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Moro and Later News than nil other J d jT1j un has a larger circulation than any
lh Evening Papers combined other evening newspaper
rtnin fllr innutxn MKNava
Bll1 1IUI 11 inl t KtMK
A re l IH VrbiIYbe BlmlelVlthln I
J rI Iltlhl lloiiriiTh VIUImM Skull
Mai Sol IriirliilTd mid lie liumcdUlo
uteol DtulUUNoi t ltl rljrUn B
niiaoo May 23Tilo body of Dr 1 H
rnaln CHICGO > Irish JlRlonnllst lay nil d irto
cQnI iUpOfl H tnble I In the ba > otnent ol Ihn Ilk
VJpollw 6 atlon All Inm nlclit friends of
jew > IC
fI rjej miin otileroU tlio delHI room and
Iln olierul nnt
It I I lunlel < the Usltors
Ilb 14srctIr ft aiuele Mcepiltn 11101
JdetIfled t Ih bOdy UK that ol tlin Irish leader
Tlrtd tnllre < bin k hair the teeth and tlo curg
nI1 nJ lOireopomled with thon of Dr
en the uanl t t
neu muinlnuinmA tho crowd out
IIJolte ClniD dallon wat liirtto nnd excited The
lclOI t C su45lflItOfl hail spread to o cry
1OrtIfl If I Iho ely Th assembly room of the
itatuu I rlon Ia fll1 with tuiiolty feelers 1 he
troiiUt tt uuintnofin troll that apt Wliiu
fa loooininiuil ol tilt LikoUow pollio Ibmiod
ord < r < tb C ear thC rnoins and prent the
corblil louncern Irom entering thn dend room
Cnrlli < i und LlllB uuitululiitf I promluont
Ijiijef in Iho i ronin liiilfon of tha Irish party
giitil I UI Lorore tho Mutton liouso eery row
jiiicni9 Jinny veeirtonfeiencn wiro held
ell I n4C PIl 110 onuo was locked nearly
lliar Ho in In coimtimt und eocret con
lultation tnT with UHp otB una tho friends of the
doad man Among thoie who weio nt the con
fornoe ire P 1 O > hulliviin tho Ire dealer who
b nlcr lutlluncu Mutes Attorney lonn
toker IVI 1 Ilond the mllllimiilre coal dOllor
rho l determined to nnrmrl l the mystery i
JbDrV iiliui the dead minis most lntlu1ats
rrlCD I An1 t t t Conklin with whom Cionln
littdfoi Iho piibt ton sdrs I I
Jcsicouf the Ionco honor of LnkeTlow
luIntroduced Dr Cronlu to PO Sullivan
ia A ° O pro i n nt tio con eronco Ills
ituKSent was taken down In writing by the
Sites Ittormiy The polloo would no Lo In
tirileneil uti nit tho oxidiiuco whl h thoy 10
rtived ut these Cal oroncos Thor daclnrod I
tlmthcr were on tho track of tho assusslns
sid that tho o would bo iuiportint develop t
neat looru ninny biiuis
Tteda > I ftoOtI without any nrroits Ico
Peer StilllMiti hoM or was watched by
pioVerloii doteitlxos Ho declared that ho
Uew not 111 ii L about tim murder nnJ It la
hawn he sine the n lice no clues upon which
10 work I rlold of tho dead man who woro
Olouj In tltir insertions tat In tho event ot
tin flniHna of tho I body of Dr Oronln
theY roaM point their ringer to the mnnleror
Ttreclo lyiUO > tl > iied bt the police They at
cnnlcnmo ns ticluirn ns other peiarns of
boa tlie police Buuiiht Inforuiallon nftor tile
tompcaMito of Dr Cronln hither theIr
conduct wns duo to Innoi once of tho manner In
iblch the ICdor was taken off or whether It
tistheouicroivth of four of the possible con I I
nanenoM eiulltic I too vigorous prosocu
tioaol tbo search cannot bo told It is certain I
to oer that the proeonce of the mutilated
tody of the Irih leader In tho basement ot the
IlaloD h1 the cheat 01 demolishing the boasts
of maui men I
But Dr Cronln had friends who while they
were ronlulent that thoy know the Identity of
the bund of tonsnlrators refused to make
ttmta or utter Innuendoes until a thnroiieh
ltd mrcl Inc luveillcatlon culd b made
Tin tnt desired to establish the fact that Dr
Croniahsil been t murdered hen Ibo body of
tUSatloualit was tarried Into tho basement
01 tlit Ittlon house they bean their work
Tmtror the faction of the Irlshjuarty
di balm 5t beyond do ibt responsible for
lie a sas lnatlun WI then made known to the I
polDd Tho work ol torrotlni out the actual
fonipirators Is now being pushed here are i
three miapccts Two of them are umler eur
Tdllaace Theo men are elioved I to be to I
fcoolynsoLiatid with Ill foul murder as to I
bsubloto tel ill about I
There It I nnother IhiBs of suspects Ihrso
the lo line consrilrat who while
Ire 111 ri wble they
Itobalil took no Laud lu the actual assassina
tion nave It their inlorOtrnont if not tLelr
beaitr OUIHrt > Tho party friends of Dr fro
llnhiive bun their work of fnotlcatlra on
uautioux bails Their en orlenco soon after
the misirnoim disappparnnre ol Dr CicIn
tie ktllliii them that ho Inllucmo I whl < u
vwltd to kill the Irish leader peri elite even
UtMe KO i oilcj lone I hen the box tilic
tie hb fiiti of lr Cronin wns Hint ati
IUCuJthe rollio uiilho Hltx tot two ilutoi
tUHttil cifie Vlo iritinlbof tind uu man
t I Uun
DUQ iciaon to ttliotu I wore nt < i en orntuU
tuilouto bo vu the mjsterv One o Ihi in Is
ICthl eol line If ihu uslod ti < Tin oilier is i
insLbfrof I ho sum luctionot I iherlli I tart
11 Slb 1 I InrKiil I Itt II terrIble criino HII
U I miiuiii of the com Itloo wlilu i trIed
IOI IIO wile
iI rell I lortroiuon I Uticn hmntloii 01 tIle
We mitliori m lninmo known to t LIt Cio
niiis lil3i thio bo nine I armed but manl
leleo a i IerouCI wItch tiealid no biis
ihetas When huttOMji It becamo known
I ostir Cr mu hal bei klllod th uuso was
lo ontlr tmn r P red root I iiielmnrl I nf tho
ro Iii lorco to iliorte of the Inkertons
HHiiulicy isunv I i eiutinu tat only In
iwiiwt ear h Ir I UIB t iuhiKhln That they I
< ruaDiiiii g MiJcncK nuilliift miiy of In
tronliircoenii > 4 nlil I I I bo iioulr I pi U Wllhll I the
tt 11 1 1011 0111 ll0 r8 Jlu lirost miiur
talnrd t l l bv lr i mills friimlH
nll IrlII 1 of thahiuiso
loie lone whiP wirrantid In t he styli RO
conduit of cirtiinnihie H In I Ilio I iost lion of
ii Cl 1 lhi IV e Ifcits orlfln in II I ouI Ions
Clui I
I rl ni Ijj J lie friiiuls piu I er I to
Ielethe the mlllr Ilh a ICIlY I 01 men pleUo I for
fIt Hurpl in i > vIm are known I not to he In
r ur loedl Ii 1IIc r Hinijiiiunt All tic 51144
I v t4 Ar I IC1V 44 11111 by 1 Inkerti n 1011
I 111
foLfl r ice 7 lie tiiut II h AirntiH lul the t 4111 bern
KI i n al44I u Iii n 0rd nroun lib I nnkud
uroln niltd
r ot t LI
f t j I route 1 lint ilintioved I ae
i t
T IflIlO
Itt Inln 114 I Irllll 1111 OiICtIisltJy
kli 1 I4lI 11 VC 0 uf his own I 11101
Sill 1 11111
tl tIlihi IIIIn ItlIrin the
le rrnr 4 l thltrghlIhtly 4 011 1I5 0 ocr
I hn f II I he lro olth I to rt mu u t Ii Rt
de4 ef U 1 iVit on 1 ho du i lies of Ihe
II II 02111 men iletiijTid Ills jnveli t nml
Itlt I ae f urj I I nt iiuin pfl H ulili h lioiir
ti I iimJ il i ll1111 In ha h1 i V th tIll ni > B
tl1r1 11 I 115 ul Mm i ore I HO
IhI i r thi IlIIl1lilCL i n II a lodl but
iuiiMiiiiM i in st iLeguIllgl nml the lilt
I hlIItlllllol Ind IIJ 111 e
r a 441 AntI 5 101 It IH that if
ItjllJl LI r In I l tiu I I Is I IWI I i lellclni 1 a Ibll let
ln l rnnln Ihl > ml ol would
rI li rr d Orud > biiiniMi f I t wis almost a
fh t r II him tllliMtlnn
ti M I lhr Ill vhlili ir Cron nwa tour
I I n n i i I 11111 I II hI eiiilnlon but tho
1111 I to II 1 < l IllItli IJII u U limit I ll WIt
d 1 l c I h ufio or r > in nnil t u k
u i j In <
t tlt
tvi l 11 ti hl utlr oor WIIlopJ
Mm t 11IlhJIh o ittirfnl I hIIII
ji In 11t Inl I nrllnaij athlete 11 In i VI I
tiiini ror i Ie it 11111111 I or tin oily I that Iho
tl ionM1 10 I t iii i to ilM nilhlinif ito
nrJ bl 11110 t ot in I if I or icratched
IIMH I 101141 I hIlt lie i wllho i II htrutII
Cnii In 11 111 Iph I 1113 filend fl 1 Dr
rlaJrd ii k tl 1 IHI II I w 11 MidiMilly
1nr r7 11111 i iii tin IIIIII t I I ten Htio
P1 r i 11 tory lIla 1111 In 1IIIle in
I Irl
