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H rg"u'TH ..:.... ... ... THE SUN, MONDAY. DECEMBER, lew.
H I gttn rzrxr.nnax ooaaxataa ro&xatt
9 Jprtrttnt nrrlons Uenttt Rot to t
99l Delivered Wnttl Tneeday-Beeel Nat Bat.
99l , lane with III Blender Majority in tha
9J Caneoe A. Poealble Belt of the Nomina
H tloa for Chaplain la Favor or the llllntt
99E JTreaeher The JPreeldent Illnnttr Telia
99jJ ajeaatorBaernaaa that Ohio Cannot Have
99jJ the Taeaat Bopi-eme C'enrt tlndareahlp.
H WABniKOTOV, Doo. 1. The Fifty-first Con-
ffteee will nBsombla nt noon to-morrow with a
Hj proipeot of accompllshlnc an orderly and un-
B eventfal orsanlrntlon. In vlow, howovor, of
9j9J ho neoofisttry consumption of practlcnlly nn
9j9J , entire day In tbo organization of tho new
99j i Home of IterrosentattTes, tbo President's an-
H Baal mestnge will not be sent to Congress until
H Tuosday. Tho annual report of tbo Becretarr
H ef tho Treasury will bo transmitted at noon on
H VfednoBdny.
99jl i Tho comlnccCotiBress will have broueht to iU
Hj jattontlon for notion a nnmbor of matters upon
H trhlch the publlo has booome well Informed by
m Reason of proTlous discussion. Amonuthom
H pro tho Dlnlr Educational bill ; tho bills to for-
Hj felt land sronts, Eeneral and special : to declare
H frosts unlawful: tho Dependent Tension bill
H Jio bills to repeal tho civil service and oloo-
Hj tnargarlno tax laws, and various moasuroi
H gelatins to tho tariff, Internal revenue, and
H taenoral flnanolal systems.
H Thore will also bo prosontod to the Bonato
H-j tha results of tho Investigations made during
H tho rocess by the sovorol commlttoes upon
1 tho dressed beof business, the eubjeot of
jlrriantine arid lands, tho rotation of Canadian
tallroads to tho Intor-Btato Commerce law, and
tho commercial relations existing between the
United States and Canada. Including tho
loskon seal fisheries.
B The eilvor question will speedily cme up in
H some shape. Senator Stewart's rosolutton. ln-
H troducod last session, doclorlns It to bo tho
H eonso of that body that the Booretary of tho
B Treasury should purchase tho full limit of sil-
ter bullion for colnaco flxod by tho law
fM.000,000 monthly will bo pressed tor adop-
aaaaf 4fnn.
The trlporlte treaty with Great Britain and
HI Clormany respecting tho control and direction
9 of affairs In Bamoa is the principal toplo to be
discussed under tho head of foreign affairs.
IHko ore, howovor.'thoflsherlos and seal quos
tlonB which woro up for consideration last ses
sion, and are likely to appear again; also the
jproposod pouemo to promoto commercial
union with Canada with a view to Its ultimata
bbbbj Annoxatlon ; tho settlement of tho Mexican and
9H Alaskan borders by the appointment of Com-
9b missions or by troaty: and tho declaration of
9 the sense of tho United btates with reBpeot to
9E Jforolsn control of lnterocoanio canals on the
91 .Amorlcrin contlnont.
91 Tho general oxpoctntlon Is, and precedents
8 HI CO to confirm it, Hint vary little business will
aV C complotod beforo tbo holidays. A good part
of tho time of tbo bonato tho coming week and
mmE up to tho Christmas recess will bo consumed
II In eiooutho soBSlon. discussing ami disposing
9fl of tho long list of rooess nominations that tbe
I l'rosidonthas to sond in for conllrmation or
9jl rejection.
9f Unllko tbe Sennto, the House of Roprosenta-
J tivos of tho Fltty-llrst Congrois will rrosont a
B deoldod ohango in political comnloxlon uscom-
I pared with its predecessor. Bosluos thoaddl-
tlon of IKo lloiiroBontatlvoB from the now
H Statosto tho roll. extonsiechangos liavo re-
M eultud from tho Inst elections, so that of tho
fS total of HJU membors. only lU'J occupied seats
I ' In tho last CongrohS. nnd the Semocratio ma-
j ; jorltyof twehe In tho Fiftieth Congross has
Wt boon replaced by n Itopublicnn majority of
j eight, nv shown by tho unofllclnl list prepared
Ell by the Clerk. At noon to-morrow (ion. Llurk,
( tho Clerk, of tho last House, who holds oer
( until his succossor is unpointed, will call th
I U i raombers olect to order. Tho roll of mom-
I 9(f bera. as prepared by him, will then be
WuH called to demonstrnto tbo preonco if a
911 nuorum, and tho House will Immediately
Man proceed to oloct Mr. Heed of Maluohi eaker.
Hil ThoonthofolUce will bo udmlnlstoi oil to him
It by Juilgo Kolloy or lVnnsyUaula, tho member
III iTliohas tho longest rocordot continuous sor
h. vlco. 'Ibollrst duty of tho now bpoaker will bo
I! I to summon the members of tho Uouso to ny-
If roar beforo the bar and iualily. There ban
Hi been talk of opposition to tho quallllcntion of
Hit certain HoprosentatHns whoso scnts will be
II contnsted. but It Is thought unllkoty that thero
If will bo any serious delay in tho organization.
M Tho remainder of tho elective tinkers of tho
jt now House n 111 no chosen, nnd then will follow
I' the biennial tiiuwlng for seats uith itsnttenti
) nut diverting seems, which will consume tho
is romnlmlor of the llrst tlnv a session.
b It bus bon customary for each nowly organ-
rizod.llouso of lU'prosuniathon to ndoiit the
, rules ot tliu preceding HoiiBe, but in Boino in-
t stances tills adoption has boon for n limited
i period only. In viewof iiroooKed modlllmtlons
1 of tho rules, It is prnlinblo that tho old rules
'r thlstlmo bo nccopted only for a week or
ton days, thus gMng the Committee on ltules
'-" an opportunity to formulntoanoweode. It Is
H not likely. howoer. tlint the now code will be
j Tory radn ally dliToront Horn tho old
, one, so far as restrlotlng tho power
fj of tho minority is concerned for any
j , nttoiuiit to materially ioterforo with what the
H minority, through long usage, has come to
m , look upon n Its rights, would bo stubbornly
j resisted by the liemocrats. nnd there aro a
, low Itopubllcana who nro equally tennclous of
i their Individual rights under the present prac
tice liut Bomo modulations will undoubtedly
, bo attempted, In order to prment a small ml-
, uoritylfor Instance, ono-llfth of tho memberj
, prosent, who may now compel tha roll to be
s cnllod nd libitum upon illibustorlng motions)
Irom coutrolllna n very largo mrjonlty.
Tho Commltteo- on Hides. Milongo, Unrolled
1 Sills, ami Accounts will necessarily be an-
colntod this week ; but of lata yoars the nruc-
tico has been to dofor tho appointment of tho
remaining committees until utter tho holiday
. rocess. so that no loglslntho buinoBSls likoly
J to bo transacted beforo tho now yo.ir. Mean-
i jvhile. following numorous precedents, the
j! Uouso will probably permit tho introduction
of bills for printing nnd reference to oppropri-
j nto commlttoos. when appointed, and of these
- ollls nnd resolutions, now and old. thero area
I Tost numker now ready for Introduction.
t Tho nomination of a successor to Stanley
J- Mathows will bo ono of the first sent to tho
If Benato. For a wookex-Btato Senator Wolcott
f, ond other lawyers from tho western roservo
F counties of Ohio havo been In Washington with
endorsomonts for the appointment of Gen. T.
i JV. Bandorson to tho vacancy on the hupiemo
i, bench, bauderson Is a faraouB lawyer of
W Xoungstown and legal advisor of Chnuncoy
J Andrews, whoso daughter married young John
A. Logan, bandorson has neer been ldontl-
j Hod with politics, mho ns a voter, but lias an
ft , excollont soldier record. II. 11. Ilues. Heuntor
r Uhorman antl Congreshmaii MoKluioy strongly
7 urged his appolntmont. but on Saturday hena-
f' torBhprmun was ery bluntly told by Prebi-
y dent Harrison:
j lJIi1 nlll orryto tell you that the appointment
Wll not go to Ohio. Gen. bandorson nnd all
othor applicants from Hint Mate may ns well
f Jmowitnownndsnvelthenisolvos further trou-
olo. Ohio ought to be contented, bhohnshnd
Xourroproscntuthos. and practically to on tbo
f buprome JJench in tbo last tuenty-llvo j cars.
r Chaso and Malta woro Chlof Justices nppoint-
f ed from Ohio. Hwnyno and Mathows woro As-
f f,90lK,to JustlcoH, whllo Judgo Mllinm It.
I , JVoods. although nppolntoit, from the bouth,
$ loft Ohio before tho wur nnd considered Isow-
h urk. Ohio. Ilia homo."
. , The roport ot thlB Intorvlow us glion by
& , Ponntor Bberman to Wolcott nnd othors or tho
I? Ohio oavalry. which Is always hero, croated
K Indignation, nnd mnny Influential Ohio poll-
itclnns. cnthorod horo to holp SIcKlnloy nud
( " BeoCongiOba open, doclnrn openly Hint llar-
t risonwlll nover got n delegation from Ohio.
t Senator Sherman told Wolcott that, from whut
J the l'residunt said. Alfred ltussoll of Dolrolt
K l Would be appointod, ns tho President realizes
'I tbntho bus not renumbered Jlichicnn. .Mr.
