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4 THE SUN lUbbDAl MAI 2c Jrtm
f mJ 1t Uu
Itrtrn ittt if 1 MP H hotel l Victoria Northern
lrltid avenue Adilrtsa A mps Uausus ola up
I I 11 aIIln London
Artrirtitrmrnt for THE WEEKLY HUN
tfpunt tomorrow miming muat be handed
I I in 1110 Ucnmo before nix oclock
I Three New York Candidates
I nppcnrn t its thnt the SI Iou < n 7rptifc
I lie 11 rather tardily InvostlRntlnc the hlpnlll
r cameo of the election return from New York
last 1 fall SpenklnRof New York Uomooints
on tho supposition that tho next candidate
I for Irosldent will b n Westerner the He
1 pubdcreniaiKs
1 I the par goes to New Terk fora Vic President
1 It can fluid plenty ef material They Is I th Hon WIL
p tun 0 WniTiiv Instance Or Llentsnant Governor
f I Jo sof Itlnghsmton t > ho pays the freIght on lh
I tsjfnt scales b manufacturesi who I a most worthy
r 5 1 nan wh I morinvsr has polled the biggest vole
If I ver polled In New Vork br any nan for any oClcs
ii j Why doe not our enterprising contem
I porary Rlvo Its Western readers all tho
i figures bcntlne on this question of political
Lleiitenantfiovrrnor JUNES volowrusCM
I 961 and ho vvn elected
n Oovornor llllln vote n 6JO4t and he
I WI elcclod too UllrB vote fell short of
I JOMSH by Just 387 These llfjmes ns we
re ard thnn reprooentnaetly thn t result of
n thn Mugwump warfare of personal abuse
II l And slander vuged against lAw Domocratlo
I i Governor befoie election day by bomo of
j Mr CLrvnrj NiVs friends
4 Tho lit public should co a little further
1II1 Gnovcit irvntiAsns vote In New York
I for President was C35OG5 or 14880 short of
I i JONESS nnd 144 9 shot of DAVID JINNI
I fl IIJs Uitovrn CLKVELAVD unlike Umso
If 51 l Democrats VMIS not elected
4 V In Vlrslnln und Tennessee
7 I f A recent excursion from Washington t
II J 1 Ii Lyncliburif und thence through East Ten
it N nessee to ChHttunoojra has put us In posses
II f elon of some facts of high Interest
f F The first and most Impressive Is tho dis
appearance uf nil traces of the civil war I
I there was any region which was utterly de
vastated hooftrninplod and bnttlefcnrred
It Fait fax Not fence left
was Fnhflx county a was lef
11 I r there nnd scarcely 1 tieo that could be cut i
I down and converted Into fuel Marched I
j over fought over burned over by both
I in J armlet It was Indeed a vtosto
fL 1 I Chattanoogawith the region around about
was In n similar condition Almost every
foot of tho broad and beautiful basin In
t hip which that town is situated had been con
II i verted Into earthworks of one sort or
I Ii 1 another There were fort on every point of
I a prominence mil rifle pits edged tho plain
and traversed It hither and thither On tho
r northern slope of Mission Ridge no availa
ble tree bcurcely D shrub had been let I
I j J Yet not n vestige of war can now b seen
II either In the vicinity of Washington or the
I j vicinity of Chattanooga or In any part of the
country Intervening hotly and often as
much of It vas fought for by the opposing
ill l armies Nature and the hand of man have
I 1 erywhore wrought a miracle of oblitera
111 tion Now groves have sprung up and a
I fairer sight cannot be seen upon earth than
i creels tho traveller from over hilltop and
valley of the long line between the two cities
A still greater wonder Is the kind of agri
culture that Is now witnessed In these old
slave States Formerly under the system
f slavery many of tho farms had dilapidated
desultory und often a lazy shiftless look
but this Is s no longer A broken neg
lected poor fence Is not t b seen between
nnd Thrift order
Washington Chattanooga Thrll orer
skill and prosperity mark tho whole coun
try Better agriculture or more beautiful
farms we have never witnessed Long
Island tho with which
v agricultural region wlh
I wo happen at the present moment t b
I most familiar Is shabby nnd careless In com
Ii parison Even the homes of the negroes as
f t they are seen from the railroad wear an ap
F1 j 1 pearance of cam and cleanliness The change
I Is marvellous nnd It bears testimony un
I J equalled to the vitality nnd power of freedom
I Thu transformation In tho land nnd Its
i culture has gone on simultaneously with
another change n new Inspiration of unity
II and patriotism In the minds and hearts of
J men I Is n neat country and the blc6blng
II I j of GOD rests upon I
Tho Proposed Codo of Evidence
f Tho announcement comes from Albany
i t i that tho Governor who has twenty days
If Etlll left In which to exercise the veto power
rl has referred to tho AttorneyGenernl for his
opinion all the bills passed by the late Legis
lature amending the various code
r i His to bo presumed that he will consult
I the same 0111 In roHjiect to tho merits of the
i bill entitled An Act to Establish a Code of
I Evidence This moniiio waspsshod toward
I the clo o of the session and wo believe com
pnrntlvely few Inwycis nio aware of tho fnct
that It got through the Legislature at nil It
r Is so full of errois and the changes which It
mnkes In tho exiting law of evidence are so
it objectionable that we trust the Attorney
I General will teport adversely upon it but
whotlur ho Iur or not the Governor who
11 has himself enjoved I long experience ns nn i
t active and biicceshful lawyer will ho fully
I justified in withholding his approval
I Tho arguments In favor of adopting nCodo
i of Evidence mo HIT different from those
which nro applicable to eodesembodying the
1 positive law llins when tho Icnal Code
was pioposcd It WIIH urged in favor of that I
I measure that It would enable the people to I
1 ascertahrt by icfcience to I elnglo statute
1 which could lo printed In n hmiill volume
just what nctta wcio tot bidden by the
criminal law of the State Tho peo
ple it wits Kilcl oven more than tho I
lawyers woio interested In this information
But a Code of Evidence Is designed mainly
for the guidance of lawyers In court It I
must consist of n sot of ules for tho use of
tho legal nolVrv > im in the t I trIal of cases and
should at all rviiittt bo Intelligible to law II
yers rurthei inoie If tho authors of such I
code attempt to hlato time liw I of Idonie as
It i now exists they should 6tnt It conectly
Wo nro assured that the Code of Evidence
now before time Governor Is i neitherclonr nor
correct eo fur us It endeai orb to set forth time
IlUtlng law and Unit It abounds In objcc
imitable piuvl lonsco fnrns it pi o lilt for I
changes borne time ngo wo called atten
tion to the rcuiuikablo fact that tio two
CominUbiontiB by whom tliiit codo UI pro
i pnml 1 have tiiken out A npyilcht upon
I tiielr I notes In rcfcielico to time work
which notes tire nlmoat essential to n com
1 pitihunslon of Its truo character nnd of tho
t changes which It would make In the law
t We did not then attempt any criticism of the
codo itself Many of Its provisions have
beeiifirufully coiifeldoied anti roviewed In a I
pnniphltt of some fIfty pages prepnicd by a
I uommlttoo ot tho liar AtuuclHtlon of thlb
J city whoso jeport concluded will u deilnra
Uon that the enactment of the pleBelt bill
for codifying llio law of ovldcuuo would
I b In the highest degree Inexpedient
Among the lawyers who premred thiS
report are Mr JAMKH C CAIITEII who
was BO conspicuously mentioned as lit t L
appointed Chief Justice of tho Supremo
Court of tho United States when tho last va
cancy occurred Mr WILMAM G CIIOATB
formerly Dlsti let Judge of tho United States
In tilE city and Mr WILLIAM 1 lions
jinowrn one of tho most prominent
men among the younger members of
the Now York bar Wo cnnnot review
In detail or even enumoiaUj tho objec
tions to tho propobcd ode of Evidence hlch
theho gentlemen and their fwsoclnlos point i
out In tho pamphlet bcfoio us and enforce
by cogent nrgumenls nnd illustrations but
