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r iW f 1I I1f J VJylI t 1 1 jiI < I It < Tg T 1J1 y T o1 1foII VIIQ L J >
Moro and Later News than all other I t E
Evening Papers combined I i I
C r w
I 0
a larger circulation than any
othor evening newspaper
mr HIIUIV11T KnncTii irrni
OVT < l A At lWUlJI
n stcda 1lnl > i < S Int IIIIRNI
Vpl rx 111 I 1 on > iiprc o orilnr
hltd In in Itiilr Alms 1nmioil Mirr
Irolent hv l 1 Vote Trora JJror
IJ nd v Irn
1 In 11 1 Ih III
Ttnl JII Ielnlnu onIIIlllr
10 I IIrk IrlhlZ U
bHb 1 1 JItNI I In 11
> lhlIh nd Ik I
tnleil It1 iniond Miiuy Hill Ulei
oa tlit I lrI Us leU < Iti tlie Two House
LI1 In IGllotl HOI > ot tho
l I 4Uto adjourned today for 0011 Al
nost 01 ot the lllll < l al tho orilcr ot fllftl I18
lost cd of Usunllv big stink Is
uga ereillipoooilof Ulll a IJII Sl i
feu Clork desk uneonsldcrcd Thoro
uflontleClirkB non IINol lhur
a n allnlKht session Tho Assembly began
l oclock and tho Senate
this moraine it Runntl nt
ijllnltorO Thoro wtro many spectators In
loth ou o8 Tim lobbyists who hMO been
Jou around during tho sosslon worn on
hand to tou the ond ot tlio result ot tholr
labor 1 liocallo road street cnr companies
th8clo ntt road tho Stniidnrd Oil and tho
oilier Interests which Imvo been interested In
Hits before tho Legislature had representa
tives at land with members on tlio watch that
no evil should bofall thorn Thoru WIS moro
10 usual at thocloso ot the sos
eollnlthan coo
tloo Itl I customary to no tho Jslol
cosewlih a grist ot harmony nnd n lloodot
Tierowororowflln both HOUSOB and
rOC < x Ter 10usos nld
tiousli tho ses lon came to nn end with tho
usual complimentary resolutions thoro was
IUJllo Hill howl botwoon tho men who
tail bon Dehtlne and culling each othor uainca
for nor than four months
rjacl of tho railing weio many women Mrs
Cotttawlfo of tho Speaker wore n now plum
tolorci Rown and bonnet to match With her
TI9 come friends who came to hear the
Etf ler dollv er his valodlatory Tho family of
lleutClov Jones wero present In the Senate
Ttero wore women who represented tno
Romans Industrial League and othor or
Italzitlons that have been asking for legisla
tion Thoro wore only 1 tow townspeoplo
present Albany people seldom attend tlio
Ksslonsof the Legislature nnd thoy nro glad
when It adjourns Almost nil of the members I
ml Senators were present A few ot thorn I
itowe the effect of celebrating tho adjourn
ment of tho Legislature but thoro wore not as
BSDT Intoxicated as at last nlehts session
With tie opening of tho session of the As
lemblr Gen llusted presented tho report of
tho conlcronco committee appropriating 372
000 for repairs on tho Capitol This bill did
totappoar until tho Assembly had voted to ox
oterntt the contractors and to let them finish
thslrwork and take all tho money of which
Ite committee of experts reported about 120
000 was stolon The 372000 Is appropriated
for the coldcn corridor tho staircase tho li
brary rooms and 50000 for Imp otlnl tho
vontilatlon of tho Cnpltol Tho bill as It origi
nally passe had only tho 50000 appropriation 1
for Improving the Capitol ventilation Tho I
Capitol now has fewer gas coming Into It
through Ihatt the cellar and through the ventilation I
Mr Crosby at onco objected to this nppro
PtiMlon Two days ago ho Bald this
House Bent forth to contractors all over tho
fcute the news that on public work any amount
ot steallni mlcht be Uono without fear of ques
tion cr PI lament 1 seems Impossible for
anr contractor to do an honest piece of work
here Aeirly every stone In tho building 10 I a
m moral ola lost reputation I fs impossible
fofoiruptlils tnt with baskets of flowers
21 lloito has said that the State can lie
rJiinJeTfd with Imounlty It has inado U tin
poMlUo for any contractor no mutter hair
honest ho is to do work on this Capitol with
len hands I should not trust tq ADKO
Gabriel to take a Capitol contract lie would
thlibulldlne Mlllk Lncllorlf ho hadauythlnc to do within
The allusion to tho flowers In Mr Crosbys
ire ch referred to tho presentation by Crosbys
l monitors on tho Commltteo on Approprla
tens to Mr Alnsworth of a basket of lowers
Mr Alnsworth tald that 3Ir Crosby was In
tho habit of enrlnc tilings on tho for of tbn
Assembly which ho afterward apoloclzed for In
irhato 1 his tlmo I would bo no uso for him
to come around afterward and apoloebo Mr
Amenorth added that bo was opposed to the
Cattail Apuroprlatlon bill but as Mr Fish was
opposed to 1 It and had taken his namo off tha
subtcncitlou list to mnko I present to tha
epetker the bill could not bo so bad te
n i cnarco air Alnswortn with ilollborato
mlBrtprosentatlon said Mr Ilsh dolborato
ceileve that ho has an honest hair In his bend
and 1 do not bellevo that ho his any con
science Be has made statements on this floor
which contradict his testimony when be fworo
tbat the contract was given to Mr Androws
wa not to Mr Perry because monuy was want
rOpallo purposes
ilrlliliopioaod chlng tho work to a Com
nilMlon wain after the failure of the last eoll
Inl Jot which was out in the hands of a Oom
msloD The present bill provides for a Com
mlulon 01 tho LIoutenantQovernor th
JJesIdent of the fcenate the Hpeaker and
fZSiifnier Jerrjr Nny Assemblymen
liToreil drlne tho work to Commissioner Ior
e Ilnslble alonr ao tblt only ono man would be ro
JJjJ Connoly saw the lobbyists around In tho
fMriChimbor and KODC out into tho
centre isles ho yelleJ
lit I cal Ihc att6Dtlon of the Choir to tho lobby
01rle 1 lolnp around about in tho well I Is a
times Tho r1aKer thumped with his gavel a tow
and tho rl oal wnt on Tho bill was
pwo by a veto of 74 to 40
Th Srcolh0rofirtod ho Annual Tax bill
a rMe I 808 mils or moro than n lnl
This rthan laal rear when it was 219 mils
rubffi owlna to the o travaeanco of tho Ho I
l ublcan ItBlslntlon as tho analvsls shovvs I
10 annlsls
igaln curent exonSCR tuls rer 1B1 mils
Ilal Hn loat rear nn increase of nlmost lXi
ThV Jr tho clnalo ao mills Instead ot
uchoolll fhowOI rouuctlon from 1
rlillan 1ho HOPlblolos Ilot year tried to
I n eelI t I 10 Main tax elections OWlM > us to Ulllko I rccord
tlo This
tr 0 much elcclons jear ther dont
til in MnJODJctcd totho progress of tho
tho itilos ono objection Is
nUIh 61Mkor Colo refused to nutertnln tho
JeCIIJ fiJfa 11 that ho would llRton toiio
8t onco Jhls bill was put on Its third rond
f rConnOlfcntllod 10 object t
HUI 1 O e llo 11 A nual Tax bill nuuou I I
11 olo
ou ° Klt to l0 lulltua
IIInn I i OIIlt lo hultd
BaJfroB nWlllan > IhllS as Iho wntlo
Inuldbolo I ° lillBM Ir ° ° l 1
MrloBnoll CIn 10dido1 u Jolllny Hi
fnth e erniii fltctl against tlm tux fll
l woklin naV Ihlt I mille t > w York imd
t Dlhrny a lblfJorlonnle lnl 0 of tho
lork und Vf In J tho iinmu of the New
feiUtn BrooklY lTnblr 1 h Ilrot1111 l
I ol MhH Unu Iho lloiuucnu
Iiltltjs HOublcnn majority
a ji I
01 RhnrA tho
t rOjJortonlo I
tnve t erl l vew York nnL llooklin
luartct of 3Ih uIIIlnUI or 0111 it I
1hlolhoo firceiit it dn ol Ibo htntu
I ubl I pay JS001 n 1 hiilf f tho tuvcB lo
tolr iClj e lbaulhul Illlo1 n t I Cal
on nld eWlstnlln Mr Connolly Kept
h a u 1 bb tin < d lungx ho mndo his pio
Th 0 lox Olllr < lulor
hs PHTe r i l la vill1 but three olos
It l I r Vew II ni onll 1101 efp ifwnloit iigilnst
rl > IJII
> iid
S o II
Ihoao f t iuilii nt thn iinjiint tiMitloiiot
f JI nfro 1 Hlluro 01 nud tlm pro I
bLn J lur L 11 ai n > IHII H Ilil I
lIOl nIIIII h rsto iippriiiirlnln tho
1 H icein Ilifol IIJo1olII l tliotax rnio i
eoulj rill II I f lll 101 l
1 ra I iitioiupt Hint ho
rIJ i i III 10 ii 1111t Transit hill Hoi
tJrI i toadfuMlvol I
I i it > IIvollilrllll
ICI rnpIt I 1101111 IOII IJlllIlt
oOD 11m 1 Ii l Ii I h I1 b1 n
let 1111111111 li
JtIn 1 lIIII t lllllt lhoLl < miVuM Vouldhu I 1 i
lte Jr ilol 1111 Xla IIOOII to iniiKo
n > i i I
> 111
larr 31r Ici this Inuoriunl 11011111111I io I
NI ntiii i I IIIU II 111l1l1u1 l a tivit
1111 11 ivw 0 l IIS1 111 Iuh I 11111111 ma
t It il II 11 Ifl th < 11i IlPUblliiillH
Ila lIII d HIM p
fi I JIIIlu 11 1111I IliHlid Ilioiidit
