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r YT = N
I i 1
tJ f
na COM nit flACK Kurrr VANflIP AND
HOT IN TIIK nrxT 11 1 xi on
some nfty lii Eirct < n Get 1 nm Ji
a He IIM it Hull Hround Iimt Henmi
nor r lnic Telln About Mr UI
Tip lo OnelnnullOlher Hull Mm
rrroiilent Win II I I Pay of tho Now York
Club has nmor txon clmrcod with tolnclm
pulalTo on tlio contrniTi lio ha nlvn > n born
credited wltUlinvliiisonoof llio moM nmlnbloo
dUpofllllonB 10 Imvo met him yosturilny how
evor ono wnul I hmo noor lliotiKht tlmt It wni
the Auare John TJ Dnyor eld 10 wns pullci n
and morose and VHR nlmo tinontironehnblc
He seem l to Imvo a perfect nbliOrroiKO 01
newspapor men Wion a HIs rciorti wn
ns lcnod the task of lnlorlowln Mr 1ii > i
Wostorn irlp In
non tho risult of liln Into
eongratulntotl hlmnolf iiion thei fact that hli
elusion would IO an onny nnil plenum ono
IIAsion loft Indlananolls on tho 230 1 I M
limited ezprenn on Woilnostlny which wna dm
to arrive In Now York early on Thursday oren
Inc arrie evidently laid off eomewhero for hi
did not roach tho city until yostcrday morning
quietly slipped Into his buslnons olTlcp at
1J1 Maiden lano and thoro TilE HUN roportui
met him
10t Good morning Mr Day elad to BOO you
I the reporter sat
te reportr the rathor
I Whnt can I do for you 2 was
c cold reply
You bal a pleasant chat with Buck Ewln
It IB laid 7
Yes I was with him for two or throe hours
Well was the conforanca I vory oncourni
In one to you V
I nave nothing to say on that point
It has boon stated that you offered Kwlnt
33000 for three years Is that true
Ha merely shook his boat and then In i
rather petulant mannor said I dont can
about talking of such things Thoro bas
enough been said about It already I havonl
anoulh bon sall
red met a dozon reporters and I said to thom
M I ear now I have nothing to communicate
I Mr Day then walked away from tho re
porter but ha a a koJ whether It was true
that he was trying to male I deal with the
Cincinnati Club for Carpenter nud tw o or threu
other players
Well Carpenter Is I a good man said ha
t Mr Day was asked about his visit lo ludlnn
IP Sir Brush and I hnd a very plnaiant talk
he replied but I cauuot Bay anything lurthot
I than that
What Is yonr onlnlon of a tenclub lingua i
I would like to MO olBht clubs that Is all
there la about It With this Mr Day nhonod
an utter disinclination to talk any further and
me reporter withdrew
Among tho beet pjstod bnso pall mn tho im
pression noeniH to bo that 1rnsMvnt Dayti trip
wan chiefly planned to get Buck Kwlnc back
Into the LvaKuu ranks Thorn Id I no Ioult mil
that ho bud it Ionit talk with tho uroiit pliiycr
and tbo presumption Is that ho offered Duck I
fabulous amount of ron Y to return With
EwIng back Into tho toll thiro scorns to to no
question that others ot llm Now York Club
would follow In his nuke I horoforo Mr Days
move In trying to cot twins was a wfro ino
and there aru many who bollovo that tho latter
Will yet be corralled by Ibo fiow Vorks
wi Is surmised that Uwlnus visit to Now
York at this time In by appolntinunt with Mr
Day Danny lilchurdHon unit Uccer Connor H I
also expected In lint city aol It Is claline I I
that these players will met Mr Day at Bmio I
secluded place and ouch Men a OW York Club I
contract The throe mon will then be on the I
game lays as no one can chartre that ono man I
broke his contract with the lirnthorhood bo
lore tho other I Is also reported that Pies
dont Inrush will bt ompcllod to ulu up two
men to the Now Yorkx I thoro Is I chance of
the hoosiers staying In tho I oat t >
Anotlioreryiiniiorlmitquistlon thn reporter
BAIcod Mr Day wan wblllr he had b1 1 J until I
Itlchardson mirlnc his trip lie Hlto k Im
head and said that he had not The follow Int
despatch lionover from TIIK Sis corresiiond I
ent at Elmira tells u dllTorpnt lain
ELMIIU Fob 21Jolm II Day President of
the Now York League Club WUH In lltulra
last night on his war homo from his inumnw
With Buck Kwlnc In Cincinnati Ho hail a
lone Interview with Danny ltlchurd on lllcli
ardson refuses to talk about IIN visit but
says he has not loft HrotUorhood
Every member of tho Brooklyn League team
has been notified to report fur duty by March I
1 On Monday March 3 1 they tale naBsacoou I
to steamer Ironuols of tho Cl > de line and co I
dlrectto Jacksonville Thoir ultimate desti
nation will bo Ht Auuutine tho grounds of
that city being leased by 1resldeiitp hpaldlns I
and Byrne for thn Runes season Tho liinu
will i1y a tw gaines with tliu lhlllll1 i hi abut
but their chief practice will be with tho local
club The llrooklynH will cnmprifo Oirutlmi
Terry Hughe and looU pitcher HushoKir
Clark Tom Daly lioynolds Uullluc < and
Newman calibers Fouti lint base Collins
second babe 1lnknny third tan t > Ktulih 1
abort stop Brian loft fell Cork hiI contro I
Held Hums right lull Tbo trip wilt last
until March 31
Next Wednesday at 3 1 M I Manager Mntrlo
with fourteen < pla > ors will etntmrk on the
ateamer Delaware of Ibo Ll > do line lor Clmrli
ton H C from which point ho will make u 1
tho South Mima
practice trio through huntiy oulh 31111
cror Mutrlu antlciputuH tutu trip with iim < h
pleasure as ho has made many IrlendH nmonc
the warmhoarlnd houthein people during his I
former visit anti Is dulermlneil to IIu hits
team merit their oppronl on this Inn
Among tho fourteen mon Mutt he takes with
him are some nhi era of national renutatiun
just enoncli be mye to steady the now mini II
and develop thorn Into the Eniiikv Kellys
Clarksons and Connors of tho luturo 31 st I
of the men have roported and thoy nrn cer
tainly a linelooking body of athletes Mnna
eerMutrlels extrumely proud of thorn and
says I will surprise the > ow York pooplo with
my team when we roiurn fioui tho buuth
StuiioKiN Fob 21lluck EwIng tho Now
York Brotherhood team H vNltinu his wlfeH
parents In this plaeo HII I lelt inut lmiatl I I at I
Tuesday fnd came right through The captain
and his wife will donart for Now York tomor I
row morning oicr thu Itnailing round and mul > e
connection at Tamaua with thoJtirsoi onirul I
lie Is In tho link of health unit In I twenty
pounds heavier than In playing condition In
an Interview this evening Buck stated that tutu I
dor no clrcumntnncuM woulil he play with tutu
National League team Just before leaving
Cincinnati an attempt 10 have him disclose his I
conversation with John 1 Day fuliod but I
since hiu fiojuurn In the coal metrnpollH hn
I thought I best that Ins brother plaiurs nhuulil I
I I know just what took placn hay was w th him
two consecutive uluus using all Kiiida of olToitn
cOD8ecut0 010
to have bun lemo the Brotherhood An olTnr
of IHUU a year for three seasons was rejttrtod
Tho reason that line k was Mihieeted to forty
sight hurl of ovtrionllnnry pleadings on tho
rant of Day was that owing to the high legird
farl which Kwlng held the IreiMent Buck
treated him In I llrm and compa hlonato man
ner and dlil not hao thn heart to be abrupt
Ilko n drowning I poison hue t IroHident I
grasned at Iniiigmary straws Dav clnlmnj ho
could becuro lllehanlhon and onnor If tho I
captain would yield when lwlng told him ho
was acting In nn underhand manner tlmt hu
know the mon said nothing ol the kind i I I
DayBecauFO Why do jou call It undoihund Buck said I
BecauFO you could go to tho fnmo men and
uso the Identical argument with inn as a
rlpfou stool I am captain of the to un and I
I tho last lan you should approach
lay ahUnl Kwlng 111 UII was thn most lib
I eral man In Ito Broiherhood a lout Buck
stated that tho men could nuiLo more money
nnd bo floated whiter than ihuyever l wore in
the old League Day said bo would sooner
take back John Vu ard hut nuor Miitnoy and
Ullourko as the latter platers ucud talselv
I with him In claiming to to with tho Longuo
when in reality they wore with tho brother
I hood
boodluck received a telegram from Richardson
1 this afternoon admonishing tho captain to dis
credit stories about him that ho was just as
solid ns Ewing Thus Now ork Brotherhood
toam wili I o on top when the bonbon cluos I
j feel confident remarked IMng I and think I
that the liutlnlo team wii he at tho bottom
Do > ou think any 01 UID Now York toam will
provo disloyal i
Not ono of them replIed EwIng In n i 010
I stay mined manner Thoy aio ml In tho lIght to
How is it you wnra the lust man to blgn
With tho Brotherhood t
I desired to weigh tho situation accurately
