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w l 1 1 t7tJ1fI i I 1 rf + W11 VtV 1 f > Tc Tr r t f Y r t L 4
nate er ADVERTISE yonr ne > rtl f el Ikoom 1
I a Jo IN THE Artt TtllJ BUN It will brine prompt return
AeUcrtUe your Real JKilMe I Tn I HUN
> I THE HUN brine re > t pt
A nrlIa AenertUUc In TUB HUN never fl of
JIIIIt1 t un the delreet II TIa
1 1 won h e lloro i nru or Carrlnce I If ye > n hTe > Room Te > Let AI > VKItTlSi
fr Mlt 1 AUVKKTISK TI1JE SUN i thorn In TiE SUN =
Htioi > r rouxn ISA flEmrn rv mi
Itemnlnx Thrown Into a Cntch
T9 ggjt
JIUA rnlhollo Emblem he Alrny
wore HIM Around hI NeckIll Hknll
Ouihed nndSIx Wound on the llend
irfce Ilulr found In the Mytcrlou
Tmnl 1roTen to be Cronlnn Tnentj
leveR Ftroonn Identify the llodyProm
aet Irlbmen Mnpeeed of Intlc tlne
ih Foul Crime Some ArrestB Probable
Dr P P
CflicAOO May S2T110 body of
Cronln tho Irlh neltator who disappeared
from his homo turo weeks ago was found
afternoon at C oclock In n catch basin
this I alerMon I ocook
onEMinston avenue A towol was wrapped
boot tho lent but tho rOst of tho body was
dark nuked Tho Cothollo charm called tho
Acnns Del which tho octor always wore noxt
nU lUn suspended about his nock was un
touched On tho hoad woro tho marks loft by
ill drop cuts which hnvo sovorod tho scalp and
Indented tho skull I Is tho opinion ot tho
JOIIM that Cronln was murdorod and by some
EM who could not brine hltnsoH to disturb a
Citholla charm
A cine laborers In tho omploy of tho Lake
vieir governmont havo beon cleaning the
ditches along Kvauaton avenuo during the
W9k Thin afternoon Foreman henry Iloosch
iil two men woro working north on tho east
tide of Uvnnston nvonue toward Fiftyninth
trret As they ncured the catch basin nt tho
corner thoy noticed an odor and Itoesch pried
crner offtbe top or the catch basin with his Bpado
ad uncovered the body of Dr Cronin I had
irrarcntly been thrown into tho I
lulu for tho head was down and
lie foot and logs wero In the 1
utter opening Tho corner of Fiftyninth I
ttreet and Evanston avenue is about 3nO yards
from Ibo Argyle 1ark station on tho Chicago
fom EVAnstOn branch of tho Chicago Milwau
kee and St Paul Itallroad I Is but two or
three blocks from tho lako and about nine
tents of H mile north from the corner of Sulzor
itreet and Evnnston avenue whore tho empty
trunk was found on the day after Cronlns dls
t > p ariinci There are four catch basins at
Intersections of the street and the body
was found In the one on tho southeast corner
U soems altogether remarkable that It was
not sooner discovered for tho Lakovlew police
ttuted out to search all the catch basins In
tie elY the week after tho trunk was found
Alderman Maxwell of the Lakeview City
Council who was ono of tho searching com
mittee said last night
Wo started out two days after Cronlns dls
tppoiranco to search even catch basin along
Evanston avenue Thoro woro fifteen men
CEdVr Capt Wins and a half dozen
volunteers engaged in tho hunt for the
body We looked llrst through all tho catch ba
sins in tho neighborhood of Sulzer street and
Fmston avenue where tho trunk was found
a1 Wit and 10st from that cornor Then wo
looted through tho basins north and south
tloccEvarjston avonuobut flnallycameto tho
wwhsioa that the trunk had been left thore for
aVilidand that In all likelihood the body had
Iwea hidden sonic distance away We than
went to Oraceland and looked through tho
lunjor I hal mile up and down tho avonuo
ami alone too cross streets and worked flvo or
ifi days before giving up the search By
d blocks north of
aero bad luck we Btoppod two block norh
flltynlnth street and conseauently missed
the catch basin where Ibo body was hidden
ImmodlatolY upon taking the body out of
the basin Foreman Roach notified the Lake
view police station and summoned the patrol
wagon Tho body was stretched out tn the
Lakevlew Morgue which occupies the front
room In tho basement under the station Tole
phono messages woro sent to tbe city police
and an hour after the finding of the body a
don of Cronlns friends were at tho station
I the evening Dr J li Brandt President of
the Cook County Hospital staff carefully ex
amined the body and positively Identified it as
thitof Cronln discovered upon tho head
teloUowl1 outs and bruises
hit the bit temple I out four Inches long
ttarajli the scalp and Into tho skull over
tie left parietal bono a cut ono and I hal
laciiti long which also marked tho skull
tlu a cut one and a half Inches lone
onr the frontal bono at the junction of the left
parietal a cut three Inches lone Through
tin tcalp and marking the occipital bone
tattler two Inched lone also marking
the occipital bone largo bruise
te oipita n back ol the
fonhead on tho right parietal bone and near
It two cuts each a Inch lone bruises on the
Wt lee and severe contusions apparently
aid by a bludgeon on the forehead
lTb doctor said that tho blows must have
wen mae by some sharp Instrument per
hips an Icepick Ho said If tho Instru
ment had not been sharp the skull would
but been fractured whereas It was
culy Indented tor marked by the blows
Dr Brandt examined the hair found
I tho trunk on Evanston avenue and
JudlMtnlRht that It was Dr Cronlns hair
Thn are other reasons for believing that
wonlns body was carried In the trunk Thero
ucotton found about tho feet and under tho
eLla 01 the COr60 or the same quality as the
jotton found In tho trunk nnd threads of cloth
ottd In the cotton In the trunk corresponded
II t > l arance with the threads of the towel
tppd abut Cronins head Thoro can bo
mistake M to the Identification
li Cronlus body said John F Scanlan
mew I It the
minute I entered tbo room nnd
tu a certain of It then ns I am now after
m t Bm ° Burofulexamination I I had
Qthiag eth elo to 10 Iy I could Identify It by tho
Cronin had two largo front toeth re
m efliBz In i the upper jaw and tho left ejo I
ooh was cone ills lower teeth were dark
I oolor placed tulle for apart und rounded In I
IID 1 can Identity tho body also by tho
1p 1 the fohead by tho expression of the
nd then by tho hair which remains
oustache and goatee
I Int
Mii iiilee that Ito was the victim ° t the foul
grdorl I belloo that the fact that tho
li IUe l WI untouched U i most significant
HIM I that the Mlolons wo have all alone
OnS lned a to miln r0 his death wore well
noo i Iel
11 danl I expect to see thoporpotratorsof
uel rouht to J61100 Cionlns friends
lad renow
Dlts orkors will spare no money or
nt > StOp to bring boVl Ftlctl a result and will
Itol tniSUli thu In ietttor8 BH well us tho
Itrtrator8 I J or > Ihe crime me dlscoverod
CfOBlni eaf t aii tho viiuu i who last worked on
cl teetii the
enln tOll f fiachcd iliostution late < 11 the
U JijejuaL I also 0 Ollolldcnllo the body
0010 who for
° iCronln many yar
ttKetIliViVri Jfr Hiunlan Intended at
tho5111 lld for Mrs I Conklin but latr It was
to UK 1 CfV lrrConkltalbnt I
Mtl a0iVroH1 rounded the Inko View
hltb M 18t ull1 clIItuurttl to view the body
n 1IMod in I tiblo In the
rda m tiihi bUMuiont 11 I II tlllo
LIWllIUt in lined
r u II Ise1 lit n
the tsblo min111 thlrl niun rwdi around
lll an Upon Hi whlh Ihe t coriwo WIH sti etched
SKn hllllle I Bjrlnklei i poured wutiT
e lu nii body or ho dead
COr1 thus dlsrilaiod was that of
ffofavi wurlheil man apparently 40
r rolda o Tho kln Vaf4 altito A hew
Jlcc I hat rjiiric Ylfira Wil i upper 101 strae woro
tet uiijt ijjj ir A 01 ho moustache but
IUnr 111or Ihl IIR 5 bmRii blt sviil
le hilt WIR 1 mll
j I OIitti e hOn tho J hlc ho Ui 01 I tho lurk bead hal r rio luy I
lUf4 I 1111 Was Lilo Jho towei l which wis
nroull Iho itk i lieu bottj wlkh
