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Qmttnucil from Seventh Page
mar differ In mncnltudo motion nnd puiHpdlo
revolution but the imtlm aro IKed and their
laws Immiitiblo Tlio Htm dltfcr In Izo In
commercial prom crlt > and 1 may say In their
pcilmlo 01 revolution but the laws o the
United Staled tire the Inlt for each and their
notions llioiiRh In some of thn States nt t times
oc entrlc must rilvvnyshe o > iual If we desire
to reserve Intact our American constellation
bhould the centrnl ody I the light of which
conetlmlen day and I ubtenoa night around
which tlm onrth and tlm linnets revolvo nnd
b > y which they nro held Inlnnlrorhlts ami from
which comes light and ln > at do move as
BioJIior Jasper of Mchmond says and mov
Ing Ito much march 11t I the orbits of tho
jilnnots eternal chaos vvoiild follow or should
the planet deput fr 0 their t loutos t and
break wellknown laws eternal ruin would
rtoult I I
Tho Federal head In our system of gos era
Ditnt Is the I sun tin I state t the plimiiR tho
Jim li regulated byrteleiinto I powers the cue
ond xxortlres nil illIns not ciy 1 > ii to the first I
XOrIFOS 111 Ildtl
oieopt tnoso ctetik allY Prohibited I the
Blntos break horn their orbits and oneroaoh
upon the national Government disaster l and
ruin 01 Iow nntonnl I natlptial Goerii taunt In I
n bs rolol rosorvnd rlulitHOf the states calam
ity conic so Ilut oliforvime on tho rut t of
both ol this I Article in of 1 thn t nmendmcnts to
Olh Constitution assures the liberties of tho
Jlo republic of todny should ho 1 the rcnub
lie of the fnthfrithc I tilted htntcs of lNl
unllor our rneeit distinguished t hint Mnflo
trate will then lo the rnitiid htatosof 1841 intl
JTHU when tlln sceptrn of f power wits In the
I bands of I llllaiu Henry Harrlhon and I
George ashlncton
Mny It po continue anti may tho content hero
alter between thu Stales b lor tUn promo
tion 01 rommnrcf nod Uvllllnllon tho progriss
of agricti I to oil nnd inantifact It rio wialth nnd
the ilnvolopiUHirof the IIIH nml Fclciict within
each Sttn Is labot itrc nt tlio unrre time topro
fhf1 tnoto the coiuoion clory 01 the In tdstn s
Mayor Grant said that owing to I titmvold
abo nbstiue pf NJI mtory lllnlne liy Illness
the next toast would bo r set nnd he pro
poeil IbOFiventli tfm t to the Senate
United MtntoM Senntoi John W Daniel of Mr
e Kinlu rnspondtd as follows
1 biN TOB DANIFLS stem
TOTn Sol
The Senate Is an executive body and so
made that the lre ldont may make no Iron
with any foreign nation m d may appoint no
public ofllcei mvr t y the advice anti con
PU lent oteiuul MMerelcn Status by tlicdi Sena
tors dellvere Moro txalted constltuenlb than
tho e of the Semite cannot be tdiielved of
h llore exalted tiustn cannot hu reposed In them
t Jlore exalted functions on n tot ho cxerclhcd
xalO one dody us tins Slate re In one
Constitution and yet c ich Senator deriving
title front I separate source the Senate 111
3 ihliTor of nn indestructible union of lade
1 trictlble States
The Benato Is I neither usurpatory nor re
fractory when It declines to unify treaties
proposed or to confirm nomluutlons made by
the President Him It will over treat with the
respect due to the Chief Maclstrnto or the
united States But It Is nt much a
o part of the treatymaking nail appoint
ing power created by lIe Constitution as
eels And It hll the name duty and discretion l
to decline to confirm tit HIP Irocldont has to
decline propo e or nominate It nmyerrln
judgment Ifve docs not infringe on his pro
rogatlTOSor transcend I own vvhentlt dlfTers
from him I Imply makes rev islon by all the
titntes of the action of a President who can
only bo from one
oq1lt is a Senate exclaimed Webster a
Senate of equals of men of individual charac
ter and of pors iiml honor and absolute In de
pendence And so should it lltlr be lor It
alone of all the acencles of our Government
represents In one the States in their
entireties and tho Union In its
entirety holding ns It worn the
equilibrium ot iht nation and neither
eqnllbrm 0 tht n lher one
fitnto nor all can for detriment It the States
themselves see to it I that no onu chall fill a
fcenuiois felt who Is not truo alike to State
and country and who does not btund through
Bond and 111 report for tho right
Other speeches woro mado In regular order
Be follows
Tour The Presidency
city la 1839 on the fiftieth anniversary of tho
Inauguration ot a > > hlnctonis President John
Quincy Adams delivered n memoralie lo
course In I Ue set forth what he deemed the
true principles of the Constitution on the then
Unsettled question of the relation between the
States and the general Qoxornmont Ulllin
fnilnenH of Information wile 1 perhaps no
other man could marshal anti with a iaultleis
logic ho showed that the Declaration of Inda
piudence In tormH and In fact was the act of
asinKla peonlednolllnK I in thirteen coloulus
but who united touether out of a decent
respect to the opinions of mankind do
clare tile causes whIch Impelled thom
63 one peoplo to dlsulvn the pohtlml
t bands which had connected thorn with
another Ho showed that the articles of
confederation departed from tho firm und
safe concord with which Independence wan de
clared and related their union into a mere
leaeue o frierdtilo between soereiin lere
Independent States In spite of the defuets of
the articles of confederation the spirit of lib
erty and the popular Impulse to unity tarried
the Americans throuch the war as one people
and the cause of independenco was tri
umphant But now came the craven peril
The dancer of conquest by British dof > potl m
removed the Union languished nays Mr
Adams to the point of death There was
he says avowedly do executive power In
deed ho went further and declared that the
one united people bud no Government And
lie was altoicotber right l here there Is no ex
ecutive power whatever elne there may bo
there Is no Government Hence when the
fathers met In that treat convention which
Viashincton suKKest d and which he In
truth more than any other man called Into be
jog DO more dllCllt or weighty duty devolved
upon them than wisely to constitute the ChIef
Ml18trlcrtho lfsldencyfor the rePublic
thor were about to establish Now what shall
be said of tholr work hi enklnc under tho
nocensnry limitations of this uecaslon one must
avoid details utid all attempts nt elaborate dis
cussion So candid and Intelligent retrospect
of the century that is cone will fail to discover
Iran v on Jent merit In the executive authority
contrltod by a hncton Hamilton Mudlson
and their Immortal associates Tho tree Is
I known by Its fruit Eiperiom c ha shown that
i ordinary times the executIve ower i Is of no
creator Importance perhaps It Is loss vital
than the legislative judlcml toner Indeed
BO happily constituted Is tho President that
we muit lay of each of tho twentvsl Pirsl
dential elections under the Constitution that
either candidate might have been elected and
the Rood cltlren whose partisan reeling
Was strongest und whoso disappointment was
bitterest could lepose on his pillow onsoled
by tho roilectlon although try party U I beaten
my country Is safe Is It not true that our
executive authority Is so ln hlonud that In
ordinary times It has always been io admin
I istered thai the republic has reielieil no det
riment When gigantic peiils and disasters
threaten when extraordinary ehuracter und
powers are demanded these crent occnsli ns
havo always found stionc hands to hll trithi
them lo pilot tno untried Oovernment In Its
first voyage over nn unknonn and
frst IOVIIO unklollanll btonny sea
without nnhlspur of dissent in nnj ijuurlri
4 MOHhluKton laM called to the helm anti under
him the mat v 04 ate alto the world assunaito
