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I L ct
Ue U
london omrn of Tilt SUN
4jo < Wfint hlrand <
1 41 1 remmunlcetlins shiuld liei addrsissd ii FRANK
i M fc IIITKUO Mfebd London n i U
t I hlc8101
I It now Boom < probable that Mr THOMAS
I killed tho Worlds Kulr in Now York city
I Where they could not rulo tlify wcro able to I
j I ruin and tho glory and benullt Vhlch would
I havo robullcd to tho people of this tiictrop
i I oUfl had the mighty project beon carried
l through according to 1U programme aro all
I denied to thorn by UiObO Itetmbllcan Ulctn
tore or rather by one of them for It Is well
I understood that In nil such mnttors Mr
PLXTT commnmls nnd Mr HIHOOOK obeys
l New York Is tho natural proper and most
I t uhantascout Place for 1 lit celebration of
I the dlscovtsty of America ono of tho chief
CTOiits In tho notldB history But I thero
Cannot be such 1 celebration hero owing to
I the veto pronounced by tho temporary head
I of the llepubllcan party In this Stnte It Is to
b hoped that such nn cnterprlao rlll not
i b wholly fruatutted and that the vrlahos of
ii the wholo people of the country may not b
I crushed iiiiilor tho decree of a Belllsh Now
I I York politician At nny rate lot there b a
I worthy celebration tie oeat that under the
I h drcuuisUiioee rumahm pusstblo
fl r After Now York there lu I but one place
where thero Is any proHpuct that an under
taking BO gigantic can bo accompUshod and
that place IB I ChlcaKO The proposition to
have It I In Washington bocausu that is tho
lat of the Federal Government turns out
when It la carefully examined to b desti
I tute of merit To attempt mien a thing
I In Washington Is to any that tho
wholo eipoiiso must bo boino by
I tho Treasury of the Unit States That
I il ezponso will lx far from trllllurr In
I Washington thcro Is but a limited popula
L tion and though Baltimore nud Maryland
sro near at hand there aro no such masses
I n6
of people close at hand and likely to visit
I tho show constantly n would furnish from
h I t their admission fees nny considerable offset
I against the enormous outlay In St Louis
tho cano 1 similar with tho added disadvan
I I tage that It U more remote from those great
t ffffrccatloim of towns which may be found
I j I tho old States along tho seaboard
i 1 Wherever the Fair Is held no Important
i I number of visitors can b expected from
I other countries The Journey across the
Atlantic hi too long and too expensive for
f may Europeans to come to us In this
reepeci we must dope ad upon the Inhabitants
I o thin country and Canada for the payment
of the necessary charges and for the contln
I genoy of proflta over and above them
Therefor we fcay that after New York
Chicago L the only place which should be
t thought of I U a noteworthy and outer
prlselovtog town 1 It undertakes to hold
a Fair It may be relied upon to put It
I through with all tho energy and all tho ro
oources of a people not accustomed t failure
tire I has the convenience of Innumerable
railways and steamboats for transportation
I Its hotels are spacious orderly and elegant
Its theatres and other ordinary public enter
tainments a cultivated and Intellectual
I Its Auditorium Is great and magnificent
notwithstanding the unfortunate blunder of
A preposterous name and any stranger who
finds himself obliged t pass a week In Chi
cago nod have no reason to think ho Is
unlucky For these reasons after the de
feat of New York under the auoptoes of the
Republican party wo Iv our vote for tho
great InterOceonlo Metropolis
The Report of the Parnell Commission
The Judges composing the PABVELL Com
mission have not altogether disappointed
tho party which dtslred their services
Their report shows tho determination and
the ability t make the best of a bad case
It exhibits tho bomblanco of fairness by
roundly acknowledging what could not bo
denied and then proceeds t put the worst
construction upon facts whose purport Is
I debatable Of th grave crimes and miido
meanora charged against Mr PAJINELL he
i I la absolved but he 1s solemnly arraigned
I for the encouragement of boycotting a
I thing he never hesitated t defend In Par
i liament This Is like acquitting a man of
I ateallng a horse and convicting him of bor
I I rowing an umbrella
II Lot us recapitulate admissions of throe
Unionist Judges with regard toolTcncos re
I I peatedly Impute t tho Iiinli rirliurnontnry
i I leader by the London Time in tho 1ninell
i lam and Crime articles I Is not true It
I ems that Mr PAUMM or the niajorlty of
r his Nationalist colleagues entered Into a
I I conspiracy whoso aim was the absolute In
I I dependence of Ireland To have had such a
I I it purpose would havo been no ciiiue In the
I I eye of Americans but tho Unionist Judges
declare that no such ptirnima was outer
I t talncct It la also pronounced untrue that
I r conspicuous Nationalist while publicly In
t i veighing against certain crimes privately
led their supporters to believe that their in
digestion vviu fflgnid In connection with
ij tli Is general exculpatIon Mr IAitxnLii and his i
I associates are ppeuIlltMlly absolved of Insin
r I cerity In their iloniinclutloii of tho Ihirnlx
it I I Park murders Not only 111inorrn I forgery
tho letUTH imputed to thu Itish leader uno
I qui vocally acknowledged by thnCoiiiuiUblun
but It Is 1 further donlod that Mr PAIINILL
I was Intimate with any of tho socallod In
I vlniIblcs that ho roeognlul ltu rlurnix
I Park murders n their work or that by an
opportune remIttance lit enabled one of them
to escape from jtwllci His I doriurcd finally
that tho accueed Natlonallhts did not directly
incite nny powoin to tho uommlRslon of
I I crlmo other tlniii boycotting that they did
t not raaku pttynipiitri for the purpose of Incit
J I ing persons to commit ciinie and that they
did not subscribe to testimonials for
aulltribe tCflllonlal notori
i notor
I I otis criminals or asboclato with such offend
I ers Of every ono of those acts which fig
I t ured In the foreground of tho Indictment
I I I brought by thu Tints Mr PAIINKLIJ and
11 I I most of his rollutRuus are acquitted by a
I I Unionist Commission
r J Now for tho only allegations against the
l I Nationalist headers which the Unionist
I JuOifprt rpffiiril a proved They llnd that
II I Mr 1AiiNKiJi and his colleagues combined
In B7J to promote rtn ucrnrlan aKltutlon
against tho payment of agricultural rents
Their effort In this direction have never
1 brv > n denied and they constitute a btronir
ii title to the innlldcnce anti gratitude of Irish
tenants I watt piimarlly duo to their
I agItatIon thaI Irish rents have twlco been
I out down by tho laud courts Doth Con
Bervatlvra and Liberals havo recognized the
I I equltublennss of such reductions how then
can the peaceful endeavor to secure them bo I
I I described as a conspiracy 1 The Judges also
I find that the disseminated
fnd tat respondents the
I Irish World recelvml money collected by
