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i cRJi > r t 4 w < i Z7I wirV w j > i >
JJDrA or n raasa
flZT4L Cfll flAAD
nrAL D1
HemtxrsiToak Litle lleNI I e
I1 r misklBict ait the Oatllerlejsi Were Not
Crowded Mr Flower the Debate
I Hrhstiror New Tork Mr nttt nr Illl
BOtsi Dcitrlbed the Wonder of Ckltiaico
Nad Mr McComssB of MetrrlBBd Bpoka
Kloqsientlr lor TVenshlBBtomKllcora of
Tezsiis fleoppor a S > B Obetrnctloilsit
WAflftrxnTOK Fob 20Tim two day of
upenchniftklnsT 1 on tho subject of the oomlcg
Worlds Fair In honor ot tho nchlavemonts of
Columbus began thin morning and will b
4 p cloned tomorrow evening Tho itpoeches
mllle In the Houso today woro ill In favor of
tbe bill providing for n celebration of the 400th
nnnhenmnr of Columbuss dlsoorery of a now I
conllncnt nnd on tho whole the ip ochoa
were good one They woro gotnowbat dts
appointIng however to tha crowd thnt
flocked to tho galleries expecting t b
entertained with lurid oratory and patriotic
references to the bird of freedom nnd
the Ktars and rUrlpoa Tho Rpooches woro de
I voted more to the question of where the Fair
1 should bo hell than to picturing tho glories of
4 this croat American llopubllc I was rather I
noticeable that tho Congressmen themselves
paid very llttlo attention to tbe speeches Dur
ing tho sovoral hours consumed todar In their
delivery thoro was constant noise and confu
sion upon HM floor and not more than I score
of members Hstennd at anr ono time to what
was being sail by tho champion of tho four
F competing cltloi
The cnso uf Mr Nloilrlnchaus of St Louis
P wan an oxceotlon to this rule however Tho
ftpeacb ot thU Inicrostlng gentleman who In
forms the world through his biography In tho
Ciinarftswnal ccoil that ho was peisuaded to
nm for Congress only because his personal
ropularitr wns needed to save tho district was
his matdnn effort It created the
mlld1 otort I crolted only Interest
ing Incident of the day Tho members crowded
nbout his do > k and while they roared with
laughter nt his churvtctlstlo seltglorlQcatlon
ho wa ns solemn n < i an owl utterly regard
lens that ho wns perpetrating jokes Ho
Intended his speech to 0 a porloui plea for BL
Louis whcro ho FaldCithnt among othor
I 1 achievements he had raised a large family
J and when ho concluded his remarks and ant
i down ho accented the congratulations of his
colleagues ulth the air of I man who per
formed his full dUlY and performed It well
Nlodrlnghaus will bo In great demand here
after as a nponkor Ito can make the House
laugh without meaning to and that Is what no
other new member can do
Tho question of tho location of the Fair has
bon talked up so Incessantlr since Coneress
mot and Biuh a closo cmvass has been made
of the preferences ol the members that tho
ippochos art not expected to change I single
vote Tlioy aro delivered only for the purposo
ot 11lnl them rend by the dear people and
po It B today that the Congressmen paid
little attention to them On the floor of tho
I Housu there were few indications that a de
bate of moro than usual Interest was In prog
ress and there wore ninny empty seats In the
ti L gallery In the corridors the boomers of the
several rival cities naraded up and down
In full force and sent In for mem
bers whom they wished to buttonhole
Chicago ha tho noisiest crowd on hand and
among thorn are some very effective workers
Gen Stcionson tho famous Postmaster exe
cutioner ot tho Cloteland Administration eat
on tho Democratic side of tho Houso making a
canvass of tho members tho Interest of Chi
cago nud evConcrobsman Ooorgo I Davis
the boss of Cook county polities did tho same I
work on the Kouubllcan bide A conspicuous
figure on the floor was Oov Dick McCormick 1
who was consulted in tbo preparation of the
Fair bill having had much experience at the
1hllnoVlphla rnd Paris Kpositions
BUhilo Mr Candlor of Massachusetts the
Chairman of the special committeewas making
S his very lucid explanation of the bill tho croat
t Tom 1latt modrstlr cnmo In through a sldo
door and passed unnoticed half war rouud thu
llouro in the rear of tho seats Then bo wos
discoverJ by some of the Now York members
nnd after greeting them fell Into the hands of
Mr lioldcn and the two had a conforenco of a
very earnest character which lasted moro than
half an hour Mr 1lutt Is certain that his
visit hero at present in no way connected with
tbe 1air bill but concerns another matter
Tho preliminary UrmUh over the motion to
pi Cfid I to th c ijMdt Iltlic I of the bill gave an
iippoitunity for tb uliuost forgotten Mr Kil
got o ol Texub t > i iiiio 1 to the front again Kll
got N I th man nit t attempted to make 1
woriilihv i toi z Utah I u by lighting I tbe bills to
innl0 Mierldnn adunortlol the finny to ro
lip d I tliedi t tax lid other like measures
Hit I I iopMil up t t duy ns UU opponent of any
fair It t a atd ihart tcrUod tho nttiimpt to
bold on ab an t i t on tile part of the tnltad
r < tatt 1010 ito tho haw business as I rhal
< 1ufial iill hugora raised the qestlon of
cnnfitiorat 0 ml 1 i ul the support of one
citertM n lii lrln I > I t otlon There ace more
r ina > nljvr > thin this houvaroppohoj to holding
1 fair Diirlnsithn past two or throe days tho
antiTali propio have bean getting together
aid it k I foiiul tliat thcro are about Ofty of
them who ilu n tli there should be any
oxposiiioii at an 1 onc of those mn are op
I poor to tle 1 on to t ground that It In
tren IIIM nn II I ivi t titlon and others op
pou 1 on com al i ri tiplea I hero are some
prtttv htrni iiuioi o Uemociatle side In
cliiiinl In flo HI i < 41 i nthem uclne Messrs
MilU nil MiMil I I I
Meshtv i Htt ivnt Cummings Tracer
11 Inn aiiU h JII itt ii verii the New York speak
ers to11 > atd thin I nrt forth lu glowing terms
the clilirh of tlio moropolis to the great Lx
loilioii ieriniii tliij l only ouo minute In
wlilch to Kpiik b t in that time managed to
di tier It MTV i onte uidross which at once
luillnttnd him to by one of ttio agreeable talk
ers ol thjllouHu Jilt all the other gentle I
men who failed to fay all they wanted to
In llio tlmo lotted lo them leave was
ciaMctl ti i i lit rstttn ti t extend his remarks
In tlm lifta 11 IK I itobnblo t that when tho
hpnechcs arc llnishid th Housu will bo ready
topasomxf f Im I i t I iir hills by a large majorl
ty leaving 111 i big nnd close tight to come on
tbn tucKlion ul it lucut on The situation has
not buun charged at nil by the speechmaking
to tlav ami HO fir as tho strenctli of the vari
ous > iitlo lira tonceinuJ the vote might Just us
Tvul ho taiau now
Mr CnoIr opened the debate Ho said that
thl ciitmtrv lotild alloid to Do proud of tho
proue tlO
rivalry botvvnu the lour cities They wore
working lor local Intereth but thor were also
anime od by I I spirit of pntrlotlnrn fo Fair
Itself voitli bo in honor to thu Initod Htutes
wherever held Tho iommlttio bad presented
two bill ono adapted to > ew > ork Chicago
nnd Ht I Inil3 and t iie other to t W ahlngton
Mr Candlor tool up the Hint hill no1 said thai
the ont appropriation asked under it wa a
email one to dfinv the OXI0IS08 of a Govern
miill KMiibitund i I tlio illsplas 1 r of works of art
it tornd tto Government In no way to a
flnnm In obligation llv tho experience of tho
Pa t thu I eiiulth I ol t hit LXIbttiUtl to the pco
1 in un oduratlonnl way could not be rlUel
tonI Tlm t iivcrnpntit t should do Iti nrt
car after yenr appioprlitionn t wiro tn ii tie for
tbM rei > rr entiiti n of tlie Cnited States at for
eign Impositions nndltho Government bbould
du Ii muoli tor Its own people The CommIt
ttiaked for 1Ath0141 Ion the Government to
triLH jirn of Its own
til OWI
ThA second Wrthlnqtin j bill ho Mid differ
ed from the other in that the I air here would
depend not upon popular subscription but