and many Important moves on the magnates
pant woro turned Intogoml i use when I Dually
went Into lh now in ement as Iwistalknd I 1
to contlnuniibly by tine Leagun i eonle who
Imalnlll 1 woul 1 1 eer leave them 1 1 1 u hn Day
i Is bekned by all I Die I Broil I erhood propl hut
I I r he does nt ituit > I > hm dirty trIcks hn will be
come most unpopular
Kwlng thlnkfi that the League people have
reached the end of tie hiring in securing do
I sorters from the llrotlierhood and exLressus
Cuotempt at ClarUoti und ilubscocli
Iliine Hall Mute
1 la i > M tint Joe Ititllr Tumri Illtllr ant < t 111
Scull uf titI t rcfttou I N J A I team lure Until I whim
Iho hhwI1
WilerilMV I rnM v rf > lirr ini lelli nniat ir plrr
f eli > 4i lliflr < U y p irnrin r a In I > l > iinnf < l < ut I
ttifl u tcrUrk Fe > e u tu < r n u UIPH i tr M I I r
talrli r talk I uf Div I IHU > a r c i t I j HI 01
mot rHOVd Iruiti itu 1 1 iiij ry r ivrl 1 in Murl it
rli Lint list ho U I loiklru furmrJ numuiy to II
I trip 10 Florida
fnHtml Brrn nrlud a letter yesterday from
Tom I VII lr d im at ib Hot gprlon In wlilcto Tom
lays laOu rsdsed a1 1 much that bit may b
ft Liir4 1tb Ilwllhlll U IB W
The Nf w Tnt Athletic Chub win held amM from
th iiriBco imm lilt nlnbl onih forroar team allar
11 nllh
ur rroiKd In belt terra aa In both
Tha hoina team nn rlod bU tor I blh
amf k tticy itccepded m rolllnn Mch aroraa Tt TI
ItorH toilet In very poor firm ii In fruit of lha
vmno wte in r vt unit plareri abl to roll antaor
dlnntr puittu Korta Thit seoul
rtu oust
pwnsr I IIUno
tcLcca 1
tuition J 4 4 un nlnnllr I 4 nu 133
4 3 4 171 Mislf 2 4 4 U4
Iron I 1 2 o Idmn 2 4 4 151
AtuIrfte 4 u I I Orudpsd 2 I 1 liii
ttubW 3 2 I I 4 4 14
Totals IN 10 13 I 0 Total 0312 74
Nf w York TS Ifl IHM fl 1 sine Ml nil Ttfl SIB P94
urbane 7 IH J4U m71 434 510541 > > 474
rim ImrlreI luntrtr II Lfiltn 8cottriK C llllllcr ant
v 4 R < w 1 1 B feorr
fiordon 3 s 1 171 Hinnlitfr 104 IY
Ilrnwn I X I 171 Mflc lf S 2 It 141
Morn H 2 lull llolnmn a 3 4 170
An trse 3 I Ii I IVI licoiliiierj 127 in
blmw 2 A 3 t1i 1 Ialm 334 lIT
Totali 7a24 l4 wilt j Totaa il is 24 7J7
> > w VoTkFl tO SAI IJI 411 4TH 574 nR 740 R3I
Uranur 74 145 lt J iO 3JI 4m 4ffl SH4 147 727
Imphreti l I Lf ilen Scortra 1 T Lmiuttr Jranil
Pbll KaBtrlr
Th Bonn HIM Hill maintain a Sits trail In tlt Alh
Ifllc Hwilnn I f tiuc nI met the Illi VISe of tho
Irntr < iVY Athletic Club at tin Utttri all T > 111 l eten
Inn Tha icural
sniiiti i r I nun city A e
aonlL H II Herirr I K 1 U fcnrr
ranon4 4 2 nu limbO 2 4 4 r I <
llellrman 442 10 Klein t 2 I 114 I
ton2Intet2 2 0 1in Iron 451 14
lodolr I 841M oiimtMtd i fi 2 ITT
Norloop2 Iro r 3 1115 SCllllltz 343 H7
TOII l sj i I soul Totals Is21 i KB
flu i
lton > Tttt A r Ira 1 tni 27 nvi 41 ssn 002 ITT 7S > RIO I
noI 378 4511 547 UI2 7l FLU
Jcr > y City AC 77 147 2i 312
non nine
n HTUiRA I r I jrnmr CulT A0
aoI s 1 II l Kfrr I s s It ftnrr
rnrnn 2 ii 2 171 Turran 1 7 a ItOI l
lldmunn o 1 71 1 iiiiikltin 1 532 t ml
ilnrdmltr o 2 N 11lllr I < M > n 5 3 2 lel I
10dllr1 I t 1 III Illmitcad 3 5 2 IHI
Iron 2 3 2 IviHrliiilu 3 11 1 lj
Tola iTaTis FtP Touts 7724 II SI3
Riuetiiie A C M l0 2W 312 242 472 5Vi R33 711 FOH
Jersey City A OKU 17 I jai 3 3S7 411 r3J oil 711 KJ5 nn 1
Iluptra Alrt Duieutarry fccortri F n Uorillnlir
ana Mr J Meta
The Atalinta Wheflmfn of Newark rolled a otusit and
eiritlnv match on Mouticuuicry alley on Thursday
e enmf Th sinus
Aniaiua ttnaptmrn No rypharn I tin K Italiey
1VJ w Drabble 157 rir1 tin Murilock 1M < lnri <
IJI nor 144 UclVliaR till llotilfll lO Iutitll
OJ Total t i3i
Alalanta Uhuelmrn i Nn Terhell 15A A Drabble
t52 l Miller TI7 SIIIIH HI llornfeek IV Mahtwln
17 Uunmell 117 I ciUder l0j I Crowell lOt Jonei
7U Total llltl I
Tin tournamrnt xamti it rue contlnntd at Arllntlon
lla I on Tburtday cTeninif Tie reiulta of tbe Kaiuea
ara aa rollowi
rm < T elite
RalfordJ ttddta 17T Melt 1241 1 BullwInkK 141
O laldun 14J mmlon I 13 1 Total 71
t Idon No 2MulllnA mt Ivoble 123 1 JopplnK
Kin 1bllilia 1J5 Kobmer ua Total illS
IHrtntll IAMir
MadlKon So 2Miillloi 104 1 Futile 134 Topping
15 rhlllliM 151 1 1 llohnifr Iw Tontl C47
AnitungtouuKnnbei iij I hmken Tr1 it lloemerroan
m7 I Huenitraian KR llack r I o Total WJ
Till ii IMk
Hnlfonl J Frildrn I4 > Mltr ISO 1 Rnllwlnkle Its
II Keddmi I7H i humuS 111 I Total oBl
I Artiuiftiin Knotiei u5 I mkrn I 14J n Rormerman
13 I lluetneruian Uu lock IrJ Total txls
AdmIrers of bowling flileil VeUran Hall rtronklrn on
Thnrnlit ernllitft witnm the context between the
IcaceiamU and continental lh unmet wluntuf Tie
Kacelnnd lletwlff IV Hrnndt ltt Iohman Iirj
I F nine IIJ I t Hatb ni I I tloje 121 Wllllami 124
R lliik 14n Total IO3 I
Continental hnlioff I2J I Reiner B Kq Pomern I3l
Iok > I rieliInnan Mm bandernuli 1KJ Outs 173
llUiukv lid I blat 10JI
Ibis llnir Notrx
At tha tat meetlninf the Roiedale Club It wa re
lolreil to enter Iii < 1 DId Huwltnir tourliaineut
Duke n alll loruteil nt WnoilM HalL Jersey City ira
deetlnetl tn tecuino Its Mercnof bowlem from every
uiiok und corner In the three neighboring duet
There i a no rennon why the lOg I Fir nf the Jrrttv
Pity 4ihetlr lOt nhoulit not imrenit to the top NAIl In
the Athletic Howling 1 cittrue an they hate twonerle of
dames in succehKion at home
The pnlenillt manner In which rn efnl Fred Carer
of the IAlma Ilub had been twirling I he wonden Rphera
Ills feMBou will IY him sum average that will Burpiua
all otheri mad bv pUer In the varloul leagues
The IritACrB Howling llllbwlll bowl Ililtnry Rowling I
Club thl utternonii live men pn each team 3 1 h1 i
i < ame4 out or nn dike R audI hlghtjMlxth itr et
nnil Thlnl aenue Tht li t Ito first match the Traer
rinh bowL 1 heir team con ltn of Joe lionlon Iron
Max More Dr Mller I ant Irani Sloraa toiiuh live i
but ihe Illllarvi ire olil ttnieri ant will put In I flea men I 1
fully worth 10 defend the i > ret > tue of the Hillary Club
The ternev 1 < ltT AtbieMr I lub will rhortlv be In pot
Fenlnn of two cliaint loimMp chants AI their reure
fientativert In th < > nrt nnil neronil team ompetltlnim of
lie Amateur Howling AuRoclatlon League hae now at
lot tpiicha lead a lo prevent deprivation of the name
TI t have yet a my In the Athletic Howling League al I
tlionzh their lipse of WIno Inuring the pant fen
weeks tas I been scinewhit iletrlmental to them la the
wIly of f securIng tint honorl I
AVIntrr DeTent Kelly
About 200 mombors of the Metropolitan flow
ing Club and the Crib Club of Harlem assembled In the
Kjmnaalurn of the latter on IJMh I Street last night I to
witness the nnal bout In the special 14O pound clans for
a gold watch between Hugh MnterB Hrldge Athlello
Club and I K Kelly Went utile Atbletlc Club offered
by the Metropolitan Rowing nub Thla bout was do
terre from luht Mturday nlffhti competition held at
1itrepa Hall on account of latenesalreat Interrit was
11In In the t bunt UK the men were believed tu be very
eeiil Iy imoched ud but few preaent would venture to
luck the ui liter
A relunlnarv i I II bout of three rounds was sparred by 1 I I
1 Ke ly uil law Kro n Lo h of the West hide Ath
tote I hub after wlh Kelly ant Winter entered the I
ring la tie ltrt two round w inters had clearly the
tent of it but in I th thirl Kelly juried In to do Botne
vork and the round vus uf the give 1 and take order
with a good deal uf inilgbtiug The judge agreed on
BU intern I Ut alien lei to by Wm Marry of the flier
Athletic Club urnS Kelly by lame Hrcun and Tutu
Clarke of ttie Went tile J Athletic Club A prominent
Athletic ritu member val referee Krauk lUnnam I
nnd Hilly Oliver acte I tm jiidgei while < 1 C Johnaun
and Abe Mailerv v ere tlmukeejiera I 1
< tirllnc AIntch In I Albany
AITUNY Fob 21Tho first of n series of
three match gullies lens een the Albany < Ity and Km
pirn luriluld Clubt of thn city occurred today The
flits and scores were
hint No hmpiresJehn N loiter John 1 Vic
Cite Aexiniler himppon and II 0 iardner snip 17
Altnyal t 1 Van ehohoien t 0 Roemle H 1
Hank s Jr 1 and Uilllam Kirk klp i It
Kink No J r mulled luhn A Lehman T O Spen
cer u liarlei mull and Thomaii A liardner skip IM I
Alhanyideorge MolTelt Alex lly lop Juliu Laing
and Andrew McMurray ship n u
Tomorrow the great International match for the
dordiin Medal will be played at the invited rink of the
Albiuy I Itv Curling I InU The I atiadlana iuutte nol or
rHed ret hut ar eipecled tonight I Site > ew urk
