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Titus lohn tiaCointlfi addet <
I I Am IIerel45 William Near Wall
The Now York correspondent of thoBoli
tnore Amen Is an observant nn J usually
TveUlnforrnod person but we do not think
p tat ho brings true philosophy t boor upon
the fiubjoct of tho lon OROVEII Cst
LAND prcaont campaign for publicity
TIM correspondent discovers In Mr
CLBVKIAKDS phenomenal and persistent
epistolary performances one of tho nig
nlflcant facts In politics Ho colls atten
tion t tho clrcumstanco that ucareolyu
dny pa sa that iln CirTOljAND docs not
wrlt p some IIou or political body 0 let
ter with vlow tolls publication
In thotw fro iuent eolfadvcrtlsetiionta
Mr CiiEVCiiANl > continue to repeat
Tho New
himself and his opinions1
Yorknowflpapors have apparently bcRiin to
tcffiini the ox1rcsldont as a Ilead issue s
fur oa Intcrvlowlnjr him KOOS but other
journal occasionally find sonic Interest iu
what Mr CLKVOIAXD has to talk about
All of theso lottora and Intcrviewn ro
t point
innrks tho Americann correspondent
t one conclusion that thooxIrosldent does
I tot Intend to lot tho public forgot that ho 13 I
In business at the old stand and Is I a tvlllintf
i tandldato for tho nomination of 1892 Tho
lec nt activity Mr CrEVntAND8 literary
bureau Biirprlscsovcn his own friends
All this may b true nod yet tho mere
Tocltol of tho facts may b intended to carry
With It or suggest an imputation decidedly
r unfair t Mr CIEVJIAND Bo far aa we can
i 6 ho Is his own literary bureau There L
1 nothing discreditable In his ttottv < 5florts to
remind tho public of his continued oxist
ho la exorcteinjr ono
f nco On tho contrary li exercg
Iof I the In Indisputable rights of American dtl
I 1 ronshlp Ills business lathttt of a politician
His olnvln llfoia tho promotion of his polt
lical I fortunes IXL you dotfb tea whpt you
hrent t ask for i Is tho only rulo
In politics Oblivion is j death to I
j politician and practical common sense
I ausgott the very means which Mr GEOVKn
iCLEVELAND i has adopted t keep his name
r on It R8so > toopcak andootof the grave
T yard F from looking upon Mr CHEVE
I ADS gallant eirugalo for sellpreartrvn
Itlon a anything unusual or BhamefrJor
morally wrong we regard It with much
i sympathy and appreciation and we ore
glad t giro hm from Urns to time ftach
assistance aa can bo contributed by anliple
j > endent metropolitan newspaper with nn
j audience In every part of the land
Nor Is TnBSUNa willingness t
CixvEiiAND to 0 rensonablo extent In Ma
eamrmlgn for trubtldty affected Jn the Bllnttit
est degree h his Infirmities 1 of Judgment
and temper I may b poor policy on irIs 1
part fuj thoJjattunora American intimates
to display too much anzioty about jUongi
fo political future That Is a matter < ot
Which ho i the sautv Judge if
he is making a mistake In that rl
nobody else wllljifluflor Ib may 0 t
a too frequent and too pompous nvt
tltlon of the dIsmally abstract and unbk
torestlng propositions which arc sup
t oonstituto h platform may tend t bore
the public ear instead of charming It
end en toAwaken that sense of the tudl
croas which is hardly less fatalthaooblMoo
to certain aba appetites But I such
hold b the effect Ifc will b Mr Ct
IANDS mlafortnno rather than his fault
Bolfldolng his level best and clnlmarrt
EeJoig h l bt na
do Btlll less is onrwilllngnesa
can more Sti le I
to help Mr CLBVKWBCD affected by what
t hlp M C ae b
I tho Ama New York oorrespondenb
calls tho absurdity of his angry
utborste and somewhat ridiculous stt I
Itoenta about Tan SUN They shall no moro j 01
3olleot u from a impartial and benevolent
Hoourso toward this industrious candidate for
Jpubllo attention than tho serenity of our
bright namosokoin the heavens disturbed
by unsympathetic remarks about anyocca
clonol peculiarities of W corona Wo are
sorry I It Li true as the American as
r that Mr CLEVELANDS friends think
I S of bun elnoo ho lot h temper
Theso considerations are mutters of detail
too main proposition Is that Mr CLE
ttAiics ambition t b nommoted for rcsl
vlent In 1892 is 0 legitimate and rcspootublo
I knotlvo Ilols perfoctlyjright in his appre
jhenelon of tho fact that ho cannot bo nominated
ho allows his fellow
I inated if meanwhile aows W fclow
xitizens t tot him One thing and one
thing only wo fad tocrltlciso in his line of
t jpolluy On that point our opinion Is very
positive nnd it will not 0 modified Wo
fcefor to the moral aspect of Mr Onovrat
IDLKVELANUS asseveration that ho does not
personally desire what ho is BO unweaiiedly
I land continually working for
I Our New Twoheaded Territory
Tho bill creating the Territory of Oklaho
toa has passed the Senate and is now before
too Ilouao whore concurrence in It main
features will hardly b refused In some
1 fccspoctH this now domain is unprecedented
St Is smallest Territory over constituted
Xlng onetenth the size of Idaho and one
thirteenth thu size of Arizona I Is also
composed of two tracts completely separated
y a broad region occupied by Indians
Oklahoma proper the nucleim of the new
Territory contains Ias780u ncr lying bo
Neon Cherokee Outlet and tho Canadian
lllvor and having as its western border
xcopt at the northwest corner tho 98th
I meridian of west longitude No Mans Land
officially called l tho Public Land Strip which
la added t Oklahoma by tho Senate bU Is a
f tract of 3072WO acres with Kansas and Col
I orado on the north Texas on the south New
C sut
iJoxlco on the west and tho 100th meridian
u en tho east Chayennes and Arapahoou oc
cupy the space between these two tracts
Which together include 5WJHO acres
Tbo union of Oklahoma and No Mans
Lad lying nearly HO miles apart under I
4 common Territorial Government was op
I posed In tho Kenato as establishing an In
I jurious picivdcnt It wtia urged that on thu
same principle Fort Louvenworth reserve I
famo prnlplo reDrn
tlon In Kansas and Fort Bnelllng reservation I
In Minnesota might bo combined as ono
Territory I was also pointed out that No
I Mans Lund is under tho jurisdiction of tho
United mate Courtalttingul Purls in Texas
e that It O not lack protection for life
and property But other considerations pre
vailed over those objections It was shown
that while crimes and criminals can b
reached in No Mans Laud the popular
Impression that they cannot and theanom
blous condition of tho tract make It tho
refuge of fugitives from Jitetlco to tho tr
I ror and Injury of It Industrious and Wry
ettLers 1de for the administration of
1 P
bvroto gGtlnt1mu G far to forlsln Texas
astothecourt In Oklahoma The rltaof
contract and the various civil righto connected
which are loftnmJor
nectcd with property a Joftlnor
our system of Jurtatrudonoo J t tho State
o tho Territory turn not adequately taken
care of In No Marts Land bocauoo this
belongs t no Btato nnd no Territory In
nhort the reasons which have madelmpcra
tlvo tho prompt osUibllshment of a regular
Government Oklahomaapply also to tho
establishment of suqua Govoromouuitor No
Mans Laud whlloibo absence of nay bnt
Federal urlBdtctlonto > tho are between the
two tracts makes the objection bM on
their separation of minor consequence
Indeed tho Senate was uudoubUslty in
fluenced by tho comdetlon that It can only
bo I matter of a few years possibly of 1
