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ta III AltVtUTISi IN Till SUN TOE HUN It will krlmc prompt relnrn
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Advertising prompt I
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If TO hnve lloi e lIon or Cnrrlaa
for uli tllVrUTINK IN Till NUN them ITyon In fcre THE ltanineToLetAJVKKTIBK HUN
filEt IEXln lX MYSTERY 1
conu > n ittisir itkriv in ChoSe ins
IM i > 1iI UM HIlt I
TleJmi rxietiMltolternmmenrt lie Arreat
ol Hex nilrl HlllllTllll mill four Olliri
V iid lft S t iII llellevnl tu lie True I
line II the tlm derer In tIii Itty f
Ciil o Jnii 1 lflIt Is lro1 nlI that tho I
Into thn assassination of
Cormiers m iiilry fltO M I lnltlon
Er tr I > In will close tomorri evening Tho
jurors are Imot coitniu to recommend that
jUctamlT Sullivan bonlor V union Hoggs
relive iillc 1 r llll1 Brown harry Jordan I
Hnckloy lie arrested Others may
aoII Inn Jlelly IrrotL IIY
be lrllllln ton Tho It and Jury which It I
Indict those mon will bee nn
lamented I 1 will ilet ron vll 01
J of hillsHooded Americans Tim pros
noted o 1110110010 I
tntdrinil Jury will hi dismissed owing to tho
Irishmen In the body
tact that tliito nrn bolr
All the Ill ners will bo hold for murder und
bail I wlllo I refund 1
The testimony before th Coroners Jury to
day wnt lotmonr lot to 01 I rm this belief that tho
CiannaOael men who mo UBtiucted of being
directly or Imllrotly Jmilicntod In tlio ion
Illcly tr ln to shield ono nnothor by
irlraoam lr Ini 11I < 010
living evasive 1 answers to the leading ques
tion of ih Conner iMpitUe Mlko Vhelnn
ton travelled II 1 with Dotcetl Couchlln after
Dr Cronin disappeared and who wa sus
pended by Chief Hubbnrd localise of bis
etrnngo < couduct while parching for tho man
Smith who drove the Doctor away THIS tho
first witness tthelin is I a lust counln of Ice
man P Sullivan Ho prmed a wary witness
He was prossrd to explain why he had so
readily WI dropped the ce or had been so In
different In ref > lngan Inquiry when tho discovery
dlforeDt Smith would hav e relieved his cousin
covery C 1 I woulL t
Sullivan from suspicion
Ho said he had been taken ofT tho case by
Capt bchmck Further titan this the de
icrlptlon given him of Smith and of the horse
bmlth took did not tally
DI < l bum Ibleh tlI tlly
with the description of Ibo man and horse and
buzey which took Dr Cronin away I let the
Batter drop out of ruy mind said the witness
leUn admitted that ho was 1 ClannnGael
md that hit number was 130 lie thought
howeMr that the eoelet wasa sort of pleasure
cub The jurors scowled and looked Incred
ulous 1 o bad teen Detectlro Couchlln and P
Oliullivan fliilitlnc oin unknown men In 0
aloon His excuse for not arrentlnc Coushlln
KtstliHt taetCouclillnl was 1 rolloemnn
Harry Joidan who Is nupectrd 01 playing a
rt In ibe truueily was a nervous witness
could not member whether he Introduced
JlcOeehan to Detective Couchlln He did re
Bemler liowaier loanlne JlcGeehan 5
lomler upl shouted the Coroner Jordan
QWero you In Conklins saloon on the 28d
Of Mar AI wan
Qow will you swear that on that occasion
you neer used the expression I would not
iou Ur Crouius body out 01 a sewer I I saw
It there A 1 will I never gavo uttornnco
to these worils
Coroner Hertz returned to tho remark said
tobale ton mnde by Jordan regarding Dr
ill Creams presence In asener Jordan trot
Mrynmous plied hU mouttaoho and said
be mIght bat e sal that If Dr Cronin fell In the
gaIter be wouldnt help him out
VDld you ever say to Lawrenco Buoklny
that you would hate like to attend at Dr
taI n rou camv ANo sir
Thomas halen a hrother of the detective
trial to establish un alibi for his cousin P O
t1 estblsb
fcuJiiiu He swore that bulllran wont to bed
Ulore oclock on the night of the murder
and that he wa In the house all the evening
The witness admitted however that the ice
nsnoutcl bale left his be use without being
seen and gone to the Carlion cottage which Is
fct a mInute walk away Then tbru was a
Mimtioiiul colloquy between the witness and
the Coroner I showed that the county ofllcer
Vasln tir8Bt > lon 1 01 mme startling Idence
I house when bul
QVeere you at Sullhans lul
Ihanbrouuuthomea nw sofa A1 never
taw any new sola
y ertn t you there when Sullivan brought
In a pot nl paint I AI never saw Sullivan
bring In a tot ol paint I never saw anything
of the kind you mention I wanted the house
earchea and was afraid that something might
be put there
yWhat made yon think that AWell the
police tred to convinci tbs wasberwoman that
she had washed fomo bloody clothes at the
bouee PHllIng In ihU they told her there was
mon In It If the would say that she had
Washed bloody clothes there
y How do vou know the police said that
ATho washerwoman said so She also said
that cart U Ine made the offer to her
yDid you over see Dan Coucblin at Sulll
Tans houte AIlunl remember
tLo you remember the carpet In Sullivans
front half Aes sir
Was It taken up on May 19 AThero
Wasn 1 carpet thrr and never has been
JIidnt you take a carpet up from tho
front hal after tho murder of Dr Oronlu A
> o sir murer
The witness crow very red before this volley
e ague iiunsitons It wan evident that ttio
Coroner 010 heard nomtthlne S helen wrig
lie ID hm chair and Hammered In bin an
11er8 When be lelt the chair a detective fol
lowed him
The ret ot the evidence luring the day was
tulmportant The Inquiry will be resumed In
the morning
An afternoon paper quotes State Attorney
LcDRcneder ao saylnc oodrurT baa told a
tr lshi story to the Chief and It Is now cer
tim o that he is the man who drove tho Wagon
CouKhiln and 1 O bulllvan are Into It
Who does oodruU bay were the other two
BtnH le doesnt know them
Chief HuLl nrd und Luke Dillon have ordered
tne arreI t of a siiRioct who has taken tfnce In
S1 York Ills name Is being kept a SOL ret
lor be present be < Mu > e theie Is I a possibility
tithe I lull I tlndlni the clelecth who are on
his trail The mans Inscription tallies exactly
slit one ot tho three men who figured in the
Ktiial murder HB hat black eyes coal black
hair snd moustache 11 muscular framo and a
Mcullar gad I is I thought he U the man who
rente lth top floor at 117 Houth Clark street
Mdnubfenucntly purchased the < heal lund
U111 JurclJled
url from A Ii Ievoll A CO under the name of
J K blmons I le 11 I unler nlwe
AieDtlou wan first directed to him br Iuko
p lon who remon bored the fellow an one of
the most ms Umoi tools ol the triangle that
filed Ie CiannndHel in 1882 When > lr
rT i I10n tint bar of the mysterious himon
and call tb lurnlvbed hy
rtecnpilonrt PIT
tOlh who had IJ Inpst tninsnotlons with him
he tL I il11 01 Ib tOOl of the depsel I irltimvl
rate lie PI on iiit I Miil I Ihiulry I I relict ho
tniin pellPI 01 i llrllllutulry rIho
BJiiiPlH d 8 mOVflttflhB lfori and etfir rite
murder infn ur rt ro In Iud recelvei such slat
liflh I itt foi jnnilon r thu I h I liantonnd to Chief
ti Ilbhitrii ii lrJme Ihl man tiaiiii uflilr Sri r
Qtliane Flit iit I n1 ii 1lal and P 111 he
TelIUslej 1K urret 11 tbochniBoof f murder
close The lurj held HP nfoiencM thin Don AI its
c i jlr T1 t IIICI I PhI I o onir Herli I I
ljy ktew the
In J enouch Ibo conspiracy
in rd lOtIiflj atlnti wltlii ntllitlMniiiKto
hail any In o S1 ri orstitu tetlmony W iliao
r n lh 1 < mid Mr < ritcticll to
Stahl 1
u 10 rm a I opinion an to the
am ro nld 0111101 lS
molts Ib 1 r Jh trin and its tnthu Identity of
uitv IlrvtJblr ilplrel It
It nn AIJ TIM HI M jrrii MV ornnf
ttrilw ns tlit llrn d Ihy nnntianel men Vts
i Huitti t r ware lift in this tit under
U I 4 eilium in
i o ah a hkaun t ittMiiUI 1
mierlu j iu 0orlHl I A ulcciiiii that