rttik I liinri Mtwart Itotiert i Hlio I lame Kellogg and
lIchen Ftar sklp reactied lets thin afternnon The
Albany curltrs wIno with tie New York men are to
19 t matched agalnut the Canadian playvrs are K L
HnnkM Jr luhn C Lung Win Kirk nut Andrew Me
Murray skip
The Nrnt Elect u 1rmldent
An unusually Inrue number of thin lead
Ink members thbiottiih American Athletic Club
ofJerKfyClty attended the regular meeting of that or
irinlatlon which convened In the club houin last even
liii 2 J Ilr mlli oiled of bll1 III atleunlanca was to
elect 0 w 1Ilenllo nil tie vatAnoF cnuJ by tIns
natcttuuuuu 1 if lr 1I0llry 111011 and sun two tnernbr
it I he lint ri of rruetes t to liii the hlaeea of t r I I
olrM JI
letterg att Ii Sicilnilo resIgned I TIsre were flea I
111 nor tie lrldMV Ant II ttitiT rnnne for
110 I lore ifllceit Tie llnlII getutiernen were eecled I
Iresiien t Iuhll 1 lIl lPthtiuti Horo1 f f Trill cci Inca
plred term War Inie I and Itotert t Alexander The
CiitnmUietonl 1 I I oniltullon ami 1 liy Li a f Sent In arevn
lull I of tie nut 5 former working and It Ii I expected
that the I new men will all I griatlrln t I placing the club
on llriuer bail than U U at ureient
Tlir Immitlfin Iool llnyerfl
HYIIACUR rob 21hI0 afternoons Pool
tournament gainer resulted an follows
He Oro UalbolO I > 7 14 t > 4 4 H 12 I 10131010 I
tlI 1
TlSwart n u M u I in 11 1173 5 s 5 5 57n
hlllllriclll 3 1 I C 10 1 It II II I 2 ft li K 0711
Dinning7 1 12 U I it 5 I I5il i I < i fi1 15 H IllUS
The tInt series In the pool tonrnameit this evening
waiarery exciting lunUkl between Chest and hggles
ton Tbe anne I
Ugleitonl Il J 14 X tl 5 H 3 r 5 154 4 10 I Ir
cllenlU t 1 17 1 b 107121 10 lu n II 1151400
I The Atiilitnlib Iool Tourney
As the boB wanted to got away to a reception
there 4 in SOUlS lively tool plarlng in the Alalanla Iloat
liub almOst on flflli avenue hut night In tIe first
g imr henlor Lieutenant Howard A UacLean and Irving
I > ainhlM plated tigetljer The Lleuteuunt won by 2 n
I ifeatli and alrchlld I played the neat game and It was
I atUlidl IeHll I I I nne of the leater In the lourney
101111 b I s lofn i iitl ft fit a gituie toe slime I hi average
nlljhil II wan H clie gHinu at Ihe ntart and very In
Iureit ting as I sir tl 1 H s < tin y over Mac I Lean laid given
mite cunttdeiice an II lie won by > lu 21 I
I Tlie IVuterlno tup
LONDON Tob 21Tho contests between tho
four dogs rulerton lireeifern Duwnpour and Conalil
ODanethe winners III IterJays runs for the Water
loo Cup took place llls mi rnlng Knlerlon beat mesa
fern nnd Downpour heal Domini hut The hut run
betwein rnlierun I and DoHn iur then took jute
Itr h nuliel 111 a i itnnu i for I ullerton alto beat Down
I nuor by ilir e lengths lull wrn ltul cup onb betting
Cour C I r Itt IIIIM I flu C wa II I I lu on r ulttrion
JCrnlmUi IlnrMt NrM
Istlu + 1uin i lou 1 21 lou dam of tlio sunita
llonal Asttll arrived here today from Independince
Iowa with br Oily foal elfht day old Theflllylsa
full sister to AitelL She will be bred but to William
L Tb filly toed th trip vary wall
llourl b a I er Onward dam J aa Tmtr br
Msbito awken baa bit Hit b J B Owejia
rrJvoHRS AT CLttTOff
Illllo JIm aind Col Clnrk were th Hard
Null that Failed to Cr ektTmplr and
Fl htrrosl
UnUm Mo lEave K Lively
IKI l Wl Ac ln Thnmpeonn Three
1 1 hOBO who wont to Clifton yesterday had
a touch of winter racing In earnest the weather
being raw and cold lour favotltcsout of six
cot homo satoU and It wasnt such a bad day
for backers as It might have been still those
who bet on IIttlo Jim In tho oponinc event toni
Co Clark In tho Delaware Handicap wore
hardly satisfied
Tho first raco saw Dan Hope In the vanwhllo
tho second enabled John Arklns to win a race at
last after ninny trlnK Irodlcal wni fnvorlto I
for tho third at ocld on and he won with neo
Tho Dolawaro Handicap paw Vmplro and Gol
den Rod finish neck Apart with tho fnvorlto I
Col Clark In thu ruck the old horso hrotiklnu I
down Golden Hod not away badly and wai
by far tim boat liorsn In tho race Tho Abbes
showed how came she Is I by winning the IIth
race nfJer being out of It at tho halt and Youne
Duke galloped wa from his Held In tho laU
event In lilt old style
Thompson rode throe winners and Plato
Tlio fnllowlnc are tho pummnrles
Tnrse su of which J 0 to second one mle
Hauler 5 Co 5 cit g Han Hope 1 by him HanLady
Ktanhnpo 1U I IThomtson 1
I stndkere II f inurIng 4 I 112 J Tribe 2
r llniplns I U R V vooilson II IIJ I 1 llarcourt I I 1
lirrnwood i nitfornia Little iitn ltitrene Hrodle I
Coodlne Littltftllow 11 I I and Triple I roeo also I ran
Tlmf I It
11t1ln IIrIIItJ rin even monr nn Itope
flarling IIrnwo all1 ltttlIllow II ah II It I I
t uj son 11 alIurto oh 1110 I I holIno till 10 II
Elugene IIrodl ani Trlllo COOl Ih titi to I fUIUII
laId SIll rj 55 c 54
Iurse I 0 I I of which 110 i second situ I not one
half fnrlomt
M T Unlln hr c Iohn Atllu 4 by TIII1oct
St any i I uvele 1 t 1ntnpon I I
R I ArnIon a h ii I fuses uL r o IOJItlIn
5 v tttCets ell 0 Ileilir 4 1 it IIItnln
1 J lIaly tiiy tilninle l Loull TIIIO Jaor1 I
Likecood and t oily uilsoIun
lime I 41
netting Fire to 4 on nln rklni agalnnt I ale
001410 I Fnglewood to I n toy W Inkle and Lni g
Time each Pt I tn I 1 J 1 llealy I i I to I ltd lilt an 111 I
wnrd K I each uuI Iu I tolly HU lu I > lutnaa paid
tlll P25 fora I
Iirie fjuo ctwMch > 0to reconl six 1 and a half fur
5IJtnnnvans lor h lroJIIai I by pndlhrltt
Alii Vele 114 I Tmronl I
Ilitton table rh tn My luwn till lhnnesi 2
W C 111 h nl Iomoll IIItom 4 lUll ILmbl1 a
lrllll ooulr ond lIeclitllV ao ran
Time I ill
Netting Three to I on Prodlifal against Lemon nlos
soni 7 tn I My own N to II I t < p claity 5 d to l Crispin
aW II Il t
ate noutetilr each 3U lu I 51 utuals paid 5JUO SiRi
l V
The rlaware hlenlcaprurse I K00 of which 1101
II r r
second tlir e uuerters nf a mile
J flare ch h mplre A by u ersaUcs Claudla 103
lira iFlvnnl fiord MaMe b rr lolden Hod A 1 ls I Ill iuilai 2
V A ItonUebr in Swift aited l7i I French a i
iileiunound ned Kim Nellie Hoi ker colt tUmaria
LundHna CoL Clark and lltror also ran
Time I 11
Hettfnir Against Cut i ark 2 to I Samaria o to I
ilenmoum ii to 1 tel him 7 tn 1 t mplre H I in I
a mD anil r Golden Kod t I earhlntol tn I Nellie Hooker celt
auiul I CnaJanannd Htrrny each 4U to I Mutuns
paldl 15 I fllO fHSS
Purse im of a hrh SV to second for three year
obis six 1 and a half tunonirs
J U letlcotts br f The Abbess by Moremer Illlde
liarde H7Moshrr I I
J Knealesb c Ilipley I3J Thompou 2
Saratoga htablen ti c llrnrllt 12J I I huh I 1
Harrison Merlin Jenevous Lthl 01 1 and Harry
Irvine lu ran
Time I iH 9
Heltlnir Aralnst The Abtets n to f Rlpley and Hne
ft each 3 to 1 rtbet M 1 f I to I Harrison Jeuevnus
and SterlIng each 2 to 1 Harry Irvine iu to I 1
Mutualt paid ti 0 FUS 12541
rnrseHui or whIch f5iJ totrcond three quarttri of
a nIle
Illllsdalc olobles t b a Youne Duke azed bv Iike
of vtairenta I llortene 12J Bergen 1 I
NV rook > tikli Hiacklhorn H rJ I Irlttenden 2
K Tube sell f kIng Volt A ITT I M Trllel a i
Hradburn ttilttv Little Comfort liner licurxe An
wIns > ree Lance and Jim Irwln also run
luau I 22
Hettlnjr Four to I Ion 1 S tune Duke Asainit tlillty
ant JIm 1 lwlII I H to leach ii tier In I to I Hiniktborii
Ifitol I I JrorKe Antins iitnl I I King mit 2 J > I l Free
Lance Little Comfort ant Hrailburu to I each 3Ju
tual paid rJ45 I M V U
Guttenburc1 Hlc Stake Sluice
When thirtyone twoyoarolilb iro namid
to start In a Ptakeovnnt nt this tlmoof I the year
the country mutt bo racIng nmd Yet that H I
the present condition of affair tho Oeorco
Washington Stakes to be defltlod nt hutton
burg today Imvltic received that number of
entries Among them are Karly lilossom the 1
winner Cllftoni Stake Mntluo L Tosle V
Kolipe nnd oilier promlslnc youngsters
Should Mr Caldwoll be able to catih tln > lot
well bunched and secure 1 good start the best
of tho lot Fhould win as tho track Isnlinot
straightaway from start to flnhh There solhi
undoubtedly be an enormous crowd present a
the balance of the rrocramme Is promising for
good snort
The following are thin entrlon
First Race seven furlonci setllnj Tvrone In
pounds Hlllr Inns l IM Wayward tl I t tunic 1
II I Ill Hothwdl I tO Tbe lorum in lloodir ir I 11
ret ItS liynamlte 114 Mamie Hay 111 I I tilted 111 I
Hr > uwood Ill George Corbel 111 Tanlirv 111
llowerson 111
Second llace ix furlonfft selling Harry Faustus