that the pio peet of the new nation for gi until
and power nnd prtat and Imprinn nnn 1111
maUheJ by that of nay people the world hud
scan to t > ate
Only twice within the century since our Gov
ernment was etnblltoil hu dustily peril
ooII trl
I eeomod toilran near to tho people ol h tho Inltvd
lJO 11111
4 mute AII IDO biulnnlni as wo hae eon
armed with the orduth und cloirlv eires d
poweicof the 1reldency the xlreee
far was met and ovenotne by Wavhuictnn eun
Again an we were iipproachlnu tho middle of
the lilulir century of the Constitution It
did penin as I we ntllrj hnlfthngiay as I vve I
Were luvpt on toward deitrnctlon Our friends
In oilier landsthu few VP had lost hope
I John lirleht wa nlmot nlono among gloat
Btatotmcn with his Inspiring eonflden < e eer
PlefBe I In Aineilcn lmll ue iho uomoryof
I John JirUhtl I Tnoso not our friends anti iet
not IIUIII our enemies honk theIr loads and
I tbjiiiKlit It strange thief wo enuld not ste the uno
etitti bin end Our enemies nbroiid jutilmnt j
beyond inresslon declared tho bubble ropub
lie bur > tpt
In JhHt dread time tn what department of
our Government rid wo look f Ihe mice J
calm I in itt rihil and wise could Inteipret the
ConMlintlnn I t anti tlie laws Hit time n eional
piiKhlnn and madness of the hour would it
heed him t 1 Lo eimtor fnrseeliur ritriotlc
ami solicitous eultorllrefll e0111 propom to
rneet the urgent need of the time 1101O tho
leulilMlte halica 1 time eOlrt rooms every
where nan clearly written them nwful sentence
Inttr atftatttfnt tevei
In the midst of war tho laws are Bllent
I Hiipplly for America In conlorralt wit the
OoiistltUlon und by the gracious favor of
I Providence the Presidency
Prlllncoj lrsllnc1 of the United
States was hold by Abraham Lincoln
I Wo emma truly nay of the Presidency thnt the
re uluol twmtyllvo onuocmlvo terms hate
Vlndlcittod tlm wUdnm or tlo I fat I tiers who us
tublsuoij It o twunttwo terms there are
two things which may be said One IK that no
t Brent remediless harm came through thi > oec
utlvo pouer to the prtoiilo It wns Intended to
serve Tho 1 oilier Ic l that If no eminent hi ton
cm iienellt lumliiK throiiLh the nuv na eoii 1
ferreJ by most ol them It was erhaps Cllb
I the Jiportuittty fop Iliusirtotis lelOI lent did
not occur Hut tilt h i them till lie I nation by
Its liilieieDt lesoiiuen and nercr piislied
rat Idly forvMiid In it turner < if f uni arnlleliid
pMHporlty and lni plnesi unimpeded by eeu
ul1 irluiei or blunders
iiimllj diitlni the < ntleitl und nnfous years
of Hit I oilier three I reldiitUI let iris tie u
Ito I nllv ninn to Ai ei tett aid > lin cmmvs lo
tli lrll two hiii M j i itrn es vlioa 11 enn
Rte nnd deeds uuilvai > i In mini in iinwK
vrn owiH ny n di > otlon to eounlrj n d I
t Uiiilil in whleli oniibled them to fmtl itch itn
eliiniio ol Imleienilenie I ot pnrsonil I al un
Ia iiidof m suilali love ul power of wealth
I 1
and of title either for themselves or their
families absolutely unknown In the hlstlry of
Ibo word Ily their administration 4f the
PreMdehiy arhlnRton and Lincoln male the
great oll1e nnd the century whoso completion
vO elobrate forever Illustrious
Mayor Grant cuceoMed again that whlb the i I
eeskore worn rcIIIIIlIt It would bo better lor I I
I 11111 on Iho floor to rtnialn iented Hoiro I
posd as tho ninth toast tin indiciary Who
gpeakerwas Senator William M lvnrts I I 1
> tn FAnTflS 8IEtCII I
TtmmwThe Juillelnry I I I
Whoever mlltht rixQlvo the honor from tour
i rnmmltlen to Ink In tills mesenco and ton I
I this oicnslon mlllt well wish that ho cculd j 1 I
I roinmnnd tome treatment If f his theme that In
i I tlinughl and phrase w mid rompott In I Btmo
I decree with time crundeurof this culebrnton
tint the dignity ol the topics that should merit 1 i
our attention Hut this hone would be vain
I i the oiROtirsn of these vast I crowds of our
countrymen that have flied time meat citY
i throuch theo succep tvp festal Oiits the I I
i P011th I and plendorof the pageant ot thri bat
mill of tlio Rtrentsthe lllu trlous nsseinblnco
of the great heads of Government or tie nn I
tlon and the HlalogtllI collected multltiid if 1 i
I eminent men of all puiMilts nul all
opinions of n populous a profrfrous I i
I anti a powerful people these are the
tine orator and interpreter of tin na
tions sentiment of the nations joys uud
hopes at an epwti which recoils ht Pit of I a
century anti KiigCvBtH the forc < ats if nnnfJier I 1
1 Ito nw entutes In our political nAtllhllh >
meiit nnd I their I wide tietmnntmt is it oat lie funda
mental theory of tlm Lncllsh monarchy and
the nalUh Parliament n edeil and mitt Cli nOd I
I In the Iratno 01 the Constitution new hinctlons
I fit tho judiciary nnd stupendousi cxnlta < i
tlnn of those liiuctlons In time coflrdlnito
I powers of government which have tover bo
IIolel1l ou tnnught iKssihlo The unJNputed
I I nnd indlspiitnble maxims I of lie t relish I I i I
I constitution that tho King iaild do i I
I no wrong nnd that Parliament vns om I I
nltotont wore limits upon the ritlls of I i i
I the people and upoh judicial author I
I ity In Ihsir protection which Ulsajpeirod I I
I with our grand ollrIUIIf tile Biiiremiicy I i
of II written ormtltutinn Uy this one tep ill
innuitorlHl nuthoilty from tho liluhoit to the I
m lowest nil logMntlvo power howevonuigust
I thn lawgivers In whom It wnsvestcl Were
I clrcuinicilt I and subordinated to thn nil I
I prnvalent law anti power if f limo Constitttion I
Let the honuiuo ol a hundred ytstp to tho
m working of this atigiiHt judicial Phqninntteit
I the wisdom of thf foaturn of our I institution
i And lot ii lawabiding people for time tuturo ox
nit and uphold our great judiciary ak the pio I
tectlon ot tho Constitution and tho alcquard I 1
of our liberties
IlIrlrll time III eorh of 3Ir I v arts t3mn confu
sion Lecnme o great that Major q lnint was
compelled to cnll tho audience to Ctlillt with
hnrp nips of his big gavel fomu of I
the boxes wore by this time imply
The confusion still tfmeJ I Mayor
Grnnt again raiped ylgorotikly t with his I
gavel and requested gentlemen to boconie seat
ed it was now nearly midnight and the con I
fusion of the retiring many guests teiiulied
tile vigorous use of tho Mayors ctwl The
Mayor announced the tenth toast on the Army
and Navy Gen William T bharnuu re
sponded <
TOAJI Tlie Xriny and NaT
When notified by your commltteo that I was
detailed to respond to thi doible toast 1
begged them to divide tt promtong to limit
I rmtdir to my own BI O Inl bruiclii 11 sorvlio In i
less than hall the time allotted 11 I but no 1
1 I must do double duty 1 therulbre betieak
I your Indulgence i
One hundred years ago In this loUr city of I
New York our IIrt 1 resident 1 < IU Ooorgo
VSnshliigon took his solemn oath to the I
best of his ability to pre crve proioet and de I
fend the Constitution of the United States
and thereby Ucimo CommnnderMnChloI of
tile army and navy und of tho militia when
culled Into service
Seventytwo years after his most worthy
successor Abraham Lincoln tnot the smut
identkiil oath and adilreslnk bin illKntl > Ucd
countrv men troni thu portico of tho < upltol In
WnhlnlllnremIlIlJ Ihorn that hI IlIId 11 oath
rcsiiteied III heaven to destroy tin Govern
ment while hu had tho mot solemn one to
preserve protect nod delcnd It
In like manner the iirmy and nary knvo their
oatH rogiHtoied In Ileaen to support and de
fend the Constitution to obey tho President I
and all appointed over thorn lor thor are the
very Instiuments provided by tho CouMitiitlon
to enable him to protect anti defend It vhcn I
ever force Is necessary and no government on
earth has yet been devised when al times
force has not been necesnry I