,. JtussollliBB tho endorsement of bonutors Mc-
Mlllau nnd Htookbrldco. of otery UlchUua
t ; Congressman, and of don. Algor,
Is It Is posslblo that tho organlyatlon of the
ric Douse will not bo oIToctod to-morrott without n
ifL contest o or tho olectlon of ono of tho men
g nominated jestorday. Thofaotbascomoout to-
B u lay thut in tho ItepubllcancaucuB thero was nn
'B ..arnPl.t Protest mado uuntnat choosing tbo
i t Chaplain, on account of Ids political beliefs.
!. ABPoeehwasnuide.orublt'h nothing has jot
'ffi ( beou Bald, and tthich whs the unly j torcbtlnc
'B or amusing featuro uf thuotlietwl-o tamo and
. if Bolomn caucus. lteniosi'nlatle Allen of Jllclil-
ft f- Kan, ono of tho most i.nlleni of liepubllcnns,
ffi l nnd who Is now boh lug n second term, wns
E, 7 the Bponkor. mid ho laudo an euiuont nl.u
H S lnfaorof,thoronomltiiition of Mr. Millburn.
K i Jhe b lud Cbupliiln. Mr. , Allen Is mi
' fc Intensely rollgiouH mnn, nu elder In tho 1'res-
K R, byteriau Church, ami superlntenilont of tho
K Runduy school in tho town In which ho resides.
B He protested. In tho nnmo of common hi iiso,
V" ogalntt mixing up politics nnd lellgion whon
Wi i tliera is no necessity of doing fo. Ho said that
K; e Tarson Millburn hnd made a good chaplain.
H It JUIs prayers woro lgorous. brief, and, no
If tloubt, oiToctho. Ho had noor Introduced tho
f ft. Question ur fioo trailo or penMims into Ids
t k ruors, and as ho mis a man who had lost the
Kr " total uso of both oyes, ho. for one tould sue no
Kj ' JUBtico In doj.rUJn-: him or the snluri bclon--
m v lrB to bis holy ofilco Allen I-. n iiiiili Willi a i
K ' great doul o uIoi.iikiico nnd . Inrgu luml of
Hr BOodnaturo iiml lend) wit. Hecronlod genu-
a. , J i-o amubomeiit when ho relcrietl to tho fact
W. that It wns iMnalblo unit altogether probable
1 that o few. nomiieinta might got Into heaven.
' and that Mr. Millburn should hmo tho prlvl-
j, lege of praying for them also. Tbe Itopubllcana,
';, Air. Allen sulci, aid not hnve a monopoly
& f
n 1
n the nllctoui banners, and In view ot
the fact that there are nearly aa many Hamo
erata aa llepublleans In the newlllonso, ha
f bought that it would only be doing tha fair
thing to lot the Demooratlo minister eontlnue
to prar. Allen begged bis fellow mombers to
mako no nomination, but to let tho mnttor be
decided In the IIouo on Monday, making tbe
contort (roe to all comom. Tho momberA woro
entortnlned nna Interested bvtho spoe cb, but
they did not soo its Ingle, nnd Insisted on nomi
nating a man for Chaplain.
l'nvson of Illinois, Irom which State Mr.
Millburn hnlls, also took nn nctlvo part In bo
na!! of the blind minister. Whon the roll wns
being called n large number of members who
ngrood with Messrs. Allon nnd Pnyson rofused
to vote, nnd loft tho hall. They will oto to
morrow for Mr. Millburn. nnd It looks to-night
somewhat ns though tho popular old mnn
would win. dospite tbo caucus. His weakest
point Is the character which William It. Morri
son gave him whon ho wns urging his nomi
nation to the Domocrntlo cnucus four years
nco. When nkod to name tbe ttunllllcntlons
of hlscandldnte, Mr. Morrison mado this char
acteristic reply: "Hols an honest mnn, fears
Uod, and votes the Domocrntlo tlckot."
Representative Wnllaco of Brooklyn Is mak
ing an active canvass for the appolntmont of
William II. Darker ns Journal Clerk of tho
House. Itls tho gonoral opinion that the Jour
nal Clork, Harry 1L Bmltb, who servod oftl
olontly for several yoars, and who wns romoved
by tbo Democrats two years ago. will bn ro
anpolnted. Voryfowof the New York delega
tion aro backing Mr. Darker. It Is Bald by
some of thorn that Darkor wns working lor the
nomination of Major Carson, but wlmn It wns
learned that Mol'horson would bo chosen ho
went over to tho aide of tho wlnnor.
Although the caucus of yesterday was a very
good-nnturod one lttleft its wounds bohlnd It
It ie snld that Mr. Deed doos not fcol greatly
flattered by tho small margin by which ho was
nominated on tho soeond bnllot, and that he Is
Inclined to think that hu was. alter nil, troatod
rntbor shabbily. A gontleman who talkod w 1th
Mr. Hood to-duy, nnd who was very friondly to
him, although compelled to voto with his dele
gation for nuothor man. says that Mr. Hood is
not by any moans in a good-naturod mood;
that ho thinks ho should havo hnd a larger ma
jority, and that he will romonibor hlsenomlos
as well as bis frlonds when making up tho
oommlttees. ltend Is Bald to have romarkod
quite sarcastically to-day that he hoped Can
non, nondorson, and Burrows wero now con
vinced that they woro not onndldatos at nny
tlmo In the contest, except In tholr own imagi
nations. Iteed thinks theso mon should hne
supported him jestorday inntoad ot mak
ing beliovo that they weio candidates
themsolvos. In view or this stato
of mind of tbe now Speaker It is
not at all cortalu that Cannon will be Chair
man of tho Commtttoe on Appropriations or
thnt Uurrows nnd Honderson will got anything
moro than would have been glvon them had
they not been so-called candidates. ltb Mc
Klnloy tho case is dlflorent. Ho wns tbo favor
ite of a largo numbor of members, and con
ducted n fair, open cnnns3 in perrect good
faith. Thero is little doubt thnt ho will get tho
Chairmanship of tho Commlttooon Snysnnd
Means. Home of Hood's best irlouds say that
ho will not be apt to go further than this In tho
direction of recognizing his opponents. He
will, ot courso, not ontlrely Ignore tho men
who workod and voted against him. but he will
orgnnlro tho committoos chlolly from among
tho list ot his frlonds.
One ot tho echoes of yestorday's caucus
son os to show tho gravo and wolghty consid
erations that move men when they are dicker
ing for political place. The Southorn mombors
several months ago began tho campaign In tho
Interest of Adnms of Maryland, who was tho
successful candldato yostordny tor doorkeeper.
Hooral times during tho past two weeks it
lookod as though Adams would bo beaten
through tho Inability of tho Southern mom
bers to stick together. They wore reported nt
dlfToront times as being about to support
onch of tho llvo candidates for tbe Speaker
ship. Tlnally nearly nil of them otod
for tho winner, showing thnt thoy had
only boon waiting to see which wny tho out
was to jump. McComns was ablo to pull
Adams through by a scratch. hnWng secured
theofllclont alio! L C. Houk of lonnessoe,
ono of tho oldest membors in tho sorvlco nnd
ono who had bcon promlnontlf montioned as
tho possible Uncakorshlp candldato of the
Southorn mombers It is now reported thnt
Mr. Houk demanded of Mr. Adnms. ns the prlco
or his support, tho appolntmont ot his son as
assistant doorkoeper. Adams Is beingoornm
wltli applications, and, liko oery other man
who oer hold this thankless placo, be is al
ready beginning tow lh he had uoor beon
larquharof Buffalo, to whose single oto tho
nomination of Adams was duo, is u vory un
happy man. Ho explains his action of jestor
day In lea tng his dolegntlon by saying that ho
promised last spring to voto for Adams, nnd
lorgot all about tho promise until yostordny.
whon romindod of It on tho iloor of tbo House.
Ho disliked to loavo hu delegation alter all he
hnd said on the subject of tho unit rule when
Heed's nomination was an open quostlon. but
felt that ho was in honor bound to mako good
his promise. It was a costly break for tho Now
ork delegation. Jarquhar's Mite cost thotn
lust about $1'MXK) worth of patronage. Tho
delegntlon had voted solidly all day, and had
docldodlto stick togothor on tho doorkeoporshlp.
Thoy stuck together all right, but, owing to
Farquhar's action, thoy votod for the wrong
Blcaaaree Recommended lor Snppresslnc
the TraOlo In Africa,
Brussels, Dec. 1 Tho Anti-Slavery Con
ference yostordny adopted resolutions In favor
of tho ostabllshmont by btates possessing
African territory of stntlons with local mili
tary forces for tho suppression of slacry, tho
Inland stations to be connected with the coast
ii rullwaisand bystoamersnnthogroot lnkos;
also for the prohibition of t ratio in firearms In
the slave districts, tno suppression of canni
balism nnd human sncrlllocs. und tbe protec
tion of commene and missions.
Hfanley'a Alnrcb Nearly Over.
Caiho, Doc. 1. A despatch from Zanzibar
says that Honry M. Stanley is expeoted to roach
Dagomoyo on Wednesday noxt.
A Zanzibar despatch to tho London Herald
says: "Henry M. btnnley, writing from Wlkossl
under date of Nov. 2G. says that his party are
nil well nnd enjoying tho luiurioB sent by
Major Wlssmaiin. Htatiley complained that
Ids malls hnd been lost or stolen, Out In a post
script dated Nov. 'J7 ho announces thnt lie ro
celed tho Consul's letters, and oiorybody
rejoiced to hoar that tho Queen Is still reign
ing He wants newspapers to learn the eents
of the pnst threo vonrH Ho expects tonrrhe
at liagamojo nn Wednesday next, and Zanzi
bar on 'lbursdnv."
