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2 i clmgai > ttaaaia i Carriage fir
Tk nalk TUe H n llc a r Ane 1Ilul M
Chuiirn lo Iluy Hnmr 1rflly t arroms
N hmrer nn Alid II Hfr ° l 9 ret Ma aa
Thoro xvnsnl n letter Urcffod man In nil
the big nsnerablaeo that crowded Into Chkler
Inl Hall last night to see the big billiard I
tourney opened than Jacob Kchnetor the little I
wizard of tho cue who had been selected to thoir
i < Ihe beauties of balkllnebllllnrdsto the women
billiard lovers of the city 1 was ladles night
In the hal and there wore n lot ot pettlcoatoil
In blushing rows
admirers of the ctnme ranged hllshiul
nn Ibo elevated stage and scattered In orches
tra seats with tho dub len and swells
bad dressed especially to plenso
I Tho Vibord hal dressol e Iocalr Illeso
I thaglrln He Is I a widower willing to marry
attain and Is obviously mighty popular with
I the tlrls Ills slim figure was adorned with a
brand new dress suit and ho orolbe daintiest
I pair of polished shoes with upper gaiters Ills
swallowtails that
coat was one of the docked naloltals tl
Barry Wall Introduced to fathlonablcs lu I hit
I Dery Walintolucelio
t If fob pocket ho had the curious little three
that Adllna 1nttl gave him
dialled sold watch dlna Intl bll
when he was her truest at the castle In Wales
Jake carries the jewelled timepiece a a
I mascot
John Rudolph HI er Bchsefers adversary
xM rttgd up In darzllng style too and ho
rlte Piccadilly
had on a iccodlr
collar and pointed
gaiters lie had n
Kliors le bal
dollar ot his daddies
In his trousers
pocket He inrrUn
le <
It RI a mascot He
says that as longns
he has It ho will
never bo without a
dollat In his ockot
s lvarybody wns on
tiptoe of Interest to
Bee the came begin
I l was tho first time
In 11 vo years that
jnoi icniiriK Uothnm billiard lov
ers had Iliad a chance to seo the exports pitted
gainst each other The game tho two lord
I played alalnst was the that of the verlos In tho Now
York part of Ibo big tournoy Tho second
I series of games Is to bo plnyed In hlcngo and
until the second series Is I finished none of the
unt prlro money will bo divided There are
fir billiard cracks In ito tournoy They are
Jacob Schnolor nnd ergo 1 Mosson the
leaders who play the fourteen hncli balklino
lealer9 Ksme and Muurico Daly 1 n Ilolser Frank
Gives who umdtobe cnllod tho boy Won
der and illlnm I Cotton Schaefor Ies
and Cattonare tho Westerners 8o son Duly
and lider are thoroughbred lothamltea I I
this limo Ihoie is ISOOO lu prlos to be
awarded and thu winner will get 40 per cent
of the cash and tho oocond mal 0 per rent
Uwcnlynnil ten percent go to tho third mil
fourth man
I There was ncood dod of preliminary folde I
rol 1bore t chilI I nnd things on tho Mlllnrd I tnblo
rl wlh hnererind IItier got a ohllC to gel
Ill nt tho I Ivories a nil Ii oct d scoileld had to ex
plain to the f poet itors tile nice points of tho
hnprorod Btylf of billiards The vcternn Jlort
Humphreys fjld n Iat block of wood along the
cushions of lIe table before the cue Uuttlo
opened holding I bit t of tailors hal against
the outer edge of the Idock U hen ho had Hn
r Ipliei I Ibo tnlli lines were neatlY map
lnll Inc
pelt out MI l lint tho spectators could
KOO tho balk binces distimtl One set of
Iiall blI
fourteen Inihos from the
bulk lines was lIlrton fahel trol tlo
In08 other eight Inche oli lefer
rilnvcd tho 14lneh and Htjsor taikled th f
inch lach sot 01 hulk linos was dhldod into
eight balk spa OR nnd under the rules tho
plnyorls onl permitted U > make tn shots In
any one space vvltln ut driving nt lenst oneot
thoobjoct bnlls out of lit < balk put e He is I
free to loan this up without end two shots at u I
time as long its ho is able to dmw tint bal or
bulls back Into thu npneos bv position flu A
bls blcl
failure to drive out ono of the bnlls I tho
fal lre
second shot counts the paint ns If ho baa
missed and his adversary takes his Inning
It was nearly 9 oclock before thu players sot
I Ivories whirling Inthelrprellminun canter
for tlio lend whlrlu hefore I nod to the
table Billy Seton
bundled In a beiver
overcoat climbed up I
Into the retcrmid
chair Ho got a rous
ing welcome from
thospectntoiB There F
was another hurst of
handclapping whin
H boy ran douri lie j
aisle and hiiudod up
to the Wizard u Ul f
Hard table and cue 4 I
Itie taplo and cue j
mndu of llou
eih old lookod 1 2 l f
li and home Ih I II
woid I hall > lou I i
bung over tho uilii
tutu i e tnhle lake 1 n
bowel 1 and smiled bueeli
Thou tho players tot down to work Holsor
KOI the ii rst wlniek nt iholvorles I I and racked a
jirolltless duck egg Ihu tviaid chalked his
1 rviich coo nnd gathered m j two can on
tho > t iblo loung llolcer tried
< 1 110 OIH II i nun Jol or
u second time and SOl tho Hpnctntoia
haiidclnpplnu with t n dainty draw shot
lie was nuivous though und he tilpped on tho
twolfthcarrom I 1h Uiard knocked out un
other couple nl carrom und then wasted time
In racking c etgj riling llelser nervounl
rolled uixi OltJ In iillttlebuneh menu
tlmo lako concluded that ho lied fooled
around lonuonoiikh a nil j ii in red In with t a r
vitui the mil bclmefer
that began w a ninssi on rl
Is I time gioutut artist In tho world at the IIIHBM
aid his hkvroiknt ollort though slmpln
noiiKh set tile spectators cheering Ho rolled
up Bomo mum cnrrouiH prettily nnd then
enl tho globes dnull mirounil thugroen tmie
PPMnisluglv aud let go abiiiptly nisi as every
bfil thought he wns In tor one nf his corking
big tuns llcis > i tooled with his cums nervous
I h mica in but coilan d tho ciuuinsnll I the same
despite his timidity < f Hiroko Lois of them I
were pretty nnd lie 1 B octntors npplauded ad I
miringly The Nev loilor ciptured J4 nil
told uud vvlun the blillonx vvelo Ill up ii < d 1
hung on the wlro to Heifers crmllt On
hchaefers wire swung 11 Schnefer out hort
another run at the outset I on a dNiiBtroim
inisBc1 and Iho young Now Yorker tuillod him
self together shook oil homo ot his
nervousness nnd went around his rot
hundred Hiring In fine style with I Inn < h
of ii daisies Iho oluventh shot was 0
honey cooler thnt made tbo hall ring wltti
plaudits Iho balls wore at the upper rail
with the cue ball HO close to tho red that tho
shot could not bo madu in the ordinary nny
without a shove lloior tilted his cue on em1
shot It bock and forth through his loopud ent In
gore without any rest and IliodolT n massif
that whirled the cue tail In I dazllngcurva
that counted Tlio string hhownd 111 I buttons
for the Now orker when the urn ended
Bchavfer replied with somo ragtag and bob
tall billiards that Indo the face of his friends
Brow lonir Hn knocked out thirteen on the
hundred open table and turned tho suing with uu evon
The Now Yorker took a wee nip
ot some oldtlmo none bjacer and
made his thirteenth Inning Bp ctacular
with A rail shot with u reverse lnlIsl hush
that made the hall gyrate astonishingly The
Inning netted 1H prett ones and gave him a
lead of 06 on the n lnrd Nchnofcr braced up
a second time und put totother C4 leasing
carroms starring the run with n amusj and 1
follow on the rail that the billiard lovers lllel
Uhe Now orkor widened hue brunch moire
more with a hunch of 21 and the Wlwrd l rut
tied out 20 In haphazard faahlou missing by u
hair In the next effort
E > en up cried Marker lludd Bcofleld
nueaoh I
The Wizard cracked I duck again the New
Yorkrr trod ofr ono of the whirligig swell
Roms the burd scored a uuagre U and
then Helser caught score tijrso posh
tlon It was the first of the game Ho let go
again In f hurry but he hid galloped off with
a profitable heap of flH carroms before he did
Jut to This run rent his score up with D jump
to 2JC to hchnoforB lt4
The Wizard knocked the run to smash with
