nnnre of the In
creattd diiporntion of the struggle from tin
aid to 1M l clvnn to the rmmr by I dmMllc sym
palhlrors when ho knew that tho same loea
mllltirv company which escorted him lOS 10
perform the like service lor the llrltlili Oovorn
orTnon on Ida luudinc on tIme morrow Il
lumine for the iloienco of limo city the next
Ftiminer hn oveculed the retreat from LOllI 1
Iclnnd which secured from Iruterlik the liia
the opinion that u great commnndor bad up
1rNI anti at Hnrlom HelKhts hw won hut first
morlcnn t let ory of the llo olutlon hlrh KIIVI
Hint conlldonco to our iiw recruits acalnst tin
fnmous voteinnH of IUIOPO which cllrrlod our
argus trlunll hnlh 11rlIllh Limo war Hlx lIar
moro ot untold putTering of tipolm und
slanting cmimtis of maihus over Ihu show hi
barofootod Holdlcrs to heroic nttncli nm
npicndld victory ot dfipalr with AH unpnlil
lOut t und of hopo from tho I ponerous assist
once of k rn lice and PPHCO hud conn nml
Inilepondcppo triumphed AH the lAtKOdlei
of tin invadlnc enumy cmbarfts itshltiuton
nt tho hciid of Ihu patriot host l onion
limo city roi elves the welcome and nritlttido or
Its loPo and In tho tnxnii which laces tiS
item IIIS Iho I way itt IIIIjnc more cloqneiit than
speech and with tears which choko thu woulh
ho bid farewell foioor to his rompnnlotiti Ir
mm Snob woio the oiowdlnt inaniorlin o if
thn past siuiii < tod to Vnshlncioninl7s by his
iilipionch to Now York lut the futiuu t hud
noun of thu ppltndor of precfdont and
billllnncp ot protnlst whleh havi > slnco at
tondod tho Inanimation ot lint rru ideni I
An untried I t nclicmi tilt UlItLth malmy In I canst
Its administration was to bo confided tn him
was In ho put In I millet ice Ho I knew Mint I hf
wts to bo met at every strUt nC constllutionn
lirofroFs by factions lempoinilly hnlied Intr
unanimity I bv tho bIn lIt forco of the tidal
vtavo which was btrrinu him to the Irusldtntf
Feat but I hcrcely hostno upon I m tt apt lout nlleot
I tic t cccl y ho Won of tint himial Ity iintl lie I ox
Istoncu of tho Ioderal iovernment
I tuhiiiuton wits never dintrntic but on
bront o Hcahioiis he not only rose to the full
I Ideal ol I Ito event HI became himself hit
eent One hurditd i I > ent I nco today the pio
co > sloti of foinlun Ambasiador 01 laiosmen
and tenera nt I lyle societies and military I
i omiiatiUi I which esOHed him I nmit elm oil Irom
iniiklln squiin to 1earl stI lit throtiuh 1errl
to llrouil II Ill up llroid to this MIDI but the
licoplp paw only Washington As he Hood
upon the stops of lime old Ctovcrnmeut build
IIIK here thu thouifht mist havn oc
cuirid to him Hint it was a crndln ot
it burl v and us Mich ulvlnu n INfiht omun for
t I tit ii lt In I thtfo hulls In 17ij in I thn trial
of John cncor bad bonn established fi r the
first time In UH hlbtory the III crty of thoprns
Hero time New ork Assembly In 17fi4 Hindu
the protest azalnsi thu tamp act and proposed
tho iencriil I onfcreiien whleh tT1It tilt begin
nlni of united colonial action Un this old
Mntp Home I I In I I7iir I > the I Mump t Act Conurrsst
t ha Hi and tlio father of A mcrican Conuruihes
Hcmbled and NeId to the lnulsh
Joveinmunt that vigorous rrotest which
caused the repeal of tho I act and checked thu
I1rsL stIll toward the usurpation which lost
tho American lolomet to the lirltNh cmplro
Vi ithin thuo walls thu faoetaie of this t i nicil
enrtt Ion had commlsMoiied I Its IIl11tHlSHI hors
nbroail nnd In InelTectuid effotts nt uovein
I nitnt had created tho necessity for the concen
tration Ut luderal authority now to bo ton
stimmnted I
I IIH llrst Concress of tho United States cath
nred in this ancient temple of liberty creeled
Vifhlnuton and isecuni 1ttnitd him to ttio t bal
cony I ho famous I men viihln nbout him
warn Cliunoellor Lhln stoti Vlco1 itsldtnt
John Adam Aloxnndor tinmllton iov Clin
ton JioKor hhwi man IMchnrd Henry lee Gen
Km ix and larun Munben Hut wu bvlluio
tbatnnioni till InMllile I host above him I at
this uprpinn moinot of t tie titl tinat ion In
pi rmancnt triumph of time thousands < if onrs
of stnifKlo torfelfcovornment wc + rt the stilt lip
of tho sodlersof thn llevnlutlon who Iind died I
thnt their rouulmnen t I mlfhtenjoy this I bn sud
day and w mtiim them wore the liarons of bunny
niednnnd William the Hllent nnd bldiey l and
lUthOilHiid t tomvicll nml I linmi dun and limo
heioes and marts of liberty 01 every racu mInd
nuttAs ho camp forward tim multitude in the
jtieos in Iho wlndanM nmi on time roofs sent
npsiieh a ruptiiniiis chout that VtushJnuton