n that paper and In other ways accepted
I I qr r the pecuniary assistance of the party
I I ol physical force In tho United Elates
It b never been disputed that
I to KaUorudiflt loaders widp rticuttir iir
lI J 1t dd kf
PnJEL and Mr DATTTT strove t unite
all the friends of Ireland on both sides of the
Atlantic whatever might havo been their
previous affiliations or opinions on behalf
of tho constitutional movement which hoa
already won over ono of tho great English
parties and has n bright prospect of com
plete success While the Irish WorM sup
porttd the now profjratumo and helped to
raise funds for Elm Land League and tho
Parliamentary party tho Nationalist chiefs
could hardly b expected to refuse to circu
late thnt paper That anyof tho respondents
knew that the ClannnOaol controlled tho
American branch of the Land League Is
after n review of tho evidence denied by the
liut Mr IAitSELij nnd his Nationalist co
workers were guilty of encouraging boycott
lug Well no shall have to admit that
They have often publicly avowed It and IIr
GLADSTONE has found aplenty excuses
for the practice The Judges however cal
a combination t promote boycotting a crim
inal conspiracy That Is tho best that tho
Commission could dofor the Unionist major
ity It remains t b soon what the Union
ists will do with tho criminal conspirators
How the Suiton Bill Disfranchise
A valued correspondent In Union Springs
propounds the following query
There I allttlo controversy herein regard I hll
reform I lay that a man wbo cannot rat his ballot
cannot vote The other man says that ballot reform
does not dlslrsnchtse any one Will you be kind bOUKb
to Itt me know through Toe bON which of ul Is I right
LoS also In what way It would dlstranchlM th man
who cannot read his ballot r I
Wo answer our correspondent when wo
tell him that under tho present law of this
State the only condition placed upon man
hood suffrage of qualified electors Is the
net of bringing tho ballot or ballots to
tho ofllclal polling place and that the
bogus ballot reformers propose to sup
plement this by an educational test so that
Instead of bringing his ballots the voter
must In 1 given 1lao and In I given time
read mark and prepare them as the State
arbitrarily decrees I ho bo nn unlettered
man and Is I from such circumstance unable
to do this then tho State absolutely and un
conditionally takes his vote away from him
and prevents him from casting It The al
ternative offered Is I that a ballot may bo cast
on his account by a sworn public oflicer
who Is to voto for him Ostensibly the
sworn public oflleor Is to mark the ticket R
the unlettered man directs but as tho latter
cannot rod the ticket ho cannot know In
what way tho sworn officer marks It and
consequently ho la helpless for redress On
the subject of those sworn public officers
LEON AnnE Democratic Governor of New
Jersey sold In biB recent message to the
Legislature of tho State
The employment of tries offlcen seems to be danger
ons and Improper The fact that tbeie election officers
were sworn officials would no more prevent them If die
honest from destroying the secrecy of the ballot or
practically InUmldallng a voter by their knowledge of
his ballot than would the official oath f a dlsucnest
election orticer prevent him from tampering with the
ballot box o knowingly receiving fraudulent votes
Thsiie election officers would become the political
11 of the different parties and every voter who ac
cepted their Intervention would feel that there was no
secrecy aa to hla allot and that such election ofllcers
might expose to others how h bad exercised the right
of suffrage
Wo can add to this for tho guidance and
Instruction of our Inquiring friend that I the
socalled ballot reform law did not disfran
chise and was not Intended to disfranchise
thousands of honest but unlettered men
worklngmen toilers and poor men gener
ally It would not bo favored and supported
as It Is by tho believers In 0 twi ntyone
years test of citizenship by tho property
qualification reformers with Mr SIMON
STERN at their head by thin native Ameri
can KnowNothings who wish to restrict the
holding uf all olllcoa to thoso whoso grand
fathers wore born in the United States by
the Union League Club by the Mugwumps
and by tho lawn tennis politicians generally
ally That It disfranchises la the reason why
they are In favor of tho measure aDd why
the Democratic party Is dead against It
Our friend speaks of those citizens who
cannot read as those who me to b dis
franchised liy this term he evidently
means those who have been deprived of the
benefits of a tudlmcntal education and
thoso whose vision Is Impaired In
great Democratic communities like New I
York city the disfranchising effects of tho
bogus ballot bill would extend much further
Thousands of men of thrift and Intelligence
who may bo ablo to read a ballot perfectly
might not bo ohIo 30 to mark It within the
shadow of u hon > i > stall ns to conform to the
condition of tim law and they would thus
dlsfranchNw thains lvpa Thousands of vot
ers In the city of New York though well edu
cated are not accustomed to use Kngllbh In
dally family intercourse The State hal
naturalized such mon nnd most of thoni
make excellent citizens but tho bogus ballot
reformers would do away with their I
light to voto imilnrutnndlngly Thousands
of workliigmcn inaptly Democrats would
from stress of time not bo ablo to delay In
horHO stalls at their accustomed hour of go
ing to work In the districts of this city In
habited by laboring len fully 40 per cut of
thu total voto Is cast on election tutu iiiiig
before j 30 oclock and before the bogti bal
lot itfoimeis loire arisen Whllo I bystoiu
which would allow the latter lIve minutes to
voto would not disfranchise lliem it would
cut deeply Into tint lights uf llioj vvhusu at I
tendance Is needed in the enily liii rii lilt itt
their places of toll t vv hu cannot aflui tu SitU
rlllco their work even at the cost of illufnin
chisomcnt In Boston m cully the Aus
tralian method I vvoiKela < leniiilof I Mifliugo to
610 citizen 40UO of vvhum vxein DuiiinciuU
Judging from tin I Inter I of
Jldll ruin lel our corrt
Bpondfiit the controversy which hns sprung
up lu Union Springs is I of a thoughtful kind I
In thU city with the uicuntion uf a few
cranks and a few solllnh pretentious and
unconscious enemies of real Demoentcy I
defeated and discredited candidates for the
most Imrt no Democrat uf standing has yet
advanced I word In favor uf this disfran
chising system I Is u Itepubllcan device
pure Iud simple and an uncommonly
nhicud one too
We may add for tho fuller consideration
of our candid correspondent that thero
clrrlutnnl lmt lwlI aro
now pending before tho LI lalul of tin t is
State two electoral bills one introduced by a I
Democrat tho LINHOS bill I tutu the other In
troduced by a Itepubllciin thu hAXrov bill
Tho essontlal dillereaco betw ten them Is
that under the terms of tho latter voting U
