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IDbe Uu
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I tendon ctnee ff Tilt Pci IIOltl l Victoria orthntn
terland aTtn Address Aaiiitat Ilmiiunr sole repre
ss 1 In London
I I AdtcrtiBtmnIB jor TllE WrEKM SUN
IMUt < omorrotp nijniwff tniMi be hndtti
I tn thia rraiwff dorr I six uclodi
I The actual cent nlry or thn Inauguration
I of WASHINGTON and tho establishment our
I present form of tfovornwont wna celebrated
yesterday I wns tho tvecond day ot the na
I tionnl glorification In this city Tlio sky was
cloudy In tim forenoon but nt 1 oclock
brilliant Bunsliltio bnthcd tin streets Tim
celebration IKVMII I with sonIces In n major
Ity of the churches accompanied by general
bell ringing In the church uplres lit tho tlmo
when tho rieshieiit and tho distinguished
guest ot tho city tilled old Ht Pauls Church
in recollection of Sen WASHINGTONS devo
tions thero ono hundred years before Tho
lllRht Roy JJIsliop IoTTEn delivered an wl
I drenS which Is bound t attract attention
for reason of Ha plain language upon our
national moinls
Tho distinguished church congregation
wont next to a platform on tim steps of tho
SubTreasury tho Hun of tho building In
which WABiitxaiox took the oath us 1iesl
dunt Thorn Dr KTortna Invoked a ble nliifr
a pooiu by Wmrnnii was road Mr CHAUN
CKY SI DrEw delivered an oration and
Archbishop ColtitidAN pronounced tho ben
ediction At this time tho greatest military
purado over ieeii In time or lIe lce In this
country was In progress In llrundvvay and
Fifth avenue I was reviewed by tho Iros i
1 Idont nt Madison square Thorn were fifty
thousand men In line nearly forty thousand
of thorn being In military uniform
At night tho dinner at which Gen WASH
INGTON was the honored guest of tho city a
century ago was celebrated by a royal ban
quet for 800 persons In tho Mctropolllan
or the house
Opera Iloutn urn decorations o
mill of tho tables arc said never to hnvo been
equalled In this country
They Should Sot Go Ahead
Tho City Hall Is i tho handsomest public
building In Now York Though low as com
l > niod with modern structures It Is a speci
men of architecture or which wo have good
4 iwison to bo proud Tim Park In which It Is
situated was also in Its original form a sym
metrical pleco of ground very well adapted
1 to fhovv oft that fine building at its best I
In the or tho
was a large open placo paitof
town where It was moat needed by tho grow
ing population and especially on occasions
lllto tho present celebration
Hut lter having been curtailed In tho past
to that little of It now remains a Commis
sion Is at work to devlso plans for a mon
strous sliuctuio to cover I very considerable
part of what has been l saved < l Their Inten
tion Is to put up I building extending from
Chamber street down to 1 line parallel with
tho front of tho Hall tho
tl0 frolt City Inl on easterly
sido of the lurk I is to bo 160 feet by 400
feet and seven stories high Tho view of tho
City in that Hall direction therefore will bo cut off completely
In other words thin project Is to block up
tho northottstetn end of tho Park with a i
building as hugo and us high as the lust
onico at tim southern extremity leaving
only a email unobstructed spate between
Ihis new Htrupturo Is I to come wlthU fifty
feet of tho City Hall and will accordingly
tower obovo it that the older
nlmo I PO tmt building
will appear cry squat in comparison
A proposition inure offensive to good taste
and moro outrageous In every way Is hardly
conceivable Theiu has grown up of recent
years a atm nag public sentiment against any
further encroachments on tho park areas In
tho lower parts of tho town moro especially
The delI < is rather for additional breath
ing places for vast as tho pleasure grounds
lately acquired by the city may bo they will
hover satisfy the dally I needs of that great
part of tho population who will always ho
crowded In the districts south of fourteenth
Httiet Yot authority has now been obtained
from the Legislature to reduce the open amen
of tho downtown park which Is most requi 1 i
site for the public uses and to destroy Its I
remaining beauty
There is also no excuse whatever for such
vandalism A now municipal building Is need
ed beyond a doubtbut there Is no necessity for
erecting It there In tho immediate vicinity
of tho City Hull two Bites admirably adapted
for tho purpose are obtainable the one
owned alioody in largo part by the city and
time other purchasable at a moderate price
Hut tho cost of tho land la of small account
ns compared with tho many millions which
will 0 laid out on tho building Ily defacing
and destroying tho Park and ruining tho
effect of tho City Hall a venerable and beau
tiful construction llttlo pocunlaiy gain will
b made I tho solo objectls to save money
why did not tho pi elector of this monstrous
enterprise obtain authority from tho LegIs
lature t will off tho rest of tho open space
of tho lark to defray the oxpeiiBoof their
huge structure V They would thus hnvo
committed only somewhat greater outrage
against tho public mil probably they could
have pushed their wicked bill through at Al
bany tho same
But no moro buildings of any kind nro re
quired in tho Park Too many are thero
already Tho City Hall must remain the
Post Office cannot bo got rid of and tho
Court Houso Is too vast a pie to bo taken
down Jut when tho criminal courts are
provided for on Centre street tho ugly
brcrwnBtono building on Chambers street
can b removed and by placing tho new
municipal building on Tryon row or next to
te Brooklyn Bridge it would bo possible to
sweep away the old Hall of Iteeords and
the structure at tho easterly corner of the
Park Then thorn would remain only tho
City Hall time Court Jfouao and tho Post
Office and the open space lessened as it
might bo in comparison with what It origin
ally was would still bo much Increased from
what It Is
Tho Commissioners have tho authority of
lew ts do otherwise and to carry out tho
monstrous conception of further encumber
ing the Park with I building ICO feet by tO
feet but public opinion should assort Itnelf
by demanding that they refrain from oxer
clfllnff a power so outrageous
J ho Wellbred Man
I ilr STurviNANT FISH has been placed In
an exceedingly unfortunate position Neither
by disposition nor by education nor which
II i of less consequence by social position Is
lie fitted to Biuveed Mr WARD MoALisrnn
I Is conctlvablo that Sir SIcAuifvnji In
his ndmlnlHtrutlon of tho part of tho cen
tennial function Intrusted I to him might
have made homo slight mistakes hut no one
will for a moment allege that Sir SlrAtLiH
TKIIH conduct would have been l other than
that of a wellbled man I
Mr FISH which Is In tho nature of n
prlvito misfortune Is the President of a I
railroad company and Mr l FISH which Ibln
th > > mint m ire of n public calamity I Is the Chair
man of tho Centennial Entertainment Com I
4 1
j mttlco Mr Finns methods of administer
Ing his railroad have failed of tho public r
conlldonco of his unfortunate
spect and or tho conlhlnleo
ante stockholders and have conformed close
ly with his performance of his centennial
dullest Ho has run his road for pilvnte and
personal end and with an eye to nolf
aggrandizement at tho oxponso of Innocent
and unprotected persons It cannot bo sue
cfssfullv contended that to do so Implies I a
gentlemanly course ot proeedmo I Is dis
tinctly bad form and irreconcilable with tho
habit and Instinct of a gentleman Sir Mo
AMIRTKII wouldnt do It
In tho same Illinois Central codo of social
alhlcft the Haiilmnnlzlng of the centennial
has been successful Sir FISH has put tho
whole Hoard of Directors of his railroad Into
tho most conspicuous places Ho has run time