tent fa rnevr i > 11 iftKinoi n snjlnz tliit i iirmnl
t ir I it mi i I i Ill to I lie urn sled her Uloru
iwnJicM s er dhl nut excite fiirprl It
1f n th Ia I IthntttitMi I i I t Iegrtm ii 111 Plrr HI g aIr
BI I t h hi ili Il tint ot tb urrcat Tlie miiu
1 I i < e ir tted t totay or toniorrnw Thu
L i i HI i In fr Itluhi ii fur
1 1iikliu tho linn inioiiifut
i ts Ur rxpoitMil 1 In tl IH
rip i
I I hiiossj1 tlit Ilw 1iilmi
A 1 II 111 1
la C50 t t ij Iia I n si < wIII th IIUIi 11 Iro
o 1 1111 t I 1 t Iil
tpriL0 tLiee I I h I oplrCI IJI Iha t one of
110 i4iI locI 110 111 time th
Teter1 ili Itt 1 11 tIiCIil 111 1 111 111 is I ciy
trrve o It j I t lh C ll Ilal t 1 lie it t ito
th mld lit liImt o II a h 2 H of
lit 1 ii 1 iiiiiilii ii lloiinkHr l
e v il I gb < MI Info iiiati I vim1
U I i I hot iitgty hut tlii > hud
tl 1 TWO MIS K I Mill
Vu > in I i 1 I in IfIIl1 w
II I i 1 rus klH I uv II I ll II
hr l t e Ml WoO I III nl
j 1 i ij HIM mu i > i < i H 101 III
Ie i rtni ittspiut i > i lfI i lIa
He j Oiij MU I would tin i molmuilul IILte
Ill I I h 11 n 11 > l1 Ito PIIjt 1111 I Iluf
III 4 1 tloCII iicn halIte toanviit liny
iii i el I POIIIloIo I III I tin i ron n
V i 1 II it hardly uroi le i > In I
< V1 tI I hllro ol id
tiut t f i r in iim Ion in tln > iiCMpi
f f I PI 1t tl I itt U man iI I III lu >
H II I Ti I til t I 1 B
ti I I > II n I t o 111 f n
1 J i k I 1 I i I 1 1 V I 11 I I
tc ne i p < i 0 II t > flu i
clrs t 1 II I H 11 1 o I 1 II V uf
live u e titi 11 iKiim irnie t utsi
I ltV I l1 1 I Iil tIlt think the Cltksgo
HWJIU au ttlthoutiwltirjui w
lSMlt 1 TilE LKIllUll VALLEY
Ciirn Tnrnm fnmiilrtrlv Over Hut No One
Killed Klnten 1iipnrDicr Injured
WILt IJAltm Ituio I0Trnln No 072 on
tlolphah Valley llnllroad fiom 1I171 ton to
this city nod duo hero at IMO A JI I wan
wrcikod this morning at Solomons Crook juat
below thli cltj Iheie Word soentyolKht
pa sonir < i on board and considering tho clt
ctinionnipBoMlm wreck It is mnnelloui lint
nnbody ecn oil with lifo or wltliour serious
bury As U hat ponod no ono was killed on
tho HI ot and only cloven wore seriously In
jured lhev ore
1 5 wteiKy biinjc muter hip broke and badly
a inttrfL
John rt vicfiroArty Traurer i of I utrne county bid
Ceslp Tronn t Suit murli tirultdl
tornellui leitnlui t While tlnren back hurt 10
rib broken
Jtbii HedJIneton ir of White haven hud ont tsee
bmllr cut
J 1 ll lub uho Hnriton inouMer trnlcn two rib
fietci1 > Or llre II Troullll or llArlctou head And
taro cnl
Mil Iatrlrk Costello ot near creik cut OH fate
badly broIled
Jivd Tlcliniui nf rviurm Ve broken
Jilin li I 111511 if llafftini I I ear cut tat hirtlT hrnlfJ
Mtfartnol Wiiitn lUrii cut iii hu1 kuuil mac
Olrlrk iilbljont of rronl I S do und luck hurl
lin I Hun A C MoUiutucl ct Ibl e111 colon the fact
much hII n
Many others were slIghtly hurt tmt It It not
1ollpod that soy of tho f > injured ate In < lnnc r
of Until The HCC dtnt was caused by the
wlmol on the runt triak ol tho tender l break
lug llie i train I w a then ru iii lutz U3 miles an
I hour ant the truck was torn loose Irom the
tender und the tuba pasbOUKer car woro
I diou ovur It Ihoy wore thrown from the
I I i track mind the bottoms torn and ripped
I I up The engine broke loose and eon
I 1 tinned up tne truck Tho temlur and
I the first tro pasencor cars bhot mar
I i a slight emlftnkment turned completely
over und piled tliotnfHhes uilde down In a
little karden pntch 1 he third ear was driven
up the omtiiinkni on tho other shle stand
IIIK almo on end limo cms weie all lnoken
and stove In 1 lie passengers climbed out ol
the windows nnd doors In a state of titter ter
ror and the iiiltpmirt was eo great till It
I was homo time belore the real extent of their
I Iniurles oonld be learned Help was spocdlly
I on tho uruimJ from Ashley and South WllkM
burro rita Iniured wen brnucht to this city
i where their wounds were dressed and they
were sent home The tracks were blocked
I until a Into hour this afternoon
Six Train ITnidn Undly Injured Ielaoll
Three Mall Alen
OAKLAND Mo Juno 10Train Xo 13 duo
horo at 4 P M was wrecked a mile and a half
west of this station A terrible shower rnlsod
Benson brook and washed out a euivcrt
The enclneor saw that tho rails over the cul
vert were depressed and put on the brakes
but could not stop his train The engine went
over but ibm tonder baggage car express and
mail ears are a total wreck Ihe passenger
cars stopped on the brink A wrecklnc train
from 1 atervlllo brought it large orew and Dr
Hill to attend tho wounded No passengers
were hurt Th list of wounded Is as follows
Wm Lndtrwood of LewUion ni lne r arms l n
and breatt not dangfroait
K foburn r toutli laity ftrtma hubdlr 1 crasbtd
Iatterpen ot llciralt mill agent Un I > nJ left haul
badly burt
I Mall 1J AKDI pre of Oruin r Ii 1 cruabtd din
Mall Actnt Libby of Portland rib broken and bead
catKoceoe SttTeniof fikowh xaru asnreia mcisencer ono
tog torn off and other badly crnnhed
Drs Parsons Eaton Holmes Oakland and
Thompson attended the wounded It will take
two or three days to clear the wreck and repair
the track Conductor C liookott was not hurt
A Train Escaped Wreck und Kobbery by
IleUc Lat
BnuttxanAU Ala June 10If the south
bound passenger train on the Loulsvlllo and
Nashville Railroad dUll In this city at 4 A M
bad bon on time last night It would have been
wrecked antI robbed near Falkvlllo seventy
miles north of here Heavy timbers and largo
stones were pile on the track around a sharp
I curve The passenger train was late and n
freight runnd on Its time ran Into the ob
structions The enelne and five cars were
thrown Irorn the track and badly wrecked As
loon as the wreck occurred the trainmen saw
fle masked men approach with Winchester
I rifles in their hands but when they discovered
that It was a freight train that had bun
wrecked they hurried from the spot and wore
seen no more The 1 wreck Mocked the trak
until after daylight and the passenger train
was not molested
A Locomotive DaRb Throneh a Wall
ST Louis June 10A defective rail on
the Iron Mountain Railway caused a bad ac
cident at Poplar street tonight As the
Southern express was comlne Into Ibo city
John Gobhardt and Scott Powers jumped on
I the pilot The ensina jumped the track at
Poplar street and went through the trick wall
of a f undry killing Qobhanlt and Powers
Lncineor Uemert and lIreman i arr were
pea ded so frightfully that they are not ez
Pfctod to live Tims engine turned around and
tell oer Tho smoker and bugKuue ear were
chattmed but fortunatelv the passengers es
caped with a violent hnkinir up Tralllo was
blockaded for sevoial hours
It Never Onee Contemplated Reeosnirinc
the Southern Confederacy
Henry Clews sent a copy of his Thirty
Years In Wall Street to Mr W E Gladstone
and received yesterday a letter of arknowledg
ment and a second loiter which U as follows
26 Jnu iTisa May 30 IrVX
OUR Ei > Havlnr expressed my interest In the per
i ttonsof your won which I real on the day of lu nr
rival thick I It would be leu I tItan Inrenuoua If I did
not afterreadln what rtlam to the cabinet of Lord
falmerston In p M aid la the following chapter make
some reference lo It
I Allow me to axsure you that so far as bat Cabinet < Is I
concerned yon have been entirely milled In regard to
I matters uf fact VIA member uf It and now nearly its
I sole turvlvlnz member lean I Stat that It never at any
l time aeull wub the subject of reinitnlzin the Miulhtrn
Matei in your treat ml war exceptlnt a lien Itlearlied
I the rrnDutnl if lie I uipernr apoteufl l > III and
i dec me i to entertain tlmt pO oeIlIOa ivlthojt qualUI
citloul licettu thin ltay t 1 1sat