to bo made In this hlato a Government mo
nopoly ant the votes of unlettered Ioor mon
are by It to bo cast for them by Itotuiiilng
Board ofllcer That Is tho dLsfinnehibing
Under tho trnimof tho Lissos liiltcleetuis I j
do not torfell their right uf using unullielil I
ballots to oipreoa their choke If tiity t > o du
sire und do not become us under the hx
TON bill temporary prisoners m u booth und
made dependent if unlettered upon the
good faith of their wardens or jiilleis
Under LINSOV bill a voter can its now pro
cure his ballots In advance of eleetion lay
und proparn them with such nb isianeo its
ho may deolm from las family neuhborn nr
friends bo that tho ticket may embody hU
deliberate choice and not merely such a voIce
u Mr ttixroa tuA ths sworn pabllo oO > I
1J1 tr
11 1 I
core may leave him In the concern of the
community of whloh ho Is l a citizen
We hop that the query of our correspond
ent la answered
Tho Time t Speak
An esteemed correspondent In Ohio has
written us 1 private letter which we take
the liberty to print In part because it
touches a question of political duty
lama Demecrat having reached th allotted tare
score and ten With the eiceptlon of on vet tl t for Lw
ron when I leemed clearly my duly to break away
from party I have always 1 voted Ih straight Pine
cratlo ticket eicept In Uwn affair I cant help telling
you that the manner In which you pursue Mr CLIVI
LaID tons the feelings of a great many true Demo
crats Your articles will be scrapbooked by Bepnbll
cans and brought out It Mr CtivttinD should happen
again to be a cat dlilate as think t he certainly will be
though 1 sincerely hop not
Our friend does not tel us why ho sincere
ly hopes that Mr CLKVTJJAAD will not be
nominated again for President by tho Dem i
ocratic party Wo suppose It Is because our
frIend Is a good Democrat and wants to BOO
tho Democrats win In tho noxt election
I that Is the caso he and wo aro In per
fect agreement thus far
The only difference of opinion Is as to tho
present duty of thoso who sincerely hopo
that Mr CLEVELAND will not again be tho
candidate of the Democracy
Mr CLEVELAND Is already hla own candi
date for 1rosldunt In 181T2 although ho Is not
tho partys candidate Ho Is professionally
engaged In au attempt to persuade the party
that thero li I no Democracy but CLEVELAND
Sliigwuraplsni no future for the Democracy
unless It follows whore ho loads no prospect
0 BUCCC3S rxcept UUUOr 111V uauuut uu ITUIUU
disaster perchod a year ago
That Is the business of a politician and
If ho can accomplish his desire It will be
good for the politician and bad for the party
Ills tho business of a newspaper like Till
SUN on the other hand present tho truth
as It understands the truth without regard
for such considerations as our friend urges
In favor of passive acquiescence
Practically our frIend Is requesting us to
assist In promoting the event to which he
looks forward with sIncere apprehension
That Is I not the way to servo tho Democratic
patty All that a colossal egotism and a
scheming selfishness ask at tho present tIme
la a clear track In which to make headway
and what they fear most Is tho outspoken
expression of such loyal and honest Demo
cratic opinion as woaro quoting from day to
day in tho columns of Ins SUN today for
example from the YtlkcaHarre Aeiflsdeaer
To Carry New York
Our brilliant and enterprising Republican
contemporary tho OlobtDemocrat speaks
with real or affected confidence
uu Of course Mr I Drruw Is able t9 carry New York In
1892 and so la I any other man on the Republican roU of
Presidential possibilities
I depends on tho name and standing of
tho Democratic candidate
DAVID HENNETT hILL can carry New York
against any Hepubllcan who can b put up
There Is no other Democrat who can b
sat to approach him In point of popular
strength in the Empire State
Ton PLAITS tecent demonstration against
holding the Worlds Fair In New York tends
to add immensely to tho relative preponder
ance of the great Democratic leader Fol
lowing PLATTH reckless and absurd manipu
lation of this question the Itepubllcau party
cannot escape Its heavy punishment and
even tho iulluonce of CHAUNCKT DEPBW
among tho masses is seriously damaged
Novor before did tho Democratic cause In
New York wear a brighter halo of hope ana
never was the genius of a public man more
earnestly appreciated than that of Gov
ernor HILL among this people
The crest Worlds Fair In New York Is dead
Our philosophical contemporary the Plo
nerrIrrsi suggests that there should be
a permanent experienced and impartial
Speaker of the house of IloprcsentativeB and
that the House Committees should be elected
by the House Itself The latter Idea bas been
frequently propounded and some good argu
ments hare beon offered In favor of the plan
Itut the British plan of a permanent Speaker
hm nothing to recommend It I Is scarcely
consistent with American ideas I Is I possible
to have an impartial Speaker without having a
permanent Speaker And rotation Is as good
In the Speakers chair as In other offices
Tint management of n hugo corporation like
tbu city hui uothiug to do with corporaton lke
What 1 > the reason then that the law pro
vides for public elections by which these man
akflrs aro chosen And why does turn im
memorial custom of the people lead them to
divide Into turtles and to voto In accordance
with their politics In those elections
hats the matter with QUA 7AZban Even
ing ituruii I
Too lonu a story It begins with BIIL KEM
tILE and ends with JOHN WANAMIKEII
A treat Wentrra Journal and Mr Randall
mm Ilit KaHn my Ttmn
THE RUN after rcmurklnc that only the
other day I njmler of the free trade Democrats ha
were loud nnd vehement In their demands that Mr
luiiil ill should not merely Lo driven out of their party
but out of pub lu life altogether but that lately ever
since It lue I been known that Ie 1 v as lying lerlously ill
In I V aitmigt und unible in t take part in the great
contotof uulltlctainl leKlslatlon I they have refrained
from the illtiperatlun they used to ludulge In rays
And now we have I the Kinsit < llu Tues expressing
Itself Hlth the generous appreciation which men of
wine ilwajs reel for others of kindred quality
If I II I h i MiuumcB Ittt the iOus eter indulged In
vItuperation nt Mr Itundali it Is I i try much mlsaken
The 1111 maitlon on toni reform nut free trade In I
loo well known to neeil coy explanation and II tat
hoped I lit Its regard tor Mr t rtmidall wnsalsi not Opel
to uimcniusiloii Ulnle itdllfsrs Hilli him on the tariff
I tins always fee > cliued in bun to iuote from TIIK HUM
u Ilernucraliif 1 gi cluritiMer supreme ability long
service and grent achievement In the cause of Ilemoo
racy i and It hal never lifMt nsd to reprove and con
tleiiin tile iiarroH uniileil mil 1 Intolerant Demucratlo
uew papers which mUiilit lu belittle Ills great ability
aud admirable character bei auie lie could not honestly
