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rrinmcn THAT POINTS 70 mat AS
THK aivnnttttnn or nBTRLT
Irnttt In Company Uh III Victim rrom
Hamilton tn rHKUvood nnd Out lh
Joiirly Kond to tho HtTnnip where Ite > n
I Body wl roiimfi nnd IlHuli
Acnln Alnne Interesting Tcitlmony
XjAOAltA PAM March 7Thn discover
fi I i fflAile onch day In tho IllrohcllUonwell
murder OURS materially Btrcncthon the convic
tion which all rooplo conversant with the case I
hao ton already formed tlmt tho vounu English
man Henwoll woa murdered br no othor per i
son thnn his Irlnnd and confidant IteelrmUl
Bin boll I Is true thin ovldnnca Is entire
ly I circumstantial but It Is I VMY Irons
The efforts of tho detectives antI of the count
lets other rersons who hnvo nldod in peaking I
out tbe guilty Tersol liMo hon directed so far j
toward trucking tho movemontB of lllrclioll <
ilnce ho cnmo to lluldilo with hU wife anti I i
Felly and Binwell I hM boon proved that tlm I
whomo by which Illrehell in jnclnnd Induced I I <
t > iiw nnd I Itdnvvoll to com u out hr that u nr
u n n
ahtrlnc In the cure and profits atok1arni
our Nlacnra Nail was nothing moro thnn 1
iwlndle Itlrohnll not owulic 1 font ot Innd
In this country or ImvlrK any Inter
ists here I hns boon proved that
Eirchcll Is I really I mnn of no finan
cial responsibility nt all anti that his pant
life hae bon largely that of a dead boat I
bis been proven tlmt onrly onl morning
Blrchflt and Bonvvoll In ft the party nt the
Btivflord HoUo In UiilTalu to visit tho stock
farm nnd that lilrcholl returned tho sumo
rrnlnff with n story explaining IinvvoH ab
sence that was whully fictitious Jlefore todny
It hail ftl o hpen nrovi > d that on tho nltornoon
of the name day on which lilrcholl and Ienwoll I
hit l UulTnlo n tuRn rosombllnu lllrchell
boarded a return train nt Lastwood a station
on tho Grant Trunk llallnav In Canada
near to the euiiwwed stock farm and but n
few miles from where Bonwolla body was
found Today comes the positive Identifica I
I tion of lilrcholl ns this mali and the till
more Important tettlmony of vrltnesspH who I
tn the forenoon of the dny of tho murder i i
paw lllrchell and Jlonvvell lenvo thu Grand
Trunk RailwaY at Jnetwood together and I i
walk off In the direction of the spot where the
t body of Uenwnll was afterward hound j
This Important now testimony was brought
out at thu Coroners Inquest hold today at j
the little town of Princeton Ont where Ben
wells body Is burled three miles from tho
place where It was found Princeton is on tho f
I main lino of the Grand Trunk Kullwny and i
Ie about lidvfive miles nest of Niagara Paths
Several sessions or the Coroners jury I
have bten held The ono held today wlt
attended more largely than any of the others
and it bronchi tho biggest crowd Into Prince
ton that the little town has soon for many a
day > lhe main street of Princeton ID
narrow with small and meanly con
structed buildings on both sides Tho
vIllaKohu tvwcal Canadian small town very
oddseemme nn American with Its air of
qunintncBi and provinciality Thn little main
lined nnd crowded this niter
Btrcet vms fairly Inod III Ilter
noon with the hortes and wagons of the far
mers who came to attend the inquest Borne i
of the farmers drove twenty miles to be pres I
ent and they rode into town wearing great fur
ent ant tle roto WoarlDi Irat
caps and overcoats and wrapped up in enor
mous buffalo robes
The Inquest was nt down for 2 oclock in the
afternoon at the little Town HaL By half past
ODe there was a crowd of eager men women
and boys In front of tho building big enough
tofu It throe times over The jury and the
officials had hard work pushing through tho
crowd When they were nil In tim four con
bJeseery constable in the town was on
duty otcned tho door nnd the big moss of
people rushed icrcamlng md struggling into
the hall and filled it up in n trlo L > Prinuoton
never saw such a tight boforo When the men I
gut Into tho hall they took oil their hat
There was no piece for tiny of the spectators
to sit so tlu > y tool Sot unolcmh of thoiu
present oouid hour a word ot what nnx wild
but all blood immouiblo until tho end of thu
Fes lon Tim dlmilmnei Pai upon n tiny plat
format the end nf tho hull lliuv wer about
UHiuuch crowded a tliuhiwtntora They 10m
Coronor McCoy and Jlr flail IJC 01 Wood
iQclt With them wro wltnefetea newspaper
men constables tint I bulllllx
Neither Deteetuii Murray nor Douglass Petty
nor Mr or Mrs Ituchull or their counsel Mr
HHmutii 1 of llunilllon was pieicnt 1o
tloni wro n kod mivo lie thjo i oronor anti
Vueen Counsel llrnki < inan George lluv thin
first ultnoMH ieieited his story tdo ut Jin h
els oviunlnatioii be re ihe I miigihtrute In Clif
ton yesterday nkMitifylnc Blrentll ns hnvlntr
token the 3pt 1 I Jitrnln oast torn Uastiroud
en tho Ornnd Trunk road on tbu dil 01 ito I
murdor It Is tho theory of couro that this
wa nlior thii mnrdii oas committed and wee
IlrclllM anewla
llliohelis llrat step on his return journey to
itiffato 1 1
Then William H Poole an elderly man tes
tllled that it was tile ci inductor ot tho train on
the liriind Trunk Julinuy 1 which I leit Mngara
JiilU for IJelrolt I tl ll in th morning on this
dn > of the murdor Fob 17 This train if I nn
nicoinmoilatioj und Is tho I first I run out of
Aliignra 1nils wont on Ibo Grand Trunk road
In the morning I IK i followed litter by two
throuBhesiio tinlns ono comlnu from the
Liiouuil tho other ruin the Woit Shore Hull
road JJoth of ttioHa txpross trains leao
lont IIOI r
Jiunulo shortly niter II I ollick In the morn
Inc The ixproes trains overtake the ni
coil incitation train at inimlltom I t Ont
nod imtoiiuers for points woet on thin Qtuml
Irunktit WhIch the ox pi OSH trains do not slot I
ate tmaillrro totho I nccimmoil n Neither
ot these express trains Mops I at Iimtwood and
1Ooihi coming out of lluilulo early tlifnforo
and bound to lustwood would hne to bo
trin urred to the local tinlu ut llnmllton I
Conductor loot loll thnt on the morn I
ing of the murdoi two young men rot on
ala tram ut Iluniilton who hud tickets
lor Instwood Thu J toting tuna cut oppoltn
Wh other In I double bat In ono of
the cnuchcfl Conductor POL In gne nn nc
curate dim riPtlun of Ilircliell I 11t Jon
Weul lS the i two joung len all though helms
not seen Ulioliell or the miirdorod mans liody
thoiolnu I doubt that I 111 I hliiitlllcatl n IK i a
compete Ole Tho two mel were Iho only
pHbhuntors for Liwiwood fr m I he in ii tort and 1
they were tho only poruoi to tot oil Ohio I III
at lastwqod anyway Jhu > got olT there nt
ilM A Jl I tin trait being on time that
tme 111
morning I I
ttjhlam Virtue a bal I of Woodstock was Ion i
on LonUuctor 1uolOB tI ain on thn t morning in t
Question and ho saw tln > two young mun loae
the tutu lie thought nt tin tlmu Hint one ot
thpm was the Jotil t omoi et lUlreheli who
out such I MI oil In I Woodilock In tilt Humniur i
or 1 i1 8t < lie remembered tho peculiar As
i i
IruUmn hut of Ihit chili and tho to eat cape I
coatif Ufiiuoll
cotat llellol It wiisthiso two peculiarities
01 dries that made llurchell uud bouwoli con
Ult 10
pieuous ever lurcbel I COl I
Mr and Irs All rOil hayward residents of I
iastwoo1 stlllel to Moing thn two > oung
len walk d6w ihrnugh thn lllnso and away
SHit teal J ieitdn I the north niter the I
ni rival 01 the IM A M tialn nnd John Crosby
1 A1 III
a furllr lit tog in lt la In the town ol bl I
bnnl uel Irlllton then gave tho following
mow Important i lOhMmony I I
01 tH llly or thin iiiiirdi ho was driving J
front his homo near Irlnioton to East Os I I
fni a tow to tlll outinot of nutwood I Ho
uiuu drove oer I great deal of the road which I