an1111 Ilulloll removed The
Illt II Ilru Ilhtll etiMflhI cuLl for II time lc
On th orIRI ii I II
theeth boil IICP I hlx wounds Mnt of
itt I TUelle iS iii Uutonion lho buck If
Wsa Jnru
lint tllllumd Out the I
right eye was a out which looked as I I had
been made by tho cutting ode of n blunt axe
The others on tho parietal bono and over the
loft eye were apparently the work of a blunt
Instrument Thn worst wound at tho back of
the head suggested tho use of tho back of an
nt Around the throat was suspentlod by a
string an Agnes Del or scapular worn by Ho
man Catholics which tested upon tho breast
Among the earlier arrivals at tho Morgue
Were several cltlrens of Lake View who claim
ed to have known Dr Cronln well and they
had Mm first opportunity Identification This
work owing to tho admission of scores of out
siders wax by no means easy und It was not
conducted at first In a systematic manner
Lterybody pushed to the front and every one
had a score of theories to ndnnce John 1c
Cluokey of Lakn View an elderly man who
had known Dr Cronin several years took a
thorough look at the remains and wns not eat
I lct that they voro those of the missing phy
Blclan lIe said
I have known Dr fronln Ore years and
that Is not his body This man Is nearly Bit
foot tall anti Cronin was not moro than 5 feet
Hint tho outside TheroIs general reseni
blntaco I but that IR not Cronlnn head Ills
forehead was much broader his neck was
long and this mans IB I very short In fact ho
haq practically no nock
ihlB WAR apparently true but tho head
could bomoved In any direction KB If the neck
had boon dislocated Measurement showed
that the corpo was exactly D root 11 Inches In
length but some allowance must bo made for
the extol toD of the body
JY 01nrker rosldlnirln Lake View but doing
I real estate liuplnotfi In Chicago with oillces
near Cronin In tho Opera House block paid he
had known Cronin some yean and mot him
daily He was absolutely posltho that tho
body was that of CronIn and would
not listen to any arguments to the contrary
nnJ nrlumeuts
trary Mr Fitzgerald an old aoaunlnt
nnco of Cream said the forehead looked
vary much like his but the small and sunken
nose was not his Dr F D 1orter Health
Commloloner of Lake View knew Cronin but
pot well enough to speak positively as to
identity but he thought this was his body
Tho Doctor pointed out the several wounds
and In conversation with n reporter said that
In his opinion none ot them was nufuclent to
rave caused death YUthout a postmotion
ho could not say that death had been caused
by strangulation although the Indications
pointed thnt wny In his opinion the wounds
wore all Inflicted by a blunt weapon He did
not bellovo they were Ibo work of an Icepick
much more likely a blunt axe was used Tho
man had apparently boon dead about throo
weeks or abQut as long as Cronin had boon
missing In his judgment there was a strong
general resemblance to Cronin
At GSU r M there arrived upon tho sceno
John F Seaman Mortimer Bcanlan 1 Mc
Gnrry James lloland John K Bcanlan I aud
others f Intimate friend of r Cronin and sev
eral of them members of tho committee which
has the case In charge They made a careful
Investigation of the corpse and agreed unanl
mously that It was that of Dr Cronin Mr
hcanlan was at onco asked his opinion nod at
first said them was a strange resemblance
He and some of the others appeared at first to
boa little uncertain of the Identity but tholr
certainty strengthened as they proceeded
Bcanlan pointed out that the Doctor had
large bands as had the corpse that he was a
very hairy man and this agreed with the ap
penrancu of the corpse The height of the
man nnd his build agreed with that
of the Doctor But bcnnlan and bis
party paid the most attention to tho small
goatee which they considered positive
evidence of Identification Next to that
they rolled upon the Agnus Del Crontn wan
known to wear ono of these rellaunrlex and
flavor took It olT even when bathing Then it
was Bald that the Doctor had an ex
travasation of hloou under the linger
nail of his right thumb and this too
was found upon the oorle A mark upon tho
side was al > o declared to bo Indentlcal with
ono upon tho body Jronln had a superfluity
of hair on the wrists and this point of resem
blance was found on the corpse The entire
part ultimately came to the conclusion ontro
the body wits that of Dr Cronin ando an
nounced their belief
The evidence of the teeth was suggested as
valuable nnd John 1 Bcanlan pried open tho
mouth with a lead pencil Cronin had gold
tilled teeth and It was declared by those famil
her with his appearance that tire teeth in tho
mouth of tho deceased man exactly matched
Cronlne This IB regarded as theslroncest pos
sible proof of Identity
As soon as tho Hcanlan party arrived thoy
despatched a messenger for T T Oonklln the I
Clark street liquor seller In whoso houfe Cro
nln lived I was 1 lone time before he ar
rived but when he did It was to pronounce em
phatically that tho body was that of his
missing friend Capt Millers formerly of
the Lakevlew police who saw tho body
bofore the loose hairs of the moustache had
bon wiped away was certain tho body was
Cronlns Mayor lioldenwein vlnvted tire
body und cave a similar opinion John Sullivan
van James Bulllian Dr blebert of Lakevlew
and many others wore equally BatlBlled In
fact ns the evening wore on belief In the iden
tity of the body strengthened Into certainty
tt is probable that several arrests will do
made boforn morning The suspects Include
some of the most prominent Irishmen < tho
city Capt Wine IB of the opinion that the
fatal blows wore Inflicted with hammors and
hatchets One of the blows at the base of the
fge crushed the skull The body was evi
death stripped for the purposo of facilitating
its packing in tho trunk
Twenty men and women who knew tho
famous Nationalist In life entered the Moreno
In the Lakevlow station tonight and identi
fled the body as that of Dr Groom Tire In
Quost will be hold tomorrow Luther Laflln
Mills has been retained bv murdered mans
friends to conduct the legal end of the caso
Prisoner Woodruff who created considerable
excitement a week ago by Intimating In hIs
confession to tho police that Dr Cronin was
Involved In tho murder of a woman till de
clares that Cronin was not killed on the night
cares he disappeared The police are of the I
opinion 1 that woodruff Is 0aP rather common
place liar who IB trying get out of n bad
case of horse stealing by professing to know
something about tho assassination of Dr
Edward L Carey who haa mot Dr CronIn
both In this city and Chicago was told lust
night by a SUN reporter of tbo discovery of tho
murdered mans body He was greatly shocked
at the news but he Bald that he had been con
vinced forBorne time that Cronin was foully
dealt with The reports from Canada of Dr
CronlnB flight he had never put any
faith In and Mr Carey said that
Dr Croulns death would be a treat
loss to the Irish cause as hiwM ono of the
most earnest workers for his native land In the
country Ho was well liked in Chicago where
ho had made many friends Mr Caroy had mot
him at numerous entertainments there and lie
was always a prominent feature In them all
He was In New York a year ago aa a delegate to
the national meeting of the Ancient Order ot
Hibernians Ha took an active part there I
In the work of the association and
his views always carried creat weight with his
fellow delegates He met socially many ot the I
Irish loaders the city and made several firm
friends among them blnco his break with
members of the National League In Chicago
