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y V 1f pt 10 I r f qj y l I r fl ril i fv 1 h 1
tI t I
BT muiHnnouKirtf IJAUE
Am Exhibition of Holt riming hat U Not
Otto HuThe nmoklrn On oily One
nit or KlnirHurp fielding Cut off
L Hear llltkOthrr Ole
I The standing of thn clubs In tho thrco
Urcerbase ball associations Is as follows
31in I I I
I gt J
mL E
1 I if I I If
E 1 Lfi I I
fioetoa I J i 2 43i 1 W
rhlLadelrhla I 3 l 3 3i 1 4 I 3 19 2
I flaw Tork 3 I 2 2 2 V 4 17
CUveland 092 I 1 2 j si h I
C1Iad 0 I 2 I 4 2 J 13
1ItbQIEh g I I f l 3 I 2 13u
1 C i 3 2 1 10 I
141 Mlltn 1 Vlii 1 I iL I
Gunti 16ft d ll13 UIT 1lrlU
alfii 1 I I > I
3 3 > f i l 11 j
cLv L
t h I I I FNI I I I Ito I I I
Jersey City i j v i < ic
Hartford i 0 > I 2 5
Worcester U 2 2 > l 9 i 31 115
Wiikubarra I I 2 2 i II 1 S I 2 I I i
pewark 3 I 2 CI 11 I
Loirail 0 0 II l I I1 I 32 1
Eton II I 0 0 I I 3 7
w IT 0 u I 1 I Ol I 0 I O l 31 I 1
Gmlol e r 9 ii 11191
The Amerlenn Anaoelntlon
The American eoclutlon games yester
day resulted a follows St Louis 2 Brooklyn
1 Athletic Cincinnati 2 Columbus U Louis
ville 4 Columbus 12 Loulsvlllo 3
I i i
f 15 =
C10J 1 lfl s
F 4
ll 1 I I j
I iL Llt 4 i g I I
cntl I 0 3 4 4 3 6 21
Athletic 2 4 5 1 2 3 13
Xanu CIty 4 I 2 2 II 2 2 6 IS
nltlmor 0 4 0 I 3 3 2 1
CoInmbuL I 2 I I I 3 6 IS
fI J I I III I 2 I I I 2 5
OaleL 1IU 19 I U liI5253
The boss manager of the St Louis Club
left this town last night ole of the happiest
len in the country Not only did ho get two
victories out of the three games that his club I
I played ocalnst the Brooklyns on this trip but
he carried away more money than any other
Association club has probably ever taken out
of 0 city for a like number of games Presi
dent Von der Abe received payment for some
thing OTer 41000 spectators and had I not
ben for tho rain on Saturday afternoon this
number would have Increased to 50 COO
At yesterdays came between tbo bt Louis
and Brooklyn clubs at Bldcewood there wero
11721 spectators and had It not been that the
I came began one hour abead of the usual time
there would baTe been 15000 present As it
was there was a steady stream passing through
tbe turnstiles up to the seventh inning and
then the ticket boxes were closed and hun
dreds turned The of the
rY drds were away cause
f I early start to clay was to allow the St Louis
Club 0 chance to take tbe G oclock train for
f Columbus overthe Now York Central Itallroad
This great crowd 8 haudled bettor than
it any crowd was ever handled at Rldgewood be
fore and not even ground rules wore needed
Iii aa has been the custom heretofore The six I
r foot barbed wire fence which has boen con
1 tracted around thu whole outtleld since the I
breaking up of tbe BrooklynAthletic game
4 was more effective than a solid line of police
men and but few attempts were made by tne
spectators t scale the wire fence However
I an Improvement can be made to the lence
tAt I ircan b brought in some distance E
that more standing room can be had JJurlne
the same yesteiday even foot of seating and
standing room was occupied as well as the
tops of the high board fences that surround
the grounds
The contest was one In which the pitchers
J did battle Silver King faced the home team
while Bobby Carutbers twirled the ball against
his oldtime comrades Of the two King was the
most effective and In fact it was due to him
that his club won the victory Only one hit
was made off bli delivery bj the usual bard
hitting UrooElyns This was a twobaeger by
Burns in the fourth Inning after Obrien had
cot to second on an error by Hoblnson and a
passed bal and netted tbe only run that the
Brooklyn Club can show as spoils from ono of
the prettiest lights they have made thin sea
son KlDBs work did not end here for in the
three times he went to the hat he made three
hlta two singles and a double and two 01 his
hits netted ibe two runs scored by the visitors
i second bit was for two bases t DOll he
cored on a bit by Latham HU third hit I
brought In DufTee after tbo latter hnd made
bis threebase hit In the seventh inning
Of the other hits made b > the visitors I they I
Were valueless being scattered in such a way
as to be of no use In tbi run getting Both
pitchers haJ ret control of the boll and
their field support was simply remarkable
t The small number of strikeouts by each
pitcher bows what work the flelJer had to I
r o and tbe small number of errors bows how
well they did their work Indeed It was only
I toy the quickness of the iDtlelders on either
Bide tat the number of base bits was kept
down for many of the bits that were made I
would usually b considered safe The only
two errors made by the home team nero I
dropped toul IIys br ioutz and Clark and
neltberdld any more dnmlle than tnulve the
batsmen another chance which did them little
< lul9
good lor In either case both men were put out I
before reaching first base As for the
bfor ra < bloi two er
rors on the part of the visitors they were by
Robinson and were both made on hot ground I
lr Only one of them was cotly
Pretty double plays on each side which
caused a burst of applause were among the
BeldlnR featuros The work of Umpire Uuniels
wa very good In fact no better umpiring had I
been seen In these parts for n long time and
ass consequence the game was more than I I
usually free from kicking by the pln > ori >
The Brooklyns got only four men to first l
base and only one of them reached second
that being the runner who scored Tho vlsitois I
did a very little better than this In fact Islors I
i by the very finest work that tholirookluis pro WW
vented their opponents trom scoring in the
I third Inning after the Browns uud got two men
I on bases by clean bit The score Iot I I
100u o Lor
latr3 boO 0 I a 0 rlhm 3d b a1 2 2 0
08na L I 1 0 2 0 0 tsrthy r too 2 I 0
Collnd b 0 I 2 I 0 i t 0 0 I 2 0 0
auTos 0 I 0 I 1 1 f tomlkey I 1 o 0 12 t 0
Foot lt b 0 f a 0 I 10001 ld b O I I 1 9
Vlnr r t 0 0 I 0 OIiuttecf 1 I 2 00
CorthlL C to 0 3 0 0 1IIIr s U I I I I I
I CazrotlirspO I I 8 tIfloypC U U 1 00
Clk 0 0 3 0 IIKlnKp I 3 0 a 1 0
I Totalii27fr d 01 2 7 12 I
Prooklyn 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0I
g I
ht Loohj I II U U I U I 0 9
i Earned rinatrosklyn 01 SI Louts 2 1lrO t en
rrorsUrooita 5 hi Louiq I it iIrt be on bi I
By Caruthert it 1Irl I Iefr on bseirooil i 0
5 St Lenis I truok otUy Irllh 1 by XUiii I
8 8arI0 hlcCulin Thrb lilt liii Twu
I 1 blKln litre 1a I biloto lime ot
lmII LinpireMr UDII
ATULITIC 4 cocisu 2
I rlaUI Jua 2The 1lfl Club woo A
SIdling gem tram the Incintiati here olay It DOo
a plhn 111 Toni start 10 lbh on1 iewrd aui
oalon top Tba CII Iol could mako Out three hit
I from till hry arid h wal ulrorld In cull 11 111
111 Irl lr the rl ot the tem henii reicliar
was oat up 10 It UDI Indrd and old much lurd
V 1vtlnthegama buoor
il UUL ClttNA ii
IILOL 1 it 0
Weoh o 0 f 2 0 lol1y c t I I I iii I
10551 I t 1 0 I 0 0 Sirl I he d I I I n u a f
yoeiSdb 0tIo3 I It1 0 UU I r 1
I tOD Ii 1 I g lii II ii h nn c I i a I
Bauer2d b 0 0 3 1 0 srliuuierSI I I U U I 2 I I
I Del r t1 U f 0 01bUU I t ii 0 I 1 I
Fualr a L I t ii 6 I 101 r r I 0 I I U
I Roblaon 2 I 2 I 0 RI li 1 U 0 15 I U
I Srd p U 2 0 4 0 UIODOp U 0 2 ii Ii
Tla 4 4 27 20 2 Total 2 a 27 95 a
lbl 0 0 I I I 0 0 I 0 2f
Cclalt I I I U 0 I Ii r 0 113
Eared runsCIncinnatI I Atttir I T
bUtRoblnn heiian Thr MhItr IIt
5cri5ce hltFenne1v
r iiear1 iOeS
stoInBtoei LIIIIa itnbiieugi jiiudSy I T ee I
iiiIiy I Lft on balesAthIrilo 4 Ciitoial 2
J tel
UIWictl i btt Ijon I iit bi on rr
ClooIDaL 2 FIUI bass oa called USUCbytni m 1 I
alOr rDrIL raauIiy Iclhe Iebiu Meul liii
by plcaod bIWloh ld pltcheluhn Ilt
b4jlaka Ool4iltb ISA Roblaol rmI CINr 1 I
I lamb 0 0 3 0 0 0 t I 01 I
0 0 I I 0 0 0 0 4
BattarleiOaatrlght Ualdwlu and People Ewing
f tad Vaughn
I ti Columbut 0 J 2 3 I 0 2 2 b i
J Loulivllle 01 IOU 0 u I 0 j I
Batteries ila i and O Connur hbr t and V augl I
LoutiriLti Juua President Pavi uon I ai slrel 1
i tie director here tIt lull lie ion nluio lie I hus
I r ainid for abort Hop win rapuiu tbe team and be
J hops that win ihla Infuilon of new blood the club will
I work together In better Chap Tba new of cileaiona
tUning bU bUD wall reoelved here ai Tommy la I r j
I KUKSijraAl Ifq 1 kaowa what L will W b
ret an unconditional retest 1 li reported her that
lh reaion DavlJiin did not lell stration to Clncinniil
when offered 535 Ii for Mm the other day wai became
thi director of the Allocution I have notified him that
Itheatteraitito ped1e nat iba Blayert they win take
ehirxe of the club the conitltntlon reiervlng thIs right
