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r H I rr < H TH S UNDAY FEBRUARY 23 i89 oJ ENTYFOUR t l PAGES 17 1
Xa1ISk reI > FRBlUk Vehicle 111
JDMrntlfmi i a4 Ierei from llf r Mje
4 trl DowUIOBUforise IVn Uhlpi
Before long tho term I Now England will
tak on a fresh ilgnlflcanca and tho dlilrlot so
diilfraat d will not be the land of the 1uritnns
The Eastern Hlnes today bare far Ions of Eng
Utb characteristics than tho custom end of
Dutch Lena IslnnJ All along the south horo
rich men are tumlntc tho dreary monotonous I
Inlche of sand and pine and blrcbos Into I
magnificent pi Unto pirks modellod fitter the
ancient estates of Ilrlllsh aristocracy Thoro
are no wolltrtmmed hedges n ret
to mark the boundaries nnd no nvo
Due lined with giant oaks but thoao
mar com In time I tnkos pretty
nearly a generation to develop a period hedge I
and the Brent trees In which the lords nnd
duke of today tako complacent prldo
tko complaoon wore
I corrr little Bopliues a contury or two ago I
hlch t wtr and the broad carriage tntranc
the front might be taken for an xprnMva
duelling of unliu and ornamental design
As a matter 01 fact the front end of the struct
Bre la I largely devoted to the purpose of
human habitation The ontrani directly un
der tho lower jeada to a largo nigh courtyard
lighted from tho roof and on either Ride of the
entrance nru stable nillee 1 n mesiroom for
employers 8 und n kitchen In the upper Merles
and elsewhere In tho building me Bleeping
rooms for tlin omployona Tho superintnd
ent of tho Htnbleu Is James Johnson it t
young KngllMminn Ho has ollson men
under his direction to keop things In
ord r earn fr f the twentylive hnrfOH and
various vehicles and drive In livery when <
evoi they may bo required to do so Besides
< 10
sides thoso regular ftttaclnS of the Btablo thn o
are others who A services flIH occasionally
cullnd for nn tho blacksmith who iiiio n shop
on the furmn portion ol thai eitnto nt nn
pnsv wniklngdlstance from thotable n voter
man Mirgoon anil now and neMn n professional
sional harness cleaner who come down from
tho pity At present tho surgeon Dr Tlco
burst nf liny Hhnra Is In regular dallv attend
ance nt tho Mnbles acting KB Mr Johnsons
right hand nnw not only h looking I after tho
health of all iho I hors on thin ostnto but tak
hog Immediate chnrgo of breaking sovotal
Bplr led young bloods linpoited from Cnnndn
liou vldltnna > me to the barn In tho lib
Benc of tho family Mr Johnson takes Instill
aide Prldo In showing thRill mor hU cinartoiB
lie takes thorn frAt itirouch the 8ui > uiln
f Th MiThs1
V it
= B c Sj
when some prosperous ancestor set them out
In neat rows across the barren fields of his
estate Hlch Americans with all tholr energy
I and speed cannot mnko oaks outstrip the
oaturil ordor In tholr growth but they can
clear away underbrush mighty fast and mako
sold turf flourish whoro rank salt grass
struggled with the Bands before and put up
houses and barns and kennels and import all
kinds of running and fli Ing game
Ills just this that tho Vnuderbllts Cuttings
Hobertses and others are doing along the
Bouth shore of Long Island and sometimes
the descendants of the Dutch settlers are at I
loss to realize exactly what country thoy llvo
In I I not that tho wealthy newcomers have
Introduced a language widely at variance with
tho standard Long Island dialect tho vowels
n broader perhaps and strange words crop
out now and again but there Is I an element of
nnfamlllarlty in tho ornamental structures
tondonts office at the right of the carriage en I
trance t > a room on tho southeast corner of
the building which Is luxuriously furnished
I This Is the owners rOOII All the accessories
Ai alces
sories of this room from the carpet and panels
I to the oaken caldnpts uealnst the walls are In
perfect lasio and exclusively English In char
acter The walls are covered wit h colored prints
I of coaching scones und famous race horsoa
and their jockeys American homes and
jockeys are not repioaonted and the Coach
lu I Storm Crosslnit Lincoln Green I I
Too Into for tie Mall Coach reol 0
are of course representation of events I
on British soil All these
Britsh sol Al 1100 are In
teresting and Mr Johnson expatiates on
their beauties with as much entlmslum and
i line discrimination he could show had not
I puhlla coaching gone out ot date u generation
i before ho was born Itut the climax of interest
II lu the owners room Is found in 1 whip care
I fully hung among several others In one of the
tall Cabinets against the wall Tho shaft of
I this whip Is a slender twig of Irish blackthorn
four or live feet long the braided leather lush
I extending the length several feet further
It bears evidence of ago and use and Mr John
bal smilingly admits that it wouldnt be of I
jitj c
p J 4L
the massive stone gates and porters lodges
and moro than all in the wonderful vehicles
which from time to time startle the rough
country roads Everything has 0 British appearance
Is of British
pearance and almost everything Britsh
I manufacture Moro than this the majority of
the employees on the big estates wore born
subjects of the Queen
Amoug the estates developing rapidly along
the lines of English patterns Is that of Mr
William K Vanderbilt at Oakdalo This Is an
Inconsequential station on the Lone Island
Railroad named apparently on the lucua a nOl
lucendo principle There aro but two or three
email houses In sight and It Is not probable
that there will ever bo any moro for the men
of wealth have secured as much land as they
could for miles about with tha idea of ostrict
tug I to their own uses i is a dreary unin
viting looking place not in the least suggestive
I of the cultivated fields beyond the scraggy
much practical u = o nowadays The Interest In
this whip Is I sentimental I wan once tho per
sonal private bona Ihlp property of King
George IV Lest anybody might lonxlder
thl claim as nnocrypliul Mr Vanderbilt has
caused a cerlilluato alter tho manner of nn
nllldavit giving titH history of tho whip to be
lacked uplehlnd It against the back of tho
cabinet Tha other whips In the case aro
souvenIrs also but nona other bus the soil of
roj allys bund upon the shaft Another of the
cabinets contains n good stock of firearms In
the use of which Mr Vanderbllt Is said to be
I export On thu mantels are a score or so of
Photographs tho subjects of which are coach
I ing or hunting parties In which Mr Vender
bllt and his friends
bl Ind Ils UI appear
The superintendents room is nearly as large
us the owners aol ornamented 111 similar
way by a profusion of colored prints of horses
and coaches rue furniture Is such as might
bo found In any wollaupolntod ollleo Them
Is electric communication with the house and
by nn Inconious feature of a big clock I strict
record Is kept of the night watchman rounds
Thai system employed m tho ofllce is us com I
plete ai if the stable wore controlled by 1 cub
company instead of by an individual probably I
f I
g fTh dcL
i 2 U
Ii1Iif iLj
IDLE noun 1TAnLB
tree that surround the station A very ordi
nary road runs by the station and after follow
ing I for I short half mile toward the south
West the visitor comes to a beautiful stone