he bad mid a number of enemies anti deem
ing his life to be In danger he used to carry I
revolver about with him continually
Ono reason that hun been given for tho re
moval of Dr Cronin and which was repeated
by a prominent Irishman of this city last night
was the minority report which ho had pjunnrod
as a member a committee the National
League which hud been appointed to look Into
certain rumored misappropriations of Lcaguo
morley This report of Dr Cronln Is said to
havo Implicated I number of pmtnlnent olll
circle und would have been rend boforo th
meeting of tho Louuuo noxt January
Col Ollyrnn wits astonished when ho hoard
that Dr Cronlno body had been found
tlt AffuhsinutedV i ho oxolaliroil Can It he
thnt Cronin wan assassinated Oh1 cant bo
o sir Ibo crimo could not have been com
mitted by tho ClnniinGiiel or any Irish soci
ety he said Tlimo lt no society which ad
mits of such moasuro unit I can slate
mls ttoly that Dr Cionln had no dealing with
the ilynnmlta class of Irish agitators I huvo
boon talking thai Cronln matter ovor with
ninny 01 > t the Irish patriots of this city within
tho last few dayB They all fcouted the Idea 1
that ho hail been a victim to any plot Involving
the Irish cause Tire only chrrKcs against
him that I have hoard are that ho withhold the
books of his society I can state that there Is
no project on brand which would Involve him In
the mutter of tho books to the extent of rIo
Innce or that would give blm I chance to play
tire traitor If ho were so disposed AB for pant
troubles I Imvo no reason to believe that do
ever did nnythlnc or took any stand that could
possibly bo ronson for such an act No sir
1 cnnnot admit for a moment that tho Irish
cause had anything to do with Dr Cronlus
disappearance Them must havo been some
personal mailer behind It Thorn Is some
Uiarrel or personal enmity you may be sure
It now lioeomoH thin pert of every truehearted
Irishman to help I More the solution of the t mys
tery 01 Cronlns death because It ion I melan
choly foot that unless tho mystery solved
his death will bu charged to the Irish cause to
the end of time T Is ono of ho I greatest mis
fortunes tmo could huvo befallen our also
An KplncopHl Clereynmn Burled At Hen
The brig n L T from Iort SpaIn via Dela
ware llreakwaler reports hint on April 25 the Her John
DnTlon an Iilicopal elrnrymtn and s native Bar
hadoei aed u yean died nf heart 1 fllieane and rye
burled M SCL ill hud been at Cranada Our louie jrenri
and liii COOS wai on lib Way lo iJiladelphla to u life wIth one o 1
Kojnl JtuKInq Von drr Aliaoluiely Jurc I
itt tventylho raia the stindard lrfi1
I IoUi XIV ad I am b Btale Tbe bank not
conpanle In Ih combination claim that they are the
i l > eklmiiiu and end of Ihe Ink note bu ine a Thi
i trenih lite I I alter touli died Ihe hew Yurk IIuk
ato Vrl
I I lo4it Note ouirany r ii my much aliti all will 11
beNt KvcnrMnnw
I To Waibinirton and return vU lialtlmnre and Ohio
Railroad new line rate b ui deed ten Uari JJr
rRirKs nnAirN jy rUE CITT HALL
The New Tltlei Are Police Commlmtoner
tinmen J Murtln Chnrlty Cummlimloner
Er lmnrdMheehjCorporittlonCoiin
I Clerk Dk Coramlloner Murcennt
CVumnnd Police lutlves John COcirvane
Kdnnrd lleenn nnd Churlen 1 TMntor
Mayor Grant exhausted his horn of plenty
yesterday and laid It bottom up on the desk
In front ot him with I sigh of relief As his
cornucopia was not like tho widows cruso tho
gifts ho had to bestow were not nearly equal to
tho demands upon him An Inexhaustible
supply of offices alone would make a com
fortable balance In this cuso between tho sup
ply nnl tho demand Hut the noxt best thing
to having odlces for all who want thorn Is to
have none for anybody and thus to escape the
Importunities That explains tho slch of roo
lief with which Mayor Grant announced yes
tordays appointments ntnoon They were
Police Commliilonn J m > J N rtln
Charity Cooimlsiloncr Udwurd C Bhetby
Corporation Counsel WUlikm I CUrlc
Poet Commluioner Sericmt Cum
Police Juitlcti Gen John Cocbiuit Iilw > ril llomn
and Cbatlei N T lnlor
All but tho last named are straightout Tam
many Don Justice Tulntor Is a Itepubllcan I
Tho appointments wero disappointments to a
host of applicants
James J Martin tho now Police Commis
sioner resigned trio Deputy Itoglatershlp Iud
took the oath of office yesterday afternoon bo
toro proceeding to Mulberry street Ho Is n
bachelor and has become bald In thosorvlcoot
Tammany Hall Ills ofOconoldlne oxpu
rlonco began with 1 clerkship In tho Comp
trollers office Ho was afterward sec
ond doputy under Comptroller Kelly
and then Secretary of tho Board for the
Revision of Assessments IIo has been Itcgls
ter Slovlns deputy at 5000
S50O a roar and gets a
5000 place for six years now that tho term
of his chief Is about
to exolro Commis
sioner Martin was
born in Ireland in
1310 but camo to
this country two
years later Ho went
II Into u law olllco at
1 but his career in
Ibis direction was In
terrupted by tho war
and his sen Ice In the
Hawkins Zouaves
Ho Is tho Tammany
lender of tho Twenty
ipwiitn C JHEFHT first district
Charity Commissioner Edward C bhcehy a
man of fortune made In real estate and build
ing operations and as a contractor Ho Is
backed by John UcUnnde Ibo Tammany
loader of the Twentysecond district and was
first brought out for the Fire Commissioner
ship then for the Excise Board to finally land
In the Charity Board Tho Twentysecond dis
trict neer thought that ho would got loft and
thor woro right
Corporation Counsel William J Clark is the
handsome Ireldent of tho Narragamisett Club
was tho partner of W Bourko Cockrin and Is
a very popular Tammanylte In tho Nineteenth
or Mayor Grants district Ho is only 35 years
old and a Jerseyman by birth Ills services In
theciiRcsor Hbarp Hyatt tho llmt Kerr trial
alt other important causes In which tho firm
was engaged were considered valuable by his
partner and clients and attracted the attention
of the professIon Tho office with its tlJUUO
salary for four years could have bern had by
W Uourko Cockran the senior partner of tho
firm If ho wanted It but lie was low t close
lit hiM private business and tire Mayor made
that a requirement The Mayor said of his at
polutmcnt I have appointed Mr William II Clark
Corporation Counsel In making tho appoint
ment I have pIled precisely fame course
which I would hare lollowcd If called upon to
engneo n lawyer to defend my own interests
For threo years Mr Clark noted as my attorney
while held tho olllou of BbeillT of this county
Ills management of the railed and perplexing
litigation anioiiiitliig to neatly BOO CAPOS In
which 1 become involved during that period
was successful bet ood precedent In tho history
of the Shrloalty selecting him as Corpor
ation Counsel I havo been guided solely by n
deslro to sucure for the city the Liunollt ol I capacity
pacity an Industry and on Integrity which
wnio tested and proved under my own obicr
vallon and nhlch have succeeded In lpaIng
rno unlike all my nredecKsoro substantially
fro from liability within six months from tho I
close of my terra of ortlco
Dock Commissioner J Hereeant Cram Is an
Eleventh District Tammany man 1 lawyer
end a club man IIo wits recently nominated
for Quarantine Com
mlnBloner by Oor
Hill but the nomi
nation wait hung up
In the Legislature
Ho is 40 years old
and a native ot this
city 2 4
Iollco Justice John E
Coohrane Is I vet
eran Tammany man
despite the act that
ho u asonco H Repub
lican He is about
70 years old Ho In a
lawyer and an ora
tor and has Innc rl
boon I standby with
his oldtimo oratory
and dlgnlllod pres
ence for either ad
