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An PT r Tlmt Vf Eat tnder Dill
I nIlIUo F or Manure Meal on Hhora
y I l l rTl f < lFr cli Url to Make On
rjIgkThc Iiflneire of tattle Folk
i And II l on for a erulit In a yawl COMO
With III paddle and lack and IU reach and run
With Ibo ioun < l ° f the wavti ther walh and dalb
With Ihotr mtiilrl gurffle and itoppr plfttli
With Ilii tp rkllnir leAm of an Inland v
And ttie lorloui hurl 01 ndd nd tree
Whir the air It M ft > i A mtldeni Ith
And CUM Ute Rrd and peaco In I nl h
Por tb tamp on the brich whtn the dyll < l don
J for a Ilapjack l inpptr Ith no end cf milk
And a plrIO follow that Inn IhL
Wbllt Iho lenilerfool wreillf with illih and pan
WM ttitr ertr inch fun ilnce Hit world ttetan r
If any render of TIIK Suv who knows nnrl
folly appreciates tho difference between n brick
wall and n spruco grove wants to pass an
evening where Ibo brick wnll will bo forgotten
and the fragrance of Ibo spruco grovo will Bcom
to pervade tho air lot him mako the acquaintance
member of tho Ilrookhn Cnnoo
ance of some CIDOO
Club and then by gentlo art secure nn Invita
tion t attend ono of the clubs camp llros No
mattet how business may press no matter
what tho weather may bo when tho night of
the monthly camp nro comos around tho morn
bersof tho club in numbers RUftlclflntto pack I
thehouso gather at tho homo of ono of their
b b low h tamp and wit one
accord the million mTiiea them
gelres to tipper with tho cano men
They fettled down on the ham and men
and thn henna and the bread and butter The
Plunged headlong Into the milk and the eon
densod milk nnd the coffee Ther wera no
numerous In tnt ns almost to cover the 10
bios fiom elKht tiomothlng had to be done lor
< 1
tho nail from Whitehall had madn uch vlcor
otiHappelltes as must bosnllsllod Kolho party
An down KCrnped tho cnnts Kontly from Iho
ham and tho boans and the brond and hastily
swallowed what tho mints had lolt Tho cofTeo
and tho milk woro eklinmod nnd swallowed
Iw mik wor 8kllmoI
hntl also Tho aupper had Its drawbacks <
= jr rr j
Bomber to tell ovor tho adtcnturas of the las
I years cruise with many a rofotonco to other
erulssi br way of substantiation whore tho
bow Is lone drawn or Illustration where tbo I
point Is oD ouro whllo such heaps nnd Btacki i
of aup shot photographs aro passed around
M will male a mans eyes dance
I Not only do tho cnnoemen moot rocularl
once a month for this sort of an entertainment
but they make froijuont private visits to ono
another and no two canoomon over cot tocotho
for bal an hour without saying something
bout a orulae
abut night last wok a number of contlomon
I not todether at the houso of Dr R N DenUon
170 Sixth avenue Brooklyn Dr non loon Is 1
one of the enthusiastic mornborH of tho Brook
Irn Canoe Clab and In consequence Is not
only provided wth n eroat stack of photoKraphs
clcrulflloBBOonos but bo has a maslo lantern
and scores ot slides so that the scenes can be
thrown on a screen In a way to recall vividly
the incidents illustrated At tho IJoctors
house on this evening was Sir I 0 Ward an
and usual
equally enthusiastic canoeman as
they sot t talking about their cruises lu gen
eral and last summer In particular
I you want to make a comfortable Inter
esting cruise just to see whether youll like It
or not said Ir Donlson no bettor route can
b selected than tat from Whitehall to tho
Thousand Islands That WW our route last
August We sent our canoes up there from
Now York on a canal boat at 1 cost of 3 for
each oanoe Thay were landed tboro in charge
ol Mr R Oook who is a canoe maa himself
and Is never better pleased than when doing
something t make one of tho fraternity com
fortable We laid In supplies there
For a starter we bought ton pounds ot
coffee two flvopound sacks ot slapjack
floor twelve cans of condensed milk a side ot
baoon a chunk of salt pork a tin pal of butter
and a basket of ecgs No canned vegetables
or meats were taken because the experienced
camper knows that such stuff Is not worth tho
room I occupies And so tho talk ran through
along and delightful evening
I Is a suggestive fact that a pood part of tha
I Ulk about canoe life relates to tho supplies and
the meals it issugccsthe of tho good appe
tites that oanoomrn enjoy on nn online Ho
sood is tbe appetlto that ahearty meal I often
lade under adverse circumstances Thero
was tho first meal of Dr Donlsona party on
last summers cruise At 5 M In tho after
noon the fleet of threo big canoes
rnodo Cold Spring Deach opposite Drnsilen
This fs tbo llret good camp cround
north of Whitehall There Is a good Irounl
a good spring of water a good old farmer who
Nils milk and broad and OKKS and chickens
I and other good things also 1 lot of driftwood
eood for a camp llro HaUng pitched tho tents I
ODe man was Bent to tho farmhouse for mil
f Thats what wo call foraeinc said Url
l nlson I you waut a pointer remember
that It Is always good roller to take at least a
clxnuart pal to get a gallon of milk In Ask
for the four quarts Ihey never measure It
OutJus slosh In n imllfulL The price was
five cents a ijuart about everywhere
IUUIFD rr fop Tiir viuiir
Jfe bought I In tiio lnltu1 States In
inaila it did not exceed four So wn
not nd quarts of milk for twenty cents
or less every tlmo wo went foraging Another
f pd thing to know in tlm l rb u ot broad
Ihtvo you any bread to niwro you Isk 1
puess fo says tlm larm I wife mnl minus 111
jeal 1 or to iou take it and 1 say How much
JtoatavoDOii aieit mind to uin aB the
< ilien country folkb say thai te > imaii 1 tlmt
they want to thrco Itlcen Imt tieil
walt cuirto 111 I bil 10111
little encouragement boore thin I im miihter
tbe sail to cay to If vmi liesltme rtii her to
make tho price hho w III mako It IVur I Ji cents
aloaf Hiiro pop If imi HIIV ileil Irdlrthnt vou
par 5 cents or 1 cents a loaf lu Now Y rk Using
tbeprlie by tlmtii of the louf tlm will talo
Itiuli k and think much bettor of jou than if
T ° u let her bout you I
bOa 11
The party at fold Spring pitched tholr tents
fullt I lire mailu a table of drbt I oardh and
Ipucht somo milk That IR l part of ilm parly
did this Mnf > Bis Allen Hodgmnn Mi stter
1 01 11
f91 Will Deinson mIlo up that p irt 11