F 1lti hiT 111 I 1 optii th I in iiitnr Ninil I
JjeJl > i 111111111 dan Him atmiid
1h n Ilb
11100 i Mil 11II rl 11 r I Ol1 1 01111 Bleilnthucontio
Jlel ft IViiiiiiii 111OOlle > IIht l IIn lull muT
wllieh hll lIld
S0 llh 111111I 1lnl0i aniiMil mllliln
lot with DIIO votu to spine fiG
t Itll Ii ntd lld
If i tlllllt lirough ho
U i r 1110 1 11111 lllt1 nrllt from
l 1 Ill IIInnl
Hi an ovur tliu I
bci I I huV I lOr II Iolvil tIlr bi Ii In
f T > uilh 11 L1 1101 thu l oll < IIIIU Imk
I uu < l ti11 < e ow fiork 11 1111 111 post
CIr m f
SlluillUui IIIl1nklln Imlldliiinon
rmtait i albin Ihrouah r J hero was nnlUnl1l
they hoped to
Imnipor thrt JInynr Qin Hunted tiled to got
Iho hili up out of Itsurdir Mr Hasan object
ed Ihojo was a roll cill which required n
tvvnthlrdivoto Tlio vote was lit lo ll so It
did not PIIRI Tho reformed llbbi and nclho
lofivrmor 1 Ish vntoU with tho Democrats
lloslden tho < o bllln tho AMcmhlr pamcd flf
tcrn or twenty uthorn nmnng thorn blllnto
ntiollli tbo ollloo of Stitto agetiti of f discharged
I coavIcK ngencial fl hwavB bill nnd n bill to
Prohibit tho sulo nf f tmicolles to chldrcn rho I
In < it bill that pa fod was for n bildgo ocr tho
11 lo i mal In Utlcn
bptNikor Coin then put Juden Oreeno In tho
eh ilr nnd tho usual lerotnonlua vUilrh wind up
tho pMMun In n poaccaltlo innnnrr began
Aelei niiinoungweroaiipoliitodaeommltteoto
tell thu iovornor that thu Ansembly wan ruady
logo homo ln Ier nnd lilumonthal wont over
to tell tho Senate IhiueorfiiitrinlnuiOH bo lot n
imon bonnlorii Vedder mil JlcNiuighton iip
fteired In thoccntnuilxlo MOctiiiiinuded by Her
I intatAnns Vlllard who H I nn old army
Captain nnd gno u inllitirv saluto to thu
Siuii > crnsluuitiiioiinoeil Ihutihoioiitnlttooon I
tlm part of tho henitu vciu prcKent Jho cinii
miltoo nn the p irt ot thn Sonnln nmiuunreil
that thn Hnnalo nad itmiructml them lo it II tlO
I honorablu the AHOiulilv that the onato had
completed laboiH and was leiuly to ndjoiun
Hilt was tho Finn inuRngD vvlihh tho A sem
1b minlttco convovud tu tho Konnto nud to
tho Onvornor wllh Iho chnngo that In their
mosiago thoy called tno tjcnalu tho honoia
bin thn Kenuto and tbo tiovornor his lvcl II
loncy tho lutvornor
Altoi a tow mlnutni tho Assembly commlt
teo returned nud told thn honmnblo thn
Assembly that the honornblo the Senato
was lendy to udjouin and that hli IXioJ
loncy tho Ooornor had tola tho commlttou
that ho had no further mefxngon to transmit to
tho Assembly but that he wished them all suc
cess personally nnd n pleasmt joui ney to their
Imniej Iho commltteo uudcd Hit lxoel
lency the Governor presents his compliments
totho A > embly
Allor thoso formalltlps were finished Mr
Bhoohan the loador of the Democratic minor
ity olTurctl tho customary resolution of thanks
to the speaker It was adopted bya rlslnmoto
Jlr Cronin of Long Island City tried to call
up a bill stranded on the desk but fulled
Mr DluniunUmlolloredarosnlmionoftlrinks
to thoCiork nndllrMcCnnnMrllushandMr
> fn > esjnll Democrats to tha other employees
Thuso resolutions wore adopted viva voco
Chairman Saxton of the ludlclary Jommlt
teo nlTered tasolutlon of thanki to Mr Slioo
hnn for hlnnblo and courteous conduct of tho
minority on tho lloor The thank woie ofToiud
in the numo of tho majority tbnlrmnn Max
ton said of Mr Shoehau what had been omitted
from f voril of tho laudatory speeches And
most of all be Is a conscientious honest man
Mr Young made a speech praisingMajor
Gen James N Illlam Uuited the llald Laglo of
Wcetchester county Qen Husted praised Mr
Afker Chairman ot tho ltel iou Committed
Then there was n pause The clock pointed
to a few minutes nfler 12 Speaker Colo toot
tho cavelnguln and delivered his valedictory
Alter the usual compliments ho said
Without I being accused of flattery I mat be permitted t
I Inl r11
to say that this has been an exceptionally I strong
House rew Indeed of the Assemblies of the past have
numbered among their leaders and debaters so many
men of wide experience marked Ablllt and dts
r IIII tr poenlik tJia It Ih
tlngulined reputations Like every renressntailve body
of men dominated by the power nf Intelligence and am
bltlon disappointments heart burnings and rivalries
have been almoet dally guests and personal And par
tisan antipathies almost constant Inhabitants of our
chamber These conditions however do not exist
without an accompanylnc recon pense Like al other
misfortunes they have their I many and delightful lo com
pencatlons In the fierce heat of political 1 encounter
and legislative debate friendships lOre begun and cement
ed which the ordinary routine of 3 e rs could not Attain
It Is sufficient for mm to say that lake leave of this
Assembly wllh the highest respect for Us I ability and
character and without one remaining spark of persons
l ll
sons bitterness toward any of the members I of this
lloi se but with the kindliest of feelings toward each
and every Individual upon this floor
Several Assemblymen bad ores moro or loss
moist during tho fatowoll scenes nnd their
mOist increased as tho farewell speeches
wore rnado Gon llusted walked up Into the
Speakers ohalr whoro ho has boen so often
and where ho hopes to bo again net year In
tho namo of tho Assembly ho presented to
noeaker Cole a sot of big diamond studs which
can readily be turned Into diamond earrings
for Airs Coif
Mr Itoesch went Into tho Clerk A desk and
presented two unset diamond to Clerk Chluk
crlng Mr Ohlckoilng responded in tho most
eloouont speech of the day Ho bud boon
culling the roll for hours without any clsla
lion and no was a little hoarse Ho recounted
his experience with the Assembly and with tho
iu any other Assemblies with which ho has bon
Cleik Ills farewell oration was pathetic and
brought tonrs to the eyes of Mr Sheldon Mr
fltts Mr llaner nnd other Assemblymen Mr
Chlokorlng also thanked tho roportora It In
customary for tho Assembly to pass resolu
tions ol thanks to the reporters but In vlnw
of thu outrageous conduct of the reporters this
eosslon In exposing tho celling scandal they
wero left out of tho general thanksgiving
The Assembly had adjourned at noon but
tho proceedings and presentations went on for
Borne tlmo alter The page bo > s nnd messen
gers wero busy clearing up tho desks nud bill
illes of the members MemborH were shaking
hands and lighting cigars Even Mr Alns
worth and Mr linh fratnrnlzed Mr Alns
worth forgave everybody oxcopt Mr Crosby
AR tho Assemblymen were going out Mr Hus
ton said that 350 had been collectd for Ander
son Lawrence tho BrigadierGeneral of tho
pace boys and major domo of the Arsomblr
Anderson Lawrence In about 55 yours old Ho
has n hnnflvnlent bald bend And looknlaftor
everything that nobody wahtn to look after
for himself After tbo adjournment the Demo
Sratio Senators and Assemblymen with some
opuhllcans wont down to tbo executive
chamber nnd shook hands with tho Governor
before going homo
Tho rif nate began half an hour later tlmn the
Assembly It pa sed more than thirty bills
is the roll mil In the Henate Is I only n quarter
as long as tbA roll call In tho Assembly could
be called oftonor In less tlmo Among tho bills
that tho Senate passed wero n number of claim
bills the Glbbs bill authorizing District Judges
to perform mm rings ceremonies the Paradlso
lark IJath bill tho Dtinlap Narcotic bill tno
prohibiting corporations from paying with
store orders tho hill llxlne tho WacMot munici
pal nod Ktnto laborers nt f2 a day tho Ilnson
bill prohibiting tho Importation of rinkerion
dotoitlves Into tbo State and the Hazton Pri
mary Election bill Tbo Llnson bill to prevent
ilpkertons detectives coming to the State did
not got to tbo Assembly In tlmo to be passed
Got mil sent In the nominations of 01 M
linker nnd Henry M Taylor for managers of
tho Hudson itlver Stato Insane At > ylam at
Poughkoepslo I
hen the Tax bill came to Ihe Senate Sena
tor Cnntor objected to It on tho ground that
Now York city and Brooklyn aro taxed twice