upon liindi raised by tin Dlstilct Government
upon M i pnrcenu bouds The proceeds received
from tlikoth t eolds wore to IrnCfeus to stock
holder but to meet the bonds Inited He bi
llavod that in tory ilms of the miijit
whetho us I rec Bullion ol the sonlcot of the
Knit ill < iivir < > r or ftin nor otliot phase It
ieumed propm thnt t ut IliI doa 01 I tho lour hun
dred Kiir > olapsInK Imo the dlncovery ol thH
great coiitlniijt wo MimiM mil the nttentlon of
thu woild to our conditi I Ito Invltlnffby
the ioverntnont of the people of tho world to
yiflt I us 81I t tuity our rfhoures vvi uld purely
bo bonollclnl hluly roprenntatliai of labor
and of capital thu men vvho ware asking to
bettor their conoltlon and men if 1 nil
classes Ut tin O como to tlio Lnltod
Blntos nnd PlO wliit wo hnvo to llloJ
Tincaiital tliat vvouM Li brought hunt would
OIl un liiiolks hat t wotild lust for years In I
romliiMoii I o hoi oil that thin C tigress would
bo true to the Iiiory 01 thu country und set <
etamrlo 01 pntrlutliii nnd enterprise for tut
onlre < sos of 100 yenrs to follow
Mr lower of New York followed In behalf of
Now York lie was somewhat nervous us ho
bupan his speech but soon cnlnod confidence
and spoko with decision Ho said Unit In llliJ 1
tlt 11
Christopher CuluinbtiH revealed to mankind a
4 new world and awakened from the repose of
cvnturlti u nuuhty continent whore the gnni
cunllI Irm
of I new clvllijUlon tins nulkcned to the
pulse beat of a povventil nation I wn aiipro
prlnle tlieirefotu that we the people ol the
Inltod Htateu should celebrate In IHJJ
the anniversary of this the greatest mail
time event In the history of tho world i
It was a question now la which or the great
and growing centre ot popuUUonof our ea
try this commemorative celebration shall take
I tak
place nWII for New York because t hi b
lee the election ot New York mean the
urontcit possible AUCOOI la this undertaking
and because of her treat ntlvantnres and Its
proposition sot forth nw lld tested Plan for
practical operation which worn not ns a Tin
lonarr Scheme spruce up In a night t fall to
pieces upon the teA ot demonstration for It
wufl founded upon > principles ot business sue
ostod by mea of business New York would
assume onpllllyto Inaneelt and makG
1 luCce > M The Bite was rovlrforutonow I
contains 809 acres while the rnrls Exposition
contained only 2M I acres Had nay other
city met this question hOf alto and
ROlvoil It No tubers had only attempted
tempted the financial problem and
would ask for 1 Inren appropriation In Chi
cago In Ht Louis In Washington this problem
of nlto was still In the clouds or In the mud
New York was the halfway station between tho
greater part of this country and the world and
through I coraon and goes nearly seventy per
cent ot our exports nnd Imports nor com
mprclal position therefore would RIo tho
Unitocl Stntes through this Fair on Impetus It
would receive from no otner oltr The Ameri
can innnutncturer and aBrlcultnrlst would
IIIUOR creator Incentive to exhibit his foull
and products In Now York city than he would
In any other by reason of the fact that he will
haMjulnnrer local usscmblue to lnstructed
and bonollUd and br fiueon ot the further fact
that his goods would bo thrown Into compari
son with the wares and products In the groat
commercial exchange of the continent
As tlii was to tin an International Exhibi
tion largely dependent for Its success upon
the acceptance of foreign nations ot the ln Its
tlon to participate In I It behooved us to use I
tuo Iarl In ftilordlnit foreign exhibitors such
faclllllOH tug mil brine within tho reach of all
tho opportunity to take part In It without sub
looting tliein to unnoccBenry expense dolity
and llnlilllty of damage to their exhibits toll
oiuro and ht I Louis tOilet both ooncrclo that
for foroUn nations to reach their cities they
mutt llrst ship br water unload Un New York
1 you please roloud ship In freight cars
liutilo to bloknJo and wreck over lint miles In
land and unload again bofore exhibits reach
their destination cud when the Fair is Our
their exhibits must again be loaded unloaded
ant reloaded in order to be returned to the
countries whence thor came Washington
could boast onig los 1 labor I In I handling
Tlioretoro with a cunruntoo on thu part of New
York for tho pecuniary success of the Fulr
with Its dcnxo population Its many points ot
Interest Its uttrnctlvenoss to foreign visitors
Its ommodluus harbor to reecho forulen
goods Its ample accommodations 10 proi Ida
for the comfort of n million daily visitor and
with n beautiful site in the hands of the com
mutes already Improved to the extent ot 1
million and a bal dollars ho claimed that New
lonk was better prepared for this Fair today
than any othor city that asks It In fact n
th only city prepared to undertake the enter
prise complete the buildings by Mar I 1HJ2
and close the Fair by Nov I IhU nod therefore
fore vvns tho only place whore the Fair could
be hold in that > ear where politics would bo
debarred for thor could Ilnlsh the bulldluus
two mnnths before a 1rcsldent wan nominated
and close the Fair before the election
Ho asked w hothir tho louse was prepared
to vote from the nubile rongury live or ten mil
lions of dollars for Chlenco or Bt Louis mi
nustlineton t lu rfoenli IIU Fair In elUmr of I
those cItIes when it could locate 1 I In New
iork without nnr appropriation except for thu
Government exhibits And W this Inlr wan
designed tocommomorate tho triumph of tho
greatest navigator of the world would they
have I celebrated In any other titan the icrotv
est miirltlmo city In tho Western world which
lies on the Atlantic ttcnan the steno of his ex
ploits t In conclusion ho said the iidvantagen
of Now York we havn liown at their own m
triuxio aluo Yw olTor New York for just what
It I Is Ya do not wish to detract from Chicago
or St Louis or any other Vestirn city for we
know that the growth nnd propperltr of any
part north south oat t or west of this great
American republIc adds to thu material wealth
to the glory and the grandeur of tho Union
Just here said Mr Flower holding UP I
telegram I am Informed that Joy Hill lifts
signed the Fair bill lApolauacl
Mr Moore of Now Hampshire said that a
Fair held in New York would he the seine to
Now Knclanrt as a Fair hold In llopton Tho
old ncltlitiorly feeling Impolled the people of
New hncland to support the claims of Now
York New Knirland and New York had over n
million trained artisans who worn to bo bone
flied 1nlcss the FaIr was tilId In some groat I
commercial metropolis It would lall In Its most
Important purpof NOT York was theonr city I
that sold Olio us tho Fair and we will pay
allot the bills No commercial city on the
globe except London could approach New
York On the Auntie const had been developed
AIntc hal
veloped the fullect typo of the Honor of our
clvlllatlon and there was no place to BttlnK
for ibo display of that llower as New York
Mr Covert of New York sold that thoro wn I
no true representative of tho reoplo who did
not npprovo of I rent national lair Allot
tho cities contending for the Fair would do as 1
well D they could but In nono of them except
Now York could bo leon the navies of the
world Ought not the Imposition to behold I I
In the very caIro of the agricultural and
manufacturing interests ol the country Could I
not thin cramleur and crontnt > f < 3 ot this country
be better viewed at the imperial city of Now
York than In any othor American city There 1
would bo but ono celebration In UlU years of
this oent and In rdor to achieve the luliet
measure ot success it should beat the chief
metropolis ot that W estern world discovered I
400 years ago IApplluseJ
Sir lummlngs of Now York snid that the
Fair win tiMOiunvmoroto t the greatest event