Wits floceeltrily travorKd
noelllly by tho murderer
IL jq lastwoo II t the sit I
un iUliVCIIA uouy MIH found At
known 111 10t WI 101111 a pmco
M iuvrliuy mat
I OvmorI run Crohby mot two
7lnl l en winking nlongut n good og hey
frVf well rssrd tutu 1 liently I I yniing Jly 111 I
hieiintn 01 1IIS jII v wuu d nitu at
traced nttciitinn I niiiwlie nnd i i < i a 1
ally In I reiuti Vhiuto tho bight or 1 two
uoh rUIK nn unusual
lHh ounl was unulIII frosliv gave
a perfect Uescrl tiOQ or lUrehell and Jlenwell
I the two soling menthe outs dorkooniplei
bOLddressed In Ink with a thick tnous
Uhe Iud a hit of f aetrakhtati anti the other
hlhtolplexlonld cmoothfuced wearing
gold eegtaste und nn enormous wOlrln coat
I nlv ay lllt tie reinombors the CIPO Hei
iu aYI Il rlnombors cregiiisaj
ihienovellsu Lreoly well tar the man veur
hug l h1 cud I heal y he d hi l < face up I a rusty
p i tiIi am li sun wllticd 1111 thu uio
0 1110 I AO youtg > lain oro wuikine
I Iu lit t o 0 i i liii t i u Biot
11 I 1 < 114 r In alll here 00 tlm
I I tIIII s ti tlU in i il unit thru
V Vd du Vr ttti lr < i 1111 l Ii I IUII I I
Jd 111 Il 1 e I I I 0 IIJIO or thl
rlr r hilts Wlh Ot itt Ii 1 i nlil I 0Clok
01 thu luorlittig 01 hut 1 oclok
tlIUOrIJI Jet rsby tiny
Aimost its IU0111nt testiuiiiy
as Croltys
was that or StllIY al
1 lllbat Aloe Imlh n young woman iv
li in 1t00d Hue 18 a very WOUln Iv
a4Iyu all hr and rUdJ cheeks blie
Ilvo wllh tier grandfather John Hayward In
IJiBtwood and she used to know Ulrchnii very
well two year ego when ho went under tho
namoof Hiiiiicrsot ami I made a lively dash in
oodstock and tho country tound about Un the
afternoon of Jeb I 17 she wild she mOt
honuitset in tho mnln street of lnmwootl Ho
wits WII log tiii Iroin thtinfirthcrn part of
town tint nxgnlng toward thu railroad sta
tion Ills I I boots were muddy lln I I canto up to
her tool shook lmnd with her nnd luqulied
utter her grniiilfathoi xnylng Jnuntliy
Mow Is tho old Uovenior
He wn In u ocry oheorftil mood just alter
mlrllPIIa 1 nan she 111 1 loot
Why hOW ii jn do Isnt this Somerset
He raid It vvni but thnt his nnm n Illrch
oil I now < Ho i said ho had been In the North
wot dealing In horses MIR Hmllh walked
Oor tn the station with Homrrset anil lie
talked gnyly all the while about old times and
Imw he wan coming over to Vi oodstock soon to
Ito thorn all In tho station ho bought I ticket
for lliimlltou It was nearly itl clock when
this occurred rind at dIB Jilrchell wont last
In tho train nnt
Miss Mary Swrtzor and Miss Ida Cromwell
who were In the station nt Fimtwood when
Somerset and Miss bnillli were there testl
flail In corroboration or Miss Hmlths story
though they did not know Ulrcuell personally
tOil could only describe him They tlt duo
Bcrlbe him eiiriuolv
limn nn nltnost turbot chain of clrcum I
fltnntlnl ovldunco holds Blrcholl from the tints I
lio loft liillTalo with liotiwell I until I Ohio tl tmo
I cnme back without him Rlrcholl had four and
I half hours to do tho murder III between
his arrival in Kantwood and his tie
i imrturo This was plenty of titan for I
i 1lruro He old not set out from Eastwood
I with any vac no deal of getting llenwcll ton
FitClmlciI spot tonI then killing him In his I
I drives ntound the country two years before he
ciiino to know the region thoroughly From I
I the time he LftU iinilatid protmhly he knevr
I just the place to which ho Intended to lure I
I Jienwell and kill him The locality 1m selected
wits Indeed nn ndmlrnblo one for his purpose
I 1 wus u swamp throuph which a road had
recently been cut and whIch because of the
I dotihonetfri of Its underbrush was seldom I
visited by mon Inr tony purpose I
I TUB road through the swamn curves
so that no one can look along its entire length
I 1 he hldildgo Brothers obtained tiermlssion to II I
cut wood in the swamp mouths ago but they i
bad I not availed themselves ol the privilege un I I
tirthe day the discovery of the body watt made
Mrs lllrchell m still ntthe boarding house of I
the lialdwlus in Cllitou I under police nlirveil I i
Iriico The J Attorneydtinoral of the prnvinco
lelcgrnnbed to Magistrate Hill today thaI ho
need not commit Mrs lllichell to jnll until the
iiuostinn of hr right to bull is hi it all y judicially
considered In Olin moan time Mrs lilich
ell Is I losing strength and thoo near her
say that they fear her nerves will soon give
way under the awful strain to which they have
bon subjected Popular I 1lnlol here still
sides iutonsly with Irl Biroholl Sho is I
looked upon as 1 rotlnod and delicate womnn I
who has been mite thu dupe of u scoundrelly I
hutbaid as well as the others
rmn nuntupi C dOt l Noel rimrnnu I
LONDON March iThe police having reason
to b llevo In the existence of I gang of des
peradoes wlioeobjeat Is I to lnelulo rich young
men to nuailn and IU dor them an otlker I
from bcotlaud Yard left for Canada tonight
Tneie have been two mysterious disappear
ances In Canada in the pat nine mouths the
Hist that of a oung lan from Chehlru who
wont to Montreal and the other that of tho con
of a rich larmer living near Shrewsbury who I
went to take n tarn near the spot where lien I
well was murdered I
Mm tfolianim f minor Grt K Penalem
Hald to liu John IH UrnudMuut
Mrs Johnnnn OConnor of 157 West
Twentyseventh street Is Oj years old and is a
remarkable old lady Mao Is In poor circum
stances and her story coming to the knowledge
of Congressman Amos J Cummings he inter
ested himself in her behalf The late Mr
OConnor went to tho fiont with the 170th New
York Volunteers in 18G2 when ho woe 70 years
old Ho wns taken sick during the regiments
sojourn in the Dismal Swamp and was In the I
hospital when the men were mustered out He
never rocoverojj entirely and nil tho sav
ings of his wife for over fifty years
wero spent in taking care of him
Ho died In 1891 Mrs OConnor has dlnco
then lived with her sun Timothy OConnor
who IH 1 12 years old Yesterday the received a
letter from Commissioner Ilaurn Informing her
that her claim for a pension had been granted
and that hereafter she will receive 12 a month
Irom tIm Government On the bottom or the J
letter was written I heartily congratulate I
yon Amos Cummings
Mrs OConnor Is short and stout has bright
dee can thread n needle without using spec
I holes can sing a comic song about the war
I of 1H12 takes great delight In dancing a few
stops of an old minuet and what Is most as
tonishing hasnt a single gia hal on her
head Her hair Is of a soft brow all oho has
lots nf I 1 hot years ago in con oquollu of a
bad fall hor life win desi nned of hit she re
covered Intent been contlnud to her bed sine
then and last night told a HIs reporter a lot
ol liiniiy stories emphasizing them wlih lively
gestures and laughing hel1 tly lIt tho Bcetes
which they retailed to her mild
I hil Wlc born noar the takes 01 Klllarneyln
11795 Her son leeently 1 wrote to tho villngn
preachor to asctirtnln tho ouict date ol her
birth and learned In reply that the reuortli for
the last century had all been detroyod Mrs
OConnor IUtiio to thin country when she was
20 years old rbo cumo over on n schooner
and It took three months She landed at n
Canadian port and < ame to Now York by tho
lirltlsh wily ns situ II Is it him says him
came down from Albany on n wboat I anti
landed nt Cnstlo lintden llprhiisbnnd bought
a cottage on Washington Heights near the
Jumol mansion Mis Connor beuimo ttc
1 annulled nllh I Mrs Jumel mid still likes I i to
i tell about her visits to the Jumel tastle
I I Ira OConnor like a great iniinj horn
women tnniic8u pipe About twenty years
ngo Hho was tiavelllng in the cst iinil lost