for inch emergenclei
Other Otme
jests n fr < uroB < Ia
Till nrlr1n Acmri made the r frit appearance of the
tenon at Kecreatlou lArk I yefterday and lest llb f
aura by tbli core
injro ACIB
K laro > K a la r n11
rarrypandlb1 u 4 3 2 Murphy e i J 7 3 V
g 5 5 i b i
2btd iOS33ArinIteEp3 I 021
dcneKtilh I I 7 0 0 Met lit b 3 3 M 0 I
flifrHinllibi > a 5 1 2AUhn Jd b J 2420
lalfh antpl l I u 0 J Imiclu a a3 3 I 2 a
llnpkfnir t 2 3 n I o 0 I aa ihAtdbJ 4422
Mllon If J i 0 O lIinahlr 34200
Iladonr fc = I t 0 3 Shannon c f2 I I u I
MJictnt I I 2 t I1Oeorge r f 1 3 t 0 I 0
Total i i i ill Tolaa SSlTll 9
Fender 0 i t 0 5 0 0 I itO
Acmtl 0 1 a t 2 S I U 4 JJ
lamed rDa enatnri 7 Vcnua in Urn t ae on
errori lenktori cmeM La 01 beeenstnr1 I
Acmem I Two Lee hltillopkinx Klnath I lash I
AIA1 hnnnnn Murphy Ama Molenta e > A
raa h Lalahii iieorcr Mnatu v art Armliate rIb
iaiflr liom I a put trmitai > fuiby and L
Iaa > n nrrt nil king llaiei an baliDy Armltage
7 Hit by pitched balltlnnecan 21 Nugent Nav
Oeorue bi don truck outBy Armltace 4 by
latelv 4 1aiied bll taeli I Vurpbv 1 empire
Mr uopkloi tIme ot game l1urPb
CIIMO < 4 lttVA1 2
The rilnloni beat the Sylvani al West Farms yet
terdayby this iore
ctitrcxs i 1TLAit
aliroAi iBroAa
Ftelmrain c f2 J 1 o o Ke Iv Mb I I I I I
c oslelto1db I 0 I a 2lnrct i l I 0 3 I
Harry i l J Il 2 0lleyrod I c U 110 0 u
J i midb Ig f
Joni Istb2 i13 I u IfoiiArt lit b U C U 710
iloriey c l 1 3 I Ole ecard Ito 1 0 u o
Korb If I o o 1 d I P 1 White t e r o l 4 o n
Ielmnre Id b1 I I 33 ITtStiiter t1 l I 3 O 0
Wrkliur n o I I I n xccanu Jd b n I 4 1 2
lower s p 0 0 113 I nivudileti p 0 U 0 8 I
ToUl T 82721 3 Total 2 i 24 i 4
unions I I I I 4 I 0 0 7
ryivana 0 0 u 0 I 0 0 0 12
Two bale hill Jonri Renotdi Camel rum Clln
tonv > ylvara 1 lla el on biiilt1Iy Madden 5 by
lower Hriibaie on erron illnton J sMvan I
lilt by pitched bal I oweri Uhtt Mruckoot Hy
lower 8 ry Madden u Stolen baiei < llnton 3
sylvan 4 Left on ba ei i Union 4 s > van 10
ieed I bultalteynolda z Wild pllchet Madden 2
tmplre Irank uol > len Time or gslnsi V
Haverntraw 10021012 07
Monroe u a o o a o l o 18
leonelnera 0 1 I 0 2 n ii
Butterml J 1 0 0 o 2 0 04
TIt 1 I I I 1 I I I ln
Lord Jk Taylor 0 0 000000
norham 1 I 3 I 0 4 I 2 013
lluialng 101 I ououo 4
BOM Hllla 2121 1 n 0 3 31V
Fparlaa 000200001 1 J
OlCOla 201O10OOO 4
Jaroma o 2 3 o f I 0 I 9
Atlantic Jra 58300241 23
torfolka loooioooi 3
Brooklyn L 7 U 004223 I 222
Lees of Brooklyn 002005000 7
oral I 1 1 0 2 0 0 5
Molt Un 10 3 I I 2 017
Carlitadt 10101000 2i
tajamoro 10OOU020 03
Mercury 1O24O03S 417
tjnlciitep j 2 0 fa 2 1 I 0Id
At Hettcbfiter Fmendi li l rberhoriL t
AI Loci liUnd Oroundi c uban IIAUII 12 1 ork L
Minor Iuu
At Rprinrteld PprJngtelii 7 EraniTiTe L
At Burlington Hurllnirtori b Quinn II
At IeorIaleorla b uar nport I
The end ot tbe first month of Ih neai na in the Inter
national Hane BAU 1 Leaeut inw that the work ot the
club that far has produced tbli rrsolt
Ier n
Ow In U f t I avd iron
KjTaCUM 17 7 24 704
Toledo 14 H I L J bH
Toronto 12 I S3 51
Hoc I e tier 14 13 27 51 I
De roll 10 10 > vo
Urn ion 10 II 24 41H
ButTs Ic i
Haul ton 1 17 ji 3W
Pyraenie ftuccrsi Iu been due to tb hard worlt nf
Pitcher I nOte Murnin who howertr raTe out in at
urday frame with Toronto WQPII hi neaeit rival Tit
comb held the Syracuse don to one run while Murphy
VTA ht for eleven ran The other chili are all weak
In clicker and the flew four itrik rule bat been fojnrt
to work erectly t the disadvantage of 1 except the
Yerj beet mn
G me Today
New York at Washington
rniladelDbta at Koitco
CierelaoJ at Chicago
Indlanapoita at Ptttiburco
Eaniai City at Arooktrn
6t Looli at Columbu
Cinrlnnatl at Baltimore
LouiiTUle at miladelphia
H niXTic issocunov
TVilkeibarre at Jeriey City
Faiton at Newark
Lowell at Uartforil
Vorce ter at > w listen
Chips From the Dlauon
O Wicbura Something or 22000
It would be bars work to win against etch pItching ai
Eleg did re trruAy I
It WUtesbarre bond win to day the Jersey City Club
Cly CDb
will bare two club on Its belL l
torn femltn bavins Injured bin wrlat in one of Ibo
fame lait week could not play jen rday
1rfililent Von drr Abe wanted some one to kick him
when he bond that OaiiieU WAI to Le the umpire in
yeiterilay game
f HAKLLSTOX June 2The Sew Orleans I in an axemen
hove at iet decided to weslcn their team They Her
arcused br tht ther clubs ot excerdme the IH 1 >
kjxlury limit but the Charge could m t be proved The
club boMttrer heal alt toe otben to ea ty that the
pubic lot Interest in tre goes ana the attendance
at the same fell oil to uothlne Tberelore IUY 1 and
hples the crack baiurr cf the teaua hare e tran
fetuS tu the Mobile Club for f < K This It U I tiptctrd
wli even up tUirt omwUat and help out the gate
ttCelitL I Ial
PiiiLiDFtFHtA Jon Tne Plttsborgh Club returned
from Harrt tunr to thIs city lest nIght After coniid
erable rtrurm t Manager leratra 1 hhiipg tlxvd up u route
to roach hit tburnb Iliac left ibm city lion > mornIng
over tile Letilgti Valley Kailrcad At A lentown tbe
liaDapniU tiub was picked up and the train pro
ceedvri on In I way to burialo rrom there the Ocr
will so to Cleveland and thence to 1ittiburzb I Man
aCer titlllp time tbe does not mlbcarry lbs two
learn will reach Itttburxb 1 in time to pUy two game
to morrow afternoon
PresIdent Young had the following buletin yeller
day Contract for IR04S ith Chicago chat Beitian
Toronto 1 Titcrmb with AtUtit A orttttlon i > V
Casey K A Burn H M fturn X 11 William VI
JDO Ioran with Newport Slate League IW Latham
E oave I 1 Alfoiuln I f i June a Anel G J COat
Icy V I W Dezendorf John 5 A ten Jr John Iok
H Tanum Jotin Mciiuck t lohn Snearln U doodall
H U Taylor Jotepb McUlucfceu liarry I Mooney
I I ttYlol A S Mertiea I tUTU rattan U and
F hltuert with Central Inter State League
Charles ReinIng A R Ila rinan c fUrlion Liu V
lloj at La n in if A b Manawai with Chatianoofa
Mo t
N 1M I Sns ibA taaflnaw i harlei Cutler Ke eaaed
Ry Tl t adrlphia CliirleI Haitian Cleveland I C
Mcnolbou I LuAell J U Krirn I U nj Co lira I JOun
haunou and W long Teittral Inter State LeaguE
lisa J bbeelian J Canilllon and I C Stapieton
Snutl rrn leajuTlt Uo laud II II Patterion A ri
Iltz T Murray Into Iloitiird r T Toohey and L I t
APP etTatt Mrinaw Jamei Grogan George Adams I
and J 1 1 1 eajc I
romlnc Hall Player
The Kent Junior defeated lt Nanau Juniors by the
core of t to i v
The Ivy Junior defeated the Fulton Market Junior I
at 1roiipee 1ark by the score of 2 > to IE >
Tho Atlantic JunIors would like to hear from all nines
with paieri trial I1 to 1 yeara Addreu WlilUut
Hlc e > So hUllo itret
The Dranli would llko to hear from all club with
pUitr under If ymri for hlur a > KAUIII Address
k U lu ht u Neil thIrty ammO dyed
Tliu t Mph nu IJelt Kluxers bocietr would ba
rkHieil to hear frnn all nines wiiii parn from 17 to
Ut < tr < Aodreli Mlcbae iniilon lli HeiiCb street
The M 1 O nln of the Sew 1 oil 1offt lllhce are open
fore gAgemtntii n ills I any Ios llllke nine I of lImit ltr t
or liroLyn Ad ircn t 1 iioodu 7 au care fU JJ U
Pepartiueut New Ytrt Iot I Otbce
file a II Johui > n Ln ine Company Ni n 3 of Wap
t Iliiri ye belle LbMhoiigp AII lire company between New
Yorl aul vlbahy to plk > akatneor bale bAll for a illver
trumiit Address Jurnea Uiccttaui Wappingera ails
The iiAuntUM l tub uniformed would like 10 arrange
game with oIl cut with ia > r under 21 years lor
Aturday and njrida durin Jnne July and Auguit
AUdr ii c 5 Lonenbuieit uaua er IO > orwood ave
bus root 111
The eli3l0te5 of 0Xeiio oyjtei house challenge tha
finplo ei 01 un rjiter 1 louts 1 or taurbt lu I play I
Itjme i f tMl nu Ally nuuday lor am uwoum of money
Hint the ilidinpiuitn 01 thli tin Address DoDty 1 J
Miiltli iranuLrr J fl sixth aveuut
One of ihfc iirong amateur team In the field this sea
ion u the lentil M arC Athleltci of Newark They are
uui for mate climni < onihli In nora and from present
Indlcatloni 1 tbe close or the iraioii will nod them on top
In I a game ut Ijainutld llauiuilll atruck oat eIghteen
The Jarkion Athletic Han Bal Club would Ilka to
1 e from ad t uniformed tJul with pia > era from 17 I to i
IH I earl 111 I lor bun ay aud lt 1127 KHiiei 1 The Lon
Igtoi thetics 110 I icrunies 1 curie and iteu
htat f WooilbHien II i referi < AddrtM Vuu 1 blur
2I 1 iir I ene avenue Xrouk yrv
The II Ouch IJaie llAll Club would like to pay any
nub cOneItflJoi tayero under 2 years itirlayeriare
hell Ut 1 eimpion c Hunted i i IahllL p Bailey
o bo haterly Jd b Henry r f McMauLLC f 1Ir
lb I > ll I lirniler lub AddreSs VV HOsted manager
