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01 1 p 1t r O I jjX ii vf >
1LA ThltS
AMrl AIII Hehealnlr Fin
mart at notrlliBFlKhllnKi Athletic
Aqtmtle anil Other feportlnir Ne n >
The hrduln Commlt of tho American
iocl llon will corns toeothsr at Brracun
ittlrlJiiT 1o proout i Iliolr JllTcront sclieJ
ults All of the dubs lt scheduled for Kun
nl homo oxcdtlnc tlio Athletics
1 dl re wc lt oxolltn
ThesohflJule IIICI thftt will irobnblr bo accepted
jjei Iho 01 enliis Kninea aa follows Bjraous
fu t HrooUin llocboster nt riillndelphla St
and Toledo at Columbus
LouUnt I 11 lo
Lul Decoiiillon IRY ho Western club wi
lerollton cltloB SL Louis tllna at
tlnr In tlio Iftttern cllos HI t > u
Brooklyn loltmibus HI rhllndelphla Louis
nud Toledo nt Syracuse On
Ulo st liochoser nld oleto lt SyaCUBl
tnnrriB ncnlnst each other
Iho naiiis tMlS nllll8
tie Vetiin cltlu fifty 1 club Is aluoscliod
SA tbO t til v two cnnies on labor liar in the
inatorn clilua
Iotis Mnroli BThe protionfd Increase
Hr lolls of tho Ht LnulR llasa llai
fthncBiltiil stock lolis la1
81Ub I from pIIU to 50iuiO litvj hen llio lnMs
iiniinibi of < f K > n atlonal rumors AlthouRt
lor nIDIJ 1 inrs the object IB to pond the
Von er tie
on < AlI IS
cer I IratirojemcntH ptbiTf huvii It lha
nionF money II N I to e UHIM by Will Jolmeon to
50 nUlbl tho HulTalo Club or the
JurhA fouisuo As soon nn tho proposed In
ayers 10uI Will Johnson hatenad to
i w as odotited
erou > 119 and Imd a conference with his
Ileolant Thi result of the cpnfoonce wa Iho
b rolh 1hl rl LOIIKUO would not
itEifraent that the riayors 6le i 011 <
iitfraiit to force HulTnli out but If M I ouls
Siiiii buy tho club th Minors Lemruo woulc
Sot ob o IY t Von ilnr Aho donitH thru ho Is In
Dot la for him
with Jolnsou who ho sl7sls uctlLK
irranffsmenta wer completed for a ProHml
on ol ISrotherhood bnno hnli horo
iliarKO n ry ecn Mun on who Is now In l hlciiRO his
OlorlO the nb to rlair
SoSeTftcoiTtrnit wih blealo J °
hVre from April 1 to Anrll 17 lur IncthlR tline
thifhlcBKo Club will moot tho Ihllndelphla I
aDd Iirooklyn 1larers Lpimue tennis nt Ama
rark The M Louis Amusement Com
Mntthlch Is another nnme for the llrothor
EooJbiuLfrB closed todny n years cputrnct
for Amnteur rnrk and It wll hereafter be
known as llrotherhoo J rark This park is no
eeeslble br cubit und electrlo cars
The notice which TIE Bus 81Id on Thnrs
d notc telnj prepare to be served on the
fflclaN T of lelnl proparel Limited by counsel
for the Slotrorolltan Exhibition Company were
mslled Testrrdny Tho notices ware to tho effect
feet that 08trI17 the ofllclalBdeslsted In their
eonrfe they would be held responsible In the
eouns of law for ildlne nnd entlolue certain of
the old New York Club players to break their
0 ft1C l McAlpIn or Vicepresident Tal
ott had recel ed tholr notices no to Into Tostor
lot afternoon Col McAlpIn said to a StN reo
cort nfernoon looked to him nal the League
wanted to mnko It unploasaut forevenbodr
whether rlsht or not He couldnt see whr be
nd his sssoilatO phould he drawn personally
Into the controverer unless It was to nee which
Ito would Quit Ilrst Now I that IB the
Irat low
oa coutlnu d Col MoAlpfn we will show
them exactly what kind of OKhters we nre I
dont think nowever it will amount to union
unau I r t I nOI r >
Htiin Ala Mach S TI Mcond runt b tw B lh
rbllilelptiU Mil Blootlrn flajreri Clab rtnUUJ lo
icor ol v tu 4 In f Tor of the former Tfio mm
tbuouili3 in fln rtftTi on both ildei aDd wu a credit
ftbl inhibition coniiilcrlitir the extreme rouirhntsa of
IteVounJi lluitrl I for Phllidtlphlv I wurerr wild at
Arit but itvaJNd down ofnll tnird Iniitor and pitched
anoeBime He had goo ll l epeetl and KITCI promise of
txlot a cood pitcher llaliman work behind the bat
wu the crlnrlpal reatnro The bor > showed mnoh illff
B > u teji the barannati > ame and Ihlool and tlreaoma
MJI otr 3 Ther leave here for New Orleani to morrow
ncrnlDH ad < 111 I thrre a week Ther eipeot to do
I lome r eod liarJ work there both mornlnfand after
noon ijotu teams are ibuwlDf up itronf Tbe comB
IOOIL munLau
110 B I Dm larA n
fttrr If I I 1 u l < i Orlffln L a a o 0
Had s l 1 1 1 6 Ihlodl a 8 I 1 I 1
i2 b8 J Ii g I rrN l I g g
ti IN A g ft rT13 tg A r
Ol 0 00 I I < rf I S I I I
hr r I I 0 Oilntd 0 0 0
Alilre s c f 0 I 1 0 OUallman ill 1800
Totai 4 021 i Olullan 91031 e 6
Irokirn 0 3 lOt I 0
rhldlpho a I 0 0 a SOI
T oba e hltiFarrar 8 Threabaie hlti Beerr
IHIIman Voul Triple anil Jnutite pUja Plokett and
11lman rlf nl
tiriir UocKland llallman Ba e on ball Br Huited
> br MnrphT at IMn br pltcber Mnruhr Time of
game 1 J Umplret Pally and Bbanneo
CHIRUJTOI March BTb mercary tarabUd down to
4uto day and Motrie kept bii men cooped ap In the
lucal botl l club cn Uonilaj next the TUltort will a < ala meet tne
D Ball notes
The LonUrllle plar ri will report on March 1
b = havo oriaulied for tbo aeaaun of 189Owlth
tl > rallowlni f CarrolL pltoberi J MUlor
ratcher wlll lit baiei C fennilL M buei a Uar
pirddbaie T Paly inort itop 1 Sinclair I r t T
Smith a and K Uennett L f They wouu like to
hiartromolubtwlihpiarera onder It yeara Addret
filer Wleie lie Finn tree t Uobokeo
At a meetlnc of the Volonleer Baie Ball Clnb at their
deb roomton Uorrlaa arenne the followluc oRicen
were elected for theenialnr tx 1 monthe Frei > ldent
ratrlck I tralth Vice Trfildeot William J Caeiell
Triainrer Edward A Boyer Hecordmc fiecretary
Samuel r Coohranel Financial Hecretary Theodore
talp Jrt eerreantatArma Thomu t uleajoo and
HiMicer Bnih OKtll Jr
Jodte Baooo wai a ked by I 85 reporter yesterday
what oe tbooght f tbo New York Learue Club latest
cure la Mrrlni notiaoatloni on leteral 1layera Lemue
unaMt that they would bo bold reiponilble If Ewmr
Xtefe et al rlolated their contraota All I know
about the matter laid I the Jodie U wbatl I hare read
U the newiuapera official notltlcatloa hai been re
eetved by tor MoAlpUi one of the gentlemen men
t LlIiho fh Ir
Ueoid 1 am certain rhoroi notblur la It at any
IliiTroiD March 7Tb following oxblbltton iramei
Dave been arranged beret April i Amhent Colleizet I
rtDHirI oaPl lglC
tooton 1 It u x Hoiton National League April t I 51
Hotton National League April 7 linrttmmih Colleio
April II I Metropolitan April 12 Metrupollian April IS
wndonilnKruatlonal Aril Hi In lOll luteruntlon
al April 18 llamlllon llnlcriialiunal tpril 1 llan >
moo Octernatlonal April J < i ul nil til ti n Arrll o
Tale IniTeriltr ArranneincnU r li > i endluf tor
theerracuie and Koctiesltr loam tu pi y tcrr
BilTlnoat > l rch 8 Mani nr iUrnl fine Haiti I
Bore Clnb t ih teleirraplieil M Kilojr I T ljulnn W
tmnale U J trlflln and K CtmtiiUKtiani ae rolowel
Your contract with the Haltlinore Hum hill i lut of
faltlmore lid which wae iUn l and approvM by rou
for the eeaeon 18TO rtrei I ua under tlie Sutlonal hitrtr
uenL which li I a part of laid contract Iho nirht to
your eerrlcoi for the feaeon It4i which cominrncrs
Aprllulo I Too are therefore reiueetej to report la
Baltimore Ud April I ktlroy Ima Iron to the Mo
tona and tilndlp I hII iriffln I and CuunlujcLam to tho
Irothtrlioodi of rhilailelphla I
WannoToii Pel March s Munarer William Barnlo
of tbo Baltlmern Club bae tern conferrlnx with Iho
llackbolCeri ol Iho local club and taking new of the
city In a bale ball lenie A tneellnif oftho W I I ic
ton Club e directors wae addrtiled by Mr llArnie Ho
poke or the permanent elrength of the Atlantic Auorl
atloa n1 predicted that It would eventnallr be In I ibe
Irontranla lie denied that tho Atlantic had anr In
tention or dropping Ulltnlniton 1 lie urged tho llocl
holatre 10 puili tbe local club mid ret the leading bual
neit mtu ofhl the cliy interfiled In I it Actlnir upon hli
roIS i cl
DfCillon the dlrrctnn I ileulded to lime 1 no addltlonul
intriioritock tJJ > pemhare ami It ll I brllrre 1 that
tbiiwin be iiulckly takrn Mr Harnle ir that a
i WCtl tl
W lilnnin will nick tu the National League the prfi
nt tula club circuit of tbo Atlantic Aeioclutlon will
not be broken
The f olio winir wmirrehed by Manager biting of tke
r ef I lcaiuat IhllalrlphUi nlhurmlari I hIt
Pltiinretplnrormjou lhatata mated meeting tho