41 carroms One of them wan a lout draw half
Way rOB the table diagonally that was agent
gem of the lri > t water Ho followed up Ibo run
with some more witchcraft of tho cuo and
turned the tables un llelsoi by piling up onL I
more on top of his < sser run It was
only a gllmiibo of I his work when In Lest
form at that Hnixer had 6 points Ills
worse 01 It when he Menpud to thi tahlnnud
made nn unsteady dozen hot The Virnrd
t hook out a scattering lot ol 22 nnd xauntered
Around his third string HU score showed III
buttons to the how Workers 2M hchaofer
I went at a carrom lelthundcd a moment lat < r
and tripped up In a curious miscue Helser
shook the Ivories up a little on his own hook to
the tune of at and U A couple dozen of the
lutt r lot of rarromf wore gathered by bulklino
nursing on the top rail
Tho Wizard cnrno to the conclusion that It
p was about time to wind this entertainment UP
und acted on the Idea right off He chalked his
Ivorytipped cue und knocked all the uractlcnl
value out of the Jsuw Workers runs b1 break
pf 44 Then hn put Borne more chalk oc the
cue crabbed the handle lightly and tcnt It
through some of lilt fnmous llddlebow manip
ulations He kept knocking out the car
roms so Meadily thnt everybody In the
house thought that he could finish the
game then and there He needed 115 points to
do It and slipped up when he needed only 10
to complete the run I was pretty work to
watch for the expert ruiioU the carol with
± 1 L
maj4 banks draw and follows of the Ivories
tampered over th open table lUUer
mushed two eggs Inslorionily and Bchaeftr
took two more liming to pull out the needed
tok It took him over two hour t roll up the
complement of 500 points The figure tell
th story of the evening for those who are
keeping a record
BchaefefA 40 H 4S II II S a 0 a a 13 M 2 20
3 4 5 11 ui I i I 44 IA 4 O5s
IIelrO II I ii K i u I I 21 I 81 o II i 10 II 2 II I
2lii I 7 I Jt Jl I I A u I SO O 12
ATeracfiscliarfrr I77JH Iliier 132 huh
runfclianfer lu tI4 lltliir i s A Time of game
bouts itnmult l I IIfereWlillamsinton Marker 1
I o onl4
Tho handicapping for the Chlcneo tourna
ment was comiletod jnntordav In Chicago
all thn xpert play 14inch balk line and tho
handicap la a dl count In polutn Tho llutiros
of this dlticoutit were Realod In an eiivelopo
Bali thll envelope was deposited In tho Dank of
the Metropolis Iho figures will not bo 11
rcnloJ until the tourney In this city Is ended
ruts unti nt noon Irnnk lyes the toy
bllllnrdl t cull W Illlnm Cation will cross cues
In the evonln Icorge rrnnklln hlossou will
i lay Maurlfo lul > Ilo < son pluis ltlnch to
Dalys Hue one 1 This evenings game oucht to be u
lUttlKIIUKU I Ilirllt VOAl
TRuST lire Found lo I m I n la I Cniiirctlent end
Ilnve Ixiilodril Is I Hiovm
WATEIIIIVUI Fob JO I U I but n short
started that a Touted
time since tho story was slartd tblt
orate during tht war was roundly rebuked by
Jefferson Davis lor suggesting that torpedoes
bo Ilaocl In Iho coal used by tho Union gun
boats on hue Mississippi low sow one
without apparent motive seems to be carrying
out such a barbarous plan lu quiet old Con
necticut People In Bristol rorostvllle Tom
rlneton and uolghlorlng towns have been
having some pretty narrow escnpes Moves
have been bluWI proty up o < < brovK Hinged mud
serious disunities ntrrovtly ppcnpiil I t vtns
all annMeiy unll tho I other day n little son
11 Howard Wilcox ot otentvlllo I was blown up
by raIlroad torpedo which ho wns pounding
with hammer His Iniutles ate so hevorn In
n 101Ies nliio
wih the IoS 01 one eye that It Is doubtful
whether ho recovers W lieu asked vvheru ho
C t the torpedo hu said he found It lu his i
fathers coal bin This set people to thinking I
with the resultthat many of these dnnneiouH
tlo woio tound in dUToteiit tnnlelOUI I I
neighborhood 1 ho torpedoes are such as are
nlhlotbool 1ho 10rpelootll0 trains Ono I
theory lor their presence In the coal Is I thin
some vicious person put lie torpedoes Into lie I
coal on the trains others I think they were
carelessly dropped there bv 1 brukemon Coal I
through this part of tim tHotc IH carefully In
spocted now before It IB put on the lire I
hule 1 or rirtnrr by Arthur nurller
A sale of clBhty pieturtM bv tho Into Ar
thur Uunrtloy N A took place lost evening In
tlur Fifth Avenno Art GallerIes The audience
room Wits crowded fiom the beginning to the
end rool of Ibo Bale Tho following table shows the
enl obtained forench picture
1 tIt I Ui 114 L liaCI 101 wul
TnirTowln Llyhiterl I S
rI r Irouin VVlnJow JV
viarli 40
luKTowiiic sihooner I
snii KM
Stup eli the VVay
SIoO o
Mreel In I I ant i ornyrall
I oil lellerBOU I I
uamr iVflieel r
10 47
llobolell N 1
Vl 1 Mt
llnliiir i Hat lnlMlnif liupj v I
Iealor4 I
lratn IIVIO ilit
I lliernin llaallnu hi Net 1 lit
1 tree 111 Ill J
Ktttl llul itr 110
ACMM Hie lid elite 5
On tie I unilnof linn all i 1 75
A Miblni HMI i I V
Mornlnc iitori >
Peal ty Un into 40
TIle u rcck i i
OutwnrJ 1 ounil f2
Kipiaiherlug Ntar Narruranfetl ijr
> 0 Illlklll
Ho k uu tie Vln Dfllmit In
u pp al C t > tu tprliirf
I urint O
Iiociutr al Aliclior MI
loU I
I Til iu Ire lollll I TU
In I I t ot sluials tritktud iv
1 IMrinf himl duKt n rii51 II I I
All llI tl > nnl 7
l olii ifriTiE I I 110 I
1 AiiriaihlngMiiriii knorl ill
Mnniliiii nl Kockawar 4 i
fiitlieruiaii tLurnwitll Ill
lion Home I I on Hnricw IOn
lannlln vnlrc Iui I
Ktiau at Aucliur Ien aucc Ifti
Mnrlno 21 lo
Marine o
ta hlnI i i ci
Mar lianl lii I
l unol of > glee l lin
t > l lock COp Alu 101
Thf Ient nn I
huuttiatnplon 1 I lt >
SouttiKmlilon 1 I lit
oulumllon K
I hkliIl l hauucloCt hastings JUKI
I miff Inland uui
In the Hay I I I In
Vfiilc 1V >
1 I suet I I H
Uenrvtbfcn I I IIan 1 i Main I lie I
1 miii ih Wreiklnx Url Continue I I IL I
low Tile K I 10 I
llarkfuuvrk HO
1 mTe UunilR Vlalne no j
1 lltlwnod N t I HI
hock K
1 htetrnlnt trout ttie Wick 70
t uiimnm 71
Ionic I
Dp rtlnir Httnnif KuaM ornwatl < umt 42 >
1 lurliwali Hraih In
1 1 111 ulilni I Uuait at Anttior In
1 ania M I a rla lUlln Sot ills lv I >
1 tr nniwll I hbluif UuatM 27
The I l lilnr i4t in
Tlire tttlitr tI cut satllnir te 7ix
1 I ormr N OW Vork gu n PirtlpKV H
suiiuiKr i cutler Iilrur Mioa s 1 4MJ
TIn total receipts from the solo were 12944
Huh of the lee used Kkxrrzlnn Collection
Tho Kilo of the Ioo and Kkserpriaii colic
lon of oil paintings wns continued yesterday
afternoon In Hchcncks art galleries 77 Cod ir
street Ilftisovon pictures woro Fold The
prlies ranged from 25 to jiO ngcrekatlni
C3y Uho total for tho two data sale Is
11 D W The attoadnnre was large mini the
blddlrc wns brisk hchoccks A Break of
Day and a landscape by Diaz brought 1 > 10
each while a marine Rceno by Hagborg n
landscape by Duprc and a sunset scorn by
Rousseau brought JI110 281 and 280 respec
tively oiiie of thin othet pictures sold and the
girl as paid for them MTIT I
t A Irauilall i Cl 1 in V Sl i n
I I i linmerman Munich IArd Jirly I 113 10
Hrint 1anture M 01
Wlgln t an Ucap I 0
TUinond t Inn h I Papa b m
Ilrliri I Vioioiuet llaer K7 v
Xmtmira > iliet l u u
triton low bJ
Hrlclnr MornliiK Iio
V rrhflfLlluiMn Iiep hT Vt
ilrnrtlrt Italian no
I n M < nl Vlarla1 1 IU Ol
llaanli FImre H7 0
Kluhaa hllJren Is 1I o
llnmra Its iiiii 7j 711
Kraii llieMonL I u 12
Tiielll J I Th lrii I > l li1 i i I I
luihil Ucloler u I I
II since lion ry llaby IHO I iii
Pupif Inn lcal a 7H
larque InttieMitil I pm Iii i
riieck tiDy Ii Iteturn 11 i i
olloii ending I Itie NPIH > 7 l
Willenm Feeling lie Iilr1s 11J III
linlph Sellers ill 1 1 J
Priitnre I ouirard Minnie for < Ililrca I 11 I i
i rneiart Itie I MamliiMn layrr 1 1 I i i I
Sorllicnte landscape T o
llaair Punch and July HIM i i
Autierl Aurora 151 I IIR
Kmcnowil The OiUllMgue 1i I I in
Yon rrnnclilnndiraie I ri uj
