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ir 1
11 fIr
j xrnva xs nitaonu TO STICK TO ms
Vk Onldoor Une Hull Hentnn jim Opeed
AiKOnis Mm Iuok
I with s JtnahH AInn
III the HrnrTht < Ilroiklrn Iluyera
I r nab will Go lo fiibnOlher New
I The old Polo crounds were well Illlfrt with
amateur bal nlayere yesterday who koi > t loan
I mi the bal around until the shades of dark
ness put an end to tliolr practice A fow days
I itgo a game as arranged to Lo 111od between
110 <
i team made up I of Dlajors that rosldo In York
yule iffalDBt harlem Iou At tLo orr start
the YorkiIlo plnyors made four rune They
also scored In the third and fourth Inning Im
sfter that they could tint lot a man auosn the
plate The Harlom players cored one run In
the second inning but tsoqd lloMlnir Lent them
from scoring attain until the eighth inning
t Jlayea pitching pnrzlod the linrioni tnor
llvtry they beln The PIchlnl score sot but six lilts off his do I
lsr0 AE nlaroA1
M orris ss i a a 8 IStsnbopecU I < > 4 I I I
etm Hayes 3 b 1 242 0 Powers pr fo 2 0 3 0
K 5IfkL aa D J a i o 2 jiaeiton I lituo I II H i i I i
g n
f 0 ft 1
b lBlHgan7e s 3 6 I Illudnsv I Oo s 0 1 i
blslksr f 5 I o I 0 oshsshan 24 b I I 4 2 a
L I f 1 I I 0 lilLvnch 8db I 1 O 2 J I
yrjais II
t raSiVas > 302 Oliaker p h I I I o 0 o
10ann IstbO 0 t 0 0 illalilonC t1 i 0 3 I U
UIy o 11 I I o I o liiiidayrrlro I I 0 I
Totals 0132712 4 1 Totals 4 ii
Vorkvlll 4 I I 4 0 0 0 0 I
Harlsra o I o 0 0 0 0 2 14
named rnnsYorkvllle 2 Harlem 1 First base on
rronYorkvllle oJk1 Harlem I B Lett on baseslora
villa Hi I Uarlem 3 Hume runaMhsehan To 10
Bin Fowtre lilt by pitcher eilieehan floe on boll
I iorkvHlel lurlilni I Mruok < Ul torkvllle 4 I
lia1 kI Wild pilchesHayes li Powers a Poole
Pftl ilialuillgan il btsnope J I uipire Rodluus
Time lii I
The following oorrOBpondonco ban takon
plaoo botwoen tho umnnKer of tho Hncxoit
Oarharl t Co base bull team and John M
Rr Arouttia or Feb 13 l IROO I
ttr f IT rrrtdu
014 SinS ISO Brooklyn team will glre your nine one
er more dates during April I Hi specrto dales ii > be
nh1 N1
freed upon on my ruI lo New York which will bIn
ID about ten dirs lour trulr Join M N sai >
p s Thursday 1cw York papers ust arrived say
r nM
TOQBaT camel r d > our < lalii with us If true I think
ya I have made a mistake from very point of leo I
Yu would make f 10 with u loft with the other teams
TU fame with the American I Association teauis In
ilI Ja
Jiw York and Hrooklyn will ilelrael I from your games
vnu hue 10 riM whit wllh us you woilM hate
b n an attraction from the very fact tliat we will 1 lily
but few ib uiuuanui 1 il U
NSW Yoni Feb IH lieu
JMnlf Want Rtq < 7 tgutUif t < Fti
lKAa Ma Replying lo your favor of tbs 13th Inst
would that you On nol undsrstand 111 situation in
g lay 1J rlbnl i rnll
whlet we were place I by the recent action ot tIe
lafo authorities
By tb lulnlintnt of our agreement lo play twogame
with Ihi N w Von UrotlierhooJ I i lIlt WO would be de
I barred by nearly ex PrY club In this viclnlly aud our ex
Ih4I htflflhPSO tIrsJii rInod Very trulY your
u titiNK V PKKKI S
Wuiniier llackett Cartiart Cu Team
I BT AnnmTiKR Feb 1lA larzo crowd was
In attendance nt thi second lImo In the crlos
between Chicago and St Augustine yeslonlay
It was another walkover for Austins men Tho
liopn r IUILrOI
C000eT I i3 2 0 2 I II 8nnl c f1I 1 I II 0
Conr I I I n 0 ki I 4 b I I II IJ a 5
WilrnoictSl I I I I 111 2 II 2 I
Anion Isib 2 I S II U Tlo U r IJ 2 7 0 I
Ik r f 1 1 0 0 101 I cu cnn 1tI I I ro IJ 0 IJ I
liurUl ad b i 0 I 5 0 I 1 1I11IIt I I 2db 0 I u I 2 II
1 Klllrdra 11 I S S IAd112II II 1 i 11
Gln I b I 0 I II II BlrdIy 21 10 t e 0 2 2 I 2
orbllo p 2 I 0 0 I FAnIrev r r 0 II I 0 1
larI c u 0 4 U 01
lJUIblnoOII I 0 0 TOAla2 h 22 13 I 10
Total IJ u 21 10 2
81 Aunuttlno n I 0 1 0 0 0 2
Chleaio j 7 I i a ii I 1iS
Rarno t run ChlctC < > Two tiaio Mtit Cooner I
Carroll lilt nson Inrtor Three t n hlu liuckley
hoc on liilln tffT Andrew H on Couithlln 4 off
lltrtfhin on I UABO on oChlaKl I I eft in I
baaes Chlrkco 3 M Aucuatlne t tniik f OUIli >
Andrew 2 ly Couffhlln ii by llutctifnhbn 4 II lIt
jtltche I itrMoii I Amtrew a t Cuuithllii I lrfMe
balla fnylir a Buckey I UmpleVolr and Utu
nell Iiuie1 45
CIXCINXATI Fob hiTbo Pennsylvania ox
prostoast this e > onir > i carried as pattcncors
Cnuu and Mrs 1 11101 who won Loiind for
bhamoUn An hour lioime their train toll Johu
13 Day and Josunli Ciordon turnol thuir faces i
toward llooinrdom All sorts of minors wore
afloat duilnc tho day nod one which clime by
way of Now York ciuo tho neweL l > s n chanco
to tear nut their ttironis In yullint over tho re
ported oaiittirt of iwini by the League Tho
Truth of the matter Is John JJ hay and C1UI
iwlni Ilil hot met during thu day Tho lat
tercame down town to buy his rnlronll tlcKots
but did nol toot < ithorof tho Now York Ken
U tIn Mr Gordon wont on a ttlll hunt to
nee him arid to lmu u partlui word Tho
JLeaeue peoplo confess confldoiicd In tlio out
come of the light and think they will cot back
thoso of their old men that thov want No Cin
cinnati Majors noro euen by Ibo inninnt04
who did DO talkluk about thuir Indiiiunpolls
I mission
INIHASAIOUS Feb 18A private toloernm
from Now York today suites that John 11 Uny
i coining to Indiiinai > oll8 to seen ro iilaiom for
the New York Club Day has Leon In Cincin
nati for a couple of days conferring ilth
Buck Ewing nnd tilt Cincinnati PBPOIH
auoto him as saying that ho will POIIKI to In
dianapolis for thu purpoio of imrchnlne Homo
j ot IndlanntiollKH let I iiliter If uo ilblo Day
Is quoted an Kiivlnc JUKI ns ooon us I get
through business with Kwlnir I will run oer to
iplne to buy any of Mr Brushs payers
WII1 WilY bin I cant immo thii players I
am aftor Olasscock Is not ono of them
Will tho Luauo hivo ton clubs tho coming
season V
It looks that way now but tIll unoxpoctfd
often liuppatis 1 In Imso bull I think It would
bo to the LcnKtioR nihmtiKe to lay > with only
an elchtclub Bchedtilo
President IJrtian was asked this afternoon If
ho knew that ilr Ia > was totuluc to Indian J
apolis 1 hruent mooiiod any Intimation
yhatovor that Mr lay K I ooinlna hen hald
no I lUll 0 no Information ocopt what I cot
from your tuloeram und the Clnclnnall piii > cre
If Mr Day IB rom In hero hi surety would l
hao notllled me Ttien Is l no deal on and no
n neenKut 01 any Kind that inicht bring Sir
Day hero If ho is going to riilcnco ho will
pass tbronch hero and I shall Lo ulad to have
him slop oil and to entertain him
In ease lie comes ant wants to buy Porno ot
tbo playors nro you ready to talk buBlnossV
That Is i beneliiB tlm auotlon As I Bald
Mr Ijay has not uotlflod me that ho la coming
TAMPA Un Flb18John Montcomory
Ward the great bull rlnyrr plnyod short lor the
J > ow York Club IIIt 80non lilt tliroucli whoso
I efforts the metropolis won the aKiioiiuiinnn
arrlveil In this city thlt nlteriiuiui 11 III la I on
route to Iubn to lirrango lor Ills club to tuiiLo
a lour through this Mali fiibn anl Tuxnn
What do jou I thlnkof I loriiliins alrunrtorH
during winter for rrofoMlonnl ball iilajorttV
bo was asked From I What I liuvw seen I
should < think It just the Mncc reDllod Wnrd
Hull iimyem flood priictlco In mllil
clluiato n month or six iookn Loforo
tho season onon In tho North Thoy may
spend hours tally III n uyinnnslum and lIt
their miiBijloH as hnid ns Iron but that tins
1 err lilt lo good thor en out In I thn open air
lirnln n Joint strain mtiscln or iutch cold
nnd run the risk of thug L hail un for the host
part ot thu season With out of door work lu n
climate like I this men liocnnin liniboraii I I lip > o
0 steak Flint Is tholr tniHcles aro olnsilo I I
and In working order roady foructunl work It
seems 10 mo that niMnncirs oC thrso nniKulll