as much an their representation Senator
Cantor charged tho Hepublicans with putting
unjust burdens on tho Democratic parts of tho
Htnto and with refusing to alt e them the rep
resentation thny nro entitled to After senator
Cantors protest tho bill waft passed
Hoviritl of tho Senators went In tho Clerks
desk lining tho morning session and picked
out tho bills that they wantod passed Them
wit 10 almost u hundred bills on tho Clerks
desk nud thcie was time to pans only half ot
thorn lloutUnv JoneH tried to order tho
bonutoisout of tho doeR but they would not
go Wlun Hrtnntor Worth won In tho desk
looking over tho bills tho lIeutenantOovernor
said that there wait ton much talking In tho
desk and It must bo mopped Bonator Worth
talked back at him
Thuio Is too much gabbllns said tho
ItmnkcH a illfTureneu who It Is that gab
bles bald Senator Worth as he wont down ou
11m floor
Senator Jacob Worth called up the bill that
poimltfl Iho lirooklyn idouitod roads to con
demn property In bloks nnd to muke future
beiiollt nit olVit to dalms for damages file
clorlvR passed tlio bill lntt night When
Funnier IUIMIIU 1 OConnor found out
what Imd loon lion ho < hargcl tho clorks
with having fiieilod tho bill thiough
without Its bolng itud and with having
ro ordod his nnmo in tlio nfllrmntlto
when ho did not toto nt nil honntoi Connor
hud tlio tote Hconsldorod WhllIlho bill enmo
up again today Hcnator 0 Connor offered
nmonilincnUi vv hlili wuro defeated He claimed
Unit tho bill WIIH unconstitutional and that It
miulo posslbl 1 the condemnation of property
without Iho owner knowing that tip condom
liiillon ptnctirtlns iiriKulniron iho bill was
onli pttrtU road iliioiiili I Tho Clerk skipped
tbu iiinln ptrt ami ri > nil tho last section
IIIn l llitiitvniinMJuteriior told Iho Clork to
call tho roll henatpr Connoi objoUod that
tho bill imd not been read through Iho
leulennntiolol nor refused to rrcognlro
him runatoi llinon said 1 that tbo bill was
iinconMllullomil uunlor OConnui kept on
micniptlng t get tho lloor but tho Llutiton
nut Unvcrnor rilnscd to rocrgnlro him nml
fin Id ihnt ho was obstructing thu business of
tho ttunalo tthun Ills name was called on Jho
roll i all Senator Connor nroBu and coming
out to tint 011 < n fpaio lu rout I of tho dosk
l1 l1IIItl hlllll
i nlll ruy no morn about tho bill I will
ivnlt tlio Mili < Tho iintlon of tho Iloulonniit
lioveiiiiii N thu iiioriiliilnniouo outragolntho
Jiistoi of llio Hcnate I brainl him as rucroant
totho tniHtof Ills ofllcp nud unlnlluoncoJ by
thiMlUtatiriof lit loiihileucc <
Thunutuiiiinti vornoi thunipvil with hla
tnvol n few I llinoB nnd rollcall procuedud Tho
bill pakacil by u vole uf 11110 1 It
Thi > litli < rno8iif f feeling nf Henator OCon >
nor IIl1d 1llIntor 1rlllolIJ 1 Krwlu toward tho
lleutenantOoveinor disturbed tha ouronlty
of the clofo of tho Miiuitp Aflei Senator OCon
nor II attack ou the ilKiilenantClovernoronly
n fovv minute nl llio Fo lon remained nena
tor iasBctt tool tho vliulr und eoniniltteuu
wore appointed to notify tho Ilpnor
nblo tho Ahfcombly nnd Ills IxceN I
leney the OovHrnor that the I Heiiuto
wns ready to adjourn The committee from tho
Aoeeujbly camo and notiaqd th honorable
Bonn to that tho Assembly was ready to ad
journ Ihn two Henatorn who called on tho
Governor returned with tho message that his
Ltcoll ney tho Omernor Imd presented hU
compliments and bad no further communion
tloimto mnko to tho Benate Then camo tho
usual resolutions ot thnnk benntorCnntor
oirorod thn resolution compllmcntlnitPnKldont
pro torn 1nssetr Collators Grndy Plorco and
Llucon prosonted tho rcfoltitlons thanking tho
clerks and employees for their services All
tin rosoliitlons VTOIO adopted unanimously
Collator assott 1 offered areaolutlon tlintiklng
tho IlontcimntGovoi Hennlors I Connnr
and Irwlu did not OPPOBO It but senator Vrivln
niiidoanpeoih faying that ho VMS willing to
fniglvo tho LletttenantUovornor hocnusn this
i WIIH tho lnit I ilar of tho i > ns lon and lie did not
vumtto go aunr with 0111 toolings toward any
one I
oneTho LlouterantGoornor wont downnn tho I
1or and paid that hu was willing to lu > for
given He did not tiKk for forglvcliesil but ho
wan willing to tnku tt
o pn > entH wero mndo In the Senate Thoro
woio too mnnr nators who havo had lows
with tho LloutenantGoverror nnd with tho
clorks to onaltlo tho collecting of money for
presents a pleasant task 1 hero was no general
peacomni Ing when tlio Senato ndjourned
Thn Senators simply took their things nnd
went homo
lielpio tho Legislature bvoko up tho Ascm
blv ndoptcd flen James W llllnm llustods now
I set of rules nnd rofnired them back to tho Com I
mittee on Union for liirlhernmitidmeiits Tim
nimbem i both liou oi waited mound town
until ovenlng In capo tho Oovornoi Inlendeil
to call niintrantson No call was Issnod
They ilievv tho tH I of pay which Is hold bark
until the end ot the session fipnnt pan nf It lu
liming champagne and took thn evening
trains or tho boat to how ork Tho IcgNltt
tlvo pasfos RIO good for ten days nnd vet It Is
tho last opportunity many of thum will got to
tnkn a free talp to Now ork
About Bovojiyllvo bills died on tlio dorks
desk < In Iho Assembly nnd thirty In I thn bnnnto
Clov Hill will not takn action this week on any
of the bills boioro him at tlm adjournment of
tho I cglslauiro nnd ho bus not vot deddod
whothnt ho will glvo thn eustoiuiiiy honilngs
on the bills boforo him lu the lot tliht > days
lie lrolct AtculiKt lllx Summary Ills
nlnl lij Cm porul Tunner
KIXIISTOK X Y SIny IGTho removal of
Special iamlnertvoani of tho Pension llnreau
by Corporal Tanner has created consldeiablo
comment along tho Hudson Slnco April P
W Kcam has acted as Special Exatniner for
tho Hudson Hlvor district couiprlelng tho
eountos of Putuam Dutchess Qioone and
Ulster His huadnunrtors has been in
this city Pi lor to coming horo he was
stationed at Toughkcepsio On Oct 221887 i
5Ir Kcam was appointed Hpoclal Examiner I
at Cincinnati after passing tho civil service
examination Ior eight months ho rcrved In
tho Pension Bureau at Washington rnd then
was detailed to df Held work On Tiiosdav Jlr
Kenm iceolvtd tho following tolegrini from
Pension Commissioner Tanner
Wasniicto D C May 13
F w Aertm Sjwcial Franlni
our service will be ditpenped with from nnltiflcr
Ma Jt It l to which date ou are granted Ira e rOt I
ward at once by exprest to thl bureau nl tiovernment
property In your pose lon All etpcn > e ueoe sari to I
reni n your Lome must b Incurred Oil or befnro v 11 ju
lbN > Jiu s TA KI Cotnmrfloner
Of course Mr Koam will comply with this
order but ns n protest against tho Commis
sioners action has sent tho folllow Ing loiter j
UKfAKTVEltr 01 TUK iMkAlnll 1
UIRRAI or Pi isio S
The Ron Jamts Tanner CtmmttsMnfr oJerttifnt Itaift
tngtoM it r
Fin I havo the honor to acknowledge the receipt of
your teleirram of the I Uh inst and In rll to fttale
Ihnt I must emphntlcally object to being relieved from
duty as therein nolilied I
I have been appoln ed tinder the civil service rules
and there ban been nothtne my conluct Inconsistent
therewith 1 have never been on the dsllunuent list
and have nev er hud any cates charge 1 lo me for faulty
work I think Iho record of the I eiulon lllllce will
tear me out In I Ihe statement that I have treated a pub
lie olllc as n public trust ind fu filed Is I duties falh
fully and the veterans In mr dlotrlrt will sustain me I
when I say that 1 have executed the duties of my nlPee
liberally ant Impartla ly that 1 have sought truth
nave done justly openly and htinoraUr mr whole duty
Dave observed the law I and lime I acted In hiirmonv
with thu mstrnanimoua I EIrnu characterize the
wtndnct of th < llemocrntlc pirn towarl tlisoldiers 1
who risked their lives for their couutry lu Its hour of
When I entered Ihe floverrment SCTMO f did not
surrender my political liberty I havo oplon Ions trtnly
seavd and ftiave never hem backward In expressing
slon them llureau When under I tiral Oen I tho lllnck I admlnlntratlin I did l merely of what the II 1 Pen de
