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The Civic Parade Crowns the
Centennial Festivity I
Tley Adorn the Last Day With a Unip
and Striking Pageant
And the Beautyloving Wineloving
SOn loving GermanAmeri
cans a Triumph
fie LlTlig Picture nn Immena Saeeei
Frtildent Itarrlon llecllne n ProFered
Olate of ICed American Wine aDd the
Girls On the Float Thereupon Hare Home
More to Show That I Is Good The
llarchlua of tile School Chlldrem Won
der The lreldeot and Gee Sherman
Amaxcd itt I Frecllon An Addre In
BllTer Cane Prevented by the Vnjor to
the President Home Sweet Home Wo
Averaged 430000 Vlltor n Day
Yesterday wo gave tho thlnl act of te
nd contcnnlnl drama Tho bands whoso
nuslc shook tho air oarly In tho morning wore
tho orchestra tho hundreds of thousands of
human beings crowding tho streets woro the
audience the miles and miles of paraders
forming far up town woro tho player tho
metropolis was the theatre
Tho story of tho last act of tho beautiful and
Inspiring play was a talo of our countrys
strides In Industry and art and the climax
represented the mighty numbers and power of
the people The people who wore the players
bad seen their navy and their army move
across the stare and now they donned their
costumes and became themselves the Illustra
tors of the finish of the plot Looking back
over the whole joyous and perfectly successful
spectacle It Is seen that tho first act by the
navy and tho second by the soldiers wore only
grand from tho standpoint of a peaceful na
tion They would not havo amounted to much
In one of what we call the effete monarchies
But the third act ot the play the festival of the
pooDlo was something no other nation could
have Illustrated
Tho lofty purpose which monuments servo
la fixing heroism power or greatness in the
Ibo mind was better answered by this ex
traordinary howjif jestarday It Bjjrowrth
enad A well as glorified Americanism I Bet
men who never did so before to coasting of
their country to extolling It to thinking of It
with new pride born of a palpable substantial
comprehension of Its magnitude progress
and aspirations
This va tho keynote of what was heard
everywhere throughout the city I never was
8 proud of belncan American was exclaimed
by thousands who did not know that any ex
cept themselves had framed the thought
There were two other very notable features of
the day of which men will speak as long as they
live the parts taken by tho GormanAmericans
and by our schoolboys
When the curtains of tho day rolled away to
display the groat stage all brilliant with tho
funllcht of a prime spring morning the scene
of the day before had not been chanced All
the settings wore tho same Tho great private
boxes put up along the parks and before the
rich folks houses woro onoe again packed
with waiting spectators and the upper tiers of
wuido and roofs were ngnln sought by others
The folks who had no seats but had to stand
alone tho route now shortened to four miles
were not so numerous n on Tuesday The
people were Urodphyslcally tired and tired of
light seeing Not above 700000 took
seelal persons the
Plwes of tho full million of thoday before Lots
yesterdays spectators woro newcomers and
they could bo as plainly distinguished a I
they were labelled All the now arrivals looked
whits and pallid while those who hud been
taking In the whole show wore sunburned
This was BO to such a degree that the hundtods
or thousands of rod noses along the streets and
on the stands suggested a population of hard
drinkers As the slang of the day puts It the
city seemed to have had a beautiful jag on
liurnlne rod noses and peeling noses and
noses varnished with now coats of tan wore
the portion of the women as well as the moD
AS for the actual drinking by the centennial
latitude It did not become excessive until
leiterday There Then It was wonderful to behold
never wore so many reeling rocky
lucktongued bleareyed folks In New York
since the days when the Dutch were extending
the sUburbs by swapping rum for real estate
with the Indians Tho Bowery was a sight to
eee yesterday afternoon on accoupt of the un
KMdlneM of its pedestrians coult
The hundreds
tundrds of thousands of persons who
were tired of standing on tho sIdewalks nnd
< Pint at endless ranks of paradcis scattered
ioror the city Bhtb uvonuo and Eighth av
nueMadUon nvonuo Central Park and the
ater i Wore Oually crowded What
e1ualy I won
derul Multitude It must have been
mulltudo mlst at Its
heIghts iw i too i non < intorotting it would be to know
number that cnmo to town The much
Ported rush lo Oklahoma by 75000 men
th nu not be noticed on any day In the year If
e tal
Came raid was on Now York We
UTe about Cl0000 outoftowners hero
TerT day Wo must Imvo had 800000
rIng Tuesday and yesterday and
tt at Is uld
ht moro remarkable tho citys ca
fllty was not strained anywhere clys only
Cdlnu Wiw WS ln tho Bleeping places of the
llta Thousnn of signs are still upon the
Orwos UI town loading
with the
oft lnl
o < enOrlY
arlo type for single Bontlomen or lodgers
or table i lodrer
lion boarderslurlnl tho groat spree
to len wore renting soap boxes for spectators
wii on nil along the line of yesterdays
II 110 each and these brought 0 > cents 1 and
I elTe As quick as a Wink a vagrant got
it i TM shIllings for < n badly broken soap box
ed51 ThIrtysecond It street BDI Fifth avenue yes
Hit un seems < a Kront denl to PILY but that
te olffennce In tho height of I mans head
° t I
I a eft irOT11 blf n soap box under his teAt
I titer
In > I1O i th ffotonie liotwion 0011J the pn I
nol not 8 < clnB it On that
t ero tho Slolnl I 01 Ihlt very corner
601111ox rollht twelve f > hllllnK8 ft
aQ ani 1 IhllnU8
woman stood on just such another
I neurll six hour the preceding dayhe
Wth 1 1 rect < lnl
I a L bl arm orUIll > her waist to Loop her on
t br sld abe with her hat In one hand to
Sep It from scratching hU face Thousands
of men and women performed foots of patlenoo