Collision In the BIrraer,
LrvEnroor,, Doc. 1.- Tho British stonmer
Iowa, Cnpt Ow one. bound honeo for Boston,
with freight and passengers, collided In tho
Mersey last opening witli tho cotton-ladun
steamer I.lgurlan. from Aloxnndrin, nnd nlo
with tbo bpinlsh stonnier Munin. 'Jho'I.I
curlan was abandoned, but lier cargo of cotton
kept her nlloar, and slio wni Mibgetiuoutly
beachod. Tho Iowa nnd tho Muulu wero
Itiillun Flmilicc.
Romk, Dec. 1. In tho Chnmbor of Deputies
the Minister of Hnaine iirtDenili ir Hie mateincnt ou
tlie budiet, talil ho exnectcil lie llnancUl loiillonof
Hie Government wojIJ he much Iranrovefl nurlnirlhe
cnmlncyear It ellmutetl thai llie ilt-tl hfuri"l
Ihhi ioull to .1 !) " u lire H wai uerei.arr to uik
n eitr credit of 4UU1J.CU0 lire for ralluy untile,
Kuaala Ilnean't Wont Gcrrann Hcttlera.
St. PrrcitsMtno. Dec. 1. Tho Mlnlslor of tho
Interior la ureparlnx a cheme to check tho lncrealng
Imnibrrailon lino l.n-.ia, opulaH) of Hermann
II If declared In nltlrlul tiuarlera that Auarlaa con
aent to the quotation ( tlio iiuicartan lonn wouM i,a
tantamount in recognition of t'rliae crillnanu. antl
ralsht antall datigsroui coukeiiuencea
Thu ticimtitt ftllnlater Coming.
Ilcm.iN. Doe. l.-Count Arco-Volley, tho Gor
roau Mlnl.ter to the balled Mater, dined to-day with
Mr I'helna, the United Matea Mlnllltr here fount
rco-rley afierwuril atuneii forlHiiion lie will to
aiafcsenner on iha ateannhli I rave wii.oh will aull
irouihouthuini'toiion bee ..for New Vork.
Predicting it t'holcrn JRpadriulr.
St. PuTrnhnuwi. Doc. 1. Prof. Zdekanor. one
of the leading Kl.mI.-iii medical aulhorltles dectaree hie
hellef il at the Inhuenrn now prevalent hero Uthe fore
tinner of cholera. --Inillar lKn ha aaja, jincedod
the lait live ohulera oildeiutci here
An Imprrlul tVelroina for Horn Pedro,
Ijsnov. Dec. 1. The Portuguese Govern
ment will (li e an imperial elctnne to Pom I"etlro the
depoied ruler of liraill The Mnir will Iril.t that the
ex I inperor taLo up lili reeidence in one or the royal
JIls Fire In Wale.
Lonpon. Dec. .-The Cambrian flannel fac
tory at bianldloea Walaa.hai teen deitroyed or tlra
Tha Iota it immu l.loharn thamberlala u Cbalrmaa
of the company operatttiK the factory
A New rrrlzlit I.lne.
llriit tv Dec. l.-Tho Noith (ioiman I.lnyd
Btramlilii iiiiiiiii) ir iiaiuna r.lifliu riietielc u
llieinrii and New nrltlu art h rietl J.ljhl ateamera
wlli be p aced on the new line
The Allnera' JLockout In Ocrnaar,
Bkblik. Deo. 1, Three thousand coal miners
orKaienat a ueetio2 I'Kday appointed a commute to
aeek to remove tha lockout if alnat the aillaiora con.
atcua wliu the r.ctBWtrU. '""" ' cob
nmr cobilt nnvax
Beaie of the Expensive Medletnea or the
Stoittra Flinrraaeopasta,
Somo medicines nro vory cxpenBlvo. At ft
rocent exhibition of tho American Publlo
Health Association In Brooklyn one manufac
turing chemist. E. Merck, oxhlbttod n oase ot
bottles nbout cnongh to fill an ordinary barrel,
tho total valuo ot which was over 130.000. The
most costly drug In tho case was labollod
" Hom-atroplne hydrobromato, oryst" It was
all In ono bottlo, oontnlnlng six pounds, nnd
wns valued at 12.C00, or at the rate of $2,100 a
pound. This drug Is an alkaloid, artificially
prepared from atropine. Its oflects aro similar
to those ot atropine, but not bo lasting. It Is a
preparation of belladona and Is chiefly UBod
In treatment of tho eyes, nnd always In mlnuto
quantities. It expands tbo pupil ot tho eye.
This aubstanco Is n striking Illustration ot
tho application of chemistry to woll-known
medicines. Tho physician docs not deal so
muoh with substances' In their crude form as
with tho nulutessoncos or active principles.
By this means all suporflous mnttor Is romood
nnd only thnt part which Is noodod to bo used
In tho healing nrt Is given to tho patient
Thus, not only havo tho roots, herbs, flowers,
seods, barks, juices, ores, and earths of anclont
medicine bcon forced to give up tholr essential
rind actlvo pnrts to tho retort or cruolble of tho
chemist nnd torcappoar freod Irom dross or
Inert mnttor, roducod in quantity, but vastly
magnified In Inlonslty ot action, but en
tirely now combinations ot olcmontB hao
boon dolfcd by cbomlcnl sclunco nnd
f oi mod by chemical art; and wholly
now and previously unthrrught of modos of
action In tha human organism havo beon
achieved by somo of these now formntlons. As
tbo nonllng art has bacomo specialized, and
no ono physlelnn claims tobenbleto treat all
nllmunts, ho tbo use of spoclnl drugs for t-peclnl
treatmont has Ijocomo nucussaiy, ho that it Is
dinictilt to Ilnd oion a druggist who is familiar
with evory ono of tliedrugn now in tho mni
kot. Tho United States Phnrmaeopii la is a
hugo book with the contents of which btttfow
nro thoroughly familiar, iet to got n list of
drugs In uctual uso it will bo necessary to
etudy alo tho Gorman Pharmacoptj la nnd tho
lirlttsh Plinrmnconir in. In tint rtYhlblllnti re
ferred to ono house Bhowed Hill nrtlclosonly
out of 0,001) produeod In tho laboratories
Among tho oxponslvo drugs Is ncoultlne alka
loid, au amorphous iiowder from aconltum na
fellus, produced from monkshood or wollsbnne.
t Is usod in lobrllo dlsentes nnd nouralgla. A
bottle of this containing nbout threo pounds Is
valued ut $48'J.fiU. A bottlo of nnomoniu con
taining St ouncos, nbout tho slzo or a pony of
beer, is valtiod at ll'Jl.45. There nro thirteen
dllloront preparations of cailolnn in small bot
tlos at from till to 2H a bottle. This uiodiclno
has lately been applied successfully In Bright'
dlseaso. A email bottloof chelldonlno alkaloid
containing threo ouncos. lundo from tottor
wort, used in skin dlsonses nnd scrofula nnd
dropsy. Is valuod at si. Cocalno.whteh has the
powi'r when npollod to nny part or tbe body to
render that part insensible to pain or touch
during a short time. Is rather an oxpenslve i
drug.AbottlocontalnlngaboutfourpoundBWaa I
valued atJlliO. A bottlo of cnntharldln cryB
tuls, tho old-timo blister In a new form, was
valtiod at $143. Codclno phosphate Is nt repa
ration of mornhlno used to produce eloop A
flftoon-ouneo bottlo of It wns valttod at t!3 j.
A llvo-ounce bottlo of cotoln. cnllod " truo
cotoln." costs nbout $70 nnounco. DigitallnQci
malno. a powder usod to decreaso the action of
tho heart, costs about $7 a pound. J Intcrln
cryBtnls nrenorcd from tho bouth American
Indian nrrnw. n poison uod ns n modiclno in
lockjaw nnd hydrophobia, costs $45 an ounce.
An ounce of Hyosciue hydrobromnto crys
taN conts $1, ICC.no, and OS ounces of hyoscya
mlne alkaloid costs $1,400. '1 heso aro prepai
ntionoor henbann nnd nro considered excel
lent hypnotics. Thoy nro similar in gonornl
ollocttontroplno. but not followed by Buch
dangerous u)iuptoms.
Among the othei costly drugB In this collec
tion wore nngarleln. 4S ouncos, $43.70: colo
cinthln. 5. ouncos, $114.75: eonllnn hydro
chlornte. 41. ounces, t'is.43: cyolnmln. .!
onneos J'i404: dlgltoxln. 1. ounces. $H7.10:
gontisln. l't ounces. $)1.15; liollotropln, (t
ounces, r,i'j5: hytlruMIno lidn chlorate, CS
ounces 'J4.W(l: jinnnvorliie nlknlold. n vegotn
blo pepsin or dlgestivo juice found in tho
melon tree in tropical America, iitmut tM
n pound, pnpayolln, ut-od as a solvent for tho
diphtheritic mumlirano. 13ouneeB. $ls't OB.
There nro vatiotis preparations from tho
Calabar bean that nro vory costly. 1 hey nro
usod in dibonsoso! tho eyo nntl lockjaw. Ono
preparation Is called phvsotlgmini nlknlold.
and 4 ounces of it cost $137.50 Physostlg
mino hvdrochlorato crystals In n bottlo about
tho slo of a Coney Island glass of bocr con
taining 54 ounces, cost S'0 1.14. A small bottlo
or physoetlgmlno Billol.ite cryBtnls, contain
ing .1 ounces. co-t $1.H1U.U5.