BJrl or Director or tbe Athetio Auuciatlou todar
It I wai unanimously
11 Tltallh 110d IIpol1lnrormalion recld
thot Uod II WollhuII hna na 0I1I1DIII1 tit
I dIrlmnlllr tb I nlIlY or 1IIIIylnnl I
L tt 11 YIIIu r t ltalII n d l
UnlJ or Ilnnylulil aulnw tit nulnlt 00
Irr Irulrlo 1 811 For Atb An I or 1
Wrouburol will probably play with the team but ho
oan nm itudle take up enouch of lite time The men
interntoij in the Unit ernltr team ao verydeilroni of
buln > him Ilay a i tber plai e Kr1 t conlidence In IiU
atniu Ttiev will be Tery mucu gratltled to eo him
co riecouij thU year
Cricket Nntfn
TeM hnhatlan will open the con ai ctual < tih a
Jiuo matili whliU le neirly always I tho nrwr cricket
me i Itve I In the 1cIW of Now ork
AIIul lJe I fatfue inatctiee nUyed airay from home
Llbeoneilay inatchn cinlr The home matrbti will
fri i Ian two dir at more playeri will be able torT
ol t
nibitoin New lork
rT yij 1rt lr 1 gue m itch t to be payed In Ironpict Park
Jl W i p tl Iii li i l nc t m I
v tl I hlnii < oulity Mliket Iho Uauliutlaui
Mini lue I opDinuig UJIN
tuiV10 ih ° lnlc ° < rirket Annclatlnn nllltUlt
° I tin nuiniiKr A nutch tinwe n tha
110 I Plll l JiJgue team will Le one of the
lOot lllil rc tliiu eirniB or the pei jii
I arwV 1 H f crl < whll 11t1 New York last
ii V 1 ih Metrupniiiiiii crl I < krterii anoihrr vuit
tint r > v uul hl II nty t irlrkt
u all fllr II 11101 h 1tw11 II taU HIe
an M I tI hll II to wty
1 oIIt liriit tlf NW rk Irlckotriubharlng
clri 1 V It t UCT II I will irli I aiiutlirrcin
Juili tti1I Tl > I liinnit lll be under the
own oh i iI i jiiiuol > I tboclub I humorlit Mr Altx
thlt tl l J ithUl tlnibt UietiiirittttmiTlfrln
Ih I r u t I lI IIr
vt Nw > nd who iUy > l la
fif wl > New Jerer Aiiieilt I lub wii bw lur
i n rn I ev Vr I ll nrol ally Jako
l rt 11Iry Jru i inatili of ttir Jerety imtn
Ilir re 1 i IOIIIlh riinntltiillon of the Jlnro
fur II cc < rilVH Il4guinil4l I > lll4lt 1 cOIIIy
J il ii > > II l UrItI 11HU corrr inaii t lire irr iiatrd Iniluilirig UL
a u f i ir I aily be iiMliolinl m the by lann I
1h I tll ll Iliinmiur of iho Mrtraiolitan HI
I > u r k I lll bold nmv ine llng on
II I llriad 1 4 > rcrrlurv li 1 luvltwlil I
r n i III 0 I II 1inrerniiiB i > ut tle rout tin and
rtn ill inninlci1i > n > rrrrned rein o Ier clubi
> < yu Ki 1 probably lo i ormel I jr n J I dCIUb
II A oiini or the t Amateur 1 Lrague laK joined the
i Atlirtlc Dun and will r act J
c cIrtlllm Mr Ollllr t r if
u It et I nt Ihr I l ket II I n InuJ illluu I nlnl 1 mr
ill 1 UII t I r Tl Jr > nrn are kirenvihrniug
C r al 111 1 I h l tho other
> 4 K U ruce tI it ilo tniliy I
ttiiJ rmd or Ibe NewJnev Alhrtld nub or of the
rUn Atliietlct lub at tho utal > lortli pock have
d ror the plailngof t ltl League inatih
011101 oulold 110m < whf nellOd urnund are i
tliilSvTh > old Bl rr Irlckrt lube ground
allioloOkoD roil 1onld l h V newer the purpoi bit e
JD lIlell Ii prrparll n of lb
TThitt th 41 B A A C Intrnio Dt l tkoi
Cnhlll C f
There was anile a irlrltnd debate at the
ml monthly muting ef Iho tcottlihArnerlcan Ath
lltlo Clnb on Friday evtnlnX lait 1reildent Rother
man irtlldrd Tbo debate wai occailontel r tho re
ceipt of two conimtmlcailrini from tho Amater Alb
letlo InloiL One waa a notice In writing of tho rniptn
lonof Pat Cahlll their redoubtable ulMIe welgb
Tho other wai a printed ouo and gave tho roaioni
for tbe action of the llotlng and Wrestling Committee
In tuiprntlng Cahlll The communications were read
to tho member by f ecrelary Young nd when ho I had
flilnhtd there were a doren meniben rtaly 1 to oiprei
Ibemrolvei tirdrr waa reitorrd and Irrildont Itother
man spoke an follows I wae at toth hrarlnga of the
L A I In relation to CahlHe rate and must ray tha
the commlttro In Ihrlr report to the Hoard of Managers
made many mlttakra In one Initancn their report mis
that Meurs 1 Camncho and Ullrer did not come forward
nnd make a rtatement a < lo what they knew about
i ahlil when mi reitir te < L Now theo iwn gentlemen
happened tobe out of tnwn on lle night of eildmrel
Ing but neTrrthelens they arnt letlora I to the effect that
thy never knew rahili to receive Any compensation
whatever for hmervlcta
treasurer John Kobidnn was tho nrxtspeaker Ho
paid I 1 wn Inkiriiinental In retiring Lawyer reden
burgh to attrnl those two hearings and v > lule the Joro i <
clIo < wrro gulnir on he took In the sltuatlt at a
glance and lurnnnrd inn arier AM that II the I titon
were not on lurorporated body It wnuld bffutlleto
iriKure a mandamus < ulnst tlirm for the vehemence
u < ed by the inmlttre Mr N rdenliurgh tlirn asked I
me III I knrw t > hethr they were Incnrnnritod and lie
laird lo him tl > e reient non nduclnry method hl < h
rx rcrelar dtlit Hunt of the A t pureued In Nrw
York > flnanclal Helfnre and 1 on account of the I tilon
not being brimjht 1 to ta k at his nt a lolnga It struck me
Ilgab 11
then and 1b 1 there thnt the were notan Incorporated
loir t I However Until not do to let the mutter rrit
and wo must nud out at once whether they are Incor
porated or not If they are then 1 will bo the first ono
lo vote dl In favor of the dun I opening Its 1 colTers and right
us them li I court until our wrongs are righted to such
a propensity as will gl ah t t an lmi rtial I trial
III IIlrn fhO
When Mr Nubbins UntMird tt was siiigrtled that a
committee be appointed tho purpose of ascertaining
whether the A A was Incorporotrd Atiothur no
lion was paised lo the ertrrt that a lawyer I be secured If
ntatsiary and the meeting then adjourned
Yonnc Athlete Try Their Und
DOATOS March IIThe young athletes who
oxpeottomakelbelr mark In Harvard College within
two or three years but who are now baittlni In tbo
preparatory schooli oorapeteJ for banner and modale
at the Mochanlci Hall tbU atternoon Bevon prepara
tory achooti were represented by moro than seventy
athletes and Iho rivalry wai red hot These achools
stud ml per cent of their graduate to Harvard College
io there was much Interoht In to daya games bythno
who have an eye to Harvard future fuccosa In alb
Ihegamevwere rlniely contested but only one record
wan broken T K sherwln I of tho I Itoibnry Latin School
covered forty yards In fl seuonds TMs beats the record
of flH eeconds held by Copeland of the Manhattan Ath
1 Irtlo Club Tbe ot onta were decided aa follow t
rortyYardi UasuT E ahirinan or tbo Iloxkury
Latin School A eecoodi
Kight Hundred and Eighty Walk J II Boll of
Ilopklnion 3 mlnutei 4HH seconds
four Hundred and Forty > ards RUIlc Brower of
Ilopklnion IJBW seci nd
standing High Jurnp W Uoag of Itoxbnry Latin
ficbool 4 feet f > inches
Knnnlng High Kick W Iloag R feet 11nohoe
1ultnu t Mxteen pound IW 1liroe ot Engllin
tllBhlschool 31 reel Hi Inches
Kunnlng High Jump T k lerw1n 8 feet llnohea
Two hundred and twenty Yards UurdleJJ Hard
of Ilorklnon Ul W eeconda
Feuco oltW Curry of Nlehola 0 feot
Polo Vault T R hherwln 10 trot M lch
hlghtbundred and eighty Yardi Run J a Adam of
Roxbury Latin bchuoi J mlnatea UH IlL4a1
Affialroi at tJtejT B
At the meeting lost Tuesday of the Exeantlre
Board of tbo Steven Athletic Auoclatlon aeveral
cbanros woro made which will affect atbletloa at Steven
this spring It wa decided to call a maas meeting of tbo
aMoclatlon on Monday next for iho purpoto of rotlng
OB tbo question of dropping from tbo support of tbe aa
octaUoa oltber tbo baso ball or lacrosse I team for thU
prlng Aa tho itndenta aro ao evenly divided however
aa to whlrh I team lhall bo dropped U li probable I tbat no
of botEg i II r
decision will bo reached but both I team bo put lu tbe
leld as uiuaL
hID u thli year to tho Intercollegiate Lacroeie
League wltn Princeton Lehlgb and Johni Uvcklna b
In the eecond oldest I cotieuo In the leiguo
Tho proiyectl for a goncl team lhl prlng aro excel
eut only < ne player of lat 1 year loam Is I out of col
ego tboogb aevera will bo unable to play tbronghoul
be entire season on account of being abeent OR tbesla
work W O Cuntc Il captain has shown couslderA
bl le energy In getting the men Into practising early
In tbe season and an attempt being made to etart a
iratnlng table which will be quite an Innovation at
Mevens There are about twentylive candidates for