few monthx who this Intervening spaco
between Oklahoma and No Man Land
will b 11 a condltJbonfor annotation t tho
new Territory BO making Its nreaK ontin
uoua Oklahoma poems plamlydentfocd to
extend itself 1 In various directions Trio Son
ato rejected tho proposal to odd t < it tor
judicial purposes to Cherokee Ouilot at
the north beoauso It was felt tbjit this
would b unjust toho Cherokees iliorhnps
also In violation of treaties Negotl atlonn
howovor ore still going on for tho pirchoso
of tho Chcrokco Outlet for which 0 liberal
price has been offered Should thy sue
cved mi area of C0i2344acrcs < wlll b lidded t
tho newTerritory making II ll682Bl acres
In all ormoro than double Its present size
Even should these offers fu Oklahoma is
likely I t 0 Increased in area I1 now sur
roundixl by Indian tribes with which nego
tiotia havo been going on The Government
ment bus nn undisputed right Ito plaeo
friendly Indians on the Cherokoa Strip by
paying a fair compensation for eujoh lauds
as arc taken Accordingly Its prolposals to
tho tribes bordering on Oklahoma uro usu
ally in nlternatlvo form ono bead that of
giving uiMill their lands nnd taklngeqtially
good ones on tho Cherokee Strip and tho
other that of accepting allotment In soy
cralty where they now nro and aellrnigto tho
Government tho surplus area TUrf tribes
with which negotiationsro thus ftolngou
Includo tho lowas the Kiokapoos the Sacs
and Foxes and tho Pottawnttomlcs on the
east of Oklahoma tho Chickasaw on the
I south nnd tho Choyonnes 1d JICS
ontho w stand northwest
In one way or another the borderfrofOk
lahoma will undoubtedly bo enlarged and
whenJn duo tlmoihls now Territory comes
Into the Union as n State it will b Jjy no
meonaadwarf among thoelstorhaod
Portugals Warlike Resources
1 1 not generally known that during
eomo recent years tho Importations Por
tugal from the United States have ben
greater than thoso from any other country
except Great Britain although just now
Franco Booms t hare ton the eccond
place byasmall margin This fact and tho
accidental relation Government to tho
East African quarrel through tbn American
cltlzenshlpofMr McMpRDO tho leading pro
motor of the ttelagoa Bay railway has lent
additional interest hero to the excitement
jiravaillng of late at Lisbon
I is Ioar to begin with L that tho Govern nu
eminent of Dom CARLOS L has beoncurcf ully
restraining tho popular wrath which might
otherwise boll away in window smashing
an In fruitlessly parading the streets
amid cries of Down with Eland
that it may find a moro practical work
ing vent in buying chips and building
forte To undertake simultaneously
porohuaoot eight now war vessels the 11
organizatIon of the army thocompletlon of
thoxlefenccaof Lisbon tho ending of float
ing docks to StPiiul d Loondo and Mazam
biqno and the procuring of a large supply
of torpedoes and hlghpowor gun Is agood
dealforutcountry expenditures havo
exceeded Its Income for ton years and
ivhloh now has 0 notional debt of half a
billion dollars borne by 0 population fewer
than 4600000 or with tho Azores and Ma
deira fewer than 0000000 people
Portugals army in peace is small The I
late King Dom Lcza cared moro for litera 1
ture than arms and although during a visit
t old Emperor WrujAil I he flaw military I
jdlsplaysand was mae n honor Colonel I
Wf Prussian Ilusgara he carried back from I
Berlin no purpose of golnlngmartlal renown
I tor his own kingdom The army onrth peace
footing comprises thirtysix regiments of In
fantry ten of cavalry and rather moro than
i s of artillery Held fortress and mountain
batteries There is also 0 strong regiment
10f engineers including torpedo telegraph
and railway troops Tho total is 32 offi
cers and men In war tho organlzatlonjs
increased to 8602 officers and 121195 men
making an aggregate of 125007 with 2
cannon Tho Infantry regiments have tho
lila three battalions of four companies
boob I war there are two marshals of tho
hrrny nine generals division and twenty
four brigadiers
These are the forces In Portugal t
lioned in the foreign possessions is a legl
itnentof infantry aided by colonial troops tho
itotal making 7 officers and 835smon or un
kggrcgato of 8826 An analogous Increase
UBio wa footing there would mako a total la
tio active army in tlmo of war at homo and
etiroud of 186000 men exhaustIng tl first
ctaM reserve Of the eccondclnss reserve
vihollyj untrained tho estimates are less
eact While tho actual peace force of Por
ti t gui l Is wnall her garrisons proent rather I
ii soldierly appearance and the posts are
ty < and well kept
The navy of Portugal comprises iu the
filEt place the Ironclad cruUor Vaeco tla
Oitmti of between 2100 and 2509 tons dm
plijeajraent thIrteen knots spied 1 more
aiHlnivon breechloading guns Including
tw41 10Inch and two Cinch Krupp andthrto
two Nordenfelt
40ifoundir AriimtrungBwlth
maflilno guns In her secondary buttery
BhtiaR a formidable ram bow aud an ur
inuinJ butt throughuut of from six t nine
liidms in thickness Built at the Thames
Ironl Works about fifteen years ago sho Is
gone irully kept In the Tagus for the defence
of L Isbon Of other war vessels thor era
sir iirvottos < lf toon gunboats abonta dozen
email btfnmura und n few torpedo boati and
tugs In nil there are about forty steam
vcssc PE3 and to theo may bo addod seventeen
flalllrr ships annod with numerous small
guns Tho Portuguese corvettes and gun
boats tire mostly products or tho best British
yardtl During the loot tlvo years several
good vessels of small dlnplncijmont havo
been raided from these soure Huch ns the
conel I fa Alfonso dAlbuijuorquo which has
two 0 t itucli guns and live < 4Upoundorti and
tho gu uboats Liberal zaIre Xambcsl neil so
on T bo personnol of tlm Portuguese navy
is unw malty good u bollts tho llttlo king
dom u Jilch once etooa in tho forefront of
mat pie nations whose > sailors mado it
renowi 101 by their adventurous prowess
There pro now ubout 3400 officers and men
In the naval service Many of tho odlcere
nftcra rourso at the Royal Naval Academy
ham v ildenod their experience by service
AH mid hhlpmen In tbo British or French
navies to which they wore iwimlttod by cour
Usy The seamen nro carefully trained In
the L ton naval barracks and shipboard
4 o kQI Jr rU 1 n
Tide anltablfforta awl ffofi for the aeglect
od approaohes t her capital she ab alms
c t buid approe up ler navy riho has loaned that
although a friend at arbitration
JOHN BOTU ntough frend r arbtr
ton In tho abstract is struck with the emi
nent virtues of compulsion whon dealing
with a emnllelzod power I Is true that
In this unsettled controversy
Portugal I wrong tl unsotto cntr
her claims to dominion In tho
versy musty cllims domiion
disputed regions of southeastern Africa
being practically obsolete throujh her fail
ure to act on them while Major 8E1t1A
PINTOS zoal has outrun discretion But
Great Britain has refused t allow Portugal
to tho
to book down graciously by yielding
decision of n rcfcwe Blue must bow to I
summary command
Of course all that Portugal could do to
equIp herself better for defence would not
enable her to pope with Eng aud which has
boon till now regarded rather O her special
patron and protector but It might soino
dny hell her chances for on alliance and