and Iron gateway guarded bv a neat lodge all
Mt In umone thu trees by the roa side This Is 1
tli lormal entrance to the underhlll pork
Tba gate doeii not afford nu opening In a hliili
Wall hedge ur any othur hairier RIO the un
Cleared rubhllh 01 the wood At preiTontTt lias
bout as much slgnlllcauca ns a bucket and
wlndlasa would have lu an open Hold the
bucket might b taken as thu promlbo 01 a
future well and so tho gttewny stnmls us an
Indication that by and by thrr will bu ll
great barrier set un along the botmlaii of Ihu
11511 to keep out Inti udern and keep deor and
took further along the road
within turtler on uloll same rOld
I another entrance and preparations are now
under way for a set and gateway which ills
laLd will surpass the IIrut
Once aoiosx the boundary thorn are evidences
cut oallul cultivation nn iilUldi ldo wind
leg avenues run through the ii oods croslng
beia and there open phiros that 1 already
imooth as wellkept lawns In Mich pm 114 i
tre n hays been planted In regular order 10
continue lore day the ihude offered In Ill
natural growth 11 the forest All roads tIters
lea 10 tu house but by making this PIOPIT
turns they all lead also to thn burn the IIOIr
wonderful nlng < of itt kind ever erected In
America I stands about 0 quarter 01 I miA
alt or he mnnMon dunked by the mutual
woods but with nn uxtrnlvo open lt at the
oxlenJo 10
sid lot lilA unlettered exercise of hturiuB not
hrenulred for wagon service Ibis I bur lb call
f d by Mr Vandorullt the Idle Hour subles
I Cost nearly fVlluUO and was built under Rite
dlreotlon of Architect Klohiird M Hunt ul 1 this
clty I Is a palace for horses and only those
SXuS bal blood are allowed to occupy It I <
az fc building I ol brick au4 caY for tbo
more so Mr Tohnon hai two Bets of printed
hheots for 10 online the work tortS by himself
and his subordinates This 1s a cOpy of one uf
auha a I I I 3 si I o 3
I I r I I I il 1 I 1 arrlastl I I l 0 I 3n aft I I S 1
I iHrrik I
tulip 101111
UmUwiy I
lliuLIi rl 10 neat
Iliilk ur 1 I i esi
llui Ru ord 4ml
Ilii tr >
Imir 1 curt tr Mine
I Tuny ittt fur Mho
I 11om
ii 1 ts rt I t
I Ikuif i r rent
SlKiiel ii
When thn fillY are At homo the member
who t nun want l make usn 01 nny uf Ihu t vehl
ties i enumcraied In thin abovu beet explains
hlo lid r ulusi ius lo tlm supurliuendciit Ilu I
lecords I this I un the I licot b ttll duwn tlm t
hour tlm ttylo of Mhlcle iimnna of horMS
names of those who are 10 serve nut grooms aflti
coachmiiu and any other information which It
may Ijodaliablo to Impart to lbs men Then
bo signs tho paper and a suboidliiato copies
the entries on a large blackboard i the stable
courtyard Tho blackboard Is an exact copy of I
tho superintendents sheet n printed above
Thi vehicles named on I an nil importable
now and there are one or tws others besides
which are not for family use vjd are therefore
not Included in tho ofTlclal list tloroforo
The other eot of sheets used Itt the Btiperin
tenaent are designed for keopng an exact
recoul of all tho nonea In the alible Thero
flue blanks to record dally Just hownucli eier
else cult horse takes what kind of xerelso It
Is under whose charge I Is taken whether
thova oilnnrt surgeon found nnuhlig wrong
with the horse und I BO what mmiclno or I i
treatment ho administered t nod whit food
nnd In what iiuuntlty was given to each ocou
punt of the stalls
Not all thoso formalities nro observed hen
tIm house IB empty Mr Johnson gives his
order by word of mouth unit tho stable hauls
go about their work without ornamental troo
pings lot Iho family appear however ln
top boots appear on this man iud jackoti
I with shiny buttons and In every avaIlable I
I Place In tho Btubles the Vandorbllt mono
Stl Situ freshly pollhod > is sot up
I The kitchen and meH room which corre
spond to this and supoilntnndent
FI > owners all 811 > 011111110nt8
rooms on the other side of this currlngu en
trance are vrull furnished for their respective
Una but they contain nothing of especial in
I terest to the visitor It is In tho covoiod couit
yurd that tho extent of the establishment up
pore and that thin olnboralo system uf tho
superintendents olllce Rom to be justlflud
Thus court yard I IIIed i with stone thickly
covered with haiti bark Tha carriage rooms
10 on ti lhor I sl hut separated > by f ildlng 1 doors
the upper > half of vvhlcli Is of glass All tho
vnhlclcs are nOl nnd expensive thu cost
varying from JMO to OXlen810 500 Thoy
Ire all of English manufActure too The
cntriiiBO rooms are so wide thut titers In i ample
space for let i hog the tongue of niiuli wagon rest
U ion I movable St and built for lie t purpose
Situ 411 give room fur n ptvsngowny along the
front Tho innst conspicuous vehicles for gen
oral use are thu cuaclies ami breaks They
uro lilted for Urn hardet kinds of roads unIt
cannot only accommodate several passengers
conilorinbly but tnko on u supply uf provisions
blankets and other freight lor Ditmrgonclos of i I
weather and accident All of those are pulll i
clenlly dllloient In pattern fr m UI1
made wagons and carnages 10 attract nlnIIOI
vvhnrnvcr they are neon but this uiOft curious
nllulrs In tho Btublo are I u hut urn known ua
skeleton biuaks Ono uf these resembles
Ikololon b18 010 If 1hO rOI1ln u
hit Llg tu e intuit must Y bo ivy i und strong I i
The other has lour wheels but them Is no ae
cnmmolutloii for pasongnra beyond tie
drivers sear which Is potchod about eight I
foot Horn I t the ctound over the forward axle
1 looks us if the bulldor hUll forgotten to finish
the thing Tho fore and hind avlos are con
nected by a heavy Iron triifiB or roach and
no box or wagon body rots on I This
peculiar machine Is used solely for bicak
log horsos Thu single skeleton brouk
ls used when n hoiso Is lo bo driven single
hnrncsH anti the larger Is used for span pruc >
Ico Dr Tlcuhurst makes turnout dully use of
the largo skeleton for tlioro ate many cong
blooded horses In he stables at present sonic
of which had never bean harnessed I olurotholr
arrival ut theii commodious quarter1 Furmera
In the vicinity are gieaily imlod by the np
penrnnco of the strange vehicle anti olteutlnies
stop tIle doctor to ask whether ho loft thu body
nt homo soul If so why and If not what In
tlmo hue thing Is uod nnt When tho stables
were opened late lust full hero wan no skele
ton rank I included In tho outllt anti when Dr
Ticehursl Miggoied the advlsabllily of pro
curing ono 1 Vanderbllt cabled t London
without hesitation and the next steamer
brought the desired nrtlcla
lflII II 0rW
On the south Ido of ihucourlvard and ho
yntid iho carriage room Is a large loom for
warning the cnrhigos and adjoining I Is I
horses bath This Is not sadly u tub but it
answers tbo samn tmrpoo A winding In
clined passage lands fiom tho lloor lovel to I
sink In one corner of thc room A liorso stand
ing In this sink could jet about ties over Iho
odgo 01 It Oneo doun there the stublo hands
turn water on him anti sci ub him nt will the t
water and rofusu Mowing away throng i dialns
provided for tho pur oo Tlieo rooms and
nil the other largo OUr In tlm building are
kept at I regular tempi ruture by stove
I ipposlto I Iho c lit lllnlo I to tlm courtyard 11
wide pusngo lending In tho stall The pns
