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v r r v J n V rV j UjJMJ I T
r = =
I =
Th rhlobl incc lof hs K ndkli t lho Fifth
Artnnt lumphulitj brlht Uncthtnlni Ibelr o
itnnent her > Ai crljintllr punntd Ibor we r to
Ur In I tOWfl > onlj a fortnlltit for MuMtr Frobrata
b dpr < p > r < d toxni Ihem M 8tn frtncltco Itnmcil
11 l lr itiward ana without a7 stop on lh wsy In
v rde tbtt tbir might plr an infirm month > 1 thi
e Ool 01 tei but the crowii J and dIlhtI audlinon
al lb Fifth Areim all lut week and lb
maitac uU for iU tor IbU wish mad a
capital ground upon which to leik an tittn
Ion of tin clir ttizaitintent and toll DM ben
oaoled h Kendili Ibrror will remain unlit
March 8 and II Ii 1 IIk17 they Hill not us a vacant Mat
j t tb Fifth Arcnut during their 111 for ther ste not to
appear In New Vork avaln this rear Tomorrow night
they will give the lint verfortnsice In this City et 3rd
e7 Orundr comedy A Whit LU This domritlo
> laj wa flrtt acted In lbs English prorlncai about a
Tur 5k0 and wai tried br thi Kendall during their
Baltimore aiemint lAst oernber Born of tits
t nrltwiri abroad dlieortred a iuf iMtlon of Hill Wa
tin Ron tbsp I In Urundri pUct bat It wu not Tlrld
t oourh to com nndir tin bead of mliapproprlatlon
Th itorj doll with lb married lit of Mr I
Jutin and Lady Jrolnniz the latlir a uT and
Tolatlli woman who li I led Into a flIrtation with
tho old lover ot her brother wife and hat conHdante
tai > Mattniux bowtrir li I ipartd from Indlwreilon br
l Titllancaof henlilerln law whos letter or wirnlnt
t the dUhonorabli lullor fails Into her own bniband
had forcIng her In eiplanatlon to tell the whIte Upon
upon which the play li I bMed There are the usual
critical moment before a blissful climax li I effected
unconreallonal tale the of the Kendall
In IbU not UDconYDlon1 th place lh KDdl
will eaillr bi dlicorered On Thursday night The
Queens BbllllDi also br Urtindr U b acted At
I The Lancers II was Died at Uallicki worn year
I mto At the oloie of the Kendall enfagement he
JlSerlOD ad Florence will appear
The CasInos rerlral of The Grand Dnchei which
feai bien beerd many times In New York but never on
the Oailno stage prointiei to be a careful elaborate
and dimmed production of Olenlnclii chirmlni opera
hoods The theatre will not open until Tuesday In or
der that tomorrow Inst be ud l for final rehear
ale t All that stage art and larlib display can do to win
success forth work will lie put forth He Grimm h
Ind new coitumei Ooatcber hai painted fre h
DoM the brushes ofYoanv and lali > ted bat a
alao been Died upon the new canvauei 1 will beeafe
to look for spectacular feature and on of these 111 I
known will b a dliplar br female fencer while an
other li I a sabot dance which the clever 8
feerran has arranged lbs Grand Oucheti I 1 to be
Imperionated br Lillian Huuell who bai been reeling
lines last nednetday night the better 10 prepare for
the most iacllnir role l she hai ret anumej Fanny
Rlc will be th llarxto solomon the fen fimim Ua
belle Urquhirt the Ila Dick Carroll the Baron nut
Max Lube the ITince and henry llallam the loving
mu If ha opera it all the Arouson rxpcot there will
l be no other at the Cailuo before warm weather
A rrlclo auon has been 10 Manager D17
hand for nIlon and curtailment and very likely It
wl bo a gin inbustle anti entertaining merlmnl
during Ito remaining nibl The 0ndenI or the
farce and lb economy ot time between the 0t1
b tl UBffU for a new short piece calad Tbs later
which has been rendered Into English br f I Egan
1 from the French of Irancoti Copppe The Stoddard
J Lenten matinee at Ptlji start this week Courie A on
1 Thurvdar and Course 11 on Friday The flrit lecture
will be upon Tuo Caul Bordered Rhine Xw views 1
are promlied
No question of Improvement of The OondoUeri
Since It went over to Palmer stage t I possible The
opera has gained In Its musical sense most of alt I for
th newcomers In the cast sing admirably BlUingtou
and staple r tlrslrate comeJLans too and they bate
been able to cause laughter without very broad de
parture from Gilberts tell The opera hai had 14111
fled audiences line 1 rhaollltatlon and all the sue
ecu wIth the w rk deserves will now be realised In
tbe reorganized cast the Americans are Frank Uavld
Cora hurtle and lon Leighton and all thre are useful
I personages
There wilt come an sod of M The Prince and the
raupe at tue liroadway with 1 Saturday nights
performance which will nnlh a1 ek etay Dr Ibo
ply In title city I has 10 Its I credit a good degree Dr
publc approval with Elsie Leslie chiefly concerned In
i the ard Two weeks or blrlnl will follow anti dug
I log Ibm Alexander anini mar navo a cuince v tnt
I A Child of SIlt before a New York audience Tbe
t elder baivlnl li to appear In familiar rOles Title fort
I night of notable prowl wee arranged only taut week
and was the result of a couceialon of that much time br
the 1ilnce and Pauper management
hrdner floienfeld newent and strangest play The
Fteipmi Stonr will be kept at the Standard three
weli longer DurlUK that period with the aid of
cbunxei lu the cast smoother acting b all the players
and a heroic rewriting of the now obscure portions of
the text ties drama may be aamewbal redeemed from
Ito fret night incomprehensIbilIty The aibor u
JI Iaittl that alCclory ruldr rhan1 it ii sin
h cu1arl roloJ by an IIdIII fret prrurmne
lie dclo liii faith 11 11 work and hiS
determination lo make the play understood
and appreciated br the public Frederick
De nelleille and Sellna helter are now In Ibo cait
which li I thereby greatly strengthened and Ibo mem
ber who were regarded a satisfactory are retained
Whn Thee Stepping Stun goes from th fetandard
Vanager Hill will bring there till uw liar Cora tdilll
In Carletoni melodrama The Pembertoni Play
and actreis leem to have deeplilimpreued the public of
Albany during the paul week
A MadIson Square uceas The Burglar flndilu
tur tothe llarlitu slag this t At the leautllul
llammeritein Open Uouie III li be
Jlammnlin Opr 10uo lure to appropriately
repremnlAd The company of Matthew 0 buiythe have
been plarlng Ibo drama over an eitetiilTe territory
t Ince they left town aiH there has been ainbitautial
udoriemeol of title cltyi favorable erdlct Their
ttrit uptown engagement will be likely to gel an hoiuit
and generoui lUtport Manager llammenteln contln
oee to put forward toe beet of the eeuuni venture In
drama and musIc He deserves to L aided and encouraged
aged by eiery playgoer In Harlem the cut or Tue
I Burglar continues u A H llpman SIdney View
Jamei a II 011 Jr J I E > erham J I fahewell
i Miuei Sidney Armstrong llllve Klnddard and Gladys
Kanlcln Drew Little Juliette aged a yeara Pl
y < lAa In the lust act and the yearold KJitha In the
ubieQueut ado U Imperdoaiiied alternately by Almee
Stoddard and Value bgar
lutes Cogblan come back to town to morrow night 1
fight once inure the death duel with Jtxffimj persecu
tor the bad Prince Vulanl Sue will be welcomed
tecauie site hat an eitonslve body of admirer here
before whom she bus not often appeared In recent
leMon rite lies 10 directed her tours that they Ih
her away from tew York 1 great deal but there should
fee Consolation for her pilgrimage In the tmwledg
that she Ii I Illteadlly gaining frlendiat large and that
Pier rank and Imporlauc ai an actreri r
rapidly Increasing In I Jocelrn her brother
Chances itroug drama Mln Coglilan bai a picturing
and forceful role weI I lulled to her personality and her
Bethodi of acting At the Star lait year She was touch
liked IU the piece Her euiafement at the fourteenth
Direct U I for two weeki Her company It I almost
utlrelr new the leading actor being John T hulllvan
who It I pleaiantlr recal ed here while In the other char
acteri r plareri no favorably known as GI I leonard I
Luke Mariln P T Webber lieen Bancroft Frank Lan
t ir U 1 Edwin the veteran denies Dunn and others
Nat r iondv In Is 1 the Grand Opera Houiitar thli
week lie revive A Gold Mine end he said to
daem that that comedy In I good enough to last a reason
or two longer At any rite btrele Mackarei play
Cot Tutu liiibeen I put away Indefinitely noudwlu
I a favorite on the rut tide and the Grand will pruha
bly bat no vacant lean at any lime during the week
Isabsile Coo tIlts Prank McKee the new leader In the
Goodwin support Ic an actreinof attractlv preirnc
n much taent Th Stowaway and Robert Man
tell are near at the Grind llantell will repeat hli ef r
I fcctlve imneriouMlou of the Onlcan Ltrof hers
I Mill Frank Daniel comedian wboie drollery in a
ceruln type of character wa long ago male mmilfeit
In title city coined to the Irk Theatre this week 10 ro
vice Little fuck a iligbtly Satirical farce evolved
t from some InrUniti II t I Aniteri novel A Fallen
Idol lnll baa already performed In Ihe piece at
another city theatre and I li I remembered ai an enjoy
able It frlvoloui entertainment The come < han playa
two parti 1 unruly boy and a Wall Uriel broker Ills
company itlll be i Beiile hon a tmiom and lively
t loubrell a < lu thief member and for theieisir rolra l
Kurt llaverly tie ex mlnitrel Loulie Killing of comic
> opera eiperieuce Arthur Moullon Marie Illltnn Au
Delta Zlp and a chorui o pretty girls Thl Broad
way ten of Little fuck may last several 1 walks if the