tho fact that so many strong olijections can
bo urged ngnltibt It by lawyers of buch
standing ability anti eipeiienco bid catcI4
Hint time work of tho cciIflris tins been too
Imperfectly done t bo accepted
Some years ago the advocates of nil sorts
of codlllcnllon attempted topecuro support
for their various schemes in the Legislature
by proclaiming that they vein In the Inter
est of tim people nu distinguished from tho
interest of thin lawyers and this was one of
the arguments Ubed to bring about tho
adoption of tho renal Code I wns not
mnny months however before tho Penal
Code on account of home of Its prov Ulons
In respect lo the observance of Sun lY anti
others In regard to conbplinclef boonmo
a very prominent object of popular dislike
Instead of commanding popular approval
I nnd the people aro now rather dleposed to
dlritrust those who make themselves promi
I nent In the Legislature isndvocntrsof codes
I of any sort So far Ill this Code of Evidence
is concerned It hit no popularsupport
ever nnd very little support In the legal pro
fession Us enactment has been piomoted
by the influence of Inwbook publlnherB to
whom newcodo increase of
whol a new coe brings a largo Ilcnao
business In consequence of the demand
which nt once necessnrily springs up for tho
books containing the statute Itself and notes
and commentaries upon It
l Is very doubtful Indeed whether wo
need a Code of Evidence nt nil In this State
but If one is required it should be a great
deal better than the bill now before the Gov I
ernor The approval of this memuure will
only result In creating new embarrabsmonts
for courts nnd lawyers In the administration
of justice nnd consequently in Imposing ad
ditional burdens upon litigants by reason of
tho Increased expense to which they will b
The Seven Classes of Mr Yeamnn I
Attention has frequently boon directed to
the dlfllcultlrs attending a tariffsmashing I
canvass They arc tolerably well under I
stood and remembered by tho Democrats
of New York Lust any ono should be so I
far forgetful of theh extent and number ns
to become exultantly sanguine and joyous
the Reform Club of tariff smashers has been
listening to nu nddicss by Mr Gionon 1
YEAMAX containing It would appear n
much larger share of common senso than is I
usually heard in that quarter
Wo are not Informed what measures have
been taken by the llefoim Club to dispel
tho dark shades of gloom or t dlniinlbh
the overpowering melancholy caused by
tIme truly piteous picture drawn by Mr
YEAMAN according t whom time outlook is
oven blacker than any ono had supposed
He groups the opponents of tariff smashing
In seven classes
First of nil nro tho manufacturers Of
these ho says hopelessly Manifestly they
aro not to bo reasoned with
Next como the worklugmen tho pros
pects with thorn are bettor but they tire still
a barrier to be overcome nnd are evidently
inimical to the twisters
Tho third class nro tho farmers They
seem t b perhaps tho greatest stumbling
block of nl Mr YEAMAN Bays The prai
ries tho remote valleys and the hillsides
where tho moral fervor of tho better age of
Republicanism was grafted on tho tariff traditions
ditions of Whlggerywlll prove tho last ditch
of an honest voting support of an Indiscrim
mate protective policy I What YKAMAN pro
poses In order t demolish this opposition
Is t send the truth about tariff oppression
broadcast over tho praliles tho valleys and
the hlllsidob Hut that Is 1 just what tho r i
formcis have been doing for sonio tIme past
The more tariff llluratuio they bend out tho
let effect It produces so that time last ditch
of tho farmers Is piobnbly I good way off
and as tho reformers approach I It booms
constantly t recede
When you take from the voting popula
tion of a country Its manufacturers its
worUlngrnon and llo farmers jou do not
leave much i but this coiisldfiitloii could not
detor YIHMAS from his pitiless onumointiou
fun fourth clans ho bart is i composed of
sincere citizens who still han faith In the
teachings of llKNKV CAY lIt does not
explain where Ihcsi individuals ate domi
ciled or what they urn like when discovered
Certainly CIAYH State Kentucky contains
but fow of them but they mut amount I
to n great deal In the United States to
justify timno adjectives Upright patriotic
sincere almost superstitious Happily for
thorn however they nio l get no docu
ments As Y IAN hiiys You need waste
none of your arguments on these When
the change comes thoy will go gloomily to
their graves In tho t melancholy and bincero
conviction that t their country Is ruined
This btiitomnnt J I somewhat confused but
the natural inforenco to bo I drawn from it lo I
Hint If the change iloowt come they will
go jauntily to their graves In tho merry
and gladsome conlldunco that their coun
try Id I saved
Iho fifth class of the opponents of free
trade li I maim up ota sprinkling of Itvpub
llcans enlightened conwientlous men who
thoioughly bellovn In tariff refoim but who
do not belle o In tho UojiKMtntio party I
a clmiigo In i custom bclicdulos lin its only
mission wo do not wonder at them greatly
Despite thilr enlightenment It appears that
theirh Ifc a hopolccs CIO > Sendsays YUA
lAS your argumunts to tho fons of these
sires This Miggoatlon recalls lho case of
tho tramp who having been elected by a
farmer imm Ills homo and I thrown violently
out upon the i ond legalned his feet and dolled
the farmers giiudmothor to overcome him
Thn sixth clns of stead opponents of
tariff pmnshing Is l made up of those who are
bhiewil I intelligent I and who I sincere
would be progressive They sniff tho breeze
flom ufur and steer their plank straight to
tho top of tim wave YEAMAN Is hopeful of
their until adhesion They are the hateful
politicians who insist on belonging t tlio
Concerning time fovcnth ells a certain de
gien of curiosity U I pnidonablo Who are Its
member 1 YEAMAN answers frankly
They are the Democrats Tho Democrats
neither united bold nor fearless on the
question are opposed to genuine ginanil
Klngor tariff twisting Hut their timidity
does not the Iteform Club of
dOt1110t appall Hrorl political
nondebcriptB Victories may bo won without
them and without ns would appear tin lie I
publicans the imiuufieturoit time woiking
lildimi Ihi t fiiimeis tinenltrhtened adultn or
111 I clbIIII or I I I I alT Ctv
n tot en i n fi ii in i v r >
uiUUiC I ilOlrt tnt ill liil Iail i ill la UiU iirC
I I number of cranks that pervade most classes
of society and tem to have a representation
I In thememljershlp of the Iteform Club
I Wo think that YKIMAN takes to mournful
I I view of the situation Tho number of
I cranks considerable and their Influence Is
not to L undoi rated Thousands of tho
lost venomous nnd vindictive opponents of
I tho Democratic party nnd of Us supremacy
are In favor of Middling It with the tariff
burden the easier t defeat It Tho Ilcfonn
I Club itself dos not amount to much but
wopeo 10 roason why tho battle should not
I continue lime I reformers may be happy yet
Who knows 1 They may hold Kentucky
I 1 he Mciitono Incident
Mtieh Indignation ban naturally been
moused In lli I I m lM < country by I the outrageous
ti cit tinun t to which lull t I American Indies
Ill jut Iii cii nil jimtctl In the south of
linnce in pioceedlngs to coin iiuii them to
pay for joo I < Is whli li they had declined to
tetolvo because not mulshed lunccordanco
with their order
I the i aso turns out to bo ono In which wo
cnn properly demand reparation from tho
Fiench Government the presence of Mr
JMr 4 n 1 niustiii tho State Department
nnd nf Mr WIHTBLAW unit lu France ni time
Anicilean Minlrtter to that republic renders
It certain that tho full measure of justice
will bo Insisted I I upon
1 lie propriety of Government Interference
In thn I mutter however would eeem to de
pend upon the question whether or not tho
