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1sden should take his place In tho review
JM Ilao at < Udl iiinro Jin was driven
bi nt n quarter to 1 0 clock awl tho column
egan torqrive I few minutes later The last
mnn wont by nt 030
The linmoriM stand erected nil around tim
tquaro wa densely ciowded tln > ro II ru us
many people standing In tbo road nnj on tho
oppoift Mlewulk mid probably ns many moro
I on the prlv ntn tiiiidfl In n Imlowit And on roofs
Every available tree weaned under tho weight
of men ana bOll the tclegmph poles wore oc
cupied to the topmost croistree And at every
corner wal 1 collection ol truck nnd tnges
loaded to their utmost capacity TinHe trucks
wore not only In line ncroxs tlio Mreot but they
extended bnck nro or six 11 Iff In morycnso
ttomc enterprising Individual did a good buMi
ncm In tho mnnulncturo and pnlirof Monl l
about a foot hitch They wore sold for I dolln
lece and went nIT like hnm sandwlche
Other men offered chairs loaD boxes and liar
rlia l for the privilege 01 standing on which
lon and womon paid flrtv rmitH apiece Iho
chare wa for the ontrl duration of the show
but lu all CHAOS apparently tho letsees do erte <
their places after two or three hours nod the
chlln were Immediately encased by others flt
the amo price
Under the frowning walls of tho big rocrr
T6lr Irom Fortieth to lortrsecond utreet tho
City Fathers sat on tho big stand which they
nzssmoin TAD
bad erected for themselves and tholr 3500 In
Unmte Irl ndp All tho Intimate friends turned
up und n great moor more who werent In
VIted The latter made It convenient to aqua
in many desirable places on the stacds The
stormed the stand and nolthor the notice un
der Bergaaut Uromger ner the ten ushers fur
Dlthed by tho National District Mergence
Company were able to withstand them 1 hl
mob climbed the ble beams which formed the
npnorti of the structure and hum on anyhow
Finally about twenty minutes to 2 oclock
when the vnnmiard of tho parade appeared the
110 seemed to nwako to the fact that thn
tand needed lightening to keep It standing
and all the nontlcketholdlng latcrlopora were
put off bodily
tHINGS antaraoDT vinxT SEE
The Fa n > d Vrtety tbt Wamderer About
Town Euloyed Yeterdny
All through the daylight hours yesterday
hundreds of countrymen and lots of women
mere crowded at the brad of Frankfort street
around a man with a tall hat who etood up In
n wagon worklnea halfcenturyold fakir game
that tow of tho crowd appeared to have ove
etrkck before drove to bis stand early In tho
afternoon cad drew the big crowd directly by
holding aloft a great figure of 1uncb This ha
flung Into the wagon after a time and throw
ins off the gaudy cover of a bjg square box r
I foaled a lot of boxes heaped with plated watch
chains and slhor watches
The first person who gIves mo a quarter for
ono of these patent gold watch chains with a
I wAtch protector attachment ho cilod wIth an
oratorical flourish nets a conuino stem
t r wlndtng silver watch
A capper stopped out from tho crowd and
Cave him a quarter and cot the watoh and
chain Ho handed out two more
Thoso wore premiums ho said now
the rest of the two dopenleft of the chains coos
nt 25 cent for the chain
The chains went oft lIke hot cakes nnd tho
man covered up tho box and thanked the
I crowd that slowly molted awar Fifteen min
utes later he hold the big figure of Punch up
on euro away tho throe watahos that had
been returned to him on tie start and Hold two
dozen more chains for 25 cents each that woro
i door at JoontH He kept the business going
lth a boom all day at 15mlnute Interval No
rollcoinan was iiround to Bton the swindle
An eagle wus not frt > e from the roof of the
lltlh Avenue Hotel yo tcrdiiy an tho President
nt the head ot tho procession went by The
vjiird wa apparently bewildered or else It was
tort weak to Or It spread out its broad wlnas
4 and gracefully dropped toward the crowd be
I low On its downward flight It first tried to
ntiuht on ono ot the window frames and then
llonlly settled down on nn awning over one of
the elands In front of the hotel The crowd
cheered and endeavonrd to scare Iho eagle
from Its perch Jut this eagle was not to bo
Irlghiened I sat on tho awning calmly trying
to pick a package loose that had been fastened
to Its back giving the address of the owner A
hal boy climbed up the awning and captured
it without n struggle He will claim tho rovnrd
iffarod for his capture and return to the owner
James P Murray of 357 Grand street
One of tho must Interesting attempts at
decorations wns on tho tall yellow brick build
ing at tbo northwest corner of Fifth avenue
i nnd Sixteenth street A great baldheaded
C Y angle mounted with spread wings was swung
I nut over Ibo rwol lon by un almost Invldlblo
J wire What added to attractiveness that
corner was tlio fat that one of the handsomest
1 Indies Ihe city occupied a font just under
the perch from which tho caclo was started on
t its artificial flight I was a greater success
I than Ibo real eaclos flight
Many an nnclont vehicle made its appear
I F anc yatttotdny Ono thnt excited n deal of In
1 t terest In Union square whore it was located
vnnan anrl nt itnge with seats at tbe top
i Mnny a ppoitntor noted tho comparative lack
of music In the pnrilo The bands cero mi
f tncrous enough coiisldeied by themselves but
I they wore far upart and the music ol no two
j collided in the ears ot tho crowd It was also
i remarked that not one bandmaster had the
food pence to Bet a French air when passing
the statue of lnfayetto In Union square
When the Croat column halted to wait for
i the President to got to Madison square the
rirnt Delaware Regiment was iu Fourteenth
street between Broadway and Fifth avenue
J The soUior boys grounded their arms
I KJid began to take things easy but
the people in neighboring buildings made
< things Interesting for thorn nt onco Some
t body began It by throwing an oiuuco at the
soldiers The example was quickly followed
I and from nil directions a shower ot fruit fell
Into the street Tho soldiers had to do some
lively dodging and the wise ones among them
caught oranges on the fly One bespangled
1 officer with a spiked helmet staggered from
i the force of a falling orange which struck the
spike of his headgear and stayed there I was
l rood fun for everybody and the soldiers made
the best possible use ot the fruit
There was nt least one disappointed man
I yesterday I was T P Wall of the Hoffman
Bouse manager of the Bureau of Public Com
l fort AB described In THE BUN this enterprise
bad mae ample provision for housing every
ody who might come to Now York without
baTIK secured rooms In advance Mr Wall
t had put a great deal of bard work and enthusi
asm Into lie matter and a largo sum of money
had bean oX nded
J I am afraid ho said yesterday that we
have not provided rooms for moro than 600
Jioopli We have satisfied Ivory annllcant and
wa have the choice ot the bell places In me
city Even sonie Fifth avenue people are on
our list This thing Imply demonstrates
limo wonderful capacity of Now York for oilier
c talnlnir visitors There are certainly as many
Jjieople In town as were expected but they bin o
apparently had n difficulty in obtaining mar
i J r I bad bupud that t our Inttltutlou would
1 boot more general usefulness Them may be
f a rush yet however and If it comes wo shall bo
1 prpared for I u llt shul 10 I