1K > pound Huckstone llu He Uv t Melodrama In > >
Howe lOT Ilaph lllack I m Dr Jelyl IM vvllfird I
OWf W n
Jay lut Lord Heaconslleld I IM lull Hh lOii lleniet
Kl lrscle et hophUI Id illlle Klnney W Alfekra
gelding f
Third Itace Six and 1 half fnrlonrs Rapine Ill
onnd Autorrnt IM I Hrudford 111 1 ivibam lli I
Jndy I Iulslfer I rl HO I Alitrailz nj Iritlnla colt W
Ja < ly Agnes iiil Folsom IM I I
Kourth lace teorcre Viashington Stakes for two
year oil < three ftirlun vv ui H I II I I llu I poutS like
John un licit rnlo u Oulrome nn I UJ liriixe lli
14 e rose llu i lnrly HUmsum llu A Von isle colt II I ill
1rcola colt nn I Woodiark colt no Aliicrniin Mar
llu Tom Oonohue mill I clipse 110 I Hortie 17
Clover 107 lair Uarbarlan lily lOT feu lollelle
Ally 107 Irlscllla 1W Alarmlni 107 I IT l >
Ierfoclo Keldinu tOT lone U lOT Kltil B 17 l
Madge L 1117 stray las I liT Silos ii IllUras M7 I Ad
die L 107 Seabird 107 riurence 107 Iolly B 17
Auitral Ill
HCtli Hare One mle ant an eighth slllni KlnK
Idle I 1111 I pounds tiucccl Ill I I V glut loin HurmMe
115 I Carried tOn IVrUlel 1UI hoscluiko Kuy Hi I
sixth lacOo mile selling J J OR 121 1 points <
Landseer 117 I Naniunus 114 t Top sawyer i1n John
Jays 105 Hellalre nc Capstone lui totuj ensile
102 bIscuit 10J Alveda HAL
Fotrlrni for Clifton Todiir
Cliftons projrrnmmo for today oiiibrnooa
tho Old Dominion Stakes at three mlloi a real
oldtime distance race and tho Whilo Houso
Handicap Tbo former has rfcohoil a cry
liberal entry and n good race should result
A special train will leave Jersoy City at 2
oclock arilvlng at Cllllon In time for the rare
Tho following nro tho entries I
Mrnt Race seven 001 1 a half furlongs Tenafly lIT I
yiltaway 114 I Ariel liT Hoinir nn I I Monte Crlslo 1
117 llu 1llot 10J Lulo M 1 l < 7 Now Thin In Raveller i
second Race Feen and a lia furlong King Idler I
114 Fatorilown 111 I has 1 114 I I 1ourller 117 I I Hotter I
ion liT lUll JIm 117 Itgaiui tin rrlar 107 res
tun lo7 I
Third Race Three quarters of a mile Zulu ii t rree
loin 112 I FlorltaK4 Khartan lOISaluda ID Iurrle
nil Mabel iilen 1 iH Innght 4 May gueen IoU 10 j
nge 12 I Herman ion
Font lute Mile and an eighth Van 117 Juggler
111 I I dlory IM 1 11111 II try H I < > Mln Cody liT t in
lvht > nn Telle Doe HI Iceberg Itu I
Itlh I KaceThree mllei Vendetla 103 ranlli II
toil Ierlclen I5un MibAliern loi Jim Murphy Iran
Mlddentone HA tltw I I Charley ItuxeiL I lui
rancbar i3 Tunis itvi Henry H I ill iionno1 nil
Lottery I III Troy ins fiallus I Pan lufi nindurf ton
Amo 111 Vanrluie 113 I llinianln I7 lid 1U5
ItuMtic 01 I Rednione IllS Imlun li I >
Mth liocell U and a hull fnrionga Brown Charlie
1111 Lllllewood llu I I Waller II II I hi < oL Clark 110I 1
J llvHijr lio America ln LongTIme IIU Kalle 11
lIe Harry Robe llu hugene llrodie llu
TraIner illrCaliei VIII MuUr the Mulch
Tho following communication wIts uccoivoit
it the IuHcr iarut office yenterilay
In reply to tine offer of lorn hum Die trainer and
Irlter to match Richard K oas double team Nellie
tOIlIi and Hr Mohawk to trot mile heats for PItS nr
li Mil a nidi allow me to state that I have a team that
1110 training Ihlll 1 will match mll tieala best three in
I lye either lo harness lo wagun for io < u The race
In hats place a 1 rleelwood Iark In Inly The learn I
iavu In charge is I not brother and sister and if Doaii
nlll salve lii relationship clause I will lout tlou with
be < jini ui the lti it and arrange ihe man h
U ilcCm Heelwood Turk N Y 1
Hlxtrdve Stead Hold for 8XO17O by W T
LrxiNfTON Fob 21At W T Wooilards
sale today slxtyflvo head of trotting Block
sold for 126770 an average of 1412 ouch Tho
following are the bust prices
1rrainble li I c yearlltur by Ianroast dam Obtains
by Meseiiuer fluruc li II Monfan cnicaro fV Lady
Illancbe vr in 2n Privateer dam lennr Llnd ui l >
Alevaudtr I Abdalah U Ii l Hare 100 m luu fiin
Hueen Margaret b m U by kmif Itene Uaui Lady
lunihe by lloarland 1 rlvaterr Vim Atinew
Ieilniion f > > o Hilda I Clay blk f 2 by r
textr Om onty
> Usy dam Jewell by Olil Vermont Ce
ell lInt Hanrllle tt 1Jo Jew KUah b r 4 by
Mambrinosiarili di > n Jewell by Hills erinont
Cnll Hros fI ilui I tltiliiiiili b c f I by King Itene
dam Jweii by Hills rrmoni A VY peL llrsfiirille
N all I situ itpor br Vr 2 by The lOng dam Volant
b lirorire Mllkea X A Walter Itlllu < Silt hilly M
I 1 iks gr s l 1 by t nunt l It lUna iUni Mllinia by Ad
I i mlnnlrat T loe rler lexmgttn t7u May Rone
I I blk r 4 by I Milwood tam Hoe by Wondlonl
Mainbrliio U l r Adim lelug < ni u S 4 u norm
I u > n in III 11 I bv I i n lull I nn I ird If > llalard
1 rim tun ord I hrI 7 I 1 i i > ul > I 1 i a
by flu Mug d m Horeinond br v diiiab t Innce I C
I Amp KuoxMle l tr Mm r > lyllie Hn E dam SAltS
Bnucl by Happy Medium J J h neat Lenhlon Mo
tail Uabrlel U c H bv Oanbetla dam lIes by Hon
nr Moy J 1 W BubanV Howllog Green SVJO r Fern
Wllkei tx a 4V by WIth Boy dam Ftuiny a by King
of Uenmuk II J Bitter Tlppecsose Ohio flaO l De
coy b Dh 5 by West Liberty dam Altaic fiutiL by
44tItaMs ISU14 az lito
BAr rilE riaiixKita Ana BOAO
Mike fitly Tnlk nht
IiwisTOK Mo Feb 21Mlke Dalr the
lUhtwrltht puglllit of llaugor wai one of tins teeondi
ot hits Barry of rotitand rillgitwlgtit ehimplor
of Maine In a ndit with Jimmy Dwyer of trill city 1101
night His man was knocked ont by Dwyer In tin
levenlh totinfl Ualy hid the following lo lay for him
le I f after Ito trIO eople I are tilting about Myeni
and i arroll n fighting nuaiitien a Crest deal of late and
I leu by a sporting haley that Mjers wIt I pits me threi
pounds Now I on l ask weight ta any man Tutu
breathes I and I will i gut 1 Mm Jimmy < arroll I tack I Me
AiilltTe nr any Otter tuna living at my welehl either In
n Francisco or Hoiitn for any pnne wild 11 satis
factory to both Mies l Myer 1 has been talking COIl
since the McAtillrTe light r r he li I aunt done I ant niht
hint There am partien In in 1 ton nho I will lot uru I
dwl funI
gnui I sate and afno n In Van tranrlsco and 1 am read I
to meet any ot tliein In either cny
A Report Thxt Kllruln Will Itellrr
A llaltlmoio friend of 1 Jako Kllrnln who Is Ir
Ids city salt jo < terdat that lie ImJ heard from a rell
bile e uric thai Kitram I wna nerton y cotslderlngre
I Ire utiflut from the I ritu II a n aCt rltig from malarli
and rhciitrntinm u n > d I in I general it run down lln h V t
altmt cnnnnfv 1 cm silrlt lit plniIele am
llml r sghe I him tinich tua I and IIIi I In oil v v lIlt illlllcu l
Ilia tin cam o u gi > e o > er Ills bund ru n nc omit 01 t
swelling It wan mori due to hIS condition this frlem
believe that Jake I rot whlpied by Mm I oIl CII thai
atiMhlng elte Al lIlly rate hlraln will go tu I the 11
Hprings in Arkannst and lay UI for a month Hefor
hIM es Sew Orleans the prnmlnht SI ortlliB teCh or
tie tOy wilt whom lake has become vfrr Ilitmlar
pmonally will gite him a belle WILl the Intention 01
ratling flIrJ < for the ex champion
llrrrm n < hnnce lor lir FIhIHII
To TUB rDiTon OK Till fusSir Tho di
rectors of the tla Intone Club offer to give a tt
pima for Jack Hopiier or Mike ruhlng lo star 1 Jack
1uulwey of 111 IInllmU1 lIlTIllet if rmI
5411 10 wlnor sit 1 41151 10 10 liner In tires cent
TI tale to lie lit in 17 it I fr either a r
g ittitlu f aneehui it t1 I let we teit Cure art ml cies il
one IIoth 10 10 ccliii I tics lilies Isfote tie rntl
s elht to tie 119 t lute or take Lltli I ounte I
t lopper t tliuIltltg lest oro ttiis utnler lit oleo
in lack vnmn tin vcntch tight Wei5 hl or < iiinn inn
bon on name ron llliun The men to poi lustO In
euro good tahiti M J 1 SiAtikki tecretary
Ihllllll ilee
I I I Vet onceai Ma llnnn future Harden
4 onniMit l Ueidtr Cat Skiurthy Is I In the feather
elghl I claus
1 1 4 Nameln It h located at Se enth avenue and
Tlilrlsfoiirlii Hfet
Dun J UMIaghcr mysllat hetiinnn nnVnown who h in
will Btch agahxi Jack Multh for any amount from
toon to tu l a si 11 1 le
lurk Quinn says tint hi will light Jimmy Velnon of
Itrt I i n to a fm h for 7fia pile or for tie I Millmrie I
offered by the ilad 1 < one Alliltlii Club of Irovldenie
Th1 Itt h a li I < I J niind mOtel pugilist Is I now In
training lor a ten tumid contest with an unknown
lliihlnaliew crier in ihe puiillitlr world and I rv al I
rcttly proved i himself rllllJIII l C er > bandy with the gloves
IKWIVOV tel Jl Jimmy helen u locjtl loier
knocked I ont Slit llnrn ot 1ortland e champion
light 1 wrlgltnf Maine in tie netenth round of a ten