serveil lien Illack must be recngnlzed hr everv
thoughtful person as the true friend nr the soldier the
founder of the liberal pallc which mnrked his idmln I
Islratlon and which l to tnnrk succeeding ndmlnlstra
Ion V hatever political utterances I made lust full I
made no statements but what were facts aud can be
easily proven
I wilt state In conclusion that ram n Hemocrit At
ways have been and always expeet to be that I have
performed no art in my orTce that I Am lint prott I or
and that I do not consider mv removal justited b I anr
act of mine or called for by anvtlifng In lay record with
department Very repectfull
K Vv KIIKX Special Examiner
Fun IltOltlltlTION STILT
And Incidentally flrn Fink Ix for Anjlhlnu
to Heat the tlerey I raiMlntmo
PIAIPIEL1J liny 16 Editor Loonnrcl of
tho central Now Jersey 77m ct jmhllshod nt
Plalnflold J has receUod this letter from Gen
Clinton II risk Into Prohibition candidate for
President regarding Qon Iiskx reported de
sertion from Ibo party
Ruusof IlllL SfABQlcnT N J May I 1883
Jlun SIR our fnvor ot Ih J In1 bas waed m
ratum ftom a bt ablnc Tb glIeralsatmonl
aloc Ihrougb Ih I Ibat I ha dttNllh rto
blbllon pstl or cou 001 ortc bOllhL I nm
lIl1nlllo RlU Inlo any eomblnalln with Knod m or
f tY tor Ih utter octlhrowor Ih Whlk oil
aarchy lally Itln1l In Trenton and oane 1 11
tur I et tuo am wlllllll < n do anjhill Ihat sholl
ptod h bUI lolbl ull r bII Ihat our
ptofllbillonls anll all od lempraucu 1Iul1
ptnnl by Ih I olll J Irluc ud 0 111AI hlch
hall ct ror oeh lullallun ball haon Ih
Ih cooI lmo cOlllluJ bn lb aluon IIIUIllIo our
yrr rUI CLtO 11 11
Here tm I Sir Wunnmnkersi Opportunity
The Young Mens Christian Association of
Jersey City held a meeting esterdaylu Ilooream Hall
and decided to erect a new building for Itself In loner
Jersey City At a cost of from fnuuo to 1011010 the
money lobe raised by subscription Ten thousand dol
lars was subscribed at the meeting One man suld 110
wan villllux to become one of twenty to subscribe fu > j
Mr nrake who presided ut the meeting sjild that
when he was at he Inteniatrnxl Conference of Voting
Menu I hriatlin AKtiMilous In Philadelphia he heard
1ostmastcr lenerul VV anamaler tell how sorry ho wns
that he hadnt given more of his time iid mot ej to tho
work It was suggested I that an otiportuntt lie given 1
h IiI tl m
the Iostmailer eueral to relieve Ins feelings I sub
scribingSluooi to the building fund The suggestion
will probably bu carried out
UOYlnlltbr a 1llbtlo DnJ
Tho Gonoial Diccutlvo Board ot the Knights
of Labor will stud out today through Us olDclal Jour
nal a circular to the order In regard to Ihe adoption of
an eight hour day The circular says that It Is the
province of Ihe fteneral Arsembl as the legislative 1
power of lue order and not of tu Executive Hoanl to
lake action on this I question toeal assembllsw are
urged to send their delegates I lo the next Uenerat 1ai 1
semblr fully Informed in Iho subject Tie Hoard re
minds Ihe Knights I that the American federation of
Labor has already mine out Instil port 01 the eight
hour day The circular says
The lloard would be neglectful of Its duty did It not
remind the order numerically w e art not as strong
us w were when th elglit hour agitation v > as carrlrU
onlnlXMl In this cuttt tltf not > nl > necessary
that we should decide wisely what is I best lo ho done
but that we should strengthen ourselves both lu I Hum
tiers and 1 by discipline I so that we may decldo upon
what we may be able to eaocessfully carry out
Hchool Hoy und Soldiers Iamde Together
This evening nt the temporary armory of the
Klghth Iteglroent 1Tth street and Lexington aveune
10 boys from Urammar School SJ and eight companies
of the reghuent will give mi exhibition drill and dress
parade Ihe school tors used the armory whtlo drilling
for the centennial civil parade and this evenlnga pub
llo exlilbltlen I U to terlif l to Ihe good will which has
arisen j belweeu Ihe school and ro rrklment eI8
lieorgoli rtcott will b the reviewing cnivtr sud 1rln
clual Mctary will attend
Woman rinftrliice Defeated
LANMNO Mich May 16Aller passing tho
House In safety Ihe Womans Municipal suffrage bill
was defeated In the Senate to day by a vote of 10 to la
Tho defeat ls Attributed to ihe friends of the measure
who were not contented wlh A favorable volonf the
Seiute msklugthe bill a special order for tomorrow
but I Insltted upnn bringing Hie matter up to day and
uttered tlefcat In consequence A similar bill will
horily bo Introduced
1lulI nom Nrcleet
Tho pollco reported last nleht that Charlotte
llagln S6 years old had teen found in a stck and destl
tuli condition at her home V70I Ilgbth aveiue with
ht > r Infant Miirgaret two weeks old llolli were tuner
lug for the necessaries of life and dI the chld died while
Its mother w as I eing remov ed lo ihe llareui Hospital
II nnd O New Ilur
viiuimr svhfdnlo bcii fA > > t exprt trilni to lUltl
mor iil Mfttii > itotii no I allltrL < o tlm table
IM pper It
The JumoiiJi IVnxncr Vvniltmte Umlted
For LlilCBifo ond fL Uoiii leare I ltanllnlral 1 l htftlloa
dally at Uro A W tqoiprcii witU tlr ot u w ccmuari
utbl sUtipluf curl 114 aiolag cut UUP
Wliatdofs the uuycr rare Anv Id > Us contract to
do the work Is good Itturns out Hie work In beautiful
and acceptable shape Its work Is received aiivwhere
Tlie hew ork llauk > ole Ooinpan 1 liro dwar WII
Bican Mo
Soda Ulneral TaitllUs tor sals tyall drnr liuW
crew a ttoiiin
Ill Stlnc wn Not ThoiiRht in no or nn
Alnrmtnit Nntlirri nnd lift Illrit In the
Nlttht In tlio Al rncft or Alcdtcnl Attend
nncc IIlii Career t Home mul Alirand
Allen Tlionullko Ulco Mlnlfctcr to RufHla
nnd editor of tho Afortfc American toor died
unexpectedly nt tho 1lflh Aonue Hotel nt 351
A M yesterday Ho had not brun It rom for a
Ion I tlmo and within tho last week has suffered
fioin thioat troubles Ho was run down iiomo
wlmtbytho oxortlons required In settllnc his
nlTalrs In this country preparatory to colncto
St TotoisburK Hut ho had no question of his
ability to call this month and had onuacod
iiuartorBOi tho City of Paris which loft hero
on Wednesday Ho had arrnnced that Llojd
8 llrleo should edit the Ab th Amrrti an Hrcirw
while ho was servlnc his term as Minister nnd
last Saturday Mr Ulco ilsltod Mr Dryce at
Snnds Point Lone Island Ilowas not well
when ho went thoro and on Sunday whon ho
cnmo back to New York he was scarcely able
to stand Ho took a cab nnd wont to tho ofHco
of his phisiclan Ir Edward L Keycs who Immediately
mediately ordered him to his bod at tho Fifth
i Atomic Hotel Mr Hlee had planned to boat
a dinner party that ovenlnc but bad to send
hH re rots
I No almm was caused nt first by Mr Ricos
condition Tho Illness was pronounced ton
otlltis or Quinsy with ulcerated sores In tho
throat On Monday Mr Ulco bejran to fool
worse but oon than ho was not considered In
dancer of death Ho had nn Idea that It was
diphtheria which bothered him but this was
not admitted by Dr Koycs A lilih fcvor pro
vailed on Monday unU his toiiillH bocamo
mote inflamed but his breathliiK was not no
ticeably obstructed His sufTerinc was Intense
until Tuesday when the abscesses bccun to
dlscharee his pulso beenmo nearly normal
and his temperature was reduced All this re
lieved him and there was no unfavorable an
ticipation The Improvement continued on
Wolnudday and Dr Keyes tno assNtant phy
sicians tho nurse and Mr lllcex uilut of
twenty years aervlce James haruont felt cer
tain that tho elck man was rocouriiie us rap
idly as could bo expected Whcn Mr itico uao
up his stateroom on tho City of Paris Mr
llrjee who was tohuo been his companion
retained his nnd left with the steamer
On 1 odnosdaynlRht tho phjslclans wero so
satisfied with Jli lilcos Itnprovouieht that
they aunouncod that hu would be Mifllclonlly I
well to nail on tho niM steamer of tho inmnn
lino tho City or fhlengo which loaviH on j
otlliesday Ml Itlce hail somo bleep toward
midnight und In thu morning jiMonlay was