sliue the birth of our bdvloiir I should be
belJ In a city comraeusurut with the great
ness or t thin undertaking The success ot tho
Fair depended upon tbM selection of the site
it was B ltal point 1 ho nations ot the world
were to bo considered as tell as America It
was to bo not a national but an international
Fair Commerce was the soul ot civilization
The Fair would not be a Worlds laIr I unless
held in New York tho commercial centre of
tho continent 1 hers was no othor city eiiunlir
nccaslblo The tulr was not aneceeeltr for
New York but New York was a necessity for
the Fair Vow York was iv Worlds neCOSIY olr
The liortholdi I statue surpassed Colossus
of Ibo es the Brooklyn bridge was the hlehrHt
typo of < engineering talent the harbor was the
llnost In Ibo world Its rulliouds stretched from
the 8t Lawrence to lohuautcpeo A thou
sand steamboats would give access to
tile Fair to tboubands of people at nominal
rates the elevated railroads und the cable and
lines could crowds
eRr lne coule transport enormous
the hotels were able to lake taro of myriads
and all of these thing wore necessary to make
the Fair asucceis Millions of worklngmen
and women could reach this Knlr at New York
who oouId not reach I elsewhere and the Fair
was to he an Industrial exhibit not for tha rich
alone bnt for all classes Washington as I
site would call for a largo national oxpendl
tore Now York offend a fund of 15610000
Ho did not plead for New York he i 1560000
the Fair Itself Select the commercial centre
of fun continent nnd wo would excite the in
terests of all nations soloct an Interior site
and we would excite their surprise
Mr Cummlngss time wits twice extended
once hr general consent of the House and his
speech was greeted with applause anc
Mr Tracey ot Now York nop a the best loca
tion would be choRon and promised the sup
port of Now York to the I nil wherever hold
The large majority would ho assumed choose
the city adapted to the convenience of our own
people and that of the people of the world
Mr Quinn of Now York said that New York
was the plove for holding the Fair and her
people would show the country that It n as the
place br making the Fair the wonder and ad
miration of the world anl
Mr Miermnn of Now ork believed that there
Fhould bo held a lilting commemoration of
toliitiibnssdlhcoveryjonc wit Iii was without
pnndial in tbnlilstory of tlm world UUI ra
tion edo ntion and Industry hit hero nour
ished as no hero else Fits Exposition should
eicxeil any national pnuunut ever hold
Mr McAdoo of Now Jirfcey was j rotid of
ChIcago and Ht IcuN Ho was not joilous of
them but no exposition could or would bo a
success eXlo AS nccosslble to tlm great
mass of people us was Now i ork There were
welter exhibits than those ii f agriculture
There were works of genius nnd art Wo
wanted to educate our workingmon and work
lag women by something then than an ex
hibition of Junta ltd things Cosmopolitan
catholic American the groat name of New
York excited the admiration of 1 mankind Cut
out the section giving S lr0lWJtl Now York
would pay her war and pledge hursolf to the
nation to make the Fair a success
Mr Hltt of Illinois opened for Chicago ITe
said that Chicago was a great Interior city the
oxnit centre ot Ito Lnltod btatoa being a short
dlstancn southeast of tho city Itsurpansnd
any the place In facilities ol f travel and abil
ity 10 euro for this people I he hotels were on
uu onvriuoiis enl and bath nevsr beeno > or
taxed lno I hud been otto lud lust fall that was
monumental und bor many more would come
depended only on 1 tho energy ul Chicago Her
car lines and steamers could handle thousands
of people Tho city wns accessible to the
mining legions of Iunnsrlvanln und the great
agricultural bolls ot tho Wust Commerce was
thtio carried on on the grandest scale br
laud anti water Her tonnage nut tho
second In slu among American countries
I A foielgner would not tOI Itt tho gate of tho
retmullu and turn back au ho would if tint
Ialr were tu bo hold In New ork Ho would
I go ni and see tho MixslMppl valley und tlie
grand opulence of the groat Interior The site
at Chicago watt nil rendy the lands level and
no preparation was required I would Jea Inl
great empty space In the Tioasurr after New
i oik had blnsled away rocks enough Itor afford
a bite 1laced In the Interior the Fair would
be visited br many more people than I It were
placed a tidewater The people of Chicago
were enthusiastic they were not bickering
among themselves they stood united to make
thin Inlr a BUICOBS What Proportion ot the
attendance ru the Fair would bo composed of
foreign visitors f Perhaps isoooo I at most
HH nxpocted IS 0000x1 1 Americans to attend
the Fair Would It be proper 10 rciiilre 7KM I
000 pnople to travel tu the extreme edge I of the
country a i they would have to do I the Fair
were held In Now York 7 In conclusion lie
said that the Fair at Chicago would enlist the
enthusiastic efforts of all of the people and b
a memorable and magnificent suoofsa
Mr Adams of Illinois celt that the people of
Chicago worklngmen business men and
professional men and capitalistsnil a anl
asking Congress to allow the great celebration
of 1882 Conlre held In their city They knew
how much responslbllltr wee Involved In hue
honor thor asked Thor Wi prepared to mOlt
It Thor could not afford to fall Ther felt
that thor would not nIor The world know
that they hate I habit of succeeding In wbat
they undertake Thor wero auto they could
succeed they wore resolved to succeed
Mr McCrearr of Kentucky oarpcstlr argued
In favor of Chicago faring the three greatest
national celebrations ever < held In this country
had been held In tho Last and It was now tho
turn of the West He was somewhat dlsoom
lilted when as he referred to Washington In
complimentary terms the crowds In tho eat
lerloR thundered out their applause Put con
tinuing no urgod that the Fair should not be
held on the rim of the country but In the Inte
rior Wo should care for our own people
rather than for the 70000 foreigners who might
como here
Mr Cutcbeon of Michigan spoke for the groat
broad prosperous West There was the seat I
ot the most rapid progress tho world hail ever
teen and Chicago was tho most marvellous
city tho world had over looker upon
Mr Taylor of Illinois sold thore was a great
country In tbo West which the people of New
York Knew little about nnd he doslred a fair
In the Wait to educate tho people ot New York
Mr Perkins RaMol enld that the gem
cltr situated upon Lake Michigan accessa
blo ry land and water wno the proper place for
the Fair As to Now Tcrk hotels ho would say
that It cost an much to roach them from tbo
landings Chicago as llanchtor It did to get from New York to
Mr Lawler ofllllnols called attention to tho
New York HfN which be commended particu
larly last aturdava Issue coutnlulnK A com
plimentary article on Chicago Ho held 1
petition signed by thonsands of workmen of
every city in tho tnlon except New York ask
ing that the Fxpo < lton be located In Chicago
Mr Chlpmnn of Michigan followed in n glow
Inl trlhlte to Chicago tho present muttopotls
of the est and the luturo metropolis ol lie
wholo country It was located In the midst of
thin great agricultural centm of the country
had unsurpassed moans of communlcntlou anti
could make tho lair a success
Mr Frank of Missouri opened the battle for
St Louis Tho site for the Fir ho said wa
to bo chosen upon Bound reasons If mission
nrr education was tho object Chicago was the
placo In nn historical commemoration like
this ho wanted no political manager to locate
tho Rile nccotdlng to what ho thought were
proper considerations Chicago vied I with Now
York In political nnlruus supplemented hr sor
did mercenary alms bt Louis oltorod the ad
vantages of location and was accessible