ward lonkeil tho Mippor 1r Dnnlmn saw
nHttliB work was properly done Ir linninon
tail cruised 1 over iho ground lour cnni IH mid
niiotburoimoi tno piryimd bicn over it half
MoaHI lOMiiiurloini llrl are nnoe iiimiv mou luiviligei nco idud
Tbnv rled ham mnl UKK ami IMlo1 < l
< fnnm la 1 el I orU mid beals tlmt
> UUliui on had lnouKh I liny boi od Ilm
torren 1100 lnj Ihol 111 tho fragrant and
avory toeil on tho tablo under tho lluht of
some lanterns for night had como meantime
JQen they sat down to eat but rose uu again
V o ant the and tribe
apatbemlza name tibe pi gnat
p rain Bquall that had came In the afternoon
UA driven allllons ol touts how tlit feed
but the quantity oaten and thn relish displayed
would havo dono credit tn I tencourse dinner
Mr Want as cook In upenklnc of what tho
appetlto demands on I canoe vo > ago nova that
it took thirty eggs to make an omolollo tilt
would satisfy thu tasto ot the party nf six men
forages Tho tatlon of milk fora day v < as xlx I I
aliens and as for tho quantity of brend nnd
ham anlllcol and fresh moat and IWi nnl
all l 1Ir
chased which tho party could coiiumo at a
nioal only those wbo hao camped ulo would
t > elloo tho Rtntomont woro weights and men
urps pulillihoJ
Their experience at Cold Rprlnu that night
Jtlll furttier Illustrates the llfo of n canoemon
Mosqultoeo camo with thegnatsnnd vor > early
in the o onlng ovory man got out his mnnqulto
nets cooled hlfl head and hands and cot
under the blankets Hut no ono Blunt nnl any
length of tlmo Never had oven tho Lonl lllch
Admiral Dr Donlson seen cuch a night for
mosiiultoos Thov swarmed and hummed they
borO nnd bit Mr Wlrd was thn last ono to
awaken under tbe attack Ho found It nns
just midnight Tho rest of tho party were
seated In tho loo of tho lire engaged In n game
of draw with variations Tho variations In
cluded the attention given to tho gamo of draw
in which tho genus ailtr wished lamo lrw
Ono of thn attractions of this route to tho
Brooklyn canoomon Is found In tha faet that
many of them havo friends and relations
who own cottages along tho lako Thn cnnoo
men always tell In detail tho Incidents of a
visit to I friend on shore Th story begins nt
a point half an hour before tho landing Is to
b made Tho Hoot heaves to at that tlmo
Tho ordinary dross of a canoe Ballorman Is
nlorman II
scarcely tho ono to dlno in at 1 swell cottage
for it consists of n woollen undershirt and a
pair of woollen drawers To dress for an or
dinary visit on ehora It is I enough to draw on
trouflorn but to co to dinner ouch mnn to In out
his white llannel emit that has been carefully
stowed In n waterproof receptacle tor jubt
sunn occasions
The landing 1s made with great eclat Tha
ladles come down to tbo beach ilrc J cd In their l
brightest and they smllonn tbo athletic canoe
men aa never on any one elao us the canoomon
think They all go up to tho cottage nhore tha
dinner always just ready to bo Korvod And
onol Anl
Ruchadlunerl Adiecthes aro heaped up like
loo cream on a twontyllvocont plate when tho
dinner is to bo described I la not that the
social features of tho occasion aro undcrestl
muted hut that a steady diet of slapjacks La
can and Ilk in tho open air prepares tho ap
petlto for a square meal as nothing else can
Among the pleasing experiences of tho sum
mertrlp was tho arrival at Ilattsbnrgh An un
usually charming young lady nas among tho
crowd of natives who thronged tho teach
Hodgman surrondorod at once and to eontle
promtitlngH related the story of tho crulao as
Othello might have dono I Thereupon when
tho Plattsburgb Trlesram camo out it contained
a story on its page of local news about the
canoemen that made them all vow that tho
young lady they had seen was not only cliurin
Inl 0111 form and features but bho was bright
on 1 witty as well
Thcro are other drawbacks to the ploasnro
of a crulso than gnats and mosquitoes Among
them is tbo stoiim yacht Tho steam yacht
ruansooms to think I great larks to aoo how
noar ho can como to running down the canons
ilie ftict is I worth mentioningchlellv lM > cnu o
often mt Ilko hlc
Rloam jncht owners vtry lIn Iho 11
Aolm at school In that thoy onicy maklug
trouble for boys too small to intallatp
lust 1 alOMi JtniisnH Ioltit thuru Is a draw
bridge Horn IOIH frillsom hiul 11 row with a
railroad otllclnl The man nt tho draw scorned
horn They lired revolu anil blow horns to
nttrait his attention Aft r I lonir tlmo no
lmo Cut 01 his cabin and lfOi < pil at thor and
thfl wunt back nuaiii Ho wns not atolng to
nrkthatdrnwiiist to lot a lot n city folk
liroiiKh J l t tliem I unstop their mn tfl nnd
mddle through Tho cnnoomrm sot Lawyer
MoHiltpr nxhnio Ho explained that the mnsts
l wltlmut hours of clelav
could not bo tiiiBtPiipml wihout IllrR oolav
Jho inimwasohilurati but nt lastu hen everybody
body was getting pretty hot ami nnappoal for a
vni rant for tho mans urroRt as well as an up
iciil totlio HiithorltloB of tho ormoiitCuutnil
inllroad d tho ilrnw was being eoiibldoiod tho man opon
Wlion thu storv of tlm crnlso gets to thn point
vhcrnthuy fniinil theinschis lu the provlnre
of HJiichec tho lory tellers grow Hontlmental
horo was thocarnp nt tho Ilo aux olx A
nnco wns pinn thoro In honor of tho Btrangerfl
IIM rationn nlid not talk I ronch and the
mitt 1iiiich IIIcould not talk lngllh but
Ilul 1Ih 1110111
I tlmt ill I tmt 1 mutter Tlm Americans thought
tin I riniihulrlt la v < i diviiul wldj > Iho tlrls
I actiii i iiiiikmclr H In hon thoy think ijtiv
I o Imwtiir I IHIIO ihnt is I 1 t loimy Iho
n I i 111 t cf liln I I nix NuU maKothti iiuiouniHii
I ill aw i Innu ruatli I
MvntKtn of thu iiimiattiilrt must iit Il I omit
led Nearly all LIIUOO Hoots carry iiionagirliH
Dr Doniaons toot got two cats at Tlionderoga
and they wero remarkable cats for there was
nothing they liked better than to eltontha
bow lluurebead fashion when the cano was
just whooping < along and tbe spray aflrlns In
D d whooulnl ooUol At It Jobtu thor sot a dee It
was not a pointer nor a etr nor of any pedl
fn known to the stnd book I was jUlt doa
I would hare ben allod black and tan In
color only for the tact that where the hairs
should have been tan colored they wero the
color of code with plenty of milk and nonio