asleep until about oclock vvhonouool tho at
tndnntB nskod him limv ho lelt Ho roplltd i
that ho was much better Thobo woio his JUM
Tho nurso let him go to sleep and then fear I
ful that during hm sleep tho abscesses < In the
tin out would dlsclMigo nnd obstruct his
breathing be attempted to uwikna Air IIco I
Tlio patient did not answer tho mines wolds i
and oton when touched mi thu should4i fulled
to wnko up Tho nurso was alarmed nnd I
called Saigent tho valet They moved iho 1
pUlunt in boll but could not arnuao him Tho I
phthlclnns weru hastily called Uojoro thuy I I
ciiino Mr Itleowin breathing unit with gioat
diniculty nnd when tho doolors got thoro lio
wasbejond assistance Hu died ut 320 A il I
Tho trouble was ono thu doctors had looked
for earlier In tho hl tory of tho OIPI It vim
In tint lanuuato of the profession wloma of
tilt clotus or aeeoidini to moro onllunry ex
prcSion a ehokin to death cansea by tho
swelllnii of tlio clottls It had Leon thought
this mlLbt occur eonio days ao and tlio nut
that no BJ mptoniBol It HPI oared tlien nnd that
Mr Ulco continueJ improMj mild all the at
tiudants Mjry hopeful llio circninbtanco Is
riru In such CUHOS
Mr HIcp was born in DoKton Juno 181853 of
an old ruiw Lneliunl lamll Tho pioneers of
tho ThorndlUe laraily camo ovor with Ciov
lnthrop One ot Mr ltlce ancobtorH a
liishopln the Church was bmltlied and driven
totho colonies beeiiufo ho was tolerant in re
llclous luatton1 ind thut then was cnni > lileiod
heresy Later this lllshopwas ptirdoned and
burled In ifttmmstor Abhoy Two of the
family weieaethe in tho Revolutionary armies
Tho Thorndikus wero prosperous Mapping
folk and Mr lllcoB father cot rich In business
horuln Xow Vork Jlr lllcos mother was from
Maryland After tliu birth of Allen fhe aud her
huslmntl sepaiateil Theiewas a contest for
the possession oi tho boy but tho mother con I
trived to letaln himmid to prevent hlx fathom
occiits from laentiryitiK him youncAllon 11118
tlrossid llkoaclrl and wore frocks even for n
lone time alter lie niiLht to liavo been dlunltled
by tioiiKors When ho wasiiullea largo boy
ho was 011 one of ills trips to Euro o and on
thu steamer in hta iilrl clothes ho attracted at
tention HO much of a romp was he In deport
ment But tho paR mcorh generally aid not
guess tho secret Tho boy was educated In
Irnnon nml Germany as n clrl Ha learned
Flench nnd German aud cpoko them fluently
Whether the unfortunate iiiurrol between Mr
nnd Mrs Itluo was Homed does not appear now
but thn HOD finally mot his father and they bo
camo friendly Tho boys education was con
tinued at tho University of Oxford at Christ
College from which aftei a four j ears course
howasciaduatod with honor In lM73nt tho ago
of SO llo was pot noted theio as being par
ticularly ablo Later ho worked In tho Law
bchool of Columbia College
Mr Itlce Inherited two othor fortunes from
his pnrentttnnd grandparents nnd though ho
travelled xtenslvely and lived well It is bo
lloved bo did not lotto much money and that ho
waawoith over 1010000 His wealth did not
make him lay nor did his contact wlthforelun
peopl n dovelop any spirit of foreign Imitation
or dllettnntelsm Ha becan writing for tho
nonM > aporH and then for tho magazines lip
was only li years old when he bought tho Aori
Ainrnran Heiieto fur t lOOd It wan a moribund
journal jot ha put now life Into it nn Intro
ducoU tho system of llmvleg rnpruxontatlva
mnn discuss dlfTeronl phueoH ot public ques
tlonx Ho built up u big circulation for It nnd
though Ithad boon n uuarteily and then u bi
monthly under James Itussell Lowell and
Homy Adainn Mi lilco mailoit a luonthly und
gavalta polltkiil tono that It had not had bo
foio Thn ventuio wa not prolltnblo nt first
but recently It has mudu money tiomuof Its
methods havn shonii the onterpilsu of dally
journalism nnd tometlmcb Mr llico did not
wait for tho reuulpl of 1 nmnuscilpt by forulgn
contributor BUCII I as Gladstone but had
tho copy cabled to Ills oflleoon Union square
near > Ilihiueniio It IB only n fovv tearieliito
thu tiulillcatlon olilcc was trunnion od from
Ju lon to this rily Mr Jtlce cave the paimr
much poieonal supvrvlilon and IH no iiialnt
nnoo with llladstonc Jlrluht tho Irish parlia
mentary leaden ami olhur notubloforolgnois
WHHboth duo to his editorship nn lln turn
iiolned him In tho making of tho inngarinc
Tha young scholar wroto booke Lesl los udlt
jngthe wrltfnKBof olhors llo contrlLutud to
thn work Ancient Cities of the Now World
nnd edltail the tolloitlun entitled llorululs
< t > ncoH of Abraham Lincoln His publlhlng
Inttrests txifnaea to Paris whore heVns part
owner of lr Matin Ho know Paris thoroughly
and In 1K70 was one of tho eighteen men who
outnrud tho Hotel do Vllle with Gnmbetta and
hoard tho new republic proclaimed to the
multitude upon tho utrcot Ho planned nnd
tontiolluil tho Chsriuy expedition of 1H71
which under tliu joint ausplcon of Praneo and
tile United States investluatod the ruins of
indent ciylllraUon In Mexico nnd Cenlrnl
America Both countrieshMe obtalued from
that study mustums of groat valuelto ixntl
quarles and plaster casts of parts of sonieof
tho old architecture of the nnrl y tx > oples of t boso
lands liuvo been put on exhibition In tho
rncndoro In 1nrla Duplicates are alto soon
to bo shown In Waslilnuton
Jlr Ulco did not npi onr In politico except as
n student until 18Sd when ho ran ns llvpuhll
can candidate lor Concre from tho Tenth I
district against Gen riplnolo Tho nomina
tion was made sn late that be had only three
working day before the election but lie came
wit bin fin votes of ucc i > a This wat ur
prlelM tor tile district had bUlL AIr Uowltte
on n
nnd wn supposed to bo Pemocratlo by nearly
8000 Mr Itlce accused his llopubllcan patty
workers of sidling him out Mlko Cretan was
the fotemon among tho nccused nol after n
long light Mr Itlcohnd him expelled fiomthu
County Committee The doloatod cnn lhlilto
sold l bo pro clltld Cregnn not on ior pnnl
grounds put for thn cooil of tho party and tho
sake of PUIB election Trocans donnfallwas
ono of tho cuuflosot his death fotuo limo foon
after tho expulsion Mr Ulco kept up his In
tertst In iiolltles nnd mhocnlod tno AuMnulan
fystomof otlng nnd giivolrcoly to tho llar
rlon cnmpalan land His appointment to thn
post ntHl PctnrHlmrg wnHOtio of tho earliest
things decided upon by Presldcntelcot Harri
son Althnuoh thirtysix years old It In not known
thnt Mr lilco over camo near lining maided
ot lio moved Boclotv and hud nmoi beon
in > thing of HroolUMi HA occupied Vlcn1rns
Ident Mortons housA 85 Fifth nvonuo for tlio
icnr ending IIIAI November nnd then tonic
rooms at the 1lfth Aenuo Hotel Ho has an
uncle William 11 tIN In ow York nn mint
Lllzabeth It Guild Hoston spvoial roultii
In America nnd two aunts Countor n Jlau
nlolon nnd Countess Hnttlcns In Lurnj o
lucMnyor Ldward Cooper imd Mr 0 Y
Coiling nf Itoslon lawjnr lor Mi tIC mo In
chnignof thafunoritl It will bo held iiraio
Church at 10 A 31 I tomorrow liisliop Iotlur
has boon uskoU to ilellvor the formon I
fillCd run Mitit QVRUIU
too IIoum In tio City or r Sniiitir
od unil lSOO ruutlllcx llnmvIooH
QtJrino JIny IGA lira started inily this t
morning In fit Snuvrur n suburb of this
city In thohouso of Mis McOnnii pn Vcllcr
slrmit and spreail with groal rapidity through
tho woodon dlntrli t which simourds it Thn
Pooplowcro In dlPiunynt the lapldlty with
which tho Urn jumped fiom ono building to
nnothnr Tho local arrangements for iiucnch
Intr tho llrcs weio defective nnd tho Uuebeo
llro brigado was si nt foi and woro iiulokly on
the spot but their olTorts wero crippled fcr
wantofwnter n Ilattor was called out nnd
rendered valuable nnlslnncu In nghlltu tho
flames Wlillo tho military were preparing to
blow upsorao of thn 1 ouhes toclncl tho Ilro
n premature explosion took place In ono of tho
houses killing Major Short and Sergeant al
llek of llliattrry llolli woio bulled In the
mill Tho body of inrgoniit ANalllck wan
found near thn door of n hnuso dreadfully