dressing or presiding if
at all sorts of Turn l
many atbertDs JOB ICRORAN CRAL
He Is n General by
virtue of rank gained In the Rebellion and an
Honorable by reason of several turms in Con
gross Justice Edward Hogan is a Tammanylto of
strength by virtue of his rolutlonHhlp to John
Fox and the present fax or of lmmtorliilu
Crokor Ills appoint
ment Is ciodltod to
tho First district but
t does not delight
them there much OH
C 1 ho lone auo heft It
C J 1 and movod up to
Thlrtuonth street
I J I V Ho has been I hotia
4 Sr I tor and wiLt legis
r 1lc lated out of oflice nK
a 1ollco Justlcu by
5 the Tneod chatter
fr sT7 r Justice Cliiirlca N
I t Tuln tor who roo
G 1 signed tho 1rosl
I doncy of tho Kml
¼ Irltlon COlunl8Blon
c 10 tko this ole Is
I I0lllLlcnu about
JOI tIU 45 FOII or age a
graduate of Yule College and used to be a pub
lisher Tire Mayor explained his appointment
by Baying that the jtepubllcuns ought to ro
colvo some consideration under tie provisions
of the 1ollcn Justices bill which they passed
lie added that Mr Tulntor wits recommended
to him by many prominent men in his party
such as Col Cruger John 1 Ilummor and
Cornelius X llllss
Mr Martin wont to Police Headquarters In
to afternoon aud walked Into Commissioner
linchB oleo Mr French wits busy getting
things In uhape fat his departure
Im glad to IOU you he said rising from
his desk and bhuklng Mr Miirtlus hand
I nm sorry to bravo to lake your place Mr
French Bald tho now Commissioner but t
am pleased to till a good mans slices
Jlefore Mr Maitinn an hai Chief Clork Hipp
nnd the other clerks visited Mr 11 ouch In a
body Major Hipp an spokesman exploded
their Borrow at the sovounco 01 tholr relations
with hummi I
wli Hotel French Invited them to the Metropolitan
Commissioner French was appointed just ton
vents umlO YC81erd1Y Ills liH olllclnl mtot wits
JIIS 110 le
to transfer his messenger Itoumlpmun Johu
KorsluLor to Inspector IllUiims olllco
The uppolntmeuls were the subject of nil tho
talk up town last nlcht but It was noticeable
that Tammany mon were lw and hud little to
say A spiritless approval of the new city
ofllolals could be wrung from them by dlpio
routlo questioning but there was no heartiness
In their commendations
Jhme Itopubllcuuu MOID much moro ready to
talk They wore not greatly disappointed nt
tho allure to get what they regarded as their
duo Inn I appointment of a Uoinitillcan 1ollco
Commissioner to succeed 1icncli for thu
Muyors purporo lo I appoint I Democrat has
been nm nrrnt lor sometime I I lint I 1 they thought I
they nit girt HI I hntu liinl two t 1olleo Tim ci icn I
and hunt they hhotilil Imvn lneti thn m n or
whom Air i I Vmtt and i tlii rl < ndi < relmdlrrlurcd
hluphen n I ricnch amid i aeine W MeuJe
Iler iniliiothirtf acnlntt ClmrKsN Trlntor
but they rather apprehended that there was I
moro polities In his appointment than was
npimrentat at llrntKlanoo It It should result In
giving the Democrats control In tho Hoard of
Kmlgratlon when Talntor place there IB fled
by Oov HIIIp appointment tho Republican
loss will fur outweigh the Republican gain If
oxCoroner Nugent loses tile profitable refresh
ment prhllegn llaruoy Dlglln his lucrative
rartlng and express monopoly and Johnny
Blmnson with 1 score of other patriots tholr
paylmt positions
Another Bicnlllcnnco that the Itopubllcans
saw In the nit nation waR that the contest for
Runreyor of the rot blwol Theodore D
Willis of Drooklrn and John Wesley Jacobus
of the Ninth ward Is BO strong that a compro
mice candidate will probably slip In between
thorn which means that come think Unit
StPuhon II French Is to get the HuryeyorshlD
from Irosldnt Harrison PA a consolation l > rlzo
fortho neglect of Mayor Grant
Outside of the glare and publicity ot tho un
town resorts there woro Tammany meu who
did not call tho appointments good and who
could not tlo think of the appointments
without saying prayer words backward
and bitterly lrarOr First dUtrlct to
which Justice Hogan is i credited this was
Tustoo IoKM noticed Congrchsman
especially to be notoed Conlrotmnn
Fitzgerald who by order of lender Croker
has loon tryln to havo tho influential men
of the district recognize loan ns one of them
looked Bad but sold noth Inl TRio others recalled
called Ilogana Tweed amllatlonH the bhlno
ToxHogan lights of lone neonnd the more re
cent occasion when Justice Hogan eluded the
subpoena of the Court of Oyor and Tormlner
and remained blddin somewhere to
avoid testifying In tho Jake Sharp case
Thor also spoke harshlr of Mayor Ornnt I and
Prime Minister Crokers refusal to consider
the claims of James Uodon J
Railroad nour for Dock Cttls810ler on tbo
lalrold Inn
ground that ho 10 identified with a corpora
lion It Is rnlhor late to thInk 01 that now
lon n First district man last vonlnl I did
not bother them last fall when they wanted
liodona hElp with tho business mon and the
lu tire Second district tho satlsfao ion war > of
Illhu distrct
the enino sort and the friends of grlmlpoklne
Aldorinnn llvcr and sadly smiling Jimmy
Oliver vern IIVIc gentle mood toward Grant
and the powers that bo
In tire Third the Hevln men wore not PO
thoroughly pleased with tho fact that a sub
ordinate In their chiefs olllco had secured pie
formont to lorgot what exiollont Police Hoard
timber they hail of tholr own
A reasonable degree of pntisfactlon prevailed
after this until tho Tenth district wan reached
The fact that Fire Commissioner Ilokholl was
credited to them I In tho previous batch of ap
pointments inctoacnd rather than assuaged
their llicontent They eouid stand I nut to
I got tho nno the > wanted In but It was too hard
to nnt luuo Bomo one put In whom they did not
In the Eleventh district though It cot How
land Robblnx the other day und J Sergeant
Cram yesterday tho contentment was not of
the sort that IH better than fat ofllcf s Ed
Kearney and Augustus l IJocharty did not
much about thelrdlHuppolnimont
cure so > ory IIOUt
nor was John Kcimnoll In the dumps over his
dump But the lattors friend were pretty
sorIn tho Twelfth district whore a broad area
of rosy satisfaction could havo been produced
by bO emaIl u thing as Sol D llnncnthars ap
pointment as Decretory of tho Excise Hoard
11 Ioereluryor
theme wax nothing but gloom all despondency
tlPre tho Thirteenth loader James Barker had
regained Iris grip on this philosophy and was
able to nay that the appointments wore good
onus with splendid appearance of sincerity
but no ono could got him to express any
great tntlsractlon at the districts recent I
recognition by tho appointment of Charles
Cleorge IpIIL Wilson as President of the Board of
El < jgIstor John Rellly In the Fourteenth
district smiles good naturcdly as tue nays he Is
doing very wol j001 real obtate and can got
along without tin oleo But how can BO good
nurtured a man restrain his friends I they
Hhonid seek to give effect to their leellng that
he was unwarrantalily neglected 1
Alderman Osullhan in the Fifteenth dls
trlci did not dlsgulso his feelings lu the dis
trict hcadiiunrtorn Inst night Do they think
thero are no Democrats In the Fifteenth 1 he
nslcod anurlly Titers are some and dont you
forget It theyll want them next fall I
foraot the Seonteenth exBenator George W
Pltinkltt who named the Dock Commlssloner
chip was very diplomatic ddl discreet I But
the tone of the district was divided between
Borrow und anger
sorrol nllcr
All tin town was pretty well satisfied except
that Ihe irlends of CommiiHloner Thomas 1
Brennnn who was lost In the shuffle were hot
enough at his treatment to stay hot oven in
tho cool weather of tho early November when