files In It This color wan not wholly pleasing
to iho artlatlosonso of the cnnoomen so tho
Doctor stained the most prominent of tha
lightcolored hairs with a harmless but bril
liant vermllllon uyo Thereafter the dog was a
marvel to all unectators lol
The cruiser must got 1 man nnd a horse to
tow hIm through the Chambly Canal to tha
Itlohellou Hlvor Whan Dr Donlsons floel
went through the throo canoos wore lashoO
nldo and sldo and tho tow lino wan mndo last to
the middle boat Then they called to tho driver
and with a confidential all Invited him to heave
lo and como alongside Ho did HO nnd they
gave him n ball ns tho relator called It Hall
being Interpreted moans a cllod ankoo
whiskey Iho drlvortook to It kindly Iho
canal was twnho miles long nnd had eight
looks In IU Tho start was madn at H oclock
I was a bright cold night Tho lanoomon
put on lots of rlothos wrapped blnnkuts about
thcm olvpB nnd Alt comfortnhlo lu tho stern
hoots Tho driver smacked Ilia Him over thn
lost l dioo of tho bal grubhod tho Lorao by tho
< t
tall shontnd nt tho animal nnd nwav they
wont bnch was tho rolling olToct of tho ball
11lt n V2m tho Ilcot was uafoly afloat In
Clmmhlv hnsln
tnl down tho Illchellou roved unnxpoot
odly Intornstliig to oorbody In tho IWt
Tho Doctor was In tho leading canon Tint
Doctor Ilko tho rout had hon In tho habit of
taylnc Romnthlnc to noryboily mot but what
10 said was not understood until ho began to
repeat alinnch phrase learned fiom 1 boy
who was presumably had Tho Doctor would
FBV with n pollto bow nnd n milling fnco
Good morning Then Im would repeat thn
French words blandly Tho one nddrossed
would stare and bay nothing in reply Then
Mr Ward would como alnng Ho would bow
politely and nmllo and begin to Bay Good
morning Rnt to bo Interrupted by a frnntlu
outburst Kritich profanity accompanied by
lolont eesturps and n distorted rountenam o
This W m incompiehouslble Initnono thu less
amusing J hey kept It up for hours Aflei
ward they learned tho moaning of tho I ronch
phrase Then it wns easy to understand nhy
the Frenchmen nnro exaaparatoil I as n
rude gratuitous phrase about with
Ir1tllon Ilbrlo nbolt on a par wih
tbe English adUco to put thu hoad to soak
What was tho moat interesting oxiiirlouco
all things coniildoroil of thn entire crulsn irom
Whitehall I to tho camp of the American Canoo
Association was J
I was In tbo Thousnnd Islands replied
the Doctor During tho lay we wero mixed
UD among tho Islands 1 and had n shouting time
finding each other Wo all got net Inn rain
Tho wind was contrary and tlilnrs went wrong
generally The day endud with 1 triangular
verbal scrap that mudo every onn glum
when I landing mllo lt last in ado Wo
pitched our tents on Grenadier Inland nnd
cooked kupper In solemn silcncn Tlnn jnt
as Ward WHS getting uuay uith tbo lut of Iho
scorched Oapjucka the cool always bus them
to cat thrco llttlo girls ranging from 5toO
yoarn old rumu d wn to tho ctmp from n hMi
crninnu homo hard by Jhov worn shy Illtlo
chicks hutcurloiiH to siowhut ttn > striitigors
wero doing Tho strangurs louhlnt look at
oath other but their boat rIA wnrmed toward
tho chlhirun Mr Wurd must neids bakuhuinu
moro llopjacks Jut tn Hhow tno llttlo
ones how good camp Hapiucks might lt
Another onn hail to open a cun of
condensed milk to show thorn how good con
donned milk was when itpridd on camp tlnp
jncks Tho rest had to take lurn1 spreading
he mllkon tho IhipjnikH Tho children oro
lollghtciil 1 with tho attention IIv received
10 1Ih wih atontol
Thoy woro hungrt too 1rutty boon ono of us
lad to nay something pliiiHaut to another
abnnt something ono of tho children had hiiid
or dono and jot a roplr that hhouvd bow
much tho othur ono was IntoroHted in
thn llttla Olios Tho first thing auy ono
Knew wn had utterly forgotten that
that hud boeu
HID wind had leim contrary o hUl
lost that tha mil had wot us and that any
thing unpleasant had been mild by imiludy
Woneroall mntoj around I lit Ilio nnd iho
youngsters woro laughing nml Milking in great
glee and BO woro no Tn end U till thu llttlo
BlrlH ran off ami cam back with two nmrii cuts
to go with tho two cuts from Th I omloroga nnd
tho dog from St Johns All thlnus coiixiilornil
In unite of tho Ills that worn Included In Its
daylight hours thnrowns no day moro pleasant
than tho onn on nhhli wo wera xntertalnnd by
tho three little children on Uronadlor Ibland
A Or VHKlt 10 tIM TRI1
A Confedrratn NurprlHril Ity fhf Perform
uucn or ii IttlertilK Itlfln
from Ih Atlanta t uiistttnlinn
A ctrl WIIH InlkiiiK thiotliirilnvnbuiit
his frAt experlenco with u rupoatlng rlllo
J was out un tint iilckm HUH 11 tells us
o nnd n lot of t laukoos Kept Hhontlng at us Irom
tho shelter of a plnu thlekut Ilnally no mid
I break o tho thlcUot nnd then wn had i
Dvery fellow would plk out his man and then
load and shoot taklngadvautaun of tno t > holler
o My Vnnkoogot tho first idiot mid mlhKed
101 tlO
mo As 1 was only fovontyllvo nr ono hun
dred yards nuay 1 thought I woulJ roacn him
hoforo he could load iigaln BO I inndoudunh I
for him Hu Ktopnod out fiom hU Iron and
nluioil but I thought ho was JUKI trying to
bin IT HO I didnt stop til I he pulled down on ino
My Lord I thought thatll tlm llrst rlllo
lever HIW with twu barrels 1 just lialtud
but thought surely his gun must ho empty now
sol Iloulht I o him ngam V > oll Mr ho just
stood tluiro and nangl Pantrl bang baul Ilko
milking a cow 1 junijied for ft troo inluhtr
iiiilck I can toll jou I heard him ju t hollering
al tol
ing holilnd tho treo I tl < klod him mightily
I didnt know what to rnnlo of I 1 put my cap
out Irom Imhlmt tho treo and ho bunged1
bniiuud1 down on U It icareil nui I Ililiit
know how long tho thing would hold out 1rns
ontly though II I saw linn liiiiiliiiu mr Ills
heui was protected I in his blk UMS Hliowlng
ami I took good aim Ilio lull plUghi > l
tliouuh the llosiii par nf tie f tliirh 1111 lii
hollered tl 1 madei him llo liiii mopped his I
gllll wont Mild luick ltirel uilh me to I l hut liu Htiliped and
1 carried that old gun of Ins back and I was
agreat curloniu t our boys Thoy never did
believe that It could shoot sixteen times and I
couldnt prove it becauso hu had only ono load