law of Trance was olwerved In tho proceed
I ings ngaliibt these ladles I the ofllcers by
I whom they were anested coil incarcerated
pursued I I course which Is warranted by the
Kiencli law however harsh Inc outrageous
It may seem to our idea we are nfrdd II
will provo Impossible to exact nny fatlf
faction When sttMiigeis go Into a civilized
fore 1 country they subject themselves lo
Its municipal laws amid regulations tumid
while they can justly Itiblst upon the pamo
rights so far as judicial procedure Is con
cerned UH those which belong to the citizens
of the country they cannot assert any su
perior privileges Therefore unless these
American ladles were treated In a manner
which would have been unwarrantable In the
case of French women It Is dllllcult to per
celvo how they can secure any redress
Wo can hardly believe however that such
outrageous proceedings as occurred In this
case can b legal under the judicial system
of nny civilized country or that tho French
Government will sock cither to defend or
excuse them
Tlio Khalifa AnDUtfcAU who has just
threatened Quoou VICTOHIA and the Khedlvo
with his dire vengeance I they do not become
believers In the Sliihill shows 1 weakness ery
common among Bavaco or haltclvlllzod paten
tales If they happen to loom up above other
objeci within their Non thor artapt to re
gaud thoniRolves an the blccefit thlncson earth
Two or three tribes on the Xlncu Itlvcr South
Amoiicn eiilorlatrei tbo idea until recently
that thoywoio the only people In limo world and
that the earth WAS In fact only laree l enough
for their accommodation Of courfo Anch n leI
circumscribed view of thIngs terrestrial is apt
to gIve the untutored savage oxacceratcd no
ton of his ownlmpoitnnco I
When a missionary with moro zeal than tact I
told the great King of Xlntaboleland in tho
presence of Ills iiooplo that GOD was Greater
than he his Indlcnnnt Majesty roared at tho
top I of hlsvolco You llonnd I his faithful sub
jects echoed the retort BO long and loudly that I
tho roliclous otorcies toPed The Idea that I
the great Icing could occupy a second place In
any relation was not to bo tolerated
Ring TiiEoiione of Abyi lnla with one use
less cannon and a horde of wild mountaineers I
crated chiefly with lance linnclncd he had
nothing to fear from a Ilritlsh army When
his successor Hint JOHN dent a proposal of
marriage I Queen Vicronn he had no doubt
that ho had given her Britannia Majesty an
oppoitunlty to make I highly desirable and
brilliant alliance
Nothing thut King Minsi of Uganda had ever
hoard of foreign nations could diminish his
laltli 10 his own superiority llo often naked
his white RiiesU If they over saw so fine an
army ns his nnd ho also proposed an alliance
with tho royal family of England by asking
ono of his visitors to pond to him as a wile one
of tho daughters of tho Queen
Tho lordly tone of superiority which the
Khalifa AninLLtii assumes In his Intercourse
with tho outside world ecoms to have some jus
tllloatlon In this fact that there is I Blight basis
for his linn hello that tho Mahdlsta thrashed
both the British and limo Ecyptlnns and drovo II
them out of time Soudan Hut present appear
milieUs Indicate that tho work of suppressing
hU enemies at homo Is n larger contract than I
th Kliatifn will be able to carry out lli prob
ably has no serious intention just yot of con
verting the world at the point of tho sword
Imnciro tholr cront dexterity in horseman I
ship tit it 1 i J I hate Keen a oung comtnche piaLO I
lis 1 hand nn the b alike t on shores back while t tan d
In on the ground and by one Imp month to his beat
without tao tug the blanket an Inch cicuvo Hmf I
Thl Is no such incompnrnblo feat Wo hnvo I
peon our friend liirimin OGOIIMAN with onu
hand laid lightly on the pommel vault Into tho I
middle with n bonnil WhOA easy grace no i
Coinincite could ever rivnl lint it was beforu
he had becotnan Judge
From nn interview with Dr Okivnn Wrx I I
DFII HOIMKR published In the CounciJ <
1111 We loam that lie Inkes a gloomy view of
time prubiiectn ol literature
Hlli queitluii it I Will isle country tier fee another
tuicli urutjii of rMiiarkAtla nan as Uoiion lias pruduceil t
In hltlury there are4rnrsiuTT XOTLKI abil IAIIMAN
In theoloff Tn > nr > OAK TinirK And Dr HHTOL In orm
tor WiLNp Lt 1uiLLifB In phlonoptix IMEE > in
pnetri loicm low and < WnTloR tvr lbs i lainr If nol
an actual refi lfnto Ionton must be l regardei < ncier
tliclri B It onBlnK 10 the Uniton lter ry cillJ
Tlirrr h l lAinnu alia oilier might be mentlontd m
adJIIInn lu Ihoie alreadr named For real 1 InltUeclua
force take the old lieiinut ftreet Club nr the Radical
Club an mine chooie to call II Where will jou llnd 111
equal I Via hare hover had anything like u In thli
< ounir mnce Indeed the literary outlook leemi bad i
Iy 1 eucouraKlnc 1 lomrtimei lcd that poetry vll rome
a ItIt I ait otiS fl I
Not this sllclitostdaucorof it Doctor not tho
elighteot limo art of poetry did not porleli when
iioMtm lied or with HAST or SuAKusicinE
or lJirox I will not eo out with UOLMKS
Tho two great try tellers of this country I
nro EVAN 1 hOWELL of AtUntnaud 00llmrjj
CoWAiiuiN of Itlchmotid I IB delightful to
hoar either of them i hut when taken ono uftor I I
time other they mire redUtlcst I
owt1ul sIi buccesbful mind enviable jour
nalist but I ho had adopted tho comIc stage
he would surely havo taken I
woull le tho cake
Tho crew ot the wrecked schooner North
orn hello complain that the converted natives
of Motlab Inland in the 1adflc stole all their
effects which wero washed ashore and Hint
the native inlsslonnry teachers were among
Ibo leaders In the looting This depraved
conduct will ufford a fresh illustration lo those
who Insist Ihut efforts to civilize a SlrOIO are
llkelf to ruin the good that Is In him Not I
few writers like Mr ELLIS insist that the
Hlerra Leone negro wns a very fair bort of a
follow when he lived In a grass hut and wore
the scanty dress of hula fathers but that lu his
present lialfeducated and wellclothed condi
tion he Is a good deal of I nuisance
J Governor 18U1 I
Poti ri ttriwllirn lIce
drover Cleveland will never bo Ire ldent
mam 11 we wu4 a iirteit lo lisa lu atari 1 htm
niaMaiioC tilnr l that there will be an election ton I
ifivrn r IS i IW1 luit a fair locater of hli popularity
lu I Uiii t rubc b runnm Shin for Coutnur
rl1xsz OIIInO 01 nIL mitTA
The UnHnUlied 3lonItor I In He Marie Into 1
1oivtrliil Armored Ycemet
WAHtiiNaTox May 27It Is probablo Hint
tho monitor Puritan which for yours has boon
A monitor only In name never Laving been
supplied with turrets or suns will noon be
transformed Into nn nrinorcd vessel of modern
typo nnd of croat power and that her recent
trip from Norfolk to Now York was ordered by
Secretary Tracy with a vlow to placing the
vessel In 1 yard where the Important work yet
to bo done can bo most speedily otccutd aud
to the licit ndvantauo A Hoard composed of
Commodore Walker Chief of tho lent of
NavIgation Commodore Schloy of the Iluienu
of Equipment Commodore Hlcnrd of thin Ord
nance lluioau Commodore WhiteCommodore
Wilson of the Construction Iturenu and Chief r
i Engineer Melville met at Ih1 Xnvy Dcimrt
with In
nient this iiflernorn In accordance wll
etiuctlons fiom Secretary Tiney to consider
plans for this completion of tIme rmltnn
I i The inoposltlun formnlly Mibmlltoil nud
I which will probably be nccoptod without ex
tensive amendments departs conslaornbly
I from time origInal plans which conteniplntod
construction ol mi ordinary doiibloturtcteil
I monitor AccorJInc to tho penulna plan tlio
torI eta will liorepUeed with covered barbeltos
Tljeie will It U I r > poetfd Increami the flitlitipc
louver of time guns hr uh Ins them n inoi ill
atod position vrhllo the pornmnont wull ot