cent hotels In llorldii haxo pcollent oppor I I
tunity to mitko bam hall u great nttroftlon
throughout tho winter season It would pay
them to cltili toK tlur and secure a uooil timm
ft urufofcslnnal nina lliiko it a 101111 club 111
IL they coitld tot good 1111 I malorlitl niiifh
tile batter With n ilr tflas duh arranui
menu could oiiBlly ho mailn with Nurthorn
team to como doan and play Hotel man
neorn Bhottld IIIIY UIOHD men just ns they do
their tntiBlolans ml KUHHIH of liotols tliculd
be provided with cania of ntlinlusloii C TU I
This would trite in ontertnlnlne If not
morn SO IaH concert and irotably not its ox
Wart left this morning for Koy VVnut nml
Uajrann The IJrooklyii playori chili will 10 i
main nix weeks in thoKouth but most of that
time will U i spent In fJulu and Twn Vurd
pays that ho would Iko to mtlo St AiiKustlini
ala b ° adiiinrt but thiit thorn Is I no chiatii rh
this as tlio JilcaBtib liuvu toctirud the UHU of
the ball purl
DOSTOX Fob IHSlncn tlio clmllonfre of tho
Oasllci llurlltiic Chub 4 Nov lork va rrcelied In tills
lily ibe hurlers located here lute iou 11 estirrliiu I brat I
Mlves lu eel n nrst class trill 10 meet the liaelus 1 1 he
Shamrock Iliirllnirf lub of thl Uy lus alrealy old
Jnj et the Oaellcji and now the linston hurling Club
wishes to inset Ibm Tie hhnmrnctt of iiiure nave
lb > e prior claim as HIIT 1004 th Itt tt aciiuti In the
batter out they du not wish to interfere wild ins ilis
tons snail esblbltiun gem of hurlliu will bIt plaied
° Pi lb conmion on halurday alterilion next al u
l 1 tll ltt Olnr
clock to decide which team should meet the Gaelics
Th PuBllmc Slave a Rim
Tho eroeBeountry team of tho Pastime Ath
letto Club tEl a rot run last eight and fa lain lacob
Adelsdurfr led the boys over a cool deul or ground
Toe courts led once around the ItacV and thence Ion
tb etcep graicyari tail hlh hId 10 the club
fOud 10 blI ly iu h It000t Ii hr tIIrll toils
card liriat Ii lmill ii lirrol ti htti sornue sit
II n
Vtfth avenue to iSlhi 01001 si1 retru a lttiuce j of
eorly 1 asyrti mile it llIulilt nul iou III ttt ci ci III
1 nImbi 111 I i It coats iiuey ii II 1111 Hnlr I
U Oernii h1 a01 Ihr meet rites p 1 IOlVOII I
A I rare II I I Pet I I IIn1 C tier ii oil known iiiUlus
111111 In lbs rlllJ
A codes of moonllrhI rounlf mn will bIfn
Aovtiy J1h otthnoi I Criugortitry AI4nciaIlon Tie
rnnlWftib hell byth dldtgnt athiictioCiutslo this
= f J Orft rio Wili I txke plc on tielurdoy
r rr
SVsit March 5 Crete tie gr iiarrler head
oarsri lIIor will be a nd 1 r ktl atlr
5 ru AU l1abe arllllnh41t1 parUlpu
1 A
A a11I flay a > t tloe UeepeIa j of the OU
Month Brooklyn Court
There IK not a handball player of any note In
thIn section of the country who does not know nf the
ftonth Brooklyn handball court at IK Cintre street
and which Was built some thirty yean ago by John
fourlnev an enthusiastic admirer of Ihe game Hull
a number of the most promlneut matches of olden times
were decided here and many of lbs present generation
of eiperts owe their development to 110 old court lot
several 1 year the establishment has not been kept i
prominently before the public owing to the want of a i
competent manatir but ttllllstn Conrlney one of the
cleertil and most graceful plajersof tho day has as
sumed Chan of the court and yeiurdar woe the time
let for the reopening
The accommodations were Inadequate 1 to hold all the
vlillors bat this was In A measure ofTiilby the luccei I
non of hard and ejcltlni coniesta John Ltwior ex I
champion of Irelan 1 here a conspicuous part In the en
teriaiiiment hauug participate In si Cry prominent
Enhime le iiternooni Ilayto snort twgan with a match between
Joseph Wager and John Lawior the latter conceding
10 ae In each game Wager was no match for tho
Irish champion who won by scores of Jl to 1421 to 13
rh IfI a
m lgro M
and 41 to IH I lawior Is credited with having scored S3
aces tiefor losing a hand 1 a 0 games were then played
br HHIIam Courtney and John Lac lot and the result
waa a draw each winning a yam by the following
score i
vise Ca
Courtney I 0 o I I 2 8 e 221
tawior 4 2 8 0 I 0 1 0 112
Aces by i rvloCourlner 8 Lawior
accost ioU
Conrtner 2o22flOOSO OU
Lawior 7 I 0 I 0 0 4 B 3 H21
Aces bv service Courtney 2i Lawior lo
An Interesllng four handed match was placed he
twsen Ibll I Casey and Insepti Wager against llernard
Mctjuade and John Lawlor The score
ricer cAitr
Water 10 0 0 2 1113Lawior 8 0 0 0 25
Casey 1 8 I I 0 Mcguad 401 2 07
TOII 21 TotI 12
Acts by ernWr 7i Cr It iawlOr 3 Mc
QUad 4
oror nl
Voet I 12 417 1lor I 0 I
Cy 0 4 4 SicQuad 0 0 0
TolI 21 TOII I
Aces br serviceWager 0 Ce 2 Lalor I
rhino nu
Wager 1 0 1 Iawior 1 011
Caeey U 0 AJQuadoIO 10 i
Aces by srloeLawior 0 IfQud I
mccvii once
Wcger5 0 0 0 thI41awlrir0 02805
Cr 2 II 0 2 7 ItQuod 0 8 I 0 4
Tolal 21 Tol1 0
Ace by leoWKor Ut Lnwlo2 lcQuad I
Livlor aul ltoqnede wound up ite afternoons sport
Wilt two dashin2 ouuue each iimltug ole tawiot the
fret by 21 ti U aDd IQuallo thu broad iii Ibo twenty
hilt hand by 2110 II I
Tho Atnlnntn Doat Olub of thin city dofented
Ihn Pioneer float Club of Ilrouklyn by one hundred
I nlnta al ha Academy last nlffht The score
A 4 n < orel S 11 ccore
Ilohde 4 0 U lalRwan 32 1 102
Van Radon4 3 3 ua Whit 2 2 tf 12
Storms 8 2 r INI llardlnir 217 127
Uarlord 2 3 5 HI Kuhn 2 1 7 1S4
enselman ll I 1 Iii K Tukcr2 as 14S
Cotllll 037 l Sander 037 114
llarnes 41 5 147 Hells 0 1 II I > K
talrchlld 5 2 3 lolA Tucker 244 147
lioscher 2 t 4 131 I sayro 4 I i II I 174
Maclenn 2 2 U nilZalM 2 7 1 171
Tolas J U2l47 1478 TOIIl 112734 137S
rknc y
Atalanta 171 334 440 0S 741 WH lot 1184 1312 147 1
Pioneer lId 257 317 Ml 710 840 misT 1145 1200 1378
Umpire W A Cromwell bcotsriA P Norman and
Elf Ii WA = i 7t g MAt
E J Kraft A erases Alalauta I 147 > Pioneer t 137 s
At ill Golden Hagle Hotel > lle > s Fmlth Street Ilrook
Irn Oil Moulav evening the 0010 Kacles defeated the
Isinc oath C ar a doe game The score
inllen haifle VT Kohl 114 t J 1 Kruehler Ml I i t
tcloenliut ill icliartT 141 Koch 130 tratTi n < leln
lill Lake Ill oelUel li 1 2 Melller Ito Eelorlcht
121 TotL 1474
Kings Count Wcnlsh 122 P ounsenberer I 117
Oulen 12 I A J LouuKcnberer lls Udvhnncke 1JO J
nutisenberer lOt IIlhun lii Schnelber 117 Sell
rick 1 134 Kuthlg 17U intel tOW
The regnar weekly games of the Monday Night Howl
In < rluli were rolled at Ippa Casino ou Monday even
In < TIlt Icire
Team No Kearney IIID < Thompson 1N4 MIle 172
Marker 147 Uroun 1JJ Wenol Ira Ounhouse u
IiiiKler 111 I alkerl4H Total 1411
Team No 2 Hunty 114 lore tel Thompson IS
talker 1i > 1 Connor ICO Culterlll lOll iraut lOll
Weeks 137 Vader 141 Total l41t <
A clots match was bowled between the Terrace mint
Houlevar Uowllnx Club nf Astoria in Mrack alleys
on Mi nilay nUht I Tie Stores
Terrace Llmberir 14pi Joln Hume IM Tom Hume
iro Uicee 1 Illi andenhcR 13 Itocker lilt White
its lloell IU Total I Uu I
lloulevard fallen IM Huber 1BI loose 120
Flrnct Ito W Cnderdorow hr 127 illlea > < i
ArmBirong 14H W Underdorow Jr 112 Total loii
The scond came or a series tl three between the
Franklins and Juugens 11011 l mauI wns roled at Fayens
up town alleys on Monday evening The score
aukllJ lIoornn IH F KlJobl UdO
1I0mRlln 17t1 1In 121 I J Iomberl IrII J
Itomy IOU I tiecker th4t I II lIonmno IIV lit
CaloI II I C Ikemn fl Total 1240 j
Jumnerlis hold I Fast Ilathjan Ij L fdlliIill
1JN k
1 Ileiiuir ill Cm 1seger Ii 1 hiiIner 127 I liii
11Ift 113 C 1I0bmn hit II ochivr 138 11 TOIII
ford IS 1 1 C 11001 157 1 hIll 1570
AI IIRIIn IIBII Ito2d sired and onrtlmindt avenue
00 aluday
lropLIdo 1111 Frees tM I I reuhct un
1101081 10 rln If I O Mothers Ill II del 112
Itircier 130 titilen ItS teupet 132 Total 1874
rn m1 PI irwlIIr
LviouFluiell lIft Ienske 120 borbea lid it Vmir
ten to turceti 123 1 4 Warden t2 J I uden