her pipe At tho t next stopping place t which I
vuis nt a ash ioniillo hotel In I t leveland irs
O Conror inarched up to the clerks desk nnd I
listed him I hj couldnt sell I her a nil t o Tim I
clerk was mutually nionlshrd but ho politely
hlnuod lien two Pig 05 I I Stltt hrottt He wouldnt
take nny money fur I It tht lion and to this dny
Mrs OConnor holds that ho II the most per
fect gentleman In America
Her I nun Ill oti name 1 as 1 ullvnnJ and her
Roil says that shn b 1 a grnndnunt of John L
Milllvnn who has dropped his O I lute has
three childinn living nine Llaudchlldruu und
IIJMIIKl iCY A lUtiilU3l
A VVrallliv flllrrn nl SprlnEflrld Pnld U C
ttQO to Si4Td bin Name from Hcaadul
SijiiSiniii Jlatcli 7Fritmtk A AlRor
ton the spiritualist medium was arraigned In
the pollen conn I hcio this I morning on the
cimrgo of swindling Aniiixinh Mn > o out of
2ubU Algcrton who Is n spiritualist medium
and lecturer secured an influence over Mayo
who Is ono of tiprlngilelds wealthy citizens I
and somewhat tinged with Hiillnalim fly
the nld ot aconfodoiiito Algctton put up a job
on Mayo at ono of the loading hotels by chitorg I
Ing him with criminality whllo ho Algcrlon I
WIIH giving him mnssiiga treatment To suvo
Ms good name from scandal Mnjo though In I
101UII ollnm S1I it baikumll arid later
another SI11 U and would Pave i ecu bied otlll
more bnd his friends not rteiipod In and opened
his ojen to I the lao l tlmt he t vuis h ng I 11 Ira
l7eil Algttt ion was very foul in court ttiday
and tluouuh t t I totori it tin Inl I I I I his lioton coun
sel waived examination and was held In 1UMiO
fnrthe Orniul Juiy next May AlgerIan hns
tried to settle the mnttorout of court but his
advances lao been rejected as Mayo IH de
termined of the law to push the mutter to tie full extent
I New OfflcriN of be rmntliern Noddy
The Southern Horlety has unanimously I
I rlicird I tip I l plli lrrMt t Ihe Active
Meu a itc < et carried nii of the otter onirrsj Tlie
netr Mcefre lUinti r James I iarker U A He
Ion W L Trenliolin Aotlve and James bwaon T A
Ueall Arllre vu rlon Secretary and Howard
Haunders Treasurer llttn f alftouu Independent
W u CreDshaw OrJJ W IW Sharp and It M Uwaih
war Aitlres and J 1 Itobertsini and 1 0 Mylaa of tlm
milieu lloardini House ett form the ttiecutlro COOl
round Frotem In tbe > Ice I
A dead man was found frozen In the Ice In
flowery Hay venlrnlay mnrnlni He wit entirely
tukcjviilihe yrfHlnii if n ret 1 lUnnrl 1 tiilrt and a
pair uf TMtrr > lie IIA 11111 I i oxalcr I ln I > ill I
mi MI it it kn i uriinrlii Icr i 11 re Ii I i
i u v i miilnaUnn w i I e nud J > u I > iltier 1
uiuu Iliorkule this tausc nl ile j itt I
I Cheep ItHtrii Went ln HI IoiilH
The Missouri PenCe Ity have reduced their rates
from n Let reno 1 To Kaiikas CUT 5 1 Atcbl
I son tf Ft Joseph Vi Ideate itiJfl Puehto lpi and
Jroa other points A West In vroporiloa Aw York office Ml
Tbe Umpire Wrlnrer leads all owing t 1U slapliolty
dusblUty einueuey Dealers su
IMit Irulnis lo abltiKion
complete schedule of fast IralBs to BaltImore and
Waabinnten I operated by the Jersey Central Reading
aid < I aad O All I trains run throug and art quipped
with Pullman parUr wid sleeping can ruactul sir
Tie Btattott fwil tt UlXtU st4O HI
heap Hullrnud Furr
To Colorado vie Hi Louts Tbe far via I Missouri Pa
elite Railway from KL Louis to Iueblo Cot Is onlr
Ofueu dollars Ucladlnc free palace reclulnf chair
ears from Ht Louis 0e Pueblo and UanTsr 1
taiue Zw lok ome Illr0I
An Kikmjf Ssy or Itnrrnwlnx Money Tlir
Jlnnk Ontrllita Took Atnrm In I Time slid
smInetJsrees HIIJK ttm Hxnk In Sound
AfiliuiiY lAU March I 7The Aalniry
Park National Inn ID another Institution
which han ufTorcd tho bllghtlne touch of the
llmonsl > elCllo en combine but fortu
nately tho warning canto In timo to avert a
connummnilon of the wrecking scheme Tho
bank howe or has been threatened with an
other dnmige which tho llnnk lxntnlnor lint
I ppentthrOo weeks In working on and which
I will lend to n complete reorganization of tho
I Institution next week Tlio bank Is only three
yeats old and It hasnot done a largo business
I ant
I han a cnpltnl of 100000 a surplus
of 1500 and undivided profits of r JIOOOO Its
financial machinery made I available how
ever for largo operations if It could ho con
trolled and It offered on account of Its dis
tance from Now York excellent facilities for the
chock kiting which the bankwrecking gang
worked so successfully In New York This was
the llrst bank which the wrockore of the Sixth
National attempted to use for this purpose
Early In November Arthur L Meyer a son
of Hlgmond T Meyer opened an Individual
account at the bank and by means of this ac
count Klmmons Clansmen Tell and the rest
began tholr experiments In chock kiting
Thoy figured that they could get about throo
days ueo of money In Now York by cabbing
chocks In that city on tho Asbury lark
National Bank nnd then taking ndvnntngo of
tho tlmo consumed In tholr going through the
Clearing House bofoio they were actually pro
Rented lioio for payment I the usual course
of business had beon followed In every case
their plans In this respect would not halo mis
carried They plunged nt once into I big busi
ness In this Hue Chocks for largo amounts
worecashod nOcw York banks nnd money was
sent dowu lucre by express to meet them hirnly
In time to in mo ahead of their presentation
lint lor some reason It huppenodi < ccnuloually >
that tho New Yor bUlk which cashed or re
volved Hurh cheeks instead > sending them
through the Hearing House In tho regular
coutvo of husinoHs to be taken up by the
American Kxchingo Dank which Is the Now
York correspondent of the A bury lark Ia
tlonnl liank Belt them directly down hero for
In those cases tho checks arrived before the
cash had beon sent br the combine to meet
them and the olliceis of the bank hero as
tom an they t understood the sharp game thnt
was being played became ulnrmed They Fay
that their subplclous I ocCult so ptroug that
they notillrd the combine that tho thing iiiut
stop and that I wns xtopi ou Ibo directors
01 the hank miy tonight that nil connection
between tInt bnnk and Poi blmmonn t Co
ceased In Nnvemhor and thnt It has not been
resumed In his investigation of tho affair
of tho Sixth National liink Sir Hop I
burn thu National liank llxnmlner
discovered traces of tho wort of
thin kant In connection with tho
bank hero and ho directed the attention of
Hank Lxamlnei Jumps of tills district to the
mutter Mr James cnmo hero three Tfreks
ago and be has Len hero nearly all of tho tinio
since He found that the bank had lout noth
ing through tho operation ol tho wreckers of
tho New Vork bnnks but he discovered Homo
other things which will load to areoiganiza
tlon of the Institution
The lro ident o tho Asbury Park National
honk is I George W Byram 1 lawjor anti renl
estate operator and a young man For R8VMni
months ho bus ben in Home large local real
estate deals which have tird up his local capi
tal He has been a largo borrower from
thu bank and to nn amount very much
in excess of the Ipiml limit of 10
per lent of the capital Block I is I
Ill the amount his been ns high ns
50000 hut the diiectors of the bank dony this
nd say it has not exceeded IU IOU Ihe
security for some of thee loans lois boon un i
secured notes o Mr liyrnm Unnk Kxnmlnnr
lames put I stop t > 11050 dealings and In
slbtod that the existing loans snotihl bo taken
up or ample security supplied Mr liyrnm has
been n siduously devoting hImself to comply
ing with this iiemuna during the past few days
anti helms succeeded In doing it to the bunk
uamlnrs satisfaction
Mr JiuniH lelt this afternoon after declaring