l tr s 1 Ih HM II their
cury II I 11 11llv l II i il I wilh Ir t Ihlo I ill
Ib vur I Is I r hllI I toiv vr t limit I I I WI
IQJ j rUrtle 10 I 1 bl y t h I 11 t liO I
Ills th Il I 01 i IJ 1Ikn HIoln or 1444t II
b a411 I 01 Wit t Ill I Il lImn 1111 c1 In till RI
1i i l ore 11 I lIiv I hli mul 111 cnl
Ie I tim OI I I 144 WH lrI I tstI Kill ll Ilio I
1011 II I hi I rr IWI 111 Iii I tdr right
hi ouni I I 0 t < 1 cIIII1 I aIn where It
Cfiniiili 1 1Ion ark are stll ills
I K 1 tilt 1 lite Miinl near the watern
J InTJ0 I 1 tlMiniwIwIthRiifh I Iflrrllle
WieT 411 I ill I > i nlnnil I I Iho
I 1 It01 I II 1 lIt Ill I If I lf i inn ti i n
1 I rt I 1 nt iiiiio 111 l44ItlO 11 I Ih iniiriiiiiu
ill t Ilo Ilfrllll
In I II Itv hn Ji in Inir 11110 fli I
11 I l id I r 11 111 tllIIIIVOIV
II 1 I H I n 1 11 hiioi C hi > 11
n II I
Ie Ii YI i od 11 1 iti 1 IIur
III I 1 I Ih I lc I hIP 1ltlrlY 11114
IUI 1 lu li I I illiII In Iiit
Ill I W11 li II Ihl 110 IUOI
b t Ili till iluX I iti slity
p II I tI 1111111111 l J mrl
brn44 101 1111 i 011 t 1 n
Id L l hlihl ti II i I I I hohl I t ro Ihll lay
nl Tl r ae Illululol Ir no 1111bnodeIJ
dTI e llry lokel I J nt Ihobod
l1im k44l body and were then
Llhl t 111144 l lJ thy Do Todd atTt IIIIII Miles
11 Tollllr
ft t Ill Cl I I ii 1 I nt 1 lmIIRIIII l Iheir work
Ib J > I > it 4 u grlt I 1 I onion f ihoulmrno n
lklf I OA iiiiii 10 111 ti I 101 tin r milt ol I
elr st II n nrl I ITiiU that the were
IY fill I m ° 1Ii iiliu Hiijlliinwiiiilll dix
CQ 1 In Item ul yf < tho iluring btutlon the BiitoiHy e was the so I
grat that policemen were detailed to keen the
BldewaikH clear litntho nehoola wtrr diM
mlHtel fur the day hundreds of chtdron
ffrarme Into the slleet in liontot the bulld
Inu und wati lied the big black undrrtut rs
waBOn which nag to tiki the body to town
1 he olce wets olten Oinpllpd 1 to dl lHirts
the noisy little curiosity Hetikert
AtoocliMk the tIdy wrapped In hot wits
traimretred from the tnorgtiato the wagon und
itt e minutes later It Il on Its way in Dyrno
nll I Citrr ii its avenue Din ruddy Imed Ilon h
who found Dr CronlnH rumaln In the utcli i
biinln and who remitlmd nt the ntutlon all al
titnoon WAS lull that at anoeiet confeionro
of tbe nead maiiB trlf nla I 111 i been nureed to
lilly him t2UUU lor hlidlscoxerr The younc
OhiO tnt unay HH nomi as the black wagon
itli the Wllun
Ilh cores dNappeurrd
Jir Todd nald tonliMt that the cktill ot tbo
dead man wa cut Open und Ih brain removed
Oln Inl
After the cc lp hud been taken ofT tho phy
Bleluns dlsooxured that ths bones romi o lna
tbe Bkilll had b t en maikd by the blown tho
Miarp lujtrtiment which probably caused the
doctors death Them WHS 10 sign lit eono
lon nbntit tIle liriiln but tho luncs I an i pul
monary cavity were tilled wi 1 blood I Dr Todd
Bass this mkht havn iPHiilted from the net I
Lronlna body a lioid downward In the
eaten bauln A lUt one half I Im i Ii dtop was
lounrt I lion the no k and I I ev44ra1 bailon I lOll
t tIC lOWe l limbs I I Tho theory I I hat DI I mnln
was choked to I dt ath wan oxptoded T he due
torn lound signs 1 ol BUiloiutlon ills
no nH 6uI0utlon pus
fftLo tliriiuth the wlndplte i h nils unolstrm ted
Dr Iodd declares that both he anu liUiol 1
leiiKiies were HUiprlsed at the tact that them
wn no frniture ol the skull loins or small
bonus ab Ul the face lvn tho Inner Ibo t
of the hlviill was Intact Dr judd Is ol
the opinion that tile cut in Cantos
ccalp must have been malo with I
knife nr some UBhtrr wel lon than
an Irepick or A hatchot but he cannot ao
count foi the canpe of death except irom the
conliinlons resulilne from some blows The
ret ol the doi torn weroul the opinion that
Cronln mleht have b1 killed by the blow at
the oter torner ol his left eye Kren thin blow
was the bones not hard enough to fracture or holluter
Thn teeth were aenln carefully examined to
day bv Dentist Hun He said that there was
no mlHtuko In the Identllcitlim if the body
t ecaiiBe Ihe plnte louiid In tho lower jaw was
the one he Illd for Cionln ni rn yearn ro I
mpp rtedhlx lalse troth two In front and four
on one side The dm list also lileutllloil tile
Bold inline In onn nt the upper teeth
1 has iidiii iiccldui to lioll tile luneral eon
vIces on biimlui nml buiy Dr Cronln In Cnl
Mry Cometury Ti IO < ther anuiiceiiinutM hate
tomorrow been left to night n committee of ten which will meet
Tit LAUCLiiiu May 23Er since the lie
sppnaranco ol Dr Cronln a PhlluiJelplilttn his
been under BUSUIon ant conlnnt Burlei
lance Ills naiuo Is withheld tint he Is I mom
ber of the IrisH Natlii chat and ho has ben
npiominenl local Irish imitator About leb
22 he diHHUi carol 1 after bating made u num
her otinjhteiluusullusloimaH tg where lie was
going In nbout u week his acn Hlntnncos
wIly sun rled to learn that ho had turned
up In ChkiiEo ami was uolm aioitnu the
city UHlnu tlueaiiiilnc lancua about Dr
Cronin and predlitlnc that he would
ho killed Detectives were put on the
mnnx track Immeillatelr after Dr Cionins
disappearance They loaned that the xery
day that tho Doctor was lund to tale death this
man bad wou and quarrelled with Dr Cronin
Ibis time man admitted but ho denied lnulnc
null Intention o < harmlne him or that he knew
nnythlC about the supposed munler Ho has
hal oudod In showing that ho Could not have
been present at the killIng but be Is still
shadowed lor his iiosslhie connection with the
1dwnnl L Carey said yeste1 day that he was
not able to Bay helhei 01 not Ui ronin had
been removed hy h men who were opponents of
Ills In Iiih Hocloties lie did not bohicte that
any one could ho fo blind as to believe Dr
Cronln an enemy of Iiolnnd
Edward J Itowo who was belloted to be n
sympnthl or of the bulllvan sldo in the action
light III tbe Claina Joel In 18S5 ald vstor
dRY that ho hoped that the men who had mur
dered Dr Cronln would all be captured and
linn ed Personally ho did not know Dr
Cionln and had hren Inclined to believo that
Cronin would turn up all niht He added that
there hal I been too many case where irish
men hue ro ortod to violence against mn who
did not believe as they did upon frlnli UIIO
tlons lie believed that Irlshuiru who had the
welfare of their c uniry at beart would
Mntccle to root out nil uh men lie though
POOl talmsair would give 1UO toward the proH
ovutlou of them
An TnMltnllon where the Whiskey Hill
Amount to Over S3OOO at iloalh
CHICAGo May 23Dr Clovcn pr was on
tho stand again today In tbeln ane asylum In
eitUatlou Pay Is an object uttbe ns > kin
he said and It attraos touchs and coughs It
ought to bo cut downBso as tocot only medical
students und those anxious to learn to bo at
tenlunts At one time Dr Klernan made a
rule that all bruises hull injuiles Inflicted on
tho patients bust be dressed nt once The at
tendants went on strike Immediately They
could not bo bothered with so much work Dr
Klernan also afimod i nt one time to allow tho
emHojoo a < ces to the liquor room nnd tho
engineer became oiy angry and threatened
to kick the door down It was no ube to dls
chnrrn the attendants when Incompetent
IIIIY I would 1 come ao ml next ciAo nnd brag
that they could not be illm harued nnd had
m ro Inlni nee than thesucrlntenilent
IJlJld the Htttu Ruts i mlertiike to nilmln
icIer I meillcino is It suited them Ahes
they cave the slorplnc potion whenever they
vaniid tn Dr hlernnn allured this und made
ill uiiei f very unpopular
y How about 1110 o l ndlvpne sof tile Cook
County Asylum IM comi uroil wi h the Mate in