C 1liat portion or the Union sriunro stand bo
lJ twuen Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets pu
Flleonti strertl
II Jlroadway was labelled In big letters with the
I announcement that It had 1101 socuroil by
Mayor Glenson of Long Island CIty for tho in
I commodutionof town the school children irom hU
I f The Kings County fiupervlboro occunloil a
I Vt Bland built about the Lincoln statue In Union
kouare It was remarked in the neluhborhood
I with some surprise that all tlio Bupenlion
I bad white handkerchiefs which they wiod
Ostentatiously to the passing troops I
i It was comical to watch the handkerchief
I salutes from the grand stands Whonovor
II lOcale naoBed bytbiirowas a big flutleilagof
White that began with a few dozen and crept
i gradually along tho tleia of seats until the
whole bank of people wan diverslitod by the
frantic wavlna After a second or so the motion
> of the handkerchiefs ronolved itself 10101
modla Ihl InK Into regular up and down beats
I In time to the music
Tbo uroat American rellih for a parade Is
knmetblUR wonderful to think about Nntbini
jnula bo seen from the Mile walks except the
few men on horaetmcK and the I ba > unutncif tue
prlvlt4 tn lt hike fidewalks were densely
irowdod all the time and after n few hours
women sat nn the curbttontft whoro they could I
I noUOjs and hold their heads In their
u J
I hands too tired to look up and yet unwilling to
go homo
There OWAS ono very uneasy man In front of
I tho rifle btrOlt entrance to the HubTreasury
yesterday niornlnu That watt Sergeant Me
Bweeny who was In special chnrgo of the porch
over willed tho 1renldontlnl party was to walk
to the carriage Just tofore tho nrty > wng
I expected the aldelu chnrno of lie dopurtuni
KnlloiMid up to the front of the building and
shouted 1 to the Sergeant <
M lad you torecant dont let the President
lonveh ro till I como oont
With that hn galloped off Neither tho aide
nor tim 1resldout appeared for half an hour
diirluu which time Sureoaut McHnoonv walked
uueiflly up and down muttering audibly
Whut the dotil am I to do I tho Pio ldont
comes out and wants to leave 1 Am I to put
him under nrmfit If necosiuiry to detain him T
While the drnnd Army dllKlon was posting
the ruvtowlnc stand President Harrison fro
month removed his bat Ho IninrlaMy put It
back on his head tlptxia slightly to the right
side I BMO him something ol a rakish and
waggish air
The glgantli preparations tho lemonade and I
popcorn vendors made to collar fortunes yes
orday all rntno mao A disappointed
lomonndo mini on J wcntrthlrd Street ant I
evening ali mll be disposed of a great pal
nearly full 01 lemonade a handcart
I beats the dickens about this crowd
Theres about ten millions of em out but they
wont buy nothln Never saw anything to beat
I AI tlU they want Is to yell and BOO tho
Everybody In the douto throne of spectators
In Madison fiuaro looked UP a the roof of I
Delmonlcos with smiling Intoicit while the
kvtA r
tIkt 4AJJT
parade passed Ptrotchod in n long row right
ucroas the roof at the cornice edge htood tho
chef and Ills aides 10olnllJOTn elNO pageant
motionless nnd with wrapt attention They
all woro their snowwhit aprons and white
cook cap Qnzlng up fiom the street trom the
Twentythird Street corner of Mnillson Squuro
lark the nines of whim made It look a though
snow mon liid bean built on the roof a a sort
ot unluuo centennial decoration
A ionic angular man wearing black clothes
which fitted him too tightly and a gray hlch
hat stationed himself on liroadwny before the
Stewart building at 10 oclock yofltorday worn
imig Over ono arm ho carried u dirty blue coat
with nickel lumens aol long tails cut niter
tile stile 01 1M12 lu hits lelt hand he had u
pair of spl sor with which ho tdd twn Tursey
uon hut TUB SUM reporter h Intended to
cut ni that ilonr old cont Ho thou begun to
explain loudly that Ito old garment WHH worn
Dy Yiiuhlnftnti at Jinunt Vdinnn hurl uoon
Jllm 0111
tr ILAnIOltl1
I given by hIs daughter Mary luiio Washington
to the grandmother of thu iires nt own
er who now lived In llrooklyn In
reduced circuinstnniOB the man In black
called out that ho wan the husband of the I
owner In rolled clrcumstancoft and snipped I
off a little blue scruple from the tall of the
alleged relic Dy this time I crowd of a doren
Sew Yorkets somn tnvnty trmrlsU and two
polIcemen had gathered nnd tho man in tight
black clothes began to nhout lore y aro I
Hern y are I Piece of Ooorco Wanhlnglons
coat worn at Mount Vornoni I Only ton cents
tI i a ioce of Ulnral WashlUittonH coat Ho
woro I just toforo inauguration hundred I
years 10 I
A lull h young man with n pretty girl In
1 wrinkled bufnuo on his arm oxiimlnoil the
tIne bit of cloth that Washington was sup
loseil to hiivo worn and finally paid a dime for
t A nina with n U A 1 badge only ono etc
iHt wrinkled I I boots bought 1 another Kovoril 1
men from the country nnd five JormnnAmorl
cans lieiit the mal in black busy cuitullltK
tho relic for tim noxt live minutes After that
the little blue Bainploi wont ofT him hot cakes
The buttons warranted solid oilier went
for 25 conts apiece The tails of the coat
netted the husband of the owner In roduced
Mrcumntnnces about 31 1 tho buttons 1 the
body > of the coat somewhat leis than tli I
Two amusing incidents occurred while thnv
were walling Inc the Prodldoit lit tho Sub
Treasury A tall thin heuhlskcred young
t I I
wouldnt have It no Ho stepped back and
10 10
bowing gracefully to theoratorof the day laid
Alter you Doctor
Aler you1Olor 811 Oopew iltttnn his hat and
bowing but after you
blnl blt Rlcr Iou
and No bow cold Archbishop Corrigan wllli n smile
< Yu salil Dr nOM again lifting his lint
and inking the An hblshonv arm
You honor mo said tho Archbishop ylo d
inc with a bow anti smllo
Inl wih smlo
Dr Dopew helped him In nnd followed The
crowd cheered and both distinguished gentle
mon lilted their hints In acknowledgment
There was ono feature of tho Presidential
carriage tint attracted moo attention O It
Wiiltrni In front nf I the BubTroasury building
than oven big > I Turn Hnhorty who held tho
reins Tom Vlnherty by tho way Is the living I
Imnjroof tommy Shells As limo door of tho
carriiige lay onun It was noticed that tile right
half of the back len had a double cushion
innklng It nearly three Inches higher than any
other seat In 1 the carriage Everybody know
that this wn tho tout of honor to be occupied
by lrcnldont harrison and Ibo entrance of tho
party Into the carriage wiis awaited with eon
S interest Alter Mayor Grant had asS
eldornblo <
I Rind the President to his sent and had sealed
himself beside him on the lower seat It was
noticed that the head and shoulders ot tho two
nolcld <
mnn were exactly on I level
Nassau Street prorontod an unusual nnd
rather startling appearance yesterday from 10
oclock till past noon Tha Fourth Brigade
New ti troops made It their camping
around They took complete possession of It
from Pine street to Frnnkiin8 monument Dur
ing tho long wait the Bayly uniformed soldier
boys stocked arms In tho middle ot tim street
for its whole distance and disposed of them
Salvos In picturesque Attitude of rcposo on
tho curbs and porches or tho business houses on
each Hide They sent tbo time In clueing
trlotlo ali collcgo songs chntDnu each other
and everybody cite ant sucking lomonti The
trudo in lemons at 2 lor centn wio somethlni