election day comes round again
A Memorlul to Concrrfi Prf ninttd In the
Legislature of FloridA
Tho memorial to the Congress of tho
United States relative to the Island ot Cuba
which was presented In time Florida House of
Representatives on May 17 by Mr Moreno and
was referred to the Judiciary Committee says
Your meranrlktlui are fully cof ntzaut of tie fact tint
for yearn the neUhborttifr people l o fair Cub tire been
raliur and liopinz for even the dawn of freedom over
their natty lanil loncUiffly are their eeg rat bitter
wart knowIng that their Independence can only ema
nate an < l te brouslit to them from our storesnot ty
Ore and aworJ or force of arm but by amicable arbl
tratlon between the Government of our country and
that to which they now one Allezlonce That for the
purpose of thus securing their liberty tbey afraln renew
tbroiuh our general Government their offer to Spate
a tolo
III consideration of th Independent of the Island ot
Cuba the people of Cuba promlie and guarantee to pay to
the crown of Spain the turn 100000000 la twenty A
noel tallminUof of fX JuO b or In the Tent tbat
the laid crown of Spain detain payment In full ot the
total amount offered then and In that case Ibo people ot
Cuba will make arrangement tending toward A epeed
compliance with such demand That In token of their
sincerity In the offer tbun made and of the fulolmen
of the obligations resulting from urrul negotiation
the old people of Cuba agree to place themielvei under
and to cheerfully submit to protectorate of the United
State until the entire amount tlpuUted for In inch
treaty I liquidated by them Therefore It reiolted
tr tbe IenUtnre or Ihe Slate ot Florida
Hrtt Ihntour Senalorj In the Cone of the United
States are hereby mol earneiitly rcqueitil to take auoh
aiepi ai ther may deem expedient and to uie alt proper
effort In bringing about the dtilred I njrotUtlona
Pecond That they are also 1 required to communicate
with Ihe Hon Manuel It Moreno Key Wet Kla In any
and all matter appertaining to the object J lu I view
Third 1 tint It t hereby mar the duty ot the Secre
tary of Mate t tu forward a copy ot the memorial with
the great Rlt rrti Mate thereto affixed to each of
oar bona to In Congreii
The Knight nd Farmer Alllnnce Vntte
to Capture the lccUlature
BiltiirNGHAM May 2A political scheme
having for Its object tho control of the noxt
State Legislature bus boon started In Alabama
with fair prospects of success I Is nothing
loss than u tuition of the Farmers Alliance
the Knights of Labor and all other secret la
bor The plan is for the Knights
of Labor to nominate candidates for the LeI
Islature in every county In the State next year
and every member of all labor organizations
will support these candidates I the plan Is
successfully carried out It is asserted that
the labor candidates can be lected In at least
forty counties In tho State which will glee
them a good worklD majoriy in both branches
of the Lecislatuto
The Knights of Labor appealed to the last
Legislature for the enactment of certain lava
II tho Interest of worklnicmen and organized
labor These bills all failed to pass some of
them being vigorously opposed by capitalists
and corporations One U the passage ot
corporaton passaao
which wits especially urged by labor organiza
lon was to prohibit tho payment of laborers
lu store checks It was vigorously fought and
defeated by capitalists
Tho inowiiioiit to control tho noxt Ialola
ture In the interest of orlnl7el labor Ie being
cluietiyliuaiieui mind the lrmurH Alliance ant
Knights of Labor hnlo already agreed upon it
The moinpersnip of tno Miianco IH now about
14000 In tho State end there are upward of
100000 KnlirhtB of Labor
A Fiirlou Hull Htoraa at Hen
NORFOLK Vn Mny 22 TIme schooner
Thomas D fiarlanJ arrived from Clarks Cove
today with I carlo of ico The Captain re
ports that jesterdaylafternoon about 8 oclock
when six miles southeast of Cape Henry the
vessel was struck by a squall For fifteen or
twenty minutes the force of the wind wan terri
fic accompanied by tbe heaviest hall storm ho
has over seen A small Lea on tho deck was
quickly filled with the bulbtones which woio
half the size of I hentf egg The vceiel had her I
away torn and mainsails and forestacull blown I
TOE rxttmcT I run wnr IINDS
Mr Curler Jleclnred Not Guilty or the
Cruelty Chnrced Tlir JRellew Kplioije
Decided the ijnrr ACi > lnt Mr CRrter
MIce I Much Ilroken by the Krmilt
CinoAQo MH > 22The jury In tire Carter
caso reached an agreement at 330 oclock this
morning und reported tholr verdict at 1 i
oclock Their verdict a that thoy found tho
defendant Leslie Carter not guilt > of the acts
of cruelty charged and Caroline Lmilso Carter
guilty of adultery as charged lu the cross bill
Tho jury reached this conclusion miller twolvo
hours deliberation Tho only Interested
parties In court when the verdict was returned
wero Ernest Carter a brother the defendant
Mr Loesch ot his counsel and Mr Hines
representing tho opposite side
Mr Hynes was crnatly disappointed nt the
result as ho had confidently hoped for n disagreement
I greatly surprised ho
agreement was Irelty surlrl8ed 10
said at tho verdict I had every reason to
expect favorable verdict for my client intro
entered I motion for a new trial mind conll
dontly believe that It will bo granted as thoro
wor any number of errors In the admission of
testimony for the other side and tho exclusion
of evidence otforod by us Then there was
an error In the Instructions when tho Court
told the jury that thoy must not consider Mrs
Carters Infinity In maklnc their declBlon and
that was the Btronecbt point lu the case
Mrs Cartor wont Into retirement at tho Rich
elieu Hotel and would BOO no one sending
down word that sire was too ill It Is feared
that tho effect of the ordlct on her mity biluc
on another attack of Infinity
The jury took nine halloiH before they reach
ed I verdict Upon lho Ursl ballot Uioy stood
nine tu three In favor of Ioplle mIni on lho
second bay unanliuounly found him not utility
of cruelty Then the Iue ton of adultery
was lichen up anti ballot after ballot was
taken Throu members of f tho juiy lufiiBcd
to believe her fiillty while the other nlno
boloo julty
thouuht the ovldeiieo conaluiilvu Alter tho
phutOKrnpht of tine hotel in Cootorstown wero
cent In to them and oMtmlned the ote stood
and It luring time before thuso
ten to two I was a 10li 10 tholR I
two IOU t could bo finally convinced that Caro
line Loulee Curler wus utility woman
1 was iIyneau H speech that tied Ub up said
juror Ito came within un ace of gettIng 1
disagreement For lone oary hours 1 hung
lury btatod UK lu tho faro Arguments outioa
tIes conlnelni logic all CIO in mitt
None of tine lawyers nrtuoil ins those
nlno jurors did limes asserted that
tho evidence was imijurud Tho 111
rors who tood out could I not bo reconciled
to Mrs MorrlsOi teBllminyt It ncemod to
them so Improhublo that Itf Carter could
have committed a crime In fO public 1 placo
Then thor contended that If her testimony
tcttl untrue all tine rest of It might IMI Craw
fords tucluded Wo hud to hummer thorn
with the diagrams and pholnsrni hs of the
Cooper house nnd pelt them with iircuruentfl
on Mrs JIorri f > oyB appoarumo on thn xtatid
and the dancer of giving peijurcd evidence
Wo put forth eorr argument on tho earth or
In the waters undor the earth nnd clinched
thorn by hiimmeritiir hnrd on thin Bellow end of
thu combination They couldnt reckon out
Mrs CarterB course with Bellow on any the
ory of innocence und that was what whipped
thor In
luryman Levy wan outspoken for Carter