pace Is llankod on ulthersldo byuvernl rooms
Ono is for hnrnoses I I contains not only all
kinds of sets hanging ngnltibt tho wall hit II
tall I IIs CIO in which Is a collection of 1ng 1
1 IIi at tile bits chains nnd I tpurs u Adjoining I
tho hurnos room Is tie loaning room lltted
with overy dovieo known to lngllh Btahlemon
for taking I dust t from ali or and 1 lor 1 making
slosh and brass gilten Ilko silver all goal
Other rooms are for bridles anil saddles nnd
the SYdtpm of the stable iso I period that I every
Buddie or bridle t r blanket or anything eln
pertaining to this euro and ue of hot set ha Its
special plnco Tll I I exit rid a even to ordlnuiy I
Btulilo toolsof which each eta tltYCC hut ineom
pleto kit here Is I oiihatlnoom for tho stable
hands und In one of ilio UP htuirs iiiiaitmonts
mollection of books lor thoir entertainment
and Instruction in Idle hour
At tho end of thu pa suga are tho tails
nine open und slxtoeu of tho bo sUit An Iron
ring over Ult BItOU slal boar tho name uf I the
liiTo assigned to It Natural woods have been
employed In I tho construct n of tlm stalls and
n modest rod la I thn t preva ling I i color 1ey I > nd
tho Ii liSt tlnlol room allowed for hor ° es and
workmen there is d 1 tie apJutunne 01 unusual
wealth All tho best modem anti inn us for
feeding antI grooming are nt hand and tho
brick floor I kept scrupiilouly clean Ono
feature of the furnishIngs hioti over suItes
cous Icuonslj I I a water trough of white
marble Thoro were a few bits 01 Ill In It I on
the occasion of the writer vioit
You may depend upon I saId Mr John
Eon V Unit I the family was ut homo there
wouldnt bo a speck of roll in that trough or
an o dirt anywhuru in I the whole building I
1 he horses ro lnglish too That Is they
were not foaled In the democratic Mates
Some ol 1 thm came fioni flI teat but t lie nut
jot Ill woid otitaiuud early this winter in Cun I
111n I Drlicalmrst want north with u special
1 uottttnltoti tosecuru a lot of hinh b ood tings
for the itublo nnd ever one ivns purchased in I
tho Uueona dominions across tho border
IIIIn 1rOb
I hoy Ira till expensive though 1 bolero nolod
I not I few of them bad nut I ecu broken
V Thl big barn docs n t by any utter h I contain
all of the Horses on Mr Vmderbllts ostato It
does not oveu contain a grunt supply of tune or
othor feud Dhectlv over the stalls thoiu Is aloft
loll In which is tared provender enough to
I last 1 levy days and thin supply is renewed as
occasion roiiulies Irum thu burns on the
farm which is blmplr another pinion of the
estate it bus barns of Its own which are very
extensive nnd remarkably well kept but
are not ornitO Iruund baa boon liroken
however for nu Irnmono etiucture designed
for the keeping or animals used distinctly for
farm tmri uses Hwillc 1 tabout 10000 i The
picture shows tho northwestern corer with
the ft f ion tin I perl > e < tlve I I vvns drawn from thiS
plans which havo been made by Arclutoi t 11 I
Ureen I of huyvlllo I i When complotu I will oc
cupy throu sides 011 iiuuilianglo over 1011 feet
long and nnarlv 400 eel deep There will
bo rmitories an i Irving nputmcnts for om
plutens at the northeaUrn end stalls lor
Stimuli horse und rooms for aim wagons ut tha
01 Ito r cud aol accommodations lor I 1 large
drove of the I est Ido I uled cattle t In iho t western
wing Tho low HCCIIOII of thu front lino wili ho
devoted to poultry I is Mr Vanderbilt in
tention to hu > o hero the llnul dairy uud poul
try barn und block In tlm country Iho 1 new
palncu for cows anti hens will bu completed
within 0 jour
Quick Work Dunn Hirpiun hy un Ailven
tiiruu > KxplorliiK Iuitr
ywn Iht heater 1 iiiiiH
To gIve you uo IdiM uf tlm I iiiiinhor of thin
rapids from 11 head uf the Colorado Hiiiir to
tins point iiciir tlm miuih of thou little Coin
llldo Jilt or u distance ul about ± 10 I miles I will
hay Hint thoie uru just t 00 nulls not counling
small draws 01 nib 1 u und Hum leo H I sire lo
thiH point adlstnnco ui eighty miles thuio aro i
just I I loo rapids I uhuvuiun the greater part
o Ibi onu hundred und pnragod hut lew and
over many of them our boata have danced und
jumped ui Urn intout lii tooth miles pur h m >
und over sumo byiicttiul meaiiiemont at this
late of toll miles per hour fur hall u mile at
n time Mnnding In the how of uno uf thu
le I t 111 as aim goes through t ono of Ilicno I ihuiob I
with llrit the bow and Ihul ihu stern jumping
Into tie tilt us aim shoots from wavu tovvuve
with tho spray uf the reukura dualling uver
ones nead I something thin iiMitumuni und
faclnnliun uf which Ciitt ali bu understood by i
being experienced I
Thut pint of Marble Canon from Point lie
t I suit or forty miles i down to I iho mouth of lie t
litllu Culoiudo Ilivui is I tilt 1111 I must bciiuu
ftu tilt ii IltulO1111 I canon wu Ii ave jot pa > ud I
thruiigh At 1uliit Kutriut lint marlilu trolls
Btand up perpendicularly 11 I feet from thu
waters edge vvlnlu thu Bandsono ubovu i
bum Los buck In I slopes and i hit I t to jMl feot 1
high Just beyond this this can it I
1111 JU51Ie011 11 CII n is nuriuw
est being hut u little o or IOU feui vvldu turn
wall to wall wnllu tutu ri > or In places at this
btage ul water In not over ultv out wide Ihu 1
mu bio iiipnlly lUiH HI Ii Btiiiuls In purpii
dlciilur cllfN 700 lu MOO mot lugi ulorod wiili
nil ihu I tints of tun rot buv but inotly tel I In
many places tuvui 1 11 Ihu t ItO il la honey uiiibod
wan I u caves cavorns inches aitul gu o tu tic willi
here aniltheiu UI ituial btldgo lull from OLO
cu lug to imothui in king u most giotes mo and
Wundurfiil plctinu u as our llttlu I I I boaiH glidu
along thai iiulut lot thou uf tbu miter co many I
hundred lout below 1
At the foot of ihoBo elms in rita y places aro
fountains ul pure bparkling > wider gu > lung out
from this rtCkltl onu i laco Vasboy B Iaiudlfce
fnvcitil hundred cot tipthe vnill and dinpplug
down tinting shrulibery turns and II sot ut
wdim of I vvich nvun at this limn I 01 Ihu your
worn found In bloom llolovv this I for sunm
dUnuice tire II number uf th sn luiintiiihn with
lurgu pulehe ui maidenhair Inrrib clinging to
thu I wall I llnccn I t I to twunty fist above tlm rioter
green and fio < h us In he I monih f May and I
with the sparkling water running down over
them limy mako a moat charming plciuro I I
Our I weather Ii hut huon I must t wonderful I
thruiigti lie t wholu winter Thu 1 thoimomrter I i t i
has neier rciriHored ut r o clock In thou mom I
lng I lower I tlmn t a cit t t lout r ii grIus 110YItoro
and In tho bun In Iho mlddinuf thu day lias
icgllurul I a high nut si vcnullo degruea Uu S
hut I tu hi utti hut ono suow sturm down In I t Itt
carton nnd ono rain lbs sun bus shown
brightly nearly nil this thus though for eight
dayB at one time I never shone on us wo being I
under two shade of the cliffs 1 the time
i TIE BALL OF TIE 400009
rlJ1T IN nun rontt
A hazes Dnnccn n NlKht nml tore ot
Ward MaAlllilcri Hunnlmc ThfmThe
OraBd March d the houllul AVallx I
All tho ballroom lights worn not turned
down In New York when the morning of Ash
Wednesday dawned nlthoURh It la RIte fashion
to conldor tho prnsont a llmo of social gloom I
Tho 400 may bo repenting In snoLeloth and