opnrt from the present trouble her posses
sions In Africa and the Kant Indies amount
ing to hundredn of thouHnnds of square
mlltis and Including millions of people I
would justlfyitho strengthening of her navy
UUhop WlCKer1
slop Wlagra
Last Sunday It nrns announced in tho I
Roman Catholic ohurohcs of Newark by or
der of Bishop Wuuicn that In accordance
with the decrees of tho Plenary Council at
Baltimore all Catholics numtsoud their chil
dren to Catholic sohooK under pain of de
nial of ulwolutlon unless expressly excused
from to doing by tlio Bishop for reasons
which should scorn to him hulllelcnt
This order has been bitterly assailed by
Protestants as a movement of tho Church of
Homo against tho public bchool system I
which should b resisted as dangerous and
revolutionary Ut wo cannot see how
Protestantu halo any concern In tho matter
Tho parties Interested are the llomon Cuth
ours and them only
It Is tho plain and frequently reiterated
policy and commaud of tho Church of Homo
that Catholic children must bo sent to Cath
olic schools that they must not bo placed
under tho purely secular education of the
State but mmt receive their Instruction
under tho direction of tho Church and In
accordance with Its religious dogma
Doubtless tho Roman Church would prefer
that tho lich ol fund should bo so dl
UdeU that Uu > Catholic schools would
bo supported by tho Htuto j and any
attempt to Obtain such u concession
might reasonably bo resisted by Protes
tants Jews Buddhists and Inildels ua con
trary to BOund pubic policy But when the
Church sets ur schools of Its own and sup
ports them It Js its own business nnd no
body elites and tho Church also has a right
to make such laws as It pleases for the
guidance of its adherents Nobody Ii
obliged to be a Roman Catholic and
therefore nobody Is under a com
pulsion in that respect to which ho
does not willingly l yield Whoever desires
to send his children to the public schools
can do so and It Is of hi own free will If ho
subordinates the desire to his conviction of
the neoesbity of rendering obedience to the
command of his Church If till public
schools better than the narochlal schools
bUliiAun nre ui w i LIIUII mu jfl v uu ovivk
ho sacrifices the secular advantage to what
ho regards as his religious duty For the
eamo reason puilitu send boys to Baptist
Jlethodlbt Prexbytorlan and Episcopal
college rather than to the great unlvor
elties of superior facilities for education
The Roman Church in taking the position
it docs with regard to tho education of
Catholic children burdens itself with much
additional expense but It IH consistent If
it believes that the souls of the children are
Imperilled under i system of purely secular
education it of course tttrotchfa forth its
hand to save them at any cost It Issues
a command ngalist which many Catholics
may rebel and which many others will prob
ably disobey with stubbornness for a larg
part of the pupils of the public schools an
of that faith and for social and other reasoj
their parents prefer that they should i6 >
thero rather than in the parochial schooU
Tho Roman Church therefore takes a bid
step as it has often done before whet it
enforces its theory and discipline In odor
to compel all its adherents to eubmltylon
But that Is purely a domestic mutterwith
Tvhloh tho outside public have nothlngo do
They can send their children to thoiubllo
echools to receive u secular cducutlor only
or they can employ religious solcolB of
their own way of thinking What Roman
Catholics do or fall to do with repectto
education within the Church does lot affect
others Nor is thoro any law of th > State by
which tho Church can bo forblddoi to refnso
absolution to those of Its adherents who die
obey Its spiritual authority It has a right
to forco Into its schools under the pain of
such an ecclesiastical penalty as many
Roman Catholic children as Itcnn
But tho Church must HUppfft tho schools
Thero IB I no union of Clutch and Stiito
hero and there can bo no pipllc taxation for
the schools of any Church or to propagate
any religious doctrines n d dogmas Tho
education of the State irovldod solely be
cause of civil necessities must bo secular
consistently with itt I theory It cannot
IJO more ttmn u elmph elementary educa
tion This whole traiblo about religion
comcsfrom tbeunjtitttablo extension of tho
State Instruction far yond l such a limit
Mugwump Sadness
come up from tho bottom of the sea with a
letter In hid mouth for the editor of our
esteemed contemporary the floaton Journal
Mr HTON hnb ilay b < eu lugubrious and
the leuiovul of that handsome Brahman
hrul from tho post of Collector of Boston
has made the melancholy reformer sadder
than a wooplhg willow But this Is I a very
sad country for Mugwumps and nobody is
particularly concerned at the grist QI a
weeping Chinese philosopher There IB one
passage In his lament for tho HALTONBTAI
however which Is perhaps worth a pcuful
of ink for It contain a common assumption
and Illusion of the Mugwumps to wit
I bold It la be beyond ijuintloii llifct the Collector ii l
lluftrm like nil others h toulan liugliilij 11 In no
proper stab o a polltlijU aSker At Lii III 14 I cnlr the
IOllJ system only a view of him whIch prnttttut till
fuuctlont tg the rervlce bf a party which wakes lilm
tiuch Au ideal Collector vould tie a tboronsh man f
UuslueM wtttjout partisan prelndlc wLo weuld Dot la
tertero partltaa > ollllci
Tho Mngwiiniplnn vlow of the littles of
Finknil illloeholdeibls uufortunnUly Incom
plete AK hPrvanU of till Government they
out I II huh Ii I fill wrvlixt und bhould be l > thor
ough men of IJUIIIHS But us the Govern
muiit Is udmlnKtered by intvuns of political
pm ties the ndinliitxtnttors should bo mem
bers of the party In power ami their activity
in pnrtlsanpolitics In HO fur as It does not
Inlerfero with the efficient db > chargo of their
duties and is not exerted for tho purpose of
controlling party caucuses nnd conventions
by means of an organized Federal machine
Ib I useful and praiseworthy Nothing could
be less consonant with tho American spirit
and American Ideas than tho Mugwump
echomoot a civil service oompoaedof per
ment la politics and to appoint Gorernm
offloonor to retain them In offloo without
regard to their politics lean absurdity
Too Much happiness I
Our eeteemdcl oontotnporarj themma
City Journal dlsjibxys In thesutjolned para
graph an Insight raolljr remnxfcnbls in the
case of a newspaper published westot the
ninetyfourth meridian
If New York doea not r tU World FaIr Editor
lumtT OODIIR will not dart to tab I 0 111 wood to
Totd Ue roltir crowd ASS New Trrli wvoMtoU
Bdltet noDiii Rren Tea Rtnr It tins clnlerw pr
aented of the World Fair or Oonnut woal5ey OT
U UOoIIM Wo can bu mere fun wtthOoMUrtlian
with the Pair
Well ns It now appears wexehull hnvo the
Fnlr and have GODKIN too Ito dll not
take to tho woods Ho will stornlyremaln
to officiate with grim and approprlato iiuall
llcatlontt ns tho skeleton at tlio feASt
To have tho Worlds Fair even wIthout
GODKIN would bo glorious To btavo lIe
Worlds Fair nnd GOUKIK running cintu
tanomtsly upon this blcsaod lolandjot Mui
ImtUui will simply bolmmonoo
Two bills In tho Interest of clerks and
other nerrnntaot the Post OIIIO are More