that the hunk wns in a perfectly solvent con
dition Mr lr > am has been away for several
lots but he is h in town tonliht and ha beon
in consultation with the clirectoif L I
Murphy counsel for the bank nnd one of the
directors said tonfgl t that tic hnat tltutli > ii
was nn sound as i ssible und that could
liny eveiy dollar due to depositors in
I I fortyeight hours if called mon to do
I so Ho admitted that the law limiting
tho banks loans to cmi one iudlvldiul to lu
I ercouL of lit cuiiitul had been ovnded but hn
denied that there had I ocn tony technical I
ovaslon Any loans above the 10 per CUlt
limit I I I ha said hnd been made I to Mr uncut
indirectly through endoisement of other
parsons and In other want TIre will
bo I meeting of tho stockholders of
tho bank on Wednesday next when new
directors will be chosen and tho institution
will bo pinned in charge of now ollicnr In nc
IOrdanco with tho hanks last statement made
in December the deposits amounted to 75
PlO and titer wore outstnmliitg demand coi
tillcatet of loposlt amounting to JJJ5 J and
time eertillcntis of deposit O lilill file
amount of loans and discounts ut that time
was MtH 1191
I Tnern I has been no run 01 the brink although
I rumors regarding have been in local clrculn
I tlon fur several days They are comparatively
I few delJoflols
A Deadlock on the Anproprlutlan Bill Is
Ibe IChodr Joined Ieclftluture
IltoviDrsri March 7 ly tho action of
tho HOUBO of Itopresentntives > tabling the Ap
propriation hill because it contained an appro
Pilntlon to the titate Home und School the Su
perintendent of which bus been charged with
cruelty to tilt children anti is I obnoxious to tho
Democratic majority of tho House the hints is
loft without money to pay running expenses
and is in fact not responsible for nny expenses
sInce Fob 2S In situations where weekly pay
ments me I t Itt custom this I will I I be felt tomor
row nn hirilshln Tho Kent County Court hns
applied for money to meet Iti oxpenes but
the I i general Tieasurer has hnd to refuse It
There aro tow special funds of I which there Is a
balance lu I hand but three can only ha I ifed for
the purpose designateI Ovur JCOUOUO Is I la
volvod In the deadlock and the mutter cannot
be paesod mill next week I
J CVIFA AI tVttltVa lIU1
Rlanr llonne IlumuKril lij the PullIng r
Ib tool ul u Collier
WnKKSJUHItn March 7Tho suburb of
Plymouth known OB Currys 11111 was terribly
ihaLen ut U A M today by the caving In of
the roof of nn abandoned working the Wash
Ington colliery 450 feet below tho surface the
ground The hock was vury violent tho earth
settlIng In omu iilncoM ton feet Thu house of
w llliiuii h I I I t I helly wiig owns kti nnd four ni Iho I
editors wore liiully ilniuncoii The frightened
occupnntH out iiitn till < colil In their nluhl
clitlH No OliO II itS Hnnoiihly nun thonuli
several sure hrtilteil by lulling furniture I
Ilio broke out in seventh of the dsvmiicpd I
lioniiesi cnused IITHIOVO Icing upaet but the
llauieu wero uulckly put out I
The Hrj drU Hlritmer lie Bnyter
PCITUATE Allies March 7Tho steamer
Do Ituyter which came ashore last night at
Gunners Point HOB In n comparatively easy
position this morning and nl low tide was well
out of water Shu has swung around BOIIIB
nut lies liioiidxlib I to Urn beach Iho HOI is
still I running vent high aud Is I breaking over
the steamer constantly apt Arlsten visited
tho shore this morning and after making nn
examination said he thought It probable that
if this sea subsided during the day tho entire
cargo and perhaps the vessel might be saved
It IB Impossible at present to estimate the I
damage to the vessel but It balloted that she
pounded a hole through her hottoui soon after
striking and ono compartment llonded 1 he
vessel has five vntnrtlgbt compartments The
work done by I tim Humnne bodetys volunteer
oievv IIP i Ut I I Ililuid I I I States I Itttuovl nit crew
fidiii Nil th Ill ni 1 In rooming titer Itell rtt
11n I il I > e litnlirhtia I not lie I too h ghly
com loll nil l ripiinll r u II that nf tho rull1 I
stnthirmv < > lion it l Is Oil Idftrelt t that the
scone f tlm wreck Is I ovor thteu miles from the
fltatiun it teems almost Incredible that HO I
much time work could have boon done in so nhort a
The lion nTld Ilndtey Delriis Norel PUm
oromlmiltn t tandldnlex
Io3TOX Match 71ho Mnisachusetts Re
form Club enjoyed ft dinner nt tho Parker
House tItle evening At the attorillnner exer
I cities tIm Hon Dnvld Dudley Ileld was the
principal hpoithor On the subject of honest
I covorninonthoHnld
1 Iho rnlloctlUMvIII of Iho whnlo people U
the only lawful source of r nuthorlty In this
coitntrj nnd that vtlll is cxptos ed not by tho
I people > In mass but through ilologates chopou
bj them The choice of these delegates thus bo
comes n matter if Importance Whonovorn
I roglsttntlon U mndo for each election the
voters should be rruulrod to name their candidates
dates when thoy register their own iintnes ns
voters Thnt plnnwould wr for New York
I In places hero there Is I a standing list of
voters their preference > of candidates to bo
nominated might be expressed In writing anti I
nil the voters bo called upon to give
such nn expression If neither of those I
I methods commends itself as practicable I
and useful then a written nomina
tion signed by a certain number of I
electors should ho sufficient warrant for print
Ing Ohio ballots and pursuing tho system pre
I scribed by present > lAws At present tho
primary is the nominating unit and n very bad I
ono It is I The mass of the voters do not at I
tent nnd theIr voices are rot heard
Ills Idea was that Instead of being made by I
these tow the nomination should be made
by nil the voteis In the party re
siding In tho district which the
primary now assumes to represent >
01 us many of these voters ns can bo maths to j
signify tholr wishes by their presence at u I
public mooting or by writing under such safeguards
guards us may bo necessary to prevent a
frrd rd
His suggestions therefore wero official nom
ination and compulsory election Ho would
make as many of tho voters ns possible take
putt In Otto nomination and would mnke all of
them vote Compulsory voting Is as necessary
1118 I compulsory education I
TItAlX IlOliltKR UOLZIlAf nlnlLS
Four or Ills rtuceris hliot Anstr br the
AVardesi ol u Allclilicutt 1rlaon
MATQUETTK March Itelmund Holzlmy
the train robber and murderer now serving n
life Eoutenco at the branch prison bore was
sent for t eterday to bo l searched in tho deputy i
wardens office the officials thin prison sus
pecting that ho meditated torn outbreak I
Kcopor Folllscr unlocked Holzhnjs cell and
told him to come alone As 1olilsir turned to I
lock Ohio cell dour llolzhay threw his loft mil I
around the keepers noct ami drawing a
knife pressed It ncnlnst hli throat Ho then
drew PoUltcr toward tho gate anti told tho
keeper titer to kill him or ho would kill Iol
user Deputy Wnnion llawley wn Bent for
and to him Holzlmy made thin same request
Hawley drown botnl on the convict when the
latter held lolliser In front or him soasto form
a fhleld lie continued this deUco for porno I
time BtepnlnK out anti darinc tho deputy
mden to Kill him but dodging behind Pol I i
user and holding his knife it the lattut a throat
whenever tho rlllo was aimed at him
Finally Pollisor broke WIlY anti ran around
the cell block with Holiday In pursuit Seeing
that Pollistr would escape Holahay seized a
convict named Me < ervoy and repeated the
same game Warden lompkiim I hud just left
the prison when tho outbreak occurred out was
overtaken and called back by n convict For
two hours the wuiden stood 1 at the gate trying