left and we couldnt not any ammunition to lit
the gun Bo we broke up tho gun to keep the
Yaaleei from getting bold ot It ainlo
Flrtt VM In tlio Aw eren n NyyNn w
Mkl nW Complet Trlthont IINenrch
JLI ht In Mreh Hhlpn and Tnchm
Tho man who sew tho next conflict lco
twoon war ships tho battlo tlmt sooner or
lator la suro to como particularly If tha fight
taken placo In tho opon sea anil nt night will
have a stOl of absorbing Interest to lull
liven n drawn by tho Imagination tho plcturo
of such n scone with tho ships Ilko shadows
driving over tho water and tho red llnniofl of
thomluhty guns and tho piercing whlio gleams
of tho cnrch lluht tolllumlnato I Is I thrilling
Nothing to comtiaro with such nsoonnwun
over known In tho naval history of thu vII
for gutifl Ilko those now tuonntod on war shltm
hnd not boon Invented when tho Inot bnttlo at
Ri was fought while tho uso nf tlio cloctrlo
light on a war shin hnd probalily not bocn
< dreamed Indeed In tho lust lluht worth
montlonlnc betwoon war ships tho latwst
KtinH burned no morn powder tlmn now formi
thochnrcoof a six Inch ranidllto Kim whllo
thoslmploKlowof tho wnalo oil Ininii wns nil I
Ibo lleht that nny ship could bomt
o all tho Iiipntlon8 dcslunod for modern I
war ships nono Is mom plcturosinio nrd proh
nbly fow will proxo moro useful than tlmt par
tletilar form nf tho cleitrlc Inmii called tlio
noareh Huh I Is a Uo loo of i > ry recent con
Htructlon but ono that has como into unnor
as I tho naval Inltlcs of tho fnturo wotn to I i
become conllb In b tvvoen nn siuito ihip mnl
that the ila > of thoirnoir clad I atllu HIIP was
gone Thu Trenton hitip vvltli its farieaeh
ing pencil win hilled bv ilm bmlilers of groat
batlm ships as I delivering ni uol niTht le I ly 1
a soul in distros VA Ith tins Imnpit HIIS t ossi I
Itlo tn 1 throw a plorclni gleam of light I tho
wmur wherever tlm approach of I enemy was
to bo 0peeled mid nut onl 1 iit the actinil
movumont of hin h an cvmy to view but iio
oxpofo him to tho llro nt the guns f tlm ibln I
ntlmkod The llttt lepotls ol I tho hiccossnl
use u I HUI h a lamp set ierv nitviil secretary I
mid board of admiralty in the wmld to woik
providing all turN ol tn with like plants
Ihu I naval hoareh light Is I nint lo I thing Anv
good worker in metals can make on If ho I has
nn arc lamp lu furnish th lUht llmilcturo
I 11 1 thu I laiiineiicsiiuuod Me10 what u Is I like
Thorn i nn nrc light ono of lln mills nao
I hy electricity us it rn1is fiom unu eiili n
point to mmtlmi a veritable though conmu
I ous Hash of lightning I his nto is I m
11 cylinder iiitide of hheet munl 1 ho evluder I I
I of tho largest sort i thltty liphos long and I
thirty Inches In dlimoor Ilm J caihonsare I
mounted near one end uf I tlm ctlimlur which I
may Im called tho Imck l otid b auso II Is elood
bv n conenvo mirror nf tlm most perfect make i
Tho fiont nnd Is I covcted by t a wlmUivv ulas I
lluv Inc to placnii tip carbons that their mlit
Isexiutly In tho centre of tlm fuciisoftl Jlr I
ror tho hcarch lh is I prni tlcnlly attilnud for I
the rays of tlm llcht mu concentrated and
I tlirown from tlm cvllndur tu Illunilnatn thu I
water about tho ship MMI 11h as u t coniu
live hi adliuht illtiiiiiiiates III tiik liefurn it
llowi vei ilia Is nut a II there is t t tlmsomcli
light To bo avalliiblo tlm cvlindor inut bo I
inuunted so that It can Im t tune I about to I
point to all i arts oi ilm hoi Imi 1 hen lucutim I
ihu Hunt would m ono 11111 I tu bo thrWn
to u ditnnt objo t nnd at mithor lo unu near
by thu cyllndtfi has tn be muiiniu I I tn p irmlt u
Mrlieil motion in well us I horioninl uiie I
Iurlhiir than this lenses am pi ictd In Ilm
cvlindor to I cntili bnih Ihn rollectul and tlm
illiect ravi of tho llcht mid thiovv them out in I
lines arallel II to nacii other
Ii I I he Mjurch light limp ui row mad varies I i
II Ilh 1111 j 1110
from Inun 110 li mil 1 candlo POVI i on vvar hips
but thorn mo voiy fow us I n ihoso I 11 hll ol 1
less I than iJi II iLiuidli pnvvur Loss povrful
ones am in USD In inorclimr > nd nn ruthips
hincn thn UMitch liuhls wet llr1 adoled
u i > full and Mitihfitoiv otn m I iheir
Illli lem y hn o beun mailii Ilio hlrh lluit is
nhout ilm only appbanee nf mo turn mnto
thill IIIJ well tested 111 11 I e is jn Uuie of
bit tie Itwijvoii to m ouiil that I tiiuMi
lamp oveiioi tit in t 111 inturn I w is
lot sullUieni to roveillhe pr ieneii of nil tho
loiiedo boats IU H inigh bo sent lu ntt nk a
warship Uhlln the water UI > < ill ildosconid bi I
1woPt hI the puncll i llfllt it I hao lu I o Mviipt
tlwiy lotiiin j tho llgit ah > in iineklyvvn
to reveal nuirpnu Iho 1 llnni natcd hpacu
loinoil Illlod with all lo Hu vhllo tio IIIL I
was directed on utio riO f Urn shlpthu torpedo
bunts un iho other tldo cotilil dart in and I
ilostrov Ihl hblp In tlm 011 naval
liimii uvron it I was fnuu 1 thai two llunts wmiM
ollonprovo Insutlh 11 011 nnd the I ruich men
oWMr aru now piupaum 11 t Illuminate thu
wiitor all iirouinl tlm hlup cnnimiioiislj
In attacking i a chip m night ilm hmnch llcht
vory Hiinly rnveiils her tu Ihn attacking forco
but It was tit nlvvais ceumn that Himcoulil
bo hit by tlm attnckinir gilnnuis I nless Urn
light wns aovo mnl behind tlm gunners they
worn iinahlo tu sou the Hightn of ilmlr UUIIH
On Im other nand tlm unntmri un the Hhlp at
Im keil would bo blluilod by tlm lercn vvh to t
glaro lu Iheir nie tu it inlghl IIIPI un thnt
two 1 ships both of vvhnh had Ihem llchl
might get vvltltl easy innun of each ilmr and
jot hcciiiiHu of tlm iiailn Ichs d h I dnin
agx to i nch other llian would ho i n veieio
Mich lights I iixlst 11 e IH Id1 1 fmiire f f
thsiort ol Illumination 1 ciui > v en tu
rvvs mo micli < i lien fab d i < > that 1 i
111 e it Iho ris i Mi 1 I I Vi v hiiu is I
ell hlli In niHiaiiru in ilurkiii Hh fui 1 HIIMD 1
onorutlm1 or under tho dlro l liillnonco of tho
light Tho llcht Is so lilted however that iho
ruys can ho tlnuR1 on occasion and so u very
broad space illuminated I
To operate the light at Its best requires a
Uadjr imp for tbe rolUna and plunging of
wsel makes the llaht dance and play abut
dlstractlnply This Is partlcnlarlr noticeable
when tho light Is on a small xosael like 1 lor
rodobont For this reason tho search llahts