and castaln lu 91 uth William itreel UUtd wnlr
The Atlantic Bin Hall flub of Brooklyn has been ra
rgAnlzed for the teiun with Ibo following playera
luglei u lo Jch hramrr lit bi CarrulcbaiL Jd
b M halloo a r Itennir Jd b 1 Kldley L f i Uanen
c f Moore r f The club ilIll ibe rut un Ih r roupera
live IIso i Address 1 I h Morgan 40 Grand ret
Tre intrili I havn oieamzeil for tie ieaM > rj with the
Irli wini Iu ems M Morton c J 1 iorAm p I h J fer
ron J sm i I l r lnibci l d U t i > Iliirtoi > d 1 J Cud
lnoe II 11 < l I I ° msno f J lan r f
i trv wo l ik I In eir fri u i nine 5 ti jlMernun
iltr years Addreu Lduartl U 1 Verdun oJ Mutb
Ioar JBBTII June 2Tb fort Jervli lIes Ball Club
iwly organlaad la I doing very good with On May23
they clayed tbe tletropolltani of New York Ih latter
wliufng by 13 1 4 Oo tiecoratloD Dav they played
tWojaJBll wlltltUt BaaA ° r > tt Z w Jrk wiasmig
j I I both by tba score ot lit 4 and IS to 5 They woolS
I I I like to bear from any cod cloSe I able t o play at thIs I
place upon reasonable terms Their new grounds are
Uuonbl tomL
bfa enaloeed and flniabea
on Rtviralda Tark avenue are Onlhod
with a grand tad Tbe manager no1 U olan
The LaeierJr rlaaa Ball Club baareor anlie4 for the
T Lur lu I
iea on with the Mowing playera t quinn lit hi A
Block I 2d b K fnPII bt A Walsh a ai t
Abraharna r ti E llantord e t i J Walih I fl T
Iiontgan and J foil pi B Manning e They would
like c bear from all find with players under 17 years
iBlformed aloes preferred
Tbe Stranu Faia Ball flnb hava 1 Sunday date
t lied 10 July J at Alamlc Iark For July they would
be pleased to hear from some ontof town club for 10
ganW Tha manager boa written the IleckenaCk5 but
A vet has received ta reply Ha would I like I to near
item om other good clab Addrele E O nUt mana
ger 4JI Urand street Brooklyn
Tbe yckoff Baie lull Club hai bean reorganUedI for
the leawn and would like to boa from all uniformed
club having encloied grounds following are the play
en II SIllier p tt Miller c1 ro Wn ilerlhv M Ui l
CUM rdelmann idlvi I Idelmano Jilb l iJfm KII
t F Hall fm II WOllor na
tel r t f hula C f hdelrnauiiVaniar I olloral
L i Address Acbl Edlmul manager 213 Wyckoff
a comic rooklyn 1
Tba tchedola of came of the T KC A Lura
Northern section 11 i follows aJi I liamlela I s
Urkvllle onkera to tedt f horei Jnne 16 Madlnn I
Avcnnevt Harlem Vorkvlllevn wt Shore Jun22
Weil Shores v a Harlem Yonkers TH Madura Aune
June 21 lorkvllie VB Madison Avenue JonlrB ye
Harlem ort11 Avenue vi W set f bore onk
erivi iorlvflei July 13 rrkv in vi liamlein 1111
13 Mkl
r oLrtl JDI
Mioreiva Yonkers July JH harlem YR M > 5J2A i
line Weil Shores ra vorkvllie luly 27 141on Ais
nne va Yonkers Harlem va Welt Pborel Angulta
Midlson Avenue f orkvllla Harlem 0 Yonkers
The Vnrunn Double WIIIInK ts novr the
Atmlnntn Double
Cnpt J G Tlpho of the Varunn Boat Club
has sent a reply to Capt Van lindens letter
which appeared In Tin SUN of Thursday Int
In which ho states that his crew are wllllnc to
row tho race ovor again at any time sultablo to
the Atalantas but not on the Harlem KUer
That the nice virtually belonged to the > a
runao b undeniable as the first foul was com
mlttCl by the Atalantm Capt llnhe how
ever is anxious to have a raco to decide which
Is Ihe faster crew and sa > s ho will row the
Atnhntas again on tho las alo or Flu hlnc
couro on June 10 or on the Inp ale on any
day In July to be hereafter agreed upon
John Ryan will repnient the Colon float Club In the
New England recatla In lbs llngle sculls
The Neptune 1001 Club ot Baltlrnoreli I rapidly com
Inc te the trout and will IOOD be friendly rival of tba
AI1 senior four of the ColumbIa Athletic Club are
Frank A Nnte ilrtk Louis I Bead J L T HarbAD
2 and H I HI Ill ler to
O D These rf the Sanaa Boat IDb a very clever
amateur pliotokrapher took several good plctnrei of
the oarsmen In the Harlem recitla
At a feline of tbe i nvern nc Board of the nlon
Boat Club be d yesterday i at > t I v Klmlmnioni
b tdeJ in hlire > lcnatl > n which was accepted Jams
Vci aMy was aprolnted temporary Captain ant 0
Van andt First LieuteuanL
Itli I laid th New York Athletic Hub a egb think
trey can cite 1 Iho Atalanu a cioie hae in a rut e race
They will probabir meet atlraveri island in the New
Yorke regatta on June ic l and tl en we ibatl Sec There
In no doubt but they w ill keep the Atalacta working for
about r minutes
lbs four oared rig 1 crew of the Nantl Boat Clnb of
Bay RIdge are dltiatlafed over the reSult of their rice
at the t male resatta They tetteva trey would have
won the race had I not been fry one of the crew Ohio
ptigbi ferl out of blc shoes and uv they land reedY
to row the Tritons another rice at any time couvenlent
to the Trltoca
Commodore Oiboroe of the Friendship Boat Club took
tie four cared c te crc to i li and lerdav
glc crew lIT el > r They
Ii1 <
rowed to Ihe IslamiC a distance of fifteen mIles Hi J
hour but the return trip occupied 2 hours and ii mla
tile The crew were M Meer bcw I Myer 1 u > ba
VV Johnston a lien Mucge trot and Commodora
OitKrne coxswaIn
The Inlon hal Club had as Its gueMa on Decoration
Day K I Harry of the 1 sloTh lleala and PreHlentof
the New Fn lanl AniIeur Uowing Alioctatlou and V >
w Srea of the Bo un 4ltmtotic Club Thee were much
appointed iu I not leelUi John ITAII with v > boU tier
are luttmatelv acqjainid repreient the Luloi1 la the
senior I Bicglei I In I tre regatta i
A four oared glz I crew of the Colombia AthletIc Club
of WaiblnEton tad a narrow escApe thy otter Car
While 1 rowing ttp IJhSI Iotomac keepinc ClOTS to tte
South hank to ivild driftnood anl tIc iirrne current
they CAme to a mane quirrv when the wi d grttlcuta
lions or the wi rkmen attracted the attention of tbe
coxswain who Immediate understood lime situation
an 1 Itoppd tbe tOAl lhre dutlnct bia ls were IIeL
and for iliac lbs air was mIlled nlih Cym rod k only
flirty or tort > feet from the oarsmen loruuately no
one was hurL
The habit cf scullers cot In a race laylnrat the three
quarter lire until their Dart cula favorite comes our
an < then rowing to tbe nnlh ahead or him real y
coicblrzMm li I a proc lt ke that should I le rp1 I 1 I
is not only against lbs rule but In a race where there
are only tire cintfitanu it I oltsu occurs that at > n tix I
icu IIn l eros the line at about the tame time tnI to t
lectatur not we I versed In rowirk II Is impo ible to
tel who the winner is i and especially If cue of them
happens tu lose nl his colors and cumber on the way
which ll sometime the tale
Today the Flrnt Mulch Itaee with the
Sloop Shamroik will be Sailed
The first of the series of match races between
tween tbe sloop yachts Shamrock and Katrina
will be called outside Sandy Hook todarunder
the rules of the New York Yacht Club and un
der the management of its Recat Committee
Tbe start will be made at 1 oclock from tie
Scotland or sandy Hook licbtRhlii according to
the direction of the uind the couise beinc
twelve miles to windward or leeward and re
Both contestants were lying off Bay Hideo
last night with C afituin aud crew aboard 1
superfluous weight Mien rm honf ikyllclits
and sail cover will be sent ashore at dayliiht
this morning and the jachts will either sail or i
be towed out to hunch Hook in time for the i
start Mr Maxwell ttin bliamrocks owner I I
will steer hor and dipt Ilorry will handle the
Auchinclo sloop hatrlna She is tin chat
longing hoot Her owners and Cary hraith
her designer expect th it she will sustain her
reputation made last year as an able boat with
considei able Bpscd
Superintendent Mels Olsen of tbe Now York
Yacht Club will log off the course for the yachts
with a tugboat which Is to anchor and act as
Makehoat when the twnlvo niiloi has been run
off The startlnc signals w II be given from
Commodore Gerrys yacht Electra
She Is SaId to lie Faster Than Any Other
EnglIsh Yacht
The Sportsman says The VnlkjTlo has
proved herself to be faster than any other
yacht afloat In English waters Yachtsmen of
experience are of tho opinion that she would
hold the Irex with reduced sail spread In any
weather As far as uo bave ben slut Is a
coot allround boat and she will be seen to
advantnco weather may whatever be the condition of the I
Fait Trip of the Steam Yacht Now Then
VESTEltir R I Juno 2Tho steam
yacht Now Then built and owned by the
Herreshoffs at sleepy old Bristol in this State
and which was In hen York harbor for a faw
days last autumn has opened the summer on
Narratansett hay as a record breaker The
alterations and Improvements that bave been
made upon this lone low shaip snaky