to the greatest nunibnrof cltlrons the United
Htatos and the southern republics Foreign
goods could bo unloaded on the forces of New
Orleans with less confusion than at New York
ht touls in spirit ot lofty ambition asked
Congress to award her the hair Her hospital
ity was known tuG world over her clltnato was
excellent Mio would bid the world welcome
u ot virtue i not morass of vice i
to a nursery v no a
Mr Nledrlnghaus of M I Louis extolled the
talents of the business men of Ht Louis Ho
said that be had them been Able to start and
carryon a business that had not an Oiiual In
the world Ills interest In Washington lay In
higher motives than business In patriotic and
statesmanlike motives hut bt Louis was the
place for tho 1 aIr
Mr Mono of Missouri enlarged on the ad
vantages ol Ht Louiss geographical I position
of the mineral wealth of the surrounding coun
try of Brecklnrldgo tho cereal I roducts of Arkansas and commerce followed In tho
same line touching upon tho transportation
facilities afforded bv the Mississippi Ulv r
with Its tributaries and the raIlway systems
Mr Dockerr of Missouri spoke of tho Louisi
ana purchase and Its conversion br our genius
and energy Into great States and Territories
of which Missouri wa tbo first and best
Within the limits wore tho three centres of the
United sitatcstho geographical political anti
commercial centres flight in the very centre I
of amino ami forest of Held and farm of fac
tory and home sat the city of St Louis with
her half million people
Mr Caruth ol Kentucky thought the foreign
visitor should be shown tho best of the Tolled I I
Htatos He would cuter the country and stop
for a trio nt Now York then he would bo
shown the national capital then to Chicago I
the 1nris uf America onward to the Father of
Waters tbo mIghty MlssUlupI whore another
adxiitunUs sill like that of Columbus wns
tallied pnd ilaally to ht LonK whunt would
be hold I the I1I Fair I With the tlellB rur Wivitcin I 1
corn wIth tho cotton of the Houthern Sniton
with the butty mart nf the Diet surrounding
him the visitor could not fall to bo ImpruSaed
with the realness of this country
Mr McComaa of Maryland was for an Kxpoli
tico wherever It was to be hold but It was his
torically lilting that tho Kjposltion should bo
held In Washington the District bearing the
pnmo of Ibo discoverer of tho continent lAp
plniiHo in the galleriesI Ho Invoked the mom
hors to peek some higher motho and bruador
cri und than locality Ho appealed to tho
friends of Chicago New York and St Louis to
come together in pence here on national
ground Tho ioyornment hal WwinoOO
worth ol exhibits here In mngulllcent
buildugs to start with Where was New
Yorks tlSGOOnix in comparison Plans
for the Fair buildings could 110 hal front tho
present Government buildings Tuo library
building would make a magnificent art build
Ing There would bo no trouble about accom
modations ocry thor bnuto would bo opoa
to visitors nud llaltlmore was within forty
I minutes travel Hero was the place for tho
Woturn people to come hero was the scroll
and hero wa tho Interpretei
Mr Leo of Virginia hold that Washington
was not only the proper but tho only plaeo
where the 1 air should bo hold It It was to be
national If wo wero to Invite the Governments
of foreign nations Washington was the Pile
Mr Coleman of Louisiana I argiiod in favor of
the selection of Washington The Kxpoltlon
must tin nntionnl anti if it went Fa it must be
located In the cipitul of tho nation
Mr Compton ot Maryland also argued In
favor or Washington Ho hoped that tho dir
would never come when to the patriotic Amer
ican all road did not lead to the capital of the
nation whore his liberties were maintained
and protected
Mr Ktockbrtilge of Maryland that it was
not merely sentiment which directed the loca
tion of tho Fair In Washington There nero
others which looked to Its success for the ben
efit ft tho whole countrr Hero watt the na
tions life blood set In motion hero was the
Mecca of America hero start those movements
that are soon communicated to tho whole con
tinent Here was no tiartlsan spirit but hare
could be hold a FaIr worthy of the proud name
of America
The hot o at 550 adjourned until tomor
row whou tho debate will be continued
CnirAoo Feb 20ln response to letter and
telegrams from Senator Fnrnoll and Itopro
pontative L Stevenson to Major Cregler urg
lag the necessity of IrnmcdUto action In the
matter of tbo Worlds Fair now that Ibo New
York Legislature had passed the tlliOiiiOUO
bond bill a meeting of the Executive Commit
tee of tho General Worlds Fair Committee was
held at tho Cltr Council chamber this after
noon A committee WHS appointed to call upon
lending citizens with a lew to securing a large
delegation to go to Washington
The committee completed their work to
night by the selection of over ouo hundred
leading citizens of this city They will leave
here by special train ovor the Ilaltimoiu and
Ohio nt 2 oclock tomorrow and will remain
In Washington until after the contest In oor
In addition to the special delegation of 100 so
looted by the Mayor tutu his committee a gen
eral Invitation has beon extended to alt pulllc I
tplrltod citizens of Chicago to go along The
train will consist of 1ullman vestibule cars
provided wltb all modern ronutilcnees for thu
necomuiodatlou of n train load ot Chicago
hustlers for the Worlds Fair
Mr Depew Sc There Now mad Masy Met
Will Follow llln
Af tor Go vDavld BUI11 signed the Worlds
Fair bill rostcrdnr a discussion arose among
the Commissioners whether It would help New
Yorks chances to have a second delegation go
to Washington Many ot the Commissioners
thought that the question ought 10 bo settled
by the New York Itepresentatlves at Washing
ton and the Legislative Committee In this city
Kepresontatlxe Ilelden sent this despatch to
a member of tbo Comrnltttte of One Hundred
I notlflM inf DiUeri of Hie cunimtlo ant Hie Stir
York corrtipiMidfnti M eirly a Muiilir ttat IIr a ii
iwirint IndlHerenie ut lbs tw Yurkrri olilln all ulIr
cuntrDillnx lucAiitle wet miking iirrJiiiury rxer
lion WK cintftrrA inr to OB Our 0utOllon ttmt 1e
rAtloim ef ureRtnibtiTe utah llnuld ounce ant to a aih
liikum bM t ISOU KuiyriiL nor U I nuibiui autos tu te
iaid Jttt J 1 JULIil
Mr Dopew anti Mr John II Storm left for
Washington on the midnight train last night
Col Hliopard and Mo sruLhnrlpsII Flint IX H
Ammldowu uud John I 1 Crlmmlns will follow
today lames M 1 up pen will go on tiuuday
and hamul iimpers on Mond >
llhu I hoot had received no word iinllUd I
uallr and It would bo Impossible for him to
o owing to prior engagements Mayor tirant
uald that If a delegation should go ho would
certainly be of tint number I
Mr J 1 M blowers sun the Legislative Com
mlttoe should linta everything to say III the
matter and he would try to go to Washington
if the cotamltteu should decldo for it second
visit Mr K I Honmtn said that ho would an
companr a partr to S aphliigton to remain
ovor Hundar It was Mr Iiorsman I notion
tbat rooms should be opened In the Arlington
Hotel and receptions bold so that no stoun
should t > e left unturned Chicagoans should
Lave no handle for an argument that Now York
Is 1 coldhearted
McooplDB Vp nh by the rullrul
Thotieanits ot perch and goldfish were found
In a fond in ThlrlMntn lirollna Knoll Attnoi LOLI
raised CIty which II twin 4rAU d TIM Unit water
IbAt remains In Iht bottom of tbi pond U alive win
them liojiMOiiptI lisa out U Uii f alii jrututAT
ma rAIn SILL awrrtta
COY null 8ayU ta rsisiene I > a Trlnraph
r the Irladpio r hems Hale
AMANT Feb 20Tlm Worlds Fair bill
engrossed anew anti as fair In looks oa It U la
Its purpose reaohod the Kxocutlre Chamber
today The neoessltr for engrossing It ovor
was the reason that It was notsentdown to tho
