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E Lt b jnn has a larger circulation than any
Evening Papers combined ± otHer evening newspaper
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ylroni und Jlonlkeeper FltrceriiM
thpL lirtwued The OiiyHndolte Hnmwheii Into
leomIIoll omo tck to he Mended
TbetJIyor Atlmitn Ntrlke n Hrhooner
Tb Aorh 1J aIrIB < rrcN thn 1r
iitTh H rl C nnjOirAH flight
Tho fcB lifted cnouftk yesterday morning
rh lM that It hud hid disaster ThoFronch
hur i rt Xonnan < llohatl sunk 1 pilot boat and
dtoed l two mon two outwardbound sioam
kins rondo their payback to tholr piers with
U JifcolMlntlielraliloB and reports of minor
jclJettli cAtno In
The outwardbound steamers began to crawl
inward soon tftr daylight Tho fog lessoned
density enough to creaso tho radius of
In 1on dellI to ntlout n ttilpq length nnd Lu Nor
ujlo tho Worm nuil tho llthlopla slowly
oun1 their way bwond tho region of mid
ticH to tho 01 tn son TLo unlucky Sorvln
t90 not far behind Sho had roctod softly In
itrtflt ctnr mui1 for nearly tlol hours At
berA1 llfc oclock Saturday mcnlnc
Wjhwater or II Hlturdw nll
hb b ded slowly 011 Into doop water without
uittuM baole nnd anchored In tho cliannul until
nomine Sho suffered not the slightest dam
and nt 7 oclock tho Jncomlns Cunurdor
rtrjrl I P 9il1 herprococdlng on horwny oust
did tho inwardbound
> oltii > tll about noon Ilwordboun1
ittwtrs toulii to cross tho barSTue fog lt
IbM time bad llclitenod considerably although
ItvcjsstilUrdinarily thick weather Then tin
Celt c the Etrurli tho Augusta Victoria tho
jlirfjils the City of Chicago and La Churn
tho harbor In n fInn procession
I IBM cam UP habor Ilno pocosslon
Tier bad blende lay jd from tint to foity hours
ciih atJ pawiRers and ofllcors allko WON
fiJ 1 to roomer from Ibo ucnrslghtcdncHa
bcb no optician could remedy Tho boats
reieicil their docks between 1 nud 2 oclock
USormanillo 1 tank the pilot boat Charlotte
Webb lbut US oMcck Saturday night eight
mloi off bsudy Hook Tho Webb had loft
non ut 6 P 31 and cruised about In tho
Son tl dirk 1llot James Kelly was put > I
aUmr 1 the rteiincr Ulchuiond Hill nnd then
eastward until the light wind
the Webb failed clwnrd Inll IIht
ontlrslr illou nut Illot Alexander Scott was
Inclnrco of tho ok when at 1 oclock tho
butt toy tocahno d About fifteen minuloslutor
Le hoard La orllu < los whistle and feared
its I tearing down urn them Hoordcred
a torch burned nnd the fog horn was kopt
koIcK frequently The next blast of LI Nor
EunJI whistle Indicated her rapid approach
IJd Scott Ilred u LOla which ho SIS should
tao booa hoard on the stoamor At the same
time ho called every t ody on board on deck
tad thor awaited developments There was
noubreatti of wind and beyond keeping up
thodtmns nothing could b done on board tho
Clmrlotti Webb to avert a collision Ten mln
hti alter oho wits llrst hoard La Xormnndla
vucloeoat hand bcott tired another bomb
burned knot In r Hush light and ordered the
ytwi clenrod away
ThooinonilntBtoamshlii was still Invisible
tot abe could te heard lapldly approaching
LcUtt anti the others In this oraernoney jumped
Ino the yawl I and prepared to bho olT A
moment later tho lights of time steamship
loomed uiilt scorned rlcht over the hundi of
Uuse on thu pilot boat Scott and his cum
ranlonsjSK them just In tluin to give tho yawl
7 tvush horn the side of tho boat when the cAh
CIO L Normandlua sharp bow like limo
katie 01 aa enomona uulllotino cut oil tho
ION ijoarlsr of tbo Clmrlotto ebb and sent
her lo the bottom In lose than three minuton
lie Yawl bearing ticott and his companions
ms not moro than threw foot from the pilot
NI oldo vlien the nrnsli como and It cup
IOJ luo liNe mon remaining on the Char
bElt nobbw ro olaoBvcupt trum her deck by
til shock of time coUllon and the entiro coin
pair ot cloven inca were struggling In tho
La I Nonniindlo was under such headway that
Ilr 1 a low minutes atm dlsapi uarod in time foe
Mio btoppod an soon as po > > iiiblo lowered I
Ivli anti mado search for Ibo stirtivors IJut
It was moro than hall an hour before the reccii
ers rdacliod the drownlnc men Iwo of them
lisa Kh on UP and gone down They w era Capt
Alboit C JIakOin ono of tho bestkiionn pilots
In Now lark Harbor who limit sailed IJwro plnll i
tenf rty yearn and Jharloi Fitzgerald I boat
UtMr who had served on thu Cbarlotto Webb
hut a long time
IiNormandlos I boat picked up Pilots Jamos
Holnes Charli Hammer and AlOTandT cott
tiewaid Ansol J cOlnn timid Mamon Uiabtrt
liKin nuol Larsen John AnderMin and IX
llraj cy A Mr 1 Irvou w Jio wa n gUeSt of Capt
JWcomson board the Charlotte obbsuim
to U 1 Normiindlu ami wat taken aboard
Jo or three of tho rescued mon woro nx
hauttal sat almot unconscious when picked
up On rjn hint the steamer I wan necooary
toeciilortroni rcHtoratiTv e peclallyln the
catfofhlotetitt 10 iovlo thorn The men
uxotiiinklniltMsint t terms of their mUl
TOotcnbonr1 tlio ronch steamer They nay I
iiiit tb Inrost I nocDfNiirloh wore suppllod
than Un of the urlois SIS that a glass
O brntdr wii fctuscd him thought ho was
> ltit i ii lthe < tie Iikt lou loulh
illVf11111116 I i i to until daylight when bho
it lrd the i lrla unt put Ito I Mirlors
i nnt Ilt 110
jooiid her 1 lie lltrurlua officers amid pat
hiccriimidMliiishlputPckud men nrlcomo
94 MjllcdnlifKli wants Iho
I ant pa6 enccin
Jn6 enirt
fcbwribod Win which was divided among the
4Leo leiImuc r hcott one of the pilots
Who llrol CiCII d with his life bays of 1111
c aol < lt
l know that the socond bomb which I fired
15 lieitrl > 11 I ormundlo Pilot Hull fred
bal b > fthe Miim OUI 1lot I t turned
irocnr 10 tIme main and had gono I low to
a ttatei ooin Ul hl m8 that lie Ion i I the ru
10 loUIllhl
J ort 01 our f01111 101111 distinctly if he could
Sr I b loft it mlrl have I haiti audible I to tho
onr on uiu y I v m nncoUACIOl a hon taken
flrr on oard in I r urn M > u > Whol our JILIVIDIIB
rluloJ I U1O Ifl ndnrnontli it 1 was
ujijwririLliii I but U t had Just strOtugtli oumougit
led htrnlth olouh
o ln Inll the asmujuig boat IllllO
1jlt rlollll
Iaijs 1 Hel describes time death of
icluo dClth
tIt Matom thus
hor hiA
> Shot II lon one itiuielt us I suilti to Mttcom
BOI SolVl l ° WHold follow and bow furo
Wod better luluuic Wo jumped Into limo
tertn 1 110
nino aterloJMhor OKOM was older than J 1 and
woud I I e cuUI 10 mum B0 tllllt l thought ho
1 IOuld M i 11 i loin In a ow minutes ho
IIMen J his Ld
iitt Jn1 11 dlaproarcd 1 ItByemod
Iron Ibo tnuhi I 10 flckul nl bv SJOot I
IU hOur orumialuhb but it was only hull
IOlr I Wiuci 010 of lll ° htmict resoiiuil
iSt 10 realist 1 La Normandlua solcl
JttMm rIOIlnl Ho J 111 i Ihut lJ lund giitt
Iteamer ot IPII
iclotyto bari1iliolrr cltln anti hud noun
flluujD i lu hoard Ollr cries 111 run
ili on leek Ilrlw out thin main hinco to
ldtU1 bed H No lifo ituue
out vI L 110 lnes wore
I XOrlnul
tetdi rllo11 I c5 yoar old Ho itiporln
teuiyflv5 CUURUIClon of Iho Uwrlottu obb
hit null a yeIN Ilnll 111 two Ito sans Has part owner
TO tVusnw Ml jitMi uv COLLISION
H Toottt0 > on bilK touIiuisrs which tried to no to
I a BlrJII at 1 buick at tllr tIouFt Ott
tlO lnl Sounds Iii their Iron Hides IIY I I
UUyad0tt5 of the Mullory hoe and lice I
C vOto 01 110 old Uotnliilon line limo
OCvck bhe lu the Last llior 110 I
t7apOtt5 vuus Louu1 for tlalMHtou TIme
11 oOtCOlolTor Norfolk at niP
Lned Ot WiY n Ilttio 10 UP bore when W8
dlrOd la
J A hobby of the
hU 111 loloy tlioOuyan
mlolrdI1 but nut we got down liii huity
ucanerohhing Ii 10 dowl
101 Iot lay
lit 3IF Inl 1 II In sudlil fllUIIKI 1 sighted
ti IYdlUdlO buoy luf0111 i shut down around
tQ Uironii i turo IILot ton inluutvH1