hare been orderod remoed from tha torpedo
boats of tho Npanlrh navy
At certain trials hold byHnnnlflh naval res
sols In which tho lluhts used woro of 7W
candlo power the rauco was found not t ex
COOl IrilO yards under tho moot favorable con
ilitlonsof thontmosphnre Vlththollchts ot
UiUiio1 nmllu powor thn rntifo U said to bo
nbolt two miles A noel uso of tho search
llaht 1 has Lon mcucsted by oxporl
munts carried out In tho Medlttoianonn last
Biimtnnr llv day n man was cent up In I can
tno hnlloon to a heluht 0 if lntil yards nbnvo
Iho ship from which lot crows Itt ho kept
watch of thidoliiKs of tho maUohelloo eno
iny lln hailed tho dock thrnuch a tilephono
I Is now Ftiucntod thin In tlmo of war it
nilulitfroqiioiiily happen that n lookout could
bo soul uloft thus nt nmht undnltli a oviircli
lluht watch thn ononu That It would often
bo dosltiiblo solo watch tin enemy on shoro
en n eailly bo lmnilned
What tho ultlmaoolTiCt of tho poarch llcht
nn land hatlloswlll bo cannot > ot bo told but
when tho Minding Inllitenon cf tlm llulit nn tho
e os Is I considered wo may Infor that It will not
niako thorn moto bloody I may 110 dccrenso
tin Hlauchter by renderlnir
I Ihlllhhr rllIrlnl surprises moro
ilinlcult That It will nmiillointo tlio condition
01 thn wntiudnd by I onahlinu tiur cs and phy
slilans to euro for them by nlKlit us Il8 by
ua has been IIIIINV ih nictistrntoil
1 ho ndoptlnti of tho anarch llcht In tho mer
ohant inirltin ban nrotod nf urcat MTVICP bnt
It now appears likely that It will bo of Mill
uriMitcr ndMintimo than any ono supposed I
would no a year nio Tho learners Koine
thriiiuh tho Hun annt tiped to Btnp when
nlclit pamo on Now they wlne a cauo oer
tho bow with u ronrch lluht In It nnd a mnn tn
care for tho llulit Ho hiitms nbont cluht loot
nhovn tho wnor Tho canal Is thus Illuminated
by this powerful head lluht HO that tho ship
continues on her nay
Vithlu a fow months tho Foarch llcht has
Bal uso since It was first proposed As I mnt
ter of fact electric lights of any sort hivn been
uol onwnr ships only ainco ivntoinber ISs I
when tho rnltudStatosshln Tronton ww IHUvl
with an electric plant us n matter of experi
ment llutnlthough tho American Cioxerntuent
was tho Ilrt to nilopt tho ileclih A
tom of lighting for war shit s It wns nnii s nry
10 go to 1rnnco for tho nytom for tho Vronih
woro tho first to Imont this ns well n > tho nia
ority ot iho other useful de Ices nnd ytems
of the modern innnownr hiuttor lemofor
t Co of Iarisplapoil tho llrst search ILit plint
In a war ship Thn theorotlcil ailvantnges of
nn electrical BVftom of lUlinns shlpN and par
leularly thoo of a controllable lamp which
should Illuminate of tho water ahi ut
lullnto any pint wntlr Ihlt
he ship worn fo great that tho chances of
oslng all thn lights of il ship bv n IIIK i > well
I diiectedphot iiiielini tho iHniiii r lot
crnldured too groat to 1 Ilk II 11
he nn t tlmt Iho Trenti n I ant wi not well
adiitod to thu Tic Its viluo wi iptirunt
frnin the time tho lights wero Irst ued
Iartlculailr is this truu 01 tlio Ih < > licht
for it was at about thU time tnit Ihofiunhl
Hbln naturo of the modern tirned linit Ie 1
carne apparent to IIIIMI ollicor little low
lylttc nl row Fteamcr had I heen built wlihli
could cover a inilo of I smooth water In throo
minutes or less nnd fiom a ilitnncu of 1 Mo 1 01
4lii yaps iend a tiriclo I nunnist tho hull if
the stioiiRost bittlu hhlp Ineru J eeemed no
defence nniiini tho nttiiek fi I thco tiny but
Inidly flglitoi II < III night it wonM I
utterli liiiKislbli > in no nne ur til iltur it
was within 1irpodn ran mini los iU > llY
thlng aileqiiato to ttoi its approach Ixon
if listincuishoil us It uiiitil acrosi thowator
I would bu eon onlv HS a pwilt thii Inw
which tho mot bkllful Runner would strho in
vain to hit U actually ouumud at ono tlmo
I boon ndontert by a few merchant ships on this
side of the water mid many nnutlal men nro
beuMiinlnut > t think that It i to bo I the Hiif
giinnt against danger In fogs for uhljh sailors
hiivii boon looking eer hitice steamers weio
I Iiiiido swift enough tu bent sailing hips Iho
I trouble I with the log limn as a slgi ul to ap
proaching ships when tho wealhii N I thick Is I
tt its riihiro is I niton s t thort that 1 when ono
j hhlp iletm ts tin pioiencu oi atiothei nuo ilio
i tvo luou 00 tounlher that I lollIMon cnn
i i not ho uolded dwiimto iho pepullar action
of fig strata on bound vuie the fug hurl Is t
i olten not to bo iliMincuisho I until ihu ships
ai > within n inilo u I ea I1 111 It tnles two
ocean rneers inmli lehs than two inlnuusto
io tiiothei alteraniini within thatdistauco
of oieh oilier
i As ndoiiteil on the lon Island Round tnim
et s thfo lights swing through an arc that en
nljlothem to I I iHliiinlto tho clouds oerhead
I lftlio with tn I ijt so IMjry haiiorman knows
thiitexen tin tlilekost l a limy not l > u deo >
eiii > iiili toco > i n ships masts ami Hint a look
11 the ero trcos can otun too eurytluuir
cnrli tlmt uses I ahoo tho louhim cloud
Iank l IlaI11 the light ertlcally d011
iro uh Ir f tho steiiiiiercinild lu Rueh a cuso ho
eij i ash uiilicited tu I tho other oeN I
I tlll ionu 01 j ho biiecoss a tallied
I 1 the suiihil steamers h HT that all mrts of
tteameis mnst n o to t the Uso of tho hoaich
light lor tins plli oe to iho grout ilcoreno
thniijh In 1 no niuins tho ulimliiutlon ot thu
ilingers nf mitigation
lllllrs ICal i i 111111101
I Niivil IIIIH hI Ito iiinnlly Uod this llcllt
I for ilgiiilllniti > until nthor at hru Ity llnthltm
tlio liuit I the clHids y SS IJI H 8ity nilloH
apart have I eon alilo ti coinmunleato with
ench othor easily Thu Hashes on Mich occit
nuns would 1iiMi nin eared to tho uninforniod
Ilk i gleams of Iluhtiiini on the clouds a tho
i hullm unions I he hatiiietied to notice tho
I rctfiilnritvv I t ith which thoi gkamodauil waod
Ir inIdt I id
I It i > l lev > il that th Hist jncht toadnpt the
si IM I iuht wus i omm doro lioirys I lecfra
I MI Ihe ats llht lia been Uhml 1 to search
11 i eiito I rielnn tchooners j lm ps und uut
I I tors I mind foi the homo lino with I lauuinK
luii to ilrift them onward Uniii the rnco
is t mor Ino tho light of this boat with tho