ConcroBB both baring been intioduued If Mr
KKTCIIAM Dutohess Onobfll peodd that
elaht conaecutlvo hours shall form r days
work In Pout Ofllocs of the llrntBoco l and
third classes and that overwork halt receive
extra pay Tho other bill provbhM Uat snob
servants shall have vaoatlonB with tnll nary
to for a period of not loss than Uto days In
any one fiscal year after servlnacfone yew
Wo understand that tho propoiKKjlocUlatlon
merely iralna for those within < b > Post Office
the benefits which were setafod for the
letter carriorn largely throui the efforts
of tho late BAitosi 6 Cox There Is no
question whatever that public sympathy was
with Mr Cox In hla attempt l > obtain fairer
pay and easier conditions for I Yis hurdworklnir
and Intollljtont clajs of imbl < j rvants A year
LLO this week bit said in CoKress eoncornlDic
tho last Post 011100 AppropBi1on bill
I know Ibal s clark who harfo memorlie 6000 and
moro names of boiholdera li I K r York dy besides
the continual cbaiwu In lh ICICS of aeparaUon
bold cot be dlicrliulnate rftlnttby any bill and the
clerk aialnit whom the dIt1mIIIo In mail maj
feel holT the lnintlco fOfoteA Hut I am conteii
tor the present ilnce I caop get V that I deilre to k >
the Lnl I on trtntlnctoi iJP rtenee 10 rtmtkdv
Ibo icheine
This equalization Itwhat isiaimed at bytho
measures now prop od
I That polyphon old polysyllnblst Jo
BKWIUS COOK dlwubsod too following topics
during his talk joflboroo in Boston yesterday
Minority Rule fi Conuress Remnants of Ito
banion In WosllnKton Ballot Hoform State
and National Joform In Ooneresslonal Pro
coodlncs tho TanAmorloan Congress
Joarj > iiu3 cot pump moroWlnd Into his organ
of speech thm any other living man It is
carious to tllnli how many caeca of deafness
would not h ro occurred If I hoUiad boon born
Tlio Waington Critic tells the following
story abou one of the beatknown Representa
tives thattho constituencies of this city send
to the FoAral House Representatives
Conffromen jpirf of Iiw York and IATLRR of
Illinois wiked through tie marble halls arm In arm
Tte furmf It 1 about as radical tils lews 1 u to tlio
hailing v the MurUs Pair In New York u the latter is
In LolUlU It In Culoago
nan OUIKI arrived In Washlmton said the
brainy k1rIfltettVC from Chicago lie lost his ere
trlMses I H dropped into a well known ocoJlnts tstab
llshmtt on 1ennBytvanla arenne and said Bee here
1 wan7 ° u to test lur cjresltht and make me A pair of
glaM 1 Remember though tbst I am from New York
and IYOU I do not so construct that It will be tm
pestle for me to ee west of the Alleghany Moan
tale 1 I HI not pay yon for them And now said
Como L wum Qcui cannot cren set through
blcUseea read a ChlcaKO newspaper
Ye are persuaded that this piooo of jocosity
icot true Mr QUCTN la too broad a man and
fe reads THE Sex too regularly to give way to
uch narrow ideas roSDOctuie tho crest coun
fty of wbloh ho is a citizen Tho story In one
> f those clever jokes which Fnoin LIWLEI
ovos to Invent at tho expense of his friends
It Is no longer THOILS CoiiUinioijrouiA
and doni you forget it I
ft New York CoojcreiVBaan Im I vlacCa
From Ua rMtairtpKU rrtu
Urn Bplnola on Tuesday last held her third
and final drawing room assisted by her friend and
truest Mm 1 Whltford of Long Island lisa and Mrs
BplnoU lira here with larlsh elegiac In onaof the his
torte suites I of apartment at the Arlington They bring
their own carriage with llrerled drlrer and footman
and blat steppinK bays They rent the pew that was
ITesldnnt and Mrs Uranfl In the Metropolitan Uetbod
In Church aear by UM seu of Senator and Mrs Stall
ford and the family of the lat Oen Xogan
Mrs tjpinolas receptions AT equalled tirthelr beauty
of detail by those of few other entertainers cure In
houses of their own and Gen Hplnola with hts martial
air and staadlngcoIUr Is fond of comic tome
early from Congress on that day and bringing Mveral
of his New York colleagues astlst 111 wvlcumtn Mrs
fiplnolaa frlenda
fiunnK her Tlslt to Europe list summer Mrs8iInoU
was entertained at the chateau of the General cousin
the Marquis of Kplnola In Genoa luly 8ho brought
with ber tri larlj gow us lit for a princess
Flue Jet on be KIcctlOB ef 18D9
fm ti Globe Democrat
Col Joseph K lUckey of CallaAvay county
WoU a hard man to bluff Tne other day a Chicago
oapltallit who had come to Washington as a Worlds
Fair boomer advanced the proposition that he could
Hume the next IrwUent for a cnnslileiMlon ot uaurs
For how much t siked Col Itlckey
Per CM against Jioa said the boomer
Ill lake It Nam the man said Col lllokey
Hebert T Lincoln was the reply
The bet stands If Mr Lincoln elected PrnMent
iDa > lr Wcler IciestiOuu If 1 ho lint Mr Lyons
t A This Is probably thelnllul waiter ontheatmpaUjn
ot 1092
New fork Coonldrrcd us n Coiintvi e t
rYom he ittiltliitart Amfrlcan
After THE BUN imiUnir UD all of that ton
thousand dollar to draw the Worlds Fair to a county
seat U Is I not pleasant for < ur etUanied couteuporary
toconteuplateatuuland Jlimal failure Btlll U 1 did
what It I could and In th laiiuafe of Tin Buis pool
II may be happy yet
You bet
A Heathens Idea of a Great Ukmucrallo
Htmtet > ii
From the > lipi > U < rMiinmt
Among the books In Governor Hills library
at Albany are The Art of I Mwslnir ToJiarco nut AI
cohol Stun FluctuatlottS trout 1HTU I Iu ItMHi an I
many novels standard anJ otherwUe The uou rnor
10 fond or lore stones IIU fnTorUe American author
U Bret Harts aU ot whose bunks be has read and reread
A HrendalUe of 1roUnt Is JeraoN hEY
The Jersey City Board of Trade passd roso
lutloiiH yesterday pro Will of raln Ihaol uiaii by the
Ledilalure of the bills alluwlutf patent pateueuls tot
laid In Jersey tOy pn rtdiu < for e new Oily Hall Iu the
city allowlnif Hie city to Mrrow money 1011 Cited
cleanlnn bllU authorizing hi bo cuunty to build a new
pUi iuiu > Mne asylum I establlshlnx I a Hoard rll Klectrlo
Comrol miktiif u unlawful lur the till I to euier into
ten year contracts vrutatluir Ih prloi of lias coin
= = g IJfn
Ylrn r ll4iIdInge
Iiellmit hon o uwiiers to pill Ure outS on lllllillnil <
more limn three elitEs blab Incrsauug the pay uf
members of the Hre Hepririiiieiii iniresilim the p >
ot the mate lUllroadCooimlMlon and mlo IlLS Board
of Aldermen the rirht to permIt a railroad cnmfauy ti >
rhatis the gred ut a Street TIO protests will U wul
to Trenton tult wok
JII hi not
JIlnlsterHo yon saw some boys flkhlnu on
the Habbnih my youig man fid you doauytblnn tv
dUcourace them r
Uuill SoyYts sir I stole their ball
Wanted nomelhlna erassI
Well Freddy whit are you aolne to bo
when you grow to be a man r1
llbI1111 Ill aaocraarJ of I Grant monument fund
The llluttratHl American Is a new candidate
for the faor of tie public Iii poCS Illustrations
both In color and In black and whit are ef a I hlch
trade uf artUtlo excellence aud lbs editing seems to be
done with wit The uberiptl llo U flO year 554
niA rMUiortwMlr > an wan ttt rtUnU
ADPOCdnlO ma nojmjurn toasjoz
Mr TTmiifssilKr XII i AsMKhw n
PrehdnJCkmsdIer Opp eI Co 6Pt
WAIUlllfITON Feb IITho House Com
mittee on Post Offices and Post Roads con
tinned todny Its consideration of the subject
ot a llnjtoJ postal I telegraph eorrlce The
meotlntf was publlo and PostmnstorQeneral
Wanatraker and President Chandler of the