fog such nn oceasion I nx Wr sou the citizens
of America have III i orfect right enquire of
your knightly servants hnvB you been 11111 d
faithful 10 your oaths dui Inc the past 1 c utury
Making duo allowance for time uiial JJiflrml
this of human nature I answer emphdlcally I
Fortunately wo are not compelled to look I
back Into Grecian Roman or European history
for Illustration I
Washington himself was the host type of tho
citizen soldier thU world has yet produo I
Apart from hN puHic hlton ho hasjeft an I
extensive correspondence whitl tune con I I
faithfully preserved by Sparks which cctitiilns I
I nmss of know edge which every Ann rlim
youth should study and oven members Con
gress might consult with trout t I
On the J4th of September 177G he wrpto to
the President of fongre his judgment the I I
comparative value in nu economical tune of i
tho regulars and militia Again on tho Jlst of j
April 177S trom alley lorgo ho vvrtto to i
John Bannister then a delegate in long > s n i i
letter I full of wisdom and toreslght Ilould
like to quote largely from this letter but time
and the occasion do not warrant it until will
limit m > fol to a short luotalon
rltlncofthe jealousy tho part of Con I I
gress to tho at my ho says
It is t nnjuit became uo order of men in tti thirteen
Rtatei has pail a more leered reyarJ to the irocMilnzt
fonnh tll
of oncrrcn i tlmn the army for vrithiut arfozaD or I I
Ii umallest deviation from truth It may t 4 std h1t I
DO history now extant can furniti nn Inktuire iif an I
army lufferlnc uch uncommon hardihlie ut ours IIMM i
dOD ana bcarioc them with the sme jialence and
forntuje I
btlll occasionally breaks out the same spirit
of jealousy toward the army based on the old
English doctrine that a standing army Is I a
threat to a free ueopl a doctrine whch may
have moms ton o where that Irmy Is Conlmllld
edby a rime claiming to govern b1 DivIne I
right but is simple rldlculoun when our sov I
erelgnty remains with the people thoitselvep
whose Chief Jlagixtrate is I ore of f us vlcthed
with tiniporan und ro pon ible loweri After I
a hundred Tears erotioncethe time bat como
for this jeaousy to disnui ear
The force of Baron htubens teaching was I
transmitted down niter the WIll of the Involu
tion from generation to generation and Is felt I
even unto this they but to Gin ishligtoii
chlilb nverj soldier of tils Kind turn < nltli
reverential awe because they realln tlilt ho
loved order system economv and faithluj tt ser
vice that by his own example by Ins leaealncs
and writing lit ImpieEsed on everybody tlio
valuuof discipline and subordination to rliht I
ful authority perfectly COJI isleut with All rI
can citlfnshlp In I this spirit lIes thin prefvnt I
army of the United States teen trained And
though nrediitcd by Luropenns there is I no In
StanCe In our military hlsn ry of th usurp it pa
of i Ivll power not warranted bj tin uiw of ibo
in horses and tho fundnmnntnl principles
of tim military s < Ienn remain the unite today
ns when Washington ltd and taiifht his Lev v
lutloiiAr army but tliu Instrument of VIS
I It IV dllllllld t und are Mill changing with a
rapldltv wit Icti confounds the nni tent tint
call lor umew and joupger men Should 1 un
I happily an occasion arllt I am r < urn lIIF VII
tome forth worthy suit e sors to their noble
I sIrs jpnr front 1lIr histories the anna of
herd valor alien i Ott durance I nnd devotion
to the ling bj I the soldiers of lour lountry i
dining the past centurj and > ou wlllltivio 111
r jid label i I
I can with equal confidence freak of our
navy foi I cnlm to be Miuonlml ofnwti 1
foot III situ having cro < Kod the i line twice itt a
mnnofvai and have mei old Neptuio CIO
over tile lolo with bin brim It lint buelet bu Va
the I resTco of r the veterans hire I fte 1 pit
suited to tl o tank ntslgned m > bemuse I yio 4
to them loa 11 any inldshlpnau who Inn I
crntlllllteol at our moet Vllillahl SIInl Academy
at Annapolln mid who has done hU llrst criiNn
nt sell j letter LnowUdKu of their iiolvsslou
than I possess
o are brothers m the s imo cause follow 1
the same lag and share the sumo deMli >
Ibo > have to combat not only time Uniois of
wi r but those of tie shoals st inn and tern
pets or tin Fn lhelr dents or uillanty of
h eiolsmof dootlon to thilreouni ttflti f itt
honore I fine from the llvolutionnry ri to
the present moment Irrndlulu Ameru in li11
tory with iinniiK whlih will tlmiilato tlm
voutli of r out r ciuntiy I to follow Iheli I I tilfl tie
fofiiceH to come
llnreore let me conclude with what might
bate begun and finished with
Theannv and nav > furevrr I
Three cheer fur the red white anil blue
The eleventh toast was Our Schools raid
Colleges and the Maker was IItBldl11t
Charles W lliot of Harvard Inlteislty
TUIIlIur schoo and I ci t ei
That brief phrnso tin schools and colleLrs
of the United MatesIs a tot 11111 aid Imiumil lOt I
one but what Imagination can griihp tie utile I
Itudnof Luniau aile lions powers uud MtlK
which It really eompriM Not tho Inoliittt I
and moit list reaching Hut let iisiiy lei IIH I
forget the uiitwanl things called sdloI I ai d I
colleges and summon un limo bur nn elni I
Imailni tliu light mill n I 11II1l1n a tnally I I
In attendnncoHt ih I e i tiiar scl u m 1II1Jally I
roiintiyho glit iev llev would
till this treat nhunilridtlineo ind
every line I it v cud 11M I 1d11 with I in t ndiii
lotus and hopes iaiu unit in i tint hisS
sneaks ol a glad birth a brglilentiil honjn n
rn thers p loIterIng hal I n fat hers in eful I
joy In I all that t ill 111th itde 111 > little I I lit Bit
bounds nail every aye Bhnes 4 III hut i IIIIIUH of
nslllngion They nil if I whatiivnr ritt
I trill 511 1 rii li 1 nch hermit ms 11111 i II
Ituiiiin Spa helm iinfl iban 11111 1 Ill i MJI Ii I
01 WIOr lellkioi c imimi d 1 n > i >
Mrri on II i 11 t wh II A n n
v st i van Insb to hum 1111111I 1
hliltt lilt lId hat hu w a the t orivuan I I Atet
fast foldier tlit 1110 ntcumnn ino ti
lilt riot to ruler who mftdi thol eoutir fee f
strons and ust 1Itn all 1011 m I It ire
dreamt inJ Icuturcs and If ubud to IIMIUB jwii
z 4 I f
I countrys hero every TOCO would 1 answer
Was ill I a gto ml
Wfri jiWW girls and boys In the secondary
cchoois are gelling n fUller view of this Incom
parublo chnraeter than the jounger children
eon n aeh Thor are old enough to understand
his civil as well ns his military achievements
They learn of hlA great IlIrt In that Immortal I
leUeniKonvemlonof 17H7 of his Inestimable
sorvlms In organizing nod conducting througli
two Presidential l terms tutu now Government
services of which he alone was clIInlo and of
his llrm resistance to misguided popular
victorious In
clamor They see him ultimately
war and sun t ssful in peace but only throuch
much adversity itml over mutiny obstacle
> tot plct ro to yoiiselves the sixty thou
sand student III colleges and universities
selected youth of keen Intelligence wide rend
inc mid high nmbltlon 1 toy me able to 011I
pnro nsliliigini with the greatest men of
I other times and countries mid to itppwlnu
the mm it iqumm ii mmiii It 0 his r nown They can tot
him I eldM thn I heroes of I OUt liliCO and hltory
lIt loIo imvld Alexander Pericles Cnvar
Halndln llmrlemncne ductmus III
John llnmi den 1 Slllinm the Mlent Poier of
liusfelii mid liodoikk the II treat only to find
him a nobler human typothnn tiny 0110 of tliom
tomploter In his natvire happier In his
Bimc and moro fortuunn In the great
Issues ot his career They are taught
to see In him I soldier whose sword wrought
only more anti justice for mankind
n tntemnn who scnJled I remarkable
generation of public men hI his mental polso
anti exulted 1 them bt hU plngonepsof heait