11 oi a old It l i wpn I hoard thin fog
II ttj 1 c611 M anchor to slarboam
itt f nftor Sin runnlill luwlY from the start
II fog luoi
tut out iii IUI i Iycnma so huavy that
lull l wo ObUlll1 low I humid time alol1 rellncud
e beard Ibe i1Llui sloetu way onw hon
tlOjt0 LollIM Ilmut utith iou ii p uuiy
U 11 lnt
Qucijor twtiSJWrK
lull 2 IOclr forthuniglut I was debating
WOI duLolll1
IlonrI111 Wholhol i to llthor cur tn c di Itt
IhItCrte I ran wheu th I fintout last nok In
tea lice jg iii ii low tuila
lard tt nU LOll got OUI alt right f1 111 momoiitnf
I mOlolL
II dho loll ° rdr d tlm wheel to btaiboard
ifivfici bws blorlJlrd
Sl Io > lio > e In Vi1i I Aiinot ut onco tlio hull nf a I
orundshoiv II iuiu Wlb UHt liriol > t dack
11 whit1 I > TjIrVA lyliug right across tho Clll J
1205 rMy
Irln to
tthtlirutC lor nol hue Wt I how was
t4Ctod I t I nnwor to 111 iuhtri auud 1 U
ie tockar when lulullld tl
ll teOle1 10 tie bol lonlr tIme other vtjs
LeUI Iloi IJ txicLltug WI crsl1 into
I Iboul I IDIC if had ll iueld
lb i15y 11 helll course
IIuo We 11lY struck hr Ibout tuiluhthiiiutt As
struck rfJ8 II
Utl hue t I 11ruc Per screw on thu hlrLoonl mnrler
S 7Uiat crMh Watt i1arll ° n the Hotith Brooklyn
dIU01 krQV whM Wn II V10 troain but they
is IJI
ffc noatn6IIh causu prtunitoly tlio Guy
k 10rlullioIl OiY
k aju I A 1 t 111
ill Mtrllicff I 0111 ci > i ar turn that I
rhnlc ruf tbcc 11 Ator
ts T hr < I bl blOI 11rott1 lair l watnr I
< oal uQmIVr UtliuuJOthcs prow eilt thruiiLh I tho
t tsr 11011 Ion r r1 nD1 sank iIoji
111 811k
1llnaUII he Id luitet log lair after cit tuhu 10JI
Itor s Uled 10 Ithltiaiuotof I
I tnrnJS 9 wihin a of the
tt thQuh1ho II tarn GUyiuauj01105 IhJ ojncjls broken guard I I
Ulntouu i a bow plates uu 1 i
chimer side mind crushed lona ronlt nol ana
in IhI Tlio holoi uni 7 or H foot lunu and
tjOicril feet nliutci lho water line lime I liijan
loto cacao to anchor and at 1 oclock estH
day iiioruliii aho slinmod back tibet ulrr Mho
Lncl Ithcr IIr la
had ubout mty nawieii urs mostly omlKrantF
1 Ito toiual hnd beer ntnnchnr about forty
lt Ilclor ILolt
nu mlnutoa boforo tho I collision I occul rued
iIr hushed and twUtel pinto hooked Into
tlio I caps In tin I liijnndotleXbows I ii nit lild on
l took ono old a half hours to separate them
iiuid before hits I Was accompllslmd thud suing
inu I of the jessoN tried ttio t tunics ot f tho t Loinul
out until thoie wit a Italic lii her slln cia tug liS
1 barn door Jima prow of tho OuynnJotto
wont Into hit t Loinal I Iii ouugli time decks ii nil
rabln nlinoHt to tho contra of Ih slit ii Tho
ComHla htnorluc soar WHS disabled and hn
riu4 towod back to l her whal f < at 1 oclock yos
tetdiy morning Tho blu hob was covered
with CUVIA when shin cnmo up liar pnMon
Irl wore not nllowod to land and no ono was
allowed to K < > on board I was said about Ibo
PIers 1 > that s 1 i had another reason than tho
tog ncr columing toanrhor rCIOI
Theta was tho deuce to par In her lIre
room Bald ono of hoi row and tho llremou
wile all lighting drnnk < lol
Jhli N I tIm citnhtucuor ovhcmo chief englpicr was
nrronted In > alvi > ton two years ago nCI oJ
of havIng killed ullrnman by HhnclllnK hot
coals on his lirea t as ho lay helpless on tho
101hl 01
llrorooin floor Thii cnilncoi committed fcul
ohio beloro tho trial duty
A pilo boat brought to Qnornntlnn jnstor
clay th roiort that the Hchtoiior Jlnry Davln
loailcd with lumber I had boon 1Ir into nt
anchor In tho Narrows nt T t oclock Saturday
afternoon by tho stonier City of Atlanta char
toted by thn Ward ito and bound for Hinnna
bOlnl 01 I Iln
A cniMli WS heard nt tho Morrltt wrecking alo
tion near Htapleton at that hour hut nolthar
boat could boston A lot of nrockaco drlftcnl
pout Miortlj alter Tho wooden steamer ac
oordinir to tho ronort struck tho schooner on
the starboard loW amid cut Inns far ni lier Oi
mnst Iiuo I whoonorH bowsprit wan carried
irony rime City of Atlanta was sllirhtly onrrllt 111
nced and ciine to anchor oil Mnpleton I Is
Htippoviil that aho cotitlu unit on her courso
early iontcrduy mornlnu and that 1 tug tool
tho schooner over to Buy Uldiro
J ho steamship Mart > ula from Hnmbtiri with
n large number of immigrants cnmo near
Mrapdlnirou tho New Ior8 eoaL When she
was Ithln a short distance from time hitachi two
sea llahormon hailed her Tho olllcois of thn
ship asked the men whero thoy wore anti
wlion they wore told they worn cbs > on to
Hiiuau Doach tlmy could not believe it Mr
Cook who his beon a hircisahuig man for
sears told them ho know whero he was And
they chanced their course and followed time
boaeh to rtandy Hook on unusual course for
olTBlioro o ul3
uiJIT ov rim IllEns
Five nON Who Hnd More Fun Than If
They Und Ileeti llelillne Indliin
Five boys wero adrift nearly nil day Satur
day and part of Saturday evening In East nnd
North rivers In nn onrlcss skiff Thoy are Al 1
beit Johnson not quite 1C years old Chnrlc I
Green 1 years his brother leroy Green 1
years Gustavo Anderson I 1 years nnd Ihllip
Cunan 7 years Tno llrst four live In IHacli
place In South Brooklyn and Curruu belongs I
ut 7th Van Brunt street
Having nothing to do on Saturday morning
thoy got into a llatbollomed skIff belongig
to Michael Martin at the foot of Degraw street
Tholo woro no oars in tho boat and they got
toino barrel staves Thus equipped they
started out to tow In a log they saw lloiting a
little way oT The tide carried tel up tliu
river in bplto of all they could do There was
somo fog but they could too vessels about them
They dillted up to the brldcu and then
buck again around limo llultury and finally
away over to tho Jorsoy shore Thoy hailed
many tugs nail other vessels but those on
board only laughed at them Early in thu
they idmit they all lu
eruisii admi wore nl crying 1
wiud night thoii p nunts and nearly all JJcuch
plncu nero socirelihug for them on shore nnd u
pollcu bout was icourliiij tlio rlvor for them
i hey touched Ibo > uw Jersey shore
about I oclock In thu afternoon at n
coal < 00k Uhuy intondad lo abandon tho
boat mOoch no liuino by lorry but they hud no
money they tried t geL money enough to
pay their faros from seventh women Whom they
let Ihoy told the waaton tbuy veru not
beggars but boys from lirooklyn nail other
ntso oxplalntd lho Hituaion but evidently
they wero not Lolked Ono Woman
liownei aol llHteiilui to their hut of
woe KM o thorn a cent With thlsthoy bought
I boliNir which was divided among them
They tiled to hot money Irom seeiul men but
with time men they had no success wliutuor
Then they camo to u furry nnd trli d to get tho
ticket seller to trust them This also failed
At lat they went baek and not into their
bout under rlopornto rosolo to lnd
LOlI undol 1 10101 0 paddlivback
to lirooklyn Near liberty Island wa a turn
barladen HCliooncr Thu Hpalriui lads ro
S it oil enomu nIt faith m humimltr to hal tho
sailors ali Loc to be taken aboard Tliu boys
dont remember Ibo name of the ecsul Uhoy
which they did lor they mo grateful
to tbo mel on board for as < quickly
as I could lo I done tho sailors lifted on board
Iho live wo iry little wmdorers from llrooljyu <
It was tho iladdn t moment In the day to thOHU
unfortunate bojs The schooners clew fOIbl1
them on the btxt tho cook could provide Ihoy
tied Jloi IHB skiff alongside and whoa t oclock
camo they put the younKstois to led in Ibo
hold lho boia couldnt get to sleep until
mldnlKlit they hay hat I all I of ilinu I WHO
siaroii cud cried moro 01 loss nnd that thor
never saul their prayers with moro Ion or than
on that nlcht
1 oslo Il I morning time boys cot up early
tail not wattliu for thu schooners breakfast
they sot cult on a favorable tide nnd they