traniomlous It wa mtnonollzed bv about
half a dozen youthful Kivculators The most
jilcturamiuo knot was thati ompoocd of tho Old
iunrd at tim left of tho line August Peters
tho big color bearer who Is I President of the
Consolidated Exchange when ho Isnt carrying
Hag hoisted his colors In tho middle of the
street and the boys gathered round anti cheer
oil them and the color bearer for half an hour
II is I Slru to Bay that of tho thousnmlK who
lazed intently upon President Harrison
throughout yesterday nnd the day before row
paid heed to a guntlomnn In the mOt unos
tentatious garb of 1 civilian who touched
nlltnxva nun cue iprement lot no wn n m < wt
ewowl JrOIIOII lt I InAt
important factor in tlio creat events In which
the President figured Ills India fountain pen
travelled over yards of phonographic charac
ters and accurately recorded whatever was
uttered by tho President or In his bear
lag I This human phonograph vvn Mr
Jnmes H Fish the otllclnl btcnocrnpt
of tho Centennial Committee a gentle
man who stands In the foremost rank
of probably the most expert stanogrnnhor In
tIm world the Ilrstclas < stenosrnpher8 01 New
York Hnrclby In a roomy office Mr Finn had
sixteen ftRfllstnnt ready to take his dictation
from hit nilglnnl 1 notes and manifold their
take indefinitely For the trying ordeal ol
thn hnmiuot with its torrent of eloquence bo
hail live llrstclaFB stonocraphors to supple
ment his own work 1 be result nf Mr Fishs I
jiersonnl fort and 01 those of his carefully
selected Bluff was n collection of verbatim re
ports as accurate In every detail as tho best
work of tho most painstaking ofliolul court
This IB a good Illustration of how high ex
citement and orcotfnlnos rnn anyone lookers
on live Icrsons on a roof a llroudwny and
Bloockor Street put down n plank so that one
end projected over the side of tho building
Four sat on the plnnk holding It down for the
llfthvvho ctiofo to sit so that his logs could dmi
ulo down Ho bad great confidence In dlUI s
friends for they bad his fate In their bands
or rather In tholr weight
Ono of the best private stands was that
man in a spring suit of clothes forced his way
through tbo crowd past the line of police and
seated himself just within the curb line on a
camp stool which ho lugged In with him He
wns as cool about It as If It were the proper ca
rot and he seemed astonished when be got
hustled back
Whoro can I sit 7 bl cried
Tlmrett plenty of room today on the Hat
tory n policeman answered
lie did not go so far A moment later his
cnttcr fiico loomed up In the midst of the
crowd stool Ho was standing triumphantly on his
A fat fidgety woman accompanied by her
husband n loan tiredlooking little man
boarded the elevated oars at the Grand Central
Depot yesterday ind rode down to the junc
tion at Third nventin There a regiment of
soldiers awaltlne the coming of an elevated
train had complete possession of tbe platform
and when the earn came the soldiers entered
them Urukemen wouldnt let tbe woman or
man in 1rukemon they made halt a dozen at
tempts to enter Tbe soldiers all In the train
started Another train packed so tight that it
was believed that a very fat man eaueezod in
tbo crowd would bo crushed to death rolled In i
and out Apotbor and another and still
another rolled In and out again but the fat
woman anti her husband were Jot waiting
ill wait for just one more car the said I
on we board cant pet there aboard well ride up town and get
Tbe next oars woro packed out to the doors
as the others wero and soornfully oho swung
out tier little man and she and up the other
Ide at the station they wont The next train
down showed the tendency or the changing
tide and lilt train that tallowed that was only
I partly Illltd Tho ° e eolpg up town were loaded
down roople bunging on by their oyllds The
fit woman rolled Into 1 settee and wept while
the IOn husband tried to comfort her
tlo Wed better go home wife the husband
said this aint no placo for us We aint use
to it no how
Pit pee the show I have to foot It every
Inch slit replied and she went down tho steps
followed by her husband to the < Third avenue
surface cars
Tho small boys on the silo streets down town I
snttflod tbolr patriotic longing tocnrryllngs at
the expense of luurilmnts who bad decorated
their buildings The boys would tato n 1001
piece nt twine and its a stone orB plocq of brick
to oiin end ol it They would wind the loose
end of tho riling round thfelr 11000 and throw
tho stone or brick over flags sticking from sec
ond story windows Unless the flag stick was
stronger than tim twine i would break near
the window uud tho flag would fall A HUN re
porter saw four boys steal eight flags In Boy
street In less than twenty minutes
Archbishop Corrigan and Dr Depew bad a
content or gallantry they entered their
Iallntr na IhlT car
rim o on tho 1liift street IJn of the BubTreux
uIT Dr Depew held tho Archbishops arm I
they CHtno down the steps At the carriage he
was about t t help him in but the Archbishop I
J fl J
erected by the Manhattan Havings Institution
for its depositors I occupied the banks front
ago on llroodwuyjAt Bloodier street and was
put up with material being used lu the WI
struction of the banks new building lleforo
the parndo the carpenters begun building a
buldlol I
small stand on their own account They sold
Beats as fast as they could make thor <
Olio of the prettiest sights along the line of
the pnrmlo was two little twins dosed In red
white and blue soldlorclothea Ahoy eaton the
top went of a truck at Broadway and Bloucker
street and were admired even loocker
throng about that corner The cushion ped
diet had his tunings yesterday Heros your
centennial sort seats he orlod exhIbiting
them in rod white and blue you wlmts boon
seat to a blJlame knows what It is to sit on a hard
A wagon bulging with a load of camp
Btools wended Its way up Broadway just before
the parade Whenever It went close to the
curD bystanders helped themselves Urchins
Ibm8ell01 UrohlD
bad the audaolty to run after the wagon steal
Btools Irom It and offer them at ten cents apiece
A street cnmln otTarlucf I box for sale at a
dime was not an uncommon eight in crowds
where u alight elevation wus a great advan
While the Ponnsylvanla soldiers rested at
Broadway and Blofokur streets they had a
treat frolic scrambling for edibles thrown to
them from window A pickle came Ilylng
through tho air and Itck ou a bayonet point
One generous Indlvidiinl tossed n box of cigars
out of his uflleo window Tlmy were dlstrlh
Jloy lvro
utod on the Spot but not lighted Those who
BOW a bottle of cjinuiiiagno como spinning
down fiom I third Etonexpected to oeo It
smnan In IIIA ShOOt Out ono 01 tOO U IHAIU t
CUlbt It Noxt Ilnuto tho coilt loPPei
lhe lit mm who hadnt a Rat JJppd earl
In the day Frank hush 01 tile Iwo Jobul
combination carao out of n crush in liroadwny
much thinner then he wont in Perspiration
rolled fiom him ns in a Turkihh lorslrlton
obliged to hold his cigar upward in b 110 tooth
to prevent burning eomehol nock
s bile the soldiers stood along Fifth nvonuo
Iloo Jlh lenuo
waiting for the President the women in
the crowds on tho sidewalk fed them
with whatever cnme handiest Bnnd
cnle Innllost
wlcho were passed from hand to hand
over tho hvtds of tbo pollro bananas vveto
stuck upon bayonet point held out over
the ciowd biscuits worn tonfod from windows