beautiful inch of In amlocoia lamiis to uld It
ha iervoj to let etontody within many
inles mil ilnotiLli roi orts In I thu press the
v holo world for that mntor know where tho
j thai Ilm ot s iiurtluular pi asiro lleut uigiit in tlio world was liluc on
l111IZI1 1 U
Tun Ifnndrrd IVlniilr Sluvr Stint hjr Arab
llcultrn IBecuiiNe Fftiitl v an Nciirce
IMis lib iTho llnitf ViiHfnisc i his
I litter from Xunlhar which tnjs that over 1
tear ago ft caravan of 3iM Arabs left tho east
c < ast to gi > Into tho interior to trade Thovhnxo
nOl rotutiioil ami ono of Iho chiefs relates
their adventures Airivlnc t Knvirondo on
the northeast slime of Victoria Nyanii tho
Arah iaw that the natives bad a rood doal of
nory nnd thnt they hail no guns They at
tucked tho tuljo I and before tho fi < intlhi had
1 iin > I long ihu IIIIIIMU wero willlhg to ilo
iiiiMhliilo innkn I eacu
> fti rilitnuiinlaii With the chief tho Arabs
ngiiud tu I leave th country upon the pnvmont
t them ol jui tusk of Ivory and un joum
vviiiiiii Ihn natives vieio glad t > gctild of
the i nemj evon on these hard i ondltlons As
toon as llI i > eelvud Ihe hurl and iho women
the Aralts htnrtod for Ihoc iihl Jheyhadii
loirihlo I lime I in tho M iai country I lime win
n ilioiiLli and thoy almost purlshed of tluist
lieu i uivisl us boeamo hcarcu anJ BCnrcui l
ntid the vv Imlu party wn > in danger o Htarvti
ten 11111 I Ihe Arab chiefJeculid that lu
in I 1o tavn theinevos nml 1 fiejr ivori It
I ml he ioo sitvio Hicri ice their fomalo
tiio I who wcio vuiy wnlik Irom their do
in iviillons nnd could Piai < h nn furthei <
That ml 01 tli e J
1111 instil 11 young womnn
woieli t tu dath mnl their buillos weru left
in Iheeamii for loats l of prey Tho llIU1
1101 I had lot n Mioiuonth warning of tin ir
Inipenillm fate llach niunlonir roloctod hin
victim i and tho hoirlbio crimo wa necUii
Ilishod fpoedily that few of tho
to rlI < ly 111 Inl 0 110 wnineii
made am uuterv lthtlinlrforcetliUsHum
inarll ted 1 i oil tho Aiahs vvoru 11 tu imll
tlironch tho dort reulou uhtaluliu llttlo
inoio loud 1 than < Ian yenonuh to > irttain llfo
I ho chief who relatod ihho Incts lnXnii7i <
bamliou ul no eninpiiiutuns hiitovoi forth
ternl crlinu In which Ie I had IIBSSI I but
ineiitione I tlio mnni rooiry toglvo an Idea ol
titegreit I tip y hailiistnlneil tn thu nee
cssan Kiicrlllin ol I their JH I clait It is I a
lact that f the iniirileinrs
cUioui KOIIIO IlnlJor wero
really tiinililuil in mind lieeano ttielr unco
hities had connell d them toeit iat mid otlim
niielemi food which U juohiblted tu Muham
niijdins uti tho march
jiiJi < i TO II > IIIW
u ixi > liiniillnii nrilir Aillon of tbe Wind
nit u InsrIliiulcil Schooner
I i P I 1 I T wilnsj tn aslt TiE HIs to cx
pi tin tlm irlnclilo on which u sailing vessel
I mows almost iliroclly Into tho wild
If f I II I T J will Iiko a Iresli moist applo foed
i between lh ends nf his thumb and forefinger
wll ami 111h i U llll il itms IICIIHS ihu loom ho
I wll1 bavo an eHeat Illutitratlnn of tlioniiplle
i 11101 ul lurces 1 by WiiKhn vossu can Imiiil al
most dlreotlv iito II he wind t that Is to siv
i i vviihin lour or llvn poluta or 43 or 511 dugruus
11 lulruo
m I ilmiMiiuf I ilm vvlid
lienah Imoimr is beating up to windward
tlm > ijls ap < > > o tilmmoil that they mako I
I iha patiLlo with tlm keel Tint wind PICHHIU
IIIIt ilm hnis humuthim lifter Mm niuniiur
Indlcalud b ihu mow In Urn Uiauium
Tliosn who iiiider > tnnl tlm niinclnleB of mo
CIJ mo i suen lii I to I tl11 If tlm vvllnl Is
10 1 nc vi illi u l mimi ol ten otinds tu ilm
> I ii at un a1 4 u uf f i > ii livn < oiiroes
t i t n 11 1 t er IM I 1 to
I h 1 > I l I V II III l shlint uf flvo
i i I t tie ii i tun lint I i ten pound
bi I c M uiii 1 i live pound II111
mro ii the willf Nuiv till iirutniiro acts rn
tint talla that IIM Het at an augln with thn keel
JUKI as thu pieesiiro of I TA thumb and
linger net on n molt applcseeil The uchonnur <
becausoof Its centreboard cannot go broaduldo l
oil uaaluit Ut water but wools ahead ro11
PANDORA And Her Mysterious Chest
All nro fnmlllnr with thn nnclcnt Greek legend of liow Inndorn ur rd by
uncontrollable curiosity opened tho forbidden mysterious chest nnd fainted
when she realized tlmt Rhe hud released tho deadly vapors of disease
To vex innnklnd with evils iniiiilfold
So that dlsenso nnd pain
Oer tho wholo earth Klioiild rel n
And only HtMK remain lichlnd
tlils allegory < poetically typical of a truth nil tetl nml rrallrc
that through the glonni nml thspiilr nf > lu > ru always shlniv tin
glorious Ftar of HOPK hopr ot timlin nt lnnt tin ivimily wlilrh will
certainly nntl unfailingly nfftom to tin wukiiml anil cvhantftl sys
tem the HEALTH which hua bcea lat This hojif iV rcullcil by
those who uso
The Icrfcct nnd Complete Curo For
Spring Debility Weak and Shattered Nerves Tired Brain Sleep
lessness Nervous Debility Poor Blood Run
Down and Debilitated System
nDr Grreoea Nervnra rmrely wcMVIfl ami 3r tr irrrneof Vi lf i Hlh > t > > orl whu
perfectly barml M It for sale b all drinririan t rriiire4 thl prfit rerieilv 1 tlm well known ani UL
fl per bottle > one Btnuine unleBR the name of Dr ctnsfnl tih > sl Ian in the curu of all forni uf nrrroui
drrone Is blown In the bottle and the trade mark ical ninl rlironlo dnc iies He ran be lounultnl freu of
t u alt remain unbroken churict IK ntonatly or by letti r
Mr Ilodldter Flndt Home VMftxppctnl nnd
VnuMuul XhtnK In the Munsalu IliiNln
liitrgHrLS Fob 10 Onn would think tlmt
tho list of novelties In African discovery wan
about exhausted but every now and then u
traveller reappears from somo obscure quarter
of tho Dark Continent with n fresh lot of
wholly unexpected and Interesting informa
tion WixsrnannB street villages many miles
lone Wolfs hankuru route for steamboats to
Central Africa Arm ts miles nnd miles of artl
neal caves with their thouamls of human In
habitants and many other discoveries aro 1
of tho naturo of geographical turpriso
Tho latest contributor to this list Is Mr Ho
dialer who In November last explored tho
Moncaln lllver I northern atlluont of tho Con
go anil its principal branch tho Dun Cnpt
Coqullbnt arid ono or two other travellers hnd
already been up the Mongala for forty or llfty