to gut a chance to dljajrtu IIolKbuy or to Induce
him to drop his knlie
1011 J
At last EI said Warden Tompkins In tolling
the ton by sending Deputy Warden Haw
lev I to talk with nuttIer convict on the titer
Bide of the cell block I illsracted Ilolzhaya
attention torn moment IIIR right Hand hum
inn tlm Kniln lay onlil knee 1 took aim and
planted a bullet i right iti I his knuckles Hu I I lIt
up and called nut Well vouve > toni it nnd
wall toward his cell 1 h ho heavy littler from
tho Martin nil tore away u1 1 of his i fghthiu l
lingers und smashed Ohio uietacarpal bones
only his thumb is left It graced Moseivoa
leg but ho wuj not hint
Holidays knlhi was made by grinding an
ordln in tablo knife to i n sharp point on tln <
coll iloor How ho got It no ono knows Ills t
SllPI08Od hat I It 11 hits Intention to slab the
night kuopui secure tho kets and cscai o
ltfiit IJ1IIfIIl1 1 KlILKll
A Truln Hit Ell IM Currluice ieo He Is Ilrlv
lnc Tbronuh u Cut
MOCNT VintNov MtiHh 7lJr Charles
J NordouiPt a Coroner of Westchostor county
wns killed this evening He tvs driving from I
Mount IIIa to his t homo In I luck ehto ac
companied h by Mrs ndorhlll also of Tttckn
i hoe AH ho vins driving I it tough n cut ho did
I not sro the t 1 loithi out express tiiiiu nppioieh
Ing on tho llnrldnroad nnd jut ns his horse
arrived on tiio ciosmg tho locomotive clime
I along flue horse was killed aud tim occu
pants of thIs vvugoii wero thrown a considerable
distance Coioner NoriluuUt was found to be I
much Injured while Mrs Underbill although
sutlering greatly from shock wits not seriously
hurt hill < liaR taken to her hoiu In Tncka
hoe Coronnr Noidiiulst WHS removed to tho
statIon hero he died at 7 o clock
his wIle a son of inns Peter NordriiilPt sur I
geon to tIle h Inn ol Sweden inlbin lie CIUllO
10 this country and In li4S ho opened a drug
store In Itrouino 1Id Jlulhorry btreetn New
I York A tow > ears nfterwanl he onteiod tlie
i Inivirsity i Mellcil i I Coli 111 from wit t h I t ho
1 graduated In IhVi i 11I1 lhi1 lie went i tho wr
ns n surgeon Ho ot Ill appointed clilul s ir u
geon of a brigadti and finally Mo llcal I nisi i ec
tot ol thi hurst rrny cirrps ill O 11 iS tot Otto
battles ol IIl1n ors lorrv i Cedar Mountain
ItnpMhunnock sec ii nl I 1 lull Imi Antletnm I
iiettysburg t i nnd olorsvllle it At the battlo
of ilottvsbtiri I 1 t he was ii lit url b > the Lon
fedorntes and oo tie held a i ti loin er for lieu t
hits I a ottisbuig church Uv stole up Into
the stoepio wheie i lie hid himself until the
tnlon moos r in I nicreil the tonn
Jlonsn I I liiiul b itin toil was serving his
second lent 11 f four seals as Coioner Ho was
a member of tho Lutheran I inrch in Tueka
hoe lit miuilod Harriet I I Loulsn 1 dodvvlii i In
1MH Mie slit Iill s him Ih tin u so two daugh
ters who urn innrrird < oroimr 3lilt hews of
ai Itochelio gave 1 n pHrmlt I this evening for
the removal of the body I
oOtAL LII ix Jr4Jilvaz o
Secrptionft nt Mrs IViiminmker and t
the blle UUMe
WAsnnWTO March 7Mrs AVrmnninlfor
held the first of her series of Informal recep
tions in March this afternoon A largo num
ber of tromincnt persons from olllilal I and
diplomatic circles thronged I the Imndsoma
suite of ahiut I 0 iii emit e Thn beautiful I I salon
which oas tastefully decked vUth inlms I and
friignuit IliHter I lilies mlded uiently to the
Pleasure of nil hvirs of lino paintings of
which many rare nnd valuable plctuios by cel
ebrated artists adorn the walls Miss Waiin
maker pouted I tea at a tlti lath y spread table t
Mis anaumkeis exnmple will be followed
hI ellcb of the I members ol the Cabinet who
have set apart one diiyot each week lor tilt
reception of their irlouds duriut the spring
in o lit It t
Mrs Harrison reception this nftornoon was I
till roded by ho largo n thn t ng > C hIlls nsprom
liiiiit in olhclal uud octal III thut thi romiH
adjoining I Ill I Ied pnrlir uheie n m tei III
Mrs Mulii CO UIlII I Mis i i I lu 1 > is 1 he 0lt tiled her
vlrtltoiH I Iii0riui tel im rthe I crowded avatar
uneii oi a publIc reception than usual III 0111I111
Friday BfteruoonB nt Jmne with whlih tho
lenten Benson opened Mrs Harrison Intends
to go early In tile week for a brief respite Irom
tile responsibilities of her position to eonie
quiet retreat Her destination has not yet
been decided upon though probably Old Point
will prove the objective point of the trip j Im
Ileiildent limy waive olflcml rates for a few I
dnyb to acconipiiuy ils family
Ilri n AVulUs I lu Slpxlin
Mniro Mnich fi lllosn the famous Spun
ish 1 edrslrlHli v I feed 1 I vn kluliitut I I v In 1111
minute lie i r in i i tn Ii i n i iy for su
days tin hund4y lie will run s aluti a horse I
= c
ntt AND nnonmcr OK THE ATE Ann
Mr nrodKkr Hnrprlnul hv thn Colonel
Inernuoaiinciiii lint the Hurmony Cn < ll
InrhrdMr MhfpiiJn Amhlllnn Is I lo
UIIKT Nw Tork HrodnkT ICemnrkft
Tim Eleventh District H M II O mall a
big splurge last night In the mass mooting
which It held In Central Hull In West Thirty I
second street Col lllllott 1 Shopnrd spoke I
and so did John E lrod ° ky of tho wicked
I Ato Ibo nubject was not the exponsho I
Ollrlen movements lamented by the
Colonel after tho last election All was Imr
I monv There was nlo mu lo on tho xylo
I phone tho Htmro drum nnd the larynx
I Hie hall was packed with white and colored
I men who npplntulml with their foot and
smoked Industriously American flags woro
drnpcd nl out thin walls and pictures of Presi I
dent Harrison and VicePresident Morton wore I
conspicuous Special Treasury Charles i
Trnittcur oxUetectle James Prjor and I
John Wagner Collector Lrhardts nephew I
were among those present I i
When Brother Shopnrd came In a colored
man wanted to know what was tho matter with I
him mood eorybody cuouted lies all right
Mr Shepard insisted that tho patriotic citizens
of a republic are ticcesarlty Ilepubll I
cnn No pentup UtIca contracts our
powershe quoted but tho whole bound
less continent IK I ouro Uho people lirA pro
pnrtd to put the Mini to Ito I d ehtorlt Ion hat h
the llopublicau party has jest on the right
siiiO rut et cry public iiucnllon which luii been
dlcussed for the lust thlrt y years
lie HUH that wn wanted the Wnrlil lair I hero
In order to chow our grratcut exhibit which ho
took to t Im the ltHi I t polling I plncim In I the city
As l25nuWUOlI I is uicutor than I JlUUnuUutl I
hosnid sols tho right 01 Now York to the
FaIr JI enter than thnt of Chicago If coon tho
ppoplo iII the idea that either political party
is to lilumn for Now Yorks losing the
lair tho derelict party will bo burled
out of sight at the next election by tlm votes
oj the iiiMiplp Col Hhopnrd said that
wo will stIll got the Fair it any power on earth
can tiroilucc that result Then ho cot back to
his hobtiy aiid Rtated with much eamoitncps
his belief that thl city can bo made Itepub
licnn mat like I I Pittsburgh I nnd Philadelphia l
Fifty thou and vlterI he saId hate tho
Democratic party but they are ntrald to vote
with tho Uonuillesns or leirof bolngsnld out
lUiiiubltciins pay fnurllfths of tLe taxes to
have thorn SIlent by Domoirats
Mr bnepard was loudly cheered when ho
stopped talking antI a ole in tho tear I of the
room nominated him for Mayor on Ohio spot
There worn more cheers lit this A little later
Mr lirotltk had nn Inning He paid he was
surprised to hear Mr Mietmrd tnio that the
niibiin thnro Octire IIIIt more lepubllcnnHVotlng
tho Ilxpubllian ticket win becau they weio
afraid of beinc fold out not bCiuso It
wiisnt true but because of the ingenuous
ness of the statement Mr llrodskv said
Jill tho wicked ate could always to 1 cle
ininlcil upon to do what was right when tIm