mlte 5hll 1 ex
emplar of the blind boat buiders skill In ma
able rino architectural river work have mudo her a orlt
On Thur day morning she steamed Into tbo
Fall ltwr Iron Norks wharf at Irovidenco at
I ti45 A M 1 and taking on board a small party
of frlcnile 01 the o vners started out In a pour
inc lain storm to break the record on a trip to
Jev iort bather the tow hen was too last
I for tiles storm or not no one on bouid could tell I
but felu > ran Into sunshine Inside of uu hour
after starting and reached the steamboat
wharf In Newport In exactly 1 hour 171 min
utes Mr IlerreshotT says the boats engines
were not forced to < their highest speed either
The distance covered was about 2j miles
The Now Then IB schoonei rigged tifi feet
lone 10 feet wide and carries a crew of five
Tie enclne room contains a triple expansion
engine and a boiler of over SUOhorse povror
1 ho boiler Is felly pumps on the main shaft
ThiSHhuft by tbe wtocives about 4HU turns
par minute to the screw when tho boat Is run
nine at toil speed I Is expected that this
craft will show the cllr letters on her stern
board to many of the nOf of New orka yacht
club before the summer Is over
Tho Cafe Logellng bowling tournament
came to an end on Saturday night Although
late In the season it did not prevent those who
Lathered at the cat to participate In the ban
quet danclnc and speech making from on
joylnc themselves Coroner Levy presented
the piizeft won by the dlfTerent clubs 1 hEy
were First prize of 130 won by tbo Btac
Club second prize of 120 won by the Inde
pendents The Indlyldual prIze a gold modal
wa won by Mr AUK Miller Some of those
who sat down to dinner were Coroner Fred 1
Levy and wife tile Misses Hayman Mlnnlu I
elss Mrs I rowel Sirs Hritr V Jlnrks
Diaries W Iocellntf W k hoob Jobn linos
Denjiimln ellei Emil LeI O U lltrlcli U
IJornwent Ueorco hlelnert AucustUB Miller
M llayman 0 Walbiun 0 Nanel 1 Honel
C amlelu and Mr Lament The music was
by Irof bchwab
At tha Wednesday afternoon shoot of tba Marian RISe
mOb of Jerny City at their grounds In Marion the
following scores ware made out uf a peiilbla so with a
strong dlaronat wind blowlngi J Aebhan 213 0 a
V rlcl IT1 I L P lIlDitn Ifj W Weber ISO J O
ton HUM MItT 11 I II lloerscb IniJUU button
ISO Thia club ti I coinfoied of the belt riSe shots In
hudson county and baa a membership ut tony
lIner Hall Ilroakljn Todnj 4 r SI I
Brooklvn VB K ni t > Admliilon 2 > c Cn direct
to rpiicdi from bridge and all ferriea Udr
han Mall OaklMd Park ToDay 1
Tenet CUr vs WUkeibarra Carl from ferries dig I
Is INIlAG Qame 4 r II A41uon aAa44a
There UFO Too Many eltlo to the
HtreeBitftke ami fnnrf to Halt Hors
OtTBereiThe Programme for ToDnjl
Hport a Seed One for Hn enUtl K
Tbo spring meeting of the Amcrlcm
Jockey Club up to data has not been as sic
cessful as that of former rears Horse owners
find fault with the framing of the condition
governing the races offered on the procrammo
outsldo of tho stake events claiming that tiey
are altogether complicated anti Impraotca
ble for this wldenwako nee Homo of tlom
are so worded In regard to penalties and
allowances thnt owners will not cntor heir
horses fearing that Flrcnrl or some rJ the
other fIerH not yet penalized this year wll bn
named start nnd thus destroy any dance
of VIctory their racers might have with I loises
oJ their own cIties This Is why 1lronzl walked
over the courso on Decoration Dar andagaln
on Saturdar Take the conditions ot tlo race
substituted for the second race which lid not
fill on Saturday to be run tomorrow as an
example It Is A sweepstakes for tbreyear
olds and upward t25 each MO forlllt with
1000 added of which S 200 to sococd winners
of 14000 to cnrrr 4 pounds extrs twice
7 pounds extra other horses not having won
this year 2000 allowed 5 pounds or not hav
ing won 11000 this year 10 poundi or non
winners this year 15 rounds mittens four
years old or upward allowed 2ipiuniln ono
mile Jlr Vhentley certnlnly onrni his salary
by tho time he hunts up tht iccorJ and com
pute the weights ot horse entorodfor such an
event as the above especially louse of tho
contestant are In the acid class
1 he City Handicap on Saturday wot a grand
race although the Held was eraal and Aura
llas ecoud triumph Wits quito tnpular The
adlcV Makes on Ihurdav won by 1 ides In
illcntes that Mr Belmont will not have to de
pend solely upon his twoj earolds for tri
umphs this season The featuresfor this week
are the Jrordbara Handlcii for threoyenr
old and upward with tlolO added ono mile
and a quarter and the Arrow Stakes with
fljUU mlded for thiee > iirddn over the
Titan coure of l4CHi yards tomorrow tile
ankers I btakoi with l2j > added ut
four and a half lurlonus for two > onr
olK on e < lne day the Fiuytou lti > vnl
Makes with flJaU added for three
yenrods and upward Ofr tho iilan
I cour e and tho Ctuton Handicap for three
venrolcls and upward with 11 Jin added atone
one mile on Jhur din the beiiuence
j Make for twoyeir olds with 1250 added
over thc straight tlvefurlonr course and the
lironx itakee for threejearolds with 11500
added one mile and a furlonc on FrIday wnllo
for Saturdays lu1 thu Hlurdalo Handle ip
for threeyearolds and upward with 1250
added at ono mile and a sixteenth and the
an ortlandt btukoi for al I aces with JlGOO
rld d at one mile and iiutrtcr will brine out
tho bout horses quartered at t the track
The talent are wa m In their prai o of the
splendId hoSing facilities ho club HlTordsnt
lerocie and the eIght of the old reliable faces
with their fair odd was a welcome one
Todaj card while not exunslvo I will give
the talent n chance to pic tbo winner The
second race did not till an I a sweepstake for
threeyearold and upward nt a mile for
which the entries will cloac at the truck at 1
clock today was substituted
Fint rae ellitir sweepstakM for twoyer oldl
Fu t ih with SIOJU added oalr l A mile
KtinnUnJ lT iraight 107
llratnfn 101 hUb Royal l lul
Mir Lnl ll Itll Malt KM
Urry nilr i NUtrton 11
third Ilice Free hnnticar vnpepvtaVes I f25 each
with 91 1 iu aided one ml t and a fur ouit
reporter lu Major J Porno 103
J A H If hrlH Drcui ia
larctimont nIl
Iolh HcoIur f O Tar three Tear oldi and up
ward ibreequarten or a mU
in nnt 112 VdJion 104
Miracle 11J Little Mtnnle 104
lola Deception H7
Juiroy 1 Mud ttl
IHrtwr liiht UT
Hfll face Free fiandletp dweepltiies f20 each
trim SItes 1 aided fourteeti hundred yards
gin2 trail Ill Silbmiiy 1CH
13ro u Luarler i U
Uh natehums 1 fooOl eatranie f each tosecnnd
the wrumer 10 be soid auction one nIle and a kLxteeiith
Ernest lir t l1eaiiII 1U iI2 IIIr 1UI un
oluntccr 11 IS DaJrm 101
Cruialtr u > oyouoJ 1UJ
A Novel Reason Given for ttpoknne9 Speed
KflTectn or Munfaaaa Atraoapherc
From IM Soli icie Tribune
The winning of the Kentucky Derby nnd
Clark Stakes at LouKvlle by a mountain horse
Is ancient which will rat the tar tast and tile
far West to studyIng n now problem in horse
bredlnir It has lone been settled in the
minds thn lioraonun In this Interniountaiu
region but It will tie a new thing to the Blue
l > rah s and CaliforniaUU horo ralburs Die
climate CnlllornU is not mole Unotnblo to
the rapid growth 01 colts ban that ol Montana
If the M inter are DJIquite so buxere the niiiii
mere are far more proitratiuir Then tho loud
in Montana the grayS his and tram IB fur
SI1P8I br to that ot the l I ulilornia alles With
these conditions en the bOlt level the Montana
horse would bare the advantage But hpo
kane was bred and raised Kovral thousand
feet aLoe tile tea He has lied all his life In
alight atmosphere Jhe tonteiiuenco is that
his lungs are haf as big again astiioy would I
hao boon had he been ruitd in Kentucky
In nni of the coast alleys 01 Cullfninia
So when taken from home to hentuck and
put In n race with a11eybred colts the Slllle
diOerence was realised that would bo were
two engines each say of fortihorso power
put to an extreme test with one driven by a
lortyhorse power boiler and tho other by a
slxtyborie power toiler Wben men trom a
valley RO un a mountain they are quickly ex
hausted When men from the mountain co
down to the seashore for soeral days they feel
as though they had about them a buoyancy
which prevented their feet from cettine down
to the ground In one case men cannot cot
the needed oxygen In the other the hnvo
such a sur lUH that It amounts to half intoxi I
cation Wa bellova that 1000 mountain miners
hnto heennrre ted In San Francisco for too
much hilarity fololy because with their ex
panded lungs filled with the dense air of the
sea leI al they without comprehnndinc any