look at a great Issue through the
Jtl same spectacles that
they tld
NCI newspaper hat greater respect and admiration for
the eminent IemiiiyUaiilaii then the J niei and 114
nexsnaper has been so sorry thai his surroundings
r such o lo place him ou Hie other side I of a quO
tlon which the Jim In common with the great ma
jority of the Democracy bus eipoutrd and which he
and TUB BUN have so ably opposed
A Puny tliut Hui Flopped I
len the Iublic ferric
Thoso County Duinocrtey Itrndero who favor I
inn fl4fl0 o niiiut I iceu K steely itiei 01 0011 I rtn I
l THIS article of loot t quIckens the mini After the n > h
diet Ibese same leaders would remember that they asked
Ciovrrnor Hill last year end the year before to veto what
they railed the Infamous Baxfui bill To this action
of the 0 D I s another attempt by ei Mayor Grace and
tie man tnJoy better known as BUI Ivlus a law 1 part
ner in Hie nrin of Traoy Hoar wn < < 1latt to put Qor
error 1111 In a hole This leads lo the ijuestlou Hoes
I hi CatnIp pemei racy IUtt combination In the Legis
Uture mean llepubllcan atsisunce In electing Grace
M lyur of tins luttii nekt Novellibtr
Vlurrled ul She Aue of Ol
I rum I r lee llo INS iimrx tfmotrat
lli iLhAUiviiiK IVb 10A notable event
I on irred here in dr 1 tu ihe I nurruge of die I oldest rest
I I dent of tuts loiallty ini I perhaps nt the inrlih lu the
I mrson of r vir Iliervillleu llrconsrl I years old lu a
Imly some hat over ut This was his second venture
listing lived lu wediock sixty su years with bis first
fron tut Klnti lounin I liura Siumr
Mr Erastus n Craw hu dlscoveied a plan
whereby lie can run a steamship to Europe four days
and a hat vita I ISM than 100 teas el Mat Mr Craw
J asvUmts c raw Eteril I
Not I
F on mIeivoru JfeviliatfT
While It la of cour o early t forecast tho
probabilities of ClovolacJj nomination In 1192
ll I li I an undeniable fact tbat lie and Ills friends
are doing all that can bo done to brine about
that result liy various pretexts lie monnees
to keep himself before the publIc and every
opportunity U I eagerly seized to advance the
ambition which lies nearest his heart
Will the Democracy of tbo country permit
this to be done We hope not To pureuo
Such A courts would nothing more titan In
vltlnir defeat The lesson of 1888 should Im
press upon them tho undeniable fact that
Cleveland Is not popular with tho party In gen
eraL Many causes haxe contributed to this
among which are his shortcomings as a t > artr
Democrat Ills lack of accord with tho Demo
cratlo leaders and last though not least bin
offensive Assumption that he was greater than
his party The ClevchnJlsli policy that pre
vailed under his nKlmo dIsheartened nnd
alienated thousands of Democrats tho affect
of whIch was plainly felt In tho campaign and
contributed morelargely than even hits outof
order stand on the tariff to hits detest When
the candidate of a party entrel led In power
and with nil that Influence exerted In his be
half falls In his ambition a blind man ran
perceive that It would be folly to mak him this
standard bearer with all the advantages of
official power and poB6slon Against him
No more of Cleveland should bo the motto of
every Democrat
A Question of Identity
from the wtuMnalan Cillle
I this my Fair or Is It Tom Watts c CoLtUI
Tie Poetic Mine of the Wild West
J pvtii tAe 41 ncrlrtrrjIA
Tho lon N K Orlens of Iloatrlco who re
cently went to Cheyenne has etldenily done nil lie
cared to do A copy of a Cheyenne paper Is I before u
nd In I III Is an eitenslre account of a tanquet ii l e uby
the Bar AsuocUtlon of Vyomlni and 1 N I l irlefuwm
there and he read three poenu and saue ono cone
When It comes to reaillnz tile Own poem Mr ilrlitrsls I
wildly at 1 home The Cbnb paper for collie mys
terlous reason Old not trim either the tort or the
pum It said however they r as flue as al
thing ever heard In tint lection which li I certainly
complimentary to Mr iJrlrtfs We may be pardoned in
reproducing the first jag 01 the first poem the talented
gentleman read
In the wild of thli nomans land
Where the villut Ilkker does How
and fire ace often mike a hand
Anti men ou the trlgter chit sOw
Ills I here I could we p
And Is I where 1 could sleep
As the seasons come and 10
Te critics of the town were fairly enraptured with I
Mr irliir s poetry and many of them wi hed that he
could bo Induced to sleep there Col Colby of Beatrice
who also courts Las muse sill that Mr Urlifxis pro
duction Is I not first class I and that If he I ever goes to
Cheyenne b will show them poetry as Is poetry
Philadelphia Veramtlle Mine
rnrni Utf rMuUlpUa uagtr
scut I
Anieli l take our little Tommy
AnJet Toml
Lay him at our Lady e feet
I Tell her that another angel
Comes to nil a Tiiam sent
Uone to meet his brother
Foreign Note or Real Interest
An fcn IUh railway company bOI list apart a special
fund from which to reward act of brat err ou the part
of Its employees
Typhoid fererln India li becoming 10 widespread thai
U1 1 at much feared as cholera and afjoverniuent com
missIon has been appointed to Investigate It
The heavIest taxpayer in Prussia la I Krupp the run
maker wIti Is I aliened this year upon an Income of
fl4tOuio an Increase JJOTitMover INFJ J
Hit hUtorto tIme tree at Muntheuwyler In t re 1 bur ft
under which the SirIus federals aisembled before the
battle of Marten In 147tf has bon uprooted by a storm
Tb lances with which the Herman cavalry are to be
armed are to hare shafts of hollow elect and to carry
small dan In the PrutIAD colors nailed near the had
The tilrmlnKhain rwt alleges that an English llrui has
secured a large I quantity of mummifIed cite from lb
Egyptian lomb and It I to grInd Ibw up for use In the
manufacture of fertilizer
The Sultan of Turkey has decided to 1 put new uul
forma on hit truop4 ant is I now impeding different
styles of mlUtarr dress I Is settled that summer
the unlTorm shall be white like that of the Russian army
The stationery of the committee getting up the AiRier
lean banquet to Stanley In Luiidon has forcrem a solId
black spot shaped like Africa with a faint white IJis
across It showtux Stanley s touts from the luouth of the
Congo to Zanzibar
The grip hud a queer effect nn tlaraes I aut u forts
mouth cabman who became delirious while suffrrlcf
from an attack of it rushed out lulu the street aM I
after runnIng over a mild dropped dead the ldea ei
poor cumin aol pneumonIa
The chimney sweepers of Inn have Irnck for an
Increase of Wager They are described as the most
wretchedly paid men la the town Their monthly pay
has been about 14 florins or Zti utitlliuts and they are
almost entirely dependent on tips
The latest maps of the Austrian empire show that Its
area II 3 247 12 square kilometre or quite a coodalted
country larger than it has been made out byprelous
moo The error came about through lomrrect trlau
gulatlon In the llunxanau surrey
It look thirty years to get the britibh M I ubeum opene 1