position on tbe team
Uut little li known ai yet a to the prospect for tho
oo KIaIO Yrh
b > ae ml team It la certain I that l the ontnrld will be a
trong one but the battery win be very wak Heveral
change have beon made at tho athletic ground the
dreulng bouie baa been moved forward about nfty feet
ind placed an as to fare across tbe field Thn fence bus
bUll > patched up and a lection of U entirely renewed
Tbe Mnnhnttan Athletic Club
A meetlnc of the Board ot Governors of the
Manhattan Atbtetle Clnb wai held at 624 Fifth avenue
on Friday night Tbe Committee on New Oronndi re
ported progresa Tbe Board wu In lesilon till I oclock
L M Oat of a list of applicants tho following wero
elected f L Uaihez Jr Alt B Hit L F Ilooa
leorgo W Fuller Hy btanton W L Lowden Jr
Archibald Rutherford W J Best Hy D Havea E II
Indalo Hr r kammerer M Oonkllng Idward N
ortonV kefflrigton Norton T F Ilkka O B Ted
tIIIifoo OIODJT ri 1I1tl mCr Tn
caatle L Frame J II Cromwell D
ionaiino Ur I A Lallan A O VNarrlng E f
mlth B N Nichols M O Nichol W N CollIn K W
1I lollirnok I Dr Aler B lobnsoo It M I Olcotl
111ht LIV 1 i
3 Walter Voight T W LowIn s K Turner F W
loll Jerome C Read C U leleenhalnrr L Telrro F
T HoHlmck rdgar Harriot Keneca D Powell M 11 L
< OMrleu W T Ryle I A Chabeaud A M Luwrenco
i W llailehurit t W U Starbuck J W l w diW It
oilranl W II Fennrr Jr J B Ionl W o rage I II
v rrossman J K Iarker WID Langdon Ulcbard fl
nirk H M Winston F H Mns on Chaa K Multh
tobtj Horner < has Cromwell V 1 llalklni ltlt
famo K 1 II McOtnnls IJr J l > Emmet 1100 A
rlrrcer T I Wallace n H Jamea Dr H B Morrla
tlrhard Knlllh A M PhelDH M 1 the IlonF C Waten
A 11 llenard W M Christie A P Klrkland Howard
IcK klrkland
The C C N 1 Knn
The cross country team of the College of tho
City of New York bad their usual run yesterday morn
ng itartlng from Fort Oeorge at 11 oclock About flf
een lightly clad atbletrs started In tho run which wai
onr tbo Bpuyten DuyvIL KlngHbrldge course ad i
toe of about ilx mllei One young man In his haste
ntsied big footing tho embankment fell Into tlm
cold and Icebound Harlem Klver lie nounlrrrt
roand and very likely would have been rirownd had
Dol a palling boatman rrieurd him He wan very much
xhatutod and It wai some tlm before h reioverrd
hlllItu 1loth
lfabDIrctI Inrolontary bMh Meanwhile 1 the rEdID
rero gpeodtng on their journer with Ft Taylor In ttie
Id on iho return the mea were v ell bunched with
aylorla bId l
Concord Hurllure
The newly formed nuoltlnc court of the
onoord Harriers a lu no condition for play jester
d ay tho ground tolng froien loo atlff Tlio harrleri
tarted out for a road run of lx 1 mil from the Man
attan Tottago to tho Mng I Highway and return la
lead J WttUh acted al captain anu ell ace J
Connell waewhlpiier In v Lnub who ni not enter
U lie N O O Aa run vn March Iti arrived llret lu HU
nlnutei with T Ioyle stcouJ F aiuitu third aud tt
icheucb fourth
Tlie Thlntle CurlUc Clnh Hull
Caledonian Hall In Uorntio Btroet held a
merry aa omtilago on Friday when Iho eighth annua
tail of the celebrated Thlstlo Curling ilub waa held in
he main room of the building which wai draped wlih
It le club colon and feitooni and rUgi of all kluds A
ovel effect was arranged on tbo lUior whore A curlfnir
rllll wai ilenlcted the einiri linri Ac being cli4lk < d
1m ttie tluor the curllug touei and the broom wero lu
pllIl1n I
Puling the paitweik two rinks of the club journej1
10 Alnany where Ihoy mvt the ranmtm Altmny t Ity
urlrrn in the great covered rink at the capital 1 ell
IIIt iiimMrring that the New orker have Lr n uu
AI le to uractue thin yrar owing tu tbe open wtuttr
they ulil tlemitelveri credit
TheulllctnKf theilubaro Pavld Wright Prenldent
Robert Ihaltneri lcelr ldont Tiiiiiiai tYutt Mrro
tary M 1 M 1 tampbrll Treasurer and UuvU Keld
rrlTrsentallve member
floor manager Tliomas W Htt aislatant fonr man
ager James nl4W Floor Iomrnltter Jamrs H Cock
burn A F Pickann Ihoinal I ortrous Kol rrt 1aUler
and A Hcutt ltrceptl < m Ioiniultlee John Watt II hnir
maul Iluirln Mclvenrle Hllliam llrmlir Jauiei luck
ion and Thomas Uateon i iiinmlllia of Arrange
menls M M r lampbrll Ilnlrmaii I I attAFPick
lou Jobn Uray 1 uuiiu rortcous and JJ 1 rlghu
FnrljIour Hound tiy Mldilln t > Vlrhl
Two hitherto nmiuour rnlddlo wolehtB who
Hare their namei an I rank Stark and ham Colilna and
who live In Ike lwer part uf thin flly fouklit two noun
and lilt flv e minute with small K ore under Queens
berry rule itt daybreak e teruii in a barn un Mai tn
Island Nillhrr nuld deliver M knock out tin ami
then they bexan lo lay up igiim eaih thor fur
miport tneretere called the inuuU a tlriiw rtny
win uuel attain
ALIIANI Jlnrch Ihe J American Curllncr
Clubvf New Vurk leut Iw u rlnlii litre on rrulajr iilda
for the jmrpoce if meeting Hie Ill cllrlrs today lu
the annual contest for thn uUlrlrl iiiedaL Tending
arrlutl uf the Illcn clan the New turk men mei 10
rink from the Aluauy Uly Ourllne tluli lu > frlenJly
cunteit which At nut terinliiaiel till nrarl 1140
oclock uu I ndny nluht 11011 Albiny icorrd > victory
on a llvjmlnt mijarity The rluki and score were
Kink I American blini r Hykei It p MiLlniock
Uebr e tirleve iklp 11 Alhany J J Van hclioon
lioven I u Hot A U Cole Jainti Mclredle iklp
17 Kink a Ainrrlcaii J II Hiher Clurlen lUlclwln
1 MllUin rawford llenrife Iami bell tkip M Albany
< rorKe Mullalt Alex lljllnp Julin Mol amition John
lialmt ikipi roiaiAinfricin 11 Ailuny City 14
IIt aC
L111 A M n du > the I > iw i > rk ami Llea curler
crniird bruoiui and i > rnt the Iroi fhots for the tees t
lli Kanie Ann pUy dun Hi cuvere > l ilieeli uf the
Aitiaiiy i ity il U wu ch II ere In prim1 ror Mr Jamei
> lri rcdle reiirrsciiilnirlhiA bunr t liy Club acted ai
nun Ire It wai a ilree Unur Kamr ileIU an hour rrit
At I M when the i hail calle I Lllca I wai twa
1IIIIIhd It or lInHoK lllc T Amorkn
f d II dp f J IJ bhr tb 1 IIIjJO I II
t I M Ill 011 wre a1 lIdlll n1 a rc
contrst w maintained for the rimalning hour and a
hall Nip und tuck II was with oddi In favor ofurltlier
lu do e WUH it tliat even < eorgo Urn of the Amerl
rauot t lo sound tbe ilfgan till the lait stone MU
buried lr J and 1 Ins club liad won bv a fttngle point
These wore thI players and thii their curo Htnk 1
American Will 1 hhrdd F Iykrs Hubert O MrLIn
tfcck ieorgellrlevo sklp k lllca V J Me A II I
M union linrlenh i llr7tlll Moan iklp I i t Rink
AnIon A II Fllher U U Haldwln vVm Craw
ford Ueorgo Crawford skip 31 UllcaL 0 tialltbury
J K Ucl uglln WT Allen K 1sckham skip Jl Te
talaAuuloan 611 Ullca 60
It Coat HomethUB to > Keep the Flllr In the
JtrnTcrvvyck HmbleHrrKcm Cat
Napplnc by TOUBR Mclrr ttllrrid
ford Get Awnr With lotleii
The regulars wnro out In forco at Gutton
burl yesterday olternoon to BPC nix races de
cldod over a Irnck that was eloniiy on top but
hard enough undornoRth to enable the horses
to mnko fair tlmo In tho illffuront erents
J he feature of tho days racing was the con
test for twojonrolil at half n mile the favor
lie Tollr B a nontlonklni dauKhter of 1lznr
ro owned by tho lleavorwrck btablo wlnnlnu
with Iho urcatost case from the second choice
Joslo W Tlie winner wai In recelut of twelve
pounds from all hor opponents 81ue Alarming
and when i > he was nut up at auction there wns
a boruinblo to Hoeuro her Hoimli lirothers ant
the MntllsonStable tiooplo rutsluit her to J25Jr >
nt which Hguro she was boiiKht in by Owner
Johnny Campbell A Btibseiuont offer of 30X
by lloueh UrothefH was also refused While
Catniiboll had to ttvo up 1555 to loop
his filly he was Quito a cood winner over the
race having backed hor very heavily through
out tho Houtli und West Tho Vlsuotlo Illy car
ried a lot of money but McCarthy was loft at
th < > Doot Clutter tho second choice was tho
opening event by a nose from Ksterbok a 25 to
1 shot the favorite llenedlct about whom
thoro wore any amount of ucly rumors afloat
neer being In tho hunt eatus captured the
eecond race by a neck but n good boy on
Moreno would haxo landed I the monoy with the
lliiKKln catttolT Jlradford anil Lotion were the
only BtnrterH in the fouitn ovont thero belnit
hcarcolv any eipoculatlon nao ns to thtl time