PofltatToletrraph Company wore present The
com tee questioned Mr Wanamaker and
Mr fjandler concerning the bill prepared by
tho TOBtmaMerGonornl
MI Wanamaker said that he had never had
nn personal dlfflculty with tbo Western Union
Tooaraph Uompany Ills first hope lie said
hfl been to persuade the Western Union Com
liny to look at tbo matter of telegraph rates
ft he saw them Hut ho had failed In that lie
laid ho wnnto It distinctly understood that
there was no pononnl feeling Iu his comliiK
before the committee and ho had offered the
present bill simply as a study for the commit
too lie said It would be agreeable to him to
havo section 7 of his billthat fixing rates
amended so as to vest the PostuiasterQonoral
with tho power of filing the rates and allowing
him to chicago nom from tlmo to time lie
also said be thought tho Civil Service Commis
sion should control the proposed now service
and ho would also recommend that tbe bill be
amondnd so as tn prevent the use of tho wires
fOr political purpores Dy employees others
lie was not making any Uoutlona on the I
telegraph oompanlox on account of tholr rntos
us that wn purely a buslnuoa mntlui The duy
was coming when there would bo a uniform
postal system reaching over the entire ootmtry
and Initiative must proceed the lino now
proponed Tbo present machinery of the 1 ott
I onice Department nliould be used lie would
start tlio ivstem with true dellTory oulces be
having that before Congress adjourned It
would greatly Increase that sen loo Ills
whole aim In using the employees now
engaged was to obviate tlio objections
which bad boon raised that a postal tolo
graph would take a great deal of money
from the Treasury and would bring In a
new army of employees lie knuw thu tele
erarh people thought ills tchemo visionary
He instated that It was not a now thIng for
oapitallita to organize tulcgrnph COlDllIlDls
The present instance would olTor a Croat In
ducement for capitalists us It would not re
quire no much money as starting new tola
graph companies did In olden times Ttio of
flees wero already providod und a barge
amount business was nlruuuy assured If
the Uovernment f lionld full to got a satisfac
tory contract ho ontondod nothing wouldbo
lost by tho experiment
Mr Chandlqr was nuxt mentioned by tho
commIttee lie was asked partIcularly con
cerning tile relations ot ttio Iostal Tologmuh
Company with the Woutorn Colon but lie 81t111 I
there were DO contract relations Htwoon tins
two companies that need uIToct tho considera
tion of tee present bill lie said thure were
many olats of mutual Intercut to tllll ccmua
ulos while at tho same time there was sharp
competition totweou them
Mr Chandler said that his company could
not lo tho work proposed at tho maximum
rates provided in thy bill without loss o
oilier company could do It without hoes Of
course It the GoMroment furnished till facil
ities tlio employees It would troatlr rc
lIevo thu company doing the work oi u largo
xt > vnbn Ho however bad not gone into u I
detailed examination of the bill Tho pro
posed new rates would cause a groat deal moro
We want ho said to favor tho interests
of tho Government every proper way but wo
do not want to neo a Government tolourapu es
tablished or the beginning ol a Government
tnlegrarh that will destroy soien or cltht mil
lion dollars which wo lime Invested In this
property and make It valuolebe Wo do not
think the Government has a right to do that
ana if It has that right wo think it would bo
unjust nnd very unreasonable to vxcrclbo It
Mr Vndo frl Missouri Introduced a bill In
the House today to establish a iio eminent
postal telngraph system Hie bill creates a
bureau under the control of a fourth asatatant
PostmoMarUoutirnt with u salon oqiiiil to
that of tbo other aH < < lstnuts roftmuBterGeu
era Thlb offlcnr shall cnuxo to bo constructed
through the States and Territories a trunk
too of postal telegraph to reach and connect
all cities and towns that m w hMo toleuiaiililc
omluunI lIon rime postal tolcgraiili l hliall I bo
construct and kopt Iu repair tuulor the i di l
rection of the Secretory of War tlrrneu the
Corps of Knclnoers arid the Iostmav
terUenoral Is nutnorlzoJ to employ all
persons necessary to conduct tho busi
ness of tho proposed system The
rate for transmitting messages shall IJ
for 500 miles orloas IJ i cents tot twono words
from 500 to lOOD miles ono cent a word anti a
corre3pondlna decrease for greater distances
1rntss donpatches arc to be taken lOOH miles or
less at onethird of a rout a word and greater
dlstaaaes at proportionate rates All persona
Rliall have the right to the use of tho tologranh
IInos for thu purpose of corresponding at the
rates hired by tho Iostnjasterdonoral Thorn
Is nothing In the act to prohibit Individuals or
corporations from carrying on the bunincSH of
operating telegraph lines Eight inlllloii dol
lars la appropriated for the purposes of the bill
Fnrelcn Note of Itenl Interest
rnslUh drainstlo paper announc that Micii Agnes
Uuntlujton In about to bring an operatic company to
this country under the tnanaffement of Marcus Meyer
The record of salmon celchtnt In Englkh waters t the
put season rhvWR a tailing oft In Flue I and number from
previous years There were many catches huerer of
Sob wejghiiir from forty to sixty pouuJs
In the British nary In IVA the sick 1 Hit loclnded 087
men out of every thousand In the service and that was
he best hon the navy had nude sluce 101 Tho
death rata was f71 to the thousand
The English Government Is I transporting young tree
by the wholeaale from tcolland to the Isle of Wan
where Oreeba Mountain Is being thickly planted will
them as an eiperlmeut with practical tordry on a
large scat
The chief Clerk In a Liverpool court has been arrented
upon the charge of typlematlrally stealing the revenue
sumps row doouments passing through hu Lund hi be
put on file The matter hat been going on fur many
ears bud the profits to the Clerk have been enormous
At tb Lut half yearly meeting of the Ioudon Dock
Companies WAR reported that the recent strikes had
not only brought an Increase of wages to the orknien
but had resulted In masking them less I tllcleiit so that
ellbt men cow had to is hired to uo this work that Clx
did before The Increase In tbe CAM of labor for the but
bait over the hid ballot 1559 was tea hundred thousand
A new crime has developed At Manchester It u
called scuttling and consists Iu a party of young
men and gtrls lylug In wait for obnoilous fellow
workmen or for icabt > and hustling beating and
kicking them upon tile publla PtreelH It has got so
common that the inatfitlratefl bare Inflicted severe
enteucss upon senral girl and young inca for Hit
purpose > of breaking It up
The Clerk of MI Kdtnbnrgh court has Inn been ten
traced to ImprlPonment for abstracting from the
records or the court per relating to 1 famous raite of
a century or to ago and peddling them out among anti
quartans aOl curtoilty dealt rs It bus bern discovered
hat iQHny ether documents of the name sort are mil
It lik and It N I supposed that this epocle of theft has been
xunslrrly practusl by other court utlictru
The joilce of ireuoble I France tiive 1 mysery on
laud In the nee of aglnveuiuktr corned IVyrlneu a