VVltltui MollillBUt I I o I III
The sale will be concluded tomorrow after
noou at S clock
Iulr Irlcm lui Modern 1alnllDE
A tuinll it iiitliul tliKui ul pUttlKt
buyers gathered nt Tnlons art rooms 29 OI Iftli
avenuo last t night lo bid on tho collection of
modern paintings offered for Bale by Auc
tioneer T I A Leonard The bidding was not
brisk but fair pried were obtained for thirty
three out of n total of fiftyfive pictures orrered
These wero tho ones boll
Hryfrr In tie 4 onvrni nt Mention f3i
Cues The one Miihi mrayeri 410
l I r g
Acona Uni oiaiiia cjiian Iarit 411
heyiir Meditailbn 401
iiuviit In the burn 410
her Til > ortline Tlter U7S
Zimmerman Autumn FTcnlox In Ihe labor of
laen PAD
Iynilckr Tb Valley of ill hlclutiack < M
kllltoi The onrtllilu 112 I i
linmrman UouniiiMu on the Cnii ut l alvailoi wi i
lieauiuemie rnifaiteinnl al VSurui 20
hl1 i Au Au ul Mornlnr on the Hank of the
Kliune 10
Carinller tIe lscant vital 1 jo
loon I Tile I Una I taianl joui
llerlle Vanllt in
Innnentl lie I tulip 11 iv
Hirlitl Ialire haters 10
KOJ Vlewlu 1 Wruaianitcr no
Japr Morleronlalne fnna or Ida Iletto let
Mitnlba iwllfliilnllullaail l m
AU > 1re In the torn al Marolly 140
Kalita Trom l ibOn 1 Love lies i 115
Deliiunay MannnTre dArltllrlt 115
DIUor TooLouKon Jluly l 113
Jlaio Tlif ilorarrmrialnmnl I 115
Allcolr Noremtxr at lorIaln no
tlaltraa IanJioape ana Calll Uu
The sale will continue at 8 oclock tonight
when C5 more paintings are to be offered
E1o15eeat Iron V i > pUK < ri FI
WAITIXOEIIB YUIB Fob 20 Itobert Peck
acd V7 marrltd and the father of two children
lopd on fcalurilay lit with tllu ntitcka VVlnnatl
a 44 ft Th two worked In the print work of Garner
A in of Worth irtu Nw York city and bare Wee
unduly lollmau 1 for llire yale put Tna coupla left
beron lh train for New roW IIfor Uarlni rek
sent a llfram aba wblch wai not dHterJ and r
turned of his dliappiaranca w hu wit on Monday Which sold lb mystery I
C H lHter HurrU fleya th OvereSI
BhoiiU Not Tel t Dlrtet Hint ttekoel
The Convention of the Department of Bu
perlntendence of the National Educational Ae
soclatlon ended yesterday In the morning
solalon BtaWs
William T Harris United
the Hon Iarrl Unltel
lon Wilam
Commissioner of Education discussed the r
latlons of tho Government to public education
latons Government ho sold should do
nothing for lie Individual which does not IBM
to and stimulate sellhelp The most Important
problem In education In our country
portant otunlon
Iorlnnt obllll
at proeont Is tho education of our rural popu
lation Next Is I that of provision for the weak
Hugs who Hock to our cities to recruit Iho
criminal and the pauper classes The rural
schools inn aul Improved only by moro funds
from hue Stnto 01 as n whole or tiorn tho national
Coverumcnt or hOI both The nation should
whatever over education
not attempt any direction or 011
cation lu the States ion tho Ktntos them
selves would not do well to have n centrnllreil
direction over education lliov should leave
the I HdmlnlntrUlon of tho schools to the towns
iiml local nuthorlllo
biiperliitcudBUts UlcklBBonot Massachusetts
Vovvoll of Maryl md aud lsn of Itnltlmnro
Thomns IMmenu I H Commissioner of Ind
IniiAIIalrM L I 1 VMilto of Cincinnati and Wr
Inl I lllckolT contributed to thu dlBCUSBlou
< ommlsBlouor Morgan spoke In favor of the
education b > the lovornmulit of all Indian
< tle he aid should bn
children Ihe Ialll I e
voudiicatod that he shall feel not that hu Is u
Kiicid IndlHii I but good citizen A resolution
was ndouted favoring the plnus of the llovorn I
ment for the education of nil Indian children
Ienl lomuilssloiior of Indian
outlined bv flit Indiln
as oltlud 1 tll lOllllsqlUlor the needful
Affairs nnd urging Congress to mnko
Alllr prlntlonx
at IIK
fllllIplnlono appointed to consider moans I
lor i an mini iitlounl I exhibit it tho Itosilon I of
ISM I 11 roei Iii nieiitl ed thocirlypriivlijlonof t a pep
aiate liulldlni I I I tie I OllrlSlul I I of the organiza
tion t of IheHxMblt t to I t tho I tilted Mates loin
mlBhliinircif I diiciitlon assisted by ito reriul as
IIon I I < lton
soolateCmmlB loncrsnnd I thus representation
of the public who system of ciii h Matu and
nlsoot IIlbll 116 schools Biipiortod by the general
loveinmont I
lemlonl ni l Dr James M I King presented greet
J Ir
ings fit m thn National League lor the Protec
tion t of f Amoi Iran Institutions 1 Hu said that
ono of thu objects of tlio loigno Is I to secure nn
nmendini ilit to tie t I lilted Mules Constitution
prohibiting tho Mules Iron establishing any
fetato hurch or any luhtltiitlon undur seta
rlau i ontiol I
rlul tln I opnnlnK of tho afternoon seKiMon
1resldi Holh 11W I of Columhla College in
vitett Iii hutr low Columbia at I oclock
this morning
Jhohdiiciitlonof I tho Negro In the South
wail the lot Ic of ttienflornoon J A I Lovett
editor of him 1 ruin af 1 tk of Huntpvllle
All opened the discussion 1 The Uf gloss
ngltntlonsot the race iiuoitlon ho said have
operated against uegio civlluatlon In the
olerlod Tho dlscournuini featuru of negro
education in the outh j IH that a largo majority
ol the tiohools for colored children art ouch
111 tlo sixty dins In tile year amid eonernlly
their tonclters are iiilte Incotiitiutent 1 ho col
ored people of tho South present I strong plea
for national aid to educatIon
Superintendent W li Powell of nshlngton I
thought that the effect of n common school
odiicntlou upon tho negro was to liii hue him I
oducolol nb flu pt tin manual labor Practical I
training he urged was lie pressing need lu I
Iho education ol tho colored nice Prof W 1 I
Itnrtholomew hiiperlntendent JonI of In I
1 lrtlloow I iu prl rit cii itii t MaiAllster 1 I of Phil
adeli hlu Ii r e hlto of Cincinnati and I
timers nl > oMioke
Oler evening President Knot of Harvard
Vnlvuislt nddrupspd thin itopnrtment on Iho
Itvlntlon of the ole and Socondnry hchoold
How can It be Sirungthunml Ho said
No State In the American tuion possesses
nnvtlilnu which cal be properly called n sue
torn of secondary education The mass
of tho rural populntlon thnt Is to tar
threeijunrttrs of the Amerli an peo
threollnrlcrs unprovided with secondary schools
Tie plain fuc is i that not onetenth of tho
pchooi called high In Massachusetts habltu
ally maintain a eoirs > of Hindi which enables
tho inn 11 to prepare himself for admission ti >
nnv college I lu the tntn which enforces Its re
uulrements tl aduil lou Improvement of
lIlt condition of second iry education may ho
Heeiirfd tho more easily bv State aid aud em
I porvlsjon lu1 10ro Ir n olsly IIh standard of college
I admicloti reiinlremelits I Uho high school
I s > tom of Mlnnesotn I is I I think the wisest
I 1 <
wi 11 has I eel adopted President Lllut
commended the Hotout system which exists In
this state though the pystem he said did not
Hooin Hilte 0 I u tholal lak1 seriously either br the Mntu
or the country
A resolution wns adopted renewing and em
phanbiiiK triO depnrtments appeal to Longres
for the speedy paf nge of some fit and ode
fol nle 110
duluth uieasuro or national aid to education
Uliete ofllcers wore roflected I President
A S Diaper of Albany First McePrenldent 1
I 1 A It lovott of HunUvllle Ia Ho < old
I icePresldi li I Mcr Iroy of Salem Ore
IoIrosldnt W Day of Cleveland The Ue
partmeut of Superintendence will hold lt next
lperlulpntence wi
winter mootlui In ihllndelphlu 1 he National
Iltor mlelu jhlltelhla
Vduentlonal next 1 LiiiUfl Association will meet lu bt Paul
I 6lrt cur E Sli ClllTlCISKD
Toneph AVbnrtnn Thinks liry do Not Meet
tile Need < Toilui
IiiiTnritiiA Tib 2 Joseph Wharton
gave an address at tbo Manufacturers Club
IOVG ni nltos a
toniitht nt tho recai tion of tho Mini ton School
ol iuanco on the subject Is a College Educa