stitutions A1 think In tbe SIll e liistltu
lions lhi < rule Is I ahnnt 8 npleie per month
whllo In Cook countt It HUH at leiift S12 1 be
lt re Cook coiiniT 111I1 i al115 I hlith an 550 rx > r
month per capita I ho most of the e panne
wits for whlckey With 1WU patients In Knn
kikce the lliuor hills umount to tlW 01 iUU n
year lien with a cnmmimlt of nevar over
dUll penplii the bills amounted In tOO or
tlHOii The eicen ho cost was largely due 10
511lir g
V hat cnniit rats out thoro Afhr
ao ran ml e cud all kludnot vermin laitce
and Hinnll
IIWhuro i were they In the wall AWell
> our Honor iI hard to hay vhro they wire
not Dr Kliitnan trio t I for u month tn get tine
tooth comIc but Ih Coin y card could not
si are tho money fiom whiskey bill
Klernnn l Ih utterly I i niole to pievent brutal
ity Ho I I lie I Minoiinlid hi n lot of rnenuo nnd
IH tin I ulo I et 1 of aeonspliiipy I1hlo1t h lie is too
pimple I I mlndd top rcvlM > lie It tm nellCphliolls
and ton eutlh Immt Oled ho Is I title ly In
t11IIII > nf cruelty I romember onie n eiy
IIAV ilnl lunatiu kli keil bllll hAil he WIIH lilim
urn sic a lilt the niln whn un ittoniliint
ahlfd D ctnr html I 1 nu I her In I the I ut lIlt
lOcket llnrirlld Not lit all hlmclnch nut
I hillY whlll ho IK loin i Hulsnuood num
but hn U I iirpin dod by homo of the holdovers
from the old Kane
Ill ATI JObti TU Tlllt lIulJSf7f1O
The Pofurnccr Staotlis Prelrht Iloinm
Spud Wbiirvm ut lUuuii Tiiliit Illl ned
NoitWAlKMny 23rho pIISIIrr Btntlnn
I rIm Icht lou Ucts and Immense ubaixoi of tlio
Huu aii nlo llallioud al Vu llion Iolntwuo
burned ouly this morning The loss Is esll
hint id nt about f 21 0000 At a oclock while
Ktevudoto were 101111111 tIle stoamer Lo Force
for Sw lork a laiuin I one nverturned nn a
bale of jute end tho tlames ipread so rai idly
Hint hIll workmen wore obliBed to lieu for their
liver I In lies than llvo minutes tho main
Iroluht hntihO Was on lire at ever point and
tIe nn > o spri ad to tho intrencur i a I alt Itti ad
jo nlni The liar 0 hod iou 1 t uilu which pie
1111 Ill d ou ho Ianius th unuli the station
nml I I fort olrltl t frelcht I cOt R with their en
WIlts wi 0 on bluln 1Ircly
An UIIIII nnu 11111 car wore sent to Norwiilk
from S u h I Noriiilk but when theHtemnor
nrrlvidoxe v liiiildlnB I I wIt leiel with the dock
nml tho llnmeB wero devouring thn duck tim
ber Jhe J Now Knuland Terminal Companis big
Bteaii er Cape i barlCHWis moor d ul Ito b loiU
a iluml b ir at lerillornw Un but tho ill
lileri tvniKCil Itlid hotrllIIOlly I out of ilaii
KIT Die le lev in hid sti nm up nml miidp
1 I ml I her n > cui e without In uiy Jim I steamir
Ailii n III I the hinno l > ne ell tlmiolnt i or nix
Y i k I about I t ivviiity h minutes I btluir I Ihe I lire wau
di eoxered
Tin 1 IOSM I 10 t Ihll I Ilotisatonlr lallrnl I I Com
pany is I vIr > s erlII1I1I 1IoIUII > l n Mlnni was
Buved but dipt oalliiK dock uhh h hud not jot
bein tired lio omiiaiir had speut many
Ihousan Is of dollars Wilsons Iolnt anil was
doli ua art I Iruiuhl I I lid It Ill there As soon
NB the neteisii y arrangements i ould be male
It ails intemiuied 0 nun cars in trans er I oau
toNiu lurk ihuxiavli s laruelv In time 10111
expense Thecompm wll rebuild at once
Col HtpI non lOIN alManager 1 ot the 1111
ntonle pyslom IIIIM nottlled shliir that there
will be interruption oIf the tin I cht tralllc be
t ciii New 11 prK nn I New LnRland tolnts on
uceount of the burn ne of their height depots
and docks Bridgeport bile been made the
transfer point
OUT HKS ltV > TAthl > AM > BtWTIlEU
nr rtiin ix illS JW
Not no Much 5lnnry In Kpend n the NVrr
Corporation Coilusrl 1 PaI nir < l lnlni rrn
Make handy lerkNlVinltilnl leiinnnii
Thlnrrs wiio very qul > t nt tho City Hull
I yonerday The growling IP of couro nil
don outehilo though echoes of It do not fall
to roach the Mayors Mrs Ito seems to foci
rvlluved at being throueh with tIle work of
I llllln ifllces and najs of the criticisms that
I they do not dtntuib him becnuno hn IH euro or
I the capiclty and Integrity of the men ho has
i appointed i
I Corporation Counsel Clark 1ms thus early I
In his official llfo found that things I at not
what they eeom In oflko Yesterday his Hist
full day ns a servant of tho pootue with a fal
lilT of tUOJi and tnnnoy 10 lilly help besides
was n day of bitterness nnd woo The now
Coipomtlon Counsels Hint Inslctit Into tie
flnnni lal million or his ofllco was ono that
seemed to t piomlo smooth falllntf I and lllioral I
hilovi shill for whatevor inUht iicd to bo done
Thn appioprlitlotiH Inclndod I rpeilal IltI Ill B lo
the amount ot tTfiUOil for the IncIte months
Thorn vvasfiUOOO far sPl11I1 councol fees t0
0111 for local nvpinsos In reference to the now
larks JJjOi for tho > mull purks and t UOJO
for general contlucenclas
I Mr Clink tlioiiLhl ho would have rlont of
money on Iniiul for exti n expenses lut wh < n
ho lookoil Into tho books little ho changed his
Ill I utl and cnmo to 110 tone uslon tIl lit ho would I
Ii at u hard sleildlnu 1 I to Ret rough t tlie t vllr lit
i alt without crlpiilniK tile ppeclal brunches of
I tho seivico pielly I h te erh Ol dieil I l lU
at 011I1 tountitl itpproprtatlon ho lou tmtI that
iu nut hills been spent Allot thii new parks
aplirolli lotIon of IJOuOO has been used nnd
tills I I to i the t amount ot Mun nuiiiit t remam
unpihl 1 lIe llIull hat I npproprla iou has
I teen ilitnlnihUHil I ui H lii IInoi I onlY I iJu77 01 t
the 0 lit I mgti I Inn Ill 1 remains Mi I CIIII I k sauly i
I roll 1011 II lutes the I tact Urn I alt I loco her al I nut
t5 IJDU of thn I71WO f special 111I111 u flll titus
IH I Hioht iud alti r pav Ink II l hn hills ol 1V0 IIu I
I will HUM on y about UUUU to gel thtoUKh tile
I rest ol the 3 OmIt with
lenister Slevin did not fill tha 1 vacancy
1 1 canned by tho reslcnatlou of his deputj tn be
come Iollco 1 LoiniihHsionor Aiiion th so
mentioned lor the phue tIlt James A llai lo >
i who was deputy undii Heclst John iollly I I
nlll I John Uood e a Ultra dintilcl liluud of
I Jteirlsior blevln
Coinmlssionor of Public Works Gllioy jester
day dtIIlndd with die oivieosof 1hu Lun
I Over 111111 JIIIn i 5 hilt ii ilcrKs In Iho I ito relull of
Iuenmbrancos No ai p Intmt I lilt a wet III lImbo
In I their t plaioH I as hut would iimiho tho i o
co111 > ot cit II service oMiuilniition lint two
Tammany men Imman IK eO lynn and Ed
ward OConnor wero npiolned iletailRil la
I brers and assigned t > till work that thu ills
I charted clicks hivo boen dnlni tlntatled
I horace get from JM to JlfO u lay and do nil
Boris 01 woiu under that t do laiintl nor In
borne caes do very little work o lilly ert
I The iiornian Democratic I orKinlutlon i i over
which John 1 ivhm 01 iii 0 piouldefi I Is the ono
that suppoited Oian lorMiyor Aobnd In the
orenniailon Ut ai yr it t tin when the oflleiM
were bunded out ami they I re > hotter t than h tovo t
I plates bey bad nslod for one COlllln IIhIOIl
orshln on the Hoard a KM se and buoy wore
I not u all pleased when Josei b hoch 11 that
Aiesolntlon censuring the Mnyorwas pro
posed last nIght by JrJ 1 resl IlItt and ieionded
by 3ir Demi wolf 1 1 Miller cilil dint If 0 >
i I man cIt Iztne could nm Ill 111111 to tuck on a I Mac
or an 0 lo their nimis Ibex wnuhJ rnie xe
reeoiiniilon rom the thor This last leiuark m
provokOI creat cheer and lauuhier J bclioo
mauer paid that locepli 1 i hoihoi I the I 1cieiu
lioiid WItS orlll1e1 to the Gtt tHrillS asader
man but he Bald nNo that tommlisioner