and onduraneo that seem Impossible on each
of the throe days of the great celebration
Tho dollarnndalmlf soap box Is a tex for
reflections that It may be Indiscreet to pursue
Those reflections are upon tho prices New
York charged her guests for their stay her
The big hotels and stores and restaurants
undo nodlfToronco In theIr rates of course
Ono day Is the same as another to them and
robbery is not part of the business carried on
In them Hut there are rumors of very cab
monllko behavior Dy tho cabmon of Imposi
tions In tho boarding houses and ot potty
cheating every here and there Far be It from
any one to justify thlsbut there Is I view of it
that softens ones flrst sensations Now York
ers hare boon habitually and systematically
eauonzod and robbed In every city on the con
tinent for tho past century and therefore tho
medicine somo are giving back Is only what tho
others have often had to take Up at tho cen
tennial bal tho other night a reporter tried to
get Into tho banquet rm A policeman at
tho door remarked Five dollars please
The reporter declined to deliver and the officer
said Well It wouldnt hare dono you much
good for the other fellows Inside would havo
struck you to How much of that sort ot
thing the reporters havo misted and tho coun
trymen have caught no one knows
Just nt tho neighborhood of the Madison
square stand the crowd seemed fully as great n
It had been at the military parade A troubled
tremulous sea of hats reached along Fifth
nvonuo and Into Broadway 1 sea bordered
with sloping bluffs of other hats whero tho
enormous wooden reviewing stands wore hid
den by the notables and the luck ticket hold
ers Tho roofs around there woro fringed with
men and women and all the windows hold
slgbtBoors Nothing more extraordinary
could be said of any crowd or occa
sion than that It was big enough to
make Dolmontcos waiters forgot that high
grade of stolid and frappf dignity which has
for years been tho envy and the study of the
dandles who Imagine that an air of blank
mental torpor Is tho next bent thing to being
born with a coronet But yesterday Dolmonl
COB waiters woro just plain simple Dutch
men and Frenchmen and Gwlss with tho
samo ploblan Interest In life that the
crowds on tho sidewalk exhibited These
once haughty servants had beon con
quered by tho bigness of tho parade
Thoy clustered at tho windows with their
backs to the customers and they pushed and
strained to see all that wont by After all the
only genuine hauteur and Insouciance In town
is that of the waiters In the eating houses at
Washington Market Nothing disturbs that
I was just about 10 oclock In the morning
when the President arrived with VicePresi
dent Morton and others at tho grand stand at
Madison square Ho was dressed n n each
previous day but his appearance oxatod both
comment and compassion ho seemed so tired
and unnaturally palo Ho was loudly and
emphatically cheered When Drover Cleveland
came with J Hampdon Bobb In a carriage
loud and general cheering followed the car
riage as It rolled between tho lines of specta
tors When ho stopped at the grand stand the I
cheering outran him and spent itself down the
lines beyond Mr Cleveland lifted his hat at
each restrengthonlng of tho applause Presi
dent Harrison stood above him bowing to him
and smiling When all the notables were on
tho stand they Included Mayor Grant 000
Sherman Senator John Sherman Secretaries
Windom Rusk Noble Wanamakor and Miller
n Hayes Gen J W Busted Elliott F Shop
nrfl and Gen Abram Dally AU were distin
guished with varying degrees of popular
urrlnl derrees ap
proval especially old don Dally
When Mayor Grant came to the stand It was
In his new relation as Chairman of a commit
tee formed of the heads of the different clvlo
bodies In the parade all wearing yellow sashes
except tho Mayor They met on Broadway
and while tho others stood facing the stand
the Mayor advanced bearing a silver cylinder
In his band and presented I to President Har
rison with a few formal remarks
Afterward while the procession was under
way all eyes were turned from it to a trio of
men crossing Broadway Two woro support
ing the third who was so old and so decrepit
that ho was carried rather than supported
Ho was the ancient Dally of whom Now York
ers have read on every such occasion as this
slnco any one can remember Beaching the
front of the reviewing stand ho handed 1 let
ter up to President Harrison I was alto
gether pathetic tlie letter tho scone and
tho natural thoughts both gave rise to The
letter rehearsed how how ho and tho other sur
viving veterans of the war of 1612 had asked
for grand stand tickets had got four seats
on somo other stand had torn them up
and then had asked permission to rldo in the 1
procession In I carriage and had beon refused I
What Gen Harrison said when he read the let
ter nobody has reported but he seemed to say
Como right up and tnko my place you cant
get an other That was tho translation of
Ills manner And sure enough old Gen Dully
did go up and sit by the President amid cheer
ing that honored any who indulged In I Long
afterward there was more cheering I was
whoa the groat concourse of people saw the
President talking to tbo old General
niiRiun Ion oust SCHOOL DOTS I
Throe parts of the Industrial parade were
very notable Indeed there was nothing to
compare with them In the opinion of many
spectators during tho three days of great spec
mobs These three features wore the march
ing of tho boys of our public schools tho be
wildering mid artistic flouts contributed by
the ieranAmerlcans and the hoai ty whole
soWed enthusiasm those citizens thcmsolos I
Perhaps we ought to include Gen Daniel But
terlleld Marshal of tho days parade He is
certainly le enID of creat pialso for his
share In the blr I sPree
Loading the procession was n short stout
young man outlined with a plenitude of ample
curves Ho was good looking bright eyed nnd
alert The countrymen wondered who ho wan