Governor yesterday This trifling delay was
tho last of tbe stumbling blocks In the rough
and rocky legislative war of this measure Tho
Governor delayed only long enough to rend It
before signIng It With It ha tent to the ofllco
of the Secretary of Stato the following memo
randum to KO on file
SUfi or Nsw Yes Kiscmta Cia
Atsi v Feb 20 100 I
afsnorandnm aid with Assembly bill 2 < D enlltlsd
Am act to provide for ExhIbItions Arts Sciences
Xtannfaotores and Irodoclsof the Soil Mine and See
latbetlly of hew York approved
The Importance of ibis measure the public attention
which II has attracted and the prolonged struggle In
the Legislature which preceded Its pAasace I seem to
render appropriate A statement of the questions In I
Tolved And Its dangers avoided In Its enactment
IDA special message transmitted to the Legislature on
tbe 7th lust urging the passage of this messure I took
occasion to Announce tin II would receive mr ap
proral This course is conceded to IAVO betn unusual
but the public And beneficent character of the enter
prise threatened Injury to New Yorks chances Wash
ington by the circulation of false rumors as to mr
position The necessity for rr ° u > rt action and the et
Igencles of the situation all JiitiCsJ A departure from
customary executive procedure
FlrstAs to the merits Tbe bill tires evidence of care
till preparation and seems to Le reasonably free from
Just criticism The clause reiiulrlng a two thirds vote
of the Incorporates upon the most Important matters
to be denied Is not objectionable ana undoubtedly
would have beru conceded by tle friends or ulte bl1 lit
any time during the contest IIAJ Its deslrAbllity been
sutcetsd Jucond As to the bills constitutionality 1 lass con I
suited lib the Attorney ieiisrul and tie advises me
thAt the bill i Is I constitutional III I I Is runtedled that me
Indebtedness prnuused lu be coDtrartid may well he I
regarded as incurred for city purism withlu lh
fair tilt cUt and nieatllni of section 11 I I of article H uf Ihe
ionstitullni thai pniMsiim should Ie I liherally cut
strict 1 ho Lefiiatiire And the city or NIW Vurk
must be permitted to exercise A reasonable discretion
and latitude in determining what are city pjr > us e
wiihln tie true splril of the tonslltilton Tie copout
dlturea authorized I tu be Incurred 1 are derlared t
It express provisions of Ihu bill lo bo for the AU
qurlntcof I sari In and the erection or bUldlncit thereon
In the ruts for exhibition of arts srirnres maniilar
lures ana pruiluctaof tie soil tilings cud sea and ti
establish anl maintain such exhibitions and u is I fur
tot provided that the said loUt ltt t bmldlrus and
sill 1 exhibition shal be devoted to public use and 1 to
pubIc instruction and beatthlnl rerreitlon These
ar > objects which unqoeetu nably do encounter any
constttullinat obstacle and are thone which II ban al
ways teen assumed any city has a perfect rlzhtlu uu
derrake fur the priitnotlon of the public wefare
Third The measure does not violate the principle ot
home rule nor Is I It Inconsistent with cnrrert priori
pies legislation The Commissioners designated In
the bill are expre sly t declared I therein lolclhn I e hirt I
tOioreeit eu itt itulN7UrOrtheCtiOrteWVork l
114cc eCcittin 41 Tbl IC a IrIer recognititiru of LI
bo rfr IIUI
principle at ConinulUtOfleft to carry out lorsi tin
leo euuerIta 1 or 10 albllell morel tt II 1IIIIIIIellIII
shttnlt b1 seLed by lb local autiiuriiteo lbeiutoi yes
autO not bV Ille IejteituTe
I h sue for yuerai YPSTP unIformly refuuwi my ap
troysi ot lueauure whereto Ibis prlulpl lies been Ilf
nor1I It I cone4ed Ihot 11 pHllt UIII woe ire
pa1 h n non orUn oommlt r the eIl17n ot
1w York elly and 1Pro1 b1h luOloulborlll 01
Ihat dir ana Inst the 1tAror o lcloIeJe II
tornmlnlonn whose names Ull ueorolIld In lbs
alllOp to pugraft additional inorporauors rion
the btl orcacionci the three veeba 1rI whurt h I ties
Costly rautre1 In the 1osiire ot the IDure wlIIouI
the aidition I of any new 551055 ant eibetaniialty ac lb
t t hnlan bi W I
l1I l was oritnatiy I Lrei1nteii 1 ii t ttieeitioiu ly this
Lcttarone Of ailittnnai I I uoeorpnrotnrs riot ationtel
I DbC H i Ir
fl 1f
etugtcoteI or desired ettiter by tnt mcci tuttttrutit s or
tocai lIU1 COlllmllt WOtiti Iiie ruderol I the
macairs tI1tSlIY I beeuuOflittle uni ecuuarly t
teii and impertiled lii liriat sttcccs I otuf tacitly
Would tee I lolala a corcl Ififleitti I or WIIUou
which 101111111 cool1 not well bate been uolloed or
orokd suit oold tie scirde 1 II pucaut
whereby sItter cOons to ujeriede or ignore local so
tborthtee I iniuht le ettemptel I
The enactment or ubus bill In lie prront form will not
efleririralue ndoro to discover tciIte or 10 Inherit
elcnesa utoru C uticti 10 jollIty tue ttepriioton of llft
rWil tie rglti or u ecu sell gernuueuu nor uuil It
wIIonllh tutiiptitti by the LwlIMO or the rerw
arts 1 s of tIe 01 1 Uun 10 a iucel hilt or the nsiuun 01 II t ha
ioci omuiuialnncrq auitittrltI 1 nut but suggested iu detlaiac tcilrcd eC their ncr proper upprteti rtgbt by
ant lrIiToke
iteced In II true lIhl the pla 01 this mII
roar woll he reitartlel aol as the trIumph of any vllhU
at I party lot an e vIndication or this oolDry NlnoII
t tome rul on nndlon 01 DrIest rtnries ot
1I4I1nn J JIII rebte 10 Ihlnprllnl demands or
p1f1ttit Iarllhll C O6luobl rontrlblIn to the
ao1 of proerese end as e irItute to tt trrssiiible a
Iluenco Fc an aroused and smuliibened pubiic leultlluent
The girl Who Ioed HU Victim fleet Tee
ICes for the Monitor
On ho trial of Antonio San Marco for killing
Vlncewo rorfotto at Orand and Mulberry
streets on the night of Doc 23 Gludotta Leo
the widowed mother of Amelia LoCI wbom both
mon loved totilled for tho ueronco that ho
I favored Kan Marcos suit but that Amulia pre
ferred young 1orfotto PorfettoInduced Amulia
I who was then 11 1 1 years ot age to bo married to
I him at tho City Hall The child returned nt
onco to her homo nnd tho witness had the
marriage annulled JnNov 1U IbsS Iorfolto
wild to Amelias sister
Adelnn toll sour mother that I will consent
to the dlviircf but hnn Marco mtiht Keep awar
from Amelia It ho does not and Min Marco IB I
killed no ouo must co to court and say that I I
killed him On the Hmo oieuini 1urtetto as
paulted ran Marco with a razor blinding his
right eyo and dlsllcurlng him
Amelia Leo I a typical little Italian beiuty
corrobi rated liar mother Mio loved 1crktto
she said until Terfetto frightened her Into
marrying him br showing hor the butt ol a
revolver and threatening her life if she did not
itidrrr him So alter tho marriage ani l her re
turn to her home she began to ditdiko him
an Marco took tho itnnd Ludcr his oyns
was tho photograph of the tlrad man a hand
Rome young Italian In the uniform of llhcratls
I band hart Marco testlll < d that bnlloxlni that
1erletto would kill him he carried a rtnolter
On tho nicht of Due IN ho walked through
Mulberry street to irand At the corner ho
stopi Ied to let a car pass At that Instant h
hoard 1crfctto Bar iou Ill kill jou
now lIe turned and paw 1orfatto throw back
his coat and nut hm right hand toward his hip
I pocket At this same tlmo Iorfetto took n step
toward him lie cried Hold I Htanl buck
eretto still advanced and no tired kllllue
In rebuttal Mr Jerome shown1 bylolico
man lrtar that IerKtto suono an oen > nat
lIned su lth iitr reaching to his ankle and that
both tho overcoat and Ito undercoat were
closely buttoned
The trial win not ended
Trail AgaIn IIlorkrdHrndlnB MIl br
Itoiinilubotit Routcsi
SAN FIUNCISCO Feb 20 Hoports from
points on tho Contra Iflcllk overland lines
from Colfax to Truckoo show that nnothor
snow storm prevailed in the Sierra Neada
Mountains on Tuesday nlgbt The train duo
hero at 945 A M Tuesday nnd that duo at
1045 P M camo In about inMnlght having
