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i1iiiii NEW YORK THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20 1690 nun TWO cim
JlEN rnoxt ovn IOLITICAT 11UIIBltnr
nlNlr AT llKLMOtllVOH
Zz4ov WI lici Hrnittor Uric i nd Onr Own
ChutiBcey Mitchell Jpw Tell the
Hrmber or thn Olitn Horlcty How
llnch We Owe In Jhelr Fa IB on it HIt
Orpftt Buekryps from Llttlo Ornpflvlnoa I
grOw won th Inscription on tho table diagram I
of tho fifth annual dinner of tho Ohio Society
last night at Dclmonicos of which moro than
two hundred sons of Ohio partook seated nt
five tables presided over by Wager Bwayne
Thorn Ewing Gao A Halsey of Newark A
T Goshorn and W C Andrews
Each table was as good as the others and I I
there wasno long tablo for distinguished guests
for all were distinguished Each guest had at
bis plato a buckeye dear to over eon of
tha lluckoye State Tho room was not
only profusely decorated with the national
color but also Inscribed with various memen
toes of Ohio In tho shape of banners bearing
names of Ohios favorite SOlS olusslllbd at
Our 1lonor Our Presidents Our Gen
erls Oen Wager Hwnjrnewbo presided re
ferred to tho fact thnt the decorator had
knocked a year off tho ane of Marietta and
knocked an I out of the ordinance of 1787
by making It rOll the ordnance which was
really a cannon of American freedom
The monu tho work of Homer Leo Chairman
of tho Committee of Arrangements wits a re
production In nopla Ink of the rlgn of the
famous Ilunoh of Ornnos Tavern of lioston In
which tbo Ohio Company was organized on
Jan 25 179C The swinging sign was so ar
ranged couplot tbat when It swung out It disclosed the
One of wur two of wen
C four at itronr and tlftil of weak
This ornamented tho bar of the old hostelry
and Is supposed t have referred to the com
ponent parts of an ancient punch On the
bark of the menu was n profile map of the
State of Ohio showing tbo first Battlement of
Marietta on the Ohio lUver I
Gen Swoyno in opening the speaking at 0
oclock started with some pleasantries which
set the company In good humor for tho speech
of Gen Thomas Ewlng son of ono of Ohios
pioneers Gen Evvlnc tnld
The Ohio Society Is founded to help pro
serve Interpret and hand down the traditions
of tho most beuellcont peaceful l event lu
American history excepting only the Declara
tion of Independence It Is not too much to say
that our itepiiblic owes to the Ohio Company
Its continental extension Its free Institutions
the arrest of slavery and Us subsequent over
throw and tho development of that progrosslvo
spirit of liberty which has placed It foremost
lu the majestic march of civilization I
John N Wise of Virginia was Introduced by
Gen JSwnvno as one of the Wise men < thu
East He said that Ohio was really the flrht
fruit of the blended brawn In al bone of tho
Colonies the beauteous lirst born of 1 desert
wddeiness first child of a union wo < little
Unturned of That great Commonwealth had
ever been foremost In tho contribution of m n
and means for the establishment and aggran
dlenioutot tho nalolul stahlshleu aol said thnt
Ohio was born under a lucky star Hor history
wag the outcome of
the grandest ploneeia who
aver built a State Prom her grand old mother
she learned the warning against slavery the
value of liberty and education combined with I
natural advantages surpassed by none VIih I
10ne Wlb
In her boundaries are found that former deaert
wilderness of bavage warfare now transformed I
into the centie of American civilization
Speaking of old Virginia clvlizalon Mother
t of seven commonwealths Hbo may well take
her years of rest When I bring to you wol mus
f BIKe that the old lioness is In her don but In
the shadow li < kiug her wounds In tho hopl
that slu will yet como forth stioiigas of old It
Is u message that Is moat prateful to the bon
I of Ohio OI
Gen Hvvoyno introduced i C M
GL Iltrducod Chauncoy 11 Dopow
with some memorioH of Ito Cht Uopow ho
t know at Xulo College Mjvlepow lOIo
V 3ho iweullarlty of Jsewlork Is that so many
Hople come hero and become Inmous Tlioru
are lore people here tonight boo origin I
have been unable to account for thnn I have
over been gathered in ono room before
I notice by the decorations that liraiit Is
counted twlco It appears that ho was first
born in Ohio and then born again I reminds
me of the old Chllllcotho pioachor who prayed
Our father who art In Ohio The peculiarity
of the I people of Ohio is I that they have energy
and push I see by the decorations that you
claim George Washington and Putnam When
you unit a man looking prosperous full Ted
and welt groomed who has forgotten the
privations of his birth who likes Cue gaud
things nf life and Is prepared Iko fnturo lien
tage of Heaven that man Is from Ohio He U
Mayor of the town he has 1 cornor lot ou the
main St eel I now in tlio middle aisle
of the church MX feats from tho runt and a
p mot delightful location in the cemetery
Tho pecullarit > ol New York Is I that wo
have nn nolltlcu I < lui I I people will not veto and
then t thii ai I upon Providence to hell i thorn
It requires tno vvlinlo WOI Iii to be turned up
Hide d iwn lo start Now Yorkerd They uro lP too
Dust HMkltlg iultUIICH
Hut I in i MI i I vor man woman and child
take to politic lou cannot talk I with an Old i
1 man about II prof slonal manoron I buuIhOts
mention but he will tikuu recess to talk poll
tlis i lvory I man in Ohio 1 puts hi hand on tlio I 1
machine and has iho fullest ionlidenco 01 II bin
ubilitv to I run It That U 1 tbo reason
so many riesldoutH have como from
Onio What ID I tho elilef end ol
man r1 Tho i uicugo man sajslt Is to be king
01 the cotton market Tim lan Irom Ohio
says It is I to got an olllce ihore is I nothing In
this country so romaikable as genesis und
volution of tho Statehood Idea Your gather
lAg Is absolutely unique < ion havo about It
no politics and no religion
Ihe I Lntertuinmunt Commltteo at Ibo close
of Mr llopewb speech darkened I the room and
produced homo eteieopticou pictures ol Ohios
great men
5 lien Miiirraaii was warmly greeted and
talked half f an hour with somn pleasant rein Ind I
niscences 1 of Ohio Hie and men Prof I Harper
of Jalo nndeitiov Ahluy and otbor followed
in II lot uddreHes In < 1010101
Senatoi l Ililvin S Ilrico of Ohio who came to
the I dinner 1 when it i wus lull f ovot suld caro t he
had attende I dfsplti the fact that his phvbl
Plan 1 had told him that an attack of the grip
raid be I tlie insult ol 1 his enttliJni Out Mr
< ntlllnlOlt
Irice I closed I hi I Irkh by complimenting tho
many smull I Ohio 0 colleges for Iii rnlshi I hg men
whom he suld mado tho btaln and llbr of
nation Ohio and caused It to loud lu councils I of the
A numberof lottorsof regiotfornonattond
nnco wore rend from hut Sherman iov
CampbellMas01 Hail of Boston and others
Head Mrs Iyoiinii MlKlnj llond >
FKEKSKJU Fob 19The oxamlnatlon of
> lr > Reteca W ljonii body which WH exhumed
I 4 reiterday wai made today by Drt l l Knldit I r I I
Manoii and Alex O Suowden Dr JJanoa refuird tu n > n
vhal we > rouUl tnhe t lIe fauie of death IU sh 11 I he I
wiuld rrteainolhlii I unill ihn I luquen which i oroner
ulion li nrilerrd lorlomorrnw iiMrniuKit iCe cun k
Ainuy ncrii are jiujt relutlvn lu virn I lyun < ml
niKlin In I iiiKhllilireiurled I L that the londu hate
Mfri ir l toSe vnrk where u well kiloen Iark