Ho was TiE HUNS City Hall roportor with a
head full of political lore
Tho first body of noto was the dmllih bat
talion of students of Columbia College In
bearing In dices In tho enormous size of the
canes they carried nnd tho height of the col
lars they wore no other men In either
parade approached thom They woro white
gaiters iiiul reached from curb to curb Very
different were the country boys studying medi
cine In the College Physicians and Burgeons
who camo net Thoy were of good mettle
none the osS
But hark I Hoar tho cheering It sounds at
flrst liku tho nolso on a distant pen beach In a
storm I grows louder I IK approaching
rupldly reM of thousands of throats mo
carrying loud applause rapidly along Flfthlav
enua toward the President Every ono Is
curious to knowwhat provokes such excessive
ardent applause In another two or thtoe
minutes the mystery ended The prettiest
sight Now York ever saw was about to burst
upon the Presidents vision The boys of the
public schools were approaching 3200
strong In lines as close as those of tho
West Pointer the day before with eighteen
twenty twentytwo or twontyflvo In each
Illo At their head was President J Edward
Hlmmons of tIm Board of Education xlresl
dent of the Ktocl Exchange President of the
Fouith National Bunk handsome wearing a
soldierly mounaelio nnd In the
Inou very proudest
ego of man the middle age With him were
Principal John D Iloblnson of the West Fifty
second street school and Superintendent Jas
per A 7000 person were pasting the Presi
dent In an hour tho boys remained tho sensa
tion for thirty minutes
On and on they came chins up breasts for
ward little foot swinging In unison eyes
as bright n jot beads proud happy
light heeled and bravo hearted On
and on and on thoy marched looking neither
to tho right nor Ie It but with smiles hero
and there In tho ranks whore the plaudits
struok sensitive soulsa splendid noblo troop
of eight great battalions of cosmopolitan Now
York boystho Judges merchants soldiers
beaux and leaders of the city yet to como
that Andrew I Qroon thinks will be a greater
London How royally thoy woro choorodt How
royally they won every noto of tho mighty roar
that wont up alongside of them from tho lies
orvolr to Canal street
In ago tho boys ranged from 10 to 10 years
All wore neatly dressed and marched under
Derby hats Their lines were hold a straight
as the rows of desks In their school houses
In ever way theirs was a superb exhibition of
the rigid discipline of our school system
Trained like little soldiers everyday within tho
schoolhouso walls they looked like little sol
diers In tho parade Ever nationality that con
tributes Its quota to our population was rep
resented In their ranks Tho women were In
ecstaclos over them Tho President wreathed
his face In smiles as he looked at them Ho
was so delighted with the unexpected and
beautiful display that ho caused a noto to
bo written and sent to tho reporters In which
he said that ho considered this exhibition su
perior to any made by tho troops yesterday
VicePresident Morton stood beaming by his
sldo and Oeo Sherman was so pleased that
during tho thirty minutes tho boys took In
passing he kept nodding and smiling and com
mending them to the President The Grand
Army men on the platform said that tho boys
marched bettor than the veterans and that
they woro more thrilled with tho sight of those
fins little follows than anything they saw
yesterday Somo ono on tho reviewing plat
form was so moved by tho scone that he called
out What becomes of the Anarchists now
and lato last night all over the city the beauty
and moral splendor of this scene was the main
and proudest topic of household conversation
The boys did ono very effective thing that no
body olso thought to do As each line ap
proached tho reviewing stand It turned and
came obliquely into tho presence of the Presi
While everybody else was cheering while the
delight on all the hundreds of thousands of
faces mado thom radiant whIle the air was
electrified with the transports of tho general
pleasure tho little boys with the instlnctivo
sell command of Now Yorkers kept ihelr faces
Immobile Never veterans of France wore bet
tor schooled
Tho captains saluted with I sebro movement
of their canes They had to do so with their
left hand This was a lefthanded parade
Tho consequence of moving the great Indus
trial procession era reversed lino of march
laid out for tbo military men of tho day Woro
was that over marching man brought his loft
side toward the President aud had to salute
with his left hand Tho rear ranks of the Tam
many mon attracted attention by a disinclina
tion to salute the President They wore brought
to their politeness by commands from the
crowd and tardily they lifted their hats Then
camo the Hibernians wearing hat that told
the tub Ions of distant epochs as do the cen
tennial curiosities In the Metropolitan Museum
strange weird wonderful hats such as make
Bt Patricks Day something to talk about
Last of all came tho squadrons and beautiful
floats of tho Germans I was Indeed a groat
day for our Teutonic fellow citizens day in
which they endeared thomsohen to every Now
Yorkor By their numbers by their fine ap
poaranco by 1 their intense enthusiasm and
solfsacriace they exhibited their loyalty to
the spirit of this holiday which has boon no
more than equalled by our natlvoboru
citizens High credit then to Steinway
to Kopplor to Emi Bcuaofer and Col
Eoifort and to oerY marching man and
artist of them all Elsewhere their scores
of mining tableaux are described I Is
enough to say hero thut never has Now
York seen any sight of tho kind to be com
pared with this In truth this city has seldom
given expression to jubilation by moons of
these street tableaux The most notable thing
of tho kind wo ovor did was in tho attempt to
transplant Box and the carnival to this city
several years agoa farcical failure Tho long