public Judgment U favorable
i GilielteS stirring war drama Hed by the Intny
li to be lb reoplei change this week In lb Bowery
ai on Broadway this well coniirnoted and Intereitlng
I play lie found enthusiastic admirers In large numbers
I wise will 100 although Its usefulness bai been
severely lined br long and la reaching tours and by
numerous vulti to town The fortune that WIt
cleared from it Is I being added to yet however While
the tlay mil carve at a model for young Amwran
dramatist The cast at lbs eoplei names well known
actors A making up Ibis oui of lb two troupes travel
t Hog with lb piece
The Galley Slav an sirllsr pliy br Bat Camp I
bill I and one that I I not often acted her will Ve repro
duced touorrw night at Ibe rtlndior III theme li I
sure to engage Ihe sympathies of a Buwerr audience
t and If all lb actors prove couipttent the revival m
In a great deal of success Frank Evaus and Uussl
V Forrest who r In the original call of Ute drama
j a la lbs Windsor company and t are Theodx
ii 1 slMjlltonanl i 111 L ai ajjuarlil 1 0 J
1 slosh acton bOW be rapabl ant popular Ada
Clayton who 1 leimi to bl a newcomer on the city
stage ant Esther Lyota who li I not lo strange heo
r also In the ut Evans li I largely responsible for
th drama present tour Jeffrevs1 ewls 1 Joined Mm In
thee venture at first but she hai retired from the com
pany a the recoil of disagreement Next week Nelll
klcllenry will play Greenroom Fan at the Wind
sor The following week will see apiece nsw 10 tow
In ° The Shanty Qnesp which has bad a varied career
on the tDad 10 far and two or three loubrellei to play
lh till roll l
The second Hartley Campbell play on the eeit side
this week Is I tTh White Slave which ll I the offering
at Jacobss Third Avenne The company I usury 0
KenneJr and ll I headed br Mar Newman Mri Ken
nedyl who pleps ilid the unfortunate heroine Plies
hew man U I 1 earnest aud Intelligent aclreis with a
numbsr of city successes accredited I her In Th
found her best opoorlunltlei and
White Slave she has he bOl opcrlnII
for two or three years she has starred In the play The
audltncts at Jacobs this wiekar sow ti b large and
they will moil likely see an evenly good performance
for next week Ibo Third Avenue will hav Peler r
Baker who bat been starring In butch dialed comedy
lines 1 Tom ron left blm lie will appear In The
Emigrant Atttr bln A Bag Baby
While The ConntrlFelr pursues a course of nnmli
takabl prosperity at the Union Square pleasing every
body who sees II and often bringing the same auditors
to the theatre two or three lime hell Burgei continues
lIe Inonr the wealth
tinues accumulate wealth I among ulh
lest of American actors tt his quaint play retain Ill
bold upon New ork favor another Season ai lie con
Odentlr expects It will he will b ah to retire alto
ether It be should choose to
fish Is the 104lh week of The Old Homestead
long term al the Academy Still there li I always 1 a good
looking audience each night when the curtain rises
on the story of Josh MICOMO and his erring boy The
Acidimy will have no other programme this season
Properly t dignify tomorrow nlghti performance of
Shenandoah a Iroclr TnllblrJ Street Thai
IrIb south representation of Bronson Howards
drama In this city there will be distributed souvenirs I
of unique design and useful character Thy have ben
devised by Stage Manager Roberts of the company and
they are likely to pleas 1 who may receive 1 them I
The cast will have a new am tfiitrrAW tomorrow night
In Joseph Ho land who follows frank Burbeck lu thai I
role l Burbeck rellrei from Illnesi Holland hoi been
playing the pan in th California production The
Proctor run continues evenly and successfully U can
last oulr nntll April however for Stuart Hobsoa comes
to Proctor that tune to try An Arrant Knave
Neil Wednesday the Lvceumlwlll have lie first Wed
needarmallni of The CltaritF BalL This innovation
of an eitra afternoon performance starting almost
with Lent does nol Indicate thai tue admirable theatre
ll much affected by the failing season The BeUsio
and D Mllle drama Is I strong enough Indeed lo combat
with any season or observance
Aunt Jack will be acted forth 135th consecutive
time at the Madison Sqnarenext Thursday night That
will be a splendid and nol often aurpaised record for a
farce on the Madison SQuires stage t or on any other
stags Indeed But It will do even better for It will see
lu uoiu performance before II li ready to leave town
Al the piece grow lu endurance lio Importance and
value of Agnes Booths presence In the coil become
more marked She is I almost Ihe salvation of the piece
Tb Cromwell Illustrated lecture at the Fifth Avenue
the Long
Theodore Thomas orchestra concert at
Lyceum a benetlt lo trank Glrard at lbs Mandard and
the usual afternoon and evening entertainments at the
dime museums are the Sunday stage diversions today
An estimate br rita Set that Thi City Directory
would last all the remainder or the season at the Bijou
will be verlned The farce has 10 far crowded the
theatre to 111 utmost capacity ever night and lit Is I n
easily credited boast ot the management that great
many seats t are being sold three or four weeks
ahead Pun long and dance wisely put 10
getber and cUverly executed will alwayi win
with any New ork audience John I ItusselL
The Cltr Dlrectoryi manager and W 8 Slul
laly the orchestra leader did a great deal lo perfect
lh framework of the farce and the comedians easily
did the rest Much uf the singing Is I above the average
In pieces of this tpe and fladle Kirby Ullle Hochmera
and Maud Wilson r usually encored for their eeleo
hone Iloia franco replaces Marguerite Fish In Ih
cant this week From time to time the playeri will put
fresh merrlmeut Into their work for Rus ellis sagacloui
enough to know that timeliness and novelty are Impor
tant factors the lucceu of latter day comedyfarce
Lent has not affected theatrical amusement to any
appreciable degree This Is I notably tie t case with The
Fenator which baa Just completed Its sloth week at
tbe Star The fiftieth performance will be given on
March 5 and the occasion will bo celebrated in mo
M The house win be decorated with Sags and Row
era Every visitor will receive a souvenir of Ibo night
Crane will stay lu town until May lu
The orchid show at the Eden Huse Is I In full bloom
and such a bewildering and brilliant dIsplay of bcatitl
ful llewer baa never before been seen In this city
Many additional varieties of orchid which were delay
ed In transit are now arriving and serve to keep the
flowery kingdom freehand fragrant Beside the many
arletteiof orchid there are hundred of rare fo
nd DInt of other species brdetyl > acjl Hungarian
orchestra In a veritable doral forest discourse choice
music at regular Intervals each afternoon and evening
The Battle of Gettysburg never bad more Interest
ed or appreciative spectators than those now
Jennie Yeamnni will lead f attorl variety show this
week Th 5 li 1 her farewell engigement this country
Bob Mavln Harry M farker and his performing dogs
Musical Dale ths IJavlses Dolly Howe I J Canary
Newcomband Mohammed Frank U and Lillian Uhlte
the Brothers Wems and the bisteri Come are faktor
carmenclta the fascinating Spanish dancer Is I tore
main another week at hotter 1 Blal Garden hr
h dtlnhted large audiences with her bewildering and
graceful dunce movements She will introduce some
new steps this week A lengthy list of specialty people
have also been engaged Among the number Kath
ditto 11 hoc late of The Natural das company
and wbo will I make her lint appearance on the vaude
ville stage Jennie Valmore slnirer HaDler aM I a
slo ba performers the American Mars comedians
Watnn and Kievin vocalists J l I Hadcltde ALIcIa
Paul Semite aud others AOla
Iosiarti Sitloci ic I very popular with Ihe Ambe an
dlences and another opportunity to see It will be afford
ed I moro night In rpOD In ageoerai rquel
On TueSday Wednesday anti rldy SIllmnn will
sing In Die liChen fcbbn Thnud7 Ion
and lurDla will play In Emil 1011 anti on
alurdr Ibo versatile Ial will prell b011 In
three characters In lohol Irrln beg oUzel
bpon and 1lnrlob 10n
Ususr llyaterleo sst Oorlaa tloietiwi
Something of I ninth modern wonder ban
been discovered by Manager Jonn I iJorU In his search
for the curious and marvellous In nature I li I centred
In a joung and comely woman named Myrtle Corbln
who probably porltnes Ibe mol remarkable pedal
formation or rather formations of any living human
being Mie Is I a veritable uualrupedal wonder having
four perfect formvl legs and ferl all of which he cues
Inordluarv locomotion lloplte the superfluity of her
eilremltei Mlsi nrbn Walks 1 run and dance with
almimble grace and ease and Is an accomplished
woman withal cot attractions at Manager li hones
Eighth Av enue M useum Include Cbirlei Lonlne contrac
tloulsl Jtntl ocationlit 1ler vi hart a iitttlttees and
legless vvhlttler fruf aimer glassblower cOd Tenas
Ben and his wife In frontier scenes fandoliih 4 Uuv
lord e comedy i oinpany havd teen engage to give the
i nr lo I
usual hourly stage performances m his Harlem house
Manager lions If place on enhlulllon In tite curio
hails the famous transparent man the Albino t a ln
fitters u white bearded cc i > miiu and a tattooed lireek