MM I UM I t r hrtd nll theic line or two prrconit are all
in Lt > uiiiirr uijiciDU ud arrer > tn way pODOr touur
low I 0 luijuriL
I Kmll tluuern Hulclde
As a rapid transit train In Atlantic avenue
In IJrookljn COlD tail was apuroachlni lb hlton
iiIet tcroailnr about ti I oclock juterday mornlnit la 1
lutrr llarrlnitlon noticed a man itaodim clone to the
ircl i 11 i nil hand In lu < truer > lorkets i Vbe
lIe train hud gut a lllmi I few leei I f him he reluii 1
k i rU
huil trw hi pocket and dellberanly thriw liii
ktr on ibe truck In I iroiiinf tlir Imiiuiutiva I Mhi h
truck him lleditdlnhl I I 1 Man
W l i a I Iophiai I I a a
dmmed aa hndlMuej 1 alalrrr op d 1 X i of i IutOiii
flaie 1 Ibe u inier ml londi
I uiihC 01 f Hit train orrn
lHuur arrenif d and admitted to ball j tinliuii the actlgu of lbs
The aullnt Fallirr Tcmpcrunre
Jult Cudrt
The Paullit Kathorn who are in charge of tlio
taUiiliu Church of M Caul the Apoille in West Mfiy
nloih iireel atil I HI u are kunwn Ilirouithuut Hm
country at nanch advocate ot total aUtinrm r have
adopted J new uiuihol P I rmnuie urai rarico In ilirir
lath They ha I > e fnrinni h what ur I > cill a irmirr I
anie oadei nirlelr lu emberi are boys uvrr U I rlor yeAr
olu Al Weieiit the ofioly hu a meinbrriiliiii uf
M K ery Viy who Join the cadnn uedcx himit f to
ataicla I Jul J nc J uullf I
auialnfromluioiicuilni drinki I he haonitelM
ILe ace of 31 sl I I I al < o loarold the s iloulu and sue
1 carry Inloilcatliii llguun to any one
< hmlrr Uuk Iurk Merllnic
JARTIUIP hot IIIAt I meeting of tho
director of the hortrr I > uk Pink to diy tie II III a
wudecird IrriMenl Ir > nirr Hull 1 rvalrr and I
I I Mil hrirrnri or r 01 iln cjr I as inrd I
111 I < lip tr I i I 11 I Ii I II i he I
a t t j p r i ki loi the irninl 1 i ir I u
II in 1 I > < ifi irk i < ujiit mid a liin tiiuri I
tor fuu 011 IHMI 10 u trouel in iwiy I the Unr U ih
Iane I t purte trer ouertd It any aj t > ciatiou fir
> cuDf u n nd at 1 mil tie trolled at the renular cir
cult mttilMf u hu manifest adfaniaitt M Lrod I
11 has yore ebe4 deielvp uutbtr Allah iL
The Order ITe Ont from ATimhlnctOK CB
CfrnlnK the NatlonMl ItlMrd
CfNCnoJATl Fob 19Tiio CommercialO
tettf will print an Interview with oxQor
Foraker tomorrovr lu which be
tmorrow II says
What I aid In my 8i eoch > was that Inn I
much n81 was no longer a ocrot I could with
out Impropriety lofor to the fact that when the
negotiations > wore going on concerning the
Canadian fisheries question I was called upon
us I understood othorOovornotswoio toruport
at aliCe to tho AdjutantQonoralof tho United
States Army tho number of Ohio National
Guard organizations and the number of mon
enrolled therein together with the maximum
strength to which they could bo Increased und
also to what degree of efllctoncy they woro
drilled disciplined armed and equipped anti
how long It would require to fill our organisa
lions to their maximum strength nnd concen
trate tho whole force nt Cleveland
I might also have said that tho circular lot I
tor asked for information HR to what number
of these men could take the field for nlno
months which IA thin longest time tho Presi
dent Is authorised to call out the
< II cal tl National
Guard for service in the Held
J did not say that the lottorspoko about tho
purpose of the call being to Invado Canada or
an other country In fact I made no allusion
to Canada except only to far this happened
while the controversy about the Canadian llsh
aries vas going on
a t > Till lIllltHUIKOUM fV
But He Didnt Mean Nn und United Heart
Hunt In Chunm ut Nlbliix
A bride niul n pruom Minn In tho Klnrjs
Fool nt Nlblos Garden last night Rod be
tween the acts received congratulations The
bride was I chorus girl who up to yesterday
noon bone tho InDO of Miss loionco Collls
Tha groom was a stalwart Gorman basso named
Cumlllo Stubol They havo boon singing In the
chorusot the Kings Fool forsovoral months
and wore formerly with the J W Morris opera
company I
At noon yesterday they went to tho City Hall
and were married by Judge McAdam About
n dozen chorus girls In stunning wraps and a
like number of chorus mon witnessed tho cere
mony It was lu one or two respects a pecu
liar ono
fudge McAdam asked Mr Stubel ho would
take Miss Collls to bo las wedded wife and
Stubol answered with the military directness
of an old Pi usslau boldier
0b sir
Will > ou nromlso to support her In sickno
mid In health and to love honor and cherish
her so long as you both shall live continued
the Judge 1 as ho strove to remember the word
of HID Jnibopal marriage service Stubel lls
tenid patiently to h tlio uucstioii and then
answered in I deep voice
No sir
All preont wero astounded and Judge Mo
Adam sail severely
1 will reheat tho question Do you promise
to support this woman In sickness nut In
wealth and to love honor und cherish her in
long us ton live e Ii
No sirsild Stubel very emphatically
10 you understand the liiiI lab language
demanded the Judge > lII01
Only I nlectle tlrbald Stubol
An interpreter was Hut for and when ho
carl he explained the iuotton in Herman to
Mubol who wa all broken up when ho found
that t ho had unwittingly renounced his bride
The hull couple wont on their wedding i
trip over the lit Mountains in tho betoud not I
of the Kings Fool 1 last night bocol < i I I
Mitt PrlreH fstory or DUIionornble Con
duc on the 1art or Her loer
A yomip vvoman crying blt > rly attrnrtoil
attention ID the Pennsylvania llnllrond depot
In Jersey City yesterday afternoon Pollco
loan Itoon asked her whether sho was In
trouble She told him she had boon deserted
by a man with whom she had alopod from
Philadelphia Her nimo was Mary Price rhu
said and she lived 1 In I Callowhlll I I Mi cot Phila I I
I delphia Mm hud been keeping company with
n voiing man named Thomas Kelly sovcial
vent rhe had loon engaged to t mam him I
Rh months Tuosdty bo ciinio to her houso
Kite still and propoaed that she go to > ew
iork vlih him nnd got married Mio con
sonted und they cauio Kelly took hr to
Rll < Ild calO Kely tool a
retuiiraiit near the lirooklyn BrIdge und or
dered a dinner including a cup of cotloo 111 I
colTee tasted iiieer to her and she drank only a
part 011 holly told lien I was < rIght ihu
felt drowsy soot after she had tasted It
Kelly then wanted her to go up stairs with
UI wih
him She refused and tarted to leave tho
I I place Kelly urod her to I staj und I tho cash
ier of the place ulo urged nor tu go up stairs
Sho would nut do It I aid < Dually I lully I said ho I
would take her baek homo I do I I aciohu non i oh
her to the Pennsylvania Railroad ferry Ho
was HIII I king and told hor to go Into tlie la
des cabin of tbe ferryboat I where he woull I I
join II her when ho J II tilt lied hscigir 1 hat was i
lint lust she saw 01 iitii hue was waiting in I
tllo I dtIOI for him I to return Iho pollteman
took hei to I i lo I tee Headiitiartois I I I where rhe re
peated I her stoiv to fII1 t I t Murphy 1 The hlof
tologruiihod to Philadelphia I ti r her friends und
detained her at I Headquarter i Tho Inc itt ii
have not I Cll board fiom yet t MIH Price
who IbLood looking Is about J ii veara old
JlAlltS 1 Hit I Til AMJIOJ
Nevrn Un > lne < lln r Ilitrnrd With a
loss of Ahnilt 9OOOO
Sorru Ailiuiv 11 n I Ilruwns illsoov
ored about oolocj this morning In Howe t