at night the original parliamentary retort in I favor of
the opening having been lal le that tong ego The ruio
recommeudattyn inado at tLe tum time as to the > a
tloiiAi Cotter is 1 still lo he i acne 1 > ul
Arthur tnigiit A young tUKIh I ii oct iiugiiian wllh a
fancy fur Iulb Put OU lie gloea with a friend a
tw day egi and after a little lhl hItting loll Sleet
lb Iu a lit ant diet in a hnr Ilu IUllt I coil that
epilepsy ana nol sparring MU tie i use vi inc death
In Vienna four worLintriueu found a lotUs label el
rum and drunk tIe content ttweu too late It vas
dlsorered that the bottle initrnl of couiuniiu epirit i
was tilled with nltro glycerine One or the meu tiled I
linmeiiaitoly and the tt Irr in a hoticlrsh cuudltiun
jueen alI who 1 I furs tiling a house A IfeUraJe
has I ordered 1 the furniture VOIMIU I francs uorth
from Russia II Is taken id an Indication of > rlrong Sue
Fian proclivities on her part ira uiuih A the Kuuiann
have the reputation ol being the worst upholsterers lu
Henitrlck Lunstroo went to a fancy ball in London In
the cum of a prince and became 00 Iniburd with
the spirit of the character Ito C early In I the morning he
was found by the po I otklngat the doors of UucX
InglMin 11 I Uce ilumjuJiiu alinilljiiLC After beliic
locked np a M liSle he recovered itia sanity
I Thc hm fur rending nut an Antirctlo zedltion
under frof crdenskJoM it I St 0 oat b l c jriudutit In I
I the Kamliltr of lftl The evpeilltu n will te Uiitertkei < n
at the joint theme of Ilarii hear I l turk iou of utteR
lurx the Anurclic ilnrali m i oiumillfeuf the lloyal
I Society of Mclorla and tile Itoyal licogralihlcal Society
of Aiislralavl t
I Attention has recently bern called to the fact that
most of the bro 4brni mill oilier goods of liladktone
a etc left by him stored In the Ito Minisiers mllcial
rerldence in Uon lltn street u lion he I left it in IrHn I and
haie remained there undlkturl ever since aptarently
with the Idea that thiy wall I probably be needed again
there by Mr filadslone
The unsold palnllugs fnui d In Juice Iupp lu IJ
after Ills dealt have reallid at aiicllon tslel francs
Mlixj 1 The ttu dAumne bojghl for Juixj rIL
his taut uork Itelurnlng front rioid L bor In AII
Autumn ounce He also otjuinu I fir 4i Offr inci
Corots painting of Lu loinert which was sold by
the painter to Lwprefor7i J francs
A Iarls court tiaa lint reluieJ In I break the ee lila of
Karon and Baroness de Martres Ole latter an Amerlcnu
who after having spent some time in I Iuuitic < in > luma
became splrltualUta and filing under tlie iufluciice of
anoterlou medium and her son left theiu til tier
properly The liszt I 01 kin cliarteI llf iiidluni oiih
undue Innuence and 1 with I A > liIi I < iMnvd tie I lee tutors
llenrt Toiimlle the hero of 4 J4 < f it hi1 ju t
died at IIrl In the lurLci tro 1 ii H I iC lit Ii dere I It I I
I wife by pitching try I doiru a tiC i pi < e in me IT I Ir
Mountains He pretemlel I ito i lieuMiti I C ai an icu
dent ant I WAS allowed to r iru tu I ngi mil I of thuh
country he I was a iaturul < d I In MiUeqie I >
damaging evidence Cal diuco ereu drains hi 1 > o > n1
alter a great legal contest he I win finally surrendered
to the Austrian authorities In ibib tried alt icutenced
to Imprlnoumenl for life
The German fleet consists at present uf i arear
mored vessels 1 I i armored veiieU I Slit ilei for tle
dsfsnceof ci ails eight oiean golnir frlgili I intendel I
for Iont voyage and nara rurtou I art ilarly for
cadets HI cruising corvette < < 31Ce < being eluipied
I In I war time 10 bUY uu Its e tie 17 > lonnnerie I crun
ersand I Uuinhi win Ft guile rrriailr loislrmlel J for
lb colonial possrstions of uepl any 7 Uea atrli boats
atlaiulug a Ilgh rate of peel I II I Irainliig sbts a
yachts and W torpedo boat
A saint skull Is I In llHritlon In Lyons I beoned
originally to baint Jean ro iicn revered by Jaursmsts
because be had protested agaillbt t Ihe Hull I nmul
Ins I came after his desiU Into lie I nisseulm I f an
aneleal family by whom u a < > hinried tfown in til ro
cently an unworthy scion std it to a nra dr er In
brlc bran IC lie In turn diaf iCt 1 fr f iifrrt t < to a
woman wite already chanced In own the 1 < o jaw J of
the same sslnL The tiroicr who brought this customer
la the dealer rejected th lolo eDct t V > OQII
tie a4 au n4 Unura
The Hlory of the roalmaterO sieri > lei
Iateu TraniHcllon la I IdolL
MALAIAIIUZS N J Fob 14A sense of
duty to the publlo not less than an earnest
desire for Information Impols mo to mare
tho follonlni stateiniiit of facts
I am a hay fnrtuer by occupation but mr
chosen profession U that of an KetptoloKlst
With limited mantis nnd unbounded devotion
I pursue In the winter months the fascinating
study of thin oldest of recorded civilizations I
hope tho day will como when my name will be
swell Known at tile lltltlsh Museum I nnd at
IJoolnk as It Is now nil along the west side of
tho Whlppanr lllcr and from Parslppanyto
Bhonguui IorhaiH that Is an Idle dream
A few tiny ago I received from I friend In
Philadelphia a marked copy of a nowipnpor
contalnlue n lone advertisement signed by
John Wanamnkor I appears that this Mr
Wamimnker 19 l tho Iosliiiaslcrdcncril of the
United States Ho keeps In Philadelphia a
great shop or rather a congeries of shops or
bazaar In whleh article of various kinds mar
be purchnsed nnd In the ndvertlneuient which
I road the PofitmnsloiGonural rpcommnntled
In the most enthusiastic terms tho iiUullty
and tho cheapness of everything lie has for
sale I observed that the IottinastorOenoral
advurtlBvd fine nntlaue fiirnlttire uudchllJrcns
wool leggings astionomlrnl brass clocks and
womans muslin drawers with doop Hambtiri
ombroldrrr and small tuck all In the same
column Tho of his and
001111 110 runcu enterprise bus
iness activity must bo cxtraordlnarv
You may like to read In Mr Wanamakers
own language tho announcement which de
termined mo to visit his establishment
We stated a few days Once that wo hare I n use for
the old stock racket now being worked so thoroughly
ant 1 I H I I A 1 1 0
which the papers are full We were In error We hlo <
fun ltd tomn old hcL Much of I in I over two centuries 1
old eemn of it not ocr one Ihe reductions are tromp
to f0 Ir i cent on Miry Hem The Imnl of time has
been laid uentty upon thMo ancentral thinA Some are
inlaId 1 by roIly painful work no mo are carved with I
honest hsmlwork tlie > antedate iiuihluea and tIters I
Is I a rich tone uf color which unlj age Cal give hxery I
ttera I has HI el < l petite hundred pUie slid many could
only rank ci itt hlirhtsi lux ir > Fit 1 nlmpe of loa o 1
rutne trooping up If you per I lIt i a louih of renltnienl aa I
you tiara Take ciin of tlifr old liCe i 1 to your hn
lour fancy can weave poems or essays as you admire
or u11 It H AT lo BSI I liut its A yore chance for
peoplu wllh lat for the Antlue t 1 < tt fj imf 1 free efa
ThUsoemoil to mo to bo very beautiful tie