The Lafuria 1 feed company of vaudevilles will ou
GUI 7 the stag every hour
Intrre > tlna Little People
The nsBomblaao of llttlo folks ut Worth 1
Ilubsri Ialac Museum will contluue thraughout this
week Irlncess Iucr who I now Ibe smallest living
toman II I a pretty little lot and seem lo eliuv the
comments of the ladles who visit her In large I numbers
every afternoon and evening SIte s scarcely rl l
Indies I in height del In I Ire lIlly formal cWIr I a
miet face sod her bright coca are lull of life andev
pressinG r > he lalke pieasaiitly upon nil ordinary nub
lens and is becoming a popuar pl I ul Ipts I who
I slande ttllliosl an Inch Htid 1 u rrl taller than the frill I
cess Is I a lively little rniuflian He lances graeeruiiy
but ought not lo be allowed tn sing A be cant d < i b1
Col Fishier another little man WOn alwate lies collie
thing funny to sav Coturtitu lore Fool and his sitter
Queena are too we I known tu need any Introduction to
hew > ork amusement seekers Last In Ilrudllon the
muff colored clo n midget Unto UHlUm lr better
known u the Turtle Hov This In In lie the Ian ble
the beautiful Mm horse Tie stage shows during tb
week will be given by the faiace specially company
A Nnvrl Knltrtulnmcnl
The trndltlonal ttorlpa r llrdln ancIent rAt
catchers who by means of a musical IIIIO charmed alt
rodent and caused them to come forth at tue will of
the player are about to be practically Illustrated In this
city Ai lIt Gaiety Mu e this week I hal iebtunlt
who came to ibis country from Europe short rIme
slOts will display his power lu I thli peculiar direction
Manager MalUck has hired all lie small buys In the I
neighborhood to Imp ru for htm und lra ly I ihe col
Ipcilon is Ume ht lilt these I animals Mr I iiebhurdl will
perform and he promiors i 10 harni i I ttiein to such 1 i to I
grta hot they mao be huh ci uu hunt od mil I lellrd
utvilll II will i res > a c irou i > < iniinvaiiiin In I museum
interlair tacit i 1 lie half man half horse will be at
this house II U week This is I a curium reek wl nature
well worth seeing The stage ahowi will be given ltUr bylbe
Paiaci UIJou specially companr i
llualaraa at the Grand Museum
The attendance at the Grand Museum on I
Grind ilreet near liii Bowery I steadily on Ibe In
crease and the attractions ottered by the management
are unusually good and far above It averar generally
seen in uim Amusemenl resorts In I e curio hails
several new freaks and a num rrof nuveliiriaiidiurioi
ar on exhibition A gnii rouiedy company and a
coterie I of well known s ecialtr people lute ben en
gagid lo In hourly performance Mi lower stage
coil In the theatorlum a suliab ruelo4gam will bepre
NaIad Try af irio a at TIIIU <
There will be flvo perfotmaNncas at the Metro
polltan Opera Home this week Instead of tour flora
day evening being let apart for a special representation
of Norm forth benefit of Frau Lehraann Kallich
Nol a little aurIcle has ben eipreisid by many ot tin
Prima 11 donnas admirers at Mr partiality for 10 ancient
and unWagnirlan a work on an occasion of this
orl but th Indication r that In a
materIal sense at any rate The choice will prove a
fellclton one The announcement for the remaining
nights ot the week promise The Trumpeter of Lack
Ingen for Monday Itlentl for Wednesday and
The Flying lulbmn for Friday Al the Saturday
tnatlnt Aida will be the opera
Mr Thor will give hli usual 1 Sunday concert at the
Ienot Lyceum thIs evening and MI Anna Smith whom
thi bllli describe as a Norwegian prim donna soprano
and Master Otto Hefner are to come forward as out
Master Hegner will play MendeKohn I I minor con
certo and Plies Smith he I In sing an air and variationby
ItumuieL and two longs of her native land
Falter the Viennese cantor who died a few week
ace was a thorough musician as well ai a linger of e
traordlnary gifts In a letter written by I lift and
quoted from In the London iror a the virtuous n
om wrote of Hebrew music and singing
after hearing Butter conduct tbe serviceS In
his synagogue ai follows Once and once only
have I had a vision of what a sublime must
cal art Hebrew ilnglng could be made It the Jews
would manifest with 1 the warmth 1 would deserve
their Oriental nenliu This vision t had when listening
AI Vienna to the cilebrited Suiter who In till position
at master cantor nitire cnunire nf the lynigogue iso
acquired a reputation alt the more Important thai It li
limited lo a Ircl of rare connoisseurs
Rome telegram recently received from Madrlt an
nounced the arrest of the tenor Marconi The story
now current pull a different construction on the affair
Marconi It seemi was arrested at all He had been
ailing for some days and he was so shocked by tite
death of Uavarre that apprehension was tell I
thai he niUht take lo High In I ths hole of
escaping the dread lufluenra to the consequences
uf which his unfortunate associate succumbed
As Marconis departure would have necessitated the
cloning ot the Opera House this manager appealed to the
authorities and two alguazlls were detailed for two I
da > iand two nights to watch the tenor dwelling aud
frustrate any attempt on hli part to leave I the city At
last accoun i Marconi had out como his fears aud 1
was serene again
Afire the new tenor who has lust appeared with treat
success at the Iarls Opera House was formerly a ma
chlmst at BalntChlgnan In a festival at Narbonne the
Mayor of that town noticed tile voice and proposed lo I
bear the expense of the linger education The official I
g neroui nfler was gratefully accepted and Ante after
etudvlngln the coniervatorlee of Toulouse and Paris
was engaged at this Urand OPt with the gratifying ro
suit recorded above
Iaravey the enterprising manager of the Panic Op > ra
Comlque announces for production no less I Iban flee
lien oeru Uanle el Beatrice by tludard Joel
by Baroness Leguux Itoeenlecker Ondiue Casing
flIer hormaudl aud Beuvenuto Cellini by bier
The IiAlUn papers make known the death of the I error
Arthur tiytoti presumably the lame artist who sang In
the United Matca some year ago They alan chronic
this demise of the dean of Spanish composer Senor
baldonl fcaldonl wn born In Barcelona IB07
Nat Goodwin I telling strlei with his hat very ra
over his eves to a lurroun Jlug group of Admirer tu the
Hoffman Iou every afternoon He ie I atlll th moat
popular of the younger comedians and he ban brought
bark a dozen or more new siorlei from his long tour
on tot town I mar not be generally mown that Mr
Uoodwln U I one of the most enthusiastic admirers of the
west side of New York He bought a house on Wesl
End avenue when he married about year and a half
ago furnished Itjthroughout and always lives liters when
ID tOwn IIho lie ts on a tour Mrs Good In looks after tIe
town house Itt is I a beautiful brown stone and granite
dwelling And It cost Mr Goodwill about forty thousand
dollars He hue already received offer of seven thou
isnd dollars more than he paid for II Tho west side Is I
growing slowly Harlem Increases much more rapidly
In popularity Peopl who are willing to no as tar up
town al Seventieth or Eightieth street prefer Harlem
on account of the lights the thorough police protection
and the admirable markets At present the v est side Is
neither up town nor down town and IB I a rein rkably
gloomy neighborhood after 8 oclock at night A
good many ot the men In thai quarter who ston out late
at night carry revolver
KHralns defeat and his other sorrows have set pople
talking The Ba tlmore pugilist seem to bi a victim of
melancholy according to the stories that are floating
about He bai toil a good deal of hli Interest light
lug and lie has not that wild and exuberant now of
iplrlts which occasionally distinguishes the soviewhat
erratic ills of John L SullIvan When Mr Hulllvan
feels sad and gloom ho engages In I a large and usually
rather exciting encounter with hU rfd John Barley
corn mien he I happy he not Infrequently Ion
through a similar programme 1 u I onlr when Ins
temper equitable I that b Indulges In I philosophy aud
abstemiousness but these violent shadri of life keep
tie Boston slugger In whjl might be called a good men
tal condition Kllram on the other hand according tu
til companions Is I giving way to a sad and persistent
attack of melancholy He Is I not quite eavage enough
for a successful fllier
The o ely of society women lo achieve notoriety
was plY Illustrated last week when Mr 1 F Colder
received a letter from a lady In fit Louis eucloslng her
portrait and requesting the editor of Once a irrrl lu t
publish It with a biographical iktlch of the lady ca
reer In society In a postscript sue offered tu Ir any
price that was AId for the service The photograph
was returned with apollte letter saying that
rturnd 110110 olnr II money
could not influence the selection of portraits of social
leaden In any way the folot lug week brought an
other letter with an ole to pay Itlt it ihe portrait
wa placed on the lint page of the par No reply
Wan made to this letter bul the applicant face did
not figure in the gallery ot M Lout society women
which was lubsequently published Women are po
culiarly subeci tu the Battery of published portrait
New Yorkers who lake In Saratoga for a whole or part
of their summers outing have been speculating ai lo