centennial for them Just o I It was tho rem
nant of a pluudotcd railroad Instead of a
spontaneous outburst of I most delightfully
publlo and patriotic nature
Now wo Bubmlt In tho gentlest conceiva
ble spirit of exhortation that this Is not a
nice or delicate thing t do j that It Implies
a too abrupt departure from tho lino that
gentleman would adhoro to and that It be
trays neither a sensitive perception of tho
equities and decencies of life or of time duty
and responsibility of the position Mr 1e
AtUBTrit for instance never would have
dono such a thing
No gentleman invited to tho discharge or
al honorniy public trust would wo think I
permit himself to convert Its powers to tho
satisfaction of his pi Ivito and personal ani
mosities nnd tho lawuullnir of his business
associates The spectacle of time conversion
to private uses and to tho payment of sple
netic debts of tho property belonging to tho
unhappy Btockholdoirt I of a lallroad Is i only
too familiar but one would suppose tlmtun
Imitative regard for time superficial attributes
of a gentleman would debar 1 person from I
Importing thc practices of 1 financial abat
toir Into the administration of an honorary I
function Sir MuArijl4Tril could
public runcton I MCrLIRTln olll
never do such a thing Ho wouldnt know
how to do It
homo people are born to a decent knowl
edge of tho conventions of life and other
hi spIte of tho best examples and tho best
opportunities never become anything moro
than automatic gentlemen As Biich they
got along very well up to 1 certain point
but In any unduo circumstances their Intel
lectual gear gobo out of order and they bo
como the easy prey of their own inclinations
and appetites
Herr Doctor btucbcl
This gentleman as Imperial German Con
sul tho first and worst Instrument
at Apia was Illt wort Instr
ment of the Out man policy looking to tho
ultimate absorption of tim Samoan Islands
Tho baio fact that ho of all mel hat just
boon sent back to his old place at Samoa to
supersede tho recalled and rebuked Consul
KNAilH outweighs In significance all tho
bland assurances of respectable intentions
that are coming to us from Berlin
On November 10 18St Dr STCEnci and
King StALinroA signed I n convention for
the purpose of Becuiing time benefits of good
government to Germans resIding In Samoa
Time Kings signature as ho afterward de
clared was obtained by misrepresentation
and threats Within three months under
Dr SrcEBEtis direction tho German forces
In Samoa took the llrst stops toward over
throwing the Independence of the islands
An account of tho transaction front tho
German point of view was fumished early
In 1B35 to tho Hambutg Xacliricliten bya cor
respondent on board of tho manbfvvar
Albatropo This was transmitted to our State
Department by Mr Iso then tho Ameri
can Minister at Berlin with these comments
The original I appeam to bo a carefully written ac
count of the transaction by aperson otlleeror private T
on board the Uerman war vessel 1 Albatruns hose force
In connectloii with tho Consul tSw ecU committed the
airre8 lon The promot presence of the pUutation ro
cult Indicates a complot The present account
leave I the transaction to be considered a an unwar
rantable amult omen the ludiDcnOence of the igauds
Time newspaper account furnished to our
State flopcrtmcnt by Sir KASHON In its es
sential parts was as follows
Early on the morniiir ot the J n4 of Januarr large
flag aI was constructed by luHtilov par together A
landluc force wa4 summoned the dock and In ud
dltlon to the ordinary equipment Has furnished with
twenty rounds of tartridced Iho bouts ImUni been
brought alongside the Captain llflnd the veil that hid
hitherto enveloped these mysterious proceedings by In
forming the force that tl was intended to compel Imnr
IUL1BTOA to perform the obgUonurrllo lie liar
Inc after repeated demand either from weakness or
hostility failed to do so In view of thc e Nets the Ocr
mon empire feels compelled In order to secure Its do
rounds to neia Lenin Itttchlav l blegrtl for the present
the territory known n the inunlciptl domain The AC
tion to be taken had for Us object this and the Uontinz
of the German war llaK nn the tlom itn In question as an
external sijin I Only In case llio matinee Miould tUht
would hostilities be adopted on the German Hide So
one wa to make use of liU weapons uniefl expressly
ordered do so by an olllcer
Tlio force wan then landed anti mirrhfd for about
fifteen minutes to tile boundary of the Mnf residence
cnlleil > lu i liiuu About iklay men were halted before
n little frame hnus beloncllik to tile irman 1luntu j
lion Huclety and furmerl txcuiieit by m the Hiticiitn
self but more rtttntly by nme of hit rtl tlons During
the I short Internal i that folloued the Atiierkun Olin rut
llrth Consulx mu well as his Famouii iajeemy n ere notified
of what was to taLe mare I This halni been done nn I
Hlththo accompaniment of arms prltentnl and 1 of a
further address by the Captain the lirrmau ii ar Ilii
ivan raUed all I clock in the momiiiif and iloated bur
rlly in the fresh inornliiic breuri
Treientat lute solemtiUy i cre In adlitlon tomr
force the lerntan Utuul ihTLinti tho chief nf the
1 Untatlonitetllement and the larger part of the white
perronr < el of the tame and also about sixty lj jck
laborers f the Ilantatlon Soi Ii tv tine Utter in entice
ale anil Irrjtiliped with broad knlvew uco orhatclutu
Trees Were felled my I I o Uttrr find the frame hou
com old Into A Mnnll fort w turIn Win kurrounilrd by n
line of pots ilecorjted wliti mini lutloiml rotori A I
guard Ukept 1 there conmatitl und rcvularly relieved I
the mug Is t rained every morlilnir amid 1 r1 nit ninnei
A srtem ot slifnatlllifr I etueen the hf and I ort hlir
moored to be uhed In capo of neo
On lanuiry n ins I 1nrnid by heanay a further
communication was received from tine Hint by the jir
man Consul In which he annouii rr hj purpose of aealn
howtlll hag II llulluuu lie Hits nrubjbly drlicn to
thl lap by the American and Ilinllili Consuls ni ho
himself tiojt very little energy and m those tfentlenen
bestow upon our acquisitions A K > mpatuy by no meHiis
friendly lr Sninii answer me I brltllr and Icrnclr
that as soon an the Samoan lair fhall hey been rai 101
an armed patrol will meh into Mulinuu nod uuke tine
Kink a pr saner
1 hil utterly unjustifiable and outiagoous
Invasion of Samouii territory by German
sailors acting under tine oidiis of Dr brtn
jint was glossed over fur Sir HAYAIIDH
benellt by the customiiiy positive assur
minces voluntarily given as Sir HAVAUD
benevolently I I piochilmeil I tliat time C PIUII
Govoinmcnt hiu no diblio or Intcntloiito
Interfere with time autonomy of limo 111 p
Sltnultanoously time lirltlsh I Consul Inlorinod
his Govoinmcnt that a lobrlllon in Samoa
was being instigated by Wnint Dr Srur
nriH piedccrhsor as Coiifiil
I learn I that WKPKK I constantly urging the rebel
party to appoint without delay their Uoitrnment oil
ecu ao that when the tao Uerinan men of nar which
lie tell them are daily expected nine thvy will bu found
In a fit stale for recognition clroumht nice I have not
Ibo iitnilIet doubt will take place should tine tlJuhtest
cxcute present llself The rebel natives themselves do
not hellute to counter U Ki name with oil l tlulr
iiioicmciils uhlcluiiaVcsltktll more dinicult to tin
airine how Ibo lerman Consul IMCKSfcti I can be Ignorant
uf VV vsKit s share in the rebellion
I have lately melted leveril letters written by tin
rebel chiefs to various parts of mine island also luto I h1 1
fornurdcd me eilraris from other lot sent to Induce
the neople to Join them m In all or them tieriiun annnn
patliy Is I assured as an lucement to join mine I mew