ioidons twostoiy brick building In lirond
wav and Davis street and before It was under
control a block of boven business houses woro
burned Those Included the howell building
which is I occupied by howell V lioidon
wiieh 10101 onon as a
grocery by Christlun Stuub a clothier und us
meeting and lodge tooiiib Millers ding stole
PimlottH bakerv Albert I dlntors I burl in alll
licoii Harriss hut stone tho fiiinlshlngg oils
store of Iei n iumat I lit I 1 tlircuntoir brick I
building at the corner of Henry trt i nol
II I i i bull ucl 1 Imlott I j be lou gui rooms of bo
Masons and odd i elba a worn d > Hirmed 0 Iii
tliulr furnlinro and puriphuiiiabi here 1 Wil i
iio tiro department and although almost aI
tho ioiuluton I tUi tied out and formed H bucket I
brlgado lit tlu could bo dune to check the
Hut I our of iho buildings I wiinn f wood
I ho lire was threatening i I i the station ol tHe
Now Joriey I Central llitllioml I i I Conn t i any when
lUxlHtiinca cal from Perth A to lot and lie I
lIre wla got under control Apparatus b and
iiicu I wore sent ulso from LI inlet li > latawan h
und Tottonvillo J ho total losh Is I untlnnued ut
fjoiiiu largilv could by Inurancc
I m ting t I Iii U llrou kugof powder in i the I lowell
bullilMig OAplmled blowing out ono wull Mi
Gordon ono of the members of the lrm was I
Injured but tint dangviously
OV J1AA HIIIIAilfifi lO1tlTAtT
Henry Vuuclrrvcer Convicted and llr Jnff
laud to be Tried Non
EMZAnrrif Fob Hi Honry Vwidorvoer
was convicted today In tho Union County
Court or attempting to Induce Miss Minnlo
Williams of this illy to submit to an Illegal
operation uuderTCorkcptcuuipuny with her
and after ruining her under protnlso l > of mar
riage de rfd her and married a liahway > 1 I
Dr buries W nglaud of Newark who Is Im
plicated In the allah Is under bull to stand
trial ut the next term of court Miss Williams
In I about to become a mother The pilsonor de
nied hm Intimacy with tho girl but tho pro
duction of a hunch nf letters she had received
from him fit Ii r r united his amurllonn
Ir I LngUnd trbtlllml ho had nothing In t do
with u I erase and Miss I Jl lunA ns positively
ti HI It cid thai slio called the
le1 Ihll hl cal11 on physician sev
eral iman I in ti mpuny I with her lover 1 t took
tin jno ony I fen minutes to find Yandol vor
guilty Ho will Lo heiitonced lot dIOddu
Iuthollv 1rMyer Hook for the Hloux
Sioux IAMM S B 1 Ftdi 19A Catholic In
dian mlHBinimry the lieS rather Jerome of the Kene
ihnno order 1 nun I compiled a prayer book for the
sill hi iII tie puliuhed I hI t BUhiiii Marly and will
Ur i rime I In the bmix ntnxuawe KeiMei tie ordinary
latiihc 1 irnrerft the tutuk I will ronuiln I a caterhlvni nf
i I IMII Inclrinr and I I aflujlir jrtni a wiih apr > pruit I I
nn v i ii li el I ut itil 1 Lulled of this j > ru > o boos ttiiLti I
I IIII I1IM tO hllll ltlll
I ciTili n kilt I to a stihpivl ti n all return areiod
Tia 1 Jar51 i rnirai IteaUlnx and I nlJ atflorounl
IrlLi Tlckeuroed ludma last I train equipped with
Pullman parlor and aletpltijr CCL ShallOts I li rl of
Ubcrir iu 4
LdJrHIS FKKS rin noun ntiTirnrtr
Khe Wau inn Only 11 Client the De
Irndnnt riiT IHi1nl Cull Mr Keeler
M Holder A 4pnt IlettveCM Counsel
Sirs Many S Koelors suit agaInst Mrs
Sarah Ilnesott for J50000 damages for tho
alienation of Mr Koolors directions was con
tinued yesterday In 1nrt I 1 of the Superior
Court Ire Kcoler tostlllcJ further about tlio
Into bourn that her husband had kept II cor
tam with Mrs HaitBOtt Mrs UnR ott had told
her that Mr Koolor was transacting buulnouB
for hor and ImJ rocehoJ moro than tlOOOU lu
fees Tlio witness saul that she bal received
of title only 25 A register of tho Ink House
Newark which contained the signature ol A
Kooler and wife and the register of the Olrard
House of Ihlladuliihla which boro the elunn
tore of John Klnit and wife wore shown to hor
John ling In tho immo Ki > clor is saIl to have
assumed since his dtanprionrnnca from Now
York Kho Bald stio hud not boon with her bus
bum nt ether of those hotels Sho Idontllled
chcckwto tho amount of 14000 drawn by Mrs
IlatHitt to KoelorH name and endorsed by him
Mrs KuBlerH moth or toitilled that she had
frequently seen Heeler and Urn Hrmett
together and upon finch occasions they always
looked happy and foolish
Tlio next witnefls vim Joseph ottarclll
torment clerk lu Kcolaraolllco nt 3J5 broad
way Ho said that Mrs Ilassott was a fre
iiuent viltor > Mio would como at nil times
particularly Into In tho afternoon and Ire
luontly lingered for two hour at a time
Sometimes she would remain In Mr Keulcrs
prIvate otllcu after tho clerk had gone homo I
ho returned from errand
On one occasion rotulol an rrll
and lot himself Into tho oflko by his prUato I
key I boltiK lato in tho afternoon and every
thing iiulet ho Biipposeil the I oflleo win do
sorted Ho entered tim rivnti > olllro ond was
nmii7oil to Und Mr Koolor and Mrs Ila Hott
111701 lie tnouclit it ndvliable to withdraw at
OIHO Mr heelur followed him Ot of tho
oleo and elzl tii him threatened to h kill him
Iflle i f t over dlvulirod 1 what l I i ho had l seen
Tho willies sad < wile HO frluhtonod that
ho I remained awny from the ulllce until I ho
received Blotter from Mr I healer boggIng tilin
to rettirti Ho fnunil Mrs llnsuett with him
when hn got to thti oflleo I buy asked him to
forget what had Impugned and nromlhod him
advancement Mis im ntt uUod him to Iliut
u man tiamml Malonov hen he roenlved in
UlllKrniOdf Miiloii y IIOWIIH to report to her
m the JOII I i llninch I h Hotel i i In Brook I ttt Maloney
wn wauled to testlir as to mine matters < on
neeted with thou estate of Mr Ilassett l
vv Knots bull he omul this Maloney and wont
to the long Hrnnoli Hottti to report Ho wont
the necond ilnor and
up to a private > Parlor on Hoelnd loor ald
hack of 1 In 1 liodruom he found hooter and
Mrs Himett Kcelor had on a dreaMm a > wn
and Mf HiiHHott was Rltn > In chair near tho
window reudlni the puper Uncitisaoxiinilnu
lon the witness admitted that hu had been ar
rested pnco hit mild that it was only lot wet
line into a Unlit with another clerk
Mrs Lillian K May tho ilfilor of the plain
till tostllled that yip W pe ont a her
caroms house whon Mrs HassHtt called them
un Deceinber IHSH and culled Mrs healer a
bar also a little ipldor At this
moment liiwjar 1almcr mado some remark
willed nettled Iavvver Houston tho counselor
for tho plulutilT and tie latter called to 1almer
is hrh
Y tS and you are a blackguard for doIng i I
the 1 < ay jury tills with all deference llttlo to the Court mid I
Viihlnc I camo of this t omII J spat ulthouch a I
receb vv an taken iiinnediauly 1 I alter deuruo I
I I JlTry ITptiotor of time llnciioniit Hotel of
New I i chic II I I c tehtitled that noelnr had been at I I
Ids hotel during the summer of IsiS He hail
roni tored as Ullliiim A Iveelorand wife 1 ho I
entry had ditanioarnd ut the tamo time hint I I
three bavvs uf the dates of Juno 17 Is and IJ i
had been mysteriously cut out of th resistor
Mr I i rr siiltl that ho bad seen Koelors com
panion twice during that stay ami wan sure it
was not the plalnlitT Ho would not at unit car
whether or not it was tho defendant but alter
close ciuustloulnu ho aid that his heAt tool
lection Wile that Mr I llassett wus the woman
who accompanied hitcher upon that occasion