Dually roadbed point uu the t Brooklyn I shore
about I half a rnllo below whero nearly twenty
four hours belore they hail beuun this re
markablo journey on tho bay of 2 < ow fork
j ii xv UK Aimrii lUlJENte
LjeIhiciihtcioi J Aikrll nol Kiirnrl
ut t an A r tint lllAm whu ued her Ilie
CANWOHAliin May 19Tho Arkcll real
denco In this village was aaln biptlod with
lire today and a most remarkable escape from
a terrIble donll was had by Miss Marguerite
the fouryearold dnuchtorof W J Arkoll of
llui Juivr and frank Jenliej llliutrated XUd
paper boon after dinner u grandson of bona
toi Arkc11 and littlo Marghoilta woru In tho
upper portion of Ilia Senator homo when tho I
lad endeavoiud to use wax In touting un
imaginary lettai The little follow obtained I
candle lighted I and thu two children I
began burning tho wax which dropped
vvhllo in flames to the floor A window
wits open and it Is presumed a small drop was
bloiui 1 Jlurghurltiis drosi In u moment
tho thlld wus u Hints of flame Mio ran
scioamlng Into tho hall where eho was met by
Artist IJernardOlllam of thu Jn Ine who with
remarkable of mind hulcd tho child
rUllrknblo rcconco Illd bul7od chid
thloW liar 10 tho floor and gtnbbed 1 rug In I
utaiiih WMPpIng it about her and subduing
tlu Humus TIme child Is badly binned about
tto hoil I y lint thti doctor i minuet that I she is not I
dui mine rolci l > hint t Mi m illliunn i i culls were I
him m mccl lioiu I Iii s wrist t his I hulr tiingod 1 nnd fun
linuds horribly dlmlgurud iluwllllo utile to I
ienimu Ills laboiB tliu latter part uf this week
It Ih II hingular liui I that liN Is time Ihlrt t rh hu
llai hIts Ot lilih II lililuni titus extinguished
once In Now York and twice liuSonuloi Arkulls
iculdeiui lime lenders will recall tliu previous
lire here I ocamed two yeaifiiuo in Juno
icolmiildent iolII 1 Morton this Hon 1ritnk
lllscoek heuutoiH Hondrlcka und Carrol 1
Hmltli of 1IIlell WCiU guests of time tionulor
It was a rieclilDiitlil tin party Uhu wind
blew a laco cut lain against a gas jet In limo
room oouuiicd by Jlr ihium molt and thin Cllot
uus coon on Urn All Morton uont Into the
loom I for bOIllO nuiposu and dlscovorod the lho
Ho lUlutly walUud down stairs and idd to tho
I think thoro is a limo lu my room which
ouuht lu t m be 1101 > out I
Mr aillam mailed Into tho room nnd liUflll
contly btibdued time llamuti limo luiunrLablu
purl t of flu at lho was that I tho loltei I mu > > Y r
wore buinod and wulldullnud on Hi Mortons
trtiolllnK hug As aoon art Mr Hincock ills
coveted huh lio claluiod that It was his grip
Mick but It iriACd to be Motions A well I
outlined il liaion Vas burned In the ciii hut
width at tho tlmo wnn roorroil Ionia Domo
rutle animiil oudeinuilnj to hallow thu ivo I
Hue Sliuin In lie Mlilillo Ululei
TIIhl Ki Ohio May IIIA disastrous storm
p55114 over Ill ullnvnUrn part if this couutjl ha I bt
nl < ut 1ho wlnil flaw i i < rrlb io CII mid at lirrwlok
many houses and turns n ifS unroottj anil ri4iir filIal
uf talc bliHiidoHii sear UukCuuib u bras iiumtr
01 isilihiuci fro mtanmneit I 10 ralum rail III Iorrtuul
scion iiiut1 my luafl cuuil I iSo crm h WCr mmjurvu J I Cii
t1 III
sidrabiy 1 I tie diuumite u iii r a up liii I Ii tuu5uaklutl
1111 I tn hs I i ii 10 i At ceay raulu 1I0fm cvn
pllilled ty thuuumueir oj lIiMulnE ichiit 1 I ocer Ihl fIIIO
ill 1 VJ thutm lUlirfllllit AH oil sri 14 VH tic MUUCICK lurlll
raf il J IIt f
near Nnruur a lull ii lunk full of ell w Unltid cy
lUliliiInx slut lou ly itcilrojrtd Ai llouierllle hue
Mmtiodiitiliurcli wac urock IIr l llghmlnf > nil burned
to tie irouLd Thee war IJ rrl < ot Ibo Iliac
lclI f WJ
Minnie < oonpy Itrntul Treatment Ilkrly
to lie ATenKCil CaimB t ou Cotintrr no i >
M Ueaten avil Choked Into Inicullblltty
After n seven months search John Coonoy I
of lion Cove 1 I succeeded on Saturday I
night In running down and capturing Jack
Flynn bolter known as Hack Flynn who attempted I
tempted to commit an outrage on Cooneys
tw eh oycnrold sister Mamie on ThanksgIving
ore of last year The morning after tho as
Hruilt Flynn who was a dock hand on a tug
boat made his eS lIfO to Now York city Ho
was well known In Ohm Cove Tho police
filially abandoned their search for him Young
Coonoy however resolved that ho would bring
Flynn justice if Ittook him all his life to do It
Tho family Is poor Tho present Mrs Cooncy
Is a stepmother to John and Manila Whoa
John started out in his hunt for Flynn ho says I I I
bo had no money and not a friend to help him I I
Knowing that Flynn worked an n dock hand on I
tugboats ho began to frequent tho wharves In I I
Now York city Ho did odd jobs about the
vtunrvos to pay for Ills food and lodging
Whenever a tugboat made fast to a wharf
whuro ho was ho Immediately mado some cx
onto for getting on board Ho made no at
tempt to disguise himself Ho became woll
acquaInted with the crows of some of tho tug
boats and several times made trips with thom
As month aftor month pushed away and ho
hoard nothing of lInn ho began to cot dis
couraged thinking that perhaps Flynn hnd
loft Now 1oik 110 resolved to remain In New
York city for u year however and If nothing
was then lietrd of ilynn ho would go lo sorna
othor largo city
hllo ho was about tho Ilnrlcpi buyer wharves
on Saturday lust he saw a man pass by who
looked Ilko Flynn Ho followed him until ho
saw him enter a saloon Hu waited for him to
come out again and he got good look at him
It was Fhull 1roin tho saloon Flynn walked
back to tIme tug ArchllII111 Wlltt8 011 Ibo Harlem
hIrer near li > th stieot Un the tug he be
haved as If ho was employed there Cooncy
mado sure ot this before ho loft the neighbor
hood Then ho went to Police llendiiuarfeis
nnd not long nfterwanl Detectives 1rlcu and
McCormick had Ilynn custody Ho made a
vigorous resistance and had to bo clubbed al
most Intonblblti before tho handcuffs could be
put on Mm Ho was then taken to the l25th
street police station to await tho arrival of an
olllcer from Queens county
Immediately aftor tho prisoner was lodged In
the station Coonoy hurried over to Lone Island
City und took a train for thou Cove Ho went
to Justice Frosts and roiue led him to fend
an officer after Flynn Ho was somewhat sur
prised when Justice Frost told him that hu had
lost I Ibo warrant that ho luau Issued lor the ar
rest of Uvun tho day after tho nsa a ill nnd
that ho did 1 not think hu could lawfully issue I
another ono on tho same charge Nothing
dauntod young Coonoy took Ibo not train
back to Long Island City When ho got there
It was about midnight Ho wont Justice
Stephen J Ivuvauaghshoiiso to wake him up
J hu lustlco turned out In his night dross to ace
what was wanted Cooney stated his ease
Ihe Justice keeps a supply of stationary on
hand to meet emergencies like this nnd ho
mndo out the warrant In n jlltr This warrant
was brought to how iork and yesterday
Justice Andrew Whlto ordered the prisoner to
bo tinned over to Detective James today
Detective Cody will take Fljnn to Long Island
IIty today for examination but Cooney said
yesterday his work was not over yet He was
on his way to see District Attorney rlemlng
to have him conduct tho proooutlon In person >
Time assault was commuted about 7 ocloik
In tho evening Mr C oonor had sent Mamlu
with Homo articles too now house on tho Sn
Clill road In which thin family oipeotud to
move tho not day On hor return Mamie met
Flynn Hue says he pretended to bo drunk
lie walked behind horforeotno distance bite
nulckoned her pace to get away from him and
finally ran Ho ran after her and taught her
Shin cried for halo amid no put his hand over her
mouth and throw her down In tho struggle
ho took his hard nwny from her mouth