and n rnlelwho exercise oi P I wcresubllshed
for thin llrnt time Oil earth a rlglitepiis Govern
ment by all for nil 1 hey recognize In him a
simple stainless nnd robust t character which
served with darzllng suciess t1 ire ions
valise nr hiimiin progress through liberty and
FO stands like hit sunlit peak of the Jlnttor
born unmatched nil the I world
And what shall sav on behalf of tho fldOOOO
teachers time Lulled Htnies f hey deserve
sonIc mention todar Jvono ol them are rich or
famous tOtal or thum nre tour retIrIng anti
unnoticed hilt It Is t they who tire built 1 nit a
perennial monument to Vt hinctou It Is they
who gISt him a mllllontongucd fame Ihey
mko him live luain tn the voting hourtsof
mcvesflvo generations anti llx his Imago there
ns the American Ideal of a nubile servant
It Is thriUjh tao schools mind colleges mind
the national literature that the herpes of any
puonla win ln tlngrouovvn lint It Is through
these amo uitelcieH tlnit a nation I Is moulded I I
into the likeness of its heroes This local rom
memoratloii of one groat event in the Ille of
Wllshllllon amid of tillS 1nltud hiatus Is well
hilt It h i mis nothing tompired with the Inces
sant memorial of him which time schools and
colleges of the country maintain from genera
tlon to generation I have mentioned only the
pupils and KudierK in school nnd college
hut nil the gpncritlons for a hundred vears
past havo sounded the praise of thin Virginia
country gentleman and countless generations
to como will swell the loud nccinlm hata
reward Is Washington I What nn influence Is
his and will be One mind and will transfused
by sympathetic Instruction Into millions ono
character n standard for millions ono life u
pattern for nil public men toiehing what great
ness Is mind what the pathway to undvinir fame
Then came the butt Our Literature
James Itut cll Lowell responding
Toast Onr Literature
I am to s1 oak for literature and of our own
as forming now I recognled part of It This
is not the place for a critical balancing of what
wo have done or lift undone In this Hold
ficarculy hud we Lmomu a nation whentiro
only part of the old 1 world who > o lahfuag Vo
understood began to ask In vailous tones of
despondency where was our literature f Wo
could tot impiole hills or Mlltons though
WBinade nn obliging effort todo It bailing In
this wo th lUght the question tartly unfitr and
wholly disagreeable I t nd Indeed It hndnovor
been put to several nations far older tl an wo
amid tn whIch I infi nccr bad been lonser
wanting Hut perhaps It was not altogether
so ill nuturod ns It seemed for after all n
natl n without a liter ituro is imperfectly rep
resiiited In th pirllument of miinkind It
Implied therefore in our no i the obligation of
an illustrious bloo 1
Mr 1011 Incrt belt the conditions attend
ing our t early llterntute nnd continued
considering all these things It Is n wonder
that In the e hundred i yeais t vve should havo
produced any literature at nil a still greitor
tiomitlir that we bae rroduied so much of
which vve mnv be honestly proud Its English
iei cnt is and must nlvv lys be manifest but
it la over more and mote Infictcd with I pew
spirit more and more truetiul in lime guidance
of Its own tlouchtx 1 ant not Insensible totho
wonder and ehil irntion or a maturml growth
without e impltt in rnpn Ity timid expansion
but 1 am llsJ iiitenible to the grave ptirlls
lat nt In I ItO Y ivllbnfion l which ulovv Its chIef
enerirlcs and ihteiests to be whollv Ibolbo I
In the pursuit of a mundrtn pro < rcrity Pros
robs wo may he in other ways con
tented with moro epeclou su cess but
that nation Is a mere liordo sup
plying llgures to tho census which does not
acknowledgi a truer proporltv and a rn her
gg rn1 fti eit11 rrlil n3 rjl fi
contentment In the things of the mind Hall i
ways and toll jraplisreci on < d bythethotisand
miles nre excellent thlnuH in their vvij but I
iloubt whether it boof tlnir pole and sleepers I
that Ibo lounds are made ol hit ladder by I
wIt icli pien or nut ins climb to the I iii Ill macmit
of their hllhn1 purpoo timId ftim tlnn
Ibo Htcrnturo of a pooile should bo tlio
record Its joivu and tom toos us aBpuatli ns
and Its I I oncoming Its vrisdom nnd I its folly I
So lannot siy our own na jet suflkos us but
I believe that he who I1njs a bundled vnirs
hence where I am standing now conscious
that ho si enks to the most powerful and pros
perous communlt over deviled l or developed I
by man will speak 01 our literature with tho
assurance of one who beholds what vn hopo
for bocomo a reality and a po eslon foiovcr
A union already existed based on common
origin anti aims but the ties that bound the
States together were too w < ak to compel that
fiuhordluntion of the supposed interests of ono
portion ol tho people to I line 01 action re
quired by the actual Interests of all The des
tiny ot tho country wits manifest If Its parts
could ho welded Into one but them problem to
be solved was how to accomplish this without
sacrificing local independence and so parting
with liberty in nxchinc0 or power In under
taking that solution thmtiy represented In
themselves every shndw of oplnl n from
Intensu faith in tho ultimate good sense
of the people to largo distrust of their
capacity lor selfgovernment aid they wero
ncuteb alive to all tho jealousies Ibo pas
sim and tho i nlUI tnof the hour The < ell
restraint they pructiod In tl elr own action
was the self restraint they FOUL lit to secure
aid lie I spirit of impi0inlo which finally I
hxrmonircd their deliberations was the spirit I
of foiupromlse which in of the essence of all
lasting human governments To determine a
form of government by written fundamental
law was no novel II to them limo eOlnnllt of
tho lii lower had sat 1 t ito example and all tho I
States but two then had at nil hnvo now Con
stitutions I dollnliig tile rp diva rights mud
duties of tho oltl ell and of tho nutlurlty over
Hut to fashion tin Instrument which was
to i ron to a natl I n out of lie I i ei I pie of free lId
Imidii cub < lit hia vs and at thu same limo in
terms to interposo barriers against tl o In
vasion of rights mid nervo to the people and
the Mates rem ectively tile IOVVPIH i deemed j
I essential to their pres t rvutl n without Impair
ing the ollli iem y of tho I ontinl I authority this
doin Hided unequalled putlnmesagaclti mod
oiailon and wKdoiu lliat list I nave tlit
Bugailtv hut I m deintlcu that wisdom slg
I nml > ehilil > cMl iMurnl I was Hspeelnll ii Ill ii
I i li titi in Ills char u ti rand conduct wh sc In
Htmcu rtt tort we cola ttrttto today I the I swelling I i
th > niiioi thelaun hlng of till great lepubilj
bdngvvell n gh lu I > tlll I hu roc jlloi tlon mmmii con
temp itiou of tIme virtues of limo ilrel and grand
tstleadur Under su h guidance I that tetu
pi 1 wlI that rd mi rte iliuworU went I rvvurd I
I to Its tiilmliifttlon in this iiKitteipliHo of r poll 11
oil hcionce hue 1 great I ngbsli stutisiuaii de I
clared It the most vv i derfulwork or ttrllk
oif at IIItIn time bv the hralii nnd jnin su of
min Inn m in Its I I I ill I Itt remit ii rns it us much pio
ceoded rom 1 jrossiio lilstor its mint
Covernmental am nItrite mit rnnnklnd I has over
aeen llko to action of untmu the fOIlS had
bnii Irng accumulating Lot fore they burst
Into < iiessioii limo rnroful I dlviblon 01
powers tho heiUs nnd bilances I tile ropre
I teniittion i f Stattit not eople i the saiognuidn
I1lalllt till exercise nibi rnry will Um Im I
mont power to protect and mime pow rIles
to 01111 wern but te inncentriitoil res ills
I ofpil roverkmce while time I an tt t ngoverp
111 i nlsoluieiv i t b Kuvereiin In itsow I i sin a
i I eavlnj I I hot 4 ac libout a tolitlml surfror