steel nbovo whl0 tie suns involve will no bo
subject to tho Influx of wntoras wpuldn turret
Then the guns arc to bo Increased In jio Irom
I ten to twelve Inches In callliro A suitor
fitrueltiro lt I > to lio erected innldclilni which
will nmkn the t vos ol 111010 Co Iii lOt tablo moot
Uici will also orue its mm haul furaioioiiilarj
I wil Il I
battery of nonerlul rniildllrluc and mnuhlnu
11 To allow for thus Inernnpo In the weight of
oriln ncf It is tuoposed to lerliicn the thick
ness of the I nitnor belt eonfldeintih below tlio
water line I rnr sllchlly incroaHlnc Itf thick
ness above and to uiMiinao with to boilers
Thin last chance ivould not nlTect the htoaiuliiir
ability of the vicei mis It contemplates tho
eiulpmont of the rmnnliilnK boiler with np
pal ntuA for Htipiilylnn forced drauclit thus
morn than mat ln u geniI ttu denclenev caused
b > tho reduction in the numbur of boilers
The 1uiHtfOn or Pupern
from tfie Tatdo Journal
There Is but onu let newtpaper in tIm
United Males and that Is TJIK NEW YOIIK Sum
In this opInion 1 allot alone but In company
with every newspaperman In the country
I Those who dally read Its paces need notuldo
to crammnr nor further source of Information
for I covers thn news of thin day good and bit t
alike effectively completely accurately Its
editorials nro classic terse llipiint joco ° o
perloun humorous satirical wnntovcr they
muy bo they tire always clabslc And when It
comes to fine writing such as wns requisite
during the roient centenary the roources of
thin uioUeru marvel appear boundless and
every column and every line glitters with
bright things No topic too trivial for nblllty
nor none so strongly opposed ns to permit
malice to color Tho new clean clear and
comprohonnlvo that Is the model and thus
always TiE SUN
All this may tcom uncalled for by thnso who
do not see Tin hUN ttioso who do will agree
hut what
thut not ono word Is overdrawn ut
started to write of wn time curious HUN
I llnvor that permeates every lino 01 the matter
In this pnpur < o much BO that you do not ned
n hoadllno to inform you that It N from tho
paper that shines for nil
I 1 Informed that a liberal forco of learned
nnd capable writers are kept constantly on
plojed on the FtalT of this excellent paper
whose Folo and only occupation Is 10 rewrIte
furbish nud polish up the news work of loss
accomplished writers but better now gather
era That K 1 If a man brings In n graphic
strongly written account of a fIts but clothed
in ungrammatical lornis his work Is over
hauled by tho inside forco and cut and trim
med to nt Tim SUNB columns Then I a bit
of news is I brought in occupying only an eighth
of a column In spaco and III Is wortii two col
umns these same men put it In shape and tho
original cathoror receives pay as tho paper
shows not as ho wrote
I Is a croat paper THE SUN nnd while oc
casionally wrong I is yet tha paragon ot pa
pers in tbia country if not In time world
Foreign Note or lleul Interest
A paper read before the Iron and Steel Institute All
that the quality of noncorrndtUllty coiiM < Jtre < l to
Itether ullh 118 ilrenffth wilt render alloy a of lek1 and
teel DeclaUjr Mful in all cases where the 0 > of inoisi
1 of minor Importance when contrasted with tils crft
of labor to be expended upon It for Its 1100 f < r p > > ciul
purposes tlio hulls ot torpedo bona and oilier hlmilar
ye cc elm
A dlicuslon uoe Iw rub con a jockey Inow IIr
leg a race of what hla ompllon are 110111 1lda to
the oneluloo that 11 can rely know ny lIttle
A knowledge 9t the bace or their vn mount I about no
far aim they eano TSr late Admiral Itolo emeeiiet a
hckeye lutmunient no at ery little nil I have
often md ibaichem 1 olin tMd oi the rerre
Ialoo of the ioeie lat I he hal olliole mo and
00 be could hays moim ld In nlnleen out ot uweity
cml Ilaoe feutid the joko onl Al man wbo
followe the a4vlce of hi hockey is ure to ho r4iIiei I
Inlomtl tor the lionimy lver I a that iSo lallv
al Opoho ond time canibaIo vr CreekS ore A on h
ever A clmort titus mince arm meehn went to Ira
0 lh the Cka Who Invited Omeimi 10 land one bOi
drod and IblrHlx of theta Were 11L The Ck
met womu ait 1 hldnrn IbOOlh time uy n
dlnUng IwmI hi ad cit of the 111 tttst they car
nictAt tIme 1 0 0 howe the hac tacit held a tyotlvai
al wImth ftc tkeh of the vletline wac ito I dual dlb
wiPe come of itwae old lu ie dried nl1 cideti a leio
Ur The Iu Jim mn alwoa teep human tieei II ttito
hinuec Emma Johuon who hd 1011II
iti la Jam into haa beemi allhd front i1oui II tll
b101 ci llhal Sha wn the timsilator of titoit or Iho Irou
Ste that ioe Otun I
lii I sit IiiK ollolo rerele MIIn from tIme grant
for pohUo oatol Of ieee I I r OOIIOCId
0 Itt tIc tatlonai toclty vr tie CIulrh of EnJlnIJ IO
are leeietit bvl aol liT hloll 0 tie
Ctho iaiinir a total nf I leoIIIMlolll
iLol Tb uiimiectnrhn oho IUI o rt 1h
church ello howr p mmii mtcimlmiice r I
531 against 1HZ17 10 the ethiere tiewener 11 aet
upondolc of church int00la to t only II their nato
Lr They oiler Scale 1 for 2tUmttii Itt aim average
attendance or lmmi22 a title the murh male number
of BrayS ehoola are logth repute 01 scalier iNi
3 ant have an average 1ndncc er IN Tk
tog ito oIlier elementary hol aba nun Irroln II
arrears that 1 IM3 rblI1 I 0 to Mnrlnlol1
ellol white II43l alld those under Icetlal
Haute Il llne < il > hed I > iirkcrer
Pram the cincrnitl rntt Irrr
I Is worth remembering that Gen Hnrtrnnft
who I one of iha htsujrio charatters of ltiiumyI m HiltS
and who has been uniformly honest Intrepid And mod
e > t In the arlius hl < h plsces he has Iii ed was bro
Ihe war barkeeper as I am told 01 Mnrrlsnun Im
the same town where Hancocks mrnher wns a milliner
Was he the hotel keeper who luJ a bar or the bar
keeper employed as such I was tile Iniulry
The particulars I do not know but they cay In iIta l
IIlphl lIeu ho kept the tnr atil I where ho site brought
up It li I lust as natural to attend this Imr alt 1 loattend
the church Those old Orrmins suckled on Martin
Luthers beer had not discovered at the latest advices
that a man Is an Inherent hyena who draws a Klass ol
porter or rets out Ibe whlikey decanter ro his thirsty
brotherhood lien llartranft was never found to lie to
ran away from the enemy to be drunk In action or
10 connive al t any spectra of villainy after lIe became
twice liovernor of rmniTlvunlA
When we attack promiscuously everybody > who has
been In th wine liquor unit 1 beer trade we ought t re
member thai our soldiery which sates the country 1
insinlr recruited from near the taterus and that the
Hetoutlonary otlicers when tIme animi oval dlsbiindod
generally became the Uvern keepers through 1 this
Middle male country den Hi Clalr den Morgan and
many inure were not above attending the bar
Hum Junpn In ttontbrrn Virginia
from Ike Lynthtmry irfrinr
This tenth day of HOI JoncnK ineHCliIng here
showed undlmlnUhtd Interest vat Ue part of thousands
attending be meeting The tabernacle was overflow
lug with people from lime citi anU nurrouudinv country
within loo miles Over BTJO profrsklons of conversion
were made Including a number or tbe most prominent
business uau
lie Ves Ue nor WItS Which Oca
WssiklisBtouai Fisce flnu havd
New hAVEN May 27lr Augustine Hamil
ton of North Coiebrook uses three times a week a razor
with which his grandfather rbenezer hdgerlon of
Orauby u > ed losha < the I fare of deone WasblmrtoiL
While serving In the lletolutlonarr I o ldiirrtnii
telmrthen only lit ears ol ime ris util t oso < dieis
who I haU broken throuich tile Ice nil u river Time I rot i
him under Iho eireclai notice of Hen Wnshlnirtnii a uo
mode him his vain I The racer baa a Hue edge and it
c esr flux lo ihia dar Itisssld I tu hara bsiu very sat
Isfaciorr tu Ibo 1 aluer of bs Cuuutry
I tKJlKltH Until Till lEUPLK