lines of rapidly moving platforms crowded
with Ihlnc figures with workmen nt their
labor with lovely women In tho attire of cod
dosses made a brilliant opulent and novorto
beforeotten show It was moved along too
fast It was bewildering
But to como to tho end throo days Is too
much of such festivities The people were
tired tho President was trod the marching
men were tired our eyes our minds our
nerves wore trod hero Is proof of this In I
thousand matters somo of which have been
referred to but tho strongest proof came when
because tho President bad to hurry awn to
catch a train after about J5000 men had passed
him the rest broLo ranks and vanished llko
fog banks boforo a hot sun too troll to finish
what little remained of the gigantic celebration
Uarlr Hours Too Much After Two Day or
Knrrcetlc Celebrating
Gen Buttorflolds order made on Tues
day that the civic and industrial parade would
bo started promptly n 820 A M from Fifty
seventh street brought to the places appointed
from Fiftieth street to Fiftyninth sticot to tho
right and loft of Filth avenue all organiza
tions that wore accustomed to obey orders
but all which wore not and they were In the
vast majority woo wofully behind time On
time himself was Gen Butterlleld with his
100 aides In broad chromo yellow sashes
From the riding schools on the west BIle the
aides galloped at 780 A M and the Kuldos on
foot with chromo yellow bamioiotB who ac
companied the aides marched eant on Fly
ninth snoot to Filth avenue and with the
aides took their place at Filth atomic and
Fifthseventh street between oxBuurotury
W C Whitneys house on tho south nod Cur
nollus Vundorblltjt houso on the north They
iounct Inspector NYilllnnn thoro when they nr
rhoil rue big Inspector was in full uniform
lliunt slept decently for two nights said
ho us ho stood waiting for tile formation to
begin All I wanted this morning was a
cigar and I hired it carriage for II to come up
town In so that I could got a smoke A dollar
for I cigar Is pretty dear aint it
Police Sergeant Boohmo and u I platoon of
mounted police noio in line bright and early
on the oast side of tho utuiuia at FiftyBcvinth
xtrcot All thut could be been nt tho appointed
hour ot tic orirnnlatloiiA Unit uoro to lo
loady to start were tuu < ow Vik oiompt lliu
ascii at Fifth uMinuoand est iltrMtit itreci I
UOI I Inspector 1 V illlaniH called to Iullco Uip l
tain lnkliix Shin olT the prstIt > > ithoto Joo
horguaut llolimu itt SU with the platoon of po
lk o vlicelod Into Kill aemii and the parado
was ostunslbly begun But only < ostoiiHlbly
There wore 10 bo many halts to follow Long
halts Halts of half an bour with Duly the po
lice and Gen lluttBrlleM and his mounted
tides In the avenue waiting with a long Bpaco
of unoccupied uvouun behind them
When I was evident to inn Butttirflold that
the imraders wore not coming to tlnu < he Rent
out bin yellowHashed nibs In very direction
to t learn whore tho organizations wuni uml I
when the HOIIIH would arrive Home of Olin 01
II inst in ns not half of thorn I cutiM I bo found
Thoy Mruvglnil into t hot r Iliicra Jatv j Oftliu t
fuels oMHCiullv I I his pat rictt liuau not ono
wan In Ohio plutv appointed for II lien Butter
held had to Kiitrt thu I pimidci ullhout them It J
was Jill A i M belay tlm first hunt an elaborate
structure with I banner bearing tho words
Flftrelght Years of Lllj rty slut ted Into llua
from Vlftyllrst street and was < latoluo
score of herman societies An hour more elaps
ed before the organizations began to full into
lino with any regularity Members of bands
became mixed up with nhor bands Members
of various organizations arrived Into and found
that their companions had started hall an hour
before and there was nothing font but to run
down tho avenue apd find their places
As late as 12 oclock bands followed by or
ganisations worn converging toward Fifty
ninth Btraotand Fifth avenue from north cast
nnd west They wore propnrod evidently to
make n day of It Many mombors of organiza
tions weary with standing forovor on ono spot
deserted before their commands joined the pa
The head of tho line got down town at tho
Mart as slowly as n lumbering sloop works
Mar to windward on short tacks missing
stays now and then In coming about Tho
clear street tho halffilled sidewalks nnd the
not fully occupied stand woro ploasant but
not inspiring accompaniments to tho smooth
vinoixiA 1607
but Intermittent progioss Except for tho
word brousht from tho roar by ordorllos which
Inspired tho alternate orders of halt nnd
forward march nothing really hampered
from the front a regular rush down town until
Fortythird treet was reached There a little
contrary eddY was fornud by an enclno corn
panv hurrying WI UP to Its designated station At
ortysecond street there was is strong head
tide so many organizations had chosen Filth
nenue to travel up 00
Opposing hosts seeming to bo approaching
the advancing column Fluttering standards
nnd steadily moving ranks boro out the sem
blance but thor was no clash This compa
nies moving up town wheeled into tartysec
ond strnet and tho way was clear for tho main
body Thenceforward down Murray Hill until
Tlnceforwnrd unt
the column halted In front of the Brunswick
watt a few minutes for the presentation the
way was easy though progress was frequently
broken by orders for delay from tho roar The
stands at the reservoir and tho private stands
were woll lllled and at tho Republican Club
and the Union < Lennuo Club there were many
who flams recognized and applauded Inspector Wil >
nisnair OF xiia Z01UNT
Five Hours of n Constantly Varying POD
arum or the Victories or Peae
Tho neighborhood of Madison square after
Us enormous crowd of Tuesday seamed bleak
and lonely at 820 Thero wero two or three
thousand people around tho corners of Twen
tythird street A line of bluoooats across tho
avenue just at the foot of the grand stand kopt
the Increasing crowd back and turned off all