tion Advantageous to n Iuslnos Man i
Almoat hih llt w rils showed tho underciir
rout of tim whole when ho raid Smirch Ion a I
von > small poitlou of the sin cestful buslnoes
men of this country have been college grndu
ntes nnd a very small portion of the college
urnduiites ale Huccossful business men
I Almost every ound man he mid Is I
necetsnrlly a hiislnets man Then he slid
1 his stnullui cla9 ore thoso roving men who
i ftacrlflco tho tlmo anti money requIsite for a
i college education but who Intend and lu fact
aro obliged to go out from college Into the
I I toll olllod I and dnngei of n bienl winning
mono getting biihtuess life Cnn these young
inuiinflord to si end from four to six l o thuir
10n nr0nl
lot years and I a very connldeinl sum of
IOU > In n college c < ti clLt ion Is I m auch tin ed
uejtlon the best Investment cl their tunu and
I Inno answer this the speaker sketched the mo
I I lives of i diicatlun from rarllet times to the
I grovsth ol tno Kngllen nnlvereitlet In con
clusiou he snld
1 nnvo aimed to how that tho 0111 alan
who muans 10 te complete must needs both
menial ci Ituro I and practical training such
culture nsn good college instruction imparts
and such practical training as IB given hI sue
< 111 l schoiiiB 1 but tl nt nil ntchi hn inn iisuullv
bust gain the culture lu tho collogo he can
scarcely alTord I Intondlng to bo n business
man to spend tlio customary ears in the old
fiihloned roiitlnn ol I college studies I have
endeavored to point out that our college iys
tem crew out 01 neodh dllterlng from those of
Ihn young mon now Intending to I ocomo lush
IIIIH moil I that this system has striven by
I gradual development during the centuries to
lit Itelf to the thiiiiiiid of siiccoslvu orioj i
11111 I I this development his been most
marked in hIlt rn out dor nde I hnvincki owl
dgrd thu I lmip nr < n corviu the colleeim havo
I rMiderid In reserving i and nondiLg forward
tin great mo lels of sound thinking I ns well as
Hibernal I itI alln1nl I a of our rnco I hut I liavu
I trli I d nt tl 110 Biuno time I tl bliou that I hit H y IOIU
Is now gravel lacking In cnpncit h to Innart tn
those MUIin man who Urn not ut tlm learned
mod FSI ri but R ordinary I I buslneBH moors t
I MHno piidlnilnary tinlnlng for such careers
j 1 his I lnvo been led on to exprcKR tho
conviction that the lilac is I now rllo for another
step in the evolutlou of cur clplo uteBtOin antI
to Intlmutn that round knowloclk0 of hun s
Ill s nnd ways I not iilgarlrlng but Is I raihor
nnnobllDir men and Is most necessary to all young
Delrculrn Sent ti > Itonir Pocket the Money
unit Itrmulu In Iii Cuuulrj
HtiTVLO Tob 20 nD vvcckH ago the
members ol Ht Adalberts lloman Cathollu
i hurch rent two gentleman to Home to appeal
to the Pope from tho decisIon ot Ulnhop Urn
In givIng thorn u patter they did not want Tho
doogntes woro C I Nowak Vieo Censor of
tho iollhh National Alliance and n priest
whose name liaA not been nscertnlnod ThU
nfiornoon the lolo omprlhlng Iho uJrla
tlon learned that their delegitus to Homo hnd
never gonu there nud warrants 011 worn
out for tliolr nrrest on tho chutiouf grind lar
cen > Now nk Is I ut n place tale < Mount Pleas
lint near Pittsburgh uud thu other delegate la
thought to ho theie too
Ituwak IH tin inn who got tliofSUO and a Ht
Adelbert trustee who saw him nt Mount Pluss
oat eava that he denied all knowledge at the
IUt sn Imt f
matter Cablegrams have been sent rosularly
to Home to the delegutcA advising them of the
situation hero but no answers nave icon re
turned ThIs Is the parish In which the at
tempt was recently made to lynch the obnox
ious prlfht font by the lllshon tn take the place
of Father Klnwitor the pastor who was trans
ferred to Dunkirk
HHTBEB Throat ortkh Ncicroei
HLiinir N C Fob 20 Ncirro incendi
aries at Ilocky Mount have sent a notice to
prominent citizens thoro Informing them that
It the Hocky Mount ILuht Infantry is ordered
out the iioKroes < will kill them all If they have
to shoot them from ambush Other threats of
like character are made
Nrr la one rcollttlon BU will made fnriiltnra
Mnaold at auob lowprloM u art 0lm4 at billS
Mthit niu ia av4a
t zr
wJs su N
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tnrutr Raking Powder
llltfhest nf nil hi IcaMtilnK Htrengtli
u 9 GovorniiHiiit Koputt Autf 17
llinlKeii Troablea
I The sanford Woollen Company 11 Ifed
way llau ibrolifb Its Traorr jierda tfuifa oV
I WMwiiVrffii The UtWUuii ae 1t YllS
1mt r
ntrniNSfln WAOONBIOO Nrw in IRQ
BfBINEgS Oil nKMVnRV VVAOON nusri ha j
B ness a tariraln HiKTllrs Uoardlim Matitra I
VVltit mar lu one
fiOR SALETop wagon rood aslisw43 mth I
j nlln acrifl < Iwn orfe 0 Wlj new niton
I 4 and bant luI M7r men Orefiipoltu
1 rAltlotvrv tIle coal blacV horses > ullab > for
ONi coach or hears fleet b I > oil wiih nih r tOrus
tnitillonii cOils t lau be men al OM Va lilniion n
Thl17 TO lhABhfor I ryor boirdlni liisand lS I
STAIl it Inquire 01 M A IIOHMAVS aot ihi
TO ltT 2usi wIth lot above rrfeclly
ST l It ion rent 407 Went ndt
VAMrliln a prltatnlaM leiwsenl4Ih 1 aol 3 1
> v it and Mil unit 71h etc nor Mall Mid onu
brougham trace Addrtre stating Irrnn Iorl unc
h l24
1ITANTKn < rod bent 011 In bant harntr hraii
inonnleil cheap TtMilM m I Wet llhai
rllt NKV HllltsF truck carl barnfM Inn wVf
ill IOI F k
2 mutti11 I Matihaiian 5 v top floor Irrenpnlnl
nK fidiirTvviriiK IIOIMtfromfJbup I aim waioni
2 O Ciol tisrness 4 < xi haul u > iti itS
C > OfiIAIlF I I4WI cart Iiorrra loll troekmn
S9 QtAhtK I
0 prfnmu crocerymfti farming earls tM
iilo II i south 3d 51 1 hear Itrdford AT lironkijn I
frrrle I li four blocks tom 21d Kociavelt and UroaJway
h1ln rI1riI
ENruAI rAnK nunsci AtrATiRUT
7TH AV nrr > swii ANn ABTII MTH
OtESTHIAV i TIITs Illustrated rMaioin fri Ij
4 WHITMAN SAtinth iii l llsthmtierit
To 10 whom I Ii I aD obJic 10 savi on parha
cci strolgty arced in pei objC IV al
eOilppri oar rIces tor
buying us ar nilrIn I all r kind l mid atyl r of fiirnl
lure al luh iit I rllroliincirmi hiving 1fI11 I
vl f5th his Ir lteai 1 ollcwo
VV Un not ilral In llK
II luiuluui rt gradf All nol
CiuiVcud netter bow 1mw I lhe Inc at tloruuu
lto 104 HVO los Wet 14th Nt
tlwaia eth anl 7th ays OB tfoor wit cf 6th av
IJIJI aAtanr ntcrvmt ATT DVT ona
irricn aojr OLD ITT mtir TURK
Ho cud Her Hle > > Mtkr Fremrtlr Ar
r t4Mr Lss HIe l I Hat
Milled to e CsleeI Aselyats to Dc
IrrmUe Whether Hh Was rohened l
Teetlnemr at the I qne t CtrIUI
Jill Ilalchta Htcrr of t Ms Uosds
IrxKBKlt Feb 20At tlio close of the
InqticKt today In tlio case 01 It to Rebecca
Lyons who died suddenly on Jan 28 at her
homo bore and whose body was disinterred
on Tuesday because tbero was a suspicion of
foul play Mr Ann llalght Mrs Lyonss
sisterinlaw and her stepdaughter Knto
Height were arrested In tbo courtroom by
Deputy Bhertft I I 1ugloy and Chief of
Police hyatt 1 lior wero chargod with grand
larceny In havlne stolen 4100 In Government
bonds from Mis Lvonss lionso
late last night Frank Hopkins appeared at
Judge Baxters ofllco and gave him tilnw In
bonds and 1230 In cash returned b Kato
llaliiht This morning Miss height made u
Ionic confession to Judeo ISaitor Hho
said that lira Lyons visited hor step
mother on the dar of hut death
showed the bonds and accidentally
Katie found thorn
heft them there KnlG lounl thoU
In the evening and secreted them On Toll 3 J
she Matted for Sing Blng to consult lawyer 1
mother ballad
Inrkln about having bar lOIUl
ocr to loP the ponco and continued
on to New York the found her Hop
mother In tho Grand Central Station Mis
Knight wanted her to return kline but
she wouldnt Hho BID she then went
Ion bank ut Fourteenth street and EIghth
avenue and tried to soil the bond but could