I Tlif tlnnrnejmen Ilnmrtrr InlrteMInc
Nosy fnrnUhril bjrtke Ldltor of the Itnp
I To TiE KDITOU OP TIm Krx 8ir Know
Inc Tun SUN to be friendly to ouanlrod labor
I I inlitlit 1 nt thn reiiuestof tho joutnoyinnn
plumbcri of Omaha Neb wain through your
columns nil iilumbora to keep away from that
city as the brotbots RIO IIW on strike there
owing to the encroachment of the bosses on
their lights I hnvo the very latest ntlvlces
from Omaha which toll nimi that tlio strike Is
belnc carried on with vigor on both nldos with
IIUHO odds In favor of tho jonrnol mono I
must not and cannot ho dmilaJ 1 that tho bosses
are thoroughly united n alnot the common
enemy the ournoyiuan wlillo on the other
hand I am 101 ry but foreod to admit thnt thn
journeymen nre pill up In three national
bodies or limit ions rather of the t Knights of
Lalor iDlstrlei Ahhomblv Ml l Inlernn
00 mini nnd Iiidepeiuhnt I Iho I International
will under no eon ldi > rHtlon ninnicnniitln with
tho K o liand thn Kofl I iilurabi > riKIH and
Meant Httcm I cannot be puisuaileil to join
foiees I vvltli tho Inteinnllonal I 11 < tho I ot its i
hall the I I a telutln I SlitS lJne both bodies
1 and the result Is ohunn Butt our people are
HHiikcnlnu to t HIH I daiiKciii which till ealeut ux
niul somo ot tin I boot I elements lu tho three
bodies havo been nulinilnK the matter And
tho result Is I fun I lItttri I Jlrothorhoodnf Jour
noymcn IluuiboiH Oan litters and Htoam Ill
torn of Atnerliii
llu < ri > lalflyappeiieil In Tnv SIS a despatch
from lloston which Mated that tha t Jonrnev
lush plumlieiH nf that city had unani
nioiiEh voted to ontor the Vnlteil llrollierhood
Mnco that tlmn I have received oniclnHnlnlll
once from thn journormon < I the lollowlnc
eltlos thauhev hud glint und done likewise
1111lll 0111 Ikllle
Now York rittoburKh bt lruK KAiiHnsCllr
Oninhn Ihlladolphln 5uun IMrcn oroeter
Iowell I Dnlutli I I to a tilde by majority I Chlcaco
liner Den nit llrookltn and other oltle are
how lnlIIrln I the liii must all nnd lie I icnult i I
nm tire will I I I I e Imivo rtu tile The present tioulile
lu Oninhn will probalilv bo the lOA I that will
mnr ooeui lttweon limo joiinnjmen niul tho
bosses bcaiisn with thn iiihoni or tho United
Ilrntherhnoil will cmnn the strength and power
wlilch our craft so much needs and which It BO
well deiarvei Iniill T i Gnat t i
I DrOIlILV May 27 Kdltor of the liMp
fins Hclinnl H > nrm
To Tim Kniioit 01 THE Sov Sir The
Hoard of Education Is I eomposed of twontyoiio
membots npiiolntod by the Mnor for three
yenta sccn being appolntod each year They
may nil bo residents of tim oamo ward sliould
I the Mayo so elot Thero arm lIe trustee In
I each ward appointed by thn liooul of IMucn
thou for live ream ono trustee for each ward
being nppolntutl eon your Every Mayor
dnrtim liU tot in of oflUo appoints twothirds
of the Hoard IMiicatlou I The trustees I huvo
certain rigliti but mire for time most part sub
et lo limo dlrertlon 01 thin Hoard of Education
There is I 1I1S u eonfliot actual If not ap
parent I otureuii the two Nor Is It In tho nature
ul thlQKs that there thould be harmony
i 1 would thtftnforo abolish the Hoard R now
constituted I would l ulvo the appointment of
the trustees to tho Minor In the lIme man
ner as Is I now done by the Hoard or EducatIon
and 1 would constitute n now board out of the
I Chairmen of tins several Hoauls of Trustees
we would then hUll a Hoard of Education
coniuostil of twont > fonr inomherB with a rep
reeentatho from each ward tvypntyfour nine
I tlcal men acquainted with tho needs ot each
ward and with th a OLhA of time whole school
HjBtem Tho olectlons would lo out of 120
selected mutt und the rocotds of thu school
boards shown Hurprlnlng amount of dovotod
and faithful labor porformud tiy the trustooo
i Then 1 would abolish lime Now York College
the Normal Lollonn ant the Iralnlnc school
shIp Hi Marys Iho JliBt locative lilt wero
the duty of the city of Now York to provide
collegiate education for tummy ono every young
man now graduated thereat could ruolvo hU
Ulploma I Iiom I i nny HrntclaKH 1I1l0 at ono
luiirtcr te 1 cost Ih poeond beenie t about
4ti oung ladies nro nntiunlly graduated who
for foil vears have beou taught now to be
teacher when thoro are vncnncioi In our pub
lie pehonls for less than IDC and besides
I among the bo < < t teachers that nn have ever
I had have l onthoe graduated from tIme gram
I mar shooIA Tho third becaiihe It has nothing
to do with and never ought to have been foist
ed 011 our school system H
XVnshlnston nud I > msloe Again
To Tin Enirou op TilE HUNSir In
Philip O 1oabodys communication III your
ISSUQ of May 11 I ho hays that the real cause of
tho uuarrol between Washington nnd 1nino
WAR that after profcsslns the utmost friend
ship nnd admiration fur him Washington re
fused to answer either of tho two letters writ
ten him by Iilno when the latter was Impris
oned In France for his active hostility to Robes
pierre and his compeers In the National As
sembly Iaillo was in piion torn December
IiI to Novumboi 17il and during that tlmo
ho vvroto no letter to Washington lie thought
however that hlnctnn oicht to interfere
for his release from prUon and took great
oITence against him because ho did not regard
it mitt his duly to ilo M o Talne It should be 10
mnmbereil hail nt this tlmo so far become a
oltl7on of Fiance ns to hnvo been elected a
mouther of their legislature
Mr Ieabody would 1 make out Washington
niul 1nine lo nnvi been the antipodes of each
other IB regards rpllglotis belief but according
to v V II Hnrrs communication In our IBSUB t
of Jliy h 111 I t Inin was a 1 deist nnd according to
DH eommuiiieation in sour issue of May 9
Washington was nlo < a ilcmt so that time re
ligious iiI IIM6 of Iulna I and Vushlnitoii were
the ° 1Iml leftorson In his Ana under d to
n Ieb I l fiui lomlB countonanco to tIme Idea
that Washington did not beilovo in tho Chris
tIm religion
Mr Ienboilr cars that Wanhlngton desired
to put II stitii Crimcli Into the Con tlttition of
Virginia Vi hint is his authority for this state
ment C W LEWIS
A Safli Island Hchool Crltlclncd
To TilE rniTonoF TIIR SUN Sir Castleton
School No4 Nw Hrlicliton Maten leland originally In
tendo 1m I J rimarjr inalittition tuts made cacti wonder
fl1 proLrrim In the way of ritcatioll and learning that
tho cood pioplfl of the lace are netting seriously
irinrd 1 over tie extraordinary mental development
llelr chllJrn
Matilda Jane mint Vlister Hudolf mere children not
yet in I theIr teens when Hulteil hr their lurents tu si ell
flnf hoz Or ret Indiitunth rtplled II that imt 01 In too short
to wu le on summIt trifle I that they t are away otT eludrlrff
I phlUenph hlinry ant mull Ihv t tho line an otiS
littler ricuiiu < lllneiitft hOld itr learnel llrsl ami 1 after
ward If uime lace lime thj rin pick up the gull
rtl1t j IIi h8
rnellls Tm ie oM mall ruth iiii eye mmiii l eutisides In cello
Islnnent fon U > In clam lilt he neis before hi K fu
tnri Varin M a i Newlon or i Star < 4ndersr > and hal
ho will use to seethe tat 1 Hi 1 n tile boy will ln ent a kite
thai will rrry him neroM 10 Iurope
Ihl prrmAlure deelo > iliMit anil ner depsrtttrf In
Uieran t iocmI 1 lout It I pinto > 1 J if to the bright Kenuu and
I loft y sen1 nifntii nf t tic turned Mhooi 1 Trustees ant
them ir ai i umpIWipi artiers who are 1nlly Immense
I Nrw UhiLilrot May 17 AnxiakR
The Old at Itiooil Mar
To THIS KDITOR or Tin Sis Sir Jacob
Ieters of Irrryvlllt 1a I had I n mare which was ex
titblted 1 nt rI liton Cirlion county Ia at a fair I held
I etwsen ft7l 1 ant I lf I > T whMl ua 11 vld to hnJ 16 m vears of
ace hliehvln fine roll al lirrMle I mint eel seen sev
1 rril > ears allei hut SM 1101 Ln > wn to hate I ire
1 imcol i 111 1 n hnriir hreeiler un 1 he knnen of cot