11 umlt twl OII J 14
lItllurke I tIll udwtg 140 ii Warden 142 Total
At Veteran Hall on Monday evening the Pubbs
eaufly defeated the lueelnnds The score
Ilubts Itoche IHT Tonney Id Ifonovan 117 Kalt
Id Koran tv < llreen IO Purcell 142 ilnn lt
Kyan lti Robertson 181 l l Total I tel
IIOltlll 1
llatelanIstielwlg 13H H liCe 01 Rrandt 142
Mllliams IU1 It Hilke 144 Welch b < loot Sj U
Uiilo iJi T tILM
Fluke ItO Thode IIS Lohinau IM Total 11 Hi
nuzAHPTii Keb IATh Amateur League game here
to night resulted aa follows
tOJ tWo lf I
Jemy i IH howling II Cnrran 144 Klein 173
Lockwooil ISi I WAdielgh 1101 i l abeli 173 StrIer I
Ilnon 173 Davis U3 Olmstead 100 EihiilU lV
Total 13 I
Ialma lowing Club Meyer Ill Bloomslinrg 138
Ionian Irs hntrup nil llathawar 111 I Smith 1 127
Iutz 15J Clarke 171 i Ieolj 1JJ Carter IfM Total
News or the Kxpnrtsi
Tho many Brooklyn friends of Maurice Daly
are very confident that he will make a good allowing In
tie tunamn and Ihe least sanguine of them think
lie I will finish In second or third place
Ires and Toitusend played these games yesterday
Arrsnsoni IAMK
Ilcs13 4 J 20 II 2 12710 II II 27 8 9 0 8 74
S40 so II 2 rt H 2232 Averige at
R4t2 IN41 I 2 2 H t H r4t IM 2 11 12 7 8
15 7 I 4 0 2H 11 l 4 n211 Averiilr 8 1125
elIsIon CAIF
Ivesi4 7 n ii 3 a n n n n in 40 u a is o 107 2
e Jt
H 114 lik Total 4si Average IHJ 18
Townsend 1 ii I 1411 1 > 2 N u 1 71 410216122 I
< isi II 4 a Total J34 A > erasolll7 I I I
tidy played two games yesttrdiv In 1 the afternoon
he made an average t 24 uud in the evening his 1 aver
ae aol <
Clinmplon Jfinl luyrrH
BvnArtiFE Tub 1AJho pool tournament for
the championship of Ihn Cnltel i ril ISleS Has couiliiiitil
this city this afternoon ami evenlnz He Ore better
known as Ilaibo the Cub in wire 1 from New York
to day I that he would reach Ihla city tomorrow and
would accept Mannings challenge to a GIIO point game
for the champlonshlu of the world at the end of tlie I I
present fulled Stales chiiniionslnp series I In llils
afiernoon s mulches King of Nev lork had no dlnlciilly
in ilefeallni i Menurl of Mlclilan ty the thou mi
scorMug 0 U II 14 W H I I fl H U 5 a 13 4 Toll
Mo Hrtt 0 n 4 I ft n it n7lltl 1 122 TotalWI
h ralchesMnir 4 licc art 1 4
Ices of si Louis sUo huil no ilillcultv In OifLatlng 1
ItaMim uf Hro Ill HIM afternoon 1 lie score
da sslu II U II I 12 l lb I ll Ij I 2 13 1 0 I To
UV t23 l
H rton3 4 2 4 a 1 1 7 H I I U 0 13 14 12 II To
tal 77
Mralches < Lies 2 Miarlon 3
In tile eveumliir ollltl MaiiiiinKor New York had a
wall over with llessunger of lloclie > ter The score
Mannlnt44 14 14 0 13 11 14 l M 7 0 7 Tntal 123
J Sllt 71
nemiiiiririi 11 i t it ¼ 2 2 111 i 7 H it n I Total I IT4
p ratches Hnssunzer 2 Manning 1 1
Powers I nf Chlrugo 4nd IJciinlng of PI I Louis l played
in the evening Iieunlng made no showing agalist tie
compeiitor the score
Powers 14 ll Ill 14 IS 1402 I IS 117 1 I Total Ui
llennlngl 2 t 1 ll I I II 1222 H Total 31
cralclt1 Denrlui I
Jllr AlistiiiluH I II toy Iodl
Tho continuous i > ool tournnmont which Is
now going on nt intervals In Ilie Alalaula lloat Club
IMIIJ well drserra Its title for It promlsea to con
tlnue Indefinite at the present rate of progress Al
the coniineiiLeiueniof the tourney several weeks ago
a schedule of names was posted on Ihe bulletin board
at ths club house of this organization but the manner
In which that schedue has been negecled has fur
nlshed considerable foul for talk LIming the meuiieni
line of Hie conteslanla sllll has iwelicscheduledgainei
to play I which I rt shows how much attention I the en
tries fur the Cyril have paid to lIme schedule referred to
Tilt tourney was continued on Monday night and
Chairman Marks slated to a Sun reporter that now that
the member of the clnb cad sncossded 1 In gsttlog Turn
Plan lo agree 10 I pas bl the U I orld s Fair bill ftlUlrn
they hat all I been busy at Albany th I remaining
gamss nf the tourney would te finished In short
order In tie nnt game on Mon Inv Chairman lars
trussed cue with the henlor Lieutenant llael eon
won tir 2j 10 34 The Ileuteuaut then beat Mr Young
by Ho iu ifcereionlTa
Ta 111
llon VU 3JC Woo Los Sloe
IliSCher 7 I 3 I FilrcMld 2 I 10
llcjlh 7 I r Johlllluu J t N
Marks 4 4 4 aoH2 4 7
hheelian 4 t ti Mohr 2 8 H
Sid 4 I t IJo r I U 12 I
llapcmeyer 4 2 7 t itt t
lounr u 7 21 Harm f 4 II
Au Auerlcnn IVlmm u NprlntlDR Iluadleup
IlTTfinnnoii Fob 18A special cablo des
patch from Sheffield England announces tbat
the manual Drlntlnc handicap In that oUr wu
won by Collaie an American
xijinvna rrmitDAr
Jockey ntlf Onenn tlport with a Blx I
to One KhotLitflir 4gw be Only Her
end Choice nor e IhltlVon u Ititee
Time UnovliiK ones Treo dly left nt Out
IcnburByMtordny Kotn mob fdtorlto won
and only ono second duds horse crossed the
line a winner Hut tho lute wore large nnd
tho races open affairs 7hloncost post odd
on n winner was 7 to lJlarty lloruon the
Archer of tho winter tmcs rodo for tho first
time In n month Ills ruoflt t Is always backed
Thoso who hot on MUldlarofoot ridden his
I HorKon In the llrt nice wdeix six to one shot
Summaries follow
PoriefW of which I iobicon4 tli fjrleDM
uJI ol > Mgg Tom Oehll
W O Daly i b t Little laftoot 4 by
treeAinu little IIJllett l I
J RiAnebralert b 1 g TuiSawyer aged lUll ellI
fcifhelVyrb I ffi OlalrtUiniJ Bergen 3
Iteditone icier itrelronr I aitor ilflolrania
WanilrnueiiL Cotter AU Iendnnlo Oarlow lyna
mile and dInt Irwin also rIC
TIm 2 O
HetllnirAirMnitltiHlitDiVto It tittle Barefnot e
tot I Tot ft0er and Mutornmia 7 to 1 each tuna
mil h to I M 11 t lair and CU er III to 1 each Alfred
lb l to I rurlow l to 1 rencletinlt I Tony raitor
hurler I llnitrel and Waiernient 30 to I each and
JIll Irwin IUJ to t Jltitul paid t fll l 41 fGlu 572I
Till IIf II niCK
Purse 1500 of whet I 54 serond six f IOnrI
I I blycta i cit r 1tIy title 3 by lit Illaile
aritu till t layton I I
TorVnarnitidVb c vlrin ata U kntini1 2
Kn Utstliitl br o Il M lrni W t Roach a
YIn HIM hhaketpre llenga Ine Korelgner
Helen lIly Warsaw AlKr ftldliin Leilogton and
linnet alto ran
neitinirAirnlnit Kolioi ° i to i a Lady Atnal 3W to t
fall 1aII2o I BIas i 10 li I i Mlilerlon nengallne
and lIeI 2 lIlo I htallO lo I llj en lilly
4010 II 1 Shakespeare Kfclnner AUebra gelding and
1 Uj l
Iejn toii M to 1 lid Jluluala raid > MU t4ru
ISru T I
Tnttttnfl rArr
Tune HO of wtilclf to second selling allowance
six 1 firtoimfe
BrnSfortSabltfa ch 1 I Hoonttone r by Pauitta
wW WmlKSuWiterJ sect InStIl Lewis J I
II Xlalbanmiib h 1iJfonl I il I lltlier I en s
Martr II ricjo bililne Lord IfcacoiiKfleld Motile
Thom Muii W 1cfhow nnd FreJoUalio ran
ftn Iii
tiettlngAgstlPt lIllird 14 to t lna it 4h 10 Il
r I
M0tllstOml ant imaliti r I to I each teactiblow I to I
brrjolo III 10 I luntfll Ir to 1 t M I arty II end Irene
4 10 I tAb fo1 HrollIld n1 Stulile Thorn ILO
10 I tacit I MUI isis II S70 HI1 ad 471
rnnn W1 of odi i f lou to Second one mile and a
II A lioiiige lr t nwtft used by Great TomMarl
toss l 10 itt < riMtont I
A Ittllnnb li HuAta n I Ill ntriren 2
rollnrd Mabli I b oelhatn 4 llo I Uonn u
J 1 J UR < Iclennhn Jay S and andieeralio 1 ran
Time I 5Si
neltlnjAualnitV 5 ull and Ierlrlea 3 to I each
Snrceia 4K to I Hiam S to 1 Swift Ii to I Land
seer 10 to I nnd Jn Jay K 21 to I Mutual paid
14 I 73 080II u1T
Tf pirrn IIA1t
PursefJV if with 0 tosecoud selling allowance
six I an 1 n ball furlOut
R Kodcnsb i Jiutulholland 3 by Fanitns Beltle
llariier tilt tfodi I
JlllaW rsb it ThVornm 4 H2lrennan 3
J Ilivyereb H Tnfiii 4 1112 Jonesl 3
Counterfeit Hob 4ian 1 UoneMvay also ran
fine It 1 +
Helling Against le lorunt 2 lo I Bob C 3 to It
Jim Mtilhollnnd 4 u lloneiwsy tl In I Counterfeit
and Toceka lu lo I rh Mutu lsiild f 7 73 Uuu 510
Purse J100 of will too to second sellout allowances
senen fuirloshe