I PHI down nverconio with emotion Ah hu slowly
I rose and hl > tall and nriostio form ncaln np
I eared tlm people deeply afTtctoil in nw d
Ftlencf vlnv ed tho scene Tho Chaneil sol
emnly read to him tho i > uth of ofTIco nnd
lilnclon relent I og said I do solomnly
wtiir that 1 will fnltlilullv execntt the olllco ot
lrnid nt of the i nltod states and will to thu
best I of lav ability presorvn tiotect imd du
lenii i lie ionmliu ion oi thin l I nut d htntov
Then hn leMivntlt i bent low and klMd tho
> iblu tittetlic with piofrmil oaollon So
lid I m Got Jho Chinecllor wmod his
robe aid shontoJ It is I done lont llvo
icorcp iinshlnuton I rirsidcnt t ot lie I nltcd
States Long 1 live Gorge Vt lilnstnn onr
Hist I 1rnsldniit was tIm iirisworinc hirer or
the people and from the belfries nine thn bell
and trout loits and simile thnt ilcied I tie can
non cehiMtit and romeo liii g t lie civ with re
spond iim celnlm I nil t i over the land Lon llvo I m
0 ipiiiiro nalilneton t Irtfaiicnt of Ihu bulled
Time simpe miflit Impn lnrr cpronmnvovor the
Iriiucurnl ritI t Ito IdossirKot I uraynrfull I
PolltiotiPd In od St iauls time lobllviiiHs
piiBsed I and Wiisliliicton stood nlone So ono
Ill e 01111 lakolhe 1 heln of State ami enthusl
mist anddoiihlorallkt trusted only him lime
teorhlncH rnd habIts or the pist I Imd educated
the people to I faith In I tho independent ol tliolr
Mitei nnd for the sit mt it tmmt authority I of thu
nowUovernnontthoit stood ncalnst time prnco
deiit of il century and thn pusiioiisof Hie hour
Illtln I I bosidiH the argil Omsilts of f Hamilton I
2t1 titl loin ami 1 lay t In I thn I Inleraml ii nil
the judgment of VaehlnK n itli tho
IIrl attempt to ocurix national power
bccttn Ito due to the death between
ttalo soureifntv elilmlnu tho might 10
nullify I I eieru laws or ecctlo I rout lie I Inlon
anil the pOApruf thi republic to I PI minnnd tho
rcuriirccsof thpcounry lo uniont authori
IV aud hIt tt ttL n t liln I it I IIIIA m its beiilnnlnu I of
I tiC siMy ears Wnt Ill thn I i onstltiillon and I
the tuition ft soared eoiulencn degraded 1
iellllcs destrovud parties rnliiHd siiitortinen I
and retarded the 11 1 Ill nil doieloinnent of
the roiintry It I t Paerillcod hundieds of thou
sands of relous lives und squiinduied thoii
samis of lallliuiS of monov It desohitcd tIle I
liii rust portion of I tie land iinr Inrrind I monrri
Inc into eve i y hOI in Jurlh and until but it
ended at Api > omallo In I the nbsuiiilu triumph I
of thp rHnl ill I IApnlaune1 I
1oMorlls owns to Unshlnutons Adrnlnlstrn
tion thu policy and meanies I ihe t torte and
lihection t hilt made poxslble IIIH I ulorious 10
unlt L pen tho plan ninikod out by tho Cou
stiltltion this Kieat nichltect with unfailing
faith antI lunlultPtlni tourice billded the ru I
till 11 it lie liiivn tu t ito iovnrnmunt 1 the prln I
iiplns of nctlon nnd nourcns ol poviiu nlilch I
rallied It wiccn sluly ihiutch I hn wars with I
ireat i Itritulo In I 1812 I uIIt I Mexico In I IMS I which
fnabled J livknon toduieat nulllllcallonnnd ro
cmited ant eunlopcil riullloni of I lIon lor Lin
coln and juttlllid aid siibtaltifd his 1rocliiiiin
lion oi Jniuni liiallnn
No man ever stood foist mm hto ills country
anti to mankind I asGcmco Vtt hlruton Hum 1 1
Illon Itdlorson and Adnms Mnillinn and Jay
jacli inpipspiiiedsomo ol t the iuumiiis which
ormed the laIn Jut Waldnuion
lliem nil Thnj fell nt limes under popi liu time
niiprnvul Were huriind in plllMt worn slonud
but hn with uucrriiiK jtulirment vvanlvvavs the
lender 01 till i ti > ldL Ml I Ion sad of Ciomwull
Unit I war mado him cteiil ICIICP cinitur
Din 1 MIII n 10111 of Viishlnionhchariicluraiitl
enluA were moriconiluuoiiii ml I he forma nm
iif ourGiiverniiiei t nnd in puitim It on Indu
KtitictlblofoiiiidalidtRthnn t In lend UK nrmlps
lo victory and coiumoilni till liii pindpnio I
or f Inn eonni lho i iron in nil eve i U
Iim Iential iloncht 01 in liirovMll nddre
nnd all the Tears of his JtIllidli e weiti duvutcd
lo tI lorinatli n I and nri rvalion l
Chatham VMIO with I Cllve connirod an om
nlrn In thu 111 I I died br Ke I hcaiied at Ihn
loss of Mm empiro In iln Ve 11 t I > lollies which
ivun Ids luivrr and i > oiiienco could not HO
lent IntHiw the I vast eieitliuiN o iiitm iph >
mncv tlnitlerod at AineilllA nnd ell tItan
iiiuiln My oiiiilry1 how I t nu my loun
ti > Xaiulciii cniiucd a nuble lilliuln to
VuiMiluttldi t tn I o read nt the head oi his
lirinlno but Uhfiblo In rIse 10 U slilimk DH