1 lucy MuiliriJuo an uiiniuniod sister 01 time
plaintiff testihou in corioboration of a part of
her sister testimony Itobert II Itiicey
Ilr 110Ih llony 1 HlcOy a
lan > or who had married aslstorof Mr Keelor
iald I I that t h had Visited Mrs i Hasott I I houno
ery frequently I iimiho IUIIIIR wi e anti ii a 1gb
lois Iletni ion Christinas and ow X oars Isai
Mrs t 111 I I called at th wlnos t house and
aked ti co him in private Jlrs llanoott
toM t mosald Ile h wltnesp that t Hilywai in
trouble Mio hhuwcd I mo a liter ho had I writ I
ten h I read the h letter ami nald to Mrs Hasitett h I
J ho man WhO urotx such a letter as that
Ought to ho I kicked Why t did ho nut cnDimuni
cato wll I his wife or halo motherV I told Mis t I
Hassott I I tliiil I I I f SIH would I I brlnir him into my
oilico In I tho uuiortii tug I would help him I out of I
his tropic II It took as much as tlUH 1 I
MIW nothlnt I ininrop I r In tho fnniillurlty ox I
istinn h bet I en Mis i t Hassott I I and my brother
tomhrII Ho J had had an interview with Keoler lu hop
What did ho my > asked Lawyer rnlnifr
Iild I hi < tull h vou i hat hu hud taken tho money
winch bnlonced to an estate 1 I
o iaid ihenltnoss 1 What ho di 1 nay
was thai he hId had I some trouble with Mrs
account hiiIVOtt and could not still In town on that
Hero tho plaintiff rested John lane tbo
10 o nlnlntl rPft
janitor of h3i llrnadway 1 nuoro iiosltlvoly that
i f i tl Ir l
Ki elei did nut han a inhatf i ofllco nt the time II
Xottarelll had alleged that he found Mr Keelnr
ainl Mr HaKott there Also that there bad
nnor been I shade on Mr Kellers window
Mrs lintsett waits this tlrst wltnfess lu her own
behalf Hhe trstllled that she came from lio 1
land I i in lnil 1 a toot clil i I hlie denied that she
wt riI < and said that her meeting with Mr
Keler In limo dining room of the lirand Lnloii
Hotel I I dHierlbcil I by tho t ti ai flU It was upon
appolnment ulth I i tw I > otl h er gent hrtiri to
ciosu 1 business transaction in rocard to some
real iisUihtS him also denied 111 healers
Htury about llndinc her tho witness playlne
cards with Mr Ketder at a lit hour alone in
her room or that Mr heeler had thrown poker
chips In his WiltS faco In her prononcu hhu
denied that ihe was Intoxleateil when she
caileil upon Mrs Kooler In December IMS
vi hit she I said at that time naB Why did
jniiuiitu my house and inako such I lylnir I
hliinioiois slatemont I HIM loally thin nly
puvlni cliont your husband haM and hIO > tried
tna t i MstMiii I think h I l > ou or unurateful
Hha ilonied oltaielils I I I I rtry and illsclnlniMl
anv famillailt ulh hcolor at any time bho I
will continue her lutiniony today
A itll i 111 n iniit civtsiiT
lie I roiniil In u Sniiiko Ilnuna Totting a
MenI ol Iluw Strut
llKADiXii Il Fh > l > IfHarry Lobo who
murdered his wifo on Wednesday evening last
mid Indirectly I caused the death of his l father
inlaw Dunlel U 1 1Hhor who died from fright
ii nil ooltimont ii ns captured pear Ilober
fonia h and is I now In jail h I He I I had boon hldlnir
in thn woods and In barns Last nflht ho was
In tho barn of Henry lInker and early thin
morninu hn was seen to KO Into tho smoko
hoiiho for Iho puiposp probably of warming
lii him siilf and lied log on the raw meats imaging
there to ue cured Mr Baker at once sent
uoiil to Constable 0 < Hohe who hastened to tho
Miioka urPIJcr hfiis mind dueling Lebo demanded his
lebo ruplled that ho would cio first and as
the olllrrr attempted to celia 1 him ho pulled a
Plbtnl and shot Ilw I sell In I the t head nltnoiit in
hurting moilal Hound lie I
Ilclnl a 10 111 111 0 was taken to
Jteidint 1 obo ih 1 much emaciated and had
evidently had 1 IHlle to oat for ieiera ilitis
Ihe pistul I I ulh which ho bot ilnuelf was tho
uho with which he I killed his tutu
nplruHuiit Slur Itrmun ChurL
The Aijuuduct Commlsislonors at their moot
lag yetirilH ttftfruuoa recelvcil itudce uf the dolon
of the hii > reme Court VAi < utlnv the Injunction restrain
lag Ihm train Interfering with habitat lark Ir the
ronttnictiou of rrctlnn ll > It of Ito 15W fequeitiicl A
rni > ulion WAN mlijiif prtiln tnrth thnt i KI i oiur ciMr
i Urt ball fii kin t ii iii uiirrai l ii > aulii amil 1 uiintif nry
il uy lie thuulil tow I un1 i clara Hie t hurl n W e J r
liv il4r avtl 1 M h r t hO i itt M ouU bat itlinul the luutrait
unit complete tue H rk iifcrlf
No IlnmHtcrN Inr Ilrutllry tn Itty
The famous suit of Mrs Mary E IlusBoll
alu > tJnin < > A Hiadlcjr ibetulocmt of Aibory reek
for ll lSuodarcagee for uinllrloun ftmecullou I eed fates
Imprlinmfnl wu dUmUiril yepirilay by Judic w1i
lncof 1 lUe tullf States Iln ull Iuurt b M ae uf tIes
KuiReUn aye aypenrftwcr llm 1 Iu I bait a ilruii imrs
iii AMttrr Turk sail f hramsy rseil < her arrrti on a
vliarto W irlllnii I intiiilc iliu lliuor i wIthout u llcui
Illtiucil Ss 11 brttlrllmt I
Mil in I einliTif f di li iuth avpptio nnd lor
our i iv 111 la I i a iin a CCC u r > nl ui In Ihe
T iriloih Hirrei lUilvn hour tail I niiiln uy Audit llaril
tier of the hocitir for the rr Vfnnrn of rosily to
lilldren yrbo charged them with abilticllnc a mulatto
namM Jar hahi J nta I yrari old of Virirlnia hOI
her aunt t bout IB Uu city about Ibis weeks aQ
41r4Y IllKT uo
Itiran Vnn Horn liii TTIft and Lawyer
1erry JLenve V lt rincci In llrokl >
Itonl Kstati Broker O K J Von Horn who
Is called also Baton Von Horn has abondoned
his onco In the Arbucklo buIlding in Fulton
street opposite the City Hflll In lliooklyn und
dlsappenroJ Mine Caroline 01 Horn his
pretty wife closed tho doors of hor fashionable
drobsmakltn rooms at 141 Montniruo street
and Is now supposed to bo on tho hluli seas
bound for llamburc Lawyer Clarence W
1orrr n nopliow of eiudua Abraham II
halley who was a close friend of baron Von
Horn alt shaiod a part of his chIc In the
Arbnekln buIldIng Is supposod to be tho coin
iinnluii of the Barons flluht Each of the trio
has loft many anxious cieJItors and no end
otcomplleatlotm behind
Mute Von Horn uas Imported from Paris n
couple of roars ago to take chary ol Altninnti
ilressmnklnu department hut fell In love
with tho Ilaron and alter marrying him about
MX months auo moved to llrooklvn and opened
her dros lmklDI room tliu did an olenll
slvo buslnosf but owlnir It Is said to tho ox
trnvncanl habits of her husband Mio bocamo
involieil to the extent of several thousand dol
lars Last week 1Irl Von llcru disposed of
nl her lurnlturo and effects a private sale
borne of her trlonds think shin has tioiome tired
of hor husband and has loft blot for Rood Tha
Huron who was regarded as one of the not
mon stout town was busy at Ins desk at his
olllco when Superintendent Morris tho agent
for tho bumblIng called on him on Monday 11 t
and risked for tho rent for iobrunry Hn told
Mr Morris that ho was 100 busy to at
tend to tho lull then nod asked him
to call on the following caT Mr Morris
called on Tuesday lInt vuit surprised to Unit
that the safe and nil tho ofllce llxlnus had boon
icmoved and that the only trace the Huron
hud loft behind him was I lot of papers and
memoranda Hlnce his disappearance clnmor
oUHoiodltors have Leon innulrinc for him nt
tho Arbucklo bulldlnc toting lnwior Ierrr
Reums to bavo put himself completely under
tho control of Von Horn and exludue halley
hU uncle thinks ho has bit Brooklyn for good