the future of the Urand Union Hotel initial village
now thai It has passsd from the control of Judge till
ton Curiosity Is I satlsQed and prebably gratified with
the statement that Ldward d Stoke of the Hoffmau
lou will be the proprietor of the Urand Union next
summer Judge Hilton retains the Windsor which will
bo run by UUIard Lute a baratoglan
The extraordinary winter has played havoc with the
small boys naioui lur games Marbles which he
usually ply In the spring he baa been al off and on
attics November tile bUd bat have scarcely beD
die a day daring the same lime although they r en
llled lo a legitimate rest when tbs now Hies bhlutiy
I a month earlier than aver before and ou any breey
day Ibo vacant lots r dry enough for kite llylug To
cap the climax Lie lied and skates than which no toy
is I dearer to his boyish heart still retain their Clm t
titan glitter with little prospect that the rust of gortous
u > c will dim II now before the genuine spring time
shall truth out his last faiui hope lu that direction
The bit elephant wai used to pull down one ot the
animal she 5 of Central Park yesterday was very much
out of humor with his business When they chained hut I
10 the sheil he kicked snorted n1 I raised such a row
thatit vvasfur a long while doubtful its I wouid xerl
his strength luttlcienily to mel the requirements of
he upeniitetiert of the Public arks Unce he pro
enJed tu strain al t the timbers but I was Inch a foxy
od trick thai even his keepers laughed Then they
irudded him and pricked I > 1u and he walked leisurely
away without gtraiulng a inuscl while the building felt
In ruins The chums list hung around ihe big elephant
neck would have weighed a hors down to the ground
and they eat some idea of the vast strength which the
elephant exerted without showing It In I the least HU I
a perpetual wonder lu people wiiudo nut understand the
subjection of anluiale Dial an eleihani doe not Ian
and mow hIS way from one end of New York lo the
other without bothering with such puny tnllesas et
A gentleman who since the death of Ham Ward hai
alher posed as the principal epicure of New tork ru
marked the other clay that there were two gulden ruin
10 be observed In gelling a dinnerone was lo keep the
emperaturo of the dining room below sixty and the
ther was to have the claret and Burgundy exactly
blood warm and the champagne chilled without being
dead cold or frozeu An over heated dining room will
ender any dinner heavy and Indigestible and is I Hie
cause of extreme fatigue and lassitude The same an
horny rem irked that smel should never be Irled bul
b split open laid on a broiler and served with butter
There are u hew good rules he ii d that can be
follow < but In the main cooking cannot be made the
ubi I of can Iron directions In Ibe mailer of steak
should never be oat slwbt of that tie true flavor ot a
rolled steak must be spoiled If a coal Url li used Thi r
are certain tunics ot gall coal which contributes to Hi
coiubustlou and Ihese gases penetrat the meat III I
nut Anamit to an average eater but loa reIned plato
II la apparent at once A charcoal lire on liii oilier
hand gitei a heal without stir of the gases and this
pure Juice ofhe steak is In I no sense pollute I A T
Stewart who always 1 ate a bit of steak or iihopi llh
elaborate dlnl that were aerved to his guests and
connued himself to ibis simple bit of meal bad learned I
Ih great eltlcacy and Joy of charcoal and during th
later years or Ms life he never ate any steak that was
prepared over coals
The uew and official drink In Washington li I Betnany
punch Thai I Ibo nasa of the beverage on which I
John Wanamaker not all hit formal dinners 1reil
dent Harrison serves claret but Jleiluny punch baa no
alcohol lu It J la mad of orange julct iA water 5 lib
straw berries In It I has the same effect on II ale lcUI lb J
a i cucumber aud lee cream niitiL
V 4
NIJ rauas IN JlcnJOr
The Convention of tbft National Klsotrla
Light Association has Just ben hell at Kinsss city
The proprietor ot the hotel where the electrician
ilayetl Col Coatei has been largely Interested In be
prognsi of Kansas Lily especially ai a promoter ot
water works and street railways II was also tie In
troducer Into that city of the Edison svem or central
nation electric lighting and hIs faith In the future
awaiting lb development of an Industry then In I its
Infancy I shown by the fact that when his hotel woe
rebuilt In IMM h refused lo have a gal pipe placed
within lh building but had It wired throughout for In I
candescent light
The Induction telemeter Ie I being used In Germany Dy
It the Indications of a distant thermometer are obtained
and transmitted by telephone The arrangement com
prises Induction rolls and a telephone connected that
when silence In lie telephone Is I obtained the mica
lion of Ibo transmitting and recording Instruments r
An Item tins lien 1 going the rounds to the effect that a
lit lonl < doctor had male serious charge against tie
electric lUit M htirirui 10 Iho eyeo He is t report n
I laying that the etertrlo light Is I hot Cult Injurious lot I
I abiolutey ruinous ti thin sluhl nml huh ucI ce or pin VIM
I of the eye This Is highly amjlne lo electricians sod I
I teems to have proved so to Western doctors And oculists I
i who hav pourel Into the papers a Hood of tilirooe <
and denials ot the statements < > t the St LnnH aernilM
Iln oculist Says II I hatS never heard of any special
optical dtiesse resulting from the new light and I am
quite HIM there cannot be any because the electric
light Is a pure white light cotter and more agreeable I
to the eye than a lamp or gs
A forlit In London Kngl ind has had the hnppy
thourhl or hanging trai n move over arid erounil the
electric lights itt liii window othllr culd be mar I
< rcCI pretty than their nit tnlroDmnL Tin
green and 710 Inl ot the delol leaves I form a
lovely veil for iii light which glimmers Ibrourh Ibm
without being diminished
The latest and moot unique electrical Invention Is I a
machine for buttering bread Itli I used In conneclton
with a patent bread cutter and Is I Intended for use In
prison and reformatorr Inslltutloni There Is a rylln
dried llnped brush which he I ted with butter and lay a
thin layer on the bread as I comes from the cutter The
machine has a capacity of cutting and buttering TMI
loaves of bread an hour The saving of butler and of
breat and the decrease In th quantity of crumb Is I odd
to be very large
The field of ihe electrical tramway is 1 rapidly en
Urging The Hnuian Tramways Society aro making ei
pertinents with a view to laying down an electrical
tramway line on the Via latnlnla t outside the Pi I ra dr
Popolo Tills line rum to tte fonte Molt spot tiluch
frequented by the Kotnans In summer and on all holi
das and there are ntimerons restajranti and pleasure
grounds iklrtlug the Tluer there
The Business Mem Club nt rvanston 1 teem to
have a very keen sense ot humor At their bait which
Irn few da they Illustrated In vivid at1 I
au given a I s uothelulrtd II a an
unique way the death of the old mod of Illumination i
and ihe birth of the new Ai the guests fell lu line for I
the opening mArch at a signal from the f rest lent the I
orchestra commenced iilavln the Dead Mach In I
Saul and m the iilemn dirge was wai 1 ad forth the I I
supply of gin with which the hall has hitherto been
lighted wn shut off and darknesi reigned uddenly
the Jubl ant strain of bee the Conquering Hern
Comes rung out from the orchestra gallery ant t In nn
Instaut the room wan flooded with the sofl radiating
light of lEO incandescent lamps suspended from Ihe
ceiling or grouped in clusters round the hall
I the horse has un In the present time hon th princi
pal source of power In the operation of Ice culling
machines but It li I now to be lupptanted by the electric
motor Among the latestlnentonl li I the electric Ice
cutter Among Its advmtagei are Its adaptability lo
I use on thin ice us the bearing points are quite a dis
tance apart whl e a machine weigh little If clip more
than medlutUilzed horse Another point In Its favor
I I that 11 cuts nearly through al one trip One man
with a cutter ot only two ktiiees will perform Ihe work
of Iweotrftve horses plough men and leuders
An Illustration nf the adiplabillty of ihe electric
motor was recently afforel In I Chicago The engine
and holier of a printing company had been wrecked by
an explosion Had they been obliged to wait until Ibo
I new bolers could be set up and got neatly and the en
I I clue overhaued and repaired It would have caused 1
delay of a month und the los In failing to rill contracts
on lime and the loss to employees by being thrown nut
of work would have been greater In nionev value than
the loss caused by the wreckage The situation was
promptly realized and aiohorsspower electric motor
was placed In tie building and connected with tbe
shafting and the neat morning Ihe olllc was In full
work Instead of a month delay one day had been
lumclent lo make the necessary change
The electricians Are trying to fnd out what magnet
Ism Ia and various theories are being discussed Dr
HcpklnsoD the president of the Fnglish Institution of
Electrical Engineers shoe to what comprehensive
ties a sumclent theory of magnetism must all tin In