tunny tookmukors laying odds that iV8Vipiilo I
not bo uoaton It wan citsy money for tlioso
who had senno enough to Mieculato on It as
the tlmo was 12 > V Harry Fatitus was a big
fnxorlto for tho fifth rac nnd llercmi WIIB win
ning handllvwhen McDermott brouehtOen
Uanno through not the railB and catching
Itorgen a leei won by a nock iorlcles wag by
far the bOrt horne in the last raco nt the
weights winning from liarwood under a blc
pull The following aro the summaries
Tune IUO of wblcb M to second seven fulongi
R Llddlli ch g Clatter aged by Llabon Olarlna
Hickory IIB Uorgen stable i i g hiterbok n 116 i Donnelly il 1
J ttonebraker i > b g Tupiawyer aged IHHUarberl S
Uelwood Ieachblow Rebel bcout lllscult I tienedlct
and Counterfeit alio ran
Time 139
Betting Against Benedict even money t Clatter a to
1 Topeawyer N to I Rebel Senut 10 to 1 Ulicult 13
toll Connterfrlt lito 1 Uelwood SO to i 1 Uilerook
at to I PeacbbUw tuto 1 Mutual paid tutd > i4 >
rune 250 ot which fW to secondi nUlig allow
ance iliturlongi
J Kaniomi b orh11IJI 1 by Pauitni Annie Rlcb
anU loo Clayton 1
A Worleya c Manae < 1H Foster 3
T Cryiler i gr Uray Cloud aged IK Motr 3
Blaiher rbU Tcompson and Johnnie II alio ran
Betting Agalnit Festus even moneri nray Cloud 24
tots Manac 3lo 1 blather ntol I Johnnie k and
Phil Thompson each 40 to I Mutuali paid ti n M
Turfo MCO of which 75 to tecond for twoyearoMsi
lolling allowances half a mile
Ueaverwyck HtaMel b f Polly I fl by TUarro Aman
dine 7 < stovenso 1
O Vtalbaumich f Joile W llRerren 2
M Hoganib o Alderman vac 113 i VlcDermatt 3
Alarming and flanetle oily ali > o ran
Tlmo SOH seconda
Betting Agalnit Polly a d to 0 Jotlo W 8 to Ot
Flanette filly 3 to 1 Alarming 15 to 1 Alderman Mao
20 to 1 Mutnall paid it 11 i Z7S
THE rounxn JUCE
Pone t3OO of which KO to lecond ill 1 andcnehalf
G Walbaum b h Bradford 6 by Glengary or Bram
ble Nevada 101 Bergen 1
Beaverwyck Stable i Lotion < los Stevenion 3
Tlmoll I iJ5U
Rotting Five to 1 Bradford 1 agalnit Lotion B to 1
Hntualapald fclV
Tune tV o wblcb Ui 1 lecond lelllng allowanceit
IK 1 furlonga
1 Ulai b g Orndarme 4 by Karon dOr Bena
Fide IU MoHermoit 1
F H Downing ICQ g Harry Paustus A 124 HergiB J
W C Daly b f Little Barrfont I lrt Moier 3
Queen of Uearti Anomaly and Boodle alio ran
TlmIII 1
BetllngAgalnit II arry t auslui even money i Hoodie
ft to I Oenciarmfi 01 to 1 llttle Karef oot 7 to I Anom
aly S to 1 ua rn of tloarta lu to 1 Mutual paid
H305 l oA > jua
Pnrso K 100 of wblcb 50 to second selling allowances
even furlongs
J De mis b g rorklos afed by Stracblno < lro
dan Maid 1U ClaytoB I
J Bodenab g Itarwooa 1 110 llortnnl 1
C J kellyi bit h Vigilant 5 113 Bergen 3
J dI J r1i
Cli I1i6 f 7ifJ
Hot Scotch Katie C HleMeo and Vigilant also ran
Time l M3U
Betting Against Terlclel I 7 It Vigilant Rio A Hot
ftcntch 4 to 1 liarwood la to I Btesred and Sophist
bfotott oMlul
J r
each 1 to 1 Katie C 40 to 1 Mutual paid H83 3 Bi
flU M
ItarlMc In EMBlnnd
LONDON SInroh BAt the Kempton Park
tlarch meeting today the raco for tbe Cham
pion llurdle Handicap of 1000 sovereigns was
won by a length by Cant L IT Joness Ire
rearold bay colt Theodolite Sir F V Qooohs
ouryenrnid buy colt 1aiyrus second and
Mr O UlbbertB 8liyearold Castlllan a bad
Nenis from the Horne World
Costello t Qrenner have concluded to s1I
holr stabln of race horRci
Dr Webb will lieroafUr breed trotting bores
of the gllteilgod urdor as well us coach horses
on his brioJmir farm In Vermont
The Central New York Horse Breeders Aso
elation has opened three stakes of sluDO each
to bo trotted at the annual mooting nt Syra
cuse A lilt 028
It Is reported that tho California mare Mnr
garetSJlSx will cross tho llocky ilountalns
tins yntr nml battle for fume and money on
Iustern trucks bhe Is entered at Cblcngo
llattlo VVIlLoR brown maro 8 by George
Wllkes dam by Aluxandor Edwin Forrost has
been old by 11 S Htradder ol Lexington Ky
to A H Jlooro of Inlliulelphla for a big orli e
The Hloomlngton Fair Aisoclatlon ha been
organized with a tialil up cuiittnl of 15nuo
Ample ground < rdll bo purcliusud adjaient to
tho city and u fair and Bpeod meeting will be
held this ycur
Vlxpll Bro have purohnped from A Btnde
the flveyeaiold more Cietalang by uetawuy
for IJOINJ lotalong has some prulty good
races to her credit Bho won a mllo dash ut
Now Orleans last week in 1 l
Mr Halisbury informs UH that ho will iend a
trotting btririK ftom California to this sldo of
tho muiinlulnx in tha latter part of tho HOUSOII
Manln in Burn to como ovor with IaloAlto
Kniiol and others and 1I1kok will como if ho
cnn gut a gnoil httlile togothnr 1 hrro is room
on our liniks for all11I lifld ami Farm
While biiliiK tnknn from Now York to Nash
lllo hi 1 Itlo liny Hlinwod Riich signs of fatigue
that ho was taken from tlio earn at Iouislllo
and left thoro lor a row iluys Mini Bryant now
teligtaphrilliat the big cull is I all right und
will ioon be lInt on in good condition
Mr I Dahlman has iold the llvoyrarnld
maroVlotrtx by onitfollol out of Vlctres to
Mi li I U Morgan of liainiminnit Hludfordiiii
The uaiiio Lfntloiiian IIIIB iilso dipood uf tho
tliiiojoitrfihl Illly Miss lludio by Mllnor to a
gentleman In Virginia
A ginthinan engaged In atlvo luislnesn In
Now itk l Itv v > ho Is an entliu laltlc ainafnr
hotsobnrk riihir without evur lmlng niado
tliualtumit or anyttiifig stlmulniing mirh an
ellort Is I wlIltiL tn < fiinke n match witli about
tho loHowinginndltlnut Hu vll wiigorn
not oxrciMling f JIPIIO nor IOH than 51IM that
ho rnulldPII mlli8 I in llvo coimociitlxo dayt
to ue oightlior iis tlio match to be ridden on
good milo or halfmile track lor > atnd on Long
Inland no gulp charges and admission onlv
by Invltntlun Yhun artlclos aro xlgnod JUO
to bo rootid as forfeit wltll tho ttnnt nj tte
Jinn und tho trill I to UiKo iiliteo lthln two
nionlliB mtur signing of urtiole
While highbrod trotters arc bringing sensa
tional prices ut tlm big iiutillcHiilou In hnn
tuckyand Now York n conn nrutltely loung
Biro of arlHtoitatii doscnnt fold for n Kong tlio
other iliu I at Ilillllcnthn Ohio ThlH wa > tilt
liroun stallion llMfcriti foulnd 1R7H hy Adinln
jstianr iliiin I In Mnnibrino Illot slro of lUn
nls 2 IV I gritnddaiii In Iilt Ir tIMer
lilnihell i till tilui ol Itulortiion winner of tho
tlOiuu yiiikn at M lunlH List fall hllt he
made a rllnrll of i H Thn horso Wilt ovnl
by tin Into HKII I O I Diliifio a iiroiinnont
inumborof tho National Trolling ASKO < latlon
nml was siild 1111 adnilninlratoiH nalu hint wink
for the Hinalj BUIII of Jl sm thp piirihurer lin
ing lark W htory iiiintlifr brtinlei In thn
lliirkcyn Hlato Mr Delanos stallion lloiul
rilnt Hivnii joars old h l > y Triton lull brother
to the fiiinoiiH inaio Trlnknt 214 out ol a
marn by Hot I Tr brought only iCOO and was
6ci ui ml hv dcortO Iors l of AiiiIphl Ohio
Had iherie two w llbrod Hiulllon bion hcnt lo
ono of thouoniblnntlunixaleB linro thny vroulil
purely hao Fold for many times what tlu y
commanded ut home llr Killnggs motto I
New York Is the plaoii lo buvtrotters cnn bo I
proirrlr supiiloinented by ndilluc Sow York I
lt I tile plate to sell tiottortt
Tlio llnlllmorn Ilrnrb fUovr
BAiTiMonE JInrch BNearlr all of tho en
triei lor thoblg bench liow aronow II and Iho Maryland
Kennel Hub eirectt thli to be the most tuccesirul ex
lilbltlon of tho kind held In this lUte The latest en
Irles Include many d ill if line ludluy I lie linrdnn
liI t1J10 IW tl > r
tier will linlude hcauuinni I Mule Hoy Helruunl
Couatris cf lievunshlro rounleri Mo and utbcra
Tbero will be a number of champion ictteri
Have be Children
Rllllrod Whooping Cough Cure Instantly relieves tbo j
whoop and gives rest to the paUlnt with no 111 altar
antota jeraale by runUtiAu
who posiesnes a copy of Ooodwlni Improved Bookkeeping tin te Katnrday March I lrv o there have been told
Manual and hit rnaiterslltl I 21173 coplei or thli work from the purcbaieraof which
keeping and l tI teitimnnlali I I have been ncilvod four ot which
conttnls li I qualineJ to nil a million as held book lattrr are hero given
keeper for the largest bnsinen concern In the country tour book covers tn my oplnon every point