vehicles from 8 until after 9 oclock At that
hour tho two stands still showed large areas of
empty benches and only a thin stream of seat
holders with rod tickets was altering through
rT P n
W i opposy
the cr
NEW TORK 1G14 10 rd
At Q oclock the line across Ihoa OWI
thrown back to close TTrcrrtyttilrd street and
things began to look a little crowded Frag
ments of the procession went marching up
Broadway to take their places above and tho
music of their bands out of Bight behind tho
walls of tho stands kept the air trembling
Elliott 1 Shopard and John Wanamakor
In a hansom cab rattled down the ave
flue recognized by no one except tho
reporter on tholr way to make nn
early morning call on the President That
functionary had apparently not got up so early
as Geo Butterflold or perhaps had informa
tion that Gen liuttorflold had got up earlier
than tho procession had for at 9 oclock when
ho was to have toon on the stand and when a
mounted aide clattered down the avenue and
reported that the head of tho procession had
boon brought down to Fortieth street there
was no sign of the President or of anybody else
In the box for distinguished guests Worth
Monument seats across the way had apparently
boon hold too high for tho demand for this day
and even tho grand stand was not nearly filled
Tho eminent for whom this stand was reserved
served began to come along Gov Burlelgb ot
Maine with hIs stall sllppnd in behind the
place whore tho President was to be Stephen
MAFRACluarT8 1620
Van Cullon White found n seat and Gon Rob
inson the crippled hero of Gettysburg climb
Inn the BIIIIO stairs wan met at tho top by
another grayhulred man who grasping his
bund anti exclaiming I fought with you
General helped him up to a good seat
Tho llrtt burst of applause a llttlo one was
lon Secretaries Wlnduui and Buskwith FL B
Ilnycs walked across from tho Fifth Avenue
Hotel and took Beats In the Presidents box
At 10 oclock thu Mayors Hag with Mayor
Grant himself escorted liy a body of solidlook
ing mats with tho yellow Bablies of Marchulu
had marched as far down as Twontiflfth
direct and wero drawl up there acrObS tho
len Il waiting By this time Ohio grand stand
was gutting crowded peoplo began to appear
on tho liouxo tops about tho squaio and down
thl avenue It could bo soon that the i police had
begun thou wrostlo with tho crowd There
wore probably then as ninny people about as at
tho same hour on Tuesday but the sight did
not In any way compare with that when tho
head of the column camo in sight on that day
Thu thrill was uils luc
At ton minutes niter H there was the sound
of a cheer from away down the avenue follow
din a few moments by the rattle of carriages
iinl lie rlaor if hoofc Twenty inountml po
llromen CUIIMI HVV liming up In fnlmnns of louis
chopped u tnt 0 tWi iiu OiLs paStel 1 tho ttand
vhcoled ami rtitttciod back on thus other Hide
to I Tuontytlilnl I It root where they I linltml
heals front and barks to the t crowd as the llrtt
of the carriages ilaxhed tile I wan occupied
by President harrison Co C nicer OC Lieut
Judson special aldo to the 1 President There
was itulte an encouraging cheer as the Presi
dent stepped to the trout ot the stand VIce
President Morton also appenrod In the box 1
moment later In time to soo tho police hustle
every ono up Into the sands tickets or no
tickets to mao way for the Mayor mid his
escort There wore cheers when tho seventy
yellowsashed men halted In front of thou stand
and Mayor Grant and his ling stopped out
anti advanced beneath Ibo spot lioio the
President stood Tho Mayor lifted his hat
nnd hold It to shade his eyes from the glare of
tho sun < as ho hold up toward tho Prvbldont a
silver cylinder three Inches In diameter fluid a
foot long ABho did BO ho made a little speech
but not a word that ho Bald was nudlblothrno
foot away nmld tho clatter of hoofs and tho
noise of tho crowd enter President loaning
over took tho silver case and made a speech
too I was ns follows
Thank you
Then the Mayor bowed and put on his hat
tho Hag and bo wont back to theIr placo at tho
head of tho clvlo lIne and thin yellowsashed
body marched on amid more cheers
TuG seventy men were representation of the
lending I civic And Industrial organizations of
tho city Including these
The Uenttal Society of Mtctiulci and Trxdtimen this
JluuQtnot the Holland and ttie New hntlauJ ioci tlei
Coonir lolal4 Marine Hoclotr tlio Hoard ot
Trade the Illitorloal r and Gtorraphlcal I l nocletlfft dI the I
Society ot Archiieom the ALI bocltty e lilble Ho
clity the Aiiocintlon for the Iromotlon of Art the Stub
Rolorical Society the Elilpmvi Auoclatton the Art
indent I ague the Colnniula I Collect Hchool Mlnei
the Car AnocUllon the Hoard ot Underwriter the
Ilrewert llullderi Colter Cotton Stock and retro
Isuat l Kichannei the hleclrltal Society the Jtwilltn
Security AiioctMlon the Hoard of Trade and Trans
portatlon the Society of American ArtlitLlheMcrcnn
tile Exchange the Mailer 1alnun AnocUllon uJ tbo
Mal Ilumberi Aiioclatlon Aoellon
Tho silver cnso enclosed this addross
T Innjamm tlirruon ITtnJtnt of tht Lntttd Slata
April Hi lt8i C
Tho undersigned representation of tho civic
commoreliil Industrial and educational or
ganizations and bodies of the city of Now fork
on tho occasion of tho centennial celebration of
the Inauguration of Washington the first
President present nnow to the President of Ohm
United States In hits official capacity tholr
allegiance to tho Government Constitution
and the lawn with tholr congratulations upon >
tho completion of a century of constitutional
government century and tho progress made in that
Huon J GIIANT Mayor of city of Now York
ChARLES S SMITH President of Chamber of
HonEKT BUTTER General Society of Merchant
HICNRY Dcistxn Acting President of Colum
bin College
llaicE GJUT President of Bt Andrews So
llEXHT W DUNHIIKB President of the School
of tho Collegiate Dutch Church
AMBBOSB Hsow President of tho Marino So