women naius 1 lullenue Oabi In vthoNe house lit lived
and another woiiiiiu Madame Hiiymcnd a friend of
label all three h1 hit been found dead uitli bulleu
hrough their bruins and a revoher tightly clenched In I
Octet baud Iu spite of hilt revolver this Indications
re that either the two women were lnt killed by the
roan who then commUted filicide or that the whole
three were murdered by thlevea
The theatre for the performance of IhIJ1er lu
au Iaxblon Iltty this h summer IH I now aimott reudy
nd rehearsals liave tegun Jmef llnr tigalu lake 1
hi tie part of CrJr A few duy ago a wooden crops
lobe forty feet high which has long been a lonijilcu i
Otis alien on Ihe summit of tho hofela hill which
> er badowsOberammergau v4 blunts down during
a lolent norm The catastrophe Is I held by many of
tte villagers to betoken that this years performance of
hue Iaitlon Ilay will be the bit
Iu K7 William farter a Liverpool sailor AKI 20
ecompauled by his young wife and two children tout
vsasgs on tlm picket hIp Illlam and Mary bound for
Montreal A short Hue ufterthe vrsoh heft the Mer > ey
lurker who was on tl o spar deck leaning over the rail I
bet his balance and Itiiublid into the tea Iarkfr vuu
cwtii eslnl and given tip for lost The wi low 011110
u1 her o > uge tliuily settling down in the vicinity of
lontreal and soon finding an admirer uarrltd again
nil seoond marriage was disturbed the uUter Usy by the
nddrn appearance of Parker wh < i It seems had been
picked up by a Portuguese merchantman bound for
Sooth Amnrlct and arriving In that country resolved
to seek hlH fortune before joining his family
The Paris police traced an Italian criminal named
raIse to a rerlaln tenement house on the Kueile 1 Tour
ellw but failed to find their mel In U e apartments
where h had been staying As they a irs leading llvy
met a moan on hue stairs Whom they arrentsd on sis
ilelon He proterite1 that he was an honest rltuen
living n thi door below the one the police ha I titlied
and that he was about at that hour of the morning be
auie he had got up from ted to go and get th milk for
the breakfast ooOee The polio lei him go to the rooms
bath said were hla and there found some other man
n bd with a leplng 1 woman The honest cltlien went
into ptroxrems ef rage which were fairly rivalled by
the wife wben ha awakened and found a man whom
site called a ilraour In I the bed It was finally dlrcor
red that th boniest ltlen was honest au I so was the
woman vhlt the strauge man WAS the criminal who
lied slipped out of hla own rooms a ben he heard the
detectives coming and creeping dowutlie stairs and
hanolng to dad Ih boat cltliens door left open by
tim wile ke JivaVtnl Cur the milk ha tgpfkt
ntonttitr <
IUra rl1AJfnr aoAtuiro
ArIrao Ya d At5 lbs Yartea
11111 Uar4 4 lbuy
AM AHT Feb 18Tbe Aewmbly and
Senate Joint BMlro Committee heard this
afternoon the final arguments on tho llopld
TransIt bills
I KitCorporation Counsel Beokman objected
to the section of tbe Fassott bill which permIts
tho Ilupld Transit CommISsioner to change
detail In tho plans
Julton T Dnvlos proposed an amendment to
both bills which would permit the existing olo
vatotl roads on application to the Hapld Transit
Commlsilonors to develop tholruyatom and to t <
connect their depots ferries Ac lie approved
the provision In time rasett 1 bill which permlU
tlio elevated system to lay I a third track aol
opposed tho Ivos bill which makes no such
William C Trull said ho would send to tho
committee several amuntlinonta In writing to
provIde for limiting tho amount of capita
stock and for tho cooperation 01 tlm commit
shin with tho proper local authorities In case
an underground road affects subwaY struc
Jlolvllio C Smith ropresontlng the Arcade
road said lie would oppose at length Jlr HOBS
bill if It had any chance of pasmigo l l but It hat
no chance That Mil lulled to provide for ni
underground system which was tho only solu
tlon 0 the rapid transit problem
Mr Ivob mid ho rroiioeod to amend tlio bill
to make It conform to the bill ai It iatsoJ tie
Henato Ill tour which would obviate Mr
rimltlia objections
Mr Davies fiiild thin statement confused the
whole Hltiiutluu It anpnttrud mat the orlglnu
Mnyura bill which nil liml boon discussing
vas not tin real bill a huh tho Mayor now
fa voted Tlio city autlntltlff now eo mod to
favor tlio bill ns amended and passed by the
Senate lest year
Mr ho said ho wished 1 It to bo understood
flint ho would I ncrotit the amptiilmenta lust
year adopted nnd honed his bill would bo ro
ported for consideration If not favorably
s An fins IlI IAKS nu co ara
Kdonrcfi Knrplnii unit h4aIrleu or New
1f > rk und Jlrooklrn hank
AIBANT Feb 18Tho annual ntutomonti
of the New YOlk and lirooklm savings banks
give the following lluuroa
TWO Kllarltrf
Httottrffj ityllit Dflflntt
Uowory fA74inKti f4 ie 7711 i
Kniifrrant Industrial 43fc M14 I I40IL1 741II I
Lxcelnlor tI2 > 4 I7H 7U4 a2iO
Ulineif 1 Mlllninitburgh llKJIlto hhllO 7 JHI 1
houlh Hank 2shitre 2IH2I MJ7IK
Wept Hide 4ln7 I 1074 I till ii
ou ell n > Mtui 7JU > biit4d 47 tn7
City of Hrnoklyn 444II 411 llnl
llreenpolnt Hruoklyn l1IIAij 277 771 ltii 1
Meirujfiiiituii 4Hlilil 4 771Mil 14UIM
r i i
Lllltld tits U4KJ a7uo
tat ilrookltL lH > riHI7 II1J701 71714
limit of Brooklyn IC l Oil 2 l07hh170
Union Dime nr S i V u ijn4i 7IAW7 i ti
lit niian of Hrooftlrn 2 I h29J 117254 ito
Ii riuan or Nt w Vtrk 25i1a1J17 i2114li14 tit5 I
Amirlcan cf > SW York 75521 Jt 41MJ
Droik > n lbis772 1t47i1t 41015
HretMgtMernksN I V Otj 1511591 I 84Mt
I Itlren s Mvlngs 131 5544 la44tt 1 HtUIA
host ow York hank fa i4 4 411511 17V 1
Greenwich New lork 28l1l4 41J 124 coH
MiKI ouuty Uank OJIU11I4i i 3lil l7IU
lUrlMii 41001115 Pt072 Ut 1 loll
MniTiittt4ti MCII t2I 532 J JI
Iiry 1iKk 17011 IV7IU u49ii
Irving 7t5t421 IWVUIT IMSVI i
Rant llvr 11TI14IS IlullMl iil19
< ew irk bUII4tl 111272 lkltul
rrnuklin n u HK12 671111 1274
1rnadwnv 4liii35 S7 IIUK I
2Mm mhurghof Dkijri 33sl7 llil aooiYn74 4t 20
Ilujh lok 4V17S3 hlt 2H
> orthiiiver BamMII 245J IS 11544
Hank for Havings N r ool4a 5156059 714111
Oeruaiilaot Kings 1ItOtJUO l6J40tf 5s
PvefCBdtnc Henitlnaiily to encnbo tlie
Lrim nrtlio Mtcumhli Krln
A piece of lltprnttiro or Illlfxraturp said to
have boon found In a bottle In the East Hirer
at the foot Tilrty8ientli street by Thomas
nowd with a lilt of charred wood tied to tha
bottle ns a float wan so tit yoxtorduy tn 1ollco
Captain Ityaus station houie This is tho pIece
S s krlu Ilurnlug OIl f u Juuy 3rd tuo sj miles
East of liarbarodla Ii I
JiK tool
his Dr K Kntr So near you no full of gloulng hop or
Coot folding > oi in my arnui noah 11 comini heir
me The h s wifh I I 101 S i Y on Is I burning I v rite
this by h1 I glit ut nor IMtfral I byre 2 of toots n t
the deck IHfuluf I IliAtl rattle Call t 2 of creK tnesed
iivtrbuarl by the flint uiilniaU mine hour wo v111 111
I e In the bottom or the ocean We are all lost list may
heat en fiu marcy on ui the tire l tend rtUtrol Ij
bin going toeul 1 Ills UI in A bottle hoping I and praying
that fome dill It I uisy bo found May Iud bless you aol 1
blete nIl a iTO ennul help uln S ou 10 ho may Und
this uralf rrntn a drownfui mnti I irnplor you to uie all
posilaule I dlipaloh t In Jurwarding It 1 to J