movement anl the ptople art tailed upon to make
common caue analint I Luau There Is I not the
Ithtesi doubt that the rebels thoroughly Identify her
many with ilitlr uioTtmtnt that without Uericau In
t 1 t1 < I
centlre It woolS never hare eTliteiv ad thet t If Oer
man eneouraitement wee illncontlnueil I would fade
Two months later SlALinroA addressed a
pathetic appeal to tho Emperor WILLIAM
Vly heart li troubled together with that of my Joy
eminent that our Government has not continued to
protper on account of the hindrance raised by Vlr
VV iftii Will your Majeny kindly observe that these
are not the only scheme which Mr Wnin hat been
plotting against us li ut his schemes began A mug
time since when In llrst took the position of German
Consul In Samoa The present Consul hr l > stvuiru does
not know the customs of nnr Island and he gicee 1 heed
to the words nnd Incorrect ntntemunU ot Mr W eo
and turns away lilt conntenvife from me and my low
eminent on I the two Consuls hnglninnl aol the Inlted
Statesnf America and Vlr heinu hM teen completely
nuccessful In innilnt the mind of the Consul I Sruiisiii
evil disposed toward uo
therefore write to your Vlae tv and earnestly and
humbly beseech you to rtMiiovo this gentleman I t > r
sire nrtito Gernnn old appoint another upright
mil like < apt XIIMCII tn aei A German Consul In
Bimot anl tint u will foreigners and Mamoans be 0
peace In I our Islan U and the bood of Samoans will no
more be shed I humble myself and hope you will ac
cept this my prayer
Tlio reply to this protest of an oppressed
ant Innocent monarch came a few months
later and It camn through Dr STurnnij
Capt DAY of the United States mauofwar
Mohican tolls tho story
December Ml HS I the Herman Consul RrcEI n
on act reprisal according to his statement attached
tho riginme of MtUKtoA m with the municipality of Apia
mtdirlcrel him to haul dO1 the Samoan Ha < at line
Gowrnnient Home vunrrot refined and I armed
forrefrom the Herman man of war Albatross lauded and
Thus WM Insult added to Injury deliberate
affront to outrage About the same tunic an
Interview occurred between tho German Ad
miral tho German Consul and tim German
puppet rebel and protonder TAMABCSE At
this meeting TAMASKHI was addressed by Dr
SiurnnL In tho following language as re
pot ted by the llcv Sir PHILLIPS nn English
Our opinion Is I that It is h to make known our joy
today at this Interview I Is masmltlceut We will mite
our best endeavora with tho great Government as repro
Dented bj our two Consuls at Apia that they may ev
tend their protection the Government Only continue
to be patient and do well the work of the Government
10ur Majesty Tiuixi TinA TAHHMK Is I strong indeed
Jio not be anxious There Is I nothing further to fear lie
not troubled There will be no more lighting The pro
tect n of the Government of Germany Is decided UI > OI
And not long after this extraordinary as
sertion to time pretendcrTAMAsrsi DrSrur
IIUL signed being then somewhat under
pressure by tho representatives of England
nnd the United States n statement that ho
had never In any way recognized TAMA
fcnuE as King I of Samoa I
SruiniuL was gone and I BrCKcn was on
deck when tho outrages briefly exhibited In
tho foregoing narrative culminated in tho
Gorman declaration of MAIII
Germnl dec1rlon war against IALIJ
TOA and thc arrest deportation and im
piKoument of that King But it was Dr
SlUEiintj that took tho lust steps and it Is
Dr Srunnutj that Germany now selects to
go back to Apia while piolesting that it has
no further Intentions of aggression and I
whilo complaining with delicious audacity
because our Government has sent to the
Berlin Conference Commissioner lAT and
Consul SEVVALI two Americans who have
spoken plain words about Samoan affairs
and who have told the truth about German
performances thero 1
1 A Boycott
The lKlCeprtK8 of Uochester one of tho
bcit novvspapiis in this countiy Is under n
boycott The socalled CVntial Labor Union
of that town has sent out a circular request
lug Id UNiis lo cease advertising In thu
paper on pain of being boycotted themselves
Tho IOTOII for the boycott is I not stated
and it is i Illllctill to imagine a toleinblo
ono Time l > xtlrprt < Is singularly just
and fair and w < > have never peen anything
in its colunuu at which any sclfiospccllng
man shouldtake otTonco
Our contemporary hits taken legal advice
nnd nut that evtiy mal ontcintd in is
suing tills ciitulnr tutu writer the printer
the somtdem and thin men who voted for It
every Individual scoundrel is liable to in
dictment Sloreover every one of them Is I
guilty of libel all open to piosocutlon for
libel and such piosceutions wo are told
arc at oiico to bo set on foit A list of somo
among tine principal managers of the boy
cotting socIety is i published and everyone
of them IH oltlnr a Itofhester ofllcohoidcr
whom tho Ivutllxprcni has had occasion to
ctltid 01 else Is I connected with a rival
This Is 1 n shameful thing and very In
jurious to tlio cnu o of organized labor
When Labor Tnloii is l made use of by poli
ticians to plinth a frccspokon journal I or to
promote either side in tho ilvultlcs of busi l
nos competition tim honest wot klngmen aro
dligraeed < I and contempt is cast upon time
piojior purpose i for which they aro organ
1ed i Tho couiaKious and manly y novvspapcr
which I is 1 liasdied K I not n In imm aged by I time boy I
cott Indeed it Is lather helped for Inde
pendent citlens and all parties at once rally I
around It 1 + and tho boycott Is 1 BIMIII lived down
11r I fin gotten I Is I only i tho voikingnien i
whom ltuupinnd blundeiersdupe and mis I
lead thai suffer from it peimitnontly
< OICI Ht lonlt I 1 IrohlliltlonNts i
Tho President hrs niipoliitod < ns Supeiln
tejiilentdf Iiidiin Si hook the t llcv DAXIIL
I iliiiuriii n I m t n I D 1 of 1 lloiton Thesalniy
is I siuj with travelling pxpxnscp mid the
liit till mIni out isa I lImo HIIIIIIUIT joule >
to Alaska
Theio are two I things I I m I which tender this I
appointment intlier I Inteietlng Unu It I
lliit t I wan ninilc by leu U vrijisox in1
oiiling In limit statement of the llonlon
1 idtn solely at tlm siif i etlon ot Col
KIPAJI I ilAinuii I I Uho other t i it that I Dr I
I bmilirm iut K I tlm I eler ymaii who iou
durteil thi PiohlMtionlMt lampalgn In tlm
rommlciHn ieiiioeditiiial column of lie
Ilii > > luii Jiiiirinil dlllg i I i I the nvrnt canvass
Ills view on the subject of piohlbltion
npjieii to lo I identlial with thoo of Posl
miisieitieneial m AVASviiAKril
Im thcn dlvvihon of time nuinoious ecu
tpiinlal ltiKUH 1 who urn < ruvvilliic tine hIgh h >
wDsof 1 Now You k us vvcill l i as for lie t lumni mIle
ion i tonI > iMHsiinuiit of HID llioii > nnil < of Now
i Ol lnns I vvhollml la the vntloiis tlioatrus jilnM
to n 111 < ilrtihU > ntlii inniiiiuuri of tliu illy
oiler lltli I I 111 I an ii a mono mtl n 111 y of enter
tiiliiniuiit t or tlio llfiiuti iluj houses widen
mo lids VTeuk clovotul lo diamatlu porlotni
oncLM lot lin lulling llio buuilluil alt tho
atios tiii iti IJI unlm g Ilul m written I by
Ainorlcitiii Al threuof t tho lh i troll tniitynt du
KMiitlv I of > 1 liiKland I hlu I ind h tractor
itt a lmrrnumt l Ouch iii r t Ito mini tlm Uirk of n
deter Aiiiirloiin vuinati Jlrs IlivSiFK
AIIrl ul WUIIII lls lI iFH
HOIUIKON I i Hi IMI i lKlcn I iiii mitt at another
Sir luouX I UIAIII < UemliMla m m IH to bu
toen anil u nInny I ilocilptlvn of i n r olllclal lIfe In
Vablilnito < i IB en rent 111 tliinl
1 I Is a i oncnlil I thciiio I for mess I mule t writers
and for timoo vliu ilnl lll limit imeaifliirliii m
In thin inoxiiit lo liiiorn vhut thut illlogu to
bo tho dec tdenee nil Ih i A uiiorimmni 1 drama and
toHpenkln i tuims of grout iniF Uini i riiinl