necei ary for a lluromli knowledge of bonk keeping
In tl book the most striking and valuable ftatnrn ai II is I practised in the larceit housesOva I IT
of the various lyrtemi of bookkeeping employed n tho Koch heal I look keeper for Tent Hel er 4 Co Import
New Vork houses are cleary eraandobbeti > t dry goods eworkclty I
following wellknown t t l tli rr
Ulrouldnot I get ani tber copy ot onr book fIno I
anJ concltely described ai well ai rill ly and correctly would not buy mine W N olielt with Campbell
Worrell I t Co I 1asialo N J Peo lfM
1I1IAt1 Have kept i book II fjjJ yrari and jet I find some
Arnold Constable re Lord Taylor thing new and Interesting In your bOOt Have bought
I Amtin Nichols A Co n II Mncy J Co 24 roilei of IIobn I btplthles Jlahukona taud
Callioun Kubblni f o James Miireery t Co nlch lianda
II It laflln Co Mill t niliii I knew nothing about donhto entry bookkeeping
Holier K Maries I Co Kdvard 111 Hoy I t Bora before I purchased I yr > nr bnok and rt had had nnoltlco
K J tiennlnir A t o hfern liroihe 9 rireneiire II Hy lolloning I I iho Instruction I In I It I havo
K 8 Jaftray A Co tw Vr tl bronk Jt Co hreli able I not only lo krep mv Iookl but r aliotomako
fran u II letett t roo Tn plr A fo I all my trial tiAlancei lalanro sheen partnership itato
Lorher VMillman to trtJ k Metor 1 Achelli mOIl Atv I A Iiairyini > lo ofj A Hairtuple Co
to I obtain I a situation I I In I a Haverhlll Mil Nov w
Any book keeper who hot e > OD IlIarhlll Sent
n t pmtpald nu receipt of price
lare who enale or retail hou > or anv prnon who Is In Cut I tlili out ntid semi 1 for io rlptlvo painphtet er
anr way connected wiih such house will nnd thli I rail and see the honk i n iiooiiwIN
book Inestimable value to him Hoom I3S isir Hroadway New York
I O amaB ar
Third VIoorHtacheJ by Kief atora
llgi tVlnnl Z4 tn HDUOO
llglitiloutiln citinio iinioo
Coupe TJ4U lo l i 11
Conch 41lP ti I 4 III U
WK IMVH nrfr f11 nil llVAMl riTrtr or
von uiitniLK Tin MOSH
Rlnitte I wlih brratt onllar PJODO ull74
slndo wih fnllar and harness ltl > l
Iart brass mounting AlJt 1
brasitnountltiE AIM > 1 >
H 1I111IH
lallrs1 Pita 411 to IU2i
Mluri 11XI 10 I I 11
HITS t U tn M Ul
MM 0 lf to CIU4
1111 > at auitlon the entire
of New York
TUFHUt i Manh 11 H < > rommrncinT t tti
ounrlution of fe Mnnj t orI l xaV M > out < clock
P M At iti Amcricin Innltute Hnldln
BJ 4v tetwpfti 11 t < fttMl tilth i > rs New lurk
OillcA 107 Joint it
TIll notfl rrlTntf inaMf ami the man trenllni Iud
th1 hie thrown in trim IN relo < 1 niembfti niTortls a
partlculAriy artMctU mtulntrup Tlie Mitlmals wffe Alt
orlil lully tvelntted not otiy tnr ttitlr npftJ Imt nl 10111
cuiiHiilerntion of iticlr di > lrablft l q < A Ule tnr ortt use
ui nn IM roHili I lent e thry coin loll l 1 lie 1 a li lit tier Ii Mof
perTectli D tli u llml nf a inrrr rm Intt narliln whll M
the lamo tuna tlY poppetfel tl rt npi c i > r ttie lac t
lioff ami nmtiy uf them liave on f l reoonls on tho
pub totrhclks
lli mare Kemme PolM O to t mpabla of re < lurlnar
her reoort toJinnr bltrttil < yrar and aiwellun
Inroad qua Itlrs t jm the Iiti I in fpteil rT talllon 1IJ
JUkfi l n at threw car in as re Ith a roul
hi n an too t wai tore tmrxn Anmntr ttionp rttlrnl thn
brredlt ff HII 1 aro tin stallion In lc i Mi etic Ulj n1 <
the mare Il A or a J l ttat together to k n double
harms recoril nf j 17 anJ iurh ether oM CaTorttm as
the tnarra Uett rrfltfiie IK attunu 2 211 I rbann
1101 le a a 4 M tr7t Morrclt i W anJ I nchanlrtcs
2 JiWj ih rMIrM mureft are Irel tn Jmlrifinlenco
anJ lid Uake I Iherj rn fun anil jiromUliitf youuic
KtPin out nf thm by detieiiOeiice
The ho rppit tnay now bi neen lilac of kale
tor cutatttrims ailirri > i
in John at 1 Nen Vork
The ICuncho 111 Inno California
Lonclffiunetit ur >
03 Iteml ol flntnd l ioklnir AVrll Grown
nnct < bolcely klrnl TrUllnir Stock
The lr perlv ol Mr tl II IluKicIn
IIAH I ArrllaI
Tbe lu ton < i n Stilr I 1addorkn at
II iiul Inliif
B4thBt ani Fontliern Boolanl New York city
Vhcif Thry Mill on Vtrw Vntll Two
whj > U H IVcTlnn 10 Ihr Sulc lilcU
mil 1m 1 1 till
The Amerl cnn Home Kzchanvet
llroailwnv und 1OtU Hi New York Clty
On 1 hiirndttv nnd I ilduv Next
Alurcli iiniid 14 mOO
under tti inanaufmtut of
r tonfi Nuilonul Iftome Hint Cuttle
J xclntnu i rIled
II tint Point In I fin the name line of railroad an the
Uritrlicater Hac Course atut l react nl b > th Nevr
York > e r Hnveu ami Hartford lUlroaJ frum tba
IIarl m IMvrr Depot
Tn ln rnn on > I and HI AT elevated railroads
Harlem Kiir at ill hourn
On AVrrk llur trains leave the Hurlem River Depot
for Idmi Iolnt at 7 < V 9 NI an1 0 A M I aj
nonn J < M > 4 < 1 M AC returnlnir almost hoiirlj
On Stinttity trAin leave tho lUrlem Hhfr Depot at
1 i A M I and K 01 returning at ronvcnletit Iiour
CMtiiloicucs can be bad at the tute t fiwiUoclta
er or
t12 Urcalwny net Ooor M 1rnJ > cw Vort
A fiilMHOM FAMILY IiriRsK IA I hlfih
J rrintd kin 1 tftntlu atul 1 fast f flr e 01 all 01011
cle a n n rly new iiUMtiSTi K ii < e bar KI 1 bnjrcr
liiiriipiM roin H iimtiitpts Ac tlit I iirnjenyof a pHfty
lea lnc the tountry am Jn work fHiiillr und tn ltir > i
horie Wfljjl it i iroin iAii to lfii I iJOLnilH Putlclmt
trial tflTen to nil mrcliater1 mutt be HAI rfred Innnt
Oiately AN al onco Krooul lit etauie J7 Luiit d I
H neiir Ii 1 w rv
lnl AIIA nil 111 er of v ory fln lileh action e 1 nail 1
J 11001 hariien I cob at rensonatile j rlrea fi lnf
JUI rrld fr nn iioiit n1 l tanatfi can t < tpn
and tried CINTIML IAItlv KIUIMj Ai 1 AU1MV 7th
av from rlh tt Wtht
101t SLI llanil > nnie pair clicntnnt fffMInc abmit
JL lrH I hando iiltrh tvlifti Htid aitra 11 le hr r ur
runted sound kind atul true tn all htineH a bargain
A II rEKKuU I1 I O Ijox Au4 New urlc
FOTl SIK A ventlamana hor e doW cart and liar
ness ilratclasa uutiti 041 1 at
IIISlt 3 111 r > lh t
IiOR HU F = New Hngle hora truck Aprlr at si
ldrUca t
HCMIIW aIIIIio t lv hr 11101
workfri and i1rlerv vlKhlr if truni tin I ii to I I
liounds each Appy at l Uuter n Urnoklj u
TMIK lAJ INK Hpotmd Nncodlne cart cannot be beat
furiule < uualli and price I
7 > > l ooitfrit t
SC RilH 1UIK well In I km for alnir or iloubTf I
h arn cuv i to i yeari old tuld clcap irljl icireii ut
07111 Vith t I
thi1l11 radfmir
1IO 141 ANII lll 1VKST 1U1T1I HT
WM E DEAN f Proprietor
Th WOOl hud Itfillii ALadeuiy li I under the BUpir
YIlon o
who tit the only ftldliitr Master who ever acronipllthfd
tbo rut nf rl I HIIIT acrom the continent riding from
New York to nn Franc ro Knendlnjr U days in Ibo
i > aiil l l aidrliint iV ml rfl that I iltift
tend for catalogue Rivlu ruled terms lo
ANTHONY A IU NK proprietor jth av and t > Ih Kt
only school where rlJintf taught thorouuhly and y
trnirftlLally undnr the irriiiriial iup TTiNljii of lIorr
Carl Anthony > eclaJ aUfiillou to ladle and children
fif nd I for circular
I A < V4 I CMAlli bLIIUUl FtII lN
Ill v Innw nn i ii io rurrii NTH
EIIUI STIIIAS HTKITii ilhMrilrl catanr irafr 7
HUMAN rAIiIli III I ll < l htmlienic
Ortf Qnrrlnotf ar
r I
i It
1111l 1171 I mo iiKooun HT JI
nl tae bent I t I
f O 1IUSU 1 IClIIUIl A JII J ft t
TCartv Two herlea 1 I Landaolot
Mall lliiel n I Itu Cam I landans 1 I If 1 t
Ftanhur il I < i MiHgc firm I Omnlbnn i
> t it ItrrNTs
Hi trN rn
Iak < urrrj v oak Wtgntia i > k Itimabouta > pM II
r er Hncltl i rou 1 1 m rngrr l < urkl > oards 4paseet
il lntkourdi uak Hi a IX oak Drrklea oak Inaet
AII Ollllii I > A IT NTH IN BGCt
mi K 11M Ii
Rlngle IIM Trlnt il kinds of iprlnffb I I
Allj N tl V I lfl KM 1
Acents for Hrnckrt ti Tuttln light 1
i r 1
IIO1I > WA unslf I
Doctors Wag n Iony I Iliaetoni I Ki top CabrtAl t t I il
Ladles ltiietnna Koad S ngoiis Contractor Jl j I
lUlit h tn i > urrev H OIU Savon fhaetont II
tpl er Ihnetoni I Maln I Fancy Vehicle I f
Making thelnrgrit ml molt dlrrr llM aiiortmint 1 RJ
Arrtacri In thn nlted > IM1
cnn ir inn IIIINT H rvirn I
llnut tyiircUiiHe 11 cttrrlisKo In IOWA I
or nut mull nti ptiv 111 n vl 1 lt I I
OVIlt 100 1 I
mo iaa Kant inii iiiiroimii tolas in 1
and IttU Kitit lUlh ft I i I
1 I I
The Largest and Finest Lino o j Ir
New and Secondhand Car I
riages in tho City I j I I
j I h
imormiAMs AMI 4 irao rnowt tJ I