not At Vi Wnl street she was again unsuc
ocsfuL She visited other plnces oDd at laot 1
dlspoacdof one ll DO Government 4 percent
for 12111
Heratepniotlier had followed her nil this
101 tolmolhor
time but did not no In at any place 1 1101 re
tinned home and Rate kopt tho bonds until
Iob I hJ When she glinted Into Ifs onl
hnuB anti cnncouled I200 In bonds on tho
ttnlrwuy under the carpet They remained
uulor CII Mrs llaluhtbulnc
thoro iinlll yesterday when Inllht lehu
away Kate yosllrloy Mrs Hyatt Slrt IJOIIH I
triiiiddaiiulitur showed whore the bonds wore I
hid nnd gave hut the 10no I
lld 110 11
Mio old she had provlously consulted n hew
yIlr who advised her to sell the tiondB nail HBO
the money In defending horse In tho prusccu I
tlnnB which would lollovv
After hearing tho young womnnB statement
Judge llaxtcr went before Justice Little nnd
irortirod warrants for the arrest of las
ilalsht and her stepmother lien the nc
cusnd women woro arraigned befoio Justice
Little this evening they gate f IJI bail each
to ninieur for eiumlniitlon on Tuesday mom
When the inquest was begun a largo crowd
was preiont Hnd ieorge Robertson foreman
tho jury suggested to Coroner Tutton Hint tho
public bo excluded from the room and that the
witnesses be ndmltted only as they wore called
to testify l This was dono but when the doi1 I
tostlY tbioueh ulvla their testimony the
Coroner others decided to odmlt tho reporters and I
Bnowdon nnd i Clmrlos l
Drs Perlcy l Mason A now n ant lmrloq
C KulKht who inuoo the nutopsi tentnlpd
that tho cause of Sirs Iyonss death wns ncutn
pulmonary ilemii They sold they had found
Plimonlr loy
no trace of poison in the stomach but that
n chemical analysis would bo nocosxarj
determine positively whether there was
to L > o ltToly WIS
ODY poison In the stomach or not Dr Snow
I don testified that he wafl Mrs Lyons phvslulnn
anti prescribed for her for two weeks trovlous I
to her death for eomulMons From what he
I had hoard and know about the ease Ir Snow
don believed that Ir Lyons died in consul
5 ions
Mrs lxinlfa Hyatt testified that Mrs Ions
I was her grandmother anti that on tho dm shim
died Mrs Ijonfl spent the day nt the houeof
I Mro Ann Ilultlit her sisterinlaw At about
r clock that afternoon witness called nt Mrs
r alomoou
I Ilnlcht house nnd accompanied her grand
mothor to the lattern home Mrs llaluht was
apparently In good health and Mill Its
I nIurenly mldnlKht tho wItness was awutkeneJ
by hrs lyoniwno Bald she was 111 und needed
I I medicine fumes administered the modi
1lclno IIOIS
I line and soon iift rwnru grandmother be
t I dime unconscIous Witness then wont nt
door toMr Halghts and asked hor to coin
I and stay with ra Lyons until she could get a
I doctor
10010r called Dr Lyons who Is no relation to
the dOOMsod but whrn ho arrived Mrs Iron
was dcnd Dr Irons refused to Issue n death
HTtillcute because ho had not attended tho
rerlloatl Irl hlatt said that she knew thnt
her 1 grandmother had n number of bonds In
I her noun and that she usually kept them In
the bed with her Htne and Mrs linljtht
were the only erxons who know wheie tho
1 loads were kept There were 1 500 in Lnlted
Stntcgliovernment bonds NShou Mrs L > on8s
body was removed from the bed Mrs MclJon
aid n neighbor picked ui the bonds from tho
bed and handed them to witness Witness put
them in a satchel which she placed in a closet
On the following morning witness cMUDinod
the sntchol and found that 41uu of the bonds
had been taken out She told Mrs McDonald
that the bonds worn mIssing and ihat hhe sus
iHOiod Mrs llalclit Mrs McDonald advised
her not to say anything about tho matter until
she had soon her lawyer
Mrs Ann Halght who Id n Widow about 40
ln Hallbt L
Teals old was tho net TIniJ Sin said that
she was n dreo m Vcr and Ihcd IleJt door to
Mrs IOUS I fcjjx had known Mrs IJOIIB for
Blxtctn ri > nr < < arid titus was her clsterinlnw
On tho day that Mrs L > onb became ill she
prcnt pevoral hours in tIm hone of the wit
nosx She did not oat or drink nnythlne
while she was there and when she loft
to go to her own Iou Bho was apparently
pnrently In good health Vi heu Mrs hyatt
called on the witness nt midnight to go and
stnj with tier craiidmother wltnusn wont Ipto
I th lionte Mrs Ljons seemed to ho deal
Witness remaIned In tho house until Dr Lyons
I arrived when Bho returned to her own homo
flue I Iminet Wits ndj urned until next Mon
I thai night t ho contents of Mrs lionas stom
ach will bo chemlcnlli nnaljved
irilllnni Whitney nnd Other the rue
I ctinxer fur About tiOOOOOO
I Tins Jpsex Pnsi < ciRcT Itnllwny Company
operntlni horse car lines In Newark East
Nowiirl Orange liloomleld tiud HclleUlle
lesterday to
entend Into an nurcenuiit ycsterlay 101
out all the lines but Ibo Newark and Irvlngton
road which will probably co later It Is oper
ated from tlm Esox VaBenuor llnllwuy ofllce
I but the stock Mtopnnte I from the other hues
nnd Istnld to pay 42 per cent n > car while tho
othois joIntly IIY 18 tor cent Thin CODl1lY
has iiulutly sought n purchaser for Beoral
months and In November last eeeiitod 0
10rlll < for 1 UOllO to 1dwnrd U heusbvy
nnd deorge C riollnuhuyton w ho are trlBtcoi
for tho bondholders It Is sold that the bonds
uf the company amount to a million anti I half
I while thoso of the Newark nnd IrUnuton lino
amount to only SOHOn The inortc ice coeis
nmoult 1001
I nil cif tho property rights and franchises of
the llnu
I lius 1lrchurA are I1 I W Clark A To antI I1
J Ih lolro t A e tu Flu i idolphla I till tiers nnd
TliumanC 1 llnrr Ire idrnt of the Tuojiloti I Jut
saiiKOr llullwnj I I Compaiiv of thnt i It tl Ills I I
Rllfer II 1hlludulphln and
said hat boliind them Klho I 1111110110
New lorl street dlway hymllialu nud thxt
the t prloo paid I I ralay tl 1 MHMIUO I nnd 12 ODD
UOU Tim J Bfox 1uBcnuerllnllttny hastilwiirt
been mniiertuilio unit the peoploof Nrt > aik
will welcome n chuuiro of manaitiinint liio
total welomo of tlin lines IB about Illti mllus in
clii ding tvf miles ol electric road omit lie I
two t iii IM rIOJ
equipment coiiHlntB of 1W care 1100 horses
and IlM I BtabVi the loi goat lIne Is I on Ilronil
street 71 4 mIles of double track Ills iindor
stool that among those interested In the nor
chase nion of the Navy WHInm l1
11 e nro exSooret IVV llam
hltney 1 A B 1 Widener Mlllam L Llklna
and Mr Oiimmlugs
A gentleman I who was concerned In tie no
collations mid yes lnrulltY tlmt thoro woro boot
11 roqlorll Ilro
Bhnrnsof tho Fssox sInk nLd that the ttook
hcildiirs wanted 14 VP n chare J Is understood
that thoy tr < ik n llttlu oor I3tii howevm Ho
mid thnt of thuf lfiuoiioiiinorteauo bonds only
liimW0 wee IBUd nnd that tin other S3It
Hiu Is lit the treasury of the icmpany
OlU troasur
purotaslnc Bndlmto assumes tile mortgage
Rome Newark lawyers IS9umes tnlnuto efleat
the sale nf the road this winter at tbo requebt
of Iho COlD linn and as the sale wus iITocted
Witiioibtlhiorn and they were ontlrnly Ignored
In It they threatened to t > uo on their commits
for their commissIon
NoTtlllr at JutluTue Lodgte Dane
The Ilrotherbood of Locomotive Firemen of
Just In Tun Lodge Mo 45 had lh lr lfhtli atitiusl l ball
lilt eIght ID the UiloitoD Arno Opera llou Upon
lhitttla front of MoAnlWoi oroluiihra was a iargi l
bill prsunt6 to fbi lodi by SnprtDtefldinii tat lltt
i r Mch nlo Milton of iii 115W York and Noribern
Hillro li hail been on inelnt Wn II and wa rune iu
Ike waltz kldntnn Hell arid In two r Itr4 oilier
In 1W
afoompinlmnl in
with a itiin ilianit pip
liii rrr nf Iiuangi I cart
mMrtln of the tiighis
afl went Inlo thi etilpir room
was rall4 and al tian < tl
ituri were lll In Ie OMnlng mutti
lMaiirJainf S Houiili Vies Ma tr
ihnpr Mniwr
Tbodor II Schroeder isli Misist hA LTf fSKi
lionohut and Chisel