j 11 Mrre tsh I Alvtdi B by DudleyRanch
waMi I > uut Jonesi o 1
James nor s ch iDnftMl ins Penny 2
t I Wllllamsshr 1 g fciultaged lot trench a
Ilothwell VilfreuIJy llburon tlacgreggor Mia
RryiiHuod Iarkvul SliewuoJ Itebel bcout and Hlo
tiraude also ran 1 T
I Tin 1 34
Helling omIt ttiw4I 3 lo I Alveda 4 to 1 DIe
t dt
cult IAlr I nutT II i 1 Hvnwood l jit to 1 Nils into I
I I lfUr1 Jay 12 tI I Tlnron I lo 1 Sherwood 20
tul Iarkvllle und It jeb l tout m > to I each and Rio
Oaod 40 10 I lwt5 1 IIld 511 7 eiW u L
Knfrteior ClIfton
Tho probable Etnrlrs nt Clifton today nro
as follows
bird I Ka c = li mil a Uf furlong selling Freloll
I 111 I pouuils Ariel l 12 reedom 113 t 1 Crispin l Ill
Pomrov Sec nni SparA I11 Uendarme Iiei The
ore 107 Llttlo Jake ct Zulu liM l ourtler ItO
Hlefsed lui LaLjLWo 1CX Lemon nios om If
Plfer IS
Second RaceSeven pi a half furlong Zangbar
hill pjiinU Albernne fn Teuatly 107 Klnoll 1107
IllackthornK till The Inner 107 i Troy 107 1I0n
tliarlle 1O7 lalonlowtio then Almond 117 Long
Time 1U4 Lady WluklAI Little Comfort Roll
II I ci
Third KaceUne mlleielllng Henry B 114 pounds
Raeller H ttounodHi Honnle P lio Henry
George lui Fistus Questlon rla Flllaway no
Fourth tlecelaidio5 I i one mile and a slileenlh
ht Iarla I lIa pounds flIer ItS Question IKI MIss
Codv KM Insight I l 9 t so oit Puzzle H7 hpeclalty
US Mlddlestone 1 I 11 IHDoe th1 Iceberg XX
Firth Itace Five fungi WatMrson 122 I pounds
Jenevous 119 Sotel ill Insight 117 Humility
117 MRdolio coil ItiXthel 1 M 113 I John Atwooil
Ito May uueen lllTimlnua 111 Harrison 1U7
Itnfter i 107 Llllle M P5 t 1av ill M
Mxili Kniesu furlcis Herman J loo pounds Red
Fluu lfl Iul ClarUuO leniuound I IIO Youujf
Duie ILIO lira II HCi
Sale or TntCTH tit Taxlncfno
IjrsrxniYiN FI IS l W T WoodardB
comblnfttl3ii Fnletf Irottors drew nnothor
leruo crowd tod Tho wenthor was auito
warm nnd bldl1luwaQ good for tho liot lots
KovontyoDO liomyimnced hands for J3Gllo
AYCMCO tlJO lilowlnc are tho best stiles
Trliicu Marck I c 2 by Victor von liia
mnrck darn Keri cky Irlncos1 bv Kentucky
lrlnco Jr 13iS Llzlu Wallace b f 3 by
Climato Nalsiaby Jim Monroe Wm Huut
Arrowonilth 11U730 Cnrbonkod b c 3 by
Onward dam Cbon by Cazlnquo 01 Ed
wards t Son Jorlftvlllo 1IOO Ols ch too
loiirilntr by Ovard dnm Cunlff lrooklyn
N Y J880 Kmliay b f ti by Onward Jam
Kitty ll by Wodfonl Abdullah 0 T Clark
Ionilun 0 < > fO ii itch Guy Ii coo 2 by On
iml iliim Maoth liy Mnmlirino Hcdeoford
II J r Illlor Tisecanoc ll 1 JiTJ Kitty b f
2 liy llntar an by Mnrnbrlno Alulallah I A
Ilac dali CliK1 lI1e Tonn filii juRI li > L
b I f i ly I Onird iliim Minlo Jonoc by liay
anl lr E oretwell IarlH Ky ffll5
Mary hr n 11 by htar Almont darn by
Idol I 1 A llaidnlo JSSO Merry Maid b f 2
by Ouylor Ill Pilot Mitt by Pilot Chief P
Inthiiip Chifowu Iltlls U9 925 Illuo Gal
loan b I ly iy I Illrd data lnimn U by Al
mont llffhtrtir H II Ioncsticet Mntowan
K 1 OOU Whin Wilkes 1 h In 4 by Idol
Wllkos dnm ally Dudley by standard Boater
bienimi or 1 lOll I Jmo irnu o Kr tlili 1 1rinco
George oi fliir iyollt i Vilko dam Mos
entorilrl b 61ps ciiKor thief C 1 Cromwell
IiinRton lv I loiu Deloi cr o J by
Ilinulib I < liirlnlililno 0 by Harold IJ O i
Crouch 1lilliUpliln iiO Tom lupton b s
T lip All I yoiKjJuiu by Dnrlliy II II Lone
stieot intlu Y J Jir > 01 liounna b in
11 hy IconMVlllo 1 dam Capltola by Jolt
Moon Jirnioi I Chirk Imlra I N roo U1110
iinornl Itol hon lilncL stallion 2 by Kller
fllo Wllkofi dj I Mifsnlon Maid by llylas has
boon sold Ioy l A Kllmillnr this county to J
j Crawford loton for MW
FM > tlllC lit Ilislirlon
Dr Knniip tho Wait Inloljr drfoatfd by 0
Uacaltster < f Itslitcrion Out < Club Philadelphia shot
a match yuterdi forenoon on the rstininutu Ken
nel Cluba rfjoun al lIb lou K I I I his antagonist be
Ing Mr I Ilandolp I Phlladelphi t The coudllions were
II1J bulb each i u Itn I yuidi rise llurlinghaui rules
M raI boutila for a slake of iOu a side
1 1 rom th t start ippeurel iii if iho match would re
HUH in nnother i itt fur II l Ir > Knapii Randolph gelling
nhejiii of Dm NM Virk telsran nnd leading tulsa with
itrying succcst Irmii I tn n lu tour points Alter the
Rixl tnlrd rouit J I mart l pulled himself together and
hIlt cry stiikdl I I wnile Int I l IM adeiphia I I man made u
few LIII 1 tout < j l c < l > break lii l Knatip used tho second
barrel 1 fort suimes In killlni his lurJs making some
reiiMrkablt n Iuk shuts itatnlulph used the second
barrel forty oiitmen 1 is sori I
IT KniiipJ 2 I Iillil2iijn21 I 1 1 20121022 I I
1l2iilill2t122022020t2iIJ220t2i2ii01 I
2 1I021121 I 1 111 121 I 12 1 22 I 22021 222033022 1
21H2J21 klsd 77 mIsted il
SIr ItandollsrJ I 2 22 I I 2 3112 I 1 122 I 0021 I 02
1222 I Ii II 12121 I 21miiO2hiU22l21uU21t I I
Jl 1211111121 1 I < i2 2112 1 I IU 2112U21f11201 I I I
21 I V 1 1120 IAllied 7 i missed 21
Peferee MJl MalI or Philadelphia
Aiioilmr riiirh l iHeen two vounr and well known
marksmen ambers of the Ititerton lhw Club nnd
St Uottniliistcitiiinnl came oI vesierdny Btternonn
oil the Uiliioility H attn Is I at lbt los Tie con
1111111 0 t lr I I U trio uf Ihls city and t lareuce
inlin rut ttijnertons 14 I rut her of I tale Haiti ui a
UIU fit 1f1 M IIII leter Hie HMtih was at no
KUill rule dIm man under Hurllngtiuin I I rules with a
llflvyards funilNr Lola lo sho < ii lit lsnl eUht
and r fltirnaiattlilrtylyariliirUs I lbs dole wsresald
to bo f ljO ride The K ore J
V Ilurnar1 H2IO Oh I 201 I 02111 I I 20001 2000
I illOii3ltI37uiJil22OtlilllJ2110321i I I 20
I 00 I 1 2 2t20 I 1I2IIOOOUII0221 I I I I I 2 012 I
o S 0 lltlcil lulpacul 1
1 I f In rh 6
C iobail2i1muO2lht02lt0lOn122222 I I I
10101 t 110 I IIII I I 2 1 112 I I 1 1 1 0 I I I I 1 o 1
112I23IOI30IOI01I1II21101013U I I
312 dUe 13 missed 23
Itefereelr U Jones of New York
Ha fcslcls In the 118Pousid Class
Jnc OhBon the Albany light weight who
bai tern Sting for a match fora long line has at
lat capehisu lie signed articles yesterday with Ed
die lirisu i Ibis city for a fght lo a finish with skin
m r3 ff Otlkn
light floveiortllOa side nun a purse of Hi touke
place irillil live weeks within nfly uille of New rrk
iti DI in all eUh lib pounds an hour before inter
Ing ihtrlui
Mr A O Mill Itealcn
MrA C lllll tho Now York Athlotlo Clubs
deleale oi te Hoard of Manager of tile Amateur
Alhleti uim haa not In I Ms resignation from that
body Nrllls has aim resigned his oflic I as a inembsr
< m ileal tf Uovsroors gr1 be Nsw York Atblsllo
A mA Clnese I bantam w4j Ibl baa acoptd a
GII 011II1111 11m weljbt In
xnit nta CntJlltl CUVNTRT RVX
The Nt C C Conreari unit ArmiBe the
Ttie National rrou Country AuocUllon yesterday
completed the dtull for the greatest cross country
which lia evr been decided IntMl ronntry at
the opin tiandlcao which the Anoclallon plte 1 at
Morrli Park on Saturday March IS now promises to
adorns that aspect Secretary Frank told a RUN to
toner yesterday that over aoo enmities were now
rltlMM r br the eterat l rromlnent t athletic orianlta I
lloni In thIs Tlcinity maklnt the event the largest croie
country competition on record
The aatirlaUon decided tocondant the event rain or
shine and the New t orb Jockey tlub nan at reed to lay
ont n coutieit eight mile upon the Inner neid of Her
I III loltl1
tie I Park uhlch I WIll tenf 1 lurncient tllffneM to tell the
wind and strength of hue mhlelei while J at Ihe I lame
time It will M In full I Tltw of the rpecialorl In I addl
tlon to the list of Drireg already announced which la
br far the lamed lot nr unren for any sImilar event
r m
ever uttered S i sPr client Waiter il Mlinnr t anl
Mr 1 K W hearne ur i tlie eW lok Athletic t lull Yra
terday notineil I rnnnnllle thnniOi tie New I ork
Alhltlo Iuh delegate Mr Henjamln c Wllllamn that
they would each uivn u ei end prlre to Le an anted HI
the jiamii fommltlee law ni