order to explain all the phenomena which lime been
observed Dr Hopklnsou inclines lo Weber theory
According to which every magnetic body H m ide
of molecular magnets In tullscrlmlnate position
which are directed In a uulform position by a magnet
Irlng force Among the henomeua to which the die
ctiesion has drawn attention is I the peculiar behavior i
of the alloy of iron and nickel which seems to present
a most fruitful source of Investigation and one which
may possibly be turned to great practical advantage
A Washington electrlcltn Is I At work on some 1m
portaul improvements In the direction of electric cook
Ing There Is every reason to believe that Investlgi
lions In this Held will well rejay Invrntura lIectrlcitr
wholl laid on In this hone has only to be tapped to bo
lintmdulely useful Thu great advantage nf the gao
Ire over coal or olU itlmon Instantaneous uppll
eabilltv and In thU respeit inlet besides that of I abs nee
of smell and hrakhrullit electricity would hive die
linct advantages
M Ittlsi falralerl the learnfll rtlrftclornf the obervi
lory of Vesuvius ban mad hImself a specialist In ques
Huns appertaining lo the eletricity of its earth In
his forty years xperlenco he has carefully studie 1 the
question of the effect upon the electricity the air ot I
plants trees or of the sun ant If It Is onlected IitU
thee discussions am purely in the Held or speculation i
M Palmier responds tint In these electrical Indication
we shall find the street means of the prellclion of
weather In fact according lu tho director of the Ve I
auvian observatory we iuul dUcerd Ibo barometer
which cannot achiest more than a per cent of surcesi I
In prediction and take tho electrometer which never U I
found In fault lIe argues rr lh extension of dec
tromeler observation at numerous station wlih in
ttrnmentsstandardlred tn the same niiisure adapted
with methods of testing the varvlng tat ens of atmos
phere and believes the lime n absolute prediction of
weather lo be no longer an unreliable Utopian dream
An Interesting application of electricity to lie dairy
industry has been male In Italy The Counl of Assata
whose buildings are filled up with eleotrlo l hl has
connected Iis dairy plant with an electric motor of
twelve horseponer This machine drives a lianMi
separator and 1 a Danish churn of cons lerable size 1
churning Ixing conduced atth 111 11110 tiLl rrvo
lutlous per minute the butler bring brouxht in frin M
to ai minutes lu linoxiains t which II Is titus reio nled
enable its maker to fro lue ii ho ilneat article A ump I
Is I also worked in tho I dairy and various other oleo
lions are carried on hp electrIcity
Experimental work Is I being larned on by several
well known luvsntors nltti excellent prospec of etc
cesi lu the matter uf method of giuiilug through
submarine cables lie Miealttone automatic appa
ratus which not many years eCu Wee Ctiiel intel lo b
rendering excellent service a h1 I attained asiesdof
eighty to tine htm rod words a niinut has been 10 far
Improved list ilx 1 hundred words tan now be reached
In actual practice and not simply when the Instrument
li I worked through a plain resistance or through a
looped lint without an firth cuuiiectlou A new solo
malic signaller Is I said to he I doing good work In Miglund
over cables of a moderate length
Prof Deivar lecture recently before the Itoyal In
itlliillon Lnglaud on thiS sivJtit Joule 1 an1 I hs I re
searches in the domains of electro ma < ntisiii etc
Iriclty chemistry and 1 general physics Truf hew ar
terminated his discourse hy t giving ome reinlnlicencei
I ut lie subject or hli lecture sir John Plavfalr the
great philosopher men I tit t ro worker thru reined
bow his friend one day roposed i to melt Niagara not
with a view of enjoying Ihe scenery or ot bewailnu the
power there daily running lu C iit te hit iinrrl lu order I
lo determine the dlderem of the temnrulure of the
II v Her at the lop and at the botloin of the tolls
AILS special meeting of the Berlin Ph luloilcal o
le a demonstration o man uul 1 other animals ness
made of tile electromotive action accompanying the
beat of Ibo heart The leading physicistS of Merlin were
invited Br WaIler who conducted the demonstration
employed the caplllarr lectr mete the Indication
being magniBed 13x limes and thrown on a ground
I glass rn and showed the eieclremotlv action of
the heart In a horse aud lu 1 a dog 1 this horse stood In a
lecture room electrodes were at
courtyard near tie rom
larhedtohUexiremltlfsbyilrui hauls n the wires
from the electrodes were passed Inruiigb the window to I
Ihe electroineier In the preParatIOn room adjoining site I
lecture liubots IteymonJ allowed the
loclur room Prof U OI 11 t
demonstrations to be mad ou himself 10 thai the pul I
I atloui might b seen directly through Ibo microscope
by all Ibe members present
The electrical process has been loccefifally adopted
lu bouth Australia for the recovery lit the nlnuie gold
duet hat has btiherlu been lost la its work of sepa t
rating the metal from the 01 5 the eionotncal v cite 1 of
he process has teen abiudanty proved and the re
turn are sifflclently good 10 ooropiniat tor he some
what high IMQS el Ill pro
ti there a single word which means a character In
flctlnn which represents a type f lhua1 lam say hi
I a Mtcawber or a lion Uuinnte hll Is the word
which describe the clause a Hlcawbsr t Not a srno
iivm nor an anonvm but a what I I bl I there award
winch describe thi method of naming character I used
iiv Mnnyan and he < tiin Ann dramatlsta aialr
Simple fcir Novelty laslilont lost BoLl
There are not two tingle word that will do what you
want don Type U tie neared word to that which
you want In Ihe nm question In the second question
there doesnt seem to be word hit comes anvwhsr
near what you want
Is a tool who has done eeod In trying to tie evil en
tilled to credit for the good don f Itnum
No It snot his fault that tie didnt do the evil His
Intention a etc evil and he tied 0 carry them out
Thai be didnt succeed lit no reason why he should be
rdlled with any good he may have don
When wai the law pased abolishing nof inter
nil revenue stamp on check < c I UOL
The act abolishing check stamps proprietary stamps
c waiapprovedMarcha ifjuj and went Into effect
July I uf ihe same year
1 lIne dsee telegraphIc new 5 come by cipher erlosl
as u Is primed t ttliat is I the Dries of ihe London flmes
amsI a hid ii IticlrcuiatloBJ a What tub present pop
ulation ut London n O U I
I Kxcepi for the editing that It telegraph matter
Is sent Just as U appears In thae paper that Is not In
dIther here lent time to translate the cipher if one
should be used 1 i Tin retail price of the Times is three
peme equal to six cent Ill circulation U about IOOIUO
ii i Lnudims tinpuiatloti li estimated In eight different
Wave The actual city of London remained In heel
Luu2 Inhablianls but be meiropolltan and city police
districts which Include the vast aggregation of hooiel
known as London contained 7uOttul persons
When etld turner Williams Wtlltim Warren and
John hubert die vv hen dli Edwin iiooth and Bognmll
Dawlson act together lu his city and what was be
nlayr o F B
Barney Williams died April 23 1S70 Wlllam Warren
died kept 21 mitv and John Gilbert June IT ihdte
Hood end Dawlson appeared at he Winter Garden
Theatre lice 23 IttoO In Othello Bawlion at Wklla
Booth at lilia
Why does the lop of a wheel move faster than the bet
tom when the wheel Is In motion r J H f orrsK
When Ihe axle li flied be top mores no fasisr than
the lotluinof the wheel but when the axle U going
forward the top of the wheel has to go forward as well
as turn while tie bottom merely turns therefore tho
top has to do more work than the I bottom but lias no
more time In which lo do II than tha bottom hat and
therefore II must move faster
How much money Is I paid In pensions I How much
has 11 Increased since Harrison became President t
J 1 L n
In tIneS we paid 70401 44 37 In IWO we paid
SiililUuX4t The cost of the Herman army It may
he luterestlug to note Is for this year estimated at
Jil7U J03 Bendei our pensions our army cost
v hat Is the status ot a sillier on lie frnnllsr or a
sailor on a foreign itatluu with regard to his right to
veil H f Manton
A soldier or a sailor cannot vote for any person for a
ederal olllce unless he Is stationed at the place where
before he enlisted he bad the right to vote II doe
not Ion hi cllireiishltior his rliht to vote by enlisting
but hi duel not gain any Such right
Tint Ccv denies the exlelenca of any authentic Metaro
of Jesus Christ inBpeakiinr of such pictures T a Ben
maker no reference to what ha been claimed aa a Vat
liable pIcture taken from one cut In n emerMd by
I i < imitrtnd of Tibf > rlui Ctetar ant I gIven from the Trca
urn < > f CoiiHtantlnople ty the Kinp rr of the Turk to
lttlte I Innoi chit VIII for ihe releuiptlon of lilt broiler
then a captive to the t hrlatians ill picture boLe an <
Irniria l > e to the character ot Jesus CMU TUK Bus throw
any light upon It j K u
We dont know that we can throw any tight on this
I picture liberIan was not the sort of man to have had
tucti a portrait of Christ made for Mm That hotter
heard of Christ we doubt If he did be didnt consider
Him of much Importance The pictures and the au