been consolidated In the mountains Ibo
morning tinln duo yesterday wan nt Truclco
at noon lestordnys eastbound trnnm woro
consolidated at Sacramento This practko
will be followed heienftor until tile storm
abates lentiTdayi oerland malls were do
spatchod over tho riantu 1 t route and nottt
bound nmlUliiuo been ordered sent to Call
fornia over bitt road until tho storm ceases
Acolhrr Winter Ilk Thin
ROMJOUT Tob 20An old resident of this
city says the winter of 1H423 was just such an
other as has boon experienced this winter Lp
to the 12th of February there was little snow
and continued mild weather On that OSlo n
great snow storm sot in accompanied by high
winds which drifted the snow w > badly that
tho roads throughout the country wero filled
from fence to fence Thin was followed bra
succession of snow falls resulting In the roads
being abandoned and liii Holds convertod into
highways The now remained on tho ground
and ttlelghliig continued until late lu the
spring Jarwo qunntltloK of wood WITH cut m
the mountains and hundreds ol teams store
engage In getting out logs and bark For 1
mOIl than u eak sInge cominunicition be
tween several places isuta seriously Interrupted
and mails dela > ed
IllB I4ow Ntnrm U canada
JIOXTHIAIJ Inl 20 Ono of the worst
storms of tho canaan Is now In progreps here
with n falling temperature Snow fell heavily
last night anti about in oclock this morning a
heavy wind set In with thick snow Local
trains tune only ulljitly delajod but It Is bo
hotel that tbo lull lucre of tho storm has not
yet become apparent
UTMiht Tob 2uA terrible snow storm
rages In tills city rite roads art otitliulr
blocked and trulllo Is Buffering
A Good War la Hpeid WBAUIHCOBA Birds
day >
Those Hooking for ft home In lbs country or for A
gSod Inrestmeut cannot do belter than to Investigate
the Ruben Msjr estate property In Vonkera whlrh will
be sold on Tuesday next at the Eicbanie UI Liberty
attjll V llnruettiCo It includes some err choice
situ In the must desirable resident portion of the dry
and Also About 110 Isis l on Nodlue Mill one of Its most
rapidly deyeloplnf district iu Yonkers Numerous
trelns on K ASblngtone Birthday ou both the ew Verk
Csglral and tiew fork And Ijorlhsro Hallways James
B Silos opposIte Ceau j Ptel > rsKkcts will tvhev
Jokere and Other Kvldeaece or Queer Do
IRK In the Fourth Aaeemhlr IJIetrlct
TnrxTON Fob 20The commlttoo to In
quire into the Senate election In Hudson county
last fall did a halt days work today and ad
journed for tlie week Thor examined tho
boxes for the first four precincts In the Fourth
Assembly district The contents of tho
First Third and Fourth precinct bores
wore found to bo In tolornblr fair
shape In the Fecond product the recount
didnt alter tho totals as given In thotnllr sheet
238 for McDonald and 138 for Btuhrbut tho
box contained 43 jokers and other evidences of
peculiar doings Two certificates showed that
two different judges nctod on election day The
box was tested by lie commlttoo who found
that It did not puncture the tickets but curi
ously enough all the jokers wore punctured
nod A largo number of other nuspoctod ballots
bore two and In some Instances three Impres
sions of the milling stamp
Mr Corblii counsel to the committee did
tatod n note to the stenographer when the ox
nmlnatlon ot the box was over paring that the
typo used for tho endorsement of the largo
ballots In this box was dIfferent from that used
on the joker There was also n difference be
tween the olllp o on the tickets In this product
anti that on tickets toted elsewhere The
Mumping on tbn tegular ballots was somon bat
blurred while that on the miupoctcd ones was
clear and plain That string of ballots ho
thought gao ovldouco of tlittNlng boon tam
pered with TRio poll hook also looked HUB
pliloun from tlm fact that It was ns clean and
well written as If the work hnd boon dono all
ut one hut and by a sklllod ponnian
Senator McUormM feels more cheerful now
tbnn ho has nt any Into since tho Investigation
wax begun HU met lion howell vostorluy anti
was assured by the Hepubllcnii leader that the
lno tlgatl it was not an attack upon him that
no on Ii lies oil him I guilty nf hart id lat io t In
tho frnilds nnd that thu Itepiiljlletns bad no
Intention of trying to unseat him lien cwull
ald tliat ito lltpubll I IIIIH nlitiplv ilslred to
pMOBo tho IItid ° oit county fraud and to aid In
bringing tho criminals to justice
Tho HiuUon Democratic Foclntr of whldi
Oov Vubott Isa intuntttor tutot at the citat house
In lurBoy 1 l I ity Kbtonlay and paksid this roto
lutlon which was ollorod by J L little Jr a
sun of ixUur llodlo
That ttits society iltnoinces the itiscraceful lllegAl
arid corrupt luethndH rmilojed At the last election In
this COIMIIJ and in the interest of public Itisllcs I and
Kood murals and fur the preservation of our free Itsti
tutlons art iiiiTcrtimcnt aemsnds tile imtnellate prcse
rntton or the ntTenitrrs and that they shall coder the
full uetiatly ut the laws for their crimes
J4jJfs noytis FiiACTtiitaa Kvir
lie Cant Tell How Ito woe Hurt hut It
was 111 u ijuurrel ultha Iclloiv Hervnllt
Coroner llnnly was summoned yesterday
tollollovuo Hospital to take the antemortem
Btntemont of James Doyle n general helper In
the St James Hotel Doyle Is dying of a frac
ture ot tlio skull Ho was found on Mondar
night last on the sidewalk on Third avonuo
near ThlityIrt street bloodlnirfrom wound
behind the right ear He lived with James
ODonobuo prhato watchman In the Albo
wane llctol nt ilJ Last Twentyfirst ftroet
lo I Coroner lintily Lloylo was uuabln to toll
how ho camo by hIt Injury but Uuyles filend
ODonohuo told a reporter that be with Dorlo
and Uhomus t ounolly a liranian iu the ht
James hotel woro in tho basement of tim HU
Jamuson Mondty night with a party of friends
including Doyle Doyle was recently from the
old country nnd was guyml unmercifully Hu
was dubbed nerion Irishman until ho 10
pouted it Connoll bofntuo angry nnd knocked
Du > lo clown Then thoothnrs jumped on Doyle
who llnnlly oscnped into tho street Another
version of the origin ot tho quarrel Is that Con
nolly had boon unno > od ti l > ncomlu valentine
ho had received Do > lo said he know who sent
It and Connollv knocked him down
At thoJoflorbon Slnrkot Court Con
nolly wis committed to await the result of
Doleb injuries
They Left the Court Itoom Singing Good
by My lovir Onodby
BALTIMOKE Fob 20George Singleton
Key the murderer of Jamos Slahon henry
Jones who murdered Thomas Foster and Ed
ward Hmlth tho murderer of Samuel March
on NnMiesa Island on Sept 14 last wore sen
tenced todar by Judge liond In the United
States Clictnt Court to be hanged on March
2S Fourteen ot the other rioter who stero
cons htod of mnn ° nughtor for participation In
I tho situo rrlmo wen aentoneod by Judge Mor
rli to long toiinri at hard labor in tbo Albany
piiiitontinry and a flim of SiliU each and twon
tytbre otber who wore conictLd simply of
rioting ou tho iland were iontcnced to the
Maryland liouo of Corroctlon for terms
ratiLitv from clx months to two years
Tlio i rlioners noive tlelr sentences with
apparent uin ouciru and laughed and talked
in merry t lies W hen they steno belnz takon
back to jail thor had hardly reached the
Mroot when ono of thorn truck up lioodby
My Lovor Goodby in which the gang joined
Vhou tiny got into tho jail wagon Key and
Jones stood tin swung their hats and led lie
following chorus
W e pent one day on the Island
Uuud b > my luTer coodby
SunrIse i > 4H I Sun if ii o 101 Moon lets 8 3
Bandy Hook 7 10 I cv Iiland 0 101 Hell Gate 11 00
Arrlvrd Tntti4D4r Feb SO
Fs Niagara Ilannin tlmuna
he Ilndsnn reclUse > i > w Orleans
PsMirmli I 1 eselnan llalfax I I
ts I Tynan Ilinr Ktnirston
Milu I sihrr llov M Doui ill Calcutta