and servants with baskets were occasionally
sent out from some IIOUEO to the soldIers
louso ollllr
1 bese contributions to the Inner man were no
knowledged with evident heartiness and more
wlh evlleot hOlriIOIS
Orjees grace by the men and even mor
gold lace did not Illdaln to sAlute drill fashion
when glances from bright eyes accompanied a
bun through th police linen
Wheu tbl Florida troops were passing alone
lower Fifth avenue Bore patriotic ladles on
e cart noticed that they carried no flag exoopt
that nf their Mate One of the ladles snatched
a coodslzed national llngfrom tie decorations
ol the cart and tinted I over into the ranks I
calllne out oro carry that I struck a
2t r
soldier who evidently not understanding what
was meant let It fall to tho pavement They
dunt catch on remarked some one nol I
It were a sandwich theyd catch on quick 1
I onoimli retorted the patriotic lady l linpn
Inhor5iorth TaroUna troops golwc br tho re
viewing utnnd wavi < d tho tar und btrlpus
With especitl unction
Oud exclaimed ono big follow onLthe
ptiind with utl A 1C budge on his coat IJ
does mo good to BVO those fellows carrying
tutu ilsgl Ioo
Uho finest mounted men In the procession
woo the Kentucky colonels Joy liiioknar
rode a ma nlUc nt chestnut thoroughbred
aDd nil his shifT were nearly as well homotl
ni hs tul ncar
I lhol know how to ride too which Is more
than can bo Bald for a good many ofllcora in
this parade
Tit most really comfortable party in tent
of the reviewing stand were located on tnnot
JJlhtokess II orth House annex to the Jlqft
man < A tent bud been oiectud there wllb sides
ojiun nil around aDd I small party lolled bnck
In tho shade undor It all day sheltered from
tho sun and able to see everything that paseud
the rolowiug sinod
The IWo moBHt melancholy looking men In the
reviewIng party woro II 1 H llrel and ex
Jroslihent Cleveland The glory ot past honor
UOCStit illumine the present worth cent when
prp ontlncniiibenta aro near
Everybody who lre IIII on tho ont side 01
the avenue 1 they stared there tone got tho
finest coat ot tan thoyvo bad this season
Mnny women and others with delicate skins
WQro oven painfully sunburned
Judging from ntipounnces the Pennsylvania
troops carry when they go to attend a parade
about ovoritblng except Bonn
Everybody who sees Ircnldent Harrison for
tho llrBt time either says or thinks ily how
Pii Irot r There was a reijular bucz of remarks
to that I elloot when bo drove up to the review
log eloot tile full glare of tho sun yesterday
But Its txrfoctlx natural with him and not u
sign of 111 health Uo was born that way they
Iho absolute idiocy ot grand stand builders
was never better Illustrated Uian by tbo tact
that no exit was provided under the Madison
bauaro mnnd Into the park In the rear Thn
biggest trouble of the police about tho stand
was the gutting out ol people who wanted to I
g > > away while the pitted vtaa passing Ihero
wax nothing for It but to pilot them down to
Twentythird street run thom across between
two ranks of troop and fire them out under I
the wire to shift for themselves in the mob
that packed that street An exit under the
stand would have lot everybody who wanted to
Eu out Into the vacant park behind with no
labor to themselves and no trouble to the
olce only thing that marred tha pleasure ol
tho million of people gathered In the heart ol
the city yesterday waiting for the parade was
that there were not enough DUMB to go around
Evoryonn wanted not only a dopy fo blmoll
of tho paper with its wonderfully accurate nnu
picturesque account of tbe first days proceed
ings but also oilier copies to take homo to
showthe lolks 1 he result was that the HUNS
worn all gone from the stands long before the
demand was supplied
dOlanl Wn ouppled
Ono of the pleasant features of yesterdays
crowds was to be found In the rood nature and
considerations ot many of the policemen
who helped the aged and the very young
through the blockades with as much attention
as they aro commonly supposed to devote to
tho housemaid In the area or tho nurse girl In
tho tork At the corner of iapsau And line
BireeU for Instance Policeman Baker of the
Oak street command drovn the fakirs ana
pushing bulol of the mob back without con
sideration in order that the children might
Bland In the front row to see tho pasting show
There was nothing In all the glitterIng
pnccnnt ot yesterday not even the august
drum major which teemed to catch the eye ol
tlo small boy na the coachman who drove tbo
Presidents carriage And Indeed when there
was no ranulo to look at and the Piesident
was out of Blunt the big folks too seemed to
hind Home gient charm In the distillled coach
man and Blood in great crowds around the
Wnltn carriage gazing at him with admiring
oys Tho great personage IB ThonmsIlnhorty
hHII llo Is a strappIng big fellow whoso
speech is assure an Indication > s hil face ot
bin Irish origin He is the living picture of
Tommy Shields so tarns features go and has
the bodily proportion of nn Alderman beSide
His dignity however Is overpowering In
which he differs from Aldermen na New York
er know them He Is not overbearing how
I Otto hut commands respect bY the mnlorty of
his bearing and the goodhumored steadiness
ol his
hli os e
Mr Ifnherty Is not 1 New Xorker though he
I drives New York horses to a New York carriage
Ho was Imported from W blugton especially
to drlvo i President Harrison i around New York
r re f larrlson arounl NIW Yorl
and will return again to tho rniittn after the
show is over Ho ls In tho employ of Alexan
derGrcgorof lluuslnn Legation at Wash
ington Ho says this Is tbo first time be has
over driven Hnrrlnon but ho baa eat on the
time box ot Clevelands carriage many and many a
The ntcaeBt Day Travel Ever K ow on
the Itattroud Secnc nt Night
Nover was there so much railway travel
ovor tho Brooklyn Bridge ns yesterday morn
hug unless tho travel In tho afternoon was
greater The railway on Monday carried 160
335 passengers which was tho largest number
on record up to date but yesterdays travel U
believed to have been much
Iolorod o greater although
the flfures cannot yet be given The foot travel
on Monday was InBlguIQcant compared with
that of the opening day when I was about
189000 I was but 53709 yesterdays travel
doubtless exceeded this figure
aluro largely Many
thousands crossed from Brooklyn to Now York
still earlier but tho rush did not begin until
about OS AM when the promenade became
a moving races ot humanity while trains dis
charged at the Now York end of the bridge
from tour to five hundred pn 8engora every
one and a half minutes They discharged
them indeed too font for the capacities of the
platform and for nn hour or more tho Brook
lynltos had to struggle In succession to get oft
their bridge and make good their foothold on
Now York soil Between the fight for tickets
at the beginning of tho bridge and this strug
gle at tbo end clothing was mussed If not torn
Tho promfanndor had nn castor time of it as
there worn not so many of thorn In proportion
to the space they bad to move In I
The rush and struggle were repented in an I
exaggerated form In tho afternoon for the
crowd both in tho and the
promenade on rail
way platform was moro denso owing to tho
people crossing not being distributed over co
much time Apparently the sale number who
crossed In the course of throB bourn In the