ltlt < lIIMl riUlltn new built br Brow t
Itt Co 1 11 HreHrirr Jc Co r U StUon I
Healer JL Co and oilier irt < laj maien <
OLA8S FRONT AM II Tllllt III ID bnllt br BMW
strr t Co J II Hrewfctrr A Co and other rood
ELKOANT IIRKI1N < > ril In perfiol up
di > r Mlthont n nmrlc tullt by urew t r 4 OA
llruadiruy and 4ith st
nijs built by llrcniiter A Co aud A T Demartat
C BPRINn hr Ilrr ler A 10 also ORAND TW
lultUn unJ tuirrs ly nl Hit I ost builders
LAN I > Vfli
pzlrtiKili top iliuctiif IortorH Ihaetoni Ladler
PrlMlu I h etiin tdp and tiu ton Koftd WagOOSblT
I rHi liuililro
IMIM tn MAIM Kld > i and Brldl L
Ubls Mr an I cloli llubca Ulanitls do
or AII ki n1 rtMM iinifsrA ROAnsTBBa
iKnmt sMUii iliuis ANU vonKlfii5
Alrt 4 IS I >
AT 1111 f ATI SAIi
i0l 1 V r SSKAII
t u 1 i v ui i il > t T piMty < > r
of ton l1 i i in < mnty > Y
liVl It VH < u 11 lr
u tin MPT i ui t < itt
a l e w iu i I ri l iih tun > ew Vork
ut ih l Inr of nale and may
ttter e frfii in h r i > i fMi < l in j irark of on
el lull IP i v ill ui H H diu i ordH anipla facility
ret ir < K i r v i On r
1 h < ii t nifin i > c ri < pil oi nn ntttliioniivinir i
atit iriMiiitft l v l i k Ir nrc M iriBileld Le and
Anintio nn I M I
mett fmni > I nni i
torue n Hie n nt > i I tint hi nuiiKdllTjnT BoR
< n t it 1 ryi tr icuti for tralnlni
or tor K inliii T
t It Vo
1 < 7 loim > > t New Tort
151153 South 5th Av
7981 Wooster St
d oifiet flour capacity
WE iiAvi riii i tinIT ASIIKTMENT or
aiiii Mill fill vrit I sH lOWFHT
IHH I Hit 111 T IHHili HUH
o M M i < > AiuNi TO
SI II Il 1UnM Itrv UK
At Auction II GStevens Auctioneer
BT order of Mr Ji hn VcSamarm eior of Ibe la
Mlclinel Cul en S w It c e I
HAY I Uli ill I HIM i yenra nlrl neit Marl vu
ue > l iiy U ic oniirr In suule UH 1 iloib Imrneu Ukin4
anl true and lo IM lo bn pniinil
Irn erty < ir i eiiil man
1AIR IF 11 A V nil ii nn I > eiir i > li 151 klniland
true In luire > n < l < 1 title hurnes both ride WIL BJICA
tellete < l IM b HHIII
A MMII II r iTlirll IIOIIMN th fropertT Ot I
Ifi ntlellrn fu Ilie flry will by nolil at fill sale ana fnr
Ui r < iitrei i au bo nmlelilitu 1 r M lN TU
Mi I In lliu
HltUAIiHAY AM iiitll hT
condtlnz of
tome eilra driiiirlit horses lorn drlrera
aud neneral I > uilneit4 tiurse at desorlptloka
for hile cheap
an Hrfinitat yewarkHi
Buiw STKIS ivnvi
ini UTI 111 co
Ml in flrrl c nn or Ifr nt in derate fljcurvL
MW 1 i A 1 our n Mil l
Tlllirnl ll Jltrv MUllI I1AT1S FRIOIStt I
< iiniA i nriiiiit
fi7 H t4tll H Vtli mid Olh T
l l TO riS 1VK T rtOTII Ml1
vfrvfmitri r and UiMimailr breil stad of koraaii
rcrn > arri > < l in 1 tlirdi is < l triini Mriflnla bridin
comiiri lu iiin 4 I an ft I irms and lidlei aj4
Kilillrinrn t 111111 liny iir Mm llht belchtl a
t < r r I er of j ol i vl form and
to Hhli 1v thi r ifiilire I mru
We ra I vtiMiion to iiew ln 1
PlmMon II cnrmrils Una I l irs Hrnuuhama Lilpov
iKri w ttin rt a at n Irinlx iind reialU OUT OKD I
innLn Hint rrknti 1 t xp frl lrn u fcnerllltr
u IVi U K10N AM > < ltlAUBCOj I
I111 r > onlli rlli iiv7U HI iVeositer l
new In 1 ii l rtukrrs NV miiii i arpeutrr
two Iliu Y ric I Iritl I arl It
WAIu il mi trill M ii Hi Aiki AT
Business WAGONS
HrlU i e M 1 01 s nl In itiui prli rs N t ilylf s 11 wort
warrairl l > i in nli > imp rtlmi or itorlc aoUeltedi
urlri r i > r > l wnifntunn liand NFVT
iiillK u u l i n 7 lu I nn it cunicr llant
t FIMH V luiliiirni Hli r luir i an I gn nit atroal
VVuil i rr l iir IT lr i u iiiililelleuiou top
cntnii I i in > Ill ie uu i u fl hint Nmrmlirr har
nen r r r i u > i r rlin ildebar lop
l irn Hi a il brIJ o cb k JuuuJr 17
r I il if
A t i M l Hi > nir n < f Hr llnmphry
i i i V in a n k cf treatment an
111111 1 K tuirti rntr stiteu de
B s v ACOV i luiiiiTnl new i aluU
for nil klnUi of bu ne n ow Drlcea
WM U fLAlf iJ jUteiuit ElUtttM
Tmp HhootUB t I tartraont
Tho regular weekly shoot ot thoClaremont
shooting Association was continued at Claremont ye
terday afternoon The weather wai One and a number
of good scores were nude by the member the most
notablo being those of Meurs Mgler and llndslty
Twelrn ewerpitakrs of ten birds per man were shol off
during the uay Tlie ores follow
HarKmtn TTFTT 78 010 II 13
Jonmon OS80887IOnSBR
Miller 10 10 Bill Kill 8 H n n 7
I olllni I 8 H977 f5877
Llndley o 0 fl ID 0 R in 8 0 10
Tathani B 7 0 ft 4 B407S
Halhaw ay
Hlige 4 0 484BflB
livin HMD
A fourhanded match atflvo rilrof b > rds rirh wai
alsoshotnft In the frst round > io r lnirUy l m
tins and llathawny tied with i earn Talnani broke 0
In shooting nfl Ihe lies In the next round at three pair
each the first three tied again wlih 4 Mlece Metsrs
Llndsley nnd Collins agiln tied with each The ei ent
was finally won by Collins In iho neil roac with a
Llndlliy broke 4
The RlTOrolde Onn Clnb
Hro BANK March 8 The Riverside Onn
Club held Its weekly shoot to day Tho club handicap
at eight llvo blrdi 1 entrance Hurllnnham roles three
monej a waa won by Albert Ivlna with 7 nut of killed
E M Cooper F Beale and Jamei Cooper rach goto
and In ihootlng off R M Cooper and Jam t Cooper di
vided Jno Cooper Ed Throckmorton and M F Corn
well divided third with ft kilted Dr bd Kteld killed 4
and Ulre Helinaw1
Tneneitahont was open to all sli llrehlrdi J150
entrance three moneyi Jno Cooper won with a clean
looro Id Held Jaa Cooper and K M Cooper divided
fOiond with 1 each P Beale got third with 4 I llel
haw a and William ConoierJ Thirl litent Mlw and
out 1 entrance one money r Healo ard la > Cooper
divided after killing 3 each Jno Cooper and K M
Cooper dropped out on the first Mrd and Dr Id He d
on the lecond Fourth IventTen iln le clay blrdi
SI entrance three miners Jno t onper won with
K M Cooper was second with H Albert Ivlna third with
T f Hesle K Throck mortem mid A UiajlnergotH
and Jaa Cooper 4 Fifth Ivent nalklinr tuatrh K
Uele Jas Cooper John Cooper and Al Ivlui divided
Noontime Note
Carl ron Lengerke has won the rtnh badge of tho
Wnedslde Dun Club winning It e > ry month with a to
tal of 11 out of lu birds nbot at Mr 13 ram v as second
each time
TbeMonnt Vornon Onn Club ha elected e Cnron r
Leonard li Tlce IreMdent William II Markey ice
hreildent R II Ianeberr Treasurer Molt tnlju tecre
tary and Ieter Hagee General Manager
core of 18 to lo tbarley nnue wai reierc
The well Vnown Unknown Oun flub of which r nial
Al KnebeL r It the President fill hold shoot ut
lire birds on touli Miller shOiUiir rroundi on the
Jamaica plank road on Thuradaj afternoon shootlni
to begin promptly at 2 P M
At the laat thoot ot the Electrlo rile team on their
rani at Newark the BOTesmal were as followi Lnm
1W Rhodes H O Per I SchafTer IIVN lUitel 117
I llearon 110 HardenOrook Iu7 MulcaUr 100 Mia
ger ill Markey Hi Total IWt
Anuatto Note
There n every tlknllhood of a profiitonal reratta be
Inir hel 1 at iloucnter N J the couantf MEPOIU
Th NaMaii Hoat Clob will hoM their retuar meetloff
to murruw evening at 30 at Hie it i loud HoioL
V H CurtU will act as referee at the racnaio Amocla
tlonb annual rpnug refffttt ou the ta ialc Hh er on Deco
ration I > ar
The Triton of Newark will enter an etcht andasenlor
and ju ilor four cared srcll crew lu the decoration Iay
renatta at lo atc
Tlie Falrmount KowlngClnbof Philadelphia are wort
tnirhanl to turnout a v rv ironjt eljLt o red hell crew
the comine itMSon
Itorne Uetllnxof the North Pole Hotel Harlem has
joined the Cretcet Hot Llub and tiaa jiurchased a
tingle shell from allla
Crar Jr of IhlUdelpha has a fonroared hell
tinder bis ruUnnc which His expected will jirore a
Terr crew this aeaitoiu
The Crenrent Il wlnt Club of Phlladftlphla ar enare
Ing their boat lx > u spenJin a lartce amount of mumr
on necessary imTJNeuenta
C u pcoiu will nualn trr to brinthe amateur cham
ot the wortl to the In ted taiei He will
Rlonihp hiiffluiid about May 1 ud take uart ta Ihe
IJeiiky reicatta
Tlie Nonpareil Rowing rinb f the Harlem will hnM
their annual election f olVerson March liatthfir
boat bou e on wtileli occalon grand uurprlBO Is In
tore for tlieleyn
There in tak of the Barkeler Alhl Mo Clnb of thi liar
lem formtnr aladlf rowtnir club The boat h u will
be pUted on the lUrleui ftloDfiidc their present house