whole Itepuhllcnn party did what uas right
Jlr I A Andpriou a colored man who is
McoIrosldunt of tho orgnniitiou read n lot
trrwhlrh Mr Platt had pent him it stated
thnt It tho Vi rids Fair itch I lieen ghon to Now
Ylrk the political light of 15P2 would be nl
ready decided and that it wire better to loge
the 1 air IIl11n that I the Uemoctntiu party should
regain supromny
I token altogether was the l > lcci > at meeting
tho II Jl 1 It O has etor had nnd If its otiioct
was to mnke tint machine loiuor m the Flor
enth district afraid It was prolmblj Buccesilul
I I TIIK COllt 0041
i l Zero IVrntber In New York Arctic
Weutber la Nrvt KnKliind
NEWnuiUH March i1t was wro weather
here this mornlnc below nt rishUIH 4 ° be
low back lu the town of Nowburgh 8 below In
Now Windsor 13 ° below at Vials gate nnd 18
I below nt Wnstilnetonvlllo Tho Ice on the
ponds antI likos is I from two to live Inches
thick Tbe Ill or li full of lloallug ice but tho I
I boats are Mill I i tinning I
TROY March iTlle tempoiattiro nt Sara I
I toga this thou nine MI lo 24 bellow zero the I
coldest bert In two tears In Ailirondncks
tho mercury ranged from 25 < i to iiiu below In
this city thin thetniomcter recorded I below
1 lio rIver above the btalii lam wis trnypn over
this truorl I rig hut bolow thu 0 dam it IH open
fcAi K Starch 7 Tho mercury Sloth nt from
2r to ft blow zero in iloikland inunty nt ti i
oclock thtR niorninc It tIm picsent weather
continues ict will bo gathprtd fiom tho tttnols
uut I vvei H Titer Ihbetter I Hfi It I I i g tioov tit an
t It rt has Icon nt nny tlmo this I winter
IloviiiiLi March 7 Jhe thormomiMor regis
tered U duress b lovv zero in tho HfKills
this morning Fruit ii saId to bo injured uiong
the liucUon I h
StiiAV IAKK March 7lI Is verveold here i
rite thormomoter legirteiod li blow no
last night at thin lgnal Borvki station JO Was
ono 0r tile coldest nights of this wIttier
st I 1tltattLiO t March 7 J hu therniom
etor roLltoroil I in t luOovvvro I hoiu tins r I inoin
into at Iytl loll 0 ill 25 ni thu i I New Hump I I
shire experiment ntutlmi hanover 11 below
Mr sud Mm flnTlon Oft a Itnil FnllJIr
Dayld Itonurr ItrrakH a Kuunrr
SlolKliinp wns gomi in Ccntfnl Park yes
terdny and everything on runners that tho
town could producn wns out accordingly Flue
sun warmed up him Emt thrive in the after
noon but there was a good surface on tIle
t est itrito all lay
Michual Clayton n florist who lives on the
KingsbriJgi road nt the corner of edwlec I
nieiiup was driving east on lltlth itt oct ovlti
hi t wife in a gig at Ji 30 P M when his honi
tink Irluht at a Ninth avcnuo tialn
aid dashed on n run toward thIn 1 Inn
ontrnnce Thin sleight upset laytonH
left le wns broken and his wife wits
soorolv brui ed about tho face bcsldo hint big
lien seriAl Ii Rnrnliicd A Park I art hitut ii it it t o k
ihem ifitliiSinotjnlnth Street Ilostiltil Thoy
tire both oior7u
Mr Haid llonncr while returning from a I
drIve on the lioulmard behind Mambnno
htartle drotu aganiht a Mono near a hav scnlu
In iftinmh I Hired between ooiuli nnd
Ilchili aonuns nnd broke I a runner t of IIIK
xlcigh I He I t was tIt cited out but held on to the
reins I and I WIIH dragged for hmno distance hut
n t hurt nt nil Mr A l > Johutfon tidied stop
the hoIst
Mr and Mrs McCmlay of Muldletnwn Ohio I
guests of I tlm t 1 lIt II onuo lintel i I I were knor ki d
down yesterday at Hpth iiinu and Mm1 h
teeuth itt Sit tIC n I nloigli nnd riinavi hore
ilrhen bv Patrick l lark of 2S West 1 ftyilrt
hrci t they trite unhurt nnd returned to thin
lluptlrrd In an IrcbiinnilHlrriim mid Kullml
u a Jlnnkurii
ItAiTlMir Mnrcli 7In tim bltltiR Magt
this afternoon n cient crowd stood shlvoiing
on the icebound bunks of Jones lulls and
fdiuddored as n young woman Hupla Lot
I ell attended by Elder Samuel McCann waded
into the chilling stream When tho water
reached neatly l to the hhmilder tho two halpi
1 hw latin lirhee recited PIaiers whiih mined
to t IMI 0 tri Kug nnd at the eiit of each 1m
lllillCl I Jllss i IllVllll
Aller I I the I thlid t liumnrslin I she was lud to this
slioie and wan It at toil as n Uiinknnl by lit I
mmberB of ihit rollslon Miss Loxoll appear
il 10 I be iiioro dead than I nlhe when sIte emerg
ed from tilt waters but wnrui wraps and tile
kind attentions nf fvnilnlna friends quickly
expo led thii physical coldness end u spiritual
loror lolloped
Another iewark hoed UoesIo the Hjndl
lIt Flulfatlel tibia syndlcato nddndto the lilt r
chaos uf o sri utrret r > u ru tdi j litrilr br Hrcurluif
tli tuntrol u lie lee tort MIH lllalipth r < > ul ill iiil
hf fry Street Nrwurk ltl he soIl llm Rvnillcttf Cot the
stock LelonsliiK lo IcuKrcumjn Ivruu ut Kliuteth
and A Q Kubcy ot Newark frMideut 111105 Clank
or Ibt roml Mkl ymerdtj lOst he nan not liearil if th
ccl U anti was < fiRpna d to iifny It finphittiriily tr
Keaiber Mid ill don wes Ire but h would not say a
word about the urine Tue road waa rcctntlr Uaava to
tho tonul y Use Motor Company ot hltraheih but tot
contract baa teen abrogated It pecnia dial Mr Aunt
Clark haa not btrn couiuiied In tbt trauiter of III IA con
trot or the road The tine run from IUaUthiort I
tIll tth Klualielli to Irnni Iarnn and from Ihli point
another line if i a dtllrrent uatue rule llroU2ll 00 too ii
I to tts Ialeriou depot la Newark
OIIuourIs Irpsiuirrr
fj 1 LHI ri Maicli 7 Ktnn re tirer F I T I
N a i under s i > < iou f r 11 did i IM I I tKjuioii
sell hU reiUiatlua to toY Srouceo tots atternuvii
HI001I Off IllR CAMIVf
hardest Hnphnmnrrrrenhinnn Snowbull
AtMlch Eve FotiRht Mt lrlnccton
TitiNCETox JInrcli 7As soon rtn tim fitti
dents cionio tlt of Whls and Clio halls at 530
oclok this evening tho sophomoreH lined up
In battle array nnd opened hire on the fresh
moil with n volley of frozen snow The fresh
mun ran nt first but soon gathered and charged
on the sophomores lucy wore repulsed The
sophomores then loaded thomsolves with hard
balk and with a clutter ran upon tho fresh
men driving them back some distance With
the aId ot tho juniors tho freshmen rallied Mid
for half an hour madu It rather hot for the
sophomores ly li oclock scores of eyes oveuo
actually closed while blood trickled clown the
cheeks of half tim students At Inst Olin oo
phomoros collected nnd lnthtn wIth RnowlmtU
ncaln charged on the freshmen driving them
off the campus by tho northwestern gate at
Nassau ptroet
Iho frtbhmon then rushed down Nassau
street nnd entered by n lower gate but Proctor I
Ciohilo nnd omo upper classmen Interfered on I
account of the darkness nnd stopped thin light
Tho sophomores remained cheering nnd guy
Ing the defeated freshmen for some time
Mole than twenty hats weie lost and twice as
ninny persons wont away bearing tho scars of
war Dr DergonR offlco was crowded with the
wounded men waiting to have their cuts
iVtiin am oooinnss XOSB
ICepreavaluttv IVnlith Angered by the At
tutnps2rnrrar Letter
UlsMAitrK Maroh 7Thio publication ot
AttorneyGeneral fioodwlntt letter about the
lottery scandal lesulted in a personal encoun
I ter this evening between the AttornoyOcnornl
and Itopiesentntivo Walsh In which tho Repre
sentative nulled the AttorneGenerals nose
In Mr Goodwins loiter Mr Walsh Is men
tioned as Otto of tIm men who planned the lot
tery scheme Today whIle Goodwin was talk
ing with other gentlemen In Ohio corridor of
ths Capitol Walsh npproncliad and asked by
what nuthotity his nimu had been used Ills
manner was not thientenlng but after n ftw
woods had pasod butueon Iho two ha suddenly
seized Goodwin by the nose
I The latter freeing himself from his assail
ant turned and walked away Mr Goodwin
weighs 12i pounds anti Walsh twice that The