thing except they felt an iudee riliabie JOYOUS
flees were Impelled by an irrepressible im
pulse to naint the town crimson
That is I the way Spokane felt at Louisville
and that In I why he easily took from Iroctor
Knott nil chance for his friends to make ex
cuses for him by lowering the record two sec
onds It does not pnno that ho is by nature a
better horse than Proctor h nott Till chances
are ibatwith the snme tieutment the Kentucky
horse may beat the mountain liortc bolote tile
SPa OD Is over alter tile lungs of the latter
shall fame become adjusted to the Kentucky
level Hut just as a mountain Indian can out
run a aUAY Indian a mountain horse when
llrst lakon to tho uillei Is I n most dangerous
comretltor for i alleralfed lorse Tile one
matter of tlia ditleronos In the lung cower of
the hones is the duel dltlerence but at the
slIme lime the difference fo < d must likewise
be considered 1 hei e Is I no country that raises
superior crass and bay to Montana no coun
tri wSere through the lone summer the reed
keeps more nutritious the climate more bruc
inc cr where animals are troubled less by In
sects and while thn winters are cold it is not
a cod that reduces vitality 1b Last and
catwlll have to look out In the future for
mouitaln colts
The Great Htalllon nre
BOSTON June 2Up to 11 oclock on Saturday
night the hoar fur closing the Hit ten ntrlea for
fialcli natIonal atalllon race at Baacou lath on
Sept 18 bail bUll received Those who raid 2O for
the privilege of enTering 1019 elation In the rate war
Cot It ri Rutau who will undoubtedly nominal
FdgimarL U II HIM of Worcester for Stead Boy
Amain salugam for Bayonne Irtno and J II May for
Pilot Knot These are tha only ones who bar named
their hortea Th other Kenttemen who have promIsed
to eiter briei for the VI 10 Ml purse are C II Selon ot
Wawrrlll 101 Jobn Trout of AIIIIID Ueorre II lOcks
to leacon Perk John Brian of Clercland the Conrad
slack farm anti th Elm City aiocic farm of Slugs
cb tutu
Hoeing In Fruace
PAIUB June 2The rnco for the Prix du
Jockey Club was run today and waa won by lover by
one length Acr tile was second and fhlcitthon third
Ffln l ran The belting before the Hart waa 7 to I
atalnit Clover l 25 to 1 against AchlUe a to agaInst
Ii egelhoD
aiiitaa Fllgny LIe Flatteur and Clover lad to the
atablea where K Barratt allowed Clover a abort breath
IK spec liny than went to the front and he aeemed
fibllrltb hth r ro 1bM
It hara the beat ol the race to the turn At hale point I
Clover forieil ahead and won Achilla rau a good rice
with rtiliieibon inn tecond i lace aud took It by A Lead
Irtico wan fourth by a length
Laws Tcaula
The Katloual Lawn Tennis Association baa never bian
la a more rroipiroui condition It now hai a mew
herstaip ot OIhlf seven clubs and has a very large bal
once on band trout last I year which was a vary u
peailteooe anather cbampionibln cup becoming nee
tsiary lobe bought on account f ibe old one havIng
bun won by Ii Ij hears for three lest OldTt auocla
tloa Composed I of ciuta from all Larti of the country
aa for iciiance the Uent er 1 T ft of Denver Cut tba
KocbeitirT 0 ibe Delaware field Hub and lbs Uor
douivllle L T C The omcers of the association for tba
ensuing year are President J S Clarke or laming
America Cricket Club tecretary V o Hall or HU
Oeoma Cricket Club and Treaiorer II A Taylor The
r lecuilva < omuiittee comprlrei leuri 1 MM Lean out
crbrlilte Stacey Mlckney and hall
BERLiN Ont June 2The International
football match played hera between tba liovn ot Fall
River Maaa and tha Ranger of Berlin cbanpieniof I
the Weatern Aaaoctatlon reiallad I la faicr at tfci Bast
era by tII ian of We 191II I OAt
ins uonsE AND cjutntAOE TRADE
Both Market FcntiireleiBbat DIre
Dealers in tho local horse market say that
they are not overrun with business at present
but thoy expect a revival of trade within the
next few weeks The regular auction sales of
Van Tusell A Kearney on Tuesday and Fri
day and that ot the American Horse Exchange
on Wednesday drew large crowds last week
when several hundred animals wore disposed
ot at fair prices Several consignments of
Western horses hate arrived during the past
week over a thousand being quartered East
Twentfourth street Amonc those duo to
arrive at H D Sloan Cos 153 East Twenty
fourth street is the young trotting horse bar
rel Hilly said to be a most promising young
harness hoieo Dr S 8 Field 29 Lexington
avenue bulB a pair ot fine matched horses
cray and bay In color perfect In ac
tion nnd faultless In style A Bowrlet
IDS nnd 140 East Twentyfifth stieot bas a
largo number of driving and saddle horses
from Mrclnla and Canada II IJ Ogden of
Chatham N J oilers lor sale a fast road mare
fashionably bred sound and kind that goes
equally well single or double
Morris Chessmans mammoth auction sales
on Tuesdays and Fridays at their rooms 62U
llroud street Newark were attended by large
crowds of dealers and buyers last week over
two hundred head cbaualne bands and hall as
many more were disposed of at private sale
Their stock comprises all wade buyers In
different parts of tho country sending them
conslenments weekly Prices In tho local mar
ket rule steady lalrs of matched cxrriaeo
horses command ShOd to 1800 saddle horses
with the calls HOO to SUOO each pairs of
truckers tuO to S WO OXPIO B horses SbOO to
J900 per team driving 1 horses 1100 to 700
each business horses 225 to 300 and streot
ers JlJi to sOO elch
U l > Bruce will sell at thn American Horso
Exchange In this cltr on Monday June 10
one of the most desirable lot of leadings oor
broueht to tho hammer In America Including
a draft from tho Inmous nursor stud of tho
lion A Bflmont the cot of the superior raco
horse St Illnlso winner of the Derby In IM
and sire of St Carlo winner of tne Great
American Stokes M James winner of the
hca ldo taken 1ndlsna winner of the Bed
ford Stakes at the Biookltc Jockoj Club Bell
Rarlus Mnnilo Il and other good ones In the
I lot Is a colt out of the erunddum of bt Carlo
by bt lilalse and others Irons the highest bred
nod best racing families in tho world Includ
log an own brother to ephyrusnnd the entire
product of the otild of m Armstrong of Penn
ill lvnnilt for the year 1S8 the get of tho line
race horse Littleton on of imp Leamington
and sire of 1 ntiRiir and other and 111 Ban by
King Ban from good racing families
Tho cnrrlHKo trade is steady but without any
pniticulnr feature loudon V liuthvrforit
landrail A Co II Gray Ldward Callinans
bons and ir wsler roiiortlnc miiuy sales The
former tlrm have several carriages of nil kinds
both new and second hand at their ware
rooms Broadway and 1 liftloth street and
root octfully invite public inspection They
otTer rare barcalnsln natural wood anti painted
trans ot ivery description buckboard nugocs
In oitk ash and stained woods and miniature
vehicles of all kinds and sires with harness to
match Messrs Hnudrau < l Co of Brooine
Street are easily the leaders in tnolr specialty
of buckbonrds rumbotits hiirreis wagons
and wagonette Jnoi ha o on hand nn es
P clall > fine line of wagonettes depot wagons
and curtain rockawu s Thor lIre also
the New Vork agents for the famous
Brockltt A Tuttle wagons OUH of the
mom perfect vnhicles for road driving monu
factuicd W II Gnat will during the coming
week otTer lit special sale r0i carriages new
and second nund of every known sole and nt
very moderate prices IMwnrd Lallunans
Sons est Fortyfourth street offer bargains
in all kinds of carriages Drewster Broadway
and Fortyfeventh street has on hand several
second hand log curt of dllTtfrcnt si cs at
reasonable prices Tho Hudson Platt A
Eaton and New York agon companler the
lenders In the manuacturo of buslncs
wagons say they have enough ordered to keep
them running mote than full time tormonhs
to come I It Uunhuni A son Clinton street
corner of State Brooklyn offer oil the novel
tie in natural woods besides the orthodox
styles nt reasonable prices Heninn horse
ov netspnradlo at fio and 303 Grand strct
Brooklyn is i the headriuaiters for everything
In connection with the horse
Malcom IV Fords > eav Jumping Itecord
There was great activity on the grounds
of the Brooklyn Athletic Association yester
day between 10 and 1 oclock These grounds
are so central that many Brooklyn athletes use
them for practice although they may belong to
other clubs Yesterdays gathering was very
large and nil the boys present said it remind
ed them of the days of 18SC
There were about fifty athletes in the field
and as many more patrons of snort watched
the fun from the grand stand home most