In li cir > wn wn > the IIlItulIII outiunio of till
IlCCOiit of 110 0 Ill I i 144 Imierial I t I swav ov T n
VIIHI extent I of country i o i oopnd I I It com ng
myrluds with imul IUall rule WtllI oIl tIe
rcpesntuiive svstmi illi i th Tim IILuhIe of
loomil LOVI rut lilt nm loi I t domestli puno ep No
llilbleon I I I needed to i lnorvvnb I I > Ind 10 i roes
wuich ws revolution ton II sujreme Tribiihiil
I was part of till i ob e scln me to which wns
c In lit lmttd the t duf h of I detcnnluriK when j d i
oral r hiito m tint n nx > eeued tho b undarle
bj MTbkh eiich vri s eiri un riled I
n C il I 1 li I u > the I em rill historian whose
years nrll H ml tile Jlloof tI nntlcnde I
sxrlo tho iniinitlop Ii not on > iiucon
Rumination ol I olittcal i wisdom In th I act IIIII I
thl just II tin1 riscrt i II lid wl n m we halt I j <
with him that coming nations will avail tlmn I
Belvsul tljo I I emitlu I tic IlIlt t Itsciituivo I sue
ce Hu operation t ifloriU is will we j nRI t IP I I
I etinliiig eHiitiirlrs 01 rogKns I and in llie
eogtiitlon uf r minis < npn < ir tObs I so Stilt
liiu < 111111111111 acelrate tlm hub whii
the I whoii vvorl hail be wrapped in tile louco
I of no domlnln
1h 1 IM tbl of nil wns The ft ito tl Mntes
of Aneu t i n a towhlil I Presl I I Ill t Hnril oii re I
Sir II f i
IuI I 1 cut Harrison 1 when le elmrswhlh t
Ilitd giextiil IHIII had liilbnldul Mild
Vr Pifhii i M u 11 I i 11 iv CTit > t
I should be unniK to lujsylf and v > hat J
I utter siinotis unjust to ton II 1
liii I 11 at this drs 11I1 I Itti I opior
ttiiiitv 1 oxpreps to illll ihi i I ep si nwu
it 1111 I i n > s mit iOu < I in or h < u ndy
U html U I al o il leM I i
II o > n ti i I I > in I i
I > 1 ii li rt In I I m
greiil < < > l HID n Mn in iiiu 1 of rIII
rein HI a lu inn 111 I s < tv ok id I
o II i IT i i > i i lai hn i i 1 d 1 mn
wfJ In I s j iicl 11 > i in IIIP I I I
lilvo or utiiuuuu luul iciujd uiiiks tut tuy
among YOu pleasant and gratifying Applnuel
Irom you nnd the hundreds of thousands
who hare thronged tlo streets of tins
grout commercial metropolis todnv Ap
plause 1 havo received nnny con j I
dial epre ° soni of their good will 1
I would not however have you understand I
thutthcseluudacclaims hal I non III tiny stmism
appropriated n a yersoilni tribute to mi elf I
Imvoreillzed that them was that In lIla oein I
don and In all thesoJnUd nts w hlch had made It i I
profound Impressive to mr mind which was I
above and greater titan imny living man Ap
plause 1 I havo real ireti that that trlmteof I f I
cordial witilt tIt which you 1ivo mI1I1HI I 1 ted I
wns tendered rather to that groat oil co winch
In the favor of gloater puoplo 1 now uci < io
tile it mo lApplausu
The occasion und all its incidents will ho
memorable not only in the hlstorv of your own
State but mthclhistoi ofourcoimtrv wYork
did not SIH ceed in retaining scat of national
tioverntnent here though shu made liberal
provision for tho assembling ol tho 1 irst I
Congress In tho expectation that tho
Congress might tlnd Its permanent home
heie But though ou lost that I
which you coveted I think thin representatives
I here of nil the States will agreo that It wait
fprtunato that Ibo first Inttugui mutton of
I Washington tool plaro In tho Main nnd
i In the city of New York lnpplaue
For where In our country could the von
ennial of the event have been so worth
ily celebrated ns here r Applause Whl1t
seaport offered so mngrill ent an oppor
tunity upon which to display our navnl
and merchant marine fIIInllo1 hilt
city Oilerel thoroughfare 110 mngnillcent 01 n
population to groat and so tcnoiotis ns New
I YOlk has poured out todaj to celebrate that
event Applause I
I 1 have received at the hands of the commit
tee who have been chained with the detail
onerous exacting nnd too often unthankful
ot this demonstration nn evidence of mills con
fidence In my liyHlcil endurance Laughter I
and applause
the nay ImiireKoUrly Obt rTeil In AH
l rtn or tbr Country
PiiiLAiinLiiir April 8ut fho centennial
of the Inauguration of Washington was very
niiletly observed In tho city Jilt day was
made illegal holiday In this State by legisla 1
tive enactment and business was therefore
almost entirely suspended Time financial
commercial exchanges were closed as wore
also tho banks and most of tile business
houses At ninny of tho churches there score
commemorative services but there was no PVC
arranged ceremony At tile public schools
also there Welt Interesting exorcIsts I by tho
pupils iho ceremonies how ever not being of
an elaborate form Tho almost general sus
pension pf f business had the usiitl ulluct of fill
ing tho streets with promenadcn who had
nothing to do but to seek recreation his watt
particularly truo of tile nftoinoon when the
warm sun rnmlu nn outing moio pleasant
There was no extra potfnn JIUKO at any of tho I
theatres as Is usual on holldit the huiiposl
tl n being tnnt ti moro vvoild bu I too many ab
sentees in hew iork to tvuirnut tile extra ox
Ijosiov April Although th Leglilatuto
falje to make today a Lolidit It Is I I elug
finite intensively obsoi i ed ns such t in I host out
and nnUiii i 01 ug towns Tin da vas 1l item ed
In with thu rnli 01 bells and tiinues
npecl d seivkvb were hold 1 at Ill 111 V ot the
ltotost alit cii u retie notably lln tms dim iel
Bill t iirlHt i hu ih At iho lornuir 1110 > Mir
1951 I were iiirtlelpatod In I b > 110 1ov 1 v 1 I
lsaboit I time hot O I V liiigs II I II till
lev Charles 0 Ami1 and the 111 Hiooko
lerord I At rinlit m I Churib i I Suit itch Lllot I
111 l > delhireii tin hlt rleal alldtl I c Ai lilt
C iitlollo iliiiiclicti innnsii wiin 1 cclebiatod 1
AI lieu publli bulldliiks toro cloned nnd inont
ol the viholesiuo and nmni of iho I intull m I m Iii cit
sucpeniimi i t busiiu sfl hero 1 wore n nunilurof I
nnnivrrsaiy iclubiiilloim I mid Innijucls I thin
N WI 011 Aiuil fluTlio day was < Imunud I
On itiletlj More Flu ioviiniiiiri lllio
bllIK mind public siiiooln ICII li sed 1 i hu
viulolls duuouimatlons hold firvlcen uill good
uttei dance At rlnlty hut Ititti oicupi < d by
nslilmtouoti bin visit 10 sIIII t tills din
rated with snillrx amid Ilnwrll aiuldiiipil wit h
Aneriiiu llngi show mug ihlilien tins I i
CASAJoiUMt AlullUlhioiigb m the 1o
hntvl ilo > ntluilorl this on 1 Zig whlBilm I
vviin bio i c n rung nml liar rinsed III
IK no on I ti enl IIIItI API roi riiitn MTV Inn
sicrt lield anduorl n all IIn 11 H i KIM mini 1
> WHLHIII April in fnrvli wi in In Id III
WVertl if 1 inn I III nit bee llilH I multi imhmmg
IliiMluss VHS gtiiiiiralk iif > ii iilfi 1 I S i mloiial 1
sd nn was Mud at iuhfiiwton I emi 411111
ters ihe chirei bolls wmn rum ami mini I
liege dHpiavud
Afi IJN AprilK 0 miliitu of r aitlllervaml
the ringing of all tim clD m b I ils nind I In
tit i iiv t ere CnP I n rervlint o r In Id in
snvcral eiiulns lit II l < J i llUni i mug
IIIIM I ifte n a II1nr i id o nio > 1
tbioiiib t i i li i ii I t t i i iif d tltitt
ill I I lilt Tf I m I l l 1 1 V
ir t 1 jii I u nd vii n u ill 1 t 01 i j i i t i i t n
i it l f 1 t M11 April Il Hailnng
tl ii I u it nniu I i it I n1 I I r r i t
era v i ii m n 11 I e ul 11 > 1fOIl i
01 luu 111 UL tuu Cuuiuiuu ut bouu ILriu ssa
no municipal observance Hags were display
ed nil over the eil 1
> tw HAVEN Airil 30A salute of 100 guns
wa fired on the green at noon today bv order
of Mayor 1 cek In loior of limo ceiititiniil
STALNTON Va April Ju Thu crntennial wns
olierved here by moriiinc services In tile CCV
erul churches and aiu ropriato surmons the
closlncof bunks multi the lust ODlce and par
ti il susiension ol business
htvios 1n April 1OIIon obcorvcd the
l Innugurntion centennial by riuih bells
I lioomiuK cannon suspension ot busnics 10 1