I ln lie debatewhleli took tSC5 05 Mr Roebuck pro
pal for hue n olIn t 1 < > rd tursell took no pjru and
roe lake I none a h i w a a menber of the house ot
I LrrK I stake lur helallnet m
Ynu will I um tiri tie 111 to Peira i hat there Is no
tot mU IS i n P r a churce Uh 1 had ll bn true in obi
ha > eild d III Leeplur alive any seutlMenls happily
aol e y
You tire lOr coot e at liberty to pub Ish this letter
I I 1 yu ir rrterrne In I i e 7J as ar cnrrt of imprei
aions tiblrli i am not emutiuvi in use I can nuke nn ob
lection ttijtb iti are i ratably aware tiiaitliy l were
many years qco Ihe s ih ect nf a 1e ailed nrlanII1
from 1ItO i ito Atnil iiverlinienl a nd nt a ro st
lanlnmr ly from Mr llnmlltuii ll Ih I I remain dear
sir your Very fatthral ervaut W E ULAUaruMi
An Inliuned IuiHnii Muke a Seniallnu In
Golden fill
CAItTHAnr Jin JUliO IOlhem Till great
ozdtcment ut Golden City this aiternoon over
I the attempt of n strung dospcrado to take the
tonn Ho rodo lu and beg in filing right md
loft lie HiHili penpln ihinie unilei pail of
tlpiiti iind loiircd vollny liter voile Into the
funiim ftri ii n rllnsivrylodv full twen
1 i mi tcs I n ro 0 aw as 1 ho iiiliilin Inn ill
IM tim t ocuril urflu4 and glitti pursuit A
iiirin I ni 11It i wi kept un lot Iho mile and
tin n huts I ulu iiuiidort lioiff wan kliltd Ho
iiiiiuioU moth i oiso frill a urn or and
thl nut 1llInol too und tho IuTliiti I wound
Ml > liri > ii tlinvH MM MB nearly dead when he
suirviidui Ho nus put in jail
i A ThIrd Vein or Nnlnral OaR at handy
Im 4 lunnio A third vein of natural gas
ratirii I I a MI ly I rrr ui lay wtcc tn tare a tile
u rtn 11 I tiii j a tn rire nf 4m n run IB Ot1ln
0 > rc itih i It Hero lie bai Urn I pej and III
ihtrcc iu i tallies bun 1010 ttirty bet HIB
I Xlnnil IljItcAil Improving
I ClsrISSI Juno IOA member of Murat
Ha dI1I y uSe I rrtelei 1 a I ntl l0 tt from ttlui
wtttcni i liar a tin r sel wai nearli out Iillii
Un lu a iumit ll e aYt itat l tn > rahli I 1 a luii rove I al d
mat i f tet I mutli uiur ike liuu clf ibau wiicubeivt
Killroiti I OV toil
i A hlnme Sto Mule > rl nn
MIIWaihfK Viln Juno 10Sum Up Jab
the Chinese rnvlcivl ut urliK lilt e IIlr s into UK 1
laundr for Immnrai i ° l was to day stntemed 10
I Ma c prlunat 1 auto tar ilfleen rears lJaJ1l1lJ1l1
I cast WM cviiUBiiiil uuul Ibe Jujr term
HopplnR Wet WIde Illnw In I lendllv Trom
Over the Sea and ItrltiB toc and l Here
cad Therei a Little Ituln Minxli oUen
Far out at eon when tlio pooplo of titus
town woroaclecp there blow yesterdnv mom
Ini a brisk wind It snout on toward Maih
tan Island mind bofoie day had dawned the air
cniients were moving now swlltly and now
I slowlj but alwas steadily on uoi the hoii e
tops of the town toward tho 1 eat lakos Out
at sea they were picking no a load ot moisture
as tlioy camo along and at lust thoy camo bur
dened with fog lly tint time the HUH rose the
dry wind of the houm before hud I > < PIIIO wet
and heavy ladon And when this wind roaclmd
the city jefUriliiy it brought with it discom
I fort and matte tho men of NcwYoik to uno
swear words nut 1 made tbu womau to have
rcJ faces and tho linen ot everyone to wilt
For the eoutliea wiml tame In loudod with
lust about an Him Ii witur fivlght us any wind
can carry It was SI tar coni uf nil that could
have been cart loll without spilling over
1 ho molsturo was tho caiii of nil tbe trouble
In the weather ilurlnc tlio liar It wits dumped
on us inbljcon lgnmeiits First t hern was a
fog early In the day llien when tho ittln camo
out borne of the molsturo nn driven awtiy but
Itwnxoi ii lyn puclniib I itt to lliu hours bnuieht
more wuturlrelchted air coiitantlj irom tile
sea and Ito the touiporutuio rue fro 111 74s at
II A SI to hi lit a 1 P M i the loonh lull irdur
and liurUer work to Knt up umlir tIle hu
Ittid itt which was diopiud I mu vui I > vviit 9 ie abnut
them I Thor WaS fii l uuhoftlio I im Mils I I how
cvii transierred fn m the air to n eiifo iliits
to reduce the total amount 01 weliitpx In bite
wind Irom 84 tier lent to 71 lId duicieni
ol n per slit honevtir di > o < not roprHsunt ito I
actual percentugo ol humidity In lullurs gen
erally throughout I lie ciu t Ulnit du I Ilulcd
upon the ijnalltr of the collate timtd the dlim
Bltlous ot the men wearing them duo bun lill
tj of Ibo collar wrn by tho young iiinn who
i hud to go down to thu Liiultulin iniinliug i t Itust I
i nlglit to Und out foi TIll hi N a lint in linndi
was the matter with tile wealliii was iitreio
I i vvhuii he stood al the buttum it the tnhtorr
Rlalicae 11 ut whw he got to lbs llftb htuii it
regiHtHrrdiibnut till l per lent and when bn gut to
the top tory the htimldlt TU munilet to the
large per cent of about II I 1 estardii Hfternoon
tllare was II fill louud i man on the iloi lluiite
steps whoso colUr had gut to the full atura
tlon point It wits HO lull thaI th points hunt
spilled oxer He had no wnll oat on und I In
register of humidiiy on the Ilnuti coveting hIs
bus m approximated 70 11111 cent 1 lie collars
of variniin young men at the soda water fouri
tains down town didnt com to bt ulTectea by
the humidity A scioiitllli Invislluation blmwnd
that the Collars weie i eliuloid All the I vamo
thee voung men wero Jut nA humid them
selves an II thor ball I had on linen cilIate uud
their voiabulury want any moi P pt < iu cither
The wind that fetched in all this utiiernout
water was a little fuller of volutft IALT In
I Jersey and ovor In Last New lork than over
Manhattan Island and In oth I those plnies
I the job of carrying the moKturo got too great >
I and the mist lormed Into clouds and blue
i clouds let out some ot the wilIer It was rain
rogulnr rain and if It had rained here In tuna
yesterday hate woulild bavtt ben so lunch
hiss and so much miser There b a p7olutOe
of cooler and diyer weather today
Adolph Harfnftrlr ascii I 4H nf i < ui Iput I evenly filth
treet at fcetelity tniinh rol and 1 ATenu
dailIeS Oarrr iteil M In front of 4i oiMrd street
CUamt I ers Mreet IlonlUL 1
Mart HtfullT ate r I f hart I Che ler at lOt 11
Tblrt r aectind itroet New Vork tluuotti
John ir < tum oed In 80 Hulitn ft > eiinf in front of
lit batty Street lt V lucent llonltxl
Annie Lynn J I rear ciii nnmelt m frcnt of J4P
EeTenlh avenue New orb llnil KI
Luknjwti woman C5 fur old nttirfd in Liar drms
at seventy third street and Hri arenuo freibyterUn
II epltat
Chnrche Ilouien and IIiirn flints Ucvu
Destruction ol Far Crop
UTICA Juno 10A tcnilic wind storm
passed through Tort leyden Lewis county
and the lower portion of JelTurson county at
about 4 oclock yesterday afternoon unrnillug
houses overturning trees fence and build
ings and doing much damage The stetitIC of
the Catholic Church in 1ort Lojdon wi bluvn
downand the Methodist Ipiscoiiil hutch btt > o
pie was moved in puch a mnnner an to muk it
danuerouo Ono houo was violist up anti
carried about lOll feet An old gentleman anti
lady who were In tho lioui were both In
jured The most damaco was d iiioin a path
about eighty rods wide though trees and fences
were overturned on a wide terntnr The tel
graph wires are alldoMU and particular can
I not now be obtained
I The tornado was eaiiFOd by storm coming
from two directions and uniting north ot this
I city From the point ot uniting the direction
was northeastoily Tho report that C1II0
ovary hour bring news of greater dchtructiou
to property in Let I county and In the southern
part JefTeron county TIIJ damage 10 urrn
croi fences and orchard is said 10 lit very
large In Port le > don tbo buildings and eh ds
of the Iron works wero ti tally demolished
I Hardly u chimney Is i to be seen in all Port Ley
den and the btieets are slrnpl Impithsable bo