Koch tries no n 010 II liciman than he nho
speaker was 11 n IiUhnmn m 111 Clint rn in aid
4 II 0 do not demand B oils but xxo want ho I
I Ocnnan element icpreoenied in our vai OilS
Hoards In the emil It Is matter of lontiiiit
between Ooxeinment IIn1 I cltiens W a Kavo
Ihm our support and uo want a lair repre
Tho roholutinn was somewhat mndifled and
then unanimously adoi ted at follows
Ilnlr Tbnt rue iterman vtemenl In I New 1ork tn
the recent pittiiiiuiiln ttiaitc b layer TAIII wHHiot
conllclrre1 afl It hnuld hKie beeu acccrdiuif 10 lls
uuiueric l strength anil Ito rlcti n
No Money for ncnititli l > a Ixt nnes or
for the Volunteer Mrrmrn
Tho Hoard of Estimate nnil Apportion
ment yestonlay authorized Comntiollur MJOIS
to Issuo HllUOOi ol bonds to ratio monev to
build school houses at IJiUli street and St
Nleliolan avinno lId IGUd s reot and lalo
avenue They aUo atiproll bitted JlUUOiJ to
finish the new Hinlem Hixor Hiidco
MIh lei Crine laded to Bet appropriation
I of JlO X to imy the bill Inenrrol by the olun
leer Iliemsn In eniortiililnc visnlnc llremin
durIng the contennlil chow and 0 1 A It men
WOO aslod for 5110 toWard Decoration Dn ex
lenses lynn similarly disappointed Tho bud
Bet cannot bo opened to put the o Items in and
there is I norlnp irtmi int I huh will I latin I tem
ami conH > nt tu IIlrlllll t ot I anv haltinc
IreslJent llir oy if till 11 e Dei arum nt had
the designation ol the next lire i nglu house
to bo built chanced from 1 list 111 I thtieut I I to
I o t lllth street us the need I moro piestm
on the wot side lor the bennlli I ol tin inict
sIde n eonii LillY wilt Po houseii 11111 fuel do Put
un II the lliiiti 141 cut imoice Is built
hue question whether hunouuto Hansom
I can benollt by the II tot i llay ia iss 1 imro is
Init lie salary 01 I tho oilier finci 2MM to JIV I
hUh was referred to Coiporatlim luuncol ClarL
I toy an opinion
I Excise I moneys to the amount of JIOOT 12
won I distributed I lOll iharltilblo IlItililUllons
designated law
A Itlll llllt AT ClViXJ tB HOOK
The PnrnfHne lt > r > arlnirnt ciflhe lilrwiitrr
Oil Ctinipuuj ti IMuut l > r liU3vcl
Tlioro tIlts a seiieo of 1JlIII > loll in till
pnrafllno department of till Tidixxater Oil
I Company plant at Constable b Hook I I about
P M yesterday nml In a few mlnu Ilnmea
shot up from the underground tlory of tile
bulldlnc II oaiiiloneluiirblory structuro
40 act I vxlilo and IIIO0011oulr 1 In half an hour
the hit e rOul was all allie I hue llnmiH Tind
smoLe rope blah In tho air and vveie vlsiblo
101 lulled uroui d Ihe Jliiioiiiio II lio Dipa t
ment I IIHS ted tln employees in I tivlnu I i I I put
out he I re At u oeoik the I wnlN b < tin to
fall and In half an hour only the I xen o II wall
I was Man ilntr At 11i 1 HIM fir < WIIH under contml
I bin the lug I uoi I ufoi 1 lIIIIIIOH1 I w ix was Mill
i tiurnniK brlK tl > A hit bk pump I honsn JU by
I 4n I feel WIIH dotroed t and tho I o tOm br ol II
I neluhi I tirlnu f ii ole bull t i Inc i usoil toi triO
i Inir tl o II Ill Ii ilK liiull ci nrre I
j U he main hulldinu lontalned 1 about 2W OOn
poumiH 01 1 ariillilieand Its HiMeen i Hlxtybartol
vitH wore mil of oil 1 he ice on this 11111111114
IK J nbont JlOuiiU on maehineiy 12 lilt I nn
paralllno S 25UUI on oil 17otio Iho 1 total
lies Is ebtlmutod to be biitwoon tsuuuu und
S 10
i tie ilestrovpd property was formerly port nf
tho works of Lombard AIoli < V I o It Is I
bald that the I lire was auBel by an olectrio
l bpurk from n d immo In tile pumphouxo
I Ionrher Kmllb Nut Quenched Yet
Tim dptnrniiimtlon of Commissioner of
PublIc Works Ollroy tnhanc 011 to die salary
nnd powoiHOf thootllionnd D loWlier Mnltha
duleimlnail u I I n lo I cl tl t I em buck If noRsIb o tire
not niieciod by Iho I lapse ol time Tho 1 bra Inc
beloio Attorney I tinoral TIlt or on Ih I Il till Ittt
tloii te uosllnu him lo liocln lilt lIst I IttIto
iirm iti d m B Is I set d wn for not Il Idai In Al 1
lan I in il I the I Count Denioc Ula city I dial h thoir
papwrs lIst already made their case good In
that ollli bats opinion
unite Hericeuutri Will Ue Tried
Inspector htcois Irllustlir ted yesterday
the IlKit betwown HerueiinlB Myron Mlon and
Corntllus Weston behind die dfk of the Irlnco
Htreiit station mi Wulnciday nlhi I and or
ilirol I I apt Tnomi ma to piofer hanua
ami lift bih Koi ennis fill londiul unbeiom
IIIK nn olllier 1 ill Inpeitoi I ennui IUTH tie
men about eiiually I t at fault I Ihey haxn en
Ired 1 inniplalnts aualnnt each oilier nt 1ollco
naif tbe Iloclorn Oot Her llauichtei
Upon nppUcntloii of Mary Unas Judue In
I Irrahara yMteiU ly ifrauted a writ of liabtas corpus I
rruulru ir Or I iivtno f Itrltr tin le to hOt lie lu I Ru
m rnu 0111 < ham rn tlm I reUur ilaiuhicr I ouise
I llaaa I > lr 1 < llakliUri lhit i in phnicUu Is j wruu
I fully vitliliuiliuji thus Llnil frum her
Koyol lluklne Powder Al olutelr Pur
I Icr tuentjllve years the btauJard Adc I
Qtittk lime to Vnnhlncloa and the Vet
I MA ihf ruitlmore ana Ohio lId teNS nw ilirouvti
fulluua lorvlct 10 Cnicigo Ciuclcuni Lint bt UsuU
I It the rUim rote not Inl nitrl tu tn mad 10 as 10 Im
pr ho tell > I II iriiulT wu in not rtalr frtm ii 1 Ir
for lint I III imoo i In icy hal lllr < tril H the I
eatt rIp Iii ili u I uiix rorilolnlaoV iiuworki I To
prune lu oily lot l ke > i Uri Unul Ncle Couiriuj
III ICt lKBKlton AcCepted and lie Will
Take Ilia unite to Atmtrutln
At n ppiclnl meeting of tho North Now
York CongroKntlonnl Chinch last night tho
resignation nf tie naslor the Itee John F
Hooper wns unanimously accepted This nulnn
was duo tn the scandal cauied by tho pas
tors elnplnc on last Irllny with il baa Maiy
Curtis Iho dniiBliter of harles Curtis vlco
principal of tho public eohool In HOth street
with whom Mr Hooper 1101 to board
3 ho church lulls nn enrolled conKrcjmtloti of
about 75 nil of whom nro rOm etiero from Ht I
raulB Ito ormed Church They banded them I
teo < together last Decembor and oummed
Mr Hooper to pienoh to them after ho had I
been dismissed for cause from Ht 1nula
Church llonpor Imd been divorced linn
his i rut wl t o in I Ciillfornlu I nn i his intentions
to MiKSl I mil were 0111 s1 hi Her Purrn
Tinelnti couple tvlm mrutlrh bad In Union III I
nnd on Mumln lust they ictuinoil tn Jlntt
HUM I I n On I I I ue < 1111111I t hrldw ret It nnid tuhor
piiiiMitsnnilareionelliiitlnn look lilIes
On edn < layi loik of thn Cnnuioifntlonnl
riiuieli llnus n culled on Mi llooi er iiil In
iMid hilt i he Kliould lelun > ter lliuer
wiote 01 I hits lOlunmlnn I nni when the meet
I big wns will und r tiy hen i nillit I lie I Wilt Ii id In
lIelore tile old i onuroKiitlnn ami hnnilo It In
Hem lolin tnilsai who protided About
half nf I thosn p o ont wero ninoti Mr lloopnr
wlw re ueted lo fpak Ho moiintel iho
plutform and said lhat nlthnuuh a niorn jiull I
IntiH pieaeher than ho inlKlit be found
a hut tter I u urniclu than ho Is could not possllily
be obtiilnoil for time eatery Ills salary 111
Jljlin I l u enr lIlHaureiinent I I I St 1111 I lit 0 I that t
Ill lioiiid be emiloied one oar 1111 t have one
months acallon I In nrtlei to ful Ill t lit Mien
thin clinise of the I ei ntruet tho cotiKrecailon I
roMiHoil that t MI t II ii o ors reel 11111 1011 noid
not tni1llecl until the 1111 Hnmlay n hmo
here was some ilHatlfmtion ex rewed at
Mr Hooi ems speech hut Illtoor ho had retired
thn tcincroeiitlnn plelued iholr Inltli In tho
otllreisof t t lit chun and eve m Vt Il I nc onled
cheeriul y Mi I I < lnd < iyul I that they 011111