Uhcro Is n preparation from tho loavo of
(ahmamli pilot nrjuis imiiinlilnlim called pilo
carpine nlfrnto cryr-tal. ued in coiiNtiinptlon.
A bottlo of this containing 1 pound b ounces Is
valued nt (i7J 75 A preparation from quassia
or bittor wood ( Picrtma ncrUn) is used for
dyspepsia and dlairlupa nnd also for worms.
A small bottlo of this containing 10 ouncos is
valued at $218.75.
.isiis of xiir 11,11 i.noAns.
JLateat Information from All Qnartera.
A St, Louis dospatch says: There islabigwar
in tbo minngoment of tho St. Louis nnd San
Francisco llnilway. Col. John O'Dny of Spring
Hold, Mo . has acted as First Vico-I'rosldont
and Gonornl Solicitor for tho road since tho
doath of Cant. linger. Hecontly it wns ru
mored that Col O'Dai hnd boon shorn of somo
of bis power, but his frlonds denied It. Ton
days ago Col. O'Dny mado serious charges
against D. II. Nichols, General Superintendent
of tho rond, nnd Mr. D. B. Kerr, the attornoy of
tho Board of Directors, has boen sent from
New York to mako an Investigation. Col.
O'Dny charges corruption and nil Burls of
things, and Mr. Nichols makes tho samo
charges against O'JJav 1'Ivo witnesses huvo
been examined, and moro nro to follow. Ed
O'Dny, brotboi of tho Ogneral holicltor. has re
signed from his position of assistant attorney
of the toad.
One of tho most popular rtatlon ngetits on
tho sevonty-two milos of tho Now Jersey
division of tho Lolilgh alloy llailroad is tho
agent at 1 lagtovrn, .i small station lying bu
twon Nlshanlt' nnd bouth bomcrvllle 'J ho
agent thoro is Miss Corn jekolt, a bandsoino
young blonde, hhe received tho appointment
alter the doath of her father, n sear or so ago.
bhlsof captivating manners, and the crows
of tho local freight trail s aluas have a strug
glo for tho privilege) of carrying olT of tho train
tho freight Which may bo consigned to the Ma
Hop. Miss WvcknIT hns sovernl Bisters, nnd
when tho rush of business is too groat thoy
givo lior n lutnd: bin this is only vory seldom,
und nsn general thing sliocnu ittentl to it nil
herself and to tliesiitibfactlon of her employers.
Tho Delnwnro nnd Hudson Cnnnl Cnmpnny
Isprott 1'onstuntl) In litignt'nu with the Now
York towiib thiotigli whh'h lis lino runs ovor
iliii'Stioui- relating in the amount of luos it
should pay on Iti-1 ronorty in sin h towns 'J'ho
company (omiilnlin that tho town authorities
look upon it iib n itch alien curpointii n whioh
lies ut their tin rey in tho mattiir of tin luilos.
aid, piesumliig iiioin tint, situation In poso
upon tlio company nn oxorbltnnt and unjust
piopoiiloii ol the local tax btirdtnH. 'J ho
towns contend, on tho other hum!, that
tbo cnmp.tny trios to owulo paiiig
its just shnro t.f tnot, nnd with
this purpi so In view eometlmcs gmH to tbn
ilishi nest length's of liuoimeddllng - it li tho
election ut town olllcors and of bribing or
bulliloingii'-sosi.orfa. At one tltnn reiontlv the
canal tompany hud nulls in tho .New York
htnto couriM over tux questions with no less
thanseionof tho towns through whkh Its lino
runs Tho Coin t of Appeals has juit handed
down n decision ndvnisn to tho eoini nny in ono
oi tlio iiioio Important t tho-o bultB-that
tignihht tlio town of Highland, btilllvun county,
f urlously enoiigli It httpi ens that Dockmnstor
David li'i-'urt, who has suddunly sprung
into nnturifty in t nuiioctlon with thu
J lot k l)itmrtiiiPiit liivo-tigatluii In Now ,
or. cliy, Is thu ceiitriil bgiiro in
tholillginlon In lnd I!o'cit win. as ho still
is, a io-,idenlot tlio tonnof iligiilniid, and In
tlio oar iiaiiiod ho da mid to bo u innmi or if
tho Hoonl of Assessors of thu town. '1 horn
wns n defect In his title to thoolllce, howtivor
nnd the othot uittiubniHof thn llonr'l tofiihed
tn rocognio him ns an iiHsooiutn or to inrmlt
iiim to take pan In making up tho town iismwh
ment lolls. I ho Cnnnl Company brought an
action by wilt of ooitlorari lo havo tho
nisessnit-iit valuation upon its ptoporty
ot lde as illegal iirf well as Inequita
ble, thu Illegality relating to Bogort's
exclusion frpiii ulilclnl duties nsn member of
tlio Board of Assessors. Thu enso has been
Mubbornly fought in tliocuuilB lor nmrothan
threo years. At tlio ordinal hoarlng before
austlco A. B Parker nt bupiomo ourt. Special
Tariu, n judgment was glvon for tho Canal
Company, On nppeal tho Gcnornl Torm re
versed tho doelslon and gavo judgment for tho
town, Tho company then took the case to tho
Court of Appeals, which uownfllrms tho judg
ment of the Gonornl Torm, thus ending the
protracted and costly liiigutlon. Tbe caso of
tho Canal Company ugnlnsi thn town ol Deer
park. Orangtt county, another of the litigated
tax cases, lias rocontly boon compromised: tho
town reducing tlio compnnv's tax valuation
$1(U,000, nud tho company discontinuing tho
Too payment of tasea for thu coinlrg year wlllUiln
thn moraine
The rim meeting of the Democratic General Commit
tea alnce tbe election la lo be held to-nlirht.
I'ollraJuatlcaJohnJ. Walab. aa aucceaeor to hie de
cjaaed father Juailce Andrew waiah. aa la the Judam
Btraei foUca Court leitirdar moU.
Pretty Cooa am Far aa It flnee-Fralae
Tflthhelel from Ilia Predeeeaaor Forty
Armor Clada tVnnted-Htorea ftor Male.
Wabhinoton, Dec. 1. Tlio roport of tho
Socrotnry of tho Navy, nfter tho vory cordial
despatch which Secretary Traoy sent to ox
Secrotarr Whitney when tho new cruiser Balti
more mado such a successful trip, will como as
asurnrlso to tho country. No opportunity to
belittle tho work ot the Domocrntlo Secretary
Is left untakon, for the report ovon goes to the
length of comparing the best of tho now
erutsors with foreign cruisers of a similar slro
to tho disparagement of tho American product,
nnd this, too, notwithstanding tho fact that
what Is assertod ot nt least ono of tho foreign
cruisers In ono part of tho roport Is dlrootly
contradicted olsewhete. Thus tho report Bays:
" The Charleston, of 8,730 tons, shows 0.0GG.10
horso power, 18.2 knots average speed for four
hours, and 18.3 knots spend during tho host
hour of tho four. The Jnpaneso Nanlwa, ot
3,730 tons, built In England from tho samo do
signs, has made 7,050 horso powor and 18. 'J
knots ovorngo speed. Tho Yorktown, of 1,700
tons, has developed 3,808.25 horse powor, 15.G
knots ovorngo speed, and 1G.4 knota speed dur
ing the best hour of tho four. At her subse
quent steam trial, Sept. 21, 1BS9, tbo snood ob
tained was 10.7. Tho HngllBh Archer, of 1,770
tons, has mado 3.982 horse powor nnd 17.2
knots. The Bacoon. also English, of thoBamo
tonnnge, shows 4 582 horso power nnd 17,0
knots. Both are tho nverago results ot n four
hours' trial."
A llttlo further on. howovor, tho roport says:
"It Is notorious that tho fast war stenmors
nbrond, of whoso wonderful performances on
contract trials wo hear so muoh, rarely or
novor oqunl thoso results whon put Into nctual
sorvlco, and not Infrequently commanding ofll
cors hnve been Instructed not to nttompt to ob
tain contractors' results for foarof further la-
lurv to thA mnnhlnnrv. Thllft thn rjnnltvn In
reported to havo mado 18.9 knots at tbo con
tractor's ttlal, whllo the Tnkachlho, herslstor
ship, mado only 17.88 ton bolng trlod by her
Jnpaneso purchasers."
Asido from what will strike most people as
an unnecessary nttempt to writo a campaign
documont, tho report will furnish very good
reading to ovory ono who cares a straw about
tbo American republic.
Tho roport shows very conclusively that the
work of building a navy has only beon begun,
by printing In tabular form tho naval strength
of various foreign navios. and comparing tboso
nnvlos with ours as It will bo whon tho present
ships are completed. Thus, tho United States
win nnvo eioven nrmorou snips, tnroo oi which
aro dosignod for uea fighting, and thirty-one
unarmorod cruisers. China has now n larger
lleot of cruIsorB, whllo thore Is not a European
power with so small a number of oithor class.
Mr. Tracy belloves that tho extant of tho
Amorlcnu const domands two Hoots of armor
od son-going or batllo ships, ono lleot of eight
on tbo Pacific coast and one of twelve on the
Atlantic, with twonty hnrbor dofence vossols
In addition, nnd udds that "the ono problem
now before tho Government, in the matter ot a
naval policy, is to got those forty vossols built
at tho earliest possible moment. Tho steps
nocossnry to tholr completion, namely, legisla
tion, design, and construction, cannot take
less than live years In the caso of each ono.