All the six societies roproscntod above are
a ter than tho nation Among the hundred
othor signers were Joseph J ODonohuc
John F Plummor W K Garrison Jesse Sullg
man John U btarln Henry Clausen Jr Gen
I L Burnett and ion Alexander 1 Webb
Mayor Grunt utter passing the stand re
turned to join tho President and his party
A vision lu pink silk flap coat white satin
knee breeches powdered wig and elnboralely
coked hut wn 1 led up the wl < between hue
two stands Ho was evidently looking for his
placo upon Rome of tho allegorical floats but ho
made a bigger sensation than hIs wholo hoist
did later In tho day undercover of the cheers
and laughter over this dream of the seventeenth
contury PostmasterGeneral Vnnanaker and
AttorneyGeneral Noble walked down to the
reviewing stand unnoticed Secretary Noblo
VElliott F Shepard and James William liusted
3 cot In the same way a llttlo Wllnm
Rorgeent Doehm with his picked mounted
policemen rode down ahead of Grand Marshal
Butterlleld and IIH body of nearly a hundred
assistants < and < aides In yellow pushes Uen <
Buttorlleld Jot a II round or chcorp but 1 was
nothing to tho roar flint began up tho nvonuo
and swept down over Ohio stands mid Into tho
crowds bolow a moment later when notrrlauo
rattle down among the horsemen with ox
President Cleveland in f lark Commissioner
Bobb role with him and the cheering con
tinued an he helped Ohio oxPre ldent out and
up on to the stand President Harrison boned
rE NSllVJ 1082
to Mr ChwelRnd lS he came lP and Blood 1m
passively until the applause subsided
The cheering had scarcely died away when It
was started up again by the nppoaranco of the
Columbia College boys marching with big
canes held horUontally alone tbe front of their
lines from hand to hand and with nine and
white bannrrs waving over thorn 1 he boys set
up I rousing cheer on their own count ns
they passed each platoon as It came in front
of the reviewing spot giving tbrei > for tho
President and I lousing COLUMBIA
to wind It up < Those mid oilier iintlos of tho
boys Kept theerowd alternatelyamilaiidhii and
laughing liter wits I climax when bumnbodr
shouted out Its rnlnlnu In London and
every one BHW that one conspicuous leshnmn 1
was truJuinc alone with his trousers turned
up n the bottom rite bON from the I
College of Phyeiclnimnna hurgeonp nil grow
Ing beards mnrr bed with tho regular Colum
bia students There were 400 In nil Tho stu
dents of the Collogo of the City of Now York
300 In number oitmo alter Columbia moro
se ato set of your g men all vvetrlnc sa hcs of
purple ribbon YOIllonl I lilted their huts to the
President but didnt cheer mid this WAS the
rule with nil salutes afterward
Keventyflvo boys of Weir Battalion Pchool
10 Brooklyn In neat blue uniforms with white
leggings and belts Major F U Mchola com
4 4 J
11 tZ il r
t I r
3 1
1 < iI
E 1
riroitoiA 1732
minding started npplnusn which wns
rtiowned In choors and laughter a mo
ment Inter nt tlio sight of it fat little
youngster waving his drum majors baton bo
datoly In front of thus boy band of tho lliliiew
Bonrvolutit and Orphan Asylum Ono hundred
anti fifty little follows In giny nulls with lme
broecho rowchnd behind him and vvpro fol
lowed by the ColumbU < Jimtltmo Cadets In
dark blue iinlformn Charles 1 1 htone com
manding Ihpllartholdl BattalIon of Grammar
IUln lnl
mar School If Brooklyn 11 b I John fu com
Hohool1i Irooltlrl I
ninudliii turned out tPJJ boys alto lu dark
blui bearing uooilen pimp
By this time thin crowd was awake o ho
fact that foJethlnl worth looking nt was hap
pening Nobody had paid much attention to
the first low rnnKB of boys but nsthoy tramped
on by It was noticed that their marching was
somothinK unusual Their lines wore almost
perfect their distances well I kopt and their
tell the full swing of it regular toldlur Tho
President Mopped forward to see better others
stood till overvtody pointed at tin lads and
talked about them and by the unto Insldriit
J Kdvvnnl minimum of tin Now 0 ork < ity
Board of Ixltioation wit it hupHrlntoinluiit Jim
Ior camo alone ahead of 9ttui I > n i llttlo t hllowH
from tho public Bilools of IIM oily Ioiiiiiiand
ed by 1rlnvlpullolni 1 I I I toUt itsoti nf 1 I i rut iii mar
hchool No oil the crowd wan thorouplily > > n
thuslantlc Filth avenue bat inner henn
uuon uniformly excellent marehlug hy
so largo a body of untrained men
Parades of Rome crack regiments may
nave equalled but cannot have excelled It
Ksclarnittoua of wonder and udmlintlon went
tip on over Bldo a rank after rank of the bars I
marched by as true and steady as veterans
their omcer saluting with n grace and ease
that Is raroly soon among regular soldiers
linnE asia BOMB COMPUMRNTS ron ton StovE I
President Harrison smiled and nodded his
surprlio and nunrovnl Afterward ho said
Tho ninrchlngof those nrhool hOIf was bet I
tor than any that I saw In the parade yester
irtn Sherman who had como upon the stand I
pressed tip liosldo tho President and told him
such marching wns simply wqndorful The
Vlcn1ropldnnt and Secretary Wlndom hold
their bands hugh no that tho boys could BOO
them nnd clnppod them hard
Tho soldiers on tho stand wore tho most en
thusiastic Hero aro somo remarks overheard
from a group of them
The Seventh cnut beat eml 1
Cnpn that knocks soldiers all out
I dont seo how thoy do It they stop like
one man
lean Aint you pretty near glad youre n Amer
icanWhero aro the Anarchists now
Give om three months drill and theyd lick
tho British theyd
There was a climax to the applause when a
big boy marched along bearing In his arms
little fouryearold George Lib dressed In full
Continental uniform
Tho Knights of Pythias uniformed rank
Gon W 1 Bowlsby chief marshal with Col
a V Wilson CoL J Durand Col H McGIll
nnd Col Joseph Irwin as RtafT mado a very
pretty show n they passed 200 strong loading
tbo llrst main division of the parado
The Second Battalion Irish Volunteer got
a blu cheer for their green flag Tim Liberty
Inl LberlY