cause of till dtbrlx fiom tieeci and hnuses
At Ihinnoy tottlement six milts from Iort
I Leyden Mr anil Jlrt Ilnnni veii teilously
Injured J Imj were thu tied in their In uo
about thirt out anil w < ro in uied In trying to
escape Irom the building In its hr > grev i hi I
roof was torn oil Ills utldiutf l > IJI I lion A
UrlKg and S b V Itlgcs Iurl Liyden
Aaielulto Its tjbstiiT from unucn Miy
that Mrs l S luau mi who ruidtd in I till I town I of
lureni e Who klllod hy her hUIoO ful Inn upun
her IbIs Ih the any iaitiit > let liuaril ol
VAT UTov 1 June 11110 1 mf has the
follow Inn ipecliil rom Turin u linvln I < uunty
A 101 I nuidct uuompit led d I > tcirib o thin I I der
I lightning and lain pi ud our a i J tl n ol
I Ihle towlI at 51 I M 1 l vestpidaj A hunt on ma
Svhlttaker u aie two miiub norihul brn Is i n
totHl wreck 11iv burn war h i i4i H Icet with
2iifiiot pots U I Ii Clue trjiia e tlmbfit1 i feet
lone and 12 1 inches thliknnd WIt carried a
iliittHnie of Jib feel itcrs of 1 ground tilt i eo
erid b > the lrohim thither A 1tM 1 > Luau ii Ins
njso tie tool lea sit A teuoinonl I I IKHISM WII su
bally Klmkrn that tint plifteilug loll HID
windows 01 tbo boiiem aci a uliii I mwn in
Near tlio UhltUul icnidoin ti 1 un 1m I tnAO
tron were uprooted In thnllohil I J I I ut i this t
N I nt tlio lot of wnat Is knmui to Ilic Illlli
fruit and brash lrue 1110 10111 i i t clall
M 1 Ho ntli o ant cnmiui h hit ippoar
nnce of t IU tOt nllI to I d I lid uf Iia I k tiniok
whirling ndconiln tifiirH to the IrIIUIU A
I bnrxe 1 11111111 ivell t In tlu < uarn 1 ln < hr e as
cui oil hut llie t a1 WHS kiilud Mnlilcn likli
I uat rat HniMivllleKiveH rise in thn theory
of a clfiuilburnt on the hills nnd It Is fiat ed
grrttt dnmige bus hiou lout AH the I tolcg iiph
wires ure down nothing lu titer can bit leuined
A plal to til 111 fiom lonvllle I IIVH
lleiivy I i winds 1 it iso rinied 1 much ul It Ill utgis In
the southern part of the couniy huvenil barns
luno been blown down between llouo i I II I I onnd
Turin jIO lint I IVini llouiev a e Coy
eri < d nltn t wit t > r lilnck Uhoi I has uorruii its
bank vvuxhed Olt livuin I of tralI und done
coiiblderabio damuge at tuuelublovilib
heavy Thunder Htiirm In > ew Ineland
I llosTOV Juno 10llutn virloii parts of
New Lnsiland Dine retorts of a heavy thunder
stoimthU aft ot to on which did i n nsl leinble
durauge III Jliirlboro l miss Cljuiu lea 1ullti
Uouso was Rt UCIt bi lightning tho cbitiue
tleinoln d cluploards tora till und tile oe
I cm uotsitiinnod Jill < onto c iolS II tw > nty
tmen telethon pelts vvorf hittirrd In
I Keone N II roads were madly i nned tflo 1 l
tilt u ties buinoil I nut mi i I the South t Keoio hall
Kiud depot lIa struck b i > ugltnii
in J Dover N ii tin no in wiia very tovnro
The lie knap church MHVP ° 1 a nl fn Urn
CHUI < Ia I a isil IlIIIIUh8i I h II i In cfl I loud ring room of
the ocliecu 1lint t irks WITH nearly runnd I
by iultl thug and u bolt cit Lot sti lh > lompoMu
rom ol tlio Jilt u I ii ut I di ng no gin it
I liiiiuige ull I ady Irichlfi 1 ItO I the oiiii < turn
1 meil i i lerco 1 a ilrk III lli tm n arne It < >
ceuved a shock and is not eApfcii HI I Ihe
1ollCflimn Ihurli 1 > ueub TSUH Uioikml 111 >
on hits stiidt nnd Is still uiInsju i but IH
XheilCul o recover Mtvirnl housaa weio
adly shuttered within the city limit
Deluge or flat In Vermout
ST Ar AsA Vt June 10TJil ulvllst
rain known here for many yi nrs bean talhru
I r sierdu uftornoon ml a poif I < t deluge of
I nA rfl 1 I 0 H oc oih M 1 I n > mil In CtFtCA
mire Hooded Cfl nr 111111 i t and tite ttn t 1111 i I
gi llli > d lbs rood n < It f il Iar tier i l Ii I t > i
ness places caiiful ho grtaih lanuigc Vu
I ly every hide meet wa a lun1 g t Lor i a wlme
i tLo main etrtois were converted Into ptutit
rtenrllnn Acntht nnllreuil itnd Ire
JltidgenP4IIcecti ol Inil hutc with
111 Mlei < lvtNeilce Crnnk Iuvej It
ITKivci Aptll 30IIIt nlirlit tlioif vas 1
riot In tho northern part rut f this city and the
I gills school bolonulng to the li hvteilnn
mission vums looted by tho natives but 110 for
clgiirs wero killed Tho slime spirit which
I broke out lit Chili I I Klnnc exists I In nil I I lib Cui
I neso citlos It doubtle urNrs mostly tnuu
I popular discontent with Ito Chlmxo Joern
I mont Ingonlouslj I fcistei oil by thecon nrvatlvo
and reunion element of the official clnss
I which for the present ha u marked ascend
I ancy III tho Imperial cntui Qi K There Is III In
i I dlcatlon ofnthaneo tor the bottvr In utldl
Lion to havIng compelled the Tlunno to recall
Its auction of the eten lon of tho Tlsntsln
i Knit lnc llnllroail to Tune Chow fourteen miles
i I from the capitalIt lm alfo succeeded In compel
i line the Viceroy to order tho demolition of tho
lion bridge just finished by tin Trench in
door hevcrlot nrro s tbo Iolho at Tin
tsin They tai It Is In the way of the junks
It lo As as though nothing except a coalition
of thy great slalle powers would oer ODII
I Chin to modem improvements
1rof Church with his American inert and
mlnihc I I Mailiiiiiry Is I nuking satlstaiton
Po ress III developing tho stiver mines at Ku
Blumtan In Mongolia It Is believed tint he
has en ugh rich ore itltendy out and In siKt
tti lit i y lor all I the muniuurt m nod expunges up t
to tb i prosrnt tune I Col > l hen > the s meriiun
Mlnistpiii uoiiipiililed by I Mt ChIIII I hl
noie ooteury of 1 egittlon has just retiiincd
fii m a st to the mines and will doiit I tle s
iniiku a full report tn tbo I btuto Department
1rof t liuii Ii bus albo discovered lnrgo and vul 1
1111110 tie iuslts ot Ii on cost and nttnr mlncials i
in tb regIon o 1 the t MUor I mines Should i bib
OlO ration it bring In a i cal l tltiiillile monoy
l milt ti I u the iovi > riinient it will uheagrMxt
ituiietns tn iiiurlcinlnllueii e lu tills eouutiy
All I hi iiunvn luuh und bc alike uniloiMund
the t uluo I of silvoi t and i hooOI tOll produc it
in lUnntitlis Innailiutue to miniiud tho
tonlldeur l and support 01 tho pi ilu peuplfl us
will as of tile great givemlng cliibii 01 civil
I service exuuilnnifon rolormcis
moor AG1Ir flUUL4XGJtI1
The Government Sntd to Ifnre Hiiflcl Ht
Oioimdn lo Indict Him
Puns June 1011 3Vmu says thoio U
proof against Oen DouUricei which sustains
grave tUaiges and that Ibo Government baa
sufllciant grounds to instruct the 1rocureur
Gfn rul to take measures to indict him
The Boulunelst members tho Chamber of
Popntks now lu Paris have entered a protest
against tho action of the authorities of
Angoulomo in prohibiting lbs Iloulunulsi m t
In I hilts wus to lIa ive ben held thero vcbtat
it 1 tv and arresting hove who tesiHted their
action jha > iucu o the GovBrnineut 01 un
in leuvor to Iniilalu I a rmolmii i I und hold the
Mlnistois respoiible lor the lutarleiaace of
bLue iitoulcnie nuth ritieh
11 hi B Htemiiit tu bA 1uoLl l by Gen lionl ingor
m leferenee to tun ietteifl teired b > tip luiris
poliio in ibn rcld ices of two lioulangit
leadurs will declare that their contents are un
I luiportuut
The llevenxe or a lllauppolnted Ioter
I IAIIS Juno 10At Villa Nouvelle near
Toulouse todn a reeclnd suitor murdered a
I farmer daugutcr the father and mother and
a man servant
Musny Ilea Lot In a Fire
YfrS lune InTill 1 tOWII of Xbaraz In
Austri duiulik va ulinot entirely destroyed
by lire Ida Many livis were lost
The Triple Alllunce
I IloMr Tuna 10 Dunne n debito in the
Cl uiVer cf Ueputias on a vue of Ccnure propose J by
I uo txireuiist ou tb lu tau Coual at Trieste tfuur
Ceiialetu who W84 LurideuiraJ tu death under 10
4urin rotII > wke m cl < ittut ot Italy aUiiin
Wi ith u roIlY 11111 1 AuHrla lie sat tl itAly ouiclit to