mllos but no ono had nny idea till Ilodintor
found it out that the basin of this llttlo river
extends fat northeast toward tho WelloMakiin
and that in a couple of dnvs stnamlng on the
Dun branch which comes from tho oast many
very interesting things would ho found
In tho llrst place Hodlstor was surprised to
seo that everybody soouiud to know ho was
coming for many hours boforo ho i cached
them The drum telephone is I in good working
order on tho Slongala all Its boats sounii
ing from Ullage to village notlllod Chief
Itlakaat tho mouth of tho Dun lhatawhito
mantwaa coming two days beforo thopufUni
llttlo steamer camo Into viow
As Hodlbtor steamed up tho Dun ho was
to find quite number of largu
surprised nvl Iull 1 0 Ilrgo
villager built on piles lu tho middle
of tho river There aro thousands of
nntlvo huts particularly on tho southern
aflluonts of tho Congo that stand on pllos
along the river banks but tho object In rais
ing thor from the ground Is merely to avoid
tho Hoods in tho high wator season There aro
very few tribes who habitually llva In huts
built ovor the water Hut Hodlster found at I
least a half do en largo water villages where
tho huts woro huddled closely togther on I I
pllos in tho middle of tho river leaving I wator
passage of about forty feet on either Mile i t
Around tho Ullages aro rows of small tlml orB
ono end resting on top of tho piles nnd tho
other on tho river bottom picscutinc nn in
clined tilano for protection against enomlos
rlio might try to corn tlio Ultimo by assault
At ono pliieo Iho explorer found one of tlm I
largest boatbuilding establishments trit has
jet boon uon In Central Africa Canoes by tho I
doon wore scattered 1 nlong thoMioro Thuy I i
worn uf nil dimensions and In all stages of
manufacture ami there was also n largo iiin
tltv of timber cut in tho forets and d racked I
to tho river bank all ready to bo irmif irmol
into canoes llodlstur ays It looked exactly
like alltlln hiilpvard <
Theoploer witnessed ono peculiarity which
has uoi oioivhoro been observed 11 1 unlives
were ory sh > mid when thoy saw tho t > teaiii < r
coming they ucnnrally took to their canoiu I
which wero latened totlm plo that Hiipporled
their huts mid puddled away lo hhln mnong I
tho many Islands 1rom tho small channels
which tho htoamor could not enler they
watched tho itrmigo monstnr and when thuy I
AlI that no harm befell them they almost in
variably look tho foUowtn menus of showing I
Iheiroun frlondlylntoiitloiiH Acnnoomanned
hysnvuralof Ihu boldest mid mot neili pad I I
mllnU tll
illms would ad v am o to within about I foru or I
fifty foet of tho learner I lion ono nf them
Ily 111 1101 t
would hold up I fowl and Hinldenlv throw it
toward tlm steamer Tho bin being unable
to lly far would light on the stoauiei to IIM Id
fulling Into the water Then the mon In tin i
canon would imddlo away lor tleir llfo without I i
walllnKloi Iho prusunt whleli liodintor wlhod
to mako tnem I
Chief Itlaku who was with thn oxploter wns I
well Known and much respected i > > tlm nil
lives hut Inl his Inlluence failed in to mo i
enos lo lull Iholr fears and Indiico theu to I
talk with tlm whito man On ouu occabm 1
whero lofty hills lul precipitously to tho river
lllitka mounted n platform that had been built I i I
iiiitoverllmwntorand I Innutoiitorlanvulcnsutii 1
moiled ovorbody to a palaver I trok about i
two hours of Inrebiint tllklngto collect liU I I
mullnrce hut llnnlly agreat nuinbor of cmious
filled with uatlvos wero mahud around tho I
Platform Then the chief told thorn what n i
friendly man the white tranter was oniimer
nled hh purchases mni Ills gonnptus pteonti 1
eMInlimd that ho took nothing vvlihnut paiiiii
for It and that he killed iiolioiltmnlontilaviil
no one Then tlm orator with Ion Ihlnmul e
pre sivo Letuios desurlled the htemnor Its 1
engine imitated tlm uoisu of tlm otcapim i i
rtoiiin and iloclulnieil with such iinliiing en i
eruy ami power cf lungs that tho otploror Tuu 1
feet away undertood every won hu said i
The Nglngall peoiile whom Hoillhter mot on
thin trip were In hlii opinion tho puoiost ami i
most wretehcil natives hucvur met They aro
nnkud thmr bodies urn covered with cla > Ihoy
hnn nolaiieodor knives and no linlunry ov
c PI lUhing They soil Iholr cnir kud Hsii for
canoes and other articles nnd livevvh lly on I
lltli and roots Thmr Nllhtgeh rosvinbln rather i
the h iinos of homers than human habitations
llodlsiertavvforthn Hist tlmo on llils v ngu
old mon with whlto hair mid beards und beat
with niro All tho men wear beards whli h nro
holdout ICOH among moht African tribes
lloilislerhavv largo numburs of tho curious
Iron houses that have been oborvo I es vvhnro
only ID Naehtlgal on thu Hliarl Hlvor bt iron
fell ami Van tielo on tho Mobangl and by
dlf on tho HankuruKomaml Thesn houses
iiro built at tlm entianciH and exits of the vil
lages nnd intiny of them nro seen In thn rear
of the towns to guard ngalnfct tho attacks ot
onomlca < oiiiinu ilirotigh iho foroHiH They aro
Hrnily lodged In tho hir ot fork of the tree
anil aro about ten feet long mnl llv nor six loot
wide limy consist of a phut nil with U
nchtti upun wnlch ro > ts tho roof mid limy urn
ilm d tothelter tho vvnrilors and i nuble them
to tuo n I the Mirioumlings nml bhotvr arrows
and lanceH ution aBnilnnts from un olnvatlon
Mr Hodlstor found In this llttlu rlvor two
pools uoternl miles long whero tho river
widens to about a mile and a half and still
keeps a depth of about six feet This journey
has proved that the Mongala and Its chief tri
butary are more Important features of COBCO
hydrography than bad beta supposad
iiu oinntr fitr iiiiii
The Curlnn IVtloliMilil lleiioII of Al tee
tliul llur IStvii WorUrd lor 14O Iritrrt
Thioldest prnitlcil petrnleiiin pnxliicerH
In tho world aro tho Io llol family of Alsace
said exSonntor Iovvls lnion li the lighting
nntiKtandaril oil pioducnr of liradford 1a
Strango lib It may seum thoy began to pro j
duco petroleum moro than 110 jonrs befoio
Col Drake tank his pioneer wull in 1ennsjlva
nin and vet the hNtoiy of oil produetlon In 5
dated from Dinlus successful venture near
Iltusvllle No one In this country over hoard
of tho ancient Alsatian oil Held until 1880 In