eial horses at m n1 1 lo trars an < 1 mules cOIl 1 older
The amoCo marr > wis hUrk ui t > p < ird lo ho Morevn by
her build I know of one Morgan I or S Years ol I In
ffiren liak tliat raises 1 Colic and a doughtier nt lit
vltlcli rain colts that sell fur > KKi to Siam I at debt
miniln oura A IJtiuruK I
Ouinutf Slay IS
The Oldest Odd Iclloiv
To Till EniTonop THK SUN Sir Wo can I
teal James T Irwin the IliitTalo dd Fellow by four
jejrs Henry n Roberts born on leb 29 IhOft joined
tenant lmtue I o of n V on Aug 7 l4n and has I
bt nu inemher I1f llio same Inafn ever since Ills
makAs turn HII ilild i retlnw of rfrtry fort nine years
standlnir lie lives today at m fnit fourth street
Sew lork city JIIIIN i cored I
hccrelurjr Cov < iulit Ividce > 0 32
reentry or lie Period
From the Lotion Courier
rllx OSSSVR mal
She drenes now In linen or plquv
If irmueiln llsht 01 lawn
With ribbons bright ibm clmrmlmr sprit
tbea fairer Uuii the dawmm
I somt limes meet her In the rural lens
Where lilac rrenl he hreere
Her lovely face her sprlditly tract
Aol other wltrtierUs
ntrance bewitch m nay set all
My eeumaee In a wnirl
As she goes by w lib manner shy
Th beateous summer girl
rp from the sod the daisies I peep
r i r J
The frlgit dsyi are oer
Tbe wl I a rote blows and soon Soc deep
The Slue will be clover
The sprlnrllme tn Ihe meads and tree
Now rive a rich adormujr
The snie biris wtdi their u srmphonfes
ate limo ffold n mornln
lIe ha Well soon KO out of town
To see onr country cousin
The strawberry s here aol eggs are down
To thirteen cents a dozen
Tee 5TiiiOG smoefle
Ware irettinc close to the month of Jan
And tie tultiipc > ea on e nvar
Wlien we 11 go to i lie hrach In the afternoon
ton loath li and fur lager beer
V Vlicre well watch 1e men wt o ao In to swim
And dive w here the ttatHftii t lat
And tile while CRuel YR < bits us u rr coyly skits
meg the waves of lua suitlll lj >
But we Hll not lob at ike nifaijen gay
A PIP irambols upon the shore
her be bImij suns iSle summer tbty say
Will be tuiallir thou ever ticlcre
James 3 Martin Is m ihe first actIve member nf the Tarn
batty Hall ortnnlratltn to get a seat In the Police Hoard
line Ibs death ot Sidney r Mtolla on Itch 2U IfI
1rlorto Mr Mcoliss 51 ivolnttnenl In isle utuC only
sells Tarammix man In the HosM WASMatthew V
llrenuan who r as chosen imy the LeffisTatur on May 112
I list and who resigned becmno Sheriff In 1H7I
Thtie are irrat days for tie u lit reformers Tlev
are holdlni any number of banqucli nnd selftlorlrica
lions and If only cluh members were totcrs they mltlit
core iv great triumph llut unfortunstotv such Is not
the ceot Ierhsps some ef them mull membr to ml
v510g these feltcltntis lines nJohnlay the cutting
of tIme nettariOpsrn Its lived In the seuentecnth
century and among other hInge le wrote thU
Ho comes a reckonlnv whn his Imnqnet oer
ThiS dreadful reckoning AimS men fume no morn
The old fashIoned Democratic flun nf srleoilnx for
appointive ofikes thus nhim the e mmtoe tint a already
I approved for olrcthe otTlces by their suitraeet
seems to t nre fallen somewhat Into cMsueo
Of Mayor Irani relpctlom on Wednesday
Hrtwlti llojan when Inn a cninlldiu wee
defeated for Mate Senator tip John O lioyil in insi
IhvrleA lalnlor when last a candidate was dofeMeil
for Cfngrers hv Itlward J t f > unph > In I1H0 lUwnrd C
Sheeny when last acsnlldAie wits defeated for Alder
alan by 1 chance II iltlllj In Iut and John oclirnns
tthni hid l a ramlMalo WA feateil liv Adolpi L Sao
cer fir Iruldent ft the SoarS of Aldermen In IMI The
iither three ctndHatev clio sn lo nil pn ilotis lthln
the gIft of the Major Seems Ulark Martin and Cram
have never been before the voters as candidates
Two of Ito trrett Commlslnncrs ot the present Hoard
of Kxcl e nre temperance men
The puhUiin leaders are not meeting tilth an en
conrtlnit Scarce of success In their efforts toeitsblsh
it part uritaniratlon In the rUlilh Assembly rtlitrlct
from whlih lirn1 k nid tutor lieutenants Inhnny
OHrlen havo leon erpelteil The trouble with the
KUhtti Is Hint Its politics hte bean si tout corrupted
und he cncrcl ef the franchise there so irreatly tie
bandied that Keimblicnns of prim ipln are rare and the
few that exist know little or mioiuing about the I actual
Mork of politic limo Central Republican Committee
having overturned the numb Republican organization
which existed there finds dllcult In securing jiersotm
to take the places of tie Oepoted lenders With the
Democrats on the other hand matters are much more
promising In the EIghth nnd to much Is the position of
part lester now roteted there that hers are two
ntplrAnti for tie lIMe within the ranks of Tammany
nnd two within the ranks of th County Democracy A
man desttlnir to communicate his lsws to the voters
uf thn Inhlli Anembl district In Intelligible form
would need tn know these five Innguattts German
JJngltsti toluh Ilusijn und Hnnrnrlau
It turns out nn Imputation that Tslntor li a Nine
teenth district man tool
There ls still hope fr some of the dlMMlsfled tn the
Wigwam Tie dog catchers for 110mm ars not yet aj
pointed No chit service examination Is required
Ashbet r Fitch the Harlem tariff reformer was a
member of the Fiftieth Congress and will be A member
of the fifty first In the former he was a republican
In a Democrttlc House In the latter he will be a Dema
crat tn a Republican Hous
The latent talents of Democrats seem never fully re
vealed until occasions present themselves for their cx
rclse Thus the lion John R Voorhls who for nftsen
years was known chiefly as a valued adviser among
Democratic leaders has recently blossomed forth Into
an orator and has delivered several addressss of a pithy
and practical kind He has so greatly pleased his audi
tor that every assemblage to which ht has spoken has
paid him the compliment of pausing a Tot of thanks
luce iov Illll sent unanswerable veto of the SAX
ton Electoral bill to the Legislature very llttl has been
heard from the advocates ot the Australian syttem
No one has undertaken the dlsheartontnx task of
attempting to refute the arguments ot the Governor
A fv persons however have com forward to ear that
while th Saiton bill was undoubtedly defective and
probab y unconstitutional It should have been tried to
see how it would work This would te an odd notion
In lejrlllallon and wuld throw wide open the doors to
other experiments at the Instance ot any orslik or un
informed person who might derive amusement from
agtesilnir them It Is not the function of the law
makers of this State to harass citizens or to disfranchise
them In order to see how It would work
A very vague recollection seems to exist tn the nubile
mind regarding the tollce Judges and tbe method
which used to be employed In their selection 1rior to
the year 1873 they wr eleotlve offices Incumbent
being chosen In districts which corresponded very
closely to the present District Court districts and
made tip of several wards joined together The last
election of time kind was In 1S4JO aid bad the various
Judge then chosen served out their respective terms
they would have continued holding court until 1875 In
ltmti however alt the Judges were legislated out of
oar and time places which they had occupied were
filled by Appointment by the Mayor Of the eight
Judges chosen In Iftos four are now dead Of those who
survive two sre entirely lost to public sight though still
to be met with occasionally Of the two others coo
Edward hogan was resppolnted to his old place ou
Wednesda after having been legislated out of It six
teen years Ago end the other John McQuade recom
mended an appointment to the Mayor which the latter
made six years at 5OX a year
The city of New Vork has of late years had eight
members of the Democratic State Committee of whom
four wero named by Tammany Hall and four by the