bhlp Occidental Taylor hAURbAl
Itvrlatei urritalssse First Fagsi
ARxirxn nrr
Fe Iydlan Mnnnrch from New York At London
fs lieviinU from Ne S trL at iireenock
he NetHila from Nrn S orb > IT HioMrliead
to City IM llrilln fruiu New York at Liverpool
stln > n04 rorcinv POrTS
8s Trne from SuutliAtnpton for New York
hs Teiitiinli front t ui cnstorn u for New S ork
tslltUctU from llveriool fur hew York
erroolea eTeasenlure
log tttiIi5
ialt lass resect Sat
Stermandi lt ntz 1 si g t n m a
Cherokee f ni i g
itt I roud I eruilanitlirta It to i ti
luinuti liuvAuts I O I ii S p p
lout Zbnniiruiic
AdIrondack Klngauon S IA M 5 csu In
turcnatiu tnego S st A Itt 7l 5 15
Clliiigtiaun inuttou
itituta liariibuutt I Ii
ijlta liven ooi o In
ileinliniL tlitwerp
hi ew I I M
Lii lattgrie A l it
lamlsas tatyeston u o t It
It irade ii aiitx u tu It
Iononts Jaitei a t A U it t a I o Sn
Werre lurenen 4 t t If 0 A SI
Nutcoorber CAYtInnatu i ts t
IKCOMIJ1I sTuiauztiuir
1I lioOliI
Tho Queen Mverimol Feb 7
St > otntiir VueeruMwn MI it t
Holm iiir > riltr Set U r
A i ntlan LfKilnn Feb 3
IilanJ Mettln Juts u
HrHiinaU Gibr tar t fb A
IUlOH Antwerp > b tt
fire Imiiloii I rh
KcturJam AuuierJMiu I rb H
rolyiirilA Mettlfi lab a
JVnrtUnd Aniuern lab H
buevia fcoutliJtinjiton 11 ti 12 t
lois faturttni let VA
Chicago Ion Ion r i > b s
it nf Cheater Vufeniiiown Felt Ii l t
AJnatic Ui < cfii > t > uii Ft u n u u
Hevalo hnutlitiinplon bet 14
Surge ChrltUlB id UU IU
I > u < Suffftu US yx
Jloil IlarntnirK rh 10
LAI htrapam s Havre Feb hi
Arltun tneroiiuwn lab IU
Si Rosny Felt It
Em Bremen Fh IS
AuchorU Mutllle feb jj i
Pie Turtiltj Ittt 21
Spain london reli 12
UulhuU Qileetustown Feb Ii l t
itate of bums MuMlio Yet lb
uIurs 3ottfl
Ilurrr TrlropherouA for the hair renews
clones preseries beautlCes and inultiulles Ihe fibres
Keeps Sires Hblrlis made to measure 6 for 1
Kooe heller at any price HKmulHil I liroadwar
ltCihl Otit
MR Monnv wilt lve four mornlnc Itihle addresses
In the l nlttou t Church u t t s curlier ttuti st ou
lieslay Uellesdiir lliursdat und > lll Icy IVh
IU 7 iinil at IU i oiioik bull iir Mr lienrxe
1 hleMini and clcrus Adln Solon oh t by chit I
Arili h mull sutitii flr which lir inlets are do
slrtd and enclose stamteil niil u e t
IlfClinjVVM I IMI4I III Iiroid
Way tire now ready I Serve b nifji luntU Slid din
ner In the best of st Is I m mo lerate i rl es
roK TII r win v niiTis MIAI I > the best m
lae sand III AITII HtOIJ CO corner lit tv auj
luihst and all drunifUts
iflUooTtc Orrjmw fit
fpriKht rand an I tore Inn I ni stiis rirs
snil fincy ut cds can ttti I 111111 InKliis 41 inodrale
inn hrinai barvsllslusei nnd hand I unoa taken
tliuZbttbga at very tw rtl IpriKhi I riant iu
1JbCIIEnt 1IASO WAXiilf5ni
ihttbttt I av cur loll st New York
Was KNAIIl ai CO
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pianos tt our lutakewil 1 I be told 11 u libtrul rednitlou
from our reimlor pnc es
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lprlictt end niusre pianos for sale and rent on AAJT
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n < na Ui MittJtUcMtftEtmvonltutkin Weld
tteini Rtitored flead alMs Tnmtiri Venrtte
floati Krehbfrh on lVapneri Music Three Short
Stories Poemt tc
Number 478
Tftr Armn of lir Inllfil Mates Br flnen l
VIMIEY MFnriTT U I 8 A With lent Illus
trations drawn br UUFUS F Zrxrgjitnst
Thf Mimloir f n Dream A Story Part Is
fly WILLIAM DFIN Itowniiji
Joint tttmhlin An Kssay lly ANNE Ti1ACk
inYllniiiiK Vltlt fix Illustration from
nn etching br UniFitT llKUKoMKn A n A
end drawings br IlAiinT IFNK
IVnciitii jtwiti Ilr litAiiFiit IlontKS Pen
NFII With twenty Illustrations from
drawings by JOSMII IKNNULK
Vnnlii unit fa lllnUllIiIhitlpiI fly Dr SAXIOKL
KNFFUNI Wild six Illtistrntlons
Aiorl Htoriri On tutu boillh Shore fir MAn
AiiKT Cnomiv Three illustrations brOL
S t HriMivnr An Ignohlo Martyr By Its
iinr lUiinisn UvMsOur Invalid Wlve
llir Itritnrnl Jlniil oj ItIs in lh rarthcnon
Itlfti fly lr CIIAHLEH WALiihTEiN Flr
lUtist ratIons from photographs
The ttiiujril tirtury I I tuiniutlirarr fly TlIEO
laths CIIILI Three Illustrations ono of
which Is tbo Kroutlspioco of the number
from drawings by L 0 MKIISON and B pho
lieu tn l5fuj lo tiafjnrrt lliulf Br H B
Tin ttnlnliiiltti or Cobra itone By Prof H
lIP N irtiltT Ill I
ii 1aiint Till Cadet fly ItORE HAWTBOnNB
IjATinxir Hoot and Flowor ly QEOALD
JlAhHKY Tho lioet Is Silence Br
Josiiiii 11 c itinKtt i A Drcnm Victory By
nnRWcTod llv FioiiFsrn llKNMKKn
I imof linr tltii f tooth nut Iullpaco thins
ration from a drnuinc by OKOIWE Uu
Situ OilItT liCt tiTMrN
Ceutfi Hilllittn Crlli In the Editors Ensr
Clmli dUcuRSPd Itoboit Drowning in
Italy 1 his DutlcBof good Fortune and
A rmAinoriCiiu View
hull < i i < ir < m llmiflli in the Editors Study
discourses on A Diplomat oomo to Judg
ment of tbo Literary Life taking as a text
the lion IX i J 1bolpsB recent paper on
Tho Age ot Words
Tlir iitnrn iiniitrr contains a discussion
byCitArins DIDLKY WAnsiiit of the rein
tUo niorltB of tbu rose and the chrysntho
mum and the usual uiltcollauy of wit and
The number also contains the Monthly
Itocord of Currant Events and Literary Notes
Per Veari
ttAflTntrts MAOAZtNEtoitse free 4m
UAitttiluui YOLMJ tUOILE ° 200
Booksellers sod ro tmantrrn tisnally receive FarMCrlp
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lo ncr ml t mil lint 1 In lost unite MIIIIJ Dnler t or Until
IS lien nj lluio Is I stiecllle iub > rrll > tlons vt 111 kevla with
the rurmit number ro tane treuu to all subscribers isi
ttio United Mates Canada and Mexico
Published by HARPER BROTHERS New York
BIKjo Henry r Iiotisnnspiteut Mlv r Veil parlor
5 allure iuul < n lustn batijoi iiistructlous gives
rlviite lotions hen l tor i fri tilar
ltisuv i IMiitMiN i 70 liroalway near3 < tst
IJANJd lNsTIUl TIliN F > course note or easy math
JJnJ suits aint < ICCs lie reel cii > x inl I win r Ouno
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BN IOh Liulles and gentlemen tmullt privately
teriils rnasim ilile rctIehI rut ttanjos
Lila Aitt POISON l42 < uroaJi iy near oth st
BVN1O song and datiie hg and rloir < lanctnff taiiffhlt
nrculurs jtill > J UiN IuO Bowery
BANJO UIT4fl tuition JTourae J K BUCKLEY
of ntlurtrei fern riis 1 Wrst Jthst
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BioiitlikatMtf itsay tyrewrltluti Ititnus dl weekly
finucinrji gUailrmiriS
VII KASIlllNAllr rnnnrl and culture dances Uijtit
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KMCkrilllnCM u U 44 SVut 14th it
I su Ne rinsed tijw lorniltiv ualt7 ant all fashlon
tiabo l ilan n tluult rlllCly private lessons al Aur
huur i rod for i unit ir
O Tit C t lil Ito chr rit Jly prlTAl and clan
OvMvssoDs all liours at t KTIllt s Dancing Academy
ffi0IiII 1otirc
A ItT IIHFK l ITloined f suits loaned for
t fin eriln M i a i Alt t HON W Flat trash av Hkn
ATOMSIIIMI wires tall fir cast O17rlollil send
1 tostaj AMI UN 21 HatbuHt av Iirnoklyn
11TANTI 11li altresi of ltua 1 Tlernan Bridget
rV lierum ami lrrnard liirn rhlldreti of lames
and Sliry i I nicy Tkrralu U will be tn I heir t InterAa
tu cuuiuiuuicjte viith JUIIN M IAIMHIL
Sun ugfled ill
OOt illlll f OUIIll
JflST Wallet rnnllnlnir checks end papers of ns
A v ilue t nliv ni Lilt ovrier suitable reward will tue
trtid on reiurninir t
JAM I > vv AROOLI r2 Greenwich st
IOhT On Fob Hi In nor er Jnsttiile a rorketbook
J rotiulninp a sum of money A nbeial reward will
at given ii VVtst t J Itt st
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II Tarnii ret uu el I fi I ii sttn i vWrcester tl corre
SI unlllu rtlurliulM I to I Ml point I4St ttainers leave
I tom 4 roll mini en North ill S 1 font Watts st next
plsrabi > Uei uusoe Mriet Furry 1 dally Minders ex
tailed at b f i V
R I VIHIlhLI LISTfor t Newburirli MshlllfConl