thentio descriptions Lcntulus successor to Pilate
are now known to be fictitious Of course the picture
looks appropriate to the character of Christ because
It WAS made to agree with that character as shown In
the > ew Testament There are no authentic portraits
of Christ In existence lie was a fisherman of no Im
pnrtance Why should Ills portrait have been taken t
There was no one to take It among the people with
whom He lied The great ones of His time concerned
themselves with Him not at all except as Judges con
cern themnelven with convicted criminals They sorely
didnt want Ills picture
Kound came s with cards are prohibited In a clob
whrr card playing for stakes U permitted U hat Is a
round garneT Kiunr i UOWRR
Itound games are those in which tot number of hands
Is nut definitely fixed
m Why woe not hhercutsneum excavated he same as
hitoptil Was as It nets destroyed In the same way t a
Ce tiit did ltoncoe ionkliog mean when he said on his
deathbed that the Sermot on this Mount was copheti
froii etitlie pagan document 1 4 What was feisone
rondo of attack on Ihe P conch heel at Abouklr I t have
beard that It was entirety origltiat and If tie bail fatted
n uuii hate caused lila court martIal 1 D C
I 1uinpell scents to hare been the larger of the two
toMI4 Ito kite was remembere 1 with more or Its no
curacy while that of llerculaneum was forgotten The
hotter city was entered more deeply than Pompeii and
two villatfts crew UD upon Its crate Probably that
he Ideas of the erniou on the Mount are to te found In
thu sacred writings of the IItn < lo land the Cbttieie 3
The irench Admiral Hrueys bad drawn up his fleet
with the roast line which
parallel at Abouklr forms a
crescent HlisT bay Ills left was protected by a small
IcUnd whereon woe a batter Nelson sent lIve of his
vcfietd to break ihmujrh between the island and tbe
French nicer ani I eo hal his enemy between two fl res
The battle Iatte4 from Ii 3uo clock in the evening until
the mornnir with a ceMatiou of hostl Itfei abuut 10
ocluck when the French Ugihlp Orient blew uu Nrl
HUH did not toss a vessel The reucli lost flneslxtlas of
their Heel
hho was Lady fiellna Mead Who was Sir Thomas
lAwrtLce u M M
one Lady bellna Mea with an e was tbe young
eat daughter of the second Karl of Clunwltllatn wa
marrieJ In lht to helL Count Marltnlts an Austrian
and died In 1HTJ anottier Lady Sellua Meade Is the only
daughter uf the tbtril Larl of Claiwllliam she married
in st4 Mr tjranvllle Edward Veriioii lu 1HJJ Mr John
ItiJvtel I and In ibritMr Henry llerrcy We dont know
hero Pitt can fluid any more about her sits doesnt
cein to have done anvttiinj In particular Sir Thomas
Law retice was an KnrlUh painter born in Bristol M ay
4 17vu diii 1 Jan 7 liJ In London In 1TH7 he became
that ta blonat > le painter of this day and 171W wasap
pointed principal painter tu he King In hEld be be <
came Irebidrutor the Uoal Academy lie had been
kniuhted some tears before HA was considered the
leadiniC portrait painter of his time
Is a child born In Knriand of American parent en
titled to tie President uf this Untied Mates r is r
lloodness David or Ianiell Do you never work
your mini when you read t Vi eve am ered tbli ques
tion Ion or times lotnitlmee to this man sometime to
that and limply because he question has never had
the laltlats D K after ft youve paid no attention to It
If ire tell I K Iliac the ion of American parent born
abroad la if chooses an American born eitt0n and
therefore eligible to the Presidency isnt it likely that
we should tell U I r lie saute thIng I Is loss fray
matter Daniel ur David
Is gasoline explosive I Can a gasolIne stove explode t
O it A
fiasollne In Itself Isnt exposive If you were to pour
ll un the ground and set tire to it fl would burt without
exploring Hut a barrel of gasolIne to a burnlnc build
Ink would etplodo A gasoline stove need not explode
any tours than a gas store tool gas and gasoline
stoma ore so niailu tliat they can hardly be exploded
still If you cane your mind to It see html you could
devise a wisp lo explode Diu best
When wa the first Sunday Hii t A S W
TIIK Bus llrst appeared on Sunday on Dec 51873
J A AhVe aunt know tie poem Kate Shelly the
baa Heroine
John llackttr There 1s no V7eit India island of any
size called Lebray
II T Herrmann Greenwood Cemetery contain 474
acres Calvary about a third ni many
lien linen Vie donl IInil anrllijer called Bwtltcp
leg there are ass eral Jkitteijer > though
C l iftlrln lien Lee surrendered to den Grant on
April f 1 tC a week before Llucolu was assassinated
r flnitlf Why not jet a number of can lies and ex
perlmeut wIth them I The average gas light Is about
four eand o mower no think
Virlin A vroman becomes of age when she li 21
Wear your euzaiteiueril rluaou the third anger of your
left liaudthe finger next the IIIU linger
Jinx lamthpell lawyer Lawyer Now go
and consult on If you have rich and personal prop
erty you surely can afford lo ask a lawyer
li c X Tucson Is pronounced Tooson or Tuckson
You should write lo the American Minister rather thin
to the Urltlsli PuccIni ollce If the book Is I published
you can gel It from Ills Orange Judd Company
HnryOnntn Campbell Walker Whist Catechism
will give you the rudiments of whin practice will help
Pen to acquire perlectlou In whist poker and euchre
cilelnerli Chssi Instructor will gins you points on
chess billiard you cant learn from a book
Mrenrr cloCieSln these Slates foreigners who have
taken out their tlrsl papers may vote after ena yiari
residence Alabama Arkansas Colorado lou mnnlhi
FlorlJs Indiana six months Kansas I six months
Louisiana Minnesota four months Jllasourl ttibraika
sit months North Dakota OrccondU months Sooth
Dakota Ttxaa Wlltensla j
A Swln newspaper announce thai the grand prltot
be Pane Expedition lottery baa bein won by an Kng
Illb young lady who U an art Undent at ieneva
The success ot the psstel eitilMtlons at Uroirenor
Gallery hai lid to be formation ot tie Society of Brltlih
Iastsllls of which Sir Cotta Lindsay Is President
The Austrian court has Just gone out of mourning
for Irlnc Rudolf tilting refrained from all entertain
msnl and soda enjoyment of every sort for a full year
It li reported from St ntersbnrg hat be llniilin
physicIan Dr Bipchlnikl announfii that h hai die
covered that diphtheria ll easily curable by Inoculation
ot erysipelas
In vlllares of fiorthimptonshlr a fond has been
slatted from which pay fourpttic per dozen for this
headiof sparrows whose damage to the crop has be
come unbearable
Eteatn surface can or anmralei are used l by he street
railroad companies of Birmingham and last year they
carried IE ls1ituu passenger with only two fatal and
forty one > minor accidents
J 1 Mlllams a well known amateur brxtr In London
ace knocked out In the thltd round of a contest at a
dun Its other night and remained unconscloui until
the next morning when tie 1 died
It Is laid that th hope hn ividte > ied a letter lo tie
Shah of Iersla thinking Mm for the irotecllon I and
liberty accorded Cathoilci thatrounlry and forward
Ing him the Insignia of the Order of Ilus IX
Complaint Is male that the craze for natural flowers
ferns and rape plants generally li leading tu the tie
function of the British becKe rows and a law U pro
tInsel tu mile n a misdemeanor to steal llowern nr tv IRS
Mlssli M Merrlck a London urllst who last cur
went to Cairn lo paint the picture of the hhedlvr hni
now received an order for a nirirallot Henry M l Man
hey which the plorer is I to present to the Ho at GaO
graphical Society
A rreticli woman whose name Is Uabrlelle Ilompard I
but w ho li not related In any nay to the heroine of th
ensatlona outTA murder cue lice applied tu the
court fer leave to change her name nn account of the
unpleasant notice her present one attracts
The service bullet for the new Etiillsii inagarlne rifle
Is It Is said to be a compound soldered Imllrt one ad
vantage of which Is diminished trictlon I sni lcnnsc > quent
less heating of the barrel experiments limning tlU to
te ten degrees less After twelve rounds had been tired
There Is a movement In England to better the inn II
lion of the barmaids by Including them within the pro
visions of the act regarding working women In I factories
It Is said that now they have to work Us hours a neck
ani I get but from 12 i to 1 Ti with cheap board and
poor lodging
llecause the Prophet Mohammed has been represented
npon a lamb stage the Mohammedan of come of the
Indian provinces bate been forbidden to attend theat
rlflal performances of any nature whatever under pen
ally of heavy flnel for the first two cflenotl and eiculu
munliation for the third
The London Uaslltht and Coke Company has figured
out that lie additional expense entailed by the III
creased wage of tbe worklngmen will amount to i > so
uju per year and are preparing to Introduce lie system
of nildun water va with this ordinary gal to makeup
for thli increased expense
The sMronomers at the Isrls Observatory are In
troube over the projected building of a railroad near
their estab Ishment They say that the earth treui
bunt caused by palling trains will make Iheir obecrva
lions useleis They will try to have the Government I
order a change of the rout
Belgian farmers bays become alarmed at the war In