After a great of tiiruMlon and Some routine
bujlneiii was traiuacted It ii at root I to mute the
fnllowiuf oinclali to rondnct the event and the com
mlttee hae wIsely Invited A reprei > entaile or ever
oKlllr itiUn which Kan I ioclate member of the at
loelatlon to nerve
HefereeIienJamlDO Wllllami National Crocs toim
Ivy AnocUtlon ant the New York Athletic Club
Jidvee al KHilihHll m II Curtis > ew bock Alh
lelle I Club U II llojet Athletic Club 01 time Kcliujl
kill Navy of Philadelphia will frank Sntmriian liar
nerd WaIler u schnVler New York Athletli Club
ll ianceJudirei K o Carter Mubtirtan llarrien A
C MOIII New ler 1 ev Athletic Club Frederick 5 V
Jannen tUlen hud Athletic Club lamei K Snlllrau
raitlme Alhlellr Club A II Mill New nrk Altiloilo
Club < J llarter Mar Alhlello I Club F W Kearney I
UI h1
New York Athletic I CluV Iiutenetan SchalrL Matihit
Ian Athletic Club i darlei Titter 1 Sew lork Athletlo
Club William DAM hlaleu laland Alhlatlc Club II
Hleecker Ialhbont Manhattan Athletic Club and 1 It
Cnrran s emi York Atliletlc t lub
Timekeepers Salitnel I II I tee Paallme I Athtetln Clab
Hubert Moll New Smirk Athletlo Hub A M Hwcet New
Jertey Athletlf nub Charlei C llnirhei Manhattan
Athletic cluo William II Roberteon tilting Athletic
Club and II A Avery Manhattan Athletic Club
n11 i g AI lb
Chief MarihalOenrie I W Carr Manhattan Alhletlo I
Club AulMant Marihala Aver Collett Nt non
Athletic Club William J Swan Manhattan Athletic
lilt John Andreur Mir Athletic Club hdjar Tate
TItan AthletIc I Club J W llailln Kew York Athletic
Clnb and Walton storm Manhattan Athletic club
Marter lleorire loldle > ew Vork AthletIc clun
Clerk of the Count Samuel J Cornell Manhattan
Athletic Club
AssIstant Clerkii of Ihe Conrie Frank IS Wehb Proi
reel harrIer 1 II Anderson Manhattan Alhletlo
rttibi K J hran AHerton Athletic Cluh c V tao
New York Athletic Cluh r Ware Manhaltan AIls
111 Club and W T Zell Titan Alhlello Club
eoIIOil1 Httrrell Pastime Athletic Club
Dr W II Crawford Uunhallan Athlellc I lob M 1
Campbell Arorn Allilelh Aviorlallon W i 0 I lleneman
Priioklvn VI l Kno hpirlrti I I artIer I Oeorffe 55
Matthewa Younfr Menu Christian Allocation harry
flrowtane Iroeuect thinners Ul tllner Hmhop liven
lilnnd Athlellc Cluh c I Whitney Manhattan 4th
Itlc Club lredi < rlck ierow American Athletic Club
and M A rnmlnir Acorn Alhletlo AMoclallon
Dilclal I IJ lleporter W In I bored Poitwlck Manhattan
Athletic Club
Announcer C Iamcr Manhattan Athletic Club
IminK Chrltlitn IZnttri ICunnrfff
Cnpt James Hondrlck the loader of Ihe
croitcounlry lecilon of the active young Christian all
isles of the lIa it KlghlyaUth street branch of the
Young Mena Christian Association had the athlete of
the branch out for a road run on Uondar nlrhL and as
tweniytwo athlete lined up for tue start bO elfltWu
llil I rgf
0115 of the test attenutel run of the seasuun
The slant was iliad front the alOoolallon buIlding
RI TAcitly SIxth itreet fleom ThIrd flCellue R1 tile
oulo was tiP Richly aluth 1001 10 Fifth Yetlle 10
I4evnty tint sheet tn tie tranvemne romiul through the
tl ufI71
lark to Oevelty ninth sired I I tO aid around the thlver
ails rllo highly nrlh UI Rod return 10 Ilus dart
lug poInl1 a Ililano ut nearly four flue ie hIcti I thus
J lorr I
tp n dl
fIrst allele in covered It about 2i minutes tiowisg I
Ih1 a KOlld p uftce was tabntalned all Iho way over the
ihe boys flnIhnt close up to Citpt Itendrick who was
Iiihr hr m I II oo i W oa
the llrst IliUm fl otter a most enjoyctile ron On salon
df lnoulllillh teata wl1 have a trod COIIntr5 ruin 10
Mount Sermon utuon arriving at iviulcil place they will
tue the gurus of lbs I Otouint Vernon branch of the Vo7
Mebis LblslIn AolaIlOo
They Mnr Come In
Mr S 1 A Miles tho Secretary of tho Western
Association of Amateur Athlelcl was In title city attend
ing the meeting of the League or Amerlcnn heelmen
on Monday night Mr I Miles was seen by a ins reporter
jesteday In reference 10 the action which the WIn
Association Is likely 1 in take regarding their expected
ntuatgim itlon 1 with the Amateur Athletic Inlon He I
POut Hint their Assoclallon would hold a meeting nest
v vet In S Louis and thai It woa noise probable that a
committee would be Appointed to confer with the Lnlon
on the subject of nillonal alhelic government Mr
Miles said that he HUbed to contradict the Idea that the
Western A nclAtlon wai In any way opposed to the
Amntour AthletIc ntun I and slated that luaU hI I Ins
tlme AthletIc Clnb of M Louis not withdrawn hasllly
from IhH Acsoclailon a coiifereoce committee would
have teen ap > oliitud before this
Pronpect Ilnrrlem Bunt
f t T Frooth tod cloven of his club mates a
lively chase over the oullidc course around Prospect
Park yeicerday the rack leaving headquarters at the
Fountain House Flaibush avenoe Brooklyn at s P U
The distance waa nearly five miles and the men re
turned In the following order r T I 1118sfol
Ireitor ii W oiiklln W kuhlke F Thorpe A h Mo
llriror F Kiihlke W C Pow II L h Ruin CM Robes
W ero Llihlfoot I Lk nnd A A Mc I ucland
The handuan team run of tin Iruspeot Harriers I will
not begin untIl Bo cock on Stormy afternoon and not
at 10 A M as formerly announced The race Mil take
place rain hall mow orslilne notwithstanding
iruar uu riaurujty AKB DOIAa
Why Ullroln Wets Defeated
Tho following wiii received at tho Ioltc Qn
rrtleoITIco yesterday from New Ono
Kllraln B defeat by Jem Corbett the boding Instruct
or of the Olympic Athletic Club fan Francisco MI the
Houlhern Athletic Club crenttd iiuile a surprise In
sporting circles Inns Kllralus admirer bet heavily
soul they sro busy to day figuring up their losses KH
rAlu v 111 not contend any more against any pugilist un
lee I Iollfe Gaifttf rules govern so that the contest must
be ended by his being knocked out or bvaten Mudnoii
claims that Kllraln ass sullerllig from the grip and ujia
In no condition eniera boxlugompeililon much leo
u glove fight WIlt 1 glint like the Calllomla
pugillt i orlietl altrltiul tilt success tuartlu hit
to points Mike Uoooo gfive him I while about the
coy Kllralti tought und his cQcnslve and defensive
tIre Donuvau and Kllrnln liAl a fulling out while the
former was here DOIIOVAII win Kllralu second when
hut fought lii liTmus I nt I rlilms he has been shabhlly
treatpd I tiy Kllrnln slnco i 1 Unit gn M batIk I Kllraln will
challenge Corbitt to meet him HCAIII and tie hnuthcrn
Athleti Cluh will probAby oner a lane for a nulh
coutevt helHeeli the giants nf tlio rlnir Hurt llatvln
won Irm 1 on Corbetl Nlarsh Itedon Pal hotly tOil
Kenaid Jim ONeill and others lout heavily lu sums
varying from 500 to Jiiwj on Kllrala
Jlivckcr Iarly Out nftlie lliiptlncis
To TifF KniTon nr TilE SUNSir I am
told today by my backer loseph Early that bl 1s no
longer In the business ofbicUn tlgluers and desires
me to release him from tic I promise to back me In my
comlnc fight against Spider Kelly which I ho dab
Iow through you Mr EdItor I would like to uk the
snorting athletic clubs of our neighborhood If any of
them would he wlllng to hiiiK up u purse of JSOo I for mo
lollmule I for as I would be IHue to meet Kelly fur that
1 > boll like I an Immediate I answer through your paper
for If there I was a chance for such A go ol I would selre It
with p ensure for think 1 a second triO wllb the gentle
man will place me In a inure favorable position before
my friends and the public
If there Is no immediate rroenect for anti an enter
talnment 1 will leAve I In n few f Jays to visit my native
land to meet a relative wl o desires my return lit if
there II I an chiance for toy proposlihon being aopld
I wIll lerer ny 11 ant will ii lureflt wiol required
for aiul puree an Whuere vhthuiIi C radlIn of dll mIle of
Ilkurr MI rlllJwIII