Ounrds and the Guard Lafayette with tho old
Lafayette flag August Gross commanding
followed by the Columblenno Guards rondo a
brilliant break In the Americanism of the pro
Tho knights of Temperance with prohibi
tion writ on nil their banners turned out 0
men under Grand Commander Robert Graham
and Corps Commander John A Davis and were
followed by a single line of colored peoplo in
brilliant red and black uniforms who carried
no banner or other moans of designation but
inc got lots of applause for their beautiful march
IJg of Veterans made tho next section of
the parade the 1000 or so young men Includ
ing Theodore Mnthrop Post of Chelsea
Mass on tho right of line Camp No 15 and
Koltns lost ot Brooklyn with the smallest
marcher of the parade mopping beside tho
Captain and trying his best to take as long
strides as the rost
Mne men survivors of the TwentyfifthBeg
Imont New York Volunteers carried a Maltese
cross banner along amid the cheers of the
crowl large bodies of societies that looked Ital
ian but wero out of their placo In the lice got
plenty of applause as they marched by one in
gray nnd tho other in blue uniforms although
nobody could make out just who they wore
Them was a roar way un the avenue when
the next body the New York Caledonian Club
came in sigh There woro 300 ot them mostly
in kilts anti nftor tho Indies bad all said Aint
they just dreadful at the bare legsovorrbody
eat still and enjoyed the unliiuo attlro old
other attractive features of the Scotch section
of tho procession A little boy drum major In
kilts got I round of npplau Tho veterans of
tho hovontynlnth BoKlment of Highlanders
marched with the other Scotchmen
Thto 1ingsbridge and Spuyton Duyvll Cadet
Corps Curt Cortlandt Godwin and the Yon
knrs Continental Guards Cupt 1 Stein
bowed tilt tholr brilliant uniforms but all at
tention wns distracted hero by tho spectacle of
two men who looked rather old themselves
leading I mnn so old that ho seomod scarcely
able to stand All three woro oldfashlonod
uniforms and many badges and deco
latlons They stopped In les front of tho
stand and tho oldest man with n
trembling hand held un u letter which tho
President amid tIm cheers of the crowd
lt l > nne1 tar over to take A moment later tho
President gave an order nnd the police made a
WILY for tie old man to tho stand Tno ciowd
gave another cheer as the trembling veteran
appeared amid the group of distinguished men
who stood with tho President The old mnu
wns ion Abraham Dally ono of the two vet
erans 01 1M who wore allowed four seats on
tho City hal stand by the comrolttoc Instead
of the hoalri 1 the grand stand that they want <
ed Tho letter Inlormnd the President that
ion Buttorlleld had refused to allow thin old
man to have a carriage to ride In the proces <
hlon ant that therefore ho bad walked I pie
of his 93 ears Ho walked no further and ho
WINun AT VALLEY FoliOs 177778
hit his Font on the grand Bland without any
thanks to tho committee
The 1helps Guard of Patnrnon In dAndy
lavender overcoats Maj lames I arker coin
mandlni a aocloty of tho Order of United Me
chanics and Hevortl oilier small organizations
slipped by < almost 81nl In the Interest
Ivr this epIsode and tlio crowd did not settle
ilnwn auain until the brilliant spectacle of the
Swiss delegatIon camo along A laitro bnnnor
Inicrlliod Svvlt7orland tre Oldest Republic
wns carried In front of this body which In
cluded mon In half a dozen dlllnrent sorts of
iinlfuimn nil brilliant and ended with u long
lloat loaded with t beautiful gi cia In while
iniiroKiiitlng Tho Years of Independence
who flung n shower of bouquotn of roses nt the
PiotMont as they passed A 0 lingo Bt Bernard
don was one feature of the Rvvlss hhow
Tho Hi st division was ended by the Blioln
Ishoi rditiotzun Jiund and some other small
orMiilation apparently German clubs with
a banner to every two men
Firemen mndo up Divl > lon II under Marshal
enmin headed by lha Exempt Firemens
A < = Mieiatl < in of Now iork 2u strong In cltl
jenh ilreHt nnd lip oluntoor 1lremenn As
Melallnn of New i otk In uniform with MO
men nnd drawing nn old hand engine which
chanced to have n picture of Washington cross
hour the Delaware for pint of Its decoration
ihins tire you Bon 1 called out ono of the
rodf lilrted men as he paiiod the stand and
tho President smiled
Just here the President was soon talking to
old len Dally anti the story of tho hard lot of
the veteran ol Ibli having spread about there
was nnoilior Itiiot ot applnuse nt the sight
Hairy Hownril the olil lire clile Ilinplnu
along nt tho head of tho veteran Hrnnens
Aiooelalloii started cheers thut ran down the
avenue ahead of him and thn 1rosldent
neemod to recognize him and gave an extra
lino bow as ho paused The veterans wore
fawn overcoats und pulled a hand engine
The Volunteer Firemens Association of
raiadolphU In way ovaxcults itad i Unr bor
In full uniform on the engine they pulled
Other firemens prgnnlrntlons hurried br
much of the titan In double tile ono company
on each side tit thin avcnuo nn lollows
Cornell lloso Bomlout with n gIddy car
riago Vetornn oluntoers Brooklyn line
darkbluo overcoats over rod shirts Clinton
Engine Company with evAldorman Tom
Cloary In front anti draw Ing Old Ktni hand
engine with n real RtulTod stag mounted on It
Wjandotto hose Company West Now Brighton
H I Livingston Hook and Ladder 11 Long
Island City with a gigantic colored nina cos
turned as Othello mart Hint behind Live Oitlc
LnKlho and Hook and Ladder Company Lone
Island City with the llttlo fellows of Young
Llvo Oak marching inside their ropes ana
with atliminutive George Washington with a
cargo hatchet riding on tho truck Bamblcr
Hook and Ladder Company with two Irish
compdlnns In costumo walking and noting ho
hind their truck Astoria Hook anti Ladder
LompnnyLafnvotto lnpine Company No 19
with the very oldest old Stand onglno yet soon
Port Itlchmond Lnglno Company No It Lend