however Ho did not he ltnlo to cute ho would
have hunt on lor 1 thousand tears for Ioslltt
No oco could decldu otherwise In tire case
he said after hcarlncthat evldeneo
Leslie Cotter lefusod to bo Bern by a re
porter and bin brother Kniest would only fay
that his other besteil 10 bo ntcusod TIne
result of the trial will be to give Mr tnrtor tho
custody of tho child which was all ho was
really licititlog for
realT Carter us oon as sire cots well enough
will KO to her mothers homo nt Unrton Ohio
She Is very much depressed nt the rofliilt of the
trial She persistently refused to ceo any II
porters today nnd Dr King who was In
attendance upon her took n cry Bloomy view
of tho asc and could not Kite any hope of her
ultimate recovery
The shook was a eere one toMr lunoF He
demanded that the jurois bo polled antI each
one deflated that tine virdlct read wns his
Then Mr hines made I motion on behalf
1hen Carter lor trial Tin
of or u now mo
tion wan recorded anil niter thanking
ton jury for their patience hullo JamioHou
discharced them Motibrs Hynos and Mor
rison ruslieil out of court In communicatu tho
unweliomo pews of her defeat to Mr Ciirtor
while Krnoht Carter with 1 noticeable hiiBkl
ness in his olco thanked each juror and
shook them all by t the hand
Tho trial of the Carter curse bocnn on April
1C and this weokwa tIe HUh rIte trial cot
the county several thousand dollars and tire
cost to Lefille Carter is cptltnated to IPO not
less than 150000 The verdict was not I sur
priso and it almost unanimously approved
Mini Emma NCTIUK > VersIon of an At
tempt to AfhJiiHMlitntP SEer
KKESE Ilivrn Nov May 17Tho weeks
issuo ot the llecso lllver Hneille contains this
extract from a letter written In Purls by Miss
Emma Nevada
I recolv ed an anonymous lottor Eomo weeks
ago while at Vonlco warning mo not to go to
Spozln where an encasement for mo was then
pendlnc as tho opera house thoro would bo
blown up with dynamite on the evening of ono
of my roprcfionlutlouH I laughed at the latter
threw I aside and took no hoed of It espe
cially as the negotIations with the manager nt
Bpezla came to naucht and I accepted a Bar
celona eniiBPaient Instead
lint a gang of men piovlded with dynamite
bomb woro discovered nnd arrested In tine
Sperm Opera House m few days later and con
fessed that their Intention had been to blow up
the building wlnilo the performance watt colnir
on The Mirnlnc latter that 1 hud received
has since been publlbhod In facstmllo in coy
oral of tho Italian papers
lie any III Oun Good Opinion teAll That
lie WuntH
ATLANTA May 22Time WnHliinjton cor
respondent ot the Cuiutitntion toloKraphs
There Is only ono way to cot satisfaction out
of a public office said 1reslJont Harrison to n
friend not long ago and that is to pleno
yoursoll while you are in It You cannot possi
bly glee satisfaction to tine rent of the people
no matter bow you try and tho more you try
the lees success you will hae J ho best 1rosl
dent that it Is IOsMlilo for time country to brace
Is always sure to co out of office ulth onouch
enemies to miiko him uneomfoitablo If lie IH n
very sensitive man and the worSt possible
1refllilent when intlrlni from ofllco IB Hire to
bace enough friends to make Illo auronnblo to
him If he has sense onoiiuh to care for him
self The ono hung that 1 will try luu t do an
rresldont will bn to act BO that when my term
of oflice baa expired 1 can say with truth antI a
clear conscience Thank < KH f hno nallbilod
myself It Is tins only eutibfuction that n man
can be certain of
Queer Iune of Negro Suiiertlllou
COLOIDIA B 0 May 22Thne negroes of
Clarendon Wllllamsburc and Sunitor coun
ties have for several weeks past been In a Btato
of abnormal fear and trembling They claim
that thoro Is a white man a doctor who nt will
can make himself Invisible mind n ho then ap
proachoa some unttuBpoctlntrUnrU and havlnc
rendered him or her insensible with ctiiotolormit
niocrodbto 1111 up a bucket with hIs victims
blood for the purpose of makIng medicine
After bavins drained the last drop of Hood
from the victim heart the body IB dumped
into notiio secret place whore it is Impossible
for any parson to hInd it It Is suriirMiiB how
those Icuorant black people bellexo BiicU
things but It Is a fact that thoy tho woman es
pecially believe it so firmly that they will not
venture out at nluht or In the day iimnu in any
Beriuostered place Ono old colored woman In
sisted that she known the white men
make castor oil ot nrcros blood and that lu
slavery times a negro would die boforo ho
would toko a dose of castor oil
Mt > Useoal Charge Aculnut Iollcemnn
Policeman Thomas OConnor of the West
tooth ilreet ittleu wai put on trial at lleadiuarten
yesterday os the chart ef iiiaiUltui Uugenle llanion
a young fir who having come Mown from Iortcheiter
to look tot employment met him In the Tar and acted
her war The case airaliiit ol enter has been di ml > ie < l
iii a police court The old evidence and the gIn i i > oi
tie Identltlcation were gone over yotentiy and then
he trial wai adjourned tu nilnvr rent Herzhoi I to ie
cure the attendance of UK irlrli unipiojrerat Jortchn
tir lu enter lu ax date about hlrh tide wee uncertain
Tno Girls quarrel About u Fellow unit
Fllillt co tOo KlllTCH
ATKALIA Ohio May 22MlBs Bottle Kyle
and Miss Ituckor engaged In u terrllla fight
near this place on last Sunday evening Ir the
course of which both combatants wore very
badly hurt hiss Kylon woutidB wero nuch as
to lay her up for quite a time The girls worn
on their way homo from churchand the trouble
originated In n dispute as to which should havo
the exclusive company of a young man Doth
clrls had ptnKnlvesnnd they began to cut anti
plash at each other doiplto the efforts ot their
friends to Interfere Finally Miss Kyle fell
and while down Miss hunter drew tho edge of
her knife across her backttifllotlnit aout which
extended from tine spine to tine loft armpit
Miss Kylo fainted and the fight was over Miss
Itucker was arrested but Justice Dowen din
churcod her
Hericennta Allen end Wmton of Prince
Street Come to litowi
There WUH n lively scrap early last oven
IIIKbetween Iollco ScrKCantn Myron Allen and
Corroltus Weston behind the deck ot tine
Irinco street station According to lice terttl
inony of reluctant wltnoxses who my
tine > saw only tire latter part of tho
Unlit Allen nppenro to hnvu boon
the aggressor He has a reputation for Iras
cibility not only among the patrolmen of his
Ptucluct but nearly everybody die who Inns
had calico to visit tine station when he has
boon behind the desk Weston Is Inclined to
bo amiable
What tho direct cause of thn row was could
not bo UECOI tatned last night but time two men
have been at locucrhcuds for tome time Ker
cant Wenton had tho desk at the station UP
to R dOck when ho was to havo been relieved
by Knrcoant Allen Allen was hue in relloc lag
Weston It Is conjectured that Wcston may
havo culled Alloud attention to this
Tho next thing urn hupponod startled the
twenty mon who had just coma In off post and
were walling In the hack room tobndioml Hdd
It was a crash ot glass caused by a mlecllo of
sortIe kind hurled throuch the door dlvUllnu
tho buck from the assembly room In front
Nobody oeorued to know who threw the
I object Half thu mon In the buck room ran
down stairs BO as not to be witnesses to the
trouble Tour or live ventured ontmde and saw
herKoant Allru Hitting on hcruennt WoBion be
hind the desk poumllns him In the face
Several pollcomen started o KO behind the
desk to neparte their warrIng Hiiperlors
berueant Allen waived them back saying
If arty of you men come near mo Ill hurt