New Sturk If I leer noltoog III reply to this I will vIsIt
my hoini and 1 niter a sluirt cIty will return and de
mand III Kelly to fulfil hla promise to me tu give me an
other light ours resptclfally ml j lorrY MOIIIM
Jour Cur fob 17
rite CllntanH Opening 1i11I
The Clinton Athletic Club will Klva n stag
party to their friends next Friday evening to celebrate
tho outfitting of their new club room Although the
membership of the club Is I rjuile large the dues are put
At such a modest Hgure tilt It ha 1 < been iulie a Ik for
the boys to equip the placi Hut the clot has been one
of love soul nnvv hit nil Is compleled lucy Aro as proud
of II as Die Manhaltrtlis are < if theIr Firth avenue lull
ucu and oiitttr heir gre < t < st nloymenls Is I Its fort
lilt no bonds or mortgage throw their threatening
The tIll has lots of talent within Its ranks and sing
ing dancing wrestling anl j I l > AnI will I coustltille Ihe
evening H ellturtuillm smut while I tbi ustal iucessorif
will not he omitted fcoveral 1 of the eel ton UUpromlHed
will not be attended by the good teehng that will char
acterlte the balauce of the rogramme I
Danny Ollrlen lo Turn lrore IODal
Thorn Is n strong rumor afloat that little
Danny Ollrlen of the Pastime AtMetlu Club Ibo Chest
plon amateur banlam w > icht of the country will
shortly enter t the professions fold Seductive offer
have been made him to meet Kelly the Harlem Bplder
who rtcentiy defeated Chalple Moran forthechamplon
thlli 1 and It Is probable I he w ill I uccept the proposition
Ihe I bustle lielween the too I would be a great one and
reaxnmbly diuiilful Will Iiy light be a trllle
more i lever I llrlen Is I by far r the harder hitter and the
stroigeror the tun It u urged that Inch I loses his
lies I itid Pulls wildly I hut It must be remembered hat
in Amateur uonteits a boner bss 0I1 hut three I rounds In
whit h to w In and before Judges that olllclAte III Is
neiessarrtu almost kill tIe IIlhr fellow to ct the I tie
clKlon liUrlrn i Is j B hard heaile I leuilulo little roll
and In a finish fUht would doubtless develop more cau
lbs t Ltua
An Intrrnntlinitl < oldest
Ji Jlmbnlbo tho Italian Count that ropro
PetIt the National Athlellc Club In the banlam lour
nero andll Welloa a llneul descendant of DIn 11011
who serves the Clinton Athletic Cluh at chlvalrlo
venture will shortly meet and astlle Impending
question as to whether lialy or Ireland proluceitn
best w arrlorl I The weapens I will I be glov rl considerably
t sa than slv ounces In I weight and the time airorilsd
each tountryto enow her superiority is i ten rounds
IONfol bf
Tie trysting TI place I nl liajromH 1 ent athletlo club I Cups
and os Welton II a slugger from rhuropervlile and Jim
Iuliuo fairly revels In croiscitunlers and sw InrlngrlKht I
Landers lie uieellng I vii undoubeilli be j lutereillui
AVI1I Dully 1nrker Sleet iloei locmcl
A prominent club mall has ofTorod n uno cold
watch for A contest between Holly Parker Ihe fitter
amateur middle weight or Drooklrn who recently won
his hamplonbl of the 1Iliblon A C and Joe ooY
the gentlemanly bou known for his cleverness on
every race track In the ouslimy The gentleman that
offers the I prise said last r night that the men must agree
to meet for lenioondl Will gloves within three wssks
and tbat he will baY the contest In the rooms of a well
known athletic club Cooney agreed last olghl but
Parker ba kl not consented up 0if oclock as b She
wanted a lulls time to consider lb matter boY wilt
LakeagUat f o If a misting Is t stfeelsl Oolte a Uttl
ting will U an u U I track
118 hat > fm on fif Ttoadfor 7rn TtnnttnA Ii
o ri + minrnt Member nf Teuaftn7tme
Lodge Ao 14t of the Jlrothtrhovd of 10
cornell O yemen
Tiler 1dI more popular Ogineer Sit ike striated
road than AdOtiul Ii r Mason fml 11005 avenue hIre
hIp iuaa bn running on Ih rooul for the I at Un un
and le I well known all along Second anllt lie is A
prominent member of Just in time I Iode be 14 erf
the htrotherbood of Locomnlts Firemen of the tnhIed
Illetee tuetinThtne lodge gins Iheir snnjal bath n
Thureulmy nhht at the IeIiiglon Avenue Opera thrice
ant here cii tie aug crwi of engineers and fIremen
and their wIves did lweetiusrln
11720 iicotid Avenue
A reporter had apttint chat with Knrlofter Miami
In the harlot of tilt courr Hat at 11125 HIc004 avenue
ycmcnUy Afternoon Mr MMOH ha u pretty win
and three cole little bois who my nil grow tip to t > e
npliieers lIke their tathfr tulnftr Ma on salull < t
For a long ttine I WM troub ed with a tlroppitifr of
alibi In inr throat Mid 1 wi ipuiinit nn < l hawking all
tile time 1 was continually slob at tn > itoinhrti In Die
inorniiiitH and couldnt keep anrtMnjr r > n my stomach
Mr Hfimftch fell swollen Sly note wan It jpped uiv lInt
one hi le and then tbe other and 1 felt tired In the morn
logs wJir I got tip 1 cMildn t seep at night at all t
wan rolllne ant rocking all the lImIt
A couple of inonthi ago 1 went to DM McCoy and
nililmnn and they wove me medicine and treated in
nnil iow 1 can clesri l like nn Indian I am Dot nick at mr
stomach In the niornlnn ant my noi U perfeciiy elect
I feel liXe a new man under < fr McCoy and 54 ildmnni
treatment Tueyve dune ine a lot ot good I tell you
5 East 42d Street
853 Broadway Cor 14th St
Domestic Sewing Machine Building
187 Montague Street
Opposite Academy of Music
If yon lire at a dlitance wrIte for a symptom blank
Address all mall to No S East 43 J it
Office hourlD to II A M 2 to 4 P 92 7W9P IS
daily Sundays Included
lIookkeepinr writing arithmetic correpottdence
Ipelliug Plenogmatuiuy typewnitllug ylivats losiructIon
day aslul evenIng at laiue tuulneiaeolege 12 unwary
Com Canal st t utowii lOT SF 44th Pt ocr Broadway
I ANJO Henry C Dobluns patent Bllvtr bell parlor
J itage and orchestra banjos Instructions given
private lessons Bend for circular
1IENKY O DUOMON 1J70 Broadway near 22dm
BANJO INSTRUCTION 3 course i nob e oi easy mclii
s od song and dance Jiff reel clog and WIng danc
iDg taught circulars J FJJBAN 473 3dar
BANJOS Ladles and gentlemen taught privately
LI terms reasonable orchestra banjo
l1fiAlu OUbON i42x Hroadway near 40th at
BANJO song and dance IU and clog dancIng laQgbti
I circulars aullN J 1IOUAN you lowery
JI of minstrel fame 3ji Wesf th it
HAIR DRESINO FC1IOOLPoplin taught In two
11 weeks capable of earnlnr VI lisa week work con
stant For terms address or apply at
Mine THOMPSONS 234 5th av
KTFNO llTArHir and iTp wrltlnKFklll In 3
monltaalHm hway typewriting lessons 1 weekly
1111URI and pool tables and all kinds billiard ma
ll tenialt t lowest prices UIUPPITU CO 1 I84tliar
Broadway corner 17iu st Union iquare
Millinery iBId rrrnkin
JPniNi RTVIJB Neal and experienced dressmaker
bY devlres a few oustomen al homo new iprlng itllll
hargcs amy ressonab
IillFSSMAKIli 62 West 100th it top flat east
CtCI11t joftrt 5
of 447 irand it Hy cuiumunlcalliu with r SORE
IAN solicitor 275 host holhi st something will b
heard to her advantage
Heiolsr line of mall steamship sailing from com
uauva pIer 31 Norlh lllver as follows
1o ttAlAIOA taa ii lireno lob yn 12 Pt
ii SttthDilZ 1IThKL UattJ topeo Feb 28 5 I Pt
ii CtUlAt CUNIIAI 1 apt Ph tarosono liar lOiS SO
lasiejers sstd freight taken for tlsvana lroreo
ain Crso iaiuucu and iiiiiiau and itucr poInts iu
CubaPorto Rico i4oiilh and Central America and hpaln
J M litllALLUB A CO Agents HO Wall it
These iteamers baSe excellent Omit class passenger
accommodallon Veep a good able and have smoking
room bah rooms social hall piano Ac The round trip
lasts ONE MOVIII aId costs only l l eierything
being provided except Silica cigars Ac ror tllalln
scenery and l ensure this trip cannot De excelled
hotel Central American Kvpress Company for above
places hon particulars npplv lo
luuiillelmll 51 New u ork
l PANY Milt Cl lilA AM MXICO