and then she screamed again Ho then
caught her by thin throat and choked
her Ho next dragged her across time
road and boat hor head against a board fencu
to Irighton her Into silence but iho screamed
all th more until ho had knocked her sense
less Then hu carried her up a steep bank on
tho sldo of the rondo throw hor over the fonco
into a cornfield nail limbed over after her
Hoi screams hnd attracted the attention of two
little girls who wero coming along the road
Tho namo of ono of thorn Is Jennie Norton
1hoy ran and told Mrs liyan who also Was
coming along tho road and shin told Andrew
Noble an employee III tim OJIU CoO blnich
Works who was returning from his work
across lots Thu llttlo girl had seen Hum
carrying Mamla nn the bank AVIicn Flynn
saw him coming ho lot go his bold on the girl
I nnd ran The man gavo chase Doing closely
proRsnd Flynn sprang over a high picket fence
I und disappeared In tho wools beyond
Mamlttwas found lying Insensible under n
coat which Ilynn had thrown over her as if to
conceal hor and wan curried home liar finn
and head wro cut and bruised from being
I lammnd against tho fence limo marks of
inlllmnl linger nails worn on both sides of her
I throat t Her throat was injured Internally from
the piossuro of FlYnns hand on the outside
I anti It was along tlmo bofoto sho could swal I
low anything Her nervous system received a
severe shock from which it is I paid she has
noor falls recovered Flynn is married Hu
Is about 25 years old
Ih day boloro tnu assault ono of Mamlos
brothers had his foot torn off by n tow line In
which it was caught His childrens misfor
tunes drove tho father Insane ni d lie Is now In
nn asylum Plynn wont boutli and worked on
a bout bt afterward returned to how lurk
SHOT AT unit nuiTK lPIlJT
1IU Mrn ilenklnM < lentous or Mr Hootts
Attention to Annie JOule t
Mrs Mary Jenkins is lho vvifo of George
Jenkins a colored porter nn a Pullman palace
oar running from Jersey City to Chicago lobo
lives nt 10fl 4 Halllday stioot She omploys
Annie Dale a whit gimi as a servant Her
htisbind Is I away front homo nearly nil tho
tlmo On Katurduv night he was In Chicago
and James Scott a brother portor called on
JIis Jenkins who Bent out for sonic bottled
bier Thor dro1l1l beer until about midnight
whim Annlo Dalo told her mistress that she
washing 10 boil Mrs Jenkins asked hor to
do something for hor nnd limo servant refused
Mitt Jonklna took a revolver from the bed In
thn loom and pointIng ai the girl she llrcd
four mihmots iii nipld anceehMon at her Ihoy all
struck n door None hit thu girl who Eoroumed
IIrlll ran
Pntiolmou ILddy antI Mnnnlng antI Detect
tlvo Holtio HOOII arrived at the house Mhey
found Annie Dale hiding III tho hall down
Btnlrs Hiu t was ncuily Irlahtoned to death
and con ii lut tell what had happened In lie t
front loom up KlllfrB they found Mrs Jenkins
and Mi i r bi oil Annlo Dale told bow Mrs l Jen 1
kins I hind tihot at her und showed the detective
thin hides III thin dour where Ibo bullets had on
lund Thu ofllccrs arrested all three und
locked them up In the IolIrlh precinct station
losierdas the doll tho did sonic Investigating
and iloihiod that the shooting the Jesuit of
jealousy Hcott wn ranking lovo to tho vhlto
hurvunt girl tho iletectlvo thinks and Mm
J mil Ins got angry and Shot at liar The party
will havo an examination today before Justice
V unsor
McIIliEh HetM lluck Ills Jewelry
Philip Camp of 2091 Third avenue on onul
IIr oil thus Iouled realm unit Pntrkt Jloouir a Is
loonkeper at 115th bleed mid Third areuue were lulil
In Jl lct loll I Uy Juitlce Murray In the Harlem Court
yeieriltiy for examination ou A charge of alealinK a
wiiulL chain anil tlUmouJ nuil from hjward Mollutli
of ill Eaci loxtli elicIt Jolm O Keefenf Ill fait 116th
street WAS urreiteil on Ihe jaIls Charge hut wattlU 1
iliuriieil > Ulfiuh wore tiU valJat > le Into JUounej
donIJrf t I Z
imooii on Vfeilnriiliy nlrht I anil eject contlderaLle
money there Ho could mist tell cow he Ion hula jewelry
bin ibid Ueteitivcii ilroiran and UrlKbt lust he toot re
infinbereil liavlnv II In Mooney t liars they Inter
rW J1 1 I ndlJII
J r
ymeweul the baruender J McOrath lie ajrreil in Unit
tho iiluniler and ciii I mm ever panra I IcIcle reureneut
hit lil lo the dehectivel n11 hum tiler lorceil him In talk
emil mumy ihfv I learneil lust I Moonty hud rawneil lho tit
anil I eoiiji hide eaicui I Alit chain TUt xcoj < ta ssy tIny
are liii ulltr
WliiTt YmterUa3M Flic Were
A MliO 1702 Third avenue Patrick
Milononztie aparttntuU ttamuire illifht
I M II IJ It 1 mill 111 I Uilli street chimney 4o I
y < 11aO iuIt street John Stevena buuae CoInage SID
7 r4i froiul Poor of 2 < 8 lait Brnadviai Kainuel Itloh
ftrcI ocvui ml ililCJl t ii t > i J arirtlnenl of tla <
Vel ct pIg uteri ilauuci I 1WI I JlnvenMollie t
lio dm clothing ilfalern hli > lark row ilajnju fjju
tct > lii lu liont of IJ Howery
lynl lluklnu 1uvtder Aknolntclr 1nro
J or twentylive years the standard Adv
Remnant of furniture left from turlny rid can to
AJf hi Jor JilulCo IwiJ tteil Htll I U a glut bat alai i
Ailt rnr bank nn mm rant tu Nrw York what It
ItiukKOl fliu Ncu url ciniiir l JriMilirr Urn I
UK A vbrewd lrumrtM mm tuiu your uwti CUIhlUetU
but recall gis > dully iruluctlon oa ouo fcuulract ILri
IJUAftCIl lUllliO 1 1 IoJu
tnss Tombs ursTxnwaa KATII
11 Id She Inll Tliroiiuli n Kullrond Trestle
Into the Klvert
rime Stolon Mnnil nlr was full of rumors
yesterday of startling things that arc to bo de
veloped nt tonlchls limucst in tho mysterious
case of Miss Mary E ToWn whoso body was
found a week ago Sunday flouting In tho water
oTClifton It was hinted thai thoro sore name
people In West llrightpn who could toll a good
deal about tho cao If they would only throw
personal considerations to the winds but who
the p pool > le are nobody CA wlllltiK to say
If Dr Itrynn Is called at tho lmiuu tonight
ho will bo found ready mmii anxious to submit
to the most thorough eross xamlnatlou as to
Ids final meeting with MUs Tobln on April 13
Ho enjoys the fullest commence of tho commu
nity A dotoctivo says that Dr ilrynn told him
that when Miss TobIn called upon him the
nllrht atm dlFItIlIlIlIrNI she found him lying on
tho lounge in his olllco Ho says that ho Wild
feeling unwell and perhaps did not greet hor
AH cordially as was his llont thu might have
taken ollonco from this Dr llry an thought
but sho certainly did not show It UB they part
ed lit tho Btutlon tho best of friends
A theory advanced by some Is that after
leaving Di llrynn she started to walk across
the railroad trestle work to Hnug Harbor nail
missing her footing loll into the water and was
drowned Time elnlhlnlnll tho hoI whou found
Is now said to havo been enturnttd with sludio
acid which Is neon constantly Heating un the
water in tIme kills about I I1UU liar or As to
Ibo little purso which Miss Tobln wore about
her nock at all times and which was ml8slrit
from her body It la thought that as thorn wore
about 30 In It besides her own picture and
that of Dr llryan It was abstracted from tho
body by Bonn boatmen who found the body
floating In tho water botoro It WAS discovered
Rt ClIfton
It IH expected that tho Inquest will bo fin
ished this evening at Loscbuuk
A GUX ttTAfiD HVltttEU
A Misfortune tn Frequenter or the AVmh
Into fuse Hull tiinnndii
Tho lire at about midnight Saturday night
at tho Washington Base Hall grounds Fifth
nvenuo lirooklyn resulted In tint complete
destruction of time grand stand which could
accommodate moro than 2500 spectators and
tho Athletic Club rooms underneath together
with a big pIece of the fence on the Fifth street