111 eat nse witnessed tbnMir I Htrictnriuiectol
II l coniiiioei nnd ccnipntod lit blood 10 t minis
ter to hth own ambliimi nnd irnlc I iiimblu t
Into fincm < hIs ami nn evin nmi n prl
niier he breathed Ids liit labinw of
biitllo belds und enriwuo lint iirhiiiuliui
with his Slit r upon hlr pi In nit tlm pro I
elm e ur dentli nnd calmly KIMOV I fIll 11 t ill pat
11I111 loieeiHtlnc thn luiiti II swciid ID ihu
IIUlllrnn 01 tb trim mpssnnter It Is well
ind as his mldit HMD a ceiuliid to Hod i limit
land wns dwiUKid with lours and tlm Itot Iii
united III ills nulnuy Jllot out from tlio iuo
3f history tie names of ill thu utnni iictois of
Ids thins In thn lirainn of nipons ai d prosorvu
t ihu fiiinoif Vnhiiitoii i ntnl ilmt I centuiy t will
Iou i renownid meat npj laiisil I
Un ftnnl oday ilnn thu dlvldlliu linn bu
twenn 00 llrst ami 1 sunind eenlury I c nstlti
llomvl ioveniinent There nut no cl I < uds ocr
our heiuls and no eonvullonb untie our lout
sit isv still v rlttlll I HiankHlo I AlmlKhty I I od
lor the inpt nid with conlldent nnd hPifiil
liromln rch upon mini uronnd li > ivat I thn
lull i u Jh I < slinpb nt of ilesn I itidinl
edits pnrili 1i u imi mil on nn I ito 01111
Idiil Lite I i it I 11111 n nululloir ol tho CUll
inry with awn and pride
uuilnu lids eniintlon II civil war of un
iqilitlloo inanilridn I i aupnd this nxpeiidltiiio I
tid 11 IS I of e lklt thousand I inliiloiis I 1 dollars
Lllloa > lx hundred thousand and permanently
disabled overa million youna men and yet the
impetuous > progiess of the North and tho mm
vollous Indtitrlnl dnvolopmont of the new and
fieo Houth have obliterated tIme evidences or
tlec true Ion and miidn the warn memory um
hat o Hllinulnted itrtii uut Ion until out nnnun
surplus nearly canals thoU of Inulnnd France
and dorinnny combined lAnplaiio i I Tin
tnpinlne millions of Asia 1111 the patient soil
and work limo shuttle nnd loom an their
father1 have done for coittlu u its mod
oin 1 urnpo has felt the Inllumico am
roeelvcd tiP brllllIt of tho Incnlciilahln niulll
plication of fon n bv Inventive tonlns plnco tin
iMipolPonlc wars und yet only iiiij Teals nte
till little I I band I I of forty jlI grime landed w
riymouth Hock thn I nopln of these I tiltm
Mains Ii U lit bet iou lo tlmn t onefl I I sent ii or tin I
inhabitants of tho loll Mo 1 otiothlrd I I of It us
IOluhll I OIroI1lIh I 011 Us manufacturing ho
filth of lis ngrtctm I lit to mind own unubUth or
Its Ollilh ill u eat nnplaii soi
This I leiillsm of matetlal I prosperity mirpnm
Inc tun wildest ero tiotm of t ItO roiimncprsi whIt
jinvt J nstonUliPil and I delilited mm silt hint would
lo full ot ilnnuor for the tloent nnd menace
for t lie 11111111 t i If I f tho Mrluo I Intcllltretico I nml
Imlnpendomn of f tho tfotlo woro not ii tInt Ir I
hit tel In iDiiitliulon I of Us uses II nit thn I stern
invention of Its l11IIB lApplnun lint lot
Iov Inc the Irowlh nnd tiowor f the treat fnc
tots nliotfinKRrfcntlon of rnrtltnl I innda iof
Flblc tho I rent flthItIllI pneooi II I tin pettlnment ol
I Olin nntlotiai doimiin lho bulldlnc of our uront
clllts and thin onotilnu or the lItmus ol
communlentlon I hl liii have unified I out
I roiinttv ItO ml crnatoil our rentu ret have
coinn lint ioti ttt mill Mnto Ictflrlailon and Min r
I Ilnll Twpntj itt Ililorts Ii pnopln a Mist mil
jorlty or iiiirpopnlutlnn of Intclllcoint Ii
I I KiiowicduliiKtipon record the nntllnlll I I y oCtlllr
snvernl eliurilins lliimtlOtlU < if r children In tho
ciintuon PChnjIs 4i tit i t ereit isti und colluKPfi
I for tho IdKher odnoitlouof men nnd 200 I for
women 4iiiln6tltutioiiHpf luarninc lor scloncn
law I Intl hemp and theoloitv I urn thn i dospalr ol
tile scoflor anil tins t doiuiiconni und Ito I II tIlt
Mipnorlotnlvlllzntlon rnd liberty IGryivt np
i Mtnni and ploctrlellvfiaxnclinnrpil limo com
I mnn n mil only thee lmv n > i 1 lit ltilott iilio
the t I lits rn lii CIt lii of the I World They hnvn
glvctt It thin press Its power and bronchi nil
I races nnd niitlonaMti H into Uttiih und mmia
I Ihv I hey I havn tnsiod I nml no tiylnti tlio I
strenitli of all yptumuto stntil tlmn itt raIn and
fonldim to tie eondltloliri which follow this
Ifii niliiatln I influences I of AiUCicnli duinic
i rae At tlio limp of the liianutiiatlon of Wash
fnctoii tICti iuiil lumillui ruled as iMimv
I klnirdoms In Hn y but sIx of tlomhuvo seen
their thrums 0 turned and tutu count tins i
I ilixnpiipni fioni HID hint of Europe Most of
t Ii lIt kliuis I prlnci dukes toni gnat eq of Upr
many vlio leluned u desotlcnll > nnd sold their