All steamers sail from Piers IU and 17 P I R 3PM
SENhCA Hat ami Malnnras Vied Feb 18
VOMITBI I ltav Progreco Tuapin and era
1 truz TUnrnViJSr Feb 21
NIAllltA llav and Rama SPed fibM
riltl7aiiA I hay Irogreso Campeche ant
I S era Cr1 hat March 1
rtKWlvtins I Nasiau Santiago de Cuba
J I and t ielufmlegos Thursday Isb 27
For particulars freinht or assnge i > apply to
JAMEs K U Alll A 10 113 Wall at
Ball every WIlllNFhllAY and SAfLnnAT
From pier fool ot Ju st lloboien
0bLiheliO a cu a Howling Green
RID from New York and Antwerp every west
Meamshlli IIXNIAMI Heil fit 211 at 11 io A M
KleauishlpWhRTKItNLANP Wed Mar 3 ll 451 P 11
Calilo Kales First cabin 11th and upnard eirur lon
H j and upward second cabin 913 eacursiou Itt and
1VTBR WRIUIIT SONS den AU fl Howling Green
C LINFFour utamers ekly from New 1ler WI
N II fool f Miring st
ta IJANkAh < 11V Wednesday Feb ID al t P V i
SH CIIATrAHllICIIIR trldar lei 21 a3P U
bS NACIlOCHFB Haturdar Feb 22 al 1 P hi
hri C11Y OK HIIOIINOIIAM Mondar Fob 24 at 1 P I U
Connecting with Central Hallway ot tuorgla and
Pavannah Florida and Vt astern Hallway for an points
in rieorfla Florida houlh arollna Alabama and
Louisiana Uoiuraassed acoommndatlons First clots
table dilute ror freight and passag apll to
JI IIASHAilKNj I W II nil ITf lien Agent
EMI Act H F 1 and w Ry Bavsnnali Fait Une
Ml Broadway I HIT Hroadway
H U WALKER Ainl Ocean BtssmihlpC
New Plera Norlh lllver
IT hTHAMKHH New York yntenstown and Liver
AIMHATIC Wednesday Feb 24 II I I HiA M
TilTDMC Wednesdai March 3 II P 1 M
Itaiss of passage as low as ly l any inner nrsl class mall
line steerage to all front the old country ti
Companys onic 41 Urcadway and ou Its whatf
fool II ait Ilitb st J llllVCK IhMAY Agent
All Train arrive at and dpirt from
Fourth A re nnd 421 St Xcw York
mr thins Schenei lady Itlca Slrscuse Anbiirn
deneva Innsnilaigiia llocliester all Hiiitalo nag
Her Palace ilrurnu hoof Cars to llnfLalo dally and
tocaiianilalmia Icily ncepl blinds > s lionel htnok
III Car to Ilu3an
ITI II Hagtier i estlbu Intut smoking and Library
5 arsitS ILirter Ship and llaihtinnii t ire wing
Room irl lIe Compirtment And Mate room bleep
IM i ars Hialel ly slssm ami lighted by VIe hue
at Chicago MI ii V A M haul lay
Unclnneil InritanaiOils ani Nt lotus Wanner > si
tlbula lirawinKroom timing Fleeting and Cafe
Smoking and Lliirary Cars ntlre train steam healed
and lighted bygaa No curs fare
lllftOA M MHTB1IN DAY KXPItKSdallyex
C sIt Sundays Train leaving on Paturdajs dose nit
run West of Dstroll or Cleveland 55 artist Palace
lira lug room Cars to Syracuse Sleeiung Cars
Syracuse Cleveland Hetrolt and Chicago Iarlor
lar Cleveland tolincluuatL Umlng Car sew lork
to Albany
hT LOUIs tXIKKsSfir lluffali Niagara Fall
Toronto CleveUnl Cincinnati M nnls I Unroll and
Chicago wllh Ihrouuh Mucner Aestlhule bleeping
Cars Dining Car tu Albany serving illnner
lOtOO t > M FAS1 NlilllT I Mltl fis for Rochester
ItntTalo Niagara Pails Toronta ileeland Inctn
nail st loiuv I Iielrit all t hlcagu with throuih
W agnsr Palace Sleeping Carl
10VJ A M ill Ml A M 0 tP l P I st IU IM P M
A M MlilOA M tout P tl MOiuP 1 M tlU00
A M t3 vu P I M
For Information tlcketi and space In Sleeping Car
apply at raid t entriil Htatmn or at 1411 Tv mil
Ml Urnaduay 12 Pnrk nUce e < 55eai 12Mh st and
llwih si station New York 331 55 alilnirlm su 7il
1 niton n and JV > Helford av li 1 D lirooklyn
Westcotls Express calls for and cheeks baggage from
hotels and residences through tu letlnHtl
tPallyencepisunday Dally eicept Saturday Other
trains run dally
All trains except those leivltig at 050 A M and 13
midnight stop ai iSHih st stalin ho Isle on hisuielmoer
for the berth snub Uesk
General Mnmger leneral Passenger Agent
New York and Boston All Rail
Leave Hy way of Due
Oliii A MSprlncnsll uiid Uirceter 3 0 i I1 I M
111 OA M Nen nmlon l and IruvMence 4 ml1 I Jl
II I I it A V slrliugfI1d ant It orieier finr t M
lil it XI llartf uruh emil N Y amid N fI I lll I I M
lion I M Ne lnnln ant Irovllence 7 ml1 I M
oil M lIlIriluenIts aid N Y and s I iiinl i I M
4 nor Jl 1 < ami U i ti I M I
jirlnitneld on ester lluil I
5t Ct i I SI MW lonlonand ITovldence II I oil1 I M
11 CI r t M Mirlncfled and Worcester fl IS 4 M
12 to i M New London and frovldeiice 7 IH A M
Run tour laclullnir Humlays
netnrn semIte same hours and by same route
Leave Fur Due
Itsir I SI Newport via S5iekforuli T 3ir I M
3 Oil P I M Northampton ills ituelburne Faltc7 Wl 1 M
Snu r Si 1 llotisalonla n R IlttsOeld hill r I Jl
102 IM Nauiatuck IHv Ulnsteit P in f I M
Through parlor or sleeping cars bv each train
C T HKMlhTHAIl > inI I 1ass Agent
The eighth ninth and tenth parties of the season for
will TtsiYe Ne > v York as follows
Tliiiridii aiarrti 3Route via Dilcaio hon
Sac City Las Vegas Hot Sprlncf hanta I e Albuquerque
llarstow ban Hernardlno Ac
Mondisy Mnrrli 10Ilnute via CIncInnati New
Orleans Oalveslon llountnn fan Antonio hi Iaso Ac
Thurmliiy March 2O Houle via Chtcagix KHI
sas city Las effai limit Spring Santa te Albuqueriiue
llarstow San Hernardlno Ac
The trip to he rnilite In Hpectnl Tr lni of
MUKBlllcrnt Venllbiilrd lrtillman Inluc
Cars snilit PiiMnmn IHlMret SlIcIng < lsre
A Choice of Tour lloiiKs Returning with fifteen Par
ties under special escort Return Tltkels also loud on
all Trains until July 1 Independent Ticket coY
erlcr all expenses both warn and giving enllre freedom
to the passsneer In California and returning Hole
coupons supplied If desIred
Ixcnrnlon to Mrxlco March 3 and 10
Anninil Nprlnc lour to folnrndo Cntlfor
nlai und Pacific Norllme April aS
Ky Fend for descriptive circulars designating whethe
book relating to California or Jlexlcu tours Is desired
UH1 Broadway New York
Only Solid Train
New York and Chicago
And Ill only line running iti
Dining Gar Through to Chicago
300 PM 600 PM 830 P ML
And All Ioll Vtmi
Leave New York foot tit Liberty st as fsllowst
For CHICAGO aai p M 12 i ISA M
M 2 00 I M a20 P Of 6OU P tl itc A U All
trains dally icept II A M Sunday
Tkksl ORlces VI 161 ItS and 1 140 Broadway N T
sculLs llruadway Brooklyn STATION fOOTur LIB
ERTY dT i entral It It f N J i
Nw Yerk Transfer Compsnv will rail for aol chick
ba as from hath or residence
Gel Manager Cecil rsiinnrAisnt
Leave foot of Cortlandl or Hestiroses 7 fl snub It
A M 1 140 4411 S 40 and 7 P I M
The Picturesque Route between New York and Kaiton
Ilellilehem Allentown Mauch Chunk Wllkesbarre
Plttilon Hcranton Ithaca liensva averly Walklne
Cleu Elmira Rochesisr Buffalo Niagara falls Toronto
Tickets and sleeping car berths can be secured at the
General Lastcrn Ulllce 232 llroid a or iuo Hast
l2211i it
l K roortoilTLANUTAMl IlEHUltoSMSH
> or llarkensack and Paterson n 4 l 4 If t li nn injn A
M la M I 4H 3 Jii 4 IU 4 JI f > si i III SOil U IKI
U JO 7 31 III OI P M 12 li A M holidays T43
10 ail A M 1 457 r I P M
Passalc 113 1 > A M a i iu ti i > 31 > P I M
Wortendlke MttQ l Si l IVIOM 4 10 5 3D 6 00 0 JO
P I H Numlara 7 45 A SO
Duller S In A M I3OUM 4 III > 11 < II > < O P t M Bun
days 7 41 A 111
Mlddletown mid Ftroniisburit 10 A M Ill P 1 tl
Mlildlctuwn Mindais 7 4i A M
A CARtS llEhlttEll to eli poOl iaVatl ttlrer
tine 110111 55 bleaIera mI 111 Ii Id and I
tiioulb ICare 11cr Ut 4 it fool of Slurruty at week
dsp 5 01113 at 11 1 SO iibllui05 irilS WIll be reaulmeI
Colnliteflclllg Mnr eu I ululudctiul ii StOPS tool frn
brootlyt SI 4 Ii ierae3 City at 4 I St Au UItCllKn
Vll on each cit Clint
A Ills Incite Hue Itfslnn t < Meamers leave new
Pier jit N R rno Mick nuure I oil at t al s p M
lnlldas excepted
NllllWlfll IIMKtMHIITI I I liii lIE ilOtTK
Fares reui its I lii llnsfin it 1 Mnrteter S I corre
ondinif > reductions lo all polnls List I steamers leave
Pier 4 it oil I iiumi er North 1 ill vtr foil St slim SI non
fleraboie nesbriisses Mreel lorry I dally ouudajs rx