BcrlptlNu wrltliik Hut what partlculnrlr ut
trnutuil my attention VM tliU linn In the list
tliat followed tho which I hiao
Ilat fulowed paRatiuo lao iuoted I
Jarce Efyitiall I uaruel I ol 50
Hero was an opportunity such as Is rarely I i
offered to In l < u > utuloiriit with limited means
Them i its u ton of honest Jrlonlllnoss and
Htraiulitfoiard good faith In tho Iostinastor
Geuoralfl viltinc vhlcli led mo lo toliovo l > that
hn would bo the last nian in tlio world to mis
represent a COIl or to docolvo his customers I
already possess a old Ott hue a iuoo of In
Bcribed mummy doth from a Thoban tomb
which I b llovo to data from the eighteenth
u j nnsty a luvelr hrono uiruro ot Piaht a small
Oslrlitn Statuette in limit pottery with tho
cartouche of IsaiuuioMchus beads and minor
objects in great variety a littlo oirthennnre
crnoceplmlus HiipDiiaod to belong to the time
of tho exodus and the class u > o of a wooden
cat taken from the Cut Tombs of Hnkkarah
Inrdon mo for troubling > on with the cata
logue It is I a modest collection i but It is all
Ir onto uud tbeie things 1 value beyond all
my ether possessions
A large KciPtian can 00 idol for > 201 I I
went to 1hllailelphia tho nct day
I was my first visit to the 1ostmnstorOen
orals shop JustiiO rtniuiroj ma to euythat
tho Ilrst itnpre nlon of the eatablishmont was
very luvorible As tho IDstmasturdcneral
nillrms In his beautifully urlttun advertise
ment ho has no USC for tho old tock racket
or for any other racket There Is no pushing
crowding turmoil or conru lon such > you
witness In the great bazaars of Now York
city The ciiBtomerK walk slowly and almost
humbly alone tho footpaths between the Innu
merable counters You ret that singular 1m
prcpslon of blow fllent phniUasmal movement
which 1 halo oftun ezpoileucoil I tIle elreols
of riillidelphin as I lou wore wiitchlng a
Iii ro i g of pooplo in I a ilroam Tim atm jsiihoro
Is I that of n 1 compiomle I otwecn Suudiiy nnd I
buslnoiis day I lie elurks all look as I they
belonged to an adult bIble cltsd and tho lute
tiouarlps who walk tho Hour iiiiirut bo Sunday I
school supnrltitnndrtits
One of tho luttor turnadlto me with benignant
eraciousneas wlnti I approached him
Vi here can Illd I u woodun Lgyptlan cod 1
A clmdovv lasso or his countenance for
an Instant as If the mercantile instinct was
struggling with nn impulse to engage In exhortation
hortation Then ho replied Market htreot
Fide Ihlrd story elevator wo1 of rehire to the I i
left Ho tutuod sadly awuv to hour the np I
plication of an old lady who was alter au open
meh ur nadlno
Tholargo wu < don 1r > lal god wns eliib
Itfd 0111 il of mi old maliognny bureau I saw
him fmm a long way on and ut tho very tlrit
I trt
giant tho litdesorlbiililn I o ill ossicitu ol I his face
fuiinniod mo It I Is fits llgiira of nn ngod man
nearly naked about as big ns a blender chill
of tovon 01 eight years hitting upon a rock
Over Ills shntildnr Is i intall to which n gounl
or water bottle Is 1 tld 1 An ombroldorod cloth
is nrniind his loins and over his hhouldois a
cnlO of leaves the I twits steins forming a
loobC nckiiie In his lot hand ha held a
1 wnoileu frog not t represented 1 In the picture I
jlAIj you bocatio i Ib I too badly damaged to
appear to ndvnntULe
T wlh to rffonl with scnnniloHb acniirncr
whit ttIS Suit ilnrliiK tli neirotmtlons for tho
Hrhnhl of Mr Wiiiianului Icyiilin cod I
Ilitoincr I Wh it t Is t iliit ulijoct I I i or tlnro I
II 1 > > t i uk i iiuiiiH 11110 niiihotaiiy bii
inatitn t IH i u 1 iiiiia t rn d hn
1011 1 11 I I IIIE luriner price biiyiua if ie
i I I auain
I C I unto i erNe I mean this curious object on
I toll 01 tlio t hunt MI
I lirst 1 Hon < wlth tho lnantcln < s Intonation
i suddiiily I tipi dir ti ii Oh That Its au Idol
I iihloiuur Au IJul I
1lrst loikitia au idol The woishipiiod
It > ou know
Ciiitiiiipr Vhcm
I II 1 HI tlflrKh t t > Inln thou Innd Tho
hen1 lien
I fiibomer Is I nld >
j Fir t Clerk imitiIlSlvtilyihlllnhhleilo and
I hiindriU of yourn Mi I cau Itll you moro
I I utOIlt It
I TliD ItO d I clorK carao up with a gentle
I utnMe on hi fair young Ut and tIle llrft elurk
I huiilcd away IIH I i I clad to bn outr f a traticito
i thom tlia ir inised to linihe tlieol Klfiil con
bldcriitloiMf o erilex chinracior
I el01lnl cllracior
ustoniiu Is It 1 < IIUII
hnni d Cleii I oh certaInly Mr Wana
miiLor sell nuthloK tllut in i not uniiuxrtlonaLilt
1 Its a real Idol and cry old and valuable
Outcmtt Do yo Wv urthlaa abut U
a s
history Whorl did I elms from From
Second ClerkI dont know that I ever hear
AU I know I that Mr Wanamakcr bought It
Customer Sir Wanamaker
Second Clerk Yei In hU travels its n iron
nine heathen divinity Mr Wan am ak or pur
chased It himpulf and brought It to this coun
try Its marked down from 80 to 20
le showed me the tag attached to the cods
loft ankle and there sure enough In lilftln
figures was tho mark Former Irlce 880
1reont Price 820
Customer Why so great a reduction In the
price of the god Hat It been long In Block 1
KeoundClerkhsjltatlnir never was In the
store before except once when wo had a
specIal eihlbltlon ol curios 1 Btipposei Its
offered at the prosent figure bocauce Hi a
little damaged You pen horn hU voice
dropped to a conlldnntlal tone I I > has been
handled rather roughly and the lower lit Is
gone The Idol Is not In porfoct condition
CuBtomor Was It damnued hero In the shop
Bocond ClorkOh no sir
Cuatomer At tho llolhany Sunday School 1
hecond Clerk Well I cant cay
Customer At Mr Wanamakors house
Second Clerk Im intro I cant say
This was all of the Information I could AT
tract from tho young Inn who polo me Mr
WanamakerH large wooden and personally no
QUliad Lcyiitlan god for IM with tho addi
tional oharso of ontyllvo cents for boxlnn
I The eod had boon recently and rathor badly
damaged l looked as If soino iieriton In a lit
of holyoal oroxaspuratad bovond control by I
tho leer of senile wickedness which chaiaa I
terlos the expression on the face of thlb bad i
old deity had attacked it with 1 poker and I
beaten sovornly about thin head and shoul I i I
S AUU un 53 44IIIC Cfl P4USIU wouo au
tho end of tIm none had received n whack lu
places tho dark brown Irtaitier which covers
the body of the Rod had been knocked off ex
I DosiiiK the caned wood underneath Mr
WntmmakerH EgyptIan god had evidently
rasmnl a very bad riuartor of an hour at no
very remote date
NoverthelpRs tlio 101 came upomlllnc as this
orolllo view of his features will how
I bought Vanamnkers cod paying cash
down and I received the following mysterious
memorandum of sale
I Idol
fluxing = =
74 2I
3U 75
Pesesy No it
Tale RlCKirr n TO ScolD Mmialf
Keep sos Ksrfjikici
Now what do you suppose Is the true history
of this degraded cod purchased from the
heathen by Mr Wnnamakor himsalf brought
to this country and held for soma time In hitch
esteem eighty dollars fti thn private property
of the PobtnmstorGouoriil then tu become the