ashes for its sins of omission iitnl commission
but tho grout 4UOUOU nro kicking up theIr hoots
nnd swinging their partners iiluhtlv in ncoroa
of ballrooms nlloor the city just nsglnotully
as though they bad never hoard of Lent A
I ball of the 400UUO or ot that particular
1 ion of It that may got together In
niy particular ballroom nt otico Is In
Bono respects dllTorcnt from tho Id
I trlahhs and tho other bnlli of the 101 tho
I enthiblastlo vigor that Is the outunrd toomlng
of a soijiil good titus Is soon nt both but there
i Is a god deal more of It with tho 40000 than
I wItu the 100 Its much easier to srnnco
j around aid do ns you ploaso wlion ycu nro
I i only ono llto drop In nn ocean of 3l9JDothor
i folks and mijocly cares what you do than It Is
to do the mum thing where tho spectator are
llmltod to 399 ind every ono of thorn kiowa
ion and Is won rnl what you will do nen
I i takes about 100 parsons to make I lively
ball In tho nmkfof tho 400000 nnd thoro are
nbout twelve lively balls in that clrclo oorr
night In this week Including Sunday Tat
moans that thoro mitts be at least twelve Hc
Alllstora and not leas than ten Stuyvusont
1lshes I for the if 1 detractors
average dltrctorr runs very
nearly up to that of the ° ccossoa on duty k
this city constantly ovondurlng Lent AB n
matter of fact thoro are Tinny moro than i
dozen and ton of thpso two social oliaraetors
for 0101 y Btpirato ball of tin luoOOO has Its
own McAllister and Its piutlcunr Ilsh I
j 1 ±
IV I t I
lli II p C
C n R I f
I tt d KI
It 1 I
1 1 t
I Ii 1 1
Ijlf I
1 t1 t
> 1
Tho McAllister of 1 ball of the 400000 must
bo tho 1rcsldont or tne loader of seine social
circle coterie or club of young men formed
probibly lor tho express purpose of giving a
picnic every Hummer 1 ball every winter and
Incidentally to strike tho candidates every
election tIme A dozen live young fellows
clerks mechanic or oven merely toughs are
enough to lorm such an orgiiuuatlun Leader
ship Is attained in it either by wealth brains
or lists Wboru clerks form tho mot of tho
cub thin fellow with tho highest salary leads
I when toughs arc the organizers tho fellow
with tho toughest reputation and the freest
lists Is the President provided always that ho
has tho gift of gab and a certain Bhrowdnoes
in the management of his fellow men and
women which Is necessary to the McAllister of
the 4UOOOO not loss than to the hero of tho Now
I Years ball
Early In tho winter tho suclnl cub picks out
its data for I ball and by u email catdi deposit
secures a least uf some ono of tho scores uf
small I public hulls In the city for hoe t night it
wants I 14 I neoossary to bo early about this
for numerous us arc the halls the applicants I
are more numerous vet mid late applicants
must tako tho poorest hulls nnd the lojbt de
I sirable nights Later tha club has a meeting
and every member is elected something The
McAllister becomoa floor manager with I
authority to wear at this oxpene 01 tho club a 1
very large and gorgeous badge The next
biggest man la made chairman of tho reception
committee ant thu club provides for him a
badge second In gurgoousnesa only to that of
the lloor manager Ihu 1 other membeis mo
electo 1 chairmen of minor comml toes and
assistant Hour manugersmembersof the recep I
tion committees und soon with authority to
wear badges dwindling in glory and impor
tance down to 0 simple knot of ribbon three or
lour inches iuaio < with a gilt star and bUYer
tassels Oily the smallest poorest and least
Important main burs of thu club will put up with
bo inodoat badgu as that Honiotlmas there
are not members enough In the club to
go around among all the offices and
then outsider friends of thy moni
berH ate taken in to hill iho vacant
places They tire expected to contribute
something In consideration of tint honor con
foiled upon them t liesides paling tho deposit
upon tho hall tutu club ban generally ninnaged
to HIIVU up ciihh enough t > pay lor I tie t hal gui
that It the Imp taut point lveu ii lie ilnb
treasury I is I entire yomply however the CHBU
ltroy 11
is I htlll not hopuluiH thn bal may still go on
for hittu I gut manufacturers may bu found 1 who
will take the order Ii the abplrutlons If thus
club limo to gorguuiiB that the badges lust bo
made to order und agree lo deliver his goods
on the night of the ball if the money Is forth
coming I hen the liner manager reception
conimlitco I u and olhf whuupect lo t we ir the
bailgMS hustle around ami sol as many tickets I
las they i an I I oioto I Unit I night tu lenaially I they
i > uilly I ruth It lii I this tit this money for the
badges In I Ibo hlLlicst cm les of tIm 111011111
I however this t method la not consldciod iro
cibuly iiiebercliit t owl nt to thu t tuiui itt hit ion It
places In I the t way of hue I gettersup t ol iho t 1111 I
to become lorguttois t all I about it I ufler u they
liars raised II Ming suiij i I I ol monov Two or
throe liuli incidents of this Miit tire likely to
bleed coldnuss In thou particular circles
coldnls < II 110 Ihlrllullr circlol in
which thny occur
Af er this badgu iiiiosilon Is Bottled tho next
thl I th it 1 union up fur Ihu consideration uf
the cluli Isthat l ul diens suits 1 usually takcs
lit Inlhl l t one fpeeial men Ilu to I decide that
H unotlniis thcio is onu inuiubor who OWIIH a
Ir hull of cuuri liu It ututtot hut ned that
dre > H suits mtiit und hhiiH lit 0111 o tIer of the
night for all the mouibuis uf tho committees
and other olllccru u ii itt tier be curries his
nolit or not dojeiilrt upon his Influonco with
this dull I I I I he Is l tbe t Piunliltint or leader drf N s
Bulls go and tbn other let lows huvo to beg
borrow or hlie thorn for that night or oatoli
tho grip and I unub lu I attend J the mom
ber vvllh tlil dress Milt Is only nn ordinary
member hovvrvur thu i intent I I It orluury I
rlonor Theii Is I a t 111 rid longing on Ito I init I
of uvury onu ti t tutu tin dios HIIIH but the
ivpnniour luring t them I Is J a Mtrlqim eon sluiela
tiun im ialso I the le Ir > ul being laughed ut In 1
their Una cusiomoi gurments Olien the mm I
tl 111
ler Is ouinprotnlsud bt un order that the t Hour
manager and ChilI man must tteut tire suits
iiiid that thu I others may dp as they plunso
Uhrn druss suits mo lot Imlnled nnytulngia I
tie Ijieur from n sack tu u n fruck coat
hun all these thinct huvo been settled
eonm at last ihu night of 110 I bull and Ihu
lloor niinau II > and coinmitteu arrayed In all
I he glriii of gilt and kilv r ba Igos union hand
loreelm thnrguust mid cut that thu limn in
thu unIX olllco duesii t utkii with UIB fash I I
At lo oclock catty birds
II cIOk Hume lldK urrlvu but it i
isneiulyll I boloio enough tickets hIlts been
bold tu wuublo Lbs couiuilttce to pay the pro I
prletor this hnlnnco due on the lull The lights
are then turned up nnd tho floor monngers go
In and Inspect the dancing > hoer and see that
thiS music is on hand No ono can appreciate >
tho llmliR to which human dignity can attain
until In has Boon tho Ward MoAlllstorof a 4011 >
lon ball walking across the dancing floor lust
before tin music IB to strike up for tbe grand
march Theio Is I an oplo poem In every stride
nnd a throovolumo novel in this lordly wavo of