nxiiUaini ui utility tle treaty wk i erlulany itiJ u >
tria i ii o dal woiiit cuuzr MJCU I the M u uU have to
lainmle t y ott > V lui A mirU I to Ire eul the Arlmuc
I Iruui bc iiiiiK a h5V I nf ll < tonciuJeJ by vrojtiiuK
I i a i of KIH uf tim m I Itt tiuteruu vuu
trtiiis I I llDitvr t i n I i ic 1 are 1 ttiAt tits Ovate of the
worn rep scii in 1Ie treaty It I turniions or nat otiality
Mr itu luO ruMiU bale uotLiu < u Kif e kud mucti lo
i nrl < nce In the tuvernneiH was then voted by A
I torte uiftjurity
VclcomlnK the American Iuclnecr
I LONDON Juno IOTbll IHcht Hon Arthur
Wlle cv Iee s toker of llie Iloae of Cumrooai wet I
I cornet tlf Mint ng American nrinetr at LmllllOn
I to dy In 111 stOres h iold ht thy Ftigitan teOt
aJmloI the irea L colt Iorrollne liy Amre1I eKI
herr All uo ItHI LeM Wa bound Ii at
Ill re the urII nry Itrwej nut lure that
lououa4iel tIle poner uI halite lit beer t r lIlgtod
Cult ru h 1 u Ih teat rolle Leyoni the a lbs
i Tbllurs would Out a ready wicow nvahre
I 1 LUe Agrarian < nuareis In 1urlM
I PAI Juno 1OTho Acrurian onuress
opined here to cUr Mr hauntlrr es elected Anieri
tan rLrtturr HiMirr tforic made an aldre a hi
I bleu Ie 1 flrtred auaul returm ai mile 6t riluf puhit
of > cat rf rm
Mr t ur ri 0 an iitinouly elected Iionorarr Irsui
Ufiii M 1 i onicurt wd ih > xri iiilnnjn AH 01 lusts an
fcldret lie rpu > ao In ttrui Cl natal praise il Mr
t 000Cc
I GludMnneH Httlmplne Tour
1 InnoN June 10 Mr Gladstone made a
iprech It u day at lorqaav Iteirrriujc to hue lu5Jel i of
the nionijUp I at the tact eieellvu ha salt tefiiafi never
kiown Iii r Alilllt his rlfleen I I Sri 1 ainentt suet an In I
can e or tli r a ont lu the lluuke i r i uiinoni trli lnr
I wttl an vi aIIIv i wLl Ii it haul nutalneil tlie tutu
I fratf if lie i e i l H tte ueki 1olu 1 u he dec aced
I tile peepS vfOJll kuuw how 10 reward Ibis trciicuary
rtmlnhed Ini Inrlnc Polish Air
I VIENNA June 10Tho Husfelan authorities
bave teutetcrd forty on iiideiiti of llie I racow tnt
verMr tu three darn linirlft liuieiu sail to pay a One
d ui loritiB I tor ntfibic roiiflh airs wuile ou au excur
sion tj OlUoS
ncr Murdered Iluber Woman
LONDON June 10fhe forearm and hand of
mite unfnr unit fiher Oman ram of who e Iuiuly
have Ire i Hilly tie I u fluid In Ills Thames wer taken
rioiii ill I ri or toLltit uuo of ti I tOken of tb liaud
Lire the work of a liui
Itrcelveil Its time AuMrlan ilmperor
I VirsNAJuno 10 Imieror Francis Joseph
favi M t Hence 1 day o u lie r I IIILC i of it j Ill cuejrro I no
I inirrkieh I seas ioce y formal aud Uktel only ten mtn
1 lto a
I i Klrii lIllnnM Illiorce tn be Nulllrleil
lit IAtJC Tue I lilAUtiopolltan I i t Intact l
win K on Lriiit ul lain I ii alit n I ir the I dii toe ojtali ed
hr Milan iroia > uuaie 1 lue ti yaten will tbu returii
Tbe Mlnrrn OrcunUe
Drm Junn 10Ih l minors In Westphalia
I ae loriliPl I a Ill tual pro r Lui v B ell and ito about
to stoOl a nt v 5 i loplh lu I jpuort of theIr Iniervkli
IHnte Alliert Into Ciliic to Iluly
II 1iNiniN I lnii J I I IDIrlnce I Albert Victor will
n akv a tour 111 u i a Uurlui ihe turn HIT winter Ibo
tI ill ii ill mwade s ati lo all the nth elsie
A Gale In Inclund
I LONDON June 10A ievero gale prevailed
tiua > al the IIIU i of the fUnie I Viuih Ju jme was
Uotit jy tle IIh i tide Iran L was allrekt tuvpelidid
I A > ml > iU War hip Funndert
I limY Juno 10lhll 1 1 Sim I 1ih WUl Bhlp Par
I ito lodolf l vU Lois Iraia Oat lbs ie as cOoed
Kill iilii GoIng Into 111111
IJAtTUlllJr Juno lu Jako Kllraln Is
COlIC into training churl y fcr IiU Hht wltli Sullivan
I bill lie tl5t tilt I iluts tie rroiect ut all He say > two
I routed would lia a mOOt i eni < than lo I I fu nt train
Ire lor I a IIlit al in I S > ra on ot lie > ear out he I llnnki t
lie Volt clOt till u ti ivau can iiis doll I prolir to
do riiy tlowurlcbt kru 0 irk uoul ti lie gels a prace to
i train
I Wet Iolnt Kxercleei
WEST IoiM Jure 10The Governor of
Trinidad s a > a vitlttr 1 today his guest of Slept Uriene
Tlit collie cave a fencing and gyiumillc itilLUion
lbs in rnlnz In Ihe alirnioon Ire vm a Ililil bat
ter dr IL and tlil eti tnir a mortar bauery drill and
I ad a ay ot unlitary i rrotrchui took piaie SeitUer
ll e I rei deni the iecr laIr ot War nor Oct ccoca d
wlI 1 attend tbs rradjation exercites
Ito CI Halting 1otdei A ollitelr Pure
i I Hrtvven slne tall > the ttiindurd Id
A sket a kert II > yetlerua I r t roof Ihsl l s ran y
wr < II nni 1 CI i uJ u ue uiltna K I i an lt inervy
fu fl sIc t lu i v eiaraeD 1 I ucntltiji feds
i r < SI i n II t psisd ini al we wi yvu NtW
I HU iJaui Mill CowlaoyA
rlru Tin In trrvlir I to rillabiirtli
I I nt irtl er r i el I inn tis > at l l t Iai rntl
a r i nl iu edl t J < bl Tg Vt II 1 I i1 I
re t rlI Ni S i k T i ran s i leave I
I tetei elliOt pf I ot rv I betty II Mt > 1 M t AT
rn 111 It it burg I S il 1 tier In uc Ma H l
1 I fIIjalIA more 14 OIl itata 1111 dcpjt at < j I I l aali i
ILVII 111111 iIHIJ
The Nett f tmlrinsiii ill the Itemise fnmmlt
tee IIIclllr tlie Mliei tntenelent
Nleunril unil Iturlieettei Inr tmnen
the Nutliie lIl hleh be Only lllnled At
Tlip Union LWRW r1 1 I ili is I ito vimig such n
I shaking up In Its housekeeping department
that not one of Its 121 emplojcoi knows
whether his job will last aiiotlioi month or
u not Already the Miptrliitcndent tim steward
I the html bartender anil his two nssiatunts
hare rcRlcnoil or bet IIImlpcti
I We mire Just like tllllt Raid one of tho r8
innlnlnc employees torday bottling out his
I hniui antI rocking It back and foitli on an
II Imaginary fulcrum All on a feesavr and
I nobody known who Ii to to next
I 1 hit state of things has nil conic about since
I rub lnhpn Mr Marietta W donor thAp
I Irllioor i of llio Port hat I auto Chairman ot the
Jloinej Committee of the cluli
Tlio Oust man hs went for wa Sti orlnton
i dent n I 11 lIurrliiLi ii Mr Harriccoti I i linl
j I hold that pliuo torn yeiro Ills i ear was upon
May 1 1 and just bufoto tlmt linn Mr Ionper Informed
i formed him thuhis I i relcnution I would 1 1m ac
cepted Its begged or II months iiotuo
and on Ma Jl he reslcnud On that
day Mi Cnopei nnd Mi leoixc I
blithe another mmiibnr of the Hotno
tommltteo summoned the Steward Vincent
Cl fbi I to before them t Mi m lainnito 4 had
beoi oonniilut tlio club for lllte ii rears and
hu hud ti ° n many Hoiice committees come
antI co HP is n llttln man In person but a
mighty one In his pr fesslon It la lih oust
that lie ituetutirsul > > l uluastof 110 covers In honor
of the liliiiio I I I t i lnuoioi I Mixl i ulllunof Jlex
Jo i heure he 1 eim > > ti > this comitiy lo tl t < Me
Ibo puiaies I of AintTicn K Ittpublli nabobs
l tie waste in this lioiiru IB laohlnir i enor
mous said Mr l ooinrlo SIU HU Cilnoi ito
1 ami i I il tIlt loot fi i e stopi I J ho tlii iicnev
in your da hIm t lIt CO t it t J i7u i 0 a iinmih W will i
Ui ho jon tm C niuiith to t cut ll limn I oJ I I lu I
Mi i I l S IUIIII > uuiiiB run Suuthein m Hair 1 1
nnd lie lni4 a ti 11411 110 IB I saIl to MO
Sutili tout hN InKuis tipIUully al Mr Cooper
aid MiMude I
I tlon care for you or your house commit
tee its Is I Ie oitetl tn him Euci thud DII
i cunt do acylbine about It lou cant ilii
charge me
lor this conluct ho was summarily dis
harus l on Juno 4 filonuKof iil say Hint
I Mr Nude l und Mr l oorwi r Iolh l i laid lidndu on
I bill unit 1ms led him UIMTAII tlindooi jnlli
1 of llio e c ntluiin ii hell till hlw ct Or Hie j
tai under linil 1 halve Iliunia Cumphtll
und Mr Murs weir dl cnaiiio 1 about the 4111110
tilnc lust aim ito KIS
Tile o arc Murlet nil at of high old times
amonu me inniovtiS who held pp I ty olflcp in