lclini of a sudden and violent assault and
finally to bo publicly exposed for stile upou
tbo bargain counter at u nrlco huoilllatlni
to the solfreepcet of any divinity I
The mystery interested me just is the know
Inc InUiulty of the old follows dninaead coun
tenance tho nerkr iinpudonco of tile grin faa
clnHtod mo when I first behold him You can
tall me perhaps whether ha in ol Japanese
Klameo or Hindu origin and how It happens
that he looks BO much like llenjumln Harrison
only more wicked
Ho M no Euypilim sod I know In spit of the
PoatinasterUenaralB guarantee and he has
no proper place In my collection As an
Keyptoloeist I have been dlsuppolntedI will
not say swindled Asn man of Hontinient and
of Imagination I am cloth thiitt I was lured to
Ihllailalphla by tho false rpro > eututlnns of
anamakors idurtiBoment It has then me
nn opportunity to bofrlend u und who has beau
treated outrncnoiisly by tho PostmabtorGen
oral and to put him forever beyond the roach
of pokurs wielded by furious bigotry or the
calculatlni policy of inercouury greed
Not a Public Contractor
ring to a paragraph of PoMtlcal Uosslp In the Sunday
Sin alleging that I am a favored contractor In the lark
Department desire to say that I hale neter bsn Inter
este 1 lu any i ontract secure I from the Iark Depart
liient ilireilly nr 11111 eerily rurlhr I am not a imbllo
tontraclor in the Htrlnt sense or the word Inasmuch aa
the work neriormed by inc to i for private corporations
and individuals very respectfully
Nhe Ilitil Nothing to Do with II
To Tnn KniTon op Tm HUN Sir The
rritlrlsrns on the conduct of Mr Cody ° KnITalo Bill
In rnnnectlon with Ihe death of frank Richmond In Mar
celoita tint the i ominentii attrlhuted It me on the bust
ness Hid llnincial an lrs nf the ltlitl Wed which ap
peared in Tilt M 0 of the t th were never authorized by
me nor am I In any rcipei responsible for tliem He
epectfully tiiucic Jima
LLIMON jiKvcr Ilrir > oMi < f Feb s
Vise American Iokc
Do you buy jokes Fir he asked
Yes replied tile editor
Here I I Is line I tl like to offer
The Joke roudsteil Itt a parairaph cut from a mornIng
paper and read Murit Halsleud lias been retained to
write series of poll teal papers In a nonpartisan man
Her for one of fiew forks tuatHinett
A check for mnj was handed tu lhehumorlitand he
was Invited to colt again
What do you suppoBe ho drowned himself
for I
Solnekody told him his day old baby was the Snag
of him
The lleen Yet
What do you think of the Angelus Mrs
Iorcus I
Very One You know It Is to me a sort of dry What
Ar the Wild Waves sap lug hUtert
An Iplnlnn
Has HionKou any head I
n en ie uai a rlltC lu lei
n ilispe 1 thing on his
shnullsK lie iil s a lucid I guess II > L good oneh0
has a good cropul lulr
Ior InlvcriBUI lr
Oasiley nid loll hour of tho new perfume
Ur VVaiisniaker ls no llij in riiiUdslphlal I
fia < amNo Mul Islf
laileyTlie odor sanctity
Otspsii In Ilir Il filer
Why dousnt PhI I mini pull the bell Instead
miMikejiiifull n in itult lutinkey
lie a lone car cIituilclor out doesu t like to ring
them up
Mill MHkUu H Iilr Jtfruril
Wits Plutto retard lu the Konuto coed for
A flirted Kulcbrr Boy
Who put those eggs on this mat I said the
took opening tie door
I Just laid theta Ilisre replied Ih bUtcher bov
Flrstalng and racking your lung esil throat wIth
raspIng gsugb Is a
peer Oollcy
wII Il P Ijn cur yosleelt
5Z5QIOraat 5
gel Utk s4 hoIseIttstt eZC5fleflhjgedy
The qnsstlon mar fairly ti < railed old a Harvard
Kradustr a risIng jonnir lawyer the other slay
whether It Is I for the beet t Interests of tIle alumni of Cot
lere who lire In and near this city that It > or t tlmuil J
be charted for a plate at the antittal l college illunera
In collect we IlioufM a 3 dinner was a banquet HI for
the tile lint In New hotk diy tin liisoutlve ccmniit
tees of the alumni associations seem to think that It m
necessary to hold the annual dinner at a grand jUce
llko Pelmonlcosor the Brunswick Of course there Is
a coal reason for resorting to these pieces because
there Is tlenty of room there What would meet th
wishes of a large majority of the alumni who are fir
tin mom hart i > young men struggling to get a place In
thiir clto tn professIons It that a hostelry should be
selected for the annual dinner where all the alumnt
would go out when they would enjoy themselves In a
guod old fashioned rotteD waya dinner for about 3
anil minus nnd speeches that would promote rood tel
lowshlp In the rireftnt scheme there li too mneh sIt S
itlltM uniformity TCII few graduates attend and the
speeches are malnlr by a ftwo il fogies who bore every
holy with log winded reminiscence of count lr
1epsvi U not Included In the list of old fogies
When cur mater t > currency was new early la the
sue old a rreilknonn criminal lawyer 1 was a
student In the hew orllee of K Pelalleld Smith and ha <
been recently lmltied < to the bar Belnf tent totht
nlied State Circuit Court to obtain anedjuurnraeil
of aiane I lingered after the adjournment to hear ft
case against an old offender In counterfeiting Bill
luernse The wood were full of counterfeiters ef the
view currency In those days The rate for the lovers
merit was presented br lien Tracy now Secretary 1
the Nary 1 he prisoner was a tougli eld customer and
an he hail tie counsel Judge llenedlct looked about the
court room and afslgned me to the case It was my
fret criminal rare 1 took the prisoner aside and asked
him If he was guilty or Innocent lie said he was
Innocent lien Iraty 01 coed the vale to the Jury
shoHe 1 up my client as an oldtimer In the counterfeit
tnr business and showed that he had succeeded 1
tieMlng a counterfeit i > l note Ho produced the set
and handed It I In the Judge t
You do not lelre to tmt In ailefenoet queried Use
for en expert from the batik The expert put OB hla
fpertacleu and declared thnt the bill wai cennlne
Jitlge Benedict intruded the Jury to acquit the pris
Hell pardner laid Ouerniey youre entitled t
half o that there bank note
0 lien Tracy who Hill held potieulon of the not
said U might be eichanced for another note at the Sub
Treasury building at noon the neit flay and added
that his clerk e OlItut < l meet inyielf and my client there
Die clerk came along all right but somehow mr ell
cot IluItit torn up The note wan pasiel Into the win
dow and mestiwttile I a se chuckling to myself at the
project of teltini the whole mm for my fee A Min
ute alterwam the note wait phoved through the wlndov
with the word counterfeit alamped In big red letter
across Us face
A Kruoklynneirrnaper le making a great reputaUMi
for Seth low memory by ecyllig that upon the ocea
nlon of hljlnauiruratlon as Hrenldent of Columbia Ool
leje tt iiiaule lIve epeechcs all of which he had rjre
rlouil committed to lyle and from none of which did
he deviate a tine or a letter Thta li one or thoM
thIngs that would be reat If true Ai a miller of tans
however there was fctrcely a iluile sentence In all et