1 siibllers for I ii ret mIm servlee hnMj passed Into I
hlstirj and their heirs hi itt e neither pre
rocullvex I nor doinnln riance mir lull tiitmt
friend with ipentctl and bloodv rovolutlons
IIIH Irind tho Goveniinput of Ihonu hon unit con
I Mntlfin of dlieetory and eouMiInt of pniplro
I rnd IltlMii knc > 1 hut ed Ilmini sovproioii and
I re uldlcit 1 tniplio and ilgitlil i republic The
Hnppbuicli mm ihu Hohoixoilern nfter con
MilsloiiHWhiih hivo n eked tin foundations of
thnlr tlnones have been conn ullnd to coniedn
Constlttitinnti to their ttoyle lilIti 11 ilvltio with
their paopls hits arbitral littler wielded so au
tocrat I niiy and brilliantly I by Mm In Tlieroa
nnd 1icdcrltk tho Gicnt Ilin loyal will of 1
linoruo 111 I could crowd tIme American
colontu Into ubelllon and wnijn war
uiioii them until I they were lost to
I bin I klnitdoiii but thn authority of time
crown bus dcvohud upon Ministers who hold
oliico Miuorl lo them piovalof tho rcpiepontn
lives of the topic ami time equal tiowors of
the HOUU of Jonls limn becomo vested lu the
Comiiirns leaving tn th leon u votito only
of their ancle privll uztq Dut today time
I American hOOt In nter nil hit till2linlf itovel
opmeuts ol the eeiilnry ate stil happily livlnc
I Ii II her t Ito Govenmeut ol ulilncion Tho I
I Cnntltutlon dnrliiK nil thnt ti riot has
I been iimuinlil only upon lines laid down
I In tho oiiclnal Inlriiment nml in con
I formity with tho iceortlcd onlulonn of
I Ihe latheis Thn Iii at creat nddltion
I was the Incorporation of n liiil of lliKhts
and the laM the tin torultimg into thoConsiitu
llouof time Iniinortn ptincltitn of the Declara
tmn ot Indppoudnnco I of the equality of all
I men bcloru tho law No crlMs hn been too
pel HOUR for Its I I pownrs no evolution I too rapid
I for its I adaptation and rn otnanslon t buyond
I Its etiv urnspnnd ndinin trntfon it has lit
I slmllateil dlvnisn nationalities vilth wnrrinu
traditions CIIMOIIIH conditions end Inncunuus
Imbued them with Its spirit und won their
1111 tit mmiii loyalty nnd loc
Thn lower ol the t onth of the nations
Conllnenial I I I lnropc ilio conscripted i 1 ftom pro
ducllvn I ind I u motmlo aud l drliliiiu In camps tiTI
I armies stand In haIti ar ny ulune limo fron
tier itnd ahiilnrs whim orn Ministers mis
I take may precipitate thn I most dcstnictlve i war
oi modern limes Doth monarchical and 10
publlcnn iioeriimuuts nru scoklni salety In
I Ito repression Ii ltd stint resit n of opposition I
I timId criticlin Thu volcanic lorees of demo
ciotlc t apiratn nnd socinlitiu rovolt are
I lapltlly ineicnsltii and Ihitnlen peaeo and se I
curity Vvo turn from theuu Catherine storms
I to j the Ilrliih I lies 1 and Iind their people b In the
throe of a political erlK Inxolvlni tho form
nnd sulistnmool their innrnmeni and theIr
satertinin fir fiom coulliiunt that the en
IraneliUed and unprepared inasseH will wisely
I UHO their power
But for us no army exhausts our resources
I nor consumes our vnith OlIn navy must
needs Incnitn in oidor that tim protcctlnir
thug may follow I tho ei ta tot imi mc cominurcn
which is to Miecislully eompotu in all the mar
kets of till world Thn MIU of our destiny Is
still rising and Its rays illumine tut territories
us jot uno ciipiud nn I undcelopedaiid which
am to I o the lntpp homes of millions of peo
ple 1 ho questions I which aflect thn iiowcrsof
ovprnmnnt aiid the oxiumlon or limitation of I
theniitboritN of tim Tedcm ConBtltntlon aro
so ctimiletuly settled nnd so unanimously ap
I proved hat I our political divisions m only
I the hnillliv iintnKOnNm of nnrti b which Is
nucppnrv for hill mtpervatlon of liberty Onr
Intltnllons furnish tho lull equipment of
shield and spear for nil the bailies ot Ircodnm
nnd nb ulut I < > protection ncalnst every danuor
which I throitPUR ttu welbuc of tho pconln will
I nlvvnys lie Inlinht In thu intelligence which np
I pi eel lies their value anul tin colt rmtgo and mo
rnlity with which their pistil i p tire exorcised I
limit spirit of liciorun nthlncton Illls the cx
eentivo olllcp 1residunts iltimy miot rIpe ti time
I lull niHstiroof Ids KI ramps but they miint
not tail b low his stnnilaid oi duty nml obi Igi
I tlon Illicit npplaiiel Ills 1113 1 1 anil char
I acter ponsci ntluusli studied ROIl thoroughly
understood by I eomlnc I cnnoratlons win I bo for
them a llboinl edncntin lor orlvHto lIfo nnd
I II bile station for citizenship l ami patriotism
I inn love and devotion lo union and liberty h I