ruM i let to here tail Llxht u > a terrltlu right hauler
ou the neck
1I0rry rllllh etra thai since Swhle the Necciuty lu 1
crot lel ulut rIIIII ti lurt till 11 tOll II 0011 tie
00111 tack t Inn I aT lnut iuy t 25 PuolIt tilt Ii c in It Ill so
cllut tl h he ciallet en i I tint I I lois I C tiered I I 5th l cuts In 1
lie Snw Sorb lhlle nub holn toumom uL
Prof J haley t sew ictk romlv lit 11011110 offete
10 m1 TOIIIIII Iulorth I incline I It uu Unit II ttl I Y ii
IiitIIt lhili or Nroi u me us for th 5MoI nerl hI Ihal
irgitnirotlit Tile lIIf was IflOluty oil1 Ir
V nrto ti I alert 111 I Stelirile tilt 00 lion 10 om
1uudolIu I ho Ito h Oa dnrn Ii sley
llito lot I 24 1uuI give I rn take aOl loroJI to
go oUlh 81 a lII11mOI 1I0U C
leck kIng tIn null knurwu 101111 an1 heavy weItlif
Ciuoitihioti or Sn III Ito rorwdel etuilienge II tie
In a hkh he ocr cc 10 Sheet I elrge 1001 I
trio Ihe rntotel tenw1 it eli h t ot llosluiui rr Pi Cu it
S I II S u II all 1 ant o time 01 Ill WI or S III In1 tit
frey tr a tunIc n tue 111 nub ci t nolan IIr I
lur I 0 latetone Ci II at IrotiIrtl I I I I I I ut Ifrey i uloes I
lot Irt lIne tt1i 111Cc 1 mel will tfler Ii e cant lrrit
iii 2 tic I IUllllnt t I snt Jao Aliton or JrJn r r
Jirl tollo of lur II
Irsntl Ofootu lIt 1lIlOhth wait lit tine llfIrnd Vi I
inn ro yotw Ir tIc fliricee of tittuteng a III lito h
V Ih I Ilk ut Hlln hit the tiller tOIId 00 k1 11 al I
tulntunient Stiur vt a I 01 5 1 01 lilt I will te
Cl sinI tO I o Si I Cl aiti if I l teuIti uien buslue lus
0 Ill Inert Moire 01 line ChIC lllre nn F e b 27 1010
tinulciec I for a I t h 1 ot 1111 kill KO Cl tr 1i II a hip
In lke tice SI ii I lit I tit weets 1 I r ilteul I lit fall Ii bee S
tIlt aoinit I I to it On I flits is I ptti to iSgiut ant I 1 piiii
lain gb e it lane Ic oiir lit I PanIc ilii
mini lIe r t rlr ls jjIl Ii or JltlInuu t llliy of
Greet pilot
Tom Ilil l the wel known sporting man nf thfs citr
wtuu ban 1 Juit I returnel from lnirlaiil HUH that it hue
senut 0 Ioanl I rr Iii I ioer tine cI alllllo II I I Iunl I
iiigtlit to I Cilne III once tI ew S ot I Ion t Ia I n I Cr it
atrival tilt a Iii lumen him 10 light surge Iuloui tie
rltlter wdlt t luoulIsu rr it I l larlliv
sririnnt I u mt ru54u for tom 1 I I too
S e I a site tie IICO 11 iiiF chIlIIn rathr
di2tit h1I an1 I o haiti 1001011 or Ih 0 cit II
ter t recttl Iv ulefateh SI 1lIn I rII i let I tie W1t
hmln1I I III t uufl5 lint tw and tine rther
wnIlt t luftun
ItU er lilo heelmenn Keceptlon
Kumcroni pntortalnnioiits nnd receptions
liae been lenilerid ty tie 1ntertuiinient Committee
of thn Riiertde heelinen to them members during the
rnt neaion nil of which lace proved great niicceAeK
The lad of tIes recepllinn wan bed at the ciutia
iliinrt Its We > t tuorteeuth nlreet lat I eien in
wht b iSs ni rceptlrn to iho previous one in regent I
to being a Mieeem Aboul forty toiiple enjoyed the
rluu H lin pitnlll > amougMliom were menberi of the
> e w out i ItUiU Mattiat I al d Ilurlem Clots uu
III u late hoof
AVbeelmrn l > lnr
A large delegation cf cyt INts mombers ot the
Ptirem Hiu d 1 I lib of utile cily ml down to I 11
Hiniptuou iirfnl I I lint evening In uli rind tnion I
I Hotel I I It I a at the ye rly flintier i of Hie I Ciuti t irrent
I l ing I ltutterk C Ctlt 1toll1 1011 iutnt f i rc cc
et onle i ft bv 1 number of ill i romlneir hIlt er o r
iheorginlrntion I Wlilellie Clnen I > I Itt m not tOt
11n r r acme on the nAt tl Ill I t foremost ii
I al matters Ihe I i olnliilllee I I III t cl once of tIne aMr I
wet K F L I i Inj p ii T Wilton F lbaer r llUck
hurst and W li 1 brazes
rntxrnoi Fb I 21 I Opt lot han ifnued a call for nil
1 studeiitn interested n footbal to lam uile in Wltlier
spoon lla I I I next II no lay
lie New Y ork IhMle and the newly orginlei
llro klyn rooltinll iiubwll 1 I lot a ttinLiti under tano
ctitton rules on the KnUcuoud bl e bill grounds
1 1 hn I koiliit 1 I V 1
I The longfeliowsof I Hrookyn will play nt Iawtncket
AntI r ii I lticr tins ifterlioon Ilio Nanpiretot I II t Iis
ty I I nn ats > ieni a guu I Uam 1 att fur a match with
t e 1 I ul t 1itcr lIters
Tine toottiill I leant of the t Altnria Athletic Clnb wit
rrert n team from Hie I F raH Club on tbe Miore
Itoiid Attune Itnit morning The Astoria Athiel
iluiii I S team I have teen I In I trnming u for set eral moOt Ins
and are expei ted to do irme Hi 1 if 1 ki I king
Ihe Cnledonlun I footbul I Ibf Newark ex cbam
I uln or tie Mtlertrjm Aenla I itt will plus a ut atd li
kltiieonlleo N T groun < U at Kearny to I day w ltd lie I
bent team t of lie Kenrn I lEotrr who are the i hOP ants
of New Jerney 1 atil I in for Hie I tnll 1 round of ttili f enr n
cup ih compeiiti igitn i tie oij mpus of tall liner
Caledonians will I p1 A very olrong team Into I the I
I I field add tIe lent win teaseler 1 on > for the Itovera
i whohno no far not been < i efeited thin nenion The
nintrh I between 1 Itie 1 olvluliin I nnd tlie I Kearny tnocert I
for the champli i ixhipof Amtrli and the A oclatiun
cup will occur nbortiy
Odd und Knit of St > ort
Sweeney nnd Droo tare I sUi I nrtfcles in Rofton t1
wrtitl iiilirtnd I tlbou at > rtjuro un Feb Ti i ru
I t 1 ni te
Th 11 I deposit of 3ill will be I r ot up on Feb 21 for
the Ij I III Met lelUnd tad that wil II Is I run on Mnrcli
I i It h reported mat ni east l21iIISJ w lll 1 11001 I on tIe
lieorge Moll yesierlnj accepted llm challenge of
leorge llnrrltigton 100111 fir i o1 I medal I he do
1 lel a Ill I take placu at Hie llukulld Kink In Jeruty I I Itr
next week
HUeViili nnd line porcli are hllln veil nn the tl < hlng
hatiki irt Long I Hranch n Monday 1 ekie I fi an I
1 I ou s I ill caiighi i a du < tu uuuiualy large blue perch
aiU lift me titai kt bh
I In atprlntlng malch of Ifiijarlann I Feb IHat inch I
IbIS r rKimtetween t t I > King of Iurr ink und r
1 rw a ri 1 < ur 1 i onttantlue tIe Inner I SI un lie I time
being I kli en niii 14 h HICOI ds 1
Hie I Hlnnlpegl rleket Clublns dfllnltelv decided In
lend a cricket learn on a lour of American cilles next
linmier Ml atteiiipl wlIl I e mal lo arrnnge niali he
wltli leading cuts to M ram 1 Muu al oil l lili so
Il New York Tur mo Montreal suit oltur
iltlra jeviral lot I hOe dutes hut nlreadv leen I ar
ranged I lie team wit lime nhoiit the middle of July
iiiil 1111 be loinpnseil ot aboil Ilftien f tie belt
crick oturs hat I nn begot 1 together In I the prmlnce
llRiii pk I leb 21 I 1101111 i Ifiliige men nreiletpv
Intereniedlnlhecomngriii bii I Ill neil their Ighl iid I
al I nrnluil stew le eusl del it I a isle I lit 1111 ben I
lerfeiel 11 I hutUliorliin tlini tic ra 0 Wit bu tintl 1
ill I ivilgn I ale N 5 i in n tlio III lull loriielwlll
allow Howdnlii z I for st p I tieS iif IMI porlni bt
1 Tlefoiliviigcnnliliite or nil 1 In II e eight
linebeiin ire inlnnr iriiii < ui Ii > rllrt I Ii I I t
man Vr lackin II llnninig i 1 Turner I inter i ii
J I > ear J 1 C Allej1 1 Horn II I re Tie Ant Ihren
men t on tie lit ure old dot > ge uiirmuin ami nr lUte to
lIt In tine boat
UMII ol HporM Vs llli tsnt > > and lrit
Ihe 11111 Atlilelli < Oil ot Newark will ijlle I i
1 bluraril tlliFlriiibiiiiiis I on ii t i ei ninior vircli
I u A cell hrep5ti progrniumi Including all etic ux
lIIIIIIn 011 tutu and Intruineiilni uuut will grace
I Ihe oct tMon
i The third nnnuul Indoor gnnle of Ihe Orange Alhleli
nub will be I held in lit lennis hi I ildllig 1111 inurili
NI i 1 1111 Inll rh ni I 1 entrIeS lIaR Ie I ru
iiUnlror tIe rlllllllIII iunip rnpo clnuliiig rlnif
lorlonlal bar uid lug in or
II I II IolullllllAt ii it I II IPII 1rnIIodlII
Inol at i 1111 letlit If tin I I 1 Inl 1It it 5SlaI 1110
lIrtIlie Ilhllo I till mIII Ctt hnii 1111 I fir In list
sf1 Ihey Colct 1 10 ietuce iio OIIIuIII lC 1IYII1I1
mull It H i Iho i m try Ilt is III rioan 1111 hrlnOe lull
tohlton A t 10 la I
1ntrlel fir tIne of lint
day wl h I Herill Ii I lIn I
Lid 1 on Tuesday closo to J
ion itr el Newark The lol ow ug are the evs >
Hfty yards run a > t yards run I I CI > ald rllll ttO
miles run KII linrdln tillS alt un I rUIlfIiI J
tunIS nuvlcn race
lump all bandlcars and usu
uralch intMiicefeeii for enih eieul t
The nnnual elec ion for oHc rs of the I lu thai Alhlell
lrl I will I I the fin ia IiJ I re
Ilnb or Urroimil bus leeu f rf
lull Irenltelil I Ar bur Woid I A 3ld I t lteainit
luuiii II ho try
i lterundhn e fclary 1
I I din Sal OIl C
TI Cllittt
itrpl ptininrg ICrtelity Ge1Il1