Mr lioy Ant
lie Ild brIght prospects In the law busi I
ness and was associated with rue until I dis
missed him w lion ho continued to associate
with Von Horn On Monday hi sent for me
and uave mo some law papers which he asked
mo to take care 01 He did not toll me where
he was goIng but I MIPPOBO h ho has concluded
to share his fortune with Von Horn 1 hope ho
will never como back
JIIK Mr cnoxix ausrucT
More Elo > nre iliaC the PrIsoner Took
Crunltl tu tUe CMrlnoa CntlMie
Cniruio Feb iiJtlm 1 Kelly this Cr
I nln Biiriect Who Is accused of having driven
tIme Doctor to the den of the nssiisslnB arrived
I hero tonIght from St Louis lie was heavily
I innnnelod that ho could scarcely mom Koico
ol the Irons had to to llltvl off his body As
I soon as hn was bundled oil tho train at tho
Itllol station ho was hurried to the oleo of
Iolieo Superintendent Munli where several
I i parson had cathorod to Identify him Tho
i prisoner wa poorly ilre AclI f > He did not poniu
I alarmed nt his predlcinuent and chatted mer
illy with his clHto lan
When Sir tonklln was railed to look at
I holly lie looked ut her closely The I woman
had seen IT tronln no away with the mys
terious nierxoncer on thn iilehtof the murder
and had notieed that the fellow had piercing
I e > es Shu iinhoBltntlnKly recognIzed In the
I prisoner the voice and gestures of the nies
Heiiitur of May I but was unable to Identify
his IICO which tVilS now unwashed und travel
Htained She will bait another
Htlllel I II hl opportunity
tomorrow to lonk nt Kelly moro closely
I Trunk Scanlun who raw Dr Cronin drlvo
away also recounlod tho voice of hell as
that nf the ansassius mebseniror Tho writing
of this prlnonor so closely resembles iho
ehlrocritliv ot 1 II Hmonds who bought thn
gu > outs Inr the slaughter house that I will ba
Htibjuctod to exjiertH for examination Hales
lau Hatlleld llverjinan Dlunu anil other
Important witnesses In the Crouin trial will
ten tho prisoner tomorrow trn
Tin belief IB growing that the fellow t is nono
other than J 1 Mmonds who bought the etool I
pIgeon furniture and who drove Cronln to the
IarUon ottnuo ills broth va rxirmlttsd 1 to
Bee him tonlcnt All other application to sue
tho prisonor vv ore refuted by the police I I
ilL ISKLI > it nan wv Fn IMS aooi
IIInliop Iliilm cm Trial lor Conduct lob
romliiic M Christian
rrrTtANi 1V1 19liisliop 1 ItinUolpli
nubs of thn Kviincolical Association was I
placed on trial today at Saloni Church for
conduct unbecoming I Christian 1lltoon
clertymea constituted the trial commlttoe
and Bishops Lbher and llowman of Chicago I
wore present flue charges acnlnst lilshop I
Dubs are that ho ac UbOd the Itev M Illt
I Ilt
liiLei of Ilullalo and K l 1 E her non of tho
lilshop with havliiu falsified a telocram which
he I sent several years nui nlalJ1 to church I
business and that on two occasions he was I
lit ii Ill mr In i Us s conduct toward I two women WI
I inc ot the women was oailnir dinner at her
homo when ho ontored u I all tladni g his hand
< > n the back of her chair Im as Ii oil If I f her hlll
ner nan god The scono f tho other in
htnneo of familiarity Is I hvvltrorlnnd and tho
Hmo twolvo ears ago Tho woman In tho
cure was I servant a a hotel Nothinc crim
inal I is I i alleged In either ease Ills I I filenUs bay
that the churvesaro wickedly false Ilends
The isiprit woe CMiichtund There I n Likely
til be u I nchlllK
KsonnJl IVb 19 Yontcrdny nftornonn
Jake Staples a negro who has been working
for 1armor llufe Lewis near Uelskells Sta
tion twelve miles nonh of this city took Ill
> antaire the husbnnde absence and attacked
Mrs Lewis After a desperate struggle tho
negro overpowered her
Maples lied I tut was pursued by Infuriated
mon and women hi was captured and U 1
m w tied Hcmely In the depot In Mol iolPn
Hoens of armed men nre hocking In and
although an ellort will bo mad to brine thus
prisoner here III In thought he will bo lynched
rime low lleitdlnrk lon I
Di s MOJNKS Foli 19Ott the tmxls that tlio I
Iomocrats have the Hpoakershlp of the IccN
latuie and the Itcpublicans the choice of tho
llrht lIve commltteo chairmanships the Iowa
deadlock was broken today John T Hamil
ton will be hpeaker He h I tho llrst Democrat
to hold the ole since ITii I Tho chairman
Hhlps of tho rest of the committees will bo
divided evenly between the two parties
Goy Holes will now bo Inaugurated either on
Tuonlay or Thursday of not week Demo
crats will be here from all parts of the West
and a tremendous jamboruo Is I assured
VIliiMft Idru of Stir Istic lit 1NH3
CIIICAOO Fh I HIThn lmcn this mont
log prints I column Interview on the political
situation with Col William 1 faa lute 1 Secre
tary 01 the Interior Ho said The battle of
1HU2 will be fought on the tariff Issue It Is my
opinion that by that time tho Democrats can
swoop the country on that li < U8 I tho right
men rroildont are nouiluutud for Ire ldout nnd Vlco
Inipcrur Vllllum In K Hludrnt
LONDON lili JJ To I Tfl UrrmutM > 1ln
correspondenttayu tho Lmperor has studied
the labor iiuebtlon for limo past eighteen
months As soon as he was convinced that
Luropnan peace was assured ho hegun to tlt
Hull experts In every ciao in order to tolled
duta It Is unlikely that Itussln or America
will bo Invited to the conlereiio
Iitlinr JVniiMn Hettlfil
WoiiUiiN MuH rob Tlio laior trouble
time Lou ieitleJ a Ithnit a lot k mi A tomi > roiiilno hu
tetm l muJft between Ihettu i obb iu d < tljtir blacken
and icLttri the bickers agreeing fj dci P aids a day
of sillier tiOhihm or gloss leather atil 11 l the Kett ritodn
34Oildti a week of touch at VII I i tsr > week or 2O aIde
of glove at nf Ir l week IhU atrrrem nt will I boid
food at trait a Ionic aa ihe nrliUiitor Irk lint re <
main In force which u I ten uiouth Jhe blacken and
elir utile toiircMlonii for tlie ale nf tie oilier em
pt morrow < iTe > L Von A Colb will mart up their atop 01
Wham Vrnlrrdtij IliM tVrrr
A M 1 a i 25 Jlastfonl 1 alloy Joseph 110IzM
miion dwJof n si i 7 I i I J 1hlt a ethic Morif
Col tie fancy COd atone dmna 17Ji I I iii i s
Ollyr nrxt Jar thee apartoienu daman alight
f I MltVi ihTii l Avenue Auoljili HitauMi apart
mnU Outage tv lillx Ulrd Door r tw Cbtrrr
stress damage Ibtio IKTf Ma4lMm kTUDt r
Mba tVantii Corapf nmtlon for the K rvlce
or Trope to Prcnerve Ihe I eaeaGer <
tinny Very Much Kftdlnd Over Klectlo
SOFIA Feb 1luAtn has drtimndcil of I
tho Government of BulgarIa tho payment of
yOdOOun roubles arrears ot money dun on ac
count of tho llueslan occupation durlnc 1S73
I nnd 1H71 Tho Jomand la In part related to the
consolidation under one eovcrnmont of Bul
garia and Kastern llouniolla ly tho treaty of
liprlln July 1878 It was provided that Russia
whoso armies hud Just comiuorod for these
countries tholr freedom from tho Ottoman do
minion should maintain a military occupation
of Lastorn llouniolla for nine months The ob
ject of this was to guarantee the tranquillity ot
tho country It belngapprohendod that between
the Turkish authorities left In Partial control
and the lone oppressed population Inspired by
tholr partial freedom thero would bo I imirdoi
outs conlllcts I the contiuoilng armies were
withdrawn before the respective elements had
accustomed themselves to their now lelatlons I
As IB usual In euch cases the expense of
maintaining tho troops was to be assessed upon