On tho other 61 ldo was written
lr wife Sly wife lull dod Ulsfs It I
This was written In Ink on tao sheet of
whlto paper It was potHlblr intcntlod to in
creii ° e tile nngtilsli of theipo who wero bereaved
by the loss of tho etcatushlD Kriu with sixty
Haven souls aboard bho Is lost true enough
but die VII not within a tuoupnnd miles either
of UurLndoea or of this pkaaajjt jester ou
Jan 3
Hiitrttnallrta Tell Their Dupe That Jnut
Ckrlit is In Need of Money
SCSQTJKIIAXKA Feb 18 StiFjuchnnna
county is greatly Interested in a queer law
suit Philander Brown and his wife of Lathrop
township were last week arrested and brought
before Ksuulro Courtrlght In Montrone
cliircod by Iaul Hill of Luttirop with lleocing
him out of tJTDO Hill says that Brown and
his wlfo claimed to ho cplrituallots lucy
prunontod to him that Usiid ChrIst was iu
need of a barge BUI > of money and that Hill
muft Riipnly It Irown nlho inlil ho hud re
ceived letters nskln for money arid xitiiied
Jesus Christ and that lio had also received
letters pmi > ortltij t como from a do
coatod relative of Hill onvliig that sii was
very much In need of roomier and elotlieji
Ait > r one ol thin inuit uxcltlng trliilie over
hell In thIs county Jrou timid his ii Ito woto
held Ii bull in deiutili of vvhnh they uverl ont
to jail Drown now rlnui l suit miilnM Hill
und A II Mrtolnm his attorney lofilainiwes
amountIng to 1iuoui ami also agaInst on
stable Orlando 4 WatroiiH and Esquire Court
right for tloouu each for false Imprisonment
lletlclriiQleN oftlie Electrical Execution LITV
BAIIATOOA lob IH Judge 1lsli who seii
toured Joseph CliaiilpHU to ho executed at the
Btute prison at llanneinota him filed nri mlu
Ion In which ho culls attuntion to the ques
tions arising In relation to tlio execution of the
loath penalty by tlm Vardon of the prison
Tim opinion dnllnoi the dthtlos of time Warden
who is romilrid to in tie a certain number of
IKMAOUH Them I x no rtiiiiliomenl I h tnnt any of
those iJiirKins shall accpt the invitation nnd
attend tho oocutlin llio inoimliiL1 nnd m
tont of time law nro not clear acoonllni to tho
ohlnion Attotilliiii Id uliu chilled to tlm full nro
to urovldo fur tlio prut tico of nn evucr at tlm
elocution 1 lie rcnifily vliioh lutlcn 1 1Ish
BiiUKeatBlHthnt In wlmtlnt the mod leal men
ittid In uppilntinu denutlxi tin t urduii shell
try to hind ouo uho m un fluctrlcul export
Our UlHpuIci With seaS
OTTAWA Id Idlii Pirllninent today
Mr Jones of Halifax asked tile Oovernmot If
nay nax tuition wire In proems rcunrdini
limo ronowll of tlio modus u lcinil Mr Joliti
Macl uaM mid All Hi1 I I iiiihtlons it ItMio
otwoeu 1 Canada nail tint 1 nludMutci uro now
the Miliiict if f eoiiinniiilcnl I n lntunon hor
MaiiKt H IIlll1tur iiml thn ntetary of Htato
ol I tlio I t ill ted iii lit 04 Mr i 1 lllnlnc 1 Tlm iinoMlun
which at thin niotiont mure UDiiiclullv uiiuauo4
attention of ucuotlatlui iinriloi Is IlolirlnscB
KlrnltH AH rocard iho modus lendl I
would ask the uentlouiau not to press the
auoBtloti Tim matter liai Loon relegated by
hor MajostyB lovernmcnt to bo treated at
Washington oiclusholy
ails lfvler dimes ti Her Martyrdom Mt
Mlbb AinyC Kowlci Sittor home hrtrtitio
limo rncllHh girl who Is to devote her life to
work in the liipor sottleniont at Molokal loft
Now York ut J oclock yoiturday to go direct to
Km Finnclsco wlionco Bho nails on Friday of
noxtweek for Honolulu lluforo leaving Miss
JowlprniiirosiOl feelingly nor gratitude for
I lie Ii hod Ilimut oxteitu toil tu I hot rorhonully i I nnd
this gilicrosith toiVltd tlm unUiitiiiiiitu olie n
gIbing nmong nlilih hIlt n liecn nnuilfeiied
ii bite eli to hits bcoui In I Amrrlrii J locontrlhu
tlonn to till lopcr < iimoiiniiil npinovlmiiiuly to
lin in i mii > HI d other giltn sent tiom all
parts of the ciuniry
Hoiltll Slots hI U A > irullnic I Illl AU
Ilutnr H 1 Feb J lit itit > Houfen lois
passed n joint resolution admitting that deetf
tutlon exIsts In many parts of tho Slate and
that time furthers mutt be furnished with seed
wliBBt by iiulillo mid Private Hiib criptlon
Urn rnHolutlon dodarflB that under tho spite
CoiiBtltutlon tiito aud cuiiPty are iKjHorio
to render nld and that all assistance roust
como from otilBlUo sources Tlio whole mutter
IH P lamil In Kin liiiiuiH t1 I Ooi Mulletto who
wiLt upiicul to the iust lor uid
Tho Count f failii st Iluvnna
lIAvANA Feb 18 The Count of Purls and
hls party left hero today on visit tof Santa
itosa Tk1eiuyqthc teland Qk1WhV
oxnlvo rnrRnA wzmu
Aldrbe Sa floatitI fcr Oea War
aer ul Tfcos ta Fltth orNevwda
An audience of 400 people gathered In the 4
big hall of tho Cooper Union last night at a
mooting called br the committee appointed at
the National Silver Convention at 8U Louis to
agitato the placing of silver on an equal foot
Ins with cold Ion Edward Curtis of Ban
Tranolsco called the meeting to order and In
troduced exPostmastorOoneral Thomas I
Jiimos as Chairman Mr JamoB admitted that
in the past ho had not boon a silver man
but ho said that ho wanted to BOO n full discus
idea of the question Jon Curtis road the fol
lowing list of Vico1rosldonts of tile meeting
Kdwords Ilorropont William R draco John
Thompson II K l Thurbor James II Colgate
John Strnlton C l ° Cox F O lloyd Z liurnx
U It 1otlor and Warner Miller Messrs
Ilorropont Grace Miller 1olUr and Thutber
worn not preront
lion A J Warner of Ohio Chairman of the
National Silver Commttteo was the first
speaker lie said that between 1850 tho time
of the great gold dlscovorloa In Australia anti
California and 1873 the time of the demone
tization of Bihar the prices ot staple com
modifies In this country had Increased 33 per
cent Vet since tlio demonetisation of silver
in 1H7U prlcoa had sunk to au low or lower
ban they wow in 1850 hlnco 1H73 tlio pro
duction of the groat crops of the country had
Increased CO por cent The price per bushel of
tlio crops wiui much louor than before that
time Today a lou flier to got a dollar hail to
pity three moiiBiiret of uheat ax against two a
mousuresbulote tbodomonotlutloti uf Hllvet q
Abe trouble was that tho Incrouno of money
mil not kopt pucu with the Incniumi of popu
lation Mimcy WIIH conllnnd to a cold standard
nnrt thnro vat romtiirntlvoly lltiln moru gout
In the country than In Ib7t Tlilncs were bail
onongli now on account of this but how wotiM
they bit In n low decades when the population
bhould bo twice as cm lIlt I
The eoinmoii Itlen Is said lien W urnor
thnl tin vahm ot gold Is aluiiys till Raltic 1
lioard John thurmnn nay the value of gold was
HB constant HH llio sun litti destroy nil other
leruiBot lnomiuy and woulil the alno of gold
bo the nanio iot that uas lone mitistnntlallt
when they made the coinugo met wholly upon
a gold bltis <
Mr Warner elnlmed tlm not ono men In u
million I In tim Is country roiilly I knuw when the art
of Uemonetbnilun nits paBsiHl lie had never
boon able to find u man who knuw ut the lituo
of the PIISIIBU nf the net that the doudly words
of ilotnonctlrnllon wire bidden there It wan
known In London und Berlin long befurn It
ihis known here lnglnnd wu the creditor
tiatlti of tlm world anil U I F tilt hngllKlt could
got thn moitiuru In wnlch they were to bn tmlj
enlarged mid placed upon uconntuutly IncrotB
Ing beulo what a grnud thing It would bo for