sldo of tho ground started in time dressing
room on tho Fifth street side under time grand
stand but how nobody knoll It was hero I
that thu lire was raging when lirst discovered
Although half n dozen engines vvoro on tho
spot within half an hour the fltemen wero
unable to save any part of the big stand which
burnod like tinder and made a bit blae
A game wus played on the grounds on Satur
day afternoon between two nines of the Pres
ton Athletic Club and Jack McMustnrs the
trainer of tho lirooklyn Club was thn last man
who loft tho grounds Whuu ho locked up and
took his departure about 7 oclock there was
not n trace of lire In tho place Secretary
Charles Lhbitts of tho lirooklyn Club witnessed
the burning up of the grand stand and imrly
yesterday morning ha was on hand with a boss
carpenter and n contract for the rebuilding of
tho stand wan made Ho was assured it would
bu completed In I Decoration Day and would
accommodate all who might come lo witness
the llrst homo game between tho Brooklyn and
bt Louis Clubs J ho grounds and grand stand
arc owned by Charles II Kyrne A Co Mr
Kbbltts estimates the los nt MfUOO on which
there is an Insurance of SlOOi 1
The Crime Flxeil icy n Vlrictulu Jury on a
Miiu Who nhot IIli talHtern Itetmier
IKTKijjiimui VII Hay 191ho longest
and most tenpatlonnl niurdar trial that has
takon pliico in Irglnla for ninny years imuts just
Loon concluded the County Court of HU5 < ex
It was begun on May 2 and was concluded ut
midnight last night Tho prisoner is I n poung
luau ullmcd Carleton H Marks nnd the mur
dered man was Nathaniel M lialn ono of the
best known cltlrons of Sussex county Pulu
had been charged by Mnrtss falhorvvlth criru
inal assault on his lIttle daughter Sullio Marks
I and had received letter from the older Marks
warning him to leave tin county In a ulvon
tlmo or else bo Piosecuted for illicit Inter
com so with II child under twelve years of age
tho penalty of which Is f death On receipt nf
the letter It dn accompanied by his wife wont
to Miirksnliou0 to deny the clutruo nnd whllo i
there talking the matter over with Mrs Marks
nnd the little girl Carleton H Marks shot llain
twice killing him almost Instantly Tho jury
found thll prisoner guilty of voluntary man
slaughter and mixed his punishment at ten
years In penitentiary The Court supenthd
sentence to henr n motion on Wednoday for
anew trial The parties connected witn tho
ease are among thu moat prominent families
in Sussex county
He Says He N > viT Sun III Ammtlnnt Jle
fur teatilrday Nlcut
Anthony Gonalts of W > tho avenue and
South Eighth street A Illlanisburgh who was
I stubbed yesterday morning in liioadwny near
Dunham place two blocks from his homo Is at
the Ilollof Hospital South ThIrd street Are
port that ho died soon after ho was ctt was In
correct but tho house surgeon says lIe bad a
narrow escape from Instant death as limo knlfo
blado grazed time jugular vein Policeman
WOods who nrlOsto liouzalcSBasfclatautuflcr l
u hnso said yesterday
The fellow said hIs name was Alexander
Brown of Duller street but ho would not tell
the number Irom pivvn tickets In his pos
session I Ihink hi nnmo Is Bal wln Hu told
mo triton 1 cauglii him that he did not know I
tho man im hail the t trouble with Ho I sum iii llio
man and hU friend aesaitlled him Uonzalea
Identified Itu oucim or llaldwln I hut slid hu had
utvorHecn him I befnte At thu jiulko station
bn found the bloody knife a largo penknife In
the prleonurs iineknt
Tho knlfu thrust In tho neck lopped oft a
piece of tho ear ilealdes tills wound Oon
7iiles Inn n cut clean llirougn the imlin of his
left hand His said the men met In saloon
near thin place whore lionsales was found timid
iiunrrollod over a trivial matter und that they
wore put out
jiuiiTii iattf iff itiirv
Hell Walt u Mieli t Itiillirr thai faIl to
Chill Under tun Ililllih Ilut
1atrlck Kjriii President Harrisons Con
sul to Chill arrived in town last night from
Chicago where his admirers nave him a big
reception on Friday night Ho Is at tho Gllsoy
House and wan visited there last night by
Austin Ford of tho fruit World and llarney
lllglln Ho Is going to Wnshlngion on Tues
day and will rolurn to Now lark III tIme to
catch the train that connects Han KrnnclsOo
with the ptvamer for C lull that carries the
Chilian llag U was explained at the hotel
last night that hu purposely delayed his do
rmrturo because hn did not wish to sail on the
Chilian stoamnr which carries tho hnghali
flag nail whl h nails a week before time ono on
which he will M > ciiro imPimge Uho steamer
carrying the Chilian Jfug belongs to nnolher
line Mr 1Clan family will romaln in Lincoln
jMHi until lio can secure suitable ciuartorsln
Chill for them
Vrglng the Onverniiirnt tn Demand the Sur
render of lied fiOfo lUke Arcuiiipllce
IouaiiKnwsn May 19 niTortBiuo beliiB
made to Induce Hociotary lllnlno to demand of
time authorities nt Italy time rolcnso of the two
Italians recently anostod In that country
tho charge of aiding Hud Noso Mlko In tho
murder of Paymaster McClure and launlgnn
his assistant near Wllkosbnrro some time ago
lied Noso Mike tins bean sentenced to bo
hancod on the Jlth of this month Contractor
Mel addon In whose employ the paymasters
ovate said yettordii that ho tins already spent
considerable money to bring the murderers to
Justice and will not bo siitlMled till Hikes no
complice lirA brought buck Irom Italy in bo
tried Mr Mcludden holds a letter from Hen
aloi Quay to Jlr lllulno I in I uimit hut tu the t mat
loi hut will I not give It to Mr h lllulnu I until I lie
ascertains what time Hoard of 1 ratIo of Wlikus l
burro will do Thu Hoard hod a meeting a day
or two ago and urged that If Italy will not give
Ibo murdnreis liP our Clovornmuut should
adopt retaliatory measure The subjoin Is
exciting eonsldcrablo attention both here and
In Pennsylvania
Tile tlKnin flunteil
JIlt llfi saving Mntlon at Lot g Ilrnnch ro
ports 1101 the I I ll MIIU AUiiiin on tie I bur lucre I was
fuatitil mimiC liikili in low 11 III 1 0miJu hid i t tumId
hole 11 C1CLEIIS
ICnnpp hail Victory WIthin Ilrnrh XVIirii
lie wun Imprded by Two Other hider
unit KvndUic Won ludlcnont Hpccl lor
CuicAao May 19 Intensely Utter feeling
has boon stirred up lu sporting circles by what
Is doclnrM to bo tho unfair tactics by which
the big prima was snatched from Denver by
Omaha IIt night In tho sixday bicycle tour
Tho riders wore well bunched when nt1 P
U an accident occurred Heading of Omaha
suddenly foil head llrst on tho track Irlucu
also of Omaha was just behind and had no
time to oseupe In a moment ho too was sent
spravvllnit Before cither could mount toad got I
away Knnpp the Dentor man had tho cood
fortune to get ouo lap In tho load Tho rulvau
toco legitimately gained was maintaIned In
lion stylo
At H clock when 5000 people > woro wavlni
lints and handkerchiefs In tho air cumin the
extraordinary Incident referred to Tho Omit
ha man Itoadlnc all at once had begun a tro
mendous bpurt hnnpp was Immediately be
hind 1rlnco mind Morgan When ho discovered
that his muchprized lap was tuning taken away
from him ho made u borolu effort to Increase
his Kpood
Tho Omaha man Prince and the Kncllsh
man Morgan however just In front thwarted
ovury olTort Morgan WUH in n pocket Whell
henttemptuda burn of speed Trlnco would
promptly cut him olT by Forcing him to tho
outer wall lu vain Knapp epo > tulaiud and
uppcaltd to the judges as ho slvopt by the
btund 1rlnco only smiled crlmly Ivnapp
6OrO and shook his list but without avail
Tint incur xcnctnclo of two men lolsuroly I
holding excited third In check vvlillo a I
fourthatovory turn of Ohmic wheel scat snatch
hilt Iclorl from conceded dileat nus to tho I