at tbe ton tot the Oval
The Yonkrrs tanoe tlnb will attend fin annnnl meet
of the American anoe Association which begin on
Aur f Mt IUP a > eck U 1 The club will tko vtemy
canoei ulth item lijciudliitf their lt > t > addf > otinoo
Harry aleof Philadelphia who wat defetted last
leaaon by Jninos Ten lvck of orrester in a match
acr 14 iflllatlsrted witl tlir termination ot llmt rac hn
> a Ing run foul ufa lug llieaa two will uuduubtelly
mee again the coming scalon
Capt Iaul llnyion and Willace Hosn will tour the
Rtiues the comim re inon w Ith an aiuatlc show They
wl i gi > e exhlb linn In lolo on the vater uparrlng lu
rolllnj navui hai let > t < They wtl use the Hoy tun
camais shoes IntMtrd with gal
The Triton Boat Club of Nrnark gave Iti twenty src
ond annual dinner at Hmls In Newark uu 1liiir ajy
nlgtir an i ixty tver seated at Ihe tabu Alderman
lardln President uf the club aa tomtmii ter and
Dehei verr made by II A Albru I harlen li I ran
Hall II W W Iorier IJr J b vlnion rrauk V >
nowlee and otheii
At the annual meeting of the Vonkern Canoe Cluh ro
centl lioldibofolloivmg ollreni > viro elrclrd fur tlio
ensuing jetr t harlew Kosaire i oinmodore T h
ixholm X Ice Coinmo lore J Wright nrcrrtnry
lanlrl tioortiell Triafcilrcr Jeromo Nuilmon Can
aln J U < > l on llrutenant labut Slmimuu l nlel
ioul < rll J 13 1utt C U Kuiiire and r A Itillnpi
trtBI CB
At the annual election of the Palisade Hoat Club of
Vonkemtne following oil CT < vrr tlCtrili rirsldrnt
d ln M JacLion Ucr Iresldrnt Ilubrrt Oetty Jr
tecortiuir hrrretarr Edwin It llmden l nrrripondlnt
ecretary William W hrrugam rrcnurer I Martin
r uptaln dabricl KeerH Lieutenant It 1 Jurkson
Trusteesit 1 irtty Jr 1 Martin Jr 1111 Thuyer
ud II l irutrotl
The Waters Taper Construction Company have by a
cwprt < ir i of ntir prooniig the p i er n r In the
onptructlou of ttirlr bnata and hardening the name
made thrir hiat rtller iiml mire iluraile m > u hrrrti
r All the bnati turiiuJ ou by ths nrin now hae a
en roller seat ruining ° ttrajs track v ili t < trlr I
uterrlgn It H ita mod lor it Hut It t annot get out uf
ider l rry ra > runnii Hid Lght allaco HUM
HIM tiftfd the new i > elt and hayi ho lielevel it to be the
befit in IIHU ut prrtllt
Th Inno Mir Hoat Cluh rf the Hirlem though a
young ne will D 1 prominent uno i f ir a Ilarur
hrr ciJIictrnrd thU nriin 1 heyire I u Idiuj H new
Ino t iry Icmt liuutr uliihnll b ib iJtixliifrut ftntl
v ill bt located at their prrfni ijuarlfra ne ir Me uinli
Imin Uriag < uxlil b Mm nnewduii i t r
thr rlnli hr ld < wliich thfl pnsuM nno fliifln tu
thrrn double tflirn twu pnirturrd gigs an nulitnirrd
bugr nnd nmriy prhue Tif Ihty finlrmti uto en
tering gig rrewH in i ome of hi cotnmg reu tt is
At the annual mrellrig u lle V lriiLia lluat Pltib of
HnVAen lirll on Ihurrilay evrntn the loloning
ofcrr rree ritrd for lh cunning yrnr rreiidenl
li A lihmiiiii lco Irrt drnt II 1 Ilinkon rrei
nrer o ruihs frcrriary II n drrdl tinain J I
Mliler leutrniint H II run Hrrele HuardonrumerK
II llahlft M lliirchirdt and A llaugcr Ilo cuntrui t
fftr Hieir new buat linuae lu > tjern nnnrded to Men r
Hamlitun A ltarik Itrun and nrk will te begun at
once U will to ready fur occupancy on > luy I
OdrlN nml find nl Sport
In the llshgamelawiof Hie hlae of New lersrv Ihe
1 reidilik MurCll I BhuuJ be Arlll IhuUwual
rc ealed In INV
I iiul lluuetutem the wnrld amatrur rhamplon
figure skater leit llverpuo ui rdnrslav Slarch j on
tin Hlrauirihl > Ci y ut lUriH fu New Ynrk in route
hutno tlo will receive u curdUi welcuuie on till arrval
at MoiureiL
Thrr wu a whist suplalilfl In the Talma Club llousr
In Jeritry tlt > Ihurrdny night The contestAiits wtie
from the Ciirterxl and lha Illlnm ilul a there were
elern tilllrit and lolt fulir P n > ep IUy hrgiu at r1
oclock and Clinrlnued null nf rr IllldnUhU Ilir 1almun
viia uy III 1 Inn Hie ire vvf 1alina HI i iir
trrrt 4 2 lliorr will bit a rrtiirn kame at lie I urtrfet
Clnb Hume In vthli h the namo PMjrri i ial f pirt
AIIIOIItho Ialm i tKivrri arr I tilled Maici unimls
ilunrr tSlhlaiu viiillifll VUiur llriitnn mrinler of tho
rttatt Uimrd 01 Id uuilnni w llurrlt kio undV Ihtmi
Amuiu the i arterrl n nyrrn aro t it 1 rea > urrr luhn
J luly lrirtan I rtaler i oininiMiunrr IH ainin n
Krurrn Chief I luinrrr v Iuirgei charier Tbur
lt ll I F l Vomiff und Cap1 Ilewar
riie unV < rs Atli etic Ctult Is HIM itune of an ansncl
ailuii uf jicntlemrii Jin tormeJ In honkers Tlio
oillirrs ar vngriii Iluik < rrrsulrnt Wliluiu
McKley ice Iremdrnt Hurry 1iwrni tin hcre
tary John rendemiry Irravurrr lirurge rralrr
I attain V W iiunderA h North U J hlllott and
1iuld llrieve MeulelirtlitM At a meeting of the emit at
their liiuini IJ7 New Milll Mr eel lati night a toiil
inline wan mpninte I vlh full inner In 1 tlif lliw
i gruundiiiirieira and lu U ailndrr Irack IhtScrt
I Urv wn dutliorlvd tu prrienl tuecluli s lipicfitloti fur
l nieiihcr tiii tu thr Amnirtir thlrtutiion and a com
I liulttr Wa4 jtppulnled tu lake ulraAurrl necefKary for
Inr riuralun Ihu cliilii roliM will te iloiinle m
vrrt > l win i ranku with Mack ground lha touting
tiiuurt A u un lias lit ril it ciil ence to lie uliltrri
II V n l i ih fur A match i n Ihr jth etlo clubi alley
at t I hrhange Monday etrnlnir March Jl
I tn rd riuprivent u cUah cf Interest i r the selec
tion jf iiir nime date f > r athlttlo gimn by two or
mure clubs during tho coming t > raMin the Amatrur Alb
lilio I niun tts irrangrd tor n rlirdule mretll g an t
tl e lullowing nullin was srnt out irsterday Arlli o
ocllvn J nl Ihe constitution or me A A L pru
vldrs that a meeting of ttie union to be derlnaied tho
schedue Inerllng1 shall bi held on Iho > ednsilay
neit alter Hie third lue d y In 1arcli In each year fur
the adoption uf Hie anlltlil nchoiliiie of MthlrtH meet
iTigN aiujfirthr i oni > i > lrratiiii uf suci uihrr bufclneMi
anit > be bruught brfuri It In tordiinruwi h ihe
alove uur ciiih Is hrrLlV liutlle I tu i > i ud drlrgatrs iu
the scheduiu meeting uf tbn A A I lu IJD hrid at he
A tu lloue New Vork i tr on arrh lu > ici at
ovioikl M hach ciur > may srnd three dtlrgaies If
you rar not alreadi do e ti < please irnd at once lo
Jamea h Hulllvan CbalrmanHchednle Committee I ft
boitl New York cltjllie dale during ct m wliich
your club deilroa t bold outdoor opin atbletio cun
IMU Jaa K BaUlvau boorttarjr
An exceedloelr close and exciting came wns
rolled between the tlagamoro and Acme clubs al the
Academy on Thursday evening Tho score i
RjferKrS Uin0iTrw171 rm
Kit 21 rK aU53
Inthellelssenbuttel tournament In Hrooklri OB Fri
day evening the fountains defeated the Halts Tho
FountalnSchwartlo I At Mathlaa Ill Edebohla
IM Harms I41i Hchwarlie I7n A lllldehrandt
Ckl W M1 Udebrant
13 Totalriw
DnrliUlley I S3 Beadle lilt Crolty IT7i Hallen
betk 12JU lira lie ISI Elllt I4H Brighton IU
Toatea 130 Colenian UN Foriter 130 Total l3tA
The lait game nf the Troinect llelghls tonnament
waHrol el on Fridayeienlng atrucbn feventuavenue
llesln ltri > oklyn The score t
leidaway 1 Ihouusoron Jr Slti Bennett lB3i J
Thoubbirimin llumlltnn ili nanitall luvt lies IS1
MulJorOSU Kiulil ISVlllcknon IWi DiUra Hi
Caiarniiylllprlr I27i Lincoln IHOj Bchwanhnnieri
in Ini I ilrlln lit TurinnlL 121 Holt 114
an Horn lir scaulon 14J Be titllun Total l > 3
The ttorlnsjnmiel Into third pine br wlnnlnrlwo
niestn the KelsenLeller tournament on Krldaf nl ht
Tbe scores
nau GAM
niTerslif Ho ller 121 BaerUli 11B ror e ion
PlnLeliplei Ml hohwartz IM holilenteln 114 Total
MerrhimtnFchenlfln U3 M Orpenhflmer IM II
Well UH Kuieuzwelir H7 Lnitel 101 Kalliky 1SJ
Total 7U4
RlrMlrlesnoeiter Hi Paerleln B7 Fchlessteln
119 Schwartr 117 rorges lo To
rllairn Ftr 11 I Rothschlli 117 Oreenaner
lo Xi Strauss 114 Weinstock 114 Rafalskr lai
Total 700
rninp aiKB
Verchanle 8che ln 105 II Well fWi M ODDen
helmfr IU Koseniweln 119 Ensel 101 Kallskr 102
Total u IH
UtotlaiP Rlrausl 13K Rothschild 14 nreenauer
Hli M Utraun nt Hinstoct BV lUfality lla To
tal 7UO
At Meyer Koch alley 71 Third renae on Frlilay
Tho Jersey Cltyr second team was defeated by tho
E A C second tram ell Ihe K A C alley J ou rriday
veiling Ihe srorei
J C A C Marrelt 113 Sindder 112 Fled 138