lertize ut ilukan I lali iiilu lii pvtt lobenl lacer
Woolweard I bnrtea
I Its II al I uoiunluie 5 A ritnint
lanCer H Jeanne aul liobcri l arty
A erles of aihteilo will bo run off thli morn ng
m tIle grounds or the games 7e lenIn Alh etii 111th l at ff
iso Iui lit by the Iroquoli Athletic Club of Hai nne The
tnrihan At tstle I uu of I I redo1 lie has en uncut A
Snut warl ani A hncuniy iltI the tuilnltiul mat ill tO in i
hSuOlIWAtii It tIne
aunI 0
ilitlati btiuunsler I ratu 111rl5
III I irl dsui lItury uultnI hi lip Inaif tulle snid an I
I ntogrtu IiyelC II tie ai uitils itiI ill hiiC tlti5
A iioiabte to it etc will ie te 1led ni tmg lark
Ifu irk 511 jill r it lie re I Of It Ii ii I I ta
I 5 inS h ri 0 o e ii t II
It iieraieI lie he I ii 5 lUllS lire I
iVSni rt v ini r snafc ° 11 tn ci
lcuoi uil 1 chIli C rh I ttuiS ti I
bosh foot racing Iliad are In run a rlnatalies on S
nilei for tIll a aide Philadelphia t utnia see greiy sicIly
ntsrseted In AOtrso a they bad him
MXMMM nuInta8 b 5W luunswiCk
I S avorhls In lb bSItlflr
wo years aga hi sow
liii victory toe him nnsol viclisa Ul4I
aku Vtt tLeasa n
MhnnhIs at fled Hunk
nan BAKK Fob 21The Rlrorsldo Oun
Club lucid their monthly UT bird hoot to day Tins fret
rent before the club handicap vtu nt ala single clay
bIMN while the lire bird wtra bmuilit from the contm
lolm Cooper mat Jil M Conpr were Oral with 4 broke
earli JAtnet Cooper Jr ieon < l with 3 A Mhftymer
third wlh 2 TIe club tiAn > llc D followed with nine
entrIes 7 lie e binX 1 ill tntranc 3 money Dart
Htlhw and IX M oofr tllvldfd Stab inonry wllh n
ctfAH score ceCIl Ictiii luunter t WAN alone for pecon4
inoncj with nj A S baymfr A Is ins JMnfi Cooper
altI l lil Tdrnckmorton kPitd 4 tech and Shot ofl for
thift Inner Ulti I ulniilnif J H He rum and m
Tnwrn VI 1eia Acli
Tie tell event wait tr JM mil nut fi rnlrince 7
fhtrlfa l 111017 A h tulIp I M Cooper and Jon
oiler > flMMf < l ttie t Coal A Vi I rinr 1 > Hclnlia hd
llirorkmcrton law t nipf rnlnnlnir heir fIfst bird A
rlav bird atiot IntlowM Ii I cattle Mi edits entrance
1 moiirjp PHtntlf Jnn n Ilireen and Iii I HcUhaw
dirliUd llrl money with H broke bhiui Cooper wm
Alone for eroinl money with 7e n car llene I d
Ihroefcnmron A iinn and las Cooi > fr Ir tied for
third inniivy a llh i earl In nhonttn tiff Tnrcckmortfn
won IiVr nriliVy trots A 1 APi baymer and Id I
r o > f r brnlte 4 e irb t in TowrnandA Xrrnrtt 1 earli
Tim fliml iMtht wa at it fitiiKiom J ttnirailonben 7 entries
tries 541 deli I P CC ire nc t motiM Id riirocktnnrton
nnlrt tnniipy with ft rlein Score Jan rooter won
Mrnml m ney wfth H Id I inoiirrnMt A Itlnn iinldtd
thlrlulth 7 IRI 1501cr Jr i > hnl < ASA Miaiiner got 15
each and laV6 Kciliaw S
The Ccntrnl dim rinh Shoot
11N1t nnNcii Fob 2ITho intorFtnto
phoolln roiiteKt at 11 TO birds opcntd thin A M on the
ground nf tie Central Unn 1 hit There were many of
tins crack Shots of New Yi rV New Trmcy and Iennnyl
ranU In Httrndince The lIrIs wet in npvtly every
CAPO Uron tyrra and lip i pnrt wait lilghly enjoyable
tn all iirenent the tltst etetittrAi a i imeepRtAkea at
four tItle CuTibfrly lHfClt Miller And Hlirlrr tutu
every tlrd i Hell Dnty 1errine AndMliin killed three
rnrh Tlio ftorond tnttrli was coo at t fiur bird Hell
i tliii riv ihiier l i05 IHirrottHiid Mil > rtiiji < e clenn
ncntrn ntid tliTiilfi flrft troticy 11U lilv I Jr win
n util t money with three dmid lrdn l to kin rrOlt The
rent ftioot wItit at ecoen itt lH enrti l Un lialy l tigler
sot Trie klli1 nrttn Rtrnltrht each atid < tIn fIrd rrnt
inonei IV1I nnd Mil cr divide actual money with
rcrnrd ft tx birds each
Thffewir iilneteen rntrten In the fourth match
I itch man slot nt Ore bltia Dnly eham hitler Miller
ntnl Mootifli mile fill tcore Cutltcrly Mnbrow ian
Cninp 0 an Noe hnlee Setnilsin Van LerfffVii Itfr
Iriti ami IMstirntt tied nn four huts each IhU I match
MIDI ni n t uiT it three blrdi each MR er and lace split
firnt I iiiitntj oti tlie I nhot nIT Atid Van Kntnit Van > ne
Hlefcoti itnl rnblHTly divided perond money Tins fifth
wtid lst umtph ot tile day v as four bird to t each matt
I nlr UrU I Moone Miller Uler and Cutiberlr divided
l nt mrn y nnd rice I X AH I triflm Irwln tlui lila
truw and Irerleln milt lerond money
Tim Vrpttprn Amateur Ckuraplon hlp
RT Lnrit Fob 21It was 2 oclock this
mornltisf before tOn Wentern auiiteur ehampiotiKhfpa In
I cccii lIZ and boitn were settled In the Mlctoiirl
lifllflalum The wettlnir was Uraco Roman style
The winiifr In th < dlflprnit riaftnpi are
MnTinir 1MJ touiiiU and tiller Steve MaHoy Mlnvonurl
ymntltini itHn M < I pounii lonrph K Stewart Mis
nourI I i iAliim No i to I 5 I pound 11 I larry Drown 1
A C I n u to iii Ioutid John t If tor U o pounds and
oon r lohi Ictor for Marry Morris
it rfftilnir Im tuiulflit nnd under Pd Harth Mlioonrl
fljinhaiiu ISO 10 i 14 I i tonril 5 H A ilc Fallen M 4
A C IKI t M 1M roundi Mlm C Myeri M A k
lMinlt I I u u loiindu iphn Thram MiMunri iymnaaiura
1i > iMundii and over ieorh Uaptlste M A A C
iMinntfnB Notrp
The long I Irlnnd > r > orUmana Club will hold a shoot at
live tird Hiid clay piceon < un the Dexter 1ark grounds
this altrruo >
The cuutiinz contlncent of the NIle Jane Athletic
Club will CoOlest one II i Ito nerle of p as it ihooti at clay
jiffffniid nn lie organization B ifrouuJs at Htrfm Ioiut
OtIs ftfirrnoon
Lou Ialenun ant 1 ftlll Intent on arranirintr A malch
with II nntr but thw Utter Uoe not like the lice very
much And the probKbttttleti nf a mcelti it between there
IMC noted wlnjj thota grow beautifulli smaller every
The First HermaTi Gun Club of New York wltl hold a
shoot it Liriilft Miller Dexler Iark rn Thirfdsy 10 t
17 Hi reittiUir Htcot of lie iileninnro Kn 1 nil Oiin
lub ti 11 or cur at the eamo icruunds ou tho day
The telunrn match tetseefl I Iheirans aol II htlait
mactier II lii ciltue iiiv nt it iohlawn Vutk li SI uttt ii itt
51 al of uui I ebrunary 7 a aouitiieI flue tintiniotis
are I I ntrlitituii rules baIter to iqe a tn a id I I 1 j tis
lv C cc ior glut mom ii teen II shuot at ii ard nut
at Si loIs oui ttIflti for lakes of Ilili elite
n iioeni outi unt I lie iecuuh a lirl if ihiyonne who
Sri attli t mmii I tieiO lIne CSt Ti niarkemet list a orginu
hei tue lavnnus 1111s 101 aid iiiifptd tllritieeiiyp
0u I tI Iti 0 tutu ortv antI lobrrr rile liii afte rtiouu
tin Cr will Iii a niiuor fr set ccli trio over a 11111 fot
ruin lie Tie flher of the urnuiIai Itt atl lreitet
I I mlii I On I II cecre tar it Inicy llartett Tc eat
ii er Mnltinn II illliUtt
The ltte It lii of Ilrorllylu it ti new erganulallun
of Ittihnneull Suuii i4rrklyh tOCt Odin twIll iorct lie
tatua of iiiunitu ut least for one afunflnflfl it line
Iniitii ly Iieetntl nut lie Ii ohloiih tirk lrat TIe
tI liii iiii it Inelntietuilip ui I mitt > anii ltonilnes til ccciv
rnil ii tIC a tHrill I C t huh etirolel e vets ila I ii e
lll crc e yet ci fir t Ie tint 3 cur are I I ref IrrnI
Ient I liirotn ieer try anit I 11ole Treasurer
I I u met l cot f t he ruIn wil I tili e lads n 0 cities
uhoO Fh Ti it OOonliaa Ii lath it II t4nanlnicher
ii nie IrUlililed to fLirlilsI a lot of ctrotg bIrds for I lie uc
riilnflclil Illcjcle Clnbn Fair
What may bo torncI HIP openIng of the now
TtrrBuf the Ilainlel 1 Old dc Club took place iit
escliluug The t cv uuidltlvru to tie alrcarly f lenJidly
eq > fpprd hoiiB1 1 A tymn uiiii lnaoing nil con f nlnc R
A fnr u itch Hilicnntiuii intll lite Iliii cmintorm
list nulif m the lieu sliIlin Uf < ililettint booths Pc
ho i le I mer In r > onn if trio 11111tlfjtl tiellrn tho
I rice si thr lair wil to tilt itt IigIi cluing the debt
111 tilt 0CC < club houte
11 Ci esIie riirlirr
Tlio Pnlma Club hill ft procrcMtie euohro
taffy at tie flub lio c tti i v tey < Ito mi Ttiurftluy
DIgIt Tier wer 44 Pajcr anil U tatt > n Twture
kMincK acre tIH > ct tt S Al i tutu Tie i rot prle at
vcin ity ins ph i urV I I uon u game u nml lost si
I tiMr1 Urn I I Icrton won Inc t necitil InC M11 I ii Kftin
wtiiiaiiil 4 Ice his liooby true l was won by Major
Ientoii n hu HUD only oif ifama
Bruh I
Get AS
Bottle of I
And clean your Shoei
In place of a Brush
EVERY Housewife
EVERY Counting Roorr
EVERY Carriage Oer
EVERY Thrifty Mechanic
EVERY Body able to hoid a brush
anoutx urun
8 7It IT
WILl STaIn OLS S NtW YUsclTUsC rarnth
wiLl STilt GLais ito CNaWaI of 16
WIll ityal h TiSWaCi 105110
WILL Shut YOUR OLD glasSy lime
WOUF Ic RANDOLPH Philadelphia
451 Iii Drug lsl used Nra AmuAlnf SUrAS