morning had tried to get buck In the course of I
less than half that time In the afternoon Bo
great was tho crowd that the proihenade and i
tIle south driveway had to be thrown open to
foot passengers
Some or tbn more Front taut eye Volt
daylj Decked with Ilnntlnx
The cast slclo decorations In the residence
quarters and tho business thoroughfares are
of wonderful extent variety and tastefulnosa
Scarcely a window In the tenement blocks
scarcely I house In the older streets where
smaller dwelling rulo and no store anywhere
was lacking in ltd contribution to tho Boas
of color and thickets of fhigsticks with
loaves of rod white and blue The cos
mopolitan population east of the Bowery was
outdone nowhere In the patriotic display
Grand streot rivalled Broadway In its bright I
est parts and no firm made a bettor display
than Edward llldloy > t Bon The excellent
finality and groat profusion of tho materials
used together with the exercise of tamo In
tholr arrangement makes the llrmH big block
a brilliant spot
Avenue AH business houses are also elabo
rately decorated and form a billow mass of
color The population of which they aro the
busy centre proud 01 tho display and says
with satisfaction tbat the patriotism of the
German element Is to be rolled upon In every tie
sped Those to whom the neighbors award the
palm for their display are Florist Melndel Kd
J I Tamsen G < v r Bock und Mrs Kate bo
twoen Third nnd Imirth streets George Fen
nel A C George 1 Fahrenkopf and Georgi
< C Ulnnhen of between 1ourth and Fifth III sets
and KllngenBtnln ft haufman and K Jacubu of
corner of Fourth street
All alone up the cant side the same liberality
of decoration Is shown und In Hftyelnlith
display Street Torraco Uarden makes another brilliant
Konin nr All
Mr P T Wall of the Bureau of Public
Comfort 10 Union squire Bald yesterday that
thousands of people had called there seeking
for general Information hut not n thousand
had applied for rooms und accommodations
lunureiia WBIP asking for warders led to
comPare the prices Hiked by the boarding
louse keeper from A von no A anti those from
1 I Illh avcnuo who would accommodate a tow
the firmer charged moro In many capes 1 The
bureau can Ilud places for 2VOUO lsl Tie
fluMe wllllnp to entertain live as far out as
rirldseport Babylon nud Pnterson In many
case bevernl men who own warehoUHes
cnmo up to got lodgers ann a number who had
but ono spare room ftuid troy bad half a dozen
or more doublo bole to ill 1 I
Tho Hevratjrnrnt Unlcrtulns be Visitors
Col Koppnr and Urn officers a tho Seventy
first lieirlmcnt entertained Col nodgin and
the officers of the fourth Virginia Jtogimont
and OoL Ilalnts ana U1 officers ot the Waafc
Inaton Artillery nf NowOrloana nt Har7ottr at
dinner on Monday Col Hopper and his om
cent who bavo In the past been Iho recipients
of kindnesses nt the hnndn ot tIm strangers
while In nichmonil nnd In S ew Orlenn
ronenail theIr frlendnhlitt ICKun there nod lets
and drank and exchanged tamp stotlcx Wm
G lllco Gov HIllBprivnlo Morotnry was lies
cnt as dos Hills reprosontullvc
0 v an titToxt lllCONJ
Mus Morton unit Mm llnrrlion Nil nnd See
the Parade
Jlrs Harrison sow tlio parade from tlio
balcony Mr Mortonn houso at 85 Fifth avo
nue Tho balcony extends under both front
parlor window was draped with a groat
flag Before tho parade cnmn along early In
the morning cnrrlneon began to stop at the
llan sO a
door with guests Mrs Btuyvosnnt Fish was
among the llrst to arrive The other ftucsta
worn Allan Tborndlko iliac Mrs
Alnn Thordlko 1oe Mr Gov Beaver
of Pennsylvania Mr Got Green of Now Tor
ser John Jay Mrs Senator Plait and Mr
Htuyvesant Fish Mr Fish arrived alter tho
parade hnd wall started
Long toforo the first strains ot music wero
hoar Mr Morton and Mrs Harrison entered
the balcony through the parlor window and
took chairs near each other the othor guests
routlol around them The parlor was charm
ingly decorated with flowers chiefly Marvchal
Noll roses and violets Flags bung over tho
windows and over the ladles on the balcony
When the carriages with the President nnd hU
party cnmo by In review the gentleman In
each carrlnga in turn raised their hats when I
opposite tho houso and tho Indies Inclined their
beads In acknowledgment They disappeared
nod reappeared on the balcony several times
during tho parado but stuck to it pretty close
ly until 2 o clock when lunch was porved for
the party In the big dining room After lunch
Mrs Harrison anti Mrs Morton roappanrud
with some of the guests but withdrew bout
4ii oclock At 7 oclock Mrs Harrison and
Mrs Morton dlntd nlotio together At Hi > i
oclock they took tholr carriage In 1 1lftli live
aim und drove to the Metropolitan Opera
House < lelrolJllan 0101
The President who had returned to Itt Mor
tons after the parade bad gono to the dinner
He was buttoned to the chin In his gray Ol r
at and ware n black lowcrowned noftfolt
hat crushed to his head In tho crown Mr
Morton and n member of tbo Untoitalumciit
Committee accompanied him I
JA7107IC nIWOHrrl
Brllllnnt Dlnplny or Buntlne and Fine Ilr
blbltlon FtretrorUa
While Brooklyn contributed lorgelr to the
display In this city It cololrntod tho anniver
sary In its own way Thero was 1 a military pa
rade through some of tho principal streets In
tho morning when tho regiments marched
over to take their places In tho big procession
The Thirteenth Fourteenth and Twentythird
Regiments the Signal Corps tho Third Bat
tery and tho Washington Light Infantry
formed In Clinton and Itcmsen streets under
command of Gen James McLoor of tbo Second
Brigade nnd marched at US A 1 up Pemsen
street to Court street past tbo City Hall nod
thronh Waahlnlton street to tho bridge At the
City Hall Mayor Chnpln and many prominent
oiy o 1 cols reviewed tho moving column The
Thirtysecond anti FoityBoventh ItoKinients of
tho Lantern District pnrndcd down Broadway
totho lloopevelt street ferry nnd reached this
city by boat Iho mombciH of tim Brooklyn
Grand Army posts btnrtud later and wore also
reviewed by Mayor Cbnpln nnd the heads of
The private decorations wero moro general
in Brooklyn estnrday and In some neighbor
hoods where thoro seemiil to be goodnatured
rivalry among the residents tho displays were
Tory line lila reworks In the evening In
cluded public inhibitions on Tort Green vrtuio
there were moro than 100 Rodal featuresnt
North Twelfth street and Bedford avenue at
the Washington lark busn ball grounds ut I
Prospect jilnce and at Bodfoid avenue and at
lrospect Hall In tho evening there IfS n ban
oust given bytlia I Thirteenth i Ilegiment I to their
guests the Washington Light Inlnntry
Thero wasanuuprerodontedly large crowd on
the brldgebut the arrangements toe tile accom
modution of the multitude were BD perfect that
there was no accident worthy of mention A
large number of strangers 10nlou city
over the great span nnd the uniforms of visit
log military organizations woio HI common In
Brooklyn streets Yl81el any nt in this city
Of the decorations In WlUanihburuh and
Greenpolnt nnd every house workshop und
bal bad them nono attracted more attention
than those which were displayed utlnton
churches and of these none showed ruoio
elaborateness In thn richness of display
or moro beauty in tho nrtlstlo blending of
the colors and grouping of tho flag than the
Church of 8t Peter and St Paul in Wylho ave
nue The pastor of the church tho vonernblo