cepted al 7 p tl
RAMHIlhLI LINRPor Neoliirll Klllklll corn
t wall Cod Sprlnif mind Ural Pom freiu rraiillin
it 1lerKH eikdsis tai 1 M htin < laa p I A M
Ohtroprnu Xlltt Q0n1pn111c
rjiifol nose for iliipp rs and irai elters malted free
rackaiei eipreued lo all pails of turope loo and
l1OriIflnit tOOi
tmfI1VI at < til prices So I while 111
D OXING block L m land l Vi 5 41 > au Whit e
kid padu I dIce emit ends fl w No 4
tunis thai nip POt inn II 1015 ciliillils
SI let Tile prince am fttiWKMVtf wii
tue sent by mill ou riceliut of Inca sd Lt dIrt on
postage J y MAHTLile
85 Court it near City llalll
castle fatten
fafly qlppe as rS
Train leave itatlona fool et IleibroMtS mmt
rorlliinill Hirers as follows
too A MTllb FiST MM tor the Steel rnllm
Uslhcl sleeplne and Parlor Cars Arrives l lev
land r s A vi Columbus S 3o 1 M thliago O on n
H and St ionIc 7 01 P M nell day lenoscts aleS
for IMIIIainsiiorl lurk Haven and Itenovo sicspl
Mnday and Toledo eiceit Saturday
1000 ja Mllli PfNN llANtA tIMITRD
cool aped eliiM > elvof P > men lesllnule Drawing
and Maternom M eplnr Ilnlur smoking and ilboer
vation lars presenting financial reports stenograph
die aid type writers tMlh rooms or both cenes ladiel
maid harlem shop library arid all the convenient
of a horn nr otrcf Heated by sism and llshlel
by stailnnari sill movable electrIc llgMs ArrIval °
f Inrlnnstli I and Chicago II I 47 A M next oar
ntttn P U lit 101114 IIICAlltl sNU OINC1K
bAil liXPRft Pullman eKlbnle Sleeping I ar sod
Dining l ar New Sot In st Lonl Chuavn and On
cinnail Pa senger ccach New lork to toiiimhua Ar
rivet t Incjrnall II I I is I A SI i Chicago 510 PM I and
St leiihu 7 Ii I hi vent tay
0 lISP I 55Till 5 VTLN KXPHFMI for ail poini
III the N est Northwest and Soutliveest Pullmaa
S e tlbulf sleeping I ar Nes York to Ilttsliurgli KU
lout Chicago Clnclnnall and llsnihl Iennsvl
Tsnla Itallroad IMnln Car New Sunk in Philadelphia
Arrives nt Cincinnati BIO P 1 M i hlcgofl M 1 U
nevl day and st louM 7t II A V second morning
Connects for Cleveland and Toledo tally except
nlooryifPVCirtC KXPRFCS Tollman Vestibule
HuHt Sleeping l ar New ork to Chlcan New lor
to Memplils S la tlie PI nanlMh S allev arrives
ClMtlanUi ii A SI Coumbus 7 lV P M next day
nm hliainisi 5 Si indiiiornln Ceinnecls fat
Idien Icily viI fur torn brie Ills nil legionm
letelstid und Co uiiihus except ssturdav
SSeiulngiOfl Limited Fioress of Pullman P rlot
taro dally evcept sund < v In III 5 M srile Wash
moil liiP 1 M and t outre slti4l Limited dally
with Dining Car at 110 p i M armr 55 silintrloii tICO
P M regular exprets 41 u u ti alit N Jo 4 M
IttU 2 li l Hi ttK and li isi P I M anil 12 11 sib l
JniiliM 40iIi IS and H t n A 513 l 121 l < anltMO
P M anl 1215 night fir rolnls on herspeike and
Ohio Itallwal and Incitinatl Sleepers listing lar
ant Coai hes thriiugh 2 HI I M I oily
ftK ATLANTIC CUV l I 2 oil I M iTIn ugl Parlor t ar
and Day Coach week dna lurCiipeMay 1 si r H
week Is
FeTkllont I and Norfolk SIft New lork Philadelphia
and Norfik Railroad n III l 4 M dull J eept hdar
and H isi P 1 M dall > la llalllmnre aniVKar Line 2 10
P il week days
ls trees trains I leave ai folluu s
4 i ili ii I 2 1 7 n H oi 0 0 li I it i Cl iicnon Limited with
Dining Car anil 10 ID Washington linlleill I unl lltfl
AM I 12 ill I Iti 211 ili 21 4 C 4 IK 710 t H 1 41
nhi n UL and H ti I P M unil u m luiJiut Arcoinme
ilallnn II I I IIIA M 4 4mi 11 l7Mip i M Slinjlavs tz i
tress 4e Sill f u ZI > nuiilliiLlliillil old in 1st A
il Jon II i IH 44 Ii l l eu said I M and 13 11
light Ac nnilnmUtloil i1 I v
IhsNew honk Transfer olnpmiv i ill call for and
cheik haggaie fmnl Inlets mil llenes
ror time tables of local trunr imply to any ttcksl
agent of the Company
C1IAK E Pfilll I J 1 H WOOD
lenernl Manager fienepil ico r Agent
Fast Train to the So th
The SIleHaodoah Urniled
Commencing Nor 24 wIlt leMe Pennsylvania Iallrna
Now Stuck Siatlnn foot Corllamlt silt lie broeses sis at
II 1 P I M 5 KKK OAtS ANU SI lIlA h I 2 P M
leave Philadelphia Slit P I M IMinla 4 ii P I M 1
As nIne luray J III A M Rnanokr 7 J M llrlslol
U 1 ntin Knoxtllle II to I M l hnttnimuKii I I
M I Home H P SI Annlstno li 24 P I M the next duty
Monuoinery 13 10 A M Mobile u < 10 A M New Or
leans 1241 noon
nit 47 hours Newlorl to New rcars InUmin
lentlfiue hulM Meeplut Coin Phlniltlphlt lo Ne or
loans n tlhonl chance
Tickets sleeping tar berths and oiler InformntUn
tan be securel 1 on atipllcttlon to HIIV ticket I nni nt tenn
sylMtulalt H nrtol 1 IIlls hurst jisteru 1AKhen
tIer Agent JU3 Uroajnay New lork
n IIN > >
leneral Pasfenjer ami Tlckel Airent
For SMilHIclphin Haiti
inore mid Wiisiiri
Vii Cesutrat It K of New Jersey Ihlla lelphla and head
InrRK I an 1 Raltiinnre and Ohio II I K I
For IlllLADhLPIllA al 4 74 i S in 11 A Mi I 20
2 i JU 4 1 n 7 10 P M 121 i > irght Hmdajs H JO
B A M 3 3 JO 0 GlSO IV 1 nitlit
For KALTIMilKR snJ VA < IIIMION dally at 530
II I I eicepl Foils A Jl 1 a lu i 0 P M u n night
Train liavinn at 7 4 II I I A M I Sit 4 3 7 ai P U
IJ lii 1 mIght except Saturday nleht have connection fur
Heading llarrlsburff rotlsille Ai
TIckets and parlor ca seals can t > e procured at 711Rt
415 Ml I 1411 1121 Broailwa 717 tIlt avL64 West
125th si lit East 123th SL New lurk 4 Court St M < 1
FultnnstBA hroadwav Brooklyn New Sort Transfer
Company will call for and check baggage from hotel er
it ii oieiNiiii
hii devoted hi time for many jcirn to the exclIsive
treatment of discnsra of inen from Hhnicrnr tail
arising liLOU I anil hHIis dlscacen red chub itntn In
bones Horn throat and inuutti buuho and trujuloim n lt
the skIn ulcers painful swellings Ac
KlIJShY ftniilllINAKVconipIUni IrrftMon scald
bog lurlftmmKUon frequent litciliiHtlon to urlnatn In
Odious Jtscharata gieet itrclurc aid ktndreil allen
UonUKOAMC WKAKNRsK nnom ilfbilty Inipalred
memory mental anxiety abbe new < > t sail > l titer i lush t
Mtrvllti tnelanrhol > Intuluntary 0 hal Iff fit Weak
tuck anuS other dUfa es sultinc from en oec in
dlacrelttinbr overwork r rert or ut 1 f > pelly lilir
nile hIm u rid terDianeutl cured All lliutrin < lir iio
dliciffe Buccmifully ireateil A Innti t ntluit e pra < ti
cal rxperivnce enable lIe Doctor t < > npil lIO pronc
trutmeiit at mine Hlthont unties i > i > f rimrutN iliuf
avliiff ttiu patient much liiuo nI t ri 1 1
171 Went 12th it between i th nnt ills ma uTuOullla
tins free Hours I io 9 Mmil > n Uto I C lii
nit OKINlMj hat ru Irunh I fuMe
A ltlIITS hr SutITil Iil I act el ii r uI
It slutlon ululeut rellolule oleciallul I Ill Se Ph i
lIteae lulouul llfll llufeilluuu l u i rut e trIrIru it
Irrilationu iu aIde Itutilci tIn ti tommli tIer
lute tiny lsrtiiot usuy on ii liur Ou I OC 0 itt
ama nero iuI uleblIlt i lrt out ts I ii cuP lue e I lit ol
ulllafl ieee 11 hruun illi I ilI iiutuule I arm ucu
05111 of uteeelotuillcfll IUSko I lii I ie
es erytlu hut I tinwm I I Icirlu 0 hId 1 u m u rrilll lays
scullliteut a lpurlom Iulurulsl lute ui liutt l I ricO
Siiul lu elublea me to guAiuiltev 0 I rstlbiti t I 0
emery eavluic100vrIiglalretrer iu rLe or ull lilolo
9fe trVy Hftfr iim and tvt n rMiiIr LutJIf nth
If Druggist for Illaman < iirsaIln ri J tiMalil
4 Jfrl 4c tp l ftrtttnlnri nn1 Jtrllrf tuff
I 4 lsdieei loller I dcii C Isil Punto I of
A Cbtckurstgrcheimt Ce4loaslIf rbhlslo
11 hPIUIALIhT mjears mmii t > vi il KrnseBOf skin
blooil klJnef aol bladder ulirr < rii eni nr olil in
fecllous ilisrbarces f eel nr Line I 1 irriitinii no fre
luenl urlnalin louses ei I rn leln 1 l l i lit I Insl vllnllty
reslore olil or youiifr all i jne rer nt ir mill fppedllv
shut prruialiently oral Fir r ilef nul cur iiot I 11 >
III IIUMUK let l lh Idth It tiearJilav Iloure I I lull
ALL HinthT ANI > mil All I ltuIAuE iif meii
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