lung mice Iltllu of iimnu thoutro In thii country
lint I juileiiii j i fi i omit tho 110gm ni mimes now of
Kruil In New York tho > iiblu < ta tu for what Is
St ruing II I Aniorlian llio I mill I cii tractor Is sult
ntilv huiilinl at tliu thuntioi and haH lienii
nnipiy buHainiit h > tlu MUIDMUUO acioiiluil to
tho4uila > a vvhleh are mot thorouuhlr American
of limo lIre thoatroK which are dovoied this
week to thopresontatlon of dramas not writ
vu nn
I ten by Americana three are given over to
tho presentation br American artists of
tho work of foreign drnmatlsts Tho on
turtalnmont given bv HOSINA VOKRS at
Dftljs Is of course KnullMi In subject and
troatmont and It Is I somewhat romarkablo
that with this slnRlo exception the only
theatre of tho fifteen now catering to city pat
roimKo tho only ono In which tho forvlcos of
I an American company mint given for a perform
ance of a toitfn play Is conducted by a mnn
nlor who tat ont I far from hopeful vlovv of tho
future pro n > ets of American plays As Ills I
there Is much to Interest our vlsltots and It Is
ploaslnc to reflect that although no special
effort baa loon made In that direction by our
theatrical managers tho inlays which aro pre
sented are most of thorn ijulto In koopliurwith
tho national chnractor of this ook and are
Koncrally of American manufacture
Is thieve any other country besides our own
In all tint world that has hail a tiersonnco In Its
history whole lice object of such universal ad
miration among Its peoplo as GFonoEWASH
States INOTON Is among tho peoplo of tho United
Iho 1 news from Oklahoma Is moro satisfac
tory than it was during tho rush In tho early
las of lust week Thcro Is good order every
whoro in tho Territory and tow bronchos ot
ttto peace are reported from any tart of I
Tho novvcomors are filing tholr claims at tho
land ofllcos as rapidly ns posilllo anil the con
flicts of rlal claimants dunrter sections nnd
town lots aro being settled by law limo thou
sntndsofalnenittmrorswhmohlavo boon dlsRplollt
cd In tholr hopes ate seoklnc now fields OHO
whero or lire rotutnlnc to tho places from
which they came Looking at it In Its larger
appocK the otthimnoimt 01 Oklahoma has boon
carried on In an ndviintncpotis way during tho
past ton lays farco crops will bo raised thero
this year flinch thoro will bo busy time In tho
ninny towns that are being built at convenient
Never before did Now York city hold so
man of tho dIstinguished men ot tho United
Mates as may bo scon hoio lu HIOPO centennial
days mon who fire distinguished In till tho
walks and wars ot American life
Gen SlEltltlTT I Is doing good work pre
venting tho disappointed Oklahoma boomers
Jrom seizing any of time Indian lands In tho ro
glen known ns the Cherokee strIp Ho has
displayed the utmost resolution and v ielliince in
hlaaotlon on this Btibjoct In his hitost order ho
announces that his troops will extol all Intrud
ers upon tho strip < that I record of their
names will be kept with a view to their being
deprived of tho right of entry should tho hinds i
over bo opened to lot mont This Is the
proper 1 course to bo pursuod undor tho circum
stances and thus far no trouble has arisen
from it
Wo have further news from Buenos Ayrea
concerning tho extraordinary rush of Italian I
and Irish Immigrants to limo Argentine Itcpub
lie They aro welcomed by limo Government
which aids thorn In Incline land upon which to
settle and also by tho natives who are lookIng
forward to au era of prosperity through thin de
velopment of the resources of tine country
They are introducing now industries into tho
republic nnd itrs furnishing larger supplies of
labor than have over before leon procurable
thero jet wages nro rising Instead of fnlllntr
limo Immigration to Iluono Ayros this year
from time two countries spoken of has boon
larger thnn hint to tho port of Now York I is
I very internstlm movement of population
I has been pointed out that pome of tho
men who are prominent in limo centennial cele
bration are tho descendants of ancestors who
Inured as Tories during tho Hovolutlon Yot
I is I tact thnt these men inny now lo ns Ken
xilno patriots ns time posterity I of olutlonary
sires It would bo hard to hold n mnn or a
woman responsible for tho conduct of all of
his or of her ancestors
Theme Is 010 country In tho world whoso
peoplo think cold Is n nuisance I Is Ka
taucn In tho southern I art of lie Afri
can lake regions whore thcro are copper
muggings that aro perhaps among tho rich
est lu tho world In mlnlnc copper the na
tives Unit n small proportion of cold which hoy
call white copper Owing to Its softness they
consider It a useless metal nnd though their I
copper Is found from tho Nile to tho nmbehl
thoy lao never yet attempted to market tholr
A fow years ago Ttrru Tin showed to tho ox
ploror JtFicnutD a cup full of cold nuggets
about tIme size of buckshot or a little larger Ho
slid a party of his slaves cot tutu cold in Kn
tnuLn Tile nuggets hld been thrown into I
cesspool by the natives nnd weio INheil out by
the slaves who ImJ not tho slIghtest concep
tion of their vnluo but thought thoy would do
for bullets Thoy told their master thnt I
thorhnduppoyoil tine stuff hat nny value they
could hnvo cot moie of I ns they saw smaller
bits which they supposed worn s
It is said dint golf he Itocn found In tho cop
per from Kntauea that nis rciuhod lieimula
on tho west const and that onu llrm lucia has
made I practice of bnylnc all thi copper It
could tot for tho solo pnrpo p of extracting tho
moro ptoclous metal As thi Jomuml I i tributary I
of time LOIIRO whoso inuiorlnnci I has only been
diuivoud this year is luvcil to nffonl n
feasible wntor route almost I not 11110 to tim
copper mines of Kutaimii it h 1 IL likely I ii nit
tho natives will much longer be lm rant lif the
ontlmntoln which tho worhl huhN time vellow
dro s they hnvo been throwing nvvn >
Some hundreds of miles hi rt iner coin iii tho na
tives t 1110 fully all vu to thi I tOut hiiO roiah vnluo of
hue gout thuy iiiil In drledup riser boils
tliron li 1I1 part of thu I Xnnibeot 1 unit 11 uni noun
basins It is not uncommon for tiav oilers to
como across wlthoietl munch tfatly nttdo old I
women who are washing sold out of tho sands
and depositing lie ulltteritu dn < t in quills to II
sell to traders
Till Niw IIilllNli lIlnHlori VIc
> iri Ih iiliiiflril n Iriilllrar
ady Iauncofoto Is it full years younger limn
lur liUKliutii die U I nut a Jcatlt rut fatl lull but IH I In
the 1 Item het uliU a ion i UIIchl > rI rf eliUtMe lDArli li
Ititl Sine IK Knuun iii iiiiuutnli ti nun iinnriu able ur
liuuiaiioii bill iiiucli of her vurk in I life I dlrfctlun U
ilnnr in curl an uiinhtciltallnt HIHIIIH r flH alunmt lo
t cno i ulMc nutlce Shu IN a U itriiiln 110 steno who
ulUud I I and nliofc 1 vleni I mint a lua u lirunilrneil by
coutliitiiinl rcKhliiii IlirilruM rin hint I rttraclcj
hunt nt nina iltctiiiftiliihc 1 fiirfUu 111101111 cmii < l
bniali but brilliant j rl a of Puriipoan l ulrhritli C liao
Jif enililri In CrdiiiHill 1I i Uc I > f ind I riuncrfulu B
four daiikt ler t only time ln I et out the 101110 rt > hove
not cnuiieleil their iiliicntluii flu mn ml 11 U 111 I jiart
or OKI tine thlIII m mimI line I on tibet U I t Ihy nlll all
knlo Wniiiinuion wlitn iiirir tuber Iliully tuliriiiip lilt
ritllcncu minor but it K I not n > rtoil u at arrange
uirnufur rcinotalnill inc Ill 0 ill autumn
A ClilniHe Atldlllun I Iu u Untlimii Cliolr
minim Itif i ftltay t Iritilinr
Chnrloy Loo it Chinaman Is I thin possofifor of
iiffdoil bnee I I > oicr lit I U I brul miii 1 ijititb II oil iilucaloil
lie lelt for Now orX a few wtik ago lo 5llijf in u 1rtl
brtcrian cliurcli cticlr
Thr Jlist llnoinrl Iluliy
lnmilir haiini LHi 111 C