Mr Lows Ills speeches that wan not different from s
printed copy repared beforehand ilany of theien
tencet bore only a feint resemblance to the orIginal
5511cc that some portions of the printed ipeeobeel
were omitted entirely What Mr Low did do howerer
and It was more creditable to him than any mere feat St
memory could have been was to remember all ni t
ideas and their proper order and to cloth those idsee
In spoken language that wae OOrTe K IKAlUd UUeBS
and ronclre dellTered lu a ilruUe Inlelliiens aacVeffet
live manner L
SIr DUeye tout with Tli Seven Agss ° WhIch b >
tins In a week or two will take him away fnsa
theatre which has been variously known u MTlis
drareyard and the Tomb In th theatrical pr fM
sion for many years The must saDfuln of the come
diane friends urKud him to keep away from th Stand
ard and he only agreed to to there at the earnest toilet
tatlon of Mr Doff That young manager bad Just ii
bunted his father money and he promised to do won
CerEal DilUKs with the theatre The swift misfortune
which overtook him msdo this Impossible and be was
even obliged to sell his lease In order to let money is
run his road companies Hence Mr DUey was practi
cally frozen out lie leaves the Standard as most
actors ha > e with a feelIng of decided relief H has
been the uceiie of the most diurnal failures on record
Nobody could hare told exaotly why the Standard WL
unpopular The theory that It l too fur from Kroad
way Is hirdly tenable fur It Is I within a hundred feet of
that thoroughfare whereas the Lyceum Theatre which
Is In one of the most out of the way places Imaginable
Trom the standpoint of Broadway has always beenstvo
j cestful under the management of Mr Prohman Par
hap the surroundings of the Standard Imr something
to do with It A treat number of coats for theatrical
I performances are purchased by laill a In the daytime
I Their husbauds or lather glee them the money In the
I mornlnt amlaEooi I share of their entertainment con
siiu In wranglinz Over the seats S lOt the box omen
man Tne Maudard Theatre Is practically surrounded
by saloons and cheap eatIng honed and the approaches
from every direction are unpleasant
There Is nothing on earth quite so eaptlratlnr en
tertaining and enjoyable a sour faced and dyspeptle
lookIng man said last night at Oelmonlcoa as the
brilliant conversation of the ordinary New Verier
when he Is showing bis country relatives the sights ef
the city This Is particularly Ih case when they n i
the theatre Last night I had rather a longing to raM
on lbs chubby goodnatured and altofethir JUyCa
of Fanny Rice I wan seated well dwn In the oroh
trIo not a hundred rows from the stage and wu amia
ble I arrive I at the theatre a HtUe ahead of time and
had no sooner taken my seat than my attention was
drawn Irresistibly to a party of men and women whe
were seated directly behind me One of the men was
one ol those atrocious bora a know It all New Worker S
and his remarks were edifying to the last degree The
la lies of his party were enraptured with the beauty at
the Casinos appointments Nothing however can ad
iinatoly eiprsss his high and mighty superiority In Mat
and manner as he saId
les It U somewhat eTectlr but It has rather
gingerbread sppearance dontcherknow
When the opera began I became still mere talk
tire and Insisted ou explaining every point In the ptsee
to his companions Alt bis Lonversutlon was distlnctl
audible to every one within a radius of four ornve seats
and they failed In a marked degree to accentuate my
Interest In the opera
Do Coiildat Tell Her AnrthUst Akont laev
Bcene Suburban IleBldencw A gentlemanly
person awaits the coming of the lady of the bouse wt
presently appears
lleMaJam I have taken tIe liberty of calling upca
you to captaIn our new system of club pictures ani to
show you a few specimens of our work
SheMy dear My I
lieQuite so You were about to observe that TM
were very bury this morning and besides you dli nt
tore for any pbotorraptis at present Your neat dour
lielghhur said the same thing but nevertheless when
the Ind seen the beautiful Inures which I shall be
pleated to show you she decided at once lo take a
ticket for one dozen of these enuslt works of art
Mie < frigdlyWhat my neat door neighbor Joel U
botblnkto me sir and I di 1 not want
llelte illy madam Its nn trouble I a < tnre yon I
know you wer about to onerve that you did not Want
to trouble me to show tbesn clianmnr specimens bull
am persuaded thnt jou will be delighted with them
And then they are su remunalile In price when you
take Into roiulderatloii the itigh grade of work that II
Is positively like gIvIng them away
the ImpallenilyMr I lui e no lime lo
Ile Sn i time to kit for pictures Just I now yen were
about to bay but 1 ran a mre you there Is no tithe limit
about this sytem ton merely glue me Ml cents In ei
change fiG this congou smil I call at the gallery when
ever It suits your convenience l > r 5 more and bat
your ulltlng You are then enlllled to one dozen elegant
101 tierlele anti Olie roiiy uf this new and beautiful dis
Covert If the art caileul
Misft here ou sir I want you lo understand thaI
If I had my way I would put every photographer In fla
countr In Jail Pictures iuleel Ho you see lb lln
al cirr my carpet That s where my husband who Is ci
a rdii > ner > iier spin suiie of il j Is cIte etc eta ito
jnussethe hoe burnt m that piano covert That
i rro ic ruine i u t
uy trying to tols a flush light picture
a nt I r Itie Hi I ar buti <
tMiik thr nouie all re 10 cay nolliuig of
frinlitenllK li I e buoy llilu coniuslons lliere < rcarcdy
IS ilecmt lice or i roi kerj in the house that has encased
being iiiiiled as a dee letting 15 or for some ether
such purpose
HsBiii my dear medsm
lheIlou t tear luaUam me I know your vii Iricis
sir II it biilu i been lay your miserable art art In
deedmy house would not rsumbie a pigpen Lout
a t my mineliec i linen tatlit aol latlro I m
and III I fill rut altlie I I tile his It Is flue I fiiin
Iiptololliilii I Wilt sun e viltiic of your Me Hale I
I ic iciars adrxeii I MuolgKe yu i lite lenti
for all Hi t Irasi h yii can ir a in 1 te 141 1110 Ugh i Ii y
for breakfnii dniier ant I sujijier till I m s ck ol n aitl t
If jou I dot gtt out or lhi bout this mmut Ill call
Ire lured inan to set I the dud suit you
lie Re tty uiaJani lIlt 1 Curry
HieNo > our not Ibalb what you always icy
thsis what my linibanl its when be bas ruined some
fmti thing tilth tile hell I compounds Thais shot he
said it lien he put mi nailo ai Id over the front breadth
of my iiswet < niiig dress h fry J > nw I led you a lul
If you huh i gel I until le thst door In soniet lung lens I lIen
no lime you w i hate mine lob sorry In earn ai iu I
just ru remember tu tell ai the neal house you gn to
up tee road that their next neighbor dlilot decide at
ocs to take a ticket
Qsat1aajj psreen tosati a hasty ritual

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