mangled Mnjnr HhmtB bodv wis found
minim alpgand an arm which woro illsov
ored some cllHtimce fromtho trunk
At 4S P M tho file had liunioil Itolf out
nftor leaching the llnutu nf St Snuvour thn
tollgato keepwrs houeo In nllcr stixKt being
about tho hint to go The dlstilct north and
west of Mnssun nud fit Ambrdlnn htreiit > has
boen swept clean with tho exception of a por
tion of Vnllor street bont TliO IIOIIFOS viio
burned As many of them woio toncmonts tho
number of families homeless Is not less tlmn
1200 comprlFliigSOilOor lOliu pi rsons Tho
mnuirltv of tho pent li > burned out me nf thn
laboring olas1 and ns iiisiirnncA rates weio
MM r high few huo anything to tall 1 nek upon i
Kt Sauvour lua separate mtinlelpaltv from
Qucbne but < illvliled from It by nnlv tho i
width of n Btrocr It his n population of 1 Wiiil 1
Onlvlnst night the M Miieiir miinlclpnllty
rofii = eil the oflrr o the eltj corporation to sup I
ply tho rilico will vnlei
Th totTl lops lij thn Urn Is estimated nt
jnnoOOD If the wind Imd been from anv othor
quarter all nt llneis might ha o gone As II
wnB ht Sauvuur Is badly swept up toltsfui
thosl end
It was generally supposed that Sergeant
Walleck died Immediately after being ta < tii I i
from thn mint hut It has slneo boon lonrnnd
that he U still allvo In tbn Marino HoHpitnl
Ho Is very serlftunly Injured nml not likely
to recover It is oxpieted that thn loiniiiiiof
Major Bhort will bo tnVfn to Kingston to
morrow for burial lharevvlll bo n military
mss FitErixounrsKv js jiny < IKAT
Qnlctlv SInrrled YM < rdnj < a tile rorrier
IliiftltMtitf of Vm It Trttcrsw llniicutn I
Jliss Tilllo rrollnsliuyspu tho clrtcqt
daughter or tho lalo SecroHry of Htalo
Trederick T Frellnghuison was quietly mar I
rind yesterday afternoon at her homo in
Newark to Mi H lnthiop Gray of Hoston n
distant relative of tho famllj Owing to tho I
recent dentil of tlio brnlos mothur tbo ceto
mony was prlrato n fen relatives ald near j
friends onlv lining prrnnt Prof Hart of
Hutgers follosn perormed th ceremony
Miss Fiellnghiupen was irn ° plcunns In I
Wahintnn society in Ijeoldont irthurs
tenn and whllo her fnlher wis ecretiiry of
Ktino Itvui fild at xarloii times duriii
that period that ho w nng iged In Pieslilent
Arthui Mio hrs not gene into scieieti finco
her fathers dentli
Mr Gny IIIR Ieen devtnd to Mis rrellng
hu > sen for 1 oars it Is sad Unit I ei fnthoi and
mother both nppoi d th nnt h Il mnirleil
Miss t > an Tnners the dnrchtnr ofilllini
It Trnvorsof this c it > und Inn match wn an
unhappy ° ne Thny viero divorced and Jlr
dray Is now living In 1ati wltb her damhter
Slnrn tlip sepnrntlon Mr flrav ha b0ii living
In this ill Ho Is a poptihn club inau
Tlip Htilllnn Acmt ltr It V Olndlv nllit
the Cnmpiiu tiaN II r McICrde ArrrMtril
Itobert McHrlde n continctor ot Uih rlty
who Is building n houso nt Cold Spring for
Louis Tiffany Jr was arrested ut that iilnco
> o tordayby DotectlvoCotlyof tho I onglland
llallroad and paiolod to appear before Tiiftica
Manley in Long Ifland Ct on Katunlayfor
examination on a charge of Iolating the law
relating to tho earning of explosives Pour
weeks ago Mi Mcllrida left n package in an
ouirlioiul rack when h got nil u train at
Cold binlue A ilay or tvvoiaier no nppned for
It nt tho station In Cod bnrlng ThoHtalinn
ngont asked vvlmt was in Hi biindl and Mr
Mollrlda replied that It oontilnud two pounds
of dyuauiltu Hie agent didnt w nt to leant
further IUrllMilnrs hut hnndoil Jlr Mellrldo
his dynamltu and nskod him to tako It an ay us
quickly an pusilbl
The ftallon ngont ropnrlod tho facts to tho
railroad otllolals who decided to 1 robucuto
Mr Mcllrlde
iino SHALL umi > Tin A o
New York Put Up I I < Tiirpy mil
Hronic Opposition AI > IIIIIN
Tho last aeslon of tho Convention of tho
Anclont Order of Hibernians was continued In
Tammany Hall until nearly daylight this morn
ing It bosan at b oclock nud the curly part
of the evening was taken up viIth tho nadlng
of reports from thn Auditing Committee tho
Committee on Seciot Work nnd tho I Inano
Committee Thou nominations for National
Uologatn wero doclaud to to In order
Hitherto this olllee hnsgnno to otbor parts of
thn country but tho delegates from this city
said that they wanted it this tlmn Ulioyput
Ldnnrd L Carey In nomination A doon oth
er uumoi woio put UP from as many Mntoa
with tlio Intention of defeatingCnioy Tho re
sult will be known todur
Jlliiim Lodge Arrrpt tho Irinm for lit
lorutliU to MHKOUIC
NEW HAVEN Jtny 10 After n IOIIK nml
stormy cession otHlrnm Lodge T A A M to
night It was finally agreed by n practically
unanimous volo to accept thn piopo ltlon
mndo by tho Grand Lodge last week at Halt
font for restoration to Masonic lights nnd
privileges Tho MasonK that liavo boon miulo
by Hiram can liainndu icgiiUir Miifions by tho
net of the Uiand Mnt < r II I thinkx advlxublo
The eight mi oiled Mnaons may putltlou for ro
InKtateinent at th nc t res ion of tho mind
Lodgu 111 uii Lc giiHii v onlliouuv lo
tcrhood with tlio other lodges 01 tho blato
Htopped In JlrooUlju on III Way to
lr Charles L Unbar n dentist of 21 West
Twrnty iccond nrff t ent MtiiHtlitnnt John F rlcnon
A rounv ttwrilv to tlio I xreUIor huvlnK liniiklnileio lt
11II Mr innitf lhadrp lt ilrew SH ntl < 1 l li > ntr I out
Pr Putftr rritireit tli1 matter to 1itlice rjjiulii itritnu
ihofnuml in lrlcmmn room Mm uHrti nt moiunn
fit IIIH tiiltnn uritt llroiillui UIH i o ic liniiMl
Krtr oli drinking In ft FAO n iirar the Iinutv ll linil
thn crtfttM part or tlit nionu In liU puniieiifloii Ite cal 1
lie woiMuUm to hlocklioUn
Her lint Siokf > for ItHcir
In the eiilt of Miss Maiy K Taylor the JSOa
weel tonnet trlmmrr llit > jury la UK City Court yet
Irraar rendered a rerillct for H < i ugalnit Mn Koia
Ifrc tvlii > dUctinrirtil > ll Tuylnr Mr lierg mid tt l
Mlr > TMlr ai nut coinulMt 111 it U Driiuined tliat
Ilia hat Mlu T > lor nre irttle < l It llh Ihvjiry
J1K CllAZLtlOlSl > U
A Yoniiic sJermnn At rested fop Iropolnff
to riicllt lluol Mllh ho llilllrowd Man
ALIIANY Mny 1C lilchnnl Hocckli n
soiuiKCiormnn was nnosiod hoio thU after
noon for challenging tun duel Henry Ylllard
tho wellknown Now Yoik financier A New
Vork lawjorcnino up with n rtuocllvennd ono
of tlio local pollco justices Issued tho warrant
for tho ntrost iloockh it slightly built young
man when arraigned before tlm magistrate
frankly admitted Rending iho challenge and
also paid that ho would havo shot Vllllnrd If ho
had got tho i banco Ho smiled all through
tho proioodlngs nnd convoyed thu impulsion
that ho was deitligod Iho challenge which
hn xont to Mllnrd In wrlttou In Onrmnn In a
lino insllv leglblo hand A translation ot it
us nearly lltoial n possible is nt follows
In Niu1urk where i > u pa n me In an Invalided cttnOl
lion nfter a sicklier nr evernt months tltiratlun rnn
I M lerali e tlne lm itnMett n innewllcli I hail in use lu
r irnliilnir my former li lit vtltile ei > 4irct In ft iworlr
reinururative cnipitiv ii itt 11 a I l < iv acnile tJetl to
have an arinllliillic wllli ymi ft well ii ftllli luj aider
Ill nrilir tit nu nitcti r titnnil lilin fur the pitnl ilftne
me > oi tliu reneil s iiulltir n d nj fitiur the o tl
liar mid ItitrUiie tr > ir it an vnirh joi ivvnttailnn
cocted uktltil me tins inlCnrthil of nliloli
1 tin extremely n H V our meanness ton art me
eotrpels me tfl ctiatleinr vnit tit it illlol vrltlt tstfK at
sin h it i lare a may 11 iicret al le to you In yfttir rtillt e
If vttu jtlo ise I plve 5 HU tlirce w eeks ttiiu Attlieetiil
itfllvt time hi in ti vnn shttulrt refuse to fclil e < i h a
fltiei I si n ltnlvte > ttit ttt leave Aniellca Ivr sh llll
Ytomeettiut i n < etin nces ti uiti l e s rlctii tn riu Anv
dlMHticc M ill It ajrreoiiMo in me HS IOIIK r It il es not
evcvt < l ten ruees fnr I ritnsiilfr > ttntli Into tiature as
lionsuse Will mi ilin e Itv ret rn mail fUsleimle
tho p ae wliern nn > vetlleour ulairs K Poitriui
Iarr if frenrcl tiilrnl nvenne
In rise you ili > not BUSK er ni leller I snal1 seek yon
persimal y