and Krancl O Uoiilf Iiir I l A
Aiolber Harlem Theatre
Plans were filed yesterday at the Bulldine
for a tnreeftory brick
Bureau by Oscar llammrtteln
Ibatreballdlof en lS4tn iSts VUJ of rank and anui oltice
IIMVOWI and four Story brick itsfe io1
to cost CIIA a
ef Park avenue 10 coil
building en 18fttk t etreel i151 j
ouo The koUdlait will lit ca adjctoln Ion
UcUlMty Anoiet OIMMI hewn Eapresshy
to Aslat l lit the H lpidld IVolle
Tho Arloti bail nt tho Metropolitan Opera
House last night was In three parts The
llrot was n serIes of opening inarches
nnd evolutions by Fouids of handsome
Touton In > arli in fantastic costumes
followeil lij dnnclnir In which nil who
wanted to joined Ibis began soon before 10
and lasted until II oVlock Ihon began the
Bpoctnciilnr pro ontntloii of Tho Tower of
Music a gorgeous series of mngnlllcent
tabtouux It was nearly midnight when those
score llnlshod nnd then carno tho third anti
final part of him cnrnlxnl hue dnncinc by all
who tould gft on the lloor is long ua kind
rioldom and tlm imllcu pniinlttud
i No Arifn ball has liuvn as brilliant as was
thit of last nluht Tlm OIKTII House was
crowded Iho womoii worn pretty and their
dresses web oliiborntn nil of all kinds Most
of the men WMiu I in tooth iile I asks is ore not
removed until utter thu tnliktniu
It I was In the lulilenus hint the greatest sue
O55 wns scored A hen tho bugle Bounded for
tho curtnm to nsa 1rmce Utirlu hal nud bin
hiiltu I I of hun rlCl ii Ins nnd plorrots tu eye seen
sitting In tIc council room upon the stage
dillburatlug what sort of a show to give thin
Uhoy fall asleep partly no doubt on account
of the big punch bowl that Is hnndy Anon
appears In Ito fragrant ctcnin ol the put ch
bowl antI promises them a magnificent spec
tacit lie lend them Into lie forests aud with
Ilium musla cniliuntB tile wild beasts and bIrds
nnd buttorlllos unit llrobngH and nets thorn all
to dancing Then his music contes oat three
ninphn who danco surroumled by the llutter
hug bnttorlllos nnd llrebugs The scone chnucea
agaIn to a palaca garden and the Sultan of
Morocco uppe irs with bin court Tim Imposing
procession moei nround the ball room
ronght i up by the celebrated McUlnty robed
I In white und I provided with the wings all
angels ought to have
Hen Are C cklt K and Ch1rkr M Preplan
Where the Dogs HurUrd m Week ABO
All the cages and brccdlnir pens In the
New York Poultry anti 1lceon Associations
show In the American Institute building were
filled lostei day most of the birds being from
thIs country The foreign exhibits especially
those from England and Scotland have been
slow In arriving It Is expected that they will
be put on exhibition today NotwIthstanding
the haste with which the cages hnve bean Cut
In place the Institute having been ar
ranged for the bird cages nnd none only
two days since flue bench Pliow of dogs was
held everything is In perfect order The pens
are nnaugcd on the outer Bide of tho big oval
not less than ten birds m each breeding pen
whIle the cages are arranged In long lines
with Innoa between so that spectators can
easily Inspect inch bird Ilaylnc of hounds has
given place to cockadoodledoos of chanti
cleers The cackling of hens Is heard continu
ously while peeps of newborn chickens come
from the various chickenhatching appara
hero are many bpcclal prizes offered but
only one has let been announced Several
regular prles havo been decided In the
Jlriuhima cia Pbllundrr llllnmHof Taunton
Mans and Newton Adams of Itlca took first
pri7eB and In flue ochln class George W
Mitchell of lirlstol Conn I David A Nichols of
Monroe Crop W d llco of Inwllng and
MItchell aud Itusel hud sImilar good fortune
> or silver Vyaud > tto cocks J J henley of
UuonH I I took llrht prire whllo EdwardS
llelckmnn of Choinoy Iu had tho best white
faced black Spanish cocks and bens cockerels
anti pnlli IB
rim best single comb white Leghorn cooks
were shown tn J 1 1 orsyth of Owego and the
best hens of the seine strain wore shown by
Dr O 1 Vi King of Kent Conn Judd Brothers
of Botliil Conn exhibited the llnest btngle
comb brown Ioghont hens and J orsyth A
Co the bist sfnirlo comb I ronn Leghorn cook
erelB II D heed got llrst prize for Blngln
comb black leghorn pullets nnd attn a special
I > ri7o of S1U gtcn by Mr U i C 1eoi of lloches
for 1 he show will nt eloo until next Tuenday
anti monnnhlo Sunday executed tho doors
will bo open horn 1U A M until 10 1 11
The Hcndnln In a tVallnck Play
It makes no difference with New Yorkers
that the Kendnlb used Impulse In London
before Lester nllack piefonted It here To
them It U I a Wnllnck play and they well re
member Vnlluck ns the dlflldent blundering
fox hunter nrd Ilore Coghlan as the
dashing adopt widow who Interspersed
their own luughablo love nfTnlrs with the
fcrlous oneit of nn Imporlllod wlfo anti
her tompter Although the comedy Is Fng
lish to the uttermost and the allnek company
courted Anglomnnlno favor the methods of
the decoiscd comedian and his chief actress
were French in brilliancy They polished the
dulnnssof Kntrllsh fipcoch and action until It
shone brIghtly Last evening at the Fifth
Avenue Theatre the Kondalu revived Im
puKo In thin London method The present
and tho i > it erformnucos i mo essentially dif
ferent with American pnulllectlon In favor of
the former but the kemlnls nro In tIm cnioy
mont of n Now York vogue equal to that of
Vuillack In his pnlmlost tlmo antI lust t even
ings Hiulleiico accepted tl o hendnl lepru
bentutlou dolikhtujiy nfl umiueetionlnsly
Mr Kcndnl vas iinu lng Ho nmde of Oi
niii < finlitiin nn iwUward goodhuuioroJ and
Fomowhat iilgnr follow atriddllnu about with
xaddlfl boparated legs nnd uttering his
Awiitt nnd > ouur > < uknowounie
with t inn tlous humor Iht I gui lursoniol kin was
n clear onele nnd careful hnrncterbutlou
which ploasrtd alIke the critical observer and
thu thoughtless seeker of niero diversion
Mrs Jxendnls Jim Hrirffnnlvn an amiable
nelish lady rendered delightful by this
all tresss own per onnlltr rat hitr than I with
any wondrous degreo of skill In noting There
is noliody to blame lor the fnchlonublo town
unconditional surrender to Mr und Mr Kin
dal It would bo easy to name n hundred
American actors who exceed them In the
niceties of stage art but hardly two who lire
their equals In hint charm of unthcntrlc man
ner which refrehrs the habitual attendant of
drnmatlo performances
Mr IV tT Iffftderanii Lecture lit the New
1 ork College f Mimic
The flint If fl sorlea of throo lectures on
Musical 1orm was delivered In tilt New York
College of Music at 1011 East tiovuntlcth Street
yesterday afternoon by Mr AVlllluui J lion
derson ihe audience which was compoteil
mostly of Udlon watt nppreelatlve and fol
lowed the lecturers remarks closely
Mr Henderson xuoke la a converxatlonnltono
and Illustrated his points frequently by com
parisons with poetic compositions Hn was ns
slKted bv Alexander Lambert who plnveil
selections from Beethoven which exemplified
Mr Hendersons analysis Mr Henderson
deilned musical motive nnd traced tho develop
ment of melody from the phrase to the period
anti then to the melody constructed of more
than one period anti Its development Into the
fiong form Next ho took up the rondo
which hue described ns the fundamental art
form Then were numerous Illustrations to
phow the development of the rondo from one
Bulyect to two subjects and llnallytou rondo
with throw Bubiectx
Mr Hendrriiou will deliver another lecture
nn Musical Form next Thursday afternoon
Tbo third lecture of the series will bo delivered
by Walter Damrosch
Ootae to IaiperWeskisttOa PnvciBMti
Commissioner of rnbllo Works Gllroy start
ed 7e > may adrnoon for VVuUlniion where tie cli i
lend a day esamlotaf the aipbihIiaYzna