Ute eluli hois lnn Cliiule I > Mm t hell wm
hers lie bitrleudern ii lni > il ind dined Him it m
silt al theo club etiine iud nil of tbe upper
ciut tf aenaiitduin llvol nn iho fu ol Iho
lund and belpeil sooii llio liilla
ll wu vfiiirt 1 short of him boiilo salt Mt
Cooper last nlcht w hal Only to co liP to
then I Li Itt log rom to llnd 1 tlie ci lIst At
the siiinn lIne the incirs liuinbi holp
I We ro siiDpllfU I nlth Inferioi I Inod I Hhd little I I I of
that 1111 I i IHed in thu lub lir year < oul 1 It
I was this latin mol trlnuh indnc > it mn lo taLo
tho Chn riniinship of the llmio minlttuo
I The re onus would have been bioucht about
I EOUt i but noon lllid to iniku a mw All
that I has e done ha Leon rfeotlr sntlslac
tory to the mi inters mil whet eter 1 naet
I Ihem the > concru ulHlH mo upon limiiit ut
COItI huh iltei 1 It i t 1 lieirer Ilind 1 tin OIIIIP pney
or htnhly I lIa1 1 I eek It ami I hope tu Ct
rid fiuli i > of the monthly dellrle o In Hie
Fl 1 is inls ilPiiirtliunl 1 I am a niilnbnr nf I the
Lnioiiiln t an i tho lime tiom h Itllcloucj
Aciirdinc I Ii u niinbr 01 IhU I 1 di 1 b I Its IV ii ole
trnililrt lists Ionie b < uuo tlru was oo t u h
money In si ein UIUM t ini utfein n he
paid hako nsuiiil ultvn liu e attent on to
deti Its i lid r would fI ron itt on nil ml Aea
ponii of the ruoiulmrn i illniut I 1 I Min Lmi I t g ur
< drinklnc lion it I cifilhln 1 ttifs vu tilil
aok Oil all riuht Tba vis ennih It wall
mill right as far l us the imlhldintl nienimer > iras
conii rnul lks t well soncil at n i nai iulne
truce in d th it v a il no tnruil for Iho m
coiiio of tho clnli sunie I iU itO u 1 ear was
cniugi to meet tin I titlv 1 aud 10 ohiO cared to
bt her iroiil where ll ii ei I
ilirrlnitoii su IH utterly Incompetent He
did lilt P I ills in the Ni < t i oil I imo I einin itt
c tine it ITI < I ci hire thill I ho v ts a ci nduc or ill
the Ula Colot v fimltn 11 I of whki i ornclius I N
tIdy i > a duetto He itoil a row wlli 51r
CHinnlt > nlien he first mne Ho found tilt
lalir In the tonroom i I i horn irmo i u btx of
etuih re ri i w of nlnili wiin dlry 1 um
tit hiiiieilnleiKliint hu iau hi Intiodiutlnn
w In IhuiLt vou nsh tho e ect I 1111 din
I Cl pin rd lie 9 I iinun to I rejlioi I and if i 5fl
tittit tict out I trill ih ow yi u i lit Ailnr In it
tluv inner stuitt its the pn oil bv nil all
I their imitul liininec wascondui In 1 by letter
Cuintull i Iinl loon IITI in hitug < > that tin
thoimht I lie i onpl tie club nnd ho was in
fn I u lizier I inun than the proxious Iloum
Coinml t > e
Mi n Hiirrincton wont fonii of thf od House
urn in lttutt en rot up a run ret for him 1 i lio I i
the In Siiwunrt wliern lie OWIIH iitiiI anti
keel1 his i a i ume Mr Cum ixdo huts lit I iJ7
Hi adouy Hi in Fill I in WIi a row or woof
linuu nnd in nit liLch to lOUIS to ii ant Lu
culls of being < ul o II oh
It I is i not the I loss I 01 t hut t place wi lilt he
caret for still 01 t who tp ike lor him ttsr
day hut tl I P rtiflHLlIon i n Ins iltauicd r bi a
fumnmrydi hirKe No one Imi sty Unit lie
eo tonk 11 coal from thin und Ills uc lints
mire open fur I n umiect lull Ha I is lots ol Irl i n < U
in the lub Inr It I is lit liketi that iutlnt
will bo do n 9 dbiul hilo n 1 h liiri W butt Nlr
Coi i cr WIts aiMiiiiiietl It wus undrKtood thut
i he Oiotil I ittuvu fl1 1 ST tO ind i buiiet ltetmrlr
nil Mr umiMtos friends nro imiuileii und
base tiusines elation m with the ApiirnlsorS
i Hi f
Ill LXttlihvi Comtnitioc of this dub meet on
idnjiln md thrt lib ineoi on Thuriluv
Sluounot I rt of 1 Utsl iftleth ctret Irf
hecretiiry if lie dull
1 in TT ioll I > u prhate matter t tin Cut lid In
retaIl n to their nine lal niRht aid I do
cllno to Il6ctisilt bit nolilni will ic I done to
intirfeie with Mr I u lieu s nilons ut tIle
uceliui Hu will be oiisulned
iuij ftJ1sl1l Hiurn
Victims of the Irnetlrf Illlnr Itnliblnc
In the Autlirai Iteglon
WnKrsi rni Jiiro J 10flirt urn < tioe of
hill I a r ro ldn I In hue I anthracite tot that has
iunol the de ah of uu i rinj men to < Uy
CLIIIO 1 lour more vktims In the Nottingham
colliery of f this ohich and ilkofilaro i mil
oniiui al rvniouth I liuo inoii were kllie 1
on tin riiut and the ouith was totally injuied
The dead nro Iliirltk Ctti hey aued 47 nurrud
with hue ohhlren Ileeco hi yet 27 i situiiu
lilolia 1 WilllanH ii > ogle i Tlie injured 1 mini
is 1 Mattnvtr I Divis I III a tried wl hcetcial thll
ilien He hart licth iou riid one arm broken
and lsnn lit I bo I Ullio1 arreln hpllal The men
hu I bi ° n tout into a onion i of f the I mine I < vht h
la about workeilout to rob rite plllnis that IP to
cut cu al ruIn I thn I nil I tllS foimnily i left ii m nui
port Hit1 r nl llm l piaeilio is i ntuiv being car
ried tim In the nnthraelic mil es until tint uuitti
get cf f Ih loot talllni Ic l Iruiiiliient I ho utmig
cf iiitin VCte at Si oik all tin iiinin us lo senn
tile Ioul hy hlasilni and turn tori i Inc it down
and I adlnu it into earn Al abotii li Ml tiny
II rail u litim liliht and befnre Iltrtini I U do n
Ih Ofial cut donn nok out their I d hiLt pill I
uud bftran tu I i al 1 his y it re In I thw I lit bptt f
tboir I meal I when a muss of lop t rmk and i rul
vr lililiir fully Mn ions foil > n ilium wtiliout
Ihe llitilest uarnliig k Illnu tIlts three In
Miinti and inanuluiK their boJifbin atenlble
I innnucr
U hci B In the Urmilnn HUck IIIUv lilrtlit
On lie afternoon of Jan 20 Uf SiJHnra
Ilirh cixlcrfj < i u arrf > Icl wfiti h ati wife at t belt home
In a teieiluetut tt I 1 lehty fuuriti trei t just west of latch 1
venue iitrth tJ l > fiiUriuk nvfree jr tnd after tIts
quarrr with lilt wf IN i tttiJ to lain Iratfu open a
bores t iJrwi rd d lu S latch llienfr u tt i aud a
fro d 4Uti > 0 nti rtili tit ulelarIst
MOr I j after Hirch hal left tin tutii his WIfe bad an
spoilt oil HP lf suud tiled Butch has n11 ci heard nf
11101 LnJrUktr J 1 Fdwuril 5 ruisrbiuIiu ot t di
hixih aim iue haiti t Ill f it Ioteelhu A Lcuk of Hi
HUrLkei Mrtet havlntri tln IM MII it itt uktt 11 1 0
Iti Did uaint of Mra Hirth 1 inc hurt ami it tntftlnl o
tte UUMH n I t hi 14 fci iiivr i rrttioo it w1 cutQ it
iLtlber sitS mlatrU of the deal 1 wo man
Illeec ker < ox
Miss Annie Cox a daughter of the Ier Dr
fiaaiuel Tux Archdeacon tt IdUttul caunly Was mar
mil to Mr J fleerkerrt ISIs city In I I In arittn tlty
Catiieilra yeiterilav ai noon Die ride I wed a dreM or
whll fal In l I r nale en Ira D with veil il iBfil 1 Itl e
Join aIled bv tie bale t taller perforineil tlie c > r >
mount A icu epluU was I e J al II 4nldraCQn 1 roil
dtiue m liarilrn t Ity after 110 marrikKe
Roilnni Mlmiln Cleiomnn HeloUe by
the IolUe In San Vrunetuco
HovroN Juno 1ONowis comes from Han
Francisco that the llev Charles II Smith
Thoe body was supporod tu bo eomewhero
alone the bottom ot tho Charles Itlvcr had
turned up In that city alive and well and any
thing but ghostlike In appearance Ills dla
uppeaninie last February was the talk ot the
town and the stoiy was fully told In TIIK Sux
at tho time Iho fact that ho ditapi cured on
the night before he was to preach his flrnt ser
mon as pastor ot the Hlcrlm Congroeatlonal
Church of UorcliVblei made the cnso the more
i mBteilous All sorts of ruinor were afloat
I and vboii It was known that ho drew from the
bunk hovnriil huiidr d dollain the day he went
unav It Iud many to believo thill hla IHKht was
proniedltHUd Hut no logical reason could Lie >
irlvuufui his dimappuurauct other tbuu tempo
tIltS iusmtnity
I I hIm vlie Inis never doubted that bn would I
return lo bur Hoi hopes Wore tonllrmed this
> nioiiiltiK upon belnu Inlonned thut hnicnn
tondent bmall uf lie Bohton poll e hud 10