tho province Itussla has never pressed this
debt Lit demands tho arrears now apparently
under a cnhe of Irritation
A Fnmou Item Rnler Die Hiirtdenly IIe
Ulll StOve u Great 1iihllc Filncrul
LONDON FI 1 19 Jo = oph Gulls Hicgnr
the wollknovTn Home Hitler and member of
Ilia llouso of Com
mons for tho west
division of f county
man died today at
I riiaphum a suburb of
V London Ho was UJ
Mr I < Iiscar lloatl1
caused heart
i C was by
2 disoao Us was pros
i xv s r I < eit In the house of
V Commons last even
Ing and was one of
Jorput i curios the tellers In tho divi l
sion on Mr Iarnoll4 amendment to the
address In reply to the Queens speech > asking
for tho repeal of the Coercion act
The Panioll party propoa to give I great
public funeral In Dublin to Mr Illggar and
are In communication with his family on the
Mr Illggar after receiving a moderate edu
cation at time Hull < t Academy entered the
provision trade In which he prostiorod greatly
acquiring a eomlortable lompolence He first
entered Parliament In lf > 74 as member for
county < Avon and at once took his tiluce lu the
front mil of lush llghtors In tho House He
wee known as lie father of obstruction Al
though not a learned or cultured man tie bad
u sham native wit and ready I touch humor
which he employed to good elToct and he was
always prepared to talk against tluia on any
subject that might bo uppermost and miuht
be t depended upon to keep on his legs until his
object had been accomplished
In this way he made hliuelt one of thn most
prominent nit Mr TarnoHs lieutenants his
llama appearing constantly in the dubatoH
vvnlch uflectually blocked legislation Ho was
I originally a 1rebylorlan but became a con
I vert to Itouian Catholicism In lt > 77
Tin OLIUfV 1111101
An ITnnnuully out reUr CoiiMtry Camp Ira Tbrouch
1 fiunlapt CaM Sew c njiani
1nnilN Fob Excitement Is runnIng
hlcb In thn electoral campaign especially 03
regards tho Joelnlluts who have apparently
concerted riotous demonstrations all over the
empiie to such an cxtont as to call for the In
tervention of the military power In saxony
Alsace Silesia and the city of Konlgsberc
Socialist addresses have been posted ou tho
walls and torn down by the police At
Schnoidemiichl a man caught in time act of
posting liberal literature was arrested In a
stable and coiiMiuJ lettered In an open
wagon to the Court
In honlgsbeig tho police confiscate all lib
eral pamphlets and placards t Count Saldoru
in an electoral speech at Templln said that
war with 1rancn and llnnla Is threatened in
time nearest future The Tiurtlalt accuses
the pollco and gendarmes In the province of
rnscuwlth distributing conservative pnuiph
HISSIAKCKS llinitiillT
Ilcrr Ilorttlrlltr Silly Huccrril Illmllli
lllffcrcnceM 1llu the Jlmperor
ItrliLlN IVb 1 19 The Vcismmpe Zeitung
says Prince Hlsmarak has ordered an Inven
tory to bo made of his personal effects In Iho
pahuo or mlnltorial residence In the Wllholm
Ktrabao lu low of his resignation and retire
Tho BnmlofUcial papers continue In their
comments to Indicate Herr lloottlcher as tho
Irlncos successor and to rotor to him In terms
of high commendation
Time llamhuriier Atulinclitrn admits thru there
was a difference ol opinion between the lim
poror and Irlnce lilsmaick before the imperial
rescript were published but limy a com
promise wa readied later and that the policy
of the Emperor was modlllod lu COllbOluonCIl
Mr IKUUCK und III Iuramour
LONDON Feb 19lhme rows of MIsts Vin
cent paramour of K II Isaacs member of
Jaillament for NewliiBtonWnlworth under
arrest for shooting him In the arm on her fail
ure to compel him to fdcn certain promissory
notes In her favor earns up for hearing today
and the prisoner was committed fur trial In
bin testimony Mr Isaacs admitted that time
pistol might have been Ilred by accident and
no created a treat iensation In court when ho
asserted that when Miss Vlucunt produced the
pistol sho IIrut threatened to shoot berstdf and
thus make his conduct public
The Itulnrrii IAliur Conference
IAlits IVb It Tim Tempi wiyu The
attitude of trance toward the labor confer
ence prorosnd by the Lmperor uf Germany de
pends upon lnuland I If i t I tmgln emil mfusos to
takn part In thn confdrenni time project will
collapse i l If I I however I ii ul antI decides to par
ticipate It Is I ev Mint that the onleionee will
become a posnlblllly and eiiuall dear that It
will bo devoid of any dungur foi Ub or othom
Ibe Inch Jusid IlirchuHe lllll
LONDON IVb I iuTli tievv Luml I Iur
chase bill will not be limited to 10 < OOrtiiOO
It will provide for combining the Landed 1 >
hates Court and the Land Commission Into a
single great tribunal for time settlement of all
lund disputes antI will ulmplify und cheapen
tho transfer of lund
Ills Ilojul Niirnr
MADHID IVli hiJliio Qiwn llccont now
dresses time Infant King with bar own hands
nnd iorHOimlly attends to the broaklasts ot
the three children dally Ever since the Kings
recovery tlio Jneen has devoted every uparn
hour to him nnd their principal amusement U
plating dominoes
Many Bllaeri Klllrtl
IAIHH IM lAn oxplotlon orctirwl In
n colliery near Docle Department of Mevre
last night t It I t Is not known how many llren I I
wnio I I st but I auriady i thirtyfour i bodlcn have
been rucoveiod
tMrnot Mild Ihr Amvrlciiii Colony
PAJIIS Fob 10 Prrrililnnt Cannot has In
vited this principal American residents of lanIe
to a great roceptd ut the Llrai In honor of
lrsldut Harmon
An Extra Iollrn Force CluarilInK JTIerlln
HFIIMN IVli in An extra ixiiico force Is l
on duty lu n 1 the t principal I hon itmghm fatt t >
nubt In of nwiuen i l f the I apprehension of
disorders duo lu the cl < ciluiis
Another VioL Aicitluit FerdUand
SOFIA Feb 19 Another plot agaInst the
life if Prince Serdlntnd la I UlltTed to b on
A Talk with the rtiiimrror hltuahend When
They landrrl In Kmlund
Prom 7unl > pi Cable Vui omixiny
SomiAMiTox Fell 2ii Mr Potmlns
Green and Mrs Hnoll Mmtcroii tin mved from Now
York by the North Gorman lloyd steamship
Lahn at1 oclock this morning They had In
tended going on to Ilrcmen In that steamer on
bearing that reporters were on board who
woro anxious to Interview thorn but eventually
they changed their minds und decided to lund
Mrs Macron who looks very pale and IlL Is
attended by two Trench maids who accom
panied her and the baby Mio and Mr Green
travelled under name of f T Iullortou and
Their Identity wan dlcovored early In the
voyage by Mr Ernest bmlth appearing In the
Binoklne room us the steamer wax going down
the bay with n copy of time New York papers of
lob 12 Mr Krnot Smith Is the son of the
lute Terry Smith of Chh agii
During tho voyage the iroenMacrea com
bination was a veritable happy family and
their devotion furnished a prollflo eourco of
convtirsatlon nnd surmise In answer to jour
reporters ouastlon as to the whereabouts of
his wIfe Mr ii eon tepllod I
I have not yet said I have a wife
Your pnrtneis Moesri treon and Ilatomnn
notified the New York Mock Tchnngo on the
day > ou sailed that you were no longer H mem
ber of the linn nil connection having ceased
from that date
That is so he replied but It was done nt
my request lleloro sailing I requested my
partners to allow me to withdraw my name
from the linn without delay so It was entirely
at my soil itatlon that their letter was sent to