which the trogs are being exterminated by French pot
hunters and have petitioned Ihe King to forbid killing
froe during certain months ot tie year 55 is done
with other game The farmer regard this frogi ai vat
nibble slut and Insect destroyers
The Southwestern Railroad of England has given up
He I alOe againsl the tipping system and ordered down
from In Italians the placard that announced that cut
plojee were forbidden lo accept tips In iplte of thn I
placards the porters are said to have mad an average
of as much as their regular par from tlpa
An Italian jonrnal announce IK Invention of another
new gunpowder Tne Inventor are llaschlerl and Set
lagnl ot Bologna who have named their invention
Acuplrla ll Is granulated pale yellow In color and
laid tu be Imperv Inus to damp It was used by some of
the Italian competitor at this Monte Caro matches
The loi e ll having nil own monument made It Is I to
eontlstrf a larce sepulchral urn upon which will be a
life sine statue of himself At either sldn are two
colossal statues of Bellglon anti Jitstirr The statues
are of Carrara marble and the urn of t onuS np This
work will take three veara and will cost f i sjit
The Btadeschouwburg an old Am < srdam theatre has
been standing over KO jean It Is built of wood en
tlrely and baa not risible In Its Interior a single sup
porting pillar the galleries seem hung tiprn the wiIIs
and when the audience goes out hue rafters can be
beard creaking as they Are relieved IrJtu tire weight
that has been hanging from them
Waiter Itobinson the famous crIcketer a member of
the All Ingland Eleven aUelnpted suicide by taking
strychnine a few days ago but was saved by prompt
medical attendance and releated i pou promising Ihe
Court that ho would not doll again It is said that tin
habits have ruined him although only a > ear ago ho
was one of this finest cricket thaI ere in the w 01 Id
It is said that during a recent visitor Mr Ialfour to
Ireland he asked a priest who was not a Nationalist If
the Irish people were really as hostile to him ni they
were represented to be Ibe priest Is said to have re
plied Since you have asked me I will tell you the
truth If our nocks hated sin hahf t as cordially a they
bate you there would be no use for priests in Ireland
Seven years ago there was just one brass band In the
Falvallon Arm It was composed of a father and hs
sons Pints then HA50 other bands have been formed
They have been mostly recruited from the taproom
says the Itar nIh and have sought out the theor and
practice ot mu Ic for themselves A few das since a
ileputatlon of Ibm Army bandsmen paid a visit tu Mm
Booth The men were addnuil by the leteraia >
dyIng wife and Ihe scene WAS a most effecting one
An English temperance reformer who recently asked
Mr Oladstone to endorse a scheme for the limiting of
Itienumberof lloen es granted In any district in pro
portion lo Ihe strength of the temperance arty In he
district a sort of Kngllsh local option received this
reply 1 could not venture to gIve an npfnion upon a
particular mod of applying the principle of popular
control In this case without knowing w hat was thotich
of It by other persons mor entitled Ihanmvielf to speak
with authority
A French millionaire named Itamoudlng ependlngttie
winter al Nice a fw weeks ago i > rdred a coffin of a
special pattern and purchased ground In A cemet > > rv
upon which he had a vault built littler his itrioiial HI
pervtslon with room for three coffins I want room
enough to be quite at ease his laid to a friend who
asked him why he made it i so large When all was done
he shot himself dead in his room at the hotel after laos
ini made a will leaving alibis money tothe vililows and
orphans of men killed In the recent explosions m the
mines at bt Kllenue
The rabbitproof fences erected by New South Wales
and CJueensland will when the one at resent being
erected on Ihe South Australian boundary llnr has been
completed be rB7 miles In length ll Is I estimated that
the one In course of erection will cost aloiit iJ tIne
This fence starts from the Murray at ChowlUa and thus
to the northeast corner of this colony a dmtance of 3li
miles The completion of the scheme being arrled out
by the two itovermnenls will imbrace K7 miles of fenc
Ing of which iJ7 miles wll hans been erected by New
booth Wales and ita br Queensland
The Highbury flare Uriel Ilapiist church In London
admitted to inemterlliip without regular Immersion a
lady aflUcted with delormltr whlih made It almost
lmiosihle for her to undergo the ceremony of luilner
tlnn For this the church w is ripeled from the urgent
Iatlon uf Strict Bart si liurchri and ether A long
fight Ihcongregation and r uteri tans just acknowl
edged iheir mistake In having been too ready to ac
repl the pea of Imjosibl and Ihe I matter has
been settled by the Immersion if the lady brined In a
specially constructed clialr und wearing a dress special
ly de uiiel forth I occasion I port this tbe church lies
been restored to membership
The London l4ea > i payment of txni to Mr Parnell
was In the nature of a i eutennlal celebration 3u All
nuu < KtiUtcr under lIce cf Feb 4 ITti saldi
Mr John tealter primer uf the limn Living sit
fered Judgment to go by default fur a III el igilint the
Prince of i alee charging his llojal Highness with In
sincerity In the sorrow w tuna he e < reeled for hIts uu
happy situation of his JJ aety String bli late Illness
was brought InlJ Ih Court of King Bench to receiv
lenience which Judge Ashbursl pronounced accord I
Ingly namely tu pay a fine nf JCImi email to be Intl cIa
ned for Iho elate of twelvemonths In Newgate to I
ate place alter hiS eipirallou of hits prcseut online
ment Mr Waller was again called lu the bar lure
cell e Judgmenl for a libel against the Duke of Clarence
published lu May last asserll g that his Jtoval Illwhnsin
returned from I Is station without authority from tha i
Admiralty or Ihe roirinandlng nfllcer Ills Judgment I
likewise went h default lie Cuurt sentenced liiu lo
pay a flue of 1151 i
Dr K I Mendel announcing In this firltlM Jlrdtcal
Journal the reull t > f Investigations Into Ihe eflects of
the excessive use uf eotle iy the women of hssen
where the workmens wives drink cotTee from looming
till uight consuming hometimes a pound of t elIot
coffee containing slit four grains of caflslu lu a
single week nays Nervuus muscular and clrcti
latory disturbances are frequeut 1 de nerve symptoms
are characterized bt > a feeiliiL of general weakness dc
preeslon of ipirlts and aversion for labor sven in mdus
Irious subjects with headache and insomnia A strung
dose of coffee causes tic temporary disappearance of all
these sjrnptoms 1 he muscular symptoms consist nf
dlstlno muscular weakness and trembllngof the hand
even during rest The rlrcuiatory symptoms are
marked by a small rapid Irregular pulse and feeble
Impulse of lie apex of be heart Palpitation and
heaviness In the precordlal region are frequent The
hands and feel feel very coin and the complexion be
comes sallow lip speptlo symptoms cblKlv ot tin ner
non lyp are very common Thru coffeedrinker
cannot be cured by sltnci abstention from their favor
lie drink a lib luUtltutlou of milk as a beverage They
require teat from work eponair ustota cold l abtu l
II SoUw4 lit iUon a s1l teen et tiaad1
Hot Springs Fail
BrnlM on IrB Iradu to Brent nffVrlKic I lot
Spring doctor nail nil tiirlhnitis ned
rrmidlr sail Trie < iHlciir mid mo
tet else rvjol s aoro nuoiit lilin novi
Cuticura Succeeds Y
llnlns Ion l a milTorrr for Iwo jonrs anti a
half Iron n dlcno rau cd by t a hrtilno on tin
Itll I arid IIIUIMC lifin cnruil I tir tlio t Ct I TICUlt I I
IHMKnirs vUion all othnr raotliodsiind rums
tiles lulled 1 dism It tnv ilnly to rocnmmond
tlioin 1 vl ltnd Hot Hprlncs to no nvall nml
I intl mnohil doctori without citetcea nnd at
last our i rim lial dnicuNt i Mr J < hn P 1 1lnlnr
I tnwiiom 1 ei till iMor fiH ciiioltih I I wpoko lo I I
me ulioiit tl TKl It nml I i onentc > il 10 Ie l
tlioin I a trial I with tint rnint Hint I I lull erfcatlr > y
ciiiod Tinto in I hlhV hit piiroiiliiiit mo I iniX
1 cnn how tlin 1iCost urtiiio wlicto my rti
fnrlluf mirntitf truth nt nnv olio III the MM
Tho 1 1 JICUiA liMIill > nru lila licet
blood nml fkln I ctipfl Ill 11th Cii tnrod I rofor
toDrnciiltlnlin 1 I Inlm niH Hi lb l > t Mnnt
goittor Iniih I f this iiliico mill to Dr Smith i of
Eomnrv MlKM
AlUAAMil rKACII nocmlllo MISS
Mr llinoli tisod the CI I Til I Il l 111 MI DMA
at our loijucht wiilt rosiillH an nliovo Hinted
A Ii IlMAV A CD rilBBl3t J >
Scrofula 7 Years Cu od
I hno boon troubled with scrofula savon
ypiirrt w likli llrnt 1411 rIo mi t tho t ton of inv iimnl I
KiMim mo Itilliillo tiiiiilil with uniitntit lIeu
Inc riirUIni nir of nrv inlii ntnl n t witnry
Iliiitltl fvviidid from iiiiiiortlio ottipa 1 trained
It i I teirKovun yvnrfniiiHixiif I til I ly mill aBtunijilo
to chirk It until 1 found jour CtiKLlU I
I jrMtl > lTs lich ciiiiiiltvlv Pimd inn my
eklu twomlnu 1nrttt y i nml Miiooth
B J DAMS Artusli lua Ati oliM Co Cul
Cuticura Resolvent
Tilts now Itlooil nnd Skn 1nrlflor anti nunit
ami ln > it of Humor Homo Mm Internally anti
< l Tin i IL l tin mont Skin Cniw antI CUd
Cl iti Ml MM thilI3IlO bklll llniutllltr IT
hat nullp euro iury dlhi > u o nml linnioi of tlS