creditable practice performances were done
and ninny a set of games have been held the
results of which would fall far tchlnd tile do
jogs of yesterday on those grounds
Arthur Schroeder of the Now York Athletic
cleared 10 feet at the polo vault three tho 10
cound hammer from n 7foot circle 9 ill feet 15
Inches and put the lbpound shot 14 loot 3
inches Ho is training for the Individual all
uroumi championship which tikes piuco in
the lull and is already In gIant form
M tV Fool of tlni statcn Islands cleared
feet 8a i Inches In a high Jump throw the 56
pound weight 21 fut 4 Inches put the ICpound
shot Jj leer b Inches took some easy tiials at
the running broad jump averaging about 21
feet and then cleared 5i feet 7 Inches for tlo
standinc broad time without weights beating
the best professional record of 05 feet 2 inches
made by U M Johnson at bt Louis bent J
Fred Babcock of the Now Vorks cleared 21
feet In the running lnoid jump and 11
Lahe of the Staten Islands threw the IJpound
hammer over 105 feet
Numerous other athletes among whom were
V M Sorrls E A Kraft H Mastic J L
Bishop II Struso Stuart Barr and 2 A
Cooper were running jumping walking
hurdling and throwing weights The base
ball diamond and tennis courts were occupied
Tom O Nell the popular grounds keeper
was on hand making things llvelym his usual
way As n general fuvoiite he is second to
none and tho other managers of tbo asso
ciation seem to le doing all in their power
toward making their grounds as attractive as
ExercIse > or Young Athlete
It was on athletlo body of boys and girls that
fathered in tba hall of the New York Turn ereln
Boomtngdae 305 W est Fifty fourth street yesterday
afternoon to attend the doting ezercl el and reception
of that instItution Their rounded forma the r roil
developed cueite and limb and their eaiy manner In
dlcatlng a con cl < mineu or itrenirttu abowej ubat
plDftlcal culture can accoirp lib when In me hands of
eivri nced trainer Nut a child there Iroin the o
year old iota In the Llnaergarten to the boys of 14 1 that
diii not show the good rerun of gymnaitlc eiercliei
A lource of inhered yesterday was the exhllttlon of
German penmar ship and tree hand drawing The girl
alit bad a great variety of needle crochet and knitting
work and embroidery on new
Athletic Notr >
The pprlnc pami nf the Manhattan Athletic Club
were poatponed iciterday until Joe oct next Saturday
at Ic menu
OeorgxR Cray the phenomenal amateur ahoi patter
was on band lad Saturday to tartluiheA A I I hat
ern championhip meeting bating coma from hU
home In Canada for that purpose lie li looking In fine
nape and is l heavier now then ever Ha Inlenui lak
tat part in the all around aniplonihlp In tr fall and
li now In training for It lie stales that hli weak eventa
are the high Jump pole vault and hurd ea and that ha
can laiiir qualify In all the other seven eventa George
noldle the director of atllleticeof the New York Atu
letlc clu9 of which lray la a member thinks that
thero la a choice for lint place between A A schroeder
A A Jordan and ilra > and that klniply on Ibis account
lata year all araund competition will be unuiuaUy Dee
Had Blows It All 1 on the ICucei
James n Waters who was arrested at
Jerome Park on Saturday for forgery waa arraigned ID
the Yorfcvtlle 1ollca Court yesterday On Wednesday
Water got 07 on three checks for sums aggregating
JI2S from Isaac W ail alboa dealer of U77 Second ave
nue The checkt were drawn on the Chemical Hank and
this Hfth National Hank and were ligned Vlurrayatid
Prosy They were declared worlhleia Wbenibede
tectlve found water he bad been bolting on tilt race
and all hla money was gone The ponce ud that
Walers was arreited on a alinllar charxa on Dec 22
187 Ha tot nil then Justice Tamtor held Mm m
fiuuo for trial yesterday Uatera was out ticket
agent la the Tblrtyfourth Street ferry house
Then 1 < acme talk of the New Ilaveu Wheelmen held
lag a grand tournament next fall
Ti Brooklyn liieycle Club will otart on a ptesin1 trIp
to lOughketpie and Itamapo valley en Jtne 2
51 II Jelihini agei Iii years and ibemtll Rhodes
aged 5i pearl of the Ityde 1rg sycl Club wi at
Iemed the feal of rillilig from iiyile I ark Si ax to
lilid lii 12 boors arrivell Al JIlltdelrd le or loniiy
bight havIng teen in titeroad IS houra Jeukne eso at
taeied will crsmpl lisle near 9ewburyporl slid IWO
boars were thu lost They also gel lost ill lbs Sienna
bunt woods cliii bad to walk eLi miles Tiisy covered
about ISO miles
Orrrlna Ike Auitrallan Malls
BAN FnxNciBoo June 2John D Bprackels
FrtalJent at the
Oceanic Biaamihlp Company says
that New South Wales haa renewed III contract with
the company for one year to carry the Auilraliin main
which the Canadian Una of the steamships was teLlnr
to obtain The nnverninent of New Zealand was not
joined this contract tWillr lulbe failure ot the I oIled
Maiei to h4re in the elpenie equally ai bcrclolore
and the sleauters may not stop at Auckland In loni
quence hut In l tba event that au arrangement can ba
aOecld with the lulled Slates postal autbcrlil the
ataamra win stop at Honolulu and Apia and will also
atop at Auckland provided a latlifaciory uodentaod
imig 15 reached SIWeep 5Sw Zealand sad lb 4aerscsn
peetat apihsfluu
Hawley will FIght the Henrr Weight
LrnxsArows Juno 2 Well have I cot
to RO against all the heavy weights In the
country r said Jack Ilanloy tonight In re
tarring to the challenos Issued to him by
Paddy Carroll of Chicago However ho con
tinued I will meet Carroll for eight rounds
at Indianapolis between the 12th and 20th of
Juno Maniuls of ueensberry l rules I should
have said so sooner bad I been In town But
doesnt It seem a little funny that those heavy
weights are all anxious to catch me a middle
weight Unllacher overmntrhed me EO far as
weight was concerned and hero comes Carroll
who dont offer to come anywhere near my
weight But I dont want my friends to think
that I am afraid of anybody and ill co Carroll
ono If I lose
righting Note
Cbarlev Vltenell Johnny Murpli and Jim Moore of
New Bedford will act HI seconds au1 totllo holders to
kllraln In his tight vita inlllvin
Little El NHie sajslie Is ready to defend lIme tIlls of
> rounJ bautam chumpton ol the thirteen ward and
lathe conteilanta In address kiln at iii Sum1olk I urea
Hilly Direr and Mike Itiihlnc may hitreaml i lefora
lang Henry tntemejer the well known iportluz
matuhn offered them a f2Mi pure with a iierceutaga
or receIpt above that amount
Jack Twohey Charley Wheelera trainer nld yeler
day that ir William Duran wants to arrange a lunicti
with Wheeler lie can addren hja cars or Tliomaa
Dowd 253 TI eit Thirteenth sires
Billy Murray who recently defeated Jack X > nan In
thlrtj nine rounds su uuli a ro at cliapi Moral Iur
from itsi to 50i I a > iie It I Moran won d give away
three or four pound these bantam vrtu il make a great
A we kniwn lerfev ntj puctlli who hm seen Dill
Monk rut up hit lands elm the oilitr ride sa > i lie li a
very cleier Unlit weight ttid Mmmj larllnf wI t win
meet latin shorihy HI IJ I pnundt will Live II liultit
battle or his life In this coiitit
Johnny Murphy arrived m tMa rlty yesterday Irom
Baltimore wl ere tin went In alien I llie tuners of Jukn
hllrain mother lie sail hr oanlfllithied m ace Ml
rain looking well unit that Ie 1 be lenl 11 t Is bu frlml
wonlil enter thy mini near New UrleousIn letter con
dIllon than lie ever wm in hit life JMmm still carries
In a sling the arm he broke ou Cal McCarthy a tica 1
Oliver 1VeodlaonseN ICerord of ContInuous
Srrrlcc In the Hartford Pont UfHce
IlAiiTroitu Juno 2Otie nf the vvondcra
of Connecticut politics Is tho fact that Mr Oli
ver Woodhouso has boen allowed to hold a
place In the Post Ofllco In this city for four
decades moro than half an ordinary lifetime
and Is still at the simo desk attending to the
details ot tho transmission ot tho malls He
never misses a day Few men In the country
cnn show such n tccord of continuous ccrvlca
In this bianch of the Government ouiploj
In May 1819 just forty years ago In the first I
year of the Administration of Provident Tuj I
lor this man then a stripling assumed tho
duties of the place ho now fills At that limo
an avcraco of thirty loiters wcro delivered
from the Post Oflce daily at the nato of two
cents up ece This system had but just been I
established 1sW nnd was considered a great I
Innovation Finally tho rate for delivery was
cut down to ono cent and tho number of let
ters some days ran up to fifty The delivery
was made from a tin box eight Inches long j j
and divided Into eight compartments for tho 1 1