han nn illllctllty In lltidlne HOliiehmly lo
reach tn tlioinneroBitlon iintHanxn pmtni
could bn I found Mr lloolicr Intends too to
1 Collrrlll HrNcrllicH the l > cmo lri llonti
lit nlllcll Iumon llimird antilnlrd
They Rot rcnily to WOI k In tho Gpiiernl
Sessions yesterday tryIng Imson Howard for
MS ulmip In the electric nuui robbing swindle
Mrs Filend his umplo ftepilixuthter suit be
aide the dofoi dant It took Mr Davis lor 110
people live hours to tell tho jury how a com
pany was mlsed on the strength 01 n process
for leavIng rllll stearin barrels up flairs and
cettlnu n lined sugar out of n SPOUt down
stalls ana then tho President of the company
llllnm II Colle rill was called as the llrst
I Ills irossetrtmlnntion mnv bo Interostlnir
Ills dire t examination went over sestorduy
the wellworn sti rles of his first aciiunln aico
with Prof Friend nnd the retinue of his willis
relatives and the first demonntratlnns or
t II I btiullt of conflillnu I capiniibts Howard
as iHtui at all ol ttieui
Mi Cot erlll was nroucht un n lawyer ho
said but for soxeial tears had dovnied him
se I 1111 ely to electric suuar Fileml
pisteil on IeclnniiiK with a pi bIt I to pro i lice
41 Oil ito rls II tlllr It was ileclle 1 to start a
IliiliM I 1 I i o IlIn1 lend to have 31 perient
of i be I sIn k Tlie co tr el Wit between Irlond
und IIIH wile and liobert S Iawrenco Ilio
wltms desirlbid the ilemonstr itlons upon
rlh lawiencex H faith urru ounild On
leb 1 7 ts1l 1 Ihe wiimsses Item tukon to a
rom In Friends house anI I shown somothini t
coverud 111 i 1 on It tabo II d I a barrel nl u I uiw u
snuar 1 lucy OYiiminnl dm room nnd weto
then I pxelitdnl 1 be were lot in I acaln In I i an
IICHtI I r i nnd a hlll f duilni m I which tl I ex had lin Ill
nrumblnir I 1 I I ti i nle 1 and tlo I > found II barrel of
111111111 I ly 1 roMnrd sugar
At unoiliKi riemn stratton ihc raw sugar wns
weluhed ly him elf Mr Deyo and Mr How
ard and the weight was kept secret from tho
I Irnffssor Th re litlu bMwenu 3 and 4 por
I tent IOBS In the rofliilnK rroce s
ol oIloxvsThat I 11115 II lilT rcnceof 9 or 12
pounds In H barrel Dido llnd Iny i trace of
this remnant or reluso In the room after Ibo
opt ration 1
I oO No sir
Tho caso will co on this morning
llUHfltLE Ililt MUCH ton 1I13T
Extire Chief W m t timlttl foUnnn Him
fell Ovir KIN Market hlnll
William G Smith the first Chief of tho
Ifoboken Tire Department lommltted xuUido
In his ptand nt Vest jdilnctou Market on
edncda nLht 110 wits a piodtice ilouler
and hnd MuniN M and 112 hare avenue in tho
now markut nnd in the loll al ove thorn he was
found nt 01 odocU yestenln mi rnlnit lj an
emplo > co Adam ritZ 1 Ill IfllA dlId libido I
him Inv a lame widemouthed hottle half full
of lump of f u VM n 11 of iot i slum
Mr Mnltli hud been iulireeti by personal
RIll I niiHinias t ou lee In hits no kns tta
found 1 two In terh I JnewiB on jilter hen < led
llpniklyii I htixl k Hunch 1 A M liolinir Iro I
I rletor It inme loin I Mnnti n Nob and
was hltne I llunry E It uudrtetj Jl I Smith
not to let u note due A liken cndurud br Mi
hmllh won him I lIlt WI tIer pro Iced to
Kind him a draft for tJlOj before July I Ho
You harf ha1 nniKli tronnlr wIttiest this w rry Stn
Were kiinl rnonirh 0 cml Ioor < f n e fli e lrr i a 0111 t jiu
tor a in u fill think Mint e rtiulU rena your kllulncua
by maLlr you jiai the motel
Another letterw Irom hs son Wlllinm who
had ton rill minI In hlnnton leh It btcati
I inir nut inter ha teen I recrhed I am orcy tn hear
swell luuo iou haTe uo ioea I how It stii ikcil tue whan
I reul ho loft
Till IB lelleved to refer to family trnuhlo
thoiiuli its Irlt I nd hI nni letlrent t t J he ions let I
tel nllei tInt netiilleil lIIlnM I > tronbli and
asti l I for inoi ev Fi rlv d tIllIr In ea li wns
found In I Mi 1 r 1011I11 I I I hIs ill cktt Liitiic Ills I I luuly
vas riinouMl tu his home J liobolen btrcet
I Viest Ilobokon
I The Mercuiatlle llliiur > ti III be Rebuilt On
tile sainr StIr
Clinton llnll In Astor pIne > which for
nearly thirty soars has sholteiod till hoolo or
the Meriantlle I I Ibiary 1 I AsBoclntlon is to I lo
torn doxxn mil I a 010114 nIl Iliepruof library I I
bullolim will beiiocted on Its site Active op
erntli ns will not 11Itln 1 for nbout n jear as
Boveinl 01 tho b ftO In thpold Imllillni do not
nn out until the lirst ol ext l Mil Ihennxy
building will be six or eIght storlo hiuli
and txvu I storlos will ledeoed t tn tlm library
In IHiO I the i Union Hall Ah oelallon bonuht of
lumen 1 D Flhh proporly lit llromluay nml
F Ii I It VIC orith street Wit ii the Intention I of t
111I II I iii II Inn there Of bite tho t advun i atos 01 Iho I
present silo havn beon impreBsoU upon tlio
trusip nnd nbout iwo months Itini tile lirond
Wit I HH nns until I lo I liobert hoc lor I lllli2SO
nn Increase of about soMinty Kr cent upon
the irk paid
Tilt new bull lIl1 will roM pintiahlv moro
than siuiMinii 1 ho llbian now contains nearly
iSUOOU volumes
ISlOfUillll Itriililillinni Ilenr Hud New
DiscouragIng reports are Bald to have reached
Dronkliii laitnlai Iruiii Iha ileiniiloni f llcpubllcau
llutriltn Klin culled on tbr I Il h lilent In XX > hiutini
yea enliir able non la urie the uhiohmul colt or Thro
ilore II WillIe uc hUHr nr blue Iort ll I Ce elt lust
Mr l Wia I < brliilil Ice S oi hid innUlitd hiMihln air
11 iOIh i
anil na JHIIIS Miurt ii lIme till nor or tIe I rui nun
altleil lor ilie ipj oln nirii
1 lIt nevia i lurid mitch 1ririilnn at Itcnuhile n
lien liitiurUf in Hr > l > n na lIe IIIM C rrQ ill utinu
la r irl I
coniiIiriii iiiat t u IIAII fomn lilt sill I or tOtt lir 1
Miirl 1 who I 1 attlir mi aKfil tie i Mini 1 aln lor lljiriloon
MIIU 1 larry a 1 lln > nrlit I IJ llrlml lie ii 14 I tat 1 klit C
tie rifni lrttioii ant hrlntluAtilU aupirir of serrilary
1 riy Ml I tXIIU I III I a ul ivil irfu u > e In to I n c cl
with any iiilnur tttcf Hill I lie will nun Ii I put fn score
trahiluir lor tho Maya y iuit IIIAUOU iten I tan
Hlllioi uielt he I Muni If UNA pall I Ilia au eitnrl to bal
tlaror Chapin wouhl b Hlnini1 tuli i tee Stioull the
tiiiNivniNi I e reporu 1 Irotu I XX nthlnfrimi I ho coniirmfl
there wIt I Oe a irnol deal of smienees la I Urooklln
tosard lj AUuihil ruliui
I Kllad Iliiekley Call Oil the Mnyor
Chris Iliieklo the Dllnd Boss of Ban
Francltrii whmr poililon m Peiuocratlo politico Ihrr
Ii aDs moiia in tiatntxr aiD Irtkerd here pail hit re
aptria 11 Mavrilrani al hollu Hall yes erdar It
S a > rCO1 a IIPI by Intrli Sbr ly Th > bail a Ionic
I wal I fur lIme ttttii nf ci itmitlt ana AI h purl iniivni 10
I album anil Hun eoluytil a churl but pliakaui Chat
I StIll Hi Mayor
A Verdlrt of Wilful Murder
I Tho Coroners jury nt Newark In thoctieot
Jatutk lIaR wli 00 n IK inok by I llunaxv l II Ilttmeiliotor ou
Mm lar nijtit miiUreJ a xcrillci late uUlu uf llul
i mu ilrr
Hln IlrutH the Vnrnna nnil the Irex nire
Wu Viirlilnnirn Here nnil In Inlitnd
Think lh New Rarer In I u looil Inr
LONDON Mny 211111 tItter Vnlkyilo to
day lOtnpetpil In It rnco asnln t tile lro nnd
Vaiann TIle propoBud courso was fiom
OrnvoBend nioiind the Mouse LightshIp nnd
back Owlne to the nbseoio of wind how
ever they tluly wont to tho Nore and back
Tho finish was n drifting match Tho VulUrlo
won busily
Todays race proved nn Inllnltely I tether lost
of thoVnlkxrlo than cdnus aa rnco which
was virtually lIver the sumo course Tiioal
kyrlo made an uxcellent start In a light oust
Alnd The Yninnn was closo at hand fni Bomo