KlNrtiiHiiKii Oklahoma April I 2rTho llrfit
buliy wai burn lenIn mdii lu I a ii awr < n liody where the
lullier und iiiollicr are un unit It Un liii I MV recelttd
the uamu of OLIahoni Lew I ln < nu ruin Texas
Aliij I N In C In hii uiiniI inC
Pt ion 11 lilttut J tllinH
Hlneo time ptiiehnsoof u AlntKa It can hA said
of the InlleJ batoo nhkt mine belli cull I tit lntliiiii
that t the nun inc t tr Cole on icr I domlnliim At vuiikot In
Altmka the next irortilnies nun In nn hour lilvh In ilitiu
II I eel Vhlli lu I II Ji nil toil Plelil
tram Iftr tit vlt Ire tlff
limo only great tiling I i that t comm iii l bo said l of
F in inica VMnvnir a lllioilii lian < 1er vhudiej tins oilier
day was tinint Ie horrotvtil ami lent nicer Ilia ImuJreJ
pucktt knit tt lu hu day
IroIi m hi I lot nit ti Illicit I Ittcuvc
I nun the Omaha Jttf
Thorn being nothing to drink In hlchllcenso
Oha yesterday 2100 tiir4v fllljeui of lilvh llrrni
N bka went oust to problVlllou Jews allJ gel sit they
0 ° a Jt I °
The Her Dr llatity W khP patter of the Prilge
fitteSt lltptUt Church nrooklrnl is I pubal the wnlthl
OIl mlnliter litrembouli 11 li clothri bn a builnpw
cut find In the centra ut hli wlJo fS p nn at chin bo
om lie lirnjn worn k diamond lie win born In thli
city At the Are fff In Ins > Mlf pfd on a whlcr and he
fore he wmi 22 had become second male He made
four trIpe nroutiil the worlJ and he enjoys iplnnlnc
yarns about the erie ai well AI any Ur After quilting
the lea li < > went Into the poultry and genie tiutlneuln I
New York soil hat continue In it ever ilnce In HUT
tie I heroin ftDeaklnir at rellfflous meetinit lie Ntudled
theolog and wee ordained a llaptlit inlnller twenty
three yrs uga lie rah hu place of bu lntn In
Mhinjiim Market at 7 clock every inornli st Mid
frmnptl nt 12 oclok tie carriage appears at the mar
ket door and he driven l to nil home In Hrookljn The
I rOIL it tine tiny he rivet 1 to active religion mlnlitra
tloni He Iniciqic that the cliorcli thill pay him nul
sty hut itiwaye Kit e > It back or to charity
Talk about diplomatic arnfllclat etiquette cold an
aciren linothlnic tn the linei In our profenlon I
have I bctn plarlni n lecont aonbrette fart and there
was al place In one ttcone where n few rtepi were needed
The leadlntc vouhrette couldnt ito them and 1 olun
leered lint no It was not etiquette that ihe Ihould
land acid end let mi ilance two or three minute W e
tried Il at ono rehennal and Cue wouldnt consent At
last n nay wai found nut of the dilemma I naatoco
I ofTand make a quick change of ro tume returning In A
character part then do the Iell i an a character dance
which ht conld permit without teellnit that her dignity
I was 00l01i01 I ahcy lhe o air not from a slar or
tin in omII of any eipeclalfromlnencc even In the
i protrusion but one for the time engaged an leadinn mil
bretto of the ccinpaiiy
The first mew a the Irealilent of the tnlted Etalei re
ctlveil of the death ot lion rant came In thl hane >
Iroter Cleveland VVashlnilon drant used m send to
noncommissioned oltlcers mud two prlrates W J
Irk 11 After that telegrams lined Arkcll poured Into
I Washington at the rate ot four nn hour Urn Hancock
i I ti ai iient to Mount MrOreuor to arrange for the funeral l
VAhen the tact that Im v as to do this became known he
became the recl lent of III my teleKrnnis with the same
slrnature len llnnccicL on reiohlnj Ssritoca went
at once to tln houje of Ihe late Joseph W DreTel Mr
11001 l > sild hewho the devIl Ic Arkell I Thin Is
le salt Mr Preieli let me Intnidure you Mr
Arkell len Hancock Arkell muted R moment an he
held the irnerals hand Theil he nail u Hancock t
Hancock I Let me see army or nary f
Tho tie quarters which the New York Southern Co
clety will open with a dinner on May 2 are In the hotue
formerly occupied br the Carlton Club Treasurer Wal
ter I McCorllo mailo all the atranjements for the
transfer The southern Society has bouzit out the
Carlton Club a plant Includluc much of the furniture
and all thc kitchen and table equipments The price
was oiO her and above the spice deroteil to club
purposes there will lie nine tine rooms which will be
lease I to club members for lodgings The rent of the
building Is I auO
Ilrndy fOr Medillnc nt Site White house
I from the rMtaAtlj Record
WASHtNOTOX April 28 Tho KoV Dr
Scott tho fatherinlaw of tho Irosldont es
corted Mr Harrison to church thin mornlnc
vthllu the 1rcsldont rostnd preparatory to bin
trip to New York Dr Scott Imvlnc recently
resigned his clerkship in tho Pension Office at
tho solicitation of Mrs Hnrihon will hereafter
hvo at the White HOIIIJO Ambitious lovers
asking his aid may hereafter bo marrIed in the
East Ilootn
Never Clouded anti Nerer Kcllpfled
> Vt m the olfon rOIl
Thoy olllrht to have pretty rood weather at
New York for the ceuteuntal or Anything else Tin Scat
cornel out every day
o4lt1O TilE UOO3IKHS
They ITIll Not lit Fermlftri to Hetti In the
Cherokee Sdlp
INcA r T April 30Gcn Merritt es
corted by Cnpt Hajos of the fifth Cavalry
passed hero yesterday afternoon on n tour of
inspection of time Cherokee outlet Ills visit
hns special roforonco to the reported coloniza
tion of tho ftrlp iy l rottirnlna and dIsappointed
boomcrD from Oklahoma Gen Morritt issued
this warnini circular
ItoutTMKvr or THE Mtssouai I
April 211 18H3
Notion Is hereby uiTon to all settlors Okla
Iminii anal people Intending to ontor or depart
from that country that while time use of tho
pttlil 110 hlKhwnys Ituti 10 Cherokee strip Is
arnllltoll for tho purpoto ot travel It is os
ticclnlly forbldilon that I any one shall remain
In tho Cherokee ftrln longer than nocecsary
loi rest t and utunlly not to exceed ono day
JMpiedntions upon property In tIme strip
departure from Iho hluhvvniH In trnvelllne
tliioiich amid any attempt to eottle In lice strip
into poslllvnly forlildilcn by law and tho troops
erntlnc in tho Territory are Instructed to ex
pel till Intruders and makon record of their
niunoi with I view to tholr being deprived of
their ilirht of entry should tho land over bo
opened tn settlement
For tho pan tlireo > ln > stho strip has been
thoroughly coiiisd by details from Capt
linyebA command anti they report that there
nre no squatter In the entire outlet Since
April 4J ii Mint 1 wncons carrying 3200 poople
hut e passed throiiuh 1onca from Oklahoma I
on their way north to Kansas
Itnlneil liy n I onnecllcnt Tobujl
from tftr VJ Vrtrurn Ittralit
A pontlPtnau who repicsontsn town in tho
oulMaturo has loon l > until about two years ago
nliubltiml tixurot Intoxicating liquors to ox
ret After lone ami lament work he wns
indiicod by his friends to tnko the total
nbstlnenoo plcilue 1 hId pladeo ho fnithlully
kept until n wellknown lobbyist who wns
working In tine Interest of ono of thin rnll
mail ptojocts now III the House cot him off
mid knovrlni ills wcnkuois llllod him up
with liquor and then secured Ids ploilco to aid
Mr Lobbyists load Hut the rural momlor
did not stop hero lie continued drink and
drink until nearly nil of his moral courage to
wltimnetnind time jmtlui U I aug thirst for rum hml do
purled from him The work of yours widen
hue lends IM in roformlnc him win undone
In ono moment by the lobbyist who caused bis
Mien Tampon Oktuhonm Claim
frnm riff Knnias city Tlmd
G trIr mE Oklahoma April 27l11s Alice
IUM after MlliiK her application yesterday
helm for rkansas City Mm lias taken it uood
chum nbollt night uillon northeast of hero
Mis lnvvon Isa piotty and plonvnnt young
hail y of tout m i yearn Him IH fiom Lotau
county Ill aunt cnmo to Oklahoma to not a
homostcMul hho enTail down on tlio hlxth train i
from ArkitnsnsCIty Jfondity colnu to her claim
in a muggy that afternoon She rode In on
hoi niblick Aftnr btnmllm In line for two