Unloss tho existing yards, publlo and private,
nro enlarged and restocked with plant, not
moro thau eight could bo built at ono tlmo. and
tho construction ot tho others would have to
wnit for tho launching of tho first. Using the
utmost promptness, the ships most essential
to eillciont protection could not be supplied in
less than twelve or Ilfteon yoars."
Howovor, ho has a hearty appreciation of the
valuo of last unnrmored cruisers as wo 1 1, for he
says that ' fast cruisers are essential adjuncts
of an nrmcred fleet, nntl tho tirupoitlnn of
threo ciulsers to ono battlo Bbip is believed to
bo bound and ront-onublo Ihis would mako
tho future navy conslatof 20 bnttlo ships, 20
coast delonco hIiIps. nntl CO cruisers, or loo v es
sels In all, whioh is beliovedto ben modoruto
estimate of tho proper strength of the lleot.
Attention is cnllod to tho naval power of
Great llrltuln contained in her Hoot packets,
bucIi ns tho steamship City of 1'arlB. w hich may
be readily armed with ranid-llro guns, 'iho
Araorlcan deficiency In this matter "should
be supplied either by a lino of fast mer
chantmen. lOUbtructod with special rpfnr-
eueo to uso in time of war, which
will enable tho Government to avail Itself of
thoir serv ieos nt critical moments, or wo should
build a lleot of at loast Iho Ilist-class t ruisors
of the very highest into ot speed, cortninlv not
loss than 22 knots. 'I ho dlsplncomont of thoso
vessels should not be loss than 4 UU0 tons.
Lven nut li a lleot will not supply tho wnnt of
swift merchant sleamerB for coaling and trans
port sorvlco. Colliers und transports must
ullkn bo fast, fur thoy cannot light; and the
collier can tako no chances of capture, for sho
carries tho life of tho lleot." Tho building of
the Plomonto for the Italians, a bhlp that,
though of but J.'jOO tons displacement, recent
ly developed a Bneedof 22 knots an hour, is In
stanced at a ca-o of crulsor building to moot
the omorgeney which thu use ot fast merchant
men by nn onomy would creato
Attention Is called to u dufoet In thn r-nn.
boats, like tho orktowu and tho throe 2.0 in.
ton ortiisors. The iorktown has auinglo bot
tom, threo-elgliths of an inch thick. A vory
Blight scratch on a rock would open up a big
bolo in her bottom, but whether she would be
sunk by such a disaster, ns tho Secretary says
sho would bo, donends on tho oillclency of her
athwartsliin bulkuonds. unless tho nolo led
straight and unobstructed to the stokehole.
That "it is not well to add to tho number" of
those llttlo vessels is, howevor, probably true,
for "a cruiser to bo usoful must bo fast enough
to ovortako uny morchuutman nnd to escape
fiom any moro powerful ship of war, 'lheso
vessels havo neithor the strength to light nur
the spend to run nwny."
'I lit) lack of torpedo boats In tho American
nnvy is also poluted out by a table of com
iinrNous. Lngland bus 207, Trance I'll, and
tbo I nltodbtatos his nu atioli boat under
construe tlon, It Is high tlmo that slops should
be taken to bupply these essential constituents
ot n nnvnl force, I therefore recommend Unit
the construction of at least live torpedo bouts
of tho first ami second clns-os. In suitnblo pro
portions, be authorised, as u beginning, at the
coming so-slun ol ( ongres "
batlsliuMorj piogrcss ou tho ships already
begun Is reported. "The plans foi tho three
remaining armored vossols authorized by law
nr not ct completed. It is oxtimntod that
thoso of tho nrmoroil cruiser of 7,5ut) tons will
bo roadj In tbieo months. Tho plans for tho
steel cruising monitor will bo ready In two
months, and tho plans foi tho narbor dofonco
rams are not vet begun '
'Iho thirteen siuglo turroted monitors now
laid up In thu James lllvor nro not well thought
ot Ho thinks tlioj should bo assigned lib
practice ships to such btatos as authorizo a
btnio naval malitin or rusorvo. The report
oarm btlv tirgus tho orentlou of such roservo
Tho character of mon before tho mast In tlio
navy oceui lod a good do il oi space, 'thorium
In r of foreigners there is deplored, and tho no-vi-Kilty
of obtnlnlngerows or Ainoricnus. traln
td for sorvlco on modem war ships, is noltitud
out. That seamen from merchant ships will
not now, us thoy would do In lormor days, bo
come gootl nieii-of-wursmen nftor a month or
two of training Is apparent. Iho training
noodod by tho crews of modern war ships "van
only bo given by taking thorn In their youth
ana putting them through a thorough courso
of pructlto."
Tho pnsont apprentice sj stein has boon
found Inadequate, because the majority of tho
opiirnntlci'H lenvo Ihosenlio whou thuir term
expires. ' Tho plain remedy llos In a etiiti.
ttiryextonslon ol the term of enlistment to
twentv-four jtmrH nf age. During the addi
tional throo voara tho furmatioii of nssocia
tlnns nud a miitiiro judginont will lessen tho
Inclination lor i Inn-go, and tho Government
will gut tho services ol thoso whom it bus
trained for at loabt ono full crulso."
Itls further recommended that enlistments
for life should tuko tha nluco of tho present
sliorl-tlmo enlistments with tho privilege ot
retiring on half pay at the ond ol thirty voare,
tbo pay moantlmo to lncronno nt il a month at
thn cud ot each four yoars of sorvlco.
'1 ho necessity of tiulnlng men uu marksmen
is noticed, but not us fullv as thu subject de
serves 'Ihe Lancaster has boen set aside as a
special gunnel i ship nntl authority to piovldo
her with n modern buttery Is nsked. But no
recommendation looking to an improvement
of the present aiBtoin of giving each bailor
twenty shots n year, nud no moro or loss, uo
matter what a man's ability or lack of it. Is
While tbo building of war ships by oontraot
In private yards Is favored as a settled poller,
the building of such ships In tho na r yards Is
said to be nocossary to keep the shipbuilders
from forming a trust. A furthor appropriation
of (50,000 tor tools at tho Brooklyn vard is
called for. It is suggested that a building
lltint totild bo established at Boston for "a
minlcmto" but unniimoii sum. A matter or
tll.tiOt" toil might bo rpt'tit on League Island
und Is.OU'J.UO.i on thn Bruokhn yaul but Mr.
Tracy tliluku wo had hotter get moro ships and
guns llrst.
Tho condition of the son walls, docks, and
other things about tho navy yards lauds tbe
Secretary to say that Mr. Whitney wilfully let
tho yards deteriorate In order to create a repu
tation for doing business economically, " I do
not pronoBo to shirk the task of keeping the
navy yard property In n decent state of repair
merely for the sake of showing a creditable
balance shoot." says Mr. Tracy.
To get the monoy for making repairs Mr,
Tracy proposes that stores ot "n nominal
value of $15,000,000" now in tho yards be sold,
and that "out of tho procoeds ot sains tho sum
of 5W.000, being the nmount br which the ex
penditures of 1880-'B8 for docks and yards
wero roducod below thoso of 1882-'84, be re
appropriated for tbo preservation of Govern
ment property in tho nary yards." Theso
stores consist of guns, ammunition, oak tim
ber, paints and chemicals, sun equipments,
brass, copper," Ac. The law now provides that
stores, whon disposed of, must bo Bold at auc
tion. "1 recommend thnt thiB statute bo
amended so ns to provide for sales In tlio dis
cretion of tho Socrotnry," nays Mr. Tracy.
Tho report recommends that tho rovonue
mnrlno be consolidated with tho naval service.
'1 ho cstlmntos for thooneulng yenr nmount
to 125 S99.2S1.70. Of this tho sura of 3,(171,600
in wnntod for now ordnnnco, nnd (4.000,000 for
increase of the nnvy In tho Burenu of Construc
tion nnd Bopnlr, and $1,120,000 In the Bureau
ot Steam Engineering.
Won liy a Hit Ira Throunh Lake Erie Hart"
In nn April Gale.
BUFFALO, Doe. 1. Tho donth of Cnpt.
Herbert Ilnrtwoll, an old lako sailor, at his
homo in this city, has recalled tho circum
stances under which ho won his wife some
thing like sixty yoars ago. Ilartwell wns tho
son of a shiftless sort of a farm hand.who lived
In n shanty on tho lako road, up In tho town ot
Hamburg, nnd got a living somehow no ono
know just how cortnlnly not by hard work,
for ho v ory soldom did nny work oxcopt In hay
ing nnd harvesting, 'iho boy Horbort. tho
oldest ot a family of a dozen orso.soomod at
tho ago of 1C likely to bo n chip of tho old
block, for ho wns an nwkwnnl, slouchy boy.
who wouldn't hoo corn or dig potntoos, and
who was nolod chlolly for bolng nblo to throw
pobblos further nntl swim fn6tor than nny boy
in tbo neighborhood, und cntch more buss and
spear moro suekors in Eishtoon Mllo Crook
thnn any two boiB, or mon, for that mnttor,
that ov er tried Issues with hl-ii.