Sylvester Malone superlntondod the work of
decoration Filing from tho splro of the
ohurob wan the American flag which flouted
from It during tho war on occasions of victory <
At the base of tbo spire wore French
flares entwined with the national colors
Streaming from this point down this front
of the church wero broad rod white and
Dine dreamers that wro caught up
nnd festooned about a large oil painting of
Washington which bung above pltntpl en
trnncoot tho edifice louts on folds of cloth
covered tbe sides of the church looped up and
tied with ribbons about the rich stnlnoj glass
Windows theclOEO of tbo solemn high mass
of thanksgiving today the To Doom will bo
chanted by 1 the congregation the chrjlr assist
lug The smaller edifices of tho Italian Church
ot Our Lady of Mount Carmol nnd tho Polish
Catholic Church or tOur Lady 01 Victory were
beautiful In tho simple but tasteful and artis
tic arrangement of decorations
tc arrulomont locortono
A Million Fare From OntBlitem and An
other Million In the Clb
Yesterday was l WR day for travel In tho
opinion of competent judO the greatest that
Now York over hal for over half n million out
siders cnmo on to Manhattan Island und tbo
number tho railroads carried together with
those handled by tbe ferries and those who
crossed tho East River Bridge In both direc
tions was moro than 1000000 with no Borlous
accident In town the Manhattan Elevated
Itallroad carried upward of 1000000 people
and carried them safely
The bridge travel was estimated at 190000
each way Tho ferries brought In ovor 300000
and probably handled nearly 700000 The rail
roads bandied about two and onobalf times
the ordinary number nf 120000 which would
make It 300000 for yesterday Tho grand total
for tbo threo roads using the Grand Central
Station was about 30000 each way or COOOU all
told of which the New Haven road had 25000
This is two and I holt times the regular travel
and about as well as tha road ever did The
rush In tho evening filled the three passenger
rooms like cattle yards and tho pollcomous
clubsand lots of thorn had to bo brought
into pity I would have been far worse if thoro
hind been no fireworks in the evening That
kopt nearly half of tho visitors back until late
trains I
Similar tales mIght be told about tbe othor I
dopote The Long Island Itnllroad carried up
ward GOOOO exclusive of rapid transit traol
but Huporintendant Barton Is used to biiricr
crowds than that I Iho Pennsylvania IIJpr
toni carries JDOOO on an ordinary day It ban
died nearly 50000 yesterday
I may he noted that the travel of yesterday
was mosllv local l Few came from over seventy
five miles away Not 5 000 people during the
first two days applied for rooms and accommo
dations nt the 1 ureuu and judged by thin it
didnt pay the hotel men to establish It just for
tution three days But I Is to be a permanent Insti
Mode llonlly HrBiiliritt After the Klcclrlc
Light Vera Turned On
Conspicuously bountiful nt nlcht and
charming tho nwn ot the crowds out h
cblllni oyo crow s of doors
as much f the gorgeous fireworks was the
elaborate arid unique decorations of Fomo of
tim club houses theatres hotels and publlu
thoroughfares Thin beautiful arch that spans
the lower entrance to Ilflli avenue that Archi
tect Stanford White designed and which bad
been the admiration of nil promcnadorB on
lower Fifth avenue suddenly burst out with n
now splendor nfter dark jest night when the
electric current was turned on at a gIven signal
ntul net the bologtty tires of bunting blitzing
out with tho golden radiance from it myriad of
tiny class bulbs that woro grouped in ornate
profusion over ibo entire Mirfnco of the tri
umphal structure It piouucod u beautiful
effect that caught tho eye of tlio sightseers
afarup tboorowdad tborouchfarcu and brought
thorn In great throngs moro minutely to ex
amino the details of tile artistic Illumination
Throng also gathered on upper ititli ave
ntis to dniln a really Mipurli Illumination
nf the union league Club hnuw nt Thirty
ninth street Tiny electric globs stretched In
seven straight llnui from roof to cellar made
the building conspicuous for nearly amlTaup
and down the avenue There were fortyeight
globes on eseb strip of bunting Those on the
RUth TOUUO fftoado twlfttled whit elt ruuted
rd white and blue hues Two rows on the
Thirtyninth street corner aggregating nearly
100 lights were puro white and made the nigh
luminous with n golden hnro
Thu front of tho fat Mch ln Club just below
I on the same side ot the avenue waj ablaze
with two rows of gill tats extending entirely
across tile building The figures 1780 1880
blazed amid the jets The front of the Hole
Vendomo and tho Marlborough glowed with
countless colored lanterns set In rows along
the window Rill Electric globes burned bill
llantly atop the loworlnz flngFtiifT of the Hole
Brunswick oarlv 2011 electrIc lights ittrotchod
In brllllint rows an each story of Sterns bli
dry Roods building pindo Twentythin
street bright KB day Tim Eden Musfo wn
unlmio with n huge glnbo of light formed of
myriads of tiny oloitilo lights flinty display
od n great tirlgnt star of rod whit and bluo
globes tbnt fliono out over the sidewalk with n
gorgeous glare The Uljou hnd a star and
anchor und Inscription in blazing jots
Hptclnl Thnnk plTlnE Hervlee In Nearly
All thn Churches
VAaIttNaTO s April 30TIm obaorrnnco of
today ns n holiday was gonoral In this city
All tim public buildings antI banks remaIned
closed the entire day Bpeclnl thanksgiving
services were held In nearly all the churches
and the general aspect of the streets suggested
the Sabbittli Centennial nines was celebrated
in nil the Catholic churches at 0 I oclock this
morning with an appropriate sermon In each
The Itev Father Chnpclla occupied the pulpit
nt tit Matthews and delivered a patriotic ad
dress In tbo covirso of which ho said
Fortunately for those people there was at
the beginning ot Independence n man a true
American u Hue Christian without guile
whoso Intolllconcu without perhaps being
what might bo called of the highest order was
superior because ho was endowed with the
rare quality of good sense and with a super
human disinterest for self The speaker paid
n glowing tribute to the memory of Washing
ton and Bpokoof the formation of the Union
which ho said was modeled upon the ex
istence of the Divine being Himself symbol
of the Holy Trinity In the history of
nnmnnlty he said I do not know of a closer
instance of Gods divine government than was
secured by tim Constitution of the United
Iho fey Dr Sunderland presided at the
Union service of the Presbyterian churches
Justice lrake delivered the address lie re
vkwcd the history of the great thanksgivings
or tbo world beginning with that of the lie
brows at the overthrow of the Egyptian In
concluding ho said
My countrymen while wo this day honor
the cbrirnctcr the nos and the memory nt
WashIngton Ipt us realize that Abraham Lin
coln stands Bide by side with him in all great
no > s anti goodness second to him only and
that thus lair In the whole world remember
that It was a Itopubllo that gave to history
thosci two unsurpassed of earths uninspired
The Cnptlf of this city held n union service
nt which several brief addresses < > f a patrlotlo
vein were delivered Thu Lutheran churches
also joined In n union thanksgiving service
At the Central Methodist Church Twelfth