10 lordl
the hand an ho knocks the ashes oft of his
cigarette When thou IOlmlIIOI have con
cluded that t olI thlol < Is nil right und havu
laden the nlr with tho odor nf their cigarettes
otor Illr Cllnrlos
the lloor manager takes root his vest pocket n
Street cur dIvors whistle hInd sounds u shrill
I blast hover Kodurlck Dim blow a moro
effective ono On ibo moment Ito mimlu
strike up and from overy door nnd stalronse
d me pouring Into iho empty hull young men
111 In
with blackleg brush imuiMiichos nnd cigarette
complexions and young girls averaging sturdy
anti healthy worth t two to wIt on an average uf
their I tui tilt companion I ii At hi rut I thoy nil seat
tor ulinlossly aiiout tho floor and Bit awk
wardly In the Blnglo hitS of chairs nlmut thin
walls but in I lew moments m another shrill
blast fiom the will tie nile eniiplo always tho
floor manager and generally I either tho
handsomest gltl I In tbe room or the
ono with tho must gorgeous drops somo
thuGs looks and Bomotimes dress governs
the cholco stuit niT on n walk around
1 YMlkIi
the outgo of Iho room Other couples
fall In behind them nearly regardless of order
except that tUtu biggest badge generally gets
tho biggest girl nn I presently thu vbule com
pany Is matching aiound thus hull After a
circuit or two the t lloor manager antI his girl
stop In I Ihu I centre t at ono end turn and wheel
to faco the opposite end where I young man
with I big badge I but without any girl htuiids
In u 100 ul IntotiM dlgnlt exactly In the con
tto of thin Hide end lovrard him h the t loading I
couplo march followed by all tho rest It Is I 1
trying tiioinent for this lloor manager anti his
girl ivory eye Is upon thOII IHllllOr head the
Hue Btrulght down this centre of the hall nnd
nt least hal the eyes are envious ones glory
Is not without Its disadvantages oven in
the moment of its grcaost rlutnpii As they
lour tho inteuholy dlgullloil young man
it the other end be stretches out his
tight hand with 1 gesture that Bays
M plainly as words Ha villain this tInts I
hive you In my power and the lloor manager I
Inmbly drops this arm of Ids partner and
marches niT nlono to tho tight lly another
nation the toting man of dignity has pent the
gill to tho lo I t and I Ho rest all I t ohiow tutu tho t
gents to tho right ladles to the leltas tho
rnitomcnt w < uld ho oilicbdly described by tIle t
JOUIK man in charge So they mulched
uro mil this hall In single Ills and afterward <
under tho direction of tho sumo young man
tangle themselves u in various Intrl lOtS I
inovtmonta similar to those of tho nmnons In
joinl opera from allof t which thy u are success i
Villy t I inarched out until I I llnully I hey swing
nroutd Into very rugged lines onto of f gontH
aid the other of Indies reaching dour I
nciosB hits hall nnd In that way they mutt cii
doon md 1 back nnd then break up Wllh mloh
cbvixiln of hands In iipplatnu of themselves I
Tho raid march in I over uud an Immense loud I
is I roiuovl 1 from the minds of the committee
lunch f tiom as can get looo fiom their t part 1 >
ners go own stairs to the bur take I drink
and say tht the bull is a howling success
After the match the progrtnimo of dances
01 ens with u uitt hit rIll prolmro I vague sug
gestion uf tho lunciois about I I I nni IUIUO I some
Hints of tlm I Iltz the Idol tu tchottlscho
and I thin tyit the ul t Hunker Ulll I le Et err dancer
ha evidently learned the art jo j I uei orate
school at u different time sit thrrfa this lush i
lunulilo 1 movemenis t nnd vuriatiou of t lie Iist I
tu oil nor uf I I ccnturv itt o leproititad t Tins
certain dhority the
gives I erlall dlorI tl llgifes I hero
I however otto iitidorhing urlnclrio that Im
pregnates every movement that t tnhe nce
hlty ol kooi ing u moving I 1 hu11 h d < ihut t all I
t tie tine lien a coti rio loigot I I vvlut comos
next ur are lull out In I the void m
the tangle of the llguie
111110 flul they simply
grub uucti other with n tort of u wild vvulUy
grab uud stunding with their fet oll to
gether whirl round nnd round us nut IH u they
can go This is culled pivoting anti is I tin
evolution from this Id movement uf bwli ing I
partners Ivery oncu In I u while I some cuij lIe V
whit liars got hu far uway from their owtset I
thut thor 110 lost track of lit entirely or
have been standing by I watching until they t tr
I tired I I crab each it tier and HI > ot out Intu I tiu
inUldloot lie t liar In I an Independent goai I
wuploao little wult Tho iiiiadrilio dancon
tuko this aa a mutter of cure and stand 1
usido vvhonover thoy bee such I meteor coming <
Whn this various sots have becouioso thor
oughh mi tuil i p I Unit over > body lluds himself
with sonic othor peiaons partner the muslo
stops and the 0 I lOIS make a break for the
Boat VHsuuti us the miiblcluns Imvo piflpil
nround t but boor thov u start up t again this Ime
with iHbivv Johnny Jones and lime his
tor hue or count other thrilling wnltx His I
only a moment boforo the lloor is I ooveicd with
whirling lUploH Ii I i thoro Is any place whoro
his I young people of lie t loliooJ atu i non oct h y
hit hOlo II hut In the vvuli Ivoiy ono of thorn
fpm i ho Ward Me U 11 I tutor and lifsgli I u I down to
thin llttln tot who got m f oo pecauu she was Rite
tilth aslat butt lloor managers tlntor cot uut
on thin lluor nnd pruncub junina und whirls
nround with soulful enthusiasm that makes up
lor any la ul grace or rhythm Thero is room
fur overs body in thu wuhs uf u RIte 400000 No
ono need keep out or tear of not knowing
thin latest style uf dancing 1 Is ijultn
thu thing hot ono co pie lo puruo
tho stately clupod hands high In tho
dlr I soil ntih and I balancing whim
Ilrl swinging In1 ulIllcll1 movement I it
right I near allot 11cr I Ii tIe will h Im I going it I In
double nick movement snuggled up In each
others nrins SD closelv I I tliui water couldnt run
butwoon ihom Another fuuirltu polon Is I
that of ireamy cuddling In wbh h thus couplo >
I vuapoach othor f I theirinn und drillbluwly
nnd I nlmlessb about with I an expression of in
Unite bibs upon > their luces
Naturally thll frcoundnnny way of tvaltilng
loads to frniuent collisions pspocliilly II tlm
mr 111 Ihelv one und thoo me ninny of the
couples doing 111 t huiricanu netthat is I
usuarthtig lit ut flitS tlll or tie I hull und rushing
to tho other as at us limy t can iro whliling I t I I
nround without un Instant eusnllo To
danio siiecesfully In lids t thy Ilio couplo must
havu Hiillleient eonlldencu In each utlm to
Irusi enlliuiv t vvnj 1 itt and skill to gut 111
th lough Mifolv Then they must grab niello her
v or v hind lid hold on Ilhl 11 111nu1 three
111 I hOl 1 H solungiis 1 hoy slik close to I
guher und dont lom their I monientiiiu this
lluur Is I thflrs Nu tnt who hiai I lint seen I can
npprc < intu thus shock wil which two bodies
thus I ntittio sot II plump i Into I I dihorgnnired und
loosely lilt < lied couple > 1 who have fulled to see
them I coming I In I case his t oilier couple are
hiirrlcino Haulers ton and arc going ant tho
collision I If I f limy t sirlko fllrlvl N I h urrl 181Iw
when thov t simply hit I gliilieing blow the to
nulls I u put curious us ouch loupln being a