different parts of the city The box would slip I
into ones pocket and was Inter on called tho
coat pocket deliver Mr oodhousiistill
has the boi which Is one of the curiosities of I
the HMrtlonl Post uttlce l
There were no stamps of any kind In use at
this time i tie now schdtil of live cents for
all places under 300 miles distntt and ten I
cents for places beyond had ji st guno into ef
fect Mr ooclbouse ued to uo out and collect
from balness boties daily the postngo
charged up against them for the day prevlou 1
The Jrortjtiinorlettes to California went by
the way of Panama nt tit > rate of forty cents
In ISM the posaco rate was cut down to
three cents anywhoro within yuoo miles when t
the postage was prepaid anti five cents when
collected After this cut there was an enor i
mous Increase in the amount of mail matter i
handled and It was not man years I ofore let
ter carriers became n Ufesst > Thobtaffof
six clerks which was emplotud In the oflloa
when Mr oouhouse took hold has been In
creased until tow there are twentyeven
clerks ami twentyeisht carriers at work there
Mr ANoodhouse Is on authority on mail I
pouches He considers too modern mall pouch
quite acontrlvancc in its way and an example
of the survival ol the fittest The old pouches
were fastened with chains and letters could be 1
flint ed In and perhaps out after It was locked I
Many letter were lot by this means and then
a strap was substituted for the chain Still it
was found that letters were being folded up
and puhed In and finally the vre ent form of
securing the bagsit of
system staples which i
go through the doubled mid of the mouth of
the pouch was tried and found to be the thing I
Mr Woodhotie has the original leather couch I
which was used to carry all the mall between
Hartford anti New toric loll years ago It has
been preserved by him for years and is a vent
able curiosity It is only 15 Inches long and 12
inches wide but for many tears It was amply
large to accommodate the single mail each
week between this city and the metropolis
If Mr i Voodhou ° e was not a very modest man
ho would probably say that his strict attention
to duty and his ability anti Integrity have keut
him In Undo Sams good graces for this re
marknble term of years lie Is good for many
years more
Ilia Purrhnnr ot a Part of the Iloiner
Property la Fifth Avenue
Collie P HuntIngton Is going to build a
mansion in Fifth avenue on the Banner prop
erty on the east side of Filth avenue between
riftysiith and Fiftyseventh streets Mr
Huntington purchased a part of this big lot
five weeks ago Kobort Bonnors sons the
owners held the lots that Mr Huntington de
sired at 500 000 and Mr Huutlbcton thought
that was about 50000 too high The owners
finally agreed to sell at Mr Huntinetons
figure provided ho would agree to put up a
house that should cost not loss than 1000000
A contract to thnt effect was made and Mr
huntington paid down 50000 and gave tho
Banners a mortgage for the balance
Mr UuntliiKton spent yesterday In tbo coun
try and could not be seen but his plans are
said to be matuied and building operations
will probably begin shortly The entire prop
erty comprises eight lots In Fifth avenue four
In FHt > ninth street and three In Fiftyseventh
street Mr Huntlngtons plot includes the lots
on KtyBeventh fitteet and three on Fifth aye
nue measuring from the Flftysoventii street
corner He will also havo threoauartcrs of
another lot In tile rear This will give him 75
feet on riitli nveuue and a doi > th of 125 Uet
Mr Itoburt Bonnar bought tho uonerty
In small tnrels and camn Into complete pos
Session about 11174 When ho rotund from
active business several jotrs ago he deeded
this property ulong with the Leer and otnet
properties to his sons At that time he re
fused an offer of 1250000 for the ground
The lot wan fenced In by Mr Banners sons
and flaming advertisements of the lrdjer were
pasted all Over the big fence It was a costly
form of advertising but it sonod the purpose
intended In attracting attention and causing n
great deal of talk Every new story In th
Jfdorr was announced weeks beforehand by
flaming Illustratwd posters on this fence
In speaking of the mile last night Mr A
Alley lionnor said We told the lots at Mr
HuntlnetonB prlcn hocauio the houo ho in
tends to erect will hnve n tendency to Increase
the value of tho remaining property 1 do not
know what his plans are further than that be
will tint up a very linn house
Mr Huntlngton will have ono of the finest
sites in New Vorlc hxHncretury Whitney has
a beautiful residence on tba opposite corner of
Hftyseventh street and Cornelius Vanderbilt
ocounleK the house on the northwest coiner
Mr huntington has been living In a One old
fashioned mansion on the southeast corner of
Farlc avenue and Jhlrtyeichth street
Colored Methodist und Ilurtlnta at War
CliAJtLESTOX Juno 2The colored Metho
dists and BaptlslH bad a field day hero today
The row begun at the Baptist State Conven
tion In Greenville last month has cul
minated In a grand pulpit battle and from this
pulpits of oil the colored churches today were
thundered sermons on this relative merits of
baptism by Immersion and by pouring or
sprinkling Home of the Harmon were very
litter I The Iltptists denounced till Motho
u sts an irilslIlerM and IK rotich and thu Melho
tilde gave Iin U HH good ns they cot lIie I
churches steno crowded morning afternoon
and night and tint gieatest excitement pre
vailed among the r onftea allons 1 ho Baptists
seem to hate the ijest of the battle solar ns
they Immersed fortyseven candidates at one
church this morning
IltBaatt att CoBty lalnnel
Those who visited Coney Island yesterday
wire rewarded for their trouble The sun came out lo
time afternoon ao warm and bright thai tai voyage
down was a delight and when they reached thejliland
they round everything bathed In a uarm glow tern
prred by a sell breer 1i ie most evi tint net l of the
day wai due luAnthon Hamilton a negro lorket Lit
ting vaioline lamp lu a ihoituu ifalier by mlitake
for tie lull seye The rmollne Wita scattered In all
directions and lIbel nre The lire Department bad to
be calm out to eitmrulib iba namea Hut small
dm e was done V I4Ilie locks wa arruuod but
1h14 aa and Jef 1
svnvttnAX rntnKitir is QVITE inn
11 Ail EAT IlElhSJ
Auction Hnlm sit Wrulrlitntn send FleshIng
Draw Crondx end Yonna Men nre Im
tine Their Nut Ing Into Tim Inm
The attraction of the week In real eStrttt
j circle has been suburban iiroperty Hi re
currence of Decoration Day Inuiened thodnl
ness on Chance and In the brokers office Lot
the aniiounccmonts ot extensile tales of Silt
nrlitn propeity and the liberal attondni >
called out brthein liio given IntrreMtotj
situation Tlio season with tho iuctlrift i
nnd broker so far tie city property Is l cnn
corned Is almost nt nn end nud now comes tli <
I pleasant trips to Uostclmtcr nnd PlimshtII 1 a
I nnd tho other thriving spot so hnndv to vot
iort There were a mimbcrof those trits set
week there wIlt be moro this week inI I fu
fact hIS > will be the foatuie of the innntli aol
then the miilsuiumnr holidays of July nud
August will bo ushered In
Tho sale of suburban oroncrtr in the Lit
week hare demonstrated quite as tnu h an
anytllillg else In the last few months this M
Rtantlal foundations on which the market tet >
Of course there have been dark Slots tin in 11 I
commorclnl circles but thcce snburlnn i >
I bnio clearly Indlcntod the nlun of proi ot IT
and around New York and more than i
have given expression to the conflden In
pled folks hau In this rapid and aiiir >
uroAh of New ork nnd giilurbt 1 11
especially InloruMlni to observe tho Inttrc
I young men are tnklni In tliosa MIUS I y
this It l lint miiint younc married mn win
nil I iik nc hiatt loll nO tliito siu lilly Li m > ilu n
trreitltiKcents In their hoes but u new
> ounc ineMors scorns to hays sniiii
ihoy buy the lots simply lor Imccnni t
bomctltneo t hey uso up nil I tlnlr aMiiliu i v ri
It ill In tholr I ill i rlun 0 r tulnlns I lIt CIKU a
to meet tho taxeS lor n jeir or tnnnr < i i n
dl ionof them nt u tnotierntp timllt s nt >
old rml Islali mrai Hitrnor r ninikid 1 c r r
dm Tiio > utiiic men hnu the fiilii I i ° t
llduuco In the crovrih of the uburbi i i tr
I hopo to tiinKo nn any turn In tholr niudmn s
capital by bicUtiLUitholr I I i liInlos
rite rrunto suios lor tIle Wick oludo
55 elI tori third street 157 lo Jll Ih t r i
trick bullink Mill got 121101 by t htinpner V n
107 1 I ae le 5 > ici l
lln tsrn srret I in the lot and I stTO Jl ix 1 L I i
Mud anl tor Hl a li More to Algultus c Ue ° lslex l