ith their Inspiring past nndsplenilld present
tho peoplo of those I nitil St toes heirs of u
liurnir I years inaiTPllously rich m i nil which
adds I 1 1 I iii glory tind ereiilnes of a nation
with I an abiding trust I In the I stabllltyand oas
I till y lit their Conhlltiillon nnd nn iiboiindlic
faith In thenipnlvos hail tho tomini century
with hone nnd joy
rnsstnr T MATirtSOXrt BlEKCII
It was now 1rpsldint Hnirlsnns turn Just
as Jlr l Oniry was bout to I Itt ril tICS him ho
pulled oil hits oeicoat and Ills nndroMeii kid
I cloves In Older to let lundy Time Ilesidont
was heartily cheuretl after hu und 1 cllmbod up
inlo I HIP I stit nil and wns soon lints wore swung
i a a thousand canes nnd a crcnt roar went up
I tic President hutch a copy ol his speech behind
I him I I in his left liHim but did not lefor to
It once Ills vole wjs ml lion squeaky al first
hut I It was I ponetratloc I and luclslvn I and at list I
beentnn dccpnr ai d Hironcui Hn svvunii his
tIght hand vluornnrdy if not cracelully and ho
wan fin iiienlly I I hIde t runt nI with I dicers Al
though his speech wax shot he had to con
lend I with the IniulH and ifcs too I Hi said
Oftltlnl duties of a vurypxinMliiK clmractor I
liac nindn It jultolniposslbloil a 1 should de
liver ItO nddrchs on Ibis omilon torseelnc
this I early HIlt lIed join committee that thn
procrnmnin I nil i sI nnt ont til ti any addroas by
mo ThufcolcOtlonof Jlr Dcpuw as tIm orator of
k > t I
ft Is Ei
il ta
i JJ5 ti
4i i1t
t Iemtrte 11th Otitmtt
this occtislnn mado lurlhur Hpoech not only
illlhcnlt bt Mipeilltioi lit has pint the dp
n null of this tr it I Ill sloti on Hn inch level
lu him branch liefTO us lint Ineljents nnd thu
I Urtonool iliu in ini inintlon of Wiishinu
ton Wo seem to I liavn buirii part ot that tIn
I inlrliv n n diiiont aiUTinU ennvd Hiut Illlod
the tieel i IIIH hundiod t hill nijo
I An Imvo eoniP Into tinseriniLs hut nlwms
Inplriiicpri I il mslilntoe Ijewasthu
Incniiiniluii 11 dnivnuil lo I lniclie us i today
thin giant UnKiin thu Ill0u WllO VVOIlId ilbbl
eiain their niiiuci with vent Hi it shall out
lluiue m ntnry i an only do so Itt a Inch cojifte
I cratlnn to duly
elfSPol itightis lit pu bile olfin rvutCi or an
I fl ten art TleCnpmm vlei tIvlc to the sea I
Ii ciiiuiof incs thnl he niav ulvoifeiy I nnd
ttlimVLi lIttle to his Im nillleo felnvv mnn has I
voi DP Ie i 7iio unh binH Im I tiliglt baa
cm i ul ito
Viurlir iitiil sire tcu tflttmnttm lit tlmtlifllgO
n II I dlllen if f list ii Ii O hclti t tel nltli
u cleat ton ill bis iin > amlllar with tluKn
n w eills niton linn liioderlly iloiibtfnl ot Ills
own ability hut triiMlni Imp leltr in tilt PIle I
tiiinliic hclplulneM and crace of that God who
I rules the viorld presIdes in iho aouualU ot na
tions and la able to supply every human de
o have mido n marvellous procroin In mn
tnrlnl Hilnirs but the stately ondurlns shaft
that wo itie erected nt the national Capitol nt
WanhlUKton symbollrps lho fact that ho is still
tIn first American Citlrou
There worn loud call1 for VIcnricMdent
Morion and Mr Morton ros and bowed pro
foundly Then Aiehbldhori Corrlirnn nro
nonncnd his benediction In tlirso words
Time gnitco of lho I Lord Icsus Christ the
ChIll nt y of S hid and tht eommunlcntlon of tin
HolySpirit I bn with von nil I I and may tlu
bp sini > of lod Almltlity rather Son ant
Holy Mhost descend up HI our beloved country
and rrmiiln with it fornvnr
Thn 1roRltUntlal pin ty unit luncheon In tim
StibTronsurv propuralory to Its trip to tho ro
viewing ttuitmd
The Prodded < 1W tn Itrvlnv the Trtmen
dons tlllturj fnriiiie
Hip Tom Ilnhcrty agaIn hold the rolna of
tile Presidential carriage in front of lie door
The Totirlli Hrlcntlo blocked Ilnn street on the
north antI a linn or pollen umlor Cnpt Cassidy
eloped tho foiith corner It was exactly 12
when tho patty came out of the bulldlnif
Mayor Giant bold Jlr Hnrrlfons arm anti
helped him Into thn carrIage nnd thtm sat ho
nlilo him riesldcnt harrison again occiitticd
the right Midi14 tho hack spat Iluiit Jordan
HHUiul nld to tho rrosldotit faced him anti
Gen Corhrnnc roprepontlnc tie Army Com
mlttip which now had the rnity in chaieo
faced Mayor Grant The President nvlsed his
hat to limo cheers thnt arose on ovory side
Mounted Police Eorccant Vrilllnm A Ilovello
and a detachment of eighteen mounted pollco
men who were the Presidential escort for tho
Iinstsnfti In rclov callopod up Pine street to
liroadway and hnltejl anti tho PresIdents car
nero drovu IIP behind Menntlmo VlcoPropl