time hut t in I short I OCt III If on tho Ki nt allure
the Yalk > rlo met the anita on tho turhnird
tmlck nnd the lattoi took tho tldo t way gl i lxlim 1 I
tho Valkyilounndvnntasewhlch she Increased
to tho Nore nnd 1 maintained ilurmf the I run
homo until I nlm d at the I top I 01 Si nreach
rinally I light I I MHiduHMerly I brew o took I tlio
loader to the llnlh Tho mel abandoned tie I
race at thin Nore
Tne Valjrles performam was Kreoled with
heart chcois by tile Bpoitntors nn tlipconi
mIlieu lioit who cMirossid treat toullduco
In her future
Ilipimis culls the Vnlkrlos rformnnco
n brilliant I display of I I gIltIt cult lie I nned It
was uo moiiii lerfoimnnco I to beat the nrntm
by upxvard of lour minutes I I nud lie t lre I by
fifteen mlniitOH in u dead beat In n Unlit breeze
to Iho MHO
So IOIIK as the I breeea wora nvei I Ix served
out tho Vnlkr I 0 II hIS alxxnxs tibia to I k iou ti Iho t
niaim tUln plnnnl nn ler the leo uid MIle
was hy tin the lalerb n with III Ill ill
wnrd I tho < ml I t lie VaUjrlo e was ftivoied I lo som
oxent by luck
i IniPtu I I I the t oreYIII k nit 2 hours in 1 m n
uteM 0 i Hrconils in ana 2 houis I I nilnu es
b noiida Ircx 2 hours 2 j minute ii tcu
llmo at tho IshAalkyrle 5 hours 0
mlnuieo u seconds itruna 5 hours Ul min
utes jj secoii8
Iho aIi ilu was eptlotmlly smart In
Wi atherli c ustenmer in Iho N te u not n nrd
bein wasted Iii 111 1 l44 1I111e1 to I I e In
fn oroi t tlm a ana nui the wltul WIH IllIt I
and ml ibhinnd auorded uo chuuce of bbon C
inn bur test iiualitlcs
I The ailei I irpmtsof tho I malilon rno of
Lord Dunri ons new lutiei lkrli > on Wed
no da s 11 nil the xailitsmen 0 h I roil I em
to OlIrln out jnsi what kind of antuKonlst
thin Ai etl I as Cup i liullrnor Is gibe 10 bo
Ihe 1 ion lUslouihala I l u1 I many CeltIC lo was I
that Ins I rdshlpsUMit t Is glIb to boa mst
one she miidtt the hist tlnio I o ei the thlrty
1 sixmil 3 ItlU rat I om linveeml I to I the Ivoro
nnd bill b JnilnuiesJ i OCOIUIHand vo was
beat n on thin allowancp htot xlnii thaI Bhu
Imd to iillnw tho I nriua about six minutes I
and ti i o win er he Dveihoi i II new lUlon
mr oxer i ton b minutis 1 I Ihe wlmi was llijlit I
over most o Ihe c IIre but wheiivei It
freshen d thn new < ut I er gull neil iuu the t i nrn nit
e iHLlal I y wl on tuiinlnc I i ui ire tlui t wind with I
snlniiaker net aihiHmen ureun troll his
tha the uik > rle Is u remarklull co il licht
weathei boat with a promlsl u lutiir be tun
her vr n sue meets tbo imuna ui d Irox In n
tooj biee o
It I s a err Kood per rmanco sold n
prominent I ilit Ill I or ol the I N ii w I ork iiuht
Club letenlax and I am si rpilod that siio
illd B > wel lorverylexxuewloil h can IZii out
tutu sill MSI I ie as thai I to boits a Silt n o il
IYCi in ni nil re James 1 mitn I bai mm
of he AmerkuH dm ommltiee lat i that u
virx cooI I nlea h of the I alkvilesHi i I eiannow
be had ll is Ian snld he tInt she is a
large l ont and hat I hovnl n > ewill not liaxn
to clxe bet n s lan mi iilowan asat htrt
uppoel nml that n mail h I eivxren horn will
bo a sury Inicret nc oit > st
lo I tIlt Ii III g the V I ii Ill ro re present I osi t loll
neither tIll tiiumoiloro IIir i Mr l Jams wero
a le to t ui y The ctininiteo I IIP rn cit Oil io
olTli lal iuiormul nn from t nn 1 a ne about
I w hat Is to be done with her but I I a logo her
likely they I si > lmi when t lie time I I comeurn
Pull e will tormuM plnce hon lit Ihe I disposal of
dip com il l Ito If dot nrel her todeteii i lIlt
cup Here istlioJmo l inudu b > the ivinnors in
Uuesda s tutu
n l jv i i
tnrt nrtllli II t
ft iwf rrlf ii s nuc u M 5
Dfrrh > ind 1 ll t n 4 47 4S liii
Vr 1 i J II 1 I 4 it t 0 4 Cli 24
Turn a 1 II i t I 01 I u i JI 4 7 1
I H krIe 4 II 4 il ili 4 I ml
Iret it 01 ttlm0 thiiu
Li icJ N Illl J14sIII
Cnmmnitnrn Cri Iven a Hull on ho
i rilit HIT ttcUe tIC llospll it
No Uillroiitii llodi oxoi lonUoil Munltln
as die I ijunrter deik of oinmodoru Ilbili M T
Ciorryn Ill 11111 vuchl 1 eilrn at 11 uMotik last
nluht wl hell the Sit utttie of an lliim ulati wait
fI Ohm Iando s orhi siri tells waited iishon to I
tho eirsof f lie i patients In I Ilellevuo llo I I I tut I
Thoic it li > at anchol nt the toot ot Uiibt
Tuiinuiclith 1 SI taut A llmsuip I ball WitS flAt
At tilt starboard cmcway tile Commodore In
011 iuli tim lull I tliess I iioned t tilt CIUIIB I A 1
diuiiinu tiirtx on boat tIle Llmtri hi been a
lit s I erne of his or some ilinu and HKI I
vxeuthei mst nlclit nlthoiih u trio o I was
just nnht lor an lIlt iloo iluno Jiuasntov I u
ncll > lIlt 01 d orn el ho for thov dune d
iindoi Ill llitltiitgl tho HI mo belxxen which
amlu i tIle bmwiiri mil was nil eneosnl with
ClIll this nni l reltl I detuia od Inboud vxith
ponnants buiu s umi en IKH
Twn steiiMi hi milies In Itll o of JlistMnlo
1lii nml l ee ml Mate I iilson with iiLiiu J IB
fiorth ami Hummel I I wne kept busy lor two
houis brlnuln nil hum is
1 ne mailiuesls ixein nenily all daCTS If
tile itrboiril stile XXUK iinher I urtiMt i nml tlio
I oil sldi < it Illile up hill die diil < k xXiiHa lino
dim lou Hooi ind I bom are mini LIOI Oil
lucre n bo nd a i lit 1 ho llaube lee l ed tabhut
was the supper r mm
JIlt ile k Ill LI und alt was Illuminated bx a
hundred I ehcliulluhtH I I placed alone the edge
Of tllu UWIllllLM
Mrn IbrllKo T 1 leiry tlio CommoiloreH
v > lfi > reiiMvul I thu Jileslrt In the ituidek
Shill In a m hml h LOuii ol w ilo lillj I MIIIIII
I Dliiim m Is spark il in lion hostnut hair > ISA
Ill ir y thn > onuiiodoin s ouiiLt dauili
ten xvoie u eninning Mui 01 litruied fuillo
1 nimaiso with a met Inn to tihuuulh i Miss
Jiftl o iiirt wo n a i Ktt whili uolli xindeii
KuwnoMi P do i him sin d en not dnnie
Ms Dil y llnrst diuihti if Tn is ier
Hurst of dm NfM nrl tiulil I tiitl hurt a
dessof tItlu I sIlk knllH pit atml an I a iluliny
bomet to ininch U hss 11 I I ano Duel Miss
Adelaide CI I i nl sin Mi ls s Vem iulcn tlm
MissHx Minds hIa 1 Ihel l > uroM Mix
lluridVTp nn 311 ii 1 PI n Install uum ieity i
tounii of loulaid and soit bilks lio Cutler
did 101 almlt ol luMdiess I
Iho fttvrs foi 111 i filth XVPIO shell fnim
tied with pink ilbbons u illvoi amJo I ru ol > lx
vsIth litde bells res mhll c liinl rns iinilnnt
fiom thi m Mlve a hut ties ami pn HOI sem lit
v ilin boiis nern loi tho miii and HID itt r
inbiii tables weie I t led with big I bou iiiol > nf
jnck rove an > nthei OWCIM I o vx nil iiuiI I aft
nloni liesiiowxxlutn tii k Ihi imp es gllill I hi
tIlt woorthreo waltstepolka und hullpast
10 win n blur bunr lor tl ieiniiiii tieio inken
nnd i Moulu d 1 Toll led It 011 thi iiiuirier
duiit I with the t I ililbtidleiouI piiUv dauchlor
Ameli a hlnuston I ji rr ttti wip bo om ot
net I season d butaues I i him w ro n con of
white I llv with b un lioilii satin r tmluuhIe Ill d
n In et e I rnii I hat Tlm Mis s Morum weio
thn uM I i In > en mid al leant thlit inuplei en
joxed th d iliio
MIPIIII I ItO orvpil jnnl bnf > r > > mldnirht nnd
the uiimit wii lesumed alter It reiuhlon
Unlih lImbO lloxund inLoxviix Moore A
Cm ill Nil l ian Ulltehouso l litmeni Murch
M i Dum an ll 1 I idwar I llvlnustoii mid tho
llirrnxus linlhn H took inn In It Ii hn J 1
Astor I Dyer Ir the MOSHIS Ijinvlaml ItlUi
srI T I 1 son I mxls H Jhimtiin Jmniis I
Kern linn I Ml I 1 lltust 1 1 0 Ihlnelund
er lliirold liaiilnx and till iisrs Ctmtiet
wen also amoiit tlio Cotti un il ores IUHIH
e len 1 dm I Ii tI sri Clill actor struek four bulls
In thu middle watch Ihn I unests had LOIIU