I coheil a loleuraui from Chlel ot Police rowley
I al Sun 1 ram isco thai hv bad in lila detentIon
I 1 tlm mlssim lerciiiinu fhN MIS done lu
answor to Hie circular which had beiu Bent
I nut nil I I uvo I thoiouiitiv I I supuilntcnduut Miiall I
this noon tei > urai > hi > d back to Chief Ciowley to
detain the Itiv Mr Smith until Ins brothercan
roach San I raiielncu and take him lu chare
i Muiuheis nl ihu IlUdentlal Cumiiilttcd Ol ill
crini Clinr h HHV that the church has been
unanimous lu thuconlldence that their poMcr
vioiiltl Ie I vvlili ihoiu aculn No moiontor ban
loin ColiC lulel Oil the I pulpit having been only
tempi rurl y supplied In ettilanation ot the
llov Mr Miiilli B unusual conduct it is Bald
Its had been undur lireat menial strain for u
liiiu I lime lie I I hail buon I tenlbiy 0 5 a tao u kod
HIM for seoial weeks be had boon drawing
heavily on hl rrfic Te nere fono He lost bin
only uli lid u few montlis pievlously and bin
Krtufat this IIIKS was reuenn Ibr iriuncunenla
i to nave tbu body brought tu Loslon fur burial
I A Too Free Le or Dilnk Prompted by a
Lore AITulr U Maid to lie the Cuiiiie
AAinlrlH June 10At tho recent com
mencement eiercises nt the United btates
Naval Academy the entire ultet clans graduated
I with one exception Naval Cadet Oeorgo L
Fermlcr was the unfortunate fellow A too
Ireo indulgence In an nntllemperancn think
I prompted eo tile story coos by a lose affair
lu which an upper classman 1 pcatuo the ac
cepted suitor caiii < od tOo trouble lermlei
who halls from Indiana is popular uniting hU
clasunate who hope Ito miii yet be ablo to
pull tlHonsli In HID menu time he Is confined
lo tho i > rlon lilp h tuteo pending the dlspnal
lion of his c fi9 by tile Secretary
of the Navy Vi butt punishment will bo
inlll led in mon the unfortunate cadet ni
vsliether he will bn allowed to c aiuatea four
veus euurse can onlv bo known alter action
Ins been taken by mretar Iracy oat of
tiho cadets who v ere iielm iiient at the recent
aMiminatloii will have unuthar chance to ro
tnln p aies lu their respective lases lu bep
lOIn iur
the I ruactlop cruise of the naval cadets will
Mart 11 out Thurilay Th Constellation will
go to iardli I I t er K Ilny and Ilium o tollamptin
Itimilf I I Ulhei Itt ROOm ii 111 I bts iis ted lulo o the
fhlp letnnia to blue niudumy iho latter part of
I rimey are Aeieelnc by Hunilredfl to Open
the ISeiei Tittlou
Hoirni Ati NCY Juno 1flTho Indlins
aro Hteadlly siutuihig the Dawcs atcreomont
and the friends of tile movemont to onou the
roervatlun Iii 0 much more hopeful Another
council was lucid I today with tho Indians who
had not signed Speeches wero made by Hol
low Horn Hear i ollnw Hitlr and Iwo Strllte
All iiuoBiionn wvro thoi niclily eplalned by
the ouimlslcineiH After thu cotmnmml Ilnllov
Horn Dear lilid illow Hair eliii ed 1 here Is
now no iliiult Hint more than tin leiiuliel
niiiulixroi hiunaiureE ivil bo obtainpd at this
auenoy Ihoie arouuvv I2i HlgnatkriSRecured
lilLh I I Iliwk I I ami Iwo 1 itriUu are thu only
prominent It I I Ill imili S who have tOt hlcned and
it lepucld i that titer wll Men toilayorto
111 now lint tooling amlitung the lriilitiua Is now
ilmust unanimous lu lavor of the bill
iIIdIVG MIM1 I41M111
Her Mother Is Htlll at ia Lous lo Account
lor her lllemiipexriknce
Thc police have lieen umlilo to llnd anY
chill 10 the whereabouts of biidln Palmer the
I ratty typewritoi wh dlBapocirpil front hoi
refiidencu HJ Dullluld etrott Brooklyn last
FrIday 1 A general ularm with a descriplion
of the mlluc girl has iteen cent out Her
mother is prosrnted by the shock und Is con
ilnui lo her room Miss 1almei WIte working
us 115111 Friday 1 nt the tMewiitint esiHbIili
iiHnl ot Mr < lmnb at liroudwiy and Twenty
nil th drool llrookl > n tIion she led Mrs
amb 1 lIe mid site sits uoliu to the country
forth sum ier Mr iulnn It Paid last nlulit
that she was uniblo tn oplum her daughters
aboonee on am theory
Prepared lo Kill Crlmlnnlii
u RrniNricM 111 Juno 10A llcrnso of
Incorporation was today Issued to the Ameri
can Kxecullnc Company at Chicago to oxo
cute lorsons who are sentenced to death
capllnltuck JJiiJOO Incornorntoi Meohcn
Lnvvson M H i Clear and Jacob A U IfTort
j I I The incorpoiators mite Miiall uealert In coal
at Chicago They claim to be acting In good
fuith None uf the trio has hud experience
i in the piopoed tiutslness heir Idea Ih to COIl
I ploy toiipetuit executioners COIl open com
niunlcaticn with all the bheriffn In the United
btates guaranteeing that there will to I no bun
I gin such us characterized the llkld Knobbers
exoiutlon hhrouds coDln ° Ao will be fur
nlshi t and also anysty aol apparatus hemp
en electrical or whut not
JujInK the Corner Stone mf a ConflRvleriate
rETEKBiiuno Juno l0TIe corner stone of
the monument to be erecieil tu the memor of the Lou
federate deal I In liianJford Cetuetery br tut feterfeburir
Vlemurlal i < clatlun wa > tall tbie afleraouu by Ulkn 1
ford Loll if Matrni Addrexet were delleradb
I layer liar tt Y Collier nni 1ranili 1C Iaolier of this
lily dill player wan ntlered by J 51 Jlutier HuM
firi 0 ti Kvliera I cueJenied aunt there wan a piradfl
0 Iliu ml lUry aul I niu ftilelta Ill tall Huclianaa
ihuih ot iiilederate vitertni of Norfo a look port ta
110 nrile TflI COilS ei uneI un the lucaklonbf tile
ito me il tie curt er iton wet 1151 year old Alter
Ills SI lie hal beta laid a va ule naft hIred liy the K ti
le liattrry uf artillery ant Ills Ietrrburf Ureyt
I items was aa linuiviiie irvwd la aiteniJauce
A Greet Jam of Lg
OTTXTCA Juno 10A trsmendouB jam of ICES
lat formed at the caicadr about eight inllei abeve
fulmouri MItt on ibe Gatlneau It Ii the larceit that
I at ever taken place In that iJiotrfct and ltireaten to
deluve the counirv It mc l eltluiaiel that at one iiolut
his ie I are Coil 1 to a iteoth f chIlly must wedf i and
looked together as tIght se thugS hey tiail teen woven
Into uue ma a It ti ettliuaied that tuert SIS bllwtcn
tiuuM > altO MUu Ion m Its jam
I Cooler Toelny
I The storm that WItS central near Chicago on
I Sunilay hiss pahfeJ raptly nurttieait and disappeared
I moor InuaU Hala wa fal Inr yoterda tu allcblfan
> la i cliiietu luhnaIua XlUilmlppl and Tejaa ao4
lIght showers reuerally hi all lbs central PlaIts
lie high ireinre area hal remained alailunary on
the SaUl Atlantic CcItt cauilny tie eitreroely arm
a a her In tee pall loOay I however Uil area will
be ovinoiuc by a 11005 cxtenrlve one tl at U moving
eastward Item the Kocky Mountain reslon vfeere the
tltrniouetir rxlslered only us yeaieidty ThIs will
drive on tit great 0 pre sor bumlillty wbioa ttoel
at m tar i cent here llie greater part of yesterday
ooler fair weather tuday and Wednrilay
Tie llertnrnneter at tarry 1 s pbarmai y ID Tee r
bulillm recorded llie leiu erature ai follows 8 A XI
71 BAV74 HA M ha U It M S 30 f M
Srusl I I U f > 3 8 r M 77 12mllnl llt 76 Aver
aye 7 ttl4 e Average Jut 10 IhMMUM
roBicut mi PIP > rnieir
lorUalne New llampsliire Vermont Musichuiitu
ilitweri slightly cooler winds UecuinlDr westerly
for III ode Island Connecticut Mtlern vrw fork
railnn runiytvanla SIC Arw Jtrtty fair sitg5it
Ctorr willS brrcDiiif IieSIerlIt T
Por the Plurlet nr Columnla f < aware Marylttni
Tlrf na and North tarollna lair followed by showeri
Tue lay afiernoia slljrttly coo er exreri stationary
lemi emigre on tie roast southwesterly winds
Kr a tii Vlrklnla Hrsleru IChiIiiivllia I western
Sew YIT and IOu lIght rain cooler followed In west
I rut orl i n CI < thIn by itgbly wsrutr wind tccoD
I itlg sOsthi isitriy
70000 tX KirAitit orn A SQVAHK
Little Progress Xlnde nnil the Town as