ptni or TBB CAafsxrau
Tk tee MM B eys t was the WMkIaa
fltegaite wk Qewe 1
The Board of Walking DelcRntea of the
Building Trades dropped In upon Morton A
Chesloynt their office In the Wollos building
18 Hi cad way yesterday morning
What cnn I do for you gentlemen this
morning I MrChesloy U l reported to have said
Well wo bane como to patch up this row ot
ours with you the walking delegates replied
through Delegate Astloy We want to settle
It BO that the men can return to work
Tho walking delegates adjourned to Mr
Cheoloya private office In nbout half an hour
they came out anti sold that It was stipulated
or BO
of settlement
lated that tho terms
° secret
IcOJt No secret abOut It so far ns I am con
ceruod Mr Chesloy snld J ho walkIng dit
cede told mo that they wanted to order the
strike oIl and would do CO If 1 won d Irpmiso
1 hail always
aiu n day I replied
to imy
and they know It Ihoy salt d
paid 3 50 a day
hey I were mitlflod with tbK but thoy would
iioniiiiloii men
ask mo to discharge the
I Bald I
Rllko4 building
work for mo In the
would do nothing ot tile kind mid that they
had bettor go Then they immilth thaw would not
Insist upon that point All the coiitractorswll I
building Broad
resumo work on the Wilkes
nnd all streets this morning
D II King Jr builder the > office building
Wall and Hanover tttieets notified Mr hosier
vo lorday flint unless ho ronowml woik ohm that
building within three ltiyu the work would bo
dono lor him nt his expcnio
Mrs Ann r Sanford died Bt the home of her
dausliter Mrs IX l U l Ilonnn In Albnnj on
Tuesday ased 77 She wan the widow of the
Into fudge Lymnn Sanford formerly Adjutant
Oenoial of the State anti daughter of the late
Joy llllnm C I llouok durIng whoso occu
pancy of fun Kxocutlvo Mansion she was a
prominent IlKure lu poclal and official circles
William llequa father of the County Clerk of
Albany county died nt Chostorvlllo on Wednos
day niedl7 Ho was a man of robust henlt
down to two days before his death and had
always enjoyed a pipe and tobacco He wan a
KttniiK Democrat mid lu his prime was header
In thu f politics of that party
Milermnn Honry K mi Horn of Jersey City
rlld > i > stBrlnyof n comnllciitlon of dIseases
ll < vviist 111 l years old and had lived In Jersey
City all his life Ho wits tho only llepublkm
schin ever heId the ollco of County Clerk In
llinlRoii county Helonte a wife two sons
nnd three daughters
Cornwall C Travis nn exemplary and much
resin cted iItl7 n died In 1orlJenls on fled
nesdny aged 71 years He was n mason and
builder by occupation and erected the nnnd
some Iteformodi hurch and many other notu
bio buIldings of the town and vicinity
Berry It HutRrove one of the old tlmo lour
nudIsts of Indiana died yesterday aced 03
1 rom 1B48 to IKOt he wa connected will
tint Jmtinal as reporter editor and pro
piletor Since the latter data ho has been an
editorial writer on the rrrs
John Ackermnn grandson of Andrew
Arkfrmnu one of the original settlers of
Orange county died In Vttrwlok on Friday
last need 7i years He was uu elder cif the
Iteformod church and a trustee of the War
wick rav Inns Hank
Joseph Cl Dean ono of the oldest blacksmiths
of New liedford and well known ns a promt
neat Freemason died yesterday alter a long
Illness He was 77 years of neo He hui
nerved the cIty as a Councilman for several
Alfrod Richardson of West Troy wan found
dead In his bed yesterday mornIng of heart
taIlors Mr Ilkhtrdson was 87 yours old Ho
was a lawyer n prominent and respected elf
yenand was Chief ot tho lIre Department
Mrs fioorse Lturrln need 70 years of Queens
bnry N 1 hiram King nttoil 73 years of
Cambrldac N 1 Walter MkellU aged 74
onr > 01 tninbrldco and Ezra Herrlnuton
ucod S2 years ot hastou N Y are dead
John I lirovvn one of the oldest stnve
makers In the country anti for twentysix
years superintendent of MuiiBollV Thompsons
Btovo works at Mlrabuthport died yesterday
aged 72 Ho leaves two daughters
AmphpUBIVollmnn ftfllk manufacturer
found dead In Ills bed at liten > on yesterday
County 1hyslolnn lonson issued a certificate
ot death from heart disease Mr oilman was
30 years old He loaves n widow
Alfred Barber died on Wednesday at 414
Clermont avenue Brooklyn need 02 years
He wa a wealthy coal merchant and a trustee
In the Fast Itlver Savlnxb Bank He loaves a
widow and two sons
The liov Dr Corey died In Utica yesterday
egad 7A years Ho was for fortyseven years
pastor of the Uleooker Rtrxet Baptist Church
amid was ono of tho bestknown Baptist divines
In the mate
Dr C C Perry a noted botanist and phy
sician who wan at one time associated with
the Agricultural Ueiartment at flashlnRton
died at Davenport Iowa yesterday aged 67
Ebenecr Hawson Holmes ot Oxford Me
died on Wednesday need 89 years Ho was
noted as a breeder of choice stock He also
held several public ofllcos In his lifetime
Stephen H Thompson a farmer resident of
FortJervIs and nephew of exCongressman
Charles Ht John died In Muscatlutf Iowa on
Monday need 50 years
Jerry Orlflln u wallknown citizen of Mara
thon died on Friday nlant last from the effects
of an accidental fall from u bridge He was
about CD years old
Mrs Margaret Wellor Hoxsey widow of the
late Clan Thomas D lloisoy died at 1aternson
on Wednesday of pneumonia In her 77th year
Tho Rev Alba Gross formerly of McLean
Cortlnnd county and n Baptist preacher ol
note died nt Decatur III last week aged GO
Tho Rev T 11 Lemon D D 70 years old one
of them ohtest Methodist minister In lie West
dUd In Omaha on Wednesday of Influenza
Casper P Lnnsbnreh an old soldier one of
flee Harrisons buttle of llppocanoe men
died suddenly at Coxsackie yesterday
Capt Ayscouch of the British steamship
Moroca nt Philadelphia dlod suddenly ol
heart dIsease on ednesday night
James Illloy Assistant Chief EngIneer of the
Ban lrincl co Fire Department died on
Wodnosilny ulizlit ol pneumonia
Mrs hllaH I DrlBcs highly esteemed lady
died suddenly at her home In Saratoga yester
day of heart failure need JI
John N Wan Koucbnet a wellknown cItizen
of GloverHvllle dropped dead from heart fail
ure yesterday aged 57 years
Mr George J Jnrratt eon of eillnyor T J
Jnrrutt of 1etorsbiirc Va died yesterday
mornIng need 4U years
Count Napoleon Daru tho French statesman
died In Purls jesterday
nelllilouB EnthiialMMm Followed bjr Jesuit
Nonrit BnooKrrrrr Fob 0Mlsa Mag
af OleaRon has been n devout Catholic from
her girlhood Pho lately became Impressed
With the Men that for her slim not only she
but all her relatives must suffer This con
stant fear and anxiety KO worked upon her
hint she became deranged n few weeks BCD
and several days ago her friends took her to
tho Hospital for the Insane In Worcooter The
lint signs of derangement worm exhibited In
Hponcer where thii Wits euiplo > od by the
priest Bcrmons un etcrnul punUhment
doomed to particular affect hir and one of
liar recent nets was performed directly after
IlKtonlnc to an address on that subject Sue
nroe In the nIght nnd thlnh clad walked on
bare fcot from the plaoo where she scar em
ployed tn tho prlcHts hou > fl ux a helflmposed
pomince The ulsht wan bItterly cold and tho
irozon I clay of f tlm raid ut and brulsod her
font but she i crformn 1 liar task and returned
lome Tho wall covered nmro than a mile
Thoro are very slight hopes of her recovery
FroklhltlOBtiilc In Jndiasa
IDIASA1Ol1H Inil Fob 20 The Pro
hlbltlonlbts held their State Convention today
und nominated tho following ticket
Secretary of State B XI Dlont Auditor
Abraham Huntalucer Tronnuror John K
BrnnRon Attorneytencral Simmer hales
hupcrliitondont of Public Instruction L i M
Crist t lerk huprriuu Lourt C L JCBBUP
Supreme Court Judge 1lfth district B J
riorth KoncliiHko county
Jhelr iilatform declares against local option