liouib thli meriting sho cot her application
flh d
dMlHt Dawsnn > nys she does not want n h1l8
bnnd jot but will inuko her home on the luau
with oiiio member of her lunilly until she guts
lllmtirovid to her tnsto
A Tent lor Dlnuioml
frm lliSI 1lff 1MfVruitral
nu It j loobiit require nn export Bald Dr
1 Menll I to toll whether u diamond Is I tonu
Inu or nol Uho hint In vuiy Hlmplo lI11d can bo
Hindu In nny plucu and In a moment All you
neoil Ib it liltCo nf pn icr nnd a lend pencil W lilt
thin Inttur make a smnll dot on tints paper then
1IIJk l at It thronnh mine diamond If you can sea
but ono dot inu can do inca I upon It that time
sloimlH Ktuuiino I lint II time mark Is srnttdrnd
or sinews more than one yOU will be perfectly
sai In rofuhlni to pay 1 tea ntn for a btouu
that may bu otlerod ion Itt150i1i
V Murllilt Vu lilntt n Tree Illonn flown
lTMI tftt llarthrtl Tunft
Tint trent which was blown down In front
of tbo Vliiln Iluni In time storm of Ki Idny was
II crimd old oak n I cmitury old it was plnutod
by vlarthn WHshlimtou It Is u Htinnce coin
cldonie thnl i It should hnvo stircunihel tn t the
ulrments within a IIIw loura ot Ibo Centennial
Jot How lie Vlllnln Ktfcuped
tun i lit JnJlinnjici Ssititl
Miss Stout went out In thin gutter and
seizing a tawnier hurled It nt thn villain with
all I Jtur inluht Hml I I not It been tint tho t loninlo
m Is ph Khnly I liiciumcltated from hiirlini
weapon with ittiv iloitreo of accuracy by too
long I colilirbOlI laikua career iiiluht have
been ended on thin spot
AViinatnthrri Init Option tinily
rifi I lf
Tim Iost Ofllcn J lppirtniint might l have lion
red the iciAMloi J by hut ming a healthier voior cia the
face of the tvocent stump
Ilul New lii Our Country Coiinln
Vum tttt Len tells Jtittnitit
A holosnler of pennnts says that peanuts
will bu liiuu ruurlh of July tins 3 COt
rune foiuiiiril ufu Continent Complete
from the fan DUgt Xun
Tho IIH In Clover pnzlo 1ms arrived
An Intel rNdn Ulrl
Crone the cltlcaao JuurnaL
ToniI hoar vou urn going to merry Miss
tismiyche i Stunt liittrest can you take In such a stupid
J ieinliiz per cent a year ca her tectonic Ibal fool
bough tot ma
When a man gnu to the Aiimt > ly he retains a rood
deal ot Ms schoolboy Instlncta particularly If he win
reared In the country The Assembly hat regular hours
for littmaf ccii Hie members dislike beIng kept oter
lime as Much as schoolboys do They begin at 104
oclock In the morning and sit until i oclock When
there are Important bills which are not disposed ot by
2 oclock It Is cuilomary to extend the session for a few
minute but when the extension streichee not over an
hour the Assembly become Impatient and want to go
borne tt they hare to stay innS role they gather In the
moklnit rooms and tell stories while the members on
the door throw newspai en and pads at each other In an
Innocent schoolboy way Whoever la In the Chair lane a
hard time preitrvlnj order ai the Assemblymen want
to slip out and iru across tho street
There are not miny saloons near the Capitol U It I
surrounded by respectable residence Thero Is one place
right uett to the ipltol on the west but then Is a tilth
board fence irouiul tint part ot the itroands and It
would be Inconvenient lo climb over It The favorite
place fur thirsty le l < lnlon Is on Washington nreiuo
near the north entrtinco to the Ctpliol There Is one
enlrane throuth a erooery store ant annthor entrance
on the side street There Is no resUnrant In the neigh
borhood bat It li poislble lo get oysters crackers sand
wlches and cheese When the sculon Is i stlemle I there
Is I a strlnu of Assembymen and employees from the
chamber to tin siloan Cormerlr there wee ix cuimny
hole on the thirl u floirot the Capltul aol 1 a luneh coon
ten Hack ot the lunch counter was a small room with
abir which dii I a large business VV hen the bar was
obillahedthe man who ran limo lunch counter did not
think It woull pay to continue II and the opportunity
for either sollil or Mini I refreshment ceised There Is
now n cigar stout I 11 e only re lo of a former attempt to
minister to the appetites ot the lulslators
lion n stairs on the first floor there Is the only other
clirstand In the Capitol It does a fool I business
Almost all tine A emblman buy the oluan at three
for a quarter except the New York Assembijmen
who do not buy clears in the Cnpltol as the kind
that they smoke It not kept there Tile New York As
semblymen smoke nmli better cltsrs than the
rural Assembjmen line men from the country
recant n 2 5cent clear as an unwarranted eitrava
Cince only to be omnkei 1 when It is presented to them
imd does not have tin be paid for The New tork mem
liars smoke itood cigars and frequently bring up enough
with them on Monday In last during the week Sena
tors seldom buy cigar In the CapltoL There is no cigar
aland on that side of the bulldta They buy clears by
the box and bring them to Albany with them
irle county has two one armed Assemblymen
There Is much moro oratory In the Senate than In the
Assembly There are several Senators who are glad of
any opportunity to make a speech and woo can utter
volumes cf sonorous sound on any subject In the A s
sembly a man w ho talks too often la not llsleuel to
and It he talks too lo ig he Is I Interrupted There Is much
moor buslne sln the Asiembly than the Penate and as
there Is less reading ot bills out ot their order In the As
sembly than In the Senile there are more routine pro
ceedlugs to bo cone through
Toward the end ot the second year of the Senators
they become chummy The Assembly Is too large a
body for the members to be governed by a feeling of
fictitious courtesy which enables a Senator to pass any
minor bill that he wishes It Is an understanding that
any Senator Is entitled to have a bill pnnsed whloh may
help him In his localty and tend to securo for him a re
nomination and reflection Personally he amounts to
much more tn the Senate than In the Assembly The
Senate of course has rulea but It docs not pay much
attention to them It takes 17 votes to pass a bill and
17 votes can suspend any rule of the Fenate and over
ride any decision of the Lieutenant Governor The ma
ionic of the Senate Is politically opposed to him and ao
he has not the power behind his decisions which
the Speaker ot the Assembly baa who can Interpret
the rules In any way to help tine majority with
the assurance that the majority will sustain bis ruling
U Is on private and local bills that the Individual Fen
ntor has the greatest advantage over an Assemblyman
Toward tile end of the session when the calendar Is
crowded each Femttor picks out the bill which he
wants passed and as almost all the Senators nave bills
In which they are pirtlcnlarly Interested they lump
their bills stint pass them raoldly The bills In which they
are not Interested and Assembly bills for which the Sen
ator from that district does not care stay on the calen
dar and fall at the end of the session There are 123 As
semblymen and only thirty two Senators It takes sev
eral times as long to call the roll In the Assembly as In
the Senate The Senators can pines twenty bills an
hour when they male no speeches ant only vote
It Is raM In the biography ot Assemblyman Raker
that he performed sever tl heroic deeda In Iloston dur
ing the great fire In saving safea
senator stadler from New York reprcsenta the big
brewers an 1 the liquor Interests In the Senate lie also
stands for the ierinan element which Is In favor of A
moro liberal view ot the excise question He wants to
hate the excise lawa amended so that the German so
deuce will pot be treated like saloon keepers that
when they have their balls they may sell beer and that
on Sundays they will not have to drink only water