that vcnr I was making a tour of In
vestigation among thu lliisian ami oilier
allccud foreign oil countries and learned
of tho elstoneo uf tho Io llel
i territory I wns Miriuitod to Hnd that It wns
only 10 mllos from hlrnsijurg and that a rail JJ
j road ran within tlnco miles of It to a plaeo
called MiltruntormWald I took n trip to tho
district and mot thu owner 31 Jacques Io
Iol an ancestor of whoso as ho told ino had
discovered tho oil In 175 found that It mndo
mi excellent lubnciitor mid purchased for n
fongJlOuo metrtS sijunru of tho Und In tho
region mid wont to mining tho oil M Io Del
alo told mo that I was tho llrst loroluner who
had ever visited tho Held
I found it n m ist curious oil region nml
when I told lu Jol that 1 was mi oil oparutir
nil cell fiom the groalest oil country in tho
World he was surprised for ho know nothing
about any othur oil country bcbido his own
Jiriniltlvo field which hnd buon ovvnud nnd
worked by the ilesfemlantsuf its discovoior for
lUOMiirs After siKlvini him ol the truth ot
my Mutomontp oxcuiittho ono as to thu man
ner in which oil wells wero put down and oper
ated in America which ho could not bring
hlm olf to lullxvo he consented to show ino
tho way Im put down and operated his weUs at
the Riiiuu tlmoassiiilnc mo thnt I was tho Ilibt
outsider who had over beou permitted to ux
lilnino ihu works Alter rteolliK the way thov
produced oil In Als ice I was n > tsun rise I that
M Ie licit was mciedulous about tho Ionn
Bylvmiia methods
Tlm sinking ot nn Alsitlan oil woll Is moro
Ilko thn operation ol opening a coal ralno than
by taiipln tlm oil cln us iimlurtuoil anl
praetlhod In our Held lmntlmolloponitiir
in AlMicn hnti out u put down mi ml wull Im
llrsi uiei th n biilldiim o h > Kin feet for hi
unginomid boiler Near by an excavation ii >
font tlnott nnd II feet hHiire is undo in tlm
grnnnJ Ihis is Illled with solid stone ma
tonii rpnn this found itlon I creeled 11 7
chimno inn lootMKh octaoiinl in hlinnn mid I f
H foelin illmniter Tlm work of dlgginc Iho 1
well ih I Icun belie ith the nngiiiu li mse s
tho well is lo consist of n Iniii ami i iimeiuus
ilnftsmid giillunus its plan Is Hist faieliilly
laid out by mi cn lnenr 1 hu halt is
ocaneu entire y bv workmon with pb k
mnl nhovol Ilm w rk gm s on mulii
mnl day ihern belm tbiee sols of hands
throo in a set whuvvurk piglil hunrunlnv each
Iho hhiilt IK II leet finnwavand b loot tho
other hcnltreachosadopili Hum vvilch It
slmHsbn t throw the ilr mil with hvels
a windlass vvillt hn < kelt ittaeled Is put in po
sition conno tiil vvllli tln > unii n Ihn bol
t mis of tncso hn > s are lino n mni
after being hoisted III ml tn dirt tlmv arn
h mm over tmal Ham ear and tlm bottom
upcnoii hen tho car is lull It In trundlol
away and diimpuu Ot cinsi nil thosi
opeiatlmis mo of mubiia ndt timi
nml vury niudom tuo r np lo with
in a iompatntnoli nhoit tlim belom
HU visit htoani power mil thn tr iin ear Innl
liit boon In use their resiictlvu labor helm
dono by lusty Aln itian poannti and leasts of
bunion ith nil tlmu Inipruvemciils how
ever It required hoontouii mon to put down n
wj wlio worked hiivnn months in dongit
but tbo eomliiiied ilaih pay of lhso inveincuii
inuii wns only about what two mon
wuiild iipei i n tho ieni svlvmim oil rculoiih
Ilm labontrs in thn shaft cominandoil tlm
hiKhoi pat mid received tt cents n day I Im
engineer llroman and tubtnou n ccived 40
contK and workud twelve Inmr a div
Tho Altmian u I wells went put down to a
depth uf about n i leet iillionili when tho
Pioneer oi eiator in ilm Held went to work In
11ft hu had to Lo iloun only 5 l leet to got to
thn II I hut viri was l nu o mlniuMed
mid tlm hocoml vein was lonnd at Iho prount
depth At n depth of M feet a inline is cut
limn tlm haft at mi ascending Monn to fetch
Its other i po dng t thn mufnco at Iho hasn of
tlm tall chiimiev This tnnnulur diilt Isthrou
font Hliiare mnl It I realit a Hue up which
tlm impuin unilorgruiiuil all Is drawn
by tho chimney diauuht Tlm hlialt prop
er is divided fniii throo compartments
by wooden partitions Irom p tu bottom
inn is K feo1 liydan I Is tho well Another In
II net by i and is nb Unlit m tlm top i his ono
Iho Him ui ens oiitoi 1 ho third compartment
Is o tlmhamosi o aHu hoeornl nnd down It
Ireh mrisdr ivvn v ihoilimiklit ol tho line that
curilus i IT tlm impuin air frum the bottom
This hiinplo contminee mnkes thu ventilation
hi perfuat that In al tlio hltorv of IhH
singular till lluld nut n rtliirlo death uf a vvmk
mini liasiccurrod from tlm ollictsof noxious
nil In fact li thirty cirs only foven mun
liad bion killed nt tho wells and every one of
thorn mo his death by falling from Ilm laddera
by vvhlh tlm vvorkmnn vvuro compelled tu
rea h tlm l ttoni of tlm vvelH
Imn a ti ift c sunk to tlm rl snn < l orvoln
tnnnuN are cut in all illroutl us from It as an
aticendini tlope Ihe ill o < en from tho mr
rounding onrh Irit theMi tntinelx r ilrainn
mid runs down lutlm liutlom of tlm shaft 1 Im
tunnels Ilaln an area I moral aero Tu >
fonelston vuf tln II is mich that Ihe workinon
thovel it frmu tlm buttiiti ui Dm hhaft Intt
buckets Ilm hiine us thoy did thn dirt takun
out in digglnc tho thafi 1 he buckets aro
holstcil to tlm top ami iho oil Is taken away
Immediately to bit re lined Tho mothdb of
rnllnlng worn of tho i rudest but M Io llel ob
tained in t er i en f K od lubricating oil from
tlio product of bis wells Thn miners of this
oil for thai Is what thuy are light themselves
nt Iliolr wrk by lumps htrapiol to tlmlr
breasts Thorn it 111 iaswliti thn Almtiaii
Petroleum sneh as om product iihvnvs has
with It ur thoso inlnets would huvo to lint
Bourn othei wilt to got at tholr ul1
M Lu llel told urn thnt it co t lilm 11 nlO
tpput iiown a sinirn bhaft IIP rn thmi thron
limes ns much as I c ts to drill n ronnsyl
viinia woll iipiro tuaii threo Hums as deep Tho
AlMiimn oil U until by tho pound In package
ofioiJ pounds They nro called kilob an I n
kilo was worth from til to tin at thn then mm
kot price which Is equal to from 1 to f s a bar
rel Io Del had two wells In operation when I
was there which wero ytoliUuit about liiOOO
at all sacb il U

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