dent Morton had been escorted to the second
carrhmo by Col Locko Vt Winchester of tho
Army Committee and seated himself on the
rIght side of the back sent Col Winchester
Hamilton Fish and nn tilde took time other
seats In the third cnrrlnce Mr Gerry Mr
liowen nnd Socrotnry Wlndom were seated
in the fourth ecrolnry Proctor with his aide
Col Ilnrr slut Secretary Tracy with his nido
Iiout Mason In the filth Feciotary Noble
PostmasterGeneral Wnnn maker Llout
Gay Jones in the sixth AttorneyGen
oral Miller and Secretary Rusk In
the seventh Chlol Justice Fuller and
Justices Fields Story and lllatchford
In tIm eIghth Admiral Porter Gen Khorman
Senator Events and Senator Hlficook In the
ninth oiliGFldet Cleveland whose appear
nnco was greeted with a tremendous shout
anti Mr Hayes In time tenth Mr Depew and
Archbishop Corrlcan In the eleventh lllshop
Fottor Dr Morgan Dlx and lllsbop William
KtovPtisPorry of Iowa In tho twelfth Messrs
Vnrnum Hllsp Tallmadco and Babcock being
the Plan nnd Scopo Committee In the thir
teenth tho aids to Gen Schoflcld Nicholas
Fish S Crolchton Webb Arthur Bloecker
and Lewis Llvlncston In The four
teenth fifteenth nnd sIxteenth carriages
web tim delegation from ConKrosB Benntors
John Inealls William U Allison Henry L
Dawson Anthony higgins Joseph It Ilnwloy
Shelby M Cullom antI then Anson G McCook
SorceuntatArms Col William P Canadny
and F M Evans
As the carrIages lined up In this order
Mounted Patrolmen James Masters and Wil
liam Nelson took positions the loft and right
of the Piesldents carriaco as a special escort
In liroadwny the parade bad come to n halt
with the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment rest
lug on tIm north corner of Fine street lined
two rank deep facing west The cayly
drpssod Kecond Brigade Signal Corps of Mass
achusetts was lined across Broadway lust be
low Pino street and behind them was Bostons
Ancient and Honorable Artillery with its
cienmcoatcd musicians playing lively airs
Tho buildincson both sides were gioiy dressed
unit llllud with silent pooplo from roof to street
Thoin was no other sound ut rj > 4 oclock but
tim chimes of Trinity Church Dealing 1imkoo
Just as tie chimes conpod Lieut Arthur
S tohormerhorn unvn tIme slmial anti the
inountud pollcu and string of carrIages dashed
around time corner nearly runnlnc down the
end man of tho Massachusetts mllltla In
spector Williams was on the cornor directIng
the movement As limo Presidents carriage
crossed thu sidewalk line a huco bouquet of
Mnruchnl eIl roses was flung from a house
ton shuck tho side of the carriaKO and bound
ed lo time road Thn canliigo was moving fnt
but Inspector Williams moved faster Ho
swooped upon I tIle lowers laid out hand upon
the cnriincu rail and at considoiablo personal
risk thrust tim bouquet Into Ihn Picsldonts
hand mi nil jumped back list In I time to ut old
belli downed by the back wheel AR hn leaped
back he touched his hut Tbi President bowed
to him mimi then buried his nose In time rosos
Just beore tim cnrrlaces wheeled Into Itronil
way tho sIlence theio was considorinB the en
I ormous crowd Impressive It was tile silence
of ocpoctation Tliu many thousands In win
dows on balconies roofs and sliiownlkn wore
seomlnely holdltiB them breath Tho horses
of tint mounted Kuard boat a triumphant and
thrilllnc clatter upon tIm stones as they tiasUed
into liroadwny Then went up a tremendous
Bhout which reached the proportions of thun
der as the President appeared A second later
ten thousand hittittl ketch iofs llutlorcd
Tlm slcnnl shout ut Ilno treot was taken up
for blocks up liroadvvny hIke time swell elore I n
tidal wave nnd deepened as time cavalcado
moved up Tho llutteilni of handkorchlols
too was wave llko beclnnlnc blocks ahead and
Incioaslnc till finally iho slduwalko house
front and roofs worn Ileckod all over with flut
tering white ncnlnet a Kronndwork of human
faces huge and hunting Thou as the cnvnl
cndn whirled past thn I shouts nnd lluttnrincs
died urndually away inton movement of dense
sIlence lIlt lho after swell of u tidal wave and
the following depression
All this war nn llrondwny rapIdlY rolled this
wave of niitilotleonthiifdum Around Wnvorly
place whnie It inomentnrlly rose hIgher it time
crmtt stand at Wnsliincton Hriuiiro iindut time
triumphal arch that cite cItIzens erected ovor
ito I lower enil of Fifth avon uo up thu I finest
nvonueof Ihn continent to fourteenth street
sweeping cincpfnlly nronnd the tumor to tho
t ulilnKton Iliiiiiment nnd swolllne tn time