and M streets the llov H Kvese Murray deliv
ered an address In which be said
We have room for 11 hundred millions of
people during this present century but wo
buvo not an Inch of even standing room for the
miserable foreigner who flco 119 criminals
from their own lands and come here to inject
their solfmiido quarrels into our national
bepnrate services were held in six of the
Methodist Episcopal churches at caleb ol which
scvoinl IntercBtlng addresses were delivered
Thin EplBcopollnns celebrated the day na one
in which they had n peculiar and Ineontoatlble
Interest for thus history of the United btatos
nnd the growth of tim Episcopal denomina
tion on this aide of the Atlantic began
nt the pntro period At the Church of the lu
cnrnatton the character of Washington was dis
otiKeed at length ami the many known events
by which the great Virginian was iieuutiflod with
Christianity were retold The spirit of piety
which was in him when bo taught the Justin
children their catechism and tIle devotional
expressions in bis army orders wero argu
ments by means of which tho btnte and
Church became practically one Wuulilncton
wits eulogized as the author of National
thanksgiving services now well established
and IIIB direct Interest In the Episcopal Church
wns testified to by the fact that ho was Senior
Warden nf both Christ Church Alexandria
and Christ Church 1ohick Interesting ser
vices wore also held at ht John s at which the
Hector the lies Dr Leonard presided
A thanksgiving service conducted at the
First Concregntlonul Church by the liov Dr
B M Newman was largely Attended
At the Church of Our Father at 11 oclock the
llov L C Towno of Cambridge Mass deliv
ered an eloquent address on The kilo and
Character Washington gKli
Appropriate thankuclvlnc rind commemora
tive services were hold at the Hebrew Temple
on Eighth fctreet this morning Rabbi Stern
ofilci sting
Under thtlansptces of the Washington Boons
erbund the American citizens of German birth
and ancestry of Washington celebrated the
centennial at Edels Hall Several patriotic
addresses were delivered The German sing
ing societies of the city took a prominent port
In the exercises
AIIInloHc Maple and the ForcotCen Ormya
of the first Treasurer or toe TJnlted State
HOXESDALE Pn April 30It would have
been an appropriate thing to have had among
tbo relics and reminders of Washington and
his time that the centennial celebration of his
Inauguration has brought to light If some ono
had only thought of an old maple tree that
stands In the northeastern corner of Pennsyl
vania and had procured at least a branch ol It
It was from the sap of that tree that the first
maPle sugar used in Washingtons executive
household was made Samuel Preston of Phila
delphia and n former Mayor of that city bad
como up into northeastern Ponnsylvanla to
survey into lots a vast tract of land that Robert
Morris Benjamin Bush Samuel Meredith and
other famous PhiladelphIans of the last cen
tury bad purchased Preston liked the region
although it was an almost unbroken wilder
ness and settled there in what Is now Preston
townshlpWayno county There wore splendid
groves of maples on his tract In the spring
of 1790 bo tapped one of the trees and mado
from its gap a quantity of maple sugar lie
sent a portion of the sugar on a raft down the
Delaware to Philadelphia as a present to Rob
ert Morris Morris forwarded it to President
Washington In New York The first President
used It in his executive household and wrote
a letter to Robert Morris thanking him and
Preston for tbo gift and highly praising the
quality of the sugar That letter is still pre
served by the descendants of Samuel Preston
The maple tree is still standing fresh and vig
orous and has yielded sap for sugarmaking
every year since 1700 having made its one
hundredth flow this spring The old treo from
nil appearances is good for another centurys
This centennial year ought also to be a good
time for people to know that the remains of
ono ot Washingtons first appointees a no loss
distinguished ofllcor under the first Adminis
tration of this Government than Treasurer ot
the United Htutes lie in a neglected fqncotten
anti brnmbleKrown grave in Mt Pleasant
township this county sixteen mile from
HonoHdnle This Is the crave of Bamuel Mere
dith the first United States Treasurer under
tho Constitution Ho was appointed at the re
quest of Alexander Hamilton Washington a
Secretary of the Treasury An autograph let
ter of Hamiltons is I still In I possession of the
Meredith family The following Is a copy of It
T Asunr Orno Kiw y05s Sept la ItHa
Sus i Ptrmltme to csngratult yo Cu yopr appoint
tuicuit a Treiijirr of the Vatted fttatsi 505 to USTC
ytit oh tie hlasure I feel in anitcipating year OOtper
then with me in a station in which a ebariotriik tours
it Id truly rtluable
I need not ub rrv0 to you hew Important RI th
ronshostd Cool the rroaud S coin as peutbfe The
call for tour erelouce you trill b MiuUU u nfffcnt
Mr Ouer iny Miituni ifoei to rh d lphl to vr car
S loan from ibo bank then lit will ooninianlcaii with
you and 1 am peraaadtd will p151 with year concur
reuc In 8bser may acUltait the objtot nf fit
mlulou Wllb clarets < staio 1 am llr your btittol
AuuiDit lluntrox
8 cr tary of the Trtaiury
fiJKLil MmiDiTn Xii
Tyeauror of the Inlteil Slates
Samimal Meredith and his father Bees Mere
dith luul been prominent In the American
cituneqf the Revolution The younger was a
Colonel In time army and a member of the first
Continental Congress lie and his father eacn
spent a fortune In aiding the cause u contribu
tion of fJSuoa by the latter to be used In par
trig soldi irs durtrig the darkest hour ot tbo
liotolutlonlmvlnKgono far toward lenorliiu
the oonfldence of the army Samuel Mereclltbi
wife was Miugaret Heed u jnmou Phll del
phla belle He served at Treasurer triLlIng
both of Waahlngtonti terms of ofllco tfej AT
feigned In IhOl during the lust months of Jet
rnntonH tint administration Joflureon wrote
him us follows
MniiirKUo kept 4 lOll
PHI SIs 1 received ytittrday your favor ot Au 98
rpdrntnir row wrce of Trej urero the foiled Buial
after irie mail l of October next I am sorry for fbi air
ooiuiuncei which JlcUte tbe mf ama is yog i bm from
their nature ana the < leliWr ie couildenlloo or which
II eetnii tu U Uia rieult 1 pieitifQ that dliaoaatvMoa
2127 PUI Qald hIs vtlD fll 9tT > tfti A41 4atnJflytJIJ
not been each as to bring me Intoaalotlm tMlni1
th rrocMdlon of the Sorst l d tiartmnV > bat
ante hazard oolhlni when I leturrln your MorJ
yon ban cmilucitd yoirxJf with peil ci in Va nit
rroprlrty In the dutieS of its crete you bass m if
1 ray Ton to be assured ot my hlili citron inf
ti4Orato lllolu Jitt4
It was durIng the time that h was Treat t
of the United States that tie became lntsrs
with hlohert IoVrts arid uionisnuin Hush i tsi t
fluirchnsief rio lards lii northoimi V n rlvnii
visited ths locality several times
fimiaily determined to build hIm a resii5nce
the sytlilornoiss and retire fronu public life ha
CIOteI an imposing mansion in 3ioutup
flit township which ho caed lielmant
lived there wltlihla family from ltd
1817 when ho died and was buried on h
tate lie was 70 years old It lurid U9
desire to build a town around him at
laid one out but ho ocuull not indure
to take ui the land anut 1ul lone settlers
tho wiluleynets is today the only bullhe iflflitt i