Beer cannot be kept In a bottle from Saturday like
whiskey nnd n keg is too large a stock for a family to
lay In even if they could keep tt cold over night
There Is a ttrong feeling In the Legislature against
the reporters and the newspapers It was seriously
proposed to have some aort of an official a kind of a
censor to see that only saUsfactory reports of the pro
ceedings were sent to the New York papers and to eipet
any reporter who sent unsatisfactory reports The feel
ing in tbo Assembly wane so strong that when tine Saxton
Libel bill Has defeated many of the Assemblymen came
to the reporters lu a spirit of exultation ns If they had
done tho reporters a great personal Injury When It
was told to them that not ono of them had ever brought
a llbe 1 suit on any of tIne statements miile about them
uml tuft unvhnw It was not the rennrler tint the new
paper against which suit was brought they were palneft
mint their eftorts to strike had fizzled Their reasons
were expressed by ono of the goatbearded Assembly
men who said There are some men In this House
that If they live for a hundred years they can never
get over wnat the newspapers bare printed about them
We ehould show no kindness to the newspapers
There are three Smiths In the Assembly this year Mr
Charles Sliver Hollar Smith of Mew York who Is serv
ing hue fifth term Mr Martin A Smith ot Sullivan
county who is cerclng hi third term and Mr Thomas
Smith In of New York who Is serving his second term
The people do not seem to want to try experiments In
Smith no matter what kind of a Smith they may have
originally captured and sent to the Assembly There
are no Senatorial Bmlths this year
Judge Jcorge W Greene ought to have been born 1000
years ago
Horn of the clerks of the Assembly inSet be adllctea
with myopia They can see men who stand up on one
side nf the Asiembly to vole much better than men who
stand up on the other side In committee of the whole
there Is no roll call and tto votes on the amendment are
taken by the men In favor of It standing up to be count
ed and the men opposed standing to be counted Thirty
five Republicans are more multitudinous In the clerks
eyes than forty Democrats Possibly tbat Is became this
sun shines on the faces of time Republicans when they
ctand and thus the clerk can see them more easily It
Is hardly likely that the original framer of the rules ot
the House consi lered the possibility of defective vision
which would enable Assemblymen to appear In dupli
cate or triplicate
n America und God iavo the Queen
troversy in tbe columns of Join but as to the nationality
of tine nlr known on one side of the Atlantic as Amer
ica and on the other ai lod Save the Queen Is uu
old dlncubsion revived
A little over two years ago It was pointed out In Tnt
St x that with the single exception Hall I Columbia
vi e h tve nu national song ot an liicli the iniulc Is dimming
lively American The Htnr Spangled llanuer wan
aliillcd viii slight alterations from a uielodl by Ilr
Ariiv ii < U77 the composer of Hole Urltauula
Wulre Iloixl is Jury lickett l sons an old as
the ilnii or ch ires II and Home Sweet Hume wait
eniiuimiiioeii by Mr Henry I Illihop The lied White and
inline is l thoroughly llrltl h doth in worde nod music
except I hat oluuibU to I substituted for llrltannla
limit and Marililnx fbrouli Oenrgla are genu
inely AmerlCin but these are ocal not national coins
U Is I worth nit note Hut while He have adopted the
nclish national anthem tIne music of Uod bare Ire
land wak composed by an Amirlcan
1 was much Hintiied one summer evening while re
turnlnc from them 11 ind ut the conduct ot come hug
lull Lcnllemeii on line boat The company had begun To
Mig America In chorus wiien the Jngll binen not
noting the sort and very naturally supposing that
Ihey were lilciilli to Hod save the gueen Usiatuly
reiuoiod their ham and appeared to take line whole
thing as a great compliment lu themselves A E u
uEw Yum ApilliM
HctlllilK An OKluhoino Dirdculty
TOM toe mirage Tribune
This IH my claim
Well you 11 inane a sweet time celling me off It Da
you know who I am 1
lain HI ood y Iete the North Plalta Terror with a
record of set culecii men Youil nuke the eighteenth
If nu nont skip out In Just I ten seconds
lerlnnuiiS you dont know who I am I
Now l
Im a member of the Indiana Leirlsla
Tut er there lnnrnl i lou and 1 klu take Dili claim
together and hold It agin the send
Ilonmnce fondenved
yom tOe Itluwili Ultiateli
Tbe room was dnrk the maiden rose
To letch a inalcli she suld
Hut Im rrsuaaed I her 10 slay
And make a match his ead
Will Get ftn vi Itli the sludge
Irons mine CMengtt 7rraM
n Whats the mutter Mrs Hprlncor
Jut us toad as I tun be I went down to the Barter
divorce case and they wouldnt let me In J nas just
dying to hear It
that a ca ton but
Ibdtfu Jauii0 i > ii is retting mighty loflv all at once
pears lu mo I got bomb my divorces lu his rourt hut
It 11 be a precious long time before I get another tbera
You can cure a sore throat with the help of llrJaynas
Expeotoraot a good remedy fer e UiBa saSall throat
lad lafl Utseesec4O
i =
rIn0IIt aims AZ TH J0LL
They Nrruro in Tiliiniiili lor IliMr Ilithep
U u HotljvonlrittMl JHmiirv Election
Wwinxirrov April 3At time iwcnt
primary election ll Alflinndrln Incnli boxl Ury
wns chosen as cnnlldMo for Siiporhitnndiiit of
Outs Tor nearly evenly years ho hnd hneni < inst
place but ho wa defeated two juars so by i
the man who win his ndvor < nt > this n > eir lllj
frlonds worked light nnd day In his Interests
but nil thnlr t otorti couhl not en an intro wltli
time work demo ly his dnuuhtars Allro uml Vlr
gi lila which nalnly brnuuhl about thu sue
cosfiil icsult
My father s now un old man mil jM
AHco lo horseif boforo tho election llo UM
no sons home o work In his cause and 1 h4
dutiful datisltrr will I do all 1 ctn to cl eorhii
declining Aolini on this <
vcirn iOOi nu a
for two vveols befoiu tho t election IM viijuj
tho helmets of every onu of tho li 1 i ni iMoors i
whoso ballrts would decide time Iou l Irom
curly inonliit till Into at nlhlit h > r well
rounded IKUIO could bo nocn tllitinn Irom
homo lo liouse Kvcryvvhoro sho wine treated
courteously and not only courtouitsly hut with
hint fuiloss ol iMllnnln so chuuou lMlo ut
all I true MtcliilniH hem I uiKumuntn i l s nit > nina
blMIbln It it voter vuivorel situ hold her
round Mid by her plondliw and IOI < OIIML hi
ulio would neer cousunt nut lust coitcnted
In I tine muaiittmo MUM l trgi iii it vms mmci nllo
hho teaches school durlnu the tyuiiU conee
iiucntly could not visit the homes rf the inter
us ImrBlnter Intel done Hut she hid lion phtni
fur tho t SIICCUIH ot her father aid Nile anticS
upon them Jvety immoninhimg ohio jok with her
tu Echool u bundle of Ihu llttl Ii cnnvusilnK
tickets which her lather had Inuod iitiU on
iHtlm lint I c yOu mint Ii leo ol heir puills by whom
film Is beloved each ono ol ilcm becauio a
polltlcnl acfiiit mind earned the icUots homo to
his or lir lather or titothors MISH lr lulft
also tenchei Miuduy shod Hit her real la
the Interests 01 hor Hither was subordlb >
tiled 10 her rovurctico fur limit sauotlty of
tha hibbalh and so tIne tickets woie not there
distributed hhe howuvor veiled tins parents
ol her Mittiiny srhcol mom inih and armed with
tim > ulToctloii which the liittiv hud for lion made
ninny Ionvoitu to her calico
lion election div uamu miss Virginia had to
attend Kdiocil as usual bi Miss Alice was up
and doIng nnd all day ho was HOOII going
Irom tioll to poll wuteliltvt for the result 01 her
html her sisters ntkiful mnUiiL lair pros
once n reminder to thubi who had iiromlstd to
vole for her father
DurIng the entlro dnylho teirltla riliiBtorm