I llcious Mrvlcoimd n hiIimmy In the 1ItIrroon
J he lev Dr iorler clnllver d m ad
dress before I laige audience ut Lnfnyoto
I olicct a unique Icaturo of which vva > his I
I rending 01 his own II lianxlnlion the ouginul
metro of Horico famous centennial odo sung
I In llomoll C It 1
CAILISLF Id April OTho exercises lucl
I dent to the ceutennlnl anniversary of the In
auguration of jeanne WIIKhIIlIIn were celo
i hratid In a coming manner throughout tho
1 Cumlierlnuil Valley today In this city all
I places ol business wercsusiionded At noon I
I ealulc of thirteen guns woro Bred the bolls
run4 foritmlf an hour mind all the steam whittles
blown Thu deletes rome hell I In Hosier
Memorial Hull and the laige meeting was pro
shied lor by tlio Ret Dr t eo Heed the now
piesidcnt of Dickinson CoiUgo Tho promin
ent feature ot the exercises were tho Indian
children from the Government training icho
several hundred in number with their own
bind of music Iho exercises consisted of
I reading tIme Presidents proclamHtion rendluc
of nBhlnctoirs linugurnl address ro tiling
from Vashlngtons him owoil inebsitice und short
1 nddresps
i Iirrhisiitmo Va April 80Tile 100th annl
I vorsnry of the Imiigurntlon ot tho first
President of the United States wits observed
here liy I tho cli sing of all tile banks nnd public
buildings and apnroprliito services nt the dIf
foriiu churches At the State Normal nnd
Collegiate liibtitutos appropriate ovorclsos
wont hold thi re There was nu address by
ibm Presl font of limo institute on the diameter I
of Washington and 1rof I K Williams rood
the proclamations of President Harrison and
the lOturnoi ol Vi rain lit
Ciiici Anrll 811lids 1 was a legal 1olldny
and business wis entirely suHixtuled flue
central portion of the cltv blorfcomrd with llio I
national color arid out In I the residence ills
tneis timid away In thu surrounding suburb
I tile Stars aud Stripes Moated from balconies
and housetops The day was iibbercd In nt
i tunrlso with n salute by llnttcry It
I of tho State militIa and nt 83D oclock
imnotimer salute ofthiirteon gmmni scamhIred bout
this time the various militiiry organizations
ot tlio i city emerged float their armories In full
diem u uniform a nil pioi foiled todilTirent I tem
ples of worship tint Flier 1 mmmi Ida staff going
to lymouth Coiiireqillonal CiiurJli Her
vices woiehelii in nil I ill churches of iho city I
I tliH xnrilsis partaking largely ot n patriotic
chnrutor Tlm lint itmi i t color n were visible i
I ovurjwhine and biich sougi is America
Tho Sinr Spunicd Jinnnnr and i ankeo
Doodle worn ting li > tIme congregations
Tho ovorclsoB in tile public und unroclilnl
schools were omit of the notnlilo fentiircsof tho I
day liolars nnd hooU vvetu in gala attire
and the programme wire of the usual
putrlr tic diana Icr < oncludlngvvltlva distribu
tion of c iiti imlnl iiieiliusto tho pupils At the
ttl Division llich I I Scliool Oov lifer I wmmmm
profioni nnd dellvniol i I a lrlM nddross At 11
ocloi n natlonnl srlulo of fortytwo guns
was llmd on tile ISle front
Al loMock 1 this > tot tOOmi night mans moot
lags WOK hold F lull iii ttmntOtt 1 y nt tto I IPOB
loll building llnltory I I Armory hu < ond llcgi
miit Aimory fontial Mimio Hull I I I Tarwoll
iitl lioiird of Irndo Hull und two largo tents
on the I IHO liont I t Jho lii ogrio at nit In i all was
idei tlr I il uxcnpt us to I sirakor nnd coos lslttI I
oil pntimtlu intruniuiitnl ami voi ul null tile
lall i i humi nj i ttUdUi ill by a i hortis mt f from 80 l
to Oi IIJOIK ul i oacli pint it the nadliigof I mcs
sags nnd lottoH tho p MIn o uproprl to
re ilmitlmn iindnddesiB Ihn folluwlukEen
tliuueii Ii iDoldi il at the imoinD
A i r4 i tun 1 Jlanati im iinret1 Court ft tlm
Illlm t nuiim u < Hun imt5rt r imiouis I inUi Wnl
lir t HKiini iiv Jitf h m vv HIT teiiut t H
yrie I VInrrlie VV III inmiter > lr K Srlou HUr
Juilki I I I u Mm
Amoiiii the Hioiilerrt wore llabbi lOran tho
tin lluv 1 II IliurovH tlio Hon James 1 IL I
iiiioilltio ludge irndiugaBt I IIK Ion John
M Illusion I il N < braskP mini ollien
I In mini in vei niim and thnfrliOpters fo
tlelO Iou n eel In totobun hN H ininnnii
mid iiiiueliud rough I Ito prli clpll slrieta in
t lit bi I i SIIIPSS i 01 tlon i of thuity I ililn istn lila
llieri woio u oitiornto I dlspliiyi of Ilrevvorks in
tovoii i ol I the iltv funk
liiilglit a i iiihiiiot VtS civen at Iho Union I
Iiuiiiiii I limit i uidl n S IJ liieilnlil of llio
I nl id rnti i < In ult Coin picnldud Iho 1 I
toanin nrd HI e ilein wioro
Bhu4iimti III IW tuirimm imIIfl I ml
n lll > 11 i n i I lailni C I 11 li l u n
ir > ri mm I r llou I II I hIII in in Illillnlil T
vrr iai I tlir llou Hi lirri I I It nn u He Jmoilt i
Cl H illli lie tv I i I tiberlkuii llrur Iiv 1 i
HUM I vv I i i r Linrili it Kentucky A v n Jrr
iimtitlii I Ilir Hun I I Km in I liaulcl vVrlt m < r
Ihn m I l tin I i iimv t if U iiilau Aliraliulll li I
mill Ilir tint n In tl I 1111111 n 11 I nn s Irani1 i
Ilir I MOM I ii li n It i ittlnmitmi itt Srlinv Vj
hi loii I i Airll i I Vt eiitini id I In I WHS
u I enti In n inliitu ol l < o gun
vlil i > iiveo liii n ic eitv a i r IK
itlid vi in fi u rv mil I in I
iti i to t at us I n l i k i v
Ii I fl till I II T 1 I l l III l I Ml
ill ii I I i 1 Iii 0 vi n r < i ii i n i rn
1 tis fi r tji i fo n I rand timrltol
Uiiiiin in hi 1 Iit iiijo co tin Ioinn in
Illli nil 1 111 I ii s I MIo Unit I to iroipkslll
won ii i u i HM i HIP I j i i c u t v n
Puit Inuvei juuo utwur ta fui il eat l uvirIy
7 oclock when the rear of the parade passed
tlm central part of the city
ricie wore sixteen divisions Including rag
ulnrtmiihd Slates troo s militia local military
organIzations mounted police Grinu Army
iot bona of ctcrin lire Iteiartment
merot and othur societies members of the
Merchants iclinneo commercial trnvcllors
business men nnd n great turnout of Univer
sity College boys and public school children
Tlio parade was by far the large si ever mussel
home Uhu lint ol march covering many miles
presenteu to view an unbroken crowd of spec
tutors and the beauty ot the scene wa height
ened by the profuse decorations along time
JIujorNoouan and members of Municipal
Assembly viewed Ibm p irndo Irom the western
steps of the Court liouy whole n nlntlorm I
curly decorated with Hags and bunting had
been erected Iho tirmd Marshal reviewed l
tho pnrado nt the Tour Courts whore It dis
bnded nt dusk
Jo night at 7 oclock the doors of the Grand
Music Hull Uxpofdtion building were opened
antI III ihilt an hour nearly nil available space
had been taken llieto score a numlorot nd
dresses among them ono by George It Wend
llmr the rending of vSnhlngtons Inaugural
address and other appropriate oxorciaud in
cluding maslcal selections
PmsnuMii April 10In the morning ser
vices irene held m all tho chur < he amid In the
nltornoon thoro was a largo parade of secret
Hoclotles followed by a met tlug lu Allegheny
Park at which a chorus of WO school chil
dren snug the national nine The llou Tumid
I Kennorson of New York was time principal
speaker In time evening n Inrge uiifh meeting
was held nt the tuiilial Itlnk Among the
BI oakers score Congressnmn McKinley of Ohio
and Provident Adams of Cornell University
JIONTUhAL April 110A special service was
hold In thIn American Piosbyturinn Church
hero this morning in honor of the W nshlngton
centnunry Pile church wait decorated with
time Hags of England and the Unlti states nnd
portraits of S hlngton Lincoln anti Harri
son Among th < pe who olllcluted nt time ser
vice worn Dr Wolls the Hot Mr Cressy tile
Itev Dr llnrbour who preached the sermon
and tile llov F H Mnrllug
1Anis April 30 service was held In the
Amoilinn church In the 1uo lierrl today In