County Democracy This year A disagreement over
the division is more than probable and should It mon
reel the organization which gets more than Its half of
the representation win be pretty certain to bs held re
sponsible for any falllBg off which might occur lu time
Democratic vote
The Hoard of Aldermen has been gradually Increased
In numbers and steadily reduced In powers and InCa
ence during the last few year At the present time
there arc twenty six Aldermen but when their work
was three tItLes as great the number w as fifteen
Two years ago the United Labor party palled la this
city nearly 4UOQO votes for Its county ticket Last year
tie total fell below 10000 and this year from present
Indications there will be no Labor party at all unless a
new one Is organized during time summer It has been a
question with a good many what has become of the Yn
rlou leaders who were actlto In the labor movement
two years ago The resDonse to such a question would
show how quickly men drawn together by an epheme
ral movement s Alter when tlere ceases to bo an Rood
rraton for ahsoclaicn Of the active Labor nen iho fol
lowing have joined the Kepublican parly John floe
lln thom Urgailur In the > Fourteenth district and leo
W Deueanl Morris W Hart their candidates Ur City
Judgeship two years ago J X lloirnrt of the TeiilU C
1 Loote of the Sixteenth K T Kltrgerald of time First
Jatue Lynch of the Thirteenth Edward Flnckelston
of limo Tenth James A O Gorman of the bevcnteentli
and Charei 1 Illake of time Sloth are in Taminunr
Louis K Ilit Vm McCabe Everett llackln and ulliers
of the original George faction have a party of Ilielr own
to advocate the abOlition of all tariff law and A change
la the land and voting latts McMackin U horskey
Gottheil and a few others are wlthunt partisan attach
mint llomtmi ant ms of the Herman members are In
the Trogresslt party ant 1 those of the remainder who
have not joined the Count Democracy are waiting
like MLawbtr for sometime to turn up
Among the offices to be Oiled at tie next election la
that of Rejister The term is three years and tun In
cmihenl gels fllo annually tIm has the appoint
ment of deputy al VK I an assistant deputy at JJ OjO
hatisfaotiouclrrk at CmOs > > four clerks Jl5x > three
readers at 51201 five In len clerks seven custodians
two watchmen a messenger one examiner at l7n
and one al 3120 twelte searchers at salaries ranging
from f5Oi to tJ01 a chief searcher at 3ttei and
fortythree recorllng clerk Although the patronage
of the ofhco lias nit been curtailed Its Importance In a
u > 1ltiCMl sense has been greatly diminished since time
abolition of the fee syttcu and the substitution for U of
salaried puiej
The withdrawal of Stephen II Frenih from the post
of Iolce Coromksloiier which he his held for ten
years pit marks auottier break In time Republican local
machine f f wh li I he hoc < been for a longtime he actual
connecting ImV vr Krencn ian kept the Keptbtlcans
In line In mnny of their recent rmttlet but his departure
from It Hoard will probably mark the beginning ot a
new chapter for hereafter the ui > town paJillLlans of
the rMummer hllney sihool will be free lo manage
tlilngiatler their I own more or lea approteil pltn i The
Republican anlfalinn Iii tbeilyfif Nen Vork Is all
thlnzs consldeir 1 none of tin I heat but the retirement
of Mr Fremh will we isen It most psrilciiltrlv In those
districts where the hardest work use 1 to ho done during
the lifetime and leaders ilp of Chester A Arthur
Under the Isw of this Mae in It exists te day any po
litical organization that puts a candidate In nomination
has aright lo substitute fr him lu the evnl nf bli de
clining or ot Ills death another candidate that I IherA
1 imo law toimcnl It Under the Ksxion hiI ah vetoed
bt uv II Ill no uti guaranloo ttis furiilthfd and
where a catmii itie bad Let ii noininatfd niul 1ml
at icr a marl cm mtlmiire wit nn prnvisiin was male fnr
a SIIIH iiitii in iU iitce after the ispiratum
o a erii < arbitrarily Urd ty the bill I Ihiis 1
In u New Verb AiMiiihly I district formal mimlna
lions mitflit be made by laiimiaur Halt II he Ito
publicans the County Democracy tIme Labor part and
the umnerance men there would be live candidates
IB lh Held Ttioi nominated hy the Labor pony
0111117 Democracy and the Republicans might by ar
rangement withdraw mmlii I the voisrs would hate their
elide of the Tammany ntan IT the temperance man
or they might stay homo frwni time potts aired toed the
prltute camp mriut ala and otHcUil > mariiil bsllots
would do ti en
Hum tlnnrn stn st CnpllulHt
t < w irf rinnixwiia J ufn i
The llev Hnm Jonen has bnon elected Prvsl
Soul of Ihe liiutnou Lend Company
Ivicnisriict LytU or iin tMt
There is t A lecturer In alecct UV nvinvmi who an
WInd mattnff1r Here U Aapeolinen of MA nrntnrtri
powers lulL tAillea And gent eaten U Mnsn e n
tword mini elite 5 alter site Ia a iittXfof 111 m t in l
dlA And tvAlka Mtlh her bar naked mid tender feiti
uponth clUtenlatr keen cutllnmn tinIin lumtiemt5 in
etrair n pdif like tuurible edces nf quit en me waS or
Inc retiullnR Wf > rIi And Die Jagged titled lee meg
terrifr orop ntilmr tcirfni itUlilul I h I irnriJnir
pf armM trl poitie t fAfliln deep amklnir il Itoh i
wounding feet rnlnttii spies rtnnclnc And ratingon a
but ttf Mr aint 1 pointed carpet task < and runulrg a
rare on pi nenlnr clmMf
There cnn HUM WMA ofasiminy ft frUiul to dlnoo
Pill OC breaktst with you but tie mom unIque titli
ttonii srvrep rlvr Mtr reSt or l > fAr1ofAft < verteaM
by him while rrovlif city Hail park on hAturdayat
termion Aldu k Out AA short lImIdIs set man AH I
lime oilier aims lull and Itnked like a well fed maroon
Tlii > met ami tin MIOU Uiaifle tuts eIgtm led and
craving time hmamii i of tho Imli K liSt ie ennL > t nii i
I Will ymti lt tun InVn t thn I uriiAiM Limit u 3 our ftoiu
rich T The lit nun umti rntonl cut eqiutaily ilottcttMl
ant l the seine two uimetm iv > ye cccii too hours later tcit
inn tlko good luwiiu UK Astor llon r
The prp rMlomfrf tiMrly rpmM to trig Ihe More
pf mi rtntrplon that In tn tie etijme IV 2 > UtriAlf ot
the American AMOCUIOM ot Civil lintlnfr the lieu
tote of MfdhanlrM EnTtiicr nnd the Nnttonul A nnrl
ullnn of MIning Indnpfrv nnd ft the lfmtrrtitp of l > on
MliUtrmore Clilff himlnccr of time lilcAiro MUwwuhc
And 51 1AUl ItAUivaj lucy are to llt luniloii bets
tlicv will hat a irrAiiJ reception In hiUdhftll upon lbs
inrttalton of tIme Institution i > f Clll tiuitieem t of areat
ItrlUtn And they Will open loft if them tOne InMfBlne
the morimp irtAnl fnRln erinir nrKn In Queen Vie
lortai ktntdoin Afterward they are to visIt Franc
where thv7 will bn welcomed hy tliftr brrthmn anal i
where bHides ln pecllnff the Unlvtsrual Kipnultlon they
Milt study time ACtnooineata of Trench onitlnccrliir Ite
cxrurtnn In sure tn be an Intertfltlatf otto for tho large
body of American deetaieo
Personal leulers from UAihtnffton ce > that rreiiJeat
LUrrlion uj oftfiided becAune Uncle Jerry Ituik rod
Ito iillun on the liny CMH horse At helm Attnua hoice A
week or 10 ARO Urn Hnrrlnnn the letters HAy conild
ercd tho proof fillnff decidedly iinillkuifled for A Cabinet
member Rtid In hlvf > > nm nt4 ilrmonitrnted what those
tear him are fully aware ofthat lien llarrlion laraor I
1 tally afraid of en > lIming tike ridicule attaching to hli
AdinlnlPtrAtoii tlov Ibis And hU frletuU tar un the
contrnry hat the exploit will On the IlArrifton Admtnlft
tratlonu heap of good with the Tnrmera It wilt per
hap Influenc them to bellere that this la An AdminI
trAtluiiof homeipun and Ion cabin cliupllclly
Wall alreet Is getting toba quite a centre for building
operatIons and lu everyday Rpect It not unlike that
of some of the new uptown streets where the builder
occupy niofli of the roadway Them hnrttt been A time