contlnuocl und tho dlsncos IxiUMcn the polls
wore uroat but Iho curium hud no tenors for
her Mho thought 1ny of her lather Iho 2
lourth warn poll wiiiiocutodnenr tine tixtremna
BouthwcsliTn bectloyof the ell nnd nho hisS
to tome over mm tnlloo thotlrst ward poll in
tie oxtrcmo onttdii uocilon Iromit 1 liner
she went to tht hecoml ward poll uaj
then totho UhlAl ward over two miles
from the 1lrst vtrd poll situated In time
oxtrnmo northwtfttfrn tecllon ot thin city
hho hml no ctinliiue but trudged heroically
through Aloan < rni4 muddy slrnets I hurt
was moro romnuo In Miss Alice llobuos net
than In all lime olTorts of the Indies
ol tim Pi I mroo Loiuue or of tlioba
ladles of old In Frnno and lnulmd who
drove to the pnllt bohlnd theiripankluuteimi
wenrlnc the colors of their tnvorlcs and rs
vvurdlni today with hiiniis and ovcnkKvo
time voters whom theY tomorrow spurned
Miss Alice Is n biuidtouio lady with an In
tollcctital face large eyes and wavt brown
hair and Is an Interotlni convcrwulonaliht
Miss n lrclnla N a mil willowy girl v ith light
brown hair thoughtful face laruo soulfn blue
eyes and un InterestlnR charm and unce ot
manner They expressed theinboltai 04
delighted at their fathers success mil are
proud of their very Inrko contrlbutloi to It
1 havo no npoloiry to make for m on
trnnco Into politics said Mis Alice 1 tie
simple roasou why 1 did so was thnt m father
hud no sons lien to takes up his cau > oihuy iii l >
fang all In buslnc6ln other cities am 1 pro
Tailed upon him to accept my scrvicoi I iimnve
nothing but prnlso for the good cHens ol
Alexandria for they nil received PO courte
ously and wore very very kind to nv
A IVomnnM Arm Jlroken ity u ItUck Hnoke
helm the hlladrliiMa crop
UnAnixo April 27This iiiriiltif Mrs
John Davis rcsldlnclnCumrutofnMilp about
two miles from this cIty went Ino her Hower
Kardou to arrange for tho promotion ot loin
young plants Irom the rain Utlnc nn earth
cn pot which had boon tiirno un > ldo down
from the ground she was hirrlllou to ilrnl
curled up iindcrnonth It a nt of at least a
dozen reptiles of dIfferent vfletlos In her
frlcht sho dropped thin pot n limo wriggling
mass when n large black sniio rnoasurlnc 5
loot 7 Inches lu loncth pprnriout and rapidly
colllnu Itself around her ribt arm actually
broke It at tIme summon tlinoorclnc tint blood
from the ends ol hon lluurs like cried for
help and n son coming toner npblRtnnoo out
the snake in two with his nckot knife Five ot
the other snakos worn kllld but a number ol
them escaped The won n IB prostrated as
much from the shock horoerrous system SUB
tamed as from time InjurlB to her arm
German cotton minufncturcrs have es
tablished a national socletyfor mutual protection
According to a Pencil astronomer the
cooling of the terrestrial fust apparenUy goes on more
rapidly under the tea tru with a lain surface Xrom
this he argues that tie crust must thicken under
oceans at a much more spin rate ao aa to give rise to a
swelling op and dlstortln of the thinner porlloua of the
crust that Is I forming nvuntaln chains
What oppcan to bo an almost perfect
pendulum In respect o simplicity Is In operation at the
University of Ulaigov According to this plan a smsd
shot of about iiO ofan Inch In diameter la eupend
by a single silk flbrhalf a cocoon fibre two feet lout
In a glass tube of tlree fourths Inch Internal dlameur
eibaustlng the later to about ono tenth ot a mi 111 a ll
of an atmosphere Starting with a ibratlonal cause of
one fourth Inch ot each side of Its middle portion this
vibrations can beeaslly counted after a lapse of aa may
as fourteen boon a fact not realized elsewhere
The Nevida Transcript bays that the
stage men on lie Iranltevllle road and also on the
Mountain Housi section of the DonnlevUle and Nevada
City road use snowsboes for their horses ever winter
It would be lmosslbo for the horsea to trace over this
deep snows without their aid One that Is I acuatoue4
to soaring then will travel four or five miSs an hour
where It would be Impossible to go that dstance inS
week without them The shoes are madeJf thin steel
plate about inline by eleven Inches famenei on the hoof
with clamps TIne horses are shod v Ith 1 ng heel l call
which KO through the snon shoes and prevent their
slipping going up and down hill
What are known by the mmo of Iron
bricks have been satisfactorily Intro uced u pavtoj
material In some purta of Uerraany These brute an
made by mining equal parta ot Onelygronnd red argO
laceous slate and finely ground clayalth the ajldltltra
of live per cent of Iron ore The Ingedlents thus railed
together are then moistened with Solution of twenty
live per cent of sulphate of Iron U which Cue Iron or
Is added until the mall shows aonslstenoy of thirty
eight degrees llaume After tie the compound If
shaped In a press dried dipped act more In a nearly
concentrated solution of finely round Iron ore and
then baked In au oven for abou fortyeight hours hi a
reducing flame
orno Maine cnpltalltfl havo n bill Ixv
fore the Legislature providing r the Incorporation of
a construction company to b known as the IVman
Itallway Company lu puposewll be to construct
railways In Persia on the cmtlnent Aala and also lo
build steamships and opera steamboat lines between
point of any country alscto build and roalnaln tele
graph and telephone lines and eleclrlo Hchtlrg plants
Inlernlu Tower Is graued besides to operili sirse
mlerslo The capital sock of tho company Is fied
at cinch a corn as may bepermllted by the Government
of 1ersla and will be defiled Into shares of 5mm each
The lincorporamoro sIne1 inane contract to JiilJfijO
milts of railroad dlrec through tine west of Ier u
A herman prIer calls itttentlon to tine
quantity of Inferior lumpen ropes ninny luiniticlurf
In some cases the roe In male with lufenur kinds
of hemp Inside but well covered with yarns ui gil 1 aifr
tonal this deceptlin however belnit easily hmoUtht to
light by dltseoilnira portion of tine ropo or li pro inesi
bauds by its teinavior In me n dark or blacklik coif
Indicates that the hemp has suffered from ffinaii Jiiua
In the process oi curing and brown spots sliowtlut His
roil 5115 rpun Willie the fibres were damp rid muil
consequently tie weak and soft In those plact atin
Interior ropes are mile with snort flbref or with
htrsnds of un iual strength or unevenly sj u tine mime
In lIne lImb cue appearing woolly on aofJni if lCne
number of projecting ends of llbrrs and If the u ter
cane the Irrigutarlty of manufacture U etiden nun i In
spection by aviv tool Judge Irlillv ft ginqi 11 ileriil I1 come
Is I hard lint Ill int yellowish or greenish ray In c or
with a certain silvery or pearly lusire
Tho nyatQinof asphalt paving lntri in Iuvl i
soeitenslvoly In Iarls mae proveut It you I eein nd
inlrablv adopted for the great drh nir 4 but not
to well for thSi kubjetled tin iiii Cy hut Ii tn nn niS
among mine oil conlagon rlni iwlly at liii e I iS l 1 ore
those of bomngentity of macnt riot minim < nnicflCt < > eerrt
surface ilralnate anl I the reu llni f nu rPl in i iC
roadway can be repalre I lljt no i nm ig minOr the
asphalt material li of good quality Aitcaiu Ur LIre
liable compositions consUllngof nile lillnera Ur ° r
manufactured tar I mixed en ltn ii I n mrr Of
earth In I all reliable aipli il 4b rn null iii 4 Ci tm
rock is heated tu JH i orJIJ isi I 1r nne 0 i C < >
und H hun cnol jukiiiiirfc all I tueii I i i
original rock it t appears that it I i i 4 Ins
klndof lmroitd pavement n S ini ii Iner i 1 al
tonrinono of colic > 0 I els 1
already aomeOiJiJlKiuaiuare iu ne r
are now covered with It Its rtr > mr s or w it a > CCII aJ
s01 lhir tuallUta iftriuf It a dni4e a prsImehce

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