Ono day In tho month of May, when tho lnd
was 17 voars old, ho nnd a youngor brothor
woro out In n flnt-bottomod bo it fishing on i a
reof for ciscos, whon a big 6chooner cntno
tacking up tho lnko nnd making very llttlo
headway with tho light broozo tbit was blow
ing, Thoraothorof tho bojs snw tho schoonor
and tho skllT drift togothor. and then pretty
soon tho skiff was seen coming ashore with
only ono boy in it, whllo tho schooner tnckod
nbout nnd lieadodofTtonara tho Canada shore.
Whon the skiff reached shore tho mother found
thnt only tho youngor boywns In It. Hoibort
hnd been lnvttod to go sailing, and bad shipped
then nnd thore. Tho mothor crlod ovor tho
mnttor not n llttlo, nnd novor a wink of sleep
did sho get nights when tho wind blow
from flint tlmn tin until ttm ln.it ,lnt, nt
Novembor. when, us tho sun wns going down
bohintl a threatening hank of clouds oil over
tho lako, sho saw a loung man conio walking
up tho lnko road and stop at tho broken guto
beforo tho shauty. in splto of now olotbue. a
monitor great coat, and a broadonod form, sho
recognbod tho young mnn ns Horbert, nnd bo
gnn to en much harder than ovor sho had dur
ing the summer, but she slopt woll that night
in Bplto of a galo thut camo howling along liom
the woBtwnrd.
Tho return of Herbert was tho talk of tho
country sldo for u wook for two reasons his
going nivay hud scarco mado a ripple. Ono rea
eon was thnt ho had brought to his mothor antl
blstora a stack of comfortable clothos. Iho
other w as that ho hadn't a ceut of money in his
poekot to Bhow for his summor's w ork.
"ltwns just liko a Hurtwoll to spond every
thing for di ess." the gossips said. But tho gos
sips didn't know ovonthing. Had they known
that a good part of tho summer's oiirnings had
gono Into n strlug of gold bonds thnt hnd beon
sljly given to Ann J.llziboth. the Imtidsonw
jouug dauglitor of rich Parmer Haworth.
thoir astonishment would havo known no
bounds. Ann Elizabeth was very proud of tho
proBont nnd oi tho giver, though sho didn't
daro to tell oven hcrinothoi nbout It for threo
months nfterwnrd Old Furmer Hnrworth
dldu'tlonrn about it for six months and thon,
tho young mnn having gone Bailing again, ho
merely told tho oungglrl ho"d "trounco" hor
if ho over caught hor sue iking to such a worth
less lout as llrb Ilartwcll.ii threat that didn't
wolch vory heavily on tho girl's mind.
'ihis second summer passed us tho first had
done, without uny ono iu tho town of Hamburg
scolug or homing anything of tho young Bailor
boy. and it was not until tho llrst weok of Do
comber that tho oft-repeated trips of his
mother to tlio front gato to look down tbe rond
toward Bullnlo wero rewarded by a sight of tho
stalwart lad for whom sho was straining her
oyes. Ho hnd como at last, bringing a groat
bundloof stun" for clothing ns boloro. whllo nn
inside pocket hold a real eameo pin two inches
norosB, with tho picture of iielin and a castlo
nnd tho sen and a vessel In distress under the
olllT on it. liut besldos this he hnd stoued
nwny in a bolt two broad yi liow pieces of gold,
wh'eh lnthoiedavs were known as cartwheels
'lht pin found Its way Into tbo pos-os-don of
Ann Ell7aboth, who was also told. In the strict
est eonlltlenco. thut when tho young Bailor got
thieo more golden cnrtwhools. which ho would
huvo tlio next yenr sure, as no said, bo wns to
juit them into a now schoonoi which " tho
ownors' wero going to build. Not another boul.
not ovon Herbert's mother, know about tho ex
istence ol tlio cartwheels. Had Horbort been
ol n hoastlul disposition nntl lot people know I
ho was to boomne nvossol ownor, it Is likely
that I'urmor Haworth would havo folt more
kindly townrd him. As It was. finding tho
young mnn oscortlng his daughter homo from
singing st hool ono night, ho undertook to " larn
tho loafer not to bo jmpoidont to his bettors."
audwiisvorj much uM.onl-,hod threo Micouds
liitortoflnd hImolf laco tlown In a snow drift
by tho roailBido. tho young man assuriughim
that no harm was intt mlod or o.xpocted,
'Iho noxt spring tho lnko was open very
early In Miuoh, nnd vnung Ilartwell disap
peared vory quickly aftor tho ico broko up.
Then tho wholo town of Hamburg was ngog
ovor tho announcement that i armor Haworth
hud sold his farm uudwas.it wub said, going
to movo b lek to his old homo In Orango coun
ty. By thninldaloof April tho auction of tho
household goods aud farming utensils was
held, tho notes wore sold to a monoy-londlng
neighbor, nud tanner Hawmth and his family
In the big wagon diovo down tho lako road to
ward Buualo.
Now it luipnonod that as Parmer Haworth
drovodown the lako rond vouug Horbort Ilnrt
woll, now second mato of tho schooner Volusia
B was willing outol tho mouth nf thoMnumeo
lllvorwith acargo of wheat for Buffalo. It was
subsequently learned nlso that, Instead of go
ing to Oinugo. rnrmor Haworth was bound for
Michigan, his solo objoet In movlug. n ha
altonwird uckuowlodgod. bolng to get Ann
Elizabeth away from tho possibility of mooting
tlio ioung sailor whom ho so much disliked.
ho tho very noxt dai after reaching Buimlo
1-armor Hawnrtli omburkoil such goods as lie
liul Drought with him on tho Rcbooner Huron
for Dotroit Bavo only tho tonm nntl wagon,
which he sold at tho mnrkot to good advan
tage, 'iho Huron w.irpod out of tho Buffalo
liivor tno uoxt iiltornuon, and ut sunset was
Ivlng with her soils llniiplngidl) in tho still uir
off Point Albino, on tho Canada coast whllo a
eouplo of miles uwnv lnv atiothor si hoonor with
sails hanging limp, the sooond schooner being
iiono othor than tho Voliibln I! , although, of
course, no ono on ollhor vessel know anything
ubout tho crowor passongeiB on tho other.
I'ntll ufter midnight both vcbsoIs lay thoro
helpless, and then with n lnshliig of vvutoi Into
foam and a howl that turrllled all who liunitl It.
a storm camo out of tlio gloom to westward,
and in a tileo botli Bchoonois woro wrecks
ulolt and driving toward thoro Tho Huron
went hard ngroiiiul In no time, and tho waves
mntle n clean breueh over hor, whllo she was
lifted up nnd pounded nbout In a way thut do
torinlnod her hue boroiu dai light camo.
, Asfortho.oluslu B. Bho was not qulto bo
badly off. for hecond Male Ilartwell. Booing tho
gnlo coming, had let go an anchor, nnd a long
fcopoof oliiiln had run out us tho gnlo struck
hor. This did not wholly save hor. but sho
drifted nshoro bo much closer under tho point
that sho did not get iho lull forte nf tho gnlo,
and was evontually towed oir. lfnrcrow man
aged to gut usbore In tbo yawl, but vory un
foituniitolt, iu it appnarel soon niter, the
jnul was stove in when It grounded
lib tbo llrst break of day thncrewof the
Volula II, env, tho plight or thu Huron, She
had gouo on bow llrst. nud hor forecastle dook
Wtiu pretty well out of water, but tlio houso nft
was gouo with tlm bulwarks, und tlio planks
vvcro starting. Crow and pnssongorB weio
huddled on the forecastle, vvhoro, tlronchod
with tho Bprny. thoy were clinging to a couple
of linos stretched fiom ono o ahead to tho
other. It was plain thai no ono on board dared
Ventura nslioro through tho btuf.
'lhero was not n man from tho Volusia B.
that was not Instantly anxious lo go to tho as
sistance of tbo people on tho othor vossol tho
moment thoy raw hor condition, but what to
do was not o islly tloiormlnod. Tholr boat hud I
boon wrecked, und tho sen wa-. Inntorrlblo
condition, Besidos, lnko wntoi Iu April Is only
a shade warmer thnn Ico. i'or n few minutes
the ofllcors of tho Noluslii B. talkod over the
mattor, and thon tbo second mitto said;
"I reckon I'll havo to swim it,"
Throwing off his cor.i nud -boots, he plunged
into the water with a Btout lino, brought from
tbo Volusia 11.. bout to his bolt. It was a long
swim, dead against the sea, but the practice ho
had had as tho result of tho idlo habits of hie
youth now stood him Iq good Btead, Ho wna a
jioworful swimmer, amino reached tho Bide of
the Huron and was drawn on board.
That fettled the mutter of saving tbo crow
and passengers of tho Huron foi with a lino in
thu short) it was easy to get all bands there It
nlsoBettlodiiiiDtlioi raattei iu which Ileibert
and Ann Eliaboth wore much Interested,
greatly to tholr satisfaction.
Cnpt. Ilartwell had ot tho time of bin doath
lived In retirement in this cltv for over thirty
yeara. Hla wife diod two years ago. lbey had
no cluldteo,
Caacert of the Anon Society.
Tho concert ot vocal nntl Instrumental
music given br the Ariop Soclotv In Its club
houso last evonlng was so attractive as to
mako ono regret that It should not havo ad
dressed Itself to tho publlo nt largo ns well ns
to tho Ation'e momberr. These, howevor.
crowdod tho hall, and the admission of guests
would have brought In an olemont of discom
fort for which the erntltudo of tho strangor
would have offered but scant compensation.