AttorneyGeneral was urged by some of his
friends to takn legal action against Mr Walsh
but no refused saying If ho has any untie
n his action or can Lt any eatlsfactiou out of
it he is welcome to It
I 2 0 1lri1JtI4L lJClfllItA TIOM
Vnwllllnir That Canada hhuutd Tnke
Lower ISuulL Amuni American NatIon
Qcinic March Husolutlons condemn
ing Imperial federation proposed by Mr
David member for Montreal Coutio and sou
ondod by Premlur Moroier were passed in tho
i Legislative Assembly today and It was le
i solved Thnt this House Is opposed to Impe
rial fedointlon which would prevent Cnnnaa
from hnving with other nations on the Ameri
can continent relations most favorabjo to its
commercial and industrial prosperity and ltd
local political development
Sal Smith IV III be Ketlrrd from th Lead
ernbl on Monday Night
Col S V 11 Cruircr hadnt any Idea yes
terday afternoon when he would call the Re
publican County lecutlvo Committee to
gether lo fleet n Chnirmnn Ho thought that
to hew dnjs before tlm regular monthly meeting
on Maroh 2U would bo time enough Soon
niter Cal Crugcf said this it was nuthorita
tively learroil that the followers of Police Jus
tice Jacob M Patterson wore weary of waiting 1
and that a formal letter was presented to him
last night requestIng him to call the meeting
for Monday night ut 8 oclock ut the Fifth Av
enue Hotel
innin 30 OUT IT
A Alan from Vnk Erie to HiiperTlne Imml
Crutltm n llrdlnuft lalaud
It was statvd on ROuil ntithc rity last nIght
that exCongressman John 13 Weber of Buffalo
will bo aptolntcd Federal Commissioner of
Emigration nt this port It was said that Seo
letury iuJom would aunouuce tim appoint
uieut today
roiuetiotlyn Inr In lie J lltor Letter
IHitMrseiirAM Ala llatoli 7ihuo city
editor of the Jctnmj Viri lecehod in his moll
today a letter containing the bloody ear of a
negro woman cut oft close to the hood The
loiter said
Muke a notice of tItle In your paper and It may help
tlie late as tier tn recorer her lout property If not
I called lor coward It lo senator Chandler at Washing
The letter was signed A Drumtnor There
is no duo to the writer
1ullurn ol Sun Frunclica Ifuaker
SAN FitANcisco March 7TIm private
banking Ilrm of liolloo Freres made an assign
fluent to the sherilT today and cloned Its doors
Thu shonll slots thnt the liabilities as far as
Known will amount to half it million dollars
The establishment Is a branch of the buukluc
house of Uelloc Irons of Purls
II toes heck oil the llhilr HIM
MoNTfioMKiiy Ala March 7TIto Mtrrtitrr
of Oils city re1 iutr to the puiememg until by senator
lllair of tlie fenalu to day Dial II wai urulijl In layer
of lln tall with etoy Mr itlair closed tbU paier among
tile supporlfra uf his Lituratimul bill TUe 4dverf Wet
wan at cue time wtiluic to accept the tine of tbs Stair
hlli t in lit ifi urtrur I ow that thi is hiate han gin ahead
iml liifrriB i nur oppiojirutto i 4 fo ichooU wlih an
evii nt i hIlt Stout tn intke VAII riirtl vr Increane as
lirr ruse till viluarrAn I Heprf rlo depinil on uur
oilie htrike the im titter true juur lUt Air Jlalr
Kullroud Hinunhl ut 1ulnled Ioill
PUvirn PoT March 7Liost evening ns
the Itiichriiter f vpriMt wag panKlni thu autlon the rear
truck of Hie last itnn enKer couch went off on the main
Hue i > n tie ewltch luntrad 01 keelIng on the brain u
hwinitllir nrnunl the nacli co IMeJ with an rniclne
kiunUliiK on ihr n am track and elrfht lest Intlieiar
wrlrmepi outrlein lle illjiued 4re harlei I L Illiuke
Ire of Alan i ho hail his uliouliler blade broken
iinil Uki luleinui and lailyHhon t liHtUfl lire ullknowiL
The tinier was rufvfd 1 on one leg and the lady wu
struCk by the water talk
i rnd hiss beeu dlicoverM In a gravel bank mar Sioux
1 Falls H u
Jrinee taroath Hiti nnlch hat beta e cted Grand
i Mutter of the Ire > lasoiiniii lruisis
ailicr I l locust > of Ills JI lilt niltitOn at IVbidih baa
beii taken jruoner by the iJaliouiluni
The American Wire toed and Mil ttlis at Anderion
Ind c trr burned un 1 ltursdo night 10 SlO < ti >
The I o iy of ex Minuur irorice II JVndlelon arrived
at l intluimtl last 11 gIl U Itie lunerul vrtil lake piece
tu ilay
II I ii rollortel thU Kltijr l Venflflt nf AtisuhttIis hat
Iflnnlthi 1 JuLUn 1 is I leo whitli ura P jrri < ftC lo march
tU Ales
his tel thuie i f Aide liter f > lId ir IliiifiH > iil i
wi i urnri > f r i > lrK n i iereiiol lu thu
iiriie Slid wur 111 eu to ili pi u 11 I
The f rncli itovfrnuirtt HI l a U i ihi Clsamijfrof
DciUiUH ir a q ellIi i rout for tie t nri > ir gf carrying
on the trencli ujtr it lout ux iinil Ialoutc
Albert IU1 ey of Keadlnir Ma a it vi machlnlit for
tbe OBton and Mnlne Ktliro tell beneatu a train
yesterday tLornliiK and hit tldti waiav ered
Thit lira In run Uuftoell Lowell altbourhitHlooDflnerl
to bin bed at hn tome lu rambrtdke In Si j far Iruprored
as to be able tu ire and talk to lit oltetrittere or OttO fatally
The iiertunn and HiriiOoTeriMiient haTO renewed
the iientlatinn ioiiknie lit I a trraiy ultlch were inter
rupt l a il f t in ft of tl arrr > ti t > ne PWM 5utoUt h I lee
if 1err I 00 hififr ninth hI the Muhoute luiuec or of 1 u > lre
Thflretiih t h iier I f In f nitnta hm Ill riiie < l
the C iirtir C ir r i at ii i y M + iurli trttdry t
I t H i unit 4I iht < n il > l I IM t ti i r tl i Mi I lli if Hint Mti
10 < > I t i oi > i MI e ne It ii r oil l ton
theIr < ole t < n v ill Hi re r < < 1161 i I i e
1 tin Iiiliet itetl 1 I en 00 I S tilt till wife cod
I Tsar 014 tIles Cr cite no titely 10 ibuls
deilitlit 011 ituurelay syruing aitiiost aptitIyxIstsil by
elcatiog lltulohusting eli thd ysiterdoy rooming
Sir tubes rematss unronctoua and iii pbyiclen
nOeitaii slight holtiC for her recovery Tb gIrL wito
ted U ImMOTUif tut aae remaUn a
THIS Krjxniiicii ACIlT1ON flA i
ovr ois manor IKFT
And It nillinn lo list liIt or Him If Pool
tilrIII > bnp < llowmun nod IMih Out
Now lIlNhoii Ilticr lo br Trlert Next
lllfino Mnrolt 7lhn Cunterfiico at the
ihioh1lii Avenue angelical Church which jjf
wns convened nn Wodnosdny mornlicto con
elder the ohnrccs Rcnin t lllshop llowmnn con
cluded Its work till mornlnu nud rendered
IbIs oidlct
Ilmraei miUlneil nnwman faint ciilltr and sos
pemle I motto lilt iiaire cc Iluitop arid from tlm ministry
until the next lencrat ronterence
Thoro worn tlncn chareos against Bishop
Howminovll speaking with ten Bpoclllca
tlons lylnp with elcht Bpoclilcnllons imd ties
sinnutu InnKtmno with two Rpoilllcutlon Th
chntKisof evil spenkltiR nnd lylncwcro baaed
on mimotoim nllocod fclmidoious assertions br
I lilshop llowman nbout his follow ministers In
om Instnnco Itishop llowmnii It tons snld re
ferred tn the Rut II Il 1 Ilnrtslor 1rcsldcnt of
I SIooilyA Church nt XortlinotlMtii too a vile
antI gothloss mart The UIMioti wns also nc
cttoni l of tolling falsehoods nbout church mem
bers nnd tisinn iinchristlnii expressions wlillo
conversing on tollKlotis subjects Hn IH b alti to
Imvo btlmnatbod tIns nctlou of certain con
ference ns n Fchomo conceived in hell nnd
brnuch foith In inliiuity
Tlm trial comtnlttuc compose of fifteen
members unanimously voiod him guilty na to
nil tho chniRos tout Bpoclllcntlons This trial
commlttoe could Inllirt nu severer pottaltythan
fliisimtBlon but us tho HUhnp1 term of nOlc
will oxplro nt the not fission of Ohio General
Conform tIle HUi oiislon Is oiinivuloat to
oxpulHlnn for If I f thnt body I nlioulil 1 doclnro him
Innofont It could not reinstate him nltlioucn
It tnlcht retiloct him
lllshup Itovvmnn CliCheS tht nttthorlly of the
trial body nnd wns not iinsent ill itt session
nor 1m I ho ions lenrouimtntlvn i thoro Ho hal
previously ntituott It cool in I tlio I Kinnprlifal Jri