3 Island ItyLroiiipt FlromonB Association
orsoy City Flrouiens iemiits Mnreppallosa
Oomminy Wandownnnack Hook and 1addo
Company Nqwtown with Old SkTvor
engine uhltostono Engine Company
with a chemical engIne lmplro Hook
and Ladder Company of llobokon with
nn Indian maiden n Pretty girl a hawk and a
coon riding on usa machine Brooklyn Volun
tear Firemens Association independence Ln
gino Company 1iiilndelphita Exoittttt of Hast
era District Brooklyn Friendship No 1
Hhoopshond Bay with n white gull on Its mn
chine Atlantic Hose Company Conoy Island
with a pretty llttlo girl Atlantic Hook and
Ladder Company Conor Island with two little
chaps In uniform to whom tho President bow
ed low ashlncton Lnglnn Company Flat
bush dragging an old machine with a banner
recording that the company was incorporated
March 31 IBJl Now Lots Exempt Asso
ciation with n doi earning a lantern and a
man wonderfully llko leorgo Washington in a
Continental uniform riding on the hose cat
rinco Neptune Lnirlno Company Tompkins
jlllo ft L Protection Engine Company tort
Leo Putnam hose Company Seaside hose
Compnnv Bookitvvny rompts Melrose Mont
chair N J HOBO Company Nol with a dazzling
carriage BlrminKhnni Conn Hose Company
No 2 Old hope Hoso Company of Phllndol
phJK founded 1805 ono or the fighting orgnni
rations of tho famous old lighting department
of that city Boston Veterans in uniform Em
pire Hose Company West llobokon Amori
cus Honk and Ladder Company llobokon
Columbia Hoso Company Union Bill Hope
Fire Company No 1 Bmllneton N J Wash
ington Ohumlcnl Engine Company button
burg Firemens Sons Association volunteer
llromons Hous Brooklyn and n number of
other companies The llromon jogged along
recnrdlo of the ofnclal programme and gen
erally without any special marks by which
their companies could bo identified in the gen
oral mass of rod shirts and rattling machines
After the firemen It Y Young Post Sons ot
Veterans that had got separated from tho rest
of the sons tramped along A large body of
Knights of St Francis from Brooklyn dropped
in hero too and also COD of the Ancient Order
of Foresters Charles fling commanding who
escorted a little carriage which was drawn br
a pretty pony and In which rode children made
up for George and Martha Washington and
their colored coachman
A large and finelooking body of Hungarians
with the legend Descendants ot Kosolusko
and Pulaskl on tholr banner and Polish Na
tional Alliance No 51 of Grooupolut onded
this division of tho parado
Tammany appeared next lad by Marshal
John Cochrano two bravos on horseback
dressed gloriously in paint and tmckskln tad
three braves on foot benrlni aloft the ancient
banner of the society Jloldo thin Marshal rode
Bichnrd Crokcr and sixteen other prominent
members of tho society
TIICRU gentlemen worn dressed In black
They raised their silk lints irrncofully ns their
horses pranced before tho President and the
President bowed smilingly The Sixtyninth
Bociment band followed and then canto the
rank and Illo eighteen abreast The most con
spicuous man in Ohm front rank was Barney
Martin The broadtu of whito cufla ho die
played on this occasion was rver oiunllod by
iilm oven In the palms days when ho first bo
came boss of tho Seventh district
To onumornto Ohio remainder of tho great
men who marched In the nuilH of Tammany
Halt would bo superfluous for it would bo only
a roster of the historic society Thin whole so
ciety was there sail they are all groat mon
bad to relate not nil the spectators on the
grand stands fully appreciated this fact After
a few files had marched proudly before the
Chief Magistrate somo ono notlcod that many
of tim marchers were not removing their hats
nn they strode along Thoioupon he said In a
stage whisper that could bo hoard on both
sides of the street
Take oft yer hat Mike
Mike doffed his lint Instantly and tIm other
men in the same Illo did HonNo But tlio crovd
cnught nt the Idea with avidity anti yelled
lake otf vor hat nt every micfewllnellle
It IB pleasing to rocoril that marching hiot
took the uhnlt with extreme good natiin So
did President Harrison if ono might judge by
the ci inkling of the skin about his eyes
Inimedintuly alter Iho fraction led by tho Hon
Patrick 11 1 vor had nursed tim PreMdont carte
the Crescent Band of llarltan followed by the
Barltan lire Department with a steam lire
engine In tow Tho enclno was burnished
beautifully The comt > iny hail apparently boon
sandwiched In thoo by nillake
1 hit ii tea oh Tnininnny following tho machIne
walked with canes held In front to dress by
The two hut files of I niiiinanv were it hetoro
genoiis lot of young mon not wearing silk Mats
und Hi nek clothes About 2000 Tammany men
Following Tammany wero several Gorman
societies in blue anti green amid gray nnd croon
uniforms They wero led by three lads of 0
tears also in uniform and very handsomn
In fact lie parading ot linolooking children
RojMl llaklne Powder Absolutely Inr
1or tvrouUlho yenis the fctnndftrd Iciu
Out Today All Nrv H tan tin
FrouiUi ffr < M Inili uorel
Ttie Two l hide or liunboy coui Ieto la
ti f f tt M rfA
hctllng twtcrfi for r dlcenta
it aaen 4H t > 4nei
Tbe larjirst i PT lit Hi we rid
Tti cit
Do Lot fall to eri ra a copy hem
j jour n wnleier iJr
Ntrnltou V Hlonuii Ilouqnetl
And other Coo rlnari of Ititlr menufacture toy SaleM
tbi FArli Eipoiluun IruupO KjlilbUa wide
Mluro end MadurO
This latest eel most iuihahie i colors to Derby Hats
N KipcutclielJ llnNauAUkl i llh I < > lii
Financier I now tutu n new t4rnpftnj with Arnrlft
fACllltif ami iiinnizer nf fxcrirnca ant anquti
tionsi rpntitititity eti prlice lniter i erfpct wowL
fur inucli is limn I a iiHiiiany bardrnf wlttt I tie ftwr
putlflti of luntif atiktirt I itiinictllur Tue > I V Vork
limit beis ioiuj > ny is i rcvi > onitbl auU uutura n iL
Sappy MopU Li uhf thai UT money by bajrUjf
i furAitur ot use 4 IUAI tIe icu MtiiiUtiAAtfi

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