They Wrui hugh J Krunt Nriklle
Till UriBSihillCliib XXHB fminiil I i last ri lcbtt
to act us n sort of tender tn the Kairauunbott
Club l and It IH mti n led I to ni like It In tho I upper
end of th Mnoleonth dintriit wild Iho Surra
imiBeit is lu Iho Ipwor pan 10 push Minor
I Irani I lo tlm t trout I Uxci i y ono of the 1AI I hull Ill
be rs wonts a llnuh I I J 1 Irani neikde h The
IroHidi nt Is I P I llolahau hues Vlcelri Bldent
WI I rldlllnc I I and the t heinndU oIreaident I
Dnmlnb Ii I luiarriil 1 ot the Miiroif oillco
I lie and Iulleo Iuitlcii 1 Daniel F MeMahon lira
two or the uicmhirof the Hoard of Manuiiors
Her Former HerTamm Urpeet the Hlorr r
n tonnplrucy tn IllAst her nepntatln
Tim Hrcotitl trIal of the Hitltof Emma L
Enmcs agaInst Frank M Fnmos for absolute
divorce was btouchtto n close vosterday In tho
Bupromo Court In Ilrnoklvn und resulted In u
victor for the plaintiff The jurors dell ernt
I ed for only nn hour before thox reached A
verdict There was n dlBagronmont In the
first trial tho jury etnndliis 3 to 1 In favor of
the plaintiff
The testimony nt each trial wnaBtilistnntlally
tile ai1he Tho taso bad many strange and
sonsatlonnl toittires The couple hiixn been
married eIght or n ne ears and have lived all
that time with tholr two children In iicoltnca
nt Hay IlldKO Knues Is oncneid In a mann
taclurlnR biislnoss with his brother and Is re
lated by niHrrniLo tnnxMuyor s Whittle Abi lit
Blx mm diB IILO Liimes brought n stilt HKiiliiBt
his wile lor I nus lute I dhoto nimlui Urorc >
Hiitullinn ns orespnn lent Mr hamrsilld
not ileleud th suit xxhen it was railed or nlul
bcfoin I Justice 1 luidvlt I I and jildumeut
would pro hilT have I pen 1111 OIl unnlnt
her by delimit had not Jusllen I attlett
dlfcoverod that the respondent wan a
brother ol the t IMendant lilt luomi gii III I Is tact
was nni tald In the romiliilnt nr oplaln
to tl I n I I ourt by tie IdOl 0 I Itt e lawer h lustlO
ill 1 ri Ic t then t naslii d tho I proc pit I ugs nnd
nrlpr d H new tri il Mr KMIH uppetiKdand
aliened tint > lie hnd bopii deceived In regent
to m die t papers whlcn she had sit ned 1 lie t lal
resulted In a veidlct for tho Ieendant who
dm b ought n loiimor suit allegIng long
1011 Imipu III i treatment I nn tin pa t other bus
bin d and gunmen IniproprletleH with two tar
Cult I S who had lifpu t eni I Intrd by tar I
In I the orlrlnul I trial In I which the I liii stand
was tho I plaitHIT I I both rirB trutllled I i for him I
an I swn n that t thev had witnesHpi I improprl I I
sties bptwoui Mis lames mid her broiler
Thox Wl1t4 BUbHii men ly arrcslrd and Initialed
for per HIT lInt I WillIe In lull fonfevsid that
thev had ui to t rod Inton i t oonplracx with I Iieiis
to hast his Vi flea re untlon They testified
to the Bum cOo t at rach nf the subs ucnt
trials The Indl tinentu uualnstthem will now
probably bo wlthdinv
Thiee Ilnnunay Itnj From ilrmer City
Jirrenteil In 1hllHrielplilav I
PiTlLADrLlliiA May 23Chilf of Pollen
Worn rocilved nteltKrum tonltlit from Jor
BOX City slunan John M Doeim requesting
him to in rest throe boys who kit there on the
813 I1 M train oxer the Pennsylvania toad
Iw detectives wore ncenrdlncly detailed and
when the train uriivcd at the Itroad Street
Station nt 11 oclock the boys wero acre ted t
At tho Centiul 1ollro station they cave their
names as 0 K Unices acid 14 VolnryGIl
belt 14 nnd Charles Dupret 15 The toys
were walkIng nrprnnln Each was provhli d
wltharillo lartiido bolt and rnvolvrr and A
Benreh of their hucxiiue broiiRlit to lIght a
small bias iniinon ammunition theiefor und
lud > JiKIO artrldfos
In ml iltion I to this t tleybnd I flhln < r tm t kip
Ill rk lintenii huso ball I outhts I mid dm other
p rap oinalla nf n sp rtsman All theIr ac
inut ements were of the finest kind They had
Ihioiinh tlckes Irom Nsuv hot It 11 Iouisvl le
ami tine ot dm lads stated that their declina
tion was Sacrnmen Cal I
bile on theIr xay 1 unrrn Chestnut street In
npattol uncoil ono of tho boys brew away a
re nivor ant box of i art rhinos Th x were nil
welldipfsol I I I and stipule I with i I monex Al
t hioiu I nei 01 II I seem no hi of their I clothing And
bnccuiru was niude tlie ikteetlxestullid to fun
mix cliareites J he bos aro hold tu await the
uirnul ot Mr Dormer i
To Yrlo the CapItol Appropriation Dill j
AUUNY Hay 23It Is now reported that
Gnv Hill will veto tho bill appropriating 372
Wiil or rot airs and Imi roemnnts to the Cnul
tol with tl e exception of two items tho one
nin onrl > itinK tin010 for remedying the ganl
I lily defects und Jl5iii I lor 1 ret itlrti lo t the roof
I lie ioeminent hold that thn a proprli
tlon Is lot large en ugh nnd sufllclent munar
onuht to l e appropriated to complete the
wholtt bnllillni
U hn Governor also obected tn the appoint
ment > f a i omnilBlon 10 uerlntenil the work
wlileh hn Iiso tH should bo ilono nntoi the
snpervlrtlon nl < aplti 1 CommisIoner Perry
wbiwm unpolntnl by Got Cleveland speci
ally for that iou post
Cultlnic UfT Home of Long laland City
I There are nearly 410 saloons In Lone Island
ity silt I tl t I xuae Hoirt 1 cnnildcrlnif it r dOllied I
Uo 11 fur llceiiHVR for tIe en ulnir yar Only IMny
Bfvrn licvnsra tare loin giamilel I wtihln tlift tail two
wets allhouirll oiir z pp IHlloll lmae beet uuie l
H r Ijlvapon oil 1 Ian nlrli lha Iticre acre Ii many
pno ns In I n lulanl i I y an I im that account thn
loirlMrre h i arefully innl tnnir alt apphrittio a lla
allt t lid it IIP i earl Inicnito I to reject u number of ap
> Italian lliut Ii ere hOW im ler lnve iliiitlon
SJIOO Dnmncel tor IleluK Put Oft u Train
PouinuFrrsip May 20A Rhorlffs jurrto
ilny ussr li1 HUKI IU irican a po tciuiau of thin city
101 mnag agatnal the iw i ott ieliurui and ilul
Intl 110cr allrah Cr asault mI injury at lb hialo
or itiptttln C eliiilliyiil at a ihiirr iIn oo
l iF5Mll ii ill I lie mItt It iInei 44lui ant infliered a
llcli a luih tn Icumr IUC ci I W5 erehlos Ime
cc uced m was ia lt M rg nhuuedtirlUisi
The cuunputuy till let ul In an anode
Kicked to Death by 111 Hone
LAKKWOOD May 23 Furmer Edward howe
win found dial Ibis morning ttwetn 1aiptey and
fhomo g j Ur wiarelnrilliiK haUl 1nls ey to bit homo
ai shom uj In ill npn w con here were nuiida
abo t HIP heal un1 n iok aol t a Farmr Rwe wa ae
ciitoinrt to i arry lare auniRi la ny It wan at nrat
eiSlled I that h1 luil I een lint lered aol r bbeil 4
nroiifrajurv houever fouuu dial lie bad beu kkkJ
I tu dvalb b > Ills hurae
A Mlsstne Muna Ilody Found
VrhTTrov Mar 28 James Noble of Green
Inland a a iui < iril ou Friday lull lie hail aexeral
ttiouftan1 rtotara on dfpoilt and had too drawn 11141
from lie lank Ufa df ail body haa bren re nvired from
the riv r I rr No inone Wii fluid nn lit per ll nor
any iiinrkn f VIIMI a l e s m a LriJgo bulluer Ul
> eura of ego and uumarrleil
He Lived Oter u Century
rtrrsnuiKin Pa Mitt 23 Charles Olenden
nlni its oiilt re > lilentof Allevhany nunlr ilish l 10
itiuy ngf I io ml rear lie never ulel whiter fr lobarco
pi all form ano up to a lew neil > hrfore liU i till
wa rimarka ty 1 bHhtiy lie Iravrii letillei I llui Hire
or lour enerail ui of etch di en aol a hot 01 frteuda
A Hlrumer Ilurned Ht HiHttle
PouTrlNn Onpon May 2SThe Btenmer
PeBjutrh of tort TOH i itfiirl wait burne ii I tn water
p UP a efitllt ear y Itil I moriihuc Ixertlitnr OQ
hoir1 vi n irind tnclu I 715 tic eraounl t fit I of the
crew The ifaiiicr leloinied lo i apt Jauiol Morton
uud n i valued HUJHIAU
Fatal Tolmpc Ride