o tot ttMIhC ttfOfte
IN MV AiiiirrioN TO
TIIII IJ coi nr
rhnlcecf ruoinican be hail ti l > amilviiu cUrly to the
S gen is nriANii ni viirri < j
atijVraall stores
11 luris iirii erinnil ltij luri nr nil ra In beat Misl
aIred and axeliiifM PuMtM nn niiw anil May I I
IecM hAS h IlLh 4 i cit 2ti It
SM eLi TOIIl suitable flit taller ami eggs butch
AIV lit tcliiy coiililTA Ill jUsu And Situ iv I
IOlt HIMTlll II rTllti it
I I M aril AV
Hritsl < e neat ictiu si l ins uliuw whildOwa rent 52110
Icr I > aunum API ly ti
41 14 > 1C II Et H
is 1IVK hT
Tlfl 1 lofts ilkrs nev brlirhti i 74 rrrllanJt it
STiini l bulllirikr lu u HtekiiiiM vt loTta llernur build
lliir ill I av Mth I i l Mi I it tire Cli wIcli it Maiden
lane 1tarl ft ever Miuwn i nit enlelice
InilN Ill I I 1111 I 114 Nassau at
Ill lhTOIt 1 1 Al ullinr wlllinul io5eer llnon 7T
1 I y 4 niii 70 lu I ill lilt et nnorn Kent s
01 a gao Krai l in I Itiiliier i > I s limit iitfecluHv for man
lirarllirlliK tUi > lliniM hvtit uI four sulus sicily llesrn
It ilisurincn low slfiul meal l oven elMator I
Ixmer wait liuiau rini > luetl 110 a uiit work era jinsseislun at
nee c < meniiil lu all lorrlfs and slMpiing ruinta
j s t n r I Mviiiv
Aiiilr to ulvilicrc V
S llodllf It UrouU li N
fpo I 11 TlliorsIn I tine iio W UlKnnllal factory d r
X nrrorst Marks nnil 1 iilirtilll live Hours four
InrlieK oo lit light on all sll ii I mnblient Are proof
u In h I oor clevatir aih l sleara neat
S julls liuili ili i irt
C r in hi iind nc Inw insiirat i e lillY on ireml
> rs urofi 110 V u4iilItlllut I h I liberty I placo New
V rl
rpd LlT rrAMH TAhiti M one large l loft
J IMI I iiitisre feet nn i n 5 hill ahiI one anus
SlOt l basement In I i lilt eiiiliurl ulth autilnallo
sprinklers seam lest furniinel 4 < low rates of tu >
turance Inquire of I ngiiifrr l I S snlewater m or
II hill ItS 4 lulIIIMi 1 I ui llroah way
I ill < IFT The liainlsome store ami basement north
X wed corner M av an1 iiih si at a low rent
uio it RItA >
r Ill lrT Store and Usmcnl Slxli touting anil
1 iteinn elealor iitape H I it < wlioirsale or oIlier bus
Inrll all at 1 < lrernwirb si
on I I l T I Mr > tng and Ii C r rn ci ii i fmniMieJ
rI i C II 5 I 5 1 totS t mb Iduot heat
741 Ini Ill ta
Wauld for tlthlt urpoe
IJANTEDFor msnufscthlntag PUtttO15 and slisle
lv acm itt glnal location shout 7500 fst Ooon
spacal hop lofts cUmIn buildIng ynefentadi slula avu
saaoud iIsh Auusu U eQ
lfnt SfiMt
Open for Inspection Today
sotTil SettlE OP
88th St bet 8th and 9th Avs
HrVijTi v tVi
IJonsonhnrHtbytlicSca is not a 1
mfcro heal Estate speculation but
a plan to found a settlement of
about ono thousand families who
dosiro to live convenient to Now
York in comfort and luxury with
out extravagance
nES ONIirn TIIVTIirSivl It perfectly developed
slit carefullv revlnrtfil towrrs water iraa 32 tnlnuiei
from llrooklyn HrKlkn thu I ii fri AttMine Inict del and
11 II anJ u I K I K Illus ran ci I circular tent
U 1 II 1 UAM > ulril4l it iilUU New junk
OOR II SMITH t CO tuctloiitera
Itl uclIil auction on
TIIUJtSDAV lflij7T t 1 oclock P 1 M
At line oIVce of Millet 1 junction nf Van Atst and
Jicl oti aa by tTelnjnory orilerof S I htlmson
treahurer I and aicent of Union Ililleife in I durable
liulltllnit lolson tact nr aixlithst near Verion ar
In Die Hrn I a srI < l of Long Inland lIly
1 th I t > t Is urndrd onl l in iail itnted has curl glitter
and slitewalW rin lute t C und tin tills lire hilled hearty to
ifradr nnl are advunuifeously ocuted fur Immediate
lmproem n
tinly U > ercent casti required
Title perfect
Maim and iiarltMilars at ttie Inlon Colleire Land lilIes
or or HO II SMITH 4 LU 154 lultonav and fJ JIalll
etlaung Island thy
I i V HAKNKTT Auctioneer
at licit Kalale Krharcft Or and HI Liberty It N V
The llagir IMate Cal
let V li Illlliillni Ions I ari 1 Lots
en tie principal avtuues alit slreeis
Pot map terms and f anlrulnr nrplr It ttlCHAllO
V llAKNKIl A fo 71 liberty I an t New York city
AtiiMliinetjrv Mult I i A Itutl r 111 I I I lou ih a ay AttornfM
lan a A hInd oiinslte lluJson Kiver liHilroad depot >
S oilkcf1
MLTtI 1 it rite fir iunile copy TIlKllT liT
hiruad iron
3flrl tfptutc fov atr tfitjj
A NMilOIK I OilklVi tOll llAlidAINS Sew
Jt le > UoM Tirow n PI u lie let einent on lilh i at ill
n nted situ lieu lu nuuJ JOCIIIKII termn it Cult Atily
tu llulMer KI IK
li > v > loth I no neat Mlint I
ARAftr UV rveral tenements In mUi anl i7th
JL sis will be sold cbeii lo a quick I ayer tens nshn
terms examine betme buytni leHlieie Apply tu
III I lImIt I Leg I Ii I Mi lilh I n I iv nruriithit
N hlHtVT MMI I UtT lar 111 h st and Oth
AN all tetlie I t 1 I price It d < i
KhtLIlt t I i Kl I I INM I s II 1 and a > lllerty st
i TTESTlrlC PlIlUI Ino lots on Morion st
1 1 near Hudson halt for lull iron thu lit rea otuible
II H MliiMo I I ITT l Hrualway
Bll I HAIlAINS Hil > fn ilo vn balnnco easy pay
0 menlR i hilly storii n U anl IMU Uroilwav lu
I rooms ovpr rucli stnr 1 jrfu t trlir I i rlre I 3 l u enh l
iiUo storv and flir uluielliiCS on Knlton st lf jpociie
VA hiiiiiH i nbu e stumble f > r 1 tnmi lee Iniceel7 ciii h I
ukrrlrvntid I I rni1 frIll Ill l iulk n or tnt alviay ferry ti
Mslihattin Innction Alitli > n Tenures in aflernonn
or to A I I liE IhAt 7 lovincrl 7 Pine St New in orV
L bit SAIh KH 01 t ry br cl factory 4ixii feet heat
A juiullin of llou < ry and Chatliain siiuare pnc
P ois S I rmird it ne luunl for J o o hUMUMJ 11
MAItTINh in Lirwrtv ci
IVili hAII ulilty S lIlt lusfrntnt I private dwelling
rented 10 Slay I n iaIiet 54 AloMiudcr av
I 1 hAliytAltTllf for prlrat1 dwelling buyers
A J renters slid owners en I or writ to
CIIA I MILLS 26 East I Pin si
hAIUJlTitrl for o t side linuss JIUUOuTo
I I flitul iiTIvhSs I ltli av corner ti I < d 1st
I OILS M il t ITll 1 lawyer 71 hitos I way a iii sell < m
5 Cart terms i ropertlifc In Seer S ork Hroukl > n and
Long tnliitnt f city
rpllliri lini itS to cdt cheap in quick buver of one
1 oral tu ill Room li liI 1 nroadwiy
1 VrANTKH Owners of Hnrletn proj erty ileflroui of
rr telling or rrntmir lo sfn 1 iiartli ubirs to
MVAKTWlH T A Vii r7 l Cast 12rth St
RftxIidN IIIKIrKfK > T hear ntoiIIi iit ar Bar
JWKuIn las great futur < tuia na > ln < well
II W MIIISl v > 117 llroadway B
i ctt state Jor Sale rooHlyn
West Brooklyn
at prices nehich KiiHiiinlrn u lurge proflt
Itlilit a j cur
oriilnut HttraictlTn ilmlKn null llieuulltil lit
vtimfort ran lit ImiiKlH > n
rinii > iui ivAIIN T TO ICKVT
litrr Ncr Ue I Chi 5 iiiiiclmiic llm I priiperty
Apply for map unit lr 15iCS In
UrOIClit A A 11IN frrrrlurv
No llJ lllirrty nl New York
Iw cttI values FaIth iidvancln lots 5151 to
I fjMi jcjli > ji Miirlerl houses flTix up
f Ai Irish for twofmnlllrs I i eT > i I 01 csh balanta
Cult trnitue tin bin > liie > it lots at low prlies I do not
speculate inynelf the bam ilus are for my customers
KlIHIIlTVillhl IVN uiLihMir lo lames Ma ulre At
lantlcand Sat nicimars iih I VarJ Hrookijn
hInt S LHlloiisrs HrooklTIl kkant 1 twostory
i frame ink I I 5IlilelltI cab net trim In parlors lun
Iron etineflis llerkmer I I I st our bliek cfthl nf Halph av
I I nation hlniiii i ounty nud liiiilri > of 1 V u toll
tlI toll on premise or I C > llerkimer h I st
JPor alc or ffo 1ft iltiv 3Jrrey
j la JKR HV niniFltTV in IhiC line of the I > u
N And W U K Ie sill M i II t n slerhi i lot on th
Itl hnsi frmn onr tineO iii ort c in ttltlinir Arailem y
of tUfctrftbl 11 i lftffi it Uciiciil f Alt thn I rehngel aui
Suituitt Siv urk utlce 71 Km I MtiMt Sea ark 01
tee 744 Jlruu41 lAMtlU A 114111
NKAT KKHIDISNOl 7 room Imprnrpmenti near
N laurIe only lu4O J ecey ifrinn iniro oteti CIII
In tont ItirthitAy until 4 o c OCt ii uS Ii A OIllhON I I M
llt > rty st New York MlllAv 47 Moutcomery at
Jersey ilty
rtttfitC ttfountr
A FINE FAHMof tlacrei Ii roim house tarn barn
A Ice tool wait house corn crib shedi factory fruIt
trem small fruit lain running water t1d acrei wood
land Addrei mba 27 KOI kvHie I Centre I I
ein WrALTIKtl llgii dry lots II I monthly 21
CIllV mills lie Clinniitiilirn
sit 1111 ii llroadway room 2lii
gUtorncy at itt
IIMliH Knrr Iieutiiber AdvoVitAccldenta leiial
I bullIes Kenernllv divorce a specialty UJJllroad
way rooms 111 and 4i
MIMIONK I > P 11011AHH In the KnaMlT
riiancery Courts nut 10w i Uiiiunu Are you Inter
esled t los I iit KOIIIK rn b r dllie rft money you are
entitled to Urile IT pariiiu l I itt lurorinatlon free
Metropolitan loretifn I Unn AhtliC 11 Ilro4dway