oryhnavcus ns It swunc around tho four
pldid hIllS of patriotic humanity that was
lnlon I square thronuh Broadway nndlllloonth
street and onto morn into Fifth avenue
JoJfsrTha tun xtiaair COLLi
ainrnliiK CJutlicrlnir < if the Troops and
Crowds fill Inner iSroarilvuy
Tho worlc of itTKtniiK the miiKnlflccnt
column of troops that for hours swept up
liroadwny boforo thu iye < of almost a million
siioottlors was IntornhtliiB As early ns 730
oclock while tIme janitors of the great olTIeo
bulltllnc In lower Urmdway wero still en
cnued t In dustlni off iiiiiiii raIls and wiping
window sills a squad of saventnun mounted
poUcemon under time command of Sergeant
Klicliner cnnii illopmi down tIm great
thmotomigit hire like I I I n squad i m of cavalry They
lint tad at Imo i htad of Wall I ci root and ImUiiK I
formed In lIne nt I lie curl > ii utter lrh tm It i s upuu o
dlxmouniiiil Whlln they stood them Cant
liluut lime chluf of tie Hides nsblirnpil tosppclnl
duty arrived A lIttle litter himsticttjn Williams
appeared from no OttO could toll whet and
sunt Herccnnt iilrchner and his squad ot
mounted policumen i down into I m t I Wall I street Iy
740 Ihu yoiinu olllcnrs all lib llneiy moiinlod
na was Cnpt lllunt had I rupuitud fordntt i
Tho stroilorw who hail all itloiu been drlftlnif
up I mini down both bdn < vnIIH be 1 nn lo hilt un
thou and whnn n squad of patrolim eamo
atomIc timer foiiml Iminuulutu oecnputlfri itt
clennne Wall m mitt ii Plnu biiuutii rn thnt t I t tin i
ProiilJonts party would Imvo an unobstructed
roadway tiom I M Pauls I Church lo I tiei t Sub
I Treasury Indor lie eye of InPirctor Wil
liams thoy dbl this duty Hi inly but kindlr
Then Ueruuunt Chris Itoehlil I with a squad of
rir knit iiinuntd polfcufen innn iho Tlility I
lift II PII i r I et arilvii buy U tIC ti bo the
spcelul IKilcn ilreort of lu1llI < ll SehO
lipI I nnd vto in rldn at thn I head of thn I pro
cession Tlo squad Included A lloweli J M
Kane John Pepper James McIJkc DennU
Nolan John Morrison Patrick Lunny DRV id I
Davis Wllllnra Taylor George E Pool L
Young and John DIckoy They worn nil good
horsemen mind wero mounted on noticeably
fine bas that wore all very nearly Allkn
As tlmo pased on Capt Klttnt and nil bat
Capt rpra tin of hln nldo rode off down
Broadway Thpvlntt at 8if0 On their rctura
the spectators that now filled the sidewalk
nun steps nil tIm war down to thin Iluiltery Vpf
sot achocrlitc hcirtlly They hnd gone d ma
to moot the first body of Infantry to nutrclin
the line time young contlemcn of the Vet
Point Academy In theIr snus gray unhorras
and their hnndsomn forms nnd their features
and wltLnl their soldierly bearing and iccn
rate obedience tn commands the Vnnken nj j
talons lunch reason for chperlni thum hputtlly
It was precisely tiCO oclock when tho oniccrli
commnnd oiderod H halt nt Wall direct nnd It
was nt that mlnuto that the projjriimrno eald
thl > troop I should reach that lOst iitattiu
No sooner had thn young centlcmon IIPBO
whoelud about fnclnc the west acid drpucd In
hoc ttlcng time pnstoily curb thun n troop of
bluounlfornifd cavalry with brlcht yellow
I > 1 union tenting cnllaiitly In the air cumin cn
bIting clown tho street from somewhorn near
lint Post Olllco Thny wnio n fine lot of mon
and not a Illtlo warlike in nDtwnranco with
their Bwonh jingling on thin near nnd their
carbines dnnellnu In the leathiu pcahbnrds
Ott limo otT sldpsof Ihulr horsns It was Troop
Hot The Sixth Itoclmont United Stales Cmtt
nlry acid if time Sixth Uivnlry has ant peer In
thin AIIIPI lean scm vice no ono knows which one
It Is nllhouah lho Filth Is n cood second
The cavnliy wnro formed nhoad of the Wosl
Point Cadets Thorenlter FO many officers of
greater or less electee nnd less or creator Pro
lusion of Bold hat ninxod that the ordInary
cItIzen could only Inkonotlco of the Incieasing
brilliancy of npparul tImid ns n rule rotundity
of figure of the croup of allies and officers who
woro to ride nhoad of time troops
Among the last to arrive however wits one
who was notlcenbto because of time deference
paid to him by all the rout and because he
Boemed to bu one ol time youngest of ths
whltehnlrod mon that the spectators bad
Been Hu wnsMnjorOenricbofleld command
Ing the armies of the United States and Mar
shal of the pnrado Ho rode down time street
in a carriage but quickly mounted a hand
some chestnut innro and took his plaoo In front
of tbo other ofllcurs With him cumo Adjt
hen Vincent About that time too came the
bIg army ambulance reminding the people of