honor of tile Washington centennial Tho
lending Amorlcnn roeldoruts attended Iho
church was benutifull decorated with flnus I
anti HovvcrB Uho low Mr Thurbor read
President han leons pioclar intlon nrd Minis
her McLana made an extempoimcous address
from the foot of the pulpit
Ayers Sarsaparilla
lip I ii
We refer to the following Testimonials from Lowell Mass Druggists tho originals of which are in our possession
sr Headers wm remark the high estImation in which Ayers Sanapnrllla is I uniformly held hr the druggist of our own city We point to this fact with pride beeaug dnrtn the nearf
hall century since our business was established in tholr midst thor bar had ample opportunity to know time character of our homo and the quality of our produots and also because by their
professional character and their Intimate relations with the ru dlcal men and best citizens of Low ll they are peculiarly qualified to judge correctly and advIse safely In matters which affect tt
health and lives of our ettlx n It Is for this reason that their verdict should ipte great weight Drncelats mid physicians are frooly iiipplled with our formulas and Invited lolnatxsci
laboratories From the very first only the bestselected ingredients havo baun used regarUlis at cost and always tint basis of our remedy has b ea tho coaulno Honiara Sarsipirllla wsti our
known to be the richest In medicinal Tlrtues of all the varieties of thi root
Head of the List Often Speaks in Its Favor Largo and Steady Sales It Justifies Confidence
I know of no moro powerful reliable orjeo I am often asked ray opinion of Ares Bar Ayers Bartaparllla still maintains Its ro Wn have sold Ayars aparllla eer sine
noraicnl blood punflerthRn Ay r bani parIUB rnparllln and being UmiUor with its formula markablo hold on public confidoneo Its we have been In the drug tradn Its
h stunJa at the Aew4 Ui ILSI epot trim eniillitrnrf tn iti near Jly salts ot large unit f tody saLts attest the ceicral belIef merit ax a blood Pur Her Juittfift tin imM gird
b MOLLOY tare steadily mareaslnc In its merits OBlUKlt BlOa onfldtHcf In this standard medicine
nt the Front The Best of Its Kind <
Gaining in Popularity Arers BariaoftrlUa is th trt prrfaraNm Ayers Sells Freely
Ayurt BarsaparllU is still nfnnt where f ftitta l alvyay recommend Its use and am Vft sell Ayors 8anaparllla roel > and >
Its merit entitl tt to rsmaln PLl none As p tate and reliable blood purlflnr r cam never disappointed I consider that one bottle ommend it with confidence
1 W HAaUH men Ayer barsaparilla It ha been a eMil of Ayers Is worth more than half a iloren ol eonQdeuceA V DOWS ± CO
faotion to me as adrueslet to Had this grand any other y c bUlllLLV
ale mediulne t > m > tlft yain ny in pvpwarity Sells More of Ayers
Demand Constantly Increasing
XnlniieaU comwtltlon Honest Reliable
AMI HUB BARIDEAULT f Vfr than of other Bm >
AVers Banaparfilc now as always anuitafos Wit endorse Ayora agrupsvilla its an hnef panllaB I hare known ot a great many run
its high reputation I recommend It to my rchloubie blood pintiler We know it stil cto eflectedby AVers UnniaparlOa some of Usa
patrons with the fullest confidence In Its vir Ayers Holds First Placo unlysreal satisfmstttioL my remarkable and worthy of record
tues and note > constantly < 3ireiIb4 detnin4 EDWARD L IUMEDELL Jr o c oaaouD IID
for it C L STUAJIT Iii D Amonir all the Barsnparitlas now before the
pnbllo no other to PummendB Itself lesAyerie Soils on Its Merits Satisfied
Always With
v > u Invariably recommend fils medicine with Ayers
Ayers fe the Best confidence that it will do all thnt U l claimed for For twenty yearn as druggists and phnrma There in i no proprietary medicine we haw te
It ind that it will Continua t l f tlt flrtt eTitA we have recommended and told Ayers stock better known
or aupreclateJ than
Wo invariably advise the use of Ayera Pw fiact among blood eurlQera Enrjaparllln and It has never yet gone tack en tJarsacarUla 1KAHK IXGOOUAidi AVerS
ruparllla as tlia ftesmt preparation for tne blood A L HELD our endorsementCARTER
We bear none but favoraHo words fromtliost CARTER A BHEKBUUNE
Tho usa It II61IAIIA2 k RiCE 1Y More Cures from Ayers
Ayors Has a Groat Sale Never Known It Fail We hear of acre rum frrtn Ayrrt Darwo
Sales Steadily Increasing parUla than from all other Blmllar
Ayors Paraaparlll has an Invincible post Xeoni > fder AyeK Sarsaparflla tmsurpiaied combineil We are always happy to remediM
Our sates of Aims Bnr ap rUla are T IT sivt lion among medichnep find K greet iitle attrnm as K biood medicine Have handled It 33 veara toend Itu use > A B bEILLX recent
fofactory and iti < tIy nicnxuinv There U no My salea of it show tts steady and nrrrrhnif Iniutm It jttlt to give satisfac
better blood purifier holi oa publio favor tion Customers nse K year after year It u The Best Is Ayers
Dr of tho best fn
ILALLI1T a HESX3TTE cn selllnir medicine the mar
ket JOSEPH PLUSKEITT Tortho past twentrflv years I have sold
Ayers Bareaparillo In my opinion the bei
Its Popularity Increases Always in Demand A Strong Hold rtmrdlat < vtiHu for the cure of d1mts
arlslDit from impurities ef lint blood
During the many years In which J bays sold Out experience Is that the old standard Ayeri Barsnparltla la known to bo ajjonnfne tained tn this medicine G CL BUOCK con
AJezeriaparifla fs altcow in 4m X article free from all harmful So
Ayes BarnapHrilla in Lowell I hae nsve r aXtf SanapariJla < tri < drugs o medi
heard my customers speak otherwise than well T H BUTLER CO cine boa a Rtronrer held on the pabllo We Never Fails to Satisfy
out flCr5Ch5 b V6 a steady and IncrmMnir demand for It
of ppuulit
J Ii WSTWOOD CUAJUAd V iVAN After on experience of a Quarter of a wntrrry
The Very Best we have yet to Isarn l of a cafe whore Arert
Always Says Ayers Fareaparllla has failed to PITS satisfaction
Still the Best We always take pleasure In ntnrr the prep VTe have sold It ever sine It waa put on ttii
araUons of Dr J C Ayer Co Their product When asked to name tbi host blrxvt pnrtder market V K BA1LE1 A CO
Time extraordinary skill with which Ayers Is the r ry br t of lt kind Their Comi onnd w invariAbly say Ayers SarjararUhL
Barnooarllla Is prepared as well us tns remedial Extract of Samaparllla ITOVPB ill remedial F E HNABB A Splendid Record
clinntu have lone established Tlrtues wherever used
dial virtues of Its ingtettfentli Among emrcnitomr
lished this blood pnrlfUr i tiir at tAat mm tm tt has olwus given nutlfrtctiim More Confidence in Ayers Ayer Sar parfllaha a splendid vee
had i and its Increasing tales fndiaat that the CABLEION 4 HOVEl nnneful amid popular medldn It has alvavs
public appreciate It Ayers Sarsaparflla cells freely right along bad ISo confidence of tb druggists anti peo
BELLEISLE Gives recommend this blood purifier tn preference otLovToli We harcagood sale for IV I
the Best Satisfaction
on to any ether boeaoso I have perxonally mnr a P BLASCHAIU
conjCdnict in il SIARTti
Ayers is the Standard vTo hare no hesitation In certifying that
Ayers Harrapurilla trinrn tin kiul > iin nettn of Sale Wellearned Reputation
Ayers Fanaparllla now aa ever fs the any blood purifier In the market and our sales Constantly Increasing jnstifles it vtUnrntA
anftani blood mteilcin anil In constant do chow that the in le base undlmlnlf con We consider Ayers Bjreaparflla the bent npttatl Ayers BArsaparflla attn trade
mend tIliaulitli Lijrjs fidanco in Its nterim L O UANKb preparation ot its bind Its enl le fmmtantlji my tradeCIIAB E OARTQl
tt E WEBSTER Agent mcrtoMlna BtKOlT CO
Sale Constantly Increasing Ayers Has No Equal In Steady Demand Thousands of Bottles