ci se
Allen Mreei OT the lrleilY i lit Ii I l ilensll 10 hei e
date sai i 5lw 50
Wi t i lithiy tl IrJ sliest ln the apartment tniae i
b Ik I Inn Ion I Urn M Hal as to I ants It I com kin
sct 104th street flt 1 the foir story ant bi ement
Irooiislote ftunl l likelj L l s Int x I b > SI A
lloji < ck lot M 5 LaMtun to > Lalimile R ilet henterr
siet E ffhtj etch h tree 413 sail III tie two three
i I stIr > buck dueiln x4Mxln ra ti t > r t1i t un I
bard lor Iliuotnv llarriiikto to tVeluberf i In I f el ler
iiltt Bowni have sell to M 4 Lawirn thro ui E
M Va Mt tile p it nn ibe ouucat curlier Ol I ltb
street and Man attull aicUi a i llxlcM lurluiirme
itio l Iullcll elih 1 O s Ho dell have sold for Jamea
AlxAnder xinker IIT full lotion lie ra t site l of Mnm
avruue between FIlly second and I ift > thlnl strre a
S Ito lie oil 1 ildlie thereon lor 551151 in J for Jacob
I u lw ilfitrr teii mentA with stort Az iiliiJ
each 421 t ant 1 4ii tVet 11 i lyecolti 1 Mreei or S471i 1
II 5 Mtajilo IM sold i tils three itirr Irlrk I rl
vats hoiipe M West Thirty frt street T4 1 t I r
Mm flora K iacslt to Jajies Martdeu on irirato I terniv
John Clancy ito have sold fur Juice i bnrln I
Dali the four try bruwn stone dwelling JMIIII n
SH n cot Hit > eichth ireet lo Dr M Ueschere fm
12910i C5h and the threeitnry hroivn none dim eilhuz
i4 East l2ntIl l treet on i rivnte term
L Iroellch has sold for Mrs Lrn b the foustory
stiile Cal 201020 5101 Cerrnh Uvenue for SILO 0
anl for Mrs Disoswity the four story and basemen
brown stone front residtiue 1lJij xTO mil LeiiUkton
ne015 torSui0l
J J chvarli has soil for WnltCeM Terrlberrv the
three five stor > double brick tenements and stores it
2747 JiO anI 1 2 Sy lrhtb I avenue xu x each to
MeL r Ullnn for SHKH and toy the latter lo tie
former the three three alory trick tenement anl
sTore at 2001 to 21017 Fulton s reel Mrooklrn J 21x > x
51 eaiu toy 53 t1 O an4 the three itory frame houe at
M lieJford avenue Brooklyn lot 21x1 < l for Vlftiii
1 Kubn has sold to tI irtenield the three live story
house 75 llxV on the southwest corner of secunj
avenue and totl sIred and one house 3Sxuut4 hI t
Ida ne on lied Street and for Herman llroiheri fot r
file Itcry flats with s orev 1OI 11x7 > on the nirlheiit
crrerof 101st direct and Second avenue bolhoQi Ill
vale terms
Walker i f awson through E M tfa lett bate so 1
the three story and baiemeut brownetone front home
71I Lee uvexue 22170110 to SCOtt A liowen for Slum
> luuilcafl It Leezatt have sold for the estate or James
ttiley thirteen lotion the north side of Uacon itreit
hetuern Lewli and tjtuyvesanl avenuea for 6595t
for the Frentice estate the southwest corner or Hatsey
street and Sumner avenue 10 x123 for is l > > for II
Len ltakln a plot 34x100 on the west sloe okioznp
bins avenue 22 feet south of Jefferson avenue for
t Tfio and for fsaac Halslead a plot lui > xUit on tha
BOD Hi side of Balntiridre street 3OS net east or llopkla
son avenue for SlO >
orwlih lire have sold the three lots 75H > on thai
aouttiweat corner rr Norman avenue and Jewell street
for David Atkln to Leooo lleymann for 114151
J r Bloane has aold for n P VTelln tbe vacant lot
25x100 on the north elI le or Eagle street SOO feel wait
ot 1rovoit avenue lo John Mcorath for Silo sot for
Jaciei owen l the lot 2JxnU on the north slda or Kaxle
street Iifret west or Oakland urea to Frauds Oray
for 11000 I
The sae by Jere Johnson Jr on Murray HIIL it
Husbnff attracted I about MO people The triddlnf was
spirited and the prices reallzea were satliraetory Out
or a toTal or 410 Ion ninety elubt were sold for
averagIng SirCi l per lot
The builders continue to be the busy ones of
the market The latest plans Include those
for seven threestory and basement private
dwellings to be erected on the southeast car
nurof West Jnd avenue and 101th stiret for
M A Lawson The five houses with a front
on iest End avenue will be 20x50 The
street houses will be Iii58
A sevenstor apartment house 82 BxllB and
HU in size on the southwest corner of Tenth
avenue and 103d street a tUftory flat with
Mores 4tH to be built by rank L Fisher on
the northeast corner of Ninth avenue and
beventysltth street
A sixstory Hat with stores 30x9S on the
southeast career Mnth avenue and Seventy
Eoicnth street
Iho building now occupying No CO Cort
landt street will shortly be torn down and a
new office building erected In Its place which
will be completed by October next
Alivestory flat 17 SxJTll on the southeast
corner of Lexington avenue and 124th street
It will be constructed of none brick and terra
Cotta The first story will bo arranged for six
stores and tbo others to accommodate twelve
Itlchard Bergen lass plans for A D Julllard
for a fiixstorj and basement storage building
24 GxlVj 3 which be will erect at 7 Vestry and
25 Liicht street The first stories will be of
iron and the others of brick with stone trim
mine Tile elevators will be run by eectrHty
A firstclass apartment house and store
28x83 which hchcll 1 limos will build nn tile
south sides of Mnotysecond street 100 feet
west of Third av enue The material Used will
be Prick ttono and Iron
Adplpbl Athletic Club games Manhattan Club ground
Elirht illli aIred and Eighth avenue aturdir 3 l M
Memorial service district No 3 of N V 1 O O K
Ferean Church Xedfurd iuj Dgwulcg itiaeta this even
ficurslon Fmuet Club to licreka fprlrf firova list
son Hlvcr Sunday Itkves Thirl rfih street N K tu1
A f
Kenjimln lUrrisan War Veierani ertertainmrnt
VVelrri VVatutnitcc Hall Uioadway Hrooklju tug
I evening
International Corgesa rf Medical Jcrlsprulerce
Siflumr Hal lueiUay We nrtday ana Thursday U
A M and 23 h P I Si
Ilhlbllton of Operlla Arctic filming Farewell
and presentation of It to Kane Lodge No 451 Maiunlo
lla Tuesday 14 1 II
bloomln > da Brother Employees Mutual All fo
ctety entertainment Harlem CasIno lTUi street aul
Second avenue TbursCay H r I M
New tort Illitorlcat ficktri silted ruretlng pslef
by Edward r de l irc yon > Metho i and l horacuer
litlcii of the Adralmitraiion of VVuhingtoa Iueaday
H 1 M
Court Clllcurtiiln This Ua >
SurnrME COURT OrvEitit TpnwTleccoe
eontluued ruiiiiMLi Motion alendir 11 A Oh
bmm ToRslamt Oeruurreri Not 01 21 9 ill U
nun JM 3M 32J tti4 31 S3 Jb Sft 325 3J9 3t El 1
33J 333 Sal J3V 3Ki H37 SM Law and fact No <
UJ3 Hal HJi Ki 12111 U32 M79 UI5 1411 > ti >
1481 HI2 127 Jm mo HI7 loSt UtlT 1 IT Ill I V
IH l 41 Mli eat 1J4I 1J6J Hkm 1417 H1
1463 1K14 14td l 1470 142 1404 HMV 7 <
281 194 um toi UTb 1477 ICO Ii9 I4 114
ills lIST liru 100 xioji fart ILft calendar > 0
rruyPari lSos I POJ J4 < a 1400 win J4iu Jl 10 0
1J5I41 2VH 144 > l JH1S 47C8 ITU U141 Jl 1411
M14H J734 J746 335J SJM Jl7 JS2 2VV tart I II
hoi Mill aiii JJ7IL JiJJ JLti 4101 101 lA1
Xilll IUL HOTH 34VI aVll 1 > tl foils K I
JJJ7 34JI btt 3174 SIM JIS7 31 tS 41
Silt irt 1 IllVoi X > 30 3211 32i35 2 1 I
11415 3110 sIll 1713 3704 4CA 112 ama J7r4 4 n
302H 21114 9SYi 52 l BIT IU4J 2lA I4lb 5415 Ht
2UJMSH7a Part lVSos lUr423M I67AU let 1 4 l5 1
6427 AWI JKilS2 JMI 1U70 sao MS 25X7 04Z
2JA I7U JICI 1UJI SECt 440J STill Ml lOS 514 <
biKnociiii Counr will of ratrlckTrenoril 9 i
M > o probate calendar ftcrfcaioH CoriGsvsiir
TIHH Appeal from orders and judgments ha l irr
Tsv Adjourned try the term bracut TOILIs l
niurrera Noa 297 ill hliI7rL Law and fact N 5
3 U ail tn4 XV BJ 3U TlUL TIRV Tart I I > 5
lit IM 14 < i 1444 1475 IW7 1577 11J7 It I IV I
lllll liwi htu rt47 h74 7in IJH MJH 14JI 15O Mr
147 it4a Inrlill and III Adjourned for tbe term
Caiso < rti u IIIMRJI Toss Adjourued untl I
A II l hrcui Ti nx Calendar for June hurirr Tisv
< alendar for June TNIII TaMelart I 1Sea I I42
OiJ IHJ Mil 4H ISP lTi 1411 14x1 I4IM 1471 ljid
Ills 1523 1141 lIla 1161 IltKHlJU IllS SIR iV IKI
lIeu l 1149 707 I4tld 1IJH IIK Va rart 11Sea NU
IJ01 IIO 14UA I44J I4yi ISo I5t J IUOA AM lit <
I1JJ 1417 I4A lull lEo 1340 I2KI 14411441 lIlA
K7H HIT line HUH lira ilita IM ison ISIS
City Corjat Hranti TOReMotIons Taui Tir
Iarl IMo I Oil w > 4 jml Hij j04 nrru 411 fa
4111 2044 2112 7H 707 K37 h31 Carl IIN < Ji f
CIA 22NO U13 74A Sal 2204 MUiL 2101 lta f 2 1
1574 fM ZH4 2ln3 IOX iart 111 Noa Silt ii5
1730 I7U 20S7 2Jil 2W 3ZO 1127 J31II7 Jii V
12147 1715 2343
The llliln Coal Him VJ n Slits I
DENVEH Juno 2Jacob Ilohim a wedhT I
German paid IV a nail to ride over Iba Denier nua IllS
f r aud i Railroad veiteiday lie wantad Is go frcm
I Denver to Trtoldaa la the shortest possIble lime ai lie
I had 0tEfl at stake U paid Ila PQAIIPflI p40 tsr a
e UlpStI1LtiQais

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