crowd lIke a rod flag 10 1 bull On oven side
1rlnce met with a storm of hln lIos
Hobbor hhrloked Ihe crowd Shame
nhamo Thief That may tio In Omaha
but it dont KO hero yelled a chorus of boys
VUien HoudinI finally ennui round neck anti
neck with 1rlnco nail Morcun and In advance
of huupp now hopelessly behind the hissIng
oocnmo tcrrlllc Knapp was plainly a favorite
onro a snonk yelled the crowd to Prince
Thu fooling was only Intonslllodwhoulrlncc
titling close by Heading patted him on tho
buck In brotherly fashion lint tbo uproar > had
no elTect and Interest in tho fixday race
ceased Honollnu wits plainly the winner
Wh dont 1 rule Pi inco alt t asked Hoforeo
John O llliiki Because this Is not tho time
to do It If Prince Is I foullnc Knapp he can
nave redress at the proper tlmo but I dont
think there will tie any use In asking for it
This race was not only Mixed by Ibo riders
but hy time uiaiincemcnt as well
Tho Viwri terms tho outcotno dlxernci
and adds that thu riders wno gave the exhib
ition wero nl the end roundly hissed by the
thousand of Chlcacoans present
shock line virtually not been In tho race for
Bovoid days putt and Incuud wearily at tho
11mm hilt J ho llnnl score was
Nod Roadlni Fort Omahuui i5 mIles Mllbur
F Knapp Denver iiJ 1 miles John Ii Prince
Umuha 6SO miles W J Morgan England
03 J miles Albert Shock Chicago GTS miles
It Was In UPS Old Accrrsilve Sllle one
Made a SenUo
HEmtN May ID Pilnco Lhmarcks
speech In tho llclchsta all Saturday was In his
old roudswoid I btylo Ho compared tho So
cialists tu tle trench ready to strike when
over they become strong enough Ho roforrod
to the rashness of tho Itolchstac admitting
the Alsatians us mombars and said
Yo did not fight tbu French In order to havo
ourselves Inoculated with fourteen French
Ho described tho Conservative opposition to
tho Woikmonb Insurance bill at > a vlllaLo bel
fry policy He touched upon time undeveloped
water power of West Prussia tho employ niont
of which ho bald would diminish time far
reaching effects of strikes and added
1nrthor meunures must bo taken toprovcnt
tho minority In the coal districts from paralys
ing all indtiitry down to cook and washer
woman in three days
The seine in time Ilolchhtoc yesterday bo
twoen Princo IJIsnmrck amid herr lllchter la
tho bole topic In concoiiuonco of lllumarckb
remarks the Literals havo resolved not to at
tend the fiuhschopnon to bo given by the
iueui lherr lllclmtor uttered the exclamation
which aroused time wrath of the Chancellor tho
latter luruini angrily toward tho Liberal
members and pointing his linger nt then
said I iTo not know what Pful t refers to
but 1 regard It as nut expression of the haticd
yon gentlemen have borne mo for years Asa
Christian I can mckct It but as Chancellor as
long as I stand hoio I i will strike a striker mind
Insult nu insulter
The fuiiltiillxtH Acrro to Wont or the 1ro
pouch ol their Muii
JlflItLfl May 10Tho ebttihilla Jllno
Ownois Association has accepted nil of the
minors proposals witn the exception of thoso
In reference to overtime whlcn havo been re
ferred a commlttco of miners and owners
Tho delegates of the liochuui strikers intro
decided to resume work on Tuesday The
btrlku continues at Wllrm the owners refusing
to toncodn tile demands of the mlnnr U ho
mine owners at Iwkkan at u meeting today I
01 posed tilt eighthour sulk but expressed
tliolr whim nmmeci tr hOg it bite on a dilToient u I
basib It uiitterlnl warning against lutluilda
llon ha been bailed
Itlnc Iliinibrit Stuns or Ilcrlln
ROMF May lJhluug llumbort started for
UfirJln loitIy ucionlpaukil b clue Iruice of tia let aud
lreinl l nail A nrme number ofuoilllea ulttibanil
anil hitniii r SlUt 1 5 urea lOut ftutliuvidllc onn > ur > it uf
cilieii Mllifre1 odulimlu l tIde rail cia i Mittlou lu ulint8i
the ileiinluri ln 14i the ntuilnn ITITR uuaeluililet l ItS
rbniMunCirn mimbrr ot tlio cliamter ot Uejm
1154 ibis byuilic ut Ituuu ami olliort
Thc itre ev 1linlci
BT PFTI nsnui i May 19Tho Czar has
imililiecie l u M t Uimioto tie ne it MlniiKr of the lute
rlnr a rocrliu In which he rcloizen ISo litr uant
TclMnl and cliurife lilt IJccuuodr lu continue hli nllcy
111 I rvpurto 1 tlun Iell Ifflinllrll will ho aninloled ClneF
of the State olicc 1 for the piirosn of astlHllntf M Uur
novo in trie berfuruiabCe uf hU duties
IcIT Davlnn Niece In Tall
Livrnroor May liMrs May brick who
was arrentol yruterilay on the chug uf juUnmiu her
liu > hinl fail li > n bIteS in tail Artenlc bat bun
foun I in bref tea which hho prriareu for mitt huiibauJ
sod aUo la a bultld In an anleruum
Jndgo Illllon Not fooklnc for a Compni
An article published In a morning papor yes
terday stated thai Pure were rumor of a eeitlement of
the coulMU of Mm bmuarla will uow peuuluit in lime
hurriKutei ourt and tInt U was because of nfffolU
HOIIB looUni to thiS mull 111 it the cave of Milt Entail
Puller against the will was poilponiit until June 10
I mu Altiniio I iontrrai Xcbllu ii Kub eil hlnaLIn her
Juiliiii III I I ton buid lust I rh note of a veltletnenlliail Let ii
rIm a groIn Ihe ennlin I if Ih i litigation but lliat lie
wai yontu on u Un Ihe preparalluni mar Ini arifuiueuu
linl I Ihe rime
ton may alit be added tint no lucireitlon of n
Bettliunent lulls ever tome trout J iilgu lllllun anil dial
tie ceder wil 1 par Cm 1 for A lelllrment Any audi a < l
vanceM will have lo corne from the partieS bu the otlur
vide au4 1 aui not pealiiiijr for them
IVuntcd lu iilrimtiurc bliiBtnn
Cential Ofllco Detectives Woolbildgo and
truiei railS arreblnil at tile Hotel I M trojiole on Sal ut
day IrurKo I U Jemilnifj a deal r lu too n lilt t in 11 en >
lure iv t TUiy bOll a letter from MierIB J 1 uric mu
nf yakltna county ihArKinit JirniiiiiK with rrlininmit
fensaultinir > lr l 1 II Suiustle at llvntbaric 1 Mierlll
lironn unFit ardedi a rlcturo uf J nnfiikjiaiiil a IriuUr i
onerliu f tuici I regard lennln cnld lust he woe not
guIlty cud lhat he had cotne here la liav one uf lull
eyes irrated by all uculUt He sac remanded at JeHer
suit Market
KiookljrnM New iilhran tburcli
St hauls now fiormnn Ivnngollcnl Lutheran
Cl uiriIm Ill n VOidS lured mar iilMirnoteavuuue 4 Urook
lyii was Oi i jielyniurda i nn tnmf TIcS Iii 11 d n
1 I Ut ll I II > in I > ior eoniliicied I lie rxree iimh uteri
wits hinyu a tir OtIC chit and Dm imrin uu iclrly ot I
lant NBW lirk The IU II P ctrIlicic I ol el 111ill I
Lutheran I hutCh It uuaburith d1m i email an aim
The biilldlni u 11 wool timtn feet lit lu > a teatlnit
caiacliy of 551 H ictt 4ou 1u cuudty Khojl itS
collIe ilit iualiiahit
nf71wE111b ins rouxa irifn
Charles Wllrm HliootM lnntMia Down In
tVest KlghtI1i hitterS
Louisa Wilson ID years old who lived on
tho Boulevard between Ilchtyllrat and
IllghtyBecond streets vas shot and Instantly
killed last night by her husband Charles lho
shooting happened on time Rtieot In Ilghty
flrst street between Tenth avenue and the
Boulevard Time murderer oscapod
Wilson drives a brick cart for Trancls Talk
Ho lay In wait lor his wife and shot her in the
back of the head with a hoary revolver
She had been out visiting with her cousin n
man named Slnnhr hlnnlg sot the pistol from
Wilson and Wilson ran off across time vacant
Wilson wits jealous of Blnnlc Ills wife was
Gorman and thoy had been married about a
Dl VOltClfl JiO3i uit > Jiiwtirtr WIFE
A Ilurula Ilrlilo who Left her Homo Five
rear Auu to do On the Htuce
DoilAlo May 19 William L FfcllTor has
obtained an absolute divorce from his wife
Adellna 8 PfellTor who ran away from him
five years ago under peculiar circumstances
and has sluice lived a variegated oxlstonco
Tim parties to tint suit woro prominent In her