otulyinit the sits
MrB Iereditiu died a few yttars allot her iuij
bnnilji death and WAS burled by his silo rV
fninlly booAme 8CAttore l anti Belnionl
Into the hnnilH or strangers The criKi
Khmuel Meredith and hlswlfohsdbeeniar erases c
bv simple marble slabs but the smot foil niarked
nepkct iinil Is tedny but n will Srow h into of
arid windB Mrs Merediths l fatnilt
moved her remains to llilMelihlao ro
go und at that time thin residents of lieutsat
Mount village two miles from Holmont
itn effort to hnvn MiredlthB crave muitntiy
uiiirked riml rcscuod from oblivion l
on but tie
offtirl full id and In this contcnuUI sear of IhS
Goveriim bt of the first ndmlnl trmlon ot
which he ivos n conspicuous member there
main of tbo llrst Trensurer of the UniM
Htntoft at pointed tn oflico by WnMilnglonisJ
reward iii Imnluab services u the triini
tlmv of the I llevolutlon lie in n sunken twd
hidden uivmarkcd grave in nn minted lonVlr
Shell 00 tInt Pennsylvania luountulns
DmKiiLY Maw April inTiu centennial
was observed hero n ngon rnl holiday fpeVJi
Union riiitlouB Horvlcis worn held nt i1 i lint
orlili Meotinir UOUKI This tier Orihcuiv
Lanpheitn P 1 > ciflivored nn Interesting sdl
dross He spplo of the pervious belt In this
Hume church 100 years ego and eulogteed me n
who took tart In that surviee mon who ware
mhiForn of nphlntton nnd vvhnpe names
have boeb soclnteil with the history ot this
countrr Tofopli McKean was hector Sal
among the vpr hlpor wore Ceo Cabot Israel
Thorndlkoi i Nathan bay Joshua Fisher anti
thoio patrtoao merchant who Dexlged their
tom tunes to the Infant rnmibllc Htsan Brown
Leo nnrt Mtovpns Tnl churcli was built IB i
1770 ant e lands In the same position and with
but slight i iterations today
sioitE RKLATjrxs lIP iri nvorox
A Fmtlr3nt ilrndounl by the Oottnnlal
RICHMOSP April 28Mr Jcffprcon Dvls
a few days o wrote to Dr J J WashlcRtoa
of HnndnboDo Miss requesting him to furnish
a list of the members of the Washington family
not mentioned by the Centennial Comraittca
In coyly be received the following
Jfr Jfffrrton Davit
UKAVBHI 2 acooptveryjrratolullyyourklrd
offer to liresent the names of my family to this
Now YbritCaiitpuulnl Committee for tiiouchlt
IB moro to our tasto to belong to the utironre
Rented majority I agree with you that as
children of circumstances it may bate
becomes our duty to deny the aster
tion ttott w > t have no existence The very
Loneid who are invited CUOM era the
presont owners of Auillcy blue aumeestuuii home
of ray ertttidffther whoso descfndants are
legion Mr fnthor Fairfax Wuhhlnmon va a
desconcTjint of Laurunco the immlcrunt br th
or of Jivbn aucpBtor of barge WaBhlnittou
My fathers surviving children are Louisa
Glassier Mrs U II Hull of St Louts Warner
Barah JFalrfax Martha Mrs 11 a iW
font nUto Mrs W A Whltlngl John
I Jfaryl Herbert Batty Warner aol Rest i
Jlnmlltoi j Miss Itlddingerof tile Pass Christi
lMisel l Institute is a front crnnddnuuhtero
Dr Sam pal biothcr of Oeorco WaHblngtoa
Hut I forbear Uuurtln Wnshlagton leaven un
mentlonc U very many and the most prominent
even of time Virginia Wnshlngtons notable
illlam painter of The Burial of Lntanc
and the family including the Fairfax anil
Whltlni Iranchos are BO numerous through
out the Hiwth and Southwest that but for their
character Intio nona itottlveness the bit
names enrolled would be amazing
Use tithe statement an yon think approprlst
and accept our reverend thanks for you
thoughtful kindness Yours very truly
HASP3BOEO April 23 18S9
Orjcanli tlo of JIolt to Flno Old Xamct
The Wards Artrm and Arlcmui
In tIn room in which Washington tool
heave of his Oonerals in Frauncea Hotel w
nor Broad and Pearl streets these descendaiu
of Revolutionary heroes assembled yesterday
morning to orcanlzo a National Association at
hoBona of the Revolution Paul Revere ol
Sew Jersey J H FItzgerald ot West Vlrginm
Luther L Tarbell II C Upham and Clarence
B Ward of Massachusetts Andrew J Wood
man of Delaware Frank 8 Starr Franklin E
Bunt and Timothy DwIght nod Lucius P
DetaIning of Connecticut G L Callowxy ot
South Carolina James 0 Crcsnap Maryland
W L and Georffo W Olll of Ohio Amos Bu >
low of West Virginia Gains Paddock of lilt
soarl Charles a Pac of Alabama Col 3
Gronvill Loach of Pennsylvania G B Abbott
of Illinois W O McDowell John J Ilubell
George B Habiteod and J C Pum pally of Now
Jersey Mr W O McDowell was elected too
porarr Chairman and J C Pnmpolly Beer
After a oommlttao bad been appointed to
prepare a plan for organization and a set of
bylaws Mr Ward of Massachusetts was called
to speak The a ntleman Ja a descendant of
Gen Artemop Ward of the Matsachueeltn col
ony forces and was ta command ot all the
forces until the arrival of Washington livht
referred to the part his slro took In the wartJ
Closed by oaying
Many people thought the genial humorist
Artemus ward waa a member of our uall y
Mo was not As the aEsomiiuon ofthe nui
of the old Ooneral annoyed us weoeq the
humorist nfiont It and ho said When
the name i did not know tho Genernland
then when told ho was ono of the llevoluuoiv
miry GeneralB ho said Well thais the lint
knew of it yonthral eduoatlonsadly neglected
But see here Ill do the best wing I eon forth
old hero I cant very well ahnnpe my name
tow bat Ill put u in tie name Artomaaand
drop the a
Tke Content 0r m Pantone Qpasbpp
mm 154 San mnciico gaarmnar
BOBTOK April 13Thogishoppetsph1cb
for 147 rears has marked the vacilations
the Wind from rita perch on the tower
1anoutl Bali anj one day liftweek topple
Into the street ww restored to tho Coene of his
91017 this afnooiwth OtQbing oeremo
J ither ieurtn it i
fpundthatthelonl nc by he wfndj
stormsTiadroljbed off tho twxThlnd lens i9lotIr ieenU
battered lie was pro I t reuup be
glass Optics Wjro proj two moro legs were
tacked on and to finis pbjirpporiyhewaf
ncatea in no nW 5It or OiO l t his wai
fitted out O1 i te insiae tyin itI care sail
when a byi one or eannon iall fired by some
enemy In tn e next 0ntu7kxjook nirtdo5
ncaip a ver Interevuna oolleot curiosities
WtU M dlS00Ta
Th retv iro p1 ifm oot o sto
laperi coins
ran lo flobt
as the Tin tLbatlse ct oa on
turantl4m4ue 1ias Qu e
TjjQ OrIIIIM grUAbPPPe VM mpftd P
b hern JJOWfl3 tiltimlthi ooze pf
deieudatJ law tile grt1JioPtu0r P
Exaptioi itd s4
hoes tc
Eldr Ompop the fewous TJu1vcrZ
proaIm who 816d some yeejl agi was QnOI
asked to marry a OoupJ WhO6 r5UgiOtlS sIS
wer6 et vas e witI bl WI 48et Ue CO
n the b a one p de tjre
aoa4ip e fin
yoti remem eryxnarried meT1 the mU
1 J
h4s tn54 idUjironWJbflii1
ave tojd so
ireon you was rUbt
Aa Eel Cold Price
frtn Utt BoniitaU Html
Tho employees in nartannra meat marXrt
en Friday afternoon last were greatly mysti
fied and somewhat alarmed by strange D9IS
In the large refrigerator attached to the ofltau
Ishmont Ucon opening tile doors n tie ellvof
> el < Was found m possession Jlounuleflflg ana
Jopplng around It was he of Lhi
U rJVMLUJJt HH1 UMU as Ifc it HB 114V owner v > fu
ranch It was no matob however for tn <
butcher boys and In i a few minute Its four fee
lineal measurement turned the scales St 7
pounds Upon examining the ice tbe trfO
Imprint of toe coiled eel was found In the iit2J
e t crystal block U is supposed thai in omj
waya frequent oconrencdthe n h beeap
embedded fn tbe blocjc and f e ap
ot iieJi ndlerB until nboiilij br t

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