srnijrr tin ii uillclil inunn 1 of his chunli that ho
phould uttirly dlsroirnrd i I I the tlmllni I I r C Itlx I cnld
that ho will tlll i tidnvnr to oxoicito tto func
tions of his I dfllco In I which pont tho ciders
will ntincnl to tln I civil totiits for the enforce
mont of tlulr voidlct I
Klhhnp Unbn trios snspcndod from his office Ih4
two oiiis iik RI Clovlrind tutu thoonumlol
of HIMiop hhor 1 predict thnt hi ulo will bo
pusponilcd nt lths trial nt linmokln li next
wvek on charges similar to hues prcforrod
ncaliiHt Itltiliop 1 llownuii Should that tin the
itt toiuu 0 it would lonvK Ohio liurcli without
arty head until I I ito t m etlnirof i tint I mmrni Con I
fpronri which would hnvn tolx I I > cn i < d i bv Oho
oldest Conference llionnstuni t reniiRylvnnln I t
1110 I trial I o tho Ills I ons Is the ci i I itt ittuotion of
a fond which IxtMti morn thtii twinty I roars
nto It Is < nlil in t fiimtr1 litvvcon lilshoo
jshoi minI tho Itpv C Iluelt lcr ilnadlnc elder
of the Illinois C niironc
Ipliint SiiioVcr Ilsrliurz
The opium smolors Annlo Jiarrott Ntw
thnnlel Ackernmn llueno G uoudwm Itenj Ford
1reJerick Milth tnrph titlist li Ororire 0 Ipon Charles
Slocuin Ltwnrd Howard llla tihu ton Mary Wilson 5
Marv Ho anU and Ann c llniwii w ho w ere arreated la
an plum out In sv uth avcnim He eril love aye
uerw briUtllt up TfrtlenAy In tin pirln tilnnS
onrt Liw yer I I itt ttii t tcr r th iirlmm ri Ilk ed that
tOe y be lti < tmrurl < 11 the cruutid tott llui t put ni in the
ca eilUiot 8pe lr th itlsrie situ C ie hiS client
were cburxed Thi i rujiient were tllftfliaried
THUllierie 1bjHlrlans Ahno t AlinndOA
VAsnTNnTo March 7Mr Taulbe li still j
sit is tnnlcht tint hie Iliiilltinn laxtn 1 I rtiarivil and j
the most Miujtuluo of hU pUyblcliui ha uliui > et aban J
doned tops
rue outset I > y of Vlnter
The tempornturo jeslerday moraine at 0
oclock touched tiu at > oe rero muUnn It the coldest I
day uf tlio winter in utile cit HjbA M t il wan b and It I
went up rralually In the afternoon to tin0 when attain
benn lu tut At Abiiy It was 4J LPIOW em and th
co Jtflt day of the winter there too o > wrio had 2 0
nliove and In al flacea round lint take l it wn sloe to I
zero the CilJeHl junto w oil Uockllll t anada 1H ° below
rent Dec 4 last wap th next coldcht < lay ot this win
tar here On thit ila > thu mercury fell t to 13 I
The hUh rreimre and told a KB were inoTinclowly
toward the sea yesterday otr nortliern New Knglsind
and Soa MiitaAnd in I toy the trmperftture will be
turner In the state WeCt of the MicdiKfljipf It uaa de
cided y warmer yeiter < 1u but In the central htatea tht I f
frenliii linn cut through northern Icurg a TenutSBe
and Arknnii
Snon fell at OgteiO nnd riuburKh nn < 1 in Mftceni1n 0
Illliu K MiBourl tlatit aud fenitoe and rain la
Loulnlaia and Texan A trough of tIe j rtttfurc with
Kniftral disicrfe Ma meatier eiteiided from Mexlc
through the iDounain rerlun to the nurth 1acliln coast
The M rm tint vnt Ii the Atanttc euuot I nuft Nor
Scotia wml h sh wiiMl were felt from JUdachuietli IO
nortlnrard Ft
The Misalnslppl from Calm south continued to rise
At > ew Orleans the cause > b < > wed one tenth of a foot F
stove the hUhent water mark and the water Ii atlll
rlHinir At other mist > to the retfUter was an felines
Vick hury 4a rlinif Shrennort 2 4 I rlstiiK Mem
phis il rUmt Cairo 47J n intr tout SIIOVC ObS sh
itati er Hue a > at Vii knhurt U 1 At Sew Orleaua 104 at liTi
> Mhvilp d ut ilemphlc t ud 7 at Cairo I
The weather In Oil city tturdftj let clear and cold 1
lowent oovornnicnt temperature 0 hlcheat 1W Lv J
erase htutliidil uSierceut I wlnJ fresh northerly I
To day prouiien tn be fair and warmer Sunday
cloudy itod warmer with pc > H lbly tight rain
The inerinnmeLfr at 1trrys harmacy in Tin Rum
bulluliiKrecorded the teinj < r < iture yesterday aafollowii I
iwl 1t 11155 lttfOA
II A it 0 I It 4 a7
I A 01 1 I 7 It I St 44 213
H A it lie iIl it 4lti 4
ni 14 4 Iti ti lud hA 20
Avraie i7P i ib
Averoge on ftrChi 7 OJ4
iliiAl 1111S COCCC000 TIlt It I 5 eaTrasar
For Maine Zew Hampshire Maaiacbusetts Rhode
IsauJ Connecticut fair weather westerly wlsidl
wanner V
rjiltrn i Ktw forte tcuUm renntvltanlt Ness J r
try fair weather warmer comedy thaI J 4
> or the ilHtriet of Columbia DeUwar and Ifarf 4
land hellO snows followed by fair weather easterly Jo
winds warmer 1
For Weil V irninli western rennnylranla and wiisV
aru New iork fair wvttier easterly win1 fr
Ju121Th AMWVV 2UffY
Washington Arch Fund 7A > 21 32
iCuiiell H UarrUon U tt lbs lhlsey limes
lov Divil Iennett liLt 1 1 at ttit IlofTintn floes
> lr frrJerfck etiimrl wan < > jaaiencer en the Lahi
wlub I trrtril yeei day
ii5 bomiiineri uf t seller uounsbery I t of tn + PMt Offlo f
lm hl tntlnl lIter tinriitiua I I ul uukmi c uJ Otis deSotf
nnlioui legal citiitro ciBj
tie formal onlf iuilr OHrtcnln lie arar Trust
Injuiictiuu tit was tiled > traai Tie urr couturuu
tu Olie iHcUiou ImuJcJ town ou 1 ob It t b
11ui lecture ill is rfnn < tn tie i on per Union tess
courHA will tie hId I Mr Jatteg Ucnvj of Sew York
ou Ittri etid tho bzUibiilou or leeS witti lllu trv
Mr H II larklun of Fort Uiflancr AmrnUA county
Vt IB fvnxioii t find tract o 0 Junies Jturtey Ailto
cptcrMl wIts ran away from bbs tiotne Ii Aurutucuuutr
when A OIly
I < nuu II Prrlmnn ant > ITl K I Mnnon lolntz business t
an thn I t in til mm t I It t Siiler i AtUer Hum tgeltJ il
Te I nl > C nit luuUe Ill n Ukhamucui 0 dOlt rJIY to Jult
1 Muhtijr
I rank tthilOt a trrr for ti I r lUrnum ts rrreitil 16
in liitixlta t yintedAj toft FlincH t < r in < scarlet t 11
lia 1 clurue ni l U lureeti itm Joltto kuu c4 1 tlieia at 17
Loot itiiih I Btrett
iluCer liMl er nf 3J HrnAtwar 17 that 1C li cot I
true is rMiTM thnt they lay nuburlV I ouo S
the flirt C 1 air in Ihli > un I Ite a intUit i acluailj cob 4
icrlbctl by tie ur CtilCMico rm e Ii >
I A Jor raptuin of tile 1r mctcn foott1 tetu an4
I J Jolt irntf ruftUnf tie attic cci elib aJdreM
ruiiiii iiirn ai 1 A odouiCtaiirI 4 < llttli t niurruH Itcruuuu ai 14
Ct HOC i ink lyre wail thOu i S in iff
1 1 N h i ti I trict S itriic t > uf vi vtcliettfrrotintfi
wfiihl ri bIll ni j If ilia n I tt In iiit m l > Sit lull of II
the MOO Ii i I n e i i Mitii t xt H t < lImos eoenttg
i ft fft > Hit I ll Wl ii I kl ii t l i i I ti < euny
ftii 7 l i an nun w t it HI lIt II i p tliStij
Ihe eitiito in I ItD u i 4inl nl f janrUon iCr > I
wjUHeVi ie I H cult i > ri > unir IH > I ear 1U better
en ills I ritrUY
Nethirlaiil hlp line hua
lits e Aiirrlcan teamtil i
another Veei 10 Its fleet i limo In t ween tIltS port ao <
Jtniterilam Sit n ihe Verkei dam and txionced ont
ecently 11 the Wh to Mar line nnh h tIled her ou tu 4
aclo icicles under tits lone of tOe Arabic r
At a tneetn If the ftnard nf Mlrrtrl al Control 75S
lerd T innei orteoire Vt iltlily lirnatiun was ai
Cdl > I ted utiJ Ia > eior iteorve OV lloth Was uinul red < It I
I nth were ihar rd with nnrte t of dutt hr I luuenl
to i ee r situ w AM authurued to lilt the vacurule lem I
lie I roe < reeo I lie Hoai I I e eVy bi te I I oininlt
tel I UK I k I i M of II i tli il h IuU Hnk h 4i
n i I S I CI ii I I I ItS
III 11111 I I A I i titiv t1
t 10 i i I i I J to V S f
litkU M C fl ti e I J tm I tt I l li
In I thfiuitnf tlio L I Iton b > re r nI I t > < lit etnpeny i ri
air iliut the Anierii an Iii4 Te t rA3i l iint > 4Ur of New
York tu fureo lie at itiit inortc ue JaUf Lacotnt >
ytvterday entered a decree dlriciloic OIICI thei ropertf >
of the defendant U sold ty Nathan II Katea ft pedal
tnaiterof tUtcourt ibe few York vititan g a >
Cliaa1 it

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