hkln I I H alp I till il Mood I I with loss of hair fioui
IlimilcH in rmliilii
St M mmywhirn irl < v ClTICIl Ii Wc
BOA i h I1 I 2 i HI I suVINT I I I H I Iminrfd I lr
tlio Id I PJlt Hiiro AMI CHIMKAl Colt
Be Siiiil lor II w toCiiro skin DlHcnso
il I IIIIKCH M ill list I jjoni inn I I P I tMHtlmonlaln i I
ml1 1 IN black lucid rvl roiuh ilniiieJ aid our
I hilt chili profcilo I lit il I ri i I in MI M
In finr tnhtiit tin 4 nllrurit Ant
tnln l1n lii relli > t < t rhcuintlr addle
hip hi lucy in eltar Mill I cleat loIns
I tip trxt Hinlonij itiHii4iituiie < imlu klilliiir
t re nettle til 111 JiliK tr
Tim IVuy In Matrliuiini
I owl thr CMCrt i > Irluie
Every girl mnlcs ui > lior mind nt somo time
In her life that slit will miet r itrcei suit man who doei
not propose graceful said a tutu w hu was si ping
claret with several uthera tlif I n hr < day
Ho lao 101 to bo fully tutueil ntu i In a dress suit and
nil got tu kneel AC cording to th I Helsurie I s > strm That
N I their Idea at first but Ill bet there l < n t nne girl In a
hundred whit ever cat her proposal that a syat least
I rum the one vie Are pis and itt I leave It to the present
company lo dtride It each one will glee tits circum
llances of tils proposal
Were In1 sail A graj ImlrelBenrdlct Begin
with > our own
I All right 1 took my wife iltt vi us lo be md is now
sleIghs rIling N h o were talking itt iiht sentimental
thtnpl and nrirei te t lo I nrtii f that wtran unto Actrelck
or math limit lie wind h id i e ire I of sniw We never
noticed It until Ihe Imrtr Mocl I utterly rxliaustej
There wan milling to do but lu get DIII and lead the
horse back taut se lie ntdnt i ritz us I I roposed on
the way back while I wnstriulgl ii i along a connlr road
with mv left hand on a horse s lirillo and the other
well uvr lulnd that Mie Hcrtpted me but abe
atvravi tald It VMS a ml takr I ri f nut tu I let her off
though or In propose gait I It a th ross Mill
My h propinal sal 1 tho gene lereuh Iltl man wai
made also during a lie tfti ride Ply wife and myself
were In the tack seat In A tour seat bloluh and In going
over A blimp of some kind the teat en tOt ui in It was
Ihrowti off t e landed In a niir lumforluiile snow
drift and the sleigh vvenl nn for n 1 mile before we were
mgel Whenltrame luck fir tin hotrrvrr wn were
rntlaLcl Wo werent In a dlcnllled position hut utt
were fnlrlylcomfirtabland wr had the seat slit I vvlth Ul
Unce then my wife bin frequently stated that hhe hal
Intenlcd t ever to accept a man unleM lie iroposejin I
true itove1 form but Him did
1 II give you a summer dory sail a voting man bus
recently married I did mv < ourtlni g In I a iliac full of i
romance hut the proprsal never rame at a rotnantlo
time In fart I dint think n man N responnlb for tke
line ho prutiOte < Itjllt ciiitucu tint llal 1 all 1 her ll
of It I had lad the I most favorah n orrahnms In I ro
mantic nookl dually I I alainmillruw I In the hot
pun I tuluulo I e 1 nnd InoV utl m > 11 al then I apolo
gized an i n aud uuk ol mj vest llwutii romantic
but 11 came on me and I said H The iou drifted I half a
mile and I wouldnt have cared if it had drifted ten
inllen Ii o were engaged Anil I loukej like A tramp
at the llmo
And 1I I 1 tell jou hat setithttae urchin ilnesnt go
said a itis er I know because IvMnedlt I I Ira
Inset iii m > vv Ife llrm al u mminer n wirt 54 hem the
moon was lull i and 1 wai sober flu re wa evi rvthing tu
Inspire rentlinrut But Mm rrtUffd me I let it kO A
little later 1 met ler I ikain iu the par ic or tho butt and
nuieBte mirriakO ttgtti xle t utlcel ted nu then
Tier et as tiothiiu tu inspire ieiitiment In tl e last Intel
iuz and therefore t our weiitimont doihiitico
It I wan the sent memo the inietini that no girl II pr j
pobedtuinthe ui l t
AlmoMl rilrnnt lcd IM llpr foliar
tut i i hue Vii11 < i 0 I 1 Curl
A tighhfi t I i tIC coMtr lii malt St eaii otl thednath I
nf Mi las hattie I LblKleiti I a > oulig woman residing la
Waterford tiivvuhhip Lamdiii tout S 111 Ueduesdar
bile ha multi Icr hair cumin d an t brushed she let her
leal rut nn Iho back if it tutu i iir Hi r < ollar pressed
agatml her Ihrniil I with ouch lore that t > lio was unabUs
to tulle her head anall litU w i letng oooly htrangled
her I mold mulcrd her ej ei i rotrudin and lien face b
ominir rut aul immediately called lor help The
barb viuman was carried to a Inuiice Hid with the oa
h lam e nf Dr llov ender MUA restorid tu rrnsclntlsneii
The ih3 slcl in ieulra I I that if t > tu > li 11 hren permItted
to I sit on the char u few suottts 1 louder she w uu d tier
beeu dead
AmiiwrincntN in IlrooUljn
During tbo ore purl of lute wcok comody
ImrlehHtie anU light uj > eia will lime full sway m Jirook
lyn uuil tragedy will not be lined imlli frtJav evening
At t cL Him s Iaek I Thvatia the nrUlnm New urk
corti panty will present Vri Ilod tun liuriiette Little
Lord Juunieroy Thought by nu mciut new tu Brook
i > u tttt play tosese uali a peculiar attractiveiieM
that it tea alHayit drawn hare loiine lleuce U U
fair to pretuitittlut Him the Mi company nnu unced
fertile turlhciinltiic rticauviiitnt crow led houses will
be the rule Tommy Kufebdi arid bay 1 M bLell will alter
hate In the title rOle Kitert Aikcn hi Jl Uuyder
leone JftrkJiurt drah > m llcttarrouii Arthur U I
Mnilb Helen I h e Lowell anti uitly 1 Jjlturi l are In he
test The pretty stry t told Ly Hit authoress in tier
lionel has been rahercnhatictd l > the 4rumatUtttlon
For the tadie tsptcUily in It roust uittoine attrao
lull I
The LhappiCH will lnalu Hroukhn next week In full
force and Moinaifue streets liiuid rat lresfuieiit stands
aiitl citfurttlu sliuptt will do a ru hiirf hulness for tIe
onainl lonUun iiielv lumpaiiy uil lini < U rth at the r
iiiibiny oh t Mute lu 14jet I lp I l to uii leg
htsiiu it the tetlles who innku tueir ii s lug lir
pta infc lu ttdat Kiiupiuy lut > l teirMt mu Ciuiu wits
liavr to n toned 11em I niton t it I 1 o i ouiurr i si mid IC
Itlue ilM t lip Ito IIUK ueiuMit tu Uu > trts e not only
giiuul Cal otttrsui in lu utii i t 1111119111 QQ
IUIIIH H u li MII I Rthuv irt > nn > MICH L 1 Jotiu
w j bn neu tu her uu i role ii ul I hr I tnnirii ihecotnx
UuuHiii tut iiuubt Ln lu I liru u iif i bv JJruoklyn
lute Ihn iiluiKe able i 1 ietttrt t ritu H i Itt atUiJi iiot
for the OIMMU nkni Jrok 4it H title t > t the ievn
AiiirlLii tttie lu ue included in tliu lour of tbe cool
a sort of a fill enterprisn will br Inaiigtirateil at H R
J aiutiaii Briukirn lhieatra lniiiirruw rvrnlng and this
l > urciiaa r it the gratrM isIIneuhg t number 111 reserve
luaio uunitI the sleek Se ill gu a t uniloottia euuiid liver
5 tier sets ice hula mt 51 tuitiu a thualmt Colutoditin
ubi tp Ic it beeeeii au tie ii elite ir hue Piutst
A svoer lurk tuf intg i tsioiily lis bei Oiled to he
5 litlittemit Ut hue tub tlltl the thu t nil Ii
yl u IC iu ii ii hit ui egrea Osttiuiat iaouat Ito wade
a ii 0 oittiuiuate Ii C I it ilium SttueO usith oue
liuvely i
lie way Ut baiiiiltg lead au tue titlijt d
harry lei and his utuillamy wii he al lhae Li
A votiute Avoid c SI ui It I I e ciii s hat Tb
1tuttia to iii uttieraoil I rue but as It has beet seen
Jesertul iirtuis it iruuk vmt arid a ts Ii hmiuuwi tiere
ttiettl It is cumu
utlitill uiilueesa otonie
IittIiiee liars
iI 4 Itt titir leloil
tat ii utraiuta 5 iiiu uj
Itug it inr rraiimaf Millie nf to teie li L h
d ill bt
slttitOiulual tie a ma it titt seoon sir Lacys
Culuutiaiy s 1 5 Oai lit every roluou I
a will lIe givots fir a r I at Iii
thin t e AntI
rIlaf esi 15 rumitas
tie itaii
I ttiiil lid sitine iraifod Isti am 5ithiuaitet utdjutalt I y Aleeaiuaer balyia
tue lutitiaw wii It lest
will Its
ihie ireieiutel u riley evenittE A
tatlituiay ltiinmt e bun I hI iF lie
I Vinci a it Aieuafer latan WIll b
in ii leaditig
hhie elugagetn part an4
lit will Cioss
Ililteilt lit ui stIrtay iVeltllg Wii
stertery titcoetilcys i
tier line sect lit lurotuhlpis attytitiog
In ruuciuy e dcv 5
for lie litre thu dlii Ite cas
trttau die neirues of 3
lute ucrs lurt S edmieehiy Omtiy cap
ascii tic lie LIt
the A
tarauum it toclet corp
y WI I
I I lie Alitpluluut I he itasi Ircset t I oitftusln
gu to I e
nurluus of
no 1 Itlte the
orgoml Mt
run Itt IlriutuyI
Oilier ieiiitugs UI i neck di tie ulelutted Lu Ainat Ths
I ute SI a II ri iursesqe
at tIlilietti 1 tewt hew Icier will hiuid feirti this Weak
Os Is hi TlOtltre The
tulCl by him Zitella hieatru Ie compa
hlterl ao anti 014 lirloele
mt th
cclii be
Allen Nut kl Iount Leter C I
10 and
hii I
Stile cuaccoe Jerrr lessrd Ilusshe May Mary Voran
thIrty uitluers A tiroresuinue or iog an4 about
Cii litrttagltut tIC Wesk aid lie variety will toe Dtaasm
lien iiSar sllhied
usoal tInes as
y sCale
list a pegsu e rare deaugnt The dows is truat wiht t
aflpnnin an avemtubg cootalne apeclatty ollo cock
rieritttrtous featuras some tiuvel as weu
lleahlic lie Ilt of vaudeylillons
hfliLflflcute it Zippa announced by the
brutleee ttslliO are the
cIrlttamu stiti acribts JIb
Irieont air mid line0 TheIr wom
then at this lioutue t kort clues tithe Wa a great utams tug
sums c aracier hislge arilsi Uayrsoj it
irlnce singer
lotn hlisnis tscbuik lIlt
era a also scheduled csrmaalhL and
There ib
eyealJtj SPEr M the Cuit S SSS geza
40 C

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