tnan society circles and Mrs 1fulflor was a
belle before and after hor mnrrlngn She was
the adopted daughter ot Henry J Jllossner a
wealthy plumber and had all time advantages
that ho could give her Mrs PfollTor soon allot
her truaru huge davolopod a into for theatricals
and wanted to go on tho t ntaeu but her hus
band objected and the plan was abandoned
She becams acquaint with a man
named Plato who was a smooth
plniiHlblo talker Ha encouraged tim
pretty young bride In her theatrical aspira
tions and soon obtained such n control over
her that oho readily agreed to olnpo with him
She loft her hiiKband n letter tolling him that
phe would never bother him that site lived un
happily with him and anted to be as free to
follow hor Inclinations as time little blrdlB In
the air Detectives searched for her but failed
to find her Fire Superintendent Hornung ac
cidentally discovered the mlsMng wife In a
concert saloon in Now Orleans whore ho hnd
gone on n visit When Pinto took her to hi
cago she discovered that his Ideasof theatrical
life were confined to tights tinsel and vvlno
rooms but utile was so Infntuatcd with him
that she put up with It until ho deserted her
Afterward she was a dancing girl in various
theatres including time Park Theatre at Now
Orleans She refused to return homo
It In Itcllevert tn be the Hchoonrr Nrlnoii
harvey und that All Hand Were lest
Nuw 111 nroiiu May lJroui information
received In this city today It Is thought that
time vessel run over and sunk by tho steamer
Nashua from Providence for Now York bowoen
heaver Tall toad Point Judith is tho schooner
Nelson JIarvoy of this port A tug has been off
to time sunken schooner nnd macho an examina
tion of hot topmasts and finds that they car
io pond with tho description slvou of those be
longing to the harvey Tho tug took no ullver
with her and therefore those on hoard cannot
positIve in tholr assertion i ho agents of
the Haney In thue city havo sent vvoid lot time
tug to make another trip to tho sunken vessel
and carry a direr
limo Nclbon Harvey Is owned by Charles W
Parker of this city who conn inndod her and
carried a crow of lour persons Including two
Portuguese of this city and deorge H and
Frank 0 Ituckoi of Cottajo City him was
loidtd with brick and was bound from liners 1
Island for ProviiAoncn If slm li time illfated
essol no person on board of her na saved as
immediately after the collision limit llfoboul of
the steamer smut lowered and crulson over the
Shot fur an hour nail twenty minutes They
found tlio schooners masts sticking out ot tliu
water but no trace of any living person
tTohn Creamer Htubs Owen Cohen In l > e
lenco of lllft dome
Owen Ciillon aped 21 who says ho is a
truck driver Is In St llnrys Hospital Brook
lyn with a stab wound in the abdomen which
Is likely to provo mortal John Creamer a
junkman nued 07 and his wifo live In a shanty
in Irnnklln nvenuo amid Carroll street and as
ho alleges Culloa and some other persons
came thoro early yesterday morning nnd do
Di iniled admission Ho I I would not admit them
and they broko In limo dom In tlio light which
followed Cullen received tho wound t heu
rollriiiiiui Leonard arrived Ciillon was lying
In a pool of blood In front of hut shanty Ho
with taken to the hospital and Creamer was ar
rested Creamer says that a gang under tho
leadership ot Cullen has persistently annoyod
him and that a few months ago they broke
into the I shanty seized him I tied his hands he
hlnd his back and robbed him of ovary cent ho
had In his poese lon Cullen lies in Bedford
avoiiuo and Dograw street
lllliini Thompson aged 2 < 1 of 90 Union
ftront was niiohted yesterday tnornirg for
ftnbbingloseph Peters of 07 Carroll street In
tliu head with u pocket knife cauug a i > o
ilous wound
llleven Curs linn Over him Without 1ehhlIng
SEtrmuutm May 19 GcorRo W Cook n
former policeman and now employed in the
Erie Hallway yard little timid a miraculous
escape from death last nUht Ho wits knocked
down by eleven loaded cars running down
grade and all passed over him HII weigh LjO
pounds and is only 5 feet 0 inches high lining
timid mmii It is marvellous that the eleven cars
should pass over him without killing i him Ho
fell fac > > upward nnd imo brako beam torn a
furrow through his nose amid forehead J lion
anothii beam rnuglit him month whirled him I
over on hU back Another beam slashed his
back ant tIre his clothes in shreds JIM
shoulders were also bruised and when found
ho was llfty feet from where ho fell During
It all ho kept his head knowing i ns ho said to
day that If a ion beam or rod struck him ho
must tin ground to pieces by tlio wheels No
bones lute brokon and tonight ho Is In fair
way of rccotori
A VliUlOhAl 70 JOPJ
Mr Marshall Tells her IIinlmntlH Counln
tu Uu Abuut lilt lliiMluenn
Jlichnid llaioliall of Ilubokcn called tit Ills
cousin John Maiflmlls houhe In Jersey City
yesterday and told Mrs John Marshall that
lie loved her and she must dole with him
faho tod him to go about hlu business He ro
billed that It silt did nut gu with him ho would
tiliout Inn and then hlmsei At tint u simo tlma t
lie uiretv a tovulvurund polntud It at Mrs Mar
shall i linforu hu could cairy out his throat Mr
Marshalls biotliuilnlaw who llvus In tho
sill ue huiibo and trim o had heard the conver
liatlon rublud In and disarmed him A police
man was called timid lirehnll was arrested Ho
U helmeted to bo Inano
I lunieM Hilly Shot
Attgumstufl WlllriuBliuus shot iTntncB Daly
j outside ot a saloon in Newark last nlulil JJaly
was taken In a dying condition to the City Hos
pital lllriughaus U uu engineer and vraa
in Hudners saloon In Hawkins ptreot all limo
uvlining drlnklnuheavily lIe bctnmu quartoh
some and was ejected
Daly assisted In putting him out Whon
Duly camo out of tlio bullion a few mlnutus
later MllrlnchaiiH drew a derringer and hired
four shunts tiirco of them taking ollcct one In
tin abdomen in d two in I the back Dily I vUll
tliu V > illriu haus utile mtrrnted
lllildunii V llIC liar rcHtlluc Mulch
CuNi iNVAli Tiny 19liuiu > wiclling match
teiuien t1 luU > on ml enin uu C I this 1 < ii i > e ritratre
will for u iurs l uf twi 1 lute writ n > bo twutiotiuof
latch at catch can nnl tuo of firim in in mice ci lii
tier of n UU In llio > liorlr t nine tu cni r ibis null
Canuon toil lho iltet U I iMi ll ii I at u 11111 fulla
Muliloon won tin tao c1SeuO ltlitluttl and huviuif tIe
choice for null inaile It llr iti o Uuiiian lull uiiinria
nfrlel that tiuc arm wve lull urem atilrirnv l lu go Ill
tin the 1UIU Pont lIce uiaicli wu muriled lo Out
Hi Ill iii ci Cut iduil Ic I IVI liliilritun
Ui Vidi im II Mar cl i iva I tTvM > ntfoiirtlt
11Cc wli ulieH I nt Iti mm Mum bet couri y tt r lay
lull i otntiliiiul Ju mi lror tnt oikner I ff > hot
I triO p luli 0 ret lor ru MnK Intu Inn i tame tin via IS
anil lnIitiucC a I ua l 111101 at in ne ail Hr M a r ei
t alneil tl at ue had ftlnci leariiea from Pr Moult that
itt blorltumer vet abirlnir ndtr a hallucluatloa at tue
tlino J uulcc Dully Uucliariicil Klockntr
or aTitpumr n ZJUNCJI
If IblH Oncn Through ToMlny < T me I Meir >
tin It U r > uld Will ho KiclnterAVlio
stlt lie 1ollco Inillcea Nobody Know
Today prumlsca to bo ono of groat Im
portance to the army of candidates for the ro
inalnlng fat offices In Mayor Grants gift The
dllllculty of satisfying no many and such con
lllcting claims with time now rather limited
supply of loaves and Helios may operateto de
lay the starting ot the procession Hut the
Mayor has boon carefully considering time so
loctlous lu his vacation slnco Friday and la
extremely likely to make time plUnge Ho ha
reached u philosophic frame of mind and baa