piii tloullv solid body I iti able to I slldu off un
hurt Collisions I liven ROt ru onus seldom
beur anv fruit I t bmund u momentary dUcoip
llturc Ibay are 1 part of this enjuj mont nnd
aa fetich urn taken nultu as a matter
of course Any ono who bucanjo oaender I
and manireBfed a desire to smash some ones l
nos because this some one bud imimhod iho
embrace of his purtnei and hlmolf would
iltilcklr be Indo llrlnPI dltlnetly out I placo
on such an 001 anlon and would probably llnd I
convenient to try nnd got himself Into his
tiroper place or at leaMinto some other place
than the ball as uulcUy us possible J hut
cop detailed by the 1ollc IJenurtment to I
look nHei bale at that particular hall and
spending the greater part of his tim looking
niter lho piattlHst girls over thu stilt railing
upon which he leaus cherub t ash ion bun no
mercy lor u gent who gets mud simply boo
causa somebody his run into his girl
After the music bus plnvod about 1111 f way
throuuli an ordinary wait II MOPS Btiurionly
nnd I at Ihu t iimo ti inn all I tho dancers begin to
clap their bunds vigorously und k on It up un
til the m n tlo inrH ugalli ami hut wait Is I Un
Ished Nn ti el I reitt hat uut orchestra of lie I
KKlillO I will plat 1 waltz all through t without
this oncoro biinmes m tIle middle Once the
musicians used lo t pluv tha t IIIy and 1 I alit I
to an oncoro nfivrvv rd lndoI i tlm duiuslou u i
that that t was the least that t they euuld do fur
folks I who applauded l I their oIl o ii 5 so Of
lotirVe 0 cry tt all wits emored und tho mu I I
sicians bad to do double vvuik They tum I
bled lu t tho racket several years ago and be
gun to take tholi encore in thus middle Instead
uf nt thin end
iJurlng thin little rot after the wait the hoot
managers nnd I c < tuu ni itt us in u ii tako tholr t Indies I
of down Hinlrs tn rot I drink and the ladles
who are not Fortunate pnough lu have budged
partner sit around the wall and criticise fiioh I
Ithit rut trsl Thole Iso too 1 much uf this I I
to do tut ua I rule lie costumes ore not open
to criticism Thin tore usually very plain and
Blnipto i probably the 8110 U8111 li lii oat cases that t l I
tho I girl wear to chinch u or on tho t street when
they want t tu leel I 1 dicrtMul u up tlO Occu l nit I y
there will bu gay ribbons or bright colois but
as I rule tho costumes tire iiulet and in ex
cellent tusio No ono moro than this wrklng
girl knows how to dtoss u tip I I to Ito t top It of her
menus und still not mako 11 cute of horsoll
Anthonv u Comstuck would pert Ii of soul I
Bturvullon If ho had to put In his ovonlngs nt
balh of tho 400000 iisco Itt die sos are till
but unkninvn und 001 whun I girl does ven i
ture to cut nvvny a little Rite nock of bui dress
It I Is I never to show mo u u Hum I n piottv t throat
tutu poihuiut this Vhapud beginning of I
Btiuvvy neck Very ocuiidotially the t arms url I i
cnvcrod only with clime und unco In I while ii I
little I I section of them t inuy Im I left entirely I bro I
but modoiiy rniilil go unveil d 1 mill 1 ninjury
put by her glushes for all I I thotu t t IH tu hock or
satisfy In the dresses of lbs girls ut those bulls
ot thu 40HI100
Other waltos anti one In n long tlmo a
fiundrillo lollmv thin first the beginning nf each
aunouiiiod by a slirlb I t blast nn lie t whistle of
tno lloor manager Kuch succeeding da coup
to 1 oclock m muio llvuly and vigorous than
the last After lie I llrst two ur time I Ito I
gonts llnd I nCOS811 y 10 BtulT handkur
Chiefs Into their nocks lu preserve their collars
fiom willing and thu faces of 1 tho ladles he
como IHirliod mitf DII hut nobody mlnd
such a llulo thing as porbplnvilon mid thu i
d 110 wuio iasiii und Inner wIth eaeb turn
Not morrlor and merrier huwuvor for It
would bu u mistake lu speak uf I any of thou I
euitTtaltiin UH me try No mutier how last
and IUeli the movomentB bocuiuu thuio IH an i
tilt of seriousness ahout everything much as
might bo wom by u lumpiiny uf athletes going
thriiugh their exercises for this benellt of their
health It Is a rare danuH that I is Ihely I enough
to lilt tho burden of dully life and bread and
butler getting from the minds I of tlioro I 41 I tIll I iOu I
Their social ooins seem to t be for distraction I
and not for en oymont They plunge iuiothum
with this nbuiiduu id duty linked ut hu It nee sal
ty ami not with this reck ess carelessness of
folks who lies no business but to enjoy life
With nil their whirl ng and huuulng and rush I
ing thai novur seoni to forgot that they are do
Ing It cccJiuo it hIs the proper thing and nut i
bcrnu v tfiev t rout i v like u t it
ly I oclock the caios of the dnv bosln to sot I
tIe down heavily uguln ihtyl l d 1 weariness
hut lags u romlnder uf thus ocesl y nf sleet
before I eginnlng I work Aflur iacli I wait It
can bu seen tnat liciu uru fewer loll lot th <
next Thu toting men without am gIrls rhto
Ii lit 0 been hang ng about i Ill I the veiling t ci t
itri onTiis glances ut thu t more fortunate and
doing IwMuyvo VisIt act in thin cunuis undur
the B airway vntnro out ami lce Ills moro
cant leuire Th y wait with eiieh othei
Suit uukit clgarotteh openly put u i n lit tot r hats
occasionally I yawn and sit around with thoir t
bands ronsplcuoiislv in their pocket Thnlr
demeanor clearly Indicate h that t thuy don t
think much of this bill h an t hut vv I reiiuent
vilis I to thn bar or tu thu I phuu t where the bur
would bo If I f it weru Invvful I I to Im t I u a Kirnncn I af
ter 1 oclock du not Improvu their condition of
mind ainl along about II l oclock vrhon tlio mti I
iI Inns I itt e plavlng I the t last I waPo I thoy I very
likely swagger about thin lloor with their bnttt
on or join minds I I tin U suIng iiuloslyahoiit I tho
lluor In Iiilglug lu talk Im revert of gen eel
Meimtimo tn lloor innnuuiis and commit I
teemeii huvu carol ull wi lipid up thulr badges
inissue paper and put them t lualsty itt their
pockets to t bo taken home un I h > mauur oil aa
relies HS Vunl 1 MeAlltstor mUht prureiu a
moiliU nrwcnted tu him by uciuty and with
tliolr girl on theirarm IKHO left tlm bull I to I l > s
fate not vvlthuut a curtain tool nguldep csslon
roiiHOQuenl upon thu kiionle tao that thu utfnlr
has rue Sllil I 1 t Iulutid paving i nxpennes und
that tby must make up his i dill iunc > Some
liovv Thou thu policeman tolls this man In
ubiiig of tlio hall I I that l he gneo il I I tlmo to
unit the light go d wn the musicians liulllo
off with tlii Ir InsLiuiuonts In hiuoiod tutus
nnd green hat and t u h tlu t last t onvluutt h rnvoln rn
tumble out t lino t tlm t stloots t and ill cit in I groups I
of two ur thus lullim at the Ward MaAllibtar
uf the occasion and at all his asnlotats
nn 14 LI CIA V IIAX 311us
A Curious IndiiKlrlul Field Hint Amerl
ciin luiiltal ulll < untiul
Thn UIK it lutes or uzulioilt ilcpoplts of
on tcrn Ciullcla which a syndicate of Ameri
can capitalists hao loaud or purchased tald
p M Fox of Pennsylvania who lucontly re
turned from tho oil Holds of AtistruHtingaiy I
foi m one of the inot cuilous hell of indus
try imiglnahlo Tioy time ut and around
hiort slate which 1 ulbo tint centre uf the cast
orn oil district of thut hart of AustrIa Tlmy
buvo been for generations in the osobslun i of i