The programme, that occuplod two hours In
Its Interpretation, enlisted tho efforts ot
Frtiuleln Huhn, soprano, nntl of Herr Fischer,
basso, and, further, the cooperation of an or
chestra and ot tbo malo chorus ot tho socloty,
Mr. P. Van der Btuckon conducting. It
opened with a now Festival March by John
C, Biotzol nnd Included Imltr by Brtich, Attnn
hoofer. Hcholz. nnd Juong't, vocnl solos bv Mo
tart, Liszt, nnd Gtimbort. anil Instrumental
music byllofTmannnnd Masnonet. Mr. lilctzol'tt
now march Is a molodloiiB and spirited bitot
writing, groundod on nlrlttcotir formed of C P.
and 11.. tlio Initial lottors of tbo motto of the
Knights of Pythlns Eodgo, "I hurlty. Friend
ship, Honovolonco." 1 he most Wolcomo Instru
mental number of tho ovnulng, howevor. was
tbo bnllot music from Masseuot "I,os Erin
nyos." embracing tho U rook dance, tho plaint
of tho Trojan women mourning tholr nnllio
1 find, and tho finale, In all nf which divisions
tho woll-dollned character of Holloniu
molody Is preserved, whllo kootfioe from any
suggestion of monotony nnd onrichod. nn fur
ns uotiblslort, with tho fulnoss nnd color nf
modorn instrumentation. Hntr llschei's
plocos woro I.epornllo's " Matlnintna" to nnply
theltnllnn tltlo to tho familiar stralti-nnd n
tuneful uiitwi by c.umbort. nnd both were
nuns with fooling- and nhundnnttono. Fi.iti
Jclu Hulin's" Mlgnon"wns moro pleasing than
her Drol Igoiiiior," which Inst Is ono of
Elst'n least known achievements, to tho fires
ont generation of concert-goors nt uny
rate It is hnrd to roallzo that nny
fluidity of voiett or ptylo of dnclnmntlon
could lmpnrt n chnrm or lmnrosslvoness to
thlscurloiiHpnttlngtil lonau's poom. in which
dMolnted frngmontn of reeltnllvu nlternato
continuously with tuneless snatches for solo
violin. The skill with which otioli of tho throo
erpsIoBUdoplctod, mid tlio manner in which a
current ot national rhTthtn Is tout pulsing
through tho comro-ltlon. aro Interesting
enough nBovldonce of Es7t'B cunning of bond
nnd band If any such ovldenco woro needed:
but tlio song Is none tho less painfully devoid
of cohoroneo nnd inelodlouB flow. Tho malo
chorus of tho Arion did. as usual, admira
ble work, both a rapeUa nntl with ncoompnnl
monts ot string. hrHSs, nntl full orchestra. The
concort, In II no. wns ono that did infinite credit
to tho socloty.
Some or the T.nteet Fnnelra nnd Coneelta
Hren In a ninlnic Itoom.
Glnrlnp effects in tnlilc (.(proration nro now
nvoidod. and tbo crimson plush centres with
tholr docoratlon of bright gold ombrolderlos
have boon hidden away with tho ruby wlno
glasses, boutiuet holdors, and lamps, pending a
fresh rovlvnl. Tho fashionable spreads for the
contros of table1) are ot soft silk In delicate,
subduod similes or nrt m iiBllns crumpled into
careless folds. Dainty silks ot Bomo substance
liko surah or soft tatllo aro nlso usod Inrcsthotlo
tints and hnlf tlutn ot resodu and roso dollcato
ly ombrotdercd along tho ed;:o w 1th gold or self
colored silk. Some of the nowost centres are of
white linon of flno quality embroidered with
gold orcolorod flax threads. A very offocllvo
cloth la mado by hemstitching tho bordor. pull
ing out threads of tho linen, and darning In
squares ot nalo bluo and pink ortorr.i-cotta
nnd yollow to form a narrow border. Tho cor
ners havo a bold docoratlon In tho samo colors
ns tho border.r utllnod and brlghtonod with gold
and thoofTect is so subdued nnd harmonious
that any sort of chlnti mny bo used with roilnod
nnd olegint effect,
Tho ilusi aleil J.miilon jVcic.i gtvos the follow
ing as tbo tynlcal table decoration In London:
A whlto linen centre cloth, sparingly om
broldoretl In bluo outlined with gold. Nour
each or tho rottr corners mo nntiquo silver can
dlesticks with bluo glass roceptnclos. and their
light shielded and softened with jehow shades.
Tho centre or tho table isoruamontod withn
good-sized shell-shaped bowl or II u tod whito
china, surrounded hy six low pots ot tho sumo
china. In which were arranged Jnimneso chris
nuthemumsol delicate brow u shading to v ellow.
Another pretty schotno for a table mny bo
mado with bluo anil white china and a centre
ol palest yollow ellk. thin nnd Holt, crumpltd
around bluo und whlto pots ililod with largo
whlto Jnpaneso ahrysnuthomums rulievod
with smnllei vollow ones and sprnis of
maidenhair torn, if n lamp is needed its shado
Bhould carry out tho camo scheme of color,
and if gas is used it should not bu turnod on
lull, but supplemented in Its work of Illumina
tion oltlier by cnndles or fnlry lamps, which
aro now so ponulai for tho tablo. and aro cov
ered with shades in nil tints nud colors, from
the dcop rod that sonds a glow as of Ilreljght
through tho room to tho clear diamond-cur,
uncoloied glass thnt omits diamond Hushes
of brilllanc), A i ondon dinner tnblo ro
contly soon of grout bounty nnd origi
nality hnd n centra of heliotrope silk
witli a pnlm in n ropousso silver pot
In the contie, a number nf tulip-shaped
fairy lamps nrntint! It wreathed with Vir
ginian creeiior In tho myriad beautiful hbados
it takes on at this season. Trailing vines,
wandering horo and there in and out ot the
Bolt folds of silk, and outlined ngulnst tho
gleaming whiteness or the damask cloth, com
ploto tho tlocorutlon bo long ns chrvsnntlio
inums are In sonson. llowei docorntlous for
the tablo nro comparatively an ensy task, for
their tinting is so rich n'nl varied, vet sub
duod and not aggressive, that they lend thom
Felves readily to any Behemo of color. At Eady
AMiltolioud's final lecoptlon ns Lady Mnvoro-s.
nt tho Mansion lJouse. tho most important
floral ploco wns n lingo cornucopia of vellow
pompom chrisnntbemums. laid Hat and closo
together, whllo n profusion or boautiful whlto
flow oi a wero wired, and stood up above the
cornuoopla nt the top as though they were the
contonts of the holder.
Orny nnd Almaat'Tootlilene, Yet lie Blade
n Olillnnt PlKht tor Lite.
Pine Cheek, Pa., Doe. l.-Jnmes Lyon
and Jerry Conlno killed an immonso bear on
Saturday, near Lnno's Mill, alter an exciting
struggle. ThlB bear, it is suppose. d, was ono
that hnd boon prowling In the neighborhood for
a week or moro, Lyon and Conlno woro on
tholr wny to Lnno's when thoy saw tho bear
crossing tbo rond a fow rods ahoad ot thorn.
Thoy roturnod to Lyon's houso, which was
near by, and got his rillo nnd dog, Thoy took
n road thnt lends at an anglo toward tbe
mill from tho road tho boar had crossed, with
the oxpoctatiouof heading Bruin oft on his way
to tho big bwiimi) toward which ho was going.
The road brought them out upon nn old doer
runway. Thoy saw no sign of tho bear, and as
It was barely lirob.iblo that ho hnd passed thnt
snot yet. nnd, as It was his most llkoly route,
Iho men hid in a clump of scrub oaks. Thoy
had hardly got bohlnd tho Inush when tlio boar
camo slouching along tho old rond townrd
tho Bpot. Tho dog sprang out nnd stood
bristling uud sunning in tho bear's
pith, A hour hates tho sight of a
dog anil tho moment this big follow saw
Lyon's dog ho increased his spcod'nnd ad
vanced upon tho dog with loud angry growls
and open jnws. Tho dog stood his ground until
the boar was within live or six feutof him. Tho
savngo and aggrosslvo front of tbo hear wits
more than his courage could withstand, and ho
turned tall and hastened awuy in the niibhos.
Bruin slopped, lookod utter the retreating dog
foi n moment, and then sliullled on again, ap
parently sntlstlod. I.vou hnd tho rillo. llo
iitsorved his Hid until tho bear vrasoppoMto
him, and not moro than twenty loot
distant. Then ho llroil. Ulie bear
dioppetl oi or o". tils hide, but. to tho
Burptibo of tlio two tinnitus wns on hie foot
ngnln almost iinmodlatelv. Ho limped oil into
tho brush. I.vou ran around to hoad him oft
nud gat another shot, antl camo out directly in
front of him. '1 ho suddenness of tho meeting
disconcerted Lion, and ho shot wild nud
missed his mnrk, big as It was. Tbo boar,
maddunod by his woun 1 and fleeing his enemy
directly In his iiiiih. tubbed toward Lyon, who I
turnod ami lied, hallooing to Conlno to como to
bis aid. Conlno rrabbod a club und started
nllor tho boar Ho overtook tho iivonglng I
animal nnd belabored him lustily from bo- I
hind with tho club. Ibis turnod tho beai's I
intention Horn Ljon to his now nssiiliant. .
While Conlno fought tbo bear with tho club
Lyon reloaded his gun, und stopping close to
tho bear placed tho inuzie almost ugnlnst the
(inlmnl'B hoad and blow his brains out. ihe
boar wns a vory largo one nnd must havo beon
of grout age, for a number of his teeth woro
missing from his jaws, aud all the remaining
teeth were worn almost ovon with tho gums,
and somo woro badly docnyod. Tho fur was a
heavy coat, but tho black hairs wire plentifully
sprinkled with gray.
foi. O'll.'rne In Tltrre Yet.