you Allen lot Weston up n few seconds Inter and
Written rushed Into the back room exhibiting
a brulsod oyo and exclaiming
Boys what do ion think of this Havo I
the appearance of 11 drunken man
i Then tine Injured Sdrtennt took the names of
all lho men ptcsent dcclaiine that ha would
1 rc3 ott Allen to headquarters rrom NSfstonfl
I questions to the mm some of them think that
I Allen accunod him of Ielns drunk
Sn8tnn wont around to headquarters later
In the evening cr1111 a blinker over his bit eve
and reported the caso to Inspector Conlln
beicoaut Kellaher was Bent around to InvoHtl
Kaiw Copt hompon said when asked about
It that It had not occurred
horgimt Allen continued on duty until mid
night when his tour of duty ended mind wan
rcliotitl by Sergeant Acstnn It IB supposed
thit they worn Induced to shako hands amid
makeup and that is the reanon tho Captain
wniild hay nothlnc about it No arrests
After r eiceant Wrstons visit to Police
Hondiuarten Inspector Conlln tent for Cnpt
Thompson but neither ot them would rpcak
of the row afterward
The California McAultOe Thematic Him
Thoroughly in iitlit ICoundn
SAN FJIANCISCO May 22The fight to a
finish lietn eon Joe McAullfTe of San Francisco
and Tom Lees oxchampion of Australia for a
purse of 1250 took place tonlcht under the
auspices of the Golden Gate Athletic Club
Owing to superior size und weight McAuliffe
was the favorite in the betting
McAullfTe weighed abont 200 pounds and
Loon 170 Koth men were in flue condition
lloth men have been defeated by Peter Jack
son time coiorod champion and the winner of
the light will probably have another coat tho
dusky giant
At 050 oclock the light commenced Me
Aullflo drew Drat blood Lees had to drop to
escape punishment Lees braced up and struck
a few blows but did no damuce while the big
man waited for a chance to get In a ricbthand
swine The men clinched frequently but
fought hard exchanges being about even
HIXONH HOUND Loes started off with a left
hand lead but missed The men clinched and
MeAullffo cot In a good one on n breakaway
McAulltlo rushed Lees covered his Inca with
hit unuB and did not strike u blow MoAullila
leading for his wind at lie could not touch his
face Lets plainly showed that his only hope
was In a long light to tire MoAulllIo out
Tiuiti HOUNU iees brucod VP and struck
a few blows but did no dumuiro while the big
man waited for a chance to cot in a richtbaud
string Tlio men clinched frequently but
fought hard exchanges being about even
IouitTii HOUNU Lees < nine up fre b and
dodged some wicked blow lie did Fomo
clover sparring but the San Francisco boys
loneer much wait against him MoAullffe rush
ed again and cot in some good blows Lees
resorting to his old tactics of hiding his faco
but occasionally getting In a blow
1iriu hIousisLees dodced a right hand
swinr anti danced around the ring with Mc
Aullffo after him MoAullITocnvo him several
hard ones and at the end of the round Lees
was rather weak
Stint KOUNIVMcAuliffe sent LOOSB head
back with a solid lefthaiiilor and Lees hid his
face Again McAulllTo pegged away ut him
und at eery blow Lees would clinch
BEVKNTII JIOUND McAulllTo jabbed Loss on
the nose with his loft several limes and dodged
all of Lees blows Tim latter escaped lou of
punishment by hitting his face Tine round
closed with both men badly winded
LIOHTII HOUND Aftor cautious sparring
McAulllTo knoekd Lees down with a right
bander but tho latter got up nlcAullfTo came
at him llko a tiger and Font In blow after blow
Lens went up against tine rones with his hands
ilowunnd McAulllTo had him at his mercy
Joe nquared off anti put the Australian to deep
with a toml pie of right banders on tho t jaw and
tine fight was over McAulllTo was not hurt
while Lees probouled a gory spectacle
The Valkyrie Beaten
LONDON May 22Lord Dunrovens yacht
VnlLjrle nailed her maiden match today She
was first home but was beaten on time allow
Two PIbins YcHneln ltint and 10O Mta
HALITAX Nay 22 Advices from St
Pierre Mlq state that two llshlng vessels the
Illlii nud Quartre Frerec which loft franco
source time ago for the Newfoundland fisheries
with 17 meu on boat d hmave boon lost and that
all hands have doubtless been drowned
To Stake Cigars In ZOned for Kx > ort
A number of clear manufacturers met In tIne
ruth Aveuue Hole tact uUht tu < diLute raBfor ob
taining a market In oilier cotmtrlei for Amerieanuiade
cigar The obiturlo blllierto toe been the law regu
tiling thi Import tai At precut rnanufarlnrrri rauit
pay tirl tax idol they can leture I uuaunr humaira
UHucco The mauuraetureri want th tioteromtnt to
err a them the oppurtunlty to nwuutauur their cigarS
In tenet for extort
liarlil Illnoli of Illnoli A Co of N ew York prrilued at
lilt uUhli mietlUK tnd > I rrli C Itise nried ai Urcre
mary Itfinlutiom were adopted provdliiir for on or
ranlratlon of nut manuiatturrrii to inurn terlfiatfun
lo riuuo diem lu uuiulaclure cigars la head fur ex
Mr Iarnell will rlilt Idlnlmrrh on July 1 when Ue
will reioivu the recdoui ut lie I city
rnow felt e4ttrday lu Doriliern Mkhlxan and ace
yore fruet tln central and louihern MlmiKoiaud Wia
couch did ioii U rable tanogs u < the youn Crop
Joseph I Hilrrltt apel 72yeir A leading Jeweler of
Iliac wa pruning a ire on his lawn t eiterday morn
Inir Ue wa on a Rider twelt feel rent in zrouuil A
limb ear nay and ha Ml Unking bla ingot temple
and at noon lie H ai dead
The ichooner conk off Whale Hock hut week br th
iteatner 5iie hai been riamlued br a direr and her
Identity etliiieheX ai the Neliou llarTer of New Bed
ford The hull li cut In two part lloth matte are
unilliu wllh tie proper lanttrnl In the rltltnr his
on er war unable in get Into lui cable where U 19 cup
ptici art iur into
IIOXOATTT snaois stv nrn IXA svi
inx Mr tn IIAKMSS
A Penitent Af > IUnc 1 oittUene One Mr
inrnl M Ilnintrlfln the Neat III DuiiRli
ter III from 1otnon Im lace Her lie tinjis
rinncoscft San VIto a cablnutninkor from
Lombardy lived with his wife nnd two chil
dren ou the top tloor ot tIm tenement US South
Fifth aVBiitiB Just aliovo lllcecker Btroot and
worked m the furniture factory of Formica A
Winner almost opposite his homo Ho was a
good hand at the Intho antI wan Industrious
arid sober A year and n half ago ho befriended
Camilla lionuiitll n countnmnn who hint just
calico to town Honaattl was poor nnd
Han Vllo after keeping him at his
rooms for a while ant hun n place ItiTormlcas
lactory No broak In their friendship appeared
until a tow day ago when llongattl became
angry at seine actual or Imnclnod offence on
tine pirtot San Vlto Thom was no violent
Quarrel howover and Hun Vllo heeded the af
fair only slightly llougattl on tine contrary
was Intensely wrought up anti that night acted
queerly Hn lived with an Italian family In t
tIne tenement at 1t lnce mind Thompaoii streets I
for his wit was dead anil ho wanted
to have his 10ycnrold daughter Lena undor
Bomebodyfl euro during the day when ho was
at work That night triton ho wont hotnothcr
was no ono else thoro and ho took the shutters
from the windows and placed them ou the
floor and Rot a lighted latnpoul on thewlndow
lodge When tire necplo with whom ho lived
cant homo antI questioned him about tn is t ro
cradling fe nnsworcil hieohniontly und
clnppcd Ills hands upon Ills head and ex
damned that his mind I WIIB brcuklni up
On Tuesday llongattl wunt to tIne fautory and
Bald somet lung to his intuit bin Vllo Ho I was
not working I lint day he cruet not nt thn t shop
lone and there was nn light bet cvtrnn bni n und
Han Vlto although both ieit > tiilkinueaiuently I I I