tim unfortunate possibilities of a great pleas
tIre parade possibilities that wore eventually
realized too hy not a low spectators
Time ambulance cam along at OK For hull
nn hour the crowd which had become so donig
on the walks ns to make everyone there un
comfortable and hail Illlod every window nnd
every bank of seats within sight remained
good naturod and contnnled limo boys who
hud climbed up on lampposts mind toloerapti
poles howled jcennsly at each other und when
a mongrel cur about the size of a coyote ran fn
n wild Irlicht down the street thoyHtnrtad a yell
that was swelled by lOIHiO voices wIthout an
instants delay The Incident served to make
everybody comfortable agaIn and the fiiellnz
had not worn olT when a squad of mounted
police under Soiecant Itcvell came gallontnz
town tho street followed by the President and
his part on their way from the church 1 here
upon every one cheoied and waved fines and
handkerchiefs and pretty soon time President
drove by hat In hand towIng and smiling
very plainly pleased by the reception
Ills currfairo turned into lIne street where
Inspector Sllllams S stood antI kept the way
clear A number of other cnrrlnecs followed
without nttrnctlng special attention and then
clime the carrIage with erPresldent Cleveland
In It lbs poopln seemed not to see him until
lie had arrived axaclly opposite them but timer
Immediately mndo amends bv cheering so
lioarttly that Orovers big features were rip
pled all over wIth the broadest sort of n smile
Tho last carriage of time party rolled Into
Finn street ns Trinity clock marked IP nnd
thereupon a bugler blew n long and mnMcnl
LilaBt that made u stir along the linn and brought
every one from pnrado ret to nttentlcn
The right of the column was formed and
maui In begin Its long amid eventful march to
Fiftyninth struct
Tbe War Nat Clpnr and There Vero Orter
ouw Thlnicn to JIIeurMniI to Mae
As the larpfo golden mlniitn hand on Trio
tys clock began to cover the littlo golden bar
that marks the 2fHh minute past 10 an aide
cnmo calloplne out of Fine Street nod touched
hIs cap to Gen Bchofleld the Grand Marshal
Tho General returned the salute and facing
his norso partly about ho said
Forwnrdl March I
And thorpnpon time mounted police escort
and the brilliantly attired group of aides and
Troop It of tho crack cavalry regiment of the
whole nation anti the soldierly young gentle
mouof the Military Academy nil moved for
ward ns ono oman Time march of the greatest
column of military mon the city ever saw was
begun and tholr route was through a series of
streets incomparable as a nodes with any other
lii the nation or the world In thoso points that
characterize n modern city
Singular as It may scorn on such an occasion
ns this time progress of this mighty column as
seen by those who mnrchvd nt Its head was
nuch more saddoning tlmn Inspiring or cheer
ful Onovery foot of tho sidewalks over the
entire route wore men and women and children
Packed shoulder to shoulder and back to back
from the curb stone to the stoop tine from the
stoop line back to tho building line and Dp
over stops and stoops to the walls of the build
lags themselves At the street crossings the
crowds extended n fourth of the way up the
blocks Mono than 450000 people were massed
thus on time pavements alone the route
They unit gathered thoro In many
cases while most people were still at break
fast and thoro thoy had remained hour after
hour waiting for time passing of tho column
that bad now began Its march Although from
threo to four i ollccmen stood at every block
tons of thousands of people were permitted to
step down off tho curb and spread out in solid
masses for yards beyond the curb From
Maiden limo to Union square from Waorltr
> I i
I plaeo to 1 M allen ii sqiiiio I then a era not I line
blocks of the street ravoment char of pnople
whlia i from TwentynJuhih t I stiret t to Thirty
filth fn Filth nventiu thpro was unn solid mnM
of r men H omen and children I from curb to nIb
Tliirn they stood right in HIP way very tlieI
but inady I I to lii ii nit at novpr ii o S iii ill a joke
and s tH happy In their anticipation of seems
th iiint o rioiih pnrad Hi I ntj ever saw
Illve I n I tI t lluuh Ihe reia I I W > P
The i tm i I htr nd e I Vii I TI Id
to ia1i tb uuvtiii i s n I an r aJ
It 11 nIl eriil I 1 4 1 o till n tt c e itent ser iS <
I they rtimalntd lo crireo and scream Hiid all
cruuhvd and falatlni beneath the hoof ot tbo

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