concluded that as ho cannot satisfy everybody
and is bound to got severe criticism from goto
quarter whatever ho does ho might as well
have the satisfaction of pleasing hlmsolf
Mayor Grant is not much of a fisherman and
not much of a sailor und ho scorns to bare
boon oatliernlfro enough not to have projected
another long horseback ride Ho wus back Jn
his bachelor home early on Saturday and re
malnod thero much of tho day yesterday The
Tammany magnates who saw him there were
many and talkative Ho was thoughtful but
listened well
The results of all this conferring wore not to
bo got ut the same secrecy obtaining aa that
which so uMisperated tho majority ot the Tam
many leaders at tho tuna the other appoint
ments ware made About the only thing that
becnmo known outside of the llttlo circle ot
big bosses was tho probability of the appoint
ment of lloglstor James J IberIa to bo PoUoo
Commissioner In plnco of titouhon D French
lint the knocking out of the nominal nonpar
tisan character of tile Police hoard which the
Itepubllcuns have loasolossly commended to
thu Mayor as policy politics und oven xm
wrltti law
juts will not mako the Police Hoard a Tam
many Hoard or oven half Tainmanv AlthouBu
Commissioner Charles F ilnclonns appoint
ment by Mayor Hewitt was credited to Tam
many Hail ho Is likelier to alllllato with Com
missioner NoorhU than with Commissioner
bleUn Until Bernard 1 Martin was appointed
Deputy oiiiinlBnloiur of Publlo Vorkg his
brother Deputy lleglstur James J Martin was
the HtrongoHt ciindldutu for the Police Com
inlssionershlp Hut the Idea that time Martin
family was lo gel two such good places stirred
up so much of protest und opposition that it
wills abandoned James J will not Buffer
much however Ho will beoomo RegIster for
the rest ofitho year with a llrstrute prospect
of a nomination fur the ofilcu in time fall
Vlietliorthuputtiugofa Uammany man j la
thu Police Hoard will rusult In Btophen IX
French getting ono of the LOW Police Justice
ships or ol Improving Inspector Steers
chancoa for such nn appointment remains to
bo scon And aa to all the other appointments
except that of W Dourko Cockran for Corpora
tion Counsel everybody scorned lost night to
be in the duik
A UAtiK llklT J4JiGLLlST
The flIght Irlder of the rutnlMinths
PreuchtN front u JtaNe llutl Text
A largo number wits piocut ut the moot
Ing yobterday afternoon in limo V M 0 A hail
Twontthird street and Fourth avouuo to
hoar Mr W A biinduy thin wullknovvn right
Holder of tho Pittsburgh Mr Sunday la an
interesting und foiclblo speaker Ho didnt
gut off any 11100 ball slung but ho talKod and
acted like u young i lurgy man in bis Prince
Albert coat Ills milijuct was Lhrlstliui In
Ihusiiism Ho used to bo un active luuiubor
ot time Chicago u M t A II II Webster pro
sided at tho mooting and H F bmlth und
Henry Kallenbir instructors in the gym
nasium took part in tlio Vtiutclsus
Ml Sunday took for las text a verse from
Genesis beginning A certain man found him
nnd behold tiuvvas aiiderlng In tlio ibid Jlr
Inindny inaile two runs nut nf the thloo that
laid tin Ciianta out at ht George on Saturday
Trouble MeOheM lu the Shock Coal Fields
ut Imlluuu
I1nAzxL Ind May lO Dolosatca from
fifteen of tile principal block coal minus of
Indiana representing divot HOOO mon mot here
yosterday rojoctcd tho operators demand for
twenty cents reduction and declared a otriko
by a twothirds vole Work has been almost
holly suspended hero nlnco May 1 when last
vital a scale oxtiirtiii Tomorrow the picks will
be taken from thin mines rind a strike that
promises to limit all summer and perhaps woll
into tho fall will beon rile reduction is from
ninety cents to seventy ihu largest demanded
In llio history of the coal trado Vi est The dis
turbance of tile miuket caused by natural gas
and luol oils together with cutthroat compe
tition from Illinois Ohio and Pennsylvania
operators ann lImo reasons alleged to justify
tho reduction in wages
1itnny lacnuiirtN JteraiirrlnKe
After Dr Houifhtons refusal to marry
Mlsb Fanny Davenport to Melbourne Mcflowoll
who was lien leading man in Laiosca be
cause both had boon divorced time actress be
came reticent about tim data ant place of hot
marriage It was reported In this city yestor
day that the ceremony was performed la liar
rishurg host Thursday and that Mr and Mrs
McDowell ire now ut tho homo of the brldo In
Canton Fa
Muil Dead Woman LucoiiMCloti
At Jlli lost night a man nnd woman put
up at Darrowrt Hotel 129 llleockor street aa
T F Conncib and wife The man won about
25 yearn old and time woman about 19 At 11
P M time clerk of the hotel smelt gas ana
breaking Into thom room found tIm man dead
In bed and llio woman unconscious Ihe guts
wan turned on Ihu woman was taken to the
Chambers Street Hodpltul She said her numo
was Mumlu ullou
John Kiel Chose Heath
The man who was found drowned at New
Porp South lleacli on cutnrilay in believed to bays
been John Kiel of Kinriu city A letter written la
Urruiun wn Could la liii locket and tranilated It
rcaili an follow
ror a number of years I have been persecuted with
a number of 1iKenFen blch Iuuuie forced me to work for
iiioiorl for inonthH In IOIIB ueiice of ttiln I beams
nick if hay life uhltli ebil mien l lunnol wlthitaud now
lu F > tle of nil tltorli noiriif days iro I arrive 1 her
uric Kan aa i in In despaIr over coin dlecctses which
tilil bo illfoovereil when rnj bolv U UUMCled 1 bava
chosen ileulli I hate no frUnili
The body will trotalilybe burled at llio mpenxot
the eluurmty ll U kuiipovud he jumpeil overboard from
a boat
heiKcnnt roes In 1ollre Chuplnln
Tho annual competition for tho post ot
chaplain for the police parade an honorary lUce e
tablutifd by the patrolmen tlanuelvef lute reunited In
the iielfi Mon of beraevnt Adam rron after a canvau
of Reveral weelm Srr uanc Iteurffe 0 Sheldon who
Sill beau Ihrli niiirlmouilrrhiHin cllnra the honor
till > o ir hui erlntrnaent Murray will tu ull chaplain
Crob at tOe eeictiaraii i drill today
Ialr und eel Weitther IromUed
Tho unusual fogwnsduo to an intermingling
of cold and vrariii air The sInus ImJ been bJo nz
iteailllv trout tics tontli and Were laden with moisture
and a tlUht fal In tiinrature wan all that wa neces
nary to pro lure either u thunder norm or crumb a fog
is wit experience I
It nai eenrrnlly clnuily In thli section yesterday
ralufallli him the Sorili Carolina eQual aud In tho lain
rttfUti llvnwhere It Ma fair
Die temt eraturo raiijfrd between 00 ° andTO ° In all
the central MiUilnSew Finland It wo between TV
mid f IP
iic iluy and Tuebilay will be generally air with Ura
erature j from 06 ° to 75 °
The tlirrinomeler at 1erryi Inrmacy In Tin Bin
liulilln recorded the lemperalnti in followi 3 A K
b 7 II A 11 le1s It I A 11 7h im M iWr M7S j
hi M7 HI 1 i M ci IJ mMiWt it0 Artraze
TUJk Avtriko on May ID is tflhii
isiin Arioi lot twrxir toia DUIIUU
ror Vlalne ciw lUmielilre Verinoiit > lauubnj
Ithoilo IfcUiid mumil 1 Cotmecucut lucreaiilnx cloudlueu
ami rain coilrr wind khlftmir to eailerly
fur eallern Atw Iiil IttrtMtiUnQ uialltlr and natal
coder in Hftrthtrn joiIlOut italluncuy IcmperMurt in
fo ifnijKirl < vii larUttilf wlnAi
rtrenkteni renntylranla New Jeriey and Delaware
thr > airnliiC we tttuer and rain itatlonary temiirrntnro
esrtt tu lute ctact illthtly cooleri caiterly wlndt ba
cmuiuccs vir able
ltrihi JiKtrlct of rolumba Uarylanl and Vlrrlnla
llirfutinliu weather and rain cleadi s doming the day
eficrly WIllie Matlonarr temperulure
lot western tew York and western r nniTanla
lldit chosen followed by air wctterly wiBile lit
tieoary ttmptraturt

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