IiinAniHiux Mny 23A man itut yet an
I0ftiilllil H the rid lIt In a lob fete n ar at Ilir rni to
nlkl I luentx Hurl I ant tietuut nbc rti lost lila bal
an S anl i I lu th > Moo lie is a tilatuce ol about
tweiiljr Lve feet llu died ainoi > t lualaull
A Mtfe Murderer Sentenced
L1tAiY May 2J Samnol Dunn the Cobivs
I nlfr niiirIrri r aa Ilia wlirriioun li in i irnilt of intr
ilrr III I lie an ind de 1 r e lu he t > urtfOer I l and Ti r
nuiur and Wan veuteni I id hi J Car mes I ar a In m
I ITUOJUIVUI In Pauuviuri prlauu at hard labor for life
Got Another Newark Brewery
Tho nvnilloate whch reiently purchased
Sixera Nt w irk i i few eilri tnli > iia IMIIU tnlo pun a
stiii i > r l > orve it It leilernia era eaabllaiiuiiu 111
Idea paid U KuhJ tu b 3 IIIMI
Drninetuilc uoryln Iiuchhnrir
1i scumno Va May 23hiia Democrat
lertiril ll rlr entire niiinlrli at 11 fct u day lor lUu lint
lluic hi nauy > > ara by haudiom uiajoruies
bl41tIF riiUM mi JJCLSUlCirll
The Are1 Workmen liii ranee bl I paiird the third
rtxiJIiitf In the Iff it l BUif uetpliiay
Un itiunaii tn nrri ut > Aar Austria bare ilrufL
Tin I iHiiic trniirrf > itie are al t a HiUJU owui < vo
tliv iirllt of lIce ilr Vera
Tie uiui firuoihiir at MerthvrTrUril Valti fell In
trmr 1 ki Unit one mlurr u U en f ial > iiu lfleI1et i
DliiT WllO WiTB IIIull roVued
Jo tiuu V hoe who H itvr umnttm ago murdered lid
CIII C lieri Ii ii elm pa hi hula i er Ia d i U It tell
diy i t eImt litucnif Ill roucilu tie hied btet maul litgu I
1 wi fre glti traIl Oil tue lrls a rmeI n It cal
tlaioii II Mt Miii a va erbay and raksiiiati leiiee
1Jul11 ou iloricellormI ieal ii I hi heaves a dli aued
sersi clitlehrui ti datitig I 140 rty ae slIght
TI bad of l1mir I Itarl elicihl 411 Scare of ci
I ° ltmului In Ito river at yi yetrtii II tad
beau Ill a Ii mu a wvhs cariesliit for lIt Life C
liCil blurll in 1 OIler II its perilli 1104 ltd b
hail a trilbem heIr V111 lull in illdttloe
titiTI WI Ii 0 se t lrentaClieh ii It Is riot knw
wtitlter It 0r4 lean was unlflhiOtidl or arri linteL
1 lull liOn Ito eIiLon d IcninoC or tuw Lnnz
Obaip anI his heit 1 tnail uisuoed 1 teiiap RuiIlirn wr
dri ltuj 10cr he I 4 coil bruise cripehos the llnu
tale liver InSay lii briulhc ear war soil lb ear
dull hue men ill biilc thy eater lhiuichluieo ci apsh
I WitlI duSt lejurles 11111 braua became niauui 5 stub
I tie harutse md wthb bilk Series was dgewg
nvitiu HF 1 lit iiir r c CLAHKEO
Only Four ur I be Mnr 1ei unnii In lbs HntlJ
lug fCeneilrd llmrrll Ittu Ttn llMUtcb
tern it fun unit n Meie Kimied lo < > lh
NdtiforR Vii Mny 21 1 lio inialnt and
pleture iiio lltllo ill chug of tile hot r C
Clarko in 1rlncess Anno county about the
mlr nom Vlrnmm lieach and In u grove ot
touu tOg IIIOM tIllS 1101 emetIc ut 1 oelt ok this
inoriilnirot aterubiedlsiinter which left only
four pe ohB out of A family I of nine lo I tell I I the
tail J ho lies Mr Clarke was the pastor of
tIle London lirllci HaplUt thtiroh nnd wag
Biirrounded with an inloroctlni g finn Ily con
nlntliiKot his wife thrie datiuhtcrs nnd two
sons lloslitus llie I > o he ban hail stax IIIB at his
renlJcrii e or mime dino I I Miss 1iillui ot Milloli
a who Is huts em and MtB l J lla lihiKood
ivholt t Im guy iiuirB ot die ixbtoru famIly
Altei tineli tern lii odtiesln nlulil the occu
than t 11 of the I household rut I rIot at about 10
tCloek At that iimo I I the I wind i was ill niwltt g a
cni alIt iuttl and an die I vxeathul It ItS iteimlediy
cool n Ill a WIIH lett 1 biiinniR m In I uno ot the I rear
loom 1 rum that lime uuill 1 oelo k the wind
knpl up In ateudy baste nud as It InorcnHcd In
fury the flu o In the old Ilioilate binid biCli
hoin the themes sol the ihlmnet on Ill 0 and
BparLh i low thick not fast Irom It 1 rom tIle
clilmiioy the lIre > proad lo I the I hoi I1PO and us It
wa n home slinciure It watt soon burulnu nt
n terilllciato
In the menu time tho sleepers In hue house
were unawurool hilt duncur which surrounded
them until B id only Mr Clarke iiwikonod
nnd loiud his room full of smuko and u Italic
blao burning in the northwest corner of the
bidldint lio at once gave the alarm to hla
wife vho copl In 110 adjnlnlm z room and
rhoiited at the top ol Ills xoiti lo nwiiuu the
Utlmt iiCtlb rIme
ly hie time i tln flumes hnd spread so I rap
ldl It that t fitly I i kit lilt oil i all I ecnss by wax of
tile itnlriMni Hie vvminxvH Cure dm only
exits bIt by whlchthe j Innmten nl the houe
could eKi npe null I Mr Clarke m1tmhmkly tied sev
eral pit otit rom the bed toKeihur ami lowered
hiHWleand I o iiiEert I diniKlitui I Milel to lha
eround hvn Mr Cbuke saw Len husband
rnsli back In tile burning building Ueloro ha
had been out ol sight two minutes the rear
porl m i tin bullilliiif ciued lu and no worse
trIls seen if him
At thht tluiK only four persons hail escaped
from thn Imlldlutf anl I they were Mrs Cliii Ito
Jnmoit rjmtre Mabel e haiku nnd the goy
ernpsg MISH bldooil The otlivr lite whose
burred l mains wee found alt r the flames
wrie vxtiiiJulH i d were Mr Clarl his Iwo
dauhteis Ilesslo sad Mariana hiH sou Fred
die und hi a lee ui Isis 1Iihisn All the t bodlas
wne Ijtirmd toa erlsn and Mr Clarkes bar
bones are all that IB Ce t ot him If ur Clar nn
oldest son Jamen had lint labonnl undur a
rulsappielenKlo i and I 1110 gIlt thai I evoijbndr
was nut oi t o hoi BO them Is a Strom prnii
abIlIty that nil lould have been Mived iiut m
Blond ot looking out fir the Inuiitos of IllS
hoin hnlouktii i nu lor I the 1 property and did
act ally sue eed In saving the piano and plac
Inu It m a iluile nl mien Aitei ai iomiiiih
log this faI t he i arrleilotl seveial 1111cr articles
of value tic ini ilcoverliiK that tlio 11 o in
mates In I the liiiinlnuuiiildln I t I I > had not exeaped
xiin I he errs t on nt what the t lad saved lie t
family loat oe vt line not oven samt ilothua
enough 4 i proper attire
MSH l Put bOil WHH an only child and tho I dancli
tot ot weahb ill pate Is She was a prettt uul
of nineteen SittlielS and on popu ur unions
all who knew hei Her parents the Erin
Ktrl Leri nnd the nnnoun emrm of her deith
to her molh r aim I ho to KO Into A lit of
hyserlB which It Is fearpd limy prove aul
J he iune al ot the live letlmswlll take place
from the Oak drove Church n whl h dr
Clarke was tho t pn tor tomorrow afternoon
I eoilo f nm ttt I over 1iiucess nne co mty will
be m niton iHnii us th < deoiiis d pastor was
very popular and bUhly eataemud
Broadway Cur Driver Talk TieDP
A liioadwny horse car lrivtr said ypptor
day that there was nnnsMbillty of another tie
up of the horse car lines In this cIty ROD i Uo
said the nun felt that the orcamrntlon hnii
Ut had a fair < hame to show what Itwau made
of at the last flirht Ho ead that Master U 01 k
man Mcdoe hud been depised and thit the
irnplo > i > eg of die I hoine < nr muds I had allied
themsplvK w th the entuil ahor I Union
luperliiieMdent Newel of thn road I I Its y roail
Bald bn did not eliexo thnt there would h > uiy
more tieups fur a yjuror two up ntiti ndtut
White or t e tin tiock linos bald that tloups
were iIatlottt
President llurrlftnn will Itevlevi the Parade
Grand Mar hul HoniyW Knisht has issued
tin glleral ordr for Die Dei oration Day parade la
ltr1I I in The column will be hednil by a liana I mot
Lnltvd tat a marine and aalh rf lollovlnr the e will
te till vurloi mculfor ihe 1cni t Urfcal Htinnil
Guard the Thlricinh 1riflinrnt aAllnic VXnr Vftritt a
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