for a while It 1 was troth oil t lion that llongail I
buhuvoil Bomewhat peeullntly Vcstenluy
he went round to the ulnip ngalu anti
when Air Formica told him there wiud lir > no
work for him becauso no uiiiitciiuti lurid he in
Prepared ha boomed prool > rd and u Illtle
lutorunkod permission to < > up Ktalrs ft wis
granted nun ho got to tine bumli wliero San
Nlto was worklni llongattl iiddru ud him
Baying In allan I I
rruuecsen forglvo mo for what said yes
tetdav I did not moan it lur I cents not sobur
The other workmen who were near by heard
these worls but Ihov hoiud no icply t from lho
man to vhom boy wet e tpokun W lit tire r liii
rctipoutlod lofuBlng to gi flInt foigivonob they
do not know for almost leloro Mm Mto had
tlmutOHipak tine mist wold of a mplythoto
tcdns tine Bharp ez plnsion ol a bulldog list il I
nml liOn Vlto ehrlokinc lho nunu of liln
vlfu foil In the lloor dylni of a wouutl
jui t bolow his heart Thu HIIIUU instaut tIre
workmen saw liouuuttljump to tnto sub pistol
In hand hit wholo tituin tier t tOot of hUilileuln
tonee agitation tutu hU eyes cleuniln is if ha
were about to begin aticnurnl attack upon all
the men In the room It tioemed sat If ho bad
become mad In ii moment
Thin workmen were alarmed but come ot
thomcrowdod about tho ftnutiu liougnttl and
grasping him from behind ovwriouoicd him
and wrnohed the plbtol trom him lie strug
gled and ctlod that ho wanted to shoot six
more of them An nmbuhinco took Mm i Ito
to hi 1 VincoutB Hospital whuio ho died Imme
diately ator roll ivitng IJougattt was marched
oIl to tire Meteor street station house and
from thoio to the Jeflorson Market Court
Ho admitted having shot San ito but did not
offer uny explanation Vihon locked up the
crazy HI attic upon him again and ho told tire
tum nifty that he touts tired of life and wanted to
kill himself A watch was set upon him to too
that ho did himself no harm
Just alter time workmen in the factory had
made him prisoner lloncattl told somo of thorn
that ho had given his daughter Lena n dose ot
Purls green boforo ho had loltlhomo lie cer
tainly nave her something for tine child got Rick
during the afternoon und when asked what
was the matter said her lather had made her
drink something at noon time She wore
deathly ill late In tire evening but it was very
lato before a physicIan saw her It was hard
then to toll what was the matter with her If
it was poison her father gave her bo cither ad
ministered too little or ioo much for it did not
scent likely that she would die
Bit Xiockmaa Volnnt r to be flocked Up
Iloglster James J Blovlnrt libel Butt against
I > aw vr Lewis Sanders John Webber Edward Cojrgei
Lai I and John T Lock man who net In c on behalf the
Real Eitale Exchange trod to have Kepistcr blevin ID
dieted in 1H87 for alleged otercharfrns came up before
Juitlce ORelllr at KMCX Market yei > terdar After a
score or more examlnattnns Junlce Otlellljr on March
lii tact paroled the defendant for trial
and habeas corps proceedIngs were begun la
tIe Supreme Court Juilfte Itarrett ucclded that
the role could not properly come before lilni In that
way because nobody had been locked np The hearIng
fenterday MM to kite nomehady an cnporturlt to b t
locked ou Mr Ixckman yolunteered for tIre JicriPc
and weaned away nulllni to priion A notice of appeal
wn at once verveJ on tutttce Rrltly and the can
trill come before Judge Harrctt this afternoon
Mr and Bin Perrlne Hturt Vest
CniCAQO May 22Mrs Henry K Iorrlno
mother of Mrs Cleveland left with her hutband for
Ihe tSet to iulght over the Q road The couple took
prerantloni to prevent their destinatIon becoiniuc ceo i
erully known
FleBHnt Weather to Continue
The storm centre still hangs over northern
New Pnfflund and Canada ant unsettled weather and
occailonal ralni occurred yeitcrdav through 1ennitrl
ranla Ohio arid New England Klnewlicro the weather
was fair Another depremlon li formIng In Dakota
light ralni falllnn lu the norlhwettern State Illvldlni
theie two dome li an area of high prciftura with clear
weather which wilt probably cause a continuance of
pleaxant weather for a day or two at leait
The tempirature In mite central Btatti retired between
J0 and W alone the ronit It wa from iiIO to Tci
Today and tomorrow will be rhiihtly warmer and fair I
The thermometer at Terrys pharmacy In THC Sam
building recorded the temperature aa fcllnwa UAM
gt ° i 8 A M 570 9 A MMV U M K ° aSn I M
70 ° i a r Mos 9 r M 1r2 ° 12 midnIght > O0 Arcrai
62i Average on Mar 12 IHWI GuI
moiriTioHi rca TwicHrrrorn iiociu
For MaMachuftetti Rhode Island and Conneetlcnt
fair except ihoweri on the coatit northerly wlndit
ahuhtlr cooler except In llhode Iiland stationary tem
Jsr taittrn yew York fa Ir prtceatd by light ttuntfrt in
southern portion lllytitly cooler northerly icIngs
Koreaitern Tenniylranla NewJeriey and Delaware
ihoweri followed by air weather northerly wlndi cue >
tlonary temperature except In central renaylranlm
ellnhtly warmer
For lute IiUlrlct of rolnmbla Maryland and Virginia i
rain followed by cleaning weather durlnir the day
northerly wInd illfht rice In temperature
For weitern New York end weitern Ienniylvanla
local ihoweri followed by clearlnr weather during the
day wlndi shifting to touthweitecly a slight tissue
jOTXtxaa AUOVT IzoJrv
The stesroeliip CIty of Illclimond arrived from Live
pool hail nUht 1
Commodore J Aihhury the yachtiman arrived yet
terday from Vera Crut on the City of Alexandria
The pretty llunrarlail girls at the Kden Muive Intro
duced two novel dalicei latt nlxht with much fuccoii
There ill te mutln In Put Hirer Park by Luciano t
Gi Contcrno Sunlit JteKlment Hand today at 4 r U
The Aqueduct rommlMlnueri yesterday cItieS the
bearing on the proioillon lo build a tram al Iurdys
otiulmi aol approied tie p am of thief Engineer
t tale of unclaimed properly at Polc llrndnuirten
jeiierday netted rm A rowt > oai brought MUenia
and n ntphlha launch rae knocked Uowu to nit Johu 1
hugle fur t
Editor Mnrat HaUtead arrlrrd In town yesterday
from tluetunttl and took rootne at Ito Hreinurt llouia
lie will nail to dar cit tins Au uttu Victoria for ueruauy
lo Join hire fsmnliy
Otwald Klem n reari old of IKS Heit Forty > e > eutb
Street while walking on the itrlnmle e ut its pier at
the loot of n eit Party kerenth Street ye < tcrdav fell into
the river and woe drowned
The body of a drowned woman we attn rnm Ih
North liner at Her IH yellerdar him wa stout il
yoan old A most lifirh and of dirk Ctiuipeaion Mi
wore a fctrlped tOIaicoa
thnrea I Wln who eliot hli wife In FLity fret
itreet near the Reulrvard on riiindav nlelit a m com
rallIed uo the Tonibi vterdn > Cornier hlounloy aid a
Jury found Him i he lOut mute v ifv
rermlMlon wit yriterdar Klien to the truiteeio ht
Peter Churcli tir Jtuie nirnltra settle claim of
911it i an liikt the elevated railway rorpurallou tot
damanei < o lle oliurcli properly lu liaroliy ureeL
Joan Daly K4 yean old tilMl Weit Sired while
ftcnnihlnir a rovtver arcidentally hot lamei hun
pan or 4it 1 Ureennloh itreit tall nlirht at 11mriuug and
cc eititreet Tie wuuud li illgliu Ialy wui arrekid
Chaunce M Doper laid yesterday of the rewirl that
New lirk periom were la llallfai tryimr to engage a
ummer cottage fir the ole of tie Vanderbilt hat ht
did not refer to any of the Vauderbllu of thu city is
tar a neknew I
The tilt eumnmr schedule of the New Jerier Roatheni I
dlrliioa of Ih Central Kallroad of Sew Jersey will lake
effect on Sunday next Coats wilt liar > ew York Ilir
ikNorlDKIrer t duo and mum I > A M ana atU 64 ui
oriii eaBuniiari aio saxM

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