Cob John O'llirno lotolved sovernl frlonds nt
lit" roQinaiit Tun r i iinti term t 111 rrilariUy Ilia
eltorl lu liara tl,a ai tarliineiil luaingl lilin fur coiileiupia
ai aaltl may com batoru Ilia court lo tlay.
. Th,' 'Orlheoinln annlraraary of the birthday of flam
sal J. Tilda; will ba ctlauratad Willi a dinner lu the
Acadamr of Muilc uodtr Ilia direction ot the victorious
lUmucatio ore ulutloa er Klsji ooumy, "v,v'v"
jncriw, trnrrinrjtiJ, ar. I
n-n-nni-H-ie ii -ia-aii- ii-arifi -! t- li -i ai i 1 1 1faT.VImj H
ayssiLiz i -iiDtraiuIni
i iSlM Wj3 j 13IH imJ8 ! ...
1tqM,im.Hr.i"iT.i.r,j..ie.a.j a
wilmuWTTarvis, I .1
AircTioNi:r.nH. i j
At the Harlem Horse Exchange.
211 AND 213 EAST 100TH ST..
commi:ncinc at ioio a. m., j
a iiANOsnvtn BtiitiiBi, (itxniNO. au iianii. 3 J
JS1I IllllVtllC . I
paiii ( op.ay nonsns. is nAKD, r, ANn J
PAIR IIAV IIUIIHl-R. ira HANDS 0 Tr Attn RlSf. fl
NI.sS till OAttlUAtlK Pl.'lil OSES. KIND AMI 1 1 I I-. 1
Himfiii run col ri:. (loot) woukfii I
HtlltSlft AtlllliAl VARII'TV TO BELKt TUltlVt. o.Nh 1
AI.SilROAl) VVAtltlNK Or Al.l.KiMIS. I
niTllll.lt. DOLIILH lll'sINE'S AND rARKIAt.R If 1
M'SS, lll.ANkHTH IIUIIKS llALTl.1.8 Ar. ' M
Rl.l'HEHh.NThD 9
OT1I A V.. 13TI1 TO 14TII hT. W
At from 23 to SO per ctnt lower than e'aawhera 'W I
LAP noIIES, In Pluih ami Fur, at lowfit price. In tha M
city 9
BIN'QLE IIAHNr.RS. ST.S to 81T4.00. 9
iiuL'Br.i: iiAtiM'.sa sai.io toooi. 9
BADnt.LS. NU.UH til 17.44. 9
LADIES' AtI)I.r S. l?1.i:i to 801.01. 9
RID1M. WIIIFH, l'Jf. to 811)119, 9
DII1VINU Wlltl'B, 30c to Sill. SI. 9
linest aiaortinrnt or HOLLY Willi's In toe city, at 9
prion rinKinurrom 81. ill to87.0Di worth double. . fl
RiniNCl HRIDI.I.s. S1.10 10 8.T.H8. fl0 9
Full aortincntot ItlJoiir and Drhlnir BITS. SPUItS. W 9J
fact, everything rrtainloff to RldlDir or Driving 9j
t-I.Llnll ULI.I.S and 1'LL'MI'K. 9J
The celebrated lirotin .t Sharp's CLlrrlNO MA- U
CIH.nEn S'i.lOi worth S3.SO. 9J
III.ANKF.T8, 80c. to 014.01.
ROnrfl, RII.IO to 845.80. S
(UR ROIIEB. B.-..11 to WTl.OD, 9J
RRI-AlT AI'RONK. 41c. In (jll.lll. ' 9J
SfRCINOLhS, UNr. tn 81.00. ,a 9J
CAltRIAG-ES 1r' 1
KnpcnIon Ilrniiclinmat fLtm
. V, Hprlnjx IKromchuinSf H
ICeKiilnr JlroiiehnmNi, jH
Miniature llrauichiinm, -M
J'liHlclant llrouchumii, M
Fxtrmlnn Kntnt lirouBlinm. -m
2Cttl lSroutcliuntM, aH
I'tiHn. Fit 111II3, ICnckanain, l
KxffnMlon Ft ont JorkuuT. H
( ciiipft und Cui tuln JCfickavriiya. A K m
llroclielt. Tuttlr i n. Knil Wacom, fl H
Opcrn Omnlliiinr, Ttroatrhfelerti yLW
MmII I'hiirtonp, T Curt. ?v oVfl
fa.nVy TKAPfe. fr fl
lOO hecond. Iini.d ( nrrluse. All Kind. jf H
U7g. U74. 37Q Hroome at. A
Reliable aatrooa at bottom prlcaa, all alylea, all work BH
warranted handmade, lnapectlon of atock lollcltedi - a aaaaaa
order work a apeclalty: loo wairona on hand NKW ' B,jf
VOUK VVAUON CO.oso.aS7 lludion at. corner Bank. W 99
A HORfaE foraale. 30 lit v, atore. y B
JIVHINEHS 1VAOO.NH.-100 neir. IU aecond- H
hand delivery wnitona, all atr'ea, fully warranted, lluy LWM
of manufacturer aave money Wairona takm In ex H
cnailte. HUDSON W AGON i;o . H2 llodaon at. 99
1.10U hALK- Well bred cheatnut eaddle borie I .vail j99
. yeara old: aound irentle koimI tempered, thoroughly H
broken and iralied. do fantta or trlcltai handiome and mjmm
atvtlab, ridden by lady. hrokn to harneaa. Apply . fH
lll'NItY CIIAUNChY. Harden City. L I. i S. 99J
rjVOIl BALE Extra atrllMi cob bnlltliUh action, eloie AjT LWm
mated entirely black carriage team, Vermont bred. ' r SH
I'M full manea und lain tlyearaoiu irotJlJtc JH
W A R FUOTE, New Haven. Conn 99J
CVI.NE VOl'.Ml i lack llolthl, beantlful mane, tallt 9H
Ftibject any examination aultabte coupa. road
wagon, aaddlc, trolled intle .' 'i price 9;oa H
VAN CoiT, lit WealSSihat. jWM
IOIt SAT,E-e! brown horacl, 18 handa, 1WI 99J
lounila. )ounir IiikIi headed, perfectly matclid: SH
half brothera a bcauiltut pair, and recommended nlih JH
nut qual llcallou r T. C0F,6H Wlllmiu . S9J
IpoitflAL! One couie one landau, one Clarence, ont ayW aV9l
doublo aleLrh can be aeen at private etablo, 151 Weil mYv Wmmm
3litL, dall, betweeuu nod So cluck a JjB
poll BAIX-Brnnn hone. 1SW handa. 8 veara old 9 99jJ
X fine road or eaddle hone, warranted klnu and true, V aajjH
n. HEUIIK. SSI sih av. 1 99j
fT'OR HALF A line coupe hone m'handi, s veara oldi & 991
X aound and kind dutiDle or alnyla not afraid off. 'By 'MmM
roala. Apply private liable, .im Weil "uih it. ' 9J
JvtlR HALF :iy made, lone body platform, aprlnf B
carpenter'! wagon, barxain 27b Columbia il, H
llrooklvn fl9j
Xjvnil bALF Three horeei, aull anybuilneu; (23 to 991
' tso. trial irlven I JJ Front au. Brooklyn.
HORSFH WI.NTERFD at reaaonabla prlcei. boxiUIUI B9jj
lameneaaaud treatmeiu ot feet aipeclalty, FOOL H
KAltll, 173th at and Jerome av .t
S LI Kills-IIandnoinelhree leal family t0. two yj1 99
Kliublocotteri, t-o, emboiced pluili. nearly new, fl jH
three a'.raiia belli 99ai
JWOIINSON' 1'ort Richmond. N. Y.
rilllREE IIORBESrbeen'ui7rin laundry waiona, 0 99jV
J. upward, wagoui aud liarncaa otieap, bufvy. lid 1
Weil. sill it. 99j
VERY fatracer.ba7ri handa. Byeani atrletly 99jV
aound and kind pure called let el headed promptl
yroat bottom can pare tu liarnei-i InSuaaclto road HHH
w anon lu i S3: uo record. Addreii . "JH
1'ACKIC.liSt llark'i ay.. Brooklyn.
WANTItD-One or two truck horaea. blocky bulltl , , 99jl
(rive nit. central deicrlptloa and price, reaaon- AH' Wmmm
able trial required Addrni F. IJVSoultioth av Jy 991
WANTED Tn bur or leaie, boarding; atable, near Yf 99J
Central 1'ark. Addreia, with partlculara, Foal U
Olll a boa i Mi.
gliiiiiiO ?r.uUiuiw. 1 H
IriQUEBTPIAN OI'TFITSi llluitrated catatoruaa frea, 9 999
U WHITMAN HADDLE CO, 1 18 Chamber! at. 999
Obituary. I H
The nov. Jolm J. I'omoroy, D. D pastor ot M AVfl
the Central I'reabylerlan Church In ChamberlDurf, fa Aii aV99
dledyeiterdaymornlnic after two weekt' Ulneu from wJjv?
erjalpelai. aa-ed 03 ;, yeara. Dr I'omeroy waa electrd TB ? 991
iltaiifa nnf the military order of the Loyal Letion tf J 999
theLu ted hlalea at lu orxanlrailon In Fhlladelrlila In M 999
sort I o wualriialea i of I afajrett rolleire. Pailon M 999
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