1ollh Jews of tbo moit avaricious cla who
have worked Ilium in Ihu most prlmltiv i
manner The wax lies in bed like clay I i
nt depths of fiom 150 to Coil feet 1
Shafts ore sunk to tho beds Thu bldos uro j I
curbed with timbers I t but In I sucli a i attics
i nnd unclentlllc way that they are constantly I
i laving in and bu rot ii u vvuikmun in tie I the othus
I lom four tu MX moil niu Killed I u i ii this h way
evsry vveok flit owners of this mlm poislt
enly rfiltisutogutotlmoxi titus 01 mikin thoir
shuts t safe and tbu I laborers limo ut ilmir I i mercy I
Jhn Horyluw wax Hold Is tilt llltya ro In
oxtou and upon thai 1 0U slinlls hut o been
Bunk Tw < kit thiiiisand meniivi an I wo k ou
t hat trutJhii wnciulllKulnpuhi n tilts made
hut ruis ti fortune t from i thn I trout t lib ll I Is I
vcrv viuiablc l > ringingi lit I i cunta pound at
tho pitfl i Its I t use until I within a ovv sums I 1 vvua
I conlli ted solely to t null I tug candle u I I but tho
muni old ues tu which parillu IIIIH boon
ndanted hit giiri this I lullciundupuit a much
vvldur utlilry ihiuu 1 region is intensely Catho
lic und tidY ilii > V4 uru mstuntlv OiCiit rIng
upon which occulons vast iiumberH of ci dies
itO iisud rio ouk rit lies In vol is sixteen
inches I thick I It I la dug t out t t i t with shoves ami
raiKod from trc t hliint t with I I u bin kulu and I wind i I
luss Thu onneis are bo only mereia is
bankers and hotel keepeis in thn region
rverithlng is n urtaed to ilium Th 1 nun
shave hItch beau leaving only u tuft of hair
ut cacti teniolu Ito women ills i shut tnidr
head warning t I i muluilr wigs instead ol their
nit utruil head tot oruituz
Thero is i inuru m thin prlnntivn Hold of min
eral wax paMug into thu cuMiol nf American
capital I than i uppenrs t on Ito h htirfine Thoxi I I
dpolslniM e tier oruh in nu snrill degreo
xvlihotliA u market lur American piriMlnu In
llurnpenn inarkut and Mnol I an parnflliiu is
an Inipuiluiit product Thu men who will con
trol thIs I tiileliiti natural paraninu uru uruatly
Intnrestcit in the Am i can ortlUciul paralllno
and they Intend to huvu the uiurkut in one way
il thoy can t In another
Theutrlritl Trotipeii AttHehed In SI LouIs
A R6 Ulll u lid III history
ST Iorih Mo Fob 22 Hovurul of thus i
theatrical troupei who played horn lust week
hud occasion t unwillingly ont oter varIous j
minions of the lair Yllbon lltrrett on Katur i
duty night found himull iiiluchud un Ida nets
for llHjO given to alloston 111 m of llthugruiih
ors und show irl tutu t ut He I I paid I the bill i I under
protot cliilmliig that the worU sum to him i
was not sq till h to tlm I humpe I
On I tho sumo night hut louts Iuntusnm I
cumpniiyH etTHots wenattuched t I for a lull I t I I I of
only Ii I cla mud to be duo nut u that lu rented
by theIr manager about V ivvo jpiim uio Tiiu
ittl utthi men I und costs hull rut I up > I > An buur I
nller ilm bill bud htort l > puld u leeelpt iui the
ninoiint dated two v luSts ago was louml I In I thu I
tnnalras safe Hut It was thuu too lute to gut
ridiess SLid the constable will probnblv keep
lIt ti I
Ilinry Loss Buspsct company won tIm
tblnl victim Thuy tilts carnlhtutul for lijft
by Man iger Iltl nf f Thicug the Luuduaids uf
tIlls bitt and n hotel keep T tlm bit m u putting
fuitli t an unpaid I Mid bill let < dtled and
tliotimio I wen un iholr wuv M t i uil m
famous um > ug the t itriiul pe d It u for incidents
of this rather umbn rusing nature
Huymoiid tn lip Ilp fruUef
Itos hit u
Vhoti Jolt It I 1t103ttlittitl nnilioil b I Jut VlIfltlfll
stint a summers sojourn In nglnnd I ho
tiiuiinte I thu wholboi uf tlm t lender niioiit to
CtutirVt Mm lu hit Me lilt un t trlking n I
tin nt n 1 nliiidn I n i il I In u oel v I V i
< Jilt Lir lound cool puuplt I ll I t in ul jig
land I hero t Iti n nun woman or child tu u whom
I have not given tuppence let him nowapeuk
or ore vs r MOouftor t t hold hilt POICO i
I Item uiu vi Vt i concourse of natives upon
tbe vbarl h but tol vyerp 6lout
xiii iwnnr jnottuia IIKALTII OF
Till Ullll 4TTKADJT
I They Hid Nat llnve the Grip antf They
Itnrely itacu Any IHnnnoNlne liner
n lIst hi nn Awlully Hot 1lneeThclr
lluhllM and Their lien lliiarlbad
If rlenlillncs Is noxt to Rodllnfsi then
surely tho Turkish hath Is a templo of liollnesa
anil tho nc lytofi who administer Its sacred
rates arid my turles ate InJeed worthy to be
canonized as Biilnts Torhnps praying In the
deuit fur thus sins nf liunmnltv or bolng stowed
iluwii In boiling oil la n moro plctuiesiiuo form
of nmmnlom tlmn dxvntliig nnn8 Ufa to the
purifying of i i Ilid cuticle but vo doubt much
If tho loMltig uf f tlmKcrubblng brimh bo not
I uitlitu its intent for this practical good of the
rites as tlio counting of lieu fit utlet rosaries in
uxplatl Hi of sin
Tho continually Inironslncmimbor of women
who froiiuiiit thu h baths baa nocos ltntod n
curitspondiiig In nuso In the iiumbor of
women who titLe up this peculiar employment
I Of thoBo womou 1 athirs about twothirds tnko
I tint batlm with nl wtoriduvtni their llesh or
at loasi to tiot out n furhor Inoroa La aoIr
I dupoU inoit uf tho ruiiuilnliiu third aro In
spliuil bynilntornilnnilon hI ticuuuhre more Hash
and a Binall unlit ngont aio actuated bv a
laudailu ami Ition to lo i really as clonn and
sweet us luitnlng ruses newly washed In
dew It in n y bo rather interestIng Informa
tion to the Htout ones vliu remain In the lioit
and steam until fairly parboiled that In one of
tho luitlis up town there U un attendant who
has boon In u dripping perspiration nine bouts
n day for three years uud yot she would make
a fair showing In a dimo museum of fat
women Tho ambitious xcrawny ilootoos to
the bath ttould haidly bo ulieouragod to see
In nnuthir bat It a alight slim little i clip 1 I of a
woman attendant t iio coiiBliintly In I the t heat
w lio would iiinlu a good auatomkiil model for
urllstB or physic aiih ind it iild need n Uucen
KlUabothan ruff and ioMinteun MrlngB ot
pearls tu muiake a dtuollot thu cuts becoming Tba
flashy attendant shuns the Htout bathers as
much fin lOCltIiO for thoy Imnilably ask her
why she doont got thin In tim biilhb nnd are
inthcr Inclined tu bo tllhcciuingud nt her an
swer which Is always oh It Nut natural to
me to bo thin
An arulo howivcr the atteiilnnts are vigor
ous sturdy hpcclmons of vielldovolorod
orannbood with o < tuhitt > llrmAolvoty flesh
falrcomploluiis clear blight ores and grout
lilt I tsical strength and otuniranro homo of
them have not been Ill a day In tenor fllteou
jours though Uiui trot u cuustunth in lie I gloat
hpit uiihthulr I bare foot con limnlly In eon >
tact with trot lloois antI ihuli dnsscs dump
from the ipliibhlugol tlio wutor Iurliuini this it
hornet trig of nn titus utulioli of the survival ot
the llttost as u worn in not well developed and
naturally robust ennut ndur > thin isork at nil
tint makes its befoiu liar superior hut vigor
at the oirwn In I the bitlm deood
exclusively tu vvonnn the attundanis go on
duty at S I oclock and lomalu until i I su t They lay
nsido all Ilothing hlion nml Mocking nnd
hip a little cotton town idling only to tIlt
knpesnnd i low about Inn t hou ilcri vvilh t uo
sIssies ouie uf r the litllo Ire ts are vet y