the Mock Exchange
lu all this case time only regret I havo li the
trouble It has caused my late wlfss family
i Inquired whshcr MIH Macrot visited him
nt the lloireolouii flat armed with a pistol with
which sho threatened to shoot him unless ho
went to Savannah aid married her Mr Green
That la holly and absolutely false
OatruKcd Kcnturkl llopfi Soon to IIuvo
the Guns In Their lliind
PIKETILLK Ky Fob 19Tlm latest < lr
volopmonts In the McCoyHntflold feud Indi
cate that a sudden end will be matte to the
bloody war In this neighborhood Yheii tho
new administration of Vest Virginia came in
nn effort was mado to ascertain the feelings of
Gov Fleming In reference to tlio case Leo
Ferguson Trotocutlnc Attorney of this
county returned today from West Virginia
Gov Fleming told him that any requisition
properly presented by Got liuckner In the case
would be honored and if necessary time entire
State guard would be called out to apprehend
and deliver Urn alleged criminals to time Ken
tucky authorities
The news created the wildest excitement
bore The residents are only anxious for the
opportunity of legally hunting down tho cow
ardly murderers of women and children Bud
McCoy brother of lImo girl who was so faulty
murdered on Now Years night 1889 and for
which crime Ellison Mounts was yesterday
bunged declares that he can raise 1UO men at
any moment to hunt for the Hutleld gang Ho
sanguine are tho authorities that borne of the
outlaws will soon bo in their power that that
have left standing the scaffold ot yesterday In
the hope of further use for the Instrument
Indictments are pending against Cnpt An
derson Bob and Llllott Hntlleld Charles Ill
lesple and Trench Ellis for buinlne the house
of Itacdall McCoy in which his daughter and
son were killed A reward of t5UO Is offered i
for each man delivered to the Kentucky uu
thoritles and no questions askod ns to the
manner In which their capture was effected
JOT lucl > noro requisition will speedily pre
Mr tl V nnitrhrllfH tharcea AcalnHt
MIss Auiilo I Tucker
KMZAnnril Feb 19TIme KUznbrtli Board
of Education In order to avert a scandal ns to
the manner In which tho manual training sys
tem was being conducted In time High School
decided tonight to abolish the system An
exposure which was thioatoned by home mem
bers of the Hoard n ho had boon invmtluntln
things was thus headed oil
Charges also had been made by Mrs J V
liaucholle against Mies Annie L I Tucker a
teacher in Public School 2 of conduct unbe
coming a lady and a teacher and Principal
Pease had been accused of bucking up Miss
Tucker In her acts TroIdont Carlton of time
Hoard remarked It would bo an unseemly pro
ceeding to have the imiuiry conducted in pub
lic nnd the Hoard wont Into eeciet session
Both of the teacheiB and their accuser wora
present and each bido had a number of wit
nesses nn hand to testify Nearly ull of the
witnesses were school children
hfNT SOLON ft tiiuiin MVJ 10IJ
HI same hid to lie Mlnlnc from ties
t ounty Conmltlrct Stair
Tho Executive Comnilttco of tho Republi
can County Committee will meet In the Fifth
Avenue Hotel at i oclock thin afternoon and
make up a slate to b t submitted to the County
Commltteo tonight Col H V u Ii 1 roger for
Chairman Henry Orasse for Tlrst ViceChair
man In the place of John YVesley Jacobus
Alfred d Nnson for Becoid VlceChalimun A
It Miltimr for Tieasurer and William H liel
lamy and J Thomas btearns for tecietarlet
will be about the slate It h said that Police
Justice Solon 11 I Smith will not bo 10
elected Chairman of the County Executive
ommlttee If he Is retired Police Justice
Patterson will probably be elected in his place
The lioorganlutlon Comuilttcn which has
I colt busy t settling i time dllllculty I In the I Flit
will report H Is bald In favor of th 1oddCar
loll tli kut und against the Mtiomio > Ailuu tIcket
Nricrorn Tr > lim to Hum u Tovtn
liAJKHii X C IVb li News reaches
hen today of terlous negro Incendiary
troubles ut Rocky Mount Tho negroes be
came lucensed nt the opposition of time whites
to the ntgroojiodua movement and they do
tormlned to nvetigo themselves by burning time
html On Sunday night the bulidlngi uf the
MlmlugtunUll Company wore burned to the
ground On I Monday night thn I carriage works
and machine shops of JLiclnev liiothors In
cluding three large buildings were burped
in last night Incendlaricn Hied t time building of
time Rocky Mount Fair grounds which were
burned to the ground rime town Is thoroughly
aroused and is patrolled by a strong poesoof
citizens lImo Rocky Mount Light Infantry
hmuise beau endured out Amimbttrof suspactod
negroes are under survulllanei and will ho
promptly ariosted II there is lurilior h tioub
The I line hrrtlrn In ilk virt IhieiTii
tory Suitor uploil by llicliluliiK
AiiuniixJi IVb 19Thn lljlitnliiK inadn
havoo last evening with the apparatus of the
time service of Harvard College observatory
Two > clocks were stopped and another clock
which is kept as an nlleniHtlvo clock for send
ing I the time I signals IB running I all right I ut
the wires nnd Instruments are burned out ut
MI many points that I it 1 has been lim sslhlo o 1
Sfllii the i t idi Hill I hlllih I le
u iiliti I i hs nut eniti IllixiirH imnuiCHS
hi COIIUH athe tune ol hi ppinu An electric
car was albi struck by the bolt that mopped
the cluck Tha driver and conductor ware time
only occupants and the former was temporari
ly dUabltd Kytwitn s o say that the interior
ol LAs car Mimid on scud mane ot flxs
EccruIU 22 ii 1 1 i Liii PtA
The Minor Her Thumb Them Xe N
Intenllnn iii > luUlnic Ihr Cnniiurt HKCID
nltnanil An Injimclliin Stop Hie tard
On Inn HlistC I I II I I tipksin 1 i 1roldont ot
tho Fulled Tlcctilo m Light I and P scar Company
of hh1 I Liberty street vrhlch Is I behind time Stan
dard Electrical Subway Cointiuir sent a cit
cular to liKiuiiing Investors In which he snld
In icply to your ioiiipst for Intocmatlon ut
to time npproxlmnte nicole and liabilities of tha
Inltcil Electric Light and Power Company as
they will bant the timo when wo will hart corn
plotod tlio pnrcliasi of tho electric Hunt and
power Fuhwijs of this city say Jan 20 br
which date that purchase Is expected to be
completed 1 beg to submit the following
Indor I tIme proposed arrangomont tho
Stnndaid t Electrical I Subway Company will bs
thu owner of all electric light and powar sub
ways of Now York city ovcopt tIts Edison duets
and will have tin right to build such extan
blouh ol tho subway system ns may bo reX
qiilrod and to rent the samo to the electric
llilitand t power cool timeit lee
Tho Subway ontimitty > wIll have the right
to chin go sudlclcnt rentals to enable It to earn
10 pot cent upon the lost uf its subways ahoy
expoiiEob of operation and maintenance It ii I
slated that time cost tu tho onsolldatod Tel
irraph and Electrical Subway Company of the
snbwavs already constructed Is about J 000
UJO which alTords a basis for a new revenue of
12i0t As you aro aware the wore
of gaining foothold In New York Inn extender
over n orlod i of nearly thico years during I
which time we havo beeurod numnrous right
and privileges all of which hate boon turned
ovorto time United Electric and Power Com
Men Intorested In the electric light com
panies ciowded Into the Mavors ollico yoster
day In I proposo amendments to tin contract for