The salo of Ayers ParcupBrllln is r nafunt1v The merits of Ayers BartnparlUa ns n stand Itr ctuttomers nlmtTS speak well ot Ayers
Incriatng We never benltate to recommend Itis our experience that Ayers aperlUa ard blood mi dlclne are well known Yeunvre rsaparilla I have od hSuin 1 < if tnt
It JOHN L GIBSON Ic CO IHU nocijual aau blood purifier Bold It for 1J years and hare always heard U of It sins 1 base been tn bosircjs and run clad
H C BROTHEIW well spuiien of It Is iii alenly tirtnaml to noto Its continued ponalnrl ty
Ayers is the Best A Genuine Remedy Sales Very Extraordinary
Ayors Enrsapirilln is one of the fewpronrfo
tary mediciuct wo can cotfldenly reonramend Ayers Barsaparflla has won It nrjnfntlon by ArorB Farrnparilla gives ustlffRctlon The Our sales ot Ayort apnrilla have been
icrrctL by my e u to3ier9 years of valuable service to the community public feel confident that In pnrchnalnc It they try nrtra r < Hnary the past tear aLowicc it
OSMOND LlLELD it fa Ihettst U J LAM aroorciune a gmulni rvnttuy C A DAL1 etcttdy growth In popularity 1 F MOOijI
Ay a k th V ak oig
ot fas to get veIth bv J C Aver Co Lo weUMass
IF u mt Cr hitIitCS4 birIIc S ciii i4ti itsicutlj
bjr oj I miss LSisi 4J4
The ICuurs Mnrdrr Tilal
BlJiMisaifAJi Aln April iJThlo theory
of the defence In the Hawes cnse hits 1 eon that
If D Thomtii comm who resembkd Hawos vvna
tho man seen on the dummy lino with little
May thnt Monday night It was Inslsti thnt
Thompoii was Intlmato with Mrs Hawos
nnd diMii pcirdd about tile lame I of tlio murder I
A ftc r all tlm I evidence vvih In I this morning
the piosuc utlon treated i a megmsatlutm by unvx
hllcl tidy produilng I lIon fitIi on tho stmnl
who svvoro thnt lin left I IliiiiiLham I t threo
wuks intone limo murder and had over sit ci
ben In Atlnutn mid other p Intn In jeorgla I
nnd I lorida llt voluntarllt Clint frouum 1 hoot
lyville In rosp n > ul iOteiV I nt ii it < hear him
sell Ibm ittYS < of the titttlluitt to llx tim emImo on
him AH sion on tlm witnuss stand his resent
bianco to Ilvo is slight
ICarlDi In Mmiii Irliniliro
Siv ruArisru Aiirll 0 At the Day flit
trlct track today tIme llrft neo wits 14 I miles
selling purpo J30 Dukn Spnncor won Black
Pilot hecond Jou oii tlifid limn I tI II I
Jry Again i sin es llveelgblliF mile tsno
ruili I I t won lioatiihciotd 1loiiliuthiid Tlinu
Jnaucuril fital es iflIl bile nod nn olghtli
foi thrncyeaioldti Cl IIt in oflroy nml 1 lood
I Idn i ran ndeud hem Iou first PumIce l lid Outs
third Time 0 57
liiiith I lIne lIst mierc Hnndlcnp vvnn bv
Ocraldiro Miltn Cloud tecoml Al lanow
thor lime lHi4 I
breefourtliB 1 of n mile htonuilcapWon by
Iesslu blmniuin Iello sccoud LOLL Shut
Cltirlrd Oer Ilin ll1c mite
PAH rsov Apiil JOA youn nmn hum Ii
Jmtmioi lrgghliuil a boat lust nbovu tholnsB
1 nils thib I uvn Inc nnd atlcmiited t 1 to rot < up to
Iaurul throve Co uetery lr pli n u lowers unou
Jin broil ltrtrs gtnve Thnilvor I iti l lng svvillin I
Jim nld not muuao U u bin and bccuimng
iniiiri id jiimt ed Into lime viici Id fun n
pistnn i on Id bn en iere1 1 u us eitrr el I iver
tin I ills it d drownuij Ihu ho I y tilts u itut
biou nvuviiuJ
2oilr I nn e nr 2imitrr ZHplodc l
lUtiirtV N S Jlil 31 IlMii lops of
potvdur ill lie I diylng housnof tin Aeidln Iovv I
ii r Con t iiiiy s wniks nt Vavtry MOIO I at
i v I t i iiv n iilm ii 1 l till D I t
tiilP Oil s iltHlft tmiil f tl I I I i 11 11
l l tl t i II c li I II p t t II I i 1 i 1
Ill d I I I i I i II I l
tiiI 1 11 V I rioi o I I ii I il i i i C
riot it 1 i ifu mo lIst huvn m i Mtcd ilubos
la bout ijuou
Sirs Fnran Httvrn Takes In Five After
this Crunh at Tnentrelebth Ntreec
When the police made their attempt to
clear Fifth avenue north of Twentysixth street
for the parade teams clogged the side streets
rouderlnu escape In that direction dllllcult
and the crowd had to bo pushed up the avenue
almost uy main strength At Twentyeighth
street tile crush became something terrible
Women fainted and the people on the stands
In the windows und on the roofs houipd
Shanio at the way In which the police were
handling the crowds In the streetmi
Mr 1arau bteTon opened her doors to the
fainting women and took live of them in le
storntlvoB were applied and four of them soon
recovered and went away without aid Allah
Wa mire seriously affected and was alarmed
because she had teen t separated from her two
children hue too recovered however and
was able to Icavetho house without iisbUtanco
Charges Agmlnmt n itoelor
Nettle Guyon an unmarried young woman
died at her homo 12 Commerce street on Mon
day night under suspicious circumstances
She had been attended by Dr Romuln of Hud
eon street who Informed the Coroners ofrlce
of the case Deputy Coroner Donlln lust Itlit i
lound that death was dun to piirltoiiltin lenii
Inc from a criminal operation i hu yuurg
woman before her death lonlihsod tlio u uue
of hoi betrayer and the physician who Jor i
formed tile operation Coroner ilnnlo iiI i
night issued a warrant for the doctors urrcst
Win He Murdered P
At 10 oclock last nlfht Wliliam Ludcntor
25 years of ago who lived at 214 East Hity
seventh street was found dead In front of his
homo Ills head wan bruited and there were
marks of violence on the bod Later In tile
ovenlnc tho pollen nrrPMou now Ivenbunt i
of 212 Lust SiatyhiitIi Street lilIti > villmmi
of i44 East blxtyllltb streiU on fciiMplrlon
Iudenter was employ Id in thn Tlilul avjnua
tarhtabloK Ihe men nro said to have boon
together during the day
Hurry IbllllpK Ciimmlllrd
MONTIVAL April iuOIimuiy Ilillllpa ei
manager for John L Sullivan and Andy Male
ncr a Montreal sport liiivo been committed
lot trial for unlawfully posstmiui tlienibelvo
of ili unu worth ol Jovidn bclonulnc It alo
lontollrm juorcoon Itoinholt nirnvellInK
MiliHinau foi thu llrm took the lovnlrylo
iltnt reid lost it to Pit iili ll In Sliiloneyn guru
bllnc roomir and fled to No v orl hail was
jclufcd Appllcntlon for a writ ot habeas cor
pus will bo inudo tomorrow
Killed While IIoulloic Ilovtn nn America
ItlciiMoxn Vn April 80ioyml Itlcc
colored foil throuch the domo of the Klchmond
Theatre till aveninc it distance of 70 feet
Willie iIitliiul I down an Americun llnu and syas
liistuntl Lillid
Itojul Marriage Iteporteil OiT
LONDON May 1It is reportoil at lim as
cots that owln to the opposItIon of time Cnth
ollciil NaploK tho contemplated ninrrlaK of
the lrineLmil Nniilestolliu IrluciHsl lemfiilins
daughter of thin Klnu ol the Buiuiaiib hai Leon
IlrcHN Suttt vere Nrcrnniy
lirnuv Api 11 iiii ilr linlcti nnd Ifcut
TarKur mosnmu not unfitted I t enter the etbi
blUou o unnd by tlui ltupeior I i to ilay I o aleS
they svuro frock coats Instead of diest coats
Mullvton lo lie Illirr leil
I3IIlrtN Apill 30 Jliilictoii time lOpOe11
Kluifof Haiuoi IIIIH ainiutlod and Elmurcror
llliuii IJi decided that thu uxhluu tmtlIy lii
A hrra VeBvrriH Flrrti Were
At fifll 1 M explosion of gums at 072 Ioxlnc
toil avenue No iiiun2e
M Ill I M In tAtrinfninf three story drelim4 X
Lowe sireit 4ismtmiit I10
iflivia m
Ifterohmnn agd I1 i orkj Vnii Flckrn n i I t cit
lit il out tt ily > tvrilnv wrlImi liiiii trei b ti iii
t lev1 w III i roia it fatal vr < LHJ li Hat tu crof
trullilc UILIU litllirni
Theri vri 1 te no eoiofl of the labile trboo on
TUr Ut
fhi In tIi of a tal I let I nidii in tlf I rlnt C
it nil in i u 0 river at iOu imIStomI lintel I C I ariiir II
lit ft y CUte tI
in ytr > tvt rra mls i rtf p Ltr r t S
lime iii lie I int ju h4re Tl ir I m S
I hiitl tmt C I
In Ilia ci riiiii
11 ilu S I OIi1 mit il i ro 5
tii II ii I li r I I I
r 1 ii Sn tl mr ii
am i a Ce irk r itr A s t t I i V I
t aim I a iIl Cu Ii I U U t
auth vu ut smug wtrsnmul In Ii tmt

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