IWlllinrrjj anil toomahtnn
SIRIMi rTUrs Veil and rxirlencfd dreumaker
I desires a few custonifri at huine iew spring etjrlei
cbar ei very reisonab
1JIthBaMAkfll U WM lOUli IL top flat sail
I on tt1 r5
FOR RAIKnn rd Irish setter 4 yean old thor
ouichly I n ken In and tralntil Eon particulars in
noire at 3 irj let ar saloon or 2 ill Hih ar Ud floor
Sportiinim tootw
DnVIIIP Itlli I I at ui price u II v hilh e kil
nllXlllh huik kl1 I hands > > t n So h all abit
UUAUIU kid vaddrd aides sOil ends 51114 I No A
bori chainolanAe No 11 min chamois
ils These prices are for set of four gloves and wilt
be sent by mall cm cilpt ot price ajuT me eitra for
eX U < l J T II A RUTH K
U C ut at lam City
nt mid gpimmct tt go rt
Near 5td NIM Opposite the New II out
AdTCrllatm unity also leave AdT rll e >
menu at the rnllnvrUic cci where thai
mien will be the > unnse as thoa chiircc4 at
the malt offlreil
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Fnllcm and tVnetil lem Klrcel
r 3 Mnnnii 5 en 1079 nFnrnni AT KBia
UlNrV ST Telephone Call 43 i Bedford I
The most elegant apartments In Nw York sU room >
and bath handsomely decorated throughout oelUoft
frescoed balls stIll italri carpeted In rich rslret lo <
raGout ilulsIrpassel cinintrv itl1 city combined par
alt 54 547 rues I ies 125th 51 nelir iran
huouievarI live hiIititItCs onalk tonlevated ataulon at Pb 31
Ct hurst tuthnitles 10 livtuule tamk eaqoisuta liomit
for genIesl tislnlllles teutli frun CIII to 124 lbs Pest for
tite uitanicy ever iITereil ii liii cIty call CIII snannins
htit out seeing hue hiouee at Clove unninnobets they an
SIIT All Illol 1 It ElIVttIl owar
Atd builder tTti 51 tIect 111 at IlouietAnil
lllll law 140 nnil 148 Went lath SI
Choice nnil IIitnditnmrlv 1apereil Flute
With Hlritm tent Hull tlajn Ae
ISO Itroiiilvvaiy unit 74HI Mudlaon aT
TTIII KoLIinviMI IIOLsM carefully managed
It by one ownir vacancies hilt at times us OUB4
worthy of the pectlnn of Tftl eciable famlllei
Ill heat 1 Mill It A to 7 roolna baths prlrate
halls f2t toSM
1 l Vast wth al l rooms tths priests hall 37 to M
141 r > ttr7t lift S rIots and bntln S3 to 39
1H7 Lust S7th st 4 rooms 13 to IT
l77jtuv 0 rooms I rlv itr h ills 13 to 30
Apply to Janitors day or evening
lndIson lii tinil Ollrt t
Desiralhe rnrner inl Int Apirtufiit Itftaift flU
lilcly Le ii vui In thurntiifh nrilrr throughout
lot Nc > Hitii ui unco i r Mtty 1
ISO llr iMtltuy ttntl aiaUlann HVT
RdIilM S lo 23
Fine apartment Including electric light steam heat
and hot vvHier four and rivo rnonK with all improve
meuls convenient tn lure Atplta
7S 10th A Nriu r2il Nt
Itllll ll > ICKNTS
At IK21 V Uil 55 2il miiriir loth ave
> ew houses with t II 11 I 4 room apartments all Im
provements halNlietid kitchen painted ana tins
oIlier nellie nil r y l i I i ci
iciir < rats 11 8li
tin I eeeuie riilnCH unit nndajie
Apply to j inlti r I At tl I I cit 21I st neiir mth avs
Two three AH 1 four room nt t nrtiiicnts with Improve
mrnin Ala siro in Hir Ilui Inmk n unit av wth soil
bTtti Ms lniliir Si the otlU u n or
KI1IN Id I li I oas toil nv
liii tt ceiu Ullli I anil O7 < h nt
Fth av nnd 11 I I ih I st I iaiit tiatrt o I rooms rents
51to nl i Auilyon i rr nn s ir
li s i l tii I imih it amlPlhaT
N lXl I IlMM hihluh I iipirtlnent ot f 1 room
J iinl bulh ulna on i > f rooin vvlih all con
S t ilrioriu lulls linntc I location ISd al
liLlue n luiti ant lull I I avf ncnr entile and I roadS
relit tow llUVUd ii i inlnIKY
till nvn d l I list or 72 Wall It
i54loulI llAi I i T ROO1IS
Ills All ii IC > n liti rnmtcnt
ic r i ii IS > io
t 41IIN IS IHHI1AKII tl nv nil hot
4 T lli t It ii > ICIINTxt It 1 lIght I rooms Dew
ft txil lin ilitnili uflir n t on i > nch tloor hailS
II ed and lutnl y I H i HI > in vtrat Huh st sea
Jinltor 1 i oltlill it ro 11 n t and Dili ar
A I ttelonii aiil Itiilli ICrnlM iI lo OS 9
Ntt lion oust all Innii ormrntei
III it T 1411 II vs IN I It It 1AltKAV
AlliS lo janllor on trtnnes or SIt SlltIil1fr3JAe
LI I I lliHT I I j i foot hIt ronin iln 541i rive room
J 1 fjj Jll I tel Jl II cnn null at other all prices
I it Ml ISS I thnv corner iiMlU
T 01 411101 1 I Olt Light 4 room moderat
I Itt Cl deiurit mirrors tonI ci I and lace cur
tiutiH iiuiitor > > i ii eli > > ii ci
A ltfli Ii I STs rn LfTIn tlie new houies 830 H22
AIUHMI id nv ncir nh si four looms 91A up
AllIS lo J n tor on pnMnlstn
hhuhCG AIAIIiilI N Ins tif lIne large light decorata
C room sot nitli rn ru ainio Irenucro and ward
robin finill lilnliitii I ulrn I 1 reu rentes only need applyi
tuodorHii rtnta Apily in olkc un premise 112 to 119
Wrat IOJ st
nr4iCAiii IIAT 7 1100MM t e
is a I I PC 5015 I I s Kofiim I all I I Improvementa
Iniinlrc of < Its lOt Iunt rlrllh HtrteU
5lAiit ANtI AlAltrMiNTs unfurnisiied and fur
mslird in nil Iota ot tIe cit
loIMiM I ItiiiriiKlts I I nt4 lImb wstner 13thit I
iMATKA7 Vlmillilmt I lii I nrfect order decorated it
rents mo li rate pnly tn lIeS janitor on the pram
isrsornwmr li4 West lltli I I at
MA A HV LLU of ibu e elegant ivfool front
sltam helmet Mnelo Hats 317 S43 unit 245 We t ISStll
t > t L I station him ii tho tlnno to rent special Indoor
meuth to good lenanti
Ai liy 3 < itpet Klith st In i lt flat
1ST Kltlr TILL VIAKl II All Unlit Improved four
I room apartments drcoiated I aniline 270 ana 373
West hell 51
rpi il llT Tho Vaalilngtnn iioullivieit corner 123d St
J andth itv n eletfiint up irtmont all Improvement
ampe closet room tiainlnoiii ly frcscotd and paperdf
Itearn heal elevator rent 5a p lip On I premises or
l II M JI ST southeast corner Illlli lit and nth ar
I fivi LlTCheap apartments on 3d av corner uh it
J Inca elevAled staton n i and 4 ro > ms ntlratntedi
wash toll sink and water cloet fi fIJ SiT 1 hSu pot
sr sion now rent commence April I janitor on
pre tails n
Ill liTTh Cosmopolitan southeast con Sr isstu
1 st and nth AV handsome hats six room bath
private ball
Inquire on premlsci
III AV block fronting 1 mth and I 1I7IU Its u the
I htalthifst and moht elegant am irirnfnts In llarlemt
steam heated throuuboui t ii roKrns ttath toto935
rooms bath fi I to W ID rooms bath larger than a
private houie JiiO two nionthi rent free to good PAT
thee ubly u fe w more left
OCTII BT ail I I AhTilroundroor ill room sod
OJ ialb all Imtrovements newly renovated rent
UQTII 8T iTln iAsf Klli lilian reuit SIT sad 151 l l
OOnieaillUhl roonn
WITH ST Tili Ill an 2IigAtiTNewwlde house
JU haiti steam heatad a 1 and 4 room ytoiu l
ImO 4TI1 AX NfAltKTII 1 BTMielyTfmodellea
f Mats six rooms luiurovemenii ituaU fan
lIlt f M tti
WCI1iitfl jnouons So Ctte
EIeguii Model Ihvellini Houses
Alto i house rn Staniha lath AV I Hth to 115th it
Adjulnliitf Muriiinfiille lank ini only CIIA block frota
1 utatHii All milled oiutruriad lu the htit ityUi
haiidiifjiiie frcntit liitrrlnit elegantly fliititiri In hard
wooU cherry and oak ah niottrn linprorf m ntimar
tie wisti bailn inattci mlrr m perecti > anUary plumb
lug Ao An ottlirt unIty U here prtitiilatl to itb r
luiy F rent a comforiaun home at a very modnats
outlay Ai It In I MOW flul d atmnit beyond loubt that
lint I lUtrft will aijjuui thv ffrouudt of tIe World
lair or losT theihrewd speculator will zalure bat a
real eatite inxeitiiient In thin locAlIty will repay hlra
tourfuM In tIns very near futuro lot tf rmi and par
llralar apply to or address ovrii r 524 Ueit llStb it
to secure an elegant fouritory TO font house In hum it
lult ty J I IlIAnUK elegant y decorated MitchUl
atice fixture ills wrol wni k A
Ado n > n 2 ami I04 iaat r7th it for ante at bargain
built bjr urn architect
rOWlB I4S4 tth sv
A TTENTIOIO Two snorT and batemrnt blibstoop a
J a brick housea elegantly ilnishul wiin all luiprorev
nieiits in a splendid iielnlibiriiiod I and within ont
minutes walk of elevated railroad station to rent from
Hni to dsi per year it is It l lay I parties Intending to
make a change to Inspect these boasts before Uf aflnff
eliewliere Open MinJurs
tiioiiMAV HOlhit andWIllUaT
1MB 8AI K or rent New four itory furnished home
writ lids convrnlrnt IQ L Itiitlon or Would ii I
chani 7u West h411i l il
rpo IIThUAL p lilt AlP ltlll4iV14 three story
M 411 1 1 ftoiiMit WI iop All linprnreninu anon
front vi iv eta lath it and I v > eel UJ it btwen
III Illll 5thi sv
I II M Jlhrsoutbcnst corner laath it ana 8th sy
tf or SfaU or Co rtQrouutnj
rpo LRTrtatuUli U Iflatl flUtaM
Aous buns sad 40 acraet 551 u

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