building ismihius itt us which It Is proposed to
avviud to t tie Nt arid ar I sulnvay I Company
lmitScr 1 lllin llcot counsel for the Manhattan
Llectricul I ompany u announced that ho bad
obtained from Iudgn 1 Patterson a rrellmlnary
injunction i rust rain i ti g tho I loaid of Fleetrlcsl
ontrolfrom entering into any contract with
the Standard Company j ho return on the In
I u lit ion will I I I o argued tomorrow
ihie lit hi now Is pHKtlcally between the
Westlnghouso Jlruh and I I tilted States Illu
minating I I Companies u which are Interested In
the t Stnndaid 1 Subway Company t and the >
Thomson Houston I I combination I which Is said
to I Lmil lu le the East lilvor I I tbo I I Manhattan and
the North New York Flectne Light Companies I
Nvelmvo no i intention I uf f making I this con C
tract exclusive wild tho Mayor or to cut oft
from this Hoard tbo power of giving others thin
light to build extia HiibvvayH
objections poured iu Mcidllr during tha
rending ol the contract but it was approved
wIth lit any iMHterlal change Tho Hoard ot
course deferred tho award until alter tbo hear
Inu on lie t injunction
Tiibiie UorksCommiBlonoinilroy t was asked
whether the ueliiy caused by the Injunction
would Intcrloro Kiently with time proposed re
pairing of the streets Ho replied that thin do
lav was a tory soilous mator and that It
might prevent the coinnlotlun of tIme work un
til Into m Ih I fall
It Is no HBO ha said to nave tile streotd
anti then havo men oomo alone and tear thorn
tin for th t > lit ttii5O of building I HiihuavB I Until
I I know just i is item e tite subways will bo built I
cannot diiw my specllicilons for tho con
I tracts After Iho stieiiio bnv been laid out It
will take about a niinlh before contract
can be awauled unit then time contractors havo
ten dam before thev need login the work
Lvory day therefore Isof the utmost Import
Really Mnniilnr
The storm that was In the lake recloni on
TiieBilay laaiid oil the New Knitlitnit comet early ye
lards ruorntnir Llnht sno r conliuiieit to fait In north
ern New York Michigan > ew EimUntl and Canada
Otftbore wiixlft blowliu rum thirty iojonty pllf aS
hour travaIl cu tlie midille Altaullc and > vew Kurlaad
The coM wrathf r rnpMIr H ntled over the tate regionS
and the Atliiutlo raC sialm it > > rtti of MrjffaU aarooa
as the florin tauveil oir A peiimid Ftorui centre over
fcprtad time ruin t ry front Colinaln u eaSt to lb MlitJ
fclppl vail j CHijihik HVTC wintU in Wj omluff Pakota I
cut Nelr fekii and rain in iaua The Monti vrlll en
ter the Ohiu val ey lo tiny anil n ill draw another cold
rate down rein i tie nurthwrot ft tuna ftreadvitarteft
a warm wuri northsnrd from this Oulf There are In
JlcaUotiH tliMl the i nitre 111 pass nuulh riC New Tork
Lit in uliluli cute the culd wIlt continue In thiS
nturhtMirlioi i 1
It HHB fair In i thin itty yentenliy until jait bfcri
inidnfkht Hhtli wti VUOH bevAii turull which may coo
titus ti Coy niai eliUU te hale and coMer The
lowest ijDxrrnuiMii leiiiKTitur yiierhajt wai 83 i
Mxltat 11 mftrtjf liuiiuJllj o 5 jur cent wlnfl
realm nurlh tu tier Iii cit
Tin ttierinoapter 11 Ifrryi rhnrmacy In True Suit
tuildintf recorilcil the leutt er ture jtesterday an fotlowis
i ipoi t
A ti i 3 4 1 3 se
ii 5 tt S ii ii 1 Ii s iIl
ft k it tii5 1 Ii i it ms 1i4
it Si li uS m MO u tl
kvenage out leb tOm
bi1t iltitS nualu r TILL M C I Titt C5OaV
For Meiluc New hiituih stir > STii Vermont taluS 1
HIIOK eihit r > > wiidr nirnir 1
For 11 AhsHI liiifun Riots > tuland wit onnecttont
tlirrAt < ijiiirr M rut her with ruin ur muiv easterLY
C liii s iriimr
It euusrii Cii OCL tmrrnli hireeumitq weititer
vitU SPOtS and rnirt ttatrrl v I nH S
I or tjotern Tamil tvanm jul > w IrTrfj and Del
ware tlircalrutiiaf a eutlir u J rhln ran rrij HtntUi
htr the Dhtnct of < oumhl sri HarrlAtnl warmer
thireamimuimg H rattier and rtn raiei I > khtflog M
houthrriy HlnJn
tor rirueru Niw York ttirritpnliiir wsthier wliti
rain cr unm l i outiVi irrly C UiJi txcoiuiiu vans
IllS l colder KritUy incruinr
for wenifrit rtnnsvivHtiui tbr ntriin2 weather and
riiiii I Mtuilti wluJj Miliier friJay ID utniiiir edit
fi rrin
Hie xtoriii i ntrat tut lilklil tu wen torn Colorado h4
U taseiileui J r niarkiitl ani Ii t to uutit central ID Im
Jiiiii I tle lle J tiM I Hite ciend from MniieftoU to
nortt liii To mil will bolos ttin utoicit cautwand
Hani an 1 unuw have iciitrii l In tue I hat s mcluoi rani
ill tie OlllU aOl MlKMrHJt I 111 I tlfH
Joji Ifi Amnii jun iv
WastiititIt Ariti lunJ tl J al 12 i
Jiiilce iimtiy i lean laid up with a coMv but li ooot
ysly I MII
liiwar I liet fr MMe turilca tmrtrn Jfr frllded t 14 1 I
front el i t mis i iua cry st t tiiniii
Mr firjf u vrer l jiJ Mr Jflir r formerli
ilia P orimmi uow ombe el rd taetiy is Lbs 54505
1 1 ir I eieatuslli W rra from Kr inrn lf utl t 430 inn
inltfraiit yet en day Mid tie uu u t tOts MriHol
irs iV7 in hue MidUon ttjiiir lr < ft > M lerle5m Church
W a co U Ci i auction > er > terU y by AiUuu li Si uhiar
Put Hr t i
Jbm u Br ator it on iitli atriiur at Twenty i ic4
f > iilanl I t w ClOy iliir > l tit t n4 M > I le Lloifwl in batur
day oem V Si thiuiftoiiii tiirlhJ y
tie lAMrliitfof I UIH tetn C < fi > arciue I of en
l > elliuIUbin funJH I itiibiiiklu the city vf larana i <
ytt iimmmtIImet l I iFeriUy btluie I mlil l bbU Coio
iniMiontr 1 in in
luUv < tr < iwn I M < rlTctl tie tiflicatiui of the
Jti < Mirin fi i4 > h < iiiU Ahull i ialt i JUitif t > f th
neMait IP < trt i a 1 Uaw l inin n pkt tier ro
Cl Aruril MltlB IU MilK
I eat 10 < S I ii irtii I r > tuiueers I wif iflvf 5
hvurmfon kuiHl in jtin oiti e i thr I Arinnry imlldiug
on HIP < jt in n of k Clue the thtr em Hnmde at Tnifii
arfiiif1 coose l ML ccruiu huur < > f tie luon + tf ai
evriiin I 1
Tue itty nf tunis itFtuil t yrrtfrilit on ian jnit OUt
rri trie of the east AIIIOUK her puMfiigep were
ilaron uiul Haroiifm IU I I ken < up II Uiniion nurrtll
lomniin itr i jurtutt i Mr i y ri > Mr HI i jr l > rAlteruj
Nut atnilijen Kl Mr i r < nri > riUw t
Jt I u 1 1 po t Mi n H 1 nr k rrret U lost t bfirlu
IMIU tt lMlt > trot 1 h ie 14 Hi hr UrlJ 1 Its 1
F ait I I C Ii Ci iii VsCitil uayl
itntit 51 II CFV I 5C ehC rt uariiu itiaiiS
t iiirm 1 < i iiitmrlvi I 1 u i i 0 i > u ci it > rn < tyn co
up rule with tie c t Cr u C t i d it Irrn in lt votk
Am MMiertru e 1 n u nv CC e rat j nUmeutln ills CIty
Court yrtier < lay lot t < > < AIT nt lbs Mimourl 4aoifla
hiiileay i muuii u tu in tnl N V Tir dteoie WM
tlitl thn a its our it I tie t outs sto en fruit u t North
an Ilon Itun in Ii7 i anj ttmt limo slimier bail beta
aIerii < l lu U cAiUui holJ tbt ha UluUS wits an
lutKCt nt holder
Tif I I Hllutt i or Iatrirk Dftir who WA 8 drwriM en the
nih biri atil is S 55 eUSt utter tie eel
iou Hiih etflh s tl l j ot Ni tr i > u rylday
iaI i ii en I Ii rc P ut tie etaipboat
i I I I i 1 II Jail I j N rt < l4 Justice Qor
iii In 1 t o i i lIueCtSiItiQtjrtl
is I I
i > r M n i 1 A thaI wig
f irfii < n I > i i i iier > wark
l > w n d r i in 4 i j i uai ut of sew
ark bird h I eim p ro ir ii the ttakti vr
f iNJuu the matu jn < J S ou rii boll Over tOo susa
law lh rtfbL Sides were even eu tht IjrtU basil I
aod atsrau won tho ninth and t nui lbs last HiuAl
this limgbul 1 iii Ad lianag as iaatsa

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