llocckh wni cnmiilttod to jail ft await Ihn
notion of tlio iui id tiny Ho Mild ln had it
reaonn for onndlug tho challuiiKo but ho would
not divulge It
Thoro Is n rumen that when Ylllatd was n
Oetmnnv a fen ems ago hu was tic gnct or
UoiOklih pnioulH iiinl 1 oickliV father Is snid
In havogivIll Illtuil Sluillil for the > oiinfuiun
Uhla btori duos not iccolvu much credit
lllLl JV flHHI 11 lit
ont or Ilimcer Vnltott Accused itC lirnt
Ing it Young Jitv > cr IVhllo lie lU In Kftt
rmijiiRr > iiiiA Mny IK Frank nnd
Charloi Walton sons of Plunger Vtniton
who resides lu this city were held lu JlULO
ball ciKn today for assaulting and beating
into Insensibility J Armstrong Welch a jounir
lawor whllo ho lay nbid nnd nslocn on Tues
day night Charles nlton nud Armstrong
ulohhae botidml for wovornl venrsnt 247
South riftoonth Htruot and havo tUvrnvs been
liiHt friends
Last Saturday they had a quarrel nnd on
Monday Welch movnd up to the third floor y
miitnUo lid look n hlaeklng brush nf N nltiinV
i ho latter taou lilm nlio it it and that night
ho camo down to Waltons room nnd > il
the Ijnish Insldp It hapitened In hit Walton
nml nn oxclmngo of utmhots follouod On
Tuostlny night nlch cnmo lu nt9 oclock nnd
nl mlilnlght larles n niton was lolned b > his
brotli < r 1 iiink wl o llus homu with liia lather
on J vinntyIlist stieet
Together thny went to Welchs room broko
open tlio door mid attacked him beloro ho
could i on an himself Ho lay imonpclous until
2 o clock whin ho called his InudliuU Mrs
Dovlnnoy At 5 oclock herecolcd medical at
tontlon At thu bearing today be undented a
Forry sight hlu fiico shonlng the otToctsof n
Buvero heating I no landlady testlllcd to the
fict > hatles Wnltnn Is a clork in theclty
tax nlllceand Trunk Walton is lu tho Insurance
The Inrulltl Koail Defeated
5Iny 1C At the cloo of n two
dai B hot discussion tho Connecticut Houso to
dai by n oto of 102 to 130 defeated tho
IJoiiqatonlc linllrnad petition to build a paral
lel rallioad from New lluvcnto New York Tho
bill recoinmeiidod liy a majorltv of thn Ilall
roid tominltieo was passed Thliiallons any
rallioad to build brnnehe from its main lino
or from any of Its leaced lines provided tho
construction of mich branch is found liy n
Judge of the Suporior lourt after due iiiihllc
Ity to bo of public necessity nnd cononleuco
S7 llrtliortlit VlntHteriH OrnitniteJ nt Dicn
MADISON X J Jlny 1C Tho commoneement
e orclF < a itf Drew TheoloUal Seminar cosed today
The alumni and ptjdentB ar t mviy viltorsiBembleil
InlhrirtM 1 Cliurrh utid lii cntfd to too cnmireme
nienl orittotm A PI eclul trntli trrnn > ei VorLtroiuht
liundreilR 01 MrthmfiVM 1 rei < lent lleui v A Unit i > re
rldeil and udJreriter w ore ma Ic ttr s trllih I Hamil
ton I luld > v II I Indrrnintn J A Mnimllun iV
Jl A Palmer and H I Wimm Tiventj fcven rtituenta
krartu tied ah McthodUt inlntHlerit
Al tlm meeting of tha Itoard of Tnihee i ertirliy It
vaKreHOlvect to raUe f i m lor an endowmenl and to
built another donultor >
Iovo llrotc him Cruzj
ST Louis Mny 1C An Infatuated young
lover from Jock onvlllp 111 was suddenly attacVtd
nlth ft anit > In lie Hotel Rarnum this moriilnir He
iSrop ed II roilftll a wlndnir to llic tli Ilfht ulioul Ililrly
feel telo nnit bAHcut altucnt tojiitre IlfH n nie li
1 V MrU and Ina fallier rran a iromlnent Cl Irairo
merthunt unlinilM tleath n few ve r atro Thn family
Itieninorud to la KMinlflle wltere Jf nnr hirk fell iu
love Tli roiin ludy fulled to return hla aacctlutiM
ami Kr hf home In a ild condlllon of mind Ilu
Itrother In 1 ivr lialrh ltiioli followed him lut lie
rifui rl to return He K novr a mvliiR maniac und In
tiellevitl to l > o tainlly Injurtl
ietruyrd by n Clear nl >
PiTTsuurnn May 1C Intelligence was re
ceived at Newcastle today that II J Cook formerly
of Aliechan nty had been urrested In London lint
for robbing ttie rortenivlllt SaTlnv Jlatik In Mercer
count tni hlate of JJiontfto werkv ao Ioo IMIS
formorl vmt0e t In tliotank hulllliis Meitu anin
Teloratn sinoKer lird Imd H hliblt of clirwInK the en 1 of
Mmivur Hie morninir ntter the robberj a Mumpof a
clmr WAS found on Hie t oor of the bank and It sava
etid n u of havlnc teen In 11 ok ft mouth from Iho
lernliarltr mentioned lie WIH arrested toda aad
made a confeirlon linpllcatinff other
lll li < il > Jnlcix Jlnc
ALTOONA Pa Mav in lilnhop Tulgs of tho
1lttnburKh dlocesa Kouian I atholic Church It tuooaht
to he fl iiiR He Is a tlio parionaRo of tu Bu Jom
rimrch Altoontu niirroiinded t > monr I > rlet > iii Hlshou
Tukrjf was ordttned n rrie t forti 3 i ars aio and ss
coiiivcrAted HIM ot or I UtKburnh In il In > ovemt er
IHJ lie wa > piricken with puralyiilf from vvuich i
ucver fully rccofere I
National Ilounl ol Flic ITmlcnvrlterH
Tho twentythird annual mooting of tho
hiitioual Hoard of lire riiderHrlleru wan htld yeiter
day In tha Mutiril Lite hulldliiK Tlirio oincern wero
eV nl 1reillent I A llrild of Nt r Vurt Mee
Irifllent Ii VV I sKilon of Hartford ecretAr jt
II lilath ft Ihiladejirili Treasurer J 1 farrlitli or
Tho Frenldoncr nf Coliimhln
The mattei of electing a new President ot
Columbia College 111 como up at tlie next intetlnjr of
the truvtei i on June 3 Thii Is till ll t nieetltifof tliia
term And U ioKeorrAlh thoLilit ilmt Irof Urislor wll
bt ukeJ lu ait as IreiDent fr another year
Snow III Northern Michigan
ST Ifvuf Mich May in A heavy snow
storm occurred her yeMerUy The fall reeuis tub
RcuerU ov tr uortnern Michi uu
ruuia tint
Tho MnMarhuBetts Fenata has riasss 1 to be enrroitqed
the bill KrnDtmc llcinn eulIroKe to omen by a vole ot
lu to I
The > lai < aehu etts 8enate hy a rote of T to SI to day
reconsider ritlerdayi nctlua dufeattnir Itit
Itvatcd Hanrosd bill
Too plieckn mnrreMtlni ft vior have been r
ret flln I i > on m its ment for Iho Jours breweries
Tlit are drawn ou u New rk bank
Curui ro e tun of the late Minister of Itatlwnysand
I antlt a tsterda > e ei led lo the Canadian llouie of
Ioiiimons Irom Iuiniitou lili fathers cniiiiitueno
Am iijfitiif re > tdar nf the dlreriors of the Veir
1 iik nnd Iort eclrlc Coiuiidiiy in lotu M Toria rout
master of 1 o ton wss eltcted President and accepted
A s > n lioate ol IlilliiltliiiU eatlt li < t > headel In Mr
Tl umax I oihran lias purchased ihe rraphahone rlxhts
for the world outihle of the Lnlted Stalesata LAiiad
Tl > price Mild wn imi i
VVIillnm Allen of Tlirmpsonvltle who has been In
NirnaiL Koktnjc for ork dnrlim ihe past two or II its
dj H us run over ycvterdar morning In I ait Nor
vitlk by th newFnaper train on tli consolidated road
an I liKiunlty killed
VV hlle tr inn to drao n woman from In front of a Dsa >
wirt ami Hudson Iauil tomi any s i asseiierr irahiat
Sirittiioii ti i nluht licob llolmaii was struck by ihe
enifit f and so severe Inlursd Internally that be may
die rite Homan was unhurt
In Ihe rase of 1eler Matte against Ihe West rnd
Street Itallvay t oiniiany or Huston the Jurr yesterday
returned A verdlet for roi0 for the plalnllfl MAKea
who WAN a member of hook and ladder ouiupaoy had
aleiiakeiionin a collision btiweeo the truck and A
horse car while KOIIIK to a fire
John Heed > ed 13 nf I as Albany was found wan
dering about Hie siretls In Rochester n Wednesday
nlirht Ila said his UD < James VTlun or Sttencerport
whom he had been vUltlngfcr a week had Kicked him
out ueirlei tlnic to fiirulsh fiim n ita a ticket to Ills koua
A ran was len him to Albany
The Isre hotel at Hrodhesd station near Bethlehem
l wai destroyed by ait InceiidUr Ore on Mtdieaday
nUht lnndlonl 7UienfBi his wife and tno cnlMren
and two elderly woi en barely esivped with their llrea
The cellar of Hn bulldlni was unrated with coal oil
sou the entire Crst Cou wu aklaie tutors tbe firs w j
Only Tnrlto nf the r < n tjdclil MFII nn
llnitfil lluto 1ct Kfrti JSe rtipil IVnrn
tltMt Iliv Otliern Ifnve Jlern Suumpril
roitTJjAND u May 1C Tim Jlm > Mf
ftoninor Alnskan liolotiulnc to tho OroKon
llullway nnd NnAlcntlnn Compiiuy went to
pieces In n hoay cnlo on Monday olT Dtiio