wall Cad prinir suui I VVrst poni from Irat Its
LLrr > N ii I xerkilvsat 1 u I St iUUlsKA ii
I VltrOjlfltlt tfxpvrso 0iuullIttf
ywfal bites for shlnpsrs And travellers matted tv
11IgjI s1Ird I til Peru tt htnt 114
Wi u
AlA ItJt11V
PA H lETP1LEIuui Feb IS at the home
of lbs brides parents 27 West Mib el New York
Richard Maniilaus Saucy to KIlA l > uou daughter of
William It Ireston
MOMHlltIKIKYAt the resIdence of this
brides mother on Tuesday erenlof Fib lii by the
Her It H Horn I U I L D Grace Alice daujh
tar of the lain Edwin Bulkier lo Frederick WUllaia
Mos of hhellleld Luitlaud
Jll KiMM > ltrTlt KINOnn Wednesday
rsb IP at lbs residence of the brides parents Ml
Hellion AV New tola br the lier Hi Uustar lot
tbell L als t Rsoksnderfer to Miriam Lcalse daoib
Sr Si hit al Ilu Datl Jeae ILUitU tt Xiw
Teek ally
AlMrrVTn Brooklyn on Toetter Itk n 151 1
bis lAte resldsnce 33 Sidney plae 0pt William n
Allen In the Mta year of bU ass
Relatives and friends ot lbs family also the members
ot the Slums Society are respectfully Invited to At
tend his funeral At the Church of the Holy Trinity
corner Montague And Clinton stson Friday morn
ing the ilst lust At 10 oclock
IlAKIIKKOii WfdnesJay Feb 1R Alfred Barber
In the lld year of his age
Funeral from his late residence Sit dormant AT
Brooklyn on Saturday Feb 33 at 2 PM Kindly
omit flowers
Montreal And NAn Francisco papers please copy
nKNUAMINOn Holiday Feb 17 at Dsnrer Cot
Hen beloved husband ot llrsle and ion ot Iltael
And Rachel Ilenjamln In his Roth year
niEYinvnuinmM imycrofSt Louis 44 years
old after A short Illness
The Interment will lake place In St Louis
CLAltUIn Cos Cob Cone Feb 18 Solomon Clark
agisul sit ysara
Funeral from his isle residence today At 2 oclock
CIAHONlinlerod Into rest At Trinity Chapel
Home Mrs Hora USFOII In the KM year of her Age
Funeral services At Trinity Chapel 23th su near
Broadway today At IH45 X M
DlYCKINCKAt tier late residence SO Clinton
place on Thursday mornlog Feb i0 Margaret Wolfe
IaotoD widow of hvert A llurcklnck
The relatives and friends ot the family are Invited lo
attend the funeral services nt tt Marks Church Id
a And lull st on Saturday Feb 33 At 1 oclock
JJTCIIEOn Thursday Feb 30 Hannah Pyche
nged M years
p Notice of funeral hereafter
FAYIn Philadelphia on TliutsJsy Feb KV Mrs
Mary l1 lay In the Hd ye r other age
Fiuitral on Saturday Feb Si At tlie residence of her
daughter JSl South 41sl si Pblladelphls At 1
P l M
II01tVIT7On Wednesdav Feb 10 after short
Illnesa hIde HorKtti nee Ores aged 3D years And
II I months
Funernl from her Inte residence 1ST West 41th St to
dAy at HI A M
HOOIiUn the letli host William bole Aged 74
The relatives soul frleruts of the family are Incited to
attend the funeral At Stephen Vernlts U10 8th AV
f n Iridav at I 11 t clock
IIUAViiliii WtdnesdAy Feb IC at her late rest
Ocnce 43 VV ist 47th su Harriett J f howell wife uf
Jamtsli llowill need 4t years
IIOXHKT Wednesday Feb in of pneumonia
Margaret VV eller vvllow of Thomas P betsy in
lie 77th sear of her ace
Funeral services at lcr late residence 231 Summer
St Iatrxcn N J Friday Feb 31 AJ P U Burial
At convenience the fatnl1
ilUIIN ONhuddenly ou Tuesday Feb IS Albert
L Johnron
rimeril services nt Hose Illll M K Church 27th sL
between 2d anil Ud ass trlday Feb 21 at 2 oclock
r M l
New Orleans papers please cony
KKIlltcjii WeJnosday let In IfTO Mr Robert
Kerr of pneumonia In his Kid lear
Friends tire Invited to attend the funeral services so
Friday etsnlnt at it cluck m store ot b tlerrltt
Hook 710 IMh nr
KKIxrII lens Feb 11 Annie K Crier ilnnth
tar of the late Chance Krlcer aud his beloved wife
So lilt ia
I AI UKNCOT A months mind service will be
held At the Church ot St Vincent de PAUL lId st
between situ and 7th AV s At In oclock A M for Ihe
repute of the soul of J IL Ia < ireticot friends anI
AcqtiAintAncra Are respectfnlly Invited to Attend
lEI > IUNiin Feb 30 Richard Leesen In tbeiWh
rear of his age
Funeral from IMwArd Wmterbottoms fnnerAt pAr
lors 125 nth AT on FrIday Feb 21 at 10 A M In
ferment AI Linden Hill Cemetery
1ONKA On Tuesday Feb If hupAn JAne widiw of
Hiram V Lntei In the CSih year of Let age
Belatlv and friends are Invited lo attend the funeral
services from her late residence 210 Mulberry st
on Friday Feb 21 at 2 oclock
MA HTIVon Wednesday Feb 1 l Matilda Wan
dell wife of Koberl Hirtln lu her istti yiur
Funeral services private ou battirday Feb 22 At
In to A VI from her late residence 01 West With st
MOifJIP4tui Wednesday Feb I in lsi < i Patrick
ilcrrs of Kluir e coiiuir Ireland aget 07
Funeral from hl late rrlilence Itil Van Burenst
Iirooklvn on Saturday Feb 2J at 2 oclock Inter
ment lu Canary Cemetery
OJIKIENOn Wednesday evening Feb 18 Un
Philip uRrien aced tw rears
Funeral from her late residence 20 Garden SL Hobo
ken S J Inday at 10 A t thence to Church of
tur Lady of tirnce
lAINKAt Llcbneld Fnfland Feb 10 nAtrlet
Uerrlcl IAlne A nAtlve of Assomet Mass and
mother of the wife of the lion degree box of Tlui
hurst Hall
PrKI YAI While Plains on Tuesday Feb IS
Oscar J ItrJr In the aotb year of his age
Relatives And friends are Invited to attend the funernl
services At bU late residence on Sunday reb 23 at
2 oclock
QVACKKVIIlHIIOn WelnesJay Feb lo Anna
M Quackenbnsh daughter the late James and
ElIte Quackenbush
Funeral services at her late residence 087 Hudson su
today at 1 30 oclock P It f
noiKTTIXOn Feb Hi John itoiutte the beloved
son of Ailolpli Ilonette In the l ° th rear of his sue
Funeral todar at HA M sharp front warerooms of
the undertaker James P I Marrens 2J4I itt av
thence to Church of All ialuts lnu st and Madison
AV Itelalltes and friends are reiuectfully Invited
to Attend Interment luCAlvarr
STFrtXcin WetiiesJAy hilt lust After A lIngering
Illness Hell SIam In the OTtb rear of his nee
Funeral from the residence of hlsdaiinMer Itt M J
Jacobv Ill I lust Path et today nt lOi cocl A M
8TEIIN Hiddenly In her 3 < lll yesr nt Los Angeles
CaL Vet 17 Mora lieluved wife of Alfred btern
And eldest danxhter of Edeard and Hedwlg Stleclltz
of New S orb city
HWVKTWfUTAt her late residence tn l Stam
ford Conn Irk i 111 Mary daughter ot the late t3en
IlotertSwartwout f S A
Funeral services at Ft Andrews Cbnrch StAmford
Conn today nt 2 P M Carriages will be waiting
the arrival of the i2tJ train from New York
TAEIOV lu Anne Tallon relict of William
Tallon formerly of lleituparc county Meath Ire
Funeral fronj the Church of Our lady of Grace Ho
boken Friday morning B30o clock
TOMMKYln this city on tuesday Feb IH of
pneumonia 31iss Jane Tommer in the Tfith > ear of
her age
AIlMtONnn Wednesday Feb IB leo of
pneumoulA Hush VValdron
Ills fellow members of tta Eatsmore Cluh Are re
quested to attend tile funeral services to be held at
Vt Patrick t Catheural MU av and Ulu SL Friday
morning Feb l 21 islet at in o clock
JNO R I McNLLTV rresldnl
WAltlinN the Ibthlnst Jeorce Warden aged
fi2 years
The relatives and frIend of lie family are Invited to
attend Ihe funernl At his late residu mire 8J3 Last
lIst SL nn Aaturday at 1 ocock
VIILIAMft On Wednesday morning Feb ID
Ion Joseph H Wllllims In Ihe K2d year if his age
Funeral services silt be held at his ole residence M
Fast iJth si on Saturday Feb 22 at 3 ollgck P i
St l Interment pro ate
IVIJIISAt Last VVIIllston L I on Wednesday
Fell li vimette lloert bite of Valentine Willis In
tli 7ltbyiar uf her ace
Funeral cm Ices at Iho Chapel nt Mlneolato day at
1 KP u l VI urrlanes l will meet irnnsat Eitt vrillls
fin that leive HulblKi depot at II I I A M cod Long
Island i Ilr at It iAA VI
WITrllTI N On Tuesday Feb IS 1WO John
K Wlntrrton vilth he irt disease At Keyport N J t
sei 1 NS 3 ears
Funeral nt 1 i cluck at Ms late residence And 2 oclock
at Ihe I HniIKl hutch I Kiport N J

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