rh i < ci it i out till allairs i of Kcarlol which I contracts
hanplly vvlU the I cloii vvhlt i i I it lloili ol I throat
and I limbs itt In rt aio u f blue with baby
waists and gulden skills i while mo oartlstlo
Mill lire tho vvbltu I I dri u I prks u modelled I iflor u hiS t
treclnn Ihituii < lapod nn onu bhuuhlnr
falling tbuiiiii below tutu nthrr aim to laseu
un tin hip and lull nput 1 dovn the side again
hit esery still It requires u hiindtomu woman
to appear really I vvell diohud I in u Hint CtRU the
und 10 t bit mu Vt nut t its artlitlc I beauty I us well us
agruatiial t of I till hitusS to lit clolhud tound i
nbuiit with In audition to niuko it beem strictly
cuuvMitiunal und I cant title i I
lioUh tin bolts if the b it IIR Is curlyhaired
Irish Wrl vvitn tot t wuvj hair which twiets
and klnkH in closer tings I a th tcam and V
heat grow inoiu md iiuirn lnluli > nil > le who
Wi lit an nrlgiual u and t I iincuiilnln little I I suit of
Turkish liWils Tv o knnttfd V n tho hhuulilor
b > tivo cot ticu a and tid again Inlow the other
arm by tin OPI oslto Ioiniirs fo m tho boillie
Two mote tied by tln > c tiirtt on tich hip
make the pitiloit I VYhnn sheiant cnduru 1
the heat inothei iuhtunt the takes a hcador off
into th tliik tavrt until him c cot off loins
out glowing u and laughing I anil 1 gos at thIs
hTiibblna iigiin wIthout the preliminary of
changing hoi r ilro s at ail uluiply wringing out
Its Irlngo ulltilu I
In I lii t h itt ut us rnrtaln InIPS i only I are set
npnrt for luditn tlm attendants tlmn of sorties
is hlorhi lasting tiilll 1 oVlcj k or a little
later I Thu hiit of the room through whlcU
t hiujy are countintlv I I passing Lull runaliii in
iixualh from Hill I tu 17V I nnd ihu t IMiineriuuro
of the binall I bathrooms In I tviu bIt nil I their t vlg
trout work Is uioomplislipd is or rliould
bo yO In nnii of II e l > uie t bulbs of
all tim mnsbigu and iuiubblng Is all
dona In this Jluhsiun bath whoro tho
hteini arises In such white clouds
that tho bnthiii is itluti Cit lillY oiiedandiuvil
the In th other occupants ol thn room ills
perspiration poliih i > ll tne attoudant mueli
moio Ire ly I thm t from this tilt tier and Olin oni y
utIIf < hr > tins durinu thin litimid huts la an
ocin I al < nick illp In ihu plunge
Mi > n the mail liilliiooiiin aio uo 1 tItus
att1 iliin stands upgii this wit stonu Hour nnd
toil t inr i i rshei t i liorous I inimago fioin vvhlcli
mum u W 111111 wlnicH hut Ihiougli which clue
Is i inv noritad at tIm oxponce of the rubber
Thehiiul t binft and maseugo coin lie i oh hue
atleudant turns a spny upon hint patient
this water rniiuuindy giowing eolder
and dir doll ivvnllo hho Is h < rnulf
Inadrppmg pursiilrulun an I receiving tho
liocohl water u only I on itS bue feet as it I I lovvii
across he Hour to HM opening In this tuttle
hoiiiotiniis the patient s a 11 undui a shutter
of cold t wtter and as m 0 worn n scream and
krink ind gisi at list tho atioidant flutist
hold thorn and get Homo of tlio co d diliimmn
horself I neiih liiJkhor h put em away In
warm blnnko s vv iu t > tli lCu ii ii rot t noil her
html imlng flitS and liurnos back Into the heat
logo ihiuiiuli tie t Hiimn peiformnncii again ad
libium MI uuefinnuri II tIne of feuiluln
Ityiniervv rk lli < iuhyworn I mtheoMiumg i I
thu rightoiiei ihu ne iouis und she must
havojiiM ihu right thing to MI > jntt thu on
coiirigmg w d I the hiiblu llttiu bit ol Ihitterr
ri > nii > inlng iho i llgui ru < i u lIlly worded l rt
It give eheii u tlio iinllnillud patleneuand in
vonil I in uf u moilior vlth a lot of cross babies
tog vu tliolr wtokh h bith
I hetliisj i j woiin n ur i usually I the moat dim
cult I i tl t I Mith to tui mIne lo though they go to
thu baths iT I hits I lu mle I pui i I 1100 of boring
oil they aim at Invariably Iniiht on having
mure wino aiiorthebatli t i U I mar and In I making
but II a Rh lute aiioiit I Ii I i that i herd I nothing elsa
to I do but to I glvu It to them I nnd 1 lion 1 Ltu uud hut
them t Ino I n cab and pond I them I horn Ibero 1
Is however les dilnklng duno than for
inerly for tho amount of wIne sorted
hills bonii rcstrl led I < > n CDtiipiirathwly
hiirmlons minimum and the superin
tendents am i finliMiiilly on tlrj watch for
women vho ellIott oidiiuccn of iTevluim i Illio I i
tIon anti alvaii Inl mutt hitch a woman that
hot I li lit C no cmpn t I taint and ciinnot accom
modate her Moro nrbinary riilea cumot ba
niado roncnrriing ho HI i nine of wine for
ilivslcluns tic nonll insist that theIr imtients
thallbivo It ihougli thomanigitrHOI the baths
deny the I mieoHMU t o of it i t and lalui I that a bath
rightly t I taken I shouil I bu so Itnlgoiatlng I und
itlmuiirlng In it Cl d us tu preclude the
titeul of otliui tlm luit
Theru Is a trnlnic school wheio women may
lourn ihi I I it iiiil tUcit mutt prlurlplosof this nocu
liai proioxtiio gilt II n Ilitlu I I I Idea uf imatomy
and tl > o p u isitlon of llul orguun ac < iuire the
motion of masngu and the uu of mtdla ue lu
aSS of KiiddMi umergencles hut thus lost at
tonduntsn c ihu t ones hi ilhiteti In the baiha bf
serving a Ito t apprenticeship as waltrosHBs
and learning the modus npurnndl byobnervu
I ion and practice ou lie i other litton lantB The
wigu are hut S 7 01 f > i weak > ill t thn i pop
ular attenilai t tliluli moru than t dnulil
that amount in luex from thin bitlhuiH
Sow Hi1 popular attoiilint la uoi tha
bandiioiiio ant or i ilu I most roduod
and liiilligunt but liii muni powerful In ap
pearance ihe most MLOrons lu rubbing and
that too p > one of this renons why dellonto
looking we ttu cut nru never coon am ng ihant t
tomlants Km erliitiiidents will pot hire ihtsutn
as butiier rnfui0 ti t bo HI rved 1n them Vhuu
thin last patient ba i rep i ill > od an t poundad
and lnd nvriy In ihu I hoi ihcuU thru hits girls
have n bimriou kind id hath ill thoinie tot
IOu scrutus inutli r i ijill i icy V ly i mop ythey f
Itt t utu 111 HI I do b tlm I cod cliuvverh and ivrlin in
t lie cool p u1 in tV 111 I I I i ey 5 am enliriil I i t su ru story
inllnllei I I mill pnri1 in ih > edthen t I IheydrehE t slow
ly and unlk home uhiiro lho > usual y lie down
for an hour nut u hourly wholesome most and
every isSt lao ol uear nes vanlahcs They
raroly knW n siai a iimni take cold itch
dom eontraet tlls S5p no matter how prevalent
and Hi < em log u > v > truce with each aittlil Ion
lit years w < ik I luirlng I Hi V reconi epldernlo
pone of lho I aliendHis I > ltto bitlh wore nllllct
ed Iiilt a il In i PU or thoy hud ito II fitly
Iliathey I t wpre on duly t t even day Vi I ho super
liiiniiilcnt win mueli iiirn seilously III than
nny uf tlio I it onieii who Muml on thu wet floors V
In I tho t to ui ttuluuih cut apartmonts In thalr little
dump thin dresses
Dciitli of u VulimMn llftlce lloc
rnl Iht c lumiui lit
PLAIN rin u Jim tim thog < that
fni n slu I I tliv i w r In wli cli this I i rVIM
sItu lui I hI uiiidiug I u in i n tiglilfoot I wheel
tolls Bhot josteidny by a firmtr alIt look him
fora eheustu dog Joe wa known all over thIs
rail ottho country Hod tbutiiunds have called
at the Jiniler ofllro to HOD thu dog at work Uli
Taluu to tile master wits about f JOy

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