for A year or to when lens than two or three new lout
logs I were under construction In Wall direct and the
narrow old thoroughfare that uoed to be rather ihabbf
tn Its architecture fa getting lo be A deep canon be
tween Architectural precipices of tha most laboratj
And beautiful description
Evidently tome of the electric companies dont CAT
wbetnmer they furnish city lights or not forty icond
treat Thirty fourth street And some of the other
thoroughfare la which the tights went out when the
tayore axe struck the pole are atltl unUghUd drops
by a fen widely oepnrAted gas Umpa The absence of
th electric lights does mmcl make ao much difference on
llroadwAy And Sixth arena because ttcre are Iota ot
gas bampit and plenty of other lights Icpldca but came
of th cnf streets ought to hay the anpply ot RaaUmps
trebled If the lectrtca Are to be permAnnUy turned out
The shad aaaion la drawing a close And the flih are
aiready beta pienttfut than they were A few week age
tn tn o or three weeks m re the aeaon will end And for
Another nIne montha It will be impoaalble to tt in Sic
city the cheaptit and finest food lIeS of northern salt
water without the edge having been taken from the
pleaaure by the Dah baring 10 be transported some dis
tance before It reachea the market No sham it luke the
North Hirer chad caught After midnight And served up
for breakfast the aamc morning
The directory canvassers are making their Annual
rounda and the servant girls of the city Are ilenlintr out
their Annual telectloq of Information About everything
except the two or three fact that the canvasser wanta
to know An old directory cAinapiter la Authority for
the stAtement that the Average domestic who tends time
door nf city homes can know less about her employera
right name And occupation And more About the other
affairs of the family than a dry good clerk know
About making hay
Take them Alt Around And tber Are probably no Mtet
men In almtlar service In the country who more faithfully
observe regulations than the eleraud railroad trauimen
The duty of CAllluc out the naniea of the alAllona is one
of its most unplaaaant parts of A guard work And the
one most frequently alighted by trainmen on other
roads but the elevated guard are alngnarly faIthful
at U On the lone night runs there U1 often be but
one or two persona In a car when the up town Btatlona
are reached and All of them evldentl old trAiellara
who know when to get otT without being told but the
guards CAll out every xtatlon Just the name One guard
a few nights am dId esea bettor One of his can woe
entirely emptied At Fiftieth street but he kept rlnht oa
yelling the name of the MallniOnto the empty car ail
the way up to 155th Street just AH carefully ai though It
had been filled with women atmil country ptnple who
ware In mortal terror of being carried pan their sta
tion At the end of the run he etrn took care to remark
to the empty beats thiit ttmiccsr ifuen no 00 further
One of the pretttcut ot tlio small parks ot flue city la
the new Jeanneite Irk occupyliiK the place where dd
Coerules Blip ueei to be n public eyesore Tie shrub
bery In U Is young yet but U In well kept ant the prAU
and flowering plunia are carefully looked totter
The citys flower show la otcr for this year Foliage
plants here been set In plat e of the thouiand of bIn
coming planta that have kept the beds to the a malt park
gay ever > since the first tulip bloomed
The greater part of the alleged new potAtoca that the
people of this city are bn > lng and entlng nowAdaja are
not new At all And liar not been since a > ear ago
Some fellow mitts discovered a WMJ of making od po
tatoes look new by soAktiiir them In A preparation that
titles the rough outer skIn peel off And leaves only th 1
amooth Inner akIn like that of a new potato The emaIl
potatoes are picker out und when they have been
treated In tile way cannot be told from tIe really riev
ones except by mitt experienced ey lucy vent scrape
Lou ever like the real Article nnd have to be peed
ThrcoBoldlors who Btnrtedfit from Tort
Adams for A sail in Newport Ilurbor on 1 la ranpired
blIss ida Lee Ic tIm fatuous life cater ILt out htr llltl
boat to rescue them hhe csme ip i Jie aid ttme men
were saved by the row of a vemi1 I in near ul humt
who rrlted a few mlnutot ahead uf ti hen luo
A curIous autlt is bmiIug tiifil in Ne beth
ford and all tIe boys it ho ride blcyi en art natchlrglt
cloiely A bicycle rider James H Hrudford took a
header while bowling along a road and till no uset
the equlllbirum of Mr J 1 A Urjuvlts pair of spirited
hmroes that Ilmey inn nisiiyaod nuanhed up Mr Jieauvis
turnout Mr licnutm ihln < the bicycle rider ougbl to
pay the damages hence time suit
liters his n low In Pittsburgh labor clr
ce otor a notice then hy I the Secretary of the National
Ilrotherhnoil nf Carpenters to the effect that any of tIme
members who are attached to the Knights Lsbor can
not receIve either sick or death benefits Time members
of the Unights of Labor think thin Is I the begtuning of an
open fUht for supremacy by the American redvratioa
of Labor againft the Knights ot Labor
It Is claimed that tho terontly completed
Pan Diego flume Is the mnst stupendous ever construct
ed In the world being only a little short of thirty six
mites long An idea of the gigantic character of the
work may he l obtained from tIe fact that mIte amount ol
lumbor consumed was more than lilitr inllllonsof feet
orallamnif tIc ten lomldernble > M I of liMHict lo
each urea not bee than fill em trees were required
In the course of the tluni there I ate iirme 11 trcntlrs
the longest nf ilmec being i feet in Irngtli eighty
five feet high and conuumig one quarter of a million
feet nf lumber Another Iresllo Ia l of the same huignl
and infect long the main timbers used In both of
these b lng len liv ten and el < lit by light being put to
gether on llo ground an 1 rsled tn their position br
horse power Time number or tinineli in the couri > of
the flume i > rig it tie I InliLfl ml l which ma l 2 list feel the
ttinnes being in el i rlx M su feet with i convex chapS
routing e ih mile of lh flume re lulred an average ot
one fotirthtir a iniiilf n feet nf luiner for Its cuittrue
ilon cii I th > nc I l eml eiiircyin time box Is two
fncien m hli ktiMs throughout
A tuitei I In n London I journal rails Mt
teilllrn to IIo unarrrrciatrd turn enl 1 uresertatlr
< jui Itlf s of teat tmmie A material he oaya which pl
efctrs what may be regarded us extraordinary qualities
in withkUndlni atincfalerlr InfliiPhrts ibis eippclallr
which lutve CO much lo do with the err son of Iron and
sled II belnj a a ell known nit that I ia ItalIc of a
teainr ttluch U tot expound to the action of salt water
like the l otmu Lurruiles niurh more iuu kly than time
uilliC i i It ha ion an mid lug 41111 n tl it line >
onevblrh aiUpts U in a rtnarkalie dir i ai i a j ro
tectlte point I for xhip and llut I mu i the extreme llfienns
of Its grvlu Indeed ground rxiapstone Is one of the
finest materials pro < 1uubl < anil frnm ei eriiuents
made It Is found that no other mater ai iscapalue of
taking hold of the fibre of iron ami sire so readilr si4
firmly as title It U also lighter lhmcta mtiallU pigments
CII nn this ai rouut ttlen mixed as a ailit Is catch
if t nverlnj a largt r mmci arc ihsu I Ohm whtie r dl4l
or oxide mt rim fn 1 a 1 Ito iijiilloi t IIXH I limit I ccv
largely neo for prenrvm Ii rit roe built rf s > l
st ine and i > tlrer stonrfc lUtils v cr untia ft 1111 ti s r lie
of Ibo altuitkii > je unO lit fter 1 t 0 i ii t a ea
run SUM M i f rm I i n m n 1 I II mat i
country compxed of > lm > iitlun n am < j > r e
lerleratinn IIM I been the msaus of preserving taeula
tici tic huoJniJ of j cars

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