antI favors the exemption from luxation of
clothos and neccudillen of life
Iowderly Wont Imve Mcmnton
ScnAMov IVh 20 Ciennrul Mn ter Work
man Powderly this afternoon enid the report
that ho Intended removlns from Scranton to
Philadelphia was Incorrect Ills present real
denco however la female
The lea Crop
TROT Feb 20Iee cutting on Lake Cham
plain at fort Henry li active Twenty tar load a lay
are ibtpped from bat place te tbe Sew Tork Ice com
imp of Sew Sort Al Proofs Landing the flullwaiia
Hay land lui ben head ny a number of men who will
store for liilnuerI n ut uiimmr iii I lie Ci they ranot
limber lu I inrer Mack lludlry will put up and lioue
Iliiiaiinne i 41 Ailrtlioli Vt for Hie I Klilckrtwker
11 entrain ni Sw oiL Ilio I linif r lo ouiianr if
hew i oct la I nliu ina Ic preparallnni l > n > ru lliii I > >
tots nr it e It rown luini for shuljunent licitnimuifr
si hue iswtuI a uit tlti iiciiiity or the late are sawiug
timtr fur iceiutusrs
xnna or Tin If1IL1tO4JJ
latest I rorm > tlnn or Inlercat From All
A despatch from Dorro H Dak says that at
meetIng yesterday n contract was made be
tvvoenOoneral Manager bongo 11 Nix of the
Midland Paclllo In behalf of tho company and
tho Pierre Board of Trade whereby lie com
pany U to build the road from Sioux Tails to
Pierre tho work to bo commenced Immediate
ly The company will send out URiirvovIni
Kane from Pierre aud another from Sioux Falls
Immediately and fay they will have tho rood
completed to Pierre before next winter J he
road Is already surveyed from Plorre to the
1aclflc coast The road In built out eight miles
from Moox rails
The joint IctorHtnto tariff on freight be
tween the Central Now England and Western
and the Boston and Maine railroads has gone
Into effect and covers all points on either road
vie Slmsburv and the Northampton road
This connects the PoUKhkeepslo Bridge route
With the extended Boston and Maine system
and accomplishes what the projected now lint
to Sprlnpfleld was to brine about Cars will BO
up antI down the Northampton road and meet
the Massachusetts Conn at Northampton
Mr Cromwell formerly with the Tcnnsylva
nla road has benn appointed purchasing agent
of the Central New Lnglnnd and Western road
the appointment to tnko onvct on Fob W Hi
headquarters will bo at the Now lork ofOces ol
the company on Broadway
The controversy between the Consolidated
and Hoiisutonlc railroads over the ownership
of n certain piece of land lu Bridgeport nov
occupied by the Consolldntod tracks Is likely tc
tel settled nut of couit Jho HouHiitonlo at
tempted to teat up Its rivals tracks nt thii
point recently and n riot nearly ensued AD
liuunotloii Btopped further proceedIngs and
Judge F II Hull rendered judgment In fnvoi
of the Consolidated road when thin mntloi
cnme upu few neekB again the Superior Curt
The ultimate result is likely to be n lease o
the land under certain conditions to the Con
polldated road conference between commit
tees representIng tIm two roads occurred OB
Monday and another ono will be held soon
The case will bo heard before the State Rail
toad Commissioner on Mirch 4
C W Drake this city Secretary nnd Tr ns
urer ot the Denver and Rio Urnnde llallrond
Company has purchased In the interest ol
himself and other Now iork capitalist th
Bath and Hnmmondsport Itnllroad and thi
franchleeand boatnof the Lake Kotikn Nnvlca
tlon Company The railroad extends from
Bath to the head of Luke Kouka In btubhoo
county and was formerly known nn the Vest
Pocket Railroad It bnvlng I eon unll lust
summer a throefoot gauge road It In onocl
the most Important railroads for Its length I id
the country an In connection with the bos
on Lako Keukn It controls the vast frolghi
busIness of the Croat Hammondnport grumps
region and Is a link by rail that bus opened ut
the most charming part of New York State tc
tourists thoLnko Kouka country C W Drak
ban been elected President of the new com
pany 11 L btobblna remains as ecUora
0 M Hhepord cenornl superintendent of thi
hew York Now haven and Hartford Rnllroml
was yesterday selected for superintendent ol
the Now iork division Mr hhepantB nn
polntmont Is accompanied by the iibolltinn 01
tile ofllco of general superintendent and here
after the supeilntendents ot the various dl
visions will have BB tholr only hood thn g nera
government of the road Mr Mionnrd assume
fits new duties today but he will have cbargi
of tho oflloe of general superintendent foi
some days to como in order that affaIrs undei
the new rlelme may work smoothly Mr
Hhepnrd succeeds the Into buperlntendenl
Turner and his appointment Is considered
among the ofllclnls of the road one of the best
that could havo been made
The annual report of the Chicago and Alton
Railroad Company for 1153 shows the following
figures dross earnings t7ClG6ia Increase
tS151 operating expanses 40717aO de
crease ihl4Bj not earnings 2144K80 Int
crease 10150a The nuestlon of tim railroad
troubles and railroad legislation by the States
mind by the eonernl lovernmont Is treated a I
great length Tho report says
Wo will suggest the ownership of railroad bi
the national Government and tIm organization
of a corps ot railroad operators who shall re
main In tho service during good behavior and
be In no greater degroo under the Influence ol
politicians or political parties than the aim
or militia The outlines of our suggestion maj
be given an follows
Urstlhe national Government shall no
aulre the ownership of nil the railroads In the
tilted I States which are now used for inter
Btnte mUle such railroads to be acquired bj
the exercise of its rlebt of emInent domain 01
by purchase under such limitations and rulti
as to price ns Congress may determine
Hecond Payment therefor to be made by
the Issue of Oovernmnnt bonds bearing Inter
est nt a rate not exceeding 11 I per Ont per nn
num sold bonds redeemed bythonnnua
triplication of a sinking fund onunl In amount
to 1 per conk of the whole amount of sno
bonds Issued the nnnunl Interest and stnklni
fund to bo paid from the not earnings of th
rnilroada and the rules for transportation
from year to year to bo reduced BO us to pro
udo no more money than shall be needed foj
iuclt payments
Other dotaile era then elaborated nt oonsld
HAD o length the chief features being a pro
opal that this government of the roads and
the making of rates bo vested In a Board ci
National Itnllroad Dlroctors anti that nil rallj
nnycmploioofi after on years service shal
lot bo pubifct to discharge without cause and
proper Invest Igittlon
J ho report In conclusion observe that
probably nothing lens potent than a special
ntprposltlau of Piovldenco cnn fo cbangil
iiibllc sentiment nsto Imliico the Government
o do nnythlnif which could be construed as an
idiulosion that It ho bcon In tho leant degree
vroutor unjust In Its treatment of raIlroad
iorpoiatlons luring Iho hint twenty years
Inn I iiKKOHtlon wi have mndo nppoars t <
voId thn necessity for Its making such an ado
nhumslon It limo COUIBO wo ljavo lutcatod should
o adojttji d
Thin PnchucA aol Tulanclngo Railroad In
Hexlco la nearly finished The Government
IBS paid Mnthesonv t Co of London lbOt
m nccount ol the National Railroad sub en
ion for last December Tho lohuiintciiM
iltilrpait r0tjs fortyn nekilometres tlnlshel
tthoiuufoiid < anti eIghty khlomnetres at tbj
No More Afiicudiinilccd Ilnada Just Now
The Qtinons county Hoard of Kurervlsors li I
iilna vtineola yrlerday voted unauimouly analuai
buIlding inacadainlid road It i sri t that Ilio ImrdJ
01 tIe 4eti S1 hive fsttsn n lanuaia hhnioj Inca
uorlh oyster iii a ICIflW7 f litile
hog int ini hIm 4 Ito WII hit rid mrs mesaS
sin would lire beeii cuetiult frunu IfteistItut

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