thorn And that was pro < < liwlr what was dona
Tlio domonotlrntlon of silver cried Mr
Warner nnn DO moro an actdomit than piracy
uuh nn accident It was no Inure justlhlmiblie
than piracy cither Miat we must havo is
porno provision wlioroby the money nutiply cute
keen hulled with population und wealth Wa
d nt cure if they ilon t coin shier leLthem buy
silver unit Bmo silver cortlllontos upon It Tim
Inltution of money may Inllalo nrlcoi but tho
ooutriictlon of money vlll contract priooH
Thero cant hiotiti l ovumupply ot gold and all
or any moro than there can bo nn oversupply
of watnrn on the const
llio Hon Thomni Fitch of Nor ad a corrobo
rated Gun WarnorB statement that uttho time
of the paBsnuu of tile demonotbatlon act no
body In Congress know what was really being
dune IIo paid that It was more than Likely
that rim wicked olausos In tim bill wero uifiort
cd by homo engrossing alork of Oougross who
v < us bribed bylirltlbh or herman gold
Marion Ilarland In her magazine U mallff nftt
temt to restore or rather to complete at once the
monument to Mary the mother of Washington dead
now OUT 100 lean The effort takes op work begs
fifty seven rears ago when tlie comer atone of th
shaft which never rote was laid In the outiMrtl of
rrJerlctsburi An
A new port of Womens Kxchanrti recently Mtb
lished In tlil city Is an eichanfo not of women
hnndlwork but of her nerrloes It U called thti
hev York Indles 11ulJo andChaperon Duress and U
uiudelled slier a similar Institution In ncoeasrol open
lion In London The bureau prortdea Jady guides and
chaperon to nil plsoes of Interest throughout theeltyou
shouijliig expeditions to entertainment any wher thai
a stranger a oung or an elderly lady mar not wish to
go alone In addition competent persons are lent out
on requieM to rend during tin afternoon to an invalid or
to slay t with the baby that the overanxious mother will
not on CannOt leave with a servaut Skilled nurseafog
the cick are supplied sperta are provided tonopermr
tend or eddie the decorating of interiors and to select
ilctunt musical Intrumentl or books for libraries
Servants are trained and marketing and ei cry need of
the houaeholtl Indee 1 tentiwrary or permanent sup
plied It Is expected that tie bureau will be able to pro
vide work for many cultivated women desirous self
Bupport for which they are well adapted end In which
their gentility will be an eireltontguaraalte orsuccees
The trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art did
not determine to buj the 1hotladts Iaiba collection of
ancient coins at their lat quarterly meeting because
they felt theinielves too poor They did not decide not
to buy the collection however Ihey simply did not do
an thing jtjott 1L The price of the i olleotlon is fHtOOO
The attention of Ute niiineuin was drawn to it from two
directions at Ihe same time Mr htlelaw Held writhe
tnl H u Jills that It was In the market and a most de
slrflble purchate and lien John M Read wrote much
the canOe thlni In lTtl < Iii I Cesuola and accompanied
thn letter v 1th a catalogue of the collection
Ihr collection consists uf 1 Hr coins all Greek hi
I veen the enr 41 J and aoo 11 C Thotlades Iasha
the collector is u Grecian by birth and a man nt Duo
ducaUon lie TUS Turkish Minister at Athens for
eIght years and Governor General of Crete for seven
I ears Kcr as many more renrs h9 wru TurkIsh Am
iiMador at Home He was a great student of Oreclan
ant and history ant his collection of coins wai the fad
If the greater part of his life It la reragnlieu as thi
best coin collection of the period la existence IhoU
dts r hu Is now living In Paris
The crowding of the Cooper tnlon on the night of
the great World e lair mate meeting and the turning
way from the doors of more jieoplt titan there were
Incite saidttn old New Yorker iresterduy Is pretty
ood evidence that New York hat no hail big enough to
ccommoia a lair reprrit ntatlon uf Iii residents At
14 cluck the proceedings were to begin but the big halt
to LI packed tu nutloiatltm at 7 u clock and after that
tint none roth get In or get out
Inspector Williams Iu full uniform loomed up
espleudent In blue and gilt at the big en
rauce tn the Klublb street side and found
out how many friends he had by their importunities Iu
get in The Inspector nhook hU head as iv continuous
trenm of men tiled pthl the entranco and saIl about a
thousand titmice Voucunt see the platform and you
emt nee the kpeafceri lji cant in anything but
the backs of the heads of a lot of men at the doorways
to Ue hiill Uimbtug on citch others barks Il < get a
peep ln < lle It vu > lltfr lly true len stood for
hours looking At nothltig but the bcks of the
healS of thou In front rf them and unabU
to hear the sound of a meskeri voice They beerS a
blare from the I un < l oecasloimlly und the thunders of
api lauie Inhlde the hull That as all Uutslde of th
ball ttie prei > iiure became so great early In the evening
Unit l alt VoLullagh ha I the doorways lllle 1 with <
slice anil uo one van tdmttud even if he had a tiokel
to the platform hungration CoinmUiloner Itldgway
nan kept waiting ut the door for twenty minutes when
ltilecton i > VV Illlauiv I i ok him in After Ihe meeting was
oer tin big Injector sliihed and sod Well alt b
glad when the now M > tdion h < uare iurden Hall u
finished U1J Cooper Union ls bshlnd the tliaes
There uas it curious eight Bterday in Nassau street
In front of a well known store for sporting goods Two
young men were standing In front of the show window I
One hud thrown itn overcoat over the arm that was P
next tu his neighbor while his neighbor stood with Ihe
icicle l of his coat thrown back and with a big gold watch
chilu on hi vest A btntanJer observed that the man
Situ tIle overcoat drew gruduahiy nearer to his neigh
bor and preiently discovered the linger of the dlsen
tinged h mil of the man sub time overcoat gradually
itfaling under the protection of the overcoat towuM
Ihe watch chain The bstauder was fascinated byllh
stealth und cunning with which thilt foieilnger ad
vanced U tcariely seemed to tuuve It namiie watch
ing the motion of a clocks minute haud Ak the hand
was puiliod toward the watch chain the Index
finger begsu to form Knelt into the shape of i
a longnhoremans hook The look liad barely
touched the chain M hen Ihe owner ef the chain caught
sight ut It and darling back he looked at the pick
jncktt hell I he tried to Cl < liar him but the thief I slip
ped under lie unto and ercaoed down lleekmau street
A true d gathered and the bystander exlalued to the
When til Ibis chain that the policeman on the lat
h d gun to the end of hu beat totturd Fulton street
alout Ore InitIate before The thief had watched Ih
policeman and undoubtedly he knew Jut where lbs po
liceman was when ho tried to pick the mans pocket
Time and Opportualtjr
Miss Triscllla ogod 40 No Edith I dont J
believe In Iheio early marrUgei onH have Urn
rnouiih In get sick of a man If > ou stay single for tea
year longer
billthlimo enough auntie but roaybe uochsucol
Irutectloi ler Truckieeii
The Hoard of Aldermen passed yesterday the
long soiling reiort of the Uvmmltlee on LAW granv
to kp trucu Is oncjliu Is
ii9jd1 Qttjljeaa 0 i

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