Illiiiicoon tho Orccon eoaRt nnU oi > l > treUo
men out of tho forlycluht on hotud huvo bcm
hoard from
The AhsKnnfallod fioin IorllnndlastRalur
day lor Rim FimiclHo whom sho un to lm
lonitod foi pnisoncor builliosu on IuKot
Round Kiiooiiriiid 110 DaHeninrs Mio liiid
baroly conn oor thu Ci luinblu lilxor liar when
lieay wonthor set In bho hibomd badlt
Allliauch olromolv oulft In acood coa thn
had shown tltns of utoiit striictuiul i > akno3s
when fliibjeelod to train A roKUlarliuirlcini
blow until Monday nlutit ilun a laics limit
ttni Sirnn 01 tho ftcaMier was off ni >
lllanco nboiil 4W mllud houih of tho Columbia
llor uiipor ilokn suddenly lilted water
ri hud In nnd il o fnumloiod In a ftw inlii
utcn Cntit Honoi Is a nood olllcor but he
could io lltllo with thu cio which liocamo
panliiitrkken tho riomint they nw that the
Mn > ol us sure toco to tho bottom Most of
tho sailors when tho e tol lnoke in to had
to ti > bioueht upby thodiptaln nnd bis nlll
cersit Die roliit of u roAolvm iiid onol to
Cot out tho lifeboats nnd thn Illo rnft Jhe
vCiodiownedilnrlnc tluiliiunohlncof the boat
rinnlly all tho rest VITC Rlouod uwuy lit tho
boats whleh juit clearoil tbo slili when ho
wont down dipt Howes Cinrtcrina let
lirfiwn 1iJnt Woods nnd Elx rnlloii woio In
< mibout vhlch was Ilcktiuiii by fttnu Ihoy
say thoro is small clutico oi ilm other Ixmti
r < iclilncland at the iea wn < 4oiy hcar and
thru bml Iould not linvn llod innch loiiKor
AMiuii tho tucsljhto 1 thon Ciit llops aud
Pilot Woolswoio lnullj Injured Iron uiposuro
Thoho who kncv tho Miamnr > aj sho as
urtilo hl wu < In nouoiidtinu tu Muni tl u
tilp to Sun rrincUco us him nas out of order
bortlilei living rtiiictuiiilh l < l bho was
bulltfK ioirerxJby John Ioadi fo Mr VII
Inrd Noixponso ai sparod In her llttinKS
nml dcioiatlous Slio rest l50 0 ifi nnd wts
tho unmpuil u a l of tlo Olynii la which
uurt runs Irom Buultln lu VI toilii She mails
tu > nttv KnotH and vas ono of tho fnlitest
boats on tho coast
11111 o
Mlxp Onkfo nnd Iirn n K < iniKlltiu lop
the llloclc litntploiiyltl
Tho right yoiiiif women v ho an trylnir to
whcol their way to fume nnd now hprlncsowna
at tho MadNon tiiiuiro Garden ludo with IKUV
heart last nlcht when they aw tho Gadon 1111
incunoarly in tho cuinint Tho altfiidanco
was thu larce t of tlo weel
Uuluf anl Jirowu aio makliiKn roily larn
fctniiloy tho champlun wai < in niuih buttor
condition than on tho prolousdi Oakriuiid
Drown aro both about 2 mllns ahenl of tin
rorord At mlilnl ht Jakes wan two la i ithoad
of llrown thelrresioclhoMores belni O iLih
H4S1 and llrown 1182 lialdwlii had ± 237 mil
Ktnulyy 3377
Lair Itllrt Lai >
btiuley 4
Armulnilo 411 3 Mtbbane
Sfnuwell Get Six und a ElulflTear
William C Mausoll who as Afsistant City
Clcrituf Hobokcn forced city Improvement ccrltflc it
AuiounthiK to nearly fIOOOJ was arraUued before Jtdke
Llrrlucott for sentence yesterday He looked aa ird
broken down Us li lout twenty pounds since he vi m
arrtMed two months A O JndK Ilppincott WA nc
qualnled with him and appeare I to bo very mtnici Af
feclrd whllo pronounrlnor htntence
lams rr for > ou Miui ll he said and sorrr
ver > mirrv fir jour ulte nnd Ihreo rhl dren Jliorc U
no need of a > lntf anything further abmit the miller
Thf < ourt lusa out to perform wlltuuzfear or fai > r
< r nlher inn i raton It muK etifori n the litu llio
renlenre I ihat j t u connned In the Main tirlfon for >
term or fx aiil a tnlf years
Ihern was A look ofoespnlr on Viurelli fare n hii
was 1 > 1 nut Ills pretty wife met him at the loo i f tlio
court Intlifte and Ihere va > an aTertln scene Vau t
l > enr cd Ilowas Assistant Hi ilirk of llounkcu
about rftetn 3 eirs
Hr XfisyM ANitnllttnr < iti rciiUrr < IXtmnelf
Broker Trodoriek Kloccknor wno attoripted
to shoot Dr W illUnt 11 Jlny In his olllce Ml H ist 1 icn
13 fo irtli street onTuesdiiy and Icr wlom a uurntit
ha I been Issued surrendered himself jffierdji tt Itii
I tire Ihtnv at If ferron Vtnrkrt I mrt Hi n ituom
pnt fetl h It Ini llurihiHun u mtrtl KIH hi iif ht lit
J ant 1 ort ninth stieet w hit uns nctil J MH UIKHK
Her s ljondi > miin The hearini wa ndju rne l UII hun
ISotli Shot Tli nmelxeH
Domlnick Ioro7 a Ciibnn machlnlRt oom
rulltrd Micldo jelnlry iu nl > 1 cm e tot lust II tu
rtreot ly nlKoIiHK hhn lf In the Iliad Ilcludbe n
lnk TiuL a paniarl Ifvlni at tl Vfonrrn street
tried to kill litm etr last ov eniiu In KertiMi A bullet i ito
thehsek ff his lies 1 lie lnIicled a iHnieroiis uound
and was rumoved to iionvrrtiiur llo ritai
AVIirre YcMtertl i > IlroM Vcre
Noon Irl2 Hccond nvinue K It Kovvmotlis
apartmenB iljn airir I VI K ba > ehn n ftpj
West tlleetilh Mffit llinncil I II sha cup ml il n ni
fll t 7 4t IIAI nf rihl 1 en or Wtulanil I limn ri w
Wist lloemhrtreit damauu s lulu I o ililui cf
< U I Aljht street
Iornndo CoiidltloiiN In thr ViH
Tho Western storm N now woll dofinoi H
wis rcntrAl teuliy over Noth rn Neirnsa an I
Soutliern pAloti willi general nili s In All titles
north of MlFFOltri nnd UPS to Hie lnik Vliuiilaliu
and also In the Inke rrconi eAttlwnrd lit inrthfrn MW
mrand aiut Cnnmta rulr w ather pieviiiel In all
Fta1e south of New ork Hid ifhln 7l re wtru lIi
Hinds In the Mississippi HIM M MI trl valtK Tile con
dltions through Inditntt 111 ni lt KIIIIHK und the lower
lakA rtgion were fnvonbo fur tun iJos
Cooler weather covmul the onliued from Aontana
eastward o er tlio lakes t pp r Ne inirhid In Lhe
AlsilMipjtJ valle it ft as Marm r In tlls city tti
irAximum temperature nit nut tne day mas ftlr
and comfor ible
fn day fhouM be fair Ar < l Hsrmer nn1 Saturday fair
and still ttarmer vruh thtin lir show rs
The Ihirmumeter it Itrrys idmnuncy in TIIF Prt
but ding recorded tha temper ituie as follows I A I
Bi U A JI C l A JI 71 ° U Jl > J M 77
C I M II1 M < IJ nHtlht u7 Averairo
70V Averate on Mny 1C IKI O
iMniATinMi in < t TwrMr rittn nouns
lor Massachusetts Illiole IslrnA and Connecticut
warmer fulr souther winds
Jnr tattm tto Iottr fair wan tr in nnnhern jmr
Con ttatlonanitemjHratureimnHttiin p < ri tit njuliitilv
11 r eastern 1ennirlvanla New Jersey aud iUIiitre
vriirmer fair weather sotillietiy witifU
I < r the District of Columbia Mar land and Virginia
warmer fair weather southerly winds
lor western f > e tork Mir fol owed b > rrtt runs
on the lakes ao itherly winds warmer In eascrn or
tlon ilatlonary leuijirrature In westeta portion
Kurln In nailery Iark this evening at 8bynavrs
Mity nlnlti Heelment band
1 etlers of a Imlnlstratli n were granted yeiterdav to
rieneiteve C > reyut n tlieestateof her husband Al
ben M frey the tool ilaer
The forma opening if tlie headquarters of the
Fpanlsh American Commercial Lnlou at o and 4 Walt
street took place yesterday afternoon
John T Itelllr tbo > ew Haven llallroad train clerk at
the Harlem River station who was reported lululn ri
Wednridav was heard from vesterda and vtasafi
reudlnr the three cornered coitest for the title at
widow of the late I liar es A Pluth Surrorate Ransn n
has appelnted police Jiistle tharles Veldetemiorury
Mdnilnlstrator of the lurifa estate Involved
John T Abbott Unite I Stales Minister to tl e Repub It
nf Colombia and Wm I rlcruggs United Hlates > ilnl >
ter lo Vennpsia sHUd for their respective ports of
duly nn the lied U line steamer f blladelphU yesterday
Justice nurttt yesterday Issued a writ er habeas
corpus for the production In court of > loremem
Riper Thomas I an Itlper her father hai herse it
to ttie lUase of Ihe Hood KbepberiJ nU has re ented
lie wants lo t ter back
Miss Kate Giles who appeared In J Berson Murks
Court on Wednesday In the case against Kmanuel Hart
charged oy Mrs Ollea with harboring her daughter
states that she has no complalut cf unkind treatmsut to
uake atlnst her father
The Norwegian soclstlM of thU elty n BrooXUl
will hold festival tonlfht at the Harlem Hlver rvk
Tb nth etMajls to Norway what ihellh of July ssu
Ike tjlled Biates On ilay IT 1 U hsrwar 4 lar i
hsr IfidepiUsDCt t DtBDark

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