llennlnte as IlrerAliont Fifty Ho4len
HeeekTereri Yesterday ftlnny of them In I
the Viecknce ut Ibe Irffte1R41 lost
lea Received at the MorKlien thus fnr
The Ilrendea IlBtdetntc mimes NotletAi
penterl Althotiich the teem in Ileeklnc
wllli Vile Odor Tlin I mtirlat Iron Corn
posy HlnrlH Vp 111 filrnneen for the
Fliat IIme Slave Ibe Tluod Occurred
JoitXHTonx Juno 10Ono < lny Is very
like another In JolmMonn now Ton thou
unnd Inbnrers vnarui oxer a iiiare mile of
ruin Tho air Is henv > with the smote of n
hundred bonfires upon which they heap tho
hubris Tb white ranipn of the rolillom are
icattorod about ai theneb tlny were taking
poi e3Blon of a town abandoned and burned
I at the ovenlnc npiiroiich The railroad tracks
ate crowded with construction and e up ply
I tralnn bolnc shifted about by tiny locomotive
I Drnamllo booms treciur < ntl > clnnn by the
I bridge With It all there N no apparent pro
grad Th town IH ai dosolalo flu over A
I stranger would almost swear that no hand had
I touched It since that of tho flood oruMiod tt
together like n lot of etc shell Tho tank of
muklne It site ucalu habitable ft ono that tile
most conlblent mlkiit easily consIder hopeless
and that undoubted would bo tinu tlcully lin
popsi Lute had not the State Ste PItch In i nnd I
undertaken the vrntk It la nrottj vroll settled
br this time that the Plato will confine its VKH
to the clearlnu up of the ruiii and hit tiHm a
tlon of the Mrnanis ton infe and puro youth
I ion The m > nilfo b Pt unto cluiriti fin the HUP
port of tho ptiDplo until t hot can sit hithirl I ii tin
sehen Is l therefore a1 uritont as over rile
only dependence of thn mirvlvoii In for tim
present upon the relict tlmt they reecho from
day to day from other lust Lit of the t enu OIl to
Twentytour hours stopptlgo of oupplloH would
mean hunger for thruouuTriers of tilt OUtS lv
log Inhabitant
H Is probable that tim oxpcnOB Incurred In
the recovery of bodies anti tb clearltBitn lyot
dulirls up to tomorrow night clll bo paid out
I of the funds contributed for tbo lollof ot tbo
I MilTiror Aednod mornlni the State tike
I hold anti after til at itt I LOntributid mcmoy on
hand and to come In will bo for thn tuOplo
themselves Imiortant chanues In thu order
of thine hero will then KO into iirort llio 1
town will be even inoro complotcilj than at
present under martial law The rollol sup
rues will bi hind oj by tbo copiml sniy ilo
partment and tho laborem will bo directly
tinder the cliarf of Ito mi Itary nutborltie
I It la already announced that uaio4 aflor that
I date will be I15U per day ItiRtonil of yii her i lilLy
and ration which K i now toiltig pud Ibis
will maku troiiblo ninoui tilt hiiorcrp and it
IH doubtlul if tIlt mnorlty of them will slas for
that They nro all afrnid ol u pcstnemo uud
dKsatlslluil with rtitloua and iiuartors
llie boJIei of victim of tlio Hood continue to
be found in laico numbnrq Tndny thIs work
men on the big rait ibm o t ho brliln licj into gut
back toward the comrH oft lint mi s of vvrcckiico
nnd as was etpo tcd dl ° cooii > d many odlin I
rifteii or twentj In alt vv < < rn ikin from tho
raft todru nnd they vven1 oven innro iiumir
I ills in Stouy Creek illlam VII1I tins n IIK
cer and tliipbulluor of lutk lOiinlv vho
came here to help in removIng thn inljn
found nine bodies in thin stream within n fh it
I time They were nKotound Hiattcrod In tin 5
debris In oIlier pi icis abmit tho tltv rid the
total for the diy was about hit
A space about lOu fcv t wil lu by 310 lorn 1 ifl
now been luurod In tlm raft nbove tluI tildu
and nil anon 11th th cdcs II 0 tier tI lull ID 1
twltlncensluvs t I two II it It U red and fllt > l iiiinls
of d > nainito were bet uiT him one tliiir o toili
with toiriflc clTOt in toiiinu to ilects i tim
I surface of the raft A now device that 101111
work this looming was a hoiitlnu engine 1
cutod upon a Hat car on the briiUo from vhich
lone ropes wore run ti > tim bUuc t loc In lit
rift and those were torn out un drac cd into
the open water great mtisot Oh otlii r dibr1
often boini looaonu 1 at thu s imu tlnii1
I The dreaded opidnmic ban not jot ntipxarod
I but under a blazing hrt mn the town lilts
faIrly reeked with the vile dors made even
more Inaufleribn bs tlo ntjoiico of ulirtco
Hanltary roaiilaionn tiro being onforcecl an
strictly as imsslblo in n iiita vUiiru < erj 1011
venlon and many of tim net amities of health
ful life tire absolutely larking
1 he Kinbria Iron Company has ordered iwo
million feet of lunn I or with which to build
home for Iholi I I i workmen IloMdes I this I they
I expect to consume In some wuj nil tIll luinbor
thai an bo iTiduceil I h nHinllls i I In I 1 iiis lu rt
I nf 1onnrtvlMinln JIm live llnd of iilav t lu
bite ruins was a rabbit very hungry and very
thirst but lively
flhlfC 1 ft iiit MTF Olt
I The Cnmhrla Iiou U oil mil Oilier fn
ductile stiiillnc C1
JOIIhlTOWN Jlllio 1 Il Jli fllnlilill I Iiou I
j Company to day HI irti d up its fiirnarob fur tIm
llrst limn iliicu Ito lloo 1 Ihe fiirnxctn wore
little Injured I by tho t Hood Most of Iho t ret t of m
the works nr still llllod with d bin rind VJIIIP
of the buildings will hiuo to be torn down und
rebuilt JhoukHiids of men uro al work get
ting the other departments in Mrder as asi Its <
possible All pophlbm dpetd IH bctnc tiseti ii
getting the works eolnu not utlty In ordei to
I ro > Ida employment for the ioope heie I ut
alsi to ireent the shutting down of other
l large munufnclorioi In the Last wlilch urn
> dependent upon the Cambria works foi tIbet
I i supply ol ruvr material Ono reason for ills
I I extraordlnur hnete of the lotm yhauti 1 Itall
road lu getting this tart of Its lond 0100 IK the
necessity for fuiulihlna transportation foi
I these work contracts repreitentlni millions of
dollars tulun imoUcd in the promt t delusory
of the stud and iron they iniuln in
naive it Cofc large brick kline und cement
works alone tho bunk of the river oiiiislt tin
Cambria works will tart up tomorrow Ihuy
wore on high ground and nero unlnjuicd by
the flood but hn > e been suspendod ever since
because all ibis workmen wore either drowned
or put out of condition for work by the Hood
Oen H tlncfc tian personally urged all eni
plcyora In Iho city to eel their works going as
soon an possible In order lo make the people
us nearly as may be telfnupporllnv
the 1ennsyhania Hatlroad reopened lbs
oOlciB In Us station this afternoon The build
IDC has been used sInce the flood as a more1
and supply station The bodies now found fn
that part of the city are taken to the ccliool
lioufi whIch was the only building left stand
icu near the gorge The telegraph oRlc ilius
also moeJ from Its tenbyUfteenfoot coal
shed ut this south end of the bridge to mnr
permftiient quart ns In the Cambria Iron Com
jmnrn ode near the railroad etallon The
rolllnic of the office IB smashed sad covered
with queer white spots upon k muddy back
ground The decks in the office mill went sail
lag to the celllnc when Ito flood came nnd
imnBhrd th planter Plctuiea were floated nu
against thb cclllne and being held fast thoru
kpt the plutur under them white Tho biii I
ins wan a very substantial one ol brick and
wan sheltered by lie Wood Morrell A Co IH
etal Btoie which wad partially destroyed but
which trots the force of the Current
Fifty axemen from Oreeneburu were amonu
the arrhalu today Heveral bundreJ laborer
and a good many carpenters anti other urtUiMm
also arrived during the day and ware tot to
Tti Stat Board ot Health today issued A
circular following its proclamation of tester
day 1 whIch ilis f4QplS ar ftcala tola that

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