Bowlry I1M Opitrekr m fcntt lli w Marrett
Jta MoKey 1W tlckton ua llewlttson l a Total
A C Powna ill ianden 181 Dlmork 17
Prlio I21 Irpln 140 Bauer 184 Van fickle 130
HUBS ISH Lngto US Leuher 145 Total 1611
The Central Howling Clnb held their regular meeting
on Wednesday evening it Staefteri alleys Tl Ird avo
nuo and lxth street and rolle I Ihe following games
The following nrft the scnmof the flnt tworamrs
of a BCries of tbreo betw ren the rlom and Van llurrnil
Orion Erglehftrt 14n Vaylan I 111 Banslmer 131
Bruwn I7f froelulclL I7 lluelhurhl I6J hcliraldt
III tuyder 117 Orandegcn IMl Fleck 131 lotal
an Buren Notl 147 Kennedy 125 Van newatrr
137 fpetb > 4 Welfl 175 Doodr II Ilaiatrd 1 ui
RvndolU 171 Dawsoa ID4 Schwanenttuegel 11H
OrlonFngelhart I3i Mnyanit 120 Baitlmer IJfi
HuMhurahl l > 7 Hrown lil Mrerson U7 Froeh
lUh lil nrder uu irandegcn US rieck 13
Toal I H
jn Hnrrn Soil 117 Kennedy Ml Van Dewater
1K pelh IU Vel < Ul lcl eln H3 I lairted
IJ9 Itudcll 13 llawon 1KJ > ali 140 Total ll ii
The following three games were rolled rn Frllay
even ng at Alexander alleys Fulton and Lafayette
avenues Brooklyn b > the Alpln Lodge Bowling Club
limr AUK
Tram No 1 Vbbott IHJ staey 15 > tandllngrr
03 K V plllrr 117 Total 17J
Team o Jrluce 14 BartJU 110 Ford 7P Beed
IJi Total 47J
Team No 1 bbot 127 Staler 141 Lowry 11
Htflnlir I4 1rlllcr l Total 7ii7
Team No 2 Iace 10 RfA 11 Ford 01 Stand
llLter 1J4 ttartcn lol Total fi
Team St 1Abbott nil Malev 1331 Lowry 13lt
nrDinlif M fplller Ml Total MO
Teun No IKce 10 rtaiidllucer 80 Cajl 150
Barton tJ Mullh 14 Total o7l
In the Clinton tournament In Brooklyn on T bam day
erenlnfr th Illntona won two iramei Ibe icor
CllntonFteib 117 FranK 111 Van Latien 154
lockwood I7J TuthllL lotal Kit
MNluon No 2Mnll nt Khrr 113 Phlllps no
rulllni 14 Proble Hi Total 674
CtlntnnStelb 176 Mirrlll 111 Van Lanen 132
Ioikniol Hi Tuthllt HJ Total 717
IleilforlFridden II Wert 14J Bnllwlcklo 128
Bcnirsukeu 11J redden IMl Total 045
FxerRnbblni 115 llrlzsa 125 Moore I08 Rob
blnn I4J Cordon 111 Toiul 7l
Madlon No Mulllns 117 Iulllnj 10U froble 103
Rohrer 157 tbilling UJ Total b4J
The PreToort nur Own and Home clubi rolled In th
IMuirrlny tonrnamrnt Urnoklin uu IhuriJir ten
Ing ut the Putuara al ejs The score
nreronrt Serros 13S Hrlzjs 150 llnlllns 147t
Fchrnik 142 Norrls 143 Toli1 7VSI
nur Iwn ayri iiu Ixcknood lH1i Dorlon ItfOi
Bo111004 110 dough 1H7 Total UJ7
Onr OwnHujrre 12 LocXwnod I Dorlon 135
Boloninna 111 i lodkh 141 lotal 7JU
Homo Martin lil llinchoif 151 llallten 118Quult
14H Duel I4J lotal bi >
Tbe A II P Ilnwllnic Club of Vonlers accompanied
by u number ot Uille went to Horoken Thur > d4y
n Ch wlitr ttn v met Ihe Kernel Cinli nl Iul liunn s
allryi Ire ifnme rrsulte4 in a lctoiy for the YouLers
tlui Th swore
Ber Mi4 Wlson in n II Mount I0li F Ilelnr
1IJ I o IKmrell Ul F < inlnrr K C Htumpljlr
121 M HeilKr ie lar W liundy ICO 0 MclJuKil I3J
J T larU I4H Total I
A II I s I Kim111 1 I yler 113 1 Koerst KM
J lintiu HII W Fiundrr fi i Kriimauf lu li
hin > n in N J llilitt no W C Koiter I47i J II
HeJIer MM T tal lJ7ii
Tho mtiil larse attendance of bowllno enthalaiti
were prennt on ttodn liy nlnht at Ih > elieukellar
touniunienL Iheiourrs
Ltonl n Ftranss IM RuUnchlM I22i Welnstock
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r > l > enVellarMiiller I SI efli IVl Schlewltr 114
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Ltonlan Hraii1 l Itoihuhild IT l > initoi k
UU Oiiinajer I M Mruuis 0 Hufalitr I4i li
tal 7i
Muht O rlsooth 154 Kloi lid Perman 111
Frederick 114 Hiker 144 luheik 145 lutl KH
TlltKD ltHK
Nljht Owli Vooth ill Klos in Ietornian 129
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lelienkeDam Ml l > r Hl el n lt > J hrhlwltr
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tal 47
The third and declilre r > me between the Harlem
C uliiunt the lUrlvin ItrtniKrntlc lull n as bolrlfd III
11rt liarlflil tlub s ulifj H at I lit street ftlld Lenox arc
niienn fi1nrndAyiilirht IhesriTft
llnreni i e uiitaliK I4 ChlvVlr Ixll rpeiht
I2 < > Iltermore I n llunham II l hhaw r I I urii
117 I Inn ani MI Wade I H Ilijllev 11 Total I u > x
Harlrin ll iiMKTHMc Doodle 111 Klnifi > y r ptalni
ri Kothiinild 17 Uutly li llrbby mi u llwyir
lu Thominoii IM I arvalho 131 tuddebacu I3u
hrnou IU7 Total lJiA
Th first uatneff the srirl if Ihrce bflwcen tti
Tuinklii vl I ana Mni Iountr clubn nai rnllril at
TouiiLliiKUlIu Mutrn Inland on Thursday eTnlni Tho
Timiiklnsvl lPobl 144 McKee llfl McPowel l 6
llrann 141 Hoy HW Wameck Mil Abler Ht
lliKnn 14 Toiniklns li < Kimie 171 Total <
Kini County lnubnifer Itil ntln 1 1 Hledrlrh
124 Menliih 141 LautetiKer 173 Boehrnk lu
rirhnrller K2 lloethlif Ul laubeoiter tv > ottincu
1JA Total I4HI
At the Jersey City Athetlc Club on March 1
Palma Irani M W Clarke Jr IHU nolcomb
117 Vullee I U IMrlJkr Iu Mctiurdr H4 Lock
wiiiid luii lihav lil Marholl I7U feudener 151
I aline l > Tulal I i 0
J f A C Tain No A Htarrrtt Vf l Anneis l < r >
Pruddr I7H Mckiy lli U Marrrlt nowly
Ul niilycke Ml rlelds IJI Dlckson 154 llewll
ion 191 Tutal 1041
Tlirilerinanla yuarltt Ili in flub celebrated Hi
fourth nnlirrnrt At rar lneeiinv en edursdav
nlilit Ihe lea ure tf thf eeitln was the prirebow
lnKl > rl > i u Iho ilroiiKtit lady leami In Yorktille
Lady lirmanlaaMlii Roiinhack 73 UlsaZlmroern
< MIK Rlplnskl 110 ilri Kern M rs Ladmr ii
MlM rrieden urx 17 Mr llatkly KI Mrs U Jareb
on 24 Mls 8 Loeb < n Mil p oeb 4X Total M7
LaityTlohlerlMlssT Maude batim 42i Mrs Uandeb
baum i4 Ulu Ullman 17 illu Tlcnlir 73 Mill Kiu
41s Mrs Peisaner VJ Mi > i sple nl v < Mini SchleMn
fir 7u Miss Lohen 44 MI s oiidhclru 3u Total 4W
At e bei i aleyi In Hronlljn nn Thursday tho
Golden IugoClubrullel the fulluwlnc malclies
Oolden Eazlr No > < hnrnliut Ill J Kroeher
Itll tlbel l4 lruhlish I l elbrlfht IIS Tojl 7n
iu den Iiplr Nu Melstrr 171 Jfla f IM Koch
13 Uegrr 1 > V Kroehlrr 1C Total mi
UoMrn Kazlr Vn I ncioenhllt IRi J Krorhlrr 132
brlbrl 1 7 I ruhUll I4 > Hai rcht I17 lutal 7 < l
iiuldriiK gli > No Memtrr u hi liarl u locli
2I Meigtr 115 U Krueh er IM fotil nil
Tllltt > IAMf
rinMen Kaglr in I hihixnhut 13 I Kohler lei
3ell l lll I ruh Hl II I reUrlclil 171 f Ml t7
iolden hii Nil A Mrl tr IU lcl arr l Kocll
131 Meigcr uu W Kroehler U Total 7iJ
Nrwarlt Hay Boat dullMrKvllar 141 Thumn 10
SnJr UMi ln U1 n 1 Mur
ihy I Uiinblo Ui Mulre 13 Hamidell HU
Tutal 1314
Itol1n NliIrM
Tie Monarch Mantuttai an 1 I ind K irmrr hou uu
cub4 of riroikln are inaVliu nrruniMn > lit fur u
tuuriianientur twe trilubn tu uprn it Lutjoi t
allrys I iilf > li ilrert each tiani t ruii mt ul lito
men Jntrancr leo < per teurn Nino clubj have been
leiurrd fur thr tournament
William V fltnturnan Juhn HI rnUnof Irrsey Cliy
llrlilht bowled f r < A lilo uu I cm s u Ir irs
trrdav hj A rmliymun lotin Ilrriuli w u rrfrrre
Ihr matrh wiltu lr < o ulr I lr t tu u J ill n < III IMrro
Wherun won il e t wu llr > t hunir aiid the ihr I wu nut
plajrd Iheicprii wero i iu m and 11 tuiil Iliire
will bo auotlicr match
litorpr llolinm will unilouttrlly w n tl e god mrdal
In the Uowlmg l iiriiaii > rnt nu I oliu I d In Niw ion
aleys al Itrl II ink He lias nun mjr < orl ul gainn
nui u live n I a the loTiriunirn n b mi April he
bin an excellent tlmniH of winniiu Ihe la t gatui
wuii hy him wai iliied on T nr day mjht when ho
ateragrd l loliriln iliegauir
S biumils Hireling of Die I 111 uli ronllnir Illlli wa
bed on Alnula earning ai thrlr lienliuiritrs J
rourlhstreri I I Mannnrlmrr an I tin r I doanli
new ineii rn wrrr admit ed Intu f e < lun I he mem
t ersMp u mil in twcity will wlti us more pruiu a s tie
rhitiuill i 11 tin inn r I nur r If y uicuien miuia
likelu < > ln airulr Kirfiiiailir li iH unit uoui
I > tJ thrlr lnlrie t tu i la tha ur alnati > li at once ai
lub li raid tly iicrrusing In p < pul rlty Alrrtho
meeting the fourth game wan rolled wih a score as i
follow Team IJ Motncll 137 II Mo lKh UMioa
Kdwartl Ul Kckllrm ll H A borgrr 177
Mlcli ell I ML Total B77 Team 2 J IthelnMdt IM >
hchlllng IM U W Arnold UHt Mannheimir lit
Il rmauI > riwMlii5i w Aiaold Ui Tulal W

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